Newspaper of True American, March 7, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 7, 1839 Page 1
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- - { vb ~Vu~d~itd~iL PRIG;C 12,' CENTS. -- -- -- _ _-- -- - Te,,ns ,fie rnae e*e New (ra NTLW ORLEANS THURSDAY %ORN1NG, MARCH 7 1839. - o e ___ v0l.-VI ummnirnluuel n9igee1 d at m Ij mnurnd l m I o [ O RI ) & CO'S Beaen C nd New Ortean, I Now Olean l 'i uA.Wu1y*ra .: , v. ti- I~tNN' 5, ULASS, RUSIMS, &c.--.,u ,e , , r v: I u v w -i n Terms of tke N'ceepapcr Prest of New Orlean anunilnuuai agradlit' oI alrn ailinurnatl in "itiag at he I'lrprlatnurl hPld on te 13ilh of flarclt, 1837. Susactttwtto.-f- wa lvu )ollars for thie dily pa par anna, rt, ya-hIe .e.i-ainnally in advanes: ten dollars far tha wti-weekly countrr paper, payoable one year in adveaae, where no eitv reeroane i givean. No a rhcirilintal will bt disconltinud until arrearnges are nettled. In t oie of di contiidnance, one week's notice ita ,briLttrg mrtt oe invariaeiy given, previous to ta apleatioa of subttcripltioit ADnvRaTre[.-o)ne dillar per srltre faor the trst naertion, nand hiall' that price fr eaelh IIbeIqert oe: tn) taateriul alteratiun rom thi aorigial odeertiernmeat will be itarged as a new one. YotAlthLr AuvgevTteatne.-m erchants andt Trao'er orty dollars fit English alone, and sixty for botit lan gtaghP Ilanks, nlasurane Ofi:es, tad other lsiniar ali instltutions, fifty ddllars in English only, nilIl pighty ftr Ioth languages; Ship and btearmboa.t Fae tors, or Conimissioan merchants sixty dollars in English no, rnd eiglrty lorli laiongiiages. Malotnoia , OB traria NrTIrES, and artiles enll nlag the attetlon of the publie to mles ot proierty, cards of passengers, henfits, &e. &I,. will ie erhnror..l one dollar per square far thle firt insertion in each nla ConaMUa CATIOcr S or Advertiemwnot, of any perlo Al itrilre. wheo admiisible, shllal be charged danlble, aml in advanre. A ddulllttion of twenty fire per cent. will be notde to Aoction aers, Srnerle, etvgilera of Wills, .and l.he[lla oil s.les of real estate, iublished in thor1 a11 Inigers, nod 511 per cent. i Englisah alone: ll0per tcoat. on sala oa otfer peuolrty. t ArtvclrlamrrMTae nlt ot hbn direct line of Ibutilals of thoe ntvertierr, seaale ans c uit, a ion, nal pilants, i n ans, rlltaaylotaty oat rLY Itclnllllt,& L. &e. will re charged ror szepnately, oid tile orndinary ratec. AUnotrhatnMEsTS not apecified teti o titte, will b it'alilnld site iontoir, anid elorged Rneerlintly No ndt-crtiremetta of hankrualiries will Ih pahllseed n ally eacs, nacas paid fir previous to itsertion, or pavretit gu:tlrulteed by a rnespnaible persallni town. tl'hintl l anld other places of nlnselnanl, advertisitty daily rthe season., to be charged $1011 for Llglial a loter, arid $150 in bhth ilnguaGes. All annoanneetents i, canlditiatn fir politienl ofiees will bae chnrged douttble the price of otlier advertise (owing tr the itmene tlosa sustained by newspatnper prnrpitioro, tlhey have conie to tihe earltlulon thrut iot Lnanes of peraons who ae aecounts have ot een paid within one month after presentatab, alleRl be atea le ' (so filr oa prneticablel to eachl ohber--tlley oli -nti.g tGbataallveo no to advertir or print filr .ach ,elia a nttte, untles in canse ul odence payments. (Sigoed) I. C. Drt Se. lOntlES J. HAYON, P. P. RP.,A J. C. It'IINI)ERGAST, JO1N O rllt()N, I.I;MSII)EN. IV ekly, tI Iln noderrig edl, r:rey lo cide i hy tilie tnrve cnlditioas, Is far a. they are ollapieabt to eased.lV p al,,hri. (.4rit Ie A. IB. LAlVRt.NCt:, ( N i tits ripioy s ta ore. tk en for nle .s a ibms u n oun thrl.d Letter iust ill l Ie :oasecS I,e anst paid-. S' .r. IbNSd-1,ont's Nit 1t2.5{ i & I Des /i a wthoul Vetbstr t pen, Felh', h,.eg barrel phn l rrtgaedo ig i,,,1 Perry'a flt: .i:pr'tg n i, d rsull do d, :1..1ia t It \Vi de l'sla lies do at. diite patent dr i n ipriall nitrbe htoi in d And (tilott's cacererial for atle it fhre .t . . . . . Ns 1 a~,.-taieor all , i lt t L''UAu y & A)I,$Strdl-)iil tringard " 1anr, I 111.1111[. gall Moglasasin--iat hamilinu lhteP Ihe r'itc foir tile by ADAMIS &- WIIIl'I \l.., - f,.a--";w 67 tiravr~r e, i I, ?t0ee--100 le in atre for ,eoleun iv t te l' fl-; SIiil.lI.I|Rich \,ui ii tiac-eteted e s I'1II) i:.N I'--\ i. a-ti ,;-.,'lhe sr ., anl I l,,,.', , u;l,ied! a I-,t -itr. Rly i, lintteer . sa U tr givr tll oil til I-I I S'rury-apll y In , te tt l'i- l'I r t:kltt, .K 31) T.Iti,:. I' , fl.t Ml) RIO Illt Ii-. WAY'S IIN1I1LEN'I'.-No F,litn.--'t'lis ex a W traort ntory ehnit l ,: hii e!tie, a re.ll-d I of sciclce, n ll th!le invt , ttt a ,' l :t . r, "c o ,ld :m-Wli cal tolll , o L it iltrOd i it of we lix l to tile I rttlh was itt-tried -i: iha atoletottiy 1o a d,iii l:+,d hiabetpt, hal srilnacgtsinl rttl t onllttii p.llrti ed, rollly rmttailirkg i cot rese t leS of u'ed lai lant,h Dr t:rlly h y'i s si i a ht, otai, tlete " Ht dalri nti t die atithout griota to petir r pilt y th ttilr e it o-ul li letno llrtdti thloris alr t ed," otitd ihe t r eri'r r hrloLe torht to Ill fAind ;land :ttL ' l lnyllt, h.ou:'.Oh Ilayr, thie raeit of loi di encveray. It i t t iew rad in tihe prti .at p hn sp ital.t , ,ltd prfr t haf t t se "ule .,r the I',,.".. n ould ,.Kt' ., .m tler auld it.i-atl lly tasto birt,,lt. irdllht, Illl at hltrti ito ivlfittaL at. o 'ilti,..o d l:.ntar..Jly to t.,, fl nir tll i ole -C o ine tllplalllttie For plrn.lpd -Creating exlr,onrdin'tr aibmorptar A'I S-oiling--Il.doiag lhtt in at fr Aoerso iSro ,.wlio-.lan i iretacr rome, gii. g lgateO ease. Sera Throalt--y Cancers, fIlitere or ,n1er. Croup ;il \l, lhopllitg (:ttilui--i axl r 1 alt ovarr tlre Chiit. All Bruits. Sprainsa, and ltur-ta-Curigo ig a Sornts aod Ulcer--Wllhethr ica'ti or long btaitlita, anl lo aver sores. Its iperltitinia apot udotllt anod hthildren iu redue ilog rhlrnouiatr swellin .i, t il ;et r tilt tiglhtttea of thie chet ny Itoxatt, i li' thie tarti, hano beenl suarpriang beyond toeli:plti . Th: collllnotl roluark ol tahosu n tco hti avi id it iI tilec Piles, i. lIt acts like a charen." ThII P PI ES--T'l he price, al 1 in rnrundod to any person whuo will ae a ibottle ot Ilay'a Linimento for tile Pilas, anid reetl ira thisa :ply huttle tirit hIIt being cured. [lihon are atoe ptrsitive orders of the proprie'or t thel Aganto; Ind nol Of niriy tho. I Maids sold, not one hns beon ulnsu.nrc,-ien. W, tighll insert erliflte:ths It anry ilngtlt, but prefor trtt Ithose who sell thi artioli, shitlId no Iltso aerigit.lap tn pirahaiters. CAU lI'ON-Naro can lie ginl-ine witloltl aI t.plhndid uagraved wraplner, oil whtlirch in y lameni , ainu that lof th Agents. SOLOMON IIAYS,. Sold wholostilo andI retail, hry C(:)lSIiTOCKl . C(:o, No York, and Ity ono DrIuggist ill every town italto Lih Uion. Fir salo iby thi \VllWhne:ale Aole, eorear nof (:orn.aon & fleiLtuulitnuha ttIucl, anil by t' ie, Anlithn;arioa enoocarnllv. it.; Ap1tleerla ge.eocrnllv. li-r. JOllNSON, Olieu. I tI i.on 01i .q. t, ,a t RJ Ii.los hlit. practice to th llh iu lltl : L: otll i+'. al )is"te, m ull its d.11 tall, r.Iu 1I . iir. Juhoklot, from a ir -idelllc -ma' "ilia". ; ii;l; .' iils in lt"Ur; n , dl votv , d tI o tiwt tretf " iti of1 I riilri: ll tieureiae , tItl flro t hlier re.,ut :t:lt-iv l l t 1,i ll tltwe lut iarhr u l of ile prolu i, rtr.h,. it stit, sp ledy anl d Tl'eilual c u'in uhl, prsos tS urc tiolledl with V al i t t lli etl tliscusi s .. I: tlahmrlhoL. (ealefs, 'tltitn:rs, t~h ilhilIrrs,'% lluh.., mI Iaihul W lr liukl ie ,l ·· CItl' I illlll'lllix lio , ladhl,"r, + ild\,l, I tits, Urethra, Prostrate tlllt i welhld I , ltl cles, lEruptions vin the Skhill, .lo Throat, Pains I theili tis did, ulea Recent eates eurel in two Ir tlhre duns without the us i ' o | terrtttr', int 'rr ptiton folt I e, t tltera ion hllte miode ofliuii., A mdiecle to preventi Venterel lisa Ianll lie i tlned lof Ilr.Johlntlsu. It is Irinit the rcip ofI tlhe lnrou Larry, a celebratetld Fret, urgeu, il was Ulip hVicdi thltln+icteeveort e;ieIlllnel oi I llc y t-rvuda'ut urgeon .ieeut.l in tit,'tlrencl Army. Sold by Ilr. Jlelhnson, t lhis otlle. 