Newspaper of True American, June 22, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated June 22, 1839 Page 2
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MONEY MARKE'I'. CITY, Friday Eva'g, June 21. A very fw as ofreaotto .IIchnd haIdIl ent.'rdnv Itol p iot" fi r ahilmut. T, Idy .htt. ,011l baite war.. ihi.prea out ve l tl "in. Dll, inrklt ties rdul ly _ccunt o. the rxu. tirop ore l.osner rnedn lll l t .lnher , r DI+'.l institution tokeep it at eltiht. Ih' odiy Ctodie oew tok c h.t el' he in a.k n hfuntit. to hip ,in u.ll ldca. I *,ot iore i tIvin -toe l.itiC o t eepI he Uwcd h ci h alithi th e jlrblahle anli ction o It priles. STye NeowYirk mial is int, riE in.w, ,w ifuin that city t tihe 13111 inclosti.'h. 1prv t7I n.r i tl Int art wnn dmanfaclll. ,lnck3, clttll, lltlr, c.. Av. were Aenlltiale tt fall. T''here ilIro a were etting worse, Od at le inlmete in ,tullta If 11lissi ppi potst Iii S.oning dhle..e,(r g5).11II0,) with no ppre+pEl .I Ihe;r hrigl taken l.p.n oly added to the ouae.ion. Dimficul tie were daily nocarrilg in the eeeutioll If ,the gencral beank lw, aoIie contending ftr o,e iterprptati h andttl etlier. fir another. The new Imnkr were abont to tnake lreanllre tn make thlrir tlotu.t redeemaalle in NeW York. Exchannge f.r the it Western wat firm at 91. and it m taired nll the power of large institutions Illto keep it at it hae beentdlineovred in New lYork that tile whole epco.lating world ha, tlur ill til.e rung. Dealer- ill ollaton mnad tllheir elaulnaion upon a chart ecop, witlh. erel hoking t the Ipat. the ter cituees of ihe fll of lelloil luI the eltial areeal.ln ii t lrt fnll rtill fitr tier, lil tlti cnr wl i oe. icWll on, tei"me 12 Iiljlioans al tol leca,eaip'rhulpa under, another evuliginl, arre to be ount. in tle filhwilng uTiiel ftact.. Itad, nld lkeep cal. Ily tlhe oicial return in (G. lritlin, it it found that the eal we fi tolltlla Ilnnllnaictirrg anid arns from that eantntc to North and aeltlite F:ure, f;r 1838, comun n. Slit with tte average of the previoa 7 years are tl. low : Cotlon mnnlatclture. 18133, £.1..;O0l011 Average, u7 tvewr. bef, 14,700,0t' (Or 181 per cent increate, .,',l rl.!lu00 E.xort of arnln ill m.0 , ;,19(1,0101 Average 7 acitra bciace, 5 3(i),110 Or 40 Ier cent igcrcnvu .3,lJii,OiI1 Thiii resat totalra. ro if ipantavif cilts,, iianii factule alld yaril icerr lm l"r,,,llinn 7 veer oIpera tarial ti hlla Nrlt tit 1"I:rwip, dlrinS. wa3, w 30s 4. 0I hl ,ne l,a ist 2::,ltlOinn 1i'37. NoWo'nod r, tlcl u, tat ,he prie of ynr_ o Ilna, . Gillean, and the de. and ..or .tha. fII the Northil I hrnlela decrteaed. I i iiic cir ctlltltnroea ndl the IKiah priceofl read tRllf+i in In aInnd, we ee the rain of diinid c npin with IO prospect of a ihalge. Tltclalneocirelllnr lIsinicns l lla died awav. elln. neli,iftira Ilernld, eivoR lr. Nolte anI od er'pr'ela. torea ',avere hIdlie . The U. S. Ilaank, through Mr. Wdilder, hadlI deied any agency itls le mnttr. We hIave be.fre its a cirelhir, ignedl bly 45 pe.r.. inn Rlanchaarirpleigine ihtIcmawly na t tio wok theIwir ill iore tllhn ioar lnvy ifer weeka. For Ihealhae ofiicial fa.l. relative to ine lceparts or Pltea, I.:. feroni 1;ilanc l we fire in|ul,led tf lh N. 1'. I Courier. aubjoiljed ia tlat aIp'ra ic.l lite [lt Ihmr, ket. VEDynESIDAY venilng Jlne 17. lusinari iofec ry kianealllli-llll to i)prnel.llln llcae ive alld qIlit nappearanc,. it iihntcl to tie aeaa, anld whichnoling In iaalenccrred tlto ia. lo vRI. The ellll ihip(. Werlern ]l.era to Imorrow nl her lir reta •llpagn,, aIking ollr ile intellig.nce ul a daclie of ally 2 a ' cit. per Ih, in c ct[o1111 tile prices orllailed ait tie Keeleid of the ri,,. rhipi I.ierpiwl'sa deparnture m ti h 13h aul. and alto nfatIadilini.n market r I stocks afnl a sed rli, Severa drecription, n+ Ilh effect Iproal ll.l iI In:. side iI Imintr Ihy tile racei I, by the inaiue . eaele a forteighl, inc. Sl.rkl hIlve aganil rvillrrd a dIreadel,, to rvlheer le Cliaia to Ian. J1aoci dr.naipitnl| l eloied lower. Tia . 