Newspaper of True American, June 12, 1839, Page 5

Newspaper of True American dated June 12, 1839 Page 5
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GRAND REAL STATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Ihitiated in New Orleane, TO RE DRAWN (ON THE let DWiEMBIER, 1839, IN JACKI ONVILLE, Fie. Undwlelie nuplerltentlee,'e el thIl Coalunirioners p. tineted by lhe Legi..l.tive A.s.emnblv of Floria. SLCBII.IIil' & dL I1.SILLTON, Managers. 1001,000 tickets, at $15 melntnne priel. $1,300 000. Selling riese *'20 per ticket. SYI.VESTEIL . (e, 156 ilronldw.., NEW YORK, Solo Agents. IJJ The receipets f the sate of the nicketl will he de. poaited In dthe Canal, Union, Crrron, :iizen', and (oonauilldt.l ItIhke, inl .New (elresu,. in hol nam ' I.ouin .Inhilt joilyv willt J. II. I'ernult aennlly CahLier ofillle cizen's Iank, ntd \. Oaudnllinl te lualle (l'ahier oftthe Conue,lid.ld ,llnk, tns "rtrSees, as er met inassed t.ire 4. Maetllrelno, Esq. Not.. Piot. .tihe '2d May 18:19, and lhei properties Irtnionerrd to the aieve ilentinled gentlemienil tnineumaered, as Trustees, for the security of the liertunate prize hol ders. In New York the monies will be deposited in tie Phoeniu Bank to the ,.redlt ul the abone namned b City Uenks of New t)rleaus. The B'itlic are referred tI to e ares passed beftlre A. Masurneeiu, E.q. Not. Pub. in rehltient . perien which embrace the respectite pri es n o Lottery. - 00i PRIZES, ns follbnow: Frir--Thatl m gnificent three slory briek building, knowne as tile .tI(CADF, in M.gazice .treet. .netcring 2116 feet nl je elnllnen n Mag.ezine It. 146 f'.l 6 iilchesnGr (;nlvier teet, und till feet II inuhe..n Nneheo at. This produces now a rent of $:7,010 cernetimnt, and being in the part if the col-t, ,pp-iielt thre Iel,'an, and in iI.. liniton dltie niehbirhnld of the $t. Cloll te I alI the Pily Ilhlel. Its real- will, in a very few veers be intreased u nfe y ltinsand" dollars p ir nIllnll. En nriinilated at $71.0,P00 ris -- I'lhntl e,a l fo r nrtey bticehk build. iun known as te ('I I'Y IIOTI'EsL, i,rmnerlyv li.hopt' Hotel, eiraiottl at the eri.enr of.nmp Id Cunlll(lllmn ilonnlelringe 16t eetil ((n C nsnts An, senld 14G i.el lit iloelle.l on et. This bi.ilding relltc now for $2).,0l, illliein in the nmot ceunl pniirt iof tle city, ran hitorln toe increned toid.rly noueuand dollr, nr an. RustI. ,'Eellnnted at ..0.,000 1IPrize -- h ithree am by rick 50elli 00 Iun.e, No. O0t nI N.athet Rlmeet, ndlnii.g the Arcade, r.lnted at tI hnihetd dillers. E.linatl ed et $10,0 0 I Prime -The three nelry brick dwelling Ionse, No. 18, adjoining No. 'il, ... Naitneh street, rented mt twelve . lutndre.I dollarn. E ti,,,r ed at $20,010 I rrizen--Tre three etrvn t ickE dwnellin 0 Inolme, No. 16, , lj.inmg No. 19, t.n NFt klit.n Rnt, rly 17ed l Itwelve iond red dIllnre. F.etin,,id nI t $2(10. ~ Prize-lThe dwellinc IItIIWi h N Io.23 'onrh enrit orne.r .f n.tsin anel ('l.tmni ! Pr neie streie e nmeciri, 4t h'etoC frlntlnoll tJiasl nr direc,4n Ir llln4 t n Fa,.nklin stleet, by 12r leet Ieph n Ittnt nl,oi tloteei r,.'mel ; recot.l t, f f..r. teeon l lllrei dll,'e. i nlll.nlh d t $211, 0'1 aTro'...nettri tta ne00-I |rix,--'lie dwe.l hllng hast ( N a2nl -o 0 w. ?. e , , in elia cin l a, i 1.,0( at, army 3! f -,l, I 3? fl 7 iftinpa. Iil .l t)fo.,-i 7 nnes on Frunlin fr,,, by 127 ieoi 10; ionh, ti.1,1h tine Co. tora'rteole street; ..pnlted baI a finft-en htindred Entii'ialed at $20,000 IPrize-S-rle two sll v bric'k diwllingl I',e Nilr 339 au Royal .tr Iei, i ntween Jreu n lioi.nd t e1 ritar e .tor, n mo t.. ho 127 feet I I inhn "ln in depth; runt el at $1 02'.l per illTnnl lh etitiea$ed at $1o.nt011o Pri e--O uhicre. Canal i (ank s. tk, at trii $10 1 ceh. *$ 5,0110 I IPrize--'lO nlnr,. Comnereinl Isak sock I1 I 'risp-llO shares Me' anel 'rrI. dera' Rkhnsck, nit $100 etch, 1511100 :1 Priene of 1I tlare, each, I sly tenk, :10,0lii1 2I'riso ullf 311 a Iehnoge, 10,110 2Primet oif 25 a ia , ti noight, 5,100 .n 2Prizes of 1 t " Mhchnics' nod ii P'riaes of Ill I" i.n inin,, c uIte, 211,10lll itI 'rizen 2 a t tino. tihit, ,1iiIX ¶2011 Iino of I et" I dk it (rlenne, 20,0IX1 l11 It'rtnes of I Union tll o ik of Flri,l. I5,01X1 - It hluill be nt the e;)ionso fithe wio,:.rn .f prieu of - hnt.ak itekh ,e IIle tIo luke o! tikne i. it, ll" or tle, I)r v.anei thuroi cash. NiODE () Ow' ItlL WING. 10,1111,0l lieket, honi I to I 01;olll1, will he piat inn one 'h.l ,en, Oi l lo01 ne.'e, will, thic Io,tkn, in alnlthl, ; In evet oilltecr e lrrse latk wl litd.r,awl. iaiil ill in,. ro. e, n lonlllie,L bl.'ing. ( In lolte of Inuln (rl'rLfr,e (bcl ,io. elito, wil l I., receiveidt th I LI .llen oiir lte V.-.nodnh,,ene.e .1 ,. u1S horlehn .i ".10., N.. prodlle.. v .tirwnrot . hane . ,rB t t !itr • eli, nr l pcoo , feno.,leuion rmedtai1M.a rirlteiio.i"n. c'I'IIoI]) I' i1 I t h.T(I'I, New (Iihmnne. J~r'.s~n*.1Et, Opa .t-,I.. (119 non . IIA ZA A It. Cn, fr .I txC-rles A Cs'oae* streed, 1 )I'l k Al.I.Il u..ld re.pectfolly call tte sat ' hleai ea.r ol:ies n .and aIratll're tt .,irc .l.plre ,.,r a.t.: n.1 (; s G eth i '. n aht ta tirto. li e..t-irk, v t Slue.n rsto ts. Iti,,iui hlle linl, 4 fioll" t lit e c11 nt- to great titalel .' stk. every destripstion Colo .-si-. ilstol n suIynlers ,ilk, cotllts and tlread (loie: gentla kin laever ulumbrellas icmuse. gold .s,--Spletldlid allrtmena t of ladis. and rents Iri i. deIskt, lrellltr easC, port olis ,, cut. (im.1 r e:b Iti.ivgilitld. T . 00LtLt48 Carlted kit.' (esaaetasoo-. A11.oisitr ty the I'eleret Cirt at New Okrlgaas. iFl'.EFI Ni. 1109 Cl; Sl'II{CI'', (l:ati.hiaeI Illrt II s!dii.r.I AIt (Cooesmisiioler takeis nultavits under notl hy vtrl'di .ktte Acrtt:,nfl.rg Is,sp.aell 2 th Fetlru r. I1I;0: tt llsa- 11117; Ide Judiieary Act 0"1 ;39 at ilr acti of Congileos, in suh csu a eses ade and Seid Coeuitaieter has tonosiertale reap-rianee; Sltid f rote o ca.ltin anid eeraificale -is h la ,,v od Ill, severest scrutlay lo thle ablers Lawyers. ipril 12 -JOHN V. CHI.DS,) NIRIAVEII AN'S) l(:sPIIIEt-PI.ATE IP'IINTE.R AX. 3. Camp St. 'TILLengrove and print to order, back totes. tille o 'exhagte, bills of ltadiug,, ircea. le auin visuinlecard. otlri I, consulaTr .llll eonling rll ." . ,ld $l Iplates, silver wart, 4.e. -alwaytno id,ac asoalesit i l'sltder ltated andlll bL door 1 d Caris printed (rum plates alra.emly elgrawed. FAlL. & WIN'I'ERI Ci.tTIllING. P. FILtEEI1AN & CO.. No 3, Mlagailne street, . re witlnl.g tltir s.pplits if Fall iad Winter lotlli a ,Ind I i ·nI llOi ,uit rjc7ive hlli llme l re.a r il trtgloult timI t erie1. Their t arTttiei t beiing re will eerhpts Ili{.i~ Iiem to upply ml rhlllllii frrllol Si, l . at the, " l hlcr* 1 t tlrt la le; oir c Ilm Wholesale retail, on acclnllllrou tiog terms. IT .1t. t (.,.tr.e. .la.tei. iate d .... l ii .. .j i sdI J t ' S I IVIITNFY. 