Newspaper of True American, April 5, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 5, 1839 Page 1
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P 12, CENTe, NEW ORLEANS FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 5, 1839. ,n fghX.. d 1 of Ill IN IIUI Terams !f the 'ewspapeer PRres dof Ner Orlean ulnin Aelv agreed to at anll adjourned m.eetin- of the Proprietore held on the 13th of March, 1837. Stras ltPrluas.--l'wlve I)ollars for the daily pa per ahno n, paybleo in advance: ten dollars foir the eri-weekly country paper, payable nle year it advlconee wbore no city reference is given. No a ibecriptioo will be dibcontinued until arreerages are settldd. In case of di continuanee, one week's notice 'l eritl."p mn.ta or, invariably given, previous to tit xniration of stbseription. -a n VEeRIeoO.-.O)tn dollar per anare for the first ' nsertion, and hall that price for eaeh olbsequet oe: a matefriel alteration I roin the original advertintect willbe chaged as a new one. Ye .tL.r AoYEurtIScn.- Merchants and Tra lere, naty dollars for English alone, atnd sixty for both Ian gdagasn Banks, [nsorcnce Ofices, and other aimiar public b stinttols, filty dollars in English only, and l ghty for bot lang oanager; Ship and SteamotieotFac tst ore Come ielono morchaote sixty dollars il English tier and eighty Ior both lang ages. MAniUcaO.eS, Oul'rtreac NOTICES, and ertielcs enll lng thil attention of tioe pullic to sales of property, nards of passengers, benofits, &e. &c. will be erlargel One dollar per square for tie trot insertiln it each laI ge Gge. CoeltNICATIreloSe or Advertisemsnts, of nv person el tneture, whoven dinssible, shall be charged double, al in advanoce. SA deductioa of toenty-five percent. will be tmadr to : i' trctioeers sbioerll, laegiters f Wills, and Marshals .' ot itles ofogoal estate, p1tiliseld in ,botb languages, Tad .It per cent. In En.olhll uloole : per cent. oil solcU Slothe.r property. Auva1rlarsTriv eS not of the direct line of busiones of the advertiser, solt l legal, acction, ant plants lonn sales, runaay slaves, stray animals, &c. &U. will be oharged for aepa.ately, and ot ilte ordlinnry rates. Auvlenanrlsranrs not specified an to time, will be rgta lished one Ino tl, and charegedl accordingly INo advertio Kellat of bankruptcies will be poblihled n ally ease, unless paid fir previons to insertion, or pa.yent guanteed by a rcspouosible person in town. i t, netres and other places o"f aonelenllot adverti silln dail or tle season, to be charged $100 for leglish a lone, and $150 i botll languages. All am othncsments of candioatios fLr political offiee will be elarged double tihe price of other dvertie Owing to toe il...ein.e nost o.tri.i.. d t. y neu w pap . prorpietoro, they have cooe to thle oooclnsion lint tlie nane of peranoo wlhose Iccotellt vn Il ot been paid within one Inocttl afier presentatill, shlt lie mdi e ktwlcvi (eo far as )pceticablle to each oolier-tllhey olli Cgllglo tlhelesalvo- not to advcerlic or prlit flr suchli dollq e ,onless itll ecue of neadvoce papnycolt. (aigned) J. C, Toe ic. IOMiES J. IAYON, I. P. IliA, J. rC . UI'ISENIIUoRCAST, JrttlN IIBSON, IUMSI)EiN. lVeeklly Preessr.--W. titan iodersigECrl, agre to abide Iy otoe above (:coI.litilllol (It lie as ithey are napliecablll to weealv apers. ('ignod) A. 11. I.AWIIRENCI , .Sor Nt ellscrillWioct are tlken for lees theift 6 melt. Letters IIn st i ll IIIn aser , bI ne xtI ill., PI" opEraNS-I,'uol's N aut. I, 12. chd, in 1ed11 Cunlgrt. argce lin -erry's flat e rolg lo dol, quill do nal 1 th t do tg ioJtne's Ihcliest do do oubhle patent im o r ieme l lot Illle o ehd t do Andle i tolht s t, ikol ee:t l, li Stca le at U. VIDt FlT e IT &d Ce, ill Chartroes sn fero N Swi o llt:io a l.s IhIl] IS" 10(,:10. 1 gullls \,,.ht.l..e- - nt p~lllfll liqlll IahoyO Ilhe oitt for shle ly AI)inr Ar &1 . Wm il I '1.t,, (I \I S-- 1110 L.oey hii sthlre Ie .ir dl 13; felll I.ll ,\- \ltlltW\VN, 1:i Otevliili et SEll IetiN t i ohlli gie l, the s. oi d fl r, ile ul,i. by llhoe w..r. Keell, llthei. . rtc I 'ea ellllOd glI. --ei the rI-e a, t p Irh )r . I JAY'- II N MEINT .--No FPi l,nni.--iis ex I t eurdllt ry lieeolictl COl -ll ition, thie resnolt of AUeiTIoenc a 111le an 1 beiltl t g0ll )I, colebrateuOl lei e.l en idl, tu ivl wiliro tl , i lof which to tl nolleic wan iaoveo-t.l oil t ile Aolenntty O N a doeatYledd qls, ha lte gained a rpute ioo lonparalleled, fll7 celtoikintg lho o correctlleSr ofist Inol ellted iD itrielloy' lat cOlfcession, that t he dared noto j die wilhoot givin; to poteritly the bueflit of hri knowlegoe on tlli ool jectel," a nd ll erefore bltoqnthlud to lis foind and attendant, Soloon Illy., the neoietf lin odlc h hovery. Iit is nw uned in thc e prioilal hospitals, and the privlt.o practice in or countryo , firyst ane mot iertaoinly for the cure o'f lie Pihe, od so extion eively and eollfeetuully as to balle criledulity, unleoo wherlen its efects ar witteasod E-Cernally it tl,. hellowitcu cog inolololteln: For l)riosy-Croating extraordinary absorpltio at onte,. All fiwelling--Reducing thlon in a few houra' Rlhenooatisn--Acnte or Clronic, giving qoicl Sore Throat-lBy Cancers. Ulcers or CoIls. Crott otold Wloluuong Cooglh-ExteCrnlly, end over tile Cloet. All Bruie.s, Sprains, and Buros-Curing ioo a few houre. Sores ail Ulcers-Whetlo r fresh or long standing, nod f'ever sorcs. Its operations upon adults nod clhildren in reduc ing rhlonmatic swellilngs, and loosilnit g couglh and tightness of thie clhet by ,olaxation of tih Ipalrts, loan been serprising beyond conception. Thel enomon remark of thoee rwho lhave used it ilo th Piles, i " It acts o ike a charn." TIlE PI1 ES--'l'lTe price, $1 is refunded to any person who will usa a bottle of Ily's Linimento for thie Piles, and retorn thle elpty bottle witlout being cured. 'r.ohse are tle positive orders of tile proprietor tl tho Agents; and cut of many thou. sands eol, toot one ilas bien unslleessca fnl. Wa) oiigCt inseort eortovflates l, any lengtlh, but prefer that thlto who lnell the article, lhould el" hlbit thIe riiooinal too plrclltlcors. CAU'rTINO-Nooo can be gctnuine withont a splendid enograved wrallper, on wliclh is my aname,' and also tllut of the Agnclus. SOLOMON HAYS. Sold wholesale aond rlooil, by COMSTOCK & Co, Now York, and by one lDruggist in every town in thelo Union. For aIn ly cil, \Viloleoaln Ageant, corner of Con:nOen & '1'chooithooloas street, and by tlhe Apothlecaries oceraollv. je30 - t O CUM NO I'A D R.JOIINSON), Olen II Ilieaville street, con fines IlI practlice t1 tile treatment of Venereal Lherase In sll its dilflir.nt f..rue. I)r. Jolon, fro it resideuco of many yearsin ilosn pitule in Eurnol, devoted to he tre tment of Venereal iiscnase, and ifromn hiJ presiet extensive practice in tldntpartietlar urmnch l tile profession, guarantees a afe, speedy and sefectual cure to such persons as are tloubled with tiny of tile fllowing diseasesnn, viz: Gonorrhoea. Uleets, itrectuloe, Chancres, nubos, Seiinal Weaknsst, AffEtitins fulthe lludder, Kidneys, loine, Urlira, Prostlrato (hand, diwellel 'testicles, Eruptions on the Skin, Sore Throuti Pains in the Jointer AnJ m the numeroussymptoms whillh generally follow Iha disearo. Recent cases cured in two or thlee ldays without the use ofM ereury, interruptlon front busilles, or altera tion ia the m nluo of living. A mnedicine to prevent Venereal l)isease can be ob tained of I)r.Jhnsain . It is from the recipe of the Burn Lnrry, a celebrated Fretch Surgeonll, and wa used by ttim dulring the severtl cauntpaiins in wlich he aerved us idrgeun Ueneral in the Fmreaec Army. tloid by l)r. Johnson, at his oftice. 'itns ptrsons huarngnu.y affectiol of Venerenl I)iseasen and rbule t tkin sea voyageny or remnoving to tIhe cuntry, weould do well by giving Dr. Jlnson a ncall, an pronier nmci einena or their uere in tile shortest time call be put np withn written directions fO, their use. Sifflice open from 7 in te nmorning until L0 o'clock at night. ABERNTIIY'S I)YSPPF IC IAXIR. Dr. berllethy, tibe grentest of Entlith surgeons wit opinion thait nin-tenths of the diseases tbiat affect mankind originate in the stonmach. i'lhis Elixir as nrd by hnit with the most uniprecedented success iin hris private nd public ruecties for tlpwanrd of firtly years, for the removanl f ie followilg dlseases:e Loss ofa ppetite, Flatulenlcy, I)iiteti,n ofthe f tool sclt,Po il in tie side, Hel vitelr of tnhi leiad ned incli imalin t, sleep, lrreguiliiity l the llRwelh, neid inl all citse where idiig.stilnu ora oStivon abit is found to exist. Ttlia iedicine inast i ino ie nllbeed ilntm the host ofqlstck onstrulnrs n w iberte the puibic, as it is tlhe role inUvention of the nblett tl naneiost cieitifienmtrgeoni Im im,'ope ever prodIltced, ntd iltt secret If preparinig it wal pi etnlteaed by the agent for a vncy large aunit. his Itgrou:lole tiitl ipleasaut tio tile to-ts, ncts as a ileihl rilper icut.always keepis the bowels fiee, imiparls vigor and cirenlgt n theo ylln steml, end Elcerulness to tlme tmid, nid it Immli'lie. relilllitlt the ,lllst cililllritl canes oil Iiyilieplmin or ldigcnliun aulld mreveats a return nt ally Iuture period. NEWe Ynat7tllit Atgust, 1838. 