Newspaper of True American, February 19, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 19, 1839 Page 4
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NDi AI4 NAIW! S L a~ £1ND OCAUCO. Poeapeyean, 2 vol sane wiathoupoontoledplates 'u hm do Is Netr, duJn eat Ea h ,ca ) -, NOW MKOICAL 01,1111 "tPevt4 r-Ph'%ti0 nd RWntd Le a M diontl Jrio,,ndmamo on Insanity "R Fever-Pritchartl on lnasnity + taterp--Li*(lm: clrgrrv adIbp itaeaJtd-oa· poputtr Medlche Dint' wr 0 oftChemistry toostc l try CONMMtRRALr. AND NAUtIAL. 0410c and ftapnnltory, f 1839 tttnettil hictinnay, LandeR a AI«?nann for 1839 . n Wdion'R-WMvigntlo for lbaj '0anfIR0rncvv AND OKOWANIOD. * l ~Irtner,' f Anhit.cttln. Lon" o R 2 PD iteataru , 1 vol. London to.I roadgolds Carylnntat ole's Enoyclnsedia, Londun 08010 eCIaInkf(mot the t lard oai , JaOtioty and It. Constan onoiljrj;5ho.9otola.ottd.a. n'j $ai Cane. ab o2f 1 e. I-ooreIln R·lltm} lt In ; Hay, do Vetlako `~ ~'U W~ olf W'ltor LontI, 8) vol. Oft Lud loabrLt hy Prescott.3 Vol. Ai re, e, diton tion.t voli. m i C ii afortmnt of Iaw, Medical ScltO'i c 1 1m llinearl Rooksc, Now· e. f. LtaaPtmar, English Tnd Ugh an ·Id (creek. EJOHNS Zr coo , _C lanrihal and Common ole. 00r. Utlnrteo and Common ste. Fr Ie.Amrcent and cure of te Fever and A..e. " T w' ,q readiy diy .vered herein the Tonaie Mi. 1 te fretotI t tthe ordinarv made of treating the N un. In the first plarce. bng n Vege n...,. re free omti any deleterious and pnison e05 tg it inty loe taken with the titmonl safe y een h ender inft, or agted invalid. It pre Vetas rels henfe dioeare,conseqentilv the constitilt tion ooon regains its wonted teen and nat"sitv. It etlab ihel untoal and permanenpitteit, by invi orAinef e.lmneeach,and gives a reislt to thie enjioytnents oftaote. Seina peeaulr in Ilavng a purgattre quality, it remains nMoutin the lmwels t incrase this dis nrder, or to create other disease., hot tmriolghly cleannse the reveral or gans of digesntio., id thLis bhet,etos thel stem Rwit w.nteser olhe., RactiLl it tIoly te. oprelssed. |mdlvidanle, afiler tile tre iftime Tols Mithitlre, have been exposed to alo tohe utienl canuo of tile disease, and haveeootaed say evnptllns uof retllro: whereas Iy the eousnfthcmontem remedtie, thenr is always crea ted an inureaced liability to recurrenee. 'lite danger effrequenftel ,o the AgiIe is very evildrnl, for 'the vstem will ann bheronme too muell iermitate to ~e asle t react with lyeiluine, and lmedily fall a vie wth. M -uch ionenent oiile;tce bThe Tonic Misture is hereda at e.ho a reasonable price, to place it nilttin the reach of eslre one-so that oti. ioer anti detitote are h.erety Fnmiateed with assistanlce, withot soliciting the aid'and anelnl.rcr whticrst frequently denied to haem. or omin tare reluctantly bestowed. i Tim puJillse are.pectlc ~nsutloned against the spu It i ipreprepa resi y Dr. Jon R. Rowind, at his 1Lahonrort-, r lnrkbetatrt.e,l'hltlndclpbi a. Tihe lctrilr ers are the wl lentle asentat for tie Someth Western ..rein and will sell by tie crase, at she Philadelpthia prices. io tie had at retail ele, at msast ,ftha Aipodscari .l il the city. JAIVhIS & ANDdREWS, Wholesale I)rgglsts, eorst eor Comnn, . r& i'hopitotnoe s Misransippi alnd Louisiana Hotelt, MRS. MAtY KIIIRLAND respectfully an. iounces to lhei friends and the public gone. allpithatahet is Iseuyred to accommodate them at h ee n et' lbstea gilmncnt, and hopes frntn her nxortionoto cnodr visitors comfortnblo, to recoive a continuance of Ctorre favors. She foels confi. dent that pormons visitiog CoviMgiPn during tile nmmnr meat.hoe.eantmt find bettrr accommodations than she can aedord them, on more liboral termns. fler house o pleasantly situated, andti well spplicd with every eonvenince; thle bar is furnished with the most choice tiquors, &c. in sholirt, site promises "Pat nothing shal hbe wanting on her part to give ,itire satisfaction to all who may patrolizo the uiiiasissilpi and Ltuisiaua [oItel. je3 hFleTnaEPttiddoers. ig6d d.having . .tedied under Dr. Scltiidt of Chlrlcston, Sloutl Careline, and Ibr some years his as3istont in tho pracrice o 0f nedicio and surgery, hias the Iutsro te offer Iin prolet:ionai services in this city. Hie assures tn ladies and gentlemen that. the mort ,prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to ths holders ofslavos, being well acquainted with the diseaeecostnmon to theom, having atltended them in the tagar lmam in Charleston. The famous anti bilious pills alter the composetition .a ProfeearSmr. llese, with directions, can be had of the undereigaed. Titoe effect which they have produced is this and otiher cities, hau been attended with the greatest success, to which the bent of teflerenees can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. aie street. JNO. M'LORING. HOLL.OW WAIE, WOOD YSCREWS, SAD IRONS, &e. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beekman street, Now York, have received the past seans, as d are cornstantly weceiving large and extensivo additions to the stock -f theim above goods, which now consists of tih allowing usortmsent, suitable for the southern and weatern markets. olilow ware of superior quality, consisting el abeat 1500 tons, viz, Pote ol'2 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallos., Kettles, 15 sinze, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettloe, 15 sizes, frota 3:8 to 18 gallons, tBakeps.. or. k ens, 7 dlfferent sie.,. Tea Kettles, 6 do Skilletse, . 5 do Flst8piders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orsdle, - . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 do Wagon heboxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screwe, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from :O inchlt, No. 3 te 3:9 iiclh, No, 24 of a superior qtility and finishl ad lose than Jame's imported griem. Sad Irone, assorted, in csmks of about 500 Ihe for retniling. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, nassorted. Seas weights, 100 tons, assorted froth 1 4.4 to S1bhe. SeBolls for PIlntations, steamboats, ehurches, &e. soade to order, Also stestahmboeats and ether machinery made to order. The beoe assortment of goods is particularly reeosnmendod to thtf attoention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low pries, and spon the most liberal terms ; it it be. imeved to be tim largost and best assortment ever offered for sale bsy i one establishment in tihe United States. Merchants, by lorwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'ed circulaor, with description of goods, priesantd terms, from which no deviation is ever emade, furnished by return of oail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New Yurk, 1838. .,3 jnOM3oU3lT NOR Gor.eJv. new Orle.nna, .iev.1 14, 7. A BOI.T six months ago I had the misfortune to get a secret diseatse, for which I have applied to seere oaldcttern fora cure, and they did not cure tle. so now on the above date I tut myself undler the eats of I)octol Himt, and I expecat Iim to cure mn. iSinee that time the disense got worse, so as to break out in large ulcera to the nunber of six or eight on ea h leg, and all over my face, anti ore throat, and not able to work at he present tih On oaccount of the disease; large nIcer on eight side of the thrat. I am non putting omyself ea.fhiently under tlh care of Dr. lIuet, of Paris, to be perfectly cured JOHN DEAN. I RDO CERTIFY that the above tnenttoned disease is qtuite well cured to my o wn satisfactionm, fr which I thank Itr. linet; and imreover Ir assire that the medi. eire I have takeo rukets tile at, and lid not inttre tiy senlth at all; thereftre I advise my f Ilow sunlferersa toi lons no time and allly to I)r A. Huet, 124 Canal emaet, between Dalulhe', ard llBoulrblon streets. lr. Hlit is al homne from 9 o'clrcl, A M, until 4 P M. T7y will find a true doe to r tills conlploirt. JOiIN I)I:AN..10 Graviter street. If any one wants to se me, call at Nr. 41t (iravioa JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. FebI, 18l38. feh 14 ly -ilt einui ln5adia itHalatn of LiverweutL ttld Hore . hound, is pat up in bottlne at tha low price of so cats each,e containtig the strength of three ounces of Liverwort, hetni lea the ilrtues n tony other roots and herbe known among tthe Indians aselicacious in curing pnloeaoey aomplamtts. 