Newspaper of True American, 20 Şubat 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 20 Şubat 1839 Page 2
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t*RMCIAL. S ....... 8 W hNI .h.. .... . -=,*tt. d.o p....S........ 9 I Cihnnhti, pell.....g... . I r- ...... ..... 9 I oxRt. Iavl Fobh........... 5 M Jolh P.ri....... ............ 18 Sl .. do P ................ 24 A m b ....... t litr. do................ ,a ORT'l' OF NEW OIRLEANS. FdMeary I, 1839. d. iy,h.Ltavre, L Chase & )ixey. Se.B m ue.Ir OIad Gral, L, Gabl ii T Nettrdlfilol Naw York, Master. i , for mmi larket, J B Slely[ y, far R veon, Masterr. sari,/..Hev.l, J Roberis ¢ r e aueumIeFlrd .atieedhrl le, Matler tI ARRIVALS. al , , . Febraery 19. eJ39. e .i D at, Qm tho N t E Pa, having towed to S oake, ead sehtrS onth.rner; returead e dik. ORraoko and ll ralter. and brt Alnter.l tt ite.% it 6 - m, reports nothlag ill tke aioeg. cirail Is. tbe ivero,. e Vs i AibT®t anId Dauatlm.; Iterled eo the city with T Oa rk 8 Krhi u aria d amlw l t. lport a si Win r.y Sit a iStb lbest, r 10te ne reprtw tnolhing in the ~hmaIa Ltoew in the rirvr. at Lethartrnlea, bheridae, from N E Pn, hlaving rt m hip Olyagmp. and bril Idward; returled to the so tte Itit ihrt. at 10 a m; report nothiag off the Itpulor at tih En lilL.Tura, and several st oonrs SN ksis A 1i o ieraw. .18 dty from Boston, to Masrtr. It lleieo Erdwrde 19 det ys roam New York. Master, il . iad, Maybery, 17 days from Learleeta, to L II Morrie, d=ye from Veltre, ra Wm Bryan. R.oy,.aoeah, 4 lay. from Il..eo, i bhiltet', to J W &Co.' itl' egomen, Raldbeeg, fry days from Gottenabarg, to bigl AI ln., Dale, 15 days from Clnrleston, to j A bilea. bigBra y A,.I Fie, rerom Galvetoni, ia hallata, to I? At Iret, Eaporte Prett, 2 dlays from Mobile. to Maater. Wt W end Mary, Delarle 2 .lays from Mobile, In lhaluat E yenl. co. SHltop teke, Reger., 21 days Ir. New Ye ork, to .olter. bimtfalter, Dutbellar, 23 dayt eeol Ilalltimeore. Ee riat Sorhoime, J Clailbrte, Frlul Slhreveport. eeemar eoutberler. iRecet, froam c;elahbie. Itamer Brillitat, llars,from Plaqeltueill,, EXPOItTS. MAVS.E. peer hip Aren..t208 bIb ceotll:. "1W YOtRK..por bhll, Natleellle..lU?7 erls flur, 5. 1 bid eo0tlt, 401 l iili llo a 3et, I tl.ol. r deer, 850 kege lard, 674 brIe polt I C, 6i ceske lella, 59 lleld Loleacco, r brls pill feel, 14I hllf do, ad 2 Ihdls do. CURACOA MAILKET..eer sehr lpwilI.g. .iO coll corldage, 8 mSkee e oese. 50 h. a r, i.itse. ull eIes, ie hls toe, HIa leerl lnoaate, 300 Ilrla fler, and IUl keg.s lard. qsAVESTON..per tshr lreem..3 hboulae .mie. liVAbNA..perelr Milervea..l 88 kegs I rl, aod 47 cckt lATAGORDA.I.per sehr leots c.ele, ..egor, lte ia.e. lhrdwarec, basao, porlk, cheee. Ihealce, bed, dry goods, ellkiug. lee, rlacedy, whishey. S winle, . e. IIORT *UPRINCE.,per eler Dorik..350 brlt doIer, 20 tbkd tobacco. tI be ee irk, 50chee lerde. LOUISVILLE..par Waeamer Sualtna..4 ernes onerthe o lware IMiORtt'S. RAVTI MOI E..per ship'd llan, nd II ('ave . SrENBUYiliG. I.rlark 8kol.lallg..el tloet bla, lran, 517 bts lille, and lumber. a. Lt.Lar & on. ONUBILE..per slhr Elmre...6 1,Is .cttone, MAle. Ashelr ' co, 50i) eck. E I.arnlde, lI4) do Alex I' art . gNEW YORK..per-leill (elnecoa.a.'J eadze. LIIABLB2TtON..0pce brig Allcacu.. .ll delae rice,?? agenero., and a.ced madze. DOSTON..pcr ehil Alcilepe,..23 Ieue i e, and 50 bale wots tle.e. i Tolja, J lllt Master. Ierig coae lBinl...5( eackh rise, to order. VELASCO..per lch a r11Ieryoe.. 196 hidel to order. IIECEIPT'T OF PRODUCE. Stltitore..per shitl Gibralter.. A I.ledolx & eo. J C Illne Ytiltne 4eo, Connelly * l Hider. ac I,,lIir, & elo F M AWal & ISo, JA Brrtlla & co, J A Mtrle & co. c 'trFor & r r , iA Ner"e& co; ''rner 4 o; II II MelIwell; ,tr r, tM'.s Wltkr; Toylor, aeevy & I:o; 1h II(.I.; A G.rIt & etombear& Broals; Carolaa .& tMacoe; i (eroeillg a co; AtW Dwyer;Adnsea & tlarewcl; Ferguso.a 4- I;dl; Ita lr e lYs A Io; iBlekner, callteOl & I; Itiechd3l ollee, WVee,1re EWoed; KitLaiett. Aheruatby ttl.l..el; tlneo.,ll 4 tieNl. ; I L.andbe .elp; a ale tee; No l~lec.santl w:; F sekwcrtel & re; W A Vielt; 1' VWIi Aepkiea ;elllu rder. lqmlaemia. pee lereeie Isrllicli .t lll37 hhd u.-er .e 38 brl mln.a.t, I.eledolee& reo, el e hdlla.cea,c I2l rle enlntemS eed 19 his ecetso, A Ourcll 4 coe, 18 ll e tol Adoni delcm. Wtlaell, 293 hI Ia. ead 20 Ihlde.1a, i. U IL.e, lO h IIds ea.e.r, J Metoyer & ao, l0 brl. myrcp, It At Kelly, I hid eager ee I brl syrup. Hatrrioa Cleag & a& , unadlry lrls toed J. lialrclhrd ecudries to .uodry (iwears n Ieord. hrevepott..qiorsteamor Blriml Uorailule. .l5 lls cotton A Rivardle & co, 6 do I'ueyrou, dArieul & ce,l 310 do A touren & co, IUO doJ B Plouechie & ta, 146 do Allele & l'remaoul Columbia..persteamer Soutlherner..71 blt eottoa., Michllel Uober, 15do Mlartie Pleeaale & re, 211 do enetel Ferridlny Se0.lOBdo Forsyth & Iilaerieck. 9 dlo Rlrk, VWalt & eo 35 dteFord & co, 58doW W i IeHe0l. 120 dI t While. 4 ca, 94 4 C folaie. 476 do Hleobon & Gooch, I51 dU 11 LeverLicE Q: i do e1' MIF Preutiss, 5 do Sith ltLa Vaheee.s 87 do 51l B lser, 2I do i Beegerotl, e do Pire, Joheltoll &bo, 40do 3 bees md e brl, A Lodeux c eo, 70 do, Ieyeolds, Byre &e cu, 47do JHA KAtktle. ev ..ece.e,,epee u ul YIIU O Y Olrlel,,ilycleUTI LCUr ( 4hteJHAA KAtkl.. CONSIGNEE.S. KeW York..per ship Oronoc..A Gireat & co, Snmith, |tU1 btard co, Bitarkey 4 Wlitinltgm,. it L Martin. J A lerle & ee. B.ager* l awthorn. J 4" W Dwyer. Gi Whir.ry & c, (oied lrriji re # Small, J A Ierrett. Coi. 4 ce, J G CIioe. bern, J Fieldh 4 co,, i jVodein. W Alli.g, liler & Water. mapeOden (4 Southgaelo, R H McGill, IBche & re, Carue A IeMahoc, eteeon &t Avery. EI A lridge A co, LcuVrenc,. k Legendre, Carriere. areou & co, A RediKgto,, W& J o; wen c Aiceclmenl.JAurill, E # J Andrcee, M White-& co, Reynolds. Ityrue 4 co, Wood & BSlmonds. [.yet & Ainelun J , V A Marks, Smith & Veelhnoa, A Masan, New York..per bark Nererlo..J p Neelson. F 'Fry & co Ct " Co Yeahnee &c C, II Wuterlnmn, jr, J j Field 4 re Vn Wyek 4 co. T MWillurt JA Sorrl;t, ('crln, 4' Me. Mkoee W Gr,,,t J & W Dyer.C Ilyno, A (rlnct 4 co, J i Ioeiwell, Brlander. IcKenna 4 Wrigllt. I Brewer & co,. S G Slecihard, W4 umer, R llMGOiil, S*nith 4 Voorlcc ., lleaney &trobrneee, ,C & E Iorleard, V,U lSleiee,, J1 Doqgbherty; ND Cbemboherlin, Wocl 4 imeeyou, G Iii ,e.. Dowell, We. MeKean., Geo Johnstc. (J i ILtewinc, Norlau,, teel & cn, Carrlere .Ms.lehetn. C Blyrnec, J It Field & co, F Botd, 4" W Ifopkelu, Lhbudic & Juequel e, L Ledge, W ynTopkis.' PASSENiGEI.. CeluOmte..pelr stemer toetheernr, ' U Langly Charley, InUily, U U Digis & art, F Blzanerd, Ceeenher, Sill,y, I. Preeot4tJ M ll4erp, Dewies, tI rald. WortlIam, Ii Hled, M l l.eleeE& lady, irs Pelltt, hirs iridewell, Siis Cell,. Beeietoe.. per ship (iibralter..E JIacksol anid lady, Mrs Cole, Mea. rs Down agd Wclc h. LShrevport..per steamer Brian Iloroll,h,.. l re.,' Waelsh, Eubalk, Lyon, Iagllerty Crokeall. lell, Kuadolldt. I'ee , y, Ilohilqh Deises, Mercy, Musier, Strong. 