Newspaper of True American, March 28, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated March 28, 1839 Page 4
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VA ~ b Anl-rANDARD! ?ALWAOLO AND SaoAOCO. O3ML , (irP~impyo'yao 2 col.a Ono f'uhoh1;Lk LabilnA00phioilo0 I Noour; '' ,oo LOU. (vlet Paris 1)79O Euetorojooedie 4o too r t PFho ) 'NOW MFEDOctO. WOONOS jit dRboooooynt IU.0lrd It 00 10000007 toon olrgitt ý(tai j . ard u InanlritJ 005re ttofgbro", ,pajutu Modiciog .07 00300t, AltO NAUTICAL. Oool Roolemitorv, Fuo 1300 erlt~h~ o"itcalo I(htiotoooo, Loln-fi i AIoonac far 18:11 00oolg-l's Z avogatioo ACOOroECToRE AND OOECOANICS. rbaoo'0 fcArgil ooon co n, In o Mooolet. i:" hooecoo. . Oltreogold'o Cn'pentrv ýItt'o lOEchniO'o Enco'tco.edio, I+oDloio u ° I+ 0L~l. enll l I IctiaKing t plog on vale Miacellenies fromlI the t lghoinototaoorvnod . Conct,,. __lef':ýu os Oof LiterotAtret1, "} _bil l ijovr ýtvvacdo Vthnko p161 - tei'e of ,Lalter ricnil. 2 ·ol* and teuhrlln. bj Prt'cntt, 3 vnia Qe od iiooo,7ofoedition 7 vol 00 000 OIoocl. nralaoorOtat0t of Iooo .0letlica1 ien'ijic ilstiooen, G llatni., It,; and (teoan, Latin and ( ..' Ueeoh . JOHNS f . &rn. r".ar. Chlnrlr. and (:olllnnn at· " l VA~ ' f iO fl I Sl:,- Aor freodoo..o ncd caue of i'olro FCor nOd .1; u. T till I tedily dosoooaood o't hoooio ihoo boo., )ooo I ule in ope0ri3, In to. ordinoary ncite of treo tine tttolll^r Exo~o, or a l 1 o In, firt plait, hon 11 bernll ~lr rl1~ fTrJ1I~Ch ng 1% 0_~ 16hLýrittractand free 0nn 111v deletorino an lpooo0n-. O'unlfgredieotta, it aa., he ta0. ll , il, tile. hnbo'., noo tyvn bthe tener i00fant,0 a itellapefh incubi e II ptls 0."0 "0On regains hoa ootd onnooonod anjivity. It omb.0o toullnl and I pnnl/aneat .poetit, by inliiorllie ;too gioeol rlish to the o neoooO-0 t o po t ll. :. I0Ooo'econiar it oi a ,Ojooc ,ico 00 $etin tlw bowel, I. iucmuse lie tilt tot, or t o create tier .rdlooner baot ibooromogot clenllooo fthe. a terol nc of dotieilon, hid tlha boneflits the nts:r .,o jOyO lover othr nlloctiloron it mayoo he opprcessled Igiivi axpos, are, the , 1nI1 IIIP n hedrrlr on . pr l loOoe hc ' M ilita e, ho . o oonny jo oootooo ofl bee doe..,, ofV o,.theo ooloea,,o t5 he i lc ouuuono I reltlzic +, tiler, is always cmi-· t lh'` ,c;,r d liab l I rlrrnr `]el llr offlt qllueot 000' t 0e ,re, is ve, y lld o ,foowlll hae otaletn ooi.0 crab Inc much prc POoo o too tioo le to react with ooooOIiOio, ano sleedily 0,00 00000 thn It Itch IIiCcennatl t Iialelee The 'I'onic C 11ist urr is lfflbt40edt ah ab rsooe 'e p orice, ats Inolnoc it wl nooo 1h11 rento o i cov tfev ·rv oe!--ooool h 000.s , Ae l a0d0, tit athe io; irAoioobo"ioe wich,:a ortn( n 00li tooi tovery- r claool.. Bo,.o,,,,l t 771e alphlic a.rire~pctCea~me aais te p Lna toioci- llo of tis,'oej,.,, h., thtm I l lcc oath rIbe off foo 01,.. Ittopnpe edony 'Dr l o1llI4m K. oRl 1, t l, i '" J Adl(V'0 & ANDROOAS, Wholoesale leoognoiooe, .._ a ooooo&n .C. 'l'ro,-liooOooo m5ayi dippi and Loatsina I Hotel, r n vtitng. C it iRIRS. M'IIRY KIRI(LAND respectfully all. roi nee to her friends aod the public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommlodate them at hd above, establishmocnt, and h wopes frem her zeirtions to render visitors eomf;hrtable, to re eive e nent0munnce of forr, vers. Site feols cseli. dent crt/orons visiting Covijgton dari ng the nm'It0 h, h , eannot fitnd better accommodat ioen tha-am b mcan afford them, on mer libereal terms. H.ers lo ma pltasantly situaated, ando well suepplied withbetery convenince; o the bar is furnished with the mosl choie liquors, &en. in hortshe promises "'at nothing shall bh wanting on her part to give Stirhe atisfaction to all who may patrolizo the Mississippi and Louisiana Hotel. _ jr3 1he ( Pundordi gned. Te c h havein . studied under Dr. Sc)Lndidt of Clharleston, Poothu Carolina, and for some years hij assistant in tihe practice of medicine ad surgery, has the lhonor to offer, his professionao services in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to thie calls wel ich may be made; and also offers his services to tIhe holders of laves, being troll acquainted withl tle diseases conmon to thetm, having attended them in toI sugar house in Charleston. The famous antiebilious pills o ter tle composition of Professor Smsollette, with directions, can be had of the undersigned. The effect which they have produced in this and outer cities, has been attended with tie greatest success, to which the best of relreences oan be given. Apply at N 6 Maga. sine streets JNO. M'1' 1RING. SoreL-L iW WARE, 2O-OD .tREWS SAD IRONS, &D. T IlE HOWELL WORIKS COMPANY, No. A238 Water, tnear Boeokmoan street, Now York, have recroied the past rseason, and are cormstantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of tihe above goods, which now consists of tele allowing assortment, suitablo for the southern and uestern mlarkets. Hollow ware of superior quality, cosisting o I about 1500 tones, viz, Pots of 2: diffrent sizes, fromn 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, frmn 3:8 to 30 gallons, Ketlles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakrpans or Ovons, 7 difftrenmtsizce, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . .. 5 do Flt Spiders . 6 do Covered Spideor, 2 do Oriddlos, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, - 6 de Wagon boxes from1 1.1 to 43.4 inclhes. Cart do. 5 to 7 incites. Wood Screwe, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inci, No, 24 of a sul rior quality and finish, and leoss lhno Jo's o ims rted prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and mhttor's Irons, assorted. weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.