Newspaper of True American, March 1, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 1, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 121 CENTS, NEW ORLEANS FRIDAY MORNING, ' EBI UARY `?S I039 1 ot,.. Tero; ef.tho NewspOapr Preoor of iLews Orleoo uuanitnolv agreed to ot an adimournl Inmelig o the Propriletor,held on the 13l.offrh lliarch,1837. o0scoRtrptooo.--'wovto Dollaro for the daily pa per anntu o, payblo somni-aoutolly in advance: ten dollars (fIo the ri.weoody eountry papor, poyablh one rear in advaule, Where no citvy-ference is given. No Sobec:ription will bt diconoolired' until areornrges are settled. In oare ol di contiotence, one oweek's notice 'i dio wrilg iW.t on invoriab y given, previous to th to rprmeton of subscriptino. n ADVO.Irpel Orne dollar per rostinro for te.h firstlti osertlonr adloir that .wico for recht sulhserqnet one: Ir an materil alteratiotn ron tlhe origloin ndvortoernent w wi be charged as a new one. ytARtLY AeV0RnTlts) ..MrCle ants and 'Prtn'or, tir orty tdolare fa Eogloth alone, ndl sixty loor both Ian- co gtfe Banks, Insurance Otfirs, ant other i:inr aln ubll instlitutions, fifty dollars in English only, ando to, Spighty for both langnt oge; ship nottd Stomnbo,,toloc- oe lore, or Cotrotieeloo moareh antN sixty doron ron El;glishoa me andoightv for botth tlanungogo. MAk .IAOas, Olt oRo Y Nortcus, and artirtlcs nll- r .ing theli attention of the pohlio to oanio or propoerty, ic erds of panoger., bonAits, &c. Be. will he ohtroot e " roa dollarper the hrst insertion in oucl lah I Co.l. ltcATrtoOS or AdvertisetOnott of any peroo- oh SaIlture, when ndmltsible, hall be chaorged dobtt, ol, a nd -in dvan oe, dA oduoton of twnty-Coe per cenot. oill ie mnde tor Auctioneesr, Slerfot, Rogioster of \Vils,nnol ltrhoholo ot sales of real estate, puolisoIed in lotth lallgnonges, ho mad 50 per cent. in Eng lsb alone: 0 torcetn sot l .f other property.. . Auv . o# IIODT out t of to' direct line of buh-noe n of the dwaoletaer, .ch aoo lg at, actionttod plotto ti : Ion saleO rnawoy o~0roel., stray anotons, &.o. &., will rl be charged for sepa.teoLyo pad at the ortldiary rato. ho AD voRTI5a000 TOs oot specIied o o toltineo, will he it pud'libshd one mouth, and charged oecortlintly t .Uaadrprtisaamnts of hbnkruptcitn will be pobliohrdl h :,n smy ease, iotlea I ahl for precionun 4Ie cirthon, or t J+ ,Inpaymenan .. t.. din. e respotniblel person in ton. ' Thesatres and other plaeos of nonaemron, daily or thLe seasoe. to be ohntrged t100 fir tnglish a- f 0 one, and $150 in bnlot Innogona. Al announeeento of CIo:!io:tO'O Ioo political othler, will hbe charged double thle prin of tthelr advortlse-o O fwing to tie immen..e loo oeoetninod I.y noLcspcrtlor ptropietere, toshey have rome to te ct clusit ot tht tle naoncs of peonsr whoso accounts hlnvn uot boon toid ,within one month after presentatlon, sthtll toe octde natowa (m far as practicablet to eachl otltor-.they obli 4atiag themsolvees not to advertise or print to soeh eiiiuaunts, unless in case of advaRnce pa0/ctOl. L, tod) I C. DO ST. Ot °ES P. P. REA,A J. C. pRENtlERG.AST, JOHN GItBSON, LUMSD)EN. Weekl Prres.--WVe thto ondersniged, agree to nbille *th the ab coooitioo, s tr as they are y.pltcnblol to (lw l papero. A. B. t.AW:IRENCt, L o luhsoription Ore taken for t less tlol fi onuths Linoro ill c.op. be Ph00t ptid. STEEL :NSFolt'ioNoo. lot 1, d.. pr4 + 0 ,, DDanel Webt ..pclt, Felott tliologrh brrl.in0 Cngress largo do Perryopa oort l, 0 It, do small do il , sit d. Windel's lIndlr do to d ouble pol enn do imperial 1t.111PittlO0 OIntl 1 Gillol'n barrel do do Nnoioonai do And Gillot'o Colomorroit, folr osale t D \VID FEIl ' & Co, °tl (Chnol'0s =,t fell N ' ooSolloionoo, I lall - Ltf3aft & 1 S O.&00 ti5l loloto ,A7 10.1100 galotto 1ioluoso- 00 plotoon i000i000l lotao tio ctfoyforeotle ty ADAMS & IVIITI lIt, foily tor oot ly .- : .GLASS.-l0 boreo in store fhor 00t. btv rfel Sf All & IllIIIOWN, 0.( looaozoor nO 1. 0by Mears. Kellv, larri, & Co. i'.I oottioen givt ea the lot Febrtoar--n;ply t' to ow RT'lCfllftlt 0:. Jo T1'AGFJUI IT. _.o. c• otdr, o 't, & M ..'0o.ine t i [ AY'S LINIMENT.--No Fiction.--Thi ex in traordinary chelnieal coiltposition, the retul!t iT11 So.ef science, and the invention of a lelebratd meli - cal lan, the introdtt' , n fof whic Lto tithe ipu'bl 1 was invested with the .soluoilty of a deathbed ,hhqUoSt, has since gained a repCtatioen oy 1 ll,.Ir hd, j8 futlly sustaining th correctiiit of the aito m, n doti Dr Gridloy' la-t eonttleei.i, tlhat "Ile idar,-ll not die without giving to iostfrity thi blu, fit of Ili, knowledgn on th is ullject," an d he tirter ,bequoathod to hi fiitend ant d attndt l t, ot lo:no,, t ;Hays, til • ee et of Ili, disouvery. SIt is now utd ii th iniriplal hehit' , ani the private practice ill our etiii'y, i certainly for tl.f cl iltie o h llta , atl e xuti i I sivoly nid eteluctally li to btil, crihiliIt{y, ulle;' ti where its olTheto are witue' 'd IExtcrltelVi y ii if followilng olep!letv.o For Dropsy--Crea o ini exr.orudinariy alor:b t.r': at one.. All Swellings-R.lhcinil tIh 'i ill fw hu,.r Rhlumatilt-t-Acite or :Chlroille, giving qilti ki Sore Thront-By Calnces, UIers or Citl n. 'Croup andll Whooping Couigh-lExtrn.illy, and i over the Chellt. All Bruises, Spraois, and Brnlll-Curin iiin it few hours. Sores and Ulcers--Whether fresh! or long standing, and fever nores. Its operatitons upon adults and children in diue ing rheuomalic swellings. and loosening coug k and, tl tightneau of the chst by telaxation of tlhe parte, ',K. boon surpreintg beyotd coloiietif it. The eonmmoon remark of thloseo tha lave used it in the I Piles, is 0'It acts like t clhari." I TilE PILES-- The ltrieo, M1 is ritrnded to any person who will uso t bottle of Ilny's Linimittit f .for the Piles, and retour the emlpty bottle without being oured. Those are ileo positive orders of the proprietor to tile Agents; anld out of llanlly thou. sands sold, not one has been tunltcesei'ul. WO might ineert ceirtiifltataf i any letIItll, buti prefer that those who sell the, sholuld ex - Sbit the original to purhellasers, s. CAUTION--None can lie gentilnO withlout a splendid ongraved wrapper, oil which it any nlial.e, and also that of the Agents.OL Sold wholesale anil rnetil, by C:O1sTOCK & , ,Co, New York, anid by one l)ruggist in evur iow1 town in Slie lUilon. For olle bo the \VholesaIla Ate-nts, corner of Cotn.non &, "Tl'touliitoulas street, and by the / -Apothlecaries geerall . f I:lo 1 n(U Sr. - Nt ,I 1D i'1nill NSO, ie II Iel ir ease l trii a:i , ca i fola. hle i ertie. it the . .. rte tt ti ' .non. Vnel utl Disea; e in all its dlifrtlll ii flit. Dr.Jhanon, fioCOll a re-idce of iiota t years e ili H italsii . Euroett, devoted to tile treatimunt l oif Veerealt ie)lsoasnee and f mitrl tise itrea It ottn.iV i'aCtiontleo it t thatparticlolor tranitl of tile roile-totlt gotaraitt it a safe, si edy and esethal eintlreto tn tsch pron tiur. are tinbled waitli sto of tile thllflfig diseoe. ri'.:-- GottorrltIta. it fene, t-. eli 'oes, Chtt-iir , l fittltolo, . ·8e ilia r We k, .+, ltLti ona oflhe I Il rler idIiey+, S lins, Urlhra, Prt'iielelll (;laol, Swelledl re re, tEroptisos itll mt e Skill aore TThr atl PUoinE in the Ao medicinen i itet cc Ieio in ,e oh' nithed of nur.ollsaoll t Ios i tlie geine r oly tifole BaronLarry. a rfelebrted ,rrt.iih Sergeollland wits loed by hit i durig the e.'vora reilpiutllii ill whili heir - served as Surgnon ' |enii etr ili tIe Ibr'lifh Aruit y. S - old by Ur. Johllson, at lii= oilice. 'I lo.e irrsonsi having any affei.tou of Veletreiai I)ineaer, nltl i,'iote taking sea voyege. or reotnoultg hi the Ietntry , o uul do well by givit.g Dr. Jolhnson i call, its proler itedli vines fo r :ei' in the f lortetsttitue n bti e lult til with written directiols fun their use. ' Oice open from 7 in the norning until i0 o'clock at night. ABiEINTtIY'- DSPP L'tJ l.IS.