'I'hil: ul J T'hibeut, 'er brig Amena~,..Mrs, and iMr T lined. MENIORANDA. Ship Ju., Ross. McIntoh, from New Orlenns for Liverpl, wr spolkrn SBeth lt off Double heeded Shot Key.. Thbebark Gazelle, from New ONlea.s was at nclhor od CapFllled. N J, ot thbe 8th Feb. ieawe Breeakwateer, Feb 7,.alellc il the a rber. $ hrl Ecihange, Cleared, New York, on tile 8th, fur New Oeehc.. seilrd, 1tlb, brig Eliza cmd usa., froet New orkh, for I. FreRb frigate Epreditive, comporing one or the blikeking eqnedroe at nee... Ayres, is said to Iere beell tliy Ie*. neer Meartiu tihcia, about tim lth Nov. The ier.w bal een sared. AUGUSTA NAItKET. Feb 14. erro--Tbe excrement conetinuc in this Ilarket ilb"reep .per from all our southm, towns. Every lot tabt esdl ed is frreely boulht bup, ned the inciry is wendurfely ueille; ead did ot difficulties in raisin e iOney stili COl. senm eetst ih our market, prices wobld still be Ihigher thae we lw qute. We now qeue 14J a i ceeu, al extreme, of ehe merket ezttuao--Cheek on New York alre held at : per cent., fre ity meo ey and It for current Runk note; a'dcffenroeo of tpletne ed between our ecoull try Bauk notes sicd city Feeeei.r go einue et old rates. Extraet from a letter dutd IBUENOS AYE.i, ... - Nov, 1511. "1 a-.emeretel point of view we lave tnl lhllle of r inlaet eetocmmeukate. By this dly's pleket, however, we led to eleie'jee adedremed to you, undwe Iope ill c nne for lt. Iret. c paphlet of official corrrespondence recc ivc l oil tmFre. kqeestte o eince the hIl Septeohber. T'le tercli,,. elap of this. rrreepoadence precluded the hope of a .leldy adjmenet of till mpeortlat dispute, or ratllher, a it may now Sbe plied, open warfare. Our government muilt thelefre I- ep reene to more paper itues,--the plrosects whereof emteidsrcby unhinged our curreury, ad cottsequently the, ordIs of every colmodity. At preceut there II a panic ill wbild all qcleaenc ore dlicelt." brethrktetir for mlportcdrow not tfier any encouragement e general l way to cumpenep te ithe rikr of frejng the lbluck wie. Extract from a letter dated IION.FVIDFO, 3011, Nov. Flnor is abundelt elnd reacsc itll .lltle el from so e ally pe, that.l b i fiBcaltloe mtcimtlll te to h lou band. Ilcrie b· dueliend from $15 a I3, ulc the lliture pleOneit 6for tle artiete will depend upol ll te resuit ofi i tiler mcel wheat con, oul·t which thle repert, ore souwlant urfavora )¢; ouother month however, will chew cmro ieeitively how it will het NEW' ROIIK. Feb tii. Teboer eubtcripton to Ihe intnk of (:ccomlerce ~ o S mclliel seven hunlred tholelled dellure.--thutil he lrcaplltl i Ire and the anulnt. ela crjlc,l six million, reven llulnlred leeassa dollars. Th e i. amucI larger un, llhunwus ntici I ,eNld eriea gret collitdl,,lee, ae werll ee al, rcllet auit - .1 e mphcyed captital it is saLid to be etlded llut Mr SUel W rd, ofthe irm oef Piac , Ward & King., is tu he the Prrci deI.U, Mri Ward is ont oor olideclt bakerc, has been very . ceee l t nhinaese.nd enjoys ecreal, nfidenr. . bs (hlleat Weseln hbM iot yet liad. Uher ppeenr,,c. 3 bi eauklety ic maiTfeeted. * N ARKENTA--Fb9. V et U w'. seeling steedily cy Shern a e c furcemm, breads. i i.---;--- - -· - DVANCEOLI will be wide on nbillmlleat to Liverr = Jool,finure,Marsecilles, Now lork arul I'hibulel 3 n4by AI)AMS .r WIIIJ1ALL. - ja1667 ?ruvrir et L in eataendl oraalv by _Jbill$; ABRlAHAM KIW'l'Itt, 31 Gradier ineon primee P. 0., Air Bnte by I jG (1 IN)tPIWS , 44 Ntew ievee COFFEPIq44CI0AltS-436 don jtprio, green I.n O Mavana Cignro, ndin hn Roger Wliam, baal by JOSPHcocKAVrNE, Almi 25' G s rnvierat BS sr, cenrmerjh, riferrnt steera ::1 P imdiaiU. hIyIght itntortonrandun, beolkn, led gsl4aa aalaiud evaryother article in ntntiona'y, nerd Ana. y one purchasiog anything in the eieed ti1 p pars call and exmaine berrar n a;e n ramne to nuit purchasing, DAVID FELT&Co ?lg TtSaioners Hal.l24 Chartre-at Mlatdinin 64 9 d1 lpd l Oe, . end,, ype C RIIE & I a, 135 lnrazir ma Alhiag bourn, No. 6, Tel. stierr iii~ Cicre, nnaudiag hank ~atj Hieing Ifour racing, wall bae utrbep nith four rneote,eioem, weil l4'k hla comfonrtable rant. oni 6fleag reiie. Ad: 1. 14. 0O1!. and TmRUE AMERBMCAN ONWIOR. w O d ·. Ibee Int connection with-this Office io a h SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT.OF TYPE co run ltrtE ttNIte OF Pamphloet blaak lohecks ataloges Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, It Will Prmns, show Bills Steam Boat Bills Girculars fro And every de.nriptiem erJob Work that nol many berequied. O L-'Ttt proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the puldic to the above Card], and assnres them that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short eat notice, in a style unsurpassed' in this city, and tl at the lowest raote. II L_~r'. _ - TIHE TRUE AMERICAN. a EDIITED TY J..n asa liION. N .AITILYUL AND DOLD. NEWhV OR LEAlN: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20. 1839. "1 GOnnLING No. IfI.--las not the experience ofthe S few years past, since the penalties imposed on gem bliag, were fixed, and the aopon houses wereordered to i be clourd,proved that the eoistineglaw isn a ilsauficient protcltion against this fiend who glides through society, planting uslan, the seeds of disease and death in tile * very hearts of families, where hut now all was health 5 and enjoymnentl Thle passionl for gamling is as instine tive' asvarice; and.nwhenit istlnlyzed, avarice will ibe found tlleneucleus, arunsld which, all thie particles of Iual corruptionl are gathered. Ilow nmaly vticlos dai ly fall a sacriice to the all-absorbling vice! All laws to supprera it will be unavailing. When men canar t wa ger publicly, they will retire into private and remlote picees, for the purpose, they say of trifling nwy titee, and the pleasure of excitement. They should not lay r a the "flittering unction to their souls," but confess they f a llark ill a wild and Iet llntiot--for gain:! It grows by wllht it feeds. o. It roots out the vittues, till the heart is left aobarren waste, wit!tlaouttn .lgle gClnerots inepulse. It opens thle portlsin t all the ether Sices anod in in itself, tile broad avcnlte to crine. It is to he deploredlbut is not to be destroyed by statutory t cnactmlents. t If it be allowed that galling is a lniversal passion, (and it is as universal as avarice, or the desire to ac lare walthl,) anid if tIli experience of tile past protee a that the existing laws are not available inll lppresenitt the vice, will it not be well to levy a tax on attlte who 7 swarm to our city flr the pnrposea of driving the rade, and who wi!e tthe luns'specting to their illo, snd are recklss of thdie iniery they caue? Tihere is--there can lie nothing sa rllians to the norals of thile commllln *. nity as secret g,aming. lour after thour, ihe night wears naway, and still tile hoggard wretch hngs over tihe fmro table till his last piasire is swept into the general t depositorywhile at home ltre deserted otrns,aoxious. ly, distractedly watching his return. iWhile yet til voice or clnnsel of ia friend iight winl hmn off from his M aln career, there is lno friend netr. The doors are lolt ed. Ile has bec marked. l lie i a doolned mal, and 0 is ilred on till hlie as bLeen filched of all, and thell is ' rudely thrutt farth ta bcrgar-wilh tile bitter ctnsla n lion that his fieuily in dragged down with him, from i leldependence. to ithe deths of ltitery through his folly, and tl his eternal infulay. . We say elltpn tile doolrs tof tile gathling house- make i Inhwful, by the payment of a heavy licence, to t' keep up"tltestablishmetnts.and tafix n penalty to all , such las flend; and enforce the law. F.Employers will then have an opportunity of seeing tee propenities of n thole ill their service. Friends can obtain a sight of li thse to whoml they arc attsched,tand may prevail upon y them beforoeit is too late, to turn back from the vain shadow they are pursuing. Open gaaintg is not so rinoaos as that whiclh is done Sin secret. Tho stakes are not so large. Mecn will be alfraidf f excess in ventures. They will not rik tlheir credit-for who would trust hi,, that hazzards imu,,ense sums on the turn of a card? It would militate agadist Ilt s business, to see any one engaged in trade, daily via a, ititg the geming table. It would pttt those whose funds and propetly mst pass throulgh his hands, onltheir a guard. Ie wouldl see at once the eclessity of refrain ' ing frottltlnttu dtWlttiI.nfete tItiffl.gj'ae lierefore mrgea the propriety of making tile vice swell our revenue. THlE INVESTIGATING COMlMITTEE. S Tile New Yo'k Express, of the 7th, says:--"Tlhis B, dy will, we understand, bring their labors to a close this week, and by the. first of next week, iIe at their tpeaots hin nashlingllm t (Of course their ruport will not be prepared here, biut at leisure froal their Journal ill Washington. This Journal, we hear, will beqite volnumious,-and i s ill li take some days, it is probable, to collmllpile, land to unlite ttpon the Repoirt. 