Newspaper of True American, April 26, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated April 26, 1839 Page 4
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S of i al- e c"heretoin thew' d e' , to tAR he ordinary meic tn ltreaiin h thoue t in tie f irdt t lnc~, te ptul Y taorfn ieI.nrfnneor d ninlcanve. I,-l,,e 1 u1Wo e isni w - ttot'asn ltqirenl he vinl. ttnth a taniit niprl lt pa n le fleio a m' Inct" in e nitin -iiti. nnIieyncia r !ish to e t'orenjonbens ofl tIeir. • l · -p tngQ taallrcatlvoqnolitvl, it re mina Scoth a te re thi dllrder, Jr r to ersat Immrý m lnth gh ' lY. cletaner tihe everal nr, S igha ciant, forid llhm Irlaetila the srs:rm ehoutsqenais asnetlioy a it may nlle ppre.oed. he i itt elt't eiT.e Oft ci-Toni, ll ixflrm, haie Snothiall e winlll e oitins lthe dl.esieo, llv e Vlnpe ll t fly innn fretorn; whle'eas bli o Afeconmmaireuliet there in awvays creo ul tji reIa liati!itv to roe'noimnea. The. dange fentre.s I fiit Agu., is very evidn nt, for S illfsoon InCome. too ndelr pine.,tate in t wit rat oini ac 'medicine and slediily fall a vieo tlt ureich ineasnt vinleaen The''imin Mixte ixturn th rensmt enhia reasonilble pride, oa to plale it wiihibi e rh ofevmrd deli--so thlit te ph. and dstitutle ar herseby fnru+nihed withl iasteae,l wtluit enlic iting ite aid and tletendlate which in fri'lltntlv denied to t lqyerr " reiltclartnty bestoneI. Theipbll atik reiplctlv rllstat.d hne mtinote i oa imfatitn o this miediine, retit are dail offered ,lj ,opreti',-l Itt Dr. lohn ilt, at his aotre unherkrc igned ehilelll t wicanv Inha aolcneab are tleiwholellse aovrents for tio n esth \Veatf lifdtet, .llnd will sell by tit ers, at the Pilladiclp.Jl! pricees. *'.b he had na Ietail alno, a tth Ap the l:estri:s it, ti ecity. J:ARVIS & ANDRWtVS, 1V i" W hioleale Irtieyi ste. ' coy Cnonvn& 'I'chviitnulne A Mitamnitlnpi aod Luinojitt tuteotel, e,,r hn7l y T.. N1,RS. MARY KIRInL.ND respectlf'lly an. eononces to irer frien.ds al d th e public gene. ally thlt alet is prepnred to accoLnmodte tIeitd ite Ito .ablove eetaltblsnmeot, and hupin fren Iher lertlnon to rinder visltore comfortable, to receive -contltnonce o"f f'rnnr nvnrq. llo fult'lis onfi. dent that persons visihing Covinglin during thei nmmor months, cannot filnd btter accnmnmodatiolv thtan she. con afford themt, on more lilberal terml. lier house it plonoaslntlly sitlated, and well supplicdI with eveIry eotnenionoean; tIhe bar is furnilshed wilth the most lchoice liqntri,&c. in hhrlnn,she promises 'tat nothling sltall li walvlting on her plrt tno give irtire Patiefoction to atll who may pattrolnizeo the Jielisiippi andi Lntisiana notel. je3 .jbý9h'ilE L Ic -The lildeaacgne d. lovlgi Sstudied under Dr. Sdttlidt of Clharleston. Pletl Carilii.n, Randl for soin years assistant ill tie practlicn'6f ilndic;ineo tiend sorgry, has Ilao Ionnr to offer Ills -prqlerioielal services in this city. ei assures I e l ottiesl and gentleen th lit thte nol i prompt allontinn will he ilid i ti lth calls whic:h may be nlmlae and also offes Ils ln erviccs ti thin holders of rdlvcenh.beino well iequainted wih tlid diseanses nntolne.,tiot.hon, having attended tilnlI in rlie sugar"'lmne-iii 'ulielnesenn The fatiftim' itbflliotso pills a: ter tIe "mfnposition af ProleasneeouU.llntte. fnitn directione., ci be lhad tl'tei undersignad. l Tlit e'fct which thiley have producedni ..rtt oi nther ities lhas been lattenldedi wilth th lle''iito.cess. no whichI tihe best of: meflrenco. eanbe'givenv Apply at No. li6 Mange. aintte attt. "'-- NO. h'LO'OING. 1i LOW4 WERTA, WOiOuD SCREWS1, SAD V" IRONS, &e. IE l HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beokroan street, New York, have received the past season, antd are coh.stantly receiving large and extensive additions to the !lock of the above goods, which now censists of the olowing assottment, suitable for tIro southern and Wcatern nmarkets. Hollow ware iof silperior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of '2 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gollons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fromr 3:8 to 18 gallons, Blakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Nkillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders . C do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . - 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes fromt 1 1.4 to 43-4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, irpn and brass, front :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior I -uulity andfinish, and lebs than Jame's imported Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for I -etailing. Tailor's and hattor'e Irons, assorted. Slbas weights, 100 tors, assorted froe 1 4.4 to 301bs. Bells for Pl'utt.atiot:e, steamboats, churches, &c. arade to order, Also stenaolbets and othelr machinery nmade to order. The alone aove rrortment of goods is particularly reeommnctdod to the areliltion of Southelr and Western merchants, atnd are offered for sale at low prices, adilt upon the lioat liberal terms ;it is be. lisevd t9% t' l B.,largest and best assorltmet ever aflered,.qf. aieg ly any one ealubitsltmnet in the United itadulb-srs; IMet . ];, rwarding a request by mail, can have It .ii. rcular, witlh duearrltit, of goods, prices ri."iins, f-otn which no dcviation is ever made, ~..hsshed by return of mail. All opmdrs will receive immediate attention. New Yorik, 1838. y.3 NO MERCURY NOR COPAIffA iaew hrle irs, Amv. 14, 1I'I7. A BOL'T six montoa ego I had the mrisfiollue to got •a serel dineasd, for hichl I Ilave alsplied to seve ral doctorfor a cure, and they did lint cule mre, hol tow .s thte slioe date I Iut imyelf under the cate of Doctor i lldj, nall ,exPmtrt tiw to cure rile. Since tiola tiue sheoei:mea got worse, sito as to break iut ir large ulcer to the numbner of. ;ei or eigit on ea It leig, la all over oy iite, andi sore t.lront, aill not able to wonrk at Ii. presert timer. oil accouet of the ldisease; large uler on the right side of the throat. I a no.' PUtliing lrynell aonfidently "uder tle care of Dr. Iluet, ri Paris, to be lterectly'e ured JlII.. DEAN. fe 14 ly I 110 CERTIFY that thire above tentioned disease is quite well erird to mry own satistiction, for whic:h I tiank Ih. lintt; anld oreau ver I that the medi cine I .ave taken tlnl,es m fet, n tand did not injre ily alalth t ni al; tlerftire I advise oNy f IIrow snferers or loie no tijme ate apill to l)r A. Ifune, 121 Coil lnree.d.betiween l)elllieii trid nloinrb-u strcaois. I ir. I $iael is atii hie frimn 9 oeclock, A hA, until 4 j' M. I They will find a trute doct:r r this co p it. i JOHN IDEAN..I0 tiraier street, If any one wants to see tie, call at I,. cilruies I J iiIN D[Ah. New Orleans. Fel I, 1838. f l, 1t I - i lE lGeuiiIe, IndI lt.leot of iri.cernt u ., ld lIeIIe IIIId,is lput up in bottllles at tlhe low llprie rf e 511 cents each, com.eillnig the strength of Iltre oillres oif Livelwort, hesi lea the lirtees oI manry other roots and herbs knowt nrno IIs t tlirdians 0eericacious ir curing I pultnonarv eomllaints. The u rcitlled tareeas ublich bs attended the ire of lo-islnestanabtltiltlestim wheslever it has been intro spd,h Ias.n-lhined the onnfldeace and recot,nellnleid iiE.iifreplectable plhysiciano, for Ithe els of coalunc eeldi, pain tn tlte-idce, want if rest, spitting of blood, liver eomldnin, A e. To whon it iny e.ocern. This iso r c 'rii'v tlat we have ill our pratEi'Oe frequcitly prescribedlil Me r (iorl. I ser's IndiBani laanrt of l.icrwori a d1 lhlirhound, wllnh a decided good effect: twe car tlterafori,, rm thie Iaknow b lge of the materials it is mnlde fron, anI .o rvlotun ntl xn1rieance, recoarMren it s a a. ,eirr ,rnparatl., ertl those afletiant of tire lrors lr atiii t is iore ltauended. Alt.I:lt IF WI.LI OIS, M. D. CAI.VIN E.I.l.S 11.I. Mueince of s tlhi ston Medical As.rciation. Bostsn, Otilsier d5. eaulby J. tVIS & AN IIRIIWS, tt lii C. u. ii ran I' :r.tritrlla sin D OLHI.Alt' y9g6iuc rflPeemnoilip receivedl,nd U for wale at tleir permatieat \1Vr.tia \ta No. 8 Chatres.a ý: Now t)rleau. 1 IUBt, rlod.av New York, I)athpli obn ,, Mobil.'. It in partirolar'tif.dignaJ liba privrate lairners, arnd ocltaole, and is catleulatedl tr p..reo.s odUall . Lalies asad gentlemen are invated to call and nxamine theeysatem for thetllahl'ae. Lesuons are given at te hooe O s a c alv surt thet manveniel l ofali, and to clalsea formed i "any Iatlrt of Ela city. Ladies who prefer itcan receive 'easons at their own re ' sidence. PeR tae paing e , rat of laesonsaare derredr StIa".-'"'' 'O t a i vellalhev wnlth. HTITE LEA' ia-- , b ibs.l Iba esri; - 411 kegas, 10 " 2S01 do 2.5 English tdo-'"5 1-4 bble. 4110. 10 Paint Brushes, varinou size,, I ee,.e Vermilli st b blleCopal Varaish; 9 Japan I .oach 2 pack Gold Leaf; 50 do ilvear do; 001' do Dutch Metal. SWNDOpW G1. 1.1, AmerIrtn, Erelish and Preuc R er~m veraroes sites and quallties. Anosta ut.wna do.