Newspaper of True American, April 5, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated April 5, 1839 Page 3
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S Dm rdi an~r . . . , hi. readitors, ..TAIN -(iF, LOUISIANA--firt Judicial. Ietaiec; (E Co tc--'rhuts~d the 21h.bday of March, 1839. "NoJa,259. Prne" n tthe' tonotable A M Buchtnaa, Judg ;--0n motion of Randall Hdnt, REq; of cobnnal f. r tm pepttioner,adid it appearingl tit the order cillig a meeting of ail petitioner's crei toraf m oE uroqin -f tlhe4th letaEt, tm, been intohoally jubllShed, itie.or .ered thit the hredltorn.ii said petitioner, be' otiiRed to Shre and appear in openg.ourt'on Nt.rday, the.2f'its of Apriln ext, nt t.ii no'cohk, mto, to l liewe oaue, it any they cbn; ct laid )Mtitionetshoinld. not'hove the lhen nht oldiel lan e nida fot'utha relif of ihsolveot debtore in actual emedrly; and it i flur hei" rdered that i owlR Ent. he iuppoNieirl. to represent the interest o tkhe ahent ereditos of catd petititoner in the promites, " (Eoxti"t haor the llnutes,l a prl -8. " t LWIS, Clerk. ", J, J romonuet vi. sa Urtncira. -~T1AT DEN LA LOUISIANECoEur di Promier O Nivilrir u OJudieiare-Jeddi 28 onlarn 139-No. 17,. u..rlaent I'honora.ble A. M.. Hohnlann,juge--Sur our tonioh de RAndall Aunt;nvocn du p6iitioeoireo ;t coni l e It permit qua pordre ipoor I'aneonble does cr6 uaniert du fsilli en pleine your le *4 do cournt'i n'a pns tlS npublic conrormetmnet 0lu lois, il eat ordouna qrn. leo dits onr6abierd do dig failli Miientaommhn de noio. mraitre en plaino cour, In Snedti 27 d'avril procitin d dix.heams du matin, pour didmre lee raisons, ts'its en ont pour lesqielles le dit failtli no profiernit p0s du I naBtie de lolis ftate, ao fyvear des dtbitaurs iisolvn Ida actuaellment dtonuso, et i et ate !lus ordonn6 'qua E Rnwlesoit nt nooi pour r(praseater les creon * iern absenta. Etlroit ens moinoute. al--, . I W. LEWIS, lrfllier. 1 TATE f1 O TOUi.ifANA-Panish Court for the . -J arllt ond City f New Orleans. Present the lion. Charleas Murian,Judge. April 3dI, 1839. No. 11731. George M. Doslwick vs hit Creditors. The ceeaion of propert y tle I'etininer is accelpted y the court for the benefit oflus creditors. It is ordenr d, Thatl said credtors do mieet in thilteo olice of Wiliom Ch'inty, saq. Not. Put. on 'l'ueday the 161h ilay of April, 1839, lthen nd there to iteliberoate on the alfair, oa said insoltaont; and in tile aontiiue nil proceedings goinlt his person and property are stayed. By order of the Court. Clerk'e Office, New CGrleans, April 3d, 1839. apr, 4 31 J OI.I.IE,Clerk. FIREMEN'S INSUILANCE COMPANY 0F NEW OIRlEANS. VrHE PrIvident annl Iirectorsof this Comnpnny lhaie . this dayin declared a dividend of 10 pr cent on tihe eapitl paid in, paawlhe to athe snockhnldern or tleir legal repgeaentatives, oni or alter the tihe 8iii instant. apI 2 C. I.. TRA(:Y Secretnrv. IIUREAU DE Lk COMPAGNIE D'INSU. RANCE DES POMPIERS. Deli Nouvelle Orlhans, L E President ot Directeurs de cett.o Institution, S.ntdeclards ee jour, un dividendo do dix sur cent du capital ddjt soiuscrit. Payable aux Sous. ripteura ou leur Represontane, our on aprOs Ie liuit courant. Avril 1, 1839. a3 E, L. TRACY, Secrftaire,. hI1 aY-i. .,ble landing nir,, ,t ie.++.j. S oniunfor sale bhy o. i)ISEY, m14 44 New Ilrevee N.VV lA 1-40 bnles in atorm fIur sane b~y .mar 23 G DO!tSinY, 4 1 NIw Levee FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! JU'P sreceived at the louisiaoa Furniture Ware t hosse, a large supply fie New Y)ork and IRon 'en. Persona in the wact of flrminitre weold do ceil to call,and select thelir arliclot frot one of the beret and tlargeet stocks now in the city. WV I CAILNNES, " d 5:1 Itic.roilli a N -i-Patrtolar allenrtio laid to packing aid sip lng Fnrnitlre, fre l ofellapense I-w TO COUINTRIY MlEICIIAN- 1S.9 . Iiouks. Alin a rOllply ol Illantk IIoks, wriitig and letter Papnr, (uills, Ink, &.c co..!,nly on han and fpt ils ou good terlr,ll y AI.EX 'I'( )WA It, illnr l8 .19 Camp It ,rllE IENCII & tIIAl. O ENGlNI).I--liv thr Sautholr lf lttndeol re'onllrtios of th lf I.r, I d Cointlenie, illl tlie (.reln trn3l di,, il l vi, ,l. Neat ald other raies orf Irelo. ihy % 1I Carllton, alOlllir of truile and Otilrie- itlth I rich I.k - salltrv,il',2 rol. JIIti riceilved II ldr silt, by tu25 A 'l'V'AI It, .!I (I'np st DISSOLUTION O, CO-I'AIlTNERSIIIP. 1 II11 FIR M ,fl ' ill m It, e, P rr ( '. o& t . C e, partnlers; William Peiry having ei hdrawn frem the 0V. I'ERtIY ns2n 4w 1arch+n2, J 't , iT W i AIR i ionli, i Rrol.l trr ,nti gtilie anl .ttrtltt Ioire t lllrl~hllalr dil~ltw, oI "ofere, for ltile, a splendid nls~llSllrO lllllof grtound n I "at i. ro grate, : t'o which the atI l S il.o oftl epllp blit: are invited. ,'t 4w I, iv PIItrt. t( I-At t. ,lf -.A ,, aie rormiiiii, kole l fewIi t i/ll lier tit) Clloll illl .l d o It ru Lle by m12., SIIAI.. & lIIIUVN, ,tif Mtlgtzine at C ANIII.ES- 51 tearolmc ts rantdlees jiost re:'i. d lirar chip .lelrans, for ole bv 'l SIIAL.1. & Illtt)lN. 96 Mlsgnc.ile st JERII 'E:I'It'L spelling hoioks, copy books onet slates alnd for stile ly el4 If FI1.1.1' & Co, 24 Chttltree at 44 .L.SiJl' ....4 , . l, ouiter n ' l rt11cu-vr anirit a tiitr 134 Ma tlziine at B ALE ROPE-IlIt uic ot eiujlrfiir osiy li-i sale by ISAAC ItIIesIIII & ('n, _april 2 . 134 Mligaiii ct ,Ct-tN--1 ct.ks rioiii at I siden, for sale by ACON +ID -.-10 enaki ('inc nn:lli c.,ed in Ssitre, ti r sle hy t: Itn llt,.\, ai ril 2 ll_ Now I,,,even AY-I0tl bletes Northern, liiinig tleruJlt c.lo-to. H tn, for sale by iIIAI.. & ltO)\N, april '2 tit Mnlaiite .tract LINSEED U11.--00 gelhall in tire r ,, e ll by2 I1IAI.Io & IIOII'WN, I AKUM-- IUu olets Ni, Iusssa, No eilaod, i i ship iGaston, sod fir lt Ity april2 SlAI.I. & HItOWN,.96 Manzine st CITY IIANK. .New Orleans, 15 March 1639 1 T HIS Bank will purch.,r e onel chrlg on lMuelsi. New Orliells. 15 Mlarcl 1839. THIS Insitit ton will ipurclhae-bills of exchange - Son thenorlh. m116 It J I'ALFI : Y, Cashier W INES.-501tdoe olf soiprir old Shlerry and Port Wines bltlied iohhod in En,,land ait+ imported into tithis counlry in IeI!t6. For sale at low prices to close tll. ctnsignmsi t Iib atre 19 l' II.91fMlai & MII.S, tank Place. IRON CilESI-'--Jot r;i' ril at ithe l.nisinan,, SWare ibonei.it3 iievillr itrret, 1t superior sir - gle ad doulee to, ioll tron clell, fros tih factory ofJi Lrc u, New York, inor l I b fy e11 WM R CARNES., M ACKERII, &c-15 bbls No I oackerel, 42 bis 73 bln No S3do ; 46 hdf old o No do 318 kegs No I do 151 kidb No, I do 62 kees 'renges Sionid, 156 bble Polatoesot 17 hbls ranner0' (til, itndii fro) shi, RIoh t,, Mor risr sale by S &. 