'he a t i*valled success which liasattended the use of this inestimable aaitao wherever it has been intro ducel. has obtained the confidence and reeonm rnda. ina. of reoectahle physicians, for the cure of coughs, eldW, pa in the aide, want of rest, spitting or blood, Pfver cotplnint, &ir. To whom it may concern. This in to certify that we hwe in oar practiea freuentliy prescribed Mrs Hiard. aer's Indiad Balsam no fLierwort a d lHorhound, with Sdeeidgdgood effect: we can therefore, fronm the know Ida of the materials it is made from. anid cboervrlno r00 imunru, eeommend it ao a superie- prearatlion i~Jf those anctlons of the lungs ftr which .t is re 5boa d AI.DERFP WI5LI A~l, M. D. CALVIN ELI.S M. I). Membe.o of the Boston Medical Association. S1Obr JARVIS & AN)RiEWS, mil n n9tr ta i fPota sitllotas sts 'EAR'S Siene of Penmaenahip received, and I t ale at their permanent Writing Aeuademiea O san gsereet, Neow Orleans, l8t lDttndway doge, [},pbittn at., Mobile. Jinlar I for private learners, and s tatstao le tfard tperseas ofall are. nmitmemleren are invited to call na examine ' Me.'a essna. at strh hnlose ae may sIit thr et.e "eol atl, and to claas, formnned in any pant ri. nprefer Itran receive lesone, at their own ref trbetvmrs - fro t. . n t tof* 1 .eeomnar desirad Satssad until t.'y arite·., etll Rthey wlt.h. Iat I):I. 3lF..t 'I& tl tTIIl.. r ··· t S`IlMOIa IIIARI.r & CO, are.ow receivlntlro" U o baoud .hip Orlan sn agle, Highlander, taoker Itry Andrew, PFreach and Geman mrla cards; Backl ammon Boards; Chensmm, 1-4 and '.J.i elch nil r.t Balls; ,.9, 10 and 1 lnaht blade Bowie Knive; Leather other raellil DresinOg Cansm Belt:. s he 'anked, Woaem un'as and uaelnlin Pisols; deble and CI i inle harrelled Gnans; Game Balls; Shot Belts; Powder Pi and Pistol Flasks; Dram Bottles and Drinking Cops; ori Prrefrnion Cape and Can Holders; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; I Ind Neail Brushes; Orris and Chlorine Tooth Wash' pet Tooth Powder: Toilet and Shaving Soaps, in great vna /io 'rictt long Hair Braids, Ringlets and Friaetter, Pearl e and Toilet Powder, Enyery an; Ivory Tuh Cshion st n Patent Slden or Garter. Goam Elasttic Sutpendemn; /w Powder Ptnflt and Boxes; btt Cslainn, Serl and Keys; net ar-drmpsli Waist Bnckla: Brmeeleto; Bead Necklaces eo and Chains; Gilt and Silvered Beads; Indian beads, fit aetll and Plumes; Shell Twist- Side and Dreosint Combns;wL wh,in addition It theirformer stock on hando, p makes their asorhthent very complete, and will e ehol a oww end pnlibeal terms, at the line of the Golden Caotb. 125-ef 70 Chartres steet. n T iHE Nubertre, Agents for the extensive hatse of W. & S. Botcher, Shemleld, Enrland, have juct Cl eceivnd a very extenoive sot of t O.a tn, consirtior of rTable n Da esoert Knives orf e delaription, Pen, 3 Packet, Dirk, nod Spear point Anlves; Rezors, Seas saNo. Edgr Tools, &r. &c. &c. wltich they amr precl ed oexhibit to thetleatrn rdrer. Terms and condiions d will be mad' known nt the time. tli J. I). BEIN & A COHN.S90 Common st. 1 NEW GO)X11S. SIMMONS HARTT & CO.--Ae now recesiY. g i ship Huntville, Eagle, Merry Amndew Hich-E ntler, Frnch wl German double In playingcl as: ster, helt amd pocket istols plain, rilbed and split el aOnsio caps; capn hldren; toisr'rl, Razors, oier. Yest (illot's etommerelal ndl other steel pens; ViIm nas Violin strioges shell, ivory snd horn enmhs; wafersn Is kl head and leatler punseea heir laisls, frm; atd oakringlces negro pll's; Genac anit French cologne t, -ater. Rowlars maoeslwet oil, imitation dot antiquel sad bern olt portable ilekr and dressling eises: post blackig;l stai nd toilet ileanes; convex mirrors op- I eal ghRses anl views; nlrli ann hds, bells and llnesO; a h onleo ni whit- twinei; ollet and shrvilng soop; toilet1 aowder, ensetie wmsh bhllls senIed satin etlslions; pool sansls; screw cllllioOl; ftaney betl e aainos stl nenklaces; hilliard hells; poaket hooks and wallets; Geroman hoales; .n.o op; fiane and commoon gtrm a lntio enspelners, garterld; Bells luciolr matcheo; nil nor pencils; Creyros, "oe. d&e. The ahove in tdlition to our former staok of faoey Srtioles, makes oltne inrimenp t verve smpleter. For stle Swlmlole or retell; as the sig; of the Golden aomk, 70 eChartrenstrceet m21P . N O'rlCE--The partnershipof Kelley, Ilsnn &Co I . of New Orlean ; Mason, trris &tie., of Natschez; sntd Harris, Kelley &Co., f Rodnlet, wase disslved on heollr of May last, by the death of Samuel A Mason, Sme of l'the pnnrtner ol tloe fires. a The undersigned, urvivg prtn, will erwllcrged Swiththe nettling ond closing osid ltsinres ars fllows: or Levi C Harris will attend to tim settling of the business tn of Msaon;, Harris& Co.. r1t Natchez; and Hiarric Kel c l ev & Co.,at Ronev; and Ilonry Kelley will attend to is e settliog oftha bl'sines, ofKolley, Moson & Co., at ill New Orleans. The names of the several firms will be Susned in liqnidation'only. g Those indebted to said firmo are enmertly requested to ocome forward and make early settlementr; and those having eluims will Please rcrselt them without delay. uLEVI C IIARRIS, d I ENRYKELLEY. New Orleans, June o27,1837. "II I :AN MAlt|F, FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER Is s 2 eae.a mere of this superior Cologlle water. jest received and for sale by tie dozen or ningle lottlR.- at Also American nld Irench toilet psiwders, powder ;tlffs ard Ihxee, shaaiug atd toilet soaps, eosoetie wa.i bHlls, illilk of roo s, eosletlie cold crean, extr ec o micsk, kephlahn, Ward's vegetable hair oil, ponaltuni;, Ircl;ne de persP, Florida. laVelldr, ror e anti bils watersc I'resraa es alts, Marseilles perlifmrry ins trnske. Vefeta blle r Aliquid roe:e, Chlorine alld Orris tooth waslh, clotlh,hair, tsooth, ail ansl flesh !lrl;hes" together with sn. as dditional lupply of feahionnble IMorli and shell or. combs lnd jewelry,lor ale low at wholsaCle or retail at by SIMMONS, IAR'I'T &lCO, er jtl!yei 71 tohnrtren street. vO COAL-The asbserihbers Inve ronstiltnly on fi. hand a large supply oi Cnannl and Livrerposl coal, 'o in bulk. 5f soperilr quality, which thley eiler for us Bla in lota to suit purchnsrs. Dt. Also expected byh tilhe first arrivals fr;m E.11 ind lnsnd nd thie Nsrtlh, Cnc-Il. Le:hiElh and Peclh ill Mullntnin Coal,, braken and screened, pus up is sen Issgsheadn plrrresly for lotily tya--ill of whileh ive they will dispose of on the ostt mo lerate termms tie Orders left at their officer, Ni. 53 Bienville st I up stairs. will be promptly atiendedlto. ,9el 3 B. & A ROUIsIE. on tIosissi hhsi'rr P, rlurtiery, &n.--A a."... articlssof cologne, pat up lot the retail ,o trade; also the purest F ench Perleamery, rmbro y. cing every variety tor the ltilos, fr mile by nut -Cl 2 REEf- & D'LANt. icin the 'is Conllltry i|elecllals anati Planters. the Negro elotslit, blankete, flannelh, lnseys, lowell in ehirtiunr, ceeks, linens. ealienes, hantdkerchiefs, &c &csreccived and laor sale low by the sllbari. ion be:a. ROT'l'A & Co. oad Oct. corner Caanal and Chartreas , led L IV Glelra's Perfumesrie. of Indian Dye, for coloring lihe llar ; Bear's Oil, go. Rssnenno bear's ureesr, pautaslnm, Mlshna,'s Fre, cle Waosh, superior pearl powdler, hip w hlite, crens sf rusles, vegesable-ruuge, also of' rllSla, lip salve, kreussle tooth washn, carboni deanlrilice, orange Y sflower water, powder puffs and bIxer, A sssrisan rk clharcoal, neatly put til in tour ounce viale, Pres. k t,,n slls, eolonle, kreosula tsh,,,h shoc drops, hair ly brshesl , E. lish dressing cossso, Ilndian hair oil, k , ith a variety of other perluma riet, &:. For sale tho y C. J. I'RINCIIARD, ad oct 3 corner aol Calsal anod BlllrUO sti IRON ROOFS-The subscribers lhane- pocure at a great expense, the right of putting on iron rolts in lhis city. They are adapted to publh buildings, warehouses, and private dwellings, anti cIulabine at once cheapness and durability, ind are perfectly fire and water proof. Terms mre i.e known, and a model seen at our establishment, opposite St. Mary's market, Tihapitolnn st. no 12 E I CO.ost ElII & Cn UPilOLS'I ERlY & PAI'PER IIANG. NG ST'OltR Henry Sieurecht, (tormerly J. C. Wicks & Cc., aould mest respectfully inform his friends taid the publie in general, lat e has ia and is constant, ly receivinl a general assortment of upholstery ,nl paper .hanain. The follwing comprlses a part of his stack, which he offers for sale at whaolel .ale or retail on the moast naccommdatin8 terms, viz ; French velvet and astin paper, latest style ; do lall caommon slid common, Philadlelphia glazed and unglazed do do, French landscapes, fire iwards, blinds, &c. do velvet and worsted do di, anoreanze do colors, silk fringe and galliiona of all qualities, patterns and pricers, worsted Irings as irlred pattern. plain and color d. Swistnmuslin, latest style plain and olouaed, coltiston drapery anuslinsplain and twilled, as-erred clitra, nea slyleof needle work for sofa cushions, f.oiasnol covers, &c new style of Iell pullers, raised figures and plain, gilt window ornaments of all patterna and sizes, gilt eagles batal and spears, feathers, &c, glass knobs, casters, hair clhth, figured anti plain, a large assortment of toys fIr children: large silk cord and tassels, worsted cord atid ias. sels, a general assortment of upholstero anid paper iiahgingr, constantly on hand and fo sale at the lowest prices at Nos 41 Royal and 64 Custom louse tas. N B.-Persons in the city or from the country, are respecifully invited to sail and rxamtne ior ihemselves. Carpets and eurtins made in the latest modern style, roorn prepared at the slart eat notice, and all kinds of upholdeatery work done wiih neatsess and despatch. oct 3 L .t EIAUUR, Nu 54 Coude street, betweenc Dumain and Si Philip, keeps constantly on hand an extensive assortment of boots and brogans, and hoes, of New York manufacture, lir men, womenn and children of all aree, which ha will dispose of at very moderate prices. Famsilies of his at q iintanee on sending an order will have their wishes attended 't L S SI.