-500 boxes, consignimeat, will be A ,.,a;general assortmena of artists' enlours and o. ¶hvlW sale by A W 8CA'I ES, N. 416 asnal street. N R. Ait) nat' nt ikin t at p r, .ad Missinsippi It'l.,: recalvd u I+Pp. aunt diucunat for goods, *,t.rart laa . jaiIl Cu.oamlom suaetr, oprdlI the poant.olFae. Ig. ribnters are now ereeiving from tlter aree ioi ,m Yorwl , and will keep aconsantly on a as.artmtntt.if Marble Mantle Pieces er ta wnh ip, and of the latest patterns, S Egyptian, Italia,, Irish and Also, Monuments, Tombs and ruilded and plain sills and lintael, pa artl and boundary stone, plaster tii f aa n & RB'draulie Cement and PIeater. I g t lt t tiet with a splendid assortha&et ol L imvUptod and plait Gratesia and Rusia Iroin o oftia neawest atitd imost appraovd patterne. iarang duns ln the bneastst nml:ear sad at the i.hrra uek at +-+ +u . .: wr. ... , _ . A S +,. tý It S"ýlTork a Zaltimore Packet ACKET1'S FOR NEW YORK-Now Lire. S--To sail puaetually every second Monday during tihe season, fill! or not full. hllip Orloans, 599 tons Capt. S. Sears, Ship Alah.cma, 474 do C. C. Berr' Ship Arkansas, 627 do E S Denis Ship S r.lutga, 549 do W Hlatilaway, Ship Nashville, 5411 do 1) Jackson, bhilp Kentucky, 629 do J Bunker ' The above rlhips are of the first class, coppero oad copper fistened, and having been built in Now York eapressly for tlis trade, they are of light draft of water and almost invariably cross the bar rwithout any deteltion. Tile commanders are mecn of great experience, and the rhips wilt always be towed up and down tile Mississippi by steamboats They have handsomll furnished accommodations, and stores of the best description will always be furnished. The cabin passage is $90 without wine or liquor, and there is no liquor furnished to the offcere or crew. For freight or passage app'y on board, or to H C AMlES, 48 Camp st. Tie shlips are not accountable for breakage of a glass, hollow ware, marlie or graite, cooperage of tin, or rust of iron or steel, nor retonsibeih, for any package or parc!, unless a regular bill of lading is executed therefur at the offico of the es la.s, S nov27 NEW ORLEANS .r+o iALTISMORE LINE t-Il PACKE'I'S. This line will cnnsist of the following vessels, which have heen built or purchased expressly litr tie trade, viz: Ship Seaman, (.rpt. Miner, Bark Mary. " Nickerson, SIrald lerry, new a Stevens, t i. SIolomtn Salts, '" Lathaml r Brig Archltect, .. Gray. These vessels are of tie first class, have ithand. I some furnioshd ; cconmtodal ions, and are of a light dralt of water, so a't to .Imit of their receiving and i dircharging their carroelt" in Baltimrr, at teol city. ' Freight wl I, e taltken for ports on tie Cherapea tke fl or James' River, and forwarded by the agetrs, II lMrrs. CLARKE & Ii ELL, tGG, at Balctotre: I xpeneeo on goads shiipped n ill be alvan'eld whl:n Srequired. T'lle price of passage is fixed t $6.0, ample stores of the i at quality will be provided. Steam rp and down the Mississippi wall be tken Ion all occasions. For freight or passage, apply to GEO. IICI)FOtRD, r nrov27 2 hiovl'e st. ,'It Nb;W V i'lK. eLouisiana and New Yrk illine of Packets ] 'T'11, Slhips comnp. sing this linle will sail tiuam n New Orleans and Nrew York on every other Moen dny--o:mmencl g on thet 20th November--and to I nhsure the puetuliuty in t tiC itm ofauiling, the irhn, will Iherrealtr cornit tf icfie ships, viz: 8i ,, Y.zro.r Cptain 'l'rak, to leave oe tile 20t:1 November SlJhip lruitv.:., ptain Palmer,.to leave on the D ht rt:lr rra:rc'', .tlain irldrilge, to leave on the I 1 th I ),r ,,.r. J Shit. Veksbua r ia.rtrn W* ,odhtns, to leave onl I the ltot Jsurry. ly Ship Mii seosippi, C, rpta'n Dav:r, to leave on the Ih 15th ,f ,Ian.Iarr . o T'hce above tore all new, of ilhe first rlav, Copper id d and copper alt..lened, td ;rowards of i'Il0 tIon hurlthen, are of light draught tfwater, being buil t ill New York expressly fr the trade. The price of p;rsage is fixed at 1(10 dollars: their cabins are s, fitted up in the most in proved and convenient plan, and finished in a eat end elegant style - i Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the corafort and entire natislction elof peasengers, who will please take tin. tice that no boheh call be secured until paid for at thleofco of the consignees. These vessels are commanrrded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give every at tention sliand :exert themlves to acommnndate. Thle. will at all litces be towed up and down tile Missis sillpi br steant th ets, e ld tile strictest punctualaty o observed in tile timr of sailing. SI The owners of these shies will not be responsi. I ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or i put on board of theer, unless a regular Inll of lading tr be srgned therelar, at tie countinEg thoe of tI.e a gent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHiEN, nov27 90 Common ast r a E L trOS &('CII itRLEiNSTN P -CiKli'S tis lire consistsrof heirnvo. erll ct to I Ilse first olas , opre(p1 it and a app .r uast. 1r , Winh I ( li 0.l lll r td llr 11t. itPe ,it rre. T]heFe vtsels Da rJ .omnollllanlle ed hby enptaih wel exper, crd c in t. It , c ie gill Le c * . 1 1 ly e"tion, and r' err te i'hr ivr urt , ar e unm tratr: IIh, !r hip},+Irs. 'T1hevy l%% l h. to+,,'d i:,. r' dr'ttt, the t M i.ssiil pi, p iiad leave Nirw ()rl,. an+- ,, or beto rt the 10th and 1e1il of every mIith. The: fullowlig, vesser l crrmp - e 'he I t.r,,a : lira, Arabian, Chartes li rLihn, mni ter. ric AC nP, n ... . "r . . n.., ....ster. tr rnr Ahutnt, J. D,,an, ns, r. llri. iRlger Vtrill'nme, J. .1 liherts, usc r. FIr Ireigirt 'Itr pass e,:'tln ly t~i A. IA, iAtELI. & Co, fit ('llrrrrren et. Nrcti, e Olc, lor lt. C Mt(·rlrrr. Ui~~l ill'ett g LU.HUAltJ & CO% Unston non Nn w OrUrica S Li c o' Packet Ships.-This new line of shlils ais been exprep..y illlll I run Ieotwell tha abov. ports, and will be tIund of imitable draft of water: accolollodatiols for passengrcl, and every eflbrt will be made to give general satisn atiion, 'I"l I knha is composed of tho to lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons CaptJ.. Ilardilng, Carolina, 411d0 do S Lemisl, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columb.uao, ti25 de it torker, Seatanl, 241 do ,I low,., ltombay, 625 dIo I) uttphtrevy l'ih above ships are all noer, of the tlrst ,laes, copper fastened amo coppered, l)lo llded by oleo of great experience, have largoe aeconllodti.ns, i with a eeparate ladies cabin; every attention will be iasid to ataselgcr,r and the very test of stores pro vided for the..-., 'tih palckets will tb towed up and down the M is risiipph, and the Ftrictiot pIonctuali y to' served isn the ttte of vailing, and should tIthe Ig,,lia veelse he detained in arriving, other ship)equally as good tWtll in ull cases be substituted. A shalo ,o patron oge is so!icited, .id tile agetelN pledge themselves to aeconmuodate as muclh as practicable, to receive nI d forward goods by a id lies at tie most moder ae chllarges, and to advance atll expucs on goods shilped, if required. The ships will leave Ihe lit and ]Gth of evory montht For freight or Ipals-e, applty to the agents. J A M FI'litlT'T. 82 Coolmmo st. N. B. Alvancements iade ooi eonoig0men..ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. olnrO? . ...... , iA litt t l L tito a or rceivi C.u -ro I ont board ship Orleans. EIgle. ilighlauier,Ioki, Ilry \ drdo. Fren.h aid G(eraun plhty cards; tIeck gammoe ]unr.'s; ('besmien, C 1-1 and " 3-7 i::ch Itil ard Balls; t, . .'I, !It 1a it tll htbhide Bowie Knives: Leather ant etorla tra.elh,t o [)ri--di ('ticefot; t Pockt. llora-eonnlo, snd I)totlina I'i-toto: dooltie oudt sia.le harrmlled amn-" Gme BIle-; sIot hiet; I'o;der ln o I istol:t PFa.ko; Irani, nll 1)tt,1 ; o I)rikaihlg C1I.