Newspaper of True American, February 16, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated February 16, 1839 Page 2
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CFhit sl:P ..,.....:..!t Wsahlnlton.Fhb... .... 6 6eaW{Vark, do......,, 0 Clnoonotld. o..1.. k~ rh......7Insi eb .....7. ............. 7 BL Louis, P b.. ... r. · .la 1 .ivenrpool. Dee. . .......4 2 l 01 ...... 4 ~rl .........,..,.. ...... 24... f... . 6.....I .F p1F1+ NS. ., - Fubrory 13, IPA. " nea1 Ne Yor, Motor '7D Ihllsal, Abbid J Jnkinss ' ,: 91086 lnsrt1 IEIkOt~hnoa stltb4,Noon ~r onk, '. Oloenin 0,on no e f .IsPnn*nnnnRIVALS. 1 " q+ i· CFi Fbronoy 15 1839, de,,th d 4 ay rom D~narar, to 31st' Colon t ; 'rom- ApnnioohtolI, in 6ll1.t, to u blbon, tO 7y, 14 dysr rnmo W tilminaton, N C, to F 31tr co. ® 'tontlnn. GSOona., 10 Joys foon Chnrleston, nod ! bom Oloy York, Wright, 40 bouro. rnom tdnlol 00, } A w ¶Aoolooaon.6nbi 0inclanani. It .000, 6ln dllt hiaont.O. Ol.t6Th "Hart, ft oifly~tnSnn, EXPORTS. 0 lp tonnoke...37' btog corn, 1000 tIea - 44 r Onlsko..n0l~ ohI ISoar, and 40 do Rltt i'034pm' brinn Ilaody..46 hlodo jonl,, 58 do 4 00ir.,061 Ot1 bidet. pn toD..p n b OI l.O. ton. floonur. ,I 2lo brond, i n 1,n, 2dob.Lea, 60 hns. tIATA# AZ o Ottobr Snttloro. ..os.odtl' nall lot, 8f0 1 1dea. n"Ohns" Hoses, I-IR011sr, astins, saidles, apI5 brlanlournn , n'oss.nont di., n.o. RIO0MDtIp .tto Lotnanon.,0t btd6 tnolnnots. .8AVA4 U.1.w'ontr Anon..l70l ktgs ott, tO' .ontoobooon, 3. S 216. srt, 61 to.. ctoopogon. MOBIL .pa rto, FIlornnon..ltO toto d. noar. J'LN5ACOLA..pot rono Iloty Joloo..a.odrn .n otll lot,, wno,, tooks, rict ,osna, tootodlon, corn, l gotna, s0gar, whiskoy,. nof l'old,o toensot, flour. 'WILRIN''I'ON..poo "lt A'bioa..2200 boln too, otd 200 do min, to F 1Mold .1 co. CMAALESTpN..opa ortche Iinolion..loOLela tnot. 00 0otton .ius,4 tortn!no. to tosntr oid otldon. ti lnot oott'ntoS,0.60U ctiojo, J A tlltodln AoO, aold . .SOEYtARAKA..po bto Alooondor..3023 ib old topper. 10401 dollonoo peo, tr, mi rnd ur o d tnoonoo ",o ouu 4i Aery, RECEIPTS OF 'tOttUCI:. ', m on rdo Woloonastr..41 brtoI. lod, and 16 *dostkrotnt A D Gnovt, ' 3 lon Dour oo rnoor too lobnool. lot 0a-0. '(0*Fer 0 etonnro. 30 tot. b001100 J \'Loonootn ct'ttltobo. .0 'Con or " ln. G dy,o.Aoou,. Loton . Wo'tor. 00 do \\' 01 jttIOal t11oPal~n.Jolo,ntooto .t-oo.Ado·N J~litjoto6ot,doloo PDao.po 0 ,t d Io ol o. 00ooooo II to 11010d00l 4 t4o, ld . 0OdoL..o Fotoe 4 Weo, 04 do Bourke, O tlA no, l u do 'O'Neill, knoin6 . co. Sbnrotpott..tPnort onmndlooo ALI .t..20 1looo rOootot Ollojo, . 'TotoottoLt IdJttdA Stournoo 0 1, 04 do IPonvotox, Arnotol S no., lNS deA Iti,.rdi' A co, 000 do '1ort HtotOrr t, 0 too. oloo ' R J Ptfrey & co Elyoo toot.. p.erontonnn Ililllo,..'t.111 Io r 000,0 ylotron, Olndoor 4O to, ItI do(tO.,]lntn. lm dull3 10) Co.oper, I. .do6 NMLoo. So 3 I'looutlooont,,l,,tto nto, O Wat 2t rOo. ::3 dol Lo.., Fonrtc t .. 1l3 do. omlw & 'AIbloooopaoootd. du A Ineleut r t,, Itnd. It.t'ooldo. IoTlyn 0 -no. dll'oloo0onl, JotonoS Ontol. 006006 0000.0blod, 0l0,, 10oo2tal, Ito, o.o .OI do 11.100. liootu,O2dooolo-2 bool ooono.oo 1' 11 Gid way. '031.33, I3.,A...,. 3303 .1 1 Jrl..'~.,'3...3, Iliv,le·. (3r.3 0331 33r II1·~Vl VP V;~i. .3 ..g, 033sil 33v i...lli 1l 133333333. 73aul.3333.,13, ai). ,,3 33, 3.3.,1l3.'3lll 1333 .3.l11 I 338.. So 3.u P 3.,· L ..·ll' $3.0,,,lll..,J..,., 35,13v,, '333 1,11.. &~iS h3.li33.33. 3333.33 13333,3,i3,i.33,( 3I y.333.l,,3, llllull lin sl I'J 33333..Ylloi. 3333. 0,.13.3. 33...,eil. CIIII.I~l Iliig lvm~ 3ris,3l.. ,333.,,3.. 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I~ullorlrerr T~r n~ria 333. 33rlle 3.'3l),.3 33nv , 301)l. 333,331P P33.y3.3133,.yla ..3,3.33y3333333)33.$il3 331 0 3333,33333333 .3.)r 333333 3)33)13 3v,,3,,3l· 33,,). p -lm , NEW PIANOS, from IPari-JutEt rreejtd pwer hi SL Saxon, front Havre, tdndelur sitInl tv thle Ilbn bern: A aew am irr menui rpden.lid hitri 'eil Pintnefelt aod Pitcolun, lieam tite eelnbruted tue n uatur f 1'enrv a & Co .,f Pari.n QjYl''hea. inrere , p inl iile well uinirnueI rintfullycelotlcd anid farm L I et utypld it e 1 31 f,9i St (I trlre it NEIV ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! LCLIPSE CtiLRidI t I RING aMEEIer1;, 113l, trill (nnIIL(II C oil W r,1_ A7 tedue. lath af Mweit, li3~m -'ile dt. Partieulars it due timt. 1' N ii! V4i* j503 C ORDAGiE, &.: - 1cIf ild sie, r c oli ie-; pya 1m1lniu rttete tiaot, Drop'j tea tttl lie~ lead liie;f gu Ieelamr, ENt. ftor tale b je:t REAIt & II Rs ti '0', 7 IIBk )',rei JOHN V. CHLLD, - ENGRAVER ANU) teG1''lEl1.rPLrl' tPll'irl, No. 3. (tntlp St. Illegeeerae and printl to e.rdr: bnulL,:otrv. I~illa tioxttlungt, hill ttf lhitg. rIp n e c e - tile and viti:iue cud:. titti -I, ctitle . e nl r cede, C house aieal, dour olaten, rilv-r t, u`. - wil\*, o laud,an asaurtmuent oC tilrer pIlted aln- breisu dor pluta.. PB Cards preeted ftonit flltes tltetI, rcalegrntnl. nov21 VIUIIPEe'INEand Linsned tlil~ t rjeteeierd ated u r le, whnlealetle or re trnnl In II IIONNAIll!, fal4 teer ltt'c titoele , Nnuilnu at, T N l' ofthe tast qualtty, ltttdtne ted liiisvie by 1-Id It It)NNABEL, Pe1 cur Not.-lire and l'lrlllpitoolnlie St, ELvt tInItre great ter niece If A mt-tre, Ruatinand l1'ueltaoyy Ct IEll ileill A P Ret, eaI tladaltatit tead tU ner ClItrer, fCrom Ihe ortltof Eeollltajug reeineed, and tn nle soli by fs19 r '1'1111'.4 f3= :t Ctll ll) E ctvned and ufr sate by a dl'O iAR, (Vian ia quanrr raeks f~)" "rle Ib Mblt1 R~Erl, 1) 8.111:1 dr1W, Ne 7 Bnuk Ptlace ~O4(1 M-0 'EIK-.1 feev 1rheed~rNe y Unr'.A0 AROl t "1 __ 7 Hiank I'lnet , C'I.IiilFuEe-0l- Cer h-,,tem or ark7ll I0AL Ia x ttAibS TtWI, feb,14 No7 1leek I'luu aia ut~l ttl0 n twu r Ie e lt fa f( , r 111 \I Il b.stlri l it TRUE ATERICAN OfFInIE Du. moaon a T Ilu connection with this Oice is - a- a I SPLENDID AND EXTE!NSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE Nc ramn .mitt rrtsat'it o Pamphcles Blank Chocks itce Ctasns Bills of Lading F Labo Dray Rocoipts, t S Auction Bills orms, SI how Bills SBoat Bills Circulars -And overy description ofJob IWork that n, any be required. l.t The prprietor respectfully calls the attention of tnr the publico rtabanhove Curd, antl nasures them that all ,ork intrusted to his care shall be done at the shortc - -i eat notice, in a style unsurpassed'in this city, and an at the lowest ratee, li - - -,ari - _ --e°-rtau` T'E TRUE AMElRiCAN. EDIrED I yI JgrIEi l|RPon. W, FAITIFUL AND BOLD. NEVW OR LEANS: ,t SATURDAIY, FEBIRUARY 1. I1839. 