Newspaper of True American, March 6, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated March 6, 1839 Page 2
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;a .:.+la l. .......t..t . .4 J il.:I . 14 II. la x..... 10i 11,F ANS. , ,C7- RANCES. March 5,1a39. I fr New Tor T Analey yersLiyerpoo], : +Burks, W+att & coi fur Philadelphia. WF Coesly I eo A i.h. f lm'eoon, J A Mareel 1tRor . st"'toa. Chea A Disey 4 erg ,tell, Ior, oston, Mover tl . i atrtford. Chase & Diey 3i IIh, IIaley, for ,Now York. n Shose &. Dixeay OIY oEeblle hil G E Cooslige & Lo - , . . VA,9. . Maie, 5.1839. e an, from the W Pas., hty. hi iarqae (ies Fox, returned i I de Orleae.t Rhn Renete A. Esti 11,,, 4 e.ct-lk, P M. Reporta brig Oa ucadetaaalol ta l. 11500.U Cha Itbn4 ad lehverslt lser vas'sls inside. tai siao. ship irAmrLaU swies watOr. and aturn to the ity. in order that she dya from Philadeljphie . to L HII y6,56i. Hammond, 10 days from Ceracoa to Zte3rik Wilma,. 30 days f.rom Vtelaeo., Texa.. Sbtkw. tk, tam SW, having proceded tihlle ocers tai crew-of the U S adlop of Leialebn .th ltot atl 0 o'clock. P M. re b + tes e :ul p eand with several vessels in CUlbk Carson. from Galveston, Texas, to oW Albtny.ltttontomery, from I.ouiville. OlituUltywood, from Columbia. Ark. made. Dahlr, from Natchitoehes. lbooreba lalCborne, from Shreveport. $urulgitoklelc from Arkansas. EXPORTS.. I TORMe..r ShipDBuaahl..aeyo 860Is bales cotton, 400 " bi.e ur, altd4. da auolaes. . .,...iPer ach .arih a J .,tellai..grgo II hhds and 107114,pork. Par alp ,tmia.a.atoa 1277 h.l.. . of eat Sd, ld1011 i. bl pork, 1I4a hides. 242 baleI . utelt,. tl6 uhd , d ilud3 hali bWi autar. 41 bas - h eltahmpaien . 5 ahs. 2 kegs end 16 hhd. to. bato. 30blds loo, 2 s.,lkt beeaswux, and 37 hhdasidos portk. N..l Pehip Hellespoat..onrte 759 bles. cotton, 294 hi plo it, 716 kegs atred, 48 his pigs feet and 29 do daesaaet. .........Per hip Marrlet..tera 61 bales cotton, 186 beofhilts, 147ca.k, Il his lled 00kegs ard, o 1eIt hhd. hasme. . a....P. t hdgjai a aig Ju a a el- aro 51l8 bie pork, 951 hs ++ and- is Inn. , l. 309 hls fi.r, 88 hhds La . e nt 73 o la e gl sea O l tar ne. e.aRlD.FPr 41g 303 hale cattn. S.L.Perohhooner Victor otialld..earao +'00 keg lard, S 100 hh flour, 40 hhds sugar, 8 ak bhacon, and .. •26 ha!fk bl beef .+.++ .., " , IMPORTS. O WII.ADELPIA..Per ship Duo D'Orleene..cargo essorted ' lesLehanditotoAdame & Whitridge. F Prey A to, H W Hopkian. J Cousaon. Price, Jotteon & Co. Ogden a Southgate, ,V Bagny. N F Comely 4 co N J Dictk 4 co. Godfrey, Le Laurie Small,. Yaetman & co. Dobbin & iBrown, Lockart. Feorn t . atgan. Pierce iltaoliah & bro, Carman t McMahon, s Pear. aon, F CPrice. IV Palrickt, C Ilyde a co. -.IUACOA..Por esbh Reuete..eargo 1200 bageo cffe. 1 bos wet aelal, 6 M oesa rs, tlo C Croquet and order. •OAViZSTON"iPer steamt packet Cuba. sereo 21 hales. 0 La Rue, 2 eake peltries and 23 beat hides, Jar eiA & Wheeler. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE. .aneleine..peraemaser New Albany..100 Ihie whiskey Col A Wlebb. 41 hie lear, G eluhauanu & ac, I hhd rum, Law - 4. lr lgeadre, 100I mpty il. J Blair, 100 his flour and 50 A wikey.Feraoua O Reed, 28 his flour, J Geal:le, 20 Ihd. W MI Bal. :10 his liquor and do dried peachLes, I t S' trep, le eith, 5 bo. na laara, A Cealill, 8 Iroset mar " hamdhm. Yoake Brolthers. 17 hbl lard Hyrde 4 Comastao , 532 8', Wheletaola aetX erriday i-co a 18 do brader. IelKs 'I. WrJght, iundry busesand perdar.Ito sundry n. - 4aad Coataae.-prteBader Nam .. lI hales cotton, Bur d. -- et1a" eOq P I eto etat edforda 314 do. NC&eJ D0ck & co,82 Sd o Keys A Ioberet 23 al. A A WVallaee 15 do O'Neil, Cur i'll t co, 7ado.Prle&sa Jlson, 9 doa Wim Flower, 12 do. Cn a tilera. 39 do, Breder. iMcKea0 a & Wri ht, IS do, Yeat Cs ItI, 34 do, Rilkert Hadley. Davis k iso, 58 do, Nugeat, Tur i -d.A Watt, 17 beltacotton 3d 10 lAcu of cattaoa ead Ilareepor..psstdamerBran Itorolme..1Ja hole cottonh A Rlrerdie x co, 21- do, A Mann & car 1 In, B.railder, IF Ybca &wr lgbti 190 doJ B Pinochle.5 du, Smith Vor" Sla. l l do 4S Ie ii mercbandize, Peyroux, Acinel 4" bag, betaf hldes, Conner t Gradisy. o- Arke.mih.per, steamer, BErlinateol..29 ba'es cotton, a White t 9e9. do. eynoid., Byrne & Coa 101 do. lrau lien " senderMn., dý,.mBrander, McKenna - Wright, 45 do, ; Wbitdield Booe. n.. N elhitslcfh..rer Iets!mer Velocipede..Cargo 68 hales rot. M? inoe. D Rdde co, htdo. J B I'ouchie & co, 128 do, C S4edau.T 48 do Blair 48.ttterfiehl, 1( do, A Ledoux & Co, 109 do, Lambeth . Thompson, 13 do a I ca;i.k caeeae A aoruen & co, 89 do M WhiFe & co, 1idIn. J H Lveuch & co, . alaethlspd,. uud I pack skiN., Altex Grana t,. a oiaal, bg.a SIr Pe.t ORhee,'! bhl peirsona to order, 11l beef ides, J McDe i . .Iough,4 boxes spoos, ExEhanUge ,4 BflnkiagCu. t et PASSENGERS Sheaealiplia..perahip Due D'Oroeans..Dr Pride 4 lady, a S eldlteland servant , Mi t tibly. airas ' Greena A se iat. a si. aNi ab st DrJ Chldwell D ad 5 steerage. Atkeell..patetaestat ti 11aolgt ..3ll Kaait, nt Resasysn Wl w, is I Neo, v m en , e lM Cola, J r McGmi, Va.lker M T hurlhi kooz, Canhlotr, Wall G Robertat Iealherpe. J W rl.e8, Wbeeler odsy,ta, Wolai W hdleaf, PNuelt, Arno d, T sylor, F 'esey, E. Groladly, and 12 on SCalutbia..per steamer Norma..Turner, Qu'nlnn. a G iays. Hubble, Pointer, Hl usey, ,el ivs, Uuruett, Gables Reed, ZG----snLot, aherkL. shle e..rt..per steamer Btrian Boroilime..1) Dixon, Herz j.. iWBWhlte; 8 Bowman, D B.ow nan, 1+`F Bruntain. '1' J l'aiiaeaaCI.~t,202 lb~l aatllCat.r· Wlb, A Caauel, Ce, cgel. (+oylin, A D Saunders, N Patiick ] R Theme, W a GFrrie8. keatal.. perateamer lurlangton..Dr Kean, Dr Haelnay, a. a tiatbotahfford, yrown. P Louilville..per ltrnmer New Albany'.., oma.. Murray; JMabBsedr. Heath, PH Roberson, Stellt,s J S Blair, Whilea Iadi. adol, Reah, Naderg. Ba, aand 25 deck. Note-itoehe.. pear steamer Velocipede..lladam e and 'b lletaU, Iea a Kindg, Holeioa, M itch, E Doty, a(:,.a I Ie Nehgaeai and servant, Z G Leef Addisona , G Laobatt. .l TPho. .LttOal,, sasge. D lorto. ,aPadlersoa, J G ell, Cur Wpt, Hasthtb, lefte, Tahal. Daylor, O'Conell, Croasmieu, CresiswllDsylyAnthtony, 0 T Moggen. MEMORANDA SOlaaeShrd. About 9 P M, the steamer John Mills, from Cina eluull, aid Knickerhbcker ires N OIlean., come in contLIct, d milesashote Rattte Rgtol. Bosh bosts are on the bar opbtoa nie Dural'wyrdyrd The JulluMi!I. sunk Io her nmuli ' ih theBoeoihmal e teook ealler ta Ieaea.e..tle Kloickeea : a l aekr much injured uud wib l relura to Now Orleana to repair 1I the Isoull on the nlgbt s rthe 27th ult, the schsaner Eat. !Sia, whoen Iili.g 1 knotsane Ihour. lost her furCtopmatt. Sb.. dndKItLe lima all silS close reefed. The barque Due D'Orleans. luodle.l, from Philade|phia, tepo'llthat be left et the Aucbornff S ,W pes a br ship, with ohslos oftes head ofmahiiiante, which was carricd sway ill a .lUll ofi he 47Tth all.; he uaso saw 12 sthrs at asnher off she Bar; the tow-boai could render no asitsnace to nay of the v-el, "i, wa blowing fresrh [, ...ta. a'el front ..., Jtortb [ TAY- 600 balea Northeru iloy in store nod for aiie P. 11g fi. IAMhli.l4 & ClifPlipI, m___ars 79oted 84 Julioiat AIc'INS-. UU b zea i P I(uiiio , in ceere liecoeln jlr b. CHASPLIN aY COuOPgiR t mars 79 Jtolia street 4 OA o P-1110 bozao No Seup in store for tale by SmarTs C b jIPIo N ti CUUOPEi, 79 Jilia at COLT'S PATENI ItEL'EA'I'INH FIRE AltRIS. HE Public are reslpeeetflly inlreornedl that the above A artictoace an be eent aoli naor tale at GOdeflP J Co. Eoatlang Hotel, St (Serleo it. warS if CITY BANK, New Oileewa, 5.h February. 13I9. KE CUANGb on Englnd, tor alc at tlhi luetli iatatio. 