Newspaper of True American, March 22, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated March 22, 1839 Page 1
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PlaIwi 12, CENTS. NEW ORLEANS FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 22 1839 Vol..-Vl o 19 n'Term s Pres or Nle Orlegy I O,' B D (oS Bolston andNeOe N o w od .i helllillie xNller Ok!!ll ' P L I (g lNd' sr,OIL, I.I nBFs,,tI t .-n, u I 'nIr.E FAU LT I OF MED SA M BDARD d. Co'S Boton and New Orleans Inndie train, ship CosLtitution, and ur sale-rvisz ý1: . I ý TOk £. 3 T'erms elf the .s'etr.per I'ree ef Newo Orleaa lllnoiarlw I agreed tonl an anijnucod mn'linelm of" the Proprihloreheld on the ltth of Marh, 1837. Sunssltrrroas.- I'wdvu I)llhlro Ir the dtily pn per alntOn, paychle v.eoi-snunually in advance: tet adllurs t.(I thi tri-weekly country paper, payable one year in tldvatee; where n, city reterenee is given. Na s ha.riptinn wll he diacoostinuedi until arreenrageneare , .attled. In case of di cuntionuaone, one week' notice t 'in wstng mllst en invarsaiuy given, previous to tll amiratiot of nubcrieption. • nveKartevlvo.-no dollar per anutre for the firt nesrtioen, nd hIltf that price for each lelsheqlllet one: a.s) matetlil altratiotn Irom tlhe original adverviiement will he hearged ae a new one. ti Y.A.ILt. VAltvrnlnlC K.-Merclmnao ls nnd 'mra'ert, orty doilnr fin Engiiish alste, andt a ity for both lan- n glagei fnka, nlesunranee Office.:e, la othnr slmiar obticia institutinalo, fifty dollarn in c Englieh only, and eighty four tlsth lanlgllnago; Ship and ltenmbaOnlt ee- a ore, or CUaoiaisoitt marecInhta sixty dolloen in Englith ne, alll eighty lhr bhoe lnlgnosge.. MAllRIAInasn, taanW the NOuceCI, and ertielcts nal ing the attlenton if the putliu i te atles of prallrty, a.'rds of paaoelger, beta,nllt . Itc. enwill te chnrged rune duller per eqstar for the Itrnt inoertion in each inn go Igo. U.O t 1C&TIOar e.eN, or Adlvertiaen.nllt, of any pereun et natureo wmhesn ali.ieeibl, slmll to charged doable, udl io atnranee, A dedluti s of twenty.five per cent. will he smede to Aulclioeeers, erffe,-llogiolero of Will, alld MTnrhanla ot.llesaten of lal lathe, l alipihold in bolth langouges,l o.ed 511 pereenmt. ino Engliho alone: It per cont. on 0aleo i' othelr property. Atu v'rnMrNt'ers olh t of the direct line o[ boninest " thie advertler, urchl as legal, auction, anid Illtat inn slaI, ronnway sleven, stray lusllc, .e.,&rc. will he charged for topa,.ntely. atnd at lde.ordioary roat. n AiIIVaiT *nKMNTS Item OtSevC'ilVan I ll tie. Will be Slotliihod one mnnth, antd charged ccrsnritt'ly No advertisetments of Iankorueptci will he pobtlislled osany ease, ols po1,aid fir previous to insaertion, or iavementm guaranleed Iby a rnpo(uhiile leron in town. l'hamie anmod otlier places is olnhleellut, odvcrltnisllg daily or tie neame. to, I,e chnrgetd $100 for l..tglishi a Slaoe, nndl$lSll in bolh langutages. All aoteoonc m tentsnt of catlidasv tor polltiecal omliees ,will be elarged doubtle tihe price f ,otherr advertiae )wnlwtg tt tlle imnossre tlan usta.ltlledl Iy newpapoe.r g rlmrpitetero, t4ev hle evn o to1t thn conclusion ethl the o.I',lo Il. ps'.no ii whase acconllta have nat Ieen iaids witlhin tnie lounthi alter ,rresseltctill hs, ll he mlde knows. (no tar an practicablel to eel , other-they shlli SLisllme t nlnclvrnot to adlvertis or Iprinl Iulr sncI delinqia, ott, nl llhtae in case el edeasese py omeeatl . (signed) J. C. Ite Sr. ROIdMIS J. IIAYON, I'. P. IlCEA, J. C. I'IIENIIF.ILGAST, JOIIN OIIISON, I.UMSI)IEN. Irelmkl Prcese-We. thi Iundersitned, agree to abide hy th, above conditioa, as lor ans thiey are .pllicable to weNaKly Imper. llined) A. It. L.AWREN(CE, I o: , o lls criptilon ant thnkes for rless than Ii .laintl. lettersn Ill cmres. Ile Polst ptid. v 'I' G I E I. I ' tN-- I's N ~,A. 1, 2 . 3:1 4 lien Slamniel Wltostlr tlon , Celi'. I.rge karrel1 pet Collgrecnolroe lr perry's fl ltpr'vg si4 do e.tIll di do I sit do Wlndel's ladiel do to doul, e ptent do iom nerial . llt,.ire pite ht ,ho (iillot'n barret do do Naosasai do And Gilhts'u rrsil, for omle. al IA.VIII IlFl.TL' &. Co.,I (iCarten. vt, fll N i Stniil .r.a Ilell I 10.I.IOt gollo Mtlel +eer- - ,n Illitt n Ise is o es I.hC .tily fotr eale. y AIIAMS & Ill'I'AI., ri4-_ws i7 (iravir st ( LASS--I1Itlt roes it torct sisr slh. ,y l 1 Ceti Sll Ae l I[ . 11 IW N, 9t; Mtcleyeie 05 ltl itI'n IA '--oAn e ,,t, Is ,e lr, seo lasi Itt s pied I yv Messrs. Kellyv Ilar i & Cso. 'u.soei.ti. giv I I' I'l'l'(IIA It & J 'I'AGf ''.lt Ill, j'situ art ieovlveo 'It staeun'iss't 'AY'S L.INIMENT.--No Fictiout.--Tll ex l ..Itraord ilary eilolniual tcoln osiitoll, tile reel lt / ~i o scienceo nd the inrutnloeta t en e olerlteld Illti Ir o;tl noIn, thle iutrodlthoe n of wliich to the pathlio vas ilnveted with the olemnlttty oel a deathbted lheqoust, lhas cice gained a rep tatiol, utnparalleled, 31 (lly t tustaillitg the corroetleoss of tie ltamlOelted lde Itr Gridley' sl t collfeaasin. LthaL liIe dareld neot I ntrlek r aut giirtg to ponterity lthel beult ef his knowledge 0u tltia eulhjeot," etl lie therele r, hSquathed to Ie hifinednd attaolldot, Soloton IT Hlays, tle secret of I i ditcoery. It is now ued inn the lrlltnipal hplitatle, and th, rirLVate ttrctiCe ill tor c+|uotry, first and zolet sotal..d etlletually as to hI;lIlu credbtlty, uletr j wlher,; its ellecta are.wite.cI. Extrlally in Lke l·,,lowlu(! c~ulu laul tll~r Far r)r,-.y -ruting extrardinary ahoorptiot n All Swellingsn-Rodicing thent ill a fw Ihours Kheaumatisnl--Acute or (:hrlne, g'y'lg quick ease. yet1 earo Throt-l-Ry Caclrs, Iloers or Culls. Crueep and Wthuoplng Cougl-Enxterally, an so c .or the Cltest. ol IA Bretr, Spraillns, and Burns--Curing i, a hew ieers. Tes. alnd Uieots--Whether freesl or long al tatndls, mnd Serer noecs. Ltnetsrero oisneu aedulats oandehildren inredue te inag r launati swellings, and looselihlg elOugls alid II tiglhteeas a the cheat by elaxationl of the parts, SI his bess earpeinig beyond oottacptiou. Tie yr ,olnlton reotark of tllo who htave used it in tile Files, ios * It aet ILo a chartn." TtI FILt E--The price, gl is refiunded to any Ilt sh n ailutse a atle of lhy's I.ininlut Iht ftrr the Ciles, and return the elpty bottle witthout i beoing cared. These aro the positive orders of tlhes a Lropetter bte eoe Agent., sad lut alf lially thlou sends seld, not one ka been uasuccenssful. "' We tvight ilsnert certifeates to ally lengtll, but prfer that thoso who sell the article, slhould e no uhit thle origilal to purchasers, qtt CAU''ION-None can be genuine without a p plendtidongraved wrapper, ot which is ity nate I, ald ailse that of tile Agent.SOLOMON AYS. a SOLOMON IrAYS. Sold whlolesale and retal, by COMS'I'TOCK & t C.., New York, and by ane Druggist in every toewa a trenldin.o. tar sale bh tnlt Wholesale Agents, corner of netnon & dT'Tclloupitoulas street, anid by the ApothIeeariste gterallyv. _ l30 hi)- R t'l~rF; P.()I'A oil~d IJrbuy;lrl n, tilch th O Ihis thiat. t ll rat, ttn to ien lla pletitn. tf Vttnreanl t ttttatet t ho,.tl Liats , r ll itn dir het ' n f1ittair. tn. Or.,~f~ic lp f aro t nrise mherniat Oltl eltotl octio I - lt aetiawlrtt devott d t thtlte lltltoe, ,d',Venereats l IicasJt and arst fh li e rallc Oxtrsl practie it fet l (htllttialre leOa. lti o t lle itrettdritt l, CIcILtto lOitte, safe, ?eattns Itm -.J..+ttml cam Il llclln~ lltU'llllld a~s are Iu tteuble41wukea lly le rtldt+ ,whl lidieusel vizt- ( ~4ilcnl.Itl (leeti. ZStra~lllcr, Gllhaell'e.F Bullor, W tje£111nlul .Vt~lklle A.',maiiUM e·l'lin le Itdr, Kidnerys, f ILtiast, UreA, reornate ailat, Swlhvllt . 'aI etl.d he o Er t the Siut, lr Int llluu, l'ut s iOe itlet t Aud ti e eatuaeroy.ttyltputtl wt ictl, gtnu lly Fuulhl,w .is Iditdine. r Isteett eases cursel i twott r Ihct ,~lyntwitttthotlt tI lo. f Mrerotro, jllttrltlitu Otth,.t llheth,, o " it helt n a ' tin titlr tb . ltinoa 0ivr l ttilltic dc A uediinueit ref nveni Vneell w iseane can tneo tinted of Ilr.Ja tllloht. It ia tr,,t tile toci tf tli o Ilartib Iaty, a tnloltrated rtle 1 tnrgrtt, rttlld Warns r ue o in Iiln uo e er t lt cant laii ls ill W'IC J yLouI erveodra' ourgon (GeneraI ill llto lrtotel Armty. Sol, by LDr. Jtttat t at hit oltite. 