00 PROPOSALS. For ex'ending the circulation of the New Orleans True American, and fir publish- it ing a WEEKLY EDITION of the same, to be made up from the daily paper and in- i, tended for the country. The Subscriber has been engaged in con ducting a PIress in the City of New Orleans, do during a sutficient period, to have enjoyed opportunities of making known his opinions Ca on all suljects of itmtpotanl'ce or general itn terest, which could affect this comnunity ; Sand of building up a reputation flir fidelity and constancy t t the principles he advo s cated. His views have been widely dif fused, nor has lie onil any octasioll, shrulnk from expressing them, when Ihe thought that expression might condluce to his tour Stry's welfhre, and have influence with his f llow citizens. lie does not come before tile public t a stranger inviting an extension I of the circuh itiot, of thle Tarue American, to i ,ut an old acnaintance, who has been tried; *,,,: and who has shared in tih cnl'iarrassmtents, ai t ndl prosperity (,f" the past, who has Ieen i ftited by tile lprosperous gales that wallfed . othelrs to port, and has sullared filotl the a altempest's blow, in which nltltly h osllauv ' gata down, andas iutty so nearly wrecked. It is needless flor him to state that the princ'i Spies of the True Amer'ican will remtaitn un 'to cSrhangted, and that it will c:luainte to obe the a- the"Faithlitil and IRhl," Chamupion of the W hlig cause, and of altual raights. Ia ' provetmCnts will be introduced it its typo 'Aa graphical arrangement, whitch wiil render it Oc atinfe rior in appearancet to no Western or ... southern publication. Close altention shall :ý be paid to its editorial department, andt rer such a variety spread bclbre thle reader as will instruct, amuse and etttertoin. The o.r shilp news, as well as intelligeace shall Ioe th I faithifilly collated firom 'the most authentic Ssources, and amay Ite relicad on for their ac t' - curacy. No pains shall be spared to ron a'"; der the True Atmerican worthy of the ex tended 1patronage wchich is asked, and to iplace it upon all equality with the most es ,eI tecmed presses in the Union. ,"'a The proceedings of the Legislature of 'C Louisiana are faithfuillly reporte-d by a com 'lya petent Cperson, and regularlyv published. The proceedings of Congress are ext o,'^ mined, and a sunmary madet out of every "thina of importance toand interest which may have claimed the attcntion (of our national ;- Legilature. With local matters, the True aca, American may lay claim to a fhmiliarity, , I which a residence of twenty three years in be. . the State of Louisiana, and the city of New ,dOrl'ans, aloone couhl imp)art. Its best ener 000 gies are constantly used inl urging every enr Imeasure that is thought calculated to rapid ge ly develope the resources and adanttages Sof tlhe state. 'T.ire a I'\tEEorL EIaITris or TIlE t.ICat: "t will be extremely neatly if not ac elegantly arranged. It will contain an.un t usual al ount antd variety of reading matter, Iinten dedtartictulalY fobr conttrt ycircultatiou. "'c It willlc so madnt e ut) t s to filrnish an it Stern.stin gtn mclatge suiled to the metrchant, )p1 rofessional man, mechanic ort general i reader. "'THE I)tu. s" oi, lI r i. |irinlted lx+ ]li nlemull I+t) un u lar,_e extrat, dothlt" rn1 erIlllitllns et, atI ..1. prr nu 1lll s,'mli annull'ly in+ nd'.ancet 'I ti TltI-wVElitLY l'oper, ~olnltainiln. tihe roudin|gl mutter of two. ,ailice, $! pIi abl in l atvaicO wheriOo ir I' i.rl'r P ti I gi t 'ln. ",JTtHl \\'txLY" "iTuri: Ani!nwiAN.--31'lle uip frolm it tlally piUe'U ., diliin the w.. ik l I . se!It to llu - hicrib:rs, -hnpay $3 petir a Ui in mllI'eI ilnd Uit nole tther unless an nIl(albl'llqlle: City PreIrIIPr in given*m The \WeekIy P'alper will |it issluetl ras looll Its lrttcti cable. Sub.cribcr; reapectfilly ,.olitited. New OtlhniEns Ieb. .189 JUIIN il iON. Laru e sahl tt I;fne! isntitc.--'l'The Illnlolrty npiled hy MIr. I. (). I'rilhard tol 1 . tcr'ditors, wia< ' tllld ai ther thte halntucir yestlerda ,ny t tl he St. ILoisi- 1.xchiaiige, lind c,,nsideritn. tihe It'Fll aii tl imle, , Iroullht I.,, godll ThIe r itoIt ioi t Uinoinl , itir t. Charles'tuu 61 idll| ~ ~~(+'lllll;r +I,;1·. l l illTG'l l I.IS Ti"]he s t ItU niliiU ,I llt f r!i est, -:djlninu g tihe I, t l !: I It. iheiixt t ll. I lj .i l, thr . iu r n lltlt ll ll o trle , iln l l.t tI lln 15,1til Tlhlte A uitanu lttll'k Iii.lnis slt1 d it U per U ille preinlli.m Co n--Lalrce u.ltt nfie Inilar m d l le 'd ', J lindIi ttule I ,itizUtu . t 11 gi itUtttiul.illth+.titleytIut lttr itjtinUoUtf i ioleniust itn lt tnt iu f I unitI l nrl hit. FI"ouI N ITrleh .-\L \ e O. e tlll-lll%" i a l lnu r uf l-(l Pign ittmi iee idle bll t he I h n ludtitt hilt,t hich U r.! Ier nl lll i it ,e t hi ve i nll Thli 1 0. Dlelltii ansllii hild /ulplpeld iyn lll-a ete- t t hit h tinst d lt littlU t ne.n giinii ti-,t ah.rm t . lhut i.dI, Aitil prir , I t ltg, if e. The i rellt oa s hilitl l e Ii111, atni l agreed toJ attllol tihe lBank n t-ria. ofl lalra i-The ppers tll tUnn:ined ithe delth ,f Finll nrldirll Prite Wln de, Brui tituriia, dit nttirnrisheud in the N leon Nntmr. nmn ,tis in the i-d Wir othi. r n ide, Tlhe iiuttsiwr Lif p irtehuh. h, (Priness Mary of Frattnt,) inptal of beinig dead wa g'ttring betiter. lh Mlnlirhestr Cihallnllur of Cllnllere, iftIr I lottl denllbae, ndon ted i-n amended li id etilinitl ft r ihe imii ir Ilt i nd -lr i b olt ioniliu i t of t ile dutier oll llrl . The oli gtl.i rt eli.ion iais ftir i fll l lonaiitoin of UE t trin hun. llrdhrt hii inn. ~n,et four tlin to IrlanIy, 78for t; elnbarkiltioll ofl iroopll-th-le +.4l Drgonl.llr (Gurdtl--Or Enlgladll iu conlsequelnce (of the dislllrbanweca in the. Nolhern uties. They were ebrked in te Iorket in for LivUrph Urrl. "The London lpapers glve long accoiunt's of two highlyv • iiceisfh!l firsft atrppq lranlie.t in o~pernl il Palri of Madle wiii'elle P'aulhne G'arcia, sister iof Madaimel Mlalibrnn .-ld orl \V.itce va.lies Advhlhld Keblh, sisier of !Air; 1"he lren'h Chamber of D~eputiesi te~lcted A1. Dupin ithir pie ident on llthe 19tht of Ih'emeirli at the third h ltttt. The "v'ote wa.ll, for Unipiri, 193;3 Passyl~v118 - l e'ntterinll, |. ., !:,ttr fr,, nu .it Quche, i- u.imclhod hin Ite C-otriser or/ the '4thh, proefrsltig to give an gktlllr of w*at Lon ry I DI)urha iinlndls to propose in Ptlienment, repecting theI the Canadas. Its primcipal featlrliaare, To abolijh tihe name of Canada, and divide tile two dept provinces into four, with the neane of Qauebe, oluntre- In al, Kingston and Toronto-these, with the provinces of New Brutnswiclk.&c., to lanr the general name of lridlh A North Amerlca. na 'Thie ritish N. A, nto have a reretary and office for as liself int2ndon, and bh governed by a viceroy. rdp Eath province to' havn its own Legislature, and the whl'e country to be divided into munioipalilties, the peo- thei pl theieofelectipgtheir own officers. dot The elejgy reserves, Jesuits' eatates,and all funds for educationto be tlhrown into one general fund, and dis tributted among the school districtr. Ire I:ncoh Province to send one or more membera to e te it Iritish Parliament. Great arrangements tobe made for internal improve Imeat and for steam navigation with England. The srpaply of grnin in the London Market is short. cil The arrivals of loreign Wheat wenr modorately large; tit and sales were mlade at an adatnce f one or two shil- t lings per quarter on fine decriptiuoi. ANOTHER iiSToveC'TVE FIatE 1N NEw-YOetK.