1103 r J Pl'FILFR:Y, W0. CCanhirr 0Y FAI'OES--A ALnvloorrdel cored a putt loec ingool orldr, for coinby '' felt U 0D.eIREY, 44 New loien F LO-URS00 bela lading front etoenm hint ion, fir isle by U. D IRS1EY, 0blo 44 NrCw Levee V RACKER-50 berrvel. r oh ('fjhei Crininoei htet and water crackers, lsading flort suesboa Trelbooespre do by CG DORSEY, fS. 44 Camep at H ' cFieY and ur-lull e es e ofrectified ohit.. ke bel9 bb51 flour and 1. hbblo viorege,, Inleoug A buatorfor ale by ta Dtnoob.Y* M op44 Nec' levee 'LU llI-ihi a thu orjicee, oand 51111 do., flui, is Aalaaaldppiiog order, neliea, fer vOle by 9 0i iUURSEY, 44 New L.evae d7INN ktand-0I ohs 11 holiel Gunyi~i g;, ioatore and obr ola, by fS J T'fAYIIR & (l'e,74tI'ondramst TIJIP lIiND (tiN't piocrown ovoeCw p git, it vo pecior article in ctore and ftr sale by .i THAYEf & Ceo, 74 Poydrao et ORLEANS & CARIRI.L'lON RAIL ROAD COI'PAN'. AAaeo eaOeNT o FeRn THEI Wise DAoS. FPess Carrollton. I Pto Nre Orleans. (1WeqoCaratoit'clk~,. A. M.1libarc Cite a00 u5 'ctb, A. _l'eemtiij, it "' Luoi¶ooiuoo T to a I S a P. M " " A yeer0o'ot·n~aoriau be obtoiued by paying 10 do ý' TBRR JACKON ANDLACOtJRSE STREETCARS *- 1+ If 1c Itlo f 6 i ojolut, A. i. aed rm n hoaely. At tt o ass a I Cocent ioianoita euoicear, ball 1t o4d anih4nw tktda4i t the 4 cotf 9 .'uo P. A faameaegiq by tha Lioouoiooaaoao proeideithmeasees w*L ThtsItaa no honey will io b tken by the esodte.tor. 7ootiawurOro sad lbcruleion Rtail Road Coiapasn, Vodmoemeue S OHN HAMiPOON, -9: Chief Log.L.O4Ca.jR NOTiCE. Eg, GEORGE MIeRRICK hariang eegoud the of. ba.(.ltotEngineera oithe New Ortoone aod Carroll. , Y-3a sload, Mr. boa loaspata baa beeplasin.t " lh 1a plac1 , to w Mtn all lersona having buooines lIr e h l l ofoiuratooo regardig sald Rall Rood a.rthie Rol nload Omicu, Poyde· s trrei a (8tllgiid). JOHNS NICI1OI,,SOY. dW. C eR EE- 170hbo. Sue greeo .44fo o~i4 ihttnorwieaaafrom ti.bribegareteo frona W4a "Irl try l flA W, G66camp~ at S .guii ARIEglCAN *FItv4 et igra Inl eonneerioa with this Oltice is a Th, SP.tNDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE and FORn TiHE PRiNTING OF gin Pamphlets Blank Cheeks to catadogues Bils of ading e Labels, Dray Receipts, trt Legal Notices Auction Bills, not Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Oirculas bha aci Aud every description of Job Work Sthai h t ay be required. utP i The proprietor respcctfully calls the attention of as the public to tthe above Cord, and assures them that fat all work intrusted to his earn shall be done at the short- 'T meat notice, in a style unsurpassed in this city, and co at the lowest rates. tol Tl HE 'I'RUE AMERICIA.\N. Ig -------- au Ei auIrasrIl S JiaslN ealatil. ol n PAIT.LUL AND DOLD. at o PN V OR LEANSi: - ,s. WEDNESI)AY MARCH 6, 1839. I d - of CLAY'S In Speech on Abolition. o Recently delivered in the Senate of the Si United States. For sale at theoCounting Room of the True American Office, St ii Charles Exchange, by the dozen or single ft l copy. d FREE BA.K.In-T'he Bee.-We have herotofore er- o at plainel tile principles of thie system of Free Banking t d which has bieen introduael into the States of N. York t as sand Georgin, asrl which, ere lonn, will be adopted by t t- other States. We Iave sbown i:s applicahiliry to this 3i regi n, and in what manner it will tend to the advantage f 4 and ptosperity it. Louisiann. Thile mystery witlh which e somle would clothe it, dwells only in their bloated ima- t tBe ginations, which envelope every thing with involutions ,rd, adl obscurities, and cannot elucidate the plain aond to othiers, appaoent truths, whi,.h fecdnon abstractions, and ta- monstrosities of tlheir own creation, and see threat ning dangers and falling castles, which like the fato Mar Sata, live only in the clouds. nd We shall not go back and travel over the ground we hlave hlredy occupied in explaining and advocating l :ted tile system of Free Banking. Our present purpose is ret to exanune some of Ith false positions assumned by tile Bee yesterday, and to expose the fallacies. In a for Yd mer article, we shelwed that the conductors of the Bee re approached this subject with a seeming reluctsance, that r- was to us almost inexplicable, unless from tile fact tlhnt box the paper was subject in some measure to the will of ad some oi tile present Banking Institutions that looked I Swithb a jealous eye to the establishment of the Free ar- Banking system, or from an ignorance of the subject and an unwillingness to examine it and lbe convinced of its immense utility. Which is the true cause we were a t a loss to detormine. Probably each had a like ill 5 fluoence. .20 it The Bee was not altogether certain which course to pursue. The " in medias resa utaiaimus," suggested so. itself and it was proclaimed that the editors were neither n "partizans nor adversaries,"-that some of tie features oh,, of tile system were assuredly advantageous, and that n, fears were only entertained of tilhe extent to which it lmight be carried out. In tile same article, however, t were some jesnitical and insinuating intimations, col. M culated to misicad and warp tile casual nreader, and to oan, gain tile opposition of those who, not looking below the dsurface of things, mighlt lie influenced ilthout well o knowing how itie inmpression hItd been mado, and how lthey arrived at tile postulate. We exposed this insidi ous effort of the Bee, and now we have its confession, do. although "fully aware that they are running counter to ot. popular feeling," yet they "take ground against Free tC Banking" Co. The article wlich now claims a O.are of our atten co, lion, is an elaborate effort to mtake the " worse appear Oc thie better cause.," to mnileod the public mintdt by throw ing sand into tile eyes of tle reader; or it is the produc. tion of one who does not underslnnd tile sonhject, and V. 2 who labors to mnake the most of his nmattering to bols ot. ter up tile position which lit is his interest to assen. sen It tlttmenetost "i It will be d".'ilt to tllow that tile emissions of bunks based on stocks or the mortgage of loaf, property, will furnlh a better or a sfcor circulation n than those based Iupon specie." o Irre is a postulatum in thll very outset, which leaves nd, or rather attettps to contrive tile inferenoe, that tile r. free banking syslem will have no " specie basit," ' whereas the banking companies under that systein, will he coampelled by law to keep a certain and defined y, amountof specie on hand, and their property, stocks, ry; &c. al held as securities for the ultimate redemption tots ofthe circulation of their notes, should tIhey fLil to and comply with the requisitions of tith law, and find them selves unable to meet thie demands against them with Car. specie. The Bee says: A cicnlaoiotn is good in pro 0Sa, partion to the certainty with which it can be converted into specie."--Granted: for under thie free banking sys Cin- tem it is almost, ifnot entirely, reduced to a certainlty toct, " that the circulation will be redeemed in specie. Tile securities are stronger than under the present system tor- of banking ; for tot only is his credit at stake, but tile pair stockholder's property is pledged, and so placed in the Ento hands of the Coaptroller that it culan be used tit otnce for the benefit of the bill holder. The Bee continues : ohil, "Tlhe holder of a bank note does not inquire into the tI utimate solvencyof the bank or tile resources belonrg. of ingto iot,whereby eventual payment tmay he had; he Ilh looks uponl it t ollnley, Ibecaus lie can get tile nou ey for it op on application and nut upon suit." I There we are at L- o'ue- a bill holldr does "inqu're -ate inot t o ooley t fioe ton!o ando rte rtesn'rcO e lorlF , onto ; it; l w ''(1 ll le Iiaehnk ot"Ito nacqullir its credit1 a t if not ill te solvc ncy olfthe bank, nlld contfidelnce il its t resouores. A bank may be paying specie to day, and t according to the logic of the Bee, that fact is all that the bill holder inqmroes intto, to make hi, feel perfectly nt safe, but it may not have a dollar left, i herewith to re deemtits notes oan tile Uomarrnow. 