6.ueiIcee in ;llrlinei na llilll,,c fr tife (le ll \W .et'i -rl, Io P+ IBeir chieflv tratielneil bIy the hl. a flina, which rihl'w freelyv at 9l par celr. ,rivill iia Irninl.e :.fn I8 tai1nelleanid ll- I nnletIlI's . . I .....n . In ileai I I 1 4 al 41 c. an Ilullail, 2U 5-i ,. outl .iinlrg, lind 13 I l l c tn itrellCln. N-w*-Orlmlt.n Chaimibhr of (tlllnll.rr. I)*Cl:Ii a Ivi n 'ratn YEtR Il:i . lre-ieli, S. J. Teir+r. First Vice l'rerident, V. I.. IaloIgi, 1E:q. hecond do. J.,,. A. It,,l I.+. V.iiiitlae of Appeaals j;ar I: 9. JIatmes IIick, James i. verich, H. 1:. in'imiack, Ahijah FIk, P.1. O;orvbe, inttIlllpTIIIm, Coermiatla of Adrbilratin fir ithe motal o/f Mly. John Ileddlestan, John C Mlrrison, (t. W. Ilumntin~gtun, W illiaml llopkil.., Enochi Hyde. Jir. .A. Ila . Joanrhim.lKohn. Mil B 1ei1at1at1a. The Gret E,ealrrna Mailiar cloaed evera day nt Ill o'claehk A. i. Is due eve.rydaV at 4 P. . -'TeE. Eprea MaIil is .lsedl ever.v ii. at hIalfnlas 10 A. I1. Ii due withll tile (Great aintll ylcil, Carry day lPe Iiuke Mail (via ('vington, La.) ji closed every Maidanv Wedeetdnv ade Friday, it i6 o'cluk, A. Al. In diueevery lrueadav, Thrsiayla nd aii i Siated, 5 P.M. . The loiasaille or Kaer Mail is cload ever, Moii day. Wednesdaiy, ail -oanrday, ti 3 P. ,1. is sent rindrlurneld by .lremlboats, Arrive irregularly lhree lies r weaeke The Bayae .aira or Coaaat .all in closed every Ttuedavntiidl Friday, at I' N. Is saait anl rclLureuii by tecdrilmhiei. The Aleaadriean o Red Riper Mailt is sent irrtge lally by atcalllhoutaa t ica it welik. LoutLavl.l.E oI+. Ieta Le MAIL. Mttohlv, Wrlaaavmmvrraliitll Saturday, COAST Ml AIL.. Tulesdy and Cl)serss Dll'luck.P .t. _. _.+.u~rtlyi., -. ..!i? ,'.,. . ounlulyg. 1 M AYURAI.TY OF NEW ( lNItIFA S.- P HE price of flour in, Ion behiz $5, 511 per linnet,. elect. tling to thle lin; the bakers6 wil give :.6 Dune,,, ofhrea li orten rents. du(Ilring~ Ihe seek Illgcill nin1 on Mlonrv nextt, the 171h1 in8. 1118e I111801 111,1,2 ond quIiit', or t9, thre or ten 1111s, 89111ll weigh 5i per8 cent more, that is to soy, 45 o·..leter d _ 17 C.__ . l;fNOIS, Mayorr. NEWV OR.lEANS . & xx RtL(LI.rON IRAIL 11uSD In nn 8.8."nce 8189;Immna I118118tuo ror6 a I..go in the timte nfdleprturr for if,-- nrftrlnlla r.-,. the ctonprlly have concludled to adopt thle 1'nllawlnn urlaugga nu t, fu, I he In1I) mer,comull~lleill on the 1 7th not. SUMM IRN ARRANG11111 8111O tH 1 IEE, IIATS P,8,. Crrollton. I Floll5."w' 1rle., s. Horse Car 14t w r,, leak.,. M.. Ilona Ca,1t 5 "elsk, A.N Loomoti'e j" I.unlnoi.vr 7v", l~ it 12 " "· "l PS 5 ^"' I"1 .81 I.8 *11I119186 o i,.1,.1 1 I C analI I .,.-look, P.. Il.\rl a llnumullivs ,If D are Carrolltonl every I...r, .8l 1 o'clo8k, I. 5I. and New Urleaitu every Ihour 1 il1 .o'c1.n it, . NI . Afler In,'. io ,. u Ilurnn eIr can be loi ,,'t I.y pay8tag: . I.I. lt98t11ebe l'Trip; jltnlIkI for sIler 141'clock, I'. M. 104,Il 111188llrg Rg by the Sltne C.r mn.,t pnroide thnI,'..',rn With TAick, 81111, the duI..or h,. 'nn.mE dIrnl,,,ik, not18o receive nmlomy inl lie~u thereof. The .hIteltion i,,,.h... . B .P.1,.rto'.'.as showtn .bo',,,orn. 11nc18 8i11h Ili ..ares, r 3 o'clock cars, which will now *ll8 New Orle.nsn iI o'cIckn, ad will ..t in *I mi, llg ,dil 5 o'cIock. Ihey l elelae th1 p18111 liy ,.,,t ,i ., piock, and .h.y in Carrolulltulunil P .,clock~, thlcrrhy allnuillg vi.llur· ono and a half hours to ennn the. ple.·.ull walk, nlll pPillak." of0 refreshments In Ill of the moatr beautiful Carden, in l the United Sstoe. PlE JACKSON AND LACtIl'1199E TRItE'rttI18 LIeavethe head "fJ,,,k,.l .treat,,'n i 6jch.