Newspaper of True American, March 4, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 4, 1839 Page 4
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M.r G with |]||Ct.' conlmi Pisto i. niln'ithie i1 it.Nature . rc 4 r*'|4, pari. 1791H, J topedie du Jcn eat Eshoea Xr 1 tt • nW'o MEDICAL WORKS is' ·lh n 11ei.Fr--Phlthiiit'al nblis I .n g ? 1dtal Jurispradence on tionity 'elBan r P' ritclird oh n Ianoity I luietroted-Coou po MainicieI . maanacraiml Itepioitory, fo t39 cnot, n""riu alIi utoniiry, Lunioit * - " A Allmot For 1833 'Fft N'' vigation 1 uIOiTECUREBI AND MECHANICs 6-" % 1, 1n a ..en 4&t .,in.r. fArbhitct.., Lu"d'lo 2. H.2c0 Ajh.iteCtnr, ;: vols, Lonndon BR k 9f abhaoic's EncycloeIadia, Loiudnl 04i-m., 'M,."lmadtical Tables r I , t. ,P, iongtriiap, , vetoq tachiB.tlMicellt«nie'frim te It [:. > '. lt JouftTroy anml B.Contart - Ip-COritift of 1iteratulret.C 1 Lf0rd redf Walter ecott, 2vols 114 kot sabtl, lm of Lao, presco eio3 vo r lndid » dvition,7 vols, i.R i i a 2 S inm Lato w. dical Stcin ifi iMicllaneous llooks, Nov Os i l,, Gramimnr. English and ,E JOHNS & co. cor. Chbri onl Common tof. . W KOWANTi' TONIC MlIX'I'UItE, ' r arentt( and care of the Fever and A ore. i*, Tw*ill i~' renalt div icovered wherein he Tmaic Mi tor ir t UtpeBrio to the ordinary incilr of trenting di.e Fvra, and Agu I the firstpl.c, g. o;nV aoVe iI S»- eI»OcletCndf from anCy deletrious id poison I. ,., a il ieniaOist, it may tIe taken wit the utmost safe t .y m ln by the tender infant, or aged invalid. It pre S a v.n> repeof Ihe dilaam-, consequently the rnnttitll tion loon eregaio its wonted IOnit nud iclivitv. It eslab , a. Ih a iouitd and pcnirnent appetite, by itvigorating t ulotnt.h.o1id gives a relish to the enjoymenta oftnrte. S' : n peculiar in having a purgative qaility, it remains O f illtswII ol I itncimresn thi ilisoorder, or to create Oh" . trdieanse-, but Ihorioglly cleanses tli teveral or ., i o' of digestion, and thus benefilts Ihe system riw " -whatever olheraffsetions it mv Ie onppressel. lediloduals, after the iterofthe Toui" Mixture, have S.,.. l.'posed to all the uisal causes nf the disease, 1 01nl have octaped any vsyi|itms of returm; whcreas by 1 n11.euse ofthe common remediea, Ithem is always errs tid *n increaned liability to recurrence. The dangei if fmaquent relapaeaoufitbe Ague, is very avidunt, fot the ytlesn will noon t becoeo too much protitrto Ir be able to racdt with aeilicine, atnd Mpeedily ftll a vic : i, m to Iuch icaeimnnt violence, The 'lTonie Mixtur ii .: trolrd at auch it reosoaable price, nas . plnca it % ithii S thi reach of every one!--o that tlie t,-ir nil de«titut re bhereby fulrniohed wit asnisinnce, ilihit rolicitin t1: tl0 p d'nad atisndonce which is frequontly denied t ; rio'tol very reloctantly beatowed. .+:. , " tt p.ubli ore reapcatly erutioned againlt thIe ap ' * t ioitalious of thllis medicine, that are dily olfferte rfee sal; It i prepared only by Dr. Johln R. Rowand, atIhi S lAbontorr, Markeatltreet,Pliladelplia. S The «itasorilber« are the wholesnale agent for il ieiott Western liate, anti will sell by lrt gros, the Phiiladelphia prices. To be had at retlil also, s- eltouf the Apothecaries iu tht city. JARVIS & ANDREWS, Wholesale )nruggists, wavr?8 cor Comnonu & Tchopitoular Miwssinli .i ... I -..i----- - - * coVINRTON. L4 RS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. nounces to her friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at he above establishment, and hopes from her oxertions to render visitors comfortable, to receive a continuance of former favors. She feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during the ummer months, cannot find better accommodations than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. Her house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the moat choice liquors, &c. in short, she promises 41at nothing shall be wanting on her part to give a tire satisfaction to all who may patronize the Missisippi and Louisiana Hotel. je3 O-l f TIE- P BL--L -Te- ndersigned, having . studied under Dr. Sehmidt of Charleston, South Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to salir his professional services in this city. He a'sures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holders of slaves, being well acquainted with the disease common to them, having attended them in the sugar house in Charleston. The famous anti.bilious pills alterthecomposition ofProfeseor Smollette, with directions, can be had . '- ofthe undersigned. The effect which they have produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which the best of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. aine street. JNO. M'LORING. iOLtW WAR. WOOD SCREWS, SAL IRONS, &c. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. .. 8 938 Water, nearBeekman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the ellowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of29 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, oKetles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1-4 to 43.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and bravs, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior *qlity and finish, and less than Jame's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retalling. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 30lbe. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churohes, &c. made to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to order. The above aesortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. lesd to be the largest and best assortiment ever offered for sale by any one establishment in the United States. Merchant, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with description of goods, pritesand terms, from which no deviation is ever Smade, frnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. X New York, 1838. je3 WeO hMECURY On GCOPAIVA - Kew Orle.n, Nnv. 14, 1837. A .BOLT sil month ago I had tile uiisfortune to got d tecret diease, for which I have applied to «eo 1dqetao for a cure, ald they did not cure me. No now on the above date I iut myself under ti i eare of Doctor rlast, andm expect him to cure tie. Since thlt time rlmaaae got wore, ao am to break out in large ulcers toehe number of aix or eight on ea h leg, and all over Jy f.e, anld ire threat,nd a n ble to work at he preent tilh n aecount of the direase; large ulcer on he right idle of t throat. I am nuo. putting amyelf ea Kelly undsr ther care of Dr. Iluea, tf Pfriae taterfectly cared JOHN DEAN. ' ,O CERTIFY tat thte s ieve ment;oned tliseae e is J.- * wH c releurr tl to iy awn atiefaction, for wrrich I rol . liuet;and moredivr I assire that tile inedi .le I have taken makes mie fat, and did dnot injure ny osaulth at all; therefore I adviso ny f lowr afferers to IM no tilme aud apply to Dr A. Huet, 121 Canal I' je ketweum Daurphine and Bourbon rrreet. j)r. ut ia at hone frunm 9 o'elock, A , M, until 4 P M. ' a will find a true for this complaint. JOHNi DIEAN, 40 Gravier street. ' If any one wants to see me, call at No. 40 Gravier JOHN DEAN. S ie Orleans. Fb I, 1838. (feb 14 ly Sninh teae tIndri alsai of Liverrirt and Here. J hond, i. put up in bottlrs at the low price of SO h, aruaining the Mtrength of three ounces of alw or hei le the virtuesa O many oilier rooto and haknown the (ndiman a etlaious in curing yomplata.a ,'leiirValled eucceee which has attended the t se of *Wfientiarabhe Baluam wherever it hra been inlrit jWited Le confidence and recoumenda ; iyisicians, for the cure of cougha, Sil, want of rest, spiting of blood, Sn concern. Thil is to certify that we m reouently preacrihed Mr G(ud Lf iverwort a*d loarbound.,with eaa we can therefore, from the know OWtli it ia madil from, and obaervamion SreeO ad it s a auperir preparation . - of ,the 1 1Gir which it in re : •: oLAZR ; ASl M . D . . M.: -lI Bo c Med B alAssociation. .a,9y JASIY1L& ANDREWS, a I, n 9 rn i anild rchapltoulas aer 'S Science of liP em ibl received, and , at their perm1 t Writig Acalemies '411011t.lloewr-O lrbio 114917Bhredwayy x Orlt,a t.,MNow.. a - Partic .e t for private leanera, u lh w ta rpeaH dofall aa. Snew vild tocall a eamIae I Ssub ~ l 4tS arle a may ailit the aeU, alto aeven formd ia mny put pSr itea recai lj tase at thbirown rf payrlarsr a !kr I nr u aof aetaera deuIred aSEsh'eww *'" 'Stbt 3f m Sflit. "alMEdlrS UART'rldcO~ts new verecitnatram' P board I lNp Oinm IoleHhlanlr, li"ker lery Andrm~w renchd and a pnlay cdnli; Rack immo Bmn Iodn; Cltem.a;so, 1-i04 anl 2 3-8 inch Bit Hl Inlle; 8 and fiavlh ablae ,wiw Kanives; eather nnd ihor tmravni nsn tnr.sCr -Cas, Belt, ticket, Horeman's, and Duirling Pistol; donuble a oingl barrelled uu..igoae Bags; Slot Belli; Powod. ad Pnla PhFlaskl; siollottlea t nd Drinking Cupni; -ireio Cap a p HHolders;Clotl, Hair, Tooth; id Nall Brashee, Orrisa nd Chlaoina Tooth Waist ooth Powder Toilet and Shaving Soaps, in great va. tv, loing Hair Braids, Ringlets and Frizettes; Pearl id Toilet Pnwder; Emery Barg; Ivory Tub Cuahions: atint Slines or Garters. Gaim Elastic Snspenders; owledr Pifs and oxeis Gilt Chains, Scais and Keys; ar-drops; Wnist Baekles; Bracelnet; Bead NecklaEoe ild Chains; Gilt and Silvered Beads; Indian Beads, ells and Plumes; Shell Twist; Side and Dresaine cnbs; wlicll,in addition to heirfomer son k on hand, lakes their asortment very complete, and will be sold ow and en liberal tenns, at the sign of the Golden a'ona. i25-tf 70 Chartres street. ilIE StbWcritieers, Agrent for the extensive houlse of i W. & S. Butcher, Sheffield, Ennland, have just eeirved a very extensive set of pa' uir.s, ie eiotiai of Table aen D)csert Knives of e -. deaeriptiko, Pen, Pocket, I)ik, and Spear paint khlives; Rnzors, Scis -ors,E le Tools,&c. &c. C. which they are prepared n exhibit to the trade lororderi. Terms and conditions will be made known at h tieme. mifi J. ).BEIN & A COHEN.90 Conmon st. S MMONS. HARTT & CO.