Newspaper of True American, March 6, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 6, 1839 Page 4
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A IR' pan , 2 vol S i .2 "cgi lored plrr t SJ :tur , '` earce Le 4L wars sin Id hlId Leg an de on Insanity Pe Mi Sanity State popular Medicine ri mintry I n Cheo try Pa .ERCIA. AND NAOlTICAL. Pt Amao and Repository, fot 1989 E c's on ll'eil I)ictionary, London an pee Alsncfur. tti9 li Measurer en. S A•tCITICTURE AND MACUs A ICtai . ..a I I: -ttinnr, Arrhiteetmtr, Inontlo v. l . otltesto, 1 vole, Londonn - b ,baha cthreo l ' tfrodgold's Capeentry oa r sethaet. h Encyclopedin, Ro'udn s filnaionLoT a les. e *:b i A IiIADrpc y n Sn ance voe .fc - hai.'n hati. .r llnisos v ir nm toile & t merd mon a D tl. dr yandoB. Conctcon nead ri dp r res of Ieols I , ,tnti A ! swilde." r onitlleu tterd the nare, in ushoe win mO t ~choslpertm isnt orf .wna o proesn' e.nith aC.relln an oo.a tonls, as .v as tsyearisbe tGmdniner anolit r and s tefae, Latin paGrfsonk. $ B JOHINS & cn. Sa Cssues . Charles ant Ctatmmnn st. ma bein medae and cure of lre Fieoer nrid Ateto olra reodily dovs vren d wereinthe Totic is t. eia sepsroelo to theorrd hinra anlode, trreling J ere a Asuan. In tie first bIluc, hbeng i Vega Extac. and free frd n any delfeterous and poeiay - -iob isiert4 it lierolIfetaien with tiltt, most safed rd ei d bn the tendernt, or aged invalid. It pee eei e hpse th dllaalst e, consequ nlly the conestit tion.!wn regains its wonited tonr and activile. It estnb lishes a soun and pernanent appetite, by im:;foeral u. th. etoltac4,and gives" relish to tl he jouvmen s of tate. Being peculiar in lin,.." a purentlvoeualitv, it remnins e er nesc bset O llgv s clelses tile .everl or. igen of d'eioi, anil Illsr benefits the system with htever oilier nofiOeetgo, it laV be oppressed. Indiviuals, after thell nLe oldbe Toni.. Mixture, have Aeon exposed to all the uessl causes of the disease, and have escaped aty SVlnlln of retlurn: whereas bIl the use checoommon reuedied, theem is alway, erea tedsall iecreased liabilitv mo rec.n'rence. The damger f ffirquent relalses ofibc Ague, is very evidrnt, for J; the Alyraen will soon become too much prnsunate to be nb. ai react witlh nedicine, and speedily tall t vic tim to eueh iucesaemnt violellee. The Toties Mixture is eol.ld at such a resaonalilo priceln to plncn it within the teaeh ofevery one!--o Ilent t5 pr and deiistitute am lhereby fnrnialed with assistanee, without sorlicltig the.aid'and eatledaoa whiich i frcquoetly denied to thm, o oe very reluctantly. bestowed. The pbhmie ajonamaprtly eoutlonod egoinst the sss far imitatins of toh toedicise, that are daily lfoered ' It isprepared only by Dr. John R. Rowaod, at his Laboraorry, Marketstretl, Philadelphia. The sus ribers are tie wholesale e'ntl for te So uh Western ,1lato, and will enll by ise feron, at the Philadelphia prices. To be bahd at retail alse, at most tuhe Apothecsries in the city. JARVIS & ANDREWVS, Wiole.aule oDruggiate, eal'O cor Commonn & Tchoilitoulae a Miaaisippi and Louisiant Ilotely osltraNrTON. Lt MRs. MARY KIIRKLAND respectfully an. nounaes to her friends and tile public gene. ally that asae is prepared to accommodate them at he above establishment, antd hopes from her lzertiens to render visitors conmfortablc, to receive a continuance of fornmr favors. Shite feels confi. dent that peroons visiting Covigtosn during the ummer months, cannot find better accommodations than shabe can afford them, o morae liberal terms. Her house is plaasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furniolshed with the most choice liquors, &c. in short, she pronmiss intat notlhing shall be wanting on her part to give "tire salisfaetion to all rwho may patronizo the issahlsippi and Louisiana Hotel. je3 1 UBLIC.-m ho U t e...---ie- r ed. having s ° tudied under Dr. Scl.nidt of Charleston, Saoth Carolina, and for some years his assistant it the practice of mcdicine and surgery, has tile ihotor to pfir his professional services in this city. He assures tihe ladies and gentlemen that tile most prompt attention will be paid to thie calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holders ofslaves, being woil acquainted with the diseases common to themo, having attended them in the sugar hIouse in Charleston. The faaaous anti-bilious pills a Iler theeomposition of Preofessor Ssollette, with directions, can be lhad ofthe tundersigned. The effect whichl they have produced in tilis and othesr cities, has been attended Swith the greatest success, to whtich tie best of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 IMaga. sin. stroet. JNO. M'LORING. IRONS, &c. T HE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Booknan street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting oel about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 29 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakegans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. . Wood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 incll, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported prices., Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 80lbs. Bells for Planthtioa:s, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recommended to the attcntion of Southern anod Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by anlly one establishment in the Unsted States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prinled circular, with deocription of oods, prices and terms, from whech no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immendiate attention. New York, 1838. Jr3 NO MERQURe NOR eO]FAVA . New Orleans, Nonv. 14, IU'37. A BO'T six moutlh ago I had the misfortune to get Sa secret disease, for whioi I hlve nl.pli.d to sere eald ctors fora cure, and thea dil not cure toe so tow on tile above date 1 pu1 mysell under til cule of I)octo Haet, andI eapeot bila to cure ile. Since thalt tibae the disease got worse, so as to break out in large olcers to the number of six or eight on ea h leg, and ll over I *ey face, and sore throat, ondl not able to work at he present tist oil account of tie disasase; lrge olcer on the right side of the throat. I ao n .no putting mynelf esfientloy uatderthe care of Dr. ilueH,,f Paris, tbe perfreltly cured JOHIN DEAN. fee 141 v V DO CERTIFY that the albve: ment'ttdl disease is I qulte well eur.d to m:y ewe satithedton, for whil:b I Iltauk Dr. Iluet; and morelver I a5ssre that the tmedi iuae I have taken cake, osr fat, dad did not injure tty Malthl at all; ltherefore I advise my f flow sufferers to lose no time and apply o Dr A. lither, 124 Canal street, between Daiuptme and Bourbon strtets. Dr. HIost is at home from 9 o'clock, A 9, until 4 P 31. They will find a true doctor for tits comtpltalt. JOHN IDEAN.40 Gravicr street. If any one wants to see me, call at No. 40 (;lravioe JOHN DEAN. h New Orless. Feb , 1,838. felt 14 Iv . hound, is pat up in bottlt at the low price of 50 eoats each, containing the strengtth of three ounces of - Liverwort, bee siea the irtues e m0 lno other roots cnd herbs known among t inldians as elicacioue in curing pulmuoary compllaints, The a raivlled sucerseswbich has attended the ase of this inestunable Balsam wherever it his been intro daued, has obtained the confidence and recolnllenda ioes of rnspectable piyslcians, for the cure of coughs, lad, pain din e side, want of rest, spitting or blood, Hver ommplaint,*c. To w a it may concern. This is to certify that we bes in oura praertice frequently prescribed Mrs (lGard-. eerIdlaaI Btslsm of tlverwewr aad loarhottnd, with Sd.vwe good effsct: we can therefore, from the know edge ofshas sterials it is msd frenm, and cbervstone Iop pere reO.motend it as i soperie- preparation eirall l olseaoi. cties ato w elnes gar wlich I i re. swesmeed. ABIIERT' WILL.i4M, N. D. CALVIN ELLIS M. I.. Membe, of the B.stost Mldical Assoriation. Boaton, Oteoher 25. saleby. JARVI..& ANIREWS, sa Ilb 19 0 arl.o l oluita estnlas sta T LBEPAR' .Science urPeettanbip eeeeiyed,.nd or rale at their pemaneult Writun Acauldemicas YO Ce.-trssee ret, New Orleana, L Beawatey yorkDnnpldev aat., MobiLe. nlehpunicularlydeaged tAr private learners, and rlllq·.sa· d i calculated for lrnous aofatll ares. Led hand enlltemen are invittul to call and examine tq.,stej ror theaserlvcre. . tmonus are diven nl s a:r htlases namay ntlitthC eenveienee ofall, eld to classes faorted in "ny pars of the citv. Ladies who prefer itean receive :essons at theirown ref sideneu. aJ .$ kct e t )Tb ,.IIa . dIM ON8 IARTT Co, t oner t.W.v.lrI rin. on board shbip Orleans. Fitagle, llihalenld er,''ikerB letry AndrowFsihth and Oernny plo f.1cdrt~l; Bask Pgmownr Bioards Cla Oss nn, 2 1-4 and a. Klit ardl Iulls. 8,9, 10 and 12 imnh blade B whl1 -Kniver. Ieather and other traielli.: )reseing Cases; Belt, Poaker, ormoom's, antiod Dnlling Pistols; double and C single bahulled Guns; Game lige; Shot Belts; Powder Pi and Pistol F.luEks DrAt Baottles adl Drinking Cops; ot Perer.sion Caps and Cap Hiolders Oldth, lair, Tooth; and Nail Brtshe.s: Orris and Chlorlaa Tooth Was:l Tooth Powder; Toilet and Shnving Soaps, in greant va riote; long lHair Breide, Ringlets and rirzettes; Pearl and Toilet Powder; Emery Itingr; evory Tub Cshions:; Patent Slnle or Garters; G in E!aotie Sispenders; i Powder Ptfl, annd onxes; Gilt Chains, Seals and Keys; Ear-droeia; \'nint Buckle.; B aeleto; Berol Necklacs r can Chilasis Gilt anid Siireei Beade; ndian Ieds , l l Bello and Plintres; Shell Twit:; Side indl Dressinlg Cernhb;whleh,in addition to thleirformer stock Inoitnl. pa makes their assortment very eitplete, nod will be soll o d and es liberal termls at tile sige of the Golden Cotmb. i25-tf 70 Chlrtres street. V. & e . Io teriero Sheffield, Enplonn, have just C rceined a very ewilol ve set ofr s' t tl henRosi.tine oy T'able il Dlseort Knives ot'i n.