[ 1. Dr. heretthy, tSi greatest of ittg!ift sooirgcota wit opinen thirt nsl.-tectlh of the diseeaeo tSht offect manklind origiate iii the stonaeh. Thin .lfixir tes atod by hsilm wiltlh the omt uitprc'detttec l iiULo:e-L' iii Sphi prvato and pubilb praeotlic for Uilfoirds of forty ' years, fur the rentoval of ihe followitg disceto: Loss tfnlttetite, Flattflieunvc, i toitifit of the Soel aehPoin iii the silt', lHetviollneotf tho Ilead told inltli antitn to sleerp,lrrulenrity of therlltowefh, ondl in ll cases where Indigeotion or a t otiv'e habit it found to This medicine mutt nn t lie numbered nlnong tiro hunt of quaclk notlrnot ilow lifore the po1bii, as it is tit setole invention uf lth ablest nd noitos eeientifie surgeili Europe ever produced. and the rsect f u O'.pre'ill it was purehasml by the agent for a very large Sttillt. if agrensaole anaI pleasaet to tilhe tlte, acts its a milid oler iemt.alway keeps the bowels fire, iimpaftis vigor ond steesgtn to the systei, and cheerl'tIeso ti the mlud, 4 n nda few bottes remlotve the mlterte.nfirmtoel cries of Dysieplpa or lndigestionl, and peenoti a tootret at lny efuore | tried. New tYonx,17ltl AIgIst, 1838. S I 35 iMadisol.stroOtl. Sat:.-lttcoenequenecoflendit-g it eleutcry life, I I avbeen troubledt, -ire or leso, with tLioeotieton for n eari'; lir the last thireyeare loly. therings haove b. llnspportoble. I have Stied several physiouitt, a .taerofquaek ,nedieines, witthiot deriving ny I. I dltllrred of ever obtafnin an permateOit and resigned nmyselfrtole t o io 1t lIlpeleos desti ir [ u ptrtuadte ho teInity Irfeodt to tre Aberteetthy's optic I:hliir. I tave nowfihoited lie fonmth hot Iiand knd w nit how to Reapre- my w oiraton of its eerfuf virtueosand the ntni-ocllo i t perfiormed in re lag noe to that hteallth which I: 1 Itightlt ot lir cv fied ie, Ihalf a dozon bottles it t, and except h.nks for treboeihings you lhave . erredl y re= nu to lelttlt Ihealth. S -remain 'nnrs, -J .2JICol1 M()N It.Ot. snt~en !tai, il Ilk llleronill| save huadred tes r. als gttnitroio Itlhe abo ve, fithe ex0lntrdilary vir hof tltitntii ine. i dt l by apfpohilt-et,olit, ut.De mtae. Il1 tiBiet.'illt etr'iel. nov.5 VI V-~ I'INSACOLA MANSION HOUSE port NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. ncce T brlll1 l subseliherihviig purlhneed tie lea nd for will c nitoreof Ilis well known astabliohlnenl, ifeen Alr io Taylor thle late proprietor will be ready to receive ic - ter by tile let al' April next. Numerous and costly iilprovementi will be found in tile relmnmlente of tbu Minion Hiouse. New ailli noxe cxxowduleous bolhion4 lioxenes will ice dilt, nod warm biathl will lie provided at all hours. A loible will be attaclled to th houso, wvih good accumnilnnda tions for horses and carriages. Fi:st rate mhrses and 't csrringes will also be kept fir hire at mioderate Iprine cop lnid pail sid row hotlc wile h ii )Clls tio mInxage Ihem o icir tdIm t11o oxfvilccr s. Ililliiards alid xihicl Stxlcnixllll t wix ennsally fIound tl I atering places cwill also be lirnilhed, l lnid slll coducid ti noti to i erfcrth cilt e cltfriii )r lii anl qulet of the bnrdlers. 'Ilina w aino acd liqiuors will vici bie of the best qluily, and to ensure a ull smIply of ' ieac, a cargo Ils al iready Iu ordered, wliich will arrive pip abutn iile It al lMay. 'te ir Fredrlick Ixunard, who feormerly kept so polclar ho a hotel atn Waxliicton ciltv,oill condecl ilei Iox Ix for ithe proprietor, olco, witlh'such aid,olcidetlll assures ill fie vinilrln of alst 3eIr, aiId hix fiie'lds geccrcilly, IIht |Cg they will rnccive every poesilde cttentiun; and thereby ace ex tsei to give geircIl salistlaction. acii Tfhe lcal adc ttclx gx s e l" tho a hlousc ner too well e known to ied n leug. encd dleocritiin hcelrc. eiti faclts tInt PenaIrllta is bte larest naval estatin of tle I (uvc'llmrnl; l tO e gcirl reundzouxls of thie lGulf squd eon; tihe sdl'rjiy of il climate refreshed cosloantly du- 0oi tieg the ulnulcr onolluh by til coolest I reees frontx rie GCulf, tie inaltrty the bly and tdnnd delicacy orie to ixlned' xid rivers; ine cIcundonce aid ilelixcoy of Inc th ic wilh wlielh the ntenI .boundlcl; anid is ptIoxliity to lth best Southern cicrkets, b ive PI'enocol tile prI. - I(relem over nil oicecr pxaces in ihceo laoriludes, nsl licullhi y cld dilixhtliul uillllcer retreait. I'snt rate bonts will ru I between Pexneolaoc and Mo r bile, nd will ic all timcs Ie al.l to takce tle ptmssengers foc thb Note (lrlecnxsboatti. N PB N, OLD. SPnncnotla,1 Fel. 15th, 18380. ft" (;lntlmcin wichilg to engago roomi fur their fcccccliei cai ciciid ecso thue iiircii r, at Pcesacc la, cr 3er Sr'c,,'ll T 'I'nylor, the lonxic proprietor, at Now er. Referece. do T' Sanford, Eq, Mr C Cullhn, I MicAli ineq, . t. Kibby, in Mobile; 8 T Taylor, P P 1Ra, Esqi, in Neci, Orleans. ol P S-A letter bng, to receive commuwnications for ' poersos at the ebove hotel, in placed at Ge Whlitmaen's otice, 51 St Charles Exchange. foc FI.ORIDA ROUTIE FOR NEW Y011K. IS. 'Travellers desirous of takoing the Florida route, lin t via Pensecola,to the North, are infcrmed that irst rtl o aits wiill conslnly run fron. Mobile tI Pensacola,nxi leaviug Moulile and Penseola every iother day aoler the Ic of lMay. Goled talge will ul:voys be pxovideld ny tlie cuber;licrto be is readincess to take lpassenexr fron iMoblile, iu cUaeo f re failurIe of the boatx N IL A0NOI.D. lii Th'Ie tcnchioat ChImpnion loaves lobile or I'ensa d coia twice e we.kl fiih 9; Iv e Ni',ltlllS & C,, N( . 31 Citrre.E n t.e oc, c. a- xcl renving daily frocm their ho sc i in Piiladcllp iai, n at eleganc nnd completle assorl'ncet ll siubitccnntial and flashionale clothing. They invxll Ix, atlen tiau ol the piblie, ne they nr 'e warrnnt d it anying thalitoranllgers anld cilizens Ctilot furnish Ihlui ac:vhes more ndvautageously in any city in the i N. 13. A few d zcIn elannt ivory nuille tim- Ijun breclhs, frcmc 32 to 36 in'chen. Also, ca lreie lot Ni i whic pilne paii:i) i blox , v O rion. seizes, very low I :nving sutullolus haair from the faie, neck and oll Il L'l. & AI.I.EN, I ]a I, 'I:xlchAnnie ltl, c.r ki (clol1e< & (lmlna sl t ti , it ITiE1"1RIgec..5c keg,lGdhlllt I lle at d nr fr by )Ol T FO) It·l.Un...A i plt nah nro lln a n, t of 'rerncll yVrl rn ti lg rsl l, - -itu ea h ntl IItt .t a+, pir ,.ll. Iy , jd Ymu. Sst· nr ll 11.11 2& ClI( I .. i l o t IA' 1 ( I"- \\* )lllg.-- iz: i l Ch The Y r oi ili\ 'llI 'l'hr Yo lg ,\h·111111 el e ,r Ih' \\'tli ,\ ,\lAllt', S lllr il l 'llnum' I li . h '1 o11nolli e t1 i I i, anI d li ut i el i 11 Fi ' j I'_lli cc ilcnnll tiPEcIl. ANl)h.lE:S-- 3i ic c .--r""dlcl i. n uto'ioi v g, li o, i" prtl 1,.`.,noi I, llo un.U ho-pl) och C,nI0 IrI, i nl rIlpht, Irolm I"t 1 ,thO'e,, is ' 'ha xi 'ni ll I " 1\i ll cccll Ill ' f l ulll il;" Ilj 1 ck Cl, II hzi rl .n I hi , rt rl Piil 0'-! --Ii n, . i ied r Oil :0 i wahroet, br. tr rpt a oy 3l ten, +i 5 f ItN lic laid k I lieii. S~ ti 4T . iccE c i r , cc-icec ' x ,c n I I & ca^lir i I) iiA) ' u oE ' )--l n bntC. O r I ti r ah10 b ut 3 .itt diANT I IT ItA I"I, blil li,,.dlsG t t I i tl 's t., ill thi l rC tivl lit m ill In sortllln ie , Il l u t all i ,. o, r ,t I, y w-ill imrDic cit Ccl-cci I ua 0 .i d . (:c t c Gcs Ocl l.l. '1.-. l 0l O1 t PILii.hCT |i Coal, ii. -1 S & .cll llclcic i - ie Io ihr Cll r llll llq'. , I 4I oI. r icc CedY fIreiveid Io the 96sce o ti fa criberl , ln hll ) ,e f hpl raclrei is nno lltc, nld il, l kill.e' c t V Liiiici ni ufii ndccc iciof I cci'i//i,, /i, iciw th ii-h('h r t'd with eilliegnce nd published i English allud FeIClnt i .I no ' Teilturnt fxr Iullcs arWe cunleittd l icot, ac cce f 01 18 cw elIc'c ,It) IfVNdoc lxganzio e st ine /on ci , Ifed ift/ i'c'cc 'x i ex-i c clr coccic ekilo ls ` tIl ed- cTi--I' Ogc aaeUll IickE Ilusiiai, &x lcll3 L lccd I re I) d Af P ice I ccI o ii13 1wth aizilln axt B URNI1.