Newspaper of True American, April 2, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 2, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE )<2y CENTS. --- ,----- - -----;;;- --- - - ---- ;---- --- -------- - - PRI 12 CENTS..... PRCe CENTS. ...NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY NMORNING, APRIL 2, 1839 eras e/M Hapeopor Pregs of New Or/eon -.,A L Traess of the Neceap.eper Press of Nerl (rlean noin mtle agred tol at nn dtlnured lilntr IIo the Proprietlorer, held on the 13thl of.March, 1037. IlUaontl rzles.- rl.:va 1).tlltra fr th id tily pa per ansul , patynlo e ati.t-urcially in tdvaonce: ten dolullars for ttie wi-waccily country paper, payblel ornc ipeatlt n ladvantO where no cityr rleronce is givet. No, I tbt.riptin will be discontintod until arroerageerr. settled. In case of di centiuanace, one week's notice ie wrilera must o, Innrvtably given, previous to tic apintron of subscription. ABoRalrstea.-h.)o dollar per eceare for tieh firat aertiea, and Ialf that pric for or ctah sltmerqurttccec: an t lalteratiun troet tht origital ndvertliecent wllI . ortards t n cnew ono. YnuAKLr Auvyansrlsto.-Mlerchants and Trae r,. rtty dollars fin English alone, and sixty for both lon g age nnklta, Insrncer Oti.ars,nd olti l simiar public institutions, fifty dollanrs in Etgtlilc only, enl tighty for both languages; Ship and Steaal,o.,t Fac ore, or Comntission merchaunt sixty dollars in tlngtlis ne, and eighty leor both languages. sARRaoen, OBI0ntAR NornCEs, and artirlecs cLll lng tih attention of tlhe public to ales of proplerty, oard of pasaengeors, Ieaelit, t&c. &c. will i clrearer I ine dollar per square for the hrst insertion in etact lal Cournetelcrlosens or Advcertieemante, or any petrson al ntare, when adtlissible, shall be cihnargod dottble, mad in adrance. A deductiun of twenty-five percenlt. will be made to Auctioneers Sherrt, Itegisters of Wills, and Mlareials n sales of real estate. punliathed in both loagutes., atad 50 per cent. in English alone: t10 por cent. on saia of other preperty. AkaartrluareaTSnt of tite direct litlt of buyitceaa f the aldvertiser, such as legal, auction, nnd piantst inn snles, runaway slaves, stray anhlctt, &.e. &e. will be eharged far sepn.atnly, and at the ordinniry rates. Akl.nlrSOhMsr T not peceified an to tinte, will Ibl y! lshed oene montlh, and charged accordinigly No adettsratmnta arf htaccu a tcis w;l it published m any em.t, cnles paiod fr ptrvimts itcinsertion, or pnymsnt guaranteed by a rpotsitlc ipaerson in town. Theatres and otter places of nntatetanlt, clertisil"p daily t-the s.ason. to im charged $r1i0 fir I.,nglict a lone, and $150 in both langtages. All announcements of e:c:diiat.'s for pctitlcal ctlicrnt will be eharged double the price of otler advertise Owing to the immense loss eustrined by newspaper prorpictore. they taoe comte to th ri: tichclu hnc tt thacth nlnsm of persost whIooe rccaunts liare Uot lile l aid within one montl after rcisottttiTo, shall shtll d, know., (so Ifr an practicablel to rchlt ohiccr--ithey oldi gsting thtemselers not to avertisce or prinat flr such delinqusntn, unlens in case o1 adrelnre cpayet-es. (signcd) J.C. Dr Sr. lth,, J. IAY)IN, JOtlIN (il IIScIN, gVrerkf Pres.--We, thte ctclereigceci, Ragr' cs abide by tite aictre contdition, as lar as they tre arcicilclc ti o Ic weaelv pctpers. ( :. i c r c h ) A . B . I , A \V I iL . C ; , ýL ii , tNo tal eriptil c are .t4r n r lr. r+t th e tci cc,rutlht. Lettnrs r lttntit, nl s sl caii , ", nmt . jrTI,:l. I'r Ns- eitlc's '- 1. I,: :1 c. ile Cu g gr,'s hlrg, I',rree,', ,t -pr' eg d, acgc ,,nnterl dotc Inc itc ccc cit .Vindcl'e ladies dn t, ,~ui~h. poteut II i eritcl t1 Doublh e Ilctth't do (illot's barrel do ido cnliuncoi Itn And Gillot's Coomcercinl, fer tale ct D.\VII) Fi I. & G 21 Chirtc.s c t, fell N\ 11nionovs ll11 IO.I0O gells Molasses--.n phnliatii rcccc.c e dc e city for sale by AIDAMS & WVIIII'.TaI.I, fe6i--2w c(7 C ruier ste G LASS--l 0 boa e. in store ft r sc lt. by fell 8l ItI. lt ItIlt'c N, c ii' zine ,! T tit +NI--, omoc,. lla ,EN ,, ... thel iddc c Ic Messlo trs. Ielly, Ilctricc Co. I'l - . .-i,:t gaY nt on tato let Februaot--apccly It ina6 cc r c'cvcrnc i c tc [jAY'S LINIMENT.--No ls tion.-. This ex I l traordlinryi llonioil comp uitoit , th rtotllIt of scioe ce, and the invoo tio l n a l celollrlltl Ioi t .i cal Imal, the introdoll, it oif which it to he puthl, was inverted with ithe solenoty of a deathoed bequest, has sinoe gained a reputat:lon unpraltleldt, i fully sustaliinlg Ithe corrertneo;o of tlh lamol, ntd ,1l I)r Gridley's lat confllllesio , that " ht e dr',l noti die withoutll ivi il o ly tohe lo a llolllirit oft hit knowledge no thtie i tlh ."tl," a dollls e It, Tlt r; hrqueathedl to his BIilld ad 1tllllalllt, .ht molo ro lhys, the serrlt of Ilt dlicoorv.. It is now uted in tle :; 'l a h, st. , andt tihe private pr.octi: " i olllr tlllllrv, IirL lht in ++ ertalinly for the etire ofl thl t PFlie, Mld .eo I.e L' sively aali u . ll illy aI to 1 tll,' ':r Iilttv, ltv to lt.i w here its etrects art wo t iLott ,s i I'xt'le ,ify I. t. lottowing r.olllll i lte.: For ir.op' y-- t'r,:itn ex 0 r )r.lil try a.b.eIt," at onc ,. A ll S w e ll hllt . --olo i loo e ,l 'tit t ii l;ot , I lr:n " Rhournlatio--.iAcut. or I. 'ront:, g.vlint ,pm Ne ro T hroat- -ly .snc-rs, I' ,er: or C( Il. . Croup ani . Whoopina g ofi- tral-y, and over the (:ht.e. All IBrlires, prains, ar llo Irtoes-u io'g t o flw hourte. Sries act Utleors-WVlethtr frclneo or lo, standling, and f t r s+r ." Its operations upa on lthts ao nl ,:'i dl e n rrelue ing rironmatloo nwelbg, and loa , nt fwag ant tightness of Itho chest ty teixtll,' .I th p, I i l els bren oorproloo lloyotllld c ,lll,'llt,-! ' I ill common rollmrk of tllooororto hIvo It or1 the' Piled, is " It t ike t, l to!lc' rll. THE I' LES-T''he proe, 1s ra o ioomi,,,l to anyo person who will use a holot of tlly'sa Liunil.l for thie Piles, alll return tihe lemlpty ho h t iilloil being ctred. 'Those are ithe poslvllle VI ldrs illo t proeprietor to the Ageolnt; anld out olo' o nl y thou sands sold, not ono has brton unlor,'rs<ful1. We mlight inisort certllatcl t lilany I 1 to t'i3 , o llt prefer that thiose who sell the t iot'ti, o houl! to lhibit the original to p :rchasers. CAUT'ION-Nonllt c.l ber genuln io withoult a splendid enograved wrapllr, oil wih is Imy naellll and also that of tho Agrents. rtl,(tMttN II YS. Sold whololealo and retail, bIy Ct)tllS'1OCll & Co, Ne York, and Ily one )iruggist in every) town in the Uoion. For slon by tiro Wllolesalo Agents, corner of Common & 'TotitoupltoUlis strclt, and by the Apothocarios generally. jco. --0 -t-UP.I, O I'A D R.JIOIINSON,O)l1ice 1il Itiehnvillo street, canll finos his practice to the treatment of' Venerealot Diserao, in alil its Ilfftr'nt frafd. f Dr. Johnlonr fromo areoideol ,e oif omany years i lls . pitals in Europe, duvonted to tho trellluollt of Venloroal l)iseasea, and from his IreRsent Lxtensiv practiceo in that partialar roaneh of Ieo profession, guarantee a safe, speedy and efiectuul cure toosuch persons as re 0 toubled wtlh asuy of the following disenes, viz: (ioorrhoes. lrets, Str;oiterroi Chlloeres, Iultooo, freriunalWseakees, AI.ection ol'flhu Illaddero I(idtles, i Lrine, Urethra, prosl(alo Gllaun, Swelhltal I tstielol, 0 Eruptions on the Skin, Sore Throal, Pains in the oininto; A Ili tho oUooeroue sytonitoooO wo itt ooto i otltoltt ty follow his oirnaee. cIter htcases curedt in tor a or tlit, dat is whntI toott us e o f Ml e rco r y , io ot, rr a I fro m l t . i i 's , o r soh et ' ion loot or'e ,odt oftiviu;. l " A medicine tm pre.e b Ve:nrea e Iduase tunn he ob . tailed of Ir.rJulot soll. It io tr ot t. Ia cille of t. r io d"parenLarry, I cetltorated :preveth o reo,oll tdt a waidrlry lirlnt dilria dritee:t v¥ral caittirs il which he lred uI urle tie lut rl i tio. r o rnch Aatry. tlhld bv D)r1. Johnon, .t hit Iii oltiso re: t, ui having a.y ano.tion of Vneaactl Iltrl, wr I lbnt takling kn0 vowge, or rh o tig tt o ll le cotllilrtia o ullt do well by giviltg Dr. Jloln it catll, is meti Sinks Ior lheir clre inlhe rsh hrls nuote ca I re fLt Op with written dimrecflleS lo t lhelir uier.n malk otloriiguait iinrt e"io 1 re , ll ll illyi 11eotrr,1 h ht iwitlrslhe rooth t roottoto.tortled otootot irot atio privtate ao d ipuolic prntretic fotr It)tolads " Iuro y sears, for the mriiovl of lIefollo .ot I+,o'eintn. Losos .LL p petiLe, Ftlrtttleno, D)iet llloii Slo111 a thPaio i i eI idre, Ib ev hir eeottl" t he Iltalt and into lio na liojo saiieet Irrgulotrily of the lo e ll. ,ln t d io llo il caees where Iodigestion or c rostivo hlait it IfoondI to extil. Tlh mri edicineoo ust not r ooeuoheed oiioott11o the host of qoack nostruln. uow Ibefore rotll I ,lloltie o it io ti:e sole invento otn It e uof trr il rrt iololost eie tiintf t sutrget'o Furop ever Irt ucer , t nllt Ihtr socret tof Iltreoiltl it h woa Irerrraed by the to elll Ifr a vtly ltl'ge riott. It is agreeabor e or o llrloao att toihe r ttr-te cts uts a tt ihl Ileer iont.alwayv keepo the botwIoo tot.oo, itoootLrt vigor iold sIrergtl to the syoteot, onll heorrl tles to too t ionl, and a few b.t'lres reollves the orsot o:lllirllllol eRnos of D)ypepsitt or tndigestion, and prevent at returll ot aoy future period. N Yottl Agt, 1838 3v ,lltlisan..ltrctt. St o:-Ir cona.trrtr eeof trding eliro .ife, I have been troubcrd, ll.tore ir ortoo, withl lodI.tli .tlo foio teen eert; Ior the lost thrlo vyetras my o11totl l lttg ha:v been ilru prolortbl . I lave tried sn.'rild Ihyl iei, es. and aumberufarro ,lekdicileq woitelhlo ilerviul lly benefit. I ldeltpaireo ofer oaltirtila i lgy ilerlaonotl relief, aol resignedl iyseolfi tlIo tIe to t lhopoless detoair I wae perctladed by l:lay itiea todla try Atberroothts oyilwrri Eliair. "I hFve liw iaoished htl li'follth hto tle. and ktow ntot rwoo t ee my, : oirotioo of its wonderful virtues lOO. r Ith oulll'lll:s it , t :loo filt 'lodo ilo restoring nltl o tlat rciteol. whilhl I Itn hlottrot itto ever. Stiod me half a do.tenro bontlet ao t and exc.L my thanks ro r tilts blesrrtail your t.t o a erredt hy re troring mo to lloeroct hrelOth. I reooti yours, JOlIf lIrItItOE. rie agenr t has in his po lot ot eve I0n00 r ed iv " tinoialsl sitoilar to toe al to Ot i, . o , t.n 'l r vi Ists of this to'olioin'or. - oldoh by olllitinl;lntt , at 'l)r . loheuron's. I Itll l hrvr:l." otrot, Inor.,l M .1 J, a A PEINS:1C1)LA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PE:NSAUOLA. NT asetu dori lr hnvhlaOfpurT:hnx t le Iolease auI litr. nitureof th we . w a blii inot fberoutm M "ruylh., Ihe laute proprietort will be rolldor to retauve v terH by the Ibt e.. Ap ril next. Nluy rruo nd coslly iwrorve lntl will be on nd in tile itrrlttlgot t' llts of th it i l .tla iall N tato lt eov tood lluore cUlollltotllo u httohint holt wi built, otet t wonr blh u1 woii beo prov idu alllu l t I. A stalle will bd e ttabe.:i to I tu Iho tse, wito peo.I t ceotrout - loee lt hornshaq laid C arrtaont. l ' aie t at lle 'is and orl' t.1 " will altI o bae kept li i I ricer n od rail tld row bt t rs, ith o eso tii m Olatpi tl ao n for ,t use o m'l t ers. e allrds anlld ,liO l ,ubllllltHullel I tutanlly fhio d ao wot, ingar p elncs, wai d eo,': lbefo .dltdnta tu:lt sto uati euo J at n ot to i iti ferh I wott t ht eltt a rtt at l t o ti a tte bo trder". u Itd d toaj l uor wil be ot o tle t aot qu tliata nd oi olls 0 at y allt plt at iN., u corgo IlnA alreadyf beo e ord ed, wh ichr wh l urite a oboot rho it h .ti t tl tt', 1 a rtdtriek oarlolnl , w I ra.on }t' kept to popula tr t hotel at ra' .itgt e at ot deti ; a t ol i t, el to t hot to r tor, ' oT illlolsu h t laoio n lo lt!t iolloeH ht risil e l oflast rear, lnd iia ariaaddslelelootly thlt t they will reive o atverv ltaooible ,ttlenotol ottd tlerby Ixltott Ito Nt ..u G pna l S0l00 Ha iia., known teo need it h!lm l cined de:crfti, it '1'1( s ovtrnmIntr o ; ttle geuIorh r relut,:,e s ol' tite ";Ill'o Il - ron; tile H:lhl t ilt'i lt Clioo te ret rca t' d coattt lltlll dot title tile s t[ o tllnor nlO otl t, by tle coole Iucet 4 t'rul, lthe (:allh tlhe eauty oft tihe tolt nd 'tot iollbot . i 'undt nd rivor; It t lbuetanoc nd it' tt- I 411 t - ,hih the tter , o d; ,a to p to to rlh o bust hSlouthertll n:llkrt e I'cllll la thr e.r, timrere over all otht r pt acet ill lhO t tot .tittueO , iU' It htalthy alli docililfatfi n, .o ,. -"re'ot Ilrtt rate boats will e tt i bottohtto to t ,uhl, and 1lo tile, and will o t (I times to aLle to tttuo the eh St nr From th haew Otrlenos boatt. N It ARNOtID. U)' ilo' 0- "t iie to et g'otoý, rooms for heir filnilieo , lt t iddres IS tile roritmo tI. I'tet l u Ieotla, otr 11r ,Sewell T 'Taylor, the fll her ppl~rietr, t t it ,,v )r' 0eanllt. RI.f,,ronces. 'I' Saf lrd e t "oe t (: r C o d Clu lt It ioIoo 1.1.oh Kibby, ill Mob.le; S 'I' 'l'uylur, 1' t' R:ez, Coyq, in Net'. I' s--A let el bg, to receive-t rlmllllve n; :itus far " Imarsm o a1 t Ite ~brve hote lo, t i- h 'l oiat 0ce ri ,ta ' I nliee, 51 St tha ( rles l'xSeh Inge. In 'l' lh s , d vit ot: o o t t tkL4i It I,', : tr l et tout, totin t'tll o:olu, ttoohe N uth al-' ito er ol l:lo I irl rnt ho tR will L S ICt llt tai1h" r In l d t . I :ven. t , i ' le vinm e 1.hi and a~e -ool th ola tov.o r r'r ln thet O lot of -leal'. i rld ti ,:swill st 0,Ir. e 1o1h00 rh I ' ' 1, httberto b oi oot.tot,'h t, oIoh t, o q .e ...'t" \luld , in nth frilln te flailui ei of t -. I' ; o. i I tN 1t At.ftt' , D Tihe winr , bllntl 1hamplll onil)l 11-,0m. c . tho1 u rt iar) so11 re ros ALe lin thie ." cea n.R. b ll Ral. l ; S n ,, l "t ,o w o :t.tooootoo too l rato e, tot w'a teld lye frohim their hm.e ie 16'1lll ,!er h; nw , tal m t elt gnnt atltl clnll'' le lss/irltll(,tl Iof subst:tll a Ii In o1 e t l lh),l', Is h v0 y tlit- t0rrlllht d Il ')'lln l ie HelIve.s route odvantaomgeusly ill any CLty I ll the riItiI,,- & It t o, tN. I A feot o d zn flen t ivory t n 'tile m i" i o Bin r 1ad111 i Ilte" l e l . bJtr l othe ti oI ttl totiltlio t o A rtu ' to ih ot t r c i ,t ii 0 0 1h l" l oza t 1, If elez- olt Ilot:I, -,' r ,t(t ll:ll , .\ 1' - ..l.lllll ,,. Ht lI.i.G\ I \'lIt 'a U llt t 'l ---t II /,.I... /1;.I 1 , h I o 1'tl II JI hta O ,t., t :t t, tOhi ityd ' rehottl to t .II .a rllto , ci ' ,.Ilo:rt;ettut lto.. ; tto',1 . to l .i, I b too.1 1,10 4Ct i le i. ttho lit'' It.totot 1'e .1,tot . t ,,l t 't ll' ll0 t ,oo , I t lot 0 t ,i l" 'o t 1,0 "I It, l t 00100 , ot, h l oh' ! or ot . th It ' i,t t .:o' t', l ( . ;1 ' . e l, 1. , , . . . . :, . . , . n , ,, . . , ". , ,I e , : ,,, b t o,, , tl, n.: i., n ,, , . .t,4 ;, . , ,I n oie I, v,"r-e, 1 ,11:,, z e, v1~;, Id, , 1 · I , I, ',1Le V 'tr ,, ,,, I ý Ii , ~ I.1: 111 IIZ* 1 , re F I t I 1' .:,,tl v, Id , i, 11et ýt, It- h1. i ilh , · 1 - I`t 'h e;l!:, , .:., i n , vI..l t , ~eI· ;h'i: I 11 ',:1 h r d eI IiV , r I, nk r -v, b"e .l Ihr,'r, ' II be f3l i' N II '11 1 ll'.',h 'ql i ii %..: ,1r1 el lllii- 1 i ,ll p 'h1 [ 1.1. ,! e e"11 C ll lI i, It ' ·11111t I:,lId 1 ' Ii r,'1. 1. II 1 tc by o, r A l' i :rv e,;,.. l b, t,., - , D r 1. ;- t allJI na. ,L r * 'it , It rlt : is ui I'olL lo; . Ne er .l il D p i , tier da nlh s 111'lc ] I' ;['f,'w, )c l l ,, u"F: " i' , I,- e I r l h it K ol' eellh l he I hi, e It/tt, o t, e a fe l t p. . han. lu t l, r H- I'0 N I\0 111.1 I() .