Newspaper of True American, March 23, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated March 23, 1839 Page 3
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"NW ORLLEANS4' F'bruary 25," 1t9. OCpllectmos omele,2d'Man ticpalitv. JO'1'IlE to ow.ers of l.eck., drays, &c.-Tllb fl- -lowlbr.'otdinancea will be seietly enforced : " esolve }, that whenever the Mayor shall give a Ii. enS fly dr ys,cartn or other carringre, said licencae ahtnld d e i hnmediaaely endoraed on the fiack. by the farmer wih his receipt, and very person neglectinig to obtain mild endorsemaent andaa rcceijt.n the lack of his licence, shall pay a fne not exeeedita one lundrted dollarolnlf for the city, atd the other half for tioe in orttee. Approveld iecenbe 21. 1221. Alo the foll ,wing ordinance of the Council of tile .geoond municipnalit, it the follnaihg words to wilt : Be It grdainedl , that fromn and alter thils date; an" per nn whhh shall ras a hack, drny,, or dartwihin lea seened munieilpality, without having previouly .oh tolind Jicnad n ttterelotr,fra the Mlayor olftlli city, MladllAe subject to . fine of not lees than twerty-flive dolli , nor arsa than one hundred dollare,to Ibe reco ered ILsefore any court of competetnt jarisdiction;- Pierojd hatnany haoL, deny. or cart do run w itot K~ nEa furealnd, elahll he uljecto he seized by the oall.tbhr of trOes on haclks, drays, carte, &c.,- i"kor bysay cer ofpolice, and detained until tbe ice foruad tall h paid. Sent to tihe Mayor the 1411t day oflJne, 1837. Signed, lited HJOSIIUA ALDWIN, Rehlorder. W H WnAIrON collecto( at lanocks araays, end lhawker and taedlsht. Slit fe: BUREAU DES COLLECTkURS, DI)e lan econdLe O.tnicipnlith. Le Nouaelle Orleans, Ferrier 25, 1839. A VIM lux propri6tairec des voitrese, drcy, &c. t . wL ordonnunce, suivaoles, seront etrietement ob s-erves. SRerolu-quo trotes lee fin quo tleI Mai doonera uon 1i ee.tne pour den chariots, drays, &c, In dite lien ce ldarvna re immtedilemeot eidbiscl our Is do. per le tollectour nv,'c nan recu, ci qleoioque en negligeant d'obtenir.l•' dh o:doktteenit et In recu cur le don do In licence Isrn mie A I'amende de 1109 piustrei, une inoitll l ur la ci e I'outor moitei pour led6ltneur.-Ap pleurA, le 1 I).Ecmlbre, 1831. D n cmeno I'ordnnnance suivanco du Conseil de la2de Muenlcipclltt e lee mulo t su'ivtetd . avoir : Qlitl soil ilrdnnl qt'opr6n cetoe date, toute per connequl feraecourir ds en clnriotsdroyc, dy , dnit be .de Mueicipalli', nn avolir obiteu p.tdldcment, uneo licence pour eeri dtn Maire d cote villa, seraoujetA luaoende do 25 juqallne llt,, d'eirn. d etitdird dcvant au. Sone colr de juricidliction mlffieante. Poolrv quo onera voilturr, dry, &c. qui cotrent sans In dite lieos e, e" rern su)net A tre anisi par le eollecteur do tnxes Io r les vltoreedreyn, &ct, O per tltnail uficicr de In police, ot delonnijusquenl autitei nmemile Bait poyto. En wBy6 au Moire i 14 juit 1:837. JOSIHUA BALDWIN, Rerorder W H WLnATO, eollecteur de hocks, drayn, colimr eure ate petits meriers. 201 foSO TMXt'RAff r iW oIV i1Lltl'oANO. A GREEAI.Y'to law, ont ill cirtue of Arc reoitttn ." of'lhe g.ounillrofi he Setoatl; Mun;eiialiry, otaceo is given thtlit elet:ini ftr Alderlnttt of tteI Mutilcipality, willake Ittb n1 n #h1 ttlodev t lt Alpril -ext, from 9 o'cluek A. M. ulti'il 5o'ocluk P. II. at tile apleoe ,nd ind r tile stperitlotw'entce of the persons -tereniftcr deigtatred, to wii :- let word, t the Esxchlange-lHotel. Itlnpectorn Jotln Hewlelt and Willitan SlcKeun. Clerk John Ilanin. 2. ward, at the Mlnieipl tull. I ,.petort 'lottmis 'obv aend Willi.m Freier. Clerk D K, tdig. Vd. ard, l IDanle MotAuley'c. Inspectrstic Willitltt T: Iipp lid Joou es W. IBlhtic. Clerk ii W.. Ilordy. New Orleano 12th Moroch 111i:9. 'MlS - (' OI, .1,t , Meyor. ATI WllT iT.iW ilWRVil T. uil ANi. CONFOI IEME ENi. A la loi, ete orti dI'line ri6 S ellution "do Cnsreil deI la ltnicipulitl No deux, arvieant tline qui ItMlection ides Aldermen Ine HIt dite Munlleo lliteb, .alto lion I.ntdi, Ier Avril pro chain, lElpuis neoflllrce du itallin jttlu lll cilt1 ite ares o I'earp.n mtidi, dain lee Ilua et Pouas I dirction l des personnen ei-.ltt, d6sign6er, avoir:- lerlinlriet, au l'1nxclhange hotel. Inoptopctllrs, Johlt lHlecw t and Williumn, diKeeo. Greleri J ln t ralin wed. 2d distrist, A la.s nintni moniciparl. Iltlneccltdtr Tlhmons Tiobit and Williatt Fraret. Glel ir Benjramil Kendig. 3mse dlltrict, checr Datecl McAulev. tluttollrt, ir Wi. Holpp anl Jome WV. Iehtn. .;rollitor CGeorge i. Iludy. l.e Novelle Orllainv 192 cIrc It,11 m15 C. GF:Nr)S, Sltirt. , -URViYOIL'S OFIF'ICiE, - ,Scond luoicirttility. OF4ERS e udcttrme It foir thep relntir o St M1rv s t - Markt will be received at this ofie until tie .htll of March, 131 l'bh rvepairs e l aus filltc: ItL To titke tip IItla cover iti 123L nijiurt-(f Itrtceo rooillg, in c tltlldlets Ilctt.l r, oin t Ilop dill tin Icaks ; dhe work to be g ariettt, ed for three yena. 2d. 'ou rtp ut end rapair all the holes in cI:racks in llr irte o f de platriep ote nd parts conlleltld tl'rc :kL Ton re mit iti ol chir, oif iilighta grev all the -eoiling antr nrctrvesl , gutter and ptip; e ud to Ipint inblack coltcr the iros teIrk. 4Ili. T''c wlitewai k with cnre all the walls it.ideti ,i ocerido. Sti. To raitl in chocolte color all tIhe pillars, its tie celre chin,'. 6lh. lto re idts t iluin endecire trtld wlitt llele All the repairilnu .t bie kfieilhd t tnhe ilatest n by 1t! Ie i t (:l tlractloir , is+ oelr e Crtiit lrih I ttinte rtim o1 l1 100 J ll. 1'11.11, nor 13 Sur I U rl!e t toin0d t lunicitalt IM I.a M c ricl, lll" .lli n it l htti't. u no i .tdtti 1'(i Tn l , ptt t l r ti,1. oe r(dlu i litt I du.1rceie' S.te Marie, lslll tP(. re*uIr. a c buelulr sent lero gilllit rlc, , et j rltii r tu e rA I il peu+l1 '2d t, i bun h.r ltI ti tbteco t'ltJi et e te t rn i+ l io-'t "Ik d e le l ,, it cl i d l'iiuilr, dirll.itt ih Inl lches trlns Ica S !if*Ot lll + nl llh lltte , dull+, I AlltllltS r deI .lc lt' lh. r l Ielntllr ll flai r c o 'huiht Il. f.,r, III',l +. 