\11I'S DROPS.--ThIis medicine was S diacoverd by the proprietor and has been sub jc'ed to his carefr l obsIervnain n fmi many )enir il eve'r vare'y al pJactice, and all the disenna , of tIle :iverniiced Amelrican clinate; and iti i ot given, to the public with the utmot coutidcn.e and beligve ithat it is, as m rst clearly ast forth in the pamplrlu' arcorp:tnying the eame, the best meli cine ever tlrown within thel reach if a' clas:eas of scienty. Ir is ith the ereatesl pro.lrie.y civcn in tll the maladies which afllict ti e human r. ce, fron t'ir establish"d fact, that, il hen talt n into the sto' mnlcl it actsnacoordina ti tie slate of the stoin ach and the niture of the disease, tihcer as an nl llare, diurti, sudirlti ex, eaetorancn , r crp. rres Medicrine. T'hat it is really wia: it purports it he, reds o lya trial to satisly the mIost incrednolus. The fact is doily raomnin to the hnuwldcer of the Ipropri rs uof its beneficial and saving efflects in cases of the agri' nd lver,billio, s, Itph as, ner. virus anid starlet fevers, influe.z., violent colds, dyrcsterry or flax, dyspepsia ,r mnaslae, niesty ithn that they are lnot onllt .arranted in warmly recomlnr ending it, butl they ae called ipun Irotl a scase Ul duly weins( they olwe toi thie human Iuaily lo say to all, try itnntd you will bhar ample rstll ony o all we have a tin the su'rject. The h ritslfte lrr irilf, worst scourge which lhe Oevervisite I or criuhotry,lr has been sueressfuly eronl qucred the l apr aietor il thirleen caers t\ith the use of this nedicine only, withourt it es ofr a single patienl. The medicine is pe gared only by doctoas IBUIRNHA.\I k DAVIS, Sr. L luis Mrissuri ; and is put up in phalas each aceontpanied with a Iain and distinct direction, and containing iabout sixty Sdaces, to be had Ufr seventy five cents, whiel i makts iit n tuch the cheapest itredicine ever toffered to Ihe public. The above medicine is sold wholesale and rat il by our taeaits, IInry Bona:lbeal, 1) uast anit Apolithary T'clhrupiroulal ter,-er. New Orlcannr 1 10 half hbla familylv I, lour, 95 half bbls Philadelphiabuckwhout lpeal, 100 (lbarter do do do 100 I:ighth do ido do 300 Halipers extra sizaed nvcre potatoes, 1it small l lnlucesler hre, 5l carnisteri. preserved salntlll, i20 boxes Phitldelllhia anssorted preserves, t r- Just rceaeia'lal f ur alebva i G V Pti UITllUI) &J(I ci ,J cur. , lan ý- a L OMBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans 1 Li.e of Packet Ships.-'Tls now line of ships has been expressly built to run etweoen theo ahove ports, and will be floind of suitable dralf of water: accommodatiodatns for passengers, and every effort will be omado to give general iatisfaction, The hloi is composed of tho If lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J larding, Carolina, 40011 do S Lemnisl, Clharleston, 374 do 1)D ldridge, Colinb:hana, 655 4o G Barker, Seaman, 240 de J liowea, Bomllbay, 625 do 1) ;uinphrey. Tho above ships are all now, of the first lass, copper fastened and eoppered, commanded by men of grrent egpFieunce, havo largo accomnlmodations, j wit i a separate Indle cablin; every attention will b It paid to Ipasemgere, and the very test of stores pro n, vided for them. se The packets will bo towed up and down the Mis ei sissippi, and the strictest punetuali y observed in it the tnli of sailing, and should tire regoular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good ti will inu all cases be sulstituted. A sllhare of patron- T ago is solicited, and tie agents pledge themselves to B accolmmlodalto as inuch as practicable, to receive v i san forward goods by s id line at the most moder. i ate charges, and to advanoe all upoii es on goods oshipiped, if required. Ti ships will leave the iLt and 16th of every 1 monthl. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MERRIIITT, 82 Commow at. N. B. Advancemonts made on conlgnsime::t it to Messrn. A. C. Lombard & Co. nlov127 A-IEfICtAN itII ANDYoi G nh; lantter, &c. A II barrel lnAmerican lBrandy, 20 hegs G(Ioelien uttic, s b1Xe1 n stnarch, e0 bgs Buclkwheat si.el, Llldii do ecaiiaiers do., 0l Ialf srreol ineA sllt d, Land ng frol ship Adrioid:bih, for sa!e iy 'e5 G W I'ltlTtCltAtl.L & JO . 1 IW MUSIC-- , Native unsic; The (Cnvern Bali JN n' a ritinglig reviig lade; Nevar Desrpirl Oli donlty eeelnwllr the bealiul gladl in Ilth nloLi - SiianeefI;' 'lie VWhie Hofre of the Pelillers; Tho'i I eollie and O IIove thnIOu art iiner nri, lig iy Mli. Shoe rifl i the igranll Iolanntih tlOera AIeIiJ; Good Nig It h l'te ineetlig and parting; I care not fur sprilg ona ee fiBkle wing, by II ILussell; lolle, coic, thiiul art in coo row A Life oil ihe Ooeano wove, by II lisioell; She watched for himi; E roi let fall a tear; Come to I- It ionroii g; 'er tlie walers bhy mooniigh; 'lhter. homelIo +like utv own, srrnsied for tln harpy Th' L.nlrree.- Royal (botiels, by A IlI.eIheI .lieell Victolri'a' Courl Suadrilles. Just received icdi r el liv ie 19 B CASEY, 19 Cainp st SL\V GOOl)8--ush & Aclh have jue recived a splenodid assorimen or line Faency Gtii ioitld,o i.ii hil for I'arsrt:rs, conlpri.i.i ladies' writing itea, d'esn eae: work boxea, loitesal l boxl,, plirflies, needle Iritikl tI ilerl, shell aid ivory, card cases told s veirs oi i diln t oii irl an ndg.otl; pocket iiiikepi' 1. eis, ilicr t glroioe, glld d 4ilvr 1iirnil. pelflery ei ilh kiidsi, e illerv. ie, at ýIl f1 [.l.iA , d9 cd2 r rSt IChrles & Commonn st,1 xlm e TO TIl''E ADIES. TA fKINSON'S 1)I'EPILIATOIltY, tr remllving r u plerloous Iir frio theo feef, neck andl arm, with Ie It ual se.y soid certainty, leaving the akin finer IIal whiter than l lore tne aplpliation. A fresh supply I- I jusr received Iil GUI)N'S, io Ne IVu Elnige Hotel, corler St Cnarle lil)d Cmotnl. - FAI,, & , tINTEIi CL'IOTlllN.(:. id F P. FREllIIMAN & CO., Ni.. 3, Magazine srh.t, I n l are rleceiing thelir supplies of Fall llid Winter i I Ch.liain, sod ,ill luntihnI to recii eive shilmoents reuou ! arly tlhrounleout thI seoron. Thleir asorltmeit being i Twr will en lI Ih ln m o slU lly ti, rch l,. fti'tc r tl eol iiu tr , (t lie e. orin.t ot le furaw wholeso f e ale SI & re ti l, iil alcli oi atiini g erli ,. I ALL A.4lllN 1)1 rg e,, subecribers take leave.l ini irt thetr patri ts, 1 and tl Iej ic et. sIi , thara t Ithey are now paro I e Fash i able lattels, s 1.xtl.ange Ih-tel, fi - l.1no. ," . Cha lliis at p w _ el ,ed in ,,as ., suit pmrhaser, d, r,-r; lei, at the cas 11 it, 11 it nn :11.1.." 1',,. Pl1 1 i Ii Ihw -Iat Ituhi. S ille T hO, n nr:'v I )m n . h l e r , .i N o la Iv l Th it Ih r o" tlet ' ai .-r , tot I l ei - it .. t "td , n u l I Il Ijlh. n Ghu, ill., vI,. 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I l l I'1: . l)- 0 kfells 50 anti a, tre at r sale by ll S2 ta 0 .\NIIN IL Tc nlda it .'lua st iN a 'a i ,tiN a . i aIt a-i a tt;.atI recive.., atI otz. 1e .J I-i-0Itcb ' 1 tl .l Lever Cu .it n r , IPresses, III tulle D ad DAVI XS r 1m ll I i' io, Sfe. 1 N Y A i\ll I Aa ia. in rall, 2e1 Ct haaieta sa . Lt IN b OIll,-1 si - t t ' at alllt se i elpl r w re tnn it a ed lih ol w ll ta edt ; a -i ula t iga ll tun it ellc " bs y lr al e by I fe'- 3 S COtl S tI & C, Ce8ti FIta in at N I-ttr e hydllo all i-its It large Fssorlitle A .f" Il t ,aa tall N ca talei alllr l , tItitI tne hl l tatt t li' 1I901P1e I.IOSIh It BitAtRtSe eubscie Y. d S1a , anr's todl ru ) l ,r ucb ere oler-. torn shel! rs, l -in t ( rlet clte r arndli every oler varietiy u ' Naw al a tia tor aoala y rai l l as nd g; rl seeds;e i jI e oAk L on lgtcul n tr ban ,ld aiagemlent ttantalk; toit a tll 13 11115 ee111u i tol nrId p s ta at e elaata! ep EIg nae y, 'i a nd dttrtipc in ottia el mrile for tah atc, lrnp id by Sh A nsou i le. 1r bho Shall t Browail, ahet te a Npp :aioledfaa t fr TIihin e &t idON Aent. ia OBEIT SINCLAI a Jr ie-Co., 1r9 Seedsmen aed lMhtnu'thlrcl , Baltinmore and J II tyuraot; lfar tlle btaty j-l-i ISAAC I RlOWE IS &o 1C1 Nlrlga.: i .Cata l I -_XC!IANG_ _ oi- N w.