'There will ibe thus, the Public will see, very little leisure to delbate tile Itepor,;--nnd there is tlherfore, an imlnnediate necessity of havinig matters Sto a cloSe lre, as Congress mIlut adjourn sire die MacnIrtl 4th. If tlis Coanlilttee were to sparl a year in the Cus loin Ilhouse, we pIresiume, they woullld not have enoPllullgh ofltime to look into the adminislraltin of its nollirs of thie Past, and the l'Prsetnt as they ouglht to lie looked inito.-The bsiness hee has becolne o toveragrown tllt it is a gigatlic undertaking to unbulry tho rubbiosh of Ithe PIast,-- sany nolithing of nrrlngiolg the Plresent. We are well assllred, howeverc even from but an out-door observation, that tle commnittee must have found manly r things wrong. Of late, they have summoned anllay , valuable witnesses nefore tthetl, ltt tie nature of their tseliiionoy lies not transpired. Our etriosity tmlust he stfled, till we have the ellitial Report." a lWebasington, Fub. i. The comnnrlten reported unfavorably to ile petition of Aerican Vespucci, praying the right of citizenship on tile ground that the Consttitution 'lowed them to make sauch grant. iMr. Van Buren or Bnnnett will have to marry her now, that's certain, else they are not men ofgnllantry. The Bill for the safe keeping of the Piub lie Moneys, and to punish public defaulters, mode the order Ifor'lnesday. Air. Morris called up his antidslave. ry resolutions, but after cnnaiderable diascusion they were laid on the table, yens ¶'2, iluys 19. Mr. Crittenden's b:11 to prevent nilee holders friom intrlfering in elections was taken up, Mr. C. having tile floor, and after an elaborate arguament, tile Senate adjourned. In the House, 30,000 copies of tile report of tlhe Secrotaty of tihe Treasury, were ordered to be print ed. Mr. Robnereon resumed his remarks on tile general policy of the states, inl relation to the public domain. T'he lHouse then proceeded to tile orders of the day. ExPLESSs MAIL.-This, tile toest useful of all the matil to our cnlneunity, bhu been nuspended by the authority of rite Pos atlunar General, except fromt Augusta and Nashville to this city, tie latter having I een continued at the risk of ith con tr. tfora atser the I'ot Master Genertl had ordered it to be ettpped. We perceive that tile citizens of Louiavillo and Cincinnati are alive on t1be subjrct, as will be meeC Ifrontm the dtllo+ing paragraphsa lonl tile Louisville Gazette of the Itih That paper says: 'A lturtints is called this evrnin of ourlsittteIesnernatethe rexctte r intel. .fr thle urposets of taking ellearuonc fr tles continuaues of the express otdhetween til tp lace and Narh. villa. A is is imatteor of intplrtllane ao Iadua not a tie luroetilig il be a fall one.t' 'A reuetlrig Wers l Inhaes been hnld ip c'ineoinai on'Phurs. day latt, ftorltile Ilrpone of pett ioniag Cunelgra fr ae tc tinaluatre of tle jouthern expreuta mlt,a py the ordiltary aiil, our reeaipt of ilterlligene are r trermly uncsertan and dilatory. Freqtiuently uays, if rnt wt eks olapso a ittout brinlgilg us aught. aven a stray paper by arlthalbont. To the reullt it is all timertnelt tIe thsse EIp, mal shoueld net bo dineurtinued, nld if it were necesatry, there would be co Itnitatica at pyglln all adeanceof nears' if regularity weru only observed, ad in cae of failure or de lay, Ilhe surptlus portion ofti epo itge lreturted. We think thilsla nt would be jalst and equitablse, alnd would render it express topular, and double it out quadruple tle anutlbr oar slettersseat by it. Soee tacit orgaonizatio is repecetfally re eotmaeudad. Nest Orlean Funds.--The ilhiladelptia Gazetre of the 8th itltt. sys:--"We learn from thie New York Journal of Conaere, tlat tile extrenle pressure on the coaey omarket of New Orleans, ban broughlt aexlhage in their favor very suddlenly. Certificatra of deposit it New Orleat.s UBiks were sold its New York ans Wed nesday at one per celt premium. o thie tables are tairly turned." Tile dflulety bhetnern Gav. Lucas and itle Iowa Le ginsiturc Iran bheren ttlred by tampromtise. Pay of it.e Adrmr.--Th officers vf tle arly rsation od at West Puirt, hIavse petitioeled Congress for an il.t ern ee of pay. Tit St. Louia Bulletin of tile 4dh snys:--UA oln by ithe same of ie Wettre, as rho ferry heat war leevins hra Illinois side of the river, throw irhis trunk overboard aodthen jumped over inimself, and Was dIrfIx t. tle was supposed to be in a deranged etate d The trunk wascaught by ite ferryman. "11heddy tlot G been found last evening. In the apoi (New Jersey)ommon Pleast erua bus Me gh "eebvere ý in lat week, agaliatWei. Cole, Jr.i the seductii on lis daughter. Thr[at ias small prie Iourittut lost forever! Robert J. Walker, Senator from tMslihsie pi, in aisle Ce letter, divulges a echme tconnect Nasthe and Vieks- a burgwlhhNew York byr line of rai l roads. Mr. W. ti hlas ecaricdl'bill theugh the U. H. Seanl, granting the per cent. prtemtnimon $689,000 to teake a mil road from Brandon tothe Alal.ama line, whichl it iDonjee- d nled will be oonnetaed with te Georgia rail road and b extendedon torNew Yorkc.-L-eiswile Jmrmhl. Io not our legislqtos neee the necesaity of aiding andIt tcclerating tile greet rail road which in toeconneet N. aOrleaisa Cal Nashville? If they have eyes let themB. A laring attempt was recently made to met fire to the I Bnt k of MiebignL at Detroit. A new line of packets, between Liverpool and New York, is advertised in the English papers to lstart tie slot, 8th, lfth'atnd 21hh ofeanh month. The ships named, are Ant., Chlsapeake, Texns,Van Buren,Jaekson; Br.,ar Ntlsndn, .tNnao, tltdoaNurthfhtsr. Tlthmeeshis re760 to 1020 tons each. The Chesapeake was to mail Janu ary Ist. Fire.-The printing oflice of the Gazette, published I at Mlethten, Massachusetts, was destroyed by fire on the 26th uhlt.,and an adjoining store injured-loss at about 1$5100. 'New Yosk City E.xpendiItree.-The fulluwing is a 0 list of the appropriations made for meeting the current tt expenPseof the city of New York, for the year 1839: I Appraprinttns dode for the youar 1839--alma house $1.5 0t,00, bolds payable $00,000, hotard of health $12,. I I5)0, cleaning looks and slipa $15,000, eturts $35,000, countly contingencies $80,000, commutals for alien pas. rogers $1400, coroner's fees $,500, cleaning treets a $100,000, aldariticns $2,000, wargelos arreare of tau and of o esemests $10,000, elertiors $7,500, inrstatne stnate S 3,500, docks and slips $100,000, interest $el00,00, fire departnoetl $50,000, justice courts $16,l000, liens on to lots $800, pulblie sehoolb $ 0,0)00, feneitto lots $1,500, a- ltids aod ,luets $10,dH0, lamps and gnas $105,10, mar te ela $20,000, pronnhlic $00)), priining end stationery 20,010. Iolice 3,O00M, roads ond avenates 0,000, repairs ie nd lapplieas 0,l0,snlaries 00,00, rsreets opening and y pvilot4i(l,0lo0, street expene . 50,000, water 2310,000, Savern n excise licenses 1,500, wells o ndl pumps 10, W00, p.hlie reservoirs 7,500, errors and dtliqurencies on tauI's 100. to 'T'h wert is itilomdte wilth snow, which fell while it war eri rainig lurd lere.--Al.any Journal. is Yoru may as ,ell samy that thil river wao inundated with ice. lolwever, yout are not so culpable after ll; fir who does not tliik of it nndations in v hInrd rin? i t- Tlln uto.sreony FyVER to FLORIIA.-ThIe St Ari SgOltis'I Nesne states tlot twelve Ires ofr thIe Morni t- hielleilis were sold tately in that city for six hune Sdred dollars.-Phil/a. Ledger. hi We wrere apprehensie that they were more likely to e' sufer from tile nldian fever! ie the' emirnatio, of wlites a the everglades. lIe thinks ttl Ir th. is tile oalyv way tocoqaer them. lie has tried them, and o.ght to kuow. Ie L.eosvItt.t.., Feb. 12. sii Outr latear let,lts trom thie Ohio river, are the l,t,io t ville City Ganete, of thleeening of thre blt, and tile nil Jorelf td e sa e morning. Thae Garette saos : S The Lriver h risent aloult 15irches here. Tiee latest lo- tes front ('iticioti state that it wna i'tll of floating iloe Iiad slowl rising.o. Th ice isrunigl here it Ceon sit lerietIo iletittoi, and tilme prospects fira t ill reenmp. ly' of oavigalion appear very good. Tie Pittslurg Advlocote of tile 5th instant, save: - TlEtr0tio is low bur not altnogeter clsed. Tie lee tIo ir tile loot few dJye, has neither gained nor lost much oil ine trentgth or quantity. 