Newspaper of True American, February 14, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated February 14, 1839 Page 3
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100Wf ,PANlIlII Mill L)nlcrr,for oice ut EchEnlge Office, 7.1i CaInal t N ORfTI aN IEXCIItlAN0S-Dlille o Exchangeo on New York, at short eight, moil at 31)ll cec 0claly Apply to ANDI1L~~V.& IIIlIwe, joaJl-at __3_ Ca___ l,____ L-- _SUEIAR-1 lb)in tureanti for yid J I YH it k Cu, 74 Poygi tita a jAIG aNsd Botle ho to lair ccl" by N jsl (EAD) & IBAIL'O l'IV,.7 Boak Places V Jrwa chbip Guooecccoinr,lice scll by jnQB ISAAC ILLI)clIE &4 C), 134 Moycoine at W ATERl l'ic-IU caca tlhiek tcer bcrte,for eol ly ISAAC iltIIl1G & GCo, 1,2li 131 Magazince at HIAVANA SllylA1l-31 II P'ricciap Ballana Set Ic ica, in I Hateer boxeo, ccr sole by "a21; ISAAC 1(Cl1) 1iE & Ca, 13d Magaznin RO NAN CI:MElN'', lconling l~oi olaip bElizolcccc n fmo Loudon, fin onto by jio30 ILRAEA & ttLSTOW,7 Bnnvc Place. UGlflit 0 piantation cboe the, city, for ccdlo by, oI s 20 READ & llAILS'TOW,7 Banck Plae c fS' JN SO.\AP--`i)Jl ,coxicc stlac bir sle by 'IeEIMCANl)lI(-lfflb boxeoib. sltcb lur.aclccy jsIK AIRRHAIIA 'TIRI R. 34 (CoGvier tI ITA rOE S-2.0 hocopero-IIHtllllrrls I",ccclt Po Pcetgtoee, o ota oupeicr cIcit}, lanclicy bcr sallc by alB Lit IA!.E, )3 Cociccoon CORDAtiE-.-A invoice of tarred llRpope, ncovcrted clsea, fccr sale by BRAD) & III% RS lOW, jot10 7 Book Ptlace L NI)Sl ti $-50 balee Lowell ~lcdccyc, londinlg fur esle by S rLTSON & A VEILY, jn7 cu lirnvier at M11ý A (Rl I;-2I.-1 Wil , a cti 1 lcb11ll' bilvs. Ncce. Ifl 1,2, &3 Mlackbrci, in tiare and furc sale by jetO J THAYIo & Co.?*I Poydloect W ANTED)-A partner wicolds ccpital f $10,1100, in S gnesrsl tiotcdcaioi & I crccja.,t't bnnicccccea, *boot t, be esebliiebJd il t11ic city. A lii,,,, oclressed No A. B., oex 09, Poet Ofice, ololing when on f-nerviec maobe hlsd with rcalncnme, will be cnlclvdred seccicily onidentia , sod meet cocc t Itfa ntteo jnlli-3icnd fAlIES' Velcet Riding Heta, or bhe electt eylne 1to sole Icy 005511' & Co. St ClonIc's cc. 19 Eolchagc lintel rEXAS .ANID1SClRIPFOR O Al.E-'rile eluceri Tbera ofer forealctIwerncy Fl'ots ofosio Ihundclce andc irtyy naort ol lsd, eacclc. By the not al dihe lo.gic Iftere lhic scripc ccc, be cold Handi loaeLd Iby froeigniers, mnld itaeoelccrable by noeivnoccl. oov20 11tS D i.tE & CO. P ORK-Moae & Plicce, tit ilco iccoac lidccc, fcr oale Icy jet G IlcltlN , Nccc eon G UNNY BAGS.--3t tules in t tr,., fiw saleo by -- jiutll 44 New Levene T ) I "*-- two straty dcellin I ttoe, ,o. (, Tri e ton, near 'Ivolii (Orel, eLtudig Isnek J frolm the sutr ol, h iltng liur rlolnl, well fin ishled, n wuo story kilchounwith tll room,coisltrn, well and ever canv ceience to illak its ItoIoudbttlli reT.s desce ftr camall family detiree of . ving rtired. Ad ply to J. U'01. declc . IA. IIIUNABILE PA lli iM ,I-,l.LINE IiY. TIlllE iloubscribo r the holor of iinflruig the In- t dies, thee le hIIa reccivud per ip I.utlr,yeltte I and r.aillro. a Souplply of rfll ned winter Milli;ncry. ol the latest and ricbenl maoiale in Parie, l-hih .mrs. 1 Seanlan expects to have opened and ready for examo n. inaion on Molday and Tuesday next. A D I' bCANI.AN, BALE 11.011K·:--811 codn Kenetoek. La(ce, toe store and for sal .by J I'lIAYI:Kr & l:) jat4 74 I'oydra+ t a BAZAAR. Corner of St. Chakrle r Common street, " XCIANtE HIOTECL. B.USIT & ALLAN wunld rcspectfiily call thle at Btenton of citizens and strang-re to their coopleto asllortlllnt ot (entle.ten's linen Iirle, do ctmbric, with linen Iront,. fanhitonblle litllen 1uln: li CI [arm: iilk, cotton and ierinl illnder shirn and dtrwers: t cambric and slilk hnn.lkerchlfo: black ld fanlly c-a. ovat ill grcl vanriety: stocks o1 etvery det.eilptin: gilu elastic and cotton sutpcenders: milk, cotton nod tihracld gloves: gonts hoskin gloves: utubrellas and cauen gold Also,-Splendid aasortmnenl o'f lt dn and genls wri tingdesks, dronemg cases, port folio, perfu.elory cut. lery, an rich fancy goods. nevl l kTthe mnalfrctarv of tio subhcriher, lilitting Wheels. I,.nd TIips, of All e.Sit., ih, IiolsterC 1I0ir, &. Turning, Sawttg and lUritndin .ne at Jtnl t LAW NOTICE. TAMES 9. J1.YII'I:.1, t'ooiunslltor and Attornet n at Lew, on'Teta, lines rlad.n, aurranleiet wih Joseph Mt. Ioit ite E q., itllt, It eleg.the in tc 'oln r , i from Fiorilda, and ['ounsullur at Law of the Su ftr,.n Courta i tilde fnite n tltll.n, ti 4:ve hli tdvict.e, I ,tll lopi lonl sad itIlrelie 1a. i.n aitll ilte iu wt hclt ht il rtlillua inT'l ers. I',l. \W hiue .ill ill 11a nnwt.. g'ie writtln i lllelll'll ,nll u. IIll ill vI~t'R to '" gKlwel ll rinpo trBan-.a. will ahtted iti perton thc,.e ci tetc tntrf tl 'exnt:. lIe in ill ptit-eoesil ll f all it -Lo ei i aro ,l l txinlno ()tlti.I Iam::, Anll Ilxso NIeIw (r',ln, the lul gest ivil law library in Ao t tnrit'a. t. n , Led 7"itles, In all cses. in which Jiwi l S. I . i la filehl i+ retaine.d not ain altuney int L.and A.ollnt in Tlxt. , hI o;l ILc eive my ,.i.tance,lndm lts a c t .l tcllor. CYCLOP.EDIAS! DICTI'ONARIES!! EElS' Cy cloptedia, 17 wulc., Etdinburg Lcchtlo LIt telici, IU voln, P."nny Cyctlnlaetia,t tel II lh. Encycicnpndia A:ner .i:ntan, 13 volt. Pennty MIgoIinet for I..17 (ortou'd liographical I)ictloneary, 3 Ile; YWalker' Diclionary, I vwl. luyer' IUi t!:onnry, I vel Webeler's do I vol. Johnson & WiVlkort. Ne n & larret't Diecinarv,. ` vole. Jot at l ictiuourc , IvoluuicocWtbletts Dictiona -rv, 2 vo,-s; Bloetr'. Dictionatrv i vols; Aliu a large stpliy of English Souvenire. &c, for by WMI K cKIEAN, Scr Cannp and lCiltnont at CARD IO THE LADIES. W ILIIAM HELL., No. 10 Chartres tlrect, contin s tit purchase old broken Juwelry, old gold or silver in any fotrm whatever, land pay the highest price in Orleoan. LadiOs who toay hove old f.shioned gold jewelry, viz: ear ornalnealt, clnioos, necklttcs, buckles, finoer rings, or in lact any articlc ocf the line, whictt is Ivlig die ant ofno use to them, can exchange the lame to good ladvneotage, by coiling iiltt tr N il-Watelo, Jewelry n letlee, repaired in the beaslt nnr--elharged nuodet4i, jeo8, I19 IAviIY .M'SS BEEIIF-4fl halfhblt. family meon Sbeef, landing from ltilm buntt nvonll.,lllll aenil for .n.l by ja3l) J TIIAYIER & Co, 74 Poydran ot P EUIRKS ISLAND SATI.T-tIi blhcI in ntoie forc IL nilt by S O J 'P \VWill I'NEY, jall0 7:13 Ca( p et 1.)1l1iIt)--tii c.cke lhieto, lanting clci ship ja33 I. II G E. , 93 C ot. nil n ýt jj th i7 NS' LTal laicIttAIl ii Itt.'o'lI ot (l) S L,.(, 5:1 ,lcngalltzinte street, I onipo Iltoanks' Ar. W .lit;itUE tlken i.lenture in nlltlnticlg to is iten tI tle Ilocioenlt of No v Orlean that hto h Il Ioltgtl brought l.itltgrallc t ( c lc i n par a hlll oplr pitlle cIttei n " vitgoIot enn exc .n i all or l -r ellntrustd to ,cltop Ai tyle Iini;t g. M ulhtlll a w i hig I:irculare selt out in th i r own IbII I wr | ti hlI o ]|tre ylill Illlllllnloy at ItIfew hill",lr notic oe r itoy ,viii bien ,.ett,, ftr tlltin in c heano lhl ile. ln h as las lttreltftolre given genertl satistletilin tiall tihe most rtoeplectlllllht cootmtissni holnses it this rit. lieuotlnten d.hOt rns of havhig Vihtitg or Ihlti t.ies .ards finiotell itl Itt Itllt t stt niInIe, will do well bt callil aitlh IteTfie anld n.ce aecitells. Feb 1, 18:19 N l-HIunk nlotes neatly executed, and circular, printed at one hour'. notica. -ANDI)KEIICFIUIC0S-- cases pngee hacndker Sclilera, for ut lyIty ISAAC itlEll)(Ii Co, faL 131 MU.,iZt e sl 7I-EI---55 butse p.i it c itcefi Io-linc rot:: otcuto loat Nurnl,for sule ,y , II' . lEY, j.30 .1 Ne0 Leve F I.OUIt--.t hbis superfine notr, laoalig tcnd fur ianle by J TIIAr'ER & Cl, jno9 71 Povdrt' d 6 IL& SALr-L- IO bbl3 I' w 333 il,13 prime order 3(1 bble a633r stra33ine 3d c3rro3 al, 1240 .aak3 '1'urk'8 lalaild sat, int ro. for- le by 1. 