- --rk - f a y -. ILA ANlI'".WS & 1!1.O'S, fell 50 tnill s reelt i ,- t iA i.-25. -l 0 I ,a ti " oi,- Inip.umai,lul , i Or sale Its I by IEI(SII I NE, llltti\\'N & Co, ub tell .9 Conti t . CIhairlet tilchlr;ou'tclmn alte i a volaa. A la, Not o. P ioe Nihl as Nickleby, jtatt receivedl, lllfar r.le bd by at t S i'KE.\N, i he fail . c_ r Cenm.a ad Co mmon _trccts att df tt l It'Y hhd.... ad tifi..., f. r ti. le byA V in ja!8 9 li tIa ta at Nt3 aarea11 lfladk4rtatttfe of it.tndBIIIrr S l o pat er s,fu r sale by GO ,S4SIP & C'o, ', article, new style,juat received froth,a ld e, Il sale by DAVID I'I.) L 1taCo, l - Eerl N Y Sllia lela ht ull, '. C It.res at pae t a111- al.- 1'2 Ianriare is . 7 ,letl lai, for etil,f lt in ja7 ABIa\IaA 'I'RaEItte4rPttydra at 1 " 1 0A 1.-- : 7 6 to nls o f tl e hle st F -rg ll sh eo il, w e ll suitl ed s t ..1 for s e t ue boat se , oi n bumr d b: lque tbeoul , from iihý Now Coastle, br aale by HI)LS1ES & MILl.S, ja,!P Bank P'lace. S sa hlmon, la idi ul, fruml shift Charleston, flr sale by fe. B'& J 1-\\ I I'- i'NI.Y, 73 Camup at lio 1 1L31L:L1.:\S-- caa, e, to 3[i in. .laeut l) Ginghaml . ul!relllia lier sanle hav 'e 0 1:eG iS.\ : _B IDG) E &_ Co, , 131 13lenzlnhe sl -.t)IhCON SI DES--50 hhds Cinciunnli, eorel in stao _fli and foreale yv 5'SI'".TSO0N , AVIM., j'29 33 Graaier Fr x I) hlive jest reeived n large aseortument of Wlas leb Tanabtr.l , eelir ters. Sugar Bawls and silver parch s 1ed Ladles alld tod-ly ipu ias, wvliich (hey offer for stlae law ja0"2 B BROWER.& Co, 17 Comap e ait, ATI7'N Letter l'aperi Gilt elred, a very Slllentlid ans S article. of every Il.lnr, quality and size. Also black edged Ictterand billel ppler, for sale by • DAVID FELT ', Co, I-111" POLISH tRPI!AN, or Vitaleiltidee--At alhe b . y the author of the Swiss Heiress.' j t received and for sale by A.-"I't WAR, jan 30 49 t'aep at nVery article in " nttonsrr retlty moade, or tO oMate r pot uplat short notice. Whttl'ltilhl or relail, lldt o / a pprlved credih. ' s 1tt ¶ 3110 sill BAIDNES. b A BEAUTIFUL head of hnir is the grandest oran, n ent belonging to the human frame. Hlow slrtanes y the loss of it changes the coun'lnance, anhd preorm dtrely Lrings on the nppearanoe of old ege., wnhich c s sea nlayto recoilon at fete neoleere.oennd smtO eiao .1Ct even te sheta lcie te to avoot the eoto and eidcer of their ecquait.tonee: the eooainder of their lives are e Ion oequently spentin retieemnt. In shert. not evn the oInssof rtnpertv fills the gen erous thkohing voth witll tie that nntvv sinh gloensn ans dots teel los of i:ie hair. tl' To nvert til tisoerounieenanet cirle nstntees,0)hlhieldes' an ualo of Colenlta stotnee hi r hir frose felliue oflf'nn tlo on firet npplientien, nod a feNw bttles te1 Arcs it srrit. It sel likeweise prodtoue eesterowno and wlilskers; Irevents tiree , slir tront tkoninor gone. nsh.en it aet Ihen.t.lflls, ond hIl, frees it frnon seur. INueeroe eoretiate 'of thie firest w hesn'.ectanility in eeorn of ltoe orteers of Oldridge: h pal Baln, oara elhown ee Ihe proprietors. to IoRend the folllwing: ilo,et WRomrton. rsq. tate Mayor of 'l iln I elp't i t eas rertifiert e s may n e os en belose, to hehlolgh .'eara t ter f the fnllnioine '.nti en.ite. ION n Thlie undersined dso eleby etifv herny t et elh ve used ht tie Bllole f (tolrbie eia vorl ed hv .. Oldrioge. ne nd ha.o tConed it highly el rvieen.lo lnot onily n n peIrentlve en raing. the filling ~lrof hair, but alseo oner ctan rvtot tie . P WILLAM 'IlllATClld IlR Sceneor, ih Met!lodel dnineister in St (,irj e cerese, No 86i North Fifth1 t. I l JOIIN P INOCLIS,321 Arcl street. JOHN D 'TIHOMAS, I D, 16f3 Rneest eil JOHN S Il 'REY,fiO t Sprune street. tIe HUlI IcOUIfUI)Y.2.13 Soutth.d st. I JOHIIN GARt),Jr, 123 Arch street. It is kaown flnst thren of n thIe osiov re mor. thun 50o ears of age, and tile others not less than 30. [Fromn the lenvor.] Conmonnwelth ofv Penrrsylvania, Cisc of Phi'ladelphia. l en I, Robert W harton. tMayor oftnid city of Phdihde. phbaincd herby rtify tlhat I nla .ell adqs inted with ,Metrs J P Ingls, Jonlis d Fare c, nd lncyh Cfe irdv l, hole anne nare signesd tsi ltel sve certifaste,tat theyr ls are ngetlesere ofl earnester and resp etahilitr, and asol soch fill credit snoull ee given to tle said celstifcsate. e In wiltlersvllrmof I ,rem hereunto net my ieh I Iand and c os l the seal of the city to be ;flixed, thlis r6th day of Deeemslr, lc. I [L. S.1 lCO/IFI'f WIIAIRTON, ynvor. SOBSEiRVE that acl botl tle fthle fGenueine n, hIl a splendid lenrravd wralppr, on l hich is iepre'nter 5o lste Fnil fNiemlrasre, Ac ' Sol .holenrnle nlln retailnebsr r solee nent feLr An.n rica. so Fleletee, slreet, oeser tleid.sell I.n ,ee ,e I Sel e a'Perlstreetcnn fr by nist druegglso and ierfthuars Io, It' ouglhe iountryol.. JAIRVIS & ANDR1111WS, ms WVhnlesale Agents, New Orlansn. S JORRIS&Ft. C ,No. 31 s .eet, es nso.LI I I c receivg tl i er npening the most splerndid, se- l seoniiel and fashinnn le slsel of Clolbin h te) fi is ave ever xhihbitrd in IJis otnrke, oneneistine in part f the foloineite artioles: llnu, IIet Mhlrie nt blhee, lendn hrnwn, rito, olitve, lonrdon rsnlo i and gohlen olive frock and dress conatsr: baver, I s rrbleand hnrsiotn (refrck oeneas, oregnnlsy 'inis' Sed: faoncy and plain black ossinmero and clrth rnalennets; onrlish and french fanye and pdoeii silk and soatin vess; real new mnarket omfcnrorts I 0 enlitsh and frsnreh fncy ond pl:ain O rfs sod I hdlfs; chanols:. silks-weh and t m-oelasiose ou- chamoss, nicina, ltnl.'s wnotol, e'sh flan-r eeli seill ond celon nos shtets and drawers; line linin and crottn shirts, with Itin !iris tl , pesso and rulll, d;i.nrv peanrl and plain haidle o itel srn. brelles (ellff' '5 premniuem (lweoo-alSon a Ie nlsfilel erlicle of whitee kid fl r e edt din! s r , . al - &c. S ritlhliele sills n, rosnaernn hfe ffs; plIsn, i eur, dnd eel,,rt:deredl Co'o, re do.;sils, ian 's c sh ' r I ec s , lm to r 11e uer n l. n,, I s e AtIN: il12 I.leI'11 (i'.TI N A.--.s SI,€ e s' I -1o t i-,1 lh et s e slCee s I l tr e nOe ie catle ornlu I sCetlss, lr tI'oe :lils ,ld whi.tsleeo t' r ,j , p. ,lrii~ilef (il br, oe', nele v 'e nes oset1 ire usn'l munnn , wit it ltee h t , ' ll te'es clUase s pee- e vest 'e-el , e.rey, eae- v e e ri ,h et t.ell --usit leetg p l s e I ee J. i nee t rsie e ll'e rc , nlld old ,h ld" a nd sendil hy CARdI' IIN &, C,. 31 Canal se. s ile . let s ne t-\V n ?ri'' )dt l'. S AUL UL it, ivAlr,- u '' uuscllw r ron ta. l+-tturCes and,wholesale dealers int s.ddlcryo nt tgo.,dv, are no10. reetiving by Itate rrtials from thi -ad nrth in additi n to their lormer stok, an axten sive ussortimet if articles in their line, among int, whlich are the dllowIngll, viz: a .t.di and ,riss plain. . iald qilted saddlis, I art Y;etl "te's l dol So'nnisit do aCt I do do ira-xilan do " do do Crelo do C iuC Co do Amer. te do d", EoIsoh h do I I u You's do i;nislt di .