-Are now receivint V1per sali Hantillvle, Eagle, Merry Andlrw, High a oder, Freneh .ld Genrman dmoulle heao lalying ard:: ser, llt and packet piatols; plain, rilibed and split cusins alIs; catp Iltdenr; soni ', Ranors, ipe,. ves; Gillott's ommercial amn other steol rpns Vio as; Violin Isringsf shell, ivory and hon eomln ; walen k, lead and leather irnes; hair beidul front and aek ringleits negro plffs; German lst French cologne ater, Rowlands nmarccser oil, imitation do; anti.ue cad hersoili portale deask aund dresrng eases: paste blacking; stati sand toilet glaisa; convex mirrors; opt eel glise ail viewsr Indian Iadsl bellsand plumes; erMleon;, whit- twine; toilet and shaving mo. a; toilet owder, nacmetie wadi ballsti senild satin cushions; pool stands; screw einitiomis; f"ay bead chains and necklsces; billiari ball pcImeket hooks and walleta; German hones; reaor strap; fine and common gum olastice lera, grtersdo; Bells lucifer matches; il ver peneils Creyone, &e. &e. The above inaddition to our former stack of fancy article, makes our ssnomtment very eonmpleta. For sale wholemle or retaill as the sign of the Golden Comb, 70, Chartreestreet. m12. i OTICE-The partMnehip of Keller, Massn &Co IN fNew Orlean-; Mason, Harris &Co., of Natehez; nd Harris, Kelley &Co, of Rodney, was dissndlved o helIt nf Mav last, by the death ol Samuel A Mason, one efthe iarinera ol the Bfirn. The unlersigned, surviving partners, will be charged with the settling and cloning said business as follows: Levi C Harris will attend to the settling of the business of Mason, Hiarri& Co., nt Natchlie; and lHarris, Kel er & Cn.,at Itodnev; and Henry Kelley will attend to hle ettling nf the iu'iness ofKelley, Mason & Co., at New Orleans. The names of the several firms willbe unsd in liqnidationonly. Those indebted tn said firms are earnestly requested o come forward and make early settlements; and thosn having claims will please present them without delay. LEVI C HARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. NewOrleans, June 27,1837. TEAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATEE al cases mare of this superior Cologne water, jusi received sad for sale by the dozen or single bottle. Also American and French toilet powders, powdei pufs and boxesa, shaving and toilet soaps, cosmetic wani hells, milk of roses, cosmetic cold cream, extrae e musk, kephalia, Ward's vegetable hair oil, pomatum tre*ne de perse, Florida, lavender, rose and bay watere Prestn's saltI, Marseilles perfumery in trunks.vegeta ble s nd liquid rouge, Chlorine and Orris tooth wash eloti,hair, tooth, nail and flesh brushes; together witl an additional supply of fashionable horn and abel combs and jewelry,lor sale low at wholesale or retai by SIMMONS, HARTT &CO, july 6 70 Chartre street. CVArI.AL-1h -- -h .;k.. i- - GUAL -The subscribers havu enastantly on hand a large supply of Cannel and Liverposl coal, in bulk, of superior quality, which they offer for sale in lost to suit purchasers. Also expected by thie first arrivals from Eng land and the North, Cannel, Lehigh and Peach Mountain Coal, broken and screened, put up in hogsheada expressly for family use-all of which they will dispose of on the moat moderate terms. Orders left at their office, No. 53 Bienville st. up stairs, will be promptly attended to. oclt3 B. & A SOULIR. Cologne Water, Perfumery, &c.-A splendid article of cologne, put up expressly for the retail trade; also the purest French Perfumery, embra cing every variety for the toilet, for s.le by neot 2 REES & D'LANG. To Country Merchants and Planters. Negro cloths, blankets, flannels, inseys, lowell shirtiogs, checks, linens, calicoes, handkerchiefs, &c &creceived and for sale low by the subscri. bers. ROTTA & Co. oct. corner Canal and Chartres st d L WI Glenn's Perfumeries. Indian Dye, for coloring the Hair ; Bear's Oil, Russians beatr's greese, pumatum, Michaw's Free cle Wash, superior pearl powder, I al white, cream of roses, vegetable rouge, otto of rose, lip salve, kreosote tooth wash, carbonic dentrifice. orange flower water, powder puffs and boxes, Aonerican charcoal, neatly put up in four ounce vials, Pres. ton salts, cologne, kreosote tooth ache drops, hair brushes, English dressing combs, Indian hair oil, with a variety of other perfumeries, &c. For sale Sby C. J. TRINCHARD, d ot 3 corner of Canal and Bourbon ata IRON ROOFS-The asbscribers have procured at a grant expense, tihe right of putting on iron roofs in this city. They are adapted to public buildings, warehouses, and private dwellings, and combine at once cheapness and durability, and are perfectly lire and water proof. Terms may be known,and a imodel seen at our establishmnenl, opposite St. Mary's morket, Tchapiloulas st. oct2 E B COOSWELL& Co UPHOLSTERY & PAPER HANGING STORE. Henry Siebrecht, (formerly J. C. Wicks & Co.) would meat respectfully inlorm his friends and the public in general, that he has and is constant , ly receivirng a general assortment of upholstery and paper hanging. The following comprices a part of his stock, which he offers for sale at whole, sale or retail on the most acconimodatin8 ternls, viz : French velvet and satin paper, latest style; do d half common and common, Pniladelphia glazed and unglnzed do do, French landscapes, fire boards, blinde, r :. do velvet and worsted do do, i rnoreanze do ctlors, silk fringe and gllouap ofall qualities, patterns and prices, worsted tringes as isrted pattern. p!ain and eolored. Swiss lrurlin, a latste style plain anld rolouaed, cotton drapery lb muslinsrluin and twilled, as-orted colors, new' asyleel needle work for soufa cushions, fiolstool a! cover., &c new style of hell pullers, raised figures or and plaln, gilt window ornaments of all patterns lt and sizes, gilt ergles batal and spears, feathers, lit &c, glass ktnobs, easrers, hair cluth, figured and It platin, a large assortment of toys fir ehlillren; al lare silk coril and tassels, woguted cord amd tas. do eels a general assortlntllrr of ulphlatero and paper hahging.i, coirstantly on hand and fro sale at the de lowest prices at Nos 41 Royal mud 64 Cuntomi tn' fl0urse a. 05 N B--persons in the city or from the country, are respectfully invited vs asll and examtne for an themselves. Carpets and curtains niade in the pe latest mrodern style, roonms prepared at the sqort col est notice, and all kinds of upholdeatery work iet done with treatsess and deepatch. oct 3 I I ,-. ........ . . . L 8 SEUUUl, No 54 Conda strert, between Duinoin and St Philip, keeps constantly on hand an, xtensive arpsrtment ofboots aid broganlo, und shore, of New York manufacture, for ire, women and cnildren of all sues, which he will dispose of at very moderate prices. latoilies of his at quintance on setndina an order will have theirwishes attended to L S SEGOUR DEAFNESS. A NEW article forpersono troubled with dea~nesa, (calledl tli Ear'l rutmpet) tai just been received, by the uMe of "l ich, the slightest articulation of the hu. man voice is ittianctiv,'ed to thile ar. A ny on who hats ever been obligei to rouverse with a very dea prilou, must he fuliy sen ible of the difficulty and erm barreasinent ep erirned bothl by titemselves mid the in dividualns n uForluaatelv afllicted. By the use of till Ear Trumipet. this objection is entirely obviated. Tl.e mnat ceplical hItave al a avw nduia.d tlheir doubts after haviug used tel Trumpet. Fur sale at T F GUION'S, Fancy store.corner o Cininon and St Charles streets udlor lhn Exclslliza Hotel. feh 13 PERM OIL--O00 gallons pure winter d ISperu Oil, in casuks and bblls, for sale by JARVIS & ANDKEWS, Wholesale Drugg eta, comer C ammon and Tclap les streei. mrl3 HITE LEA-bbls, I211 lbs clich; W l kegs, 10 " 21iW do 25 English do-2 1' 4 bble. 400 " 100 Paint Bruhes, various sizes; I ea, Vermillionq 5 bbls Copal Varnsh; our 2 Japan " I Cuach 20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; 100 do Dutch Metal. WINDOW GLASS, American, Erglish and French 1000 boxes, vanous sizes and qualities. BoIsMtn lrowu do.