4t'lllIl HIot btonr l : at.i t lrihl tl)lus IPi lllr-, hlttol tlr ti le, fnces ilia lil ul' t'lexIteie'all I. .1 ,lme 0 Ahl he dob-ni ll' CJ.U. duc t ln prt de pl)ikcers qlli boldelt I'alli.E A nt nilite. T lltee p ioe tiuiulll i:te dirvrall (a r lllite, Iour le pls taxJ, ln 39 A%,r;l iroe'hnia ) I.'ae trtllreneu r tOllrllira eanutionllllleawt ll l a clll Im te d: S1t 0) polur essurer I'exlecllull cit i'Cilttr prise dlalln L delaiss n.Pntr J II 1'I LIE", V'oye.r de la Secullde Murieilpliti·' mar 19J N4AWL ()II.IFA. llnrCl _I, 1(I1.ll NOTICE is hereb, given that Jole P'lihe i+ e DIong L i r iL my emlnh, anuid rny Ceipts gien b hsid Price, from thil date i my nuare will not In dali.d SII 'I'UIIN I'lt, Ilsr 21 Collertor oil nierhallnt, tailers, l&. rolltoen Uil lond New Urlea M 1 I, 1 U9. N'OTICE--l)uring the races the cars will leave Poy fliras streot, or Carroltoll every halIf lhur, rm caing nat 9 o'clock A .I until 7 o'clck P 5l, return ing eaeryhalf hour, colunen'int at 8 o'elock A tll until i o'clmk P l, and that regularlv. N I line train of car that uhoulnd leave New Or leans at I o'clck 'P M, ill leave eat hlntl s twelve, fIor ladies, and gentleme neccompanying them, so as to ie I lime for tile race. aell J IIAMIPSON, chief engineer. Bdaeods; a first rate article. AImso a d nunl eart of Maple, Wal sut, and Painted Chairs, which willtea sld fur thi lowest cueah ir Ie. V It C. r NF.S iy7 ,5o u ii rville streeti HIE o sonheriher au the henor of iefiuruinu the In SdiBes, thia he Ila reeeio dl per l phs I.ulo.yetton m rd Marennao, a upply of tlll and w tin er sli,. nl thle Warnand richer materiale in Pnri, v lhiIh Mrs. rScanlan epects to lnher ofpened and reedy Iur exam "lvai o. h ead.ay and Tucsdayv netl. 1)W1en N IrAN, I)irect Ilupeorlitiun. iANDly) l o4 l ip Washington Pfrow LaInn L3 and folP sie y thheSulihribers, II cases, 5 casks EIghish Stali.ncary, to wit : 40 reamine tiliiek laid Post, liot plressed 30 .doyellow wove, lhot iressed 10 do extra super satinialed 8vull 5 do eirbonaaptlsti 4o white ; 5 In do do tinted ltidgeweodajAle keerman'e alnnlhld Wrilers do Carbonic books for do; do copying do 1)rowiug Plper'lof IIll colors Water Colors, assnrted, in cakes I)Sming lnooks and Iluelse suilah!e fir nncidnoics Pepmred ininilture Ivulieu" Ihncy I'enlldenrs iPerric InoMll exlnra ie, fl ne ellllnn, &r &u Frmwiog Pencils; Aekermnn's and lroouknalruu' ddo n leather ncesncissorued Fnlio and qunt. patent copyeing manclioes Ilnks: coip iig,fluid, ersnlaueln bulh. and red Beeidee a variety ,fothler anticles i thie i tnliunrv (ine, E JOIINS A. Co. - sers Statiloner' Ihll 'ji nit SALE-Fourteen hlnndreel nuare onflnnlying 'in tllel erieh of Iberville. n hboh sides of lcyoun Maraogoin, adjuioeng the plnitaiionuI lItely establisled by Gov. Johecun and L)r Ibiev--and, Nine iulndre'l acrer lying in thie purih of Pointe Cenl-., on thle weal side of lbayou FUortdmir, ljneent to tlre lsrne ofthe Atlnofalaya rail road, und adjoining laedctnnoi owileill'y Gov. Johllnsoun. - 'lie'c icnds e ired, rn thle hiay oi n whiLh they nlurt,iback tothe depth of 40 neres. They are covere; widh wild came, and the growth on l iret tree is Inamply nrufcint ton 'urih niall che tiimber meeded for u plarln ion, it is not uafiriectlmheenvy tlo reeC ire miuh Ialher to -get lt reandy for ealliva'iou. Experience upon lands -umlely ii tutedui, in .thle atne ueigLhbourhood, ihas ahown tcat a . iudV of haids, planned on any Imprio ol chem, iaobl to clear lnnd nugh lto nput in i crop thu fihst year, efenln and entton larger Iun tlhey ualn g her. Ii nlr. be infely ..errled thltl lland il tie S.tate alnamreater ilucements tio the stu in planter. Iertiu.deianlro of pnrcleasing, rany asnure thenm aele. of tle qunlity and charactrer of thse lunds, by Srrretea to thme H.e. Heary Johnson, H T Williamns; sureyorgeneneral oflihe U. S. tor.louisiana,. Hoi. T Ji Coule,of Point Ccupefe, Dr J Iarteycf'lI rrebnure. Appplylo myself in this rity, pr ti. Mseers iunlbethl ad Tfhomleuni Nneither sni. aer. t9rleans. New Orlenne, 9th Maltclh, 1939, all H C T'HIrBODIU AIIX. ' ('iHiANiGS-Oa Luninrille fnr- $151101 dun the 2s.dl April for eale bA 0516 'A.FISK L VANnA carsFr.mlT-O7 inýn fine green- cfl.e 3 la, Ilnd h.h mornning from the brig Cerletoi fleo Use."aln P LAIDI.AW, nit. - 66Csttp-st Sunnea, ui's dn.i, eicr Etii i lbsa4 Srouniran square whkite botdllS of every lize, vial train lindrech, 8u 5.," laor wlalslO and retail, by . . BonAI. S corner Ntabie z L1INR4ED|,itt rat and blboded Lin U e sredOiI; just receivig: direct Jfra England nsd for sale Iy I. CLI.ANNi.N, Uiar4 ____ 12 Camp it S)tluL totOORs OOI)BRIDG E'S3 oogrlphy mld AIIas • Sliley'a Geography n Atlas Cobb's Iendesl I es, I 2;.Porter'a Rhetorical do 'Andrews' and Sioplard's Latin liralnanor AIldrlNa' LSati Ireieone: jti reaeived a new nup "pl Ir the above valuable acluool Bookn, at 49 ~anmp la where a large na d hice naAornhenct of School Ianks may idlwnay be tad on as good terina a ins the Southlern enaltry. inat 4 AItEX. 'IOWA It. AIWCHI'IEC° U ItAI, \VWiRK0. NICIIOLwaON'sr Arhiter oral ticitionarv, 2 large quarto vole. with y nuerous plates, a var) valuible work. Nicltulnm'a Prineiplen of Arcltitec;ui, volea oc tavr. nlnerouls pluates. hlaskin's Parileiples ofAeliteetart. " Stewart'a Araelit-turnlll I)iltoianrv, 3 vole 8 vo. L.nudon't Cyelapediu of cottaget liurlt, ntd village Archtilecture. Glhosary ol" Architecture, ] vol. NitultRao's fine or ders i Arlchiteetunr. Itlitotnnai liitorv of Architecturd. The Iuedited Anti iuitien of Atti.ea. 'rIte h ve arenitall I..gliht IWtmar' and eery er'ineior. Also Beljamin'ts Arehiltteatn. :haw'a Archllitac Niechlelson'a Carpentera G.(uid; I.efevre'a Modern Arclhitectuere. Letevre on stair wayv, &e. for sale Iv mar 7 ALEX. 'I'OWAI, 49 Canlp e '.Hl'I TN I. 'S CO il'rU FAC'.l'tY---Toaub-h st.rillhr would i'ornt merchantll and pl'nters that hie establishment is now in lull operation and that he is producic g a laurie aunder the styli' undi demoanin.a lion of Whitney's nearo cotllni. Those wisthing In I itll tiicu' I ll rior iarliole fir pitnlation Iuse, will plaoa all an ti xalll lle flr t easelellra t Meosrs 1P' i Norlth, agentI 13 Chaltreas tr at tieC establislonent if the oru teriber 457 Tllou IitouiNl NEt. ,f7 . New Orllnna, February 7, ll89 '1'O RIENT . . . That desirable dwelling house, also the fl. store underneath now in coImleta ordert laiss Posac-atsir eiven inmnediately. 'err e:ll t sey lileral fur a lesiruibllc e tel lll , nI)ly tin tlII premises I'lornr Iennu 1'oydta & iale zllh, 0t, Slandlhlu f orn shil)p Vicksbug, for sah: by niar 9 SIIAI.I. & IlOllN, ti 3alenzihe Nt (G 0I"EIN IBUTTE-t-15 tlrkin lauding eron chip V I VICKISRULltl ,lld Ibr .ale by d mar 9 SIIAl.I & Il ()WN,9tI Magazinhle si I l'iS-1i0 a i-lIk silk dui-e il(-, for llte by - inar 9 11IAllh & 11110IIO N,i 11llenzine i a ofl|Volla Cerdit g, in aIItiWrera, lialo/to byt lur 8 J I' WIIIlTN I Y,73n I CmIt b A IleIies( colDe l-lithei ·lll e.......10 , n i ll of the slate of Itl ril ni, ci t t i inig rules of Pro i'duro ill Civil Aclinnt , b,:.Itir ell.' It) WI31 McKEIAN, feb16 tearner of.(lil and Colan on NE W OREIANS Slteam, and Patent Bisiret Bakery-Wat ers andii Ilillrae. t No. 89, Morenu (+near the l tl:llthrtr ain (tail oand.) Pilot aend Navv lread, Scl, a ani, Wilns Bicduit, Sugarutter, M0utir, Mdbrd and Water Crackcers: All the above articles are warratedl to lie of the first quality, and io keep in any climato, being £ cornletoly biln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pritchard and Tagart, Jr. corner Miagazine and Pydras setreets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put ip uxpreely for family uase. 15nov p-AILOLt IR NAsENTS--I- reT a ti.canaill p S acuricsities, tar salea only by lRees & JOlange, and ai Ploue h' .Mlueuln. All theselr llan ar n l consist of the moitl s llen did sipecit n ris of artiltta logy from Eurota pe, As It, Africa, ntid or iwn Iccit y. A iprivr nd l tillc l l Of dnle wiill lie IkPIe nl l ')'l"Pi: ' (l 0 'IET E \ t IiWO RK i in 83 vils. Lun doal e bdi orlil. S i enlrd't , lxitr, rint d edition ta, e etIlared , itl a i iU -. iculullt l Ithe alillnci c 1'lulli 7, anek diot tid c l lh li( len is tat lypu r it tii ..n a ; in woa le rl'w a l e I:oSIItinr "l : Io 'I'rellau l I tll e Iuti l ngt'elllt l o (b raill r , nl rtell ol l toI the .labI lll.