Newspaper of True American, March 4, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated March 4, 1839 Page 3
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IAli?.-iY L hbdreau»iea d hais all,: IUlhhd sildes . ilt e aO by I. HRIDOE & Co. flt I 1.4 Mleaaisne stt. iPJ,..I oIl-Ul cask win,'r need lfll strainted aperml oil, warranted pure, fur sale iy Salt9 IISAAC Hltl)tiE & t:u, 131 Mneaiatie at SLOT'IIING -l6 casoe Clllthing, all x tenlive assortmnrt, various qualilies, lunding lur Iale by I.SAAC BRIDl)K & Co, sfbl9 131 Magazine st COMP I'ROLI..ER OFFICE, Secomd Mlunicipnlity. New Orc es, .Marchle 1, 1839. P UBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that ln Mondayl Sthe Illh Marchli 39,at 12o'clock, I rill al'jdic.tils a my fllce, to the lowest bidder, the rspuiring ror an yer, onfll the paved strelets nld ailds waulla lirdering on tile state, % ithin tile liemits ofethls luniciplity- iecludi:k; all thim ide walks in bricka bordered witlh curb .ltss], guttar stones, and paved asupport, wierr ever atih asldewalks may exist withlin Ile iaicorporsted limits. The said repairs shall consist in toI their former line and level, any part orf said trerts and sidewaltk, whlc: h may le founld out of order, and thnll be executed int auch mannler as to aoltrd, atral till es, an aeav and conveniant communication. Payment bto me ildo nid nllthly, in cashl, an lle certifi ate of tille surveyor, thatl the s ork has beets rxecluted ac-earding to cuntract. The person to whon tile 4contract shall be adjudicated, fto air boa witll one or ionre securities in tilemano (if 63 for tite fhitlfia pesrforcsmao s ol site dulitisr dvolr lagupo Isim. Tlse nonws sofls eesrsritir lesmt fie hasded in at tle tie sI sale, whlen if thley ate not Bsati. eactor y the contract will be iadin iately re-adjudi eated. JOIIN CA;IIOI;UN, marl to I I Coulitroller, IIUREAU DU CONTROI.EUtR, lIe It Seconde Municiptiitlf, Lt .Nouvelle Orleanss, iars I, 11139. AVIS eat dolllni qsut l.andi II im:tr. 1839, A midi, an hureau, ie snnttrni A I'tdjuditilion, I, conltrat inter lea reparat ons necesslaire penlant tilU ast, ds tourle Ia rues pasiespt le Itr tttis ds llnelne lans le% limite. tie celle Munht ipallit6-cmprenant tout lei trotloii en briqesqs etsoutkeut sutuot us liar nerret, Jui ce trluletat dens les lililee. Lres ditrms epr;t. rations devront comprendre Ic travail .ire pour mroatre en olrde ct fairs cmlanuniquer tulle Iigtnts one route deja tratrec, afin que l'ot pent leapplrischbr dans aucue aaianr etars a lacilile. Io. psiement .rae fait par etoiis de ssouvrage accotspli, our le certifict dl-s I'isliectesr. Itentrepreneur sera leasl do founrair enttiton lsdan I ummelm de troia sille liastre toul gssansir du clltrttt, lequel doll i"cls prtsastslt e sns ttepstWll. Jtill.N CAl.HOUN, .r._ot II C.oltmoletr. ANILES-5011 blxtes New Redfinonl, Bornitn all Nantucket Sperm. Cinilei, far .al- by fa! IS kAC Lintli.iE k Cot, Il4 '.ilg iz nei A- SIlsiiNAi.K' PANtIS litI.It.ttrEK.t T H iSrub4cribelr IIIhas tle hlIr of hilnliring ilte 2. dies, that lie ains recleivvd per mi.psl Ie yetellP and Mare'z, . a insupply of faliilil %min-l w lill:nTv, ot the late.l nd ril:le-i isnaorial iii Palni. e'!.atlA Mrs. eanieanl lecl tio ve lo pened anld reil 17 tr - intilon oi itiday and Tl'u.ylday iiiit. D 'P SCANI.AN, nov32 .5(:l'arlr t - 'BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles A Commaon street, KXUIfANs E II T LE.. Bti I! . ALI.AN wsoild reo.peclfully call the at antioll of iitleells and ltrnalgers to t ioiircompllete snlw llnient lof (elntlelllel's linen -lirte, do eI:nnbrie wilt holnt troiira . fiashiolnable liren fri,.s: linen cd tIn: .ilk, eitt a .d Ineriilnl Iuner ahh',, aln drawers: CaInbri i nlld silk halllnd:l liefl: Ilaak lllo I flllwy o.o vats in great variety: atok, oil every dilseri itionll: uitI elastic atle colltton suspenders: silk, cottuon nod lthreld gloves: ents luskin gloives: tiiibrellas and canes goldl Alms,--SpIendd i assortment of ladies and gents wri. ting deks, canses, port folias, perlfumorl, cult lery, and rich fuerya goods. lally I Il)lt SALIE; o A T 0.9 muar ifil lt-. rv of tile sallsirri her, Iloiaisng Iaor, &ta. Turning, Sawing altd Grindlinl dlone as wn'» a i J. ° OT '. . iR1D 0 I1IE LADIES. l IL ilr.L ., Ni. II) t iiiri.' -rt. tw t. rclllill O i i;\s It.uiclllt ioJil Ilrckni J3a.,lr T, I T ) ,,I,1 air eilver in any form whatever, lll Inay lin e highlet p Fice isl Orls.agaz Lae iin Ello ilay liakev li faiie ii aniiE ld jtin el, t viz: ear ornan iR.,e (i-ili e gs , i okilel't ,t ihen, bi.. r lillis , r i lln y I rtie li' tilla lin is sl in die nid oft ii nse i leii, -olui '.nhsiMiiit li e t ir wn g sood n dvanisge, bI till ll a* twll' 1lI N l V t v J ,.ehyr ,a l !taelost reand ireC lrill rine hbest lllllll tir--h tirge inlOdelr l i-. Jfunl. I ' i L li, i Na 0lt IC a I ai d , Magazie tret, tl:ka ' Arl cade. W u iioIt'oNe tl kel Ilousre ii ant l n'ig tls Ili Iriends lint[ the c:iltizens (if N (Orlealns I hal Il r .,a t le nlg l brunlght Iilll rlllgii ol it par A ii oipper I-ia e Iria in l I:iin , I'll nie Iw l 'dilli n ii ll-he IIr I h (is iov nr (:rlppeI it e ,rlgift ilm 1 h111 w iu ll I' X t.ui:i I a 111 o 11ll id, u .it-nr lcd 1i " Ilial, at onreIP . lll o l .i i~,la p~ us l'u-olluurvi ig. Illma ilnarly its CNlpIIP a u t i es ir ieil;ll'ln. terih-d lui.l w i Ci rvlara -Pill (lit ini Ihiir Olvll Ila b wring i ellll i h iivY (,: IalltitV at it fewv 111r1 atvl. .uta h nra ll a r {', r, Fai~ l re eral .:ltitlH'lilln 'V Ioll ll lit l 11011cc r ·Ileeiepe. litis tlell t leill Inl' r'iqtiuiinii tois ,sil. Gts lle 11-c ' Iru io ... (n i In l uck \in" li l r I.i ti ll C lardl isii,l iyhlI i lhm ii- I iiei ri' lli Iic',well sc t canlull st It ! d hfjir, , .aNid .I'.t ll ll -nit o, Leoh 1, 111 P I feb I "'):t 3 \11'azi,.. xr Itn lld, EmIl., it h ide .r ofti P It'rlti-bi Adllllin lllli," alanu ez iale, alti lll h" . tile s Inllll Tll rl t I ellllellls6 a1" g-rdill ý -, oai Twitrzn. h1i.ik la., K,-Y WrI. t. f.20 '21 SUUA.tK-t hlilitri tr, told i -le b% | fT R IIIIVI';I ,o:," III" T II.o .I r .V tr"l,-!.t'o i Pltriol , *1 cyr L.o ket IA-ln Code: Hlolltinan's Cnmrse of Legal Stutll,2 r ool r . tl gleri no InlorLnte : L I e'i t therl r IAvrlnl , : 'orm llBook: Iteevs' il I)ctellt: I: rctge's 'rimlitnl Evi'.lence! civil do.. Itnsell itu (ri:ttet 2 volm: Norris' IPrake on Evidence: Rullthefril' Illstittles: New Yotrk Analytical Digest. 2 vinl: Powell oin Mortgages: r Judge Peck's Trikal: ltohli'a tlstulidv of Ilhe Law: o ing M on1 : t 'ro t o illimgham t" I.itX AtiOWAR Thceip ois Ptincipu a oiv urty: t l a'a Cole, 3 t oTANl. oiler ol Klxculors: ITulin' .S-Liw tl)ir ,lma L rucice.n". voi. o llSteven latd nIllatk . Averan: ~ir HAUSMAN, t thi agrnt for tttle ttublicati.tnt is .Seortv's (t:l eulariesen tie ConsrtitUtiol: iLa..p t 1I. Stairtes o lu Rti l l br: o l fil l d hl l l Iw 1 ..... El I. w: Se io'I I ,;111 ill Initlily: v.lne- rll l wlot s:X co lr or: Walk er't A oefrie. i I.i: 'illilom omn ItCeru. tore i vole: for ale at 4 o 44 CLre t. a rli3 A I.IX. TOIIWAR. f EciP'T It llGKS-Jltat reteived tl Itovid Felt O' llt.i, a II igan , e tent 1iive asortnle t te It r. cAitl BIoks, for sale low, at 1fe0M 94 Chartres d dt -l-NIAItl lI CAIS- -Little's MtuseuO i and tOur Gtth Ns 5ilrutraitt ." r IIAUSMIAN, Ihe agent 8 or thee tblislkint. in Aow in New - lllns o and will ire h ily lit roteirv Sub.scriptiOaun ecither work. Tile Illr.Ac lompea re a r jp tutl ii. ed lrto t e lut. I inct it il t hf r ,con e it atailtndrd putlictaoih "Our ;ilh. Illlstratle" is Ipuhlislte.l In weekh ntumbers 52 of dohich %till fort. a sledi vll Iolno. Each nlulmter conltill, two lnllli. 1fu stee enxrvicg,,lltlll Obtt ot eiglht pages or dnecdrp. ion. It is n o loart o izeOnd iod tPh i.etteaest lpli, r tiotn i b kii i t te worland. Sltnerilliou price. 52 numnlers tr $;61 5 tore than $01.i000 hat been expnded on tce work and it is confidenlly ecottluettded as lilly fortphy ofatronag3e. A1 SuE.srptiosll received at No 44 Canip l , anld at tie di l iFpIroF & CIGAIS- :th doz. ptinet grecaIn 1 - C vtfEl l.. Cotl dr p or ti l , just recei ved n d f i hain rl .E N l0,0oud Ilavans Cigars, ilo,!itg frtont hute Rlt:ger William. for sale by JOISEP'II COCK \b NEl 1-112 --1t00 . boxes Bido do. l. . f I .hoses do do IlO I-4 toxin do do do In sttre and for rtie Ihv feb9 I IAIAPI.IN & COOPEIt, 82 Julia at -OI.