\VIe thou ar ,t Bea Imo r ;ag y suit i ell li lc IIIn , ,Ihr h gran ('Caut mt l l ()p sol w ll r" \La d :fir g I i"The Me.' et ,al'.re ling; (' cu t, no . ,t t llr srisng on e . , il l e.. J tby I tt oi vtel t' l'o ' c mel Ib., o ,Vill h iv 119 i t it iront Mobile (A ltbntttmi) to tuguistt t(GnJ j'EAVI:'.11i .lile e.ery other dla, imt'.i ,, etv tl" I stea:Lalll t to e|Ir sL t, to It.iL d ol Ne t Sll' l ln ll I'he,, : " steamuboat, (ter. Petsacoln itaSt illo a snool anI (C:I. tabachic i tiher atd lHay) to Celdur ISNC, conches ihinat vi.ll lAritian s, C. atlato l:he'le, (lb'r erlleli +!Oll it \'11 . non,) liainhthlge, Pituhertto; Iliekinsvilh an Il .h - ville, to tAolIISt.l A IpiSielgiei'tAlki"l,,; h l atlft \ll'. bileerece iby i thr Nicntieg interestsl , a ihe II ()i. . I). LIN\F is bltult ol t llIcer,1 illllder onlle cm Ltl throhll loltlltl ytllt a Ilty rely wIrrll erI:ITIr. T r Il)Ip l hit I1"ria':lit Aut.g ,sta in usime s t rel , Itltrongll all erilt, i tul he shoiNul ec r. Th'e (e at New Orle ns Ma is cariie. l by this r'lte. 'TheI Agents fort' Itt,!eonol01la tiol .ln l lu, Om:llacher s ld 1)riters are ilot srllllpass. IIthe ttltherl'n rollntrly. The slllotllh, llhardl nattral roadls, Ihe salil alnd incrh stilttE l tei IItgation, the ltilte ,Itl NicoltmtlnliOl a tlltl I the tlireler speed, certalint I, fortll , ni 11 i pei 1 ig veiietiy connect lteld a iit tre with the ill Il t Ceharlesto, S. C. "mlt tl e sta packetsl to New York travelers carnl reh N Ne i York firom ew Orleansl From .;hattatlhooltce, Florida, we have a Iirn. e Line kia t., incy ant) TulinMltmssee, to St .Marks, -t he poIt coaches, also tweo Iratchs ltiin Ilatlkinsville one to .1illtlgc ille, and one to Macon, light two hutsi t Noaches, ST'OCK L .\S & 3 co. Auit.'ST.e iiitll JthInl. et35. rlek c h avt taesit, l lollse IMobile 'DIistt:'ic,, New Orleast,. loeile, 150 mrile .irobile to A sinst, 540 ** At I.tustil to C1t'.t''ln I C l ttiI ('!Crl;stoll to Nesw 'fork, 980- 180 Time, Ntw O rlren to Mobile , 3 hmir, .Iohile to Augusta, 9& I Au.easta to Charletn t, 19 tt Charleston to New \'ork, Sf- 25R Mlnking 168 miles per day. or 7 miles per hour, ilclu slve of all stppaglllCcs. Inov to N. . I 1 beI leave to infuorm the public that thi bridges overthe Cha:ahlukoheswaump and lHard Labh! clreek Ilavejustl Ileen complelllted thIe gee.i .l govern"1 mncnt, (thl: ly ohstacles operlmig againitt t his afCe [nlt speedy rone ate ti lalpllpily remolllved; ,ai h:lve ll, Ipleasure otf.le rnlllg fProm nte: vollers tht lthe, coachshlrll.l se- dllrivers:$ a is alllrll e 1 (ie ItIe fil't lllorder; ill its to11 tht w.ltr ir.Ule fro; I'clnsacol a to Cellar 1 ut; it is adIlilt. ted byI all who Ihlve lpassell tlgllh it to Ieiisii1"oI;is$1 Gerorgin I.avealsohecureltain:ed. ,I M2 C IIAKl\III l ýAY'S &' CAlIt'r.S-5 - Pil+ndelphi d..-ty, ( do iarlr. .I IIrs ox w h.el", In rrln: si, I18 dirt Iand wolho w h t:ll'nW., INre, &f)r talll' h' uI,1A ('11.\ ,II'LIN -. C 0UI '1':I. 79 &.- 12 i.h t C l l+:. l'l'·l:ii, +ltteii ,ihcd Parlpn ,,oe-io t, r,,at a lilh cr lf ter of ,Ita t +i,+ I ir:,'uh, l,-.eteo IlR LUMBIAR!) &L O'S Bjilltol alnd New Urlcan Li o of PackcL Slhips.-This now line of ships Shas boon expressly built to run Itelw.en the above ports, and will oi found of suitablo draft of water: a;ccommodtions for passengers, and every effort will be mae" to givoe general satisfoltion, The lne is conposed of the Ilb lowing aships: Clhrokeo. 415 tons Capt. J farding, Carolina, 401 do S Lemist, ChI:leston, 374 do 1) I1Jdridgo, Co onb anta, .25 td., t Barker, Sa' omn, 240 do J flower, Itotn!ay, (625 do D) IlJuniphray. hil above saip ore all nyw, of th fie first lass, copper fastened and oppored, roma,.ndttd by men of great eaxprieene, have large aneco.mlodatliona, with a sepfarate ladles cabin; every attention will be nid to it-soenoera, and thb vory' .et of storeo pro vidted for thr,. 'I'I1 packets will 6b towed up and down the Mis sissilp, and the striCtelot punctuali'y o'benrvod in tie time of sailing, and should the rngular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will i all cases br: substituted. A share of pat ron age is solicited, aot tei agents pledge thempolves to accommodatle ts Imtuch as practicable, to receive anil frward goods by s aid iiln at the lo lln :iud.r. lto ciharges, and to advanco all eaopnllle onI goods asipped, ift required. 'l'he ships will leavne the Ist and 16Lh of every mouth. F o orftnight or pastsaI, apply to the agents. J A Mt Ir[tI'I'T, 82 Cuolmans. at. N. D. Adlvallnaemetts ilda o culusignolO.:ts to Mr~rs A. C.. Lombard & Co. nov27 t.'ITiFaF U l. L, SIAN 1--'ir't Judicial ltistlK ) GCanll..y, aot of Louisianl, to all wholo these pI Monts shtall rcome, greeting: \\ rot--mlnln . (, Odion, (boy go It'. Otdto, ltld Id .tti "1 eooh,, hnv thitout, ha.otin al lo i , , te Syrndic of tlhe credi;slrum I· 1 unto1 t \VLbrut. tile properl t)y b renat illl etr d cii'ed,:,, at, o ied ti t h ht 7 nle'k 'fritll. c tltrt, fIbrtn Ilo( iill rtt Io 1 dvl tin'l0llll1 t ill Collllllllii), to oatll at tif lu oi tieall , ile of tht:Lte . df L,,tji-ttld , d.a lred, " l' can o t f n e tlurt r Ii naht ll oci iP T a nod to p t-' t vf ,attl o Lo ,iia ttet, d e1e to f oo ju d in l dlt rie t fo.tlco, w ho Ca u set tll ll Ig. , l ftl , otr la i tht o l, to prh o ely herp i to "r dw t'rild, i,i ry l.-th g tlnd of silly Iiir wh lith tilt- sale nots m toadC sir t uvo itlle . iarlty 0 o r i ffeu allt I, i lll the )l'+ip .il llt Ol I11o tl l , .'h , lit i", ill t111em or rltnltl(Pu d _'llale, Or Ir m therIdnfect . a1£1 l) e)er catio nw o'f01 te thi ivry us rics i m tile ju dictl hi a .vl\h t0. i- t ot ilnero.ut in rinub oul ir m tre in t.ihr I bc all ' o uwtd oo ( u ,nt Pr u m r.<Ol. o ,anld Naynd, hm. logaotd. 'fJa l .l, I utyl', anftlh, s1"v t . I.n t1 , I litbiue t Joslll uL dr oi f t .is t 'llrt, .i-llJlr, on t ,ll ,: t li lt+ 'lt Ilt of L ' tbru I a. l. tI . * Odnil, , r gta I . Ofg d Jo n, a I'trm ord Jt 'tllt [. ,\ t i f t . It :,,l it" t n' tn u r, li tte, ftdi tr f i |+. ri, rl alnl t il,{ \ o. l 1:1- 6 of,. I b'. lf h d,,lt'll : (f tilbis t nie , lit ' l olt. I t, '' 1i,.l (to 1ef,,1,,1j , cinin , I I ' Lt Il o 1, is ll nIII t.sI oin rinLgl c na . ll !U . ot s f-rl Sthle i he n , r a dpi, o tee utt, te ,ir. Itn:-liph n s<itoh Ie rontltly as given io tio l judi fal ept , Ill th in I e 3 ljotfittoo Itoe it It o i t he 1 a, e I. a tf a llt ft . ,tltlIr tfl, lc t tilf e a.. n fe lr-f o d11 111 [1* t o tr ittbyl'Io /' et du, cllli u 11o. to the if, Ina pot II drclanr ,r,(Cdame, 4 ,l rkt o .I, t. n nt1 ul .tot f , j itning . o 1, und hl9 ii; -1 im'r i ·t IT l' ul I e. t'tf al if'f ni l, to at1 1'. r iiiti h I . d ft.eph vtd h f lr t df Itit, bit.. m t S t t- , o. C . $o, .1 . to; , I n d n r i I ll t u hattl Ierl lh,, l 100i lll l r ii ,' fII i a t|. Chon'e','ci $,1051 ot ni 1;i , tt It "0 I : a a ill I' x' 1 c'l r 'cos pr ol te concerwe , cI inlt : ABOlOdu quo owa5 l C.Ogl s. GIorge II. Ogd, I .:r and , i a l orl ' o ya t lacl. I' a tOne vienli o i I 110 pa, le Syndle dlos cri'edccrs de Egerton e. I ilceay. la prop'i ie 6 ci-apro de ottl, so iuot aresr6i au Grell> do~ a tte colur, poor wt .,via contorll uineIt ii istu!6 *'Au puI r co tiihmer leo tilre des he. ""rcurs nux vout,"'s jldiciaoe; ' appronv6 l 10 0 alar: 1l31. Qi' slot conue, It tlll.ts personules n illores.i ,.'e n t pallr ceL pl(S'1, ues solinds .i nosu lm I .1 I'c'tt do It i ouL.ano et do la cour dui premier distrlt julericre, qie pour:el.irt avoir drat lal