Newspaper of True American, February 27, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated February 27, 1839 Page 2
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Waahh an .P eb... ... .17 1 ý .. "...18 Ciahmati Pnh..° ....-.19O pk .... Fab .i8·a~ l I nafrille, Foh...... l f .8::19 (At.c .u to If y do. .. . , . It ,··`I'ý . ..16IIO Ilou, 97....... ......... 10 Harma do. 8....... NlT7 ()I NEW ORLEANS. i I ALS. mc. I Victoria, Paul ar Pl. itrFe 4,Ii L vwpo ti. ýiptpaUM~kt76,fcdmt asatit. *h·* (rar CiaoiaaatL 0rI aoaUtraadd IJaat CLEARANICES. 6ipsDs.Wbqmd, for Li 1. l MAp* ruVasL fdr Now York A Cohen Bait, Ilarlpy for New Yark T C Jenkin 'Homten, Ras. st fr dlatalord. W Bryuu G for New Ydrk, S & J L Whiting Wgk Ft. Prdit r Nser,,lioa By, in bnllnit, Tu masterr RatIfehLhR.Znysnn car, farflIvn-ton, SakwbskIaw. Sidrln, for'na*.,cn, &kheadt, Werner & On /firhe Verde, Ar Ca.pneehy, Menino. Y* C tnek, for M.biln. Marter 5a. Imiin, fltna,, fyreny West, D Mton TlE UARSkETS. Nzrw YoR, Sunjd. Fnhb. 17th P M. lhemgretltlaems f commercial in-tIligeenc, which w"'lher by the Great We.trnt are:ho Th OPIOCKIP TY6tN.Of AMERICAN PAPER hy the Bank of Eng -ad s ntte rket for Cotton anl tGrain. Some ofl th d -Bohitterm ihink of striking down our Cotton MAlr et~by'peaerbiug American Steuritier;ttnd the jealousy .esome few BLankers of the mnvomento rf5r. Jaudon .d the efforts of himself and Ilia fiends o toJpport our Cotton Market, is exceedingly manifest in the London' MIeayMarket at well a to the tivcirltml and Man heanterC@tortrnde. There is, liis clear, a party ri. =si in Great Britain, which seems to be backed by the Londo Tiinee, lernld, and other violent Anti.Mitiste. siat prints, whnse efforts are directed to a desotieiaion oGAr. ulae pSeourites, nlI to a ite.crlption of A'stori sa-te. s_. l he eflirte of the pnrty, however, sees be balked-by Air. Jnodon, nod other Baul.t.m, w1ho knew the vcluo of American Credit and: Stckre,--and lsoEs evren ofthie Bank cfEgngland is hbt very jisrtl ib the poscripti.n t essays to pot upon them.- est not now the power to do ns.tlshief, thLt it litl in 10s.3-.,foratl LU. Bank is 5olw tlieVgurPdiaL, o Anmei auintreret on the tlandod etrhange, holding power -entha gtreat American Staple and standintg on the gaotba Jlo an undothtel credlr, so thbAit can meet ei tail the enemies of American ptnsperity at their own deos. hacontinental rexchanges still eontisa favorable ti.. atehoattonnfthle precious metule.,pntieularly tief.n Tht aumount otrfgpd and silver bhllion already eled is esimateda atabout ,011tt0,0 li Aterling. The Comm Market it appears inod heen firm. For tl k sdending the 21th,salea 13,230 balee, 5,5001 A MrtieAenraspeer s lon.tioo. Mte welk endine tie 25th ~ esals we re lsrge--3330,intludilgl 15,500 American, a speculation. The market closed very brisk and prevs prices fully sutoiReid. The rise on cotton anported by this ship is not equal to what wae expect d[ExLpress.] LIVERPOOL, Jan. 26. The marbetrpesn d with a censiderable speotlative sua-rl, ad on Monday above i1000 back were sold, of whIch 700 wets to opeculators. Since thn tite in .irya buaubidrd to a regonlr trade business; and al hough.tpeculators was egan buying to-day, prices of alldes ptloeclotserather heavily. In thre sales are ncloded 1500 bales of demagnd-Bowed end 2299 Suret, soldhy aurtion at frot Id to 1.211 per lb. There have mane taken on spesulation 16,5f0 American, i00Peanam nd 200 8ulOrat. "HAVRE, Jan. 8. Cottons-Oar last report presented the sitluation of o-'Cotton Market et cte end of Deeeelbhr. Since then up to last saturday, the sales of this article embraced, at an average, about 120 hales per day, without any change is pricer. Yesterday (Monde)) there was again ,ore aetirity in the'tranucriose which amounted to yav near 30110 bales, and we harve to notice a further adranee sf1 n 2 cntimeao per 1-.2 kilo in our rates for U, Stats short staple descriptions. F liE LADY GIRAFFE appears rather dull lately, ` She is handsome, eautriful, what can he the canss ? Query-does she noat ont Moss? fo7 It CONCERT POST'PONED. iTisreepetfdly announced to the public of New Orleans, that int consequence of atn unexpected diffi eult in affSeocting apart ofthe arrangemeets for It.r nmtsaal soiree, Madame Carnoduri Allan is oliged to de fer her first performance till Saturday neat. March o1. frw It "iTheletter heg of tm fast sailing ship SAXON, Capt. Messfield, fir Liverpool, will be taken away from the subscriber's office at 4 P.M. b 27 L H GALE, 93 Common st. FOR IIAVRE. The fine ahip RICHMi)ND. Cnp Winhip, wil lake two passengers if imnmedtote appli cation be made to L IH GAL.E, 93 Common t FOIL NEW YORKE. iNew York aud Neo Orleans Line. The elegant packet ship AUBURN, Cnpt. Drrfey,wilr have immediate dispatcht, two thirds ofber cargo engeged. For freight of remainder, apply on board optposite St Philip et orto PETER LAI)LAW, feb27 66 Camp st FOR FORT GIBSON J LITTLE ROCK. 1 The well known, light dnoght and fast running steanmer OZAIK, R Hosea Jr moastr, is hourly expected tn arrive, and will leave fur the above and intermiediate larding. on Sunday the 3d March next; at 10 o'clock FP I For freight orapassge, apply to TR HYDE f BRIOTHER, fo7 ooluer Counnlon & Magazine rta Tl following are the drawn numbers of the Louis aLsLotery, Clos 8, for 1839: 50 55 66 32 23 51 840 273 4228 THIS AFTERNOON, At 5'clotk! HIGlEST PRIZE $14,000 15 pinea of l$1,000 each. Tickets only Four Dollars LOUISIAN' LOTTERY. Autlhoried by Act of Legislature. Chapter XLIII, asnmed Maugh 0. 1828, Class No. 9, for 1039, to be irawn on Tnhurldy, Feb. 26, 1839, at 5 o'cloak, I' A. s aatk n Elcange Hltel, St. Clhrlas t. D. S. GREaGOILY & Co. Successors to YATES McINTYRE 4 Co. 75 Numbers-12 Drawn Iallots. GIIANDl SCEII3lE. ,9~16 Priaas amounting to $199,209 Tickets $400--Halves $2 00--(larters $1 ea s of 26 tickets fir $104. I' ckages of 6 , ftickterl5. Packagir of 2T5 Qunrttr ' ickncts ior $91. For Packages or siagl T'l'irke. alply at The Mianners Offi-c, ,f27 35, Canal street. lnai to Camnp st Drawing of the i;mnd State I.ottry Class 91 7 12. 1 67 20 1 1 4u 43127463 TillS DAY. 90,0001 Capital Prize, l'ickets only J5 00 GRAND STA''E LOTTERY. I LASS 17, Authorised by the Legislature of the . at.., To be drawn 'his Day, Feb. 26, 180L, all o'eloek, P. I. at Bisahop's Hotel. S DAVIS &C), Managorsa. 75 Drawn numberr-12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Schrhte. p814 Pnri.s. amounting to $235,590 _- Tiketsa $5 0 t--llalvoe 2 -50-Qoarte r $1 i. Plahkagea f 25 Ticktts fr $125, wrriaunled todraw at aat $8lt and iaay draw tie hgllhes c'pital, a. ..qrip~aihrgq lI0,100!! l'aokagea .of 5 ilal.t °l'ickel Ioia warruantd io draw at leasnl $3:10 0. Piackgera ofu2 Qnarter Tickets $31 25 warranted to draw at lnt $15. For packages of single tickets, s ply at tie MANAGMAEi' OFFICE, 16 Clhartrs st, andat the corner oftr Louis and Clher. i tnea. e. Febf7 -ONE'S popular works and everlasting calender, 4 vola, contaiuing the table book, I vol, every by .a, l voll, and a ear book, I val. Woo'S trmeatise on rail road, a late English edition, Tseati . roads by Sir H Parnell. Ayunaugh's coiaprerensire index to Shakspear, I vol aW edition. as' railway practice, 2 volt with nutn.rous plate., Oaeoser with a grear rariety of very valuable and late Etoia wooel Io sale by WA TOWAR, 49 Camp at DDISON'S WOItKS in 3 rvolt 8 v--Ctudworti, hintlelletnal syatem,2 vol--i-The Bridgewater tran Go, uniformily and elegantly bound, coltodlet in Y.vbol ala aseparately in clotb binding. Walter's speeches in 2 vola-Boswetll' Johnson 's w"re 2 vols-Smollett's works 2 vols. Yn, t.s politiral economy vol. A new supply of ts. abnee eony valuable works, just receivrnd and for fslbWy 1127 A TOWAR,49 Camp at ONDO EDITIONS of valuable worka- i hll'p's elementary iatrailuttion to mineralogy. Janmaion's minralogy, according to tie natural s os n geolagy., comrioig a familiar a o the Hlttoniaan nd WernMrian ; Tb. toir geology, an txplanied by iUt Pan, wIlthi aentin ags. "Pllms41emis, nageologr. with engravings. hl. .a tratle tn msolluscaus animals, in. - b , i g itlleldi, with eighte" plates. alr u treatine oan mafgetias. M ,ty W eK.EAN.eorcatp & Commo.... a anw chart nf tha dry Tartuga, the aadipga., reertIl uanelreond dan. hea to , warranted ac --" ' ' - l wb l lu g c h a r t s : - ~Jdl, ov an-lS, tngrrnbaarnel 'I b anr -,i utii of lInril bases, of Africa. 