*; ToI oth Powderoo: T :tilo eto ,: vitto iorp, in gent rva riety; long li ir lraidi , liM.dets t. F.l rizete; Pear: and T'oilht Ptder; littart i '; Ivory Tub Cull ious: 11111n1 Shldesl or Gart-,.; (:mt E'+astic S.lsplllndetl s; 'Powder fIr'- atll I:Ixet ; Git t'lotills. Seols alh Keys; it:r-droplep \Vtaict 1u.'kke: Ioracrlol:; fIendl N' rs anid (' ot in t; G til t ot to Siiere Ie,o : tIndian ien ds, Ills tll rl 'lltosl : Shell '1 a i ": :id, and llll l)re, .in C l+;,hich,hi additioin t A lgit f ,nr e . ok ot.t ,n . . talller their ne-ortn~ nt very ltlia 'IP r, : al will t te tt dt low end al sod l teno, at t ) ,,i:. of the G;ul ien l kt-t 1h-riil.r, Age: i, te esteto I ,t,,- of \. & S. utlncher. ihetlli.. En, lsa a.c jtlt: rte-ivetd a very xttewni set (Ito on oe il . ,on--ltin, of uhlie atdl Diesert Knives of e .. dell, e!nli, Pen, 'o lPt, Di , H n llla d lllspear polo, knl le s: litllae . s"lis tors. EdeIR ToolsI, &e. a e. A.c w hirh i'rl'e ore pmpred I o exhihbit i tl. trale leor o rdeo,,. Tti l m and ell, ionb Alership Itinstal t .t ;!, Itoo Atolwew,h end r, Fnch ndvel Ger- tu " h" lhe , ' tpyvineenrels: slerh.h Had purket pistols; l.hain :inn , ! n"vl split usian lo ps cap r lioelor ; sc *trlls is ::, -. lenll. yes: htillot'et nommercial and otlher steel lItil; Vin us; Violih strings; shell, ivoIy amd horn eelns; wat'lrs: kr, sihead a lesalher .turs; hair ])iscid, front t11o slk ringletso; ngrn.1 puft; te'rn aIt FItrInch colohgtne lrater, onl taes tunceasler oil, imitati o do ntile a sllhears otil; portableekeko ati tl eslttg cases: oalt blacking; startitnd toilet glowes; conlvex s nivrTl ; op scal gltsses and views; t lianlshndet, Iellaoel n loates; «costrllon, wlhit- twine toilet and shaving asaps; toilet od+ der, csamertie wasll lWl;t.lal eetied saiti lios; pol sta.mds, ne w oebiolss; fIney bead chaius en. •oecklaces; Itlliett bals,; peoket Iooks ctiI walletts; German hones; razor straps; toine tand commona gut olasticl etaru eldeas. gartersdo; Bellslucifarmatches; sil sre ieteils Ut-eyeons, &e. &a. ' Te abov t naddition to our former st.ek of feancy ,rtilesm, makes oreet as,s'tnent acry nlepleete. Plt sole Ilihtlcale so -etsil; as the sigh of the Gotlden Ctneb, t Chiaert t" street. m1s.0, A NEW srticle for persons troubled with desanerss, (called tlls Ear Trnpetll t) st l just been received, ba the oe of which, the sliighliest arteiulation of the hu b lean tiee is disoiaiiv conveyed it the tar. Any oto Swho has evere oeslsbig.ed o converse esith a verye dee pe"son, oust be fulliy sriolle of the diielty miolt terrn1sosleet experieUeed aWslt ho oteetaeelseils lnd the is dlvidit~i- -so Iltetrtousstto alm]d. lpy the too of ttho Naar .t ttprt ltio d-l.'tieon is eutirely ;tisted. Tlie lost -eeprieal have tl esy a aendlnel teir doubt- alte: hasine nul sis 'ruln.;i. or le CII FPate "tuore. ,trner .lfmletnl ana St Clnrles tret, lHO0K BINLURY. Under the Pionyuae',, p si. BRONSE\IA'& HOWSON beg leavIc il;'rm Iheir cn:unrrs and Ithe pnlllie genernally, tn, they have removed Iheir etahltehtenlt t Ner . ':a alreet, i nllediatei, u ider I!le oflice of the Iilahn -n-where tey are prre re1nd a o execute all order in Iheir line. i '.ing recelvrd froml the Norh n snuply of pn. lur . ndl natl rials of n Superior quality, for the neal.laure of Blank Bloks. they' off'er their ser vIes o mll erchats andr other, who mIlay wish work of thlati kid ; and havllng the advagiase of reveral ya'lrn'' experiena'e in thllat line, they are ennfidentlf 'iviing s;,tilfactan to those who rnny fivr thel wilh their caitrn m. For notarire, nrehitecle and ethers, maps and plans swill he pasted on hinen. varnished and mounted in Ithe neatost Imaanler, & at the ahorltes noice. Plain andI ancy bindint, in all its varirties i11. CGulNA t il, I l', ll t ItllN WAIlfihit.' tE 36 lllanrre snare a1, New Orleans. rI ,1 SIER:Oi AN'T1 & Co. imnporters of French t utllnd Enelsh China and El:rthe, ware. are now opernin i, an' nd rich pntteras of breaklas, l dlning and ten services, hilu ecats, pitlchrr, tea - nd cofll e curaps, tr.npots, sunrs, creamRs, owles, platr, dintshe, tureens, ear'st basins antt ewear., lo, l bathsa. ,Ice. pet. R.lch ncut uld plain Fre'nch nd American glans. war--gohlete. channmpaigne, lemonade, jellies. lare,', winesl , c; ordials, r'nll tr* b'~wles, doryltsters. Fnmbler, hr es, pitliherslaInlp., Ila2mp shade and, candle shados, salt cel lers, etc. Silv' r pltled, brnnzead nnd britania war.r--eaa.ata tre, liqllr rsnndtalns, ca'lte hket ca h nllaaialascks, bhrat hes, a i, e .1 , ladles, r l: e andl te l , .sugar- , creat l -'. Ia aps, jaaranrta d critar taeral sanndelur nd htl'ainm la pa,Ill tin e -rtiacry, IGerl:an s ilver splaotns and (lrk lt, g,, eter with it a ,:" variety, f ar .c]t Lfr fina ly use. Pierrchanlar, pilaners, hlt, ls, and aSle mtllll hoia , fl'r laih l ae lh .o Is at thel'1111 le in 'monanlle prians nnl la keld s, as rlo bne cohvU'e. di with asfety t rany plrt ,I tihe coul n r. A '' as'. '. m e anr.'.o l alre. nnr{ ' nlnh FLaIaRDll)A LINE: _.r _m ron ..Mo ,.le. to A gul a, Ge. ],'.. e Mohh, ,-verV day lit hree tl : ;.-r '"'"-` +'- ý '. lock. I it pe [t S mil h"n, t h rlIlall's Llndalln, above Ilnlakel'y,--thenlaee four a ost enaches to PenaI,',-I-lne. esteamrolhlata to nIL-gr _e, where i, e laal ellle is rPesumeId-lhence tva l n 'n!,lllll n ' d BIr atnel il. e, Ina. L.B inhtaidge, Pandeltn n, Il ao klarsville. Snl nueraville& L&ouis. villet Attustn, G , rca i ,ctinee g reaularly winh the rail roud snara t W'hitllleton, and rhe stenm ai aciket to Nowa York, Naot tlk, Pililadulphia, etc. ''lt Snit. a 'il an sart the Itea: for cile s ervia,, andl thIe lnavigaion pnents ,~,r e adv:rat"aes thailn can he found upon nl:y all Uaillai rlou l the sluth. ern re+im. irhe araent iataprvaemaents in the rota' hanve been tproducedblaa tall)tct n tra, aia l all a lftyInia-a ci w l-ad, a thel arpallhIta s, viz : fra o LI'lGrallre oil o nlr'aire triaturoa, an ur.a of ona t La n I.ty, to In , Uarytll' Fuerc, oal the C'tln, 'a I oc e a al-iIer, l en mthl, s. bov , Il., th l Co, lrd, r" 14 above Cod,tr ,ihl an whelerby t. nviga;ll' llll th lavr, ad Ilm co: aqintlo dena itiils, ' id i ,.a rtit ,ertly the inlcon - h ve.t:i la cln ss i llg at 1r l a~ , i rt a . cir-t, a'iv eld , an d a finc roa, flar t .11 l u, tianal d a r,; e o I n , oBl rid_,, I sl,'tadt 1 ' ,t" r ll , r o d r , in CAhrahal caahlanaaaiaaaataner abroa t a raa Sil s l, nad icrah alng Ihe facilities ae lorp ill ,n, SoncI rae , ea. SAlro,, n lran.h lnm oi two iaLr-..wr sre aver) b -f,, r adi fl , Iu k Is, l,.,. via P' rry ,. 31.o ,,, , S(l.t. coth F cltinlg i th u Ele ,i't to aliva tJlltlo ;dl An-A Il na-a mirar -c a rreglarly r e wnera L, LB in al1e an. A;paain l t ain. 'l'rave ll, rs wishi p i o rai, n, y I :atn on Ch.allhoonla'e or Aala.hl. al colr,car take s o - : oat at Brow'. -vlaa ,ac. Mobile to iP,'nscla-n and Rou Ie-Durini the 'tiHe occupied by lei rpanirs of ba,'s, thle prnorle. tors of llte Flori an Ineo will svn a line o i lour hrse peost conaechls every other day betwacn e -In' t Iha iand Pensacnl.,. Passengers wll Ileae IMotIil' nu 3 o'aclnck l.p m, in the L' S mail bLeara d pllceed to llal's Ltand. i,s where a lour h rse o~cnel will .r Il at aailting ,o (oney thelm to the c!Ilant hoaue of r. Charles Hall, 1 l 4 r a le da tannt, rilr-re they will find plaaisant acacoanmod aIo',s Ifor the Dight-leaving next n laning. they irillarric inin Pellsacosl early in the evening, lthus avoidiang ale diascomfort ofIl night travellln . OIlice at the Man.ionu house, .inlaile, and Col. I ins' In o iel, ['ensa,'laI , wherpe sen 's rl st be seCu red. S'l'OCK'NT'ON & o',. nov I Plano 'tc Insrlruron. t William Smith tenders his sn-rvtces to the citai. zens ofl New OrIleans as ai teacher of the pianoa lorae. ir c laUvinr belen ntmpiavUd see rnl years sn eacl hel r of innll e in private tllr :ll s inll B aston, and atnlo t sneverala l the fI' nI le saenciaries in its vicinit n, calnot but hope to melrit their confidtnce. lie is prermvird t,, it fer , Rtimv Dr (.'I pp, lnsswi Sctson & A .r;, .l,,r^,n.& ;ai e,. F[ "r termls, a.c o0lalaa nlply at fe buckstore oa Alexander 'I.-nwe-.9 Cie naet ol 2i D gs anal .sd+atin-c. J B Prevnsa ha. 1..,aled innsell ' t t his city Inr ithan i- raa .aa l '",rn- ctrla a ane ral '.laI, Irsale D r u g b u t !n s - , ] ] ( , to is \w re c et tv i o v n f iu t e ip ,ply I Ircsh a ld g c a l na e nra, e , awhich I ,aill aI.t.l Inl libernl aem. Tau ct,' ntUnits, nd bosml arl i: nta r,a t, hyih sic'ars- laa hl i s and p l iatr t', he wl ,,if r inldc.ctrtel such as have ivnev r be. fore s- 'l a ll e, r' i -ai, i s c iaa'. la is intte' tion is to Ial rcata'al laiiaaissai a, riahntams. n, c Sthck wtill eons Le -,'om.letn, Ind -n r frw waks wi'I he rea. Is dt Ior busitaess. AUI arda ais Ir.m: the countnry, arid fr'om I i ero.hants o1 I i- ,i,'i , receiving such order. :l lac b," proa Iilly attaaidr - Nt. 39 a p t ,. n I o,' N. .,i 39Camp st T!1 ~7~ SIA AND IlFI'PAILCOMIIt AND) VA I'L II''1'A S'OiRE-tat tlhe ign of the golden comlb, i1 1 Cuhartres trlert. 'IThll sotcriler have re ceived ill :.ltinll to t414irp 444iolns sta4.k l Ind41, l 11full a,4d it4 "i4n1 4 sorm,4t0 of" : n 4l.t i:te i ilrl i l ; viz: comllb, Iperliul y , JkellrV, llbrushels, I4cking glasses, Ihl.ncv .nrtirles , hi·iri stnioo in p0rt a4 f4llows : q illed clrk, lol ron , d, dre sing, Rid l putit, cl rlllnd n hck, Ilial.ililn combs of every description amongst wlhiclh r:e soll: elxi tl patter;, Ivory combl of every lscription, horn, dressin ni d I)packelt, together with a g{llertl lais lll-lllellt of anr d Atl t . rll ll P1ilnn. l'Irtll ' Ylll-tEll+ --C ohgne, lr ll Vender, Flo(+rid , hoey,, bav, rse, ca1 tI uII-r c Mlwel r fs of every siz ie uld ldes luI " Soups oI I 'l' kind-, sluhrivin do inll kes and pots, crel lllopl do, W4 ard ll vierelble hair nil, eo an tld un ti e util. Pre ltons ul. I4ling 41, S41in 4nd pert4l ned toilet powder,pearl powder, pIow le 1111"t4 1 andhbllx po IIInIII444 pots i-nd Irollls-,rIs and chlorinle tooth wash iitewl hl o bwit l e n. .l. l Ir n of LJW';I.I l..