35 Aledisentotreet. .in:-li cont.eeoncc ofleldiig seieneletary life, I avee bei. trnbled, mira ir les, itit, Ii.tLigeetini fir tln years; Iir itte lasnt tree years miiy suffllerg Iing lve teen itlsupportable. I nhae tried everal iphyiycinlns, alnd uanotnhernofiquack lediiines withllt deriving any ibeleltit. i despnlred of ever obininig niiy pIeraLneelnt relief, anmin resigned myself to thte otn topeless despair I was persuaded by inatv friends to try Aberetlhy'n t)ys!em pti Elixir. I htive now inialsed ihe foii tit bht tl'. au kew e ind Iow Inn ex'res lly i m mlir till of its %oindtrlhul virtues and Ilte uneincle il' I performlell ill restnritul0 itt tlilthat heith which I nt. gittighert fr ever. Send me hatlf dozen bttles ni, e and exceult itv thanks ihr olte bleninlics yni htIe c n erredby re. nearitg litn to perfct heahlth. I remlain vnteers, )COR MONIIOE. rle nrent lni i in ii, Isse.inmt -sve Ihundred tee similanr Ito the ah ive, if Ihi extoardiaary cir te.of t i. i..diui. Sold hv .ppniat.elmt. ati 'Dr. O.e l nnn'e. 1I1 hlelmm ll e ntr eet. itnc.,5 NuItRIS & Co, No. 38 Chartrea steet, are re ceiving daily troin their hoase in Philadelphia, an elegant and conmplete assortment of ubstanntial and fashionable clothing. They invite the aiten tion of the poulic, no Ihey are warranted in saying that strangers and citizens cannot furnish thenll elvesa more advantageously in any city in- the Union. N. Ii. A few dozen elegant ivory handle uim brellis, froml 32 to 36 inches. Also, a large lot white pine packing boxes, various sizes, very low TO T''ll I .AIEI-S-Atkinlas's lepillatory, for re illovilng R a Prooly Illair from tie vtce,.'ehk ntd srllln, ith elll safety and certainty, leavin i t e skin fitler latd whlter thint belibr tihe allplisltioun. A treac snulllly just recoived at tile liazaor. aIl IlUSII & AlIEN, I, Exchlge iHotel, caer St Chtales & (omnlnll sat E I.E A hIi tiucn n ES- illio /ell, I lCha J tree at., aon tills iay received i mall lasoertt nt ot lamge enolll tted ald nituiec breastpina, net tip i tlhe [ANCY MATCIIL-S-Wih heatiuln paiinins, l llnding fromi ship Alexander froAn rlnlen, for sale by . A 'TIER, fn31 Milagazines at lGAS )EI'AIt1'MIEI', Can Liight l.aking Cnmp'y, January 30,1839. IIlE Stothk of Coke beigt nilmh reduced Inhas .Ont po iny will funrish Pittsburg (,'ol, ius smluU quan tine, to tle,, csimtnerl . Orders received at the Gas Office, ank Alley. jall F W IVEII.II , S&'c'y, flURNIIAMl'S DROPS.-Thin madicine was Sdiscovered by the proprietor and has been sub jeered to his careful observation for tnany years in every varleiy of pactice, antd ll thile diasaoe, of the diversilied Amllerican clitmale; and it is not given toi the public with thie utmtot confidence and believe ihat it is, as llost clearly set forth in Ith pamphil accomlpanying tile soln, thie best rteli. cine ever thrown within the reach iof all classes of snviety. l is withtle 4retutest Ilrorietlycgiott in all i i laiiv which tilict the hltan rtce, fromt tir establihlled fact, that, when taken into thle tca I ech it ets accaotlilor tio t state of the sloiu aI hl and the naitre of the disease, itiher tas an tie, liuiretic,sud rtrlie, expeeorant, or rperiet i medicine. 'iThat it ia reatly what it purports to b, ireds only a Iriil Io satll y Ilia most incredulous. I'The ltct ielhuly oinini to lthe knowledge of the pr r -t re l oi its beneticial and saving tl'ecls iut coases o the agiue nd fever, blliu.s, typhus, oire vous and scarlet levers, iltnluenz, violent colds, dyseterry or flux, dryp epsia oi r iletasles, satle 11.111n that 1il6y are nit oi cly carranted Iii wanrm ly Srecrmallmndinl ll, blu they a e ralled u)on inrllr i si ens ll (d111l) w ilCiI ltile)y liwe I the I b nli ti nllyly ito s y t all, try it, ain you will Iho r a lllell itati sony oal we thaves t , n the suo.jl . - T't i- clit cra itself, the t olrst t o rgi e whichi he ev, r visited uiir collu try, has been sicciessfllv S ,red the iproprlel r in thirteen cl aes widly the i u , of mthis cii" lli only, w'iihout Ihle ossof l"a i. gleI lllll .I1 1 Sl . l VllIS, it. LoI ltaiiIs ao.Iotr; anidt is put lip phi s l J il ea h lconpei ed with a plui and it.sinct ihrecttin, and otiaiiitngo about Et)11 i, sIa, to be hiti ftor sueventy fiv cents, which nltaI Ilns h Il m iu ilc th e ihe p e t, let d ic ineL C t rV l u rll ' re d io Ihe public. The above medi,'ine Ia s,,ld whmlrll le al] r, t il Iby our A v ,eni -, IIlly Iltlloa hel, 1) uO itt an i i \pol' iicury Tehoupoi ilaula sirlr. . New irlha sh . N EW "IL SIC-0, N:tiave im; oThe y (ivhi t la!t Itllli 'e;l The WVliite I tili 1 ii N Pep i pers; Thul ri tle iiI tila l t( iilIa ittttin i tpi. a AIt n sllli; Illid ,tg I 'l1h'. lllem1l:l.- and parting; I car,+ lU lno r t .pr i Ill e isieh, wine, h I, tlt eilanly., aret ht rt ,ine salt low; .l ).ilt m t(~e Pe aoll wi'v, at IIo lusotall- Oh w 'llhlll l ir l ot; Fo l ieto tp etLl colter; s to cIId at lllorAilm- ( O'er ihu water.L by tlllllO Sllic t; Th rl. 's si Im like lie I o lir cntie.t for thi I rpiv y i l.ohli irre, loynial Ololtzon byl I lehe,; (moovo Victoria'e Curt -t i ealrlls s. Ju-ei rteooived and Iolr neo bIy 119 IC.\Sl Y, 19iy CAnlp ts I 1 'rtaa l;lalt I.N FIVE AND A) HALe " DAg n I Ironlt ilblih (Ainlltimepet) to t.olleltytg s ll I Orit is c-- rit . , byt is uevery other dag , imlbrialely a'ter lthe ii rrii val ai th mastla ont t t l t- ean, pel ie ater K l' ig.i h to lllakely, xoael to m' lt:ioni feiordltilllas (er lerinplls ol live , St Ionsa toulilcand ( tIharclie Itii, er lltlay) to Get' Bcllr lt coa les tvl r vinta hlart ttanhI, ilotilalOhiocet, (cim·lerlv Slontii ~ret osI,ll) lainbildge, Pildertl e Ilawkiasvills e and Illi ville to tillglla. A iltlseaioeetki,; lisa seat at MI i bile is i . ltige of lleiig throvlllt o't or Slai liI i oicveir alllt , olth n.e ll[t liitio' iteltl sta, as tie 11.()III I) I1.1NE i' tOnt Hoc, urlvc , s udll d e tit LIo o i sh.iteigoot, tid iiiay rely WITH -tao lTAINT¥ ilm he rilsta cit Ntwll, i ii (time spucilled I hrough all -os t . 1 ilh clrrlllrp e sllmtih Cllrl "slur n (leto l Ne w orktl lls .9 1i M in carriild hy this ioutle. iThe Aglts lir aillclrllntlo liitlllt,'i'malll, CuoIh- Liital d v-loivLs r ile nt SIiu.roas-rd The smooh, hard, tnlatutionl odi, the mlto and hintrI catinltg oi -tte i. i ortcigt i i e v t itt aiv- cco llllntlionl tlg vatieti.y; ctsedluoites It wietro wilht-v Riuale Road Chatt-lestonl, S.C. (an tohe ale:It j1,-vkets it) New lo rk tlivelels call retlth New yolk lionle New Ourle:lls s iian TlA II oart--etoslinrgthlt itn hit 12. Frion Ciolttahoolhee, Florida, we haoo a Rlmns' Lieo vit oouin ' ailid 'thalhthassee, to St lMarks, 4 tohe post rnacies, also twa Ilreonche fi'om HawkinavillI onae to .li llellglille, alid olh0 to .ealcotI, Ii it two aliits noadlei. STlOCK I'ONS J ? co. AlvrT, 21.)thl Jai,. 1835. RAfice a I MlalitSi liotase Mobtilea , L riasottic, New Orleans to Mo ilce, 15tl iila Mluile ta Autigalsa, 5410 ai Alguista toi hitlealsni, 13tF (Cltivason Io New aYork, 8t0- 180 Tion, Nuw Orlean to Mobila, 2' Ihlur Mobile to Augtllsl, :. 2 Augsaat to Chatlesnom, 12 ' Cthuoleton to New York, 86- 258 Making 168 Iniles pietr day. or 7 mliles Iler lo-r, hclu sie of tallstolpgllaes. n N. It. I hcg leave to ittfotmt tie iphliclLl that it bheilcea over the Cihataliookeswitn1tall n tl Ltard Ibo creek Ilavejust beetn onmllleted Iy thie general govern. eant, (tlhl ily obshacles olvtiratilg itlainsttii safet aii speedlly i.Olte i atie tlus halppily- relnovvdnt uclltave the pileaaure oiletnlllg frotn tr:vellers tha, the coaches,her. a'--, ilt'vets tlaol roadls are ol tthe first oadlet; tiud ats to tit waltelr rotste liPem ulelsaloa to Cellar Illut it is ailmit ell byI all who have passed tlrot.uh it to be tlsunt-1,rult io invetltia. blealty ,ctl safety. Th'le ibridlges ithrotgl Georgia have also heeercpairead. J NI C IAKEIR DI .AYS & CARTS--5 Phliladelphlia drae., 4 do ctirai, 4 pr t ox wlltcls, 1 trueso, 18 dirt ald wood harrows, in store, for sale by nl16 CHA.IIA LIN & C(KOOI EC t EN'I'EEI, furie'ied Apartrnernrs to rent at Ito cor ner of Julia and Carrndelet st. mar 18l ALLIGATOR LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. v Leaves Mobile Tuesdays, Thurs. days, and Saturdays, per tihe e splendid steamer Champion, (ex-. cept in case of storms,) to Pensacola t thence per steamer Le Roy to La Grange, and thence four Irorso post coaches via Mariana, BDinbridge, Pinl. derton, Berrien, Outlaw's, and Perry, to Macon, SGa; thence via Milledgeville, and Sparta, to War renton, thence per rail road cars to Augusta. is The Champion is in splendid order, with new i copper boilers, coppered and copper fastened. I 'The tl Roy has been thoroughly repaired, her accommlnodatiaon are as handsome as any beol. P The beautiful Santa Rsa Sound, and Chocta. It watchio Bay present tile most interesting steaml na. vigation in the South-being at the samlct ime perfectly land locked. llhu Teamns are not surpassd on any route ill the country ; the drivers, to a man, caretfl and atteru t tive. Th'le bridges heretofore dangerous have b en newly bult, ro that high waters do not inter ere. Tle eating houses have been n natly