Newspaper of True American, February 28, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated February 28, 1839 Page 4
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44 aFi nrtt · l'hlnwriri'd lit X19" 1 ar2111 r' t +odoc Ute.ita p {r~ Itud~i~ @iI fry H mac ANT) Awl 11 ,. Condor ii (1 .p6 Con~tmr `; idA {V *I,ogd'nn ,do Vethako J'ecott. U vole IidOn.7 volt.Ron iurat of Low, 1lOdIOOI bio100 1 oar~pritr. English ood .811 and Greek. yy CI`" ý ' l"k J2OH1S & co. r.Cer-ol u nnwnwe 'tl cureeof lho Frsee ned . bt Sydisoenvered hlereln tile T!o~o Mix ' lP to t the ordlnarv nuod trentitg ,y. retd Auon. In the ithat Ilt', he hg nVegoe S ot, and free fromin ny deleterlous,atid poison by Inea =it h.s',e ak Y e e,,nonte. Pdsefb the tender lid. It pe ts regatneite its oedraI l n tlito. It ettab. o sonsn land n prrnclaoi* t4 toy invigorating ' l~tt0!4 hdCesnrolinlltltgeedjottnrtnoftnatie ktl l tnanr in hat-ino a tinteontn quality,it remains i .. olIwels i, increase this disorder, or to create S iot serdinento., hbt thoroughy vleaeoses the sevre'l or. S ~ss,-of digestion, nmtl thin benefits the system "'itt wbatever oler-a a!tlc iý: it iot. bte oppressed. I .. dtvi. als, Wear tlie noI..[hit Toi" MIixtoure, have t, hatt t99xposed to all the usual causes of the diseaso, 4ldhee nped avny syi ptls oanf returln whereasn by Q" ie f cgmmn remedlice., thIr in aloays cres an tnl, bab to rerotrrene. The dinger ,":, .tttli r e Ague is rry vid, ni, for c io ha tuoroetato to te 0!- h er nowil l~ttgiit b atool elteedily loll n ViC. attet arcaonq pato ltion it a c loh y "!reyy oerone: thRejsoor and otctitlte a S ns'of tnlts~mpdieine, hat are daily offered iI nlP li bDr. John by . Rowand, at his JARVIS & ANDREWS, Inht Whtolesale Druggists, Th " lsrl acro Ctomon t 'e'rhoataul ao e 1-iassassippi amid Louisiana lotels, 8' 8 ' RS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an : nounios to her friends and the public gene. Ily that she isep.reEd to accommodate them at ite above estabi . s t, andl hopes frtm her exertionst` renderviestors oomfortable, to receive i~fpntinuance of former favors. She feels confi. S depe-that persons .g ,ng Covington during tlhe "slmmer months, o p tnd be ttr accommodatlions than she can aRffoI4eiom, on more liberal terms. tyer house is pleasantly situated, and well suppliod with every convonienge; t(q bar is furnished with t- ahost choice liquora, do, in short, she promises .et nothing sh rnlt b wanting on her part to give .. 'atire saliefactionto all woho may patrofize t l Adiesissippi and tIrisiana Hotel. , je3 ' 1 t t'--1t -p - p I --. 4ioun rel gond. having rm tudied'rUdcie Dr..tShdiladt of Cnharleston, South Carolina, Ind for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to offer his professional services in this city. He assures the ladies and geotlemon that the most , prompt attention will, be paid to the calls which t-- 2 made; and ginso offers his services to the h...,oftslavehsd b inti.ell nequainted with the ct n otnlno o to thaem having nttoended them in thlb house in Chairedton. ha I fgnods anti.lilious pills al ter the composition e tPrlftsp; Smolletto, n ith directions, can be had .of thagunderigned, The effect which they have r.t.hCoedin this and other cities, has been attended "Wttlhe th greatest success, to which the best of referonces can be given. Apply at No. 166 Magn. uine street. JNO. M'LORING. I ti he aino-d ýplan )leen his- Asr n t IRONS, &c. HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 41 1 38 "Witer, near Bekman street, New York, Save received ithe past season, and are constantly Sreceivillg'large and exlonsivo additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowinq assortnlont, suitable ir lthe southern and • •ptorn markets. 1 llow ware of superior quality, consisting of lnnt 1500 tone, viz, ,V.ots of r2 differena t bizc, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, " o "]ettles, ) iszos, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, ,~,- µ, Ketlles, 15ai.qu, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, iakepans or Ovons, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettloes,. 6 do Skilletry . - 5 do Flat etrtiters - 6 d o , .ovorWd Spiders, 2 de .OriddlRs, - 4 do aCire Dogs, 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. SCart do. 5 to 7 inches. , Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from jpcoll, Na; 3 t.3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior o l ty and iinish, and-less than Jamte's imported ll ro.i ns, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for " ntanilinge ' aloris ad hattor's Irons, assorted. Sti. 8 weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to "4 Bells for PlOiltations, steamboats, churches, &e. to order •Also -stonmbeats and other machinery made to '-, riloer: s . .r;The above hsrortment of goods is particularly .'m'Olllonded to thte attention of Souhern aind .Iý Ltorit merchants, and are offered for sale at low S prices, and lion the most liberal t:rns q it is be. " pod to bhe fe largest and best assortment ever ' red for sale by any one .otablishment in the oUnited States. . MWrchants. by forwarding a request by mail, cain oivc a prin'od circular, with description of goods, yieasdand terms, f:nom which no deviation is over made, furnished by raturn of manil. : All orders will receive immediate attention. New. Nn rk, 1838. je3 • ii, I=1BuRY NOR COP.VA " .' ew lr laol's, No4v.14, 17. BOLT slt tloaith ago I had the misforturle to got nAoarel disease, for wthicah I have applir.d to seve zdq, .ooCarful cure, and they did not cure ultcS now on the oe dbte I put m"selt under the cate of Dflota lNet,hndu I expect hi. to cure tme. Mice that tiule thetdioMaen got worse, so as to break out in large ulnert to the numbnler o six or eight ton o It leg, all ill over my face, an.l sore thr1ta, mlol not abll to work tst hI presoct tlil oil aacouont of tIbe lisease; !:lre lcer oil tie right side ~f tie thllrat: I am no/ putling lays.lf oolfidently tlcdetrtte care ofDr. IHael, tf rEAN., te pterlectly cured JOHN DEAN. SDO0 CEII TIFY that tihe above menttonted disease is 1 qit well cured to my ewr satisfaction, for whitch I r thank Ilt Lntt; and moteover L asstioret thtthe tlatdi cine I 1tco takenl toale.t t ilt, nul lid nolt itljore oy tealth at all ; therefore I adviser m f Ilow elltlerers to lose no time and apply to Dr A. IHuert,- 12 Canal tret, between Dauphli.t atId lorhttr)o otreot. t)r. Huet olat home fromt ino'clock, A M5, until 4 IP MI. Thiy will find a true doctor har this complnitr. JOHN l)gAN.1 CiGrwlier street. If any one wants to asee ie, call at No. 4t Grilviec JOIIN DEAN. New Orleans. Feb I, 183t . feIt 14 ly • ' uliiiur-d'. Idi-aed'-ag;" n- .,,rt and Ilete O..L Imeotd, is pltt up in bettlen at tit lowr price of 50 'euta each, oconrnililg thle strength of three onctllecs o Lieslwortt btsi lea the tirtues tc onv otlher rotts atnld *aeImbknorwn amttg atlthe laditns as ellicacious in curing pulmouory comptlaints. The u trivalled success whic has attended the te oft tlJ inesttunahle Bualaml wherever it has been intro duced, has obttined the conltanco anld recomulaenda $t- orel'tectable tltysicitin, for the care of coughs, r d.c pain to the aide, want of rest; slRitting of blood, IoTedlaimnct y concern. This is to certify that we p ue iioul.pc ttca frerltectt[ prescribedl irs Ginrdi S iees an ljae htltd-of j*erwort a -d I loarloutmd, with a dToCd go reet: woe can therefore, from the know 6 .rl[ 6pthe materials it is made froa, tntl rclervatelon t" -O olteacee Oeoottefad it as a seoperbcR- propuo'atiot '?+ a&k t.+ me aelctionsoaf the lunta ftor hlich it is ro d. AIM.BI WIL.,14 4IS, AI.gD. C" ALVIN EL.IS M. . fst.enbes of the Boston iledical Association. U ctober Y5. J- y JIRVIS & ANIDREWS, 1!t 0 _ tlcrn ccl lfit ltitoscllao Ot SOLBEAR'S Science of Pemnanship received,anod ,,. moe eale at their twnnanect Writucc Aecleuties e 1 C(hatotl t'ratt, Now Orloanc, ll9 Bt,caddo)y . ork, Dauphine at., Mlohil.. -.a.p'.iUlarlryddir.,d Ire privarte leanrers, atld itl calculated ftr personls olall ntoPPe. ld gentloeame are invited tocall and exaauine for thecaiolves. am .iven tat at ell touroi as-tioty suit tlher qfnll,uatd to .la... f....d iccacny .crt Ladia Aiu preler it aol recrcive 'essons at their own ref pidesaes. a;,se a plot. c eeele:' e - o fIrae o elero deiired y;9' ,"" " ', 0° ' It ore o tIitvi wrlht. 3ýu +++.l ++ "+.. ..yISLttit tfItOTIdlIt.R d ir " Belt, Poek-lt ' lif.i l able and C, i* ,." go;,Shofli'ellts; Pogwder Pi t5Fleakb Os and , sking 'Q4pis; or an s and e wj tdeeldrs Clflit, r Ttnh; oi- a and Cldorin " - th Wasar· w Toilet and Shaving Snaps, in great vn. Braids, Ringletland Frinzottes; Pearl i tilletr owder emery Blagstry Tub Cushions: P qtsent Slide0 or Gaters Guiii E!atic S.spenders; P P. and Borres; hit Chains, Seatle ad Kepy e ; \Vnist Buckls; Bracelets; Bead Necklares c< Gilt and Silvered Beads; Indian Beads, I; lume; Shell Twist: Side and Dreosine s t,in diti totlheirfo stock ifhand, p makel r seortne l and will he sold m ow add 'n liberal t ll of the Golden Conh. 2 i5 70 Clhartres street. W . S¶1 uriiar r, no f the extensivo boune of W &S. Butcher, Shefield, Enland; have just cerved i very extensive set of tie RIo.e, eoneisting of Table nld l)essert Kliver of et " n , deilptiton, Pen, Pocket, Ditk, and Spear point Inives; Razorsr, Sels sore, Edge Tols, &o. &c. &e. whliel tllh are prepared o exhibit td the trade tor orders. Terms and conditios d will ic madelkeown at the time. i. ;i JJ). REIN & A COHEN.90 Common st. " NEW G01)ODS. a I1t'.S, HARTT & CO.