Newspaper of True American, 24 Mayıs 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated 24 Mayıs 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12' LENTS. NEW ORLEANS FRIDAY MIORNIN(; MAY 24, It,-VI ileAs ofs New Xspaper Press of Nero Orlean Lsettedol easye of di continuance, one week's noticeng the Propreitnry.hld on the 13tle of Mlcoh, uI37. SU P-DRLtaoNi.--Tollarver Dolloro for the dily po onr man li payablo a nati- aoeun ly i tll adtvace: nc willa tr the iwoly country pr p og era aayle ontne. YOrItn adance, where no city rferon. e ia givesit. o a tbdllartioti will be. dieoottinued tntil strror ngot re lttleti, in none of di'coottnutOface, ct wook'e nsetice bln roteitg mucot tle ifdvarlblry ginvc, previons to , t HttY Iioton of suo eriptio.nt - Ar, o ltt.lntO.loao dollrantr er otyro for then irst iorttist nned htlf that prc for la o set et an) tateri al teretiofeotn ot d rigitol ndvertiopemcrt illbse ehpaged ns t nea one. ARltL Atvcrtrtrts.-s.-Merelo5Oto nctl 'ro 'ere, rty dollars fe Eare lit alone ancid iexty fr noall th In 1',olt. , Blk9, ansittttttetr.t OlIIere, other t inlitlt ton wlontstitutRion , finy dollrot in Ettlio nlt aour' ore, or Cumaniot ntrchaats rstty dollner it lng iles mtl atOlre , OcnTAttly NorTlces ontlll rtiCled cubl ing thi ottettion of tent pty lie to 0t.wll l, tropdrty, cactirof paeners els, he ititE &c. o W Eill ten alriaI ion dollarPer quoat for tileo hrt nlotetio n i eCnte uI s of*htItNleto TtOlc, or Advrttisonltso, of any porest l cnture, when adtltisihle. hall bo chtitrged dtclltb, mnd ie edvanee. A oerdultio of tweltly fot plr oent. Hwill be micadt ti Ao ctioetaer, forsl Re.ngiotrn oa f t Will, not 3tlnritals ot .les of real testate, talllsheIl in Itol tle, laglte I ubdihpercent. in ngith alone I a t por cent. tlt ste of other prlolrty. fbk c e e Iih AyrmCRTIte oENTS oltt ; a" the dirsto line of o of the advertinser, oldth as l.ce tlo, ntsin a onvtt nltiti ton sales, runhway oslaves, te r t eittt$al), 1 c. oo . wilt rallabe cargtONdoble the pe got f otecrit tt tie sle ncarl 'ore tnaptl ery, nd wt ht o illry amt. AlVs RTIreto n thei r j a em t to Ltlll, lAot.1ie blshed one smoentl and ctargetfi c , N aill Tv e Itoany easeo ef p pcttd ti to i nt!t le t nteallo,, rn pavmelt t uarcnacllthvt Ietrfottt¢,itttofe cIi o m n &re. end oilpir +laces stree, and iy th h liar othe sres o t to live .lnrcd opnt fur Lglich+ will be lhtrtged doableithe prtice iot, t no dvettit: 0 Ooicgotlto 'ttttttotet i oe'o.ttl . tt ' I; i. prorpi eers, tbcv hlovs lJ te to t,1 I ttt:tt:tttlitn ItI t ise of perannan w itnitr ,ectu1ttt h tiotnttt he t mid kcnutvrl (m far ms protieattlet to t'ttlh Otto'r-- tht'tytttli ga t icvomelvet not tto 000er0i~c or trill fe'r Slleh tiignecd) J.A. I)t. tl.R IlOMItL p. P. ItI-A 1.tllN I ll (, N, oVr ily prreo.--WVte.d tIth a IceI t ! ih" byly tlirt abone ctheitioa, no lt" o witc toh thle plicah t'i. wae.,t map.eree. ,. B l..' E\CI was invested with itlle soluity of, a .. i lltlih,' equcest, has slinet 'g ined o rrput l il l ll, . ll.... .. fully sustaining th i orre tttest of thet laCite ottt Dr Oridlaey's lttoelt to eOtll Iln, thtlt daedl ntt dil an, ie witoutgiving totitt 'ai of e bict to Cte ll knowl tt on telet willstoactttty o n deli I Jo bquolled to lioes frientod n pnltt clttll, Stlttllotorl, flaly, tlt see 'retof hit discovery. It is now used in tclo prilncipat l o1lpitals, att Ithe private prittic ill our eotlllllrv first and lti i! cortailtl for t le Otlo tof ht t 'il e, ot- d so t xlll aivcolyatid effcrtutlly nI to b.tll credutiv, uihl+ where its etffects areo witnessod Extcrntolly in Litl bollowing ottiltiola: For Drol..y-Crteoating extraortdioary asorptlio-: Ot once. All Swellings-Redol ilng them in a rw t hotrt IRhetnLatistn--Aoute or C'.hronio, giving slioe, Snre Throat-yIy Cnocrs. Ulcers or Colic. Croup and WVhooping Coulgh-l.xc ortlliy, and .over ltho Citnt. All Bruiset , Spraits, ane. lIltrs--Cuinlg in a fow hlours. Sores and Ule'ors--Wltethur flres' or long ttndtteg, alld evrar ct res. its oalorations u)on adults and children in reThii iag rloctnaliet swohtlglno, anld It 'lo gttt *t ,,'t. t l oond Otgitline s of tc e itor t ty totel txa il n )f th p ,rtit, hal been surmrisilg htyottd caotitplion. Tt,, .Otltmnn roemark oe' tistes wh.rlo heu ,,d it ic thc le [.I'a. S--Tho price., C1 ic rertt',i'tld to any porson whio willlile a hilltl oti Illy's Ltotiltloit for tie Plles, and returlt Lhtu elltlty itrto ott l ilil being cured, Toco tare ito poll t iptliV orde0rs o0 le prprietor to thie AgeonLts; ald aIt of llo.t y LtIU mancls sold, not olne fint been tln, -''cr s-Illtl. 'l migo ht insert o.rttllc.ltta tnto ,, Iat -th, 't ut p'rafer thai thoso who ell tiltt ate+ot', . e ' I lhbthi t ile .riinaIl tt purlt.tIoLrC. CAUtiON--Non' can bhe genoino w ,;ilt -ta splendid iengrtvod wrapplor, oil wohich is ally .llll', and alsoth olla .t i Agonts. .tOLl) MON IIAYS. Sold whnlosalo anil roetail, ly CO ,TIS'I o .' & Co, Now Yorlc, and by oto L)n ggiist it every0 town icn t".Ilioin. For soIlo by ti. Whtolesale Agcntt, .,rnr ol' Cu.olnoll & 'Tho'l' itoiulIs streeIt, antti by the Apiothecaries gnner;llY. otio Ni) lUBirE D 5t 1't D R. · Inl NS(IN, liii,,.. I i IN Isciii ste's' iiosec hsiseceicce' lines il*Il~lila practice to l Pc coot tnlt of' \ coo11r'·11 Uiiase, In cil ,e dll'ir'int fmsilul'. f~r. Jeuhsaece, fross ss se-idle-ýc o aee asilI pisalas is Eurosps, dcccl,,oed tos hie.( I ,Iesll cusce urn^,t Uileeaeeolllld rom lls pre s~l ot vstYSI··I,0 piallit r1r inl istpiiseauce es.5 ue fschscss ~ otgurtet Mafa, spscdy sucd ,ceesssul cum I s Much co' troubled sttil suy of tshe fillosis g die·es. v-e :-, G(slloslseu. tilebse,5 Sstieoiess, (Csncrc, scus -, Semcinacl Weekhecs-, Aihsstionc ofCe HI;dd "r, is liilccl * L.,ibs, Urethra, i rostrte (ic,,san, Sw-allisdc I esicfe Eruslions fil l th Skih , SOe '8hrccest, ('lins it, th AesA nht ntse essluu uycltp os us ci. generllyi fallowc hit slisca"e. Reeect ceoctserl n Iwo or ssa rediss ysc wiisycss the. use of IlereCre, isserrs 55tiu treat liminessdor ulter lieu in the ucde ef living. A mnedcines tI preves Venereal irlese can se oh iained of Ul.Jiucslol. it in tiro tieh eeipe el the Baron L~arry, it celebrated 1 rend, S urgee to nnd wasa used by Ihim deriug thesisverul eceycpuiene inwhic' he nerved as durgeon General in5 the Fres-h Arsccy. Sold by jr. Jeohnsuo, at big oiliec. 