proopr, s' 'c.altep d', rile, i'o clnasrllnce d'uli dd.j lt fde lfrme i:as I'ordre, In d'ecrt on I jugeloient de lacolcr, on vr.u duqlrl la elOno a di. lalte, o si d to utile arrogularili r ll i ,i .bihl6 dlls ti lioilatioi , le l'avis on le temps Et le moId dI lo Cl vent, on pour . tile0 aO tra cals e qu[elcoatcice, do faire voir, dtan pi Itricte jour a dlatr do li polllication doe cltte aois, cr po iquoi i ntoe iiia IltCite cic erail pas colfiridce gi ct luirollllode. lu dite prolri6td 'fu vcndue par Io Syndic sucdit st le .,24mejour do Jallvier, do l'all:60 18.9, oil vertul d'un d6clct do cotto Cour, roenduo dixitcie jour do ai "6Cvrijr do 'iliondo 1838, dalls l'aeltiro so John ri lgcrton anld James L. IVibray vs. cllur crualci r bh tI eles crdtnciers do Eger'ou and Wilracy-No. pI 11396 do docket tie cotto Cour, a Ihlquello vcntlo l les di s Samluel C. Ogden, George II. Ogden, and ti ,A dwnard Yorke so snlt rondus atqu6reurs pour ole prix de cipapros cmentiocn6d. Description do la propridtd di'.ipr6 to trcnsfor Or judiciaire, savoir : No. 1. Un lot do terro situni. :ans Ic faubourl Sal.ot, ci- la: place h Id par l]s rues Chlo, 'ry. tacde, Caliliop , et N.iyades, sur lun plani fatit par J C'alloan, 2.4 J.nvier, 1r39, it d61poed Iu buIreau di ii.Joiph llcark, iq. notair publiic, tii. suraht 29 plids 4l"po ccs dc 1 cil dells i rtei de Plryta.6i siur 1i 0 i pied dto profondour c l tfeie stir I., rue t iio, 11.~j6 a Som1el . C. Ogdill, Gceorge II. Oigdn, al:ld Edcward Yorkc, pour le prix do l $3,700 No. U. Un .t die to:re silied6 dae:s la mnme place, oll'uolilllt c9 liods dkiis lr ill u o l'rytiand. icl" 1sI5 lo doi ir olduc'hrl !t al cott (Id o ie. 1, is nX 1 m mlloes acq udrrcur , ,$ 3,0 00 NoI'. 3. Un lot dce Icrr silud, doan 1., ltitl, place, a co!d di no. 2, ot a.iint les cnIlttti. plim . s i luo., iaiix it acqiudri ir, $3 0'll di No. 4. LTn lot do terre situ6c dalls l d o lld1 a place, a co.d do cno. 3, et ayant Iis m1mes propor tLions, ax; dit ac6 i lrcccl i $c3,050 I No. 5. UII lot tdo telra silude dans l meIIIm p'a e, a cord de no. ., et ayaut les mIincs proplor ", tions, ux dlit acqu6recrs, 3, 150 " N. 6. Un lot d: tIlrrcc csitie dais li memone place, a acot6 de no. 5, et yatit les mlu:ises p.oportious, osaux dt acqu6rcurs, i:1,400 No. 7. Iln lot do trro ituldl, das la Inou e place, a cold do no. Ii, et ayat les loelc p opr stirs, anx oioms aicquireurs-, $:,:l,50 Is No. 8. Un lot di terre siltdo dans n menlcn e place, a cold do io. 7, ci uyalt tles cllnes Iproplor. lions, ail dait Iacqlldrurs, $3,9i10 No. 9. Un lot do to ro situod danls l memo placo .a cold do nn. 8, et nyall Ionll omo s proper lions, lux dlit acqd.llfeur, $13,900 No. 10. Un lot do tcrro situde dans la mloo e place, a col6 do no. 9, et ayant les mooles proplhr. Stions, aux dit acq dreurs, $4,300 No. I1. Un lot do Lorre .sitc o dens In saonto place, a col6do en. 10 meseir,.t 20 )leds] quatro poluces daos Ii run dc Prytalido par 120 du prolbn Icc dcatrcet d face tur la rue Calliope, aux dit ncqud. Sreur, $5:,00 Il i Les olzoe lts sent vendusr avec lo priviloege .xelu u c ifd'udIo al'o Yavant 15 pieds do largour sr ln der il rire' selcl lc It plani cl-iceutionnd. i0 Conditions-, 181011 stir chlqllue lot, argreit colmp. it i, et lo b.lanc c ai (1, 18', I, et "24l iois, an cre. ta' dit pour les billets eidoss6s et appronvcds avec Iype. i. tllequ juisqucinlo dorniiir painict,. se, Eli tomlill do quoi, Jo 'i signd, et J'y S L.S" ni ia' ppo1ie to scan eci dctit Cour, cc jour 5 ciars, A. D. 18'.1 S nil i? c d30i . N 1, . LEWIS S1()AL.--7,i tons of the bl'c t nlinsh ronll, well sulited r ),' oe U..l "cr in i P'tl.,r iip lri it iltI illLOEr ,S Ht, EAUTIFUL hend ofhal i+ fll". ere ariet or-in renet Ji clnt gin. to the llt au mt i oe. f low tralng, I tllh losl ol it rhnnl res the com'l n erl l t .th11a nl romt o tir ety Irineh on lhte h lppteruncI rflph i',", .hirs c u ses rnny to recoil at Ieiln. ooCe m.' , mnl omlnltime' s rv i to iet avoii l ll tle t- and maoeri l of fthir tpcqutitn.t, ance the reai horlr iert reitr Ive(ire. It Bequentl y t pnla t in retitel t, htr, lrt,r , not vt'n tthe Ito s frpropert[v fill tIhe fonllro thinkg l.n ,nlh that n ha rtv sinking Eln 11 t1 doI . tht 10.t lof Ig h:tir. o'ro avrt all these t : lea ntir irraims e crP s,Ohhi, 'Ic ' Rolmh o f,'o ltulln m Ih tltps Ihe hair fllil tllite uftro the firrt tip plicnti , nod l few bott!es r t.rle'++s it neahn. It ketei 10the 0 s e'-owe ll whikert; prev''te te tiltt Iro tui-t i el oite, ak it rte rl bPie ut fulihv, rd lah itD .re town. II) Ihe propriet r . [C.p Rille the fCllnwviogh:- Robert WI'harton, Esq. lute .lh vor of I"llilaldl,'tl Ita s ct rtilfti as may ht t t e I beloth , to the a Iig h clanrt trn ofl he ftll wTino en e ,n. t ' t er f tThe unhtre . trrigned d o therebv be'tie .t' it w lve ust e the itnle, , of Cohumbi or n' ed by .1.rOhlridg, and h aro found it highl ,i.rv ea if? h nol ,ty i t ievnnl ti against theo fhllhlbt uh ll;',i0, twit ax u iQtaro rottr live. ( Ll .T.1 1 T i W IA:riTOR, c Taor, lS e thodist Miui~ter ih r t (;eorerhen inrea . No ..r; Nnr ici h fifth it. JtOllN P IN(lItIl.r 3I A ch c trei t. JO IN I) 'l'lit'llt + . 1 i), 1i1. incte JOlIeN NS i'lb "t I' ,. tr c" tr . J l h ( i- lt I.J e, t"13 Atrch Oeas. It i s knoh w that three or tIli ha on, s!itrIe. e olla lr lln .(i years of ain , and Ihe ot!l t le mlt 'le thn 30. [irom'l thie NI ontir.J avegrh h itee li llh ,mrtt,f Ie n,sl tinr, Ci'v fi Phl'lad.IlLhie, I, eobert Vhl, trtlnn. .rvalr oft'tcttl ty ee f O llleee. lphis, o heri~eby cerlid lit, i ilo well net II CuittI witih att ofl the f li.:winlt ter iele , t elet e, ' lit' i te k, jet are geolldem oi vf flrac etr and ires lc n etfity, n aed ntch full crdih shnouln he river to tlr said eerlirn',tt. In whkan s wl 'lets l Mrves hnerwul m oret clil y m101 oatI rct nolr, t heilt ol fthd ceityio ite :,uud, l 6th ilvl fll :lrrvo to r. A r. l ,. teti " Ii)e t 'tIT \VIee ,t A ''IE IT, tvnr. t0t1i, lt l FII l l lle f lttle (l',t io uitte eflln llme Spllentid , rllt l Wi pri , timia h i+ ieresit inl. n thei " fu lirti r o il I , Itr i. fril r, nd lethll lo lltret ii tr i lird tonetl, oine l fo mt (oari , o?,er, an, blos. . nd bu, i tr in d . . , te,. . A tie h e' 'teey hul ie ofr nwor JI'a rViu . A'st tE , n N m9 A holesale Aetm L ll owen OrlAns. IN PRIn & c o. N ,. 18 rlme sheh pre . .. . ro , aci pit v r nd I Op llln the mob t l(;pe di, su-i S ulritinl and iihl inall shn el o f C lohing theyn l hnvo ever et ibllrd inl mihll s mnarker cnuistinv ir, part of he fuliw l rl : il Ics b li, Inh I1k et1 block, h onI ly brown, ciT on, olive, london c ha O.` and golden olive and dre cots:l! eallllel hl r .l;i1cand hl;arrhin ton frock coot ,g eleganitly irniIh ibrellas : , fir ·' pr tll iltl Ium (.)le--,io o, n li ,it "I , a r. l, ,r I n ' 11'n e i01+ 1 ,0-t0d 11t .1 aDi ELEY WAIV b I mn ilu'IrIts nInd w ihsale dealers is slddicry ,,,ods, are r,,a re,'vi\,tJ. hy late nriavals [roml the b n .i adn t, a1I II o thIIe·Ir om r tc ,no tn nr s it e u nt r ol: e , a rt 'l , in l h ei r ' iis a mtsii g tn whlch aiitit'hr-ll nk'.Sizn: Ladie; and n..s.e. alnm and qi/hed enddless co Senlt~leltnun' d+1 Span|;sh do an do do Mexisan d's us di Cire-ln do C i,,A ...... gr.i e . dn g,, d, Lb dli i d c- ir X.,lct ui, El1 h·ir n, t :.l s++l;,i,.i, d. 1 (1 A rmill.l. r i. i do1 d() iaddle bisr,- dlou nle i -n t i 'i li s; valies; I 'dcl aravpn wi5ssisiil, V as adlsi, csitts and h eithser loho urUllts 9 Inrml s nirltl:t leather boot t,,p :n-llhe s;c a sh, n;il., iseI.'st i malsph lttr d,, i erlhs ild smrsd in,_l ew; llrl~t~le lleather-: trlll tC strais a anI worsteo'l rlln N'ell; ihaln and holi S lin sli; blind t ridles anllld lines; Shctch cllIars, ' t and h rsend in d mi li: enolltrl.:(I all niut litiii s; Ia - i at rocco, uck ,benr.s lleep aind bhlllt'a sl kins; plued brass and 'seel bhidll tits -f ev ry d aseriptiin, plated, brss andnl stetl spurs or overy description; plated, brass aid steel astirrups ii every dascripS tionai oi2etlqer with n complete assorstment of every i rticl in Iitheir tline of businsii--al ,f which theys oiler fur sale In .lccorl, illldatl i terslll . rThey will sins soninan tis r' eini' inrog the ,year, hv prcektls tu New Y r,,rl h s!, supplais to keep their socik lltlloll" llh ( 1 ,mpetP .. i.8 15 C an st. .L lug'+ ro xpres'. hits grarh f ulhlllnks tol tihe pugb l t, sinrkth inibt l i s pa ort hs hhasa lived siata e sk n ai I .'