-Are now reeivilng K" per ship lltntsnilie, Eagle, Merry Andrew, High aedor, Freneho nie Oiermen luttlle Iteod lovinw-o.etas: ster,belt nold pocket pistols; plain, rihhed 'and Iplit cusi ps; cap heolders; eroissns, Rzoners, rpe. yes; (..Utt's elamereiol and olher steelpens; Via ns; Violin atrin r shell, ivory and horn emntnsrefers i k, fead and lenther purses; hair blirids, front andt obk riigltets; negro pis; Germann and French oologne watelr, IRowlands macasser oil, imitation do; ontique I sod bears oil; portable deske and dressing arses: past; blaekilg; statiannd toilet glasses; convex mirrors; op eal gl'es;s and views; Indian heads, bells and pluomes; c..oorden; whit-twine; toilet and shaving soips; toilet o9der, enosmetie wash halls; scented ration esihions; podl stands; screw etshions; fancy bead chains and a necklnces; hillintl ball.; pocket books and walletts; German hones; razor straps; fine and eommon gum olastic snspenders, gartersdo; Belll lutifer matches; sil cer pencils; Creyons, &e. &e. The above in aidition to osr former stnk of fancy nrticles, makes our assortment very cn ldete . For soalte Swholesale or retail; as the sign of the Golden Comb, 70, Chlrtrirce atleet. mi8. n n OTICE--lhIo partnorship of l.olle, ilasoo L&Co i of Newv Orlaor-; Masmo, Harris &Cot., of Notchez; nil Ilarris, Kellery &LCo., of nRodey, was dissdoved oil rhlelst of llac lost, iby the ldeath of Sainoel A Mason, Y one of the nrtners olf the firms. S The undersigoned, uorniving pnrtners, will be crhrgeil i with thle serling and closing said buisiness as foilows: r Levi C licrris will attend to the setiliing of tie hbosilness lof Mason, liatris& Co.. tit Natcher ; e nI clIeTrin, Kel ey & Co.,at Rodnev sand illrv Kelley will attend to is lie setling of the bosioness of Kelley, Mason & Co., at iNNw Orelans. l'bi namnesm of the cveral firms willbe to used in liqideltionioly. I Those idebted to said firms are earnestly requested to ocome forwnrd and make early settleyaents; and those having claims will please preselt them witot delay. LEVi C HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. Niew Orleans, June 27,1837. J EAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER re J cases mare of this snperior Cologne water, just at receivedl andil for sale hr the dozen or single bottlm. at Also American and Frenoch toilet powders, powder punf and boxes, shaling and toilet coops, cosmetre wash bolls, milk of roses, cosmetic cold cream, extr a o musk, kephahn, Ward's vegetable hair oil, pomatum, rs pemedo iperse, Florida,lavendar, rose and bay waters, I'retsen' salts, Mlaracilles perflimery in trunksl.vegeta ble r id liquid ruoes Chlorine'and Orris tooth washl, clolt, htir, lto il, oi alnd flesh brnolos togrether with - an addlitional supply of foshionable aiorn and shell ie. combs and jeo'lry,forsale low at wholesale or retail at by SIMMONS, HARTT &CO, or joy'f 70 Chnrt_ y street. e COAL -Tlhe sbscriher's hnave eonstanotly nll i h land a large supplv of Cancel nnl Liverposl cool, Ioe in bulkl, of superior quality, which they offer for is ale in lare to suit purchasers. is. Also expected by the first arrivals from Eng ad land and the North, Cannel, Lehigh and Pesach th Mountain Coul, broken and screened, put up in os hbgrheadsexpressly for family use-all of which vo they will dispose of on the most moderate terms. he Orders left at their office, No. 53 Bicnville st. up stairs. will be promptly aotrndedl to. ei e ct3 B.&ASOULfIE. . Cologn11e W ater, ltrloumery, &c.-A aplyeu;.. o article oif cologne, put up expressly for the retail tor ade; also the purest French Perfumery, r nbro y cing every variety for the toiloet, for silo by tat ot E2i RfES& D'LANG. lie 1To Country Metclhants and Plantere. he Negro cloths, blnketors, flnnels, Ilnseyy, lowell in I, checks, linens, calicoes, handlterchiefs, &: &creccived and for sale low by tilhe subseri. on be.s. ROTIA & Co. ad oct. corner Canal and Chartres sa led I. fV Glenn's Perfumeries. of Indian Dye. for coloring the llatr ; Bear's Oil, go. Rssinlls bear's oreese, piomtum nol c lhan'a Fret cle Wash, supierior pearl powder, lly white, cream - of ros'es, vegeable raoge, outo of rose, lip salve, krettsole tootlh wash, enrhaoni dlltrilice, orange S flwer water, powder puffs and bnxc-, Al, riann r charlcoal, neatly put up ill four ouneos vials, Pres. , tn salts, rrlo;;,nei kcrensoae touth aihe drops, hair lay brushes, E ihsh dlressing comba, Indian hair oil, sek with a valltlt of other rpertum'ri., &e. F'or sale the by C. J. 'I'RINCI-IAID, .d oct 3 corner ol Canal and lourbaol sa e IRON ROOFS-Thie sibscribers have procured as at a groat expense, Ith right of putlling on iron roMls in this ty. 'They are adopted to pubhl buildings, warehouses, and private dwellino i,and eobhine at once cheapless and duralbility, and are perfic:ly fire and water proof. Terms may t.e known, and a model seen at a r establishment, opposite St. Mary's marletl, Te'l' pilolans sr. oate2 E B CO(GSo ELI, Co UPIJOLSTERtY & PAPER IIANGIN(; SORIIE. lHenry Siebrecht, (trmerely J. C. Wicks & Co.) would most respecltfnllv iluform Iris friends atnd tin ite pIblic in general, that he has nind is constant, Ior ly recelvinr a genreral an.ertment if llupholstery Led andt paper hanging. The fIllawing comprices a part iof his s'ol, which he offers for sale at wholel for sale or retail on tie ostl e aecoontuda;in termns, viz : French velvet and satin paper, latest: style; do Ihallf ommnlon and eonim,ti Pniladelphis glazed to and u dnglnzod l do, Frenchl landscap,e, tire har:s, loe ld-, & e. ,1, velvet ant d wov r.. t rl d do ,, k. IiiOrel nzl e nd, (,Ir-,silk lrmae and ral!l.,n s Io l!l qi; litiae, int tin.ll and pricrs, torstted rlingl -s n - to sarted patitlt, plain ad lotld. Swi-an lltslin. lanlt style ii p iln and colorneil, csatIIs dioliey rly munilins Jap i and il , ase-rited cuilrc. ,,i laId sairseof neeCle work! for solo cshions, ,*o-tshult ow toveret',&c Iew style of ill pil;cts, raised fiurres be. and platn, gilt vu nd.wa' orn;ment;i of all paltt re, ner nd ltizos, glt enigles batal anld pears, featilets, oie &e, glass klnbe, C.vsrie, bhir cl-,h, l.noted and .aii a larotge t aseirll IIrnt I l toy's fI.r chlt l iJ n; rail lare slik cord anod assIes, s. lwastd cordl and ;as. ds, s:s, a genrla nsortlernt of euplesla ro and pnyer ter Iahulit ge, cnt-ac;l;;;h on haind Int iltt stl I th low pst Ines at Nos 41 I-yul aud it Cnl toot N C---plerssc in tlhe city or fonl Il'e eoarntry, are rispeclully inv'ired tin ' ailn' I tixamllnl hlr Irthemselvet. Cirpets and currna iloade ill theli aot liaest mode rn stylr ro,,rlns lreparedi at th, stl -It e- iest Intt' r, andi all kltilds oe UIlothlteclery ttl;ik ow e t. d . ep. te.. . . act. LS e E'NV'U.R, Ni 34 Condo tirert, Ibet n I Duc eii and SI Plliip, S ee a constaiily on band ain r ic crnociiit sot Ii i ir iii a l Iraego nd soliUo, if New Yirk maonufctuie. firme.. wolltl iid cliildren of il oar', wliichlieo ill dllpica of at very ir;lriaeleptfere. Familiei s iio his tit q -iiiann' 0 re ndinir 0n 'c-de will have their wi ies ttended' to L S SEUIfhtjt DEAFNDE ES-. NEW at nihe for peerorns irubledith deafness, (called floe I:nr'i'riiieit,) hlc jint heeniereei,.ri, by the itea oreel hice., ihe dli goc t lrtiiii tiiiii elIte heu oern voice is distmetir c-insedeil to tie cra. Ally sic who Ihs ever aeiio ihigiacrtoiconvere cwithtoe very des perroolc, meli he Billy oe nit le If ii diffiley ai d em bneeiiapirieinicd baiiii h ilyencieltee and I[re iii Ifividluls eso onfirtunaotiel ilficitel. Iyy ile uoe of the Ear 'Itriiprt iltihe abljeitioit a riiienirely oei-ated. T'hle mnosr scetical br ra aio ny it a·ndeord Iluir dlouLb., fter hlavinlg used tluf'trumpet. For tale ci licceg aed ii tsiiiit. '1' P GU10tN'., Faineyetsre. curier ofi C -ininn andtoilt Ckheaxl ieserts icr ii Eiclici ~ Hotel. li-61: Eli 'EII (t tl.-tibit goiione lopre winter O9 Sperm ii1, iii caks aod blue, feer rte by JARIVIS A. ANDII.EWS, Virnleoale DIaIg.-ate, confer Utnoeslit oedT ,hap his streets. mr lr S 40 kege, 10 2001 dii 25 English do-f_5 1-4 Ibts. -1110 Lt 1iitoiotirushes, varioiat-izes; bilsu Cipal Varnish; 2 Japain I " Coach 20 packs Gold Leaf, 50 to Silver do; ]Oil di Doicti Merl. W{INiIOW GLASS, Aimerican, Ft:glislt oiid Freach 10010 loxes, \ oar ri h sizes and q aliters. Boston 'sownI do.-5011 boxer, connigmnelsll, will be sold loIw. Also, pgeneril assortmoent of artisr' cncore utd 1. ale, Par sato by A WV SCA'l ES, No 16 Clanl strent. N It. Alabama rotrer takra at p r. aid Mierissippi notre will oe receivediat 10 percent diseout torfrgoods, or iin ayenlt ofd dbts. jr I lIe Li)UIth-. 