'Ilonse ittrtots huisai sat tayo .htio of Vesereal l)', nult ebtltut skin h ise myedgn, or reUtVillg b ilat irty.nt Uwotltd a1ts wl hygnig Dr. Jetoll~crs. i ll, s ple ritei t:inoc lertlsn ,,reltttlte olltneta titttle co be nltttttp a witl writtent liret',ttit ta taleirt u.e Onc e lo ten froe 7 ill tlte ino rtlitg until tl o'clock at night. ABEIINT;IY't. tffYiPP St I,IXIL I. IUr. bhrtethty, tltcgttottot g t t 'itll e tet.'iee wt 1 opieinon thot iwh-tetltlt ,tf ttie disoeses thlta afelot oatnkiti aurigintte itt the ntutatall. Tlli Etlixir nan C tiaed hly Itilt witlth tilettat tlte[srcreltttt oao ill It tij private ont pultlin Iterctiea fr aprllstltt of forty It yaura fttr the rtntovl ulo the ftlhlwihlg tlleses:o "n t Lo s ,fi tlltet ite. FI htltle ewy, ISiote eoti ,oll, dtllo ltout, - ii a t~lze i e iP tlscohih e , Ilencvileoottf ttie teoult ll i ileu i - soin lt,nleepIrruegtelarita al tile Btwcelanitol illt . taunl wtltee Ladigoetiune oe a u atiau Itokit it otetlltuo I eais.. Tihl nsedieio Olntt aotl e ittlnllne, oIS llllolle ti hnotl ofq"tah cstrtllrllusttaw Ielfar rIetl tlotiitio, Is h is Ie eels ieVe lthmn Uf'th uh(!lelit a~lll IllllJt ~ientll~C SllrgEtlll EI r u e e v e r tm tllre u, ttll ttd Iit n e c re t O f i nl iilr a it Wa ' lutr ehtasn d ity tle n ag tfir oa ne ry hlrt auIOt. Sc in igre sar le aO lt lIeata I t hethlletttatot t tCln tt atill il d t er e ieel.alwuya keepia the etwels Ironl, itiolurls vcior slld * lorengttt tt tllt ryltlel, atldcltnerlOhtltse tto tile liilid nad e few halloloatlltltI¥1o the tllltt tellctirlCeIe cases ni ISlylpttlitn cc ligeatiat, alid 1trevelttt a returt, at alty fu~ture teriol. cNaw Yonr, 17tth August, 18138. 3 itbldinltlt arnet. . 'iis a --rl lnmttn q ue ne e n flrtr le ttt o te lettl a ry life, i kaue beell rtlltUalle ttttre or lese, with I.ltiestiltt for sou vesrs; ht the hlat tltrne yeura IIIt suflfritga linven bteaiilStllPortable. S Itve tried eccrtl phlyticittnt, inda n fllll( teroF ktcketliuitioe, witltlei derivrit atty btsSt. I do1tlalrsd ,lt teer hblttntiit tllty terianteuit irelieZ ued resigtt ed icy elf t th n ti t I t i . 1 hllll tel tue as owas perandtl lin itlttlly friolttla ti ter Aklerletttyt Dtyl~eI Sitir.." Itve liw liietlted f Ih t tIlllll, tote sIo,, lkad~ulwttot tow tt, ooltrone iiic t 1 firaietttnf eit.o wttnsdtrfhln¥rtuei ulld Iht ilelho tnaaO it'ts perfLo tnw uliti reslori ug ine t t hnat lleal tli w hlichll s ttttl htlet Ifl r evr. nclol Ict jllf tdea do ltttlots I ."a t tlt niceIt uivaltoka ftlrtUteile itt' oyuuti. LieceeI o aredtly rt atariulg sit to lterl+ot:t letllti lrelll, ll,,,i t 1ttrc llte aoellt hta in tis t la.Sp.nethtin eve littlersdtlete itnoaials iilel l, tile t ItItlP lit le e, XtltollldlurY clr a tltie. o iis me dicin e. r itld Inv alpi tl ltltltlt , it L)e. Johiaaun't, 11 llhuvialollretlt. i ieUe. 5 PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE pa NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. at fr HE ulascriber having purchased tihe lease and fur w .L tiudroaf hlias well kown asetablilletait, from Mr hi Taylor, thl late proprietor, will be ready to rereive vi. tere by tihs lot of April neat. Numerous and costly innlprevements will be found in the arrangements of the [Mansion House. New and annre comnmliolutS batlinag houses will be built, and wran baths will be previded at all lHars. A stalrle will be attached to tile Imuse, wilt good acceohmuda tiuns for lhorses anld carriages. Filset rate Ihonrse and eatrrnages will also hI kept fua hire at moderate prices, and sail anl row boauts, wit pe rSoun to manage tIhlu i fur lih use oful riaters. lillianls an oile na useenteutn usually fouudl at watering places, will also be furnisted, w and o coanducted ua not to interfere withll the cumnfrt I and quietof the boarders. The wines and liquors will vi Iwe of the beat qanlily, aid to ensure a ull uapply of ice, a cargs las already been ordered, which will arrive el about tile Itaul May. u l Mr Flrederick Bernard, who formerly keplt so poular iin a otel at Washington cslt, will eunduet tlis he el for the proprietor, abha, with sel uich adt,eonfletly anatres the viastprs of last year, sad his frielnds generally, that they will receive every possible nttention; and thereby a expuaects tI give general satislaction. a le't lacal advantages of the Imto are too welli knowt to need a lengt.ened description h're. 'Te sl hIeta that Pensacola is the largest naval station of tihe (Governtent' the general rndenvous of the ilf sqluad roa; tilt saluluay of its climate refresrled conantaaly da- I tlng the saaaumer moanths by theenoolest treses frum rie GCulf; tlan bhanty of the bay and the nelghbouring islahnin and rivers; im atbndanee and .delicaey of the t fih willa which the waters plound; and ies prmxmityy to Ihe lfuas Soutlhern narkets, give I'onaeonla the pre fereae over all otler places in lthese ltitudes, as a l Ilaltlay uaad daliglatfaal aUamerrCtreaat. I rate boats willru bhetween Pensueuls and Mo-e baile, anl will at l atlnes he able to take the pa.saangrer !fraoa tala New Orleeansu boats. I N B ARNOLD). Pensanola, Feb. 15th, 18:18. 7' Gentlemen wishling to engage rooms for their fuailien, aun address tlne proprehtor, at esI'nsenla, or Mr Sewell T "l'aylor, thle former pro prktor, at New Or.. !ne leans. References. T .qfrdBlnl P.+, MrCutuxollan, N MaAldin, Esq., Ist. Killbby, ia Mou;le; S T Taylor, P Reau, Eaq, ia Net. Orleans. P S-A letter bhu, to receive comemunicationsu fiar persons at tile uhaove hotel, is placed at Gieo WlaitaIanIa's elice, 5I St Charles Exclange. FLORIDl)A IROU'PE FORI NEW YORK. OW Travellers desirous of taking tile Ilorida route, via Peneaola,to time Northl,ar informed that first rate boats will coastantly run froen. Madilo t, Penanolaln, leaving Mobile and Pensacola every lther day after tlhe ist lof May, iGood stages will always be provided ay lthe unlcrealwrto be in readinessa to take pansenger fron Molebile, i c.ase uf the failure of the batsna N B ARINOI.D). The stermloant Champion leaves Mobile for Pense cola twice a week flab ll Iv NIIlItIS & Ca, No. 3U11 Chlanrtres etneea, are an a ceivita doily from their house in Philadelphia, an elegant and cnlolele assortment of su!bstanntial and f.ashtonabll clothing. They invite thle atten tion of the public, ans they are warranlted in sayihg Illat strangers and citizens cannot furnisll theana selves more advantageously in any city in the Union. N. II. A few d zrn elegant ivory handle uto l brellas, froma 32 t, 36 inches. Also, a large lot a while pine packiag boxes, various sizes, very eow ;I t 'tIl.ELAlI,.ES-At-kiuou'a-' lipillatory, frre S o. ng ,uperlloTus hair frfomn tillhe face, neck ad arumnl, Will el al atfrty andll cer'.lollty leaving tShe skis ailaer Ilad wha1lte" ilea belai)ar the apllisaation. A Ireua supplyt jlat raceiledl at the lazliaar. ali IltUhl & AI.EN, I, Exvllllll le ,ol,, car St t'Illlarls & Common aa I I I.;t :lA iNT ta Iaa11i"- tilliaTa Ilell, I. laCtr t tore let., lats tllil day received ia small IassorIme.l i al I.rge ellll lledl a IIII Slio easpin, set Iup ill' he , rll st yl,. d '' ANl V i MAt'1't;llI:S--lithh bautifl painitings, . laaun femn alahip Alexaualer tfee Bremea, fra d, le b lA 'l'lRIIE,t ih I, .a :11 llaae. iaie at (;A, IIiti:lAIt',.ENl - ""i , ,tp', Jatnr Il0, I-v9. L Ordersco "ived by tile GaI Offrce,r arIt k Al, . i ut t tIa B I'llNItA11'. l)ROIP,--t'l is rditine wasi I'c 1 to his careft l tr velta n t ar ll'many trs c . ia ovetry vItari cy o t laCt, , alld ll l the disa s ll , un I the itiv.relied Ame tican clhmate; nod it Is not i l.ell aivno t~ the a pui le with tllt th te t hnfi tett ntd, c us ttltie , dithat t tls, as l t tic, le rly sl et o fot rth i, l tIlel I TI pamphs uiiss a Ititc an istily the ham:, tiaebest 'Iitae ever thrown within the rekach l tedl oflas he 'tciet y I ts w llth tilelreatesd roalleiy retvn i ll t all he m t il e salld ta whic ll i file llus,e h tn r. , flrtO itL the astablgsheed tact, that, w hen takern ant . te- stu , lach is actsa coo lrtint to llime state of the tOiln ach alid asle atlure r the ditsease, tither as an d mlil, diurerlle sudl, ysp expectio orante , r r rperiet, medicine. That it is really whart t purports to be, r:cede o ly a Irial to satie tey the oalst credronlous. tr The lsut is daily ctoining teo te knowledge of the oLt toprI s rs ul its b eneicial and saving e llects i a tot asesof th l aguc ald ever, billious, typhus, ner tt ous and scarlet Itversl , itnluenas, violent coldr , and dyseiterry or fluh, dyspepsia or icasles, atsaly ei ar thei that lcdiy are nt only warranted in warnle dia recolllendlng tl but they are called upon frob n ad t re tonsu o iduty wiach they owe to the hluman fait mily to say to all, try it, and you will bear slllte tesitty d iny to all we have lsid on the subject. , ih The cholera laself, the worst scourge which lie la over visited our cnuhbry, hae been successfuly con- intl tuered the problpretor ii thir.een case with te use d of this ledicine only, without twholols of a singlel dit pa i*nt. The medicine is pre ,ared only by doctors Ity uNr A.sM k DAVIS St. Louis Iuissouri; and is put up in phiral each aclcompansied with a plain d and listll t direction, anll id containig about sixty d dtit sea, to be liad ftor seventy five cants, which makes it; Il'c lthe cheapest medicine ever oul red 'Ito the pubtlic.l p .,tiIre oa Ittttg o it The above med II tne i soled wholesale iand retailo ls by our Asents, H-enry Bnnabel, Dluggist and Pot Apothecary Thoupitoulras ir"et. Na'w -Orleans. I"W\V MlJUIC--t, Native M1u/ic; TheCu.on ve. le Is I 'm A Liat oitt tuv IOctla woNevtr lDeII Iro tall t OhoE datyunit reltlr llCin rthe I' l atle gfllr t. ille theo altlte ltoatante; The While llte oflthe Peppersa Thou llle alln O Love hou art near me, iung bey miss e g ri1 Inlth Ie grad Romantic Olpra Ail e I,.old NieI T'rln Iingl sinll partings; I ear: nolt fhr s ning ione ; rickly Wioaes, by II ssell; he .Ole hu Iio 't i sCoat ju ll) . 