Newspaper of True American, February 22, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated February 22, 1839 Page 1
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PRIcE 12, CENTS. NEW ORLEANS FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 22 1839 Vo.-V P-lc- 1-2- CENT-. - NEW ORLEANS FRIDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY Q2 1839 Vor..--Vl No 188B Trers of tie Xeospnpor Pt'ess of New Orleaans U unaslcetousl agreed tn at ocn ajllourned aneeti! C o. the proprietlorslheld on the 13lh ofrMireh, 1831. Hit SISCRIPTIOS.-I'wvIro I)ollare fir the deily pa- Yoi per annatt, payable mini-aunually in advance: teon Gre dollars for the i...eeokly country paper, pay able e the pearl ia uldvance, where n city reference in given. No Pon ga ibeription will be discontinued until arrecarges are who settled. n case of di continuance, one week's notice goo Iel rUttig must so irvarmably given, previous to tit ree apiratien of subscipton. t00t A vatnt.itan o.-'Oue dollar per emuere for th first onl nr-tion, end half that price for each subeequert ete: an iateeilt alteration tron the original advertiement will be charged ma new one. 'N TeAttLV Aertvteltta.-Merehootn ad Tre 'erc, O rty edollars for Engih atone, and slixty fnr hbth Ioan- wit O Banlks, Insurance Oicales, an other eimiar d . ab no nhutilutions fifty dollarsin Enlih only, and for both laulgulges" Ship and Steemboalat Fao. tere or Commnission merchants sixty dollart in English e, and eightr or both languages., Osr...a. Nov...e, and artielca nItt ing tihe attention of the public to sales oft property, audd of paseengert, bee.ts, &e:. &e. wil hbe charge, gae dollar per square for tihe iret insein oa i eocu inn gauge. CeOMeleCATvOes oe r Advertiomannta, of ney persn at nature, when admissible, shell be clhaorged doubler, and in mdnac ie. A cdeductice of twentyfive percent, will be made to Auctioneers, Shberls, Registers of Willy, and Mlrehals nl sales of real oetate, putliseed in both languages, and .0 per cent. in English altlone: t per cent. on sales f other property.. AIO. aTIeCSMNTS Out of the direct line of buoineos edi f the advertiser, such as legal, auction, antd plont tine odes runaway slaves, stroy ainnatn, &e. &e. will Schaerged for sepaiatoly, and at the ordinary rate. Ayes, asrmts nto a,,ie ified au to ti.e, will be pabUdid lre month, and chargned·.onlat toen. ed Ma adentleaotetta ef baebruptcice will he published in any cane aedeso paid t or previlnt to insertion, or paru ent gara.eed hy a respntesiltle teroon in town. '.tetts and s.oter places of nim.nse t.. , advertisieg daily orthe era mee, t Irae citnged lt for inglltn a lone, sndec 15in0 ia bth Iung es. .Al announcements of candelates flor plitical offnl:e will he charged double the price of othr onvertee Owinv g . the immenso n ss sunstsaind by newtnpapre snwpicttrt, teev lave cose lto the conetlion that tIhe ommr. of pearks wethose ncrouulc have uet been paidt ithin ee m after pren o etiat u, shall be ntode u towu e Po pr- a eteanicb) tlt t elch, other-ttley oldli eting temleler. not to advertihe cr print for oneth dlinquenat, unlese in caot aselecce paretclsol. eSigned) J.C. Dl ST. IOMES A J. RAYON, A I'. P. REA, 3. (. pRENDERtGAT, •JOHN GIBSION, i LU4tMSDEN. Weehfp p~te .--We, the ucdersei.ed, gfree to nabide by the Iabove tadiioms, as ia asthy are applicable to ood ltnao. A. L. IAWtl\YC E, ~oethdipteioae nretakenfor le. thonn ntl. S ter .in ill caese, e e Anoelp id. STEEI. PNEN-Felt'e Noe. t,7. :t peee I a Iiec Webt,aCr pen, Felt' Inrge berrel pen Colngrsn lnrge do Prrrv's am' "pr'rg d, d sith dcc die w lit ,, Wiutdel't ladiir do d(ol diuhle patent Il iTlperietl I )eeIbc palebrt do Gilonl's corelen do ,r oI Ntioenl do And (tUet'e COlmmcrcial, feorl et i D AVID FELIL' Cv. 2 lnartrmr r. fe6 N Y Ilationiere Ithal IO.O 10.00 galls Moleeres--n llleeeeivn lbvee tilre . eityfor sale by AIDAMI & Wlll'Pi l, feti-2w e 7 t ravier st L.SS--10 boes in stlrs for nl,, ,,_ TlO--.-. -A ffice j sae te ,load nlo,, fluoC': t ,I lei by Maerso. Kelly, Ilarriir&Co. P'eesetcsla Sir en on tile ct Felertev--lplt') Cte G W PiiTtlltAllte & ir) TAGIlT.R. ,,fI HMMOR]IIOIDDS. ti AY'S L.INIMENT.-No Fielion.--Thie ex n a H L traordetery cleuntial coolo cition, tie result l" of scientee, and tile invontele ,t a cel rntied lldi I 'i I cal nlete, the introdaii - n of wbihl to the pulil e l was invested wit., Ile oiniIllllty of a dlti' ll I bequest, Ihans linec. aeiced a reu',ltiii iui t arelllihd, he fully suctaeinieg ehncrceelti.i ii' liho laietd IDr Gridley's lasnet caefewion, that " lie t Id not e die without givintl to po.teurity thle lreeflt nl' hi knowledge on tCie subject," ndl lie thnrelrcie baqueatlted to hie feiend and eteoelant, Solonoiet, i Ilhy, thle secret of liii discvery. It in e n uec ile thIn eui ncilteol le ctitul n, d ind the private practice in our eouctry, first and ,,eiefi c certaitlli for the cvlro of tIll PlIles, and ieln e.tee sivenly atd elctilnily an tee b:ttll credulity, ucles. whlere its elt'ecct are witnesscld Externally it tc,, following co oic ttc ;etile For Drnopy-Cruuoting extraordinary bnorpti,: c I' at once. . i All Swvilings--Reducing theor in a few hler Rlheumatiecc-A-cuto or Cleroenic, giving quiceele Sore Tlhroat-By C.enc-re, Ulcers or CulJn, Group and Whocpeng t(:ugie-Externally, an ' Ii over the Clinet. f All Bruises, Spraine, and Burns--Curing in an few hours. Sores and Ulcers--Whether frcsh or lontg strnding, and lever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in reduc l, ing rhoumatie swellings, and ionoeleg conulls IandII tighitnee of the cltet by relnxation of tihe arte, has been surprising beyond conception. Thee c: conmmon remiark of tl.ose wco linve used it itt tLe Ii v4 Piles, in " It acts like a charilt !' S THE PILES-Tiec irice, 1 in rerundoed to any peson wio will tne a bottlo 'f Ilay'n I.ilimoi t p for tihe Piles, and return the ueiecty bittle withlout being cured. Tiese ore the poeltive ordere of the proprietor to the Agents; and out of nnnty lthou. nind sold, not one has been unsctieccesful. W'n might insert certificaltes ti any lengtlh, hbut prefer that those who sell the article, should eno' habit the ariginn! to purchissrs. CAUTION-None can be genuine without a splendid engraved wrapper, on whilh is tmy nante, and alo that of the Agent. SOLOMON HAYS. Bold wholesale and retail, by COMSBTOCK & - Co, New York, atnd by one Druggist in every town in the Untion. For sale by the Wholesaleo Agents, corner of Commasn & rTohoupioulas street, and by lthe Apothecaries generallv. jo3S Apothaecreta generally. Ja..° W3*ANKLIN !FInMAET. |EH public are respectlfull ihfbrted LIthait tots instll tution is erected on the IOat improved plan, ndo i jan airy and most alldirable SltOalltioll, in the fuilbour Frmanklin, upon the railyb td, one mile from the Miasis S .'ebuildingis large, an I mnostrconudioaslydiid I into npartments, for khepia; separate different classes, I and dtfierent diseases. Tim inostttutiut is eupplitl with toe most ekilltl. and attentive mle and Ltllll mlatnet, andl speaking tle vn riots moUern langunges. Private rooms any be had by gentletmen at five dol laIn per day, includit, attendalli i& c. Terms in the orNlicry wardM , A n dollrs per day. 81Paye also two dollars. Smail Pox in Ithe rdiary wards, five dollars. All capital surgical o.sralions exlra. The resident pymciaut is IDr Wlddemlrln to whom application for adoticsat totltt hbe madt. or to I)r C A Lucenlberg, No 17 Rnalpnrt streut. apl 9 IV F ENCH UA'I'HIL)EIAL-JtItt received by I)avid Felt Co.,'24 Chartres at. Thit i ntablo e uuar eontain m over iD steel eugravings. IllsatrotiotR of Notre Dame de Paris, Ancient Cathedral, Chtrlrcs do' Beauvali do, Eoeux doa Routen do. Price 96t. f1 ANNUALS AND ALMANACS, FOR 1839. SPLENDID Londao n Atnnl,-The Imook of Koy alty, sultrb coal'd lates; Fioder's Taubleaux, mad idaller~y a of Graces Fisher Drawiug koom Sketcrh Bonk; Beautiet Costtuteo,--ltdsl and Blossomts; Waverly Keepsake,-The Imperial; OI ietal Annual; Forret mle Not, Jordanus Portanit Antuaul; Caricature Anottl Cottc Annual; FPriendship'e Ofllerag; Fislelr'a J' uveile Sketch