300 minding fin - rionire Indepnrd la rer, "1ir DIiifSEY, g rortinatrjrlliznr Sirilrf-'ileru e .ica f the 4ennin· n amt le, jlnrr rcrrivrd 6yl act 3. REES & D'tANMI, Ill Ca it, )a - MiC.,ll I ahl crOUp, - r0 ro arl , Misso i -le ripe, mode til' if icip, in siere, sort te.r rateup b Unlder the Perovtne O;ice, 72 s' D their ecustoers ' ile ger.lLy, the nt they have reasoved " hhnent to N".72 a Camp street, itnet ie er the office of the sin Piroauno--where they are prepared to execute all t or"lprs in their line. po Hflring received from sIe Nt.rth a supply b .ifp n per and matertaes of a superior qusa'ty, fo'l ' h manufacture of Blank Books,'they offer their setr vices to merchants and other', who ot,' wishn work of that kind ; and having the ndvaogrgo of a several yearts's experience in that line, they are ju confident of civing satisfaction to those whoI nmay m (.ler thetm with their custom. o Foritotariec, arehitects and others, maps and no planePso i'lthe pasted on linen. vatnished and m ' the .natout tatnner, & at the shortes . f Plain ndl Cfancy hinding, in fll is vlrictilis rit. to I CHINA LA(; SSn & E lt I'll EN Alil -l UitlL f 36 Cherres strert, New Orleans. t . , SERGIANT & Co. importers of French i I and lrEl'ish China atd ikfrthe"wore. are 01 d now oplnina netr n'nd rich patternsa of breakfuas, m a dlinie nd tea services, toilet seO pitchers, tie aI fln eI rfee cups, teapots, sogars, rreanms, bowler, a plae ., dishes, tureensu,waasi braino aul owese, font hahlls, ete. I c. Rich cur and plain French and American gla s. wear--onhleis, chnmppauigree, lemrenades, jellie, 'larews, wines, cordials, centre howles, doctlters. tl tumblers, prceervedisheeceleries, pitchere,lanps, o p shadoe and glasses, candle shadoes, salt ce- at • lers, e. a SSlver plated, bronzedr and br'tania wnre--ea' . t tors, liquor stands, cltae buakts; eand!lstichs, d hranches, spoons ladles, coffe anid trapotysuognrsor creants, lamps, jitpan'nYd trays, astral atitdrs, and ita aing lample,tline uentllery,Germana sdver spnas o and forks, ltogtether with a grant variety farilelces t t for family use. Mrerhants, planiere, hot, Is, nnd at lenmboats, furnished wth goods at thle ncrt tea m sut bhle prices, and patled so na. to be convyed wili salety t .ny pert of th ecott ry. _ Ale", neti Itrncre s' oln , rr ...... ,,_r _ THE FLORIDA LINE I0. reo r Front iMlrile to Augtn(, Go('. tleaves Mobile every day at three o'clock. p min per U S mnrnil heoat a for lIall's Lndlne, nbovte laknhely.-tl.ene four :; past conches to Pensacola-hllence stemboats to e . L:grllne, where thelnnd toute is resllned-thence , via Mtlatannn and Irowtnsveile, Fin. iltinlidgoe, Ptndeortn n, [1 twkinsville. Saundersville &. Lotis. d villetn August, Gin, ,connecting regularly with 's the rtoad tars to' Charleslon, and Ihe steam of Ykeis to Now York, Norilk, Ptiladellphia, etc. The stealnr bot s re Ille best for the service, satll ot the netvigation prerents more advantagres than can be le found upon any steamboat route in tlhe south. ern region. fed The great improvements in the route have been tao produced by the construction of fifty miles of new V, road, by the proprietors, viz : fromn LaGrange on LoFayotte Bayou, an narm of Santa Rosa B:y, to Bryant's Ferry, ono the Chattahoochee river, ten - iles above the Cowlord, or 14 above Cedar Bluff R whereby the navigation ol the river, and the con ott snquent detentions, and more recently the incona der vent crossing at the Cowford, nre entirely ash voidld, and a line road from lariarnna direct eto Bainbridge, instead ol the roundabout ru.od via httn Cattahoochree, lessening the distance about forty rrs, miles, and increasing the facilities more than tt- once a day. sh, Alva, a branch line of two horse stages every other day fihnn Hlawkinsville, via Perry to lMacon, ail Ga. connecting with the line to Savannah and Dariet, Gen. t A mail steamboat plies regularly be:woen Ba;inbridge and Apalachicola. Travellers aishiog "i to reach any point on Chantaloocheei or Apalachl al, cola, can take steool lat at Brownsville. f lr Mobilo to Pensacola-land Roue-Da)urin the intoe occupied by the repairs of boats, tile proerie. s tore of the Florida it.e will run a line n f tota nch hor-se post conches every other day betweren Mu. in bite and Pensacola. ctcl Passcngers will leave Mobile at 3 o'clock, p m, is. in the U S mail bail, and proceed to Ilull's Lande st. ino, where a four aorse coach will Ioe In waiting to convey them to the excellent house of Mr. Charles H ll, 1 1I4 mrile distant, where they will find ,ll, pleasant eccollonodations for the night-leaving ti next morning, they will arrive in Pentsacola enri) ra- in the evcnrri!, thlis avoidilrg the discomfort of nih(t travelling. Oilicee lt the Mansion llouse, Mobile, antn Coi. lils' tlotel, Pensacole, where erns Inmust be seen red. S''OK'l'KTON & Co. env I veil S Piano Forte ILastrurcion. ri 1 W illiam Smilt tenders his services to the citi, zens of New Orleans as a teacher o'f the pIIaII ar forte. tir 8 bavine been etlnplytle several yr)ars us teachner ot f muic in private luetiles in f l ston, and also it several l the femalll el seminaries in its i tl, victity, cannlo but hope to merit Illir confidtnce, re fl e is permitted to reer to R.ev Dr tt'lp., Mr.ssrs nam S3tet:so & Avery, Ienderson & Cancter. lve, i,r tertmst, Ac pleine aplply at tle buukstoro of age Alexander Trwerm49 C.llpt oct 2 res. Drugs and tfledicinco. air J B Prevnst has, lcamled hseltclf in this eity for il, lthe plurpose of transacting a general \Vholrtsale ame Draug business. He is now receiving a full ertply ol resih nd gcnuiin artriles, wh' ch hi wt ill sell a on liberal termi T'r city druggists, and rhosie I t- ti interior, to pllysici ans, ti r rt h nti and pl ll( r-, lihe will ofier inducements such ns have never be. ron fr been fl'oteid in this city. Hils itcntion in to Id a strictly legitimate business. fI s stock will and soon be complente, nd ill a few we otls will be reat. nd cly for business. All orders Iroms the country, and ay frntm mnerchalll of 1 io city, receiving such orders Bit' will be promptly attended to. o 2 NN 39 Csnmp st PROSPECTUS. THE subscriber p-opeses to publish. in the he ginning of thle onsting winter, a Condensation r f' the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of and Martnm'o Louisiana Reports, to be comprised im four nt'. volumon, hro., according to the model of Peters' ety Conauoene Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton l Harrison, Esq, of this city, assisted by William F. 'e, Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by ha distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Caurt, d and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from ie their persnnal supervision all Olin advtago which d n, ay natturally bo r:aped from thruir exp'ricern. Sl uch a work isbacoming every day male no 0 ce. cary, as the original is voluminous, expctynive, Sani d scarce. An increasing curiosity too is Ilani Ic-t, in tho olher States of tlo Union, in rcferenotce to the pecuhlarjnrispruclence of lrrsiana; and Ihr. t ci( , cirlmistatne of tih nnumerous principles heri a di ers cided in thie adjustment of conflicts of laws, makes rtn the knowledge of our adjudged cases of primo uti. h,i ty to tIhe jrisnl of the wlioli Union. nioreove, tnd he rising republic of Texas has adoptod our coders, , arld thusna tere is a great domna:id for the Louisiana tas decisions from a fresh quarter. Cntonvenient notes, indicating tht parallel casoo Ior dcoidlcd in Lnuisinina, adl oceasionally thosce in thie or, more atuthoritativo forulm of the other States, wil. ono atldcd to oach case. ry, ''the work will lern foutr volumero, royal octavo. Irr and will e delivered, bonrd., to subsrr.bcrs at $k he I per vol.; in nase it shlouil bhe found pracieablo to retl- nomprees it into three volunes, thu p'ieo to sao rk i ecribrc will bo .$7 per vol. I Subscriptions rmocived by WM MfKEAN, l i Ie. er Ctlp anind Conllronlln sts. 'TIIHOLSATE ANDT REI'AILCOMHII 1N) VA S IlETY S'lI'OltE-at tiht sign of the golden iombt, Mo70 Char(tres stneectr. The sulscribrs haive re einved, iu dditioun to their previms stock on hand,a fiull lind comple+te anm(H'tllttc t of a lrlhh ice i their lice;. viz: Co]mIb, IpcIIf[III(rV, J,-weth'v, hrtushes,% tnehl~g giasse,.. rfancv rtielee,& \c. C.rioting in part as tbilows: ('()3111S-to,1tois'e ulcll w,"trtlht uul plain ck twinit quiltield back, long round, drettssing, side pull' crland neck, l;rezilit .inanls of eivery description amongstn w nhich a some Mexican pltter, ivoryctmbsnnf tever dlnnriptton, horn, tdrec'iig and pt! cket, ttgether wtith a pginerl t-tortnntofFrenhand lAmerictun 1'bRFU'.l1glY-Colo,.ne, Lavender, Ferido, honey, htv,rosi,i:ul oranue wlliter wafers of every size ntd tles eription, cnaphorated Cnongne, extract of lernamont, fancy soaps of nil kinds, shtving do in i cakes nod pots, ereaim sonpdo, Ward's vegetable hair nil, bears andit an ti nedo. Preston's smelling salts, plain and perfamed Stitenrowder, earl powil'eo, pioe.trpniliattill inix. o niaturt in hotst and rolls,onis and chlorine tooth wash anl iowdet., with a general nsortminent of JEWl.LitY-some n f the latest tl mosnt PIshiont ble setts, cousistiny of lwhite and red corieliani, topic' . jit cardrope, set in lilagree, bre'ast pins of t grea" .ne ty of pmttrra, watchl trimhtit:cs gilt nnl sil," tiekles +il+,'er thibldrs, silver nodl:ld pt mils endtlGuard clarion BlIUSHIES-Cloth, hnir, dusta. e,crumlb,hearth,Illor, lint, lesh, ltoth, plate, comb, Nail, shating, shon and whitew-ash brush s.. LOOKING Gl.ASSES-German statia and toilet tclttts, magnifying std Firejsh dressing glassen , home tie, with a varlety of intlier kinds not enutmlnertetid. )'FANCY AND VARIETIIY ARiTICLES-French and American portahle (Ierl~s and dressing cases, some rerv rich and fieley fauishet Indies work Iboxe..and tires nil:g eatnes with antd without muinic, musical enoxes, Ac nerdians nno ivarinS kiens, violins and gitars, silver itId plated pen'il' and leands,wond pnt ailrs or enrpen ter mad crayons,t eiantle elonukn,euns and pinstos with and witnsut eas.r, etission tit., ptretuasion cnp thargers, npple m -reewt riverns, iLot blus, h ag an bg paste blanking, tny tea sett., Indianl beads oftvery kitd, hells and plunes, filt,eand coateon kslaiitte sors d scissorsn , utl le teediltettissilver pl'tled, steel tiud enOitittiis lncta nles, pocket bonks nid tsiletr on various kindi, visitinit eirdstand ctrd rtnes, playing cards of French, Glermaantl end American manfatititure, dells. imitationitui ta, an boxes, prients ofi variouns kind, Saanders.' I'omeroic y's, t immersu's Ililt0an's nd llawki'st razor t trealts and Ietllic n edi esi ks, fa-v beiad neektces, do with - Sunps, toy watcltre, p earl uttots, plwdei r Itsksa, en t sid plain seed beads, gilt .uitd silver tto, gum elati,. slsa. lefs, and garters, plain aad sworld enre,0Jc Ibckgaallaun bourd-., dice, optical vicmmes, jeweharpa, locolbco match es nud drinking ceps, with It great variety ot tther arti les, all ofnwlii h will ne sold ttr cash or city aceeptan sen n 12.: auoatln credit. B II lI+ ,IMS$1?