Newspaper of True American, April 6, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated April 6, 1839 Page 1
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PtICE 12y CENTB. NEW ORLEANS SATURDAY MORNING, APRIL 6, 1839. Vor..-VI No IM? Ters of the NXesyeaper Press of Now Orleon uaanni mnlv agreed it at an adliournred mintin of ci the Preprietore, lell on the 13lth of March, 1837. ale cnnscatPrrots.--Pwslv Dollars for thedIsily pa sn per annal, pavyabnle selnmi-aanun lly in advance: t tie ldollars flite the ti-weolly onuntry paper, pnaydlo one year il advance, where no city reference i given. No tht   thot-ription will be discontinued until aearroe ages re l nettled. In case of diacontinnance, one week's notice Ut I. er.iaag must on invariably given, previous to th I apiratnion of nbscription. Itt sva rlT.tol -Oane dollar per square for tie first wh sartina, and half that price for aech slibnSqllet nuae: ann materlal alteration fror the origIinal odvertinnent 1 will he'clta sed a new one. y.aILr AnvgRTnSa.n.--lMerchnnte end 'Tlersn e e arty dllnrn fin inglih nlalnd, and sixty fo r both Ila i goapln tanks, lunsuranee Otlficee, nl other simiur eilt publc Insntitutinas, fifty dollars in E.nlisle only, and .ighty for bloth lngutagee; Ship and iltenamboat ne ors, or Comnissiol nlerlhnts sixty dollars in English e ,andaightv or both langoagem. lMate , OnITeAnc NOTIn n, andt artielen call- ,o ing the attention of cIte pnblic to sales ot property, cards of panengers, benefits, &e. &e. will be elaurg. I - See dollar per square for the hrst insetion il each elan- - gun~lge. C CuastOcNtcirset, or Adlvertisem, tn, of any petrs. n l nature, whnen adnissible, shall be charged dluble, n at iin advnnce. A d medation of twenty-five per eeot. will be made t Auctioneers, Sherlfe, Ragilsera of Wills, and laurshale an nlqa Ou real astate, pnulishel an bothl Inginages, and l0 par cent. in English alone: t1 per cent on soalns of other property. AyganrcTrenlcn ont of tir direct line of bnsiuens of the advertiser, nsch as legal, action, nnd plant ion sales, retanyy slaves, stray animnal, &e. &nc. will b clharged for sepalately, and at tile ordinary rates. AovllaestaMntrs not apceifed as to time, will Ibe j pulished one month, and charged accordingly e No advertisomentu of blnnekrnpcls will be pnlinhed of many case, unless paid fir previonns t insertion, or Cpymsnl4uarnnteed by a reospi lbale person in town. i Tbeatres and other places of nlnsement, advertising be daily trthe season. to lie lcharged $100 fer l.nglieh a- 0 lone, and IitO ion both Innglagl. All annoonementa If ceanlid te s for political ol en will be charged double the price of other advertise rwing to the in neetsel Inoe stnisned by newurpapler prorpletors, they liave caor to tite ienlaaii tilhn t the na'me of peraien wliiv OuneCillts bhave oilt been paidl a within one eloth after presentatihn, shall lie Tnle i. haniws (lo far au practicable) to ,aiich other-they o11- Iil gainCg thatm lves not to, alvertie or print for auchl, eliinqueiltt ,nless in case ri l dvance paymentel. I i/igned) J. C. ItE ST. ItOMES J. IIAYON, P. I'. tEA, c J. (C. IPIENI)ERGAST, I JOIIN (iIISON, .d I.UMSI)EN. Ili Wtleekl Press.--iVe. the ,niersigaed, agret: to abide re by the nbove conllitiiit, as far as they are aIplicahble Ito sc wean.aaY papers. t SNnea beeriptiins are tikrei er Iese tlha 6 monitlic. |.ettcrni oist.ia ,,l Cam.a,e tioiii. -_ -as mai e, AY'S LINILMENT.-No Fietion.-'lhis nx e ,, Stroradicary c.l.iiiical.. . iv. r, c it of science, and tie inveiiltio ol ba culbrntll nledi Ii cal Iniai, the iltrodulit I n of whlich to thile pubc I I,: _ was invested with tile solemnity ol a deathbed lllcl hequest, lnas since gained a reptaltion unparallcled, ,1, fully sastaining lie crreeltness if tlie lameinctedl Dr (rilley'snatoi eonfe.seion, tliat "I le lared lnt h die without givin to Ie isterity tlit Ibetifit of his ' knowledge on this anluoct" a.nd Ia, tlherefr le,r .' biqenetlbd to in Ii oll) f tned atteiiiidanit, Soalcle ici flaye, the secret of his discovery. It is nlw cved iil thll princiiail lhospitals, ald In hi e privatle practice ill our coantry, lirst ad Ii ll t certaitly for tlie core el tIr Ia'nis, aud no extcu: i , yi lively and Cectauliy as to baltu crodulity, uileas It tero its effects arc witionsed Eealcrnlally in the ollowing coiiplainhten For D)rqpiy-Creati.lg ex.riairdilary lii it one. All Swcllings-lRudiiieig tlveni in a few horw iv PthelnniatiSllA,-Autel or (Cvnrc, giving quickl. Sore Thro:lat-- .y Cicera, UIl:ers or Collds. C roup and Whiooplng Cougl-Externailly, and mer the 'lclt. All Jiruieamss,Spran, id Ilurus-Curing in a 'ew loaurs. Sores ald Ulcers--Wctlehor frehli or long l statdiang, iand fever sores. Its olpertiona upin adults and clhildrcen in reduc ing rheamntie aweulhrge, ilnd laouacaiig couglhsia d d tiglhtnesa of tlhe ckt. sty eulxatiioe of the parts, I has been serlrimng bfyond con caption. Teilc u Sriles, ie a It ctsa ikn chltarIm" TI. pl¶IgS-'ThI I price, $1 is refundod to any I person wtol will une a bottle of Ilay's Lmimaent I for thle Pilen, aid return tile ciupty bottle without 4 bei,,g cured. T'hosne ore Lbe iponiaive orders a t le pruleleter to the Agental; anid iout if inliy thlou. msnes sel. met one has bh~ey i olrecesaful. Wi might insert ecrtlltclata I, ally length, but prefer that those wlho seil tire aCticle, should oer cuhit hie arigital to pmrechinnra. CAUTION--Noun can be genuiine citAlout a aplondid engraved wraplper, an whichl is tiiy. namte, anmud also that of the .4gunte. SOLOMON IIAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by CtOM.Tl-OCh & Co, New York, and Iy oni Drunggist ill every town in the llioai. For sale by t.n Wholesale Agents, corner of Camuna & 'cli'ehoupitoulas stret, anud by the Apaethenarioa gennnrallv. Ie30 hO CU-It: M 1', l"tt. JOIINSON, )illice 1III Ilieivillch ctriet, caln f ines iaptra:ticO ti ie th ei lntiaol t il Vellereal Iiemnse, In all its ditlferit fii'uan. l)r. Jeanso, froli at resideciie of iiany years i ll 11 1inlal inEurolte duvciid to the tretlltlllilll II Vri-,irual It sens n an d 'rno r Ihlii ivea i it v tIIi V Illvei m i ov ill thatpivri i ar ii iuch lf the lrleucioei, gueamem,,ia a sle, f~eely ildfitcloand l Ilerc Iaro c'ub pr.lllart as are tliouinld witla ny Uf the fimllowulg viz: Gumorrlera, Iluecta S icmi;Cllle matumnceun ltllbis, Se minlal IVeaknecs, AIfh-itiuoi ofllc Mlllddler Kidicya, Liis.n Ureiltra, Pristriaii (ei land, Swelludl 'hCatihl,, Eauptioa in: the Skill, Slre: Tihroat, Pulai in tile AAoltb the nnirnas aeyiu.touii wluhich generally folliw lila dliea.e. Iecent cases ciredl in two or tlue IIdiys wiiihoiit the use ofl Mrcuery, ierrnltitin Irnltu Ilioaaies, or alera tion in tihe ,nlde ofliving. A iedioinc iti prevsi Veercl I)isceasc can bie oh tacied of Drt.Juhnan . It is ifromi the recilpe of tihe itaroaLarry, a c.lebrarted I irel'll Surgeon, r dl was used by hii during uesveral aulaiuigns ill which lie nerved an Surgeona lieirul in the Frelwh Anny. Sold by Dr. JI umsmu,, at his ottuie. Tlaose Vecrsits hbining an. y alfrtiua of Venareal I)isease, aniaul taking sea voyage, or reUovillg ti tlie country, would do well by giiving I)r. Jnlhnsoan a call, is praiper uIlcti isea lur their cure i tlli shortest utile can be put pI with written directioes fii their use. Ofce pean froual 7 in the mrilling until 10 o'cluck at ighilt. ABEIRNTIIY'd I)YSPPrIC IAXIIR. d fDr. boruothy, thi,' greo.ltet f I~t"lidl trgeons e oo G opinia n that one-tenths of tie hiarsecs that alte anlaindm originate in Ito stotachi. 'rliTi Elixir was used by hime with tile mostt unproeedeted success Io .n private and public practice fir upwards of forty years, for tile removaUl of le following disamses Lose ofapppetto, Flatulecey, Dijiteatiso of tho Stool ach,Peai in tae side, leavi lesn of the Ienad an cli nation toI sleep, rregulority of the Bowel., aod i allU .ases where Ladigestioo or a costive habit is found to eist. Thin nedicine must not bhe nmbeed among the hoat t of quack ilotrusl now before tile pubici, n it is tie aule iaventioa oflthe ablet and most cientific surgeol Europe ever produced, and the secret of Uetrlllu it It waI purchased by the agent for vey large su l. t is Wgreeaole and pleaantl to the taste, acts ot a mid aper t Ient.always keeps tie bowels free, ilaparts vigor and renpgt to tile sytrte, and coeerfulnels to tile loidn sud a few bettles remuvnes Il an ost coalirmed casms ol Dyepepia or aclndietat, and prevents a rocttu at ally future period. Ncw Yoat,l7ti Aegust, 1838. 