-On to the 5:1 they had quite a srainkling ofa fire In thle Em pire City. Thle following are some of the particulars, ci we glenu finia the New York Sun: "On PrincO st. No. 120, two story flame, destroyed fi -ao i urance. r Noa. Il5, too story brick--walls standing-inside to aflly desroysd-aan iltnrnnce. ., Ilt, wn siory tarick--itecrinr of the bluilding doe troied-ic itsuramhie. oNu. !14, two str brick--o insurnance--lpper port ' of t ilhlhilditg itacls donlgeon. No. 112, itwo saory' lick-lnrtliallv inbared. Olt Greene street-.-NoN I t, slightly dntaged. vNoi. 113, ten story bricik--ilterior total!y destroyIed- t insnred flr $1500. dI A Itildina i cihe nrear of No. 1ll burned, and the it reoar of No. 109 -light dotolnted. on Wolrner etr'eeL-No. Ill, a two ntoryframe build hiu, aic tie rear o' the lots--mrniiliy ti'soroyed. 1 NIt. 11. the two story trnlanc baildig inI th. rcnr alinhitl iijunvad. - N. lstr allr fInite hoatie oit thle rear of the lot-tno 'I'otally iestroyevt. s, N. 12t, two atov rear I;ilding partially dantagced S eerai l sinbles and out buildings ill the rear of tile s diffLrrlt Ilots weaa' Iturneald tit roltlnld 'it" llonuat of doaltlllge Ie frltn It- $lr,fl00 to $ei 0. It canrot fall ashort i fil- first onlteda all i lI ,nll luny gce d d , last. O Anohle --Thle oaraffie ie iot niiht at ten o''lohk a ita.lll lot blildig i t hie rear o a1. ' ihe C'illtlml Distil Icry in Ctint, ,es rtn eloirStaatn. Fromthioslrnilding hit c raill l eit l the diLti l t.iy which w.aNl Ic unerly Sdetrovrl. It W. cnalt coesiei y or. Postt,n iaie ownel t, i r. V 'eron 'ot. t rae tentn Tenrted tioa, lttoern L rwend cmllall lear builhliags. Plo if Air. olaggo't'r l it nsicrtlatlin estali ihnleut,iailshexte del frton't iV iegltn t olAttoreliy streetr , andt wits Lotrod, andrI altiae t- ime we, wtre ll ion I Ie oaiil ti hrels the irei wa. staillI ' tathS e bu ta t ,ie i.ii aivo aire. eol.itali rn great ntaol.err, anct wehre takthing oxertions uhtieth ien. e llllalna . hI tn. I. -ltarci'l NU-t'i-' sonlll-i , Ih . .e.. rris Sthe tl e o lllllSti ,f Ii f e'l.eisl re, i t he ( oivernltr aind t irlllllheitr if Slnt Oattliar, a.c. lhane ibe'ea ivitedl by ;hr Presihent Nf till Nailhvi le Rlil Ililad, l -". i"l.(n w,.t1, / q. n tatitl Ilan intvlel irs in o Ih tia Pril iii, a' i.C o aia' tran ilr eal,, Ie n. At tine atln we arite thi, Athre allis every ropectole a he ntifl ddy,oni an to:i t ll emllght ' il le tita.n ine ataPtoueea.- ilt ald ior iolat a o. lr ne t, till firl leta real:h.civiAnds iillthe Cotrc.e, notrlesi III, Ional nll Hi tare aual il all clty,ref .no i apnd It hik2 fnepta nlliil oIt nill het a let n ah nc oaa ne wobl l et 1n-n t motnl. t tie Illlgin of lite Laright watLi ers, d drink t ihe balmy Iss., that comeas up over iTle hiake. It If meaa te-lgaila piala cuavr ianII tel"ll tal tit: iglat;' "we ire ...ay sco, .ta'i't.txrle P A NAovti aT.Ai i.'-A tr ill iao pau.ied nhe N tel o York Siiatl, d is niV beoae the Assv.tlaiyir mhr ilaut iscoraciaitae of n C(tinpatin lile city mif Neve tt- rYn , iaith and capital of nt less tanlo $i500l 0 nor nll oret Sthilan $a 0011,00, to be dentoa iated tile i Alecticn At clan lc Sieaan Navgdtlian Coatlne n'. il ta mllen iotelidi itan, t o pl MthedioSt clerrneco, laon at oee t o p ti Alog peieNn N 'arhllk, fiorontter n k o their oriiinal positcion6. and r lv them frm " I T ll: III),-. WVfJ." Gnavf iGl, A l u is ld at ca-ll 0 li[u diilitr'lt. Wlen sts i he will have no big op-o at. t sie plnldalt~s iil ohere bya the reionltest cha o f slie '' (Cia.ectaN Fra JA.Uanr.-'his vary t'- gvreeabale proiodlical, was seat Ua by the Ag.oct, nh-sia i- oice is Not. 1:1 hxelasaaage ilaae, neaarly ititposite the tt 1' st ellie. It is very naslsv prioted ateld the eaaontent are en'irely original cvlncihg tcih in their as. CS- ila flem'th a snd not ia little talent ill s ihtna talait'aatao s. " 'ITa S',St'rra yasterday cassed the Bil, in.err.nsing an lo thanamber if thy Jodaeo af tho Suaarlmn Caoart, fl'na tlhre t" lire.-Alsa Mr. locketa s bill resioring tlan Iantklse to their original ntoailm a and roliai sa thean foaaa Oit- lie pemaltnits nhtiaed by stiosavitat of snreo uia ' pt'V manit. t For the True ,.lnuri1:an. IIO)USE": OF IRlI:I'RIME..I'N','ATIlI:ý. FIri ly, 1,11, Feh ari y, 1K10. I.llv: nof llllsence Iwas grnllltud (Ito \!r lKilliauln. Ali It avid.nn inled lllt tll rule o the h;ouse r e quirir Ilthlt Fridaysll ho) hI Ile set ultrslitt. . he Colln ide ratinl hills, he dispeI~ ' I with for the purpo , oflltri nltlli tlhe tqell stion oll,. conte.teol election ofr cIsna T Pti to. This motionic was ls.; l c iMr Pnydrs presented a petition of tilhe lBoard of Ad mnhistration, o (ho PydrasColl'g'. Referred t i he c eOmmitter e, public education. Mrl.r'wi, -in b;el ci'of the Commllllllitl to whi had Ieen rer!irrd tlhe pltitioin of J \V FIe oer csq. reported Tf.wrubloy nu' th' I fe1 ti oni whiy h the petition wilu a bnsed, but the 11 cnllllitto rreli'rild ,) preesei ilg tl bill, biig opposed i to he eslltblil= hment of a prece d ietl r.c1n.iziclg thel pr riety of i"upldii'c tiof to Ith cat' by nlividlieru who re.ldl'nll services inL the pla'e of who thell n iely s were paid by the Stale. The conitltee wllas di charged. Serlil no, ices lorbills were prselted. Air F I) uCorad initruduced a bill providing edr the rntrc.tion lt' bridge over theil river Cuil itl. Rtad let &.'d t.oia. Mr ehilpsr intro.ducd a bill prividin, for the man ner of advetli-ing sales by shertif' in the parishes of \Vsheita, Caldwell, & ('talmlut,. I. r ( illlhrod iucd i bill t. illrue the llrevenue IOn li i io, o lll r ll i en e lf ti c lll tilll.kitl a lllp ro plr:aton of $(51 io,fitvr r ol tIlte Ca .u·tlrs of Donahl souvril', was taken illlnto consideration. The first sl : lie was c.rried aer sa11 mi e dise ssion, ill which Messrs Keer, Blri hear, allnd Thomas took prt A .i.lsection proiposd by Mir Morton, gra'ltig l $100 to the Lfcayette, (iias seirs was i'rrieid. A scioin prouposed by Micr aicni:,to gliu t 5110I to tthe th regiment of Lousiana 111'itin, was lost, nud the hill is amended was adopted. ir eDaidsoucalled ilt ile brill to expedite 1I' coln sre'il of u'i 'i, tl it'id fort llI Ism' r uil rold, !nod lt ," unlllldly ni d rnllll propoelld by 1r K nllerll and other mlmblll s, ;, i ..If cr .1.rel explanatory remarks Fll eic..oo 1ler-c, land e), in answeh r til ie re. qu -I 'i ee.illl i(ill flii:i uIJle.rII ii llr ulshenllir and Morse, Sec b'ill hwas cllcs 1 'lllrpc and 'lt to the S i. r ri' ,l. I1" tol ol or b'Ii r 1'i0l lp" tli.,e I ull0 1 l,," , illl g r$1i100 l9l the lli oirovemlit of tle r'd i arok i'llos lia toN IlUrriso burg, I 0ki t ii clll o id tio . i r 'if i. 'P. expl'ioed the uileunsit anlod Idvantaiges of grriing tij e apprl pri;icc. A I. it detl n tfllowed, and :Mt.iec r P11 lii lu. l P uit n, ,'lrvid 'uo, lietni, anil Pres ory n i d v lid Ih i ,n .diltul palss ag of Il, e bill, an 1ra essri lv i () rallld an Il Rtlif ,pol.sed it, elln lelnvourig to par cuI're l I r t rF lece to a inlullt .e., poiltp ne l ll olr all e .,llcllncnt req' irig i it pll.ihis iirllrested ato f irni'h hl'n c u lulunt cc. 