+ L lO~llllk ]. gko0 - 1 011 iPdlli ii Snlew rl's lBogoa, in 133,-7, or an ,xp +11tiun to .New i IlilRI I i iI.t l ie r I lall's ItIlll llIIr I I,:lllrlui , ir, Ii"In'n oir (lllrllok , FralliP I Italnl Swwhzelll , (;real Ith l ti , I I Il h llldn, i, Ii1313 - i d-osl. Fur .l. b y i \). ,t I 'i N lIII11 B n i·1iI- p1 1 1Niid I'¢ollllnllll etc 01 3 I il s Ia7 1 1 II L ziter ie - l) -8i T I O- k.g. I ,L. lla T E ' In' s.l lv J . lU - I cc IeLui IYI , l ,i, ,1 hi i ed ni¶ t I 1 , . 9t ai II N.W.. Iv , nikl'E 4; I III N P i INS ', 41fNew I 1 evr" ull P 0,' (I F': - . ,1 .,,, , , i, 1 .. : .1 Ii,, .I. I tI, + . h. , da .e .e ,,d ........ nn... ( hi tui arll lalli, iice I Ih i, lae; liarkles c Ida. aciu1id i(eiluds ea N I lihlr g lhd nnti .-ilver tak, e' e Ii tebte ,. fitir l1 I h3 if Igal it i ttmit IIt t bde rge i( talN.I tN eI'I. ilo In uli. ct i rL'Igul rlte I ec tliede wIlrithth," lil c,"hellaihed \V e,\'II Wll rlitea 1i.1wl w n ill ellnprt d, Cor ls, Lon, (leer, La I c. Itlll.Nl l \ I NE I'S, i)het ctl ial ilr c anlec; tuh reri r o clr I. l . t1 ilk; j t,l sUtlellic l' ,n Ie. lld ,hinla r Nlrltfl, olbp.. t Irki ; .ul Iiolr i n efi 1 - 85 rale lriy , Ateat c ,hlcl ie ll /cit lAe er Ii ei id ll e i 'cllt Ai.(t'X \\'l ilN i el e C (allateal ergtxi a nlll ('ltl Lafib te; d .i rt a 5.e/Vilh; Pah ixr 1otrgnUX S lMn St Julin and Sit I rali ten 1 I'isii dll lul -Sit J lilnt, eilc llet laeel al t ietl ., few ha Illt, \er gf rI Jull ..n hdus sItaE etl' \ViN.i. (enullille LIe t nI ah1 1 e,'rn l da.. S it C :IIAMI'AItiNic \\' 0 i lttlr l'e\.c Y \\'1eNlIca . RominP e, ('hlllltIc bellie ll do 1 eo1 Nuilr, Slpl'l: lg i lurrln y tlin t18ie EiGiS-"1 bblsc landing Itla s anillo eli I s, for ileur h 31 (hrnvier ei c 1'111: SualltS 'lallr 1 i -,l o at whoulesale h lla Follotilloaw n good. S hsorted size t tan d bris. eit l Iteli . ilad ilbes tl N.i I t ll i -do I- 0 1 d115 ll do dN3 o dh Ga 1e- r hidest, Nie ' i3r, .o N eizescad bITrills. N.l al, ru li tarol, a ulllvrlll tir le; di lllohi h iler f tria 511 d4 I I'hExtra'do 5i It , xall Ia uck It i e-nlll t 1il d l uskr t at Conei larhread rleit narrow br nlt1 , r N I.n(tloerl.'d Cll li hrtll e tldll ; " do l1 rnlksi.i of niillreo & novi Chit d eanul do C2hildress silk and lills n ili hitro, ail size.. Imeillte 1 nte. taeled rub. Ik Iatdr Seal, in li-I dozen. aci icf laiaeal p e ee t cti lth I pil1E--Pickiit, e Notull Avril'h lt.he r hupea tat llop. Fore ct, IForaog R, M t niliar frliec- s I -hd LeAther ngioi gls lhilreI'a Fuancy 'Iari uIis, Plaid land Vlti elt Caps o tImaernrt. ta a Stoc --Sultl.,I Silk a Ed lt l oazineF , ol thie eatelltl Imlrellas--ilk AhNlg coHtl Dc. oilitaIry htunis, oiie3d silk. Q"ilk 1Huldkelliiel-S-t' gree . 0.d Sl, legdcJp. p bn he d B todx i frh err h wo re..d el3 nb ihule r ldrt' goodl The tdbove giools coukprise L l t r arv slick, Iand all of lhe e cllit patlllnS lnat will Iitold litl a small ad ance, wit e coat uiand clrer olNeNw Yrk ricas Thell 'suscrii;ecrs will take order fhe r oilu ernI we'aero and a Texi s i ark I s, for te l i ts tIfe II lo t ,ail) 4 CoaIt lt i J itlllnu etirelsrN Ylolk,n lic t i ll. shritect es lusto ible auice. (iren anll l Ia tc/ta f'art ariclll salet thIllSII' "O CO., Naval, Militart, Litd FIrlhtllcJ4n Iitlllerl, ExL.huge Hotel, Ssi, wholesalanlld reitail, by Dl VID11 F'iEL',T & ro, Ibia ar 19 N a ' S lirlrs' Hall , Clhertres et `t IHP IRF.ClIII P'l'i--Just received a ew dozen shrip e I(aTPip IhRoks. prllrPntd (ll good paper, with dll,dli ca te numl-bera f aromnl [ Ir g'e fill & rlitcle flr acle by uI 'AVID F zL'I' &. o., t aln8r f N " Staltioners' 1ll,e i. Chnrtresst an l Ified aI" Ihc cleigeloele, ar lu byr" '1 I5 OURe carGtc lcedil, 0n lii Iltinr i litt Icru _ i_ ... . . _ It _ _ I_)$E _ _ c_,__'a I1 h II l· hillA , t_ 'iGE I t IeIy E oi(co, 1i7.1rt ,iaiae art l e qecte al color, doflcaeceral. itlr s cate by ihe tlSi II OIIILA c 91115 3 Cctuoitic et E-21tANGI'.--Ot New Yore nnd Phliledsllthia, silt " 2A1MS1& WIIITALL, 67 raviear a: SPARCIH--ln0 halt hoaeo, citedie, frUn clip Char letcaglle, ad lfor tldeb -i. 'a0 . l .[I I.I. & IIIIOWN, 9i0 Mcegca teas LT AP .SUG-AII --veiuas qaallet, teoalltamlv in store and fuelelh ae 8ALlo 401t.)WNE, mar 0lI " • "gaaiea 1i t A 4AATCHVO--J hlarge icacico Jt iretisirenvl taold for i aclrby ..".. ,L & SR'IWN, S 7+' • + SHIPPING. For Europe. --- -FOR LIVERPOOL TiThe Hai It)IrIE'lIT' BRUCI", CCpt lHark' nss. having parlf her eargo en·agdll; will In et wllll dlcpatch. Flr Ihmlle iof freight For uesage a pply l nin6 . I..H GAI.E, 9:3 Comollmon a: FEOR LIVVERPOOL 'lThe A I fand varly int ailinl Rhip E.I 7.Z. I4ET.ll,C:npt.'llayel, catu ake 120 buals ott nl'le., and will nail on nuriday next. For terlnof'passge fur two eubcalin ansecngere apply Itoi in13 I. 11 GALL, 3 Culmtenon at The A I fast railing hipt MA IYA H1OW LAND, We .ir tm.ster, requires I100 Inll.s ton t mplete her curgo. For freight or eI p ADAMS & WHITAI.I. The A I and regular packet chip PLA ''INA, Capt Wm f l)unan, si sail an labove,un call take 150 bales cotton. Apply to cllar 0 1. (;1 A I.C, 93 CxetntonIeet FOR LIVER1POOL. I'll. e Ilew alnd very fiast sailing lriltiah "uruqe I:I.I':ANtI, , Cu( pt Mcl'ht:run, |tas. hall her cargo on board und requires only aloult .crII hale Ito fill ai, ttnd willhate itammediate dir. 1pteh. Fr rfeightl Iwhich, o r p ltsage, Ilving very rstperior ceabitn,apptly an lreart, or to inar I9 IIOLAIES & Mn.I.S, Bank Place. " ORl MA RlcSEILLES. S ''lsT well knowl and. very fast mailing hip EIKANOI, Capt PIembertcon, lenvin the greater partofrller cargo entaged, will mteet with idlirptcll. Jor alnlance I freight or pineugo alptly rtl ....., oc ta L II GALE, itter 19 93Cmlctctt Pt Coastwise. FOIR NEW YORK. Re uhtr 'acket for Monday, L25thinst. ýlulin line P'ocken... The elegant packet sbip VICKSBURG, lukcr .lter, lhavina t. .thirda of her ear PFIL NEW YOiIK. Regular Packetlfor eMonday the let April. Ilolhtes Lile of Pa'ckets. _,r " A COIILEN, t FOlt ilill.AlDl.E .l'lll . - .i:~. ''h . r sailing t ,i ller n lnede bt lig S A.Te IIlll . 