-seS ofe l-tren s at nin nmot f toileton hl an ettds, n Sislin f whl e and red corneliaS, toel : .ni l Ameri1an portale 04e44k4 4'4 n 1 r441i0 g 4 et,4 omd Sear rich n et inl ill4ree, Ihnrei4 plrs of k x dred dre IVn uf ati.ll l. n watch trill lllliiC, gilt and silvr" bo akles, ci.or thimbls , Irio iner ald, .l .i I bile r and L l rd chainsd Bcro I., IIEI l -Cu h iti, r1 h ir tl, wi,. rll eitl, rithfloor, lint, 'f1it, booth, 1lue", o c Ui, Nodi, haovig. , lhoe and ILOOKINGI GU . hSSES-Geornan stato, and toilet isiiti , ll l if. ilFr oi he illlll v I erll{' leck- w , oll i , h ell l l r droll1s, i4 a h4'i i4' l4 tho illt r i1d4 lllllllro 'll l-vr,l pII n A.llel'it,. ndL poIlllte l e.:k ali d d l e;reii, sT on1 vdory rich t ,inel i ilL 4i 4 d h I li.o bo c 4usn4ddre4 4inff .lN 'A i w h lll i lyflll ih di l IcmII al Ion-lxe Ac I.orlill. to uio s kin .l-, sihi n co. h : I 44lh Sloodver tod -cra.'i1l+'o 1t44'O.44:4I1t4'oao4441 4i'1l0s will al4d withoud rlte,- pel-l ll -it c pspi : ', o .: i,' l.l,.Ol cap th trz. rs:el' ipl - i cr ,an Iri. nt h r,-li t l i l l , I ]l = part. l+'1 , oý. lt i ' li44Ch d 4 i'4t 114 hl,ýI t k 4 i. rL a4 ' li4lr% I,n44 c. hlU tos , e mllll I . l .-·t t o 'llll ' I'i erl d '. on n 1 (ttlli,: lll ,ti.l - t l tV be.ul i1 :!s :r "- do w dlh ,..r dh o4Fait 4 i rll "i i l4 u l 'o4 ns1 11pl w dri44 li a cu ll 4 e nd ma 0ul ..1 h a lr, 4nlnu!4r y d, .-g a s4al41 4*ld article s l cologinse, laui uco exr arJ v forI thi r ntil : I , ,tll o wllL II al ll ll4 L i ,t V+r ll, j llll)'1,, 14c4 llll- da e lde 1 al th, pt w ( pwith it + g eat u l+ t ir t nera -i Nevr4 ..: I ... e -, t. n nel, Ibe., Inw. ll 0I ooir oul. elck, 'l tni . Ctc io n , Iil k co arcoien.a I O I I' Ic, i ed BI , ,i . --It s l l nl I' hholth + , do. o00 hibe I. R ITTA Con or. r0rhI cottol i.k Ilo l -lb:y, r l ,,n'd ho Lfel R, N CA IdesrWA t, bilweln IDu. in n'od I il, in a liln, k ls a o salenl y l ho a nl d aV . le-lleve nIglrtug+ nt.,olrl er al" n rl old Tall. :d Ihers, New s crk mFnufactureslorren woment anr clledre l o1 iall use[, w1 u e!p he fill dispose r ofil F oAilie; lso h 'l l i . i' nrl a'lln c Perllllinanr rlber will h0v4 44 eir t seaot 4 r44'l deot 4 o L4 S I E, OUR ciulg e lver) Vari sety tu l ie Iltille-' fr s A'. i .y . l ,.A Iti .-lI4 & DlATE.R r ee ro - i. ln re t -, tl inner-.s, ho l le , Inwell lo i rAieri cn.1 a, d t unk e h ~:" oils t p,, wlice han ,l.rchiert &ut" ancdha e,dharin nd toilea saow ,basmll'e saFh I n ol to, 444lL'lVI+'d l44l440l , 1404 l 0lll , + 1 4i" , li o be a. RI 1r"T'A & Co. S c';i iill{r, 4 N 44454 Codlle slrttll, bclweel Dub d liqn d ro hlip, l krine a Orrisan tootll had an l .vnive r ohns 0 4itnni ef hoos erdh t groganh lld 4 sh ,ll l Nf ' N1 ew ''nrllrk aiocil'lrnel . a ir risen. womenl nni4 4li4i4del o- nil meer, wh4cl he will dispOse of I PFamilies ,4, hi4,0 0 inl'0 04 4onler0 l'n n0 0 4 il rder will hve 4heir wis4eo ntteided oI L S IE.JOUR J b;AN MAIlIE FAIIINA'S COLOGNE WATER 0.-noen ti44ne4 of this s4uperior C.41ohlogne water. just received 4uu0 for romle 'by 4he 1o04 0 or hltlo Ionii. -ho 4Ion Aoileo an mld Fz'cneledh toilet l14w-r*, powder -is uttiadIx.,-halbi and tolileo .,oonr'ia0 cw oe th lImlls, muik of r40ses. co4met+4i4 cold e40l40, 0t44e0 o 4 444sk, k,'p4l4o1, 1t'ird'e ve+getl.lIe hair oil, pomuuta i 4 on0ii de o.eroe, Fitoidnh4 h00le r, ro e 0Ilt hey wateri , ;e .0t -1' 0 .a lt, Marseilles tpr041ller it, 14 ulk4 . 1444 . 04''440- 4 euolutls i4,d jtoot. , ,iir 0a44 low at wholeh o le' or ri il 4,. ' Al3ltOiS, HART'T &AUO. 1 BUSIiNESS CARDS.. JOB PRINTING UO EVERY DESCRIPTION, atl dP'EEDIIY, IHANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXELI-TED to AT THE OFFICE OF THE II: TIrue .f.uerica, ll, dT. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. eIl 23 in ,..3 ,fll CHAMPLIN & COOPER, to GROCERS AND I)EAERS IN PROVISIONS lio ANI PEEP, vim, No. 79 and 82 Julia Strect, New Orleano. ln [.'Slip a,,d Fnmily stores put tip. mr 5 _ ar ..... ----------.-ii ,7- N-------.- no- lc Lt)ltSIAN A FURNITURE WARDROOMs pr No. 53, Bienvillle erret. of rV ILLI.AI R. CARNES, would reetectfullvn i rm I .rl fni,: and the polblic thath. le iC o stantlv receiving from Now York and Bostm a good !u .tsorllnrot of Fnrnitre, oucll as Imantogon chairs. .ofats, ted-tends maplel and ,ainted chair, ina ple and cherry bedsteuds, nmahogany and cherry tablet of all daescritions, bureau., uitet,, secletoryl, writing ?' dasks, wanlrolren of nittagany and cherry, wnsl Y eaond., Iooking glaesea,featlter., tbdding,&c. &c. I SNI. ourniture packed for transportation with great itl care,' *uvo3 tou FRED WILKINSON. to DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL iur LOUISIANA, ith d()LFFER his slricer to the public in the deport- A l nelltao t Surveying and Cisil Engineering,both J. in town anod country. IFromt uoidentrie extreni ce in of his peobnojosn. and by ptrettptteoa nold tidelita it, lte ( excui ofl tI aitifestt eaatruotd to oint he L tela to ll ioert atn ,,lecrioe oatltarn ofppublt patronsge. tonil'd ea1n loo attre o ut]cee lculo t he col ntnttt of weoioeoll xc ,il.ationls. Ollice No II 'lhart'erestre t, scoondatoy - - BAZA~lA1. I., RUSH & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCIIANJE HIOTEL, :'orner of St. Ck. rles and Commottna M. NEW OIRLEANS. - I'PORTl'ERS anld Deleeri in French a, d Englishl SPerfmttr;l' I)rteasing Case'" nd Portable Itesk. ot Cutlery, (lnNite. (lTso i tso, Shl toko., I'truttnllna, d, Canen,anld FantricArticle. d5 MIcCOLLUYI & DOSSY, r Factors & General Commission 1Merchants, MOIhll.E. I, Refere in New a Kikonon, A.lerntlty & Ilansna, (Cndolert &. Ilicky, !'Poy, Pmrers & Co. 1IS-Itn _- _ JOHN S''TEWAR'T, .o. 5, Platt Street, Neew l rk, I CO.lMISSItON MERC-IIANTr, 131PORTEIR and dealer n Hatter Plushes and trilnolings. Altplel t lotage oayv be had ion snod erate terms, and every attliton palidto goods forward. r ell to his care. lilll'ences:- p Messars. LIarne & Provot, N O. tionsip - Co. nov22 1338- ly A CARD. CHRISTIE & SINNOTT, ll'holesale Groerrs ,,,d Colntistn .lerhants, No. 27 C..nllon Street, *- t Orleans. S t17PartiehanrnIItettion paid to th ltlting up oft Stoat,,n Lat Ud Ship storesto . BANK NOT'lE' ENGIlAVING, RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON li AS l, o,,end a, ul,tIo in N.,w Orl.utns. poear.ttir l toual ,tgea it their htuso i, Net Y iok fr the Ilrlpos notengraving alnl piutingli BaLnk Note, - Ilntls, Bills of ioxelhntge, Certifia:cea otit t.posite, Cheoks ond other important opa.ert, reqltring security nlgainst laorgeries; and hlavte mo e attpll le 1 ,7ioiiovin tor I , safeb keeping orlnll plates and npllllessmn entrust. ed to their care; their eeti ,iens enlhrnclhe thsotes of ove·r fisehund,edtltokitno intttitutiott, and all orderas aill he executed with oerumptitude, antl n the usual I terns. Office, corner of tloyal & Canal atreet. SAIUEL TOIY, S..Nerrhandise Broker 4" Comtmi.sion .nerchlant, 1dl3 ()flice, 3.i Camp St.-For the present. OV. II. IILISS.. SHIPBROKER & COMMISSION MEI1RCHANT, No. 13, roydras Stresot, c -ot'nr 600. ANS u J. I'. FREEI AN & CO.. lln.Ilesatl Clolsdhia B.l ktsme nt. No. 3, anganllle strtel, IIA' V cnstantly on hatnd a tilrge supply of Cloth 1 ing, calcnlatld flr Ihie clunlitry trade. Their as. sortlnellt beitg lattrge, Imertchuts from the country can te supplied at thi e shortst notice. SI'it.1.EIS IN AtMIRIC \N & I-:NGL;i'll C'ItOWN GLASS, ?!,t. :i : iluli)*1).).I' Ll H r l , Il FASHIONABLE CLOTHING ITAY LOI & HAI)l)EN, No. 14 ('hartrie. MrNilee i t e'tlmenm , dw,. o t ic' latest stlyl, at ::hew 'lrk ....ri . . .. ... _- . _ . _ , v " I) SDJ.B.Ross SURGEON DENTIST S B No.33, RoyIal etreet. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING EoTAIILISIIM1ENTr, d No. 53, Magazine Street, S lJppotite otanks' Arrnrdt. WILLIA.Al (fEENE, PROPRIETOR 4J H. PARKER a Conamiscion land Forwnarding Merchant, c- No. 6, FIRONT LEVEE:, UP STAIRS. %",i New 'J I.t,+.Feb.3'.. Jt, TARVIS & ANDREWS, ad WilOI.ESAI.E AND RETAII. lIt.ALERS IN tt MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS 1" I IE STUIFFSI./I IINDOIY GL./CSS, S o.orner of Conlflon anild IT/holupitulul streets, N- A'I'IItAN JARVIS. t JOHIN W. ANIRIIEWS. ts, A large upply w Garden Seedv. w urranted tile growth .n- of 1137. ed j... HOUSD AND SIGN PAINTER' No. I: (Camllp lrcet. Wholesale Dealer in PIaints, Oil, VarlisheaJe , iruahett, l.:i19 Window and Pic:ure Glta s ae. Ac. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBID SO. A GOOD IPN'y, INso ON, hllarlres. natis, (t.e Da r Iew Ilienville.r I AVE consuantlly on hand every article nappertin i_ i .g i' gentler.Pn 'o a dres, uadlo in tie. bet nlllll n er n l m faost ghiliable style, wlhichl they offer tor caush alt eduted prices. deco--I838 FlRKIE N IVSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORIEANS. h'hel Cnmtt nt are nowt pretnred t tate RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 Mussnr's uitling, Can,' treet. E L. TR'ACVY, New ()rleans, MaIn . I'. 