Newspaper of True American, May 31, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated May 31, 1839 Page 1
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P'uICK i2. CIENTs. NEW ORLEANS, FRIDAY HORNING MAY 31, 1839. 'oj.--VI No 196( ... .r . v,.. ., e r., f N~ý. rrrl l,..· rý.ý . r l·· .r......... . .. ... ....... . .. ............ . .. ... .. ....rrr. .......... ..........-...,.. 'arnwa of the Jemepnper 'rrnt of Ne' (r)rlcci uoul nnously agreed to at ino unjoireed neli",~~, o the lrnprinlortihild n thei, 131i of Marlr., I f:17. SunsctetrTtos-o rwelvr e I)olltrs for IludIily io or anitum, payable elmi-aonnally iin Idnlloce: tel dol!irn for the tri-weekly country pnPler, e yfhie one yer in oldval:ce, where no city rlisrnoce is given. Five dlltrs for the Weekly; pnvnhln ir. advance. NoI n tbecripton will be diseontinued until arrearuges are ottled. -in oase of di eontinuance, one week's intlice di wiftee mus on invariably given, previous to lt apieotlon of eubscription. A IvgaRitIno.-OIIe dollar iao.iare for the first nertion, and Ihalf that price fich suleitqnert fitie: ans oterial altrsitfon from te-original advertiemicet will be charged asm new one. Y.oAlta AiuvtlTtt.-Merihants and ra'err, arty dollar, fot Englsh alone, and sixty for botll tan gdaeo" Baniks, Inuranete Offen, an other slmior publte fnaettutioni, fifty dollors in E.glish only, and tlghty for both illagutges; hliip lnd Sitrllnllcot FaE ore, or Cmolwtiseion mnerleonts sixty dollars in Inogiihl neot endeighty ltorlth langilaem. lAIttn.AOIi', OtTHnaite NTrice., and IartlelcseatI i ng the attention of the publhic to satles w properly, erdl if paensengeres, benefita, t. &e. will be eletrgrd uone dollar pet equare for the firat inlasertion in each ltu gouge. CorbmeOlcATtonse or Advertisemo nte, ot any perero oI nature, when admissiblet shall bel charged double, caaI in advance. A doductiun of twentyfive percent. will ie mole to Auctwoemer, Sltrlfrs, Itegierrof W\Vills,ani Mlorsholals on eslo of reol etalte. tanlield in bo10 t lonnncagras, altl 5i per coeint. lit English alone: LI I cent. on ehs ofI other paiperty. All, RTInIIo NTer olut of tlel direct line o ht,.rsls of the adverteser, etiac as legal, ticinle, nid pdant oni sales, r itiwaay slaves, strny .ioleot, &ec. &c. will be chaorged for sepI.atety, no at tint ordiaory rntes. AtIrItTInMseNToe tot specifie nw t ttim ec will bie publihedt one molth, undi charged accorliagly No advertiselnentor of tIaikrptctles will Ire pnblislead n any aee, uilaees paid foIr pirevious t inscertlin, lr Itoenta giatranteedt by a responsible person in town. -'lEbs in asl notler places of DnnotltnettI, advertilslig drilI Jr the season. to foe charged lO$1110 fr LIglisll a ante, ted $150 in both logItaee. All onnounoelnents of citlaidnten fir octes will hbe. olfrged doable the price of oltier advertis I Owinog to the tmmense Io .......ined taycneosplal r ptrlpietors, thein tive colie to thil clnlctu n I tn It1e lltaisa of prrstns whose ecclllts lllVac noIt Iee litl within one month after presentntion, Ishall e medli knowt (eo far os pacticabhe) to einl uotler--thcy cccli glfigtll i nnelve neit to tilvertis fite print fIr such dittllqUelltl utnoa s ill ease ol advance 7pn watgntt. 1digned) J.C. lie Sr. ILO.IES J. IIAYON, I'.P ItI:A, J. C. I'IENI)EIc.\sTr, JIhIIN (tIIISON, tItM.ri)tltN. IWekly Prcsse-We. the Itludersitcined, agree Ilt ide by tihe aoove clndtilitllcitt la ar Its they are upllitellhll to (gndl) A. D. IAWVILENCE, . No. subsocriptionis nr Inaker tler li ithan i .tu Oilhs. ,eteers mealnt. in n1l cases, he ptil ntil. letters Imust. nill mleOxo00. .l.li1 I'_I - j3ýRtORRIIO1IDi. rI Y'S LINIM 7NT.-Ne Fiction.-Thlis cx traordmaory chmemicl onlotositinno. the rnellt of ceneoce, and the invcetlntlo ol a colehorehtdlodIlli cal Immaim, tho introdo'0' n of wicIhlo to tho public was invseted with the sole tllity of a dealthlole bequest, has since goined a rep.uttion unplorallhele, Flatly sustaining the correotl'ss of the llllml trd Dr Gridley'slOst confnesion, that .loto dared '0t dio without giving to peosterity the hbuait of hlli knowledge on this aohjOct," and hoo thorierol,, btqueathnd to his fiiond and attondantt, Soleomon Ifoys, tie secret of tin discocery. t n It is new used in tile priocillolspitals, and time private prectico in our coulntry, fico anl ooto l certainly for thle cure of time Ieeon. anl s00 ,x1100 i nively end effooluolly ito tohIpell: reldllotly, olllcP t where its effuect are wittoesstd ELteorally 1 tllm flllowing colllpalnts: For Dropey-CrultiOg extraordinary ohcocitilo at once. e All dwellingsl-ReducinC othom in a ecw boors IRlloulnautiam-Acute or Chronic , 0iv000g quicflsl. Slor Tlhroot-Ily Coneorn, Ulcere or Cell. Croup altd Whooping Cooglo-Ehtero Ily, ,od over thle Clhent. All Blruoss, Sprains, 0nd tlrrnso-Curing it, 0 few hoours. Soros ald Uleco-Wllether fcesho or 10011g standing, and feveL~vr sores.a Its lloerlaig u01o1 n adults d Children in n1uc ito rh1ou11rlio a nt uloKllols 0ud1111 (OunuoilL' cmigh tgIghtlllsUofthllcel loxoly tOlax;itm llof the pat, has beesenl rlurlprlog heyond11 con11 01 on11 h coclmolln remork ol 11ho100 1110 hloyve uond t n tIllhe Piles0, io " 0010s lLokeaocllarlll." 'I'll FK PICL KS-TI e ilrce. 'it is rellllemll to 0110 fOerso will) will ta a 1000 le of 1111 y'0 InI lImli'0 for the Plles, 01nd1 return the emllllty bottle wil loot being cored. 'floone 0011 Ilre tIllhlliVl 11o1 lxderso Il 1 I 1orejocor to thle Ageoto; ailnl do of Iailly tIou. wr dob011, nut one hastb'ul unallc mol. I. WV mligtll insert eulrlclltoello llyl0lolgtl 11111o Irlilltr tuat tLhoeO who sell the orate Ill sold etl hohit tloe coit iol to parcll10010. CAUTIONN-None can be geunillo without al Iplenldid en~gruved wrappe10r, oil w01110h i0aycm lid also thLa of thoe AgeInts. ol)LOl1 Sold1 wlolosslo nod retail, by Ctltchl l'lt k A ('x, Now York, alnd by 0no D)ruggislt n vryo town in toen lllion. For eole hytIle Wlholesale Agente, corlier ol Collln men10 & t'oilUlllteolos ltree, aInd by11 tIle A1,llocaries gooerolllt. 1ll ll NO PUKE.I NO PA~ fJ IIedSt N practico II ll It lullullu lo hll'clrll Iion.lhleullmo* ItCro~llee110 11010110 001', I 1i0001010, 1101011 lte dilbllr'tt 111101. IPr. JLaOMfClllll ufeaillollO rsd e lllolly Yeyerll n 1,0' pilola il Euodrolletl dollold thecIII llt 11 f Venere Ili-..elo0 olnd from lid hired:a1lt enlwlllive to ernes.11ll tmol01.ltiell' leorlmh a thlloe prllleoolllll goalalulnllel"r safe, awlofvy mid u llltolul cureR 011111 Illmlersol na 011' troulet9 d witllh oy ol the followi1g dll iooee, viz: (iorrlhoo, WIleulo, StOicnt, ee, llCl h .1r, Ilmlbol,, 11111111 emc linaIl Weakneos, Adif,otiooo 011111 Illodder, Kidnlly s, Llillo, Urellrha rroolralo 01111111 Swelled I '0111 1110 Eruptions0on thoo Skill, Sore Tlroult,, tolaint ill 11he AIo tmIlle numelrlo syilnool;lllos w0h1h generally follow laid disease.· IReentctolnescllurle in two or llllel lodylyillltllhotllh useof .lferoorv, illutrrlltiun Iru.0 lllbuillneor ulu 111n in 101e oaode of liviing. A lmedicinlle topresenLtVellrreal 11i0000e c01l 11e 1ll tcillel of Ilr.Jolhlleln. It in from11 the1 recip1e of the1 Bsrom Lorry, a cenlehoted trecollik S110110011101111 wit, uced hy him dori5 t ilee.'veroI 00111111010110 is w011011 lie ccrved s slurrgellom n omoecl lot o reedl.Arlly. Soold by Dr.Johllllnon. at ltooltice. 'IlRhoo 111so0115 fhooing ally lmie.milon of Venereal fliseooe, 01111 1111111 taking sea voyages, or 001110011It III 10 the 0o1tY, 0, w111 410well by givillg lIt. Jolhnooll 00 call, In propcrlmLelll eilmo lor their cure i thoe sIIoICet uIulle can be plu 1111 witah written dirctlioma filo 10eir use. t)lfice pope 1ronult l i n hlre Ioing until tO o'clock 00 iglhl. ,,,.1IOEIRNTIY'lf ltYtiptmC I' 0IXI IDr. hmr10tl1,1 tl1b' re totolll .l.1111100001 r011 1g 1 elinllllleltmtat iomlen'telmo 011 the diueooea0ed th 11t 1 miul~kiud erUigillflte in the 0 tInmell. 