Newspaper of True American, 8 Mayıs 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated 8 Mayıs 1839 Page 1
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* ~c)flVjflt NEW ORLEANS WVEDNESDAY MORNING,_MAY 8,1839. Vol..-V1 No .947 e on property, Spasetge, benefits dlc. de. will be energod ilrper iqil Trefor the firt insertion in each Ian. itttstCATOv.rts or Advertisemnts, of any person. tre, when dmtseible, shall hbe lcharged double, atin of twenty.fle percent. will be made to .leetrfs, Sri Registersaof Wills, and Mlarbhals 1of rel estate, iolisated In both Inngonges, per cent. in Engltsh alone: O1 per cent. on sales Speoparty. the o haet Se nout of the direct line of busines f sdvertiser, such as legal, netcion, end planta iales, runaway slaves, try anlnn, &c. L&e. will la o)td for sepa.antely, and at tLhe ordinary rates. flcoaTTtMI.[TS not specified at to timee will be Iltllhad one month, and charged accordingly !advertiseentsol of iasnkrptcies will be published, unless pohl for previous to insertion, or 4 t guaranteed by a responsile persoa in town. retl and other places of nnnscmihta advertising di lthe se ason. to be charged $100 for Lnglilsh a maI 150 in boath anguanes. announcements of candidatss for political offices Wi be charged double the price of otler advcrtiae iottg to the immtnoel loss sustolned by newspaper trs , thoe. have come to the ,onclus,io tlhat the Ihs of persons whose accounts have not been paid ihn one moalnt after presentation, shall be mode onow (so far as practicable) to each other-they obli ating themslves not to advertise or print for such fatliqng tunless in case ot advance paOicMeS JLgned) J.C. D ST. ROMtR J. BAYON, p. P. ILEA, J. U. pRENDERGABS', JOIIN GIBSON, LUMISDEN. Weekly Pres.--We. the endersigied, agree to abide by th1a ihbove ondiluus, as Inar as they ore applicable to wat papers. A. B. L.AWRENCF., INo saberilptinis nae taken for le.s than 6 nionthis. II . le..s. be nest esid. tAters mus.,a e e''-- -O ___DS -r H AY'S LINIMENT'.-N5 Fiction.-This ex traorditlary tlheical coie1''ition, the result Of sOiacsi and the invoneton l a celebrated milodi .al t|an, the intrdu'nV n of which 'o the public wu qiveted with the solemnity of a deathbed beýtet hba since gained a reptation unpralleled,i dli withoet giving to posterity thn heefit of his knowledge on tkis osubjoct," apd he t llrefore bequeathed to iis friend and attendant, Solomon Heil, the weeret of his discovery. bt is new used in the principal hospitalo, and the private practice in our country, first and moal certeinly for the cure of the Pites, and so eaten ively and effectuoally as to hame credulity, nleas where its effects are witnessed Externally in the foilowing comptaints: For Dropsy--Creating extraordinary absorption at eore.. All Swellinga--Reducing them in a few hours Rheumatism-Acute or Chronic, giving quicl earn otle Throat-By Cancers, Ulcers or Colms. Croup and Whooping Coughl-Eter lly, aond ever the Chest. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in e few hours. o e n r Udonprt-Whether fresh or long DrtJbON~S.reld l 4bver'sbros. l Its operations upola adults and ctiildren in reduc in a rheumatic swellings, and loosening coaghie aid tigitness of the chest by relanation of thie atrls, las been surpriring beyond eonception. Tit& eommosn remark oS those who have uoed it in the Piles, is " It acts lle a oharm." THEi PILES-'t'lhe price, $1 is roreunded to any person who will use a bottle of tay's Liniment ftr tha Piles, and return the emrpty bottle without bhing cured. These are the positive order of tile proprietor to the Agents; and out of benny thnu. snds sold, not one hlas been unsllccessful. Ws mnight insert certificates It, any lengt, hbilut prefer that thoss who sell the article, sloMld ,.x hahit tile eriginal to purchaoers. CAUTION-None can be genuine without a eplendid engraved wrapper, on which is my nanme, ead Malso that of the Agents. SOLOMON HIAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by COMSTOCK & Co., Hew York, and by one Druggist in every town in tkha Union. For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of Comleon & Tchopitniulas treet, anid by the Apotheearies generallv. je30 NO CUtE NO I'A D lD.JOIINSOVN,OHce t40 lienville strert, con fines hls practice to the treatment of Venereal Disease, is all its dilferentarorms. Dr. fehsea, fromo a reshlence of many yearsin llns eitll In ourope, devoted to the treatminat of venereal Diuaesa.nd from hi I present extensive ipractice in thdpartieulr braooch of tihe pruofession, guarantee a saafle, peedy and effectual cure to such persons as are cosblled with aiy of the following diseases, viz:- Onorrhea, Gleots, Strituies, Chancres, Buboh, Semlinai Weakness, Ai'ectians oftltp Bladder, Kidneys, Lýloo, Urethra, Prostrate Gland, Swelled 'lTestieles, Eroplone on the Slen,Sorea Throat, Pains in the Jointsl And the numeroussytmptone which generally fallow his disease. Recent cases cured in two or three days without the o of ereuory, interruption Iroim business, or nhera' gion i the mode of living. A medicine to prevent Venereal Disease can be noh naid d of Dr.Johnson. It is froa tile recipe of the dOea Lery, a celebrated Prench Surgeon,and wan "s~d by him during theeeveral camupaigaa i which he sered asourgeon Gsneral in th F ranech Army. Sold bJDr. Johnson, at his office. those preonl jteshg nay afsfecton of Veneral Lieasare, and rbout _____eosin tto the eountrv, wuuld .do-ls . .a proper mleda ýe ees n t pre Chortres sleet, are re. £ in Philadelphia, n en nt of substanntial Jo invite the atten. for nted in sayin7 Lo nish thetm in the St, Ben jan at ern stn a. ANCY MATCHES-With beatiful paintings I landing from ship Alexander from Bremen, for 1. sale hy A 'Il lER,. feb22 34 Magnzine at GAS IDEPAItl'3IEN'I', te Gai LighLt Blnkiny Ceorp'y, 'JOnury 30, 1839. Tr.lE Stuek of Coke eiig muol reduced thin Com- wI pL arty will fnrish Pittsburg Coal, in small quan- il tles, to their eustolners. Orders received at the Gas Office, Bank Alle'. or jn31t E W WIELI.., St e 'y, it BURvIIAM'S DROPS.