7:1 (:lp it i HUl.S 1i 1'F It AIIt OMI NAL. S''IPOR'rIEIt HIS new llstrlume:t f.r tht raehie lt cure of Pro lapssi Uterie or l'allig if tile Woulb. by ex rut applihction, superseding a ile i u.o of thie ub uttunable praessry, is confidently recoitutnended the utll.ted as the miteals ol t Iperfeet rester ttoi health, it nevear raving failed of perlilrming a roe l unlder the Imot aggravated eirculrstao . It Ihis received tllh decided applrobation of Astley Cooper of London ; Sir IlBtjamin C odi ; Sir James s Clark, Physician to he tjueent; Astlwell. Letsu-er on midwifery to(Guy's floe. al; Dr Rigay, lecturer to St Bartholtlmews; Dr 1ilth, lecturer to Waesttlitster Hlospitl: Dr oeshothan, ilecturer to I.otlolt Ihospitalt; Robert irgose, leeturer to Wetmitnister lying.i bhospit, Dr Swetatmen, lecturer to Middl.rsex hospital. senior accoucheur to Quleen Catrlotte'a lying, hospital ; also by Hlu.ry Davies. Conquest' dell. Lee. Merrulan, surgeon Keutes, &c. by Morreau, preeideat of the Aeadeleie Roayale Medicine, Paris, sod Accouchlr to the Duchess Irleate ; trofessors Veipea, M:trjolilt, Paul btis, S e soe ad others-a.d in New York by ssor J W Francis, G S Iledford, l U D proes. of eldwifery in the university of tile cily of w York, prole. Delafihl., slid Fratics, U Joltn. , presideutCounty M.d Society, L;urens flull idout ioed society State of N York, psofa Jas Nauglhton of Albany, pIrhis March, Cyrus Per. UDeane--)ra Th'los Boyd, Gillbrt Smith, ack, Stearls, Ludlow, Keliltn, Vaclle, Power, ysoie, Vani Renssalaer, tand many other diatin. ted physicians in the U States." G Ilull, Office 4 Vessey st, Astor House N rk. SA constant supply of the above instrulnents, Dr Hull's improved Trouses for Ihl'ria, will ept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, 'Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh. Wood. ; Bth an slid Mallory, Memphis; WV D Wilk;a. Somerville; Halal and Washington, Nashville; 'iairay and lIuioilton do; i I. Blhss. Florenee ,J C Spotswood, Atlhens; Irby an.l Mastin NEW ORLEANS m and Patent BiscuIt Bakery--Waters and Hillmeo. No. o. loreau (near tihe uPotr.hartraia Itail Iiond.) lit and Navy lBroad, Suda s ad Wine Rscuit, ar, Butter, M.dlord and Water Crackers. 11 the absve article, are warranltel to be ofthe quality, and to keep in any climate, beilng pletely kils dried. le,-Kiln dried corn meal. ders left at G. W. Prichard and Tg'ta t, Jr. cr Magazie anid Poydras streets, will receive -" *'"** 'o..tall kehs put up expresely for bHIPPING. 19I For Europe. FOR LIVERIPOOll, P' TlhA I new and bilt sailing ship DUII.LIN, Capt. lkoafllel,:l r,i ceive iamm li:.t deh. p ote, having par, .1' her nrarg enagend. a flpply to f I. II OaI.i:, mld: 9:3'omnlo9 n Pt. FOIL I.IVELIIOUL. The fast andii g hlip Mars, i npt. Catllr, waIIIa :1tlt bUles afflon taeallmletle barilg,. boarder, or to HOLh .r, & 51111.14 , ,,l ay'28 . . a. k 'lace at, FOIl I.IV I;lIUI H.. 'I The Isnt pailiag pncket ship SVI.VANUS - JENKINS,(la.I. 1i Barker, can n'conum,) , l le 'it ci In ,,aa aters, and will posilivelvI il. l e Ilhh) f1 IJune. ,or paraage only, f ving o Bu allrilr accoleollmutdaaliln0, aply io Capl IlUrker, ln t s boarl l leite lal0 4, 3d Punieci ialitv, or I fay is: L H m AI.E.93 Cmnmfoffn at OI itfIV RlPOIV4L. Y shiVl JOHIIN DINLAP, Capt Chnuate, hanll ag fahrl:ofhercargo engaged will receviv ilmme adi l deiatch. For balnnee rlf reigfht or Iassage, dlaafnle faccfmnlalllntatir, apply Io J4 I. tl (AI.E, 93Co,nmnn at FOR LIVERI'POOl.. Passage OIpy. The A I slalelnlidnnd viry last sailighllip I.IVEP)o)L. , Capl I)avnp 0rt, haavin tlhe whole ofIhecarg o ellnged aill have idmne. adinlt despatch. Far passage only a ply o a j:i I. GAIE, 93 Conmonatan Ooastwise. STIE new afid ifplenadlit shi ONTARIO, Capi. Halrwa l,o a hIamllatllv all hefr calgo an gaged and wll havll immedtle capa(lerc',. Ile Ia!iiltl ir faarna, (lhaviag aaaf1:lifi and elegant lcel atio aioans) applh t LEcVI II. GAIlE, a _ _R" 93 Comanamo st. b FOR NEW YtiRK.l, Packet of tlkhe 8th alist. New Ysrk aali New tr 1ala soa I.iae. "'Cl laew in ad elegant sllil MONUMENT, Caplt l'llan. illllillg lhree fiaur ll, her ai argo i ellaaged, will sail punatoally. Flr Iraiglf ar a p hPageva llls boarad, fneat elar penr a te n pre.t h a Gea ,d, bortar Iller l'l. LeItI.aW, Ilhllg :I1 I0 CaIrll(, al TalAIri f1BNGOIfIaCapt ifyetr, will S l lesp lll F r hfllatllr ll fr, ighl a ,Loof eapges. blavine a ooI acl acafalllaiafdifiI anplytIn lie il Toal Min o a arl,ar to aya31al 4 J ' WIII'I'NEY. 71 f'nampn t I FOll. .i.W Y aILK--Uth ,arly daWp.,aK l . TI.ouiiaas and NilNw Yoark I.llaol Iaacktsa. The faaupe, f r regll.r lile aifap Vies,. t;fapt. - Traaka, wil Lc. ready tI, re if Iha frighl ta mraroa,aand will sail ills q.ick dc-palept.h f',,r frfci afl or alls ar.E , hlviilr ele antia t a.An nllllR l ilN lllt , .11 a Iit tfie Lallpail on lamrd, ieanr Lhe VeageaIahfJ Mar fact fr 1 JA4IIES II. It LLI+;If, 74 Callap al. I The Yal, is a var.r. lsairabla, canveya nc"r fr .faseaia.. this ..ia . "uf a ol ear, ..lii;Fg ali fairy uplff lff iiila. Ifay lla e F.1 Or.. Thfe faai., A I sllp fAVAIrlS, C I1. lSuaa, lhaing llail rl fll er earge en,:agd, will fare diapaffh. Firfnielfh air pairange.amlfla' ha 1i21 S & J I' WHII'N.Efi ,93CUanIIa at FOR NEW 011'-IlEK. Ialohea'i Lifn if Packelt. To .atlon tlh 7th. Jane. . Thf' rauperiar fa.t nailing nilaktl alship - OCMUI;.(I"I:, Leavift, matter, will faie itlivl!y nail an aliara. For freigiht fr )an lbag.,a Ilavilli gmt all naciflnnfiaai lflla, withfI slte roaIiIie alpply ha tha caplaiu on board, oailfoiae the Vegetablea- an' IMarkelefar io A 1f :all:N, pre ay :Ill No 90 Ia ioiuI at ar iJFna l pcfket shlip AItbama will succeead Iher Oc. fil nlfllge', and alnl 7 1 ivY aft,'r. tI all NEW ValuEK. to 'ar fant sailing packtl lark CIIIE:F, hlv- dot f ing of her cargo engagedl, will have den- 'I'l pafhela. alr lalllaC .If frPeglhti or Ia,aige, haviag lfne.aeoaea evfa nadtifaa apply ta 44 & J P WVI(III'NEV, ian 1237 aoil on Saiah, next tie 2'lll ilar a '1 al)It NEW+V 1t.)1K. 7.+ re I fnrt aitliff skip NORWVAY, Caft. Dllnmllnnd lll il ail fa above. For fieght ! Or passage, apply i eLII la __'n_ I. II G;Al., 9:3 Comnlmon st or FOR Ill laTON. - - aorI failA afaiefiff nlip t.AGRINGE, [ l1 (n'at. Mltahall, will sail inl I.fAf, alr balnc' of freeiahl oir Ilinisie ,'lfapllv fto Ia I. H .IA LI.l !9; Cfmiiiiafn tI I GE(ORGE C. CIIII.DS, ATTOIINEY AT LaW, 0 L l+.1 a, u I nI she , . S iti ,men C ounti and Iti - Ili trirl ('ltlrti , l0t ll lrn1.hll gin .lllll of the lldjllenll (IIIII I l.S-- Illi l lh,, I t "II V ' o f ll,.+t,+ll . iilllns. ot the, govnm It eithllllltI r r 4lunty land or IIIIIINI ll hr ) llllhrlllli . f als I Cp edtrl)ll ly ~Iandd AddI\ er,,- ',m~ h, hit, .,l lild :1t1t,,--t'ilv al ]|,ifa tor+, ley AP, I. a. +. :3,:il ll:ll l (:C'O'ON (:CI~cRCUAiRS am stlk unisura*.ssed in Nor.w t(IIIJ.ANS, or Felc , Hl. ie. Ils .as ff sit io+riN; It.m ian i S,. Charles i lt I-'ll' li.-l IT I I' Ii KIS-I hIind-onie. ' if F'r,'ihll IBnkol. Calvin tndl I'.m-nee I(*Eister, \i.'orx sad (c;.nlII I ofllto e. rie id andIor sale at No 2 CI+hrt+res atrcrt. may 17 iAVID FEINT & Co. .( LiIPI...- Lrin_', C'elestial nd Terr-stial-1i.2 I ilch l; a few panse t;nrdrpr's ianul factur.e, a s perior article lfir sale at Nl 2I Clhaltes I. Im 17 VI) LI I I'l & Co. ti i I-i--f N I,- 15ol bioxn a ator, ftr isle by k may 14 A TIIIFIt, 34 (irvier it US . bi-eis whir, llv.,i iiir',- m a urn lilr sale by S & J I' Will I'NEY', may 1S 73 ('stll t AI tI-.