*6L. A. IT, Canal 8tr181at6) u'811ok.4ud .,n tot,8ly. AI! u'clork Ih,.' .,f comm.Nlen 'tolev ealih ,oId eIle h111tllC1111u 18a8,11 '.ek, P. M ,,'xceptin than insteadl of Is."tvIII Canal street at LJ ui chnck, the calr wll IeRve there at 9 o'clockt P. M. 9 It i pie 1t118rly requeted tha g111141t,11 1mentwi,.nt pu their feet linpul the ellefluena, 1. tole in thesa. lure, w[,allLad.. are present. Otllce New Oriente; anrd Carrollton U11 Road Ceerrtmny, Nay l.t, 1839. JOHN II.5l3S Jun. I15 Chioti,. N.Ojq C 11R. N. 0. & NA591V11.I.IE RAIL IIOAD ('1¾. SUuilmn ARitNGEMLfr. ("omme.1,ing on Sunda,t Jut,. i. 1999. T HE Cary till I8 1,,r 6hen (iHE T 7 IR IE,1, n tKlirrtu18111, 11 t1r1the 998y TIg..y,.,, every d..y is the week-n; Illows: 5ep8,1. ktorn. TI'. II. Ill A. I. Excels Sundnv,, whehn fie otwil unasfelos G1A. ii. 1'A. I. IIl'. Ai. 3 P. 1. ' 7} P. 1. J3 JAMES H. CALIWEI.L SCA ItR()II. 'I'o UN lth * Ior EL.ifrigh~iol .5 m3 Ins en. 1 r1RI, 89 i6tn8 hhosaiva th 8h11. ,a 89), 111 1189i118,11111. a 1 11dll l yrs 918988 er Private paIrtirs will hr hlllld~UIIIIIV prorldrd for byrl Siring n little entlice h)Plillehnnd. H )r in willing to InIIIC 1nto lllllgelStetv 8ith 996lli.8 or , llividunll d.!li~oll NEIV ORILEANS lANAI. AN' IIANKINI, (I() T HE~ ~ ~ ~~ ~I Io tulutVi..will81ur he 111,111 lI. th hen.Ia I6.8 I , Calwvkl, 8 Is.s ert" (excep Honas fr heL.k u flllow.: IeparttS A.151.4 " 1 .. 1`IlA. " 5I 8 5 P..51. I " 4" ' 1 And 88l MONDAyS: lDrl18ll at C A II" I:..o e 841" ., 8I'151 ' 4 I'.51. 1119 28 11 (,1112W.M. --- It CHWt~eII C mIn l.,8. Jana,.... . 8... . 9 8 11 t . ... I Un..n~nk.8,, .ur8 ......ds . 4 Raltimene do ...... .. 41 St. e1 1... do ···....... .1 I rn.Iun h. do..........j 1 I y ....... Huaeteo, l1 eveli Joe.... It Pori. aln?. ...7..... 1 lent,.., do 8.. ....11, . iSy . Iii Naehvipe in .......... I ; 11... ra e··..l FORT OF NEW (IJLUEANS. 3o.i 80,18. 1839 Shp runrlts. Wilma, (-leel. ai A J P Whitney 31159 Cnnat, lI.lte, 11-odll881t, it IIulldel1.l. Ligeni., PhilIde.lphI.,, Yik9t 3.b, Pol.91. 16.k1ll1. Itlot, n. H L.,t. 8ehr Doric, Itl.liurJ, Po8t 11 P9188.e J318b9118 & co Jsnt II. In 9 Bbip Alrt&..n IKerry. N.. v.,.. S CII,, Rhlp Jut Mental,, ('haul L~ii·r/llal, ,1) (i:l· FlopJn I.ivrpol. I.t, I en. I e..q... , J .i(i' tIeh, fQpe.r, Iluasn.., J1BH1.1 ARRIVALS. ! Ju8888,1A8,19 Omar enn Leva.t, LLnt. 611 159 o1 8811 &1JI1'6E ar, June 2, 1639 I Tow bout Phen, A.mAable, fi mS 1\ pa, harianr atowed to a ea shbipt Ilerald a. d Nothalmtaoe. retured o tha cilty With rchra Naiada anldtHery. Lefltlha pa.uon tl. 21th, at api. ahlh.. in sight or ill the river Tow boeL Paificl. Maerlin. trom ilia pas.., hering lowed to teaftip inlilell., and FrP Ibtanq .Aelar,, brits *.,odahn. (atla aalndVirgint, unatl .hr Iauial.ara, returnedto thacity d ."th tchr Kocitako, end Fox. LeS the bar on the uthll, at I(iam. Nnlhin,,anw. Sahr Nail, Ctlla, S days from a G.lataon, in hallatt, to tle master. .chir I|,nr,, al,, ke. 6 day. frIm ataapnrd, It. ,nlter. Scl.r Fox, itWrro.., S-:4ayts .nfl Valaacoaa , ulveatoa, to a. oastter Plchr Koaiuako, ,oss,, Ataom Glaveatln, 1ut ihast. to tile miller. p St.,.aner Deaeai,. Whittrn, ftm iincinati Sleallter Tarlqill, MrCillltick, a lAl At L.,ei. lSteamer at err llnalck, Carroll, fill Maysville Steamer Lihelty, McIKeRall, , Fnll IFwttoat EXP'OR'P.. NEW YOIIK..PPerhip Al. imn.. Ca.raa 3..13 giga lind. 61il ales cotlton 11l hi flour, l1 hlits tlhcl , t bt, - el keLta rhnlppign, alldry aaar'zr. .lYVERPOOL.. Pear ahip Jo Dulap--nrga O la hale coltell 5 d&............. Par rqle Livelpool..OflSJtIlalealotton 3 lea it segtrs. MATAMOAS--Pera.rhr Enterprise-- rlo 161 bils flour 4 qr caakl braldly O bls polatoel IsMPO S. VELaI CO..P1er .lhr Fo,...tgarlptoial'. eaalat, i ,, dba , I8 Ii beslhailaa. 10 dear aala,tbi6i paaaas, 500iltga of al IIAI.VESTTON..'Per Ktacitko..luT htliit a ..........Per tllr N.all..Il bIll:t t. MATAG(OILDA..PFr . chr tIlea ..Caargo 61 latllel colton J A Merle O co, 4 tis IpeCOll, order. n IRECEIPIS OP PRODUCE i Cicianatii..Par lanlael Dalbo..Crao 13 I130 htaaon 2l0 hi i.ark lalanll A" A veryl 4 hl, hinks C Dulae, ath bl. pork.J 'T'hayer a r. a5 Leat Il,,tar A l) atioe. 