Newspaper of True American, April 19, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 19, 1839 Page 4
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l ,t,.diii44 nted l Ot, tidt.v'ite. l etelt b Ih1etetiltetr ibisgx lltl'nder opi ret cl -eirtictbue:,Hti'efita the .yateal Soe-- t a it th adppretiad. incanet ef the d*ieeoe, i i o, f.d wriuhie e tl hit, ttle i it alutayierfin ll rialt c er.tly e T e edanier !It 'tae~bt~itti Itte Agne, its 'vey eoilv or, for kat hlllal ttn e too mchowad, atlre his titita lJ Cgttil tlslttt +vitlende Tlee'ihv iie roe it ' tch" ..entb. l f rice, al rn e h sit ih oteire titot e. pth er ti d .... c irie 2 yftarahbiabd with to ltre, wrtlene t T eliaitiger a aaettleido aririchis ereqacotly deni, d tf ta-d aenrcoly cntiocedogicet lthae ey . ti i loa al ri mediohcine, that o re dily a ifered $ lestt nte b Dr. .lTlna R. Re tiiid, at his O ltt, "nc . talltrIphicdel pla i n t ir t eorad t illtellI rt t te cTr oar, atiu y athciarira w itth iht city. JARVIS &ANDREWS, bli atl c autt ioite at I)T I prauIe a r: b eor Comthne &. Teholrir e lsoler a a dr isior nnm &r Tchleittonlre a '=Miss slipp sasl Louisiana Hotel, . o Ovl-nTo. Lt $v . MARY KIRKLAND respectflly an. ' ivlanees to her friends and tile public gene. that she is prepared to accommodate lthem at a bove establishment, and hopes fr'm her Dia ties to render visitors comtortnblc, to receive nnance of former favors. She feels confi. 1 persona visiting Covington during tile i "t rnonths, eannot find bettor accommodationa pp. i P n afford them, on nmre liberal termn. S is plasantly situated, and wolil supplicd s e ,y aenveenieneo; the bar is furnished with I iaoý ohes liquors, &e. in short, she promises tbuhng shall be wanting on her part to give it .salietlon to all who may patronize tile ippi and Louisiana Hotel. je3 UI.L. C.-T.lhe . dersigned. having studied under Dr. Schmidt of Charleston, ha. Caepr a and for some years his assistant in of edicine and surgery, has the loor h . professional services in this city. the ladies and gentlemen that the mlost tention will be paid to the calls which ety mlde,; and also offers his services to thi Islars ostlaves, being well necquainted with thile r dommon to them, having attended them in " e Rhouse in Charleston. ' one anti-bilious pills a iter tie compositiot f P ot.raor, BSmollotte, with direclions, can be lut af tbt underpignod. The effect which they have p.oduced in thi' and other cities, has been attender With the greatest success, to which tile best o .frsstees can be given. Apply at No. 166 agea. ,i Street. JNO. M'LORING. L WW F f SCREi'S, SAT - IRONS, &c. 1rBE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No 9. 8 Water, near Beekman struet, New York yts received the past season, and are cor.stantli *r siving large and extensive additions to the slte| ~-ithe above goods, which now consiste of thl, • "lowing ssortment, suitable for the southern ani wIterns markets. bollow re a of superior quality, consisting , * aboft lO00tons, viz, P F ll f22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallous, Ketiles, 15sizes, from, 3:8 to 18 gallons, .Bakepans or Ovens, 7 difibrant sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do 8killetr, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . - 4 do Fire Dogs, 6. i do Wagon boxes from t 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. W.od Screws, 20.000i gross, iron Inod Israns, fronI idj., ,No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 2L of a superiio mrasty and finish, and less than Jarmll's impoorti "'ad lions, assorted, in casks of about 500 hIb fio netaiting. Tailor's and hattor's. Iron, nssolfted. Bash weights, 100 toils, assorted fromn 1 4.4 tc -01b.. Bells for Plantations, steamoiboatl, churches, &c '.aide to order, Also steamboats and other machinery made tr .The an!ove as.orttment of goods is particularl. ,rcosmmended to thle attoenton of Southern aml rneaetriire merchants, and are offered for sale at loi iri.e., and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. 'Rv to be the largest and best assortment evec SfEled for sale by any one establishment in tilh S1ettd Stater. bMerehants by forowarding a request by mail, cao bave a printed iircular, with duescription of goods, riceseand ternas, fromt whs h no deviation is evea made, fuaribed by return of mail. All orders-will receive iunemdilto attention. New York,1838. i 3 1 I0 W RQUR Uoras NOnvOAIVA 37. A DOLT six months ago I Ihal tile mislirtuno to get "a ee disease, for o hihi i have applied to oeve raldetojiibr t culre, and they did not cureo me. so ow on tehe stto date I tut tysclf unlder thi cote of I)octor I1uit,ahdI expect him to cure me. Since that time the di ose gset orse, aso as to reak out in large ulcers to the aumber of six or eight on ea h leg, and all over ay fac, and sore thront, and not sble to work at he present tiot t oil accout of tihe diosease; Ihrgo tlcor on he rglht side of tl.oi thrat. I aotll no potting mybelf eonitlently underrths care of Dr. luet,i ,f Paris, to be perfectly cured JOIIN DEAN. - .3 .,ERITFl that the above. mtortoted di..e.r it Sotte waell ntui dto my own satoactiNo, tir which 1 •hsa.tii)r.'Huet; and tmoiesver I oastre tlhat tile medi clI leir taken makes mtoe fat, ourl did not injure my .naltsl at all; therefore I advise nsy f Ilrw eut~Il rs to idnnsOtiteabud apply to Dr A. lluet, 121 Cant 'aur., betwemt Dauphie ant d lrllll Btto utrels. I)r. Ilg hot ! atlmoen from 9 O'clock, A 1I, until 4 P 31. , 2g will;ida trruno loter fbr this tcomplaint. JOHN I)EAN,.I o f1 t Grtier street. o "if one wants to see me, call at No. 40 l(lavit I, JOhIN upo N. lqtrW Orleans. Fe b , 1838. fel 14 I i E'(tsnstte Indian higtoto of t.iort otttottd Ilt. t. bound, is put up in botiles at the low pirice of 50 tanos esoh, containing the otrtgtil of three ounces of leeortihbeide'thre virtues tl tman y othUt raoots and known awop o)tie Indians as efficacious it curing * mI ay cotplinats. ,ttrimvaiesI succeso which has atteoded tile 'e of ohis tlstotia1e; halsoloot wherever it his beeni i.t" d -ed-.hao obtained the oi4soanees and recolredands. tiiisiboftespectable piyoiciapa, for the cure of tttghts, .-.eltpan in the side, wasntof rcot, spitting or blood lIeis.ttplsltiut, &Sc. T+ oft it may concern. This is to certimr that we - eur practice frequently proscribetd lir tir O -l " jlt niBalhaim oolroferrwort aiid bIlorhmIci, wilt n dgottd efo'et: we can therelote, frotm imo knw. lealmf the materl it s t mde fro:u,. and t.iervltatot - Siadrriere,. reIo asreotod it as a sUtlri.t. nrttaratio L ,erse e aflecttons of tite Ingofortr which it is re An-.d -AVIN EL..te "..D. A NiLS.mbes of tht Baostoe Medical Associution. p b JAIVIS & ANDREWS, a Rl'S Science of Pentanslip .ec.ived find at their ipermanent Writttg Acodomiet i o.. j.hatre streot, Now Orleans, 189 iBroadway Sw:.Ygadtkj)aunp~loe at., Mlohil.. I sjoalheulorlydesigned lor private learneors, and e ble , ittl is'calculatedt for perrone of ll agre. !dedse nod gentlomen'Ore invited tocall and otxamoie Slystam furthesselves. II" a are given at each houses as mev suit the t ofall, and to clanses formed i n"any :part p.efer itcen receirs leasons at their own re f . paying e s ire of lessons are desirce '.: ... sute its clisethey wth., .3!i B ROTflj g. 2W tod 25" . do--O 1-466s. 4006 "-.S. bble h 'tp Varnisth; S- slk.kOotCld Lenaf .in, Duti Metal. V t¢ '+':, riosRa EC lisb and Freol, ,:" . .m+.:..iend qualities. - .d+ e ,tiaoeoaes .let,, will hr 8. is t srstsoga gf.'tarsts' colours s..d . A Wso.e8p a, 5týse. diooa, for gods, rtidet. . ja Iltr ~tnltt ias 4Uee$t. nehn oaoit. the potot.ofloe. t fi; l: lp Mantle beoh tofhsp,* ýlainrtp Oitegs. Ib rsh and ( asiir ;lils and lintelT, a4di fdary atono ipieters I e sd rnoi n Igou 'IalltI1more Packete CK j FOR NEW fjff -Now Line. ~- -Td' sil peunctually obry second Monday aring ttho season, full or not full. Ship Orleans, 599 tons Capt. S. Scars, Shii Alahama, 474 do C. C. Berry I Ship Arkansas, 627 do E, S Donnis Ship S ,r.tuga, 542 do W lathaway, Ship Nashville, 540 do D Jactson, Ship Kentucky, 629 do J Banker The above vhips are of the first class, coppero and copper fastened, and having been built in New York expressly for thits trade, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably cross the bar without any detention. The commanders are mao of great experience, and the ships will always be towed up and down the Mississippi by steamboats They have handsome furmsehed accommodations, and stores of the best description will always be furnished. . The cabin passage is $9011 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to the offieor or crow. For freight or passage apply on board, or to II C AMES, 48 Camp st. The ships are not accountable for breakage of glass, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperago of tin, or rust of iron or steal, nor respolsible for any package or parcel, unlorns a regular bill of lading is executed therefor at the office of the crts. nov27 NEW ORLEANS AND BALT'IMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will consist of the following vessels, which have been built or purchased expressly lbr the trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, , Nickerson, l" Irad Ferry, new a+ Stevens, S /olomon Saltus, " altharn, Brig Arclutect, r' Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. some furnished eccommrodtlions, and are of a light draft of water, so as to adrmit of their receiving and discharging their cargoes in Baltimole, at the cityp. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake or James' River, and forwarded by the agents, Messrs. CLARKE & KELLsOGG, at Baltimore; expenses on goods shipped will be advanced when reqeired. Thie price of passage is fixed at $t0, ample stores of the b st quanlity will ibe provilded. Steam up and down the Misissippi will be tasken on all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Ilienvilce st. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets ] 'I1 hi r Ships composing this line will nail front New Orleans and New York on every other Mon- I dny-comnmner ing on the 20tlh Novalember--alld to insure therpunctuahty in theim me ofr siilng, tioe litrne will hereafter conist of five ships, viz: Ship Yuzoo, Captain Trask, to leave o, thre 20th November. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship llunsvillo, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the Sth Deceembcr. Ship Vcheklurg, Captain Woodihouse, to leave on tihe slot January. Ship Missicripri, Cap/tain Davis, to leave on the S l5th of Jaauary. e The above are all now, of the first class, copper dl and copper filvluned, alnd upwards of' 5U0 lonI hurthen, are of light drought of wateter, tbeg built in New York expressly tf.r the trade. The price of passago is fixed at 100 dollarr : their cabins are I fitted up in tihe most im:proved and convniCnt plan, sd linishlred ine t ceat rad elegant s$t le Ample stores of the tirt quality will be plovided, I and every regard paid to the caleirt cand entire *satislraetiact cr rievergrs, who will lceae e lake no. ticu that no berth canl be secured until paid for at the offee rof the consignees. These vesselsra r ecomranded by Cripttiin well experiencerd in the trade, who will give every at tenliun and :exert tIlheaerv sae to arconlllode. 'i'l.-. will al ail reare ie tee:ld ip rand dtwn thle Mr;.eis si ripi bIy stemloate , td the strictest Ipnctualily ilrrserved ire tire of s~liln,%. r Trhe owners of these shii.s a ill not ie responsi. d blo for acy lettaer, parer I or pckac/ye. ,rrent by or put eo toard of itherc, ulessr;r r i c r oll of' ta ing rbe sig:ýed tiheretor, at tie crounting of the agent or ownrres. lFor etrher i.oprtril ' arly to J 1) I3EIN &,. A fCtH IEr'N, no"2 7 90 '},mnmmlon st .0 vl\V tRl' l S & ; 2 ,I.1IISTO)N PAC U,'eT1,c .I'r's lia m c"&lie-.Itt ~ ,1 tu;iN elull o, o th e le chres-, cipp ererd and(er c tpper lust. e r eld, a t e l of out 2U0 ttns rnrtee i , with hiandoee e aceoumteredsti rs Iter pa:sser er:re. S 'These vessels ore camtnrlandetd Iy captains wel experienced inl the trande, whr will ciive evrry at tentnoa, slid exert themrnselves to nrreorrmrar-, Ihr shipper. Theil will b, lowed ln , anler d ,vnl the blissie' I.i, and leave New- Orleahi on or before Sthe 10 seh an e 1511, of rvery l,,eiet. The lrrlrelry vessels o mpr-/ e hoe Ir n", viz : Brir A teiean, Cli;ne , 1., sden, master. Brig Cipmapn.J.J. f".Tiouipson, air. I/rl, Alnsene, J. D.rone, rnasrt. I ri a R eog, er t1lli: nti, .. A i 'si , ,IP ns rr, Far r treai rt or pass:e,eoaply te . I. A. l1A It.LIl &Ca, c61 Ciineon sr. New Olecans, or 7t. ' Lflnr.ea. Chat.s,,.ar I 1 o'IttBA-.D-&. & O i BoseNtas- and iw Onicn, Lio of' Packet Ships.-Thrl'new line of hllips bhas been expressly built to run hitweon tihe above ports, and will be found of suitable draft rel'water: accommrodations for passengers, sald esery ellbrt will be mrad to give g::cra seatutilretion, 'Thei line is computed oftha fir lowing ships: ] Cherkese, 415 tons Capt. J Harding, I Carolina. o S Ltm ist, Charleston, D Eldridge, Colmhbianr , if. ie CG Barker, Seaman, 240 d1a J ltowes, tormlay, 6(15 do l) ilunmphrey. The above ships are all new, of the first ,laus, copper fasteneded and oppered, commoanded by lon ofgrest experience, have large accommnodatione, with a separate ladles cabin; every attention will be paid to pa'sengcrs, and tile very test of stores pro vided for tlreu., SThe packets will ,be towed up and down tihe Mis nissippe, and the strictest punctualiry o.iverved in the time ofsailing, and should the regular vesseln be detaineod ir arrrivilg, other ships equally as goad will in all'easas be subst;tiloed. A share of patrton age is solicited, and tio ageonts pledge themselves to leceommodate as much as practicahle, to receive and forward goods by s id line at tile most nlodar te charges, and to adtvance all epoenses on goods slrippled, if 'required. Tihe ships will leave the 1st and lth/ of every monllth. For freight or passarge, apply to thle ugent.r J A MFRRITT, 852 Caommons at. N. B. Adlvancements made on consignaelllts to Merrs. A,. , Lombard & Co. nov27 S· :iT-,uTTOHH 1 iC~);re Il tTT l~enitemail i T I Kon board ship, Orleans,. Earle, Ilielllamier, , ,''okrr atH letry dTmlraw, Fltleh and Get-, eaTTIu uT rdi ; Biot-i- I TTT'iTou BIoaTrds; ('lie-oii-o , 1-4 coil 't 3'P liil si nT T.ilile; bii lit TTTIad 12' iT "ItT hiIT I eo Knives: , Lelther anld trllcr tenrlealC) eosi,~ CueT; BIlt, PI Pocktet, ltor~eTnit'n, Tl TIIasllne Pitetotdallndle Tlnel sincle barrrlleld Gras; b ion.a BIags; Sholt IBltst; Pndrr and Pistol FlaskT,. ra lli-ntttlntiiatd Din kiing nt;d Percnasion Ctps nod Cap Illldern' Cloth, flTir, Ihoth; and Nail Bt-arltnn; Orris cod Chlorine Tlotllhl tl ast Toott Powder; Toilet and Shitaing Sogp, in g tnlg i Rn t d - P c nietni Ioog llain Bnoidez I1oln~lnanutd lneeltr Ic and J'ilt Ponwder; ainery laa7s; Ivory TtY Clab tinnr: el Patent SlidCe an GtIrti-ta- ( Elast P Tic tPienId; a Powderr I'ueB and Boxer; Gilt Chaiins, Seal:, mid lirvryFl b Ear-drops; {l{'istitalklcs; Blricelt-; head Ne -Macend and Chnins; Gilttait- SilveredI nBalds; ln-lilnttladslnItt Bell oand lian'htes; 'bell Tlwist: Si' u o na i )r I nz d Canibsnwtih,iiiitddition to tlheirfni-iienntock Oil Maii, P mnakeas their ai-nrtmeatnn rr- en-ioioj, iiiidi will Itr sold 1 ow anod on dictnd terno, at the. situ of the (:alden Com~b. i'5-It 70 (.'lntutean stret. II, Sut, eihera Agents fen r theeexteli i t ve hometof P W. &: S. Butn·ller. Shalllld, ETiiand, 'doe just eceived t vnryiextenaive eit i-ftn:t TIn, canci-Iti T! f - Table andt Itatiert Knive o n"" -, t TTTeriptiTT Pt-n, Pocket, Dink nod SaBrn poiat htive; Rtazora, Stc-i torn, Edge Tool, &t.. &T. & t. which lhelv 0re prepare o aehibitto the trade nor oildien hermsand conditionT willbemand,-knoaaoa the~o ti-Tin int6 J.) It I d," N'A COlItIEN ' otIC n t 1'mI-o'sS IIlAlfT& CO-AtI naw n~treilio A-~t clashp I-lotstallT-,t.~gleitli-rry Ani~liiTyI'i linder, Frenc, stil(,tGerman ibohllheaph;i;eo: ITeIbrl ol nod iolket i paIsTl; pltaiiT, TITliTTTd Iand split mttin TO cit t-TTT a IlitlliT;; itisrnot, lITOTTTO, Tiro . trot (:illttttont nntoi-h tTTIaI n thr t-eel e l s , h 'itO k, bead nttdeI e leathetr urSes; hair brald, fT t :an rTter, Rita ands tanoesn-et- oil, imitation do; .otillm" intll !trsaoil; pott rtoale ,les itna d aIdl lanl ci.