-:00 kegP r ulerior leaf Lard, lalding li'om 1 4 temler Columllllbu, Iur pale by my 15 (; I)It-OR :Y. 44 New l.e-ee. SI.tUl-l t-9l barrels at the landing, for sale by myli5 i( l)s'ISEi . 44 New I.ever NOTICEI--VIILIAM BHELl, No 16, Charlres i t contil esrtomnulllftiurealy articlea inhis lille a. nbotticasniis c.liis tiiiinlegsi. I N. II. Wahiera, JeSir elry, Mu sic BonPes, Spectacles repaired in the asnil fajithul ansler. Old Gold and Sldvr Snn ted. mtny IP ( AP.. ondl.ittr Pl' Kilt-A fill nsoitnent of the C) alnisve nrliuls, pltin and ruled, for sale at No. 2.4, Clharresa straet. nay I IAVID) FELT & C(o. " 1.311'90 calska lTrlomaaon Lisme naflot fIvr sale I ly S & J PI WIl W IINSY, may 14 73 Camp Pr. Ed for isale hy S & J P WIII'IN.Y, a'2 73 T'amp Ot F.EA OTTO Otll.-Fer thI restoration aid igrowth of 1a ll a In i l,'ing lealtl, l a tld Ireventing its, -alli.g ii,ns I.I at I ll IIKI.Il S m31 N,,. 16 (h'Iarlrens t J;U ' 1'IT11-- 111 kge I in t0ln ulnl \%'etieril, itllare, t ;3 44 NiecLevee )E RIi:EitATEoRS W 'ATERI1. J MlA-6 nuk i hlo.av' renfrierlnor, i. painti d do. ti 14 gall o watur ,tsr ;';9 6 ga in i, m n.,+, lte s al hy n093 r & l P WIIIl'r.In:V, 73 Cnip ,i (UJRN BILOOIS--'50 doz in store and for sale by (C I)l DOSE', 41 New .evee F l.OlIll--2 Ghris landing from steami hoat Persian, aid for su.e by G 111.E', m' J2 44 New Levee ( I-OFlI- 0I01tba. nia. Javumlrr iild ±Alanillai,iu Ssore. ear S tilwhe tow tocl t,'inaillltla sInl 11a !1.&. & IIILO\VN.iJnn.i agnzine st IRudollph. Fo*r sle lb A. Tllll,.lt, miy 208 34 Glavier si f aIkLE. N.E' .l'ITHOGilIAIHIC PRINTING OF. SVICE, l Mgaazine street, oipposite ula:ks' Ar IV (Ii.;EENE tiake ileansiire in alllnollalniig to his. Irjeiidi ,iid itl izeniisius el New (Irleians, lhat e Ivt+ t Isilg bllglllt I.itlgrai dls n a par II h copper pIto irirn ign Ihl I jioite 1'v iiie+he a rt l ns over i olp eia1 Ia tte eaulavihg, he can execute 1,llt orders ,rut edu i im, at lino hbitinhe enli-ne of engraving and nearly as ch tp as1 type rrintig. unin u i .CallaIsh wi iu clircI+relhra c.nllt out in 11h ir own hnld wriilnglCn nlin nyllilintllv ata te ew hsiars skiicP or they will he esirleil fur lhrelli in a Inauliinl IyvlIc, alsbha Ilsa hIerehlire given gern.ral sntalslietiio t sall nhe lus si ns.s hclb h nunl.ill la nusea ill Inhi oi'v. (ihullienll desirlus of having Visiting or Ilasi nl-rs nrdl fiiished ii the best iltliasr, ill ton well by eillin il lie ,,lllene lnd see ixepeiicina. Feb. 1, 18:111 N l-Ilalk anites neatly executed, and circulars, printldl at Ine holur'. niie. ) UlI T t-Guhen and WIVesternl t se and far ') :ale by Gi lI itlSEV, julne 44 New Levee SAIrD--I12 kegs Ilnf lard, lalinig frlil steanl boat Oi Onllrkn, Ior sale by G DUItsEV,' IIIIa744 New I.PYI,' m7l? 441 ew Levee 3I'nISTIGC WIIEEI:CS-40 net HIlsling WheesIa, l of ilproved constructionl , in hratmes co ulllr t, for isale y J l r agaieat ' PEIRM CANDIES--60 loxes rperr Candles, N SBerdfrd brand, for sale by I llltiDE & Co may 2 " 131 Magazine it 1)RINTING PAPER.-160 reamns t4 36 inches L landil- from shiipi Yeazoo, Ifr slle bv 2lv9 S iBI.ANCIIAtRDI 33 (;Iiner s FOR NEW YORK. . NI'm ork d4 "e. Orleans Line. A NEW l.IN oflnacketr hili b.en e.tabli-hesd It, r toiarl bltwe n NI ITrlellle and V.a o,,rk, ia cillsl. o (ll ve first rale shiplls +ix: aIip l Ittr, ', it ' ', ln-terr, " Ituepublicas, J : it(lls"li " Aluburn, II I' Durde, " -- new .buildig, i-- , .ludag, S These ships wel, hui in New-, ork rexpl'redl frr Irtdei;ar: of a ight drnaughl l'alitear.,uad will not I. I u jec' trdertrtitin at til.e liar. Their :Ia.,o'nnIn1l tions fraeirpsse.ngerrs co. prise allibl lray be reqlllred ill crrnlfi'rr tatid etnrl'talelre ';and lhir com llrs err S lllell i ( tf eit aiele. Lati,I lle. shipr ollllw lnihlh anre a:o:'reletli, two first hlorst shiips ill spllpy t,.air ac pl . 'T greate t punit llllit y ill Ie osnaarved in the Stiltr of siling, andI evrpry reasonabl acl:llllliltiUn ex aded to shillppel anll ipassengers. It r lurllr Iarlicalara apply to I-pcars. JIllhlnin - J I.rrdeaNo. 6 Wal srer, New York;ak r to jal Pi'l'Elt I.AllIL..W, tisi Ump st FOR NEW YORK. [Louisia n and New York Linea of Packels.] T'o sail regular/y as advertised fromn each Port. p 1 IE line is al this moment cmnloed otf the follow.n i iT g ships, but i6 alert lren aessels will lI pul nl al all early dauv. nrking IIe numbel r twelv il all, a lhi:hi will allow r f olle Ibing diaspatl d trll roma tllhis prt every weeak dlur.lnr ti. year, lihuis aflrdinlg lpronrrt filciliit+r Flr Itranslcrtxtillll and at thie luwnrl ratle. l'liieigl. Shir Ylaen, C' aptain 't'rsk. a " Mis.issippi, " Ielrs. a" Lorninvi.l Allen, . Ilutts'iille, I :lidridge o ShakespeallreaIt, a laller 'I'lite aloe haips are all If Ire fist :lnti, Inppi)aedin sairi elolr fri ette .hed, of t liitt drcanelt ill water, lll buih ini .' w York exllresaly frr ilse tratie,.wilh elr.r.llllI aeelllomll ions for lpasengers a COlllllnllded by aBle t amt expe ienced laslers, Ts, price of p, snage is fixed at $I1n, wiholllt wine or liquor, am ple stolesa in every other pnricnlar w ill be p-ovided, alld everva lllentingss i tel prannote the alllirt of tilr-a pasing to nd llll inll a lit a . The shins will til oll lmes aen rowed i) aend down ' lthe river .altd he, greatIest puncInualllyobslerved as Io their day ofi saililng " sNe i r Itheii. wnrs or c:lnnins of tlhei vessels will he rtserro.ible far jerwelry, lrrrliirrciein l lalllre. oil. vr or plllate Wl.l., breakage r of glrss, ra llo. warria, rr mtarbl re, ar grnie, .aopera.e na lin, raust of .i or f.l,.lr rlernllc tItlra, pnrcel .r pntrkanec llt e v r prur l tr rd ur;f hetra. unl'ess r'grl rtr hill. tr irrig Ire a tIken fir Ihe same, nd lh' vinhle IhCretofaxprt se'd. For tre ight or panaage, arly rt i 7U I nr I i 21 .r21 J.i1 IS II t . 7I.1Cn:nl bI FOR NEIW YORK. ilOI.ME' I.LINE OF IPACKE'S. SI. slllrrIrc'ellatll etera Moe l n r kprr rarlm ee teath nsr irll lirtet chla' Nlliass tlll, ai tri llg of If h iia .ll Jalille. i'allll Woo d. Arkannsas, 'nplllailln E Ihtania, AlatrLma, (.alltail, 1 C Itelrl., Orleans. lCaptain S ear, i'. 'irksburTag, anilhiir J IClunker, Inatlt'h, .Carltain Astlr v. m Nashrille, Ca tril ii sn.l Louisa. Captain Trumllan. (leanue, Cpiriain l.yona. air Oemilgee C.aplair Lasrauit. Nee. r 'hip -- Caolniln W h'ocaihouse. t eVi .