3tO5muas it f 138 0 & 49; coa pio, aiurl Gitr le at T " kl)ri&ewNa Yan atietintra hell, 2 C'harts sut TRUE AMERRMCAN OFNIcR. lu connoctio'i. Ogtllcal a SPLENDID AND EXTEN. ,TMENT OF TYPE I Blamak Oxacks S j Bills of Lading Lae DgYr Receipts, enagAl B.M... Dills, Bill ormal, ho Bills fm Boat Bills I mlctars And every deocrliptot efJob WVrk that mary ber.qired. I1.The proprietor respectfully calls the attention of the public to the above Curd, an assures themn that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the short sat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and at the lowest rates. THE TRUE AMERICAN. EDITED IV JOnrtr cl1it.lN. FAIT.IUL AND BOLD. NEI. ORLEANS: WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1839 IDTAdvertisements neglectel to-day shall thave place to-morrow. We take thie following from the Louisville Gazette of tile 19th STEAMBOAT AecIouET.-We are informed, (says tlhe Cincionati Republican of yesterday) Iby Capt. Stoeor,. of tho IRoyal lneas, oaiont which arrived from Pitts burg yesterday, that the nteamer Coquette was entire. Iv destrayed by fireon Thursday, a few miles shove the mouth of the Kanawhat river. She was detained by the iconnd was burnt to thie water's edge. Even the yawl was consumed. We lihane no further particu lars. Capt. Smith ala, informed nu that tile steamer Vic tori t was tonk two or three days since e Ithe ice, some lforty or firry miles below Whelilrg. The Ilater Ilot was owed in this place. Th'le C"eq.tlto belonged to Mlariotte." CHARIt.ETOs IKACKs. We have not yet received tthe 2d and 3d dayR, but give ,elrw the 4th day (Wedoes day) which the Coerier says was a trailing race--lon. arch wineing both Iheats in a canter. t Mtonarch I 1 Trident 3 2 Florida Hepburn 2 dr Time let heit hiet !7s. -d do Sm .5es. TlThursday 3 mile Heats parse $600. Entries. L.ovell andl llammond's b. f. Polly Grecaly. Col. lfampton's imported b. f. Emily. I Wi. Sinkler's ch. c. Santa Anna. ftCeommeunicaed,] MISS TREE--MRS. BARRIIETT. These two brilliant artesteo are to be brought into a prolimity to night at the Camp, that will test their ai powers, and what is truly refreshing is the fiht, that they will move in diflreant orbe, each eengaged in lthe praiseworthy task of exertilng all heir energies without he danger ofheiagbroueht inlto direct collision ee ur renders will hear with pleasure that Miss Tree will play IRome to Mrs Bnrrett's Juelit. - We have freely rpiced out the faults of bMiss Tree in this journal, and have not hesitated to acknowledge fromtlatn to time her great powers. As Roaiec, we A think, she will oake an impress.on deeop aun Istinlg uala theeadig ncs. i er toneof vieenhermsnneristas, her gestures, indeed'all her qualifieatione seem to fit her ' peculiarly fortheis mbodoing in aneamient degree, the lcharacter of the noble Veneti'an nlver. Opposied hy a Jalite posessrig tlle raw personal charmes and pawer Iol geniesof Mrs. Barrett, Miss Tree's acting must rise a t sretory progresses. Thenadisrers ofle re and Barrett will have, flow a fall qad tiner opportunit of P witessieng treanlmove on,ain thlnscenewith a kind'ing t entlasiam. The poetlry ol Shakespaare will have a "hanltatiou 'atd name" i tilh e persons aof thee ar tistes. [COiMUNICea TEA.] TlHEGIRAFFE. IThlis aspiring young lady, Ie catively nmakes lier fare-i well cartesy on Sunday next. Those of our .itizens, wltu ave oamitted tie cerenoany of visiting this interes ling stroager, saotld take the opportunity while the - tsunltines. She nhas made appoinleatens o visit Nateh ez- Vicksburg, St. Inuis, aouisville and othler cities on hirrote to tahe place where she first trUahed A - merican soil (N. Y.) which prevents tile paossibility of a longer stay. Andif justlce is doc nto libeoral enteorprize, the ptr ied proelristorr will receia a rich !return for the iim menro outlay,toil and riskhinearred in the capture and sanspottation of this-the rarest animal on earth. ifRrcorder's Court, SECOND MUNICIPALITY. SReports of DayPolice and Night Watch, Februnry 26,1839. Win. Mitchell, arrested fr being fuund drunk. Dis S charged. oJohn Oliver, arrested for beaitg found drunlk..Dialchrg ed. - Wm. Dunn, arrested for breaking open Mrs. Coffe's door; site not appearing to prosecute. Discharged. Pat Egan, arrested fornasaulting and throwina briaks dt Get. C. Bogart. Bound over to tile riminuat d Court in tih sum of $300. THE GREAT WESTERN aIaIVE U--Eleven Days Later.-We find the following synopsis of the news - brought by tile Great Western, in the New York Ex p' press, of the 18th. The Great Western, Capt. Hoskins, from Bristol 28th nit. at 5o'lock P. M., arrived Saturlay, at 0 o'clock P.M., bringingus London Sunday mornitng papers a the 28th ult., and Liverpool of the 27th, withl later dates from all parts of the Continent. s It is again worthy ofremark, that via Calcutta, we have later dates from Canton, to tihe 7th October. They mention that about one-third ofthe new black tea crop e had come to market, and the qualities were considered P better, particularly tile congut kind, than they were Slast year. The beaiacss in tie ine teas lad been very limiled,nuad it was considered that the incp.ot terchants would Ie Ilmoney that season. The exchange on London was 4s. 6,l. a 4s. 7d per dollar. The armed position of Belgium and Ilolland-The 6 Corn Laws--the condition of tlie ie"lonc Ministry-The r resignation of31. Mole,and the IlritishMbluney and Col ton Markets, are the great points of interest. The Ilnik of England is again striking at our trade. The Mlni - teaur (Paris) publishes an oficial edict prohibiting the further exportation of Grain. The Great Western brings 102 piasengers. She had a rough passage, and fell sn with large fields of ice partially broken up. Ben'ley announces as ready for publication, "IIow e do you like our Country,"or an Autumn in America, Siy Charles I. alottllews,--with i:lustrations. Young Lieut. Colonel Sir Waoller Scott, with the 15th IlIesars, is going to Inlia. o O'Connell has been abusing the I)ublin .Liberal Press, on which account the ;Reporters refused to re tport Ili speech mode at n Public Meeting. SI Lord John Russell has announced his readiness to es defend in Parliament the prmiiple ofa nmoeraste fixed at duty on tlte iemportation ofCorn. Lord IDurhmu and Lady h*d given a Grantd inner it their Mansion in Green Park, and their guestsn r.were Mr. stil Mirs Stevenson. The Ilabeas Corpens question respecting Canadian r, Prisoners was not settled when thlle Great Western sailed. in, Lord Dnham, .ord Brnugbnam, Mr. Paulette Thomp son and