'l holeI iperso thavig ny lllitle ion of VeUcreal Ilisease, aald .boul ttking sell vtla .ge, or riemovlg to the 1n tiny, c tld d lby gitiug Dr. Jthnson tt cal l, iroper madi. cll iir he re 1 t, i ins t hr a ltetivtet Ibit ic, Fuund lup owih wulnllck iotru ow ore t , as it ii the tE ilviceniotln flt in tble uiid muslt ill o'clocti u g AB.I!N'tIIY'.i I)YIPP I'1' lI IXI:. oplinion dutiff nhl-'-hlnll t the ?iiaet'e.t thl.t tui'Cct tmelulOnd l riuieatietn Itld stlnsel. 't'i tier air nll tusd by hInt withthle motlt ttrl neu cInled -tlt.eIc. il ties privatl nd utl lutll t 7rucit tittl nlWttd Ct llC yeatS, or e i trle lemollle ut lie trltwithluto l se "r, Los tt utlltp tiu., rlltttLlitltti,, Dit'llIott of ft e Stort -t Iitih,Pahihihlhllg deInll .:lviuri d Ille u lln oftl IhIY d L il li. ens lthetre lindigeltieon or a toltive habit is Iceund to exist. 'riis medicie itst enot bacl nau cntltel uaong the ho.t ofqtLhek itantrusl now Ifore teplltt lublie, an it iis he sole inven tion o the ablllaelt oldi titll te.idctttifll iugeor Eano eliver llrodeuicktied nd blle P cret if mlletalit it wooa Iud y tbhe a.e t l r i very uarge Inse. It is agreteale atlI illneasn tl tllte teteu, not wild alter Ieitt.alwye leept . tith Iiowelil free, iprtls vigor and atrettgutl tl the Iysltll it, tlttl eheurflanenl to thle tltiild, "dilil u,'ew tttlt, retu'ri the mtlllt t itei.prttutlr ia o I)yoitesilt or ledigelstieo, tttd preetelS Iretr it aty11tt Silath-luitca.teqoeoeeofeadhtg a lleultary life, I have been trottled, mtr or less, with Ittli~esti.t flir te years; ltr tie lae lthee tueat iny clfuttrins hav beet intettpportinble. I Ititve tried severat ltty-ici,un+, nlet nt htlllrf quilaclk editiei detihlg lely becitful. t dinspeired f" ever orbttlinitaItliy illltttettt relief, aed reisigued aysuelf Iltlte I1 tot eliooles le. I tcc ltertnttltly by iltlty frientls tit try htrleletlty'i Iltvspottltic Etiir. I (vet nowetllishtil the foerlh bot tl. aet know nut how In ecxteett ay. ' tuir~tiototf its wandc.rlul virttes aid the tmiacle it ht I prlonld it restoring iuu it thatlt hetulth whhlh 1ttl; ttght hlrt ft, vteer. Senet lel halt atliattn ottleh a . atd excet Siv thlunkst itr mte bleotititts tyou have cerred by re aleoriug ate teoplitet heullh. JIt')ii .!OS1NOE. lhe tr euit ttn itn tin ptcaseon.abtlt ae huudedhl tet tihlmninlb shuihlr If lht ahtite, of lta ealtturdiuttrv nir nute of 1ie tttlitiltci. Sotll !,y aptiiteteit, ti')rt, Juhttrt i~'t. l ItS ilib'u, iii.' titre n.u . 5 n PENSACOLA MIANSION HOUSE oe NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. rn 11 HE subscriber unclg purmessd the leane and fer ie 1 niturenf tilis well known stablishmlnent, froe Air cc Tavylr, the late proprietor, will be ready to rtceive viL Steor by the tlt It April next. Numonerous nd costly inprovements will he finod in at ile orrangeeatet of tihe Mansh it House. New and 0e: more toomalionv bathing houses will lie bhilt, lnd ilt warm tI:l' will he provcd nat all olirs. A ntblie will be attached to Ilae Iouse, with good accommnoda n, lions for horne ro carriaooges. r ist ro tH larorss and n carrages will alao be kept for lre at moderate prnic nr od sail and rw boats, wit persons to mnnage tlemn ant for th.e n sof rislters. I illiardas ond tll N arnLements o- snally onmed at wanlring pleocs, will llso be auntaio rd, ah nod ea conduoted :a not to iterfere witl tile eomfilrt P anid qnietof the boarders. 'Phe wines nnli lilocor will I- on of the best qoality, and to enasre a oil ntlll,,l oi ire, a cargo l as s r alread ien ordered, wilic ll wi terive iabo rastt a u ol.My. t Mlr Fredrrickllaroartd, wto fortnoerly kept so populor b a hotel at Wshliaaglon city, will condcit Itl e tr - te prpietor, wh with suclt, oivoafi-estiy oeara0 I, tie risilrs oe l'lat year, oad hir friealds enerally, tla they will re.oive every possible attetlion; nd therebyo' xto rt ato give atrntoeloet setaction. d a Tlbe le adVtlges of tit a louse nre too rll n , know to nerd a lengt.ened decripticn hlre. 'lcal infileots tat Prensacolar is tin lrgeet naval station of the (iovernlnrnt; tile general rendeavonus of the Gulf sq ual s roll; tile r:allrity of its elimate refrestledl cenantly dlo Slig tlhe aItaaater mtnlltt by the coolest I rcears froa ill late Gulf tierbannaaty of tae any snd the origl oatring iInmll n lriver+;l ir ItaInlnoru e end tlclieI y of lace I a5eh ilpi wheclb tlme e'etera bould;tallnits proinlity to Ilh,l trst SaIotlherrt larkets, I ie lPetanola l tho re - d eara een over al el other pllr i these latitudes, as a bor latthy and dtligChtfal SntlOaerretre t. I,'rt Itea lanots ooillo l ru lacrc l'nelao and Mo wh lile, ntll will at all times be able to take le llanseneres fu- f altho New I) rleaes boats. NU II AkI lND. P rencoloa, F ilhb. Ith,1. "N B A:ID. a- J tigaotirmn wilaing to ensge mroaos for teir tfamilies, call ot ir-eos lte .topraritor, at IPerrstleaI, or Air Hewell T Taylor, tile oraner proiarietor, at Net, Or. SIn leans. Ti- P. Ncford, Plot, Mr C C1, I tn Mll, P M sAlpin,Eq., LL. d It Kibblv, in M1obl;let S T Tcr l'or,, 1 P iemn, l'aq,lo Ne+, Orleotn, s. Pr S--,, letter line, to receive con t irt im ai f;r rt persoII of the i:bove hotel, is placed at Get \Vllilne ' an oulfce, 51 St Charlies li:lhange. fi ttltltolltlI ROUtTE F(la NE\V YOIN1. W I l( '-v-oi lle s rdectr tus of n kingtl .her an av i , ru-cn vin i'llalcrllaIaatl tile N artl,nrte infrmal lrat a ira '1o It' S o allta m ill e ,allr tlllll v ran frat . Atta ile t Ptens tcle, R Irnvila rMolhi nai d tP l'eat n t rlae.,ro her r shaiv aelr tahe l. eit lof Mlo. G(otled stlgen wilenlth ose apra oviral at the subrr;ber to ae ira rtadiness to toke pasetragrrrafroe Mobiler, ill coae of the failure of tile lastt ± N It A It N O OIt . h l, Tire teatlawnt CIhampion Imrves .Mhile Ior Penaes tar riots Iwviee a week li'b'! I. 0r N a ,I t i l I C ,, 1 ,N a -. 3 i U t; , o r e a r -innr o - Ir r v nivial tirily fromn their house ita Piiladi phaa nt eta I elunatald cttptain assortmne ntt of a ubta lnn nla oatd tfaelanatle. clotalhng. Tiery invte Il, relltn lioln ol tIe prlhlie, is shey ors warranltd il Pa)inlg ilIlte straill ere llnd cllizens cannolll furlil-, IeCtll.em, sPalts mote adVnllantlgnusl, ill aiy Cly ill tiar' N. II. Afrec d Ia.en eleoint ivtr o lndle eo- jnt birta, ls (roen 3± it, 3a inches. Alam, a larnte NeIh whitr pine feein. thorve%. v Irh(. "izans', i re w I r TiV IET.- IAiI Ee5..c.- i.o l ,in + llait!ltatur tar . - st.. 1.e trnfitv.,n taa'rtni, y, Ie&ir na e ier as tftanta.t l av itar llt at in 't atc. at lltY I Ia r ttl ltvti i i atl ui i1..5e114, at tli t I a aar. r ', I: alnlagr tlat,'i, a'or St (itar,, .. . . o .1 tt'n 11,'1"l'l-,;11..5 11 kry.,G, tlhell lllthller·lrch, oII fir ,.,Iy r ,4 ) a a - :eIjI, J P\V /'1'1 I'tnlar iaa l tl'arp ."I t a 1110'it'', t anon lle. eid n., t ol,,a t ~I' ariah O'+at . i a trlL' !),'M.% (.,l ifun H lll l el ,,ill . I br l l:k: Iy r too 11(II 111 Ill.aa i rout . I S 'a 1'b I, c.., W I',-, _ hila itle II~u'i. -,,cper,.:l g I 'v \\ 1 '\ \I M ollt, nlt t lhart t 'l h at ti e 1 li '+ I ,' f . ` ,n col 1II1n' (i,.i-r, ' t ,a d I'dtil-, r I all I Ih tr ha , -llf' lith. +. -, t ', R al -'Int .' 11,I. 'a ., --- 'art.I ' ;',,ttt, a tll tat ','rlt l', aa,.-+* , l t+ito\, 'aiti ,iatna ai,, ltI.. ':till g llle \,.w Inadnil m. InI , eprhll li o te1 , al i lll'1 ih + u lllil IN ) ll ihu '.), 11.) - i t a t ,, ri I nl ow, r . hd! , . 1I ' 't Il. I: lei Z;i , 11, - Itta,oa , .as, at r l ut : , Ill 'oi " , logll, tI.' t ol-t ;II I e t l, r., 175 , b1 tlll 1";tll Ic ot ta Ir ' l' t at, . a l(')illllpnal tt \\ ti tt t' uli t i ilopI' ,it1 -1iF iI ittlt .N al a kt -i ' s is-b II (' 1111r, a , t l yr N l P 1'' t t I &00 t!I,. SI'hlck I.~r. S I I,', HlIIt It a Ic. , t. , byt ,rnid JOiaan'-lt (' i a ti ta NIn- , "'. ta ntvt ar ata t 1', 1 1.11 )1 1 -4lk llrl( l r111 "iied strr si o^tall mIlar ie I I. li [ (IS. l lA( lll .P \l('l'i', 1:31 llne(lnI e y. J 1i t, \ll) \. fiI l'l 'I'11x', ! se l I'ii ' o l-ains--qIae New I, ', I ire- p( ira aIi;'PEIt --ta li ar gs ia n ta tl'ler i, tlar t tfirt s-I bath a al .' t at ait Tn IIAYdl tar 7-iti I'r dr+. SIIrt i et.e l ha t r th rs day rclavad a tt o •i Ii rrI l att el. I ' ,. alld hl e lI l *iaI us, n et It op i~ Ie .. ond' st p od. g t a I ,yawilIf u Piltthur t lill r£aal l 1r t~l't i ship 'tAilIGaantoonalmn Ii lltaaiah..t l :l tati tfi nt liar eta l, atC , hue tnud itrc i la o t, , f.l I0 SAAC3 11ltllG1 & Co, 131 11n ,azhno at 2BUIiNllH lS l)IiOPS.