Newspaper of True American, May 13, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated May 13, 1839 Page 1
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i~n." *I;. R f ' r'i _ PRICE 121 CENTS. NEW ORLEANS MONDAY NIORNING, MAY 1.3, 1839. VoL VI No I m_--- .f ---` -ý-c- --- - --- ------ Pot.. of IV- - - ·---------·- )-- NuR '--- &. (.... _ - ---- 3u ---·----------"- '. Te.on of the fewspaper P.t~te of Newr Orqena Suunntliously agreed lost uu adjourned meeting ol Is proprielors, held on the 1311t of March, 1837. Sru oSinirtonts.-Twelve Dollars fur the daily a or santt t, pnynyble enmi-auilnhly in advance: ten doltlar s tilt tS;-weekly country paper, payable onee year lin hlvetro, where no city refcrenee is given. No o tbstriptonwill be discontinued until arrearages are settled.. In case o(.dincontinuance, one week's notice (on wri..g mount s invarlably given, previrns to th xpimratiOn of subsoription. ADvgrisco t.-- One dollar per atnare fir the first nsartion, and half that price for eacl snlreqinert ale: onn ateurial altnration from the original udvcrtoement will he echrgod as ' new one. YiAItL AtivolgTstaeo.-MC erhnnts t ail 'Tra'ers, nty dollars ftl Eagish alone, and sixty for both Ion g egt hanks, Insurauca Offces,o d other simiae public Institutionn, fifty dollars ill Entlish onIIly, nd ttghty for boll lungiagen s Shlp and Stenmboot Fee ore, or Commission merchalnts sixty dollars in Engishl nej and eighty or ott laungulges. WAlOPIAOEs, OBTe.hRY NOTICES, anod Artieel eaill int the attention of thie pallic to alets or property, cerds of possaenrs, beAefito, &c. &c. will V e RIECrged one dollar per square for the first insertion il each lnt. OIrtxucATInOn$ or Adverti.ements, if acy person al natvres when adisoible, shall be clarged double, and in advance. A deduutiun of twettyfive per cent. will be made t Auctioeerrs, stlierfe Reginersof Wills,ond lnarashal on sales of real etante, polieshod in hoth lan.goges, end l5 per cet. in t ngolh alone: 0 per cent. on alett So other property. AUstvTrloTMENTr out of the direct line of Dthllerieo of the advertiser, soluh s legal, aiction, anl platsn Sio tu sele, runoway slavee, stray miniihale, &c. &c. will eI itharged for snepo.tely, and at the ordinal ry rotes. o ADv gII TSEvMnTS elt specified nt to lime, will libe ublished ape rmonth, n ol coargcd accordingmly o o No N dartinaly e cte of haukrtptcies will be opablliheil .o. ansy rime, tIlllss pid folr previous toe.liertioo, or he, ., vvmeuot guaronteed by a reslponslble peerson in town. •.fil ne Lraes and other places oif oensteonl, adveriiing daily ,trt e eenasn. to be charged U$100 fr I nglcl an leOeu, and $18) in both loangtnecn. -ii All ntounonrcetanis candiintes for pnlitical ao.icer will be colrged doubl tlhe price of other odvertisce atssos. Owing to tile immeene loss suetaihed Ihy ewspnltr Crorpietors, thev have comei to the coanclusin thliiat itr ensrle- of persons whin accounlts hnave not been Ioid witlit one tronth after presentatlion, ssll be mlde knouw (so far as practicable) to ea ch othlr--they inli gtling thlelomelvle not ito advertise or print for such delinequall tunless itt coase ol adentcee paypatse . (Signnd) J. C. itc Sr. 11cOMt100 J. BIAYON, I'. P. tEA, J. C. PIIRNI)ERGAST, JOIIN (hIllSON, I.,aUMSI)EN. WtVely Pres--We. illce, tidreigned, gre to abide by titie luvo.eucdilian~i, os It as they are ,.lpicithlr tn (8igued) A. B. I.AWIkENCFr, e No subserip tons are taken for less tvhan 6 nonthb eitlorsie to A ti uenaeS. lae unst t aid. i .dA'S LINtMIMNT.-b No Fiction.--'lis ox traoridinury clllclicil colntianilion, the result of science, and tiet iventit, te t a co lernd lathi tll llttn toie introdutr i of which to thn piuile was inverted will tile nolnullnot y ol a d! iltlhe'l beqCeot, oasw hlce gained b rleputation unlravllr"hd, ftlly nustualling tilt correctlies of ithe nlamcnlte Dr (uidley's lt confeeion, that " hI dtLtred notI Olie without giving to Iisterity lie ten'"llt oi lih kmnnwledgo On this oul ject," and lie It.hrcfiur bJqueatlhedl to his flin liduil l atleolldut, Sn.louon lnays, tile seornt of ic discovery. It is tow used ill tlo pirincllul hospitals, nand the private practice in our country, first al mosti eertinly for the cunr of ltle Plos, I anId s oxlt nively and olffctually s to bafleo credulity, unless whero it effeocts are witnessed Extcerally in the following conmplaints: For Dropsy-Creating exrraordinary anbsortii at once. All Swellings-Rodnciln theml inT a few hour Rltluoentienrt-Aculo er Chronic, giving click q oise. Sore Throatl--fly Cancers, Ulcers or Col Is. Croul and Whioopiug Couugl-Enlxtcrnally, ailld over thle Chlst. All Bruises, Slprains, and llurns--Curing ii. a few hours. 8oroo and Uloors--Wl ethler fresh or lonor standing, and fievr ocres. S Its oporatoios Uiin ic dults and childaen iii redue ilsg rhlouaulic swnllillga, cld lonosening reouglhs tli tigltness of thlle cihosthy Itllta tillu if t li puirts, I hias beeoll slrprlpilg beyond conccipthio n. 'ill rolllllno roiarli o foi tihos rito Iha e ti l it in tIic Pl'ev, is " It acts il"e a charom." 'IH tILES--°'he pvice, jl iv rcrlltcdl In ti ny persoi who will use n bhttle of II-y's LiUllltllit •for tile Piles, and rmtiir the tcilpty bottle withent heilg cured. 'T'hos are thie IposIilive Irders of Ii poiiietlor te thile Agentll; ald ont of inily thiOu. sands sold, n nt ont is br'ce uno ncen ssill . Wi Lmight inisert ctrlilltteas Ii atty lengt.'t, but prefer that tliose wito sell the article, sihould cn htbit tle eriginal to purchalsers. CAUTION-Noto can be genuine wiltholt a splyaodid ngraved wrapper, on which is imy iattic, and also that ofthllt Agenlls. SOLOMON tIAYS. Sold whtolosale and retail, by COMS'T'OCI & Coa New York, and by one Druggist in every town in tho Union. For salo by tha Wlholesale Agents, esrlier CeomLns & 'l'chloiulitoulan street, atd bIy tlhe Apotllhecarieos generolly. i:l NO C:ULit Nii I'A ItR.JOIINSON, iltic 1111 Ilieeville strnet, cn I i. faios hl praclice tio tle Irentllelt of Velhereal Disease ,n ill its dtllr-venutl to ai. Dr. Johnseo, froti areidulcuce of Inny years ill I lcs- I i als it Eurole, devoted to tli treItiIIont If Veleri:ll ii.anteliu ld fronula lin ieniot nxteticive IpSttic:e it1 tlcat jntultar rilttbiel of tie prelcoeion, gtlrantiea a sae, speedy and llBctualnure to uciirl perulsta Its cre tioubled with ally (of tic fiGllowing ilioeascn. viz: iGonorlhanco. UletoR, tvic letes, ClteItPe, hltII'tnu: Setitial WVeukiene, Aiffuntntaeofithe Illodder, Kiditivs, I.linis, Urlihro, Prostrate :latndl, Swelled I escicleo, Eraptiotn on the o'Skin, Sore illroat, Paias in tile Joinst Anti the mLnerous symlpions wlhiche generally fullIlv his liteuae. Recent eases curel ill iwo or tllen days withoit the use of lerecur, intcrr ploiu trollat busi nei s, or a lteru tieoll in Ithe lod ofliviug. A niedieine t, reCvenit Venorerl I)isease calt be oh! tained fl' Ir.JJoliouc. it is frita the recipe of Ibc taroe Larry, a celebrated French Surgeon, mnil was uaed by hiti darinlg tihesverral eulpani iam whlich he served as Slirgo aoanerol in thie IPreneh Armty. Sold by Dr. Jlohaso, at his ollies. lThose lperous hacing nty alfei.tioo of'Vecnreal Diseasenr, and ebhntl taking sea voyagoe. or removinig lto lthe coutiriy, wold do well by giving I)r. Jolhson a call, as proper tiedi iine lur their core in tie lhortist r tite canu be put up - with writ(te directions fa, their use. Ofloe epen from 7 in the morninig until L o'rlock at I igbp t - ABEIRNTIIY'S .DYSPPrIC LIXIR. IDr. bornrtly, the greatest of bugr!inh ssrgeona wi opiinaon tht nttne-tenths of the diseases thlt tics mankind originate in the stomach. This Ilizir oura noed by tait eltl the most n fpr d.dented a uc..sof if 'Ilia private and public practice for upwora of forty years, for the removal of tho tallowing diseraes: Loss ofatpetite, Flatulency, Distention of the Steom ach, Pain in th nile, Ihe ravinessnof the lied and inuli nation to sleep, [rregulariry of tihe Bowehi., and in oil cases whtreo Idigestinl or a costive habit is found to exist. '[inis medicine must not be numbered amnong the heat ofgo k tnostrulms now before thie pbi c, no it is tie sole. invention f the nblest and mast scintific surgeon I.rope eover Iprodiced, and the secreet of reltring it was purcitaood by tile agent for a ry largo SillS. It is agrcaoule and pleasant to the taote, acts Ais a mnild pir ient.alwaya keeps the buwels free, inmparts vigor lid etrenogtt to tlt aysteot, ond cheerflnessa to the inlld and R few bottles rentoves tile lolst cofirled cases o D)y lnepia or Indigestion, and ihreventso return at aoly Sstare period. Naw Yoal.llthI Apugust, 1838. 