-o00 boxes,consdgunmelit, will be sold low. Also, a general assortment of artists' cnlonir and tools, for sale by A W SCA'1 ES, No 46 Calml streat.' N B. Alabama notes taken at p r. and Mississippi otes will be received at 10 per cent discount for goods, or in paymnt ordehbtsn. j 1I w UURO-300 anding frA ui steamer lndepend. r ne- -,*h ImuKSEY, m3l 44 INeV lne. Emnarren's Reir lSrops-'l'ltee vauss of the |enuine article, just received by oet 3. REES. & D'LANG, 18 Camp at Misouri Reop-i00 roils Missouri hale rope, nade all of hemp, in stonr, mad for ale hby n 3 OW)GET & HAWTHORN, 6i3 UGrvier *i K BOK BIlNT RY.. Udte the Picayune Offie, 7!4 Camp ist. BRONS 11A 'd& HOWSON ber leaeito inform their custoners and the pullic generally, that they have removed their establishmcnt to No.72 Cam.p stroet, inmediately under the office of the Ticayune-where they are prepared to execute all ordlera in their line. Hiving received from the North a supply of pa. per and materials of a superior quality, for the manufacture of Blank Books, they offer their ser vices to merchants and other -, who may wish work of that kind ; and having the advagiage of several yanrs's experience in-that line, they are confident of giving satisfaction to those who tmay flvr them with their custom. For notaries, architects and others, maps and plans will he pasted on linen, varnished and mounted in the nealost mnanner, & at the shortest notice. Plain and fancy hindin', in all is vnriolipa nl. CHINA GLA6 & E.tK Ill tw.VAttK1.. c tr1 36 Charres asreet, New Orleans. WM. SERGEANT & Co. importers of French and English Clina and Earthen ware. are now opening new and rich patterns of breakfasl, dining and tea servicee, toilet sets, iitchers, tea andi cffee cups, teapots, sugars, creamn, bowler, plates, dishes, tureens, wash basins an. cwers, foot bathsl, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and American glasin ware-eoblete, champaignes, lemionades, jellies, clarets, wines, cordialts centre howles, douonters. tumblers, preserve dishen, celeries, pichers, lnamps, tlinp shade and glasses, candle shadoe, salt cel lers, etc. Silver plated, kronzed and britania wares-cas tors, liquor stands, cake hbskets, candlesticks, branche, spoons, ladles, coffee nnd tepots,augars, creams. lamps, japanned trays, astral stands, and hanging lamps, fine cutlery, German silver spoons i ad forks, uogether with a greal variety ofarticles for family use. Merchants, planters, hotels, and steamboats, furnished wih goode at the most reat sonable prices, and packed so as it be conveyed with safety to any part of the coun'ry. Also, apoiieenrle.i' glassware. nov2 THE FLORIDA LINE SFrot IMlobilo to Augusta,Geo, leaves Mobile every day at three So'clock. pm pnler U 8 mail boat Sfor Hall's L'lndtn, above Blakely.-tihence four post coaches to Pensaeola-tlhenco steamboate to Lagringe, wheretlieland route is resumed-thence i, van Marianna and Br.wnsville, Fla. lBinbridge, Pindertown, liwkinsville. Saonideriville& Louis. d villleti Augusaa, Ga, connecting regularly with the road cars to Charleston, and the steam packets to Now York, Norfolk, Pnildelphia, etc. ' The steamboats are the best for the service, and Lt the navigationl preset s more advantages than can Sbe found upon any steamboat route in the south. ern region. d The great improvements in the route have been a produced by the construction of fifty miles of new 'road, by the proprietors, viz : from LaGrange on LaFayette Bayou, an arm of Santa Rosa Bay, to Bryant's Ferry, on the Chattahoocllee river, ten miles above the Cow(frd, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, R whereby the navigation ol the river, and lthe con sequent detentions, and more recently the incon venient crossing at the Cowford, are entirely h avoided, and a fine road from Marianna direct o to Bainbridge, instead of the roundabout road via i, Chttahoochee, lessening thedistance about forty a, miles, and increasing the facilities more than ionce a day. Alvo, a branch line of two hnrse stages every other day fiom Hawkineville, via Perry to Macon, i Ga. connecting with the line to Savannah and Darien, Geo. A mail steamboat plies regularly between Bainbridge and Apalachicola. Travellers wishing to reach any point on Chattahoochee or Apalachi cola, can take eteoot.boat at Brownsville. S Mobile to Pensacola-Land Route-During the time occupied by the repairs of boats, the proprie. rors of the Florida line will run a line of four horse post coaches every other day between Mo. Sbile nd Pensacola. Passengers will leave Mobile at 3 o'clck , p m, in the U S mail boat, and proceed to Hall's Land ing, where a four horse coach will Ie in waiting to convey them to the excellent houseof Mr. Charles Hall, I 1 4 mile distant, where they will find pleasant accommodations for the night-leaving next morning, they will arrive in Petesacola early in the evening, thus avoiding the discomfort ol night travelling. Office at lie Moansion House, Mobile, and Col. lins' Hotel, Pensacoln, where seats must be secu red. STOCKTON & Co. nov I Plarn Forte Initruction. r William Smith tenders his services to the cili. tens of New Orleans as a teacher of the piano at forte. Mr S having been employed several years ass teacher of music in private families in Boston, and also at several of the female seminaries in its ,vicinity, cannot but hope to merit their confidence. e, He is permitted to refer to Rev Dr ClIpp, Mesars m Stetson &Avery. Henderson & Gailes. a, For terms Ake please apply at to, bookstore of rs Alexander ower, 49 Camp t oct 2 . Drug# and tMediciner. ir J B Prevost has located himself in this city for ii, the purpose of transacting a general Wholesale Ie Drug business. He is now receiving a full supply of fresh and genuine articles, which hIe will sell on liberal terms To city druggistl, and those of the interior, to physicians, merchants and planterr, he will offer inducements such as have never be. fore been offered in this city. Ilis intention is to Sdo a strictly legeiimate business. Ilis stock will soon be comrplete, end in a few weeks will be rea. d dy for business. All orders Irom the country, and V fromn merchants of t it city, receiving such orders , will be promptly atlended to. oct 2 No 39Camp at PROSPECTUS. THE aubscriber p-oposes to publish, in the be. Sginning of the onsaing winter, a Condensation cf ') the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of 2d Marttn' Louieiana Reports, to be comprised in four t, volumes, bvo., according to thi model of Peters' 'y Conuensei Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton SHarrison, Esq., ofthis city, assisted by William F. a' Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a it distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, Sand by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from Stheir personal supervision all the advantage which may naturally be reaped front t eir experience. S Such a work is becoming every day more ne eesnary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani Sfest, in the other States of the Union, in reference Sto the prectliarjurisprudenco of Louisiana; and the circumetance of the numerous principles here dev cided in the adjustment of conflicts of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of prime uti lity to thejtrist of the whole Union. Moreover, Site rising republic of Texas has adoptod our codes, and thus there isa greatdemaand for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. S Convenient notes, indicating the parallel casoe decided in Louisiana, and occaaionally those in tle more authoritative forums of the other States, will on added to each case. The work will form four volumes, royal octavo, and will be delivered, bound, to subser.bers at $6 per vol.; in case it should be found practicable to compress it into three volumes, the price to sue. scribers will be $7 per vol. Pubscriptions received by WM McKEAN, je5 cor Camp and Common ats. W 1IOLESALE AND RETAILCOMB AND VA RIETY STORE--at the sign of the golden colb,Mo70 Chartres steert. The subscribers have re ceived, in addition to their previous stok on hand, a full and complete assortment of articles in their line; viz: conmbs, perfunoery, Jcwellry, brushes, locking glasses, fancy articles, &c. ecninting in part as follows: COMBS-totonise shell, wnrughtand plain tuck,twist, q;illed back, long rotned, dresshig, side punt, curl and neck, Brmzilian comnbs of every description amongst whichl are solne Mexican patters, Ivory conohs of every daescription, horn, dressing and packet, togcethr with a general assortmeot rofFrena and American. P'ERFIIMERY-Cologne, Laverder, Florido, honey, bay,rose,andorange flower wafers ofevery ize and de cription, cnamphurated Cologne, extract of Bernamnot, lanc soaps ofanll kinds, shlaving dlo in cakes and pots, ereamn soapdo, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bears and an tiqiido. Preston's smelling salts, plain and perfumed toilet powder, pearl powder, po er puffs and boxes po matnmin poLt and rolls,orns and chlorine tooth waall and nowdeJs, with a general assortment of JEWELLRY-somne ofthe latest nnd ilost fashiona ble setts, consisting of white and red carnelian, toper a jet eardrnpo, set in filagree, breast pins of a grea* -,ne tv of patterns, watch trimmingA, gilt and silver ckles, sliver tlimbles, silver and uli pe icils and guard chains BRUSHES-Cloth, hair, dusti a,crunib,hearthfloor, hat, flesh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, lhaving, shoe and whitewashli bruahes. LOOKING GLASSES-German statia and toilet 5laass, magniy'ing and French dressing glasses, home o, with a variy of other kinds not enumeruted. 