%'Ship - Captall Nicholslt.. +t'liptiv7iiTrhips e thls first class, Pepppered, I and cor.pper iistetet, aid were built in New York ex- ly iressly fmr thlri Ilta --lihey are orf blihk 'Irt thof wr. Itr,anld almllrst invariabl erus Illhe iar wiholut dleie- ial 'Tiher. packPet nire coanernra d riV Caill,,vnit ll l x-rr ia peerllrdl inlhe r Irtlde, and will Ii [s alwntaexert t selle to nceon,llmod.te. ThI',l will alwavys e towed up ll a lt down tIle river, and will r)ltllplly sail as ainvurniCed. r 'rhee haye hrlrtlollrr,.Im ur.llih.ed.rialreomrl :.tlitee a el ."trtstntf riml first qrrliiy aill always a ia furndirltl, and every attention pi~nd to the .flort and satisfa cina of at The Irie orlf he ei.. is fixed It $89, witlholt wine or liquor. tlar For iurlner particulars apply to A COHIEN lIIlrIII:, 96 Cninon l stareetra I[a'Ilhe ships are not accontablle fr brleakage of am glass, hallow wale, larl.blle or granite, cooleragr. of tin cr or rustlc ir illla air rteel: nr reslposihle f r till' packaget igncel Irrirrrc artas n ai'he aflfaihe ofthle rs. b; cil~tcritir'cilc. ti tre ttian.nft~reafitirt a'or the Interior. PFOll IAY(II SARA R~egulr Packet. le1d~ at 111 I, 'll'ck A.. 1. fu1r iav l S IIra" & e. ery tlllllllV ll I '.leI. tik A..l 111l0 l e11 t11 11ll1 41 1-l (l .n dav or In.ign or ssage aply iit i ngl la O l il lllnr I lr flt .,15 14 % & c m 113 . % IIITAI.I. 1i 0 .. .e w i the Ie ...ill . l .tLr pi er 2tA W.11 , 1 n e ln-e m 50 d ar er Ct i ha leill & nont I.tll II IIIee ll;e .. M .ntn .onnd ill l.. . t I dllslg. lIlo, sale ebin e In AL r g1 3 I 511111 i· n s at. "IANCI 1013 bur ft o 2 't A N ! P i 1- 6. i n ' .. I. 'l sl . I 1) il nliALL & lo lOWN I IIIIIIIie tI ml5 AEDW I A 3 r VA i , 49 ('amp r P n r ,• IEstr-, b Lt t n -o rl,, I & i74., I' ydn. i li noLAri .. rNE O-rlan, receied ligil, wlelnd gt fllt ph el. at ilhe New i 5k ln nlIIln, mil . earner St fC arle.s & lCogn )lnlin st frm VAri-J P 81hn EI-or, sale by ISAAC BIlt11iiiE ', by hlAIL &I )IIt)WN, imay15 9 ngzilP A t. IIlly 14 SALI. & IIIIIV.. 9l6 .Maizne i t I 1 ARDWAI( I APER--A1 T.ream Hlardware I'a Iper, n atore and for sale v T F.LAT S ro)NE--61 i1 vars l flagigg leading frtIt TO ERENCIIJ..TS Balk Checks, hil. r of Lading, Auction Sills, WHI'I'ahles, S Ehow ills, an st LyF i: I fInl csks 's, Gria; ime11, Iaiil file srining L I;. &J1' HITrsi+Y, ine, 15 73 ,a i P t t i iel V.AN . th EI. 11 e:ATsl' .--Se d hIxrll In h lore,I -a Irtla nestl b e.eetd a , l'l heal , a E iy 15 34 ull;rvi erst O le nlthlES MALAGA ItAISINt.---/000 hxes in s+tar. LIE lr alei) , L & A'USPI; EI1s' . TO %EI.CII,.fX'TSS. uask rChecksd, latel o' iln, ing, Auction Rills, Pamnphlelt, Show bills, Cata Soies , r. s. , der, 1t I ll.Dlnour lse Above, anSi. erry oither rimn cr II. Aof L ptin'lI I'sIN ti reirclld lI CiinDemIIp I'1(11N-I1ll0dunheln laniding leirn alot hont end ins tl) Slli Oft'l'O.U07 A in , Alt1A . 11 i I l.i. ( i III1Ee iX pi sate bd. tl' A ra i ei, o nla l osi -,r t ~l~liee, corner oJ" l'uedrlr lino St. 'hog iiole , cl t. helleni ne al bearelisn Ilniooi and isdu r' eU TS reem 1l beitl F.uderie i, hLe Uiled tae.inL, hliarse j been a asW e alreasdy oeei.luetkd i so h bh e ,e ; ot --hil tiersel bies.deulering d . .ov, S a Chepr , olln. FIx1ad iiheus alt Ileautilulle , as trm ay olth er Ollim e I p ein dther ie r Ci r.ty. " Jsnu reclri d by lale rrivuls, an aeii lg llelom e t i I lllrsh Cravats, Sallllls r Ag t l, r ll n ll.fn ders, at thea B lUazl, corner ol St. (,tI rles andt CoLnmnon N. u . A Protnl. spel I enIs eat ofr W rting Destks, I)rPslng eases, norlnble al ilenvill e* ill roLe wolld leather. eLIn, l IIUS l &i.d A II.eAN.oi (ll tN-1500buslfels lanedin t fin iflt boat Id brIen D oliened lt 3 iRll.rTlt - hin ini aeil and il efI l areia- i Ear O lfarniltrel, l. raeidly coln ig inlo, c. lu, i in r Ihern o as ell as i allerll latitudesll . I isdleigned to I keepcool s nti sw. el, Isch diedlln ill lIh, ct.inary de-t arnernll as liae n ces ary o lie proleetell Ira i nihe hat e m rthe watl er daring the anllltr e ill-tln. lThe Ir rigelratr is neow oislnidered all ildiea llsa ble crliele in i he eculllll ufevery good l oll EwilE. The ullnllily of f l it rotcs frlll n trile esilhe r, wiil iure dIiln plLE thi nie l Lhl' h e s a Prticlea evlry ear. e Ti il s aserlber ls e iia lliy Iseeivullg ioln Ihe Ialt, fclnrer, IRefrige-nltl' u al'd;frent priace. aThe , bs5 rile r idal p, oinle d Agsenlll ftro sihe nltl e oIap be hi r es ueen ii m ieni shirre f Asslle t. i 1V18 If W It C3. lNE. e NEW JI;WIELEIRY. L NM. BELI. Ili C-rtres street, has thii diay reaeiv , ed ir hlid Saratul ga, 50, enaA lelt; d Itreast Pins, whien will bolheoere n Irade or Igdllors the.p er tlhan ever IuforeO I|r.d i this cht. Al~o 51 dozen chaSed Iingc i.ftall plltlas, togeheri with a great vs - ri aty of cheap pisilt it'. i, nca i-lin, l Brielles , Iqin . Enr Ornalnenls, l.lmketts, Chains, &C. "l'hes' ill oLLnt will do well it eamllllinle tlhl great aUlllelnlenl. P. S. Old Geld h till n ilrer wanted. p1,1 15 -- L. B RlUVn'S Patent Plal frm reltyJrat- J (";roeera can lfnd at of Bieuvllla slreel. Palent Platforml Balances, sulperior to anlt ever otlered in hids city. .fell tf W.It t'ARNE,-<. IULED C('i an"l Lelter IAPEL;--Ju.I rtoc-ived 11 4(111 nram, rnleJ lelter Pupe'r, bulh bouna 14d wrlte, alas, 450 rul'd cap, snie very how pri ed, satiable lur t schluols for sule tby I)AVII) FEI.'I' &Co, may 14 N Y Stntinuers' Ihdl, 2i Chartres Pt. ( N-200- 6 .-bushi;elain fine ýi, i 1pihg odel--alluat -J ald f saleby J I'tAru l:Nca, mul3 71 i'ydraa st _.r liIITE: BEANS--:10 ores fur .ale iv, I1:1 ( l)l)hl"VSE . 41",New l.evec 1\ Y: F'. ;l- 1 - i l--0 bl, prine M :ll .C l~ipserd tril ;tire snd lfr sirale by J 'rllAY Il &+ et. I7 [ESS BEEF--25 half brlts at Ihe iaspec,,n h inI ivl alcae fir salelFv (. DOUSEI)S . III0 "44 Ncv Leve. JUST received lar alnrg lralnnmll of atlfllncr stocks df variuus paltelrn; lianen slhirts 4,f fine glealit'. TIIUITH IS MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. IT is a Fact lhat 1.107 of Sarsaparilla Blood Pills have blr u ae u. dalr.i.le h ll.liu.x lb, ll 'b.y i-- , llll.u itelIk,.all.i llll ler1 ofqulll, l l .2 D ,, Eu dJ..,u.Ji,,.,.lud ,,ro..I~ii ll.~ l.Vllt lld had ll ucue ulllllyed Iltl p nlly .Ah.r, qurk hulnllIt t hlelll i ouly Lvl nee Un Ild411.Pre. It ., Iinc(--'rPhut .iill ga1'k liet tCliees conltaill Iniuerdl ,r nlrclry, Wrlllh i qlu, mllll tt . . kill or care," nlld truit to, Ilhair ielel t i, -t I hll m41 isls.I I I luict-lI'ld;t ulIll.roul qlull. adlll forcigl illlp .orl All ll.sllltnlos, d ralwlury thUllet t llilh .nury lltrukllclu'III.y t I)Io tlhrlr vile and elanIllrou, preplllllnruotln (Iin lhe pUbllc, callrg nolhing fIr III. tlllce II.llllel , sol hIley caIi Ullly pucLkel Ii l. k llO 'jEl Mde ;li.,. RI i E NO V'Ae,--'lll"t tl,, ql-ik, adll foregn iSYpSlthI who 0 ll lll l n| lllll lllllr) kllow n.llll llfli, lhllll.llla t l, o If n b ,is mlr, , nh k 1~e'l abo(,ll ,II.e,.r+P rlth, ht llt. , Mll y ell'. I, I. ct-'P I o ll:·-T lfl I llar-t.l{ nail) nllicnllU, i n the fi ll hw BLO !IIO D!BL IIn r i Tll . l-t"; ll-lll, epluulf i amerl.1 .,2I1 U.-d I ny II ,ll.rltiE re e1,llle I,,, I ,Yill, Alll u I d llll, fil..lllll - "ir If llheu nllul l lll l l-llu I lr ll.. eld.uofh l lllll-l ,ll ro Cl S.:rl~ido; Fr C [yll.[il. ;lllll h t,;l~ Ile Ilulll rllu; tn etl ulu Fel:l y rulllpl. t+ll. and blulclI~ ol Illltlt . .d lhell,.e, vkin, t.. le b.... At ;",allnlls~ Dry Sdio..... pihnle ........ rai o't e'das aongth pl,-,tll",' of the lflcee atld of" bilck ll u tleyillte, ovel tillu l t:.: l tl,; rrpluIn ol th ile ld:Ilrl 'Wlelllr.uuld rilngwnrln b.l ueil.h . wgt le., , ebl I." th.rd.mugl of Ihe Ilw~ardn ~ 11 If ld . lrl b ili I gl.elld of tll l..., ilIll ln e ti M d fol ll hle; ,r. ln, el llllglrlll I d u tllltlllellC lld lylll~lll. I..dl il ' i. l gi uur vructlOnllu ualld alllt lk lhl f.ui .LOl ut.h; uunttrb/l k,&c.i ILECuO..'