'Tie 11 ll was i inally carried wih it anlm-dnlllri from Mlr Davidso on, Providhing Illlla· $.,00 sbou'd ie firsl expenlded by tilc e people The hill reta . ton the pcowers ofuthe MIver of New ll ' c ie up inll h sprciiic order of c lltr d ll .,p r u,'lt tilth ceons.l liritll loc was ilteruilpled by thie adjlnlll ArrIIon's 100rlftt' AT THE CAMP.--This evening, Mr. Fieiling the . nI lr ofithe new and highly success fila fccl ir rl.v ofil Atmle lllle) I t kel a hne a nd roul ides that cplay the r. Vilio. The iouric iary takes the palt of Hienry the IEighth, Mir. J. I. Scotit apprears as Erl Pehi'y and "c.eolit" Misi Clifton staenina the part of tie fair Anne Bolu yn. ieside his merit as n 'cast g t ktle aln and In actor who alwayse striesto please, Mr. Fielding ipplears befire thi public, with qlailtsnn ilt ir patronlge, its an author. If is almost needless t lemind those who ImIy read this plragr ph, that it is right and prop, r to reward literary toril and entlrpri-r. If we wou, l have tIle field of liternture eu1" livwted, we should oni all occasions, when in otr power, remunerate the student, for the hours of toil and mental alxiety which lhehmll. ployed for our entertai1ment or inlrun:tiun. To elevate the modern drums, we mu9tl pay for the tirdl neecesury to develope the her, Iltt ti'll drumultl ta0le 10 l judgment did not expire with Shake peare,ar is nuw ternterd inm Ilulwer, Knowles titld T"al. Ioutd. We hope IMr. Fielding may hae a flue house. We harve Ihe folloolm from one of tile passe0nirs of steam pa'ket New Ylrk. that arrived ll.41 evening fromn Ult. "eston, O.0 tll 41th inst. Col. Jointlol and n'opt. Iouoie., together wii threeotlle r iiei atarteld in an open boolk tlln ¥afvestol ftr Live UOak Point, and when betwernu Galte.ton 11d Vtelosto, a ere picked ofp is a very distraeed ,'arr. I;:1 :ry udly fioathitre; Cppt lughe.s t w.i thouhit weold loosee the use qtone of his lege. The weather at atlvaeton was ox tremely cold on the 12th1 inst , and enow had fallen to the . depth oft incher. There was a evero gale..The Shipping In the port dragged their nnchors, but lone of them suRler. ed any serioae injury. AvousTA, the syilp like AugustaL, o we anticipated, tind another veryfull and fashioal!te house lCeat night. Although she appeaeod to hea' louting aoder indisposition, yet her dancing A.ced admiration fromt nil. She was severel tihme rapturously apiplauded. oItors. Page and Archer, notwithstanding the opinions of their ritics, sang not only A tilea but exceedingly well. In. deed we doubt, if abetter roice ran he found thon Arolher'. Augusta makes itorthird appearnnee to-morrow night. EorTo takes his benefit at the BatitChtitlCf this evening. HIe will appeodrel l.ucus Junius Brutus and Jerry Sneak. We wish him an overflowing house. THr GIneovrE.--h'lit splendid curiosity of nature is nlout paying another short visit to the Second Munit cipality. As Midntlnoiselle can remair but n short time, we invite the curious not tot neglect Ihis oppor tunity of paying her and her copalnionsc a visit. Iloner to the Nany.-We arote glad to find in the Cour ilr of thile ntornin the i t llowtg' letter lom the rom alundr el tthe U.. . bvrig Con. riort, and trust tlht either o oerttof inqutrv will hb immediately grti ntodoir toito cireitmstnnees whlich tan, er it tlnnecresstrv Il monde putilic--for tihe nation i senoeilively olive io wlhever eoncerns the hionnr rf the Navv, ntI will look eagerly fir the eatisfetor, y rexitlttoioti whiieh L.ieut. Glerdictrt so confidentlo, acd, we doubt anot,so justly, natitil aeis. --N. Y. Aneri acar. U. S. B rig Consoert, Now Yor]i, Janlltry 2itll, 1839. 'r tle Editor tf tlhe Cuioter anld Entqtirr : S Tir--Ynt, ere Uotllthti .et by the ldoerstin to Lat-o cl te publi, (nlld purthioul dv to those rwlho have eio Ie to tilt e. orid uch hItibI wretighthilntenreets in regard to t'octteltcUtintoe ot ltie Freltch irig-f twer Alcitit tdic ttvitne fired across tile U. S. Irig i'onsert,) th.i lie tn. reoqtllted thr It ,trnl t tttet Sctry cIl' the Nvv to grfnt Itn acetil of inquiry seould toi elettersh irh le h os olned on tile files of tile Novv I)elaritmueot provet llnatieftsolov; eaod il ipen urchi ,1 l.iy, it can possiblcV b he1to'titirtdt h oe o i-r etile liigto indig. sity to he offre t. Ihis flot, te hnoe to eurael tie putr h .'amnt tldue Ibu u d mturdlt coownrl Wil. IC. (OAICl)It.FI, l~iatt. +'ltttttditg U. S. hrit Cotorh. Anollter Coeettrrei iol n sLok Out.- t\ e acre show vestordyv h tie wer p oulllce ofiee an lill of whieit the tllor. oe i t deseriptiotn: Five I)llor. oi the Ptnn iosylvania SevitgeI 'Btk, NO. 800, Lietter B, pttyuhoib to I. I)olwer.,dt,.d Plhitnt.lphila, Nv. 3d, 1838,t1, I d1. uf, t CashieLr. I.. W. IRsomiett, Iresident. Engraovers namee, I. \V. I. Tnlte r tý Co. 'he poaper is of t dlrty wlit, Scoplexi It. tl ietsoioon goodt; pperstilittld elrish. --N. . Times. 'Ht t'etrIsH OF (:.ttno.--Iet will ore ot it it rfer d i tic e le Act, pulihId it nout ilper of to do,, tile Io rish ito. Caddo weas irled tlit tle nlat Hesa'o of tile SLegislatere. It emlraces within its Ihittt a gr0 jtet r !rop rtillol ofcotten lanlimi th any ether P'arisl in the Ilteti. 1 lies t floillt tlied ttlivetr o.l.,l to three iion aldrolti iileo, all oftwhich s capthle o eutivtiat n. bring ilie alluvial IItttont, twhichht it t- tli knttttt for ttatt ses it fertiility any othl-r .toil adtoited to tile gtog ti! of ittont, ill fthie whlole worhtl 'otthre nrt Inilliot oll half ofiacres nt Irlat of ttit lluloid, covered witi a grow lh ofoak nedl ]lickory, hich wil r, d v vie l tea bites lfcollllll tttit totit tbt I. Tito feti of ttlt "o o lllt Is Fent' e onttdntint, and the t oil . s t a: e lie S t'om tie geotanpilhit posEili.t nfttt o pit ri riIt. ilt ttl tl letd ,t11 .d R bl livrc , io the nI itturnl all y in ll l iP ito lomtlieree. T'he entire tlusij.e. s oftite Prilh IoISt ,t. he dune atShreveport--it is ilhoahuly pointwlhere lea t uplatd.i come to the river: tnboveo, a lhuit of Lakes it terlosee; below, te ewnelllp innlmdintely hodorso Ot td i ,ttrior. Th'i tihrvejiror l is oilt.t.essity, itp o tlllllat l log titt ioio talw te n tite t'ooe t" Ci d tile co c rot y. It is th t Inl ot whfenle nil tile rolnds Io to h iotiotott itt d tiICIty Iand fertilt regioll ; aid tIt heC CO1llt0ry d dstitedttl, C l. Ieealr the wenltlli,,st andl imlost deneley popuauted, ra eqIualy is Shreveport, hound to be thethe nmot mpo( r1t totn in Ilho ttnto--l.ot o, ly will i trcttltllt ttit hll: t itot s el tllis P'itrish, hil it unt11It COImmalnOlld the+ Irude ofEuast,:nl rnText.. in Seiltember 1835, tlhe treaty was madle wilth te IT, Catdtt Indinns Iby whiche thhy cetled thir tuLttd to 0Ih o United Sltales. Itn January 18"36, the lifrst at 111.lhlt acended to this poitl, nlld the filst sett'ter, titied Itheirtos ont tile Blult.