IlBock; Young ladit'o and youtlg geotlelren't Aunual Alaric, A Watt.; Crristtnaa Tales. Americanj .nnualt. The Token atd Atlantic Souvaenir; The Violet; TIe (Gift; Mr Gilmaan' annual Register & Ilouseowie A:enaac. Almanae'is. American Almanac & Repository ofUselrol Knowledge S Bilunt's Natical Allmaulac; E Johns & Co . l.otrisinn Almannc; CIrokett-(omitc--Gernnam Altmanac, Stewartos Diary for 1839, cllnaiting a blank ueano randuom for every day of tile year. E JOHIINS & Co., cornserofSt Clharles and Commat sts. `28--w5 iONDON Editions of scarce and valtule workh L just received and frr sale by tle soRscricber. Baron Dupin's Commtercial Plower of Great Britain, alexhiblting a caomplete view if the Public. Baron Dupin's Illitory and ctoal et's of thle Milita ry Forces of Giret Britait. Marquil de Laplasc'a System of tae World, trellvttt ted trutt Ihae French, and elucidatted with explanatory totes. WV F P Napier'e Ilittory oflthe e ar it tle Proinoe la, sand South France. Jeremy Bentham's Rationale tf Judicial Evidence. J R McCelloch's Dietitnary, lPracliOtl. Theoretical and lHist,;rcal. ,f ctmnnerce and commereial tovieation. Illltra t:d wisil alis antl tlnms, new elition. WalMcKE\ N, o c"tO Camp t ottmton elt.t SMPORTANTT I MASTERS or TEAII BOATS 1 The shubscrinbers have in store a few barrels of Oitominated P'ert, new aro iile lttely invented in Now York. A few burrule of this Pent wasp on b.ard tho Great Weetern o In r last trie;rile so er eta:ea tlhat the remoult of the trial hat .atisfied hi thot 0ItO lbs. o Peat arn eqa to 300 Ihes. Coo . ad that in case where there is difficulty in sen sting or keelrit rg a go.l heortoftenoam, tlhir fel i .diepenanhle. The di roetora of the Great Wentero i droed the purchase e 200 brlt for the one of Ihe lhi . which was put on board Son her lsnt departure. For a trial,apply to S LOCK & Co. tNo N Frollt ievee t t 'NB-Rut 2 brls at a tile can only e delvered to I on tieam hbot, until we gelt a further supply which wll bo in a few dlvy. dec6 SL & Co l"EEF--lllfbarreti mos nand prine, nt tho iospecE. tion, in store, for sale by (i I),RSEY fe4 44 New Levee AIIN--4100 Ioxesn NR RHaisino, Loring's brand, Sin store and for sale bv jn25 J TiIA'YER & CO. 74 Poydras at IV 1ANIt.I.A UORDAO(iF'50 eoils assorted sioes, in ator, and fmrsale by J THAYE R & Co, ja26 74 Poydras st lRAFPI'T on Ne(v York, for nle Ib dL24 ANDREWS & 1IROTHIERS, t50 Caomp t T dALUARL- BUOKS-tlust receirved an invoice I Sstandard and.valuoblo boolk, chiefly L.odun The Diadem, with superb plate,. Beauties of Byron, or ole dames do Byron, splnndid plates, Byrmn lllstrated, do do ecott's Iandeun e illustrations, plates. d rockendnn's Alpo, Roncoe's Wale. Finden's Tshleonx, p ollerv ofritih Artiste, all c ltlendli engaing ; I.ifr of.lorln htolrn,with m colored sporling platr.; Latin' and Rireek t:lnruisil Librry, in English, Livc, 'nrleirmtu, Xenopnhon I&e., tByron'" works, Iondro) pnocket edirion,, Slnk.;reore, L.nodo. diamond edition, r Hoirg, rho Ilttrick Shnperd'a, tale-, Aikbern' Ikirinsct poete, A Thie Spretnt IOr, It vols, in i.lon, Seleclnlr froll Britlih plreto,. Bo)eeacrir'os I)eolrnernn, in 2 v oer, C urlnoitic I o Il.ileratrrre by Itltro.el, D ."arnholl's life of nl\Vshin"ton, l. 1 l'otn, Witlh n vriJetv of s renrdid Annatul rand winks of Art, in hanndoorlo bilndings. K JOHNS & Cc, fef, con St Chenrleo.oI Cre:olron ot 1[ MI 1 sil et tsks Iir .s r rot Tr hom sston L.i me, L Indrlofrrmr brirg tlharns, frr.uleo by e n; Jon 0 "1._ & . I'. IWIItTNI':lY,73 Connlp et SARtD-lI0tt kepefr sr r.oe by I. ja'.) S'I'ETdON 4. AVERY', ITS (Irnvier t jon 31 CG. Lt)t.mL:', 41 Nmew I.even P ja:3i) J '|'llIA'It:l & Cn, 71 toydro" 710;1:S'rlt't S--3Oh bortes 3.I mrrd .-4 heuvy brkown LJlrirrirrymrand rr eliotler , frr rrle br joti IS.tkkC ItIItItII] & (r,tt 131 \raeoirme sl PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE Cl NEW CITY, PENSACOI.A. be Infi: "ubCjriller hviti {itrhsd the lote and fur i hurieCf this well hetrewu stablihilsetc, f.,o, -Mr Taylor, tie late prlrietre, will he eeude to receive vi teoe lv t Ist rf ,\l leril Iert Naeeros and ies.l ly illlmvelmelll will be fotud in , J ithe arreelllellnlc! h r Iie i .,ieil Itee-i . Netw ' et I ,itttteI #,lnolidl i. bitlllh gitI hllllit-.- will he, hoihrlie, I orrmnl blllnhlllrh will bIe provided ll all houllllr. A aleiloe "will lit il- d l IIIto 10 hoIt me with tgood icomminnl la lions fr Illr e' nod currllcel . I i 1t ratel hoars land carrines will alto Io kept tiw hire, at tilaraitrl prices nod n llsail an1iIo l ud l it-, witli po-s. to ll g tII hemIhe n I ifortI h. t e ",e o f nI I tlrl . Ilillier lns nul - .ii, am I,, e Ir . lims llllh I t Ime :t ~nlll placs, a ill l1- ohe Ifurnlished I the ter with h .1 it drl 1ta i' hdo , 1,I n. not to i llll;rl, i ll l Ills , t llu u d trt ! tI tlur iet- t b u- ,r, lit d er.. ' ec ithtit. ,1 .Intly llu rs ill. i of tl, Ie t I . l :, llVt i II ret e ir a eun ll s-..i of ti t i0,", rumi s ht. llnlhl 1,'Urc, v h'i~li \rdl'ild, Whit 1, wll m sItsI ' a Io,, ill s,, a1 ( -i i. s ie na e t I.rteochte II,, w ci niitelrn t \\' vr ,il~l o the i ,lc l i' CheI lIIt iote II r ihr p,,i ir , n d s l ih O.F,' u .mmer r IleltIen as!ures hen t roh,, of h,-t tln t n hmwi fI P n,. s Ianioi n rllvMI o-hu [le m will r,+, ea rv. .illll lll ii e Lle t dr hell i tfne br,, 'l'h I.eheal n ,t,,,,l,r,<. t h I .1 . , + ll'l.l r llr l io , IWe ll r t tlim II ll Iil' tll Ih 1 t r.l+lr t ,h l n li i t l ll Uf ll.C i 1 *·i y il ni ;1r11 l; Cte 0,l cluli rlf Iider' l 08111" Ilrht ll'", ua i ti i t M ,r ni, In Il I tel , I N Il, I req, 'NO L - lhe (I ntll ti l Io gI, ,f 'll, i t e in e rh I h horlth lieig o h r ' ieCh Cithllht h rtI,el . le'ie .1 0 11,h e.el l ii' l c IXieily e , in ilin S, o ,, i nre , th e i r r r llilllke., a rivtY =PeIII rll u i ,re- 1' h frenrh ot ri+ l oilier placee in . lhoe httudhs, us , h PllllV IIII d ItIh il E tll NISI'tn Nnilrreir.nt. ,'oc, rat,, enIt e ill rto lrwih.oerferneedrlttirolee Me it hiel, nel wll i ll tieill he i.rer to iiet t tlelp tor..ll oirulu I o.ll tNtn Prlefeeo ll t ets. EI' s~-A rle nitoei, t lo reeive dcamul ts for their fP rnilio 'nu h a :,drI t heve( , i prlll'i e t eI C ll it'rll ll 1r I7 Trlla T Taylr, the. Irouslor pnroprietor, t r oi Or 'P boas willf Iun , nly" 1run (roIIh . MObile toit Insclq. , ll . I I a, N II ARNOLD. The streln , oat Champion I T veyr, 1' oile for it Pen S. colatteler stereb rit re mi ti pers Landylit lhe :lthve htel, ieed Chit eoe Ihli,'sre ry omcmendd Iv it e lodic ,f Medrid and CharlesI ton, indeed roavlies, nobrility, the press, sod rthe of g eianlicl hlneo f allNrth, ne igp thnic opiniont has Ieavn lonisbd it anld planeod ule elci r ency of ildy L. lnet o Ma. comod st Chill se soap beonpvided s. pieion for iriter or ring worct, litmples on tihe feer, seun hubrn, Innte in reedrpio ricly t hee panenel r fri t Mobile, of e skin, the healinglur qlii of the is soap o will oon crdicare. It is reeomeended as ANLD. Th eollienont shain smpion leve Morc po fr Penle men, for Ihcnuoilying Ite c,,,onplcxioen, remevicy led Ireckles, and ipweekorfii freotec oed dlicaey to es, dthe cmlaxionu'. e Cari cratic d in el lan of a omeftonded ihe thnd, iwith o edrid ond bjerleof ond considerrle rl.tert no. xpiisury, e pre enri clite o tie nick flnceel a l thinge i tannedlic opinionr h lo eodit u and te it vi ens theltodrn coi. ce irty have pinion for letter o wrvint , npmpll e I l on the fiee l ar io n eln es.Ie and retail at N.,. 