1) Norgrave M si er, wi ll have be inreasl o ulh.s to s l'ri l t e lir e sageiliap y to i P ri . . & rJ W ll I'NI-,r, 73 Ca pl.t I FOAI Nl YO N. IK. tetito( sarr I pocket ship YAZO,0 'Ne pt 'ru a, l l o ( ,mme o I. rlke it1 her , car., in dayuortt o, and weo ill meet with ,l - taltle Atktt, or to J\MIESI 1 IIt .LIN, SIh.e first clans schip Ii iniilpIi twill c or to uz'o, sailingll to week a flel'h wlirds ; nd Ihto s line ha hete ittrttat.'d l its to iatrd the like focilityilh h ip. pret' i llltog t the veer. II rll i FORl NEW YORK. '0e osuateed the St. ,llnry. New Yetk eni New Orhl'oon Line of 'ackets. A 'I-lt A I hip NOIINA, CIptin liton, h* hovid" naerly all her -urge eggedi , will satil i a i aw itdy,. For (aeight or p ssg, htt vitg elegent ftritbtshed t cei cot odalions, ap',p - l hearet opp poelte the eageotablou lrketI, or to it li l)NINiG &C( or to PI IT l iAt I d.A I, Ilner 19 .. .. . fw wn psl IiThe A I and i st suilir shi I.VAN', l l. Itrllit, wi ll r ,.ceivh i l dine dis ttn, having tile, t'ettaer prt of hert fta'ight egag a'ed. or bat l e of t re ig o i it ell. opply to eul7 I. II (.llAl.. , 98 Cio aonst FOR I.)S' TO N. I A- The first (-lhiss ship Itilit, Capt C'l Swell, will . r f lnld, to receive freight l it " h ., day., nod will, 1 willh dispat h ApIply to Ciapt Cahldwel, or to '1'l' 'l'ON & AV 1:(1t1, ____r 2i _ (1.133 ;ra ir I t FOlL NI"W YOI1tK. 1--... . h o aljglhe grtlter pari of hertcargo 'e. , l, lluch illll Fnedu illllllt' l nllr dahlnc, of height aor 'pa ge Itltttly tie bt lltd ultittosiie Hit 'M i .. .o m1 I -II IiAL:,I 9(1) oat,,,l, at ... . "OR I'l P I.A III'I A. Ir ''t Th li t hl'tlli A .- ii u a I. "n i t l Nitch lson, halii g half her i. argo e -ill ,,ed .- will hta,, dL .t hh Fur Imhln[? of ei, hl fir iiss r, riply~ ' -to P & J P WIII I' ;V, . iiro l (lllftlll 1 st . ..II .,9',t i.. -_ . Alie al lod ir ot ,-rth i t, ' d'lllp it. , t . l-t o ,lý :1 • Ir Ii tib lllilN. 7 tal tt FOe A I n llll / 'NI, 7 C) ao t i i ' loll ' Ni'il:l ti' l, ll Nip r l s 1, tpl t Io 1nlr l.l S & J p VI'I 7 II1, 73 Coill 1 i c I I ti 'T P Alill . & . .lroN , 20 t 'illtlli tl i ID Jllee iit e•i h"vIugl msll fhorcargo e'Lo.aAl tI will have (,-sp lh I. or frwiht i r ettit1 appl iv 'i .t -I'f r i T- S i hobo I t'tIoI tl'lNfE I,eiII" .1. .t g articles hacll le Se and lio y i, sal a GhItoi P i Co. xchalige Ilotel, ' t C h AV l t'4t. iftor 5 If S n till- "iilr ba hv ' 11AI,i. & '()Ot N N Ihr tirs sixtnosy it tteh part: with aroatitletof vrd ....ale....g h ,uks,j h o . ..ied 1fi 1 r..e b ," A "1 TO" Alt, 49 C ool st ii111]9Ca px A NA'1'U\I IC 1. 1'A"I:S1, etctnutird Anatu- u t or flu, ul Orguoglaplly, in svuptic il bibles, with uuntenmspb leo, fertle llrC al II (i?·lllll'"'C.IIIllhle; ties and sehuals of mrdiaine willC nd sureerv, academieis ofI painotinl: and sculptiure, and hol royal clleges, medicial tludents, &c. I:'uIth Clcevljer J SOrlacdi~e I) 31, me~mber of theI1 Itovul Actidamy and various it hersociSu.i 'ti's. Tracrlated fro, fIle Flench Iby 11' C ItncrtI , )l 1), mcmhull~r of thu lo clrcicul so~ciety· of Ileu city and coml~lv of New Y u' . ItrIIcIAeIl & IlIW a mlar 18 AL X I'O'.-11, 11(u1n St C liOil I 1I deuIicr c,(k ,.ode, js , cie mlar 1!I 903 Jl~lgazi lle s OVAL) & II I RS'I')OVW, 7 Ilouk I'Plce DINE APIl Vh C1ll:1:8I' nod (iuseIu' II,,, io s ore, oJd SIr Fule by I&'AI) & IA Pr I' V., 0r 70 7 ihnk Ploce U11 1?i;,11-I 5 kegs~ asllrrior \\·PIIPII Reserve Hal-; B ter. lor ecleby I. IIiISEY, manr 13 44 New Lever~e~ )A(RASO)i '-312' Cc-C., enthlacin) it eeoerTl saort maiful ' ,iarasols, lbandig fcomrl~p I'lmci,(, fur sole by I'AAC I1I1RID;I: SCu. mar 18 131 OInpeplldc SI'EIIMIIANIH ,ie-11 I o.x,,, jest r ,eeie,,,dno fr ,eeI by SAMUlL E IILANLCII: 1). _ mer 8 _ :3 t;rurirr st MJOAI(,-.0 bets. Rsid rel wic g front shllro Cb nr nI'n IIAIl. & IaInd fir ,a(e `CORN-71(I0 Iborehollel,, in, rsre, fur ,fate by CIIAJIIiN & CI) V'1:11, 71 Xl'IlH 11118 ON 3Il N Pl,-:b( b lc n. n LL'' r, thrs, 511 1 unti it, urnr drtrniinq on New 1 ork·I at , 2 11, 31 dys 31 m13l Iemague, and Il F stle by mur''20 " SIIAI.L & * 1IR('WN, I)6 )Magaine at led,.ding froc, chip shijp I'ierle,,,c-c, eiid fur sale I by SIIAL & BIROIWV.N, mar o?0 96 Blagazine of LJACX'N lIDES 11(1 cask,,, ,ore cic sole b ID all I, DLJEI', 41 Nec LIever v IiJAS1'EJiIl.ACKIN(II-1 3 e lu llr u utup'opaiie l blacking, Iiiding ifromi shlipj (Orles, cor soloe by ntl3 I IMMI. C, 131 rnlagaziae ofI [ 7 l, h: RU]iS -150 roils ale rope of superior you __ iI ily f Ir 11 , b C II Al3 IlIII DGE & CIi , 1I34 ic(.inp wi T011. I ERO~ims COUN7'I'NI 1.0)09150, BANK'P()PIS, e 150 ,elince, Aece1,"t Dor e Mill letter pIper, fioe 250 do o uperfinee 1511 tln file c onlolcrcial poetl~li 50 Il, whit pe do 150 Is freel, pof 75 do 0,liter line past do 150 li eiiperie liiac n 100 Io Iica du 9() do, tin,+rrnv al do 2-0 do 11trdliml - do 20 pie 61 pi b,,,b Iilith posl All ofrslichtire of a very sUIN·)IOorquIlit.) and will be SIsold Il, t cElose a Eocg,,mei.; by 1015 A li'A R, -19 Camp it j7AlRlll: t Y 2ni. Ld Books of Ilistory, Jios received an uddifi, nnl supIply othe sioie very o, I schIoo cliccl 5,boks, by A TCIWAR, fry 4l4ilmp 1i.151 -:1(00 '21e i\ (((Ruill,`Tuu, Loriu broat in torlee anidclr salle be r- m c CI IPI.IN &. COOl'ER, 82 J, Iic a AK-r; 5 btll uoll, Carolina tar, in store fbe it . ecle be in 101 C!!A SIPI.IN & CI0'.RI,79Juijc vi SoiLA1SES II AItItEI-30u 0 amlyci o; oI - ulalpe iIc rer, fr sale by LII i:l1,E, frir IQ 211 9 3 Cmnmon s: br RAY -31H1 bale, nurihcrn hnv m tan, f 7 hale !"p I.' CilbI'I.IN & CiOOli'FiI of loIS 7'1 & 10 Jul aoo FOR NEW YORK. A ew NF rk N ^! I 'rleans Line. ANEWY I+nN1:erpncketn has been estahli~hed to runl between Nr a llrans anold New York, to .tunlalalalt' n fiart tal aletipa, viz: Shiip St. NMatrvt, It V Fuster, mlaster, ReIullblian, J f Aatara, I I'Duriey, -t lObildtitg, Th~ree iltpa terbuilt isa New Yrk:epraa8lt ftthinr trudre; r t a lightdrouglht af aattr, and aill artI bp subtjeta' detadatratha th liar Thaeir aaaudtitttua farpaaaengrrera tptriae all that t ay a e rhulatiue for cuutlitrt uud conveineelr anad their cbait- at ler ara aeet of rxparieraC Uatil th sip. ta auildit,5 ar-e co:urplqtcd, tua lirsl clas rla pta mill aajqtiy lir '1't graste? l puct .t'tity aill be obtirvetd in tlb lile, If sailing, attd evrray rt1mta bht aItmrIuaniua ex nded to aahipprrs aad taa.aeagIrr. or further particulars appla' to N1·rrra. Join asoa S1 Lowden, N. 86We'allsatreej, New ftrk, ur to jaf PI-,TPIL lAIIIt.A V', St, Carnp at1 FOR NEW YORIK. [Loulisiana and New YoPrk Linae of P'arketj.] TIo ail regularly as adrerliredji~u o, each Pori. T IlE lipe is at this toomont composed of the fulluw Sine sllipr, but G m Ilore le-v vessels will I -e pate,, a an early day. making tht: number tw Ielve in all, a Iliili will allan of one eiing dinsiatr. il frI o thIis pIlartiiery week lnurin{ 1ik yuar, thus iffdiiig paomplt liiiilitien for itnanporationa and at the lIownt rat .lrffiaight, Ship Yazan, Cuptuin 'I'rlak. iilssaappi iib. ' Luuivi~le Allen. ,artug, lutbway IIIH sil le, IIdri Iig Shakespeare, P, Ialmler lhe abre nlihis are all of tIc' caIss, (nppered alliratprri f+,steedlof a liplit dritialirof water, alnd built in t\ , l w cagk atresall Tr tllta wrade, iitheleg.nt iqecurimtdatir, for poi-aji erla mail commanded by abla andd expeiiiiiiceatiusters. Thetirit er.f pa-ange iianli e nt $91, withloui wine. or liquors, ample stortures inirr ilrior partlicur will be poilided, and i ery attentio yairued to p~alle ithe and theII grealtest punllct ali'y obilrve~d as to thirc day of rtilinlg Niiil'r tha Inna. t cainains oif Itlent veala will be rnjiaioble for jaevinv,lbulli, ,aeciusstnesl aea or platel wue, bIreikauge of gIna, Ihllownwa e miarlbla,ur grninite, cooperage oni ii. runt of iron or sctIl, iefoir tay lelters, paiCel oIiur kaenr-eit by ic ipti Ioa bwd daf thiet, uilsrglarcii billral o' finingare tokenl flit Iii aae, IandIhL" alue ilierreol apreatid. Fur freight or pusnge, appigly l mllar `2l JAIIES Ii Ilil.l.IN, 74 Camp tI FOR NEW YORK. O1101.MES' LINE OF PACKETS. \Oj sail ,unetoullv every Moul day from ec:l pt en firsl a I'i: octhip, t untliucg 0oft Ship .vorshrille, tuopta.,n W%'ood. Orleans, Captain S Sear.., l'ic/.'M.