Newspaper of True American, March 1, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated March 1, 1839 Page 3
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..'ASHIItOJN RE PAIH IIII.113 .1i I Y. S.tHE ultcribet ia the iruliollr of inortin.p lol te :" .I dles/-that lie hias rerivad pler sllll). Iull .heo lnMlarenllgo. a supply of fall auId wilter til;n:ry, ol sIr latest and richeot materials in I'Pari, rlreh:h Irs. pattltall oxpeet to Ito hat upeeaod attd rejly olr oaxn ilation O . o;ldo y oad Tuesday tIlet. D I' L NI.AN, . .n v3 n a25 ltllrre. t IBAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles Comlenon street, EXCHANGE IIoTltL. f PSI & AI.AN wou dl rspectrfully tcll the at tenstiot of cittizen, td slrattgurs to t:lircollplltl-t i~tlsnt tlt (ientleslab'- loinol -hirts, do c.anbric, w linen iroots. fashlionable liane frots: linn cI o - tars: silk, cotton land tllloritu tnder ltirls Slln drawer. cambrie and .ilk llnlkuercltiefo: blaci tto foalltt eilto iats ingreal variety: lltoks of every dlscriptiol: gtt, elastic sttd cottoln supenlders: milk, cotton ultl ltread gloves: gents blokin gloves: umbrellta and lornes gold mounted. Also,-Splendid assortment of ladies amd gents vwri ting desks, dretsing eases, port folios, pertultery, cut lery, and rieh fancy goode. nnvtl 1 Olt hA(. P A Tlth mtonifottory of tht tuh.criler Ioloistio \Vbtele, teod l'ipe, on all .ie.; ehslu, Iflutte' Hlir, &u. Turning, Sw;ing and (irildiog duoe at ustal by J. IT I'. CARD T1O Eil LADIES. W ILLIA BELI., No. I1 Ci artrlr s ~mt, crntin ouesto purchltse old broken Jaeirt, hAld gold or silver in any Ibtrul whatever, alld iay the higheIt pries in Orleans. Ladies who tmay havn old filhiotned gold jswelvy, viz: ear ortltlnenls ohins, atunl ucvo, Irlekln, litlger lings, or inl act aRy articles Oe tIt lill, whitl is lylog die and of no use to tMltrnt, cttt oIXCatlge the illll to goodenalvotago, by catllilg ao ubove. N i--vatches , Jewelry ant Speutacles repalired in lbe best stnner--cllarges mtoderato. ja'28, 1859- O RLEANS' LIT'ilOGI1APIIll I'iLINTIN( iIt' FICE, 53 nlaguzitne street, opposite Ili:ks' Ar cede. WV GREENE takes pleanure in annolncig tou hig Irienitd slid Iioe itizens of New Orleuln, ihat he loao at length brought I.ithogrnlp on no par t ilt copper plate printiang, nl front tiit ltilitln e ltise rt hat oIver 4ol)loer ions teglaoving, lie can execute ill ordrls ttuttellln d tIt him, at one hlf the extlrnrost, uf elttgtavig eli neurly ts cheap as tvyle printing. Merehlmta wltihlg tiireulars eeat out in it tir own hand writing, can lave anly quanltitv at it fiew Italto Intiee; or tley wvill lxe.eutclld ftlr il It ,eauliia stIle, suh as 0 h theretrofllr giveno geerall sttlliltltll toall the most relsprctable conll ission hullll i n hiIh city. Geutlemen desirous of Itoving Visiting or Ighi mess Cards finished is Ith., Ibst inmtnnlr, mill ro well bh calling at lie o lfee and see seoplteiles. Feb. 1, 18t1: N B--oank notes neatly exlcuted, and circulue, printed at one hotor's notica. MrnIamonw rMtuU. ITIIATEID at the boy nl' IBiloxi, in tIe stelae of Misoinaippl, it tie culetnltace of tthe Cihutekabunu, athotchelnbola nl Pine Plant Itivern. The mill hlot se is lar:e alid nritaunltilly nilt of the best materials-the e.Inine irst rate, Iadl in good orn er witla ill nletasary aipenadlgnn it' eawni.a , pliittia asid-ruonving, and to whicha is tllnllchtd it att Ilill, blaekalmith oalh h alltl ttlla aid hosi nan t Ithe at cm modation efwoarkmen; all the nevteanry aItol n;r pllting the mill in operation, Four yoke ol' oxn, 15 natras of tland,l'raaingloae point n wlicl tlhe nil in built, an entry of III acrme nwof i awoodl in dllatlilnt tettilltln o1n the adjoinitng rivera. The :lteral convemc es of access for vessels that ln vi.te Iho uk.s Alr lkriv:ll-ed, open at altl rasons tl'iho year to ils a mill nid Ihe a ev.r of rivers frtm, 511 to n1110 lles II,. Immediately in ftront of tie mill, lad wilthin 0t feet'I o the Roump, in a natlllal ba+n i that will ( nllli I t1(1,ll(111 log,t which caE easily be secnretd against all kinds of weather. T'i ficilities of pracutlin: tinlsor, are n,,o surpassed lany where.. The shares of Tlit Ibuy ane water courses biingl covered wihl lilln. oak, anilth itlltd higk rt, an aornte.. of ia tcc . Ti I ntI.t- nroettnnv, -, nt: ig m" o cn aI yOd iieir1ntn s, olrer t voatrelt : II the enterprieinne Iarely to l. meta witll. is not dress ed neceasary to runnatcrni^ Itan. also ula irel a lalliartlla t If 70a1t tatr n t n ar,1, ttltl i , lttllt, alle d.t lling hltoe. liranint g ataens l, tit i lli t l f 'ltet , a o ai ornat etltIll n atid t i iml y tI a Itt-Ig 'al'In ln ' fr-ost onthelhlay ntattait aitlll is n moat delrlli, situatlion for (eitlla ry aa , I h 'i+ t " 'hn nt d high bluffs wila a tllltt iitta diept liIf wattltl Ior ait y of lshe lake enift to Ip rllla hl itn bolllk. Anltll : .Il ofthinrenal I cliovered withl ai thicrk growllh of" plotne, oak, ash and llhikorv, and ai-n h Itnranp.rt d waith great faclility an little nlll ellt , tl at l lSlkIt it ing alI. venatagls or ae profintlable rove-.a rta ti.t Tiese tawo ri rtnie. al liti b s ti I, thtt r ot i. tie. at low prite, anlld on -m'tin t l - d ILtih hrlll!. I i al artr laeti,:l.tailal t, t ily oa It l i II I1.\ N, fel6--/ I " |' \ui' In ua . I'Ic.r L Ili-Ta ll:l''iTl i-, l r lebl5 . -I .I1 \l,, ,, ,. N EVI' - '1.1"II. ' (lhnt ii. Ih, Ilhv T 'ý,. I,-- l ,,.+ ' t ,ild, r:aq., In ai t-iv tr a.r t' l . Ir - \,hl:rI h , , aiit I o ayt talo tttia r n a ia tt t .i I ll n it lers er.+. , P Iledi , .l ) 1 th .l elll :l lm It1, I'r" + th ll u 'I Ano ti l arte r ta I(i . i uPnsu bn r ':- ih I.n.y \Vn'. I. Jll t tlh S I, .byli. 'l, r v 1t1i.n ., I, ).X\ UI Ilie 1,)l r li ll .T , " "1' +l i i l'll II i ll. lTN R "",*lulC.,NS lob M e1-III- athU tt : n h 1,otatt ltl a I iu ,-' I , " :_rI IIl ,.-.ii, t sa n u r it t , et i . I t;tl.'il, lo r Ik . ullllliUll r lla I ..1. I t fl r I'e.'.,ell i,. l Ih n., ,c i, JIgel'eo: i' '1' e l'l !: \l. :bran's ,I11 o tit' lil! l I., ,,. n ila: oita Ori n- nill ao wllhh to t htttt I t Iut nheobit hl iePrinialt itle wtt a .t Tt.t I lu'. ('tlte, Salonid. Fvllr n Itlarc .: 'ol m ,'r I.nwttn t ii . neuttv, 3 vole: Tlratie oY the ie of' Foix tluna.: Si111kil llln .iaerviec nl Pleading lla nt ,vid,,ln-": Smlllih'l I lL ''1"y* PrIl tire, 2 cola ntevi nP . atinl l it-tan C I A.el , ruel:l aloren a l tllllalet lrieu atNt l l lntll tlll li It t'.t1i t astalte: un E aviltl: to1 Itlillttttll+ ii oi ana a' t'- l tI i f t.iLa.. .Soeanllnt I'nnn111o ill a:1taity: lt lltl IIta na:tIIt .tlatorl Wahlker's Atiaitclanl LIaw: I iillll atIt on .L11. .nlore. il va.l fnr stainat4(111 j tnointl alrctI. le13 A I.X Tt 'VARl. K w lt)tS--lJut r.eive n1a lttvl i I, nt ,"lo Co' tla aanea anv d at e oate.ivl unnur lltt nl Rl Baoka, ffor ail hlw, at fe9 ,-'4 Cilncrrev. a ITANI)ARI. t'ttlttI)lttiA].o--Liaalt' illuum - t aod altiar Gllbtt ilh!.ntrantti:.t Mr IIAUS.IIAN, ilia agnt innhe a nlinalit ttnaa. is now in New tOrlealana, oll i will be Iiplty t ro, ti.P aubsrlo ileip oe to either w , k. TIh f lllt tllll it+TI -irs ar rpattatiattn itferin r n i o n ls. Ia n i' tt jilt b,( ll ii otalataral rllablii:atiin. " W tilt Ith Illhoilrnit e " i.a ltatiolheal ita weekh, tantairn, 5a d1 which i ill fora a etpilentdid vrallt e. anh onumbniter aittlata tt a Illlli. fat steel entroo viig-, and alabnati iait pacna.