1]5 ldlaisatoutrete. Sta:-Il conooqeerneof leading an edeotary life, S have been troubled, inare or lesso with I.lligetion for te yer; tiea tern e r yenrs lany sufferings have beeltnsulpporttble. I have tried several liysicinls, and a numboerlof qRuack, nedicie, witholt deriving any betefiR. I dcspnred of ever obtaining aly perrnmnen relief, and resigned myself to the in not Iopeless de.rloir Swaso persuaded by ninnoy friends to try Abenrnetiy's Dyspoptic irliair. I have now fininshed the filot th it tie. nnd know not bow to express my tn 9iretit t of ito wonderful virtues and tile miracle itt it performed in rentoring oto to that heaitht which : t tigtit Iort fur ver. Send me halnf doien boattles 0 e aund rexcpit my thanks frt4te blesrings you have a o'.rred by re atoring ta to pmteot heabr. I remainvyours, JCOIt MlONROE. rhe agett hue in his ponssessio sevs hundred teS timooials similar to the atove, of the extrorodirltry vir ttee of this medicitne. Sold by appointmoent, at Dr. Jlothuot'. 140 Bienville street. nev. 5 TEE-I. PilNS-Foelt's No. , d3 l Peas 17 Danlos Webster per, Felt'e larg barrel pet Coogran largo d Perry'n flat sprrng do do smanll do do 3 salit do Wintdel' ladies"do do double patent do imperiil Double paotent do Gillotl's barrel do do Natlional do And Gillot's Commercial, fir saie at DAVID FELT & Co, 21 Chartres ot, fet N Y Stationers Ilall IOIPASSES, 'TIIERtfIOII'TELR s, MIlntIOSt / GiOPES, &kr.-Just received oaid for sale by Win. Meun, corner of Camtp andil Common streets, g enoral nlaoltttnent of Survnyor' Conrpasses, ataheitnatintb ltntrnnteuut, Drawing Pnce. Spring Dividends, Sprnog uv Peolts, Ivory Pro tractors, Ivory Stales, tinnter's Scale, Glans Trianglne, parallel Rulcrs, Microecopeo, ThermometeOr, Caipga COltscnras, Survey Chains, Mosa t' Tepee. 84 NuRlltIS & Co, No. 38 Charares steer, are-re. ceivintg daily from their house in Philadelphlia, on 'eleant nd cnmplete assortment of rbstanntial and fashionable clothing. They invite tho eaten lion of the plaublic, as they are warranted in saying than strangers and citizens cannot fornish therne selves more advantaegouely in arry city in tile Ulrino. N. II. A few'duoen elegant ivory handle ram brtlis, from 32 to 36 inches. Also, n large lot whiteilplne pacnlinq boxes, variouos sizes, very luw tlovi ll rt'.li-aalob hair Farar l thI ailter, fork nl finer anl whiter r nrla r tid aae tlae lpllisation. A Ireshl sEp"ly jou ra:"rived att Ithe aaar r s gIi I ll/SIt & tillr N, sacl b1~91 ATitit~, Ir.eKx.reln illortle !, t "r a it 'i tar lea &C rraarra st Iai I . , s".tr - , t IIa/, , t 'aaCtc B URNeAs.n Dtio Ian rrPr'riucal man iinall waaarsti oJlcrge ellhll caled d Ini brvati n+, set ell i tile era styli'. _.n ever v a TiUyofpierc. .4 nV h' ll. t he di--,, se,,o--. of Ihe IC Ill a at amrIcan Iruatn no -A-N nle arc o al i t AleS adee frl o th ell r ,enen ?e cine eve r trow w~ith ain the cru of El !3< eso soie y. A TIttII, n T RIS nt·~~~: (; . r: '., I , i I',. P.\l ,,,,T,.; Il¢,. T, /~ ll_ t ary will nie wrich Plhl ltpurg vat, i t s ,lll qu tler au t faher i tllmp.r at hncua a t o Orcrha recneivd atile Gas Oftic. an nk Alley.A jn3 1 0'W \\'tt.I.IS; rS.e'y, BUI.NII.aM'S DiltOPl.S--'lThis w aedicinre wa, discoveren d by Ie prapriel r aod hnast In ecn sub jectad to Iis careful observrinu aic r ,l"ntl y years iir every VRriCay itf prla ieiC d allI tll/ a ie' s, of the di nernifind Ar er'aai a'o'saa; ','' I, is nt fi/en tao til et par lic with i/ac atraa,'-+ ( alati /''''O and beliveth tit iOr an b rost ney a rl l ''tha Iat Ire ps~ira hl tie e avrla antia.rr' the t/ta ae e cine ever throlwnn witlrile Il-it ~n ti; lit,l nl ~i:es oT all lean r di w hi a a/el t :cal ur/ it r r tile llnalrdich/d /Oetr a/at, wlalaa . I a~, t.a,,,aa to" intl i t aeca taeo /lina Int r h/a a oal- aa aie sai n arr nuell and thIe nature t 01t lthrae dt C o', iller no anr /ei e+ diareietO rlfartaaa ie, enleacloronl, ar er/a' rlea I nilcdi ThaI1i ir isarorarY Iwatula it pat/a' : ! relad al l an triasl tar ealaly a/ 1 as aa Iaar a sa arT e cin dllaly a'Oallilla Ia ale kla/ ie t i IaE pro ari Iear I S i t , llrs ili',l nlld StlVi rases I ar nlt aae' lrad a'aF', Ira/I 'rae, vaon ad s ealcer faer, uv' tlve' zi, ly oaur a 'a a la a r a ll Ith e yTul blln h l ie I n lt e arral a Tlna' a 1il a a l It il .aia e r t// a atl : 11 I'mna t + h!.~ l[+t++i ls. .in s asu a ,t whit' hP a a, ing ' a nabTw? n o arI Ia a.'l aY' aIrII" a, ''ar ara t baa r 1 r .'taI( lar an t i/ Ii~llilts I +dtlll· 1/1·11. 11. 11 i C¢ /)£1hil .111l~it I l +I II·;: ; 'i a/a' ylr l' rA la).\VIst t a lir . tur osa erra . aa, i( a / a rara 'ra re, erra mn rruraar I'br a' cts th /I/ll Il l0 ,lk It, h l at ro,. I, 'ali' T a li an 'd i, r inllgar:i ty corl [ l e ctI' T it t h, l le oi.h tll e t'a' lina d,·11(1 i l. -a haay ,r I !a'r Iei i lo da wr r e' 'a' , I, I ain 1i1 Ar c 'a,/ y I n T u slll O, lo t l-s 4 , bar post mul h, t alsy 'llhtwo lBt,, nche fror a f,, l., wkin i l, s by lca t N ana n House a ob I i r I . )la iur ew leaV1.IIsoN 0 1 l,.. '," . ,' l a a aie III. IIII M oll l e l tlt o A s1 r l,, EI + \ .tal D, 540+L: ; * . tirra a'll all ll, l sIn tl , ' l lr . .. . I/i .0lt0n /,a I , *1 . ea Car hae'r araa tn oNe okUai T ir , a l';rlaa '' a lall a. \ l, ,, ol e Uil S, \l-houl Mobll e Aiugsaillll''') I a'h i i I r 3' *ill tI - t o * li : iillll t, 1·111·11 Ari~ )l;,. ·I~Ri·l·,,, ,,,' i ll \ l~ii,+ 5(·:11 ,%, .II ' Ir at l re i ,r t ttI' a i , I, ah lll iar t relarrrriraayt 11.11a 'r' In'lrr''a' 'aaIaai'tI t all t'l a'l airra .err l h alrl eltonl~ lare/atra IIo N w Y rll' I \I iIliel lCl lIl, ,,1·~ .'a llr ,. . 111 11..i 1.V II It .+ ll flll t ra, rllt'-. J -i a r''' a'I ' rlii a Ila -er ha, ai i' l -Ive of It < woinf ( p.\ bi'9 st'll bt bridesoerth Chtahorklwat hal' tar Lh 'et (th aaa.a enl osarlea auratinr arans a hi sra e a n aerlonl +'lsslilllrllsh llil l r e) to I llllnlls (r ll ss I +' \ t ..a .\lr/alr'ce..'r' aatht''r'r , a r rera ,,'lrrarha,l~ter :l i· I , llrll\:IIT bI(·I i J. i :I . lll l'Dn.~ '~i.'4 .l.ll hI t( , PI I Illl illg rl:~l~l'l',l cl+:ll, let~l IO lllacly,· .,ml:.s~tlt. l'tllael II ftCtlll:1. l911, ,;l| Ct c l'llS ticrle Iswi ,++4 IIItklS IO .Otll Ylrll4t (D pI |l e lasu e llel, n in l ai l, f m tr v h e ll l 'o l lls~t a t \ ll llla V t Bile TI Ill I Ii ) lh '\\;llllaln, llCll .. Clll. l Otll oi' ],' l, . tlllll r r a all, itlr re a e lillll llO ililt. e. Ie ' ' t t .r'' )kI..%.I. \i hille llll Oll~l:C l'i.UI'I :IIIII ~l:ltl~l +l, Jo |Irl wloaraer roat All r are e Is ICauo'lhy l i- d mru c i G.oIT h' el . t s b eillt. ThIR ' a 3 'tr C llA l OllTeiicl \I.,.achvlld I~l rl l ..+ ale I l lllll l.;12 I~lINE asaaruuaaa,rA'r'llsaa nurupra cuar the s6 r a tl(:lrll iesnil, l9r,. tart ll'la l(lg hardar ,'r a l'a rl'a , a'aa rrl rrr an l 'L i llll'll the r~rle~T l ,tllil ir ''e Ila li ' a' + I t" , alll t ic Lstu~nlll akt Io ~ w\ln- l' trarelears I/l ertraraur akIiOliN*r lha !