+r5, :aplain J lanker, atinn., Captain l Asbln.y. I.ouisa, Captain T'IruInaI. O(conc, Coaptain Lyons. S Crptain Leoa.itt. Ae(f oShip -- Coaptin \Wooodioune. - New .1hi --h Captain Nichols. The aboie sh .s are all of the first class, wnopuctl, Ie and cppier o ioslene,, and wenr built in New York ex. presaf fur llis tra,--llhey are oinltht dranght of ,a I nor, and lmost invarianobl cross the bar witnout doae - lion Piles packets are commallnded ily Can tains wlln ex ]e.r led ill tle trnade,l rld .ill alwa s exP rt tlelmselvesl t no nlloln lllodllte. nInlli uoilo $0 tow tlie e allc n 'Thel loto b oalldo ollo v lonoihedio ooAlnlll(dllil01 nlld Stleee rlf the first ua liiV will always Ih furnished a nd d errv Ieytltentull fuid tt (le oulnfol.t and sanictactioon of nnThee pric oflh cabin is fixed at $1, wiohhont win e oss, hollowun ware, mlarle or granit, coop'eragfe, of tin or rust ofilon or teel: ir, esponasile fiar nay packa, e or areel nt oil hoard, Inltesa a regular bill witdfhdg be sigalld Ihere fotr, at tile .fib.+ ofthe ag'ents. r or the Interior. IL' ALEX \NI)RIA, ('AMIPTE, SlIoilE'EI'in-.T ANM) I"ULTON. 000st 0tI0 'A ll'l'l: , \Vw C'urroll S m Easehr, will leave for the above port on lnd, ,.rinnth ..Ol, ti I llon'lok, A br,. I' lurcetght 0r 0i0,nar, o (iply i ntono ard, or to IIea." , llli er'iS It ':lE tC, ý8 end ':9 New, Itree - ul'l( t IJJI:I.VI I: AND;. CI.--t)INCINN.VI'I. - 4t,''L' IEel".sNIoAS,t r u1nig n, d splendnl -.=_~r'.. tteantnrl ý I OARCutNJol Gmeen o'rlgtlt"I. ,,il ill j-"-ltlvr lle 1"1'! a t ,t ell rllr v Inllll'lll Inex lit Il t nllo'lock. or tlG igh on r plau s.r, t .I". S" 1"'lTSON e AVER{Y, _Inn r.u) i I l. li.Ni ,,ierl. I"OR. IltAill.A .e: RA - " IlI(II. l.i\ NT. .I.....fll ort ....ter, ic ill lin a,0 l ver Orl.o Ulr(!every hed Scootilt Iool ,,luo'l cpk A. M. fori lIooooo S,'o.on&Ieverv atndv tit ho 'cb k :t noloM o .l o ioo.i" olos doo Wl rit 8p1111(11-Y' F, u irtighl on Intfsug apply to Capt. blurt oil bolr, I4t' to t rb 25 _1 )A11 C &. ' IIIT A I.I. lI.nA ILL I)EEN MAIIOll)0'S Tllrki.ll Ie, folr brlhllolo grem or rea l air ol 0 e Cells I, nr whiskers, or eye b.w'lo boo single lapoio tiool, to ci llllunent broTwn, r oIl nU a Co oiLLeo h hlloket I t on slaicnihg either the ihands or lillen, jtns r'enivednel ot oe B ollozar. cure rCl 'hoa.les :i Co.uo m streetls fell Ixchunge lnotel C IIINES , TIINKS----J u-t reoeit all assort. let 11n the lbn ove nrticle, irevtolloti es gigolls oIn olso b petndior Ilrass locks ,,vlaie ald finr In lies dre.ssd I~r for olding pallerst &, 1 I00u0 erx remlc liglt and onoUsome nler sle at (iSUeII .o n "i' I. l'E Fxchange houtl St Clrh a s st _ , PARMLY, Dentist, re*p ctfull gives no I role ie, tdnt he May e o consul el ra'oally in Newooo )rlenns, during thle ]Illltllh of Fehrory, Mllarcha ti( I April. Ilas ass0ui0l0 icl th p a i ce, r I.vte m, wlose - Ilroofssionnal skill and exloorionce bot lill tf o oi,.nrgical and Ineluohic oll epnarluents, is onsurlossed inthnil flo Ollc, e'59 I'anal street. ioLAt , NI': llo .;ilIr -Nos 7n, 8 and 9, also tole first o ix nu eraoo ill one trait, wilb o varoiety ol very interesting books, just ronc:ivrle and for nsal byI _nll A ''OWAIt.4Il. 9 ('p st" )INE AlPIe.: CitIStr: and Gosihen bLutt.r, i shore nod f lr sale lv mol2 R1.1A1 & IlAlt:oI'OW, 7 Blnk Iln'e CARD TO T'ilE LADI ES. ILLIAM IIElI., No. IU Carlrnes treelt. eolloi' - Slis t Ionlpl'ehonse old bnokeo J.ilre, old gold or silher in anpy firl o whatever, i pay o ' h' igoest pricy in Orleano,. .Ldiaes loh oonv, oldf .olioiooeoi goldl j:owelry, viz: ear ornmuollens, chaoins, nnbieonra, bIo kleC, 10ill ings, orill laot uny artlil:Lesof tlhel leb , w lieo is Ilooog die all o,'oo o sI tl o lhelnm, can ,.'lhallgo tle ' ont to i good ndvlllloageI b callillg u abore. N ll--,tbh0 es Jewi ry anid Sooeoneleno reloired in ile bestl Io'o1noer-c-hlloargesnoderaoe. IIAZAA R. aornerof St. Clharles 1 Common atrleet, EXt'II&N E f noTI: L.. I US I! & AII.N t\old respeeolfull calollhe iat tlnntios of oillzeoaoo ool and gralnrs to their ne.omplet ,' es~or11.n;"It (,I (;nllentelms linen -Lirts, L, cnmhri c with 00 ve maollos. ooashionaloo ble linen flronts linen ol oar': silk, aotn amo d , lerioonol lr sbirsoan ldrawer:l onolobrie' und silk hIndkeonhbiefs: black and fancy oon v0ts intgreat variety: stocks oofeverv dlsrniptoion. gI elofati nooo eonlltol lco , rollnders: hlk, t,.ool nlod thr'eall gloves: gellt bolkin ogloves: tnlmbrllia nlld lolles gold A0s0--Sllendid snot ent ol of and ano ts wrl tog deks, dreslno cases, 00rt foulio~, lner'nor, cut. leron, ndoloihb flnleo good&. m El). '|'rutnsled lIon, (ioe French of Jeu u IDu bonl, 11. I). bI QVilliao G(rinleol.o Port Ito. Un the tne.esity ol Marriage'. tnr 2d. Ilosollcl.oon iojourinalg, i itllo ctllle for ILo ve! .I't1 3d. Part 4 h. Marriogc I'lPhsiohogicall ll)i'eocosed is loe .os0t useni, olOid deniddl o thie o moist intiro.0esinorko thot we eever adl. II wllllorak op Imoro rakes nld opinatere, and malke oollo e Inore iomrried imnt ion onlloon Ihonl ally mlblicrtion thlatl ilbs verbellc sancltionedl by tle ooroe oaf hlyen.--Lon .nloialeure. Tl'ils is a great book, and will beo hnloive f nfnohelo gooll ill the colllnllllllli It io trne it cunlnins n h slrulnge hlngullage, hinl lhen the suhject it its excuse, nlllld iflh oh e nhad wrilel IInn it, he couholna'ot oove Ireated it llfore clehellnelev. We esPecialy vrcommnend iJs "' llsttl|,+ioS is COlrling., ' to Ihe aIlt nilco n o f nO l yonnoglaoliles nod lloellloerlo ooat Inot ooe ill q oest of arollers.--Le .plit Conrier Des Dnnames. For snle oo no Iol- Povdra .st belwo uln Magolngze and Canmp sreet P'rice $1. 