-- bis stdjditeis wans d cuverrsd by Ille proprietor and has been sub jleied to his carsful uhbrrvu iin hr manty earnr it every vsr roes, oI psesiue, od .tl tile dietsea. -f Ih A river , iittied At~,riean lh ute; ntd it is nut i t t t i:ehe p ublic with tl e -ui-t tt ,. tilt ueandi belive that it is, as insist learly , t frth in the ) palphles ncumpll nyingthet sain , the i best i et. uine ever thrown within the react of n:e et a is-ce s :;--sity. It is teitih tle re:ttsu prott tie.y t'eitti s;sI t to maladlirs wlhich eitlist tl.e .msntr cer, frutu t s esttll lilhed fact, thr t, who tak, n : ni k t ittll,, o machll it alcltsalcrtllriin. to thte stale of iI,e sttm uAch aid Ithe n stllre of tth dsene, ,ither ,. an i mttor, diuretlit, sudelrlfic, ulpectoratnt, .r rep, rles lmediclnr . Tlhat i is really wha' it purporill t1t e, eds only trial to sualslythe most inertedsnous. The fact is(tluly c ming to the kinowledi e of the proptri irs of its beneficial and savinlg efr ecls int I cases l the agte and fever,billi u.s, typhus, er. u vons and scarler Isvers, itlluenz., violentl colds, 4 dysanterry or flux, lysprpsia or measles, s.letlv t.llha tht il)y areo et only warranted int warmly, rtecommessdine it, but they a-r alled upeon from a t eases olduty wilch they owee to the humant farllly ato say i all, try it, and you will bar amtple Itesl any to all we have a id on the su:,jecl. The cholera truslf, the worst scourtse which lhe ever visited our couhtry, has beenl uccessfulsy i niII qucreud the pr -rietlr its thirteen cises wih "he use o"ti n, m dlct e ol nly, irlbhour tlle s Ilo if a single ,l'ie tl. T ile m td l-t e is p,e ,ert d -nly by dt :t, , s BURNHA1I & DAVIS, St.Ltuts ltllusetr; and is put ip in phialus each aeeuompnied witll a Iali and uiutinlct dlirectioul, ntld cu nlt1iti . .aii t sixtt deIes, to hue lin tur sevenly five ents, wrntll imakes it telts[l rlh bhupest lte ui,'ine ever ulsfet d to tl e iublit. The above Inediine is sold wholesale asd nrttil ly osur Atentt, It'sty IlUotnabels, D.usuisst tit Apoth,'eary Tch-upioalas sir, ,i. N.w"( - Uit r, u luikwhlelis, i Vusse. c. -t t lo llfhblt limilv FIlour, -'5 half bble I'hilutlelpslthia ckwheat mel al, t d 100 Q.luhi1t tlo do do t10 HIs!Ierstits sizcd IIl-rI - 51 ett ull iu.leseeieruhee.a, , " 50 eellister.a Rl'a.t ireed sItlltllll"a n box.e IPhrladellpia t seortel preserves. JtUal retci.rIdand foI r sat!e I (GW P1' 1itiClIAItD lJs I TAGCBRT, Jr., jutt't car l'oytru- & ilagazibe s L OMBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans U LiI o f Packet Slhips.-This new line of ships has been expressly built to run betweeoon time above E ports, and will be found of suitable droll of water: accommodations for passengers, end every effort Air will be made to give general satin action, I'l Air hno is composed of tire tfo lowing ships: Cherokee. 415 tons Capt. J Harding, in Carolina, 401) do S Lemist, tnd Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, end Colunabiana, 625 do G Barker, tio Seamnn, 240 de J Howes, do- Bombay, 625 do D Ilumphrey. red The above ships are all now, of the first , lss, copper fastened and ooppered, commanded by men of great experience, have large accommodations, d, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to parselngers, and the very test of stores pro 'ill vidod for ther. of Tile packoet will be towed up and down the ,Iis ie eissippi, and the strictest punctualiry o'served in the time of sailing, and should the reogular vessel be detained in arrivinlg, other ships equally as good ea will in all cases be substituted. A share of patron. ni age is solicited, allrd toe agents pledge themselves to y accommodate as muoch as practicable, to receive and forward goods by a id line at themot moreader. til rte charges, and to advance all oxpont-st on goods Iv shllpperd, if required. 'J'lie ships will leave the 1st and 16th of every n- month. For freight or passae e, apply to the agents. ito J A MNIILIIITT, 82 Colnmmoa at. g N. B. Advancements niada on conignrme.;t. to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. ty nov27 A EI(IUCAN BIlIANI)Y, Golshon Bltter, &c. 0II barreli .maericac Blrandy, a- 0 kegs Giheli B u:ater, r 2ll. brxes alrchll, 50 Rege Buckweat meal!, 25 boxes lhmperial tes, i11 do do cnnslters do., cir 20 hall'barela omas shad, ar Loenr from ship Adriodurie, fri, sale by r fe5 WV PRlt'TCI AI LI) & JO ' i EW MUSIC--O, Native lMuslic; Tihe Convent lBa'i I'm a raiting, roving llade; Never I)(spir, Of' i, dlnltyo u remember the be wililnl glade in the L orat - 'tomannce; The While Iltrse of the Peppers; Thou I comle and Io Love thi art near me, rnig by l'iias Shee ri in tlhe grand olmlantie (i ler Aiihie; Good Nig It '' he lnretig andlll parting; I care not fir s rillg iiI e e alcll wilne, i. I I Itanrsll; ilire, conllle, illill art in slo roaw; A Lile un Ihei Oceali wave, bh II Ili.rr'l; slre wutbleh Il for ilil I"o s lt Ifulll a r llruer ae to a'll at Irornir g; O'rilhe wiaters Ie iinin ligr ht;'There's ln, h'ins like In own, rraired Ici lllteI harp li '1' lilrrire.- ItriRval (nltasa Ire A Flschse; Qureer Vitlirit'a Ceo-re itLnadrilles. Ju.i receved ulnd flie- sale by ills _B C.1S1i', 19 Cnmp et i pl ulid es rIrlinI rIlt iii4e e F eince (.iOlrid, itia. ble for Ptarse're, colprising Inrdies' aritilng, '"in. aei,ri work o rerIll rila i bixras, par:filior, neodle brllk Ial pearla; shell alln ivory, ranlrlalee till sunovrenir inlid with pearl aid ioldl; pocket bank, pur eras. ajla gilae'ee old aut srilver pencil. Ivf rlolery or ill kindbrd, e'lrev. leent 'r1112 BA.ZAAlt, Il di . ,:r r t Charles OCommon t.ei, Exchangeir.. TO I'tHE; I ADIES. 0 iTKINSON'Sr DI]'alI.h.A'Trly, fir remoiniig s0e7 i"rtllulus hlltir felol lie facer, Dck anll ll rlo s, witI i urnl lalry aied certaintl, learing tle ka in iner and whliilrr elrer bolero tue oliplirratiln o A freli anilpply justl receeived at GUION'S, a lN I ereixhlge Ilotel, cornel St Cnarels and Comrlnor S 'ie V iis. ni IN l CL r ll I Cltihih , arnl iI -'ulinrn to receive lhil;.,rn, retgu. hlirl t elerr' l; ' lnl lh, i ri'I.. u. a 'lrr ir uli r a llrl'l iiot beI i '_,a will o n l utIn e i r ,i Ire Sit' u i ll h i ll 11. i eolc l Sreitil, it Iat U ellllt llg lern r Il: t llt'el.rrrier takeu lelne ire illoirill etleir pnlrle . I lI ther puh iiii-e. lla,r li.yIha :lil wie Ceo I re urna- 't a xlsre llirr h I lillli ll . I d r l l I n.-- thrrc:iti, i 1 n ile Ir ifslln r dlv 7. # il."I i hasl I., suit n Ilk+r a Iiirt lit"i coal fi rrd, "int ti street, or to J,) 3 11_ .1,111. S nond 3111.1 S, Ih, k flare I:it ' lrtl.S-i h: i Ih o,,i the autohor et t,' ' rIa.i al.l l ' i rutl l ie ''ii- , i . if ii It.,h, s' I0 sn ' I'II I' s, l.. o ii' shl a, m ,s ening , Ii h, i' i.te Cail hen1t hla n ille, 2 volt, .ilc-C tAl-r'" Il-tri \o'1,i 'eei +41"ier.a lire, "l '. \V1 I Ili i il I I tolla itt Ihe lit h lis. h `'.nl te, .I vl iI e Ill l :' I t t Vir ll 'nn Ir h sort lur'lou1 ri, by .flies L.iulou, ; vats, ,ea'. , v i terr ifd n i rIte r tlre Ih ' -I All _ laj I:, .. ...... .. +4 i~i!X" Tt)XV..lI h1i lviii.ill - a( {,TtNI l--1 1 bi l. it. very IeII r I" N ale Itly P LA II)I.A',I. J:1 6i6 CanUp st ji B -'-Jol reei'-ved holhd hlul, fir artist, ma'h oollmos itid S private II e. I u' dit will flle it for ornml.I r nl l'il ;it leltli ,ill curdsllll plet,, to bp, rnpa1 in fit aI Ik h _3 Sli dl. 2re i llt- In-s al i ecireev ai d I Inr s llll by l nll ~Ilr rUN. I r T'l pihl. ri. lt I t t et nd jg'ciwll '1iu ,l i l rreiid Ir es .r t llith' s'llen Lr, , Cop in ,Pce f, srtl e Iy D.11)i ) I E1.'1' , 1'c' I I t a I W n ill 'E veri rtier it Tenr 'e " .ou: s e , i ol n l rau pi rer-or s e by i i N ]e -Ol h ar d tr t nil t im es a i lrr e i ,,srrr at I r '' in' Ian e rI' rrerr " Irrrr'era 'ae rirtliath'" (rc rarnl e :c p r•rilu tr ly itni edI et geal I r 0 tI~lNr'.I'lo11 .qilSt c1l7lt r:lAeer nI r 4 lea alma ' nh liiter iratenrsan evleral ; crihr vare oief i Ianlinad tuI al'lhe toole; grair, g hlass a in garaen setdsdI I tk .ni aN ligrilure, a 'd Ne n-ena u'ar' hri;inii he illu Icies, prite stid drrrription ofe:reh e ibr f u i *rni.lhcd by ol r stibseibera ri be shaell L Brovvu, who Ati ihANIti l liei. & ic his l J II .lorn nmp str sl by -.a. XCIIA. 