.It,'fl..IAplli. FAdTo: It tis II ft--l'lle olv prlpri, ..r ad nllI hlll.ll~lluirer oi te S;Irl;l|Irllll tloodl Ie ll. . ullal phiy-bIu'lu.. t wll t.II polh LI.r.ry, .llte.le by Ihe g use bll le.l.l lili Il. lull lli tIle I;,ited t Dtmltr Physictl, hlCl,.lll, I.llel+,l,u (;ilsonl, Dewees, Hllre, -- Jlnle., llurnur, 1'oxr, ,.. Iti.. a fact--'ThaItI tile .,rvnlmril~l. bhed p~ill. niro inplehed II1 h ile i l rarl e ll r l ,inpYlliy rlllIX , sll:l r y 1, rllll gly receti. menldlllyll I nllIl ly IIIII hlu 11n ll - , I t. l .t (L. Iilelll j lb. +lllyi-lle ll n llll b lux ut nl lll l I 111ii fctI t hlly Nrn r. llUl II iilll If ve. lble. SI adllrll yael, y n . Hlnltd tItlllI 11 111, Ipre It ,a u fni--t hl-y y ilmy blse Alks.. by tlle ten.. dlhlic.ite, Iii.lI ii Sll Itt.l 'l ' 1 Oll IIrll.n louCllllpti or Ii blll'lIs ; lll Ihoul II .111.Ol llfIug coldl; wlUI Clrllloop, of dnet or re-tlrllt flroll to Illlt'u rxtle nlt l ii Itl . CIE~t--'lThl. willnot Iby tillrr operatilo, whllich tiny Ii be nlhJOr llllYeP UCCording Ill thle qtlllltty tUkeii, wPllrll 6 Stile sysellll so lllunll ;iilt of thell l tlurg .tl ledlrelllcr I'Plle. - e adly do. It 1. II flct--'l'linltlfy re· thIe lnllt efiutllUull PUIII*'IERS F. I)'111' B1L.01)D. Ir I l RENOVATOR OF· THE SYSTEMS~1 Fiv~er d-o~e.o!"ll Al.', .. lllllitullt o l dl 1narl., p llr Odlbl fly mllerlylly , oi Slth llllueral., or lhe rtlln.mullun of tylpllllla. IUc., l'eneritul, S& c&c. II I a et--T']hat nrver lln mingle illtlhen hav! Ille tI) bhPorn h knownl Iir Ill- Used, if..[ I hIey dill nlllt prlll0l, e a gl d Il"'l:l-- , s urlll,, thu llndalJdm., , lcoldlluulluul wite lre c d c . Ili llAl--lha nlnI A iof S.lrl&ilp. riI ll.lpi Il le lll* Ibottle ,of Alht Cel{ llllllll SyruI) ufadra . lll , Iu. i11 i llil l18111 to cIore ( tony v f ilha abuse J. ht;,a It i u Iaci-- hollullld bl, (iIo.,rV ell. t hal tllo only pl, h ll,,Y th III IuI blarled Or No. ii( BLOOD' (BLOOD'' BLOOD !! " Itt. TIh lle 1t.I i l.ln li· IL.f) Ia c i dlltllll ii [lh blu d. .. Ithlod imllk.el bloho d. hil. l-vel'y lh,ier inp . i l llllv is LnrlvJ l frOa llllhod. 4111. All oIII tlU tiellll art rad erll y l:,l llyhe a.reiii.. ' :di . All dl-lt ~l+,'. arlePli ant f llltlrty of'i le bll l. o)r lo otlh eIr d.or( {r,,llln arrlloluu. Illtla I llr d tn I'AWA ll u thle bIdv. l;h.itl t~rl`lt+'.c ll~e lllln A Ire talr~leI o| t l~l I~h l,sl "llrfl~lt lIIlllll l cll i l ull ..r. orllIIIIII+UI by ti e c netll 'i thet II lleo par II Ith th,. bhl,,d. 7lb. V,.tluble plurgatives tdOlle a.all Iew I llllteiUI hhl ý)d ..IPUli lIcuf lbo IT s wlll knw o w kllli o.ll ol'th great l r,,, lol dlel-ea". SARAAVIRPItlAI.. l+ w,,ll klnow to be the ten1t, rt'eh:tlldl plrities ftnel~lt+ d .l(J lId llumd. of'h All, In l:m l .--ystemll llllisIll,'e. Itlis tihe prlll.llpll lellmidil agent li ll fl -'+IlhCCas, Cuthl~oicoII, II+It otller prepnlrulionn. It is unieh, lit thelrefrldo t lO:lllllllelt on its vrllll,s; Ithey are. knlOWl lo .evey Olne Its evry newsplaper is filled with ullnrtiseluelltu ufprlp- a. . rlubl)he- of Sat sUlaplrllhl extracts, sy c. ty r , Iti WV : II hlf dl.civereld it pr·ert, knllOwn only to himself. au "th~rnhy iti i . t nlbllllell wil Ii ,,ler well known llelledlll ..gilt. Q -illl,,Ul dcsIroyiln tIle virlues utI Ihn sursaplarlll, ald filnming Sarsaparilla or Blood P/ils. WiIth thh. enrellnlrilla is min.I hllIId a mIllhlllnlld .felltll purgative, WIhch bIy its effct gradual- Ia ly .l alnslst Imperctprbly curries o0l the grosl and llnrbld C Il. nllS.,+purated fro~nt the b lood by thle tarsalplhlls.. TIhe plll.x, do net iplrge.! vmleiltly at lmost ill.i do. wIlh:hl ros , trllle ulId reduce tire . mtenl. relnllerillg it mlore lial.le to dis. da feite, wr,:kl·lllng" thle systell. alllnd lkillng dis.. to .tralllnr hxl.l..,lld klllilg or l]e.troylllg thiU nllIlnll iln .hort it nlll.t be. vldl.ell I haiiiurgi lllS* as violelllly asl he pills do IU fllletllE llllllllue1.turell by i ,llicks lllld foreigln tallllorr are us ter III..11ie'- Ii tlllhrr colI.IIueuce. ai aler ury and olllell mll- . er:,lr. 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S I l l l III uili h AIre, r."slpe.tltlly ilhlenl l hal l lht, t the luv. del (.Ca·. l,%, Ihnop! littler, ,St CIlmh ,,le . nmr 5 If jil I. llrlr ll'l.C , I dlld killl, Irvgins, y, i . Vlll8lh aIniI ,'h . .r's' bIonuag,; ni.,'.' .hliplrs, ..c. l..dhin from sliI, ,Pl rilp III'I IIIL; fur side ll, tut .13 " ItItlD.l)C;r;e Ca, 131 ,llgzinest tee pa" STATE OF LOUISIANA-First Judicial Dis itret Court--The State at Louisiana, to all whole these presernts s.lal come, Greetng : Whereas, A C B'anchard, J W Itreedlouve, Wil. liami Mackey, and It Lavergno having purchased at a sale made by the Sheriff of the P.irisl of Or. leans the ploperty hereinafter dtecriled, lhave ap. plied to the C.rk uofthi Court in whose office the deeads of sale were recorded on the 24th, 6lith, and 27th days ofApril, A. D.1839, for a monition or advertisement in conformity to an act of the Legisa. Ilturd ofthe State of Louisiana, entitled ' An act for the further assurance of titles to purchasers at judiicil al saes; approved the 10llh day of March, 1834: Now, therefore, know ye. and all persons inter. erted herein, are hereby cited and admonis.hed in the name of the State of Louisiana, and of the First Judicial District Court, wiho can set up any right, title or claim in and to the property hereinafter de. ncribed, in consequence of any inflorm ity in the order, decree or judgmentol the Court under ewhich the sale was made, or anly Irregu arity or I legality in the appraiseleontta and advertisuomiets, in tite, or Inlil..r of sa'C, or for any other defect whatso' ever, to show caluse within thirty days froam the day this monition is first tnserted in the public pap,,re, w y cite s a so made shbould not be confirmed anr homologated. 'The said property was sold by the Sheriff of the Parish aforesaid, lon the 27th dty of Mircth, A. D. 1839, by virtoe of a decree of this Court, rendered on the 5th day of March, A. D. 1839, itn a suit euts tied Carriers & vs. Bucilanan & llrgan, No. 17,401 of tihe docket of this Cietrt, at which sa e tle said A G 1 anchtrd, J WV Brcedlove, Wit liaim Mackey and II Livergue becaomt tie purcha sers, respective!y, ofthe fo:.owing property for tio ll owilng amounlts, to wit: AG Bialcharld was the purchaser of rho lot of ground number Six in Poydras street, between Camp and St. Charles streets, me touriog twenty loiur feet six inches front on Paydras street, by ninety live feet six inches deep, tor the sum of seven thotuanmd one hundred do larse cash : three thousand niae hundred and forty fklr do tars and fifty ceots, payable the thirtieth day of March, eighteen bleid. red and forty, and the balancea in two and three years in otessatifalactorily endorsed, anrd bearing mortgage-and if not punctually paid at maturity to mour interest at the rats often per cent. till paid, without any right to retard