[ tihe odl do. Cri',,o do , titc Amitr.and Ig. brlles nld bhiimle Imountings, r do d,, mo,,ti,,',s, " i do do do l. i ke do do d, du. he do tin Dray, ranr an.d vntnn d( Soddller bal, dou,!e nlden,!e; vatires; , dic-,l sadi.' bcarts, a s g I s vrel ls; best iron rmeis st do, nssorted s les odll veiarnu styles; htols era asld le pidtol he sii; coach, gi ll, su!klley, twig a ,-d p'anter, all rtp whips- r e.ol,a loarvst, dioittin end leather co tirllhs aind s 'vroait lI sI; rtu, Iole ither-; tr tnk I tha straps and w-msel ril web,; chain -tllnd Ioe Sc titn es; bliad b dit les nod lines; Scu tch collarl , ty aind h.,sennd molecuo'lar,, , of a'lg,:Int s; nwo. an Srocc-,bbutIt ,hear.steeL iard huffali shins; plaited S brass and ieal btiilr thts i;f ev ry description, Spilated, brass and steel spurs of aevrv description; plated, brass tind steel stirrups of every descripa - tion 0 'T'ogetiqr with a complette assortment of every arlicle in their lii,e of business'-tilt of w hich they 1 ouilr for snle on .etcommodltin IcrIr. 'I S They will also continlue to r, ceivte thriogh tie ycer, by tackets froltl Now York, ifrtse sa:pllit sto a keei thltl" stuck l a lli ' 'q t ct ple'd , IleOUIlt , DAVkD+ON & ) n, F< S 8 15 Canal st. RIEsI (GARDEN SEED--The subscriber I i"s I,Igs I ii I expressI his grateful thanks to the )blt is I e, for the liberal support he has icrceived since he I colnmeneed buasiness in this cisy. lh ing s.dle pro prietirofa the seed store, 17 Commolllnl strlet, he is F v not and never was aenit for any tt.oiertin actd s, vender; neihur is hie conneoced aiith anv htuse in lthis rountry-but he asssurs the public that Iis connectioniin eaory departmnt't ol the steed buto F: Sneiss, in the dillirent couottries f Eutope are equal to that of any i.ouse in tih United Statc3. Ilo isi p-rts seeds, plants, &c. frolt the llo-l extensive - and Iespectble nurseries and see Islmel in Flance ro Hoillaod, Englan:, to lannd, and Ihe no ther state's-andal it will at all imes ble his inrert, as iti Sis his study, it rtceivi in addi ion t.i hIi prtsnto ill stock. large arivals of every tlscription,really the til grotlIth of 1838; also, engrafted fruit; tre s, if all Sinds. Tho public imay rely ot findtng a fitl as s ortient of every article in the eoed line, gagenus a inroquaity, and imported direct by . DINN. S F a \r. DINN. ad EIDUCATIVtLN--RI'i.NCl oi.vl ENGLISIH. L Mr J:.m s, tecnlt var.ived a this city, begs leave tnol to inlt-r, the ei iz,'ts of New Oaleans that he will opel sn van dernyon alp lany, 14, Jatnuar , at No. g 19 TID'ulotus street-,i for the ion.tiuoIn ,,o, i youth o by both sexca, h n FiBench I ut)d higlihsl, in which hei ast will he ably assi-itd by Mrs. Jtines alld Mrss. ill-. .heir, aiwho speak Ioth ith-sr lartItages waitt great flueitcy and pur)iy, and whotwit tLae charge ast of the departln, nt o!' the yountg nadies. . r. J itnes will give hL, .htil, aeoantion to tihe tr various branchles aoeduatlotn, tad l ttterrs hintselt i hathlie will give entire sati.taction to. those who - mall ho-inor Iilm with theirnltidnec. nov a I "is NO I'ICE -The tnrship formed on thel nch 28th July ltst, between Jobls , Y.I ylis.e, Jseph A. ow ucard and Charles B. Blren, tit be condu' ted un p a dr theal st li and title of flaslise, Ieard & BUoren,. id is hery.' diiss.dved b: tnd th tlssldution is to lIso take el'ect as frotn lhe I11 ofI D lcemlier last. 'l'he undersivgned wrlI promptlyv ,Ii.i oarg all the oliations oat the late li, m, an d in I'ture coantinu, s atl in tlheir own names, anillld Iotr ,ilir own accounLt, asil the same buintas, las Factors a-n Generali CGst lived mission lmerchants, uonder the style and titls Beard & BHilton, and soltcil a share of the p)trun ip s age of their trietida astu Ihe public. . aeet JOSEPII A. hEARD, nov I CIHAIil.ES B. IlllORtiN. ar J4UNDS-.-!iasisippi i Funds takea at 7, Frout Li In nlosr, Irtlng frlp Contlitatll n :eel ir lFe-v ox 16.(Oll feat ,l'lns l,east a:rllht. li'lat 0\l41 t n;T:i j: 3110 kegs w bhte lead, p re; 3a 0 d. green paint iut t - 96 dl sRlplendlid O(O0 gfound bru[ al, oh offOt'JOi ad Si 00( do; Lt o sa o rs l:nm e gre ll ill lwr*lel r elll: l'i:or rticle ao do I caiuala; u lr t t nsollllllmla t i of sai.'h i(t!s t if t ecr el pareti, r Iexes, fitted : ;with all nreaes:.ry In-he-; a riot' toolI, AP. a-. ltke I td r rmaait wlite; 60 ,alks gonlh le nwoite and ve llow wax; gult amrbit; anm d a large awi choe It:;. horte ofio itntPin, dry ,rar nc moil, t:clintie vurlnish, &c., for sale,wbloanlesa a nd ,ut il, l tile Irv.lst plric,t 11 by tIrLNU ICI,, i a®2 5 l3Campt. ta .NEW EDITION OP THIE CIVIL CO)DE OP fn LOU /IS.IVq. /n li' is been fiar some tlie Intale lo!rllin It the pubic Slrt tlera ebsreibert are ealllgelpr in naltle Irpin g or t:le pre:ers a anw edition a fF the Lt.aisa·aa Civil (Cde.- , T'lhe wrtbl'. ers arto the ir, ware or tile great diflOacltt ntr and "tenea hlnl erttnding iea publlcratien of tt ie work, eh and it was nit without great Ilrlteanl that tien c-fi eealed to ha ti nltdertakillg. But the present edtllirln, 1 onlllntilg l .t allot iltree IhSotllrl cnpliCe,a lri lhltb a Iad cost tile St int lare thian thirty tho ru, t dhlla,, oat wraaeentirely oit of print. For Illre tlla two years ht past, tle usual pice of tie work Iltr Ier r from thirty ll to fifty dollars. Ci It is a system of written rules wtiri to i:nmrediarlr I Lr toperates lola every ildivirldal of tile state, iutr, te o iter i aL arrl ire ar re or atrreeC .torlll rw hilch gerns ra tIltrlialllositiron of so ollttil proprerty unating tous apfro i other states, thllat-tlke a . oirr, a :yeother elrrfi ilerrrll. 1awv--it i3 s murei tie roxtlltok andi Irlrlalll rI tlre merchant elld tile liaroter, as it i of tile Iprivat"r getlyil imn and tile prolfssiuil Ildtioc to. : re iaw)yerls rftlrearuijrilig states, arl ill fe r of ol rhose statres sair t ile )Ohio nl .iirrpl i jiversr ditl.1h Iflnd . llartifrr tlrir prodeie in LIllloiainn, have a tie qlett rlncessity orf rrferaree to tile ordre, rndtltahe it ilt Iidisrpetr arle requisite to tlheir liba'ries; aid ir tile cite of New Or leis tie Ibook io n sure tol L ftond in In erchant's colllltilng room, as ulonr the dlehk of tile jude, er ire le rf tie atteorney. It is act asurlr.iiirg thereiire teat lthe lirrt editit nf ithe r'olek wits so qraiek ly diepoaisrd ot; and although a mere reprintl f it wtroulr ir some olear.are iii alt,' tihe piublie neeaCe-itv vet it woold be imper:eret ad unsntistlhctrrtot rtle ananirlared with refereuees to tire Reports atli Slotutee, in order to em' race tile tnnernus arnondlents wlitcll bhte b. ea matde by ithe Ltgistlature.nd tie impertunt deciesions Ind eronstrctior s which have been givte upon marny a its articlesloy tire Supremle Court. Te publlsherai have e aeceed, for tie general luper i iintedence and editorial derarptneet of the work, the sprofessional sarviees ol l hetelnck S Uprton, lsq. a merierof the New LOrlenaa Par. Thle Ilor. Jdae SB llard, Jud-e 1',ermndr', nu-1 lion (Gorge Eustis, halve each kiodlse h istel dl r Uptourl iti tg.e valuab, i notes which trllh hayt eolleted inr tilre eourse o: tlheilrI studies end praticee;uad to Mir iN ILlenniitirtslie parrt her of Sr Upton, who is also eaooagrrl it tie work, Geo =-trawbrtidg, Esq. has praeented tile greet lass of refa reas ointated in bis tffier eopyof thle code, aendlee lr wtliali nave been made Iv linnt tln'airgt thte lhrl-rp 1F.Od' at Itia dia:ingaishled Itcrliresienl labors. Tihe pyiliath a ere Inay tlherefrire well trlltet tlhrttihaaltotantian of the aworkt will Ie all tlat industry anul labnour, ,aabieted by learning and experience, ea l prfforlt. In puttitg forth tlhs pr 'sarpectts. anti eoliieting Ine tel su lacribels t ttie olrki, tre parilirl ers take ride in W the fat that tihe Legislatoure f ltouiioiau aRoe authorirzed i tile liivrntort to order one tletlenll copies of it fnr the 'Y future lte of the State. 'lThe reralilese tih which tins in , numrr tr weas tekll by the Aasemblv, evinrcedtirir tlot r seere of tile val a.o litie vrorklua d illte tireeebi rxteri ' 0 ed thtt corfidence in tie allrility oft' tlhe publiilaia's atld editors which it is ha" ed is noit wVholly undeservedI. Tie work will hbe erinted in Firench and arnrl.sli, upon good tpaper anrd witi clear type; enr will ae ax ir prase eor eare tie paelred trll oit te tltlle anerllrtlrcal e.