chlanged, Sutand are now as good as on any roe d in the Sonth. i It is generally known that the excellence and thardness ofl te roads enable the teams ut all sea t sorls to make great speed. Thieir smoothnsn s soe cures the travei:er frot the ordinary fatigue of o; stage travelling. m The Line is tnoy carrying its passengers from it Augusta to Mobile in four days and twelve I hourn, or to New Orleans in tour days and twenty r hours. Going to Augusta, the line is six days d nd seven hours. The time actually employed in travelling is the same as in the other direction, but tile diflfrence uo time on tile route, is caused by a day being lost inl Pensacola, which, however, is sell repaid by the opportunity it gives ofaeaing tie Navy Yard, tie old Spanish Forts, etc. The I traveller also nleeps at Macon, and again at War. t tenttn. This arrangement will continue till the travel turns northward, when the line will be the s,5 re from Mobile to Augusta, as it its nlw in the rt otlher direction. r This Advertisement contains a plain stat mert 's of f.cts, tle accuracy of which tie proprietors gaurantee to each passenger in the penalty of his Sstage fare. S Maps of the Line inay be sen at the Ex, hange SHotel, Nrw OJrleans, and at the Mansion House, Mobile. Faro thirough from Mobile to Augusta, $47 W~ Tihe line extends, by a branch to Tallahaesee. bt Clattnhooclte, the line contnects with the steatmbrat carrying thIe mail to Apa aehieola and r St. Joseph's. 'tli he at tiLe Maasion House. Mobile. mit? O BOSTWICK, Agent, Mobile. 'T'A'dttE O Lutt l llAo.nA-First Judocial strtet Court, the tate of Louisiana, to all whom theta plesents shall come, greeting: Whereas-S-amuel C. O n, George R. Ogden, and Edvard lorke, hoviig purchased at a sale mode by tho Syndic o thle credithor of Egerton & Wittra, ile proper ty hereinofter dactibedLuins applied to thie clerk ofthic court, Ibr a n ition or adveltiseoreat in confurmity to en act of the Iegilnlttroe of the state of Louioana, anti tied"An act for the furthper assnronce oftitleg to pur chasers at judicial salen;" approved tle Illth day o Marcl, 1834. Now, theore,ur keow ye, rad and o persos intereste d herein, are hereby eited and adtnon:ahled ill the nallme of the late of LouiSiana, and of Ille first judicial o isrict court whlo eoa set any rigl, title or elnim in and to the property Ilreionafer decribed, ill Sonsqoeneo of ally enfornlhlty in the order, decree or jldgjoIOfe Olrc. oe t under wiclh thoesnle was audo , or any irregulrity or illegality in the oripraisrtnents alrd advertinset ets, inl time orlonner lf 'sale, or for any uther defect wrltatW ever to how cause wtin thirty days from the dy this Monition is irst iserted it tile olio te panpers. why the nsale o imde should lot be confrored and Icoo.d locatt'd. lhetsoid l iroperty was etol by tie Syndoic aforesaidl on the fl4th day ol'Joarrv A. It. 1.9, by virt e (tI oi' order ofthiis eaort, renderl rei n the. toroth tloi of FebIo ary, A. I). 1838, it the mctter of John Egertor and Jatos I.. Wbhrny on tiheir creditors and the renditorsn f Egerton and Wiltray-No. 11396 of the dtcket of this oeurt, ot whit:h sole said Suiouel C. O(gde, George B. , Ogden, and Edward Yorke beantoe tie purchasers lire the price hereinafter mentlioned. Dlscliption of the property as givea in Ito judicial cotnveyance, viz: Lot no. I. I.otofground in flobohrg Sanlet in tho squoare abouned y Culio, Prytouie. Cniotope atnd Nayade streets, as per plan drawn by J Calllonu,, doled '24ch Jaueorv, 18:39, and delottit.jd in thi e foaIl:o of Josepo1 B. MIarks. Esq. notary publoic ti, mneaurin g 29 frt 4 inches front on Protnnee streete, by 1211 feet io depthr, and fronton Chlio rsi eel. 'oi Sr lutel C. Oiden, George B. Oglden, anod Edward Yorke, $3,y7c0. Lot tlo. , ill tile t aolllo e o (IIr. reT ioCUeZstt rio e i J tet fetorut on Irytaolee stret, y Itl) Oit deep, nijoiincg no. I to thpe saule ltrehasor. c :,1j)i0 I.ol 1o,.:1, in tite. sun r cllletonr adjoi ig no . Iatvillo Ivlia o n s e empst ln de 1, to veUs.te ourchasers lu no. 4, is tilc scnuo sqare dljoilire o. i, eand honvitg Itole o front i and tIt dept, to tie sa i lpr chansers ..1 :f th, nrit t otee tier. nlteeqo r ill djtl n fini cco. 4 alnd iltoring tire Slle Ifrotll tl nd idepti l tle o ato per t hio ml, oc1.1 Lot tt. ,rrin thic 0 quartvnde aodjtoiiig ane.5 adt tltvit g tile elllll lrout a dt Id toh, to 11, e atone ur Lot ien. 7, il lie e o st tt ree dixiitng no. Ii, ld Ilavieg the I'amie rl3llr nd dlpth, to the e lour I.e t lnn. r inc tihe Eale solnr eanr Wlilllrig o , ando ohaving the smoe fro anc t llt ee tou the tlnal pet chaierti, o:,900) leo no, !1, ill I ile n r Gqellsre iadjr, Og io , and ltovig t oteh tuoe ifro t and d et irt t r tih r. ooai. ier ci hacs' ,., en : ,9.n ,o ritno.10,in te latc g i ttd';, r, s lT e. tr. an f N oI i .t i. l l0 i dot pt0t td o t o h tu e t io t eo p00 ur0 ' 0hsel , .s9i5 i 10 8 taoot o. It, inth l il till U t o r a dj oulitr o. liot , ale too Sotrilg , nhdt s Ii ntPlrt tio owche1rcto t'lle eoc tll' t .l b¥ f.t ill de th oaltd Iunllt ial t alliope trlorec, tot tIe" st ow or 'lher eTlevrcn atssle sold"ll, the rx iIuive brie t I,,e tit' He t , I. toot to.o e ie ito rite , t n ad downU ilu 1 pithe ll rbrred eo. ' rrue l---if ff ajolu t i h ,e so. Otugre ot 6 12, 18 ond Ei4 onwortitoreiRt, fior alltretd e, oiried 0nte with In wi eotn i ess wh.reofh vo hereuoto e itrcc i. i. S hand end aoixed thei sei l oo aideuofi ctiN. 5th day of 9arch, A. I). 1839. tll 3t it 30 it JrItIN tL. I.I:WIS, E IAT DE L \ LOUIlSIANE-Cour du prenm. ier district judiciaire. L'etat do la Louisianoe, no toos nux quo ree preoenten eoneernent, oalut : Attendu quo Sramuel C. Ogdeu. George Ii. Ogdren, and Edo ned Yorke syant achtoe6 hon u vents fait pe Inl Syndic does eranierso do E gerton &. Wihray. is propritct6 deioaprt; decrite, no soot adresscs a Greflo d e ctto coor, pour un, avi conll 'oro6dout ctt hotn aote de lI LegiCrslature dtli'tat d clo Iouosiantcc, intitulod 'Acte pour confii cr leto titres dces ao. quereurs tux venotr jodieiaire ;" apprnouv to 10i Mars 1834. t,'il soit eonnu, ct totoes personn or int6retcc lent plar croes clllrtce$nnrrlldoo a noiot dr Pett do Il Louisin elt do l sciuri du premtVier district judciaro, gore pourraoient ecoir droite tl proprdt.5 ci.alpr, doe ritee,e cuonocqurcnee don d6_ ofait do or teIdais l'ordre, Ito dccret o io jugenlent de locour, co v'eroti duqqe la cnte ttd cr86a clde, oul de toute irregulagrity 1u illtfgalit tio l1catiloaotln, Toia o In tepnlLt ro totde oi lta vocttto, 0oo0ril o tno neltrc cause rouehlnuco eor, tie tiro vcir, dvells trente jotur hdlorttn do ]a thitton tor do cttet avis, poorn ytoi la vntte ointaIilo noc seraot pas uonrtfrcc et htuologuto e. lta doile propritio lout veduo par . Syndic susdit le ld)t4jour de Jnvioer, doe I'or"t 1o.;9, en vertu t'on diott do c'tto Coenr, rendu le dxllite ojour de F t vrier d t oclcuto 1638, doatr I'toclire do Jlon Egrl,. on and Jaets L. Wothray ao . tvur ellrci, rs t.t teo cr6.tneioers de Ege of ando Wttlraey-No. 1.1::96 du docket oo roote Coor, a lucqell veto lee di a Salnuol C. Ogden, Gcorgo Ii. Ogdeo, eand .tward Yorkc se r nt renduo o.quttrcurso pour le prix de ciappris mentionn. Deseriplou do, la propri6t6 d'.tprcs le transfer judiciairo, nsavor : No. 1. Un lot do terre sitode ..ons le faubourg Saulot, Snit to place honod par his rues Ctio, Pry. tan6e, Calliop , et Nayades, snr on plan faiL poe J Calhoun, dal. '24 Janvier, 1839, et ddpoed on bureau do Joseph BIloark, Esq. notaire public, rod sorant 29 pieds 4 pooces do face dates to rue do l'rylanooe sr 136 pieds de profondenur o do faco nor to rue do Clio, odjuo , a NS rooiet C. Ogden, George B. Ogden, and Edward Yorko, pour tc prix do ........ $3,700 No. 2. Un l.t do terre situde dons la mume place, mesurant 29 pieds dans la rue do Prytan6e sur 120 do profondeur, at a cold do no. 1, aux mnomes acqudreurs, $3,000 No. 3. Un lot do terra situdo dan Ia mme place, i cold do no. 2, at ayont les ile llaUs propr-. Lions, aux dlt acqudrers, $3.000 No. 4. Un lot de terra sitos6 dans la mnsmo place, BI cot6 do no. 3, eL ayant le Inm6mes propor Lions, nux dit acqudureuro, $3,050 No. 5. Un lot do terre situde dans Ia iodie p!a e, It cold do no. 4, a ntayont i , smomes propor tions, lux dit ocqudrcurs, $3,150 N. 6. Un lot do terre situde dans la memo place, cola do no. 5, at ayant les mnemcs pIoportiols, aux dit acqundreurs, $:l,400 No. 7. Un lot do ltrre situdo dans la memo llace, a cold do no. 6, et ayant lta molelcs propor. tions, anx Iemos acqudreurs, $3,350 No. 8. Usn lot de terra situdo duns la n eos place, I colt do no. 7, et aiyant Ice melnes propor. lions, sox dit ncqudreurs, $3,900 No. 9. Un lot do to.r siludeo dens la .nsem place, a cotl do no. 8, at syost le maneteas propor tions, aux dit acqu6reurs, $3,900 No. 10. Un lot de terra situ6o dans la memo place, a cold do not 9, et ayant leas Incaes propor. lions, aux dit acqareures, $4,300 No. 11. Un lot do terre situ6e dans sla m0o1e place, S cold de no. 10 mesurant 29 pieds) quatre pouces duns Is rue de Prytando par 120 do prolon dour et do face sur sla rue Calliope, aux dit acqud. roers, $5,300 Les onze lots