- deseriptioe, Pen, 1 Pocket, Ditk, A nrl Spear point Inivee; Razors, Seis sors. F" Trials,&e &c. &ec . r wlleltthev are preplered o exhibit to tlhe trale lnrorders. Terms lied condilioe d will be made known e t tie title. m1i6 J. I). EiN & A COtIIEN.90 Common at. NEW G()ODS. .IM.ON S. HART'I' & CO.-Aire now reeiving A-'per ship Ilumlttile, Eagle, Mlenr Andhew, Hizh ander, F'renlh endl German lonltle headl plavin, cardls: ster, li anid prket, pistols; plaine rild il and split cuseinl eai;i capo Ildersli; .uisscrs, Razors, tien. yee; (Gilloi's enommercial and other steel pens; Vioe ns; Violin strings; shell, ivory and hor combs;t wafrsi k, iead til leather purses; haiir bide, front andl ack ringlets; negro palfs; German ntad Fernch cologle - owater, Rowlandscl mneeaser oi. imitation tdo; oltiqlue ul hearis oli; ploreltle dlesks andil tdresng cacs: postt blacking; statialo d toilet glosaes; coovex miriors; ei cal glasses an l views; Indian beals, hiells and plnPes; g creorenl; whit-twine; toilet td slhavintg soops; toilet owder, c smeti wash bolls; seered satin utsuiois; pool stands; screw eushions; fancy headl chans and Snecklyes; billiard mallr; pocket hooks anod waletems Germet holies; taor steimps; fine ntld conmen gtm b- Olastie rus leders, gartertli; Bells luciLfr mtdules; sil verg pencils; Crayons, &c. & U.U. C The above il addition to our former steak of fancy n rticles, makesolr assonrtimeut vely etmplreta. For sale to wolecide or retail; as the sign of he Golden Comb, 70, r a- Clitrte ereat. nlas. h 1OTlCE--Th parterlhip of Kellov, Mason &.Cr o d. Nýof New Oler l; Muases, lalrris &C, of Natehoelz; i nd Hairllris o,Kell of Lodneyra, was disloerd nit hle 21t of May liet, by the deathll of Samuel A Mason, le of tho Ireitnere ol the fir uis. Tl The uadersigled, rorviring partner., will beehargeid er withl tie setetliog 1od closnlg said busineses as fllows: r Lei C Harris will attend to the settling of the business to of Alnson,llnrris& Co.. it NIatPiez; and larrinr Kel er & Co.,at todne; atnd it en ireu Kall ll c attend to ' lieneitlig of lte bisliaitessc of KCellev, lMoao & Co., at INew OrlrinS. 'Ihe names of tie several firms will be ie Cused in liqaidtntion only. S 'Those iderbtred toaid fniirms are earnestly reqesteed to eol, foenrown eald imake early settlementsr anl thiose Ihaving claims will please m resent them hithot delay. ' tLEVI C HARRIS, l HENRY KELLEY. s New Orleans, June 27,1837. ' EAN IARIEP FARINA'S COLOGNE KWATeR lie e2 enses tre of this superior Cologne water, just at received iind )r sale liy the dozenI or single boIttle. at Also American ntd ,reneh toilet triwlers, powder Pttll's anld boxes, slaviig atonl toilet soaps cometle wash bIlls, lilii of roses, cosmetic eold crlanl extre: o oual, hetiaoln, Varl's vegrtable tair ojl, poleotlm, I remlne do prsP, Florilda. lveadlr, rose and bay waters, Pretsrat's salts, lnreeille perrfiiitry in trunks. vreeta ble r it liquidl ron'e, Cllorie and Oeris tsooth wash, cloili, llair,itoll anit d lesiitell !irlhelr togenther l itlh hn. lld aiilrtinel esupply of fieiionndl (toirsi and olcell or. conmls and jeneliy,foraole low at wholesale or retiil 01 by SlIMMONS, IAR'I'T &oCO, ler j.i' 6 70 Chinrtre ttreet. ivo COAL-ilic eiibscribero ilave conlitinihiy tin nfi hand a largre upplvyof Cannel andiLiverpo.l ctool, lein bulk, of suiperior quality, which tIhey offer fur tO sale in lots to suit purecllasir. ti. Also expected by the first arrivals from Eng ed land end lthe North, Cnnel, Lehiglh ndl Peach it Mountain Coal, broken end screened, pit up in te lgshelnds xlpreosly for latily use-all of which' io ihey will dlposo ilofon the tmost modlerate terms. I O erders el at their office, No. 53 Bieinille ci. up stairs. will be promptly attendedl to. ccg a3 B. & A SOITII . n Cologne Watelr, 'erlumery, &c.-A stlelt,, orarticle of clogne, put up exproesly for the retail tde; also tile purest Frenchl Perfumlery, eiitbra ty cilng every variety Ior the toilet, fur ale Ibv c ,c l2 REdS & D'L.ANI'. te '1' Ciiutiiiiry .lcCliatsi autd Pllanters. Ne aro elaIls, bltankets, flinnele, inse) sa lowell in hfirieo e e, chlck, litnens. ralicoes, hiindlkerhliefs, &c rc,received and for sale tow by thir sbecri. on be'. RO''lA & Co. ad oct. cornerCaotal sui CIhrtres led L IF G'lenrca' Petfu,ierira. of Iedian Dye, lor rolortng Ibe Laner ; ear's Oil, . Rosslallsi bleat' a rees', ptllltt lnl, 1Mcllac's Frei toe W'sh, cuperiort pearl powrder, hII wlite, Bream if rset , vegttlable rage, alto itl' r.s, lip salve, kreisoto aitllh washl, ialrbotlie dittilieC, manllr lIwer water, powder pull. ond botes, A','ricin Scharcatnl, huat tl pillt ti in lou oititte vials, P'ros. tly n salts, c itnite, kreosaa ito th lla clh drops, hlir Ibrcllhes, E-hnlish dresasin combs, Indian hairllt, e with a variety of thelcr perlucneries, &e. For m.le it by C.J. ''RINCIIAID, oct 3 corner ol Canal and Birlto sisa ci ~-- ---- ---- IRON ROOFS-Tie sahscribers hior putcured s, at a great expenn-e, the right of Iailting ,, irnm rootfs in lits crity. They are adapted to pulii buildings, warcleuuaonee, and private dwellinsi, ad c cnlllia at once cheapnese and derability, and are perft;tly fire and water prlof. T',rms tni be know Ii, and a miodel seen at tiur estahlishitonnt, opposite St. Mllory's nttrkelt Tel..pioulasi s. accu E B COGS\- ELL & Co UPIIOLSTEIIY &P 'APER HANGING STORE. HIenry Siebrecht, (Iormerly J. C. Wicks & Ci'.) would mest respectlllll inform his friends and the public in general, that he has and is cotnsta , ly receivien a general aessortnert of upholstery and paper hangine. The following compriees a part of his stock, which he offers for sale at whole, sale or retail on the ilmost accoumnedalin8 termls, viz : French velvet and satin paper, latest stylen; do halt common n n d conmotn, Plailadelphlia glzed ,lnd ngilntz'd ido do, Frenech t aedscades, ire ,aldst, IhItd, . &. rl, velvet and worestedd d, d, loreatnze do coleor, silk frltnge and gelloes aei lu qualities, ipatlters and prices, weorsted IrIcgs as srtred ptmere. plain atd colnrd. Swia.o tenlin, latLse style plin anld cotluaerdl, cottr, drnp rt muelieplain and titilled, ns-orled colore,new. sryleat needle wolrk fr solsa cualshi,, folshell covnre,&e new stlle of hell plllers, raised fillres and plain, Lilt windeow nrlntients of all patterns and izes, gilt tugles botal and spears, Ieathels, &c, glass knobls, Catlers, hair cliih, ligured antd plainlll a large assortmeint of toys fr chlllren; large silk cord and tansels, worsted rrd and tans. sele, a general aneortelllntit of ulphtlter anlld paper Itahgings, consItIatlyte on hand und f.l salet ar the lowest prierts at Nos 41 R-yal and 64 Cu tmau l1-s.e eta. N 3-Personse in the city or imn lie counntry,. are rcepecilully invited at nall nd atxemtne tir themseelves. Corpets and curlains made ill the lltest modern elt- icyle, rooaits prepared at the stlertt eat notice, ttnd all kinds at uphildaetery nark donle with neltsess and deepatch. oct 3 LS eE;LuUlt, No 54 Conde street, etiween Dumatin and St Philip, kee sennstalnllv n hand an , xteneive n eortneint of lnoes anu brngnuns, and shoes, l'iNew York manufaclure, tor elltell, wlmn and children of all uere, which he will dispose of at very moderate pries. .in Famnilies of his ne qinlance on a endin an lorder will have their wishes attended to L S SEGOUIR DEAFNESS. A NEW article fe persones troubled with dearnesns, (cealled the Ear Tmlliet,) has juast bean reeeived, bI the It1 of e w hich. (Ihe sligliteat articulio of lllthe hiee maen voice is distelletv tereyed to the nar. Anyt oel who hlat ever aien Obllged Ite converse wniit a ryen den Iron, illast Iale flly senmii.le of lihe dittiellty aid eea. larraasment expetlieneed buth by tilemelh'ea sad lies in dividuals no aeeiirlunatelv anlitcled. By lthe use o. tihe Ear Trumpel thit. objection is entirelv noviated. 'The most sceptical have Iely n ,y a andosedlhlaeirdoubtta alter having ued a ltli' TIlnpet. For alen at 1 F GUION`S, Fanny atore.carer of C.nmon ald St CLarlen stneets a ni.lor h.I Eulitala lintel. feb 13 t'EItJRM OIL0--I0 a gali0na tn liwinter d I SSpert Oil, in casks and bhlla, fr sale by - JAILVIS & ANDR\ WS, Wholeesnl Drugg ale, corner C anmlon and Tehap Inn srIeetn. Ilee ci IfIILE LEAD- bs, Ib15 Ibs tacei; - llS kegs, ll0 " 2l0tido da e ne a English d-o-5 1-4 bbls. 400 e n a 10ll Paint Iltrslher various nizesn I en Vernnilliani 5 hbll Copal Varninh; 2 Jap"aan 1 'Cach at i20 pack Gold Leaf, p' 50 do Silver do; at 1001 do Dutch Betal. WINDOW GLASS, American, Erglilsh and French an ItIi0 boxes, venous sizes and qualities. t Boston urown do.