1t; 1Ll0, 3 Cr83r.3 HAVANA CCFFEE-400 b387s prime33 qua3lity in sto3re, and for 3al3 by jtl AUR lA1 M TR1IFER. 3I Gravier s UHK AVANA9EIIAILN-3' II 113rin ,33303 g..rea for saleby ISAAC IRII)GF.& Co, fo1 134 9agazino a RiOSIN - birrels i3tore and tor mule by ja30 3 'I'IIAYIt3R is , 74 Poyleas Ft jLUINiiI:L &3.-AO Ihda fcgtrlear lumber, 150 bales bty, 150 bds steir am med white pin3 1al1iw, alndin.g fron .shlp P1.38, aund tli6r .de by jO3 .b:V L III GALE. 9:1 9 Cwommo n3 CORN flOOIL001S-400 31 in3 33ore, for solely fbh 7 U 11011$ EV. 44 New Lerma B EWARE OF A SWINDI.ER-A person repro. 50nli3g hlimwelf nao a memberl.lof 3'33gro33 Cr3333 TeOan, and pa-sing by tihe m3e of J IPrker, took lee. tail for Houston. l'33x31, 333 th3e (17th of I)Decembh r la3, IeaviIg 13is bill at my bo333e unpaid. 'I'bi3 is to38a33 the g3303 133331318 of3 l'nx. t0 bewarw If th3e im3po1ter, for 6331 Ibolmo3 i333 4333.e is, 1V31 CLAII, f05 11131339 S9333 Il333 C OIPY 11 1 I.ttrr f 333Lett3r(pr 3333 33t r33w, 3 from New Y,-rh, nolld well lie mold low forF~i ra.[t, or mrpl33ed citdit. Ale, ,I lacer p'oet, and t33 lust of the m338183., at DAVID E :1' & Cr, j311 N YV 1utionj333 Iluil, _I Clha~13re338 NEihll hoxe. Claret s,3d 983333333 8 iae, in ltoreeat d fnr sale. by ja7,S C i.hA1rtr ,I & rCOo1ItCirI J3lie el BY IHEWLETT & CENAS. SYN IC' SA 1. W.¶ ILLh saold o Mondy, 18th of February, at 12 SO'cluek, na trlevity Exchange, St. Louis ascert, in virtue of nn order fromr the Parish Cou t, for the Parish and city of New Or(Ulens, aulted the 7th instanrt, under the direction of rIo. Syndic, the ithlwinrr describ ed property, rurrendered by Gabriel George Glenny to -bir oredritors, vl: 1. Four lots O Ground, No.59, (1i, l61 anri 6?, itrlu- ted itn Carroltnul. Nos. 50 and 110 re-asuring erleb 25 Ifeet front on lIII oteref Ihv 51i fIerti tio depth. Nros. (0 anld 6t, having tire eallle iroilt of5 Ii. ei lItreaseva at, by a like depthl. loghtl of C. t'orr*e lI tarra;enl Art puosed before La (rdteurt, Notary Public, the thir of Mlny, 1837. 2. Lot No. 5, in sqllnre No. 15, in subrhalb Washingtonll 3d Mlraicpalliy, mleasuriang 29 lie 2 ir Si.crhen front t' Moralrs street, between Iollrt alid S~. Ferdluld strl(e~r, by 1110 feet ill elapth. Bought of L. S.- lillegsberg, by act belile T. Sehller, Nolnry luob'ic tire 28h1r of Felru ory,1837. 1. Five Lots of Grnord, Nas. 2, 9, 10, 11 and 12, in iqo are No. 21. iulr uirorl t'onshlirgltoor Sorruiiicilliyi l, .os,8 a 9 anl Il. hnlllg each ;11. . ii6. on Malanlll It, betlwPn Morales and L rquhart strcelt th ? t1rfeet in rbeplh. No. I Ilaltihg 511.9. 1. felt oalt tlnrlnt stlret, Ly IO0 feet I. rqtllhrl setreet nod No. , hllving 1 rliet orr Urlirtae otrerrt Iry 171. . ib. liter in dlepth. Ilorlht of IE. Illrlh Ibv octi trefore I. Ferrndt Notary tPullic, the 2lst February, 11137. 4. Eight lts, Nos. 1it4,14, 1i, 1 7, 179,,t19 20, in lquare No. 24, ra slburb Woashington, I3 rull niciplrlly. No. 13, farmsl tlle crornlr of Frenich oand Urqulhart treelr.; Ileaourirg 31, . Ii. felet (in Ftrench street by, 1116, 11. rel on Urquharlt tr ait, arlr No.ll i , 15, 1G, 171, 19, I anld 211,,l ira mleal.rig :I1, 1. 6. f6.eet ftront it IPech sirer. bh 10., II. fet in dertlihl. llolllt froa IE. lurrhlt and ThIbo Duplesia by act ~lssed bIlirreo L. Feraud, No ta7 Public, tile !llet of Flbruartlr, 187. c ()hrt Io V no strreetL, 1near te CW Cnial, bOallrt ifrolll George. Atti rels, by Ilvilo net, dtherd tile 181h Malra, 1831 lice. A~llIhes nd t ilt r ncli rnl lille frorn N, Hollles, to ti Irll twhich oiieIIrrr CS fact fret lro Ville streer, ietwner l thle tir lidrl hattelilRg od thle blolladarv be!tweetn Sburlh, St. Mltry and Ileoluta, blving 125 bir.e in dleplh. Term nand Carrrlirioro-Ohtta Itlrd in callh; sell It. rutainhig two thirds of the erice of each plrcha..e, payable il 6i unl 1 l montllhs. The glvilg his notes with one good endorser, and ia,t.lage retained urtlil coitnrleht ItayrlaIt. iThe cl:a rf atile t Ie mlol o lledI lrfr i. II. CEN 1S, Nrrtory laublia, t.frr prlrcinner rrrirrg tire Nrtor'rtn f.,ro, andi Itil expetnses of akin IpssiI Il by a yurvevur, if nreesunry. jn 'lt PAIt HEtIWLEIrI' & CENAS. VENTt. PAR LICE SYNDIC. I i l, ra veandti l I.lutdi,t fll vrier, rb 12 huires, II tl aouredre t it6, on verti dtatl derre.t de la crde Inruiss., pour i.n ,arorie et ville die ,I Noivelle (trle tn , el drale irn 7 l l cournl t, Ic iern lar tire:ti nia rlr syoI. ie ,llcl Iprt"rclr anlrt RirVta e, nlbua ulttrti o1; (tabreri I. (b rTlll iei a Il rr,- tr ie .ir ( l, ,61 t ",si e s tnarrrltitrt; wlltr..5!t etl it}iitree rotrt r5 r ds t ltn ir e Ieitrr - chiquI, i25 c i te i l rite ile.ervli.r, sirt tile neo llrorrritrire-acrttarec r itne tr . . a . a:r al. I.cgartirctr, rat lrrhliic, In t0 roni IriS?. ' i. Lot ro . 5, dnl rl'ilet 15, au ololll rl 1tWaellint ltoll ate Illth' rius dh ttorr et Ferdinandi, lellr 1111 pdac a pefrlelnlltr--uehrllId, Ir . S Ililltlrcer.r, par acre de. nIm Tb S,.'tlhre, ati. piu. Iae ftl ror 11 n il37. 3. 5 Lo i rdr Ierrt , noI r II, 9 I, it lI 1 I , du t;t I'ilet rno 2io, llr tui re. Warhingthn, oMunicitalil no. 3, noi ,i 9tr i. , rrr ietI ch:q e 31 1. e ' ur l irii r at l t.h , lrae a Mlorarc' et UrnlUt, rur I 7 lirdln dv prit n lefo , nol I I uyllllt 31 1d1 It 6 ullr lit I-iI T. :;i it llsur I 17 piede Fur la rue IrquhiartS el no 12, i 1 po d ill ur In rue r Ur re de F Illlllrtbe, pr lnl e evnt 1. FItlfaod, not iublie Ie 21 fevrier 1887. 4. tlit Lrte, onre. 13,14, 15,16,17. 18,19et 20 rtns I'iler n2iana fnulboarg V Washinlgon, 3e Munieipalite, Sno 3I flrlant I'errriglnrre den rlle den Frencani er Ur quhart, Inaiuraat 31 id9 pd 6 iL suor lir rue deo Fran enis, ser 1116 ipd I I stur nin rue Urquhari; et lens no. 14, 15, 16, 17, IU, 19 et 201, chque llmoont l 31 piI I Ips i li lde liltree n Ina re desa rtttloio our i(li II de Iro fraldellr--niiblre di IS lurlthe etTh, par SI netdP-vlVt L F.raudllllt, p|b, Ion S feurier I 37. 5. Un sur In rue de nla Vflne, Ies du .suveau Canall, aciete par Geoirge Andrews, paraele priv.en daile da 1.1 mnrs 1837' George Andrews et sto epol.u "1irllt ]ire tirt,' ldu N tirIoersc, n ee ltl, qri;a 25 trie,, te f(TPr nt Iti rue. ie I Vinnri, entree ie dhlrcallere FI rillrl In ligle dle dimnroliti der ftrubourga Ste Maril t D)clor, lyaut l25 piedls d prefrnde'lr t'onlditilns-lIl tiars colr-tar, et len deux lultre lior n 6i mli, I'nrquercur dolnnlit es billets veo en d-tonerur,.ttrth-trer r .I jrt qu'qaprefit pairmerrr. Les uclaor de venrtc, ceret pasi e devant H. I. Cen.a, nolr pit, I'acqu(erear pallr n les frais de I'acte et l irisea de lasnessom r nrt It'rpenleur. 1'2 JAINTI' arl,] idl. n Is hltj hri linseld oil received per ship Entle Irmrrrr Itrolnell, 50 barrnla I Irh lisdnri oil received per shiip Eli i . it, h, rh fr.-o ion 0 110 Ielat Ibrown lanner's oil, " 2 1h 1ar I. h balk, Itnl trrkern ' t rp, lish whiting, ItIIII ert.i rrllilsluh.tlithi awhile lefnl, tiO ke r. 2r*,i h .il, r ctl nortltahrtak do. j mIhre, rn nd vellrew &c, &c. JItl'IS &ANtIittVfS, tj:, ir t (I llillUrrr ote a Iitaelinlp tol e rll O10 ) I .1I'I'V hI..l... nd tir...... Ito t.Ir by U ItlIlAh.I. & Ittllort'N, i et8 91i ta,,,,riar. . t 9j i: rmst$lJ W , sil r Htlldkercirle", if hItarrl__er * prtrart, iur trai be litiSIt t Ct, jtlll ar tItn -ni it iha i IIrr.lnt " 11itr * j ..l . . . . .. . .. r r. o. 'l',I". O(I v I), nllitr. tn dml, tici story, Iy the author f lhle ' ""olh;ltlr tl t" t.". illn .vl-. M ianry Ita IlSoon I,. itd ot ,l lr' . I ev r. (:lo'rle atllhlor ens €1 'of "\Int1l.".e ami 1)h 1, tert%" N;-. hi 2 vol. a. 'l'h. Iler of Seh d, by ,the autoress of ".Monthers i ,an, Ihil hll, i.r+' &.". in-! v le,. Ahha V.tie. or the Ititbrdered lllnnikerchilef, ill which ,Sx add.d lll'lllJirtll HItlrrinson,or Itib . BlnttI t. olmtt ai Um'trella, by \liss Leslie, author of "Pelcil Sketch Oliver 'l'iu t, 'ti tletr in 2 vols. by lBo, cheap edi - tin,. Just received a' d iorusele liv \VM. MOKEAN, jnut cor Cam l and (o'mnion sts l. "' Iutt )tK.