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Exca-t,a -real, T0 acoTH.a LAaia Itrs. po 1 rl anfely railr certainty, leavinge a hrkin t ner aidtro iteral than Ielbre the applal, int ey a fresh s opply poretlo ealaltas atteir foil fosRaions. just received l " 'n rUION'S, P N e l Exch loshlotlore Ilol itre.l, Etacand rll a se it, s rOAAlti e Cot is lk sod. lorkadei- P S .alr, iFtEaiMANa Cret, or. 3, Magazine otreet t'_ a are receiig their sppliae of. ) l. and WPiner Cltingll do. will oti; n5 do receive ship reted alud t ayrl hrogd dou the crnters, Thd er ssortlter iarty of , larg will enable toleno lupplyrgt ainlrganlm froe t sko ntlriyls t ae asord lsl aotce; for ale wholealk; rt Sd r satelt ntt arolo asl ilg lermls. Coogoral salg asaaaEo pa-is otol deorciptitif tlrsla orkls faooie 111iE snlbscribers take leave Io ilform their patrolsa t p r d areto e x h ib it th e ir fa ll f oaa llo. . Faam pied oas ble fltersh Exchllanlishmes. , S ov OET SINCLA SIR . J rleC .. SOA.-. SrnciteCseal in bMasflk ani rr llalsito serd in lota to suit purchaserw , orders left at thei coarol a t C ssal strees, or to for sale by le2 Al CANNON. I I Ichopiolas at I.0. PANlT FKS-'lt'e subscribers offer far sale, I Sullier'A orn alilleswc Yocrckers. corn sheler, t' kson agricultur and man'geCen of P strek; frt JuriAlt-d by illa subscribers orby Shall ie Brows, who i ," I ROBERT SINCLAIR JrON &iC s.. tel l. - 9. uui , L OMBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans Liae of Packet Ships.-This now line of ships has been expressly built to run bIdtween the above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: accomemodations for passengers, and every effort will be made to give general satis.action, The line is composed of the fu'lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tone Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbiana, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J Hiowes, Bombay, 625 do" D Humphrey. The above ships are all now, of the first lass, copper fastened and eoppered, commanded by menl of groat experience, have large accommodations, with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to passengere, and the very test of stores pro rided for them. s The packets will be towed up and down the Mid nve slssippe, and the strictest punctuality observed in the the time of sailing, and should the regular vessels see be detained in arriying, other ships equally as good lor will in all cases be substituted. A share of patron age is solicited, and the agents pledge themselves to Rr aceommodate assmuch as practicable, to receive fir and forward goods by slid line at the most moder. lik ate charges, andi to advance all expenses on goods bie shipped, if required. fre The ships will leave the tat and 16thI of every rel month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. Il J A M ERRITT, 81 Common st. N. B. Advaneements made on consignmnen;: to Messres A. C. Lomrbard & Co. he nov27 t 'i'AT. : ,.l LU) IlAIlNA-First Judicial Diistrnict ti Cillirt,lthe state of Louisiana, to atllwhomn these lI Ilueitelt shall evils, gleelieg: ;t WIareats--Saiiiel C. O(gden, Gseorge I. Ogden, andtii Ed.vard Yorke,l Ihviog itrhlsed at itsnle rde by tlhe Syndic of the creditor.. l oegeruta & Wibras, this proper y hereinaftcr deseiitedin,ldlt aplined to the iehrk ofthii rcourth cai r a Itehli i or ndverlseenet icnili ciianlty to an net flli the I.gilre stae s of l.lluisn:ai , eati tied 'Al act fio tile fiirtler anstr;ilece of ittles In por obrsers et julicial nales;" Ipproved the 111ith day of March, 11134. Now, tterefire, know ye, alll all peresoa iliterested court, who call net any riht, title or claie ill a od to IIe iprlerty hIereitutlaer ile.cribled, itl eoheitMwic Il ally innrlaallv in tile order. decree or judgmellt of ilherasurt ulloer whcll the sale wvits eade, or any irregulaeriy or illegality in the laileraiesllcu tinl aderdiseei nts, inl tillie orlaiti i of satle, r f. ry a llls er deifet Wllatdo ever n to ehllw cease w lhis tlblrv dasa frill tle daly a thia ýIur1itm ian lirst iaserted i llive puDlic patpre, why Ji tilie saleaso itlde Iaisold ot he confelnnd and hwtaic legiated. S I'he said viproperly wit aod by lhe Syedie nafresaid f the 2tl day of J.tluary, A. I. 1839,by virtu ol' an order ofatlis eourt, reandired Iil tile tenth day of lebrit ary, A. 1). 18i38, lti tie matter of Jothn Egertll tand Jalaes L. tVilbry vs their creditors and then creditirs f Egerton aniil iilray--No. !139i of thie Ilcket lit this elrt, at whli, il sale saild Sleuluel C. (gdel, George 1, r Oadein, and Eidward Yahrke beae tbi he epurecllters tir tile price hereinafter imelitiaoied. i sI Ivriltinl of the properly as given in tie judicial conyevane, viz 1: lat no. . I.ot ofirclo in filubalirg Salet ill theil squtar b.uided h l('liu, l'rytuie. Caliiill, and Nyadvs - sceeas Ies pla dw J aln, dileid-24ti1 Jatlidrv, 11139 n, and tdeipltmltd it it, tit it no Jsep, d I. n arks. I'Esq. nlotary p nlldic lier rt,.to.the.* s, Illse urillg - 2 feet 4 inlevs Ifni ot Pia rotme tres", lby 1211 Ivet ill II o de` tli, and front on Cliao strlt. p Tio S utii el C. ()Ogk', hieorge I3. Ogdev, tied Edward b Yorke, $3,7110. i. oIt lo. , ill the snlllte sqiiri, uileaiiniig 29 ee frollt Sl n Pryltallee stret by I20 feet de ep , lljoo lli g l ,.e 1 ro i thae .eco purchlatsrs, $:l,lt. v It Lot il. 3I, in th e - rn qmre dlldjoiin g no. . hnvillg the Sae frfolt Win da Il llo stl e to te smte ] e pllrllnsers, $3l,Ol1ha. t . trl Iao. 4, i c titnllle s I rt n dj, itin al ti t.3, lll 1l rI nviog Ihc I n.I t 1run , ditl [th, toI h e hI aI./lI ] r SI dehrI , $3:10,11, - it..r)n . , ill nhe n inse d t.hla re dioiu~lo tico. I , tllld havillg the .-iotll roil wIll depth, to. ibe 9.tilllel· p r. io mil. it in te c ul veujnit tc n, 5, IEId cu ha ll gtll h s(vi, $i llIin llh t t, Ih tUijl i I Im putll' I Iot tie. 7, ill toIt" it I cti l .. l re adj 1tiiuia no. I;, d d SI l t hill e t lt e sIuIe f wIIt all dieiltc , to tIle -lllte vtr ulllt- erp, $:',:3511. I ll Il. I:, ill atlle s s111111? {lilqrP ulljlol;tieg oIn. " 81 ý- hllvigI f lle tome d l it. W III I ocptlt to Ihe , u"11 )llr ott l..t ii , . ill the lllu eI wI r mtijollhing IIie U. IIIain vuthg tIhe sd l Irote nd dellllllpl t h,'IIhI the llllP s e e r-f r '. tvhttI.LsI, it: I 1 ( 111. I u Ls I ,l)lII. 10,1 b l I h b -t ac e uctt Iv i lnri hdiv tIe ies n 9 all d t ,oi hanilig thlel l l n frtlni fr ilt of lal, lit, A l sllllm eilr. chasers t' PlC1, , $1,3111.l I ' j I.ot m. II, in Ie1 -nine l lhiie, -.ul i.i- i I. lit, neiii, tlf dhown ill the J danl oef rr,,d to. I e - o TerI ltlih c h, hl ) llie ill ti, 1^, 1 8 ce nell 3thin30 d " tlllN L. I.E'WIS, I'A'T' DE La LOUISIANE-Cour du prom. nortl ier district judiciairo. L'etat do Ia Louisiano, 00ic a Lous ceux quo cos preaentes concernent, salut : Lad Attendu que Samuel C. Ogden. George i. Ogden, ;an and Ed ward Yorke nyant achetd Ia uno vento tbite lor to Syndic des crdanciers do Egerton &. Wibray. la propri6td ci.apres decrito, so sont adresds au Grelto de cetto cour, pour un avis conformd6mnt itu,!acto do ln Legislature do 'toalde la iouisline, You intituld "Acts pour confirmer lea titres does a. quoreurs aux veotee judiciaire;" approuv6 to 10 i An Mare 1834. oua'il suit connu, et toutes personnes do intdresades sont par ees presentes sommdsa u nom Plat de Petat do la Louisiano et do la cour du premier d, district judiciare, qua pourraient avoir droita Is dl propri6td ci.apres deo, rite, eon consequence d'un dd. Drn faut do forme danse 'ordro, lo decret ou lo jugement S do la cour, on vertu duquel la vents a d6td aite, ou sado do toute irrogularild onu illdgalit dens I'estimation, lent 'Pavis on le temps