=tI.+ ilS ld4 IleS I la 1)--l shiur gIa n art yar' rea I, siveul'ln lr liaollclll e , lrh, eh. Ilor Il I~hill~c iul hi~ ltil Oiill Tlouk·;ih+c, .Io 1 irsI n herlu postk I:ilvhc,%llsl I w.·I Ih'alllCllcs from IJ aII la:1 O\CIns Il ue t o (ilhc;u l h n d osaenriraea lei ghtaar s taral orlr asi a'r,'ru'a'r'h euii. ratre1t.r s I~ tIIS . io t Minis ioii Iloisltlll lellohile; :III _. ~ UI Clba ta'si ia Sew rauler llebe Ic' al auruhete 5nrnil t nanll ca'o'h N'e 'ak i aai Nun'I. O'l u arus SIIJv ul-o0'arll v alghal-el nr 1. , Tl/oraeI Ntdara w aur 'lasiladat ce rb oh l a, '2, 4 taut' atraaeu',Mo/reb 'sl~c ratoa fA'arrrrtl llokiaeetsi raOllr'hgnlla'h arrlo ar to N.+ oarkiu I/lee ar lanest Aa'rrea'rar 1 2are I oita. i rosa). 7ileslrhurhih s iva fle all tOllarrair, I larsoI it i llictaraeson Nun' th ee I ~ahores twar nluit Cl~l ard naiao Ieeyi'Oirte5 , Nan'r elth asta r l a~layIno d adv Irhleneht rterou rr~o rt i rna lollt'ea'lhueae I Iu" hMat/ut es tfreriusyeelaand s fiail-. ph e lauuc uhreter~ N.II Ilr' lare niafhccamo al~lnl l ec. J eetla'a'r a.K Ir' nortl·tFa o.*ve also ereiltatretl. a.J 1 U UAKRI( ALLIGAr(tlt LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. Loaves MIobil o'aesdays, Tiuars. days, and Saturdays, per the splondid steamer Champion, (ex. cept inl cane of satrl.s,) to Plnsacol ; tlecnce per steamer Lo Roy to La Grange, and thonco four horse post coaches via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pin-. derton, Berrien, Outlaw's, anid Perry, to Macon, Ga; thenco via Milledgeville, and Sparta, to War. renton, thence per rail toad cars to Augusta. The Champion is in splendid order, with now copper boiltrs, coppered and c pper fastened. The to Roy has been thoroughly repaired, her accommodations are as handsomu as any beit. The beau iflul Santa Rosa Sound, and Chocta. watchio lBay present the most interesting steam na. vigation in the Southt-oeing at the sanetoare perfectly land laocked. " h i.e Teams are not stlr;asse d on any route in the country ; tie drivers, to a mlaln, careful and artin tire. The bridges heretolore dangerous hive b e n newly built, co that high waters do not inter.ere. Thae rating houses hIave been mostly changed, and are now as good as .n any road in the Soilth. It is generally known that the excellence and hardness of the roads eitable the teams ut all sea soins to lmlke great speed. Tllheir srnootlhnss ao. cures the traveoi;r from the ordinary fatigue of stage travelling. r The Line is now c erying its passengers front Augusta to Mobile in four days aod twelve hours, or to N, w Orleans in tour days and twenty hours. Going to Augusta, the line is six days . nd seven Ihours. The time actually employed in travelling is the same as in the other direction, aut the diffrerence ogtilc on tihe tute, is caused by a day being lost in Pensacola, eh, ih however, is Hell repaid by the op, ortunity it gives ofsuci ig t the Navy Yatrd, tIao old Splanish Forts, etC. The travel!or also sleeps at Ma.con, and again at War. toLentn. This arrangement will ctrrtinue till the travel turns northward, when the line will be the SraIe from Mobile to Augusta, as it is nriw in the other direction. This Advertisement contains a plain stat ment of facts, the accuracy of which tlhe proprietors gauranteo to each passenger in thi penalty of his stage fare. Maps of the Line may be seen at the Ex hange Hotel, New Orleans, anrd at the Mastion House, 'Mobile. Fare through from Mobile to Augusta, $47 50 The line extrends, by albranch to Tallahassee. kt Chattahoothe, tlhe line connects with the I steamboat carrying the mail to Apa!achicola and St. Joseph's. Offise at the Mansion Houso, Mob.lo. m17 0 13OSTWICK, Agent, Mobile. it GA It & MOt'lASS.ES-150 Ihhds Sugar, [0.1100 gnalls Molasses--n plantatiot bhave the tr saln by ADAMS & WIIITALL, nd-2w 67 Gravier st G LASS--100 bhses in store for sale by feB ShAI.L, a BROWN 96 Magazine st 4) CiTATE OF LOUISIANA,-City of New Or. lians.-Be it known that this day bhefibro mn, Joseph Benzaken Marks, a notary public, in and for the city and parish of New Orloeans, State of Louisiana, afo5'saiJ duly commlissioned and sworn, Personally came and appeared Messrs. John Stevenson Walton-John Hlall and Archibald Brown Bein, Carpenters, transacting bllsiness uns der tlhe style and firm ofJ [lall & A B Boin--lrn. jamin Harrod & John IHughes, Carpenters, trans. acting business under the style and firmn of IIarrod &. Illghes--John Thomas Osblrrne, Mark Thlomas, Freemart Annable, Joseph Wilder Davis, Sam:el Morrison, and )Danic, Babcock Clarke, all residents of this city, who declared That in ensforrnity ail.hi al nact of the Legisla. ture of this State, approved on the thirteenth of March, eighteen hundred and, entitled " An Act to authorize l ruited or anoyymoous part. nerships, and to regulate the sanr," they, tihe said appearcrs, have agregd, and do by these presents agree to enter the fiollowiig limited or anoriymolors partnership, undier tlea clause and conditions fol. lowing, to wit . Art. 1. That the name, and style, under which said partnership is to bi conduIrtrd, shall be, ' The Phoenix Tow Boat Comnp'ry,' ansd that the place whore said cnropasy is to be locate I, sihall be in the city of Now Orleans. Art. 2. [iThat the description or kind of business or industry, to b cnarlied on under said style, by the directors shall be to estahlishl and continuo to run one or more Tow Boats, Ibr tie towing of vaes RJls, renderirlg assistance, carrying freight land pas. sengers, antd any other business wihich Iatry be late. ful for tow boats to perform. Art. 3. Trhat the amount of the capital of said complany, shall be on Ihundred thousand dollars, disvided into one thousnnd shares, of one hundred dollars each, and payilS in cash. Art. 4. That the names of tile partners, anal tile amount each partner has cr ntribated, is as ftollows : Said John Stephenson Walton, right hundred and thirty.five shares; said J IHail and A 1 Ilsein, sixty one shares ; said llarrod & Ilugihej, tirly. one sharae ; said Joh' Thomas Osbohnre, thirteea hares ; said Mark 'Thomas, tenl shares ; said Free. man Arnralte, ton shares ; naid John \Vihler I)a. vis, te'n shares; said Sanlrel Mmorison, ten shlares; and Daniel .Bbcock Clarke, ten a sharcs. Art. 5. Tihat thisa paratnrrrship shall commence 'tirr the idat hereof, and tihe same shall tertairrte ''rations and wrd upil its colcerns on tihe of June, eighteen hundred anrd forty. I That there slali be three d:restors to '.. o hbusillseii of said copany, and admlli ter its c;.,meerls, Art. 7: That the powers with which said ditre tors sharll\r vested, shall Ibts to oh st from amongst thomslves l their ownl resident, alnd fill all v.tL in cies, and a in-jursty of whom shall rhat and are hereby itn steid atirh full power ir r tceive a dli pay all lloriesst, an to do anld cale to be done ll that is rreqrsisrt oite a co'th lat i h a:g of t'he b .u ss of said coelpany-an- d tie I'ra'riditlt ly aIl with itae r rose t st t astirity of the drs ire'ct i: r t. '. l',ered il' .milo '",, Io, ror not, s f s' s ;d wUllllia . ny, i r all aI '1sr n ll l..r Oin be. h sal raidri ''as,' y, arll tl5 ,stet e ar l:' Iy at least one ofat tie a rt e ,', . Art 8. Tllnt th l s. to l' . a lto ' ih . . vice iray ofJr ly, ofeacl, a rd evry yerl rha; , l . inte, ce of this partnership Art. i. That when said toornissss+ a ,,+ a rived at thi period a h ten it is to exi , .' I: corns and i.f rs ll the sallll, sni all bas wo ,,, . and liquidated by such directors as may be in olrs,,, at t re te. Art l0. That the powers to be exercised by the a Directors inttr isrdi with said liquidation, shall Ia as follows, to wit:-To rela ivo suceh sur an or sns, as . may ie di e to thIer mp a nlla lyn aer r iv aict l lanit eo or