-OUR DEAFNESS. A NEW article for iersons trouled with dean , (called abe Ear 'Truinpel,) has just been received, byv the use of which, the siglitest arteunlation ofithe hu man voice is dismllntv conveyed to the oar. Any one who Ihas ever neen abilgd nto eontvcrsa with a vecry; dce preron, must be folly seniuhle of tha dilliculty atid va barraasment experimtcd tlOlth by tilnselves and tile iel dividualsa so uniirtullatolv aflicted. ly tile unse ul" tis Ear Trumpet this objection is entirely obviated. The most sceptical have al ayse a. nndoid theirdoubt aliter havning ued thlw Trumnl. For sale at PT GUION'S, Fancy stonrenorcner f Cmato and St Ckarles streets nsloer hr, nsh tlln lIotel. fe 13I S PERM OI--1500 g slins pure winter d Q Sperm Oil, in caseks and bIhls, for sale lv JAIRVIS & ANDI.EWS, Whulesaln Drugg tas, corner inamen and Tl'cllap lan street r n mr 13 A HI E LEA-h khbls, I Ibhe each; 41 kegs, I00 t a 201) do 25 rn;lish do-51.4 bbls. 400 - 1I1 'asutt ltruae, vaurious sizes; I a.e Vermnilli i; Sbhlls Copal Varnish; 2 " Japan I " Coach " 20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; 101l do Dutch Metal. WINDOW GLASSi Amerivan, Es alish and French 1400 bones, varnous ads sal qualiliens. B oton arown do.--400 boxesrcosignmsert, will be sol low. Also, a general sesortment of artistC' edotes and £ ala, for sale by A W SCA' Ed, No 18 Canal street. Nm R. Alatma sa tes taken at p . atnd Mississippi notes will ti meelv.ld at 10 percent discoant fer goods, or in p.dyment ofdebta. j I Iw LO)UIt--30W adlg fr a stelamenr adepelmnd F'oa, 44 Newn Lanes E'lnersa's Mlnor SlrOll-n-Thalee eassa of thl enuinsa artinle, j,,t received by ,'t 3. R ES " & D'LANG, 18 Ca-vp et ttisort RI.--.i ..1 clils i.tasi. . sart e roia pe, made Ill at hemp. in atnare, aid tar rale by 1, :l :;O:;I',. l & IIAWTIIO!IN. 631 firivier at BOOK BINItDRY. Under the Pcayune O fice,?! Comp Nt. BRONS 11A '& HOWSON bet ltae'te inftre n their customers and the publie gneeralltiiat f they have removed their estabhlthment i tNo.7 tr C mp street, i pltediately under the olire of the ricavnse-where they are prepared to Ieeule all orlers*ist their line. Hvring received from the North a supply of pa. per and materials of a superior qtatity, for the manufactlure of Blank Books, they offer their sers vices nto merchants-and others, who may wish is work of that kind ; and having the advaptage of wi several yaras's experience in that linem they are J eonfident of tiving satisfaction to those who may a fvor them with their custom. oi For anotries, architects and others, maps and na plane will be pasted on linen. varnished and mounted in the neatost manner, ast the shortest Il r oife,e. Plain and fanev hirlndin, in all ite v.rietie;s pt. it CHINA C:L aoova E .itsoa..G ..n.o. .aan. if 36 Charree airret, New Orleans. T, I SERGEANT & Co. importers of Frenoch W nail Knolish China and Earthen ware. are 0 0 0no. opening new sid rich patterns of breakfast, s dining and tea services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea :n I ciffre cups, teaptes, sugars, creams, bowler, - latie, diohes, tureeos, wash basins ani sware, loot baihs, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and American glass. ware-eoblets, champaignes, lemonades, jellies, t clares, oa ines, cordials, centre howles, doeunterss. , tumblers, preserve dshes,celeries,pitchers, lamps, . Ititp shade and glasses, candle shadoes, salt eel- t lers, etc. l Slver plated, bronzed and britania wares--eas I e tors, liquor stands, cake hebkets, candlreticksn e hranc:hes, s,icnse, tiles, coffee and teahptttss ugars. t creams. lmps, japanned trays, natral slands,and R- hanging Iianpt, fin' cutlery, German silver spons tI and Iorkn, together with a ereat variety of artcles et lir famitly use. Mlerehants, planters, hotels, and stealbnals, furnished wth goods at the most reat o llllble prices, and parked sn as to be conveyed Swith safety ti any part ol the coun ry. i- AIs. anethrenrires l*gawalre. novS THE FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to Augusta,Ge. , leaves Mobil,' every day at three o'klock. p m per U 8 mail host u for lHall's Lndie, above Blakely.-~hence four ep; ,ret conches to Pensaooln-thenc asteamboats to on Lngrne, where the land route is resumed-thence tn, van Marianon and lBrtiwnsville, Fla. Beinbtidge, Piidertown, I ,wkineville. Snundereville & Litles. vd villetoAuguloa, Go, connecting regularly with vs: the rail road cars to Charleston, and the steam epackeisto Now York, Nortolk, Pttiladelphia, etc. ITo te steamnboats are the best for the service, and tthe niviration presents nlere advantages than can b lie tfound upon any steamboat route in the etuth. ere regio.. ted The great improvements in the route have been one proiluced by theconstruction of fiftv milesof new icY. road, by the prcprietors, viz : from 'LaGrange on LnFayinte e rayiou, an arm of Santa Rosa Bty, to Bryant's Ferry, on the Chatnahotchee river, ten a tilt a abhve thi Ciowlnrd, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, FR wlereby the navination of the river, and the con at sainent detentions, and mtre recently the incon der vciient ,crnosiig at the Cowfrdi, ore entirely ab tvoided, and a fine roid from Marianna direct to tit Binbridge, ilislead at the roundahout rod via iti, ChItohboochee, lesstcni.g the distance about forty ere, Imiles, and increasing lite facilities more than eta- once a day. AIbo, a branch line of two horse stages every Sother day fioml IIwkinsville, via Perry to Maeon, til Ga. conneccting wilh the line to Savannah and Danrien, Geo. t. A mlnil slennmont tlies regularly be'ween Bilintidge and Apalielhicolo. Travellrrs wishii.g to reach any point on Chaltahoochee or Apalachi oela, icn take steomnbool at Brownsville. for Mobile to Pensiocla-Lund Rouwe-During the lime oiccupied lb the rpairs if bau's, the proprie. lt iri oif Ihv Fli.rida line will lun a line of onur i' hlrse pnt coanches every oiliher day between Mu. i il teleaid Pensacola. u Psser.uers will leave Mhbile at 3 o',clke, p n, i'" il the U S mail boat, and proceed to Hull's Lnand at ino, where a lour horse claeh will Is In waiting to convey them to the excellent house of Mr. Charles Iall, I 1 4 mile distant, where they will find ileasant accomn odlaions for ihe night-leaving il, next mlorning, they will arrive in Peonsacl early Sin the evenlng, thus avoiding the disceomlort oul night travelling. Office at he Mansion lHouse, Mobile, and Col. lins' aotelb, where seats muast be secu red. STUCI'KTON & Co. ncr I well ef, i Piane Forte Iaotruetion. S William Smith tenders his srvtces to the cili, zens of New Orleoas as t teacher of the pianut , fore. Mr b having been eoployed several years isen teacher of music ill private families in B ston, and also at several of the female eollinaries in its Oil, iillity, catlnlll but hiople tI merit Iheirconfidence. fre, Hi is permitted i, refer to Rev Dr Cl,.pp, Measts tm, Stelson & Avery, Hlendersln A& Geaites. Ive, For termls, &c please apply at tile bookstore of nge Alcxander T,,wer.49 Cimp et ect 2 Ivan res. Drugs and .lfedict'er. hair J B Prevost ha. la'ted imselt in this eity for oil, the purpose of iranactliilg a general Wholesale sle Drug bhuiness. lie is now receiving a full supply a, Ifresh and genuine artitles, which he will sell rs on liberlrerms To city drurgitr, and hose of the interior, til physicians, mleri hunts and planters, he will filer indtcen:eents such as have never be. i fn lore been iffared In this cilt. His intention is to itd doi a strictly leIilimnie business. Ifs stock will Ssoon be complete, find in a few weeks will he rea. and ly lfr business. All orders fram the country, and na from inerchants of a in city, receiving such orders ei, will be proniptly antended to. S n" t 2 No39Camp t PROSPECTUS. TIlE subseriber p-oposes to publish. in the be. ginning of the ensuing winter, a Condensation r f the Iwenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martin' Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in four volumeso. ho., according to tha model of Peters' Conueosed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Esq , of this city, assisted by William F Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and, by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their personal supervision all the advantage which may naturally be r.aoped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more ne cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani feet, in the other states of the Union, In reference to the pecnularjurisprudence of Lou.siana; and the circumstance of tile numerous prinoiples here de. cided in the adjustment of conflits of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of prime uti. lity to the jurists of the whole Union. Moreovel, the rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, and thus there isn reaotdemenad for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient i ote., indicating the parallel cases decided in LouisianU, and occasionally those In the more authoritative forums of the other States, wit. no added to each case. The work will form four volumes, royal octavo. and will be delivered, bound, to subscr.hers at 16 per vol.; in case it shoullI be found practicable to compress it into three volumes, the p.iee to sun. seribers will be $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by W'1° McKEAN, jeS cor Camp and Common sta. W. HOLESALE AND RETAIILCOMB AND VA RIET'lY tORE--at the sign of the golden comb, Mo70 Chartres steert. The sulmcrilberse have re ceived, in addition to theirprevious stcnk an hand,a full and complete nasorltcent of articles in their line; via: conlb, ierlnecerv, Jcwellrv, brushes, locking glasses, felco v rticl.s, &1.," c, lotinei in part us follows: 'OhMlS--tortoise shell, wrought and plain uek,twist, quilled back, long round, dressing, aids puff, curland neck, lltzilial ciomb of every description amongst which are someu Mexican putters, Ivory combs of every daseription, lorn, droesin" and packet, togeller with a gneral nc.ortcclntofFrnab hand American. l'EIRIFUM ERtY-Cologne, laveiler, Flnrido, honey, hay, rose, and orance lower wafers of every size and des crlption, camnphorated Cologne, extract of llrgancmer tansy soaps l'all kindl , obaving do in cakes and pots, ereoc soapj do, WVard's ve-etable hair oil, bears and an. ctnodK. IrNstai's smedlling aito, plain and perfumed tolet pocwder, pearl pcvdecr, pow terpuffs and boaca po ,atun, in porl and rolls, rns and chlorine tooth wash and powdesn, with a general aeortmcnt of Jp.WlEL.RY-iso me ofthe latest cnld most fashlioa. ie seots, censisting of white and red cornelian, tope At jet calrdrpe, set in filagree, breast cinu ofa grano ce. ty of patterns, watch trmmmicins, gilt and sler .salklea, nileer tlhindes, silver and ohld pc eils and guard chains BItUSIIES--Cloth, , Iuir, dost. tg,crumbhearthloor, lat, flesh, toth, pllate, conmb, Nail, shaving, shoe and wbhtewash brushes. LOOKINiG (LASSES-Gemlran satia Iid toilet gls, agnifyg and French dressing glasses, Ilmn do, with n varii of oter kinls not enumesnted. 