'The Free bhnking sys ove ntm rpares for such nn event.n anat crttlin renetdy. SThe reources nro frllyo held in tre equivalent of IoU ne)-ntocks and retl o-tale to thefullll value of thie de! ra of the coltmpany; oor is the creditor cumpelled tot brin. I isuit." Tle contpttroller innedilately converts tihe pro pcrty pledged too hint into aoney, nnd redeemt the bills. But the lee thbiks---" \ o;n may have property to h- thoe amololnt of iilioln, and may issue ptromissory Ino tes ee to toe anmoont of only a few tltorscands, yet those notes will uot pale as Inonoey. Intotithclallnig thle oOmmlunnity nl my havee no doubts as to the so.lvnccy of thie maker, S ald thie ooabundant security which his vast propert) offers for paynmenl." Wejoinl issue as to the applicenility of this pe.ition to thie proposed free banking system,ii if indeed we d not qcestion it= utter correctness. in the first place, as we have before shiown that the property is pledgyedtothe Stlae and that money is raised nn the credit of the state scr;p ionsed upon the 5fith of such pledge, and luponl that money with the security otf property reserved therefor, are the hankiny opera:ious carried on. In the second place, is i it noveity mir large landed nd d other capitalists t cuash their pnonnin.ory notes on the hypn" thleation of their property ? When a man is known to have ntllions it is very easy fcr hinm loontvert hi- prom isoty notes tfr a few thousand+ into ta circulating5 me. dinum, or to ps tiheml current, in any hllsinabs opera" tilons he numv have to transact. For after all, credit fortus t large poruion ofour capital; and he who fan cies that banks or individuals iust have dollar for tdul larill specie, for the redemption of their circulation, is a it subject fr Utopia. But tile itre says: "Suppose then tihe Legislature incorpnorates his houses, and land.e,nl state securities, will such ian aet change the nature of the propertyl Will it iake it more converlible, or can it give greater seeurity and cireulation to tie promissary notes issued upon it?" These qnestions are asked with a somtewhat trium phsal air, as though tie queriat tossed up his head, as much as to say,"Answer cne that, if you can." Well, suppose tihe Free Banking Law in passed, and such ptitperty as has Lwen dasignuted finr the unsis of a company incorporated under it, will not State scrip for which ibis property has been pledged, an:l which the StSat promises to see faithfully redeemed, and for whlich she fetels Ibat nample scaurity has been given, obtain greater credit and a more gIneral circulation than individual promises to pay But thire sIee answers tir questions in this wise: *Until an act of the Legislature can convert hnouse into gold, and cain iands, banking privilees frasted upon hie bypethecation of houses and lands, wlttlcnot,f in reality, a•nld an better st.urhty to thie holdler notes that thoase notes will be cashed UponI altppicationn than if thibankig privileges were not gruated. The sencrities remaaning *ntbhanged, tile aut of irnoreorn. ions does net in S tieast degr*e, add to thairiapltudid. or q.alliaeition as a basis of ecurraey. l'g ere, identically the sane, and notes inaued apon tiemn, are just eau d and well Wroledt without an art of inueor poralion, as if t`by iere forty tji4 b evard with chnba= litg trrho ."- coa If Ithen leio no otllhr evidence of the Ree's entire aind ignorance of this aulbject.there is enough in that pare" rid grltfh to caunvlnee tloe mrot unreasonable of the fhct I The truth is, the lwr.ei is groping about ill the dark, et and mistakes the illausry eanlces that cross his ima- ran gination, for tithe realities which he would like to find dot to aid him in sustaining his untenable position. The fin Bee has tried tuIRly over aa sea, alittle too broad for the sua atreuglth of its wings. Its buzzing and droning will oft not aid it in the flight. cal We would ask what gives to all coerporatiwns with an hbaning privileges, the credit necessary to the general di circulation of their notes, and whlic no individual hill ny possesses ? How do they "afford better security to the on holders of notes that those notes will be cashed upon Bi application," than may be afforded by an individual or art assoeintion of individuals, not incorporated? The very an fier that they are legalized to hank, gives them a credit. let They net under a charter which prescribes a rule of up conduet by which they are to be governed. This char- fi ter is granted upon certain principles, and is to hold, so ev long asn they are carried out in good faith and up to its 0 provisiotn. With this charter inhand, commissionern a applointed open books and get subscriptions of stock sufficient to col menee operations. How is this paid bh in? By installments, and tim amount is frequently is raised in 'his way. 'lhoude who have subscriled for al stock, borrow from banks, nheady existing, salficient to p pay lip their first installments. When their bank corn - ences operations, oru the faith of their stock, they horrow from her, enough to ,ay back the loan,-thus in - fact counencing altogether upon a fictitious capital, which the Bee forsooth, would call "a go'd and speciee basis." But these notes at the time they are deposited mary be t par and be considered as so much silver, for 2 e they are convertible into tile precious metale, but the whole is a fiction as we have shown; relying altogether upon the business they may transact-tithe circulation they may keep out, and the specie they nmay draw in Sfor the accumulation of their real capital. The mere "banking privilege,' gives them a credit, because it binds them to he governed in the redemption, - of their ar:tes, by a specific rule, which if they break, it rg they forfeir their charter and are compelled toa foirego r k tihe advantages which it eonfers. According to tile y reason:ng of thie Bee,"rtln holder of a hohak-note looks ra upon it as money, hrcarn;e lie can get money upon ap go plication," anti " mn may h popery bau paperty to to te c ciamount of millions and may issue promissory notes to I a- the amount of only a few thousands, and yet those Ia a notes will not pass as money;" and yet in the very v nJ next paragraph it says that "until an act of the l.egis lature can convert houses into gold and coin lands, hbanking privileges granted upon the hypotheeati,.n of houses and lands will not in reality, afford any better en security to the holders of note thathose notes will be ag paid on application, than if the bakirng priileges is werenot granted." What constitutes a bunk note? It Ie is the representative of value, emitted by an incorpo Ir- ated company, and is received as a circulating nmedium, lee because, on tihe faith of its charter, it is believed the at hank will redeem it on presentation The same will r at opply to the note of a cormpany incorporlcted under the ofl Fre Banking system. They both incur penalties for ed a non-compliance with the requisitions of their charters, tee only in tile former case, tile credit of ihellank is sunk, eet but in the latter, both credit and property are each lost. iof In each case, all the advantages to he derived from are "banking privileges," must be relinquished. Althoungll it, under the Free Banking system, the companies are incorporated under a general, equal law, perfectly defi It nite and guarded in its provisions, the Bee saya "tle ted eecurities are idenatically the same" as those of unin cer corporated and individual associations, " and notes ee issued upon them are just a. good and well secured, rat without an act of incorporation, as if they were forty nit times covered with charters." This show of reasoning rer, may seem very clear and concluaive to the editors of tal the Bee, but to us it appears extremely j-june of argu to Inrnt, and inconsistent. Ire Is it