-no road wae thlen evenllaetd. lt- Indiatratil loed to Grjtntd Ctne, nt !hot time It Froench settleIeetl!vin. it tie extretle Nort-westt, untt' to (Cald do Prairie. Thereo wee no wthiteo in tie purehase. SnWe notw Ilnae at p1,l1ii1ttm ot f at leatot six t lloaoid, .r. which is inereilO g inititelty miore rapidly than at toy previous period; every lay wagons are utsoing through our streett. l tnt nounl, ts fortmeerly, to 4Ttexto, bu1t tor n t"lCadd. CIl e tterutlors which Iltte goteahrond ofllldlilt o war. , ]ave, till eottte degree, retatded emligralion, bttt tite eatire i flsihtltf tllfthesp relort, is Iow bteaootteg known. The itplett'ofCaddo are 0 s safe froee Itditt.aoggres 00- silo, os tay portion of ile ielltUllioi oflthe o0 tlllti Cwest. itt'ltllltrs eooll ieto s, Itao Inerchact8 Ca ll lilld iprofitolabe tem tit nett for Cllitl and iuitdu i try it thit cntetttttry. Al ni ttctllltrt t re reeetred wt pleatsurer Aatn every honest tanln c111 hbrIo et tt 'e wealh uns reia dil, to say the leaot, oin tlily ectiou telf thieseo Utiliel ie Staltes.-- Cadrlo Free I'tres. mit - - l FOR NEW YORK Regular Packet of the 25th inst. 11OI..E'8 IINEo (F: PACKETS. ,f'l-k., IThe sulprior, lost e/Iiim pe' rkst slhp AIRKALYIAS, Deni..,ter, wil1 Fai us 1.reva. Far freight far Imss* Iaage g o, having ; taAs below tile. VIgetohlu rluet, oo, o x Fbili A ICOIIIN,9'1 Commen at For Shreveport, Fulton ind Jonesboro, o -ablieth.e .afjt on Red River. "1-1 -dm ler, havi.l been n rhla for t trl4re, ill c llea for ih n abovse aond ntuiO.le ir a p hil mlorningll, lux. 11ik io-t., ox iill llIcotk ipl . ,' orfreTht lor jaaei aI /lym; hinoard tit l/i feit ot C('usto lous0 atl., or to 'TOS 10 11.1.1: &C fel(i 28 ad m r7 New l.evee -fI/eh- hliip NESTOR, CnptM-oe.-s, fr, Ne e Yorke iol discharginug Ipolite l r US ill'; i.r i gt eels will plcase Oll tI 11, t re'eeei l of their lgods. fril S & J P W\III'I'NIEY, 7 (oeaxp st . H /iRiA/ anait/l ho/or n po,1roiI wil be1 hihbitedlull ain it her lriner residnier to-ry, anll tonly for a short period, cirncer if St C ri. t aAud l'cr tido arees. Adtlliteoe .50 iLColen; chi/ldron aId t '.Iro 5 o 'ints. lreOls, froiimn 'el !ko A I , to9 P M,[ ' oeth dio. e ''l r oprietlrs in coll'gillng e slh 1a0eterss gilge, Ilhave exclded aoi ir ll lnmabl ot ordi r cla s. or of In nlreoxsive ' ch:lrcter, selcting such Inv uas ure ouo jet'l of irtllhe interetl 11 tt"e oollln unitrv "a, and esl'ei/lly to tlile itlellige an llld Ior l. i t sul t/ el. li"l GREAT ;'irY Mn i1A//i., - Al Aio. 53 bgooorr e alxelr, o0er 1s. Lrevy' Ae/ljion R/oo, opporltnxlsit e lAraode. i. O It GI .,IE/ resp c /tl y.ll. ilform i ta Ie Ipo lic 1tha tate of /.'LEOI'A TRA, Queerrn of Egylt, Whinh has ll/ en lxibi oil n mlat , ti rie i al eii'1'thIPe 1::on, t th e ivery aeli anixo viof rlly tIllllmdl visitVllhi nrrivex in this iily, nl is nos/ eing exrlibited fr n slhort time only, l.olo i) u'clok A Il. tll' 9 clock. PI' 1. l'Ad/lll/iallocxi 50 cents; enlson tickelts, $1. f, --il f---if NoOTlICE' TO FIREM;EN. _TI II I ex-meoilrs anxxd Foremen of the errarol Pile nllJ IItlose eInt/unelr,xre relr t, o to a tt e i t merlig ol the Engine Hou e of ie Co. No. 2, this evenin.llxxx \ past t o'clock to 1a1e arramiiteilrnts o r ehbrnling Itheir anxiversxrv, 41th l Miarer, neol. By rel/IeIt if h"i/ ShEVE/I/1L (iFFICI1RS. STEAM SAW MILL. IFIpATEI ll,/t Ieler ix' Bilioxi, i I/Ie elase of ' ia / I.ippil ill /xe co,.l ixxc ilc/I/e Chiite hlk bufix, Rolxxexlihbox elid Pine Pliax I/ieers. TI/e miill t[ so ib lur:e and lib eihiltiixllhc bhxilt of ihii best eletcrinlo--thl enxi:, lrst rore. a:lx iin gll/.r /10, oit n/I ix'ro'oei o. xipt xiigxo f lx; a, oo,, l//ign a d groo in", nalt Ito w lirl is alitnihc Ia [lrsl mnill ntoatulion ufwourk~ncnI all Ith, ucesarvc look iar putti ng ih., mill in] operalion. F'our yoke of ox •n.5 acres of /nll, l/ol/lleil/g the polai i. whi/ctlelhi mxll i /uilt, ni enltry olfll i l t illow xd Iuld ini dxtreilt o.e'tixn.l OI ihle odjoixlnix. ri/ex'. TI'he catural (oI:cveiences of access tinr v': lets that nuvi._te the Iki es orl unrivalled. opentlie allI PeoIIS III1,1 t ea to L mllO y lr n ir he illl a, v t e r al r rtv i Frxll x 5.ill lO niile l olI. IliediL.xtlv iti f/0lol of '.c ill, and will/h 50 feot ol tie I/uxnl/, i 1 + t llll hooixa I/ti i th w il xixIi i :1/f0.1,10 Ilnge, whicih I al esily lire ecnrll g/in/ht all LindiE of we itllrhe. TI/x fiilill.xs ,rf prc .ti hrirll timbilr, tre o xirpnAed rlillcy w'or. T'he/ sxnrcO llf I/he hly anxd wni/ r t' (lilcc, h ll l l. e'f 'el d w i h pi , o tk as n h io k,ery, utiy to loo" city ol SoNew ()I'lelis, oi/fre olvntiltors I, lh.e Plllter)rliug,lt loly tIo xx [it withl It is not decn-. eil lrcOialay' to lelnlumelix te theml. III lltie oinlmedi,tevicicily xfit ie ofirenid IrpellIY is l/.o aoif.r'/xd a hllitio. oil 7011 i ,,f valuable lllod, x001.f/ d ih / Isx clxxved fod iiixder xxliuie.lwith // / oo/ fo/ rt i ab le l, d x ]£r lls, Iblllrc - Mlans0le, (in I leal, of Aleepp ' f of ;eel uIt£do, and ai ptreliti, of lo o. 'I lhio tract [r lll , llI it i ):1ay Il h s0111 10 iile x i d ixi x. toa .t leshroblo. ellluii lle lix r'llo 1x1lx/ti, Iliol Ixh bx / ot e:ll a r txlle d; highl ll/ with o it / IxoIlilx'i d.l Illl of e'ilxtr for tixy if til.ei. craft ti ip,'/lxoi i/ its hbooks. Abouti 5111 i i mes uf this Irodc i8 cl/e,,l wiith a thick gowilth or pine, oalk, asli d hickoer, lnI can he Iranetorelld with kgrelt facilily nd lilttie expriee, to a ielikC ofieEiiog old vnltatcsa lox r Iocfilal0/o ixroit ioxn . 'I'l/lser'o piropetll iel w ll h/x uld togetlher 0or. 0 l. rilte, It law prlet, ind oaxx ll U ,xo llxsixilillxl [r01s0. F'ur loxrther I// crx'ulursa/ e oiy 10 it Ot ELIAAN, i/I,--7t ExcItsoxc Place MAY 4 )I9/ I "I ' I , if EW O5klI.lA,:N . 1lh111: purr mi Ioash follr to-dav is Q7 75 ier harrol I aeoroelg to the Ilrif; tI/e shall give /11 ilg tile xe,lstlilg wehk (loloe Moxidai Mr i/i.t.) ixi O1li cs of ifeord fxr xs /.t. IBsiad ofi/ l ts i/ qallhy is iellulrld .....eigh a5 per cent. nmrerviz: ,Ili ounce.s. l6e C. (lENtOlS, .liOer. A A l/T'IN & .IlICLAI', A oyuraeci IatLo, 14 i Well / treetl,irity of New lok. Coll/ctions/saxl I./" |llsilxol otlodaod lo i llally part of tlxo state of New York. eloelalnce:- Mark \\'laito I':fq, fon Ogdecn IIi'xlinx, Wulloe & Kemxp, llolleor. lrilpps & \\iyrthi, (C hrlul EotEl. Cashlier, Felie & Kiltberlo, obelt Slark EK.q, ,N' York." Nex Orleans. fel--Dtp lIIOPINIG ZI NC-Il loks besot oiiofi 7.ieg , i. nowe hInine hloul Ixrqxx tixLshao, fxrale by fell Jl1ISl:'l1 (Iii'K.I\NIE, 35 (trevier ee I1JAP-1j73 /ues No I allll cxtr-.axp, b:xnds Jlea. (iu.aoil, Jlk.oolko 0.'.'rowbr:dge, (;i.orgo Ilo/i/iIxo nd J x o l.lori,; for sae by jao/ I býA+t illtlxli)f, & o, 131 tfnoohii nn, t I -LO'IIIINIi -II 00000 Clothinxg, e,,inprisiig ii e x' '3 teItivc aort xxrxxt, landixi irolen /lip C.airixexlixi, hir salh' o II.AC t ll/{K & Cxx, feb! i ,II . l .oa oiinc -i '('HOOf BOOKS-A Santppl u' Eerson'a Books, via" Natlonl spelligt Bc'k, SFirst, second, thi I and tilerth C(lass Rradertis, Also, first, second and third parts A rithnmetic Aad a general assortmiret of choosl ad clncsical oaks, for sale by AI.EX T'OWAR, feblG 49 Camp at COPI'lit D1ROSS and Kentledge 16 tons :upper drosa, 6f tuns koutledga, aply to C HANCb ICY REPOIRTS-A flaw edicticin of ItcH S& Beaty'a Chancery R 1orts, I c received, fer n sele by felt Al EXTOWAIr, 44 ('tnop ct r ARD- 51.