35 Madiso. street. c Sla:-la conlequeneaf leadiog a edleltry life, I have been troubled, more or leas, with lgligestiun for tot yenrt; tur the last tlhree years lo sfllferigls iuve beenillsUpportable. I Ihave tried severul physicintl, 14d a nu bbtiar of glmlek mlediei ues, willt.llat deriviog anlly beaelt. I despaired of ever obtailinlg aelly perutaelel relief, and resinedi Imyself tn tile ll1)st IcIl.t.tieo depasir I wa persuaded bty measy fricoletl to try Aberetllly'a I I)speptie t Eliair. I bhae otw fia, ioedll"e fuoath itot. tie. mad kntow il how to rxptross miyt i licutioln of its -,nderflu virtuer lld iite Illracle it ;lt perfourmled ill ;storina melt thlt bealtlt wichel I. t aughl ltst or. I over. ulH Ime half a dUIm battle. t ti e..lnd eXCrtI)e vs thanks for teletIletaiogs you Ilave a o erred by re utring uoe to pllt ct Isultti. I remlai moars, rite agett ba. in hiti pIss 00sil 0ve Ilundred tes tibentisl sitilar to tile abrove, of tile cxtiaourdillary vir ates of this medicine. Slaid by uppointtottt, at'Dr. Jiohaston's. 1411 tienelis street. nov. 5 Daniel Webster Imo, Felt's purge barrel n Congress large do Perry to at lsprtg do lo salill do do. 3 slit do Wiuel's iadiers do i, diothble platent do ioytrial Itoutle ptotllt do (illut's brrel do do National do And illea's Cmllen:risl, for sale at DAVID FEL'T f r Co,'& t Chlaertres o t, fe6 N V Stltioers lHall joSMPASSE, l'HtHERMOMETER, 81 t:Ia1Ooi I COPES,. &,.-Just received atd for sale by Wim. McKeuan, .onar uof lutp anl Conleton streets, Sgeneral oUse ttleat of Survsyyor's .lllCtpess, Alatlhelalieu l lhustrllttuott, Ilrawiog lian.e Spring Dividelands erlg UHi Perlte, Ivory Pro traetour Irery Seaf..,, tite'e Secaleas, (;i.f no'riaglf s, Pra;alel Rtlers, M, .,oieopes, 'lnlmruullelrt , Canslta Ofsesr.neO'=rvey CJliait, Ai,,. ,1L p: =+': .x.... . NUltlIS & Co, No. St Chartres stheel, are re ceiving daily fromt their house in Philadelpllia, at elegant and complete assortment of substn ialis ; and fashltonable clothing. They invite the atten- E tion of tite public, as they are warranted in saying y that strangeks and cilicens cannot furnish the ty Ii selves ltore advantageously in any city in thle ou Union. no N. II. A few dozPen elegant ivory handle um- tled bIrellas, frlm 3-2 to 36 inlices. Also, a large lot while pine packing boxes, various sizes, very low TO )'ttE KI.AIJIKS-Atkithiou'n tIetillatoryyftrre- tee Smovitg cuperflutos oIttir from the sface, neck and the It*IIIto willtl e( lllitaY tud elrtailltV t-telttv Inen te skill tintwr etot .clhee tIl tl tcbrke tile altlisetiult. A trcel, jI eutply just received at the Ilntlotr. L LN, o'il IlU-SIt & AlIAN 0,0 I, Exchnnige lintel, ear St Churles & Conon ot8t I SLEE.iANT IltltlH)ENII.s- W-Villiam Iell, IChar eve 4 res t t., he.s this day received a small assortmen, ell oet large ennloelleld tad moaic breuastjlpias, set npt in thehe ern atle. t AN(CY tMA'TCIIKS--\Wih bentilul pitiatings, F landing from sllp Alexunder frotn Rretale, for notle hev A TRItKR, fi bh'l" 34 Magrazile lt G(A1) ltEPAItTAIENT, Kg Gun Light hoonkitng Cl mpp'yintsue I, 18339¶ o TIi'lKl+ Hru'oih of ohkeheImngo0nteh redeced this Coot.itu t I.ty will fenriot ,'irtlatrg Coal, il small quan- te ties, to thleir clvtneoaere. Orders received at thle OGas Ome. ank Alley. ce jo41 r. WWEL.KS. the'y, I B UILNIIAM'S DIIIIOPS.--This medicine wass discovered bIy the proprietor and has been tubn , jecrted to Iis e oreful observatin for many years I. It every veric'y of pmnctic, and all the disease, of lie ldiversified American climate; and it is not d given to tie 'public willt thle confidenenend believe tlal t it, as ionest clearly set frthl in t 'e patphllet nocotpnyieng the ssote, thie beet medii. cine ever thrown within the reach of all classes of t sciety. It is willt the greatest proplriely given inL all the moladies wltichl atlict lthe lhuman rce, from I tlr establilshed Iaet, that, whent taken into e stohe tleechl it atesaccoolrdil thi e state of tile sloin cl ilond Ile nature of tile disease, e tither ns an oi uottr lie, i ureeilsudor ieexp)ecorant, or erperict ch Ieldicine. Thai tl I real y what it purlalsto ble, hat Ilneedso~lly'trial to satsely tile most incredlous. ch The lact is dally eomninog to the kntowledge of the propri ters of its beneficial and sanving efeotls in a cases t the aggue ntd lover,billions, typhus, ner- oh vous nld ecarlet fevers, itfluenze, violent colds, I dyianterry or flux, dlyspepesin r emeasles, santly h' them that lllthey are not onllv warrllnted ill warlly treclmnlellndlne is, bi they :e called upon lronl a ' senrse ol duly which thiey owe itl.theihenan mtllt yp ct to sny to all, try it, anld you will bhar antple tosll in)' ti all we havu lon ite s'ubject. l Th choIlera itacll, tlIhe vort scourLge whilch hle ch cv r visitlei oir colllry, Itas oeei sauccsulV cln gllredI lie irprietor it, thiricen tenie wilh lheo Itc ol lhS lll clJ~ll.o onlY,, i' with Coit t iei loss f I e a I"lioll1. 'l'b' nllledlellllnail )to ,aretJ onllly) b)y dctl ors l'I NIIAOllI & tI AIS, S5.1 'tols liss,'ari; and is I pq ul iii phials l.,u| h acetorllpaliedi with a plain a lld ii llc t dlle vlllll, lld Colllolillill g iii ul t Ii t I Xi i i 's tli be ld IoIIr teVolltye live cb,18 whIhi oI IIekh tIt i ulilh tii elil hliipeit dlicIitiloe eve ullered i hi ;lth lpubrte. 'T'lle: tlabovle Irlnle i llne is II l wh.lh sale a l re tl ai nu by uri A.4en.t Illi, I )' livinabuel, D uneut aue I Alteluillcery 'I'ei hiuieuIbl sir Cl . lNt' ew t)rlelah. I W 31T.V IC--, Naiivu 31 iti-, 'l'li S1 i'lliwsrtl-l;,,Vl~ Ii'th; Ni.+ioo" .l'iei r sh Ohuutuiii'o; r tll nlll h l'i t i, llll ll llilt lleh iii i lt rlllll ni-llllltl ll Whh'liu lurse r ht Peioi I o et' TleIg +i.lIllP, lllllt{I i~l·( VI'1) lh l rt1 litlillllr t .t1? llll. n ;iS' t ti I ill liit' ,ttllllll I lnltlietiiC t)l ia.u Illlillue; t;tIuo u iuu I I , r !+l lll *'+·l .+b I I, I t;i st'l; J· Ie lt'oan, % et·ltllt.1111 th 0 art 1 RIn row; .\ ,ill' "11tll,()('·IIIHHtr llvll WtV, yI tsul i e watc'hed hr hhp; Fi me let oai t a tepr onto oo o," at I kllhhi'itiell+ o I)l~th .,ttt,ree.'ll;{lluou..iii~iit, Tlorl.'tiC i~leo ctoAtii, lit I';,inrltl.'.udu Io IIuutil, ho IT I~t bol;rr~tu--l I nlt.lll 'elr'.hel A Ihilo' iConlic Viut;Trliu toellrl 04 +iritulilles. Juit ru t.iivu d and tibr -ali by i dl) It c;.1EY, 19 ioamp at q 'tro ,i.11 IN FIVe ANnA IAl " ielys, I F rOmll Mobile (alatlboulm) to . ullgllstal t.a.4e1 i! ;- I'AV1, NuMobileeuiveiy otlhrtdcte,, ioitni..iotelvoftel d a ttte utO 'i ttal O t the Itm.eil frolm N w l tlts , il th i d sIeatmboa|tt F, Mst.ISn, h to I'lalkel, . Enachesto pPennob i l nmblllPOl(ts (tier I'ellun ola liny: , St l{t a +soullnd anl Cllho.: tctaulehic livoor ancd ly) to Cetdur 14hdtlt coact s thetce d , v .i ltriinti , Chattlht o litert, (til.uu'olv .MountI et ,r. 1,d t t i ,)11) thitiltl hlge, I'ind rl'to'i Ilawkiinsi ille alid t hnit o t 0I ville, to Anhusta. A passegver tahkinl. io teat at M bi-e is in no dlanAger of beiug tlrwown ot or losing h,' - y t-'f.rel.e bIy olther omefieoitln iltelrts, its tlte I .(t)Il. t I)A IINe is IIn.tuN Eollceln, oeno Lm etelel(ie eoirteu P It lllrollrl*ult, ll nalsay rcou ly WITp II t'eit'rAiTr u llln hlo e o 'rrivasit Augushtin titr specilied, thii'gh i.l litth-t' cr tnd at ani i" sacl i ls unles, s mn m st · nf111 e ' ntall r li.( II ell "tro e shoubt oulir. 'lit t;et N.ew trlech-tlt ini 1.1 is oarried ily this ilotute. T'het Agitus lbit. neuuouitlnnilila I C lie,'aolon, CTm.olleseoulltts i)rvcr's aire lut siir;1assnoll I Sthe so ther'lunte co.nvtry. The smatth, Itatl, nt) 'atl 'oads, the stal, an ttii ', -14: csa.litg s e' t itavilgattl n, abte i nmate alll ae cmm dalinn lea allord the traveler spatv, acertaintlr cmy,fa r, atI: a o e s ing variety; connected as it were will the tail Roiadi Charleston, S. C. nad tie steam itan ckets to New Yasrk t.avelers can rea-th New York irotm New Orleans . ietsTITAN it IcAr*"-Waslainltn city in 2 jud itrtmtl CbIaottalwllolee, Iloiidat, we ayt It.a I.ine via Quincy and T''!alnkassee, to St Marks, 4 hlon' SU post coaclhesa, liai two Irinches IlrOn Ihawkilnsville tilt one to Milledgeville, and onea to Maoln, ligiht two lOr I J ouches. STOC'KTONS U co. but Avautas'r, 220th Jan. 1835. nil Office tat Mansion llntuse Mobile Pr ")istancu, New ()Orleans to Mobile, 150 nmile I Mobile to AgKusta, 541 a Augusta to Cbarleston, IS 3 Ctlarlssto to New York, L98tI- 180 'ilme, Naw Orlean to Mobile, 28 hours Mobile to Augusta, 1329 pl Augusta to Chtarleston, I ', u Chatrleston to New York, l.6- 96i8 " Ialking 168 miles per day. or 7 miles pler hour, inclu siva oft all satoptagaes. ntlly pl N. II. I leg leave to inform the pubIlio that lhe tit bridges over the Cbhatulaookeswamnp and IlHard Lab creek lave just been completed Ia y the general govern. pl meet, (tioe l.11ly obstacles