--.This medicine was rt discovered by the proprietor and has been sub se jecled to his careful observation for many years a0 in every varteey of practice, and all the disease, t of the diversified American climate; and it is not gives to the public with the utlnost confidence and e believe that it is, as most clearly set forth in the di' pamphlet accompanying the same, tle best medi. do cine ever thrown within tile reach of all classes of society. It is with the greatest propriety giveh in th all the mialadies which afflict the human race, from t the established fact, thlat, wihen taken into the sto. mach it actsaccoording to Ith state of the stloet a0 ach and the nature of the disease, tither sa an si; emetic, diuretict sudorific, expectorant, orrrpPriet or mtedicine. That it is really whllt it purports to be, sh needs only n trial to satisly the mostI incredulous. m The fact ts daily conting to the knowledge of the vi propri are of its beneficial and saving effects in ao eases of the ague and fever, billious, typ'hus, ner. vous and scarlet fevers, ilfluenzt, violuent ciide, fr dyslnterry or flux, dyspepsia 11r mleales, satilIy it them that they are not oliy warranted in warmlly i recomlntendlnt it, hut they a:e called upon from a t0 sense tlfdnry which they owe to the hutnman flmnily to say to all, try it, and you will bhar ample tcllti- r any to all we have said on the suijteil. et The cthlera itself, the werst ntieclrec which ihe ever visited our coulrtry, has been sucessfuly con- to quered tile proprietor in thirleen casec with the use 0 wO this mnedicine only, wilbhout itel, iof a single ci ptientl. T'ite mnldicne is pie nrd ionly by doctors h IIURINIIA f DAVIS, Si. Louis Missouri; and ie p put tp in phials each accomlpanied with a plain t and disltinct direction, and contllining buout sixty o dllses, to he ihad Ilr seventy five cents, which ti mllakte it muchel the tcheapest medicine ever offered p to the public. The above medicine is sold wholesale and retail by our Aigents, llenty BoUnabel, Druggist and o Apothecary Tchoupltotlae sir-et. New Orleans. Apothecary Tethoupltoulus sireet. New Orleans. EWl MISIC-O, Native Masii 'Thle (onveent B a o SI'm a ranting, roving Iaodne; Nevsr Despair, eo duet yot remembehr tlhe beautifuill glade in tile I)rmn I ftonmane; The Whlite Ihrse of the Pep per; 'Thou it conm andi InoU nert snear ile, nlng by Miisa e e ri~inl the gran and tic Ope P Amiilie; (nod Nigl ''lk neetil and parting; [ cac not ftr spring ns e fickle wing, by II Itusnll; Caolae, ce, sllt u art in hoo row; A Lilfi on tb. Ocean wive, by II IRusnenl; Sha watchdl for Iim; Io mne let all a tear;C tinue to in, at mrnioing; O'er the waters by ouonlight; 1 lre's no hee like iy own, arranged for the harp hy T nlanrre. Royal Wultzes, by A F'lecae; (luete'an Victorih's Courlt Quadrilles. J nt rcceivc and fli ult byy d19 ._.. . . C._ s i :I, 19 Cam et THROUGil IN FIVF. AND A iALF DAYS, From Mobile (Aahtmnsa) to Auigusta (G(eoJe r EAVVES Mol,ile every other dayn, immn,.iately ael a SL ithe arrival of tlhe mail from New Orlesls, per thei steamboat EEsLI nI., to Illakely, coaches to Plensacol steamboats (per I'.nsacola liny, St Roa sold anudil ChIM. Sthaclie Itit'er ..I Ita:)) to cdUr MlufI;n coaches thence via Marianon, Chatishoiudle, (fotlmerly Mount Vers ion,) Ilain inl he, Pinolertont; lLnwkintville and I.ouis tille, to Auigisie. A passengeertakins his seat .t Mr. ile is i, no dangiller of bilng thrown out or losini hle olisDerence i b) other enllfliting interests, as the FLORII. I I" i, but ollt concern, and under onle cot i r ;thwuyt i nit:o mry rely WITH CERTAINTT Upon 1r1 'i ts ii time specified, ithrough all weath e a situduAt ni tton, unless snlost neforebeen namsI tiopl lditncurso. TIhe (;,ret New Orleas Nliai is carid tly i is route. The Agents for accolmndal t lion, i Tams, achesand Drivers are not surlassled Tle smothn , , natral roands, tllhesaf. and inter S io water a i tile t imh e til a ccom n iodlion, lot' theael speead, certainty, comfort, and a Ileas g varietyc.t ied as it were with il ai I oadl ;n Cdltnliat, S. C nthe steamipackets to New Ysrk travelers Nw York from New Orleanl Lean T5L&' II OT '-WVishinitoi sin in 12. y Fom Chtah , Floida, we e a hmrae Lit via QuiSley see to St Marks, 4 inelur post oacles, als e fromn Hawkinsville one to Mlillcdgeville Mason, light two tiner ouches. 'OCKTONS F Co. AUtnesTA, g2ls Jat Ofmne e at Mas io b hile it "Distane. ceNew ,ile, 150 mile Mobile o nis, 540d Augusta lesson, 136 "1 Chsrlastn York, 930- 180 S Time, Now Orlb is, '28 hour a Mobile Sia, 13 " Augsn n 12 . , Charleston Ark, 38- 58 SMaking 168 miles per d lea per hour, intlu siva of all stolnlpage nov l0 N. i. I tbg leave ( the Ipubis that ihls bridges over the Cs 5 anid Hsrl Labos creek have just heen general govern. ment, (the ily obstaoles ainstthis safe ant' spteedyn route are tlhus hap .d ani I have tlnc Ileasure ofleusnng from t the cosehas,lsr. sea, dl verresand iads re er;d asi to the water route from Pensaseolu Bluff, it is admit Sted by all who have passed o be unsunpssnm, ia . . eties., beauty and , bridges hrougl Geotla have amlso beenre C AKE is ALLIGAPOR Mobile to Augu rids. i Leave dys, Thr p day . yE per IU pine, (ex hence per four cITATE OF LOUISIANA,-Crty of Neow Or. 1 leans.