-Ret.b of tie lrowl, it Iegendt of 'it. - Int ree . by tle atlor of'. allow Barn, ' llorse Shoe IRolbinson,' .c. &c. fit " vole. J1V t received and J ail I ear Camp & ('Con n nut ONI)ON I.i)ftTfit--And liurt-n Ale inndi-n l from shipltirwe!1, from Liverpool, and for'sale by 311 ca-ks, (fi drz speaior London Porter, 211 do i,. ISurltn Ale; Ais0--LChater sleesa. of li' very beat quality, put in tin Ioxesa, aAd Frm' 3.i to 4n to ebh. ja25 E+ J(ttNts. Co,St Chatrles at r-JLA--75 boxes lvl-,at '1'eu. fin sale by ISAAC BliiL ti & Co, jat5 134 Magazine at A tIRUG STORE 1'OR "tALE--Situated on Tchapitouulas street. Inquire of It BIINNAIEI,, jan3 cor Natclhe & 'lchinpiloula esta SIVEI tt t)I, Sb r1'--.50i sac s cnurse ann d line, c L I ndi.gAnd it store flr s he by il!) ll, Il+t I,11 At MItLLS, Bank Plne (i I', 'lnge u:e, a dew doornn tirou tlie !'ot Otlice. jSo ll -- - w j l-- "- ct ed, and fur sle I." ja 18 tIA.I1. .' tlfl(t.N, 92 legazine at 1":1 .1 PI'.ES--101 Oti in Bitn r r ut liae " :lmilgf.r sill, by i It)tSt : , A alli 14 New ILeve b' ('II)ellltIt0 hi'lns ri.tif.(l, t ti i lhuiien leor nale L'b 1 JI li ji I ttiI2 ,tIt w .4 c.l' S4 liti) t(o eepIr, Iwh htnit preit Ireutt, t ist e- e B i oecu),nd, wolnd wthi to no i ke att eugee Inlt lilr tl e ren.lthde r fl hi lita . Can give any- a t' is'atetiol'i to abllilvty anl charanm r. : licni: l a boss A IIt , (Bo 9)5,t, P't OItlice. will be natteded to. S.LA.K B1I.1.S IX(IitANOi, ,. ...ill- ding,1 " orinl In:lllries. Collan lalnl e Ip: ,is of every decrillion, for sale bIy I) .IT & I' jis8 N t" Slationers Ill,cl rhanlr t el S ) I.I. Il G lN-5 tpipiee, tbi l, tit li sttelt il uy by '1'. ' I I LI... II, , ii, j" 391 Conulni, ctir aitgazine atu n +III SKEY-3 aiiurrel rtiled i. -tot ftr tale el jn'_2 39 1tIItt,'ttrttganitetinntn i 2O Exchange I'lace, nearly (op lsitehe thI'ot ift+-'i 0 krgs-LeTl I.,.n, is .ore;fr t. ed It rI j,82 8 ; It D[)I1:1 , 414 New l.9vee I.I -NNEL"S-P bate fine l.itt At, ula fitel"n JL f ir sale by ISAAC BRII)(I: &. Co, r jari 131 alMgazine at f 'It) ITET.-Pusetsintn given ithe lt Februl nr next, a STile t' lvelltlehcts' now octupiedii by tMi OVit. Cl,m.alnier 't Girllrd No t bIhilt tll'aiit treet . i For rticultu's apply to II. Bomnabte'l eorn'er Nurtliez and T 'catpitouldas seetl . j53 1 NttIAN'S 'tnncea, Swui,'i do.. ingether with an , I. lare asartltent of patetnt mndieius. Ithl..ived latly and fur saule by II I.'NAIEI,I, j, t ar Natchez &Tc 'Itlttittitn. sts flIDttIi VINEUOAR--3011 tile in .tere, ftr sale by t_ j,4 G I)OItSEr, 44 New I.v*re. UltK l; ess, p as a.. uitst l., ale .by 1 tiIStett F "5ON' h VEItY,i'tGrtainrnt NO ACO. SI lES--59 hhIda. Cin:citnnati Cured, of su iJ ,riur t qtality, ft r stnle Iy ir r Sq'''l'I.IN &". AVERT, 88 Granviert 'I t N 4 11.i S-5L cask siles, aud 1t caasks canl vassed ll hals, f r set, by jan3 ISAAC BPID & Co, 134 3Mngtzine at [ it!NtDtI-Fountl in Pitvirua street, a POCKET' th .I n BOOK, contauilnig i suln of I clIitilpl nltes;th, So tir wil l at thi tce nd c ttit i (ti nd e he same.t a- ju:s S UCK W\VHEAT-5 halfhnttrells, fir sane by jor j3 S&JI" VIII'TINE,72 ampsat to iEG(O IIRKOGANS-h0 cases russelt brogioes e utlnlmmol ani extra nitne, fitt -nlt by j2I2 m InSAAC Itl,'ilt &Ct Co, 131 agaezine at it cuNGI.iSI[ Cthoth i P1er--lustrt'tdt lc - fc n I r t rais of NYry fiue English cloth Imper, 30 by 45 chilch., . hv ,yr5 ilreh., a11nd 3 bv 4.1 inch.; a .lprrio, t in tirle. Al, o,F 5,.re.D N 1 .arlt I pest.• ha:king f-- N Y StAiouct. Hall Por Europe. FOR GLASGOW. The AI (Clvde built and very fast slli Srg barrure MAtAIIC-A, ('apt Jump, hll. St nariy al heil aro re nrged and ri hlaive daltalehl Thle enfins heng very li perior, ianseg gercanll Ie eomfortably accoi mnio.ated, liar feight or passnga, aPlly on boaed or toI fl 2 HO)LIES & MILLS, onk Planee FOR HAVREIE. S The AI anid lst sailing ship RICH MOND, Coat Winship, will receive illnue diate delspnatr for the borve port, having tle grouo er pet ol her carego ennrge nd oa going oion blard. For freight of;$bO bndioe notint. nrpnnnreor agppily it fe9 L II GAI.E,93 Coilnmoro FOR LIVERPOOL. T'he Al fiat roiling lir pJiIHN IIALIE, Capt Cruoel ,w ill reerivrin im ediar e lespate h for the alove pint. For freight of 211} baole cotie ton tolco )le te er ougo ug m ilnr to frii L t I(ALp'y, 9o Conmmon at FOR LIVERPOOL. } TIre A I fl1t madling Phi p EUROPW, lCa e I nrun eeerd ' ill rcreive i. o cadini t deF lpslch or tlle aho)e pui) t. Ftunr Irelght o rf21)0 Ibla cotlo to complete Ilerrargo, or p eia rge, aplh]y to LEVI I (AilyE, fti 9.I C:imvl , m t i .. _--. -:: .7-: -.-.:: - _: =- ---'=-:.== ... - FOR LIVEIRIP'O)OL. The Al cnd lared shning nEQirAl At J Ilison, tasterri wir l nhave dhe o)ntelh. Io r freight of '2i brales, or pvaloe , n])ply Io e5 S&J I' W i I'JE , 73 Crin tll l t S FOR LIVERVPOOL 'ie Antle t il fint soiling Shlip, aOW i1,T)I' ]'C II i T h lln rlan , m sner , havin.g e ir e t url' rhigr i rrgai egngriel, will have dasplethl.ih For bhatnnco uflireigllt or aipri r l , i aplr v to et3 S & J 1) WIIT'.I , 7: Ctunp at . . . . -- -----x -. - --F -- --- . . . . . .. FuiR LIIVKIrLUIL. Tihe At aid aiiling ship I '.\SSA STilT Cniti, I t Itarl, halnvin tll n olreaer lerir of h eir Caron enilgl, will nmeet with de ap1n lPh. four bilr ate e of freig pply tor p n, apply It FOA L, IIAA1 IE,!:k (t lmn.on Ft FOR LIVIE I'tOOL. The AI fut rtiiliig ship SAXON, Ctit 1 itmt|rPild, Ilvil. the rater pairt of llr rt r . go . Reglrel, re ill nl-oit with r e1iuch. For hreight rl' inI Iole u colttl ir ireledian e i nn llii2 ior n he inade, rrlitigel apply . I1i Gvi It teL !1'3 tIlillllin tt - ~ tt ,LIV PEt1 UOL. . The A I t filt .ii tilOi si p , NT c I ED Sii dn ' I rATE+ u ('npl. Ioarr, hlivril iii l hole iri En rgi eillgaredi r ill have deii.gei'hr. i+or filiht of e tw II Udreid h fl:. rir h iietig prit! vi I FOI( tIAV~~il--IHirk l ~la r~irr.r . ThI Ai edisplendid ship l ll , I1.] I'll. inilydiae deipn l hI. Fr VI gIi t of Vi bales nit lrr |'rd he i n irst rlir fe , s.iln. lalket -elr f Alt 1) l'll!":Il C, li I),k wilti) c )i-w~ly slilf iIPIII; .CI f.V,,i (;. F "IIIlt Oil blloard, lfice.y urne Tier, %V ' I P( ]'I" It, f, . .. .. . . ... ..s .,(oe,,_ Coastwose. Ecu FOR NEW YORK. ale, The Al and fast sailing ship HOBART turn Capt Sulden, will receive despatch, having F ttice geater part of her cargo engaged. For freighit or passage, apply to L 11 GALE, I 1'2 93 Cotmoen oli FOR NEW YORK lalt Packet of the t4,it inst. S New York and Noew Orleans Line of Packets. & Tihe fine copper fastened &c coppered ship TROY, Capt. Wood, ha thle greater part ofeheroereo engaged and going oil board. IFor Ireight of tie residue, or pootsae, aipply to Capt Wood, oppousaite the Vegetable Inoarket, or to TO fe9 l E'rfElR .AI)LA\\, fil Camp at FOIl BOSTON. .r The Atl fast sailing ship COPIA, Capt Moore, willhave deslptch. For freight of f [10 bales co(tont , apply t C A f9ug .J.P WIII'TNEY, 7:3 Campt FORI NORIFOLK AND BALTIMORE. The good n clhr ALHION. A Farnham. mna ter.hoavihgtnost if het eargtoo board, will - nre, with iulllluliatlo dispatch. Far balance of height or pas.age. apply to S J P Vtll ITNEY, L fell 7 7.1 (,C p .pt L FOI it)tST( N.x ha A I fast sailing shin FIRAX, Hen- sit Iv. Holser. lavilg ltuost if hler Ie.argo hgben A d wg l rdav.tes ietale dotrlitcl Foreri /retglt or ipat.age, lhaIil gaod ttiolnlllri ll, apply ' tos &J .1 WHITiNEY, ate fe 7 73: Camp at var FOIC NOlltFlil K ANtI RICIH1ND. t) Tp h 'l fist atuling welr LEBANON, OltL. briadhet will sailin a few days. are Haa,, ,, p Oly ,I .,-.. ,ORTER, 4 Thu ftast uniling hiplier OTTeri s t 'ell 9., Contnusi FOR NEW YORK. "u hOttI'I' 'I'rtolt, I-tt.a"t,-oil lie desapetch. . u... Geight or agua nlooe'; It to so& J r' WIIT.'NEY,7"lCtetspc do, Itlu N7 W V% YORK letguloatr It he f tler 16t11 iast. tIOLMIF-' IIN Iill' PACKET'S. 