operating agaiast this safe ant lit sleedy route; ate thus happily removed; and I lhve the pleasuroe ofle.rnutg fronm tovellerstloa the eoachlessalor. sts, ltdivers and oal d a.oas ae the firt orlder; and as tlo tlit water route from Pentsaola to Cedar Iluft; it is admitl tell by all vlwho nhave passed tl.rough it to be unsolraolse, in novelties. beauty atnd safety. The tridges aIhroul (Ieolrgia ilave also beenrepairned. J M I AKEl.t at ALLIGAIlR LINE. pI Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. Li Leaves Mobile Tuesdays, Thurs. days, and Saturdays, per the pl sllendid steamer Ciampion, (cx. tit . cept in case of storms,) to Poesacola; thence per steamer Le Roy to La Grange, and thence four pl Stlorsoe post coaches via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pin. -i derton, Blerrion, Outlaw's, and Perry, to Macon, Ga ; thenooe via Milledgeville, and Sparta, to War. pl renton, tlhence per roil road care to Augusta. ti The Champion is in splendid order, with new y epper boil-re, copperod and copper fastened. p1 The le Roy eas been thoroughly repaired, her p accommodations are as handsome as any boat. d The beautiful Santa Rosa Sound, and Chosts. rt watchie Bay present tile mnot interesting steam na. 1 vigation ins tie Southt-being at the sametime ci aperfectly land looked. ri S The Teame are not surpassed on any route in the tat country ; tle drivers, to a man, careful and atten ti it ive. d i Tile bridges heretofore dangerous have b en tI newly built, so that high waters do not inter;ere. Thoe eating houses have been tmostly changed, and are now as good as on any road in the Sonthl. It is generally known that thle excellence and hardness of the roads enable the teanms ut all sea sonts to make great speed. Tiheir samoothness se. cures the traveiler front the ordinary fatigue of Sstage travelling. tir The Lino is now e rrying its passengers firon A Augusta to Mobile in four days sand twelve y houro, or to N, w Orleans in four days and twenty ,aI hours. Going to Augusta, the lino is six days r n nd seven hours. T'h time actnally employed in 'a travelling is tlte same as il the otlher direction, but .tthe dilfarence of lioe ou the route, is caused by a s day being lost in Pensacola, w,.ich, however, is e" ell repaid by the opportunity it gives ofsacing at It Navy Yard, tie old Spanish F orts, etc. Tihe re. travel er also sleeps at Macon, and again at War. tolntnt. Thins arrengemnent will e.ottinue till the travel turns northward, when the line will be tile a aSli. e froml Mobile to Augusta, an it is now in tIle r other direction. r This Advertisement contains a plain stat tent of f.,ets, tihe accuracy of which the proprietors gauranteo to eacll passenger in til penalty of his stage tare. Maps of the Line may be seen at the nx lhange Hotel, New Orleans, and at tih Mansion House, Mobile. Fare through Irom Matbiln to Augusta, $47 50 The line extends, by abraneh to Tallahassee. tlt Chattahooche, the line connects with time all steamboat carrying tile mail to .,pa achicola and St. Joseph's. Offite at the Macsion House, Mobile. b m17 O IOSTWICK, Agent, Mobile. r UC AR & 0 IOl.tlSSt'S--ISA hlads ugllal, l0bt00 galls MSolsoiae--rn llnotltioo above tile r city iyfarsale by ADAMS & WHI'It'ALL, fril-4w 67 tiravier sn Ga 'Se--100 loaes in stoare fur sale by Lli Sil aL. 1BR O R)W,, Nt Slagacine at FA t't- I;' LittllfltAi'A-P iret Jaditijal Ittatetet CAullrllthe state of Louisialai, to all wlomti these pleselts shall eCotte, grFeletinr: WVlourenla-Snititlle.. o ,dlenl, ieasrgi i. ity e, an Edlllar Ytllorke, inViit" prtllcased ao it .ale allde Ity tle Syndic l ale 'icrelliarel l ; pgertol&.Wirlly thie IprUL ae ty Ilereillafteredeecrited,bita applied it the clerk iflttii courlltl mllanlillll I tlvelitdellle l in clainforllity to an act of t in t Iegilullre oftile state of Io lialllu , eati tied "An act for te Iarther.Sr orarli.e uoftites to peur cllnaers at judicial sales;" apptlroved tlie itlh daily of Mtorehl, 18,34. Now,l therefire, knowe y, and all perisea latesirted Ilerein, ire IlereietedI eiai R tlltltll:slied ill t.le naiIe of lil ate aof I.airoiiana, uitd of tie first ejitdieilh district 'cort, wal ilul aet ally riglll, tille or eilll iit unll Ilo le propaerty iereillater desc:rired, ill' 1t ally Ellfi.rltnlilty in tlse ordelr, ecree' or juimei iet Of It ecaUrt Irer which tle sale wais maiul, or any irree.ulnrity or illegaly itn the iprtayiintett asnd i tiatne orl alltlle el' le, ofir riany ither defLct welatln o evern tao aw c'allse withill thlirtev lls tfrll ile dtly Ithinl eitiola ii firsto ionerted in tile pusaiie itere, wy te tie sale o inttade seIild oat be ealllilrlle, a illn lle - tonated. tlthe sti pellerty wnas lld by thle .ltdilc ofrenil, on the .th lilay IofIin atai, A. bt. r :19bly virelt e (,'I al orler el'this cllrl, rellndered l thie taetll tenv lf Febrll ary, A.. 1). 11i, in tile ilter Iof Johnll leri Iianiid Jmhaes i.. 'Vleray vs tlheir erndilor nl d tile 1 nreditor. i' f Egerol Wnll n iltray--Noi. 1:31;L if tile dcllket if thist i:ort, et awhi'll sale siil Sntllll C.(IeIGe, heorge It, tgiden, atld IEdward Yorket bel: elle tile pteclsilers tir tile price ilerneillther leneioulrel. I)e'tiittietl of tile Ilrolerty au gives ill lle judicil .I coveynrace, viz: Let no. I. I.oteofrolmnt in fleulrl gainlet in the savire tImled hg t:lio, Prytllie. (etliie, ndl Nlieyne slaeesRI, lS r plin drawll v J Ceiiltell dllle 24,th Jalttry, l!o1 , atin tlelamitell i thue otidie of Josrphl It. Marks. Isq. notary pablic iar refrere.ees,lttiaeuring 9ifret 4 inehes front ol Prultnee streth, by 1t3t feet ill de~pth, and iranton Clio street. 'u .)lltlel C. Ogdle,(i George B. Ogdeln, and Edtward Yorke, t ti e,71i tit on Prylanee street, by [1j feet dciip, etjueiieg ce. . I t ml t iiiie p irchui Hrs. L :W ,101 Liot ti. 3, in th ame.m sir are ndjniint no. 9, Ivint , tih tactle froet aed dept, io Ihe lle pilcllers $: ,0011. lot Itn . 4, ill tie alme lllsl lllmle ndjlillillg IIIIo . , lInd Ilavillr Ithe 11111 nt l anlll t d11. plhlllil, I tillhe W rlll. ptllr hlnaser.S, $:| il 01 I it, o. , itl the H1itie1. Iluare ailjoiniiii ne. ,I, tat havieng te .it-le trlllluit id (elpith,) t lie Sal'I pill-. ¢I mn cc , , q4 3 ,13 Lot ,iio tttihe sata e. eqma rsu ijiuee ea , enli d tVintg the uesin lriiilt atll dapttit, lile sump, ee ifur cllasers, ',:111ll. Lotal IIi7, il the SoI narll o(tle1re iijlin'l i lll. 1011i, ia1in Ithloiti ti lt. e Itetft e tllllle ii eiitl lit, 1 ,le t Iie Ir lenvilln tiele ate fronlt ll it eli, t.l thile aIIllle 'sr i sllaleru. r ,k:3 911 Ielit i 9, il the lllr e ee' ailrte e.i til' no ii1i. i tinyill"in tle s lllam frlllll llo t a ltlnd Id , to the all ttsll iir. irert ; t.?:i,9 l. i ot ii ii0.I i i tie. S .lll ll. golnlr Ii ilt i rii , I, al i Il'~llea g tle HoUlll e fr tll lt t'I'lfl l itd e Iilt t efIee IIIsi tier tehll - t II ' i i itI L llltS, S ,ihil el -i1i I, (ill e Ih' -IIIIII t l rl iii l i . II, Ien uringl l lll'eil inches "i fray hive rl rtlreel, 1ll ti t illt SI ellh l IIold Iiii (.1lllll i e dI'·ee L, flt thi . .ulll ll pa' I r TPermll.-$ 1111 c-.l .[11 loh ( c,11, i Pl..h ill a ,ll 9, 1ii li( • ) his 5tin d) or ,nat.-h A. I). 18;919. tnll 3t in :31 d .1I)IIN L. I.I"W([,+, - -- ------- stab [ TA'IT DE L1 LOUISIANE-Cour du pram.l ed: Sier district judiciire. L'cetatle la Louisiane, pan at tous ccux que ces proaentea concernent, saint : sll Attendu qlue Samuel C. Ogden. George li. Ogden, en2 and Edcard Yorke nyantachlte o IUan vn te olaite hdk par le Syndic des crdanciers do Egerton &. Wibray. pen, In propridti ci.spres decrite, se sontadress6sal net, GreflT do cette cour, pour ui nvis eO cortifortnodent linit t un acte do Ia Legiture de et do Itet in Iouasiane, and intituld '"Auto pour conlithuer lee titres des ac- rel quereurs nux voutes judichuire;" approuv6 le 10 l Iel, Mars 1834. .au'll soai connu, ut toute, personnes e 'c . intrresotes sent lpar cos pIresento su llllld au noli de I'etat do la Louisiano et de la tour du premier Iuvn district judicinre, qule pourraient avoir dcroit Ia cn propri.t1 cihaprei ded ridte, on consequenc d d'u . cas tiout do lbrinre dtns l'ordre, le dcerut ou lu jugemont I do in cour, en vcr u duiqe. la ventsl a itd talte, on i de taoute irregularit6 ou dt tietdh'l dans 1'eetieation, I'avis ou le temps t ne mlode dre lI vento,, oe pour wa l ei el antre cause quelt:cucne, de fair voie Vir, dai,o the trcnto jour it dtlardu li ptublicaticou de tatte avis, Ihe peurquoi la enrte eini lhite ne sceral pas colnfirm6le dis et lomoologueo. aItt I.a dito propridtot rut vente, par t eSyndic suadit Ldla I1 24tee jour do iaevier, de I'anm:e e ;ilt, an vertu ina t cd'un dhctet do ctlc