'P his E I'liXir as wiooiodci111II Olllo OIIIOIITC1II C L(:PI. '1111 osoOll y hilt withmllle trustx lllljell0l111tede01ea t mmmdflrivlli 0e 1 111111 pu lcpatcle tir 111011 s Il ofd 0 1nt1 yearce 1,1f1111 m 0nv0l ol he ho nll lwiOO deseeo Loan llfelIilll FIa1oteIrooov, lliolellli)ll e lr l olo,Iliolllin tllositll,le liolllooltel 1i a:hll to alem t 0ool1lIrr11llllll0rity the I , Sol ill lo olaos wlhoreLldige'iollo r a r usiv iehahit i0 111011d iii exiot. 'fhlis oxedicilne ilstllllhot b nllnb l tl Ileldo 101 hos of quick nos10trums0 111w heavoe thc puoic, il s i io ohe sole inlven~tion of the alloe t 1 c11 ientic sulgelo Eurmlop ever lIndloeed, Wld tIllscret of 100000 ui0 i wO purchmlnlne ty th10 ag0nt 10r 00 illy lirgesung. It is agrcelllle un01 plea11 nt tl laIte 111.1Ct1 as ild 0010110 iel.alwoya koelep oho bowelo flre, illlIlptlO vlgll lolad trlollglll t lo theyytolmll, od ell oloes d to 0 etll n llillln l Ollditow bollltleo rellovestheltlollol lll g l llen1d0 1, 1n001m'1oi o tar blldigestiunnlld Ip00elen11111re1ort atll aLly f linure flerold. Now Yllxe,17111 Augoot, Idle;. :15 Al ld icon0t1ee t have hem' ll alublel, to ire tar lees, with lodiigeeli llut liar ton veers; folr 1110lloeostllthree yela Ito eeLellge 1101 blmellolprrahe 11 ho ve lool rlieydloI e lli.'1010'olllla, boeeliillool~lllllolllhCe I Loooe Il~il'lJl WI0000111 lI)lly 01.11111 . l eml llelftlole l' 'oe lieioll' willt I.on derivin oily emmlfit. I d .l1il0d of ever 0 llllllilb I IiO:. ac I p relief, an1111 rw'eillled mllyself t the m001t lopelllesdlellieir Iwild plersldle ylhO fll llmloy Fclld' Irv 110100 ttic' l)yeliw it Elixir. I have now flilnish'd tllhl'e lll h111. inyslerl h iruW 111 d 11 hwII cop neleO it I t .llllIlll Ill 0'tol5Oin ll0lllul"l 110 that elt ll hillI l lm l 0llll0-1to'r ever. amelod 11110 hllll d d10m0n1111l10l10s i 111 000101ecep ely htolnksfor late bleloIilogJ you hlooe 0 i ciod lby re' oloollu g tan: toulfl1001111t10. I 00lll11l1ll1100,rH J 1 yrs IIIIOIt (E. Itle0 age1t 0011o inlob possession teve toiled too' ilnuaials siinillnr to the UohIVP of the eXrltlalllillllry air lea.U.Ild of this undiaiee. Sold by oppIUillllu, atI I Ir.) Jofllonll's. 1410 Iti'nville l ctetl. 1,"0" VIII. CtleoWotlllllll II bO K tCUlllolwl~o llllwollrki Itnltlll works-%h-hVllecly (),litle) 1 lyll 1Ui1 Parry's lololmelv ll00ofhinllll '10wl1er' o (irks. II, Close's talef, bob n :'llllrles (1,0,1 IIela Glnldlala:1h AiiilnntReI Nature-Smithi~l on l'unati'c' Klnloo tIm hlUrY IofthI N fi01' iloll~ l t ll 010veu~tn' obilogrlaphicll dicl0&lllIrv & e. Joot r'ceie0 10n011 1110 dle by A 'I()'V Alt. 0107 IL9LCUImItt T I.FIA V0 1 lilt' lo lb.'[ - ttdlmllll o *II 1[1 tiltilela 'o ome~ lollh, tlho' by reeie a 1 1100ll1assort1ll ,ol lrgenltlelllted andd0001 nic 0000100. 1 , et 01 0ill tihl ernl style· rn'ieC V AIt'CIIEF-'hilhll homoiluo toollllll ellr * Iietoo from hip Aealoader frell It re i , mole hoe 14 th Hyil Atlgls 1 I I0c y wll .he lri.h a )tuit( r,'y (tC' lh,I i Imall qIar-. T1. IRE tttheir t fl , lirt.e; tOder rneceaved alt the Gac Ofice. [ntkl Alllhr. jial1 91 W \V'y:I.gI.I, . ,' B INiNIIAM DIS IPS.--'hl t tat discovered by ihe prIprititer and Ila becen sub jected to his cnraeful oblservatiin fer nnny years tt every varie'y of leactice, and all the l liseens, of ea tliverrlfid Aimerican chltate; and it is ot given to the Ilublic with ilhe utitieat conllidenceaed believe that it is, as mist clearly eit torthl ill Ihe S pmlnplhlel ntcelllplan yillg tlie satit 1, the teat inedi. cine ever Ihrn.wn withltn ltet renth tf all elans-es f r sclelyt. It is witheetl renisti pr(riety iven in alla the lteadlies which illlict tile lhumlan re c, I'rom - tile esabliilhed l I.ctIII, hat, ah ll tiak n 111t tieti sti o Slllch it acts atecorallilli t Iho tale ol l lle sat i'li - aelh ad llite ntllure of thle dlserse, ilher aS an uIeliei, ditlrie, sudirefic , expectirane.t , rerl riet 1 medicne. lhat I is renlly wihatit pueljlrta to be, -e'dtsola nly trill tt tIaley the ty O ilcrrdJil u. The aInct i duaily e,,nine to Ihe kltnwltdlc' o Ilihe Iearepril rt t Its l le bnelicinl and savit g elt ilst in ctas 11 Ithe allanler, verbilleta, typh,. , ner, vous and aeallet fvert, ilull elz- , vlolellt clldr , dy., merry or Ilxa, ldyspepi ir ie nasle., eutaly lhelilllhat lhlo y are 11oit olnly Wllrrnelll d Iln warily rteU iitnlt nill i it )1duII thetlir y "Ps' led I li t4II 1e rlirn a erne. of dulty wilic h the owe illn he a It" h 11a l llllly a a stay, nit , t ry it, 'ni11 yieit will bitr a lelia testi eitty a nll we lhave a i ttl lie ettujctl. The chllern itsel, Ile w"irst sneoret whliclh lhe oevlr Vlais e a ur citlehry, hls litelr t e.' l ' itre'i tile r ri, il'lr ill thirretlen cased wir the lise ol liatit Petiatllle li nly, eiOhtler itelhtie lcaldla sligleI r atilent. Trhe lll(dllcll4 ill l)' .tired onily b'+ alcl oell IllIlINIlI,+I & DAVIS, i. leui Masst' ri; and is g aput up in ieliJ11 ls astth oce eltll11itid with a elalin i- anld disitilelct ilireertcet , anlld ttt1111tu g lth ut sixgt t )t dIses, to be had ilr sivsnty. live icens which Snlaki s it nIeech thle clhalPetsile dit ill eVwr Uff+rd to dio uliec. r ] he abvie tuedi .init i, seld wh'lt , lt 'e aid rt ethil by titr A Xetis, IlItny ite itIt el, I),u gu1t ald I Apltle.cury "'hiite ti u a sirl r.e at N. w N )rlOi l . t JI.W ,MLiIC-O, Native Musit; 'The Citetat t ll ittan. reititiu I, trn ac Never Iser ;aTr u tlI~llt yell reltCIlllll,.rT11( t1:11.1! Ji(+llllll· h~h ill 1111, 111"111111 wnKiclhe r I'Im; ,\V lte I iE Tll, Lth lI p tie'r'; l tehtie t lI rllllla I, ,ng; )(·Ih waeIIlm rlth ilf igr lll T ril hl r y it h i+. m e :ri Iill ht,1·1111 1rl'llll J L tlfltl (l' l rlll IIIIR (llllhl+ iol i,.l Fl'IItetllete;i~ l. 1llllJ llllill.; ' lt' llr- Itiii t le r 'if t ile Ol1'e cic ii v lle l ly I I (ltt I tll ettlell .'l, llll' tIiiiii art reeII t t reua;. .l cia~telthe li¢ttetil tweet',' tie II l l+,l h w tel iid141 lliiill l.ii liee. hle fill iitP le r, C+Oiii+ o m a t ierllst.. )'t'rl l ee'r h e 'ie . I nlllll et; 'Jltl ' tell e'' hllleetta likle ie' i tai. , l. laetitl l ilr tie' hale lliJe 'lI l,'dmrre. Ihiecel intlilg'+ cela .1lt tle'I.I,; Ihititee~ Vietehr '. e-fitterl lillerilllit. Jet-i tUed he. -it I h'ie ItIc t c 'It aittp at I' l ll ' IN it'l'. A A IIAI.F u I , 1 From .loIile (AR lt (AlIninm) to 1 upI ut (OGe) i IA N" NMohileke, et i othi r sii' l in, m e i . tel" ,1tei iii id h rroval .i tho inni I'iom Noiw Oii',ans' pe II' s oio.tllll lil .no.ln ., to Iltlikely. cikei tu o Iici I sneolco swmlbll lult s a ( I'enlantlloja Ia:ly, 1t1 I.ose slens(lul a (C o4~ s~~lhadis ltibe" and i|.) ) to Coludr 1I.nhf,. coach,.s Ilhence vii .11ari'iio.i , Cih.:lt.llol i chru', (ltil.llll' i :l. ( non,) Iainiidhhge, Ihs.d,.rlu; Iawkhnsmilleatl..I dsi. I iil , Iil Alllgusli. A o)si o'elll l g'i'Itiki ;tolI. h iaII t ll .l- ' hile is iu no dliiie o1" buiingi ihri wn ' or iniiig hi.' pre' +lc i Iihy o .' r louidliig itiuel'tlll, iilhe L.. ( i1(Il IA) INK Ii i buill II.ILo:II'. III Iclllce 1d11 er o ~,nca i . Lhmli oll illl l Ilid II:oy Iely W m. .I ' EUCAINITY I1I1o. liliu Irr'iv 'lat A IK.lata ii til 'ii sI, cit le ,I IIsr ll. ll we th- ' hloi'l slolld nl etor011 ". "ih*, 1 l.: NI.w O s M· is c ur reilly i li tI hII T'-lllf 'lih i AItl\.L :Ir llillll'd llll 1 lllel "lT Ilnll, Coel olws.nI d 1)lr:It ls aellt: Iz) l n s (rpo IsseId IjlU ~rl·ljlt Erll I·lllll II l' ) Y ). - jlI lS· )·~ ll T"'he, s llloollt1, hlad, Iuntll' IIIhI1iooI , Ik I ls u AlLi l'i.r a..tllr t llhetlnl a c lelr (llw l II: lIl c.1 \ I: n r:t1 I l, ld q a al I ·1g utlwlltjl coInc)lleh. s It .ele wih tlh, I(i(l I ld 114 1, , j; nllod te · te:su alck l . w. I k .Lss'l'' run l I tlI Ic rs"-11uhingtok tl' yl Xin i h'ulll Arol i t i.ollhei, i i rih'd wN .'o e a Itrl'cI, II IB( coac ajo tlwo nichll s |l't IInwknlhsell||l '.'to+ M dl¢ledge ille, nealour (ito 11 .:m.n,l light twela h t* ~hes. 5"I',.KX 0 .i .. eI:lrl I;Tlr I, l iih n. 1, | . . Ii 1( ) uiII uh I ''iii ku hli ilh t . 