138. eeretanry. J chi7 . .i'p..iarrnahi, at Kalteh, lasnn &(i 1 ý aNew(rlen : M,;t(na. tIarrin &Co.,of Natchez; I nd Inrris, Kelley &Co., of RodneI , was disedated on t Int st of Jtty last, hy the death til Samuel A Mason, tue of the partners ot the 'ir ns. T'lh'e uniitIrinued. inrtliving partner", till he charged Switththe ttt lin and cluling .aid l,ttsinetsn as tadlow: lteviC IItrrirs will attend to the settling of the huainesn of ithrasoo,Harris& (a ., at Natche; and Ilarri, Kel Se & Co.,at Ro.llt v; a td Henry Ktlea will attlend t the settling of the bhtsiae.n ofnKeilev, MMaton & C.o., at New O)rleans. The Iunaes aof.he eseral firasa will be ued inl liia.idatioaoulv. l''htse itahlted to nsaid Grna are earnestly reqtested ocole filrwardl and mlke I ly settlemenlls; lUd thlose hating cluaius a ill Iplese ea reelic tile wi tiott delay. IIENRIY KELI.t.Y. New (nrleans, Jnellll ., 37. LTIIES.i GAII)EN SEEI).--'The suhbscrlber U' gas In .express his grateful thanks to the pub. lie. for the liberal support he has jeceived since no eoninatec, d luit.esa ia tIis city. Iking soale pro plrietlr of the aeed attre, 17 Comlnill tlreet, he i" not and never was agent for any northern seed vender; neither ia he cottnteetd with any hIouse inl this col.ntry-but he assares the public thlat his eonnections in exry depalrtmenlt f the seed buti. teess, ill the derelll colluntrlef Ertope are equall to that of any htouse ill lte United States. He ilt. prtis a ed' ti plant, . Ifrolll Ithe most extensive and respe thle nurseries and seeatalnen in !France, t.ieland, I~,grlnlld, Stolltlld, and thle no ithers statlu-and it will at all tiltle be his inrerest, as it is his sludy, to receive, it addlitioa to Its prersent stock, large arrivals of every descriptionl, really the growath at 183"; also, enlgrafted frult ire e, of all kintd. The publte mtay rely on finding a full asa sortment of every article in tile seed liune,f genue ile quality, and imported direct by DI n 1Wtna. DtINN. V . RNISHIES-Tle Sulscribr., having latelyl est hlished a varnish naillnactory in hew Itrleans, is ready Io supttlv tit litilters nod tale publie in gerenerl by ahtetelu tia retauil. liI itricesa re Indaleraat and tle qlulity of his prtonuets superior to any ever brought io tIie place. TItl Itaotleiaat etnploaved o iauperinltrnd th sa aitpoufsetorv hass hws tit I led of at ll eateive salblisaelatt f tlis kiuttmi E.urops. those ditp.oed ha coll at thle cnrier of Natehas and Tehenoelpuslas an, hI ishth pr. i lid with t a fair sampla o ao y valih ithey mi t a to try. Alliasliset varnihlll are the e,,ch N,,. 1, wrreaned nor to ahisnto e is hIli rwaler. The black varnillt far s.ores pl sttlu as loyal 'College of Physican, L ondoen. F IIE origosal Veg.dle ieills Universl Medi tEine, by \V hMskln, Via. .Mtemns n .lti ith lievol College of Su'..geon, Lic.ntiate of Apiho e e. csty's somlnny, Peiotw nol lolt Court Sociely, Srgnoit I it the Iloval Ullion Pesion Asioeicilb, lannoelt ldl Inace, Waterloo rIidge, and Perpetual Pupil of GUuy' v soti St.'T'homns's lospitals, Lonidon. 'I1 This valuablle medicine, the result of iwenty years explerience nad unpnrslclel t success in lthe extellnsir a amllhighlt respe q ble pracliee of tile propriety, poiro oined by the facully t ld nobilit, eud is now introduei.! i tofthe notice of the Ameriean plullie, at tie earnest o- I licieltiou of a number ol'gentllemen of lollg nli hig lij stlundlig in the lprof'ession. It ils hnped, as a prelimi- c nary step, to check the evils eand fatal cotlseqoee:rns i arising from tile use of the numerous snd deleterious ta nosltrumtts toisted uponl the public Iby the aid of labriteael c proofs of miraculous cures, and other fnods, by ly set of meresary, unptrinclpledpe ipreteslers so totally igltOltI1 of m.dioai science, liht it impossible the molistous o delusion can ansity itoner go down wilh tlie ittellige~t II leople oftllis iooUtry. 'hese' pills, mlld c lt agr:utnalle is their naiotIue, llshould le kept in every filmily in cases a of sunlenl illness, for, by their rolnpt nlltinistltion, t cholera, cralmps, spasms, fei.,rs aend otllher alarnmi complsintl, which too often prove Oital, may he aspoeli Iv eneltde or ureventdti. In fact, all those who value gooe c Ieallth, shoild never be withoutl iem. They aore sols' i in packets at 5n cents, $1 sud t$8 ech, by e.iery est' c I' Isble dtrggist, loiksltler, and vemoutrof tledicie i, tin United States i I (le Canoiatas, witli copious itImtioUis, togetl.rr weithl estunolnials ofl' pOssiOlntl ability (·unt ithe lhli ing cititenl geitlleine: Sir Antley nCoulel', J Aberinethi, oames lithuttell M. I)., W. lack, l,. Di., .1. Aston Key, A. F'anpto, Ai. I, antd iutiunetrols otithers. The originlalss ntay he seen i possession of the Generlal Agent, by wlto thlil ml lnttuilvri is iolntlled into t this outlry, sand to whom all applicatioUns loriagecoies must be made. JNO. IlII.iE1IN, 109 Walerly Place, N. York, Sole Gcnecr:d Agentl fr the United States, &nc. For sale by nappointmenl t of tie erigitll pml oietrot. ty ESwat tUi hrrrt, I)rlu.ggi.s, No II Canal street, l..''ere Agenlt bor Stast llteo 'Loulisinl.e. juil v I ISNIY it IR:K & c0, No J tlgnaine streci, are II :ow receiviig f.oml ships Niash;lle . I.mnisville, I Kentikt, :igle, til other late arrivals ra. n :ht -' "cl:eri cities, large and new sieleld assortment, IooIts, shoers snd IBroganls, antoslitillg of'geltlemeneius fl clIf and Morocco boots dIo E qluality; do bulltd, antd stout was pegg.ied lioo!s sm'ies qi:dities; men's tihem elf sarnal aed .lnorc, tIaIs, Inlops and blroi ns, buckskil shoes, broalns anl hippe1 E: nco's lile ~idll' and kipped peggeiKd snes land I rogans; do bolos; do stolt kip and w'ax ,pgll d shoes a d b.gallas; gentlelmen's best quality all'sefed shoe. I ,·Ioggns ula Jack s)ownigns; do callf alnid Monco I tekle s{ls andI hrog"uls; din call,; seal ul l.rac.nt nI hion o a tlusnd lip. 's, ido calf, buff astll seal wings, Slew alticlt; do fine caln, sr:. uttd morocco quarter iets; boys', misses'nd lclhilhen's pegged and sawedl l.ogeas, and shitosof every quailiti and kinid. Also a geeral assnrtmnent of cel's lstnout was and1 i ts hliIans andil shoet, togelther with It),tiO pairs ogro hblst qtoldit, ritnset rognsllll, niled irI li t ,leks, natlde exiprssly 'fo plantatiton usei a g ol d ns. Simeet, of olel's ti|le auid sitolt kip 1i sstt IIIbric'gti, a w artic, ', 'tl :t urge quantity of all intrior qua liti rl nset aind wa btleantltes. Ladies' lite culf, seal, muoneco and grain weit , andk pitmp st~h latos; ,tt line Firihth .1Iironce unll li nt e"..ll| slippers; Io ro, h shoes, with asd ,i|hout heels, , cal., seal and sltoutl lather InOestes; do ull'lella shot I fall kinds and qtulldies; do lasting 'brogans;i o uitge'r s and foted h lhve. Misses' instiags'lp.l igl sholursan b at.:and hools, .c. .;entlemnu it ,l'elshiotnlhh black ,ilk sats; do black in idgai. beateti'o nI a superiorqualty; do ititiation ('I rado; l Ihand ad narlro brim Int fimel rna It l:iu te size halts o t dififerent qualities; aIi , chilhtem'.. ,ll n'.and hl)'s black and drtb wool hats of l alriuu tlh pil, witll geneal assolrtient or boit s' nilli meill em , loacket ihroen he aoue Int md cities, all of which Sil rb sold ni aeonlnotllodlntt tertls. 'll U-II' B11.91.1 FOR THIl 7TE ET .l demanlll loll lr this e'l i Inll reluellv of pain, till pro eerventive of the teet' , has induced Ihe tlu criber oller it to le At erici. peblic. Acrrnl.genIrts ihlav been Imde i . nuiillplv t eeint i all the pritncipl cit I anlud town in the United States no s IIt place it itlli the reh oi thse sute'riug and likely to esu'iter this liic n huruansing of all che., Titt ath-tche. When applcied according to directions given on bottle, it hatn ever luiled It o al bi d it n neliate rill n:lcentl relief. It also arretll thI e idcur ii efctiv teelland relieves that Foreness v hich a' lrequrtl1 renditers 'trontg tth usealel The ae iteppliEtin cudi remedy are cintlue, ineoceniL an t iot nplehsett unl hie large number iof ilerio in diIiTerIl'et t tinn of II eoitr, that ilini er t iri ady experieoIIcel tlth itthlfti uld alutal y .tl uie I't tut the oun ofit the llm, err an' to bear (luor te ublic good) lheir tesi mont to ilti ei rivnlled qmalihec. It is an Ilndian llleUed, olhin ied redmaleo n ld .. " io I rlice ,lcetr luttci. .ol hy JARVIS &'..' ANI)RE'W. 4 r 5 t orCo it mo. I , . nd JI I'd T'l.A l i ' I'oMP I'o11 N It 'IONI(" Mi ITUITI'E.--A i , , e y and c , .i L llie o thle Ocver alld Agtue, remittent and interni.!ien t i n ,.ths; plrepared iron 'lIhi. tmedincine is highly rero anmcndedd, and hin ltt 'etett'ntt veii used tii the above i itses with such distinguished ,uceoss, that the prnprietor of the reitpe hte, le'n induced ito oflir it to the plb. he in its pre.