--00 boxes, consignmentl, will be ft onld law. lt Also, a general assortment of artiste' elnitrs and al l ale, for asle by A W SCA'I ES, at No 16 C.lal street.'n N B. Alabama notes taken at p r, anti Mtlissippi hi aotes will be reeived at 10 per cent discount for goo, E st in payllene of debts je.l I w I" SLOUR--0 sealintg f s leanne Inldepend , e''ee, It t DtlteS:', In at 41 Nt, I.", he, E.nre,an' Rea r Str,;tl--l'hlee ean-s of tie. e senuine article. jurt received by e net 3. REESr: & D'LANG, 18 Cnnp a ce Miesuourl Rop --OOU colts Missouri tale rope, ids aIll of hemp, in stre, and for rsae by is3 BIOiiRR'r & IAWTHotl N, 63 Grasier et Under lle Poceryue O.f e, 72 Camp at. BRONSII1A'& HOWSON be leaveo: i fm ,ir il their cusaomers -n I the ;i.h: ais l en11erll, ll p' ,hey have removed.lthelt establshmeCnt I No. 72 til C timp street, itnmediately antler rite office of alea abe SPieavane--where they are prepared to execute all ie orers in their line.ta H avini. received from filt North a supply of pe' 1g per nld lmaterials of a superior quatiny, for the lil manluacture of Blank Books, they offer their err vices to merchants and other-, who may wish tYo work of that kind ; and hoving the advargtae of wet several yanrs's experience in that line, they are juv confident of eiving satisfaction to those who mraynt f, fvnr them with their custom. of r For tnenries, architects and others, maps and na . plns will be pasted oi linen. varnished aad Smounted in the neatost Imnner, & at tie ehocresl flit ° noice. ea Plain and fancy hind.inr, in all ite v'rietire tit. at CIlNA (iLA,,m & EL aitti it.v aa t/a n o aridtt ,a 36 Clnarres sreert, New Orlens. 1, i. SIERIGEIANT & Co. importers of French bi n-W tEndal sh China and Earlthen ware. are of d ,now opening new nodl rich patterns lof breakfast,I n dlning l nd tea servi:es, tilet sets, pitchers, te P'a 'n I ctffee rups, te.tpols, sugatrs, creams,, bohwle, plates, dishes, ouree'.s, wael basiina anut ewes, a1 foolt batlls, etc. etc. S Rich cut and plain French and American glae. . tware-Jlahlets, chatmpaignee, leinaades, jellitesu, it clre's, ines, cordials, centra howles, decanters, th tumblere, preserve dsies, celeries, pit chers laIn s, o I. Ilnp shade and glasses, candle shalos, salt cel- at at lers, eti. at ol Sliver plated, bronzed and braania t fte [or, liquor stands, cake ihskels, ecndlhoaicks, dt he branches, spoons, lalies,.off:e aned teapots,sugars, I crenms. homps, japanned trays, astral stands, and e Shantg otfing lams,line cutlery, German silver sploons e and forks, together with a greal variety of articlcc tI tfor f intly use. tlerchnnts, ploaters, hot8, and nsteamlboats, furnished wlh goods at the nmolrt tea a a setllble prices, and paerked so as to be cobveyed ta with salety t any port of the counry. it il A l natta.nntlter t os' elgens-one. nna 2 t TH'l' FLORIDA LINE n From i.obile ai Augusts, Go. s. ', lives Mobil every lany at Il re - o'.lock, p in per U S mail hunt a for hlall's L.nldtnL, above Blakely,-t'tence four past conches toi o Pensaeaol--thl.neia.ce nmboas to h n Lngr ntoe, where thle i.and touote i resumed-tlhece It , vita Ma tin ' Br.wnsville, Fla. Dainbhi. ge, l Pi.dartrat n, H tawkinsvili. Suodersvili & Loueis. o ed villicto Agusonnt , ognnecitint regularly . ith ii S:he r:il road cars to Charleso o, anti the steam e e ackeas ao Now York, N.ordlk, P tiladelaphia, etc. l to The ste tnmboals are tihe esl aor the service, nnd t at the naviLtion presents monre advantages than can i be he found uponl ay stealnboat route i lthe ,uth. i ern regio'. ted Ihe great improvements in the route have been ° ue produced by theconsruction of lifty miles of new 8y" road, by the proprietore, viz : from LaGrange on alnayett e Bayou, arm of Santa Rosa B.,y, to Bryayt's Ferry, o Itheo Chatoanhochee river, test R itiles above te Colwtord, or 14 above Cedar luir', uR whereby the navigation of the river, and the con* 'seaqualnt deoentions, and more recelnly the incn der venient crossing at the Cowford, are entirely eah tvoidd, and a fine road front Marianna direct I c o to Bainbridge, instead or the roundabout rotd via lor, Chattahaochee, lesseninog Ihcedistance about forty' ers, miles, and increasing iho facilities more than ra- onfce alay. Ai l Ac, bramnch ol - life iaTwi ý~Tiise stages every ell other day flm bwkinsvlle, via P. rry to Mfacon, ail a. eonnecting with the line to Savannah alnd Darien, Geo. a. A mail steamoant alics regularly hewoen - Bainbridge and Apalochicola. ''ravellers w islhit g oc to reach an"y point on ChatlahochBee tor Atalahi u cola, can take asteeouloat at Br.ownsville. r lobile to Pensacola--Land Rou e-Durin, the titme occeupld by the repairs of boias, the proprine. tore tof lth Florida line will run a line of Inur slhorse p)st coches every other day betwetn .[ou. in ilenand Pensacola. i' Passenglers will leave Mol.ihe al 3 o't.:iclk, p mn, lin tile U S mall Iatl, and proceed to llall's . and. 81' ing, where a lour horse coaelh will I* in waiting ,o convey thenm to the excellent lhouseof [lr. Chaorlaes hail, I 4 mile distant, where theioy t il fid d I" pleasan t uecommtlod Ions lor the inight-lelull g tail next moraning, thley will arrive inl Pensacoala early rc- to the evening, thus avoiding the discomfort of ni'ht travelling. Office or ale lMansion liouse, Mobile, and Co.!. line' Iloel, Pensccoln., here seats omust be seh reS. STOcjll'ON & Co. naov I , Pians brtc tslruclion. cr. William SHa'th tenders his selrvlcces to the eii, zens of New Orleoans as a tuacher tf Ile piatno forde. Mr S lhaving bueen empinIV d severaI yelnts ra teIacher of cllauie ill private a tat heli es i isurl l, i andl also u soev:ral ot th femaleu s litlarilesin ill is il, Vi"i tilty, cannot but laie to melt rit their, re Ile is po:ermlTted to refer ht llot Dr Ci.pp. Mla sa: ar Stelson & Avery, IIantdtrson &. ni aes. v t, For ternse, c apply alt te bookstore of e AlexanderoTagwe. 49Ctaip t oi 2 n;1 -- ----------- s. Drugs and JIediines. a J B Prevost has inlted ihinell e In this city Ior dt, he lpurpose oftrantnctullt a .eelral Wholesn!e ale Drin husinrss. Ile is now rect.iving n full supp ly ol Iresh ind lgenuine ariteles, .which h ,' ill seel a on liberal lerm 'To city druggists, and Ihose of the iniorior. to piysiclans, menr hanls nnd planto rs, red he will off r inlduce:entes such ns have never he. run fore been offered in tlis city. Ilts intention it to lie co a sirlctly leiilimat e business. li. stor ck will nt stant be cotmplete, and inl a few weeks, will be era d ly for business. All ordelas roan Ibe country, and ai from merchants t I: i' city, receiving such ordoae nwill be pruomptly nattended to. noit 2 No 39Camp at 2- - - - - PROSPECITUS. TI:E subscribr I-oplses to publish, in the be. ginning of the onsinag winter, a Condensation if the twolty volumles of the Old and New Series of Martin'. Louisiana Reoports, to be comnrised m filur volunlme, bno., cecording to the model of Peters' Conaeasod Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Esq , of this city, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguisheod retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their persnlnal supervisiou all the, advantago which may naturally be reaped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day mole no. eessary, as the original is rolutinolus, expensire,, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani bfet, in the other States of the Union, inl reference to the peculiar jnrisprudenco of Louisiana; and Ile circumastance of the numerous principles here do. aided in the adjustment of conflicts of loas, makes tile knowlede of our adjudged cases of prino uti. lity to the jurists of tie whole Union. Moroovol, the rising republic of Texas has adoptod our codes, and thus there isa great domaad for the Louisiana doecisios from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallelcasee decided in Louisiana, ands occasio:nally those In tthe more autthoritativo forums of the other States, wi. oe added to each case. T"he work will form four volumes, royal octavo. and will Ie dnlinvred, bound, to lubscr.bers at $6 per vol.; in case it shouldi be found practicable to colnpress it into three volumes, the p-ico to suo Mcribers will lin $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM1 McKEAN, ei5 eor Camp land Commnlll tlU ts. W THIOLESAi.E AND RETAILCOMI; AND VA " RIETY S'l'(tIEI"--at the sign of the golden comb,o M70 Chartres stneer. Tlhe alhscribers hove re ceived, ittltition to their previots stobk CC tinId, o fill anil "oln ph te sassortnmCent of arti:les in tiheir lite; vi: o plllltr, lrferlmry, Jcwellrv, brunlihe, loekitg glosses, COIllld-torroine shell, wroualht adl plnit tuk,twmist, quilled back, loutt round, dressin , sid ittolln; curlntd ntck, Brltziliall riun 'la oIf every desripltionl ttuc most whi a sn ltae lMexnt palttets, Ivory colrns of evear daseAriptnn horn, dlresitg onlld ittkel, ti.ogmer with geiterasl nitortlUlltt otfrFeTtlltl ull Amiricn.i eElItFU.nEIIrkR -Cfolnh , ILavekler, I rido, th ey lr" , rose ui orattuge lICer waters ofdeverv size and des criptiou, cnllllrotrd Cologne, extract'f llr. atnIt, incty soaps ofll kinlds, lhaving do ien cakes and iots, ereUttl aillta do, Ctard's ve-'etable hair oil, tentrn ant tn ti~ rede. Plretou's srollitig sals. plain 1 ai perfl lmned toilet powder, ttarl tnwder, p ts p lerpufl's anllu lbtoe o nOttttlllil pots anill rollt,orrus and eclorine tooti washi and itowdlre, witl a genartl as.trtleat of JE\VE;LIRY--somtnt o:itlhe latest totd Cmtst fallihona Isle soetn, cutiasitiulg of whlite and red cournelin, ttp,a. jet eardrops, set in liltagree,l reashl aits ofa rfrees -,r its of tittiPIns, wetlch trlntitgs-, gmit std silv eticktes, milver tillitlces, silver andl ld pl( ncils mtold gulrd claint s II{RUSIIES--Cltuh Ittir, dust. uc,clru,learth,flonor, hat, flesh, tooth, plte, colb, Nail, -.liailig, shoe and whlitewns- brushes. LOOIKlING GL.tSSES-Germamn statia timd toilCet tlass, mtgnif-vieg nld Ieannel drsscng itglt ssn, lhotte do, with a narivi of olther kiulds not