others have announced their oipp.ililn to the eel Corn Law, in Lettersleud at a dinner of the Manches ter Ants Corn Law Association. Me, ladame Vestris has again got the Olympic under le full way. A steam ship of 1000 tons lhas heen launched at t, Greenek, for the India business eia Cape of Good an- Hope. Lieut. G. N. Kendall. R. N. one of Franklin's in companions in tuho Polar Expedition, is to command n her. The Queen, as goes the story, is to be married to is. Prince Albert of Sae Cobonrg,-but the Courier, Alin Siterial, denies the truth of the report. "Prince Albert is handsome and about22 years ofage, but wilhout a stirer. The North America went out in 18 days, carrying eal news of interest to the British Public. The Edinbug Review for January has a very favor an able review of Presctt's Ferdinand and Isabella. by It is noted as an extraordinary fact that Lord Mel boase did not dine with the Queen on Tuesday. Moeo EarxECUTIows. The Detroit Advertiser of Feb. b5s, saye:- -"e learn from a stage passenger that on Friday, Capt. Daniel DI. Bedford and Altbert Clark were exacuted at Landonn U. C. The rope slipped to the huck of Clerk's neck,and he suggltd f orsne amintes. uThe body of Bedford was given to his friends." Hiram . IL.ynn, (Amermut,) who was exeeuteda few days before the above, made no d, fence, and was uitount far time trial Ioslose. Hi gunEshot wound in tim anit had mortfled, and Ite wms quite cetfhbled whel brought out co the scaffoldingnof the gallows at the jail hntdow. Thirteen othlers, (all Americans aId twa of them boys) were sentenedl to death Feb. 15. Julius , Patlevr, one a l them, made his own detense, std closed hitsrennarks with,ueastlsmenn if I nm xecuted, lIt it he rens.uaseed that I die a martyr in the tause of'lilmr ly. _ St. Charles Theatfre. etr J S . O s..', !tlb.lah.lE I'. (And the last night L out three ot hitnaggement) On which occasion the Montgomery guards will ~ltend This Eventeing, February 25, Will be presented the Comedy of THE BUSY BODY. IMarldot, M J S Browne ir Francis Gripe, DFaBar Charles Do Bar Miraonds, Mrs Faren Isebinda, Planumer Miss Jones *1Will dance a Sailors lornpipe. After which an Interlude called my SCHOOLFELLOW Or its all Right. Mr Cool, ir J S Browne Shrub J II Finn llarr:et steady, Mrs De Bar To conclutde with, by particulardesire, ROBERT MACAIRE, Or the two murderers. Robt. Maeaire, Mr J S Browne, Marie Mrs Farren To arrow last night btt one. of the celebrated r real Bedouin Arabs. MONTGOMERY GUARDS. SOU are diroated t attend at your armory in full lf uniform (fatigue caps) on W ednesday 27th inst, at halflpast 6 o'elock P M. By order of Capt. O'CAI.LAGHAN, H IttAN O. S. CUMPTRKOILEIII OFFICE, Second Msnicipality. New Orleans, Febriary 27, 1839. P UBLIC NOTICEis hereby given tlat oli Fidany I_ l tile 8s Mallh 183,alt 12 o'clock, I will adjieoate at my oeiro, to the lowest bidder, the repaiing foronei yaor, iltt llall vIo erotrein naod side walks tordering on.t-te satm, oithia tho limit of this munici pality. Peaymnot to ho made monthly, it, cesh, on tIhe ertifi cato of the surveyor, thnt the work ha hbeen rxecutrd according to contract. The person to wholil the tontrnet shllll be ndildiciatcd, to give bulld witt one or more srenritie ill the uom of $3000 for the faithlfi lerforimnece of the Lduties devoIr ilg leon lim. Tile n0ni, of the secelritiaes musut lIe ltllded in lt tlie uillleofoale, whel if Illey are not sotie flctory, the contract will be iniledliately re-ndjudi avl. JOItN CAIlOUN, fe27 to mar 8 Comprollir, AFAVANt CItFFI :l,--1i2 hags, alndieg from brig C arlole, and 4110 tigs in store, flr sale Iy fue2 A 'I'RIER,, r ravier st i- IIhl'NIY'S COI I'ON FACTOIIY--l'liesub scribhr wouldl iiornn merehantn and plantersn that hins estiiblislinent is now ill lull operation and that ie is prodeFit a lollrie ltnder the style and deilmiliea lion of \Wliiey's legre cottions. Those wishing to pinrchalP a u.lettrior orircile for Ilelntatien rise will please cull and eiamile fir tIlemeoelveA lit leessrs Pet & North, ngenlt 13 Chartres at or at thle establishment of the sle scriber 457 Tleonplto lt le Iyt. BENJAIIIIN WIITNEY. fe~7 New Orlnens, February 7,1889 -U C' Ieceived ntt elegant assormentof slilver plated e detr pl(aote, whih will be engraved to erdr in the meat fashtonable tyle lby J V CHILI)S. fe27 3 Cnmp at IRt. CLAYTON will malke Ihis eighteenth balloion nscension on Siendiay blarch 3d, at half past 4 o'clock P '1, from the city gnss works. fe6. -IX,"WPA1t-N--Heidoic'n cilotit nii 85 baskish lJin qtart,, 25 do in pints, joust received and fur sale be G WF PIUITCHARI) & J TAGERT Jr fle6 eor Pnydris & Mlgazine sat COF;EE-i3Governlment Java coffee, just received and for sale isv G W PIIlTCIAD & J TAGERT Jr, fe2f cor Plydras n& Magnaine sis A ID I K'S cegiers n icket book for tihe year 1839, with an almutnook. STEVENSON's sketcll of civil engineering of North Ameriea, with plites. Ie.Fn' railwayie practice, a collection of working plane and practicrl details of construction in the public works of tie most celebrated engineers. Itvowv's principles of practicli perspective, or sce tirophic Irojection; containing universal rules for delinenting architectural designs ol various nsirfaces, and iaking views from nl ture-illustrated by fifty e pltes. Ula,:'s dictionary of ehemistrv and mineralogy, witll tleotr npplicalions -fourth edition with numerous iim ptrovelente. .I.UsteTRTIoNs of ntuiral history: emblracing n se ties of enrgmvings mid descriptive aieounts of tile most inferentig tand popular ge g rai and species oftle animnnl world, witt oe blindred and fourteen inoteo. MANrELLe'S wonders of gnology, or e familiar exposi tilo ol'goologicul plunolenao--in 2 vesl, for sile lie Wm Me: KEAN, fe1d6 eornor(jCaip & Common sot NEW OIU.EANS, J o FebruerY 25, 1839. Collectors olee,2d Menlpletpite. NTOTICE to owners of bhcks, drays, &c.-Tho foi l lowing ordinances will he strictly enforced : Resolved, that whenetver thie Mayor shall give a li cnfo ir dryscrts or other errages, said licence | hld lhe iomlnediotely endred on tile hack bv tile foretcr wlh hir rceipt, and every peo negletin, to obtain stod end orsent and r leet on til Iack of his hlitene, shull pe a file not exeedian one hundtred idollars, alf For the city, and the nther half for tile in vforter. Appyroved )coertomer2, 1821.jI Also tiefloigordieTV i f Ito Cotlllnlli of ithe tceol ttieipolty itlla',I'th falitgtroo to wilt: lie it ordoaied, tIht Itttt tad after thin dato; an per son whio r lhllrln a hark, drty ,r cart, withiin the second muletieiptnity, witttout taring previouslr oh tained a licence therelor, frorn the dlayor of this city, leall wHrohotlet it a fle oaf t lessn tian taIrty-tive dullars, tor learn titn one Itundred dolore, to te r reo woreti Itefire any court of oopetrnt jurisdictieons; 'oovidld titts any heak, droy. or cart do run wtihont a lieence tforesaid, shtll be subiert Inte soizct by tite olletor of t hxe on htacks, drays, carls, &c.,- or by aty iftoer of policep , and detained until tile linl aforetloid shttll e paid. Sent to the Mn.yr tte 14th tla tiofJunet, 1837. ignetd, JOSHUA BAL.DWIN, Renerdrr. Signeti. W II WtETOu'oo coiolltttr of itckh airays, Sand Rwkers 1nd I edlari. oru ftoenrl lillfESG u ee sjtrereivet, per ohir Allbrn fromt New York, t fllowiinig articles wh6ch ie o Dltrs for eai: 5i boxes N b sirra candnes. :II cases pickles, assorted 5 do Totrmtto cnitp k 0 whole and hialf botxesno snoalp 15Ik boxes ipcrioi aend gsnpoder tena Sbas oF black ilapper i 10 boxhs patent hooeuld candles b2 htoxes no 1 PCohmid tarcoh in papern 4 gros paste bloeking 5 cases grountd pepper inpdand itf pd papers !y2 ~thousand .sgars t. o r oshet n haetter r 'ldozen Ltondotn Mltulttrd t i Q bofxeors g' es i8 btxte siL'e a )IlO dt-i-Ad ill store a getterel a,,,ssarllttttotta gcrerreo. fobSlti . CI1I It'1'1E, 27 totmtmon st 3,N) AitlN (t iES--i0 hfanSl lf arrelsin stloire e arli J ior sale by SIIAII. . Itlt).WN. fR['e -lft igsovirte ct 5 J itthJil-..