- bgs k e't Le rd, in store for snl by . fetl6 DORSEY, 44 Nrw lveeI Ds for saleby U DORSEY. fel6 41 New Levee G UNNY 1BAliOS--L2 00 in storer sl cie biy |.., U f16f GA IOIRSEY4,4l Nev Leveeer ' ( UNNY SBA S-1- 0 in bales and bundles, as " sorted eises, for PIcC bYI il6 ISAAC BRLI)ttE & Co. 134 Magazine st A Revi-ed Cttiti (tOF lPiACTInCI, neW edtini of ahe state of I.ouisiana, cnt i',ing rules of Pro rdarure i Civil Action, Sc ,ibr salte iy WM McKEAN, fIell6 corner of Camp malul Coll)elaon st M4 1 ERICAN Almcnace,.a very unsfil nrcle for ir T. lchant s and othert conla-ieing informiaion rel Sc a t ie to tile gotcrlet f tle several cunlrces oean IlciH old continerit, fr sale biy I)DAIL) FRIET . Co, A felt O4 ChI:ltr-cSeat S 10,000! Capitall Prize, Tcekets only $3 r00. GRAND STATE LOTTERY. Drawing of the. Grand State I.ottoer Class 13, 41), 47, 6, H4I, 22, 51, ,1I, 68, 4, 14, 70, 49. Noea. I, , '2, tlh I:talitl Priue of $13,001), cNe Sold in i w iekl lickst, by lir Jobs Y Davis, No 49 Cutsto lllharc street, and cashed as soon as prosented. ('I.AS 1 J, Autllrired Ivc the legiislatnre of the " Slate. '1o hie drlwn Thl'his' I ias Feb.b - G ll, 13, at 6 o'clock, P. M1. ct Ilisehop's Intel. S DAVIS & CO, Munagers. 75 Drawn numbaerrs-12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Scheme. 47 14 Prizes, almountini to $145,528 Ticiets $3 00--lulves 1 50-Quarters $0 75. Palckagsa f 23 'l'ieketi for $7., warraned to draw at j,33, e.l ully drawl title hgesl cpiltl, a. maounting to 10,100!!! Packages of "'5 IlulP'iekels $37 30, wurrnnted to draw at least $16 5011. Packages oft5 Quarter Ticbkets $10 75 warrantead to draw at least $. 5,. For packages ofsingle tickets, apply at tlhe MANAGEIRS' oIPFICE, Febl6 16i Charles at 1 QICII.Y MAtl)It\ \W'I1-Itigham's I.. '; Culi i SnZizS a bIrands, itc picpe, half pipse, quartecr casks, cnd oeeavee, foe sale by IStAAC lItl iG &(let,, t"a.15 131 lMagazinee st 1ASNNCI.COAI-1. I c ta c leIcebv - J fel5-3t SGODDA RDI)Jr, 25 Grvierst USl 8IA lIE''1\ 0G.S--., nles of s-ep'rir qul-s ., it-,C.r sale by ISAAC IkIIiIE & Co rletc l.(;I S il\VANA COI"SI: -, 5(()I his illiVN %1IVE ill1 3 li st ,)J9 3011 thoutSnU do. sogml, cIc1 c boxes Vrecinl chlewic locac-co, 14,00 do. fceih Malag, ,,i5.... 51)37 frics do ahou, 3110 boxac sperm rIcacandles, 2110 dco Bc-to sel o I, 4f lr' resl na sperm nel whale oil, til lieres Coaoliua rice, 175 bbls to f csear, icn store for Sle b), jus6 ABRAII AMI'l'csIcl, I1 (;tarr st (ASTOiR 011.-1 Iarel. Ns . i CaItrs (lil, at . prime articl, ill stare anI f er tale by JAIRVIS & ANi {E1W0S, fel2 eortCocaon &' l'cchapitoularc sis i.LUE INK--Jut reaivced per ship Arkansas, two Eg aross Johna sl very sierior hls e ini , wlrrell edasupurior artiole, hv DAVIl) FET i Ca, fe1l N Y Stationercs Hall,2l Chartres s T O COUNTRY MEIOCIIAN'I'S & ('11'liltS ThPe suhscrilers re now receivine nc i aeddilienal supply of oartllel c lla,si, glnsc Silv.e, wcO-d anl iron wnre;clnsttrs, amnps asd table ellelerv, which they afg r fir sale low, oil tile most l.comnlllodating ternlll, lhole sale or retail. Counltriy Ircallllt und othersl I l ld find to their aIlvatnge to calland exnmlne, irrevilll Ieo puremaaing elsewhlere. t I ll11 .HI-I .' cc, llnporters of dhao above warer, 17 (clu) dc I1- CIa)emo. N B. Also ta few sets table knives with silver handles, a new sed Stuperior article. fI11 F A IIItENII ElI's, 'TIicrmmtcccec, a ,' a ic bstlll1lul i r erticle, new st? ,jp-t re d from I e, and fIrr sa1 by " .IV[ .'1) "".T' ,& Co, S le13 N Y Stalioncrs Illt,21 Chartres st S 10PNPYIN l i PR1'SES-Jcst Ireceiv- I hoz. l Ri"chei'- P cte ul Iever '- p, ini l're,.-s, fn ale Iy 1 iAV1I4 Ic 'tIc , 'o. Sfel3 NN 2 Prto1r.+ Itlcl, 2.1 ('rtces at IrllN WARE Mannt~·l-e.ry--veyl nrti,,lt of Till S ud e t ,.o aPlpe-ar e I taI ll'nllttlre( tit Ile, l rt e-t inoie,, r.ld fl u superior -ty ht, bv f4 l3 8 cit)('ll;i &I ('c,,l Fd ", nt . t N -- 11In Iha at ll i lccc i lr ' Ici ,rtlmlc-c t If' -li AWi c 0ie k If..- ag-s \iam P.iui, : v.fl: Loidc Ic inAnc Code: Iloeimt's C, lrse .of I ul Stc d, vole: Ilu ghI es iol Isllfiurnc: l, l.t hm t'hurter P'urtie : FIorm BI ollk: I(rP ve,' oI l I)-cet' : I, s.. ,' t'rimminld Evidence: Civil do., IRussel l )i ('mineos,-! vole: oinli,' I'r'ltke on E'v:lrdmne : Ruibe.;lrf.rf r ll' |lr l : W-i In )1·N York Al tll l I),g e-t.th9 v,,[: 'trll Oine, yletli l.,: Judge IPLc'5 s Trial: 1'c I to,-h'+ -tnli. 1" ite I.\:) AIlutlhr ws ,tl l Ilnlsum.lltlive It ilrmcr: 11eifiL d on I'lead- I in c: ,H all ll, e l n L cit: Ti" 'ilitcghcl t c- I~l llltactllc .-: 'T heimr id on I nc im'ipal ato l ,lrlty': 'Ih Inlu'r ('l.c, :I+ vol. lfoller ato. I.x,1ce ''onmli " 1. w 1 ,ii a v :I vol,: Tre,,ise oi the lnw of cixiuo.: Striie t Evidrme: do. mIl Plan,-: I ledhn oi Vl eVor : S1u111 der+ on l'len ling noId Evidtm,1 ': Smith's hllt], rv P cllleti e, 2 volt-: 'Stevens( Illl lIhneck.r o Ao'I c l'r: Stor\ ' t 'omrnenllt 'ies otn t lc o (otiutilI iion: l.a~ s of I . it t.ies: r Equity: o llii ll . rnt I c ll tht conlict f ].nw:, Srtt's i, rlS in EI;quity: 1"enomorlh o, Exit cltor,: \\'alkcr's Aiilrirnr nlaw: t iliianas mm Ex,e ru Store, 2 Vol: fo~r ltale o 1 9 CC-ce e street. A1\ TO .1R. rtl O lcIANcI'lc --°f'fl sltCC l b,,a re, i r fl.r C ealec, 01 Mali,:r's .orn A ill ,cu rrAck r.. corn shA l'r+, r Iraw tei Iiler cltt.ers. itid Pv'ry otlher v.arity of l Inrlmin ld urllend toolls tait, Etn*s an n ld gde:llln sE ; books on ngritullure Id IllanlllmamgeImu olf stk; frullit and or namental t ic s plat. illlihelear eollllill _ l 8'll ishd h II, l, sub-,r+ or by S In;d . B Iown who a Le a lmu +t.ed agcro lllire ii r thl-i h t'+' nlll en t fe9 Se.dalmn and tlannlctc rrsc , lciycmcre to ) EI.lI'PT lIt 11 .--Just reeived at i Idv felt .l I .. , a ew ;,ils extensivc ausortment of Ic - lceeic aBhooks, f acr Sle low, at ifcpb9 .4 ChrtrCs St TA 1 1 tl N D ly () 1 tIIAit - Littlr'a Ilnseum iuhsclrip lioll to either w,'I' ML.ausln pnseise s u repot ' tit ill.,ll i)Tllr t nl e. Il Inc, it h IY nl=la 1 publisherd n weekly numbers, ,52 of which willl Ii lll r (r Splendid v lame. Elacllh numbelll r contain: two hnutij fill steel enrmlvhig, umndhnllt rb ightt Ilpges of descr I 'ion. It is in .Uloe cand is mhtoeheatrt J ,aliat Y lion oflhe killd ill ihe world. Shiscrilion crice. 5c Inulllmiers for .;1i noirp thaln ...0,1t0(1 hais bpein expellded 1 h t swrk a il cofidentl recoallllended as Illy j wcrlh t Oflltnlc r e-el. c c ul cic-cc-crl .o C received "lt lo 41Ca-I It, llyd aIste Pos i tol ni ' tilt! COVEUN:ý~ iI'S1 Ili)ItsEI (1C W)l9! OTT will tliid CAtllnny Ineenillc in ritizelatl li lolili.5 L11"I\)\ tth :c~u" inllo~lrtaca l In tiit connnl ily· l lr ceder oIf CaptL ('ruse. 1115 t tus cN ; Ic,,, O S ANNE I3OLEYN. JBlrll tian at rile ('nap : tit' Tbtate U7.1 mhonr's .1 ielrtrj nnd lilae pluli t hIl I. 5liia Cliftlo l.« 'jag it, Ills Ink., ,,iaes Tail Eatning tlh 16th1 int., wai.en will be I"'"ellted thle histerirrtl platv of ANNE BOLEYN. Anna Iolcyll, by Misa ('iltoa, Ilnary Plery. Str , It Scott Kg IlaIeura thi S111, lot tllla, Ficli Illn Altral ilwlil variety ,lf Fnltetanilltlleo, to cIa nrlod t ith it titteeite I'ivce. Hit truutit Ilia fast appeal will _jillhnd receive n portion of their liberal patar. a11. The Has BoRlok is now openl. r, 15 9() IIARW1 t.S\Vltiiel ri.a tsllP ftraile by .