-nut or, ill the hopel that it mlay b Lhine meana oft relievig lmany of thoste wllU ire suffering udelr thle courge of oel country. It in a medicine piosessing grcat virtue, and whln u.ned according to thu directions has never faded of offtetilng a ntre, even in the mnst obstinitll stage of the disorder. It is not at all diOagroeable, and Spersons of the weakest stoutch, and children may i take it with impunity. It otrengthens the digestivo SorgaLns, creates an appetite, and orldol requires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two botthls to effict a cure. There is neitler mterctunry nor arsenic in the meidicine, nor iany thing injuriou: - to the Ihuman ci t onittitutiun. The proprietlurs are sowell convinceld of itllieiacy,thlt tlhey u.greo to refund the price of every bottle which has been tskan in aeeordatc3 with ithe directionts ansd lae not effteteld a perl'el cure of t & negue. A. OLIVER, sole agent fIr New Oreanas, at his who.sitle and retail drug and mitedietine store, curner of ihienville and Chtrtres slrcets. IFor Distriet Agencies upplv toli jc5 T.W. S\IT ''ll, 48 Conti at. PENSACO)LA MANSION HOUSE NEl\ CITY, PI&ENs..CI.A. SltlHE aiib.sciher !lnvin it Inillrtel lihe mlole adlll 'lir Siliureo tills well wliniw ll lasibliis etlll , fritll lilt Taylor, the late proprietor, will be toady to rereive i.: ier i by ttiie irl trirl nitle ". Nuleruin ( d ai Coity i proveniti will be found i the tr.liangiellst of i(ihe Iiuin I louse. New tal d imiore conlluldiolns blthi' llgouses will lie built, lud warm b th- will Ibe Iprvileduat til liiiours. A stiblle will be aticlhed to ithe lllse, willh good cLcUlmOda tion.s fior horsles ilt carriages. 'i it rate iiihorses andu eirlrlmiet will .,lo Ie ke it ifor hire at i ululeratu prices, nid ail aid loiw bistt, wiilh e isiit iti inlat; tlheC for the, use u"vl-ll re. IBilli:ard Is I)thel Ia t.,ell lillellls l .ltR .nd s icllo ducllltedl :s inot to i with lte tllc l rt and qiietofithe ,boarders. The winits itnd ilquiorus ill he of it. best qua:lliii, a d to en.ll re Ia ll .iiIIly of ice, a arrio hlb . lred beenl orderedll whi ir wi ill urrive srhout Ithe I.t oi Mn\. llMr Frederick linltard, w%%tO formierly kept io popular n hoItelt 'liuahlntnnl cit., will coI~dler, this hll el for ihe prolhfor, "hit, w 1111 ith i: lihltlll*thut lldearlv uIlret, they will relei eierr proeibleu li(.ttentui; aid thereby e llte ls t oI givt g"u.ll :.lllirLt.,illi. 'Iie lIocal to llwln - in lt I t ti tisose are to wyell knowln to need a lingt.e ced ide-eriptii. lH:re. Tile filets I'rllu ola is thl e I rlo ...L naval eta tilln of the aovisriiininii ti; gl i lerlt riitidei.t s ofit tie titltf uqisd tin, fIle I suuner mit ntth Iib the coolesit I iee.t, bI.o tie (;till tlhe be.lutly of the bav and lthe eighbo, lring islend- so. d iters; 1le abunudulnue nand delicacy of thet S41 witllt wlich tile waters ,ound; andi its iroxihity lto th beIt Southern itrkert, give 'encIi lia the pre lorenre over all other pItices ii thle-e lautiteule, as i helthl i al]d deligulf ll suumterretreit. I.e"rati hiatteltst ill rtlr belweenl I'elrttcl .nld Nio liile, and ill at tall tiTeis .e aLl Ilto ike the ipil iiger front thi, Neu Orleans bolts. NB .ARNOLD. [. Genitlemen wis"hing to engage rolls for their Ibmilire, citni slteris tihe Fl. rotiritlr, it i l'etaince l, i Mr Seiwill T'l'li'lot, the testlr lrptroprietir, st Nei, Or; ;ells. Refetrencee. T Sainftrd, FItq, lr C Ciltlumn, B MAttlpin, Elq.. I.t. Kibby, in Mtub.le; 8'1 T Toylor, P P Rea, lEs, it Net. (rle lls. I' S-A letter l.g, to receive cititiinitiitiiiii frl pierlloiis t tihe :,toe lhotel, is placed at (;ea Wlhitlanl's alicei, 51 St Cliaries Eixch.llge. FLOIID)A ROUTI FORi NEWl YItRK. i7 l'ravellers ldesirous of iaking Ihe Flurida route, via Peiuciols,to lhe Nortlh,r ilnf, trned that 4rst rate boats will coitianlldy run frui. .ultlloile I, Pensacola, leaviing Mobile tnld Penlsacoila every Itther day afnet the l1t of May. Godl atages will ilwiuvs lie prlvidetd ei the esubr;ier ito lie in reudiltieais to ltke ilassinllgers fru N II AlNOtl.t . The steumnlloat Champion liave Mobile lor Penta cola twice a week feb 1t I v A NDREW efMITII & CO., respectfiluly inform 1 their friends and the public in cenertal, that they occupy the nlew brick ihopt, 219 Tchoupitoulas street, where they keep constaltly on band Coplper. Tin and hlieet Iron Ware, of every dorliptionu, such as copper stills, kettles, and pitnps, tin bath. ing itun , and nil cans, of all sorts and siles, and all other brais oeating done at shortest notine. Grate tsur of every de.oription, iAaeh is steami. boat stirrups, hog ohaine, screw bolts, anld other kind ofteolatuelat work, such as chimnnoey, breech. eo, w pat pllp . . rsy wtllt ,itao do all kinds of out door work, ii . ailne, n aepper and thii rofilng and gititeri,t i. They above and all other hiMlds oa work In IbIr. line of Inhineln, they will exocute to a lse JUST&TUBLISJIEDFROMN TREtO.T E PIJTiSo o - 7.e Filth Ediioan of SROWLETT'S TAtLE OF INTiErl.T:Cs u iiiiO Thish ia new ousted 00 Avvacg Time Cis enl.- i - S hor,m or ets loetlo ls fotl filling thIe vsrige limne on sltorge,. notes of haod or Ills of gsools, whoen luel- 1. oEtIsed at dlifer'tnt dates, ton liflerent credits, andl ftr variouls nlonllns beIsild ra usful and complnete eslnkiog r Time " I',le, the hest Ihat cen e conI~t 'ovetiI. ss' thl:t fi Rures can tr dne witiin the mne ns entlesnl contmans, and size of ti pe. iAc gliverinmeent it. tie book is in nearly the follow insgworsi1: w e Tin iehigh dittiacti tilsowtrkhimt rteiivedthrosign tlee tel gistsllice acts iterefioed sio t itle togra, is o ve eoommstdtiol i itself, so uOnemmono,, nid sno conelt rive, Ih t nohing is lceessr. mnlsore .lshn y wyl o all vertisenlenll, In Cirr e lllt eom ·len view of molne ofits pe Sed ifromld compart d with, what is s tieitllent o I'togt r Iteen seosefeiclleotlione, texnImined in the pirets tlitrt- - tfire liies, sttl printied IrnIm .terelype plioal tes tetd i slhirlyty-nie times, fronit a'l which it tntsnl Ih evtident v even In the okeptie (e-eeioa Oilt site lsesossnal nolfhe tie tItl of tetotfisttie ureerleett) tiltst tite s'crk sttssIEtllil* meteiclily inlilbllille, gnl itn titntlilmtolion tflhis belifo 'I pleminm of two htlndred and sliflt dotlains. is now ilttilr eol tir thie detectiool l" al r-ror ofa eeot i tsle rsetst I or fifth edition,.s exilsoused in h.o. loefce, llitlnsr ie Ie latoer ol ntsti tlteretid lgr the same enor silcellt.e list l jsolslieoliie ill the vese 1011. (loe of Iho lnot conisiie.ous feiltres of tLhe tlblen is inthe srrlngelment of ttil Time 1si1 AOlsnots, woilc Sfor expedilit.nes, Irlltrenee nltIrspltieity,, wits lie elI Sof the shle and index, einnot be exeelled ; and thn. ea ly v troand ea with whine tite isterosl erl Ie otou t soths Sextent of geseral bllsiness, wilhont soihtlling ots stllt isbesidehs a convellience as ilesenlial, thnt in hll l estmlllll o tion so'sllie ,i tile ntst comlthtentl anlllc iisctestl tullsi .cosl lsel Inss slhtlslie oiliers -st ilHote sttolegrmlls tsej of tewrietk, is tl In tress tiiitanl hdi leslt o I i oits it islinelllstielle el'ol'Io ttlslrls elr Ilto". Asll( eonosinLoiog h inlko ihilitilhc fsr f nlwiiss llsi ili tsloth l i. s il eolnlnlstnilsIg olt, . ssi. llist etsitststttilItsV ncionstltlelt rrln'lty nl'lllt. I'x.IIlli.I lll~lir,~;ll It'il. of. I.'ery elilion il Illls 1""litls l n lhlorL-.i e:OIjlwll.U~lllllIlb·ll~lle HlloleIsilli stereot llll, onlsidln(glll, t, il'l lsii. , lie positive enIsnti e rcel~l'e; l IIy lhe Im tl~l*€l~e ~celI etl ils elllplo\ oil, file \l. not wonlhsrflll hook II' the lelk;" nits l cerseilll I I nlllnell ltl(. llgre worlk ofithe exlenl, tliEl since tile Itt~gillllitlg ol 01l't'aiolt hits had the s111(nle1·1 intll Iler. Ill. vlltrle lv o tests ill tile ume nlnml~r of edlitors; : Ioll i'orn on· e hlfth1 e lllalllber at1 istcletlly sllOWn i Li'e' Sleeols, aH,0 and sIe nde d, o it llls beeln. tri.e.i n nrocee;lill nel'hirl il iiliilt ll k r is d ills l lios ti fcn e is tt e tnl I ll Sides. m'i l l . lhspttt lic gt er i is lly, duiot g lthe l0ng o eriod oftlhirtie.fis.e trirs,g t toeror ef .Ie ed- - o eitationsl IIIII . lel- eeln lalunll in llprinl, ahllhonh contilu inilly helhgd bit st, llerof I''teev Ilore Isrs The buik.oi i, t iet ex resilg ltti etl hy t ellti sortst inhiw ii sg~egeral ss'ohth S ates ius lute gi ite uk eitioitenl orststl- le intsesie" ie lsk o in y lso w , tlr bank intelorii ie inf lhie Uit esi S lt sn. it is IoIovc, well known thati lis its reaIli cheek, It iti tlll t, tletelari gesiiiis n, lHIIg IIfthr sisy sere l ma.lh_, evlell s l it l the I tst.ii rnill slolat iirltintl I.m eieni a'ithmetllt, i l:lll · IIn its ut ll'llles, and thelll t( oll elte ll- ( eessity frll its sll, Illell" bee l s ,ii estsivelv inssl tet t i n, i Islallll c picns relr sell lllu lo·, sn-ell I n II 1 , dllialane *III)i Illill'CO)I~ !lllOII \nfill" I I'I Is llll·VC)lld lCPeof e.illll ul p rl'tI.m l It IIla iou ll llliciss , its lth' lo h i .t :iIl Lf :ly be l icktd up"' from nI. . . tlo $ '-p. r i-l' ,alnlllll fOllle P1 |ItI|'hllll hllvL l't'All. .' tl(] :1.