-cuiort uf it eorresplod witb its greatl ilnr'ta:aee. SI it will polobabl lie ready foir dfireliverh I iae motnhlolri SSeptatuber nexlt ; and tit- price will he, to snblseriber,a ififtee rn dollnrs-fiv dallars to be rpaid at tire tinre ef sak n- serihig. I i The re ubselr'iptiot lists once closed, the store price , ill b "wety E IJOIINS & CO. Publiashers. RIOWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, ino FuRn FVF.R AND AcUOE. In I rpIEN years have not yet elapned since it was Exrie first regularly siubiittod to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and hais oup-. planted every other menicine for the Ague, whlerev. t h or it has been known and ap preciated. Already' &rt his it been carried in every direction throughout the Coited Statei, nll still realizs moore than could 11 oi have been anticipated by its must s inguine friends. mIoo l'Thousanlds of persons have not only been relieved, pler but rct'ored t I health and vigor through its agen. or a cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op. w-cl portlnity, to ils decidod and supreme ellicatey. It to h is corn.iood of such noedicioul prinoiplos us are t' cveluhIedto rne toilke healthyly .;lu·.,. oun(soa SL - Iac', ier, and other ilmportan.t digestive organs, ejt: the loss of which harlmony is tlhe iumediate cause of the diseas;e. It is aplparcet also, that it proda ees an entire change ini the condiition of the system, - Itnd cetrtainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of the llfection. When the Ague is attended Fro wt it ally other complaint, the c.emplohnymient of the 1 Tonic ~lxtut t will tot inerl rewi:h the treat. 1.A ment of tlh other di-case, but e wi' even allbrd as. stu o rlstience by furnishing strenglh and vigor to the Mil body during the course of treatment. Those trho make use of this medicine Imy be assured that. there is no Arsenic, Harks, Mercury, or any other !1It article in its composition unfriend'ty to the Ihuman constitution; being entirely a cegelnble extracl; p!. and they ltoy have additional conefidence in tlhe uA use thereof, when they pereeivc that it h'is tle ef- thre fct ofa gent'.! laxative about the tite halfla bet. ntli to full has beuen taoien---hin co.n.qluetnei of W iche, i 't: thero is no part of thi medicinl left to linger iii a0l tile bowals to cause obsltructionulls, land other evils. i arising f'rotn the ue of luiy of the r ime ries now tht oflnred for thie cure of this oll'.etion. It has been.o uraohiiaso ais t preveInive, by m y whuo were stI esli joel to a periodical rie rrett rrio llthe Cliill., and it sil tao ociiriobly warded otitl t eh itprolialtd ntce. ee; Obserre! The P'oprieutor, fully satis:led ' 0ith theile ltnpar..lulced l anid universal ruccess wichi has celnl. tee ltatlllv attended punctliual and re-ular use of tke I Les 'Tonic Mixture, in all ciss of' Fever and Ague, I Ibl warranllted ill enyr.giglg to Irfunt thie priie to all those who a hve takea tiLe uedliciue in strict ao pie cordncit with thle pre.criled directions, wilthout , oe taving been perfCtoly andl lastingly cured. The subscribers are the whrotesale agents for the South Western Stateso, anld haiIve now on halnd silx ty caes of this Inedicene, w'hicih is warraniLted fresh Sald genuiulo. For sle at tie illnurfctlrel prices JAil. IS A' AbtititoWIS, hit'ttle le Do iruigit., . nov)7 cor Commnt k Te'l.ouitoutis d treot. ORDERS RFCI'IVI)D FOR i JO. YEc' i .t'1T'\''GO'J"O'f\b' fIL, i! Plit the tiucttee, Nc. 5.i lo:gnzito shecet., Nere Ol tot esst 'I'O BE tAN 'F \CTlUII.i) tN NbE\V hlti BY b IROBEIRiT 1U10 & CO. hr SC.JLE OF PIIC'E'S-Diucle Gac,. i For doilbleo tiln of l sows or more to each i s c o 'lider, mki.u tf0 soc s inu the siann, 1 swillth fedie l, b:hae, &u. oat .0i per saw, or $.O tO s r For a Ilouile (till of 60 sa vs ,e ac, linder, a o. orr1d s:ws illn tlllhe stand, ieders, ; &c . n to I erS s fw, O 7t0 00 st e e Frdl ir. fsaws Ibond1. ur it saws itlae stanid, at $6 25 per s'w, or 500 01) it For ldo. of i ea:is oil do. or 10 s'ws i.i ao d i sLt tt, e $.tU1S er sawI, I'or t2l oo Isu r At p t, to . Iu tNS. t is I"' Fur a s Nt'n hie (ofS ii a il\'bO . inur', vi.( hI IFordo. of o awstet with teeder, ter ..t it I For dot o 0 law s, with fe.dit' &e. $6 30 0 7' iii" ,500 0t) a For .o. ot 'ut sas, wiith reders,t &c. lad 17 t 50 pr saw, 150 130 p lt tettheredeshied, for feeoders, sutpliet al 0 ilcents ralh; the nullter ofteeth being about et:ll ( i o et ' utelrltr of s!' ws. tllre seot o' teedeLs it Is ctU " ,sitt-ell tioeleltr, will put two or three sls ei IE sol s i 1 scisutpplild lt bit urthis etch . [ T te ( ions ml ,dcred w ill be hl i id clcrcl l thi e ..c t; ts ot Splanters in uany of theil sea poilttuowui o tihe eoltuti' pla - t i ' Sh itte, I lltt t u t e ul u ;ie t htoge st otC e i tlt tie fee lict i;l i o tuo bmeon ftom New Yotk.k ::oil h1ceot"il: 0 r I sllo ..ible ltar 1, il-ou tu of the lIhi. A 4,1ii t u t.lh Sill besent with the l ins tlo t th le up u titre i ec iott sitcll ;tilsectrgCs fouI o setrticea ill be exi t.i, uat he.' llode211te. It. (t' tvtica. i'nh gte 'can uc i orltet ll reti l,t so' rit. oil rLea;ti ibtl'teeino., bit it ill bt chiitel'f:l erit. Ilorst te power', u)' tlcstwiutitt, tlut c tobe jironittid ii like ,crowei Small stacm engiues cal ulso bieordcerlc if de the i It isd.ostirble, when piuaters give orders for (ints, e it t e,i s lhtaiieco p..u y tih1 tici with thcit.iews iut regailrl ho to itt rtiemeuut r saws, I r.slc rot bruhshes, Ce. It is fl teldI ithev iil't ir oi'piuiin. St.,et dIesioe san o: the is. or 10 ticies. . some wttioit thent l inches. Solri A wish n or ii ector. I Ibrntihet aite st hile do un t" wlnt more thlmanUt most. Some wish saws with 8 1reno-,, teetCL s to thle ilnc, hlI;.le oihers willt lOor 11. I P i ielitou ishtetl'sttc tic oc.rt0I tlth sltrotlldt, . lthe time of 'irivi ooelugs', tittlish it settentt of telicir the at j les,1 and the lnanufaclulcr t C ll lulll liken( in time ite ti al sitet' t Whireie it i l sui to ol t tiila ttitn, . U itc la I , In olr0 1 l ." uane l he 'l t'tutln'I, from the tmi rle i t is ri'er l , To t dle solot eighto ulr'ile wuekoi od teilt hi ilteal Ian. Wil' Iloet iii the htitllr of tie fsltor T'o Lie iU tll(oe '1e thIle next Clrop, ll orders oi'ght to Ile il the hanlds of hue mnatolturctshl l the firsat or itidile of lay; exlvept n" ilntalions wlrelrl they aitl4te in comtuttllsiilg to o;tck or ;l Cottiont. 0N, ;it The IPatct Right, for any one of the cLttont ti .iig states, will be sold on rastonable terms. "S'altos . :..'!i U\4,l) Ith y 11P . U[IT" t iO '"hitl.t i ai CIN I. 'T1IIORN'S C(ai praanll I iaact ol'Coalha and 1dSarsa L I+trl'lsa --Ae r:{il) , s ale mi a netSt .elietal r se-mc a av e datr t acoatrtal d taa tl'nI al ca ae anaaltaerrh Gleams, da Sriatataars, Whites, Pain s il aa lie thbak anall a tis, atl'aa:t weaknesas, ialctiot s kidider, a.atlcl, snoitbuic ert+ ptions, :C'r. aiol ilatlalutiull o:a medllicti n Ia ssat'ain a a t usefl i :Ii :a1tiv10 i:vto,' (i the t e nol w "I altlaOhe I publie, te -propri-elo r iIs t to ri to thie aill t l nals ta I - innll,+ '.r ; c ls lceit .+l l thIe musi t e n u+ o'llll f II hie eI - l,,l fee't ! io {mope, beliq c ing7 th:t it will he dul al i t et wlh,['%nc I+·lt m i l all r 111me ntur o u,11' known. oThei 1 rox.tinp s tg rhic arei its i-:len' rre:I e poa atie an: t a 'tT aaaaniaaca;a i al aaar thdll t s : aad sio alaacl i, ;m i- its avt+'' tl y l al mit . scil.e n v ti ILsc d tl e inhe i 1OE 1 + 'IH Ettt o' n.;litp. 