+ fee Still, &, OI(VN, 91i In lrgzltle st tL iii, ll calna, turd 3J IlaAji' itis+, to It YY oraella by ''.'1R&C, fee 1 Poytlrttla it Geer Lil ThatIu I (np'l, Jllllllll ut, J9I5:39 PI1lE Slyk ofillkllle Iin Mlilllthedau.e Ill allIllsiq Cnlt. I'R"y will fuw'irh P Littsburg Coal, in smalll quar-· t ies, to theilr cu-t nlnrr* lrdear recaiveda I ti e Gas Offira, Rnat. AlleU. j::31 ; I W EI'al. ee ScGy U-1tNNY hAUl.' I illll'al ) blulhlc Gunnly Bags, in storeP, anld for sale. l)Y ft.5 J 'I'IIA1'Rlt& Cn,74 1'nvdrnlm st Rfl ·'·N"- "'t "a;;s;; rm; n weer, V' a u, t Yarlor article in Ftore a a .1r sa.le h.ia __reived__n ditionalili I'.ptlI ofii P .iseIer populalir schooIU :roos, y . 1t i,.it liv.1 'uj mEap St. Theatre. For tile Renoeitof the author r Tlir I FIEI)INI;. Fourllth night of ite o tlrll emIO ll of MISS J. CLIFTON & MRJ. R. SCOTT. THIsI EVENING, I'tlll. 11, Will be perFoirmend tel Tragedy f ANNE BOLEYN. P.rcy, Ir Srr.rtt, '' tlenrv title, Flidel egit, b rarl .,Nnthumberet nt Gilbert Woherlnsny, Irudrc. AWnt Boleyn, Mlisn Cliften, .Elinn, Cowell. i 1)anlce, . i nlis Wrnv, ong, SAir IHcldgrs. To clrrclede with the Piece lf the MUMMY. 'I'Toby 'Traml, ilr harrett, C I.larrv Bath irshlie, (Greene SIr MItdr, lgon , (irklunil, , Fanny, lin. Mclintyre. - ,A\V {OOKS, r 2 ois, Clhneys MR uiIre re tIlghte1 tel, e.elvll n rIl Ctlel erclsR 1 VoICetlececII treil rltrrcriip.r. tr rehlp l o ) l.eeldLrhl ,eet rlill<. IJrhin orhutll .iniwt r Ingo l s* I I i ncy lerrlSnlo LrrXrItNtieri TO r l tritict npr Si-eetr tulle. n Ehutlllc nih, itn ll ionh h' lhlekelettirr tt r till ut ttleie. Ac h I& Ae' ee CeoO1rieilin , O- eulid t - Phmlh~rlrgr Ihtrricee, I~ )iecnt 'I tete, Itreeceeir rtll t bIlerri e,,h nIltrt tiirlec Itlttt teelI rrI ll-i, lll or oclllellter iet4 r ,llser (eow erpl PIaretrd ilW , (lca.vie'e qlthlv rtithees. & lhllsq Clllnerre Illel.e vol (cerniki net eicihlee-, C ireed Arthricenlcev tlirjr< hrrr 'rale Iv At.tX hNIIFtttl T'OWV h 1i, t inll SI. R f O 1Pl1 0een,bNi Reir &i re, lil) 1- IJIOX lFq d)o I h) S//SI··lnn e i hence Ihn l tre tlld for tih h e s neerne crrriei'e r'epartclrr a wl e upas tIiel 'IIAD tIPI.N & COO11R It) t uliit It ( ORN-LenI ere-tr, r tI, eI. ,t th - re h, lrr icr N a. H. iT IA \t1Pt.tN &.tjitnIeil t re ii , lt 4 t 1i 1 IL -- te 11 i l I .i 1111e 1 ale b IA!P I ' )- IZi f l t Lr lte hl i r at a he ile l t IP. AI cu ptR r v h slys at l ailly an etr n Sp el I oc. J PI C L1.A~IAVEL ,Pr;6( aidl t. • -VA IIlNETON BALL BOO' D ress & Maqrnorade B ll Sht PRiliNsEtiectl, hicrrr el l C ae l e Iri& i nI.r d "L O inlf l~srrrie Roti~tCus4 Trlll lne llll ,oer frt lllrr r arlrl' r It.lnlrl l Ilrlnllli' fill to hlis {lielilllb sIIllr h Illlliiil l Ii I," II I nlralt {l I('llcd il la rlliiage Ilrstoe cd 11il h11lnl. L I'm~veral l('llllii, rriil'Lcifllly il~lGIll',ll. Ihe thi i jl,' ,'-lIlrl ulollBII Ililr ii Ib en clhliule~l fIll Ihco nlillh.Plll~ ir llf VhIlIIrt. aliil illi s,;lerp on e illllllt..lSP r(?l.ihl'.H TheII barill heil ll " P Laq-¢',lP I te eiorerfri rt. rdrl i r f rrr ti C harlen -tlrr tl r r ill tee SI ::it: by Ilic nbe.. letil/(Biilr~li,.llr inl ther (jnliled .llll(l.9 i. A rrolnlrrrra lir rierto er ' o i TM i a t ire ler rill itrue h dcr lllaerq rrer ll rirrc a Ilertri tIreletrr c e.'v. llli, l l''!{' wi. l and ,il l ll0r I'llr · nf lltl ,II l·) llllll! ( \..!IP t . 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RI ANTE a t eh'INIho t tN , Plceliri-t.e ( " 53'led I'hiN' I'E)r-ic (cr I -ee orreirtNr re n Rm , cree tre c iu y ieeencarc rrrro hee r ire N ta lert.el'.e, ee I lo , ern c onr ,, f Pladra an d St C harles 81fet,,, r'ill bt 1""I11 proldloated, d to. -. ci Derc. 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(' .+lixrh avv'- n"ljl, it p Phe Itht'e , 1Ja P ANPJ of (.01"'rr ofliravr eir ri)-l, f r ref fhe I'ttij ink (Mir,,'(_( ra, -r ~f I'or ~bI.I· and St. Chad- Streets.CCIS SI)V:\t; 1::S ~ill 111 111 ' TtI'; pUUI, Ilavr e hlu,·alillraN,,v l-c"ll k and Illlildlllr a , bA!AJIS A- kI'I'AI.I.k ul i Pt NA ,Iti- :11i;,y I tle I 'IIa of il'crut u li t in stolre andI ( 1'.,1 -:,le II\ j 1 5 It : I1 ) '1I ll l ,:1 ir . I , 7 tK -11 1 1 1 , 1 ,,, , : " 1 ' .0 ,J , . I,, by Illll L~ I~I( I ".lt11 'W `; 1 ,'I flee """'"L"1I~I,·i It PtI I1I Ittl~ii~l· iltil:·l I 'P I i ; , I i-· "l'a ;I' .(. l\ 11:: t ,-- 'I; , 1 I.i , en1 '1 \t'i lii ·l1- 1 Ia I I, I'Ii ('( .t'1C 1 `:1' qr, +,juurn lll 1I 1, 1 11u n INll, ."t lic llll C Iunn v n _ _ _ _ _ _ ' a tl I'wi, gi lll ,1 null ' , '1 I p lichisi, c" r ll be -I'l IIII tern,, to .nit I'll ille-ll ., (I fin II.\\'I'l F(-lt' ' - o llX II.P P Nl Ni t iun.", I~ I,-, I (' Il , l s I s PNOl Itt.I I. opne 111.tttJN 11;t~' &C i Inllll l: u lnlli l \:,.a : ll `a ll and ,"%nl it. Pil "I )(\ )ill II C't tnj It ) 1?A'l~~l--7d~eurl) I urllls *Ilo +, in 1111118111 lip, FOI( ·~ 'I I" \I P ' ItIII\ .Y (' (I lit Ii'.li (P1 N ' PUScio b~t Gyn, i tt a lmnIt '.ie t 1.v 'i, I IAP II I IN & 11 dri stita I~. ( liy'poitp tr ttp ,pttt, pll ittlil l,1(17· II 1 11nl ] X 111:1 .\G1':tiliiL' ' i 1 11 1 ):( lllljl.r fitIi , 0 (' a sI I (1011 I ll by eit IR tt,;I~tl ItRI NC o TT I~~v C:II A II'I.II I(:()f, I L ' l I 9I r llf ' I at Niuc PPu, Itt,,ron, pith (ttgle, It.l t, p ru'" g, by byILIJI- 3I . od~rla; IbIt 't'K b 'ttp I y * I,111,111GF ,11 Icrn~ ý' I t1G I N more, F,, G by CIHAJIl~U' I'E EIN & ('Quill 11,.. J~ So. Ccl O}. ROOKS-Ihlr~,jlani b tii ls,'pprr all~~ru l suiabl JrQoatrymer hans , ullbe nJa, ou terms it -( 7'o I il ltlb I' R 'sr ~1I fr'J Fiu kabr c, 49('an~p (` I1FIII 1-30II oxes Codfish fill alt, b lJIA f'h I) F o NI. Charles Thseatre. iletelit of liv erilihred Triige'd Bo ItI. I B BooTII. T' .io JEreirig, I,'bruary il, \iill be lercermd ilhe criehrulted T lregedy of 1:RIU'TUS. Blrutet , Sir lBoolllth, 'litun, I rriaon, To qtll a, l nh' Furren. Sext ,llin, r ls n rson, Tarqllinie, Harrison, Art Overture lI tho Orhllhretr hoand asuit!, ly Mold'le icrenot After which the poitular petite Crimedy of Ti11 MAYOR OF' GARLRAT, Jerry Sneol, Mr Berth. Stoajorl Stoegreoc, Forrur ti, liriipcoit llnlin, Priorll, .hrs Sneak, Mre Sinith. IlRON CHiES'T.-Junt erieiveI rt tile Iouinient 1J Winea ltiri,(.llll iirni} ohmvie street, Itj enetrelor riol. gt oatnd doiinle fleii crtlioln i:neliesto, frlee (tie factory flI.. ,Brovn, Now York, lor cle I R CAiNR T I.. BRlOWN'Hi4 PIaenrPla//r 'inltatrncr.--iro 0 rein.' rao fint o t er :1 lienvi'r l s tree l Poeint Plat ILrtn Illancres, sutperior o aly everrs redA in this city. fell WV i CARNI",. re~llE firm rof .1 I ilElIN & A COHEN is tiei dny I iionrloveeliyoctirol romer. aod I) Bei in ilcirgeilnitith ltie.nettlero iiitfellrlnim to ailtti et (lie n,) t!er oi l tine ol tne ie carl fill irt ritlirl rrtlota i. t Jl l 0.BAti. () ll l . llltll junnl--1839. A. COHEN, * 7A C(t)li.ti ccntiollittin tlte Co.llnmt dio o Ir inesw ill Ilin llIthlut rurll n llll, U f r his own aee touth at No. tt l I Cieniinioii clredI. JAir iLt, 10:Itit [S'I l ul,-- l c I hl0l iil ilorn. nid for nlto l y jil itA fIIA 'liiiEI, IIl 14 Priydrlr& et i lOA.