95 Ceosiom S dcredI~(·ll by bhe protrieoilr and ltes heroen cub ,old ected to his careful obetrverio ie r m1c neo pees. ior In eve try vr erl o pnl pricklye, d a tII diBen'cb. of of the serrif thed Ahelingcan liate; anofd this ot dot ive to tlie n lt shine b the or comp ounfidr genle.nd men, livfor iln it is, as mlst clrlpey e xionrh ie ine pefrepktles, ant imparoing fre ssahn e, tnd elicacy i i 19. cine ever tsrottn oritton the reech f all o nelo es cf oy-the comple. I is wit tise 'rectes prodriesy civen of and all the maladies which ilhnit l c Itumt n obj e, ofrt t considtsrhled set, tiatn, whstle kf rn cline sto. mcthe it Iacts eOrlld indo to te stanned of tre .tol S ch and the inlure of the drasn, . itcher ir anve tmstCte, diurelie, mudorifie, pociotltsn, Ccc rperpee medicitne. Tihat it is really whot it pur1Corts to be, needs only tderial to sertety ti lls m t l incrtdloe s. The Ceve ir dily rtotlig to the owledeuuri of the propri ers ot its bneftciil ed anvicg cffects in easold eswhl Iale guand fever,hilli at s, typhus, tnr vcus and st-arlec fovers, ittfluenze, violeot colde, dysenerry or l.eux, dyspptia i.r oeeaesls, etail thee. thot ttey are toe otly sarrneted in erePrtMly nac. recommendi it, but they spro relr d uote freeo a sene ldofo his care they owe to the ihumany feaily edge to say to oIl, Cry it, and you will benr atnple oits osy is nvllr e have said o nd the lubjest. of h chlera tdellf, the worst cuiatrge lnd it is no- evervn iltse our ico wit, hase betnot csuernul acond qeIred the ip lrretor ia ts circely csed with Ite useo l t phle ecuicp'tnyein only, eitheti olef silt inedi. ts. pgticn. Te r medioc w ism pro t nelcl of ally clayeso BURNllA ll k IAVIS, St. L-uis Mnsaeurt; sttd it rk tot up in Chliii c-seh orcc.mlttttntitel Cttth e tliit nd sietyonCt di wh the , read test proprig ley bler i itin, dthe mal, to die whichd for sevty live en r, wfr Sthe maknd the the of the des e , iher aoffered to te public. medicine. meditine is sold whatitesle nd to beil by our A renl, Hto stnry Donthe motel, D crdt lo. The f Apoct i dry Teoupitult0 ther ko. Nwlede of tha p 5 hlrslf bbls Philtndelfihind saving fet imal cses o te age d eer, illi,s do vous and scarlet fhvers, iolluenl violent clilds eeo n liuliedsersetrc ethceeeo, dyne nlerry ores flux, ladselpi aor edpreservesv tIhem that tihy arc not sonly yarranted in warly S to cy W to Ia r TCIHadt, yo will TAoERf, Jlr., he chlera t e worst sourge &lch h ja jit~ cot royyline &. ylllgne ," NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Hillman. No. 99. Mlorou (near ae Polthearti ra il Rond.) Pilot and Navy Bread, Soda and Wine Riscuit, Sugar, Butter, Midtbrd and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be of the first quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kliln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Priochard and Tagart, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expresly for family use. 15nov S.OUR--1000 barrels landingin atore, and for - sale by (. DOIRSEY. dl3 44 New Levb NAI.S-700 kegs Nail,-assore sines, for sale lby Cet -dl5 ADAMS & WHIT'AI.., 67 Grevier atc - --- et K ERSEYS-76 bales Kerseys, reql SOIL--5 barrels'funmere Oil, loss 3u1 casks winter Oil, lint 40 rakeb fall snrained do, Too CANDLES-300 boxes Sperm Cnodlen, for felt heir 7l he 1V It (ALE, di' Oilre fCm Common ao c. e JONLES, Professor of singing, tieh Guitmr hea bNrgh and Glashow. she latters erself tat her sy the ''ehstionial as ltonpbnlrilt, e, call e sotwn, on seep nptliention to ires. Mil arld'al17 Royal street. liv jI- OX CIIAIR-l10l do.ze IBox Cairs, jo at rn - i oilveol, and euitoldo fitr shippin. for sale at tile L.ouisiana i"ernituoa Ware rn Im. nov13 \(' I CAIINES. SEW\V BOOKS.--Napoleon's llemooirt,--eveoiog, 7 illl i Prinee,(. taleres, yIl Baoroatn on,n in2 it vols; The Middv, or ; senes ro t tbe Life of Edwnrd thas I,ausieafs, in 2 vole; tarlev'e Chlris'om l'al e for 1i39; Porlev's Chlriostoao til't for 1839; just received and for ale loy V McKIAN, dre in 0 eornierof Carl, on Colnmoa ei , LOUISIANA INSTITU'nTE . - t119hes Itl tinioio lor t e edl.aotin of yoong gr.ol. l lce 1 oen, will go into opvrahioonI, Ioe firt'of Oetii. Phi her, in the las oement story , thi Methluclli C urch, are corner of Csroolelet aod Poidrns, under the direction arie oflihe ltldersigned who has occuopied thie c air of atheatii ill several Collegeo of ide north, ado who is a Tgradaiu e ofnll of tle iusot coleinted univeorsitie o r E: a r ntio. The'l ecoarsee of studie l to lre p bured in thll seminary 0 Swill o compnrelendedll toile follovi diviains, vlz: ap I. 'ie Eooalioao do epaiten r, ' nd ll eo all tohe the oruleeho ol' thoreoglo oad accomnlplish'ld Eegliol ed. So oatilo.l ties 2. he classical dol)nrtton, colnprebHrding, the bet Latin end Greek lanouages. 1' a T'hle dlepartlentl ot ioodelo l Dallglloes, in which will bie taught theFreshe, Spalnish aoed Germn la In] guiageO. 4. 'hce mthonen ical and plliloaophi, aol ipnrt oment cI cor ehexding Algebra, he ooelry, they two Trigonve. etrirs with their itrelaiecl applicatio n to Sorv vi slao Navigation, Asonooov, &co. entiral Pbilosophy sod hen SClooelistry iilusotol'.e4b appropria:e expermaents. S2ltv'eoiop Classes ion the Modern l.neg ageos will Pe be Ioooed and atiended to fooooo the lt Oetoat. bIte SC J IIADDEIIIANdN, A M. and Roe-etoac: o slas J filSON Esq, edt Rev President SHANNON, Losuisiana Collage, no Jaekson str S Itr C A LUZI.E;NBERG, i. C IIUNCAN Eoel, eag J NICIIOI.SON E-q. New Orleansa. hilk eo23--I183R pen -.. .. . .. .- . . . ..... . . . . -. net 01 CASEIY, No. 19 Camup street, liva just received ie Snl flolld loollldl lsr .hip 'I iCer, it emo, Mleodiom anr lievoalSuer l, ooolrmoerioo vcloholiherpnd ooouble love i : hipl ,v tM)eowing 0 uper. 'itted lRyaIIl aIn IlCter'l0 Iln dIoI. T e lrhllh .s I.- olol li:, r lts. lt i n o d t 'l'io'ed .e . : i l*. moth d< ivory tter; 'Ir llnppalrget Hlyrno Pper: ; e I 0 ;Mlo .d Iiiver pTper; Glillluneores, l hii uld Color on t ned ,o. Aper, mone l l IIVI NC iI'FNCII[2. c I to I-Li." o & oon's bct rn, 'l''ol ,lond col cils; rololk k cue ro . nom t 7 I ,l,'s do. ,I. A.0ve' 0 cSluI't'er ('nlolo & veoion'o lo; box re olCf 2oek. ' soft Cr0 e.'-e-3l, 7i ooo ll dil.'tr.ot 1 shades; Iqiqtfi (;rd G ;.Iod and Silve' Sell s; Marble wit Iooo(ohl, , olno l o,, Il;,,. ooo voho- , 'h l el* . 3 6lo tho e o0 albas ; loooolo hoodo-'er o 'oo 1l,0 , lau.rdelo-o l'ooalo die "klivo's; 1lleic moiol kehtloho I't.l i ooil; Io l 'uoper, I le th ofl er nol Cork olumps; Mlloialllre Ivlris oaoi Casoes ia (wats (,,ill (al' i tit;l d hl %II IIo du l, . Oi ri pl"r a red tn ,,v a;l l J. l nlol0 d'i l Iin u; x a I llv ,le.r C o v1 i.r, with Penci lieorawers, .'1 Prepared l ovasso t Ill 2_7, I1l& lii inchies. llittsoio ood ,Iloirovi Po cket't loi.k-; lluo-in Iealer oe \Vallets Isosaiu s ealhler 'icleit looks, 3.( 4 Itvoly leaves; patent 'Il'alels, witlh ilver en'cii caies. lloooa and loeeloed ltoeeiolv., Boxwoodol, Mat cold i Illroiohled goll, Fnc'y culoledl and gold Screw Ilan r, die, s. PEN IlOl,IERS.hbe Ienrl sulld Goldl Pen Ilolder-; learl and Silver dol. il* A& NDIIEW '-Mrl'[ & CO., r..poctfully inform o I. Stheir 0fiends ond tile public in oeneral, tlht re. : they o'oly the new blrick lshoap. il19 Tlhonoitoalas Stre tL, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, 'r T'in and Slheet Iroa \Vare, of every description, no a ienha ecoppoer stills, kettles, vnd Pmiiil", ti bath. in0g t s, and oil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all } other brass canting done at shortest notice. Grate bars of every doescription, snlh as steam. A heoat stirrups, log llooan screw bolts, and otber I ., I lind vflstnamboat worm. vuch as ochimneys, breeclh. lt. ee, asteo. pipes. !' Thy will also do all kinds of out door work, 0 snoah or zinc, capper and tin roofing and gutterieg, &e. They above and all other kinds of work inn a their line af business, tley will execute at the Is shlortest notice. devd? do lOMSBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans pi _- - Liue of Packet Ships.-Tbis new line of chips eI fe has been expressly built to run between the above 9 sc ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: i L. accommodations fur passengers, and every effort h Is.. will be made to give general satifarction, Thl Wo, lne is compoaed of the fo:lowing ships: 'ac Cherokee, 415 tons Caplt. J Harding, b op Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, p no Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, .p It. Columbiana, 625 do G Barker, 0 00 Seaman, 240 do J llowes, 0 Bombay, 625 do D llunmphrey. 