- to Bells for Plantations, steamboatse, chlurclhes, &e. made to order, Also steamboats and otlher machinery mode to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly roeommelrnded to thle attcletion of ouothern and Western merchants, and are offered ibr sale at low prices, and upon thIe most lilberal terms ; it is he. licved lo ba the largest and best assortomcnnt ever eltreed for sale by any one etablishmente in tihe United States. lorbhants, by Inrwardling a request by mail, can haoys i prin'. ctircular, willth deserimttem ,e'goodse, pdriocead tortse, f-aom wRlilchl no devlatloll is veer msade, furnished by return of oehi. 1 4.trders will receive inmmeodiate attention. •New Yorlk, L38. .'3 NO Mi3Rl $o NOR COPFAIV <otw UrlJeos, Nolv. I, ,187. SBO T' six monhe igt u go I haii tile troitne to eat ea stetl diseuse, Br i hlch I hrlve pplied to sere rtl dcetors fora cere, anti thev did not cute ine. o now st the above date I ut myielf uindr ti, care of I)oetot Hutet, ad expeect lim to, cure me. nimte that time the disetse got worse, ot as to o !reaa! oat in large tl:Icer toithe aunber of Fix or eight on rt h leg, and all over my face, and sore throet, and not able to work at ht. preselt tium o0l ceotllt of tit diseaseo; large I leer oi the right side of tle tllrot. I li no, puttillng mytel colfelently ulder tile cre of Dr. Hurt, lParil, to be perletly cured JOllN DEAN. I CIOt 'lIFY thkt the au e iensi onel diseaoe is quite ,well cured to ity own sotict.lction, ftir which I ithanek I Ilutrlanl ireodovr I osre tht thl. Inlti inte l have tke litnlettes nle fat, aid did not injure mey health ay ail;i tt fireo a I advs, me f Iow sulters o lone no tittle al tply to Dr A. hloot, 14 e (:anal street, betrwee Didphncr antd Bourbon etrects. )r. Huet is at ieiem froEtm 9 o'ecleck, A . until 1iI' .1. They willfined Irtr.l doartur for ties co pait.. JnIt Il N . - It (; rivier street. If any 0e9 aste to see toe, call at No. .1 (ricit ito JOIN lIE I,N. Ncew Or eans. Fb 1, 1838. Ibtl 1 I ¶1 etohIedtao ilstatootoot titeert tt ell. Pn I b cI holt ir pibottles the lte ow price ofi 51 I tente eac.tttttgtite strenrgtho of thre ounes orf "L-iveworiheieothie irttues clt many othor rtaot ot I ierbe kr l anlt thi Indians uf olfioaeiu in curiig The t rivalied .teeee whihe heas attended Ithe Ise of this iuestopable lalsnit wherever it Ils been intltro- I dteeel. his ohitlW ie confidence .td reromcmend.u oeio of resetatld oieiane, for tie er1 of eciuoho, eedhepniph tled wont of rest, spitting or blod, he.o-eeotmtlaict,& ,,tfb' To Whom it may concern. Th'Isi is to, errtiry tihat wte hravo in outrpru'teioc fietenily prescrirbed Mtre (lard. S- perte leltia Balsum of Liverwoert a d tfoloheetee, ooilt t1ticedrcedgoal eol c e can th.rOfot, frmno the khow iti e of teo inatetrilrtile it is cmade froi, ottt bece 'rttton **JIt38"erierao, recomntend it 00 a teperi-" Iprpeoatitc,,l r itl tlose tlrctiuons of tihe luttes ftr which it 10.10 uiteUdetIi. AI;BEKR' WYII.LI4I.t, i1. D. Mem,* ,e of 11th6 Annin Medical Associstion. Boetoo, (,t ber 23. rleibt. JtVRYl & AI)REWS, 1A*i cc + tc, eei l'c'tl*itttlee sit. 1OLE.R '8 citenoe of~rormnaship reeeiveel,a.d I for sale at theirt te .i ll e Vrininc-Acadleoiese No. 8 (..iatr Ir e, Vow I)oreMans, 18 BroIdiwoy Now. York, ihllshbneet., Mobile. Itinsylici irlyhilh ned ito prilvaI o learners.. ,1i edutoles, tel i cnlculartls for persom ofall at e. ItwIel Pitl reeteniteon ate lticed tco call onla nixeile i thle erellte ibr tlteoleltes. Leeoonets-mee giie at s -ch Icoee as Iory tiit tileo I" :oee etcieeoeallI and tot teta dot fanned it itey tartl of the City. iadieo who pmrefr ioteM rereive 'eseons at thisir own ref - Perwoe paving a , irp " . offlesmnm are debried Sattatu.t "' , ' ! to 5 lt eethotecrh. " - ..c BI 'reTIIi.R. i. ILMIONS HARTT & CO, ane nnw recoivingIron on b.ard ship Orleans. Eagle, Highlander, Poknr leity Andrew, French and German Play cards; IBaek onmmon Boards; Chesasmen, 2 1-4 and 2 38 ioch Bid ard Balls; 8,9,10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Knive: Leather an. other trarvellinag Dreassing Caese; Belt. Pocket, Horseman's, anid Duelling Pistole; doable and single banrrelled Gauns; Gmnlo Bgs; Shot IBelts; Pender and Pistol Flanksa Dranm Battlhs and Drikiking Caps; Peremsion Cape and Cap Hohlers; Cloth, I lanir, ooth: and Nail BIrunhes; Orries ad Chlorine Tooth Watle Tooth Powder, Toilet and Shaving Soaps, in great en ett-t lcng Hair Braidsr;. Ringlet and Frireetre; Pearl and Toilet Pa-dere; Ecnerv llca; Ivory Tclh Ccllccinc: Patent Slcdes or Garter;; Gtin PFlatie caspenclers Powder Puflth and Boxns; Gilt Chains, Veals and Kevy Ear-drope; Waist k Bckle,: racelets; BIrad Nekclces and Chlai,; Gilt and Siilered Bads; lndian Ileads. Bells and Plcmee; Shell Twist: Side andl Drrsaioe Conmbs; which,in aecdition Ic tlheir lccncr stock in land, mak heir ooertmnent very co mplete, an I will 11, ow eandl liberal ternes, at thle sict of thle (loldcl V. Comb. i25-tf 70 Chartres street. I: IcclrecSbilreec, Agenfor tcc or Icet n l of S1'. Fl& S. lButcher, Slherccl, Eor land, haIve us ecricced c very Oxtransivr set of n. pa P., c(nsa.ilstig o1 table eccd Desecrt K cives oale . -'" dcsrictic ie, Poclket, thli, sall Slcetr poilct nharlralee; R.ors, Seis alers Edge Teoo, &e. &c . c&c whicht they re prepare Sexhibito the tae In orCeri. Terms and condiatiol will be made, kown at e tie. mlT J. DI). BEINR& A CO(ISeeN.0 e'nmir a st. I. roIMa NSon, HA .Trr T+ CO- w c r.- Aire ncw reelng ..r ship, Iluhtville rc.calo II .c, rclclcclcyAd l, tli ander, French naid Germ to IIIle d I, pl ay Ipl .e n. e ar Ce.uil ca.o,; eall henhr y; seiss'e i, caezors, crc,. aet- (iillo's cenlmercial me l nllhcr steacel nens; .cio ank raill -;cgclie -cn lr.s; cGermra nd c rlcclc ec2 Coeacce Hater, R,)t,,,l,:at mcc enlcecn oil, ic n alion c c ; ict-i-ac enAd hm sOil:; ortl:abi e deso ks r ol drP so ears: p1:lt, ' Caekh L -; a ui lld ttilel ..hsre ; , avea il.,on ,ta t (n c altgl:asses ac laIe C,w Ildlianbi ndsa l .lll L plc l s; ncden l whi. si e; toilht ec.d sr vin soaps; tol.c I - lcer, e, csmectie was balls; eall ak r iali oa nlla ; cpool cccestlcs:crccrew cescions; fancyc . ci racrcccs geari clnechlccs; billhcrd hallc ; pocket Ionlks c oc l -e ll-tts; n, rlIca hon tls; razor stpc;liC fiC e alm, eonl- a l gEua-c Scclartie suspenderlca, c ocatrsdo; BellsaIccifr c natehes; sil- i Ile t pencili; Crtevnl., e&c. &e W.cs e aovei Ieadditioctoaigr t oficmel stncrk ol fI cie nn tt' iclrs, Ie:l lr.+bm s n e Isnlro tny, ar.II ¢,o.1,r c ,tdetd F10 'r al tie h.'h ,s le or rna[il; as thlet signt ofithe Goldhen Conlh, 7'0,I cr- Clartr e street. m4 a ciIaOCE --.Th- Iur;the .hi f - c .