5. .Ii )lu. l.ulr .'IIi'.p i~li'.tl. III N IIJIIlil C ( I *Dli stnlcl uu CIw tlri) uns oI L 11 . '1 ' ile .l 5 mil o Aesqests t- (h:[.u~lesn, 1.56 (htJ hl t,) , wl' oo, k, UL'it-- l.0 No th..l ·(II·s l ea lbl. 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Ii- f Ith .bru( will Pefh tUa+.lly ll e-IC Sven. l .iIrv y, oiid w irdlll o il ltthu e t t hlll , iaiiii t lreplr edl ollly bhy T Ii . Wli ng llr ren. l IiIi .ii list t oIheferloLt Ch.llreg, and soly lltld rolea lln ihetalhby CARf, E ,iitl N & I CI. 31 Ca Ollor. hlb I s ollel .ag.llO for Wh nyer'J IIe.nlllticl Gh Il.SS-l li0 Ihom rlle in II1re hIr l:der b ill|Uellltl SI" L OWN IJao g, hn .ll i h i PTAT'E OF LOIUISIANA-FIrst Judcial Dis.. ^- trict Court. The State of Louisiana, to all whorm these pro. sents shall corne, greeting: Whereas, William Mackey. of the city of .ays. ville, Kentucky, having purchased at a sale made by the Sheriff of the parish of Orleans, the pro perty hereinafter described, has applied to the clerk of this cotllt, in whose oflica tse the deed of sale was recorded on thie second day of May. A.D. 1839, for a monition or advertisement in coofbrmity to an act of tihe Legislature of the State of Louisiana, entitled "an act for tile further assurance of titles to purcheaser at judicial sales," approved the tknth day of March, 1834. Now, therefore, know ye, and all persons intoe. rested herein, are hereby cited and admonished in tihe namle of the State of L,suisiana, and of the First Judicial District Court, who can set up any tight, title or claim in and to thi property heroin. alter described. in consequence of any informality in the order, decree, or judgmenuttt of the court uon. doer which tile sale was mlade, or any irrogularift or illegality in the a:,praiserncots and advertisements, in tiole, or manner of sale, or for anly other defect whatsoever, to show cause, within thirty days fromt the day tLlds moniton is first inserted in the puhtbc papers, why the sale so made should not be coln. firmed and Ihenoologatud. The said property was sold by the Sheriff of the parish aforesaid n t tle lthi day of April, A. i). 1839, Ib virtue of a decree of this court, rendered on tie r21 day of March, A. D. 1839, in a suit on titled William Mackey vs. liter & Steever, No 17,376 of tihe docket of this rourt, at which sale the said William Mackey became the purchaser for the price of twenty seven thousand and olne hundred dolla's, payable as follows, viz: The puechaser assuming the payment of one hall of two notes of six thousand seven hundred and sixty-five dollars and fifty.six costs, each to be due on tie 26th of March, 18-0, and thie balance cash; the purchaser assuming also, tile rum of eight thousand and five hundred dollars, due to the Uaion flank of Louisiana, with interest at ten per ceat. from lot February, 1839, and the balance inl cash, and reserves a special mortgage on the pro. perty sold until the asame is p sid. )uescriptl onof propetty as given in the junicial conrveyance, via: The unldlvided half of two certain lots 'o ground, together with all the buildings and imtproveLmenIts thereon, rights, ways, custaoume, servitudes, privi. leges and advantages thercunto lbelonging, or to any wise appertaining: said lots .dljoin teacih other and make part of thu hattsre in front ,fthte rutrb St. Mary of this city, forming the lower corner ,l .lJlia and New I.:ve streets, designated by Non. Nio econ and Twenty, on a iplan of said batluru deposited in the offi:oe of Fi:hx Grttna, Notaly, dated the thirtieth June, 1632. Lot No. nineteen measlrnlg forty-one feet six inches front on said New Levce street, by oce Shuldrd feet in depth more or less, Iby a c,-rtdliente Iof J.osepi PFlib, city surveyor, dlatet March 25th, 1n3(6, st appears that said two lots measulre togeth. er, in English measure, seventy feet front on New LeOvee street, by uone hndred hIot tn dipti; togett. er, alsoa, with two hundred shares of tile stock ofl tle Union IBank of I.uisiana.s Wltnltes the Ilon A. AM. luchanan, Judge of the fourt afreseid, this 6tit May. 1839. .sy Ili-4tw I'. lEtl.ANC, I,.pity lfi'k. E'I'Al DE ,LA LUhtloil (N. ' Colur du Ireier Dlstrnt Judlulro--L'[Ltat do . II Lousiau.u,-- tous coux que cos prcenotes con. 0 rcouent--SauLt : A 'I"I'IN DU que William Mackey, de la ville de o S• .nvlite', K.entucky, ayalnt ;cet] la tune vonte 2 ,iLe pr l ' S er tlo lI'a roisseo d'( rl(,' tos a pro. pr(ICi ei.apllts nrlte, 'eo t alddlreL an gr.fl;. de c"1[ne co r, to la dilta nll. ' f1t enrc gieLtro ae I m. i jou'r de SlIa tite la.o 3b39, pior ul arul, con. ,4,nonellt t tll Set rtoe laJ L tgl.ature do I'Etat d. In Icloujoia l , aill.t 1 Aito pour col.firller o le Litres des ocdroturs OLex vootes judiciresu;" ap tl prit(d leu U Mars 10134. 12'1d soil cIoilr, et o I :toullte persones ln reas senllt par res prientl es o u sa)llllll nll del I': al du la L lluts. le et de oa ti c ao r du l're'llocr dLLtrlet Jlli; lrl ql'l pour: ltt avoir drotl I; la proplrldh ci.lpre.s ,:.rate, onll cone. .qlneo:e d'uii d lallt de rllr l darsll. a I'lrdre, le dt'er, I ll I le JlgemenL do nla ur, Uon vertu dlquel la veollo ( tu, tle, u t i i t irrogularitd ou ill.galild dduos 'ettimnatmo, 1'avla oi le LtLetps L le LLLde de la VUitm, tnl 0 pour uine utre cause quIleolnqe, dq o taire voir dlns trc.te jours, a dater de la t iuldica. tltol d+ et ;0vl., oOL)Otrc'tql hl VontU a0nsi o hite no I sur it pa col nfllirm ut O olllollg . La Hilo proprt t+ t fll velUthe par 'r Shlril.lss. ( o le I lOllle jLLrd'Avrdt de I'aulln 18 ., el verLtu d'll ddcret de cotto culr, rendu lu Ic d Mlars de l'ai t o3 1u39, odans I'tl'ire do VitIaLn LI aclkey conltro Iter It teev'r, No. I7,376i du docke de \ o('tL, courl ;telqugtelle vote L,, tL WilTliaL MLickl y e',et reodu acq.reur pour tle prix tde .27,1t0t lptlyableo eollle 0i1st-s-a, l : L'acqudcreur assmultot eI paol.ent d la moiti de Sdeux I llcts de $6i,7i5 56 cents ellillque, qu scruUlll dli(s tole t moars 1810t, et la boalane c .mptualt ; I'ae. Sqgrcur a.sumant aussi ie paimhent de la .ornute de $Lt,500 ditaa to InqulCe de I'U111o do nl Lomonae " ; dave ln16ret au taux de 10 pour cent t colmlpter ol ior. Fvrat.or Id 9, et la halaance collltlaLt, et reo. snrvatt ue IlhypOltheqy e spellcalo str na proprled lo L v oedue, juslu' oe quellu solt pa)d6. tDocription de la Iproprit.'.t d'apres te transfer judhtiare.o La moitod indiviso do deux cert in lots de t-rre avec tlotln les batises et am.lioration quli b'y trouveoLt, ains.l que lost roits, chntlllillu coutuLu s, servltudes, prtvelgos et avaontages y apportenant Sd'unle lmlre quelcolnque ; ccs lots solt ocontigus et foit parts de la baltture en fa du faubourg Ste. o Marit de ceuoe vile, tlrltlant I'encoigonurla I Iplus bause des rues Julio et Nuuvolle Levde, et sent dslg.dus par lea noo. 19 et viogt, our un plata do la dtie batture, ddjou6 oen I'dtudo de Felix trinot o Iuotare, o dat d, 30 Juoa 1(32. Le lot no. 19 Ime. =uro 41i pieds 6 poucsdo face It la ruc de la Nile. Lovde, sur 100 pieds plus on lmains do protondeur, d'apris un certificat dd Joseph Pulet, voyer de la ville, date du 25 moars 1836, it parait que cos deux I dits terrains eesurcnt ensemble, uL plods atnglai., 70 peod. do face It rue o lit Nouvollo Lovodo, sour 11! de profondour : avcoc aus 2110 sctouos 0 fuond capital de I Banqueo de I'Union de la1 Louisiotno TIo nom l'honorablo A. M. Buchanan, juge do la cour susdiLe, co 6 Mai 1818. P. LE BLANC, Olm0ni 4t Dput6 Grerlier. STEAM IBOAT IILLS. 