'I'll Ihe s fat iloc et pperAlI Il J eopper 0t ftstenled Io, et ship NAStIVL.I.E,. W'ood, c ,a te. .. will as aoove. Foar Irn , ilt or f.,r passtge, Iloticng elegrnt odtatmoldatiaae, epply to iaita c i coplaiat ca Itoerd, oppalite the Vegetagle ttttrketor tt It . . . . . A tI t l : N. 911 .. . teat. .o at Lit lit) IOIIILE. all A IThe fast ailin ~riteed acoppr fastened hr ROBT wVOar )RITFF, Gorlhm, osster, will ha ve despatch. For freigt aly to No le2 II O AMF.I , 48 Camtp ts FOR NEW YORK--Pa -ag Only. a U .The xsl fast sniling sip CIIadI.OTTE, Mh Captaita Rice. sill receive immediate des- Al acotllllodatiotst, attly to the :uptain on Iou ard, or t of jaq9 LH GAIE,:) ContaIeste et - - FOR NEW YORK. f . 'l t e faset siling eul;pered brig IIAfR RIt.T, Caot. Fisher, will have idespatch. For fieight or lpasna.,t apply to efi ja' ....... , J i \P tIUI'NEI', 72 Cam p a~ r10 RERN T--Posestsion can be given imaaediatelv. SThant deirahle, and etell finished dalling houe, now ill lmplelae order, oat Ihe ler of Catpt sand r Juli street.. Aplyv on thiil pleniia-es, oe to G W PI RIT IIARD & Jot) I'AGERI. Jr. to frU I'oydras & tfagorinecat t FORL bALE, FRtIIGHlI OR CII hR lER. 00 ief. ooft sailing ..tpper fssnetene, andt li eoplpered brig MAItX ELIZAItE I'tI, 171) ' tlella , ouilt hexltesapse fora packel, ltohl.cgan v cabin, state rts eil fo tile neOltllttllOdltat of5 tecssoU-tI c gore. ,-'r te.ll, apllly Ito CUtalt Iuve, cau ilolrd, Pica yu llt er, or lto WVI Pt lg'':I , ts13 95 Comolln at S lAP r ..,a-, ,-n, ,-on r .- ,. I n l- , .- , lu ,,-,fom r Avisr, ad for by t S(l'ratli.n' )lqnest l'castoe ldj llicottl ill aort, oft Admiralth of the U.. Rand Englund; aeow utl n e-val I Pctel Digest of oeoa in tile e CireCu it and ttDetrict aints, t new sulply,'1 oti, \\lsar's .\atolly, a oln eadltlt, eteilvtd by Pan The .,ll otlil Medical Arlo nc f'r I8o9, a new and usoful nilicel rontcklt hok for Mheliesal getlllelell, AI fe, al ruil+lulat lilDe* mest ol r1r4e d anld edia: t works. 1 JItN & tl., jai[lt er Ca)ncomno h Si Chableea is ta I ¶nl'c.n ilth t'ne, of Sicily !cisre, ein pipel)s, lull ailes, tllltl t tt tter's"ho+ , o 'Al utevt+, t|te t oP dblen'ter, Ibranil Its i"lrait Marlli &A iezza ft eshelt by. janr5 ISAAC i,)11i);E & CO, - ITT'rU 1i tNtT tEl I'IIEl'---tIlr Itorrel- for' IIb. F -. t .h- a r No. 8 Front ,-ee. l aster fa if tt tItlll itll Ie paricuslrly rq)ea1tad to clke trial Tr ilf thl II " t anl veryaa rltoahtltrltle rif fuel, so much La ...storm-'ld t encioenria Iei seery I..rt .t tile .t...ry a whol,e it lits teena .e. .8 ai C OIL CIhAINS--I0 caskh coil cluoas jost reeivcd S"tt. tld fr sale bIy S LOICE. & Co t fe " ) FrnlllrlIeavet ' UNXY IAGS--lilU hablles Gunlly , asl O cloase G llll prile txture, suitabhe liar Sell, !In 'i jaf5 I ar'it)tFi, 13t4 tnlgazi.te at W T Interest'I'rble:--Foter's Bonkkeeip toil; taeal dtetl'S ith. Iae-rs' d t. Expedition, _ ileslnro',u,,i Iadwnrd'a solonkeeper "s .4A! a, reeived ceatufior nlee Ity A 'Tt)WAR, ALi. tlIL.L I.:N -IAIIOIFIt'-.-i-'I' Tar.ih-a - I. It r ehlloginggrey or red hlair on t Ilheiald, r wllithekar, or ee hrots, by it single apltlicntiot to a t pernuit'ntt browat, varying to a ecolt-ilete Illoh, wtla CAout staIining lith'r the haIds or lioer, joust receivedl at the Bazaar, corner t. Chlariss & CulooIoo streets. BUSH1 &l ALLAN. f eb_ Eaohaage Hotel I - 4 OT"lTONS--9D Iln'es 7-till and L-tllhe twilledl Lowu a ll Cottillos, for sal la by iat l_ _...t\A.I lllI.tI E & Co, 13t Mag.zelee iat u- t I'I'RM CANDI.ES-.-O IIh bhoxes New edforltd, lot tIl and Nlitllaket Spert Caodleo . I'r sale by a' fea ISAAC BRIDGE & C:o, 1:14 ltgaztea at S) d Stit-aetha, lading fomt blhig Mtry Elielabetlt, t Picavslte 'Tierm il Ifor sales l t 1 PilO[Ti, ST _ '5 Cln 1 at hII 7-7AY 110 h blerNortlhr I tay. lo etare ore tol hy fell CIIAIPI.IN L .C)I)PEtR,"Juttli at - hEh\S-61t Sacliks German Pea in aoes for sale hy J feh I CIIAMIPIIN & COOP ER,82Julia st tst r Cl. ",,IN,;1Jo hboxes ,.tyer'e) Itnufactured To Ir noae, lt store fir sle hv S fitll CItAMpLIN S. COIIPER. 88 Julia lat eat .tl It"''e. - It. . a o. t etaiistinog of ,,,htldea f nd l ites. t t sale by - G NsEV, S- fell " - 14 Ntew Ievee 4.5f V...i5 i Ii.-952 1 IIbIT Itl a -oe .11d f-r ants1 i ', I---" "t IIa I'=roe '-asela rsetalfed. in -tare f(assoe all b G0 D tRtE", 44 ,' Lt' e l ' "e FOR NEW YORK. HIOIMES' LINI: OF PACKETS. TO sail pulclnullv or advertisel, for ench plrt-Tire line will conist of thile fo'lowing aships--i: Ship Nasheille, Caplinll Wood. ArkanCsa, tcptain E K I)ennis, Aabnmrr, Copltu C C Berry, OrClensr. Cptaln S sear-, Viekrbsbr, Coaptan iJ Eolker, Panthea, Capu stain Ashlty. Tipe. rtre 'hrips are nl of the first cluas, oPlwral, iani crpper liostencd, nnd were buLit in New York ex presslv Ibr this raJo--they are of tiqht Iraught of wa Itr , and alnost ilvariablv cross the bar without doteal lion ''Illese packets are commanded Iv Captnius wel ex pertenredilnthe trade,and will ulwavaexert themselves to neconmmodlell . 'ITh'ler, will alwas he toweld up asll d thwn Ie r .iver, and will prIlupIly sail as ndvierlited. 'J'hov have lllintoue+ly fohrnished all r lnr nditiluaud Rtir~nflo he firstrqnality will always c e lfurihredl, lal every attention paid t. tire comfort anid aatisfaction of pns.bngers. 'Ile price of the cabin is fixed at $80, without wine or liqnuor. "or i ftllher particulars aplply to A COIIEN, p1"10 90 Cnmmon Itreet , ['T'he slhips re not eccnuntrilie for breakager blass, hllllow wire, marble or granite, rooperare. of tin or rnlt if tion or rerl: nor responseilble for not packare or portel pit otl Ionrl, noles a reolnor bill oflading be slgoed therefor, at the oflce of the agents. FOR NEW YORK. hew York 4 Aar Orleans Uine. A NEW LINE of packets has been established to ran between New Orleans and Nowr York, to consist O vlit first rate shlipr, r io: Sltip St. Mart, It W Foeler, irrotrt SIptepulienu, J ll Reseell A Aulnrni, I P DI rfeii y, - tIeW . hobuilihng, t'hree slhips rwetr'. bilt in Newr Yorkh'exprely firethi Itrae; or ola c ighlr dlragilt of vietr nrid will not hs suljie to delenilnr at tie liar. 'liuir ,l.eaommidliirtion forlrnoeegers' coopriie t llrhat ay ey rel uired for comfort rod convenieneoe and ontheir eorlm arldors iire a l ifexiienei. UnItil ire elilti nu iw building are cu:o pletdl, too first class slhips till euppiiy "i:eir 'lthe agrivteat itunertlity owill e obsrerved in thre tilUle ,f isiling, and every roeasonable necommllntio extended to shlipers rnd p-odrengers. For further parlieulars imply to M-esrs. Johnson oanld I,wden, No. 86 aiol rtreet, Now Ydrk, or Ito j'rP PI'E L t.AIi)I.AW, 6fl Camp st .. . orv the Znterior. Copr Shorerport, Fllorn and Jonesboro, aboe tire Iafi, on Red River. lRG The new and c mIou s Ilo arnloll Ltevm ACAtIIt'Tl s'iri It Cnrollimu S~i rin e t r, Io ine been built extressly for the trlude, ill leaite fler itle alove oril irntererlle ip: tll Irt iidavii, thII 14th init., at 4 o'ihrik, P 5i. , treriliriht or plsisige ii ply iotr hlird at the lomit ei Cnronr Ilouse st.,ttr to ''lt111) Li'. :; &Co, 112 :il ail o7 New I.evee r-h kil A'urtBlIl. om 'I lie repguar pu.iatt low pmreisure steamer S GIAFFE, Capt. Swiler, will leave tie lake end of tie Rail ton er R "'THUiSD)AYS & SUNDAYS, ofner tire arrival of tre 12 o'clock eare, and on hter re turn, leave Mlolile, every Tuedailr aeond Fridaoys. For pusaage apply on board Ito CAPT. SWILER. P S--Whenev nor a euffiient iumber of passengke offer the GCirffe will touch alt an of the intermedliate la dings, upon previous notic beitrg given to Capt Swiler.. nov7--tf MRi. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removied frou 17 Cutlomhouse St. TO NEXT DOOR To ST. CHiARLES THEATRE, CORNER OF POYDRAS tC ST. CHaRItES STREET. ont9--1838. 