at to mode de JI vento, ou pour do, uno antro cause quelconqno, do faire voir, dane pist Irento jour it duter do In publication do cotto avis, crol pourquoi la coato ninsi itito no serait pas confirnde girl at Illotologude. .La dite propri6td fut vandue par io Syndie rnsdit sure tI 24no jour do Janvier, do I'aldo 18.39, eol vertu '0o00 d'un ddciot do cctto Cour, roendu tole dixicooe jour do and F:vrier do Panndo 1838, dens I'alttiro do Johin roc Egerton-and James L. Wibray vs. lour creancle re br, ot Ils crancirs do Eger on antd Wibray-No. pla 14396 du docket co co0tt Cour, at laquelle vento plu o les dire Samuel C. Ogden, George B. Ogden, and tiOt 0 Edward YorKe so sent reandue atqudrcurs pour to 1 prix do ci.apres mentionn6. artt ° Description de tla propridld d'oprds lo transfer oHi rt judiciaire, savoir t No. 1. Un lot do terre aitude tans le fiubourg Yea Suulet, sor la placeo lto:nd par lesa rues Clio, Pry. lr Stando, Calliop , at Nnyads, sUer n plan fait par J Calhoun, datd 24 Janvier, 1839, ct ddpoed ou ,, bureau dte Joseph Bellark, Esq. notairo public, ad. , surant 29 ploieds 4 pouoce do faceo dans In rue do d Prytande our 120 piods do profondeur at do faes our r' In rue do Clio, adju . i S ,muol C. Ogdon, George Ite, By . Oglon, and Edward Yorke, pour to prix doe c 3a,700 I 0 No, U. Un lot do teore situdo dans la btmce 101 place, mosurant 29 pieda dana la rue do Ptytande It sL our 120 do profundeur, et a colt do no. 1, aux d naernes acqudreurs, S3,000 No. 3. Uri lot de terra situde da a Is mnmto o place, I cold do no. 2, at avant lee atnmes propeor. o or tiono, aux dot $8,000ror No. 4. Uu lot do terro situde dJns la msoosmoe place, hi cold do no. 3, et ayant leas mosmoa propor- u et, tions, aux dit acqudurours, $3,050 is er No. 5. Un lot do terro situdo dons Is msme . , u- pate, it cold do no. 4, et ayant leas mdleos propor- ae ng tions, aux dit acqudrours, $3,150 ki d" N. 6. Un lot de terra situde dans la meme place, so oa cot6 do no. 5, et ayant lesa mlens proportions, in aux dit acqudreours, $3,400 No. 7. Iln lot do terro situdo dons la nmone place, It cold do no. 6, et ayant les nmlesa propor tnions, aux mems aequdreurs, $3,350 No. 8. Un lot do terro silude dau s In lomse place, t cold do no. 7, 0t oyant les mnomes proper. ul tions, sux dit acqudreurs, $.1,900 It so No. 9. Un lot do to re situdo dons la ome0 be iv- place, it cold do no.8, et ayant lea memes propor- w he Lions, nux dit acqud6ours, $63,00 Al No. 10. Un lot do terr asituoe lans la momem g " place, it cold do no. 9, ot ayant let Illlcoes proper. o ch, tions, aux dit acq,dreurs, $4,300 otd No. 11. Un lot do terre situdo dans Is meos Vi tS I'pltace, co do no. 10 inesurant 29 pied*l quatro tl le, pouceos dans la rue do Prytandoi par 120 do profon er deaur e dface sur In rue Calliope, aux dit acqud. d reorrs 5,300 i Les onze lots sent vendus avoen i privilege oxclu. j in- sifd'uao slide anaut 15 pired de largeur our le der- d oate rirSe' salon to plan ci-o:entionnd. V1s Condition-.l1800 sur cheque Itot, argent cosp. ttnt, et Ie balance a 6, 12, 18, at 24 isois, on cre. dit pour loa billets ondoseds et approuv6d avoc hIypo 'le thque jusque to dorni.r palmnsent. lan En toeoain do qaoi, Jo I'aisignd, et J'y i SL.S appoi eplo le soano du dit Cour, co jour ( is t 5 Mair, A. D. 1839. ml2 ut in 30d JOtIN , LEWIS "I A'd.AI.--l7ti tons of the be-t English coal, well silted o for stin,.al Iw.l en, Oil board s)tllU Abeolo, f. ',o I New t'a.ile, Ii't' "le y I . r)d . S , 1.o , u lr J's"t "" anli 306 do BALDNESS. b A BEAUTIFUL head nfhar ih thet-grtIest lrnn meo t Ilelonging t1 the hllnman etme. 1low 1mrn.e ly the loss of it changes the. e onttnance,and promo ,"rely Lrings on tile ppearan ce of old e re, ahic il llt. t toenny to reeoil a theing" o.overednnd soelltllihes ,en to th . society to avoid the ret nllt saers o110 their ncqunat.tnnee:the renmlainderfr of teir lives otre 'O 1 r-quoently apeot in retilnmnent. In slort, nOt evn' the Intlafprnopertv fills tile generoat thinkillg vt1011 wlh th tlhat nenvv aining glom as does the Iors of :is heir. r rTorert ill these alnleoannte irenllmstnre,Ohtlidlo ' at Bnaln of Colnlmbia stop the hair fromlll fllin off on thil first pplitltion, and 0 few ilotlte resllOres it aeni. It ot lihkew eoe produc s e. .trowo a. l ,wlliskers; Ipreaat. tIhe ae hnar fron tornine grav, makes it clrl Ibleo tifllv, tnd i ftees it from , arf. NIimer lte aeerlifi6les ol tlh.e first trepelenhillty in eppolrt of the of Oldridgoi h alti, are ohlown yv the proprietor. SReond tle fi lowing: Robert Wharton, Eaq. late Mayor of P'llilllt dip Ias ertifiert! h s l h t ont balowo, to thelgh E hardt I ter of the fillowin.getntlemre. Thoe unmlerigned do hereby oretlfv ttlht wenhae sed te Balm of l tCohlil tliscdoveredl Iy J. Oldridlle, and have l.ld iEtht ehrvirenble lotnly ns n preventive aIllinst tle filling olfof hair, bnt also a certain resteor l WI IAM THATChIIER Senior, Methodist Minister in St Georgn c'lnare, No 16fi North Fifth at. JOHN P INGI.IS,3'21 Aleh street. JOHN 1) 'THO)lMAS, M D, 163 Rree t JOHN S FI'RVF , 11 Sprue trtreet. Iftur1 t Mec1;rIlhY.243 1outh1d st. JOIIN GARD,Jr,tift Arch strert. It ih known that tiree of the alloye sienrs a'e o nor, f tIan 50 years of age, and thle others not less thlae 30. (From tile Mnvor.] Comnmonwealth of penr,svlhnnin, City of" I hlflc|elphln0 , f 1 , Robert WhIorlon. Mnyor of 1ni1d oilt of Philnlle. r i oll, do herelv certify tlrt I am well eqainlted witlh Ilesor J P Inglis, J.ln S Fllre,, and h11101 MCuCrdv, whose nameo are seinled to tile bove erlltiflentelltlt lhlley are gentlemen of lhlrater nnll reapeotollitv, and its 0e0eh fil redillt shold be iven to the saiil cerlifiente. In witneta wholref I lhave hIereunto set oly hInll Amill gas)ll the seal oftlte city t, he .,ffited, thinl 6th daey of Deemller, &e. L. S.] R(OBEIT WIIAIRTON, Mayor. O()SKIEVE that each bottle ofthe 00ennine Ianlm las n splendlid enfnlved wrapper, on whichil is reprOsllnetO tile F,11 .fNiino.rn, &e, Sol' .Ileieola lnd retalil by le solo nntt for Aclt ric0. n2 Fletchler stlrceet, cIr Mlaidell, one dloo he! . PeIarl sitreet,and by most druggistsnnd aterfutners ' eg contry. JARVIS & ANIDREWS, 119 Wholesnle Agents, New Orleans. N ORRIS & Co. No. 38 Chartras street, ate now the G receiving andl olpenlng he most splendid, so- the c snnotinl and fnshinnahlo stock of Clolhinl they ntuor have ever exhibited in this market, consisting i.n numo part of the folinwing articles: Ile, iltne black, jet selt. black, london Irown, citron, olive, london amok. edlir, and golden olive frock and dress cooats;: ever, iI stable nnd harrinaton frock coats, elegantly lirnisa: uro' t ed: fancy and plain hilck cassimere and cloth pens, oantaloons. enlish and french fancy and plain cxecs silk and satin vests; real new market comforts: It english and french fancy and panme scorfs and Seitt hdkf chamonnis, silks-web and luen-elastic sus- .kte.l penders; chalnois, merino, llamb's wool, welsh flans. ssl nel, sillk and coton net sherls and drawers; line will linin and cotton shirts, wils linin bosoms, plain and rilled; ivory pearl and plain handle silk um. hrellas t : '(rnffs" premium Gloves-nlso, a beautiful article of white kid, for weddlinos, hnl=. &c.; S rittlefield silk aied rnndona hdkfs; plain, r figured eond embroidered Cambrec do ; silk, Ilem b wolls, mllrino, termaotown, anlli brown andsl white nas colont half hose; all of which they offer low for plan caush, or to pulual customners s usual. Nov. I 0r i " AGNIERS LIQiID ODI)ENTI 'A.-llls the beV en bo used. . both here and in thle north lave with uniform success. for clteansing nod whilcninlg l'st tile tenth, and preventing thie iolhllche; plreservion butl the Lgurs, purtlling th brhots, at: l relhvtng most cy; dioceses to which Ihe mooutllh ts lible in either the per adult or infant --)tie tee llso nstlltt, mixed in a wine is c l assful of pure w tller, and sl as.ilierl to tle tecti calt in usual meanne. witli a Ibruosl, will elffectually pre- ach vent setrvy, and ward oil that escruelating pain, tile theP touth ache. of t P'repared only by T. F. Wanger, Sirneon Denvi. cos tist to Jeffleurson Collete, and soldl wololesale and and retail by CAILE'l'tN & C.. 31 Canal as. es I$t sole aeills Itor \V anger's Odentica wila ADDIIlIIRY VAIRE.