'the-o.e psaessan havingansyaffleltion of Venureal IDiess, tie d s., ot taki,,g sea voyages. or remcscieg to tle eouesl wo.uld Dor7 *Pvs r Jlcssscc a cssii cp repes I~ccli eine l or sh ercure ib the shorseteslie cach be uIcIcy with wrinlael directiuen for Ibeir tie.. Officeo n fron 7 in thu mornigli until 10 o'clock ut ABFEIlNTiIY'd UYSPI'ii'C: I ?1;1. Dr. bseset!sy, ti, gri etaresesct f cili iil 4 ,rRlI iw I opinion Hutt ninelr-tenhsofth dlo+:stht"8, manhkind rigissel e in tihe stolelremac 'hi s'r ~ns uasd by his wits tilisloe rus unsescldndc sueel i ut private and pulblic tnchlecs fr Iscssi of foric yesrs, fir l o hllserassu e aI ,llewila he r I.oau Ce ogscite, Fiulsuics', i)ire cclioo'. of the ' t acis, Psin inc ltentlll, Isue le*vi r Ieo ike M d sssl iheli - nation taoseeep, Irregincicslcy of tis ll,towcl,,, cnl ss oili rssasesltsce Illeds,!csscssc a sensure habit tc,,5 Iui t exiet. bhis auedicine 11111t not bss ncsscseile e olstil:cKsnt oiequack Iwslru5ia 55o55i befoe Ih psiee , n it icc,!t' eels invention of the ! tioleul and most L FLewtailiC sor;:rý,nl EurolpieeCer prodcscedlcssd tIhI cetCsss ~i c-ssjccsic wast snsrcluarud by thiecget fsse it uvey ilac e scan. Il ii greesole eiscl sieceele to thie Islto, n5555 ua itc ilic cc ac jecs.clwaye keepss the bowel tisee, imcisess vegor cc odJ ssrenglu to th cyle us!ein, 111d ) lleorlil noes to the min nd a ufew bottlrses rei'lmo ihe hceatc,.ssics-esscd maceHc cI Uyeescissic or Inedigetlioni, cnd preents is retcrnlccit iny 1 usure peried. few o Tnto~nth Aogeo't, l8.".8 :ii.Clccciiec-tcsets. Stn:-11 esssvseqsstcneusf icddisg sI ssiecdcntar yi:i, I havssbeen troubledl, l cres or lscs cith Iesiicectiisc for ton years; Issr sho Ices liustsres yess sss myEsi.c-ic haveU bees issuppnrtcsb!e. I Isave ieisd sevesl piy-iciess und asucsberofissluk leslicirsse,scsshcslcisericisscanicy Isesait. I d.'scised olfcder 'oisinirsis assy cc elrmuue rolief, and rcscicycssl myself tos lie se set ihopelece dceispair ( e's peresuadeslby muesy friesie to Irv AIbereslesiss Icapertic Lliiir. I base sw inisShcid ts fb lllcs hIt sn amt khs'W uItIs hecv toe exprsee ass esirslinccss i:i wondesfulrvirtscsrlpeScclti the nCce it slI cs tillled in restasiig ssc to tise' h1alc5 bwiics sctses I. 1 ssseiss issI iI,, ever. :send noi hlf it zzbncssaucsse asy sblaaks f(tnse bilessinssg ycii Itoce ; o ,iel isd y e aenria(; iul wp5lusC~t heclbh. 1 remain entire, .ICOBi JI?1il~ t'. rhe asut lsau in hiu hsssdl'ed tot, imocial asimilsla' th ae ashes, sf she sxtl sscsedisscry eir issue of tilsi mdlisine. Sold by csjppcscccllt, at 55r. Jsolsusss. 148 Itiesseillss esses-. neoc. 5 VALUABLE~ ENl3Lie U lcul'Li~IiI .! cIAR'IlsL'r S Wondurss cf Geologey. SlCullingseesls wossks Giibbosn'as sssicellaesssuc wcsrke lssmasss a orse-Waveesrly, (sssale) pslrtrait= Parry'a Lrgensrvecucislnet-owpor'ca usccsh.:Bcs lIra'ge s'slse 8 dale-e-ir Chaerlee filnndissss Goldssmith Asulntedl Nss-e-"imitis ass Cottsges Knox MI hit,:Rry of theR refnrlnntioll K)nvessasrl', bigraphllmsa dictioefra Sec &c. Juls receised andflor salrelby A Ti1)WAI. 07i 411C Cssss5 i~LRIiAV''illNlIFý 5555 c)'jj.BiI eilseid, litlCea 1J es sts..l sa this day rie5iv5d n esssl neasortmsee os Iscge gesssslled !and nmsuaic breescellsle, eel tsp in the grn stub`.. - Ner:Y uIfCi~iE:-ol !ihtssestihit sIaisssssgs, P Innslisug feu sshiis Aleu:slcslo fro Cst 3emene, for plebe A TRl ERtil Is lit.' :4 Mcagcsise at ri GAS IIEIAlt''TMENT, . Litlhl ttBinnr (Cntp'!l,'J.n;trnry :tit, Idtl9. Tli .Y:":k fke hillg tlt'Ch rafdncedrt thris (itorn i ttny wtill funtit Iaittnliarg (:tal, I e rulrrl qttae liesr o Ih r cuntl, m l'.. Orr receivad nat l the Gas Ollir.. Ilankt Ally. ja:)l l :r \V \wi,:I.I,:t, Stac'r, BURNilANl'S I)iD(i'S.--'l'hi medicine wn discovered by ithe Ilrtiri'tor rand la3 beeLa iL) jeirtd to his canreful observatlinn for mnny yenrts In every varic'y of pinctice, and lil ithe disenet , of Itho diversified Amtttric anttclittnatt ; ntd i ttt i. o given to t e t ir lhlic witih the coifidence ln i blieve tlh r it it , nas mr st clearnly st t'lrlrl illn Ihe pmphmr aylt onpcanyring Ite sart', rtle Il lledi.t rile ever tirrrwn rwithin thtit rellalh I f all f , 'roiety. lt ia ttithr the rert tet prt priet y aaiven in alktite alat diet l inchl llaa itii t t he uimttln,.+ ar I ['ronlt t tlhe astaillist ed fact, Ithat, a se Ikell ilih tihe stn antc t i tt rrarcooldiri. tathe state o ihe eatom alch nld thie l nliltre (f the tlit nct, ithti a at. n mRCl 11e diurtietstlldorfi a, e rlpeittrattt ,rit'rp rict atmedicrne. Thlratrtirenilytwhrtnit.rurtyarpeatr r e nec'edso ollV i Iri:ll Ii ealltlty thie miiis incrednlhus. '|le iet it dra ly a ietningo a ta a kniwtidge af the Ifr)piri irs u t its b leni iieia tl and iavinll eI.ct il cases l Ithe SI't illld aver, blillita, lyphuiti , trer' velus and .carirt l evt r, itiale, nzi, vllelt cbllu , d selllterly tli alx, y!)repslll ie iiinn astL -,i slatnil( Ihelll Itllll IhFy rlltL i1111 onlly wal'r~irantlell in warmlllly rlcllm m le ndlin t it ,I t i , y at .t ultar i tt n llt i lt l ii e tin L c o ilrly tIItr h! Itt f ity ta t ro t hehltt ll ll Ilo .aly to n1Il try iti nrl tut wit i-alr mtllple t a Sl on h t a lell lh ve, .+ it iln hn urj I'i* The chlllerai itse.lf' Ihe %werla groulirs! whlic' he' evlr vlilll d our cilllhlry, h las Ieen l suCC sLiI" C1' a qured ltle prldrletllr I a thirlet , erI r it wl' h l' o I'ci alaile a ehtiine itiia In i ni, lar l la a iana hl tin ii 1. "['h ' Irnl,,d . w nI, J, re'd ,nl ) by d,,,.C·Ines I 1UltNII:\ I kDAI).\ V . L. ..[.,t i~s',,uri; lndib . pill uI i. phall , h ae rap, titd t,, rth aplain aiid dlisiI'tI l lrectiiin, nnd ( r',,.lllh t htt 's i ty ih .lt, iu be haid Nior tev' nity live etrlllt, tl hiichI Illall. si ii llllleh lhu CllIlllJl.'l. lI tlled ,in. .. vlr ,ii'.rd 11m k It tat c tin' dNiac It er ta, lit tl tl. SI e lnblv edin ine in.,,, I r ht ih.'e nald ra t.i! hy ol ur A t nj l, IH,,tly Illlnallvl .. 1) II'r'' r ti II Apllllh. ,ril ry Tleholulsll lllllll tr l ir. L N ,.,.w (Orlr n -. dconnelll o vIell h hollll u, II' lllllillll $i ld,' n in h' i rlll[ (1t1 ll. 111· (i I() LI(IV I' 111 hlll 11.l . 1(1 1 ';l ij, U , l~;lly :ti . N i li l i lllhl,.R I tI l l{I: l t,1 1I. )jlltlll ,\ 11lil:'; (;11 11tl I'%I i tnll, i( IIll" I~.Jilln; |,'l) Ii11,. h't l:11l 1( Ir';+ I'::ll (·1i)1 1 III nl Ilhll llill.F i 1·1)ll1r (lll. wlter- 11y Illtll:1ll;I ll(t Jhlrlh 11() hl).1l? ) Ii''''~1:',. lit sir ' a a a ''it' ii'; I ''.'..' "'it~~ Vii a t I ..lai I it tt ath J h I, ll;rl~' 'n t l l' - t t i c * I. r I-O l tubille . Ju r r ' W Liva ln ld l llt' i I·ltl H~ 1·: \:Sm'fi 19,·I rll ll1i(, llll·· ,,CI :I1I) TH ',I" C r..Y,, rl,:~A it n t ''l', i i itsfll .ittttl'tttttttAllt'hlNa t'tllll)t l.I~I~l tint". r .