sent vendus avec ln privilege oxelu Ssif duno all el ayant 15 pids doe largeur sur le dur ribre' solon lI plan ci-mentionnd. Conditions--$1800 sar cheque lot, argent coamp tant, et Il bnalIne S 6, 12, 18, et 24 I:oins, enl cro. r dit pour les billets endossds at approuv4b avoc hypo. lthlqule jusque le derniar paiment. I a tomoin de qualoi, Jo I'aisign, et J'y ll. t 0 appl.d lI scau dudit Cour, ce jour 5 \ are, A. D. 1839. m12 :t ain 30d JOlIN L LEWIS IOAl-°7ti tongsu ftle bet, English coalwell sutitd Sstlr ste mlsltll e b lt use o bolrtl b.ilur .Alealllo, flronl New I:ulei, fur slei by Ill)l.,l'sS & OIILI.S. joeI Ilnk PIluce E V IGsOO12dS-Bush & Allen hove js a rereived S u spllendid assortmletll o lisle Fucv(cyotdslt, sinl i ble four I'ruserus. comnprisilg ladies' crItitng desIls, dressing cases, work botes, IullIical lsxes, IpnrtIfliost needlle bssk.isl Ioperl, lshell uadl ivosry, carl calrs mllld f ssoseslts iushltldul w lhlerlnlttgd S oltls.s:ket ouks, pur rs, opera gllsesr, gos 1d id i.ilver pencilsl sr flnlery 0o all kindu, e Itler, &t, at ll E II 11.ZAAt 1d29 calr St Clharles t& :olulton st., Exclat.tue lTO Ti'I I.AI)IES. A TKIN)ON'S I,'ILI.,AlI'O RY-,le removing sui L perdttns hair frrluls the ofusre, neck ulsll armtsl witI aqnal cately : sd certainly, teting lhe akis tiner assl whiter than beforet tie aplliatits. A fiersh supply just receivedl at UUION'S, Ns I Euchnlge Ilotel, cernes St Cearles uand Comatso stre Its. sli .fINE--151 boxes Clairet and tlauserne Wine, is Sstore nstl Itr Sale. Iy je'a CIIAOIIl'.IN & COOPER,82 Julia l.- IOIE-I150 coil Buale Itope, of lsuerio aualit., fotr sale by feliS IAAC BOIIUDGE & Co, 134 Masgazine *)tUnslN-.OIU ibs rosin Isgssoill9 a essljuiltos-li. a Lnlagne, and I.l" sale by maur 19 SIIALL & BRO(WN, 96 Magazine s, 'OM1l'PASSES, 'I'TIIERMOMETlEoK, MICROS. ) COPES, &c.-Just received anl for sale by Wm. McKeon, corner of Camp antI Common slreets, ar general assulstlent of Survyor'a CoIllpasses, ltathrenlatical Instrameunts, lSrawsil e I' s. Spitgl I)ividendls, wprmlg Blss letis, Ivory Pro 1 trmelur, Ivory Icales, UInter's Scales, Glass Triangules, Parallel Rtulder, Micro-enese, lTherlnl.ern or, Ceamea Ohbaursse, urvey Chains, leasru"e i Tapel, tci BALDNESS. A lEAUTIFUL hend of hir is thi erannlda t oren I lt l hhlongin I tle holnan I -anP. IHow nrnnga ly tile lops o it ehances th1e Collllllrrt s l Itr ald tla tmrelv Irin[s on the hppeeritiee ofold ae, whch lil wI st ee tn to necoil ate heileelln leord, an sOelltillrs eeyell to ihlli prlleietv to avoid tie lely ani nRn'eerv of tlleir i equail.tunre:tele ro nai ler l tl'e ir lives are cetl elienctly spent ill nethelen. ct hiorti t.h not CevII tlhe lossl f iroperth filst te gete t i lhinkin yt'll i t tit net'vv esiiking eln n as dnee the Inns O lit1 hir. iT.ert all thtee Uttilea-ant eiren insttnnnes,Ollhidet.' inlle of Ciioumhina eltei the hauir fet,l hflincr eofen the first nppliiatio, iced a few I ottlMe resnrs it annili. It likPwise prolnlmes eeN row, and whiskerl, ' prevents tit ilnir lroln turnine grnv miakes it cllrl Inntifilly, nnd fieeni it from sCtIrf. NInertnne tmilnritcleS 'tl t.e firtt realpettlbility in e liort of tlne illulse of Otldrilgl.t llalnt, are lhown by the proiprnetor. if Read the follering: Rotlert Wharton EFq. lnae q llaor iof Plhilnadelp thse nertiflea' te ny nehe sie n bel, to thr c e lsGh la.l e r ofhhlle fll iwine imtentle` nce 'Ile Itnderigned tIe lentrby eerti tha lltnve usei the Ildllm of Coliml m li·m vered bv J(.Oldridee. and have fiLnd it hiEily tervilRable not only as a prverntiv Oieaieln thie felling offtof hair, it aelso a crtainl renl tire. WI'LLfIAM 'I1 rATCIIER, Senior, MlFethodist Minister in Sit (er'Lae P n IHre, No ;lii Nerth Ilifth t. JOIIfN f IC'(i.1 t3 ,.ti C AI li treet, . JOIlN i FI.'l:Y l',th, tpruceptrenn . JOIl) iAItII, Jr,1i. Anrch street. It i klnoWnii that tiree of itIi abovii igiinen pr le e me , than 5ineienrH ofe n, and the .the.s not lecnii'tha, s.u Conbmlenealth of PCot.vl,.naen. Cii i h i ,v te ' hiad phin. i I. Roilert Whartoln. 'Iavor i f viil (litv nlf ihille. lhin, do nlrev brcertilv t oht II na ll cl in ditnedoi wii nrldr J I'oldenlive, oik an d F drns, nohI Hoet Mavurdy, whos e a in llle i Igtnii fo . il.ralr e'.rliflg ntelhy I hI V eICll faill reed itdpl ln b Lgivell t simell ell cerlilioale a 'l, n s. I ind IIIIIIIn, III R nllic inc ai nPir. OSEVk itn t lhein bet. ieil , newth. (miinne lmn hats a slendid crha lvm d wvrlkswbr il which is represtnted nile Il fnin sniie t, we i inin m , t in Seulli .Ihla le o_ wniter! il V t or ae nts for .anll. ri& e. o'. Ileiellle, stireet, n'ir Ma hil I.dllelnle ne dloi led ., e'mrllncroi, e id ly IeOnt druggisisnnd perflllleu t' ,:igih hi contl'nlr . .IAI'IS &. ANI)DREWS,, e oli9 Wiholensae Agoent, New Orlennne. N ORRIS & Co. Ne. 381 Chaeres street, ale now receivine arid opene.g Ihe nst le pliendid, snn stantial and nfshiennal e oteck of Cloihing they have ever exhibited in thin tarkci, consisting in part of the folinowine articles: blue, hine black,jet black, londn browne, citron, elice, london ernloki and olden olive frock and dress coats: heavrtr, stable and herring ton frock coats, eleganlly firnisn ed; fancy and plaini blacnek cassinimere and elhch pentloonsin english and french faiecy and plain silk and satin vests; real new manrket comfnorts; enlish and french F. lc ani ilain scarfs ande hdkfe; chnamoi.s, silks-web and untnl-eletic iis pCnder s; c llis, m erino, locnl'e wool, we'sh fl an nlc, silk rnd cotton nei Fheris and drawers; fine Iini e and cotton shlirts, wilh linin hsole , plain 'td ruffled; ivor penrl ani plain hnndlne silk nlt. hrellas ; e Grali'" prennillll IlCic-alsn, a beautlifl article if whlie kill, foir weddinns, hellm. &e.; Sprililefield silk ndl rndena hidkfs; plain. fi.ured and enbroidered aliecnlC rlri do.; silk,i lnlt wools, rnarino, germanolwn, illand brnwoil and while colteoli hialf hose; nall of iwhich nhey oUtr et w Ir cashl or to ptnlunl customers ns ilsulol. Nov. I S lbeen ln neeed. blth here rind io the norlh witin unifoii o ii s . cc. lir ci el inh all nd it litrnint ile teilh alld preven tine tile i.t nehotlle ; presern illi thlie gint1, pIlor!int IhI ti nli, bat'l ant reiinLi niil disieses tin whichi ihe iniilli ins lihle in i eiler IhII adul nir in illl --()ln tiel pIo1IIIIlilI, mllied in n wlen gin1lnsul ol pure Wiltier. iiiid Sii tplillled to tile neltli ih usianl lianne, with al brusLh , willm fli'eclally pc ,enlt scllte, nid nwardd off that ixcruniaintingipainl I nelarrd n ill)h hv. F. Wctt'ianier SIlrIenic! Din. list In Jmlimn ffrl u (',lil ,iei, nill "a'hnt whleoIe and retail y CAIII;I'Oi)N & Co. 31 ianal s'. ik selie II.enls hir \Waner's O'cl ,nlica SAl)DLER'Y WARV P .-The he sub.crIer, rnn.' st Sf'acturers and,wholesale dealers in slddlery goods, are now' rceeivine by aIne arrivals from rthe : :iorth, in addliri. to tlhir Iormrir stock, an exen- r i sive nssortenlt of articles inl ltir lirL, amonllg which are tie followrr viz:g, 1 Ladies and misses plai anrd quilted saddle, tientlemuen's n dh Sillnish do Sdo hlexrlcan do do do C rele do tl do do A nesr. do ti a do do I'nglich do o Youth's do Spanish do . b ido Creole do r A Anr. and Eng. brdlis and bridle nountinge, do do mnrtinail :s, O Plaed, braes, and japanned coach harnesse , do do rdo 'r and sulken do S do do do thrronche do Dray, cart and wagon do a Saddle baege douile andsi nole; valices; medical saddlic bags, rlrss, Is carpet bags; best iron frame - leatier foiio trunks, brass rniled; leather boot top do, assoried sizes ancd vntiou stylee; h)Ilsers and r isnal bellie coach, gi,, sulkey, twig and planrllre Scrop wlripsl wool worsted, dultton and leaoher girths eaid sursin.lcs; silirrp l leathers: trunk ¾ siraps an.d worrsted rain wer; chain and okl, Shntomen; blind bridles and lines; cotch collars, 0 and hurse and mule collars,.f alr qualities; mor. . Srocco, buck,bear.sheep and butlil, skines; piited eO brass and rteel bridle bits of evry droseription, 0 lated, brass and steel spurs ot every descrption; p plaited brass and steel stirrups of every descripso - ions 0 Togeter with a complete assortment of revery F e articl in heir line of business-rall of which thley offer for sale on accorrnodatlng ternlms 0 They will also continue t r.eceive through t ihe year, by packets frorr New Yirke, Iresb slrprlis to their stock ample and completr. O KOUESr DAVIDSdIN& co, a I l5ndiiaise. ( NEW MEDICINE. Dr. . R. iP'rlp's Cromrpound T'O.1IITO PILLS, [Entirely Vegetable.] t A nea anrrd inrlarbl e Mediscine Jir all Diseases, i a substitute fir Calomc/, ras tt nar /ir liic i I"'errr aota all Billicrn AfroU. io'tio. III':SE polpuhir Pdls Itita lg d tllilaiOl{l Ocsf a newlyI dis lcro rsAlkallird . k raIe t es a.rid lhata ,ce Ulte " ,n.tU P- 'ntlan with uthbrbeglhesuiacsr's V. icll hae becell tbUilld r it, Ncrriri S.dlu'os IIr elclcs, a e Irelinevct. o ielthr teit Alter-e arlive lril 'rathlr rlic OlaIIhrir ,ver dlo :llored. 