-r-- r, ", ,crlo 'lN of Nw Orea ;lccccc acc . ,. Ili rrs &C K ., "lf Nit cce-z -'cd llaeric K-lle- .c&c., cf dowllc e as 'disc r, Shel"ci ,r of lar hilt, br the dt, h of Sauele c Mussc T of othe , ntry otl .ll the fir a ls. n Levi C c lcclccri lela igrd cile crtclclc1 lct,,, c ,llnrl,'a, in of clothssn, tlarris& Co.. :t Naelhz; anPd lla:rris, Ktl n r S& CIi tit c ktlner . ll Hen l.; l , Sc rc rill ,cicc c I ba-e:tlsn. of the bashes, r f i..,n, & Co., 'i Ne" Ortblat. ''her names oftheal an Cireas '.vill b It clr in lisltlrleioenonl c.. I'hcFue ic debtc ,d to Enc l firnt l are fc rne:tlr re r sted i o-c Iri fcrecnrd and lece eaccrly cetlecce; c ,eecslcncdc lettille n ellI.EVI C IIRh1', " - IIE NItYKE11, V. s ea il)rl ilc cc ,I cc, 27, I)c7. -Ir 1;.I- S iN Ii ,o4117 "iA Rtis supei Cot'clcgsl ia' jl, t chllr, milk olf rose, coselntie eod creaml ex r ace o alllk, kt-phnl a red'n cegeta le hair o il, ricntc c . renlc der erl, Florildl. Itvelndr, roce nnd ilr w er, lc'rect:c's calner il nrsa ile pcerl nrr ice trtankas vegCet Ile r nll liqd rlloue (l hriate cl cOrric tl ctic cahl, cloth lr Ihmtolh nbil asnlld 1eo tllsP; tngein hI w it o nl an ndviitiyolll on pp. of rshlionable h1.r nlld PIke]; re-o'lla and c j elrl,t.irsle low let wo testgle cr caii at y "S .I.IIMONS, tIA' &CO, clt c cl! al 70 Chartres stncect. vu C(,.\L -T'l he stlubarrilb.¢"++ h ve cllnd 1tlll I ,it -! - hndlalar-c:csuppl'cf Ca:celc anc Lvcerpcol c )acl, t ie .hlls, c f e .rcr--cclga It I v, Ic Itehey cc raa for Is. A lo expecttd by the first nrrivnls fromn +-g cd 'll .... nn J h Nurth' Cc ..l..rl, Lehighl andl Peach ci, llc l ili -a)ol, cr(ecclc and screrened, put lc ill Ie h egheasex rrles cc far flacily uste,--lllr rf hliccc o lOners iet ti tlheir oflice, (II No. 53 liOnville st. 1p stairc . wil be promrptly atlended to. in t.cccg cc- ,, . ccc , ..Irfe , .ccy -A .. ..c.c - -r crcicle cf eCclccere, pitI Icp pe tlce-elra- " Inv the Icc c c II 1a.lde; alg o the pujn rc-cy F melt l rrur, rr, nilim etct it'IES & )c'I,ANG.c S Ncaro cclcthsI blainket, I] moaec s, Il. c-c, Inwell' a Ti rliuccc , checkhc linens. .ali ece, hcandccic lcie i, Rc &+cereceived end ler ale Iccw lv cIhe scbscri. t -be:s- ROTlITA . Cc. cl cc. corner Ccana] andc r 'cccclcr.q of ' Ic can D er,, for cocccrcnc t cc (lair ; le'cr's a O , . ccclsscnns icc-l'cnres , Pc::lccc , 31 hac.a 's Fret cle \\',csh, acpr-tcr pearl pcccler, lhp lhcte, ccc-rc D o, roars,,, verelnhle re*,,, alto al' no,,-, , hp s.llre )i hcccecc hbir tcas c, ccca chln: dri can, Icac , l flower w:aitr, pnwder pules and tboxe% A u, r'llsa It a o ,o cl, carly cclt c;, in t lur ouncevll ill, I ers. ly tcn-sc lc ecclcccce, I, r-cc'c, , io, ochce dcr-c halcr k bru , l, r,,si. combscaI I cindiaCI aiwhnv r yarc Inar c : r Id by C..I. TcRIrCIIAR t, oct 3 caomr oI taoral and 13,ur:.on sis rg of . . . I IRON l.OJFS-Thel' subsrcribers hotv p'rocurc ons, at a great exp n-e, Ihe right of p ttllingti, in or Sro s in this cltyt . 'Tim'ov are a hlpted to pul hr I bullhdn s, warehouses, arnd private dwtellint .s,nni combine, l nllct e chehapness and darnbahl', nnd are ptrftc:ly fire anl water proof. 't r.rtrs map te n\ , ,1and a modul seen lat our ostalb lhmen', t"pt'osite S . 1\larry' mr'rker t' r ehnpito las sr. wrE 1E Counl\~ t EL1. & Co UPIIOLS'TI'EIY & I'AI'EiR liANtO N(; aIl'ORE. Hlenry Srebrechr, (Irot.erly J. C. W1riks l Co .) wonuld t, st resect'IIll" imnlorn Irs I'riendsd .na from t he pul i t n u , it rn, t hlat he bh s and io con.nt.Il nrior ly tce Iv'' n lnt'rll assor itm nt of ltholsltcer trtetl :',ol f~aprr lilln in.r. The f+llb" illo l e, rnc,. n sfor ale or retail rI the tutst acco.rtm odotint8 trl:s l"rtinr velvet and ratin paper, Iltret so yle t do l to t o lltti nlon Illd ot nn .tr , 11 ' lio I o hi;it ll'zed 0 , ards, tbrnds, Ce. dt, velvet and w or't d do do, norennze dothlolo)ressilk hIln. e anld gallons ofin! II togo lIi leae , and arlct , wor .i.d Irtlg .s as I ortt!d tatt.t' r p!ainilnRa d 'lrd. St irut t llo l.ito,t t loy s ,tyle plai and olonard, l tno 0 d a Pet and s. lot v len, wtork Itr .,,a r t ohieue, no l o t (t , r-, "('c n w att-ic ul o oli ,,, lrs, rasl d li o llr.r h -. nol pla!i 1, sllt t ind ,w orn: nts of all ,v r an .t r-, ý.11 ..I eS b:ltd ' rand speals, f toioi s tiU ,r , lan kn ., rc , hair tl, thi, fit.oiel aio is r s's, a ;e ral r ln-or an ntol ir lrfh.e ro a 'lt p''0t r .low st pries at N .s 41 R ". al nae ((4 Cu Lt. ,m 11i use 0 f . N I--l.p.rons in thIt r'cit or f oln lthe ctlltltra re retspeclfo lly' invitPd , r nall tun I exatot t ,r thrmaelt es. C(orpe ts and curtnn.s made in tr ar t ll ol IIIt I rti tiyle, roslll p redi re at the srgnl '"" ca nt e. and all kinds o upouldeeterv we t k w done with n ieittess and dt spl.atc. nl 1't r1, tul It P p , rs e ,n ' e I :lf a1 l d n of all _e.-, wthllch he will d isp se . l, l t'anlll it s it l : ; u ntll allwv oi set o;ne firn tr 'rii t will h .v." tih r ws'.t s nottndr.d to ..0 ' ::"I:;-; 'I s i iin 'rs r i , Irrti II )It' 8trt rtr petlo s tho l d il Iru 'io.,1 Ai- (called th,. E;ar T'l.rul] ,,II ' has jut. been re<, + Ey b thlia sh tol he' I,.tc ll.+ i;,: 'J ar ir• oa lir b u tot mall t P IY illd . ·.lly .;;" - to h ',Pur. " - , oJ e wl who, Ilb (ever tern lilhge tn e rOll tl' with at vei \t dr r r. 1,'" o, most h fulys Le h; le dlficultv;ad ,n. I. barra.arlne lt experlietrned tIto ort t Iere ttivet d ord the in-' |iridttal,. t u, r lltrtanlr tv olhtr.od Bly tie use of Iita tot r TIt rtnr t thris r brrr tir o n iti eltrt elv & r tiatl. d I r i trro. o tieso d a 'e aL o f[ s, nttlr rd op"'it donlbtr aolter ilavi l used t' e 'tl'r tlra' to. For sale atI T 1" GI:IO'', F n I ally +Ir rarnel tr of allnln o nd St CktItc s slrti nI -i 'i'" ill rhtiol, nol i'tu pure intr I Ig k Sperlll ( il, ir corsks ato d i!ls fIor sale by I JAltVIr,'ruS ANI)XIE 'at 111 1ii e It s t ee J:.- itiiid It':: ykogo I4riii - J,91il do 15 rr 'lYIalIuih liro: llbas, various sixes, a I 0" a It o Vi t r i o Iir; to I %rj J Soir t It' riot 00il0ra t old peaf; p Itt do Sli ert ir to c Itl, do I)ui ch rtul. el Et'I.IIO(t , 1 Atorrtttr n, Err lishr r ed Ft' re tad csi trois, Ibr sole 6y A \V SCrA iE ' So Ii (`'anll elrrt`l. I r Nt1. labaIn a ortes lr ttl l a li Itr, onll litsirsso ii tt notes rwill hie received il II1 per noott di.outtnt ortltGooi, E o" ill rt vientt ofdebt . de I I'w it I . R-- nttinog It .uM aotoer tndeitotl. rrrl I 'ee, .e . IOOtE y, do o notrt t io -.