acquittutlralsl, atrrcar II ta na-Ia fhe iroperalty of said riany a l, y.her at private sale Oi li iCrle are. lion, o uilch tltrs antd tlconditions aso to them maty sesa lit and advisable, and to pay the debts of said 1 A t. 11. That the dividendls o the lear profits, after paying all rharges and expenditures tof the orlnpairy, shall be d"t ired ando paid tor the sI lk holders, on the first IMonday in ll ly iof et.h srnd every year dorilts the eirsat'haoe tritthla a Ita er.l p, first rrerving te per larernt. of ithe proiits far con. Art. That at a general meeting of the stock. holders, all rurlles d re gd aOllti 'Ias regardst the l acel tsber of no assets i a sh I asistal r shall gave, iand any other matia arer raalv.e to thIe wYellrrit e of t coiat. lbe entered int, att s ie Irt ' asIa rsegttttrions arlle. sad, lall be daenommted the n, By-rLws of the iPhaoeni'x Tow Boat. p.,py" and the shall be binding on the said stoculohl:ors and respec. tive heirs. Done and pa.ssed, in my oflice, in the City of New Orleans, aforesaid, so presence of Daniel J.1. Itscldarsnd 5. tas'sard, witnesses ofi lawful age aud donncihated ias this ciay, who beresnis{ sigs their narnes, together wish said applearers and iane, tihe said notary, this Ist day of April, 1839. Origiral siagnedI Jobr S Waltson Jo.reph IV i tis, B iiarrod, I) II tClarbe, S Morrisan, F As-. liable, A 11 Beian, Julhn iughes. Jhon T Osborn. Mark Thomas, John Hall 11, , W lassard,D J lTi. eardo, J. B. Marks, not. pub. I certiiy the fhregoing to be a truea ropy ofthe originael act exltant in say current regisle , in faith w berea, I greant these presents under my sig'a alt re and seal of office, at New Orleans, this sOd of April, 1839. JOS. 1. MAIRKS, not. pui. TA" DE L UI N Vll o Nouvel ' Orldans, ~evant omoi Joseph Benza. ken IMarks, notaire public, ans et pour Ila ville et paroesso de la Nouvallo Orl, one, E tat do la Louioi. ane, dume r.L appoinid t juii6. Ot p'ruoonncllemtent companr ticessioirs John Slephioson Walton, John Ha1l ect Archibald iBrown Bien, colltegus Inogoianrt Iofns atEtires s)uIc l ttro ct tIbrtodet J. Ilall ct A. B. Uein- It" iHarrod cl John ilughles cottll egueo n g. c ant leurs alhircs sous le titr et forlme do Il.lrrod at Hughes--John Thomans Oshorne, Mark'n T i s, Freeman Arnaldo, Joseph Wiloer I)avis, Siltoato Morrison, et Daniel B.obcck Clark tous residents cll celtt villa qnui t'dclarant. Quo confurnimeont no nn clte de tl L6gislature de cot E at, approuvd troizro IMars nil liuit cant trento sopt, intitnld on acto ,, pour autorisor les as. sociations limitlcs on anonymn et lea rdgler," coux les ditstd6moins out eonvonu et faiont par ces pri. Sspun convient it untrer nla uivante association, hlmn itdo on anonymo souus les cla uses et conditions qu suivent savoir. Art. 1 Quo norm, litre et style sous lrquel cetta compagoit serts uondoite, aera or La Com. pagnio du remort .u Phoienix," at la place do cotto Csmpagnie, sera Villa do la Nouvollo Or. Ir 16as. Art. 2. Qu lao does ripti., on I'espaco des af. inires ou industrie, ir.e condlulit solos ladito style par lea directeuo , s ira d'dtablir ct contioner courir on ou deux bat su dt tnmorque pour to renotr. quunt des Vaiseei ux, cilaoit, portant fret no passe gors et qulqu a itro t.Miro q(i serait juSto our leC bateaux do reloortue ' exouelter. Art. 3. Qun le lnontant du caulital do cetle com. pagnie sera cent millies piistroe, dlri, ne millo actions do cent piantres chaque et I to comp tnat. . 4 Art. Quo los nouns des actionnaireo t to manon tant quo chaque actiotnairo A contribud t co 0mm0e A dit John Stepi.onsdon Walton, ut o, nt tronto . a ctions; I J. tlall et A. Bt. Baiono ix Iotnto atl n actions; to Harrod et Ilughos, quarati, un actioons; 3 Thlomas O.borne, treinl actions; a. Mak ok'loma:ls dix aetions; nJoseph WVilder Davis, dix actionsn ta Daniel Babcock Clarke, dix actionis. Art. Que cotte compagnie co l-concern do cette date, t torttinora lto operations to trontoc Juin tmil huail cent quarrantetrois. Art. . Qu'ilt y aura truis directeurs pour cos tractor les aflairts detoa dire compagnie ut adiniai trer eos initrtts. Art. 7. Quo les pouvoirs dont sera es directours, sera d'61ire ptarsi eux un Prdsulont, ct do roemplir toutos places vacantes, et doent ia m:ijo. itd aura et ect vetu avec pouvoir do recuvoir ct do p ayor toutes monuoios, St thiiro Io causcr I ltro fait tout qni oet requis h lo cendaisant tls atfliros, do la dite compagnie; at to Prdsident par et avec to con. sent do ta majoritd des directears, eat autorsis. do donner tola prolsss do la ditu oompagonie, pour toutlos lea demandes, achats, ou contrats, sur to part do ladit compagnie controsigt. par au moals un des directours. Art. 8. Quola durd du service dos dits direc. teors sera uu an, ct qu'une election pour to mlnmo sorm tcnuo to premior Luidi do Juillut de chaqu snmatu pendant 'oxistence do cett0 compagnio, Art. 9. Quo quand cete compagaia sara ar rivde au teimno do son expiration totes les Affaires seront liquiddos par Ic directeurs on daffces on cot temps. Art. 10. Qua lo pouvoir dent seront vdtus les directeurs contids aven ls dito liquidation sera com. me suit savoir: do re evoir touts osummn quo dura lan compagnieet donner quittance pour to moimn, et t de vendre tola proprilt6 do nla dite ompagnis cn vento priv6d on publiquo couome volent propros et arisable loee directeurs et do payor toutes let dd onues di lajdippagnio. Art. 11. Que Ics dividondes do profits apres avoir p tv6 toutos clharges et ds1ponses de l corn I pa;gni e-eront declarod.s et payes . t les actionnaires lo iromier Lundi do .Iluillhtl cdloaquo sinnsd pei-n. dnt l'existence do cotto compngnie pireplirrciuelit reservant dix pour cent dos prolits pour lus casuol itds. Art, 12. (Qu'a un clction gntdral le ds action naircs toultes los rigles ct rogulastois I'sbsogardl du nollbrets dlos votes qullo chltlqo Ictiolnnirsin dovra doncr, t qouulqoue autr.s chose relative l ls hiono itre do la comps ani scrollnt coisiddrd, et les rdfles et rigul .tions avaint dit ns:la dsslotllilids lesi " Car. 1oi do la compaguie do rcnlorqus Piloonix," et la mJtrn, slera obligatoiro r.t r las dits actionnaires ct luirs hdorititrs. I"ait et passid en ollol ti ude ld ms la villo de la Nouvella orldans, en le prslscenco do l i)nil J. Riclard,, et J. V. losnard, tIliotins d'ago riquis ect doenouront dans 6l:Ut villo qui apposet lllsrs signatures, avoc les dit Idioisis St siot, le dit iitoilio, ec preoliiero Avril Iml o uit ouot treote Original signd, Jolh.S. Walton, Joseph WV. IDa vis, i Ilarrotl, D. 1V. Cihsks, i. Morrisun, Aiisai 'lt, A. Ii. lBibl, Julhn hlghess , John T. Osbsro isark Thomas, John Ala , 3. hltssard, D. J. Itissar. do, Joseph II. lirhs, iit. ptb Je oe'rtitispll iu ce esni uno vraic entis ie lie I'origi nal ilclt extant n inols rdgistre; ell cetLttl Ii j'accordo cis presellnts s ous Il lll sigllIatue ctL Io scoou do ino ofi:o .a la nouveller Orloans, to 2'2 onstl. n229 9t JOS . Il AIiARKS, N~ot. Pub. LUCIN& CORDIAL. .jtit.. ..tttstntiss Iii lot - I I-O- t -- i . .i. S ( DIA'I IIi ito soi l'; ti ll I 'IIIIt lieon ''o si.sirsUl-The Uite s tatt A'ent fiir thse luc~ina (+hi~tai or El xir of Love, letturnl his gra+tefull acLknollr dgllll l tr itr(no fl. lt,'rin pll.+ ,trou,.g{+ + hi,'h lit+ hal$ alirteifdh, er !ived, aind n )o lIar thenill y llllf testli llltl tl s which h:*v+, Ibeen szlle hilm toL whilr tIhilt" the al lml~ miae~t~m. iqfi( tw ,if tl in. h bi- lt, lt la i we d lcIW .11·1 t-; hiss liii hI'- llt ~ilou I tt l i//. Ihi'L) l tI t hoIiti lit, + l i li l t tlll~d {,f I5 Il'S" ii ll I '++l J lit.+ Irlnll I('11an1·ljl lua1·1'11rnibus 1111; realabuseal l l itlll h uII rnit .d vir i.i illlll r 14.h 0lt rdlmo: al of' t is I .h h,.sly itl. v i,.d ilr .h t.,+liis, it is I sIIII , l'sl u t ,,','ihlvlee, +ob+struth d,' '+irth.o t 'r p ih fulP uslh4l' htru llnllh ll'ltllllll. 