payment, wIhih the said ,heritfacknow edges to have received in his nottes, payah oa sahlove, with Jonau Metoyer & Co and N. Ienoist cts endorsers, and reserving on the above describhed property a special mtortgage until tihe final payment of the above descrnbad J. W. Brcedlove became the pur, haser of the lotof gruo nutinbetr Four, in theI corner of St. Char'es and i',tyldra streets, mIeasuring twenty tfur ieet fitrot oit St. Charles street and seventy. eight feet r'n net.cs or P.iydrans street for the sum of e even thousana and oane htudred dollars, paya. lile as tidlowis, vle: o t ousandl doiaitrs, cash; four taouanl two hunlldred llnd nineteen dollars payab o the 19lth of June, 1840, and tle ba ance in two and three yetres, II1 niote satisfactorily endors ed, and bearing mortgage, and if not punctually paid at maturity, to bear internet at ihe rate of ten per cent. tall p.tad, witlout any right to retard pay. ient, wlhieh the sheriff aeknowledges to have re. ceevcd t Ihis notes payable as above, with John Mmturn as secursty, with nsp ci I Imortgayge on thi. property sold until final payment of thl above do scribed notes. J W Breedlove becaene, also, the purchaser of the lot of ground ilumlber oino, ituated inext to the1 St Chtarle' Thleatre, near lPydras street, measuring twenty three feet eight inches an.I six lines oie St. Charles strect, by secventy eight feet ten inches in depth, tognether with a t-ur story bhick house and kitchen thereon, now under lease until tln first November, 1839, at fifteen hundred tio lars, friom thsnce to the ht Noveunt'er, 1811,. at two thousand dollars per annum, payable lmnthly ; for thio usn and price of sixteen thousand do tars, payable as follows, viz: I we thousand dollars cash, four thousand fivl. hundred dollars, payable tile ninoteenth day of June, eighteen Ihundred and forty; and the balance in two anl thrIte years, in notalo atisfactorily ent dorscd and bearing mortgage, and if not punctu. at y paid at maturity, to bear interest from matu knowledges to have received in his notes endorsed by John Minturn, and payable as above, the re ere Merved special mortgage on the property sold uwtl ° the final payment of said notes. oka Wil.aria Mackey became the purchaser of the lot " of graoId anullabered five oni Poydras sareut, be. r twaUaI Ca1.r1p .and St. tCharles streets, rlealsurling t twoalty-tiur IertL eix inclales front orn Poydrae street, by nllety live six inches deep, for tIhe priea of a even thousand live hundred dollars payable as !; follows, viz: t Five hundred dollars cash, four thousand two h Illalred ad seveeity seven and eighty three hun. ,drredth dollare, pay..blu the thiratieth ,' Marell, eigitren hul.dred ulad forly, and thie Illdance in two ;- aind three years Ic :note, satiesaetoralyendoralr dl, anad a bearang I,iortgagge, and if nut puractually paiJ at Ia iatnurir to bear interel'stt the rate of tol per eent till paid withut any ry ght to retard paymet, anald a thle sl anriff acknowiudges to have r-ec'ived the elasa ci paymarnt, and the balance inl his notesr, te two fIrt cf to the order of J Irwin,. a Clh the liast ta the eorder of Gean. Ilucha:an, and by tiam eonttrsed and pay. h able as nbuver: a speeial moergage is reserved until e the final payuernt of the Said rotes. 11. Lavergre became the purcaser of tire lot of groundl lum r three, next to et, nerlle r of St. C. Carles and Pydlira. rtreels, Ireasl*luriag twenly.rour feet olne Inchi ftron oe St. Clharlesa street, rumnning arek seventy.eigit lfeet ten inelwe detep; for the ae priee of six tbhouand nin hundrud dollars, pay. aI'le as fLllnow, v:z: aJl (t" tlhouallll dollar i e cash, fRI r aieahnanllar!l two llrn dBred ad ilIIer enl dillars, pIarable thire ineterllth day S J ne, eighteen lllldred ral IurlVfert , ar.dlll the. l llea III I two aIr. tire, eClr-, in Ini s :+llJI- e torilv lndorsed sild t S hrlarilrae lllrtig u dl if i nllt pu crilly paid clt ertr rc ritly, R i har ilnt le-r t t the re orte n ,r t al c.lll . till paid P withoril nlll rilllht l retard )nmeinet, ll d tI e Sheri ff neknlowh due i to lae received it le sh pasnrt itand I re rbultances i nee of r IIt, elrrietreel by C. Dereiigv, rand i pavaile ' aroer inllei pllecial r llorlgrge ra r restveil to 1hP popetty N u ltii m . r firarl l e fl. a I cnd said I.nvereete btrnae also the parcerrrr ef i - di Illlletl ila ,$. ('hi re+ uareer, ar o an - arra- orr e l ,fet r.ghlt in. e aned six laees en St. Clerles s'reI-, hy r s.ev n"rrrt-vie.rt f-er htr ir ien rf rtgetlarr irrlrh a . foiur-clorv briik -irrn.caelld kichIr i,h r )tI sllhjerll ill Ita e .l util th," thirty-fi.rt tlr herir, eighiteern humilre, Ic an.l, at h r. r rl i of tIwo lthousnuall l)llrlm +era t e ta id lne III IIIlIrII dtI lhll',r 1m llnh:V :et lolluwe, vii: di y"troll hill ull sn. lll rs etr -rr l l hti llr tlher a ru.l Cire li a adrd dallarr r wtrtrea the ai-ace, da, of Jura , ,i ht- " te a ll rierr a dIrIii fe vty I l III , lnl :,, il :Wrlrlllr allr-l yearr, in Iranrer aelicilrlatnlrily endorsedJ , anii heariTtlngl a -orl.nee, uand f not Ina:elnaily pai,n .aI lrllry ito hlar I Sirlteer lt tie irale i ta pe r e irlr . il t a id lht l ria eri+.:rll Iilhlll Jit lll l d I bp 1I·I nod the r ShfIb r I nlc e if n ll i"I l i hnl P D.' i triat J d ci n a I r-e I taI lnat the Ilrain l: e i ha tire ra1,-r0 Ire a ihl pirar ae, er ain lreaa et'i. ccerhirenv tir Wlli rt e Ma:ckley lvt li. Lae i reei uyI lnt hl r -ervd I cin br id to ,llaaty-Iara-r . tar lley vll- hite I'. e Sitrlt NC, Dela . r i l'r. cc JonTA nr )E Lr6 LOUISI AN-t Cjor d'vri Pre I lc r dor Di-n L trisatlr dti I'ei de la touii Lone, iLti.s atU!- ' cto aour qua nqr es praen~e conerr s e acuerlltr Atx ends quat A. G. Badici ard. J. W. Blrardl34e, Wonlit r Mackey et IS , .,Onl rge ayta d I'etht da ac la LouieiatH fite par cur du reI ier i Distrie di'. j e ci ir.ql, pirrie.ns rvoir Preit , l propri.,at all. AI resod ado rite, en onsaet ence d'u, dienate de Iu frens I'r en ltrdaro e5 26 et 27 jount d'Aril d cour n anlver 1839, purla ventl ai fe, u dr outae irr. o ar ete de ps LeLislature e e l 'etat vot, In lpouar no eus "Aete rlu cdo firaer tea titres detrsnto jequeur datr doe jlubdiciioe ;" appcute vai. p Mureu 1834. Qvene il sit e non, et outes persc onnec iat6re ho.l ncl seaditers proprid6a6tnre sonds n nour dar. etar de iea ver Louiieon et de tle our du Prernier Dstrie Jrdi. rvi ci irequi pourraient nvoir dreit a to propridt6 ci. rt. ap do I rite, en codansequenceir de Iiordust d fare cll daNo. lor,401r, decu et en cttto Cjug .tde Ia on nllo tiWe vent les di a Av en.a tlanc ire, J. d trotdo irre. tart Ica.e qMauekcone, do faire. L ver , doan trentjcdus r | In, dater doe Iu eublicatio, deaette avirpauivruoei wil venteaire i laites lne nersa pas acifir, iCavor humolo al guA . ard, u lot de rr n itue Irans lie propruydras, reent vlerndU par IC Shtriff, ni uSt. Cae 27me jour a Mare pids ' poce de 18.19, en e vertu d'an so eet deo ete Ccpt, rendu l 39 do 5Mrs the dO l'yanne 1839, de nrs 18flire de Blarduzat c trd o Ilucleaneu &. Ilagan. 