- 4 N . ev + ot I 'tt..'ro n'r R.z r St r,; s--'l 'lec ots s t fr theo genuor, afriti'le, i~ts.Trr rr.lved fhy'61 n t :1. ll[' SI,: d U'I..%7{I, Ili Cap sr cc (T:-- ,lrl Rop,.-t.r J ott .'t \l-to t,, Irrr , l,,i. omnd al l , hIt o tp. ItI Ittro, nt-ll (or t-plrl b' rb3 I C l', c 1.I '1 TAO,.N, 6.1 ;:, t BOOK BINDERY. tr Under the Picayune Office, 71 Ceanp st. SDRONSEiIA '& HOWSON beg leavento infifrm B their cuesImere s nndl he puclic generallv, rin, It. ,by have removed ther r estabbsllfheni to No. 72 ad C mip sltre.t, i nrediatcly unler th!e ofiee of the or 'ncavnnc--where Ihey are prepred to execute nll is riers in rhrirline. th: I tintg re'eivnl fromn !ie North n s.ip; iy of p' . per and materials of a sni perior qua'it'y, for the "a irLnuineturie of Illiank ilno tcs, they lffer III ir ter tc vies cl n merchant anid Ither, who lmay wish w; ink of that hind ; and havinlg the ildiva,,enic. of several yo:ts's experien e ill thai t linlle, they re eS crlilent of civinci satnisf'ctton to those whcU IiItny is, Ov.,r them with their cumehm. ld For notaries, archl:itects and others+, maps and en n iice. Pl in andi fener hinc !ini , in all its vtrieties ni. ,et C I\.' , \ci ic ci. 1 iiiri'..ic tt.A1, i ,iuc. iic f 36 (',airras street, New Oirleanla. U ' ilt1, SIfR(;hANT & Co. importers of Frenchi Sand China nlid Eirlhe wcirn , are elnoV op in nIIw and rich ptlerlns of breakifas, tliriln and ten services, tihler ects, pireh les, Ira S I" ctfc itc eIL+I, teCIpot, SIugar. , resnri, owIniV lePs, ilatr i ihe - i cs, , : n cwach businns in! c e e, icl ch cult nra plain F'renlch land Ame'rican glac.l w ri: S - d hletl, c'Ihnmp iiiU nes, liinionatles, jrlies, lit ila:< ,, sti fe', C rde als, c nic r. hbowies, doc luers. ,,, I IIblere, IIprI erv edi sh bi cei er es, ptller, llllps lo n I IIpI shade and glassisi, ennuD hlle schaI',alt cCl rs; let (teec. .i e S.verpInic , brronzed and britania l tr eF-ine ne itar, I h l re ,c incnds, C;lle hI eti i , candlesll .k s in l branihe-, , i..n,, las dlhs t fr and t, nt ' clisntcor-, t certil, mll)l p, i tllan ed trai. nl a t Ir i sI tIinds ir' lrun' l l iP , il ceii r cut ry, (;.rlRll lllt er s ipt ,,nII i; d fl ris, ,e ther with c ii re-ari i variety farlcles it r fmily n e. l ei lrcaln , plain erc, h,,,l, I and l i t le , emboats, ifor tsed c w ih good at reh, r tc st ler is e son able ,rie, s c a I packed io as to be covcyi d n r w 'Ell attty a ny piart ,I thi e cou rye i. 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Traveili rs w ishi"g em io reachi a~) pint oin Chli i e or AIi ,laci - l cola, can talket r o,,bo tat t '.w ,. l ior Ml ile to ensacla--LcnI C ,i io e--i)c rin) time lime oce e dyllpied by Ile rcipall-. of , I the proprl .. ell htnrso post co rll s every other dL y betwc, n ' 1: fo1 Passengers will leave.'xhile at 3 o'c,,ck,p n cs. in tlre U cannl ih uia , and proet d i. I ni'a ]t rid :t. ing, where a lour horse conch will Ia imil wailng ,o Convey lhem to the excellelt ])utlse of 1r. (;arles a lill, I I 4 ih ile vsn'ct, whI re they ' I nd il PIic cin c ,br itc I crstrucron. zm , pella t u c i I for tth, ofiit-- le~a g Sil nextc r , h. iey wil arrnve in 1 'esae ... a n h - evcenri , thus avin d ,h e dusi -ea ,rt "i ni ghs,,!t Ir, vcrlh n d+. = . ,.ht, , , tt ,l t 'e at is cliei M n i n 'c use, uleh l i o c , u '. ,. ir I 'IO J B l' .l. { . lleric e I i r , l , A'e a'lltrr,4 IC'I & o" ni v ISiano ,Coic a n.slVe tdlcnr. S «h i ii ccll n i, lllll e de rs is s, lil In i. Ito he 6i, eIes oa N ew (, ea,,s its a teacher ,,f the pin,,, oiere. t h.. i i y ,,, i ic l al n yiuci ds, ae iai r .ve i t e I lls ea ler S in ccii n I cn p rivat i i. i Ii ' nI anl also i t r t v, ice i lsai the Iceii sciiiali ll e, is S 'riiotc, ciainoti l i hop r ti e i 1h it nfide lice lhe i ier itlted ti rfer Iu Ri v iei l l, c cl Mi niel S "oin h el-ins .om e ila . ap ple if l toeo hu oi l l;,rel i j t I l''m n, t a Irc t'cd himlc it1 til ieh fo r nh it o' 3 ra-+np stn c CI:nng busof tine s It, nwiert cca,,hii -ca o, :i lli,! ofi Iry.+',l n iod ,_.,",n Vii, ,r clih i whicci I' i il s ll en l io rally voilmam "s of' ii,v (tld la~tr Nami S rih .,S ot tine ni sirii or, t o eoli i c,'ii c n ,c ,cr is d iiL faitr,, vlo llu, fr., iordiellmng to .l l moeli olever t les' rr ,,Thi , workl i Iln ich prcpir iion bi ,l. incr to. i c a itris clon, E hsq nate bciy.,:s . i st.d b + cilli l wi . i rsoon hE Te m etealld itor is few , wl writell bhe rne L .ci icr lesne..l spc rvision all tieis I naltlao nrvicf im llay Inrrall'c bie ri t i. citc reo , i ng siuh ti rdnc. uchNrk is bc l n! 9( ay p y gineary, o the orininal winer, a (nvol los Pnsti, It' Sthe, pl liary vollnuesof I"ca Old and N:-; an~ rilm e ' i circccsi'ieo of toe cncirous principles hure dr e Vlhcidei v. aceeordieg to ctll ncili of, liater. rliy ee t dhjriii of tiein prepraUnion y J. nll tlor l [Il tutrrion, Eq, o r hi+ citey lis end bti \Iiluii ia Branvc Esint oie, ditor is :tlso perclltel s b aI Idand h}'in Loof th sitting Jlodges, ta expect f, ther s< trei autorirs tive fSrume s ot tt e other Sata ,* whic eay nad L o cacll e.. r ir exprirnc cieh a wtrk is br e riming elarl y day lccrncr o. ii cmc.ary, es it ite ori, inal ie volminus, exp ensive IIIst, iCL the ellmcr StItei ofI lho Union, inCC troi reneu to rhe pnceuliarjtiriscerulencc of Louisiana; and rice Icribcrnsc llof thb e l 8 t p r v lrinei lens hre dcu aide,c, in til ctljuci mei t e ic uinclfit r of 1 c t crs, lca, the lnuclcihdi fcc our anljccged eases of prime cli.. lily tubsc thipcioif thcei whole Union. .lueves c he tii.hg r, of id" 11..4lice adopted one rc, lii. .ciid t hi re i, gc reait driunacr t for L[ie Locic'ianca ducieiins frot ia f" qulacrter. SCceeecnric ei, irhtiic tchlA, splll e t ic e cr vcmc incl Cricyic ct ae i .Ie:; ccc Ccecy cccici(.lcecuiclci ntc. c Ar1T1)I TI!'t~l AND PITT!!A1.O~~ HA I) VA itoittib, it3ihlt 'I (',w It~ tit 1.'l',ies h :r hav rr eivedin.; "i.RY-n n, thilt rion stak nnl hand, f i l Will tet,p+t. nintjnr "thit fn titl ri tinn tni, irivz eonlil,+, I;*rli'W, rv. r·r: ·.l·\·" brad~+,. Inrkk ily gla.:;e:1, Hi:·IS II·\ RS-('l·]ln,·o ··I·;tlt, iii I ilt ii~ mmlo. IOTurlrsI tii.htSF'. G tin par i. ifollow li: 1,; which err ,Senn,' r sl.?i,-: l. I·,11rr, , Ivar o,i··ulb r. 0f ever 'F IiI Ituscri ll~ent lhn, s1 anV pikll' , t4'Tl -illi : j e!