-Be it known that this day beflre me, a Joseph Bensakon Marks, a notary public, in and P for the city and parish of New Orleans, State of a Louisiana, aforesaid duly commissioned and sworn, d Personally came and appeared Messrs. John ri Stevenson Walton-John IIall and Archibald it Brown Bein, Carpenters, transacting business un* der the style and firm ofJ Hall & A B Bein-Ban- n jamin Harrod & John Hughes, Carpenters, trans. n cling business under tile style and firm of Ilarrod d Iughes-John Thomas Osborne, Mark Thomas, hi i Annable, Joseph Wilder Davis, Samuel o0 and Danic, Babcock Cjarke, all residents Ir who declared ormity with an act of the Legisla. l approved on the thirteenth of dred and, entitled N limited or anonymous part. It he same ," th. te raid 01 d do ,h reete t 1 agree to enter the following limited or anonycoulH partnership, under the clause and conditions fol. r lowing, to wit. Art. 1. That the name, and style, under wolch , said partnership is to be conducted, shall he, *' The Phoenix Tow Boat Company,' and that the place f where said company is to be locate i, shall be in the city of New Orleans. Art. 2. That the description or kind of business or industry, to be carried on under said style, by j the directors shall be to establish and continue to r run one or more Tow Boats, for the towingof vees a e sels, rendering assistance, carrying freighlt and pas. Sseongers, and any other business whlich ma.y be law. ful for tow boats to perform. Art. 3. That the amount of the capital of said Scompany, shall be one hundred thousand dollars, divided into one thousand shares, of one hundred dolla's each, and payaole in oash. f Art. 4. That the names of the partners, and a the amount each partner has (ntributed, is as · follows : Said John Stephenson Walton, eight hundred and thlirty.five shares; said J Hall and A B Bein, t sixty one shares; said lHarrod & Hughes, forty. one shares; said John Thomas Osborne, thirteen shares; said Mark Thomas, ten shares; said Free. i. man Annable, ten shares; said John Wilder Do. e vie, ten shares; said Samuel Morrison, ton shares; n and Daniel Babcock Clarke, ten shares. Art. 5. That this partnership shall commence I from the date hereof, and the same shall terminate y its operations and wind up its concerns on the y thirteenth of June, eighteen hundred and forty. a three. 3 Art. 6. That there shall be three directors to transact the business of said company, and admin ter its concerns. Art. 7. That the powers willh which said direc. tors shall be vested, shall be to elect fromn amongst themselves, their own president, and fill all vacanI cies, anrd a majority of whom shall have and are hereby inlv sled with full power to receive and pay oil monies, and to do and cause to be done all n that is requlisito to tile conducting of the business y of said company-and the President by and with d the consent fa majority of the directors, is ela. powered to issue the note or notes of said compa. it ny, for all demands, purchases or contracts on be. d lalfofsaid company, countersigned by at least one of the d rectors.. Art. 8. That tile time ofduration of the service ofsald directors shall be for one year ; and that an election for the same shall be held on the firet Mon. day of July, of each and every year during the ex. isteee of this parteership. Art. 9. That when said company shall have sr. rived at the period when it is to expire, all the con. e cerne and affairs of the same. lhall be wound up Saind liquidated by such directors as nmay be in oalico at the time. Art 10. That tie powers to be exercised by the at Directors intrusted with said liquidation, shall be as at follows, to wit:-To receive such sum or sumls, as I - may be duo to the company, and give acquittance or acquittances therefor, aud to sell the pruperty of said company, either at private sale on public auc. lion, on such terms and conditions as to them m.ay seem fit and advisable, and to pay the debts of said to company. A t. It. That the dividends of the clear profits, 0 after paying all charges and expenditures of the w companoy, sall bedeclared anod paid to the stock holders, on the first Monday in July of each and overy year during the existehice ofthis partnership, or first reserving ten per cent. of the profits for con. tingencies. Art. That at a general meeting of tho stock. holders, all rules sod regu atinrs as regards the U number of no es each ate, kholder shall give, and any other matter relative to the welfare of the comi. pony, nOt contrary to tihe obrrgoing compact, shallt be onterrd into, and lthe roles and regulatiorns sturo. said, shall be densomnared the -' By-Laws of the I Phoenix Tow Boat Company," and the shall be "n binding on the said stockholdors and their respoc. live heirs. Done and passsd, in my offier, in the City of New Orleans, aforesaid, in presence of Daniel J. Ricardo and W. Haseard, witnesses of lawful ago and domiciliated in this city, who hereunto sign b their names, together with said appearers and me, the said notary, this let day of April, 1839. Original signed, John S Walton, Joseph WV Davis, B Harrod, D B Clarke, S Morrison, F An. nable, A B Boin, John Hughes, John T Osborn, Mark Thomas, John Hall, J W Ilassard, D J Ri cardo, J. B. Marks, not. pub. I certify the forogoing to be a true copy of the original sact extant in my current register ; in faith whereof, I grant those presents under my signature and seal ooflice, at New Orleans, this 22d of April, 1839. JOS. B. MARKS, not. pub. apl 29. 