4ill of We are ineliedl to net oo Belot. Franklin's principles now, ntd say grace over th he hole barrl of perk at lof ote. do you take, gejntlnemu?--Ncew Orleaus Times. in Not utless you give us graeeced beans along with the pork. one Thr Lietenoant Governor of Nova Scotia stated, in be hisa recent Intesage tos te legislature, tha itt is contest air plated to sabstituto steam packets for the sailing vet t o elso now eolployed in thle conveysnae of the mails he wlt tleen Girt llritain and Halifsax. Latest frat Florida. d Extraot ofet letter received ill Savannath, dated air ST. AUGUSTIeE, Feb. 91039. . An officer jist arrived from Picolttala rq54gMIlfhi.lf Sf.vooslAeor'l,0ltol~no- taio oemar Lake Opetpka,s party go lt' eigktee Ildia---ieight of th1111em warriors. TwI of the warriors are ,ear relations of Wild Cat, and anotlher is a cousin t f Sami Jones, which last reports tltt Som Jones oavs that lhe will hang aty indial wlho talks of iosoiitog ii, or aiy whiti tlao wlto comes to Ilim. S hooefl.-Solne tday in tile ineeelet loatlh was as igted fir tile first plittetit of peosioats to widows, lltoi were mirrilt to revolutiooary soldiers previously tnto 1794. Pension certlificates frtm tile war departien a were presented oil the dty ppoileled, at lBostol and other places, rnd tile poor widliws were told tie govern ill mealthll no fitdiltopaytltem, Th igoernmen lae it fitds enoogh to ipay them! 'IThe governlrnl tas funds ill eaoogh to glut to satiety a horde of peeulatre; funds enough to carry on a foolilh war witlh a little Ihandful re of ladiaii; but no toiley to pay a secaty debt of gratli era tade to tile poor widows of tlhe revolultisnary soldiers. die IIlaompsltire (Massn.) Gazelle. Cinrionoi Ca imianl Cmerl.--i lI the month of Jan. toa- ary, 12319, tile Gradl Jry oxamited 115 complaints, g otd found 71 triue bills--8 were convicted of grand In, cuf y, '2 flr brtlg sry and grand larceny and I formour. ofhcr is tile 'd degree ; 0 olf then were seenteltcel to hard ed Iabor i the Petitenliarv--tlhe areggate number of at years whi.hl thtlv have to nerve bPiig 57,nud I for life 17 were eonvieted ofpetit lartenies, 15 of wulhom were f enotntn:ed to the chin gang, anld to bread and water 'c iu thle dutgeon ofthetjaiil.-Louiseille GozeteU. The Ra a Bea of rey.-- in Upper ny Cana ebolut na frtoight since, tally io t in Upper Sa ill infant two months ol, the eciid of aMr. Forbes, of livin in Key street, being left in bed while the aother went to look after her lhousehold affairs, was attacked by a large rt. Thbe child screanmed, and a young lady eiteriug the rnoom saw with horror tlat a large rat was tearing the inofat's check, within half an inch of the joaulur vein. It was found that the rot lad comlenced Swith the infllllt's hd and torn it sere;ely, but not find u e slftiielluanttv of blood, it soutght a norevital ptro . The child though very severely hurt is duing re ~----- HlI.ATEST FROM BUENOS AYRES. Tile pDrt of ucenes Ayres was still under severn . oluckader d ol loing could pass up or own the river, so ti eat virttally nl trde had eualsed: Thel're was nron. peet of war botll w it tie French and the Banda Orien. tots. iThe U S. aschooner Dolphin, I.ieut. Mackenier , and 'ercorette Fairfield, Lieut. Purviele, were at Buenos Srlhe Freoct, ihe enneetion with a body of the prti. anen lof )oen ructuot Rivers, were acting in conceit. 'le governcment of the province of Rliojah avre adi dressed letaers to teat of Buenos Ayres, pledgin; n them selves to support them icn their aleaurea against tie T'Ice French ultinatum, publiletd in all the. papers demands: i eet. 2(i,00t hard dollars to be paid to the widow of Mr. C. It. Bache. rd. 'Thai t Co. Antonin Rnmlvez shal bie cashiered. :id. Thit tihe Freed nch elljecl shoRill be respected. Dun t"'rltelllO t'll Ivert Itlolltellele Mouttvidio with ano rnaed iadrcce aod assumed tie ,gover tnloertofte pro. ci ile, all I snbllihed tle coneiltuted auth ority, Ietting aside tlI h leairclive ceamtel. lIe was sustained y lhe iFrntkh toeres. A ccrcl.repoodercel tad tkell plaeeg hetwecll tte geo. ether sect of lIoelnumo A ten antt s. Aime Rtoger the e Counul of France there, on board tie Blockading over, sntlblitted - lsuceat orc a.llieact settletnernt, wliiac w ias lsnntly rejected by tile Btenos Aryean ,lihd.terlr Fureiecn Affairs, who stigmatizes thle pro t[eal as igcollmniusIu. i_ IFor the True Amer can. ilUS}: OF REPRESENTATIVES. Tuetday, teth Februacy, 1830. Mr Davidson presented the petiimn of uSamuel Sutton prayicg fgr the privilege of keelping a Ferry on the river 'rickfoew. Refenred to tile Cummittee of Internal Im prevenient. SMr Fortier presented a petition from that part of the parish of Orleauu, situated on the right back of the 'river, praying to be eout apart as a separate pariash. Mr. Rcodgere moved to reconsider the hill, anomdiog tie chap ter of the city, passed yesterday, for tile purps of rejecting the seatlic reducing tile number of meto. f ter in tlce council ofthe let mucicipality. This ma tien was supported by Messrs. lticiot and Conrad, and was carried withqut opposition; the sectimi was stricken ou, and tile ill Inceed. Mr. F.stecan, on behalf the comnlittee to which had besn reelred tlth petition from the parialh of Ibherville, praying ftr an aopprpriatiou, to tnake a road in mid pariah, preaseuted a bill approprluating ,$2~.,00 fae that ltritoso. Mr Wadnwotih introduced a billto incorporate the le.llevue Cnal Company. Alr Ia.ciduon introduced a bill far the relipfl lhe io liicejcry ef theparish ofLicingaton,and bill dknohsage the wcat t.fuoveumteal of the state, to atan' Rouge, and providing fur the rmexpenses ofto removal, the ere ties er state house at that place, &e. lMlr.Uuion intruluced a bill for the relief of l.awson. * Mt. F. D. Conrad introduced bill providing for the Spubligtion and preservation of the lists of voters at .i General Elections. % TheSpeaker submtteds letter fhom Mr M. Bourg' * Inmoder from Lafourehe Ihu r r, e ai hehm tse a Scansegee ome i appoisan a u erli. of said - is. . oJ.aIi - Oh spotion of Mr Onion, tha R oune took lto ondi.e ratioathebill changing the mode of election, in the - de county of Lafourehe, which was passed with additional c- sections from Messrs Ratlif and Wadsworth. relative to .the parishes repreentedolby them. a On motion of Mr Morse, the House took into consi. -. deration the bill ehiagfa the tism ofholding the courts ad ithe parish eflRapidee; and after, an additional smetion nd from Mr Morse, changing the time of holding courts in N. the parish of Caddo, and with another section frqm Mr Winchester, lhanging l i ttimn of holding the courts in em the SecoMd Judicial District, the bill was passed.' The House concurred in the amendmentsofthe Sen. lie ate to the bill to expedite the lcontruction of the Barra- . tari and 'Lalbutehe Canal, and Atchaanlaya Rail f Road. ew The billsabstituted by the Senate to the resolutions lot, of the House, granting leave of absence to the Judge of d, tihe parish of Point Coupes, underwent its first and se- t Br., col-retidtae. 