0 " The above sl1hi are all oa, of tlhe firt , lasso of copper fastened nod eoppCred, commoanded by men e; of great experience, have large accommodatione, p willo a separate ladies cabin; every nattoention will be ve poid to pasengere, and tlhe very tost of stores pro t Tilhe paolfrkets will be owe p and down ltheo Mia n. vissippo, and the strictest puotnoaolioy observed in J the time of siling, aood should ithe rogolar vessels be detained in arrivinag, other lhips equally as good Vne I will in oil cases bho substitulod. A share of patron' obh ago is solicited, an thile agents pledge thelmselves to I o v orllnooodd.ota as s luch as practieablo, to receive -,.-, anod blrward goods by s .id line at the eIoat rooder. loot ate chlarges, atod to advadea all expenpes un goods and aslipped, if required. S Tion selipa will leave thbe lot and 16ti of every dli. I eonth. For froighlt or passage, apply to the agenta. o f J A MERIIITT, 82 Common et. ill N. B. Advaeeemonos etode on consignments 000l00 to Menssres. A. C. Lohsbard &. Co. to" nov27 nov27 AtBlEIICAN BRANDY, Goshen Butter,&c. 30 barrels American Broody, 20 kegs Gosheln utter, 20 boxes starch, 50 kegs Buckwheat mea!, S 25 boxes Imperial ten, L1 do do canisters do., 20 half barrels Inera shad, Landingfreom sdp Adrionduch, for sale by Wfe \V IPRI'I'CHARD &iJOt'k y OEI'Il & fchiller's select minor ponems, a Sketches of Mlarried Life, bly Mr Follen, of y Botion, Tho l.ilo and character of the Rev. iandl II Stearns, Jlust received and for sale by A TOWA I, rye5 49 Caomlp t c 3ARLORO( NA3MENTS.--Rre aslld beautiful curiosaties, for sale only by Rees & D'iange, nnld t rIPlolgfh's oluseun. S All theseornaments consist of the most splene n did specimens of orthittolegy froma Eurotpe, Asia, y Africa, and our own country. ft Approved notes at 60 days will be taken ol d I .LAased t' ltare ano--IIogl eads-2a00 first Sqttality Mobles bahrrels; also, 75 do. do il Iloglthodo in prime ordr, for sale by f e5 \fe WI 1'Ilt'l'E,OC95aCmmon s - NURIRIS & Co, No. 36 Chartres at eet, are rt ceiving daily front their house in Philadelphia, an elegant and complete assortment of subtstantllal .and fashav.o'le clothlino. They invite the atten ion l f t' a pf'hh, e tIhey aro wnrranat d In terloy thatl trlnters and citizens cannot furnllih tIIhl.l lv." San eo advanlofeoualy in any city Io tlh N. B. A few at zen elegant ivory handlle um rellh s, from 3' i" 3t inches. Als,, a lare lor I At lit pe .ackiang bo\cs, v tlluO sitc', vtry luw FI 0 BALDNESS. A BEAUTIFUL head of hair in the'grandeet nrne meno belonging t. the human frame. How strange ly the loan ol it changes the cosntcance, and premat turely Lringa on the appearance of old age, which ecan sea many to recoil at being uneovered, and sometimes even to shun soeietv to avoid the jeets and sneers of their seqnaintance: the remainder of their lives are con seqnently spent in retirement. in alort, not even the loss of propert fills tim generous thinking troth with tI that neavv sinking glom as doen the loss af Iis hair. *j To avert ill these unplea-ant eireomstanuea,Oldridce' a, nBalm of Columbia stops the hair front falling offnn the firetnapplication, and nfew hottlen restares it asain. It a produers eyebrows and whiskers; prevents tie a hair tim turning grey, makes it eorl heautifully, and h frees it from scurf. toumereus certificates Plt the first ceapeetnhility ins uppert of the virtues of OldridgeC p Balm, are shown by the proprietors. r 0 D Read the following:- Robert Wharton, Esq. late Mavor of Piladelphlt ban certifie' as may be seen beloy, to thehigh chlar tar of the follnwing gentlemen. The unnderigned do hereby certf that welhnve useot the Bala of Columbia discnvered by J.Oldridge, and have ftnnd it highly servieeahlenot odly as preventive auinet the falling ff Tof heir, but alsgo a certain rcntor live. WILLIA iI TIIATCHER, Senior, Methodist Minister in St George 'tarte, No 86 North Fifth at. JOHN P INGLIS,321 Arch street. JOHN D THOMAS, M D, 163 Recent JOHN S FI'REY, ilI Spruce street. HUGH MieCURDY.2I3South2d at. JOlHN GARD,Jr, 123 Arch street. It is known that three of tie shaove signer are mone titan 50 years of ace, and the others not lss titn 30. [Fromn the Manur.] Commonwealth of Penfnvlsannirt, City ttf Plitladelyhis. I, Robert Wharton. Mayor of:snid city of Philnde. phiA, tIo hereby certify that [am well aequalninted with Iecsre j P In*li, John S Foreee, and lHugh M-Cunrdlv, whose namet are signed to the nhove cretifcnte,that tbev are gentlemen of cltnrncter and repeentability., and na such full credit eloull he given to the said certificate. In witnesra wlrreof I have hereunto set my ha-d and cansed the sental of the city tuo be ),flined, thin 6th Ilay of December, &c. - [L. 8.1 ROBERT WIIAIRTON, Manvnr. OBSERVE that each bottle of the (enuine ulinm iaob a splendid engraved wrapper, on which is represented tihe Foll JfNingara, &c, Sol' .holesale ad retail by the sole agents for Anw rica. uS Fletcher street, near Maiden Lane, one doot be .e Pearl street,and by most druggistsand perfumurs t' ough hecountrv. JARVIS & ANDREWS, I m9 Wholesale Agents, New Orleans. N ORRIS & Co. No. 38 Cha-tras street, are now receiving nnd opening the most splendid, so- It stantial and fnahionable stock of Clothing they i have ever exhibited in this market, conaistingt in part of the following articles: blue, Illtn black, jet blck, london brown, citron, olive, london smok! and golden olive Irock and dress coats; heaver, stable and harringann frock coats, elegantly firnish ed; fancy and plain black cnasimere and cloth pannolon.s; enolish and french fancy and plnin l silk and salin vests; real new market comforts: english and french fancy and plain acnrfs and hdk:s; chnmonis, silk-web and cumn-elantic suS panders: hatnmois, merino. lantl's wool, we'sh fians. nel, silk and cotton net shertne and drawers; fine linin and cotton shirts, with tiin boonnme, plaino and rnffled: ivory pearl and plain handle silk um. brella : Graft's" premium Gllvetr-nleso, btnotiful article o(f white kid, for weddines, bol' &c.; Slritlefield silk nod randnaa htkfs; plain, fi, ured and emlbroidered Carnlrie do.; silk, lan [h's wools, mIrino, oermnntown, ald brown and while coetne he.l" hose; ll of which they offter low fir cuel.s or to pnotlllt il custiomers t a t S :l., N ov . I I TAGNER'S LIQUID ODENTI' A.--Ias Iobeen r long tedo. both hetre anld iln thle north with uniform euocess. for ceansioe it nd whitening the teti, and preventing the tootihache; preserovineg tile gttnms o ( .itu -;- ". r.-.'. anti relivinget mnst diaesnee to Ableeh the eteotetiea li ble adult or innt --O e tea spaoonfl, mixed in a wine Sglansftul of pure water, antd eo appied.t. t the tettht in usual toanne, with a brushl, will effeetnally pre vent scurvy, and waord off that excrutiatlg pain, the tooth ache. P'repared only by T. F. Wanger, Surgeon Den. list to Jecflcerson Collegr, and sold wholesale and r retail by CARLETON & Co. 31 Canal at. Sfi sole seants for \Vaner's Odenrica ADDLE.RY WAnRt.-'iie suubcrbters,' mennu. 'o . lcturers andwhblesale dealers in saddlery) mar goods, are nao receivina by late arrivals from the bad nortl, in addttian to their former stock, an exten- mbl sive assortment of articles in their line, among Itel which are the ollonwing, viz: Ladies and misses plain and quilted saddles, rti S.entlemrn's do Spanish do can do do Mlexican do and do do Creole do C use an do Amer. d1o I dI do English do tLi Youth's do Spanish do tlhe do do Creole do the Amer. and Eng. brdles and bridle mountincs, i. ie do do martingales, Plated, brass, and japanlned coachl harness, us do do do gg and sulke do jeel' do do do Barouches do las Dray, cart and wagon do Saddle bags, double andsingle; valiesa; medical San saddle bags, Brussels carpet bags; best iron frame tas leather folio tranks, brass nailed; leather boot top Ta do, assorted sizes and various styles; holsters and f pistol helts; coach, gig, sulkey, twig and planters all crop whipsa wool, worsted, cotton and leather cat girlhs and nrseingles; slirrup leathers; trnek han straps sad aorsted ei, aveb; churn and Io, Sa hames; blind bridles and lines; Searctch collars, _ and horse and rmule collars,"e all qunalrtties; mo. y roece, buck,bher.sleep and buffalo skins; plated ant brass and steel bridle bits of every description, plated, brass and steel spurs of every description; plated, brass antd steel stirrups of every descrips tion' TLogetqer nitr a complete assortment of every article in their line of business-all of which they ofafr for sale on aeeormlodatrng termls, They will also eontinue to receive through tire year, by packets front New York, fresh supplies to keep their stock ,ample and complete. KOUES, DAVIDSOIN & co, F 18 15 Canal st. FiIESH tlARDEN SEEI).