-n ,. Lion. It ie n ltrutt ti a ,otatati islln t hiltlttnat tai. l., lion010 fCim kaitt i the wt rlt . a rrii- itt i pnilit- n ! , .' tUmbera hor O$;0t itao t hi $l'0,'103i ht + bietn ,a x ttdn-i on ath an-k alt it is iaiaa fti enalay aconlanntat itd an latl' ,worethy nfitratanlt n Slahsoetiiaas rceloved at No .14 Catap a t, and na attn Pot tiifin. tit9 'O lI K 10- 1 bil bl em Iri e I ,. - O ,.;r n .d I " C 01 FlF d"l cl (:lLGAlS-3i doo pliun grera II vanat tnfloe, b)9,09U0 Ilaviu (Cigars,, el'ulia g fo broq e ll R eOr Williame, fur sale by JOSEPHI t'Otc'K r NeI, ju24 .. Iraiersli B LACK Vi:-S bl£ i j til duz. .s~ll,*n' 1' e12 se-, conainttnig _ !t oz tayclt 1)l't)tie t. bit hlaekibeg, latdii liotat ship Nhlt.tit, tli.e ieo v fiz ISAAC lUi lDlJE .(it,:.) ilaltzir bAlSl aol-l11l boxes irl liiii- - - ) 1 2 boxes dlo du 100 1-4 boxes do do do In astre anil for al le febt C IIAII.1ILN & COOPE1, q^2 Jelia at OlIN-htj sturc nletu Ittorill Ito .al by . jafi CIIAOIPI.IN &lCCotI'EIt, tl J fiotr lt G o UNNY 0.L&S-3,t;i9 ..l .v ITo in "toore--Ir Ssal by CIIA.OIr N "n CCi a 'iEl, fe9 8 r ,hbular t ,9 - , L I IIAWL , 0 Ca tpt 1i.P i (.JIji lt-- l .nall.. it w ,ro ttro d lsperm Sail juest receieod tola lilr Fale by jalo 4 I.)UKI: & Co, 8 Front Levee u X bO y N tGb .- ew Y Yar--; -ti ;ldclli;hitia, for by Febt0 ADAMI8 &WIIITAL'.,67 (iorvierats t ICI--I lo aska rice oa bird brig Seabed, and for cosale by FeAlbl L H GALE, 93 Caotmpit st. * t \IBR, IIAY, I.A t'tER q ". Si Ii ti er Ilell .Ul 401 bales toay, 75 thotsaad Ithel l9abdieay Ia for ti U by t u a for sale y Felb2l III G \ LE., 9r (:Cnmaon o t i 3-LOIlA'S DICTIONARY, with 5l colored irtoes, S rq flrthero supply is d ay is.atoed, and tbr sole by febl RI ALEX. TO' A I:, 49 CGatIP et. 1 o. etle Britihll Poets ill a chron,alo.:el erois.froo, SFalconer lb ir Walter zeott, wihll biogra mieal antd eritical lotiocea; delsigattl bs ta a oatinatioua of Dr. At. ,io :n's 'Brtlod Puat just r -vived old fr silo lLv fel l AI.EX. T()WA It, 49 Camp t'. AII.SHALL'. WA S H I NGT'ON, abh, idgldfor the M1 use of lchoals, re-ived ,od for coale v feb21 a ALEX. TOWVA R, 49 Cano nt. "-D-DE OFJPRAC'I:ICE a Eivll cases for Lo.lainot, loteitl anotarione", by' Wialelehk S Uplton, ruut eellr at law, just receivel d nd f.role by fob 91 ALEX. TIOWVA .tL 49 Latmp t. BlROWN UG.AIe-.n barndro, for sale by 'SII IALL & BRtiWN, rfeb1 96 Mltgnaipe st 4 OAP-5o 0 Loaer Me rei i...tna, for ae, Iv I bLI. & IRgfW2 febl1 96 Mlagazine st O IL--A few bcaske puear .woit r al stole I SHIALL & BROWN, feb'tl 96 aogzicln st C OK SALE-A light colared ulaltreue, shoat 17 y, yaro of age, an rexoellant washler aid irlter., a Iequorl thouo se oteat tlod a Ibrt rate chili'se noorse oifg anud neat i her plerson, tnd very goal tematered. S Fully georanteeI artillst all thlt vobea end Iollaldie pe8r eiiel by law. feb IR An-. v.9 66y' tImp st. rI t-AI-- Bhde. on ltluttntion, al-o ,- lr earalvby IKi\I) & BAR feEO 9 " -NC"lS--l51 groatofbea l nalanufifctn, lhmdl.g fotam thip Acallt frotrm lIer nlte, ftroalo lv A TIlER, 4 '9;t,oi,, .t SClIUYtER'S COUN'ITRFEI I r DE'IECT, l |ljlllt (.lc yett.liy t e seoltilty of 1Ie ]lieoltu 1 ion esrplya require(] fo~r the Puper·, Luompe~lled! fit satbacribel lu plsl~plme tih. publrofiol f,+r s,,. tl' oe eryrent disappointtt et of the pulolie. hi t howeVer, hulrlpV to i l it Ihtthe iut "rlD pI lplio'tlto thttltolr.e hs tce'oettytIhteo l..I'oothoti fooo NED' Yo'o a full a.lortmellt of tle kinll of type noe.o tivoy tir hit I ue ill the tellr tcr a cotll.Oqleloly tle lirl illi bet will be publisled ol t 'liureti o l'hiJ Ptteirt will iOtllillt Ia lt f IilI the coltetrfCi Italltk no:Des ill tirculalihon hrotglh outll the whols U. - an~t ('tlluoll, , e nrcolrntcly dheribcted thatt r,,0 tOll.t ito tetCltllttlteol to Ittototllilllg wllk tlotea, Ciitl DOiSiE dellbt, a colllrlltelit. A lit If alil Iht nllikPen billks ati frtlttt]ltlent hit ilnkng tt1 lilitiooil owill tllo toe Iolto ti it Illo iectorlll, together wiit the rttels of di counl - ow all khlilh of ollsioa.Olsit Alabltulr Tentetitisee, FElortdlt Ohioonld totelir illlltlt y ectnereally. Texaes Trea.ur Ilotem ,viII aloe he eitthloolly qtloted. 'ThePrile I'lltrtrt l will be got uij tt IrOClit O.EIpce end i,,ny lhe relied con a the ctroeet rates oi the tthrket nalee totllck ill \t'all stree,.t New lorolk, o lld illo l tver) lescrillption oftintlorillon tsilfll Inl the chanll', IrIer, stralll boat or shlip clptoilh, will bh It will ln plllliell oer Seullly mornint , att 2,5 centt Ltr a silgle tnutlller, ar 8lloer lt"nnumltt, a.ble lb. ul yecarlt l ltdollllo . Pel'ow a re-iling ollt f the hit olen Ilvle tlhemntv t ealoltllcoel hit wrapplrl:, olitd d]e mtltclled by the Intoil otll llllllloy. toI', eull.cribro ih oulletollal(nd tlGtlvonill, ( l'l,) tllhey will lie Illlorwa ded by tile Iegttlr ileli .lll0k0 h H!o. A4t II' IN't II SCtIU'.l~li]lt, EIchlilloge hlrokler, Il Clllil ti., N O; 1 Tllitrdl L. ooi cillni; oltlli tllrO alwnv, iew l'. .I2V PIANIIY, tlioot Itt'uoi--to Jloooo nol I'00 Pil0 Saxlll, r Ihroo re, lld llor salt Id y the sllbsot i bers: A loew ts ortmenlct aplno:lld IlIrizohtl ol IlonorotocI n0l0 Phicole,, frome tihe celhbluted lauaoclory Iof P'ley. e & Co.. of Plris. tfi'~Tlleot: inotriunoolClo o rc pclI'tooolory well firoileheol .roltllyaitotlced old lololthot list cUltlltl unlit Mhlt tell. E JO l. , ( 1 !ll)AIE, -l..-lll!l tol1o lre t.lIo Ito10, a1.-ii· I sizes, from o to 6 inhe i S pnvirn andV lintlll tuofo; tl I , i altet ilt Iln llcletd illet'i; n ggillg CheI lrtll+ Itte. er tlotjoletecyd ol for otileI whole.ole or retail, by II flONNABIFL, fel4 ellr T'elhapi tnllol l - .atcellz tte YI.IIobVil.I.0il Iloo tlhteoo grtltlPl ietooc 0t" ololttll,, . llttieoioteootlwloeur ',toyc.i ltllooott,.%1A ell oIr Vilear o I (dailol ti. anto ootlnihor of Ietters from the Nurlll [1E llle, jult receivld, ltd ,1 N En1 o Itoat A N l "ri . O"tVAI, I c' IiI, Je tre ILEAD & I 1N '.Tc1W, fc.1t4 Nt ? Iluntk Phe'loe d 1'IttUEOlATl(--I+ oease wetto Cbooooleoeloot tillii S it eltllotll toIt., leedilltt foolt lnrl Ilnec ot sc, fop coe by I •IAC IRIIU 112 n0 e 1-ST.Olt 011l--ll boccrlo No. I. Caitor Oil, t1 I prhilte ticlth, ill atore uolll itor so le Itv J.tEVIS & ANf)I1I'W, fel2 tor (lOOtlllnn &I NE TClctooillutlllt 111O I)l.UE IN K-11ot)1( ceVCelto'eh. ttoh ed a RIIellior Urrihlh, ll'v o D Vo i FeIT l C SI( NC O Nl lilll tliters Ilull,21 (&llIlarlrl T i cIt i l will tir lli l ,dit ill ilitLlit .1 uroI reeleur!,11 1 h I11nm1~ ra tmeClilerv. Yivh ch Ihtl·Y 11ft! tlr bll low, on toe. otItatot o ooo.o, ollloliothn tc rl lt ,whohl. oloe or rehii. (otrlllltr tlllrChotlllot 1llnd otterowiolllld t o Ihr c vot an ao tocallo I IatolonIt, trei to I'"r,'hln~ m.'l rl whrneln. lit\ l'. ( , Illlll'lrll·r~ 11 ill+ hr nil lyer wrr¢.