'TO RENT. A LARGE aid commoodiot Room over Levy's auction sore, 53 Maogaziner street. Apply. to W GRENE, Lithopraphler, on tIre premises. N B--Th' above would Ilake a good drill ronm. nov3 JEFFERSON ACADEMY. I REPAIRAT'tILY to Jefferson Coligeo and to oth eroers coductd by It. Graoier,L Ii. qcxhalge Alley, between t'onti rnd Bienville. Tin; sitatiml was the most eligible thnt coullo be found beill entirely free lrolU tihre roise of the streets nod the rlthing ofdilt s aut caortioages. Tie Jefferson Academy is divided into two depart ilentts. 'lre Jurnir or eletillalrry department for tile variole branehes ofconmnon educalilon i Frenech and in E~iglisl--Tl'le Senlior departrment Icr Latin, Greek, latber'atics, &o. Pounctuality, order at r diseipline are strictly enjoinred ari oterved. 'reruto. Juniolr tepurnrent, per mnouitht; $10 Snioir do 15 Spanisll 6 lst. Birscs,, paper, &e. charied separately '2nd. A iIItlltllh oce bleglr, to be ioaid in lull; 3Ird. Nio deductioi for absenre nor for holidaye: 4 anh. PFmur rts Io beoirode recularly every mlolnth. r.,ul l.ior...r.. ,1-. .to 3 o'clock, .ecept 'lT.ur.' i days. - - rp27 E.XCIIANGE READING ROOM. FCHE prolrietor iloS re-fitted his Readillg Room, in J tile St. Charlns Exohulie, Corner of Gravier ari and St. Cllarles sitret, ton the ilearest mllanr. IBesides all the nrinclll iapers of Ihie Unitelod Sltereo, ofeverv city ard state. ItLe CarIrdos,T'eoaso and Mexi. co and" Iatautra, tile roion is reguloarly and extensive.. Iv supplied rwithb thIe latest European papers, Lord's SL.stre. aol I'tico's Price Current. Also with nearly aoil ith Literary P'ridieals of' tile day, and has thre r publicalions if tlI: Loindon, Edinburg Wesminslter Sietrotolitan lteviews alld ilackwoodti Magazine. Tire Norrlh American Iteview; thie Soutbern Litertr Klliek boeker,'T'le Aleliua Journal orf Scienee and Arnt, Cabiret Minetllorry Detnloeratric Review, Gentlelern'r a gzcie, Aiterican irotrhtv, Bentlv'r Misocllenv, tr.e Mexico Chtirurgical Review, and a variety of othere. Al tllese works urreregulrlo sutcerioed fier nnd reei. red. 'the rood, is also Siiuppied with a lrge vialiety c rnaps and atlases, Niles Ileg idler, Levy's Price Cur. rent lron it. celrmeccrerlltt, Guzateers, and a variety of works ofreference. The Irost arctive & intelligent newt ollectors are em plosed, to give tie earliest arrivals, and no paino nor s Ipense will be spared to render this Reading Rooin tirh itfirst tle United Slates. Subscriptions are respectfully receive,]. Soctl_--tt' CARD. r THE Principal of th English, French and Spanish S Academy, No. 14, St. Charles sreet, announcees to his frioends and the public withl satisfalion, that his instatution Is now in successful operation, hat he hopes soon t ave his comnlie'tnt of pupils, which will be limited to fifty. He oakes this opportunity of asstring parents that notling anail he wantring, which may contribute to the raullomand improvelment of tlhir sons d7: 1830 GEORIGE W. SMITH, SUsRegaL Deltsl,frsm I'hiladelltphio, EEG( to t eorm lha her.. and kentPeneu otNnw Or D leas t t lte iron I ctotd lII o selflt .A'o. ltih, Canal Street, opypsite the Stette louse, wlhere he will be hippy to utad to lly pruiesiuoalll rnzageentltte. i Wi Smith not olaving previously visited thts city utlkes the liblrtv ofexrllatuct I roll some Clllnmlt omy loiters, uItsI he beiar-, the. following testimtiloo Trothyle t w.eo hi lotgt t iletlillgtle. From tllle. oers. II Tylo.. of l'hollndtllbil. "ILtkh eroel plasllo in sslylno tlltt I havn htlead coetlsr bLthe qe.r.oltl.o b wlh M.s.mlth btth .gOsllsly al i he blosillot o lll (ro t . lllll.un. tib l , o apeost I onsillr hlit. i a lllclll.ll liily worhy of to, I lRo tt t e Wlac i he r - r AsKs I),l:E .rn-t I0 h orve IIcUIl0 lal IbresI pranor . 0hu 1 Uoitllor.A slloior, t &o tet s atis-t'Ad tha o.trI'osr ont.l.l d Ml.eso tll he rlaoset i ion by thosle lss Itcqtaitedl with e htl. l wi he lwll repaid by sll tiscll.rged of ndti etllrll t tll I inla. Its. Smlitll hbo "tsllesltd to nollnid.snblts allt fslr Ul pelrol'l y end flr llc.lllbe rl ofnlv e linidly. odI':Is'ot a U TYNG. From tIev. J J tobonrtsln alios.tscy nt Slaos, illn GIet % "1 waited in I'i.iladlel lltt to give I)r. Smitih a fair opp..rtua nity ollttig iny tlotll ill order. Thi as Ito be lun e o il It e ls- rly iIarnler, an dl ht gClatleeois. aia, llot, tkil ith slbioblbotoollduonlI bloonttrt O i atstiattset ooly by hi. pa hal ollt n o tvrlll it lirr ll .ary rellll talloe .lush ah .h I - slalle in future be saye n ot otly llil h l lu rillsg, bill alIo mathI vluable tilliP. a E. c.;e ltefreuerac it New Orleatm.. Jacob Wilcon, Esq. ''ibos. Atlle. ti aita & C(o., I tloolltl. Iicbardsl & Co, . Nst Oteatt. Wtlll t("rilrk. JIImh Eaq. C~to hert Itnllitt l. Iog. I I [ NSEIh O& lL--C.pleoras aodo tRnd Beans, in store ! .t . G DUSCI,', a ja3l3 .4 New I.evee LIand fir soale Ivw by f 6 SIIAI.L&.S BROWN. 96 Magazine ei I ACKERI WAN'I'EIt--A first rate Porker, well sr. S o conlel d fl ablh y ltii40id steadines, will find mplovymcnOt u .pplioato ton 1 B IItOWlEII & Co, i Il5 17 GIjle) It i\ ACKEREI -- 0 Ifbrrel, 101) half barels, ,nd 50 TIA berPls, No. 1, A,ond3, lackerel. in stsr,, fro I sale by jat1 .1 ItII.\tAL & Co, 74 Poytlora st "I .U11 II RRYItII & Silk Worem--A Treatise on the I11 Iulberrt s nd Silk Wornst. translated froo ithe tlt'hint,, I vlatlo,julst reoeived and lot alte at a th Boksto,.re of A TOWVAII, i I tD4t.t llo at 1HISKEY-21- 2,hasrrel reclifed, for sale Ih * j25 G_. )()RIY, 44 NNet L.evse Ti IONION slntard library edilituis, of cerce and i valuabl. worko, for sole by lie aubslotiber:o Wyrksa of William Congrsve, it 3 vule, S do Shilev, dramloic and lpoetioal, 6 eals, bdo Shalloblry. is :$ vaol, y dot Ileaumtont & Fletcher, 14 vls, st do lltwa'ov. in '2 wts, do I Iot.O, 3 v-ts, wit an account othis lile, hby tnry Mlckenzlie Sdo Sir'William Temple, it I volo, dIo Etoperor J ulisn,2 vols do Fielding, III vnl., do Iltoro, .eo Sto, 4 vodl, Sdo t.,lltz o de Meldici,:'l vle, do Itohard-l s it Claria IlHarlow, 6 vuln,, do n ir :hlttler trallien. 7 vols, I, adllition t tho iso ohe, a larer collection of l.n I don edit.oo oraso oorks. W.VI Nt'KFAN, loll ess co nmpo .rl Cmtmnt st: DUSINESS CARDS. FPRD WUEL9SOON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL 'Jr LUUISIANA, -PIFFE.RS his services to the public ia the depart l ernts of Surveying and Civil Engineering, both in t, t noad country. From onsiderableex earience in lis profres.ion, and by promptness and fidrlit inl she zeehlion ,fl" business entrustedtl to him, ohe l.ves to merst and Ieceive a shoarnof public potrr:ae. Ilewil' als, meansure and ealculate the onutents ,of walls and excavatinas. Odiee No 8 Clhartrestreel,secondstory jet BANK NOTE ENGRLAVINU. RAWDON WRIGHT. HATOH & MaSON il AVE openeda office in New Orleans. posseesing el equal advlntoges with their house in New York, Or the parttoes ofetgraviog eod pialting Boak Notis, Ihteri, Illis of Exchange, CertfilCatesa of De.osite, Checks oandl other ilnporetat peperi, security ognitltetlst Forgettea; ow hoave ttaeoaleopt loY]iOl for tle peoe kee tiSg l alll .lates nnd io precsiton enlrtst ad to theircare; their PeCi tnao eolrvocetlte outee of lver five hunldrd lhnking, inllstitioos, tn all orders will be eeecated with promptitude, an I on tile usual terum. Office, coraer ofloyal & sLaual street. ja--tf SAMUEL 'lOOBY, Jtlervhandise Broker , ' Commission .'lferchnl, d113 ()leice, ii. Camp st.a-For tih present. . -- -- --0fOBLI COT---- o . It. IL.)SS. SlAIP BROKER & CO.IAIJSNION MERCHANT, No. 63, Pudrato Street, J. P.1 FREEMAN & CO., g5oarle oe CloUALa 3, Iflaybl ssmreMl No.3, Magazine street, - AVE: constnatly on hand a lvarge Plply of Cloth 1Ilg, c ucl ktittd tIr tie couotry trade. 'lher ytt . ortmlnet beiltg lorg. la n irclats frdom tle ontln cll be sttplied at tile shortest Iotlco. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAI)DEN, No. I Ctoanrlrenu atreel HAVrE e colstfant snuply ,f every article terowttien to gentleolllls dress, Of tie intest style, at New York T. 3. RoN E:STA IIML H NI ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite auklis' nol do. - IVLL...! (GIFR E.VE, PROIIPRIE'OR J R . PARKER Commnismlon aUd Forwalrdinp Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, rr STAIRS. New Or:slen, MFeb. ".; JARVBS & ANI)RENS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIl. DEALERIS iN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE ST'UIFS IAND IVIVDOPV Gi.ASS, orener ad Common nad T rhoupitoulasa treets, NEw OR.LEAtS NATIIIAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANDRIEWS. A large upply o Garden Peadt, warranted the growth of 1837. DOY,.LE b IIIAY, IDEALERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISII CROWN GLASS, No. 3 Canor LEr ShTREanTe. ao FIRE Ml EN'S INSURANCJE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. This Company are now prethred to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. OFFICE, No. 24 Musson's Building, Canal se.eet. E L TRACY, New Orleans, May 15.1838. Seertenry. ROBERT CILANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER' No. 12 Cealp street, Wholesale Iealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushet, m38 Window and Picture Gloas I&. re. ATTORNEYT & - OUSr L UfI R .AT LAW. OW prctisinr in the State and City Courts. Cli N ent will AL a hit tite Clerk's office, U S Cirtuit Court, in the Custoo House building. jeash SIlE soscriber, having recrered a oltltatw ioa as TlDeupty Surveyor of United States Lands, for this Stte, otfers his services to the ptblie to survey anad ltcvte La.nds it any part ot I.ouisinna. As haeretofbre, all operations, either of Surveying or Civil Engiteering, such a aalignntents,sarveys, piats, draowings, levelig, profiles, calc ulationls of execavaton, embankmtent eltotent of wails, he. either in towt or country, wilt be promptly antd faithfully attetded to. Charges rtaso, table anti te,rms clsh. Office 55 Mn gaeine street, in llBks' Arcale. decil-Zaw-m FRED. WILKINSON. HII.AI)ELI'HIA Ibuckwoot Meal. Yeast pouader SShad, Beef, pickledl Ttngues, Currents, Citrun ding frotm slit .leroey, direct frot I'Piladelltla, 20 half lbaorrels luekwthrat lltuotl. Slt0 quarter obarrels Buckwheat lteel, 25 Ihall'barrels No. I Shadl, 25 halfl'arrels fitmilyv IBeef, 10 hilfobareels pickled Togtes, 2 barrels sttokehd lTttptes. I llthd Suanotra new Cnurreant, I gross Oliver's Yeast Powder', for sale by d28 ( WIPRIITCIIARI) & JI) TAG.RTr. LOUL(U--20brls S F Flur, (bakienglj trane t Sj3 P I.AIDLAW\V,66 Caol LIVERPOOL SA L'--75(le acks lfle, at(1751t eack core )Liveerpl, St.alt. received tier shlips Queer Adelaide atd Dauntless, fto l.iverpool, tltd for stle bt !3 ItOLMIES & MILLS, Blank l acee BLEUAC IEIt OIL-Ill tiercas bleached Fall oil loanding frm stbio St. Marv. 32: ,.oxes splerm &andlls, New Bedford Ibrandsn landing froma schr Maria, i osla byly jan:I JOESPII COCIKAVNE, 25 Grarier sa -IRESI BIALAGA RAISINS-1011O whole ar batlf baoxes, for sale by AIBRAHAMI TILER, janld :31 (irvier, D Ob.ES'ICC BRANDIY-11I Itls Bravdy--lr tta I. fourth proof, landitg flro ship Itturott.for salt by IL.A RENCE & LE ,ENIRE, jna3 . ond 29S NewLevee T -' I:HE S.altocrihres otfer at wholeanl T'HE Subscribers Cer at wholleale at the following goods. a; HATS-100 cases moleakin silke, as orted sizes ni brimdo do 1l10 do do No do do 100 caOes best No 3, nassorted iren and blrim,. 20 do Bearer, a superior article; 50 do Fine Nutria; 5)1 de Extra do 2(10 do Blo:ok oal \Wlli:e Russia; 50 do Extra Black I o-otoa I1Ht do lMusklat & Coney lrbroad and narrow hnoso, for .rovel alod coaltry trade; t,. All r'ok, ooltiliotory & navol ohapelono ; Sdo Clreildren silk sall Rusia HRots, ll size.. Caps--Fur, (Iler, for Seal, oNutra, Muakrart, and ' harr Seal, is toro dozen ctases. sc[lotte. 0 (loli toap-o-l inkiick, Polish Avril'a list I llp l, oftl , I Fo.oo'otlornoo, 1 M:liltary uooroiet dIo I.eother tiollging. tilde' Fany'l urbans, IPlaid and VOlvet Caps, S Fltocl ontlerno. Ito:ks-SnSill a u mbinze, of tile neatest I'lbrellnsI-silk an ntio.. M ilitaryv 'Moltn , oiled stile. Silk lootidkirclo-ilh--Pooay,;t o an, Splilaoliitl. Bunlhoe for Ilhatterwd c, wood double for dryo goodo. IIThe abole .oonoo notolotr e aloose otock, ll oil of thre ltest pattoto.. ud will be s.ldat oo sotll atd ovaotr,o with tlost old chroeo oo New York Irices. Tile llbueriloers will take ordeoro for srllllrn, wea Iern alld l,'-exo..ooorkios,fo Itlhe iolao nfA Il tiosailp & Co., Hat hlooofotolello Noow Tolrk. 1nlo Il theltoortost possiblel notice. (lro uand l French P1lhto bioo ght. I 00 t5ss' '& CO., Naval, Military, nud Faloiolahle Ilalter,, Exclongo 1lotel, owllvl4 St (otrlo ot iMr. GEOIRGE M ERIRICK It.,vmg resigned the of ice ofchlilf Eongineer of the New Orloans and (lIrrll Slton Rail Road, Mr. John Iltnpso a bnIeen l polnil Sed in his pllae, to whom all persona havig busieea e with, or wishling inforlnltidn regarding said Rail Rood I will updv at i eo Ril Rond Office, P'ydrus street, By order of the loiNrd. at i. ned) JOIHIN NICIIOI.ON, novl7-t-I Cashier a. -•-- - td COKE. r IilE price ofCooke f.oon and after tdI Ilt day n t Octlober, owillbe foty cott per borrel in the Gis V- Wrk's vord, ond if aklen inll qutiline ol onel hul. r0 tired borel+, oill he loll ed lfre. oft drayage. I " thel advanltlg titat o article of ltel poesstreso at ver tile nntbraelte and I'ltielllulitl Ie(lla, ignllitillg more "o readily tlllon tile farllli, d fr CI froot Itle Oltiretaslt smokeL of the lattr, should induce every litnily ho/se oflit eo Orders received at the Gas Office in Batk Alley. Ito EI \V WELLS., - -ep29 _ Sec'y t W. 'IRITo;RIIlt & JO. lA(IGEKIt'I' Jr., orner S r Povdlos and Magazine ars., hlave just received and offor fr soale. Ce 20 larreli American brandy, 15 firkins butter, od 5grss corko, 0I barrels N E Rlum, Iti boxes taorch. l chlt, sl 6 troor, pouchong, imnperial & gunpowder tea 40 boxeo, ) 311 nll barrels No. 1, Mackerel, 20 " do do. ire, 10 " do Shad, Sharrles alnondr, 50 barrels Madeirawine, 5 qr. cnks I'Port wlie, 5 it. do. l'elocrill' dl . . por, tliritt, extra proof, I bhid old ftllo I.odoot tlck Cognior, 511 qr. cektl swleet wine. ý:12 S ^ll , oils o olot for t ale by tn;- tll iIERMO sNE BROWN . ll C o,, i J C*-ni at lo -elt ItERI OOIENE BROWN & Cr o,' Conol ot BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OP EVERY DESCRIPTION, 8PEEDLY, HANDVOMEI.Y AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OF'FICE OF THE Trre elhnerlreca, IST. CHARLES STIREET, NEAR POYDRAS. n23 IMcCOLLUMiI & DOSY, Factors & General Commission Alerclaate., AIOBILE, . I References in New CrOIL. d KatRinun, Abernauqi & HIaala, (oeldeeld & Ilief, ) I'esp. Pocers & Co. DIAlZAAR. BUSBH ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCIIANGE IIOTEL, 'orwer of ,l. Charles andl Common sis,. NIEW OIRLANS. TMPOItTERS and D)ealers in Frenclh O ,d Engli-h r erfloiarr; DIensing and Portnlle csks.. Cutleryo,Hiriry, Gloves, Shirts, btocks, Umbrellne, Caones,antod Fine Articles. 115 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBI.VSOJ ' aGOODI I., No. 6., Chaurnes tlse., One Door below Bireni:le, -[AVE constantly on hand every article apperrtip Sieg to geatlrotrn'A dress, irade in the Iest Iollui her aod miost fashiooeble style, which they offee fur cshl, at redaucPd prices. I.OI4iI-ANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS No,. 