enuttiierated. FANCY)' AND \'AtRIET'Y AItTICLlfS-Freoci ntd Amleriedn tlplotalle decks aatd dres-ing cassesa, o e .ery rich anlid sintlv luisihltd llies work bCCx0s utii dres sinl cases witnlliIld withoutl insiC, Ilsteol loxes, Ac-e eordliuns o tvaritut kindil, iolions id guituars, silver and ltdpledpencils end lends,wood peucils Ir eatlrpeuites atd cravuoll, nlatltte loe ,cuunfttt trllld pistols with Itud n ilhlltut nos, pnereussinc o(ilo, C.tsire ,ion cap eharvers, Ctlole ,crew driverr, shut belt:%g ute Iups, pasta hlheking toy tea selts, Idiau lbenlds of every killd, bells tod palumes, fmneand comulon knives, ratzors and scissorsn, thimibles, redlels, pitts, silver Ipatedl, steel and coutmeon spcdtae eles, tpocket books ulll watllotl ofu various kitds, visitiug eurdniatd cord cetis, playing cordn ofFrelneh Goruolun tiud Aitierle-iu itanltiluoae tor, b. iutlmtation fiuit, stu eoxes, prnlts oft vatriousn kslo, Sauonders' Polieroy's, Emolersou's, ilttnan's nld Hawkin's razor straets and tletallic hlnei,tdirks, faoncy head necklaces, do witl toar rnlosloyv warh, IIeurl hutollns, wdler llsks, li and it plain seed beads, gilt a l silver Jo, gum elattic auspen- t( oers,and garters, plain and swonrl uiee, lacekgamntlon ttaulta, dlice, lopticail siuloei jewshalrps, locntbuo imatch d s ult dlrinkilg cupsi with a great wuriety ol- ther arlu P ales, ill ofwhit h will bie old fie caslh or city aeeeptan. i :e nou 12 tluo., credit. B lII SI3MIC:iS, &. co. dl 70 (Uiarres-a. d l 0111S' \ledicl Buhka--l.uii sn Ptihiuie; do. on bloodlettitmg, a new .ipply,re'd bhy ft -- A'FOWVAY, 49 Cam o01 ll e e r.eHetslni.tismaerfti a or kinosa:vilgolt, 4 eiatica or hip gout, mci t u.t c.acers, salt rheum, shilitice and mercurial diseases, ,particulorlv Iulers antd ipaitiatiffe.tils ofl the bones, tllrrted tiltroat vrta' nu tl tills, uleers of every deserption, fever sores, anti internal c absesse, fistulas, liles, sould heIte, eurvy, tiles, chrm ile sore eyes, er lilielis,hlotihei, still every variey of el. I tanermts lffetiolt, illronic CatsrrhI, Iheat ache proeetl ing from any acrid humor, pail in the stomach tlill dvs iepialt proee'ting from vnarltiont , aflttions of the liver, chrotlle itnt1iammatins of the kidsieys, anll genernl debili ty eased ti a torpideaction of thevessels of the skin. It is sing'lloly efflcacioutsin retiovating those constitultions which havebeen Illketn down by isjodioiinus treatment, juvenile irregularities. In gene'ral terms, it is reom mended in all those diseases whicharise from imnuorities of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever name or kindll. Some of the above eomplaints may require some tri. flingasistant applications, which tlhcircumslanes of the ease will dictats;but for a general remedly or lurifieator to remove the cause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found msulcient. TO THE PUBLIC. IIow true it is, that modlern Physicians, in their am bition to excel in their professioln;explore the vast fields SI ofaciete by the aid ofehemistry, and seek oet new re medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the praetice by means of art alone,-enti'ely overlook anti ieglect, as tbeneath thenotice, therilch and bounteous storerms ofmediine, whiclthe Almightly has eaused to spring out of the earth in every clime! Andlt how mulch more true is ithat while the American Physician looks to foreign colotries ier maty of his most common sand necessary articles, perlpetually chagllig as they are at t, the dictates offaslhion or folly, he is sutrr't'nilel inl his 1own country withan endlessprofusion of medilcal Ilatls, - sufcient to inslwer tny ildicltios in disease or to cure any eulable disorder; and yet lie is ignra1nt of their vir tues, and they are suiiffered to 'wste their healing oil the desert air.' 'The ffeetsof vegetable medicines upon the system lre tempiomry--those of mitnerals lasting. The o1trmer ex ert thleir effects and pass off-the latter, metuey in tsi, ticular, act chemically ponll the solils, sleiomposing the hones and underinliuig the constitutiton by a slow and sure diestruction. i'The eongeniallity, efficiency amid SAFET''Y ofvegeta d Ile remedies ever mineisl, my ie estimlated by contrast ingtheanclient practiee with tie modleer; or, in lrig ii more immediately un;ler our 'owni observation, th" Isuli. as pIlitie with thait of the whites. Who, in Amlerien, nanotknown or heard of rel ated histances wherein some deerepid, uninretendilng ftemale lndlis, by meatsef o her simple remedlies alonie, hias iffetedt I the lst rapidl st llnasttishing cures, after thle MaIteila iledica of the rt -emmo aoetlice., directed in tile most skilful Imanner, has foiled ? And who has not been smiprlsed ait the uom a pnttsivea ese uasndltscility with which tile lnltian frteshlil selfi'rom alln disease, and at the almosst tota abIstineee r, ofehronici lseaser amng thellm? Who has rtoes heliarl lllla Ilndian with a Olnstitution brokn sand rIined by It iill realmelnt! A:ld eltl a ilonitexist ths tll his holy ex n emlitilon of the savage from most oflthe ills wbichu the . lesh oflmal isl heirto, is elielty owing to Ie(Ie genla iimi siale femediesls whic lie enlohy5s ''lis asltonish. iltl lififferelee ill success, is a fiairexenloilicaltionl of the i. inhllste soperiority of the silmplie and safe intians of cure which (tit has created for the besefit ef Ihis elhildlln, n over those which the plride and the art of lmal have ino Svented. S From a long residence among aportion ofthe bhorigin to ainhabiltantsof thisaemtltry, andn. iltimate smsluain. tance with the methlds of cure of some of their most ulsueesstill prctitioners, the Iliol rietor of l'ithe indian's Pan, lleaes,'acqiired a klnowledge of some of the most powerfulanl favoriteremedlies. Fromthese he seleeted It sh as were most effiacsiouos ald aipprolpriates, and after varieousexperimentaetst st theirrincilesandstrength, he hiseolibied them in the foernl hele plresentel, as the 'is most erlf. et andl beneliciil for the pllsup Ifor which it y isrresommenldedl. 'The piroprietor offersthis preparation to the publie, with the consctiousnelss that he is plscing wilthintheir seas, y tremedy e:lible ol'relitrvilg Isiiy f his afllliuted fel ylow beilgls, wsho s'av nsEle'illtg slnlr, the varislls chrotie alllil otsSlitinstle iomstots to whic ist is apsiliasllle. To slueh it will iproe of incalculable valile, as the means, atlll it mlay cases, the onily means s ofl elievingltheirsul' t ferisgs ants 'estm'ingt.hemst once mote to health lla hil s - IP Illness. 'I'This is otl'er.ed as a commIon ruetedy, that my m:sper ushelslllc be elllvlly g iood w oh .l sy others clow illose,h but as oine wich isaelpblolit f asslls lil' loeicosyi he I Lexmecaseswhici l. l tIletOtsonr:remedies.tial. Thisl le. hadonle reipeatedlyi; and this is thereIr.lultionl ithasob illr taie wherever it has bee itllroduced. u' It Is onllts boll. three yelelSillseethlis llrelarssion was i eseite to tshe puilic: blut illtssl shsrt slpae nf tlme, some hunLtICis of persons might le I itlilll, t ho wo l Ssolemlnly ldeclarle thati tey believed that their lives elre ,o saved sli it, land in nst..Isesal'er etise lasd trie!d lallnu tes lsl i stlets all tle common reIediers in raii. W\ler afalrlstllsolhulisl ss t aubst llslsill oui\ Iploo' of it "' merits, ly T''lhe vahle if ithe Palscea i most conslipicuous in those of long staiHilg isil Iiihiliice indl scroflous atef;ltiolls whsi i have defied all olther rse.sedies, asIind rticuiLs'rly !. inl those cases whele tmerctry has been so lhvil !)y usell I as to cause distressisng pails ito tihe bones, i odes, IIier 'ial lluere , deran ement oft1e sligestite organs, crc. h'llese it comllpletely relll\ es, amd ill all casel:. it c tilre ly el-aicates the diseaseso tll le.cts of ulerc'rV, l'Veo oi, :otestilheoistittion, and Iea.asthie patitut s.sdss tuid i. well. In rhiol'wlatisl and in ulerated sure r rtll , its Sshaplly el'eets are not less apparlu;, giln. i allghst imlme 'diilte'clie'. tip Token ili Ill'o1". tovses, theb hi:ll.:+ It,:,c, a opt1rat.+ et, 1 Us lll ltfllatlivs l de.1 trcglgei; a dii b v U, llti e, illl'ctici a1 l a t e lixilti les, an n i-sp sinili wll ytlice; alti ill proper cases, as lusillichic and imienallll goill I Iner. s i a lly elx p r e sse d , it i re a s t s il l tst se crtts si n .s slsvi e x eletiluns, gives tone to ihe tonlch, anlll excih:s :il oni in th: glands in a rillicular mllllnerl.. F'o : I thic princi-o ples itsloeratins maly Iee ul ..rsiod. Tl'hislnelliicine hias leu Iheelloni highly at ful in rn V tnr lbiguous t ists eases not here spleciied, alil it I las ll !'i used with success tas a SIpri.ig and : :d111 Ih olv riller, Illthose l \Vlill sIIhecttoclno o laintlh ftt echest l ti aiv whose toistiilscltulsislelseh Its I otts l. Such ts.e - SL 9sos Will do well to aIe t v0 ortlllee boltles11n snmlll (o ses. Whenever a* diet sicilk is eoni, I.cerssiI'r, ' this Panacea, taken in a small isti; will ianswer all its purposes, ill much less tille, at less expense, nd,1 in a i lt more agtreasble illlller tIhan tuse mon u di lelrin sik. T'he lidilowiug cestlisacties, out of Ihumtrets ssiila, a whichs liglt be llprocued, are given to show oter effect of dti ue llhrlsiut's tassiees, il the vrhoitus ons miilsitS Iltnt e;e It llentilliondlant also to exhlibit it tile mossat satisotstol'y malner its slluepriry over tlhe syrll in collmoln use CASES UF IIIEUMATLISM. iCauLne','eON, Nov. 15,1832g. Dourillg thelst winter aet s sriog, . was Stflicte,! withi )-I very