0,1- n-i NewIr ark,.n'.rie r lile _a - .. .... I ANlIri-t'Ny & IiO'S, S.inp street + .fe'l .. . . .. . . . 9 Culm i st Ic NI' \V Iitnr athe tEngliolh Language, by A Clharles eLiehetri.Jseoil:uple in 2 vl. ln 01 t o. Soiot *i hobo NiClolelby, juls reeived, nito fore sie i Iby %V.1l liiIN, Cf14 ear Ciamp aII IIl lC lOntntustreet Ii1 9 f itid I esl r seie bi ofe ItiAlL & Ilbtt)lVNo. in jOS ilb iljle at m " (CAiSI1S ILioc silk II ii ierchit2,o of ndsome Spoitertis, or autl by GOSSIP & Co I_ j~~t1 OiSthiloiler A 01 l'ioatne litto In h.\I RENII II1'l"S 'I'herioenetere, euy keautilul eofrlicii, new style,jonle ree.eedlhmru e Eiurope, nud for oaleby iAVh) te1il' .. Co, Ne13 N Y Slit-eere lill, 21 Chltotes st Ite `v` Fj;fl lto I rrela in loeulodl reole lie in _____ A fu(atlA.J I1El, 14 Pttydia at r ('IOAL-"76 tuns nftkte beet Engiih coal,well niteld ) for loet.n Into use, io banall Ie utt no AbeunIfrron] Iy New t'.nSI l for sale by HOt)LMIES & MILLS, Book Ploac ly 5ALMlJ \=23qr hands, 21eigltllhe sod 21111 ktgo e. ollotlondoie I r i tran s5it Chorleston, fir sale by fet S & J I' B IIITNEY, 73 Ct.1p at Ie TMIIiRL:LLA24toi,,-es, 2ito 311 in.l tnltu s ingham t iiioreleib fer eule by - felt ISAA illtild' & Co, 134 egotozioie a l )ACONS I)EiS-5Olhtd, Cincintlirleett, istoa lB o)ad Fenole by STES I'JUN .AVERY, t j29Q &lkravjer-es tIi 7t eb io tt'i-iiii't i.. i ',S&lle Vibt =tlO Itueillifl i oC Gl tt hve jll't r·P'eiYed it lunge assortment of Was ~ln Tull bfers C0ecnutors Sigetrloolotolld silver pun- h Ladle tail ltlody epououe, olicll they uoler for sale Now j.'ld IIRBROSVEli& Co, 1T Colup e t A'IN5 tlltter tplper-wlli edged, a very lplendid -aticle, al overy celtr, qjoelity and oize. Also blockt edged tloter aond billet iuner, for snae by DIAVID FELT Cu, fal3 N.Y Slatwnncrs flail, 24I Chartres at ' SHlE POLI T S II t! IN, or Yjcissimdea-Aisle I by the nuthor Cf thit Swiss Hei*sS.jeiu reeeived nod for sale by A. 't W.AR, jutl ll30 41Cngp i IEW 5 W YetlSimieioti'o hall, 24"2neireneires N by IDAVID) FELT & CO. Ec-ey nrticlk i. 'taiiunarv reaiV smatde, ier it nrdee 11 tip, at elbort lolioc. WlVtniovt11 or rstail, en-ls i s pplrentld credit. lob r j e tonr I I fort ' .24, ien BALDNESS. A R EAUTIFUL head ofhair i th grnrdest ornam, mAnl elnsening to the human mejam o. Ilow trene o ly the ns of it changes tlhe couentenance, and prenma eo Irely Lrines on the anpearance of.old .age which ae sea ninny to recoil at I.eing nneocered i.and Seeeeol tto llloo aieuly to avoid the etsts and sneero of in their eeqnalit.lane: the reamainer ora tlheir lives are con ila useinently sp'at in retitaonen. Sn shirt, not evon tlhe aid .o ,if pronpertv ills the generous thinkhio volth with thlt nersO siking Onlonm as does the itoe of iris hmir. 's'iioarrriet oll these' ounlle.nt' to onlmc of Columbia eatops tto hlir ilei Erliate off in the ve first applieaticn, cnd afew Ittries r.rnres ita iniai. It or. likhwiei proIloe CaeIerowco and waaiikers; taevrov s tile ads inir from iu rnnc orov, inukaheo it er rl b ti'aillv, nnd free it fronl scurf. NiieroaeeleeCaltficteeo oi tile irsi cry rePectabhility in srllrpnt of the virtaas of Oidridgec sla. Ial, are s hown hv'ihe proprietori. it. 17 Read tihe following: .L Robert VWhnrton, Esq. Into 3iavor of Y' il ' iI h hns certi e a' an may It eeo below, to Ihehigih Iehra ter of lhe frllowina eentleaa ea. 'The urade.i.aned do herhv re"til'v ihi t wr i nve used the IdIasa of I o'niiia dli:etered v J. ()ldride., and aore faiad ii iiahai aervirelr I.ii ot.i;lv no Ipreentice ittai t thle fatling ;a f f" hIl uir, bIt also t certain retor Sive. i \WII.,.SI1% TH ATSSIIT, Senior, Mlethodist Minister in Sit (eir cianrere. No f6 North Fifth aSt. JOIN P NIVGLIS,321l Aech ctreet. JOHN D 'THo..iS. t D, 16fi3 Rnaest JOHN S FI'REV,lfit Sprees rtret. HUGH leCTCtIIY.2,13ronathbd st. JOHN IGARD),Jr, 13 Arch street. I it is known iht three of tiloe aiaoi soler. are iora. than 5Oyeues of age, and tilhe others not less than 30. IFronm the Macnr.l e Coinmonwealth l f Pen..alvoin, i It Civ of I'ladrl phtli n. e Ir, obertL Wharton. Mayor of'.ail city of Piilede. o plain,do hereby certify flut I nim hcll ncquainled with lot lerse J P Ingtlis. J.,o S Fir,, nd tiaIh M 'Cort,. ai aleitolnli are sioeined to tIaiiahov certifioateIlat thy I are .o- tec l nlCiP . iof 'inrrater cnd reai'ctnboilitv, 'inc as Seaah full iredil aie bal gi h iVen ti tia ai o aai t lriiieasaa. art In wtti s whr-roof i have Iteirltnti l set Irv Ia'ndc and cnueeil thte sen ofllhe city t,, be .ffilxed, this fith acy oflicrenlber, 'a. " [L. S.i ItIIEI 'F WV I IA Il(fN, Mayor. S ORSEIIVE that oach botlle ofthe (itiaaine uIa las a splntaenid d graaved wrapper, on which is represented s, the Fall 3fin1rao, Ac, C Sl ol, .aholeanla and retail yhv the stle agentr fir Anme r- ricn. r,O2 Flerche, street, nr ltiidea I.ane, .tne dio heil b Pearl srneetand by mcioa drluga.sit anod iirfumauro t' togh tlie country. c JAIIVIS & ANIlIi,'WS, m9 Wholesale Agents, New Orlesnu. it 'ýORR IS & Co. No. 30 Chaterns street, are now i L, receiving and opening the mosl splendid,su. d entinil and foshional le stack of Clothing they y have ever exhihlied in this aIllrke, connsistine i I o part of the folinwing articles: ilue, blaIe blrk, jet bireh, hendon brown, cirll, olive, london emnk? and goldrn olive fr:ck and dress cones: heaver, s!nble and hnrrind.aon frock coats, elerganly lirnis * ed; fnevr and plain black enu.ianere and cloth Ionloliniora. renlish and frcench fancy and ,inii ng1 silk and satin vest!s; realn ew I arket comforts; denhlic! nc d French lraner ra nd pii n a i'ri andl lo hdk n;: chan.fisn r s :ilks-wheh onndtli i gneb 'lic sus- I Spenders; chanmoisr, mcrinii. IIIl,'I woo, we 'sl flann notl, silk and cotton olt sheres and drait.i.ers; fine liin und cotton slirti-i, wilh ilin ulosns,,i plain and rfilled; ivor, pearl cnd plain handle silla um. 'hrelins ; I' (: rea f's"' prlniunt (;lovr-- ni,,s . a it iautiful croela of lwhte kid, for weddinis, hal l&c.; S ritiloiH I sillk i d ra.dnlna hikfsI; plain, iii urd and nd eiiraoad Cflati re do.; silk, Ial,L'a n II won ,i 'in+,i i r. erltln t , wnit nrdl r. t l anl d while "' casht or to punull custonlners a Iis.a,. Nov. I I TA(iN ,RS LIQiD Ol tii',NT'I 'A.-tis S ab Ire. i, n sed. r oi he s aeid in lthe nIorth lit'h anifori siti e ., '. r l t llIa nilr ansi io ini hiteo ighL tile lea1hr and plevllrt, i ni trie oiio hi che. pressrti nge Le illuies pc illdri- h Ill, breatlland rhlvlng most r dseeses In a hih: Ihe Inowll is IlaU le in either the asle,: or infant -O- a ten sepoluntl, rixued in a wine clatl+ h ,u I ln ure w tier. and sit ap thedl t,, the Iceth in :usui nin n , s i Wih a bro , will a ITectuall'y pre vtn, asrt)', a;rd turd illl that ix'rulauinig pail, el'rliaartll e Iy 1 'a. F. \ a1ner, S.ureoni Dt n. Hir 1Il J+.I ficroln (.'',nl g e, and ,ill whhl e ". u: j lld '.y CAlti.E'I'lN & Co. 31 Cinal s'. it sle n tl. i ts for 0'enatr'a Od ( ntit' l .Ailly.I tiERY V ARit.