53, Bienvdle str. et. SiI.I.IAM it. CARiNEI, wouldl respectfully in Sfnrm his frienls and the plblic tlhan t leis clO stantilvyreeivinn from New York nnd Iloston a gond assortnmentof Fornhitee, such as mahogany choirs, sofr, l.edtendo, mlsple tlpned , chaaiedart , iilaple oad cherry bedateadi, nmahogany ama clerry tatlles of all I descnrilption, bureau-, "".llets, secretarvn, writing Besks, wardral e o of mohogney aud cherry, wash aindi, Iobkilg glorasa, frutllern, ledllitng, &c. &c. Nit. Furnoture packed Ifr transportation with great care. tov 13 JOHN "STEIWWARIT, .'o. 5, I'lal Street, Vcew York, COMMISSION MPRCHIANT, - MPOTITEI o and dealer n Ilater, Pllshes and trilllliOe. Ample forrage iony le had onl oad. rte Iertll, and everry ottutollon paid to goods fouriurd ed to his, are. Helm cetseo: Mesrs. Larue & Provolt, N O. (los-ip ,Cu. noro. 183 - ly . A CARD. CIHRISTIE & SIN OTT, IVtole~ale Grocers and Commision .Merchan.s, No. 27 Comnmon Street., New Orltanes. O!JParticularnttenti,oa paid to tile putting up of S teai..i at and Ship stores. nood oRLEANs LITHIG -RAPH -IC OP.Po - No. h:l .,magazine treet, opposile lnllks' Arcade, E ST'AiBLiSHlED for the execution of manps, plans Sand drawings, nerelants' circulars, bsiness and adldress cards of svery description, funeral circulars on dee i mourninag pper, apothecary and druggists'iabels; bank checks, dray receipts, &c. printed and exeaut d in achbap.od seditios style, le It ruorietor. " Wo1.1r II IT EENE NB Bank Notes .tatlv exeeute. mn24 rUSTn receivedat oir hai Laouisina Furoituora Ware R loams, 53 aIeoville treett, Ol) alplte and Cherry liedsteadsn a first rate article. Also, a good apsort iint- of tap le, Walnut, nord Painted Chairs, which will be said for tale lowest icash rices. jy? 5:1 llionville street A Cord. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC ESTABLISH DIE T, 53 MAGAIZINE' STREET, OPPOSITE BANK' ARtCAETE. . GREENE nrturns his sincere thanks to Ili "" frie ids and thib poblie of New (-rlealn. fIr the patronnee bestowed oi i ii for tile rlat two veosl. and begs leav it, anoure thltlo tl th all orders clntnlite llto his charge shall lle pnlllntlly ultended to; he will as usual, keep the olA,:e opeU duriAn the summer, and shell ie always ready toi strike ofllf ,nerehant' rirciu lars, busineas o ad Rlress cards funerall ntiers, inps, plons, alrd drawihgs , o envtrv des rittiulll, c tile shorrtest notice, and on tile most reasonrble IPrns, Beinrg assisted I- aortists superi.r to any ioter estnblisoll melln ii tie cit, and frou hlng elxperience in te lithographic line, h feels confident o giving entire Satislactaon. N il Apolhecaries and driggisr' laolls rnetouted in as good style as copplerlaite engraving, adl at onte. third of the exnpenoe. jvn SOMo S--l ih all oieribera hae oust olued sever al case s of Combs. HIGH TOP TORTOISE TVCL. Quill top tortoise Tuck, do do 'twist, do ndo trong, ndi, di, Side:. BRAZILIA.N COMBS In all the above vaoriety of English, Frenoebl aid American maooufacture. Ivory fine toothl Cuomb, in all tie variety of size aond quality, Pocbet, Rack, Horse. coarse and fine, and all other Ctl itbs, thr sole by REES &. D'LANGE, novl3 I8 Ctup at W IAlUW Gi.ASS,, LhNSF":F.D OIL--700 blo. es of 1 indI to Ga e, 13110 gallons oI il; ill bar rel of Varniohees; i5 dl.z of Paint hBrsles, received porshlip St Louios nd lBirque Vouehe, sod lo siale by ROIill'. CLANNi iN, nov27? t('amnp N E\V MllIlS.--IlC-Y l Rols:·IhP-- l don't meet) to tell 1 ytol her tlam--'Thion Ins: loas t tr live Atlotler Sweet Afton WaVter, IThe limght's Farewell; iHr pas es her in oarrow; linda's Lam.OIIt; 'They have given Ihee to Aolther, Lovely Ilady AMine; The Bridto, the Irsert, teart; Sly hlenrt is all Alonet; 01h1 Men what silly thing yon Ore; OS1 I ioull Slove ut; tl.! 'Patrick, Fly frlin ionme ; Tlht otilu art lvI'. SIv lio'll deny lT'hink Siy Love. O1h!I Tlilik of lie; di'o thk ii I ave a merry emrt; Tihe Vintage Song; SThie ship is ready; The ,ilver Moon; No care eer grieves i"e Not fiter Me; Ie Iben w here Iresl Flowers re Stiprgln I denrhI lovte Thee fret \Vondtinan mare hliot l'ree; 'li'e WViil AIbttreoo; uise Firies, Riee, Roaesof Jetisey; Te. Minstreiltr io'l a beauteouo Malid. The Gitestowere bidldeo; My Fatbelr Land; T'lo Mluid ol'the Mountain; Mn onative Love; Mny hart's ibest treao esurMe; Shy Wootdlanlllrilde;itine sinit le a silent Teat; Sly o'hihlhoodo hbotns Forewell;'l'ho Greenaoodl'r Tree; Si1loOlio Lob, a slonic song; Shite wore a wreath of Rouses; Sl pretty JallSe, Just reeoivedl ald for salo at B CASEY'S i'iooi Forte aold lusic store, nonvl2 Citl it noviS 19________ r IVUAUCO-:hl 1,11- 1- x Vlreilaul 'I'lulalcl·. . ssarnedl jalto _ l3(.IAMiH I11331 ionbo' LJ AVANA 03Un33- t=41-,o,3o 3ulr, a, ttuI InC 3by j A15 n lnIAHItI 'I 3(33,,34 (,30i00e st / 3 iIRNIP$-14 hods Iluit 13,,ga 1'Iu nn,p I do. W. gR, IWlele o Iog fro nl t ship tyri t'r e stolt by 435 J11SIl'33 t ()CK9YNI- 25 t ,:rnier at 1.10NOL SE.S 11115-l101) 33 to to .lluooseo casks int,33o. andnlo onlely jonn3 3Il PUIL'L 'ER, 95 Coootdu11 5() CASK(S Londtonbrown Stout, and 91lt cask 91 Soh Ae, olr Pule by joi3 IULIlIIES nod 31.I.1.0, Bank Alley F X93IANUE on Boston and 13,4 ioure for o.le by' d3_ 131 I13133(3IE & 33.76 33 gnzoiooo. !NI3IW (Ilto~o. 403 3030030 ems~l, o IW 0,Pu by 11.11.1. , BROWNV, Vlid lltgi9lle at jnni~ 391or boque lBearerr. lnr ule b!' I jo.,3 ShIAll. Sr BK13331'N, 913 Magazine 93 PIAI.LU W CANDLES-2;0 3l,,ooo,lr slr 9030 - ISAtAC BI(IIt)E JL& Co, t janv.4 331 3 lMgozoineFt SA'I" I'INE'I'S-4 eases drab anlod toioed snn3iuct0, Htiroauo nsd llion qtunlitieo'. fr sale by j:9 ISAAC BRllIDGiE&lCo, 1:34 Mogaoino NEW ORLEANS & CARROI.L'rON RAIL ROAD '3 COMIPANY. ARRANG~etr.Nla FOR THE WEYEK DAYS. F. ton Corroollton. Foonm Ne9 Odonr,·. lHorne Carat 4 oklook, A M Car.,3 a 'nltotkA. I. 0*omutiir 03 L" ol 33" 7 0R IA'. 1 rBPiA. " H P.91 " 3 10 ' *' " 7 6 7" B .. 0" After lO 0'.,33.bCtrcnO 3 ool,31iu I,y p0inlg 170 do TIHE JACK(SON ANDI.ACOUR°E STRIEETCARS I.,noeCoool egrent n:t03330100 A. 51. u.'1 mtto ho.ooly. At 0oitpoct 7'.3.01t, tcikthiar will 003t3eltt9 runn0intgeverY halt hour,.nod coanitionl3hro09ho0tt the day until .u'cto v P. A3. 9 troutthe hod ofJ~l0.0n 0.0cat. Per000033900333 by Ithe Loromonno noot pronide ohronwves witb'l'ickets, as no motley will he taken by~lhe condwluturs. SOtiOoo New Orlenos nud Carrollton ]toil Road C ponooy .0e Poydrs3ttren0. 5l19 HAOII'SON. __________ Chief npI. N.04 C R.3R j 7POW OIILEANS & CAILt(ULI;3 TO KIAII. INý ID V3).-N3VFTICo--)n nod after the lot DLec., 31;38, until fltrtlher notice, an Extra ttigh Car wil leone th' cne h,033 Iotldrno ste9, 0t holl' pol I I ýY o'clock, '. 33. for Latayette and intermnodinte plocen ir Sglo 'I'ickets 37 I- cents, or $35 p: r undred. - JOHN HAM1P's33N, nool9-t3 Clbf. eng. N. O.& C. R. I1 O 1(3(10 T333.3T11 P 130CR-An elegnnt and Mliglhlt approved dentil3ie , tihe beo' 39.00ar3tio3ever pO i op foor thenteetb,jsto recoojnd at t3,. l1303033. BUSH & AI.I.EN, d"9 cotr StCbnhrles C& Comnmono..EocItn8g. ea FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! JUS1' received at (Se Louioiana Furniture Wrnr * hose9, a large supply f9303 N37 Y)ork and Boo ton. Persnon in toe wnnnr of furnituro noodlt o net to cal3,enld elect'Ihoir articlesfrom otnetf 3330 h30t 030 larogesstoclks now in3theicity. W R CARNES, dG 573 Bietille, N B3-PartinOlr al3t9nion paid to packiogond shy i30 Furniture, freep ofnepense. dl-2w I3OTATUES--30 barrels, in stor3? mnd for 9910 h I 99 CIlA3IPI.IN &COO)PR, 33Julia i LO3R-600 bnorreia cholie brands, landing fton S Oat booate, and er rele by 0t jJil G DORSET,44 New Levi .l ira ranting, rmin; I l!lqe IIMI rdnt you mnnhttat ia rif ra I itomnanee; 'The Whim tilrl. e Peper . roe and 0 Ivelltollvar near oerngC by Ialel" ri I in hnt rai tIticn ti Olper Amilhe; (Itnd I'le m tling I pl einr;gtlur mo br 'pringl n Bcler wing, by II Ruaell; Come, encom, t.ll it Ini e row; A Life on fi Ocean wMre, byI Ho RuIael l warlsed for himlio;F'. mlet fall a o ,rr.Came to matl lornlg;lO'lcr er hwate by innonlight;'I le' 'at heah . itoyvi Waltzesr by ,A Flbche; (Iemen Vitolri'E Citg ((omIrillet. Juet reeivedand Ibr rle I, 'I 9 t4Yl19deh t.o Mia mae 'l iltll+-l es nave jimu O iN. S ar thialsortnenof nlie ano ilud e.i - hie for It )rnon tS, cmnpriing lrdims' writing decsa droe-ibn, cier., wotk b.oer, ita ilod Lh.iae pllrftlio needle np earl, ahel neIa, ley, card ca6s ilad aouveiIL ilaid with ilearol medgohl.plbevki huoklllr.t 'e, operr glos-ec, gold and silver 'en lt. po nt fmt o all kindsc iotlnrl., e i 'FIII B.rZAAI1 d9 o_,,r St (L'hnocs e Coo,nonc ., iExciting TO I'lHrE LADIES. A THINSON'S IEPILI.AT'IOiY.,o remo.i-aln pc ierltuouo heir foim the face, nook andarmsl, 9W1 wcol snrety and erlainty, iriner tke nin finevr a. witer then tit ore tee aldi.alMitaa . A B faek iPpply .ject received a . ONtS, 'o t It'xh.Itn ge Ihtel, corner St Elnairla a Comr SiP sire i.. Ali N I ( en netti' INL.h t i IP. FI':EIMAN & CO., No.3, Mievhlaaintset. al . re wlcith g their PaAli*pi lifFal.enltd Winier (o.inline, and wiiir tllnrootil- to rerrice et'iiote aa hrlv I ohrlgl llh tie. seio,,'. 