-i.2iitt nld,rttditg trot,, trtatl toat Nrthi Str, for sale Iy _____ f lhDI~trTFY, 41New vruee k "l,(lulll.--40 t hidlansdin Tfront stateat boat Gleteral ifei ft Dlr)I;SI'Y, 4h New Leove Y ittoat iavatatnfttr sale by frd6 C DOi)BISEY,44 Neto Levee ( ANSI)IS--3{1110 boxes rjtestt catndle, vcirioan (.t .rtatttt, faorseleby e.?. S fi BI.ANCtIJI D SOAI'--lltl boees lOtotel eetp to I ndi extreno l, i~for onle it y __ Sop i BIi.ANCIiARI) C tIiNESF Tlr'INKt----Jurt received an r asort teetol tlte ntkve. article, ptrevntattives against it moths, wiith jtertliar brass loekr, well tdtpted fkr itt ties itoh.ote rt for iloiditg ntoitero &e, Iteino exrremely ight atud hntdsonle,lbr sale at (;tOSSiI &, te, ileSe26 _ _ xc_ ange hotel St Ciorles rt OOs& 1111'd ( l)(; A N --17I 7-{.s,..s c.isiing-uf fins B ialf at d kip, sr ed andi pe.'dt lear and kip bkr to gans, landitg fro it shiit S.leglit tttid (terhkee, fur saletr 1 ItIItG~E & Co, te.lc6 131l Maga-zine st . "'ION SYIU UI--i0 Itteto lronet t yrerup forsale biy JAMlES t. ANi)'ItI8WS, n' i6e roroer Cnmlnttt &.'i'ehottpitulntt sis I 'NOTIGI, ''-The shifp NOR.MANDJ., Capt. Tyson' from NewiYork, is now dis c rgin opposite the t lint. Cionsigtees arr prticularly requested to attend to the receil.t of Iltir good ot tihe Leveeo. fat2C6 S L. J P WHIITNEY. l(rThe ship ELIZA WAVRWIcK, Capt Dvis, from Hoston, is dislaharoine just above the Orileans cotron press. Consignees will please attend to the receipt of their goods. READ & BAIts'T'OW, f"2ii 7 olank place tTParket ship AUBURN from New York, is die hatrging oppeio St Phillip at. ConsigneRes are re quoested to ottend to the riceiplt of th;eir goods fi'5 P L.AIILAW, i6 Coamp st [jl'HEi Coonsigneo (John F Kroknert) of 300 boxes co.lp alo two iiaeto fortes iper ship John Mlarshall front New York, ti reqiested to call at the Subscribersof lce animl reeive his goitlE. feht5 S & J P WIIITNEY, 73Cotmp tt 317't'he ship ELtzA WVARWICK, ('Cpt. Davis, will commence dischatrging on Monday 25th instant, near the upper cotttn Iress. Cotnsignees will please attend to tcm receipt of their goods. feb25 RAD& BARSPOW,7ank place [r-NOTICE-The ship BANGORn, Capt. Dyer, from New York, in now discharging opposite the Orleans cotton press. Consignees are requested to attend to tho receipt afthcir goods. feb25 S & J P WHITNEY. 0Nt.TICE--Theo brig ZonoAsocs.C( pt. Weltsly from New York, is now disloargiug op tosite the trian. gultr storer. Conasignees am plt tlieul arly requested to attliced to tihe r.ccipt of their gt.od on the Lrvee, feb2.5 S & J P WHITNEY, ~-'.1'he packet spip ALAtrMA, Berry master, wiltl commtence oditctarging this day opposite the Vecetchle nmrket. Consignees will please attend to the receipt Of their goods on the Lever. ft,25 A COHEN nent, 90 Common at B ACON--O casks f thamt shoulders andl ides, for sale by G DOrISEY. el19 44 New Levee NOtTIIERN HAY-20 bales primeno New York Hay, landin0 fromnt sthip Ocmulgee, and fIr sale hby fel0 A COIIEN, 90 Ceonrtn at L AID--II00 kegs f,hr cale by ja'29 S''ETSON k AVERY, 88 Grater at I UAINC'ED UUCKETS--100O doz in torae for ale by P jo.3( J "'IIAYER x Co, 71 poydras Cauaep St. Theatre. Gib Night of Mits ELLEN TREE, Miia 'Tree as Romeo, Mrs G Barrettas Juliet THIs EVENING, PEIl. 27, Will be performed the pog.ler Tragedy of ROMEO & JULIET. Romen, Miss Tree Meorutio, Mr Barret Lady Cal let, Mrs Greene Juliet, Mrs G Barrett To ennolude with the popular farce of MORE BLUNDERS THAN ONE. (dd Melbourne, Mr Johnsohn Larry Mr Burke louisa, Miss Cowell Thursday, 7th Night of MISS ELLEN TREE" On Friday, the benefit of Ypoung Burke. IMPORTANTTo MAITERS or STEAM BOATS Tim suhbsriber have in store a few barrels of ]aituminoted Pent,n new article lately invented in New York. A ofew barels oflthi Peat wasp' on hlrd the Greet Western on her Flat tri:;tlth en err stales that Ithe resuoit of the trial ha'uatiaed hi' that 100 Ibs. o Peat arem cun to 3411 lhs. . Coo . and that in ease whore theor is difficulty in gen lsting or keriehg a gooI hend of steamt , this fuel i .dispen able. ''hedi reeteor of tie Great Western o dered the purlhase o 400 hrlo for the use of the ahi i which wna puton heard on her last deporture. For a trial, apply to 8 LOCK & Co. No Front Levrree at N B-But hre at a time can emily be delivered to on oteot boat, until we get a further supply which wIl he in a Ibw days. dec6 SL & Co EEF--Halfbarrels mess and prine, at the inspec tion. in sture, for sale by U IHilSF:Y fe4 44 New Levee A ASINN--411 hboxes NR Raisins, Loring's brand, in store and for sale by ja25 J THAYER & CO, 74 Poydra ntt IEANILLA UOIRD)AGE-50 coils a.eorted n:zes, in stoere, and for sale by JTIIAYER(&C o, ja26 74 Peydras at RA'FTSon New York, fursale by D d24 ANDREWS & BROTHERS, 50 Camp t V ALUII LE BOOKS-J ust reeeive nn invoiceI fo standard aotil valnuable book, chiefly Lordon editions. The DinLem, with asperl, plajes, Beauties of hyron, or le dames do Byron, splendid plates, \ Byron lllustrntdd, do do Scott'sa lnndniro illustrationo, plates. iroekenden's Alls, Roscoe's Wales. Fimnen's Tablealtx, Gaollery ofBritit:h Artists, all splendid engravings; Life of John Mytiolwith colored slorting plates; Latin! and tlreek Classical Library, in English, ivy,Taocitos, Xenophon sc., Byron' works, London pocket ditifan,. Sbekspeae, Lbndon diamond edition, Ilogg's, uhr Ettriek Sheperd's, tales, Aiken's Britis poets, The Spectator, 6 voen, in 18mo, Selections from British poets, Boeeaecio's Deeameron, in '2 vnl, Curiosities of Literatare by ID'lasreli, 0 Marshall's life of Waslington, 1 eol, ltmro, With n riety of splendid Annuals and works of Alt, in handsome bidindgs. P' E JOHNS & Co, fel ear St Charles and Common at L ME 100 caks first bkarat T'homaston Lirae, l- aodingfrol brig AIbaons, for sale by jan 30 S. & J. P. WHITNEY, 73 Camp at F LOUR-300 hblasuperfine landing from steamer Splentdid, in store for mile by jan 31 G. DURSEY, 44 New Lever )OM r:.''L S-300 bales 3-4 and 4-4 heavy brown hieirtingoand sheetings, for sale h. ja25 ISAAC BRII)DE & Co, 131 Magazine at NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Hillmnn. No. 89, Moronu near the Pontchartrain Rail Road.) Pilot and Navy Broad, Soda and Wine Riscuit, p Sugar, Butter, Midford and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be ofthe first quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pritchard and Tagart, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expressly for family use. 15nov F LOUR-1000 barrels landing in store, and for sale by t. I4OSEY. d13 44 New Lave N AILS-700 kegs Nails, assorted sizes, fur sale by d15 AIDA . V IIIT'rAI.I., 67 Grmvier t K ERSEYS-76 bales Kerseya, OIL-C5 barrels'runner,. Oil, 30I casks winter oil, 40 casks fill strained do, CANDL;ES-31IH boxes Sperm, Cndles, for sale by . II hAlE, d7 0:3 Co)luotn ot N EW PORK & BEEF-°- 0 bbls mesn, and 40 bl,. prime Pork; 20 bbls prime Beef;, nr sale hb G DIORISEY, d6 44 Ndew tleo ee A CARD. e M s. JONES, Professor of singing, lIo G.aoin, e and Piano-tonte, lego