Newspaper of True American, 19 Nisan 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 19 Nisan 1839 Page 2
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'' 1t'I Pf XW O LE '. ý~kikAprl 32, :38:9 'O-bý"piiltii l.3 A~o 3in li Lo in :.: .inI . 3 -.'i"l. I ,lo tii 0333 A4Jo ..s .. t12 03333'. d .10 ° t ihirn P~in0t'3i? , 3 . 33d P ",;?' ri4 `,I iio ,;,bNIY7odl oII,olf AIORIIt ALSW M S :*..ý:-r: " CtLEARANCES. April 18, P99. 1.miBN Onti3 S.ullio0, for Liverpool. Sh P L n os blisto., lheilien. ' Unstable or Liverpool, Tadew ( ioit, iio k in)ihtoe. for ImSltim53. liltg Wind *. II' rIck, Oqruy, yur Nord~k altd bI'ollbor hi, *Ddali° q. G0,e. itL. m n orge B3 dfo, Ab. i6 opi.thn ' offic i be .- . lor Bristol. . To li " Dasmon. A Quarles. Shlpye~i Ioh, f 4 rye Pine, Master ?V W yn. S i ckiii lo l d r Baltiyore , George Bedford ARKRIVALS. Aprii 1,, 1889 Ad boil . T N.E padb, havibg'tow., 3 fled e. hoequ Allioth b rig Alegeeode, xckr. Oed - laa.,nrriat, Soot s ooqr nods Deepocrtio rerurewl to tiu hi p li Perul an Left thetbioi itn h 7th lot., itporle Aoid schoonir, SL the aiing. Nothing io. Towi BintrF.)ois..Davei. from S W aIasj, haillng oed - tb . B r uBmaq r Clyd. returned to the city with ship I'. =", Jr Bargeeg0 Union. left the Fats oil the lii trial. fit rierpoL. olthingbi offhe bar.1Siip Mis3isipi boW. the3 hat bound out, aed" two oer hlips b iW. le, 1390d out, 303 '`i·okrtwe'othr veels a lit bar itiu for water, also houndl hip Peurin, 3,eith. 24 tdays. Co egi Bostn, 3o mstd9er. 03.30te"osh hm llodpe, p0 tk. o 7 day- from Boston, l pibl AoWhitnore, irbi IAior. eile,7; 4th Fab., to Ie ý S latre eat Laurens from Timyou Sara. BL879er0.. 13)2, deip iron, St Mrli1hville. - ; ataithr yulo,.. .TuC, froke bouiotill.. p. ik. 42 bttloini 100., to W tdo i Brawl.. .'' Floellppl I~abeill·· \ ttiLaeltr aaa3ier, t1.ian, from St. Mariiasville. LN:`EPOsf3, " 3 1OL.3 Par bip North oh ritio, -Cargo, 2084 bale4 coi , ..':.r..W: ...i.i,..P 3rb ,qu 0330..Ci e tOn.9033 11i 6 baloo ,, i t " .i` tont8 ba ond l6 biefol h ,.',x.3 "AS i .PO r brigidlin Plo, ..Cino. 4 Idi b34.5o. 30d 9 loos bulk6 puk. ..`i....Per brig Architecture-Ca rgon 74 tlcrres, end 33% A bit ·,l ouse., 505 l 41 pt k, 10o0bbole,, ofco. . 3 11b 839 bid... I300 2633..U333 k0 320 0 1,1.:,14 ht i 40;30 boo sugar. 93 pig. lend. ;:. iEP..... ...Por in3Gt ods Wayi..Corgoo, 447k lard. IO0 33"r~ ba k, 4 tierce, It al, 8u i.ds plokled pork, 0.3 3 " P hds tobao, 7: 3 3o oks co,3 3 ,ýRJB .Pot .ehr La Bruca..Careo,21xbla flour, 285 sacks 13,0"" corn, 22 J, iend 1' half do elf,,. "y-CALVPi+,TON..PaOl s33r Ita. ..Cargo, 48 h3ds b)L133ilopIb whitkey, 60 baskets wine. 7 hIi,,,,d 103h,,o, lo3rd, 13 b)3 hour; II b A, b ,o. IM· IPORTS O 'V X..'. Fo33hi Perodi-i..Cergo, .1000 sl e limotob 322 .. .133i3ibj00e30030,lru IiS) looeo ,llrOlloook.,,o,3.11) ...ide 0)33,tu 3531. *3i33iiidyi02333, eta ,,,oi, ob333 _ior 0033. 303t,. pickle', wilines a0, empty - i bl3 , 3tC ,kk 3)1,,, mlan hoii a u 3330 U die & Ja-goeliu;l J Reurdlill J t IlfnRli, T ,"i,' Alla.0,( It Justin; V Accord; I. Barthel; Albert k.c,; A 'Metninedicri 11 Cllntolle atl Francois;r N.' Leyell; is espalier; If & , W Andorran OB 1'ON=P.. ofill P Uailue-Carau. 111-3 hdta chainx, 12O " -- os pabira Stour.; I :di do cranlr, 900 eucaIsnll '694'wir0-eevres 150 seta maoamo., . '2t1 broom.,~ fief grass matches,. lots winesa. toes unr. hr dhvilr , tad croekalr ryi oleda am ll lat. ow..~ ' ECEIPT, 1I1'IRODUCE e"4 Oyoll' o..Nr ntooono I 1ant..Cosoo, 70 bales A T.o 01ot h::o. c ,Io,,JBPloo,,loloi, 41 io 'oI'.17.10,'1,'sl,, -O4"Gasonid e,,., 1t-., A Whiloe&-o, i0,l . do It ol,,,,,o,,,Ol 'I 1lRýA.,,,s 5 doe Alloit -.her ndo e. 4,lo. Berkeu, Ilk & cOa.4 *i..OA.,o. .O,2ol ,was. Dllo.dwooo c0 so2 [looooS. A\ , I1 i looo~l,, i oI, on io d. box SBFj aoesJ li, fors , I cheat nod I baIdlAI)od " '1}Itrel e Mikey S nt. I trunk, Peters 4 lilhild, horses, 8 Itr Nh.sMno.l Pa.r eor CAjor..Cnr'o , Io 11l lasscotton, ,tb Ptoi: . :do' 00.1 .lInld , J A' Folo1,ooelI. 0ll, equoBD.itriohve 4De llear, 41 ,lo, V Pooy 4 oo. 110 bales *Jo.Al.mir 'nlii i co. 30 obe saoero II blo, ooofo.., FolO.o,, '" "lablog & D0 010, 15 Itdll 0uger, inurolooit & H& i) Lsd lholtO..Pes o(nlme SOllona.'.Co,, ,, I07 Inds (.00 rrn0 Alt .W.Iltto Aco., I2do. I.gtobeli. B 'I'llhonn n. 2 ,,oJ& 0 tkI!'lnhnIL iI dd. A I, Addlso,, 0 do, A hnd. R1d 3 o.s,,bao At'ii 'ierdlhI b14oro ml. I jar botter Ptro, Johnsloa oooo. · 1s,40 .Piflint Ib.. .t Joos . OVolos Careo. iS hl.,ri.los `-. rkarddu houlder.,I !!: I.Io 11,01,,1 10 Ids td IlpioL, 233 keg. Ha rdn7l6)pioqos lode, I,0 ,hooldls.o 0ar.,.Pe, r no oat, , lolobo,, (0,50g, 0 '93hI pork, )0 dl0, 23&.keD , mel, 49). bands. RI. 1.Anorlioodlls-Yi· stamns1, 'loopl irr-(',io '', 1(10 bqgles. 00 on 1 It "1 sIak1102, lollooso, L0OoIoq & 0'lOnlr ,12.1,,1 so.. . lO,1, Is Pe;111 ole: nlh 7$Revahkli eo 5lo hobo ble 10114 1aol 175 hidob, IHranci ýry;i"u·5 11111',.11 1011 A hiouren A. C ,.".; I b.:x I1,II*, - . )il,0010o,28l l ooo,1J 3Ili11,, 31 Lol s c0001n, I'.00001Nu0 :los or slrnlllner I.0500..J Farrier. W h 'ljoonoo.,. IlTurlolll Ladoy' & 3olod'o J, owell, J Illotul .1 i1, on,,O2~e~a J A AIly,. J cioBrad: lovO.,1) A~ lohn,,, It S00410, Do0. ',osjnp;, it Chlin., )ioCrrs; E on [ sy, IlPo A Ferris; I' WV '4Chllon RAllrs .4" I)llos",ier; Jllpo,,,p F ll"o,,ll ,,J I.,., -o.j e Villarn., It lDelhow. V IIilpooio. J Alil,,. IR lorker. IF $ :8Bt c,' HWll) 500o. RU J BIrrowoJ WVoII.5V t.ok, W Y Bnlu~Ck W 0 ltchnoo. L.ay add ',,s., Cblnol,,rlnin,, (1' 4 bSmo't, IG C lBrn, Ta !,,o JCrsmo, h o,,,,,5 Bowo. 4warnd, 81,01., eIMndn, I'IooIIh, old noonnI, AiI. Joswll .1,d '. 10,.L 01 C T'lanOl.,. Mis Groodilo,. PP.Is omr ss,1, A,-s A I) Irii soooon anod fgoo'y, At,. TI, mtlel·I olld, d. DII rltl ra lv ol, d. .nlvool. Alt,, Hinven,, Uur. d'Cagnoo M Romooo. H Cantors, J j,,an. A AIIe,,, J "OCgo1,J'tileyg~rt A 'I'0Iohooay,. Copt D Vsselllnon, J Reash.I 810 A rlin, T Atm J Brig1,, 1l Whitlehead, 0 CIhr,,Ornl00, J , Bsoooourd. Per s., a rsoulosona-C 0 Mouroonod 4 tody. 11n,4,,,. Wihoo, PRyrooo. Shre.. Brown, Iiropin,, Willis, Godng,0, emosn,, Well,. FIltcllor, Coooooo,. tolloollon, Kay, Hagg,,Iy t, SlaIr, Obliesr ,ooo,, 1VoolI,,h. Per ,teraino Futnloo-J 1t' Gibson, J G Richlardson, I. Pt.4l',-J Lohlotio, J F Millar, Ililloooi A Halljilo,, JO'1 melOJ C'eJC h, VW R Norman, Ives oand Iooo Jobh n1,on, R Revn ord P l)elalborooo r, Johln Slboo,,n, D blane an I fainily , AliForge, Jolhn Lev, AI Normand,, Lstrin, floliooa, lnonei Rl)ooqloy,, JoLay, Wilkins a*tt ,ow Rio., iFonlnnoltl. Pat mobil Uuiou..C B Dpkiu L Anhnout and 4 in lite steer ago. 'CONSIOGNES. Pe .-Dodbes. -nlylo.; L.ysI8& A ,lllg; VDovoold, B son ie lN ko; knbOk &I Jacqelino, J ,Vuio,, Ioo; ClPr 'ee, Donne, Willaops 4',:vW A Fuller;Ilenoll Fsrlly A nen CUirnd;l.,gdI I5,nlaahoo Aosrrlt; IPope, Powens 4 *amIzh ComUtoEol, 5031,4" so; Hoddno & 11.11. nIEnIOIUANDA Aro,,ld At.New York, Sloip Janonen.e, Iron, N,,n 0,Ion'o :"4Ahtk"ith, with Ftonn, to llbooo. Olyphnkoto co.; and (1040 %,15 cantol, to W nriohi 0 BlShield.. Experislnol arovers, Sl ne tfroh-t onorth. ,and don nokeh dnooon to .lia rulddr. Bhip OH..ry, Foote., 10 dnay from iubde, Iith ll cottobl.ol. Jotdbjsonn* nndte. naled in cmpany withship, Prooonti., deridre, York.ed br80 Ilg.ckle fodo. March -3(.I, 000.Cape. Floida. poeto shlip Alnbso,,,, fro.. NewOlsleno,, for New Yook. nome doy,. 