severe andisi isleslig Ish, usItioll ocsaeuiouie ib) rI' exosl'e ill bad weather. I o tukeglreat Istesur'e Ii f sIlltilg, tlilt six bottles tflfe st diar ' i ia's Pantea, iested tur le to lerfect lhealtll, olll I colildesllsy resiimetlid it to as' :1ll similarly afflicted. JOHN FEIIRGUSON, Kigi st. on Clalr.s'rox, March '27,1832. I was seized about three )ears sincer, ith adistr sesing . rhieuatiism, eilsell by takliig a severe cohl, whle itltdr Ssheinlluescef inerculry, and which hlas dihsabled ~r rt, frvo bussiess nearly evetasilce. Iisursiig tils tioiud sithai'e Lessi i usitiestt in th.Mallrlie iloslitasil, Iiisils cit ch upwailsol fsl mr lmotllhs, atud nei'liyc ao lel glh., timeisnithe ialt mretoitiarl, lan tries d i almoist ar.r o. remelly, wiith little benefi. Ol th!e1 Gth of ecbrc.ssl ts, last, attihat time scarcely alelto move asitor ! ipo 01 erilllchl u'les, I oseoniiscls iteUsoe of illllies's IIniuiLe. ois oiss l monnth I ,futssd ysell'enrestih " f'reed fio ut,on lianid sir lie now happy to state tlat I tolsi nrllll ylslf p1 lettly well. tiM. "I'Uis KiEiIt, 13 .Maiu'ket ast. On CA"ES )OF SCiOFULOUS Ul.CIEtIS aNew Ylillt, Setlt. lI, 1830. Th'I'lis m certify that i t tht ll e I a 1wls seize I ) with a swellingin lisy neck arlid he, wthich i ileterwa ' is, ileelstted and became n la'e gllsastl ulcers in ainv t eck. o Aliert)ryints ,teal ishysiiues to to musiaot::ge, I wen' to 'll'illlelllpla, aillw h placedl m sef' neller the cIare) es I)rs. Pllltsteaitild IeaHel, illen, lier re.eeated lsdi alions se tslo eRi'ect,. was irmotsosttetl ltterly illce,,ble. Alicer. warislis uinisk twelstv IoltliesofSwaiituso~lauileesi aus sitRi ' i)olsaihiing of lise, whiilh ha1' n Iesromies ' bnlt''let t o'es I et'lll'eld to ony pttreits it Nrew York, il 182i, t i5 gu'itLyeni)is'lfigtu io lisnslig sirluti Ieirn.i ol l ii t0 gI-eatvuocussoi' 'l'The ledinlestiu'S P,,ue', ltotsulu"e i',iutiso o'usiilor o Iy ot,'1, I was s1 ersuaslei to ts it, as slnst tt solt. 'uo it' gl'eilu sult'1sse, tle well as .sltisl'riosL. l, sooll'lslllss nsslyt l's'illls is 'eoro el'r, sll' s IIIu luu lIkill SeeII soslt's, th. LIICtersuet:llhlt altl v hs ane u e uetfeotl) well ill thle course O's1s mif'wotIstlso Od Iaie rerlsaillR sso eves e illre. I slil si astussetsseu oltl OI lw ilt alllsE l f l. I lles t el' those his Ilu aull'li . uIsiiee• ss M 'osi se sirillolls or svlthilhic oi'ctitns, lhast liery nuy kiuow olushe.eusllredullve whlo hss silii'ell iseley tiiig his tIos Idol Iho tuoelidoers Ilils lsfo sasel by thue ato sev p a rup.VI. INIA CuilnLtuoru. July I'2, 1131. t, Iwas nflictele t',fotue yerss wiii asn ulcer In tOl ieg oc. ol cusiona'lly leeoilnlinited withll cr ysilalousto islaststisn ist od r icies tiive lllls thel leg olud ulaE joilt, Seer~al ry eminellt llysicialis exerteirii thelir skill upon it, blt willst nll lst r'mosent'o bellrefit. I sllis iesIe live bUItle lIdiilla l'sianacea lmsle a Iperfcit cilse. M . AII. AltI'T A WI''S'I', i..tlI kctke 4 PFor sler i IiENiY IINA I1iL, dsl'tllggint, iee t:.e. stesse.i,,e~t ors, 'i'etts sieuits,,ios ' . . NEW ORLEANS . NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. r t f , sttockihllders of this coamlc ny are hireshv eo S tiliad thiat y a resolutio ato the lard of direc. tnn passed on the 19th inst. the call alae ot them on tilhe 13thI Febrtlarv last, fur the paymllella of five dollars a a thre, ast r,.tcittdrd, asll the said tockhluldera are further notiied that WIl..RIEAS, bh a resolution of this board pasted on the 19th llst . ae ll hlas been ',tde on tlhe, slockhollrs of the New Orleans aJd Nashville Rail Roadl1 Coltttatay iar thefollowing pavynots on the tlhestock held respJc lively ly tIllhan, iz:--two doiiara Ir slitare, lavatal on thle firlt dtaV of Sltelamber Ilrre two dtdlara Ipr sltare iuvable ona te lirst day of I)ecember next; ald two dolars for shaure payable on thae ti t daty of "llarl alelt. Naow therelfre be it resuoltrl, thal tlleh seCrea.ry of this cotllapuy sllalLutif tihe are ayholders thlereil tihroutahl litr putlic pr.nts of Ithe eir t,that lion tturniay with fite bixtt section of tIe chatter, titerare n p t cs i r to Ioatitalle lany taymtentl called i tledr stack tfotl a dallltputty r Ifte term r fl' sixty days, iftonl aad after tle day o 'hichit it s ade payable, wal Ititaah exjIaso ta ditir however, tlhat if nta repslarly poy aid thi ti th e said aprtloneatimt of enixty damys ttm aInl fi 'r the tav on wlielh it shooul haveabaela e paia , that tlha tile Iltoa:k on sasit aaylntaontta hlaaai have heelaallea is oaad rel t i -,: !orAited to the company, thle elatar sta tllta potint einh. impeiative. Int coasfureIty tlereftare, to sil alt,1tll shlak of tile slockholdera in said cmalalny, ua thinbk proper to putt off i te paymnelltas n thrir sauck to tllheaondoft le datilional sixtydays, wlicri the llarter allows them, are notilied that the paylllellt of two lul lar per shalre called for, and due la the firstf of Sela- I teloiraeal. say he peslttalaed under tr e ssixtha Oreliasti sf said charter, ulail the 31lst day of Octoblr teat, IthaiI tie psymelt na two aiollars per ehare called for, tand due on the firsttla of December next, niay Ie poet. I pond until the 30th day of Janalrv lnext;and ala,'ptsy ment of two dollars per share rall.l for ntdtll itLun ile first day f lrith net, may hbe posatpoled unti the 3Uth i day of April next. Extracts of tia minutes of the board, l[ I jnlne21 A R l1cNAIR flc'rv / -- m I. ATS,jsaa.s. ...11 i 5- w+hItseýoW l' r - - Royill College eol Physienla, London. - If HrE original Ve.etable lhgeilan Utivers.,l lirdi ine, lrepm 'e" lby \V 31i Rio,-'Es . eltibet 'I ir e nl CitCollege of SireonS, .icentiatl or ApIthe carT'sUom alcty, Fellow olf Bolt Court Society, SulgeoI oei to lbhe Ioyal Union Pension Aseciation, LaneuYr sh MPie, Waterloo fIridge, and lPerpetneal Pupil of (iGuy' rvt adm St. Thomas's HIospltals, Lotoln. Ti Thbis vlhmlle medieine, the result of twenly years' go exopericnee andl anl'aclleleed success in the eaiensive ao nlal highly respectable piaetice of the propriety, pastr nised by the t cliulty anl nobility, and is oow introdu·rel ! in tolthe notice of the American psilie, at the eantest so licitation of a number of gentleceo of long tal high th sta~noig in the Irolession. It is holled, as a intlimi- Ie toy itep, to cheek Ithe evils a td faHl eouseluences si arisingli om the use of the i smerous and deleterious vi nostrums toisted uponl the puilic ly thed ilof fabrieated ci 'roofs of mnitculools curles, and otler fI s, by a set of et nlerceal-y, s cipintepled p;retenlderos so totally igenonltl of mediecl scieeee, thatt i impossible the mostlros fi delusiton can any longer go down with the intelligenlt it Jeolple ofthisecottry. Tlrhese pills, milhi ati agrl"ieable et In their nattre, shoultd e kept in every family in cases I t ofsulddet illness, for, t by their proml.tlt ndministration, cholerl, romll s, spllats, fevers, indi other alalintll p1 uomtlallilO, whlichl too olten lrove It'ltal, may be spceedi- at lv cred lor prevented. Ion fit, oll lthose owho alelegt o health, shouldt never be without theml. They iare solh It oin packets at 5t1 eents, $l oudd$2 e:tcl,kb yeey e respe p tabile ldrggist, bokselle, and ileitlIorof medicine i tilII onitel Statest I t he Canadtas, with eopious drections, ii togeller with. estunosialse of prolissinital abilitylio frn f thie fiSlla itilg e tetinel geitlemeIC: Sir Astley iot;lper, .J Alnielrthy, Jatles Illitdell, .1. I)., W. Back, .1. I)., , J. Aston Key, A. Fnulinpton, M. 1)., and sumtetousl others. The origilts may be seen i possession of the Genel Agent, by whom the medicie s imported is ioreito ti this oountry, and to whom ill applieations foragetcies must be m.le. JNO. Ilth.IIAEIN, 129 WaVeerly Plaer, N. Yorkl, Sole General Agent for the United Slates, Uc. . t For saIle by appointoent of' thIe origial iprorietor. bty SWats Si It1ourentiro, Ibo'uggists, No It Cautal street, gheriI. Agent allbr Stalthec of Louisiaos. jiuld tv fIIENIgY 11 LEI, U co, No 3 ltigaziae street, are Sr.w receivitig lrom ships Nashville, I.ouisvill, 11 t Ketlck., Eagle, anl other late arrivals Irem thd , ' tllernl citiesi :o iarge andl new selected assortment e Lsist , Boots, Shoes aIIn BrogIOnse, eonsitting olgetictleitnu's fise ctlf atel Morocco boots do '2ds1olity; do bulPd, and stout axs pegged boots o sIatlinos qualities; men's fine calf seal aul Mloraoce lio. lpatutps andt brogans, buckskin shoes, brogans tat sllppets : men's floe calf arln kipped pegged shoes ale I ogas; dol boots; do stoullt kii ail wax pegged shoes p e11 brogas; geitlclllemen's best i1uality ell'seweel shoies, Iltogou'ts andl Jack I)owltingts; do calf lad .Moroccoe Stackle slucms anld blregats; ldo calf, seal oall ,Uorncon a I aliai shoes :tt slitpt 5, tdo culf, butlt antu seal Wlgs, Ya lew alrticle; do line ealf, sell Hand iioreceo qltartetl icts; boys', inisses'all chillren's p 'ged slid s11 ed 1 b,,ogals, atul shoes eti eerey qualiitadiltt kind. Also a general assllrtlloelllt Ient's stottIII war onuI r.'stt llrols andl slhoes, togethel with o,(K) ll pailrs .gro htst qiadity, ttssetl brogiaus, nailed in liti I.lks,s naule expressly for plantation use; a good is-. r rlmelt of Ine's fine andl stolut kiip russelt blr.lans, a i w article, alll a urge quaitity of all inferior qualit) i r ssee a'ld waIl brogolls. Ladies' fine call, seal, morocco and glain welts, adt a primp sole shoes; do fnle French Mlurocco ant kid run i i. .ind slippers; do roan shoes, with aId without heels; t