'FANCY AND) VARIETY AIITICLES-French and Amenrican portable deks and dressing cases, some ery rich ld finily ilinshed Indies work bxesanddres. osig caoes with and without music, musical boxes, Ac cordias o Ivaious kinds, violins and luitars, silver and plated pencil and lemlswood pencils far earpentem end ciuyonc,nmutle clucca,gccanad pistols with and without eases, pereueion calps. pureaesion cap chargenslmipple senrwdrivers, shot belt., come hags paste blitekng toy tea seets, Indiun beclds ofevecry kmd, bells and plumes, ticeand ecomnoun knives, racri end scisomrs, tcimbles, ieedles, pins, silver pltccd, steel and commmo spects. clen, pocket books and walleto o various kinds, vsitiLng curds aOnd card caises, playing cards of French, iereIan and American nmnuacturce, dolls, imitation frcitio boxes, prtls of various kinds, Saunders' PCsofmh . Emcc.rsmn'c, lHilhlan's and Hawkic's raser iepe imnd metallic hlones, dirks, fancy bead necklege, do with ,rr dmpstoy watehes, nmarl buttone powdir~sta, eel utud plain seed beads, gilt aluwiler ?g mtOlmaIe. dsr, and galrem, ldaein a n sword ecanote IseJ~ boards, dice, optica le rieanuea, jewshpspn lee~i..s h ecccodl driskicg ecps with a great wietouthernti leas, all sfoehs h will he soId fee csh ec accepoe. ceson IS month credit. B IH SRSdL , co. d4 70oJCmrmc. IdOlS' Medlicl Hl,ic,ke-loulcnn Pl,hcesi: do. e e hlc'lrlellicg. n ,coe cupplyemac'd by ret arowltt'A. , r, lop iTE IN"tl*' ItANACI.A. thamreofmhmrhtie ali..a.lmot kingmevll,gout, 0 r sade or hip hlstt in ieont ainers, salt rheum, lil rt med a tee sdisma, pmtioulay unlaers annd l e n plnotalfetions of the baooi, udeeratedlthreiatm rd mno. telbs, nleer of ever desrptlon, ofever sores, al interal .ay nhnnmseo, fatls, piles, nmbi head, Mary, bies, chre .it i nlhare eyeslnrvllelollarbidwa, admi eery variyofes- 1" t-eon dAention., ehrouie (.aonr.h, had anhe proceeti- all. ing from any aird hum.r, lain inthe astosne and dYly TI pepsin prooding fromvaortion, aftilnsof the lin.., e-i. hroa ionflammtion ofthe kidneys, and gener debhil'-i. I n isis nlrholarlyeia ous Irenovati.t those constitutions fii whi.hhave been broken fiown by iojudicinu treatment, ,uite juvesileirreglurtle. In gneral trm, it is reaso.- ,n' aendeid sn all thoediaseas whieharime from implrities "g'. of the blood,' or initiation of the humors, of wltatever il name or kind. ls Some i the sove eomplaintsomay reqoire mne tri- I pr -in asistanm applia.etloo, which theooromeanmeen of the tam ase will dielt-i but for gloaerlemedy or Parifiieunor I to remmetheanme, the INUIAN'S PANACEA will 'eln generlly be fonmd TO THE PUBLIC. In I Howtrueit is, that modern Physeiais, m theam- am of Hition toeald in their rofessnnion explore the vast felds icho of eience by the aid ofehemiat , and seek out new treo- i mediYal agi; ilshort, to mrrive at perfection in the ly p n.tie y means of a mt lone,--ntirely overlook and hea orlo of medicine, which the Almightly hba caused to tab spring out ofthe earth in every clime! Aoi how muech C anme ntoe inithat whilethe Americn Phyician looks to' to foreigncountriesfor ninny of his moot common and ite oneasary ntitles, peeptally angig antbey are. at At " themirwesialfasilonomfslly, he in rnmodlel in his J. own eontry with., endlsmpofon of memlial plants, otI aNllleilot to answer any i in disease or to curei C any cunabledintderalatl! et he in igorarmt of tleir v.I- this to, and they are uedto 'wautetheirheatling on the mI desert air.' The r ofvegetable medicin upon the ystem are t an --thoe or minerilallang. 'The former ex- I rtheirfeets lam nd l of--the latter, merenry in par- by tieular, act ehemclally upon the solids, deeomlosing the bones and underminlolng the constitution by a slow d al onre deatrooins. I The e-eniollity, eleney and SlAFETY ofregel.a d ble remedies aver mineal, may oe estimated byeontrast- t ingtheaoeientpraetlie withtbesmodern or, tobring it mmoreimmediately nder our owi observtion, thu IIoHli an mletk with thnt of the whites- Who, in America, Ia annoeknownerheard of repeated instances whereindo sose denrepid, uniletending female Ilisn, hy menus of en Shero sslde remelies slone bh afneted the most rapal .h, ondlastoishiln cses, after the Mateira Medlie of the s f-mmon .wete directed in the most skilful nunner, It huer foiledt And who hns not been urprsed at the om parativeasaeandfaolity with which the lndianfreeshim gself arom an disease, andi at the almost tota ahstinence r ofchronicedeseaseamng themt Who has vet hleard It si ofan Indhm with a onsmtitution broken and rolined by a. ih illtreatent? And enm a doubtelist that this heppy ex I emption of the ravage from most of the ills which the . fleshofuman in heir to, is ohieflyowitt o nimore gaein id and safe remedies whibch he employs. This astonish n ig difference in secess, is a fair exemldifiation of the h. infinte superiority of the simple and safe mans of cure i which God has created for the bhneri of his ehildrml, n overthosewhich the pride and the art of man have in vented. From a long rcadence among a portion ofthe alorigin n alinhabitantof thiseonntry, andan intimate aoquan pi o tance with the methods of eure of some of their most n. n successful prectitioners, the proprietor of 'The Indian's if, llneae,'oei"redl k knoowledlge of sne of the mosat p" lowerful aid favoriteremtedies, From these he selected suelh as were most emlaeiousand lnppropriatea, and alter a ly various exrlimets I test thelir rinciple s nd strength, 'cit ie hascombined them ist the form here presented, as the ri most per, et and beneflcial or the purpose for which it ty inreommeloe.L i an 'he proprietor ofontlthi preparation to tile public, e, with the eonscioune dait he ishlitlleg withintheir sea, I a remedy capable ofrelieving many of his afniceted fel ty low beings, who ar suiferillg under the various chronie s adld obstinate complaints to which it is applicable. To such it will prove of incalellllle valve, as the means, and in many eases, the only meansofrelievingtheirMsufi "n trinlgs antl retoring them once no e alth and h aealth l lp U pines. Tlis is nloot olfered as comtton remedy, that i- may per lhaece be eqluolly good with many others now ill se, but as one which is capable of saving life inaitoly e extreme oaseslwhiich al ithe untOllu remetliesfadl. Thiast I . ls done reletedmly; ant Utis is the reoutation ithasole 'on toied whlerever ithan been introducedi. i t- It is onlynboutthree yearsinoethlispreparatioon was r presented to the public: but ill thit short siace of trie, h mlome htIIIIIIIs of iermonsmlight beoundl, win woulti dsolemnly declare that they believed that their lives were t raved by it, al i most asesater they hliad tried many I O and eriaps all the common remedies in vain. Wher ever it is known it israpidly cotiag into use, and this t ad lfrdsthemost substantiatland convincing proof of it ig merits. •iy The value of the Panacea i most conspicuoul in those f long standing antid syphilitic and scrofulous o.ctioinst whleh love defiedallll other re.nedies, and particularly ol. in those cases where mernury has been so lavisl.y used v as to calle distressintg iins in the bones, iMlel, ellren rial uleers, derangement of the digestive organs,- die. These it completely rmoves, ndl to all cases it entilr ly eradicates the diseases anl efliets of mercury, reno. I lil votesthe constitutionI, ant leave.the patient soundd mid n no well. Ill rh umotis aill ill uleel-vtel sore tillrot, its hape i lpyeecls te not leas apirent,givig almost immue 0 diatereiief is Taken in propr doses, thelldiant's Plancen olerates asan alternative and ietergelltt a tdiaphlretic, dlilrtic, siand dlahatives, an allt-sta lie aind anodynte; landl ill iroper easels, uson i uu ahnl d emmlenugog ue. (:uu.. o ally expressed, iilllnceases.all tie secretautiol and ex ore tiont, gives tone to the sttomach, and excites action ill thle gllands il a ticeulttr loaller. Fro a these priltei-. plea itsolerations nmay lie umlerstnod. Tl'isomedicine hie been foundm ighly usefil in many for ambiguoo.s diseases not here specified, and it lias bceu sli nsed with wonderful sumeess as a Springa and a Fall P g rifler, bythose whoure aubjectmrtocomnluo s oftileebcest, sell and whose matltitutliuorequire new vigor. Such per mof cos will do well to use t vo or three bottlesits small do ses. Whenever a diet think is conside-red neceasary, e this PIanacea, taken in a small dose; will