\ntilc I .' t rt ll ahsltit 11 ILit ,'i A tit ILI i ,I ll : Sll tint ,il:lrl'titl l, ,lt nli' , IrIII trtl ll t ,,,iatI H . I~ Ilu ald iha, ! a tasi| 5'15t't'i't't.tyhinra.,'.tli nl ll t tlllti ( I'. lbAV NM' aoievs 55, henar'd, anti .nthaf t n t'il he ilt t it ', i Ina'Ia'a i : N t',i I hll lt stnno Its( ientaatltilti'i,tat'aaaars a, t .|; llt I InIIIII n II,1 hii0 1 ( e lur llli cou. he111)1 11,1 thenc ni1{111) l:ihibi lhle, : allln, rll lll . w ki nstllkhlltalle :nlid |Olloi<. vi'll, i ' tllllln lI. A i stiln ''' t: ihlt. s II t 'tII' iat h. in l i nll tIIo daI'e, r iii N1ina bi tt,' olilu lN l' Il hl n I ii c trt.ce b thii'ith . .- lb in th irg i rn its, as 'b e I . 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It s1 ., i bl 1 k , |1. i1:1111%, lh~l I%. 1 Il~ ll,:il+,+ I'1"111 IJ;.; l i~ln t Ili-t l,\ JlUl'hl l 1 , ·,,l _ pu 'h.rl, n i n hw , lio .Jlbes \r ,l l -wl iJt! ca a at,1 ilnill'n t ii g .n\ta ii, n . si Ist iw. . y I 'unit \' -lian. . rjs'T:ar, O tt I . · ~(:lhill.I 1 .,. llIL~ll,' |N:t'· ii:).," "Ii·l+; III"I:I lltll~l., il++.!lll ,',tcttet ltilora ta ' rite ir)n1trrir h.[ ,+ a ' T. II. I I.1 wr l; I il to liil e l lllil h ! r l SlIwidli:Ie ·,,tll' thl: (;*v.llr~ll.l ,vh*'.t: m~l ll .I IhI+I 111 . 1,lh. inrt hlahi aale htpn ,,rihih ,i atye E al tat' p.leasue i ti ~a : 1· I r o ller tItlilltl dte i ,h : Ih ll e·:tl~lil·) I llPl I "j li. ( lll) t r,,lWI·I'): l ilu s11:131 )IIh ! l il t :o,cl,%Itll.. s 's. drIlv'r and Ioud y 11 f , sI e Iht. s ilt o.'ller I; noiiI. hh f telll(l rilli frt ll'+lm helln ll t Y e i. ,ho·al ·r Illulf, it IIhI l eId hy all hu haIv psiae lL tlrollthh llit . tob lillmi ll s.i , ura i l tll lies Iwalriy ItI :i: tytr . 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T II rI : ' i ll; hr 1 1 lll I tll.l b r.itOl. I h ert ll) l o f G . R n e w l d iS - i ScnvA eli arlkuh , suhtll noertJ estl, ehap'l Prow1 tiue 'olutlo Phia t; llh iolllor r L:LI lil, st I eI. e IIICh hAI ' b r lllllll to I oniile &drll'r.i tli l. iscllx e a hch edtonhie iIW t.lltr. ativc telh s'athtnd is NMreennl: ever dlleovchla . ile} hays i ts sthein tild y end r ..iti .. l i lle y t Ita , aln h v, ri t.( - ulllcrall prloA o noa T, olla, sUylp"pll. d J.t l t ce,;te 1 oi litttt ilt.ti.'s, ie s ill\.Itis sl..llusltll i.lls l . I s(he, .ts. 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N I) II: j.. crrlllit.ltler , f lrai'l:., fo rIII''ll I.I w o - ,II h t.l i F tl l 'rn r, itlll J. RIatlm a1 .,vl s tay si ,Is s . .tu wh I. rcr rba:r lh,. ,lll Ill pre.nti ulla ti.N srtict ts I s Iblle, the Prnb ptnr nas ca,,t'd by tin, Illpl t..I llt ili l..,nfl l rl l Iepur. l l tri w ,h Y t;O a lll t isIt' ess llCL I's IIlas llt hs l hs I i s ilntli [I l 5rT Ae - fl"i til s sirel tltbl, III at stl tito 5d a slsllll o h ly , \ ll lrh . cu i tltry E ibltlllnls-a- . hai th, fAe ,,r ahadye I i2-nw4,tl iIIon It bly ylYhICI. ad allltl-I at-i', lIe fa+l. ju-llficd .un.:paciti., hLL W lal i-eiis o llll,t .t, Iset s iht , lit G. iit I I slL 3i. U, tiLh stalrlL-ssura liltrstli sIt Cllllsi. i FOR X11,1: ILl Ite s ll( lico. .\I+o, by t et ls, )csis, Nu 1si Rutu to vtte 1. Blker& 'oe, Noa7i New' Dr. A f[ar h:le!, Corl+.r 41 J.1ues aal Tl,.lnpItoulue, .i+. Ji. ROss., LafI slyite tlst. G N u [o rrieo lIN o II, C allal street rd G Jotes, c tmier Tivoli Cilels anl Triton l sui. t p isla-'Thate thia t ws th to iat ies 1 ge5t5i a st/hte i'a at.0t, I ANSlia., ws!. Agslia ' t 'it Iv -s a with lase lll ata t es.te lost el lsisls a ino l sasig ta lllsl L' u the lea , ll and prevpntlne tise ootlhaches ; prtserviglp 5 he gu ss p t iii tl relt:l, ind rellltstlltngtilt dsacesee ni which il Ittly li al l. les In ez hher the k duilt oranainrrnt--Oies Ictea .atoahill, tlixeJ in a win - 2.l-S Cful of pur I 'ales. anlld SL' aitllld1 ll llhe'( ttll in usutl tnalne, with a briish, will eitU eluallly prl vent scelrv, alind ward off thlat txcrutiafineg pain, i!it tooth ache. Prepared oily lly T. P. VtValirr, Surecn Den list It JeelTelreon (, and sold wholesale an retail by CARL['IION & Cs. 31 Canal at. fin sole geznts fr WIanner'a Odrnrier GI As-S bu--I s in esoi e s fo salt by Sfe6 tillr .1 . BRsW N ,I Negaze hstea I T'ATI OF LOUISIANA-First Jud iaol Dis" S trict Court. The State of Louisiana, to all whom these proe Rents shall con)e, grceting: Whereas, Williiarn Mickey, of the city of Mays. villo, Identulcy, having puerch d alt a oleo made by thei heriff of the parish of Orleans, tie pro peory Ilereinafter describoed, has applied to the clerk of this court, in i1ioso olei'e the deed of anol was recorded on thlle second day of Maty. A.D. 1839, for a monition or advertisement in conformity to an act of the Logislature of the State of Louisiana, entitled iaon act l r the further assurance of titles to purchasers at judicial sales," approved the t.nth dyoe of M.,rch, 183,1. Now, therefuoe, know ye, aond all persons into. rested herein, are hereliy ecited and admonished in the name of the State of Louisiana, ailnd of the First Judicial D),strict Court, who can set up any tight, title or claim in and to ie p~roperty horcin. alter described, in consequence of any inolorma ily in the order, decree, or j:ludgment of the court unl. der wvohich the sale was made, or any irregularity or illegality in the ii'praisemOlonts and advertisements, iln time, or mnnler of sale, or fir lly otIer defuet whatsoever, to allow causeo , within thillrty days fo'i thi day this monition, is first inserted in tihel publlic papers, why the sale so omadn should nut be eon. firmed anti ho.,olgted Tloe said propertyy e0old the Sherilff ofthe parish atiresidt on the llth dy of April, A. D. 1839), by virtue Io a decree of this roFlrt, reid,'rred on tio ii day of March, A, U. t13), in a suit lo r tiled Wilhiam Mickey vs. Bier &. Stever, No 17,376 ofl the docket 'o if tliscort, tt whlich saio the said \V,l!irn ltackey Ih', lhq puerclhsor fier tihe price of twI ntoly ":,iven IIhoisoiidl 3nd1t0o3 lo hndred dollas, as follues, viz: ITheo pu. caser aulllllillg the pyl\moelt of enrl. i hald of two nlite, of six thousand io oseven ho ndtlrlI y and sixty .fiv dollars and flity-six cents, each to l, due oil t .he 2(li. oi1f Much, 1910, 1 10, and ir1 b1lan d cash; tihe pirchio er acllll . ilgl o, thi iUIrn ofI eiilhl Ithousalnl and live hundred d.oll rs, du, to Ithe it UnimiI link oif d Loouiiun, wit31 illrtret ;it tIll pii ii nce t. froio ltt February, 1391, ,ond tihel lc iI cashll, ild rei rv rt a l)pctl ll'ltg g ': n the pro, party sold until ttlf, eS c , la p lid! ,eription' i' propiity as g,3en3 in te j3un0ia3 conveyance, viz: The ,hlivi' l haltf el'oftwo cert, n Is 0o ground