't'hey Ilae ben Lritoeiehld asod s ccesiBctuly siren ,t soilta e celd Sul cireral iprbleatiosll lfor cotr'uhl rt, seprrs J, Jesadise, ld lio, disises, (raverl, Illrlreatirilll t:uuclra, Ccld, Influellr : , Catoteer, Nerwsas dibeaire, Acid ralooabh Glanotldar s cl linea stall klhdissl r clriacll., ab,Coiii'. Ilcadurhre,&c Arr Aclidte rIo Clllltegirua arld Elridellle dlrers.o; tos pna vent tle b rrrtllrr rr af r lliuus iie a hs tr afii'c'illsi 1 scr, re as ld Ague, Ac. ill thIre Wosie re ate hot clslalU, aU d lot aid ma.rally .rountrieri nld tile Ibest cathsllri ot slull be IlrUr.d foir those 1-111hte.. S m.ewll ltill tied treirrltr iniOrbll, resedy K for the Sruvv: aa. d Traveller te heatCIe e Illcdicllrrmlhe ra d rlie cullr'trabl tire dallsgors of eXlcure I allllnhuatly iIh it. rlater. Forordilrr iry Fialllyrlly)b ic, tll.r er ulll l tlllyin l r. a proved ai 111i best A-eoflfe red. 'The pes' lar vbsrlue oir the 'eolna Plhnt, haoe fr ablotg l tilnre anrctned tilre tsrneiontl rho IlPdicale prrLpasiI and rleb ipublic, and great itreretha, Iteerll dirctled to tie cehrpernelrl ef itr Illelrc ital r quuhtiera, which the Ireiprietor ryis larpy illheing now arle to grlltify--atl proerlrls {lir prills 'o sle !fiblir, sith tlre full arlllit'rllce r' thirir beillg Illo MOST g esls ter tl eurlol,rboate llia llllrlr. s, r rapidly Illereasllna if demand for, aItil tllrhe iiicrcrl ll rtrprloratioi heb towed IIrlllr hrem, as all additional evideoe iof lheir Ills aiar and usa. I1, presolathlig ii, nrnicle to the alulic, she prritrielrr are iltltiUoled by thle hspe tlhai a lldlellld lerarer d with llrt'lh scre, uud w ri c abtt regarrrd to tile Chemicarl sld"|heraslca. ic rroprers ofa .,t cvertl ilrgredienlr, ahsuld lakbe the rlace of' sIl irrespnsihlo illedicltl of thle day, nith wlich rhe is coutrygsalllld--ald frosm ths favor already beslnwerdupaon it by phyricians and ollrer, hie feel, justified is expectilg thkr For a fll ac.aunt cf llris intesresting dirocely. lestimi - Sals,mode of o lteratiol,. Ac. see lamphlet, whtci nray be had cratis oftall wlho ellthoie pill. Nosne are geauinrewlthoo rihe sigtnre or G. It. PHELP, M. D, raul prprletor, Ilartliord, Conas. FOR SALE BY', E A Flllardre, General Agllet, Na. 13E Exchangce Places near nths t'hl t Olice. Also, byi A APe)bhanu, No 12J l Rue lnyal I- J. lBaker & Co, No l NRw Levee, sDr. A Marhall, Currier St Jdllle arud Thapicrulosert,. J. Ros, Lafayette Ciry. G N Morriosn.No II, Cuarl street. G lJce., eonaerTivali Cisel and Tritun WlIk. SThonre thlat ish n ct ars Agentc, addres.r : A FOI, ANOBE, wholerale Aje-u mar I * )AINTS,OILS, GLASS, lIttUcIES, Ac.-n landing froln ship (COllitilutll, anid for sale-lz 16.000 feet orglass, best qualily, tli'te 8XIO t t 23X28 300 kegs whlite lead, pure; 350 do gree paint,u in 25 libr. n'. dao ajalancd tin Inratnan sl,. Iitl ltlmage; 26 doz nplendlil 0iOlt ground bra~thea, alno ot'00t0t and I)00( do; 2 '.ases craue green in powder .u erior article do do in calls; a large assortmelllnt ofsuth tools of everylv sizennd quality; nble penciln f llrrtiste; tannintrkIicrg brushes for elrchannt; artist's colors il o, readn pra: pIreai, hi nxeE, lilted :'p with all neaeassry brushel; .tiat' tmole, &e. Flake un nt, emnity whire; b60 acks gold leal'; white anlld yellow wax; gtl arnitn nnti a large aln lhoice ua ntrttt.tltn ofnttnts, (Irv colortt anil, tnitn nntiu vaenatti, &n., Iar salt, whulolale unld reatail, at tte loweat ptliert ,l by MONlEL.I, n28 53 Cam .p . tltDtI'.RS RECE IVED lFOFt) .tOjNES' 1iA. TE.VT CO T7'O.YV (j1, Ily the Patentee, No. 53 Mlagazile street, N,'w ()1 In TI'O E MANUFACTI'I;ID IN NEW\ YORNKE BY ROBER'I' IOlE & Co). SCUALE OF Ial1lCES.I-Dohle Gtnne. For a double Gill el' i " saws or nlte ol elch cylinder, making I1f) sas in the stald, with lfeedelr,, hall, L&. at $l6 persaw, or $95i0 t(nI Folr a litlll: (;ill of ill sa vs n at i a llcr, or ait) sanas il the standll, fuethers, .e. a $6 per saw, oar 720 iO0 IForatl. of t4 ,saen ilnn.r o 8 II n i ll1 stall, :l $G."2. per saw, or it50 lo For do. of' d0 saws on1 d. or 40 saws in a st:ai ait6.50 pet'r sa, or 20)1 t0n SIlN IE G.INS. Foer singlein of ul saws or or, with onllle set lf iletlec s, 1bl, &.c. at $.i , a wavla tIf8 00 For do. of 6t) sanws, with letnders, &c t $a ; 90 per saw, 391i t() For dtto. io -it saws, with leedetl , r&c. $t; 75 per saw, S.)X) (HI For d. ol"f tsaws, with ci'ners, '&e. at$7 501 per snaw, 1tnt 0ti Exti ttattt nhtere desirted, f, I, feeders, slpplied A itI cents t 'n;llt the,' til ber on 'Ielth, bei all b t it etial: tllle naler tol' saws. nae set of tiedesll, it is cln sider l howevear, will :eat nut Iwo r I' hree sets of sows. E]xtrasawssupplied al 80 corlls eachl. The B(ilts oirdeired, will be delivert d to the gentsll o IIIlIeI's in aily of the sea porkl (owl, i l tie ctt,.eo - pl GItt'O'h o.t the sat i from Ne t'tYot , ntn betit;t'nn r'-it st.i,le th t llhealllllmllllntolt tile (iln. A .lin wrichi willhe setit ith the ti inns to putt tlnh p ~hbltre d" sit'et; tle thlt'tgents ftr' , Ilae seltrite will be cxtra, but mteer',ee Iron iliiit ingeirean 'il cs he ordered whle redsired, otnntnntsotnbltt te:tts, bi;, nill be ttha'gedextrat. IIorse power, fna lescrplint, can t be itrnithed ott like terms,. Smtall stann engines can ills be or'dered if de sired. It iidesiralilv, lhen pilanter give orders n foen Gins, they slioul tnecolnpany theln witl their views in regard to tlhe.rrtanlgenielltt saws, breasts, brushes, &n. It is tauln they diiteri opinion. Sonie desire sawn of larger diaeler titan others. The mnost conllnone sizte is 9 or 1 inlches; i, . some wish them l'2 inches. Somer wish 5 or 6 riows( i bruslhes oil anll axle, while olthers do niot want more tha at most. Sa.lle wish saws wih ll torJteeth to thie inch, nwhile others want liour It. W\ , ltsch discr'epiancy, we prefer tllhey shoild, at the time of giving orders, lirn'ish a statemenit of their wislhes, and the Iallili.liurei.t cal, lll them ill ever I partictular. Where it is left to oudisct·letion, we shall make them on ihie most modern aid aplproved plan. Anl ordel can bie exeut d, fron the tine it is ireceivedl, in the space ol'eighlt or Iie weeks, andtl Ihe ill il that timne plcoliti te Ialllds ot' the linctor. To be it, tlime for the next crop, all orderls oulght to be in the handis of ithi mnt tnn lturers by the first or mnilcttle of' Iay; acxept or plntations wlelethey arcltee t i colnmunullingl to pick or gill eottolln. N. 1I. 'lThe atent Iligllt, for :ne one of Itie cettol lg t".ing States, will be sold on reasonable terms. r, 3.6mao LUCINA CORDIAL. LE CORDIAL IE I.UCINI2 t t. Et.IXIIl DE I.'A31OUR.-- Tihe United States .\elnt br ithe Luc:ina Cordial or EIFixir of Love, returnila iis gratefuil ilt Vioa , .lel for t le t i'. Itei ' It rOntgt'i ~n hinag e llks alrealv retrcivd, an s Aid o I t tt ile, 0r te in nials whlch hae,' been sent h tn Moubiln. tnhe th, li1 in n,' tinte., ina ' ellhcenv of Inn', ainst'Iina e tin.tcin e. i Tl'he well i'onlld"t hie lilnlhln title III.t:iehli C1ordii'dh larranllts the ent in wtllraling his lon' advetrtise lielt,; but her die betfit of those persons who 0,~y i yet Ibe liluwae If its natlre, he woul explicitly i silte thau it i Dr. n!lltintia lecbnlra t discoverny, hich has ceated nlh it seneatiln in France.-'Jhat it speedily restoes thnin virile powers, where they hnlve been exhausted lyt disease or Ilierwise, nd substan nlhli relantei tt eatinn funn tin nsi itiI Int i nn eittletll allnre Inr the Intr lbues; annd shove all that it is the only rennledy everdisonveled Ibr the retoval iof ilotency inll llles anltll arrlnness inll elnl . Owilg Ii its vsulgv iaviorhluti qlullslities, it is iAlso highly v it- I fill ill gltPt, obl.elnltett diceu'. r tistfil l ,dutma bion, hnconthinece ofhe trlne, or int"d untarv disncharn e tionls of tle ilged c. In order that all clahses. of society mnav receive Ih Ibnefiit tif 1)r. Ma3lliai' discovery, tilih :merian ipro. bir atr s conseted tIat the C utdi lll shalII e l i wlicih is.o ls lhIIbI llle half' Ile pice caliarged fcr it ill JOIlN WINTERS 11OI.IO EltWEI.i, Il. I. United Slales rolprietr. The above medicinh is thir tnille at iwholesale and retail at Non. I6 Ilhlysi streetlbetween ltgnazile and naip eir. New O)rleansU. 0?i6i AlRIA(iE PIitSIOIA.tICAII" DIS CU il.E i). "'rnnslaltedfron the. French of Jeal u- l tbis, IM. I). by Williain Greefiel. l Part Ist. )t i the e essiti oi .larrilt t e !r. frtc 2d. lsntincl:uis incourtiig, with a clle or Li l'art 3d. * * Part l * * * a " SMarr;a.- Phvsiolvrically ltisiased in the n-ost taseflil, asld dei-iledly the ostll intnisting work hllat we t Sever read, It will break upi more rakes nall sipilistrs, I and stake more more married nen 1111 lltt Ipnllu lie tlil thila hlu severbeeli san tioeille b te . l t col of illv.en.-Lan .lotuaateure. 'l'is is a greallt book, and will hbe pro.hntive of much I good inll thl e e un ity, llllilV t is o, ir i lilillt r in Iatu it tad ti 1ib, I',, ,e h aI , ril t. it , h N i [J c . Ii o .. n,." treat i I it more dhcalbel. \ 'e esl liallh renumll l lll its " hlsructm ions is. C'anrning," to the aittetion o, t all iOllll l Ill di 111a 1 i Id e titIll ItItI t Ilmay I I n li t It pIrtileri.