7 rask, a1d 2 hhllhrll tips ;157 ld, "our J 1`llllnlrh . c, 45 ICs h.lm., 1i9 I. pork I • hard & Ska.rna. I0 hitseymoali Adam, tt &. .artweal, hat mhl-r nery Bel,r at c 10 itlllle hemp JairiJ , ra,. ,slldry lllachi nary t1 3l.arnl,, It0 kegs Itpl JQtc,ii I114 pac baaillg. In I roilsa rope Powert & coa 0;(ilo,9 prlbag.gnl r ca. 5 a .ll whiaskebia d:o urar Lyt a Alnlit,,a,, I bol tnarchallite Waltoln 4 Kelnl.1.O0 ,lieap nsl, I bef ,cattle, , Ilorse. , -u, glen kal lte.lrait, lralluraa J-., owners ao ianad. r St I.,,,..l i tea aaler ''arqalil,..Carg 1dI4 s:lcha corn,a ,'lllna,,l A ha, "l. a paiki hilul,,llh b rno J A M ia aer.e o 22 lt hlcbaa a.adIa ke,.R lard 44 ti hatter 2', itk corn. I Is mar chadis. J \irn~sin., 2 halx J A ltareili. I ,bl muld I bag hi,,e .ax J A Melrle i c. IO ketl, utter i bx, I,.I lcaskaait do I pit ofla ofnia r ol ha.a , nl.b 7 aacas,. kegs bualr 4t6i asteeras IIIhow 51 Iing and 1 S Ilai bilr San qi, hr, 28 ke.s hilllterJ alil-ll a. co. :l!i dohi J IU t llibIre I ca.lsk a Ia I hdl les wax, Miler k \'alUl ma.nI, 2doz cllickoen. lnpli·te; 3 bheist n,,nt R PReck Ada. aillta K FIats Mayvalla..,l',Perstealner Markriak..Caaa 26.nlala hempaI Jl'Ahytr a. ct. 4d i'4 i,- ha., 15cola rope li4aaert 4 , aw lbern. 764 hi. itur 1) WIhitiaa, 155 p,'a laggai, 3J ail. ropas I.ayct a Anlelunag 20 do A IIWanlice &a co. 300 saeks iair J Saireal & cn,b61b hiiaidkev. Adntlll tt Ilnrtwe 2F6 sheePP I owner o. hoard: 8 hilt, Ih n JA I urlro 4c,, 5 hls beef llefford & I.oreellfry. ils laedllianea A Fuluto & rt, I boa .spaia \V S lru tan, aldrios Valll AIi- Kamnp. toan lTaowt,,..Per lcanlner cargo CONSIGNEES J A Ilt, r taoallle ret to order PASSEN(iEIR, FPer stelamer 'Itaaa. .alrqulna.,,iao. r I a,. Stlltilil. Fatla af . \+Vrslur navel f,;tdv, tl,wthorn. I'P plritn,, TI IV Aetn.n Dal".tn IDaaunti, 1t.,'rl , It, aL Ihah,,, T C Stai,,h,, J lWt a titatahtnOIr . . LaLy, I{.tl.y, I. Taura..,tickeaa, n.eaarr.l.S Ayr.. J I. Seeley. S t Iock, A lalbla.J Ilalllnna J A Bnla,. C Illn + . , I TKelII P.era ·l+illr r Dannlbe.. hllliica aVnnaler, M.,traaJ Quail. E,. ..rd,, 0. lra. J D, vent, llrl, lnly ,. servYant. Nage.,, Nestor, it It4ihikhnll, dune% Jollllslul.,Calhnnlil, LIllmullneCup[ ele,1 Capt C,,roll. JOllra MIEMORANDA Ot th. l71hI in.t. atl A t.. tlal. tr nla, lla ralltn in aea n .icl wilth.el h er 0,l :r'; at \\alSlt hia i lld 311 ,llitCaeive 1,104a.i( Irk ) TJheAM. ialeldialely atk. lerraael, pariii tll frolll l la, r llll. Aull tll .taer an ,a. eatylittn Otl a in k ia nll lu n acaall, iceaala ala ,'ik a t llbi ad tip D,yi.htisa lay,.OV a: aaai~t 'ai Slpl, nt, ol tratk hy ath. ehiene' aiii, kn,,ka d nv,+rtoadl. W'hl ter Ihllngeabs nua gtia4 t tad al l)all a )t lIt LllfIP l NAAA (ICell ALII . .,i +kPd iiI ill tk6 IEnlllill c tRh lllflllllt plnhlll wJas l elt A tp l inh.ll ni. LaIt. il lre I nll a ' eyrvyt t C lieeltn be o(ls I,, chha l I, rl<.r, tuwal .ia. It ii l hta lha hll) broke ill Iwo inlmlhall ly. The D). ut "-24 's iln t llick, li ho,,upe". eirga ,, e. AInrrlllll,-k Ir1't Io+'z lliP oas |Gth, and rep,,) I, l fel ma ter i i)+ f'oult Utln+ e, land l NAU) 'J113,1 INT'I:I.I.IGENCE. n .4t Philndrephio. Jaine I.ntI. A/rr hip St. Loue, flay An I hcUel ClA Raman,,hitllr. ell i:e. l t. ,,I I , Iown, hither. TIlE 'I'lUE AMIERICAN. FAITHFUL AND SOLD. Offictial Jjouettal of tIe S21 Mutnicipalite. Daily Tri-clleekly & iVeekly. -I - SATURi)AY. JUNE 22, 183.-i The 'lit Prfllto the first mIni iilllity, ill ihle Frenhl tt side of his Friday's ipper, hlas a lng Iplinody Iupon Sthe fnnll I .il:s. f hit celld nnuicipalily, conllaiingn, lie he illagils, sue direfll llthreas alt the ''rue Amereican Sor proposing eeOit limte siele to It it ll tisrilriplltion list for the relifoftlhe squalle of the c ty. We are call ed in elegant parli1CPe, t " set of lull dog,'" hecaulse we ould n11o1 help anilntadverling on MSr. Forsltall's ex traordinary fitnc,,e report, and we are twittelld with the remalirk thll fier dring ito ild , itll with the wolleIful illnancilll skill of ulr nteighbollli, and for presming tIoI pily their deplornable condollln, li, tlis i icipality de srves to Ie ptineled in llI, sai.i t ca'gory. Are you there, oh True l'enny ? In thell joy e thliet urnt it seeing our public works I partially ullpell lld, l ide printer to th fisl