1-l3l, loo 7d 30, passed ship oo, fromo N 'Odrens forLivnerpol. WNE .YORK OIARKEIU " ~1aA__a. b 10 hene I, ,eesno no'. of Ao.hll inc our for wt gat oftook. Coffee coootinueo inn loIs dson.od *dm, the lrda at previous price.; sale, of 1 I 1 2 a 12 ", . lit t$vonst 3 l.s, nod Iasuirvl a t 120. monthss . in; osno , tho 1 hmbuipese enutiaues unimrpplrla , fi , ales for tlhe Ilast Ibrc, haeeiljl.enootin,, ll~OIsImpOnsOl II, ,UIOO ·l ios u10nl~l day, noly nooShIng ,dkoo, 0000 b~olo.. inspoon 0)0 fosolos, .o!,' chotO.e hbo 1,0,0 plore. TIe boour oorkel peoelle no nse 0 ,,*lnre tnO damsned nondnlig oair o, pevios oooloo". $83.39 4801. I2'f" Westeorn; 87 .i41.2 7 73 Ibr Olio, via Nw Or Ka, dinod Il Hiniiooloo Coooitry noi Georgetowno, t 870091.2. About lhII Ssrr ,,le Richmodl C(ty Mill. Iole I,,,en .shipped .*a teros lpot poad publio. No rhokooo In LRye flour or Cp Cor ,al. Bole., hovneo[ ,en donof Northsen, Iyo 0 131.10 gaSn th. lonti; O ..b n1.03n SBrent.; and Bsarly 0117 11. .nsRtnn liho, Connl . stae.oadOfirm, at 90 cent". Sonesof Whal.eOl hnsn hon, mnodeto il., lr.,e at 40 bolls, nti of " pttioh.Llusoed'nds 0 ,,nn. Thsre is no oIhoonge ino ith MaS Art for Cugsr or; tihe rson Ipo of the loalerl,,ve " vesy.limiotl o onne our le. Further ra s s,,,A Giegneos, [nlyhonhlte een lmdent $1 45 andolof lonolonrtond Osokor. ut-S4Ut4JI42.."e Whiskey sty be knotld t 36 oento for ,Meet.snd 38 felr SInI,. P- C-- FOR RBNT. A iwo story dSk e aid w story Kilclrhen f" 'oan S'Jolhn streetl between P'llar randl Hi via Ustreer, neari the New Market; P'aossessii to eta an'lat ol'May, 1889. Apply to 17 . RCLANNON, 1Camp st GoRY'S ECONOIV OF NATU RE. . explain ' "l and illustrated oi the irineipires of tiaden a ,ilpy in i vale, with forly six 1tes Memnoira of William Pomipa'm, saludling perliculate Sfbhlsdlentares in various parts of Eno pe; bis eion. laeaaet in thedtngnoits of the Iaquaisition in I.isbon, nhc. Formaloby ALEX T'OWAIR; spl116 car Camp and Conmmoi aet T RK'l ISLAND sALT-5AlO bushela supcriar T - urkn, lsland Salt, jusat received per brig Jaesa, ipr sale, ifimaoedistely applied fir hv api " A IIIJAH FISK, 57 Communsat • -* OI --A likely fnrce ,f Virginia Negroes, (31 . Ia thnuber,) ofaxesllent claralter, and flr the last fers nt a cotton esalale i Arkansa, are inow offer flar li the, purpase of coilag thr' affairs of a - [.if hip.!e aeeast tile house of r a Benaea, I8 Masen arRet. For terte, ap i.yto. - A L ADDLSON & C, .8t 22 Bank Plauce U Y taI laes nta tay, a uperiier arice n ohet!i Levee. .oppoasil Shnata street, for sale by 1]8 'SALL & IBROWN, 96 Magazine at H,-800 baurrel'abperfie; and. 11 du fin " aei. lanlby, _ .ti UD1RS.Y. l d 4N4 New Lovet " _ -1W sirerecd ved, insore, Ir sta f 'l . DOERSY. 44 frew ,If.-+a a T f iTA BOAT' BILLS. Y e l, e k41 .a!. sFl iu o -Cilerd faper,.aitL , " 4 sa.eJtaaaa's Tera!& Iina Ltir "ipiw Oft.scits, or ende s` nyalpiea't4* arCstU t~Wtrill &t c' tolll ce l alll* I Iti . "1n . .a will fhi connection wilth this Otied is a ' -" "/'" SP-NoDID AND EiXTENSIVEASSORTMENT OF TYPE Na" - ,H T...E PRINTIN: O iF PasaphletN : I Blank Che k.s i OCalitlogees 31 of Lading not Labels, Dray Receipt, wo Legal Notices Auction Bill, ran Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circ t acrs e And every descripiol of Job WVork that nalny be required. c-L ------- / TiE TRUE AMERICAN. R IT'rED BY Jtasn lllSnaglN. PAITRFUL AND BOLD. NEWV OR LEANNS FRID)AY APRIL 19, 1839. Yesterday, wrehad an Express Mail, bringing Eastern slips of the 4th, oth, 18th1 nnd Ilth--il containing no news of consequence. MIstsst.SSrt.--The State ofo affa'rs in Mississippi is anything but flattering. The greatest distress seems toprevail. Thie newspapers toeen to overflowing with legal advertisemrents. We hear dnily of the saerilice of property, and credit io a thing which is sometimee talked of but hardly expected, mnuch less known. It will be relnemniered that prior, to thle einmmence. ment of tirhe great breaking p, as tile dark day has eten designnled, the planters and nmercants of mississippi Iecame largely indnbted to new Orleans. Since tllat periodl, whern oir mercanltile conlltunity becnme' satis fled that they had been unflirly dealt with by soeie of the Missiasippians, who drew lupon mole thaln one house for advanlce on tile onmle produtelions of the lea soil, which wtere to be delivered, aboult ten thousand stits have Ieenl intilutedo, and judgments obhnined, When collections were atielmpted to Ie matde, Ib the propre ocer. the executionis wa.n stayed by what are f termed " fortlr.onting blnds," givinlg addlitionl secu rity tor the Ia.yment against a fnrture date. The tittle prln pyment has come around, and we underrtand that o dIiclraticn of resistance has been mae, thlreatening thle oimier who may attempt to enforce the obligations. llerides olr merchants are to esfier another delay, as it h sati, that the bIond. given were informal, and have to p he taken anew.n rntmee-thnate may Ihe plgrd on tilhe situation of thints in Mlisissipli from fro fact tiae t lon ao single Sofliriig dny, upwards of 5001) notles were tendered the h Union Bank Iur ,'unt, monluting ihi the aggregate f to anllt $15.00ll,000l ! Great distress must prevail, and the wormst may lot yet have come. It is a bilter thlilg to waie rip from the dreanl of exllntstlaes weallll to 0 the reaiily Iol'elhrrusmiienl and n future poverty and elabor. Sluch we fear Ilal been the fate of many, land 'we trust Iiat their baicks Iaiy he strengthiened to the Thi Brnnisln, Mtise. S.ntinel of te 7tlh lilt. says: I "T'lhe Urnioi lank intends to emrirrmence discounting on the first Tihursday in April, ilall ihe will issue ailiBnast three milili or post inotes; tand if the exigency seems to require it, tih linen of her discounts will ile extendedl to twoor three millons morts. CELESTE.t-NaIiwilhstanding tihe dull tine, in Mobhile, " Celeste isanrattitng groat crowds. On lMonday lust, it wa a pert fect jultt, ntid hIndreds were unalbl to procure I places. She fitishes ol Saturday next, ndl opens at SIhPe St. Charles here, lir ltlur ights oily, wllhen she in must proceed imnrdiately after, io fulfill her Iunerotns s eigaier enrlts in the \teit sllal North. lriring her brief visit will ie llprodliol )iogls J.lerrohl'l t celesrateld ILr39 )ranill of "The ]llller," in wlhich she eted si'JBlli' aII ,reait srISntion til.irno, iiao.m , Philadelphia and n New Yol'rk -al, lthe petite Ilrnmal of "I.lllne," iperlrliled by il]r "0 niglllts ill London, Rlnecessively. Her new Itrltce, Ihir CR o.vtrt:x:, is en illirnsI e li , vorite wilh the ii , hiliais, and is nightly enchoed. Sitr lays Later friom .irerpool. lt By tihe packet ship itonongiahelal, apti. .1. vW. Iierchken, orrivel a this port yesterdnly evenii, raliied htnrill Liverptol ti tlhe evrllir l of tile Bill f itl cilr.. ,V tIlttiio paper 1t tils 7ilt, sl .iverponl ipers ilto tIe 8ith of Mirli, rave tieen iliteln firirn ihi to tIria P iil st ndeltlliu E xclihange by Capt. lliercten. itt LIVERPOOL, Mlarlc 7, 1839. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. Tig sales, since Friday, amlount to 60,000 bags, of w lii wi' quantity more than one Ihlf was talken on spee a llation, and id issauposo d chtiefly oeq arount of Anl J ricasn ierclannt. Prrces Ilhve ladvanced id per pound. J The day's soles are estimated at 10,000 Ibags. r NEIW YORK IE.LCTIo.N.s-The New Pork Courier ty oflle 10th sar s : 'h'le following tabme exiiblit the Uln rier of votes pollid yesterday ini the diil'erent Woirds if tlin city', io Swllwe have added, for the purpose if comiparrsli, Ii rtiCrllt.llt oftllre votes piolled oil ile first dnv at tire tprheitg lecltiti ofI last yerii and ilt Ihe election Inlst Yentersiry. Last (ipring. Last Flil. 31 " 875 1011 772 4th " 9 :3 119 149 P 5111 100 1447 1231 r ilh 912 1003 747 ' 7111 13119 17,18 11152 ith 172:1 193ti 1742 9th 1453 2417 1491 10 1281 1358 1391 li, l 938 850 940 n 1 :311 3000 i 3100 re 13 " 2!i 15 8911 14 " 1(98 1317 742 o 15 t17 :159 I(tIl 16 758 881 7111 1tI "i 1151 13C6 931 16973 19134 1fi4319 I Ieurese oill te vote of last spring. 