760 The House then took into consideration the contest u- ed election of Isac T. Prettn, aitting menmber from the parish of Two questions were presented, the irat was wheiher the report of the committee should bed be adopted or not, and the second question was, is the the sitting member duly elected, or his seat properly ton out tested? The report maintained that the purchase of land from the United States gave the purchaser the a righter voting without regard to the quantity or quality at of the land, or the object for which it was porch saed. The debate was rmesmed by Mr. Lewsl, who, in a speecll of gruet length, esmnined in an able and ealepat manner the lo 1e gal points involved, maintalning the doetrine of the report 6 lie was followed on the opposite side by Mr. Mous, who wa. oas* answered by Mr. Davidma. Mr. Braehear then gave his ei views, and was responded to by Mr. Thomas. The question and was thn put andthereport was rejected by avote of 3 to 16 e ..thus declaring the votes given o, the lands so purchased, to bnhave heen illegally reairved. IO, On the second question, an animated discusasion took plce. ar Mesasa.Guion, C. Ms Conrad, P. D.Coorad. Claiborne. Muae Patton, Davidson, Morse, Preston, Wilson, Thomas, and end Lewis, took part in the dobate. and safter various motions and fO, amendment, end lattempts to obtain an adjournment, rase. 10, luotion by Mr. OGioan ondi mendt by tr,.C M. Conrad, declne. on ringin nubatenee, that, whereas it hi d not been IhoWnll that any oremjority of the roes declared by the house to be 1I legalbhad bens given to ltea T. Preston. he was declared to be entitled to hit seat..which w adopted by a voteof w to le it l and te tb houe adjourned. It was 5 o'clock, P. M. when tle houes adjournl. It was eoneequently too late to girve details to-day in tuch a manuer ted am to dojustice to the memhbre. FOR CHARLESTON. The fine brig FREIDERICK PEARL, Capt Spofford, having excellent nccenmmodn lions, will take 5 or 6 passengcrs, and a deek on a ut 50 hhds, if iamediate applicatioe he made to feO2 L H GALE, 93 Commonon at BANK OF ORLEANS, Feb. 19,1139.o T HIS Bank will he eloseti on Friday eaxt, 221i4 ains. Notes dun on that day, are reqluied to be paid on the day preceding. J P NISiEl', fe20-2 Cashllier BANQUE D'ORI.FANS, Fevrier I, 1839 CETTE Banque sera feinim en Veudredi peroelnil 2leeouraint, lee billets Lchbalnt sur ce jouIr dolt etrm piv6 It jonr avant. feb ?b J P NISBET, Caissier. New Orlenns Canal anld Blanking (.UIpay, Feb. 20,1:114. FIlHIS Bank will Ibelosed on Friday, the 22d inIt.; J notes and bills falling dlne oil Dan day, must be paid ltle day prelinue, and eriags lfor disciuantl tneir bei'nmde on Tltarsday, the li1s inti. feI0-2t BEV. CIIEW, Caenlier. GOVERNOR'S HORSE GUARDS!! y ou are eotnanded to nssemble oall Frldlv next tie22nd instanl, at 8 o'loek, A M., il1ull iuli Iesite tihb Sit (.larlt 'Imeatre, By order ofCapt Osbor Crosn. V' fog0" JOHN GIBSON, O TO nMEROC/J1xT$. CANNEL COAL, fir sale at fe620 No. 25 Gravier street. BOARI)INO lIelISE '1'It 1.t:1 T HE upper prt of ile T'reuotr i llosI. nexta door nto t Charles Theatre, ile Iof tihe tnloa pleaslat and healthful situatiotst in tie city, near the enttre of bsileaese, aid now haviig 31 boarders, thougtl tt le neouammodnlted ?70t nle time; .lr lthose luvihg futitiure it is n rare chaice; us the propretor is about onering into another kind llf hbiasinese. For further inltlfaitixt enquire ol the premises. Mrs A P ANDERSON., NIOTICE is hereby given. that n imeetig of the SStmockholders f tie St Mary's Market steama Fer ry Co., will be held at Mr Charlee Dimnmmnd's, oltpotite St Mary's Market, on Thursday eveniug text, at 7 o'clock, precisely. (C )IMOND, SItlGII, fe2O 1 ROBIITAILLE NEWPILOT h 1art of e Dry Tortugas-'T.i 1 Chart iscompiled from the surveys of George Gould, Esq., mede by order' of the British Admiralty, aid imv be relied mpen far its accuracy; it is drawnm it a large scale, and showe tie seuntdings, reefes, chel eli and dangers from Tortuge banks to Key West. Just published iy Benjaman Loring, Boston, and for sale at the pnbmtlieer'e mrine, by DAVID FELT Coe., N Y Stationer Hall, fet20 24 Chartres at SUPERIOR Madeira and Plrt Wine. iuat received dmiect from Madeira, per brig Samuel and John, frntm Londona France and (ermnamny. Madeira, in half quarter t1sks, old London Parlicu Iar, and choiee 'Reserve. do. in ceae,, choicest Social, Reserve and London Particular. GeNaine Port wine, old, in cane, bottled in Oporto. Amd thleir well knowin assertnment of Bordeanx. Bur ucandy1 Clnmipelige, aud Rlhenisll Wines, Marasclhino, flest Martimnique cordials, London Porter and Ale, all first D.ali ne. E JOHNS & Cr, It 20 econer Coimmon &i St Charles Sal 7i0001 Capital Prize, T'leketo cnly S 00 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. DraTinig of the Grand State Lottery Class ), 46, 73, 51, 11, 24, 65, 41, 70, 56, 33, 52. Nan I, 6, 28, tle Capital Prize of $13,000, was sold in a wlhole ticket, by Ar John Y Dmvis, No 49 Cuastom Housea street, and cashed as an axs plr1enled. CLASS K, Autllorised by the Legislature of the State. To be drawn Thia Day, Feb. 19, 1839, at 6 E'clock, P. M. at Bisllop' Hoteil. S DAVIS &c CO, IManagers. 75 Danwn number-12 Drawn iBallots. Splendid Scmen. 27 814 Prizes. amounting to $95,863 Tickets $2 00-Halves I 00--Qunrtera $ 50. Packages of 25 Tickets fr $50 $9I, warranled to draw at least $24, anl iany d traw te h;gltext 'oiital, a mounlihg me $7,00 !!! Pnekages of .5 Itlall 'ickets $1506, warranted to dem at lenat $12 00. packages of'25 Quarter Tickets $12 50 warrnllted to draw at least $6 00. For packages ofsingle tickets, rpply at tile MANAGElt ' OFFICE, Fehl2O 16 Chartres st TO BE DRAWN 'O-MBORRO\. The following are tie drawlm numaMler of tmie Louis aan Lottery, Class 6, for 1839: 40, 62, 44, 43, 33, 51,41, 2, 5, 24, 34.3. $13,500 CAPITAL PRIZE. LOUI SIANA LOTTERY. Anuithorized be Act oflegilaturae. Chapter XLIII, paseed March Ž1, 1828. Clues No. 7, fior 1839. to be drawn on Tlhursday, Feb. 21. 1839, it 5 o'clock, P M. at the Eeelltmge llotel,St.Charles at. 1). S. (iGREIORY & Co. Sueeesors to YATES ,lcINTYRE t Co. 75 Naember--I12 Drawn Ballots. GRAN) ISCHEME. 33,396 Prize amnullating to $213,46' Tibkets $400-Halvee 2 120--Qarters 1 00 Packages of 26 tickets for $104. Prekagee of26 Ialf tickets $52 00. Packge f Au Quarter iekets Ior $26 00. For Packmageeorsingle Ticket. applv at The Mansemrs Ollie,, feb20 35, Canal street. mmm to Cmtmp st SNGI.SH WHIT'E LEAD-50 kege 56 Ike each, 200 do.28 Ib 150 do., 14 luej1streeeived, and Pfr sle by fe201 Al CANNON, Il Tchopito.,laea -NGI.ISH LINSEED 011.,--500 gall E lisk SLiaed Oil,juet menved,l ad for sale Eiv 1fe5W M CANNON, It Tohlmimieolan st T R HYDE & BROTII., 1k 39 Cnmmlon, cgr MagEziue at PIANO MORTEIl-Tbe subscriber hans mmnmammly a lsate, an extensive aesortment of Piano Forte, of ChieckerLg & Mekac'a manufactre, which he dfGr in sale e. reasonable terms. B CASEY, fe0 19 Canmp t Ln OUR Lard and euttarn--100 bblam Flour, 8 ikega Lad; 23 k'gaof Rutter, O )ORSF.044 Newl veef 1rHlSKEY anl Flour--l0 hills of etiiienl with.. • key; 59)bMrlour and3hbbis vinenrlulnerI (g fom lit boats, ft anle by 0 I)D EY ..e.,0 , ew Lovi ev, ft .LOR.-,is.o sdde seper iae, and 1 do., fina, i S ole hbipping ormder, anfl1, iaw nle byt frAl 0.005Ey, IA New l.ecee ;:$,0 t. hhds. on plantation, above the city,: 1,-` fir coe by REAL) & BARSTOW, felO0 - 9 Bank Place flINE PPLF CIIEESE just received and far .L3 tale by READ & BAlD/TOW, low 7 lBonk Place D ACO ,--i0 bhds eravsaeed hos and, 1 llhha sides U for sale by I, BRIDG) E & Co. f19 1:14 Magazine at. SPEIRM OIL-20 casks winter arnd all etraiuod Dt a Dperm oil, warranted puie, ol sale by Ill9 ISAAC BRIDIGE & tIo, 134 Magazine at ( LOTHINi.