-I he subslibaeri , mnlt. I Ilcturers alnd wholerle dealars in saddlery oorth, inl additi: n to their fo rn, r stock, an extn ti s i.r rtno ,fict f articlt i their line, h at'o, -hclhl lach ti hie fltilhtw\ i i, ii, viz: Ladies and misses l-Into ~nd qun ; lied saddle,. co:tilemcna do Spinis!l do do do xllexao n do d! do do Creole do So ido \ Atner. do k alia dii 1'igli.h do h Yuutla's l S;'nish d i do I, Creile do Anur. and ing. br:ldrs no a budlle nuloutine, do I i l , Pt plated. biiti , ua l ja,,,nl ed ,io. h hi mrnes , I do do do gg tandul doi * do do do tlrulet hu do le Dray, r anod io;l~n do t Saddle Iags, diuli;'e an,;ll aoli va.tices; ilrdlal sadole :l age, illss Is enpet bLgs; Ile, rl)ll Irnine n leather fho 1run l,,bi niailetd;I, a'liher hoot tp dl, ssor ed aszts aind vrion s style.a; ahIs'ers and pisol hb ls; co ct h it , m1keii , i 'l ig ad plung er t corp whip: ; if o, wcl a t ,lt , cuatn and lelather is irlhs ,ni d sulrslllln; silrrup leathl er-; trnalk strnops nll, D n l~nl t I oil Uth; thti anid hiua , en ,,: ; bhlied L b: ,lies noI d liones: S'o,,h 1 hil,'s, lian id I,r aen d I n ae .co1llar-, i, i'I llualliis; iana. ~I r ,cco I, hur t-,I r. heep i, e , buffalolh skins; pla'ed brassit and o tel briih, hi' s of ev, ry d.escrip ion iplated,. brss and seail .sp.urs lt oveary descip tion; poied, brass and .steel sI..up of every 'IT'h lger ,.,i:h n complete assorlmenet of every arliicltin ,h , ir cof b siness--.ilt at of hich thy Ie thflr fbr sale on rccuanrnodoung ierms. lTheay will nIls I. lleltie. o eet, aca' l rough the yean, by packeis froaa New Volrk, rsh su:pplies to L.ep caith Ia stuck amlhail, nd co.pleei IFIUUE , DAVIDSON & co, ii 1i 15 CatnnI st. Ell iARDEIN SEED'l-The ubst.riblrr bl'els a xpress his gratelul thauks to the pub. Ic.t for the libernl suppIrt he hbaseceived since he cmnmenced hnsiles., in this city. UnBting s..l pro pat, rl thle seed stoure, 17I C(ommonstreetl beU in I It anld never was ugent for anly nIortherrn ed vender; neitler is he connie ed With any lhose in this cot.utrry-but lie anssurea thie public rItt tis c'nnelrIII t sci cll ry dr) r rtt, of the seed Ilusi I l t, in the dlilffeletll ie l it II II Ecopi e re qual Io huat tl anyl Ill.'e ian tIe United Slates. lie il parts seeds, plantl, &c:. frotl the most extensive and respe.t.,ble n er.cne and seen iss. n acn Fra ,.. Holland, .n:nlllnn, S .oland, nlld the no ther states- and it tll It lll es l libe his ii teres, as it is his saidy, to receve, ill addilrtn i.t Its prsentaut stork, large areivais ofl very dtscrildttat, really the growttch of 1i838; alo, engrafted fruit ire s, of at I kidela. Tle publl maety ecly l findilg a lull us sortiment of every rccllu in the seed line,ol genus ine quality, and imported direct by n \Vm. DINN. EDUCA'T'I.N-FI'IIRENCHI and ENGLUSIl.- Mr Jsm. s, recenlty ar:iv. d in thlis e'iiy, begs leave to eltlrn tile ciaelses of New Orleans that lie will loen aanacademy on Mondluy, 14, Jianary, at No. 19 Toulouse, for te e instruction of youth lof both sexes, in F'rellch anid English, in ehich Ie ' will be ably assisted by Mrs. James and Mrs. Mbi'ther, who speak both Ihss languages with grelt I llency and pu!rity, and whoI wal tale charge f ol the deparct.e llett l ce y)oung talies. t Mir. Ja ies will give his whoile attenllion to the vrioll branches ul edtucatlin, and flelters Ili sellle lhath,, will glve entlre saistlactiol to those who may holer n.l. wleh t.rirb:!ot-li,.nence. .n. I NOTICE,--T'll co.lpartnllrshile lrlned on the 28th July I.rl, btt-wee John i'. By I)tse. Jose-ph A. ceard antd Charles il. hlttrela, to be canduse-ed Icll. der the ac 0e ot liile ofa lat ias, Boerd & Bilre-ll is diesslved : and this daisslutio.c is tI lake elleclt s Iroll tIle Il Il ID-taeelrlber inst. Tihe underigned will ptiomptlie discharge all the a Oi .igationl oI ithe liue lirlll, a'd in futlure contnluei p ill their own names, anId tor ilhrir own account, a the salme busines, as Factors and General Cmat- A miassion rnerchalles, under the sle l d title oiul Beard & Hiioron, and usoliit a altare o the patronl age atl their triends and the public. JOSEI'll A. IIEARD, -eSv I UIIAIVLES B. BtIIlREN. 5 il!)S--lisiailstipi Fhand, tkes, at 7, Frmt i.ei pi.s, -i l t l iJAIN'I',OuILS, iLASS, lIl(UHI~S, &c.--,u Slalding Irom ship Constitution, and for sale--vi 16UO) feet ntglass, Ieet quality, from 8Xll1 ti .23X28 30011 kegs whlts lead, pure; 30 do green paint, in 25 libr. kes; e dosz npaedtins torsignl ;6i1l0 Ib. lithrsge; 26 dos lpiendid OtlOtO ground brunhe-. also oif000 and i.lOt do; ' cases crome green in powderi superior artseiol no u in cans; u lnrge ssoiartment of sash totls of every size anil qtlaill: sable pencils for artists; flat ncarking brushes teaibr mei-nint; artist's colors in oil ready lre-. Iared,in hocs, Ited a with all necessi.ry briscs; a artist's tools, t c.ala Flake and iminuits- wictie; 60 Packs gold leaf; whlire and yellow we x; gnui arnbic; and a large und choice as sortment ofpainti, dry ,.nie oil, turpentllse, vaunish, &., ,l r salc, wholesale aud .,tail, at the lowest prices, by MONDELLI, n a228 "- 58Campist. ,eNEW EDITION OF TIlE CIVIL CODE OF of LOUISIAA./ S T has been for same time nmde known to the puleic e that tthe subscrilers ere engaged in reparinig nor 0 hit the press a new edition of the Louisan Civil Carde.- e. Ihs were. utlrll t. e n oirsr,awur ol thle great ditfieulti e and hespuiastiiiirv attsnding the publicationt ofr tie work, aie ,nd it was nlt witholl groeat aeaitlit thallt tI!cv call- i It seated ti the i tderrikiuti. BUi t the preselt srions. p a l isioiuntin.eto oi chre. thious liio d rcopic nllunl w iti md lIeo tcile toteumn niree t ann thirty twhucll dtllar·, t l was ntirely iio. f prini. For Ilni t iin twa o eas e pasthe suir al of the work s hs tbee from thiry I to fivty dllaers. It is a isystem of ritten roles 'cunell t rs iTuinedinh"lt , ol rat:ins uln every ic,,iividlll if ti stlte, tinlusr,. 'itther i ienu'illltur. n r c io i ice u nil iche i anea s the dilshion ol" ritlh iprpertyn i Oi n.g to Iglio " i Iother usct1atslll a--t oe cno , he rtre t io d law--t is as illh thei lxtbok lld ula ll l of tie i ininerhlunlt ad th.i pilanter, ai it is of tile private gnclef sn tlldrs tile priolklyi ldikdval to.t Shle tawyers o the r jiiig g ost a teo and ia ti. lct ofal tnose statee n1 ilif Ohio atilegis.isi an ti rivers hich h ilnl a llart tir tr c lr i ldl.t in I.onisiauco. Ilno a f uir qulls lltlu.eusiy of'lpic to tile clde, ad r niillyt itl idisIaneable i requlsite to ilteir harus; ain i in Ids itt of New iOrlea. e tie Rook is as uotonl o i u folnd inl the merchant's eounating roomit as upn h lesk of tihe judge, or tie itale of tlth nad ttoray. Itis not s rpreig S lherefre I hat tlle first editiiln ll'It wforl was to quick , ly disposed of; and u choigh a meren raprinci it wourld in some Iiicaier supipliy the p li'c necesIity, yet it p would be inlpr!ectd unsi e nry unlgs te utoaedI with relrelnces to tile R.port and Statute-, in or!r to it cl' race f lr erous a ic nnlllth n which i hae l b.cen made by th e Lt uiselature. and the imop irtiun decisonu s Ssas can lstrnctiols c vhich have been given upon Uae 0y o, its rtaicles bv i hl firelvn l i t ra. lie The puhlrl Ins e secured, tr thie igeneral ener Sintnhience nui edrilol~li rlieen r y at i ovr th, i i )professional sotices of \\'heelnOk S Upton, Esq. a olnih i l oilur all Nw (willnst Ilt.Iic ltlh JtI miudelit l oullard Jud.e Iter mdiesIe, Ut i 1 ,eveaGore us: s1 i tnhaie e:lu kindlv assistred Mr i ton i ith t' vn e i ie S intlliecs and pfaticei;ula to Ml r N II lenniiaistlgc pirt at ncrof lr In tonl willn is also enangd ii tile wourk, Ge io SStrawe ride, Eiq. tis preiented tdie reni atussli thif e reneitulltont ened n tie of t p le ee, nitil Twlihc na beeiln made pv Ilconl in tfie wuit the lri, ,toof Ihie dis:ionuislhd ,rerslsiolnl labors The publ ish-t Iee aiy therefo, w el tyrust ie thi, ant ne; f e work will ie all tflcnt iindustry ad laboir, aissitid by t leantin ll ad experiencer csnll pir'oru.cln. In pttiig forh th his pr .se ivi ht i amsliitiag nienei lal sub)cribers to thle earl, tau plublihyrs ltake prile ill c; SI the fort that the Iregislature of Iotioin Ihas auth)rized t ! tile Governor to order one thonsand coplies o" it til-te yfture hine ofth e ilate. IThe i adines. wilh iiiich iis 1iis inumber was take by lhAsemly, vin ed their I s at sense of the valun o c work;and they therehv extendi- t I ed that confidence in the ability of t the ptrblislPe aln I ln;ulrs which ie is he ed is ni t wobnllv i lcser h ed. uh upll good paler oard with clear type; nor will Htu ex. Iprolse ereue e spar d to make tIle r la l sle e:ll l " atl T excut on nf it c crren dwllis wt vilt d g ttunie , I it will prebahlyv he r,..a v fir delivery in the month oIfLot d Septl er Int ;i an ~ltri i- ice will be, to lcglricerut, s- fiflteleI ollrs--fli dollars to tie pidl at ie istic uo 'sub c. c in.crir. I The succritiiiiists on oe te le store prige i y will he twellh kdllars per o iy h n i uE " 1vinci 'i i )iN('ice ute l,,u t p i. un lualtoiled tIn hcu ig eattii nuit n; cads lch Sil). 