(i .1 i' ssl'less r rl tie s d stliriin I 17 l. li i >treei t. it1- i nOI a dl nell vee X:,rwas ag n ,r In\' ib'hln sIeLl en ider; n ii her is he t'oui e, l . i iii S ullV.t ill is ,h+t,.,- iiisai is h I , .,is.+ lhatsIs i trt ' ness, ii n tis u iltd el lt i tls ne I I llI ' iI e i ri ,iIu i ,o that Ii ail l y h, t. ll s th n l.t I Stltss. 1 tillt i. lss's sis 38 i sis, ii. iir,,,u isi t 5o-t e'is 'i nil anld re 'pitsble i l 'isi s'e Ii ii iiiiilis I aniti ' in l t; te.I-'. Xd iI -' inil tNtt al 1111 te b'u lit, ll i lls is his ssud' +, ian rs tiin i.i addis hln t,, i bs pri t, a stot'k I ' at i ntns ,vtry dsa ti srlithl r Ni r, ,xa Il" ,,I 1"3 : alo, etgraLftd fruit tre , s, all S klnds. Th,: ipuI,, ,nny relyx on lindhng a talula - Isiorti 'nr, isF e, sry s.ale ii tit seed ss istir g, nl i lia ql.+ltl", ID. IIIt l iJllll~iti t ll'ee lirIP· byi\ in sully a5isiI tircLm. iINN. r0 I'lCs . s IlioN-nr, - I"iNC i II h s NGItis' Si. S Mr Jbnlllh s, it l sI 'll y. IIII thi5S ol yhegsI:cave aato inhurns he ei uns s' f New ss cans thas e will . olen olln a Ieadt, nl o il oilldal y , J1I salllllla" t Ill N .i, 1O '1tt Too use strit, ls r ift .I'i'irsn, ti pi Ah )0 both sexts, Io |rtch und1 Enllt(| trll lPlsilsh ll Io h Uih ht 0 sleisasr t wso speak bitd h thiitsh e t lestogts isis ,t real ti elnt' anl t plurily ani i ,il Wis l ake cllaarg' or- o the depaItinll ul t of Li0l youtUlllfl le Mr.nJ s will isve his ii ittslsis tins the Stva;inio blalnlhes ofedU iic5tII i S I sd l ' telrs le itiii tis latiii will give e- n ti re i l tisis c S ,n l td i thIside swit I n1r Ihnl t with t ell ,ir l .nnt],l,.nI) ,' no vI. 6. NOTICE.,-The co-lartnershil+ formt~ l h 00 Sth July l.+r~, bttween Jolhn +it. B ylies'.l, Jsr h A. u beard =and LCh~arhs B. tho-'se t,= h," t' cnthucted anll r-der the sixle and uitle ol- It~tlius, Bleard & Ustoretl is lier..b diisiivi d S ld s Isn his a ahssa ltl t is ta S lake ed'cet as Iroml the Iit -f I tecemher last. S The tndersi,,ned wll protptly disuiharge al5 the 0- obligatlolls or Ille latlu lirmt), and in latlure cotllllnu e i c Iht'ir ownl ti:lnllesa,: nld tor till-It oiw·' acC otutllll 7 the s.1]e [I)nl..lS'(s as ,'·at31ors all· (:reneral Comll ur mIIolmlll Il lrC 1ts, llnthr the st le anId tilie+ ,f Beard & l$lren , and sllcit a shale If Ihe ptroun tagt of thrlr irlctlts nold the ptblhhi JLUS[]|iI .1. LII!ARD, tod ny I lI1l.,1l II. I te:N, am 11 --' i pp>i"+Pi l a, l t,,ke,. ,t 7, P. e1 ! € we IL vrt, fo lr - r ' )aolNTXUILS, ULASS, BRUSllt, ac.-pu -- lnding" Iromn tsho Costihution, t nd ii r , . st -~z [16.001oa t ofnletsa best quality, fot it IO t ",t1 i t [SU I 300Ikegs hielead puret 350 do -s aa il, n as ,ia libr. kezaS U4 dot Ju panedt i e Itor sgts;6ia t;l0'a .: l itirt age; a 26 doz splendid 0U000 ground brushe-. also f1.))00 nod S00) do; cases crome green in powdeI r supelrior article hio duto eats; a large assortment aot' slsh ools of every size and quahtcv; sable pretcilc fi r crle.'; flat marking-, 'e brushas foratech tts; artist's colorl iall oa resad- paa - pare i2 ab.x.,thtled :- Jith all nicesdtlry brusher;es 1 artist's t[ ll, & " t Flake and lltllalll til'it.; 60 a.ks tgold eInf whlite a,,d yellow . ..,,; ,i ou . ..lbic; .in ,+,,4,, ,,,,,i ,:i<. .... . n c saaOaallt a olf tuilta. , (al V aalOs Oil, tug peltll , vtrnI -th I &., thar salewhsleaatasae tu rdta i, at ith loweia t Iltcc.,, I by .MONDILLI,L e . ..HC p at.l. s I;£ :'C, I L til lEWt EDITIO.V OF iE r/Tt' , CODE liF LOIS:L 1'.'1. IIS haats boun ' f soo, ti,:ne madal knowna t, ta e public lthat tll aub l.lbar, :tl'e e-s ueed itn t prop ri... fort t ..e prss .a u.w edition of frh L .u.i:.a C. il Cod.i - n 'T'hey werD. Iroan the first, aware of fthe great dniienllr 1 (I atnd it was aot withouat at slrP hiclntn thu tt [ey cot ta sented to tie undlrtakinr, 'tof tile present edi i, p1 a utl int o, . Oluf l -c Ilie tt Cll dulnlld clopied, nlld whiich I had cost file `lat tl,, ror thriln tllirt" thou ttsantld dollars ! i was entirely nult of print. For oleit thnll two 1 tar pt te ustal tiice of t-te woss t hagsen a-at d irty I tu fift" dullrs. " It is a system of written rIutlle wnli.ih , immediately opertesa upol every idividtulla tta he late, ilttrlteald Hither in rq.icultlllur or eommleree ..l inll thich ·oOf l rlls t aother sates that-uo t ke llhllo., .. ott r a , a ,t :la + it ~o law--it is us much the t1e.xt-hour :..o i u .+ I (oftlW imera hlti t dalla t. o pnter, Ia it is of the privult g.,nti,; Ir ltt'a ll tlP. 1"l .>:ieen ti a ilvoc. I. tind a i art for the'ir dia -e in L.ou.,a ,,a hav re qur'nt n:.tce-sit ule't lil s.tce to tillca , e'' '' llake t a: i scit. el NSrr t)rlu? . thle hunk i, t og t tl as dur. e L, 1:1 o . tile el- rhllenl's e lllliclnt ' p r ,lllllll ir: H ) . d si, lof f :e sades, or a tt , at lsta of tit al ltaar' v. It is nt..a' lm -bg iu llomle IenIII ure supply I i li ll i le elt ew ssuirv rvt it t i" would le in[ r:eec iuld io n il mrti-flct.l y tilu.t faci: ar 1 I with rlW.rsl es to alah Reoj, ata S oSta' s ae-,I al'h al ots r to , iI mlnde by thra L.t istualar. t itad the iso a rt-ll lt 1.atio-, i ani CO strat.ito s hJaiti Il t e l gt l iol.u may 'The pllhrlishers have anred, fIor t' P gonrral super- - i ln ttence and tt lin ial d )tparr'"iit it o Ite work, til proi0essthmtl soviets 'l'lt ef \I hl( otkI')L. S [' till1, 1-(. aI nlP~ erof lhl f V tile e ll l+ iar. ·rl h : n the a . t .. 2lud e tilhallhl d, Jud: 1 l.lllrtulh:d , ild il n (itlore EI:el II, :nots wt-h ist li ttV ll -toil a.\tr it tha l lie vitlillaet It lhite whihlw) [tlra L e t'ol[,l ele inillh vo ,Jlir.L o t !i( :i i studias anal pru tc 'al: d to Mr N Itl .l tiu sihe p'rt. nH r t u l+ r U(ltp , n. o is '! iii thIc -urk, (elI -.rtolll bl hid . I... ..h b:,: pIt'e it n d the' Lrfat esL ,., ~l eII H - i t t.eln"ni'dt ill a his ,!y ict 'o' v of a lhe c-da :oltd t wnioLI I nay,, b.,"·1· ll ,?: Il. Ion, ¢ luu. h t, h . l l e . 1 , .!, - :l t so his dli.iueu:led pal c .o- i+al labor.. 'T'hl, puala si- t er. may threltre w.lI tri that tic anno.t ion. ( ie ti work will be all that ilftry a'dll bour, oi.asittd by learnin. ,ad e.xperi tce, c allll pirrllln t. In lufftillns lillh lh ls pl-isptchl-t madhl soliciliin_,z gene. itl subscribeis- to the talrk, tlla illt lit hurlt tllkt Illile in the fact that thae 1.tgislaturef of IaouiLiinna hs ulthiorizi d s lfutre tse of tl. . ate. 