- ti: a- sit bldactking; tttati and toilet pinoaonn; ctaittx tairrttt; ilT cal gtaoceaaattvie, a; Iniantuootadltl i-ttleamtII ini t - coat-tbOtt; whith- tninn, toilet nod chatloig stoip,; tilet ottder, cinotetie oabll ballt ; scented trade Cllmi noll .pool stanod; rentw aiunhioins; fanny beat ehaiis tanl necklaces; billiad bhalti; pioket back toaba ailla tht;I Gierman hnces; tazot ,trip.; ine anttt enniitT gti, oatatis nnnlpacn eag-tersd dlit Bdlls lucifeer Otatchn.; oil mrewtenilas; CUfyone, &c. Sc. - /fijne anato itt addition to uler lt-nta; elsock of ftiiirv Monica, cakaur aso-acottitalntic cnYn·iiiihL". Fr etit e wlanlnaale or rcloil; an thte ai;tr oflta lac GCdeC!r. ICliargvratrret, nd it, t.I Oltt-tn e- et. ie'vE A NPIVW entiloe ter per-nsot tenobldle idl dneiita - * *aatetlkti Ear'fitelein'i) Iel, lo jttbneal h teit-it be the use* of bieh, if,.. ·!L:,;,tea; articulationl of thle l.u - sall rnaie ii dtisotnlt t Iiii:"Yt-d to cite var. Attu one I -. Shto Ioat eer ebeen ubiitgetorioin-oetwlr ewth i ver.y 4slaenthttntla afaliy both tib thit e I. ves and th in c lruloa so utinrtctantt-dtesllicted lBy tito uce f a lot I ca.T-napet ibivalhae aloe .andtatr doiedhe oabatl ate h aing Ueadll {4Terumpt.i Far Hde at Vanon.Inaro.n ,ataeeol'-memo and eaa dt Lc'kailnn "r'tent al t .ta E}"tmlrt Hotel. Lyn c.n BOOK BINOERY. A J tqihter the Playtune Ollioe,.72 Cmp at. BRONSEMA'& IIOWVSON beg leave it ilnfrm their customeers and the pahlic genera ll, tha' hey hnei removed their estabhlshment to No. 72 osunmp street, imlmediately under the olfiee of the Picayune--where they are prepared to execute all ,rdere in theirline. H iaing received from the North a supply of pa. oer and materials of a sup, rior qtalty., for the oanlnieture of Blank Books, they offer their ser vies to inert'haItes and other', who tiniy wish sork of that kitld ; and havin tihe advoagsae of several yanrt's experienoe in thate linel, the are Sconfident olf eivina sa;,tsf.lctton to those who may favor them with their rtlhetmt. For nlotnricr, rclhitects and others, mops and plans eiltl he pasted on .linen. varnished and mounted in the neautost manner, & at the shortest notice. * Plain anid fIancy bindino, in all its varieties nl. SCHINA lI.Ads & EARiLTiEN \VAI 'l itulioRE y 36 Cithnrre street, New Orleans. 1. 11, SERGEIAN' & C(o. importers of French I and Ernalosh Chinn and Earthen ware. are It new eplllilnc new udl rich ptllerlns of breakfast, y dlninr and teo services, toilet sets, pitchers, ten g and collfee tueps, :tpm,ll suitrs, creams, howler, plate-, dishes, tureecs, watd basins and cwcle, tool haths, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and Anlerican glans. ware-g-olleta, chalnpaignet, lemnoades, jellies, clarets, mailse, cordials, centre howles, docaloers. tum blers, prererve drshes, celeries, pitchers, Ilaps, lamp shade and glasses, camn; siiad:le, salt cEl lers, aec. e, Silver plated, bronzed and britarnia wnrer--cnr ar tor, liqIor stands, cake husk es, condlesieLs, branches, sp ldons, Indles, cofIe and tesplos, sugar', creanms. Inmp, jaannied tryts, astral sasnds,and hanging lallllps,iitin cutlery, German sliver spoonslt and forks, together with a lrept variet uof nrlichtl for fthirly use. Merchants, leanners, htils, Is and steamboats, llrnished will goods at tie msat rea d eonLble prices, nod packed sn as to be convoyed ao with saletr' to tiny part of lto canltry. Id Alan. nooherlnriroe ' las+aroe. nt, P ...P. : ..:-- -- ~---+:::_ --- - -.-----=_ ....._-+-- TI THE FLORIDA LINE l·tFrom lMooile to Augustan , Go . h . ,a-~ lves .b hei' every, day at three m ., o'iclock. p tit per U S maitl hout 0, for Illl'a Laonding, above lmakely,-tllence four post cntch itoi to lPetsacola-lhcleoln eltlamhls inl SL tor lam e, where the lald Ioute is resunled-thence via ,ariant a l:l IIr' o wnsville, Fla. Ilainll itoe, Poneeltoto n, [Iclwktoovillt', Standersville & Louis. vilol tlAngousta, Gt, connecting r-ulnrly with st. the riil road ns to, Ch:lleslon. nll It e I t el -pakets o I Nol Yolk, N'tiolk, Poliladolphi, etc. ile eslllinilboaltsir I. he! heal Ifor the service, slid 'the untvio'gation hptreset, Irs tore adval t Ott es tlaj catt be foud upon atoy sttoamlbat route it thle auth. ern rep o h. 'Ihe great ilmprovelents in tlre route have 'teen in l produced by toh construction lotl oifI li iles of niew I- road, by the lropriretoors, viz : from .LGran. e on to Lafayetlrt Ilanou, an arm of Sanctllln lsa [i y ,Io to e 1trynit's Faeiry, on the Chat'ltahooehte iver, teni i nlilesa be th Cwl"t rd,or 14d nabove Cedar lu l', hii werthroly te nlavitiio l)lO the river, - od the eot ni sequentt detenlions, and rinore rtel'ientl tlill i lt o eonitenot crossing at tile ('owilo rll , ire entirely avoided, Will fin; roai d from 'tlaInnt d:rtet e to flaie nb'loi , itot o l t1 ,, i t d el t roilndablout rto d vin a Cllattahouchl ee. , It' tipl thel itJl+'i n e lhtout forty en miles, and incrtante g Lt e facilities iiIre than o Ice n day, he . \lro, a branrh lino of Itwo horse steteas every Soth.r eot fot'it Ho wkirseelIl, via P rt r n lldme, os Deritet, ilt A mtitl steamonnlt li-s reoul-irlv he owren .e I l inhi id e amIe, Afulha hi.oln. ''ravn v 1, rs wishii, g o I to it h lloio Iotillt oll C'hallott. b hee oI r AI r ta'at h: t rein , io Iieste- it oll it olo e -nvitto I Mo.i!e to lO | nsi ,rl.,I- I : llI i o. ll e--It)uilIIlO . ti e .. . .r.. .. I r It' ill . r, plhs ,of .... . ... th p ,.l/i rir S itot of ih, l' ,rih Ih - 1! ll a lile .o hrll -o pot lll.c',ll i'vet otiter tdby I.0 toloe1 o II .l - bil'- a doi l -S't'o.lI'o . sslengters - t ll Itot'i M o.ilh n ,3 ,', I k . p nt , lin thei Ut mlillll il l r I00e l'l t III Ind i;l _ is n, w h llre n Ta o m , h -'t l e rot o l.t rh wI t o t : II il o c, .,onv yt } ihern t, Ih, r I . Irht~ur e ho ,f o h1 ,l. ('larl, Itlal I I i l i d ' , t w lll e I lev w ill 1tli --lto te.llr ltogoth tool I ,to llt-tro Ioitto-'tlo dl I'carp p io o v t v o-.tlt iev hTus tit - the dIucoahltolt r i , t ' et o ' 'r..otto p. te r o . oti t a o. te. o t, . : e . . t :o l, e., 1 tI ' 1t ,o Il,l s e o r,. t arrd. o 'el letlirto ' eoSn (l . tt I O i : 'o II lead t - lt 'lot't alt \' ilh:,tit SIin llI, hl +t l, hIs at rwites hn tle ril , (ol zlnt ot oew rsle llet oI o tleacher of I th piano u e torte. Mire I hiving i een, .1 " i.,i t:Vci'l Veels ast en teacher tf in ii c to pirvate latihus e In U., n t id undl1o ti several of the a'emale semiolurir. in is rs vicinity, cannot but Iote to m. i t theirCOnlidlence. -1l e is p a l u itt' d to r ol'e r t a a V l (r C 'L. p p , .' l t h S at Steiion & Avery, 1 l.nhvrson . G(ine-. Ioe Ior talrlk. t &ec uonse aplply at trie eookstlore of he Alexa ndetr 'T',,wcrc..t (. , . J 13 I'rtov t h' incr. ed hn ;::,ell ti this city l I or t1o lllt.e i Ir n.l n, i ig In en ll.rl n ho lesale t le t I t Lacirness, lie ts now recetivint. n ltll supplyn Iof Iresh ind e:t.uire nelft l i , ~lich he, ~ill tll di In i'te. rl temi ' i city drul. istti, andtii t t IIi . I f the m ernr, to p2h, c I, me ,It [lauts and tl it ir, it tie will el r iund, enll er-lts such ns have lnevtr b , ti ur n i fl'nered -i tl.: city.. His t, entiun g . tin t It s, " trhillc ,hr"_a imato b is nees. 1t. ,s tl ck : l ill l s waon I, tuilll t t, It , i i ni i few weL will ite re .i y ifor bist t lle i Ai orders n itnir.u t ihe countryt tl, d tromn nierihiinc ' of il it - cinty, lntivit. nilg oll o erl u e Swill be promply atlende d to. iee t 2 Nn,9Campst dt HIOLESAI,.I AND IETAllCO.Ii AND VA.1 r Y I:ilTl l"'1 Sl'OrllI-at the B.ll of theI gohlen at coothblo CI Chirll ties ltest . 