2.5$ In:rPrek oi tilhe vote otrrufis il, 510 ur Of course no positive conlclusion can Ie drawn fromn 4 tile preseit r.liras, yet we hlli k rhey llororln e imst ll fiviorably to thie cuurre f the WVlicas lill thie Ciltntilu li tionr. In Brooklyn, 12 Whig Alrlermen and 6 ocoe focos were elected to the 9th. The general ticket for Super visors, was sustaitnd by a majority of 30 votes. The New York Times says-"Th'lt the money mar. kert should he cramped, does not appear to ns strange when we know that the banks of thin city have, within the period of a month, contracted their loans four mil lions ofdollars.' COLLECTOR OF THE., PORT OF New ORLrn:ANS- James \V. Bretdllove, Eaq., has resigned his nlite of Collector of this Ptrt. What is hi, reasonrr Hal ieh mtade o enough, or is he afraid ol being enmpelhl d to give way for saore newer fatvrite .t Who is to succeed him? We hope some worthy individual-but it is hardly to be expected. It's a somewhat novel circumrtance for a Locofono to resign a fir aofice. " Can suchl things he, And overcome us like a summtner cloud, Without our special wonder?" STihe Courier congratulates the Democratic party that Mr. Brecilove, althngh ihe has resigned his office, will continue a Loco'oeeo. Wonderful! There is something ominous in that, however. We leave the solution of the mystery to time, tlhat best solver of riddles, or any body who will undertake the task. COLLr.LTn' Le.CTRnrE.-The- audience on Wednes dayevenitg . -r, e-rttitt., have been highly pleased. The lecturer il ." i e " .-.lject in a masterly manner: combitning the dty details ofeanatomy with such a fund of example and anecdote, as to render the whole dis course interestingand agreeable. The heads of two gertlerten, well known to many of the auditors, were examined by Dr. Collyer, who was surprisingly aceu rate. The.aecond lecture of the course takes place this evening. The subject is the refulation ofthet oh. jections and arguments against Plrenoloiy. Let both friends and foes attend. J. R. ScoTr takes Ili this evening with a fine. pit at ad a strong cast. 'Tihe evening' enatertain. mants to eonelude with the Mele Drama of Ten Crir gle. Srvu:taus Not:Es.-The Nashville Danner says: Wh lhav scea l ten dollar note, purponrting to be on the iututhaWestero Real Estate Bank of Kentucky, at Fe licianon, Ky. F. L..Moore, Cashier, some capital letters, (meaning nobely) President, and countersigned by J. A. McMorries. - Tim notes are poorer ihan Pigeon Rastmonry. It is reported that twroellows who went cver into Illitpia to peas them onf for .tsta lote their Tbe word "loutfr,' was employed as long ago as 1791, in n'work on banking by John Taylor of Philadbs. piia. It waon aegri to signify Lhat wes*ow terr block Dtsy.laproa .-t apr. Apweti oe tf ire ship Harriet cklrajl,tr Ports.aptnth. NLIf whir , artt.mnpting to ep cnt d lhe No"rth Chaeopl p setona bunti ino'prred, cipesriren adb d ewUatrLr, and puisg S la a i n of pilot, teans opi., .oget.ier , with`I~n 4loluilt p1m tnod fltor in awaampediandtd d ing •1 -'ftcer whose-eeent death hba d'eprived the U; S. i pa Nfv.bbne of its brighlilest ornamtenl, 'has left to hie on aulnily .iO, ilonaed at the office of the Penneylvania 500, Life InnuraneeCounpany. The decenaed -was distin.. bre giiuhedl throiughlife for his piety and Christian relg.- trul notion. In our opinion, no act of his life-was more the worthy of eommendation, halnn this rnasonable inou- no ranee. We wou!d say to every officer of the Army and at Navy, who has a family dependent on his safety," go enl thiou and do likewise." ket the A SKETCH. in " Ah esy, can love be bought ith gold ?" fon She sate alone-the blue-eyed girl-- o Gaily deck'd, in her aunmer bower; ton Her snowy brow a single curl wl Ilalf bhadow'd with its golden shower; A gleam of sunshine rested on IHer face of loveliuness, though woi . Iler hopes were crush'd-her loves were dead. And passion's self had eued to thrill- Joy from her bosom far had Oed- No lime oher sorrows now could heal; ei And melancholy spread a hue, No sunshine from the soul burst through. She lov'd but ote-how deep her bliss, an When hope returo'd the soft-brouth'd fuelieg. In teicler tones as pure fron hie, As in her bosom'twas revealung: :o But disappointment threw n blight tio h On expentation then so bright. w of , She thought he turo'd a look to her, As at the Ithresbold of hit bosom, Love ne'er had knock'd for entrnrine there 'Neath willler' breath, soon fades the bloksom: ie Ice'd her with li pure a nfre i As herli's upon love's funeral yre. ( Sr She gave her hand-a man of year Of weal, the altar, stood beside: ot And sile illoveliness ild tearsnc Became the vitinl uofher pride: HIer hand-'twas all sbe had..ehe gave, d To e tenceforward memory's o lave. d, - en le To drown the Ihoughts tihat now arise of S To sadden life's once amnoothest way, in To Fashion's court she often hies, to To bank her in its Ianny niy ; e But oftener site tile weary hour, at Joylessly in her summlner bower. M. in Ig-- - vl It. The Mayor of Savannah itas offered Ia reward of two II it hundred dollars, for the detection and conviction of the tO person or persons concerned in the murder of Frederick Glysner, of that city. lt of is Jon0. Smi rii.--Tbn lset te reard of tbis individual f e he had cut his tlnonit. We now learn that le is Presi dent of the Bank of Misouuri, and has gone to the Enst, iprobably to Europe, to negotiate a sale of tile Slte's it 0g Bank Bonds. d ('ot.. JoHNson may hang ulp his fiddle. T'he ide of I ,oconIcoieol i Inost certainly setting in fanvor of Mtr. Forstth. Ilas not tile Lollisianianl declare:l for hinill Washington Fiimntain hai been tried in New York, a on for attempting to kill offiter Tompkins, hllile the latter t was ilking him with it warrant. Fonlltain slruck TolnT. a Skins in the face otith a broonlde, cleaving asunder the led boni of both jaws, wilth a dangerous woundo, a ilpene. trnting near to thie cnrtidl artery. A pict nf insanity i was raised, but the jury found lth prisoner guilty. il-- -- II Tile I)etrit Mironing Post if the 22d lilt. states thrt Ire an inljutetiotn hs been grained by rite lhoncellor at aainlt the I)Detroit City Blnk for sundry violations of ile th geenerl honking law.c cief iHIRnRI. EFFECTS OF (nUACKtE RY.