-l.e petit Cotrier li. I)anotes. For saleant no 65 It',5 yders at beltwoen llgailZillne IIand Camlllp sreet. I'llr I . _IARnRISON's SPECIFI'I OIN'I'TMEINT- ',to great cobrity of 'lthis unrivalled (C,. til position, escilei t!ly in tile Northern itatet, lealv s the proprietor but lttle meed to say any thing ill its Iavor; for It has been lenerally conceded ito it, that it is beyond all eomparison thel I, st renledy a for external colmplainls that Ilhas ever horn disco. ynvered. Indeed peed l. d Iandt certainty of its .op. ratii is have thi e plhpenaraceo of Itiralcles ; as ne Is, w unds, corns, fever sores, cll.ldblains, whllie swtl lings, biles, piles, spider a d snike bites &. ilmtllll diately yield to its apparently sullperhulin .i iuflu. eaine". Thus if Iroperly applihd it will rlllllve an I- inveterate corn, or break andl teal a l lt e inl litve days, will allay and perfectly uron ani ulcer in two d weeks: anld tile nlot desperale elases of white I Swelling thaet cant be ilnagined, lia\ lit.rn destroyedII e by it i lesstlian two liunth. IU t tie bitels it of pi. Ssononus reltilex itl cficay is ri!y rurlcrisnig, all Ieven in the bite i fit rabid dog, for if eapplied in tillle, its piowers o'atlractiojn itr sot wondtrti'ul that they will at once arrest the poison, allnd tlhus lpre. vent it f 1t Ipervading the sysitem. It is likcwise greatly nuperior to any imltdmileO heretofhIro disco. vcred for the clhaid backs ann brbs of horses, flor t tetters, ri g worms, chalppl-d llps, and ill sliort Ir i cnrry external bodily evil tia. llay ill to itl lit d ofllan nir beast. 'Tho proprs tor has received at lenat a thousandi e certilicates and obth r documents, in I.y r ofllis S" Specifie Ointment," ulwards of a I unldreld of which were written by respectable members of thne Medical Faculty, all breathing the samte eulogy and satistfaction. S Prepared it 129 Liberty street, New York, and for sale at 65 Poydras strct, New Orleans. I mllar 6 If " " d EI)UCA'I'IUN-FtIIENCII anl ENGIASH. Mr Jams, ecetlllly arllnvi i liis city, bens nlave n to informni the cijuaens of New Orleans that he will open an acadelny on 3lo1uthy, 14, Janular, to No. 19 Toulouse slretl, for ille inetructioilu f voull oi a both sixes, in French and ngslish, in which lie aI will be ably anisted by Mern. J.1les and Mrs. Melahcltr, who speak both thlose lanTunges withi rertl fluency and purilty, and wIt wi 1 tall chargr oi the departmiit of the young ladies. Mlr. James mil give his whtle atenlltion to the vaious branches of educatioiin, atilnd ltierts hitsllc thathi- will itei entire satislactitn to those u whoi ai.y vhtl. r .Ism wilh ltheir colnidnl.-e. nun I ~ "'!)S-li ;ippili FIund take at 71 Fro, t I.c : Si rt I'U NI) lIY 11i i AUI. tr OF .lua CINF. II()ltN'S Comp.nlld Extraet oflop:siba aond Sarnl p ill -A celrtain, sail, swll inost effectual relre I y eser discovered fr the lcurle itf (ti,* I''htiea, (Glelts, Strictures, t Vhites, Pt .iu ill tklo bck atid litll, seotlllttH weakness, altitolious kidnic, gLlroel, scorbutic rouptions,Lrrc In tlhe i itroulctioll of a medlicine possessing thile Ilsli nlll active virtlue of tilu one llt.oo ll todt tihe ipublic, ttte propriettr'tt t tha 0o r oter to the 'umtrous recrnt - Ie"tu.laills Iu le.ll from1 i'o11 nll iL) en ilAl f the ml e _ i 'call hl t lly IE tope, belitt ing trhao t t alll be ooly ppl ecllllc d h ll'whelh i llt n .it lare loell fllls kLnown. 'h Ie I1d.sum of (;opaiba, se "d "ots lust oucht of its erledit t ron the dislike r lhilh IoPtitUs lrl Iltlt) express AT regitdllll g its illlgre'~tire taste, distuIerl. Ipr'dcleed i tllhe bowels anti l stomach Ill, aI it.s hclelot.)rel illtllicrll:tincl het . s. its tIT, irllatl tt atort s.t e. "htB eo proprietorl: l Itos lllte t s ud sis of the Ialsm, coceiv itg tlhatl tlhe ore I a ie i it'l ihe oldlth i.rerhyt be tluch I 'rl n cllll' e t'rlll l'utl l ilnll i l t more is4,tl1% ;A lll lbu d lt sl thanl glrediets w.hir t ue o thell highet rertte auu no the most scienotiic .rol le.rned itno the proliasrr . . I.cht ihell. ll illu I trt, il l r lr t iillolt:llt u ll r Irtlt t t lltlolrletr L ttlallewr of the othler prlothllitg ll opeati tl ruly ato tislhi.g, all surp nl sig.i the must sogioi,. ., tx,'Liuls; pl tt og at tthe tsame titi.r the dttIaltage (I its htt ilt adllli Tredl with peri"cl suuccess in the <i'.elrent stages orf tho aboe disease. Thre most cntittott physicians urges olllllll the present iy exprests Itlheit ditllded llt pro t'tin in tt of trsutparilr , whilstitsruse it ttte Irllllniipall l hospitals sI l pllllic nmedical iltitultio s hat le 11, sII dil still nli 1es, Ie't Ixto nsr.i hIt wat s I tt - orll eri i idy w ith I.0 cel t, d 1)r A ber' ithy in all t eler aill affctit msll l t ,ri lln stint e utt cotllstl l.Optill ill ar'i siug lilom a d di .rderlel state of thedligesrttle titlttioltn. Iavit bC.In subnlotted to t!" test t ill iexperiec" ofl tilhe s111 lrt elerl.ated aim llllIe l itdhy, tha. hl" L a expressed' their atisactintn of its txttartIutorty ctlitcy in otvriy case ltlrte theirrr .hartge, by i optirg t teboth in lto the u tlihe : ll prhie l,practice. 'Their i t trtt iosit w ill bI, inscr't'd hereathir. Pleareld by J It 'T'horin., ChemIist Luteiloo. Price '1 )ii rir pot. TllTD l Oi N;OIA S.1 Froilo l II Soll, EItsq. It it, ttr .lgon to o htIn .:t .. .s t ", t oI, . tt,, , L ..., .t I'hte t lriad which 4 h e i tl i"e of Illrr pllrlai tiotr otll trit ty k Alro str , btotert ii tIlllle .l lt"t , in its result s t ar e lrtt so l ohigly trulll jlr lte, that I do nl ot hlesitate iol poroloucilg it oIIe f the most :luble anlt d eflivcious lremedies erts olllredl to th public, anIortne ion which, Iroltt xpe ritle , (I call place every reliance, whilst tllll do rts Inot producel'll r the ame t1111 ptttttllttl tit usuatlltt y ex Spice tcd from copib. o From G rII II.ywordt I It C S, Physicis t to he St Marylebole isr llsellr. I take grtat iesure, in adring tmy testimony to the valuhble prop rtieslt of your prepllatio, wishing rvot tthe success you to filvly lsersem , its an ample reward lor the laborttand expens incurred 11 bringigl it to such ill plcte perietion. Firooul V 0 Cooper, F It S, Surlllgeon to Guy's Ills The nIlf"mllll sites which Irts altenlled the adntinis 1 [t'i1. you' noltllcinea u lll l,,g ny Illiel ut l lllct ct' w thh l il 'lea nv Ilie sl,ess, llS fulily" ;li.ied mllelthat it has oD ly' I le known to bhes truly troro iated. May the success yotl tlr well ilt[res [e, amply atill speedily rt'eplay ou for yon' tll a blttle iprrepatttilno. SiFrom Sir A Cooper, F 1t S PIRll C S, 'c. kl,. lisgllli" hti iuht; d to try toittr Ite.trrct io looveitI cses of violeit t notrlettha, wthich hlad hitherto bttrled every prescription admii niistilered by Ie*i, hvinglil Iliundl sure and speedy curetttts ettriooed by it, in oI few days I letel trt llstin dllty hollnl to ItoIlte that I nows in tit Trllm tLir both plublic and private recomnientd tal use tno other. From G W Blaih, 1 I), Physician to Guy's Ito pital. The strict test which I have givs your medoietct tonotg my ptttoietrs, lros its invartiable stoccess thus ttr will ionduce ie to r rstrt" in its Lse, il I deemi it but :Inlt ofjustii ilc l of dity to atdd ony ifeeble testi mioli al in comomliedatioi of istr.i'ues. From LC T'homlipson, AT 1) " It S L. I return yo'oi tits- sicei.' thanks flr t e ahluable pre seat o1't our IExtrl'ac for the cm'u of Goorrhoa, ke. I il, grate'ul that tlot haoe at last brought a nmdicine lno usle hich will prove a desiderai-tiii long sought forl il the medic:,: wal'tl-:L sure, speedy and oileciu" d cIure ill rases "f lUe Lbtove class. I atlfrds liie great pleasure ho llublishinig to the world the valuable qualitiesof"your Were it neceosty, the proprietor could here furnish o, ly more testillmoals ela. llt as cltlonunlendlatol'V as the ill e; bult t, utts that its great successhither::t the care & expense at which it has been p tpared, w ill proteits ,it iest rccomtmeulation among a i isseefiil' public. tll oih.' is its u neat, Iew .h v ht.r,-pui t u. ing pots--ha aside in which it may te take,, beings both easy all I Accompanying alto Mel isine isa pamphlet expla-na tory of the difere.t stages of the dliscase, without ant e .xt.a dcharge, containing full salml mphe diretiL.s. ' nmtr 1- i:"a11u1 40 Calal street. IT. KNOW that health and the ability to V labor, constitutes the wealth of the great omass of the peop'e in this, as in m st o other coun. trins. To Lprserve, therefore, that health by natu. ral ncman is a gr end, moral and p litical schemeno to.