tgether wit'h all t ihe i oll-i. ai i prov i thliircon, right', w y)S, 'ltll.0 -, s, r.tuldoO, privii e Iflo . a id aldv lt'Y i tgies tl beCIIlln Il(·Ioo lill.l, or i: anlly Wo,(, appl rtnnlnllll : sJid lotsr, lj.)l .:..en wiili o anrd n'ke part o! 1 :" h I illri il ,1oot , l ille cuburl 1. St. Mary of ithc coyr. fri In the 1 Jtuli, and Nuw L,,:wv' str,'uls, del,.ugn ti'd by No. NIoe 0a1: llt l an Tw|.ellty, 111 It l Tain n' Ioio,, dJhposlted io Ihl uli:e of ,'hx i tr.o,', Noiluc id tedr t i Ohtlitth J i iu,, 1" 30) . Lut No. o I lotcell rIlluroig forty.1oe ftoet six inches eI'rt l snai Now l vc . btrcel, by orI hullldrd fil intln l do. n r il" 1' , hv +1c -It icat, o1 J.I , ph Pihe, city urveyor, .1 .le, 2' th, 163I, it app ar I thal ltid two ht. iitso i ire b ti th. 1r, i E LNgho h ii sIre, sieveti!v liet fronlt y on Nh:o L 0vuu tre0et, 1b3y oe. Il huNdred ivo1ct i3ll d lrIl o'r, iatso, i iti i to huid-e'd shcrs 1' tile stck tl 'tl.e Union 1 ok iiof 1,iii :o i . I Witr..s the It n. A. IM. 1i ,r 0ain, Juilgo of the S C-iourt af'or islli, thli s G(lh t. tiy, 1 3 i. r Il )ll. L l ailll,.\NcI~ / I . (' k. I'IA I~f I,A ltlI 3" . iour du i 'remrier District Judo1 iirie-I,''lotat d" it T IN \l)i ee Wilhan3 li ackIIery, do la vila de S3ayv'' vi, Kt'ituclky, Oavant acl6 a Cu, vte fits pl r Irc Shertfi do I.h l'aeo se d'uI, t o 1t pro. ple6.6 ci.apres t,.riti., so at :.ddreo,:C au gr, ll',, do crctt corlcr, 3ll la ditle veit foliolretgii tr"ooe l .lln jour de 1i.u l;e I'ainuo 181139, poor Utl a, con. 1. rld me nlll t ia till i, i ore dl ' ll (iir 1iEtat di e Int L tl lianiC, lll1itlld "l A e.i' pour c i I litres dis acq 'l36:1r, ,x v,1s0 j3J3iar00 s ;" af 'irol d oi Ili Nal s 1S:c 1 (. I'll laitrlllII 1 vL eutes perl."on reo i1e .,e-.C s .so.c t lar cot ip.d,onlT,: nrtll4 I I1 i 1:11 di e I' :tat d: 11 Loui.ianlle c t do Ian coir iu c lrelner district Jnted'iire q'Ul pourr:ient avoilr deit l la prlprlti ~ ci.apres ;d .rite, n can>6. a '1o ll r,: . o o r ll tid' (r I tr e ans laei'rdre, to ddc r, I nl0 I3 .l 3 nelnlt de la .lor, ' verlto dul I uel I ' vt e tr d talu re, nl de 11mule'aritd oui t ih aigal' d, cr r'o 'ti3ll tioI, I',VI s l' lo I temps 33 t le lmot de d3 le V ot, pr co o ulre close qu l'ohconeg 'eir, d1 tlonll di ct ivi ', ,po, trlgo 3 ot d)t I O l iI to e I1 Rer0it pas0conliinjet h ood.inod. llt (thi pro[prd(i tiut ve rl o par 'o Shn l if "lns. oht let Ileme jer d'Avrill do Ii'at e'; ] i 9i, o ,n verl3. i'li deri t 01e e:1t3 0 Co'ro rIloldl 1t, l3 0 " 3 a0,rs 3th i',t e 30 Ir39,h duc Ir s t Lio , poit ll fi ot , , 2 l y c 1ntroe lhr 1t Stcever, No. 17,371; d < d,,:,r dr olt~ sour, elao quelle v\to, s 'lloit \I\'l'n 11'330 \ .Heko 's, t r.indu ncio i re r ,otr h litix de .d7,1 Ui payaiho ucioreti o03it--savi l'eqd r-e3ur s.'in 3 tuot l. pa, ln nt de la ml oilij dt cl1tx bllelts de t.i.7t6 o i3i celts chaquie, qoi s0r33ll ous ole 2G mars 181U, ct la btl.ii:ce colollott; If'. qircur assulant al.i le paintent d3o I to.le dito h,5Il0 doS ao la 113qu10 de I'hi.n do IIt Uisii n av'"c inli,3t au htlx de 110 pour cent t coplur ou lcr. 13r3ier 1,3 ', et lli03lan30e comptant, et ro. servalnt ilo lypothe1ql.. nldehtle our la propridti 0'endu3 , j y.tliu'33 0lo queles toli puydeo. Description do i tpropedy 6Od'apros let transfer judticiire. La moiled indivi a do deux cert in lots do t err av 3c tlutes Ies ahises, et al363 ior;Llnios q,1i s') rtrouveint, ninsqie les drots, cheulino . 0orutu0e3s serv3tude3, privhleges et avalltog c, y appartenantg d't0 llatie33 qu3leonqu o; es lo l o'nt fo33tiglf at i)nt partic de la batturoe 0 31 n dto toilbouio n tte. M ara, du cet te vill,, thrlnant l'entoigonre Il plus hbae dcs rues Juot et Nouvelle Lev6, et solnt d6igrds pr0 les no.. 19 ot vingt, str til plan d0 la di batture, d61 oand no I'doan oe t, Foix bGrllti u notaire, dltl doi 33 13. J 32. Le lot ni). 1t me. .nre 41 pineds ti pouces de tace a la rue d3 la NIle lovd, sur lUl0 pl3ds plus 0ou 3m0 is d, prolonuerd d'apres un cerioient dd 93011ph 'led, 03yer de hi ville, dale do 25 mars 1833, t parot (pc'1 cDo deu: dits terrains seosurent ensemble, 0I pieds an3glais 70 pield+ doe face I rue de la Nouvelle. Lev6e sur 10 J do profondour 1 avec 0as0l 2110 actiou 0u fund capital do la Banque do I'lUnion do It Loutislne, 0 '1'dTuin l'honorable A. M. Buchanan, juge d, la cour susdite, cu fi Mai 18.18. 1'. IE BLANC, 0imleu It l,3hpold lirIi ir. %I" iY\\ 3l301 1 31,.11N' , ; \I'AL\ o/'.I'l:,\' b (oA'l',"S tres Imre their B'ill, etruH/v q/;. int: . or more .' lored Inksoou I'lain or Colored l0 .r, t. , dre,rllrdc, ,od ex Jetreorbt' 7'fet'r,, bPJ le,.e.., t/tra,t |sr.ra.t and W1i. cr5Lb'iars s ,te .r l v(o a11 I.1) -idr0 os I, i', rl,l : \1,Jh.-4s.-- ;Ir cut uioo .hnv'- the I-l"te by .1 I)A i"r l W tI ItT LI ! .. ivw 'j rlr, ter - `-I- .l.}lll) ': tt 1 ',.4 1".\ll;+ -1 .. . t,utr ~ett~ -, 01 ,,111 S0I0curut " nod .rcl esale de. I' ir s iddle r ond,, aile nowl reco ving by lute arlcr ivr ls c rom the l, rth, tI addtlll tl to th'ir ftrm er stOCk, an exten s a sortml lt of lrtlrtcls t1 their ltne, lmong , bl th arc toe oh, w r , vh.. I.ediles and rrteser plain o s'd q st-. alidd ,, e, cUilenlen's do I'l b a " do to l1 cr5 u ' do do Alurt( do do Is nioS do 1outh's '. p 4 do d,, tret0 do Amer. and Eng. brdles alt I ltmotr.ings, du dol tol ',I tit at en " Plored, brass, and Jpann ed ah h': c* r dr do do g bo t ll e " do le do sot ..i. . r n -u PIvra, c1"t and wr7 d oi S .Iddle 1ba1 s, dhoube and+'n_,,; vatices; rie de al sol Ille bags, 13rte+, 11 c srpet bag'; bet roio lra . e leather hlte treaks, h bran . n led; leoathler .+tot i sp dio, assorted sires nond Vrrvtwos r y'r ; h,,y s i "r and stotol helto; coach, i., sulkev, .wig air d r lrn, crop whrpsrt wool, wi.or,,d, c:ltrr andi leaher ,,Iri P anit 8 rsu n los; sItriti h,;h t rlu li straps an r wliorstl ri in w : hbaln and h r' .r, h l rer; ba d brild es and r ine ; r tch CI.I, "I"I b.rse and mIale collarsa,; a'l qu:hti, e; in ,. roccu, buck,bear,oheep urtnd hrlr' .lhr 0shid sc ; plated brass and ero el brilds bits f ev ry descrlltion, plated, brass and steel spure of every de rlitllvue; plated,r brass ard sstel stirrops or evsery doorip,., o',get, r with c complete assrrtment of eoosr, artucl.inth 'lireof busir ne. --tit so which th1 v olh'r for sale on iccomrirorating terns. 'lI'hey wl also coun'ue to rr ces o tlroueh the year, by pockets fromn New York, Irt h jiupplus to keep thleir stock arirler and comrrle'e. KOrlrI, DAVIIrprN & e, (8 I15 Cmanl nt. C.IOIOUL BOIL', ", cheap cank lbooks, and'S -,, od K. toller paper, quills, ioe. &As., . csrge and drlst rate asorotmeot fIr colts st' by ALEX. 