9t ETAT DE LA LOUISIANA-Ville de In Nouvelle Orl6ans, devant moi Joseph Benza. Sken Marks, notairo public, dans et pour la villa et paroisse de la Nouvelle Orleans, Etat de la Louisi. ane, duement appoint6 et juit6. Ont personnolloment comparu Messieurs John Stephenson Walton, John Hall et Archibald Brown Bien, collegues nogociant leurs affaires sous la titre at forme de J. Hall ot A. B. Bein t Benjamin Harrod et John Hughes collegues nege. sr ciant Ieso afiaires sons tole tite et ferme do Harrod ohn aborne, M-4 T un Art. 11. Quo leo dividoendes do profits spree Jul avoir pnvid touto elargos at dpensaos de I uomn- me pagnin-oront deelardos at payros I Ies n actionnaires le promior Lundi de Juillet do chaque annede pan- mi dent l'existence do cottae ompagnie premi6rement Jol rescrvant dix pour cent dos profits pour loo casual- hu it6s. Art, 12. Qu't uno election g6ndralo des action- rno nairees touto les rglca ot regulations 8 l'gard du dit nombres dos votus quo cheque nctiornaires dovrw six domner, at quelquo nutro chose relative t. lo bion. ftre do ta comp ignio seront considdr6, at les r6gles ma of r6gul tions avant dit sora denominao les " Par. Jul lola de la compagnio do remorque Phoenix," at In mc eora obligatoiroe ur los dits actionnairee ct leurs hdritirsr. ma Fait tpass6 on nomn 6t ide dans la villo doe Ia Jul Nouvello orldans, an lo pr6sconce do Diniel J. soc Ricardo, et J. W. llansard, t6moins d'ago requis ot demeonrant dens dette viile qui appoent leurs sno ignatrurces ensembles, ave Ila dit tdmoins et mooi, dit ia dill Cotaor, o0 pl u.,,e .Yvril nuil hrit crnt tranto me Iloit. Originel sigtnr, John S. Walton, Josep.r .. vie, B llarrod, 1). iB. Clarks, S. Morrison. Anna. Jo ble, A. B. Bein. John Hlughes, John T. Osborn, de Mark Thomas, John Hall, J. htsanrd, D. J. Ricer. do, Joseph B. Marks, not. pub. so Jos oertiio quo cool eat une vrae cople do l'origi-. nal acte extant ell mn r6gistre; en cotto foi m j'accorde cos presents sous ma mi signature ct le scoua do moon ollico . la nouvelle Orldano, Io 22 sc avril. pi a29 9t JOS. B. MARKS, Not. Pub. o LUCINA CORDIAL. m du Jr 1 CORD!AL IIIr. .U:I.ýE L'ELIXIIt E ti LI.'AMOtIt I.-Thli Urnitrd Stao:tir Acert Iflr the Lucina Cordial or Et'xir of I.,oe, returno Isis gratefrl e cknowlerl.mdoants for ne tlrttrtiine Itronage rhichl di ih re olrrdv red orirvedrl nd oler for thle rlol:lly toe j tionlat w hich halve bee n spl so hi tt |l may.h c thie the nl Iutoll.llnlir:IUO L nflrueY of tlllq iuertilmhble mlledicinC. The well f irMed r . ilrrion (vrr irlucrla Cordialr ralrll frr I ror el sero ill W thdrlwin l r ilollg advmic isc a, oret be u:lnanWl o: its nrat o, Ireh' wulld exCplieilly rhich ills eleotel -tlch a saellslf n ill Frrolc.--'or it i0 eediiv reloreo hlr virile, whelre they rIve 0 beer erhalootr d bl diseaseor or lotherrwie, and subsotnu t inrav relrurates e prO reant frnetioons; Ilat it is n ffec ierrtlrl cerror trilrlRIor aullUi norrd aoove all that it is the nloy remedy ever rdie+overed rlr tile removalr of j iorpotrco ir rartersaodubarronnesl in femrlres. Owiog Slroles vasily iovioratiog qualities, it is also highly use- b foil io, oblrrucel, difficult or sinful r ienrtruo tilur, i con inr.tle oflhe urine, rrinvolunrarv discharge P Ihereof; chrorric eruertions olthelr skil, droI;sical affer- c Stions of he aged eac. t SIn orler iutat all classnes of society may receive the a trenefit of l)r. MIorria's discovery hlo. Amlerican pro "riotur has ernaerto.rd thot tire Co,dil shnall bo sol in I rollienr'rfix ooiotre earoho, o t tile reduced roie of $4 whlilc i r less rthan one hal the prier. curtgel for it in P JUttN WINTERS HOI.DEWIEII. L1. D. p cUniter StMtes Proprietor. d Th'olroe ehor cdicoe is for sale atn uholesale and retaIil to ot Nor. 6o Pnvyduu street, between Mnganzioe and Camp s st, Nouw Orloans. mr26i e ta, New uriauus. "" lea NGL.TCE. fCo Mr. GEOUGE ll|.RItICK Ihaving resigned the of- en fice orchief Engineer of tile New Orleans and C:arroll- P ton Roil Road, Mr. John lImnpson has been appoint me ed ill hisi pIc, to whtm all persons hving business all with, or wishing itformation regarding said lail Road na Swill apply at the Rail tRoad Office, Pydras street, By olde"r il'the Iodl. fat (I iigo d) JOHIN NICHOLSON, loa ,novl7-tf Canhier f de UPHOLSTERY & PAPER IIANGING STORd I lenry Siebrecllt, (tormetly J. C. I\Vcks & C&o) fat Swould itcst respecthully inlorm his triends an. let thle public ini gteneral, t t lie has and is constant St SIv receivint a general an-ortment of u pholstery po an' taper hla'tgigl. lhe i t'lllllug c otnprices a a prt of hih sto ,t.lwhicl hle offeo s hfr sale at alholt o sale or rEl ttallo the tsc&cominiudnuli teroa, leL vie : f French velvet and eatin paper, latest style; do 1. half common and colmmon, Pniladelphia glazed b 0 and unglnzed do do, French landscapes, fiarea n boards, bllnds, &a. du velvet and worsted do do, lii u, reanze do colors, sil fringe and galloons of all p qualities, patterns and prices, worsted fringes as- pa V sorted pattern. plain and colored. Swise uslin, to latest style plain and colouaed, cotton drapery 18 o, nuslinsplain and twilled, as-orted culara, new i- stylerf needle work for sofa cushions, footstool H overs, &c new style ol bell pullers, raised figures da to aid plain, gilt window ornaments of all