C(:no, redo le dtexwloe jeour de t oitvrier oo l'anndo 1838, danaI I'aelliro tie John ,th Egerton nedal James L. Wibray vs. heour creone, rs at lea crdanciers do Egor on and Welray-No. st 14:i9'J du docket en cello (C:ur, te latellu vCentI ec l lea di o Samuel C. O(gden, (;eorrgo . Oglden, andcl I;dward Yoras so sent rendlus a qiurcurs pour l i prix de ci.apros mentiond. S Descriptiono de l proprid.t d't.pre s le transfer judiciaire, esvoir : ,, No. 1. Un lot do terre situdo ,'ene le faubourg n 1 Saulct, es laa place bol.n par h:e rues Cho, Pry- siv ti ane, Calliop, et Nayades, surun l lan fait par lwl J Calhoun, duat 24 Janvier, 1839, t ddpoe d oi La I bureau de Joseph Bilullark, Esq. notaire public, co t; ( arant 29 pleds 4 pouces do fhce dales ia rue de P'rytan6do ur 1I0 pilds do profnldcur et de lice sur In rue de Clio, adjuu.6 Scrnlel C. tOgden, George B. Ogdeo, and Edward Yorke, pour le prix do $ 3,700 "' No. 2. Un let do terre situte doans Ia hotmeAe place, omesurant 29 piedo dans la rue de Prytuand Ae cur. 120 do prolbndeurs et t cot6i do no. 1, nux monmes acqudreures $3,000 No. 3. Un lot doo terre situde dan la dio place, I cold do no 2. st aynnt les proplor- D tiones, oaux dit acqudreJrs, $3000 No. 4. Un lot do terra situdo dane In tem.hso place, atcotd do no. 3, et ayant les monues propor tions, aux dit acqueurours, $3,050 de No. 5. Un lot do torte sltueo dae s la mmoe p!aee, t cold de no. 4, et ayant leas miuses propor- cc tions, nau dit acqudrours, $3,150 N. 6. Un lot do terre situde dan. In memo place, ac s cotd do no. 5, et ayant les mneoes p,oportions, coo aux dit acquldrcurs, :3,400 no No. 7. In lot do terra situde dansla mIc nc e a place, a cold do no. 6, eat ayant Ice mcmos popor. br tions, anx memos ecquircurs, $3,350 l .- No. 8. Un lot de terre situeo dens Ina nou p a place, a cot6 do no. 7, et ayant les mems pruopor. it' t. tions, sox dit acqu6reurs, $3,900 cr No. 9. Un lot de tore sltudo dans Ia meme or er place, a cold do no.8, et ayant los onmes propor- ai . tlions, aux dit acqudrours, $3,900 No. 10. Un lot do terre situeo dan aIn memoe n r. place, a cold do no. 9, et ayant les memces prop6r. ks lions, oaux dit acquereurs, $4,L00 c No. 11. lht lot do terra situeo dons Ina ome place, a cord do no. 10 miesurant 209 piodas quatre or poucesdansa I rue do Prytando par 120 do profon doeurtde face sur la rue Calliope, aux dit acqud. 11 . reours, $5,300 e. Les onto lots sent vendus avec lo privilege uxetl 1 e eif d'uao alldo ayant 15 pieds do largcur sur Ic der ritre' salon to plan ci-oeontioned. te Conditions-- 1800 sur chaquu lot, argent camp rl ltnt, et el balanee hG. 12, I 18, t 21 mois, cn ere. dit pour leo billetos cldossnds t appruuv6an avec Iypo. In Oothbque jusque le dUrnlar paihoooet. cc BE teomnin de quaoi, Jo l'ai signd, et J'y d I,.S. nai appos6 lo scaCautl dit Cour, co jour i ti " 5 Mare, A. D. 18.,9. d m12:tin 30d JOIIN L LEWIS ii I. IOAL--T7lti Iolls ofthl heat I:eglish cool, well cuited o OJ for eoooel booe1 u1e, ou cLotlseer.lonc A[etllll fromlu New catlde, tor sale by 111,1112 & MII.I. jahlan Ilnk PlaeIee re N1 V sI -Hush & Aoiol h-lve ju& 1 reeivede re e spledid assorlment of line Fancey G.oed, suiae hoie for PliraBENS, eonlpriloliu llis Britiltng deIok. s ya dres.iug work Lo.xes, sou.:ical, psr'llflio,, in needle ooks oll Inarl, shell and ivory, o'.d cne.: e acet ut ouvenllrs ielaid with pearl and o ht; eliocke1 'acokl, cor oes 1oo o ghie es ,hotl ael ct eilver plncilels, incry itof nl kinds, enllerv, 5.c, a T'1" B.tZ%.t...t dg t " :Or t ('llr s& (' nolllllllln st., I.:x.hiou,,e 1eTO Tll I; . D11S. ir ATKINSON' ) I).'i ItI.I.Ar'OltL', fr ree wiug si' lte ttpelluue Ihair fliaos the ltce, ( e d elarnel, lith lo equal safety and certainly, cavintg t h kdh litner nIdce te whiter tlan before tihe applitation. A lresh supply jost reeoived at o lIio)N't , si l srexlge Ioltel, cornel St C(lrles and Colllno I INY \F--M iIo Ioxn tteoCoolet notd ueo,eni. lee.o, ti tliOe oale and lr sale. Icy ja28 ClAM I'I.IN & ('OOPIFrtrtn Jltlia go j)ALi IOi'E--50 coil tiole olpe, of ul'erio e, qalily fIr snle by fel2 ISAAC tIItIDG. & Co, 1lI M p ecviee 50 -700 l looel.- earl n i-. s0.o., ri ... le ivb CIIA.MI'LIN & CuO .'ERl Io ml5 79. & O Jtlin st *j bi)SIN-,l Fral eosine loadcncg flou ee loloolurle It ooegueo, anlll for wlel by 0arn 19 SIAI.L & lIltR)OWN, 9;I Maeenine TrEfL PES--JUas rereiven. i liowF gross GOilloor, tthEnghc.and ferry's doule inMeno e0 .It pens. foa sale be l).011) FEITI & Ce, el a5 N Y stationers hall _14 Clohrtres at res -RAYS & CARITS-5 Philadelphia drays, 4 do I eart,. 4 prs dx wltoels,n Il) trICR , 18 slirt a d cot woond sore, for 3le hv c tnltl I'lA'II'LIN & (1io01 71.) ' 2 tit ~l I~ i ii ý do , ,Iisi I I,. .br BALDNESP. by A IIFAUTIFUIJi henid ofi nir ic the trndet ornia , t , , o.. , l o .i n ¢ t ot t. . . h m, an . . i m r . I'; ve - s , g . . Iv the losn of it chaengc tie .nnt,leonnce, aitn protla tnrely brins on the appearance of oni niwei c tc'c an se m.l to recoil t hin itllte.vanerd, ind sanmotllllllnote even to APl.oi cieti n alvohl tle testes nn sneer of tleir iequail.tnnre: tihe nremacier f tIeir Ies fire F nn leq!tntly spent in retiteent. In sIorf. not cvei the Silf ptmolerty tfills the feenrlla thiningitllt with tilt nea vv snkin h tllnol as doe the In as of I:in hair. T lavert all e hi t th len cnnteirnsetnnees.O.ricl-ee' ll hn o6f Cor hhlba ttope the itir fro t ftllita off-on tt0e first cplirn lin, at n ac i fw IIcattlet reClnrca it neni. It I likweiie prto yoo vebrhw. and whiskei rs; pevenit. tite i eir fr o trniri . grov. makes it eairl Ineatifllh', and free it fro tccurf. cNumierou ertiRettes'fI tilh fir.t F atetiectllcility in slepport of the vilrties of Oidridge., Ilenicc are eliown Ih the proprietori. [I r Read the failwing:- Robert Wharton, Eq. lato Mayor of Pthild'ilph In chertifetd . s meacv wir c below, to the high elme F ter of atie fill wi eneho. tne n. 'I'he ilndertignled d io heereb r eetifv tllat webnve use the nli a t eimhit rtli'cavearer l bv J.fitdrhidee. and have ioltln it hiihlv aervieahle nth olya apreventivP I.cht ait the felling tff of hair, but also a certain rester live. r V[IiIAM THAT mIIR ,Sen.llr, lMeth codit in ister in aSt (ienrtte canr. No Oft Northi Fiftll st. .1O11hN P INGI.IS.i2t Atch street. JOIalN I) ITHIIoMAS, M l),l6fi3 nrest i JOIIN S FIIIFREI',I S prnttiret. It1 rtI 3NIcCtIil)Y.21:Saonth'2d st. at JOliN GARt), Jr,123 Arch treet. It io knownll lit three of tile dahllr einrsae ir n than 50 years of age, lld the othners at less tihan 30. 1 F (Froli tihe Mavr.] i Cuc c cweait ;if Penr,svl|nntinctt - Cilov of Philad'lphti". e, I, IRoert WIartn. hMayor fi encd city i I'hilain'. plin,l o hn·rhv certifv tIt I rull nwell earktintccid wt ; J I' Igcli., Jhl ci Fonrc, and III lhlCiCnrd Y.a wle hnic msa erai sicr et io the aoi eI certificate icl thlry iraleller f chamrs, merinod reIctalc l, w ns, itns e ld s lh ihll) crel houtlt lie Civei toi the aCi id cecrlfitf nte'. In witneo wh'reof Il hve iherulan net omy hanl II an l c a rtle d th iCe el of tlie city to le .fftixed, llti 6tlh d lt of Idcenlber, &c. ol.. S.7 R"O B r Tlitl' WIAtiT ON, Manvr. Oil; 2 t1 'F11 L . lhnt ecI h ttlllh lllll t t O ilc lliil. i hllhlllc lac r spconid llarnveiI wrapIler, o i which is represtctled cithe f oll cffuaicenn, 0c, I"I Subs .holi th. antd relalil bIy thre sole naeents for Ansll rhit. oiti'etche, street, tcic Miii aiden Lanne, rone .tm el .v I'ecrl tcee,aand by monnt drtuggiatsacnd perfucmeIrs t' atilgll hI cco nl ry. JAIIVIS & ANDILEtWS, 1ll Wholesale Agents, New Orlensr. N ORRIS &, Co. N,. 38 Chariras street, are now receiving and oilcprlnng tile msct spcIndlid sau 'nntinl and ifashinnniale stock of Cliathin rltey have ever cxhihtcd in this mnrcaer, cosislting ir. part of the foliowiii arlicles: blue, Ilcll tIlack, itl black, lonldn hrown, cicron, oliven, london amtk aid eolden olive frock and dress coats: heaer, siable and harriteton erock coante, elegantly iirnisa ec C a; faancy and plain blac cassimere and clothi ,ipantaloons: english aind french fancy and plaii silik nnd satin vests; real new market comforts; enlltish and french icncy andi plain scarfs and liihdils; calltci siliks-weh and Luit elosltic nle penders; chanmio. I, crillo, Inlhb's wool, welsh flan. nel, sil in cciottonii net cehaits and drawers; fine it liin and collon hirtis, wilh linin bi o snt i illin iad ruliled; icrv o ienrl and plain handle sillk atc. h rcellac : " (;raii'.c premiui t (loves-alsn, a Ieanutlflil article iof wlite kid, for wediinate, bails. &e.c S"prittlclcnlii silk a td riandcnn hdkle; plain. Sfiuccir id and enlbrlidered Ciiinlrlc di.; ilk, aiclih ot nlirilcct, ciucrclin toiwii, and ibrio iclid white r coihtn hifhlcithseiil; aif wichicihyiv inlct r Iow for u calth.or to iInctcuul ciilllrs itiae uual. Nonv. XT AtINEI'IP' LlQlUlII (IJIDENTIA.