· ]7 (.eilllp J:, 8,1 ( 1 -4 It R -- 100 tb- a rr l 17 ohi. i - ,1 t , N II Aleo sl t bllob yto llt ll-G. FeU6 I1 New Ittvee SG L\ II.1 +-12.,3/t oin-t. r, rI, .- by-v fr"16 (l UI)IiSI";Y 4'1 New Ir"+er, _' NNY lA(E1i--It in bale. a n-, l /, r, s-, - G atutPd sir.' ,, for w tell b RIEt i I ('. I): 01', I .111 1, IrC , new l .iIs at lilt ehlae of I.ntu nllalll, e nlit i ing rules of l'ru nedulre in ,ivil Acltnn, \a e ,for sal~ hc f' ll conrllner orCtnp au,! (t '0ll l ,i on sI - 11' IRIC N ihnnane,, a tery utenfil anicle t r u se c hn lors a nd o ther.; in s tnlion l r , . ol ive Il . te o,+rln t of the 4, n',lt c t i, ,n h. i'1 It binson I o.I \ (I:. It; i stu ,-. Jtirl lw ivr 1: I ,+r r c l.' . %I 61' I . f Ta ll I I all'I-I ti h 'n I1 tP :,!; 1; .. I \ e \r 1't,,"I, a I , I 4 I h Pi..C aS I - l b Io u J=ll i'Sl 11 t I a I , 1 1 . Ntt'.,I , +i , tln. F lI+n- ,I,,.,at . 1 l', i. J ,r , , ii rl i: " + t,': I I' ll £ ,i! n ,' .i "ý I , :~ ived lj 1.1 f , II l ,r ph y 11 I i \ ,. I.I ir '" m ': ch+. ' -'1'ch104 l"; i ,,a ; : -I l .''i h I r-- n t i 4 iF i I; i L'h1 (1' '.. E nh., .::,I 1 i, . I1, i l i , ir t[ I+, :h" +!. (E V 19) 11 IIIn., T C,11, 11 Int u iiitn, t1 Na Y Sa tvl, '1d ga!b Pon T u.9ri - l luau, Sa lE Wh7d -ildea fr c:: by i I ' sq G I k ' l "I E 4.t N an' I ht fe ll 41 lln II \ 1 tV l.1 Il llttn fitan a 3h , E 3I 4 a ionug n, p t fi ' "tttniR (n , Iun g li Iilbiy1 by li ,u .:ll bT1 lPI t I: tIll ': t In 3 i ,i- 7\ i-NtTs) - (i I' l l; t--Fo-' , -Nn' ,I(lu a T i n t nat . alersy, 'h itg art sir I lll JtlE.l1R& Cn I a t, vut S- I.I.1N)%V : .I u l T -:u l lvnd, box s l 0t a i:, In-i' a. rl song fro ' brhg liz, i ,r f iha fE I,. 1 1) I I' , 1 a h str1 I oa s i 4 ol oaldery, f i ale b EP n f"1 ( I) IREY,, II New LI ee l - l"tI ullcll r l ('" ull G ."unnti 1 get Tri l'N -llt'l· Irn l l V Ie .lI by l~i 1)+ mid(':1 1d,, - t 1I413A1) OIL-10 b o "Il b I brig liz.lbcth 1'i J ta 1 P, a f(ll: l il5lo " oI i street it'.l egs L a- ; 23 keg |'iUttller, Ibbl) (I I). IhY,4d ,N'w I ret's -' -li\ -li -'7l-- Si lmrl r il 'ii ....i llte bey; 591li lll s l,1 ur a+k 3r : bltlh f i,'., it. -tn.m hoa from flat boom, far !,ml' by G l • it ' (; I,)lIllU -Y, 141 Nevw 1.vee. in l tore, and fl e" Palz. by fccj J '1' t15yl: R ,71lllillrl s t [ýUL.L- " h (71,-i0 ,ic ,er ldp ca ea,,eg 1 .oiarlor Particl is store by d fr s {ale i" e+3 JTPC Y ' l(1tl, & Cuo, 71 P. d,la st TO .111F CII.IJV'TS CAN\I(I. COAL, liirstnleat / f21) No. 25 Ciravi r street.1 I ýuulc0 Bi conrr, cur .trrtg to . u olt rnewel t ace btrw ýt calaoerrn l bill tfnt it ro. ad nre Idj, tip hrrDovu+, I artdiao fr Rdisn Crorncor dit, It, wie tby ISAACd (lttll(tu 4. Co,, tr 18 1154 dlng oirtr TOOKING GLt.ASSEr-'lThe srrnceibrrr e r r ow opining O lanr ntaru rdatiireoirci a-drrtrrtot t tmatgrny anrd gill tredtrlrirr-r.of vari jn nie. rtI deroriptir ir, tor rlo at No. 17 Caml aj l aol Comrot rireuto. (.22-Gt 11 JItIWER & CI). L)UIA ttL8)".-d 0 Itbir It fine order, au flotir bar I reloiri store, ti r ale by G tt EY. f522 4t Nera'. rna ARD-6IU0 keoe Leot Lard, in storya lia utoe by E- frr! (1 Dr)ItSEY, It Ser I00ecr T teantor Snqtuehrttrtta, for aile liv fe2ll G. DISEY. 44 Newo Leree 1OILP WVINE-3S don very auorTierr oldt Port IL Wino, raonloby \! ItTEti, frel 95 Coloa)rrrtt S 'I ý631* rtt.r('1IWS" ii patr' of rsuperiror 11 oypairto, Ia,,,.u farrc sntnp Alozaatdtr ftrtm Iteatot, for trio by A 'RIEt 1.rb2l 34 G eatrert ! UPERIIOR !lludoirt and Port Wine. jus rrreivred ý dimrect~fet llMdeira, tper brig Sarauel and Jono. tront Lotdot, Frntre attd tuerantv. (dadrira, in traitqu rter.aaao , aid Lorndon Particu lar. adl cltrice Reserre. do. itr erare,, rhoica:t Snt:ial, Rerrerro and Lontlon Porticular. Genuine Poet rilne, Old, ir ooa,,borttietj in Ottoe. Ard ithirwetll known usauaorilurnt of i4 cortniro, titrttpair. tanro hunilt WV~irte,1I itrEtt fi~il n1 Ra4rjuiirleu,idiuill, Il.rrdon-ftiCtjrq r ii e, all first qu(lity. E JOHNS AtC,", tst _-corner Coarrton r Sti Cltortetrrt Li N(tittll I INSEED 0J1_30t1 nalis, Ettlijl .1 Liut cf (i,jr-1t erorivcr, and fir t, aby h·I N, CANNON, it lclrrrirArrn at T. HIl PING. For Europe. 'OR HAVRIE. ' l The fine ship RICIIHMONID. Cnp Winslhi , i t akae iO pashimgers if inuedtate lup,, f-:. I, ItI G.tI, .93 (CoI ,oGS n t ' rhe A I fost sailing ship Sr. LEO' J Wecolt iinaster, Ivilng pert of her carg e.ngaed, will meat with despoth. Ft Iltcill ul' ptlulo n ig t pli-v to e"5 u S e & J P WHII'NEY, 73 Cmnp st Ft.IR LIVEIIRI'OOL. I Te A I and ftl oaniling Iarque NI l tllIE 1 Ca ChI'llidbourno, will IrL inlmedial , liilattoi. For freight of 125 Inli E cotli u passlge apply to " .II (o.ALE, feb25 93 Common at FOR I.IVEltpOIbL 'The A rhip MARY li)ILANI), Sam ucl W'er llllltor lvin nmonl of her cnrgp en, aoied, will have doupatchl, for balanlce a fni,.tl or p,.oage, , apply io fo1'5 wor ADAMS & WIll1AII.. FuO H.\VIlE. I'lhe A 1 and tfor siling ship PROPON" T'l, ca t. Nelson, will receive iml edian ,r+-fluepntch lor tile above pm t, ihvig the greae iprt of herl cag, engged. For freight uo 1511 btlo caltmn, or plasage, applIy Io fihl I., A G AI1.,93 Colnmi.ll t. FOR IIAVRE.-Riguilr Packet. Thlle .\11 ia fit ailing ship RICH ,v MOND, Caup Winshiip, will receive imnme ,j diatr despatch fir the obove porr, hving t' f'reulcr pai oIf hler oaogo eingaged itd; gohig on Idtlot lI'urlihlllbcoO Irelgllt or pisenen, hiaving snperior no comoedilumoi. apply on hoard onpoithe Iot hint,o to l.15 I. II iiAt.E, 91 Coonoloi s FOR LIVERPOOL, 'h0 I Al and last e ihg ship lIftGA Capt .smniIh, having lloe grrnt r part of hre Itioreo eogoged will Inei with imieCdiate dte poi, h. lFr freiglht of 203 baler, or 10110 blrrels lonst _pply . o .1e2 1.l II LE, 91"omnoo s FOR LIVERPOOL. - The Al and fset sailinrt ship GANGES IJpt J.i'so, rquites oiio l bale clotton to lit upI. A.iplyilc I)l;GEItR, itRAY &Co fell or, LEVI II ti.I.E,93 Common Is FOI (:I.AXSOW. The AI ClIh de built anl very ft saoil tin i)rgne MA1IIAICA, (apt Jump, Iha ..1..- ,irrlv lI Iher curo e naged and will hive detspchi h 'Ilo cuillo, being very vuperior, l possen glrsan be co tlortllblv necommln dated, tbr friighlt or Ipo-slga, cp ply ol Iionrd or to al; ;1O.lIIES & MILLS, Bank Plact FOR LIVERPOOL. ' The lI I fial sailiong shitipJIIN IIALE, Coplt Croteell,will reoeive immcedite desapuoch for ithe ashve lort. For fright of 2111 bal. cotton to compllellel her cargo tIpplyo to faol L I I hALI", 93 Commonsl FOR LIVERPOOL. '.- Te nliow nqd fast nailing lship If)OWV )ITCII, Thloompot , nmater, having uost of hIr cirgr erigigidl will hlnveo dsptelh. For ba otll lut'eighotorI ionotge, tappnly to Ib S & J P WII'I'NEY,73Cntlp tt FO; IIAV.\NA-1,cket Sihitoter. 'The liret ratl t'foa' siling packet srhr EIi\VAIi II PILl':IIIIE. Ci' 1Ihker, will pli tIYoly coill1llll: EVEI INGt, For fitiight ri 4lt ott litving oIt legont acoiulmmodaltions, aipily 0n boardi I'out.orne lier, \V I PlIiiII&, flll 95 Coi,,,oi OiI - Lr~U ~ '~Mill Coastwise. Jolt NEW YORli. l-ien Yornknod New Oretitan Line. 