'I ' l 'l'l ' si' ll slll t' f illl I''| ll+ Ct l I t l 1,an ; Psiliglo stsi iie 5,' silnsesrinvosun tar ciiihr * :l cu ,hrnic eution' of. , the tki,! hop', ,d cl ith toit .s oll i tho ll asd t., i i itih' t ll sei os ', sis'ie l lllt' I t'lll t til·· l,,.. ill'+llllill.rr ,II(.O liti l'lt+(r inllinntarv lollcha r·1:ife i is 115 nl n' 'ti d5 i co ry trol chr, co ic c ater ,thaIll+t th l\llh e kidll sisi iss h I1 hl 1 1T ll Ill 1 ' \'itsi)t i sl . 11 Iisit hi Os,'Vs " i h ' is o., , t h :ti d o i'al o oiois io Nir tlleolno r Itstr. ot E Ct )III ItItt'lit tlisiog rithoso tisoisorhisi thi-niiroii hib. te, Orsis hisl irrrr l sits inili \O\st tr.V' S IIsiisAI i s' M.os. t it l,,. I, 's' ..... ..... I ......... It I i ... ..sim surt (;F, iisIIGF Mii. IICiis. iusoiiilg"orosil-.oid tleoot i'd ill his I,]:te, to whl no~ all llpi-,,l ]1;. ha i.'g 1 , tr* ih nlsoi' g iston ati's i, ,, said Jsail l l.' willip otti of 1 , itliN cPliaystreisN (iigfn.od) JU]lN ;I srL o, nvl +;| ---lf Gasdtier ilinry 'is brenht, (ar r:uerl y .1.aii. C. Wiakanahch ., wo+uld mieat rei et'!' h dlV III .I. hIis bl een L d the pilolrrta ilI a'11, r, i, Le i e ha uas and i s co t t Iv r vaelv t ns an J ati .nl i ts t oaln la i lhol :er nld nagprnd dhan dT, I aiae h ,;l, undmsp,, i a of ocilmrk , h.tu iit a lie olil,, I,,r at, ,alo n oil qalu sr, wan itnns : mst ap hlorated in s t s- a in : ttsrn. tirs sad ad. nSans las Frrnclt vc!vt dlanl satin pa itr, latslt sln e ; o Iiall eu ns ln and co. ,r ,, l'lil ;, ,d d 1t m and uover, n o a ty do, .re lan , insapeI litge I ns rtas, gaIntasdsa onat s as .alor.tld do da,, a qa. listes, gal erllls n butd ,l ri ,nanradsne II ts covert', & lin stne alin t, raos r na s fin , ras rnd nsn Mainn gn h wlly d ,ni orsnl its nf" a nl lat,-rr-s arge silk cord lt laSSand o aned cord a id tins tLsa enetral as aortlll t ot pllh is lro sand pl per hIalnin , lonstanllly on iln illll and sale at the lowest prctLs at Nos 41 RIyal and 64a Custom Hounse sts. N II--l'persns in the city or from tie country, are repectlully inviled to sall and exanttne I" eldnsaelves. Cnrpels and curtains made iin thie .liest imodern style, rooms prepated ait tihe slrt vst noIt c. aHod all kinds of upholdestery walk lJune with nceaseas and desIpatichl, ct 3 1, It' Gla'1, it's l rean , teras. Indinn )Dye, for ucoloing the lair ; lcar's Oil, .RussInsIbear's.reosn , pnOlli n ltl ' IoIhaela ia Fi ele Washl ,superior pearl tpowdtr i i, r t lusts,, vegetable rotge, olne of ros-,, lip salve, kre sote nl th wash, tnLaillllt dilllnlice, inanll l.,cr water, yo lder pull's and bxe, A nn hsnsn charcoal, inealy put air in luur ounce realn, 'res. to sals, colonen kreoiias tooth achlle drols, hair brushes, Elnglish dressing combs, lInihan hair oil, s ith a variety of other perlrnlri,,s, &fe. For sale by " C. J. TRINCIIARDI) oct 3: corae'l of Canal and Bourbon sis tOITUNE' P.LLEII'S OWN 1)OK1 - iComl'a kenaiiar- Ioy to'l'el n nquea j 'ol'lyv's 1Ireneh spelllin bookat I'nelic h Readers, half lad ' till bo~tnl llVnl an'll ls L atnl l lil tt blhrna \All'ellll \ ihin*Jl l cdll ;illlll .1- rltlll E l.'s+ : dic:s ert rnl I ' I nr . ai lDttholl'a a lhm,'"i'--'ila'st ,.n the a ertl Lady'as iehe,'alin ,l p as, t sLo k Illnani's hlrrie--tn'rsnsctt'a asnug toos A nlaw nild supplyl a of the above wrl'k just re ceiv.l aild i.. liha i-tU nI gItodl terns hvI m111u 'lTowsaa, 4.lallipt st AIA . l A It'l. -S l "..-IOL IC:t IALL. In. -'t'a IT .SEI). T'ranshneid Irole thle French of Jeai Dua lois, t . 1). byl % illiam Graa i ichal. Patl Isl. il tahe nt.,essin t ol allatninge ! Poert U2d. Iistllc t.olla incourll ii1g willth Ia Ce e or Part 41 h .,tarr;ge Pit ysi e tgile'y. -D)isc, aed) s the Ilmst usefil, and lie. r.!e(iv thie most intenpstinertig 'un.t inth ,+ ' eaer rend, it wlli break aIx toe rakes ard spllls·ners and akllle 111111 llre married men Uan wVOl th inyLL oulnieati-on hatt ha etea n'll ainactionId by the cnnrt of |IIill .--La /,st:n/l·rn. 'Tilt is a great bonak, nud will be productive of klnmc oad il the onintll ytllv It is tI1n'a it I'oninsa much stlallge Illlngulalge, bLltt'ulht·lI!le sui j,"cl i . i t, ·'dLl.., twat.a-it anre stellhntnldv. e cspenia-lh rot.nntle its" Illstiatlcio inll u si erinllg, to Iht atIttlt ll l Ull young anil i ilVPl nthleta II Il:It a I. i l quet o partnler.--Le petit ('ottuier Des Dt, sna. F'orssloutl Io atti Palvlhas st betwctl a3lll nzile ad Calllp street. Price $1. It s-.. n bushaels landih g traa ti ston r lnet J Ifr sale by AI-SL.JA1 ll '1'1{11El1 , aII ni 31 aIin t Inay 1 SIIaLL t IiitOWN, l .i f1i-gasner il i) I.NT1 'I lLS, lLASS, I1ltsIld:S,-Vic.-a u-t k landingf roall shp a lllCnatitutilln, nalll r sale-v 16.100 tfet ofglass, besta Iquality, from UXI O 1 3::2z d0ll kegs white leadd ptlrn :151 dl green plilnt ill ". liar. kees; ' 4 doz ialan edltins ir rsigsa.;titttO b.: lithias- c; 6 doz Slnledid 00oi0 llhidll Irushe, also sof010l :sl d fili do a nnnaaes erole gnrtl ist po ter sprior trtih do do in eara s ; Ial ge tlaortl lllat , t ofsdln l teols of every size and qualitv; sable iaencis ibr artits; lilat n:ir-king. bruslhels fir metchalts; antista' colora in oil renada trn. ipre.+,in lxes, fitlted :'p \\ith all uecesst.ry brttlrhei; artist's teals, I,. Fliako and lemnsity whilre; 60 packs gold leaf; white and yellow wax;gi d uratbic;r tnd at Irge and chiCe y s sorhlent oftnlats, dry colora , oil, tarrpeutiaa, varlnih t.',a Er sale,wholeaas anl rettil, at the ipricest by I1ONDELLI, al8 b6Camnp a. IS TAT'E OF LOUISIANA-First Jud cial Di-" T triEt Court. '1hlo State of Iouisiana, to all whomn these prec selts shall cnnm, greeting: Whereas, Williml Maclkey, of tim city of Mays. ville, Kentucky, havintg puchasccl ata sale nado by tihe Shrittl of the i.ub ish orf Or()ii.s, tile pro. party trchriaftcr dcescribed, has applccli to tlh clerk of this cuct, Ii whose o(fiaelc 1l deel of [ ale was recorded on the secerul day of MI ly. A.D. 1839, for a lloniilnl or advertisecmnt cc conformity to an act of tlhe Lcgielature of tihe .StcC of Locuistana, entitlcd anl act ior the 'aurther ae>surance of tilles to pIurtcchaers at judicial sal.s," approved tle ttenth dLV of 3March, 1831. Now, thberetare, kcnow ye, acnd all persons i[tc. riested her,:iin, are hLercby cited and adml nicheld in thl nacilcellc of Ihu St:ctcc it' I cellsinlaiand of the First Judicial D1,Lriht C('mrt, whl) Ball set up any tight, tidle or claim in and to the property herein. alter described, itnc ucloneql(ccnce of s L. inll ;trllalily in thie l ordr, decree, or jccigcen'it of the court un. lder w'hich tice a'Io was mcade, or ally irregularity or illegaliy hi Ihc a rc,'iulas .entc c advlc rtisellienlts, in ti (me, or Illilmanner: ' of sale, o)r 1' ' ..f I. h def:cl t whaltscvelr, to show cause, wcit clicilllrty d.'cs Ifro'm the day tcis iticolic ll' s ir>t i ecscrted in tL'e public p'iurs, w:,y the sdale o miade sihould niot be cOnl. tirlied and hIo o:,, e ited. The said [property c .