--TIIC N. York t l Sln of 11th 1 th1 inst. says: 1 i "Ofn Siotrdnv iight. ibol ntin o'clock, Mrs..hlitine a ,t(:(Iizn eo, is fi i of Joeielp t'izznii , rl' No. 3_1 ,ll, dlsni +trii,ihtllo hitlerno eijoied exeellil hlily iietlhlh, was t taken in l ll lor.lkml silt fltr in llncr i e ptilnis llulr, of the cnrller of Graind streelt anlld Bronllway, to attenlld lher. I f The IDoctolr camie, and lnbn I0 o'cIek t heailthy fegnle a intliln wits o Irn. The isnii of elr delivery was not hbw eeer ilTecled, and thl I)oetonr went Iis o 0ay. In llout Ihlne iours, na the I.llv haid n wl me extremelny ill in colnequullnce of Ilte ltietor's neglect to c.mlle'e hli W. Ilrines, lie wes -I oi fite again, andl on irrivi.g, with tled tmuch diicultly efielld thle rPiolred removal. Still lie tlhollght ihe hal not done enough and declared that e nitlllellltg yet retlainlel for remoral. He thelefole op lil- ilild himsielf wilh grent assiduity and force and nfter another hour of horrin le butchery, m which the lad3 cried oult il her agony, "yol are tenringI my Ieert ollt, and was evidenlly dyilg tinder the diabolical treatloent of thle phyitiion-lhe finished bin infernaol tausk by tearing of out the lady's uterus, and she died under his hands, u ec. martyr to Ilis empirical practice. nd. The Cincinnati Post of the 9th Say :--"The river is 12 fost above low water, anid falling. Thei weather is as r it has beet these ten days-warm-hazy-threaleninig rain, hout giving none. s The teamer Othllo, going over Ithe Falls of the Ohio , at l toisville, was perfectly cut in two, and is a total loss. Insurel to $33,000. n1. The Milledgeville Stndanrd of the Union, of the 26th out. states, that the Mail Stage going \Vest, was lost on the evening of the 23d inst. in attempting to cross Flint River. The flat sunk, carrying down with it, tile mail, stainge and horses. The driver and passengers mnide their escaplle. I.AUNCot.-A ship of 750 tonls, old, or 800 tonm, new measurement, of benlntifil mlodel ntdll perior work manship, was Intourhed from the ship yard of Mr. John Owens, Portland, New Brunswick. She was built for a gentleman in England, who directed her in be called thie fl'ashingtou. The New Terk Star colmiends the lilwrality of the Maryland Legislature in pnesing the Act for a subscrip tion of $25,000 to the ltok of the Ice bout, and adds "This is sountl policy. The State, ill seconding the contmercial capital, is promoting the interests of the State at large." iARV.tRD UNIVERSITY.-We lealrn that President Quiney has sent his resignation to the hoard of over seers, to take effect aftn'r the next colnamenclnllt. Gov. Frerett is spoken of as his successor. No hatter choice could be made. BANK op W.scoosN..--A correspondent of the Green Bay Democrat gives o very unatvorable account of the notes of tills itstitutien. lie says they are daily growing worse and worse, and will soon be fit for noth 'The New York Courier says,that since the departure of Mr. Price, the i oco-Focus do not bet so freely upon elections as they were wont. Ile was a useful member of the party. AcclneNT.-T'lih, Bloston Courier of the 9th says, that a sail boat containing three men, was capsized off Long wharf, the day before, and two of the tmen named John andil Daniel Carroll. drowned. The body of the latter was recovered. BInrnst CORN LAws.--ln the course of a debate which recently took plane in the IBritish itoud of Com Inons, on the subject, Mr. Phillips made somae itierest Y ing statements, showing the extent to which British maiutilotures were rivalled by those of other nations tpaciog this evil to tile ijurioous operation of the corn monopoly. lie said In 1791 that branch of the aotton manufacture with which his constituents were connecled-he Illeant the aaottoi-spinning trade--ws a manufacture almost tn known o the continenr.t, and vaet they a ad lived to see, not only on the continent, Ibut in the United States of Ameriec, a itoat active cotupetitiot spring up in thi. article of trade; and tie quantity manufactured ill the S'.h;,ed Sidtes was equal to tie whole of tie nianulhcu ture am thle kincadom a very late period. lie would call to hi,.e it-vll.etion of honorable members this cir lcumstance,,thlit there was at present a town in exist ence, within 25 miles of Bo.ton, one of the Imot ilfmport ant American IautllOfetrig districts, where fie power employed inl the maiullf.ctre of catlon was equal to 5 lits horses, and was now in acltie operation ; and not smerely fr the purpiae of sepplyiir the Anricao, rr ar ket., Iot far the compating wtilt and beatflg the British in foreign markets. This wasaplace where, 14 or 15 nears ago, nots soul was to be fouind; it was a new mtlufacturiag dis. rtiett, shieh had sprug up.a it aere in tile desert, and supplied fiat of all the Americas markets with articles which used folrmerly to le ilmprted from Elglandl, snd. secondly, was rsistig to displacthe e Briltsh manu facurerrse ethrer 'aerkets. (hlear, hear.) The han. methelr frotiI Woslverhampton had emyeertly stated that tile American manufeatures were not Oly In the habit ofseupplyil their lfuns msekes, ut carne elso into ncoteititioa with the British in Me.ioi, ill the ports on I I!e eastern cosat eoeth Aameriea,and in the tlcrkeats roaurl (:ape otir, and on the western coast; and when he mentioned thaet the new created Aiarinae toswn whtih lehadh alreaedy spoken of earmecnted annually 401"00 bags of coton, he thoourht tli House would feel convinced ,y that intance of the form ilble nature of tshe rialehip od the U r tate. lhe A tnerieas were in fent beeting the riIIn the renmotest tearket which te latter pwt ad-tle mateht of Chia anad it misen eknowleiged fcat thatssitln ihe Ae.risans rise so to Cento lii, idof. sit tiuts seassefusr. Asd pgems l s (:Insal st, e, eir pile ot ti o. preteeiio *isii the tilitiel at e eewnei or e l0prr court. lie huts ratni -edw i.ha i hre hi AmLsri.. cans evn..a.('rls. hea.) hieawald dtlet sthe patena with thq ret seysdi et Uhe tad. t._, Mslti uft!hlaq ribbriIi ld•lH a( . .. .+ +. ../ • . t9ent impfcvlemebfjh tie mattott aitrstt tooratlje ws. As.erleah irivetimna. The potent richtna-oere tle|tly held bjy Am'ioori;.nnd et'ie diepedetf lb tis mnu-' facteopesn the .otinenne. Large Cottone metanofde-' ing eQtaWlslhmenti in Zurich, the Tyrolt.adi different parts of Bitzerland, were deserihd to himt by gentle men on whose statement he eould tl ly, to bed ti opprn lion, and il1834. orders had been given to the droont of 500,tiNtl. sterling for machinery, for the purpose tofbicng brought into operation on the continerhL Lr 'fltolorrtarte gentlemo n from Wolverhompton tod Sir truly statedl theta. id icreose which hadt taken placein M thre Swias mannfacture, which he(Mr. Philipo) helieved Cot now consumrd between 50,00t and 6i,000 bags annually; and thlongh the manufactures there were hundreds of miles distant from le sean ports, yet they suecessoflly O competed wit tire Ilritlst, even in the American sar keto. Switzerland. too, underetood her interest no well that thougi sie had Ieen, as r cotton spinniog nation, making rapittadvances year by year, she still left sIome 1 of the finest twist to ie imported, douitleos because she St found she .crur, d gain tho greatest profit by spinning the d coarsest kind harself. He therrfore came to the same conclusion na the hnnorable member for Wolverhamp ton, hatocompetition was beating the English every where. 'The rnotion was resisted on tihe smie grounds as in tile other hieose-that evidenir e was not wanted for judicious legislation-and deferted by a vote of 361 to 172. VWEALTH o BtTrFaIT.--1Mr. MTcQueen, in Ilis ab stracts of tie general tlntistics of tile British emlpire, esinmates the property in land and farming stock in the UInited kingdom at £"2,971i,75(,570, yielding an atnual return of £474,029,688. The property inl manufactures is rated by thie same writer at L£O01,000,000 yielding an annual return of .C:6f,085,1110. TrXAS R.CRUclT.--ColInel IHarrison is raising four 3 companies of volunteere, in Kentucky, under instrucre f tions from the T'exas War Departmenlt. They are wanted to serve on the frontier, to prevent the incursions of the Indians. 'The toerml of service is eight montls. Ohil the2d inst. all the prisoners confined in the Mon tre il for ptl jailtr llliiicoi oflences were liberated with the rxception rof eight individunls; and of these, but one (Ilen.janiln Mlott) tas been ordered to prepare fir trial. 