-II',, I heen I ing inel. OiiiII here nnd in he nII wilh iniforuli suileess. for eleanioi ni i lld whilenl nig IIhe lnill, and prevenlin thie Illolblihnch presir'ile Ihi n11 inini, uiritrill nu In brue I'u, ind rellvinln i,misia I dlsren lesn to iiwn hlh Ihe noili i , Iulle in eitler ith nladult rinlant --(oe na nupoonn!, mii\led in a Ilne - tlllL6 s Ill OI pure Waltlr· fald iso lalppled I o tihe |ItehI III lanl u ntinonie. will a lbrush,, Wi etuallv pie-i Lup , Svnt, iIt survy, idnd nr offn. tilili xcru ni inllg i al i , Inli I n' eiiarlr d lily In T '. \Vanllt r, S ,nr ,eEn c I)j ,n. mmi Ist iI Jiclltnrs ni Cil, s, C n-m li soiII w illm esallm m llld I i lt iitl hy CAIlTiI'N &Il Ci.31i0allals'. "lmb soli a{ is i nor X nn mn e'o lden iniu it X WAI.--Tlie emnlub ilmcro, mnininni.n i cI ureris unll bld who llesale deniltrs iii sanlillery l oods, nrc nii rleecivin_ by tine arrivnls fron, the n : . ive ssnrmet , i eii s n ir . u , ir linn. , u. lin. I,, whicnl lre thnn folle Iiinit, viz: inoll iLadism and iii'nls llii anid (IlUillel siaddllms, il l iitientlli's dt S anih do ilt do do 2 ,xicin - in o 'li di dio (Cnl-Ile do iii do Ihn Annum,. nun nll Yotnns lii $pnni.ish do 4 'ion do, di Cr-le do wI A.iner.nn ld IElum. brdles antld bridle oininining lio do d rnimiunlmnm .n Pliated. bras, and jlanneil moach harness, F do do di gn onh sulko _do do do do ltiirounlhiE do SDroy, art anid wnlgnl do at Siddle Ingnsi dlnnllle indi'lon!e; valic;s; n iidsici l tni, suaddlh; bUlUs, Ihuss Is cnarlet al g; Ibest irmi Iralille Itntiler folio Irunkc i hras lin:oil lealther uln tip t ; do, nssorled sies allllnd vlrnis stylen I holsters nilld I npistol lnldr coaelln, gi, sulkeliy, iwig and liliners n i crol, whipls! n wiIoIm wnOnitiId, oiton and leather gulrlls and sursinllnlns silrrol{ Ialenilhrn trnllk straps anid worsiidl rnin well; Chlin anDd hookiI jinolneis; blind bridles and lines; Sreotlel ollars, Sandl hurse nnu llllle collar.:oi aIl qualilies; Iii l. n rroccoi buck,benr.shlcpn illld Innfoln1kbis; lhin0d Owe bruss and mteel bridlet bits of evelry description, en inltedc brhss and steel s5ups ol ivery description n1n planed, brass and steel stirrupls of every deocripjs l lion' 0 lTogetner with a conlilente nssortment ,f every Sarticle in Iheir linleo" Iusinessn-all ol wlhich ty uto oiler for sale on accolnnodntin. Iensrlaii Tlney will also continue to receive lilrougln the e yenrn by plckebIsfr Io New Yiiork, Iren, sluppilsuo to keeln thleir stockl ample and cnullllete. i 0 IKUIl'f DAVI)SlN & co, Ill 15 __acn__l -c. 'Nt MLDEW--~~INC -s i. r. R. Prlhel'a (nnmpounld *TO.11ATO PILLS, '0 lntirly Vegnoole , Iil.] S H( n aeln inmluibl h ledecie lldi uin et lbineasIns, a o po a sabnlillim for Cman/nl, nos a nletharlic in esen'rs ti anrd all Billions Afi'clious. IMNl ree ilhr h , tutll rI oI t. . PE L S,1i.. ored A olr h lllauo nn nt l J·.I l etlrannd Ilounlll hloll, e ntnnsi R-weho tiI, L rfn,,ttemnl CmtI.n nin I o mmP ni orniillll. omn. IC M Enieme'ti O Sirilnli 'In 'i,,.l A t nm e i ThIll l llgdilll ilit i nl c I- nii. a tilt, I llid hn li.i r lnn UT " ,"U erI . ,J, ,robalt,,ml fi, 8r t~fuht, lly-H'e. ,~lU Jl~ll~l,,li,.e, llil cLnnlln.,a.ine. n ravlnlnhn, Anii, nninainti, lile iollsn n h l.,n -, lingcn nifilli kilomnm (nomiinllii-ir m i111n. Slinnloni Be.i d eiinn lldllt Imn -nmn lRnmni nid llln n n lllnni n in dlnninnn - to pr - tan Igie A c" i ll niulltls Wile ncnillln 0 IIIhI rllnllnc, nlllle lo nnll " l eR Illoa e [,.:.,hi'.l . ,.,,',me. uii i~ l 1, ,tli an inl~llhhh,( n,,IC ~ edy Ilr theI S,'lll)!. ill 'l·TR\ehlr. II, e bect 1Iedit~i:e tl.,V Canl ni rl t clillit~ll tIItl cII.l eec i nin iinrienon In nll u niltl 'd ch no ;iln. Fno r. r diii i-r. 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Canal street. od Jmonn, Eonler Tvro nlnaidl a mnolx.Vlk., "T]'hoae sh;le al di {cc na Ig ennlrl, oba,{ Oe. A FOl. AMI, ali.hen. Atmt ia n p ilNl 'J'S ILS; liLASS, I.ItUIUlj I&e.. I , ; led l nlg ll o'.llllsl l ColitII uti and ftile rliule-...I 16.11000 fert ofglass, best Ilulity, fromul llX 1111 I23X2 2 3110i kegis whhli Ititd, purle; 3311 ii giletl ;illit, in 231 lihr. kes"illdera ((lit e i illl¢llil Iirsigne,6I11(Ll lltUh hra0 " rI 2i( toi, otleztid 6l010)1 ground brui.-l', also ,f0401 fiat St 0i00 do; 2 titaes crnle green ill ptowder, slerior article w w diodlu tocan; uatrgt assortment toots of every el size slid quality; sable pencils for artiste; dal r larkine brushes for nelrclInts; artist's crlors in oil ready ere- al Ilre:iilt tlxee , tiltued r i teilt all iecess.ry bru.he s; i t, irtist'' t.ols, Set. t. Flhlke andt, tltlnit white; (tiO oneks gold Ileat white l fnd vellow wax; in arlllic; Alm a large alln clilre ae Frtltrllt ofl ll inllls, Idry; oil, tl~rlpuhli, vUrnish81'l e., Ifr sulhe,wltulrsale alld letlatil, l tihe lotueut lriitee, by MOtNiEtI2 i1 2Ol 58 (Callp it. e D)iR:D I ESCIIEC IaIVD FOR .O.NXo. 't'ES (ATE OTTO',V GIN, I Oythr Patentee No. 53 Magazine utrllee, \tvw Orh:lllle f Si'OBE MANIIFACTIUIRIDI IN NE\W YORK/3/t" ROBERIIT 110 & CO. ii SCA I," OF PIR"ICES-Doublet Gins. For a doulble Giu of 80 saws or mole onll actl'la l cylindler, making 16) saws in the stand, C withll feders bandt , S.c. at $6 tol' stw, or g$940 t ll For I liottie Gin of tfill s im aecyliodtr, or- 1120 saws in the banld:d, I:tIeCsI, tu . e $6 per sew, or 721 i) it/ For do.of 40s:lsolldo.or 6 saws illa - steld, at i... t pesiioiw, or 5te 0 pl0 For do. of tit saws on do. o r 0lit saw in a po ste:111, el $6i.5i lter saw, or 61t101 It SING;I.,11 GINS. For a single gin of sttl saws or mor, with a ,ione set of Iceders, Ilinnds, :IC. ilt $.r tr I For Ii. of 60 saws, with feeders, &r at $6 t0 90 perl saw, 390 00 ci For io. ofi 4l saws, with feeiprs. &c. $6 I s75per w,a' , 300o01j Fordo. o'A s.iw, wih tetiidot .iex,&t, t. t $7 50 fOtr SaW. 15000 Itxlrait elt .vhlere desiredl, For fetderls, alipl : O cenis.euhi; the Imlmbu oIftecL h Ieino aiout cq11 tll o the ttnmbr of slle o i. i stiet o tt ehde.lrs, it is .co sideredt Iowevr,l will wear out woll or three sets tilt sows. txltral s lIss llldli o 1 cell;s r·alch. The Gins oreitIret, iolt il.vred l Ito theagents of 1 pl:anters i any of the sea oirtit'ownit io ihu Cllolt plan nl.s.'.ilble ftil Ihei ami nitl o the r i t. A I in wsilht willbe sent t itll l thi e il I s to podlt thnemi l i i liih'e it idei sirel; h chall:rges ifr llhose servihes will be extra, but m oleale. Iron runningill gsear'caII alc.hle Olrlereil whelr desilell;, on reaolnable ;!,ril,% bill will he chaige.d exIr-a. flor l' stenms. Slll st~lam engines canm also be ordered if do- p It ililesihabll, when lilanters give orders fin" Gins , t lhev should accompany them with their views in regard td othearrangemlentel saws, lbreasts, brushes, &c. It to is fi und they uiiti , oplinion. Some desire saws of ti larger diameter than otheirs. Tile tollst commonlt size t. ais 9 or I0 inches; It .some wish them 1le inlches. Some l will 5 or 6 rowsG I bIrushes on anll ax, while othel'S do Inot wallnt more thlan 4 at most. Some wish saws with 8 or'Jtelleth to thlle inch, wlhile otherl wantll0or 11. W tch disch repanyln, we plrefer tlhey should, at tile time of gihing orders, fullrish a statementCi of their w wislhes, llid tfile nonl etull res Can lilfil theml in everyl s iparticlar. Whlllelre it is left to our discretion, we shall i make them on the rlst molldern anlld apprllloved plan. t Ain orider can be exleuted, fronl tlhe time it is received, iin tile splaceofeiht or nine weeks, aill tile (;ill in thll tirne pihcedin the hhands of the tictolr. To he in tole I ti or thli next crop, all orders ollght to Ihe ill the lhandsllll of the maillanhcturershy thie first or middle of Mary; exeptl or iplanlltations wherethey a.relate in comnaluncingll to il lick or gin cotltoll. in N. i. The Litenlt Right, for lany olne of the cetton . g lliig dtates, willbe sold on rresoulable ternms. .,,.+ -,-_-_ . . . . .. . _ LUCINA CORDIAL. intot all o SE COtDIAL I1' UIACINE iU L'L I I'F t IE tIur SLA L'.1IOUIR.--The United States A.Ient tlr Ie ext ~leltw :alnes fi I ttit lIlrlnli e. T in It'h j ll:thllll t a l ietli r eetii'll ls Iii hl' lcl l Il:tt I' - i Luci en of di a w h t ,Ira s of s o ieath r u.nur, hi s g i the Il w.r'ra e -s ll t e rin wall irwing lh lillnllg e Ca.lieiti I Plelet Ib t( f iP the ne liI.i I)erll tIe e Whey tuI I t i k et be w Ivste ci ii il noulre, e, wo ithl tp* e r it sti thait it is )r. nlll~ lhll' ' e blentetl dlisovtery, y hlich hnscleatd r urch io iScllt is in rane.