+, , & ,n. .il 70 (.tartrnast. -I DIIS' 1ledrtot'l lhin-kn-I,,iitin onf Ilmi,hrin, do.. its it Iul,,Ucttiut, a new sttuply, acr', by fat A +IOWVAIt, I9 iruan (dlti nd meOI.II~ oT)Ur and painfula{ieetibae.ttes ot, i .t tatt -- noa-f t tr tril, ul.a.s ea internrel a bsesseq~ blttlesl, ebo- lt. elesore t aeo, atevery vorioyofes. Pl taneeua atihotion, a iv 'ntarrh, headnaohe proceed- ant ing from any eri'httlr, paio in the stttihe tooled dys impsia proteod.'ingfsromvnrmation, alfeetnoinof tl.e liver, ehronei inihammotion of the kitdneys, aolgwaerl 'debili- O ty earned by a torpid notion of the vsselastthe shin. It t"i is singularlyeftectious in rnovanting those eonastittionos to which hnve heen broken town bh injuditinos treatment, liti juvenile i'regultritios. In genearl terms, it is rerom- sltn nr meotteit to ott ihosettliseose whieltorino (roteioorto of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of tever tt nameorkiond.. I Some of thte habove eomplaintsmRy require some tri- trc niolgosaioittppt jlnlaions, whit.!.l tbnair~comtotne', oftho ate ease wittltotaiLE~'Lor a etterot rome tty orloritc t or ol tordionoeshentashe tE DIANS PANACEA wIll dot generally be fouml asftifociet.U I, e * TO THE PUBLIC. in ltowtrueit is, that modern Pltyasicians, In their am- of bitiont to excel in their prolnsiono explore ithe vast fields oh ofscience hby the aid ofchemistry, and seek oet new re- c mcdiol ngents; in shotr, to arrive at ptrfeotiotn in the lv prnctite by mnaDs of art olone,-entirely overleak and in neglect, na toentottlhthet-arn'tttte, tlheriolh ttntl boontcoos tO stores ofmedicine, whicl the Almightlys its eouseti to tal spring out of the earth ilo every'elhmne! Andhow mooh U more ttlue isitthat whilethe Amegien Physicin looks tol to foreign countries for m.tny of'hlst*no t neoOtn nod th, toeesi.'yt'yaolers. pertetually ehangig as they re t Al the'ttiecttes othllaion orferllv, he is orrtnioled it itis J , ow eounttry that endlessjprofusion of medlienol ploit, i - itifciett to answer any ildieantion ie disease or to cure (i any cotrable disorder;i and yet he is ignorant of their vior cttes, andt they are sulfered to wastetheir healilog on, the t desert air.' T'he effects of vegetable meldieines upon the system are Stempoanry--those of minertas Inting. 'IThe frorer eX crt tdeir efl.ets andl pas o n-othe latter, mercurSy io Iar tiettlar, cnet chemically jotn tin. solids, deceomlposlg the tones and unlterminitg the ceostitutio by a slow - and sure destroctiot. ilte congeniallity, effticiency amti SAIFETY ofvegelna he remedies over . niteral, mty he estimnated byoatrst- I ingte ancient liractice with the motletn; or, to britg II more imvmediately oeder onr own observeition, lt- Unli a 1tnrctiice with that of the whites. Who, in Anmerie, e na n ot own orhearld of reoeated ilnst:ces wherein dt soaon deorepeld, too rtendittgu fmnlelndlhliet, hy memanoe hier simple remedie alone, has botlcoted the most rapid vi oollnstooisLting eomet, tifterlthe Abotei' Medleo of tite -emmoo praotncttie ircted in the most skilftl laniter, I a las foiled? And who has not been suroised at tihe eom-I p paraiveease nnd facility with which ti helino fi'eesfiml self firomo any diesene, and it the anmost tota abstilence SIchrn·liediseaseamioig thetn? Who has err Ilheard tl e. oan Indian with la eonstiution broktt and rtined by tb illtreatment.? And can a doubt exist that Ihis hapIpl y ex m eiptlioin of the snvoge fiom most of the ills which the t, f. lesh of man is heirto, is chiey nowinog to more geolia id nadsaneremedtes which ie emtloyes? 't'his astolish oI ittdlilerencee in success, is a fair exemln itientiiot of the i tiatfite supeminrity of ttie simplte ntld onfe meatns of atire which God hao ermoted for the betteelt of lis eltilttren, en overtlhosewohlich tlhe pride and theartof mao have in-l vestedt.t o From n long residence among a portion ofthneahorigln Saliehabiltantsof thiseontlry, andan intimate acquain, to tancewiththe methods of eure of some of thelirmos en suecessuil pItetitioers, thie prolprietor ot The Indin' i Pr, lI'aera,'<eniied a koowledge of some of the mont powerfu lad I:voriter ,medtoe, t i roe theseohetselectedt i chn as were most cieoeioous and ppryopriates, and after iy variousexpalrliments totest their tpricilplesond tirengtlih, ci he lhas eombined them in the foent here presented, as the via most perf'uet and beneficial lor the purpose fir which it ty iisa:eommoended. 0n the pro'rietor offersthis preparation to the publie, with thie coasciousoss that ithe is pllacitg withinltheir sea, : a remeadly capable n orcrlieving maiy of his naliocted fel try low beittgs, whoe artc slfcrilrt tl.'ler tite arious chroniroi atn obtinte olli~ilto tOwhicih it is ap idicaile. Tlo d such it will itmove of' ieatlclabtle valste, as the means, ani io mat.y cases, the only neaos l'ilcithigtheirimoul IC ferillgas onla resto'ilg them ole more toi heIallth tld hait paiess. 'kThistis notiofS l onie a Conltooll rtmloedyi, that -may pieml chatce' e tbe e'dly good with nl.loy others now i extremoe cases ' hIichil al the ullretl:lSOltireiieil atl. T'lsit l.thas dots rerpeast'dit sd thitiiss the 'etttatio. ithasiol. iio taine wherever it'lhs been intrtoduced. 1,. It is nlo y a t tthree veanrs since thlis mepar.'tion was presented to tlhe p,/lblic: botin that short space of tilme, somie hIrde l s of persoa nmight he Ifoulnd, who woeld solemnly declare that they believed thai t their lives c. r l saved by it, ahd ill tostaststftller they had trIietd nay o and pet/h·lps all tihe cnunolln rtemedies in vain. Wher ever it is knoat n it isrnitrtly coloiu into use, anr l tis ad .lfordsthtcmostt c bstanttaland convyaicing prool of ii tog meitis. riyThe cvaio t fthe P'aonoe i most eonstlitaos in those sel Il: Ion a m ullht spI ,hbilitic sand emrooutos tIft'ctions withich Ihtave cledttlld other re.'tdies, and otartieularly l. ill thosnreetsst tcitr' iteretry has iteen so avisl!y Ilsed iu as to ctause distressitg :tilts in tile bones h o s,otes, mruI miail nleers, detnogetoeot ofi tile digestive titgalts, cLe. S ThIese it cotltetely reloves, nllt d i all case;s it entire Iy eradicntes the diseases allllclects i|'loericllry, irno tiotes theicostitutio, htt ltul.athe t :atiem t sotitrtaltlti u well. Ill ril unlnatism~ imlll ill ulcerated sore throat, its aIt b )-p ellbets arte inot les aNllretll. git itc almost imoe dO, ate relieft iacttt ootetam Takenl inl pa-oplot doses, the |llli:llld I';ill :tPne opCe.rates taso nltcil't'i.tivi'nt d dttergent; a dtitph wt'tic, ti iet', aod I lu:rtives, tnIl nllti-solsmodtlli c alod :laoll\dyle; anld ill Isiroe I cIa"Cs, a"S aslmahlli anll d 'leie gouet. terer tilt exptessed, it i.creases all thie seetcratitlts :IItt ex of .citinll, girves ollt to Ithe stolcli, tlttt tcit'estlclioll ill IIgi. tttioot Ii ticulatc tmaltttotr. FhO a titse trinci. ples ito erttllll Iity lie It u!tt slooill "'hismehcine has been fInuo hgh~lily uoelat it mcacy o amigtos diseatses Ilol here specitlietl, nlI it has nlbe tsil ed with wonlderfutl sunccetss uts ,a Spingl~ antd tt Fall Pu , ii riler, by iitt.ot Ioe hoe seultlLct to collotaitll3 of the cltest, sell td whost itCottitUtion.trt(rItl e tew .g.or. fto ill e sotls will do iwll to use t tro or tl.hee hntles s o sei. atVhentver adietlinkc is cositttedt necessary, lthis lonttetttiakel it. a sooalt1eos'; oill aotswer all its f lt'tiosts, i i c Iithci less time, at less expense, anli in aI St tll. i cte m l iiorieetnle t t te t th vtot he co imon diet drink. i Thle tfollowit g cetilitates, out of hIut r s simia, o which might be plrocured, are given to showi the olcet oI ond the Indltal's Paclaeea, l neheovariou, coml aitst Olnei Jers mentioned;o and alsoto exhibit in the nlst sotiiatlotaryv al anner itssua lt'iority over tile syrtlls ineoSntmolo ise. CASES OF ItIIEUMIA'L'ISuI. CnAt.o0r0n , Nov. 15, I1832. Durinegthlmast whiter aoold 'iog, 1 as oallicte. wito t e. very s tvere and tlisti'essitg IoltUlllii.llt, ocettiolltCd tly ott t)sllretttt it ati toettitt'. 1lnow tioioogroat ithltintro it saof th, iiithtoic ttll ll e Oicl.lll'aa' lllleeO I'eslred fit cO c.erit ihoaihtht, ml I leo.ltdently rcommnetd it to :ll similinly aftitlcd. JOHN FEIRGOUSON, King st. Cl!AcI.ESTON, Almci t7, 1832. 