-The subscr.bers, mannu. Tot S ecturers soad,whllesale dealers in saddlery I et, goods, are now receivine by late arrivals from the bod north, in additit n to their former stock, an exten- tnal sive assortmlent of articles in their line, amsong ithe which arc rie ,e llowing, viz: arti Ladies and rmisses plam and quilted saddles, I con g(enlmntemn's do Spanish do and do do Mexican do us do do Creole do fl do do Aetmer. do . fe do do lEgllsh dtIo lse Youth's do Spanish di, tlte do do Creole do t Amler.and Eng. rtles and bridle mtunrtings, S an do do. ninrtingeales, o, Plated. brassy and japanned coach harness, st r do do do gieg and si lko do aoel 5 do do do liarouche do ite Dray, cart and wogon do L Saddle bags, ldouble andsingle; valiens; medtcal ana saddle h. bags tunosels Cirlt bas; boet iron frame La To leather fitoo trunks, brss nailed; leatller boot top r do, assorted sizes anco varloon styles; bolsters and ite a pistol belps; coach, gig, sulkey, twig and planters all 1, crop whlips! wotl, worsted, cotton and leatherc. o girlhs and sursingles; stlrruo leathers: trunk i it strps anli weral raup well has ; seamI and holok So c oormesl blind btrilesandl lines; Soltchy collos, tyi Sand horoaod ne emule callors at Illr nli s; tirno. iat n rocsoe, thlckhsee.eop nod beultlo skins; plated .B bras and steel bridle b.ts of evn ry description, Splated, brass and soteel spturs of overy deseiprltioq a plated, brass atld steel stirrups of every dsacripa, d lion' d tiogetltr with a cnomplete assortment of every articlen In heirilineofn business-to al l thich thery Soaftesr or sale on ccommodall tingsi ts ertsr Tihey will also continue to rn ceive through the year, by pockets from New York Ifresh supplies to keep ther stock anyt rn on n & cuo s ID oUES, DAVIDS(ON .1cos g .0 1.i C a n al s t. o lFlLIi HAIIRDEN MEED.--The''l scriber s ' bIge to express Ihis grateful lhnksts to Ithe aubho Ir IIe, for the liberal support ne has received since he Ft i corlmenced busieso in this city. lUing sole pro I prietnr of the aeed store, 17 Common street, he i F not and never was gett fr eany northern sered Co venderc neither is lie co-.nncted ith, an Ihouse in S this ountry-but hre oassures thIe ipublic that his ux c.snectionsin every departonrt tof the seed busie F ones, in the diffllerent eunries of estopare equaill r ports seeds, plants, &c. from thie most exIesivo e anO d trspe tablise nurseries and se ismen in France, te Iiotland., Enland, Sotland, nd te sito lerthe r- sattes-andit will at colls thee lhis tslercsr, as it h 50 is lis study, tot rceive, in addison to Ios present as stock, large arrivels of every description, really the a" grocwth o 1h838; also, engranlted fruit tree s, t all 50 kilnds The pubIle Omay rely on finding a flll os. e r sortient ot every atnslo in ite seed lills , of geno s it ins quality, ane d imported direct lby tO e hVr.. wINN. Ilie - -in or- ED)UCA'l'luN-E'IIINC l aond (E INLSLI.- - 150 Mr J&ans, recenlty arlived to this city, begsolavetn ens to inform the citzents oa New tOrleans that he will or. open an aceademy on Monday, 14, Jsanary, at No. )010 I IToulouse street, for t .e isttrue .iro , olf youth o ma both sexes, in French an. d English, i. which Ie or- will be ably assisted by Mrs. Jates and Mrs. • 100 Meekher, whe speak bouhothose languageos with me great fluency atnd puritly, and wo will ll.t cbarge for. ol the departrment olfthe young ladies. 300 l Mlr.Jamlnes will give bhis wole attention to tlhe oe various branches f education, and flatters hiersel l ttre tlhatohe will give entire satislcetion to those who t m- tray hoor ohisi with their eonlidlenoe. snv I aud. NO rlCE.-The copartnership formed on the i 300 r28li July ittIr, between John Y. iloylias, Josepih A. :lu. Heard sad Charlaes It. HIiErco, to le conducIed u.I er- der tire st Ie and title of Iay lices, Beard &h iitoren, is hereby dissolved : eond this dissoluton is to rIp take cGLct tas Iro tlhe slot aI Decemober sst. ere- The undersigred will lproOiptlyfrtchasrge all the YPO- obliga ions of e lte lo litmo, a rd in future continueo n their own names, and brs theirt own account, J'y the sarsc busincs, as Fatorso and eoneral Cion jour tmission nmerclhats, under the style and title o Board & hiren, and soltcit a shasre of thle patrot LS age of tletr Irsends nodl tsle pubhle. JOSEPII A. IEARD, sited nov I CIIiRLES B. HIIO N. lo Ottotito UAINT1'S,OILS, tiI.ASS, lilt USIII. &... Ju I nding"l roa, ahipCoitiilon, andir ale--vl n z 16.000 Iet ofhglass, best quality, from 8XI)t I 21X28 3111) kegs white lead, pare; 3.;d1 its green peint, in 253 lihr. ksean; 2d4 i jaipaned lits Ibr sins;lita ih.i litllrage; '126 doz splendid 0)1U00 ground Iruashe, alsot, ofi()l) tll Su e 000( do; 2 acses trone green in powder, superior article do do in eoae; a large assortment o f saslh olu of every era size and quality; sable pencils for artistl; fiat imarking brushels for merctant; artist's colors in oil ready pre pare:i,ia Ioes, litled :.p with all uecess.ry brules; an artist' ttl, dec. t Flake ulnd Ilenitr whate; 60 `acks gold leaf; white me and yellow wax; gui atrabcld; atm t large aid clhoi:e as- d sortanut oftlinta, dry elaors, oil, turlenrtie, varnlsh, aN &rc., for sale, wlhotlesule anld redtail, at tle lowest )rices, i by OlUNI)ELI.I, 28 58Cmllapat. en) YVfUlt EUll;ULlUb. NIEWV EDITION O TIIE CIVIL CODE OF LOUISI./A . nit T has been fir sone tisme made known to the publi: in tlat tilhe slerihtrt are engaged ill tprepariUng lur the Ieass t eriwP edition ' tile Luuiaiana Civil Cde --o They were. r t ll ue first, aware of the great difficulty Ic and resepllaliiity attending the publication llf tle work, ell and wi w ta nt without great hlesitation that they cnll ii seated to the undertakinag. But the present editiion, . antlonllini to ,lMlt thIlree-tthousaatd eispies, anl whichl a Ilnd clat tie itate mnore thanllll thirty thltUiaulld dollars, I was entirely cut of print. For nmore than two ears s past, tile Ical pice ofl tile work lain been from thirty to fifty dellara. It is a system of written rules wnim h ao immediately olttrates atlUl every individlunl of the state, interestetl eitlher in a.ritulhurt or coammerce .and which governs v thelispeo tiain of sa ultaah ral erty .oinag to as lfret other states, |lilt--lilt ke ulotos, ally othertrestiae nponusr law--it is as much the ttxt~bl-Ik and moaonual of tihe merchant ad tile planter, as it is of the pivatle gentle maln lid thell pruofesional advc:ate. . 'Plte lawyers of theadjoiinig states, and in fact of al e thoae states gtipn tie Olti and Mi'lissippi rivers w hiechl fil a iart for ltheir p)irudut.e iI Iaouisiana, laea re- in quesat Ilceessilv of wfreruce to (he ecse and e lmke it nit L thie ierchant's counting room, as upIR n ithe desk of thei judge, or the table of the attorney. It is not surlriing S ly disposed of and alogr h a a. l mre reprint oI it would v illn sone inensure nl dy tile pilhlie necessity, vet it would lie imlper:ect luln nnsatielfaectrv iulrem unnoatatl d witll references to tile IRorts alid Stintle-, in ort!a r to : emn!,race the numlerlus amlldanlelnt w hich hinVF RIen r made by the ..islllture, alld thie illportaenl iPeciisnos and con.trucitialls whllicl ilr iletn givecl upon many 1t its articles iv the SItreile Ciourt. It The publlishers have secured, fir the generale uper Sintedence and editorial departnelnt of tile work, ithe prnlessionaolervicc ait) Wthelock S U litn. Esq. it menlier of tile New (Irleats Itir. The lon. Jtlgt atn Hudlard, Judee Itermudes, ancid lhn. George Eustis, sa lave each kiidliv Iassisted Mr Upton with the valuable l notes which they have collacted in tle couree of their 1 studieh adprl antice;and to M r N It Jenninar,ltc eart ner of MlrUpton, wlho, is also, ena.gell ill tile work, (c to tr Iwbridge, Esq. Ies pretented thie great mass nf refe ren rcaiantsited in hlis office eop of tihe code, andil 1 which nave been Iade by him dur lng the whole period t of his dis:inguiahed rolfessional labors. The' publish- a era itav therefoerl well trust that tile a i annhla a nti tinle wirk will lie all that indlstry and labour aslsisted I l y learning anld xperience, caul ptarctrm. In iutting forth this proslectus.and soliecting getnr tael luseriles to tile whrk iie, it ll lhlilers take pr6le ill v ithe fet tlnt the Legialntlitre of Illlisinnn Ias itallloioriedl tile ;tovernor t oulrdcr Ouln thousand ciltiestlf ie fu; t ilI y future ie of ithe State. plhe read~tlice withll which tis nuanhlr wis tiaken liv te Assemlly, evitced their sti t selle of the value nolafe work;iad tly thilrebv exlted-r edi that cnifildene in the ualility of the plhliberas anid editors wlit'll it is bo edl is not whlolly uuderaedtl. re Thie work will ,e ptintled in French att l Frttlth,t d upo ood paIper ntll with clear type; nor will any ex h ensearcare re spared ttllarc tate twholle ilel:hwaical execulton ,(] it eorrespoa with its great iwlprtmlne, It will prolbabdv he readv for delivery in lhe inonlhl of d I eptt"lnir next; mud ile "price. will Ie, to) aubserihers, 1 fimteeu dollars--fl dollars to lm paid at the dime ol'sub iý scribiug. iThe subsclription liss ronce closed, the slore price al ti K :JtOHNS 4 CO. .llbinlil.ers.. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, i1 tt FI-R FEVEIR AND AG\UE i. n r EN years have not yet elapsed since it was Exnm first regularly subomitted to tile public; but it WV has attained Cte highest reputation; and has sup. mnny planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. aboe or it has been known and appreciated. Already & &x lhas it been carried in every direction throughout gret tihe United States, and still realizes more than could all have been anticipatedby its most sannguine friends. mld Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, pleea but restored t, health and vigor through its agen. or cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op- wol port.nity, to its decided and supreome efficacy. It to be is composed of such medicinal principles as are Ivan calculated to renew the healthy action oftthe stom- As ncb, liver, and other important digestive organs, tory tile loss of which harmony Is thie immediate cause exrl of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. Fe cos an entire change in tie condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of the affection. When the Ague is attended ro' with any other comEplaint, the emIploylment of tLie Tonic Mixture will not interfere with tile treat. ment of tile other diseasa, but will even afford as. stenm sistance by lurnishing strength and vigor to tile Istea body during the course of treatment. Those who tabae make use of this medicine may be assured that via f thitere is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury, or any other non, article in its composition unfriendly to the Ihuman e constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; bile and they may hare additional confidence in the Iteci use thereof, when they perceive that it lihas the ef- thA feet of a gentle laxative about the time half a bhot. arri tie flll has been taken--in consequence of which, em11 there is no part of the medicine left to linger ill tropl the bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, is es arising from the use of many of tile remedies now tiot, offered for the cure of this affection. It has been the used also as a preventive, by many who were sub. T ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it estit las invariably warded off the apprehended attack. atfor Obseree! The Proprietor, fully satisfied with thie m unparalleled and universal mlccess wllich hass col. t itantly attended a punctual and regular use of the t EB Tonic Mixture, in all cases of Fev6r and Ague, p tiels warranted in engaging to refund the price to Lin, all those who have token tile medicine in strict ac- post cordance with tlhe prescribed directions, without one having been" perfectly and lastingly cured. one The subscribers are the wholesale agents for tile A South Western States, and have noeU(tn Llld six ity cass of thlis ntedicinet, whiic is warranted freshin I ad gncuine. For sale at tile nianit.leatured prices JARVIS & ANrIIEWS, \'bolesate 1i)ruegites, novi7 cur Colon lOe Telmilupitnuia Letreet. 1 ORDERf S RECII\'VEI)D :OR Jro.YS' I~. TP.., TCOrTTO'.V (ti Ily the Patentee, No. 53 Maystze sirveet, New t)Ortans siY j'OUE 31ANI'FLACTURfUiI) IN NEW YORK IBY ROIBEIRT 1101 & CO. lri 8Q.L7.E" OF PRIC' S-Double' uts. inc For a dolltde G(;ill.f U saws or mote ol each S cylinder, nlekilg Ifa satain the steal, le withll eedtr, liands, &c. atl $6 persaw, or $950 tol ss For a oulllie fGit f ti li ast vs t alildrt r or 120 saws il the staun, Ifierss, &c. a te'l $6 Persaun en odtit t ht e Ferdo. of 4t.awsondv. or 8. saws isl ie0 stand; Iat$6..5 iper sn, or 500 flu For do. of' ti satws on do.or tO saws in a S stand, tt$i.50pcer saw, or io ta It SINGLE -. C INS,. TI For a single in of saws eor s iloe, with to ol one set iefleedrst bmrds, &c. aft .61 r be8 b saw, $480 00 of For do. of fll satrs, with leeders, &e s t $56"f e, SO per tw~ .. 30 10 A For do. s1441 saws, with feeders, Ac. $6 " 7Y per saw, Sltl m it ilJ). efthn saws, wilh feerlrs, &e. at T$7 t 50 per saw,. 150 01 ie Exlratceth where desiredi, for feiders, s!ippliell i i t toee ents eal; thie inumber ofteettl being abount eual ba i itihe unllnhr ol'def s. One set of feeders, it is co S sidelred however, will wear out two or thiree sets of sows. torasws sapplield at 80 Xcetioeat c i. The (;ins m'letted, will be deliveredt tstle -agents of s Spillnters i ln an of the sea plirl lowes t the cotoll Ilal tint Sliates, al tll: asbue Iliten, the agentls Ipayn rkul fe ti"-llht caO tile msle fromu New York, nil Ieomebg re lsiaiblic for the amount f ithe (in. A (il ricuht Swill e sent with the Gins tol put theim ul whree die of sired; the charges for wholse service will be exst. , but A e Illl Ir lling ggrcaunaalsohe ordered where de.ired, e oil entsouathle temli. biut wll lie ielgl.ed extinl. Il'fesn slpower, ofany deleilstiion, call ie fumrisoltl oi, like ge terms. Small steats engines Can also be ordered if de. o siBel. he It isdesirablh, wihen pdllners give orders fini Ginis,' I cll they should aco.nlleiy tllem with theirviewsill regt`ul a' hs to ltheal.niulgelaentoI saws, brt-tsltes, &.e. it is 'elund they ilifleH i , opinion. Sile ilesdre ses of 1 laier .diainieter that others. The most i.tomoni size eli is u r t0 illdhes; e . sonic wish them 12 inches. 9clt.le A. wish 5 or 6 riotwrsol bInshes on unle, while oiherss do ti. not want more thso.laut lmost. Soal. wish saws with 8 en, or'Jteeth to tIe diattu, while others wantt10o r II. t \ , nOit, tiserettsitry, we lani " lilte) S ltlt uh, a:. Ile lime ol'gilli ol les, 'o e elisi a satlenell oif thlir e lhe wisfe-s, and tie iIlalnllilarultrls eran ilil the-n in Mietc) ,particbular. iiWhere it is left to our liscreionii we sa Ul ot make theln luO i ith nnoitanodei anld applllovel 1daii. Ant olederc laeie xeistietail llm thertime it is ieclred, is- in the suceofeiht 'iireisreweeks,nad the (:ihi iulal til tin platediti thtshn''ol f the lifcto' r. o be in illtue tie' fr the lnett cip, all ordeen s ull.l it e in he iltn dns o ' the nuindil estrers) the first or inihitle to 1tta r-i ctli orlli tllnls w.nertty l itdy are tate in coilus lillg to pick or sgil cotnl. N. It. rThe Iaent tig tll, ranll, in t hc ta utl; cr tttoo LI- 1s'ttg Stases, will be sold on icanouAbl ta t s. itab fi-e . . PA t TIOAELED IY IK FUAULT' OF MEDI I Al CIN E. T iOltN'S Compotunt Extact o(Colaihta tnld Saran parilla -A certain, safe, and nsrat cifctulal irtlle yy ever discovered fli. the cure of tGoatorre (e ts, Gle, duei Strictures, Whites, Pains in the lack andl oins, semalll weakness, aftftions kidlties, gravel, s.ctbutic eruptions, &c. S Ini the intlroduction of a amelicile possessing the usefu S and active irtlue of thte tone now oferedl to the public, S the proprietor has billt to refrto the inumerous recOni menstlionlaiOs eivedl Irol the most emllinent of tile tme dlcnl faicuty in E rope, belieting that it will be duly 1 alareciated when t is teriteu are ionre fully hknown. The and Balsam of C(;oa:ia, sorextenltiv"t usedltas aoant los Yo of' its credilt flotl Ie dislike whirlch patients tomerlty rl a express I regarding its disagreeable taste, ltldartbance eodlt:ed ill tie bowels attd stonllma hl alld its henetatorr o it inefficienct wthen nurlsed in the inflanmaetory stage. The oa atI a• e aor t I tnas ,z Y, all aalysis of the Balsam, cooaeiv tow Itg tlat thlremtore ,tiveq tiatiestlltwti tihtetav the rtllil 'I no r.e .ruoceniattd and more usefully administered than an. in the present state. The above med cine combinles in- fu grellients wlhich ate in tile highest repute amot. thle wi most scientific and learned in thie proesitont. Eant the Ih'rlg in tlhet;onm.psition, of this prelaration intenses the on elticatc of the othler, producing an operation trulyt atlo titshtitgen sut'ltttsaug ihe mgtlt st sangalttt e Otttuai Itossassilugat the stlle llme thie advanltage t its beitlgg admttiniste"red withl ierlect success in the ,iftrent stages tin of the above distease. The most eminllelt phiysicians and pIa t.idcels of the pameselt thy exprss their decided a t- is iet' aon its tfavr of barsaxtot illa, ta itul its use in the trtitnitl tospitats and pttblit moedinal instittiions has - Ie u, atll tiill ontillnles, very entetsite. It was a lami Lodlen retnty witl the nlelltrahtet ti Aitertity ill all venereal aotiouns, alll in obistilte utlleoseruntiollts ariitt.g f'rool a oitorlteredt atie l oftllhrdigesutiveunctsll. E aeving hen submitted to thll test aud elnpeiene of tie inos.ta lesrltaled aolnllre tthe eelltcty, they tae exltlsaed lheile sltisafllcl of its extrvwndia.ey etticany in elery t. tase rllce their clotle, It, by ltiig it hotii tt tlthee tli w hnblle Iro d rIll t.e i otrirce. Their'oh ervatiollh will I: tInsU;'e, leeafteru . 