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OlllS' Medical Bi*.k-Louis on Plhhisis; do. on J ,luudlettiug, a now supply, re 49d by h4 A TOWA, 49Ca C T''H INDIAN'S P'ANACEA. TOR the ure onrhenmatimtlsm,ceful orkingsevl,gout, ' Niatica or hip polt, inci,.int cancer, salt rhentr, uiphilita and mer..rial diseaes, particular ulncer and painfulaffetilons ofthe bones, ulceeatedtheratsd e. n rils,uleer ofevery desciption, fever sores, and internal bsenacs, Astulas, pilesi sald head, scurvy, blles, cshro ni amreeyes, orycr pclilsblothes, and every variety olfu emu acofetion, chronic Catarrh, head ache proceed ang from any arid Ihumor, pain in the stomael and lys .eplia proceeding fronvariation, affeetioni of the liver, hronic inflammatron ofthe kidneys, and general debili y caused by a torpid action of the vessels ofthe skin. It is si nlarlyefficacious in renovaticg those eonstitutions which have been broken down by injudieinus treatment, juvenile irreularities. In general terms, it is renom enled l n all those diseases which arise from impuritis ofthe blood, or initiation of the humo, of whatever name or kind. Some of the above complaints may irequi some tri fling auianot pplications, which the cirumtances of the cas will dieta-i; hut for a general remedy orPurifcator to remove the cause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found suffiient. TO THE PUBLIC. How truet is, that modern Physicians, in their am bition toexcel in their profession; explore the vast fields of cienee by the aid of'hemiatry, and seek out new re medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of art alone,--ntirely overlook and neglect, as beneath ther etee the rich and bounteous stores ofmedicine, which the Almightly has caused to spring out of the earth in every clime! And how much more true isit that while the American Physician look to foreign countriesfor many of his most common and neceseary articles, perpetually changing as they are at the dictates offatshion or folly, he is surrtlohled in his own eountry with an endleu profiion of medical plants, Suflicient to anwer any indication in disease or to cure any curable disorder;and yet he i gnorant of their vir tues, and they are uffered to wastetheir healing on the desert air.' The effects ofvegetable medicines upon the system are temporary-those of minerals lasting. The Ifrmer ex ert their effects and pas off-the latter, mereary in ITr ticular, nct ehemieally upon thet. olids, dleompntong; the bones eaand undermining the Canstitutian by a slow and ure destruction. The congeniallity, efficieny and SAFETY ofvegeta ble remedies ever mineral, may be estimated by conttaist ingthe ancient practice with the modern; or, to bring il moreimmediately underourown observation, th Indli an practice with that of the whites. Who, in America, na notknownorheard of repeated instances wherein some decrepid, unpretending female Indian, by means of ler simple remredicelone, Hls affected the nost rapid andastonishing ures, afterthe lateira Medica of the Mnmmon practeie, directed in the moat skilful manner, has foiald And who has not been srprised at the com parativeease aml facility with which die Indianl rees him self from any disease, and at the almost tota abstinenee ofehlroic diseae among them? Who has ever heard ol an Indian with a constitution broken and rined by illtreatment? And can a doubt exist that this happy ex emption of the savage from most of the ills which the flehofmanisheirto, is hiefly owine to more genio I an afe remedies which he enmploys. 'This astonish. ing difference in success, is a fair exemplification of the ifinite superiority of the simple and mfe means of care which God has created for the benefit of his children, over those which the pride and the art of man have in vented. From a long residenenmong a portion oftheaborigin alinhabltantsof thiscountry, andan intimate aequasin tance with the, methods of ure of some of their imst successful practitioners, the proprietor of 'The IiMian's Panacea,'acquired a knowledge of tome of the most powerfuland favoriteremedies. From thesehe selected such as were most efficaious and approiates, and after various experiments to test their principles and strength, he has combined them in the form here presented, as the most perftct ani beneficial lor the purpose for which it isrecommendled. The proprietor offeratlis preparation to the public, with the conlsiousness that lie isplacing withintheir sea, a remedy capable ofrelieving many of his afflicted fel low beings, who are suffering under the various chronic andobstinatecomplaints to wkich it is applicable. To sueh it will prove of incalculable value, as the means, and in many eases, the only means of lieving their soi. feriogs and restoring them once more to Iealth and hap piness. This is notofrered as a common remedy, that may per ehance be equally good with many others noe in use, butas one which iscuapable of saving life in many Sextremecaseswhieh alll theunusualsroneediesfiil. Thisit has done repeatedly; and this is the reputation it iasob tained wherever itlas been introduced. It Is onlyabout three years since this ireparation was presented to the public: but in that short space of time, some hundre's of persons night he tound, who would solemnly declare that they believed that their lives were saved by it, and in mosteasesafter they had tried many and perhaps all tie common remedies in vain. Wher ever it is known it israp)ldly comiag into use, atlld this affordsthe most substantial and convin cig proof of it merits. The value of the Panacen i most conspicuotna in those long standintg and siyphilitic and sorofulous aftetions wltch have defied all other renedies, and partieuirly in those cases where mercury has been so lavisl y used as to eause distressing iains in the bones, nodes, inerre rial ulcers, derangement of the digestive organs, &c. These it completely removes, and in all cases it entire ly eradlicates lite a lises ald eficts of Inercury, reno votes the constitutiion, andl leaves the Iptient solute and well. loit ttlumatist atld ill ulceratedl sore threoat, its happy effects are not less apparent, giving almost inune. liote relief. Taken in prolpo doses, theltlliin's Piitnacca operates as sitallteritivs and detergent; a diaphliortic, dinrltic, and laxatives, all alli-spasmodic and anodynei and in proper cases, as astomachicandl enmmenagogn.e. (eener. ally expressed, it itlletea.a ll il,.o tlon u-,l u. ml4etiuls, gives totte to tiie stomnhet, uit lexeltea criO il thl glands Ina particularmianoner. IFro these prillci pies itsoperatiotns may ite understoodl. Thismedieine has beent founid highly usefin in many ambiguonu diseases not here specified, anl it eas breu used with wonderful success as a Spring and a Fall I'u rifler, by those who are subtect to complaints of the chest, and whose constitutionsarequire new vigor. Stuch per sons will do well to use two or three bottles in small d(o. ses. Whenever a diet dtink is considered necessary, this Panacea, taken in a small dose; will answer all its puturoses, in much less time, at less expense, and in a lar more agreeable manner than the common diet drink. The following certificates, out of hundreds similar, which might be procured, are given to show the effect ol the Indian's Panacea, in tih various complailtst nere;n smentioned; and also to exhibit in the most satisfactory manner its superiority overte syrups i ommon use. CASES OU RHEUMATISM. CHAnLUaTO, Nov. 15,132. Duringthelast winter and sring, was alieted with a very evere and distressing Ir.umatism, occasioned by exposure ill bad weather. I nowtakegreat pleasure in slating, that six bottles oflle InliaiI's Panacea, restored me to perlect health, and I confidently reoommetd it to all similarly ffl icted. Jn..'