-ocanoa Clothibg, comprising on ex. W tensive aaaortment, varitu. D uahtiee, tIneling for sale by ISAAC BmRIDGE & Co, feb!9 131 Magacino st - OD IS- o 0 boxes Caodfish, fli ale by SC b ISAAC'BRI IGE & Co, Ti Ir als9 134 Magazinee La a WEWI"ORES-To.aleo. illustratino tbhe I'aoions, & by c P R James, aulhor of Darnley, the Gypaey, - Truvels in the Titree Grat Empires of Austria, Russia, and Turkey by C B Elliott, author Lof 'itters f fe e tohe Nortof tEe r pe ia 2 vols, just receiredl mand for al by WII IMcKEAN;' te fel9 cor er of Caep endCommoon at t ANO FUR'ES-2. ore ell end id lstrnaelets, uf with rose colored cae"c, jue operp d end for lale hi e- by flel A TOWAR, 419 Camep ast G LASS-Specie,. tiaeturd aod acti nmotot Jars, je S rou nd square white bottles of every size, vials frot -lrdrnehL, to 8 ol., for wnolesale and retail, by Ii BONNABEL, , febl8 comerer Nathelz & T'ehopitoulae A Id UTS-o ablea lraeil Nut,juset receired for sal ca by fel8 READ &. B .ARSTOW, Bonk Placa e - UB ELASTI'C BALLS for aile wholesale and or retail, at II BONNABEL'S fell PStore, ear Notchez & Tehlapitoula at yCI IY BANK, at New Orleans, 16 Febranry, 139.i b OI III Stocklolders ol this Instiluion are hereby o- A o . tifed, lhat thi annual election for 'lelve I)irco - tole, to erve fr the cAieliL. year, will ie held at the lankng Houna , oil Mlonlody 41t March next, betwees the hours otul0 A ltM d 2P Al.. tfel8 It J PAtIFREY, Cashier "ICINAI. HERBS -A .nrlert clro a.a.orret,., jfor sale y H tuiNNA IIE. nO fell ear Tehelitoulns & Narthe st t to NwEW ORLEANS .JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! 'ECLIPSE COURSE. nat ad to SPRING MEETING, 1839, will connerlrceon Wed- I noLslay,13th of nMte , 1113, aoid coltlinre 5 Jtyo. I f- First Day. o ek The New Orleans I'lat, a service of silver, val de $70,1 two mile heats. In this race 5 yr ords and ap ata Aols carry ti0 Ib. 4 yr olds aed under, their apl ro -rina a weigh:s. Secon.d Race--Si afe D.iy, A sweepstakes for 3 r I eloIvs; subs'riptrion $.0111; half forfeit (2. mile heats) to e name: aed closc thie it MralcI, 11139. Second Day. ice Jockey Club I'r.e $15111; uhrea Itie heats. a Jockey Club I'Prec, 5e16i), 4 ariceas. F,,ratal Day. ie Prnoerintr' Prree$7$1l; ' iile Iheils. oil Secood .nce-Suoie I),lv. rwveipatlkec for 2 yr ohdo; .ul,.eriortic, $501!, rl'f firfait, (mile Irests;) toi closea let oVl arch. - FifA Drpy. Propretr'as Purse oe$i r; miile breiars, Iralt 3 ill 5. o jln:l V.N. r)LIVEII, Proprietor Be )OOT''.r BRl)t.iAN,--ll cuase.w Iliilutiil, ,t| mI't B mll'cnEell Newe.I flsCO hl),tll, CelflnlI kill Ito-.gc'd do., and men'a kip Iiro-'ns, htoilldiC! fro ship UOlrcOr dia, for sale by ISAA. BIliI .I: i" (: Co, lolol 13i1 tenoii. , NOTICE. NMr SARAH BOMENOS I), lly arrived iin this city, will find Ier hlsband at No. 3,St Charlae street. fct7-l3ll $500 CIIA.LLENIE. M R DANIEt. I)EILIN bhavine challenged tl tihe aoIl tlolllf $1011 IlIt lilis Iorrkllmallo, tieity Sin. rnollr, cirl :urn,lit and drive more ilhre heeiiC'il oine ceav, Ion anv oilier on, ini Ir ctlre rf oLouisiana, aid betyI taken [V It y ain )ierlintlilWcket oi; andi fuiner iore, ae tlre enir lielic we oareeIe ito put ip $3111) thlint we coildr do itoie iarhing, iitini l ail ndIevio. lar-e lshol. il e urt iiilie llnPe id t t arit l nillhl.O ll lllll akloroalllika order, tIIan coalJ hIn ilf oillllllll to wllhich p1ro msl thr. declined--sld fllrlherllrltlt, ae now ehlas llin thiriii f Ihir IInItinniul sf $ill11 t111 I we liar dLi nmore otid worlk ill allny Civt.In till, in a heitr adnl morn w cilii i ilila nina rainr mmid .olI - Silnl is, w 1o if iIiq, l-v,.l Io l ke i i tli . t'lr ,.l'. nodil end I hleir i ull nh illheyn d ls I ll i .l.n ii (i1hi it l T l r iii- f ll-_lt r ii rvr httie, ,'tt r,, 1 - ,,i- i ,t,",,I.i, t tinlr.1a ISAAC l0151. lIN\A:I . I J,"111 i A 1ciil st o ,n f tm HA G S- 10( 20 l -It . ; lll V I(in i lli es i o, aud ihar un a b ll f1 3 l J 'I'IIAIER &k i (i'o,71 iI'mil st nor fey l .1 TIIAtI & I0,:R 7.1 D s,'W.. received Ill adllltiollnr o turnhY. . vry iln. epoplur school blciks, by A T',WR, -io 0 GU yiA (ii Fiio ciii II iiiii Leovee fel I-11.1. IItLIVN,ui JllgAlgille st tom I,1C 50-cLasks, nail 311 .ii-cj{i' c-litre. in store f7 l]fei ersal by J TH & I o, oh.~ --- icccr i iliirrrl aiiyc ieiia-rc GA\S llEP: R1'I'lISNNF Goas LightL D 6e iki.g .,np'y, Jnuairy 30:n 1139,. TrlH\ E Seuk ofl roke'eit g w, o h ,r:e p ue Iis COllt Spotty will lirrih lPittlsbur Coal, ilr aull quar ties, to their eulltoers. Orders received at tile (Gaso Oice, Bunk Alley. ja31 r WE W\ELLEr, See' DECEIPTI' BOOKS--Just receited at t)itid Felt &I Co's, a new ald extensive assortlelrt ofl Re ceipt Books, fur sale Iow,, at feb9S 4 Chartres ast STANDARD SPERMIODtICALa- Lttl.'5 Museumn aid "ou)r Globe illustrated." Mer HAU1MAN, the agent fur these publications, is now in New Orleans, and will be Ihappy to raeiee subseriprtionreas either work. Tl'le Mlseun paossest a reprtltimrriiarier to note. In fact it tas reoite a alaridanl pttrlie'iit. "o" r ('i1he Illstrated" is ptblisilrel: weekly nutmbers, 5 of whichl will for.r a tlenlstd volomne. Each number contains two breati. ful steelengravings,ad ani bout eigit pagers of idecrit. lion. It is ill quarto siaze,and is tlRe :heap)est poblia lion ,fthe kind in tie world. SIsIeriptiso price. 52 numbers for $;1j :ore tnit $50,1100 Ihas i been expended on lire work and it is conirdently recommuended as hutly woarthnv afpatronge. SuGserrltione received at No 44 Cramp it, and at the Post Oflfce. e9 IA1W ltOOKer-i.ri g's' Nieti Peins, 2enls: Lonin. L iann Code: Isolrfira'sCCurse iflegal Study, 2 voles: Hlughcs tn lrnsrarnce: Lowe's C:rierte Pirlies: Form Bliook: Reeves' illr Diescens: lsce's CrilillrlI Evidence: Civil dor., Ir.sell io Crimes, 2 vole: Norris' I Petko on Evidence: Rutherfir,' Ilnstitutes: Ne:w York. Analytincal Igest, 5 vels: Powell or lMortgages: Judge Peek's 'Trial: d'[lotsei's rtltdy of tie ilaw: Mlatttws on Presmlllptive Evidclrre: Milford on Plead nlog: Montague on Lnie: l'illinghnst on Limitations: Tlreohald oil Prineipal ned Surety: Thoma's Cake, 3 vols. Foller on Executors: Tenimin's Luaw Dictistory, 3 vole: Treatise on tile law rof Fixtures: Strkie on Evildence: io. oo Slaroder: .agdeni oil Veirirre: Saut dars oa Pleading and Evideere: Sthia's Chbncery Praetice, 2 vol.s Stevess arid Ileoecke to Aversage: Story's Ctlmrenteries on tile Crsstittutic. Loss cf U. Olates, erl trq il vr er: o i lllillaor ent al on ti e h c Itlltier rf .Seatoo'a lirrs ill Eqllity: 'rWVlerrltl I erl Ear: atulor: Walkere's Aetcrill [Isw: W'illiams oil .nleu. lors, 2 vule: for sie htl 40.k oalfi street. ei13 AIL:X 'LOWAR. GUNNY B. GS--s ll) e Gooey' flags ill sle, for ale Sby CIIGAI ILIN oL COUPE L3, jas8 82 Jolia J W HIT): I.:AD & LI& NAET r i)I.. 5101 kegs porrre I'hilhdelp!iir o.Whit Lean; 50 bhlls. EGolis !.irsaec ):1, 10 casks I)itchI Liaseed i til, fr saleri by JAIRVIS &ANI)ID(EVS, Wholrles lI)rrggists, j20 eor Coan no 'l'ehopir.uhirr sts `V PERM OIL--I3IO 0 galls. Winrer Strained Spnern SOil, tsor male b SHIALL & BRlOWN, jol 9i Manguasin st at SOAP--300 boxes (Gioulda' and ilroibhil's No. I Soap it, store for role y J TIIAYE t&Co, er 74 Poydras st UT lBR;,lA . 18 eases allatul silk Umbrellas, Jarga sizs, recoined fiIroir shi Mlersey, and Ia salt by I BRIDGE l co, d13 134 Magazine st FOR SALE. A Mulattlo Woman, stout aidl hearthy, ad frm thirty.tix to fierr rreers. bIe is U likr alrri trost dcsirables rvant;f.'oo' cook, French or Englsh; a washer, ironer, end sellnstreas-ia ot word, an Anin,:. ean luse asrreant. Sills is sold besse sahitehasbeen insolent to hermistrese. A APAply toltlte Editor of the True American. 7. 3t n et OT'ATOES-1OO barrels, i starer and tsr sale hy - 29 laMPLIN & COOPEI, 82 Jula T, ACKER WANTED--A first rate Packer, well re. S eoomended for nbili.. and steadiurrae, will find - empploymno t on appieation tio B11 l OWVIIL &C, l18,5 17 Camp etl1 ALOO-2 barrels Jostuu aoaoypr j3.Alcoholnowladiag from ship Columnbiana, and f -ors.lhby JAItVIS & ANDREWS, jll0 c r C..mns t & Teopitouias eta CLOTHIN - sasittiiet r I do sorle nis.llsirts, faxr salu bv sia6 SHiALL. & IIBRO\VN, 9G Magasine at article, sUit,:hle for eaova.ssei eels, ill atinre anod fursale by J TIHAYER & Co, a tel It 76 Poydrnas s li fl..