1' WIIIINEY, mar9 9 73 Cuanpat TPRile'tBclh and the liar, iy'tle nlhor of" Randon, L Racolletiont of the I.ords nto Colnlnons;"- " ThIe Gat Metropolis" & ill volse. Neil Malone and other Tales if I relnd, bIy \V II Carleton, anuthor of a Traits and tSlorin of the Irisoi Pesanlty," in 2 vlts,just received aid for dale by mar 21 WM McKEAN,cor Canmpl & Conoillt its FIIALLOW CAND)LES-1-.) hores mloull tallow Caudles, for nalo ty I BItlD ;E & Co, mar 21 134 Magazine at j FIREMAN'S INSURANCE OFFICIE,OFI N. O. rHE Stmckholder are hereby notified that theil 71k 1lalfdaeetA oan tlhiir slimk is due and paIvable on she 61h of April tt the Officeofthe Coipanov, I1 Caip stmet. oar I18 E i. TRACY, Sce'ry. --'BUREAU D'INSURANCE lIES POMPI'E tS, De Ia Nouvelle Orleans. VIA v net donnb seu soneriitetlts pt ine l7Ime inslal- J) £UIneslsur lts r uouscription, doit .etre ay7 en avril 6, au burateu de la conpagnie 21 Caml, at. b 1 _1_8. . E L'lACY Secrrtaire. gnla E L 'PIACY Seeretaire. G ASS-Just landisng frui Pitsbiurg an nssortmen of J~ars, Viol, and Winldow Grlass, ui whiolesale and retail, at It BONNABEL, mr21 Cur of Natehez and Tcliapit.julas ste RARERL$-3s Melauses barrels in store and for J sale by L II (iGLE, april2 3w 9S Common sa W LASINN-4ilibJsaesinhsnre, for sale by 1tsapril2 ABRAHAM TRIER, (I3 ravier as SOAP-Bmsun No 1; -ii hnoxe in store, firr suie 1J b~y AIISAFIA3 'TRIER, april2 34 (raiennicgt (JI[NESE lIAYt .itLCHIHIEFS-1 don of benuui fnl eorkman.nsip, seIo an a trial to glgjis arket, for sale ly ABI(AI~ift 'I'IUIEli, sprlt 2 34 Grusier g. 3) lE-lI5 coujie Igr sole by W auuril2 A I'RWER,-,4 (ruricern L~t'l'~TTPiJBLTCA'1'Ik - - Jdl AK ADAMt.gIhg Mlutiueerbv Coos Clunniier Rabbles of (inusude bly IIt. cnlIeII of SIamnel Slick' Nicholas Nicklulgy, Nn IIn 1Vuonen n? Englail, their sociunl dn inn naid domeugtic hIabi., by Ellis The Hulgenot, by Jaunes new ) pplied 'apsnin Kydl,by lngrahmnl, t nSgtleP Peticn WVaeks in I Vol 8no, theomlrgcom plele Auugfriuustu dition-Carye'n eodiion-sanl other novelties. E JOHNS & Co 'riln22 cnrSt iCharles andlCon onn s JORJTUNE'I'5LLEIt'u OWN -BooK- Comly'. (iruinunu-Leelie'a rnnkeiy olngnr's ksy to Telennqune Peggy's FranoIiaepllinn bank Engulish Rendere, halflad g ull boonu Wannsgerocht's Fretah (ire'nnnr I!eeggg'5 k~snhnlisggns agug AI rings Ewgull's medicanl copanlonggg S )aholl'e a' ithsgetiu-Bell sn tse suerves Lndy's medlical peoketl book cirntleman's mulliwl pock" honk~, 5nsds'n larrier-Sruuiukegs'e snsg bunk Hale', U'nited Stales, A new anld lerE4·rpplyl ofthe above workrs just re reject .l a pues:.I Tn: r ale A tt guderms s by tN'.A A Timor, 49 Cain: t at RI nely uperLir I Loter I'reinen, Cuur aole b arril t I) \VID FPEIT, 2rhartru s ra C: eNggu $ nl Inuunssn foursae one * J (J eat i? hEAD & IIARISTOWI, 7 Blank Place SV IlThEysolby l ai cTN ndiTRY-h sab. a lar'.ib.r whul4 innr lti merchamn antI planteri r- & Nortlh, agents13 Chartres st or ast tle stytebllshment ýo f !be nllsa riber 457 Terhupitbtlllr..rt t f BENJ MIN WIIlTmNEY, rt Fr7 ' New Orleane, February 7, h1889 T -TO RKENT. Thatl uesinPible dwelltg oulylen alnus tlue a t ore uo derllWeath non ill t OU ll el tn ornl r P*s*t seu o gaveio iomio e ate y. 'p'ertul hso, i lia l ficl ana e desirable tenalnt, appty oe the premiees or to I V PRtIS CtHARtD Ar J tArEtTt , Jr orlle eoraer Poydras b Maen azinle T tl Sr1luIs braalIs, fIr sale Ibv Irl3 _ IIR[OGF &Co. 131 Mfgnzine st i AlRl)-00 kags Let Lard, in store for ale liy l N enl:o ( n I iI)ISEV. 4I New Iove OUI--UV bble Ilolur, dalut flitr sale bly luti| _ I)ORSEY,.II Newl.ov, iLOUlt--5U brls choice brair inl store for sale by in ll 1; I)OIRSE,4I New Levee [IIaSKiEY-350brlarrictiilld, in sore for sale by Illll I)()I' DOSEY, 41 New Ievee LADhil;.h' & GENT'I LEM EN'S GOLD CIiAIN8 / III ,IA M IIE I.L lie tihis day received it goo, d if. itlnllellli, wlich will lie oit red remyilerkallly chliepill ., to a no 18 Clhrlieaisi h II OtI godl and silver taken in exchallngie, Ir DEPOT OF CELEBRATED WINES. /ONS''AN'rLY en hand and regularly applied vilh tlIe Io. elellrated Vines, warranted pure lU Iprlrd, Cordials, Loldnl Pear, &e. RIIENISII WINES. Old*est I.eistenanLed Lrein oWine; Steilrrgerg Our I.luly's Milk; 1lsliunislkrger; Iludesleinmer Splarkling Ihmck I"lln D tock, of li19.25 Ilorkheiim'r,t 11127; Marcobrllnner (iraefienberger tnereusteinll lithnih wileP glassea Cllotel Ml .gaux ii Chebnlteu L aitte; I.lryse I. riI |ltr Margaiux lermlituae, Slltllrne, Blrar ad Graves o ESEIIlT VWINE NS. Genuille Lunll uln a od orlnlliia nlillMecat CIIAMlI'AIIINE WVINES. White and lied, illrv liIlll iY l4e Perdrix IIl(URIJNI)Y WINhES. Rolllnee, Chamlllbertli, Clo diio Vougeort Nluit, lSprkling lhurgundy aN r Ill ýi. G(: --,-I bbl, laidiug frm slenniiilolll St I siii filr LJ I sle bI AIIIEAIIAN I TOIIAIE, i _ll Ir Io t i l rnd ier i1 llA'I'--100 as e mrnleskl silks, as SI rted size. ilrn! nreilok i . ll i0 (hit bel-t No I do dorl 11111 Il ll(i do do No :2 do l do 100 e nNni . ben r No 3, nl it trsl Ieglon i ibrielis. 0 dtoi n a eir, a supi rior article, ; 5llo Io Fill k Nutria i 5)) do Extra do 111 lito Muskrat . C-oiy fur brad and narrow I ort ii o ,ic, for k .Leee liro ne try ile i nlrr S I All r k ofmilitarys i v la ('hlil lul; s i r a o-ic;t d elk niit St iic icnlliriit o ibl e eintee Iliholith iiits-Piwiiek,l en P nli Atril's loine petran w ti s iNes. le,,niit., Ior e ii.ioa., tMilitary Milir hIols l . ls- tuar l lll k llh ait d illl outl iue, Ot ith lll'lc tei Srbrclhx--ilk tned cNtiO INE. .i ltroi i iunn i, i i, eI , lai lk i o gni ik Ilnulkr lkii P IIIIlltIrge l mi elllrl I i. f lll l f llv t lt l lli,. i ig o ill N, ý iiiae a InSil ll - Vlnllll' wlth rtllll lll vhir_. li NllC 1 VaaI . Y(IIIl • ( i he sub .ri al,,.rs ~ ll ks ril er. ,l li llur llllblltll. ..i Y 1rll 're ''I X.s nrkr' l ', fir lhe ht ' nof.on I It a (l .t lt m in llrt r.r Nea t fi rkie, ,niiit ll.ii i r,c lrl r r le 0i i. ( irlllllll i cllocr e b u11111 " hei, 1;1i0i1' &l ('()., l i N .al, l;l ruv, nal IF Y lim hhi l es, lovll do Sln o i t IIIuirnlll rL `I 'A 11'1--in iieh jlf-Iot ', Ine l iX g ft n s ln.hiil, rhner eliei , aimit r op u by O IF . li.1l-vnri, i uilii, l lIlia v ill Ij. iAT(III,-.-A ilrge xoi j-' , iv, nd l _.Vl ,by 511,11i;l... & itl(\ N, I e r :'l) "91 3i agi z.i e a i I'l I lit it'l- ,'liaNlle'Gw 9 naura,; , :con I ii t.. nivllll lu'llllt, luu allli llg I'r,1l :li l l aiU uu h or ":1 111 ollleazine st IIII II1111-II N't New ln li;lh l)ittima.ry, o.n I pLy \.