answer all its I0. rsoes, in mnch less time, at les expeose, aol in a armore agreeablhe ionuer than the oommon diet liniik.I ill . The following certifitetes, out of hundreds simlilar, 'e. which might be proeuredl, are given to show ll effect of d the oidlon's PaIIIIt in tile various compilain ts iieren leta tuentiasediod almotoeLxhibit ill the most saltitelaory manner its superirily over tile syrups in colmonll se. CASES bF IRHEUtIA'lISIM. CUntUasLro, Nov. 15, 1832. During the last winter ando slring, I was afflicted with e. a very severe and distresiiog rI umatism, occasioned Iy expmsure inu al weather. I now tokegreut ipleasre in of ntatiig, lhat six hotties ofl the Iodlian's ianoe, restored ar me to Iedeta health, ad I confidently recommend it to ora all similarly afflictd.l JOHN FERGUSON, King st. CHnLaaIeOx, Mlarch 27, 1839. on was seized bout threeyears since, with asdistressilg F rheumatism, caunse by taking o severe coldl, while under y a theinfluencef meosury, and which has disabledI r art, om busnilel nearl ever niece. I)urillg lIis Iriod om have bet n a iatient t ile Marine Hoqlital, ill tiis eit ich upwnrdlt fotur molths, andti nearly tihe same lengthi . time in the bIttimore Iospital, amnl tried almost ever no. remedy, with little benep+. Ott the 16th of lkebrilar ire last, at that lime arely aside to move about upoln crtch. es, I commnlencled tle use of Ilian's Planac. In ao n m llth I foumd myself etirel teell from lans, anl or one mow happy to state thail omstler m y selfp irfecaly well. WtheM. TUCKER, 13 Market . de CAPES OF SCROFULOUS ULCEIIS ba Nw YoIx, Sept. il, 1830. cli. This may certify that in the fll of 185, 1 was seize ret, with a swellinin my meeck ald aeo, which auferwain st, ieented al became Irge ghastly ulcers in my nect. InaAlierntryinlg seerl jyiai so to to mlvantage, I wen to Philadelphls, ani lae ml' er t se r DI)rs. Physnc and Beaeh, when, after releated salivatiolu e tono etff.ect, I was plronouned utterly ineurable. Ather. wards Itook twenty hottlesofSwaim's Puaneutand ei gh bottles of Potter' Cathlolion, with no materiul benetl L)espairing of lite, which hitm now become a burtlon b Sme, I returned to my 1arento in New Yoik, in i8-.h, an 6 gave myseli np to a lngering death. Harig of d oh s Iat SUomets obuie lnt Inditm' Punoces, however, to ma on amihlrtoy ec, lo t toitj itnsulai sn. sort 1m aty great aurprise, as wellu a tisnotion,. roemfond nltyelfealilly renoconog, and ulnon takio evetihotdes. the ulerarsealed ami heesme perfeotl1 well in the course oftwo months, nd have remallied so ever since. I takbe tils sautemntm od wsliit udlisrhed Sfortimn beoefitothn aiIOe I gus oli i ooer siloilur mA mnuiouuornyrltiitiiitienutietions, ni t they mry kitow doe wiothn caretlfate who has smitered every thhli baIt deiath, end who coisider. his life ated by theabove n. WrM. HINHA. ,ConLosroe. July 19, i 31. I was safliiee., four yar with an uler in the leg, no. Scoasimnally a.icomlmniedil with ermyipelatous inloTa tinl Ugt nl exresuive Onili Ii the leg atI noele joint. Sevemi 'ry emioent physiciain exerted theirmkill upil it, hobut with ba nut lernmuneltemneoft. In this nse five bottle Iolloosn' Itnonea mile a Ifet oe t suro. oy, MAitGAIltE A WIEST, 12t Market ea jFor rale Iby HENRY UIONNAIIEL, druggist, ages ot, toi the p opripetorrs, ehotllitlalm stret -- 1 NEW ORLEANS & NASHVILLE RAIL RtoAD) COMPANY. r tHE stlokholaersa of ti company ale herebv no 1 tified that by a resolution of the bIard of direc. lon passed on the 19t1 inst. the call sade on thea om the 13th February last, for the payment of five dollars a share, was recinded, and the said otockhelders are further notified lthat sWH .REAS, by a resolution of this board passed on the 19th inst. a call has been .ade on the stockholders of the New Orleans and Nashville Rail Road Comnpaey for the followingjtaymaets on tit the stoek held repvc. tirvely bythamt vsa:-two dollars per share, payable on tl. first day of Septembernext; two dollars per share payable onlthe first day of Iecoemher neat; and twe doallareper shars payable on the fi st day ef March uxt. Now therefore he it resolved, that the secretary of this company shall notify the share holders therei, through the public pratnof the city, thatin ecunlbrmitr with the sixth hectiog of the ctarter, therare Peratittad tI postpone any iayment eall.d in on the stock nfsaid company for tie tarmoof sixty days, from and alter tle day on which ilt is made payable, with thle exprse cona dition however, that if not regalarly paid within tle said prolongation of sixty days, fron and alrter the day on which it should have v eeta paid, thai then the tol on whir:a said payments should lhave bsenmade,is and a rfeited to the coalapay, the charter on thatn point being imperative. In conformity therefore, to cold call, all stck of the sin said cOlmany, as Sthink proper to pat o tbs ptIymma i oit their steck to theedfthse itfddlirtsisalityidye, which the clrarter allowas them.or uotifed that the paymoent of two daol topnmrdimn animnd fir,and dun Isa the first ofl ap. temherr·o M.RTtybpoatd ed under the sixth nectlou of Nidhrtar, until the 3aet day of Oetoler nes, tlit tbhe pameant o twa ddollars per share called fir, aoad idue on the fstda of December sealt, may be post pould until thei 30ih day of January neolt; nd tie inv masafof two dllars per share callad for al d.tte oa. the 4uedey of March waal, may hbepostposd unatil tha 3lth t Isinuos of the hnr.. jun l2 A IK MeNAHIR. 8es'rv. Witsr.,fmor.le - rsi aIIN II GH4tIlAM. sp16 , otoal College oi" Physleamn, London. itH E original Vegetable Hgeln Universal Melh ` ine, Iel r." by UW Min,t.sq. ]A T t e Rvll Collrge of Suroon, Lieente of Apohe cary's omlna y, Fellow of Bolt Uoirt Society, Surge on i to the Royal Union Pension Auiciation. Lanasuer elm Plare, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' vart anld St. Thl'mlas's tIosptais, Lldon. lTi This vanluable mediene, t result of twenty years' un exllwrinee and onpanrlleled success in the extensive and tonl Idthyl respeltltie practice of the propieltv, aWro- A tuilted liy tie fclSty aM' nility, tlied now iitrataotend i no dte tltiee of the American publie, at tie earnest so liuittion of a number of gentlemen of long and high the siandiag in the profession. It is hoioedl, a p pelimi- one nary step, to cheek the evils and fatal eousequences sit, r atriing from the use of the olmerous and ielesterious ver neslnll n oinsed ll ponthe ilablile y tile aid of fuibricated c1 Sproosof mitlculous eures, and ether frands, by set of ed a merelary, olnpriteepled pretetlerts so totlty ignoant tee r ot meditaii ciete, that it imposihble the moentrant fit coa dlu ottn • any longer go down with the iutelligeat thh peoltleolthiscmntryi. 't hem i rilld, milt andaggrsele evd in their nlture, shoutd Ie kept in every family in cae tail ofsauthen illness, for, by their prompt administration, me Is cholera, cramp, spasmns, fever; sti other larmig p Scomplaints, witilth ton often prove ftlal, may lie pleetli- a Sly cured or prevented. In fact, allit do who value good or el iltshoulhd never be without them. They are soa lur ,i io pocets it 5 cents, $1 tid $2 ach, by evea repee p to taIIle dltlgglsl, thn.kstller, lmt vendorof tnliane is the Uh nited Statest ta Ie tC-anadas, with copious dlretions, in es together with. eastlolmnis of professional ability fraom s. Sthe folltwing emilent gentlemen: Sir Atley iopoer,J of q Allrtrliy, James hlmitell, M. D., W. ISak, i. I., ty is J. Ason Key, A. Frampton, M. D., and numerous e ., tthet The oarigitnl' oleyie seen a powse.eion of the it SGeneral Agent, by wleort the meeitte i iimnported Into tic o- this ruuntry, and to whom all aipldictions Ioragenciese e ustbe elleart. o JNO. t ,IIItF.IN, 1i2 Waverly Place, N. Yo k p re Sole Genteal Agent fir the United States, U. t - For sale by alqtoitttcent of tile origial toltrletor. n- by Swnta U Italrrel, UlruWit, No It Cutl street, vs rig LeaUn Aqlleltfor Slltthee tl Lousanitis. jul v1 ha in atd E ,NItY It LEE U co, No 7 Mnqnlaze street,ar se - r.nw receiving from ships Nashville, Ilnlisville, In It- etelektp, agle, attt other late arrivals ftrm h. at ii ' tl.ert cities, a large and new seleeted asonnrtmet m i- I...lis, Boosn, Shoes and trogans, ail ae, onnittiapl ol'gfeleeui's fine calf and Morocco hmots he ittdo t2di tlily; do bunll", and stout wax peggead heoos a o of .nisn c'liiest; men's fint calf seal said Monroe p tI ll - ian l atil brthogreg buekskl shoesl, hreegmilsm he altpet at mentlia calf and hi kipped t pgged i esatal n ar, ireens; do nbowl; dn floet hip tad wnu peggdli tane -tIs t brargans; genttleen's hest uitusiity alflewtl ahoe, In - IttoRans so Jock I)ownings; do calf amn Morocco ot ie o tisire shoes anld hrogmlS; dlo cnlf, teal aNi Maonnr at td I tdian ocs ae d sliptq. "s, do calf, bulf' an seat wmgs, y la ew article; do litne itf, seat and morocco querter of - eota; Ioys', misses' amt children's (egel and sewed ft e brogans, anld shoeslof every qualitv antd kindt. m a Also a general assnrtment eP nten's stout wa and is .h- t broganls and shoes, together with I0,000 paiar , he gro Iunt lrtality, rnssett brogans, nailed in tit it re I.anks, intlde expressly for plaitation usle a good as. t ta, rtmeti of metll's lie and stout kip russett brgans, a n- w article, and a artge quantity of ant inferior quality it r, asel tnll was blrogmnas. n- Ladies' fine al, seal, morocco and grain welts, anda in. ptmp sole shoes; do fine Feeichll Morocco nlid kid run i o r-Rmed lippers;i do riann shoes, with anld withont heels; I a 1 , etalf, seal und sntu lntleLhr hoteats; do Plnutellai toe ost tI tll kinds nlid qtalities; do lasting li oghn; tt gaiter ted n arlll foed bootees. Mimles' Istinogspring slatesan., I ter gallns. Childelen's colored 3Morteoo and lastintg bI.r i., b1 tinudl boots, ke. he .entlettien's tite fashionble black silk hats; do black a Sit n I drId heaeer do lo a snlprior quality; do imitatitna t rammdo; iroad and ntnrrow riil tiien's flne idrab iIdi lie, l IlA ssiai shlort tllped hats, a new article. YVoths' ia, l:u ;e size hlts of difllerel, qualities; dno children'n. ii Iel- t.uland h.'s hilck etlld drtb wool h tas of various a aie nhtpa with general assortment of boys' and men's n mlo at ens. s nt, 'hs atsosnlent will e relenishetd hby the arrival of reC pIlicketsllronl the inere named cities, all of wich l, n i tillbea old n . neeontiiotling terms,. augl --t1 Ow M ll N'I'AGIUF'S 1y . 