1OAF F l 0GA 0--V'urious qualilies loaf sugar i L oureoannd r saleor ay it 12 SIIALL& BIIRO\N,0 ' Mogazine a S I (JR/lGiE- O balo will be ltike On 000 rage in the fnre prJufutsoe n 79 Jlia slt, by InlI CltAMPIIN & COOPEFR a EL.AI+--00U,IlU11) aonioh seg0r0 , ijl ,t re, fet Hol" l2 C1IIAMFIIN & COOIRPE 79 Jolia tt .5 lREO ARD. .. ILL be pa;ld for the delivery of a omoll box of YV boo, b rcuo'o Moabile jer teamner oiraffe, ubont1 l I.olrcb., alddressed to A I'owar New O)lelllor, said box is snll.e;sed o hlave been ta ke n n f ib rall road cars by omiatale, OlAI, 1'US'f Rr'lon'ce'oI an nlegoat oooormentndlder olaed op .opr olon o which will bto enaravrd to atrd r i thl nar-anf.olroHonloalo'r novol by J V CHILLIIS, oill ba'-L 4 BRools N '06 TMal'oine 0t BUSINESS CARDS. J.OB PRINT·ING. at avraRY DEuCRIPT'mN. IPEEDIt.YtI tNtJ-OttrEt.Y AND CHtEAPLY EXVAU(:TED AT THE OFFICE OF THE ''1 e .Imerkca'a, ST. CIIAICLES STREET, NEAt I'OYI)RAS. rn23 CIIAMNPLIN & COOPERR, (IR(OCEURtS ANt) I)FA t.RS IN IPR'iSIONS AND) FEI~t, No. 79 and 8i' Julita stret, Ne' Ora.eas. a;J Ship l Fn 13y storea pu t u p. 11 LOUillIANA FURNITURE WARERGOIS No. .3, ileaavII Phile. '1VILI:FAS1 It. CAI NF.'', would rspetlatflly ina t..r n h iaialllba d l I alale l ta .a isaloI Ptanltly re'ceiving From New TuV ~·rk andl I:I)stUII S good aat~a, l.ed-t a..nib, haplU Il (saintd llhair, tlanp anlld cherry hldaatcads, anaipannay sod Chem) tables aIll descripltion, nureao,, , I"ilsts, LFCIetarvs, IitiUY dasks, wurda, a a of tlnlagatll y aud llayrry wash s'`tnds, Iuksia giluaac I t rla, lahidiaetg, h&e. Nit. 1"' nt aurt packed ha oalaaral at r lup tiatiuu Bnt careC. I1II1I: FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Er iUUISIANA, )/ FFRS his serices to V th pIt lic in ti:h lapnrt l ll ntcut u Surveying anlld kindI EIItiinrerillg, hush intiapaa aad COUaaa. From anhidaibuar eapnairuanc ia Ihia profeaaiut n and ty prula)tllce tatndll Olilt ia 'h exculltin ltf businesa cttl tultel to (lillt h Ihpes t stutttandatreceivaa s hlal llIpliI pullroalat. Ilaail' also Illeluure and lealeuluto the ;,ouwntll r of wa& endll exeanali'ta. Otlir a Nn 'artlPtI alle r IYBld detIay hark. 7ul BUSH & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCIIHANOF. l H FL, .''vrner of S. l'h . rtes out Commoern sts,. NLW OHLL1:A~r. I 11'ORtTERS tend Mimenine jEnorch te al Englil. I rerftutn-ry; t~euniet Cu-n rei d ITutttII(e 1ten. Cutlery, 1II tiet3., Glovets Slijet, hietlst, I(to ltenlln, Cenuesnd Fotty It e A .MICOLLUMfl & IDO%%1', Fators & Gtene-raE l Crnetisneon .lereean/tes, 10111 LE. Referentces in New Kiirkatn, Aberntaethy & Jltnnna, Cteldwell & Hicky, I'Popete, 'Pokert& C'o. d18-1 111 JOHN STE\VARfl', .VORI,.C and dealer n Ilj'lelt fNlt lush.stn ,'homing,. At .apllle stotoge tone lie had of tllmld lte teents, nd teurry uttc.ttimpaid to t gue nln tntteetd rd lit his ctuc n-rlttltrncitt: llcnsrs. Lore. & PIrovost, N O. 1 c2n1 ^.3 7.. 1 CIIRISTIE & SI~NOIF, J117lestl, (rCcntl's Cn,,dtnnsstttt 1, reltos,' No. 27 ('een tStrIeet.N V ) Orleaens IQS'l'orticolllrua lnntiiul; paid to II l:ing I'll ofl Smitel built ttdShip sntonnes. nos',! BANK NOTE ENGRAVING. RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON I AV-E .elted nn oIfilt iin Net Orleutet. posswsi, g eqel avatntages t it tlheir hlse in Nt w qt ot k, fur thle par toss a l' eagravill Rilll psiulllng Bolnk Not-..s, I1III lo, 131I111 of 1':srltctgrP. ('ertililoalrs of Ilepoclitrr Cittiks eend otlher impotinmnnt lul", rteteqneing setcu.. t ageitint I- ngerietin; ettiti Ititni' nutttetteple ptov fo itnfio toletjtintt oftell piates and intpreontjus entrust ed tl their cn·t thttir sc, itt- ens nIntienen the totes tvur fittel enleudt anking ieltitutiooe, and nel orders till be -nccuted ttillt ci;tttutleute, ttt'l en the osuu Ie trns. Ollice, coniIerts f" 1uIol & Ltttl SUnti I . StA II L' E~ IC''0Y, 'Jlleehnendlnr liektir ,J. Cnttisstt n .VeLthen£ dli 'i ler.:1, li. ntitp ni.-tee theprset I O. 11. illL I -s SIII'BRO I ER & C:O.MMISSION ME RCLIANT, Ne. It, Peids, etntrr, y___- -A l-LLAN · J. I'. I REEMl AN &' 2., hl tE 'ctnttetle onthand i lbti e gnnily of l-io In_ call ter lii eneoleto tececti. 'I'lair us. Pterttnetlnt eigi tnrge, tteitcltttt fruit tlI In Lutt be eitl:tiel ni the shortest uutive FASHIONABLE CLOTHING IAYL OR & HA)1)EN, Nms. IAl C(he. ri ,. i.k rr IIAVE nXli itt nt~upplo t I' tttttt, It ttgtentlettt-t deenes, o ettltet-etylte, t .New 'tn-t priers der 2:1"""" J. B. RosS SURGEON DENTIST NNo. :13, Rtat street. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA BISiI lM ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Iunks' Areondo. WtVILI.l;tq.1 GIlEEl.S,:, PIOIPRIE7T'OL nrl J H. PARKER Commnission anld Forwarding Merchant, No. 6, FRIONT LEVEE, r'P sT.\lrIs. NSra O:lrall Fe."2., JARVIS & ANDI)IE S, WIIttOI.ESA.LE AN)D IET'.IIt, IrAtERliS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS 1)IE S.Tl'1'FS .'N.I) lIl t 1)01OW G L.I SS, Coianer ot COllllnon d T.Ihobiupituntis streets, NEW ORI.I:ANIS NAT|IAN JARIVIS. JtllN W\. ANI)I.EWVS. A large upply o Garden Seedit. wuiarranted tie growth DOYIiS & Y IA ., I)I.AI.1ttS IN A.ERICAN & EN(;LISll CROWN GILASS, Nu. 3 CRanI)EitT SrtrEET. ia INSURAN,'E COM[PANY OF NEW ORlI,EANS.\ 'Ihis .omwpanlv trh now pro tered to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 tlIussun's oullitg, Cannl,. New O(leans, 1uy 1... 1138. Secr. lUry. RI)llEIT' U.INNtN. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1'2 Iamlp street. Wholesale Dealer in 'Paints, oil, Variishe, tirushes, m:tit Window atld Picture (liass &ca. \c. T. W. COLLINS . TTOlRYE. .' &.U.,\o.Ar. I.LOR .77' LA II:. I StO W practisin or in the Stel! and C ity Coulrs. C li-i Court, in the Custml HIhue building. jell FASHIONAIBLE CLOTHING. ROBl'SO.i" " GOOD *IrIr ENo. 6V, ('hartrs Mtareel, ()ne )oor below Birnville, AAVE constantly oe hand every article appe ,ttin tl ig to l lle lleu LI's IY( I wathe ill lire i,,Ct II,41. cas at o refucedI prhices. die I--1838 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC OFFICE No. 5:3 Alagtazn ,t eet, opposite I ankso' Arcade, E!1 S'rAnIt.iS ,tEIt frIs the exet.utiint,I afmtl, iph, and dlawings, mIPlerc 2nutxi ' Cilrtclnr,-. busine,, {ll I a ldless tcrds ofverrr.y escription, funeral scinlmar- o ;deep I ngrinllg t.Por. aliohevrlvy illd t lrut litils'o ,bel;t btk checiks, dray receipts, c..rillted ottIIIdrt.lltt d ill achea, aid: '-"editiouneas let, hy tIhe .lOlator. Nl Illan Notes .atlyv exectuted 1a4 A Ciard. ORILEANS L17'TIO0R.tIPHIC TAI111LI~II MIE T', 5: .LIG.IZI.XI T7'REE T, O'i'.tI'E OINt'. A trtF. t GIEENI. returlns his Oineres thI:ks to his hie idIsa ndl he ItIb.,lic of New ()rleltlas. fir the Spatrounge Ibestowed oilt him for te last two Years. anlld brgs tleve to, asure IrIh tlet allu older conlunlilted to his charge shall be punctually altended to; he will ts usual, keep the olliee open dutri ite sut uerll , aII shall be alwtta readv to strike oK mterchant's circu lars, blu-ines; iland alllress cards fluelltt notices, Iiaps, plansl allnd drawings, u ever d.e. rilptiol, at the .lortest notice, alndl Oll the Iostl reasonable terms. ieing assisted by artislats ueria r to any othbr estnblish, lalt ill tIhe ilte i Ol Iolm ao1iex in the lilhugraphic lina, Ito , cl ouufitdent oft giting etire N I; Apulheearis andstil druggists' labels exe utetd in na gLoo sttyle iOt cpple rlat e ungraving, and alt t ( ne thlird of the expense. jyr4 GEOIIRGE C. CIIILDS, A"ronRNE AT LAW, ; ILL atteud the Stplllrem (Contt. itand the District Cu ti t.,T Ilarri urgana sme of i ll tdjacent counnles-u-tltl' at tIh City If Ituitstut. Claims o the governmenlt, eithefr for Iounty Luln or money. will he ttndertakttn an I Iromptlvy ttended t ito her for non rsiut ntoltor rt ti.lrtat Itf'I'exaS. Address 'ism the Ultited States--Ctyi1 of HuIetatrl" to tile cre of S. Ricker, jr. ( 'exas Po ItOllire Agon, New Olleattns. 