1 ,\ lts,..GENTS,or .-t(I'I\t. ofSTI:EA\1 .1.0 %I'Td4 can have their Hills si, tlr' o in oto or mlore ColortId llks Ort ltill or Cohd Pailer, Lcrio Oilkl, e. i/'I'ttILUIe: .\tlill: IN ULFI ;E, cJrner ol I'oydra and Stt. Charle streets. - tL J91 Ito .tI.d 9--loo hhdL L "ll .1) N I, dls halassýDs-- n l it l tio I ,bl e che 1 r 0 1ct lty A .tlJIS & Will ''tL1.1., cti--ew 7(t trtsier st SAIt)DIEIILY VAKtE.- t e subkcrbc , n. l cltrers and whllesaule dealers ill saddlery go Lds, are lot receivillg by late arrivals froml th inlrl i, i additiLL to tLLelr tformeu r stu, k, an exlei slve lssrllmellnt Io artihles ill lhilr lilne, amollllng wllicLh are llOe taIlUWIng viz: l.ahs and miines lilac and quilted salddls, , i e;tlllelllln i duo panistt do do do loexcoun do do do Creole do C do do A.o.!r. do do do Eoghsh hoo t Youkh's do do do - do Crtec do Amer. and Eng. ,tbrdles and brtidt ltl tuUtigos, do do uarti tnales, 'luted, tass, and la .u.. edl oach harI s... .. do do do gg :n.l sulklodtdu do do do iruuu, he du r Dor.l, cart and wagon do S.ddle bags, double ands noett; v.llces; m decal sadule bags, tulss, Is carpei bags; bust nun tranrllll lealher Ihto Itrunk, b.ass lnailed; leadIer bout topL td, assorled sizes land valrlout ai le; Iho, lers nll pistol bells; coachs, gcg, sulkey, twio ao d planters crop wlops: olll, wursL, , cotto l ud Ileather glrllts antd sursitnL les; silrtup lea herst ; trunk lr;lap and wourtol rall web; chnlll and hunk hooes; blind bridles and lines; 8 oich collats, and h',ado anod mule collars, J ill g.lahtin s; Io. rocco,hbuck, ear.shceclpando i bl.ilolu skllns; plated brass and Mteel bridle bits of ev ry description, plated. brass and steel spurs Lo ever) descrlption; L plalL, L,rass ald steel storrups of eovey dcscrlot rolllpr will a complete assortmellnt of every I0rt.lcl0 e ila L lr lilLe oI busLiness-all of which they) oh r r f Lr s-le on .cc molllll lullu Icrlls. T''lhey w ll also eonLllle Io r c lve trllhrou gl tell 0,year, ,tby ' plckoLs l ont New orko , It. soh su1ppLles to lok,t.p heluir stock t.allltll e and CLaI I (" e. 1 hUL'-S, 1DAVIDSON & co, 18' 15 Clanail 5 to SQ CII). IL n110t0K, cheali blak ItaLLL . aL e.l' anij tLLLnr laPlOL qluills, t iodaoe., u ltrg ulid irsLt rote ssorlluelllul uale luow by ALE. '' t\lKR, Illy tayJ YCl)mp Street. I.AGGt: STONES-iit) ydl" FIIl'a ules luldioe g (Irm sbipl t. Lawreonce, tur -al Iy - 'l J Id ' \III 'I'IEY en( 3 to sl. ' I.UCI NA CORDIAL. m4 I Fl Ci) I I:Onl l r . ~:IiTli. I+,r. T I, t I.Ilxi ClXil E I.kin.t l nernUI n-Th . r Antll : ' .lntt An' ll irh. monius whell ave een ent iurn n l..ngn the 'f l llllill, orly li c rer:ned l ' rdf Ivrlli r lurIll mo hInrn'll n Inln' n:f~lnswI )II~'kn .'~U.,d'llin ',( ii'. n~((h.. :riii.. y.'.te ll.nn ...n, ili a.In.nrire ' I. l . InlOingly l I ln t ii n i, lnrine~rn. oiaydah rel lkn wl l.a s nlpll u mlr ol tells .lh ki, )l rln l ctlce. allbe rIna h.. o lrer thatl clav s fa.I ys. mlr rh i.'y u'.iv ' uItitle,+ whf h Ixlr Ion e r.chu atre h Iulhheilr Il 8p ihed$1 .ill'l lllllHnill..nn'iin l lP 1InC O n;I IhlP+ Ill'.lilllP ll Illlllille. T I INW~ NTl ER Fi . d r OI,0l'llVe I.' I rs II.;ol Thelrlbll e m f ipa cint i w~ rlnalrl i, h s Iol lltvl tsil l oll uf;i ll iln h al ofk lr i t .'rans i h rnl i Inn.1 . billllWnei t c t l rh m lrie h crw ar ' llylthe Ilesif it Icfilr 1 thllill'l ilounte l erwe ntd l proana hichn,,j h Im. ' I'm c iutnc n n itt n 'kinl ll injlli Cnn hi InIe lInnely in.'ellll onlh e n ipp llr a lnl hrw e, hll l i l lll Jl \IS1ESIuI....ufu.(,iEurvir.n run.,I.. Ise i infuinfy h w Rii, beMng uu.n r iliiunn.'ni uni'v I Ai lr till i I Nilt ii NIFIIP rt f tll0 I tlIII flIu i Io i i iO 11 Bm+ llllll~1( IPtlrl+ hlr )lht+lllr mill~l+" 111lrrlllle till l~llllll· It Ilh tnlllv rii.ul ii iurnil iu r.u, Ii,,ir i rlnlnuIr i ,! A br t rll ollll llillT IP qllr lll h nllct l i ln r n l le nn. i I)inn ha crl iire'ullll ne l anyt l~ln I hy, rlt, the, h V(Ig clear the Ihlin al Iv h nall. t ll lwllcre yi .i. a lohidgel ll ll n. u nin ll [1 /. nl', .hIr n ili ,hl itlllullrn IhllP l frlll fIllIII (irl~lilll~lll~llit:+ oflh llr~l, fIrP Jil~l~l hlllille lIRl~qlllllr P. lirrnllpcrn , nh,,i Prt11n1.11111 TJl· t ill e d ni;Si r.l ,i t lik In. lmyl u i nl I,'l.'c. Inu'ujuu r th d Inilii i'tini.m r ilnl . inru,ni m ll' r ui |li. J 111~111 )(2 1I II f RIIT(I ri I 3Arch t Ilnul ii(n~niujul n iu rniui'.unll 11116.1)nui l CI(unm 1 I h.,nefi of Dr. ~nI I tll (Fl th) r ,Ma erhra.J r Coii nilibofPe IllC r i h harn l ri n nlll nf th r l nhii.'.i d n itn ,i t hilnd' iI h el llhrt x iml. i o tlch a! v I t11 ifi catlll lleln 11t+ whul i It.. l ,u lu ,nnlhin ftlneuriielnlnrn+.i p u h Jin wi NTE llI h r inW ll i i. lulutI\ C, ' ii~\h. n iin nf (,. 11;11' gnj'· il I Aln' I +l I i'n 1 in 111nn. ifIlur u lllrl T Ihe n'lhd Illemd r p n i C Is ll repr ille rlt t8 1.1nn' noesl ht rtin l-uunuth'sle h an t .. r A Ii l vi . ii P en ri lllll+ \Ire eln by nlw t. llil l +r ll itaril . p rfnllll | ri !t' ou lgihI. 'I'll v &A ' l'l' E i.Sl'l.lV. m9 Who N'. iAn, Nnwl i 0111 P IDNI1IN~mllnu. II ir 11 Iil ''ll ' 'MANI NIIC1ll1)F II Ii. ll( A+ tE~ 1it I. h.11 il'lII'.l flr i unth 'rmP; rn u'nufn l· ui n uil n 'n111 i!.nnn11 11 lun111 n l.R lll . RlmIni Pu". inin.. lI hI.(.'Iu i I'l l~l n ninnl ,'m n (.l lllll ll .P+ llll roIi lug+Ply hIl;;lr;P;r ,mTlli the. Iip+alll+l PIIIP nll] .'',s |~li'h c I iP fril~n. nZl elV Ii .1 . P1 + It ll+ lil·Alul'lln ll. lnn1l ..Illtilnlu'l, VI~ll I ll +.lrl 1ll'('liC|Vl I III (S dT118i~ll ll ) 1)(|S l lll +leers i nf ,!6 l nu,'~lrv iiril(111 ].0 l1.+ ThP ellI·il((? r 1t" their live () re i1iiii seql~nlv II~T il r~lhlll1.ll. Iii' l lu.r l innll el un h 'I'inni. nrT l~lnTiu'ln" nlun'.'i n'n IT irui i iil'n iniunP , inn Inn.h++ /Ir mungi li~mi.. lllAPirllTP rTl~ T1.|I. I ++r+. i lr+n +'lrl ' ]liIir l l11 A(li..ile '~iiiI ThW f~r nl" i .,lw l,. 'lnul.'nln nl i . .'. 1.'in .JatkCrei Gir call h.Iot. a april 2 44 New levrPn INSEKI) aiIL.-biil gilol~ inL oe lltOrre SIIIA.L & BIa()WN, alpril'2 96 lagalcine at UPIIOLaTlEIlY .& PAPER IiANGlING STO'I'UI. lenry Siebrechlt, (formerlyr J. C. W'icks ,. would mest respectlnlalv inlrm his frilen aI the public in leernl, ithat Ie hIas alid is coi . ly recelvinl i uerntral assortnlalt of uphnlstery and palper halsnin g. Thle tIloing comprlces a part of his stock, which cie oallars for sale t wholeul - sale or retaiul un the Ills aOccUalllmnodatil8 aroms, Frenli velvet and satin paper, lanesl style;ad id hall ciommon alid collltunll, Piiloadellhii glazed and unglizod do do, French lundscalles, lire bOardsl, blnds, &c. io vlvet and nlworsted do dl, oaoreanze do tlolrs, silk Irilnge and galloons o all qrlalitles, patrnlls and practs, worsted criliges as slortld p:lttern. plain and eolartod. Sisscruslinl, lalset style plain and oluaned, cotton drapry b muslinstlail and twillld, as-crted cUlrstnewl slyleof lee(ldle work for solai cushionls i'cotslo)l covers, &c new style of bell pullars, raised filures and plalln, nilt wiInd·lw ornameln ts o1f all paltern. alld 11 z lt, ilt aiilel bat 11ln11l sp ila ears, (eathers c, k glass knllls, aslels, haiir cl il . t gi lred anti tIllIIn alarle sassortn·ll of Ityo f r chlldrean; large silk cnlrad a cd aoislsc. wostld cord and nlas. Soelsl a nlolal llsortlltlll ollif uphllsliero anld llpaper hIhiinLaL, cnClllllllly on had aaid ftL saile at IhP lhwesl prces at Nos 41 IR"yal auc i4 CUaIstm aN lr--arsons in IIe city or fmL thie ccuntry, . .r . i,,,ceerfully inv i.. I ......II o lnd ....d ne .. . he ietlllclves. Cuilrpels a ln d curlllllS nlad