lunicalll li - Iy shows his t lov.n fotur. Noiw, we know tiheI renlson r why there i. ail lllll.r rtaintlll i g.ettin the State b ieds. It is is pulai as nonalaf- fromi i the tenir ofthie I ellouiialnt's remall thre, lt the clique governingll the Ie 1st Munictllipality long -ilce lhle ldetermiuinl, ir te shoul e i not get the Mlate b.hlnds, to which we have an indipu-m bie right. They resolved toI deprive is (itf hem, lto irce ts 11t suslpeln oullr plitlc works, aln theu y re only cha griled because they lllnno compel us Io sto. palnlnllll. t'lell,um1der lwill olr,-aulndi tel ae olll f Ithe"n.r- t tlit.y" i' , cur. llut the kindness o, f mlor fliilel below, (Cenl strele is overwhrhllning. Theyv alrlct to tendole ll w i a.-o, h )ow belevlour! Nor this only, hitlthey are. vtery antxioull to know what onsllltlts theI btsi+nful r rsollrefs, whit iae the items of Itll1lllh. ''hey woulh see' ii 1 g st hedule of the lrtie uiulars t, hence oulr reVelline is to cloe, toplai - r thing we pre,.um1, Onlf the plan oeftlnt lsubmhlled iby MIr. .Il ForIamul; bul, gei tI'e:ein, your wih e lleny isoi Ibe gali 'I- fidl. Th' lieople oi this Iunlilipality hai e suich cnfi. ct ilnrce ili the (olltncil that they) kllow tllere existls tno disposition to rollllm e lt thlli sullbject with ile COll in fiftleen Of Finance, and resides ePvry man, w hrIo i+ enll - th;dosed with a few grains of di'er.rituliration in o1r q1ar- t y I tir the il city well klo- s the soulrces hellce our Srvenuc is to flow. r The allnsion of th Ist mlnticillilt printerI to ti ll Slljeit ufIth- e fis, is Iihellril ill the .le.t careful I 'rill. l e elhoue--ithelC Illai f tlih Stale of ,tio l ieiuna-shl plaslter.s! Nol laelc con iintk, tlie object a o1 f him and hlis dictators illn using this langtlage. The secnd lll 11ululiei; llit V - i to h Ibel fllnred IIl. hInills of the , siattle by rile efusal of thle llyor to delivelr the bollntl of It l the cecolitl itlllliildtpality, to l e giveill il exchange for i itherl . 'J'ihis dllt less is the clie ll II f thie clique tol bing ts downe to their lbanlkrupit level. Ilut ti.ey bite a.illl aI 111 e O wherye thcey if - l gct pii thist l to tlheln ill bea soulre hlf lthi1 ;flie t-le :olllneitlce . 'The lonuiinnlitln |hucklrs " thflet cirumntaonce, that I tle Clulncil of the deicdlll ~1ciplic ' had hIen cn p tled mt anrrlest the puhlic welikts, andl like- ,dv 1tag' I r of th i re sioue i Otlll t hia that IhII tiian1il, efti rsl are perr its ma.lev lel ce is diri'.l tedit lt qni - r t t f i urtigity , it t tties htt byC the liti1e1 cr ill t i ter rep- r', it u ppleari that the asses of the Treisir -e- $,_1f7,l00l, euinlt $I lf,ilirO de.lts. Now ic iit p fille that Ihi. ,ino i· ,.u e i , it of thill full - diltinltly s' t.,d it I h repo t,, thal ine.luhd islhi , Ii lnor mllln wl,-t $ Wll;1f,tf 1, the -,-i Inatle cottflllth pubil--lic wt rk+ ?-ianld fhllt tihe oyFIlt of theea 1 unci a-l tc las cod iho-e wcorkc wilth ci vitew Ito bring theeil ndllihe intiret andI paynl l t i of Ith Treiuy lll widthhinlltl ni , ,1 I that le l l. eetin d , lthe reorces wofldue exl Itll lt l- l mntl11 l, afou, t 1I,U040 l This 1s o Acine and p blnlce IthaI te are ff ired to hlvel thatlii cthf ie - -rn , pre uulntli, lel of ihe loui -afi I FlttI ile lenioial, ati Wieu ,c lfi uy hheriis lu cempt. If eui have nium i ettu d on the deplore'., st i te of thilne- fiut eesyofthe ! f I inuttnusca it, ie : lliientlt. t o.