[ fflfil which, requires our utmiost attention. Thlie unprecoedente I populrity and universal ap. approbati, n which this medicine has achieved throughout tile Ujilted States, tle Coanadas, Texans, Mexico, and fhle West Ildies, fully justify Dr. - Peters' in warmly and couse.enliously recomment. dre tiheem to the special notice of the afflieted. Peters' Vegetable P'i Is are the safest, mn,,st effec. tual and eeonomical remtedy f,, diseases of the l eneaen constltut on, that led s ever bell discovered. Dr. Peters, thlie inventor of this invaluable medi. cine, from his knowledge of tile Iluman system, derived froom longe aond extensive practice, ihas arrived to tlis conclueion, tieat the great and pri. Smary causes eol'fost dseases is a derangement in the functions of the liver, or in other words an ill. - creased or diminished secretion of tle bile. So well is t1lls ulnderstood, that it is commol for persons. to say when they feel unwell, tlhat tey a;r lbiliou=, neanfing that, they have teoo much bic o,, thie stomach. On the other lhald, when thlie ti f of hile is diminli chl, ihe plroe!S ot e li ts ion is imperfectly perftrlo d, Ithe p: l;icllt ibeemes weak and cmallc ated, bec .lse nollrialllllnent contaiedllll I I tile ifoo takei n inlto llte et mIc( iis nt proper y ex e tracted, ,:nd the ftb.l in (e -iled ill a crlu e sl ati . lDr. Peters iee ,oeileth thlt the llcaeoIus !lcpac I' heory, en e lleed, th.1 , ''impuc lity f thie blood i' the 0au11e at all dihea,-e," is ai great absurdity. Every oni u e n rcfllelts onll he scigbj:ct a nilolcrt, Swill perceeive lhat illlmpurityl ot'th blood is a sCoen. da y oe t a trileary comnllaitcl thl.e IlFoot and not tile eau o' e. ll IIeene tie tIi ilnftionse of the * liver are dera I Lged, and lhe flow of lile increased, it is cuon takenl up by the albsor: ent vessels lld tarried into the irecelatloe aled biecomes mingled lei te lIe bleo.d, s ile j, , when the lpat ient shows ic in his coutcteclaoec. Neo v this ipurity oI blood is cauled by all increased flow of bile, - anlld to rcllemly ilt, you 111ut cotrrect tile secretions - of the live-, and reltore it lo a I calthy state. Dr. i'.Lers lhas spenlt louch ille in ellerilnent c ing with dif'crent veg;tab 0 ie- i ti0es, for diseasco s < of the liver; anld noIllw oltr his Vegetable Pl If, Su s the best, ielet 0covetielll, mod chiaeeist moCdli o dIoei that c to Ile I pr'parced ilr Ie erntl Uoe. IDr. P'eters 11 tter himselftlhat his long e eri. , meenting with v'g-etabl Incle.eiltces has entibld lhi - to discover thie true el ed, nl e s eubeetiltfe answering :- all the pIurpoees el incretcic s weitholut any of thelr -I atte catllt evlls. One great qlualvy of ll'his rgetLlbl Sills is that lthey hiave toe alterative priicipl,. c-lll. Siille-d whl I heir I:clt.iarnle, or opeorative qal ties, n so Ich:t they enot only cleaclfo the Lstomach anild i howels Iy Ipurging, beut they regulatee the, i: challng te ri ue lltorbltl slcretionsll, strun0 the0lla tie I- Iliestive or.ans, purify the bloold, invigorate tile c rculation, la i Live tone anld ullergy to the liar.. i voulls systelll. it Te'lly ate mild and pleasant in their operation, t and c lcvey alImost iolliedilate convictlioLn of their e utility from thle tlict dose. They can l l taken -i with saltty by Persnells oIll'lf y age ; and the fechbl, r lithe inftir, the t.ervous, and the delicate, are r strengtheneI by I heir opertione, Lbecau0 e they clear the systeol oef bad humours, quiet norv us irrita billl)ly, d ilvLari lly produce soiunid health. 'iThe Vegetable IPill are ca sure remedy for j ion. is dice, sick and Iurvous Ileadaeche, dye, epsia, coetive. of dens, siclknesst ofthe stClntlch. hoartbulll, all bili-nus a complfailts, levers of ull kinds, and if taken at tile ' conlmencemlenot will invnriably check their pro. gross, and save the patient from a jprotracted an d dangerou sickoness. Tl'hey are invale.ible in jner. vous and hypocondrioal atlecticrns, loss of aptne tite, and a I complaints to which females alone are ullject. They operate as a mild and pleedv purge, alnd are a salfeo and cetrtllr remedy for worms eIr e cli dren. II Since 1 have introdueol my Vegetable Pills to thile pullio I have received numerous certificates et of their euporior officacy in curing diseases, a no, e mIlany letters froen respectable hllysicians, who s. have used theme in their practice with the best o I i might publish a remall volume of neltifioatos, but consider it unneoeaenary, as the nledicine sil he recomnlend itselftp all who wi 1 make trial of it. -t T'he above pills o in bhuxes, onltaing 20 & 40 eo pill each. Price, 2- & 50 cents p r box, Druggists and country nmerchants can be rcup e: plied, at wholesa o or retail, at De. Peters' priunc. p I :tiee, on. 65 P'nydra. ,trce', beet"ce011 agazi.e Sieto. ht 0 (r10 0 liu.16 A LI,. "ho.,7,, triug 4ier iEiITIIAL DIIEr S . Stush asCONMIJILILJA Sj4,.lUE~tiS'fEIhlttVI j III'ATIItN oU 'T'lE II S ;n" O /ADIDEi, HER. . IEA, PROSTRATE Gl.ANM, udall DIt FAS il lU4 . RINAIRY PASSAGiES, PAINS IN TIE- LOINS GRAVEL, llln ego, or fro ml (Gellerei W eakuelsm or Gocel+teilhly~ l r l assuredthat tis valubule nedicne'at all tnsi d.treaynd p rfctly eruadicut the albove disensm, n.mlrms ..ertlsn adny othr, sand inva.riably itmproves Lte c.s.tituiion ud !gpirit bnrlthI, ntd restores to vugor tohlb pr..L thl aitviurlh itlljr"' ed bIy or Inproprr treatnlelt. In1 Abctsjuy+-uiuS c,.u be solp,.-elld to said it hls po.tsely c...q uit.Rt btls uO.l IndUviduls after s I ote illier hlrb Eiedlylndil ils,!y tIpIrl..lilg tie ule sf tlloe itujritlt t51l..ueell, l,Tvua.'url-putsr, C.hubhel. Mrt.tiy. Lu. Ill a,.iluslu tib thumss,ssu terumlll.lll re.erved frutll lUltu- ol ilhe orld, hcludile the, Elul slid WI'et lldi l( e ¢c., a1d nled, vll mel of the hdahslg t b|4|linm+ tl [.e pr o, fl"'lnl, allbearlllF In eaillly toilts llrllribelnLg cces.: Rv II Ulldred milleds reward hts, +eel several time. affered tannyy ullle proCl(l traduce any remedy ellhrll to Yoland'l lqleRfla lItdutldl -. Alter l d Iin t further Ollllll.lle t call be sllse .ry uil .'dlh .suo ,li.Wl Illeialrlldficaleg. "l ha. p'rrseribmd s. ee uliSolutio.n ts' eral pt - Se.nlt" liltl umllludr i. rl.b.harges, ansd Ul.ny I tos d h+. .e't tbe, ersn ul w r dlrurd n munlils,,rte uld rlIeh Ih ll dsever h lf ,+le On CIsd, tlLed lleirpeIeral health, was much {I ilieibl Sed. t II. LEY, M. . "' oil ia y sdw.lfr ,I Ittnlt olqutvw'ss Ho.phiul." D r C'larke hlalrescribed Y.lnnd'.,pe df Solutionr toms ny iatlent, htburlllab ulral nder U et iti D ichargel, tllnd Iivrril lily lo.d they wrel i. n n.u.l Mh time dely he hlld pea t oiusly oh+,rtrd, elleuma ni preper tblls o f Copdvs, nd in ..fe "IlnnOllll istrrtlll~dy nequll ed, and sie that he intnlds ti l MECure t- prerci cl-itCr ipatient . Leanest Dccctehll r 27 183'7. Ilr A (irlll T ,rtir s YTnnAd' L.ICiTE Wolutiol is o AIell. elliaecilus remedy sl md s nl Oe th slllsrj l0Urstlrral s. anes ll n uer lnln a"y Pro'.' all." of Chija he lots ever pra : .,.. uu, ..r....g.,.rrsspriy....s... lt9 u t'".| "l Thel aove cal b ie sbai ited only et No.- ,GCntom o.sels ttl ' in N.. Ol.rl,,n.., I MED|CAL CA lTD';. SAND IIIPOITANT TU' E AFFIITED EFIED TPLLS IS, EASES, A "'PRI"A'|'|SE on VenerntDiea~ee Gnnolrllrn, Gleetr and, -r tlrrctur, Jllclu.di.g practiea obr5 rv olt Semisal ii enlklnes. arisnag Isom curly chat.c, so 'ha:I all persenla can ult;tlll ;,Ill no lll relhte oun, woht cae., crec.y and toleuly.. It It lt eial:lehely Iact, that thoUsalnd"s lit victhims t tllee { real |)leacr. , ow Ilg tto lile unrkl lirlnlc of illiterate nmesa SIto, b. Ihi Ie hf ta. de..,dly pI.ulll, iSerclry, rain file can Si.tltullllll, uld cause uturlnlett I lith bothiis .te .le, e ua .l ani ipd rl.dy, dl gs lh i,. h,. i.u...e the. fl..rsb deafn. iy o tlllat' Ftlll, fInd mlol)dest o1 I b 'tlitllei, i tt l gtha IsgI, ersldelful audit, u r f - l,. stI, tu mies, esdu ra . e; lalclhuly i,+7lll put.+ it p s I tlliir dredlfnls Isul'ring., '1f1 I .t,,Y u PU,5IYIN i I t'PECIFIC PILL'S, A j erruil,. t.ts, and the4. nlo speedy e. hdyi ever sfhueovered ftr tl.e p,, llllAlrel lla d I..- l l.dsi.ts.s j OS l spe orrhntea, l, st lllelurtSI s lSllnl w rn hllnsi, pais ill the IuI, fll'r kldle), u r, rvl, libtoll o lao.dehil, , irri lillu Ofl tIe hu ller or ur.etra, alind Itter dir eal s of the tli nery purrslnr-,frel ff'lllyy plerlenrrilg perfli:t cure a the. llbr space of thdre Igyus, Isn- , str a pill ir Iudose, with etlyue elegy lind u zloty. "'I le cerlniuly with w Piclathey are co tilt+ sally sdluiluutr,,el uf ,,d , Ie , altelted F.i ls.u lnlld. . The specific pllds root ou v pur t',le s f illj .1ib 1 poe . st, purb. ll-ng ill tbeir prngrs. tlte .t hluh. nmass of .iluid. )'leymynot on ly re.ove tile di i., lel r.etnl..te by their acttion lte diffets ell fudctinus of lhIe I..,v, expel:nll Ib" g,.L.Oor mllers. dad thi.r llulnaer u ingsli ulid in-t.ct..tblble,. I to otvinlee the lUt sceptial of te:r i llstilll, id it o, iit ll1.111f pIelI., T'hey leithercalmtl1 Ifl.rl.ury I..." alny m r.. ltllerul, cl'llly ltken . ilhioul tllle .hgl,,l ru.,l"lll l rkdlihvery.. eyr Ye. qllre iio restralllt ed Iof d, o. fI" tilll,., or bIdrllPO of 'bulid. Ines brtll his t t.y 'slPpr .llrl u., tus -ilt eo ItEtl rxplture It tllepatient Atauy pcr.d d wulelu the ishgssstt Itl. irtl.y exist, :t nillhe well to Il,.e l:,ct 'en to n.., Sp ,cilie+Pi Isv fore whben taken before the dil'; .;ie b made i~t , pirurkettr I Itlaect as a certaill preveutl.,, b relsnuvig the c cuIleint effectually and ,eretly. Prlers Pertry Srgel:s, coluiun sto direclt their studlies to those dreadful deldilitiee arlte , e |++am Ioe to free nld iddite dsim,, oufo thpiri , .ili -.. ,.. ... ul ni ly I..y oet.u loll a auunleroe t rai o lloryUlls afectliOln,, elld Eutail on ilt vot:,e·IE all tile olnerv nt111[ iet e.ilisire of old age, btt weakeu ullf detfroy alllie ubodily bselsn-., i Baou. ig lose 1f i.m.,gina. lion, jullldgme.n ntil nletuorys el.d aversi f"or tll pleasurlc,. Tbhe idea uof their utt t a Ii e.s mId depair,. whleb rlmsf rOb onsiderlg rus,.rlee as rhentpul-ri Iheiruowi liiery, alid tIe Dee ltatitfl'ni. utlulg t.Jrr. t.liitge f marriage, ar fl.ct... Is. u I ultrtlll h rf rx bu.. to e pbih ii wlyo othlls dclnleve nlld dentlnlle, IhHbit. Illlnthmtdl Iresarg state of deblhtly or delicl,.lcy, whlether the coul" quence of tuchlbaneful Practices excessve drinkig.g ors In otuer caule, by su hii b.h puwers tis e s oh s nutnu beeomut Senleeblld, they oii er a firuls. te ntd .pecdy reitoratito to slsund and vi oreus letl t r. SPe ryls J Vegetll e f'illIre Wlr ellkUnIo Iit tiroe ceftnhl nd rtlftll it se.t lsdaly symptoullly Bslsueit erpt.ior. :i ICu e bsbuet ulcerased .orn therme, lthrI hO bbe,e.hr0 I sle hlcseusllll. ucroi.Lu, besrblltic aud ,II sfir aft .llnl, ,ud.u a.d general debility, rlpcurrl uunu Iu th, e h ed b l d deuprsultll h spirith anid ll dsiu e ie urisiillg troh a t itsul s urlter of ule blood. Tlllee PIlll:tre wortly b pince ill Ihe ct:ll,is ofnrbtsters - a cl C up1n,f illsypsi ths ll hie sO u as they ill kiePI .od in all clit ues stkId # cugth ,I sur iinlei 'I Le hl.d nuly Iat So. lb Cito. mLosl.ue I t,i( ie OriydE. PTRIO '/ESSOR SntDUI:DU'' IIYGEIAN IYERII PILLS, ' fr ht Us e u.