'ton I wasn srized aIout tree v'rs since, o ith a disotressitg iF .helllntism, cautted by tokillg a sncvemt cold, t hile itunedr ya theifiueneeeg merocury, a.d which has ditablled r lrt, ioni illsiness earclh ever 'sice. I)trhia this ocr'iod ie.have oena ioittatottii the Marice toslital, in this ito ticl i tl 'cllsot l r otas.i alttllit larlv the so111e |.Ultlhth [lle Il t ltim~alnorellie pitdalibiu riielq ahmos' L'veT n.remledy, with little beretul. On thel6th o1" l'.bruar iv last, 'ttiht time scat.rely al ti to lifo t a itr t ! iu)o e'Irtch. I es cottlllllteteoii Ithe rise of tlndilt's Alnacov Io. owl. monlth I fumlld mylstgelf tirte"lyc 11ed tirtm palO, anii or1 not hapilty to state that I CosttdeIrI 'iv lIwf Itid tlvt well tr\VM3. 'ilUClIfti" , 1.0 .\loriot st. CASESY ' O SCIiOFIULOU S UIl CI:I-S ie Nov oYllot, Seti. Il, IS:'O. ut This nl a celtift that ti Ithe fidll ot Iiit, I was seize vt, with a sweiligin ly t cetilty d thce, o which ll ierwla t otul elateoeot aod o ecmtlinottit' gLattlttl ulers i- tomv lectL. a lt. Aticr'm illt tnov-lttd d., soictus to I tI n tog, llIt::gc, t elt' to ltiiadelhiotti, ..imd Ilaeett nol)oti celf iiti, tilh eotet ones )to. Phtstcatei, ti lt1ittilte r'ee2tted sdivatloei t to no eliect, I was Ironllotced nttllloy iocura.ble. Alfter, warlls I took tool.ty boltlesol'S\iwn'io 'sPanaee:i adt egih il otles og Poltcr's :tth'olicona t itih lo Iater'ial bentlit l)eso'aitriitg oglite, ohich had now betot e a bitr'ihen io tvo me S iet-tamet to tiy otemits io Nco York, it. 182t, a0 $6 gae vosell'tlp tn a linihgerhlg death. Ilel'ilt of till N to gCot slacccss of The hIndin's ltlPancea, Itowortoro it cau sio- siilar to nlm own,l wa.s persuandlel iot'r it, alsl last n. sorlt. To ity glt' eat sinillmes, as oIwell as satislion, stlol'.tllllll( n,'v.slli'rpllyP reoe~l·(l·)R :u11iI upe01(ll laa sereii llotlels. ',,e tlaerhl·'ilnlc~rttllh I ittvailte tetcilcll) a well in tilhe corse ogtwo months, and have remahned so ever sice.e l nmke this statenlll nold wishit hulistnd V I' l ttle obellfi't oftliose ,'ho ae sulti' iing uodcr similar Io. s.l.ltilotis ttm svllhiiltc alcotictns, thatl i they may know whst hoet aelone o who t has slfereill ett'ery tiiltt ili S deatlh, itod lho considers Ihis life s00ed by tiic akoe . I 'euplH \V'M. IIISIIA.) Cnat.rr.To.. J.lty 12, $31. riot, I wn afttlictet, folr years whtih in ulcer iin the leg, on. tad easiontlly i'acotntaaidec wolh crmsipol.htoistttlmatiaoni e illlll excessive n:il ill tieleg aOl d etalh johit. Sevll'.d ve remiltdt lhysiciantls exerted thcilr skill upon it, iltn with .tllont teroaheit oelefit. i thiis case lite bottle lhliatll's I'anacca aoie t ICl ieet eIre. Ay, MA lGAlI-T A VEOI'', 121 Maokt lts- 3iFor sale't t ItoYl'c ItONNAUtt L, dtugtist, -e.'n nlt, fotr iI o~ietors, "lhUlfloun ia sstlrett .I NlWV ORLEANS Se NASLHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. rTE stotktlml,!hlers of this con any are herebyhv no tiliied tl it bra reasolutio, ato the Ioard of diree tion pi.iid oni 1th 9lth inst. the call made on them on the 1th FI!ebruary Inst, for the payment of five dollars a shale, wns rescinded, and the aulid stockhulders are farther antiled that WVI;.tILEAS, h a resolutionof this board piesced on the 1ith itnst. a cal Ias tcon '-ado on the stockholders of the New Orleans and Nashville Rail Road Compa:ny for the fllluwiFnpag pav ts ol the e he stock held respic ivetly by hion, viz:etwo doiial" pler ihare, payable on Ilthe l-st tltv of Spctetnberllext; two dollars per share Ipayalla oil the fist dayv of D)ecember next; and tlo dollhrs per slare pavalle lon the , tday of March nexr. Nowtlleticfnlri be it resaulved, t:it tlhe secretnrv of this com apan shall noaify the saltre holders therein, thrlough the, pIllic pr.lts of the city, that in conformity with the sixth section of the cllarter, theyale pernsitind to postlpone any ayvment called in on the stock of anid ciaipai' for the terof it sixty dysl,from aid after the day at which it is made pnyblc, with the expteasn co diln: howcer, that if nt regularly tiaill within tile said prolnlel.ii n of tixtv days, linm lanid ater thet day on whichl it shotubl have i heet paid, that thIn the satoket ol whie:l s~aid paylmeltslboultl have beenltudi , is said renlnea: !orlihitd to tie co:,panly, the charter rIl that point ihingt implerative. Itn rcflioretity therefore, to said inl, aillatlck of the stockholders in said colmpanlly, i thinl: prober ito anat the tile payintta ot ttilr stnok to the oendl .1+ the ld:litionul sixty dnays, wr hich tfie churter allows thttm,are notified lhat the paymenv t of two iul lars per share callad for,and dueI ii the first of Sep tlnaioerlexl. may Ie papotlpeit unlder the nith e lielia af said charter, lo til thie 31n t dty of Oetob,,r next, th' the paymiait II tnwo ditllars Iper shlare called for, aum due it tht. irst dav of Deeeniber nextr, imay he poeit Itohel until Ithe :10ti dafy of Jaanry nient; aid ihen Iay nmoat of tao dtllars per shattre calleill trnad jue ea th. firatdny of Mhtreh neit, may he postpoaned until the 30th lda of April text. xatratnt of tlu minuteir of the board. junetl A R McNAIR, Bee'ry. Y it, thfore ate oldetIN II GRAII11. tp 16 wsoyitivlColle .f o Physiceat, L.snd1W. J i-slat eftthl aljn)geial Univermd .- ci n e.e, prl Ilby 1b V S iskl n, Esq. Merlat i u, T the jitd College, oif Surgeomns, Licentiate of Apthte t.'iCtl . .,w of lolt Court Society, Surgeon to'the ilit ' Pension Asgolatiom, Lancaster cha Place, tor anod Perpetul Pupil of Guy' van and St. i London. 4i This t bne~ilt¢ result oftienety years' gor es tmrno le ole caess int le extensive aal nod hligly r esi8hp" fee of the propriety, jater tnisel by ills rou nilit, aiu isnow introtllot t to the notice of the Amerieon public, at the earnest so licitation of a noumber of gentlemeo of long and high the slanding in tie profession. It is hoped, as a prell oo nary step, it check the evils and fatal onetequ uoeeu si arising from the use of the numerous and dleletesrious ve nostrums toisted upon the public by the aid of fabricated cul proofs of miraculous cures, and other frauds, by a set of Ed lereunnry, unprincipled lpretenders, so totally ignorent lee of modical science, that it impossible the monstrous fiv delusion can any longer go cdown with the intelligent ihi peoite oftlis country. T'hese pills, mild ant agrmeablte es in their natmr, should be kept is every family in ases tai of sudden illness, for, by their promplt adsmioinsration, m sholera, cramps, spasms, fevers, and other alarming pr nomptlailnts, whichi too efite prove fatal, may be sseeli- cd Iv cured or iprevented. lt fact, all thlose who value good or it lealth, should never be without them. 'They orp solt Ini s in pckets at scents, $Q id $2 each, by every yr epee p o Iutable drniggist, bookseller, anto vendlorof medicine i tili h United Sttes at ,l be Canadas, with ce1 ous dlcectLions, in -s together with: esctSnoniols of professional ability from fo d thse o lawing eminent genlemen: Sir Astley Cooper, J of t Aberinehy, Ja.mes tilundell, 31. D)., \V. lack, M1. 1)., ty is J. Ason Key, A. I"rampton, M. D., and numerous ea o'otherd. The originals may be seen n possession of the is . ieneral Agent, by whom the medicine is imported into tit Sthis country, aid to whors all applications foroagencies , te ustlce moiade. o JNIO: 1'O .BEIN, 120 WV.erly Place, N. Yortk, s SoleC4.neael Agent for tie nited States, &oc. . For sale'by eppotnit Ieit of the scigial iproprietor. cI o by bySWAINfl' oT i lI)rtl, i.s, No II Canal streets, vn Ig Uener Agent flr Stastlee of Louis;anx. jut v8 Ih SENIY ILY I.LEE & co, No a llgazinh e street, are ' - ew reeeiving from ships Nashville, I.ouistille, li - Klenitnecy, Enagle, lad.otllher Into arrivals trref t.hi" I II :-tlern eiliea, a large apd new selectedI assortlment m Ii- Slais, Boots, Shoes anld Brognls, i a, eonsistiig ofgentolemes'sfine calf and Morocco heos bl in do 24d. inality; dlh bulld, ant stoat wasx pegged boots o i of variusis qnalities; men's finoe calf seal atid Moroccl I id rlm',w pinps snill brogans, uckalkiln slihoes, brogass aita lie shlptipe as men's fine calf and kipped pegged sluoes:od p a, I rogans; do eoots; do stout kip atl watc pugged shoes U - a Pl brogans; gentlemen's best lunlily call'sewe, sihoesi Ir I,- logans ad .Iack 1)ownlins; ao calf and Mloricco :e cc tekle shoes nnd sll gans; io calf, seal and M oroco ii id I lsiasn shoes anut sliipp-s, do calf, bu sllunt seal wigs, by asew article; do fine ealf, sai.l and moreocoiqu:rite - slts; hoys', misses' ald children's pegged andi sewed lie tLogans, acnd shoesof elvery qualit) and kind. a. Also a genertdl assorticnt of men's stout wan and p .