patterns .h and sizes, gilt eagles batal and spears, feathers, re &c glass knobs, oeastrs, hair cloth, figured and of plain, a large assortment of toys flr children; large silk cord and taassls, worsted cord and tas. sels, a general assortment of upholstero aotd paper el hahgings, constantly on hand and foo sale at tie L a. lowest prices at Nos 41 Royal and 64 Custom louse sis. i- N B--persons in the city or from the country, are respectfully invited to nall and examine for themselves. Carpets and curtains made in a d rest modern dtyle, rooms prepared at the aqo d et notice, and all kinds of upholdeatery wer as done with nontsess and despatch. oct 3 1a L VI Glenn's Perfumneries Indian Dye, for coloring the lair ; Beat's Oil, li hlaw's Fret c ,,re o, John Mitchell, de la m6me date, et payable a douze 30. En on billet' du suedit J. C. Parker, de la mcme somme, a l'ordro de at endossd par le snsdit t, John Mitchell, de Ia mOme date, et payable a dix. lh huit mois. di 4u. En un billet du suadit J. C. Parker, do la ad nomme de $650, i l'ordre de at endossa par le sus. gl dit John Mitchell, do la memo date, et payable a In six moie. ve 5o. En un billet d sausdit J. C. Parker, do la memo sonmme, a IPordre de at andoasd par In susdit John Mitchell, de la mome date, et payable adouza tie Go. En un billet du susdit J. C Parker, do In memo eomme, a l'ordro de, at endosd par le osudit John Mitchel,deo la meme date, et payable a dishaltl mnloe. 0 70o. En un billet du susdit J. C. Parker, do la go somme de 6650, a I'ordre de, at endosad par le sus. n. dit John Mitchell, do Ia mrme date, at payable a six sit moios. En an billet du susdit J. C. Parker, do la - n ak l'orddeo d et oendosad par le susdit Jol, o la muemon . Lm, i. ari -h a douze atp. 9o. Eu un billet du seudit J C Parker do Ia mome somme, a Iordre do ot endesmd par le susdit Johm Miteheil, do la memn date, at payable a dixhuit S 100. E on billet du ausdit J. C. Parker do Is somme de $650, a P'ordro et endomd par to susa. pit Jon Mitcheoll, de la memo date, et payable a six Ilo. En un bilEt du susdit J. C. Parker, de la memo somme a l'ordre do ot endossn6 par le eusdit Johul Mitchell, dea Ia memo date, at payayble a , douzeo moie. 1d-o. En un billet du susdit J. C. Parker de Ia memo somme, bI'ordre do et endossd par le susdlit John Mitchell, do la aome date, at payable a dix. bauit mnois. 13o. En tn billet du susdit J. C. Parker, de la somine de $650, a Pordre do at endoss6 par le sus dit John Mitchell, do la memo date, et payable a six mois. 14. En an billet du susdit J. C. Parker, de la memo somme, a l'ordre de, et endoes6 par Ie susdit p John Mitchel, do la memo date, et payable a douze mois. 15o. En on billet doi snsdit J. C. Parker, do la morn sommo, a I'ordroe do at endossn par Ie susdit John Mitchell, do la memo date, at payable a dix. hluit moie. 16u. Eu an billet do susdit J. C. Parker do a y isomme de.ji53, a Pordre do, at endonr6 par l su a I dit John Mitchell, do la memo date, at payable a six moia. 17. Eo n un billet do susdit J. C Park. r. de la mnemeemn1 nime, a I'ordre et endossd par Io susdit John Mitclihell, deo nla mnm date, et payable . douze v 18o. En un ntlet du susdit J. C. Parker de Ia , memo somme, a l'ordre de et endosed par ledit John it Mitchell, de la memo date, et payable a dixhuit r mois-fosant ensemble la ausdite nomme do ooze mille, sept cents piastres. it Description do la proprilti d'iprds le transfer f judiciaire, savoir :i g lo. Un certain lot do terro situe dane le fa. ii bourg Saulet, ddsign6 par le No. 8 de l'ilet bornd C Spar le rues St. Thomas, Benjamin, Tehoupitoulas ii a- t Suzette mesurant 26 pieds 7 pouees do face a la rue St. Trnomnes, Fur 100 pieds do profondeur, A entre lea lignes paral'bles, Is tout meaure anglaiso : ensembble toutes les amdliorations uinsi que tous lea droit at privilegos qui y appartiennent. 20. Unauntra lit de terre citui dane I suans. dit fauboure, d6.ign6 par ln No. 9, do Iilet borntd par lea sumtltes rues, at mesurant 26 pieda 7 pouces o de face a la rue St. Thomaa, our 100 pieods de pro. l fondour entre lea lignos parallloes, In tout mesure anglaisno; ensemble touten leo amdliorations at tons lee droits at privileges y appartenat. 3. u naotre lot do terro situde dan ln sudit faubourg, d61ignd par Io No. 10, do lilet comprie . entre lea susdites rues, at mesurant 26 pieda 7 II pouces do face a la rue St.' Tomae, our 100) pieds do profondur antro dos lionaes paralibles, le tout, mosure anglaise; ensemlile toutes lea am6lior. a tlins, et lous lea droit, et privileges y apparton. nd nant. nant. 40. Un autre lot do terre situ6o danle o susdit faubourg, dusign6 par to No. 11 do 'ilet bored par i lose eudites rues, et mesurant 26 pied. 7 pouces do face I la rue St. Thomas, sor 100 pieds de pr,,fon dour antra lea ligncs pJralliles, to tout, me-ure an- g glaise; enscmblo toutes lea ombliorations at tons les droits et privileges y appurtenant. 5.0 Ui antre lot do terro situeo deons Io susdit faubourg, dlsignd par to No. 12,de Pilot born6 par los soe dites runes, at formant i'encoignure des rues St. Thomas o Benj ,rin, mesurant 27 pieds trois pouces et 4 lignes do fac I la rue St. '1 homas our cent pieds do profundeur et de face I la rue Boen. janin, le tout, mosure anglaise ; eonemble toutes lee amdliorations, et tous les droits 0t privileges y oppartonant. 