'IU.VAIIt, may 3 49 Camp street. S]LAGG STONES'-'-0 Iyr Flagg Stones landings I. fr.,m ship St. L~awrence, for solIo hy S J p WHITNEY' t may 3 73 Camp :t LUCINA CORDIAL. t fCORDIAL e.lll+) I., f Iy . \IE t0lJ L '[E]l IN (ll+ iE "-A L'AOUK,-The U< id ,t te Aget r the lckantow tduhl, ,entl o ir in e i t,.ring, I,i iu:: ng w hith (1h SIh lllll;c. ICaled Le;dll, aln C t!C'o l"illU i: AC,"C 1-IIC- Ia 111 111 ia s whilch lll . o bcea clctt l an 1'1 i, ,,, i.t ll,:+ t th ,d Inostim(l) lll t llllJul lr v ollll . I i, cl c ,'t lll t iI c l. I1 i( I ; I1 T IU ('',l ll ItCdtd h e;utCCIl 1,w l th I t ne ortl v I c u' t sthi e vI 'lllpllt i l w thrn+.i II III e t i- - 1ti ; btnt In'" t. hbelrin, ur hnto-lu, .:r'.,.a ~lc, vi I4or yv l bn 1nwa l In ith n tlc, hi. w,tlll be l i,. Iti . ml te ,hat it t; 1)r. ,\1Iallloll * 31/,· Lllllt ýd c I:ry, %r % llell \ llls c+<'llc l ll el+ nt 4e :,'I ,+ ii+ III + l in l ilc O.--'JI'ha it II d cl'l' h , cllll tl iY " i l( It:1 I rl"l'"1'c ;, w o re ii tI, :il ,+"r !i i Jiullh, rctltlcllN W T E!) prtcr.ll fl fis hll:S it t, w' 11 11t alt I " " 1h r 111C e , ,r LII I- thId I C : ell IIhI ir" Cu i t 1o Chli C', d, ev r tiC ,vCC l C ed C r t' . c'ICi'CC . , fIt' i,,J, f.r l, , nll, e l .llll 'll i' · 71 l. l l t'€Cj i·Y+. (f~ i tl{ 1l1ll, v lj i l III ; , r I ,tC tC'm itlliC ' I- c C' Fr l' - in ontll eiIo , e tit'8 III ,e thrill,, cr inli lu': l v li-c'[ I .,. , II . nte" ,1 ;" cin fop t uir, bf the Skil , ih tli!'al ili : II fl of I! W iiTd '' T, b I I lil if C li' . I \'C i l C liC :u',v, I h," ,"ICCi, ' ,r -' Mr ehtor Ireso r t,, llictnId t! the ll' - l hll i..,lI i + CI CC C I THI fIC iClC+of' x , .,r.,m t , . C.' ,I t. c r ".I I ,,.,I I'li'' IC CIC - l IiCl C t ' I C1,: '- C 'lrtm ' s "i I lt i, + -s ITth 1 e t , 1 *t .o. C,.1'CCCiI,'C ''l Cit Ctwt l IC'C'U'.CICC. c'U'CC "c l,f UIU, Ncw C rlCC ,'U',. Cl ,iC I, I ,t , II : , : " I hC I. ' oIT C' e' l' f t, ll ' , ' n'CU "C ' I ll e , tr , li . f al ! r I, I ltC n I c .o ' tCper, ' on 1 ' , i , i i CC"C v" er CUIll I rmo'ln rC ,,CiC C c icc Cl v Il+l . ,nni fll" C l CI' eve.n to . l.c he,, - i e l tfIi le1 fh.' Ies cl . ad <- -,l f < th Ci CII ' C Iir lllll il C'CP: CC'Plh C r ClCCi,1CCll' C I i" i r:I"CC' ICIIr, e in old~ u'm nl i ril n .ll lll (. 1 hlylmru , lite 1; Ol r c'l' C +riccc fill , ihleI ' iCtr ,nt s, I ClC:CiPl , Il ithlCI t PIt -' i CCl n, '¶ICV'C" C"lki lC ,Il ;,,dl~l the I' ot, f is h,,ir.C! "I'C C rr nl tI r fI tllC" h,l - i 'iC I ll 'll Cc I C'':. C)C1 I''I .,,', a 'I'il n CfC"C'll i . 1,, l o h 'lir f' cC fillinC ill',+fhe t! li'ro f 'r Irnclcres r,1 '!,v, 'iiiioi'i1,i. I',., , i(, "o e SIr ia~ til ter et " lC ~ r(. th IClnIC eC lc' U, ''t" n 11 Rend the fihlwio ii:- K C I tna CrUf 1 I ' aIi IC'.1 - cI bc o,, I ''' f i i ,Il 1'' i' lel el" he I],]1ICC. iCC CC l l. f t`ý I3 cI ,111 .f h|" {'l'lli.ii cli r,,. ',', ,l by .I, l tP l , .le_. r I told . ' : ;1:- 'Il-t the I 'tlli 1..]'of +hair, b-Italit+) u eeltaC( i, ster .t I III \ "i. I TII 'I('(1 T 'i( itr , Icl. jlor. , tl ri-a ,l' r'ii " 1'!111\1.t ., 11 Ii , l: Ita,' - t , ,(( 11 CC i II i lC I CCll' I l . ' C I 1:I ;!( li,"r' [ i'III)V . ;i cu tlh''d c.. It) CC I I C CC! '',Cr, c i ' r.h C ' -r, t.PC ', I. C'CCIC ''rt d'il, ,,, C 1tv,,r C , ".iIi ,.ity, r l",iil,,,+ In \11c,.-r;,t I I' In";i c.., C CC'10. : , C,'Cl CtCI. C1 CC tC ' . <, ,c~ " t~ ' I , r, ' 'C C I t C 'Ch ' l c,,;,' C,,it Ic t IC" ,nC lCI " fiC I:tvof C oIClC ,CICU.+ " [I.. 5,j 1 1 tClClC C 'CII'' \CCC .\IC T(C N.' l1.vor. Ii U OI' 1 'C"ICC I th' t,''C ,CC' In C hC e C 'IhC (IC'C'C C CC CUh'nC hC C Sthe If' II Ci\iCi'C:"' , ,C r'C _ CC''gC ICC lst e, fru le Iv t; ri I 1 N e, I.)L verl I - 1 . g D O I l . - - 5 0 gb ,l e ll " + ,-; a r c i -o o i c , r a n 1 Ia _at; ,al ugative a~ UPlIl STEI+l:R .,' t'Aal'-L 11:1,I; \at ' o lilenry Siebrecht, (btor rl{rl J.I . . \V .ks .. woul I'nest reepeclhml lly oihmin Ilis frnea, Stlhe public I g n-rall , tal ,t e' - ha nld i. cn ,a Iv recei' vl . a et nt i. a at' -r' a , t ,a uphol'tary nndl paper hangllin,. The 1, lh,11 inv etmpll met s u part of his slock, o hich he otl'is for .. le at wTole, 'ale or retail on thie ItoIIs: accoullmmntitih termIs , viz : French velvet nld >atin p1aper, latest style;. dn fn Ihalf crnaltltn anLd cnnmn, l'nilatelphit t laed and .Fe azld do do, I"r-L n t 'a I.nd-'n 'e j, il e boards, h , . tat' v , t enl a,, da, d,,. lnorenell d (lors, tsilk fllll~ anl d aa n s oll!lla' l ( all ft qlallle' , pattern. and lpries, ,olrilel Irlngll aS ,orted pattern, pain nd colord atat a na ,-li, lat,'+t style pIlain lllll and l lllll~oatl I"t!.)l dll ,'r a'tM!lns itnsl , and tI\liwdid, a--.rtad coltr, ne' , l sayleot needle wa,,k or a -a t c:] Inite, Ilh,, cover-, &, neL w sI t l ol I l t Pc, r:,rs, d ,;! nrnt p+lui , .ll t inn , ,rna om nt n,+ ts a! l :t '1 1 , e, ý :,d -1 -.3 11 t haS.'"l r l t nill .p' < re, tit d . l': , a", v: I .- Iln,,ts, I,, l-,: s, h,,lr 1 :ht. fi_,u'e ii~ ,, i, , a .,r,_ u . lt n t o, I, II , ch . lrr n ; -ar-g b e,' Id and Ia a +t a a -, u, dI r! 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", ,t at, al d it a', - , ", rIa,. ,- I y llaS laa 'ia lllla :llll tI: ' a t pornwer. -at r, r p: c~n u'c nc'a ., 1 . 0 t' aaap . --tl. l', t -- -1 ap l~l.. ...:-- P . !l' !:.::,'. - i-f;, ,, ..... - j t lRdin ler . h, o r e ,.le, , ,1h,: ils ,r ; 'e'd 's 0, h' R us, m b"hes -, ' +,, ' t ce In, , , n , atm. ,' It ' ll lai raa ,,l, v a- le:ata t ,i o I- , a - lvat, reo t ai l l at at wI : anai a ll a aln " ,i" a llit n, ol. r lIAT.' i-+ water, atwdatr pun,-a hta ,x' - , A i, t i i hamttc al7 3r liy l t 1 i ll r lll g n ' .. ton L.I,+:, -., ,h b,.-. -, ,din, oom ache drps, h.,,r n bra,,h er, i [.lh ;re",-r., otnna-t atdanat Iit, 1' aEER SKt -,,anaer tat n agfll d an tlarlla ban L-Itaata C"'ir~ ta "'J''l0: 'rot I: tut. s:t fo Ito l' l lt 4 ItI o II.TIto ' rE KNOW that 1,'altlh oa)l the ability to r;al mieanlI. I~o nlrr, r moral od p.llettc t srCtemln to f I tril which, rcl'o ires our utmost attention. The nprecedlntl I ipopullarity and Ien.vlersal up. approbati:,n which thif mcdIcine has achieved) tIromgholt the United States, ithe Catllaoi , 'I'ex IT, MrIxco, and thte nWest Indis, fullyt jtustify Ior. Peters' in tarl r ly tlld oll enCCtliousllly r'cll nenC dilo thel Io t the special 'otlc of the alllnl et l. Peter.' Vegtable Pll.isalre the tsafi"t, mistl Itef - tIl'II and econo ielr: l remledy for dilar' res o f t'ie I n11111c11 on1illtut Lon, thaI t h ever beenl dir covered. )Dr. P'ters., tie inv, l,tlor of this i vatlu hle ne. di. ci, floon his knolt I.dgo of thle LItman systelm, derive l from iat long and extelnsive practiee, flag arrivd to t in colw:( io:l, tl at the great and pri. Iar,'v ca.tes of mot diseases is 't d" ralgrnent in te flo llt etions ot the liver, or in other wo rds an it crel.ll d or dl lmllnshed s ereti n of hliLe bih. So well s Ifth uttdcrtltood, that it tI c mlo on fort I),:rsntoo soy twhono lIIo tl ttll, that t ey are' blllolr , mlaIllll thil t l '" hav' t't oo . 