[ ined oII i aIty~tllei tlir.l1utf11)+Itce lhtit.ueu thu Itle ll- ittu ul Ir pel s f ic ie l-,et andI whn we i presed noi r rt gr, at itf at hI lon i e itas rincll r; .and a phe lll e jou alielt l wt o could lot .ai+ Ifloo tratlche bhl-ie to lreeli who byt their i l:nn tee, llo.prruptlio itli il - im l ina lent huli p'.ated the richest munlicipality if NNev Oleah + in a po 1,1kl o iatallh tel to tlll goetd ciizrte,, who e feel icl p ri}llh lu mtnlllllllg llthe character of our city IIat hom lii Jalnuary of ea.h yv<tr a full a.l d dliletailed I1atementl of the ectind liuntfl1paity is laid before the public b it the t'ouncil. Wl. htrdly tdhink thuCte Cco ctlll l ,.i nnere tit.ior.e t a . t let the lc ouicit , nic- , Iy mlakingh thatl stltemenit hit p. If that paper and il. supporters are so Svery desir ll-if makingl" .lg otlparipiotl-,w we n'ed olelnl t say, thlat s llce the s salation oat the cilty, Ihis tlullici. ptli'y haes ,pent $1,,Iol,"00 in ,puldire works, and IIn. t tel (i iln o.asineu hI its oblhi .., , been liahllolsor ; we o mn s sly lifrtlr, e,? e ,v defy the inof m tmlilllntl enIIemieseuffle muniipalityv, IIno Uhow powi.ful tlhey nlear be, I" place u+ ill it position n which we will ynot alavny I,lr tllllvy I y mlor deltr.. It is theoghl very atrage by the learerd writer of the t oh I. uiiaia . all, lO l . Mile t11he f d lllllllcipailliy arsel8 it, uworks becau+e thlere is wflos doubtl .hotli prcuria, and svling the anIIds of the Stt'e at Ith, prPsell n1111. Iha the Coulncll rhulllld demanlld of the manyor thre BolIedb a hich hle is [I,,iiiiI by law to nign and drlhver to trhe M.. nicipalhty. W'e readlly .d.s tl hat if the C.umllil were to acqule.,ce to the illegal and tivrmnical condo. t of Iter mayor in relfusing to dvliaer thir Ol, nds. wlhr e r the propety of the pe pie ofthelserond leunll. puly-thntr ]~~~~~~~ iiltF ' canaaos o.-q ;s *poe. doubt would then hechanged to crtalnty and thebortid wonid never be sold. This would unqiiestionhaly he highly gratifying to t tiln l.ouisninian, and the wire pullters behind the t.ene, s are sotrly disnppoiuted iiw to find that the energetic delermtnition of our Council has fruetrated ll theil ex 'rtiotn to render the seennd mlunicip.lity aonkrupt. eW'e repent, that we believe the plan will be unani mounttr-sustinoed by the people--that the second mulli cipiahty must he totally severed frlne the ik ngri r influ ences which are "nw no actively nt work in retard its prosperity.--At the next nmeeting of the .egislature, a total separntion will take place-and then, under ithe ed nliiistrntion -fan enlightened mayor, possessing the confidence and respect of the people, we shall have enthitng to fear froml the calumnies and chienery ofour enemies. Bot-w by does tile Lotnisianian publish its enaltmnilus li-represe.itatiesin of tile condition of tile luiciiplity i tilt e Frenck langpage only? iWe hve to titte to nattend t io the printer of the 3ril .aunicipality anld his endeavors to divert publllic atn lion from the trto question at isne.--the separation of the city by Canal street. Divide, divid,, divide, is cour molto nnd wathliword, and in thie toming fil it shall be thunldered in thie ears f tile ellies of thile Seenld li n nicipnlity, until the Legillature shall grant is whllat:ve ask for. A eetilng of the iierehintsr.d oth.ers was held yes tralny at the .Exchallce, to take into Ioniidrliratin a pro position frmn Mr. Ilirecl o, relatire to chliatge in tihe hour lir departlure if lfe enitern maiil. The stir ndce 5 wns sin. Mr. . J. Peters twas clled to theI chir lnd IMr. II. It. iiilinhard named Secretary. llr. Ilreedlove annlnced thlint lie had ndertake ito erry theli N. Or lnans mll Mob ile M filr serentl years, anil that lie n ia i nxious to adopt sme plan biy which a daily mail cold he secured betwei N. Orlleans anld Mlile. lie prolposed tli the liour ill eptrilng with the easternl nil Si - cangled froll I M.1 I A.lA. tliy ltnc a cuii hj Ioltts iould Ie able tI h iie s tile mit il dillicult points in thl nret by dhii, and the Post Manter herel wouhli nt be provented from distrihltin thie eastertn ail iname diaely onil its arrival, as is freqllenltly the cnae under the p reIent lsteml. A reslllution wai oflerel mby air. Z.ak ai., reciioniiioending Ili chiinge asked lur. No one. ol. jecfll.d nll ilhe priopoeilion wens csrried, whewllrlull IIha mieetinig adjmlurned. Wr -tiated yes'ctelrday mirning, cays tIhe New IYork Courier, in a brief iprgraphl that lir lritnic Mrlles. ty' sllil of Uwar Bllue d, (apt. F'iiczlgmal.l, hid arrived in oulrharh r from