-276 (itonl of ilte e.t Iegligie roe!. , well ilterd L) fn ,l' boar ulnit r e,lt ioonie / n lrlqll a . ol. from Ncwi hurtel. fer slho'by ItItI.UIS & MII.tS, jatnI innk Place IAT rlir)WOI·il't'nlrlrev ,nrenrediPLA'fNtlhli T CIIINE. l~i~oTo, lNov. 1.5,1836. 'ithe oelli(rihl r hInn onie if li e e ngrI t e of eiln \Vnudwrdroi l,ei hiinr11o oIi' llltnehll ,i epo Itiip for UmC. o i .leer o. t olrliir& Le., V ill Ire oily of Ill ih~ltlr.t whichl (lor per..oii ton oatiit,,s. i t le eln oh;illl'en fon aid Io;e illli lil stle, nlld Irlo Ihe egernv Ir ditlin ilig of lrhr tlirilen fibr ueoion ecli oel ni hinsb . tli is itir- relll e ll rlte r rfnil rrtas e niay et 7iii 11 I lle lllcrr l 'll e ii oriiea lira tile grlerrle lat nllyllt tr dltr ino fio rt r I lili i lil.t sRllE endt 1ii x Wliiihg iiliii eri II. orn or II rdlri fri lire tiien - Ar vi tiiii i iioorlll.i! roollllltli nli aOn' c r int Sor Lliainiir oieeetd hcy cno tcri'e tei v en ier c Iforlrnl jae 1--hnWMII. P IIA1l7.iNS. blmiso rde & kPl~i 'i'ry nI.1.71Cot ms l l iteus ii] e.: , o tnle asl deid~ i i.icae to Mon-oi ltltl Iit I halilE li ir o ill·lthi t lllllnlc r ; eiyr rrri ner in ilit, vo is rrrit, ro i i i ni J i i i No r e 1 I' n hIIy n, fur fur. I rl i n Il i i'. , II l .tl e Iilln lir IPIII rintr. Io T lll l i +io I h te hor 'tri , n lt o. l itlln of rin ir. T5, (;itlll I.j.111 1o -:l -t ln , f iril hr int . r mr nuoli , I P 5 cr1 l,il nIl hrIIl cl l'ecirN ll %. Jl (VV 11 I'li .hlhll:: t- t- ihhe. 1 4 \ieiDin lllg t drn h nl i (e r rlll l elI s(I uf I.l .'ITnhy It N E l.a. AI'FIn vl, Ill II li & ll, It& otcornit oe ore.nedorsl * l I " ti lIi NT Ii' toh riErI Uh Ion! n. ret nlnsenmemennrrl nf (fhe Lus I l I 'Ilon lre ll leu u r, ingor Vule ei l s dite1r po i b h Illh ir iillotlfh. Ihai1 ier& ('nip onle Luuutoomnol ottebnei toIrk ennieoIog, h 1, liAVd,19 II ) ID B I,'I:. 24, . (liG.71 ,3 Pie ountinn co rise87 nTii N' , i ni i nllld, nIcll r ri, ttlrrlror io JI hllP jli te r nl'i'll n llirP il**llrlllnt rul' t;lyr rlI Ittlll~·P1,11'rs+~ 1 |h ll rllhlr. ll.· *glllr lhl'.+.I .1id l~illl.lC I1)1Yh II' 'I Illll~ l'1ll & l. 17 Camp Yl f i , iit ' I.e lllr , o(If ltll'i k , liti e ,r a geile l leu . I v~hllmlr . , rii iqie',I,,I,',I l ii' Ih'di' lllell Io l atolh ohn l t tin;llll'.in llll, ro 7 YI rof, (II Itlolleine I1ni (l'e ilI.i.. Ioe* 1 *1 e on, l ulll gu u,| ,in IIi ('lllhil'll t"~ l i~d ',:l vol t#I oi i;\illlllllr, :1t;: Nir llullllev NI)IIh, " i r .\hIhl Intl- t i'I I': N'i el . .. It ' ,f tInt iri I? 'Ic 'n ie i m, Ill .5l ili IIn nhI IIII Fi, itv+,, . II Ii r ei. io'll y O nrrllllllll y; . I'"l ' .\0 hl,.h.111 ruuc .. -- lDi.".! (I1· ,,=.e. ill t li i I)I ,\,h,+irM:V i I':lllnil.', in t 1 e il. v . .,,.~,,,, -.u !,,,<lo,,ok,,,i-, ,, . tc'I /'·~ ·l .' L. I .\ ,IX 'l(:\j·t 1 9~ 1111JL .(J'unllll~ 1 'I-I ll",l-Iil \VNI: I't OT'fEI,,: , l ' I 1er l) In, (e, 1.11 eel l.eri, e e 'nt r Xi.iit pI ' I i iil I l i t K I I. \ u i +. it . lire t lll t , Ii I L~t l +,+ l+++ ii, . l et. t:if.i, nl +itt ,ti rvlnuk, r I i;l, , l.t f il rilt &I ,in. Sunl-neh inru, e,lll { l A".l IRS "I11I :.ll,, l,,n~lelt' \ lhh elii f;I CI. > h. iirenrei.l 'h n i, i h''l"I .lt', . ..Iei $2 .h I.. l'ir hit p,. h *r lill-lio leu ' 2 Atl-l iunleee ilvl, I 2 . thinker. fee fliletS. P rhrogeen of,.S .+ jllt: .\1'1'1.1"; I i~l:.,i..l. 1.. (Ill,,.ll~ ll*lhI·l', lilt i,"tIl 7 IIl.,lk I'I.(.*+ irc'1 e olhl i. l'r rr Ih i rnn' wn it ureuriirll ll" Iinhr Lt lio ;;zl1olr aho, le h uclilo)r lt;i.ti 0; i r $ iiillt C Pri'A. t 'ue lrongr, Oiier, ii t,( , n ul+ ore)T T in-o Ir t 3. i,1ii,,·ii,\ I I iir ,'!,,1 I ,"-~l.' i-.hlr '.' rl.'iit l I ;,-., l :llc . . ,J) to',: t ) 1( 1 t. '., II i1 81 9, i. I :\1. Iii Ih, i \+ ., ,lolim: II, h', lz'arl n . . 8 I' ! Th~:k,'tsi ;00--1hdlls 9,' S{I--(tllnrt,,rs I ?;5 rrI q IwkI of~ 1· 5~ LI h'.k{'~i - fill~r · $1Tl3., P 1"1 i'u atl f I hillbhit |lill~ l l ,) R llllsrhr '| iek l· . J ,r, h. thsis %ery p tpular a -u,.r just reu eiei ri d 1 i ,r +,,h" t 1A L X 'I1' W\ A It, h'l P ll - _TN C49 Camlp as )ll l "',t'' i.S .'fr'a~ta-,+" i lla,,, -k la llpn, , in two. pt+l+. our for , J ''hrl. t. fsll i ,e ll vn One fir u+', int, fT ll~ld hbLnkc, Ala,, iaeanal', fi)r lllfer .Illt+i ,v l,%.It+ vIPh\ : .':oIut b oi'ahll ka t e"v ara t eaeacriptioan o b I I II El'P ic& e7, S ftl r " N VY .ilin.,a Ilall, 4 ChlIk leRe le ( I()l'Irl,:l:--l.4' h1'_.· 1lavumt l'ulfiee,- aaldi in; i" :r l el;i ( A'h *inr i n l, an d'a aaL 1, li/Pi s N .1 I I' WIIIT'N:'n , 72 Camp ei i i l;( hl1- a, a,,I ihlata p a ,t a , ba-, , n lan h -teciy', SlAr a IL\ I& AHS'EOT. I. 5" ' 9 B rank nlaea 1" I nl,. i l.Ily drauli, .-,,,,, I{ .......... jast rce re;'-d umin , es|,",ri:la & l AIaST'OWV, - 15 k ?7 lank Pilae-. tI 0-:i' - Srtal nill aa,' lla ahbi ,j 2ij Ii.) ll Ie .hr.r I| h e',,v. f,.r -, I, hv I ,15 IS l a ,( JllllIlii: & . n, I, 1"4 againgzin S lL .U it:'- ' tII 11''EIi.''ll IT'I' DI rETPn IC" Illil: d, I -r l ih ia h a, Mknf r a, w" el-earil sub , !'0ihr+, i+,t .- tl+,+n ,, t lir ali,, for I' anlo d.s . a' '11 1 ' ,'1 . '.- I td i -ll+a,,loal l I Iatfh pa blia , l iha , haw r ar, tIa,1 '' v I. ito ral tha nih nau .ooaa eappiata nltm l :q lrI it.! I. -.,"v.l i} aa lilaa I:,l a 'aaa L t . Ifrollna a l iW Yii r' -. ' lulll aIn,. at-ll af 'l.e kid l,a ai a aaa l -l( aar l f a,-r him Io o i-.. ,u ,r lam .t.,: r ndli consiaa h e a l" te firs, n al' ml her w ill 1 .- h, taag 'ti a h ', , a"v(l 1 e '. i a 'lhil,, ',,i w 'ili] rontin a , 1 I' ', Ill'aaaani, Ih rElnlnol ae : all ('n a ltl d,,l tlA llly di,, , ri , ,,(at pe'n, lan t .t1t' 1m , ad o iaaallng ank ia', ,I, trun all datap( elal it e? llllrle h . A lil , '. o il Irtl b klnai i, ka aa d f laudula r l.a n inliaull 'ia,,n w'lla a l .+ tb a ainar (}| I I f il \ I 'la llt - I lll' a , n 'na w llel j f dla iae , nts a -l lrn 'ih,, all I,, aalalllr al a 'aaa'aat i , " I I al lena a lae, ta a-la I,2, hl a a I I caa, , n. antjail,,"1 . . e ' m cikety Sllo', II f l~ :t .han, n naW nae f In a stn tiat ivr dIipliol li rl ' lai )' oel'l tII lIUr'l IItln . a'if 'f iiaakr a IP 1 bIl'|on a t.," 0;li lc lain, wl n be anl i ltht, l tai,, r7 N a nk f ll It 1 lll 1111hi]1dvr, S ldain a rlllr"l ii at cena If i` h I h an$ ere tlpr a anna, ps 1i) ae an + h . I al'l ttadvn a a aaarso a is m '+ a a I at oI te c, iy Sa ae," al.. 'a aara aa a.aajaaa i ..aap. Ia,'.. ian d . t 2 ''" .I-a1,1,) 1 , n) at 'ill hail r ltarnge . tookk n1' li lors -ilulta lin I nla- af Idn a snta Ikm1. IIel s ofl'~l city.'l'lle In I Y.l & C n t the lpyi la-afor IirIh,"r Iui I'hllr, appl, to J Ki n ia ya aa rolaa~ h ta na Pet Oay,. 7e 15-a.ataa , 1,"i &: 3 11a: haar,'I, i l store slld for i a le hy , falA J ,1 '4 I'A( & Co, 74 l'oydrae, P ý) t'i +-II ' aal io a lert a ai .in . ka aaan Ia afore anafaaal.alt ' J' I'iL1YFR& 0 o nit' 74 Po&dra Past ý +A lI + +g < f r ' - a hl. b ,y J 'i ' lln a ' ly &a 'I l y li'15 1I 1 i.a1 II I ab-% a iaSI' V, 7 l'link nlacn : - aa h iJ.' I I IanJ(

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