--T5i0 at hki ow landin , cnd fbr sale hvb E ja CIIAHIIPI.IN &tCOOPEiR , I2 Juloi st 4U0NY BIhAGS--50 itt75 lltr Blaegs in slore for ale by CHIALIMPLIN &ECoOiiPER, fo9 82 J o lU:lat I rMEr---.0 p cakaTthotlapon Lime for sale in iota . to aupiturchaser.. Al lyto fe9l It LAIII.AW, iG Camip st Sa'EIrtM Olt0-51MSiI all,. winter strained sperm oi just receivP ednl ti i t fsale hov jal ' LOCKE &Co, 8 Front Lever FA62l1 ADAOIS &WHITALI.,r Oravierat I-C Ia lo ..boiasksa rice uu botrd Ibrig Seabird, tnd tlo Feh2l 1. 1I G.HI.E, 93Common It LU .ltIR, IIAY, IASTItE A, Ec-l-3bU liael lumbert 400 baoe lirtyi 75 thousantd latnes, tlaolding lrtd for sale by YebIl L II GALE, 93 Connaol st "-LOKA'I DICTIONAIY, wikh 5B colored plates, r a further upply thion day orened, and for sale by feh 21 A l.E. roWVA It, 49 CoalIr at. ROST'S 't RITISII POEI'l--lang neltec works of the Britilsh Poile ill altronlcblo:cal aeriesfrom Falconero Sir Waiter 'Colt, withtbiographical aed ,critical uotiire; deasig'td ns a .onttintattuoi of Dr. At kia'ls Britisl Poie, just received and for saie ov fhobl AILEX. TOWA Iti, 49 Canmpat. 3 ARi.ALLL'. WASHINGT.O 4, oht,id:tetfor %he aur of ashtoals, received at@oI tale by ai. fob 21 ALEX. l'lOv .I.,49 -amp 1 8ltOS TlO.TH PASTE-An elegant and highly a roved dentifrice; titn best preparntion ever put ,pe oln Itnth, just receirved at the Ilasoar. IU11! & ALILEN. d29 cor St Charlas & Comtun pis. Exechngea ,1 F1PING ZINC--13 cak. beat Roofing Zin - t vow kalbdiot Irtam barque Bnlutaw, ftarale by #14 40S~EPIJCOCV*AYNE, ill Gravier at 2 G) G I 4A(. ;dliz salt, 6000 buslhals do in bulki , 0F 01U i r male by ml W \ IIl ITII)GE & Co. 76 Mairnainr nt F I lUR-44B brislaini ding fre Il rii .11m fur so il, by G DORlSEY, ml 44New Ievee 1LOUI['.-3-fl0 hbl iandiig ime steamer Pritiears, - and for sale ly ml G I)OlRS.., 44 New Levee A AITCllE9--31H)Ti0rmai anil awi caTTuifirs, and I lM Imr sale ly mil SIFAI.. A DROWN, 96 Magazin i C OFFPLE-300li bng Ilin coiffee. for rale hb . Iml ( DOIYEY. 44 New'l.eve 10 ST STAM ST'EAM IBOAT captains acid ',iwiier, 3 2511 urril iR itumelpeml n pt, an excellent article to burn ol Inlmird oi steeal boata whenl goodl wood is not to be oullnitred. a'nptaies ol as!eaneri will do well hIy pbrirrcbilng afew l arrels, is they will finl it lobe tlie lIea substitullte ever tflrel for wonl, for rile by mnl l. LOCKE &C o, 8 Front Levee IANO FOIl'TE --2 more aplenAid instruments, U witll rose colored eases,jul npeneelnd fmor rsle by leul A TOWAi, 49 Cemep as I.ASS-Sp<eeic, tincture ame sail mouth Jarpe rroiunl ail rlsquare white bottles or eve ry s ie vimli fr.ommm IIL-mlrclhlm m o 8 oz., ,lr wlolm.mle and relail, by II BONNAIIEL, fell8 eorner Natchez & mI'rhopitoulat G UM EI.AS'IIC BALLS for sale whnlesale and retail, at H BONNAEllI.'S f(18 Store, cor Natchez & Tehapitoulne at EW PIANOS, froim PIris-Jilst received per slii1 SSeaxn, from Ilnvre, and our sale by tie smubsern bere: A new nanrtinaent splendili Itnrinnltal Pinnnoforte tmid Pieciluet, frmmm fime eelerated iemnulectory of fPley e & Co., of 'uris. ( l''aliese listrienits are parlii.milrly well finilied, careiully eletcltd and lmorin ime last llllly tuntil May next. E JOIINS & Col fa.9 I ('llirht't 7r UIPE 'IN EaitmI .ine.d (I il,j us, received aid . for sale, wholerale or reltil, bv N Hi BIIONNABFI., fel4 cor T lehapitoul. a Nntee stll.t IIRAVEI. iil thie lhre, great emitiired (of Alltriln, It usmmi nl 'llutrkey, by C t El.liiott, M A rF i ., Virnr of (Goalhinii, anie al;thor of I.etters from tlde NrilI of E'ropim,jusit receiveil, anlt frr Pulo liv fel4 'I'I)WAII, l- Caiip iat A" NW d;iti iof Iotiier on Oblig E, jlst re c'imed amid fur sale by A TOWAIl, frll 49 (ca»lp l IINE mAP ITLE'I.C( E E-A fe w bisei for Pale by REAl) & IIARSTOW, febl4 No ? Hank IPlace ('11l<(CLAtC-I i t;cases weert Chociilate, tmll lup i in smalll boxea, lueaine from barK Ilashlwi, fup "l"I" by ISAAC, UlBlItllirE & l, fe14 131 Tlt ininet SASrTOR Oil.-lt learrrli No. I. Castor Oil, at Sprimeu arrice, itll iore ani fr sale b W JAIRVI '' %& A-IRWF.S, felL corCommonll & rchapilomlas Pa | LUE INK-Just received per ahip Arknalisti, two .da gross Johnlim's very uelmeie blteite itn, warreh t. edasupuriorrtirle, v " DAVITIFI,'.LT Ca, fel N Y Stationers Hall, 21 Chartre a 0r U COUNTRY MERCIIANTI' & OTIIEIRS "I The imubcribers aire now reeivi nla at rddlitiolial supply of anrthen, eltinla, glal. ailvPr, wood and iron ware; casmers, Iniuits slld table cutlery, whilch they oiler for Rilo law, o the mtmiiatComn m latia ltermsm, whole. male or (Counry im.erehanlts enl other wou d t lteir llva geto calland examine, rvius to Iilrchlnai.lg ilewlheare. III BIOWEf l Co, itil ,rrs of Ihlliabove wares, 17 Caip t 8l4 Commoun. N II.AI l a fi!w l I, lable knives with silver hanllles, a new slid aupeior article. fell fir rlllo by 1i IDORSKEY. .G16 41 New l.evee ~1 NNY lfAUS-I'2,1104 i stlon Air wanll by 1O16 Ii DORKV, 44 _ Ntew Lreee GIINNY If '.fS-1tf ill ba ledn ad hunrdfeoM, Da ti't~ld -ialeA, 11,illa by Il lIef Is It lWlIII)ODE & Co. 1q4 11lngzroe 't It -d tFOl' I'IACTI'ICK, oew ed;,oon of iA late of I.:,mitlinn, c- -oo ifing rules of I'r tofure ill Civfil A,-t-,oo, &o. fiar stil toy W31 MIooKEAN, tnfG orncorrr ofCCamp sind Commoon at - nettt an11 t7.'.sill Afother.- sorryo, oof ilnfinn rto d on co lt .itlr saleIbly DAVID FIKT& Co. 1`l01 24 Chlarticost A. 1)11 STO'I, ( F OR '.'.i.AF-ituated soi 1. clinpitful - tool. Inlqoire of II IBtINNAflIF, SIV3 u". Nth11 ez & Tchfpoif nok. oooro oni . -lii~tr~c~, 'lii;l'-:,~ salcka vuurac ad fll. jaIlanding luid ill mtore 6jr sale b 9 t1I f4 &11ES & MLLS, IBunko I'nce PI IOIAN'S I ooooo on, Siooofooll). too. Ogether withl t Oar-n lii-rntevf of patentlffo-ffOef005. Ilvefored f foly nod far saloe by II IllNNAIIBI.I., cur Natchez &Tchupitiluh., at. .1 11 %if iut00ce falf -id wintefr, warmla'.f, Ifr oulf O by SHALL. & fROWN. frG9ff itogoZsfe at ALT fff fo ofoofob (C,ofiz 5-ft A it. in bulk; --wC l r l .f l (;I & Coo, 7ffiloroooon .1 If NV ' I''.Nfft.t.0-1-51 foooo, brawl oo of'Jmk -u A foafr-hridp, fooraeof foit0 lI', 121 15111)(ff & V'o, 1:14 Nltonofooo'a )I ItNI'sff 1 ý ruhan tmm loosI fil 7 If c it lfl 1)~ &ICo, 134 .0k -auv-iss-A~ fai~os mod sfclOs, flo Is ISAAC 111f 1)(ir IV Co, fi-3III1 Atfgooine t CIT'Y IBANK, Nt-%v Orleans, 5111 Felbru~krv. 11139.. 71 1AG oilt Eoogfland, lor*ulat thslfodlitifO' :1 EA icl[M,1. ROB1' J PALFREYIS~ * Co Caolofr, iI)ffIIl-A(wfodd barrels eastern flofa ,,loog in good oofdUr rfrseoof by 1f4 11 I)0)IGDO EY, 44 New Levee F LIU.R- 3I0 birIs londifng (front Pirlli boant Ion, LCr stle .by Ll. l) IgRSEY, of1fd J44 New Levoe (IR1CKEiRSI',50 barrefl srost Cnfcinnati 111101 and " tarackers, hotding fron otooooO boo Tribunal, ror wile by U I)ORSKýY, 44 Camp at t INSotE 011l-10 bills i oostoi and for stlil Iho eli GI DIORSEY, 44 New Iooeo Ut W8 10011-4f1 auooke atolf moorel.wnfo cfoe- oil for i o r:ing Aunt brig Eliosfoolfo, 'iesnynooo 'rie. and Yr one IW 1 POiRTER, ri- 1 95 (.onmoGstreel 111)11l~, Lorl stillt II llutev-If0 ohIo Floor, 34of kegs Lard; .3h kog. of HBtter, I"'ft.0 ___ ; 41 It 1E4.4I I.soo' 11,1SK I'V tn For-Iftot b,(s frectifoed ohio. W ky; 590 WJS fll)U~r stll ýP? bbbi villegalr, hindingl, front flat blooof fir stile by DORSEY, 44 New Levree P l R.,< - : l5 l ll] +1. rli1^, end , 51it 1i u.1 fine, i1i i' fin"e "hippig order,a litt'it ll sale IvN le'1 Il tI I 't , 44 New Levee' Tllyn i tlAccs 1 Ie, 4 bunltelGuinnv lings, d fe5 J 'i 'Ay'tR& Co,74 'odrl.s t IH OI.LAN nGI-l i pi erw. wc.a , a ,. iii lr ricle in nlre d fr male h ie:." J I & Co, 74 P.yd.raset TO .wERCII.asiTS. - ANN.1l:. COAL, Ihr sle at --' fe-'0 No. 25 Gravi,r slr'et. '- UtJuI. ,v Bit ,,- >i..--ltI euise, C~llcosisting itl J in'e ll -e b clf nil kip Tega'd SOLOKING( GI.AISES-TIhe subscribers are now n. i ophung a lares and well selected aesortneint of naltegaey (I gilt frtmedrmirrorn,, nf varinus isltend tiec rili~tions,or Ia'. at No. I7 Cameo ant 84 Commn stiretas. f,,i"22-6 It B IIiOWEIt & CO. 0 TA'I', t-- 0 blin in fine order, in Iur bar Sres. in store, for sale by G LK.0R0EY. fe2 _44 New l.vee ARIt l-600 kegs Letd Lard, in sore for anlel y 1 21-. U( DORSEEY, 44 New levee f IIISKEY-l40 bble Riecified, landing from the V teallr Susquehanna, for sale by fe2 2 m i. s DORSEY, 44 New Levee PORl IN rN-30 doz very aluperir ilE Port Wine, lor ale by WM PORTER, fei,`--2 95 Coimion at I | A. Ei I''CKINGa-le: pairs of superior .