- c olc. 1 by thi Slh.rit of the Iparish a. .re,:aid I on ti I lrlc daIy tf April, A. D. 18311, by virtue of a decree of this .. '''rt, rendcred on Ih a I dcay of Marchl, A. D1). l.39, in a ..tit en tiI \'led ilhan M.sccliv vs. lir & StLeeer, Nu 17,376 o thle dockcet cf thics courtI at whichic sale the alid Villit, ccc ackey bh"c,ucu the purchlia[ r for the plric of Itwnty s,:venl thosalnd ad done hctnhed dull'.s, payablc as follows, v:z: Thie pu cria.ser 'autccincg til. p'cayment, of one. I "i of two not's of six tusc:ncid sevcen hundred anid sixty-live dollars cicd cillty.six cents, each to be due oi tile 26th of Mrclh, 1810, land thie balance c cash; tile purchaser icsunlllllcg , tlcur oI cll igiIh Iousalld and live hludiled dollars, due to lict: Uclione II ck of Louisiana, wilth at ten ille r ceat.i from clct CFeliruary, l c3c, aind tihe I1ahcl O i cash, anld reervcs a p c(:i;dl ci gage oi theill pro. party sold until tie acle is pc id. Description of pric clty ac s given in the jcic.ialc conlveyance, viz: The undivided half of two cerrtain Ints of ground, together witih ll the build'in'cs aind illpruvcvelltllc s theoreon, rights, ways, ccl0h1( l, ser itudels, pri'i Ioes and aivantages tlhe!llll belonicT' , or ' Ic a[ny wise . .oppor.tccucng: said lots I icj.iin 057cc other ail{ mlnlke part of tl 1 :: , f ~1 : ' r St. Mbry of thlis ccty, :crimg the hi iJulia anld ,Ne Love[,c trleets, dt'..ig, . line ec ccc ''wcnty, on a ply , dep tosited i, te . I . lx ... ,. N v d.cccil iicc iciticilc , .1 ,,., . Irb No. icitne e I llCasunlllg f' feet c ic icu' i cfrcIt c n said New LcveL ' tre't, by l' hlcmcc,1 ltct in depth c ore or l'ccc, by ccc rccimale of J",. cIh Il ic lclc i ' r, d cci l ce h -ie 23.h, I 1i36, it appears th i a.nd tl lou ts meastur to 'tl-.! .r, in English measure, seven y ftat front oi New Lave street, by ulno hundred feet In depth; togeth. er, also, with two Ihn(hr'd shares of tht .tock or tic, Union Bank of Louisiana. Witnesis the ion. A. 91. tccchcanan, Judge of the Court af'urrsaid, this [ith May, 11139. my 10--lctw P. IElttLANC, 1)' cputy Cl'k. IETAT D17C LA I UI.tUIIANI" (coulr d Premier listrlicIlt Judicairel-1 ir nisialln,- tius ceux quc ces icrc . ' .,. 5o illian Mackey, "1'.v, aaot hlclle fsaitc par cl Silerclc . lc:iti'.r pci6cc ci.apro c ride te',c',t cddre.s. , ctto etour, oilcIcc li cite rllc h at ccrcgi joulr d Mai de I'anndo 1ec 30, pr a ... Ifrcnl6e.nt a uI oliclo dIo cla c dgciltL o i , . cc Louisiance', incttl , " Act, locr cit, ' titre, destc a 'cireulri Ilanx venclc.s jud proulll l 0 U ,lM rs I : 1l. Q, 'd i o ll . o , toilus personnelis ill 6:mes.ds sent par r sc nts all rn c it:de c I'L t la ousianlll etl I L tc tl .t. i c 1 cc ccull .apr cs d S'rit iclc cc, c rn d. quce .i cl'c , cd.c .t d .. h fore e dans I''rdre, 15 d c erl . O it lllu ' ll. ci our, c' II eri t iquel lAt vi n: , c .e a Ri e 1, ,to Irr'ceguuilit. d illcd lict dans I'. stim tiln, cflacs au le belmips at l norudtc do la veel, oil pour lllc autre cslll e e Illcnque, dl lcure voir dans tra e ,lcurs, F i deter de la publica. tioll de ct iais, ipru i ica ylite selnsi c l ite it ac sorlit pas contirinceet ]iooloigude c c Lsa diie , propritd furtvendue par to Sh6dfrtlsu. dite Ilemne jourd'Avril do 'allnee 18:79, eon v0rt0 ildin dc(aret acc c dllt iour, re'du le a2 dc iMars de I',llU:, 1i 33, danls '.:fare do \Vhsailn .1 ,:ckuy ciinrc Bi'r t c t eever, No. 17,37c dct dockelit c c cte c1ur, c o!lluc' h cclecay it % illian 31 cy key s'lsl rllidu laciriur pear 1o prix du i27,10I payable ccmcice suit-savoic : L',clqudreur as11uma:nlt I' pannent do la moitid do deux billets dc ic ,7c 5 56 ecnts chaque, qul serdnt dcis ic cc Imars 1810, at la c lc c cbi imiptanit ; i 'ae. qtircur assr.liat ussi a paihnent do h co.ane do , c8,50 c d cIs f la Banque d I'Ucnio do lt Louisiane ave t intcct au laux du c0 pour ccuc it 'ornpter Ol acr. dricer 18. 9, at la balance conltan 1, ct ro. servant 1, ,, ! cvi, c ' cc c, ,. ' ., c ic , ro cricdc vendW', juis ', 't qult.le sult payde. i.c, dption de ia propr'13 d'bpe let *Ia: La uloitcbc . cvic do dctx ll, tsd ' trre avec tutnks les et am15liorations flti s'y trouvut,, aciti quo ncs [cice", cemic s cutule servitudes, privdi.ges at avintags y appartenant d'ulllU Umahcrc (ucltu) e uo ; ces lots solt contigus ct ccilt parti e ht baitturc cn f. 0 diu hubourg Stce. Marie de ctto valile, ldrnant l'c coigaicne lc plus baiso dd rues Julc c t Novelle L.cdea, ct aont 16ci..g7ds par iis ni.. 1' et vinl, srl ui plancc Idu la tIte batte, h ddc:uA6.u 1 'tude d. heclix rlima natualre, data du1 310 Jiam 1832. Le lot no. 19 me. sure ,l l1Ud 6 pouec.s de face 3 la rou do la Nile. Lev,.', our 1O0 pieds plus ou inuins (10 prolondour, d'apres un cerlllical dd Jo15)!1 Ih P11, vover de ls vilic, date du "03 mars 1836, it par01al (li1u ces deux dits Icrrats irnisurent .5csmble, an pieds anglais, 70 pleds df lee itll rue de la Nouvelle Leed, our 101) do plollndeir ; 4515 ou..a ' I}0 actiou; at fod capitdal do l& Banque d, 1'I nion0 do la Louisntn. 'T'emoiu I'honoralble A. 31. Iuch.utal, j oge do hi cour susdite, ch 6 31ti 1818. 1'. LE ILANC, OlInci It D6uinctd Grlticr.c (\\ t N Us,:5iZ:N'' on tr c \I'TAi\.no/ t'E \h 1 ).VI'i car, haee their Bills rlr1'/" j., ie one or ctore co,,lored lt.- ol I'lain o.' ,toh 'd olter, with i drspoht., fa,.l o fitorabl/e ''t'erms, by loeart" otheir (ttlntll'tItttiU; F\I \1:il AFt OiL '3IIFE, cu. r ul j1ARRISO ) '. E st'FICIFI (tINI'T NT- T ' .u great cechbrity of this unrivallcd C.un. position, espul illy In IIhe Northernl Strtis, cov.s the pronprictor bht I ttIe need to say any thing in its favor; for it ha c beenL eirally conceded to it, that it i. beyonld i.Il ct mprison thle bI st remedy for external betnpl ints that has ever huen disco vered. Ittle.ed t ipeed onitd cortailnty ol'its ape. Srlli Its have the alparanlce oflmiraclekl ; ais lt rs, w un ., corns, fever sures, chihlbhuns, white swot. l tings, tolcs, pides, stcider ad snake bites &. imme. Sdiately yield to its apparently ,iptnerhunt n influ ranc T":hus if Iroprly lapphe Lt will rmove all inveterate corn, or break iln heail a blte ion live days, will allay alld perlectly cur: aill ulcer in two I wteeks: and the mst dsleriate cases of white! r s tellljg that can be t it.tnc, htve been destroyed Sby it in less thanto t lw iontlh. i the bites of poi i c. f lli c iy . rtuly surprising, an r even in the b:':" fa r.,ol'd agi. filr if applied in tllo, its , wvr. ol attSrantl,, . t twonuderftil thatn I lthey wi3 a~ ,nc, ..nro-i th,' I.on, scd thus pro. I vent I fn om pervding theI sy. I. It is likowis e I greatly superior to any ,die c .n reto'ore disco vered .or the cllafbid btcks alnd ,inrses, for letters, ri 'g worms, chlapped ; ,id it, thort firn cr evry external boddily evil thatitI .1 . tlhe !Mt aI o'man11 or beast, SIThe proirl tor has received ta -.1 (I" t.nd I certificates iand oth r documelllnts, av hlr I SS,ýcnih Otmtietit," i itw ds o t 1 t wlhich were w\ritten by respectable oi... Sledical Faculty, all brc.lthlng ttIn ,e :m gy' 4.hd catisthel:tion. Pro,ared at 1,19 Liberty street, No: orit , apt 1 ':r .sale at t.l Poydras strctc, New Orl Ins. l EDLn. l'iL -li, ' i t ' ENGLIISH. Mr Jain , s, r . . t., i . is t oy, begsleave to tin r oihn t1e i ii1 ." - e tn, alnt - that hic wt l * open Oi neodem In to , 14,- ntttaro ' t No. t "I n oultouse s.r.,t, ,tr tie 1s,-ru n. a ul .ouIh ot bith sitxes, it) IFrt 'ch and ttClFog , inin ich ie will be a.iy asc-ined by Mrs. JaiCes 'ald Mrs. Anlcier, who speak btillh tlihos InainguaI s with r.rell tlociiy and punrlty and t wh wI h la chargea of the de;,o itol it t 'of te you'IUg hIdies. Mr. J uns w!!l give his w ltle attenltion to the S vr lnous branllch o .dullcation, andll t111iteI 111 el thI!attll will tivte iietir s utaito ti.,t to t11... wh itn y honor ht i with their tcontim, n,-1. nos I 3 1ri-15- cilsa for solo hby Sapril2 . TIERitIlCnttronerst with lieni fnrlr sll crI +i.. Inlr . it a in1 ,in tl whifelning ithe tualh, J d lre ll ll in the l lltl,,',hl.I :prestiavainY ithe a I lta , purl h h la tIt l tI t, and r','ll'vii n ; m e. t dusct es Io whtwM lt t;he ril'n' l l + I b,1 in either the adl1h .r inf nt --II e tea -p.ntnll, tli.ed in wineI Ltlteifl ul o t ,re w t r. usel ls a:it l 1 l t lhe tele th rin . iil l+l ritn , w ith brni, \ , i '!,! etual ly pr. :I s ,rvy aid W1 l'J ol aI ll et t iasul il lng p illl, 1rp~trti only bVt. I . W \+ u er, l tr -r arln 1)ln. lilt In °it.h l'urson (;",,I, . , and rl ,il w hlsnle und rlat by CAlI.' ION & C,. I anal sT. Sn ts anr H'a. P12 1 .1IIJIlL:Y %A\e:.