to anouttea her arrival lrin Glacgow, and from several years practice in Edilt a burgh and Glasow, site dulaters Irsell that her eyr teltl ufinstruction will give satisfaction to 1puila. S'Testimonials as to eapability, &e. cat be shown, on . Mrs. Miilard's, 17 IlRoyal street. BOX CHAIRO--1t0 dozen Ilos Chtairs, just re cived, and suitablo Ibfor shipping for sale at tihe Louisiana Furniture Ware eRo ms. nsvl3 WM BCARNES. to EW BIOOKS--Nnpoleoo's Menmoirs,-ewooingo N uith Primoe, t ,amboooeres, by Saron I.aoon, in l eoli; Th Midldy, or scenes fron th Life L of Edward l.asculles, in 2 veole; Parloy's Chriomonn T.lea for 1839; Parley's Christmas Gift for 1839; just received and for ale by o McKolAN, _de.10 cornerof Cap & Cooo noo noL I LOUISIANA INSTITUTE. T lIS Inslittution or the educution of vemng gentle meen, will go into operation n thlefirst ofOetn ber, in the hbnsetneut story of thl. MIethodist Church, corner of Csrondelet end Poydras, under the direclion ofthe UTlelrsiged who Ihas occpicedl tile chair ol thnematIC iln seeral (ser ollege.s 'tite nrlth, elnd wi is agradaCte l'oneC of the must c.lebruted universities of Lurom, e. 'Jhe course of studi.s to he pursted in this semienary nill be camprelheniled Itite fullowing divisaiee telz: 1. The i :teglis doepartmlent, emrllocieg" tall the l ea tnilerolugh and ancoumtlitnltd I:r glielh ed uclation, o. ' clasrelnsianel deplrtiment, conpheeto rdiaig the Latin and G ireekl Igige.. Tle deprtmnett ot Iodneln AngNllges, in tthi.lh will e taught tlhenFHrNch, pnoaisL and ClGerman u gnsges. 4. 'IlThe mathlemttiel nnd pl:i!looith aldeparteent comprehending' Algebra, tieometry, site two Trignom cries with thleir pralical apltlination to Surveying, Navigation, Atttenomv, Ac. NNatural Ihilesplly n:td Clhemistry illustrote- by approltinte expernients. liJhtvenitg Classes in the Modern I.songetnges will be formed and attended to frTou the tst Octobenr. C J IIADDEIIMANN, A i. RF.eRENCES: J GIBSON I'snt. lIev President SIHANNON, Louisiana College, Jnckson. lr CA I.UZENBERIG, I C DUNCAN Esq. J NICHOLSON Eq., New Orleans. sep'1-3-1833 B CASEY, No. 19 Camp astreet, tIs jst received Sfrmn London, per ship Tiger, L)ewy, Medium Iloyal, Sutpr IolynII,Iotprint, Colntmbier, and double Elephaunt I)rawitg puper! Tinted Royal and Imperia. do. Ttbt.n ll's LUtdnon Boards. Plain artnd Tinted lIistl boards ivory paper; Transpretnt Ieorn pnper; Gold and Silver paper; Gold borders, White and Color, ed Rico paper. DRA WING PENCILP. Roeve's & Sen's best prepared Lead Pencils; Brook man & Lengdon's,, COILOU IS,.c., &c. Reeve's & Son's Wnater Colors; Newmn'sron dbtbox- es of Cbhalk.; soft Crwly-e-36, 7P. and 144 diltercnt shades; Liquid (Gold; l.dd tlnd Silver Shells; Marble and Chin Ink Slab' Chtina Satcers; Cbina Tiles, 3(i,, and 9 divistans; Ivory, SMahogay, and Chinb Palettes; I'Penab brushes; ,et Badlger ftnolsh brushes; Poalh knives; Music and Sketching Portfolios; Paper, Letth r and Cork stups; Miniature Ivories and Cases Swan Quill Pencils; do black Slble do. OIL COLOUR6, Prepared carvarss Japanned Tin Boxes Bladder Co Inurs, witb Peecils., Drawers, &e. Prepared Canvase '7, 31&36 incllee. POCKET BOOKS & WALLETS. Russiaand Morocco Pocket Ilotks; Russia L.eather Wallets; RusoiaLeother Poeket hooks, 3 4. 4 Ivory leaves; patent Tablets, with Silver pencil cases. SCREW I H4NDLES. Pluain nrd Rended Roseewool, Boxwood, Mat gold Burnumished gold, Fancy colored and gold Screw Ilan. dies. PEN HOLDERS. Pearl and Gold Pen Holders; Pearl and Silver do. Lady .tonltague's Compdund Chinese Soap re ommended by the ladies of Madrid and Charles ron, indeed royality, notility, the press, and the gigantic balance of all things.ptbbie opinion has eulogised it anrd placed the elficiency of Lady L. Montague's compound Chinese soap beyond sue. picion for etter (or ring worm, pimples on the face, sun bhr, ,tan, eruption, prickly hear, and affeet tions oftbe akin, tile healing qualities of this soap will soon eradicate. It is recommended as atr emollient shaving sonp or compound for gentlc. men, for beautifying the cotmplexien, renmoving freckles, end imparting freshness and delicacy to the complexion. The aristocratie distinction of a soft and whie Ilhand, is with many an object of considerable interest. Exposureof warm cllmantes the neck face and hands become tanned or Ihard rned, and tile inventions of modern chemistry have been rendered subsetr rsett not merely to the neces. sary every day arletn life, but even to its luxuries and elegancios. Sold wholesale and retail at N'. 95 fSlslatntt house st. Price $1. vl Buird, Musionllo. MADAMIt.CUAItADORI ALLAN, A - E(th p!Pil ulloU s acquaint the nletears of mn-i ate,inheilstsnt bfjNew Orleoa tieiat ehm willgive a soireeiusnealle att 9ct. Lotis hotel, O Wednerdny oveilg, Pel b..1t7, iommenoing at 7 o'clock,-in the course of which she'*ll shin tie following pieces: Scene ed Aria " 0asta di" Norm"-liellini. Ca-elina" U- s wvoe Oi/a." II Ilnrbiire-Ronini Aria " o eldi Toose--Donizetti. Bolero frauelis " tO r Z e'est noa,' D)esoaur. Seottish ballad.. ~5-ý% . " Tickets $1 518fP Of teilie iAt l.ouis and othier hotels ; and at Messre Jihnsi Mr Casey's'and Menssr ireuard's Music stou s feb125 IAPERI--15I reams ofAmtic' Dove mill tnd domy I Swritig, cap and letter palper, of very superior qualitylv, for sale at manuclurets prices by fel25 A TOWAR, 49 Camp at CARDS It PRINTED at the shortest Notice, in the most elegant manger, in Black or Colored lnas, on Enamel. led, White Flake, or Plain Surinced CAnRDS, and Pricesri erreasomoble at TRUE AMElRICAN OF FICE, corner of Poydres and St. Charles t0e. &oeral New and Beautiful Fonts of TlrP hare jnst been added to the Etablishmentt. Orders received at Cnotptinc Room, it. Charles Exchange, 3rd door fromn Gravier st.,or at the Printing Olffie, eaorner of Poydrna & St. Charles streets. noel-tf TO MERCHANTS. O'MERCHANTS can hans a IIEAUTIeFe. Ctimo LAO struck of atfour hours NoTIca, by .alItnq at the Uompoing Room aJ TRUE AMERICAN PRINTING-; Owner,, hIChors E·Chonnge, arljntningdbl e READ iNn Roos at Corner fGravier street, ora the Point ing Office, corner of Poydroao ad St. Cbnh-lar streets. P RINIS-.15 conses vnrimett paurones, French and -L American prints, for nsle y feb25 I I RID F t, & Co, I74 Magazinett R USSIA SHEETING-40 bales Rnootnn shobting, Snfor sale by fbb75 I BRIIDGE & (GL, 134 Mgonzine ol 11TOIRAGE-6000 btnlo or thn Ibulk ttereotfwill bo 4taken low in the, fie proof totnre 79) Julio at. by feb25 CIIAIIrIPN & COOPFR. pAISIN -IiW bxe I o t-ohlieiii ,L..oing't braod, RC 11111 do halfdo anld 150 ttq carter to, in Pfom and fronlo by CIHADPLIN & COOPER, feb25 79 Juljn o5 G UNNY lAgiN-U1nM gttnuny Loge, in sten.nd Itur enal by CIIAIIPLIN & COOPE R frlt2S5 7) Julio nt 1+ LOJILU-694 tlnts landingtrnon stlamer G Wneb ingtun ani for sollo fe25 Ci t)0RNY, 44 N-ew lerre fr25 G DORSEY, 41 Noew Loeve WIIISKY-301borrols rertified, in sottr for saob by G DORSET, 44 New Levee UTT'EIt-In tubas and bags, western reserve land ing from steamer Alenq tin rolr bnlevby fe2 . 