'F t. lelagiit poIIket ahmp AUBUl ILN, Capt. 1)r~,"ill hate immeiateiit dispitchil, Wto Irila of her cc (lu ean Ped. Fnr feighlt if the re aiccle e, apply on Ihnnad tiijpnie Pt I'hiiip a uIr 'PETER L AI LO0V, fn,"L7 At Camptt ,olL NEWV Yo01K Ilo/lnas Ptckct of Ith 2tLh inst. IIOLNIE' I.v1 E OF PACKiESi. Thesperior, oat ailing eket ship Ilenre t'Levee to mo~rrow ev reig. Foe lal.agI nly li) It ithug ale, a n ltiallllnilllu-., plply t t aelC.i. l inntelboard, lwotita adelov tihe 1lgenable PIN 1011.111 N on-n'F i The fart =alil It ri S.111U. . JI 1N, cupi talilllll i ,Illee wnithnl dcl-nptelt. For t.":; s & , a \10111.11b T Canmp at I~~N n NOIIIYal F.It NEa YOlI ' ll ,e w iitl 111 .l'.th ilie P -Iiilp Fn'll .iaI S, Jill li e, ..n , tr llill JI i 01111 Ol i ielal TCh. Fo lip og lF oirl l!) NI ·Ia Io it I I'. II I ill ·l· 1 till l l. ;ý 'l"I.I 1111 N~l IVItI a ,lt ~ . ~av ý:,>-a+ triI a~t l un tir. t i i,'nnt. l'orfreight ," l llul.,,.,,,, ::II~ld, apply m i,, r sluri caiu l u n t l ill I eI 1..111)1.11 '. f, i II nu11 1 et (lI -- i Fe Id- NEL 111. Ida PPA Il l[ i'hlt , d.l ieait .illaql tnll, le Mil, L+ ) I ' 1 S t 'sI'ron l /all I3Cill il alslt 101/ NEOY YI)IF. i/a oh ti'rl lt In at tori l Ia - aliia, I pltti.0 I ' lttpt'ellli taill to S hP en alal i oarda tIA I.E. C ,o llll lrAlctI IalatottIorcaaallt , fnl.n ! 73 CaE9 t0 p a uqc ,tll -0 trill) ear IS .\I,'I'IulollS F IL C IAIlEi'11O N. 'It l. fa..hrit ilili alyA CO ACa yt~a ps 5iiattlli~d itiu lI xil vlle. Fur faiglat al i -, lltlri ell ki 5or Illlll c, tiII) ?· dec It i l ·ll. 1. It1/ I) IAI ,lI73iJIIE. FO1/ NEWV Y01RK. The i-it and o t aig intgae shep 11AP.1R i tgapsN l elanai, il~l leiec iiIlilatch d avintag lan-ta nalli 3lptt ultaiaai snia Iflhf i setlhr)I a R'), Col~r t T orryta cc~ illlatiltn.. Fort friicglt aiatale toca III AIII-i-t.73 Cnatit at ii'alre aby a UDiltIi;', 44 New Levee. led FOIL ALEr, nREIG.pI' OR Cl \RaI'ER. 1 'l' r it-t sailin- e , ler ,ls Cte m, no and abi O slate r lol r f ir tle n t rlnllll dt oalll O IT'o, ttr terms, allply t eto i llotivd, not ).olrgl Picat yJ u l i t''l r, o tf nO " W ' I T J t,13 . r t . iCtmlon at r .O lt e N'l'-- l+ct s ion l ran Ir A ivenl itnmaediktria. o Th :ultw dir.bler, aud wel l ln ofishe dfellin, Itu ,h ri l cllllld o l lrdlr at te clrlll of the l ulntry Jult iasreets. h t irly tl lha preli~ ea, or tO \ T I \' P &tl'1'1:i 1ROS JlI T'AG .R'I" J r. F5 yraIAIN'.U ck o justan re st i d1 T Ior D Pr - I! I r rry- l a for L a ' " byo f . I.8li.ukar cor, Nn. C Front eneo . Mnasters lIPrral boats ron pu r al Ue t oy ro ested to nakr, tr ial rf tls ll .v alltl N try terl B oe iorlj cl l of lel o a inmoeh sloer t own e , b ilter ' ill avery pt rt o ul tile oe, ntry w "", it ilts ,lell used. " L Ol1. CIINIS'-.'U casks coil chantsjt st ret'eivel liund fur sale by S LO.T: & oCo f-l 8 Frolnt I gtee 1."L ILL IbN.EN AOI- . IE''.+ Tunlrksh, lio y tt UcltbIxi oor et or red heir C o l hiiu etl orub f rwhi.kcrI or cV* I rowA , bl y u single a )pliiciuon toti I iermnllet ll own, varyitg to a .eol'to black, wlb I nu d t toiing O inutdttoreoand li or lely j received ( 3O'I"PO O -moniot fr o ijt alni*th3 tilld LOW .y elt Corttofs, for tlue b fell IS %A t ltDuIE & Co, 131 Elag.zilnet I SPI'EIt.I CANI)DLES--6 bo~ues New Bedford, oio. . tolt and Nantucket .Spenrn ln llieR, tItr sale by fcB ILAAC Bll4iDo? & t:o, 134 51 gnzoe at . +and anlrdm.a, landion froai brig glary Eliashb,e , Pgcjavu 'l'A r, ati foursole by IVJI O..'l'El l., jo.P+l A.. . A5 IAI u'u,,l .,eomo at UAYT-t-o07 baosrtrs IIt y. ir .l..o farl le by I lJL CIAMPLiEN .'to 7PI-1 ,yJullat ri D II .-il0 Sacks Getrm Peb s in Stole for lble by f hbll CI(A.IPLIN & COOP.Il 8! Julia at 10E(2CCO--'3) borxes Ilyer' manufaetured To Ibacco, hl tore fir sale by fell CIIAMJ'LINjo1 COOPER.82 Julia at ORN BtO031.-400 tdan in, tore, for alebl,y 1 feb7 t;i D)OtSEY, 44 New Levee AVNAh UUFFE--4UNa "imtglV Iti i.l*Vro, and for sele by 8· " ,I Ulý--70 barrels in stare aul tor saeb hr l b ju31 J TII.\YEIt RCo, 71 Pov4Pas Ft 1 000 barrells pootaeen, aI ud P -t ,,l.c l yEVI H f9 ILL. ju 0 3 C mnnlo n. t FOR NEW YORK. HIOLMtIE' LINK OF PACKETS., O 10 .iil peunltaly as aivertised,firreaei prt-The line lill coniisnt a the fn towing ships-sit: dhip Nl kn'ille. Calpaiun Wood. Arkans,,, Captuin E S Iler.nin, Alabnmie, Captain C erl y, Orleenu#,C, apain Sear. Vicksberg, Coilain J Ilnker, Pontheia, Captali Ahl'iv. 't'h nivo es hips are nil of the firtl elies,) eIperedl anti colpper lihllenedJ, d] wtare Lilt ill New York eX prc-elV tir Ii ir.te-r.i-tey alre ot ol',i t lruhl oift wa Itr, nd ailos invariably crcaa Ithe bar without deenl ''lherr perteicu a eeoimrauled hII C Onp utis well er. perhnedt ill the trnd a uld will nulat.i ua. erl thlrnevYee to neclhllnlotiell . 'They wllc a!i e Iie twed II inu diown the r tiver. nd will tIp-inIpll yll e it,+ n!vorlse. T'ley have handsomely factnistaed blcerentilllel tiicnItld Sntls eo Ilhe first quality will alwaie I funurllhd, iand every iltenltion paid t.he comforl T ancd euldlliuan f passengersl Tle price of the cabin is fined at $80, without wine or tiqltor. Flqr fillther partiaiulrs apply to A COpiEN, pl18 " 90 Cellllnloi sreet [t''ale ships are niot ievlllgtil'.le fir blrrnkasg o gluas, hallow ware, imucte ale r wruile, euoecrage. of tin or rusti f ilon or steel: tarc responsi,ble foi. am package nor parcel pt n board, unles a rogNulWr hill ofh rndng bh asjtigd therefir, at Ihe Ifrice olf tie agents. FOIR NEW YORK. itn Yorlk a ii (Orlie aL ine. A NEW LINE, .i pekes hla beIen ertabli-hed toi A run between Now OJrleans and N..v York, to coulistultl'fiv ilrat rate aniipe, it: Ship St. .ltrv, it W PectIr, master, Rlepnblenaia, J G Ilus;ell Auitlur, 1i ' P )urfy, __ buildngl, Thele chips wece built in ew . ark exprnily fur this Itrlde; ar: l a ligh dl'iraglit if .lter, and will not b cnuijrcet todetetiulni at the Iblr T'heir nicocimiidutions fiarlpais'iiger coc, priee all that iIny bec required for cinfllt aniiid onvenictlerce; and their" colnuitinilrr are I len o! exp rinelce. ULntil tih ships niw buildiu.g are cu:pleled., tuo first cloas Chips mill rappiy tneir places. 'lhe greateut pitiuenu:iilt will lie observed in the tlime iof sailing, nsd evryn'rarccmcnl, tecutnlodliue Sexteniled to shipperrs and piiseeuglrc. For furlther iarliulri apiiy to t-,sere. Jlill ta n uand I.owden, No. 81i Wall street, New Yourk, or ti u P. .....rt',tt ,...ttt,,W, aid Unpi ,t *or the Interior. FOR FURT' GIBSON A- LITTLE RtUCK. The wcll known, gltgt dlaught and fart running stenuoer OZ.,IK, LL 2 E.- Iloera Jr master, is houlrly expeteod to arrive, and will leave for the alhve at d intertedinte ht:dings ao Sunday the 3d Merclh next; at I0 op'lock F 21. For freight or pssnge, apply to TI lt YDE , BILOTHER, fe27 corner Commnon & lMagazine rt FOR BAYOU OoAILA Regular Packet. Tie atoleodid tpaaseetngr teabuoat . tIiLI.IAI\',t JerssJe tort . a.ter. - £ " ' will hve New Orleans every Wed-. neda at 10 o'clock A. MI. fr tayont Sara &eevery Saturday at 10 o'cl ck A. M. taokig ilar co at down Otn Sund'ay For freight or paosage apply to CIpt. Hart on boarl or to feb25l AD \MIS & WHrATAIl. FOR ANtDILER. 