necessary to pursue these speculations of tihe II Bee any further? Thile whole article, upon about one w third of whaich, we have commented, is a ramlling and ii- discursive effort to spin ont reasons of opposition to oa, Bree Banking, deduced froam the false premises, w ith to which tile edi'ors of that paper started. It is almost ree impossible to generalise the principles o oopposition which theny attempt to estOblish. they are so shrouded in an- vcrbiare, and mystified, by Iha doublings and cross-e ear paths by whichl th editors e denvor to arrive at the ,rv- point proposed. They seem to have acted upon the r-e. unan"rwerable motives of opposition, which influenced rad tile prmtaster to tile implacable hatred he lore to Dr. Is" Fal!: ",I d) not like hee :Dr Foil; The reasol why, I cannot tll; But this I kn.w--I know full well, I do not like thee Dr. Fell." This article is already as lonur as is well adapted to the coluans oi :ur paper. It we think any good may be delived from a ftrther analysis of the sophistry and ad captandum,oassumptions of tile Bee we :hall notice them furthea to morrow. Ot.e thing we would impress opon the reader-tlhat companies incpoporated anld bankine under the genetral law proposed, will not only furnish the securities of ordinary banking institutions, for tile cedemtltion of their notes, but will offer in ad dition, the hypoltheation of property, at the valuation of a State t'Coulptrtller, or a Board appointed for that purpose, to at least twice tile anmount of their capital, and ftilly equal to their circulation. The b'goa-thoo endeavored t bee raised of the want of security under the Banking Law, or its inequality to the securities of present banking institutions, is but the chimera of a distempered imagination-- shadow that disappears at the approach of the sunlight of truth. The eirculution cannot be extended beyond a certain prescribed limit, for which ample securities have been deposited. Next to an entire specie basis, it is the most secure, and none but the editors'of the Bee, ever dreamed of that, in our community. On: Noarwx:o 'owt.a.taE...--'Tht oltnratiol, and the excitemennt ona thie norther frontier, have created quite a sensation thrt lghont thie whole Union. 'There are vmry few indeed, wltt have canlvaselse the subject, who can yieid the right claimed by the British powers. The territory to w hitch the Intter set up a claim, is of no great v.lue to us, who hlave such a wide national do main, hut is invahluable s a right which is pnroperly ours, ntd to which England has not legitimate pretansiona. This nook fotims the n lthern frontiernf the state of ,Maine, and separates Lower Canada feroa New Ilruns wint, both lhitish provinces. The fact is, if the htigh Isnd', referlcd toin the treaty, had not been sufficiently distinct us a grand n tur bourdary, the narrow ,liI of Inad lying south of thle St. Lau.runct sholuld have been coneceded to th United States. But this was not the object of lGrat rituin; she desired tile xe lutive ju. tiidicti n over tile navigation of that river, anti to com ontud itt and was unnw Iling to gant such crresion, 'The treaty thca ran in these words-"to extend to the Ilighllude, which separate the waters flowing into the St. Lawrence frtmn those that flow into the Atlantic occra." Now by nooking at the map, it will he easily discernible that the line claimed by the U. States has been draen in conformity to the toenty, aind that tile waters of Madawaska, Aro.stook, IRistigoocho, Saint Francois and St. Johns all flow int the Atlantic, and hate their sumrces oal lit of the real line. Wben we ae wrong, we are willincg to concede a dis puted territory. But we cannot give up to the encroach menltor tile avariciousness of a'foreign pooer, he it what it nay, that sishes to infringe upon our rights. It would have been more rquitable in Great Britain. to desire to obtain the disputed territory by purchase, but as an Ame it:nt Citizen, we should not be disposed to sell the rights of those who had located themselves on thi- land, to be ouobr the juri=diction of our equal and enlightened lows. We could never think of bartering the smaotllest ortion of onr countty. lHowever unim lprtante o uow may be that territory, it is all-important as involving the rights of American Citizens. It is true that a portion of the disputed country is unsettled and yet remains in its primitive wild uocultcvated state' But oaterprise bas pushed manuyabitations, and closes within the ter. itory in dispute, anl it is tihe duty of tile g, vernmeet to afford protection to its citizens on the extltce uronuter, as much, or eave more. than within her most dantely populated eities, or their exposure is mlore inln.ediate and greater. We are not prepared to say whether the State Gov ern.l.ent of Maine haus acted properly in thr steps she has already taken. Shitoeh some, if not entire justifi. cation however in the dilatoriness of the General Gov ernmen.t in urging a settlement of this vexed question, and the cobst nt depredations committed on tile pre mises by those claiming to be citizens of Great Britain. Sir Jan. larvey, Governor of New Brunswick, claime the jurisdiction o! the disputed territory until the mat. terlis adjusted, underthe agreement of Mr. Livingston and Sir Charles Vaugh n, the British Minister. It should have been his province then to take such steps and keep up such a patrol ins wou!d prevent the de. predation of trespassere, alleged to have been cont mittied. In this, it seems he has lailed, and we can per crive no derelietion of his duty to the Genarerl Govern ment by the Executive of Maine in keepiag a strict watch rpju the movings and doindes of person, upon the territory in dispute. We are not willing to give up the territory-for we think it is ours. We are not oif!. ling f,,r tur g'vernmant to be I'l Ittt d ilhto a ', r,i a consequenee of the h.satineso otilte Maine Executive and .egianators. But .otlher than give up ant inch of right, we would take the war and all its c' usequences. We cann,,t p-ree~ive why th is question may not be g set led at once. It is true Ite territory it di-pute would render the British provinces more compaet-lyingasit does between Lower Canada and New Brunswick. If Great Britain I elieves that it will be to her interest to sustain her claim by the sword, sie will find the fallacy re ofaoch ant argument, to her cost. We desire an aomi cable adjustment, but we cannot be blind to the duty an American owes his country. Besides, the Canadiaan I disturbances are tnot yet qelled--there are a great ma ny latent sparks in that section not yet quenched, and r on that we think we may rely for a conviction that Great SBltain will not deire to sustain her cause by force of tO r arms. We trust that blood has not yet been shed- Sanother mail or two, however, will determine. In his letter to Gov. Fairfield, Sir Juohn Harvey offlel to block , up the river St John and prevent timber from being floated out, and detain or sell it for the benefit ofwhicblt e ever government may finally succeed. This we think s a fair proposition, and only regret that it was not earlier Smade, or carried into executionl. k One or two articles have been omitted, which hiad d been.prepared to-day, among which is on, under cer y tain restrictions, advocating the bill of Mr. Kenner, to or allow public gaming on the race field. They slhall ap. tpear to morrow. Where in the Pilot Bill ? Ilas any member filed it away in Iris pockt? Why doesnot the gentleman who lt introdued the bill, ask the reason the committee have not reporteld ? d THE OnIO RvnER.-The Louisville Gazette of IIhe er 26th of February, says :-Considerable rain has fallee 0e since Saturday night last, and the riverhas risen nearly three feet below the falls and is still rising. It is Iuw in a pretty good boating order, and as ever) appearance in is dicates much more rain, we may colfidently look for a full river, and increased activity among business it, men. es, FIRE r JEFFnr·ON DAR.rcsn. s.