+ M l\ I luOle ill four palts, flr -wle 1 t IIt hsoh,'r ln ; l llice oar 2:I r of Cll p (: and to a b mlllllllllll i; I I I 11; J llIt :--:, bhll andi:ti deinij ~ h,. ' o lhii.llrli, !A cle, pore and (."a, l a lni[ f va re . lt U , prteod tb y II. ,uh :rih+.r, whollt)wi l . ,+,,I i t ilt ll. c i er s. II I',NN il 11 1 1111 , ur 2.l cur Nattchiez lld T h, I ntblit t+i III UISE '10 REI:N'. INo 1 I .l I ON:J e 'l ritr , e l v e I roI o lllle . y at (iI lRIt I wansl roo J am'iiNt ier.,ntt Io, Iii y l 'at it Clyt ' Il'ln borl I i ot lt o b y irrell I oa nllt pe, wi 2 rl ila ttlr . . uia st iit EXIIIANOE ON BlOS'l'ON--r yule by mlt lll t ll itar tloli Ielllel, lvC llrleln l It ' CAN IIt1 -.111 by xes t i 12' 1 nTiiy i prn SIa' u ioa , IirONNl ItEl. ,Il , piri n r n ale y i " t t IIt ln Porter, o ircty r ( m-ar2? I) & uAISTi)C,7 Iiett3 Pyine A'I'TNEW ORLEANS A ".ITIS-,cILE ,Ir, IICu1es tOAD - Ht hlew ltl cmt it ille, Itv t i r p t I t tll h e fotell oft i iT. bl . k tr ae r Pasry , by Ja es, with spletr at 4 Ledr 28 00 911' & Co. St Cirtltei.,lel NI'+I Mallev Hel oiier tales of II'rl~e i v, C rletlnl. lU S-hul t l ar, tll ten lo oAreole inec tin sti of i. ho tlle o llllnum l e i ole t, v e to. -tpaiu Kyd, he Nizard of theh &at b proiesao at raEW LA. And oher n-Eoveties, i J cIIry N. ae. C , ._C 7i .. . ... I I' n , at han Coaiti on s is r (2Nit--5 cuks tor rifned honey, lacdtiigie Olt Ir U mr2') 7 II O mNNA It TELi, 'lh piolntls t redG in store und fur stile by C, DI)ItSIY, mar27 _ R 41 New,,' o, veea t ONI)D N llrtiJ ntlut an Porter a ( olircet illtn ort IVNEW ORLEANS ANI, NASIIVII.I.E rI llOAD NEW A It RANI;:M ENT. rllll: I.ocoltmiv e will leave the Depot lt the fIol of adal srtrittree ry dly a t 9 A. 1. ndl return at 4 P. M. exeept Sunda 's, WIhen she witl DIeparl Rittair R A.M" oP.n TPT A Car fir private partiest, rovided lty nml e, sufficient, -'ill be sJlct down t e road on one days' evioas aotice. S2, 89 JCAS I1 C.AI.2DWEI.I., I'resideor. 'I2OL["' PAT'ENT FlRee ARMli-Just received Sper ashipl .Misissippi, fr &tm ,\ew 1crk a I.grte as" storinse of t atent l t ites and bet l'istso for a an re at Atr o8 JGOSSIP & Co. St Caiarles lintel rtUG-,--Jfa t la0 ding tt t iot tt esnyr , a supy of c tlmonds, i iler and sweet litorice root, liae juiee, _essence i'll ergat _t,.ess_ le,,I telanoll juico hetlp and eulalry seeds, antli a, lake, and small, ca.ltha rides, brilllatOlls, ora n lawe, water &e,lbr wlmlesaee and retail i;n stalu to HO NAIEI. imi!9 conr Nalehez* & "'chonplleoulas st N `..' volum!s iln one, alai) n1 additi , t s lrply i ahitty' erinillalN l-w-cStellhen 's oi Ipllea g Brc;ek eflrogb't iepl-tc--Jst rIeceived aml it or nel byi apied pOlld 4v 4be su Nsribar troui t+ur pe an cre Ntrt I Ollaltyl '1, na_ , o )a uEd for sale to . a l Ire SdIealer lul tl t Ill fle. J iIi thle IIltuic I t erllle. JARIVIS & ANDIIZI,E\VS i~n'... _ cur Cow.mmol &E Tlelloloillxlda.s_ apr2 IC3:-- . isks prinreCaurltR t ri3e, landing froa l l o ned Illack Het wk rhiE tirt sale fly nn'-... J'I'HAY+;It, & Co, `VI UNN1" HA.G(SS--2.5,1ll1O Gunly lq.. .2 -. and I o Itbihel sizes, in bales an- l A aad1112 b , Ilr sale by 4 lR NCII Plaving Cards--t itst rti ivatrl Ir AiNew Y'ork, a fuLl' eroe oi tery sn .riur double Iesd (:urds, fur msal by I dozel or ernee hy I I)AVII) T'EL'I & Co,N Y S&ali.r.' IAall, Y pril3 r.1 t t tartres sy I'iAL.lNS,;winlg bilkI--; nalll Siuls real 1ialia 1 ,vig- Sil ,lIrsade by I'ET I I. II)L.A\V , april ! g6 Clae p at It r sao e by . IItIo SEN , april 3o"11 Nw Lei ee tt.. fur sale by (;. I)tILSEY, apriil 34 New Leve UG-1 U'-Y UdA'G-]3i) store for ,ale by a; prl 3 (; 0).,;, 44 New Levee I|IR'I'[NI--I 50 bSlers f Jackson or lludiu Ilead hkiargsbng, k r sale by STE'I'SON & AVERY, npril 3 88 Gravier sl 71Fu oal Ilarana COFE'E --3.bbegs Rio CefTee, R uf prier ,luailt'. Also 6110 bugs Ilnv Ia. do fu r sale on lavorable teml'lt ia l ts to ui hu vers. Apply aplil 3.1 " 88 (;ruvier At MlarlnlollfOll lle fay 11114 " A ] RIF. I,3 1 (;ravier st ItI- OUULD'C:A, IM)LIS--175 h,,I's assorted sizes re. ceiveJ, brul. Boltoa per sl}it' +'lalult ilrlH and for aeh; by . :IILI. Si BRLO\WN,. a III:. " 94 3 al zi 6 tit SHIpPING. For Europe. POLR LIVERPOOL. The ehip 'tOIIEIL' t ILUCE, Capt Hark nes hai r of her eargoc ngaged, will In tt cith lcspaltlc. For blu'ac ccf freight or passage ailly t, kclOL LIVEfII'OOL. The Al and very ciet Rcilinig chip ELI J ZA0111Il,Ccpt. 'I'llyey, call take 120Ibales of cottoln, u Cb iil (:i t rlclldy nex. Il' r ccrliH o paecgc icfr two ccljbin cneenrer pply to mid I. II A IAII I ,11mgc,,n Pt I Oli - lAILd :It .ES. - Gm well knocewn andl velrysl mailing c shi'Ecip IIiAN9)1, Yuical Pembertolc, Icagieg tie iccer palrt lfher cacrgo ngaged, will meetel wlllhdir(p For hlalcace of rreight or paasage aliply on bloar, or to L II GAI.E, marc 19 93 Comcmoncct Fitt IIAVItIX Thle A I acd lat tailicngcship NE TORl, 'Cptl Olcac ciil rcaive imi,,,cdiclc de'ailchh. Fur nlnllce of Ieigh, olrce-age epply to pril I. 11 (SALcE, 91i;lc'cc c at l Icecc A I c I a factilinlg hipAL.IANCE, cvwill reccive immecdiate Id pchi.Fr freglt of"l I0olec of coton, of punsngeI? applly to I. A GALIE, njplil "! 93Common n sf tilt )11 Co- - ficicage ocly. Th hp CRtESCENT, Captain alclie, wichllcccce iccdcl.'le despctch. For pecctge,; _ caving Cgod uccccccclmcciotccpl to -up]1 I. 1.1 GL, 93 Commonccl (:1lit I IVEI ltl'ihC -- The A I new fect cailing slhip ClIARI.E$, Cat (Coic , will l'ee wiih immedilte le.. cr h. IFr frcigllt o Iii balecoCylttoc, or pcccce, apply to ALE, upril 3 93:1 Cot lil V FOR III VILE. T'lhe A I acd fI-c rcilicg elhip CuRIO. cNIJI, icnpmic T1omcc', will hIiv iitne -li'ecc depcctrhl, hcving tlce grter pcart of hle cargoengaged~Ic Ircigrctc 11111 buleat clcncr cas. cage, cpply to 1. 11 GALE, uplril 1 9:i Commonn at nhe trig VIEtNIN, CaptalIin Perkinc, wcnlt 20111 balcc Cclttcl to 1ill tip. For freight of which,, orc lycecoccalcly to spell 1. II idlE, 1. Croccce c 'l're upllurA I shp . ZOTOFF, Capt. H~larrill, havinlg lllF pc alrt oif her cacg - _ r gaged will hlave· irnrrmdilinlrr. despatclh. For li'tritllt uf:·:I1H bales cLottoln, or e;ernne, apply tor nplril 4I I1:1.: 3Comna na Coastwise. L-,uisinae and A'e)r Yrork I/.e o. I'Porke,. Th I 1 fas sa1iling,1 pac)k"l od~p MIS$1S.SS Sl IOptni n l~ed,,, will sil Is hove, ..t an.t d w-ill he )IF t1)1o1ake in carge, in 2 or 3 'w it hl i on=. apply to the masher on hoard, apposite)II)Rifl thee 1'rgehllllle market, or tol~ isI It1 LI.IN, 74 C'anmp Pt a*. 'FiteI packet-hip Louis~oiville, ,'apt. :l llrn allclecel wrill td thle Slisri·*cippi, on Iho Satordanl v next fidllowlný. II lb1 ph~'tbnp 1lll)I4814) )IIenn.aI.I It' N I') IV I"tK. 