e i illte lliesl maIdo Ii a s clh' a rooIn pca elared -t Ihe slcllrlt ear notade, nlI all kindas l uphonldlesrry ork id lie wlllh lltolteni clntl I tlo'llch. aeI I l Al lp : IIIY: H I.uI. IL. sI.L ¥ III. u S S SI'DI. Translated Iroll elie] Fre~nch of Jean Du hilt, I. It. bl tiliam ldr'ea.thId. lPart tar. ill tileleit lo l narriage! l .hrl ll. Ii laaoIll alls i ci rllillg, nuitll It clnre fur Pa ort 3d. Palrt ,hhs * * * * Murr-;n I elvosilulnieullv I)isacllseid is te Illol useloill, Iali d'lllthe iioSt illltern toll tg Twlrk h la n we sr tl, i- Itd. h w llll rei lk i1 a1 ir om rakest iill n pilltlers, IllII) l illak 1111111ii iiii1 ie i iiI lili illell i WI)Illiil Iato i lycac cn ae os or noartied aten an necoicaitanucy vi tia. a I 1 1e ve r i lllunah a itc . d b y I e c o u r l Tlls is a artalt booki, ai will lie intaeulatie of much iaoI t toittl e ConIIIIIIIiIy It is Itru it t:laiat ll lchllc lrlnllll.l I:llllllnrl~ll lllhll IIh.IJe $lldltC( is iltd C.CellO II iltl l ltId iill . rillell tll il, t Iae elllhl niu n 'll.e trealt d i 0 iire dlticaiyly. W'e esnciially r.mnalclenall S its " Illitrll tlilolll S in Clllrtilog," lo the tlll ntlt i ollI all II illllio. . a ilil olttlll illiillt1io tloay iihUtiotlllytlt I :r I or sallea hie I- Llram st lelw¢ll .lagazine alld k CaIn street. I'rice l. a lER .'KIN..---t bales lutiiug tra stenanl boat k I slaer, i ~ sah' I'- 3 A Trl .lit, a9l 31Gravier at I. |AY--Imli haseS Nos.thern.hlumstg <sn bi- an ,: Ir l'd l|'"i;, i .. t No I, ...ll.I. I M n .l . atprilI :J !)t1 . se|; nlzile -rrect ly ak ll Ial It ll' a rl(p r !eand usaniea-Icas J.IlVIS & ANDlREWS, l n13 eOrnler tTllllllllll e. C lllhl llhlupin ala sis Ah 1,0e 0 Idol rlnle of Iillld Ibdlilc uud (1 tigcts. ISUil & It.Lt.N, april Ex,:hange IHotlcor St Clhatrles &C.nI.mln rt la Iti 111. I 1.;l Il boxeo Iaoooircit liu-Ioeur S bAlue t lC l-lli l eer for osre b ny el3 dIIAI.Io L BI~I(,, I\n,9 Ma..zlneilltR I:.r sate bv SLItLL r. BKLI\VN, 13 9ti lagazie a la AIleiS-tc oolars sllipir Irn ali illutd la alul fr •% IIe h1121 3 C&'\ p TI I a'I "~lt ~ioE-i loacoc Jdd' patnitu "TIl. T'IItU ltICtiISc OF LIFEIS IS .AL7T'." VE KNOW thalt health and the ability to - labor, constitutes the wealth of tie great mass of' tile peop'e in this, as in m at other coun-. tries. To preserve, theretore, that health by natu ral meani is a gr.and, moral and plit.ical scheme to I filil which, requires o utmlost attention The unprecedented popularity and univereal ap. approbation which this medicine has achievedl throughout the United States, the Canadtai, Texas, Mexico, and the West jlleies, filly jlstify Dr. Peters' in warmly and consesentiously recommen. ding them to the special Notice of the alllieted. Peters' Vegetable Pi Is are tie safest, milst effeec tual andi economical relmedy for diseases of the bhuman constitution, that has over been discovered. Dr. Peters, the inventor of this invaluable ntedi. cine, from his knowledge of the human system, derived from a long and extensive practice, han arrived to t .i conclusion, tuat the great and pri. mary causes of most diseases is a derangement in the functions of tile liver, or ini other words an ins. creased or dimnnishled secretion of the aile. So well is this understood, that it is anmmon for persons to say when they feel unwell, that they are hilioun, meaning that they Iave too much tile on the stomach. On the other hand, whllel the flow of bile is diminiislled, the process of ion is imperfectly perfoirm d, the patient becones weak and emaciated, because nourislhment contaled in the food taken ilto the stonloach is not properey en. Stracted, sanid the food is ejected in a crude state. Dr. Peters is confident thatc tie famous Hiygean Theory, os called, that, "I impurity of tile blood is thie cause of all diseases," is a great absulrdity. Every one who reflects on the subject a mlolnlt, will perceivethat impurity ofthe blood is a seeon. Ida y not a primary eomplaint-the tefeet and not tie cause of disease. When the funstions of the liver are deranged, and the flow of bile increased, it is often taken up by the absor is nt vessels and carried into the circulation, and becoumes mig ed wi h tie blutd, as inl janndilc, when to-e petil nt shows it in his countenance. Not this impurii y of blood is caused by an increased flow of Inle, and to remeiy it, you nust correcet the secretions of the live,, and restore It to a healthy state. Dr. Peters lhas spent mnuch lime in experiment ing with diflerent vegetaI, miedltines, for diseases of the liver; and now offers his Vegetable P'ile, as tile best, most convenient, and cleapest medi. ctne that can be prepared for general use. Dr. Poters fl.tters tltiselftllat is long ex, eri. mienting with vegetable medicines has enabled him to discover the true ,nd only tubslttilte answering call the purposes et mtercuria s without any of their attettdant evils. One great quality of this vegetablh Iills is that they have tie alterative principle com. bined with their cathartic, or operative qualtiee, so that they not only cleanse the stomtach and bowels by purging, but they regulate the liver, change tie morbad secretions, strenothaens the digestive organs, purify thie blood, invigorate the circulation, and give tune and etergy to the nier.. vous system. i Tkhey are mild and pleasant in their operation, iF ai nd c nvey almost immnediate convictioni of their o utility from the first dose. They can be taken v' with safety by persons of any bge ; and tihe feeble, at the infirml, the nervous, and the delicate, t" e l strengthene'I by their operation, because they clear the system of bad humours, quiet nerv--us irrita I bly, allnd iiariibly produce sounld health, e TIhe Vegetable Pilts are a sure reerdy forj j ' dice, sick and nervous headache, dys epila, cca L ness, sickness of the stomach, lieartbulan, all bi comlplaints, iwvers of all kinds, and if taken commencement will invariably check their S grtss, and save the patient ftro a protracted dangerous sickness. 'hey are invaluable in , ivoeusand Iypocoldrical allcclion., lens of I" tile, and a I compliinls to whichi females al--n In subject. ''hey operate as ia ild and spcedliv p and are uii satle d certrin illeldy lir worm chi dren. Since I have introduced my Vegetable Pills to i te pultlie 1 have received lllunerlus certificates N. of tceir euperlr efficacy itl curing diacaese, a so, imany lotters I train respetal.hi phyniciaet, whu 't have used them in their practice witlh the bet s ~Icess. Ii I mlight publish a mnilnl volumle of ci lificatoes but coiaidl.r it unnecessary, as tIhe mlleicine will recelllLnd itecll to all Wlo wi 1 make trii' f ,t. P The iabove ptlls arec in tixes, coitaig. d20 & .P t pill, taci . ii Price, 23 & 5I coals p.r box, s it Driuggisit and coutllry meurclants cean be lIsup y plied, at wholesa e or retail, at Dr. Peters' princi )t p I otlice, iio. I5 Ptytldrs street, between Miagazine nad Camp est. New Orleans ALSO for salae by I. N. Mlorsison & Co, II ca Caiial srt : P t' PtIerlio, drtugist 112 old Levee e, between die two mairkets: Mr. Ilrtchier, druggist, s' at the Washingto Iitarket : C J Trinchasi, drug. :ii giat, corner of C nal & Bourbon streels: G( oA Reed & Co, druneists, corner of ''clioupitoul;as & Girod streets: J Russi, druggist, Laihyetto city. pi iol t ip eriia , r Sle ig .l d ic ttt'tl t IT & rCoChartres st, 6i ih ll Ni iatiactlic . nidl . COPE, hl -Just rteleivel a dIl for csa' le by Wet,. IM en.i, corner l Cmp atd Co lllallin streets, general uaeiisaient'l it rv.eYr 's Col fltll e.