-T'he a' rter+, .'au--. lactur ]~ml h a " tbl'cale in saddlcry go llsI, am a""t rt ovri y hiir.lllr v from the ,,,t , dd ti t :',(r Ior t r st, k. exten s:ve ans ,rntletm l t laruth, s il thei r li um1noll!! ,v ch aa e the I' llo lnII, viz: ..ales and I i.eses pa~ j "nit lated radd ., un ltl rl ull'a du ,ýpn + s ,, ddo d) l;t oi dao r,;e do A tncr. l 1,· . hrdl,: n tI h r:dI, m auntIlg isted, bras. , it ] ,j :i ch harness, t tI si Iu d, I ldo do it.1 I d Uiddle bai , - ; v 11,l1:; nl d e ra & it 1 ( a, h' iJ onta Id Ille Icthur lit ' ' , ther b t dl.. ln sall - da , l d ,i . .. . Aa.t, 'I- 'a, Ial,,, S,'l tt' t , r The, r w rVel plrh ai w thh l 1't tiy (1 ' tlil ' p p o S IrI-~r, al 'la aeata a D , .I. L r. taIkar . 'Ca, N U N 'lw ) eI IJ. [Iao , La a. t a , , i Joua tl .o l.a'Ita'al.Ca- a'Jd Taa i to 1 l t H,.l ; atilth utiAr ge, n .,enlare a 'l lacr i t all b'i .ar 'ba' '. a "+ t a, a a rSl AI ,I! Ie' erS, IItIha L l, br.iaal a "ll. 't e m ity linoll.. tlta e,1., C;rtv."l, lt ll'tllltil t t utlgll t lC lds, IIII]UrnIc:t, 1 ".tt 'lalt , NI:. V llIt Ju1-'i-t's, i\Cl., CLUd etltllulx (t laudUla, ten-. ulllg, t ,dll kltnd,, (; nl n~,llt. e Colic+ Ileaduch, % . I Crll Il,tl~d te !to (ýollt~llptu , llttd I|')l.llll( ' tllt'cs eI ; tO pto ,ellt thL. tIlrl;Il ut;ll al ll.llhlui ltn1l h r ull'PtctlllllS, Flyer In d ' Aille, Aec. tIhllu-e w'nn tr sal e 1a l (Illllltu t t ( ll U lld IO w cad IIItIrehy" I+ ll~ltrlO-( aInd i the tq++l ctthl trlla Cc tIlh t (. tic t u.eld l'i ,e I-';htts.. eamell v 1ind I IhIln . :u l infajlleI l r medy • Lhe ,'Uri): amil Traellern tihe lt..l t ll dicitve tICSy can to i, etllulllLr . tl2 r te rlll '- uf e lmu ru.. 11i U llhllllth ell. i ntee. ", nr ordllliry l"atltlll; )l 'a .ir, tI t.yrU un vursal y IpI 'L`I1I· pee ullhdr 'n lUt' OI" ile ''l lh lltlto Pl nlll ' burr for elante itl c -nted thle a·tn'ntiulel t rl' tie rdtc., Il n.oI "H UId the i ith , ' " " y' " It'lI, 1het'lrL t t.t 1o tl.. fUtUre e .,/' `,h'ilt r gratif)-- ll IrIII I - . I ill;Lo t r e u ]1 il, WIL ... . 1111 i nU It.e . f' I ,, b.ill dl g the Most ,u tqlr t,'t r ln lmr It lu ol unll l il lltt l i. Thel r l idlu I ll l .l . .I a nit il id U15 U ll tlltU-1 etideLiteL ot their ImaletllLd use I11 ipre-curting tine article to thr plblic, the prp. eto r tas Lfllueu,;It by the Iii I th tl a i ll,!dtndI l pll 4 p uareTd 'A!h II ItLll r", i u;11 a Iti a etrlCL rlrgrrd to ther. {;(hllllle:nl J nllod "'hr;! )ue of tim Jlrl. the 11143,pu toad ild + o lle a , wh i th w Lily atti IIeh th 11tlllJl· lattlld.--llidI It m he already n ed upon i Yl,nr ft fur!;I·co nUlt cTf ihi, inlttr.rling d, tctilno :i nll-, tl li,; of upi.rti ut..£.. b e· nrullllll b ll blet ]111 iiiily IFe had ! i. It, suleprollrrtott , Hlhrtflord, (;+,11. he ])out )llie. Alto, Ly . .l. l'trhalltu, Su 123 l- lue Lt yuy l l)r. .1 MIarshall. CoI, t ,JlPAn rard T'haplt,,llh lse sts. i (i Y J3orrieollSN 11, Collal :trect A S:I:, , n.hllealet .1ge6 " "tar a ly I' i~i~··I·I~ I I. d I TINT DNFp:0 ITR.\LJTI IUTIT ea Iof'hlir is l i dii' hest ioron ,lent hats gins t., tb" Iuiman tame:nl11l. How st9range ly· the lass ul(I it "Iln~19 Pr: c? rulllrrc:lnrr, nod prontolli lilrlly Lrings,11I the npp!1rnrancee Ifol nee, whii(ll ·it . ninny it) reco)r(·(il ,It helot ,,""oled, and 111 IsllletilllF ern iito Itf i:H,"i rt to a" * tlIrrt i n sn oeri oi their ii. mvii'i-o ih ihe remainder Io o ilitIe ire Ioi ooglrl Ik' ohiis i n ,tilo·iol,. Iot t eve thf ii ioi'ri y filihila oiheii-iiriiiiiiiini'i', youth it lini Ilef-iilnkil g 21 f ll ioi d t, ilollhoOf I:iohiaitr I lilll oIf ('lllllltnll amps the hairi Ij'llll fallll Oinge(, ther fir-ialipliion, oiiilf'oow bttliho r OOinrc it agiai. It likr, "I I:rrllll·P8 eylrlbrll u ola l ia-Ioolai'; pIi'iilt tile mllir trim mniing =rev, makep it culrl heaIF~llnllrl and tiresi t from sarf. Nioo'oiI N cer tifitiesii 'o th fhi'd Irrlerclity in sullpport if thi' "i-uooc if Oldridgoj, 'Tandi thefilfohlowing: lohert WiOrt ion E-q. lou' Ila or Of I'hilndetph hiscriuiorl,' a Iio" ibe o-i' I-loo, to theligh chuiru hoc'tl fii~ionlowi_ "nlnr, t IT. li.I II .riT CT, S~rd by .1. l didri d a Ni;, North fif at. Toi IN I' INiht~S,'it lii .qh'Ir JOHN I) '1'ltiihl.i., IT I), Ilii l Irnn rst JOIIN ii RI \'o1E, iii pue ilt tlL) :l 11( '11,1) , t i $ ath' P st JT)ilN h;'u), Jo, 1:I Archotreet T t s known tlvu three o lf th~e nhlovr ,signers arer morn. thml 30 years ,fag", uud1\III thle othersy not loss darrn 30.. [Froh the Ma-or.] Conmmaaaatih ollI If Prur;·Flsnnin, Ciio~noity tit' i'iin'la 1pi RobertiW'artlii-oin. 3li"oiriif -said citypif I'liiliohi shin, do beach,~l~ c, mils tlin I n 1 am wll naqlnainfr ld withl lIo'i-o J I' laoolic, Jan iiS FIioio, and Ilolig 3 1Ci-Clir oIll naes' ii. oiclnl to 'ha all-" eu tifienlePthat lice,' ar i n'lihi't ofI cIh· rI afldIirespclability, fIaid tie 1'1ch full cred IsIITou'l NVITnIece t'T said rlifiente· 11ii wilnr: ~vh~truo I Irate hereunto sot my hI m- i mlid iioolooit theiol fll lh cit'o In iroeo (fiori. Gil . d c of l' & ANbiTIT-'(r tlliiiioFaIhll AoriiNi-i rcIi'. SilIdi hnle inl i sid l ittheiioia nIRodid faOr -\n l ira' o2 flrrrllor .elect, a "u" \lnidll. n Linea, mm r Ioor bedl .:l~ml- - i'tii. nee b la\ dl-iou i ii'a p Ilrkueri .1 \Ill' : & AN Rlissor, 1 .^ l,\lrsllol l· Agent:, few· ()rlimas.L ý l)Rk 1A R. k C.~. No·. 331 Ch r streeb, ire nows " ",Illlville nod l pcninln g the most JI'Iplendid, sll orC~lil loobL·) kiuiilrr'c·h. +."dn ct;, nioi 0 Conirin its, pan tit 'u~ · ··;. · nrl-- a: ('H,,· ; Inc : Iulrkbjjr hulls'I oiii(ii' `Ikon-olo I·l~bU niii ; aride -2tiiiiiii iioo l-niecei lyirms'. ci fa~ ii'. ,oiiotiiri cir-.iaiuii d cl ih a'nmR ol i fa rli a ii ii I iii lo , fain iatic a ii Flir" vr- ii rki t cooi.aiiit elllish and IItl Ih :"n, se'riob, i harliis; cheraft's, Paiiiieb i G " is tuo s A-c.horr iicfi-ld Ilscinlk,,il rait. l.ii-, n 1111, siilk awld cotton net shuts annd dr,, "is' ''nr iri'daned c.eioon shirs, wlith iiid bCso asba 1od rl' d; iiori peirl and ploin a ae ra hurlllos ; "Grraff." Premtom CIQ Te:ýIM5.rcc blnutrful article of tt'hite kidr, ta~r ttadinsDc . c R.; P;prittleficld silk at d ran,'.:,: hdkf p doter f ared'nnd emllroirdorcd Cnn;.'-r , dpi; k. atbb _ w,,l, tontie) grm nt" e, , brie I ' v cotton half Tin'e; all ii a iichi at. a1 cash, r to puaIuat I o'o :'eta itt guns tursas '' 1rl s tA T IUNEL) . IEf, EAULG I I I t I()IOIN Co'lpald Extmaot ofCopasbfit d? 1:.i, oaver discovered r tle ur o Gonot ' hent t ., ti iti. ; erCS a \ aVit 'tlain' i the baok ind oins,im riweaknes, aflactiohs kidnies, gravel, s ,obttal , II ill th iilatductiontllof a medlicina possessing thle 0u16 aitt aItiv-e virtue 1"of tlie one now oiLfredl to tile fta l the propritor lai b iut l to refeto the numerous tre om Ilecnaietlny ecenived lin thle lost emiacnlt of the me, ircaid 'culev in itopela believing that it will bedtily Sepreited hen its et:l.its tire mre faity knoWe bn. T it It:anl s I. apiha, so es.tenively aseod, ias latat much of its ellit Irul tie dislik hecitich patienta mormterl xli esi dlregaislitis its disagrreable taLte, dtstusti"atc e produced in the bosels aiin stomac mll Rai its heretoore ilsl'inllu,uv wleo lsud ill the illtman0"ueas e stage. The proprielor has lorde anll mmlysis of tile Ba|lsm, concev . . osi g thatr the more active quldilieswoutd talireb beasa dimole rIo lle ic thd Iaollie uiefssin alil ierey inin Oflei i tile lratseo t state. 