-T'he private res k, idence of Cept. George II. Kenoerly, at Juhfereon Ilnr g r..cks, was consumed on the morning of the 1511c, le and every thingin the building destroyed. Loss about ks $3,5000. p- The steamer Knickerbocker and John Mills ca me in he contact a short distance shabove Baton Rouge ont Sun to day night last. The former was slightly injured, the e latter hlad only to run for a bar, when she sunk in t feet ry water. The cargo will be almnost an etire loss. Thi is- crew and passenters saved. to' Recorder's Court, o SECOND MUNICIPALITY. be Reports of Day Police atd Night Watch, es March 4 1839. It John Keef, Henry Fonte, arrested for belng drunk disclharged. o- Thomnas Cloven, W Burton, arrested for disturbing the m, peace, no one appearing to prosecute--discharged. he Justin Wilkins, Henry Oakon, Peter Forbes, arrested uill under suspieiouscircumstances-discherled.r he Plhlt Riley alias Phil Sitnsrons alias Peter Sitemmercs, arrested asna dangerous and ouspicious chracter, for andl Icing up once before-cotellued for twelve ro months. ok, Jno. E. Aieer, arrested for diftUrllin tihe eie, anil threartenting Miss Anglni t. li.amotl with tiorsenal t. violence. the compilainant aipearieg, bound to keep em the peace, $3110 dolleas bail. -Ih SLAVES. iee Saimuel 'lson cbelonging to Z. Forlier. fi8 Saoeiiol Wright do do hle )aniel d o d Searah do do In- Edmond do do tes Rachel do do ed, Bill hdo Stansbuhry. rty HOUSE OF REPREiESEN PATI VES fTueosday 3arch 5, 1835. MAr Patten presented the petition of Elizabeth The nins praying for a divorce-relerred to a special com ir Lnvergnn prt d a res -lution direcrin. lla ehairmnn of the s ers nllo e on publin edlculti.n dell i:; ile recess of te I.gislatnre, te examine inttoihe coll. odtion of tile onllegs n td tcadetmies thorolghout hie statea, ad at the trnt sorssio to report n ::enePrl arslem of public eduhaltion. This resolutil was so'olsird. R Alr Keoter o tilto nar of the oarmalittoe to whiol Ihi a1 bleoo referred tihe loatilion Tf Mlorin end So A (C'arr his wils, rwported u bill foir tle rlierof sald R s reoad for the first time. () Inolion oa Mrr Estuvan. tile rules were dospensel witl,nd taie lhouse took into coto idenlutio, In, ,ill op xtrophliloing $2500 on la inprort.lenl of ltllln rt Inrt oe itoi the ltparish of Ibflrreile. Tell toanot went ith Scomallitere of tihe whallt. Ad r Inatl:lfso opsed theaplpropriation n t1mr. . . llg r Slitt ro tile ipraoCemCent houll Ie m1adr bv tlh Itll that if the staton u 0 t lke onler its entocil ipetllr mie every little road. hteo. nr IWlgO Iho roL'-n In, Iolh srtate oalld Bie fu r frrroal sint ilteg. Mr. Tlomas tinllintnile I that the iplllrolTra'e a rea ll, rfori the goneral roodluld henefr t r hl tr ellers i erhll morn thno th Iro liof lelo eurih, to ho all li, oil tle circust nda oe o olh river--tle river gos rolondl y 18 or l n Iilrs, aild tlore is only a d tsuille at ros o f :s Ior e nlrso t tihe lno e whero the road iat Iprop; e The sc0lton was adoeited. 0 Mr. Froeenn, on behmf of Mr. )avillson, proposet n tradditional eclil apprn tnlrintio sl)01 fro Inainnt iltl Sproroovetentall troi oe dnd lociing from Slirolill, in -he anrisIt lf Livingston, to the parish lits of the p ril ro SSt. Helena. f a, T'Ilia was opposedlbhy lessrs lashear and Ilatlif,o - tle groudl that this rast an inl roveat rms t rt ithin thI proplr sphere of the p ll icjttrv ofth,, larisll-t -Ilt these d aIropriatiob . were ito I otilr r tueo itrllotll otXlo 1.n ating tile codltian of te e pRullc treustro, it n0a Idobt. dfill whether tine treaa-rv os uld meet souch napprolpritraos --til member froln l.ivingstn had D lreKdy nldtain ed iI-. torense adpo aoriuaions directly or itndliretly tIr lis toi t er rit--souler gonerol unitlrnot rule of lhlslic nprovrei ner t of tolrsoexpenditro salouldr be adopted, rIo l thio . irregrolar mdot of mnakig upropriatios slould be ablndlllle inr. t)Dadson, maintained the jusi e. and necosi ty 0 of tile npproprntiao--lh was in favor of a general so t teo n edns Wo ted ad for one, but until svlLn is a, doled,just claims for necessary and Usefll innorovo mrnts shoold not bo rejected; itl showed ttle utility of at tie improvemoent of tie road, it wou,,tl brot imlports Sinto tie State, wlltl are InolW divreted to anotller t(oo hn eel,-a to tile iolonence apprnpritioros whicl It soar asserted his porish had reeelved, lh denie.d Ilia ew1 --if the intellndled approprlltlirio to tl n Nstloville hnil omI ! illol (tnntl lolank were nlluded to, 0h- drnict I lolt Ilis Id tpfsh ltus more itlerfrsled hereo:n tin the rP.t f file glust*. 'J'he section wns roded, anl 11r. (arter ro od o. another sections npprolrialino $2l1'11 to tht I , - o pllotion of the bridge a rld tnd ptsiolg lvera Thnllrolt ' Creek, and leadiog front Jooksaor00 to lnvnu tach. SMIr. latlifxorlinelcd tihe proporitv of 1t; LInm vIle imltprovtoleen had alreadv corst $1 t)00 0 t tillt o it rquirc d oal $20.00il inure to aInlr it oncrloltely use Mr. Brnlhear olrcted t lant tile a llitinarl Frnt w0 s0 triliog in lootrn arinso to what the Srlr , had sl lly - approplrint.d, Ilia parish interested, slul:d at Iear.t of ftral the work. It srettlred that Ill, getllll tlrn exlpc.t s- I'd not only that tih S late sllould give thl r.m '.re .a.n but tlat it ioul It m Iput it their m ntllllh I tll even lohat tl 'ir jaws hleold Ib worked fait tiles. ly Air. Ratlif afterward staeotd, blat he ivrold vote of against oie whole Ill, for though this n0pprtquinliu i was aa just a one as oelltd be, tIe prefered to los: it Sroather titn stalcrlfto aOt illlportanllt p. ltillpe tof I. sl s tillno, wlich wasor never to roake apttroproiatiolr wtithorot aU- melan to In00eel lth . The secliono as arolted, nund Mr. Knllnr tlhll prnporp d an additirno t secaoo I,o ro vilhlg thnt $2000 shohld be paid fo)r deL.cepmti tl e l0outh 0 of Bnayo Llousche--the Stllte htr caused tworks to be done o ilmprove tile inmutl of afo sl ,ayo, but the workr fa" firom being a tenfsil had ptroved a grol inljury, now it was exsolcted o hat thl ..artt woto s give sometlieg to reolar tilet, th. State had ly dolt. lThbe considerlliol of this section was ister rnpted Iby a motion for tile coalotoi*lte O rise, whhl was carried; and tlhell after sItoli furher leo tlrl dle ie bntss, the conidoratilon ocf the wsolse bill was itesrroltt at ed by ile arrival oof the hor for the orders if tile day. A resolution from the Senate, providinlg th erck d oausc should give thle prefrence to tilo hills wlicll laud alreally passed Ile other branrlch, was is. ild motion of Air. I.avergne, adopted. Several bills undrrwent their ternod rendig. T' 1im bill to amo d thle lcharonr of tle t'itizns ttaonk it now came up in tie special order of ilae ttay; art antl rse i, v:5ou dhontes om differnt rsectiuis and t:laelldllonts, Sthe hill was plseed. I lThe bill provides for thie locaton of six b tches i i al thle contr3, two 0in each (Co gressioonl di..ic, wth a sn cpitsl of$5'lm,000 osnbh the hantk to have the Icnta i of Ilhe branches. Tilo s,'elion natlhoarizin Ihe hans+r ol ore certain rlportion of the stock froml city to country pd uroperty aovice versa, wta rejected. A prtottrstion g a or llorse to obtain 7 hranches with a carnital of $tQ,,O!tl each, was lost. 