. vt.o,-.r ~,+-. .. CnaULEaso, March 27,1832. I was aeized about three years since, with a distiesing rheumatism, caused by takinga severe cold, while under theinfluenceef mercury, and which has diahbled rr from business nearly ever since. Din)Uig this period have belt U llatienit ill the Marine Hospital, in tbis cit upwards ot flour moitllhs, ail nearly tile sme length o time in the Baltimore Hospital, and tried alinost eTer remedy, with little beneit. Oil the lelh of FebrnnrS last, atthat time scarcely ableto move abolt upon crutch es, Icuommnenced the use of Ildian'll Panacea. In on mointh I found imyself entirelI ireed frotm laint, allnd ai now happy to state that 'lt Iscll ieuietly well, WVM. T'UCKEII, 13 Market st. CACES OFl SClOFULOUS ULCEIIS Nl;w YOUK, Sept. 11, 1830. Tlhis may certify that in thle fall ot 1825, I was seize with a swellingin my neck ad thce, whicIh lierward ulcerated and became large ghistly ulcers in my necl. Anerlryingsaveral tliysiaiun to no advantage, I wen' to Philadelphia, antd placed nm)self under tile carei lns. Physic and lBeadi, when, alter repeated salivation tonoeft'eclt was prooounced utterly incurable. Alier. wards Itook twenty boltlesolfSwiinm's PIt'aeca nd eigh' bottles of Potter's Cithlolicon, with no materkil benefil Despairing of lile, which had now become a burthen 4 me, Ireturned lto myparents in New York, in 1829, an ' gavemyserlfupto a lingering death. Illaring of till great sccess of The Indian's Panacea, however, it ca. similar to my own, I was persuaded to try it, ass last i. sort. To my great surprise, as well as satislaction, soon found myself rapitdly recovering,l ad upon takini seven bottles, the ulcersiealeil and I became Iierfectl I well in tile corse oftwo months, and have remailned so eversince. I make ltis statemen and wsih itpublished r for the benefit ofthose who are suf'ering under similar c saerfulous or syphilitic affections, that they may know what it cured one who has suffered every thing but b deathl, nttd who considers his life saved by the above sy. rup. WM. HINHAN tl CHalnasTON. July 12, I 31. I was afflictel', fnr years with an ulcer In the leg, oc-. casionally accompanied with crysipelatous inflamatiton and excessive uain ill die leg and ianlel joint. Several eminent Iihysicians exerted their skill upon it, but witl a out pnrmanent benefit. In this case five bottle e Indian's lanacea made a perfect cure. 01 MARIGAIRET tA WEST, 121 Market In For ale by HENIY UONNABEL, drggistt,t ge t nor tle i'opreitor;, 'I'chullitoulsa streLt 01 NEW ORLEANS A- NASHVILLE RAIL IOAD in COMPANV. to T HE stoekholders of this companyare Iereby no tlified that by a reaolution of the board of diree tion passed on the 19Il ilst. the ell made on them on the 13ih February last, for the payment of five dollars s0 a share, was rescinded, and the aiid stocklolders are to furthernotified Ithat I WHI;'REAS, by a resolution of tltisboard passed on no the 19th inst. a call has been lnade on the slockhohlers of the New Orleans and Nuahville Rail Road Company Ili, for the followingpnaynmots oil the thestock held respc-. lively by thum, viz:-two doiiars per share, payable on the first day of Septeumber next; two dollars per share payabla on the first day of December next; and two dfolarsar shlare payable oil the fist day of March next. Now therefore be it resolved, that the secretary of this company shalll notify the share holders therein, throngh the public prints of the city, that in conformity with the sixti setuion of the charter, thevare permitted to poatpone any iaylment callel in on the stuck ofsaid cempaiiy for the term of sixty datys,from and after the is dlay on which it in mnde payable, with the expieas con- MI dition however, that if not regularly paid within the ae said proloneation of nixty days, from and after tile day im on wlilch it shoult live beeu paid, that then ttie 8tock ral on whici said payments should have been made, is and en rema hforfitled to the company, the charter oil thlt lie point being imperative. Ii conformity therefore, to saidl call,all lock of time stockholders in said comtpany, as th think proper to pt off the payments on tlheir stock to lin thea dof the additional sixty day, whi e ch arter allows them, are notified that the paymett of two dol- , lars per share called for,and due on the first of Sep. be! tembernext, maybe poastponed under the sixth section en of sad charter, until the 31at day of October next, that f|l the payment o! two dollars per share called for, and he due on the first day of December next, may le post. - poned until the 30th day of January next; and the pay 8. meat of two dollars per shae called for and dJe n the irstday of March next, may be postponed until theut il day of April next. T Etracts of the minutes of the board. June 21 A R MeNAIR, ateiry.' i" - , i-T L^ iHATnS. s ca -2sren lnvbiid si l pIs WV fHtolor sal JOIHN If GIAll ap l -oyal College of PlhyIyeiani, London. iHE original Vetaitb le lligeini UniverWdl Medi eiie, prarelmr ly W .ilskin, Ell. Mlember of RoaleCollege of Surgeo, Licentiate of Apothe cr-y'nCoompany, Fellow of Bolt Court Society, Surgeon. to the Royal Union Pension Asomiation, LaeaTer Pliae, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' anl St. Thomrat's Hospitals, londoo. This valuable medicine, tile result of twenty years' experience and unmpralleled success in the extensive nil highly respectable practice of the propriety, patro nised by the Ifculty and nobility, and isnow introduaed tothe notice of the American public, at the earnest so licitation of a number of gentlemen of longand high standing in tle rfession. It is hloe, as a prelimi nary step, to check the evils ad fatal consequnences arising from the use of the numerous and deleterious nostrums toisted upon the public by the aid of fabricated prool' of miraculous cures, and other timus, bya set of mercenary, unprincipled pretenders, so toally ignorant ol medical science, that it impossible the monstrous delusion can any longer go down witll the intelligent people ofthiis cmntry. 1 hese pills, mild and agreeable in their nature, should be kept in every family in eases oftudden illnes, for, by their prompt adnministration, cholers, cramps, simsms, fevers, and other alarming conpluints, which too often prove fatal, may be speedi ly ured or pievented. In fact, all those who value good health should never be without them. They are si in pacets at 50 cents, I$ ami $2 each, by every reapec table drnggist, hookseller, andi vendorof medicine in thm United Statesl I 0 lie Canalas, with copious directions, together with: estlaonials of proleesional ability friom the following eminent gentlemen: Sir Astley Cooper, J Abernethy, James BlIndell, M. I)., W. Back, M. I)., J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. D., and numerous others. The originals may be seei n possession of tihe General Agent, by whom the mmllcile is importedl into this cunitry, and to whom all applications loragencies mushbe made. JNO. HOLBEIN, 129 Waeerly Place, N. York, Sole General Agent for the United States, Ua. For sale by appointment of the origill proprietor. by SWAIn L BUrTHEa, Druggiits, No II Camal ailet, Gtrenc Agent sfor Statthee of Louisiana. jul vS SENItY R1 LEE & co, No V Magazine street, are Sr.ow receiving from ships Nashville, Louisville, tenliuk}y, Eagle, and other late arrivals tIrm 'Jie :; tern aities. a large and new selected assortnment IIisl, Boots, Shoes and Brogons, consisting ol'gentlemen's fine calf and Morocco boots do 2J quality; do buf'd, and stout wax pegged loots a variois qualities; men's fine call' seal aind Morocca thiM, pi"""nli and brogans, buckskin i hoe, brogan am ltppesi s men'sfine calf and kipped peggel sTnoensaml I rogans; do boots; do sout kilt and wax pegged shoes a tdbrogans; gentlemen's best quality calfsewed shoes, itnognn and Jack Downingsi do calf and iMorocco i sekle shois and brognai do call, seal aud MNroecno I sdian d hoes and slipplar, do calf, bual anil seas wmigs a sew article; dlo fine calf, se.l anid morocco quarter mots; boys', misses' nd children's pegged asnd swed biogans, ail shoes ofeveTry qality an. knlt, Also a general assortment of men's stout wax and ur4*t lrogans and shoes, together with 10,000 pairr mgro best quality, russet bro=Ls, nailedh in tIl lmunks, made expressly for pliatation usei a good as. e rtmeni of men's fine and stout kip russett irogans, a tw article, ald a arge quantity of ai inferior quality rirsset and wax brogans. 