-The subscriber le begs to exprerss his grateful thanks to tile pulb. lie, for the liberal support he has eceived since he commenced business in this city. Being sole pro. F' prietor of the seed store, 17 Counmon street, he i. F< not and never was agent fuor any northern seed vender; neither is he conneredl with any house in this country-but he assures the publie that his connections in every department of the seed busie P, Snesas in the difbretnt countrieas of Europe are equal to that of ally house in the United States. Ile it cparts seeds, plantse &c. from the mlost exlensivea and respectable nurseerts antl seaelsnen in Flance, Hilland, England, Sco land, and the no titers P states-and it will at all times be his inrerest, as it is his study, to receive, in addition to bs presentr F stock, large arrivals of every description, retalil the growth of 11138; also, engrafted fruit ire, s, of all kinds. The public may rely on finding a full as sortment of every article in the seed line,of genus ine quality, and imported direct by a n Wm. DINN. EDUCATIuN-FRENCI1 and ENGLISH.- Mr Jum. s, recenlty arrived in this city, begs leave to inlarmi the rcitozca of New Orleans that he will I oa open an academy on Monday, 14, Januar., at No. 19 Toulouse sreet, for tea instruction ofyouth of si II both sexes, itn French and English, in which he n will he ably assisted by Mrs. Jtames and Mrs. Melther, who speak both those languages withl t great fluency and purity, and who will take charge I l oat the departmnot of the young ladies. t' arl. J.ants wll give bas whole attention to the s various branches of education, and IlItters hilmsell as that he will give entire satisfaction to those who al a rmay hoer him with theirennlidence. nov I NOTICE.--The co.partnership lormed on the 28th July last, between John Y. liltyliss, Joseph A. at beard and Charles B. litoren, to be conducted un do der te sidle and title of Bayliss, Beard & Bltren, is hereby dissolved : and thlls deoleutiton is to Stake effect as Irom the Ist el I.Decemlber last. . The undersigned wll promptly discharge all the an obligaitons ol the late fir , a d in future collllllnue I al in their own names, and lor their own account, Sthe same busines, us Factors and General Cout nmibsis ll inerrchause, under the style and litle ol a Beard & hren, and so!tcit a share of the patron he age of therr lri nds aud the public. JOSEPH A. IIEARD, nov I CIIARLES B. BUI.)KEN. lot LTUNDS-.Miesissippi Fund taken t7, pt la. uW 'e, for G;rternt , w't P INT 1N ,UILS, ULASS, IIBRUIE, rc.-a N landing trem ship Constitution, and for sulek vlz 16.000feet fglass, best quality, from 8X10 1,. X28 m 300 kegs white lead, pure; 3.30 du ramen pins, in '2 libr. kegs; 24 dos japaned tins tbraigasi;6U00 lb lithrage; Iv e 26 dot splendid 0U000 ground bruahe-, also ofO00 and Iy. - 000 do; 2 cases crome green in powder, superior artnicl weak o do tmeans; a large assortment of sash toole of every er size and qualit: asable pesils for artisrc; fiat atarkilag- Ieru brushes for imerclhats; artist's colors in oil ready pre- en d par obxe, fitted :-p with all necessury brusailes; a a artist's tools, &ec. nd Ia Flake and. irmnity white; 60 packs gold leaf; white meri and yellow wax;gum arabic; and a large nall choice as- tdHie sortaent of paints, dry colorse oil, turpentiue, vnarih, aipsP &., for ssale,whuenale aand retail, at tie lowest pricers, BaIn by MONISELLI, of ill a28 58Cams.n t expre 1RU6PV U props NEIP EDITIOY.' OF THE CIVIL CODE OF ingtU " LOUISIA I. . mor. IT has been for some time made known to the public in ti . that the subscribers are enraged in prepnring for ngrehd the press x new edition of the Louiainna Ciil Cnadr.- most They were. lroa the farat, aware of the great diffleulty drug and rerelusbiliity attending the publication of the work, repic and it was not without great hesitation that they eon- nishi Sseated to the undertaking. But the present edition. I pose amounting to about three thousaad copies, and which i mtm had cost the Statre moi than thirty tiusanud dorllars, oaild wnas entirely t otf print. For more than two yearn surgi past, lte uassal price of thie work has been fromt hirtv n pro to ifty dollars. "'r"" Ih is a system of written rules wnirh so itmmediatlv I op.ratas upoin every in.dividual a' the state, iterte;l oe ..t either in ngiculture or commaerce .and wnhich govtens rti the dispositiou of so property uuii.iiig to us'roI ve i other states, tbat--unlike alinis. ay otier treatli pon p 'stn I law-it is as much the text-book and manual olra r tie ir Smerchant and the planter, as it is of tile private gentle meOSs man and the professional advo.etc. thlei ti re lawyers of thaestoijinig sates, and in fact ofal I ase ihose atatesnu1io the O)hio and u irtriasipld i rivers which jt i ld find a iartfor their produce in Louisiana, have -a fi'e- ills quirt necessity freference to the code, an.make it ni Lou indispensable requisite to their libraries; olnd in tile aitl of New Orleans the book i os sure Sit iti fouind it nthe merchant's counting room, as upate lthe ltesk ot the Fl judge, or the table of the attorney. It is net surprising St ' therefore that the first edition f l'te work was so quick- 1' Sly disposed of; and uhlhougih a mere reprint of it would uss iii saome measure supply the pulilie necessity, vet its ro', would be imnperlect and uasatisfaetry unless annitated ro with refereices tite Reports ani Statute=, in ordrr to rim, eml'raee tle numerous alnelduleeat whaich have bken Ifit nmade by tile L.gislature, and tile inlporan tleriomtnns do hand co structions which hive I ee i gi vn upou n ar ly o i its articles by tine Supremen Court. t STile publishers have secured, ior the general uper- l i ilttendence and edit oial deparnueIit of tSie work, the a Irofirsional me.rices of Wberlotk h Uliton, F. q. 1 me hber at the New Orleans Biar. Tihn Hln. J1uds so lo Bullard, Judre Bermudea, and Hon Ge orgAe Eoi, sun" is have eachI kindl assisted Mr Upton witih thle yahable lube notes which tibeh have collected il the course of their pleb studies aid practice; and to Mr N R Jennines, the part- Fi nerof ar Upton, who is alo en aged in the work, Gen pital SStrwbridge, Esq. has presented the great mass of refa- 1 regnnrontained in his office copv of the code, and teril which nave been made by hint duriu g the whole period thec ot his dis:inguished professional labors. Tie publish- to b b era may therefore well trust that the annotations of the you work will be all that industry and labour, assisted by yooii leasrning and experience, call prform. F In putting forth this prspectlus, and soliciting fene- i i Sae subscribers to the wiork, tua ilblisrter tiake rie ine i se a' the faet that the Legislature of aloiiao has i aut)orized evel tie Governor to order one tihosan l coiies of it fi" tile i r y futttre use ofthe State. 'Te realineasu wiih which this fl nnmldr was takea by the Assembly, evinced their iret ie t seese of the value t wHork;and tiley tiherele extend- ot.i I el thiat confidence in h te ability of the publishers and F. r I editors which it is ilut ed is ntitwholly umtrltserved. I The work will he printed in French tad English, pit ' upon good paer and witil clear tape; nlor will tny ax hIprose or care spared to larke tien whole mliecititical amc execution of it correstind with its great inettnotance. wall t will probably be ready fr leivery in tire monthl of but ti September next; aud th. price will he, to se lsriher, I mat I- afte dolla s--fir dollars to be paid at the tite of sub- I ,, scribing. I I clhe subscriptito liots once closed, tile store price seal will be twenty dollars per copy. i feel -hrp 6 n i JOIHNS & CO. Publishers. into ii tl ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, i i e rumn FEVrR ANXD ,. UE. ;1il SriEN ryeas have not yot elapsed rince it was E ti s irst regularly submitted to thuo public; hut it ' S orhas attainel the Ihighest reputtion; and has sup-. tnI t cplanted every other mediciu ior i the Aguel, nwhenr-v. ie Ser it ihas been known and appreciated. Alrceady . in it been rried inr every direction thrlbghout g-e as tle United States, and still realizcs miore than could at Ii have been antici lated by its most stguiia frieds. d IlE nI Tlousands of persons Ihave not only e een ralieved, Ile ne but restored t. hemlth ant vigor tirougi its agen. o,. eat cy; and tley now cheerfully testify, at every nip- it r-.