--3t S t0ODLARD Jc2ri5 Gtnier as - Easnp St. Thseatre. For the Benefit of Mr H IIBARRETT. & Fourth night of YOUNG BURKE. THIs EVENING, FEB. sl, Will he performed th4 Comedy of THE IRISH AMBASSADOR. Sir Patrick O'Plenipo, Young orke, T Count Merinos, MrJohnaon, i SDuke, Giilbert, I Istabells, Mrs Greene. SAfter whieh tihe admired Comdy of WIVES AS THEY WERE & MAIDS AS TIHEY ARE. t To: conclude with the Farce of the A MUMMY. Toky Tramp, Mr Barrett, Leerr, Greene, Laany, Miss Mcntyre. iIHIEGIRAFFE and her companions, will hr exa 3 Ilibited again at her fiorloer residence to-doi, and tly for a slhrt period, corter of St Charles and Per dido streets. Adaitmnee 0 cents;, ehildren sand servants 5 oents. Itours, fret Itl o'clock, A M, to9 P M, each dsy. S The propietors in collecting this rare assemblage, I have ixcluded all atimale otaft ordinary class. or of S an offensive chracter, selecting sunt onily as are ob. jects of inteese iiterest to taie eotmmeunity at large, and ; especially to the intelligent and moral oa botl sexes. it, feLt GREAT ATTRACTION!! At No. 53 Magae ine sre, oaer e. Leny'. Actions In Root, opposfte Baak'e Arcade. RlIRGIILE Itrespectfally informs tie public that . the relebirated AcIqatc af CLEOPA TRA, Qneea of Egppl, Whic has bennox eihited ein ot of the princilal cities of the Union, to the lively adtmioaion of matny thousand vilitrrs,hlta arrived itt this city, anid is now bhing exhibitelfor a short time only, front o'cck i A Mito 9'ctlock, P M. e- lAdmitansce, 50 cents; Seasan tickets, $1. Its -hl--tf. JOHN V. CHILDS, r ENGRAVER AND) CO(PPEIR-PLATE PRINTER, t, No. 3, Cmnp 5t. atI ILt engraee and print to order, bhlk noate. Iills o V frxchnlttge, hillo ofldiug, diplhncits, orenn Stile and viai:ing cards. naotril, cosular nd cttringn houe seals, dor plates, silver ware, &c.-n lwnys oit tetad,tt aenorloonot of silver plateld atd brose door pates. P Cardsla printed from plates already engraved. nnv20 A CIOFFIE HOUSE To Let, with a largo stock of liquor, situatrel in one of tite tot bthittioes parts of tlte city. te onlty reanen th e pm rietr hae feor statintg i, that ie doces at enjio goad heiali. Fur further protiultar, apply to J Kennedy, tbrough te post Office. fa .S---t WASHINGTON BALL ROOY Dress & Masquerade Ball St. Philip street, between Royal & IIiirbon. oortTdE Mallneeroful sve n Rintot sl] ne grste l: FilH to Ills frielts aed i ltic fot tile in oral. tlelled patronge bealstoed on him torsevreral lteasot, reslttpefully iniforts tLteat tlhot iihe ei adishln t has p. beeo eltged for the ctseemrat uOf vipitors, and nn I dergone inttinease repairs. 'IT', bar will be cirtaised Itv tles ii qitality ofliquors tvl tile Ittllc ratn ill lie r Iet ly tite alileet Ilesttroetteor itt thte Unitedil Statet. ao Nilelri)owcil re-open oi ."attrdliy eveniag, 3rd if November tlt, yt, Ilv a (GRAN)D I)IESS & MANSQUERAI)E BAII., eld will take lacosee usial every Melntdavy, W.alote dvar anil.lttitlrc Ivitg, om.urii thie g eBonI twich wrilland ott tie let,tof Msy,lt3t. N.1. 'II.Trheiitr¢'l.totleltclitlt'..ibe poild to kiet. intg perlcl order tllcughloul Sib eollieilnnl, as cul yr llllr~eun I.AW BOOlKet. E QIJIrY Drnafmt n. E~quity Iii-gev 3 colt. Cr.ebhtl ti Itoliol~ ..w Icwdl titceotrv &Ithtliihe Dictct p 3 yvol, ClI iteeyS t Ahinge lght. I 'lt, (tirnon t (Con. iratetitelvtit.Cittier el I'orltlerohti pllortie,h))ii.ritlgeoienl or 8sb,l, I)Tlhu lli.mgi Nltlimmlll Illiliacnl l.s.,v l~l.'y o.l lills, Ilrinkeirtocke Ltaw of Wlr,lingliham InI Infuse y Adltham oll Ejutltlent, Anthoms Illlekaltone Altllt oI tStiltiinc, Angel & Amie ot (cirpttisttvints (ooiotldi Pltsdings, Ilarrions I)iceet :| volr, Itcnwerdle ot s FraudsnJot es Io Hiltlmlenti, Inolsotll tigcr, Kenles Collnllunntries4l ellis, Gow o)1Paortnership, (il'eslleva Eqtittyl.etidence, Stlli1 Chteitrera' I'rititoe vo[. Clittkli)tt oeratitee, Citrtis Adiltirvoiit I)igei'. leo For Sale by AI.XANIIFIR 'I'OW~.VA It, 49 C.amp S. RAISI \s--T00 boxes Nil Raixilla. 100 totes daN R IO tl 10 1-4 boxes do doc do In stnre ant fiwr sale lb fi:eb9 Cti AM PLIN & COOc'tEti, 12 Jolia at itt -'OI1N--.O0 s0atkotit Inlcliotii .. ci ,r f:.orhe ih l - U jet CI4AAMPI.IN &.t~itl(I'ERI,l.Jtriliorst Ie UNNY F lait -3,Ollli itIItY ll tigI c tirt, for ' .,tle hy UIIA3It.IN .. Ci u lll rfe9 ff Ju l a - l - 3ill .n .i Tioto stii m it e tir cl, it I fe9 a'"; 'ui pr sr ,p"AI)IAIW, g(; t onp t thiCCItMINY. W NLI' AtIR NA;il:O IENt. P ill: tiiitiittve will avc . tiheI)eDepitt tht foit oif . 'lh 1 tr ' vers d v ot IP . 11. un lt urn a i ct .j 31. exceput 11.iudatr'., ichooe, oto it ill l)etitilitllr 8 A.M. a W I' .1, 31. c" Ies ]ni'ieull,. b~l e sulll dl)',votu'ro· rtnl o)) ohe dsv'a Irt ee tts l)OliCn. tot jlt, 1t. I OS II c'AI.Dt:t.l,, l'ntttt'ti.t. C'O1i'iON CICULAI(tS ver in a style uaistrjittsed ito New UitLos, o r elsei we hlieta. OcnDrS left at Coorttr , Rioer in St. ('llrlics Ex t change, (Cortner f Graoier St. ) or at T R U E e ASIERICAN PRINTINTING OIFFICE, Scorner of I'oydras and St Charleors Stret, wtill bt promptlytte loindd to. I De.I-II-. STEAM BOAT BILLS. WO NE(RS, AG"NTS,or C\TAINss os'I'EAM BOATS can have their Bills struck off, in one or more Colored lnks, on Plain or Colored Paper, l rith despatch, and on favorable Terms, by leaving their ORD.RS atTRUE AMERICAN OFFICE, corner of Poydras and St. Charles streets. NevS29-f ( PEI'RI 011.-5l1)0 ralls. wiiter strainedl spenrm oil,just received and r sale by. jalt S LOCKE & C,, 8 Front Levee !'(ASH IBOXES-511 Ctslsh onrs of nowta nimenu feluture, far superior to thl, English, far sale by jall0 S LHCKE & C,, 8 Front levee W I M LEAD-:NO kege, t I ito stoet, Cite stie sy S LOCKE o Co, janl8 8 Front Levee st Blank Checks, Bills of Lading, Auction Bills, PamphletS, Show bills, Cata logues, &c. &e. QTORDERSfor the Above, antd every other des eriptionaof [lPRIN'IN(;lj received at Caompting Room of"TRUE AMERIICA.N," in ST. CItARLES Ex CIIANeE, 3d door froia Graver strOet, or at the 'rinting Office, corner of Poydrae and St. Charles streets. Extensive and beautiftul HOOK and Jon FOUNTS from the best Fuuodries in t.e United States, have jus been added to the already well-stocked Establishmenti -and O(RDEs will be executed as I.ow, as Cheaply, Expeditiously and Beautifully, as at nay other Olice in the City. Nov 1 CARDS 1Jf PRINTED at the shorrest Notice, in the meost elegant manner, in lnack or Colored IKts, on EInatel. led, White Flake, or Plain Surfaced CAuns, and Prices ecry reasonable at TRUE AMERICAN OF FILE, corner of PI'ydras and St. Charlese Ms. Several New and Ieinstiful Founts of 'T'rte inve just been adlred to he Establishment. Orders received at Comptin Roomn, St. Charles Exchange, 3rd dolr fonte Glavier st.,or at the Printing Office, corner of Poydras & St. Charles streets. oel--If TO MERCHANTS. 01?'MERCIIANTS can have a IlotaUrtvr. Csitcu LAR struck of at for ur lurs NoTtcE, by. alltig at the Comnpting Room of TRUE AMEIIICAN iPrNTINto; OFFicE, St. Clarlea Exchlange, adjetaing the REAi Its Room at Corner of Gravier street, or at the Pint ing Office, corner tf Poydras and St. Charles streets. W HISKEY--20) bbl; Reetifie, at tih landing for sale by fel9 (i. DOIRSEY, 44 New Ievee 1 ACON--70 casks oflnhts, lshoulers satd sides, for siale by G DOR1SEY. fel9 44 New Levee L :. PAIt.lVY, Dentist, respectfully gives nt n tice, thalt Ithe iny be eonsulted antually in Not Orleans, durilng lie tmothsl of February, Mnearh attd Alpril. His assnaiate io tihe piracliee, IDr Lyon, whtase profesistnal skill atd experience, Iboth in the st.rgicel and rnerhanical de paetttels, is unsurpassed itt this country, will remain pernttneotly. fel9 Oeffice,59 ('nnl street. NOK'l'fiRN HAY-2Wo0 boles eritmi Nwt York Hay, Inndino from ship Ocomlgee, anod ftt sale by felt A COIIEN, 9 Common st ADDER-2 cases Madder, for sale by T R HYDE d& BRO., fa19 39 Common, car Magaziue sliest " rrmeeletiice s brands, i.l glood hip. I ping order at the landing. ber sale Iby ft19 Gi I)OI SEY, 44 New Levee SICILY NAIIntA WINE.