'Itef regullrpeeketloaw prraure ..steamer GIRAFFE, C'.pt. Swiler, will leave the laku end of the Hail toa, etvery T'HUrSD)AYS & SUNDAYI , AIfter thearrivl ofthe 12 O'cltok cars, anod on her rea ttrn, letve Mobhileo, evtry Tuestoosand Fridayj. For passagtre alply oa Iueoar to CAPT. SWII.ER. P S-Whenever an ufficient o lllnolle of tpasenrgers offer tile iorotte \rill touch at any of tie intertnediate landings, upao previous notice bteing givet to ('alt Swler.. noT7-tf NMRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, ]Remtorctd fro 17 Caltohtaousrc St I'O NEXT' DOOR To ST. C lAI·.,ESf rIIEI'.ATRE., CUSeR OF POtDItAS &. ST. CHtIIIEito St.aREET. Ott :9--1:32. TO' IIENI'. A I,.ARGEt ot couammnduodiou n Iont coer I.evny' naurtin store, 33 nigaoziler street. AtIndv Wr" WY G R EENI', ] t thter, oot the premtises. N I.-Tohe ablcoe would mtko a guood drill roaoh. )ILI'):Ln.AtLVrotiy to. JLl'rrso .t 1oCol 0o0 Uott to oth I erictr odonto d ay II. Uoet, 1, L It). 0xclhluge Alley, beotoeen , ' i ".lo Ii. e ville. i ' atita Joal 00 tt e Im oot eolii ,ilhlh: IIit m o ld e 1 foun I( ri., o te ro tio e to else of tre sto cts ol d tlie o ltiate oi drtos aInotl cartlio es. '1The Jr'ttol'toAco.eohy i,. divido d bio twot derolt ieas. The .ir or eleeoottre' depart t I tie :nd St. ilC-harlle teet,Iul itie eUtli l in Frenher tll l .gli-e - all te Sricial ers oFt ete U ittird, StOree, ofear and sta. te s and oerlexi. ro'aolo. o JU ,tol I.t lurtotentlopeo otnoth; t $t1)I Itl. Ittotos, 1:..l.,e paper, &c. lchared eol orattelv olnd. Ato ',loolth oo.oiCe beOn, tol e pa id ltooitd ull; pulrd. icdtio t tleioo fonro, sec na or to Wetmlidar etlo. ol'toant e toi l be ad re.tlworlyd evergy'u. Tlh. Cahol horsrllu lly Deocrti 3 R clovck, oexe1tle Thurs. dva --i._A e _ ianio aly, v' icelly,7tie - EXCIIANGE READING R00M1. T Il" proprietor bas t e-fitted his Ioaeditog Rotoo, it tie St. hro aleien, aolae, Crrieor ot Gravier tltd St. tharles stree, o th neaest lul er. iBidlea toll loe~ riucti oal .arliern of othe Uniteod Stotes, of carry c ito ad state. tlhe tanoadas, ITexas anti Mexi co ud" tttavonuot, te room iti regularly aol exteni vo.. Iv supplied with the latest dr o itean pdierg , .IooUd'a 'ists, n cd pti'ons Price Current. Also with nearly all the iterarey Per odicata of the day, nd h he re publicstooo of ii'I Lotdon, Edleairg, Westminster ,Ietrepolitan I.etiewe and 0 helkwooda Moagootho . Tle North Astorcan Itleview.; the Stootberu liteo'ra . Rick bockerlhe Ametieao Journol of Seietoeov and Arts, Ctolinet Miocdiolany DeOaceptiu Review, rttleotou'a Mtexico Clhirttrgical Revieo, an0 a variety of othere. IAll these worksre ereluhrly ouoscriued ikre and rteei. red. The room toialoo sootplied wi it ologn vnaict) rlumnps and rtlaes, Niles Register, Levy 'as rice Cur seI t frtno itsj eonnetcementt Gozateero, and a variety of works ofrefeoeuce. The sotat active & intelligent news collectoro ore ert opese will be spared tot reoder tlis Reading Roo t the first the Uoited States. Suborriltono ore re.lpectfolly receice I. ottl -It 1 AG -5,001 Guniuy hgs, of auperior quality d and for sale I ow bI 6f6 S IIA.I.L& BROWN, 96 Magazine at MjULti.IK(tY '& bilk tlu,0e-.- 'i'reallse osn the 1 Mulberry and Silk W\ornm. translated from to e Chinese, I vol, vo, just receised und for alo at the IlWokstore of A TO,V lR, lei 49 Caalp at I LONIION tiard! limrnrv ediinns, of raorce on valuable work,, for oale hv Ito oub.ct ib r: CO.SISTINO or la Works of William C mlrreve in 3 vols, do Shiilev draoiatio and petical,.6 vol., • do Shafla~lrv. ill * vnlo, do Beauuoon & Flertcher, 14 role, do Otway. il 2 voli, do Hoaoo, 3 v3 lr, withll an acant of hia life, b0 y Helly MckeolZie; do iruWillpnr 'IT yleel, in 4 vola, do Ewp-ror J uliao.2 vol, do Fielding. to -oo, dA Ilouco, Leo th, f.voleo , do .rmnzo, do lo IdiTci, 3 viol, do lehardc aClanrioa Ilorlow,6 vole, do Sir C tIonles (iraolioun. 7 oloe, In adloinon to the above, a lurge eaulletrion of I.on don edition scarae works. \V.,I %I'KAN, ja2l corCaial aNd Comuonpi at uOPI'ER DtGSS and Ko tlen dgeo S16 tlons c,,plr dross, 60 tons ketledge, apply to fel6 A COHEN, 90 Common oat HANCEIRY REPORTS--A oew edition of B ll & Blcty'a Chancery Reportso iut receiverd, for rsle by fel6 At EX'I'h WAIr, 41 .ranp _.t iOI.LAND Gi.--10 pipeo,irnwn WeespGin, a l oteriorarticle, in na roe ,nd ltr Pa byl t foill J T'H.AYEIt &Cto, 74 Poydrao s p AINTED b'UCK"'I'.-i50.doz. painted bucketr S 'landing frotm sbip N'isaentoo# and for sal bhy flIl Ji 'I'IAYERSCo,7dO 4 oy drasst B AGGIAG and olie Rope, for sale kry i i "1 READ & AItA 'I'O\ , 7 Bakk Place i''ON' Treie on Bk-keepin, in two paft, nae fIr ecbn8ie s o'all lasses, and oobm or mnrollonts aod biuTcrs. Also, Benost's, for tter-i choanl exclhsively: aceunt hook. of every decrtjion for ale by DAVID FELT & Cot, fer NY Staibr er E Hall, 24 Charllre ai (NOFFEE-10fI bags iluvrona Coffee, lcndina fron Sbrig Chiefiain, ior sale by fol5 1 r1 .J P II'PN'EEY, 72 Camp et I uARTITN & 11.1 CLAY, Attorneys at Law, 14 Jl Wll treet, city of New York. Collectiono and I Law buosinoessnattended to in any port of the statl of New York. SIltefrenod: - Mark WIahio Eq, U|lnn Ogdoe Huollinan. Wr'iloltn A Ke Ip, Messrs. Crippo & ba yeti, C lanod Esq., Cashier, Frame &Kimberl, Robert lShrk FE.q, Arm' l tor.' Yerw Oldesa. Ibel-itp i-UOFINI2 ZINC-:i caks at IToog Z I I now Ladinc mrol barque Hasbnw, forsalno by fes6 JOgEPl' CUCKAYNE, 25 Gmvijr st R HENISII WINES FOR SAI.E_ 41 lboxes Hookheoholr, 29 do Krostrjuerr, 18 do Markobroon.r. o.henowines are now landing fia i brig Alrzanle [ fom Bremen and bare b.en osnleetd kith Itarticul a Sore..,v folntorn at Franklort, ,onoota ld (.loga,. dt at ing exo~usively with thic artit.le lir this ocetr.. O( ever) iIn voatooltiguette is uolfied, showing qoou rty, year ofgrotih and bharig m"y came as impo, ter. and guarnaye the gcuinneass. r j J+=u • ABR.HAM TRIER, 31 Gtavi.' .t BUSINESS CARDS. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Ur LiUISIANA, i F'I i':ItS his merocc0 0 the P1.b.ik 1i.: h depart. 1 icioc cl of Nurveviog and Cioil E..gineering, both iu Itown In.d 11111by. I IrIum ursertie experieie in Ilis pr O re ssi 11 c,,ico ptur llty e ll+l tald fit olif il.. 1111 exeetl,( illl r~t lusirrese entrusted~l to him, he ]lu r to taunrt nnJ ,0.00)10 u shore of rlpullic petrrouooto. 110 wtl' al.o tneasuro and e nlculute the Lelrltelts ofr woi. .111 exol.1j1isa. Olie NI 81 C:lartrv. ctree t,OcleuId toly ________ jet' BJANK NOTE E; illAVIING. RAWDON WRIGRIT. JATCON & EDSON p1AVII opelnlled 0I 1111ic0 ill Nuits OJrleisll. pI*oCeiLlng l ý" eual alrnntmagee with their loose~d ill New Yuckk flr II pur tIIufIl. og-ngIciIug oul-i lrililig Baok Not.., ItInttll.ll, ,lll ol Irltlgl.e, C12 liioI.Io of Ikepoeslc, Cllirks 1111aI othier impIIIutlII iIltipl'er., regqItring security ttfuiast Eatlge, ierF; stud h uo modne amplell ptuvii~iUI for eflolt heCir icu ; 11hei1 Ii CII , Ime iCl.ujI the 1Bores1 of elr fie ilunde Ol' IhuiC cill igi i Oiulo quid C 1, i i hllel Of IctIO,, Ufliac, curoller lt Roal t& Colulnl (10111. gt7 -tf ()ANI1. 