'The r, odinaet, with whia, li, s ti number was taken by tihe Assembly, evined their luast selse of the valIu osthe workl;alllld they therebv extendll- o ell that cnfidence in th t ability of the pnblishers and editors which it is a o- ed is not wvholla y lo .esrved. I The work will ah, printed in French and Entl;sh, upon good paper and with clear type; nor will t nv ex- t pensceor care or sp1are to mllaket the Iwhle hliiC11 execution ot f it cnirretlpllnd with itss great ilnmort'mce. t It will probably be relidy f r d,!ivery in the n onth of Sltttasbtar neatt; aaid taat atlioe w till be, to tubscriberatt liftteen dollalta-- tiv tla td a Le aitd at Ie talltle l ttsuLb- ' werihlil , The asulscrition lists once closeht d, the store price t' will be tweaa nty dolas ptaaer ..t. .. I ia I ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, ! FIEN years have s t vet esp siteo i t ,wasO first regularly sutbalmitted 1o tl e public; but it has attained the highest reputtatin; and has sup. a. planted every other medicine for siae Ague, wheretv. cr it has been know an-d apprtciated. Alreadya i1 has it heen carried in every dlaeLtion throllghout tohe United SLtates, anl stl realizel more th:an cou!d have been aollicip'tedby its rllstsallluinl friends. Thousands of personms av not onllly e"en relieved, I bult rectred t - he i: lllld vigor through its agall' . t sa; and they now ehcerially tetsia, at overy op- t, as rto iv, h its ataa.a add auo'>rtane a-a A.sav. 1:' 'licolliLed to r .,i- tile healthy action ofthe storl- t, Sell, l,ver, ml'earothcer impoitant di ,estive orgos, the ass o f wplrh harI ony to t.[r t lly iant-'+ t: T i, itie tat10 ast' t is pt are t alsl o, tha t it prt 'lh cts an aillattItall,;l hnyl tl It 1( tLim of toh sysdlll and c ,rr at l alI., s lth: e native liability to reIt at, scs of t' letaat'tttiana. When thte Ague s attend' d withs any lther a icomI tlalt, tie enpo'ymelt of theL' ''onic ta l lxtt, walnot interftbro wli the treat. n'tl of th ' other di-,use, tbut wi I evenl aftiord as. ilstnet by furnashing strength and vigor to tsh boldy dlurilg t;h clr 0ee of lrelatmenti. Those Iw ho Sntake use of tltI it- cltile mtay be assuredb tht there is no Arsenic, BIarks, Mercury, or any other t articlel in its compositionl unfriud.l 'y to thel huI constitulion; bheing lttely a llregluble extruactl; and they alny hiave adtabllnll;i conidence ion le tuse thereof', when tthey tetiv, tthat it has the e fe ts of a l t 1t'sl, I t.ta-tts a at at'i sia' -t ol a i t tic full has boiaa tal ts t --it l oaittiaiU of twitth, there is no part of the etl' tt'ra . 'Iu h': i. sll t1io iow -. to eOtt: obto.tholl, and oihc r ec[," arising trout tim act " h 'iev o' the rehtats: ao's ofalred ro the c rt o a ct I t ha ls L I eta I usetd also ait it proV utit', by Ilnlly wiho wl ro t r t i ject to a periodal reclrrenllce lo the i l't i , and it has itarlably watrdhd oil tian apprshensdea afitst,. Oberrre. The froplliilor, fully satl[iekd '.wih Ithe d lta-nta tvc- at e- tes-t h has en-a stantly attended a punctutal and rlegulatr tause of the 'l'tolis Mixture, in all ct ates of F.eve' ad Att ue, tfel. warranted in englging to r fund t/e p',rc o allt tsa wtfe have tltan tho inedicin i tret a. cordanceo with tlt prt:acribed directions, witlaunt having been perfectly and lastinglyt- er-od, jaThte substaiberal are thu w' lustat stgetts ta or ta T South Western States, and have now on hand six ty cases of this medIanolt which is warranted fresh ' and genuino. For salt a- 1st at nsiac tred prices l Whohlesale Dratoegetst, novS 7 to Common l O 'a'choupitouhla.a o i t. ORDrIS RECEIVED) FOR fO\YES'" 1'. qTJEXTCO JI'LLOJA; 8y the I Nutentee, \ 53 3:i ,I izii, street, SNeiwi enna ii TO1E ILANI IFAC 'UIl).) IN NEW YORIK 1IV SC.3/1F: OF .Iit1i'-i L ,-& Ci.- tu I I " t il. ul bli ( 60 l, l of ) i akles or o I 411 Fiei' li 111" $9.1 1 0 st tull :t =.1i ".13 p, I,:all", or 5(0 u 5lc (Ii,)f 5,,, :F S,111 F iii l.ri"'))iiir ii ji Li K,i uifl i 55555,ui~io (Go1"- & ,t1 II dI io. illa saF1, trill loi"lu-:s, &c. L' (' iia icc 'cm . 11; t.lh i-i IIu uIIIIii,'n,1 I';r LI·LIII It 1,1. -I l ides Sl O), ii wi ll u.:o Iu t1" M'ii0 lL, s fI V so s. 1":a lt": s:tu s sopt~lii.,l it 111 r..ot j vncll. Th'le Ciil s a ), ' .I, ,ill he Ilrli~lcl re,l toti :tg,"nls 51 p1o [lii. iblnnui't ISI. iiooo NI'I Vlu , oi Flue CIIIII 1, IIi - t h: t ,lesi, a tll'imo I ii iii,) t-i l iill A. 1tl ill. holo:5;iuoolgu ioi'iilIr twid 95 ble 6w theaInooou o the (;i1:,in \ 1 1lll ight Siiuk ,oi tLhuilli li.ii IIolliLr ioIii III!nt up uh· ( 11" liiiu ril ',11Il 1.>, tnihll he oxntiIIoi i Item~~l tol Iw.- ,rcav \istil, oru lrrI w her', d ir·11. uif55 :o' uua Ii le u IboI, Lilutiooiro w il' litio:l bo luIt'u iii e r1l { it power, ol'ao y ll11 scr (pt iuo, cart b. Fit! ltisill'e11 n o stl i'iteir oiiii lloeimiig.i ues ca osi be iloto i uio Iiie-lo I oii tiII lr:lge n t lit saii i reii.- l no siu brin she, t is l Itll ill -llIlli) c " opinion. Simi r'l ululii- . larg t'omctt1 di1 5t,,'. T ei,,,s i cuill s Tl.ol RN'S Compound Extract ofCop:aiba and Sarsa | prilla -A cr:ain, a, sae, ald mst llctual .erne .y ever dicnvere:d fr' the cure of (Goorrhea. Glecl·, StrLictures, Whilt, a ils in thle back anlL oins, senourl waakona, ldatian kidaor, gna el, scorbutic er'uptionhs, L". Ill ahe I nlllol nctiul of a ml'dici 1 p ossessinat tILe unfu llld rauire : \a ·ai:'li Iir 1- nnw Olib'l / d to tie puh lic, tie pr.ol .i tori asbu h u| Iib I'i l l to thIle nun lu ous trecom tiln'ltl.siOh, I"1ei ' vll Io rlhllJn t tnenlt oI the reIIa ', l 'ud l ctlý5s in Lm op:lo , aaa lia'iln a'I, it 'll bk dil olur nl ofi t, rih l li lar, rS lllb . ib lt h of Its c~reait !trn 1hn dkllke skirl: par alo s at mmlra rixsllp ti4 re eshw it," di , e!..neouble. t1i " 1 t d tur l bah:c odI II:cel in Ih: b .l r i ti15 "'lll( l , ,:,1 its i t-v tolica ia u ,r. i t'd bon h ul s If'l III' ib: ltnnu.ll, ry) sitxb 5 i. The' ,. F · )i'ýo 1 Ivs Im ll :loll v'hl , of t.,: i .,clslwn, co:,vLe I n; hat the more mai C, : Jine-" :,oah ! thereby be ouch SI'+ 1 (jl Il.(;t'd a: J n.", svtu!! ini te . d than il 1h15 prv .t , te. h", "I e mlb( s t1· il tine . ombit s il- i I laatl :tl Lt k :a illnt !. allt" hihI, I re Lput! na 1'..I tieI mlloat ia'na'l l la a llllll l iel, l il lO l(-.l i'Ll. 1':ln lI drugl in the -n" ns(( t111io n ti I- . , i 'p ii ir,5 er l: alc 1he l}aaencV of the other, llh pr dl!ua lih a ll ,l 'ltion ruI n-u ni shiny ,,:anl strpuss g . the Lst snaata,' e.pccaatin,.; l .s( l;g it ith" same ac Itlo : ia't' g- of its lei.g ad li he red witt ll ' pet I bel sue ' i- Ihelille e u ll l ta.e f the above slis, e. The ' r t ' miuat physicians.tld sutgeonlls Ih'th :present daII y isx r l .s I ri:t decided aU:. I ll ";.tiun iln lav of al's:.lpu ila, I, istits use in the arinacip l ha n spla ls aa lll 1 blic 1a n h :d is titLtions has e I, lnlld still continue, lilh ter)' (extl-ii e. It t.vsL a f.v oullte lrel v , ithl the celebrated D)r AbeineL. thy in all nevallli sthons, Land off s t l iu c ai aell weousern pt ll s Slling froml al - dis"eill l st Il of i' hedI ges ti l lnctinll , bhe , ne:It,.sd to. the '.t :od v perienIle f the uit 'sC tiL u:e.liln l f il.t I.:l r .r din:'y iui:aucy in every public I: I, ,i it l ' pr,:i '. . :cI. ITjwff' "Ph f. 't''l lllnl nIi on oa1 illl h ,li 'rIo' d i ,!" J 11 Thlaorn, Clheanist SI. dI. Price -1 :,1 I .,te I" S F, t A : t S Jn s, ' : . 4, S: rgean to l(ta .t~ " I' i llls · I I, lihc , .li.. d. I.. i " ' _.