1,.1 f OR TIfE TEFETIL. aist r ll'rttlillsli repnttnlion adeollart.tly Inorea.inll n. deilltodtl fnr tlis eii'ei (Inul ren ellv f' poilio ind ire servalive of the teeth, hab induced' Ie ttitberihber nas offer it to the Amelllricn;' public. Arrangemlents han e, bell masde to di tlliiVagent in all the ilimlipid eilio li;h t ntoweiin tie Itlmnitid .itte. sno as to pineit it ihi re tie renach Il those sutTirigll andll likelyl to suffer this inos atty harinesiig of all che., 'l'on.ien ce. her- Wten applied tieordingi to direeltlns liven on this bottle, il tos nlever iiled to nlltld ilnmoedile aid 'it llnelt relief. It also arrests It decay en ildofetiv Itlth, endl relive hint elllnlrellciS hiell'sn ifreqlenllo one ranlters n strong tootl nsnlers The applicatiton andlI lofs reledy are sillllle, iunocenlt, an not unipleuasnt; and trt Ihe large nlnber of plersoun in difielrnt sectiions of ti' I .Iotl o. Y..n , that lrve ailr. Ay extleriencied uch delihtlfu it lunid sIlIut'ry rt'er fromI tie of til e r illcf IlIanI, are ready :to lear (tlrthe pu lic gIod) their tesli nllv to ilt Is. rivalld iqnllies. It is an Indian remedy, obtained tiOl- tlrll d ltuh iiu ,] Cledlv, u lid ini t In t egdnr e -t . by Ii the cif ili .e wlt h llS tilad the 111 vulunblediscovery I rwa ild l r iiitem ime l ni ds. i lts n'ice 1 ler bolex. Si;n , hL ie- J.tlltVIS & :ANDRIWS, rulllnlrn ore 'tin Illler.iged hliVing sold out, Io sr disco.lvnnliltll hi.i old isil long i rsinllised ex GAII)IEN SEIP:I) ST''ORE, ittin v \"b i i itin' h/use Stt'sreet, ui Sin ving been llmt inli.ri.i.iely cirentlted by self. iiteritedi parli's,thein:.suscriber bcgs to assure r.i natty Ifrlndis gelnr;llly, ind the public at large, t:hat he ir til still continueslll wilhin tIwl doolrs of lis late, or Itll- ritr s..tnd, lto hie irniishied with a full and ex. Cat, tensive supply of all tiue stanldard kinds, of kitchen Ala or vegetable nsar.den ;iLds, of the growth and iln. iport iof Illi 1'ie'nt erasill,llS 837. is Siln tihe early part o. Septllllber, he has re. ina ceiv'd oitamp!c upp len, by the packeto alips Vieks. itlk. burg, Kaentlcky. iuld Arklinsa, all arrived in Ishort ilrt, passagnn, direct from New York. By the Missias :ti f eilpi land anotller packet, tie in in daily expetsa. ,reOn Iion of a supply of Flrnit T'rees anld Asparagus tolry Roits, lhaving ulrcdy reenived invoiceis thereof by mail. 12. The subscriber begs furtlher to assure thl publir cill at large, that tho is at present as well enabled to I by meet and exencite orders fir all the kinds of Garden e i Seeds, eitllher wholesale or retanil, as he ever was "ted sineo his first statblishment in January, 1822. it to Counltry Dealers antd Market G(ardoneor' orders filled at the lowest and most reasonable rates. by It. the pound weight, and galion or bushel measure. Cataloguen, either in French or Englishll, may stieg always be obtained on personal application at mier usual, to WM. SMITH, i' Ga rden Seed Store, 85 Customhouse stre er. ci NOI'.-A contant supply of Bird Seed, eitl or h, mioed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' "er dried herbs,-wilts a supply of pets antd beans. Fancy Pocket Books-Under th.s head will be found a lsplendid variety of ladies' and gonalemen's po kbet books, note ,aurd, needle and tliread cases. Fancy torrks. .uspenders. Ac.-Of the latest pattern and of superior quality. consisting ofplain and figured satin,, velvet and cloth stocks, linen bosoms. plain dand fancy with and without ruffieP, shirt collars, suspesnders called Washlington suslpenders, also, guml elastic worst. ed and cottonutt do, with and without rollers, pantaloon straps with wire springs and a great va. rlsly of gentlemelln's wear, made expressly for the retail trade, by A. L. Vanhorn and den of Phila. delphia. i ombs-A general and complete acsortmen of comrbs from their manufactory.Also, English and French dressing combs, etc. dec27 RUSHTON & ASPINALL'S COMPOUND TONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy V pd celttin cure for the Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent fevers; prepared from the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni versal success to 1832, by pernnso of the highest respectability ili this city, as stated in tile annexed certificates. This medicine is highly reromnmended, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe has beeon induced to offer it to tile pub. lie in its present form. in the holpe that it may be the means of relieving many of those who are suffering under the scourge of our country. It is I a medieine ptosessing great virtue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree to refund the priceof every bottle which has been takenl in accordanci with the directions and has not effected a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, curier of Ivienvlle and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. BMITH, 48 Conti at. H8AROWOATE I1PRINGS .tunluglllerv caunary, Alalslllla. TIHREE DA S .OURNEY FROM NEW ORLEANR. TjIIE proprietor of this establishment has the pla sure of announcing to his fiends and the public in general, ti'at e will he inb readilles by the first dav of May to receive visiter.. He will also state for the' b aelit of ithse at a di'ltane, that tihere ave been large improvements tmade, and others now going on and m rapid pmgrea for completion, which wilt enalht tle Iubecrber to at:com nlate a inucl larger number than lIereltofore, and fat tile same time much better. laeinilie can be acconmadated . ith gofd rooms. or thove who preler cab have large cabis ,I etached from the main builditg. It is deemed uttoeeesrary te lly anythit i I parnie. Inr of tile cloroeler e theoe waerllcs, fol it s generally believed tiat tlhey are not ibferior to nov iu ie .Sooth ern Staltes. All thie lamtlnePtei that are gewerllly ibttd ot Watering t'Ihpes, will hm fIuol at this. The beat itusic that tlihi art of lh counttry affinle, has bevr eg,,aged, ald v.ilr [e il t atteadauec at the Sptrings duite lhe whole senrasa. i he stltlu:lict will avail himlielfof tsis npiantupitv in returning lhis oanigned tlhank f. the vaery liberal lpneet giveni himn last season. ral hopes by the exer liona that have been mails in imprevin nond eteineiqg ke naeomlntnwllolle. to mlrit I liberel petrntltsee the ptcitl etil JItt il'RiSl e,81 .,uarrP*VIIBEDFlOMranhROtIT PeLiTES, The FYi& Editior s. Nor £OWLETTS TABLE8 OF ItFTRET: O which tis now alled an Avenge Time Cnle WeI A tor, or easy method for fialiag the saerageic Wn e on anorge, note of hoad or bills of gl iads, when a!ni ehllsed at dirffeent dates an different credits, ied Ifh varlousal momslat esidesC usefuo anl ecomplete isnking Tke Time Ta 'le, the best that can, Ie centried. or that fi gores canl pr ldue withian the sane condesend compolt, and siRe of t ie. All s.vertisement in thebook is in nearly the follow- Tb ing words: whe high distinction this work has reeeived through the ten legislative acts prefixeil to the title page, is a re eommemestion in itsulf, so maommon,, aml so eonclu sive, th t auhing is necessery more thnl by way) of d vertisement, to give a condensed view of some of its ple culisrities: nstfr inslance, the Interest has been colmpi CO ed fromand enmpared with, what is equivalentto four- i teeno stefleatllatione, examinedl in tile press thirty- Cc fie times, adl prised tirom tereoltype plates testedl ahirlyty-one times, fRom all which it mnst h.: evident W even to the skelte (eapecially ot thoe e.sonal of the ide- P tall m'lFoofin the prefaee) tlmat the work rmo hIe arith- Ili metiltly infullible, and in confirmation of this beliefrs 'F remium of two hundred and fifty dollars. is now oAer- W ed for the detoetion of an error eofa cent inl thie present Bt I or fifth edition, al expressed in tie preface, making fve Pt largenremisis offered for the same error since thie first Nt phlieatlnon in the yelr 1152. One of the most canspisnous features of the tables is inthe arrangement of tle Time and Almoumlts, which I Sfor esxpedtil.ns, roferCne ondlperspimait,, with the lli lofthe lide and inlex, Mnos be excelled ; oasd the saily a ty aml ease with whichl tile intreersl cain I fmand tothe extent of general business, without diomIling of slms is besides a eonvenience sa essential, that in thli est lmI Slsionofameoil he moat eompietsent and practual nlai- m ea ns menand puldic oel ers who Ihae male ltilent luse s' or thewmne, it las been disttiingished by th lie hmtable