311 I EANS--It bills landing ham teralhouat St Louli S tor sal toby ABRAIIAIl TRIER. mnrt18 134' lzinenzine IFE o.F C.\AIItaNAL CIIVE6RUS, Arcrhbiohop of Blirdeiux, by the Ilev. J Iluen D)otbourr, . psfsauraef hharlogv, translute t from t ahe t'ranh by Rob.rr l \Malsh. Juan reree.,.d ahd fnersan hy AILS-18 keg r landing frmL1n -.hip C0arlVone, Imd t b, -ale by SHALL BROWNwn~ . mar 210 96 0I11gq7.ine at pOfRK-- 10 bhIa ,ritr P. 0 Ir by I t~~a (0. j(tlht1f , 44 Nrw iee ý()ImKI)_O colic in -Iorr, for sale li ('lloiceeal Rri.r r u and London pnrticuin~r, in hu'f I 1ida1, 11 tier cask. 1 Ilolcr t old R eserve,,a Screirnl and Loudo~n particut par in casks, direct importlation, Icrrllled i plus ulntall lurdcaiux Hraxudo Froitc conul %1'.s la-i ino di 'ar ad Aenulla 'uperI~~u: JIsrlx &odeu C.gss Ssp."rinsrrr w' lise mi reelI oclrR ix A1JI. t Old Jr (a, Ptaks Ciaaaa aiiaa, Talrl alt I air sllw.4AC 11l1110 Si &', 34s o Ilatale E J'll\S . C. - ;.(I 1'III ; 3 calle. S m Ctl, lll o hnr , ( l i t (tiin r . I , got ou ' I 4.hulrell,2 In fh o m, 'hie ' F"or a', I Ios.T'l F itt t a aaa1);1 ',a if rnn n (:;wIf Itul, l r clinv f rlot ulsi y ). MI,.',., lt II e . I *e I.ON|)ilN 11it)K1 . i vtl, ; (hluke'.ý peure lld I tl'u tl t ,rl t .oas , dr % 1% 1 (;ell's It,lul tlln, yolbs +o, ia tat11d lnt aacu tt. B t Natl 1sIeed Ilyro and \.altlr a n to illlr.' taled i . lllu tiul+ tiheI ' kaaed l l Novl I iUlldid dri;ha'i e il.vla. Ia lat. & ill A a in, ar t pl als a l.. t.slP 1i.'i It.tiL al . '.tli t It ar llll ea l. Rl ) A1 &+( 811 $7I I I - I l a . a The ]6,k oh ehlahin i e Diaeng a ;. Ols Nf ult.e: '[1 tad if hi t hr.ot ] ''.in d,6rn's "ruh,Il ; l Ih llIlW . uag" ot , Utlll ll cr vatluble wi ill . il, I:t ' I Ie ar:l litwl re Into. 1", :3v Co l'St. ('ho11en.illud C+,[llluton st ] i Rall N Y a . I thAII. - boxes ii oler nlfd tint cli u ltililiJve mal s ee . itm B. a H-IeIIk t IILIIL, & iROWN, 1i tll l ll t a fll' ta ll a,', I 1.1:3 5IA10 & Al lturNr & W l·aillTAL A .tta,-a. of C N n a.' Blab.' t it at Ih . l r ou testa buldt n , or a r l n N13 5l I l .I.i &. Ia it at . I' ' ;l.zi. . st XI . itN I .AG': aual-- a t, acdia,,cl nrtd a. iz-ll n l I i 1n h nle. 11 l- des, f'r lIe by, 11113 t .11:)' lIt'IDIIGI": &. 1'I,l I.II a. z'ue st oI n hOlIlt th):llo L do O111" r llked FI It Ihlhlln i r i, a vi .o U I lll ll ll r tl ll II th tl'L. w ill o't f I fTe i u v per ll(l .I BOOTS I~ o()'r., c-111;,l case.s b,Rl t. shoes ml:l I I$ l IU IGIE &lt eO , 131i t.e ziTe st Eli II la ANltr l -A n +Iw Id rrel.t f old peach atlhdf , i r I s. le by ati " I ,AD & l)t I t.XTll ,W, 7 iani k p lac.e lelgl ll uh l.ith t.'libi o IIl - iA' r w h copby er poorlplnl, anlJl 'romn h l t It 1. ll(t. l .M 1e th llr l llt over c llper phllblt+ etl 'la'ill. le 1cAll e· LII l taril . -' o lrder ra l~ d to hin), lit .ii. hul It ttl o , I.u'q e g-tvln ou aaap l yd l chra I yI I N. l IAi & illtiXV'9T I I.'.'n £'t t hi hlt tIN- tib . alara ..aatl..t i taa.'t aOWd M ln triatli' llta htta b ll.urr lly tv hti. I afew hltlrsI sle, ,it h '.1 h 4s h Il't.ttrl'i.t i ll ag v0 '" ti. fao tia)la a'liht Nll at tl , i l al. lr'ý &Itli I 9."a 2 sz2 s N id thie.aa, ll idtonlila alta stale ,ia' le. cI -lllo .,.) h , llluds aI ;Itlla-t l ta lllll gi abe w th u :i;3 It " A I \M.' tit.; & III TAI.I., Ilal t ;,+" l e.'.e l,+--wurd, by 9li., I t.-', h. d. di" , ted It ll enr',y' alrrel E:I enlll p']osed b* . I'. it - C ork, pe'r '"hit, Orha' n,. for s,,h, lbv w I2 I':AI) & IIA)I{<'t1T(),,7 llnnk plhlce 1 u l)I3 -7 rsks 1 ll.ndn from ..nt ea er I :ol0,1bus, Ifur sae byI 1111.1 . i)OitSEY, 41 New lever. ,1i, 3lKE hY- il) blids Icndin.g fro steai er c ai S us alnd flur sale l 111l4 . . I; II.sEY,4 New,,L Jllo.1 i A TRcEII,:31 Graier t I brig Otran to folr sole hv ll ii A I III ER., 3 Gravi r IsL X i()I) UiN lrow u clolll c cd i'orlter, receivep bk cip p Vt '" mart l 21 HI'All~i "IA It.i''ITOWI\,7 Iank Pilne -I.I. S t I V'I'F Ioed i cli cf n J e a l.n ihe PICasionp,16 s l ch' i:id " icl" r. M 1 oiu of (] l rls M1thaew , 1. omm. diun, by Mrs. . .11.1 X 3T3, A , 49 Cicipcic I)IPPI'IEi --31,1 as o,.u atri, lcadigll from brig mlW 711Se 't.I..HROW,9dagesne t ClIlSKl'Ill b) of. I 3. loougaheN whi' key ill bl,.ie for sale I)v I l ' c I \3 l. 0 i ciRO\i N,96b\'agazic.i st I a Ill S\' -l'(' 1:r-- oter 1 and brown .tout dircret 3froml .o)u,1 ,r l ·, h 1,i . Iii 311 & 3I 3trcs'r '.iccick cii.,._L (1 UNNY 1.(;S-3, J. ls in lstor fc r sale bv S17 3 (;3 I)c)lRIEY, 41 New l.vee SAI'T.I\N Killll-Cllain Kid, or the \\ izld of the SSea, na nw nid m,,wh admirle ,\vel, by Plrosper I 'ra, .inlthlll, r tt' t, Blia•on, 3 . 9E JOIINS & Co, mu r 9 'w ur" St (:lleles anId Common stl t ARRL ( c. to I FOR TH. WEEI K DAYS.0 c /A 1lh, or at ,I o'cl rk, A. . IM.f ra,, Car al 3 o'c -k, :. S" .. ..i'" t . ,. i1 ' i " 11 1 i . c I : i i .. I " l ,, I'.Ic A "cc " c ',ci c " c ..c . i k c . Ic c .. c ,i "i Anc ae'Il kc urran he ohtained by p)ciigc 10 do lrar f. a" . Tri." ILON'IIN J(A'KIAIONAII) &FCO NCY II T S'rEICLTC. Jitcirecc eicc cp3t r ol go cict ic ccI i cti i d i horl. Atc fll p.,17'ot'lo-Ec lih I, cr ic,1 r cl.lln ll c r cnll ll iAti'cig hati Iual, ud coiri lor thrUlShelul i t da y Iluntil uIC orl L cc l. clololl oi llg hy eI lr oi se ctm dsinet p Ihercl.bllr+e& w Et l'lctc pps, a il ci olle ii l lcctk enci ,t elllluLbaors. Uler New UrlidaWmr llulde C drel~uon tail la old cklrllllmll - uuv°) Chieftl pO11 N. IA C.N.11 LAJNION N T.'rATIONARY 'rLCAIES. Jllut received pei r \'n hinCr gtoni, oul Lk Idon. i l\ I.IPLR-English Inlrall , ofall 'icnisr z hites r s Ellmlblused 41)"alle llu ln er alia 3.n gill edged note & mnll"ui papar euchad ed& Soilr O silverbrdenredC E ecl Opl e.: x lliilr , a luted, enlhn .ed, eellbowno d, Lals l atnd silver brd er.n d h I k:&l b k, e \ an I l ici Call l Ru s eds w Ialllloolllcpikel hooks inlit wlltck, tral c ltiH1a Eltcliic ied aullnd ii el turtile st lle Pelholdera - cI cclluull cid iminicikC i cnelp ic casec I.c lon ipreparac ivoriis, ir initiures Londun water-colori in bhxoa and ii Il h d augle c Oxford and rniscelluneo. t ldrawingl baks AckeIliac's d awiii g p!cics. ill cases of 6 aui d 8i Stiel Pii o : Ierry'. ex aaicle, lile, irediulll, broliad alld Lllnlldi IBidge London prluiile pens, is Imcx,,a of2l each . Ink: Aekernaia' uillcarniinie,Suiplhln'a witlint " fluid, l'crr'a fluid, M¶icico!lca and l'Terryr eopyin 'ink. per auci t blue .lid a face S colored flido - t I, a;c}c in)atilcdc acir ' ,csnhiiia L ii, ic. a siLce cn x acd *, and alt ,elhcr. tci Sglei, sur:tal !r ,fr ic e ane coic c6 cmol c , )o 1 o ill ijtl qoali'r. L Joi-lNS c Co. - 1 ef i. c I " , ari. t ;t .i .Cir.