'fi ri. retd by J IB 'lern, CIheaist !aondon. aPrice l$ 51 per pot. TEPSTIMONIAi. Frnm A 11 Salnttt, Et. It S , Surrgeon to u tlt g St 'rin.ati Alospital, eand . L4tI 's" n Anatnttty. i'le trial whicil I aves nice oias ttl Irte Rmtionin tia ca iety of1canes, botlh mail a!nd fnlotle, itn its resltsll tae ttr it IoVel ligllly I'avoetrale, thtat I do alrt hesitate i ll d rOlounci.lC igt oin of tile mo valtlade and etieilools Fi eaedies enicr ol ed to tle plolic, at lione ill wlil, or lelol cx.lielnte, I Call ,lae every i rlilt.e, ollilst it M lres not la.oltle the satte latlttnHatlt ealectan ul alt ex- e periece l l cold ,paiba. re FIoti II HaGWlair, M (C S, Physieiia to tiIa S tt ylt'yleboee lisipntsary. .t l llv he trop i ells ol' yor irelrl ie ni, wilshing myou the o s alluess yoe so fllIv Ileserve, illt anatmple rewatl for tile laoru and expense otcuraered ihn btingig it tosUi:ll Cei - ir Iil pin oerfeti on. Frona WC to C.o.r,"F It S, Surgeon to Guy's ll s Tihe taiform soeeess whi.h lals atelnded the admeinis tlerit youir imedicine ai ontg tiy pliaen tictalitewtelwith tic atove n eisesnes, lhto fally salistind mtle tlha it has ontly 1- to Ie nown to he truly alrljtpetaled. May thie suoeses you so m well dest s e, a1ply an liapeedily reltay you fCr . yoler llable u ltprllnation. N Frop Sir A Cootier, LF IS P IA C S, c. ., di S lavilg bleen ihendtiol too ry volt Eatitant itn aeovetl it cases of violenllt ntorllltnu, woll adlul iltertl o bafed Ii Seve' lscirilion adiniastered b.y" llle, laving fotanl g sPle antlld Ispeedy cures efeclted by it, ill a few idays I or feel m)ttell'in duty oun to state tlllt I now in my et ll Stie hotlh tpuli aid iricate rltyomnlelld and ause non otler. From G W Blair, M 1, Physiciant to Guy's to S he streit test which t I have given your medlieine al amnagoty patients, tnd its illariablc oamcess thus flar will iltloluc ie to laersevere i its ise, atullti deem it u et a act ho ifttiee l tallil oft dtIy to adl aly l ette teati i tI ontaili contameeln lttil ol fitiltues. t Frot L C T'llotlson, Mm 1) Fl I L. d I return tyoy ay sinler tlhanks for t e vaiathle pe I e i sllt el ouer Extraet for tie clnre of _iOiorrhona, at. I feel gatgetul tuatt you tave at last blrought a teitittne nlno vise uwhlh will provn a desillt.ratUlt Itol soaugit Ifor ill tie aedic:, worbl---a sltrt, sleelly anldl ettectual core fi in. casest ,. tithe above class. It atttrdt tcgrertt tlreasure I in llublishing to tile tworhl tile valuable itualities of. our is Extract. it Were it necessanry, tie itroplrietor could Itere furnish . Intlln nmlol tesliltlOlials eqlly:ll as conllnendatoly as the t l. alove; bln tllsltls llitt itslgeal tsuecesslhithelto the care ,ly & t..lptse at wllhll it Ihas heen p nlared.lill isoveits at gelatest retco tenl n dadlionallt aa o sgdt rd lln d tcrigpiblic. I n (te renimtnlenthttiii this rLlntparltiioi ea.jcas saove lit all otherll is its nest, paoltlnl e dorm-pup i'plots--lh t i madle in wlhiclh it say he takenll, eg both easy and I t plea-tll--ilts tastel nalure, with ito resrliiction i dliet . or cneflinemelt lrom btait.ess. 'I'nrltvelers estIeciallh I- t would li.dl tlis medlicine llighlly aseti.l, anid ougllt ilev It tia be unaLovhtlet witll a Itelilttltion tllt"sesiill tlhlt all re I lattages whicb tl pesnit cellle tcollnia a- A.caomtsatyiag the Medliciar is a ampllet exltedaoa Is, tog of thle ilferect stages of ilte diases, witlhout any o:n easta charge, cnttainitg full antd ample direlionl. U For sale hy SICKLES &t CO. 11 h m, 4 . :,w.,, 4 Canal street. 'TntocnI IN FIVE AN, A HALF DAYS, From Mobile (Alaban a) to Augusta (GeeJ L EAVES Mobile every other dal, immeo.iatelyf rel Sthe arrival o'tlhe mail from New Orleans, per tin coml steHnIboat EMELINt , to Illakely coaches to Pensacol salric steamboatts (per Pensacola liay, St Iosa sound and Chol will tahaclie River anid tIy) to Cedar tltne, coaches thencs Shil via Mariann, Chattahoocllee, (formerly Mount Velt Slint non,) liainbtldge, Pinderton; lawkinsville Rnd Louis. ville, to Augusta. A passeneertakini his seat at Mr. Sh bile is in no dangler of beg thrown out or losint his preferettee by other eonfioctig interests, as the FL III- Shit IA LINE as but one concern, andl under one coo.tro hi throoghlout, and may rely WITH CESTAINTY spot hil JS arrivaslat Aogsta ill time sptifiedll, tlhrogh all weath el and at any season, unless some most unforeseen catae trophe shtould occur. The Great New Orleans Mari bp is carri~l by this route. The Agents for ncoonmodla. New tionT, Tams, Coaches nd Drivers are not surpassed the lsolthern country. sate The smooth, hart, natural roads, the safe and inter fuis eating water navigation, the time and ccommodlation, the afford the traveler speed, certainty, comfort, and a pleas to ti ing varietyt connected as it were with the Rail Road will Charleston, S.C. nld the steam pcketsa to New York, td travelers can ea th New York lrom New Orlealns LESS THANI I eAts*-Washington city in 12. eri From Chattahoochee, Florula, we have a IIrane and Line vis Quincy and Tallahassee, to St Marks, 4 her all post coahes, also two Branches from Ilawkinoville les one to Milletidgeille, and one to Macon, light two hors the •oaches STOCK'T')NS & so. Auonera, 2otth Jha. 185. 5 ORicuat! Manlsion l isc Mlobile . . "Diauotco, hew Orleans to eM.ile, 150 miles i Mobile to Atglista, 540 " Augutsta to Charleston, 1t3f " a lChllsston to New YPork, 980- IRO Tioe, Noew Orleno to Mobile, 28 hmors Mobile to Angusta, 2 Agulnst to Charleston, 12 " Charleston to New York, Inf- 258 lMaking Ill miles per daly. or 7 miles per hour, inclu site el tll sntppages. nov0 tO i N. It. I beg leave to inform the publiethat lth bridgesove'i the Chataooheswmp anld Hard LaLbo ex osrebeuk ltlost'tett coleted Ilel tthe oneralgoele le toout, (theo lly otlstacles ooesntittg goitsttltis safe and alt eely routet atre tlhus hatp1ly removedl otlld I have the I plesuse onle rng from tatvel lers th the coaclhes,hor th oads, drivers and ends are of the tirst order; and as to the water route m t'onseoola to Cedar I1ulf. it is admlt; v0 teo Iy)l all who h lve ,assed tlrtttgh it to tte tUSttrpose ittttoeolties beaulty antd soety. 'iThe brtildges tlrougl (Georgia have also been repaitrl. J M| C IAKER l ARBLE CHIMNEY PIECE WAEHaeUss, Customhouse street, opposite the post-office. I The subscribers are now reeeivnlog from their fae. tories in New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortment .-f Marble Mantle Pieces q to ofsuperinr workmanship, and of the latest patterns, 'itade of'the best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and t' Allerlten mlarble. Also, Monlument, Totlmbs and ri Grave Stones, moulded and plain sills and lintels, o1 marblec facings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster 0 of Paris, Rotant & Ilydraulie Ceonent and Plaster. P ing Hair, together with a splendid assortment of c l blass mounted and plain Grates and Russia Iron t Grates of the newest and most approved patterns. of Lettering done in tile neatest manner and at the shortest notice. They have first rate workmen to s' f seot the above work. ja5 IAMIES KAIN & STROUD c- PAIRKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. g aI OURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beyond the le- Rocky Mountains, under the dlraetion of the n A B C F M, performed in the years 1835, '36 and * 73; containing a description of the geography. go. p ology, cliemato and productions. and the numbat, ke mannora and ustomns of the aautivos; with a Map I le. of Oregon Territory, by Rev.o Saluel Parker, A 51. 1 Ih River and "te Desert; or Recollections of Sthe RhIone and thb 'hartreuse; Iy Miss Pardoe, fi author of the City of " So. tan, &de. in 2 vola. F It 'I'te Robber, a Tale, '" the author ol Richelieu, p of Tbt Gypsy, Attla; in 2y : p o bThe Two Flirts: oa Ad.--'lure in a Country louen, and other Tales, by lAdy injton, EL lnslwer, Mrs Norton., Barry Casni jra Gore, t. Captain Modwin, and others; .in 9os I t T ie Life ani Advontures.of Nichi Niekleby, edited by Box, with lllhttratiolsiy Plilz, No. 1. Just received and fo' sale by 1b14NJ 0 I COPES, ee:.