Ilrlbadles, ntcmnpnnied by a prize called ithi Eltgle, iiicih hall been ciaptured while cruizinh , its u slaver. (iOn e nqciir, we learn further thait Ii, Eog'er, with nnolther vessel, were both captured bly ith thi.cnil inii the mostl (if A frica, biile engaged inll ihi piranlicl Irf' fic. It dles llt nlpear thait any tlaves mhle been takel: on board the ivessels hIt, Ilt Iy were foullnd filnilhed it ill irons and Inil ther ilmplemlent ofl th tradel, nnd Ih I sn.l,'qullentl to tIhi r rnptnr,, ihe+, ofllerra iani rel. Ilihnlrted that fihy Iwe re and had fIleen IIiaged in the their Itrade. Thev seell, both Antrienn built, li el the- otiers were all Anierliins. I hlniii tkenl lithe ill .lie ip nieh. thlg eIl tni. The vesel were finlhd illt it Il anat . t )ne of the captains, (ltheir uiner S'" itlil not hlrnl d ) i, ic t sc ems, ilaive of Ni. Pnri, Iand Ihe i thi r, Iliilndllphim. The other lirle ve.ssetl is expected to illrise lnily, alo hnvin slll ailed in rlomp- i nly with the lIhzzard from Hlrlaud.srn in charge of ( a Brirish prize niniter. l'The ulijet of tlls t to our harbor is, we le rn, to de lilver Iover e ollfllders to our authol itis fior tlinl, and fir this Iurpllls ilsn iegliationl aore Iow between fhe Ihi ilih outihiern and the imaegiitrates hle. o'clock, n . l.-Thie other vr.ielcnllalilrel by tIhe iluzzarnl hias l.rivedl. She in called the (lera, and wns comllulended Iby cplniun iloker. Slle wa taken on thell cocst ilf iAlitit, three montlhs after he letllre ofe the hit -Engle, collinllced d iby caphiie I.eting. 'The erilishl officers unlltdrews of Ihe tio vessels hnad died of the (ontl f.vir except two ori three Spaiarlds, mud thle two capltalins alove naoled. C(apti. Biokeris very ill, nd noii likely to live more than a day or two. Capti. L.eting is ill gIl hUelth, and hls bree ldlged i thlie deIUors' prison, oi a writ is aneid by Judge hlelts, it ith instance of ('np i lai'n Fihzoernld and Mr. hliehnani II. Ii. I1. C'o.sul. ('1pil. I'it.gerild will piroceedP immenidiitely lit Washtic-i ington, to obtain theri the necessary infirmaiho ih re ihedi. isepol of ithe prisuners. Uc leanarn from tihe New York Courier thatl :lra. Flynn tile aecoullishned indy of lr. T'. Flvnna, theu.oredian iwho is nIow perfurnilng nnaengagement at nath ()ti lllic l'llnutre, war, on Mofadnly evening, about II l'clock, nes ao nai Wnas pIIasinlg Ithrougl h ltnroadwynt , nlcnonpallnlaid by hlr sister-in-lawnd ii small lied, ltlacked in tile Iamost rallnallly yIlmnannePrly It Ian alnued Edward I VIa n alltldt, who seized her bI tlie arm in the rudest nmnlter, nod ih ietld upon ainl tnC aingII i her ho)ne. 11( t hr resisting hisl rolle .plprn heP, he then muizd lher I y tile inrlly 1llt, and w;1 about to inflict furhlller injunies upon e lerlperson, le' lt t n prevented by Ithe anrrival of Mr. 1. I). Anmerson, of I:s East lBrodwnlv, whol seized upon %'ln Z'lel, Dland whilh the aid of thCe .itllllllmen suceeledcd ih Indging him anly in thie wa.tcl house. It appnars by a tinach r from hanshington, published in the ichmoilnd Elnulirer ihut the AanerinU Minister inn l.otlo1don, hlas sIreceI dednI iln Innakin a rranTll enl tn il thei Initish 1(overnInntent, by which thi r latter hAI stiFlin. ted to pny thit valohe of ahe slaves, belongihl to :mlrrie an citizens, which were shilwreckedl so.e yearstn Ig ill thle I:IIln us Iland, anad ere aflterw nar rfitl I In Sbe given ip ht tiheir onuea by the lotl nulthort ies. mThe Govertane.nt it to iany anearl.y $5011 anpiee for thle 1saves, Irl,wo feu and children. The stemnl frigate Fulton, we learn fronm tlhe N. hYoVk tllrnlhl, unlder thle eolantnl an ofCu fit Pe'rr, wenyt down to thle I hiook inst evening witl a alllllntity of ltiml'r, tirfir the lpurpos!le f lpreparing fir the experilan tabout to be malde in the i nht between the look and the iiighlhndn for tetinlg the tllility of hIollow shllot in naval wanrfalre. The Secrettary f lthe Navy is expected to be liresea t ata l r the exlprianenl, which will commence on Iridaly