- .stt birogans and shoes, together with O1,tKo piairs i e gro bullst quality, russett brogans, nailed in Ith i s Inmks, made ex ressly for plantation u ie; a good as- ti tl, r tmenlt of mel's fine ;fd stout kip russeu braogans, ia I- i w artelil, ati a urge quantity of an inferior quality it r: sset and wax brogans. - Ladies' fine calf, seal, moroecco and grain welts, and a I- pimp sole slloes; do lite French Mlrocco andi kid ran c a ll nt lid slippers; do roan shoes, with anm without heels; s a's I elf, seal said stout leather bootees; do l'runella shoes ast lall kinds cnd qualities; do lasting brogans; do gsaiter ed sl 'asl foxed Ibotecs. Misses' lasting spring shoesaau I1 tor at guns. Children's colored Morcoco and lasting bro- a ii, rb1 nid boots, k. ie ;entlenmen'sfinefashionable black silk hats; dio bhlck Sit so Isrdalb beaver - o of a superior quality; dl inmitation Is ronm tio; broa ad :iad narrow brim mn'as linle dri:ah Sanl l h, II::.k ]Rssil short nalliped hats, a nlew article. Y'olths i nI, e size harts of ciillereut qualitics; do children's. el- n'.aand be:)'s black sal drab wool hlats of v:aioIts Ssiln pes, with general assortment of boy s' tasd lmen's I' sl caps, s. t 'his assotmelnt will be replenislcd bvlthe arrival of amr tl plckethalmn the noone u:lned cities, ial of whichi col ib hl . o eon ti terms. Sl l--f ow1tlNT''A(Gll. 1:' a A LI F10OR T1lE TlEET1. ist u llI.estialliashed repjutation sid lhres-i;n c l- idelllai linr this ell' tuca rln m is ,ly oflist mtaIllled 1t t servative of elii tetll, ha induced the subleriber as ofRer it to the sAmrican public. Arranecments hav I , een smlde to supply Isentis in nial the t ilcissl itiie od and towsl in the United lates, so as l phtiese it ithi re the reach iof those sulle'ril,' and likely to ailslr thiis Ino nsy rine.sing of all thei , 'l'Tloth-ntcshe. . When tpplied itoldint to dlirecetio.e giten on nis botlle, it has sever filted to ,;.ilt 'd inmedilt- nnd it mianent relisf. It also arrests tie 'cu i .dlhetltiv teeth, and relieves ithat soreness 'ii iethl I t'lellentl •se renders a string tooth ust ,le.s Th;e Ip'll liatillll aI itl reis medy are abilsit, ilullllent, alln ct spl+:ton l uall S e ute large ni umber of ps rsons in t di i l'tncss l ac.lions ~I ltl ao)tilllttrl, that halve airl aly expelrienllod s.'h dsli.hill'a llt dsalutiary ei pis iros thie e osi1I lste' ssill, are rendy ic to her (fiar 1t'e public g od t1 u'ir tliweoot to its u e. rivullell qnhtltes. It is 1 Its ia, d It:ttdy, nhtnine-d sitg- ti sl Iv s ls .l n I ,xpret 'dly, wll. eta be re;t n"r .· t by " the i;irls d -e s ld as the ti', ut valuablh discuvrrv t relntlal of the woIIst d 1its ce I lter ttllle e. S,,sh] v wle- uIAlIS & ANI)I-tl:'W. Inr ls'n - ts ' sn. nclam sl i.l , itlt I-latest.+ >+. -tis ftI 1' U ']I-liLL-Uil& ndi i rA rumre o at lh o:lerr i.ned bha;Vi l sold ol1ut, mti r so itea :,tinol d sis odi astl lttng estath.l,,ed x AIlil)IN SEED S''Rl, it s, ' i- i 'ii.sontt !" I-s, 1- ,'; tr -, - cl. llavintg beea most islstriont 'is y ceratclsted by sself interested iar;iLe, use stlbscriber hlt-s to ns.a re his ta)i friods generatlly, land tile pubt)li ait lurgr, tihat hi te b sill coati:sues witlin itwso dlur: of hi l a iit, or ltu orlier st.nd, to bie Int;nisld with a I'sll and l.x. est, tensive sptttly of all the standailrd kils of kitchen or vegetatbls .,rdea Nti,', ofel the growth asnd im. port of the presuent .seasonl, 1837. lu Sate' tilhe early part of Septelmber, h]e has re.. in ceived amplle uppos, by the packet sihilps Vicks. ink. burg, Kentucky, and Arka.nsuas, all arrved in short ilr, passages, direct from Now York. By the aMisii t al sippi and anotlher packet, hoe s in daily expects. ' tsel ron of a supply of Fruit 'Tres ltad AsparaglI tory IRools, Ihaving already received i;.vuices thereof by , mnail. 'iThe subscriber begs further to assure h.e public il at large, that he is at pre.eot its well enabled to I its meet and sxecuts orders for all tho kinds of Gairdaen ii Seeds, either whllsasle or retail, as he ever was e sinlce his first catalblishmelnt in January, 8Ibt. t to Couaatry Deaiers and Malurket Gardoner' orders tilied at lithe lowest and most rasoauable rates,. by It. lls poutnd weight, and galio or bushel measure. Catalogues, Uithar in French or Englishi , may _,ing always bU obtained on personal applicatiol as isr- usual, to WM, S7Il'll, IP Garden Seed Store, 85 Cust.oIIInOIIF hrll '.. S NO'l.-A co.lastnt sauppl.y ouf lirdl S-d, csitl er mf tni sed or plai pti pulvorizetid sop; h1'rbs, ainI lSlhaks rs' t, dried herb:.,-with a ulpply of inasnasd Lan:.: ..'r F;,ncy Pcket a,,oks--Under t!I n a end will bo ch round a spletsndid variety o1'' and gmhtilsnen's. on po kit buuks, notle, unrd. nerd esl ld Iread Cases. cel fancy : toCks, etuspenth,-s, &c.-O' the slatest i. pattern and of supcriorsctality, coeis ting cfplaiia and figured a.ltin,, Velvet alcd cloth . stlocks, lii:elln btosoms, plait, ianlld fancly with and -Ze w:tllolut s Uailsl" tt CollaTs, tl.lerders CallOd I aec lt.tshingtion uiaspctldcrs, also, gui c l,stics worst. ped. el aand sotonet:it do, with l anc without rollers,I cen pantaloon straps with wire springs;and a grot vCa. - rilay of' gentlemeln's 'wac:r, us:ido tIxpressly Ioo the retail trodl, by A. L. Vanhoirn ena I enal o t'lhils. ". dolphia,. eyi m 'iaabls--A goneral and complete asoar- mnle c of combs from their manicalcaeteryAso, English ol Iand Ferench dresil ing combls, et. dec27 RUSIITON- & ASPINALI,'S G OJ1MPOUNI) TONIC MIXTURE.-A ,peedy and cu.t.ain curr for thie ever and Ague, remittent and intrml.ont fevels; prepared fromt tie original recipe. Used w;!h umntueot and uni versal success it 183", by persons of the highest respectability in this city, as stated in the uannexed cert ificates. T'lhs mecdicina is highly rcroLnmended, and Iha been extensively used in the above disonses with such distinguished succes, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to ofier it to the pals. lic in its preent foLrm, in the hope that it tmay be the means of relboving many of those who are sultlring under the scourge of our country. It is a medicine possessing groat viituu, and when used aecording to the directions has never failed of offecting a cure, even in tie most obstinate stage of thu disorder. It is not tt all dis.nreeoable, a.d persons of the weakslt stomach, and children may take it with imptnity. It strengthenis the digestive organs, creat.s an appetite, and sildomtt requires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to oflbet a cure. There is neither Imercury nor arsenic in the medicino, nor any thing injurious to Ihoe human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, thrt they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has bIon taken in accordancs with the direct'ons and has not eitiroted a a perfect cure of tiLe fever & ague. A. OLIVER, solo agent for New Orloans, at his wholesaleo ald retail drug and rmedicire store, corner of Bienville rand Chartres srtrocts. Fo ristrict Agencies aplpl!y to ]j T. VW. S\ilTII. 48 Conti At. IUtARROWGATE SPRINGS %D hllgYno'rcry cOlUHitv t Alalgnl. THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NEW ORLEANS. rflIE proprietor of this estublishment has the ple. tsure .t announcing to his friends tand tie tpublic in general,tr .t re will Ibe in readine-sby the first l av of l.ay to receive visiers. lie will also stlatoe for the 'bl selit of those at dianeothat tier ave been la imrprovlrletllts artde, uad Itllhers ltrrw goilr.g on ild it il bscr.her to accomn ll e atle Inu Irlger lnumber than henrrtlrfort, and at thie saome tlile mIueh belttlr. Iarmiliu can ie accortunroiated ritll good rooms. or theae who fraor can have large cabins I etached from the msir tni bildig. It is deerted ltnescernrry t' say anything in portire. Iar of the clrriretir oel theso swters, fo. it is geoneraly i rlievrrl tit they are anot ilfrior ti any it ttie Soirih ern Statt-. All thre amuemerre thot rrse gerleraolly tfard at Watering Places, will he forund at tllin., The rest music that this prrt of tiI, colntysaffl'rds, has eem engagesd, and will be in soret t attrsdtulte at the St1rirgs dnrit g the whole season. ' hre stireslibcl will svoail tirselfrlf this oppinrturitv in returning his rrun.ignsed thtrrks ir thr very liberal orrrprrrt givent him lnst reasou. and hoper s by ier' reXr. tioto dilrn havre hree altair ilr imlprorinlg nd sr xlrrdirre itle ct nmmottation, to nelrit a liberol Stroarrgr It, SpreOe.rt cras.n. J.tO CIt.Rl. mar1 .1 l ill}ltto tJh N Ao ift l Nat Url lt is tied an Averge 'Time Caletlula- | tor,' or e. ithod f Anding the avrage tlime We ml storage, notesot' hiad or bills of goods, when nur- t| chased at llliferei. dates4 fan different credits, antd 'for various amont; Ieildsluts l teful and coinplete Banlking T "ime Toale, theosliert Ibat can be contrived. or that fi gures cano ioadlucewvithhi the same conuleseal compass, ald size ol ta pe. An advertisement in thehook is in nearly the follow- Ti iiny words: l he high, distinction this work has received tatoonglr the ten legislative acts prefixed to tile title page, is a e commendatiaon n itself, so nceommon,, and so eonocl sive, th t nothing is necessary more than by way of ad vertisement, to given eolnensed view of some tf its pe- g a culiarities:acsfarInstance, the Interest has been compaes C Cd fliom,rand compared with, what is equivalent to four- t at een setsef elenlatione, examined in the press thirty- C, is five times, and printed from atereotype plates tested It, at shittyty-one times, from all which it mnst it evident 4 even to the skeptie (eyspeeially onil tpe.soal ofthe de- Pa s tail of ion'in the priefen) ttat tile work au btste arith- I a, aneticnlly infallible, aad inl confirmation ofthis belhiefs g premium o' two hundred and fifty dollars, is now enfltt d for the detcttion of an erroi ofa cett in the present B 1or fifth edition, as expressed in the i refine, making five I I' Itelp rn'pelintns afletlr for the samei.'ror iacethefirst N Spalitcatinn in tile )eat' 1802.. One of the most conts icaons fenatureiftif teables is i, enthe arranagement of t he Time and Amounts, which N for erxpeditilns, reference ondlperspieulty, with thie help eoftheside and index, eannot he excelled; and the salty t atnl ense with which the interesl can be foundtothe Ma extent of general business, withont doubling of sums e is bhesides a convenience so essential, that il the estlma to lion ofatome oi tihe moan competent and pranetcal ibusi. "I ness men and pulic ofiet'rs who hae maole grnat se of at hewrk, it