'T'he nubscribers have re- n ei' ed, i ta i.litio tIo tlheirpreviou.s stok on hland, fll and clii pleti . assolll mui t I o t hi'i ls ii n their linne; vtiz: combs, perfutn.r , eweilry, luashes, 1cking ghlsse, to f Ole )],lltl'lh e llni..ell jlntll~nub Ill a Irl llttb I llnfuOws: 9 q i lled bck, Tllt, r noud, dressinn, side ui l ,n curlandn t n ,.elk, 1rnzililat Somlts of ever) -descrlilllln nmOlngc t t twhich ie ollnue llexictu patters, Ivory eii comi.nn of everyi I :utteittutl t illt ii -lllt 111:11 n ti Itd t lnnn tlll.Aeic I in. i tonI nii < ',itinnn dniiutn nitnr ntte i th IEpl tiiE 'i . t ,;, Ii 'ololu e, Lavellld r, p "it i loridn , honey, T IbCY , At - r,.r wafers' of every'sizeand des cription, c llltlllor ted Colognell, extrn:ttt i of L .'Il notl lancy soil s of !i ll n kit ds, ,i havi do in nulkes and inot , tii jutin. teiuni' n smnlltitg slt' htlnin ntnd piruetdtn ' toi let powdler,pearl powder, pole hrptl. and boxes po nttplnt inl pots i nld ll lsorsl annd chllnrinlu tooth wnlh at and LLowlle.l;, with a geral itssortment of I JlE\VELIY- sone oelthn e test ndtl most ft+hionla in :_ etas, eolnsiting of nwhine nd red cornelirn, topaz ^. et en , rdt ps, st u in rf ell'ld l, beast )illns of it Free. l *v el " , e.lll (' es ii ath tri lllln- , gilt ti llll ilve' L ticlesi -s rliir Imbllesil, -il"tl e lud p lea pes otl guard chi ns Pl BI'RUSH t.l:--Clth, hair, dust ecrucnh,he arth,floor, P allt, fleslh, tooth, late, comb, Nail, shaing, shoe al l d Sl)itewash 'l ttn I..t' i ILOOKING (I.LSS:S-Gertnlan statia and toilet do, wiNl Ii" kindbi v of e the iusl. not ee e tna rted. d, !FANCY AND Y VAItlETY AR'TICLES--reneh and Almerican portlable decks and dressing cases, aome l very rich end fitletv )nished ladies work bhxesamd dres- y rnT es~ereussion it Il 1Wer n r l sit e 't ' lt I with i'll' witl t Iitlll ' tin II csll Oti m , A -i i ordis, o Ivp riou a klndo vi olins al d guntr, sii er aud ryonsnutle elekgund istols with and withItnltt n d sfew driveoo, shot chels,narle hbuto, paste blacking, toy t m se, tts, di lin bends of elvery i .ld , uells and p m ues, a.nd Ale .riel mIll'aturci dlii iTO ilttO 'ut C nt he!txes, p ults of naiio ns L (id Stntorun1 T'eltyy', I Smmer o).i ,Ililhm ns anud pihwkOn's r'zor l traps .td en tulline hCir dirks, flr 'nhead tlnnklaeu, do wil th -r t plain eed e il nt t nld ier do, gU nlastc s eI I dec r n nd galtel'ts, hlail and sw,1or'd a nes, balrk~wll tn' nnici, nel o tietlvinu , jewnn hsur s, lcnbnn mak t1ch1t1 i' tInke rinnelv d uilts, in t great iv iet ity lther arn i f !'len all 'fwti( It will ht tohl iir cash oricity ttneptan. ce.. mo 1'months credit. It 11 S1lllI.'uS, dCo . o. . 7rer 7f)i n (; irtres rt ti l I;.tii ' +hn ditttl itut ks--l,auui'l tn Phr. Mi i ; do, io in I uitnlettiug, a ne . nsu i plyr ee t ' by iun.l e itO'tt nt i , n ,I!) Cam St mni n' PIn6.1 OII--1t0 ;;imic tnI wintner n s lhoe m Oil in sack ma id1 (Irtlre, forl, hn wo " SIn, .., r,,:+.. + ,,.rl , lit r , a ,r.l '1 , , a lput wp r cp l, e wI. l thsr e eel ,il le g nd ;v er 1 -,1 t , . ir-st P . ch P r+e l n Jr sni I h ,r. vhrt y rle - Ih le it le, , te LS SEL; 1 UI ' ,lnN . 'tlFl r , l ltlehma~ c Oll allon ters , i. t U:- cra,: loA i n l, 1h ench.ltl vl toilet Ilwil e\,s,p.wderll tnskhirriuy, eh .ek ln, 11ard sellhtbler, hira.ll p mtnll-. i t: T 6 7 I .1 "I"t'A . t r' i. t) n t. corner r Came: o tlllrl of nll ( ll r . z oi h r ilt'idr el.d I __ L . 11 STAT -DE LA LOU1SIAN E-Cour do Pa roisaso pour la parois at etvilla do Ia Nouvelle Orl6ans-L'eotat doe Louisianc, tous coaux qua coe presaente concerncst, shlast : Attendu quo James Copoland Parker de cetto ville car yaunt achttd Ia one ventso Ifito par Hewlett et Co. so nas, enounteurs public do cetto propridtd Ph ci.nprbs -.iecrite, s'cst adresrd au Greffo de cette o u cour, pour on avis contiorm6duont Ia mI acto do lIl Legislatured de 'etal de iouisiane, intituld ' Acte exi pour confirmer leo titres des ocquereurs aux venteso a11 judiciaire;" approuvd Ic 10 Mars 1834. Qu'il osit "" connu, et toutes personnos int6rosedes sent par cos lie presentes sommds au noma do l'etat do la Louisianeo so et do la cour du Paroisso, qui pour.raient avoir drit a Ia propridta ci.-prbs doarite, en consequence d'un ari ddfautde forme dans I'ordro, leo decret ou i jugeent no de lacour, en ver'o duquel la vcnto a 6td faite, ou ps de toute irregularild ou illdgalitd dans I'estimation, mo Pavis ou le temps et le mode do ta vente, ou pour at uno antro cause quelconqne, de faire voir, dons al tronto jour 6 dater do Ia publication do cetto avis, P pourquoi Ia vente ainsi faito no serait pas confirmtde " at homoologuoe. eo La ditc propridtd faut vendo par les suauits on. 0 caonours o 2b.8mo jour do Ddcoambre, de I'aonndlo y 1838, on vertu d'un ddiaet do cotto Cour, rendu Ic tt 23 do Juilletdo l'anoode 1838, dans l'afftiro do Win. in Vance sea crbancirs ct lea crdanciers do Vance t to Miller. U No 10,961 du docket do cotto Cour, it laqullo to vcnto to dit J. C. Parker 'cst rendu acqudreur th ipour lo prix do $11,700 payable do Ia manioro sui. vanto savoir : S lo. Eu un billet do J. C. Parker de la somme o do $650 I l'ordrao, et andosed par Jolhn Mitchel, J portent la date du 28 ddeoibio 1838, o, epayable a , o. En un billet du susdit J. C. Parker do ta Smoios sonmme, a I'ordro do ct endossd par lo susdit Jlohn Mitchell, de la t6lom daet, at payable a douzo tc mois. 30. En un billet du susdit J. C. Parker, de la msme somnme, a l'ordro de at endossd par le s.sdit 1 John Mitchell, do la mamo date, at payable a dir. huit mois. 4u. En an billet du susdit J. C. Parker, do la somome do $e60, a l'ordre doe t endossd par to sus. ait Jols Mitchell, do lai memo date, ot payableo a a, So En un billet du suadit J. C. Parker, do la ri memloe Snomme, aI I'ordro do et endossd par to susdit I ar John Mitchell, do la memo date, ot payable t duouza uoils. I6. En oun billet du susdit J. C Parker, do aIn meos so moe, a' Porcdrc do, t endossd par lo susdt: Josn Mitchel, do la admo date, ct payablu a dishuit II Il s. 70. En uo billet du susdit J C. Pacrker, do la somme do $630, a Pordro de, et cndossd par le sus. dit Johtn Mltchell, dot lt onselu date, et payablo it six a. 8o. Eno un billet du susdit J. C. Parker, do la I moena, soloure t l'oordrdo oo et endossud par leo susdt Johul Mitchell, do lb6 tion date, et payablo a adoe satos. ,r 9o. Eu un billet do susdit J C Parker do la memo somnte, i I, lrdr do ct endado ptar to susdit Jothan p Mitcheil, do la m duit late, et ipayable Iat dxhuit at ; ais, 10o. En un billet du susdit J. C. Parker do la I ...or..e a$650, a i'ordro do ct endoess par I sus. i s y dit Joa Mitehlil, de la meora date, et payablo I ala i i I1o. En un billet du susdit J. C. Parker, do la u Y merne so:llaoe Ia I'ordre d1at e llndosae par le ee'dit Jolh Mittetaoll, dea tl Inclme date, at payayblC :t douzo leai. I ' 1o. En un bailltdu tusdit J. C. Parer dt i l SllaIoe SOInelI a l'trdr d et enludos par is sausdit s at Jo tita1 ctell, do la oarne date, et playale aIt dix " I it llois. a 13a0. E s un billet du susdit J. C. Parlor, do la ! sollille de oGU, a I'ordre de et clndosu-6 pr ie su0-_ dt JohnUr a itcLit lll, o la e lrlBe date, et payable ta six ' 14. En Itn b llet du u_.dll J. C. .Parker, do la n amel ouOnI t, it 1'1:411 du, r.t endlJssl plar lo susdit lti Jotl s M1,atcaltl, da la tmonI date, et) stable a dloae ' 1i. Elll e billet dr sn dat J. C. Parker, de la , e rl a monle, a lolrdr do ut cillldodilii r to sIlledt t John a a'tnulal, do la leaa ot date,, t pyaule it dio . a t ol,. rn an billet du surdit J. C. P.arker doi I, s.ulm e l a ( t tl, al t'ordre do, eL pr r I l ,us 1t d: t John itchcl, do t le ,o l Satalo dale, il paydble a o7,s . 1li t bil d !i .1. t Paaarka r,a d1 aao - n tl Jt, ) tailUII a, it aL le t: la[a 'at lad ll , a Lt tr I u-lilet Ju a tdl ttl'll, dI.:t alalt .dtue, t p.ayabitl do Iuz lia. I: Lian a.ilt.. o a . .alit J. C. 'aauker de la mie lD aIIw, t'e i'urdr do Liet ea dossd par ladit John t 1 10 lu. OU certain Ilt do terre situde dams le fau. bo:ltr Sau l, alla tiga d par Is No. 8 do I'i:ut boratd a I 00 i s 0 St. ''iltu elt, loulatuain, Tehou po toulas I et SauzLtte lllobUlllt ra"i ap.t's 7 IpaIICIs le e a;I Ja rue St. T'aauas, tal r 1t 0 t ica l d: o , Ilondoursir eotr. its ll5 Iiispartl.C:s, 1 ,ot anglaae: e rI ai bllllll tolltesa le . ill.alilldlation UIl sli qui touls ale ledrtat eLt privdoge qui y appcrttront.. iv . UI tartr l. t, t L C L t lilllS ]t a n e ls.l 1 dit 1'.mbour_, dt,>ig par le .No. 9, dt le' bantod I I ar le.t ola tihe ' l 'es, ct Iaucllrallt ui ieds 7 loute' e'al l.a e t t s a it u t. ' a'O ats, l I 1 0 platds tde p ta-. I. foldlr ntlleII, II[lgnes pllrabeles, to tout llll.esur tangl.aisc ; eansemlah1 toutes loa unl oratiaa at tous t les drolts et priur.lages y aplprtenat. 3. Un uatro let do terre aitueo dan lo suda.t I lfauiourg, dt:igud par le No. 10, doe 'ilet comprti ; rs entre has suSdaats rues, et Illeurallt t26 peld. 7 pouces do la rure Sa to ru St.'l Thomas, sour 10JL pied do prollendur antre des lignes paralleles, le lout, r aesure anglaise; easctnb!o toutes leos usnlior. .ln Utlora , et tous los drit, .t privtlgres y applart. . 