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TIlHEestabtslihed reputation and constar:llylncreasini deuland for this effel.tual remedy ol'paine, and pro servative of tihe teeth, has induced tie subscriber offer it to the American public. Arrangements hav harassing of all aches, Tooth-ache. When applied according to dirctons given on bottle, it has never tliled to ounlitl i llnIedle and nmatent relief. It also arrests tire decav to defectiv teeth, and rlieves that oreness o hlich'so fretqentI. renders a strong tooth nseless The app lcutiol and reledty are sillle, ietUocentl l noa o o tn,)lCeasnt; alnd tle large nunlber uopearsos in dlillctlnt l etio oelll Ii country, tihat luve ulrtndy expericelced ltrb ideligtlfn and salulotry eflecto I'om tile use oftC tite lt, are reeady to bear (lor the public good) their testiltonv to its hi rivalled qualittes. it is all Indianl reledy, obtained ingtlturly tin e idxectetiuv, uld Iotbv )e retgnrlctd by tile ciilized eworld an the p'lnit valuanlle discvery rednlllO of the woods. 'rmice $1 ter buc.ll. S rld by JARVlIS & ANItItEiW'S, renie uler of thle undersigld having sold ourt, or disontlined heis old and long esttallisnhed GART' FNO R5O!D tJFt)OR, nor Ili t pr tte /tttea son e i .nan cr, A",h 115 Cusrlo h tuire ,.,rtl, fnacing bean most ittdustriously circul ited Iy self. ilneresd parties, tle sulsacriber begs to assure is friends generally, and l ne public at large, that ore still continues within two doors of his lant, or lormer etand, to be furnislld with a fill and ex. tensive supply of all the standard kinds of kitela e or vegetable 'erdset Sreeds, of the growth and iri. port of the present season, 1837. Stnce the early part of Seltember, the ha re. ceived and oe suppolies, by tie packet ships Vicks. burg, Kentucky, and Arkansas, all a rived in laiort passnag s direct fro m New Yora. ly tht Missie. sippi and another packet, ire is in daily expceta. oots, having already received ionvoices tlreofi by mail. The subscriber hegs further to assure thet public at large, that lie is at present as well enabled to neet and execute orders fur all to kinlds of Garden SeedG, either wholeale or retail, as to e ever weal since i first etarblishment in Ja nuary, 1822.e Country Dealers and Market Gardeners' orders I filled at tie lowest and most reasonable rates by the pound weight, andti gallon or bushel measure. Cataloguea, either in Frelnch or English, tmay always be obtained on personal application as usual, to WM. SMITH, Garden Seed Store, 85 Customhouse stre.l. NOTE--A consutant supply ofl'ird Seed, itl.aor mixed or plain; pulverized soul); heors, and Shlakes' dried lierbs,-witlt a supply o01peas anyd boans. Fancy Pocket lookus-Uader tha head will be found a splendid variety of ladies' and goentlomen's pothoket ooks, note, i ard, needle uld thread cases. Fancy itoeks, 6uspenders, &c.-Oi tite latest pattern and of superior quality, cunsistitg lofplain and figured satin, bonboazeie, velvet and eloth stocks, linet bosomts, plain, atnd fancy With and witthout ruffles, shirt collars, susltnders called Waelttigton suspenders, also, guat elastic worst. ed and cottonett do, with and without rollers, pantaloon straps with wire springs; and a great va riety of gentlemen's wear, made expressly for tthe retail trade, by A. L. Vanhorn and 6an of Phila. delpl ia. Comba--A general and complete aosortlnen of combs frotm their smanufactory.Aiso, English and French dressing combs, etc. dee27 RUSHTON & ASPINALL'S C OMPOUND TONIC MIXTURIE.-A apeedy and certain curo for the Fever and Ague, remittent and intermittent fevers; prepared from the original recipe. Used with eminent and uni. versal success in 1832, by persons of the highest respectability ini this city, as stated in tie annexed certificates. This medicine is highly recommended, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with suchl distinguisheod success, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its present form. in the hope that it may be the means of relieving many of those who are suffering under tie scourga of our country. It is a medicine pussessing great virtue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. Itstrengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires nore than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in tle medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which las been taken in accordance with the directions and has not effected a a perfect cure of the fever &' gue. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at Iis wholesale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of Bicnville and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SMITII. 48 Conti st. KABOWGATE SPRINGS tH oeoery couity, Alatnni . THREE DA JOURNEY FROM NE I ORLEANS. THE proprietor of is establishment haa the plea sure ofaonnouncing to his friends and the public in general, that he will be in readineeaby the first duy of Mal to receive viaitora. lie will alao state for the be- I neit of thol a a a distance, that there lhve been large improvements made, and others now going on and in rapid progiess for rompletion, which will enable the a subscriber to aucommodate a much larger number than a heretofore, and at the same time much better. Familie' can be accommodated iith good rooms. or thore who prefer can have large cabins :etaclhed from a the main building. g It is deemned uuneceess.ry te say anythinll in parlics. cl lar of the charaeter ol then watenr, for it is generally ci believed that they are not inferior to anv in the South- m enr States. All the anausemesels tliat are generally vs found at Watering Places, will be found at this. Tile at heat music that this part of thi ceoutrv affunls, has ai been eigaged, and will be in conaltr attesdanceat the 'i Springs during the whole season. a ' heeubslibe will avail himselfof this opilrtunitv as in returning his unfeigned thanks fAr the very liberal sl .spp.t given hims lae t season, and hopes fy the vIer- h etan t-at have been oleder in irovleg ai d i exga udji g uh~ accommodations, t nerit a liberal patro e .esinl season. JN.O CRA. niJ 55 USTP PJ ilSHEilVROM ST'I'E OT5'PL P'LJ.'rS, The /l/lh Ebdilitn, f ROWLETT' T'ABLES OF IN'UtEREST: T10 which is now ailed an Average Time Callei Stor, or easy methods for finding the average 'ime n sorage, notes of hand or bills of gooit, when aur chaaed at different dates, mt differett reilits, aild for nrios amnounts; besides a useful and complete lanking Time TaSle, the best lhat can be contrived. or that fi urea can prJsdue within the same condesend contipaa, .l lze of type. An advertisement in the book is in nearly the follow ng word: The high distinction this work ha received dtrough the ten legislative acts prefixed to the title page, is a r cnmmendation in itself, so nunommon,, and as eoncluI live, th it nothing is necessary more than by way of ad vertisement, to give a condensel view of ome ofit pe culiarities:as fr instance, the Interest han been eompo. ed from,and eompared with, what is equivalent to four teen setsefealoulatione, examined in the prel thirty live times, and printed from stereotype plates tested thirtyty-one times, from all which it mnst be evident even to the akeptic (especially on the pe.sonal olthe de tail of proofin the prefaee) that the wrk must he arith metically infallible, and ill onfirmation othlis beliefn premium of two hundre nd a fifvt dollars, in now ofLer ed for the detection of an error of a cent in the iresetl or fifth edition, as exlressed in the prefaiv, making five largeprenIiomes i3ered for the same error sisee de first pnhlieation in the yeas 11102. * One of the most conipileou features of the tables is inthe arrangement of the Time and Amounts, which for expedlitian, roeferenne ond perspieuity, with the help ofthe aide ndl indle, cannot be excelled; and the slfty ty and ease with which the in:ernal can be found t othe extent of general business, wilhont doubling of sum is besides a ceovenience so esential, that in the estlmo tion of some oi the most competent and prectieal busi. nss men and public omlirer who have made great use of the work, it has been distinguished bytho honolable appellation efofa "master poane". And considering the infallibility of the method originally adieped in compnongF the work, and the extraordinary uumber and varietyi o Ihe examinations, anl tests of every edition it Shaspassimin tie Iwase eotwihsatunding the whole is in -tereotylpe, eonsidering. in lsf6rt, ihe positive necrmaey eeured by she unpreeedented means employed, the vo. lumehas been heldlu and emnphntically styledl " the moat wonderful book in the wedlk" most certainly no manean amea figure work of the same