'WhIere tea we IIoe e live tinder a free governolet, or under a despotiacm? I)trilg tba revoluthio ire France, Speople walked through the streets of Paris withouat daring to speak to each other. They knew not who were friends or f.e--who were spies and informere, or who were marked out for proneription. So it is in this city at tlan time, with tIhoe ilolditngl afit; witit tlie ex cellitcc of a few sons erolti., whoi thirst for the blomd of tile rest. The highll-linded, honorable gentlemen, fui holding tffllce here, are now afraid to he suen speangi'lg to any one who entertain s liberal opinils, or wiho does not pronlaim thIe doctrilne that tthe King cetn do no wrong." Ilardly a day passes, that we do not eenst those with whowe lhave ibeen acquainted; nay, inti mate with for years, who if they lnuster courage to venture to spenk, frst take a general sorvey to see if Sthere is aly aone "'lnating scoua" oheerving themat, but f, more frequently, pass witolur during to venture a look of 2reoogni ion. Tof oig n un fancy sketch. We pledzn onrselvc e for tie truth of the statement, not only wiith ours.lf, but nith many others who ire known to he LCoaeereaieea! Sacil is e tyle trany lf lIc. Van Bnren', ndmlnistretion! ii 'rhi. however, is bu tIch ieginnig. Unless ithe ieoplt rise in thie rajestc of their strengthi and stay tilc des troying hland of hini who sees to overthrow teir liber :es,'.nd elect a despotisml, before they are aware of it, 's they will become Ithe I ere tssals of a despot.-Mna disorinon. of A(alipachies.-T'l'he inecconttnhbl horror which soma i.e 'crrlcO lne of tiings allt a silnelrclookedl lpon hy rite majoriry of rernckinrl 'ith inciffi'r.n.e, .r r vecc nf.eetion, is one of the strucagent vagories of the hini+nn mintl, and Inc long pnezzled the metlphysieinnlt. Fmrom all instllnce of it, whc:leh illosi eoe ildeIr our notice, we Iare icinclined to heliavie ttr it may in onice inlstineees he er L.tOoenaned for by thle Inlubllllllte. illnlllenr.e tlhe mind o tihe moter Ihe over the Pemryc chlild .nd the effect lof Ir amlien friclts rac hIer cpc ihe ph){,iccnl ccrilcro st,, atrdI re perlaps tile mental ipeclinrites of Ihr oipring, A e. Idy in this ciry Ihas cc ilc t dIcnachter ebolert tl moniths old, who anllol Ilc icllllc.ed to swallow a drop of water j if she sees it in: its plieccstoe, rInrgh she can drink it if presentled in the idark, r it it be colored with milk. Thie very msiht of it seemin to hrow her intoF a state f t the gr irsrt nicrncr. The saeo child, though no ae .cident has ever occr.rred to her frioml tire, never sees it r withoIt reciling c iistep, . then shows l tie greatest SeSllcillctirtrltccllrcirrn e tile ' afire ace l'he 11clcv enureI that cll ho nssiallecl filr tlearP saill arcll c l'c llc hie is, thnt cefore her bicth tile ccoter lived in it holus thar t was deln ed hvl thie blod oif Jones' Falls, when ihe was rk terribly frighteC dl, nc! ithe' ma t1 r calso sr lstlllP d r i - vrl'e chr k tIt f t1111c ill fi liil clonllnlcd ll ellllle in wh aihich iR e livedI. 'I'b. c iihil wrc i'or cc few mithac i.r ter tlihose le rrenlP .s, rtlltlheP pP linlritier nh, r nmeI as tinned, have nlrked iher ever .acee .ba has becomecon o cioous ofthings---N. '. :uno. L The A l H.and ast eniling -hi IIANVEII,A lIr Car.o r agl, ed,w e will meet t imeinnleale dtspatcl. For freight of 1.50 bales cotetl, or Imasage, appr y ly to I H GALE, FOR LIVERPOO-TTL. v... . A The A I nd fal osatoiling ahip DAI.MA TIA1, Capt 2\Vi8eon will rolan ive illledllalt will please atrend to lloe receiplt -.f l ir goo,a. ap 19 ST. CHIIARLES THEATRE. A CARl. ;ll. RS. IIA 'RISON rrnpeell'ullV illnlrlrns file pllblie Ithait her I';nt IE\I',FcTht ill Ntew Oroans will take place ni lEvenatag, .April "YI,. on which oenlsion will le performellld its. Cowlc's rle;;ant tosneidlov iof TIIE BEI.I.'FS S'I'tA t'AGEM, with a east of letartl, rter noVer arltrlata d ill tllis cltv. 'T'he eettir rlay will ,e soasltain ,, t irOll' at in all its parts, by the eltorls of iMr and Mdrsa ; H Ilarrett, Mr. .Ioaler S frotwll and Ithe principal members of'the St. Charles Coalpany. To crtcln e with the Opera of Clari, Mrs Harrioln. Iplt 19 . It_ W INE--Sicil Madeira Wine. brands ofl Ilochat Tizz k nd a Colli, in pipes, half pipes, t urter caska and octaves, enltitld to dlbej t re, faursale y ap17 I IB~IIDGE & Co, 134 Magnzinoe at NEW I'UIILICA'I'IONS. T HIBF E Rilnanca .oftl Hearem,th y 1its Pardeoe, author r o" the Ci'v of the Sultan," &c in ' volS The American il Paris, by Johln Sanderso, in 2 tols. itldecisita, a tat, oftthe For West, aal otlaer PI'res, by J K litcell, il 1 vol ;j jast received and fr sale. by W31 MPcKEAN. ap D car Iamp and Colallrsat raowing of the Gcratnd Stale Lottery, Class 3l, extra. 39 24 35 19 63 31 51 22 13 30 15 TIlts DAY. Capital Prize, $12,000! Tickets only t3 00 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. CLASS No. 32, Exlra. Allhtrizad by the l.e iCleater. of tia Slate, 'l'To I D)rawn Tli a ly, April t,9 1839. at half pasl ti o'clock, at Bllhltlps Iloter Cot oat at. S IDAVIS & Co. Manlagers 75 Nnbdera--1'2 Drawsn Ballots. Spleadid SAtemae. 27,814 Plirae, rtnatina to $145,798 ' ickets r$3 It--Halves $1 50--otlarters 75 eta Packaaes of 235 tikets fir $75 00, warranted to draw atn lont $33. Shares ia pro ptorlion.i For Packages ora siolet Tickets. lappl nt a19 At Mtanagrs office It; Chartres st A hainlsome brick dwelliNa, with fniarnitre, f (ifh requirm ) situated in a most resptoat l, part ri of ote 24d Municipality. L' will he given on tau t of May. Adldre t, otas officr e box No 477._ apl 19 IME-- 101 rasks 'khomaston Litme, landing frome T ita Peruvian, for fbale b p ill S & J P WHITNEY, 73 Camp at 4pACKINI t BOXES--A latrge t ia -etd arder for Ssale hy ALEX T.rWAR, p 1B 49 Catmnp st THE Proprietora of Drata No 141 and 172 are re Sqruested to return their receipts fr gaodt received hb them from tile ship Tarolinta withoatdblay Iv theo l undersiganed. PETER LAIDIAW, ap 19 66 Camp at NIE owners of llrava No IlIt aod 172 are requested to return tile receipts of gmads taken froat ship Tarolint, iammedietely, or they will he preeated ac cordiac to law; PETER LAIDI.AW, ap 19 i6t CampR t L EVERE'I"l"S latini Lexicon ; Graera :rlinor-a V NoRld's Adams Latintn Gramnlmtnr Jacob' la.nti Reader, Taooke' Panteaon Nagent's French l)ictionarr ; Parlay'. Book of the Unlsited States Parley's Ist, 2d adId Bnnks oaf lismtry New York Readers, numbcers 1, nlld 3 Key to tle 2.t nd :h part.of Eanert'a, oerithmotic A new supply of tiTe saore Schol Brinks. ist received atd f(r e'ale by ALEX TOWAR, snlm 19 -r I N 49 CaialR s Et IlHl--n-. n -lea : Ihtk; tthe Odeon) the Ihvriat lnsd Sacred Melodies, jrsrt reetived and tl saeI by ap 19 AI.EX TOWVAR, 49 (Camp at f'icts, 9AI.E--Twenty likely, accliatlted negrees Smeta naod womena, n Fgood "terms for cah or good paper thateon be nraegotiatld. Apply at 199 Si. Joseph satreet. m27 It TERREL I V'NI)RE-Vingt negrees, hotnmrs ate femmoe, A Io n naarch( pour de I'argent oa' de itpierqua tn peUt mettre A 'excompte. 8'ahtreaser A la rue St Joseph. No. 197. •t? RTERRELI, TO WIERCllI.VJVTS. lank Checks, Bills of Lading, Actlion Bills, Pamphlets, Show bills, Cata logues,. te . te. iDORDERSfor tie Aboe, anal every other des erip.ioofl['PRlN'INGOg receieed at Compling Rootn $0TI1U.2 AMERICAN," io ST. CHARLa S Eo CtItnn, 3d doo from Gravior street,or at Le Printing Office, caorer of Poydrar and St. Charles estree. Ezlxteuie sod beaaatil. Booa aad 'Jo a Fousfs maths boat Festoice iast lhtolfed States, aiovelu beea added to the arooady aeeMtaebepd& ELabtlllssha ...