60. Un lot de terre situde dans Io memo flu. bourg, d6signd par io N. 13 de 1 Ilst born6 par los memos rues, mesurant 27 pieds, 10 porre- it 4 lignes de face a la rue Benjamin, sur 133 pieds 7 Spouce et 4 lignea de profondeur, entre des lignes parallblee, le tout, mo:ure anglaise; ensemblu toutee lea amdliorations, et tous lee droits et privi logos ye oppartenant. Ainsi quo ts tout appert du plan dreesd par F. Wilkinson, d6pute arpeuteur gdudrolo de cat Etat, . date lo 26 Ddcembro 1839, annex6 un actote a greffo of William Young Dowis, date le 26mea jour de Janvier 1839, lce susdits lots dEant deos sub divisions doe leot Noe, 3, 4, at une partie du lot No., 5 ainsi quil apport d'un plan dressd par Clih. F, Zimpel, odput6 voyer,daut I 4 f6vrior 1833, et annez6 a otn acte, an groffe do william Young Lewis, datd Ie 23 do Mars do la mdme annde. Bureau du Grefflor, do la Nouvelle Orldans, 8 Avril, 1839. av10 J. OLLIE, Dep. Grefior. OGICALLY DISCUS he French ofJean Du field. of Marriage ! courting, with a cure for d is the most work that we Sspinsters, than nay otrl ch AGNER'S LIQUID ODENTI A.--l. S hbeen long used. bath here and in the norflt with uiniform sucess, for cleansini and whitening thle treath, and preventing the toothache; preserving d the gunte, purifying tlhe breath, anod relving most St disecsea to which the mouth is halte in eitber the wt adult or infant.--O.e tea spoonlful, mixed in a wine or glassful of pure waler, nod so apphed to the teethi in usual mannre witlh a brlah, w:ll ellt'cually I1e a vent scurvy, and ward off that excrutiating paln o t0iooath Panepotet ontly by T. i'. Wongor, SBoryeon Do.n. t st to Joeffersoo Cotirce, and sold wmltlesele and retoil by CARLEFON & Co. 31 Coals at. lb ,sole aoetns for \Wnoerr's O(Ientiae e SADDLERY WARE.--The subscriberal., man. facturers and wholesale dealers in asddicry goods, are now receiving by late arrivals frum the an nurth, in addition to tiheir lormner stock, an exten aive asfertment t of arlicles in their.l, snnmoong in whict are the tltlowiog, viz: cRl hLdi r and missles plin Itnd tied sandd:s. I ethtti' n do j Spjniott do ' do do Iexican do a,. ' Creolo do do Anoer. doI Wl do JoHonglish do I(. Youth's do toonish d>, 0 do do Creole do Arner.and Eng. brdles and bridli mounoting, do do nlarting aleo, Plated, brass, ntd japatned coach harnes. P do do do gg anl silibo do I do do do Itrouutihe do I Dray, cart and wagon do I Saiddle bags, double antlds'ngle; valics; notd;cal sadule bags, lfrss Is carpet bagi ; best iron frame leather fotto trunks, brass nailed l; leather boot tLop do, arsorted sizes and vartols stylee It'otsers and I hisiul belts; coach, gig, sulkey, twig and planters crop whips:t wool, worsted, eottol and leather girlhs and surainglea; sllirru; lea'here; to k strops and worsted rinll web; thain e ,uk ratnres; blind bridles and lines; 8 ech tla a, and horse and tmutle cutiar.t l a'l quhali i; no. roec, buck,bear.sheep und buttbaloOkins; plUled brass and steel bri,, Illtas n! ev, ry deserq..ton, plated, brass anrd steel spurs ot evry des rlipitoio; plted, Ihras sind steel sttrrus ovf every deatnpo 1 Ltllll| Togetltyr ailh a coonop!lte gasorttleon rof every artics ic thei rli,.ef hfstnessi alt of oihthtltotrey ollfor for sal. otn toco tooIllotll.t i ILt o It t tr . They wvill alsn cn inue loe I cvie itllroiglt the year, by i:cketh fronoot New 'ork, Ircoat n ypoo a to teai' tttlrt stock an ile nd n ollllp p e. kUUP:s, DAVIDttI)N & ct, NEW MEDICLNE. Dr.. d. I. Phelp's Compound fTOIMA'TO PILLS, 1rntirely Yegetable)i A1 ne' a re invotla die tdieiGe foer all Diseaseo, .so o oubnoilnejior CLo/nel, 000a catharlic in Foerers nuof elf )Oillintto A.Offoioons. SrIl(ESE popular Peills hleloo ,coluetllaooion of a newly die. JL coered Alkalinle ubt~lbtlee, eto traeo d frovttib'tvloato Pltt; i with vthoervvegooblsv btohaaloeor uoticit have beco fouooed to oluO d ifyfdoste ito etctso, i e believed to be tile bootA Iter .tite and Catohrtic vDoeicin ever discovered. O'bley ihao beon obunddatly oed runessluoty tried, noetlioe rreo ived uooveroal approbation for Scrofuln, Dtspepoia, Jouodice, 100l leal disoarse, Gttral, tloeumatism, Cuughe,Colds, tunuvotza,o Caterrh, Ntervous diasones, Acid stoonaeto, Glandular nwelf liugs ofall kiodt, Csotivclle-n, Colc, leadnchd ed n. All Aetidote to Coutagious and Epodemic diseaoss; to pre 0vent the forloation of boiouo rad Iveralffectinon, FPver nnd Agco, tc. ill thOoo wnon rsodo nn hot clinontos, ud lnow and oarshl couootric nnd tile bost catlhartic thtni can be uer fTr tlloso ntclities. eenoee will Sod thenom nino.dtthbli remedy for the Saulvy: and Trntellnro the besto t diciue they cvn uae to OouuerLent tiho doaners of eposutre in auhothoyb eh. loates. Forodivarary FPnoUoyLyPhyeir, ahoyare univlruyop B proved as tebsbotcverofferd. Thb peculiar virtues of tte Tomoto Plant, bate for o tnon tilnor nttraated thle attratioouofthe medievt protsfnioo and tsle publicb, ald great intneret ha, been dirvcted o tioe future de valropment eot its mrdicintl quolbties, minch the roporietor is happy it heing now shle to grotify--sad pestCets his pilla to tile public, with the fcll eoufdvuoe of thoor being tile eoas soe£ and Y~VALI.I· eEIgDY evgg DISCOVKRFD* N·ume1rous· certifcntees of cures, front those who have taena theto, and oeaimoaoa of several phvsbciao who have prescnbcd tihem,all concur to corroborate this ophliol. Thle rapidly Iteroamnog 7 dtenland fur, cod the univeroal approbadno bestowed upon tll0l0n as na additlonal evidenee of their melits and uae fahtlels toInt presotiltg this article to tile pulaic, thie prop eter wat inltlucced by tile hope thata ntedlt.ill prepared wvbttuoh care, nd with a strica roglcd to the Chrlloealand Thrapeu ic properties of its ocveral