-J naltual, lh, &ndefrui. slip Aleeader fnro Benimen, tfor ile by" A TRIEIt, Qb2_ 34 GMraver at -UP IIOR onMadeira and ort WVine. jusa received S direct fromt MAadeira, per brig Samuel and John. fl on London, France and teritany. Mtadeira, in ialfqluarter casks, old London Particu lar, and choice Reserve. do. ir eaCes chub iiet ocial, Reserve and London Part cular. lelePrinodin cnsahottled ia Oporla. A,-d their %nell kba a eiaessortment of IBordeauxa Bar t "Iu.l, ib t:apigin,. and llltetialt Wiaee, Maraschino, fi:ist, ltrtiniuue crndials, Lonaudn Prter and le, all first qulitv. E KJOINS & Co, t e :Il" coner Comnalon . Stt Charles aet A jNGllSH LINSEED Ol.-511M1 gslle, Englieb I' Lnuseed Oil,just received, and for ill. by S feitw Il CANNON, II Tc'lieltoulaa Y URTII,' %dmirally Digest-A l igest of cases in ! the courts r l Admirealty in England, in 1 vol. 8 fvo, just reeivcd und fobr saleby in fet ALEX TOWAIt, 49 Campa a1 TARVIS Onl tihe Pauionse, a new and interesting t work, li tills aery popular arthlr, tjut receive and for sale by ALEX TOWAR, ehbl5 49 Camp at te B AGGING and Roa 00 pieceibagginp , J ,2110 coils rae. for sale by - fell IIERMIOKNE BIOWyN & Co,9 Conti ul IN W ORLEANS & CARRULLTON RAIL. 1 ROAD (lCO,-NNOTICb-On and after the let Dec., 1838, until further notice, an Extra might Car will le Irave the car hauss, Poydrac street, at half pat 11 " o'clock P... f1tr Lafayette and intermediate place.s S | ingle Tfickets 37 1-2 cents, or at $35 per hundred. t JOHN HAMP.ON, t nove9--tf Chf. Eng. N. U.& C. R. : bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR IlAVRE, passm p only. S The A I und nlot nallint .hip IPA..ES TINE.eapt Littilesld, will havu ilonnedi S ate ileailci. or Ipaosage only, lhlving nl pelior lacuIIcIliodlnlillllt slv a o 11 1 Ia , " (GA I. E, 93 Colunlllon t FOi HAVANA. Packet Blrig. f The A 1 ll, xailij copperre d enoil er ffotendi packet bru G ANNICI.IFF, 001O tllls, John Ielesduni lltoalter, will hive illlnlu diotdislolptch. For freight or pasage hllvilnlg,v ry lnperlo l scoonnotlloltllona fr 'l5 p enogesrL , aipilly to J IRIBlERT & CoIl Ilionville 1, olr fe28 W PORTER,95 11 UIinii I oi FOIl IIAVRK. # Th fe e ship RICHIMOND. Can Winshilp, wil take two passengers if inlnetlllte apli cation be miade to fa7' I. GAI.E.93 Cnolion Ft The A I fast sailing shil St. LEON, J Wescot rmetiler, livinill lart or her cnrgu eonggedi, will meet wiih dl.ithrl. Four freight ur itsntle apply to1 fer5 SP. J WIIITNEY,73Cnttmpt FOR LIVERtPOL. SThe A 1 and fast sailing barque NIMl:O.D, Capt. Ciadbourne, will rrceitve ilomediate Sliplatch. For freighl of 125 liesi cltton uo lpaine apply to L II AI E, felbS 93 Colitioln at Fni I.IVERPItnl. TheR A 1 ship MARY HOWLAN), Snow uel Wer,t nlioler hWving snio oflher cargo ettngaed, will have derpatch, for ballloco of pallssage, upply to fch 2w ADAMS &WIIITAI.L. FO FIAVKE. SThe A I andi fast sailing s hip PRlOION STI., napt. Nelson, will receive inl t.lllint drf .tl..ilcl for the above plrlt, llutiig tle greair pirt of'lir carg engagell. For freight of 1501 bulcs cotton, or passage, pllptly to fe1l21 LA GAI.E,93 Coltmon ot. FOR LIVERPOOL, l The Al and fast saoliog hlip .l(iA, Co'pt Snillh, il'itll Ite grel r <Ilor of hor :restrongogLel will ietPI wilh itllllediote.o tatch. For freigllitof o 00 ailesr, or 1thO blrrcels fnlolr, altily to li'22- LII l.:, 9i 1olnlooll t boastwise. Tilent siling coppered brig .IMA., enpr. Cell l Mlasna, hlvitcf I, gren,,at r lrlia Ii hlrcnrgo engana e, will aie dsl..l ietc. Faor bulance,,f freiglit or,a lyi toB m2 S & J P w II' 'NEY, 73 Camp st FI(t NEW YORK. Packet of the llth Mauch. Ltuiasinaaand New 'ork Line. , The sulperi,,r, Ilnn rllilina, vnppIer fiialened packet ship O(1,1UI.I,.XE, LEWiT'T inas8 lli r. will sail as ub,ve. For friihlt or pas sage, hvingr rPlgatit accomnodationl , apply to tile captain oil boannrd, opposite tim Vecetable ilartlt, or to mn2 A COHEN, 90 Coilunmn st FOR CIIAHII.ESTON, .C. S'The fIlat ailin A I copper faste.ned brigI SMAIRY R I.I.ZABEtTII, Introii muster, will B lite quick desletch, a porlion of her cargo bea i.. llgaged. For rretaithlnr ollheight or pmnnmgr, hanviag elegant furnisldl acntontiodaltion fr "15 pal aengcr, apply on boarld it Picsytn tier or il lI W POI'l'IE,, O194 tjIlion mt FOR NEW YiTitK. The A I and fast sailing hlrque ril)IIE MI\, C(:llt. I)nllil Naonl. will uceiw iin nmlitatl n despatch. For alance of fieight or Iansaze iltply In tn'apt Nasan oil board, p.rt Ii, Sd municipalityr to L. I GAALE, near I 93 (oo ilitti1t t N. It. Cash will he anlvanced for charges ul ll goods shlipped by this verel if rer ired. F01tNKEW licKK. The tAul sailing copper la tnced brig CIIII.t C AIN, J ISe~ ll mister,lavii g ulir nora of lir cargr enigagel. will maeel ith desltche u . ghtir passag,l tav nl hulnllani e lirnishied ac ome n ottions, aply i oi btrl ollsie iC I nLlart, or to S & J P WI lI N Y, ma4 73 (-anllp at FORIL N.W YORIK. Packlt f I1th if March. Leuistana and A'en Yo'rk Line. ThI'o elegmnlt clpper aste »l'i kt llik shlipt OCtOX k,, Lyoat nmnler, I taing two thirds ilodationt, pply to ti caPtain ao bi i, opposite tlhe e% geablne I.mrket, or to it A C01'OtN', 911 ,llon. Slt F ll lAtiN. .. The A 1 filtaniling.'ipCAI.U'I ET, calt. Sh rev, will hliu des aft ll, , r Imn stng . F-l NI'KW Yt' -ltK. Ne tcYork and Nelt Orleatns Line. Th '' egunat Pcket hill, 4UI RUIIN, Capt. tltrhfya , ' ili have isiiintileiat distllhl, tw thirds il her cargoi egaged. Flr fIreit if tle renaindcr, apply oln billird lipn tllat t I liilip ct ot.tiE11 LhIlt.AW, Iebf4 Ih CuIt 'tlll . 'liTh fct .ailing brig SAMIIUEL &t JOIIN, capt.Gilihit, will mnielt with displatelt. For onssaga oIl ,olilv ti S & J P' Wll I1 I'I)" 7:1 Carn, at FoR NEW Y _ORK. lThet',ftsailingshii FI.AVIUIS, Jones, mnister, will h.a immedlilne de"inlia:l. For frvight EII urlmli S , i l niv 1,i FOIR CIIAIRLESTON. The line hric FR/I)ElIiICK PEAl,, Cat Soflttortd, lhavini excellent accomiitotita lina, will ltak l or (j pali s.ýn llger, aii l a ck l ad ,l abllont 5t bliinilr If l trllledl lllliCiiit l l e ra ie to 1fel) r It 1 AIE, 93} Cim o it FOR NEW YORIK. Thle schar M ARItN, Capt Torrey, will &M h~ave despatch. IFor freilit atr pit-act'e, ap Ily to S & J 1 WIIl| NKY, e l. ." ,73 C ,ln it i ,f.Ill ..-iA .~exle.sive aI.-s .-ent of lil w , T four own niatiufe:ttnre, e trti il not superior to at ally illTfuortndfro o the Nur tl, all inlleh lower in price, Fuo sale by S L(:KE: & Co, mli 8 Fl'rnt l.evee r|iIE SUB-i4CllIlEK \fn jnt recrived, per phi I I Adllllrn frin New lok, thie efollowing articlesn l which e offre s for sale: 51 boxs N It sperm caedles. 31 cases t. ickles, lsortedI 5 do TonIato cat.up 11'0 whole anid half boxec no I np stp 25 boxes hiperial ald gunpowder tea 5 Itra o'ublniek pepper i I0 boles latent lmould candls o l)0 bllxe , no I Pal1 litalrch ia panpers 4 gross paOse blacking Scases grolund peppcr in pd and dhf pd papers 2lthllosalld egarte 5 firkis gushllern hbatter 1:1 dozen I.lon l ausntrd 3) boxes gshllen cheese i baeS pille awpple do-And in store a general fe'126 J ('C RIIT'PIE, 27 (Colno,,l At OI)FlSHI--2lI boWso Ieodsih, rot -ole hy ISAAC IItlIFi .