'The oajotlty of til.s ro. to rhol brnches to be planters. The 1 nalliers nt of tile hranehes are to be s.olectet frot th arsilep s 0 whern tht branchtes ore located. TIhn broncther a rd o to be witlhldsawn or their loeatio cllnedno ifthesy do nt .oild six per cent. during two en0suin, years. The brhihk is aulthrized torcihnreeigho percenot on loung papler, having nmore tanthlnloo . Olltrorn. s The Ilous e hen took rp tokp t btill to rxprtlite ilb n- ic struction of the Nnshvlle Rail Road, and thel ad Sjourned. is 1)IEI) Yesterday morning, NATII'L. DICK, aged 5e years. Ilia 0- friends and acquintalh o . are respectfullyinvioteda Io atted hi funoral, wilthout furlther uotice ftrm his late residrac, in Cas.l streel. thils, at I I o'clock. ls vQ /COUTS' COMPLETE WORKS it 8"3 rob. Lona , don edirion. - Ward's lexieo, second edition, enlarged. with tn oc rount of the iiuiotg Comtlnetts, atnd of tho I'0liti al . Events in thot Rpuhlie to ilbe p.ll-ctt day; i1 two no volumes, t. Stewart'as Stable Economy : a 'l'reoatise oail he an agogement of llotirse, i relation to tlle sabling, goana-. lo Pfe ding, Watting, atd workitg, seerotd London S Stoewort'a Bogota, in .367, or an expodition to New Orenads. Ia51ll's Ratmbles in Eurolle, or a Tour Ihroughl France, ot Italy Switzerlandb Great Britain, sad Illrtod, in 1831, ins2volt. Foraaleby WM. ItLKEAiN ' atnr 6 Jeor CIoonp and (aomana sr s C1 W RAPPING PAP RK-Jot receivedsa full 5sort " " Iset of the above, of esery ait coloIur, and * quality, and for asle low to uit purchossor. Also biudeo Imrarda, at DA VI FELr T t co New irk Stationers' Hall, e4 Chartres tat, lo.i, POR LIVERPOOL. 4 ile A I and very Ihst cailing ship EL.IZ A lETllI, Capt 'lt'hnver,will reciove itinedi me ltespatchl. for Ilhi above port; hlailg the greatert lrttifI ercargo engaged and going on board. Fot freight of 1-25 hales cotton, or tassnge apply to nlnr 6 LEVI HI GALE. 3 i Conmtion at [ll NOTiCE-The harque Due d'Orleans, Capt. Huloless, from Plthidelphia, is dischargingnopposrite D the Sliiti. Colrignees are requested to attend to the receipt of their gods on the Leovee. D knar6 1 w LEVI II iALE,93 Commoln at tI The briW LUNA, tIrnl Invean, is discharging op poelte thd brick stores. Consigees will please get their permitsuand attend to receipt of their goods. nlar 6 OTICE-Tbe Har Roomie on tilhe ERclipse R Bce C r ouren e fi r rent, for the enouing Races, eont m ooeneig on Wednesday the 13th of march, Apply to nor 6i Y N OLIVR. SNOTICE. -- D ARI'NERSHIP tIIStOI.VED--ihe portnlersbip k -between tarrv llont atndJ (George Maylle, of tile Firemnone lrll Coffee ioac,n St. Charles at is disol ed this dov, Wednesllvy, ith Meirc, 11139. All Ilusireso connrete ictl Ile esoitblisonilcnt will be cettleld an Scarried le hby tlee Su riberenoly, who respectfully so c liea n colll loolene of culollot. t Free aord Eoasy as istal, on Wednesday and lnt urday Eventlo. mre H.WIRRY tUNT'. SMADAME CAR IDORI ALLAN'S r- SOIREE MUSICAL.E, e At the St. Louin Ball Room. SIlE Amtlurs of Mlusle, inhabitants of N. trleohns, ' Iorestapeelfullyinf red that 7Madame Carodori Allitll'a rcotll Stoirboe tutl lleicd will take place on W\Vdnesdy, March flthlad tll cot n this p oeasmon site it will sig tie fillowiltg pieces : to l:avatiou--" (undo gitise lea Blfioor." DOm zelti. re AriN--" Clee ile me nereno. La Sonnambuln. Bel Senao iAria--" Di tanli polpiti. Tettreli. R olsei Aria--" ll soav cbal oet llote. Nibhe. Paccini. C Scottis Balladels. ce+ Ticket$L St 50, forsole at the St Lois hltele, the $i iy Excninge tnd the Verotedblsh,land at esrn. Johntsl Mr. in Ctrley'o, ndl lansare Iirtlcertl's utoic stoles. pt . T o c lnlrme rie Fit 7 o 'c lc k. o m a r 6 t ,k It II.ILARI) -BA Lt & CICK.1 -Jtagal eceed a te largo assortment ofltilliard Illles and oelelks.l. e ItUS1t & AI.I.EN, marlt Exchange Ihotel, ear St Chtrles &LCotnlnto et [oW1ELL XeT'TONS-40 ialehs 7 8 otid 4."I ood 1Twilled Loe0ll Ctltoes. folr sale by tr- lo 6 ISAAC BRIDGE & co, 134 Mngnzin c st II, ANNIS. hTles shuper l hile ANroull rhnilesn u0 fee sale y ISA4O L BRIIIGE t c, o mir 1:14 iMagziE e at SA'I'I'INI'E'S--4 accs tlcdiom anod fine SallttiCet, dalk olnd mixed folr sale hy . mar 6t IeSAArC ItDGE & co. 131 Mtognzinee st seBle by ISAAC BIciDR K & co. t mar 6 1.14 lneazillce st Aio ( NIt Ie tS--400l bores sperm nnd I0 fi llhxe t ill elcadles, for ale by ISAAC BittIE & co ( rODFIS1P e200 tones for lToe by ,I ISAAC BRIDG? O & eo fe, incit 134 hitgoa oe st BUREAU I)'INSUIANCE lIES POIIPIEN,S DIe In Neuoce lle rlans. S VI elat donenb nrl sonteriilteats ctne i7ne illstal lileat s-lr leer souncription, doit pauy el avril he6, it bureaut dt In conpagnie II C.alp st. 11.t7 ItorcI 4, 1 '9. e T 'Ite ftllowieg aoe tlhe dlrtwn nitntltrs of tihe Louis no, L.,ttery, tclass 10, iextra, for 18:39t 10 33 35 31 45 37 II 51 3 48 33 53 Ter, O RE DRWVN 'I'O-ORRO e'I'c CAPITAL I'IIZES of $1t0 eacll is $t0,00l! oil l'ickets olln y $l I. ý LOUISIANA LOTTERY. Authtorizedt hv Acrt ftl.egiltatt"e. Chptetr XI.III, Insced Matclitt 2t¶182it, ('Iast, No. II rextr,f erllt 9 tc Ile drawn lo Thursday, Mrir..l 7thi. i830, at 6it,'clock, I' Sl. rl tle :oxcltllctce Iltelt, St. Chnrles st. ID. S. GItE;t)tIY & CIo. Soceessors to YATES tfclN'YRE I " Co. 75 Nlllltnlors--I Drawcn Ballots. GIltANItI SCtt MltE. 781i4 I'l izes, ilioutllino to $l 89,070 'Tickets $4011--11ilvhes $2 Oc0--lQuarters $1 Icc Puckage of 25 tickets foir $1110. wtrrented to dlaw Vt leoast $8. l'tekhllg' o efS5ilf ticettte $.50 0) wer. ranhed to draw at lenst tot i. P'eoknes o l' 25 tqcunetr t'ltteets ollr $35 00, warrlelte-d to draw at least $12, to or Packages or sioglo Tick-w. llDlv at The 3 Alnl ( (O)lec,, Ito nit 35. Calal str.eet, 11'i, to Calll st Draaitttit thet (:rwdSitate I.atteia 1( s 5 G:3 i.1 i 7 1 3 .5 hi 38 30 .tl4 T1'11t I)AY. 9,000! Capital Prize. 'I',lkers only i 0,51 GRAND STATE LOTTERY, IL. A . .lllthtrilt,l h,v it1 t al tI • f Il te Slate. 'T'o Ilhe drawn flich f, I0.,!t ai t/'elnck P. 3. at Il soll' ii L $. el. S I M\VI- CO) \InlaNers. 75 Drawn' itl ntrs- n .teIIt rt f a lll.t Fo 'n ples hl,, hi at rlet.t 1:111, I'nit'l. iac" ;f . '. I lull ' I'u"ln. ~ .ý' l; " Swartuihme 10 tdaw g. Iottat ta5 ,it, a u'kat,_a a 'at ,t (.ti ah , atr T / C Cls a l, I: xaIrrallal U t ttdr.t Illt :a t tt F ttllr ,t, atia,n taSit aht, ti r .tras, a tp! t a t th , I tit t% a i t h i Ca tt: ' allt 'lt 'F:, It; (a at it tdl u+LstI n1 tihta C(rn r a itf. Iia llia llal, ('hSr NEWI\V EDI) IN-,. Dr. (. R. Phelpy Coapaol T <' II.I T1O PIt.LN,. A nrw and iaanatble .lltdic ine fr all Diseases, a. so a Ibhalitule rhr ('atlotl, as ca thartic in t'erers attnd all Billions A ctioons. ta-aaealt Aulillt. aubt,. , extlntetal f"om the l'Tlat ald ; wlItt other vegetrate ityrka ,rh aic a hoave hiaeaa to Bl r f & Ctllt o ito efects lia helirved to b, thN Iet Alter au mull+ . ni'althnrtic Mrrbrs. ever di+'overrl 'Tlwv h.a", Iee. anhuindyutlv •d .u:eeslully tried, and liar, rbcreived UlalrVl a pparihatll for Seroaiam,, Dvai epiai, Jlu. Itil liJt. d a, Grav, hatmati Ctasrss,a h C Col.. a usn Gatarrh, Noraaus adicarsa, Acad ntaatia , (ia1dulnr aa wel s of all ki, Coiroivno.t, C Cr . tlcTadcha, tac. 