1 4o. Ut naure lot do terre sitode dans to susdit faubourg, dosign6 p or lo No. 11 do l'llet borod par losa. its ru(es, et osullrallt 26 piods 7 pouce do ree at lt rue: St. Thomas, sutr 10l1 pieds do proton - dour outre leo lignes p trallbles, to tout, mooture an globe; elLnso blo totocs leo o1ndlioratitons et tous leo droitts t privllogos y apportenant. 5.0 ULo motr lot do terro situdo dans to susdit faubourg, ddsign6 par lto No. 12, de I'iet bornd par len suo dites rues, ot formant l'encuignure des rues St. T'homa;s et lnci omin, mesurant 27 pieds troio pouocs et 4 liguet doe boe Ila rue St. 'I lomas sur cent pioed do poliondeur et doe .tco a la rue Ben jontin, Io tout, meruro arglaisne; eneemlblo toutes tolee amlioerations, t tons ole droits et privilbgos y appurtenant. (to. Un lot de terre situds duns to Iotne0I f u. bourg, d6dignd par in IN. 13 do I clt hlornd par leo momces rueo, otesurant 27 plods, 10 pounes et .1 lignes do ftce a to rue lenjamin, sour 133 pieds 7 poucst et ,i lignes do protondteur, entro des ligfies parallelos, leo tout, me-uro anglaiso; ensemblt Loutes Ilo amdlioratlons, et tous leo droita t privi loges ye apportenant. Aulri quo to tout oappert du pltn dresd par F. Wilkinson, d6putd arpeuteur gdudrale do cot Etoot, datd le 26 Dderobre 1839. oannex a un acte ao groetf of Wolloam Young Dewis, dat6 to 26emo jour do Janvier 1039, les susdits lots tant des sub. divisions dos lots Nos, 3, 4, ot uno partie du lot No., 5 ainai qu,il apport d'un plan dressd par Chs. F, Zimpelo, odputd voyer, dot 1to 4 fdvrier 1833, et anncx a uon act , nu greotl do willium Young Lewis, dot6 lo 23 do Mars do la m6me annoe. Bureau do Groelier, do la Nouvelle Orldans, 8 Avril, 1839. av10 J. OLLIE, Dep. Groefier. n. ('I'CF---Th Ilnartershi of Kelley, Mlhsono &Co of Nw Orleon-; lMascon, IHlrris &Co., of Natchez; l Haorris, Kelloey Co., of todnley, was dti.solved to heot sl of Sla last, by the deuth of oaamnoel A tlasooo, one otthe irtoooer ms o f the e lttie. Thile Iudersigted, survioving parterse, will I eoharged with thoe mtllng and clooino ooldt tbtciuo ess os follows: LevioC lrris will autt.end tthe settling of ate businooss of 3a.o,,, lirris& (lo.. na Notchelr; and Iaorris. Kel e & Uo.,at ltodeuv utd Ilourv Kelley will atlend to te oeltling of the bonsiuess orfKeoev, llO'on & Co., at New' Orlctns. Tl'ohe mues of the everal firms t ill be used io linqidatlonoolI. 'i'hole indebted I sto sl firm 0 re. earnestly rclqeotoer ocotoe forward and laket eaorl asettlente; nodt. l Ihllose lhaving cotims will please prso.r u them wilhut It lay. El It\" II:.ELLE Y. New Orleuns , J 7 , 18t37. [W:WI tl1: AD'N SEI - The I u her hio vs Io rxlr as hi s h -rteiul thla e ts to the putu . lit r, fo i liololt sI oppo rto has o eci ieool sitce e lie O0U0000t0 i0 Lo.i'bot.r to to is loon too illt oo cs e oill porlt-lor, Ile d o iestooe 1, 17 Comono sretole to anod .oever 0 0 o0use i f0 r 00 0 it00 a te l ed vPlder; noiher is tIe collotocloled to Ilr t 0i y I tItoo it ?it . otooott'-bout too ie noosr' tolte pno lic that hie, cHollanUl ,o s I e.v~cry dtloo ,llllolll olf Whe S'c l hll s IIP , lt Ille dillto t c t rolllnltllrso l Iuforu pe o rle e0 qual to th 0t 10 00n 0 000,u ill to' uotUn ed Mltlat.. he lnt. 10000S s.n' , olotot, &c. frooto tooect Pxtensive cnol reolpen Ih le nUltr ll:r I1nt d see ot sn 1 t u "ro000 ,e Ilo)td, d ooglnllod, SM.o tooto, ilad Itt ou tler. states- andi It will at all llrn s be hisintrcosl, as it is his study, Io receive, to addition to Ihs presclt stok, large arrivals of revry descriptionl, really the rO tht i 3 . it 1 13 aleo etlgtrtltetd fruit Ire, s, of all kind,. T'Ile publlue m yI t rely oil indall g a full ass sortiloetll o every ort:lo In tile seed litd tug ll genue io qubhlyl, and onooorted nr.eot by n Wm. DINN. t.RNISlti,-The .Subscriber, hIaving lo lo esla htote0 it var0ieoo Ulalolofootuh' in 00ew ohleaoo, it ready to!y the tirobters ond thl public ill genettl, hby hoaeale or retail. Ilis prices oare moderat,te, d ti'e g oulity of his products rerihr to ally ever Ilbrobllt to this plnce . o Th gnttlelllblll eln Illoeot l l It toosupritlnd Ihle Inuu II etII IrV Ihaw. hon Ila th" It -ll of" anl exter sive Sealabltiseulit Itflhis kind it, I'.Eurolpe. '|'hose dltspllold to etll :ot thle corner of NatcheoLIn t T ohnuhpiotoulas tas, shall t pireasarnd with a fair sunlpls of aul y vlrnish I they Imla wish to try. Amolllaet tie varlrillhs are the I enach,wrranued llU to chlluuge eve ill Iboiiiay water. The bltck varnioh for estoro and ctualn Loe Slotoie.l, Tla t looo.psbcln o-raohn octono oostlll Y tcE. o II DUNNAEKL. Roynal College of Physinns, Lo lon. JUST IvTf.h original Vegetalbe Ilygeiut Univeral Medi oiLe, pl.rpar' W Miskina, Etsq.. m ' or ra ,Ialoval College of Surgeonls, lienntiate of Apothe-" 1caty'ts lomiaay, F.ellow of Bolt Court Society, Surgeon olc to tile Iloydal Unlion P'ension Asociation, Laceasler clace Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil oatf Guy' an and St. 'homns's Ilospitals, London. Time This valuable medicine, the result of twenty yersa' gores experience and un palalelete soceess in the extensive and t anod highh"y respcsttbt practice of the proplriety, ptro- At t isedltt tile foHolty ccd nobililty, and isnow iiitrodotl ingo to the aotice of the American publtic, at the earnest so- TI lioitation of a number of 'glemitenc of long lnd high the u Sstanding in thie profession. It is oped, as a preli'i - co nary step, to cheek the evils end fatal coasequpeces sive, n arising from the use of tile lncerouls and deletelious verti t nostrums ioisted upon the public by the aid of fabricated calin Sproofs of miraculous enres, anid other frlads, lih set of ed it ct'elneC ltl'e , intlrinceiltllid icetentitrs. o totallyignorao t -to a Oc iaediail science, that it impossible tile mtnstaoas fin dluslaim can cpy longer go down withi the intilligenlt thii peolle ofthisennntrv. Tee'lt ipills mildi aodigleaglto even Sin teilr thture, shollod he kept in every tily in cases tall ' ofsudden illnesa, for, by their promptt administration, ieti holera, ncramps, spaalso, fe.ra and olther nalrminog complaints, wltilt tIoe often prove fotal, mty te slmedi- i Sly cred or prevented. In fact, all thosea wiica valeorgd cor Sihealth, should ntever be without them. They are sold largi liicpkets at 5 centsl Aot ui $ ach, by every reape plld ttable tiruggist, btloktellcr, and vendorof medicine i ti t United Stties l i m Conaries, with copiousa lllectiollsa, i to togetler with. estunoials of professional ability lootr for SItile ifottlli i clieincnt gentlemen:c Sir Astley Cooper, J oftt Abenethe, ,lames Blundeil, 1. )., IV. leaek, al. 1)., t n J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. 1)., od o numtroas iotlers. Ttic origimnals may be sce l posseasliolof th i General Agent, by whnr tille maseilc e i iimloertcd iont tiot athdis country, at to who o alo atplictioisa forogesiae cess most be na:Ime. of I JNO. IIUl.IIEIN, Ir2 \Vn~eley Plnace, N. York, ti la Sole o.itnl Agent for the United Statsco, &o. thr it For sale hy eapnintment of the nrigial plto".'ietor. con eo by sWA N Il nllcat, I)ruttggists, No I l Cainl sreet, L(reneai Agde olor StYattiee tft Liustaina jul y8 hot it I IEItY It IIi c .e, Na 'itou aine streett , re a cn S ow reetrcing from sipse Nailvtlle, inLiisvic le, t0.cckEa, egle,altt oiter latie tarrivals c rit n to:1 no r .tle'l. ct iae, y ilt new selett, assorlbntlo mt tla 1cieS, noot, toes ai nd iroganll ls, in oaitlln ofgentlen' d sline cala and 101.oeo Igen ols sn, hIlto' ld qlliy; do bolt antd stolt watnx pegged oiota als cO ars llr q" lliities; mlert's file calf seal ane:l ..olrocct lI rh lnl tlnsand tilrog ats, buIckskIin siloes, broggns aot 'I" lit li, qels: men's ite t lf at nd kiled peggedrl shocsdal nr S tI Crogs; do bos; do slout ki :nrei Wl pegngec shto-e a ll nrtingns; gentlllienlols best a'liO nl' sectcd shoesl, tac In tiogaoi t ant lnack I)ownilnga; do calfI a ld enIO atOCO i,:s Ickle sites and rogans; ao caltl; seal sd mUrc o:t ly l Illi siloes a tlts l til rs, o Cllf, l i l t ttefur It' ll w lins Also a gen enral assoltelnnt oimerilcit stout wniax nle rt-at ttogan Ittltd sh toogether with 10,(011 cit itle. ut l hibIst lld liy, rils tt Ig alls , Illnilet d ill n l i t Itnllks, i(nleo cx.'