I calif, seal asd stout leather bootle:ts; tl l'rPiellr a shoe. I fill kinds and qualities; do lasting brogans; Ino gbtrilr. i malll foxed bootees. Misses' lastillg"sllillg shoesanlIl sc ,giLts. Chliltdren's colored Moreoco and lastinig bro gs ilandl boots, ce. .illecmen's lineldshlionable black silk klts; do black. Cit lIlnra. beaverl o ot a supellrior qullliity; do imitlation its rat do; biroad .nul narrow bllrim tien's lilne idrb :llll hI: ek tRussia short oilpel halts, ai irisw article. .'1t"eti Iat ;e size hats of ditikre it quali ies; do childrent't. .N1 'flaol be)'s black lnd drab wool hats of larioms s dasl ies, with general assi(tienit of bo) s' and 11 's 111 sal callps. '1 ts iastillntent wtill be retlenishta d hb the arrival of eatS ls uckeltslrnt Ile ltiorte itnamedI cities, all It' whichi willbe sold I on neroiinotiatlln terllls. ao -tIf ,uN INTA ll'1'tt IB.1LXi FOR TIHE TEF TII. f /ýIt esablished relulta~lion ad toellflllv hllre-if F J de nunil d hlr this etl'er foul reeled _v o i po n, allIld pre servative of fie teeth h, s i 'rucl he sub-Briber a otter it to tihe Aalleritan lpublil. Atrrug.entlls hav been mnel |o uidv llsents in all Itep I.nlllle d tisie :t Ia d tow lns i the I Iiteld .tair sF. sa aI f to IpIIace ' it hil e the reach fll Iho~e sulllring r ild lil ly t II suI'to r this tIlo h uarmusin oll all Iach*, Tooth-nlhe. io ttle, it ha ev tilil.'t lllr t n l tr i rllll!lr.tlh-tr t r n IIIInIuIriI fle'lf. t l t Ialso rrel+l lhe ihcelV In loft d lf iv tleeIh, alld ifel'cti Ihnes ha l)t r ll..c s \ elil·I ro ih'cll l u tIll rundefrs ia iron tootlh l nslss ''l.e appliienll and s rem edy re silll : illlll ntaIm iit Al1 Ii r ule n.t1111 ii u tile Id:are uI nheI r lf p rslsllll in d;E.l'nren c. n lil.lll n i I Ico ntrylllll, that halve I!r. ildy expe lie .ed sula' l delie'hltf tid la-rihrt eleriitnl t the i . of n heh iinainr, e iretylh hl b tll or ( th he l n toIlli l good) their t hhtll ol i v to its In - riv lled qlailutls. It is It llli:in rel , obtillllllilllned sill ylllllrv IIIi LI,'.i!·X:I th.dl., Ucad iiini f r. I r' , ,! II ihe cri ili')rl .,,lt:d ns tIh l11.1- t 1 8;11 tiu ' d:-',,rl* v a Pdllle ofl ore m n, . It toe *tr ei-nnlin. n-.,I Irv l.IliS & - NI.til-IxS. mr 5 ( ", 'It l :nn T,'.IC nni,-i o,,".. , rt llll in (Iors of t , unt,!er,1 - nrle Jlh t ll. t , d rout, SIr disu.u'llllndt,, ,,. oiil ,nit loin 'r:: Vl,h. d - ARIt::i' l i' EI) liii I '1iIu, i. ,taving been inarr i:, n e .. -i. i ltri tb : tl r.d I. sr tnive sulpply of all the atoand fid kinds cof kitchell or vegnetabli tn. An .t ti.,n", of the growth and tlol port of hie prresent, 1837. Since the early part rt l September, he has r. eeived amnple suppltes, by ithe packet rhips Vicks. Sburg, KenI:cky, anid Arkansas, all arrived in short passages, direct fronl New York. ilo the Mloois. f ~ippi and another packit, he is in daily exprecta. itleo of a supply of Fruit iTrees and Aqltar.tgus I Roolts, having alrady received invoices thereof by mail. The subcriber begs further to assure the pubtli Sat lare, that ho is at present oa well enabled to meet and execlte orders lor all olhe kinds of Garden iSeeds, either wUlesiale or retail, s he tever ear sinee his first establishmei t in January, 1822. Country Dealers and Market orders filld at tie lowest and most reasonaule rates, by tht pound weight, aind gallon or bushl measure. Catalogues, either in French or Elglishi, Imay g always be obtained on plrsonatl app:liation at r usual, to iVAM. SMITil, Garden Seed Store, 85 Cusntuuto trre stru :. NOTI,.-uA constant supply of iitm Steed, iller r mti.ed or plain; pulverized ,oup; herbs, and Shakh rs' dried herbs,-wiill a supply of peas anxd beaus. Fancy Packett B1 olis-Underr tits head will be iounld a tldendid variety of tlad.' and genrllerlu's, io kt biooks, note, r ard, tneedle and thread cases. Fancy Itoitks, Utirltrmh rs, lo.-Ot " the lat0 t patternc ult of smietir tltaity: coeslotit,, of laitn oid ts-fi ed gotal rabo .d c.ller vet anid loth ofcorks, lino eir.tres pan, nantd ionly wiso, and without rlfncle drsinrt otlas, eell e. d er clled WaOhingion ) tU ON ICUndr, also g l aI'UE. ti wors. ed and cottonlt , with and ti ite ver a rol Aler, pntie orig tralis cwith wired ntrig usllet a groat ui versal success of gent18e, l'sy pers, llad o texpressly for lihes retail traid, by cityL. , as statend h t oPhila. dolithia, s edici-A gne irats nd rrol tlendd, and orenen flic in itbs tprel their manufe teory.Alo, bingt il atld Frnes of ressing colIy of tllo. deio ffri undr U I'ON & APINAL ry. It is .a ediPOUN p IssONICg MIXUIIE. andA n usedy acco d ing to t Cre di r tios Faver led Agof, remititrent a cllir iielt most ore slrtipared frne iof original rdorder . Uadis o t ett r nent i ablnd unl vera succs tie I I832, by perso end o thiren ighst rtke etbiit ity it titi y, s trengatd in the dinnexed ertiicat o, or bs e asest bo This medi cure. T is higtly reeonedd, a hanor boron Cxtrtsively usedic teor any dusiled i wa withI eto dite iguished suc esti ton hat The proprietor of ite0 recipe han d ben itndced to oflcy r t te pagreeb. lie in its prerrert ftrmt in Cite hote that it natty he to refund tfe prrice n of mny ot tlliose who bear suot'cring uodotr Cite scourge of ourt rottrry. It s a nmeditine poosesring greatvittoe, and vben o soe eerdn ing to th dncirectitons hs nevdi er tiled of ofi eteietg a cure, cven i ther o sf th e fevr st&age. of the disorder. It is eot et ll dtisagreeable, aed Ierss of the wekd est l stoac, and eotildren ltof y take it with impunvity. II strengsthee the digestive organ, crDiates at Ag ppetite, a seldom requto ires more thtn o te, or in obstinate cases, teo bottius to effect a cure. thereo is neihr ttercury nor -earne i tie icn e, inor no y ti tng injul oUe to the ummoan const eitut ion. Tien prnptrietoras oare so well convinced of its efficacy, that Irhy agree to refund tye prrce of erry bottle which hlta been taken in tcoedane', wilt the directions end bao lot efr:ted it a lero er-t rure of the fever & ogue. A. OLIVER, etortlellea t fbe Ner - Orileans, at iis wlroleslrtle and reilail dreig ld InOetrellno slore, corner of IBietvlle atdi Citartres streetl. Fer District Agencies appit to je5 T. W. S,\I/TI], 48 Cotnti et, HAIIRROWGAT- SPRINGS 'IIRE +I'L JI'OdA i . JI nI S PRFO.)I aVE IC S OltLE.INA'S. rlPliEt propretrr.ft tliis etrtlrlisboeerrnt to tIre plea sllre of ano clll hlll s h l end I p el ed til e ublic itgertteal,,tt e llle i ll ra i yti l t irt ta f of yIt't. re iir l will Iosaee lire the .- o lrit ottitre tlt di-tlur tee, Itrt1t liters ia l itret tetrge ittn irtV-.tetrt -ttrrde, i rd thill ero trw g ntr adll i ll re it alrertee ftor tcoti leti ot t, t tt lt will eit ri hl i the subs.criber to aUnlndte n imiitch trt crtttertbmber tlhan heretoftue, orl S t tihe se1111rr tiute II1ch1 better. Fsee.ili e rabn r rlalrol b ii eattd - itl gload )eelero or tlho-e vl hen refart taon are large catit , etaierr loon tite itr, Iuihling. It isl deeed ollseeras.ry ,le say nytlt in io liert . lar of tlle citaraetbl o iell bo wire, fr it is geteertllI iuelieved Ithb oliy are not inferior otll ttv it ie ioul it ern All the olnuometttslll Itlo are gult a- ly lotuaot It Woatsering PIicest w ill he fmlnd at tli. 'li le test tuolic thatt tis tit rt of tit1 eoulntrert~trtile, te bees oenggme.and will be in eotnot Intteidtar accat Ihe lriolS during lthe whole season., 'It sowboesibet will avil himselfof e his pinrnnit ite in returelog hiti nnfeooned tttarks frr tie very lileral =olrsl Frgives t1rtt iir teuset .antt thopes ht ethe eer. I Oitthtt have tren tur nds iotprntiegoedxttoin l tl ttoe aecomoltodtirrt, to merit a liberal ptrrto.0. s 'e etat JUST' PULISHEDI)F10O3 STgRELOT YP'i Pk L.I TES, The I'Vth edilie ef )wl55.FETT'F' T'AIIrp sF IN'TI r:sT: sTrO which is nl' a5 aeied an Average Tnue Cailenln- I . tor', or cn sy methodls fli fi tining the aveIRge melie ot storage, notes of hnacl or bills of gs;ls, slwhen lout. 1'y elhased at llilflrent dites, on lifferenet esrdlits, andi ft' various nnlornts hesitlslenem.esfl tl tl eomplete Fanlkie g T Time Ta '.le, thie het ihat cant be eontrived. or that fi gUsens cln pr lesle wilthin the sIme condetlesend ecompss, llnt size oti eI e. A versement in thebook is sebseb in nearly the follow The h'igh distinction this work has recessel through the tell legislative acts lrcfllted to the title Ilge, is a re enmmest iditif|n itself, so ncomellmnon., ullt so eonclu sive, Ih nolthing is necessary moren e sihne by wen of ad vertinsemenit, to givea eondensed view of slso e os its pe- ti enliaities:na fel'cistance, the Interest hlnas been comtlBes. c eld tiom,and colmpared with, whet is equivaleutto four"- e teen seesef edeculationee, examiued in the prens thirty. ( five times, aid lrilnted firon te'reotlye plates teetid I thiltyty-one licnes, fenoml all which it nlst he evident 1y 'vee I tshe skepetis (elesecilllv on' tihe Ic.sonn ofl' ' ie- I Ile of pronHi'e lhe e irec'ee) tlin; tihe wse lk le aerili letilenly inlidllilble, nellid entnfirllsmatlo of this belil'as plelemiult of two huhldel au lllfty dollars, is neowo.ei-e ci ioer the detection f an elror of centll in the l~eseut I or fifth elition, as exll) essed it tln. lpreface, makingckl fine I l tn ' aiiselll tiefi''cI'e fsnll t he stme enlrol' sice the firste iecllniilciilt ill Ilse venrt ltX2. t)lne of tilcl most clensicllc I os featcres of tllle Iniles is in the !arrmingenlt of the Time anid Amounts, which ot epl ~edliholls, ltreeeneotltnnelispeilnily, wihihe Ihell, of'the side tlllun