1K)RB&Y 41 New Leveee rJ IIIK GIRAFFE-Thisanvel elxhibition n-ell cloa f . on Sunday 3d March. Tthose desirous to see this greatest wondr of tilhe animal kingdom, munst now a avail themsoelves of lthis lst oplrtunilty, and s tie pre- b sent has been the first, she inny merhliaps be the llast, the citizens of New Orleans nav see for many years-so i pecarious is the existence oflthis deheate animal. Lndin and gentiemen the proprietors beg of yoe not to dliasappoint yourselvas notd them. Ce25 FEATHERS--By hip Aulrn an legant assor meat of different colored plumes, received and for sale by GOSSIP & Co, Exchemge hotel, fe2r5 Sm Charles at COTTON CIRCULARS 0. PRINTED wi.mi Ule Greatest Expedition, and in a style unsurpassed in NEW ORLEANSe or else, where. ORDena left at CoMrtIN Room in St. Charles Ex change, (Corner of Gravier St.) or at T U E J AMERICAN PRINTING OFFICE, corner of Paydrms and St. Charles Stroets, trill be promptly attended to. Doe. I-tf. STEAM BOAT BILLS. O WNERS, AGENTS, or CAPTAINS of STEAM l GOA'I'S can have their Blills struck af, in one or more Colored Inks, on Plain or Colored Paper, oith despatch, aod on favorable l'erms, by leaving their ORnm s at'l TRUE AMERICAN OFFICE, corner of Poydras and St. Clharles streets. Naov29--f W ANTEII)-Any" erscn imoving elbo'sa tmom li sil able for a smmll Inlmilv (one ill hlneihorlll homod of hlme Iexchnge Ihotel wmould le prelfred) tmill bear ota tulala lbv applyling to le25 GOSSIP & C, Exclmange hotel St ('lharle st 1 t UItPENT'INE-41 bblhs spiiis tro meltein, hnmding S mfrom barque Roman. nml in m .moe for mleby JARVIS & A\NI.F.,\V, f.25 crmaer Cmmon &IIIIIII TLIho'itonlla snt l.l, IlljJibiIImNS-5.I1,2 mnd 3 gallonm dmlmijohllml 1 laniiinug from ship Clherokee, finr solh by JAIIVIS &r ANI)I.I'tS, f.25 corlller ofomnlmmoln 'hlollpillins st - ONI)ON BII)WVN S'I'TI)t' I'i nPlI tTI '-mo Scsk on, lmnding from ship mVa'hington ftam Lon mdon, lfr al. tIoy feb2. lREAD & lIA RSTO\W, 7 Ilank place O MAN C( 1 I:N IT-Ladiddilg oe shipd m as lio n I frm I.ollemlllm fmlitrmle Is v m fe, It EA D & Il.ilitsT' W.7 Ilunk place N V U.JN I' AiS-I110 halmls, 2 Ibusheil g,.mlny ,ags 1W in store anmd for sale by 0 f-i5 J TIIAYER &. Co, 74 Pav'lmrnms t OLA CI.A hiS--rSugar house Molasses 31) bbhs in store anml fr sone by fh25 J III AYER & (Co, 7y t'mvdrma t S OAP-2110 boxes George Rohins' bram, thr sale by SHAI.I. BIIROWNIE, febl.2 1tii Mmag.ine at -KANI iGhL PAPER-A very superior m iele, e tr s omle by thle quire oir ream,l by 2 fe2'2 DAVII) FEI.' Cao, 24 Clhartre st i , T U'1'S-"0 ilan IlmBril Nuts, iust rmeceived fir sale i hv by fell Ii IEAD & IARS'I'OW, ItnllkPlree NEW ORLEANS AND NASIIVII.IE RAIl ROAD COMPAI'NY. NEW ARRANGEMIENT. '1 llFE Locomotive will leave tile Deipt at lti flot of Carae ctreetevery dmty at 8 A. M. amu.l a tmrn at 4 P. I. except Sundar'so, when she will 11 A Cnr f)r ,rivale parlieo, provim,,md ithm illm er ' Ie amllimlmemmt, mmiii h ell n domwn tile ro, d on Om e dm y's y prevos notice. jI2, IC9IA JSO tI CAI.lmW\VIlII,, cl, on. IAINTiD lilUCKET.]i mm-:1 ,lt oi ,, ",o for liheb y J I'lIbA IIl ,m", Co, __. {,., . . . . . . . . . . i I',,:.,li,.,! _. _~linsKE.Y-5 ,bibl" ill,, toe , d f,1 r ..l .e h. `_ .1, IA5 . ylAER . ', lid l'oyinsl 1 UGAIt--80 hbhda sugar on the I evee, far v S I_'b bdw ADAMS &. . I,.1eAw. ., C IAMP'LIN & COOPER bavig loead Ihh lar. bricLk stor No.79Julin st, opposite tllir old stand, fir tle purpose of carryiug ou til. gro('rv nnd proviiloht blusinless are preInred in lddition to Intler li' business, to puat a)p orders rr gfor eries antd proviion. either for plllts tions, r lhip , or Illlily use o1 il le h, usual terms. All orders will be pnctually attalienled t. _b_5 _ llFebrunary :2, 1l39. SUGAR---lI) hbd, ondJ . p ainp lbnd -le il city, for sale by R.\AD &I I& lll'l'(tV, feb25 7 Bank place FOR SAl.E. A MUI.ATTO WVOMIAN aged 'l years, ncclininted and she is a ngotd sconttress, w.IsePl, irneor, lnd house servlant, with her chlild 12 monlhs ,d, w1arranted from the v;cer and ina'adies Irescribed by Ilw. Apply at 53 lloi:m at betweena Benville and Culstnn heolne Ms. fl,.h3 O Il-15casksJudd wntetr lmrini.d relined oil, a very superior arucle, for sol byI fe6 a8 (l I1:ANCIIARI) O I.--l2 casks linseed oil, waorrantyI, of fioSl r'te . qquslily, for ale by Nl IILANC4IAIRD, ALAGA VWINE-An invoire of Sl laga sweel V Winc, in qnarter casks, fIo,r fsale by feb21 REED 4. BARS'IOW, No 7 lbook Place SOSIIIEN IDUTIER-A fr fein1µ lor mile, by RIEA) ItIA RTIV, tel, 21 No 7 Blank Place •' EMEN'"--lydraulic so.i It.n..o. jo ote..ied O.-ld ( fur sale bv !EAD & lAILSTl(l\V, foe2 7 Ilunk Place. BAGS-Linoleed Oil and Colpperas, illn store for saole by G DIIORSE, 44 New I.eveo IOAF SUGAR-And Sugar Hose Molalssers i Sstore, far ode ,y SI1AI.L & BitO)VN, jul9 9i Mlagalzine BOOIS--Landing from sbip Arno, 12 casesE of fino Scalfsew'dl Boats, for sale by jal7 I IIRI)DGE & ro, I M.anzine st jal(WAND'S TONIC MIXTJIE-Juni reeivel S20 cases of this invuluable remedy fio r llia ever and Ague. wrronted genuine, direct ronm Ithe mnulac Iory in Philadelpbio, for sale by JAIIVIS & ANOREWS, jul 5 cor Telapitoulas & Connoon st H ONEY-I0 lircet fLesh Cuba louay, non land. ing from brig Boston from nI vane, for salo by J IRVIN & ANDREWS jan 30 Car Common and Tehapitoolu ae ANDREW SMITH & CO., respectfully infortm their friends and the public in general, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchloupitolas street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, such as copper stills, kettle, and pumps, tinl bath. ing tauts, and nil cans, of all sorts and sizes, and all other braes casting done at shortest notice. Grate Iars of every description, such as steam. boat stirrups, hog chains, screw bolts, 1utn other kind ofsateamboat work, such as chimneys, breeonch. en, steam pipes. They will also do all kinds of out door work, such as sine, copper and tin roofing and guttering, &c. They above and all other kinds of work in their line of business, Ilthy will execute at the shortest luotice, Lde:i7 G ItAT ATTitACTI ..! At No. 53 Magazine street, over ,. Lrvy's Auctiion Room, oppostte Bank'e Arcade. R t GILEIGRe repectfully informs Ine public that the celebrated P statu e of CLEOPATRA, Queen of Egypt, Witch has Ibeen exhibited in most of the principal clties of theUnion, to the lively odniilntiun if nnc'y thousand visitors,hsa arrived in lisl city, and is now being exhibitod for a short tios only, front 9 o'clock A M, to 9 o'clock, P M. I Admiltanoe, 50 cents; Season lickets, $1. febl -tf. JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AND COPPER-PLATE PRINTER, No. 3, Camp St. "-ILL engrave and print to order, bunk notes. Wills W • of axesange, Iills of Indiug, dipl ons, mercan tile and visi:ing cards. notorili, consular and counting house stoals, door platens, silver wore, 4.e.-tweyen s hand, an assortment of silver plated and brass door I ptes. I or Cards printed from plates already engraved. nov2). WASHINGTON BALL ROOF Dress & Masquerade Ball St. Philipastret, between Royal & llorbno. TIl'Il. Manager of theb n~vo noaed Boll Rumo,grnte - tn] to Ills friends tead the public for tile tlnlaral. llled laroage bested tr g d on it orseveral sespublis respeetfilly iafirms thmm that the establichlmeot has been enlarged for the lausement of visitors, .ad un dergone immetrse replire. 'lhe bar will be surpassed by oteo inl quality o liqluors, and the Iestnarat av ill Im kept by the ablest llestaurualtnr i the United StalteS. The room will re.g9pe on Saturday eventng, 3rd of November acxt. by a GRAND DRIESS & MASQIUERADE BALL, and will take lInce as uettnl ev:ry Mloalda, VWedaes day and Snturdayv vening, dtting the selselnt wich will and nn tile fat of May, lfl.. N.B. .The grealest attentionl will le pnid to keep. ing perfect order throughout the esalblilnanlt, as wul done last seouasotn. oct24 I RON CHES'ST-Juat raceived It tla'e loaislana SWre clanne, t53 Ilienville street, l IentetiCr lni gnnl double ir prol'itrf In callcsla, ftIa tilhe. fna tore of J I. lrown, New aork, tor sale by fell lMI R CARNES. I L. BROWN'S) Tlea It'lfet/fa lalbahc'aes.