igroredieuno, ohtoald tone the place of tho irresponoible modictine of the day, witlo ebhic the i noantry pbouudd---nd froo the fnvor alroedy teotowed upon .e it by pohoygias ....., he feesl.juatifcd it .np..ti.g th.t For o full aeroona cf this illteresltlg diovonery testeimoni alt. mode of orainiuo, tin. see pamphltet, vhil may be had grati .o'all who rell toheoe loills. to None are enuioae wnllout th e a bignatlre oft. 5. PIIELPSO Pt. D, saloprnprretor, Oltrtlfd, coon. SFOR BALE ,I to E A Folilanshe, GeneraI Agent, No. 1.I Exchange Plac, near I the PostOffice. Also, by A A Peycbuao, No 12, Ilue A Val J. Baker & Co, No 77 New Lavee. Dr. A Jlarbhall,Corner St James and Tehapittlusats. J. Ross, Lafayette City. G N Molurrison.No II, Canl street G Jones, eornerTivoliCircle and Tliton Valk, lTThoae that wlhi toact aos Agents, address E A !FOL ANSBEt wholestale Agao mar 4 y tI -, °" ! It tI BA 1EAUTIFUL head of hair is the grandrst orns ment belonging to the human tatme. Hlow strange ly the loss oat it changes the connttnnnce, and proma tet'ly Lringt n t0me appearance of al1 age, which cau - sea mny to recoil at ein uncoveored, and sometimnaes a' even to.shte society to avoid the eata and sneers of tieier ecquait.teneeo time remainder of their liven are con sequently Sapnt in raetiament. In short, not even the or lasafpropert fills the tenerous thinking yaoth with that navy sinking gloam as dons the loss if hie hair;e 'rat aver eli these untleaanta ersmnteeOl Ohidge' Bahln of Columbia scope the hair from fellin" offan the tat irtnppliaention, and afew bottles reatsnres it again. It t likewtse produces eyebrows and whiaskers; prevents the h, asir from turning gray, makes it curl beautifully, and aty frees it from scurf. Nuterous cartificate 'oi the first art rsetability in support of the viertues of Oldridgef Balm, are shown by the proprietors. 6hR Read the followingt Robert Wharton, Esq. late Mayor of Philadelph has certifita as may hbe seen below, to the high chara heita undersigned al hereby certify tlnrt wehave Used data of ('oalmbia diiaovered by J.Olridge. and odit highly serviieablenot ony as a prtevetatae ftlliag hffof hair, bat also acertait rcetar 'I.LIAM TIIA'I'CIIER,Senir, No 86 North Fifath t. P INGLIS,.'21 street. TIOSIAS, 1 Di, 163 larest Sd b av cincret trte! irf Arch street. e11e signers are mon eero not less than 30. "adel shi'. nterd witll Curdev, ad rt' t eolst~~n nc~rd nllmtla osbu uit ooai b et ul neso SA 'I'tUNlSlE 1 ¥ Hi ASL.fC O CINE. T HVORiN'S Compom!d Etrct ofCeopaib55dstluM purilla -A certin, tuat, and tait attff. ttl r" a ry ever discovered for the cure of Stoo0~ l*s (iteattc. Strictures, Whites, PaUIs in dthe back ald oinst smattli - weakness, aflections kidnies, gravel, seobatlet: ernpttioia, heC. In the inooduotion of a mediin possessing the usefs and active virtueeof the one now offered to the p liblLt tile Iproprietor has but to refer to the eumotta mress nmeolatlonos received firom the most emainett of the moe. dihetl ieuhty io Euoele, beliering that it Will be delr appreciated when iis uiu'its amorcme ' fulty keown. ' Ie Balsam of Copaiba. soexteouively aseda,haa losttn uli of its eotnlit irom tie dislike which patients /sria ly epressII regarding its disagreeable ta.tet dlat lno1i2A rheed intlla botela s midstatrchi m l Ls toher;of ors ituetcitevr whlen used in the itammutmot' stage. T. .it prolprietor has mante an anulysis of ithe Dalto, stet : Ing tiht the more activetqcalities woald thereby be malh aore rolcerauted and more usefully administesl'ntthat in the present state. ''le .ov meed e mt mei hneaiuno grlit s wben ullh are in the higohre a." elie mo1 o41Wt most sc ientifie nd lePanr' t i il ptyll naivO. ·rell drut ill the conil si. olf lhi., prl'epa::infn e t hl i satisinctionh a fit p ear", bn. ur u ly eaea , pas ,'ssi,, ;a. hei Itll Sgt, tIutIe thle ,dv:,;"t-, l icat 'rom':f ti, , II, E. : .; :4-, Sytiien to l ti t'lorr oof th isa hI -s a -e on their decidled p provt ion in hty r ou .raicth:parilao, w nhilttsitsae ii prlilnl Id hopitals e tnd pblio medical insdttutiona i abe it, ai still continues, velr extensive. It wae a rfaw.o. aeomtes reurnst wit, the celebauted )r Abernethy in aUIh venereal al'ictiona, sal inobstinnte utateouserCnlttiott arising from a ilisolered astate ofthedligesivnefuetinns.t oaving been submitted to tile test and experience of tie tmtost celerated among llth o tttyC o, tley e itve expresset theilr sLatisiation f its extraorditiatyeflitaey in every eate under tleir clar'e, by adolpting it bothI in tlheir Piublches prlriv:t nraoettar. 'Iherllr Ot ervitient will be ter t herall ler. Prep:rcl hy J BI Thorn, Chemith London. elxiee $ r 5o le pinbtt, I"I'TSTIIMONIALS. Frnm A I Slmnoe, Esq. R S., St.rgeon'to the SSt Tiinirao Illnspittl, ald Lte, L-: oin Anlatomty. 