^,. "ut , its deillcd and supr.en efficacy. It to its caomposed of suich medicinal priciiluSe ias arech i calculaited to renew the hualthy action of the stnol- It nu Jcll, liver, and other importanlt digestive organs, in, thie loss of whih iarmlony is the iummediate cause ert of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. Sos an entire change in ithe condition of the system, ad and certainly destroys tihe native liability to relap- I sea of the affection. Wman the Ague is attended r, nwith any other omplaint, the employment of the T'onic Mixture will not inierlhre with tihe treat. t meat of the other diaease, but will even afford as. sia sr stnnce by turnisbing strength and vigor to the stea h body during tihe course of treatmnti. Those who tahi a-make iusa of this teidioino nmay hbe assured thatt via tf theru is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any oiher nol article in its compuosition untifriendly to thO Ihumatun iii eonstitution; beitg entirely a vergetable extract; and they may hav aidditional cotfidence in tu tie use thereof, when they perecive that it has the lr- th Itct of a gcntli laxative about tihe titme half a bot- hera tio full has been taien--in cornuquiqnee of which, i thero is no part of thlt medicini left to linger in it tile bowels to causo obstructions, and other evils, in aarising from the use of mauly o' thie remedics now til oflfred for the aura of thit ifltctioui. It las been used also as a preventive,u by lmay nwho were sub. Sjet toa periodical recurrence of inhe Clhills, and it i haso invariably warded off the apprehended lattacK. Obseree! 'he Proprietor, fully satisfied with the it ral unparalloled and universal success which has cun- tr Inc itnaity attended a punctuail and regular use of iliei top 'tnio Mixture, in all oasesna of Fever and Ague, ted ibela warranted in engaiging to refund the price to Li er all those who have taken thu medicine in strict ac. io her cordanis with the prescribed directions, without on tik having been perfectly and lastingly cured, i Tim subscribers are the wholesale agents for tihe ah South Western States, atid have now on hand six ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted fresh and genuine. For sala at tits manutfactured prices JAR\ IS & ANtIi;IW\VS, on, llolesale Druggists, lit novun7 Car Colmmon o 'Thoilutlitooa strect. tips ORDER:IS IRECEIVE.I) FORl Jo.NwES PA TE.XT COTTO. G I.; Ily Ihr Paetentee, No. 53 Magazine street, New Orleans 'T'OBE MANUFACTUItEI) IN NEW YORKIBY ROBERT HlOE & CO. ,C.91.E OF PRICES-Double Gins. For a double Gin of g0 saws or mote on eael cyt)linder, makingelkt sawsii the stand, swith lieder ,, haods, &c. at $6 persaw, or $900 00 tFor a Double Gin of 60 sa vs cn a cylinder, or 120 'saws i tho stand, le:ders, &c. n $fi per saw, or 710 00 'Fordo. of sOaws on do. or saws in a stand, at$6 25 per saw, or 5(10 00 For do. of dls aws on do. or 40 saws in ato sta.nd, at$a5Oper saw, or 26Bt o0 SINGLE GINS. For a single gin of so saws or more, with one set of feederas, brads, &c. at $6 per tow,$480 (00 For (o. of 60i saws, with feeders, &r at $6 50 tSier saW, 300 01 For do. of 40 saws, with feeders, &c. $6 t75 lwer sw, 300 OI For do. of 'tsaws, with fleders, '&o. at$7 50 per Sw. t50 00 Eslt troeth where desirel, for feoders, supplied a 40 : ents eash; the number of teeth bcingr abtout eqtld o the number of sws. One set of reeders, it is con sidered however, will wear out two or three sets of sows. Extra saws supplied at 0o cents each. The Gins ordered, will be delivered to the agents of planters in ally of the sea port towns of the cotton plan ' tins States, at tile above ptrices, theragento pevig Ik iw'ht Oa tile same from New York, and beotonilg re sl.s.ahible for the amount of the Gin. At ;ilu wei;ht Swillbe sent with the Gins to put them sp where dre t still;tthe clrgec for whose services will be exam,, liu i moderate. S Iron running geareanalsohe ortdered where desircd, Soe reasoolable telrms, but wi'l be criidet extera. ollrso te oeer,ofany dlescription, cal Ir lurnaished oe like terms. Stsrll steam engines cal also be ordered if de It isdesirable, when pl:mters gis e orders for Gins, thus shoultacconcpany them with their views i, regsul to Ite Iarlanmee t lll saws, Iirasts, brushes, &c. It is ti san thtle dili.. oplliises. esir desiroe las ito larger di:uneter th;,: otllaTes. The ust colnoollsi is 9 or 10 inches; ei . some wish thema 12 incshes. wish 3 or ti rowst I Sbrses 0son r an axle, whitl otr t ant more ttha 4 at most. Some wi.hl S orbteeth to the inch, while others 't. W. cl discrepancye , or p$eri tit the time ofl'giviog orders, frd!.fi their owishes, andi thle eeitiaul ee t if t.teaos ill es"e. tparlicular. \tihre it t I * *."t retion, we hall1 , sst smak the a o nd ot etapproved plts. on ordrrsssrhe It 'tsetiome it is rcerived, sitn Ote *poweeks,and the s is in that se titn. . tth blass of the factor. T" be in forb . feat orders ought to he in tlle hans ot ~sa.is1tsrershy the first or middie of May; eserpt othlbtons w thretthe arelate isa com.meueig to Sn or gin eotton. I,'r . .The tent Right, for any oneof it mtt- g oing States, will be sold on teaouas e k S h ra3.6mo .fe -; ; 0s0 N CTIOlu D ISY I:E FA ULT1 OF EIL I CINE. . f.lOR,.'S: Compondl Exorct ofcopiba an 1 parilla -A etaiin, safe, and moct cflcctual reme dy ever discovered for tile cure of Gononrlea, Gleets, d.u Strietures, Whites, Pains in the back and oins, seminal weankess, affletions Lidtiee, gravel, scorbhtic eruptions, t ec. In the introductiol of a medicinr possressing the usefu o and active virtue of the one now olitretd to tdie public, tIe proprietor has but to rtferto the numerous recol i mendatlons receiced fcro the most emlinelnt of the me dlesl ftculty in Eun ope, believing that it will be dly aopreciated when i er cits are mre full) know . lThe -aalstm of Copaiba, soeeiteiively used, tas lost much 850 of its credit from the dislike which patients formerly express d regarding its disagreeable taste, dlsturbance dtr produced in the bowels and stomach, sod its heretofore wil iuefficiene when used in the inflammatory stage. The of proprietor has made an aniealis of the BDisam, concei toi ing that the more activequalitiesiwould therebl be much TI: more roncentrated and more usetflly administered than an in the present state. The I hove med eine combinesill- ful gredients wlich are in the highest repute amo' the ie most scientific and learned in the profession. ,1'.En tht drug in the compmoitiou of this preparation incrrases the on ellicacy of the other, producing al operation truly asto nishing, and surpassing the most sanguine eexpetatiolls; lposssigiiat thle samie time the advantage o" its helng t mdministered witi perrfecimucers in othellilreont mtieae tin of te above disease. 