-.t;cr *J• crer can leld ptI 53 lliaviIlh' atreet, Platcnt llat form Bltalancles, superior to any eaoe ncliNred in tis city. hIt WV If CARNS. $10 REIWARD. i4 'lR A YED or tolenu on thle morning of tle 2e1t inst., S it Sntt ll white ItIll 'lT'errier Slut, withll inck ears. The alove t~v ward will be piid by lienvig Ierr at fe2--3t tI' 1t)ZE'IY', St I(: larle.t OR SAL:E-'lTclose acolncer,. lThe Jst mailig, first ratl, cop r fi-tt B ed n.dl a pilclC ,red l ilmhI. pohin bult, placket brig GANNII'I.EIl:F'', "c1) Itons, lavinlgelegantly linislled altcctaualndaclrna Ier 25 lil sooegere. Ifslld lat privata stle Oil or beoac'l'u.cday JFth inst., sile will oil hlint d]nv, Imsohld at action by Hewlett & Cen;s,at the 'Fre.h Exchange, St Louis street, at one o'elock. For ealuinatioo and inven tory, apply on boardl, second tier, bclow tih Ferry, to J Rabert & Ca.,or to VM P11tTEI, T o22 95 Coacmln st BOARDINt IIlOUSE TO) I..l''. T HE pper Irt of tie 'l'Tremont llouse, next deor to St Cluarles Theatre, one of tilet inst a [onsat and healthful situntions in the city, near the centre o I business, and now tlaving 30 boarders, though it atc accommodated 70 at anat time; lir tIhos hlavin glareil lre it is a rarn ealctse; ai tile proprielor is about enteri, into asctlter kidtnl of lcsiacae. Focr furtalthcr infctairlti Blank Checks, Bills of Lading, Auction Bills, Pamphlets, Show bills, Cata logues, A&c. kc. [( )itl)lRD1fror the Above, and erery other dek2 cripionfs ºiI'I'itLNT'ING.g.I received at Colnlling tRoom of"TRUE AM ERIICAN," in ST. CinARics EX CEINet., 3d oollr froml Gravicr stract,or Lt the I'rintilg Office, corner of 'ydria smid St. C'harles strCets. Extensive and beautiful IhoIK and JO FOUNIcTS' froat the best Foundries in the' United States, have jus been added to the already well-stocked Establishsment; -and (llIEis will be CCe.cuted as Low, as Cheaply, Expeditiously and Deautifully, as at any other Otlice il the City. Noi 1 L'.XCIIAN.ilEsoln liiimore sr NIew fork, ol 60 EIiys, fccr sclc by C IWII..IA1 fel-i- lprod 1 i'irondiilt st J ".O~lAl° ]IIEAD.--And Nerkllseis jusi opesid, ai splen d~mlid assoirtlmentl oif thie nbl'.ccrlieh, which will be ulfrelc ree ubsl,l. Nso I(i Chrlle i l 1 ACON.-- 0 hhdsi canvarsed bioms andi l hll sides for sale hy I. 1IIIl)(;E J; Co. fl9 1 .~-~i enziine at. Sl'PERl-i Oli.--- -:iicks winter ,mu, ill ~lained , si m oil, wn rranled i)llre f sal-- I v f "I I:AAC: Itllllil'; 0 . ',,, 13i Ma.azni ,.r st L ,TI N1 -,lil rarem Clothinr, r sm ,riing un, x r l ten ll e uasslrtllmr etll, S rlll· € llnli mil, I',y,' nh ficb!9 l llnn, use lI ('IOi)FIsII--150 boxe's iliis, ci -ale' by. S#1 ISAAC Ii llit1lll;i: ('o, fl 9 1.;l M3l.(· inl t I' I V I V .- - 'l + ;11' 1111'ih'hc ' i , 111" 1' -,lioe l btiy l c .P Ji I n' i s,'c allt.. h i nll ' l llli lhe (:iypsYi, ravels in fi t- Three rnt Ei ires of A strinh u ts llsa, l l llTurkie , by C 1 'llit l E fllllt, n t IVr oif ' leers tretli l Iil, Nor lh of ]uropl , in'.' 2 tl ls, jlIst r,'ce i. Trilll d for oie tny \ro\IM 1'KFi.AN; IANl Vi"ltT'IE---7 m l l. I istlu- I- wih rs e..... c il Ir's:c c , . I . a l f, reh by II H ONNA III., fells corner NIl.,zrc & Th'lopnloulas aI U31 EI.A,%TIC JIAI.IS for sole w-. oleanl . ail t ll rehil, ait 1 II II)NN.llI.'S t f ili Yteore, i r NlthInr'z &- Tlllll+iJlllll 0 t Sc New ()rluns, i i Iic ebrlj' rvil::.9I lifted, haI h llhe l Im m l elleetiln lill" IIY CIIII 'r ll ir,. t11s, to lteIvI l for file ellelhS i llg , ar. II 1 C be bel l Ihl. Ihe IlI.r o U ii JON Uiill I P '. fie8 Ice P bl'E.A&',i nhii NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! ECLII'SE COURSE. Sl- PRING 111 EF'l II, 1:139, cill cmam.n(y..n %,e. ulit'ly, 1 l| o Mare<.ln , 1129,,od sumia. 5 days. First Jhly. Thic New Orl'ant Plate, c ser'ice .f silver, vaii . $7{0, tw milec Bents. i it his rtei.c r s c u " wards eurrv I0 0 lbs. 4 yr olds and undllelr.1., their al-pro prieta weigs. Sttcd 1i€-am.lii.c t lcy. A soelw ¢is fr I r olds; nubsi :rip iltin $.11 11; h lif litt ('_ ile hC s) to t uei and cint, the M lrh, 1:1:1. Ncc'nid Day. JockeyClyhb uri sl. lire iie heals. Tbird I)Day. Jockey Clubit' Prse, $2111111, i ile heals. Prnorietor's IPnrse$ lm; - Iiiih heias. r. catrd /Gac--Soil lairay. ., isct likes Lt r c lr close Idl tof tlclrc i c Prnprieor's Purse $ @; tnil. Its, cit I i5 3. 18 tr . N. OLIVEilt, P'oprihtcr FRANKLIN INFIRMARY In Iri ullie are rip ctl'lt inf, t r clled that ave t oll li l titti is trletictled o in hcot icts ttral pla, in an airy and mhosih rad e is r Wth it n, it ohe fwuuom Sctclluin, upon thc raiih a-d, cce iu1le froit the Misits Eihe building is large No I utnst clnoitclicusly divided. illntcl alartmllents, Cll i kcl(lVng seTparate dilcenit clc aIsc, tid ci Tl'rellt diseases. l'he lltc i ll t itui i lpli.Il with hiPc ccc cc iinlllc hi d ntlltltvr Intiv leld s ililIale a siiii1 -, and spIeakling Itie va rFln lellrn luncgtl.l, c i Privlate rooml nwbllilIV eil had b Inlelmlllen aI five dol Inrc pel day, ilcc lllditc , lldtelilldaicc, &c. ' it i he. Iolri rcll iry tttrci,tlco dollarI s peP iIaV. Sicves aIl d twoiIIlecer. lllimall Potx in IIct ordiitry wards, five icl.lla. All ccphatl urcil:cal Oleration xtcra. The cteshlcnt pIhvicic a is h)r 1Wchdctlcie, to wlln applicention for dlilli cllo n mucti il tclii, ori ll DI A Luzeclbcrg , No 17 Repacitrecll et. _ it9 It N EftiUM-1 baLrrels Nc . NE.llcncjuct reeivced illd for Vale Ib fit2 u IV PRITCHARD & JO TAiIl.ri'I CANI)IES--c500 toxes New lledinrd, Bo.ton and Nuntucket Slerm Candles, filr salh by fn22 ISAAC 3I)DGI.E & Co, 134 2aga:iane at G UNNY BAGS--I10 bales 2, ci and 3 basbel Gnlinv Bags, fLr msln by fi'd.2 ISA _ taltt.IDG & Ca. 134 Magazino at IOll.ACCO--1I Inoxes maneluctared 'Tobaccno i'a 12's and ond lu sn a of various eralnds and qualities,forsalte Iy ISA AC .B IDGE d1 Co, fe2 131 hlagazine at G OETHE &o Shliller's seleel minor iemns, Sketches of Married Life, by Mra Fallen, ot lBoston, The Life and character of the Rev. S1ail I1 Stearns, Just received and for sale by A TOWA II, f.5 49 Cani at ARLORORNAMAENTS --Rare and hbelurifl ecurnsilies, for sale only by Rees & D'langn , and at Plough's ulsellna. All thesetrnantels comnsist of Iti nl sd l. did specimens oif nrlhinology Iroll Eunlre, Asi;, Africa, and our own country. Approved notes at 60 dayl will Ie taken to In ULAhdaei anral p ok ncrunlsnnd-21 lelsn qiatlilv Pl+alusass'ln; i nlta,, i In. d I Itgaloasda iu pise utilt.r, fir cals Iln I)A)'IE! PAPER-lJust rectived at 54 Chartre at 810 rellms e UldVw inU lellr padler, bhls A w&hite 200 lnhberdl's do do do do 1001) ) D Amoes do do do do 5011 tludmon's do d', do do 500 ' fine & suplerfiue cap hllu & while, Part of lhe naove are plain and part rld.l, together with it good usorllmnt oflnrgeo writing ppers, ,lch as folin polst, demy, mediumn, royal sad luper royal, blue and wlilti, far tale on acoommodtian ltoem., biy DAVID PFELT & Co, N Y itutinoers Hall1 j128 24 Cha .a at INSEEDOIL-Capperas amLedBeaU , is stole •G DOIU.EY, ja30 44 New Lves ACKEIEI.