inldex, eanlnotl he excelled; andll Ihl sally ty slnd ease withl which the in:lee en can be found to tile extent of general blusiness, wilhmlt doullilhg of alslns is hesides n convenience se, essential, lthat illn td eshtlin tionl of esome oi Ile most competesncentl sll ptltnetcitl buslti less men and publie onfii ers who hlllansee nei.e,'l ntlse of the work, it hals i-enll listtingul~ d I the hionoi ble apylhntilinn eflsfa "nsnster pine"'. AnId eenslelelelng the infellihlitey of ille nsc inl ortiginlIly ndltei inn comollsig lthe worek, ansI thel s xllllcl'hiar eed i llte ube' Istnl variely ofine exanlintions, neulltesCs of every) elition it has passed in the press, entwiehstunding ite wi hole is in sterentylse, ensisiderng. isn bo i. l. e positive necssnlcy f seleceel by tiLe dmssecc'nelecd e:lns emlm son, lse vo-e ullne hlls heeIs held st silnl enetlihiitnislly slyiell " Ille nest wens h 1l1l book itche sweslki" emost crtsinhv ns :aennan tIlnmen figure work of the slme extent, e lilc since the Ieeginningot creation, isha id the ss:ue 111I1 her acn variety of lesls ii the salne snimbei of dllitorsi no, nor one Ihailfhe nsmber, as is elearly shown i t the itrfsee. Besides, as test and standard, it hai Ibeen tried and reced in nearly nill the bLank nti i public tl es ill the scnite S ltates, i nn o te h ll i lic gnll lell'i.,. durinilcg the lonti period of hirt[ilnle tretal., )yet ill elnrie of ihe Pal colulniolns hls ecrlel bcell Iunld ill pin.I, Ilho llgh cotinu nilh eichillengledl by teile oellef vtele. large Iseinmincs. 'he hie flin elxpcesnly nlop.lltenl Iy all the courts oflaw el sscvtlral oflile Sltiel Its ile "rite of .elclllllon ler taltlc illllerest," nlslllo b)y law Ifor banklll illlerest, cllordling lls tile bookll i is ised, all n as t ll he se ill pnlt, by .,.e mnig s ko" he subscriers, aid t few of fll su ese telln t 'uisers, in the list telltec ls of i le book, isi I Iossessioinl l'eel) closssolcitizenls inll every qual' te ollee Unit ellcl Stites. It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, ii hs lso olsitnlc leeteced lIarge elrons, lng aftier they were MHosie, even by thile most alrl'ill ad inmost cotmpelent taehhileltici:Usy, tii etssefslles, i esu il the tbsollle ne eessity for its use', have been ecxtensiyey iyel isslsteil icnei, so evldent, iceld, lhave been its llasntaeillces, nll its savings,lthat, seseli yearsegin, whilst the first edition w'sts seee, anlld oiut of prnlt, a great inumber of lecond lnud copies were Mesought fori , sate to it gre t distance. alld Ileure i ist sal'ioust piie's, il Iashey could orneasioll sells'h l ieis d nlp f e rom te o e Ii $iieer cop..ylnll sonnme lerson hIe recen..y declnlared, iellticc rr eul, ie onte tllhat lthey wouitl p)y $.n, $111, iles $50l for s coply, tlenotto be' hl teir lelss, lllnl indilidultl inf tie ialler itnstanne pirticvia'nly, ivinllng ii the slan, lime rxhiite'd saislhlneoily proi, l''to servedti e l.l per pre setlll that t hillnt it s really worth itht mloney and lmore thliugh e saesintg ofll'is seI'v salelabile tmce, lie beingnve' rln'ichl manisd in pllhlicofilec. It is likew.isbec wosSy ln'' le ceemil lli.eed proper toI ihpre ý, 1hai such is nthe naitre of figne swork geniernly titd nesecial vciwil s of the c'Xllest wislne rne'e tel ell thlie usatill ni ter vloI e, hi Ihe most c pelli leltll calculator in the worlh, and al'lern li.s priue tt- most et lionly als ellt his owns correctionl il proof sheets, it w ntshl, almost to a ceel'ete ni i lese Itwln sillsll i ri f're",cs l ellll l r t Inn y pric,h s ti rll i tefe dar 'lihns i ee'ee'n5cllaiis. i ullt so p el int lslal Inlie llable ihae l hei st ereIypl itlles of this wiklhttn11111 n :c, that tinc rllc tleem, i shther nlmerclls nll extramlllinay exIl nIll lio'llns :gi. it fin'e, oi r Ihen gent'b l 'bele t, t'eie y le r e ( iii lelliisentent) cosstuntlh kept in a splace f epecial ':li " t , rscept s hih. ll" "ns i, l . i i eti li A 'l'nledireclils to . e h balv k l ils e ln l atlnl l ine st is.yl el ose ee n c, feslow Ith prlliCl which, in tlill lith cls i n t e t w i int li uin ditions, contll i hil h in ''iiitii coicrrnilhi g ike I' )i laettl l iIn les of co ut I it inlltn e inllsi e l l Iee t Is lgl te, e, l It rinsM:n n il n to sen nllll l k ile s , .ll ih:nne i le infn this y un asnsully cotsl o ol-k, whi ilhlllnldb· cno e SI tics nt inhic.s tere. inll ros .ll in d111111 s o lt, cn tls bl , S patl ullilli s i han mt set so mti ', tsas Inildle e a lil tre Ietoi 1 s1 of ti :ly II' I' t' houlisatll 5 hll..s, hesihh , scen ei from ees'to It'sn, 'I seened ens isselle s Ssll Il i ll, rn hh il llun its pU ',li, Ii :,, e e.:t e,,, , 5,, ,", , pte ~ , s, n si n.,isi eelnnlt Minn, it-l ness -l t vi ld I lllaa lt lil Ii n .-n eils sen- Illt + I 1n . ,I o 1: .t'lih 1 ' \\1 :1 Wi'h stl',: . ,-'ti hrs ll ',t ri, , h t l Ili d ill te II Ilh " Uio r I ." Ih uI SIolll t ," ll: , \e ll oI f ' Vcsll.niit ll5ne, in e e.'n. ,r T 'lhe tl' l i:''-i lhd it izlalt l a Io l i morsl r,". - V tll llL dht 1111 hli R' l fi+ % v x I tract f Sar; aparilli, for the cor. o lf ol llnlat ptionsa of the skil; pimepls or pslul-, of thr I i bids wh i trtase fromi all impure at te of the ' od; scetly er t tliost; p ins i eo boeo.; chlelrn e heunltniieent; to t r; scrfuila,i or inge's evil; whit Ssw lnliing; syphilitic dlensles, a, I all disorderse ne rinsleg from anc inlspure siute of thle blood, by t lotng residlc i i he climate, or the injudicios usu sof mneruir y, Also,-Caes & Scraft" r's WVormn Syr,,p, or Ie falst Prerseervive: the best prlepalration now extenlt. S Among which are the followt'ing:-Intlian Il)ye, for eel ring tic hair; Blear's Oil; Bear's Grease; Plntuc;illl innhaw'c Free Ic Wash: sin . lpesrior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Creaeil olf lines; SVegentable tRougn; Otto e 'el Roset; Lip Stlve; Kre. nosite 'To'oth Wash;li Carbionic Deutrilice; Orange "hFlaser W'en.r; Powder Puffs an I lin e; Amer,.j cane Chircosl, nently put iup in tfecr .uee vial; P eton Salls; Coln gne; Kreoste l'uth-achle SDrops; Ilair ilrilhetI; ein'i.;.;:s Ire ng C'o ...L hi.nan Hlair Ois;-with it varinety of thcr Perl, itnerie, &c. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUM RIES., SJ T 'lRIN( AltR), Corner of Cantl and iourbon streets mu fYLl' & .AI, tlone, Sigo, cotl i0io.oooaoi |:tiioi r., No .3 !.t, o'h ille t two doirlor1'i t lll) C:( lll street. lnimiotiolls of tih! olllowig woods ali d Illlrles, x ecultcd iln a miastelI) Lmmneri. wiOllod M o.% ll.t, MI hogaiiio, Eg'pio h'toik nnlI gold, O.k, (iotllti IIIl Alltiio, Cullrled do, Jasper, (Clltl .IMaple, Ittooil Soone iiil nh oIe do, rietiy I.ol r titetI Sathi Wood, Potomac, Ilair UWol, Ilote or lunrdello, Yew Tree, Italian White, Crromanldle orl Ill.lack Siinna nd Ilhotlls, oe I , meli l i(;rrey, Ash AVllli O.k, te. &, inc. Cord'LId I';hnl, Splcilnwls to ble it n at tll shop. aiillnts. sils, glls, cipal vrlnisht, &e. O hn,td ildtor sale. 1 tli N, 'l'IEI. L II.EVY " )0iitt1S--hI tt0, eql' 1 nul Ihandle iron, well assrtied. Iloop, sroll atid rod iron, nail rolds oai plough Conl, (terman, slhe.a, blistered, lspring, sheet and (Clowley st'el Hollow wrile, eit nlld wrolltlails anit d sI ike. i, l lock tilln, t ill t I l stones, silt kettles Clhahl cables, a,,chors, hove Os, lg al d IItrI. thnins, corn mills Anvils, ivices, IMntersiolld ellows Wile, ot. h ui i r i i leadl; Shot C'l l, olltl eookllllii o tio $s Anos, Itowiltnd's oaI otiier sllldes anhd ishovels Ilol n lll e ill ul inow ookilttit genooi ino ook C(olliis, tlls, Slot p all oiler t xes Il'or'd oiot ]Nilt tic i llg, tines and twine Iioltioll ittheolthiiig oppeir; Nal sltores Pailtsi lioroiti anoi tiaa oils A fill assulll'llenl of h dw r Il I llil chandlle y, Anli oSt 1an il oil Ilthe most tlvorable terms, ,by mil L.\ YTON & Co. 53 I.O1 iLere. N E\V GOODS-Stinm.l lolnrtt co a now l-e Ie tivtng frooliool hourll lips Y noot, oa.l "aalo.I s" tollriElCooorhitt frora N oew iork, n igia vii ri t T'he Ilo Vilg c(l l plloe l it p rlt, viz: ell l .is , e." , 'i4 , ooak tlo ihnitu.ntle, thorn do Io"It decriiti ons In. ks too oro iti '[orl lotiooo ti llr.iooor orn u nt rhien iiin Illt.ot ic pt eliiotrro, too froi o 'o d Lo t i IIr iolotese, :ierhllilz etol trellr ,to, w , ot. Ill xthiof.f oil . tc lllr, Ioeket Iliootki ailo IO.llIIt needle btiooks. ottl, pearl, riot btiod, ie'klet ilil o Iolitogroes, teo d clh eill0 , e :seekhliees,cut tisleltit u)o'i r '~ec il.riot tltti ead Inlia leadIIsiel,hot ld plulle t Io s tol lkd lrg.edpow ert llaikut,shat heilltt ho,, ber i tt poo ket'oi rkuelling" aislsil. Iduble nldr in g e I rrelled lnls, Bov ie kiievro, Uoo iirks.tsissto si', sotrtr,, loIkei. tiotc loulrd chia. , o, sud ribt on wow is tll tekitis, cl too, ll oitr, Lt ote nail, otll, nl n sh oelr , S ill, , tii or . ooo . . d o t ils . to . ostu . C oto go' ,i ftill extroie , 'll ,, UIo r, ciallr Ittrln i i, too Woe itoei v t • .tn ble I I r o, l , vilss a lr " to d to ile t s o u p s ol a ll o l l - uriotioe Iic:'sdglln diit,, oiuiP llloktiii r ioto ll o , rit , hair iriegh, frizittir iatd it, plain focy ono iusdIea w ri'k boxesitll i n a1 It gI t, llgured 0t00 ll0 1 vst biitiiono, petrl ood iuoro shirt do, ny irt n trllet, goi n..lrioiver pnio, oo.llooItilucks li woeezrs IIltel) o od gitt ti tlliit, til"nio ure t do, silver ti n n, sir. e n llo e 'iolhnistts, books ooalo .re, hair inus, u hioi n liuit, roit It etl rodinknoiio blacking, violius oood guitor-, ribitd totrl tIaii o ociio itp.tioloo toolii i eoeoo1 ush iens',gotlid nahittper lte iiuol Creo, tiler p o e urge, rethic w'lilto wtlkhiC ilsn layini t ouo., il, ollt, Ipatold nlld liit jtowllrv &t . &o liho shove. illoetbllr with 5 grlilt r rirtv of ohrrrti- o ton. are, ofereln at r holesteorr trreail on. ceoulnlnodantii I terms. uulL~; ~ I MIAIL AliRtANUG.lE'IT W" thrn ;7la' FItue Evrr Datv ot r 1:' a. Deekra A et d veh nnI J da y ,ola. Ch., rro nrv" " IT llllMll ny , W odtt ood a A The Lsak' Mail, Frirday, hIv , P. Tl. pL m ` Closes every Monday, W ednesday TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPAR'TUIRl DISTANCE &r. of tie Expreaa Mail, bel^rrn Morlleo nod Now York--leaving Mobile doll'' at 3 P. At. Northwaur New York daily at 5 P. M bouthward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. lime. Iteron'g Mofntgmery, Ala. 2 pan. 108 ril's 231 12 ,1. Colllll"lllr, o. 11i 81 91 31 etn AMilledgeville. Ga. 2 133 141 21 p. i Cnolumbia, S.C. 7f am. 163 171 10 S1(2leig15, N C, 51 21 `22 12 arrelnton Va. m. 55 01 C FPel!rhabnr, Vs. I1 psi. 83 10 9o. tr Itilnnlr"to Va. I n!. .I 3 61 Frrdricklu , 67 7 p M. aVoshlington . citr, 21 i. 61 61 Iinltintnrr, 64 i3 4 (1 Pltiledeiphi, 64 sin. 1Ot I1 New York, 2 jin. 90 8i Nr' i 1305 143 h. ,or Sd 23 SNorthward. Coming Southwrd ,the time is six hour less; Ieinlg5 doys and 17 htour. t'lEN DOIAJ S RII.