11 TINY, .Jllrc/loediee liIl!.IIC 4- O.IIlro,,liIrn .JtICII1111 I SlIIPItItOK1El & COMIJIISNYION" ME RCHANT, tIo. 0, Poudros Street, J.P'. FREEI IAN & CO., 1O kaletwl C/oriIng Io·arl(.r wen* ; NIl. 3, N1ItIIlIo stIeet, tIAVE Cntatllly OIn h1111 it iargle. lIslC of Cluli 11 iu, cullcllnll ed for th . cuntry mule. 't'he'lair ale. sortment slog ll a rse. ntelrshuttlo fr airt the c EOUItro cut be lIlIiIilld it thile sliortest sloio. bell FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 C UrltI Mitrceet IIAV E cullstattaoplply t f every article I'rtnnriill to igeIthelet. :I,' dresh, file il taltlt style, llt w o.ork SURGEON DENTIST x No..13, Royol treetl. 0 LEANS Z4ITNIOQUR4P1Iq PRINTING ESTAliLISI1 I ENT, No. 53, Magazine Strcet, Op(pOsite Baok,' Arcodo. WII.Lid.11I GgREEXT1, PROPRIETOR or I J H, P4$RER Coqncsisihon aitd PQrwardiag Merchant, No. Ii, FRONT LVEJC, VP STAIRS. New D bane, F Feh. 2; JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLE$ALE AND RETAIL Dr.ALIERS IN MIDIoINEs, PAINTs o0s, I E STUFFS VNDl) IWYIDOW GLA S, CUirrer of Common anu T'e"lo pitoulas streets, NE, ORLEANS NATHIIAN JARVIS. JOHN WV. ANDREWIS. A large apply o Gardlen Seeds. warranted the growth of 1837. OYtIat &- YAW, I)EAI.EIL( IN AMERICAN & EBNLISII CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CAeourEn.rET STIOCET. of FIR r% ,EN'S INSURAN1 E COMPANY OF N.\V ORLEANS. Thin Comnany are now prepared to take RISES AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 Musson's Building, Canal etrrt. E L TRACY, New Orleans, Mayl 15.1:33. Secretary. - ROllBERT CLA'NNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTUNB No, 12 CaIp street. Wholes ale linler in naints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, ei:1) Witdow anld Pi:;ure Glnas c. &c. TORET W. VCOLLINS T LA .1/ T7'OlVE I'Y uOU ,5 .,LLOP iq T L,. iW: N OW) 1 prnlciiiue i the Staite aed City Courts. Cli eels ~ill lied hl ill t te Clerk's neliee, US Cir,,uit Court, ju flie Custo) I ousle buIildi, . jell /I\ ll l: enllhl'cih+, hIuviug receivel a eolnmll.inn as i l)rllrI Surreyur of Uuilyr Staitie I.adsl. lilr this lltutt, oll;r. his services to the public to surrey and Iocatile l..als in any iprt l Louisiua. ..l hretltfore all peraltiuo, eithlr of Surveiln. pr Civil Euglil.erigl, siUhI it alieullUltlsurveys, plus., tdr, lcrcli.g, plrollr h, cah:leatis oI excuvationn eltlb.Iu1~uui, , rllI UIr 1t f wall-, he. either in t.,wn ar cUnllr. si ll b Iron ptll v nld l'irlhfllly attended to. CI.brgese rsoalle and tI rus eash, Ollie: 55 Mla gnzinc str,,et, ill elran' Are) t,-. drcl l-2 easw-:n ArE)ED. WILKINSON. lILt. \iiEIiPit'.4 Iterlncrent 5ltre, Yreest powde Shad, eele; pickled I'lrguen, rurrents, Citree ding from [ll llilt M _r, lilrrt relin Philadel1,ll1,, f It hallllarrels tukrnlhtat sllal, 110) quarter Ihrrels Jjurlkwtert eal i5 lhfhbarels Nu. I Shetd, 25 half buirela Ihnily Beef, 10 hlfbaiels pickhled Tongues, 2 harels ssmoked U1'Unges, I 1llhd SUnutra iew Currants, I gross Oliver's Yeast Powdersa , for aie by d?8 (t IV ItlI'CIIAR & JO IAG-IIrT. L IVEIIPOI L SALT'--750sacks file,anudi 75 sackse A oearse I.iverlol SIt, rrerived per hllipa Queen Adelaide ned iuaellen,, foer Liverpool, and fhr by .3 IIOL11 KS & MILLS, Bank Pluce THE Sub>Icribers oller at wholesale the following guuds. IIATS-100 cases mulesk aite, as sorted nizee anN Ibrimes. iO ido best No I de do . l1ll do di No 2 di do 100 eases iR es No 3, uaseord sizes and bnries.. 5Je Ihlearer, a auperiur article; S11ih Fine Nutriar 511 d;, Extra dis 2'11(I 4o, I)llk ail I W1ii:e Russia; 5I1 do ExtIi tlcek tltl-eS; I(h0 do Alllnkit & Culley lurbroad lie d Inrrow ebrlsa, for Levee and country trade; Sdi All ratinks ofnilitey & neeiL Chieaus; " Io Cliiltres silk aud Ilr I tn.i, teinl riie,. Caps-Fur, Otter, far Seal, N-tra, Mlakral, aed hIir Seal, intro dozen eres. SrnIllutI . Clith calrs--Pickwick, Polinsh vril'as ht riruie, r.fl top. Military iltldrare, isLl l eather f)Ili)illlil. hihlren's Faecy'IlurbaNs, Plaild and Velvet Capt, Releieh nttternm. Steeks--.lnleSilk anld eBotbazi,,e, of the neutest shi'h.. Imttllrelhl,--silk andt rottal. Miilitury Plhees, riled silk. Silk Hlendkercljielre-lI5,g, awl Spihitriletls. liaIhoxes lfor hatters, woodl rans, double fr dry geods. T'lh, ablre gollo tllpri a latre at rCkad all I nf tile litIest e1tt inn. aril will le, sold lt a eaeull nd vanee, with lctst and charers on New York prices. Tlhe auhseribers will ltake ordeors fur soulltern, weslernmd si Tnexs nllrkets, fir Ithe lolite ufA I1 Gossip & Co., Hat lannifacturern, New lrk., tind at thle elorw'eet peislle anlice. Grrmtael end F elb I'lnasllel beulght. (ilGSSI' & CO., Naval. Military, had Fashionablle Hailers, Exelhange Hotel, rovt4 St Clarles rt Mr. GEORGE Al lRRICK harmig resigned the of fice ofchief E.:gineer of the New Orl.Jas and (:lroll ton Rail Road, Mir. John lfaopsaO has been oppoint ed in his place, to wham all persons ileving business with, or wishing infolrmation regarding said ltail Road will apply at lfe Rail Road Of1cc, Poydras street, JBy order of tlhe linrl. (8iraed) JOHN NICIIOL1ON, aovt?7-t- Cashitr I. W. I'Ii'r(CHAR &.JO. 'AtI.IlT Jr., ornear SK.* Poydras and Mlagazine ss., have just received .aa.ol;fr fur sale. 211 Iarrels American brandy, 15 firkinas butter, 5't grois corks, rat I,oarrcla N E Rum, ti)l boxes starch. Scheet, i 6 rcest, pnouhong, impetial & gapoiwd!er ten i31) holf barrels No.1, Mackerel, i0 t do 2, do. Ill do Shod, 2 harrls almonldi., h0 barrels luadira wine, 5 qr. asks I'lert wine, 5 qr, d,. Tennaritt do. 5 Ilhllds pore spirit, extra prooef, I hlld old fine .onn I)[ock Coguiuc, 50 qr. casks sweet wiln. ifel AtGINid and Itole l200.pieces baggier, S2001 cois ropne. for sale by 11II HItRSI)tiiK.NE Ii N & C, 9 Conti s * ONIDON Editionsaof standard worksa onsisting o Alemoirs ofCradock, literary and miscellaneou, 4 vollulce, do Napoloae, + dedlicnted to Montholo & Gsrg-aud, 7 vols, do Poililp deCuinie, ., l4, do t'l.uat de Gram-omollcl, 4 vols do Gibodn, 4ro ;s, do Cullarine a2,d3 cols, do Guilford, do, Sir Diudley Notth, Ido Sir John Nor:h, do Napoleon, by W IIlreleud. 4 vol-; do Napaoleo.tyj Seavar, Duke of Itovigo In adlition to the alove. a large supply of standard works, iust received, for sale Y , ja26 WAM McKEAN, ena Clmla * (anams a.t (URTIS' Admiralty I)igL--A . ,U s t(eatas in J the courts ol Adm lMty ie l-.gnald, is 1 col. Bieo, iust peived and for sale TO tl .Al.L* TOWAR,4 Cmanp a .ARIVS on the Passioas, a new and interoti g J urk, by tirlaa tary frpu'ar a, rt'r, i.tst rsejo..i Sad for ash fiy AI ES TOWk.R, - let-IS *5 Cataj ct BUSINESS CARDS, JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DESCRIPTIrN. 'I'EEDIIIY, IIAN II-SOII E AND CSEA PLY EXEC(:UIEID AT THE OFFICE OF THlE Trice d1jiierican, nI'1'. CII AIILES STRIEETr, NEARI I'IIICRAS. iIcCOLLIj2?J & IfOSSY, lenctort & Geaeral Cwnrjnisnjni .3Jrre ?aee, fleft htItn in New A' - krnt,, Abotttnll/ & Inftna, ) I/'ae. I tt'le & n .t,. S tiE-Itt, Z4SH & ALLEN, NO, 1, IXIN('I11.4XDE I1(tI 2ntnt't f fSI. f'/weItd nnn I Contrtnpn x/,. NIEW UNILABIA'Nr !"