--l'lll'it ' mat i theedilv eres tles idel virle psers, wiere they have tri' hiell ei llllltd t ilirtwd , l otlhelrwi se r an 11Srti llse ri fillv rmovaktemi rfie imre reant fn utinms; wmht it is a, •' finaibll catire fl r the Iluoe r v al s; andti uo ve ail that it to i. the uI t rem edy everdi-ak ver. ell fer tin reot v al of Tu h im fllen",in unile. hnd harrentnes in Iemalee . ()wing apf" t is vstlyi i i n ,more ellinctelitie. it ds ares iliCiehl us - e ti, iI ili ..".. . b.'........ C rlicult to lifl ..t,'o - pl c tit s inc nuiile te of'& e uritr moltars diqiearge iPt Hereof.Icnhroni eruptimit orf the rkien, dr1;ieal llrfct dlo ae Bn ofI thIe agted lc,. S Il ordeP r that all IIaese.ri lf sloiltI'y l' l' eceie Ithe bellelit ITf l r. M eullit' I. ti i e u irie alle r- :o tuni i te r he r p o tL sr n te d b taI t he n thoa d h s ha l n tl i o d in h u f bttTes l'six ounces each, lri t he r ri r e fe $4 Dr whieil is lex s than Olle Ili 'th rievic charged for it i . c ill wJONl cIntS Ev0er IOms EIwEl.n., hi. ID. " tneititr d sMle Plrle pr rietr. ar Tle above ImeoiCile r ii p fr sal it ewllltrie lleutd retlell 111 sit Nt. te PlytilI streert,etw'ei n hugi'eii antd CaII Cl i the eaS, Nle ()rlllayan. 1eflec er I 41 AIRIAGE P11'SIOItOGICAI.LY lIleCUt-i id l SEla. hdttraslated frc the F che of Je ii- il r bu-i, t1. , n by Villieaj G.n... lIhiehl e r 'r Part Its. Oil tlhe neeos.itiv ol lrriahe oi P Iaimtd. lnstneutiuus ircturlinig, with etltw e for hi Is Love! int Part 3d. ' t u p I ,an e i lartp4hll r e * i k ticl SMarreiae I'vrerioieeicillyv I)isesseed is the nmso tre Id tsell, end ie;l iledlv thle Illiet interestibg wolrk thalt we I) t ever red, It wllr ll l, hak p rked ras, and pin shter.II eli exeroslre oere etarried meIIII all ll tllIt Ib i ........... Ice ever.. - ee . . . . iit.ed hv th .. ... " s of llmen.--l a .Ietnle.ure. il s i great hook, ild will e iro llluti 'll. ofemth i' g1ood in the tIAIIIIIIIIIII t is tre it le staitho n lmuh d. tslt' i c.e latle.sI l ot then tioe sule jct it itis .ra. is, th lld lieh Peole lId wtrittelll oe it, e meitIiill lot olte ii rte tr el t Irculte carlet brlty ,e espheially reetulllill Sits t l iri(ttetion. i h e 'ti t h c tl etitod d t it I t l tts at it rered UclNmd rtieteNrdI au riytitp.n .rti htmits he retity aip Ia tlllr y I e in qUS t tesv .t artigers.-,b e r eils soupier Deisk bitesh. & hei wlrsalett rly it Its as ps et b wy epel 1iets ileand al ateer l i street i . id t w s a ul ltrete great celebrity of toins unrivalled c:,lg so position, eslcially in to e Norther u State s, leaves c n the proprietor but I ttle need to say any tli ing nl its favor ; fur it hlta been t.ncrally curceded to it, a.e 1 tirl it is beyond all contparison the b st remedy ci Sfor external comp.i als teiit ils ever ibt' ns discoi , ered. nlh ed tlhe speed anr certainlt of its ope. o tiati ns hare t tie lappreimtiir oflnit letCl ; c rS. i1 W. th s, curtes, Ceversores, c n ilhlblaill white swe:. "I reelings bilt, piles, spiler ag d snake bites &. inlkme, at Se gdiatcly yield to its appareiy tly supcrhtmr nit influ I'i cnce. Thus if prolerly apprlied it weli remorve ian Ii l inveterate corll, or brtukslc a edlr .dilie Sttei rdrays, will allay and perfectly cuare an ulcer iln t.i r weeks: s ad tole most dlperait e:ases of wht It. r l swllinbg that cau Im nacgillred, havet t Ibc destryd d cby i i less tha tw' mmites. I the bites of poic r, sinuas reptiles its i blicalty is Irule surprisitng, an i even inthi bite l fa rabil dog, for if aapeiied in S t. uee, itrs itw oLf attbre tioy are st won derfr l tliat it. Iler eill at once arrtest th, poison, and thus pre. a tor verst 9 fona prvading tbe system. It is likewise' lae greattly ruperior to any md.dnc hert,,retofre disco- I vered for ile chafed backs anl robs of hories, tIbr a ls telters, ri g worms, clappl d lipt, and in t hurt I'or Severy externaI bdcly evil that mar y aell to lth lotte l el+Ch lnn ful olr beast. Tui e propritor haIs recivd aI t least a thousatNtI ecrtlificates and otl, r docuelllnlts, in fyv r ofl i1 -a Specilic Oinlltmelnt," upwards of a hundrod of c - lwhich were writtelu by respectable memlbers oft ter ee M rdie. Faculty, all breathing th sallle eulogy II SPrpared at 1e9 Liberty stlreet. Neiv York. tand for sale at 6i3 Peydras tlreet, Newe OleanLs. t k luar.6 if titUCAI'.dia N-F t ENCIt and ii GLIit. M1r J t111 t es rCclilllty ariv.,t d to ll tltiit'itiiut te nr to inm il itle ci t Iu-s "i Nii tellrit thar e II tll i ria open sn academyon y ,nMonday. 14, Jllluary, at N.o. 19' "'ooltltSae clr d,, for me inPll.Irtltiotll of sat itb o" bolhsexes, i1| French alnd EI.lishhsb iln hich hos will he bly asor..led bv Mrs-. Junes atdll Mts. Mlelmlbe'r, aslto speak bIlot tbose Inllauuges wlth great Hla'nay nand purityv and at It.,i a l ls hbr-t | Mr. J iitbe will t vie et t. wh.ole tti.11io t tit the varyol bre hui. e1l -titaoi, and i ct'tt, sllar h| ,.ay 11,, . h,,,, stilee .tr to,|SJ.|_e. .+v 1 SA "TLONEL) BY HI II FAULI. O1 MAI) LINK. A' ItORtN'S Compound extrat ofC opiha and Strsa pIarilla -A certain, saile, an most eflctltal relle- It dy ever discovereid for thle cure of Gotirrhea, (;leets, A Strictures, Whites, Pains ill tile back allnd oins, semnllll al weaktess, iaflections kidlict, gravel, scaLrtbaltic eruptions, &t. ta.o aIl the iallldutiont of a medieiv ptossessing tile a uselu. th andl active viirtue of thle lne now lil:leed to thie public, .I toe p rorietor has but to refer to tie Inlurous ret o c-,, en lu~iiUlS received li~on the ,mlost eminent of tIle mne deal ltaulty in F:umope, believing that it will be duly dul appreciuated when ita tmertits atire sorte fally knotwn. 'i lialsm of Copaiha, soexttensitly ait :d,las lIst muchi of its cedit from the disltike which patients lormely a tt n exl.'es II reg.aihln its taste, diatrlltlh;lliee pr.lolduce ill t.le bowels sill stoualch, and its hel"ofbtot'o fl ielfteitencv w Lau used itl the inl'iltu.lltOr+ stage. The ,t proprlietor a:s tla Iie al anala ysis of tile Itajllem, concetll ~r itag that t he mtore actio eutlities wo'l dI Uerbl bhe m uch inol"eu irunIent. ran .d il more useftIlly .ulllliisterdll tlhanll I ill the pres.t sEate. The a boveyt mu cine combines it- at gKardients which ale in the highest repuite ,,mot tite tI aost scientific I Ia learned in tle pro, ssiatra . et ..c t ed. lltg ill tile compositionll of tis plrelal.ion ilceases tie eltfiecy of the lothelr, prollillng all olplati truIlyv to- I iwishing, aent suatuaaiag the mot sanacgine a xrectattnas; l tatta• aiagaat tie same time tihe aantagtte o gt its a tll" rttg ahIdlinist elne with llirft,· t success i tIhe ditl l'eot stages ~, f thile above disease. The most t ioet t tt ysictianlsad in ll ourgeons of thte p.esent hay exiress their decided ap-i 'ta atioaha itn ltauor i tat a S aaarilia, otltilt its ate t i file It Lba ta,atla sttiEOillutoes..- It was a tie- t tlaie aremLty with the a ele eltlatcl r Aehr.etby i, all ti 1r vellterall tlafctiana, all ill otaliatecutucllostttlaat1tioatnll, in arising, from a disonI re . stme oftll ledigestie i ellltilns.ll ilavig bleen sulmlittd toI the test and explerilce of thle most celebrated mongl the tclllty, they lase explressd AN thieirt sattisiacltin of its extaotladilatay eallaaauy in ever tcase Ilalelr thleir charge, by ayIolltatiag it both i their /A ! p i die aw I pr~ivate e p 'It e 'Their eit e t latio ns ttill te A7 11 se.J'ed herat'r. Pt'rpared L J B Thorll, Cbhemist " ' From A II Salmon, Ksl. It ., St.ergeon to the wh It t'htaomas Ilospital, and Lar.." o. Anatomay. .