\VAI|I). j1ANAWAY fr ai (11 C;roladeler cmor of Ilevis r rtrets,nn the lniht of 301lh of An rItr, and n.ns seen ;loo next morning in P'eyias streelt nagro hay named CIIAIIIIS, about 17 years of age , noil 4n or tlherellholutsis llight,ver black, andllt hnsli inl.lId ile enl t i Is snlpee h oth, nl of hih logs iona lre,tIr'.'niuiti' 6 ollon or linen shirl and white cotton I Uan.inunns .lst'tlrs of vressels and ale:am bents ure calllilnntl i gsinlst receiving or harborilng aid negro, ns wi ll s all other roeroatl as Ithe ItItnnat riinl"tl, ,' lhe Iaw will Ii. elti'trced agahist Iinem.h 'l'hc l ewad will lie plil f'lrdeive.ihg blit lot.) any ah ' hi w Jolle of 'iilhr rtI lthr Smunicipalities, or at 169 Carlndeler, corner of Ilhvi, eeC 101.0 _ N fi'lCl:--'l'lTe eop*imrrhlli, herulihdre asl-llilln ntllderl the lflrl of thn A.os t4 (.trreolloa, Ilnt b'er dissolved. The snbseriier wil liqiltdihte the untiis ir the enoctaed in Itis city, Itit retqglirs all p "a suns i'lle , - erl In malike ylylle!l Io hitsn onie, and all tlehavn lluvm cluinl, t r Iore rlent hi tiem foi te tll;atrllt.l W. W. SVWAIN. No. I7Canral i.reet Artr Orlvrn,l . AS iwuvays onhnand elll tlntlv k rumi in, 1 llr E lo ie. t', lienicalsnlnd l'oL:ina',uIIlu - i, aor 0DIiUllfl. )\ l)Yi, Ahtin i'ty, crude, Argnls, relt, ll rengtlin Atnnllto, Slpy _ SArsenlic, crIie, Aloum, do powderedl, illnzillette wnueo, lnitalm cpaltvin, Cochiineal, Ilolax,c e, Copteens, American, mrinlitonet crdud, c fuCtic, Tamplnlle t o roll, do, do floaner, do Minte, lli'roalth, for 'Ienh Lerlies, S (nstor oill Ialigo, Ilcngtl, C(reimr tartar, d Mllnilla, Cantharides, ido (totrrrI,, (;um aloes, do (., .trtmnla, do .Allbir, .Lt. wolid, Ctmpalllllly do sal.trtilla, In st l Doill5o do talnioic, tdo Jllnaieu, tdo belzaitl, Catolawood,' do eopl,'l.ough, Madder, nlllllion do do scraped, Nicaragl , hona do do S Aoerie'tv, do C(orn1 I do 1cam.oll', cl lel don Mar'.leaib e do ro tih do I lIheh, d0 goincumn, CtIEAIICAItS. t do kino, Arl, nitrou, do mnotife, do muriaic, It shellai, aatn Sheri,!,. it ,. Si en e g alo , .n.lm , ,p , t Jo canldruh. , :orros it. nohlimatio it tlacifa'rt AthI t'hlorlde .f linwa , .. fI hoge, Epsom nlls, Juniper herries, American,l.unnr cunstic, h do aginForeign, lcd i'ee ipi ate, e \llltllell I , hl 'gl. h, II'.ch* llc .:lll dio Aomerican I, l LIall chr.llilaltc losh Illo isorts, Stilll prlrl l. l oLi ornice hall, Suap Iota, I Oil lmes, SulI zllle, I hia, Sull tilnhc itIt'l'llb liItI T"'lrta. emk F'., Il I . l nllon, IPAINTS la.~r dil peppermint, loe, is ltd gentian, Chrnmic cllo l, d e do ipecac, Io d, h, n11 do jxle , 0 kr ihl i t i i l" "1 h li l l :i( t I n: . F l,; d 0 sereetdil '.' Lilb "e, s iIa : " . S,:o p W irs e, . i.. l is, ,h A .n , h ,. t do io le t' , l ll, . t 1t, ,!,', " i', L . l'tr: .i, o r nI,... ni , , l ". SI,:,, I , hn n, ll " . %,,., },, St Ihl ., \hn h, \ th,1 . +F,,!1 , ,' ,it t., till~ldl, I +t I h,.v. ( +r ....t , t * I t o (l l ie o lt , ac i o ,, , n l : n ,! I II c , ( slxTj i. .1 ull unlurlll pL , '.I I l't. 1C1 211 1-- Gill rCAPTAN3t,%txilv.2Ar'"1S Ni:'1' Nttt i1s SRt./io the Reefter , u t a "oil ulloo . I t i i a o g(.',x, r a Winter at Si INoss llni""fil,l il I__., trt8lr tta, by ( t 1 do Bauil ula l, iL'yrl Nt F, I". •., is I ' ." " L. Lo l I hlr,,, ra ron anre.r o lv :MHlCt ( t o , ,l 1.- o .'rortt /a,-r l t I''tort t ' h, Ilhn.rl , iin : vo2 s. d 'iQop"'aio r Ilito.ry . .ty, I .tr.aote.l foo lha s Ili nl.llll Ituh Iii 'I h nnirl (;irr oiio, I vol. for Lingll No. 711 al' Ilrlper l it+ 1 l Ii -or.,. 'Vol. :I & -Il h o re new 1.. Ir. tI e GI lll atrifrrm edition of li'anl..ioar lrVniNi'o tt,-ork. I Rl,'r' frrh and English I)ictio.ary. in I tol, .to c A t.'ta s e tn rreh t'nd Eno lirh tirlio.anrrrr. ," sl.)--A f;.w More c i e. (" afl',1 'i'hrenologr (,1al t's i ptotr 'tr d nrnr h ic I't Io1-,op+ n.. ll. l p... r , .. • I a. dC-. -...ja 'y .. A-.v. S 'i . . P c ,.od Ca .tor - -,n;td f ,r of- -by ti'I RIeVIItaToo itl), th y the art-t r o A. l. r t..e ir S in,' in ,vo"i. Trait ]'/le Pht ler, olrenlllf alillr Is [I _ it .t t tto r Ite t i ra ted tihe Aberigir, es of Not ai Amlerica, by (i Turner, I' q be vols. I 1oi The Pal\tital a ratrlntottr of th U i t ide tot r, ir ttlrrtatiolarrrr. otadgo..rooiau lexrf1 c.~lrto, ) onllet· F view the teory anId patice o"a, • e a Strdlol aleor* Kog'rlr* Ral ltott Ronn illlatllo C.ltll.e , a r'r ll I wi llt in' th ie t aaa, ib l fl: o ao di t l ' an (ladte d ote o;mr rlt It'd otnrapl 1: tr r t f eld, ,- a -, l"e to rt rho 'ait-c l rr:.rIrlo o\'a.fe , e Srattrltittre ot o. " A'iatro at tlrl. rttTo r it 'le r:yo vl wii a 1.-itt' r oh!ier ist iarll c d le., rllone ntrl. Sdoid Ios prly ot S illl n in eluding notices t fthe d ro neipu ("oar k N idtI ta o "t.agh tior , nalytital utent an gteno index 'of etti e,2 vol aa elrgaa 00000, VO II1P(II lnlll·Clil )Ig..U(II·IInl~ lnn l aatetatFfReahrila, ottt o II N, Kr THE , o SrofildN or King's , iEilt 'rc i l)he'matiON O Chloni lotithon lous Di-l I toi i ll ito- sll. by frele !easesto uare oo f ollel' .lr hiny the lod b ig in atted state. a II "T'Ms very coneentrotm Svr is tp: rea d pith fla grele..t phori ett-t thio. tcu rae , n ct a- Iratal l cntain tile alrl ve t titrltll t flr llltlln. i t t 1 a aIlra l et trated dlegree, ctnllbiUrll w lhuther veg,.tabl € . u, ncO Is o k "l,t . tirc'i rot.. The ,..lent deei'derauto wvitd lphvs no. in 1l";u+ a I Sexhibit t hl 'rge Illt l ty of .Sal .oirllt n i it a llto "rl)s, l h iti obt. i ! rtah otd i rt tis peiFI. t l - rtio v, h iblirt iful olliltlc rly r "Iirl oItl eritso, Ctll tat hilalotia rtaftertl the course o of their or d e t roe. Ct 'rioe o1 t 50 par i ,rtile. Son d Lonly Ot tit.11 Glot' aIInaI ' dr-gl stoAre, Nia . o, oalron ari whlta ,ay be hald, fresi tied gelillill dime t foi, ilU e pr. -l torts, Sw11ilil's Paul eto and Vvraiiilil~e, Po tite's It: i., aorit. Net of If"resh drug, cit 1,11 P'INNOCKt'i 1103,1, lc. IINNOCK','. IMPRLOVED E DITION OF DR{ Grirat A ilh'at Ar o eilt t ofa the Ili art a ftre Rt to I whlih is refllxed a hl lutruthl,.utiln t tlls SI e dv, lo.olluli stoiirv an d n gro u't voilr f VP3 M EA iN ili norillu l ndd22 d " oaornl 'Ca i t Od h c a oni the . tlltnl So tolllA ns C llC d AttIaitiadU bl elil igt o Iati. 1 wnit w hur nlrojnros bliogr i h t aa.l n. I os 'i'a Note, ;l an rila o .Ion & t" byilt Jaao ttio :t h. lo la I ' ,.i n ta I . II isiryatela&d watoah tairalt tro o ar.aai. ood, t Ahierto o Pt oi' tC'ý hly roldl ita ar, ii f otDrl liar ar 's lit o) IltoIfnadl a i o hlaf t!Uih' t itl2l 'C I 'lr Itly dic l't m c ill latiio tilllervylea sittllo?, Wiah qIt rlt a a taa r exrtra l ill at te I. t Ii a ealouo. alilooh, 1itta tarieity of varatbo, i fritG tLII, added tIh erulh ril I e work. CrtntOliS o f tabil tof CI ItcuHis $. -V UI"Lrtigslw i nd e i uit" t rsonU Coprioius explffi a -rv noies. lr irilt s nl tile. roll tie s, Ill lUers an I te altor t of "e u ille. A ou t e r !le Cuaolisitull , &' e. &.c,& . I llustratedby inun rags. I ot lAL .:, I dF o- Iy rRO it-tly an AnhrIaal er ofoKeih- Netre"aI'reisc ai th Use of Ghloha . Y- a A K loerica edition, with addit i io ll udiO IIpo 1" lita l- alul ta plfiot on stela atroioicl at'tl ofrtle Aeoa Just recoiled aud for saue by 3V31 Mal'KI'.N nov `14 cornier of 'Cainp nud CoinltiUll sit 7.ORIIAF .Irnanlutud by Phillip u rr ) 'ie D I), with odel,&e. by ien Jo ,ullyl l Cowlev ta Mihl , o arn ' o Pope Addidson, Swift C3hlittertoli (" Wnukefie d, P imani liryuo, .,Sc. Und flulll of"|1 th lore emiineut po.,lts of til da<--and PIiItEDRUS, with the aplpendix ,)l ,;ldio• trau'sl ted by ChristopherY Saart it:vos lun - vloe. unt l"Jof-ilhrlncerla Clas=+i e Iibrurv "'11 h i,/xlpeditiout of IIU.l|-itl':1 ClANK':;!, Iv S8 u.dlett, M1 l) with a of theA tn . I , '1'f1(  1" to -aseoe, - La. uew edition, with iltlstrittlu by GO {'i niks alhu Tili1. ,1PSI'; a"'rale.~ the uullt nr olf "i.l'ily time, ilnry o|:'1 ,rgulidy,"- c . tm~' w elhliunJ vte VQ• ol plet I'AUL °LII'l"ORtD;by fil c omr a, "PolII., 'rle li,1 i id ' &e,hleiu~lvto u n iiI. lol li ,. l tw i Iel`l't': , a r'l C~unp~lel, Pe a \,'ks. .lIJ it r,.e no e ,) WM M1cKI",et ' •Oqlllb . ihUla tll.ealllulbat Eelol aw II Uor a,•ie

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