'I'l The ·ev IIoII erv fasit snliliop: (arian IfIA enrgo on h oa rrl ) 1. F rtr s('11 , aac111 )1I e, applIlllly toI ; r 3 I 1.11 I Ft. ·ll t NFI II VC IV111 TIIViC Illll - iir II) TI,.! ea told sill iior hl ip ('1.d LJ A ' 11l111 11 )N, BiI N , w , i ll 1leil lo.t 1)1 at 1_ li '1 Iunllll. Forp~+ug nii l Im, int, hiode djd I oIU NIIII t ) 1.II)4 aloe4)C o m m ong l ,lli ~ All 44)IIIOIH Iý T e I silg c rON. 11.11(11 1,1 Ar , m.u er All)hove m'a' r S f1 1'4. 11'111 4)) 1, 1· , 7:1 1 1W1a ,1)4I. )4,r h4'h1I),, _-t The. A I and )1 ftaniie hp .V Nr II NI II NIIIII Capl.~ ~ ~ ~ Raeder wi 441 i i ll,)nt ds 111) N.lcR4', I'l te l te prto he feih u1 ._.4_)1 NA i' 4 I II11rll r i I I 111 I)) 44-4i'11114) li NIR IV' fllI(ON "" f .Al l·. l~lt ··~1' N I'' l ftlL v1"1s11h1 I 'II l IIA32I1,Ci aptCl 1. 'tW'tl'sIell, wll he ready to receive I'\,.l ll inn fe FOR I ' 1 1.I0) . )A 1)14111. 111 ) ) CI A UDIIJAS, _ I 1114?16 1('s2lh).'h,1 ·YIi OO·.baIoJ.S1*.A O') lIIIII4U)4III)4Ibr ig1)11 :l l . l l tl ll 11 C roa ,' / l,,Iaa Ill. in.4) ge trpulo e ag - I g e I'eng aged 1))ll alert wil, 444- diute raat Fm I'lal11h11))1la ' of',re h Ipo- ),ageeap ly t IIII'PL~. 1 S Jt~l· ):I. lTII I' illVlltII ·LlllNE ll0, maoIl .Il y,,ur euh I pat-.,"og,"rs, if curly uppli. l iy h * AILI-IllI 'llle - sal' ha s Ait l Il' CAIo" S' ('n I'll, ne 'I'u ml o I I'iro ll e L 411. 1 8il i t p1 a rk))o er l intl 1'.1 iA he .m sew4 r ..1~ COoa ,'" For hi otg , vI s 1 1)4 11111 ....1to allo Ion1d Ih'II :rovir ;it oar ll)) o ('I II:\,lN.f ee eg aI) Spn hll ikIInlp11 id p Sd 41)1 care' le n hoard wille -ail a oR41 al v. Fo ml) , finial~ r )'"=ge, p lph: la¶or 'pail 41 -'"'IFf 11111,4)) :1\' , 1 1)011418 at N e~ llll :1I III &"pee I alO1nd coppe fl1411141e Is I l ro wll reeie Ilrn gli. hs'New IYh k 1a-d I lore, %ilh "lea, lteh l For terms lllp alb [tithe captain Oil hoardIoplploee ll, irl. 1e' . o ,pe l lInI: 4 1 READ IIA11 1,l4' I 11)1)1l'8mI)ll'4il 11111114 r·IZln11,11)Iy h ('10,40'lP( 1 11 1 s( IIII 4 'Olrtip I''1l ) 11l OI4)llR)t0 CU R'1.4, wolIIn;'1'nlnllR I-ne." 1,14114,1,R 11n lllnT5 c; Tito superior (lent glass ship CLAUD RUOUS, I 4ip~jCl S~hi" 01'c Ills 118 had n n 00bles1 1ot L oe1 ll, i s n owp,) e i)i rf1 loye o IH a c I el n n oa rd e 41. 1) Io il uLLmrc a LNI, . [ ll ISt. &N Wll' 1ý l Eo 1) 1 1114) III 1,er r k)) niI a 'llsr tf fr leca 25I1lamm he Icu+t i '11)10 (, 4)le 4,114)1 su phat e q ininea~ )1114 III ) 1)0)10)) Sdieli5 M l w ing ) 1 1 8 tip lI)I Pnhlll'4 ll: 5,I1no)1ls luka 2If pI r I' p an 1111 csak thin seedil'41.g 11) Nn a1 50 curi'a', ,it via r nl, wheal , th! rv t11rfrsie m l~~r13 ~~ d 'Ill'o( )'y Cllp p lie most reasonable ttr lr l n s. lolle. Rur I'd l I I))1 t II1I.I.I'nEe. 1 'III) 'N ,;l g nIieral c 11nsll norirll·v 411 )lt0I1N A. IIN'S --'-IbmI aa, )'lIlr canl)114 u - IlacesuM'r alaInnlog( nnlalsp nrl+(o Sle y IAACBRIGE a, k e a 1 9114) 1 3 1Mh g zi n a COLT'S ''1'EN'' RE PEAING FIR AR: IS Public are respectfullyill~ inflr red that the. ahoy Exn ang I Ilonk'- St)1)n lr. R, t ' II P a 5 i * l Al N KlSlene m n -.1))1, 1' ) 0 . Do le m 8 llle e p 1.50', deo Enreen Ask., t 75 do Wil l limed past d 130 do E dICl d III perI; i hill nl cap wrllriting In 0 'it1I~lUI) medium do 111~ ~l~e Allltf wir It ae of a veliry SupeI'lrqniilul; and wll be· gold lowll to lclse a cun 'IrY llig llaeen uet; byil t»IS ___ '1'l W A R ,I11C p s 1ýT \Y MUSIC Iry Mlara l'rnck -' haste, Rourm,,n, 1I nauvriu ller of New Or is-ace, rrr ivr. tt itll the pettiest all- a pluac It fil New1'ex renrrls C York, per ship ill-leans. I leans. fear sale by UTJIBI.EI.LAS-RI) eases llnntaual nlIii llllam Una hrr~ll S, rmnprily, n eooplrll o aII r mleicon lauding framhria Pu ne 'Oracll try ISAC (Ir,, 13 I la-I',,. I 134 .ll LII)\ aavl Ilgnr at.t J UST rilerr, e~l al 'l'ow or a IlRst· L ', 40 ('nn, a supp.l l~ly of tll u follown oks -ta=als1o derv Ibrcs;·r lllrnls M'ore's Winks; Cn mn~i pa nng+ I ,' o y, 11r n g o e y ' e n r ., S ea m s T ra i lEg p -, r bi ,P era toad sla t-ll olyIL ~ Ira ln ,u r repr, ,Ts r I keS", R ssia stll Polnd;Keih nntil. P opheies In valid's Orale, Ludy oflawns; Salnwuodi; West FOR NEW YORK. C. A NEW LpINE ftpakete has been e tablibhed In run rlwee. n Ne, Orleans r nd New Yurk, ion urt iaSStna'fiVe first tleslrips, v iz: STh.ilSt. a larv, I WV Foster, mneter, " ale blilicn, J O Russell AlworU, 1i P Duifery, " I e i new Abuildlng, I The rhatils went Ituil in New Yorkexpressly fir lahi itrde; art oi' light dr caught of laterand will nill b usubject todeulkiell ae tilea alar. tIheir lne. ainnIs for issengers aonlpriAe all ut 1Imy bet Camp co lfor u mad c apenlcvlllelle; int tleir eolmulllaer are men of expreia nee. n til tlhe ships nllW a uilding are S:'pleted two first lose alahipl Will sutliy teir a it grenstet ianetll.lyr ill ten oabsaervt d in tie tilt r or naliatc aun every retm allei oe clllulumlatiu Sex i nded to slhippersand C usengers. or iurther particulars apply to Mto rS. Johnisna a L hwdcs, No.86 ioll sdreto , New York or to a. ai ra 'Era I.AII).aW, tai Caap It FOR NEW YORK. [L.ouisian a lld New York I.inle of Packeas.] To sail re.u/arly as .dfertistd fri eachti Part. IE liaae is at Ihir s minea llr conpoled oflhe dllow illc ships, but t; llOr lleiV ves.eln will Ie pl tou nt an etrly day, lakii lg ta c lllllra her twelv. i all, lli ill will allolw ,fone leigllg dinpnt.hed frolm this aort every week durinl lfh year, thus ifl'atdin$ pronpt Iiailitiea s fir trainslrtualioll a d at tla lowestt rates ti'fighit. liilp 'i ttotl Culatin 'I'risk. "ra isisie, ir i, rra re, nl "lt uiiile, " t Allen So Mngollr ll. rluthswny. Illusyille, " Eldridge a ]latke.l, l er alt i ter The ibove ships are all of thir filet ilant coIpery a sahd aito r tlstael, of o It':hi dratgit of water, anti built iln No w York expressly fir the trade, witlh OIiglt accolmlltllaolnna fur alslsellners and commuladed by able alnl ex )eileleed IIm stlers. The priMe ofk p'nasge is fixed at $91, wilhout win, or lihuorsa, lulmpu tllle..t ] ii every other partcul Ir well ble provided, lud ev,.rV tllellrliy l n Pi I I gi p to 1o e ilhs clamfort If thoet pIatsinga to anl fro in th, line. The Shi will at bll a li n e - towedl ip ant dowll the river, anid the grae:ut t pualitiniy ohisirved as to tlfeirdy of sailing Neither theIownir,, or caltnins of thler vessels will ie responsible for jewelry, I'ullion, precouJ saloes, ctil er r orlated wuar, brel'akae of glass, IillIow woare lurbld, or g;ranlltl(i,4 cooperag..e Onl tii, runt of irol or I 4teel, or tir anv letter,, parcel or pat.Ites -eet by or tukell fr the samlle, lld the value Illterefexpresad. Far freiight or passige, naNtell to mar tl JAAMES I HaUII.IN. 7-I st FORL NEW YORK. IIOI.MES' I.INE OF' I'ACKE'TS. T P nO sdl lmnnetanallv every Monday from each por. ST'his .i, ... T iP:ket,', ..e bheln in.cre ased. to ller e I first aclll arallnal ll le blai sl nlg oat Sillil Nashall. CaptainHa Wood. aIrkda+, tCtptaoilEn lhateniaaii a riaalorm,i Cault ine C C ierry, Fu 'irharp r,"i t atin J I Auoker, II l.,'ari/ei (;ai.iiaill TroImcld. o giiii (alla ail a arrallll a ih (),t'/fr, ( :a hutlln I. et)II3. •ew,F. Ship -- ('CIptain WVodhueotlae. Nee. fki/ -- Cnptain Nicllols. 