extent, which since the beginning of creation, has had the same nuim ber anti variety of tests in the same number of editors; no, norone halfthe number, as Is clearly shown in tie preflae. Besitlsi, astest and standard, it iha been tried and proCed in nearly all he bank and publie ofices in the United States, and by thipnilic gonerally, during the long period of thirty-fire rears, yet neo Irror of ihe val ionlations has ever b.en fonlidn plrint, althonglh coetitl ally elhallenged by the offer of very large prrenins The it fact exinressly nadoptei by all ihe ourts oflaew C several of'the States as the " rate of ealculation Iforsatute interest," as ulso by law for bank interesl, according s tlhe book is uoed, ands as ray lie seen in part, by ,ie namnes of tle subscribers, and a few of the aubseiuent purchasers, in the list at tec nd of the book, is ia seaslon efevery eloss of citizens in every quar te of the Unit ed Staten. It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, it has so often detected large erlors, long after they were made, even by the most eareful and most competent arithmeticians, t"at its usefulness, and the abholute ne cessity for its us, have been extenliyely insisted upon, so eviuent, inceed, have been its advantages, and its savings, that, severre ye-arsago), whilt tie first edition was scare, and out of print,a great i.umber of acondl hand copies were sought for, same to a gre .t distance. and purerased at various prices, as they could occasion ally be picked up at from $10 to '25 per copy, anil some persons have recen.iy declared, and instalcee cmuldl be quoted that they woull flay t)5l, $10, anld $500 for a coly, ifnotto be had for less, and an individual ini the latter instance partievlarly, having at the same iime rxhibitcdl atiailntory proaf, to several persons pre sentit tat to im it was really worth that moneyy and more thtough the saving of his very valnable time, ie being a very rich mao and in publie ofice. It is likawis worthy of notice,nnd indeed proper It impres., lhat such is the nature of figue work getrinealy atid aspecially when of the extent and inmporlance oi these ta los, tat hall this book or its like bron psrelpar ed in the usual manner vlone, by the nost compllwrte calculatorin the worldl , illd alilerards plrilted inosl castiouly under hisows correction of proof sheets, ii woulll, htImios to a certainly, have buell Ilnnll fr lar ferecet , alll dear et any price, as the preface dl:iinll Iarla Biut si perfect and vailuable rave tist terreolype plates ofthis workllbee n maie, that toseen rt them, willtheir nalmereus tlld extraordinary examinas tionl, ngainst fire, for the genseral bentfit, tiley are (bis alvertisellset) costantly kept in a place of speeia sdIata, excepIt Nhile IIe i in leitillg. Amyplediretions to finl ball baslis and statute ilntr est willh useftl notes, follow the jnreface, which, inlthi fill as ill the twit preeeding editiols, contain much in frarliation concellillg the two Ilwlidl ni des ofeomput ileginter , sis tee daysis f glee, ke. I rem:uns nly to riemark that, otwithllstaimling thi uneomesonly costly work, hllich wats piiblias.ho befar ilteesto tablens we': intrIdte'd in dollars anll cents be yevid "nallIannite, haslheen so extellsivelv :,a. Ilsoliberiall latnllised, it lsilts ot yeetso anellh as iidll witll inlterIs Wee heavy losI ofl Ilvalrly Ctsur tlhosand dollaes, besidn six )enrsioi lile front IT99to 1805, nastinlled oin thelirl edition of 7600 nlopise, risiig chiefly ifroen its public.l tioll at thttilliee, at mlilllllern r iprict,s) to Sini os)illingK eolplellnsalion or p lirit str . ullolt a lil.- ' ti le f ,i, t)i alscrifice. fllrfori c thile author still renLSOi II lin le1rnent indi gCelnirosity o thle peblic IIr as contlint ncc of lpreference anld iputlronUie. r rle y the 'ric' c Jiakeele r , ti/,e StJati S-II).LL'S NEW WVUIK,&.-'l...Tllh Anrireo i Eri nglasid, by ti aulltorof"A 'Your in S.lain," in Noble Dee of IWonlern, in. role. ' otuie oenr \r' illok, a manul it nloral reli ('11. nled th~lnemtic dillies. Just rrteivel aund forisale by VWM. Il'KEAN, t VE L& -.SHIFFER'- E-1'.- oouOn rind Ex tract of Sarsaparilla, for the cure l'orontinate ptions of the skin; pimples or pustulos o tilhe (; biles whikh arise front anl impure state of thie o d; scaly eru tions; p ins in rhie, bones; chronic heoumatirsm; totrtr; scrofuia, or kin'se cvil; whit, swilling; syphilitic diseases, and all disorder arising from anl impure state of the blood, by a losng residencl in a hot climate, or the injudicious use or mercury. Also,--Cave & Schaffrr's Worm Syrup, or In. fant Preservative: the best prlearation now extant. Among which are the following:-Indian Dye, for coloring tihe hair; Bear's Oil; Rnssian Bear's Grease; Pomatuin; ichaw's Freckle Wash: su. perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of Roses; Vegetable Rouge; Otto of Rose; Lip Salve; Kre. osito Tooth Wash; Carbonic Dentrlfico; Orange Flower Water; Powder Puffs and Box i ; Ameri. can Charcoal, neatly put up in four .cen vials; Preston Salts; Cologne; Kreasoto oloolt-ache Draps; Hair Bruslheso; Englishl Dre ng Co(;mbs. Inlrian Hair Oil;-witll a variety of ,ithr Perfu merics, &o. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFIIM RIES. J C TRINC .ARD, Corner of Canal and Bourbon streets IOYLK & .MAY, lonuse, Sign, and Orisumrinia I ainterts, No 3 Caroadele street, two doors from iaial stree. lmiationls of the following woods and mirbles,ex seuted i a masterly mannllller. W111lln MAnDLES. rnfaiogaiy, Epiptian Iblck anti gold, OtAk, Gialln andl Antico, Pollard do, Oriental or rerd anltiue, Curled dlo, lasper, Curled Maple, Illonm Stone, Birds ye , Darby lratiete, Satin Vea, IPolomac, Hair Wood, I Dove or Ilurdello, Yew Tree, Italian White. Coromandle or Black Siatna and Brectella, Rose Wood, American Grey, Asih White Oak, ke. bl.. Curled Elm, Specimens to he sern at the shop. Paints, ells, glass, copal varnidi, ke. on hlanJd ndlor sale. mI I ItON, STEEL& HEAVY (GOODS-lInt, square and bundle iron, well assorted. Hoop, scroll and rod iron, sail rods and plough Ilouldl Cast, German, sdear, dblilter.d, spring, 'seet and Crowley steel lHollow ware, cut and wrouglt nails asd lsikes Zinc, block tin, mill aid grind stones, .al kettles Cliain cables, inchors, lhoe Ox, leg a:d trace lchanis, corn mills Anvils, vices, Hammers and bellows Wire, sheet,pig ail bar lead; shot Cnal, and cooking stoves "Amnes, Ltowland's and oiler spades and shovels Ilook and plate hinges, door ani window hooks Collins, Hunts, Shusp , and other axes 'ar'd and Malnilla cordage, lines aln twine Ilolt and seilathing copper; Naval stoies Paints, linseed and smlpern oil A full asmitmnent of Iardware anid ship chandlery, always om hand nddt whicl are on!ered fir sale at whole sale or retail, on the mot fauvorable terms, by m4 LAYTON & Co. 53 Old Levee. EW GOODS-Simmons Hartt & co are now 're nCiving from on bcard llips Yazoo, and Saraloga| and lrig Concordia, from New York, a retil variety el goods in telir line, which together with heirl fIormer stock on hl.nd, makes their assorta ent verye plete. The lollowing conpoe a partviz.: I ell lit,t .,tr.ide, tunk and dressing counhas, hon do ot'll descriptions, In. dia rubber, silk and worsted elastic garters, common & fine elastic snspenders, loco foco and Lucifer matches, Seillitz powders,powdcr flls and hboxnes, toiletl owder, pocket bonks and wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, ivory and miorocco card cases, Ilead ornamentes,plainco ral beads, necklaces altl negligees, bead cnlaie, bead necklaces, cut elaa antd plainneed,tilver and gilt teads, Indian benad, bells and plumes; pistol nuil large pow Jer flasks, shot belts, horse, belt. pocket and dueiling jaitols; double and single barrelled guns, Bowie knives, and dirks, scisaors, siears, pocket knives, uard chains, and ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, hair, tooth, nail,comb, crumb, shoe, plate, floor and dnsting brushes, Cologne, Flnrita,lavendler, rose tand bay waterasorted, and extracts, Macccassr, bear, antique, and Ward's ve getable hair oils, shaving and toilet soaps of all des criplitls, laditrc' and gentlemneas' desks and drenine cases, hair rieglers,frizertes anil braids, ,lain, fancy and musical work boxes, plain and gill, figured, coot and realst bulas, pearl and ivory shirt do, shirt stnddc, gold ind silver pencil cases, tootl icks and tweezers, l ated and til lockets, n'iniuatire do, silver, tiras and stoel himblee, hooks and eyes, hair pins, lnitation fruit, blk nd redink,ahoa blacking, violinas und gitarsn, ribbed nl plain percuasion caps, linen twine, scented cuUh oangold and silver lace and fringe, latter paper, gansi aas, riding w'lip, walking eines, playing cads, Ine o<Td. platad and gi lt jwllry &e. Tie above, tnMgeer with a great variety er other artli lea are offerl at whoilesalor retail on acoumeuodating Bringx. ---3--==~ lDAIL AIRAN6A4ELII T 1 Due Every iay at 12 M. Nror n Mail,| Cma Every day at 10i A. M " Due every unday, WeLanday d Western AMl f lday, by , P. M. by <<*.' Colows every Moanday, Wednesda C'ecl, L and Saturdnlay, by 9, P. M. Due every Tuesday, Thursday, a Thelake Mail Baunrda, by 5 P. Tu. via Closes every Monday, Wednesday - EXPRESS MAIL. - TIMES OF ARRIVALDEPARTUIRE DISTANCE &c. ofthe Express Mail, betwelB Mooila and Nowt York-leaving Mobile daily at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daily at 5 P. M Bouthward. Arrives Arrive Norhward. Distance. Time. keturn'g Montgomery, Ala. 2 p R. 19 m's 23 i 12 m. ColunabuG, . 