-Just received soi-.l rt'sale I, tW nm. MetKeant , eorunr of Camp tido Coltontel streeta, of a general nanoloeWant Of .tnrv,'yor'a Cp!, . nlhnhelnatictd Ia truiurtll tl+li+• rl 'ei ul, . Spaing, IDividtndr, prIng ll,'Y fosr , vory Pro S raetnr., o tIvory 'atle, t ilro ' Sales. Glass Trianglps, l rC.p-.., lCtl.iooueto s,t o CaeetaONla.treas,$rverti Chain:.i Measaul t 'dpl , ,dt. d.7 "t YTork & 3altimore rA~gts. PACKETS FOR NEW YORK-Ne _tw Lin. I-To sail punctually every eaend 'Monday during tie season, full or not full. ' Ship Orleans, ' 599 tons Capt. S. Bears, Ship Alabama, 474 do • C. C. Berry Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S Dennios Ship S ,rtuge, 542 do WV Ilathm ear. Ship Naskville, '540 do D. Jackeson, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Bua er The abovu rlips are of the first claos, eoppere and copper fastened, aid having been built in Now York expressly for this trade, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably aross the bar without any detention. Tile commanders are men of great uexlrieone, and the ships will alwajysbe towed up and down tihe Miesissippi by steaniboata They have handsome furnished accommodatioss, and stores of the best description will always bn furnished. The cabin passage in. $90 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnislhed to the officers or crew. Fur freiglht or passage apply on board, or to HII C AMES, 48 Camp at. The ships are not accountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor respousible lir any package or parcel, unless a regular bill4El Ilding is executed therefor at the ofrict of the et ts. nov27 NEW ORLEANS AND BALTIMORE LINEOF PAClSI S. i This line will consist ao' tie following vessels, y which have been built or purchased explressly for the trade, viz: Ship .eaman, Capt. Miner, BArk Mary, ., Nickerson, SIfrald erry, new - Stevens, Solomon Saltus, . Luthems, IBrig Archlitect, t' Gray. These versels are of the first class, have hand. a some furnished secommedations, anld are of a light e draft of water, so as to admit of their receiving and m dicharging their cargoes in Ballin,ote, at the city. :s Freight will be taken for ports on the Cliesapeako , or James' River, and frwarded by the agents, t Messre. CLARKE & KELLIPGG, at Baltsmore; Sexpenses on goods shipped will be advanited when required. 'The price of passage Is fixed at $60, It ample stores of the b st quality will be provided. e Steam up and downl the Mississippi will be taken on anil occasions. For freight or passage, apply to Enov7 . BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bienville at. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] 'I li Ships composing this line will sail from Now Orleans and New York on every other Moni day-commencing on the 20th November-and to insure the punctuality in the time of sailing, the line will hereafter consist of five ships, via: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th November. Ship Louiaville, Captain Palmer, to leave en the 4th December. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the slt January. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The above are all new, of tile first clasn, copper dJ and copper fastened, and upwards of 5!)0 tone hurthon, are of light draught of water, being built in New York expressly for the trade. The pripe of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted up in the most imnproved and eohnvenient plan, and finished in a neat and - Ample stores oftthe first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comtfort and entire satisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. tice that no berth can be secured until paid for at the otFc of the consignees. These vessels are comnnmanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at tention and exert themselves to acolmnodate. Thoe will at all tunes be towed up and down the Missis sippi by steamboats, and the strictest punctuality observed in the time of sailing. The owners of those shits will not be responsi. ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unless a regular bill of lading be signed therelor, at the counting house of the agent or ownera. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90 Common at NEW YORK PACKETS. aHE ships comnpeong this Line will sail from New IUleansand New York on every other bModay- cmneinlang o iltits C20tli ovember, and to ineare the strictest punctuality in tilhe r time atl sailig, tihe line will hlereafter coiest of five Ships vi .: Ship Yaizo, Captaian 'li'rak to leave on the l0th nv. Ship LMienisile, Captain lI'ulnr, to leave on the 4th tDeceomber. Ship Ilunlasi/e. Captaiii Eldridger to leave on the Itth Decetab r. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhotltd , to leave on the aIt Janrarv. Ship Misitsasppi, Captain DIavis, to leave on the 15th Januarv. ilThe above ships are all new, of the fist class rcppered and 1opper fastenel, and tpwards of 5r00 top burthen, are of light drought of water, being built ia New York expressly for ihe trade. The price of pus sage is fixedl at one sundred dollars. Their calina are titled Uan tie lUlinimproved and convenient platn,atd filshedin oanseat id elegant style. Amplre stsees of the first quality will be provided, atd every regar Ilii to the comfert and entire satislaction of passengers, who will please take notice that no berth can be secured un til paid for at the office of the conitgnees. ' bTesr patkets are comnmanded by Captains well ex periened in the trade, who will give every atteniioa and enert themselves to aecminmodate. 'hey will st all times be towed ou and Idon the Misinssippi by telmihosts, and the strictest punctuality observed is the inthe of sailing, The owners of these -hilps will not be renpaloiiie for asy let er, parcel.or package not by or lit oil ilard ,f them, ualess a regnlar hill of lading be signed therefore It the coisting houem ef tile agents or owners. Per ierlhr pArtnculaea, aI ly to 1i EI2 i & A COIHAj. NEW ORLEANS &CIhARLhFTO ~KoTE1"S This line consists ofi nur ien'ei, all of the first rlnss, ropperedarr d nipper fsst. a rned, and of ahiut 200 tnes hurtben, with handsome aeronOttodatione for t lsfenger . Is Thlee, vessels tre eotnnsndnd by esnplaie welt 0' experienced in lthe trade, who will give every at telion. and exert tlemselves to arecomm,au at.l th lid shipperm. uhey wll ih, towed tip and down the he isrsissippi, and leave New Orleans ,l or before ha the 10lth tnd ltl of every ulsth. The followi g rvesa ln cmla poin, e iline, vi': I rin Arabian,Charles G. rdon, mioter. Brig Capmann.J. B. Thomppm, nemster. Brig Atlmrens, J. Diane, 'master. IBrti R-grer Willhamns, . Allibers, master. , Fr Ire1lht or pasae, apply Phtn.:; A .OARELLi & Coa, 61 Cmmnon at. New'Oile'~s, or M. C r. Mordecai,Chanlrstn,n oct t ten THE undersigned hlaing recanm .eced bsinesu s, asa I)rngtei arnd Apotnhecry, in the otard d iwned by Mr. J c,,b.Ot, at itl, cornerof Tivmtt ad Cireleand Trittn Walk, reepectlilly solicits ashare its, of the prit li padratidg atid a renewal f the favors ter of his rirlner customers. The entire rst.k n r. Drugs, neiedLittesanid futer articles is fresh an of careully seleeted. .The lullowimg only are par ron tieuhiriisel, via t . Pre Sodn, Setrilitz and Snratoga Powders. Lie Y, at Put iere, being a wholeante anil end ant ta suaatiltlt fur yeast, ill raisiig breoad buetc1hTat auri l&, u Effervecelt Magptereais Apperiesn-a - lesostan sd genie purgative in dyepparie or indi. gestion, vervous debility, giddiners, headache. the cadity of the stomach, isabit ual co.ttearses to . by tenon eruptiuns,&c. . . ad Carpeater'a Fluid Extre t sarreperilla f gs. puriluite the lhloto, &e do do ednd cubehO, e. ret, Swami's Panacea arid Vermifege; British an tap ilnerleim oils, Opadelde, &ec. H. Refitted Lqitiorice, jujube and Oupntasve pnaset of Tontlr brum , N S Prentices errhbt ie denateri oe, fire, chloriivtooth wash, paiwser puffs imd .e.e, Preniice's earbentc dentrifiee, chlorss tooth wash iou, powder puffsi and Losea, Prentiee'e scented' aend ploin tiilet powder, pmNatem errease de Pesn, itryoarsnue fluwer, rse., Inveri, re'ad Florida watrs, SL of the best qolirtes. Rowltnd'sa Maeassi Oil, Old. are, nidgte' lbarti of Cumnlii , beat's il, l.hety of lucifer asnd other ntatehes, indtlilte arkeinjitok. ty, superior tlack inki, &r. i Speesnt nd refintted whle al. sf.~unlaiment. A fresh aserteens lf Thmrbsir sfioEtbo 4elna er r - -. . Ol`WrmP,.R)l)[i • os LNE---SU0 hbxewt Ulrtare t latarle yan. m i i ., ,. stfore,, ,, IbgU . , 's, . , quality. ..arqfte " . B-t*' d.-tJ:,'y "- i t rtee mmI trt .teonftta " mashi Sf~ls~~agg~.t

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