.telt for Tan itca letn; a goti as W 0 articl,, otl a arge qtaii o tiy oty a n ritit te r il I rIt scll it t -io I' tir ans. o Lidies' tit cllf, sea, morocco l nl g1inii welt, :aIlImi p, tn sol slthoes; do ) lille lFtricth ihitceo o lnd kill i 111 01'.1l llllte ls; InI tirll , I cllie, W iiti 1114 . o'itehout hut 'ls; c, I \ ic f., ste lltt I Storute i ath n ti l nloItc.s l Ido P'nt :lln:I so I" g n'n-' tlt 1Ie I fen11: d trhot er n I Mo 1a8 s'1:""atlry; d, illil:ll.l msan rit itt r amll o; li 11l itt11u nr11t mt i Ii't 1ih:l,) t tlll tl I t\catps. '11 SIls tnsoll n tv ;:l he I e hn b I 1iIthet na trti Ii r:l ict .i llll Iltte n-t ior t e ll lll elitciE l ef h icl a nil llll 1.; o I oll tt;'io tllllll. ;11ai ll l it., It . all) 1-- ' ]111 Sit n1t I .t1- iii lit,'. 1leni I..1 t l .,0l TiIt I:iill Ie E T I 1 e l thi. mtat- it relt ' Iie tt i-ml of t' ho- 1 ho a e eih t I illle r tlnllg , de1" t i thio llr d i t i- llt 1 ll: tdr . IlIt ct 0 a ccodi n f to the. hi't tti n 1. 1,s. 0 , , never iled o 11 7ue ofit t Io I1 is o tll . rt 1dt+ "; . &ioII 11 1. 111 t 111; I1t . IIet1 11 Intom hy 111tnt c 51tit i 11 ta St i r cre:lrh 1 h. li'i It , d k - l dtn11' ..S -i 111. 1111 I 1 1 : t.ill 11 , ".'111l-tlt . t ilt" \" ;1 511ii, . 1" I1t a on t, . i In . Ina.te. , cas 1es . I0 IIt h 111111,, 1( 11. 1, 101c 1: li',c 1(1 :10,ll" i,,,,11. '., '111 1 ,1 " - 111 Ir IIto , -. "t , ,ur aTher.e Ils no h Ier m I .,cr; " no"I 1 1t110 l :1 111 I t,- ,,,'i lt 1 " 11 1 Il."il` !,,' 11 ':I '1r/ ' llh e ".ttI S1d t( l\ IIar ilc i .lne Illml/d 11' i t, nor n t n I jl u rI)0 0,1ll lII[u I1 I111i;' 1 -111_-:- 1eh111 c 1.1 --i t , 0io 11 1T1. lr e ll A 1r i0., 1111 tl r wi1: It 0ll e ll l il cllt tit, hl i i Il I "t ilrlt, 1rl 11 . 11l1' I 1 p)L hIh1 , it di t r1it I.c[ 1, 1 i1' I 1I I . 111[, 11frl :o 111thtC hatili,. - ullr hr,.;oe 1 ap,"l i: 11 l u: . e . 1. 11, 11. r 11 " it nt Ieel:i tdll (ct ctie i1t 1 1.r a Ic 'li . OLIn eRt fIotle. - gent1 r tte Orleuii it ne. 1, s who110 ale pah"re 1 rug and me. di: tin + tor'.. I ilti c i (1on llt(o titc Oll IIIhi I o Itn n irtr I :ln 11e.nt. r t ic nr it tn i in t.i M nT t- tnti ..1i toe' liconti\ o.1f111!; t tei entolot iinc li iitttnt n11 1 t-itt1 'i. r t(l'le it tcitliitttr utitttp- lint p I1 Illn ,i enc. J', l IN i 1 e ,Ia lie ll1nn . :1nc ! -o. l Ini ilo to oltu it' 1;e Iell li ) t 1noit htll'o'p)Netf, b oitoI'itti.'t-it--t- n 10 ko i d lll needntnll C nlaI1 ifi hel 1di11'e iti Atid in g ore A -Ililtenl and V l rnttihgll t fioe v,.N,n; lr! telott I' ll - S ion ,, dr.!l;nl it t l e Ietlg t tottId 1 Jltot11, 1 n itel I t tms l,(rd ai ,11100 In I?:3"L, by ml,r - el thou hi,,h..t 1 ro-u.nocllliv e in tiet sct y t i ll t 'ite i,' itio ,:nect xeo lilt ''!t ll 11 ltdlc tl is Iluiili' reeltl . lr iltrn.! t', iln | h .s J cs , i0L'.ll 0 rltl tvel lllt l i-i 1:S,11 11 Sve d ('c,0011 ct.ll 1- I ouch dit.1il.11 tl ,I no uer ,% thI tt Il!C pl10 r lnrIT ofli 11r tim reelpc It. b1ean i' hcled t otlt',r it, to the puni . - os lie ill tic precl i form, lc thie hloio RIhu t n lny h e ý ' 10tll 100110 of relieving anlllIy of tblon 111o0 are err Iis I a ieditile p)us-e sitlg great vl tne, i w , 1 Iand vr Ise • i acnerdino to thin dir.ctiont has neaer fale;ihd ,,1 i t cie o dtTcting ait cure, 1ec0 in( the most utstiaIltn stagc. I ut, of the disorder. ]t is litr at all hl gr.eabh., and +lt norred tha one, or i:l ohstinate cases, two boltlt; par to tlect i cure. There is ncither menrcur oar do arsenic in the. oedieIin, nor any thing injurious ' On. je5 '['. W . S311I I'l, 8 ('anti et. 1 ijj *. *. '.ttI1.'nt t0otLnt al. PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NElV GITY, PENS.1COLA. 16HE subscrith berhavhg tv ure<lg f Ituse l l for 7 aillureof thlli* ela l k..nownt asItoblirhlut (fan 1%1r s'J ' .ylor, i llt (M,1 rieltort illll b le ttl t re v r ic r ,v t lets bl the' tst rT April ext. Nunn'rusI am i costly ihlpvemnts i Iill e fAtunl it tt th Ilrrl ge will ofl te IIt g iree ll L oor alte llee, wa .ll b:th-. n ill L rI, drn led at all hllrs. A strn ble a tiewill be nalhevl to tele .le with gtind acctll ulln tieml s lir oiass ttll tge lll', lt Ii:st rlle hore.s nI llt a tirrngllis wil"ll l be ktIet lit,' hir.:at illereate ices, t noIlll sail ""I'll tOte bOIutp, t\ illl 1-.lillll, p sos, . ° lnla l them I sll1 Sfir tol o use of vislters. Ililli:'rd andl other anlti. l.0 1t1 I t i at P nltlllclllle :Is tli t I o eIl rfire it h n te tit eoillt ead tulhe of thte Ib rlr.t. 'I't wiler Nllld liAqtloL.r wt I l g i of tile Telt qulityl, bod to ertrote ll pply of "il ic,., ait cirlod has tItrete ble ordtg'dte wtch will arrivte g a ill)utf tileo It el fry e " Mr Fredelrick Isqnad, r who fnlrmel'v ke lt so ppular i Ihotelat rashcillngto citv, will centll Ibis I cl ifor tle pro rietlr, el.O, witlh sit ai, i onlliineltatl nissa rea thie aisilrs ofSlhst leanr, Ull his fiielnt' genery IItl Ihcthe, they will rhc ive every rossible attentiol; and Iterelby xletwc t It giveL gertidt steist tli onlaClinae. I kaowl to need I Irs gl. tled tcscriplicn I:.r. The finls eitt PtilYh.eot is WIe Inr; elve. l niseliom n of nhe d (tuvrenl nl;t ll etenll ol iendezvulla s of 'the ull lld. Iotn the rr ealtniY en'tits I hlillllt reesthdt costnll.V du Sile Gulf-, IRho . ll f Ih, lic boy old the aneidbothribl isllnd-l .,d rivers; flho tbodiknde dt delicu o Io ihe to ll ithll whic h the wnlaler a b llllnll; fldl its pn lrlnlllgi I the aestothe eand ,ll nrhes kintie e tfir F-t. II,'. o-,or alll bil the, lai aie ll t lhc ul t ni t I ut e I th I l [hr landut bl deiels. , dBec"? eL tPo.l 'qr l , f'rotLn Ih, New Olrldhllos blnus. N B AINOL. IE_ (;L' llt llllct l nl: llsllg to enzrlaco roorills folr r R 1 fI rr.nrt. r ."tt tif tcr II, ' " 11, IMt 'tolhlu l, Pt h It, .lfio,' : l+,I I t Kibv, inl MobI.lr8 T '1'aT +!ur, 1' . /7PR,, l qi i, n\t~t 111,.j;e ilel+llul t tillr c 'l -e Ilntel, i' plart'te.l Uil (lo '\'llitilltlnl' tiic"e, .51 t't ('har les i,:::ch ,Dor: FOI.(ID\ tlO1"II1 FI"N' NIV: ' fO0 t11, ] l rill obil e in lll ollfltll tIhI e I FllIll l I +.lll'~ter rlhliu ther ..uberilrcr to be io irrtfilines =.onets t itia n sel.' l' . Mill e, in l cue o ltlhe failll'e e'the ,oat, 1 So, " twic' "l wpe k fri , wrn r I IV z their frida and and lhe public m ,,ener.l, that such as copiltr stills, kettles, andt Imns, tin bath. So/re hras t nd illC dol e Lit hortrle nOt ion. Grltt hatn of every de. cription, sl. ic as Sin.le I. :ahurt,, tlue. d-_cti p JUST PUBLISHED FROM St TEREOTPl PLJT.EB The .ith Rditiosof ItOWLETT'S TABLES OF IN'iEREST: No TO which is now Iaddetd an Average Time Caleula tne, or easy methods for finling the average time W on storage, notes of hnad or bills of gools, when nor. by lesesi at different dales, on dlifferent credits, ned the vat'iots olnllts; besides a useful oald complete teanking , Time "l'ande, tile best that can be contrived. or tlat i1 gures can pr 1olue within the same condesend compass, and size otftpe. An aidverltisement in thebook is in nearly the follow. ing words: Ti The high distinction this work has received throngi the ten legislative acnts prefixed to the title nge, is a re commenltion ill itself, so ulncommon,,s an so concl sive, Ilth t nothiing is necessary mnor: than by a ay of ad vertisement, to give a condensed view of some of its pe ulliarities:s far instance, the lnterest has heen comps- c ed fiom,and compaired with, what is equivalent to t.o- Al teen sets of enalcllatione, exanmied in the press thirty five times, and prinsed Irom stereotype plates tes testei thirlyty-one tines, from all which it mnst be evident H even ti the skeptic (especiolly on the ie.sonal ofthe de- J, tail los proof in the inetlee) tthat the work mtIst be rtitl- It metieadly infallible, anl in confirmation oflthis Ibeliofa F premium llf two hundred and lifty dollars, is now offcr edt for the detection of an error ofa cent in tile presnct It or fifth edition, as expressed in tile preface, makng five I' largep eni ons oftered for the same error sincethe lirst N pnhlication in thile eatr 1802. One of tie most conslieUlous features of the tables is inthe arrangement of the Time and Amounts, hllNch flir expeditilns, roference onllperspieuiy, whitl te helpo I ofthe side and illex, cannot ie exeelled; and thlI sally ty nId ,a0e wilh whichl thel in:eresl e be fIoundtothe eIxtent of