'The most eminent iphsiciansand pa iourgeeofa tohe preseiit dy eopreoc their tecided aim it probtlion in forcr of Sarc~glaIitri, wuilot its use in the he n, and still cotinues, very extensove. It was a tar ortte remedy with the celebrated Dr Abernethy in all venereal aftfections, anci it obstinate cutasleous erutiolsl . ariingl rom a disordlered state ofthedigestlieftitetios. .. Having been submitted to tlhe test and experience of the nost celebrated among the iaculty, thei have expressed their satisilotion of its extraordiioary elicacy in every nl ase under thieir hllarge, by adopting it lbo.l iu tleir ter ioblle and priir platrlice. Their ob ervationsa ill bie tuserted lherheaier. tIrepared by J B Thmn, Chemist London. iPr'ice 1 50 per put. TFSTIMIONIA I. FrIm A It Salmon, Esqj, F It , Surgeon to the St Thomias ilospital, and Iee urer oil Anatomy. The trial which I have made of your preparatl on ion a s variety of'cases, both male n femaliie, i its results hae dr proved so highly faviourble, that I ld not hesitate in h i pronouncing it one of tile most valulle and efficcious F remedies ever otfered to Ile Ipuitdie, and one in lwhich, o Ilron exlpeiei.ce, I can place every reliance, whilst it I does not produce the same lunlpleasanlt eltcftsusuall) exi pericicedc from coptib:. From G I ai Inorald, AI R C S, Physician to the St Miarylebhne I)isreenurr,. I toke great pleasure* ill adding my testimony to tile valuahle prope.ties of your preparati., wishing yoou the o success) ou so fully deserve, in an mple reward for the labor acd expense icicurrod io bringilg it to such eom iplet perfectioo. Froim W oi Cooper, FR IS, Surgeon to Guy's Ilns- - pital The uniform success which has attended the adminis tering your mcticine alnong my paieits sicited with the abore diseases, las fidly satisfied me tlhat it Ihas oly to be knownI to be truly applreciated. lMay the success you so well desotve, onply and speedily repay you for yourr valuable lprelpallion. From Sir A Cooper1I, F It S P I C S, &bc e. di Hlavlig Ileenl illduced to try ollr iExtract i seveinl casesof violent GCunorrho, which hadb hitherto bnfiled every presclitioll adl~lniiisterted be nte, having fotalld Slmre and spieedy couc eftecied bv it, in a few dlays I feel myself in dity bound to state that I now in my prae tice bolt public and private recommncd and use non S other. From C W Blair, IM D, Physician to Guy'as o ti pital. Thie strict test which I hae e given your medicine S among my patients, and iho inlvacbleae sulcess thus facr, will ilnduce me to lersevetlt in its use, andl I deem it hut an act ofiti.e ald of durt" to aldd my I'treble tersti monial in commendation of its\irtues. From L C Thompson, ID I) IIS L. d lietlr .ol my sincere thanlks fr t e valulable pre sellt or cvolle Irxtrllct fr tle cure of Goeorrbea, Me. 1 1 fee efl lthat ou I :hae at last brought Imileicine it ilte use lhich will prove a ieitdeiatiu long sought l ifor ill tile medical worl-a sure, speedy andlll elecllld cllre ti ill cases f the ailove class. It atibords tie great ileasure p Si ublishing to ithe wor.ld tile valnable qualities of)your A Ext'ael.. Were it necessary, the proprcielor could here flrnishi mlany mo1rle estimlnlil eq llll as eoinlendatry :l tile abome; but tfrusts that its great s.uccesshithelrto the care & expense ia which it ilus been p reared, a ill Iproe its reatest rocom en atie among it disecrllling publit. One I eomnlelendatiioll this pIrelcaritiin enjoys abov ct ial others is its ieat, portanl e Iol--Lpullt up in pots-th i made iln which it may he takenl, beinlg both easy ald I pleaant--its tastely nature, with no restriction in dtiet or cbnfinement iroe bItiitles,. Travellers esopeoialci lwoul ldind this medliioe Iiihrlv usefiil, and ought ceve Ito be unprovrlded with a: preilpc ation possessilg lthe o a e ht,.co which the l)resr' ,,11. ..nmb:,t, " Accompanying the Medlicine is I pamphlet r otlll- I toryofthcilctirect staees of tilhe disease, without anI extra charge, containing full and ample direelions. For sale by SICKLES & CO. mr l.oawjn, 40 Canal street. THROUGH IN FIVE AND A HIALF DAYS, From Mobile (Alabama) to Augusta (GOee T EAVES Mobile every orther lday, immoilately allel d the arrival of the miil from New Orleans, per th steamboat EM.trin, to ilhIkely, coacles to Pensaeol, steamboats (per Pensacola Ite, St Rosa sound and Clho tahaecie liei'er and Bay) to Cedr ll Ul', coachee thensc rvia Maricna, Chattnhocehee, (formerly Mount Ver c 0non,) Bainbridge, Pitderton; Iliwknsviille and mouis ville, to Augusta. A passengrertakin; his seat at Mlo. Iile is in no danger of being thrown out or losing hiit preocurence by other conliectill interests, as :le FLrOl D)A LINiE is but onn concern, anld uder one eol.lro throughiiot, anId nay rely w'IT reR'PaI.Try upon hl arrivalat Augasta in time splecificd, through all ,catih ,el and at any season, unless some most unforeseen lcta-" i trophe shoullh occur. The Great New Orleans Mai tis carriidLy this route. Tle Agents for alccom.coda tion, Teams, onlles altd nDrivers are not surllassted the sotlhelll en contry. 1The smooth, hard, natural roads, the sare amnd ihr . esii g water iavigtion, tle tie l, and accomodatiolln, Slford the traveler speed, certinty, comfort, and a pieasr ing variety; connected as it were with the Rail IRoad Charleston, S. C. and the steam pcekets to New York. truavelers can rea h New York froe New Orleans LsAS THA. It oxus' -Washinaton city io 12. From Chattahoochee, Florida, we have a Brame Line via Qlincy and Tallahassee, to St Marks, 4 hmr post coaches. also two Branches from Hawkinavills t one to Milledgerille, und one to lMacon, light two hIor oaches. STOCI` fONS FL co. 0 AritrsTA, 20th .an. 1835. Office nt Manion House Mobile f *Distance, New O(rleans to Mohile, 150 mile Mobile t. Augusta, 54d " Augusta to iiharleslon, 13fi '. teharlcston to New York, 980- 180 Ticme, Now ()Orlan to lMobile, '8 hiours lMobile to Augusta, 3 Agusgta Ito Charleston, 12 Cbharleston to New York, i6- 258 Slking 168 miles per day. or 7 miles per hour, inciu slove ofl it stoa1~ges. nov Il N. t. I bg leae to inform the public that itt0 bridges over the Chatshoovheswalcip iad Hard ilaot! Creek have justl been collleed iy the general govern ment, (the lhy, olhtlcles ollecallnllný gidist this safe al,' spcedy route il e thust happlly retnoved; nlId I have tih pleasure of lera:hlng from tI.vellers tha tile €oaches,hor. Ss.s5, drivers andl oads :utr of the lirst o'der"; and as R, the( Swater irollte .roml 'ensacla to Celhr IBlI;u it is admilt ell by all whloe have rpassedl touiigh it to be tunlrpassei. it loreltiecs ble amoi band safet. The ilAriies thriogl SGeorgia have also Ibeccrelpired. J %I (i BAKiES IARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE Watrevas, I Customhouse otrbet, opposite the post.-office. Tihe subscribers are now receiving from their fee. tories in "New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortment of Marble Mantlo Pieces ofsuperior werkmanship, and of the latest patterns, made of the best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and American marble. Also, Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stones, mculded and plain sills and lintels, marble facings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roman & liydraulie Cement and Plaster. inj Hair, together with a spleqdid assortment of brass mounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron Grates of the newest and most approved patterns. Lettering done in the neatcst manner and at the shortest notice. They hlave first rate workmen to seot the above work. je5 'AMES RAIN & STROUD SI'ARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &r. OURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beyoul, the Rocky Mountains, eundor the diract; a of the A BC F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containmng a description of the gmooraphy, ge-. ology, climate and productions, _ m brnhol, mlanners and ustoms of the n a Map of Oregon Territory, t rker, A M. 'Il e River and e collections of the Rhone and tby Miss Pardoe, author of the C]it. f tan, &e,. in 2 vols. The RBtr i, ai i, " the author of Rlcholieu, Thf 1AUt*Ca ir 2 .: 3 FPlirtsl or Ad.-oIure in a Country "ld other Tales, by Lady Blessington. E L -O3LP , MrsNorton, Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Osptain Medwin, and others; in 2 vols. Tile Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nick leby, edited by Boz, with Illustrations by Phiz, Ni. I Just reteived and aor sale by BENJ OIMo-i'ASSES, ttbAI lI I " ( OPES, &e, .-.-O.. . .., by m. MKearron an streets, a goirai PPn . S i ..rig B.ov fesi, Tvory Proe SO , G;uer's ,, Glass Triangles, I, tel Ruler, ltiero-cope+. T'hermometo s, - Camera Obseurers, Slrrte Chain', lMeasurlilr: tape.. &. d7 'A York d& Naltimore Packet5 IACKETS FOR NEW YOItK-New Line. 1 -To sail punctually every second Monday during the season, full or not fall. hiip Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alabama. 