~ llld i~lll~lll nostssgrstlotsnrsihi ttiiti55i oelsis ite, nnatc ouIlld elllr.e loll ull( git lhllsl waitl pia . 1, I lp in, o l f.ull kfor i si oyti tins-ito bo'hsei hiT tl., iitii $ n i litits l ill lhe xlia l' ilrcIl anllE palllrlith.elll' , IIvlHi . IIllnlg s e slame' timle[ l'xhib~it l satlisl:wtoryl' po :,lilt tol erl\, ni ll'l'.ons plr sell l hlllat tIo hi01 it wv: is 'e tlll istllllh lhit iiiii I nllno! e tlhll gh the slaint t otIi ) i' i. l i , lieI hei g i gl r ridt L I n:eis..r ir l lriliic oflieo.. i is liktcislositly of tie, ans.III.I islshl lit'oper io implr *. that hllell is thle n:Illlll'n oIi fi;,le work gs laall? mll,(l .ais wi ulll a wllhelnor the .extent rlll inll porl'lllnCe oll S is Irse s I l,. i i ith,: h el ' this lb k OiI it s t like s gIt Ie ,i ed iti the tl mi i n~it i s I i s.oel.\ i, Ill llllms t cImlll se-ll Sclln tllori te wosi rlsll .W t li ssissdll 1 rilth I IlIi ~aullliolly u rIIII1 " hisown el. tllliet tilln oif iio|" u lsleetst it woului, nllnlstel(to I iitt(Tl ys htie hHenfll is' .lli ile flrer.e,asai de:*r nt w ,y pH;:c., :as tl l prel'.ee duriicu Inlly exphins. lhut s,, perfcul andl the. stelems le r atiiss of hio:sIL kthe ll n I itrhll tol sl(cl I thoe , g i lt l oll u ll erc lllt ex lltl rllllllnal llts llillt - liolls, egirt tire, for tgihe grerslt bltrt fi, tIIle) are ,I'y osd'utise0sits) con ltic kept in us dece of iiileial saifl, tex sept hile lw I itl. intiri g. A .supi tlirectior s t o fi .ll hith b uki u. ,, lstttutre intu g r est loitil. .uli nutes, lt;llow the lie 1, which, in dlis itht is ili sIte sitso pureehl, itiil , coni l Graa1 o illil collcel iing. Ihe I ~)tw 1 In 111 Imalellc if ;ol|,nlp - n irfiriter tin, trrdtssisft girsci, e. h mllt b 01i ) i t Ii Clsillk Ihllt , tIltk ilh: lluinIi Iiu g i I-/IIIiil~lllllnllllllV. CI;oIlh 'tt, OL'. \LII/hI w.:l.liiblli,,llrtl I~Vi.t11'1 I ! le iutrestg ales if setl i p oillltl eSl I tllulss l: s ill.l.lly lll.l il I slti is 1d I ilsit Slis %12111illlltlhlt· llllllb 1",!U Dlll ell.,l·I. ll~i lllltl. (11I IIIP\·lth·ll. ( i h asliell Ilf if n 11t t .It .i r 11. 1hluuh ll I lls , shiilel. i te lbs il tutu it tis1is i s'iti it,11 Iiii lelitlsldihc ll' b'.~ s tix yer.11oi tnie te iltlttisio |tge, fl.tained oi th' 1 t than il of 7011""ll ..lio it.%,hl hlng chlw(1) rlllll its iiihlica,' l 111 ihi l i hlI II l liuikttli ostu seifisr I ul, 'i h gis *' i:onmp .ltinl or ll l lr 'l0tl :I lilf-tiel 'f .att . t,,l, llld .I srlic.i. ihll'li llceth 1111i t111" st ill lt. e l n lhe di r.'lllll ol st HIIi l Oei l ' i ii I iilllC I I lllllilll. lits 111 te~I01 : ItII \V itIs. . ,l- tl h i. Isr E-I. l'.l,].llhl, l tlw alholl,r olt "A\ a'. io B " "illl" II Si rt hel".• : Wa·· I: Tel. 1)1·lL~ 1 , \\ a ll.'- il" , I 11,;i, 1 11 " ·I . ''II· ,~IIII 1 \l\·I- I* lh lll l.. ·:·11 1 ll~~ll~ lj )icccciic c cfcc I cilelclnciic l ic l ,ci lls, I),I'nik ý, i C C;i olloM coitll Atioiic,: ll, Slllllllll lo of L .!uwinlg ,r t ,.als d m hlrbkes,es ecutcncl i iii a mastrll nn llt, ah , tiic lio il ck and goldilli .,i 1 touli l n. Antie o, Hair W tll' l II, )Dote or hordello, Yenw Treiet, |itlian W'hlite. Curoin lli . ll k ~S llii nl Iir:i ol h'rctella, Iow, Wood, Americin ircey, Ash 1 lilte Oak, ke. k ke. CIIurl I Elm, lpecillwnmIs I lie seen at thie sho,. Paints, oils, Blaso, coda.l crnish, e-,. ol llhadilIi far s le. In i i u . li hilndle iron, weile,.l as tled. liluli, scroll iud rod il, u nail irod land ploughl .;slt, (lGermn:, S r, Ilistetrd, spring, sheet ald I Cr' l sI l lsutl Hlollow lni't', itil a clei wrouglit llil anlld spikes Zinc, block in, milll cnldgrincl tones, all kettles n111c Labliei, Li i Ox, log at d atract t halos, core mills Am its,, ices, tllanmurs aoiudlI bellows Wires, sliecl,ii aod lai lead; sltho (nal, and conking slaves .Ames, Ilowland's n otlllllher spaldes ald shovels SHook ol pllal e hinges, door liol willo .w' hooks (ollils. Itointo, ,l.llipi. llllctlcllc aiCes Ill' cl' alicl .'lclliilh cilcl.c tliln's iiiil twilne Ihllt allll llle iClhg c Iaval stio·rl I.ccios, linseec nd olspcrm oilI A fhil ass.irt'ent of hlardnaii Rnd ship Chitilery, alwa)s on hIcc :ollt which lCare- ithcd f:r stile at whole sale or ncluail, ol tile most favolale iternls, Ily mt i IAYI'ON k Co. 53 (lid levet. --I EW GOOl)S-Sinnos all ct c co ne now re col i Ithleir lin l, which tethee r t with theiri fn'ei l. .k toil h tli, u . . e. their . rlh i s , ntvry': I , plete . iThe' l hionccz'oill c oI. ' lo ci, i : , II tl ,I .r:.,l, t cllllk oii l ilIrlleecc ic illlci cic. . di hl ii oIl ih,.crl il lls I a dli ro bber, silk and will'sted, ela stic 1ct1'1r +,o o Illloi n .i linlle hltit' suspenders, lotI eI ( l and lull enilcheiis, Seillitz ipow\ der-, .lll i\ tlll h llll n b r;lli toile /It owder, llocket co Ioki nlld pullet, cedlc,, looknlhell,jcirl, ivirlY lll and iu e er card roes, hiPlt ll-rni ultl., plllncol "il iat ilens, Iieklici .,i negligieei heiad c hcaiii , head lii cllielo -,i biell ll l lmilu elc isitl llltd illairg llllcw ; ,er Illsks, shit belts, horse.,, belt. llkler cdcd iilil hl itllls; dullllble ilind illle bII'rr led lullis, Ihlwie knllive, und flircs. scissors, lheso,pockek kniviec, guard cloneo, adl. ribbon, waistl o bckles, cloth, hairi, tooth, unilcoll, +ruhlllll. sll, ,plate, flour and lllul inII hrtushE , Cohlgale, 'Floride, Invender, rose and hliy v ater .'-*snrted essee'*IIP s, and ePxtrlnt, l accta!nr, Iearl, anlll , itme, :il \ml'arlld' ve getahle Ilir oils, ohlilnl and toilet son.ap l o11 des lriplions, ludij l l:iid t in Iii tlec,!n' ldeskllll n ildressing S cco., luir rieglets,frieittes ndil lIriile, plaih, liovy and mnsilal wolk Icoxer, Ian al ill, lieulred, cllltn aLd etl Iiuttc, , pearl ulld ivlr hlhirt do, Ciirttlldlldl gold anid tilter tit , rrtoily tothke and Iwoeelzerl,plaled ,and fli llt)Cke , uinlhilill're Ihn +lh'er, il r, truss amn steel thiilll es, hooks antdl eyes, hoir pins, mitution fruit, lilk alld redinlk,lshoie blcking, oilicns IIId gnlitiars,riblled and lpill Ipercu ission cllps, licce twicic, scented clush tea ,golld cid silier lace aLlld fr.nge, latter pLaper, gnlle tligo, ridllc wic'lipc, walkiig ones, piluyig calode, ione goldc, itutcl aid gilt jiculiry &,c. Thle nhove, Itoieher with a orelt variety of otler arti les are offcred at wholesale or retail oil accoullnlodatiing N .d Shell eomtlbi repaired HARROWGATE SPRINGS 7'IIREE DAY S JOURNAEY FRO.M SNEI' ORLEANS. rTlie proprietor of Ilis establiahment ihas the tleo J. suroe llfaollolo Cii to doi lioienl d Itell otlllnc i10 eneoral, tl het lie will b in readiceos by the firslt cla of M:1v ti receive vioiter,. lie will also slate ir the'lte sell of tlholse alt a Ilistaoce, thlat there iave Lenu large ialipoveents inade, and otiers lcow gcolig o and to rlaild reogtess fur cotmileltioln, whiclh will ecnllllle til suboer her to acommoTolote a I mucch larger nionibher than heretofilre, and at the dalllc tilse Ilmuch better. Yuolili call lie accomollllcdaled itlh good moci. or tIhope who pemlor cao hive large cabii lelached fr.nloi ihe iaica bhilding. It is deoled uinscocess.ery to say anylhhing i c poarliel lar of tihe clharaelr of these waters, fcul it i gelueralll believed thalt they are not ilferior to msoV in the Southl ern States. All the ametseels that are geueoitlv fundal Wteriug Places, will be ficuno) at this. T. hes Ilnllaic that this part of tli eouotrv attdsi.s .eaen egaged.taid will li i leon.lctnt s tendoCdue tho ISpricL.o during tho whole Oteasou. 1 e ihellelillt will avail iolself of this sopinrtnilt I isneluruing his unfeigned thacks for tlle v.e liberal i .por giv isnle lsteo mesono and hIlpea ie line core. •sime wccom itioo It, l ato lit lccbrael ronagct Iep slw htIacti csci i"rci~ci!ceeclo SlMAIL AIrIRANUGMKIa .,." .. ue Ev~rv Day at III J. " Northernal, n. heEvery day at IA. M ,V...... M,"l ,, r o, P. M.oe ., 'yatIda IhYcitneto Mil. h'e'vr orly ellll ." lttnrd ',by1 PS. bya sm the nlah 9, Mu a Seise i)ne ered y 5 P. dlaP. Thurslay, s vina C los every Monday, WVednesdll EXPRtSN MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIIVAL, D)EPARTUIlIE DISTANiCE cbIe. ofthes Exprohs lail, betw-mr Moole and Niwi Nork--leabin l Mobile dalIl' at 3 P. 91. Nonhnar New York daily at 5 P. bl Southward. Arrive, Aenii Northward. Distance. Time. Iieslnlg Mo tgonlerv, Ala. '12 lI. I8 a's 23h Ihq. ('otol ntil~iae . Ilj 81 9t Sjam,' Alillledg.eil e. Ga. 2 133 1i p.n Nngav.,in S.C. 7Tjam. 183 174 1 Il~tdei'aN '4 215 2 1 1arrenlon,tVa. 12 m. 55i R A I'et erbhorg. a. 0t pvt. 83 0 " s. llichtanil, Va. 1Iota. 211 3 61 I'nrederickdhurg, 8 67 7 Ifp - Vbhigto eiitn, tjpm. 6 It Ituttinat., 64 18 4 n0 itdel1lhiia, 84 am. 10 11 II at New rk 2 pat. n 0 8i 1iah oe 5,122 P ltlurc l titite is sin basal INorthward. Comi.vntn bnhwnd, ttie tme l ii hour S ANAWAY -frllS16 (Cnrnildlel etrenornr of Ilele SJ lleeton lIe nllightl Iof 3111h of AoLtll, end laid i, genu nIecEXi mornillg ing nIP ds nlreet, a welgo a ol ltlnllellI (112111 .I',S atot I7ill earn ro llge, sn-I n or Ilbrdelivhertlr ill ihta verby blackn t d Il o on imel in in Ibie neeli, ona t lils loao it ore, ~,o -iser all oI)' u retl hart; lie il lli eh ,n he l ea t b awluy ya flii 8 'o intnllal i oI. ilcl irtl an de hltei t ntl a e ttlll an i lvlott. tlains roif rllr riertel foed ll emant et I lt e am e ltileld' *Ei iunlieclihlmirnrltorlnlitgnblore.navwelli nJs I a rnleg aill ats Ie IaII.ot rigord t TI law wilt . iiiiilllritd llagillit elhv. TIhla rIteir reward Nill In se S lirtlin.h thiillg lhilt imltlar fl tise j ile of citler lJ h Iltn llieiplllhiev , nn' att Cat-t'drlrldelv, COtllier of Htefl 2. ir i i; n iTai Itetaxirteii leder Ihn ll nof I)llotin & Uarrtsvnn, hll heu " i ia.nlvlned. 