'T'le ablte .hips urn a l ofthe first class, coppered, uii I atppr lilatenld, ariln were, btuit ill New Ydrk ex 1ireisly iur tlhlir Ii.--t l y rilt 'l i tr of' drg of we.i 1.'r1 and aimost iowtriabyv cross ine bar wlthout deleu 'it'ese packets t re colmmandlel byv Captains well ex- It. penerl d intll( e Ihrade,nuld will ulwaVBsexert themiselve CI to ncerlllllllclllte. ·T'hey w eill ays he towell ulpnd a dtown tie rive.r. act will plolnitly sail as tdvur ised. t T h e y ]la ve hI lld ,+ale lyV fulr llish e d IIC n uu n doli[ nsll nl e t] sltres of the first qu alfiy will alwa .s be formi hrd, and I every ntlel~tiull paid olia the ufort and salisfuction uo wf I) Silnelng l lei Tfhe price, of tie cebin is fixed at $80, Willlollt wille or dliuor, F~or further particulhrs apply to A COIIF.N, Ilar`2 " 90 ColllmmO streetd [iT.TJ'hp shilps are i t acoeunlltable fior breakage of Chlss, hullo- ware, maIrble or grnllile, cooperage.f Io in or rllust .f|il~n or steel: liar reslonsible fir anv Ipakage olr pareel plilt hou ard, i n els a reg ur bill urfldiIn be signed therefhr, at 1he ,officeof the gentes. i'or the Interior. FOR BiAYOU SARA Regular I'Packt. n h 1 orILI. A.hT, Jesse & lart imaster, will l .. New uOrlea s every re l fce.ll ,lltlt ;,'chack A. .f airlliaVO Sara &every ,cllndy Fr Iright ir lisiNe aplply to Capt. Hlar aln ho arO WRr i 1ih.15 D_ AT)Sl, & WIII'TiALI, lortshuginghreyv or radhir one tle.h jel, r Sh:+ltrs, or l'. britI, ts, y II single ai u lieti, it Spt'rlllllnu llt hlr/l b lw , vlaryuIn. It CIIolII+lte block, w - Il stn anllllih etller lia hlllll or illell, jl t ic rneh iv, at IllC Llzar,corller o. t. lhrles & Colonlln streets NI . I'A .lnI' )eoti st, re: lY c llrnlly ti'es nt rointeradoniitig bfatjstiroaccl e ln lfro ais n dclt u• Iiy' thin whaiceee, i t Ie ellld plllllli higyeI s ltllw priced jeirir he n as , a ol' pebrtnry , e lAlpil. Ilia i l.e.+ii lh itill le Iraciee, lr .vuo , wllhoer Icl : rll i i o.h l l kill l eXt erienicehiLosall th e i , lisrg N halnaicnl deelrhlllleinels inlestlre preor ill tl ile rh, will reraclrmngeaalceratce. felI" u Unlice,59 ('anal street. 1 N :ýtl()OI.AS NICi'C lt:I{--Nol.+ -ln7,Ran d9,.ll +he c irs.l ix oasrehrs in one eract, with a variet ofl viery interstin buooks, just roccivL inIIIi for sale ly in h" ATOSFtIt, .iCinl _st CARD T1O TI' E LADIES. Croi.leA f IIELI., Niie . lI Chartres street con in. ales tl i tl.tlile old brl llI . Je.elry, ol i o d or .flver iwll ily LtrlI whatever, nn wiey tIe he Ihies price in Orleani,trtl l.adies, lwho mn hrer old filln tied gohl jewelry, Sviz: ar s rllmel, lcht l i necklaces kle, i la o abert rillgs, or ,il hct us arlticl es o tie lie wliell is lying ile and el'no uetlr tothell, can rext;ange thesailn to giost Sldvanlael Ily atllriner as n obove. N B--atlhels, Jewelry artI Spectaclcs repaired in IBle best I etlner- na lrrg su n eatoderate. Core ner i St. Charles A Cama o Jreete E XC ITo N VTE Ill)ET l , t USS! &U ALLrN wouldO r3IINAhllv call the S t iu llnillll iro n ailitlnldi strIhe r rnd i n I ewlrlO lllr etb aosul .or (;Ienlrlllenl's lil e redil dl cam brio. witil ncll IrnUsrai, o allenga lnlen frlbts: linen cba. lars: silk, arrllllctiond leinl tidegr shirs and drhwers eclnllrio ld silk lenldklrhiefs hack In fa niesy edl vats il grelet variety: stllcks o'f every seripliorn: io I elstlie, rlll cotton sls enders silk. Cotare nd thlread eglves: gelts hoskie gloves: ut brell as c d paoaes ald moluted. Al ai,--Splenlid assorltment of ladies ard gens eri tlg desks, drepaing oudao, rt olius, perfuery, oeut lery anail rich falcv godms. _ novl'I _ TO Il1E LADIES, DlR. H ULL'S U'rERO ABIOIINALSUPPORTER TIHIS new instrument for the radical cure of Pro. ilapsedi s Uteri, or Faiing of the Womb, by ex. ternal application, supelsedlng the usoe of i te ob. jectionablo prescary, is confidently recommended to the afflicted as the means of perfect restoriation it Ioleth, it nvcer iasvin ftiled of performing a core, even under the Inost aggravated circaustalln. ces. It has received tile decided Cpprobation of Sir Astled Cooper of Lonton ; Sir Benjamin C Brodie ; Sir James Clarkl, Physicin to the I ieenl; Dr Ashwoll. Lecturer an midwifery to laoy's Ilol. pitrl ; Dr Rigly, lecturer to St Bartiolomewis ; Dr Gnrifith, lecturer to Yestminrtor l ospital ; Dr Ianmsbothasl, lecturer C ti London hospital a; Robert Fcrguson, lccturer to Westminter hoepit. al ; Dr Sweatltatn, ectulrer to Middlesex hIopital, prd senior aseoucheur to tuoen Charlotte's lyin. in.honpitali also by leapry Davies, Conquert Blundell, Lee, Merrllnap, surgeoo Keatos, &c. by Dr Morreuo, president ol tbe .eadentie Roayale do Medioine, Paris, and Aceouohor to the Duchess k'Orlean e- protessors Velpeon, Marjolin,oiPan Druboes, SarsV and oetheras -o nd in ew York by professorJ W Francis, S Bedford, M D profs. aor of nidwifery in th university os tile cirf of Now York, Iproli Delofeld, and Franc is, U Johln. Ston, ircsident County ISociety, Laurens Hull Sresident ied society StateL of N York, plofo Jas I osa(k, Stearns, Ladlow, KiSsaam, V&trhe, Power. SGrayson, Villan Ronaalaer, and many othler distin. Sguisaied plysiilians in the U States. o A G; Ilull, Oties, 4 olessy at, Astor iaousMi N York, {I. A constant supply oF the above instrumcntl, with Dr Ilull's inmlrovcd Trusses for ihernia, will i be kept by SICKLS &C. Co, N Orleans, IA GeCarpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marshl Wood. " ville; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; W D Wilkia. ose, Somerville; flall and Washington, Nashville; MeNatray and Hamlilton do; R I. Bliss, Florence Ala; J C Spotswood, Athons; Irby and Mastin, SHulntsvile; l Bose ano d Rof, Mobile. ap lIa, tA ll, & VIN'I'ER CLOTtlHING. J P. FItE.IMAN & CiO., No. 3, Miaglziaestreet, J are rever isi their sepplies of Fall and Winter Cilthing, sll a lln il oill', it retsnse .c.blaeis regua. larly elitOItgholal ts seLastIIl. Theire asseellent being larit will 'nlllehlis tteoa Is apply msebhntso froIe I the Oulltlltl', tit il oll relsrlt1 notiee; fo sale Wlhoesal & rrltil, 05ll 5 CeLu to slillo g Ilt '. rp2i CIIINI'ESE TRI'ltil4Ni----urn receivc sd aassmrt. Ireas of hile sabve irlltcle, prevslslltlives agal al sotibil i piiiliisi beaa lucks, well adapled for Is. diebdresss or for Iloldillg papers &c, Itnilg exlremely I;ghlst ail hanasome, lIbre sle at iGOSSIP & Co, tei. Eacbisge atrel St Chlrtles sl I I Alt--50 ls l oin Ro n ieirng frion slp Charles insll·., alid b.r tale by iii i. SHALI. & FROWlN, ii 9Mlea.zine LARD.