(rnitn; I lttn~ntl.'et, CaonmIlortl it Cotlr r1,~ Il!l"i; ·lo, (ilorear , Slliri*, ý('tl~k , Lotlll ll urf:' I'AS-IIf ABLI . (CI.c)THIS(: ROBd.P~o;N SIItniIt Gair 1It, No. O1 , II. CAItNI nSAnI, ee nonneltnrolnoornbitliw.,., ntnlt n HtI.ete cnlrtle~ttl r. otIl .n i· I·cl titnit~. ntI' · p ir l tlto;onlotlýloud.oltnon l (eyntitlireltI pptttlnlilt o'noI n, : lot iog v gi on' tIletttt m d, int e ltlitilirt n Al. a tnettino, pihonndlot eto, np'ihtllion Ie n'iit ltt en CCII3IL--tN EILC k ~ntojnn ml If~lenlohag11 11 ~le~lnnlt Itein i l atttll rreineya FLlonI tnzlpn\IdIIII InlhlL gIodnFoetene I elch, I edced prices, M- e, Lprtio & rvel N0 AURNIT U CE rWARD.OI' ChRISTIE &~, SILS TTN~ PEIInlesnI'e Grnt lae nIoers andlxle Cnmistt ilh l Iticnoi . 3,e n tjtan Intln I ll ti ng opi ot, Slnno ltnl. R. CoAtttlonnon. l -( ll furly iu nq no 2 i a h aere o .o"a 1P end(. mapleono -n oed chir,,u, pe an :arr. 1 11:3l r Nc i, P1,11 direct, IreclY· Ylhoss I,11OR'rlt nd dl alr ntlllll I latt t ra I :lusllc and trimming. Ample t Uage my Ile 1 d ou end ert em ,an vr telu up i ogodefr ad ryd to his care No. 53 ..e.nEc.etr Iret., r ueleir , IeIrnke' Aiunie, E STABI.|SI4E; fur the execltion of mls ,+Nana ald drawings, toierclnisi' cirec larr, bueasi.s en addless cards ofesvery deserilptiln, fitnerul circlruar- ou deep mourniag inte, rp thecary and droeigists'l.tbel; bnk checksr, drai receipls, &c. printed andl exeeuttd idi echreap antd "cditiuos style, be tre proprietor. Wti.I.IAM GllU ENE NB. Bank Notes ,ntlv e' ecureted. In.d TUST the ltaniina FPurniture Ware P Reoors, 53 Iienville street, 20I) Mlnle and Cherry Bedsteadsl a first rate article. Also, a god nssorn m.rlt o" A1pic, Wal le t, noll d inalued Chairs, which will be sold for the lowest cah ppt ;es. KW It C. RNES j_7 t.1 li,:nville street A Carvi. ORLEANS LIT OGRIIA PIC EST.A BLISlH ME T, 53 MAGAZINE STREET, OPPOSITE ANK'S iAK CiE. W r GREENE returns Iti sieniero tibnlks to hin trie Ide ndnd tIh:e public of New Orlerns. fer thir atrrnaee bestowed eo hii, fr tht leet too yeerr. nad ege eve to atsiure th"ire titlt all ondetrs COemti ted to his charge shall be ruerun lly ulned ir to.; le will an usunl, tep tile nihen orpetdurieri the st 1teen, audl shall be ulwhas renalv to trike oilf merehknte's eireu rlar, btl'i.esa tand address cards funlerll notices, mtar;, pialt, nrud drtwilnee, a every dntleri:etion, er te tiortest notice, an n ti ile mlast retlsroatble tertms. iBeing Assisted try artists superior to ally otiher estublish ent t ill tile ciit. aud c re.l Iree o t xIeriecte it, tile lihiegraplie line,; lie lurils coullfdent of' giig estire astisfactilnu. N it Apothecaries and drigiests' labels execured iu as good style as copperplate enggraviug, nti at one third ofti texpense, jve4 ( r hsubscrile;ra It veJust opeined sever / atl CoTmbs. Ilhlll Tr,' TO.RPlSE TUCK. Quill top To'reoee 'rtek, u do T'i-n , cc do Sitde. BRAZIII.*N Cn51 B Ini all tie bevea variety of Etnglish, Frencn: annd Ameriaen Iat.lltfettllre.r. Ivory fite tooth Colletbs, in all the vanriety of size and unaiity. 'ocker, Ruck, Iborse. eourse and fllu, antd all other Cor lbs, fur sale by REES & D'L.ANGE, nnv13 18t (tlp st 'vl AlJW GI.dASS, LINei",It.l 1It.-T0r bhx es of ',Vi dow (tli s, 130110 anllors til; II rot rels ofVarnlthes; (65 dz of 'aint BUrushes, received per ship St Louis and UBrque Vouchelr and for sale by IOli,'r. CLANNe N, nos 27 12 Camup 1J EWV MIltSIC-Pot' Kumt ileeli do't meun o teell . yon hier nlme--'tlou has learnt to love Anotller Sweet Aftort tValter. The Ir.gell'.; Farewelil; Hie ptsr en her ina serrw; tlinda's Latoltl; 'they have given Th'le to Anothere, Lovely Lady Mier The Itridral, The Brokene I'eart; Alv Ienrt is an Aluhc; Olt! t.! wO t sill things yioi g InP; 0 i t ort L I anl love loi; (ll Pantrick, n'Iv rea a.t le;'irt tlU arI t reve. Iv who'll dey; t'l'hik tIy Lave, Ohl Tlirk of Me; Y'te I'link I lavet an teny Ilr liart; TIhe Vjntge Sog.; lThe ship is ready; 'l'i.e Siler Mtreli; No aet everr grieves ame; Not ir ie; I've Ileen ere fretsh llowiers ore Sprl.nlat; I deartyv il vne Tihe iere; a0ed er sparet thtat t'ret 'lie WVill Albtross; lien Frries, Rtser JIlRe ref Jersey;'lrd Ililenrel woo'm at be keteore Alid; T'tre cillenrwal.e bidden; lV "lalher laed; lire naidi ef the Mountnul; 1tt nalive loe.r; nlv heea's best trea sere; ty Wenedieti Ilide; Oliee errast Ie a silert Tent'; 11y Chillbmld's lmtls earewed; The tirereawnr' Tree; Selelo tllulh, a coei. antllg; S.ire r' a wreatnh of Hensei; ttl pretnty ,loI, Just receivee iud ifr sale ti' B CASEY'S uPilano Forte and Mu ade store, NEWV OIILEANS & CAIRRI)l.L'1'ON ROAIL IROAD AIOR.OAG KOENTO FOlII HE WVoOK 1111. From ""rr';""o . Flom X- Orleans.:·, Hers Co, 4 o'cl~oc.k A i. H Focoqryi , e , "" "" ,. ,ooie 7 . 10'11 " ," Jn " " I' n1. FO Il " 3 o L' 6i AftliOo' lock o~rao be obtained by y~in, 10 do TiLt : JACKSON AND LACOUI'E 8'LttrEi T CARlS sal ntrre 1 oju~ock, A. M1. ened run hoed ,. Al e"llf peat l o'lloc'i this ea~r will cutallncllce nluaille every hallI hour, nod oo.,ttllruuhool the dp until du'rob P. 01. from the head ofJock~on afloat. Persons ooiog by the L.COI IIoro mel provide then-.lve with Tickets, as n.1 1110Ov will lie n'tccl by the cuudulltura. Omco SN* Odio a..l .tuCorrllhot Rol~h Iond Comlpany, I.oydreooatoo. JOHN OII&0'OQN, _uuv9 oCloof tog N. 104 C 0.!', N E\V ORLEANS & CA ION'.TON RAI11A. ROAD ('l).-N Iq'ICL--0a and afterc thel Iq D.M., 18381, unil foltrir ,,tOiC, 1111 Ext raoo1h1 Coa will Ileve th.e .or oIe, I'oIlroo 01reot, It blll' IDt 21 o'clo.k, P. 91. li Lo'oy.rto and ileorntodi 121laces. Siogle Tickets 37 1212 cents, or _1 $:5 per hundrued. JOHN 3lIt 11I'S ,N, ,ovN-tf (lII. lomg. N. 0.S C. I . It. f'b~t"5U 11')1 1'11I I lSl E= olagnot and h~ighly l. approvor drntlil'rico; thee s' Ilrvuti ll cr~criplnl pI f..r¢ie tenth, jest received t 01 to U.II & AILI.EN, (1'19 ..r StCh olts & kI~sl,,o, or.. Eoohll,,0.t FURNITURE! FbURNITURE!'! a house, u large Jslpie fiull New Tulrk awrl 1a*M 1ot1. Itoc.o indotte wool uIo ltrnt.tld d1Iot o I.roll to call,llnd ollrel Iljir atldes Irolt, ocub olf I.. blet otud larlget l-,och noon on tho city. W II CA ItNI.9, N lt-Porlicolar utteolio, {i'id In p .o!lIly lll 19I .nlrit..t., freo0pol llovelnd i. \HD-451 krg. otopooduol leaf Lardl, insome, for fib1 44 .Se Lear C(1 Pf 13OIS for i.Itttt pocso0 t)om rerclivd fro,1 New Y'llr,,.nI will 10 oIl. Jow fotr teolt, or apllpro1td coedit. Aloe., I Icierl l..t sadl tio u11al of the in'olrttl t IJAVJ t'I:'IJ' s Ca, a j.0 N Y Sttotionrt IlhtI, 24l Clooooeu1N L('I IING2roo.ue donnel) DIIIlrlatu elliped ,,irs, for ala by '-gIIALL& IIt'vno, l 216 .iJluogogi,,e d " INoI: oil Edocadivs. 11w, o lha I glero, oy rleboo, tddowro.d to, g teoolub.,iro. oil ol dlpilltleI to O t rtonr lt itt tIe t1uOt.tgo.sobo of lenld ico: ho E I2 \\'iia., 0uth0r 1of _ 3ooto ad aoJoalfio 0n1 Noto. Hiot. ot Edoetiton. by oht posem sunatI oleo, hIP.l's 1em ato oolto',I A ''OW 1:(, I9 Camp et A 21IIIIJCAN IIRtA "11"Y-30 baholroAOwtricrhouib, L dye for sale It (W 4'\VIITCIB.