& Co, fr19 131 Maarzine I, N EW WORKS--Tales. :illailratiig IBheo I'alsions., by U P K lJames, author of Darnley, tile typeey, &c., &c. Travels in the Three Grtat Einpires of Anltrill, Ru -ri, antl 'iurker, by C I EIliil, nutlhor of '.ll.r froml tile North of,' in 2 voll, ila reaivll anlld for Pale hy W 5 -Il(EAN; e19 cotiner of ('alllno rPll d IIIItII l s t I ONI)IN EIIITIONS of valuille worlik l. hillip'. leleenllllury inltro tiionl to llinOcralogy. Jaimesiao.' Itineralogy, according toi thile natuarnl history symemn. C.oICrIvrnltiolal I11 ircolt 'oleyeollllari)ll a flllltllalg explanation of tlle Holutonilu atid Werllarihlt sylteta; 'i'lle IIOPt i.CltllelI on ea xlainetd by Mr Grautville l'enn. witl engrat lugs. Philip's treatita o geolIrv with cllgrnvinos. FPletintg' trtatir e It lasc aittionls, in elading oellc lish, ojill eighteett plates. Brewa'nr'a Irrntiat e l mgll leliso. Forsale hy W AIcKEAN,corC& fa) & ComaltlOn Its id,27 TO SHIP MASTERSl & OTHERS. ' UST recivned a nnw chart of tleh dry Tnortuas a ehewineg all tfie nsondinsireel., chlannel%. antd dan d gers frolTi.rrllug l hank to Key-west, warrauted ate, l Scuale. Alsl tile following hartrls: Gula f IrMexico-West Ittdies. t Dlerilatenenn--SI Gotges clhnnel English cha EI nel-CInat of BraIil SCost of Africa. Blunt's nautical alIlanane fur 1839 & 19; coast pilot, and Bowditch's naviglattr. for sale at I) FELT 0& CU, New York statinners hall, 6f26a 2 I hartre. r t i lInsKEY-80 hi bllrectinird, landillng 1ainnlruin0 Sboat Havana, for male by fa-6 G DO)KSEY,44 New Levee n SPERM CANDLES-a3iboxe, for salebv* nil I IDUI)GE;b & Co, t tDEl; OF PRACTICE in ivil csnes,for I.lluisainlll it Q SHALL & BROWN, fehl 1 96 Mugazine at SOAP-5 boaes IMaclhani ehs a, for tale b ' in feb21 96 Magazine at O IL-A law casks, pure witer oil, for mNaleby a SHALL & BIROWVN, febl 96 Magazine st '- OR SALE-A light collorcl Mulatlres, about 17 J years of age, an excellent washer andl Ironer, a general house sevant and a firt rate child's nurse ] being cleanly and neat in her person, and very good aempared. SFly usraunteed against all the vies and maladies I 1 ,ra.ribedhby law. - feb y . Applyat66 Camp st. lit DENCILS-150 groasofb e manufacture, landing ,ill A fram ship Alexander front Br nen, forsale by 11 Ic 1; A TRIER, 34 Gravier at Co. - -- ----------- O IL-12 caiks linseed oil, warranted, of first rate , j qlity, for sale by G LANCHARD, FOR NEW YORK. HOI.MEN' LINE OF IACKEI. T o sil punctually as,fli Oea .lrt-The line will Cr.IiR t of the fIrlowing Scl.a eiz: a hlip Nnhvillee, Cuplalin Wuul. Arkcturt, Cupaoiu E J elnnis, r a ariabi.w Ca liain C Breirry, Or etlar, Captaind y Ca1eurs t ick bure. , iol' a in J lcunker, ePnlrca, uapl l a Ahllliy. Thile snlie rhlips aie ill of tle firl clar, i oppcrled , ernl :li,plir falened, aind were bclilt in New York ex praesly fr Iithe I b i*--h f i at fir, waulght t wa j"V ' S:il Coiii niii lrcl oed lior, al t invarbvcrofs the bar without de:e;. FOR NEW YORK. loan. A NEW'l Lpackets are oii nlancled y Ca tinsI well ex peruneed ille tenra w wilal Iws aexer tNl.elvork, c"ll nfcc-lrtl ,te. ies, willV Foa t r, b mailer,d down lie river. nld will piu, iptl il as a ie.ll " Aulirni, HP 1tiurrcy, T'Iey hIavae hllsolnely flu'nished iccouildalm salg, d aljts -if itie first qalitly will he aar lie furci.oedu, and every alliatn opaid ilie Icon ifurkl t ld sIales rtii of 'I'l e pri'e" o the cbninl is afixd at ra, wiltllt wine or liquor. air Ibltier parliculars al;ply' to A COFIun , r i' is a 00 aIo lnqa sirqsRIIef t iirhnel tips are not lirecyullla fo.r brdakgthe o iss, hollow wili re, inallleC le r granitle colpleralge. arllion or rllit al'iion or steel: lnrr rolpttllsihll, fir asn . n pkate oir parcel put il board, r nlcls Iar repliahr bill 0frlading I aiglled therefor at lhe oilce oflthe atrert. FOR NEW YORK. Arwna York h N'. Orlecr", Line NEW LINE oF luckets) hbe been etalbli-hed to run belwec. New (Irleals alnd N-.m York, Ili (ool)Dala'five first tite ships, viz: Ship St. itrv, It W Foster, niaster, "RI~epublican, J 4 liltsuell SAubl-rn, II I'Drlbyv Ther meips w"I' builh i NNw i (irk expressly for thii, nrde; fr:or - lio? ht drulluiIt (ejflofer, and will nlol be subject Ito detentioll at tI lfir n I, Ter a.colnllldaltions. for paaes-ners co prioe all Iflot folly lie required I.. colfnlrt ulnlltl convelliellce; and th+ir" cnlllilurders fire nree Ill ex, riellce, Until tht shilpsl Inew\V baildi-,, are T cI'l gi-ente-t Ultr-:u..tley %ill Ie oliJcrvid in tl thlelle if asiline, atlI ev 1,rv" rcaolll 0, accolnlllOlltiolln extended tn ohi ip,,r. a8ia P:lSClr rs'. ofillow ldenll, No. 8611 Wll stri, Nev I trk, ir to j, W, 6 i Can'to Ft ''or the Interior. FOR LOUI sVILLK & CINCINNATI. t ~ a» The fast rutiningi lihlit draught I. stemer ATALANT'I, I. Figo,. -V muster, wil I lear. l;6r ho .hr bove t.nd inirliediate landilgs o al aialrdauv, Marh 2d. Fur tiicelt or paseage apply unboard at CnIomon st JFe2a_ LE W I S \VI_ FIGIN FOR i EXANI) IA, NACIIITOCIIES, .shreveport, Fulton and Juine Ioroudah. •Iiea .1 T.r | w i ae iat 1ll italtia eamer FOll BAYOU VSAIrA Regular Packet. 4 l Tie asikedit d itaenger rteahroat BILILLI AN', Jesse Hart oiaster, will leave New Orleaa. every Wed naedav at 0 oi clock A. 1. Ibr Ilaymo Sara o&very .aturday at 10 u'ctl ck A.M taking i n n nar t down on Suniday Fr freight or passage apply to Capt. Ilrt onl bo'r,l urto fb2 5 T A6o DAMS & WIIITAI.L FORL FORIT (GIBSN *. LITTEI R.' CK. :- r .f..t"" , Trhe well koown, light dlnugh; aind ir.._ ru.ic.c terl,.r (aZ\::K, R T., u.e. I r sletndrd pa ssngurly eapebod ' to arrive, and will leave fur the oabe a d i.termediate atl:dig Sunday the 3d MaArch exli aot 10 o'clock F "1. For freight or pssagr, aplply to T 1 HYIOE. 1BROTIIER, e27 soner (,umConnn & Magazine ate - OR MOBII.E. 'Tlhi regular poehat lhw pr.sasre steamer IItAI,'IE, Capt. Si>iler, twilltleave the lake aend of the Rail 1 THUISI)AYS & SUNDAVYS, after thearrival aof the 12 o'clock ars, and uon her re Tuesdaysr and Fridays. For pas.rge aippl on board t CA PT.SVILE R. P' S--Whrever a ulFmciert IlUlnbeof a)ltSSellgers landig tupon previous notice beieg given to (Cap iler.. C t.aov7-tf EXCIIANGi READING ROOM. rAEIE proprietor has re-filtted his Reading Ioolo.iii tile e t. Charles Ealrxohaae, Ct:ortr at Giravier aild St. (.irla stlreet,la the leate..rr I lntlrterr. Slleside .l 1 hIIe ricidpal Iaper ol tIhe United States. of clery tCity ad Istatei. (Ilan rtil, el I ad Mei Ivto ltplied aitla the latest Il ',1pia." Italters, Lordl's all the I. trary or.elinI alrl2 ofe day, and tIle rl tur leave M of t eit, itidotr , tI.rdhnirr, i itrijithl rt Melroplitaa I keviews and rlackiwots Magazine. 'Th North Ahericanl ie aw; tieSicoithenle .iterar. Knti. bofker ,thl'lie %lrln iltt Jiourllt ou ' Scifllcetrt anI Artt, i'al,jinrt Sitca, lhlllv trllllctiorir Blrvinw, (;tie~tllllerll'n a gaurile, Alllel icnll iiionthll Ii'ble Slg Miscellnny, ith aMexicdt C(hirurgitl Leviewi, and a vriclty f otlhere. All cthese workarl erlcaegularly uaticrined fir ald recei. eil. The roomi is also rfileid l s Reatl na lI iC , int, fIollAp oiiil iatel, Nileltlgatir.l rReY'v lrice Cir. rent rlll iti t ee ChroClle tlll ainaters, iad a variety of works oflreference. The most nctive & intelligent news collectors are em plaoed, t give the earlient arrivals, a nld tn ails nor. I lens wil be Predl to render this Ileading IRomi the irst the Uniterd States. p IuVht:rittlona are respectfully receive i. otl --it ni A LLA ILL DEEN I3AHo01H)i'i Turkish Dye, S or hanginlggrey or red hair on the head, or hiskerl , ore brows, by a sijlgl aplictis, o a Iermnent brown, varying tun compalete tblak, with allt stainlijg either then ands or litlaen jaut received at Ihe Bazaar, corner St. Charles & Comlmlon a tretes. BUSHII & I..LA.N, ab Exchlalge Intel OTT'ONS-90 bhaes I 7 h and 4-4ths twilled Low ell C.otttons, fur saie by fell S %AT: Ii, (ttiiE &. Co,131 Itagaz. e a. t - I PIEtIM CANI)I.ES-611 1 lIixes New lhldfordl , Blos t. on and Naintuckel Sperm lCal'alles. lir "ale by re8 ISAAC IDIIIt)GE & Co, 134 Mingzei ast C HAIN C[ableaas ad Auchorhs--'Twaa chila cabis and aanelrl, landia fronat brig Ilary Elizailetlh, Picavule Tier, anlf liar aa lii ' I'tlsale 'l I .r.i 1 95 CoUnilon at 1EAS-60 Srck (iGermuan Ifne inll siat f.r sale by S febull C IAMPIIN &a ( C)01'ltE 8-a1i6lia at I10ILACCO-2.5 lboxes (ltyer'F) manufaclured To L baa e, illnI tore for ille lv fell1 CiAMP'LIN & C(OOPER.8-' Julia at jI U.Vl(iES-3 0I bbla unurlhurn inloails, il store and Ibr ale by J Ill A VEIt C., e5 74 l'oydiras r. O tREN'r-P.s-sebsion can be given aimediatel . I I That desirallr,ae d well fiaishiel dvellisnhui~ae, I now illn comlelt order, at tIe corner of Camli andi Juli. stareti. A\ lv n Ithe ipleaia is,or to i W PtIT'Cl'I llIl & J& TI'I'AGEEIIT Jr. tal 5aayasaa . agazineat IrITTLUlIINATI:D PEET-l lmarrels lors la by .i S. L.cke Sa Co, No. 8 Front L..ree. Ilasters I ufU.t lllam ots are iarlacularlv r quested to anak, trial Sthias iw and vea.r rauluaale araaclealf fuel, so much I. l stre ed ty elagineers ial esery part ul the cl-auiry ( OIL CIIAINS--"l cask: coil lchIIIajast reeeiied( .' a.n for sale hIy Ij.U KI. & Co I Tr8 8 Frllla I leael i tUi l. rUaPrlcsilit sitlr aiaala la e l'2 f8 bT I.SON. & AVER.I V8t ( ANlLES-6-ilh boxes sperm nalldiest v riuu Sý. railal for sale by fes 96S M IANCIIAtI)R QLOAUR-a4j blaea Bistoa raalanal r I am buatt a:t, S b fr sale Iy S G BI.ANCHAittl) ClINE;S. 