11't . bl'llu .i tire ttechr'b. U:0 the lt :cr hand, when the flow fl" bile is dl inhea lo , tlre proll SS of dl .'s 1 in0 t ooli c tly i r,,i ;rl d, the pl a' ,n ,t tr s!flllS weak ' 1111 lo .Ce t !'t ' - ro tfl u lo, t thl.h ' lC eH n [ thle tun;l taiti nter ri~ tie ,t Illfl I lt r o! p.1 r y e.X hre rel. , a, tll . l.d jSi l l ill a tibi re tatr., will perceIve that illm lty of 1h0 be al i+ e g er ,. da y tolt primary ctt.'nh'int--tlo o lc l1t andll m tIht c t tell o dl are. t Vt o t lllt Ittse!L h't1ver are "rl l , I .he tlo, ! in.ll i. . 0')ll~l~l ~ t t' o It to Ott it.r, I ,ll!*llt -' ;ll et ' . It;, in !i ,n +i 'r dt ll re arll I arri, in l l(e the ']r-rll rl,, T',trio l the'ritlto l lllly o wi h tht e blood, a 0'il ju dte' ,' tt c o otnt' S ho(w', it ill !.is o llr ltel c.t It Noy ' ll v t' ist irOito ry il f blood is c r-cd b'y aun Inrtt as.ot d fl .w of 11t , landt lt .t:to it, yot , tI'i cornl t llt'r secretions t of lth' live' , :,ld rto re it to a c lth tate, Dr. lPeters has speol.t II" I nr illn rex.,rprrn tf - ing w Oit t d B Il:rent ',tt t t, 'nnt "tot hi 3re d ,.o s ,f I:.r liver; and now ,ofre reik VgretblIe Pi.l, as the b-1, c Int.t le'lnl', and cIlle plLt lltad Dr. Pl , r"ow t (l.L s I, i'rt,:f" h t ,t he, !0,n_ rx rri. ;,,tin;g with v g',.r h' ; hn 1s todre him. ul Sito,',tvtr ' I toront od ", tt h' ottoo a , rng :!Illf l tho ! ,, . ,. ' li, llcl(*l ll Lc i l lt i ' I·1:t y f.I ;ti l' ' utte dont o'.,. Uno great quality of his ovegetIab' ''tills a Il t h'y have J tm' ahtrative prinet!pl ecr. tim d \i't thet r calo, artli, or ollperatt v 1o 11 ties, so th:t th 0y tot onlly clnto tie stoacllllh and bowels by purging, but thcy regultte the Ihter, thange the mt'rbid sourteti ot, trono tl.ns theo d 1est ot.ntatlttts, p rify the 1 1toro, oiv(gorate thet cIrcuion, tl I ive0 tune and energy to the her. von, systcn. They aie mild and llasant in their operat;ov, ia tl c I ve( y alllt innldllll t te conviction of their utihty fromt the lio t dose. Tlhot y cet be tak,,n w ll y s',) by )prismn ofany t"~t; anotd the feo'roe, tI tl infilmLire, tho ll:eo's, and toie dC eat, t-C I t lr lllengthell I hy their loer..tlal, hctusoen they clear the sy ote r. of. l llh otrs, qlltet tcrV ts irrlta btll'y, and n tvari 'toly produtec . 0und 0 eltth. i he V,'eetable I'l is are a eare remedy fur j dihee sick anld nervous IheadttJeleo. e's op c11 og o.s, tsicknos of the stom..h, htO 'rtbort, all bi Io ttnt l.trtt !,. ttl t of tll k td t : td t t' 'ttake 'n gro,0s, aoot s.ivethte pitlt Ieot trro ctd fIot'.trro, s t,'o;os. Th,,y are iltVa otlto i vut ,Td ht opoo d oi t1o o altleclt ions, Inn t t Iubj'ct. They oltrat' as a mIld att speedy p anti are a, amte de cert,1 1indy fur worm Stioe I htave intr,,lun, my Vegetnbi Plls to the cie 1 hLave receveld witertous cI rtfcac' te, of t ,ir cupt rit r ' llc u'y iO clring I hseast s, i vu, many letatlr, I1:0n lrsrpectt+', pl, e hy rician, who t uill,.sed thea in their practice wit's tLie beet Suneos-ht pibli.,!h a smeall velnme ef rethlcales Lilt co lih r it i.inilte,!.-,try, as the meh dici e wt ll 00l el' t. o ' l '';t o wi ! moktt e trit ' of t, I :b t Ve polln era tII t ux e, cot lai g ;op &to ( &sie, 53 & 50 centsp rhb<x, , rtg' tos tont t o ntry m rttha»t eti ltt r:lp ft'r ... ,, ~I, at t)r " '.trtpfri 1, ! i t i "", o " , I15 , , t, betw ten .) itug:tz:0,n A e( fr s,', h G. N. t ,'ro ',: & Co., It t'.uud ntrcnt : PP 1' lt,"h , 112 ,.,h ,, .leev b} nto,.iv the tio ltar 0cts: 11. oreothe r. drut rgit, 1t ,hr ,t'Was rg'o", m:rk,"' : C .I T'unchati, drug. gl-t, icorner o" ' lit if & It mr!,on :tr r ts: (f. A R e"cd & Co, drui'iats, eorner of Tlchmiptlunlvs & brood streets : .I ltR eo, dtropgrst, LJautyetta c. e y. mlG Att 30, n ,h 1, I do .d aita d ' 1], ) , A . 1) 1 t hlo., _ 't r d, S e ir't , r F&. th ,,, P 'en t r ery Ptro i vory -.t 'ob-, (.| .'^ ts o ý ,ldl IiIts, Tr .:r i .s, IoIIIJ I & 111110 Wi I h s I I I.[< I.v I L 1 .I3I 121 l, I \I "I I 1, l-.....I n11 ir 1:1111 :1 for fn ''.Ic by 611:11.1. \ I t ()\\'N, cisljll· )ZL*?· UI11 11.11:1 I*r'" 1,1 e 'I II I I.nnis, 1. '1 tut -)1 111 1 1.1! ' I4I' =I I1 S ' LI I I l'idTLfl'I.. 111'111 1'yill ni ý ill I I, r 111 `t ,C (".,I 1II ii. 11' t l 1 1 { ) I': . , 1 1 1 1 1'' I I " , 1 !..i",. 1II ( .I I11 r I y I I 1 1 11 r" " v11~ If { , I' I I II t ' I \ ,,,'{; 111 ' '^_, I 5( 11.A 11 1 I' 'I.. ·: Ii :1 IX I,, 11111.1, nu( r IL'f !1 '' l nIiur- Il I I, ,. · la,· . .'.:: r I r 71,11, ;1.3'1 pi II, .ll~l i I ·I. I III- ~i, lll ry I 111 11 1 .1 111 I. , 111,1 111 .( 1 II $ ` 12 1, 1 . ;, 't'1 r'r . 1 .1!11 .Il" l 11 t? rrlhsar'1 ! I ." ! i'1,":P'. ?il B~ IIn !~! 1 l. I"I"Il 1 ''rl,,v 1 1,ýn _" I·r r ~1,1.,11; e '11' I : :,h.NnI Ale 1.1._~ ,ZIII '¶ ,',I~ _ yLeII w,:ItI '1-Ilrs nI '! 1' I hI n :: I C I, 1, C, . 1 .yI I ,I j3 xI. :LI¶\ i" ,1II.... A LIN '" f11` S 1 A R I'T "S r ( f O INT M ENT-t t T1 1 :re t celebrf" , t i mnIv (,ld f;,,n p o s itioh , -, , l ilt th e N o rth .r u S' tt . , I ]avt , s rtle propristor but ittl: ned 0to +ay a lv thwH' in its flor; ltr itItit a, bch t e prally cnnet dd to t, tt ihtt ti brf'y nd all comparm,,m the b L t ri,'rnr y for extcrnl comptrn imts tln at hats s evebr 'been (lsro. vered. Imiti e t:,o speed tdI c ,r: i -,ty l! iIts op, . rati Its hav ite iiihe ""Lpp ue 1.i lri i ; as t ri11.s, w unds. cors, fuversolle., rlhi blQ 'in, white swme. hings, Ilies, pilesh , spider i a I snaki t Ibtrs &*:. rMitot' ditohely yi'ld to its apparently iiiperhu'in "ufhl inveteralo corn, or break ' d hicil a h' e 1 i'e , day,, will allay andli perl tlly cure an ulecr in two I web; and tm most tdesperate entes of .' I'n it lhlg that can be t'tiit tlrmtr, htve b''lt 'i d sttroy d by it in less than two mon lths. I t it h l b;its o it it a no uI ret pti it itl t m:,c'v is 'ru y s IrpriI :.g, 0 I eveninthli biteh l ltabd t ,d fur "f app wd in lim t, t.s power, ofItt raction ur'e so w o d ll r I"t. th l Ithey will at oncet arrlt the p/isn, ait l thIll pl ,. ve.ntit f omll p rvrtdint ll he.y'i cl. It ii l greatly euperlmr to any il ,t eno herettr' o dt sct. vered fur the e'dal bcks and hnlb of horses, tir letters, ti. g wormls, chat.tyd lips, and itn short foir every ex'r-n l buddy' eviy that ,tay ft'i l to hi lot i ofmallllll ior he .I, TEi pro rl totr has recivedi at I -ai t t I ,ipi''t"tnr c l itiir tll ts tld othi r d,,,uI nt' , I ll fa!I r of it . ,i u'il'' ttitt' e ," I'tot p,' trdi ' tt ititit i t 1 ,, o twhich were,1 l wVrilt'I a V rby m n:ty h', , "s i o i t .. 