=t Theril a ht icth I have maeofour o l o t prelltioll in a all 'va i,,ty ofcases, both male anl female, in its results hose oIf! Spostet so highly tyoaur;ate, that I do rut thesitate int it a .te of the mast valuable a eltlicaacimus - remedies eta el otilred to klthe public, antl one in which, I e IrIo·n exr l:'ie ca., lltan place every reliance, whlilst it fI, does not prohace the sain tlunplueasanteletausually ex- Ir 'I' att ''tee t feo" nI t ooiito. tIo lnaa G I, tiI lsaat, Ml R C S, Physician to til St /,, 't Marllehbte I)isaaltsurt. Iteti I ake g'ltt plensure in addling my testimtnyt to t .rt Ita a.le prop tdias of yote preparation, wishing you the all success you so foily deserve, ill atmple reward forll tle ela or and expense incurred in bringing it to sulch cu- ly pietu imltfIctlol. ell From t V Oi Cuolaer, F It S, Surgeon to hley's Ils- tllt pital n" Th u whe ttiafoaert scess which has attended the ad minis- tei It tattg voua- aetdicinae among may patients attictled wilt a i at, the aaoe', ,aa;,lilhtly satistet ateI t.hat oly t ,o Sto be knownl to be truly a;iltreclttedl. .ly thle success th ' you so wlell deser ve, atnoily atald spedily repay yeou for ea t yoe vartluable pDltelatltton. U From SirA Clolear, F It S P R C S, &c. kc. I Ilaving beea itinceat to try youar Exlelt in sevealI ( cases of a iolent (;onorllo:a, whicll had hitherto IeIlted fh r I every presetription adtinisatered byv ne, loeving fond l c C sure and speedy cures eltected by It, in a few eays I in I lee mal seltf i dIty ho und to state that L nrow ilmny iprat t t i tice both public and Ilrivtate recomnleall antd use non i , othelr. Ipl aI Front (: V Blair, M I), Physician to Guy's Io wt le . p ita . tli tti The strict test which I hlave given your medaicaie o tl a aalnoag ay patients, ndl its it.a:uiahle suaicess thus tha, tr o will induce nle to ilrse'et.e in its use, and I deem it yt Sbut al act ol'jllsticj e aand of ttalty to add ny flee.ble tstli- lt an Imonial i conlamendaation of ilsvirtues. en i roamL LC Thompson. At 1) I 11 t 1. I . S Irettlll you lyV stilllrelr Ihanks 'lr t e valu:,ale pre at l sott ofrouat Extralct a tlhle a eaof tlolat·lta:, lte:a, Ih p feel gtrtefttl that volt ltoe at last brought a medicine into use lwhic will plrovu a desiteratula lot in sought fort I in the nmedical worl--n aul, sLpeedy anIId ellectual culre e ' i ill cases ,f tile abovte cltass. It t lll'dtra mle galeta t pleasuret I iaa ptataitsatag to tta taaaiat tl t vahtte t llaetaa allteat of at nout r p * Fxtact. c Were it necessary, the prolprietor could here flurnish m1111y m ore testimollnials eeI tll: y as cono t1ell :l t olr y as the Sahole; but trusts tlit itsgreat sulccess hileato the care I & ex pense at which it has been p eparetd, w ill prose its grrtest reclllllnlldlio tliaon 11an t disc.lraltig plublic. GiOe rectallentl:tion ttisaprtepattn i at o y above llaathersaisaisaatta taaortat.air. ta--itauaia n ts--th te mI Iallde in which it may Ile taken, heing both easy alu t ple. ant-its tastely mnture, with t tt o restt itaitl i diett it Ior ltntlillaetltlt from business. T·ravellera s especiallyi wod findt this tmedicie highly sel a'ul, alit oughit le to L unprllllvided with ia Ilep:waii toll possessing the lid vutl.nges whlich tllsh presentll oe c(llllil i Aetopanyt tie Medicile is a lIaiiphlet elltplana I) to rtof the dittfr:ert stages of the disease, whithout all i itlx.a charge, econtaining tifall atta'ettiS. i ia tFor sal o a SICIIES ik O. a' i I t1 o I i ta.hi -1a Clalallt street. I ihe, EVE KNOW that hetlth andl the ability to ucae V labor, constitutes the wealth of the great Itace mass of' the peop'e in this, as in m at other coun. out tries. To preserve, therefore, that health by natl. I ode ral meoan is a grand, moral and p dlitical scheme, it '0t to I fotfil which, requires our utmost attontion. tooa Th'e unpecedente I popularity and universal ap. iIgt aplprollatir'n which this medicine has acllieved throughout the Unlited Stlates, the Canadas, Texas, Mexico, and the West ladioes, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warrmly and eoasc.entiously reeormeno . o re Sdg them to the special otice of the afllli:ted. i m, Peters' Vegetable Pi Isa;lr the safrist, nost eff.c i"nh tueal and economical remoedy fir diseases of tilhe I haruln eonmttant on, that haos ever been discovered. iot ,Dr. Peters, tlo inventor of this invaluable mlri. orti 1cine,, from his knowledge of the .oruman systerm, I . r rderivel from a long and extensivo praticee, has bci c arrived to tis conclusion, tiran the great and pri. 'aor I mary causes ofl most diseases is a durallgrenlt inll sat the flnctions of the liver, or in other words anl in. pir creosed or dimanished secretion of the hile. So well is this understood, that it is aommnon for persons to say when they feel unlwell, that they arc i bilouu, meaningl that they have too much ilhi )ir tihe stoach. Orr tile other Irnrllll, erllrn the fltow de r! of bile is dimirielh'rd, tie procors rf di.eos IU in r imperfectly pllefiorll i, the l pIatuiert WI'e ilaes reakI Tl and elnaciated, because Inr'llli.lie:lrrl t contained ill theo food taken into tile at iech Is ost y ex. tracted, anlld tthefo tl ii rtl ill a crrude state. A Ir. lPecrs is clltulidnrt that thI: famous IIigean. or t'hory, co calletd, tiha, ' imrpurlty of tihe blod ies tile ause f all diascrs,'s ar grcat abselrditry. ': Everry onl r a rrel eia on thie sib:ret a rIInerll , irrt1 r will perceivel that impurity oflt,, t er old is a cuconl. rgo Sda y not a primary comr,,lait--the tre ct and not er t eceso aUe of disease. W\hen the toietirons of tlle + liver are deracged, allr tihe flow of ile increased, or ' it is olten taken up by tle abstr ellt vessels and A Scarriedl into tlhe eirculatnllll, acrd becrelas g ed wi h tile blood, as in jauIcrri , when thie patient i ows i i in h!is crunteuracer. Nor this impurity oi blood is eauoed by ane increased flaw of bde, rand to rerlney it, you mIurt correct tie secretionllr of the live', and restore it to a I calthy state. Dr. Peters Ias speInt rI ch 'imle ill expterllent- iI ing with differcrt vegctabh'e rredlrrtes, ilrr disease ae Sof the liver; and n.iw offera his Vegetable Pt I , as tile beet, Imrit cOlVellellt, ad cheiap.est medi. no y 1rto that canr he Irrelrred olr gtoetiral use. " Dr. Putersra hrirrfilirmelthat his long e'x eri . I Inertig wtll vgletablo Ill.hcllnes hlas en.blred iun i n Sto discover the ,.e :and olr) i ub.titucte anllervr rllg all tiLe iurpoirur c morcuri.,t witllout anly of LtCir - o atle dlant evils. One great quaIL.ty rf his vgetiblr pa Sill is that thlley ihave te i alterative pirriept crnmire nhined with their rathnrte, or operativ l qual tiea, so that they t oltlonly clansi tihe stullach andt Sibowels by Jprgi.g, bput they regulate tire i.r, to chllalnge tlhe Ioerbd See.etLrIOan, ntrIIthens rht. h ° ad ritrcstlve orarir, purify the blood, invigorate tie , ci erclation, an I Give tune anrd oncrgy to the nor.. vvour systelm. in They ate mihl and pleasant in their operation, at and c nvey alHmot imedrate con eviction of their e utility from tihe firt dose. They cap n oe taken o with safiety by persons ofrany age; aud the feeble, Stihe icrfirm, tie nervous, and the delicate, are el: or strerrgthee'i by theiroper.relrn, because they clear y or tihe system of ai d hunners, q(uiet lerv Ios irrita- to bt bllty, and inevari bily produce sou.ld health. Ira IThe Vget,bh. Ptl.c are a sure remedy for jalun. r ,,n dice, sick inlld Icnervous hetd.l.che, iys epai, rrstivre. w 't I nets, sickness oftltc sotOmiacl, beartbr n,, all hic us of eomUplcaints,IerUrs oi all kirds, and if taken at the he coInencIR ement will invn.rlbly check their pro. el grsea, and a.cL' the patlent from t a protracted and I P dalgeroau salehness. TIhey are invaluable in ner. c. rid vuUeandird pocOndricare allfectlise, losa i eapic. tiet', and a'l compulainlrs to whli;c felmales nI ',ne are cr They oporate as a mild and apeedc" purge, and are a safe and cert.rlm tlnady for wormsl ill cbi drcn. Since I have introduced my Vegetable Pills to ci tile puoltc 1 have received rlllnerous certifioates II of th.'ir cuperir t ficaey in curing diseases, a so, ,many letters croci re1pectatrle physlcians, who r, have used thern ill their practiae with the boat c I uight puhlish a small volume of certificates, g ,it but eoarider it lnur cessary, ao the amedicine aiil recommend itrellto all whowi 1 nmake trial of t. 'lThi above lplls aur in boxes, containg 20 &. 4 the pilli each. i Price, 25 &S 50 eolts pr box, iah Drllggitpi and country merchants can be sup. p tlird ..t wholesi e or retail, at Dr. Peters' pritci. p.1 ichee, lo. 65 Prydn .atreet, between Ma agrai I a4.n . ,at i t2,1 cr1 Sl'ECbflU UNK HOEOLD rWI'.. .C~VU~ IAIIT'tPA ViN O G THE KID. ETII:Yd S I fIADI~ft UEK NfI A bA, PIWTSTIA'I'E (IAND, i1 .1I DlSE.k&rF Oal- l i IIINAILY PAv AAe.s.. rAIA IN TAIL LOINS gaAVS - oVJI k |.llnbagN. or fro u (irnellll W+eahllel+. or Ei.Aaa Ruhl~ltt~U. puerotly At,. this ltlurhllt meticlt .t all Uiw, * rrItl. perf~ct ly urrdiciates the above d iresal, mluch liman ly.,. ,tbhor, ttlld iltttrltl*Iy iltlprtOt. tile toltililltlt and gep'tI. Ed h4 di·ol.. orpr ,,trtpetotoltootttll. In U .lW" .. : t.t .ie i.tlllured to it, and it tat ptositldy. M.oo.oI . - I.J ilhhidyul afterti II h ther Iiledihinim 0ve 0 Id.lly ,oedillo ohe uae 1ttho· o iltjutotltf u 00. Illttoolllt.t--:, Ittlltt'r , gqtl*tIoYI d'*] . ptlh . - SIIull lldieloll Io o1 Iluloooruo.l lesltlll.oh r .qneJ. CrA.J p.,tli of oIIh t,,trlillludltttt tle tIololil dWtO ltluIhM3ls i, u.41 l:,nld .lledltul nlell NI" tile htglt.ll~riYq:.!ll. I I.'"Hl..ti·l l ttodril . EtiUolgo too ll tollrbtniellltt it.: IVt Ilu idre I plllld. ~reward h·lamlBI1 IIrrt.l ti II.. o~lrld 1oan. IId. whllelIII rodure any rLemed.y I)a. Io ynd'· PI co4Jl i.liutis.. Alter Illdl Iio furtbnr €.mluwl~t i;111 be ueoervty' Ftltdil ylldi o 1'Bollttltot'i Httt rpi .