has. been dtsintaaistulhed tho Ihonotnable bl appellation efofa "master pece". Anda eonslderittig bthe intahlilility tf the amethod origially tadotteda it Scompaosi.jl the work, antd tlae extrlaorlnary uumlber and at, variety of the examinations, and tests of every edition it has passedil lilthe ress, eotwilstatdling the whole is in stereotype, considering, in sh6i t, the positive accuracy a t eseenlri hy Ithe anlipre'lcnted menual s enmllot oil, tile vno. h, lmehbas heen hlvdnop and empthatatactlly styled " talt I most wsollertfid book na thie wabsl l" moast certainly no malen nnell a na figulre work of the same extent, which sie the btegiaannigot crettion, tias land thie same natn- t s her anlc variety of tests inl th same ilatllloer of editors; a ano, io one hatllthe ltnumlber, as is cleatly shoawn i the le A preissc.. l Besiles, as tst and standar:d, it has been tried i and lI preeed in nearly allte labank and public tfliees in tlhe ana Unitlell Sltes, anad by vthc pulic generally, drting the as long prliol of 0tlirv-five re.ares, yet no clrort of the Cal oa etattions hlas ever lbeen ound in printat, althontagh coatntinu aIa ell l llyetged by thle oafir'n o trp lacgeial'.iiaaons. "la he i let expr'eslv adopted byta ll Ihealnuls et of law cl sevral: of tle States as the " iatl eol c:lcnllntlon et lor Iatatrle interest," st also tay law lilt h:ank interest, aconlingats tile Ibook is used, satll as ain le seaen inl eat ptrt, by u"a n:anaS of the sulscrioellat, n at few of the ir salsealeat n purchasers, inthe list tatthecal of the book, hi iasinlponsesasiacleveryclaoss ofecitizens it every quar s- te of tile Unit ell States. a It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, it) it has so often detected la'ge errors, long lller they were madte, eveln by the most enreltu andl most conmpetent i nrithmletlicians, tlat itas nsefulness, nnll the Itbsohtate ne r cessity for its usn, have been extensiyely insisted apttn, as; so evialent, inceed, have bCen its advantages, and its e i savingvs,that, several yearsaugo, whilst the firsl edition or- wen saen et nll out of prillt, greaat lunber of second tat hand copies were sought for, some to It age t dlistance. lt- andtl raesed :it various prices, las they could oteasion ally bon iicked up at from $lttto $25 per copy, and: a sonme ersons have rcecn.,y daeclareal, and ianstancr ia cullltl be quoted that they woaldl pay $50, $100, anda $5tH) Ia far a en'p, If notto e ehad for lless, antd an individual: ias n the aitler instance partievarly, havintg at the same t i lme rxhlihitcd satislauctory aroa,tao severala paersons pre us, selltlhat to lhim it was really worth that molney and Ia's more thaaugh the savitng of liis nerv valaable tit;, he bIinlg a veary rich an uato in b lic olice. It is likewise worthy tf notare, nid indeed proper to S impre n, hlllt suchl is the naturel t a igue work gRlaea llyl Iiii aspr allyl wh lln f thil extent and iarlllllll e tof ell ill lthe uslill ImallnllC vhlee, \ tile competenl caltclataaaot iln the wvorld, a nl r t ipsitlltal lnt osl n etlllitlllly uni his(own corrvection of proof sllrt's, it wol , almostl to a clrtainty, hiav(e lbeenll a ilo. It ' I A - ave,ta',al dear t Iv prie', its tl e prt fec l ia lau h lup explanuis. liat st perti'et and .atuable hatte al l stIerelpe pItll ts of It is worklh(Iett t e, that Ito sL CIII tlrm, br ir inllmercus anll extrll.aorldillnaryti eXyllll ll( l tio,,s, ais llre, tf Iloho genertal hentit, ttaiy nata yt a(l,.itisentaolll ) en' tlally kept in a plce ," special o:, i:t., ixec pt : hile ue I in i" ll ldfl\. Alti e aaetdiactioe a t a f kll d taas and sl(lnl'ltatle ialtta eat ith usefli ote% iolltefow Ihe preflhce, whidh, in this tt ila h as al tihe two a reeathig editionhhs, Ialahtl tIucht it thl I'ralln enoerning the two Is filtl mnl,'des oil mtputl. it llt illllr sc, Wte da% s fo 1 rg cet, klac. tt io I t e ent t l 'nldy It rema k that, notwihht:I tlit g tahit il u iom1111noly cosil.1 work, thie, wals Ilihe, I blole ll- interest tablets wor itovtavutad ia tdvlal anc cents bvva - yu t v d analthntii , 1: b seat , t sit otexte ivtlh a da , a la lit . raly at 'aroli , it I: t s llla t It ah tSa pat'id it tte htaty los of it vll I rtti l I l d~ ll~iY., Ioivlalal l x ,.ars nft :ll e lfro 17 9to at' i a t sit at s t a lltlll I t lll ilst t i o o ab tolllt I :11. ii iill. Irit, l to ao n i~hil t" cti p ( ali:mt i i i ir Iil' [I I: ,r. tI liti"--1) I lt 1 ] l'ofI t i,: ut, lisvat oamit tlat ;at t1a roslttii.t t. t h i b lic tiLt atntali ne, of pie ul'l i e' r ., iial pa, ant" '-,. ,r "A:d, h ,iI, I I arl.i. of livok ,l .ie's in t, e i ,s tt /) I 'i ades. 'l y lll it b t t nrauh l'".t ] ror t' .ae in Sa il t N hle~~atIoI Women, a a aols. or I be Youllne Wilt a Batok, a tlaal o La rl rehy Jtl'aacal tol'-taIn avlie dtutieas :e U-IS receinesI anl ter sale hy Wl. \I'1I:A.\N, o - V - & SC% I(.lt 't' s Cattattt foolatt trac t I f Sarsplarilla, for the Clre oF 'o:stinate re. plionst ta the skiu; ptnltpls or pa.tul'as of thet elks. r; btle's wthit arise from an inpure aa t.ate oft the ar't od; asaly eruationa; p Its In Iia l ones; ihronic ri a heumtatism; to It r; scrof'ula, or kinl's evil; whil eta. Kling; 3yphiliti dlseases, a- d all disorder= gta arisintg Irom a n impure stvlo oa" the blond, by t lonrg I by reidenet it a hoat climate, or the injudlit'us use of mercury. ,lic Also,-Cava & Schltafi r's Worm Syrp, or In. 1 to fant 'Presorvative: the best preparation now extant. lena A ong whichla are the f, llow ag--Intian Dye, as for col ring ti htair; Bleanr',s Odl; Ilnssia leara's Greas'; Ponlmatuan; icthawav' a Freo le Waslt: so. Icrs erion Pearl Powder; Lily Whitlle; Creoam of ltons; by Vegetable Rouge; Otte of Rose; Lip Salev; Kre S osi't Tooth W\a\ah; Carboitac loentrileatc; Otango Oay Flataer \VWt'er; Powder Pull '.an I Bas ;; Atcr:o . a acan Charcoal, neatly put unp in four nee vials; t' eslon Salts; Calga e; Kreota l'aoth.ache r . Dlrop; Itier trohe',; Enlgnlan ire t pg Co. Ito l en In eat liair tlt;-:vitol a vaticty of -Btor P'rfef a tar' ttatries, &e. For aale by L IV GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. I be J C T'1'INtC. ARI, ts Corner of Canal and laaoutbon streets p( 'It. I .\1.11, Ino S, Sign, tmil (tiOrtlot:o S I'ia Nt'e ,i N o rldelt si. eelt , (o floors l 'omot Canni sotror'. Illllliollns of fIh [folllnwin;l woods :t11l I rn'tblis,ex eI lcutl illn a mt astter ImIle. ahol. .' logypti.n black d g;,ld O'k, (inulla altn Anoil ic P'ollard do, (Orictal or veed antique, (ourhd Maple, ltIol NStione, Ilirds E'e :lo, I }o, by Granite, {Satin \Vood, Potomnc, 1a161 Wood, )nve oar hIdello, Yew T''ree, lulian White, Coromolie or lllnck Sionltl lanI Hlotella, Ilse Wood, Alteri : Grey, Asll \\ Iite Oak, eo. k . &c. Cln led IElm, .Speti~ons to e seen at thle shop. Paints, tils, gltss,t copal rnishl, tkc. on ol Id ti!orL sale. Ilt N r.STitF & IHEIAVY GOOtIS-luot, square o 1nd hundle irmo, w ell aown ted. luonp, saroll and rod iron, nail rodts hd piongh Coat, German, shear, blistered, spritng, sheet and Crowlejy steel lollnow \n:re, cut and wroulht nails old slbike Zin , 1ot tin mill and grind stonCs, to t kettles (llin cabtt s, l itiCheOl, hloet Ox, loeg oI trace thains, corn mills Anils, vices, Illmnersied Iellows Wirei, lo ig Iooi bal lead ullot (Ct:l, and eokllilg tIovesr 'Alns, It.wlad's and othlelr desand shovels lok h l N pIate hinlges, tor :In window hooks ;,dlins, l loots, Stll p, and olier axes A fitll assortment o t enrdwareo ml stlp chandlery, alwa) s on h:and, and which are ott'reld f:r adle at whole sale Ior retlil, tlthe mlost t.vorail terms, iby mi L.\'AYTON &t Co. 5S Old Ievee. iEW GOODS-Simmnons Ilartt & co are now' s eeiving froto on btard lhips Yazoo, anol arulogoti tndlbrig Clon.rdini , filom New Yolrk, n gretol wtriet i gnods i tlheir line, which togetlher witht their foelrel stock oi litulld, Ilnkes their assororenttveryy plete. The lollitoitgci n elttt.i e ort, vir.: t ell tnt'k Innttd ressming ,.molt., horn do ofall dlescriptionc, I n diia rolbber, ilk onI worsted ellst tie t'tters, olllmmnln & lilleo rl.tie slllttoptlpre, lope lneo ettd Lilrd e r ilatcllees, SNilelitz iowders, powderp fs t end Itoxoe, toiluitpnwder, pocket lrooks anld .allets, i lttedleliiole, k hell, pearl, Irollyland Itorlelo cord etases, Ilheal olrlltdelltsi pllineo rnl 'bends, necldaees nnl nt _ligees, Iheud chains, bead oteliaees, cut gliass anl Ileoiseed, toil gilt heads, Indiln beods, belle uil pllumes; pititol and largo pow ter Ildsks, shot belts, horse, belt. pocket and deldloing .istol,; double and single barrelled guns, Bowie knivc.s and dtirks. cissors r, she pocket knives, guard ehains, and ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, hair, tooth, nuil,eomnb, ernb,. lshe, plate, noor and dusting bruslhe, Colipgue, Florida,luvlnder, rose t lld by wterlosorted essenreste , etd extlract, eslll, lesor, earnint, tio, onlo WYrd's ve getable hlir oils, shaving tndl toilet soeps orlell des eriltionl, tlallo' and gentlotens' desk nil dremssineg eases, bnir rieglote,lfrizttos and Ibrils, plain, ftuny nti musical work boxes, plain ond gilt,ltoured, coot and vest buttlos, pearl and ivory shirftdo, shirt studds, utll eatd silver leinil c tse, toorieckb elnd tweoezrs lttltedi od gilt lemketo, etinietoore don, silver, brerss sci rteel' etiimbleo, hooks and ei .e, hair pie'+, t itattion fruit, blk and lEdiuk,bhoe blolkiug, violins nd goitletrs ribboil and pain percussion cape, litnto twiner, rentedl cash. tes,gold nald silver lace and fronge, latte.r paper, aone ; bogs, rling wdips, walking ra.ue-s,ply nvngra'ca, tine goldi plated nud gilt jh,. tvlrt &c. 