'IfCIISKJ-- juI reselave d Uadurfr I C ac.t nl ie above airtile, revenalllltes aagaait. mo. l, Ait pecuLliar brass lao. s, aell aldalied fr Ia dies drressa or asr oling pdt ers &ie, Wi exrretnlely ligllt and haundeumeo br saln Int liOSSt Sp & o, fes2i6 Exclange hitell t at -. ADlEN i UtlN--ll ifad lt at larrels, in store and Slur aulc by SHALL &. BIIRti N. rfe2 96 l Magavilne at ' Star, fur astle by fe26 G DORSEY, 41 New Leree C'I ASI BOXES-50 Cash fione aofour Twn Intai S. r eture, far auperior to Ihe Engilils, for Pale by jtil S LOCKE&. Co, 8 Frnti l.eveO -i IrlT'E LEAD--W0 kegs, No I in store, for sale Ih y R LOCKK I C lo, janl8 8 Front Levee st SS. PARMLY, Dentist, retiaftrully gires no a litire, that lie iay ble cmriulted annually in New r Orlenia, during the mnoilhit of Felaruary, March and I April. HIl asasuaitn in the practice, Dr Lvun, whote professioal tkill aand experience, both in tle sLrical 1 and iteslehaical ldeartmenlas, is unsurpassed in til coulirv, will remaini permanenlsty. fe 9 Uffice,59 ('anal stireet. 1OSHIEN BUTT'IER--A few firkins for sale b SEAD BARST VW, 1-b 21 No 7 Batik Place (I EIENl-Hlydraulic and Romat.jtii received and - fur sale by READ& BA& STOW, IT oe21 7 Hank Place. S Q ICILY IIADIILA WINE-Inghain'a L. P; Col, Zizza blranda, in pipes, lalf Vipes, quanrer caska and elavsee, for sale by ISAACL BKIDI) E &(4Co, s fel5 134 Magazine lt TUEXAS LAND SCRIP FOR SAIE-The suhrbri Sber offer for alo twenty Flouts of mix hundred and fortv acres of land, each. By the act ol the Legia b lature thi ascript can ha held an located by foreigner an d is transferalble by assignmeut. noVi9 TIIOS B LEE & CO. ate 3 ALAGA WINE.-Au invoice of Malaga *wMl I1j Wine, in quarter caks, for sale by leb1l REED i BARSTOW, No 7 Bank Pac< BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DESCRIPTION, PEEDII.Y,IEAND.JOMELY AND CHEAPI.Y EX:ECTED AT THE OPrIOn OF THB Trwe Jnmerican, dT. CHAILES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 LOUISIANA PURNvTURv WARBROOMn No. 53, Bienville eirret. W ILI.IAM R. CARNES, would respectfully ill f.rm IIIs frielnds and the public that he is con stantly receiving frou Now York and Boston a good assortment of Furnifur., such us latllntlly chkairs, setfas, Led-tends, malde and painted chairs, naple and :herrv b.dtendi, nnmhogeny anld chernr tallies ofoll descriptioni , bulreaus,, secletnrv+, writing deIks, wnrdr,,es o(f sllhognan enl d cherry, wash sonnid, lohking glassea, frelllhcr, rldding,&c. &c. Nil. Furniture packed for transportatiou with great eare. ,al3 PRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL -r LUUISIANA, SkFFil..S his services to ll1t pulilic i the dlepart L ments ol durveving and ivil rEnineering, both in fawn ld countllry. etll eriene his profesion. and by pronptines and fidelit, in he execltion of bIsiness entrruste to hitN, Ih hopes to nmrat and receive a sharo of public patronage. ie wil aol maeasure slid calculate tiHe outlents of walli aIl excavations. OSlie No 8 Clhartreslstreet, second.stoy Ialck. j,7 BAZAAR. 3BJH d & AZ.I N, NO. 1, EXCIANGE HIOTEL, Corner ofSt. Ch rles and Coimon ort,. %L W . NAS TMPORTERs and Dealers in French mld English SPrfeiaqrv; Dreming e aoeet tenol,ble Ir 0. . Cutlery, lnoi.'"y, Glovese Ktkirtt, Stocko, LUbrell a, Caues,.ad Flancly Art icle,. McCOILUMI & DOWNY, Factors & Gcneral C nmmissiai Merrchants, MOBILE. References in New a AKirkman, Alrnathy & MHanna, Caldrell .& licky, Pope, Powers & ('o. JOHN STEWART, No. 5, Platl Street, Nevw York, COMM)lS.Sll ON MERCIIANT. IMPORTER and dealer n flatters Plushes and Irimenings. Ample stulage may libe hall on mod erate terms, and every attenllon paid to guoed forward ed to his care. taelereneloi: lMears. Larue & Provost, N O. no22 1 lytioip Co. A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINNOTT, IVhoesale Grocers and Comnassoe,,n ierthants, No.2 (',omlon Street,l Orleans. gIlParticularattention paid to th n fling up ol Steam Ibt t and Ship stors. Iov 2 -~---~--------- . . BANK NOTE ENGRAVING, RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON 1I AVE oleneld an oltice in Now Orleais, losusesiillg iI equal advanoages itl their hluse in New York, r thprpuse roseof etgraving an.l prinliog Bank Note:s, B.lnd, Uills ofl' Exchalng, Certificates of Ieposite, Cecks and olter important papers, reqlring security agiltlt Forgetiesr; and have lae tleample lplvision for NSAMUEL TOIY, th kerelpndie ofok r pl Coanm impron essn entrust ed3 Offi r care their spci ens embracetle nlote of over file hundired bankia- instihutions, and all irders will be executed with promptitude, an. on the usual lerills. Office, corner of Royal & Canal street. SAMUEL TOBY, .Merchandise Broker + Commission .Merchant, ( B. II. BLISS. SHIIPBROKER & COMMISSION MERCHANT, No. 63, Po)dras Street, J. P. FREEMAN & CO., Wellile Clried BetllihlMulet i No. 3, Malazine streel, T AVE constanitly on hand a large upply of Cloth ing, calclllltld ltdr the ecoutlry trade. Theoir as. eortlelnt being olare, merchants fron thle country call be supplid aI the shortost notice. oct4i PASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartre. tIreet IIAVE a onslalltllll¥ I f eoero trticle ittrtatojin, to getlenllolna drers, ot tilhe latest rtyle, at 'ew York pr ieri der lIt J. .Ro*s SURGEON DENTIST 0 No. 33, Royal street. ORLEANS LITHOGRAP.HIC PRINTING ESTA BLISII M ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite BaIks' Arcada. WILLI..AM GiEENVE, PROPRIETOR o r I J H. PARKER Comnmision oalld Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, UP STAIRS. New 0:leran, Feb. 2;. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOLEeSALE ANDI RETAIl. ULiAI.ERI IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DUE STUFFS JA.' IVI'DUOIV GLASS, Curner of Common and Tchoupitoulas streets, NATIIAN JAIIVIS. JOHN W. ANDIIVEWS. A large upply o Garden Seeds. a arranted the growth of M17. DOWUIl.l'; & .1IAV, I)KAIl.EIS IN AMERICAN & INGiLISII CIOVWN GLASS, Nu. 3 COIItoIw.Er o oTKRET. oI !"l- t IlE IEN'S INSURAN VE COMPANY OF NE\\ ORLEANS. This Companvy aor now prenllred to take RISKS AGAINST FIRB. No. 24 .1lusson's Btilding, Canal st.ep'. E L TRIACY, New Orleans, MIy 15. 18:3,. Seertarvy. IUiERI' CLNNN(IN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1-2 (Camp stree. Wholesale Dealer in I'ainis, Oil, Varniihes, Brushes, 11130 Winduw and Pict:ure Gclrs &c. c. T W COLLI S .- TTOIVEY VULI.'s1,.L.oR .1 T L.I I.: t iW ralletisin in tlte State aled City Courts. Cli. Noi % ,t ill fited Illll .t t eIh Cler' otficeU S Circir j Couit. in tihe Cullstom ulJoie buildlifi. je. fIIE sll srlber, having recived a omlssion U E . I)e tit Sllrveyor oif lUnliterd Strit I.aidc. tr ti s tar, orfi rlis services to the p.bli to survey iud locate Lads. U ill any part nt Iollis ana. As herelofonre all operatilml , either of Surveý in, or Civil Enginveriog, such a4 aliglllllnlowns,ýurVev., pian., driaw iiog, uealielrole , calcnlilA of vlcaiiulR; c embankment, coýteot Iof "all, s i e. either in twn ra cmuntry. will be promprlv land faithfnl attendelllld t. .liiges realaisble arnd tria s cashl OlT0e 5 Ma gaine Street, in BMos' Area Il. dic I I PILED. WILKINSON. TIIKE culiccribers ofi-er at whluleaole the fillowing goledi. IHATS--100 enm moleskl, silks, as r Mi ted sizes- an brims. i o P__1__ lild, dosbest Nci do do b 0 ill do do No do do 100 cuses best No 3, assorted ,izes and brims. Sido Beaver, a auorisor article; 50 do Extra do M00 do Black anil Whi:e Russia; 50 do Extra Black llrunsl; 100 do Muskrat & Cone v tur broad and narrow o bruns, for Ievee and rountry trade; " do All rlaks orfilitary &i naval Chapeaui; " do Childrerns silk sod Russia lots, all sizes. Caps-Far, O(ter, fur SeaI, Notra, Muskrat, and hair Seal, in two dozes cases. Sealette. Cloth Caps-Pickwick, Polish Avril's hals shalpe, soft top. Fc,reit, Forsge, Mi l i t a lv u nd r e ss , dIt Leather finaging. hildren's Fancy 'l urbans, Plaid and Volvet Caps, Fre.cah patterns. Stocks-.USa- , Silk and Bombazi.n, of the neatest Itmbr ellvs-lilk and cotton. Military Pluiies, oiled Cilk. "ilk Handkerc lies-P ouooc and Spitalfiolds. Boanilioes for hatters, wood ases, doublA for dry goods. 