-200 berrelk ,)l halfbarrels, god 50 qr barrels, Noe.1 2, na, nd -Meerel. in nstnt for sale by jn24 J T11A YER & Co, 74 Poydru st C0IIOOL BOOKS-A supply a' Emeroan's Books v ias Nntionnl spelling Book, Fi st, econd,ll thrl and anfourth Clams Reader, Also, firet, sneool and third parts Arithlmelic, Anld a meneral ssortmetl of rehool nod clasoical books, for rale by ALEX TLOWAR, febl6 49 Camp 50A0 I.SAi HAVANA COFFEE, . :10) tloosnnd do. segnrs, 11111 boxes Virginia cbhewin toloeco, 12110 do. fresh Malaga trosins, 51 do do lelaons, :7 orails do almonds, 300 hboes spearm candles, L440 do Boston soap, 411 Inrrels sperm and whale oil, fi) tierces Carolina rice, 175 bblo lo:f Moanr, in store for siloe b jo464 ABRAHAM T'RIER, 34 Gravior it CARD. r 1 HE Principal of tle English, French and Spanish S Academy, No. 14, St. Charles sfreet, announeno to Ilis frilods nold tihe pulic with ranbLlodtion, that his institution is now in souccesful opleration, that li hopae oon to o ula, his complimnt of pupils, which will be limited Io fifty. I: lliet s ll(is ipp Orlllliy of assuoring parents that nollhing o0ll Ite vanling, which nv coontribute to thle collltl nllo illlrovenlelt of their sons d17: 1880 P -AI- . ) kei n boc 'lnr, inoli r rats order, lor slso by _ jo9 0 (IIAMPlI.IN& C40)I'ItE. 8JuJlins UNNY HAGSI-100 hales Gunny Iage, of close Sn1,l prime textulrem, suitable for Sla, ty jn5 . . I 0 RII)0GE, 134 Mngzinoe st RO1VT'IE'".' Inltcroel oTtobl--lroler's Ilolokkeep illng; llenneltll do. llrr40' Io. Fxpedlitio.o Mlasurer, ald Edward's Bookkeeper's Allan, recivod n0d ol: r snio 4y A4 'l'4WAII, jo`e 49 Cnmp at 'L`I 1 -l - orcove sattinet Pants; I dlo scarle lll,:,l Shlirts, or sole byy jo116 SHALL & JIROWN, 96 Magazine st ('ANNI:I. COAL --250 tons for sole by ) felo-3t S GODDARI) Jr, 25 Graver sat PO1 OATOES--110 barrels, in store and for saln by 2 9 CHAMPLIN & COOPER, 82 Julia st )ACKIERl WANTED-A first rate Pocke.r, well re couooended d for ability and steadiness, will find emplloyncnt on spplication to B BKROWI1t & Co, I _5 _ 17 sCamp so A DVANCES will be m'ode on slipenots to iLiser pool, Ilavre, Marceillen,New York bnd I'hilndel p0, lv AI),AMS r WHIITAIL, - jt•7 vior at EU AVYAtA S(iAla- 10,0110 fof fdifferent quslitio . iln store nond fr sale by jmtl5 AIIRAIIAM TIIER, 34 Oraviersat NEW I~ O)OKS. rho Only D)unthter, ai dmetic story, by the author oft hc'S "nllternl, e. ill .j2ole. Mlory tI no l,od other Tnale hv Mrs Gore author e, I" 'lhlher oeond l)aughterr' Sc. in rols. The Ileirf 'eelwood, by the nuthoress of 'Mothers n I nDa uators," &c. i 2 vole. Althon Veton, or the Et.mbroidered llandkerchief, io ovhi.h is nlded Ileorielttn Iorrison, or thr lutes (Cotten limbrll, aby Mina ,etelie, outhor or "Pencil Sketch ne," &c. Il one vol. Oliver 'Twist, complete in 2 vdte. by floe, cheap edi tion. Just received ond for ole by W M. M'KEAN, jnnt cor Com om nd a,,mnln ltg A'I'h--t00 sacks onte, in slore for osnl by - j2 lACItI'IN & COOLER, 02 Julia 1),A.V-S(; 1: It.(,imersfr a.t.,rnr, ,lifrIr,r, tvl. and eize., freight lilt., memornndum Ihoks, Je1 g'er. j.unrlal., antd1 every othlr artirle in .tnllll'nrvnlry, dl Ir ltlmulknl t. Aly one llllr .sing anylhingn In oh n.-,el e ,IPa,.rilhed wHlll plea n roll end examnl n e l'for 1,nrchre llnig; will Ib sold on nero m. uit purchasing by l)AlVI) FE'Il & Co, h' N V Stailettioers Illl. "4 Clnrtret n -- IN IIrI U IC llI + t- n on e re .m e h)rdker S lhiefs, fir enlr.y I SAliAC IIIE Cfo, fil 1:31 M e ..or illr t ..1. .1 A b .h iA 1rI.J-- ;I I 1 lrllcq.• IIlvvunn ,. grl 1 lfr anie by ISAAC II lien,, & C.a. f' " 131 8l..zici a L U N ;1'" It nl/l-- Sl Gutlllv IBa- in allre, for sVlel Sl11 I,v 'CIIAM l'+l.lIN & t)IPF II, f-,2 Ju li . ; I I'I' " .1"-.\ I) & III+ 'I'lll \ ..I :O ... . 5111i l: k . + l ~l r I i'·llr ll"p !I l t'11 hint i + ; j II" we Ibld., l io II rll ll r rai, I'' ,asks IIIIh'h I.inlmrd O11 I.r eel,' I(v IJ ) .f lll + IIllKI :- 4 rlln' io llril l idinell io n hI p.ll le n .+ lfif e ph .goll. sik ilnnlu k,'r. io nin ors , ind I s,,. by ISAA"C Illllt l;J 1 & C,l A I K ;ill | 5 1. .. I hin lr r p ir.r . l l:rper r rI I J ulill d~Ih all rin ied dl r I(i 111111 Relined ll I ,m oil I1d11 fif I T elrr Oil tir sob' by NIIIITIlII)VI,: & CO, jill +76 Meglains NA ' dl, in ofi , Sir Walter Hi iIl' rrtici SWillkhr i a Novin,, ii nsn, 49 Camp so \ I_ vi lll; II I li rl n i, B lo' i., n(it rrla lerr II llb.n' w ieb .l hii; \rrbrelly & Willr 'e UniverslI, with Alln; (hlh y', ' VInlriigr',, ,i-1niih'll, II n 11 ll sn' Hillie I;f m '. Abrihl-i~rro. Pirlry & llerlre,' i. tut rllll Alo, ' c u ll-. , (iognlly ill tih I1 ir llrun, i Ii, ii lth i. A IIbrnl diLni~ l allowed Ii !.itre.h n eh n.-, p r;n,hin i bv IIhjll a quanI ly. : AIlIX 'I O A It,49 rCnlpa j l ..... . 'gae ne f;lithe, , Ih KSl l Jr iei, . ,' 1 i n ' lli al n' I' .t f I 1w -t lt f. fi' t J tI l I it' s 'III v rd it I ,r r. ,I'll tr oKr ullr , i; le r'; br I '. )lhlrI 11, h.ll; IInyl' nA flirly Ir t aIner h j.117 A 1,EX. 7 'A l 1F A Il. tr." 'r.:; ,"tt ;1 ss eýAvCiA, &o, just receiccd J hV thle *lllril Krre 1lv 1 xu 4 Fllqlel l Iickles, ascarmed, 111 ' l ra ca lity Ialeac Mustard, 111 " Anr bruit~l· in Glum5 jars, I IlIla, kitag Ie, y C' & illy, Slii vIspera. )livcr ill glaIjaiIII ' Slad 1)11 ' Asserted lfiru. GI \IV P1 ULlCAit)I & Jo0 TAGIIER' Jr, tanv'4' _ er aydrlic & ilagziji,e in %V l\I: nu tie. cvviw. Iluw .bll--I gaivev my ir.: by I E \\Vinll uith of 2 aura slid a half in lthe NIivyi Ii tion, bu tI e pnme sutbor; llso, hall'b lemursl cha to le.'JI at ars. Far caleby '131 A lW W:Ell. 49 Caimp cI 4911fItI CAN BIIA,\UY-30 barrels AAN rsni nbur n fv U I(;V W i'rTCIIARD 4 Jo TAGERT Jr. Mal' )ItAl i iFl' NEW OR LA9. - rulIbrie fI al.,l flour to-dry is $7 511 pvrbarrcl tacorvlmg to the larif', tihe bakers calli give di. ilag tihe eiad a' week (v flondllc y 25111 eirlt.) 37 sun cpa of bread fuir a ball.. Urentd ul'tlle .resod lluelity is required to weigh .5 pevr cent. mccv, viz: 4(j ouncec. Iceb-5 CC ENOISelcyor. ()ll11. &AL'IT-100 hblcl'unnorv oil,in prime uvid r 311 bli; summer sruincd averi oil, Byer L2c) suacka 'urbe lisland ciii, in store for svle I. Ii GAI.E, 93 Coalmvon *B AVANA COFFIFE-400 bigs iriche quality in stirs,, and for sale by .ia17 AIllAAI11 TRIER, 34 Graciori t) OiV-70 Icirielc ill stare iaid Icr ccle by Ld jac3 J TIIAYER&Co,74 Poyvrac vi 'IA 1''-lliv 41111 hilic Hacy; S2lO Ibarrels polaloe, 201 I1 feet luciaber, laidicg nc, ship Mavir and for vale by LEVI Ii GALE jeSo 3 Cnicion fe j AlRUeit ses c ladder, lia calv by IR f TILYE & BRO., 39Cvimon, car Mcccvini c trlet ll\1.t1U-t-111110 hurrLJecIuice braids, in Good drip. L'pisg order at the Idadingg Ioreale by~ fI9 G U IISEY, 4 New Levels `v IIILI' IADIig I. \VINE.-l.ghi'i L. p; CPl, Zizen hruncdi, ilapipe, halltipcc qquarter ecalk and o1v(nvev, icr sale by IY AAC uIb Iur &C, hI 1s 134 Magazine cm I ý1 \ASB A SL`t1YF H ALEThe suhscrt .L rs oflbr for cclv endefuy Iliarc oaia c hindrec cmll icily aceci ci cml,( each. By ihic 4EiO~hi tegi. luurve ilhcn cripi cci be held aid located by forigner iadl s transic erable by ascirce. iig i THOS BLEE&CO. INE AP'PLE C1LEEýl. ncc received cnd fir eels by READ &] AIIITOW, all____ Bcnk Punc l.S1tXS5- Cal txo our-own nianq '-'faaicve, far superiar to thi Englili, fcr sale by j", 1 2 SLOCKE&C, 8 Finci Lenee ~JIIl'iE LEAI)-500 kege, Ni I in aivre, for sale IV lvy S LOCKE ay Co, j411v13 8 Friiit Levee at 'i IAIPIILI D eclieg ie c relectfully gb-cc tier, ialt le iyli be cansulied annually hi New Orleian dlrie glie 'iaiili" of February, March and Aprl ie. asvta ic n the praceice, Dr Lyon,whose pioefasianl yskill slid reperieice, both in thm wh!ic and IIIBchanlliral dCIpHtmeltn18 In nsurpaarrd in rris ccvr iviil rI perliel iciuuue, i y sJ lh Vllicr,59 (Paa: sgialpc

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