1 No. 17401 dt docket i(e celtos Crt il I iarti e lle i et r lea di A.y G. l anl ard, levit lrr uioedlree d oe WIan. Mackey yr It. Lae ,erjg .' c raent,' ids ne bt qurreurs resp-clttvenaent, des proprli6t s suivantes ewit slpor les sp1ac ifis, savour : ne A G. Iserverard, du roit de rordera no. p situenc d panables rue P ydras, entr led c rues d. JCanp . ain1 St. Charles, erant N 4 pieda is pavoe darve dune o to rueypo Pydre scir 9al pied r pouclie do prtfide ur, al° paiyanhlea f 3 das rusdits li t la balance d.s J. e t trored a dev billets eni'dactd.ur da lot di ai terre tace. 4y rrirfanrt aeatcoilrnure dis rues Poynaraatec eat St. Chri illh tasurn, cdet ev4 it id rted r te c la r .e .,i autx, edx1,000 our cnt, $jsq, 19 piyable le 19 de Jont lpe1n prnet l hlnce dannl doux t p ro ans abilles rcservdrau ticiton det portarder le plolltb. ce que le scbrlifr6colnna i iavoir rect eln ses bd'lets I paiables colmamaeil eat suadit, par Joalle n i MlratyvrcA ., at N Blceoist. ve e ibs,rve 4l'ne itanturbqevle lypooqile r In usp6cialte r proprb.rl j.aa'a I paindniet final din fsuditnal liet. d ill. J. Wr. Brecdlove devint ui Iaurer du lotur deu ear terre e, uo. 4, f irmlat I'ricoi lenre de t rues PoCydrs pr St. Cla rue Pyd ra, yunt 24 pied eds. 8 pou~ e n ru St. si hai rlssur 78 pruied 10 Creaes, E I8 rupled 1 'y. dras, pour Ic eoartmes do '11, 100 poynyle crmme Jute, 4d , t l.ndeur, avnce d diric on bri troes act la billets ea nduse satrisaetion e et portenat lypU an at s que, et dar n vem c 1il39 raieat dae p1500 et de meet Ipoue au pre l ier novebr. s d18 ront p ri . on tar oan par alt pau abUles dix pour clni jue qu3or )o draix de t, sns abueu dcomit ds retard de panille nt, pistr qae co ritlt;rllceait avoir reiq cyen t bpiastres tr payables cl19Juien 18 t susdit, endosal par dJohnux r Iotntura'r e quc ;lypo t dara speialrs u Ia propr d* nt y dvruenue jsrtqr u itni nt finalux des sdit poubillr cent J. n . Breduc loe devint rcarde pi'acqlrm retr, que d lote de terra recon. 1 nait. avoir reu rn b.tre S. Carle. pres la rue Ply r6lrv d'c rant y3 ireqd 8 paseines eur la iro esur la rveue St.ju q au , paet 78 peds 1U pecues de profi+endeur, avec I'6dtiice en briquess et la nita cuisine y trobille nt, sujels n btail i.qu' preiier n vemare 1ni9 nl raisun dr $1500 Iat do oltee Opoque au premier noveacbre 18.1-0 raison de $2,it011 par car payables tuns les rois, pour Ic It drrx do $16,000 payablep comme suil ; deux mille nib piaotree olnptaett, 9uatre Mnile rigq cent piastres Iren payables Ia 19 Juin 1840, et nc baL.rec dans deux air et trois arm on billetas endoes6s b iatiafaction curet portent hputhelque ; et dans to ran gt'iln no raient pas payds potactuealerenst b.e er daidrcos, its devrout porter an inadrlt a rnaux de dix pour cent sas raucer', droit dvii retardatelc paireeat, cc gee cdii lv alridrf reconnait cvoir revetn en sea b.litle arulc. rac c6d par Jahn Minturue t rpayable cmruav iL eatr-it susdat avea lIra rslrve drune lrypthettei spreinle pi cur Ia proprited vendae jin qug ae peiateieat final dcsc c WaVihllrc fle.ceav davint i'avenarevr elan Int do ein' William McKay dovint I'acqudreur du lot de terre no. 5 sur to r' e Poydras. entro len ru.s pu Camp ot St. Clnrllsr, yttnt 24 piedo 6 pouces do face a tl rue Poydras our 95 ittds 6 pouces de protodeur; pourle prix do $7.5110 piltraes pya. bles commute suit : $5110 clmptlnt ; t $4077 8., pay. ables to 30 Mars 1811)t; et ol balanto a deux ot trais an ell billets eldossods i stisfaetiotu et peor. tant tyupaothlbqte : et d ilt lt ca; q'ils no soiont pas ponctuelleluent patyd a lour ieildtlecis is dev. toot potrter ull intudrt au taux de dix pour eeot jusqu' a palieeollt, sauis aueln droit d'en retarder le paio ,enut ; et teo hdrit' recoooait en avoir recu le couptoant, et Itl bIat:ao eo seo billotoe les deux preonors a i'ordre do P. Irwin et le dtrmer a l'urdre de Goo. Buchanan qui les ont untdonss, el ptay ables colmomt it ose slsdit. aqe Ito r6servo d'ure ihypothbque speciale jusql' anu paileut final deodito billets. II. Lavergne devint acquodeur du lot do terra no.3 qui so trouve aproes I' n.eagure des rues St. Cllarles t Paydtras, oyant 24 plods nu Itae do titre lto rue St. Charles et s'otendant i 78 piedo 10 puaces on profundcur; pour lto p.ix d $6i.900, payableso otiute .ln;t : $100. cooplttant, $4219 payable to 19 Juin 1840, t l balanctte a duux ut trois tits en blletts elllossds t satisalction et pop. tant hoplothbquo. Dan lo aca qut'its . soioent pal ponetulloeint paydo a leur 6 d ld ltoes, iis devrolt porterun intdltBt a taux do dxi pour ceot jtusqu'i piiulelt, sans auclll droit d on retarder to p.le mleln ; etL i shffrecoun it el av.tir roCu le CoaI. Itllt, It b.alancC eln se0 billets endulos6s p.r C. Der bigny ot payable cornlo it oeat stsdst, ave rdserve d'une lyputheque o p6eilot sur la proprtd 6 vendee juiqo'au pantoinl flal. Et In dlt Lveorgnu devint aio.oi I'acqgdreur du lot do terrs no. 2, ad,oigoant to .o- 1, o.tu6 daun 1o rue St. Char.tes, avant 23 pieds 8 piouces et 6 lignesdo face I la rue St. Clt.tros* sur 78 piids, 1.1 poucos de profundeur : avec llle uaisolle brlqoug eat t 6tagei, at la cuisine qui a'y trouvent, sujtte it un bail jtosqu' au 31 Oclobro 1839 0u taux to $4000 par an, payables tous o s I Imot; pour it prox do $g16,100, payable ormmle suit; $2t:00 comptantr $4,500 paable tol 19 "di Join 184.1, ot la balatoee ahdoux et trots ans enl 'illts eodusi da ta satislactiuo at portant tiypotltIbiuo : et donis to cas qut'll ti, sotuot pan poIuctuellementit pI)ts ait ur dchdaneo, sis devroet porter un intd'l6 is taix tio dix piour cent juootqu'd pullulent, satis auietl droit d'Ie to. larder le paioment. elti shtoritt reconnOit en avotir recu tole copltntt et lt b,.inace n billets dul dit ocqud cur, endoost pai C. )Derbiguy at patyobtc coimmsle iit aot tusit ; aven rdservo d'unoe hypotl. quo specils sour la proprieto veltduejuJsqu'a pale inIent tfinal. 'uonlllol Ionorabls A. M. Btcltanla , juge do in cour au.litu, te 6 iemo Mai b3t9. 1'. 1501.BIAN(', Iltmai DIouto tirflitr. Ig1V.1s St'I.1 G 37bxes lt Naasi Nu itt. ouy;t5 m_9 a in J 1' \\' 1I1"I'.\ 1' 1, 7 t'amp st ICKi 1:s-20 keg.i 40., (I tox., ,reonring from w it atk iur s.ihip Ocl 0 t l,"r oxt.. Iy noy SIIALLL ,' htt)\\t N, 9116 nitr':,r at Sat ri - IR'i.U . i ('a (er r, sod JNIE IJIIAN'S PANSA CEA. lot ('or. 9 1 Nozohozc and Tolloup~iooulaa .91g 9-l F099 111 ..r. o,on'9~ul.,o~,. .oln.Ii 9. kiac. 91,9, go9,I~ 999 rl,,,., r i,,., u, 999'I'909,99909j99.999 00,99, "'I99,.oj99 ~ll 99(, 99999e srclr~ 999~.9.9 9,. 9.9999.999)il( UI:r 919099 .9..1111 as UI;: a..,ll 'oo19 19.b,91l~, 0,9,9),l a u~, 1 90990,99090 I..I cy 9999 999909 99190*eI 99.9999999ll. ~rule Im ·l·.,;,, 90099t I o9,o 9999491.91 Il999909,9.999,9 I 990"9.9999999 ll·L Il E'1LIU '" 909~i 9g9919.0 00.*I 9~r,9~lll\I 999'99999 1 1. 0 .9999.99.,,91o-91 ,9jll~l~ 91199,99,9 . 