'rleu above goods comprise a lari e stock, and all af the latest paGstens, antid ill be soll at a small ad vane, witAh cosut ans hsreAe oi New York Irices. The subPeribers will take orders fr southern, westiern and rTexas nlarkets, fir the house ofA II t;ossip & Co., Hat Manufaeturers. New York, and lat t, slhortest possible notice. Gersian ansd French IPushes bought. (oGSSIP & CO., Naval, Military, and Fashionable Hatters, Exchange i otel, nov14 Se Clarle st LUL.BEILY & Silk Wtltnis-- 'Irealie io tle S uslberry and Silk Wornms. traonslated fro t -e t Chines, I ol, 8lo, just received and for ale at the lBookstore of A TOWAR, fel 49 Caup at G UNNY BAGS-In bales and bundles, for sale by r mt ISAAC BRIDGE & Co. l134 AMap aine OPY BOOKS for Letter presses just receiver ICrm New York. and will be sold elow for ah, i s approved credit. Also, I faite press, and the last of the inuoice, at DAVID VELT & Ca, : s30 N Y Statiooers Hail, 21 Chhai oretsl SPECIFIC SOLUTION. ALL wsoire slIherin, from IIURETHRAL DTIEASFS, f In.uch as GONOKIIHOEA, GLEEMTS, WI'ILIURIZY. IRRITAT'IUN OF VIJE KIDNEYS, BLADDER, ULRETI/ It RA, PROSTRAT'E GLAND), and .all DISEASES of th.e U RINARLY PASSAGES, PAINS IN Til:E LOINS GRAVEl., Lumbago, orfro. Geeral Weakness, or Local DehilIyare assured that this valuable medicine at all tloe, curceaud periectly eradicates the shove direeeatoi moc:h loner ithan any other,, and invariably imptrovis the ucu.titutitlu and general health, atd restores to vigor lhle parts thai have iniur edl by disease or firproper treatnuent. fit fict, ano eedicineo ell be o"pared to it a.ld it hor positively curted rianytfhau. M N idlir ld. afteler .11 sister jlorteinius ]save faliled, andits daily super.dig Ife use of tho e inrujrtilqs lad lau-eous ruaictllr F "C T ullurpeille, Ctheb., M-r+ -rv, Aer. Ili addit ol t~o"Itie iiuucersu tet *'ll£lito * ......i,'d fzm It It I oilt-:.ioor Part- of te o a.c~ incl g t nod + st ali. Amer ic-,4,c., aind iued e le en a f tif le, hsthet ist ll ill, loo- tr fesionllthlLearinlg tesliemoy ito it, surprifillrr le cess: file Ilundred pafound rasird Isai b]ell beenv-:ll fItllP, Illreid toauli" onlie whousnproduce ally retertly et ulotlo Yllelld's Spec C" Su'utiel. Alter this lie furtbes ci'Loollt Lite lie ncerC-2ry"` hut Iadiig a tew ul'thi- ertifiCt AR. "1 have iirereriled Yohald s .)eeFalil: Xo~uri,*. o -el er;ll pn illly a'toliulv aha II(IIin[ tb+'V were nll .urd I. lle IIC.1 11,rler illlC l]];tll I l·Lt- .err AbeNDllu ItSICleed 1aid theirglUeral l sih %,as ill ilrI iaro' asd. i. D . H "I 3. t "Lecturer ou Midwifery. alt Bsrtbhiii,lc,'- Ih,,ital." Dr alat he has prescribed YVdlund', S.:1iotl, tu ma. fly paienilt. Vd,-bi,g u.dr U-thlral V-aei,sr_'--i: ll~+. ,.ly lound ,lleyt) w r, eu.rd n l lll .. l n ill: llll i he J vloully uh-erivedll+, ,hran ui pre.psralirm 1 I (,paitll :r ep d iar r of' I U 'III it I. .r.llll.dy UIIlIu.I II ., llN r G i .t Ill PA I h lIA:l. i4 future t,, prelcrii c fur hia paitient..I IO)IDsi, Deimedr 217. Ik :. n,. 1)r Giree hereby eerlifiel YVlall.l'· I lrlX:i. + iu I ` - It IIIo-L eic,.lc.U relndtLeedy,d 1l.llu t.s-nllsý ea-er tl5lr th.nauy p1repalatlOll of UupuJiva i ilt hiicrpr .cribid. The above can be ubtaited only at Xo. 95 Custum houle st, in New Orlelsan. MEDICAL CARD AND IMPORTANT TO THE AFFLICTED IAITI DIS E.AES. A T H E A ,I ' I S E + O r) V e u er ,, l l;r e. a e , G o ro n i r r h ffe.L , ( , l e e( : s r ud Str.i c t'.ture, sIecluding. ler+tclicta ou,.*r-nllbh- ell. lhll i Weakness, a. iinog Iillll i:Yt'lJ uhu.e,, I. t:l~1 .C- derru,<s edi I It s lyIIt:al bErsYal i Il. ll slit -ll l lll 1e Lll , +tl 'e* + IIII idly p .1 lel * whol I*., tile: uwe of' that de~dly Bu l.) l, j ,llt}ur, ruill th,+' LIII Aetlutllm, mid Ea cuse sttertioll, illt b.ot.'be. uL1 tile - I u.;. ce sl{ iniytialllb il -emst m+ar er ., lieafi'.c' ub el., debi|lity Ast~ey, of it. i oe Cl+t~totuth otreue tl* Ij e Ilal .1uchynath put. aieidt hi rg ~l=i;iil+ PENtlt¥S VPIt'LCt NG cPECIFIC 111PA.S Acerlhlm", "ll: 'id h1 .ll ...t tpPellt redyclody .!eer d for she lpe. -.eut adlld ellcclutl cure ul c e.. lcll cloo .eal e b ul hab", :leets, .t ,cu te., s-u1l- vverswaness, .. tile l1i u, ·n]CellullL el'thke ktdle)y, i-ito, r blUllg. lutoldebihtv Irrr latluI, of lie dliakir or ur, tllr, asd ilid erdi-ea~cl uT Ilia uro nary p--.ule·,( l -,unetla i+.rlyruiilr , a peu uru , fI the.lbut I .f,.ce ,,f th ec li. , I':, o .l . l.I td pill I., t -c, ,., ilh .aC r c YIa·y ;tllt pallty. A i eit c ictu hlty . ih vo II lt a re " u Lh l. .lly . lll.ll.i.t..e.., c.o.uI al n nle ta by uullly t4 .aUisll l. . 1·b,: 13',u pill , at+I ur~l re y tl foothid e itof .....ho.. /'ly ,t T~lly~ re1 ~lllO~elb I" ., ha;leuotir e a b- ilt 11' .ltDl i IiI Itro eut rfi.ctliulul t1le 1ody , 1x|,e|lll -e ile: ruicr b uulsra, u£d file,,r snllle " so surllld sot n ell 'tl.l.l lble Io. t. le lll-t ScOa)lel of their Istoulltlllll :ln1 UhC, U d u r. Thl:y U~lthrre·.hlr l~r l ercury uor atry uoter lllllrral IUI b9 take. nllhu'at the slightest rur iehr u or discor y. ]" tey IT . suirte iio reutrulllt of ijet, to,. uf tllo e, lor hl1i Ir.toal-e Uo' Itusi i, but Iffett I coluptiete cure., % ilhu tIt the least e ,i --u tile p~tieLl At cry period .1rlle t..e .hhltup ,: sa y exilt, it wll be well tu have raco.nrte to tile Sp-clula, lls, for, .Ihu tiken bufellr, the diaeaus h;s ade it. it.frlis ttrerlel, it act: as uiiernlll preve+tol, by reatrihlg the cusdplaiut electu.lly alld secretly e11rs1 erry, urgeou., Iolltisu t dlre,, their studies to thusedread|ul debilities r lrlilg frotll flleeit fiets ulod itlla. etliminate inolwolrie lý Els fte pasi~i~lln, whucis ar~t u slomatnurlcrou l trusltsll o ervulll usfit1u 111., tilld e alt: Io i t, votaries...1 ll. euelrulinmg .ll ...oitl . UI ld ;l , but Heeikins 'l ad destIoy . lltie boll) -ellsel, oecusiolillg I.s. of irln,;.fla -ll ffUll a ll nlld rnensof1, luerIUdcrcr ce tld utseralo.u Ir .l ple.,cU'L.r T|he idea of: their o~wni Utlhapl)lu ;i ald desp)air, Inch arioes tfearn coje ierhl g thenuseht + t.. i) she iauthors tif their owu Islaiery, .ll l h. 1 11 eetsil Uyfrll ,u llnelagte tire ;flicilit. of lurrluage, are Ite fluctuating laerl of those- Ulll httvl'iv eur way to thisd elusiveuntdestructive heabtl. 11t trellne otat of de~bihliy or deficoeyjr,, whether tile c.oe.. Siuence~l..tofell hsallaul practices, eulcusle idrilaking, r -Uy I othler caus., bll, which flh powers ol tire co uttatlt l b tollie ,i nleelded, they olier a sirn, tale and ,pr.edy re.Lurrutiu to s, ouud und vigorous heI.lth. y PelrypsVYegetable Pillsare well kllown for ite cert;ail alad Ir ffCectualJ reaedy "ECOf Lcodary syopttjcil, velnereat llru ptin. , I. pUilloIsU ihe houlse, uleceated ·ore thIrout dikreaed IjUot, chro )rfUic rheurnalolnll. Icrofula, scorbutic and ghandulor ud',cc.taos Ls rs lucl alnd geneural deb~lity, ulncturnal palilr ill tire h-rd it ' liulbs, d.llre-.?uu el' 'jorit, r uld all diaae.os surjiilg Iraoln ais ipu i .tlte ef the bloud. These Pill' are wurtity a pla"e ill the cubilct of masters and c 'pIuln of Mhips, tire I, as thley Will keel gud id slo clinlutea uwy lhugtlluf tisse. Tu be had ouly ot No. I Custoss house street, New Orlcalls. P ROFESSOR SWEDOULR'S IIYGEIAN IIHEIR PILLS, . L lot thildefc tual extirpatiull of every speici.l.ld s)iiiI' otl. ol. thiybllihtia dlol eand Ie na.u2I I.i d oor .i.l..ll'g aronl tile thpro.plr ltldtlent. ,ith y ch . x i.. dilen dtreatiaeon vnercall.g and syŽ ilitic It dircsllce, witll observutiolls oll reltlilllll u eul~lle+-., ,.e. &ce., cull- 11 wiillhllng orJt. all ta, .l.ig iy tllle h. ll il or hlvs bleay pdfl.g..dt trbi . dhrcadlul .llll lde% tollillta gl:ll .daa. , Dr Duvieullcolltllnue- to direct hl it. e loinll ll tihtie Ili. order. . fr omill t.l o .1 fIl o . b l .ale d I Iatl.:rlnlild iPll. U bynellc o ll .lliu i lllli, Whih Il. ollly ocdb .a u ls ia laa llll. c4'da tr~iale, r otl... tb.. g itaea .l+ ola a -. h its a ari :idtlllad l'd lbility aind doldiellcy b w ihether I te bOll.elltllC W! l l-. I f bl Illts, axce..iv. dli. i ll..g, or lly tlil. cue bp l i th e powers of the coustitltion beeulllo ell8+Ptbll, , he Il]|? rll 1 I latalaaI p..dy rutalratioul tu ound dl vigoall . eradallth. el It 1.a a "pbaca.y fact, that til han .afll vklirm, to II'! e l u.11,, disealle, owing to tlye gt.kil.uli. bf illit.,atcunno, .ho, y t ina. Useof that d leadly poil, igrai ula y iuin Illt e l... d otalutio; allnd whlen ihe great l)octer Soetdour buc:me Atru. a fessor a1nt l y.cllen University, lie colll+arrcd :l invaluabll e be'lle- I lit upOn Illlkilld by tile disiUver),of Ili& grllll .li aa lilc al ld tLie cui uo f thi, deplorable comlphlit. Nei er did a discovery e Ibci.e a ill' lrar leldtiOl; it waao ought ttllter w ith iv "lit. y lI u..d awit ll u ade iat llg al c.cs Ill. I lllta Illil llle...a d ill. U il, t ag. of th. delica te olll'llrijllt, ler ilI curo of wllich the) Ildvee ll o lonll.g e6cbrattaad. The faille o[ Oak so,. Pills' a.out i.irlllGlty, lt. their t lhlrdy hi.r duethll illto a,,,.Ot ev cry lad 'la.,T certailty with Wl.ll.l tha y wereaCO.. al lu y dn l ca n b.. ,.,la r ae ittl.ld by Il'ol- la; in .icll dur Aill oll. l n.g 1uotiu tllal war, tley were tile iOs.ep.rble olll paSl uallT O lguIard oP ' the - oldier, ill ill --e tile li .ph ...t du~ aigru a o1 ill.ecliu ll wnI lalt r bla lll.... 