a appellation efof e "master peace". onsidering tke infallihility t* the metnhodl origilally dopted inl omlosing the work, sead the extramrlinrs' nuntler and S rvaley ofthe examinatiocn, al temtsaofeveyedition it at hespassedinnl the pre eotwitlhtanding the whale islin el sterwoylvpe, considerint, in itllb . the positive accurel y ft selred ly the aanlel.'dCelttel Intins eantlod ml, the ne lumehas heen held usp nil emllsticallty ileaIl 't " Ie most wonderfal bhnkk n the waslk;" imost cerlainly i I manean names figre work of lthe mae extent, wltilch since the heginntigot creation, has heal the same oul- di her stl variety of test ill ithe sme nlllalelr of teditors; t no. mr one half the number, as is dlearl) shown in the preface. c Besides, astest nad standllrl, it has been tried aitdl it le in nearly all the hank saild lpublic 'teles in lthe Unite States, by the pulldic g:erally. during the f loeng period of thirtyfive rears, yet to error of the eal aenttions hel ever been 'lmmd in .prin, althongh contino alyv slollengd albli the efer of very hange prs mitntu. a, the ilt oot extlresly ald;ptdcl Ity all the nuorts r of law i several ofthe States the "'rate o DIcltIHIIonI at forietnte interest," aslelso y law for bRank ilnterlest, aceorlingesl the lank is osed, alel as roay Ite aeet in A d Imrt, by .te nalmes of the hsubscribers, ild a fiew of hie or subselo ent lum5hasers, inthe hlstatthecaul oflthe book, 1 Sis in lpossesin e'every class o citizens ill every qua:- 11 . teof the United States. a It is moreover well known that, Ib its rearly check, y it lls so ofteasderleted large errors, lig after lthey were andle, even by the nost oa etful and most compleellt Ia aithmeticiant, tent its osefulness, and ithe lbsollte tle Scessit for itsl us, lhave been extensiyely insisted ap n, a s elvlent, ilcreedll, Ihave bee its adrollnpges, attd its a savings, tall, severinl vet rsga, whlilst tile first edition wsealarce, alnd out op rinit,a t'Cait umtl)er of secol Illanl copies were smogll for, saetle to a grea t distance. a- and puiirernrsed al various prices, as ohey could t.clsioll lly Itbe picked ilp at frol $Ita to $25 per coply, lndl :k some iersonsl hIave recall. y declaredl, .ed intallnce at coulhl he qlotell that tilty woul pay $St, $5sll, atad $5010 id for a ecOty, ifnotto be had for less, anli .o itldisidual ill the latter instance partievtarly, bivitg dt tile saime l. iime rxhliited lsatllilntoy prio, to zverall I'persons lae Ssent thatlll to hi it was Irlly worh hllllt monlley and i's more thoulglh the saving of his .erv virotnle linie, he brinl a very richl manlld in alllic oflice. of It Is likewise' worit"r of not ce, ld indlllled pr. r to ll n ire a, ihal sulIl is the naturre It' figle work gen ,erally anlte airecitdly when olf te eextent nlll ilpor )ulle io these to ins, lthat llla this book or its like ntn plrepar ed in the usult nunter olnre, hI tile most acomltietei ciculaltor in the world, motai nfeltcrwartd s priedtt-I anol i cautliotaly ulnder hisownl correction il' Il.eoft slheet, it woall, lmost to a elrtainlty, thave ieent nslltl tilr tie forelnecllnl dearot aol price,as the prefaee dlariieol Itrlair epllains. But so pielfrc alld vcillaihle lile the ' eterealye psites of this worklbeen mnl e, tiat to alleeo tllem, witlllheir nllmeres anlld extrardinary xamill. ltions,against fire, for the geireal betl fit, tIey are (by dleraseliment) constantly kept in a plce a 'i" spetial leifl)y, exeolt while use I illniltin , Allledtiro ciolls to fiad hl lt itiks tad slatalle ilntor II est with usetifl notes, follow lite preface, whichll, inthis fil Rth as in the two preceding ediitions, contain muchl in td fernmatin lonlcerning the Iwo lawfi1 nlalltes all cupul ib laglliter It, tle diaya fgmacet. e. ITu t remnnei oly to remtark thati, naotwithstanlhing this do uncommonlly costly k ork, hllil was publihed hcir'e It- intcrest tables wetr' ilntraic.d in doilist a and ,tcats he ei l ell nda ahiani , hI b een isoexlteilivelta :tl l lilwi'ali b lll patr'niled, it ihl it lolyet so much as palii wilth hitrlelst· l tee heyt lios of ntarlt Itur thaustnd detlLi| , hehliea six eerll lo thime from 99to it l 118t3, sustlltiI o Itti fi st editi of .t it.) tapios,"arising chtlily hin iti puttlli lin. atthat lllll.ll a tI oI ieunii r riel tol st tothli ngh l ' co nti',ll lnitIII l ii f ora r lit o s i -tIt .i Ii '1ill u ,li il, id 'ani seritice %% Irettli'r the author spill r a l ol the ut, lisvtenmrnet aIn g.aitl ofhc thife pu lic fr n inti: Mn o e of prl f rel c- o sLA i pa ,,re". l"r salt. , h It.. " P Siprii al lk nell a n 6l 1 . ale Iw lls.1'"il+. . n l.' l N o+/W l , o r W f i"Lll. he .'lers If 1 ,1 ; glaltI, iv ith a thtrol"A ,iloar in s(pc inl his vo"hIll e. nie Nble )rd, o of W ltn, ,ino2 l,. or SThe oin t Wlife'o Ilotak, n Ilunuaa l a ral rli u iOttia stafdirtliudlutiea. x- Just received iand forale by W11M. 31 KE.1N, n S V I & ICHAFFER'S Compout ilat Lx tract ,,I" Sarsalerilla, for tihl etlre el o iti' ate re. tations of ithe akin; pipirall or pulluIl ll, o the i. ra; bile, whl i l arisel froti anl inipure stat of th art od; aecly era tions; p illsIno e i ttboino; chronice s houmaotiiem; to t r; scroful'ia, or kint's evil; w hit I to. swilling; 'yphilitlic dan.aes, at d all disorders i aurising fro nt ipUet ot art totin tatth lti, ) ii atIngl by residene in a he cintate, or tite injudicious use ofj mercury, 'io Also.--Cave & Schalff r's Worm Syrup, or In. to fant Preservative: the best preparation fnow extant. le Atnong which are the followt g:--Iunlian Dye, ras for oal ring thie hair; Bear's Oil; RoNusiai hear'a Grease; Pomlntum; ichliaw's Fre o Wahll: su. era perior Pearl Powder; Lily Whiate; Cream tat'f IE es; by Vegetable Roug,.; Otta of Ronoe; Lip Sl:v ; Kre. osite Tooth Wulsh; Carbonic Deltralice; Orlang vay Flower Water; Powder Puffs an I Box ,; Ameor. as can Chlarcoal, neatly put up il four .lce vials; P enton Salts; Coltgne; Kroosato iOl'oth.ache ta. Drops; Hair Brushoe; Englishi Droe ng Co b-o ler aIlir Oil;-with a variety of other Perfu mra' seriea, &c. Flr sale by L 'W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. be 3C T'RINC ARD, 'las Corner of Canal and Bourbon lstreet On. fl YLE & MAY, Iltuse, Sign, tat Oroastnlo i fL I'sioters, No 3 Caroldele street, two doors liomn (Cnal street. Imitations of the following woods and Inarbles, ex cooted in a masterly manner. woonS i MARtls. Maltogany, Egy ptini hhlack and gold, Oak, ý (:ial and Antieo, Pollard do, Oriental or verd anthique, Curlel do, Jasper, Cnrled Maple, Ilo Itotne, Birds Eye Uo r Iarby Granite, Saitl Woodt, Potomc, Hair Wood, Dove or Ilnrdello, Yew Tree, Ithalian Wthite. C(oromandle or tlack Silnnila sad Irmetells, Ilose Wood, Ameroi n Grey, Ash WVhite Oak, & c. & kc. Crled Klt:t, Slpeeinmnl to lie seen at tlhe shot,. ainlts, eils, glass, coial varnish, kc. on hand tai lor sate. ota I ON,'l'FEIt & HEAVY titjt)lS-lit, l qulti anii bolodle irln, well aSto ecd. ata Hlool, scroll and rod irone, sail rolld and plullagt ilmoulds Cait, GeromaI, Isear, blistered, sprilg, sheet and Crowle) steel Hollow ware, cut and wreoghtsils :iad spikes Zin., block iti, ilill anti grind stones, sal kcllles Cloit cables, titteors, Iore Ox, log at dl traee tlains, corn mills Alltils, vices, Illatiair.saltd bellows Wire. slteetlllpi dol bar lead .hiot Cnal, and olklg stoves -Ames, Ilowland's and other spalt es and Ilovels Hook andlt alte linges, door and witldow hlooks (ollins, Ilunt,, Slil pI ,tld other taxel Iar'd nl Mnllt :ltU(Rage, liies anid twine Iloh tind lsheatling tollltlr NaIval stotes Paintls, linseesand iper oil A fill assortment nil hairlware and ship chalndlery iways oil handl, atd whichi aR olffred fir attle at whlsle ale or retail, onil tie most lavoraile termls, by ma LAYTON I Co. 5301h Levee. NEW GOODlS-Simmons Honrtt & eo aren now 'r esiving from on board ships Yazoo, anti Saratog. andbri; Concordia, fral New York, a great variety .c goods in their line, wnlieh togetter wit their lit el ltock on h.nd, onokes their asnrl,. eilt very. tirte. The followintg eoltll,ltoo part, vie: ell twiat, t.,,r!, 4de, tark and dtlseiltgelll:a, lerdao oftIIl detlrilltilnil Ia. dis rubber, silkl and worsted elastic garters, i.oanaa & fine elastie Sauspenders, loco nao ad Laueilhr itatleles, iloidlit powders, mtwder alffs atd boxes, tloller iowde, pocket I.oks and wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, ivory anod rocnyeo tard tcase, lead rnoaments, Ilainte. mrl eida, leeklaces anl ioegligees, brad chatinr, tod neeklaeee, cut glues ntcd plainaeed,siver raull gilt beads, Indian tbeds, bells asd plulesr pttol and large p.w ser Inasks, thot belts, horse, belt. Itekaet and duetliog ciotols; double and single barrelled gun, Boawir kbives, sod dirks. lnisso, rllarsepaocket knives, ltard chains, otd ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, Ihair, tlttit, tail,colb, ,rumb, shoe, ilote, floor otnd dusting bruishos, Coalgne, Florida,lslender, rose alid bay water,asaorted esueares, snd exltncts Mtlaneentr, heai, tttiqut, and Warnl' vt getable hair oils, shnving and toilet soaps olt llds -rilptaons, ladicr' and gootentelits' desk aitnt drcasitt top-es, hIir riglrts, frizittea ant biraidt, plain, fancy nna msincl work boxes, plniin andti gilt, figterel, lltt ltd oest hbttnao, prlir anodivory shirt do, oltirt tlqdtla, gold nd silver llenei casea, tootlbpcks aoi tweezerso , itell lod gilt lockets, itilnitre io, tilter, lrarus alil stel tailblolde. hooks and :eve, hlir iint ia titltitt fruit bib so'r edibk,obte hblatkiog, viulian lad guiltar,riblled e pnd pain lerussion eus, lintm twiie, oelllted s*laSgod atd iltIer lace and rillnte, leitter taoer, 'ntte htgfrhdisj w'tips, walking can..all litgeal,, fitl gold, laited lid giltjewrllry hr. 