--4i egPL s Lardl, rteirae beyu u2 s4i Naw Levse SINESS CARDS. SJOI PRINTING. S UP EYERYD'ECRtrrtoN, in 5PEEDII.Y, IIANDmIOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXEC:IUTED 0o AT THE OFPICE OF THE Trite .Imericaet, i'T. CHARLES STREET', NEAR POYDRAS. m23 CHAMPIi-N & COOPElR, . GROCERS AND DEAI.EILS IN PROVISIONS II AND IEElI), or No. 79 and I3 Julia itreet, New Orleans. re I Ship and IFrrily stores plr t u. a re OUISIANA . . r URNITURE WAREROOM1RS ne No. 53, 3ienville airet. W I LI.IAM It. CAINNES, Woldh respwetfilly in n antly receiving from New York and |,loa' a good assortmenr t i of Friture, such ors mIahogany hair, t ofas, I edr tenade, ma le and painled c:hirs, n,;r e .ndr cherry bedsteiad., mall oganv ni cl eer) tabIes t rfoa description-. , bulretaus, *,est, secleturve, writin dlnsks, warrirolreC of mahogaav ui eherry, wasl ar'ain, looking glascsen, Ire h ers, bIedding, e. &r. NIL. Furnlture packed lor trailnaporinlio with great Carto. en|V 1: PRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL Ur LUUISIANA, " r- YFFLEd his services to Ilth. pllic in; the depart Sli ton ndnioiitry. Ir EonCllllls h d. TrxprienceL, in his prorfession an.d by irnenl rleian ld fidelin, i he. o e exealcio of businles Ientr ted I t, i h li, I i e les t lerlat aid receive a share+ olfl,.hlie p r gllae, 1le wil' also Ieasure anl calculate te tt Iwll II wli ll. exea atiilins . Oltice No (:il'l'e.." trei tr , i ea ol, d utot) FBAZAR i 1 r US H d& A'LLEN, a; NO. I, XCIIANGI IIoTFL, t ' orner of ,. 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BANK NOT'E ENG RAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON I- AV oened uan offtie ih Nraw Orlea , Ipssesain " 1 Areual adrvantages ritlh their Ihouse in Naw Y5 k, lIr ihe pnrue cfaengring an I p iitiog Blank Notes Iolnls, I1is of Exchlll.l , Certlhraer or IDeposite, Checks and other imporltllnl palper requiring naecurity against Iol'gerier; anld blare I r'nla iamle r lnovisioo for thrknafe kepeing of all ,lata 11111 nil irmre.ions entrust ed to tlheir carer tlheir slert:illr e ln l rnelhll e noter of ovar five lhunlldl Ihalkilln illn iloui ollnr and all ordlers will be executed with ;irlllllihtullr andl n hiii I L Iu t leras. Oltice, cagrner l'itoval & CSair airet . Ja --If SAMUEL 'h'OBY, olmerrlhandne Broker r Conrnisstnno .Jlerclanl, d13 tllihce, 3ii. aorl s..-Fur tle _oresen t. (0. II. IL IS. L SIHIPII BROKER & C)..ISSIOV 1 MERCHANT, No. 63, Paydran StrlEt, NNw'a-nh:I.11FA , J. PI'. 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JOIIN \V. ANOIII WS. A largs eppl t o Garden Seedl, oarrunted tite growth ut' 8,37. DOYI.VP IU AI, I)EAI.EIbS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, Nu. -3-C*Houourtoor Srul.,:T. of FIR ItI I EN'S INSURA:N'S COiIMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. Thti s ov nw preunred to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. OFFICE, No.24 losson's Buildings Canal stto. I. L 'I'llACtd, Non eOrlens, MOE 15. M83.1. lePe.toyv ROIIER'I CLANNoN, - HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1: Canty surer, Whtolesale l)eoltet in IOints, tOil, Voruithooa, Itruoloto, m:I1I WindoJ SandI'irture0 lieu c. AC.&. FASIIONABISLE C LOTHING. p fl n, (Iretra Street, RO Bl.VSOOJin A OOD IF'LiV (N.. Ohte~oo btelow Ilinoille, HAVE cVF' mallg on ott otuytlyriltle apuIloinl bl= u' grslltlte11Plla tI1pon, otoale in the best mant net itd moot fauhitmobjo style, tilth they oor fil cash, at relined J Iriet."u dtl~teottted ORLEANS LIIIOGRAPHIC OF'FICE No. 5:1 lagoazine trtet, opponsito Itooko Arcde E~S~TA ItISIIEIt r o thee uco, totuol" tuopt, tint,. U louddeutniogu, trloumltt' o olorsbuooneuuouad udldeot urdlo of, ever ICOeoipEit , tooctorl oirolrtr ott bookchecs, dray receipts, &cCblyumll(1 nlld Ixtlcutt d iul achcap suck wditids sty It, the Ii p jttit It. Il\VýlII.I.\ l GIOEENE Ni BBtt Nioteo toottlexecnutedi i24 A Card. r ORLEANS LII'HOOR.4I'll/C ESAI'ABLISIm lIE 7', 511 MAG.IZINE $'T'RSoEET, OtOWStEE BANES O nvAI·F.. W JW REEN.E r rrlnrs h s sinere [banks fit hisi V rieoou ea il /th mIlitot Netw Oeleist to. to n -!ootntunreelsetowed tontbi.o the leost twotetem omo, ,uegoleaveO to asueOtit-.m that all ordlocommttoetd to Isi hartgoe shllIbe ptunclly untended lo; he will as ursuoI, keep the olho'o upontdri·IZ te I uti' lIe ild shallIte itu~s reuady teo sriuke ttif, ereknotl' eirtu lars, business atld otddress card, / lulsl notices, [nps Iplans, nd o ttl to otiot tnttjevert'tt e pth, o dolthe RllnrICit native, milloil te mostr* reusolnuble terms.R Ileing assisteld fl artist n lulerirt Ito Ehjther etittO rislt maul inl thle cir, and fromII longle c1IH'rell( e inl thee litlhographic lino, Ito teels teotident otgivittg etntiro N 1: Atotheeoaies and tl loNistot alulte exec tttet itt 1 no good Otale as copperplalttte t"tt,.titg, tod at 0ot. Ilhird of tlu expense. jy· GEORIGE C. CIJILDS, AirnmEP AT LAW, ` 111 tedfeSttptente Court, ottd 51. Iitt ite,t t'ovrls, of Ilerrinburg·.nlld llnu of llm lldytceml eontrain-Office at tlte City 1 Iloetntt. Claims on the govegu iEottt , *ttltr I onktnatty Lont (' tottey, wilt Ibe unttoeotk, tIOI I pEomptly ustended to cift for Ino toi rerlenlsor rrtidtt tlf'I'ent,. Addret fruitr the Uitted SAtate-Cit' of Ilotois. to tite caroe of8.Riker, jr. (Texas o so1 Ollicc Agett't) Now Orlean, tn na NOWANS- 10 bill Ite ulnto :r1m rtnlwtur St Loui toeraleby ABlKAIIA\I 'I'IIIER, mar 18s 131 Mnenzine rLt uIkE tOF CA1Dm NAL CIIEVEIIUtUS, Arcinltop LAu loftBrdeaoo, by the Rev. i ltett I)otubottr , eO etliosur otf boteologo; trantslated frotmilo FIto I'teo-lt Ieubert1Ml \V nI.; nust tecoivetl tttol litele by all t; A. 'I'OWVA I, 49 dttp El M t'." 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O It f Nylo·ItA-~05I t 'rl . e, Jo!it Klg, curate ulr J.llw'a t'itrcb lnlurh ler h .d b.coIlltetoy dt, 4 l luo ,ttathhl l, ul t oIt t bl u hatn d fllltu le liltott IIutr trt ltIi.tA ''htI l jfue tll t beetrh nlly gutleAIg ItuhI IAl tIlur a tltetir of year.t dUrll, w ,IC C be ite ltfIts tsqualeAItcd ut d0t'l iais, Wll .lellu eI' l hlan ia)ihled aery Ib ni , l , cill oeolld ruggerl, wltrAoul gh Il.tulrl(Iox oft'llI. ,)r Flake ttudll llt'l tld lplt lesr Tnt'ytlur's t(t) tlulltute Iltltu d lrani e to tell Ie li IAdloty ll :1 Alcutn bottle UAItil e could heltr t wh. as ever be did. -ott r paIll.ular t of tpt t edI he tu tfllou MoI No IrllIIAIr 0 Ittt1 t i:t5. i)r Alldrew h of Eltllturge, says of tile .,ltdl.. V.getil ita- . mry rtttllt it, uttwell as ill thlt ttlit - 11. .l It to ia sea tmt)a Olduootd . reitnled hi e0 ofidenat. 