general business, wilthot doubling of sums is besides a convenience s, esseltial, that in tile estima tion oanne oi thile most com ntent Hlld p)tlactileal Ilusi. n nees mnlll and puiblic o rntels whlli It' ae nlllle Tll-et sl.e of tite wnrk, it Ilhas beell dlistingishcd Iby thile le i alellleatinl efofa 'nmster pioec". Anti cosidering the infalibiiliit osf the IOllllib elogiinally io1lotel ill ecomosin.g thie work, anlld tlhe extlrordintar)ym n nttle l valiety of the examinations, and tests of evely edilion it has rpasseiiln the ress, cotwilslltlding the whole is ins i sterotpoes colsidlrlnlgin shfiirt, tlle positive 110a1u I l seerml I lletnpreredente ea e.. ploy oil, tiheV- l t fumellhs beeoloallll elsll mu elllllshaticallh styled ll thle most wOndertl'hil book in tihe wslk;" lIrost celrlailh"y it manleanl nmec figure work oftlle same extent, l]ich since th heginningnl creation haslhd the same now bet' tllt varietv of tests 11l I se su i nulmblei {f edlilti's; I no, noIr one :llfthle lnlumbelr, as is cleacy shown il tile prelhee. lesiles, as test and st:atd:d, it h:as beel tried 0oi r eed t in ne li al tlelll llt e b k f l e pub lhic t ill' . In the Sn it'll Slates, and by the public gon.eily, during bhe lon perio'id ofthtirt l-flve terls, t 1.t ni, etrror of ille tl lclllations halls ever been lllonl ill int, althongh contilnul- i ally chlulenlged by the n;ill' r of l large plrnmils.l The book.ii in fant lexlesly uldlpleld by aIll the(eourly oflaw cl several olthlle Sltes as thl e " rhite of ticullllin for.tatute interest," a5 also by law for hnik interest, aecoldilnllgis tile book is nse1d, and as .:Iny lIe sneell itl lar1i'0 , h .,,- l n es of thl e sbhsclillbere, :ilId t trotw of ihl It is inl ol er well known that, bv its rearl' check, il itls so otll I lllictel ol l s errort i llls Ic elll Ii'. lle Iell madell,, e l'n by tihe lost ' lreliil and nmlo cirolll t'lll tlailhl ueliC itt ic. t itl s sefilltit00 , :iiill the: ih.,snhte ,e cesstit e 1 0'ts s11-, Iate been l extSl' si,. inslsled 0 , it t 'so e lileslnt, inedll , ll llellcl l1 :Ill l allllll, la dl its ' savilgs, thall:, saleerrI y1 ;t saglil , whilst the lirt,'dst t Ou ilwasseac., anad mat of priht,a irtat uIbll, (i of tl' smlulll· Ial.t lnpie were s g t oo, ie I a ge t ditalce. kl cctcnsel l at lllssnsoleooioh ) n 1111 l1: 'll'ltolx. 1101 CI t- ,i : l llo p ir 'p i s~oenpero -" :000 b~" t r,'eee y dsl ""e', 'l 1 o1101 .,or d, llo- 1111+, 1 .,+ill o i' , : d t!h un , I. h 'II t 0 t' I i1.'i:'h ll l:lU'Ill In II 1iui'. c1 1 1 1p llilo , lb01 llot ,0l ill t1 1 .1111 , /1: I :lel III 0, l 1111 h "i b'ai , I , ,111 11 " Ills 1 1 0, 1 ,1, 11 ,." it.I' ", II b 000i0," :,i l il t 1 :, l (1111 01 h, l: ,til ,llll I ll i] t 11 11 111+ ra hli ol it", 1, 11 0 1111' I 0 1 , I 10'.I o I th , t ', '.. lr , ," p, .i:o h'l )I I hI , ,.,kl ,1, , h . ,:0,, iL l..0 ',00 c t * , ,t , h0 t0l.0 ',,0000 :, n I :0:0, 0',,0r a0u ' c, e it n, I r 'ld~"ll·+n, thtl,, ,tI ' 0,,,I i :0 t wt o } i nt : t' I : o I ,i , l io - i :"'II. '\'1·1 i:11 S~ l I I II 1 · 1, . : 1'+t + ..,'+l,' bo th S1,,,ll ,,~ll. ,trl~ 10 100I 1. ! . 1 1 11 '11 (111,. lll i .o. ~00lill .1, . 1,0 ic i ',,r l, t" L (I, 0, I' II t 1, 1 l t; do r I .t i itn h u steli. r t" er t i.ily l l it ed, i nalof , gu , Nf .... un".00, 0,?, ' ' th wetet k, " , h '0It , !. 'rn ,1:,00: 00L.:i 0,. to I l' I v1, :olo 11 : ..I .1.'. ,,i t 1iktr / I ? I Ii i ,:l ,' t.. I ".:h.'t th000 I' f I . " I~ 01I , 0l ,h . ,I '1i i 1, ill h t.I I11., dl 1 til . (11 l: 1 '11,- I l i ,'. ' 11 h t ., J' ,,, ,alt 1. ' I0 , . " , :, s I t l " IIn t'0 oI , , , : 1 . h : , ,, ,"I 0ll1",l IO dli t u( ,led 7 ,,1 il ,,n , t', , 1 11 0 ) 10, 1 ~c 00,.bo ll00 11 sl' , h, 0 ,0: -. idi, lill l' t, 5 ) 1 0,', 'ee l I .,!i00 0, S islll i liliie0 , n , : ' lt !' l' t 'li n 0tl . 1, 1 1, I l 0 O f u .i 'iri 1l , ' 1:tr 1 I,, t t" . o, 1. :ih .t ll ,. t, " 1 1 T o; tllllsill l tl . I a . , i lli l l.ll I , iit tll lilt" 11y 1 1 i o , ll, 1 A 1 11 , 1· , ! . ,1 (.S ,, i ,,I eh lIeIth ''n, , , |l",ilaitit b iI" b , . 11-6I, h.. :ii l. illh, bl ,tx e t 0 illt' 000 ;0 l ll:l0 t.'!] llrallliel. 14 I v n1. k t -, i :4. 5 ,1 'I 1 t I si 011: 1 oo A1 i ,t I SII.ll toe seen , t tlh sYrdo,. &lei., 0i, a glass, copal trnish, ma. o0, bna tiol.r sal. I( T II: \VN " 1t;()1 ).--ý"-Ilm bs+ +re c UInd idl ll e i l , well \ stld. I li. s, l csrll t lnd rodl iiro , n, il ro.t s m :d tll plu h .C:,/ G , sler, blisrdsrd, spring, sheet nml Ill1 lw ware s , cut and wrntlghtn: ls;and spikes %ish , lulrk tin mill :, ,Cliad stones, salt kettles ssi, -s cable.,:ththors, hoIl. A(ilb l s, ,lices, IR llln ers. illt hellots Vi eti , ssi Itt hiis ls s'ad; .Sho t C.:tlaaIl coking stov\'es tAin's, I. sw lad'slll it il 1R ades ltd shov.-els h+ Ilok ad plate hinges, dour and w ihn.,a hooks iCollls, , St i tt .i , tisi e'thils it:-' s lh 1 h anld sle:ltlillg e.rll; Natal stolres i rts, lihlnsed and sperm oil A toil assortment a)t hardware amt ship ch:mdlery al 's hand w r', ad which ore lte red fa)r ale tU'th|le ul,: or reltail, oi the 1most fvt1llable |terms, by s1it IlAYTION k (o. 53 ()hl Lever. n Fl\ GOOl'S-iimmn.. lirst &s '. now 're P.toik on, makes thl ir alsoIrtlln vere:i, plte. I slu itsmsig l sli ts tois i s slir t sit: i ell htI sit ~rs :;+ ., dia r',lib, slk ans wrste d elassic .ltls, s lii- a II a fine sltic suspen ders, Ilslls'Oil naild i u rill t imhes, riidlitl, sowlels, ipi wde r i lll and; o s i In h ( i lo er locket boi ks lullld aint tedle hrooks, m hell, persl IaIvory II li C r, olleo cllli t rIaei, .b a o amndlllllltl , l .lla r o rases ds,, niilslkl e sl sl t i li ansd ri , l.l tla d aill d sd ckle ,-i ( h ., lt s snind l niias"itd ,ilvt riturd gijt s nd', Ivstsalin s, l h l n, he itd 'h rlnl.t ol shlill d ~rIos l d iet lhssl, shoi t bells. btg e, t he . poce atni, alnl ililot and dirks, stis'sorss, la , iph uist k 'iv-,o ;urd rri .a and il n r l, wlrl 1i "illlU.i s , it i.' t i-s , ls t t Ii l, .l, sit , l db, de, si late llul or i and l ll, Ith la . l ll r,i (+ihlla , Fh"'lrida·- ,lae mld rose m n'r ss Ia j ntltl i sidi L, ..i..uii Iet als halir ko s, si] h lll' s i l, i iea i a ito f eh ail is, IZARROWGOTE SPRINGa i uri tll- lblale and I i tl ti" ' drleit end il re hie muscll+ appra 'luaxe.-, l) h )lnal :i : alllit lgIaa"ll' I'-it anlill Vest l IUIII om tllf ] i t ore ill shir , h lhit sit { N col nill l vierl, it' ll l sse r t lllitip sl ld twlze lirsi t llr o ,tud -'ll hu'ke t,,, , i 't're 11 ,, .ira r, Irnal :,nI at +el ni:t: l e. h, I .oe p . all (" .d , h ir p hiet h:lilalt I ru ll il l, k uod rdink, bsort black ", v 'i o linr s an d go ita r a d rib lllle r ol ire s t ,t mlestid , seta.l s wtill snak s l U fie Ifallloie tri ll[ eI accolul'r ] t-++1in l'i lll Fth r ent. or . h 1 w r lltn ltll'r c i: l d'etstik " lsms lt tlat ha e ril t in"ro a 1 Il: proprieo ,.f s i tofrd- is isn h J p rri - Th reurh , h, nth il wth, kinst ln lr,a i stie hrsst dla l Mas'..t d . e .......o t . it.. t s, e i i r s thrb taittntsusp g .slltn arissmi le tsnii . -ss ls la witt us'bs str1 . etiltss rdt tiss it the tsls mls e Ytles i.tis us c ii s111 sll tl i hissltsst Ith t;tmd si ill)t.. it ssideem e it a tu eski disks tbsl irt st-isU bi« t!i.. itr rtislet, t i llttli le, lt setrsi"ss ds s -oe itis { si -t.ll (is,-s. ti hat s et l ren. t .i'r s ulis fr i +tosssit tt, h e s tit o ti t sise'tueeda s this at ttigj Ist eo p ittis r ii - hets s nitt se ie -l t Jrut CIeIjt. . .Y3 MAIL ARRANG]MteNT Northern iail, a Due Every at 12 M. Nufrmerdln a, Cl Evervy day at 101 A. M Wes , Duo ever unday, Wedneday Western Math Friday, by OP. MI. by tr of h Claim. every Mondaya , Wednesde Coast, land satuldays by 9,. PI. , he'aiibr laild ( am every lneAdly, 'Phurslday, a h Sdaturday, by 5 P, h1. via Closes every Monday, Wednesday EXPRESS MTAIL. T'IMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPARTURE DISTANCE I &e, of the Expres Mall, betwn Monise and Naw Yk--leaving Mobile doil; at 3 P. It. Nortltwiar Neo York diily at 5 P. MA bouthward. Arrives Arrive I VeArtlhwn. Distance. Time. Retum'g lontgoiery Ala. 2 pln. 198 n's 23 12 in. on Dtg' o , 11 91 91P 3 4 n.m Millcdgrcille. a. 2 133 1t4 2 p.m (Cotaairiaii. A. . 