474 do C. C.urr Ship Arkansas, 62" do E 8 Denni. Ship 8 rtegas. 542 do W Hathawa,. Ship Nashville, 540 do D) Jankst. Ship Kentueky, 629 do J Bunker The above Phips are of the first elan, coppeoed. and copper fastened, s ad kaving been buil in New York expressly ti,r this trade, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably crom the ba without any detention. The commanders are mau of great exple:riesnce, and the ehips will alwysel towed up end down the Missiesippi by steanmbeat . They have handsome furnished accommodatioans and of the beat description will always be furoishe d. The cabin pasage is $90 withetao wine or liquor, and there is nos liquor furnishad to the officers or crew. For freight or passage apply on board, or to H C AMES, 48 Camp at. The ships are not accountable for breakage of glaes, hollow ware, marble.or granite, eooperage of tin, or rust ofiron or steel, not responsible fe auy package or parcel, unless a regular bill of lading is excuted therefor at tie s.icno of the ants. nov2T NEW ORLEANS ~nu BALTIMORE LINRF OF PACKET'S. This line will consint of the following vessels. which have been built or purchased espresUly fir tie trade, vis: Ship eonman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, r Nickerson, Slead terry, new Stevensl, S olomon Saltus, " Latham, Brig Architect. ( i Gray. These versels are of the fist clam, have ha.P-, some iurnirhed rccoammaodations, and are of a light draft of water, so as to admiit of their receiving andt discharging their eargrues in Baltimore, ae the city. Freight will he taken for ports on the Chesapeak: or James' River, and eforwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & KELL, IGG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shipped will be advanved whes requird. T'ie price of passage is fied at $I0. ample stores of the b st quality will be provided. Steam tip and iow the Missassippi wallt hbe tak on all oeeasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bienville t. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana anid New York Line of Packet ] '[I I: Shsps composing this line will asil from New Orleans and New York on every other Mon day--consiening on the 20th Noveeboer-and to insure the punctuality in the time ofsailing, the line will hereafter consnit of five ships, viz: Ship Yanoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 40th November. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship llsntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 13th December. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the lest J.lauary. Ship Mliisissippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th if January. The above are all new, of the first class, copper. da ansd copper fastened, and upwards of 50J0 tone IIurtlheo, are of light draight of water, being built in New York expressly for the trade. Tihe prmo of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted up in the most improved and convenient I plan, aod finished in a neat and elegant style - Alple stores of the first quality will be provided, nod every regard paid to the comfort and entire sitileictian of pIsisengers, who will please take no. lice that no berth casn be secured until paid for at the oll'ee of the consignees. These vessels are commanded by captains well e:xperieaiced in the trade, who will give every at. teltion and exert themselves to ecommodato. They will at all tusnes be towed up anti down tihe Missic. sippi by steamboats, and the strictest punctuality observed in the time of sailing. The owlners of these ships "'" a.. ,ae resoorsi. put on board of them, unless regular Dill of adila be signed tsherelor, at the counting liotsa oui st, agelnt or owners. For li'rthe' articulars apply to J D hlEltu & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common at FOR NEW YORK. [L.oisiana and New York .ine of Packetsa] ,I .. 1-l11: ..... .,ulB .. . sw ol . ruw New U lens tlll N ew e ork onl every other Mondry- cmneneucing on th, ,'2lh novembher, and to ins ire the rimletoot pilm'intrlity in tile r time o railing, time lils eill l'ereafte romnsist of live Slipsr vi : Ship Yiazoo, (alptain 'i'crak toleorve on tihe 2Lth nof. llip Louisville, iiapiEio Pidmer, to leave on the 4th ,lSim tlutlseillr. Cnptalin Eldrldgcr to leave on the 18111 i)ecemlb I. Ship l'ieksbur-g, Captidll Woodhouse, to leave on the ist Junjarv. Ship AMiesaseppi, Cuptanl Ihaiis, to leave on the 16th Janaory. TJ' lThe above ships are all new, of the first 'eles oippearcd and copper tk steerled and o pwards ofe500 tope bhuothen, are of liigit draught of water, being built ihs New York expresslv for thre maet. ?'t price of pus; iage is eixed at one muodred dollaro. Their ebies aue iSled up1on the most ilmproved ul coenvenient plrl,te filhedn oa "neat all elegalln out style. m pie tr oenf tihe firsdt quality will be provilded, andcl ece regard be to ile comfort and entire satisiaction of passengers, wie will please take notice that no berth can be aoeued ut til paid Ifor Iat tie offie t the eoaiguees. l'heIuo packets are commanoded vby Captaits well eo Speriemced in tIe treade, who will give every attention tlld exert thsemrseve to acmolmodamme. 'hev will Mt al times he towed min op a ; d locno is Mic isitpi byhe Mtelnhoats, and Ilhe trictest pOurtulity observed I the mtmle d1' tmilclil. IThe owner ofm Ihesre hipe will not be responsiblh for I m:i Iet er, parcel or imercre oatt by or put uc teardse hemin, a.le.s a reecinlnr hIill it lcling e lgoned tlsrefora it time erctoig rilse of the agents or ro uluimr. PFr milr r particult Rae, ppl. to I IlEItN & A COHEN; clo Il U3 Cll1iCmou st. NEiV OR I'ANS & mIlARIESTON PACKETS S'i lime cnleih.t olf urve.elall of t, lir.-r cines-, voppelrecmd a.d opper elit. ritel( an~d o l iAout 200 lmrns burthesn. wnih blmllMrm,u,, rmeeonlnlodatim,llt hlr pie;engserlt. TIhcre v TssI. Io r cllllllll rimll hy caplaine well Xrpeelene'll mm lmo itrade, who srill give every st. I tlliorl. auldi ' tirmnlledlbelv.e to eemollllnaldate the shlilp r"r. 'lhs h II i ib mue iillsnmll ilewn lthe .\icelsrim p, voil lmel.v Netr Or cnns ,in or before Im, I )ll and Icbm lf evri nrlm ,im. Tlme fullerwisg I vcsll cllnlp-e I- hilld viz : Bri, Ar Abian Cl hrlel 0 rden, marter. rlii C apmal.J. '.holmoopalson master. " lBrig A loeilno J D scane, nl.ssi r. F r,. Riger \Vllliamos.J. Allibere, master. r Fur Irght mr pImsate, nl,plg to J. A. BARELI.! SCC(i, 61 (c',mr an ct,. Nwcc Olreutn, ur M. C. ordmlu mlltelChalstOIe. Oct I T II El undersigned hnvlncm reom.:lreneed bhleusi tasa m a I)ratull and Aputheecry, isn ahre st owned by Mr. J eo b Oit, at the cotrenei I.tlla uirmI .e nm h iltilo Walk s 4ld ' ad Qkl h wkf ihe t,.ic panlr,cdger ands Ver~tl eiu thii o&I ODrH.2, mer lein meesnd 0 oa4 v l reicpi iocp siblhld cr ully cturevert. Tr q 1-11 m <..emyy ate pur Pie p m"q" p t m:tistsIreea Powdcen. y t t le .m-at whlesionule end smrle ratmemita,,m o6 `,Ire raicing bread, buebwk --eu 1ume lllrErtimekbcit Mugnesian Apperil.,e, d and rlliet, iu'gtive in dyspepsala or ii. teslinn. Cerr, mm dtlllmry, giddiness. bheaudhe, acdily ie th lonl II. hta.,ilual cosetlelleslU, daltl. neons eruptimni, &c. C'arpeteet'o Fimid Extract of arenperilJre Sjiurim m tlc th,' Imllmim, tbe do di and ubrh efif 4 . S.r,,s mmmto ......o end ver, tfu.t.ayt Ilotlem , i,,l-, O mmdeldoe, c re . Refined Lqucrmim, j i,+c itu time. emhlri. toothm wash, powsler eu L priemiee'os tumifrr,hb as sh weah pc der pm Oq'tfld to , I rjclmteb scosteed a )plain ,,,l. pawuf am rsee s arem de Pd e owastv dscwetrl e.r eeuser sad tlorid wlj j ile b i ' n lan d ' a M aca 4 - - Sidgm's sI. W-' ttuluiohias be4ar'leRei ves Stssaudil other moiuhtu, iudlibls cmurkisj -perlosuhlek ikl, &c. Sperm and reli:ed whole oil. HI"'sLinsiiit. y A Irtc aesurtnlentofl Tburburn'eGsrt:eenO d a Oct 2 UEURUgE J)NS. 4 L i.r saleI by it IliUf"Yt 44 tew yLevle. noTATO h-hls b ... northrn tats find turrlsley JHEY

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