· roF, lil OTI11 ('Iolognr lliev,'o·er, Florida, hen ry, cription, enlllphslntr c Colnp llc, ectrnrt of llltoslslgt, cnu ititim f ll kind=, Sain g tut itntuucakt andn aniti,,u eruto 4o, (nr'n egeabl hi ni, har=it'l Pestn'sStnlling .551', plain uni t kP B 11rf1I)Utd toietir p r, (,call pownderttut ktuI-',8nn-rutnitln n'tuxett's I' antd it'rttmtrs, wuith a ttudrnttasioritmntbk of - tle nutui consitltintgtthititgnd red. ru.rnlia,1 , top1 "-. jetl eardrops~t, set in filagrrtl, breast pinls Of.. grCIn, ler i I o f latiir lrls, watchl trimninrn, g~r, ilt and silvc' s ,rklee, s ilver thiuthlep, silrrr and e c1,j-pc toIils and - 11ar11 hai'l.l F14I-ir, lii!t -ecnuun n,...urtflur, whitte-', as ii~, I-elf-S, nirt in stud Ir'llall drestingll' arrus, ]ionic dor, n-ith it ariviv of other kinds nlot I'll llllllltl'l( j iF-iLc)' AND \·AlIll:.l·' Al:·I'ILLI S-Srenrmlh I uud Atlnrriran p Iortaldle desks Wad dIre-Sing cuss~·, Hoarem I rvr\ rich and finely Gui Elli;I(1d Indira worYOk]Slelaswihtod ihotmuic uscl bxes Ar ulordiolls n ovatrion. kindsli, violins and g uinli~rr, .;lr i and pluuld penclil. and lesdslw~oml it oils ToIlr earpllr n'ly ail ecrew+ IrivPC", shant hjlrllllgl e os psebi(!ns e trn setts, Indian beads of e very kindiilll, b,(·ll i and lilllluC nrrllllrr, plusl, sillel. plate.], Ctrel and ,'onunol~ln SP I:tit, elcar+ pocket louur 11l w llet:, of Yllrioa." kind.,, IiiirillR risnl ted curd~n c~ures, plain crd n Fllh' mtt , n Anri-st aatilctlvro nts, Ilnl ia frit box'rs, pnullli of variousu kinds, 8aluldrrr ' I'nuIICIv'sC Elllnnetrru ln'r , Hillmaln's n akn azrsrp n inmclllic llsne,,dirk., lustcy beadl neckhtarr+, do willl r-ar 'I"'l'"( lllv nulrhesF, near butolrtlsolv wder Lasks, rut nll plant1 sledl heads, gilt And xilver dol, gum ciastic sllsslcn drrs,.llll garter., plain and swor~d lulnll, backgammo nlr l I t laonr., dlice, optical i tvnulle , j"\VnhaUI"I Imalfea u·* c 11( ) eJslud ,Irinkillk cup, w-ill, n greut variety at other nrti p ale, al ,I ho t illhesold Iilr cash, or city acceptan-l ces an 1".1 utantlis Credit. I t 11 & co,,,, fi d471oatrst 1)!1 '11.i~ l13 , , I Itm 'l tsad,,o EIIi INIJINAN's I'ANi -. IOI iithe cure ofirIheumna ismncrBfuIln or kingsevll,gout Smitica or hip g.oat, Im Isent casncers, smilt rheum, i iphilitie sntl mercnriial d.iseas, plrtlictlari ulcers ndi I pnihflllufeutions ofthe bones, ulceateI' thr mt I ,'c n," - u tis, ulcers of every descritiolnl, fever sores, :lnd inernal e isessts, listulis, piles, s,::.hll heasdc, surv , iles, chro tii si'e e')'yes, iirsilelir.hh ,,d eer vtarnety ii:'3 - ncous o lns tiioi, i looin.ii ili;ru:ih, i lrud nih. lcieeCt ing fromt aI ) an rid ullunor, p:I ill the stollaluch anl rs Spepsin proleedinglromin.ritlit afiectiusnif the liier, ehrolio inoiamnmation of ithe kidvs, olnd geit rl Itili yh ty e'use"l hv a tnrpili action o c' tlevessels ofthe ski. IIt is sitlng' rlt y eficncious ili renova"i lg" tlnse on.cnstitulions whilh have been hrokelnt down hv injlleilcus treatenUIti, S juvenile irreiilitiles. Intgete'lrll terms m it ia 'evnm ii mrit'ld In nll those liscises ihinh arii lfrom inll'lties ofi tIhlono , il inititiutotti of ihti. ltnitrs,o f Olnatiliso id nameori kintL. i Some of thile aihoe complaints man l'icuic e snoie ri lingasgistant aippllicatios, hichl tilettt irculmtances f the ease will ict e: l blutl fol a gtenielll remedy or Puri'iato i to reoln'etheeaus., tle in NIIIAN'S PIANACEL wtill gelnerally bItou f u lliit "'iO 'illL PUBLIC. I w tnlral iti s, that mollern fIhsicinls, in their alll hitis l to expel in their proll'n sion exp'lo're the nlst tield r ol'slcie nllc helth aid i hnl fl htlcllti'i, nti s et nk ollt o-w r· medial 'Itsi ; inshit t, to a.i se ft I rnlftccl titln in tile poe la tiece Iby" iIillals of alrt alon,.---· nlil. . el- olverhloik .al negleP) tI , ,a s Ilellneth th.ll, llllolouc, Iherich Ilani bhlullteLous stolre.]s of mleldiicinle, ~hlich the Almightly Is cullsedll to spri g o at if thie r:I.h ill Ivry Clini tC And Ihow nI ehb more tctce is it that while the ic wc.'i'c hysic. a looks to loicign co'i tties flo ialc of his niost ommnl ali Ii'P lle(!9.11 Il,'¢arieleS( jlerlRllrlally Clhall.,in. i1. Ihl.v :lle al S own eoulltry with p eldleaic .olasigin i" i medlical 'ticts, I- um inlt tll anllswer lly indieltionl i, i .ease or to cllire any , ull lil e l~ dlisor lde; imlll ) 3 et h le is i LIa llt o f th e lr vi i ie% cil oorecsuircdto 'wnstct'he' Itruealing oni thie T it.ninit~ l'so'-i's ~li~tcbh. itol~i'cls u)n llii'.si'sicii ui'* . tleu|, l t I he inicallv ip-lLO the soIlids de lil sitle tihe iioiies aain uudeni'niingiI the constitution by a slon Iinns'lire iesctll'iiicl The conniulti, liiiciinc ltnute S.FI1T Y to veieii i e r edies or n rl, tnit"IIItl o n eO st'tiailed bieini, r t-n I in, teln anc ienl t actice witSl di e modlern or, to hrinP g ill mI 1 0reltmmedittlh no l io a r o w'n oi r { li ti n, t h - I li. n iictice wicth hat of the whites h, iln Aeria inas iot klow i eiil h 1-,, of iepeted aiIst rs a her.hl in som ''le dellcryidi:, unrat~ingemlullc- ~iS\IInI· , b ey nicnso solllle Ill'el'·l"lld, lnlll Irtnlt, ll li, *nlllle Illlli~lll, Iy nlemSIIS * her sittle rel' edic, alon i;is . n t ifi ed I It toi St -ipid I aminstonlishing c:ures, .dierthe. .\hntrira .Medic ,, io ih r -.'mmolnlll prnactliee, dlii'eeted ill tlle n mst hkillnl mii ltleLi Sh:*s Clilcll . Andl whr) Ii IIII.