'ThIle stbove met cine stcotinitn gredollcns woic lare in the iaighea reptle nmot thed matst scieotific atJ ieor.ed in tle profeasion. YiI Ihr ill ahitteaion' itina of thisprIateaIaion ineesaL theo s i elicnacy ol atle orltert ptloucitlg aia operation truly ato- " ishaing, iad surlIatsing the anuC gine ere etatiottia. lossos.lhgatl thle samoa time the atostte ae otsits beains hIni wilhl tiil'lat saucessi in thelif.trc-a tt isI g oa the abol e diac oiHa . aa itie InosteminetIt l)t tysSeatla.ils unlllu ei of thle piesedt tiny express tI ir ltheided tip Ico",anLion inll ttllr ot' Starsitpaiait whilsts its ue in a't" h rimai i hospitals and pblic oeicai institutions hm s ib n. atid still eoniiiines, very exteisite. It wasl . t'a I aIlle tlteliv with tile cedellaaed Il Abernethly Iun ll vt'neroal aofiicatstio sstil in OIIbstita.c tanteeose0rtatltilII$. alrong fiola a dislrdered mtate of thetligestive uettlions. iavinlog beent sblitd tod th le test aind expa.ienece of the lumist celetaloed i allltl the ailtlly, Ihey have ereIiied lii siislaciriol of ils ecxtraosldinary etlitaey in evel2t case uldlc er teamraoc, tay adoptillog it flait in their lli amtal rivai:tl praiice. " 'Ta heilrt eclivtioas will tao icr'ed heisli'et. iPrelaredl by J IT 'rIhornl, CIlamist ionaclta l 'iom 5o 1 pfil int. 'i-fItfl nfIONiO l .. Frml A II Sailnm, Eas. ia, S.,tgeon to tlie S'I'llls losaiat , lnul e .- oil Alastomny. l'c titl h tlieol I Iave merae of vtor irepasatioin in s- rllth. tla irates, otll mlale atllt ftelllale, in its results iiove prove;l so higt" liaonuallte, tllat I Io n:nt hesitate in )r olotmciingi it Otte of tile moist vaIluable atlld ettieaioll renleiiescvee o nfered to the ibiie, ant one in ulhioh, h.rons cxperici.ce, I ca place every reiantce, whilst it dlias milt )asloltle tile atalll uiiplieasant elttects usually eox ipet'icoct d flront cotsib:l. F'i GC tl lawia. ,I Ce , Ptiy-siciao to thy IIt Miii ttatte t)is esarw.h Ial.ea-great laloeassct it aldiag my ateamlnnytothe tot loo-a I e ita i yurll a itit acll t llto iaic lyou til oilw al ta. gasgat tasoebesos oc u , , ,' fI'ls " deserve in nn m li rer'rod for the ti rl rtl i bringing it to sh n l ,' L'd~r i , , i'Fenl to Guy'|i·. ll'lais lies w . Le tC ae . ; t. ,inh almti. ,,I [ Hhid~: rll edlt tell wihh lr pcrn; n •' Iisterel by ,Ie, Ilin itas onlr s ube land seey tures ewled by t , inl n fiw days L lIsis ,event ioducel to try yeour lsaa'aat ia several ;.:+ ,t I- i:,' Cl'aim amua, staich hat ailiteto baliaed ..r. tties itplTca oa nlisteaed by anta taving found IT taid saietdy cests etlecticd by it, itt a tidays I teel i).ysll ill dIuty Iousil to state that I now in niy prac0 tice bollt public alid private recommendll alnd use non hilter. pilotn GW lilir, 1 D, Physiilia to Guy's lo tlhe stiicat test ^ -.' ' " -"gtvena a yIti mediaiae anon, in)" pation " , ahi s iIs -,lius atr, will ill+Ituce aeI, tl t; eIllet a iie l a teem it but ai acl oa'jutToo riatitinty to add tly feeble teslti monial tl oalameaulltion of its virtues. From L C Thomllpson, aI D F I S L. Illulll you my sinclleere thanlks forl t e valuable pm sent oficour Extact lorhe tile tbel toe aeorellenlti, a. iato use o! 'rle.raltua Isrl aoun o&elo ein th e lF ia t a "n a lt , a e l 'sa Welre it , , :, firnish alo\e; but trusts tha . -;, " i1., eult'u I e&laxpense at whlic it Iahs been ca ,u ., i a a its greatest recommendation among a diiserenng plglla , tile Ietommelnsatlion tilis i retpattion enjoys abos e al Ollt.larsa is its leat, liils, e orm--put ap on pts--tk se i whti It nmay he tlaken, being both easy sot ple:rlant-its tastely aiturle, with no restriction an diet a s cotllocinemenl fti6m heasilesa. Travellers ealaecially woutal fintl dils tedioine hlighly useful, antl ought nene to be unplrovided wiih a prepabation poasessing the ad vaolntaes wlicel tilerslt.ic i onael cmbila Acacompluanyil. tgl l Medieine isa pamphlet explanl tory os t Il diaterent alsges of tihe tisease, without sap exta chlarge, containing full and amlen l ireetono. i For al by SIJKLES & CO '. - ln 1Iawoiam 40 Canal itrn.t. cmr auarsn 40 Canal streat. "T'IIle TItUa 1ICIS OF LIFE is J5EAL' 5 - a ~K NOW that health and the ability to labor, constitutes the wealth of the great mass of tile people in this, as in m st otherseon. tries. To preserve, therefore, that health by nata rat means is a grand, moral and political scheme to f lfilwhich, requires our utmost attention. The unpreccdented popularity and universal op. appruobatin which this medicine he *achievod, Ithroughout tihe Unitcd States, the Cautnle Texas. ,Mexico, and lthe West Ildies, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and cescentiously recommen. ding them to the special notice of the afflicted. Peters' Vegetable Pi,lsaro the safest, moat eflee. teal and eccnomical remedy for diseascs f.ithe human onstitidtion, that has over been discovered. Dr. Peters, the inventor of this invaluable medi. cine, from his knoaledge of the human system.' dcrive.t from a long and extensive practice, has arrived to this conclusion, that the great and P.i: mary callses iof most diseases is a dcrsngemeat' l the funteions of tihe liver, or is other words at'ji creased or diminished seeretion of the bile. ' So well is this understood,.that it is tarmmepforo persons to say when they feel unwell, that they are hil;t u, meaning that they have too much bile on the stomacih. On the other hand, when the oti of bile is diminishied, the process of diges lis imperfectly perform, d, the patient becames Wl and emaciated, because nourishmen't contained 1i the Ifod taken into the ste mach is not proper'y tracted, andr the fod is ejected in n, crude Dr. Peters is confident that the famous Hy ''hecory, so called, that, i, impurity of the I is the cause of all diseases,' is a great absurdity. Every one wI a reflects on the subject a momensst will perceive that impurity of the blood is a seon. day not a primary complaint-tho effect and not thile cause o ldisease. When the funetions ofthl liver are deranged, and the flew of bile increased, - it is often taken up by the absor oent vessels and. ', ', , carried into the circulation, and becomes min l'4 wi h the bloiud, as in jaundice, when Lte pat shows ii il h;is colutenase. Now this imsparity of blood is caused by an increased flow of bi.e, and to it, you iusut correct the secretions of the live , and rrciretore it to a I ealthy state. l)r. l'oers iran spent much tline in experinent. ing wilti diffruent vigetab'e miedi.ones, for diseases of the liver; and ow offhrs Ihis Vegetable Pill.. as the best, most convenient, and cheapest medh. cine that can lIe prepared for general use. - Dr. Peters fl.Iiters hlimselflthat his long ex iri; mouting with veagtablo medicines has enabled him to discover the true ind only substituto answerian all the lpurposes ol mercuria s without any of theis atto, dait evils. One great quality of his vegetable p'ills is that tlhey hiav te altertive principl eem. inedl with their catkartie, or operative quaPhtie, so tlhat they nlot only cleanse the stomach iil nd" bowels by purging; but they regulate the liver, change tihe morbid secretions, stronathenb tih - digestive organs, iurify the blood, invigorate Ge circulation, ant givo tune and energy to the nao. voas system. They ate mild and pleasant in their eperati.e, and c. nvey almost iummediate conviction of tL~er utility from the first dose. They can fe taties with safiety by ipersos of lany .ge ; and flbsFe. tif a firm, the nervous, and tim sde( atsee strengtfcctii "l by their operation, bcataes thej'sleat thce system of bad hounso oui :ss.vOsn irfit. bility, and invariably p a the The Vegetable Pil:t dice, sick and nervous hrlsVo nues, sickness oftlhe stons s complaints, fevers of all en t commeneoment will invc gress, and save the patient froms a p tt dangerocsesickneiss. They are invalioi . I a vnus aid hypocondricaP afleotinn, lew` a e . tite, and a I complaints to which females 91a .. nis act. They operate as a mild and apepLy 'e ,sf eqa safe nd ertia teiedy fo. . ofi e, s 5 pad Cail bet . ,w;

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