ý (I I .b.h lirOltlS. ' h L I l i:d oahi, h q oaal.l l :et t t aa a"1 t aH Itai lt ia n x /':Ii" v c'f:(:: o h , (i h1h 1 .:I::, i]"nd : el llml Is .il Iults II se pl .It,5e hiedy -,hrI lallc, t t I dl oI t a asitut.o, it I'I.a i a t " l ,a 'red toL Ia t- p tL , U d ole il a a lo h. Irolll expIt ' .vee, 1 'I c 1 pl:.e: u r raa I' t n', a "hi io t l 's oot; u" , I. S: n t p. ,ull.,La,' t act''sL usualn l x G II J:1 11m- id, N1 it C S, IP si.i., a to tolL St 0.0 a hlataa1.a Ia)ihapasary. l lako C:al 4ls ', in a1 'i aa I aa t a. i aLnoy to ,tj XI shle -i " o , wishing you the a "ll s :e . .,o 'fu" i dv te'c v ,. , III a:i ol t- , ,I fur the labor na15! ex11•-n1se nws . U i in br iig it t n uchub c rn . pLi t,, l lltaIgra. ! lrl'll \I £ c n up' r, I" li :i, S ; :wleon to Guy's IIns The lni'lbel sncen. h' h' l, 1 o Ite ded the" in:! i:.i" t_.tu lU: r 15~,,1' 5i,, ,l c:1 l 'J po, . nlf:s : leel t r dilt ' al, t, L i ,,, an : :'',hi l. aa.atia a' ita th', it h' a :!a' y on s5' etll do+nv e., 5n1 ) and spcydhilv re.i a ou ta lt your a:hlublu te.caai0. a r, ! Sir A o ,,, 1' S 1, It C S, ,,.'e. 11:15in; beell iuti'iead to ht '%l, r Cxtuct in sevet casesof aiolclt Coant t aalaaai a aiEhl had hlantherto ba' led sure and cluck l r.iv c l, ellited hy it, in a few liays I !eld mn wall'in duty holm.' la state that I tlaw in m prat tice both public no(d privatet recotminal a id use noa other. l'aoam l: \' lllair, 111 I, Phl sicia-In to Guy's Io IThe strict test which I have pitlen your medicine amuong hi\ patienlt, aodl its mial table success thus t55, will in . ie e tI i Ier:' Veverl in Its use, amt I de ml it o Lbut as L 5 ot'nst e 1a, of t o ld Li) fec le telti IFrt , boon ToanL o all 1) ai' L. f mC]l000.returni 1 rile ;inlcr o, th'ks f 1r t o aluable pre sco1t "lf) Ml Io alaaLl o'n tohe cre of tinorrhna. \v. I feel glratt lifd teal so5 h:::t. :IL l b: ;ou ht a a aedIicimt i ao 0ise l tich aill plo t a deiden ti ut lnl g soul hlllh r in tohe a edianl : o :lha -a sura , spuI l :lota elictuaI care in cos(s ,,1 Ite abolt l-. It "lBib ds ' tw, gl t plteasure io lishing a o tla w orl' the taluaAle quitides of ) oar W c . it nt'cissav, ate proph:i, tor could here list o ,sh sit o ba tl tL stsL Iata : its grl'at "ncesshlilhert. the c 're & etxpense at wlhich it has btvn p IpAl' , ~ill prove its gremi st ric' nsrucli latio"i :o : o;; n di..t rnin, public. J llL" U '¢t 'l'lllllln llndnI l,i5 l. iICp nl' ! >o ,"Hop s abon e o i do ill '1i66 it I5,ayt he til/.te , hbilng both L" I !'ea i ltat(cl> ltr I ,l ll: no reI lrictl)n in dilt S to''.litln it Ilio .ioiv . ''a'tlle rs espe0cially dlall I:, i " I , '1s tine ,i15 ns lul, tnd atoa;ht a.t'vt itao- ti .l. b l .a.lll 0I0000 l tee . .I",' 'R 1 rill: 'T I ( iCiffit:ý toll tLI 1 IllitbT .ll E - KNO\. tt t it it dal: i ..l-tht- abilty to lv Iatttr, cntittutes tFie nt t t greatI u oll o t!e e t it i... 'I'o pros .rve, thereftre , that health by natu. exp 1-t' t rl1 i . .- ; mI orl and p ,litr' t $chenw, , ill to tltil t1vh,1,, rb qlt r, 1-, utlmost attent.on. sh$ I Tl'he unprecedcute I popularity and universal tap. 11 :', probat:n twhich toh1 I nil ehie Ia, s achieved t he hr g~uut lth Uaiitd N ,tli es, 11i t Can. d , reas, tesi .;Ixico, a l , the I, lil,, fully o.titr'y Di.t Si .t warml! it !i I 'i1 t lit Ol! i t I tii oll lltn. ll I theto Io thi sli e,: i'.1 jitt i t it if t I otti I tlc ti. Putero ' Vcgttll ,e. I', 1 'trl t':. sti"t, a Iat tilt ,. . I Ittllitc i c, ttll tl: t'l t tllltt!y l,- 'l, t'a s of theill I , inl ,+nlit I t oi,, that h s ever ht ticovered. & it i" ' ii. lit t, tti ltt of tt" hi s ittt`t -lX t i. .1 tnoh , tii t Il, ul itl l r' - IT l t e I I uI:i n system,' 'live l f: n at d t ll onsive practee, h:, rl iart ived o t i" ' -,in, to t ter ,teal and pri creased or dinut L erton o" the bil. ol weli is this mdo,,.- 1od, that it is ' tin on 'for iit+ersto to !say" « two they} h ! nnweli, t ;lit th y tre 1I) it. u-, n1,::r, · bý tho' they hate toe much bile on cat th. , st'ilach. (),, t!,,e "wr hlt!r , l ! ll the r t lol ticI Sof bki lo is da Ir e 4 e pci''rs ofL dltes o ll Is i mporIFctly p oerL mllim ,, ,L pa'I llnt 'ec IIIes weak and I mloaciotted, becatttc ol ot risthl'nt pcotained in s' the 1tod take ' iuto t th .t I ;c i ' nout properl:y ex. a tracted, and the oI ,t ! is epIl cln in a crude state. I 1r. Peters is confident that the fll o tlls rlgeain '.heory, so cI lled, that, " impurity of thi e blooId ;e is the cause of all,"is a great absrditiy. B lEvery one w i e rthecas o~I thie subject a momenlt, neL will perceivothat impurity ol'tie blood I. a secon. Itday not at primary cmphlaint-the effect and not p, ith catso o 'drhease. WV!,,n the f~thutionsof the liver are de"rarngod, nl'i the 1i vw of bile increasedl, IL it ,., oft. n tak n ! iu v the bs lr: ent vraiia s and arri,, i ll ' ', o !' in lng cd Fwi t tile. blh ,ia as in j iuhdim , whte n t,,e pattent it, ms it in ,i c nl l', .'' N..v this inmpurity Pr ol b'.ud is ct',;i h) a fill ll:rel' :ad tliw of bihl, i" a ill to ronte )y il, you it .t cor.'at the sreretiont pl of the live , ald rrlrt re it io a ,..Lhy sate. or I)r. Pe'11!- hlo.. spent Im:uc t 'li," in 1xi-s1,arlnont- i ing with d, irentw, v tah ev 1 s to , ases ri , o f hlht, l i r ; a n d o . ," iti : . r s i i s V n g e t a b l e P i ' i,' l I)r. P, ters t ! tt r is hbitlf tlt.t his long ex cri. o, In"! n ,1lt diseover the, | lue tiled tt !)' stitttu a!.n weriug :I! Lho 1,url . ,",l rt 1-", i , wtitlhb ut ;,y of their altol da ,Lto i.:. t )n r, ,t t iahl7y "t his vgetLbl I:11, s ills i l Ihoy, ha,,n Hm, i . ,: atIve prI lle pl.. cIn . l l h '.d [t ' k ill 0 11' ,ir ,t-, -art:,, 1I, rpertiv, dual t.e , s., it, t tho'; n, 1, I ,'', I glie'¢,', thestman ch and h y,,,;-Ps h pu;g,;',f, itnt t' regulat:! the I,, r, .changeht th, nuir-, , sc i trr' lrc tiltnlls , hr i {~t ' u- :,: 1."i..,t : th! bl:ou,!, invigor::te the f, rl a teli, , a 'i , h iv e lt tln e a n d e v e rn y to till I ir. Tlt a,- n tnilM nd pleastut is thiir oio elfthit utility f!romi Ih-, li.'t dhe. They ca l ,e taken with s tt'ly by |persu Is 1-t any age ; and the iebhl'*, lvir ioiuro, .th. rv t.s, Burl t1:, delicate, art, stlrength, ee by their opertion, b.,eaus the' clear bibly, anild invar:l:,ly produce sontl d ill il. The V.l,'tabh: PlI-. are i save remnedy for jaun. " dict, sbi!c nd ni ivous hetdach!n, ,;ys epsia, costive. :r il-s, sickinu t e , lin -h, inllrtt l ii, tll bill, ul tu lovers of all kinds, and Pf taken at the I colnan,;cenwnt wlll invartu!vy cheek their pro. `g" rss,:and sayv the patient fruit a protracted anl I , es on sluckIe-s. They m ie\nvalu.ble in net. I vouo .nd by)poccolntral antlcinus, lo.s of apt e itt,, and a I cuo plaltls to \:M akin' t ed s al,,ne aro . u!j ,et. Tiy opr'rt, ait a oied ant spee,lt I urge, 1 a , ml arc na:c ,nd celt l n . i",-,ldy fur worms :n S chi ldren. 1 S e' 1 hI tvo ' in'" ' noy Vegetabh! litll. to at the ptll he, 1 have received n'h itous rertificates i' oft cir eupcrso, ei!ikwy in curing dt.mases, a ro, m any Iett 'l: b unt r eta fit ph 'sul ans, w lh i ha yv u ed 1 t! , int Li cr pract.ce twith tho belt uI milht p'i!;sh a small v lnun r, 1f c ttiheales, si '|'!th ;:bov, pill, art ii bi.o , c,,n),,ng 2'0 & "l, o J,, 1 , at ,' h' . e. r r t ll , } er n r" ll, , c," ,. "- 1 .-: a t , . t, r . l" i 'Z York & Baltimore Wa~kots 'JACKETS FOR NEW YORK.-Nsew Line. . --To sail punctually every second Mondal I nduring the nason, full or not foil. Shiip Oriaoan, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alabama, 474 do C. C. Berrr Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S Donnie Shlp S rtuga, 542 du W Hathaway, Ship N iashvile, .540 do ) Jackson,. Ship Keutuelrv, 629 do 3 Bunker, Tim above ethip. are of the first class, oopporo ':sd copper "ostened, and having been built in New YI ork cxarerly fir tilts trade, they are of light drift of water n.d ulmost invariably cross the bar SwIthiuLt any detettion. The collmanders are men of great expirietce, and the ships will alwayboe towed up nrid down the Mississippi by steamboatsl They have li'lendsoinol flilnished accommodations, and istores of the best description will always be furnish od. Tih cabin passage is $90, without wine or liquor, and there is in liquor furnished to the offietlt or crew. For freight or passage apply on hoard, or to 11 C AMES, 48 Camp st. The ships are not acoountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or graite, cooperagoe of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor responsible for any package or parce!, unla.s a regular bill of lading is errcuted therolor at the oflico of thu at as. nov27 NEW ORLEANS AoN BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. 