-.aY ,.. si .. .. . R . :i . . .is be . .tjh .. B..w -. :" - s . I .:.i '5, . . . . 8' CHAIRLr S TIFHAT RE: BENEFIT OF NIR. J R 8lOi /'TT - This Evening, Apri 19, let Will hbe presented ithe comedy of at EVElY ONE- lA HIS FAULT. N" Lcrdi.Ntrland, " Mr Bures/ - Sir IRobhenr Rnbrle, . Barrelt Mr Placid, J S Browne w Capt Irwin, . R Scott Lady Elesnor Irwin, Mrs G(reene Miss Woodbcra , b U Barrett Overture, by Orchestra After which the Nautical Drama, called 't TOM CIINGLE'S LOG.00. d Tom Cringle, J R Scott Stanton, Mrl Huntley Gypaer Jack, J M Brows Efizsbshh Stanton, Mrs Greene r Fanny Foxglove, Plumer . l RCuI and AlCOllOtI--Colgate's Starch, 30 r Iboxes; Bach's Alcohol.3b boxes, Ifor sle by JARVIS & ANDRIWS, apl 16 corner Colanoll and Tenspitoulust si ObrATS-"20 bhusels laadis g from steamer Ilomer V t for sale by ABRA HAM 'ITRIER, a, 9- 34 Gravierst E ERR SKINS--2 bales landing from steam boat l iometr, fro sale by A TRIER, SLEAS--I10 bags English green poss, hndig from b barque Clhantcleer, for sahl by a12 SHALL & RI(OWN, 96 Magazine st Je L. BROWN'SPateul Plnefom Blnees.--Gir. S ers can eld at 33 Bienville street, Patent Plot ftrn IRlancees,superior to any ever olfered in Ilis city. fint W RCARNES. NEW PUIILICATIONS. T ISDOM lld Genius of Shakpea1re, by Reverend Sllhomos Plride Conversation .s Nature ald Art, with cuts Ssterling and I'erruddock, or the High Minded, by h the atliotr of" lTreaoie," etcle The Spirit ofle East, by D Utreqoharl, Esq. d Flvirs, tire Naiob'i WiliI ty Mrs Monkland Sir Walter Srott'e Works;, wit a Iliugraphy, by I t, J Glackhart, coamplrte inlrI vol. Jark Sheppnrd, tat numaber, a roraanc, by W liar, crieat Aillassrth, wit aumerroas ,lluatrstion - Nieholal Niekleby, number II a JOHNS & Co, S ap 17 cor St Charels and Clommon ast nARASOLS anrl lfIBItELLAS--41 cases Pso. r "il" rad Umbrellas, new adrl fslioaablea strlylee, f, eornal by I IRII)Dl & Co. g op 18' 134 lagazine at " EGRO SIIRTINGS-60 bales7- anll 441 Lowell o Cottonr, for sale by I BRIDGEI & Co, sip ] _8 131 Moneaaine ot a CU-/1lIjIjt IT --6i craea are-eraalrl c, i r thing, comltrisien an extensie e ssortlent, suitable fit r the country and city trade, for sale by k ap 18 I BRIDGE & Co, 134 Magazine st S WORK.i ti LN IILK. (OUNTF DANDOI.O, on tim ant of raising silk Kensarick'e Ametericar Silk Grower's (fuid, Cobb's Msnual of tie Malberrv 'l'r e? mid on silk Is Edward P Robet's Manual ; lliretion for sowing transplanting and risinig mulberry trees, etc S 11 Morria' silk rasere. 1nural Comstock'c Practical Ireatise on tlre culture of aSilk Suamaarv of tre prol ipal Chinese 'realiss ulto th ltue itr uof'l e Mulberrey, acnd tihe raising of a s rilk worrmr KI JO)IINS & Co. ry npl 18 corner St Charles tarid CoIIorenr tas CARMDS . D' PI'RINTEI) at the shoirest Nltice, in the most relegant manner, ina Illackocr Colored I(sc, e E amel led, White Flake, or Plain S rfalced CAnes, and of Prices ery reasonasble a TRUE AMIERICAN OF l FII.E, corner of Ploydra and St. Charles set. ti S&veral New and Ieautifil Founts of "'loPs hvee ter just beern ncled to the Establishment. Orders rrcived at Cotlpting tIlRot, t. ('bhrles , &Excerane, 3rd door fronl Gravier nt.,or at the Printing Olc. lis orser of Poydren & St. Charles streets. it noel-5-f I.A)NIDON STI'A'TlIONARY & lAN(i° AR'I'I(I.CES • lust received per tr aerhiugtir, from girrIt rrt I rr I rlr';lt--rglre. I)rra ierr f a ll r iecr libr Arrhitrcts F Superior blue laiul, blue and yellow aove Loer a"'npip n ilerr I:rr at lllll trxlr a l l Eiun'Forward 40 niud suer sl" i Tlllili Ieno gill etl.,,d n+)le &I rf- itnlcliD poilte+r, t elldllll god \i sll l +t,', l r, decdl, l"' od u silver borll'i, Menilhl Writers: W\Vdcewonand Acke.sman'si t'll,lrt.i na d SEnllilc (erleor li J sel I.loudon ykel lb,kpsrr nl lllels, r rnl rrr slrr. , EhceI rerand a sal head b lrt llr r srr irherllI Pre hrs ti ltiraira c mirocco mielopr mtre her Lrndren enticr ia/rl ill oxres and rrrllrt t aillgloterarrk i Oxftrd antd mirrallnrursirsta te lrt' r ruc,,rllks t l Ackerialll ', dtawit g tolR e ile, in ' i es of'(i alnd t / Steel Pean : Perry's ex ra felre, licle, UlldiuI], Inoad IA- and lonrteo bridge t l.ador loraile prens, ir ierxe's ofi5 ernc t iank: Ackereain'e lira idearaire, Steieh'f wrilirg /llid, Perrs's fluid, n isun's and aIerr', ,t t aiprtyitg ink, s lIermanel t bie larl red funar air Eledgant ilknll and eiscrilroiiee I iletanlln selllinllg trrr l tila e i r mellhtr artli '19 cr. lite tiee f ror tIl'l L llll llla rollllr , a ll " ailst luanlity. E JOr Ni ,' C. tasor 18 3W it,,r of St (.harle', iI'I (a ,,dI ,,,,i . ill -llS ner i e h s bt r ig ly ,,, l in le acurr fi tire frltratir, a dtcars.,sr : da * a )rirei , liveri dasIeaae,irdigeatcun, Irrs ofan rrirerirr. rrrrrrrrr a crlacliorr, l le 'iI- erup Il ,:ll ser' lll ly Syl l ili-l, elrtLt rill ie Pilr, goll 'a erl d rrhilil, nl vt I ohmiri ililes 'a r' i fictrita r rily oflri; rh lor d; i i. ir rr llralu rlv rrrrmrri IIIPIl.tI d r 1 a I )rring IIIIti full mIedirillc Ie el ill paired ed pr ell fatdll /arirsr Ii is Cxtremlllrt agrreable tm rake, rseallllrlill/ in rale : a rirlh cordial, rrr eiig pmely a veclablte ornrrsri- ili oU, may Ib Iaken with salctly ty tihe tr.e aPli cute plersolns A supply of tlhre above reveirted snadimr srle by SICKI.ES & (Ci, I)ruggiss, nn. april| 1ta 41I 'aeaiat JEWELRY, AT W\\IIOIH EAL E. W MTl. HELL, No Ii, Chartres st, has thin day re Scrived it til assortmenrlt of Wntches, Jewelry, Spoons, Spct'acles lland lass Ware, they will he oler e fll thlh Io.west mnrkll price. i_ `l U in frum sill. Saral, for sle byl l13 SilAL. & ItitaWN, .i antinest CRACKERS-50 bris bultier and oater crackers in store nd forsale hlv .13 G DORSEV'.41 N.ew GNNh' A 3iA-25 buldes gunny lanig, )it. clon and ' for sale by "G IDOltlSEY, a03 44 New l.ewe. PICKLES & CAT''SUPIS-70 btes assorted pic kils and 'Tomat reac,,ll,, ill str, andl for sle by a9 SIIALL. J, BR.OWVN, 9li 31ega.gine st (1EMI:'NT-lRr mandl Hvdrduliceement, for sale il in lits to suit iurcharers bI, 0a3 RFE \It & IIARSI'OW,? 7 iank Place OI('T'EIL-London I'aljer fnd brown roln, for Ssaleby3 IEAI & IARS't)W\ . ,.13 7 bonk J'lnc, ~ INEl--;tweet aluga wine in ,r casks, il store, IV for sanl.eby REA\D) & BARSTO\V, a13 7 Bunk Pnlce IT O'I'ICE-lDr..y No1). 1387, 113, 1411. (13, 630 ar. N reguested to bring their receipts it t the subscri her's offce without delay, of glads heIled from brig Empress, LEVI A GALE, 13 l w 93 Common et SANTA --a2 balea 4.4 br.wn ,, heeting; landing --- from ship Narogansi'tr, Iar sale by .l3 I 1BRIDGE & Co, 131 Magazine st (LO'I'HI NG-l3 tae sr asea.abli cl.t.;bsg, landing f.- Cola Naragaaselt, for sale by all I BIDIIGE & Co, 134 Magazine st ROGANS &e--'20 eases, eonsisting ai clf B aoracco, and kinp brogans, boy,.youths andt children'a brogans ; men's al.ppers, &y. lhding from ship Naragansenl, fsi sale by e13 1 BRlIDGE & Co, 131 Mlagrzinest A L1Ul1 & PU'L'TY--5 cak, 12 bharrrls put" ty in bladders, landing ftoaa Packet Saratoga, and fir sale by JARVIS & ANDIREWS, .13 car Common , Tlcbenapitaulaot ts G1 UM ARABIC, and liquorice and manna-4l ases tor fine Turkey gut. arabic, 5 do liqaorice pease, and lake manns, ant for sale by JAILVIS & ANDREWS, a13 corner Coammon & Tecoupiloulae sts B ILLIARL BALLS & C(HECKS.