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'E A litaalltlle, Gelllral Agent a, N la xchange Patee. nrar tleP1stOmie A1so, by A A Peychanu No 1 Ruiae Royaal. J. ltaker & Co, No 7'7 New Levee. Dr. A Marshall, Corner t Jalel agid Tehaptoula at l. J. RoIts, LaLfayett City. G N Iorriso,b No I1, Canal street. G Joae, ronrlrTivoli Circle aalin Triton walk. aaThoe tha.ihaart ih to as Agents addresd E A FOL IANSBE, wheles.te Agent. mar 4 ly $100 REWI % RD. laBiIE Mpiaroctoa Pocket Btoat, with steel claap, i was lost estearday, containilg a daraaf t lla ltIal Ettie rina of the a ttate If' Arluniias, ii n a otllo Ifyhat.. Rapih, aOn thie N. American 'L'rut and w illtking Can p;llv, New York, fiar Ihe a1111 of one hilnle i nPI d llI I lr.)sandtr six h andred ald ixtity tx st'llisa (I101a6a6,) diet IlItI Aritrl. now payable ItIo tle order tl TIt. t. \illianson- , pirad . Oihe olllar drall, siae Ianlk, on tlhe N. A. T. & II (:onillinV, fur li If hiinis i doIla rs, i(a5.00 aaai) parale to tle airder of ' aIl. T. \illia san, j'.jga Also a nnlber of ll ote nnad otlher aliUot;ot, t I ldaes ilard ntalunts nol recollectetl--a shlnll amt ill I caush. The cash and ona ttndred diollars will te pnil fer'lhe retnrn of lhe pocket Ib-ok and papers to Ine of r flee of "Phut. It. Lee & Co. or for any fiflormtion by wlticl Ihe owner sny regaii pos.session o thie pa A apers, & a. to.r 5 i r- CK'S engi tnept tpocket Iook for the ýenur R183o, wlth a s alman neck. I1Qr Sv)so.)'s sketof of civil eAgineering of y ortl, Anllarilhe, wllh lilres. ]hut's' railwav praelice, a co Icclilto of working plane ad atlr ircital details of elolructiod inr l te atliuaa works oft: i, mUst celebrated engineers. lleow.N's prineiptles of praetical terspeetive, or see. naharasa ic I,-ljehtion; containng r niversar rules far dhalineatiing arhiteaetr, resigal s on varils surlnatesh oldill lasling views front nature--illustrated by fifty p vies. SUtLc's dictionary of ctensistr, and n ner t (gy, wlhh I teir nlptlllatlius--fuurth a dition wia h nlaerous ilr - ILLUSTtarTIOvS Oflnatural. history: • i rnc iig e Fe Iies of ngravonlgs and dscri ptive accounts of tie mus)s interesting and iopular gene.ra and species uflhe ant nel world, wihll one hundred and fourteen plales. AI |TELL'S wonders of geology, or a fr liaaer expPsi. tion afgeological pl-enornt, n-- i 2 vein, fir axle by Wm M,. KEAN, fibI26j corner (',lslll) & t-.Olnliin tat ANT'AS &.c--1211 bales3-4 anid 4-1 hrow Idunies i it, slleeting and siirlhiBgs i 211 bales cot ton dril Ilng ; 6 aeese bleached lieeriings, and 20 Lales IlRssia sheetings, fur sale by m'' I BRIDGE At Co. 181 Nan-eillle st GREAT ATTP'RACTION![ At .No. 53 nagaztne street, over S. Lesy' Auction Room, oppotlte Bank's Arcade. j ,[R G ,LE I[ rn peeLf tf ally informs the public that ,ataie of CL$OPATRA, Qeen of Eg.ypl, Whi.h has been exhibiled in most of tlhe irincipal h~iieoflthe Union. to the lively admiraliol of emanY =thousand visiters,has arrived in thieciry, aldi is now teing exhibited for a short tine only, Ireta 9 o'elock A A, to 9 In'clock, P AM. I tbAdlttanee, 50 cent; Season tickets, 81. fewb --t, Camew St. Theatre. lat night if Sir. C. II. EAT IN. THIS EVENING, .lMARCIl 5, 1856, Will be performed the celebrated Tragedy of RICHARD III. Riechnrd 3d, .ir Ci H lton I)ke of BRekingham, Fieldiug Duke of Norfolk, OGreene Ti Queen '"- irse G reene 01o Lady A ne, - 0 Barrett To concludle with the admired Forte of FORTUNE'S FROLIC. Robin Roughood, Mir lrown Rutle, Fielding Margery, Mrs Muelntl l7P Thursday, the BEDOUIN ARABS will make their first appelarance. all NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! i EOLIPSE COURSE. gh of Er SPRING MF..TINr, 1839, will .commenrce on Wed il nesdaiv,13th of March, Il0),llll ontinne i5 days. ho It First Day. " ln The New Orlaenc Plate, a seivire of silver, vahnlc $700, Iwo mile peots. In this rm v 5 , r 'cbh and up eards elrry 100 kbs. I yr olds aold under, their appro priale weighl:s. Secr ilf Rae-y ile flay. A sreepctakei ir .3. i 1 ina et: anud close te Ist toll,, 13319. Serodl Day. 1[ t Jockey Club Purs,, $151111; throw mile hLets. 11 Third Day. Jock ey Club Purse, $01111, ,I mile lheats. Fourthn Day. t Proprirhor's Pnrse $710; l ds hleat,. eeond Rtl re-- ultle I)av. ,wceiitoliiies ior 2 yr o ols; suhecripltion $5110, hlt faorfeii, (mile ledl-;l.|i Iclose let ofullrch. Fifth Dha. t Proprietor's Purse $500; mile hents, host 3 in 5. fel 'V. N. i().% Ell, ihoprietor r1) EPA-ILT URL.E 1OST I' NO E 1i~ . FOR ONE WEE K. * In I S ole, i. ilelo l tooti wIi 1rl n ' tIr gtr il bii i i i i. /l~ Wri Nr to aieruliii i l tit,, irrirti . n l I fr lr ,o . t e herI I -r i , Ii t indmr, cs,'io o ie IPrrrl rvl e hI I e t ru lr 1i .l t soiirt io tl e6 6 , ct , t r w 0t 1 n th, l i hhchi |IrII' I Ih v Ieeti+P (lli i hr antI I lhtla r k tnor hu tr e iutnfl ir -I ,- I.n r ol I, ii r :, Slie ii s'ir n nl l Li i u Not a l ri il, . l Ir 10. '..... .y P t lull l l .... .. . ,i,,,, ... ... t t.i ,,iu:, c... ... ... . . r nl ll.l it e rt o i li eh foi t ,, · lII lii i tl.0 r tl ,, (Ij tllr i l liIei i Io rrii Id. l ir l l, I I `,;i i lo ' " n 5 even 1 1 " re m une al m en a id 1 1tii ~re- ii I rl ma r , | I "r l °ti1 ': c- ;ird 1 I,., +n.h -1 .. . .. . N1:Vo ' )ii I. ' 1'l l -'" cP' nicpT it , nh n*-l h i ,li c, i l-Th. i - s.1it I,,c n, , - e Ill h . io I, , ""i ,Iilo -i lh s ., , t iat ', h,":r",, r th eo " l\e, r . -,'4 .i+." r, l" mIl llello l I J, ,c Itpr, n 1,vlilI I I , i.1WI N i coIiir.·· etr I ,)tl It 4 'I ' "o,, i,,1ec l t i r " ' . i1· 1 1 the Ik, , I. I hi, I.icni , A1 1 ii eiei t l i c 111 Ollul i.x ,..-ic iI. nr-1 1" ,ll I' I harloIi - h llll-forIhrr il ,lt ll h lllh i:,;ll I !, 1!, " Arl- ll Ir1,' fic l i' Ilfll ll( l, :" rIr1rriI 'I I," - Iii 'ir -deIf llll tr - lll l tll ln | li , .. I'lll li'l IIe, 9 1 1 to *·I· h e f" I l'll'ioBlll 'd1, lb l ," ltlll ill0l]t Iliifit., I,) , i] ItI 1_ tl , : . I... I . .dleG 11 , ,tat y . ... ......... ir:c, l II Iv a i(r'll'c iI-clrr.1 11 o 111 o w \,l:t 1. l l i.i cl . hlrhtic 1 11 ie I i e I t It,-" I ll 0 II, , "li~i r ']allinr. nor illrec thrill ni h rillelnr ii .IIeI, r c-l:l l,, ll ir 1-j r , ln1 ticr.rell IiclreeI IliV ol ri ii I'iI II'It'II jrll'ii ll, l ;- - Providell Ihtlll i Illei ho tck, l - (dic lrt ii 1111 - o i il l ,i I I lienscialbrrcsaidc io, i1 bti spriri it,i he bie dr-iz,+V rhil or by Allv cltnl ol'f plirpr Iand d Itlind tdoirlllr I h, tn, d day lt'Jue, 13:7. . in, tI, lr Signed JO lIIU \ I I.1+)DWIN, l\P Li 'mhr. W II \,rIIET r i n colIcie or of Ic tli Ce.9 s lciii , P BUREAUI_ DliES iLI.I I_'T'IC.-, it [ It N cllll. I Illllt r illr l!ilt'. r- Vf'[S silly plO Itlf ta:ro< I- oit' - ' ilhl ,+S , el , c I ' 01,- it 0-L"ll--qll", t",lltto. tFf~i. f f Il c 1 Me1 t". " 0ili' ,bran, r.,I o eI t" li t crllr 'o , l rf I "". .'llhri.-t,,tS , , r.." ! 1 hllll '< vl drFlI l e'h io. lllllllli itll'l H ,loo-e,,-r 111 e ,l tl' l . .e. i h'llc u sera dil P I' 'n(. ll.ld' hlt' l h"1 ,11I I I ' "l , ]'' I tlli ; poiulr 'lt e ii i , i 1 I·, '1IPnesll ldt. ih nI11 :" ,i~l.. ,,I-ii.-.Ii i i,. Is proavi", he 21 Ih1..",','Lth~.l I;,It. 1r)C li lP l II I'nldthllllilll W,, sl tllll Ihl (do l'+ il d: it `dl," (Ill'lll 1 o l i l.,lllil . <'I' Ull li-. I't'th- ,olth , |llllte Ilr- ll"alll lllas i fel cl( v tasl l'a u. "de Alllnliei lalile, aln- ;vllvirli- tllllll I "11..jhlII,P l io r i' 'l cru t , olur jur" l-dicll,,n o ll +et "illl. . II'F i 1 l 'j 'r , uJ ou YIllr iumen is l.. Idi 2il5 +1.1|1 1 , d 1 , ''; i i . A'lrr clt oh-,os,'larr,- I, 1C fi' PUBLIC NHOTICE;~ Irl~l· '\(l ~il~l I,11 I I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ t ItlllJlrl tot5):1 at ty ofitie, to tioe Iutott Idder, tilhe reut an iuon I;00 it year,ttitall titt',rta 11 nd slde wall., i o tldllla on the same, uoitit the limits otftlis to tttttttllilt - includi:tg tll thle ode ootks ftl icks blr,!o tti l with curIstones, gutOer stoslk , nod p .ved soopputt, tt or,. eversach sidewak rc eit itn h iluroe liis h adrelutira shall consist t It ;; acill In 13eir former lifte anti Idotloaoylotl sot tftotind sidowalktt, which may ltttoutd tit of r, r nd .Loll be enceclued in such tu., r to to rd, at al ti Lin ullsv and cunvlrori I l C llllllliriilII L'Pytoott to Ite tit,'t motttoo , hto ita oth,' o the o li Otto of Ifth sOttvt'ort, tlott the "lor. Itolti; i *-ootlottd accrding tottttrt-ttt. Thle potate to tto Isom te routrlcl a6111 he adjudicated, tngill: d with on, or Ami ord scan hies in the sun .. V~~tON for tito phithftll,. ttt to,." ol It! duotiesdeolt iotg uontt himt. Theo toom s of Ithe..aiie ot handed in t thto timt Cot otti, whltot if tlo ore uus lacotry, th cu, tract w il otitto,,tol, iv o-ttjtit aBtd. Jttt n tIllt it trlto ll li In Stitotrlooa ;tiriplo i1to oto purrtiltottrrexs ilors I, r '.'t 5 I ot' ttOOOto tfi ttlttleOLnd tI last, o ,llo mdot,i 000 t b00 au iott Ottta ti00d0t1o1,I ctu F lea rpoto ot ors nrfrstt lrt poo dutt toot or1ottt, tuti to to rue lt d Ip e Irottai it" memr dons Itoo !tooftot t Idu' eroe prtcipaitoo colnjrt t tot ouna les trottois rot briotts ordottori o t plooctsr pr peo tint titfi, s trotttr.lnt dotlls Ira Ijlmitrs imlllrprIr.Ti'J es ti tles BIejlU mlieqol dovrnltm AtoonIrail pociooto fo:,,opoo mettle en Ielldrr Et Boilr · mnamlllilllll l r1 III II i lCI LiuL route dojo t aebo, stir tine I' 1)1ue0 lesilpplrucherr dnll uuccllll uisoll et liver, lacilili'. Le paiemeut se~ra fait o~r nodsi do i'otrr.It ecI. ftt stir to eert lieat to I'inspet tear.IT L.'entreprencur sera tents de. loltlil. caution I1*n)* It sumllla do trail IlillC pjHslr I poll, gllulmli du cmuratI( leqllcl dolt titre prcaente le orate temp.IIIIC JOII\ CAI.lleUN, ooarlln II IOX UfIIAtft *.