-tl extlrrpltion oful eves y Ipeieusll sad etpp. Ill If the sypilhtic d,-ease, aTd sthe many dieordrs miing I.rtll thrs, impropel t rl r rjllent. s,.hlks.sls besr I tirell a realiue ol vnereh l mlld t.t ilihis dieeolca, will. ugliers.lslssre on h snrl wUsisip, frb. lea, eon. ,.filllllg hllnls worth hubwill. by tllowe i l l or e, been p u.Fsi ors to isr d rend dlul anai deisstatill melady.. D, I DteiI uullnttllt tm. 1.1. siiillubntvu to lYotII Solder~ s ar ilnrll tr;s tit too Irse and sliUJerlrlluule .edul. lree f'ltheps.imls,, wllich Ilot ouly h.-.soul. a onaumout truit i of peous.. affe.tioa, but lisLontall oe its rtlgr, tllt Q t lie b sal sg lsU ecilities ofoldage. is tulultdire ill gsd tl t rebilily nld deficiency, hesther the toellsquenE e of LIItu. Sfulsl bltsui s es ieuleidrinkilng. orany otereause by which the ilowr dsosshe costi r.toi beeslse elnferb edt he ollffer firs a|.toi.d speedy ressturstlul lo sound atld virusrr helbth, It ilesmeltl. holy fact, tIlt thu Isnds fsll victim rto there. ilcreal dlsease, ownlg to tile Mltrkilflsu.l of illitertle limy w h be, by tle inle of that deadly poisonl mercury, ruin the eoum ltltuliull; and whell Ihe grat Doctler tbedsur becae Pro fetsyr ill Leyden University, hL eolll'rred all inrl llable Benai dt upon llmalkind .,y the diseuveryuf his granld Psanes aTor the cure of this deIorM le tcomplailnt. Never did a discove¢y xesci t a Ireaterseensatiol* it was sought after wilh evidity, aid t.rd wf unlder iat iug success in I le most drlllellllb d hnu lea tI eases Le i..delicuate coplalint, for tfile cure of which Ithey hlavebeen so hlg celebrated, The fame of thetm Pi le thr' out (crmany, caused their speedy tntroduction ito almokt fl cry conltry. "1'In. certaiety with which they welsle on llet ludly ndtlnllslerd, call be at.led by tllousu.nds; jn ts.s dur II. I tUagssCllli.elltl tth Iey were tlue insepriblsb otm plllunill a ld safeguard o1 the soldier, in all aa4ne wheri li. n -litel t suhpic.lo o 1 lu r etlo ws entertuained,. WVhut'me.i, lie Cllll lie miore allroppr llte than that wbiHqll has gleanlllCh '" general satisfctCiOn? Thle llygC.l.. Herh Pills root nut every rpiaruile l" ineldi-lue po.Ol,, pl5rl.illg ill their prtgrhesus hole I lcaes of flhuds; tlhe Out ,,nly remoro the disease, bu rell. ate by their action, , trie different fnlectios of the body. .)ellillg the grosser htuluos, anl na in a mlsner li ml dtald, i.,perceptlue a.ito cnvines the lo.trt, eldieal of ther u -io+ imrlllt g alnld Il "limed poI)wer,; Ihi6, iliThruEOsIuu ry. tlterury t n ay llur mieral, aIu d Ltmay bs tlskn witholut Ithee .u.lLetll picion of di-eovery-tbey req ui'e In, restrailt orF dlast, lok of tilme or hindraneo of bl llluees but effvct acompleteeerm wil, out lthe least exposture In the P Ilient. At alny period wheu •htl sligltest suspicion inlay ecisl, it will be well to Mies rrerlr, n to tlne Hy'geian IlerbPdls, for whbu tlakllen betFr IIes |lw'ben b1as illade tic aip Iartllno, It ncts ies a dertinllpr..vls tivu, re. ... ring the colllplainL effectual y adlld .ere3l:. The depbhl l b stats inl Which many per~eln .:ive lor',Ptl whenl v~i Iting t ife pro. pritol, from the use oif 3ll,"1curt, relldllr, it |lll tll iver iely. n- cessur, l canollli . lllb: I c,: ,heau'nt ill o. dllgero.. .iaer Ia whenl injud,cluusiy , lnhllllllernad. 7Th.",e" pilk should furorll U pu(rllll of all lllndhleis hllaLt 1"a, - n%1 - - I-llll -----i,,.,, and OtlLll never It N Olemilted hll by tnyl tier s g lIgo il . Ii).o; or jllrTl)'l ti er I ies tirotech, trha dll.llh,,R .tl nor cobl ulhllj Jr, l]eir qulllt, or pre. eell lber aul,( ll CL" + I. I++4 lllt~tlltl lul~lr l . c r k ;od IdN. ) Cu~tu, Iou lialt+I, +Selo Orlentl¢. "11E 310.II' IM'ORI'OTANT IIUIAN DISCO V i':llY. - - A Ir.(RIA.'N, lute of the naelhrhlg," Ulnivelrty.har . illn.dicovrerd Ilol loelhd cf seurng hnlusP e ofo f. ervnus or allntl um uidanpinit, u,' ai, l'ele. l a 1 ·1rr.' duratio., and a four years bavlhg had aib +ret _.011 pllibltt all of whlon he Ilin cur- - ed who dlo +lll ed Its adlvice, exe tt tw~lve, effero Fni'm Inevo [entreral erI~f llnll ull, to, cO, ulolherg. Ia sirit, mnlltal de I ell anty Yand e aw~tonelinlndetert ell i,,l of bleed to thle head, veir riga, grouludleea feari, rd.,re' of mlemory, incelpmCty9 for bush nle.-, a il y. kc., rest ileue, irretollluioll wretehedneu., inde ei. ,, delusiell, . lmItcllllldy, Ilhouglnts ot tIl' destruction, in. llllly.r., .re curable by this impurllat discovery Mlost re. Ltl-,niI six wekes. Apply to So 9i Cu.?tm h..lle et, New Orlenlu. IIEALThI AND BEAUTY, STOMAC H PIL.LS-An eminentjtm,, ical writer lima rj, - i ed, an( expienc e d th.e tatthnat theo wt Wbtar attentive to keeping the t otnacl, and( bowels to propr order, htalth, dirosease, And ginerally uttain robunt EIhPOrfUl and healthy oY ld age; Tllrthull Jsrirble purpoea bet pIlls re ndulpted,heigg prepared w rl q~b rulphato of quinine, exuutt or clol',tde I wtsmail .ppth ltrrnnn. r.o W ChiE ptolo Aperient rugs of it,, Jlutt o Modict. Tgid t' dit. cnres, prot't a uperior to etiry otln r medicine t n r trni arno styinnvh to o liver It iinlbynhlir loss ofrannlttt t uthigeum. ittintt,oltnrbtt..inrftttt and a t.( tiio n. aftewk wtbro Yirtlltllt h.t, ttt tteXcelleti ittlor tire AfteI.s nm lo1g nthe t tIn, n.theiytttnotly tt goon ttf joleullM th nna6 .nanerq4trugth the stomach, uud itivigoretet thle eton to amble. whob vr* t slur good)1 health should Ie withoult lblem, ee they Wlr SIlt.,.. bloftnltt, 4t-lidritn aod ghve thn rhdirtno eat. fairtlear, tt.Iahy anil blortig anpperntte. Personofr as plollhlrl hlinbi, whoar sr uhjret to head ahe, iddineo dim narta of tight ,, or have tqn gttat tidojt of bland to the h ttrgettold tak thoem fre vurlly. Children and ptt nlae or atl ages, stay take thelwAt an tee, bs they do MUIOrWsnw any trrhn nf or nlty inrrednt thatin rtquireteonwill tout. tistrictton ot dieLt Thy it hould n A kept in every fab. eruntll rleidoy ry ca ttitt tof Idj bllinp; tort by thtir pnrmpt admli. inthtipnt, cholera morbud a cnmpsp, n lant, rwaer bed othry inraitne gnoordngt maybe ttdrttt d r onu orpyi.g rUd. Sulhl at N. 96 Custom Hooke sstil ii Orleans. , SARSAPARILLA. PILL OF HEALTHl; OR, n BLOOD t'ILL. rlii excllent family pill Its medicine of long trid afi any borcmrectillg all disonlen of Ahestomac~ktlLllhw Tb.. theleomnato spyptomsin rf ohich aro crlit.obe(W atnatIj nt,,a .gttnat osahtir . wI b.inatbhand ott intusavlb aulihnry arafr meaIs, d ifilta. rthE eyies dronrinnio olg #. p.,iot in thle rttnmuclt std Irowele, lrdigerttbn pnuldecreigst e bid stbte of yhE livernrn naao .ptrwer nninanttntty o m.C1ba . ads, catong a disorganization of every function of ilh rsppe. wilt in athise .~ t uxgllmtl prenunbjqntrbyadotlebejat." rnco, bn nth tually retuned Two three daey will cot. tanet. dtnHitrof itsd st ig aiulty lbt Th. in mimgfrao a,.eedtlg renninI its trertgtll; Ilealtlh ction of tie liveprrbow ` ens mod kidueyt w ill rap dly take plate; and tastosaioFH loop, no.., hest, pain and jtaund, ed nid ·aanttinbwlbwusba. wand hrnyth pill be tn qubnick reult oruita ditne, ttrdint to tn. drectonslu neoalp agear ox .l 'iheee pill··s ate prticlarl efficaIoUs forstomch clilk colds, agues, shortness ol breath, and all olunroctiuee 41kk urinary nndanott a.nd if takon ataer tmanapdulgiitau talbl, they gth t.y restore the siytent io its nb... with t a f are sejtratena c to .piawb itno h1ý~ .. mTtt, dtotiunrt hand sngtngin the uars, oriaingfto L a now of brood to the hoed, should never b tftthe ýbaý ,anlagerouhyr ti plainsllt be -kr Ammeditet.~t For females these paths Are meet truth aimpue et, rjsi nit obstructions, the distrewky headache so rith th tiagt d bpreutinl of. itigtotb~ugw w olett~ooe. blutebep ien adalirts STo markers they Ara wnndsntlj medi~ine thaabe takeduri oa of all ages Iwy are reegrllad. h" t drtiun o a tlt wt 1 ba tot saieafdl wire au tltratr a uetru ututi. %- is ryarudt, a e kd se Curd .t fib.

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