-Jusl received a splendid article of lHilliard Bllll and ('heeks. BUSHI & ALLEN, sprll Exclhange Hotel, car St Cl,,lres & (h'.aunch st S AI.T-5111 IIacks "Irks Island Sait, in sacks of 2 bushelaear I forstleby LEVI H GALE, a:pri l 93 Commlon a 1 ERSEY O-29 hales Negro cloth, suitable - tthe L. seas tanfor sale by LEVI II GALE, april I 93 Common st iAbI IF-t OIL-10 b xers Hlnl lm oil, receiving per 1l barque Clulnticehr,for aule by 0l3 SIIAl.I, & IlltO\VN, P Mlngazine st SPERIl CANIDLEA--0 botxea Judl .,al'tptnd ' f,.r sale by SHALL & BROWN, a13 96 Mat1nzine at C IGARS-201,0UI Principk, Cigars, in quarter boxes forsale by ISAAC BRI)iDGE &Co. apl 5 134 Maisaine st G. RANITE--The Subsetier is prepared to receive . orders ftr gianiot, whicl will tI premply fIrnisled for all purposes ofrehiteture ; fronts of st ores. base Ileits, and Frontieen, ordw .llitge, step.. winldow sills and lintsl-'laTomba &c. of ite best mtelsrials and nmat euperior styles ofwmkmanlhip, set up ctEnplele at short notice,aadsl the lawest rales. NEWTON RICHARDS, 147 Cnstmiomae at, between Dauphin & Burgundy sIs N. It. T'le lower story aftriek buildingscan he mnoved and Granite inserted with a secst asnlb, usnd little inconvenience to the occupant. all 3t Suw USSIA SHEE'TINGS-30 bales for sale by apl5 GEk. to, 13 `U IMgK CI.OTHINs-80tlcaaer, compriatmga a= f riely of kinds ad quulitler, adtssed to the seamon, forsale by " .BRIDa.K Y Cry upril 4 1 illgastis at " fVI.3- sa i -s HIT~iniFy, 7(ant we 0T--In the ofrie oftIthe. "Ditr ( Court fo"mihe . ' Fir't Judiinal Distaier, a. nose drawn and sub aribed by lHery H4 Forrtlet. tohe brder of FIoryth, I8 odwin & Cao;, and by them endorailed. dated Wei .Or . lean, Jan. 23, 1837, paynrldenn 13th dsayof May, 1818, at the Melmanics' and ''eadrar' Bank, paragraphed No varietnr New Orleans, Jan. 27.1837, David L. MSnCy, Notary Publib, tie note hears ble tile endorsemetnt of George Bluchaanan andl Jhn Hogan; jr. mar Tills note was enclo ed inn Iroteat and petition, anda cer was lonst frn thie lerk's table. apr 10 ice Ij\HE Prince and the Pedlar, or the eirego a Briatol; wIll J. by the author ofthe'Heires." Tile "Merchant's a Daughter," &e.. in 2 vole. . Polic aid Private Economy; illustrated by obierva- Ii tione made in New England in the year 1836, by Theo. rust dor,. Sedlgewick; partnd,I vol. sea, The Maniy Talesof the Three Wise men of Gotham: tier iby the author of the Dutchman's Fireside, &c &c. a A ew arpsuly of James' Novel itle "HI'enot," just rereived and ior sale by ALEX. T'OWAR, Iti apt 49 Camp at. SrtOGANS--12 ases imen and boy kip brogane .L landing from ship Charleston, for sale by n S10 I IRIDGtE & Co, 134 Magazine at t FOII TO RENT--n C irom n Strr eet, opposite Iliship' s Hotel. Apply to W1. McKEIAN, tapr 10 CornerCllp anid Commnon sies. s AFEI CANS--Just recerived, a few zln -n-' cao of'Tin Wafer Cnat --tloxes t-4 1.2 nald I Ill. For sale Iby DAVID FELT & Co. apr l New York Stationers' mIli,94 (Chrtraes sat. Pi ANILI.A RIOP5--40 coir, uassrted sizes, receiv ing from New Yark, per ship Wraw. For shle by MShIALL &. BROWN, G iipr Ii) 96r Nheateine si. S'IIAL. &.IRliWN, ateN apr 10 i96 Magazine at. C.. Wo BI YL * Attorney And Coansellor at Lam. Hl A R L"illed hmir.elfi in ut., and will priatice Io i the S9'rerne anid some of the )istrict Courts of the lierplblie nfl'rexa. Ofice ol (CongresA street, two doors below toe resi dlnete ofJ. A. Newlaud, E'q. avll tf [l.'he I'incyunie, anid 'rue Amerirnlr will pliaer publish tire ethove until forbid, and forward ire accoint Iy rto tne at Holurano fir IRy ient. C. W. I. C Jack Sheplpard, Io 1. Sedgcnwick's public and private eronomy, illts- Al tratedl by observations made in England, in the ni i y cear 123I'-Part 3--Conversation on Nature aend J Art, wish co'r, in I vol. T'h Iriia anod ith Perlar, or t 1rhire neige of Bristo, . CI hy theo ulthr of thie Heiress, the lerchanet' It Igllcger, &c. in 2 vols. Elvira ithe Naob's Wife by Mrs Monklcnd, on thoir of Vlliage Raeminiscences, it t2 Nol. ci r ived ani for sale by Wm MeKEAN, S 11 corller of Camp & Comrmon sis y sI'7 Jt, for sale by A T'pIIliEi, It by4 Gravier t A LEXANI|IL ''O)WAII, rmbkacller 4' Camp at. ak 1ltrviro cl rill he d ibr extenrive aid well .isoirlcd sinek of iier, blanik Itbooks, &e. of ti late firm of 'l'hring, Greent & Co, invites Ilia aitention of thlllme walillg to re pr, to a x nntia of his M stock. lie. hslaad will peep snouin oily on hlnd n full rfl Itasiortlnlt ofta fotllowg riehs -I SI'ritig paperl , i all sizes fr andl bok work. of Ful. of varionurc l qualities, ruled aild l i in. Iter I'In i IlCr d "do dI, oir find packet post,tite and wlhite. f Both pUSt do do i .uriy, lrlid lm, vi lt e roate vsl.t i \Vlir rIt rlll e 11,, Irt lltlnk w r rrk. olio p et lt &r whlit of variollsq qalities Of whieh It,, has now .,ll hand one trouble inedilm ' t 'ne Ilnpr Ia l II d Iwo super royil n izets. III i l ri' WVORI'iS-SItrlin. i 'nlul drk or the high i S minded, hv the mlleor of i Trfiinle, I) Vero,' ht- w ,F loanri;., Uc. in "t vola. 11 T ern Spirit f he ,t lr: , il nttl ill I jo rnal of onavels t horli.ogh ' INul elin, by I). Uriitrr, inll vols. Je The \ic'in i II e is lot f SI ksplatre, by the l.ev. s es A desrip of Steheti' s atent lcolmltive enll * lin, wie.llrngt . rIr IIIe i Loe do n11 rlditil r. S Trnsilrgiae ir lh1r Inlltitllli ll'.ivil engiir1eIrs, lr rr 1 . I Iilvtdon nndii.., ulsht received itr sle lti'c W , ItFr ace N, aI I r r (llr, r r ouf i nllllier & o mIIIIIII l 4ll th i hl rn e s Jar trlis II f, 4 Si i -i e , -h.tlt (ev.kln u0 sic i-1ri,- r i. e,,r fr i il h t ti eI a&,1-ell III )l l i. 11 1 ret, Sl`l`ati) Illllmitllg. f l .llill i. I(.I-teai.u it r Itd j nn . tii I s0iln-it nnaoes sr3n, hVIt.rliihio. red, t 1Nrr ew Billelil tlrlprlilN I o-t i ti hrirr li fral e a t Col ire gli & IJ tllWt l l't.C , ru I Jil t I l I I -- I t ase l ni le ito i:re funrl, inn'mp l'r-,ihire5 I' WrIIII irY, I " 7:1er ruin it " I+EF'iNI+D IV:i ,i (I.--ir.e.t byv iOSTON iiUn--lO Ilt lrJ l- IRrr ,i rrll. r, let hn, ke B and fi~r sale yl S & J 1' l '!VIIH'.\I": nil li 'a ir . Mel rv Te111 lhcre 'l'lrre wi iiei nt' irllha (v i i ' ei tr i, Ih. tilt itt I ley Sedlgwiek'c pIldh, IIcndI privale tI lon lni/. pllalr 3. I t ilt k rlhlll b t llliilo ir, I' I it, (t.hirnI ctr. trl '` iomhlill Ill d, by IlernhIuu , 3 vols,+. a l The. ls o i'r e t'hlh" 1" lih .v . ih' e S:\Id I' itilrllr ol ' a tlln :l l 1 . ;ti t i " I tllll\S ('n, "r ( I\ 1 11 1:5Il:-- III1 b Ilx. chlrie. iil brlind "v, fit rile l~l 11 H rll ll llle 'll at H- I1 4IIA1 & Irbil()\V;\,',g del lllt inc et Slir ai b) SIIAII & II)iWN, all !Ii iM gzine st \ all IiAIg &" Id )Ier p r, 'its aaze by _ t aI&1. 11-1I):1 bIle,, No I, 2 00,.o 2 lussit takum, in shiure ul.] Iorll e tII, y all Sl -I ,I..