-tugaa.' L. F; Ctll Zinsn brands, in pipes, half pipes, quarter casks nid octaves, for sale by ISAAC BLIIDGE &Co, fel5 134 .Lagazsie ti ,1EXA I.AND SC.IP OR SAl-'e snbseri . hers offer for sanl twenty Floats ofsix hlndredt ond fIrty asesr of land, each. ily lie tact l the Legis lsutre tits script all be hleld lal locatedl Ily foreigners snd is transleealiblc by astigatlntit. nueihi TlOS B LEE & CO. St. Clharles Theatre. Sixth night of the engagement of the elebrted MAI'LLt AUGUSTA. TAhi Evening, February 20, Will be performed the celebrated Opera of LA DAYADERM. The Unknown, Mr, Utifiluar Archer, 'Ichopdot, Dennisot, Zoloe, Mad'lIe Augutta, Fatina, Kerr, I Zelica, Revetot. Grand Pas soul, by Mad'le RavernM An Overture by the Orchestra Previous to which the petite Comedy of TURNING TIlE TABLES. Jeremiah limp., Mr Browne, Jock lumphrioes, Finn, SEdgar, Debar, . is Knibbs, trs'Farren, d Patty, Harrison. . RON ClIESTS-Just received at the Louisiena Ware Rot,s,53 IBienville street, 12 saperior sin e gle and double fire proofiron chess, fren the factory ,f of J I, Brown, New York, for sole by fell WM R CARINES. d-L.-BROWN'S Patee Platfofr Baleaaee.--Uro. • cerr can oold at 53 Bienville street, Palstt Plat form Ielacees, superior to any ever offered in this city. S fell WIt CARNES. 0s f IIE firm of J D BEIN &d A COHEN is this day Sdiseolved by mltual eoosel. John D Rlin is Ot charged with the settelment of illa elims agOlnh l the concerr, and will use the name ofthe firm in liqutldati only. JOHN D. EIN, ti jans23-1839. A. COHEN. ICP'A COHEN continue. the Commision Busines ik t lIlt itdividual name, and for his own ceounul. at No. li1 ColtOlOn strel . Jan 23, 1839 S S PERM OlL--12 hbarrelsn store. and for sale by jal7 ABRAHAM TRIER, 34PPoydai t j, £OAL-2-76 tones ofthe best English eol well asied S.. fr stoom boat use, on boardhesrqee Abeon. front in New Cotnse, for rnle by HO)LMES & MILLS, n ja29t Bank Place ig Ot)ODWOItTll'larewr seestd LANI NG MA n CHlINE. ParTTD, Nov. 15,1836. or The sublcriber being one of the agents of said Waodworth, hoas otne of said Maehies pout up for une. in the nill of Mfeer . Hlrlon & Co., in the city of L fayette, which any person con exnmiet; .a he hal a ek number of id mihinels for stlo, and Its the h aags y llAr liaplosing llfthe privilege for using ui'l machines, ir ho is teiroue to sell by sletate or partetea, an mnay best u .nit the appliclntr. '1 ie machines are the grreatest Is. Ihe )r savillg mnaecinel ever pt in tsel for dressing. and nuothllolclg plank or flors or hoarde for weather siding Any person desiroas l, purehaesig, can ocU ot No. 7 Ratopsg' sttreet, where the subscribehrr can be found. n 19i--lt WM. P HASKINS. SALMON--25 qr barrels, l0eigtshe and 200 kegs salmon, landing from ship harleston. for mle by fed 8&J P WHITNEY;-73 Camp al C 'TiOT'ICE.-For snIe a COFFEE HOUSE, with all II its fixltures, in Camp street, in the central pert of Snflitro, nlld doing now a pretty semrt bhsines, fer fur. her platiculars pldY nuflce of aft ththis paper. 1b ied tttI.II.i.A,-. csea, 8 to 36 in. MantsTu a h Gingham umbrellas for sale by ce. fel ISAA(: BRIDGE & Co,, 184 Magesineas N.i and fur sale it S'y ST ON , AVERY, j'29 88 Graneir et I r I'E POLISH OlIRPI!AN, or Vicissitsde.-A tole n by the anther of the Swiss Heiress. just received vell tIbr sat by A. 'I1 WAR, jn. 3I) 49 Ctamp t "IIW YoK Stlioller'e Initl-24 'tartr treet - .I by I)AVII) FELT & CO. Everv article in elntionarv ready made, or to order pmt p., at ehlrt notice. Wihleaale or retail, esoa or rll II. IIIFEl;E tl F l)IJIC;: & tlARS-Thal Uhloribe] Stavel jaot rteeived a large assortment of Glae 'IiTumblers, Iecaltlers, Sugar Bowls and silver Iash. y La.dles tod toddy epoons, which lthey oifer fir sale low, o j:,2 It BROWElt & Co.l17 Camp at I 1(NI ION Editions of standard works, cosising o. SIs lMemoirs of CrndQl k, literary and miscellaneous. 4" 4volumes, do Nal meon, as dedicated to Monthaol. &t (iutrglld, 7 vole, S do Plillip de Ctnmilr, 2O vols, to C.llnt de (rntlloent, 4 voll, do (Giholn, Ivole. do ('alherine 2d,3 vole, do Guilforn , do Sir I)udlev North, - do Sir Jahn North, do - Nanpt.nll, by W ii Ireland, 4 volt; hdo Nntleoao. ly Sevary, Dukle of Rovigo for ialvt4 ul. Iw n nrldithn to the show. a large supply of standard n t worke, lost arIrive.d, fr L·eh, Iby Sj'.l IV lt MtcKEAN, ear Coanlp A ('mnmona st tat ( the tourts al Admiralty in England, in I vol. t\ ,i" ...1 . Ai n ed ,,r i llar l.. I'r .nlre I a I "LIAE 'n'rOWA R, 41 C(ap t 11I:NI 1II1 WINES IORl SALE IL 41 Ibxes IIllockhliaur, 'lhese wine are now lllading fio m brig AirannA' t i.lts Ilrentorand orave beel , . lecrttd with taertieel. core, htv fittor, tt Frun.kliart, ealltsand Cologne, dial ing extresively with thii article for this country. 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MAH' 616ACL~AY, Altorneys at Law, 14 fii'all street, ci of.New York. Collectionsand Law Itsiness ' uttdea to it aty part of tbe staet of New York. Ieferener- Mark Vulto EN:eq, Hon Ogden Rollsan, WVloron . Kelp , Messrs. Crippe & Wyeth C Ilrqod ES., Cashie, Frame a Kinmberl, RIlbttcltSlark Eq, New ork. New Orleans. fel-lp renowboding rque lnaltaw, for sate by t' JUt."EP1t CtCKAYN;E, 2 Gravior S OAP--17 boxesca No. 1 and estrasnap, brsadasJas. ...uld, J sck.on 4- , rowbridgew eoge Robbins and J II llortto; for sle by yD j_ Ja16 I AAC BRIlIGE &&o, ,13Ol hlal* at EXC'I-ANGiE oo N-ew York, fbr sale by fell ANDKEWS & BRO'S, 58 Camp street i U GA(cii.'--05I hhds sugar on pni r sle t felly HERMOGENE BROWN fu Co, 8 Cocoon A NW Dielio.ury of the English Laglusge, by . Clrles Ilichnrdo,.N . N plel o int 2 rvol.. Also, o. 8,01 Nbichllos Nikleby, juast rereeved, andL for gle by fel WM M'KEAN, nor Coop and Comnaoa sreaeta "Al oEt1---&O b l1, it fine order, in ,-- b-. frels. iato, for sale by O DOReEY. te, r44 NewLevae (1J(,) EMIPTY hhds. Ntld lircen, for sale by ltv vBS HALIL & BROWN, J 96 MLgalnte at 3 CAB 111l'mt.eo silk ,]atdkeroltbfa, of oaad,... ipnttarn, fur sale dh. G &nCo. jal8 t S t f 0 ltatlh at Exah~age Hole 4 U'9LTIIIU2 cases ea tnllt cttos slripltasl Jnsolo by SIHALL & BROWN, j _ 96 Magiciag as. -AIIIENHEI'l' -- Ttrmomoetlere,a van beautyl article, Iew style,juestrenrivedfrom Euro1e, an for sole by DAVID FELT d& Lo, S N Y Stationers Hallt, 24 Chartas oe C OPPYING PRESSES-Ju.s reoeavod I dog. ' hitnho' P,0., Loaer | Prset., gtr ,si 'y IA DFELT & Co, fe13 N Y 8Satiolnar Iall,24 Chari es at SIjN WARE ManufaeytoerEory areile orrla aool sheot colppr were maanufaotureld at the thart eot totide, otid in a superior style by Ir13 hi LOCKE 4 CO0,8 Front at N Il-l-, itand at all tItnoes alaragesoqoioenaenl allis tN od copper wore,. Colntry merhalre re pasllel o rin Wo~~ Coutrynwrcaoc~r particular ly itvitod to call. lOiq.L.ANlTlts--Erlthe asaoeribers sler f, sale, I nl'liir't Corn Milos, rob creherr, orn sbhller, strnlv ind lIdlder cutters, nnd every other varietb of lttaling nnd gtles tolot; groi, gassa and arsd seeds; books on agriculture alt angeagelaent of stok: fruit slid Ornltittellltl trees anoil nlata. Catalogues oonta00 ing taitets, Iprce aotd detrilplon of euch artilel for : l firlillecd by tllsa sabstfiber or by Shall oT BOron B ho are appouinletl nagn ftc tit estahlsh..t.t w, ba ROBERT a INCLAIR Jr aco, fo9 Beedsmet.asd sIuoctarer. ai r 8100 REWARD. DANAWAY, Feb. 17th, a griffolored boy, let ed CHARLEISI, large eyes, with a smooth fLo. ot 0 years old. H tookwith hih m a aeld wach tdltclitt. No. ofNtlhewatleh I.:1'5,AI JT --lnl 4 C I.iverpool; about $2t1U in cfilt a premisikesaaoa $1000, drmwn by B Illc, to the order "f W Bewellr ait (0 days from the 2rst 4anuor, la Th- --i, rewrd will ba paid on the delivary ol the l,. -i-t any oftt e named articles. n s , wi fl _ EDW'DIW SE L. ooiw editiotl. TIeoherin mr t thn~ andk gentleoien o ilb. Bar in general, am informedthat new editiol ul'tbl, Cloe of 'PrIatie, is Inow Suidta tad ready birdelivoryp he stoe te.lhe ubsWerilber. 'rhe (ttdte o'f Polte e is annol saed with klll, exec. teh witho olegeiic, Illdpblishad if Enllinh ard itte.h Th di ,,en .oluHoes ar cmed in it,. t. the slllll, o" till c lellnx. E JlOHNS &l - ",o llijablltrs, NeW Orleansl ltbnere IHall, l9 cor C.iIlltltn. ca tt Cltallrlat

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