310th!eti Fa,, il ,, ul, brt, ling It, saie l u :l' ll i s' l , l 'h Pliti ni d at 1" i.i i L , lr'y 1'tr ii, Ni,"t. Yi irk, tn' fi t. Iiit l 15 , .'r:t ,, 1 '1 , ti tit.i ,sT l. ,or al ,,{ Il : :-.~i ls :II1 I Jil: , , - . . . . ..i . itt TiI!! ttN 'S C n :" lon 1 /':1t v 'tt 'ie a p:illo - A: e'rti :1 1 5 :1,, IC , m :,t I'1 ctu l r^"r - 't Stlrir'tul', WVhitesll P i nlsl, I he h' t Ith an , .l, l, c u l ts llll l tl:c. ltl oi l tlll nts , I. 11 , [ ! :tid I i. e 1 %irlu,' t Ih . on, , on t' m 'l 17 the t'i lt i rtc .r ,i. r htn b ,,lt I 'f l I h, t u,, i' tt', - lh,'hll:ol [. lo tily il'.m Io" 1t, l il l 0, - lh.t i " ie,11-" , Si"" :'d dIll l ll Ibc i ll, , , I ' t n. imil k !"I I) l I' 'v1 l. ll al, m 1 ..... it " i " ll '111 ", I11 ,;: . , c. i i , " ........ 1 ', n h~ , '" its credit I am the aihke ~l lt! ,,Imh I t II ,:'.' I' i iclt ot ab ll l l lnm . f III ure fr . ' O"nc'tal hi tI m -, o d:al ; l , oI i it'll hI, 1 . i ttll ! ' 1 . senevear i rlrr u tlts II onsI I, 1mul "I! in ,b': c .tl 1es e p io :, I: t 'icl , " I v h ' l l :.t , ' i h' d Cl ,:,v8 l 'll "l,"e' a ,. ', - i il r 'hen. hn i olrllI e , 1 1 lhh" Iof 1 th Ii 'o'e·t , n'i I o Iiii. mL ,ii she,llll e atiid harn' dthe ret Ills hl x 'ne c ' l h i, , n de , tl hel r ,h c 1h r e, by i iopti lIli. , t rIl n-It Lio l oh.n. 111 t I" :lllt l l'l't (h' Icllo l t'llio , 1'! 1 1: 111 "1115 Frmn A 11 11(. I.I aI m ,i e' t' . I r Ih h t' i l. : Th et( L ri. whih I bute, nej : of tl u I lll l ,. 1 ii,, l1t+l1 ,,. -,iset of l(t- pre'soth l dany e axpress i ' ie t hr'ed ap plo Ilion hi hl " of Snnis:'learllh d l~n ilt hi1, t ae in the 'rhmie Ic Ie lalslr 1 lnrd t u ic l.l hhe l i h ul ,o Inl wh ih t wh e i,, w I. sill en o ni pl,'% I t' ex tI.l ri.e. wa, nI "t Ol i Ines l il l Ith te celebrathed i1r Abf ,rethtu iiatlly - "e re~ li atfll il o 5, l itnll in t· linhdl, t'lllR I- .le.l p 0:tn nn! per iog been subnitted tq o 1h lest l and xptriene f ,the thiro' saGiIs: lioa of its ex1ram'di h y tory tlf.,w i the i :, ias tian et their hai,_e In w.od tmg it 1,,th mu Ila tle phub le pI rt'"ior a f yorv pr'll.Their o hi ng ., vls M ,! he u nser'ed ll refprnlre Il 'lr ed b,, J ISn "hint n, (he l s Lioldon. Plitt $1 50 Pe' pot. FTrhm .%=. r1 s s ,i11 q1 . h i- S S-t .Ign d th the" i nsoell cl. ,lspiln , alnll| .'1.~ - nl pe llll. Oi l nl.' 'heit yi, l h e i,, i: i t o "'fl'itur prl :U ati l his v hi(tl" otc'. oboth wualeh1d li' |ch m il rt ha i' ie p1o\-e7 so highly t 'ori'ab ,edthat I i, out hesitate iu ' l' e tdit, e v e't, "|..r,'d t," Ih,' I hlie, 1 one a sn I I,'l l ' i: i,' lt'o t , Il a tl , e e y, Iu Ih , .l sl t It a i ell'l fot ll ml p p lli b: .li . rc l u u Fr:Om G I I Ihly wi1d1, [ itcS, Physiian to the St Ma, rletol: I)i h pens ry. I i ct, gI rat |lea:tll'e in a'1'h!ing into n) to teshe. valm'!i . i loinr lileil ntf % ' lrep:,{'altoul. n tlitl e1 1 the til ul t h t e lnse ilcylulet ilt bt'ilgilig it to silel t ,ic. l \\ 11i w ll" ', , 1 !{ S; , surh g '( to :lut's I .o.- , " ohe i'ltnroesi , 1th I.ro1 ' h o'endr d tilth e fori nis +,r111 y,,m" n,.ditcilwe a:ni m.l my ,ale ,t aflniced wimh d 1 lable ;. (" disel ce', has 1,11t "ispeali"I Ise h ithrt i Ilas cly S ke llVe at Ile Irlilt :.pi reen te, 1 .le 1 ll: . pt e ! t-s Y1111 st ,r11 eco m!_: I lt ion st e u O r rtipl p l tini "l li .'i' .i ("i "'petr, 1 " i l i.F P I nt S, t'. £ s1.. 1' h m e , in ie,,lyc.d to I t , " nor I nxth :c; Ii andelA w.o. hbtH Go bli(::,od prhitce rgt, ellli , mud t ll ouse htn, wirldn ' lwai thr, 1), utit,'sicinu to (;su,', ta edi 'i s . .ict test pr!,iose hay,, ..ql y... m. . ic t.. %,. l ,, mainil ill its I, l i l m1. ] !:i:'lw,': ,h '(o C lloll .11"tr(t I a nhcli l·1 to Angn~1111· 1 , via l1-rslip nrid n n. I i n i.'s r:. - I' ' la'r.a Iiil i.ii~aagl llj:,til)irn (ex rep i, g r.. ott nn:,, o i-o s.:ro!:: ; t'lenre i1".n * l'l'ls Ii i I" y to In. i (l t ' ",,n1a' tisn st lbs h L'lh, Ipv l? Ioa Ilor via : l,;l u p~th~-·Fgil. 1':u.n II I, ll~lr o lastllc 501 T~u 'VI'S s~sal (;~iS Ilvrtr n. ()i I.I 55 1 02 di n .: ,'l, in i' .a Iowl m, ll 's ba' Isr rai l r" :"l ,' n"v o 'ni ;"t .!a' *I'n t Iuip Ia hsn nlls 11 5-1:1 Ilml',%,:' nll e p : ~r h", t re, :.tlllrr." l t g:d c p,,r f ox ýn *r.':,:n V!, ai , hind1alt a, an' .s, 'at 5115 tratal the 55!01 -i5Vin p' a 'Igs l',bnui I tall Iiland tst Ill' Ii eiX 1 h 'I'vaiin sra I hr , sp b son aa ii as, ntn in sa v~m~tr ; thedr vc s, t_, a mi, ci ··itl and 1,1t1, 1·`irethn ll:h r~lr ! illil .'!· 0 a'li t sl bps '1'!:c held;;ec 45 l tn i IJ' it'lsl'-, a s iahi.' p bs\v v "pa st' 'ao t i hail' sic. 'obs Inli ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~a I)L\: g ~e~. ·Iiar. a-;. am o r i x , .,m ro IIIcu e nnt c ( Ine he tav yrfom heq d y aitu Lof houtý, o N w Orlea ir day anV t e ali hours. Going to A g u~ta. t'th limn 'V s,,; day blasvets 'ors 'In i~ cnlycm d in 'I'i his thei sumto a tis )the 'wille, 'icci'n u tath ,;" ,, (laiitof Lun, n 5 t't IoO stisitcan~~ by 5. Il's a tin th , MaI'lis Chia, '. Mobt ho. vvr - rit 0 rno it gS'WCaive, ItitItol . Ieelo, e aeh "lb^t i 'FTO&VIp',stInairo 1' T tI' L F[.OU ISI N -I P',ish of Orlesn*B SC., rt o( f Prlbate. 'I' i , wn. , . nle.e pres, Lts may co ern It *Etw' -,th,,; w',erers William M.tckyt Ya eC" ff n, il t t,' v Il \ at v i ,t' 1lv., hte spllied .o h+ R ,+., r ill i,, (n and lor the parts'1 city t .1 nt. ri t" fit C l e r k i t t h e i r C u r t "", 1,'rw . h. . . itl l..r he P.,rl,, ... d i' ." N.' ', n . t, n :ONITIO' or A VE rl-R tI liil, :NT, in vonf.,rnoity rt the Act of the t,"+:: . ll +, h, , otnttd "An soetfllor tihe Scl." nprov IJ 10 h tf ,t:r, h, 18M , notice fi e Lve, .,n ,whom ttttney tncern that Iy b n~ r', and ,i obneoaiene ,o lordrrof sale froml , ,d , ," , , , ; n ,t o h ,e s , i n a n l d ti .r t ' ,e p a r i a h a n d Iv +i' N, . nr .irnns. hPnr ni" rnl tth tird dnayo AptI, ," ' aI , t"u-n l eia ht hundred eati thir:y "'lýM l l, r,, ie"ed in, the a t,.'r of the late L NIt,, nI rIe, titrn II ni)tthtaj CribtypZerAd " '. l/n;! ". C d lnc , "hl h order of ,, ,v, : l {,,r iur,.t t r thI , seiie tllot "'u, ,\ h I,"i,.'v:+5 :L d yin l.oIat itrd do y olFap r., I.