-, Malidthll tical Inso.ierc tl , ir Itrnit+ g l .1 '. Spring Dividends-;, ipring IIv test, iaory Pro tractolrs, Ivory Sealcai, i:.iater's Sclehs, Gl:rasi Triangles, Py arallel RIulerss,Microeopes, 'l'herinnulelurs, a Cilmera Olltecras,.ircrve Chains, Mten'_ ' 'Tilpet. AVha _ l)AlttIN I i(llIlS--lJll r-etei tedt Iwaft gIa-o fiei for lalle cheaii I b I i FEIT & Co, It (t N V Slrilenerchlltl, 'hI llierirec N ORRIS & Co. No. 3:8 Chaltras street, are now recetving and opening the most splendid, si stantialll and lanshinnal e stock of Clthliln ilthey have ever exhibiled in this market, ctlsistligi it. part of the fhllowing articles: blue, Iite black, pje blaeli, london hrown, citron, olive, london ismokc and golden olive frock anld dress coaIt; leaver, aisabliland harrinti,,n Irock coauts, elegaitly firnis'i ed; laIlcy and pihin black t assinlore anld clrh lpantalonslle . engllish asitd fencth fancy antid ip itn silk and sailt vests; real iiceiw Inalkl i elllloirts; tlenglish ad frlench fancy lad plain scarfs and hdkls; challmoi, silks-web cilld ulnmelaSltic sust Penders; cllaloi-, merino, Inme,'s wooll welsh ll in nel, silk andl eotln nee shers and drawers; fille linin and coto shlltlris with linln htosn'ell,plini nld rllied; IVllor pearl aiid plinil handle silk Utim. brellas; t "U+ratT'e'" premium (hloves-also, a beautliful ilrtitl oif it lle kid, for weddings, bulls, r ec.; Sriltlelield silk and rntlllnna Idkts; plain lfigured and embroidered CaIlbric do.; si'k, lalib 1"wollla, mirin., Lerlmantownllll Id bron iand white k clrtll half h-,e al : l iof which they offer low lfor aesh. or io a1titstnl eII-i'eiere:sr IIettl Nit, I M' Mr. Jlmes, recenlty arllv d in tlhis city, begs cleave Io ltorlll the cit zelis of New Ol)llenls that lihe will r open an nacadeny on Molly, 14, January, at No. 10 T'oullue street, tor sil iitireIoI t ofI )outh of both sexes, in French i anlld I nigh h, il which he will be ably assisted by iMrs. Jaill e and irs. t etllcher, who spl-ak botllh t.ise Ilannullages wl-ith e great luency and purity, ntid wl., will etal charge ie-o the departsnrt of the young ladies. Mr. Jitnes will give his whl liattllliO tlhe various brancheis fedtlucall, alnd Illiers hilmsel , thatlhe will givelelnire a.tsl.iaction to ithose who ini rolx iS hue with ,hir utneidnce, i-t - +°, Nulttilt & Ci., Noi. 3S Ch -'tilt atiree t, ati, rt. Sceivilg daily fromt lheir hoult ill P'iltdtll hiai, an eletgn l and cel pl te assorltenlllt of sll tallllll anid eashltaiihl clothing. They invie the aen lion of the public, as they er': warrantl d in sayiing d that stranger allnd criienu cannotlI frll.i ll thllnl. selvers roo.e dvanllageously in aly city in Itre at N. U. A few d zen elegant ivory hlanle unm brellas, fruom 32 to 36 uiches.a Aso, ia large lot wthirerplne paclki ig roxes, v rious sizt s, very low 3 XCItANGEI--u Luindtl, itr eale by Si1 e17 L II GALE, 9:1 Ca'luonl .t 'I ' 11 alsubsrlher oiteir hir olse 15t k bbla lhitlr; J15l 1hI. hlll.Iske; 51) casks Ibaeoti Sldra; .0 casks Ualtuaoni ouldcrs; Ill ercia.illltlsrd ttultS. id I rI i -- ' riL i) . Ii !1Cl . i _L: N ,73 C a ,Ip sl t - IIlKE.'--ti Ihurorels recilfled, lautioue 1io ap steimier iEmpress, fur sale by I1): llae.. _I til!0 44 New Levee I tat ICE-.ticces trcea, far hilp I tt It U". .t "liIcEle It, 31 (rnevier st IFtI Pt'ttl',;I:ILt ltt-Ju-i-t recetied a superior L artieie ullife preselvers at tllc tBiaaur, icr a'." Itrll a ALLAN L IUE-Iut) -asks TIhtaXuatea Litei, taidotg frem _ch ip _ _eruvian, fi slte byllE a_ s U 'I MkENT-tIltthmulic tol I tlltiai kiltr slllt hV r it hA - o il I Itl't'1W,7 Itlk Pnlace tit; t'ItIlil h-0ui boLat, p-ea Cdiiitae, assorlte blallet f tr ale & y 01. lI :. .1 1ISIDli': & IC 131 .Y•nzinh -i * AItIISSON's SPECIFI,: IOINTM.EN'r position, espoialtly in the Northern States, leaves the propriator but I ttle need to say ary thisg in its fievor; for it has been tenerally eonetded to it, thatit is beyond all conmparison thie b al remedy for exteral compl.lints lthat Ias ever been dinsd. vered. Indeed thie speed and certainity ofits ope. rail nas hiave the tappearrrlce of mirlacles ; as sers, w unds, crns, fever sures, ctilbllains, white swel. lings, biles, piles, spider and snake bites &e. ilmre.. dhitely yield to its apparently auperbum, a influ. ncsce Ttus if properly applied it will remove an intveterate cornr, or brreak ad hleal a bIe in fire days, will allay and perfectly eure an ulcer is two weeks; and the most desperate cases of white seelling thet can be imagined, have beeu destroyed by it ii less than two snonths. In the bites of poi sonoas reptiles its olfficacy is truly surprising, an even in tile bite 'fCa rabid dog, for if applied in lime, its powers of attraction are so wosderrul that they will at one arrest tlhe poison, and thlus pre. vent it flom piervdig tile system. It is likewise greatly superior to any medseitce hieretafnre disco. vered for thgl caliid backs sand hmbs of'horses, for Letters, ring worms, cltapped lips, and in short for every external bodily evil that ltay tall to ime lot of man or boast. The propl.rl tor lhas received at least a thouasand certificates and oth. r documents, in fav r ofilis " ,'eielfic Oiintment," u wards of ea hulldred of whlichl were written by respectable smemilrte of trle Medical Faculty. all breathing the salme eulogy eand satiss'ation. Pro sred at 129 Liberty street, New York, and for sale at 65 Poydiraas street, Nuw Orloans. Imr'26 itf .A \C'12fUSi) m IY HS ImAULI S CIN K. fHOIIN'S Cnmpoue d mt eatlct ofoCnpiba a proillSo-A cersimm, safe,s mn t lnestmrsctrul reime-t i ever diseos'rtd laor tireure of ltroirateo, .ibel.ia Stritsur's, .Wbhea, ahius is tieh back en i oie, sete ttt, weakessl, eSifhliotm. kldnie5, gsreli, sorbuti,.i erulstilrls, &La. eIt tile it.lelctionll of a medicieo lleesing thie usiofiti and active virtue oI' tnur mie ltow oltereI to tm e priut i te irser'ietot r i is but to i.efetl.o the lunUlrous rn olll Imnalllldlsllllt e.eived firIomB tile Ist{IIt elnnlent o" Ithe tile dllcml lheulyinEu.opem1e iliociog tmt it omt be atinrciared wslell its illeilts are mlsa' lillly kllowll. 'I'hie ialHslnl el lopmihR, Soexteeaivecl) ssled, Ills 1III nltit iof its elredit firollm thie dislike ahihih pateielis tormnerl) Cxnl.tosm Itloegrimlls its slinl.greetleu t:stc, iltt ln.lellla t ltesnitteetimmitite beae ls oteilsteOleoii~, a.ritt ierellfii illeffici~le ' llsen ilc ed isl tile iltaItslllltora llle lll*o ielor I:s ntl l' an ao llalysis otf tile Ietal sll, lllo eir rig mtha tie rilsoe aCtiive(slualiti tswouti tlhesrl ie me t ttoen' ( mllcelrati.d ans liore usecttit, tlll setid Ctitti allaxn ill tiue statu. 'lihe :,ttove Ilutl cvite comllins il girtedients tva icht ate il tie s its'iigheat reptint 1itotit te' n ost cietitiei and ilte'red iii tIe tlettiessiot El'tii icaru ill ste collltictioll of tbis prrpnrttation iceresses te. ellceacy inl the ostier, Ilroullcillmg all optratiori trnly tisitgll.. n:e susam' tglet ast sog ei pettsons; imamos~ielgnt mlie same tiome time art eat~ge of its allhllblstre dv withs Dieelee. treo.lss ill tlhe miliII'mn staIges of lthe above liscase. 'tlie ltost elmisentt rhy)sicmalsulld sul.geolislt" thie preellt day express talilr letcidedltlt iai i'la i rn illvfa mr sri' Saloatipariila, otiltis its le ll l. pr'ttil~mllOli l a lI bl l(.ilal isnvjsiulisla mrsla be n, all slill o llltillllle, verly e tellrsive. II was i t tiv or'te rol'ttedy wislm ilte celebiraeid Sh Aiberetly in all velteraSl ltflectiotls, and in obstinatussla'oUteletpoOllslltiollE. arisisg faron a ilisolliered state ot'lle lige .atiefrunctitmt I llavihlg leell subllited Ill tle test altll t .per iellc' of tele most celebrlted lttltnOamlolg Ile imlcllly, lteu lve epless.medi Iteir satislaction of its xeaseoriiaT' liy y Ifi ewry case ttder the'r oitt'ro, my adoitti.g it btilb insthir l uldtic a 'i .t t e pie. : . "l'lheir' ob ervmation l will le lsurted herilentimer. IPripured by J II Tl'llr·ii, C.Ie.tist L.cdo'. Price aI ll %r IALS. Frnom A II Satlmoe, Esl. 1 5, St.rgeon to tihe St 'l'llms llospilai tl Le.