1c . Splanted every oicli eiciorne tita ma iu e, whericv.t or it has beeng known and app rciated. Ahii ady hs it. been c;lrr ed in every deeiltion throughout Sthe United Stalls, iand lli rc'Wlizits iu!or A this ll coatd a. have Ic ici a ipaedi by itusi mio t si:nguin ti fido . ns 'Iiii allid s of persons inv nolt only beel Itli(ve.d, lI hbut ietlored o le ihi and vigor th rough its oagen. otu l 1 cy; nd thec y now chcriully testify, at ucury opu I w p' w Iortnolily, to its d'tided anld supreme efllauy. I: 1 to Itis oinponed ot such nodiclinal principles su are Val calcnuhttd to renew the" healthy action ,ftho ste m tch, liver. and uther ilmpuritalt dlioustivc orpgans 'tl lthel loss of which h aroony is yhe immediate cause c'h of ilt disease. It is appaireint i so, tht it i.duo. i SCs tite utllirn cplklllge ditslcaolvuiidimclll u tihe ty.ite-' iiand ctrtalinly dsltroys the native litbility tu rclap lucs t til. afiollton \hileln tihe Agtoll is iattended 'i with a iy otlher cumplanti , thie enploIymeInt l the Tonlic flixtuc will c not t;hnerl r withi the treat. cllt ofithe other diicasp, but wi I evecn unlord its. sie by lurishing strength and visor ti tilla sti : body durihlg the coars.e (,t" treatment. Thlnns wlea t:ola . ll,'o use of this nmali:iae ony be assured that Si tihe is no Aud srtic, d Hu kss .ns ler'ury, a r iany other oi artchl in its codulpusltiu l ul'rvludi v to theu hiouau i ill e'onclioiutlrt; lig entirely a us elucuhi e extr' /; iic ll illad they Iliy have additgonal cofidencdLe in h'c I1) ute tllercu;', v,'hen they pereuivt) thit t itIlsl thle el- tiht cllt iio ai galit' laxatve abouut thiu it'iiii Is,La huiiot. : 1a -iic full ihas been titeul--in noLqois:Is e of whgich, im tioc boh;itlur CalStl obun ructions, an'd uoller uviLx, s arising oim t ua olf nmany of' the remedies noilur ol flared for Ilia cure of thIis alloct'ia. It has baW n Iilc uslld ulao ial u preventive, b lynanny who wern su ) jalt to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, nlld itae cb~o..., 'The Proprietor, l') oatiseiol ,ith tii.` 'll ', of illparullclid clid uuiversal Iuceess which hoa c11. !1. r titntly atlended u punctual and ros .lar ' sI of thep Les p 'cunin ,lixture, in all c:ases of Fever and Aguue Sfuehs warranted in eogatging to irfend the price to Iit s all those who have taken thi utlieicne in strict Ire Lpet r cordanuc with the Iprescribed directions, ,Vtlhouti o Shaving buen perfeetly and hastingly eanred. o. The subseriburs are the wholc.uh) agents for ihe South Weastern States. and have nuwv ou hand six \\'lhllesnle Drt1., .,,iate _in~? Od)DEiS I l EQ : )D FOR V ItoVs' 7'"lT \Ivcj'Cp7'oc\°G\; \ SHythe IPht'nee, No. 5.i \IoogaooT e steot, New Orhe'o si TOBE .Ik 'l. 4C'i'UIltl)i I.0 \,;1t' YOIli BY e toBER'T liuE & CO. h, SC.,- Ef OF' PRLICS-Do, e Gims. Uoo I Foro ouble Ginof o it laos sor ooo on each S e)linder, mking li60sawsin the stoodt, %titll f ed,'r lo oaods, &e. oat $01 pesroow, or $9.0 od to: a Iftoodleitnof 60saovsor rIio) e)ur, 0 or 1211 aws in Ihe stal, a w].ers, ol c. a 00 $6 00e' sa, or 72000 it Fordo. ofd0sawsondo.r saews ina 0 stand, at ,o 25 per saw, or 500 00 For dot. ill' saws on do. or 40 sa s in ia Sst:ual, ci $.30 per saw, or 60 00o SINGLE GINS. For . ingle gh of 0 .ow..or mort, with It aoosld ofeloleders, hmlolo, &o. ot $.6 per /' saw, $50 (i -')0(1 For dnt. of 60 saws, with tfeeders, &., at $ 4G n Spot roS:lWo 320 tl A I r do o.of 40 saws, witl feeders, &c. $6 3 075 11er s 0', f3o Ott 11o SF o orto. of ol s: .w s, w ith oeo ders, & c. , at $7 0 o e50 per saw I:.00 il iu 5Extoa teeth r here, for fel ders, s oppled i t 40 cents eash; t.he .umdet' at'teeth h(i.ob a1out equal - otheloooooob.rrofsaua, Oteoct of teede , it scur s lerel however, will wear out two or ar ree sets of sows. I"tl's oo a ssrllplied oll 800 h otsoeaoho Flohe is ord red, willbe delivcre t (he agents o s planters i ln ut of the sea port towns of the cotton plao - tilog States,aiotho ltoeprcs, (heaogrets piltern0,0 I e oI'eghtr ot the sare front New York, toal oetooiog 1e Sis..aibhle for the nttount of the (Gin. A I. ii wroitalt twillb set with the Gins to Ft them up wo th'e o o sired; the charges for whs.e service. will be extra, butA n malel.tle. ' 73. Irets running gear can also he ordtered where desired,,o oa reasonable |e menos, but will be chrela.,d extra. Iliest ' nl power, ofany description, call be t'urnisrhoo o0 like of tetrms. Small steamt enginets can also be ordered ift de siaet. It is (tesilbole, when planters give orders for Gins it th0s should aecomrony them witlo their views in rea:ti at totnearauogunmento saws, haoasts, brushes, &c. It is ro otd thooo ditlo , o apiion. nSoonno otsieLoo r s t o lirgerodi.leoIho,, obtters. The00 iast tothoI Sit is U or 10 iotches; t, sotse wiSnl them 1 inchesil. Smoe H wish 5 or 6 rowsl lusbes on allo axlc, aw hoil others do oi nrt uaau more btha.oat most. Some wish saws with U t or9trectht to tle inch, while others wantlUor II. 4$ otolh dosooreptueo, we ioer Iltt.¥ shto utld, a t eoo te time ofl giulg mrt ler s a atn sas aemet o t eo wishers, and the oatooaloulsrtos tar frulil them Oi etra) particular. Wqher it is left to our doscretiio, we stodl - make them on the mosot modern and approved plan. A ar or ema he exesutedtl, from thle time it is re.orelv, to tioe sa0ce ofeight or niae weeks, and thoe Gio i tioo W imo olatedotio the lodoa of theo fato,. Tao hir oanoe a t tor lite next crop, all ordetrs ouglht to be in the handIs of It ooathelactouralsby tihe farst eor middle of rd t escpt or tolooatoswhere they are late it coi nencineg t0 or a or gist cottao. N. B. Thoe Pateot Right, for any one of tto resota r 2ilog Motreo, will be told on reasouable terns. t So .oalr * .W; o 11 Y IEt FAULIb U' AILL CINE. T IIORN'S Compoundll Extret of Copuliba andl Sara pa rilln -.Icr crltain, la, mid lnrst efalIectul reme" 00y ever dowcivli for tlle coure of (Ottlloetrle, Gleots Striotues, Wlhiltrs, Patls iu tho balk nlll oins, noollorl welkteos, alibtious kidlieo, gl'tel, soorbutil y cruljtiolts, .e. C 1 the illtrodutliol of a mledicieo possessitg the usfu and alitv vit titie of til,: ott rtow oltredl to the public. tile Iroprietolr ha but to refer to tle nulerlous roromllo tttntlatiotl ioeteit'od Ifrolt Lte most eminent of the tooe tltal I.cully ill illope, ibeliloing tliot it wtii be dtl1 ai n.l'cited wltelt ire otcritsalre more full) known. T'lI Iltouml of (;oalilo, sorxtmlousitclt used,l ls lust muol of its erolit truo tfie dlisiko woclih pooiests lormerl exlplre d reg.otling its lisutgleab'e toste, dllstoerlt pritductlu in thte booels olol btoutcll, stll ill betlrtuolr helti utsel in the inluloutnltory ptuge. ThI prlopllrieltotr ls madet an aulysi of to ile lills, oncei PIg that thie more activequalities woull thterlby be mtel more !oncentlrttltl and tnore usetiflly administ.ered thlt in the present slite. The albove mt.o ctleil combiles il 'erliot lis atliteh ale in tllh higlhest trolute t lnoto th tmost tientilio dnd lenlIedt inlt Itl tolenssiol. Ikoel O drulg inI tie coo ositon of llis prelolstion intetlesv s ts e:irf cy ol tile ol"chth(, roduling an opelation truly anttO nllShililg, ilUld spll'llilSl the most malllnUnllt elpctatinls pOsv.s.itao t tthe uine tine the adtlVattae ol its lheitt tlmitistired with prlict sucuess ill the ditiflret staet f tile aove dlisitase. 'The most eminenllt tlphysicls u7rgeosul o tile presettl day oxproess their Ileci.:ed pl pro" atiuon it tar of btsaarat1 till., ihailst its use in tilt plrimip:d hospitals and public medical institullttiot Itu l be n, am! ttill coillee %retr ext lisie. It waS a llt Svt ll.'eall u ulinlllt lai d ill tllHte r ultnleouserupitOlls ari.intg li'mn : l disolrliretl stlre of tlhtdigestiirtelutctiotli tthrin o been submitted to the test tlnd explelietoe of ti umot eeleblaltell mntllllg te llll t rle) hatlexplrtea.l thelli satiolaction, ,f its extruordltll;lU clicy ill eover clase utdler thl clr aarge, It ado pting it bhll in thllei . ublic o Id iiltel ll practlice. t'ul eirl uo elsutiolto w ill hl Iltselt.ed ere' fter. l'reitrol t by J l Thornl, Chlemisl Ltllon. Price $1 o50 per plt TESTIIMONIALS. F'rom A II SaIlmo, #q, F R S, t l.rgeon to thSi St Thomats Hospital, and Leeutrer onl Anlutolny. I The itli:a whitell hoalve nllde of your ,lrtoiltt'lio in vaniety ot'cscs, both mal. ud female, in its renults hlevr provedl so ighlly flornlle, thlat I doi not hesitate it pIonounOing it one of the most valulble uloo el.hlci(oU remedies ever offered to the public, ull oule in whllih Irom elxperielce, I call place every reliance, whilst i Idoed notllroduc the ille unpleasaut t effects usually e Ilerisecd from 4opluibu. 