+,, l !,r, -,n J ur':i"~d , rd Ihlr'y ePiyttbh, e. r, It 1' tl n;. r,+. - v,tI N ,' ll.v P l ,t , a la "is, after i 1, a d , e,,, ,,,, + 1 ,..t. " ,I·v ~ uI " i d , hod motte, ii.t. tId r e ,r treattlr I -..n , ri I," tI , I ,v .,n '' 1 ', tine thrn t.rusand' 1 ,'+' ' ".."n in,,, -n ' '. e.," io ' " r., eo,ntl uith, a,,,' , r,: +",! .i, r.,..., ,n ,, ,hr I_1.. ra .1 ttnr , so'tx, ~ r i ,. ' , "" 'n n,'," I )T ; ·· Ise n ofit't petI t A '' r wo . r t : t 'ei of iground ! il ;.. , h ., i;: 'Ii ,^ rl ý ,p , , "'Plte , Fllll l +tl . t +! . "L " '"'l 'P' I a nd " !n ' tne" t h ret , nt hem .,+ , l{++."I , , v ,, Ri'plp'e ipt.,ll + k. r le a i ,,,:, ++·~·· q, (I v ?tT -[" . ,'q't,,,r t . t I ) i ,h rqre oundt r_, h . yr c 1, fr , e nt Cate' .ýr-,; ' ,I "`t,:"+ t pt' ucth : e ".or s seven o nto ·'.'l*, %. a .rl ';lJan' t'ra · n yr ~ + F rt' rrk W ilI ' n i, 1 . "I) "[+ tlea T rIt' Generel'l , und-r d$ae of +I ý' ;, · \,'" r, + a 'rt'I, ' no, tptla t tndl right hunia fl , ', ( r "f;,., nvi rn p,, t--, l'to, It l ierence I;t ' r "'I ,. · n. ;n rn h and F mensulI. fil tl r o I.-, tn t linlt '.trI i daty' dee ofe ,,'h i , ,- ..",, , n . w,, t'.. rnlt oar. \ !y s . ·t, t'r ', , t pare. c; hi h tll rro ne Lw en ct uta p any r rightq ,r,.li· or , c ni , I n, d- I. a' ' ', t + s er end aned ;', li ', n: "+ i r.v n' , d1,rI -:L, ,,,+ in al Ot e uer +iiinceof S:,ir:·. in h u n der,. dt'rae, or judgmenr io 'In rl'". nr i l ti onir . tll hli role w, as.madre, ý , u tint r o +u i tr tiregati iy t tIhe apprfiemenats ur iad .V'rltvn nts, in ltmin a ;d c ia, nntt r of'tle, tor SIl .n a n l: T t ,.,, E , ,r l ri-c', w hnitro ver, ore here. '',, atl ,,"1 t at t' n t h,,,. tt 't 'aow i'., w t!hin thirty ta t' t Irt n the ptul'iiirnr I tle if ni)hythe e r.le, co 1, no n afred. hrnritld notthe confirmed and +tlainvo: g ud it atccar. r lli,' a r't thte application SV:rn, sre,, t\ itid and thra, ead of l aid rlrt of L[. ' R \'. . C DnU'PLES1S, , OUtR DES PREiV'ES--I at de Ia Louiscane -A tus; ccto x quo cela patt concerner S:alt :- (Q 'll -,i' coniu qiu, attcinde quo William Man. k,.v, do la ,',!er de .llaynvdle, Keatceky, t'est ad. r.o- au In dgi.itr des 'I'cstamen,, dnn'oet pour in p.ronisso t la villa dc Ic novnllo Or!danes, eox grnioier d.: la Ccur ties Prenves, dan.s t pour Ia dire ville ct parois"-, pour pbhlier, ot nnonoeor coto'nr ucdment a uu act de doa Ldgislalnur., intiu!d & Acte pour confirmor Ins lttr c do. neqndreur allx vnctso jodictuirs," pprclioiv6 lc 10 ltars 1834. Avi.s rot par le prcsent donle d tons oelx quo co-la p-cet cone rl-cr, qt'cn vertu et on rexcction d'rnt ordro do venta do a dit o eoor des preuvee, dinset et poor la plroi\oe:ct villc de aI -Nouvollo Orldans, co dlted d Iriis Avlilil htlit cent trents huit, et rrcndu dans I'atire d e l succession doe en Nathan. icl Cox. sur I. 6titiion de Christophe Armrm, Jr. Si ydic des cidlacicre de !a dle lnccoasion do flit iNait!iaonil Cox ; Iciel ordre do tvcnt fut aceordd confolrndrent ac i co 6 irations d'unae aosebld.i dcs crdlciers 'l od nlnt, dllument convoqude et t Ine le frohi Fdvrier, roil hu t cent tronto holt, pardcvantl Ie icur II. D. Cenis, not. pub. et aussl Ipres Ih' publcations requiscs par hia li; Il R6gis., htr des Tcstanorns of'irt en cvnto pnbliquo It i'nean li neuf roai rail atlt cent tremle uijt, pour cnmpto de la. ditoe uccersion do flau Natlhaniel Cox, leo lvirc fonds ci oprbo ddcrits. npp-arenant It Isa dit sueession: lesquel!es furent adjlgdo I \Villiarn lockiey. pluc ofrla.t et dorniier o:pcCdricocur pour Ia ~mnlme ltale do six-cepl clle piaslres. i)ocription do Ia ocnlrl6 6'tiaprto le tranfert judiciaire. Dcux lIot do tcrroc ave.: let hhtioss et onmd!iora. tions qua s', trouvent, elus .oa droite, privi Agee. roUItes, rTioies, errvitudo, et avantages qiri on dd. p la:!,ti, sihu au Ilabourug Sainti Molrin de cots ville. daces 'ilet boind par Ia rue Poydral, des, litayettt eLt du Caitlp, et ddsignd par les ni a,crs a. pI let lii sucr un certain plan dreoed par I'16 d,;ck \V llimslroc-, odpui' arponteur g6nd l n dmate iiU set Avril tild hut ect troent ciulit, ,lt da',iIc6 pd r recours en il'i ude do H. B. oenas not. pub. lctquclc dits lots attonlnt oun a lPautr. Iniur uiint hllolun vingL t cun oiiedo, troi posucs. .ix I gtu- do face .a .l dite ruct Poydras, turoixanto tolis piedi nii Zo teiX ligueo do profondeur ritre I.ons' paralle'es, mtcuru fraucaiuse. C'oi-ltiolus. Un, 'i-:ix ec trois ans d o ciddit en billets ondon. edo a eatiacot;,on, as.urds par iypothlbqueo pdalii jls't ' c p rftait paicrmicit. A cO clainsc, tonlo- persollnce qui tint ol pour. raluilt olic gOQlCqlie itcdlamlationli contro let lots dl torei, et bItiýces et dessuo d6crits, an conrd. qiLot;cc d'oll dilt dC formno dauis i'ordrelos, ddcret o ' jaco-iint :. I.l h our, en vertu d-iquolle Ia vento a s, i:,lt.,, ou do toutn autire irr.gularitd ou ilIdga. lit6 dn's I'crsimtit.i 'n, cris oiln to tempalOtl mode Sla v.ente ot iour litotin autrle cause quoea loque, ocnt par leI pI stlro Ci'too d 'avoir It dd' oUr dean tre niit' jorsa i alter de lt put'lication du prdtrent lov daot l'i, p ' tcrl public., ino cisnoni poler Itl. qniir It v lil uinisi late, o laee tit p all . ppro vd,6 et hooaIIIogod', cliino lc deCanitoilde ldit acqoud ELn ol de qoni, j'y ai nppcn6 tnc signatioro et to rc ,lill lu ;t dlt no lrl rlt Preuco, 0o IL, . e:rejoun r j du ei. ce oli, A. P'. F. C. DUPI.ESSISS, Ini id oitlr TcviamIn'ls, otiultl -c i ti 'T. o Mp;.-T c\ - -'.i 'I ',, -l's a ',-llll'l, !: c .:, t uh.r Ca t 10, lcc con .at oe,' l on at - Sibhit' .irare u lil bco ,l lfc, g . lt,'ere l.'t .s, 7 bhl anell l;.annah 3Jt alr' l'rl'v .!r Lit,. R, us, flit ell s t t 41t {+.p b,, by ALEX., TO WAR. ,%4 A- oor Icnou, Idianhead4. I prnl i a e.oe % do uGro cb t lrui dni 0di - i ,r oct Iilu do, nott aodSol tvd my7t ^ t 11-,II lot !C . coil o,4 lagbazinolLo hIo, ' :'I'iJ\i. 'c;u.iuiteic'S o 1e1 acornK- It_ "lll lv'r 6ailrInr--1P:li.'l+ caooely I elo'lu! cic to I elooltluea ont'l i,:,: iosll -lboobok li :o, ch iteadoro, htlfarcid f'ilc beOi d E''ao' dc \,ihlI.todt Shtpru Fa p o oc's ariih otctou -.-l o'lco ite oew L-··r 'a nle'h,,! , I rket h , k -oioo g-'cI ' Ykbok i· . s oe,' I i t r ikt u-'i "c,:_ b: o i c ti:*,Lt's LLt In iiteSo . . 1 p.%, and 'iurcon l'ceY o'f ti.o InlO turnlr jloot ral. evtivca riu'ldo ..o 10 Io orl oti Ico I htefm l by ' 0li. pcchiciii oirsrl pct!oiot coosoed maklotttalga o a.d bad tu freut aitelac d. 'l'Su ilti.tiu . i ot cuppli I w itli the Atc lkilful and .It, 'c o re inntll faal.l nelle., aied X pd kingsrle w poa ,. ý~dc..1°1 . o k• it in Itoa le a. ' . it: y .. Ot t..

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