-,,. ems Aaitoenlmy. TSle trial whicl I lave S ll:e ofllour plrpatioinll ills o varsity tfe'nses, botll male malll tl.sect , ill its Irmslts llatri l soed so ightly iall uamlde, a llm a I le nlt hesitate ii rttolfninltg it onie or te Inlto'io st s:llu ll ellt't icetli't B otcl~se ere olrto fle public, a..I ona in w hich, Itoe evxeorie., e, I cae in evtry ve lielecr, ' , hilsl it ioes n tllllltoliuLe ttle m lest illplemcantt oL ts I ussaally ex perielnced i' lll eolmniba. From G II Ila) ward, . ltL C S, Pysticiale to Ithe St air' luhk olle S iipellla. I take .tls: l pileealteo ill alllil nlv testilnm lloln to vahbl e s of'yolur iprepa.nuol,, wislling yvo tile svccess ov ttn o ttuli. d.e, tto at o ph, r ard tfo tie hlhbrant explensc Inulrrell ill hingingl it lo sulch conl |lirim Itottfgmttgsioit Pry . o CXOnoper, F It S, Surgeon to Gu)e's lls pitetl 'lihe' ttiforen scce's ws ih eIls It'e'dr d m thi admei s lel'illi. .+'lllll i1Clli~illt. illltl(lll. inl' IillliLllll attlicledl .ilb to b1. klwlllni to be Irlly dlpllrelelteLd. .lay Ithe succ. ss yo1 so well deset ve, .I;y a. d t speedilt relaa )os Ilot e(1111 Ivalll~lll i'l~l l~ll~lltillit' BI IY IIIIYIK()ll.l alr S rep C not~v I+ .It S P It C S, &'+c. kec. taviml heen iluced to ItIy yilt t tiiitrt itt si.veasod cas~esofi vioitllt tGolovliTeb rav:, ilichl iladl Ihihelrto batllted tvein rhrst ri e sio tl ' 1tneottmttl.- i, l fo1 suye inld slale" iseras .ltieclatd bs) it, im :t i tw stays I 3el ot el l'ill dily h)al() Io sttl e tilat I no)w i 1 is tIoe ee PenSiACtee' pic e lice Gilt liublic aend privatoe rec.lms.d and use I no noLke.. From GW lIMalirl, M I), Ph.tsician to (it)s t ie N pital. Ia The strict tet whlich I l:bave iveln tout medirie among nlo patienlts, anlld its ilnvariable success thus lilt, will inluhlve ue to pertetere in its uIl, andl I dteeml it Ibut analt ofjllsticeand oif dotly to aldh in) feeble testi- ti ,m tid in totmmentltatioin of it tirtues. Fro lll C Thoipson , A.1 I I) F t S 1.. IretUolnl you my sinicer thanks foi t e valuable. pre senlt of ourl Elxtrt for tile Eurt of on:ollorrhle, he. I feel glttltld that )ol htae at last brought a medicitm, ilto ise hllic will prove a desidertllll Illong sought foir in the medlial world-- sure, specly alllnd effectual eiw P' ill ciaes Il' thie above clas It Itfolrds mtie plasurl r ill otllltislhing to the world tile valuable qualitiesotf oule Exttot. 0 Were it necessry, the proprietor could hiere frtnlish many moett testitntonds equally as commendatory as tilhe aoe; but trusts that its great sll uccesshitherto the aren & exlpense t whtich it lhas been p tltareod, will Iroteits grreatest recommnendation among a dliscerllig public. One re.otnmloellatioll this 'preparation enjoy abollt all others is its seat, lportl e Iorlni-ptl up in pots-th llde in which it may be taken, beinlg botlh esy soll plaanlllt-its tastUelt Initure, with nol restrictio in diet or confineilment frotin busilness. "l'lTlllers esllecidll ould ftind this medicline highly Ilsteul,I lnd ouglht ve to ble unprovided will a prellwation plossessing the ad aintages which the present one colibini Aocto . plllnilg thle Medicine isn a llallhlet explalia toryof tle dlitTerent stages of thd iseiase, witllhout aet est elhaoete, contaming tfll and antly diioes. Folr ale ity SICKLIS h CO. l- tI-iio.alm t41t Caaltt street. ALLItGAI O LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. t Lo A Leaves Molbile Tuesdays, Thurs. ; "4 days, and Saturdays, per tile splendid steamer Champion, (ex. r cept in of storln,) to Po sacola ; thence per steamer Le Roy to La Grange, and thence fouar horse post coaches via Mariana, Bainbridge. Pill. derton, Berrten, Outlaw's. a d Perry, to Macon, Ga ; thence via Milledgeville, and Sparta, to War. renton, they ce per rail road cars to Autgusta. Tihe Champton is in splendid order, witlh new copper boil, rs, coppered and c pper fastened. 'Tite le Roy hlas been thoroughly repaired, Ier accolnmodations are as handsome us any he v. The beauiful Santa Rosa Sound, and Chocta. watolie Bay present tie most interesting st1eao nao. vigation in the South--being at the samettme perfectly land locked. T'lIh Teamnt are not surpassed on any route in the ecountry ; the drivers, to a man, carenfl and atten live. The bridges heretofore dangerous have b en iiewly built, so that Iigh waters do not inter ere i 'lth eating houses olove been ollestly changed, Sand are now as good ih on any rodt in the South. h It is generally ktown that the excellence alnd I ardness of tie roads enable the teams ut all sea sols to make great speed. Tlheir sltoothl, ta se. cures the travel er fromt the ordinary fatigue of Ii stage travelling. o T'lhe Line is now c rrying its passengers fromn Autgusta to Mobile in four days and twelve SIour-, or to N. w Orleans in tour days and twenty hlours. Goinlg to Augusta, the line is six days nd sevetl Ihours. 'Tit, time actually emplloyed in I travelling is tile aalme as ii thie other direction, but Stie differetnce of titme on te r att, is cauned by a Sday being lost in Pensacola, which, however, is S ell repaid by the op ortunity it gives ofseei g tihe Navy Yderd, tie old Spanish Forts, etc. Tlhe - triveller also sleeps at Macon, and again at War. Stenton. This arrangoement will continue tll thli travel turns northward, when the ilno will be the - a ie froml Mobile to Augusta, as it is I0aw in the other direction. This Advertisonent contains a plain statement of f.lct, tile accuracy of which thie lroprietors gauranteo to eacc passenger in the penalty of his st stage fare. Maps of the Line may be seen at the Exchange linotel, New .)rleaos, and at the Ma.siLt House, ee Mobiln. Fare throlugh front Mobile to Augusta. $47 50 Tile line extends, by abranchl to Tall.hlasee. it Clhattaltooche, tihe line connects with the steamboat carrying the mail to Apa achiaola and St. Josept's. , ffice at the Masion House, Mobileo. l7 O I .OSTWICK, Agent, Mobile. -) ACON, I.Atitt asd P'(RlK--tibhlds Ctucatnati , tited Sidres slid Stlouldar '-l I010 kegs frlt quality Lard ito I btrls %lso Pork, for tile Iy ail it tSTET'SON I A Itl'Y, dtitirtie et 1TA TE .FI.OUISIANA-- Pariah of Orlesns- Curt of Probulae. Tn IllI wholm Ithese presents nmay concern h '.owt e, hint whereas Williann Mackey, a rep idelt of the I)ty of Mayaville, iy., I.basiplied to the Ito ister of Wills, to and tIr the pnrts'l & city of Nw ()rltne, and ex offieit Clerk of Ihe Courl o' Prthotpes, in :ndl f,.r te Parish and city of New Orleann, nlorlt.Iat, forl MON ITON Et A DVER-' 'III.HIF:NT'', n mtntt.rmity In the Act of the Legusllturerol e Sto.ten niti d * An act for the folrthernrsurnnre olittle to pntrearc t t Juttdieial Stlal,i" apptroved 10 h of March, 1834, notice il hereby given t nall whom it may cotcern that by virtue ol , nnd in ohenience to an order of sale frlon snif eoprl of prohales, In aid for tte parlih and ttty oI N..w Orlean, henarig dafe tile tird doy .l April, one tlt)lo.and eirht hundred and thirty eilht, and rendered in the matter o Ithe late Nathannel Cox.,n the petitin onf Chrietopher Ad im, jtinn. Syndi., of the creditore of naid succes. stn oti N omtliel C.'x, deceased, which order of nale was nlso granted pturlalllto t le 'teliheralions iof a ltOetIto of the creditors of the deceased duly held anid ,ttnvn,'Led on the tIlrd tday of Fotmb roar,, eichtern hulltred tlnd thirty eight, before I!. B. ,onac, E:q. No'ary Public, and also after the legal and usual pullratian had been madee 'Ihe lReaister of Will dtid snposr for sale ,y publia auction