'II. ht . lleti 1a.a. .u Ill. 1 appopalltelle a than tlhar wich aa.l glinEltlh go! rA -ll " dler ti oll+ The Ilygoian Herb Ilil!.ro allllt evcry ""'(I n ' also"lou puro, '~ltjn I to tear progreos tile wl aole mina. o. Ilu idthey na t ollly r.. ll... t.le ib i b . l-lbe | t llylbb [la thEir taELilllao iL, dl.b.t ., ll.lflul. (lofal.h I bl.b - ellrlelill thle grosse s llslolorn s, lll- il 1- Ellu lc r so n lild old illpercepible p sto l llbovin-ll Ibblllt acbliC. l ..hir .l.l. Jihlllinlglnllld uneulledpowers; Iley llt tIrOlllnlill oll:Ilryor nlly mltler i dmiller all, ad may be takcu s i thuut tILe IltlitetUs iciuon of di-covery--they requllre iio reitrl fllt d(lt, Il... o Eilme or hildrance of tasiloiss but efcl eccol plete corel a ilh-I out the leasta eposure to t te , P oll . ill ieroad autl hen il. aligllledt supicionl iay extislIt will b. weli Io Ila~e rctlurru Io tite tlygelllll IcrbPlll, 1o ew tilketl Ileltr IhP IiM.II. I Il d.s illa N, .t Slieral, i ls b es ., crltlil I ateI ret lllO ,illi tile eonlpllnl ettuul yA s llllo rh CLotake Thel dep)tlerale .llltu in which Iitllly 1)er.Oll. hIL:' bCelI II Ilell Viljillb, 1lle i)rll I ElO ILu.. .ls~) I llillI1.I~l~ c l ltlttlal pdl eol lilro_ lrietur, fronm the iIam of 3lrr ur,3 rnllders it Jillnlpralltiýy ly ine rhell illjh dlci a clb lllhllil 1 dcr 1 d. l'had pill. sllould forlma p Ilortio oT all mcllicine ill.lal by loul uzd lanIdl anld ought I anever tIl lie olailled by aa y persoll gn- - llg toll-., voyilag ur jourltvy; tllhlr illollrlhc, are tnll, rIh t iltllherltial Iner cold % IIIijulre Itlher qualltlyl or lrer -llt hlh -r d.e . .li. .t. . b Ih y. t .l.l.illIll. I Sui at No. 96d, Neay Orlcanas. THE MOST IMPORT.NT HtUM.]AN DISCO VEiY. CLEII'GYMAN, ;lile If I+ - 1,lllllll'illg++ vllli)Cleil),hv i' ll~ltll|olaerJ .i illlV1ho1llf o|'llrilli· hIl~l(ll'l ill' ii .l\(r.lllI' 1 oa lil . maov.j,dor tck..1laa-,d ,,.ai.tba or lllaal.ll , Ollll alll, O| ii1|1 lea .ll yal. ll.. ' iIlllllltlll iuld ii a.l.Lr. li hl.l .g hal . d ve L0HI h.dea,,ab .ll, ll "t ItI1.11, hf laf a tr ed h lillo ..ed Iq.l alri. a i lcr bll. Iel .tt. l.l. lieaUll b lsal.rhe - len oII ralther. an gh ain. Jll till11tl hi l.. In . tw llr, ciiilhl e. Il y lllay h l dew, blood Illei lt , I Ill, lv tlg", i.rluii11., I-r s I hlle "ilrl llllr.1 a l-ltlrly l ll, J inll ,ol, .111 lre l~st ~ i agsl..,da -ta.,.., .'aa...a~tar- alaa-b ciiuv, dc utiIio. inelllanchoIy, thlougllht, UI ·I:I|" dlorf U il llc , Ii auanllya b.d Ire curabl. d, Ito L illldlablllatu wt:O'elt,.lb..t. L.1o oIslix coke.r Apply t. o .o.y. Cu-tam Iloua e st, Naew Orleans. IIEALTHl AND BEAUTY', 'rOMACII PII.L. --Atlillelle t ind tllcl I"i 'itr i.s remarli I.. pc ! ,a :ta~ Ia.y tala Red, "lb au lerlelle Il.ilbllda ed ai e 1:gb l...ll a ll..e l. .U aoI. allre lt- ve to J.' t load ;;lle h III . 1·llll bul1 ll, ill I I:1,ll,' -1mttl:,1 pr "E e I I~i hlltllh I·ll+.CLtqt +I . eI(· filill a(·ll{'lilllg Ilttllll rtl)U. L, c bheerful aaall health) old age. ; ll".t di.-ilah f,b, p1o1l are a.t lllIr ar, ll d tjlh t. ti lplhatit. 1W 11 1 .l ea t 'ei . ablllor ayle a.!r ..Id..t.1 I l aa,,II ..1 I idce t al lll clll i1 allaerye.t dlu.. u aihqe ..l.Irrl l. ,ltl. d. Tihy IdI. ill I A..e$pel, ipove lsu a erlo, r tI caa illler a lll.dici. c zby the a ure ob L aI I i h.l. a liv e r l U lapa ll l [.abi l 1. In . t .f ap pllalll eall l a .1 ..1.. 1 aellntlla of iuatllatt .d1 otlllaioaalal.a. .l.. ..gII tballU'in . of" brlyl, nalld i... e ellellt r.alora tel .bfr aylll ld lata.t Ihlli a Ible, -r they godlly pin go! a1ld cleallIl: lhe t la-6, l r. u pll .lll.l Ile tll lll. ,l, Illllii,] urs le till eOll.. lliuti "l Frnm llu voll n gs.J heollllll, l ll ver le (itlot ou tem a thteyp Illri .• Otn bluet1, rlonatac ,, ayI. Iac t.e iAbhlaaIli. fulal'ar, Ilc.llqiy . 1daa bhldllall.l l IPI''P1" by of han 6,1.t, ...a....... g~lal ofad s Splethoric habit, isa I -ahe.lS llj I Il l ;ll loa a s illlll, s, l tlla - iio f o"it;lld. .lro1- lll--- or Ill: Iull great dllo. u. " Ifl-od to ilet hIeoll.uAl ld Ilke Eiciti fi 111 -l+'llL r y . di+lihl e ll uld pl:e"oIn. o " ,so i. ,1 iiiy whokl tholl)lot Atll)" LI11 t I~ ~uio ~tll ll IIlr l+ or a1+"y |, l~ ltlL tll ,I'111+ .II|I .II ti , or I tro,"I Ll fll o t L I. , ' h1 h le kep1111, l.P 1t iii el e"y lallll y .. to oedlwle) iiu, l ,f .U |lds Iil llt·.- ; IBI, Ic l Lheir I" uI I 'lllll " 1 l b llllg c I'Ou·slllllllill Iiii) be - -IiIeahly I-AL. or 1-iet clld,ý . r luSld atl No. i CuJ-tllll nlll-e . New Ul|.ilt. SARSRSAPARILLA PILL OF IIE.LTHII; OR, Btk OD I ILL. .llS eiellin t rsamily lall 1. anlnedlil or Iont fleIii T t) . 3 a l--llrl..ting all dlordler of i I.ltl...ll.l ah ladl| I - it,, be-llelll ll iil~llla r n 1 wl. ! l i.11 a ' o tlvr'n oell , I'!llllell ey Ip-Lls, I-so .1, ) ltppeta c, l d gll .10,: hl glllilllt.+ . I le I t l . a fullu-,. alftetr uejli, dl IU++ I,. of ti rleee, dril-|ac-s olld I1o . ii ilE -Utrmll 1h alld Ilho el- , indig-,.tioln prlnlUgill ut Lr bid lalt of INh liver, llld acte.qll.lll iliaacllit) o" tile how l., crutilllng . dlr-O; llliZllia ll u" i-veryfun l cllllu l o" Ih- lluell, walt I ll nl i1 r¢lllll t Ilr t llo , hy" Itlttle |llH.a v r. ,ill¢lll tir nmiclsl lu it. rilltllllry Ifi,·1\·1 TbCh rlllll~h .+ill to. . lell~~ Tellll~ll "t our III-. t-co; wil conl .e .l l c 1 . ll 'kil ll rV " U III r . I ll . I;11 i. Lar ; l l·. r e lgll e d fl i~cl l II. Illld lellP.well Ile isth r1 he Thh. q el.k lerUt" t I hi- Illtwlle IncJleinl, .llellhl to Ille dlre~litll. a1. u111|1.11 ire Ilux. "Ylhele inlll~ure irralcleUri)' elliuaciull, B I+.lcl .111eh llluEll ol-atodlguoy shtrength . blreuth, action ll I LI.,ULolua 111 the uf; riuarpv ylllala; Hlld if Inltkel ·Ilcrl toolrot dllII idul|.elc;lC.I _ table, th , qucry rr, take adlte t eai d lulrrl it+re ofI tor..,,, beat, Jim. h ore...h Jaund i ,ced t ,o strengthn, id,.| ue·s, drowsiuprs ~,ld +lllt~illg iUI t (ileL ear, 1l~il. 1+o11 Ioo great stIa flow of Mood to thoe hcad, should ncrer be wlthuult theul, I1= midany daugerour r-.leI'nll will be hel krely cruI red o.kiy thelr Imumediate usre. For bmrlae·thee pilus are leolt truly excellent, rcmoving all iibstructi llcd the dlsrler-tl-g Ilala lle m o very p1'.l.:l.l with i he ber; iou ,f bpirit., tllhera or l iglt, iuoIoul )1..:1111 D itolU hes+ |)lnl,: L~nLiles;11 inl [l~ ~leollr e o|" thellsak~a urld [ ivc a heartg. h adl j f tVlllne I aeooul Io Iu%.colnpllelo.u Is. Tu theyrqck lhy ftre ontilenbll recoIt.etdeo as the te mJ lerl tllurelhgt ne ..,,dunrlul regunaucy;ila udrchildrelr "r all ugos they are uleaabllod. As a pdeow nlv sade. esny -il; inant. thery uuite ihe rerommen .dtlun of bo dtlild o herahdll with theuld i.aIi b dlouu thefe, rad m require nO re.traineo dieto0 colfiueutent during their ure. By ri.ull, n"a tte pi. accrdlle unithe uly ecd slntrenth Ofth. I I Io'btEuct isy betohe dutanblo sglie r I ar e se illery pev, tht )"- fclu be required; b nd ch r p lmerly ped op, Ihloy wtill tic tuud a oe |b I11 ug thuely rla IIre nequlled. hhertu prepare. nIad ouln ft o 1ralutio .i ie 1,ls uOrl.ans. Iefc--3++n It ' ra, r " . -i I. CIuqHAMet GN.