11rol C II lvw , .all, It C S, Ph ysi.din to thu S \lau) lebolle l)icl'ellrnry, t litktu great ipleasurel inll lding my testimony to th, ytilu:ble l lupltes ot)'our plirepa.rlu lli wisiiii you the sllctess 3 im o0 full' dleserlvc, ill aantr:llle I fe ohllleul· llr Lhlab'r expense sluri.ed in bringing it to Such lime: Ft. lito' (j Ctoperl, t it S, SuPgeon to Guy's Ilns ITthe utlfuorm success hinh hals al'tenlledt tohe o itninisl to be knllOw IO be truly ipprseelcated. l :. I) the sltcc 'uu so well dettli vt , :oitpily and speedily reltpay you for your vahlble preplutlltion. Fromu Sir A LCoollper, F It S P R C S, .e, ke. Iot ltlr b.eil itlduce t tory your Eltrltll in sevelul sure anld speed cutes elIeled by it, in t few da I feel m selfl i llut htound to state that I now ill mlV pe tice buoth public ;and lprivate recommend andlll use non oother. Firon GW I Blair, 31 I), PIhysician to Guy's Ito The strict test wlhich I have given your medicine among my pl.l tients, Att ., its ihlvllile sneces, thtus fhr, will illnlce Int it plelrsevere ill its use, alll I ldeel il bult tt llt of ji sticl i lt of iuty to atll II) feble ateti otnllll in cll ol.mel tioo of ilts iltttes. From t C Thomyson, .11 ) F It S L. i e tll. yo 11 h U sil el . In r thanks foI r I o valuablle llpre ttit u i.'o .to . it l't f t tl { Io tluh i kott i fieltrt foeill et:at you Ite tat last Ii i ltuht edlllu rn iA tie Meit.:', ot hI-- sure, sloeud, a:ol clietuaitol cure in eases' fthIe oltove eclass. II ttiotlos tleograt pleasure t,- poltit it to te ot, l to" vI t oaluao.le galt itisol') out, \Wert it iinecessryI the lpropriettor could hlere flrnih y:ill Iml'l'et It msilllm l i: s u ll as conli lenllatory as tlhe a;lma t.; bnll t usts thailt it grteltt successlie. herto thle care & tepelt e at which it Is been p epared, wtill proveils grlltest reiotum eCilotoi u among a dl, lillt'lnit g public. One irclonllllelatliol thsll iretlaratintn eo s albov tmil, h. s s o;lt., pArlo e lorml-pt upl in pluts-lth tiltd in which t it my he tlkell, beng butll easy nd tle: ot-ils ts. ote liy tttue, t itll n restriction lt dietll of tltlllilUI otlt tlttll h tllolleSts. Trlfellels teaeitsllh w tIotd lld tSll .s tIlle ine littllly t urbl t llt, Soo4111 Ilevrk to Ie ul'protiel withl at prnepraltiou possesing the all vll s which tIli prllesel onle uonlbillnes. Iolollt i llttlg ttoe Melldicine iso pamphlet explanlll tot,,) lotQ lioilellt stlages of the disease, withouot ull, eltt 'l cliltt cUllliiing fll and alIet dlilrectionlls For c sle ,by SICKLI'S & CO. Mlt It. 1" aJilo i otl (unai l street. THiROUGHi IN FIVE AND A IIAL. DAYS Arot Mobile (Alabama) to aBtlgtsta (Gen I AVrF.S Mobile eve y otlher idt, imnoeiutely afteI i the arrivall of te mlil fro l Newv Orleans, per t lt stellnllhbat E.lelI.i, to IBlakely, cou!ches to PeLsacol , slte:nblloats (per ill'P aola Ilay, St lf(n sound and Clh-. t:llehle Ii'er and allyv) to Cedlr iuCA ; o.oalls theue, viii .lr;ialn , Ihatl.aotcher, (lrmllerl v Mount Ve. nol,) lititb| I0 ge, Pihilteton; Iliawklnsille and Louis. eule, tn Au lss+el.ern. ha:kllttel akeiti Iln0 it; l h l.s it .\I = bile is in lio dihnge, ol" Iholllwnu out o1r losinthllis pre erene by other onctilngl; ilnter·N ts, a the 'ILOlt!o lI: I.INE is lut ont concern, and ilnmilelr loe cmi tI thl'utllgilll uul nWi lmay+ rely W IITH "folorINTYr ulpnit tir. :a11p ait tin sensoll Iiut Ol llll M i a lltlllfe)l' .etl C.alll I:llll;d llll oll. let ;r lt le (;ra ,ew il S in Maor is n i.e.llipi -y cthis ioue. c T 'ile A.g lth t l. f lair l llllllad . tinll,, 'fa':lunt, Io okol al)i ,toi~ nllin urSl's Ihe s tlhllthrll I:l totryPv. The ltoot, hot , ntlrltlll. rotis, the ic alb ord ioel. d l'ltn tihe ttoll le rsle.le ee, oetolilhtn, tnllllilI aAi leal ,1 Ofl o:niely' cunnaln J as 1 it us re with Ihe iili ioa NII 'Istnlo, S.C. oian to sttllo pckets tito tew YIrk irL hhiL Ec slllea It. NeI tw York fronm ew Ul0l lli LES 1 1#,o 1 I ,li00l0-lll'ltt in( ttli oily iii 12. lirm (:lutttllool ee, atlolt ridlo ,. l ortve a rllse rtr I, n b uiny ro. i d no Tioll.tse, to SAgt talks, 4 lour lOSt coIc mtllro, tIo tIse Ilranchib ro irll owkillsvillo ol, to .llleleiill. u sta ~ol te o t lar ll, listo tlr It l , a tli teltis. ST)orrK 'Bl iS ceo. A :r siA tT 11tll J otu. 1 B.15. I by le d to l.~o i te ogi, si se t .ot lltirso ityot o lsle.i lllls , Its s (:;, l i-~1 olt ltr New \t oroko 9t0- 180 'l'iril. Nov.' 'Lihol. l I sMoi lem 2lia hours lhi ule lhhl llremovllt, i'vt .%lnlili1 Ifl mliles per iii,3. o1; mliles per hlour, itl|ll sirr. i0t' ti S llllstop ges. " 1ot Il N. Ii. I tlo; eaIve to ilnfomini the publii hu Its hrildges vei, thIe L!,,.talluo,.leswailmpl w:tll Ihlard Lall cr'eek "lalyvyISt b(.eu elnolmlleted I v Ihe general govern. mllelt (lilte Il i eobstacles oleruting at:ll ilt till safe an,' speel? irlil. ale thus lhulplllyy reillove nu rlllu ve the piler.ll'e oes pl'| g liom urvellers lhla thLe cocheshior. .s, drlivelrs and eLds HIate of thle fIrt uorder; and as to the water route fllom t'ellsti la to Cellar Bluff, it is admit. cull by u! l lto Iliate Inasd tli-oulh i e n In lllhelfInsul" iI nlllelties beuiiyI Iandlel y. Thel bri lgig IhiFOll Georgia have also otxeu rcltlllrld. J \1 C IBA .K I ,'[ARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE WAnsrnosE, aU Cuettou house street, opposite the post-office. The suhscribers are now receiving from their fae. tories in New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortment If Marble Mantle Pieces Sufaupetior wrklianshlp, and of the latest patterns, ,made ofl te lhet Ecyptian, Italian, Irish and Amierican matrble. Also, Monumnonts, Tombs and lGrave Stones, mrulded and plain sills and lintels, Smnarblle I.cings, huartli and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, iRou ni & Hydraulic Cemenlt aid Plaster. ing llair, together with a .sleandld easortment ci ebr;a nt u ltod and plain Grates and Russia Iron Grates of the newest and onest approved patterns. Letteting done in the neate.t manner and at the shortest notice. They have first rate workmen to set the above work. ic5 iAMES KAIN & STROUD j PARKI:'S8 ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &e. SOURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beyold the Rocky Mountains, under the direction of the A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, ge. ulogy, climate and productions, and the numes,l. manners and t ustoau of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A Ai. 'I lie River and Ito Desert; or Recollections of tihneRhone and tht ':lartrcuse; by Miss Pardon, author ofthe City of . Sa tan, &e. insS vols. The Rubber, a TIale, ' the author ol Rclhelieo, Trti. Gypsy, Atila; in S The Tl'wo Flirts; or Ad. "'ture in a Country Hlouse, and other 'Tales, by Lady Blessingtoon. E L Bul-wer, Mrs Norton. larry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captain Medwin, and others; in 2 vol.. Tile Lhle an Adventures ofNicholas Nicklesv, edited by Boz, with Illtutrations by Phies No. 1. Just roeeived and for sale by -iENJ `I1iPASSES, T'HEIiRMOMETERES, lts lU ,\ COPES, &:.-.Jun trec.ieid l fer sl by wmn. Micean, coruner aof Cap atd Common crocts,' a general assetttaeat of Survtcyora )Contjteie., 'lMaihenmtsietl Instruments, Drewiog Pear. Spltieg Die;ddeds, bprtsg uy i'ets, Ivory Pro. Ivory Scales, tenter's Scales, Glass Triangls, Parellel Rulers , MicTrccct, bhermometo ., CatartaObsn uras, Surveyi Chains 1 Meastninc Tapes, 4.5 d? • - lt Tork 4L, atOiime rlo . paQKE1'S FOR NEW YO;1R--_m,, +. (Ig--n u engt pIl ostsally every tmw)nd MIYiodaF S sduring tle season, falLeor not full. oi thip Orleans, 9.