7 an, 163 17 10 !f Raleigih, N C. 54 2t11 22 12 nt Warrcoatoi, Va. lt m. 55 1t 6 e- Itersburg. Va. 10pir. 1 10 'a. m l- IichlmndVa. I am, 21 3' 61 a Frederllickluir, 8 657 p m. Wahbiogia oiyl, 2l4 an. t' p 6 at ltioomore, 0" 2 4 04 I'hilodellhion, G14 am. 100 It 2 it New Yorkb pro. 90 10 is 1305 143 if. or Sd 2 bh Northward. Comling Sothward, the time is six haol lern; being5o doye moi117 hlnura. STEN DUOI.I.AIOS IEWAIRD. he ANAWVAY f'rom 169 Cjroudelet corner of Heoie s itreets,oil the ight of 30lot ofAugustaad wasil Sseen t nxt morningin Iie'draes street, a negro bay named CIr IAIE.lIS, about 17 vears of age, sand l ee er thireobolots ill heigiht, very black, iand hat an impes e iteont inll lis s)eech i e r of lin logs is sure oeaOioeneli by a reent hirt;l Ieo ilald on wn lie went away at white Scotton or linen lshirt and while cotton ltintaloons. n lMasters of vessels and asteal boats are caalutioned ginst i ciai ille, o r ihlborig sal negro, as wellas al oi ther rerone, its tI , I linos, rigoeurof tle law will be i eofiincl iikinii ihieni. 'l'bho nbave rewardl ill be paie S hfiatdelieilr hl it oi oit, y of the jil"a of either ofl the t ioor eillisca , oro nt 19 Corondellet, eor er of Ilevori Ile stevrt. Npet t" jol' 'll,"-'te cpla.liielhiipi itere taire-e i.ting i ]ndFilmIi fitrm of I)tnOis & larretson, las bior i- idi lolved. T'l. subscriber will liquidate the alTairso I; he i this city, tnl requiret all persons indeb . ol m Io nli'uk titoelll ina lmionly, and oll thom hbving el in li iri t hel Il reil forsetteailtiht. SnotiV-7 t II (tARIIETSON. CAIt'TAIN t IIhit'.YA'I""S NEW NOVELSI I- Rtttli thloe tn if i , by ilti etlieolr lo Peter Simple, eio Caor in , ior a Wiointer a liet Sehl,,s alni"fiel in Iot,, I Stviii, Iye Ce itiii Ilail Iall, tloyal Navy, F.L ,(1 `., it 1 vdl. St,ord Itohbia a rvolnnoe., by Allan Cellllinglllo oI ve in A Coimpciiias llito'r of Ittly, tiilislnte from ithe S ini-ial aliain, by Na thaniel Gireene, in I vol. for llllI NIl. 9 LoI Ita riler' Eamil library. a Vols. & I ,l of the nlw clolnpleto nalld unifVrll editina of lishi, t o ton Iri neor 's I'torks. i, ioe..rr's Ii sor, ind lnt.olii, Dicition- rya in I r oe, 3no 're i 'rt a-t'sech e eid aoglinh Dirtionary. i At.'.--I ai!w more rojilesof Calte otm' 'l'rnology " ienzi" lL e Sri re Vol,'e o ima ses oe flerAior qla It , i, ll ii ie, l lilli rl ol' I I 214 and 2 1-2 inO chll i(s idillstl i'il.oel iatic lie ens,jap d Ite i lnorsa , weightl &nc\. fir. C,. .oilnt rHeeeiv!Pi, a Ifl .or cTalea by ,, :I BENJ. ILEVY. I)INNtti'I('S tillI'liiltt.11 rIITtoN OF DI K o)ryil i,'" X.\hrtiiXlei t of the Ilitr. of Romse I" It hich iv lrtix. l 111 Illlrllltli to te .Slldo a ml i llllliarn , an ~ Apolli , "eh ofn y val ta le infor luatioln addleld thjlt lho l tit,, rw ork, O tile ,Innner littlitim dii itlicoitso hilea lS id tic iiii c' of the of olo ai r tithe ,1 ll h i clOi i notiesta; rnt elles bie .i l , I it I fll l, in.' i i ii oh i' e ileh -etim. Ite lo 1 ,~l, ,t l ~, th l hltli;en, . ,al. raln wol. i bi Aio ers.t I i 'lI+ I s'.. It,, , ir " l' ,l , r i iilhlniiil li Chitory I, ol':n'.aud, H ost he Ill d ior of l a nli dt',ear to the ,h: anll iof M e,,l,'. " l. tn l l s , lllllnlu hlll to tlhe yea ýIi I, -'.: . \\ ~l1 , ic tii I, I : 1 ,; i :iv iif o ltei n t iiee1 it in i ?hin a .te : h the i ,,.iii c . ci 't o olll itio rilll t i I tl,.l I1 It i' tie iiiio d eio niicbll t eo to ltrscA.w fnoe. SIt ,tREAM ii t.l, a.r, ,.+ e t,,o d b nrt,, , lr.,' r. e tnoot aie - r to ts 1 tal ~. ~ic eii'iit. ,l ilntr iit'd eby ttaity anr ; I i ri . or . Iam uI ).c. , Al e ll d etlll e t " An'I. 0 II. cliho-n, lt iilid itiou.t and 11 im provemrla tI I i V a l il II i ' Ibh . l ,'th tr -Smli l piaiI ltl de A A an IA'i Artl.'i. r1 ienlil + r- Jut , 'ted :l for ole I1' I 'll Lit31 m'KEAN A fa l t " ixni, iirll|I.y inrtdlto 1 S, oti., ' . , I n .n ('ow tl) . NMiltn , I)rSdol 11 J l.;llt l, l i.;1101[ t atllt t ]. c£11ti tll t of th. I, I . li" i l I I 'i . I It l IIrn .l 1' 11 • ..1 . o 11 , .I'I IS tr by n it 11,tv, ~I tt , l tl: V it ",,r,,l . \ ilor, b , 1 ! u, , - i i\ io, ih, ooca '1 .u 000007 :t) ci l, l 1 ll i ,,,,'u -irl.I ll. n th, ilr .il Th, el. TIlP' l" IF i -l. i \,r .!', "lic l hil u un ii + '"' '1' il t !: il g t, ," ...c.,' CIi, ti ' 'i ' ellllCf 'i Coll-a I+n 1 I"'I, i, ,1 ) .li .ci . ..i . a lg... . 'lt o l) , , ,L" c ,v, cl vrol t l ict i, llll0 IIchll bt IclI i 'I atol. cr 'o, crd,-ti. I" i': . ... o,:pl,,.eia.a d 1-c I; '- oll,'ci'i ocl,lllllUill oitoI, n , n,oor tae, Ill t,;,'dI'lF .1 11.1. r I t -icr \ n, . lliocl l iolrC vf sarsper f illa . i' Iai'ld' Vtr1' loge r.'()n I )' so. , h licits a sharn i, .l i !".- I . l... r ...'i'. I~r.. . '&e ' . .. . .. k of 1)rn _. , htic Iot P', , uil h V1(1(1 ru in treoit an.t Ier,. t I ·., Ii e-iT', jl j e odvng nlit y a re par ['I", ",,,, h , h', Pa arco- a 1n orb nie d e ntria. i u', citilr, loosr cc oli, oil rllcct bot,c pldds bun kwheat; sitith 'a i ict rv o'.e irlit lreges-iicn Apperient-bai ] L Ir . Itsn a d toiltl l'rv.e, In dycpica scooerd and Iciil ,I .i Ii lh i iottir. lhallt ul l iOalve do cuts.a uIs tie' r il cl us, ll ', a \.c It nlc ited r' lied \itrlct oif sarsaparilla ft. Ii i a l ci, i , , l) lorl, ) a ' llceoe Soede ml] i', eh",rtotulb was, owder phlts and braES. tie., ' .. .. G:EOtWE JONEmS. ROWANI)'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOR)l 1EVER AND AGUE. rlIEN years lave not yet elapsoed since it wae - first regularly submitted to the public; but it las attained the highest repuotation; and has sup. plianted every other medicine for thile Ague, wherer. er it has been known and appreciated. Already Ihsi it been carried in every direction throughout tihe United States, and still realizes more than could have been anlticilpated by its most sanguino friends. oiThousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored t, health and vigor through its agen. cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op. portunity, to its decided and supreme efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principlos as are calculated to renew the healthy action of tihe stom ach, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of which harmony is the iclmediate cause of tle disease. It is napparet also, that it produ. cos an entire chalige nll the co)ndition of the system. and cerlily destriys thie ttive liabililty to relap. s'ae of t hll..tlcti i. Wmein tihe Ague is attended wLth illen oaih.r coipiila, ale ey l)ayaioLcnt of thbe e'olic llx atu ioill inut ieerfire witll the treat. meil oru'the ther dieuose, Iut awi:l ivene afford as. iostince bhy urnismhinrg iringtli acd vigor to the Loidy ) irimi the eltrre of treaticut. These wiso amik oa oh this M ldiuiie ay be auredicthnat Tthere i no Arsenic, lorks I , Mercnry, or any other ticle in iits cOmpirsitiio uifrieii'v to the humase aini bd y Iay heJiti additlylal ciofidotilc iu tine Ihnse therertl; whii thy perelei e tlat it b bas thnrf rcot ll a t tivce n aiv. boumt the timlo hallf bot. tflu fulls has baml tenai--ineo iiuqueuce of which, tiere ins n p.rt o'" tom eli]int left to linger in O tdao ,Iri to to e2 ilS': ilstrlultios, and other evils, arisis. frtm the u. If many oi tihe remedier now oeirnrid ti L tihe core 01: thit ulVli ol. It han been luc allr. ait IIpreotiv ce iiy IIIi lly w Oere nub ietint . ic toeit el.l ceolrclflrrtoo oI' he Uhills, and it mhas ii v ciiv writed elf tthe approlehended attaci. (; ,,.o! '. rolpriLetllr, flly s.lilied ,ith the icymelmllel l iimd unitverie! rocoerne which has hone. sltttie lloiided a punicItal aInd regulir use ofthe 'oein Mixttre, in all cases of Feuver and Ague. itroa warrmned ill engigin.rto r rfuad the pri to lil litoua who hav oen t heull i meodicine in trint as. aeorllnu wilh tile preocribed directions, without havrng been iclerictly ad lastingly cured. ?l? aii,,:ehors arct iliimeoolc+ agen. . for tine Sooth Wee ter Statce, tad vllvn sioiv on band aix. ty cas o this imedlicie, whvlichl is warranted freah i and genuine. For sal.: i t hIle Iioaunfalred prnd e I JAIRVIS & ANlilftwY, \V Wihotlesale )rggits .n7 cue "- -in - s _lt.. hil. imlmliml flir .1c iilii:ni l ear d I. . i "! r, it wln, cii iii.ofhmie cent-n of-- she ., "r ree Ii l ears luof the - ."i i, I ll . . _ ,II Cam p et C·,:I IIL· t, il(lll ll,, jt-I rCei r d TbyJ h o 3 LU: Lit I' -l t, ''JltIN, tki il sa t as

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