'lte nbuvace, Iorether with a great vittllo t, n hr v roi ilP ere oferetl tot tnlPFaele tar rrl'til ti ;:iin,, t l"llpg Sterm". MAIL ARIIANInEMENT Norther Ma' l, Duo Every Db at 12 M. Maeln u Close Everry day at 104 A. M Western Ma Due very da, Wedanesday S Cloes every Monday, Wednesde Cast, land Saturdci by 9, P. M Tke L "eM l l Dre reety tesItda.y, Thursday, a Thke I~k.4 Ma iSturday, liy 5 P.H. vi Close ery Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVA. i)EPAR'I'UIE DISTANCE oe., athe Express Mail, bete-an Mooile ad New York--levain Mobile datll"t a: P. M. Norihwar New York daily at 5 P. ' houthward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Return'g Moltg nerv, Ala. 2opm. 19 m' 2311 12 m. Coluaabao,(s, . li 81 4 84am Milleevile. Ga. 2 33 141 p.m Coascuniai, S.C. 7 am. 163 17 Itleign, N C. 54 215 22 12 t Warrenton, Va. m. 5i R. 00 Peterburg Va. 10 pso. 83 15 9S. t liebmondM , V. I am. 21 3 64 ' Frederickohbrl, 8 67 7 1 p i. Washington city, 21 pm. 61 p Balt.imore, 64 6 38 4 1 Plildelphlia, 6 am. 100 II It New York. - pi. 90 1 8 13:105 143 . or 51 23 h Nothiard. Cbming rNSthward, the time is six hour leer; being5 days en. 17 hlours. TEN I;Ol.l.AIt8 REWARD. e RANAiVAY te , 169 Clrondelet corner of Herls s aereeatson the night of30 h of Augost, and weeo seen ,h next morning ino deoran slaeat, a oegom bu nammd C(HARI.,d, aboat 17 year of •ge, 3nI 5 fee or thereamots in heAblg, v er Ilack, and ha an imcled lr iaeent in his speech, oaes o hi logs is sore, oae-asimo! by a recent hort lie had tin allm Ie went s way a whirr ig coaon or liaton shirt aod wlhile pols s lanlltoos. IMastaIr oef vesrels andi steln boats are cahlOr!.0 6 S inoms receiving orl hrborivg said negro, as w.eil n all other persona, ab tbe llautaa rigoor of the law will be enforced against thsm. 'Ila bove reward will ble pail y I frdelveoiiag him ine, any of lle jails of either of thl - uniciplnliatie, or at 169 Corondolet, corner of Herb le eteri. ,_ mpt SNhr'llr.oiTe cllaurtnerhalili aeretoalre oisting iI cander the , in1 of I)ailas & de rretson, has beer - disolved. The subcriber will liqoidale the aflaiieo 'i the conerl in his city, and reqires all persons indeb - 'e rd to make paymolet to hill ooNly, and all Ithoehlrin clianme, ao ireaient tleo forsettle'orlt. t nn[. R-t II GARRETSON e W. W. SWAIN. tNo. 11Cnral Nrer iAe Osrleanns . aulways uonhnld co ,toanly racei.inag iran Ilives, ('remiculs,snd l'amts,ano.g lhel, are I olowniol -tu ililU(lI. lI)ES4 Antiomeaey, orade, Argole, red, aldo gIanlloe, Anlatto, Spi . Araenie, crudet, Aolm, s, RaIllm alasvia, (:ochineal, Iloroax rler, Coppeirw., American, k, do refiaed, Colapbc*r I r limaaonae, rake, Polic, Tmpicols i do roll, ala Caatas, do flower, do Maine, Sirmalaa, rrlanh Iterries, Is Casoroil, Iiialigo, Bengal, Cli enrtn,m torao llalllr, te n i slea a ala L., tnmsla, iuedo Amlie, Logeod,Cln o mrseyr ad ao ssualstail, do St l)omingms alao amociae, dIo Jaloeaia, OI do beloailn, (Colnwood, l lo eol oall, rgla, Maddellr, oni, ado to eraperd, Nicunralgpe, llaouirr, d o lo S Amricr-, do C.i io, od do camdlor, rll 'ie, a Il Mrescaib l ,do do ia rai d lo i IlH ic hi. lal gsi ncnm, CIIEMICA IS. Itaol kio, AcalI, aitrmiA, i ado mtslie, ide Iiaaiaatix. do aopieam, do ' rndpullire ai ado ahella, lle vitriol, N i r Lenegllalomel, t, al( do Ietaoh. Jrto±it aiblinlo.i i.'-ilo auolgacailk, i:Jblooride f" lime, S(:ataboge, Epsiom asela, ,loliper erries, Anetieaho,lnnsrocaratlsic, tIer ddo I Foreign, lkrd npreiliulte, ire Magnesia, Eiglisla, Iliolerlleiah, 0 do Aataeic t Rledelroatle a talllo Maoona flake, SlI, cEarp' Sty do aor, SoI pts ball, Sllg:,r leao, 1Oil clovre. Sill zinc, Ili oigamtn ilr eimtici Ita I.linoi, I'AIX'SI' Illase o pepllierminti Illth, li lati gntisaoo, Iir'ioier yrlloir, dry, I'arc o ipecac, Ilo Ilo ill il do jalapa lo lreetr, ldry, I Oli) liqorica, lo a !O i all rlilirl. Io ' Io !t, air, lil.k b aielglla,, sor'larh ,i ;i, Iieoces, o serinal ', Sholyourt nti :lltl , i h l i. ' do ,!r' l , do gi,, d h ih, "ii i o IIu.,; ,iu o. .... geiioaod rl st lerolr i i Siull~ i ¢ l aiit l urli ai S I Qai o Icalit, Ac. oAratii lI, h i d s i lr S1l5" is g odii l r inlii do o n dtlt, on tl r.tollt iitri CAITAIN M I{A'i AT'I"i" N NIIIVELL Rtltlin the RKeirc by Ith autholr It PItter Simple, . & 'ummi~,ngs, or a Winter at P. ,slct lIaiflield in IL.oe Svrila, by Cptain Ionsil Ilnil, Royal Navy, F. . Inrd RaKidtn, a romtn,, lv Allan Cinlninghaml,l I,, Sheppard Ie, written ll I inelfin `_' vila. A Cdnmpeadinus Ilistory o/ )Iady, Irauslatel fron t Is orig'innl Ituhlha hv Nallll mniel (tmeens, in I pal, fon haimg No. 79 of l.itrper's Eau ily Library. Vols. 3 & 4 of the new cnplllete nd uniforml edilio of WIIILgl'hit, Irei.a's IIWaork. Roger's Fr'Ich and I"/.ixh Dit'tionary. in I vol, 3vo Nugeat's F'reneh ,»d E.t, lish Dielionttry. Al.s--A ftw more coei,,eir- nf Combe'na Phrenolog "RienT.i." Large. .nr'rtes r's ('maltlmies ofstnpariprrqta, il,, with cllainis Ilillilnd Iaslle.J 21-4 ad 2 I- inches tiillott's improved metllic Plens,japaned papers, weights &e. &c. &'. Jnst received, ad for sanle by m131 BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN IIEVISITEI',&tc.&c SPAIN VREVISI''I.I, &c, by Ihe author Ayes. Oin Spain,' ll 2 vols. "raidsofladaxl, harhetor, an t'.nernllt applieahle t tile Aboriglnies of Norlth America, by G Tunler, Esq 2yvols. The Political Gr~ammar, of th. Ulited Slates, or a complete view oftl the Ieory ad Iractice of the generr nuld stlate govi-inlolsa, willl tile relations Il.tenn Ihen --dedicated andti adrI ed to the tung Alen of tlhe Unted Slates, by E I) .Mansfiehil, Esq." Nimrod's I luntint Taours interapersed withl character istle allccdoltes, savinslial (aln i gs iof p)rting Ie, is lchiding notitl. I tlle plrincipal eraek riders ofEngland witlh analyical contents, and general inlde of names,2 volumes. FOR THE CURE OF S'rofula or King's Evil, Chronic Rheumatism,. Chronice Cutaneous Dii- IPinns it, the Bamn, by free. eases, nse of Merury the blood bring in vititerd state. This very coneerntrmced Syrup is prepared with thm greatest plbarumcenalhlu core muil ac nraey atd contain tile active pricclulde 'lo Snrutlnrill in tile lot concet tratte degree, cmnbiued wilth lotlr vegetable substance of kntowl, ellicv. The great dc.iel.ramln willth ysicinna in keing abl to exhilhit ait lrge qUllltitV Of RSaraparilla ini a rme fldosey llt htl wid in'id Ire lmtion-,-they, beitng oily convinced of lits otrito, cotfidetly administer tilhe c,,ure dfltlheir praetice. Price $1 0ll par otltle. Sold only at SWAIN iIOt'lIE'l i'S drug store, No. I CCanal ntrett, nles nmay be had, fresh and gemoiue, direr t from tihe p.f cis tarn, Swaiu,'s Pna,-rca and Veru,,lihuge, Potter's Cetaell on, Carpenter's Preparations, and a large and geners assortlent of freshl drugs, lm, PINNOCK'S ROME, &c. TINNOCK'S IMPRIIOVEII EIDITION OF DRI Ghldniili' ablirilgulent of tle Ilistory of Romts to which is prelixid an Introduction to the Study , hoten tlI.istort, anl it greit variety of valdlIe antir nation added "lhrol.l.n t lie work, on t to Manllaen Institutilosa nd ,ntlquities df thle Rnmans; will to Jerous birc grepho, and Ihistotical Notes; and qlles toils f~r ex n onllin at the end of each cition. II. lustoete with Itirlveignnvigas on nwood, by Athertia P'tnnoca'n Improve)d 1ihitin of i)r Galdmttittt'o Iistory of Englnld, Ifro, tau Ivasioun of Julius lCwar to the ldeath of George Id, with, a emntinuation, to tlho yea 1032. Wilitli uestiiii tur examnation at the end o each setion. Ildesle a variety of valnable ilforn a lion added thlrouglhn, tile work. Conaisting of tlabla of contellc.erasy Sovnreigllt and eminent I eer.oa Copioua expllanatory notes. Remaarks on the hli tisen, mtaniers niid liierlhre of the age. An outlite s thle Constitution, &c. &e. Idlatralted by many engra GUYS' ELtcMErr ori An'rtI-oIna, and an Aoridigme of Keith's New 'l'realiste n the Use of Globes. New American uditioll, w ith addiitiun and iulpmveniteut ani an explniou of thit e astrnontica part of the Ai rican Almanac. Just received and or sale by % MI MKEAN nay 24 coner ofe Camp and Comman te HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. ilOI(ACE, traushltnd by Phillip Francis, U D, with l an alppendJ., contlntlnng tratslaUona of various odes, &c. by Ben Jnusoun, Cowley, Miltlo, Drvdua Pope Addison, Swift Chatterton, Gi WVkeield, *ihrsoat Bryan, &.e. and some of tile inore elniltet Pat-t of th de--and II(]ILUS, whin th e aqppndix at :;udine trnasla tell by Clhristopheri Su'It, iil "i vnIu fornli. yc14ulaiWt, anit i iofi"lltrpeie's Cloticunl Itilirart ''lla Expedition of tlUJ.It'LEy CLINKER, by Slinllett, 1 I), wilhi a ilmmnoir ft lt.e Atlltolr, by ThoIIs no R -e, .ce I. e1- " oit With illlutfratiha by Gt TI'IE SIP.SY; a Tilelby tlteauthor of a Rilialtsu Mary oil' trguivl," "e., t-ew editier , sola t.apltw I'AL'L LIF'I.Otl);lIi the anther at PallIsI T'he li- t ' l,"t, lj.i, volunme IV o ttri ew eh ot'F , ai ir's tuoiploso P Irks. Juatr tcejvnd aide, WM McKk;I: u '1Cl.". lHIS:iG casks -- . .eit s ,e. • . ht..~7 f~lr,,i," ' nenmbl, Lht Et lto. alto(ilt .lli I iltH;i'Ri & IlAW1r

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