( I Iah, I sIIIlr~l'·lrl 1r 11t 1 tln, corn P ar'm:lli\ cealse andl lleilil-- .t itlh whichl tll.: Italili l·an re )IIthu 1 self tl'rlllm illy diseas, annI at the :almoIst 1Io sta ll'bstilllee Softhronie dise;,.ean~mo them' W ho has e'.,' he:ard - oiti hittlii nitin .iti'titutioi hriokt'n 'io r'cootd ly S ill IrLat el A i c a allll dolhllx xis t Ihtll his hal .. ex n empl ion of il, t e I l a( e from m o t of t) L o he ills a hir l th ,e Sfsh . oini i i thir tis is it oni ini tol ml re tienia boil tll iii'Cc llnl i ' iI ' ,ITI('t.P is . r (n \(ititi ltti ig i nil f the , lI- itlllilllh ll' IIrl~ll'itY I1|" |iC~~llle .,III )h':llllI SI(·|.' al'IS; CI'131 ' t t ht se'which II'i rti ' d 'ii ' th' t l tti of tli i in otI n it hloiso t. h Iell t ill' Illl the ll.t ltt' Iti llll hllvC ill /,'entetl. trim a ln o r 'sile,, among a prti ii of bh,,! a i i h i:tit tntul"d t r ,tin, Ida intimi : e aqil, ain, tl, It with lthe m'n thl.nis of "ureof stolnl e of I thlir,ln ost IsciCssti ll rlh clitiontt,.rs itii tIiot i.'toi ol 'The hii t lini's S'all:le:,a,'n tlllir a tlle, l.I o o e f on iof hIe nost "; ' ar1""~lll i ltll II\(ilCIIIIIS t llt'S th I, ll ( I(·1 ·L.Ih.lll SlC·L(t loine ;IS tibin l'd the in he tl I'i ll he'e i nesenLtel , a Le ionmost ,erfic t and bellici;ll ho the purpo ltr whilio it 8 It'l:et lnlt i llllell.'t ' o n] Therla"oprietor o ferslhis p]leparation to the I"blie, Swith the consciolusl s t lhat he is Ilillcg wilhhittt eri set, a re'elly.lll entp ble ol'l'lit'vilng Im nIy ol hlis afflid~eal fel !y low beri,;gs, a hol a,'.' plllt.' 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W h" er sever It is kttlo.t it ist•ttt ll- t heir ilt , e n arl t his The va\t.ofithe'itotnsrea i tt e01i it thse "! Ini nlllln. sa ltlh l l Slnd s ipilhi(: imnl sc".d'u,llll :n;~ ~ls fe iS 'hi o tI , i i'h ii" i ..t i' . It i ii I ' a i ts t hu i st' ' rig I i n Ic tl ll t hi t utisII 1h ill i' UStI Il Ito lc s ihi otl , tl . io ·lh ,l ellll .s I ii i ll ill ell, C l'i al d11:~~ lll 11l.S 1el 18ll :1.l : 111.).l(ll d'll i l( ll·.s.IIt o.!..:l. 1.II,,~ l I .Il:' i;rls ;l. e 1hI: i]1.1,i tt.ttt'i' t ii i] 'ti..,l s iit t l::urlll.V 1. i )l i , 1 e L A I it. l:hlil lllul , Il l' : ll'. h irsb it en.le'll d : 1 thininprp Ioes tutu tniuo'''t'tut r i,, ! i titi onl' ll . tIIh I llt,. ttlltllll t ih t iut:'o'ttul i', IIr l ill I uih11 cltecct.l\ i h, i . it i 'ual t''ie'o l'" Ito tttcp'itci'ttsusntt Icn It a 'tlt, illy s Uitu ti l t iiil 'tth.\ l ;lr~i/llll lil]| l' llll~tilt3 lll. l i l'.l il:·1·· , I ·. i :i;1 (l~t l~l. Ill~llrl-lt. 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IneOg','is is wl ' i 't . |he "' hlht lS I"..ia~!ll:lC(.:l,: II eill ih|vl'hull s t, onljlhIIIiht.[ I l t se ttl'lt t tIh httttll '. tri l c, t ith ll .:ill lla l'g I , l thtlclllle is trl e In , h, e ii,.h istr I i t ii t llllSlli (.;A is tim IRIl."i'.il.VItI\I s h l le ItTi , m u. on .il-. oll r . il tat th I nsIle l · elrcr m I'll.y, I li . wei lh C' E:S-'r OF b.l d imrsill , I ) I .,.c l nt) , II .UI)\: 11. l-t, l had1I I tll( .l.. 'l : II ,I Iill!II 1 ik l l l'.l I~;1 ' • I istah. m|h:ct i fy th i :. 1 ' . 1 .i, n,.tl I ' er,, ai;ll si~gl:lt v allllilltvPJI. lli~ l lll1·(·l:llll ·. ,it l·l ]n FI l lnci.d st. In i i war C: i (i CI(:)nL`s.r..% 31rd 2. ...I2'. 1o WilaSell , na l , lutehr d nars lf ue h ae . l. 'as i']l~ll~',ll~l~ e~h~S'l h I~ lllk~li~a S lle. ,I~ I \ t , e bohki fl~nu~l Pot er s Ct'uico , b~ noi into 1 ben fit i'-11 h: l hlL,s ·i 'l: ll 'h"? I:L;.l' :I1I S I te(. 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Wccll'd ll , ll . o l· q.lii~icv ;llh~so l.\. l~l ill..|; · iin kel lo e i. Ill. Irt~~l-~t~t I iiv ll'tlllSi~ll·l New~ ~ York, l 1.29 IIh gavL nvsefll toa iIeil-dnh 12 'n F t1 I wa flo cr I., for Il tu L t" I .lea , C' M t A IITsIe II A 11 ' I , 121 1+ I:t'ket fe: t,!e lprloiielors, i hctoupiltulanita et r t NIEW OR1.EANS I ; NAI VILLiE l. Il li .IA CO11' N 1'. T 1|F. st,'+'khnel.S ,of this co lu l ,. are h..rr. ua - titin thit h It rnshlution or f Ihe bard i if t rv ll n+ d l nt.,, tlll t h in :n n t. thei c tn w on l hem i. the lo l· i+ 'ehr tIr; , lir it +, ilal l llw iof l- dolats Ishare, ascm rn invd- aund IIf e .iad sn ckl ulders t re. I flowr th ern tirifie d that l lt Irltit.Sho t t' nilnn, n o n s t c iIhi ard itasei. nn Il II.t aI, tn\ -nl. an I"tt l 1nni,. tt i rtt tsi e k intt, tile 1911 ins .t a cs: l Is ,,bret n I nlle on the Iti ttl khldetr, o f l i lt N el :- ' ( ) i 'lP i ll li s I I a shI . i oa d Itip i) lor the ýllc ;hIwill , ;S , pI <11 ) ' On l u- al si !; '+ ,s:e-. tihe lir:.t dtv ofI" $ccptell hernx too "++ per share pamyable Son at o first tni , o ' Ii.n- p C be ttxt t;iIn tl l tn , l.rtIe-s.teii t It'tlll O·il nI thi e i i.t t tIr t " It jlinllll , aatl. I ,\n `1'li I't"olu l ln it resoh'cd ithatthell i s Ie l .ary of . li " eo hlip dl , t;iAI u lotif" th .I.:,+ r' B ilers I tr r in, Ihr o"It II h )ll, lic pr:t ,n 'f lip+. fthe t t rlll II l rity wit ti| so,.t of [hr t ie.htnk'rim. Ih tvnn )Orti t.r t1o l.ntn l, m t-n rtiy inti lllt n lhd i ol tll stnck , ".nai "'or l fill ill., forl ( th e .i sllliixtvilt d t lr l Boot , n •w file ~liioý: hJWe lv iiit ' i t t+ rt al.r + lllh lll i thI i it S.- nllil t shoudi ha lr mitllnrptnd, tiler i--t, i..,.,, Ii r'emlil ,.rt it'd to tht tolpany I + c " or n t lllnt l b ill" ill l iv nt]lo, l rwl, lly·r t1 rlll i "l . lr, t sa !erIr s lf litif' c'itll l fll+, and ile w the Ihot " Sr - '"t ti harl IIter, ill tIrnit I cl th' I) "t.I l tol" Innr nt !,- I tie iyt n t ni t w dollrs pen . t c lld i lputted Until tht dy r tnlnt tt- i cloth, niol Ill` pay i i in 1 It MA 1 t' 1 1 .t 'tt . at II., fil tuh J'ki:N i1 lil.1I1.111. , Royal College -of Phlysicans, London. Ili, original Vegetable Ilheinan Universal a edli S1 cine, preplared by WV M\lkin, Esq. MemUer of i5 h BRoval College of Surgeons, Licentiate of Apollm ltd eatY'sUotnptnny,Fellow of Bolt Court Sociel, Slr'geon .1 to ithe Ilov:al Union l'ension Amociationl, Lallas.or u- Place, Waierloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Gtuy' l- and St. Thoonms's Hlospitals, London. S 'IThis valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' experience ano d unparadllteed success in the extensive Ii- al ighly restleltable prletice of tthe tlroprielty, lttrtl I trisad by the !acltyotlt Itllloiliht, and is now ilttr'otlttto d I1s tIh be notice of lle American alllic, at the earnest at I, licitaltiot. of a number ol'gentlemen of'long and high sl saundlt ini tle profession. It is hoped, as a p prelidi l us toyv step, to check tile evils and thtal consequences er ~ 'ising fron tile use of tie numerous and deleterious nostrms tloisted upon the public hy thie idl of Iibriheted iprool'sof miraculotu cures, anld other 'lrauds, byal sea of ho tneercenarv, uot'Ilciepletl pretenders., so lotoy ignontl . of mdical soeence, that it imposasible the monstrou'ts till llusolst re aly longer go down with the ibtilligertl I)eople of this coulll'y. 