& IIOWN,"I; Manzinc pt Hill-.OIU k'gs prime af la in slrw an fo 14 t, le by J TI IAYIIt & ('a, all 74 Poi.drs st I r t: KE''S-- Ilu rln ill tre ltoeandio r sllo bryi Ar J T'I'aIi AYn R & C , l 74 l' ydh s l ST1illl ElI. S-.I ust rerrived an Iaro a-cc rtrIc t ,,f 1 '9lla rta ItoI Illiln Ollllrella, of various sizces, for sale whollele eund retail by O5e 11' 4 Co, all IExcltanre lotel, St ('batlhs st store and fir sale Iby J TrlIl I l &Co, all 74 I',',lroaat l ICl'--¶ cul s Car colina rice, Illodilg roml brig I A. Arabian, ad,, for silo by all J T'IIAYER. & C', 74t 1'nodns fs " SSIA HEE'lIN(4-3-JIcbale ilusa sheElcc Sill store for sale Iy J III AYEIl &l Ca, all 7tl4 IPoylots a "B-lirJKIiIILL.t-r]0 Lleo ihlc Iltou indig-blur. ,l_ 0 I . . . . . .. . . E: & Cl , * EW, K'NGIISII EDITII):\ I OF S'TANIlRl)D Tenn Johlll s works, willth illlO lr of his life n th Sile t in gs , b ye l rry r Cto rnl w a ll. Gibbolth's IiscelllrollS wlrks. ilt Idllelroirs o wis life andcl ritiue_, comin osede by himslcif--illus. trated fronl lii ettrs wCillh lcTeoiu toaulraotC. and narrutlie, by Joh, I.nord Sho0lieel. The Art of learile silk wurLns, translated from the work of Count I)aldolo. Gilbert's Geology olf EngladlTnd e wles, willt a nlp Goldslnith's Ilislory ol ne eed (uaOdrupeds, wit ueenlroes oCalid original ntnhes or co, wtith illus. tralik S cholorN inl a superior 1tyle, il 4 vols. For sale at VW McKEAN, aI rl1 corner C p & CcOlnt tts E I ' SAI.'lS-- 25 bur lioltailltore Epsom salts, 21I barrels glattber slls ficrsaleo Icy JAI.VI" & ANDIREWS, a.n cerner Commonr n & 'I'chlhoupitouletsir t TESSEEL WANTE'I'ID--'I'u elker 1000 barrels flour V to ellifax, Nooa Seotlu. Al.ply to sil ST'ETSON & AVFeIIY, r, Gravier st O-LD COePPER-t100 lbs ohl CoppceTr fie salde by l H DEVEREUX, april 4 .6 l''calpilolas st JA(' ADAiS witl Mlotiolrer, Iel Cllp Chmotenie lubhles of Candico by tIret notor of Stll uel Slick; Niehols Nickblrty, No II0 Wcoilen of England, their social dRieos aod domtenlic Ihalits, by Ellis Thre Htcguentct, by Jan ex teer asupplea '"saplel Kydt, by aewltlleool , Sen'tl Pcttice I', rks in I socl t8 ), Ils onllc e. o Iplete Amerrira eCdilion--Cnry'o elitiml--and other novellies. E JtllN. & Co oplil2 - er St Charles and Co mmolo U lcco at ]TANTlh)IVer tbe teanlbctiiT Irilliantcl,1ic gearre, Ior wllellt $31) per onetlch will Ih givern, and clonstantemplymloy nt. Apply to Captain tlart on boar', or to - ADAMS & ' I WIlTAI.., all 67 0ravi'r r AVANA SU(IAII-40 IroxeS while asnll 37 boluxes ul tcete4ler. i., l store, Fr O eby olli l7ow ;" J3 PWIIl'ra V o r rt b)"rla u" r.nriat e KOll.l. T HEl: proprietor has re-fitled his Reading Rloom,ein Sthe SI. ChIrles Exchuage, Ceceor uft Grur.ur atnd St. Charles atrelt ill (he ileatest.letnoeer. Besides all thle rintcipal leaer of tile Uiteld States, of evere city and state. the CeuldasT'lexas and Mexi co anti Iavanoa, tc roeom is regulars y andl extensive - Iv stepplie witb tile latest Ett'opea palpers, ILoyd's Lists, antd Pice's Price Currenlt. Aso with nearly all the Literary Periodiecals of te day, sand hs there publicatiotae of the Ladon, Edlinburg, Weolltleltet Metroelitae Ih.eview and Blalckwoods Magazice. The Nortlh American Review; tile Southern I.itervr.Keick Iokee rTheoAtneiclan Jeurcol af Seieetec anel Arts Calbinet Mioctllny Demlocrtlie Review, (ientlresneu' a galinOe, Ateelticait monthly, lentlv'os Misoellely, tile Mexico Chirurgical Rrvieo, ant a variety of olhera. All these werks am regularly aloscrioed 'or asd reeoi. red. The room is also supplied with a l vle) ofmape and alase, Nihs ReinSer, Leiy't I licfv Cur.e trJitrlli its ceOmmeleeanoiail Gslnteera, uuld a oarieoi of works srfrefeinst. Te .,moat uticei& iintellig.rul Iw aollectlorera are eee jihsicsl.mieeiheerliesiwelvals1Jasi oiase nseas f*e Ietlbbett so rodier thislteaisg Rse. the -s ii.usld p r•lei fuslI ctival. .i.OUP ,GAR-Variat sal in stoi ; , d for ..r b. ,, " HA4.L.+ BROWN,. "16 Mge.i'e' street, Aents to lafyete sugar refinery ':.. . . X , . ,.WA D •A SENT'E 'hebarself lat' eventla , :i e tha ,sliat I MAx Y J -NEi albtu 20 .delir of age, sdtl - mnrkablv white fr t l sldvp.bhU. lWlio epmokaa dolls that naccentiol' nagren. Is is anilaned' *ahei Wesd cv", tied awa by hav dme white b ta eisn .l E Mte erswm will be paid foaree appreheaokldwý to l to" a8 tl • •. •-, W t T&OEl N.• B hOIeAN 4 B&lloo'PS90 o ewas naneo shIy o xaenhsivt uallsortalman oai man's Bald blya kp idk russet ibrgael; aln' calf aind kip bats f it . .lI sn. ,t aee, and cbilrene'a pumpan shaoel , lcpper so truckle ties, for eale by '" ltIt)(tW,& Co," ua lIE MWagnzneo.u. S New Oteºano dl ApeS, Inns. " T A Meeting of teI boasd of Direa'm htid this L': Da, ihe follorwinf Reoluteina wor unanimously ldoptlet,vlz- Itenlcverl,that all notei naloer etetenl in tla'lBankm, may be renemwed until tle first day of Decemberi neat. oil the pnyment ofae enetbihwt 'I'weMiy per eret5 and tile enel dllsou nt, "T'e hOvd hi Diretorin la servingtla righl to requcire aldtabiua.l secoirity it ll calls, where they may dea l;m it ne.r om b no It A u.s`IcVI To RFUt r I---- TO RRMT,-L- 'A enn mfirmenbl .dwellitig house iff Cambon dlhilt atreet, Ietlwtp CCllan l ntll COmrmtoi sta. Also. tlhree tenelents, withi avery Irge luite it tiiccnr t. Apply nto IOYLE A.MAY, apt Ii No 3Cnr.iltet .h AX-t1 bolen Nortbhcrn, landing fcnm brl Mary iJ. Penel, pposinte Suctte rtreet,2d Mnilcapnlltya slnd four sle by SHALL & BROWNn aIl 1i6 9, • Magazoeoet AIDI N COi N-niccnieni'ln nn.thactR, aaI faramiot. Ihy SIIALI. & airOWN. - apHt1 let . Maganiat "a as .c aeenmbacairnrlaalitag ht Sie Il. Marn Penaal,oppoaehe p olet.oet lrant, foi sletby, npl 16 SHAI,I. & BROWN, 6t Malgazine eS A a. aler ton, ,ncde to ortder. Apply to W Hi Kel I ly '.ia erv .rd sale ltailo, No. I2 ranier it r No n CraaIltchI nt. apl as C alit'TY (iN CO)NTRACTS-A new and inprm ) ald ldition of Clttlan on Contractsa, lehilg tle 4th - American ediion, ft r hieh are row added copious S laotes t Ithe Amerilna deceiaine to te preht tlima. iBy J C 'Perkin, Esq. A aew eletply of Potier n oblignations ; also of I, Chlily's llnckstone. Just reeived nain for ale by 's apt li AI.EX 't)WAR, 48 Camp at. LL-SN r ,een l; r oil, fitcr ath oia; I~ntlni tn ci I 1 acau,.ner oil 2r hhla; snner'a oil, i)211 bh; eanter. oil t0 bhlls in store nd or sale an resosnable ter t an by . JAIL1IS & ANDREWS, Wholesale Druggiat. oal 16 coar ilmnton &Telnqpitlolaatsl ir AR--225 Inti landinAg ruorn achr Splendld fromr 1 Bostaon, for salae by . A TRIER capl I1 34 Oravrierat i. 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Onll. of tll anl is Juitl nn. saysn: In " No indivvillnlll ii A mrina or I'l:tnpe wiltl repeat int COallaeretrld ina.e witolllact participatig In tloL :v. llltilnnlan ofilldetimelil ande el hll vaeeralin, whict alo mnch itthndlsn+ Iil ea enaut.h ieanrlhly Iprity haL I- elead;li anrid aia l I thaIin. that lilao will be recrrmneae liv ifter ercnflcaiea a tilt allt itlacantro ana all im :. i mminnhs:." h'i 't v.hnlohe wnork call Ie htl ll iJi A l'aVWAitl,19 (:amp st FII t .IIN''"i,I bernL, nidll nil rlema wishiaag In a!lqiui, n kl,,lelllai, rt Ia illrove tbhenaaIlveO imm eIl C-nicllltll+ IIh Krrlhilp will filldl ,tc lhnl Kti.ieh; l'reelan'ta look Keeplag a! tialrd'.al l'rl'ir'a Acacuntaal ntI; F-cter'rdo Edwnrlhi' llonkkeepnr' ..111hs; Mnrlh'n do and Iliialr ll':t- Iltllk RIlolelr g lir sale at as fair prices Ir a they cnl aet ili.-In i cl h ;h aaly, na S AI.lIX. 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All) C nill isioer tlakes asfidavi t sier , der4 I y try, IliI); ltlM, nrh 1817 ; tihn Ju d ('liy All ofI1789 and· thrp N iither act, (if COng oelsllstich hli iln c lnt cend S a id CW I i s io+, i nr h a .+ c o n s id e ra l de e x p e r ie n c e , ld isec Slir s ftipllond i tin cand cerifinlat ,,hich hav s.tloot the e irieslt scrutiny o f the I abl sI Lawyers. ciiE Americn i Arn by J aohSea n di, riscina a l oinance of iiieiy hy Mi Pardoe nulhor ef" the City olIhe _ an." etc. ic i ndecisioe , tae orteu. ctiF tr \Vest, l i t ol hr Poems. E JOIHNS & C(o, an 17 2v corner of St Charles nd Comlnon at UIIic OONi --uit anoi, c tl Mexiaucir for salelTi by 77 o uplu7 I I I R avier ei c t iii Ian S c 9ti-k s ie n -g from s cphcr.Sei, ldid, from , fir sale by lp 17 A Tl'tEI' . 1 ,c 1 Gci vicrlit ti A P- -00 boxes, landing ti fn ic ko-pr tencd rom n \.. Bostoln, for stle by A TRIER, iLATE I11 i+ II C,.T-I- O. D.. 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