on the ninthl dtiny of May, one Ihot Ant etchl hundred and Itirtvtr.iget, Gfr lcoulnl ofl the iaforesaid succession of thle lot Nlthaniel Ctoxe dere:lset, 'he Inndetl pre pertly hetrinalter deseri hed, helongin to the soid succe.r.ion, which pro ity was, andljtliCtetld t. aid lillttam Mackey ,e the last and Iiglhet lidtder therren, for the total Ipire and smin of seveoteen thousand dtll trs. I)escription ul the properly as given in the Judicial e, nvevance: All and Singul.r two eertmin Iwts of ground tocether with the Ibhldings and imnprotemnente tlheren, and all the rights, privileees, custtoms ways. serviltudes anti advantages ihereunto be lonint nor in anty wise oppertaininng, situate in the suburbh Sr. Mary.i o Ithis city, in the esquare bounde o.d by Po"ydra, Manoaziner, Lafayetle, and Camp : trets,i and dellennted by the enllthers seven and eihtct,n a certrin plan drown by F ederick Wile Ilarllnon. Deputv Svevor General, under date of the svonthrb dtv of April, one hoadridbt houldr, rd nttd thityl.ietll, and deposited in the Ilice of II I. ('tnan, Esq. notary pullic for re lerence I ow1 ch two lotos atjotn rnel other, and measure ac:lll twentc,nle ftc throe incItes end xta lines front ot osaid Ptydr s street, by rixty.three fees elevenll chllll and nix lines in dlepth, elrween are. alltl itnes, r lto etlcan ino nelle.] "Terms-one and three year crepdi', fr l)appro. v, d endorsed n.ot.s, secured by special nlmrtgage aotil finol patmPol ,Wthereforeo,ll ipersons who nan set up any right, title, or claim, in and to the losnti ground anti oand builditngo herein described, in consequence o ittformality in the a der. decree, or judgnment before recied, and under which he saole was mnade, or any irregularity or illeeality in the approismento or advertisements, in time and man n r of sale, or flr any other cause or defect, whatsoever, are here. by cited and admonished to show within thirty Sdaiyt from the publication heIeof wiry the sale, st nmade as aforesaid, shotld nut lbe ceOnilmed and 1 holongated in ancordance with the appheantions of stit purchaser. W\\tness my hand and the rsent of said court of ['roh:tter, Ihis second day ni .May, A. D. 1839. [L. SI W. F. C DUPLESSIS. , may 1041 ins Regeter of Wills. v tvti. one IOtlserrot Wt11o. I'AIOIS E I)'OLLEANS. !(1OUR DES IPREUVES-Etat de la Louisiano J--A tous ceux quc cola peot concernor Qu'il solt connu qule, attendu quo William Mao. key, do ia vill de Maysville, Kentrcky, 'est ade resds6 u Register des Testamons, dans et pour Il paroisaM et la ville de la Nouvelle Orl6ans. et ex officio greflier de la Cour des Preuvos, dans et pour a dite villa et paroisse, pour publior, et annoncer contorlndment h un acte tie la Ldgglslaure, intiuo' " Acte pour coefirmer lea tltres des acqudreurs aou venter judiciaires," approuv6 toe 10 Mars 18344. Avis cat par le prdesnt dotld d ouns ceux qua coel peut cone rnear, qu'en vertu et en exenution d'uol ordre de vente de 'adite cour des preuves, danset et poor ia paroisse at ville de Ia Nouvulle Orldeans., onl date du trois Avril, oil huit cent trenth huit, et rendu duns l'affaire de la succession de feu Nathan. el Cox, sur la p6titition e Christophe Arams, Jr. Syndic des crd.uciers do la dioe uccession do feor Nathaniel Cox ; lequel ordre do vonto rut accordoP confornldmel t 0u d6 iheratlions d'une rsselublde dos crdanciors d du funt, dument cr .. qqude et tenue le trolis Fdvrier, mil lhu t cert trente huitl pardcvant le sieur 1H. B. Cenas, p . lub. et aumsi apreslea publications requiaes par loi; le RCgis. tar des Tostalulso offrit ei0 vent. publique I I'enecan Ie neuf mai mil huit cent tre0ne ouit, pour compto de lt dite succossion do feu Nathaniel Cox, lew divers fuods ci apros ddcrits, appartenant h ha ditto succession ; lesquel!es furent adjugds I Willios Mackey plus offrant 0t dernior enolhrisseur pour la somme totale de six.sept mille piastres. Description do nl propridtd d'aprbt le tranfert judiciaire. Deux lots de terre avoc lea hitisses et anldliora. tions qui s'y trouvent, etous los droits, privi ageo. coutulmes, voies, servitudes, et avaotages qui en dd pendent, situd on taubourg Sainto Marie de cellt ville, dans l'ilst boro6 par la rue Poydras, des Magazins, Lalayette et du Camp, et ddsign6 par lea numdros sept et huit sur un certain plan dresso par Frdddrick W Iliamson, ddputd arpenteur gfnd ral on date do slpt Avrilnilt hust eeut trentL hluit. et ddposd pour reeoun ean 1'dtude do H. B. Cenas not. pub. lesquels dits lots attenant I'unta Pautrr. mesurent chneun vingt et un pieds, trois pltecns, six I gneu de face h la dite rue Poydras. our soixantt trois plods onzo -ponces six lignes de profondeur c0tre lognes parollbleo, mesure francaise. Conditions. Un, deux ot troie ans de orddit en billets endoe s as h satisaction, assurda par bypotheque spdcial,. ojsnu' h parfait paiement. A ces causes, toutes personnel qui ont ou pour. raient avoir qua!qua rdclamations contro lao lot. do terre et bhaisses ci dessus dd.rite, on cons6. queuce d'un d6faut do forms des lordre, Ise ddcrot . u jogoment doe l cour, en vertu dnquelle ln vents a .tl faito, ou de toute autre irr4gilaritd so illdga lite dans I'estimation, Parvis on Is temps et le mod. de la veute ou pIur toute antre cause quelo.onqaoe, soult par leo prdsdotso ides d'avoir & d6 uire dans trentejours, h dater de la publication du pldment avis dans los papiers publics, lems tluons pour les. quelles la veote ainal faito, noserait pas approuvds uet lmooologude, commo. ls demnande le dit acqud. En foi de quni, j'y al apposd ma .ignature st le acouu lie la dite Lourdes Preuves, ow [L. S.] deoxioleojour du tmoios e Mai, A. D. 1839. " W. F. C. DUPLESSIS, I Ofnni Register des Testamens. 'I ll)Bi b'I'L DENT'S MANUAL - 1 Todd'e bSnllbbl ehl:o Tl'eaoher S Abbot'o tu'rner Slone; Albint' . saoilv at Home Ie m ty , AlEX. TOWAR. " Alll'tAgS-1o g Ijlao Jnckco, Indian head 4.4 Itihbroown Shoingo,50 do W ou ut Weaten, do, 50 dS Great Fulls do, lot salte hv ny7 I BIIt)Eti.t 4 Co, 1:34 tlagaine. st i Oit' tl'Nt'E TIELLER'S OWN iBOOK- Co nly'c 0 ratnomr-t Le lie's coorkeoy d Itohllr's key toToMenlllSulie I'orov's French sophin lousok Eclngi Itsh eader~t,mlfanld hlil bound f Wuon lrrlll'r Frtnoll tirhousor, ' l'ellm's oVoJillogteol aolil Murloe Fw.ll'ts medioal Coliollll llln ] llahll's arilheltuc-hell oln t he arves 'o Lld'ren leitl pocket boool4 SI lohul 'o fasrrirr--rolrckelt'e ruogLnoel in Hle's I nied Blates. tA eow and large slpply of tlr above works jlst rre. i eived and olpaed fior rale on `cod forms Iy a1 In oT 'lowl, 49 C'nalO t Ist 05 FiiANKlIi p INI IU. t - i g-'= IlE Ijhoc nor ro fl.n-tylll io ooed thot htos ins 0 1 tlloion is eorelted n Sto ionlt improved plan, ot ri in an airy slu IoosItl, li rale altllltlho, is Ihe tlhabuo ,o Franlklil, uponl the raih itd, one mile um stilhe Misi to 'lhe building in large a Il most eomlnodol elyv divided into n srtnlloels0 for koepofg separate dieorent el aussas, and oh fHrent Isoaroes.o at It inlltllttioll i el, Iio wtl t Wito te Inost skilotn eni a atteetive utrle ansd tlooaloo noUse0saadspsekig Ihevll - is olUlo luemrl Imaguagos. Private rooelS anloy be had by entletn en at five do{ o Inrs per day, inlludins attelud.nca, &e. 'Perls l Inhe or ilarv warod, lao dollars per day. Slaves also Iwo doolirs;. mOllPo i Pen i oe ordisorp i arde, five dollars. Alltan ORial urOiCal O mrons etra. The residont pkshciaa is D)r Weddemon, to whos to applhation fir odmlisMto mOst bhe lead. oroto Ir . k od t.omhrlerc No t R jalnparo slrelt. t.,19 1v B.- iLZlb0;lto COI' re,.i,'.ho-o rth~t'i,;L tU , e ..s, t m.tean l 0rn 7 to 60 ulsheet. 30 611 it. heo s 0 m9 H 0 AMES. aJ 'It

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