1.. trh e t rltt. trv. di: lttt ris Ad re txntl tn el'theelr, Ip, oLttI iy ch ldttp d l d,-I IlleulAtt i l Ii, A tl l ttitlt, and Ih,', d it, lt A A flU Tei eera ilt. , bai.,eI rtollli a ntt li Ill Ity' alkltth a .,isell af tld t / othber., inr uilt. w l b,+ dlsloplullul ted w ho lu ty hart OCCtslln to use th,, val., . dE1,uel c.y. Lur Jatae u Aftltll ld 1i6 rdenllit e I t i,tter to Dr l'dlor, clullul. Iry satyl lug tiry Wlli n people x'11{ hod tlo th 11lut11 Vegl'tldlll a cllla ll t l r +rlluahl ,+ rI ltmd+ o e I llltlie s u,,,. l ul;,i, aht..) c u.e. I Late geurrndly fo..d th lle to twob ItltlM protll:et u ilerlel cure-- llll i0llu Inltal.e « gt:lldl u rlllhlo ii.r 1,I e it rl.-, .Ic it lllg"eld ellr dawllmlr G'ull&a re art, s~ite led-- wae +ltb, +, d runoot 1'1 y till-er mild l Curlt Ill) ?·(·lld oDII uldel'lllli .IU-II.1101 fr~q tll Lb(·(ile".itllre of l'lpllllr + -a d exedI m I IIH b-iiiit tli11IIa t a veranao w"I r Ior'. Illur JLall~ resllbll.) ll Y l~liilll tf lelldUle .UIiHill I l elt l Ih thIIIEI ll b lll t i i h ll y a l lelhtlll IU FCI C ie d talt th mik IIIIaL r, Ao "d to ho(·lrm g !,y the wr ott hlee bottle,. thtn jlle~re l.1)1 u l ktullrru I1'ul apeaic of U r 'It an ellr'. Cutts t'egat.lkbi· r .ay,-I I,1. eut(,k,y'rJ ;iii lay ·LII1U d tal ecs I11 fiill I out I, uaeil plrproxm it, if., rrle od car. 1f1all du l llls, aller Irlllg every lhuly she ct111 , hu I telr u "eler foeraa id~lth11n eugutdI rt .:rla ads nehitiecuu u. ber Tayar.L~ eetto', 11111 Vrg,,thiee lr. CllZ't maby it p e fo r upon ..l d s ty h", h Mis tt, often rrprrlruerel i1, but it e.-.r- every to into thalto Plrt~tlu. ien; kls ·olr have . lxedisive of rulllrr ntlr rPEU ly nal oIf i h.r c u!uc. ibo 4"bd l.lnlo or hl. C Itrk w. s Irth yllaos frllic Ou * nit d hri rel zll c ag evere Cl ger Illr c1uld hear o l b nl d her I.;i elcuulcuuld pncrlht, tae bottle of .1r W. I e ylur' 6drive Stgetuhelt, rvlllrld hel r of ntII rubl nodtl bEfOw r e 1 g cd toe 'lllrd butnlo rlll wal Ftllt' tly roe 14red to Lftas s se of her lTela lllll t to or derlvellilt'e, wxo wits hutenatiu the oJ IRgII1Itclodl waih dtroll ,+F Iutlhell a plmlos tr.lo sld bra reluulltd ir ever ,iotl. A II rthe Bell outbottloe.r Cuhetqts t V egetakli s hr wo pireplr eud.i tite~relwl Csie~llrl~ p+.el lll~i· It+ iar t 1.'o11 ll) llpr €.tltnditwllb Mlet iltkt ot ).oll+rwuH Ii. rhu ,lrd b ho IA ytars deprived of thLe ,ewe of 1,1uulu nrtyumte un to be udlie ,if bthtler. 'I'nthe * lld whlesltle and C ltat cI Ulxuo in w itt do 9 f .t ,, hippN u l ll l {CIA{)mr.v prom a blc~sinhe a i has dit en quvnlty isnd thIIe iw urrn of eu wn Ill hopde s rewelry Ihad proeer anncplieaJorh dellve bl. ,,~luint d h.tracig a' 'I t thee. nln~fCIm1 with Jnnfal"E, rttillg bUIU -old, this rey t'i-fls mll+ prot tin I'lllite fatd hellresof tihem toan I||lUg .cases out of t e .. n e titres egoe uhlla b prepaed in ub. tel o nri daul.oa "it Kseteltli till ciples, nfrln lirelnm a ll enIptH.CIs and it wlll Sh *lul trial o tarrf a oen retopv eutnnal k wlite it in the ons I elp e td en 1 pmlurbyr eniriirln, then g tt hearingwho have beel tre UUIlrtn iP t cleabe deputed of I attlserll for maIny yokes. leln oholesale and lettil am ·Crney it No 96 Polcat he re street, Naw 0-ms'·. aped 11 wN HL f h di Ih ha . D i. tioh ry t I.lel e. t d ee in e n lule ltt1Teal Ote urani[g. of sr n rd, at 1<ll _s prop'er ap~plication, maay bra ascertained hf tracing ase ties of Quulutians (iwu the tethers of th hg t Ihro~ugll nuceesniva uses dowa o the~t ptetenu tene.A no onre is expected to subg~ed to Kichaod opi 'p c lirwury till bra lra firs) srlumlord it, the! Agert n.,4 h~r iudlulgeaas of Iru, hg ·upy st tke olfirel ool .fawr riomlal goat, Bolet fo~r extnmisatitta alluring them that Il~p vll ftd L l~ll~,c. atilt fuH illustration at hatJ Fattt saga it long draniledl and sitlot g neeed ; the eery wanl of which listr hrsel the glrllcst defect in nl ; Ileratarc. fliee 162Grafter rat 316d 1020 -nn s ae mdla ralet,,ad,, IiýHE pu blic are m ere.lfplll ni in ran air ld wist n lWRirC shlt llrtio, tl. e * iiF Frerekfi, lpon te tbnaillrd, o.. tak tintes h.e at 'tie bauidi;g inleearg te Noir oreanom lenaltw '2 int,, npanrte.ia, for kpm e sepii dlllnicasile - Sand d flTh'rear iinasena, Tine inatnantill is anpph .,lI w1ik taire*lryau.. f 0t" t.r a r nt t a r ale nmad mamae a n nsselqpijkl.."t n'.l ritln inoueta Ibtrtnq s. i"Cn +. dre kg..a-. g P'rivate rooms may (sg be karJHia getlOleen atlit a Itnars er dae. tirtluinhab,& n. de alraves also, io dalet'r. Sn al"eFa if the' adýt nr - a ils, fi t.d llut." All ctpilol t llrg:a'l opertn mnatexlr '1'I!+ rmaidenl prh~lvino is Ir \I edd<4rret('O'Wlm nppliratioa for ldlmitsliona millatihe maud., aria' Dfc A I I.'.mbrg, N. i I.a rt eiar lient. ' 09V Ir Mr. ;.FOnlte f FRRICK hatj remllkad ihe of tta ofllchief Engtimneer of the New Ol(eaans o.aiiaaf. ton Ilatil Roa, Mr. Jo.n Iaapaoat laabaetw pnaio 4 ld i in his place', r -. ltm all peroans lhr..t laiauedl with, olr wisllioa itmaalina regardirrg id. tai Rolad trill sptv- l the IBil Road Ou(lce, PyInren ltr,. Ily Ollier Of Nhe oad:. l. (st n--- JeT- -- I)o N|IClO , L I7oL, uNI)()N F' 'F;:, COI'PP;I. 4: I511 5t -k.r aImdon pnter, 7 d1 ze, erach I3 I slvel, i rirlar e ots c ., p .1 Sl .Ipcie , iits .nilnekn ugging -. 2 11-ilt dotle hltiltce a ne11t1 l ap ll bia rope I 11 lI tl.- Ilietidin k ehn, ' aip re l.t I a t . P(iN ier at e VAI UA-lieE ;N6W. SAN f R:E I'E3) of ('iieat (trtalmalll, iy A HatRtleae Ii r +llrl l.rml lie F.rench wit .otet mlt ilhbi Itrlt ioln , hi r a vlllllr lesl • umirt ul' tilili f)e ('oauhieni ir enat.h thg tkhe IaI rII..- o" lloai. lhe 1lh1 and hl.latp thetih at 'ri', ., triado (fihriCes lihe HIa l lP)ke 'of linr p.cllil. hi ahih 'i I tl.i tectit hle waa secretary: art alF( ther ]lis.vrYo 'a Eldwand the 4th, and Manry lt I afEnglatnd, in i volt. ii r liiis a uif I.ady lamiliaii, wit ille.mtatinee eane' d ulns oI" v otihier ariat 1inrtralar fiiends atal tlirisn'll' etl i re'liatlal surrer, enlmbellshed wilb uit prrl i alter ir IIra mtIC he iii a It' tea.iliaatniiertcnf oeeeeia, Ill!i n Id-n ilt +ti c llle ate p i r nnslned fin m I tlli".,s , io ',Ilirh fi, p It' ed" l.lllUrku oR lllt I I I i t .l:.a wr i lii:tr ef IS t-'ic atiht. n kl vti. F I --- l'. R -I l i ectl ln tl, i t l' m t iam bbtea l M ean. 1I his, jr .r e sle by " IIORSEY," 11 I.K E' --he I,lr s n reelil.ed, hl, tdine from senle-l. eV Pr ntlathie, fuir clt lby tDORtitlE, n e·! _ 44 New Latin SACle. .1111 'ý--,t r;tikn' n'iiinttitia eared, land li b .... _ i. . lie nk ii. Ilmll ii.oller itnoli.,. fi l s ein h ea+ umar 2( (jO ItOSEi' 44"Niew Ii.e, lI1. & KI IS".