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'Til, idea~ o f their aw n a .ld unlroppiras lid despair let r urines f~m,, rnnlrider ug thelntvl vet as it,. authors ud the .'y LLLLL kLrr g..'LA .....eirmr, f Lu, 'I'..yI l. iLsIIYLN...L.t iILul A ,tILLL!.LLNeh .bi.IIOLIL, pllOFI IINLIFtl fis. of Jr rr l IAn nnulelluyiw PeIer LLo, e oilier ":'I , ly whic h fllit power. I. the pula. Illtbe h become Lnebld e LIL liftL.' Li..,'-'. LLLL d II..' l LLLLLLLL' II LA fl ll' LI: 0 I n.LLL h. Pm rltle, 11. ub11 111 .......wellLLLnILL. urll0h cL r *& .L L.LLLL.5Ilet ul. LLy L LLLL f .LL al sympLL m LI. LOLL eru ptLions ~DILOILL.'O LLLLOII' LLLIL.'ILLLLLLLLL PILL.),) LInILfll*lcLLLll.lLLLL.,LL,..I ll *ILL L L L. nlrl ly c nd g tlerx Or ·olA I\alal ,dJ g,..ra ILle. ..Y., l LLLLLL rrsLmLL he head and tiLL alrLLL . , IlL ollfLill LL nll ll. 1yL L L. 'i h, '.,LL F IPL I O S1: w' Il: R L 'II.ILL I ALLI. .IIC PILLS, !l..',a ,tltp.'d..' 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Neer sli . n-(1 111i t-lI)ery _t aIII· re me-fll~· "rlltill o:, t w.,, ,ought afster allllll ,Jay, andP ,..ell w ill, ullll ll lillll ure,,- - 111ll u Il t -L uniI1 -a,4 I.I .IL1IE* ,L'teL ILL LLLIL'.'LLII C.LLLL.LLLLyb.'LLL. fo llle IllLr ll hIchb LthLy lis~`II1·1·a .n Inug ..ell, mea~ d. '1'k. lillll f h r... P r II- thrill. L l ILLILry . 'I lll b.LLL'aIl, ILL! w'LL.'.'h tLLyLLLLILL. ,'ll.' L.LILLILL, ellp.'Li ,I. LLL.'hlL mA. ILLYL. ill fLL.LlLLL. mg Ihn long I.C(·,lr~lenlsl tar lir11.· were Ihr inl-rlnrsble .lane I..' hle LIgL !I. . .aup 1r1o 1 n 1 1- 1 I1.... I te, u in . I.,!., .b.' I'"' LLLL'.'....Ii....t II TLeLI.'LyiU I uILL eIL u t..a ery whollY c rlr ll` Illll ; 1,le he It ,lly rellll~" tke ri infuse,. but rrll~ au: by ti lelsr sell uur, t he liltinnn Incllllll uflhle boJy- rxprllmg fi tle gran,.. lllrlnrr. l awl n a lilllllrr , n onto tad t tlnug null l nrquuIUlllld lint,'.-; they ~.dire, o a t iuerrury or) I~ anly Iltlllr Illilrul, tad may b. h Irkuu w i LIbOll IIIE itlhtett aua pmiua L ,I LLcovL. L lllcryP roL.LL.'I no r..',L u L u'I m.' llL...l., of LLLLie oLL 'L.'LLbLdru .'L bAI.'LLLL. 'Ltb i.'LtllLLLL L,'LLcure wiLLh. O I I L the leant exposur to file p .LiirlL· At guly p," 1Id whehn the rlFIIlrst .usplcl~ll may cxill,.l ads hrt anti .. ia,o e,.eurrs 'J IL,, It, 1,... H1. ll.,.., IanLLl.e. tIke', IfLL'i., l'L diL.LL' I vl thle routplll,,,l tflectu y unJ n .elrretlr. llnIlh~ ua LLg. I.." t rusty f... JLLrLLLL.'Y LI,.'r , iLLLd.. it ILL.L.el'.ively ,lh.. " -y ,o .am mo~ the Ill public l;lnillrl that dangerous mineral L.Ln.siLL.oLLL, .,'d .ugLhltnever JL, ILLLL.illlIJLy,,sL Irl'LLLLLLL tugslc Is voyage it'mi ullll)-r Ile,,' l" ofllty ic, urr encl., that dun Ieff.Ic. .'L tiLL ronnt li n. SoLL I No'. Ili Callll hautLe LI, N.'. Od.IlLLL. TIHE MOST IMPOR'I'ANT IIUtAN DISCO VEIY. A ('I.I:I[G'MAN,. late of Ihl, (llnhri lrg,. l'nivertity, huV iatl A.noe erqrd .,I Illhltll .I'fcll lllll.C Ihmu et" of Nervous ar %·llltn .(llll llotn ll of Isllrlltlei $'ldara' (durlll· o II( In f we, yelrya h N ul t..yIIl. h v ,, ,Un .)00om ltl, ll p'." hwlll e hbL, Ur eMltd , hn ia h l fl vier, nC l,.1i el v. aloe1T frowl belt.i., leucoarbrllrl tlhln gtdn, t,, ,.l I1.m1r1) Ita, JIPl01lde LSAIT, gr PARllll .A PILL OFllllll\¥ IIEALTII1 for bUl ci.l:m eIPhlllllu lll ncllholv, IIhOllol of felf Jle.lrUcliOllIlll. yllll.. m .4"r( eurlbye by tklsl illll~nl aullt d I.e0ely. MOt re Aplply to No fO Ctlull l house ,t, New Orlleal. EALT AND ILEAUTYL. C TOM A PII I L . -- An murIII ll nledl wrier Ieg remt *l Sel, nl e ull aw pruved tlh Irc. that I.,e who ar Sl mt t ete rto alh ite conesIrl| hlllllle' I . lI,irp,'r order, pr .nerve health, 1poet rtel disea.e. all. r1elradlly attan lIorU.I, ch, lll ,1Wl thepll a h ntlatl ag;l:er 1mo f-rlh Un n n n trl nue he1e r proreI a.I son folml tlll( +l ir.)Ire xW :tIInc.l ohul ,+lau ioIulll Itll lll t., llt 1111. " 1 1lhx .lltll·rl, l M, dleel. Thl'ly Il.Ir iu·hlI nl s ers DIer .If11. rh 1 he 1ydo ne . Tey lull, i . a ou all lca ,, d . u.lrl. . n l I:o tl e ry other mi lltl: 1a, iul r . re1 o l th o tado .,f h'lll le. mad . io .+ .l U .IbII t toI ll het.01 Itr, h d, n , tIi. o rg -tor:li+ s e ll't i , U ) p ilne,. l the tu h.J, n l lllJl. iI'R11Ar (lill ,4e1 .i.u eedo I u htw¢I,, .lrenptl , o. tro ius th.o graef " w'oitle all ropltlUtionl. 1heleD trr1 .slulr g.d heh lIl ui lld ti , her Ie ilhlllll Ilhnh, at thley Puri layI'y l:e *.J re . • Ir trort .illl,,, al1ilRe, lhe kml la ut. i ill. clear, Il._Ihy a.l U hUk .,.lll ,i .l.lllre. IP'.lerus. of a pIh,1lll *. h htit lhl u1Ie ll I, tIIO I | achll+e. ERld.llllr.., dimn :lle .l. f . .IIhl rll.+ -I11 1"- ill+ mlt great a IHow nl h 111Oll to l'" all u.l,, lllaV tak.+ ill a lntoe, a. Ihy dl u laIt COllti  --I lllv ,rury or In-y Ilglewh niit th, rllr(· . ronUllnrciU( or =e.Itrlctnll:,of llet. Tlthy .hbo, el '.r k.ept Ill even fallllly a:, " Ilrlllllla f ollln'hlll'g llllnp I/m h Il.(:dli ) . rmi r prevented. Suld ut No. y 1,Culttnll bll l.u +t, Newc Il~llll·. SARS.IPARILI+A PILL OF IlEALTI; ORP. BI,4 OD I ILL. Il :,y exI lh(n c +,IHII:y I IIII ). -a uw e m I• hnC tand law e-Is, thl'l'lclllllll1l yllli)llolllt il which llr il,+t liauel i, 1.1u.1. nlllse-r ilt. +r IIII+· l' . r ryllle e. Of tllc eYes, droWYille.l a11J 1 : llll llutur L ow ll :,ltl lh .:ll1 hux ¢I.s, llld +.tion r.I*lU CJiIF. stoe lu dCauftl, si lhe lier, anuld lcoure aeh1oouotlit of tile how +ill :I: Io. i m ,1t cxcellr ot prepaElraltloll, by a llttle aelsever. viuc thle ;t it:ll++l Ii' its 1alh,,Itry "f|ttl.. Thp monlalrch wil .,,ee dllV reganll Ito .lnegi t. a h,.althy) actiollnul'te liter., Iw e.a nd III kllllney+ wI r fll: dl aker llatl,; alld Inaead of limltleo .+, hlleat, pll..i ll ii j :lll dCll1 .Ipelr.oIlc,, .`rength, 10tl.1111, :lld rclxe x ,' h . lol" thl e qut i k e. ult of lklllg Ihle we ilclll , nit rurdlln, io thIeI dlrea.llll. ni, ulllm llp u iag each Io. The-e pll-eae otlcutar;y Pnit',: Ollu. 111r rtnlllueh :, ualS ..o , +Rs . l', rllt'ltlnl""e lf breahl, ullt ll oI b.trut'lll to the urlllf: nry llr l; p llt if llwa :Pek . l 1111 1 lofec ait llldllgealle r I tulle. th,'y iiiy ir-ture tlhe +)'.fol lo(ll 11l.lt1 Uv.t of nr·e+. Jnrw-llov1 slll] 0llll f ill lte uaru, ar, gillg Ifl n, rut C rN U n::1, dIalnr,,,Iu. .ylnjlltul i Ihe esuUrel .ly t-id ull by that. F'.r f'el t" tllchc" pull. are mla. truly Pxcell,+nh rewovingl *li Ihlrl*C 1l,*l, III. d," lr'ln il ,K hIn I ,l lle ro ¥.rt eir vol "s alh'. cu ..ll. buo b.- r+p.i ot'-ll, witd .dll.. lleull tl kutn an ,I', a I1,,.ah llll j Ivl:lllU I Iwt mlu l l II to iP CUllploxlu, 'l1'.. Cln, th, ey1h1.1 a l oltd olU llr ,eeI1. a ,, ald lil . i'dr, CU ,.q ~rr Iu rnau l.s.otl ' d~elt , roni...". I.i dw lllug .Ibir ure.- Ly hllullul lho lhl-l Iiil'ord.O 1+lulh*,:,ge and ll (|t ull h tarif h I:. by n-qllhlr redl; and I..r Ildrr.y pr" ph, "h"'+ will Ir fuund t he .I1+, llalrlc |lwllfllnn ll iehclle llllhth rtol por.'o'•l LA AI)--I O1 ,:tt I ¢Ill 11111h11 Iri 11auln Imo. ai-l J T11.1PI"R & (',,. 74 Plpdrl.t n 1¢r Ofl,.wer glrllen, hlt h.-ni . I.r, r l. vi ,uxe. r IuIII, Ut arlnlwir wimll whw flat l ·Vll t il,( It i1: f yeall , y lh a dle IIl+1'L+It" ' |he" pl. s n Ih if-1 lei lnhl ll , enc Ill. I llllle ill iI01 culI tiaIln ill fIlea wil K. tht, w h,,'v- .lln pltd to eill,.'r loi cq srlwallll in tlit, aI llrt n t*'I at 1 ii IId a ld:e

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