$ tone pQ,.t.S.R $S01 4t" Ship Alahanma, 474 dq ! C;.. u Ship Arkansas, 7 do S h ip s r +,t s g a , 41 d o . ] , Ship eilNatnivifn,, b.oa. '" 1 i - Ship Kentrcky, 39Il Od e Time above whips are o .the first elaps4 enppe ' E and copper rastened, and having .(t liuilqt i'%aew York exi.rensly fur this tradJ. nhey mrq of light draft of wator and almost invriaih er Iass the b ro without any detentlion. The cornmpadb.erer me.n l, of great experientcu, and the llowiln i ablyifso. towed up and down the M imspI by 4eaesbe..e ' i They have handsome fiurisbt+d iceoihpbldatiotal, n and stores of the best deoerlptipn will iwiSra be foeuroiflod. Tile cabin pnonsage is $90 without wine or liquor, and there is ns Iltot furnished . the affloern or orew. For lfreight "pr pneapse pp'y on board, or to fI C AMES, 48 Canlp st. i; The ships are not accountalio for. hPekagl of ,g glass, hullow ware, marble or grar.iter enre, g of Stin, ar rust ofiron or steel, nor resporn.dik far any id package or pitoel, unleois regular bill of`lding i' is eocruted therefour at the eliU of the. cuts. e nv27 ' NEW ORLeANS AnD BALTIMORE LfNII OF 0e PACKETIS. This line will eonaro of tihe following vessels, which iuvn beron built or purchased expressly fit triee trad, vio: t Sloop Seaman, Qupt. Miner, D.rk Mary, " Nickerson, * Iraod Ferry, new Stevens, Solomon Saltno, "i Latham, oe Brig Architect, '. Gray. Thiese vesele are of the first class, have Land. some furnished sccommodations, and are of a light Sdraft of water, so as to admit of their reeivhing and o diseburging theire ergone in Batimoie, all t/e cily. SFreight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeke or James' River, and fprwarded by the agents, o Ms 7arG. CLARKE & K ELL GG, at Baltimore; expenaes on goodi slfipped will hbe sdvan.od vwhen I required. Tihe price of papge is fixed at SiO, ample stores of the .h et qality will be provided. Ir Steaio up and down thes Misisiilopi will be taken ion all occasioins. For frceigt or passage, n~ply to GEO. BEDFORD. noT27 2 lr r erit. 13 FOR NEW YORK. S[Lnonirinna and New York Lines of Pockeots or 'lu Il! Ships composing this line will soil liom New Orleans ansd New York o0 every other Mon. 1 daoy-eonloeioding on the o0th Novemnber--and to inirol te i puoeloflity in the tiul ofsailinrg, tihe linr w ill oerrafter consist if fiv n ships, vian I Ship Yzoon, Cufptaln T'rask, to leave on tile Roth November. Shiip Loouvo:se, Captain Pa'rer. to leave en the 4th Decenmber. Ship IHuntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the |Bth December. Ship Vicksburg, Caplain Woodhouse, to tears on the let Jannary. Ship Misniseippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. Tite :,bho are all new', of the first class, copper do and copoar filstened, and"upwarda of 510 tone I hortlron, ore of light drauglot of wasor, being built in New York expressly for the trade. Thle prie Spassage is fixed at 1100 dollars: their eabins are iltod up in tile onost infproved and convenient 0;an, oinod iniaihed ins a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of thle first qunlity will be provided, and every regard paid to tle eo y fort and entire satlsfaction of pioaseogiers, who will please take no. tice tlhat no bertln ean be secured until paid for at the ofrco of thle cosignees. Tfhese voneols are connmandod by copteins well ofxperioooced in fihe trade, who will give qfery at. tctiton and xeort tlleemelvee to aoolnsodefb. They t will at all timles be towed up anf down tie Misis. nippi by tenamboate, oand the strieteat punctuality observed in tli lime of sailing. T'he owners of them ships will not be reponasi. ble for any letter, piarcel or package, sent by or put oi booard rftirn, unless a regular bill of lading be sigoed tlherelor, at the counting house of the agent or owners. For fiurther particulars apply to J D REIN & A COHEN, nov97 90 Common et FOR NEW YORK. [louis a .a sad Lrw York Line of Peckela.] I ti pCtnupuslU h will ail treat 1ew Sleanssold New lnr oil every other Monday- Sc o,melluing on the 0tlh tovysnler, Ind to nldat ItL. lsrictost puoneualitv is the r time o sailig thsie lite ill leoer.lerr coesist of five Sllkfr via : Shilo }'aooo, ifapitaii'ln k to leave nii tilhe l;ii neo. Ship Louissille, Cuaptain l'uhfier, t leave oan the 4th Ilec'n bher. Slhi Il.n/.sillre. Ciptuiio Eldrdlger to earve oin the Itoh liceemob Slil Vickdsburog, Capiila Woadhnuuar, is leave on Ie I I J a. n e .e `hip Miois tippi, Captals Davis, to leave on the 151h Jalloorv. _' 'le albove hips ar all of eiw, of lit flet class lppnrowon le opper ihslerlled, ahd"n tfowald ouT500 Ioa Neartlher, re of Iit rlllllought of vicr, being built it * New York OxpSfirsl fn flre irds,. 1'1 fipise of pas sage s finedt solo msdreo4drdseUdlo,. Their cb iisn are titlesd pa n heeoin Imnproved iud.euenenlet p.lal, and fishlned in neatn and elegalt style. Aeipls c.olrs of Stile first qunlity will he provided, ants every regarl find to tfle colnoibrt aid esllre setlaletionufl paiselgerr, who Will please take niscse slit no berhll can be aecured ea Siil paid aor at sie office Of tile Consslgnee. 'These Iroeket are rosonailed by Ueptaisn well ax oeriencllf in the trade, who will give everv atlention n od exert Ibhtmlys lv n to eosaomodate. hey will at all loriroes be lowed nip oild ilor i ihf is, iieleippi by , toes bhowo, ati the Isstrilest pulouaolity iobsorved in T'le owners oftlre hlips will not hbe responsible Io say let er, plreol or package esenl by orI.ta oi Ioerd ef 'h Unlsoiesm a regular hill on lading he signed thlsrefore ft flte eoritnlua lnjoss of tie agents or onuers. Fea irlhor Parlclrulars, apply to I) BEIN & A COHEN; nov 13 - 90 Comlmou st. NEW ORLEA NS & CIlARLLESTON PACKET3 SThis line conisel of lour veoeela,aIl ol Iho rfis tlase, eopperrd end topper fast. ruled, aod of alouti 200 lone burthom, will hmndaoior norroimudatioau for pneoeesz-nm. rlirrere vesls too ecloloanded bp csplains well experienced inlse trade, who wIll 'lee overy at loetion, and eoert themseel to in cunmndari lb. ship.-ero. 'ntev will b-. towed up and down lie Mlississippi, andl len I New Orleans en or bef.r. the lOthnoad 1thi of every montlh. The following vesseolompowe tho line, vi; t mric Arohlan,Chnrlea O(.rJon, nmaster. Blig C.-eputaon.J. 1. Tholllpsoni, toaster. Brig A loeno, J D.,ane, itnstir. Bari, lbngIr Willions, I. Alliltere, meeter. For lir- tllttl orsneonnply t,: J. A. BARELLI &CtOl CGooiion at. New 0100uu5, or Al. C. IllTdrrni,Chol eni,1r. sct I T H h: uatlirrsigned having r ieuolm.enced bleinras ac a l~rogpi~t and Apntl'eonn", in the store Woiod f)y Mlr. J cob OIt, at tiOe Jtoitirtr(f Timoli lireloi'-tJ 'Iriton Welk, repotleullelfic i tts. slhotr of hie poorliu polloygo nid a rnorews! of teb fana hie forillmer cutlloela. 4B1'W vtl Clo tak 1 " Drugo, otndicilBa Slit looqo artiOles ijeesk-..nd'', corrltely orlretitl. The litluwioig ou$. seare pf licnleti~ecl, a-jot Pre Sodo,dotl a and Seramfibo Puodeog Y, nat Pond drs, being -wloluseossa.Odelqergeet eolatiitut flr)eaal, in raaisig boeal, Ptybrbahrsc. coApdip.tlen.. vukg 0:Butivi'r Effarveseen Magoesian ppepieptc-, Ilessant and gealejaarigeliVime dyopepeil or eids.. geallos, nlernous *abiltt, Ulddsne% 'bedaebIse. nddity ,.f the sateeapr , hbl elrus COS'vruessU Sa-lS neoui ereptiattr~r. Carpe~ler'a Fluid xuraciel of sererilpai; tturifyiog thetlaut, &o do du amd cbelta1 Oxaieo'. Patienta and Venaeaifqo instij ts _ Imeorlo, oile, Opldredile, &e.' Refined L qgctilcr, jujube anld i; iat 3# port RIomrLh b".uadue.N `.i rear rot ar6,i "e.rrls fir, cltlot.4 sotth woeohob ad.wtta afd S Pretiace' etoaeetoe deras.t'.v, oiatlrtw Onlb weu powder puffs ail bto.ixe P e iit sil ad plait toilet Ritvldg, "m celasti ilso ek irnilge flowot,' vu~ ifppegr $ 'f.auide satan, -It ito bent q-diu, m aws, j 4pi, Old. ridge's bmeIs Of ·oltl$il4 :eL J i 2 luciaer and ether sntch.., 'tis . ' aapv ir Ir 1 4 ir~, Ctrs .. - I Rp o tatn I I b e o I t tl de bperI- sli -, elao si kte i ja,21 ImP6. tfF P orm" jam !ALF dP qd; quit l4W. A horela sat~lrroacrarl ) u1NSt4iU ,.a ,

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