-idsic8 chawucI ign, 25 bans ,,,i qaartý, 25j do in pintr, just metivee-I stud saleby G WV PH1TC HAKLD JIc TAGEII TJr, fe'6 eor LPyd&rad& MagazinesCts C OFF K-G ove~eernmen Java cfece, jutreceived Candfi~r Pule 6v G W r'itTCIIAD & 3 TAGERT Jr, fe'6 ecr I'llPvdrs r&Magazine sla 03Z.SANS LITUOGRAVPGI O71RCU No.. 53 Magazine -treet, Opposite Itfnks' Arcade, E STABULHEtI IDfr the ex.,cution nofusaps, plar and drawings, mzerceh.nts' eirculurr, busines. and anlamis cardasof e-ty dcecriptioU, funeral cin-ulna, mu &enn..ura 3~. ypothocary and druggiuts'lAbelz; a hck ray re&ecit, &c.printad mud xatcutt d in a.lac Uand ..iltly50 the proaecud. wILLI.ILM UltEF.SE BmakN~~?r tge atmtv cleutcd. x4 SCHOUL UUK4 0dIaaksg&#Pugm"hi ilik, quillitaogi] e piral a'iwtwuwmlt aft muitable 16 countrymerochaint, caal be bWdill Ol tue als u ToAWAR0'W -R r'.flook poire, 4%Cm itp (O r1'S-4aa I taaaaato eaIf aad But'", hjmdhag ) trna toaak Itaau~aaaa, har aaaiot y at1a ISAAC: IliltDGK&Caa;.I'4M ipal~ k~*t folr ýa e, sit extensaive assult~ft 11 llC Pd ,if Chick.atnr & Mtuckaya's, aaaiuna.otaare. ,tahis-h ofars fur aalae ta rvuaaunabic laaab s. It IANVA",S la.ta H,aMS-t-iutt Iwrao rolls, at ta" jI article, suit We fr ca rIF~sllva-A lif lagd, if #I% fi,, pnl:· hg J THAVKH P ., ILI* It 1 714 Puyjaladi 0:%11-:.101 ae -.:oaaldaaaaaatatahoia'NO.I slid M ,ium G- r, 41,. by J'ri1At'Ir tCu,. f"_1 74 npdevitat Ip 4R \Ili:'a'a tat & ad Itaaakaa aThiamy d# AMP b .... a~~aaakA, by A T O AP,74 m anR:ý- cmltee aaiaaariMIma. Or! IaI Vb II IRNNABEL, .,,r TAaspitotat- & Natoheam or F'(j (lttaruivis of at" 6iZv, jllm r-: ive~rl ,11.1 Pir ato 11 4; W 'lM l',AIA I't & .;O'IAGIERT Jo, -J oor Matgazine & Ikt~rtb EEj - II F' tlaiilaaaa. amaiapre, at a iaatpoo. fi,,%ii-vnfj aL deby tD Iat RV fiA 4.I Nc Lowe tIt\ -4110i taaaxaav NtK it saaaa, Luraing's bit"., ,it atta uaed faor tal t1a,. ilk I Iure, a ab J 'TIAY A; & UCa 741 Pydralite RA FTS ,it'' New York, l ort ilie hr dý.14 \ANDREWS S, &RB TH111Y4 50 Yatik, I V AI.L'A. i l.lBOll)S-Just receivrd an invoirel stiwtardur d and va lu l books, chiely Lordon ediii -t The, wtt'l superb plton. BId o I ai .fiB lon, or I danmes d Byron, plenddl | vr friistrrate, do do IlvBron Illttrnreir, do do asn's lh.nrdcapel illustralioan, platsa. lIlrckenden's Alpi, ItInfce'e Wrales. I., TiIderux. (!llcrvol 'rili-l> Artists, all plenrdid eagrawVlel Lil; if JohnI lia 1on, with colored oprlg lin f lei Latin arnd Greek <'las.ical I.ibrary, in Enlislhd I.i"', Tl'.citui' Xenophon &e., Byron'. worko, Lonadn pocket edition. Aiken'- Bhitish poew, T'he Spectator, 6 vol,, in 18mo. Ih C':iull J)ecaliron, r i a in a vols, Ceuriosiiet ,rI itierattrae by p 'lraell, marihali's life of vlslingtlon, 0Iol, d 2ino, Witlh a varietv of nslendid Aunual and works of A1t, in anldso;,le bindligSP. JOHNS & Co. l, aOr IS r a eeod car 4-t Ihairlel nrial CIon on it -..-..---. NEvO-dR-E - : - s Sleair and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waler and Hillman. No. 91), .lnrcn. (near the Poitnlhartrai Rail Roed.) Pilot nnd Navy Bread, Sda and Wine Ris uit Sugar, Butter, Midlbrd and Water Crackers. All llte above articles are warrinted to Ib ofthe firs quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Priclhard and Taguat, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expresely for family use. 15noa N IEW iO)OKS--NiaIleon's Mernmouiirs,--eveni Silth Prinme, (.amnlacere, by Baono I.anon, in i voll; ThR Midd, or ioenes frome the I e of Edwso,4"elles, in avls; PPrlUy's Clhrisrmas Tales for 1839j 1 ularly'l Cihriteansl as ift for 183!) just received and for ale Ilv W MKlrAN, dec" 10 corner of Catnp & Common st al CASEY, No. 19 Camp street, ies just received n froml.ondon, p ship 'Tiger, Dlemy, Medium Royvnl, Si pr Roval, Inperial, Columbier, and doubl I*:led nin D)rawini Sair pln ra Tinted r oya and Ilme Sdo. Tluri llnri'. l,:,on .ioards. Plain and vTime l7it hol ll(ki* ;k or papler; TlransparnET Hren pnpeS GvIlTi ad idiiver piper; Gold borders, White and o olor ed die paper. IRA WINGS PENCILF. Slerev'd & Sil's Ibest proeared Lead P'cucil; rveok d all & Lungdon's do. do. COIiN. 1 pS. &c., & c. Rreve's & S in'as WVaier Culors; Newman's do;bolx eI of Clalkd, sfl Crnvoais-36, 72 and 144 dimfernt shales; Liqaaid ild; lIII anltd Silver Shells; Marble Sand l;hinia Ink llars Chlina Taucers; Cbiae Tiler, 3, B, ald ! divisliona; Ivolr; Mlahoganv, and China Palettes; 1'o. nlI ruheiic belt Badger Pnomh brusbeI; Pontla knives; M uic andl Slielchinrg Poltfolios; Paper, Lilth 'rr and Cork su n; Miniature lvorlea aid Cal l Swa rrn Quill Pencils; (ln black S e.hle do. OUIL COI.OUKS', PreI'arrdrl caLva; Japallnned Till Boxes Bladdll r Co I ,nal, with l r'ei.cils. Urawers, ria. Prepared .'uvasl : 7,a30&3 imler-,-. I'OC;KET BOOKS & WALLETS. Russiia nd Molroco P'cket Blnks" R slia ia l.enther \ Wallets; Risusiu Lealier Packet Iolirs, 3 Ad 4 Ivory I'eaves; ateult Tablets, with Tilver pencil cBaw a ItSC'ILI, H VNiDLK;S. SPlain atnd ireder d lloseer ool, Boxwood, Mat uald t lurnishled gold, Faney coloerd and gild Screw Iliae a nd Gl PEN HO.L)ERS. Ienr] anrd Gold Pen Ilolders; Pearl and Silverdo. or ntl8P FRANKLIN INFIRMAnu I1111 public nre rrepectillllv informned that tla intll l itttl is erected oi ihe ullno! iwpriived plota, aid il l all airyv ltl Ilo.l adidsihabie siituilhn, in the faubour F'rminkli, upon lile amil n'ld, one mile friom ihe Missli TIhebaililig is large I nio- 1iconimdiousilvdivided intle ilpartiei nes fl r k.tpi 1, se iartrte different cluass, a l II.tt1rr at diseases. Then in lt uiisu is pplli. I with tie moCt skilful and nttealnive niale and feial,. nrusc ,and speasking the vr I'ri.t ioonllula nlai be hadli lv gentlemen at five dol laris pIl diy, inceli il intllmeiiui, i&c. Fliers in Il oru inare wards, %e.n dolllra per day. cv s al:soli to. diliarn. Sninall PxI in the ordinilly Aila iinl surgical operatonsm extra. 'Thie r I hIs siiuial is Dr W\eddletn,to whom Ul nation m f inr admission mius be ile.u r to Dr C A llzeillllmrg, Nol I. lailaurt street. ap19 I B[ A t -1 S-LaIl ced Ioil nnl i oppel, iih sltrel for mali Iy (G DI,JIRSEl, 44 New Levee I)U IOOT.S--l.uil frill lip Atlnro, Ui cnesel oi ie iU cfllsew' lloi.ilr salel by jalT7 I BrI ,Gilli &eo,1 Magazine at .IiLii-2 Ym.nS lmndle, timfr sanle by ItV I ltVIC VE & BRO., fil9 39 rConllnoi , i r Menaiine airelt I.ilIR-lIIlII li, rrl, cmii:ce iranls, in good ship F Iing i-drr ait eie lmling, orlnale bnl fii KGi IO RSliV, 44 New l.eeor F UL'NIITURE! FURNITURE!! U'SI'T reeeied uit te .ouisiýien Furniture Vara iJ mlon, It lirge ilupply finll New York and Boe tonl. l'eretllsnn imthe ilntn fnliereilel t woild do sell to call, udn seleclt ieir uirla rles fro nt e n ftll. beat and large-l stc-km now il the city. W R CARNES.I dId 53 Bieurili N B--Particular attention paid to pnckinlg nd ship ig luiirniture, freeIl oel epenel. d6-Sw L A I D-4511 kegA isuperine leaf Lard, in Itoe for sale by Ci. DORSEY, ltCi 7 '44 New Lever LOTHING-2 easPs flannel aud eotlen Mipted L/ iris, or sale by SIALL & BllOWN, 2 96 Magazine at S31FlRICAN IlA\IDY-330 burrels Anirriocabrne A di, frit cali by Sfc- '' rW iltPCH.RD r JO TAGERTJr. AINTED 1i:CK31 'TS--25' doe. Iainted bnletn, . h Inding froum hip Nnalutinm , and lot rale hs fll J 'I'll AYER& Co, 74 Poydmi at A 13 A.(;CIN. naild limls Ripre, fir ra'e by _-I l lAL) aE R Al S'Urow, 7 Bank Platc COFFEE--IP bags lavana Coffee, landing fH . irig Chieftain, l r sale lby felt S e J P WIllTNY,72VTamlp a O EII )OPPERlKSS nani v tleletge . 16 tons upmper drose, i60 tons keutledge, npplv to Sfeln A s OHEN, I0 Conmmon t ' IIANcVltIY 1tREPORTS-A new edition o fi S1aJ& Cuey'' Chlancery RItports, iust trcired, fi s ale by Cl_ A EXTOVWAlI, 44 l ape L H OLLAND GIN-10- pipesCrawn WeesLpGl It i uperior altiele, in slore and for e .e fell J THAYER & 'o, 74 _lomllel r AGS-5,1O00 Gunny Bags, of smperine qO*w a Ba stil for stile low by it f 6 SHALL & BROWN, 96 MagulM 0 NO TICE. C -L t Mr. GEOIGE M3IRILCK having resigil aI n fice orchlef Engineer of the New Ortlanai millfawOh C. lon Rail Road, Mr. John Hampion has bean lp dl edinhlia place, to wh3m all perans hxing lmb w wi:h, or wishing inlrnnation regaulinog aui4 Ia lla Swillaplyv a tihe Rnil Road OBfie, Pyds.aimlp , By order of the Bnard. no17(i d) JOHN j rN WC l. k W. PRITrCHARD & JOTAGAER Jre.,-mK . Poydras and Magaine M a, hae j4lNn 0 I and of lr for sale. 211 barrels American bnrendy 15 firkiinbutter, ed 50 Ml eoli, . -,, 10 box res ar l. .h 6 nisots, pteahong,lemeed5l& - dthosee, ) - .ifllR1' 3, s half barrela No. I, Mack.r« l . S do i, du. 10 " do Slhd, d 2 haels alitmad , 50 brrela MsLdeirastwise S st6 qr.aks Pi.t imBe, 5 & hld' p ipits, extra stmf, I I hhd ld 6 lasado I.tkAk Cunec, 56 qr. culu awet wine.

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