%RD 1- JO TAGERr . a vfloyektlrv o th lritfi the linkierseal, Siitl .Io. 0 )tI tho tl tin~g week {frsolhMold.1y 29111 14t.) s7 um cc* of broad due iotl. Ilworl tflte aewt.,l t ;llitr i:( required to weigh .3 por coot. mot, vion 411.1 SIltelL .9AL'1'-]f00 hI,0 1',,otoo oil~io 1o r Sble summew r trainood Iperm I t Ttt.1t'.ac .holoe lt.b a for tale ye ceLiiGALE0I1 C~m to I tnukb uoitbmgJa garll iei SemIs ti luo ? l, cpoy Ptirriiant,. rlefuae eforrll tetas tit ýy Otl'PS-,I rams .mo calf i f i foist hok Bnnc a, fi.rxalaf 015 ISAAC J l A nl u u ý1hI.VhI' 'iTE.1 !'the AIW,.i 6.Cso e, k n e& l ar y' men as'",. for cal, on reeasrib etrma. . fclD ( 'INVA'-: VIm IIO*9 i 2 rliiiie suibLo Fr ufir5 iur eR oe b uy fiJ S I (tjY'-4O tma.o .`ld4.u1 Baflu lil received sna diltiooalapru1,it ý iop l icl tarok', by lflA-b C 1 Aft,: IP.U ine(lr" sal l by Ill °)NIt! brK car J'rlipnejae jj¶ýItI IUIf2ýA1 F'(i:i-t)6 drea i. iiMoe ad f l sae b i ', , 7'llI'rolll. 0 .; ., L~~i '!lbr I'ioueeeoridpuouie JlutAu uiuNiewr Yuork, furtnl b J J.' A 1D4;1V Sc IJIO'HCBJII 8 V 1LUAlll.II But)1(s-Just ero vothR .,," standa~NJrd 4114 'Uluablu Smokeak, cq ti tidp? iTe ,ind t, &oill. ioptrl o plat eauIit Is .. id on, of II dance i neayron, np~pq,' j'ron 111u.Irahe: do do V AI.U's tondI' t iiJ a, ,trio l'uIelato' , ' oiuekendodnhj Ailps, diuhiean's Tuble. n (;ullerv of (ritill- Anrtiot all 'p'erdid rug rirrr tLif of Johl d. iSron, will, colored yport, epie*4ola Latin' and (creek Clnraicul ibrary in Egjlarri· Live, l'i'cite, Xenophon 6ac~ Byroui iorkt, London pdoket edition, Shakspeare, London dliamound editi~nI Afogg's, thle Etrick Sheuperd''r, tale', Aikiumn Bridiseh poes, Selecton ar Tilm,1 ,mete (lllera cio's I)ecu I eroli, in Pr mnl emto turiositios of Literaulwutu byt'laraedi, Latiuhall'edlif f trmukIjna.ton, ISol; nto Zag Witlh y yrilty of splendidt Agnuals and .u" Art, il ron in o r5 ,lpioudig,, he edition, E JOHNS' &4 , fe6 -- nr S diCharledon, l d alllrol carks lirat bkrnt Thomnaton L _oi.~ Ilandingfrutn brig Atlls,+ for sale by jnn 30 J. P. WHI'TNEY f ( Oamp fLtUR3-- 0 blinb upopf lbnding from iteoliton , jan 31 G. DUR.Ey, 44 Nne ilri IUI n'1Sl'IIUS-300 biles 3.o and 4.4 heoay hbre E!nirtli.g and ohe.lingr, fur atle hr jo2S, ISAAC BRIt GE &Co,t31 Mig.g NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biseuit Bekery-Watero oa Hillman, No, .. Morauon (Lteor the Peoltehaerolo Rifteii Pilot and Navy Bread, Soda anl Wine - Sugar, Butter, Midorl d and Water Crtnkem.r : All the above articles are warranted to be tolf fir, quality, and io keep in any elimoea.t completely kiln dried. Also,-Kilo dried sern apeal, Orders left at G. W. Prichard and Tozatt. Ir_ corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will reoj prompt attantion. Small kegs putop eoprmol_'*lW family use. Im r N EW BOOKS-Napoleon's Memoir-,.-.erenad l o • ilh Primn, (.amlacereo, by Barom Laoigs, ilt role; The Midldy, or ceneo from ithe L iof Edwad Luoscellsa, in 2 vle; Parley' Chrinnmai a for 1831 Parle"y' Cltristmas udh for 1839" just reweheod and re ale h M 4li lee 10 corner of Camp & Comaon ar LOUISIANA INSTITUTE. THIt Institution lot the educatioe Pfyron letgtlr L ir#, oilJ go ilto .perotdon.o. irslet of Omto ,rtno. hebaeeent eooe of .en o Mlrobodiet Chi:n_ eornr of Cnrontelet nnd Po)drao, nader the athe lndernigned who haa oe iepied the ,rtheruatiia in severnl Cullegns of lhe nor"lha:td ike s a graduate ofone of the oast .lebaOrteod n.oeijtitbi of Europe. Thle cause of etylieo to he petrneaed in This aeinar will hbe S pfeltendler ii the following divi ona.y,,t, i. l'lfTe gigloli deportment, eminbratiro al '1L rautceuofa thorouegh ald accomplished kJitplle ucaltion. 2. T'le classical departmenet, comneohrndig.l. Latin and (.reek langueges. e'l' depurtment A nteodern leanggeee, in . w~i~ will be taught tl\ejFapch, Span.jsh .pod Get)Ioo J ). guogro. 4. 'The notheie m i.aet and Iptdd paoi. lAptii atd - romipreienhdiue Ahelira, t.eMtetry. the twnoe o else -triee with their plratical application to lgnotmkv N avigotion, Autonomy, ec, Natural PniloeoeIny4: Cheiiilry illusartte4 by nlppropreiae epernmeot. .p'Evenin . Claasse is the Modem Inngomapnl,·a he tIrmed mid aittended to frmthe let Oct.. " C J HADDERMSANN, S N, J (UPISON Ent, lRe President SHANNON, Colaitoak.f aehkaon. I)r C A LUCZENBERIt. I. C DUN(CAN Eeq. J NICHOLSON EnI, NewOrleaUs. .ep2--1838 e CASEY', N,. 19 Camp street, o,, just .,ee4 1J .romLondou,"per ship ' I emy i Rovml, Snper Royal, Imperial, Clumbier, aind.plI ':lep .ut Iawving pnpeyr Tai]td Roylo ant en lpi..L - do. eomml,'e I r, don Inrds. Poin .d a Tnh1 IllistoJlboold. ivory palmr; Transpareon ) Ity1 , iveld and Silver panpei Gold bordors, WhitaePpd ed Qiec lapcr.. DRA BOON1 & WCILET, mom & Loiadon's1 Ott. oell ts , c. . - Rteeve' &s Son's Wo4er C[olors; Pdin m er 4 -ip es ofr Chltlke stil Crnioe -3B , 7 FBil 144,l rPaies;.hiquid Geold; P: ul. r eilv er bli a; . and China Iwnk SeClib' ,hinaa Sluces;; Chin i *r nand 9,dihatons; ivor, Mahognac, ofd C.hia Poluih brusoer; it ilsBadger tP'mi dbruehm i:nves Mulsie i d Skeltca ng m oltfalioisi ?n J.l er Cork rattramp; in tmiantre orines . .. 6.wa Quill Pncils; do b.ack .icble do. r r ie . tCi1¢on iQ- • Preatared llofe ovprmmd d 'pri in eIac a Cs Iburo, with Pencils. Uroeers, ice. Prepieed- ~ ot7, 3U.& 36p ilnee. chis c a, POCKR T DOWfS &e WALrLET&:",-,-v '-, ihlsind nod Morocco Pocket IlRhoka;- Rtiseate 1l \Velleto; Rnw.iaLealo er Pookelt linoak 3 i" 4 leuveae;*tet Tablels, with itver.on.di-]caies. 4UR4%W HaNUIII4. VIsor 011y Ucedri(d *ooronQd, Ooowipa4, IJnEmiL Rlroia hed gold, Fancy ecoloted .ead guld dsorn PEN 110J)ERS. Pears .md1 Gold Peon IluldertJ Pearl and Snr4.i octl A NDREW SMITH & CO, etfn~pp their friends and the publ d. they ecunpy the neow brick Ishop, i Te a! rest, where they keep enestantIlin hand 'in and Sheet Iron Waren, of every ctrh las copper stills, kettles, and pumpn t ing tu a, ad oil carq, 4a eli srta and siae ai etlier brass casting donet horteat noetio. Grate bars of every d:paription, shb sll hbot .hinrolp, hog chailn, screw bolts, sadad kind of stoamboat work, such as ehimneys, byqi et, steam pipes. iThey will also do all kinds of outI-n such a. airo, copper end tip rocSlig and-d e o' i &c. !hey tihvee tid oil .Jler ·kinds of ' their line ftrbueinren, they wil. eyeeoten ishortest nolie. - d. e. SU.Epublicr ere.ropertfull iemd 9 Hatn ri J o eri.ted on . nirotpt in an airy aondmill t aLT'a 1 tittitmn' lniwbil FIralklia, upon the rils :id, oo roilre Fraei be blediliig is large ait molqenpiadseI ioll npartimentl, for k feuIe ;pcapeats. diit nd tfIreant disenres. T1a io ttelyp is ~ppp i' I rinbnate mnot ntetlive tmole td f.emale noanoeed noin tiqeni langnager. , Private roonti nay be hlad b _ned ihlo per dav, includin,, I tedr. ?te dollors. n v . ... AII"cadal urgbslea n er` ihe ricideant pbkyiriit i in aplilicetiou for oi.,,lm4i. iesnlberi, No 1iiI Rapart lil .s. S GA(in-Liuaind ilil t' oBd ,p D To F Uiti.-ldt- d as .dAy I'i.gew ncL a ie ,° nills ai nerTo .jn 0 n . osrnltl foil " L4 ring ,-d,.rt viot • .

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