'The trial wehicaI s hi.e le of year plrepae toln in ts Svrirt-e eonats, both tale and t'renate, ie its resulnt hive Irovel so hlihly fIeaorllle, thatn I do nrlt hesilat io n S rtloutoig it olle of the most vnltadle Sndc eflnaeie.e remedies ever utdtered to Illublti and oie in whieh,a in 'l.ot exltlerieeo I oal plae every hrliahete, whiilt it does notprodbeno the same utpleasatt Ietfictusually er nperieeed fbo m enlpoiabn. y From G H illywad, M R C I, physician t toth St Tahrttrluet Dispensary. I taku griat lieoantsr in ainrllli my testimonyt to tht, valuable preplraires of Your prepalratim, wilshing yeou tL success n so fully dseerrve it antample riewa'.d Itr the labtortan ectn sei ncurred in brinling It to such cunm F ronm 1V i Caoper, F Ri 9, Surgeon to ity'L s Ias r t fie tli.iTi teesatess hwlieh lias tendld the sedinisi tlrir. vo ur mrditilte amo.g ey tonients fftl leld with ; timalaue diseases, hlas fully s.tislied me that it haoi.l t ta to be kllue i to e o truly aipprtelated. .e y the sluoeeo yoI so well desiotve, amply and speedily repoyyou for your valuable preparation. P Freoesr A Coopse , Ft S P R CS, ube. l laIntig been itdeed a t ry tiyour Extrect in seveial easerof violellt tomllOusrrnos wsicl had hitlerto halid o every prescridtiol adminiistered by ume, haling tond d sere'and speedy cures eleelted by it, in a fetew dalsys I t leo s m selfin diuty boeld to state that ] now itn my piree, Stie beit public anid private renommend ail use tien other. FenFrom G W Blair, M D, Physieitan to Guy'a lIe , Id pital. d Tile strict test wlieh I have given your medeiile er mong niy patients, stl its invariable suess tlisl ear, Swill oinduce me to pIersevere in its use, snd I deem it ti. but an et ofjustice and of duty to add ulp feeble testi P monils in eommtodation of its virtues. is trtn LC Thompson, M D F It S L. S!relna you my sincere thanks ifor t e valuable pre sent of your Extract for the sure of Gonorrhlr, tle. :U. or feel pre: 'nl that you have at last bro.ghtt ntedioint ' int ito use whlich will prove a desideratum long songheiftr in the mediea. worlt[-a ure, apesedty and el'eitulinl Me I in easesf thet above class. It ati'ords me great pltuoa nll publishing to the world tihe valuable qualities of your pExtlb'act. 0i Were it necessary, the proprietor could here furnisha stInany more testimanials equally as commeodEatorya rth abovet but trusts that itsgreat nueeesshitherto the c bI & expenae at whali it has been p eparet, will sipveilte . greatest reeommendatioll amopg a discerning publhc ' .o One retommendation this prlparation enjoysa abv--. be all others is its neat, porta a etlote--pt up in pits-tih " ton mde in lwhiceh it maybe taken, being both masy an bit pleo'ant-its tastely nature, with no esatriotion i dIet ti- or confinement from busines. Travellers eapeally -; ad U wouhl find llis medlicine highly useful, and ouugtsoev4n [ .; to bhe unitrovided with a preltration thde d . S" vatntages which the present One eonlbin Aeeompltnying the etdlicine is a pamlphlet. tory of the di-lerent stages of the disease, w aniy se extra chargle, eontlainig full and ample dle s. . For sae by SImpLe , mr Ibtawdtn it t. mr ts3aw.Sm u40 C t. "THE TRUE RICEtiCS OF LIFE 1 + T. W E KNOW that health nd th bility to labor, constitutes the wealth of the great mass of the people in this, as in m at other coon. tries. To preserve, therefore, that health by natu, ral mean' is a grand, moral and political scheme to fidfil which, requires onu utmost attention. The unprecedented popularity and universal ap. approbatin which this medicine as achieved. throughout the United States, the .. dile, 'lexas, Mexico, and the West Iadies, lthll justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and conse entiously oommen. ding them to the special notice of the afjd. Peters' Vegetable Pi:ls are the eafitt, tp f!.ee. tuool and economical reniedy for diseaes 9t human constitution, that has ever beet di Dr. Peters, the inventor of this Invaluab cine, from his knowledge of the human derived from a long and extensive pra arrived to this conclusion, tliat the gre mary causes of most diseases is a derange the functions of the liver, or in other wgýtl. creased or diminished secretion' of the hil;, So well is this understood, that it is n.mts ' persons to say when they fqel unwell, thata bilious, meaning that they have toq moloaliticyh the stomach. On the other hand, whoniao of bile is diminished, the process of digest i ihnporfectly perform, d, the patient becomes and emaciated, because nourishmenteent the food taken into the stmaclh is net pro . t tracted, and the foeed is ejected in a am te Dr. Peters is confident that the famouse yp id Theory, so called, that, *- impurity of the hL' at is the cause of all diseases," is a great ibsurdlty! i. Every one who reflects on the subject a niument. will perceivethat impurity of the bood isea eseon. dary not a primary complaint-the effstt sidtaiot tihsecuao of disenas. When the functions offbh. liver are deranged, and the flew of bile increased, it is ellen taken up by the absore ent vessels ant d rcarried into the circulatioe, and becomes mieng'd Id wi h the blood, as in jaundice, when tue.patieit e loews U it in his countenance. Now thii'impurity ut blood is caused by an increased flow of isle, and to remo.dy it, you must correct the sooretions of the live , and restore it to a healthy state. Dr. Peters has spent much lime ft eperiment. ing with different vegetab e medicines, forddiseaeo of the liver i and now offers his VegeUtble Pills, as the best, most convenient, and cheapest medh. ciue that can he prepared for general use. ' n Dr. Peters fltters Ihimself that lis long expert, meonting witlh vegetable medicines has enabled hild to discover thle true and only substittdoe asowering all tihe purposes et mteruria a without ally ojetair atte. dant evils. One great quality of his vegetab rills is that they have te alterative principle eoin. bined with their cathartic, or operative qualties, d so that they not only cleanse the stomaCht aind bowels by purging, but they regulate tho.livee change the morbid secretions streent. r, digestive organs, purify the blood, circulation, and give tune and vaonus system. They ate mil frot

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