-l "l as I,*,jre..rihed .'l~laI. lld'l~L Sl. utinon toreve " Ilellu I;llt-kr.lg ItIt olbrtrtl L)V..lrtd'r to. ulg.t ll uio, losS-H Ii lllit. 'It ..lbere il o rtl'dr ill no.tllI rterttlogOe.tHt IhtO oIf0 Ip ttotlu tlltoyootd , tod tl ttirt.ool I tluolth was Ilthh impro. ied. I, IolY, . D. rl "Le~cturer Oil Mldwifery. at'Itarth~lnomlw'r Hnipt141J! D~r C:larke has ,lre-.cried yl~dnlld'. .|lec,6.. folution, tomlU flyI? 1dtirllt- hlll)YrlII un1Iler UrPtIIal |)bcllal~e% mUd intllI/· Ily loANd IhOy wrTN TurOd in AEllllh La tiCe IEDul h | IiIDII. + iou~lvly oh.·aerlre pr.l)·larl· liOl ICplivl I1. Ii All +Iliun II i+ a remedy llnlll and one othorlttGlorbht IIgill fblgare t b - &tr thcriheur hi 1 oullllk. *.,hl+to., Deeewllir .. 3B5% I i. or ;r ll her tihy elrtly 1 Ytdtnd'· SelpOcl roiJtll itroos, oinoot emeglottu t remedly, rod i Ne t thit rttlnotvirlh gro :.e.. 3, ...... ,~ue I.l.....y ] ........iu,, Nf GulmiYhlrlu hlll... prll Pcr e IIt'. ,t'. ols 5 II fooibd.' t'J'litaoyrl , 0l h, butiye d only oit o. t Clt. t,,ittltoolt-.& iM Nsu UrlE~l,.. MEDICAL CARD. 1AND IMPORTANT TO TItl.t+ AItbFLIoTED tI'ttot Dit. 00A TR op ATIi E oil VeAt rul t ioy it, tollorrhmttnlooettt is I 0 _ttrietur t, illclu yll 'tt tlrutt igal o ttrv ttl, tttl otlfetlsll toI tb.k yd.oklle aririlg frm e orol t bhute. d Ir'ottlr io ottrrli .It 4wlall. an Illllilodlllte .um. tlth ee, ,ee tty l rottltIy. LfoIl titI i lolk0I nnra| Ihel, aotllp tttob "th lrtdlllti,. ,o iltloii,,tt sto o Ily Idlt ute tf tllti ditllty lltUoll, tllo toeoryg rulo. olfl cel ·tltutl'ltl, alld Pcallae uh~:enlllll, ,WltlCChll)U:ller ia the aMlllt rlirr girld ldglllllllllllELeb ill thIE +ighI, koiU III tim otsder'lie olI.+.·Ub floaijlg tlettts. tld ttll t o yli t liy h ll . olll, ,ittitlrllu i~lhlot Iraltdetllty. 'lo doyly of tltu o,)ll.'l*tll'lot.Ity.Itt. tll d dltoir. PS EItP+' PULl.= I~.)·. II.,, ll'l· + P: +: toAtorlotlitloop, os d tito lt.t oit ,,i'-, ,ty. . lit,.- t i ;tjc flit pIt, lfs t~lltorit toldtl": ,', yoyo.,,et, tf~titoltltt,th ltdy.looftt..oit+,.tll1loittt . yoc-.t.tto tti•nlo atnlNII N|" I:.,. l~( drrlier .r+,,tra. Y,.l T·,~l~trdiC·I~O l of Iheur;i- . 51 sry par..lplr~..,'e~ l l~lllli, I,*rlclrl~llll. ii pe~l e~t cr e lU th + amrb ; al'tyL VTIllrlglitlolPl. b,,oY o l l .hll,,lrtlt Ii,, hr ooo+,,i re llccfic pil+I rNIoullta rarity ylll tldel'if TIlrilhouu+ E)illll, imri+ fy~lg It thrlt l rtlr.',otdyttf I w .l t lltltt llfhdd. ey lint tnyt. I "~ly relllOve the dirre ,)u, blut lT~iiii tI. It' til(!Jr.CriiNn the d ffer elltI Fu4etiNlUr of tle I,,ly, eLo P tIIhII ro! "l(i, ,ttr hUltloI .nd t~ tttthet Iilttllet oIitttttttlt,lthlllylr tttlblt.Oit .I tlIIl.ttthi mo't sceptical P th(ehr ll1t~llll ,il l 1 d 111h YIIeltI hlIS looeothtr tlilt~nl~ltttitt rylOr toiii Itttlto1t11*terotdtagttoty ttklli,,ittOttitot ll+llty,tlt ltlltoohototti tlrd.ttoflr.o'J'oy iiii re no restrslllt uf d el~ll,·· h ,1t 1 10 , I i r I lll Ifllllil of huo i ll ea, bu oinyt tacl o .1 Itol.l', S+rtf, llhllllhl IPltt ttPtplUoo 1o, lit otle )atiel~lt nIdllty lb .lls to 1t,1 tf Ii gttllet Pttto, lle nlhmr Slil..t..., i.I 1111ell do 1ltole rt.iottle It ttt. lNt . iCPdodlb, oUo wllull Luke.l bar8re the dl.l:a~ to tltg Le itttitloeurhll, it ilyt Ctl octrttltl prtie.ltou by rlttutiott ti e t lnlpluillt o ' lit.iollit alntl aceretlyr. I Mejtt r ,L erry. t url lo eOIlt;ltuoi to direA t Itheir otlitottit hell dbl~o~rendhP deibilitie+ tr.ltt f,'m the tou feoutdndil. foot Cl .ln .t 1,1 h .lttttt.l1 th lb.'.,,, j)t-oitll,. Wbl(:h oi l t O ltotUto ll - lllllllus trulllflllrrr ll+ .t',ctio ll+ uld l.ilon ill mt rle llC the L10 norVHlllli iNll~l'Clllfllt' f I ;I;. tl~ile, wehkesilr itlld dee~roy~ Iii he hmlil) a.ell~l+l m'c~a~iuni~lKl In.. of i,nglnmi I tiliil jud~(lllelll 1IhdI l)Ielll{IrY , inllh11++:re .,+• ntlld ;.ernll) for ull plu.lh~lrlu. Thel idea' of tiLelr ,,. ii Illllhil ) +ille.O. all dempair. w \Illchl .|rl.+' frosl cnl~iderillp th, ,s thle nalthurrv,l theilr o'.. lleltry rid theile se...ity .fr,'·n .li~eusu til.I', lieitil~ ofeU' "'iil~lrae, are Ihle luctllml~rlly ,,h+';l. nf tho.r Nbh have Eiv; t!I resllrlg Mrute of1 dl!bdllly Nr deficell.l.+wle?. ((Lber thu Cou·e II tlell.,: T'U"+ +uL bllef~ld I"'lractl, crr.e..l-e Idrlld~llgl NPI in* efotlllcr hut. hly wllllr thrlrlwr, sul ie ,..lll rltlg rc,nritl. I lem . e)1111 11 l V BIorOtl.hll hh.11111 I 'el ryY+ Veb~eltdle Pillb ire well kr+.wrll lilr 111P c-rt~lin arid '' Fni'lelllll le)lll(.dy of reclNIdtlyll) I·I)Illlr(~ll++ ++ill+Pi *Tll )tiUlllt Jdc: ilhclll~ullrllni scrolul·, +erhllrtle inlld /;I ll~hrul+tlill +ieI~r hm, d 1111I lld YClllrld d~ebrdity, ItOl~,l rllal p:lUlll( t le hl~dd r1114 Iwlh~l~hls·, depre.+lll Nf Iplrils 11tad .Jl dl.uae+llr++ll fr)IIlnlll fill ll11lpllr. +tailll~ theI bla~d. )U' ;llptail~rlst rlhip, thl lIl~lnr so, n huJ ulhy dl Li~rj)ll.,+od iii al chlH;it++ Illlly lellgth llf lhle isl'I'u be hadl( olly ut .Nu. VUU l.'ual~lll lloU++ ItL erl, SC'e |)l~l·.Ill, IlleT3 l," ,'SSOR( ,.WKI|OUlI' d JIYGIFlAN IlI.'R g 'l ~i.+ii+ |,11 11 Itl thllyplllllt:e tlirezlsH+ uld heIill~lasiy dJilltlYLdl. ii* lbi~lb 1"lit it " ((~~lC· i rlJ OIer t*U l};tt lllelll. j~ ~ ek lr, 4a4 ·El l drl .U.;nrrp, wihOiaI~ervllllu l;l. cli Hllltuaillp weall.+ .t ,i ,.N. jlLlldllg I~ilhllJwurl1l kilOWill." hy thNlD WIINI ale .lr IIvu I·ll~ll 11\ )r DL).Le.OllI I FUNI Ittille+ tO IIhrect hiI sltll~lltiU ll t+) 11i*. Ilrdeura ;.rr{itll troln th+. too free ulld illdircrinin*l, ll~llhl V' /gl~llCe ',~l'l.Ih+.1*r loIIS, whicl I~o l yl u119ucuig.INII a llUI116larll heIl en,.rv~zullg ihll.*l~ Ilille-+ oI f Dd ll/.e. Ill t d.rellK tul fui hilblt+. Ecure+lre drlnkllhhl. or Ily othesrlmure h~ whi~il Iiii power o ""' f Lhe eollslitioll liueoalel el~leblel, lle offor·11 llrll Hll.,llld I reedy nurl~s~rtllu ll Lu bOulld gill| vlgor~l, lcll hlPh I I r.q a el~an,,holy f.,'l, thlut thuu+.mlrldb I'll vicrill. Io tihe ve. I. i lereall direna uine. I Nwllg t aIJi kfll'uhlex· uf illimloeralel, w ho hy t lre tlao of dL:ll¢ deldly II~,lrll, Iimruuly, I uinl thu c~l~l. - t ltlltiO.; aI:d Whe.I I le l.r,,.tI |.ier Swedllur ILePuamo Pr, I'ess(lr at L.y~leln l Uiverxily. hei Eu~ll+.wredl an i h nuhlhlu I~ur fit iip"l Iiu,.lliild I,y thle Illxuve~ryuf hi. L'rall Puauleea llr t he cu~reIl" ttia deD-lr~llldqe cnrl )hlht. Never did u dirovre . ' exeiler at Irelatr SE)llllitill; it Wi,. HI..llhtlldl~o wttil avidity, aIIi1. ueed wilhl 111devinlin llt lctce.+ 111 Ilhe mNutlldlinlltel311d h tl jlit I [0 asl++s of the d~licate+ rulUIIIlillhl t+ ibr Ihe curo ,if wilcll Liey. 'cntIl. hv l~ecll +o Inllg, celellratedl. 'Ihe fl~lla l" thenn Pilln thrln,' ' ui. OH,:" ""9 e;e lllrllV ;lEd |ll~l+r r ).e~ll) lllnrn lllcti el illlo ulllllort el/ tl. 0d'llllia!;erf,d e;:al he ottoledll Iry minlny Illoulsndsi ill Fnci.dr." Ilo i ,lig thle hm.Cesri~lllhHlltt w:I tllcy were Illo i11ulroprqllblenlll 11111i )1 iiii.l~l +.legl· I rdII U l ,ilP 0(1hllr, Ii ill +II i++.. whC.r, thN( 11elillell rl Ip llr, lrti.Ie ha· ltl ·llll~lt l.,h llnm lpnalll.h ; [~riY I. lej l ol" ill~llliou.l p~ll.NOI I'lllllj'iugF in th+,ir plnqgrees th rFIFlll+nt hy) th,+ir atcllll.l+, lh difl.r,:llt fullctiolim('nlla lheho)-- exI .,etclillE thle Ero++er hlllllI~lr·1 arllll illi II llLIllT~r Iliiid iii1ii illl large itllhll + it to cOull i~l(.+. thnI Ilullst+e cllUil of thleir urlun-, IcC alllly 111her ll~lelllrl11lld III:IU.I- Imhlkeu .+Jlll~l~lllt Ill++ +IUiCUTY*I1.l. Q I""ioll ul" di~rovary--the."y reqlllirl; II~I r-trlllll of dlet, Io.I II'. rl tille o~r hhldrlllreII of bll.lllea+,1 htlt Pllh'ClI Nc~ll~lldelaellrl wit,, olt t lle leaut ex Iuausre IothP. I, ,ienll. At a.lly priod w'horl i hll 011il~igh~tIert ou+)icl~l sllu). exixi+ II wvill hen web llt hirr mO~l.·n " t.1 tile? 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TIe sltoach wil S,,ee lly rregin it strelgtlhi , healthy aeiei f the litsr. how 1 el. and k iduteyd'wi rap dry lake phtt'E aud tnlueado¢ lih . - d i,l.., heat, pain miad jaundiced appearance, enlttgth,tettltllty and reaewed health will te the gawk tepult of ttakil thiLa deine. ptellarlleg to the dlenLI hiu e • eomp tuyitetawl h Iorw 1" Thelcralills are partl~ularly eflicuitinl ile lomrrirtlhrq colds, atgue, a l.ortnnt ot heath, n.l l e l ldtratctupeU iate telrilery p a gett tad il ttkeu alier teihfreeam illfldlgaie.l table, thuy qettaly reatea the system tue eitcataaltilit . letea ef (a ull hbhit, wlhoeeeeHsujeet to hadCeh I ooe.d mwseinsee ud 1titgli il the eart, triilt I . t.tlt a flow of blod to the haid, ahutld Nov., hewilecettlhA a many dat lrnew, sywpums yu ll he or(4dl a mri l .by 1 , i aulatdiate tt. 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