'their noirtenalut beirn loro will encill Ihetn to lplily il'rollllta .f lt t'lP-O'i ry, Ilrttlie horltoclet ollte; for aln whotalai & retnil, oil uccnmlll wtiing terme. VAllt. 'ASHI-N,'. T II F. llberriurs take i rve In inform their pnc.t 1 nl thle rlllhl eoPcrallV, thlt they are non p e eiltdtiou e'luh'!c their fall rfshions. GOSSIP f tOr, - Ih e orionoble Iattern, llehan, a et.l, Le.. .2 itLOCl il l i AY-75 haeis in leauding herom shi John Mati .l hnll, for sIol by de C I J VIINET, jol i3 Cullp a I ONIIDON I'CKtL. rtA E.S, &e. jaut reataivi IL by the aubrcriBra.l 12 bloxes Engelic tichtlee, asrertied, I2" Soutre, I, I) " Extrn quality Lndl Mtlitar& 10 A ncIlovinen in glas jar, 10 Anchovy ane oe, 3 Lilo. IBlcking, inya & Martin, 5 borlxes oler. Olive hi glas jaWrO 5 " Slded Oii. S "' Aseclived Fruieto G W pRI'I CHIAIRI) & JO TAottIL'r JS Inovt4 or niu Midras & Maeetoein. Servdl in hIts wti olit l rtirclnser, t rrde Inell iethl cotna ord, itn CIi al, or .. joi3i IIOt1.11E miad 1t.l.S. It aiPk Plaas (I EI liI1AP lICj Si-Gotirich'a Inivnreel, T I.a ro lolrm;o MaIore Brun'c do., in t rolllleinr; Bulbl' w Ih Atlln; W.olhrtfrlge , Willnrd's Univeoril, with iloc; Oley'n, iV anige'e, Soitih'e, ta l t. HtO'el Stolle I run'..Arhril, ntllit. F'arly r Been ,ra'l do. foir ,egoilllnr. Also, telilonit'e ivocgnplly of hia tie I'yen, ith fth A tln~. A lirerul di.olint allownd Io trac'lero nud othet.t, p.i hl.ei.te Iw, the qantil.'. n t5 AI.IOW'0\V A R, 40 Canmpa N W RO. Ot.S-Iob: ii Ihe Uowl; by the author al Shtorre lhoe Robilson, Oliver Twist, in 2 nolumes, eomplte, 'the only IDaughter 2 vole, Thlierirof Selwond, do Sinnlnev: or the Itecoleetions ifa Ina d le World, Rolvrtsooo'e Parrgoa, 2 vnlro, Niapnleon lemtois, or'eveuings wich Cam barerer, }ilen Gilaville, 2 vole, Alexander's Disicoveory in Aftien. 2 ioi, The City of the Czar, 'rThe Wife Ilteter, 2 vils, '1ve British Senate, 2 sol, ROlallce il Viftlllm, Duty and Inlinntioin, i Miss l.ndon, dJe vat, tely eceived and for roale .y joi5 ALEX TOWAR, 4sta-npe C( L(}T H I NG--I cases Hssarnnble Clothing, landing ' iron ship Nouanturn, for enle by fer ISA AC BIt I)iE &t'o, 134 Mllazine at USSIA SIIEETINGS-- I Ihaler F lsia IShoet a itg, for sale by WHI'I'RI .)iE &Co, j.l0 It . Itagezine a 'INlN.GLAR-9 brie tepricented A verry tlIe V for rtle by P LAIIDLAW, j3 GG Camp at Il EDIt Al, BOOKS--Just receivnd nd eforle atl l th I tllh Store. 49 Comp strol-ut-Hnsate k'a P'ractice oi Ph'bvic--llllr'.. tetdica ltoUal, 12 I.e lsl, bounl--l.i nlsto Pr'rtieal v Strgerv; Wister'. Anctomy, It n:w edition, bv )r. I'ancimit; Krelntmc on tile eac lerin'' 'I'hotrapettere--Ihetw ion Anltomy; Taon'. Dioetontr.,lnlclldie's P'ltniillnog; Behlmtrd'o Anatomy. I Edwardl's ltteria lehdi..o; Bcylo's Anatcoy, by Donan; for rale by jol7 ALEX. riVA.R. I ille EilE Ili.KS- 4 cae prinlted falhiontble pot -.. lrns; in plolgee si!lk lalodkrtln:llire in loer and for csle, by ISAAC BRIIDGE &Cn, ja17 134 Magalino 5 I( ) G A t i W i ..r r. p t . . . . .d ' sp . ...t i i tl 1lls to Fall ltaoited do 10 ('0) IRelihnd tVhials Oil 150 b11'l' lnlier'd Oil For enalr I, WIII'TRIDGE & CO, jill 76 Magnrina A NEW Edition of Sir Walter Scottll's Poelial Al.'., a new edilonifhe Waveio 'rly Novele, in 5 rola rjust receiveld id fo" sale by A TOWAR, jnl7 49 Camp at t N1 -Just oirctto' (heltt in, fitr ciisiea,nclbneie aod I p.v.,te sr. tidies lii fild it lir crnu,,entla pltinting, visiting card, c.,to..n be nlariiir to any Ink tootr introdue'd to slice plilic. IIUtI &d ALLAN. ja2L1 Fancy Slur,', Exchango Hotel B 1 t-Lmsteed Ol lunipn Copperas. in store fir osle - by c. DURSEY, 41 New Levee I AF reLUGt-And Sugar Haese Molasses in rr, tar sale:-v S1HAlI.L & BOWN, jal9 9i Magazine TO 'IIIE lADIES--Aki nc's le epillatoryforte. oviun su perfluous hair lrom the face, neck and lcos, wtlt eqleul saifty nnod certai.ty, learing the skin diler and ,.,hlter tllo ine:,re the appliatlion. A Ireash supply jus t r-ceried at lhe Blazn.r. arl BUSH & ALLEN. 1, Exelhnne iHotel, ear St Charles & Ceonmoa t W INES on Education. How ahell I govern my Srehrarl, addresrad to young teachersr. and alo adopted to assist parents in tile manogellsata of faspi tie : by vs E E W'ics, authlorof 2 earn and a half la the Nravy. Ilitl ori Education, hy the anme author; also,Hal'ea lectures to schrolmostters. Four sale by d31 A TOWER, 49 Camp at ~j HAtE t ll.--li barrel in t.ree and for sale by jja7 AILAIAlt Tl'ltER. 34 Poydraa '1UOWJ* C:LF-First rle, (It)han.) lorsale jy " j_ ' " I' I.AIL)LAHI 6 Camp s 1 AVAN.. CtIG.\7.S--Itreived fIro hi- mtanufae of thle beat ruealilty--l rbueos, Ilgolines, CaIoaea, for sale Irv FAIiI'S, j77 17 & 58C L'uctm lHonnt B I" T T I .R ..50 keIo a ( nror t t. t c Kll, n n, d fur t ale by 130lt'1' ltIl.tO.. . ,lendidl a'roltmeut of Frecllh Wein b 1 tintr DIese, variau iore ailld pt'ere. abr tl hy IDA aIt FELI'.Itd an. j8 New York SYitllltr,' IIoll. 24 t t.'hrtres at A 1 Ct1il" 0 IL\ES-at-3 oe -- wldo I.he \ Youlg \Vitr, The Yctg Ilousea Keeper, and The r(ousar Mttolher, Itv Wm A Altott, atnhlrol tltotu.e I lir In. 'Youan lMan' (;ltide,' atld flhe Lib .ar. of Ileallh. F. joic be ALEXANt)I 'OWAR, 49 CaWnp I O9)O' S-l. ulniSor g frtla shipt Arl;lo, 12ases of f.u I cura ll ue' lootr, for halc b o jot7 I BttllGhlE cor. I [lIaesine at 1'rlll. t CAill.ES--ll00 boxes Now Redfonl sperm Candles, assorted miees, of approved brands. jOO1 galluols :ew Beflritrd winter splerm oil, r vier seltreor gltllitv, WA1 hroxeT No I, BostUi Soap, 10 t do t, vo N 1j Sx0 res ce mperir llow candies p L1 casks r Ir zc. ziac, in sli trs, Sas5it l eare,51t elaeuth, l0 Ib eopFer. '001 sheets lrazier's eipler; assorted, 175 hages rime greet Havlnua coffee, 5O tlhocsnd Hvaea cigeara, 711 bhllA retfined ah aleol Oil ChPathpigt Witte ofantperior qualilr Imlurial, gC poddcer, young laca" & ouehlane SColpper, in sheets, from,, I2to 1 O Ibe BIliac Load P'ort, asserted see, tr sale by jn,2.5 JOSEPH COCKAYNE,S 2 eving a SIWVAN1t'St 'ONIC MIXTURE-Jusa eroehed 20 eacs of this invaluable remerdy lire Ithe W andl Agtue.w trrcated getinllet, direct from the manli. tory it PIillhdelpha, for slae b t tJAIL'IS & ANDREWS, jlr5 cur tl'hapitoulcs & Com " 0i- \F1'-l lU iertpe hsehu'oba How.,,,mn iug from br:g Blstont fron Ht vans, Por il I J O RVIS .& ANDREIWS +t j3 t jnr 0Coar tm nnue and hnbepias lg! t -PERM OLL-4 t casks winter strained prfa 0111, w nrrranlel pore, fr sale by II ft ISAAC IIRIIDGE & Ca, 131 M op h l o, i U teaI no itlautaloto aebve th city, lter uoal a y , .READ & BAReTOW, ," No? B n.k Pl o - *)AI'Etil PAPFR-Jusrltrecived t 24 Claaueeeet 8tf0 reamn IBtardvrlno lettar Ipaper, bllne &whi S290 " llubbardl'a do do d do • 10ll 1) D Ames do do de del 501 a ltudson's do ti, do do 500 fine & ettlperltt cp eilue & whie. PartUoflhe nb te are plain nod part rated. teg r with a goodl nasoremtrt tflargewriting ppeueubala - foulio, pst, detlv, nmedianm, ro'al adl ulMr oere ya rs . and wh:te, fSr Bale on e.eomturulating ter" b DAVID FELT & Co, NY ¥t -abtaks ·I Jo28 S1 a eeioed and ro aulle by StlALl.&IMOWM-, PEPPER-100 baga in aroer, mod fw taJl hbr job J THAYER & ,E,?4 .I IV ree t., hla this doay u m eiovltbeadmll a T e , Ergo n mol.<l l mnd ttlea ,.mi o xyl • , ,, rsi e. .

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