%n. !,' FRANKLIN INUK hV T HE public nre repeetflliiinfni u hni thbt i l' tutiunl is erected on the rune improved pU inanoiriy oold mnost soi niraiie puation ion thie Franklin, Opon It'rIi h2,d, onernyilr hoim .ha' 1'he buildiig in large n., i moetdio nteindlioelp4ttbd iltot oparoofroti, for k-iioo: sejInrdtie, daikrolrereni , anu ll Abrettm dliseases. Thle iltutiotito in on.ppi I1 withIne-mnet.*4If and atte ninmle nd felenle nuinen,aid~p*teuitiq vit cirons noteroln Inglnagen. Privnnt roonms maty. Ix' had by gentlemen at he 4.1 lopo tt dlat itnchoditntttenntrlr, dtc. 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Ieingai o.b.a ,aAtia. o.r ' ewty din l r'eota:ed Aikatil, eubatalce exntracted.tfom the Temito 'lu.t ; with, lllnrr (,,gptnale .ubae m.d, . noiJtd have bee fonad I y h o'n ai I :lT,,i riiiia' . believe . tobe.the etlles uti, iak ' ( r Cotbi, ifAaae ever diiaaoeed. They hlt Ir All ilbundal Cll a ~t.F arlefaily trid, ne.dbhle ren. Ned unit Jr l ppll-l attl a l.l f crofulat Dypepi.ll,, It1 Glidi i,,i·a', (Nl'ravel, Ihi, ..nala.ia, Ceuglh,C hlde, l floele.., ( It, N rI ias dT', soi Acid ilrtltioln ltalkl.ld t tl ih A ,lialo elo Continpg .'uud F: ,lElluic diseases; topre ivellt fhe 'rnlia ioa of ' iioiaa nail liver ,a ,fBiCloonaa,, .vr ld A u,, &.L.. ill IiaorP owr .c ll hlotl limlte. atn d low pLd ' oII alllltlitt , i ll ,'I til . e111 dhurliv •lul Bap he f-tr" l ino ar lu aIs. l',i,, Ia ..11 fii d tahxm l ul ia ,a lih lt m tna.d Ir t "l. s a .iaead n a tit jaouisolahe lual ni.iha trn. ea a' It, I,,u 'tg.raa. the danger, o'f- d exp au p ill up ll.l. h eli Spllti. 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I.ANSBI-, w holesale Agrl.. mar 4 17 S. ii .l. .ii l1 11 .0 . . & Silk I `. f-l 'Mia -- J A arree ci ed d . alarge h saorlr eaa t a f illia,dl l.. aad'ho.ekt..h aUSH & ALLIEN, iarl Eaxchlnge l Hiolrlcr St halrles &i ummon t FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! • IUST ; t~'erlled at tl.e a.otaanina Furniture Ware hunh)use, n large supply fie•l N.ew York pad Boa oll. J'er. n ta in til, ','i li w n f r(g til tglr , oil d da . . ell to clI,nhlltl select their ant;cles from oneof Ib tuba.t n-_ large.t stick i noaw iia the city. PW yI CARRast, dl N 53 BieuIille s N 1.-Particular attention pahid to p bckimg lndqhm aigR Ivtl'nitlae, freep ol'expert-, d6 2' . IUI.IaI1(Y Y & Silk ' 9, rlom--A '.Mlation tat ulalbetar andi Sink \Vorm,. tr.IlatnAp. from the t'hn^s.", I Vol v, L~junt r-eeived and tou'sale ua (|' & I O , . 49 .'ntist l 3|r. l;F:t)IiIi; RI{"RRICK h~tvlng reslgn'd theu = fio., ol'chief IE.ngineer oif the New Orleai and ('attoll. i Ru lil IRad, ar. Jaa I psoa bo ben wjppint I" ed in hil g.htre, to'wh >t alL pers•ns httvhtg btflet al ilil aiplly' ait the Rhil Road (}ltlicc, lPtydras let I Irv older Of the a l' nard. . . iSiI JON 'NICIIOLY OY, " a • Cahler. ý.D tut sole y HA, , ... AROW i N, le 2 "9Mtgrione t" 3 i ',lii B'! t1i -il lags iial iWito h a I ll lu. for 4l-lw.t,,.--i-- • " .. " j..ttea . S'TE'_SUN V AVER. s ;, a j 0)N P'OLI`:R1V, COhl'tK P* A , 511 conk, L.ndon Iprter, 7 dozen each :1 I0 sheets, braziers coppler 5001) pieces KPntutckv bagging 1311 do lRyuiau rope 1(0( do norlhorn do 5il haskets. Hetlick chlaooono gln ,r sale by CIIARLES INO||,F", _lti I w 59.tke1vnr at VALUAbLE ENGLSH fR tof translolted from tle le h, with Iuotaeand ilius tdlaiu l h, itll e rbllneles. Memoirs of Plolip t)e l'otnieeno: Centt,,iotng the ht luny of Louis the I to,1 nod Cf'brleC the 0th of Fel.Dnc, tnd of CIhrtoi thie Itold, LDuke of - guoodt'dto I ohilPrinoeo he was seootarv :tee i otalIoI, t Fotor of EdIiced the 4th, rand Henythe 0bth of itn ng0d, in o2 vols. Moemloilrs of I hni t ttttoton, with illustrations, anse ils nf I ti r K flo most parlicular fmiesadsrPl4 dislitaguiohod nolltemporarles, tembelliehed w'it a lineR lt tlll. l alifer IRnlllIley. 'ile Detto.lleron, or tell day tinttCinment, ofl Bn .rkl, ll .dinRg lhe suplpesslled ntovels Io nalnetl ftIn Il Itaotliarq , to whictl are prefixed l red.s aati.i mar .i " 44 New Lene ll A Ol'l i tt \t LINl-E-- Slci vy j lljdeir ooed, htllf 1L1 ,in es, quartern asks attro tavl brt s oio lag (lll3 L & K IRS ID(I8 Clo, 134 a again' Oil t S1i, o o ,jrmfr Oil; lee ot isORSableY, .mar . 44 New eommoone I,.. IIOliKE-T-_,Il bbl, rectified, Ilaulia2 from F er lonemphis, for sale by inform the Y o11o!_0 t o b 1 44 New Level ACON Siioo S--hllca.ks Ie,at inortl curedt laidta int fromn sleholer far sale bycente _mar20._ , D'JIRSE, J44"Newlevec " dII. & K.VoRSEYS-8o n hlons Tnrd CA' Oil p S I 300 cnks nsper Oil; 5 bdied Nfegra Cluthd ,suitahle ofir de rol, oiiry, the prs, d he ttr loo l to t i on a 93 ohmmo rae, r ie sntlsher would respectfully inform the en-d ilb Ih-eos of lhisi itv, the healiog qlie inof e l this st ,he has three few+ nir, a l wii furnhlia roomln to rel ll onvl rasolale n. It t Nis . 30 'reTnpiod as at toretl. Siet nlso insforp Ihem copolt few gentleamen run hlenCPconmnlidlled %%ilh uIs.erd by the day, week'r mlonl, 1 her ione01 is O I lted e Ihn o, cere ofth . rluille, clod poerty eOllvfllieolnt sto al 11e adtem hoac land igs, shis iullolCed to10 wieve th ait will mect ih on rontl sbloe tooter ptnot. Enperon of arte , whiatesh Wll i, ret o ll e, please ap ply t ed or ovae. I,.ar I!t "JANE WILLiAMS. nI.ado, Jnd lt ,nige' Cnotionnd Cletone istr-poe onrnitodnond o, bheo. r l tdieo ..f ,l.did"tnd i irle-es. Ion, ilndeed rubsrieh nohm-iiitys hprel,, 'ilsld Ite iald untiolah e ,,i all thin. atP hh No.pinin h Ca ituIl,,sle d rt nn ple . d "t-e s Ietcen f dy . 3i,,nalaure' conpounld Clhiese llPltp beound Vus. pinion lor it.'ter air tin +wormul,,inimnpleuot ihle l "e sillo bural, tanus eruction; prickly ltl and aill i theyons p the skin, the hraling ck ualiiu of thil i till sootll erUcnotr. Io . is.loeernmflndrd lagII 111-n1, lwr theallili. "he eolplexiol, removing " frcle, a,e d itparing freIshnes; ud dellacy Jlpe sthe cmnohxioio . Th, nlilo,, crat.o dtlrjclik t e soft nrid whillte hrad, is with tiany is' alrjecl O' eons~dtaide tn!2r~st. Expoauretfwarm elimit(· thie tot k fac0 nt d |aeds lrote tanned or hard lenll rendered s uhsevlef t llntmerely to 1i'hnecsl. sary evtcn day-arn u1 hit, but even to*uritj " h atobest. PcriseT.- - " " "el •a Abo DEW St ITnrp CO., for Mi, t h e ir ft ic p d e "a n d " ' l +Rub l io l n t e a l l . ;; +l they occupy the i ewbrick lhop .lSlt9 ass .treqt,.wllere they.- {µ rap eoneantljp o l VTin and ofSheet c re of ..afy . such ao. hoppeor .tt*eli, ndp l Ing tu a, snd e'lp., of,'il ,'o * Tlooy .hee sod oall st~ l reir .tioa f ineose, ey , .hay wol lberat sotnotin. Wtlligey l. r 'ooteor aor eris aTl r -jine tcibin tsS ASey ill' S tite i. an T it It; 4. c'n.r ("ootoot and Toheailaaaele

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