'ihse lraopinle , ae s o i' n1i,0 d c sti is oa l la lltralion il l c ets t I c mi y t ot th 'e n it re ( rlou clin ins opn Ai tle ruht he i t ah t air inc u tl"rttd all li v ith l' st lana r :leaa taaiialao am in the preent selit. The I+ em k ile aoti td i1 n pi v-ta-ia t whitla ll ala n itth I ,iasl it l a l, l ll:. tll n. mst s tientif ic an d ta- aa ad i alhn l a',,r't r o ,i "+.1 1 'trga inft+ t hhe p+pO~reti an f th I['ev1hed thei L lndon, o ike e'l , pI o per pitt. 'I'ESTI O. IA LS. Fronm A 11 S:almnll, Es[, F R s , Srlop.:l to the n St Thellas Hla sital , at Lel'urc.n r on Ai nto ll a n Tile tbov discus a I h avde[i'e nf lr 1,trf:1t0iony ian i vata eh0a a tof aar t ta motay o d eltareatas it ipSeilty he pro e a b utns t s o h ully d e rvt 1 , un t mlt it se lwlt heirtein pl'albrin t eo s e pita ai e lno a p bl i h m ial t n slia cia n ts L ae aa alarie ao. cte:l Inl c' evd IllAair e , ta llyst itan 0oi.s nllet+dl c te sailt t un plee h as Dr tAene -thy uli" e nal'enae. --iman aaa, ant rtbkowm o, lIe nsll d, ru 1 I r Se Pa!t i iMy the tuce St a -o a- lebo aa da'iaisren l an a ya aa sary ln i-e b aaana aaiaaala' aatertoand aapaaaatanai at non In" o iat.m I le'la tir -an naldai iP ytiesiamn y to c yt theirt l strs ?,.(it of ;i-our ,eep,"t ' ., ,a v v1 , i. .. r ,es xecas ss m on me tic v c l bste y ni, ill ba olth' Let+ thuel irw Sa la tor all f e 1tile d l L ii;Tll a to iho ln, Ch illst Lno t. Periwehih will rve e mn. aI 'I fSTINIONIALS. SFromn IA I Suoperana, EF It SIll to .ag'nn aln nt he lla ifoa l Slnt a ld,1 i dl al ndl ed i l an I llY S Stilabove dit neies Is ully t ailehietl mr thldt it has o,, )" h Sbe anl w hich to It hay nadeel n gpeuttpd. a taile Ml ces I rlaein n esa n irlhlc ed to t+n y a lor a l xt i mte in a s ta ellan fc ms epef virlent (ocllorrlllll which hrll hiihel'to bwhiltit at Olea 1atensc dailll on tlhnaa ist l'll aay aatiae, alin S botlnd s t'eel mvattaa ia a ln y htia alln to stnpiale Lallt t ta ia na ly ira l'e ba hl-al ta li+ llaniaall ltle lom't amtlln'a t neli otherin-cb a foani'a. From G W lvair, M D, Pih)slc aln to Gtlhea Slt t intaad gatsalatpast a re aaiaig ry nestaiaony to ale t !The proit test wilh hpreparatiovn ous mel uei le i omen u m 1to f iull its ieveit+.l a impeewar thd s forI . abut an alc ola itiue t rld of In taa o p al t ti? i cila e te.ya i Snaonlal ia'eoln enalh antao a of itsaaalaiues.a m a"Van L Tomnone, 1 t , IS t L y' l. - T tun ioal l oy sineere thanks for a' the vauahle pr sent ofa y atiaaou aae d lan the elo e of atonahla ln, aikea it dfeel ablveful tlat hao fll hyv atisat nllsht ta mealnaaly i olluase whl l ala ove amply aestl tea aipay tugaot for iln the nel aalnltl--( n1 nae ltaaaa i lla edlftaaatal ba uldae i it ae l ase lf tl l e labo une el tas t I attnatorl nle glet pale . at cublishlla tp tile anorl ta eaillerenamnda ali4 lof; an" t aVel te eas lattIle ptt laaenor eot+nd here fmlell n I aacand a more t oes allendulsevaell as cnnle anda as tilem aaboe; buan at aaaust e anat at ay ta ssaitl ycrt t hn e lani &· xi,"v se at wllonia it |IiS |ioee tmnaiiorell.fill prove iiu mla a Ias ! r Cl : Lni0 oi lllaOtl' t a iaic le illn . llblic, l a reare oe u ant y alnlinI thanks frpiartlnl a nlalJs aove fInll o"hels is its pleart baton e at lontn--ptght in tas--th m e ina lae n lichw it npa" Ia llalde wt haalloa I soula ht efa a I l tafi ad te s nal cil- hisre. lpedy ansal eltahala ncve in to ba liataliala d tI l at 'cpalllaLit n d eSalaeqaa Ihr afyaa W" ; eane! a' necea , a II pr opies elto olul co her fi., ai an'n llme eteasaiin tll ls eqntulcla Is a auanelate ' ey alas tn - ola bfthe r-blttartnt slaulet o thtg da inealat, lai the t: le , i etreaiaar.aatnta ta it+ a Itlla beal tliilt a atl t ll r. s aid l n alaor s is a ianaat, anatau an liaa-pmtn. in ats-ltta -at a a onaaiaem'enaat lra baaiaesa. 't' , ellatleaaailaaal. tar-ilw3m4! ltaaa aae't --THOUG.AIISN III'S' ANA A 51.5, 51,i AS Froml Mobile (Alabamaso) to .AII~usln 0'GCe'J T EAVi(S NJ oli le e~r y other 11nt, iAGIGISAI SneC' an IA thle arVnIS olfiSe mail hAAS NSA Otlostoc, per1 tilt n!Ac::tnISSEI.LI1, IA Ito hly. IIs.lehes to nIA I' Ir 1 B e l o Dil r p eto ' eA SA A I A I S A , S t I1 e sa so u A A S A 'A ll blA o el. tItitAIIiA 1115) el. :r( Itliy- to Co l'S t" 111Sf, coce tr L Zia 'siA'iannI, CISAIloAio:rher, Il'ntcS'Iy M0ount I 'eSl 'Ar non,) BtSlISltslgC, timlAIA s' 'ISS'kSI, IIAASId Lolls sIol Si!l, to AAgpsia. A 11SwsogoervIahin,.his seat at M-o will bile is in n1o dlnrgi S of beingi tIown out or losing his SiIi live-crenee by other conlictin interests, as tlle FLORI. Shii I) X1.1 NE is ho!: ol~r onscern, and under one cor.tro I throughout, al ndmy rely wrI' rS:IA"rAN01 upron ihOs Si ' e: Iand a not season, .III .. mu1115 AgAmSu uIIIAAASAen Siat:IA li 1 (ito,'s1555ln5, (m,:e.! l littl iveA s iraeiot suL)0pasAtl tihe smoot0h, 1,5i, InSura Ieaads, the sirAflanl intetrA u ESiiing onto n· Iin AAiAono t time nlAlnd oaolnllIation, ý dlin ( the ttIav ler speed, 515 iSAVA coiort, iaC pIIIIs sIIo ing v .rilIy\; cottnucrt ell as it worle w~itllthe Haul Bead finlit CisaiS ll SISS S. C.III tISe AsIASA11 pakeits to NSw Pok. t:I. vim-1:ula can rca ,h New Voolk from \ Sr" Or~leans fit( AI.Sti TI's 11 5.115 .-hVAIning1gIISSScity ill U. to Linel via (,!Tilley ,tell Ttllttd;:llesre, to St Marks, 4 hot- 11 ( Iost SSSSr, a sn tAn, BISInSIs from las wIklSSillC ,t o1c tt lgerilb , seIIdole to 15515,ll, lighAt51,4lIAoSr pI StOCK l'iE\S n] SS , ArI'SSrT, 1211tl Jan. 133iA. till "itisttmca, New Orleans to ite,I lAs 5 tls St In ile to Augusta,, '40 , Is A 155 (SIASAIASII,, f ChurlSmS to New forlk, 9l-ili) tA t 'TimSe, N'OIw OArlAA tII MAbile, 2i8 I 515 1t 't" :Mobile ll~leto Agut, 52 IAu~s IA, Carlston, I2I AISSSleston toN1ew Sark , C.-l1. Miikg 1 C miles per day, oIi i miles ISAt Ier iI S,,iU Isivr of alt stoppages I l .lS1 II0 N. iI.' I .beg (ave to iform lir tilil~lethat th 'IIISIGISISGAIAt Cl nobwhAnSmlS sAdIltx l~leS 1511 creekI hSavjls jSSeIt b l SiAIIejII IIy t i1 ganaSI govcrn mSaSIt, (thIlAS Ills ASSAAIoS A1SrIetSingagIjiilISt nll Yhsfe nSIS' Speedy mote 2:rnlh Isittlppi y AeSSISSAIII ant55 I hIve thA IdlvntotSAAflekS.llla ig fa tirSvellersItintI S e.IIA II BaAAIISO 0U s, on, driverls:lntl earls ore of this lilu- t ·,lel·; anld as to tht Owa'er roIte SiSAoI lI'msanSolSAtoCeSIISll ti, it is aSmiI it" Atel by all Swho IIIavIeipssdII Il.SoughSII it to liInsStloseS 0 00 toi nveltieS sIIICa. dt A fel 5 y.55 he bridgles tfly S IS Gecr~gl ISaae alno Seel rcpaiAAed. J 1, C BAKE tt 03 ---------- 00 ARIBLE ChlIMNEY PIECE \VAII1ODAAS, CuriotonSusoa otrert, Apposite the jpos.ioffi e. Thle ru'bseriisrs are nor recivinlg from their foe. ltrica in New York, and will 'keep consaontly on haInd a goneral assortlAent of Mo aritle Mantle Pieces I ofeup'rior iAS ktooanlsip, and of Lite latest patterns, 0I mad of tie 10est Igyption, Italian, 'rtits and 0c Amercaln mrrblC. Also, Manuments, To,'os and Grave StoSnCes, mouldd and p10in sills cnd lintel:, til maralo foniog, lleartllo and boundry saton, pIlaster nl Poemlrs, RollS all & lcl~roolie C'emrlit ansi P'lanter. 0 i0 S thIsir, togetlher Aitll, a plenodid lOihslItlcet ot I :jhr brotstttolSAt aAIi plaiSI torates an1d 11l'rssio n. Ithat en ". th n AOves, 5n5mo1 opproaed pilattrn-. or Ltt h done intlp R neatest aanrlor and at the ioei ortont notice. T ochaltoe firt rate olSl0r. tl so et thle oboes wools. AII l C AlS.1S 1J & STROUD tL,° y 5t 1 B'ULRKY MOU:d I NS, Sir. lIS OOUtN Al, of an EnsluSing 'Il'our beyond IlSo C Mooky SIsMoSiilns, SdIldlr 11(e dtruiei'SA o' stIe buS A B'C t't, perf'orA5SAl in SheS yelaSr 1835,'3G and '3; contaISininlg dscriOptiSon of the gengraphiy, ge orl. ology, cli551to and grgsou.:tleia, ond tlhe niim' e, OotS manne qO oa 1 tile LiotiSes; with a Map: lilA Af Oregon 'Territory, by ILtcv. Snmel funker, A 51. do- tihe RiAcr and 51 Doa Inl!; or Rtesllltinisno of ilhe RholIS o and 1i .llohurtretn , by tliss Pordtoc :iSn authSor ol'1o Pity I5 . S tOOl 40, inlS 2vte. gbri 'ti` e Rhobber, S T'IXle, '.;he nothaor 1 RInettliSo, is o; Tile Gyp-oy, Attila; its 2 v 'iu tlne 'fw1o -Flirts. or Ad.'lues in a Country tijoint nQen, ondotlcr Tales, by Lady B ssasington, E L tilultnler, en Norton. 