'These pills, taild adi agreeo.le iii thleirllltlll.e shold he ke pt in every llajil in crles So.sutldden illness, for, by thir ptlromt aoiillistratliun, Ids choler,, tcrmtils slpas!'s, fevers, olhllr lalligl r- lp'laillts which too litoIl prove Iblot, only bIe sollgti he t'rllltl olr ItreVelltel . Inflo t, all t ihol wt'ta t lllol e gorlllod can Ielth, should never be withlout theln. 'lther are soht' )s io packets at 5lo cents. At1 lod $1 each, hv rro.v Irr'spt to I tltle drggisti bksellelir', aild ellndorl'of ditcIL ila tlit toll, Uitlt Slltes t'l I'tL Cotao, n ittllo iitistlttl losellllst, ks tntg'tler with: esltnImlloals of1 proll'ssionlil obIilito filoin a the litol0- itg etoaneot geulleltro': Sir Aisole Cotter, .t Albercllhvs,~tmes Ilioutill, 1. I)., WI. ick, .1. I)., tis *I. Astotl Key, A. Framplllltonl, . 1)., and iII ros is, otlhers. 'ite origintls cloy hIe seen a p sstssion of he Ir eitrlolotd Agent, by wIhootll tll: nieticioe is im tortel into hi. tillus IlU l ly, adtl to whom till appiilications flr geleioies JNO. 510Il.ItiN, 129 V Wattrly Pl('ee, N. Yor'k, 0c Sole (clett:ai l Agent tr the Unitl States, use. -x oro stile by pitpinutotnt of the trigitl propriitttrlt ;r.hy ~S.WAIN. l" Ilorn, )lroggitis, Na I1 LCanal riet, ng Cea're. Aiellt tlor S(:ithee Iof llisiato. jIl ID1 ENsI tlY IIt LF1'+ & co, No \lt:lgine :1t11t'.:11 t- t t1w receiting frot ships Nausthtlle, Louisill, sl- 'totlllbcks, lngle, nrni other late trliv:dls t'ol "h, "it - tlelrl itiedt :a imge :o d new scletet d aesso to'et li :.i, BiJool5, !shoes nlld Itrolltans, oomlirattilli tlg elit'letn'as line ealf IlI II'Co bents1 in 2,I i t btll'd, tl Stot wax prgged bIrs sI o lvarlious llqalities; men's lile call" seal and !lloral oido ill ie.. ptllpsnId lbrogans, butkskilnslloes, brogansalst tit al'l es: smen's line call' iod kippied piggid shotesand or I ogaos; fli boots; ( 0 sloot kip and wax pugged shoes I0 t''lbo1,'as; gentlemen's baest i ality cll'seieii shoes. n- I uotl"n stal.t:k I)okuninogs; do cEalf "and .11occo: e I ick0le ltoes and t II's, l' t ll lf, ' Ell', nti td ltl .tllttctl iy: Mciticl; o line ca:ll scu:.ol i l Ilan, om l r, ou le x- "'I ho's, nIlisss' all clhildret's pegged uld scared p L t 1g 11s, t I tll el' ti t sal tlr 1 allilt l htkilt . o tttllt 'I . it broi' s lll l stis r hit.1 111htr 00 t lp ir e egro h st quali tly, 'usst' lt 'bro'e s, w at i h I inl l e mnks, tlade expressly for pil, tatiohl 1u,; a good us :11, ln(m ti of meI'If fin" cod 0lout kip ro'us'ntt lo-gan, a iw su ilcl , at ,I mg q. utity of al ilei.ol qiu ali: ll- IP llies' li e ci :lStl , 1 :l, mi11' oce I' I c 'It1 :I 11 r0 ia- p"ItllsI le. sliloes; iA, lille l el.' h k l . orocc.lo an I killd il ant rI-.ods i p .s; roadshtis, with ill , \.i Iw t h 'si I' t l sao ol I s oo sl ,l i r llhe 0)booturls do !'rU'llclhltshoe. st I I Illl kil'ls mal qu:litiesb in la:stiln brogl.:ls; i gsall - ell ald foxed booitces. Mlisses'lustilgsprinig sloes:im Ir i In galls. Chmil dn's colored Moreocl, odl lastinlwo , I I l r.'i.t ll boots, tc. hIe I ,tt' nel l'ns i lstic t lshio llalll e black silk bits; do black it an idrlb'benver do s ft a sutl'or qunlity; id imitation its ram do; til ti bat l . ia nl31'll men's line hrb) :ud , , Rlssia sholrt Ilnapllped hats, a new article. Yot ths , Inl e size hats of dillrent qualitiies; olt chhihlllrn'. "- l'rin'iod I',S black 1l drb woo hIs of 0I" Itll's, with gclllral l ssortllnelt of boys' ulr ll meilt's i .i (I s It soltlent will be I t sl til l theeple is th ty + itt a t ivo l of ti t ' ket ron th e t ooat e itt1 t itie, ll of whichi SI %llb s014o t oillill et lol iIll, " -' lis ln om ding termslla. Atiyti-tf lw l N''A(GUI' II.1 L.0! F'OlR T" E 71 T,</,' Tll. ,b lllt lierl 1 his ea lil t1rr Itllt11 ' (I1 11o li, i l pr 0 tllbr it Io thl AlrllOleiv ll b u bli·e. Arrillgc ,o t IIvI e, beei llt ile 1 b.o P linollllS i ill I f le prirol c i c l tll 11 I tll' i lli. I 1 it a In li lh~t rell h IL(co o thosI s lli'lbl'ill ti illl likt-ly hi .11l'ier thi, o r J It'll C it l lllr I ,,f. I t tIl l l t, if. llts. -n ii dl , t v. r''th, nalc retliietv thi i bi0ll 'l0ltia . tl t ioostbim i l, IIslllie Ibeen' s t h IIiolus - t )''he Apipllli cai n alil fd li t w od(l l. , i trl t' nit ''ois l o i c atll litt l'a' it 1i 's il neitt CllrCll - li t .ii of ltl t Ii t i lt r III ti Ii i i , of ii i land t ii]'th' u-l' i ,it'i 11 nob 111 ii e i of t e ii il l0 fi. dI e il "0 itim f in' 1u11ppl , to 'y the i t'e' 'hlips Vt1itks t o tur t 1 st'tol'ky nst to Ao orat, alt 1011 in totohor t lh-ll r'dloll r citt oilll NIt hook liov d t Mo t Xl p s t e p e,, h, a1., n111el ,y -n fl.e , od? e- \ 1'1' J, ANIII{I+' . I ' ll.i ~r 1i.....'11.1..11 11i Ii ih'thllllhll... 1"+ I rI i Pl111lo - Iii lnoitllrl len C llllllt:tl It'' ,r , h II ar tho a soily of Irtito, err, ato spt. g ostahhd t Iootvi.. h t1 iiir1 ol oIy 'rcouii D it oices lt rE bytoll i 1 t I:l f11 .d I,'lzt'l',iv,, alld 111i' lalIIie ait L,£rI r., lh:it Iie 'i i 1 ':1111l. ll". n, ililll iw1.0 I1' rn Ill' hsis la!e, or ',' I'uI;111 r o stdh ll I.' lIh I d I tI at ftil1 lied 1x-I oi t - .1., ,-,i,. -· "., -U, ,.,,,/, o 1flre gruln 1h1 alnl im. plorl-I o t' I!le l Pll,>,, il ov , :17. s ,1 i\',,d iieiiml[tt .1Up'l sr,'s, Iy) [lh packet .hllip, V t ks. of ,ippl arid anlo+ther filchet, he ill in d'.tv tx pe ltt. 1 l ol, o1' a s plpl dy of Fruit "l're .+ stl 1 +spairatius t _ 110o1.:, havlgllg alredy received illvoices tllerenll hy I The :'ibhcriber ibogs further to asslre lho publih: I at ;re, that he is at present as well cab led to i meet a;ln execulo orders t;,r all tihe kilnds of t r.ilert it t ('oulllntry Unlr anld Jllarkt Gard:hnr.' orders illed at tii lowest noid llost rettsoabhn rates, by t. l p olo d i et li't, and g l i;o ,ll or bushel t Illuasurl . ( .talog. e., t 'itltr tit t Frnih or I';, lish, mat .wtys e obtained otl pe roai aplication cs 'ousual, to W1'.i S11.1'.11, lt ,rden Sued Store, it5 (ltOlllo h ! t re it NOTi.-A costalt it siltly of llird Sad, ri or i" tnirrq or plain; iulverl-led soIu ; herbs, and Shapers' ,odr.rid h(erbs,-with ia ,upply I,a" peas and beans. 