'IT h vcrilor wil liouhalnle thlre sa tin e theraneervin Ibit city, nd reqeirrs all Gr eenei n nji n . rnn lf10Inhern ~rlriniettaintn oiln, aeti all Iboboasmn~n Kitta.ii n ii t n awnmpleoait.uifr , S(AIrI'AIN hl.\3I' l'A'I'""S NW NOVEIS lfRoli/a Gte lrer, hipy ttit naloiiral Peter inllltte &s o-inalnoeil. tCueting, ovi a Wilter ot Sopllldco lnif'lell in I.lno Styii i, 'iy Illaioin Ihvail Inll, Raorl Nnvy, F.iL lored Raldon, a roInilnna y evAlltllnvllligtotl e , INerpord I 1. wtotit 0t In 1 iii )elI it 2 val.. id Lnieainnetr Iliortt ina hng, Itln.tlihled rain the ntllr onei ldlhall, I ty NlhIi:llle (;rceen, in vol. toe r, lliiIF No.; ?9 .l'llal+.· iPrl8 lnlillJ I~illrarv. aol.e . 6.4 e idn olno nalW lllt let Ild Uilfo'rll adilom of II ttohi.agtaa lrerie'e slIairse. I, Ralg'e In r/ih cad n Ilish Ilicpran. in i vIl, lie I'onlrlal'e I-erach eald l-t.inli'l teiriaa.tcri. At s*--A i :vo al.f lre n leiee illn Caalllltl'a I'lellOloly n"Iiellni," Int llrele Sevrve'e CtnotlllalelvnLte o trllll) eriar qas ely , i th . nil i en f illR s maelilll d Ihllli u l l- ,l .lIl of 1- t hlrl l itii ehnitioliiin tlf ttnlil~a2' -t no[.121 itteli In Jilhiii'iut IiPnnvod ar alle I u.u ejpaorieI tltltier wtalieh t&t e"n. Ac.&. i l ntl e rntcei n d -t rlu idwl' r nhyt Il1 lIENSJ. I.EVY. . i NNo h.s ,. Il-te r of ... o. e .. " l P IR~O(Kli'I IMII.VI',I·Ii IirI()+NI0? (iF DRt I'' (; .i nl-lo vii l tohe Ilntli rtaor f llld I,, ((I hi, hI is lr~l.iltx,. I . Inlrmhl ,'il~ ir u Il idlae Jlllil. # it .,Iltin , ilinlnrl .len i a rnlt o uarihtv eif llnble itfor re rtllllllellll 1d | lrlln l tll ievit oh, w t at the b P I lllers In,|iinittl ai. Ilii nsli i lilii . Or f tiet ullllc.llaa nit ilse lto io.t * ellhl h.tit Uln t IlitenTitilfl NIien aitd i lie Il lillli+. ti ell illilllllllt l)ll :Il fiJP Pl~ld <if e(Hlle di +t! lqlh lh in- totn, I in r iii t tiie )toi il , tyAlrelomt I Inat n ' h ilrtetttl"n h t I noll, rl ol hnithlc s el Ilillrs t I,i Fiplllhlll ti' liI ' Ih n hli'tin . iJlllill teene Io In ht nf ti ieure mitt, twithl a otlthianltutlo Io tlte yen I1:12. Wt'ili qhtsiit i e ItR eatellallllltlllllU Iiia the nd u at ,ite ieee' unit. ll'hPIte-ita nario~.t%,of nalattildo iltaittolll tlieNu ltIoti thlr.ngilu the mOrT.. (ttlaiesalillg f lah l af culltollnlate noi .auvnceignalld nal aii.ellHrntrev (irlleiilii AXntatt reI I eI ln r i nagR ; ll tih Lin ilteh , iine .Lllll nthIii lrll r " thlt U at-. e r lluittnei tuh (L'aollnaitriontin &o'.&o. lllillernted by iiatlla yoog'· n l'illea. e GoneU' sIE,'.rFF OF AnraIIIIY, nllod nn Aonridgmlsh uohl' t. it New 'I 'e.ntil, Itat i t ier;e of ilatede New .3Ameetrinnal otitihn, wnti th limiltita attl lindipetitet~elmna .laritn oetxdan ol'aernohr iuthn Wrm SfKe ANse cifer i anmid ta noinr t li 'es tidy b m'Kaa Nia al nlll v21J'~I III t)'.,rlle t.+(Ul) O )llldCI parOllllllO ill - IIIII b li Ci .ASk , . lIIIIIY. Sla itln a nd ttei d tbv le I il hi-i al si IIewiln li I i Intllulldlrn, oilli ii Iertll n rlllhltlo i eta rUen II I ct. ito- . i tnRtitJtN Jltntli2 t-oh GE nit i S' I\ Irllltt .lh~i..'o1~li, .tli lllle 11l IU lllti,(ll'lillttIeld Llllhr~l milrttt~i, ill.otimeoiiteoh.f i~ithenrnl ~~ic~ ~ti f , l,;.,-- llul I'IitI'llu I.U., l eith tt-jltmil ittt I t.mmttiilt irrnlo • ai. el l.ana'hrl h tthet "~i Iil shIr.ina~i lontet. +1tneolisi~ |111 1 vi|l-lt . all'·illli illt i tir tf' r l I iot ./.I 'f t' t'] pcdith l le" Ili nll'K ,] riI.IN!+.I+:lw ? lay . 'x1 li t i i itt t111t.41' Ci " . , I5ollr ll tu eii il I tl i Vtll llllr . " in lv , lianl aiMol '.nit Aiiienan i in -tttll- I I e.'' indiv lai.i mmut~i~i.v''in"Plhi,. 'i1,I- I~.l; .. I .· tN,,,,,..l"4 .'... ,:11 I,..e., .he u -ile' hei and,. renenvi at be tnoslr I '- u n tt--, llottie'nai l i t'l, - n- nnis P Irioateil n. ni' tli-ale t iti. mImtllml . CIn ti g titlllllr 3lr l s5t5 i ta1'·rl nndt UIllitill ,.o ilclallnt rELefah SIl .Fnlll 111 tlll111t l.II~IITIdhtVrii tlll "I(·PI. lid lil. ....iii Ii. nrv .l. i . I ll lrintog tini.d, hoobai/ia j nc l4 tbl i n t+Tl \%+;1!+ r nn rll , s III ,io cL u lsir lihr , e olleiiIh r ilt, ret-i t l.etn Aipevier l e ath ,, l"''I ,s f,,,, -tnl. "~il ~ lll h r l i lirl lle,.k el 1),.,i it nal l ite tc Iota ll hiil a ria lyhpl s at |rel 1 .A neaillt -0 , let a ilel tiity, T gthe llll, lii i'v bIIIir' e lld ned"lr ipoitlti tmi Ita-i,lititiPcialr' CieitritO5,01nd lls lll I, ', n -v Inpliii & tern I 'int it a l'thcz anl lllid , V ir igolt, I n lIst-l1 ci l, t Il., Our ileolle, l i hlAn lle allll llt ui'ilor Intlo. ain Illa, Preoaiin sved -end t el ier-, vo.-l, i--nm- aeI, adyedl n-steve. toitll er n.I~ll irnat n/in,,albaatnagik - i i -vt..,h utch hildo ,t, & le,. ui lilbl~~e ri. ~ iinvit ta +il viet uitic i~il iihal an . ;af Iaintntsnt. ' 'ir. iv itt liti, naa rlhovhttva ilarhi~ien Sedsrt i - - t~~lfEJNS IIOWANDS IONIC MIXTURE, Fn Fl:V:ER AND) AOUE, 7EEN years have not yet elapsed lsince it was first regularly aubnilto.l to the public; but it hIos attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherer. or it llas been khown and appreciated.' Already has it been carried in every direction thrdl'khoit t he United States, ai ill realiUze imore tohe could h.lve been anticipaitr:d by its mostniliguine friends. h'liousandll of piuralon hive not only been relieved, hIt reatored t he lhlIil nd vigor tlrough its agen. cy; and they new cheerhally testify, at every p portuity, ito its do:idad anis apreme efficacy. It is conmposed of such miedicinal principles sin are caleulated to renew Ihe hlaltlhyaelion of thletbm sell, liver, and otlher implllrtant digestive organs, the loss of which hacrmony is the ilimmediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos an entire change in the oidlition of thie system, aiid certainly dloes rys the native liability to relap ses of the atilfctiot. When the Ague is attended with any other compilaiit, the enpl)oyment of the Tonic Mixtuao will not interlire with the treat. nmot of thie other disease, but wi:l even afford as. astaitnce by lurnishitig strength and vigor to the body during tlhe coeure of treatment. These who Ike iuse of thin medieine imay be ansured that tllere is so Arsenic, farks, Mlercury. or any other article in its cuonposition unfriendl'y to the hluman constitution; being oentirely a tegetable extrect; and they may have additional confidence in the use thereof, when they perceive that it the of lIet of a gent laxative about e th time Ihalf a bot tle full has been t(nen--in coseoqeuece of whicell there is no part of thie amedicine left to linger in thie bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils. arising from ithe use of stany of tile remnedies now ofnlbred Ifor the cure of this affection. It has been used also as a preventive, by riony who were sub ject to a periodical recurrence el'tie Chills, and it Ilae inariarbly warded uff the apprehended nttank. OJbsere! 'Te 'Proprietor, fully satisfied .itll the enparilleled arid universal succes iwhichb Ilasuon. atantlv uatteoiod Ia liunctual and reeular use orthe Tornii Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague. reeln warranted in engaging to refund lie price to all tIllose who hlave tiken tle nmedicine in strict an. cordarete with the prescribed directions,withoat having been perfectly and lastingly cured. The subscribers are the wllolesale agents for the South Western States, ad lhave now on hand site ty casts of this medlemne, which is warranted fresh aid genuineo. For sale at the manufactured prices JAItVIS & ANIlItEWS, Wholesale r L.ggietrs, nev.. one Coemaon i 'I'clnpitoola stlreet. I lLO)UI - - 1 t llding t'rF steamer lndepetd • erae, ale _ i4j)OY SEY, noitt44 New _limir5,i,'a Kisll* itdrao.s- lutiesa 01ee misS h go.eaiu srllele, jal received by nct 3. Ifo ElSi: & O'LANhG, 18 Canp.a ili, arn Kipai--J - iJ coails Mi..isr bale rope, mrlae i: oft I'Ilrnp, in tlre, a.d lo sile hby - -- J,4lkR'f lIIAhhT' N ciIt~

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