1 ,1 9 3 31. Millledvi. a.. 2 133 14 ' . Coiumia. S.C. 7im. 1 173 1 Raleigh, N C. 215 22 12 Waerreunon, V. 12 i. 55 fi Petrinburg, a. 10 ppm. 83 10 Ita. n ItichmondVa. V la e . n 3 6 Frederekl , 8 67 7 II p n. Woing]i..ion city, 24 pm. 61 p4 i Philedelphia, 60 am. 100 n 1 New York, 2 pin. 90 6j 1305 143 li. or d 0h 3 Norlhward. Coming Southward, the lime is asi hour lesn; being5i days and 17 hours. - TEN iJOIlAltS kEWAiD. ANAIVAY from 169 Carondelet cormnr of Ilevin a Ireets,on thlenigtl of 30th of August, and was seen the next morning in Peydras street, a negro boy nanmed CHARI.ES, albot 17 yena of age, anld fer or thereabouts ill height,very black, and has an imieldr iment in his speech on of his lg i sore, octsionrdi by a recent Iortohehad on wlhen he went away a wlhite cotton or lien alshirt nd while cotton intantloooa. Maalers of vessels andi steim boats are eutioned a gainst receivig oriharborng said negroi as weIll n all other persons, ns the ointoat rigour of thle law will be enforced against them. The above reward will be piG fordelivering hitm in to any of the jails of either of tha municipalities, or at 169 Carondelet, corner of Hevik etecel. ispt I OTICE-'I'lle oplrlnerlhiil heretofore existing iN under thle rm of )ulbois & Oarrean,, hbe boee dissolved. Tie nubscriblr will liquidate the nlfirs a the canert in this city, and reqoires tol paeroee inle . ed to make sytnent io h oit oly, and oil those having clailln, to proent themin f rentleont. eae 8-l - tI i GARILESON/ W. W. SWAIN. No. ll3CarAi Sreet ANm Orlenns U AS always onlieaid conitnntly Kt r.cei in( Irt. S.l Dyes, Clhenicall,and J'ol•:,ainoimg Chetll >r, ollowniA: .8IIUGS. DVE.a Antinodoy, crude, Argols, red, 1 do regilnlu, AoaHtto, Sp.o Aro nie , crude, Alum, do Iwd'crnd, lnazillette wren, B alsatll colvia. Cochineal, Bonn, crude, Coperas, Amerisn, do refined, Coptear, Brimstone, rd, e. Fuic, Tampico, o do enrl, do Cu.i, do fower, do Malie, Ilrinouthb FPenclh terries, t Csutoroil, Ind igo, Bengal, , Cream ltarr, do Manilla, .t Conlhridels, do siurmccas. Gum aloes, do outotnmll ,-. do Arabic, Logwoolf, C(amniieby S do asusfmeids, do St DIomingo do amonire, tdo Jaumtaa, N do benzoin, Canwood, .l do Clol, rough, iMadder, othin, d, o d o e'mpoa ed, Ni..ra ig;i, Iote.irr, do do S Amnerie-, tto Coro. Id 'o enoillio, cri'le, do blaracib lie do do rffi. t d Hlchre. dlo g4iacun, CHEMIICALS. S do loin, Acid, niitins dy to maltie, do moniatic, o of op um, I ... i, dto aSllert , llue Vitriol, Ssenea rgal, vlontel, p p. do ndr ocnic, Lorrosive sublimaotij it We. tt-raacalit, (:hloride of' lie, Ga,. noge, Y'.lioi m ails, ,Joper heliesn, A Ienicao,l .lmolr ellcic. tdo do Foreign, lledo pciipitnte, Sre gneair, IEnglish, IochellKe llst, S do Amierica, IRed chromtuent-la ,l l Mnim flake, Sip car.ll Soa it do aorts, Sit ii pott , Liq.orice boll, Sigar lea, ,Oil clove, Still zinc, don Nassion, . i'tAlll y itinte. to loemon, I'AIl NTIS il.e., ldo ippermilti, llttr, is Iltd giotiaun, Crlirnie irllen, Iry. do Ipeca, dto ; i" oil Ito jalap, Itn greon Ido, ly do li clio ce, tie do i ll oil, fdo rl'tubt'olrE I, l.tlblnack El".,.h, ilo asc1 e Iirg, l itii'h go, peogltsgh, it semi tl;jmltas, 'o Antrit an ,( t f l i lohr |ic, P adris While . l;. rI dIo oork do triI lt) A lv, oil So , r , Wi lder, ar.nt,. r1, d Inul, i, Ab.r,i do i ltttv il, Ado I,'in ," I A' lit. v . Itr M KIIVI.V' N l as l 'h . i- do do r!4 int., :tilgt do 1tell ol e k, ,1h o gllllln ll oil . i h Ita , a rd i a , t o0 ti t e , ttei b d ot, in , .i o lsniv, Slll Rillod fior. CAP AIN 3t'.ItllYAT'I"S NEW NOVEI.N V Nlol d oe fwit·lee cmbly ea Iti lfon, in e ofigitio toBio, Niri r i eatf. Setom yN t leavesp, A p nlx, :1) hIRe nr I-. ,to C.R tild; g• m rounde itlla nlg ial, I AVlenrtd Le e w wieootiltl'e, nd osilbis dii!i. 0 1,2 -fil Rcgers A Englis Diti r in I Vot, re A t.L-A few more boieeu of Cpadt'elhrete otogy it, wihmp hoious lillbhd o t tootl'914 m -rom irbe riit received a. d for reen byol. min No. 79 o rper's Enity .ibrary.FV. ...... 'EN.J. --EV... SPAIN RIVISITE'),&c. A& PAIN REVISITEI), &c, by the author o A yer ioSptini,' in 2 vols. Trai nd flindas charaeter, as generally applicable It he Aboriginies of North America, by (i Tntrer.Esq Ivolo. The Politinl Grammsr, of the United Sates, or onlplete view of the theory anod prcltice of the gftsrr nd state governlu oinst with tile reliatilns bhetea tio m -deldicated and tdtpted to tile aug men of ieho Untted Strtes, by E DIlanftield, Esq. A'inrod's Ilautiog Toarsi iterapersed with character stic anlecdotes, sayings and doings ofsJortinli oeln, in ludilng notices of the principal ertck rdters o tEnglntd with analytical contents, and general index of nanme,2 volunes. IoR THl cuVIE OF S:rofula or King's Evil, Chronic Rheumatimn, Chronic Cutaneous Dia- Pains in the Bones, by free eases, use ofl Mercury the blood being in vitiated state. This very concentrated Syrup is prepared with the greatest pharmaceuticul care tnrd accuraty,dl cruontin the active pnneilple of Sareintrilla iu thi soo t ctmttes trated degree, eoumbioed with other vegethblen substant of ktnowut eficacy. Thl gret .edoratoum with physicians in being abl to enhitit a large quantity of SiarBalmrill]u in a mun dose, han been obtained in this prepartation-they, hbing fully eonvinced ofits merits, confidently admlinister the course of their practice. Price t 50 per battle. Sold only at SWAIN BROTHER'S drug store, No. I ICanal atreet, whle may be had, fresh and genuine, direc Ifrom the prrjls turn, Swaint's Panacea and Vermtifge, Potter's Ot.t.I.To con, Carpenter's Preparationt, und a large and gener aesorttnent of freshlt dru gs, 4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &e. P INNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR Goldsmitlt's Abridgment of the History of Rome to whioh is prefixed an Introduction to the eStdy a Roman History, and a great variety of valuable infor mnation added tthroughout the worl, on the Manison Iantitutiona and Antiquities of thoe Romans; with ne mnerous biographical ,and historical Notes; and qnre tioun for examination at the end of ealc sectiou. II. lustrated with thirty engeraviia on wood, by Atherton itsoUoci's Improved Etiiion of Dr Goldsmith's History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Cmor to tlha death of George 2d, with a continuation to the yea I183. With questions lfr examiination at the ed a Tecat ection. Besides a variety of valuable ilfotnn tion added thrwughout tlie work. Consisting of table of conttepioruay Sovereig u and eutiuent persml Copious explanatory notes. Itemarks on the )pali tis, ianners and literatue of the age. An outlinel tie Conotitutioc, &e. d&. tllustrate by maay engrt ings. GUYS' ELEMZi'TA or ATOROnIOIt, and aa Aoridgitenp of Keilt's New Treatise on the Use of Glohesb Nea American edition, with additions and improveeeut and an explation of the stronouiual part eofthe Al rican Alanatm. Juat received and for sale by WMl M'KEAN nev 24 cormer of Camp and Common st@ IIARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. i ORACE,translatd by Phillip Francis, ) D, with t an appendix, conutniug truanlations of variaus odes, &c. by Ben Jaonon, Cowley Miltlms, Drydoa Pope Addison, Swift Chattertoa, Wakefield, Parson Bryan, &c. and some ofttha tuoreeintient poata of tI lay--and PHU(EIRUS, with tha appendix o( Goadis terunali ld by Cliristopher dStart, its i vole foturmig vulamasi wild of"llarper'a Claotical Librtary The Expedition of HUMIPItEY CLINKER, by .itullott, M V, with a temnoir of the Author, by Thmen is Roscoe, Esql., teweditiou, with illustrations, by Ge ritikshauk 'rtlHE 31SY; a Tale,by thetauthor of "RicblUrS. Mary oil! urguody," &d., iow edition, 2 vel unssrpt I one. ., PAUL 'LLFFOMtby tha auhltOr f *PSalh Phi UDint a d," &.c, beingt oluta IV ol tintms t inof'"it ur* Coomplu aw Plrlka. Justroeiacll sale WM MuK*tJ \, BACON Y ea--. 6 astks Cincta.ti na f IIIII II ItIhiiii , a

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