1"3 Fancy lPcket Hooks--Under th.s: head will heI ftlud ca slendid variety of ladlis' anid gcenltcintlt;' ttii pa. t book s, It) od;l , Ineedle and thread cases. I. !"fanc'y :torks, .'uspenuh rs, ,c.-Of the latest and figred satrin er for tme Fever and Agclo, * crtitic I steks, ledi . is highly reces, plain, ad lyd ith ale iscol ittiogt rulhe schart cllers, t sutet ders oaor l t Ve rechituia i s.. t indc, ii or a list afi ,tio e wgrs. It if i it ieit t.e t i, neitn t ci t a d wittou ot rltit l e cu', paliltilo ei ra r s ci thwine e rl rij ..t id a gre t v i. rthu y i i nth roeitisg war u ex rto.ely for t e O' rtoit ag idir Acorg. e .. V ohr co ad ry. hila. lc ittn iretno a ctir en in r ot os, tintate stage t . t'OM 'OUNDr Iti otNI at I iUgreaIt le, a dpey " ro ando td eetai cur, toacr the Fever and Aguey ~i t it it and iutrmitteit ftevers trearo dig frtio gtithIorigtnal retcipet U etit hi, an d sil om reui S, vareal sutu c e, or tt 183 tiy persoes of tihe itilest it rtofect a core it Ter t s s neither d rticery tnr W This meidic;no is highly reor mendod, and ihas uilt beemn cltnliroly used in thea Rbuvu diseases with i iih dt.utmgninhed sucicns ,t i thie proprietore of Lau rs e ell has beonf itdued lat ofey,r t to agree pub. Sthis [lloslil of rohe ing mlany of" those wII atre ,,i suii:rief undl r thie scourge of olur country. It is v e Ia odtlilC ptssissi.fg greyat e v wirtue, and when ised t accordingt to te directihns hs ever faileand ofi i fohletin a c re, fevn in the most obstinate stao.e of A: disorndr. 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It' THREE DAISI .IO['REY FROM NVEll"' ORLIEANS .IA sure . l t illllluOllt ill8 I+ hl frienll . tI u public rot n amneral, that he wilt l' in readier.aby the 'irst d ay f ,f . lay to receive viirile+s le will sals slate far the l*- In illl lln.llt'll"tueot IBode., Illld o11 ers now ) oIV g a( nd {It it m ·s .:rhr 1, :t(:t'|trdlllI ( 1 e nmuch ltl rgrr s• ther than au t hellofsre,+ fId et the sulnla tune nchl b1tter. en FIr miir, clan b, acn b re imenl ?? I =thh good room.s or Fl er t er tMat-, All sIh, amuse Pitslls thtl.| ' ga ter'lla v !liod at\Vafering Places, will he Gord at Iltfs. 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SAI"N RlEVlSl'l'.'E),&c. &o. `'hI N I'.l'I:l"'IT, c, &.y Ille authoro Aycer t " i/r .nrhdtlee r r.hwlrortrill, c.l ernclly ap lienble tt tihe l.,SielIs o,, North Aiu,n bIy (I 'l IrIer.Eeq d'ir I 'olidir l itfrrrmar, of thlla Urni,,l States, or 'onrrr ew -r'f r lrirrtle thro arrl I trice of the gener a Iinll r . ;t l nrCtllllrl,rt1 ,1 \Vil tihe relllations Ibn ,tr n th.l --,dhl4ifted 1nmld mlpte/,1 to tl! nlen oftlhe Ulited ltr+s, y Kit I It ,1 orlirlrili, E 1. .r'i .l'x [olufiurtt or. l itolPrsprrl, willi charancter rrli( nll l'llllol , nlyiolgo nl id rloing .-of i urtlili• g men, in ehlu. in:. nell0,.,, nt l IorTplll rcraelk rilde.rr fluglntld with lrell.lir.t l urntellt nnl genrerll inlde of nansta,l vohlume~l FOR TIIr CUinR oc *'rorfila or IKiig's Evil, (llChronic IhrIenllltntim, Clhronlie c lUltleuis Disi- Pilns in tile olne.,i by tree '1n1P use ealMere ry. ithe blFiod erig in vrilint stalte. 'l'his very foulllrnll.~c lll Sur is pireplrd vwih tIh grml.t illulnlýerulic lllt c re lUlrl ncurrer, nrlrd eontain tile nr tur p e irl of RSIItrre rrir il lln ittsr t c nce troetd 4la.l, collllinre wilt, other vegetable substance ,I ofknolwn rillency. Tire reti drsir'dr rttur wtir Py sicrinns in beinag abl to elxhibitIt larrre Irllllrtirr r fr Srrrisrttii t an a Ira e, ri. o bIeren rirurth ir rils ire irrrtirn-.rtey, being fnllv clnlllincell atl'rits Ilrits, aonfidlently dlminisater tire, onrrrr e i t rctie. Prire $1 511 par btttri. Sold only at SWAIN 1'I IIJ'I'1III'; ' trng sltir, No. I 1C uld strect, wile Fay re hiild, freish nd r .r i urltrr direct Ir ttn the lrrg.-rie toirls, Swiili. I'rllllmlncu lndl Verlrniftll , t. otter's CIt.laoIl cor, C:irplrnter's lreparatinrons, rni a llrge ttnd gentera tssortelllntr of )'recs drngs, n4 I'IN\OCK'S ROifE, &c. iINNOCK'I liItPROV ) EI)1'TION OF DR irold s ritlrrllet Of tie History of Roamt to wllhb irs rneliclxd ni llrlhlttrriro to the Stltdy o Rrmtr rtll lieorr,, °riad n frrtr i1arietly of lrtblo infon .rrtiron added thilreuruIrr tir ' workl oi tir Mannrlls Irtritrltirns sl d !nieill lrrirr of tile Rrrnanls' wilth n i Irereous bio'r:lphic.ol r llr lstrrrie Nrte; antld qneya tiorts fril errrrinortirr or tihe enld of cel ceectita. II. luirrnled with tlliirtVel-rtr iireg ner ovnt bI Atherlotn lII/-Cor 'sr I llrrovre!! Erlilion of Itr Goldscnitlt' History o liirirrd frrt rr Ir IeIrvasotI of Julius Cuter to tha hhirtti of trrrml o l' I, with ui cou inlatin I to the yea I2j. ti. rritirc. l to i'r exlurrnetirn at tlie eidl o iuch seerlin. lsltreca it vurietcy of vuliuhble irnformn lion uad rd lrrit rlz i till work. Conosriatig f table of colltt prrlrril- Sovtreignrt ntd eminent tiereen Copioirus explanitory notes. ItRearks on tie pali ticR, illl iterattrr.e of thio ag.e. An outlilne tie Cnnrtitr.tiue, i e. &c. Illustrated by mally eigr, i rrige. Cuts' Et.EenvE rs rF AtIrrUaono, and an Aoridgmen of Keit's New tl'leatise o tire Inse of Ilibis. Na. Aerlcirean ledlttr, witl adlditions anid intllmvometl F lutl an exphltirrnr rfithn astlrolnomicial part aflt Ath riantr Almanac. Jlurt receiverd nd for sale by WM M'KEAN norrl corler of Camp anld Commonn atle IIAIII'ERS' CLASSIC AL LIBRA lY. h(ORIA iltrnrlat IA by Phillip Frratie, D D, with an appendix, eontainitg iramnlatmna of varilun odes, &.. by Ilen Jollen, Cowley, hliltrl, Drvyld IPrpc Adrdriso,, a.. .old, pom .lerr,&c. tUr somCe fltr Ite orelneitient poets of th I l'l(illitI, with tie anppendlix cif :tillins tiraml tell by Crrislropilr SIearit, i c vell fitrmie vuleai tolil 1 f~ll"Il I~l"S t.'as Ceu I.iu fury TI I'e xpoediuio (ifr lU.tlr'ttIY CI.INt.ER, by S*rtoll.,i .l r ri, wit i rc In roir li)ir c.irtl tr lry "ttI' tnI 1 llR lil'.i rsq. ... nir with ill to.rt tiC... by olt lkhi iiria tFr r rnrr a tla TII'IE IIl'ri\';n'l;Iy n hrllla l,rof "Iilleelise ary oil' ar;cuntrll" 4 '.. "l,,w atlier., .i vai I Lejyrljl iitl II I',l . rt .ln 'i .l) hv it; :iliir ur -lit has Tli.- Ih ln I :.1"' .L ", i'11 ,, lnu c la,, 1 l o iif too - ar e0 g). 1+'' .l V . . L I fu

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