'The ,bore, together with a great '.ritv t f nthrr aii IPr aIre niTere at wholsesale or rteldl on arnllnodain t N 1 Shcl lonllbrtelpcitle Ti&ARliANGEtM1ENW AM • : :lt De v~rv lIne Rlnt l . I. Coqor her Eerday a e . i y W, 'rnl D Mail, Duye bya, P.lM Wedo u 'ry sok c + ao Y ve y , da, Wdne.d . bg wa~y o ft1 . Cloeco reery Mondo4' enad .l edLak 8 evy5 Pday, Thursday, a ·( TheLtMa ljsi~tltaartdrdn),Y;y5 P. via Closes every MondaolVedneedoy ... E7CPREISS. MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVA, DEA.U jEtW iSTANCE , e Express Moi, betwe Mo and New 1Uflflli. Mobile doiir a 8PI. M. Noclthar Ni .. .a'k doily st s P+mO bphbbward. Arrives . Arrive Nertbwsrd. PD~jmee. Time. Kesrng Sontgomery, Ala. 19 pn. A 's3 h21 12 m. - Colanibus, fa. iim Milledgeville. Go m. 6 !1.3 14| ' p. m CoiSn.,in . 9.C.?- em 163 17 Raleigh, N 0. " 215 22 12 SWarrenlon, Vs. 12 65'5 1 a Petre rgoar. ty. -0plm. 83 10 ps. m -Rticliiiod, V. 1 oa. 21 3 6i Fredericksburg, 2 fiT I 11pm. Woseington eit)', lPm. 61 ,1 DoRatilciam, ii 1 4 D -ehitdellti, 4 am. 1liO 21 New York. 2 pin. 90 86 s 1305 143 h. or d23 k Northward. Comning Solltllward, the tline iasix bouo coo; icing? doys anci17 ihiurs. T- TEN l)Oll.AIIS RE.W.ARD. f ANAWAY frm 169 Carondelet corner of Heviok t1 slreets,on the night of 301h of Auguot, and wsa oeen ilie trot morning in Poydrcs strecl, a negro hbuo CtIAll.ESt iabllnt 7 ynea f ofegeo onll fe eor thereaoutn ill liit, verrv lanck, and toe n lped iment ie his s e,) one of bis loge is sore, ocaosloned by a recent hutrt; hie led on1 whenl hie went away~a white eI cotton or lilen shlit lnd while ctioin myntalomni. l Masters of vessels and dteem bonats ore oautioned a g aint receiving or hlnrborilg said negro, ans well eas It it ottmr pernoo, as atimleItOlti rlgotrof tim law will be ei rofred ngalicat ibtm. fhi obove reword will Ii eaie 0 fIrdellve-ing hin into cny of te jaoils of either ol the Smnicipalities, or at 169l Corodelet, corner of Herei lie otercI. sept O' tIcI-- The caia o iiernlt lt hertofiilre noisting nuder the firm of ilubhoia & Ourretonm has beer dissolved. The subscriber will liquidate the afairso tile coneern in this city, and reqiiirre all ptrsons indeb. le d It tmakoatyment lt hin oly, and nil tlioehtving enilns, to lpresent Ileln for setllemrin. non 0-ti It IIOARIlE~TSON lie ---~-.. he N W.W.$WA.N. iNo. ItCanal, S.eet A-re Ol tnns S _TAS alvSotn onhand cennatnntly ik reeiin-g lIr. I ties, Clhemicalsnad Pamsi,anionog tllel ore s ionIIUG$. DY\ES, iAntiimny, clie-t, Argols, reol, n o reglast Atnatto, Slie. . ic Arseic, eltide, Alum, do piowderod, Brazillette woon, SBalsam colnavio, Cochineal, lloaclx, rude, toeras, Amerioan, ' lrimltone, crude, Fustio, Tamplco, S do roll, do Cuba, do flower, do Meioe, Birmuth, French Lerries, SCuastoroil, lIdtig, Scngal, Cream tarter, do Manillo, Caontharides, deits frecss, (un aloes, do (atitamalt, do Aiatie, Logweomi, Comlphmy tindo nsoltiio, l St DIomingo do amloniae, do Jamaica, do tn hzein, Cnmwootl, ol io conpal, rough, NMldder, ombio, t do do sapeldil, Nieurallu, floonlare, ldo do S Ameriee, doI CoIo, d 1o ..r.phor, e...e. Io lii, io ,io refit." do lfeclie. lo gaincum, CIIEMICALS. to kinobm, Aeti, nitrous, It o mnatiiic, do mt-iatic hcaa Blla vhtit-i, t ,. senigidl, Calnlaml, p , s do smeia. t corrosive sua blimtis i~T ldo teIoaoomithl, :hdloarideof lime, (tiiintige, itimsom salts, i Juipre herries, Ainerieih,l.ueiiar castide, it,, Iao dii, Iioreign, hid iecipitate, Mlagnetoa, iigtinti, otie tcllooalt, S io AimericeJ lired hrometstepii ash .y man fla lke Spt enlp So*4, ido soris, tuo Sti n., Lit ,;reice balt, Sugar leetu ill loins, Sui zinc, - lo bersnmlot, Tartar emetic, oi .ple-omiertm eeie ad ti I illtll y w, r do I ear t Gee antodr i ti t ih ne. doe do in oil, II~irl~imrh + I. |.sl,lack 15ng~hsh, I h,) <lmi.i towo., do- II sll.a~lt vIl.;, lihrl +lll h.lR I 1 lle~rO 5 9,11imber,1:nglish, 11 ite endSIr)AnEI;is c t Anic, r itenb ngliC sh, ' C itniegi-, ronginck, cd~n ita 0lirtli is to wea mdr eire. rlr.: d,, e;,+la onlC (h)I (;iO cl~k~. 1II(CAPTAEIN M.11itAT" Nlo VN E IIs i iet I mthliib he i ieho itir istl' in d iunint., r Wlelii, ibm A i n. mn in , Rcya l co v, F SS'lll r mll, llllitll n :,c I Q oituni, ai , y Aln r ountnn l mate 11I,i 11h I,.,llil, d)o +h, r~ lled u e ut Itc hie {dLe, drotiob h gref o i nn' in tilt tuikgil fAinniy rr yl. :Illle I . -!ll lil t tA 'I'IN Ait tswYAI S NIAl' niVAreI.T in 1la, i,, t o:pisia Basil Hlal, Iaoytl Navy, F. L *; ata 6 J>/A t ~n I von .r i eord aciari, I oe nreanc. iy Aa Cionniglnln l voc tot .1NprardciIi wrtiltentm tm iininaet+'2octle, S id lnipendiono IlitioreyoJ Itn, tronslatedl from tih i.ii eat l tllnln, l iv N. lllllrani el y reen, in ol, for S rt No. 7't utof Ilnticel' tERmily Librury. n o. 'oto S -t i itl' ltie niw eolnllllta cnd unitarln edititn 4 f I.itsti'Z.oz l+'. Ilorke. otiRogtir's lrur nd DSnn¢ish Dic-ioary. in 1 vol 3,o . ng g Angrot's Frnmcli and EnIflish Dielioaaly. tmw nialre olqiirruf Coontb'lsPhreoelagy diii"I~r., lriincieS(otllaoiocccofoapcriorq os h,cl ' whh C(·lainql4 Ililtillii'd IhillroCP1-4 enr I 2 -` inc iel (iil~lo's rp ow.llU~l iielalie L'erl..lnllinlelllnl"le"rs wlg~itl cfl n t1·1··i mcii cntlc eonto, rIiy Int, .IENS. l.f\lY. SIN R'. tItt'VISI'I'EI , by thie oatlillr o Ayear randi, 'nldra.ln harnrotras getnernllr appirablhe ls ithe \>iaarigaies fl Nortlt America, by (' Turanl r Esq The Political (ramnnnar, of the United States, or a i' ll p le . Vilac v w ot'th c theory and I lla l ie of Ith, gean ira Iandl satae g' eannlllll , itlht thile retliloinOs hettecn them --ddienlcll ad ulti ld to the yaunllg Ien oft'e UIltod "l iell ,l Iv t a Sl lie'Ii , I:'a . 'imr'odas I!aaltinaa Tours itrrspersatl with character islie nacaadotes, salaingt and doinigs af spnrtin nel, in cludilng notices ofathe arinruiaill craek raders oflEnglatli whill analytical conltents, id a gneral index of nalel,2 FORl Tit: CntRaaE o .rofaln or King'nl Evil, ('bronic hrhumatism, Chronic a Cutaneouls Dis- Paias in the Bones, by free osesauase of lnrollry the blood being in vitiated state oMcr 'Tl'is very concenltrnated Syrulp is Irepared with the greatest phlllr leutllicu lre ai t ccurny,aland contain thee ative prlnciple ot" Nn'.n mrillu in Ithse t cancan I Iraeted do;gre e Ci llrln wit ! ntl ler vegtn blo aeb stuncan rs ofa nlOWat lienac. T'hle garta dlesi'l.rattnum with hlvsicinna in being abl to exhibit it loi'e illulltity of Sarsaparilla in a Ilng dos, has Ib aaen lttihed itl thls are araltiona-ltey, beinlg fillyv convinced ot'itl Inrits,canfidentlv administer itaaacornaa thletiir pratlice. " t'riae $1 50 par ioatdt. Sold only at SIVAIN RlO'TIIEI'S dralltg stlar, Ni. I tCanal streol, wis' may be Ilad, fresl ndtt geaanilne, dire Ifront tie tprarnio tor., Snuiln'stat Panaet an Verolltitge, I'Pottear's Ci.tatil con, Carpenter's Preparations, and a large and goners assortment of fresht dru gs, til I'PLNNDCK'S ROME, &re. i)INNOCK'S IMPROVEDI EDITION OF DR 1 Goldsailth's Abrldglnent of tile ilistory of Romat to whlich is prtixled an Intrudol:tlon to the Study o tenlalit liastory} atd a garet variety oafvlanble ihirr Ination added lltro .lultao tte wortk, on tloe Manllenrt oltitttions and ttitiat of tlen Rit oansn wilt an I mteroas biacgraphicl and t listorieal Notes; and qanei tionts fir onlanllantion at tlon ed of enclt setion. iLt Slusatted with tlirtyenganvings on wooan, by A, birton IltnaaOC 's IttproveCd Editiona of D)r Gotldsnlitht' Iliatnry ol England, iomel tile Iavasion of Julius Cp sar to the denltt of JGeorge id, with a oli tiuation to the yea 1832. Vit qlla itn Ionb ar exainnt ationa the end o aocll section. Besides a variety of valuableo infunn tion added tiroallgailot the work. Consisting of table of cutntaelprasy Sovereigns and emtinent ersortlns Copious explntatory notes. Remarks on ilett pl tin, ataaners and literatur of tilte age. At atiltine tio Constittiona, &c. S&e. illstratead by many ongrnI Guos' ELE.MtT OF AItrttntaNoty, and an Aoridgmel' of KReilt's New 'I'reatllts on the Use of (Globes. Nor 4 Atncrica aoditiai, wnith additions and isprovement ntt all oxpltion of the astronolllic part of tlhe A.l rinau Almalnanc. Just received and for sale by WVM M'KEAN Iov 24 corner ol'Camp and Comlnon stS HtAIPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. [(, 1DACE, translated by Phillip Franie, I) D, witle i l an palpedlix, entaiing translationas of varinousl odes, &e by lien Joaton, Cwiey, Milti, Dryd an Pope Addison, Swift Clattertoo, G Wbakfieldi, Porlo ttay'n, & .. and san olf th oroe emlninet pot.s of ti dojy-and .'IItEby RUS, wit thile appOnlldilx iudius tranls i ted by Christalter SJltlart, i: 2 vrlt formintd vollnalI atad lJ fHettrla als Cluseaical Libearv Th IEtxlpeditiln of IIUttPI'IEY CLINKER, by Snollctlt, Ill D, wilt a inu t.ior of the Aunthor, by Titnas Ot l lseoe , lsq, new edition, with illustratloni, by 13 ,truiksnall k '1'TIIa iSi1'; a 'rlby the aothnr of nPincretis Mlaiory oil! urguan ,y," & a., editioit ,, ,2 e ls I ullpI I'iUL. 'LIFIORD; by the aubliar eo "Polit' The I)iaI tr !d," So, being volume IVl nth..ow tar IntfiEt aur' Contplaen Ml'ks. Jest.rceisrA sale, WM MnKI;.A -) IACON IDUES--36 casks Ciaclieoati .wpo -- lnnl lie' fota Itltlelsta tloat a e e. and I Of n SI J aOGERT .i & IIAWj

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