'Blrry tornwall, Mrs Gore, itiS I Capsain Medwinosl hltBorL ; in 2 vole. . r it. T'hien LIfe ooJ Adventures oef Niholas Niehe'by, dI, It editld by Ben, withi IillslsrtItIon hby PizLI, No. 1 tihirl i Jlst reloived ossd for rsaloy even BENJ plvn. COMPASS8, ''llEitMOttI'rEll0, MttIS/IS veIs A C SSII`, &e.-Just received and fnr sat. by (iStha 'so. 1m . KnSS, corner of ClCaa andi COseon swe00ns, tnie a gCenrrl nnasoilSrellI of Snpwvyoy Ca lar~c9sr doe l ?Mtltshemtnical I naruSnsette Itrawigtstat. .wlptl SsitSig Btetsvl50td4,;laE' Au P ens, leory Jro; na o raturs, S v to l5SIISle~lRllSn5ikrS'anStaler, G9e 'flo'llagto,` stitch ar!lrl Rulero,%tieroteoys t'I'sheowslrtne ertln CeiSSraObneurae,SlrvCyi Chatee, e 'ifainrAgiSSSI '.PI'pro d% gACKETS FOR H Ye . T sail pnrictuafly ev "t ' - during the sasiun, fnli dr not ir 4 hip Orleans, 5119 tou iShip Ai.nhama, 47, Ship Arkanss..i. 6fi.2 '... . Ship S r hi ,i 54W4'. Ship Nishvillc, 540do ' , :ip liCenluky, l 2V 9 'do Tile hlvw. :lips are of ile rst di i nd eoplper 'lateed, nitd i been bu 1 York' eg rrly or t isi hhiy hr drmft of watsr ~nrt al n ar d withouit any derutii iu n. of great xperiurceo. and d3i p a';,I s towed up end dowhi thi e stett) and sires ,if the bust d epriplidti'rillf alm fIrnial d. The cahbin pas.g.. ix $0 seine or liquor, ioll there i ni liquor tr' the officer, or crew. For f`r,.h* r a on bhuard, or Per l Critp, r The ;iph are not ae onnt ghlas, hollow ware, marble or grabit4 O tii, or rc.It ofiron or steel, nor cspo ttil p::ckage or parcel, uulean a regular biliel. is caued thcrclr itthe offipe $f) l fib v inov7 ." NEf' ORLEAINS oen BALTIMORE PACKETS. I This line will cntnist of the followi y Mll which have behnlf ilt pg pourchased' e!preesl thc trade, viz: Ship s.eaman, Capt.'11 M .t Dark Mary, "" rae SIerad Ferry, new I Steve.,'" , Solomon Salts, i Iatt., nt SBrig Archiaot. c i Gray. These enos IS arre of the first lae be hand, omine lurncihed ,aoommodatlone, nn~ 'aere 'f a lgiL draft of water, so as o admitnofi at!) esiag discharging their cargoes in Baltimor, a.hf;. sFreight will be taken for ports on the deeape.4a4 or James' River, and forwarded by-the agecRi,. SMscsrs. CLARKE & K ELL IGG, at Balilmbie, expenses on goods shipped will be advatioed e.lrc i required. Thie prio. df pa sgo .i', *f nmple stores of the b .tfualiy'will Ied pcn~d~i . i team. up and down tlie Mississippj evilltl e on alls l oceasions. e For freight or passage, apply SGE O. FRD nov2c7 o B lanvuien FOR NEI W YORK. . . S[Louisiana and New York Lite' of Packetst 1'IlE Ships composnlg tlhs line will sailt ..j:' Now Orleans and New York on vnery othiesll 6n.-.i I day-comiencing on the .tlli Novynibemr-and Ig el insure the punctuality in thm..timo ofiafling,5.1 al line: will hereafer ea ennist offive . I Ship Yzoo, Captain Tiasko leave en lee ; iovember. t t Ship Looilville, Captain :.aler, to learp e .i aý'. 4th December. Ship lHuntsville, Captain Eldeidge, toleags oba. " l 18t5 December. ie Ship Vicksburg, Captain yoodhotsep t l ' thue 1st Jnyiiy.. Ship Mlsseic ppi, Capain Pavia, to leave eao The abore wia- Ja rt e5la. 1 da and copper lla r. p f I burthen, are of liglrtlt'li,, bl tcl in New York exreeuly f r tilad " . or of passage is fixed at I00 dollars. tlihe . ice fitted dp in tlo mi.t incprofved' d** , er plani and iniahed int anai ad .d. .: '"r Ample stoed of the first quality isli and every regard paid to the cint.f ie satifneotian of pnssengers; who will le ticthat no berth cana be secured ,it the offee of the eoneignees. Tlheevessels arbomanmanded by ve ceperienced an the trade, who will'ie li tenltioi and exert themselves to acommdati. n 1i will at all time.s be towed up and down th' lt sippi hy steamboats, and the strictst e 1.` obelerved in the time of sailing. " o1 The owners of these ships' will not be :, bIt for any letter, parcel or packaes asent u,- put on board etli'em, unless a reola , l be signed therelor, at the qeata h ' 4. I agent or owners. For fhrt partac . , - 3D RIN' A". * -I0 n nov27 90 Co , FOR NEW YORK. [L.ouiiar.a and New York Line of Packets -~~ ~ "r as aip Nt;ew nork" on evtlj otheri " .. I ........... 1 E ..i.. th y n ternl .. ....mmncing on the .0th novenlbers- ii .vi ,wi al'tctar consist of five Shlip vlll ".,. e '.¢.i"ý' Slhip Vazao, Captain 'rrask to pavey on the 21th aoh. Ship Louisville, Captain Pahnier, to bhai'inlt .. liecetaber. "- :'. '." Shif Ih H.nville. Captain Eldridger to leae on'gl: Ship lirkdiurg, Captahi VWoodhouoe,tJeavl ..ip "< 1st..innlr' a L.'" ,.w j Ship .Iisarssltpi, Captain Davis, to leave oa the J anattr. -t fit Th"abhvae ships are all new, oflthe plnt J, w s ctpatred tlantteajlier httonerd, anod upwerdsr of :' btirthrn, itere f ttphlt denu~ht of whatr; bath . New York expresais for thie trade. Tihe i s-e is fixed at one tmudred dultalt. Thnir b.t b re' fitted tteaaon the lot itproved otnd convenieit ahm e Ii ishetdIton neat nnd legtit' tyt", Ap$ .'" tie first qnalitt will b Ibrtprvided, d aneiy I t to the cotfotat and entine antithanoonfl aiahondnlg,_el.l will iapte htd tiatts r ttiace Iittlhtl ran h e a eOurl , ttl hid for at the toffice of the eonttgineeSf t1 rese rackety are rotmtnoded thayCepeieI. wdli perit'arcedt t ..tthe trode, who will give every, art tei<< and exert themstelves to accotmodot, !lt hil titt wte toyed Ult aod doun' tii lii st'anhtoal. andt tite otrictestl ptneitalhto' the thie of sailing. T'h'e ownters I" these hips will nottt r.pltoneil ' arv let er, parcel or pa.ot ngertea tlee et not Sdtt,,utnlttai regrttltr6titol loing tt tie citiiitg'litmoto of tht agenti o. n . urtatr particultars uply ti at a BEIN ,A COi : - NEW ORL &ANSCIIARLESTON PACKETS T 'this linte conasists oqfIlar eteall rned, and of hbnut . QO:htin' bthop".. with handsome ereemmndationa for e .paa r, a Thrse vessels are etmtnandodbi e1pb iinn "e experienced in theo trade, who will ggits , a.yn el tetiton, and exert thctset lves to a mnii.inie .e shippers. Thev will bhe towed dtnpi duwli Miesissit pi, and leave New Qrlean nn ll thet 10th and 15th of every month. fTlewhllo vessels compoae the line, via : Brig Arabian,Chatlea G. rdon, mtaatr.. Bie C :plasn, J. P. irhomn en, miister,.:' lirigAlmtren, J Doeneaeslrier. e BDri~i.oger Williosis, J. Alliberet metier. a Fr bright tr pa e.npe, tptly t, J. 4 t Ri I &C),G1 Cttmtnitnt". New Oiltans, or'MW Maordecai\ChallIston. ). et HE undersigned having recometaennnd biie r aI aa Druggist antd gijhtttter. ,i' rhoe'.t oewned by Mr. J cot Ott, at tIe. e of ro ,f circle a nd'"tde Walk, . te p.sul}ltit i1 n. of ilb puttlic putrrttdge anda renewal o laIr e at his f.rmrr customers. The tqthlb l + ie Drugs, nedic:.hesarid loun "Yc l a to cae. uliy sai etrd. Tie hlutieg .n uti" , - ea totized, vi. : Pre State, S itlie ad vatetgt Pi t e t Pliw d, is, ing j whtttla'nett subotitute for gatt, in raising biead, -bunt ,t rate &, . " " • , . e Bl 'l IT tlf t :rystet aitatgvein lpf ad i. at and , e, ifurgu jivc in dy q .eation, eery Its debtly iddli <; a cdity ttlestenttth,hkittle l neeos crptint ,&Akc. , " #':''+w 11. Catpeot'a Fluail Etroet 0i6, tf 4iotiaitne litb t,!ot:',t& diotihi' . t-tt'' Prana..t antd V. prio Ilaerlem a,, O dllelt o ry fie, Chltrine tooth wiart,ý p.nlwd.e.ite L enrtiteto eatbome dente itfle,AYt . pn, powder pufls and baxe plyin tuilat powder, ptt oa rane fhtwer, rten, .i.ela or il' of the bLst taltttien, Ii tridou b aalio' Coottiabl, 'lsj uciter antl othtr matethei supantitueblock ir~ka k. In º ` ' aet, ot116 -ttimit W1ii gOPRE-lbtt nail *a M a, , -o r k rero 'JCtiIa s

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