-- 111 f too Ito,, Cluiri , Isit t7coioed, ond otoitotto stor thippot lotr iaO lIt Loouisianool'ornoitut-o hur " Itotme. no, 13It ft'1 It C11,tI S J3AC(I N oltttEt-50 Ottoji, foodiot fttotinur fnor and to l uby ACOIY 50 kris leaf landi, in store rrlull FIL --- 'C JJ fn etd o fStf 1ti &t - 'If u Not nlý ! . It Glttiro too o e, lit'? S5i)k;·:lenF 1 111,)11 \,!l . AllT RUI;; ;) W 'oa jOl o ill l r llA Lt &t t ll cti -Ito:, 1LJ Iausi og bau shop ('bslrol l· too talc It, JA .VIS s. o vtllttoof ti-tome tlltoii bni ti 't. Cihi rIce T.haeatre. 'Tih'rd ingiht of trhie iEngngmeut of CLI.ESTE. This IEveinsg, March 6, Will be presented Aubur's Grand Opera of LA BAYADERA, THlE MAID OF CASH31EitR. The Illlnknr.wu, Mlr. Page Olifour, Archer I't no, Mad'lle Ravenot gerhisr, Mrs fennie ZELICA, Mad'lie CELERTE In the course of the evo~sig five Opera DANCES. by Mad'lle Celeste. Previous to the lpera, thie Ptitel Comedy called FORTY AND FIFTY. Mr Lillywhrite, MrFurreu Mrs l.illvwhite, Mrs Smitl Clemellti:l Pluouer L iRON CHS'I'r-Jrst re.oived at (be I.otai.sna Wnrro 'Rr,lrr, :5 lictnville street, 1'2 superri. r sin. gle and doullle lire proairon JhPrsle, 'roI the faclmTo rJrI.t Itro,vn, Nerow 'rk, tur rule y tll WM R CARNES. IL. Illtt\VN'S P atent Plalform Baances.--Oro. * ces taen l~od rl i. 3 Ilienviihr trlleit, Patent Plot. form Irlerrs, supiier ioto ally over oferedt in thie city, fi'l I .V t CARNES. JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVIiER AN)) CPP'IieR-PI.ATE PRIINT¶ER, .so. 3, Cramp St. Y I.I PInerave and rinl rto rder, hank notes. Iitas CV iii'exel ns', hills of ho g dofi oir i, i lpar, r e re, lily annd vi++i:;e ruurld+ Iotnri."I, eonsulsart,,m cuatting Ihoue -:ill,* ,riheu,oo pl s iler warn., Ate. .alwayousY hleld, nln u!sirtlllln u!l'silrrr plnto d and brass door I ri (upris 7r:nted from platers lrreadly rrgraved. I tl lN'l'--l5 ramses wricrne plltrrns. French and l lOllirlltl printr,,hF r sale Iv fel,, I IOlIDG,, &. Co, 1?4 Magnzine .t ,1 -1-r tits IIF:'IINI;-41) bu!es lissila sheeling, LL f r sa!e by feo'b5 I lil(;IF . ' Co, 131 \lagnzinet TO . nIRCEIANTS. r " \I1 IH:It I IA 'l'. ra hPaae a /IoEATIiitl. CI.le shr'urlkorl f trrhouri x NoTrlcE, ibye alln nrgahe 'omling Iliomin f 'iRt:t: AMtI;CICIAN PIlNTINo; ()e It'l' , `t.I'hil'!' bI chuii , atljroinnlg' the REAIU or i ru lio s at (rrra'reofr ui rrr rcslerl0 , oratthe I 'int inr (Ili rrce, rrnr 'f 1'olydras oudt t. ('hl hrl.e streets. II VTATI' I II/ ---It l i A'hi ilullurn nIl e ig lnt nI or ilt t of ill'rt lrhr uc "l.l ers r arid lfor nhe hy (lj5IIh & CuOExsrhag'itlt hele, Ui's .tb (nrles t trreouri'UlT Irt'erol, r h, rranl csur'm rnte(isilver plated SroIrr hi r whirls will be engraved tr o or ' r in the Ilst l;+hiomale. I.y by J V CHIItIDS. r lrrl''N'l'tNi .lTI i- ,idss ,riits riirentine, landig. firon brllll'r .i inu tlin rsl for salefl J.O':'VIi & ANDIIWVi, 'N 4r)N Iltir hfrrrN SlTOUT & '.i.rr fTEorR-I-D r i , latding hram ship W\shington from Lou fi'l'r" '11.\t ) & i.\ R'rOW, 7 Bnok place n) l .IN < I 1 '' - ,irxsii W\n1fri 1.>, frOlll !,lllhl.m i i fil r 'Iuh b, i- _li{ i\t & ItI llOST'l O'. 7 Ionnk plaes CARIDS p PRINTIED at the ihorrtrut Notice, in the most .lrat nmanner, inl Ilhs'k or C(lor'ed Isaes, on Enamel. Id., White ' 'luker or Pi'n r sflrid ('rAnus, andl IPrisrs rr!y reasonable at 'I''Il E AMI.+IIUI AN OF FI'I( r, ,rnr'rr of Ir'o.drrras anrd St. 'hnrles sts. r,'rred New and lr'rrirrfilhl orun/is of TrPE harte rtr been ad Irvd t the l' :.istahlishmenrrt. i)rd'err rrrirrl at 'ollmptin R(iroom, St. Charles F.rlhan.he, :hd ,h ,oor f Cm r;r .vre r sl.,or at the Printing ()Th r car or rr a'11ydrai s &. r. Charles streets. nor I -_If Y'Ii N Iil-;'i-- lhrsl riulrs, bIllurhl gunny ibags ill rrri re nr d rr 1.r srI- rI, f .I TI I lER ' & r Co, 71 Povalrane t ·i I II+ o t \ .-.l -' r t sI. - f ine..,e 3 i bbl in I'I ". ..i. n r rrr, ....... lo i , f:!,b .1 TiltYIRr: & " ro,71'ovdran et 'bCOTI'OI 'IIRCULARS t. ih' I'hIN iiI,) 'rihl thei f,'rritest r .J-rpeditior,sand i r. r I s r/rlr. r 1surI ,,.'ed in N1..1' (ilr..1NIs, or else Ia- 'r /,/ / ' .o: -,. R"s.t in I. ('harisi .ir r.r f , rjrair S' ) or . t T R U . 1 1 ! I ',c " Ni.;11 I I NT IN C: I F"FIC E, S. 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(WNI.'I.,, AG?\:NTS,,o C\IPlAINr ofSTEAM 1 ) I(\'', ran hare their .ills struc k of in one or aore (',,l~ ,d Int111,, on PI lain or Colured Paper, rid , irpal.'h, na.l n favorable Terms, by leaving their, (o ,n. 'at'l :l' AI ,'ME'IC'AN l 'CEG, corner of Iaaraia lt, .t.harl l.ti rtrerts. I9 , li - ? It. ' t- - 11. i-t21 n .; I 'I.o aing roui baig t CatL'11 . lo, ,l lull ollg" il t lllltae flulr Isale. by Ii J tl t, 34I ruvierst ·'lli Nt. rs O'e T ON 'v ACa)a- lyF rbn to S ,,ri 1r t . . +.Id itlern n lIerthanns and platers U %.bllnIhT4N hBAIL Boor that - ll lul& as oerde BaIll I t is l l. , ai It itelqi, lul r thleanvl d& l ui irbha. li onu f \ "i l h C It/ r _ bIl , o ý n T~o~eL n alll l w l i Is P'in cflll nh t l- . ttall' l arlIh I aI l vr pl ntl aliOl i se willn 'I, r:;" ',1II,] ;tlad , a nlllrl' fl'lr alll 'lll es u llel le. Peltl I N,+lh, .I aianll it (:hnrllll Ir aiti ra th, : et .uii,l hneto Sh , t'l ll t n ,i tu 1 m7lly evei ngI , anrd t. DrseRss & .Masquerade Ball ,I. IPhihpqz'te,+,between Itiwnl & Btourbon. ont nill .l .1. I . al n t1 u avi t n Ronti Satesnda , r>,t, iatlitnia , a au th e I etablih el on l h all a l I- l t ah Itlltl Illa's . vlitOlS, ld uI Nety ti I a'r-tlaes ituurl. r ill the United tohter ''h l [ i'- l till ! -' l t rday e , 3rd i ry 't IVII FE;r 't & Co, 24i (iI:\N lI I ERI.,S & MASQIERADE BALLI Nwnill and a lean.' Irln t I:a, t:8 rg trll vrfe t l ord itr t lhr hou the elatliim nt h, ve thi aod iri, last l.onelt a. N ll L 1 )1 V 1 O1 F ll. e 1 1 . day dfeIl .I a d ided of lour Ipl r ernt on tit eipilal tlher f, pat Ib!e i lt i oth s eI tlolders ort heir l.I, rel're llatt , 00n after 1it andav theln h inst. °', = It J IAI.lIfEY, Cashier. fti -A 114 Ili I V (IF NEW' (W IRAN .. telil pti.e el Iri.h pollr to-day it $7 5.i perbarnt i u aLn tlla tI. i l n .int Ith hukers shall give iot t"te ar, , ain. (fient Sltadny 2115,t io.a.) 37 oass - ?l oirell Ror a vea. Ureal on tie l n eond qualit is r nllre - to w.e h 9 per cent. Ilare. viot 463 ounees. Illar' (: 1ENOl_.Mor._ 1">( ", ElltC 1^i<hega Ifili rttninRi ihujst - LLA ,tllt.A CollnCittLa St NEW\ ulLCANS AN ii N:1lj;liLL RAL tt/ NEW ARIIAN(;E: ENT. 8.11|6 I anamlntivo will leave Ihe Depot at Ih ta ot of I ('ntlu l hll'l, eery &-v V 8 it A. Al. and return at 4 P'. 1PI ( "I S le ii a, t lIea he oill Itt 1 sellr 8 .\. 12 P. M. ilYA Car for private prntins, provide the nmher apre eie , nice.ll be sentl down tie ral on nea daya' jlt, 18::+9 JAS H CAI.DWEI.L, Preaideur. ri 1-d CODE OP' 1 u" ,new evdtino of A it st ate of Lnuialnu, cl ntlitingrgules oa Pt -edure inl Civil Actions, &4t ,l(r sale hy WHi M MIKEAN, ea rner of Comp and 'onmtan at h{`J/,IaiV) Vhis5 LINS UILW7 i bh , .i ,tn Wi A"n2 tlu s,, 1311 gall.ia Oil-; il hap :,', ... Vnlnt-hit; I n o.Z il.f Pahint lirushs, recei.o. i'' . t ' l.l -is aaad BlarquI Voua hel,and l.t sale by ~r+10 •11'. CLANNIYON. ,-iel.r LU'rI¾'.l-t &PINE APPLEu jim · -f, r HElN |,y RIEA"D -- -- . Pýld-

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