--8, hll!'. 'tttnnerln Oil 0 t.ask spel)il r '7. t.. itle. N, ren Clulth, ac.naln Ir Ihe seaoutil, L.VI II (ALE, miir 18 2w . 93JoU:tmeuia ir LONDION 3]TATIONAitl & F'AN.CY ARTICLES Stint fleceid i-e l[ ncliiigitittiott ilal aa, lbA rish i I, ip,-filai ,eIrrl lan ihrAreldnel , i tll it r i ll"ii tifl i d' , h lld l, I t eltlow ,inae Lettee Emnlnati 411 andii intIl., t It IoI. gilt) edged natl & Mi tii o iic per.i .hi m. " a l ii c sl eri, t l nil vc rdeeta l i tl a nlid si .,r c I I+ I, i ft , lltittbii,~ld W ier-' \\, liiioiiil and Antketmanta ("itl boit anp t `i ic lira t uaie in ll kl l.ndmon pocket books oto .,It, r, "+ rseia Er, chaled and seal hear! 'l headh~ ,t ' I ee lhitders I llu in lated nm rn .cn h,lao. e roo ru es " l.oulapll plrepared |+ori. [ Ionrlllllilll sre london, water colors i. tin.xtt inld Ily ,haea'gierak Oxlfrd and micellneout tI itlI. n nbo, kt Atkerianun's d-awi, g eci'tiR, in .aTsee of 'eml 8 e'l Ienn : Ierrc'.t eita tit,' iar, idium, neatd ntd Lottindon ritige ,lmlonl portable peet in I ol,3, s io'.r.'trla ink: Ar kerman'a liiqnid cua.i ,tl( t, e' c-telieru lin eI-pk i tt i tnk, pet ttaeot b!tre tail 'rid lbeiy nsitaitble for ofl i inae tl Ollne jt[ rn rr all of frul tllcclihty r n J II a ('o i a mar 18 itt i Car alfh Charles anI imi tn an, NEW ORLEANS & CAIRiROI LTON i.41L ROAD COl\iA N'. antinnltNENa F nR THE WNate1 AtraS. I' nl,'lom urrlltou. F.M.1lat e Fl'ew Ornteaumk. l tre Car t 4 'clrk . M. ore ar el k A. ,1 . t e llO l " t" l.uc"unol re 3 n - After 11 a', I., k a Car nltlh ba hltaiied by fnayilag Itt da '111+" F: JCa iN' AN81k lACOURaEC STItEETCARa. itas t t'uinul trn1. ti G ojnlick, A. M. and ran hoarly. Al. fll.tS-7 o'ocktlnhis nar wnt camaettrn-ni everyy l otur, sd cnn11aae lhroutan nliio. e. day uln iil ~ t8 'el P. ii. Proci tic ItIi olJt ck-oltlnatnen. lti'ir o.tulalg by tle Locolnattait must lnrnidtathemaelvaq . , 'l'oke, ,, iia au moneya if lie tlaken in the enaduainI. tuti, Ntw tlaeitas Cnarrluolia Rii Slid Com pana" oytlra astree,. ' JOttN HAMIIP ," it.citf. _Ilg.f .O C. KM j I. l 'lttE f 11 i in of Jores ont he Paslions,t0 Fll pll(lill IFllerrinir. TIT oooilo of Chorles I1llhewr,- Commedion, by Mone 1)(1!l ewr iu I cola. jest I000 ldald Inr sale Ih mar o) ALEX 'I'O\t'AI, 40Cotip at 0 R1.FA\8 I ;.1THOGNIAIII; l'I PNTINO OP., Cade. FICE, 53 ine strloel, olelotlbi Barka Ar; W UFFNP.E takes plencore tn annnoapaig to his frieneds ed the cotizons of New Orleone, that he bals o Irrglh brought Lthography on a par % il eappet plow pnonting, and leotthe fhluliride tile aft has .orer cnpper date engraving,~t he c exeute. all order, entraoled got 631, nt c re ol ft Copense of engraving sad nearly as chlea op type pIirinti. 2teoehnto ntnonhing Circulars oent oat in Their ono hood enilin 100n hane 00 qunnitity 03t a tew hear% notice;~; or' he\ . eill Ile oeerted for thea in 4 beasiinl.o etrlr~r·.tsh us hneoItclle gilen tereral salietfaspie bull The M1000 1respectlal,0 co.fmioinoo htnnee, in athe: city. tleotlelooo deoleouo of hatoing V'isillng or Boal. 'too (,atds fioihed Iin the heet Olonur, n ill ito teYlt ba cullile at he off~ice stll see uppecimeuei Pei). 1 , 18:39 1N 31 110nk notes neatll rOenmel, 00nd cireeatsd, I:rioted at one hoBur', tl 1oic.. L ntn ___ IIFott A tPl~l0t' l''W; IBanh Piecc j )3OCtl lit A\iJI-t1t lhot:): old pleaelt Irtntle1 1(1.7 tIPA It) lf3.0 31St O20 7 hock place . 1111111 AS 1130 l-t"tth-Nn. 7, Is nndf10ftli far1( fititnix ens in - i\·par: alitrety of ' . e;e lA Ttth0A11,49 Ceatet OIt 3, too-llooene of to I'not der, joel teeitend P . d sle liAlL t. & RIIIOWN, - 50(01r Ill 011 lagaante ct 1) NE AlIti,;I:. Chp;EF ord (nolren.eBntler t 7 ion- uod for salelbyREA) & HA IS'lI'OW, filar 10 y'iRank Place SII1:R11 (CANIII, 120-nIln l*eo )iot teectted sd tZfr role b AyIIMEL It Ill ANCHARII, meet11 In - - y eo4,e NEW ORI.EA 1S' 81ea01 ndo Patent Rijeait Boheoy= W.rer. ad ' Hillman. No'. El, !11oreoohnea rise Poonlesnbria ailRodRad.) Pilot and 1avy Bread, Redd and Wine l*ticail, Suogr, ultter, Midlord and Water Crackers. All the above allfoes ore warranted to ha of lb firsl qolity, and to keep it oany elimae, being onlletllelyy hilo dried. Al~o,-Kiln dried corn meal, Ordero lIet 0 0. W. Iri'ehnrd ond Tngstt, Jo. cornler .Malgooine and Paydrte st0051., will rnoeiea Ipromt nattention. Sitanll kegs pot tIp sipresely for toallily nee. Iuse. Lady .0lootgoue'o CVnnpuod Clterer &cep e 'Idmlllolod ho the ladies ol IMtadrid and Charlt.. ' toe, inored tonality, 00 ' lily, the presretand rbs jenolgie hntalooe of all tltinge.-pollre Opinion lou,,,. relloeisecl it ld 1,l.oed the rffictetrtyofL.ady . . Mnllologore eoo-pontnd Chintlese loap hepond , -. picieln foer ltter lor e 0i,1wor, Pmltples ant th9e A . n-d lln aon s, 0tllpltoo, ptrtckly Ilea,, aad ol.... 11 -no of the okin, the healing qualitieo of-this soap will011 so eadLcae. II Is rt-t-tltltl,.sded s ass ernrl~llt or shoaving so..p or coelpntild far lielkile men, (ore- hbeoo 111*1 the(. onplexiotnt rernotig frohklon, ansf empnnieg freetsnn aod delieacy Io 3he e0110leaiOO. The ntriaoloentic dtstinction of a I soft nd-odhitr 1nd1, is eish many vs aobject o conl(Oidreolle Iflrre l. Expnaoee -. warm clrmates Ihe toech' face and holds bhtcewe lanned or hard ened, atd the injorctions of anodnmn oh. eattry hap. bee n, retderedl nohse, 01,3t.t -emeret9 Is lbs bse s. nary every-day ar(a1 iI., bat oian to i33 Igarisa a111 elegooobea. f Sold whop e.,e sond. retoil at ]uN SA 9Cat,'.. housnocet, Piee $l. of 'IAJlIStlh -soht bnrrels ohinthey.laindig are Ssteaerr Fuilier, fr sale Iny m".9 STETJCt0 d& AVcaItY1IIBGslksp ". TO THE AISTi~W' AND FA14CY PAINTEMO ° UST received ill the West ·Idrals from Bagger d splndid colleetet of Arlien' l eubeyf °eta, pallt kinee -roc or oadpastens,; wrati slat ' 0 water eo1,oee Tnepraoen tolbh haee oaer TaoJase, latepa of nvery Lesertpnhttc opteodid . ° walnut easel, *fur portra it Mitt n eoepyotlttr, beteilso of ~roeodils I nu eats, -awlunt d,', Oeo loare. niaeaaastaio ybtd Iips lad ttia w tk, sh~ el'iel ia s kPItiS, dtl fp 9ats tolttre, hrseooe, eegndtljeftied alt &S1a.n " " 143plendid A1115015cl ospnbi basal atp3*iII If ervry thort ptoa, y oak,; siga and 00td 614tl In. a4i tdl a (treat qsaaatt.1 Mt asaealtiahr o anstntarton, ,rt- it, Tli' )6lie.t t A a, eadal'en It .owl 1'lattl itldncella t~oll a ,oohtcihoer shih iol,0 nc-otuatioadsp and yartlr, nnlnnoebl". - - ikB3tte ttealre in laintn. fil. Oneljlllen anld Isnen Anidsg tfr nnLrltoaonholero o : lodlatal. mar 7

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