'This line will cniotnit of the following vessels, which have been built or purchoioad exlpresly for tie trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, "' Nickerson, trad lerry, new ,' Stevens, 0 Soloolln : ll Saui, Latham, ltfig Architect. ' Gray. These veraela are of the first class, have hand. somlle lurniihed eceoeut ilt.ioeis, and are oft' a light draft of t iter, so as to adm,i' of their receiving and dlscha,,thilg their etergoes ino Laltimote, at the itly. IFri ht will bC taken for ports on the Chesapeake or Jurle,' River, and itorwarded by the agents, 'Mtarrr. CLARKE & KCLLI. CGG, at Baltimore; xp l rl l onPnl goods s1ipped will be advanced when rquiroed. 'li.e priel of passage Is fixed t $60l, ample st:res of lthr b i.t qul.tly will be provided. Stlto tlp anid down tile .illssissippi will be taken SoII all :,1ccsions. For freight or passage, apply to C.EO. BEDFORD, nv2?7 21 lionville t. IFO NEW YURK. [ and New York Line of Packets.] Il I.I Ships comepotini this line will sailf tom I Ne, Orleans aild New York on every other Mon day--coinnencing on the 20th November-and to iu.ure the punctuality in the time of sailing, the linr will hereafter consist offive ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Captahin lTrak, to leave on the O0th November. Ship Loui.vltle, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 41h December. Ship Iluntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the ]811i )Joeember. Ship Vrkthburg, Caplain Woodhouse, to leave on tile lot January. Slhip Missiteippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th if Janutary. The iboveo are all new, of the first class, copper dt and copper fititened, and upwards of 500 tons Iurthen, are of light drIiught of water, being built in New York expressly for tImo trade. The prioe if passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fittled up in the most in-proved and convenient plan, alnd filtished inl t neat and elegant style - Amplpu stores of the first quality will be provided, and cvery regard paid tt thie comfort and entire sati:.lactin of passengers, who will please take no. ticr that n hberth can be secured until paid for at the olffeo of thie consignees. T'lse veeriels arte commanded by captains well expolrieced in the trade,, who will give every at. tention and o xeirt themselves to acornmoidate. They wil l at a tnes e towed up and down the Missis sippi by steamboa ts, and thd e strictest punctuality obs.,rvedl in tie tite of sailing. 'I'ie owners of these shi; s will not bhe reoposal. ibl for ant letter paIrcel or package. tent by or Sagent or ow\oers. For fiorthur particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, novv27 90 Common at NE1W OR LEA NS & CHIARILES''ON PACKETS I . 'his lie ronists rf ul:rvesseli,all of thlel first clne, c,,opered and "',pper fast. " n.d, and l about I0i0 ions Irurthea, Iwilh hundsome ncroml modJatel[s fhr passengers. l'lTre vessti! rt: tni andllenn nd hv eapsins wel Sexr ltllnedit il the irade, wait will give every oa e Itolunl andl xertr lhlersrieltbes toaa , mtlmmodat, Ithe slihTlper. T]lheY w ll b. II),o,,'d iip and down the 1 1Asll y l O'pi, and hletv N-w Orltunis on or before ithe 10th tand ith ot etrty iiutihi. The followiug C iivls compo-e te 1Ith , t viZ : ' ri_ 4)ali'll, Ch-let (; rdoln, nalster. I HB , C alr): Will ar.. . i ' .'lll borl , a11118 er. 13 . ,'.g Aileron. J l." -fr h r, II I ri.t' illuttii. ertii!,ei meshy. FoI Ir lt t t ,r le l t , i P te. tp:v . J. A. A. ARELII &. C., 1C C!n'mon st. New Oleans, or M. * i ordtt reni, C ,akstoon. ur I \.l I, otdv'r'l_. rl 't t n.r- h rec.nll. 'let'ncr Illl lll(li i it i ttr' , ,' t eal' l : othte ar"n ,e d ill he a 1storeh , I 1 d I,)- 11 e J c,, I IU , at i' torner of T' ivoli Si i antT 'i':tn W alk,r ap ctlullyslictsashlre ,: ....'. .......e ...d.renewa t the lo ~ I former cust)mers. The entire steek e, e)nYso, .:'crllices ni oreicles is Iresl ant crnfully snl, ced. Tite ul wing imny ato par Pre ,odl t, O't li'z and Saratogn a c o'dedis. Ye a.t io'ir driri, Itnei a wholestmue anrd elegana sucstmttlte for yeast, in raising bread, buckwheat butle'' I Eff'vescent Mlajnesian Apperient-a Sleasacnt and gecte parg rive in dyspepsla or indi. gestin, lcrv,lus deblllry, gidndine.s, hendachet acdit ofi theestorlch, hlibitual.eoativenae, cuLa. neuua eruptio., &ec. Carpenter's Fluid Extrnct of sarsaparilla f puri, ie tihe blood, &c do do and clbebc, &e. S1n111's PIlnn(n nrlled V rrnifug ; Britlih am lla ,hm I'i, O,i delnJce, &.c. Ilbtied [.q ricer, i.iilte and Ganiaouve paste ' Teth i,),u!.-.,I N S Prentice's a rlhollt de ntniu t i,.', chl.rla tooth wah, Iowder' and bnxes. P'rell(ce's rcarbrne d rlor d ire, thIl.ine. tooth waash powder puf niad bI ,xee,'s saeetled ana plai tlet powlivri ma'nlt tni cretme de Pers., ranlle flower, re, l,'n er and leorida walers, It the bsl quel .l, l e. lai's: Mac.nsar Oil, Old. rh nLr's hatll f Cl(lllis, best!'c ,i, ei variety of Heiler alr.I iother match,,e, indelible marking ink uperir h . i, k, &c.. rn and edriead whale nil. lHay's Lininieng. A Il, ih ainstm:t lelt Ti'hrlIrn'se , en'r,', Seeds , I . (; [EII)Ri, JONES. 0 h:IN"--15i0 tixe Clelete and BSauerane Win, is S j.+ C hIA lI'ILIN & COOPER,8: Julia _'ALl'' II'tti'l,--l. coil inate Role, of superi . - q u a bl .y , , fo r s l;e b y S I l: IllII)GE & Co, 134 Megaziwn is UN.--I ,rb roI nanhog Iront chip a Sar l l SnI.\LI. & BIROWVN, 98 Magazine at N, N k.1(11) etlS- ak &S Allan lina jue r eei.ed e espldnlid ilsscorllllelltten of tile Fancy lcnudn, uite. .. fior l'arstI's, compri.s'ing ladies' nriting derks. ,i-e.-i:. cnsu. anrk boses, neu.ical xIei'n, portilioi, '" uede Ibook. oI per.l, shell aul ivory, card casee and .'uvrnirs iolaiii with pearl andgSld; pocket books.pur. Ie oecta glsnc', ghld and uilver pencile, ipiftuery cLI ell kinds, c utlerv, nr, at I' In. BAZAAR, 11: --- . r St ('hurloes & ommon st., Exchang TI TO 'Ill LADIES. ,"A TKIN:lON'S DlLI'ILLA'O)IltY, fo remoirlng es, i L perfluus hair fliein the fCice,nek andi Ima,, with to ,i ul :a'its ind certainty, leaving thel skina iner and o.hwiter thln betbr p the appliiaton. A fIrech n.pply I juNst received at (iO)N'., Net 1 Enchnege Ilotel, corne St Cearles and Conlmod itlre te. Ill 8 eo FAL, &. WINTER CLI'iHING. J p. FRIEEMIAN & ('O., Nn. 3, l.akzina alte% n l arecrrin ing ltheir cupplias fIFall and WViater Clothing, and will iotiin to reeive shipmentsa regus. to lary nhliro"o git the clc.;asli. 'I heir ansertent being ligo ige will nallle ilthe' is inl.ntIy mrclusaue from tLe ,nnlintry, at thle short-st notice; for sale whrlemla &' rtail, on accou:munatiung ter.. If'O HSEP.eS, ''helatiMO , l iLg sMICR nl C't.'IPni, &li -iJust receiei a Rii r lE by. it m\' . +l , ean , c nrtn r rf Ca np an ,Cnx m ean s eat, a , tnerull elrtbnt o- ti Su or'at r ns, Spin I )ivrtn,t' l'irman'n'^Bs Ivlyse P 'en n dcin-, ellntrr'e I", .l C s'r r I naldt· t:C l-,tr.t % rctrr?,)l'lrr : I b +bb9 ir.· t,+lh.I· Y~~l·,Ir, Me · oIb'r hr o~o

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