next. Ahn,ut tile first of allny a Caravan of 411)l men anm 18 wagons, besides a numblllller Iof molls, started front V1tn lnren.inl Arkansas, oil ant overlnanl ourley to Chihlla hain in lt Repnhinlic of lexiion. Thely acrrr ed with them alr llssorte, d Sit k of nlrclhn lldise, pnrinipully dry gid. of which Ithere is a ilcilcaicy in that 1pat of tihe country to whic:h they are lbound, owing to the irecent blockade by ihe Frnchy. Fortyl U. S. I)ragoon un.der i.ent. Howlmanll, were toestcort the C(ravan Ialirugh a Portiun of its journey. Chihuahua not being n part of entry, inlt Cravan m t liri visit Santa Fll n Ito have their tonds eantered, which nadds ix llnndrnd iniles to theirjoulrnpy, making thirteen hundred miles to Irate) befto reaching their adestination. n'tnere iin n prnnpet of Chihunan Iou bing ide ai p art nftlln iy,a ll th proper rpre1'I1 1 hs werle im iode last winter to the 3texieuun 1hini er at 1t-hinog. lollen. . rIThsv l' nll m, I eItI nrlary of l F, fie r t l:sis:.ippi iedi n n the I lh in',. nt nn- I ntlnhn . 'ahtn t ua nnrltnlity hn'os r vI.o llltl n in y tie atnl Imen in llll ice of lnanin;" 'Tlhe d'loue labot sho niIannoIgneont of the lin;i Roui tl unko" lo Itcksbor; i g tilg Inll wirtlll v bi.n' it Mr. nbbins. nt l Man 1 l i owing. A1 rdm th to l.bins' ,hoi1ng, Chewilng i ns nIle aof Illa ntr ItII nhoevnr nvell. il, ftrt I he rll n ly in ! i l m We ha've dates from alyin n i SJaninro, to the It of 'Slan. n cnn.idnible exctennit hnlln been Illons i v ia uirm vy ,tIev connecten d wi he llh ritish .hip, h hi h tad brotltll iln ihre cmptIted slve,-. The plpetn dlo not1 gi, e na nfll annolnt, but so far as ve cuanan learn, the lcaprnrlng of sin Ih taels is nno sufficiently piolthlnar,& nem of the slnvte lnptlins wa.n s nsnltaI baly the in in, h s leni tly, n stlallantu was iinosg neaur the Ihidih shil andlwal hailed-- nolt nnaanlr t gi ell ; whether Ihe silence wa' in ten nllli , or ltw lhetlnr hse ianise ofthe ria . chinnery Ipevenled tlle captllain ola lsann nuer rollnt hetnr inllg ills not knolln A was tfired .um the 13rinia.n .hip, and the: b:l struck a pa sentger of he boall in the flrenihtd, anill klli eid hem; hina wifed , Ito whOn l. had beena reently nrn ed, was standing at hi; side, and wa.+ wuudmed slightly Iin the nase. This causead a terrible elmmotion n li the lrllelp. ''lh Elng;lisl capt1ain alt npre lll In dll b t wa drivln ibark he tiel n iebroughnt ru a i a -nsel ian arll ed oce, bill asa unable ito gnt in ashor'. 'We see by ine." ti la tet papers that n delintd lnaat been madeia upon the !irih commanllllder for the ipersonl who din. charged the gun. lTh I -. Ii. Steat.ner Ponsett has left aialinmo.e for Nan tialk, hltaInye E.h ia iu proceed to Florida i see tio the Indans do their biooaly work iproperly ! Judge Bctna ,: New ya ork hasn decided that aill rstea ern wheahe. on nrvtas nt on lother waters, , lail be provitded w ith iron rin, aor t haina. Right. Thei Connr its harpoon at GCnranl )or ran. Iloatan l'ant. And it i+ to be h,,ped he will brinng tinia pnlia. whaal to ht.. btairmn;. '' . n on ns. u a.... " )11'. ttn1' " Intnn. till S an, Oor Weekly EditiLn will hbe ready fur ,lir'ry oe Sundy Moring Iat S' ocluck. Copies en bhe had pill iIiplin ltrong envelpes o be seal by mail. Carrirra Ripplied oi reasonable ternle.. Alfter all tile fleo. mdalnul ulicat yellow fever and cholera, Iie list of deal,,,this we"ek has been Inss tha/i *lly iie liir the iast willi-r. • 'lie. wacl alfthIe Cuba -is hon soull fur 7$130. Alas! I'r ile truaitiory lie of steamroats! Why is n pretty gairl like it hluhof ola whee?? Ileeuc rise is eourruundedl Ie Jellotas. ost. Puost. Fur ihli, youl shall be chiefopokes-nca foir IIh sex. rPCI.ICF: IN'I'ELLIGENCE. Recorder's Court--s.- d .M1cipalily, 19. J. Johnstoi A,. . H Iowalrd, lhsihrs, dischalrged. T. perl , J. Currm, I. Crawler, loafors, ioeharged. J. Sigstr.r loaer, discharged. J. Broze, Mary Auorrlson, lightling and diet. peace, lhouesd over. r. Aauon, loafer, clislar. ged. Juae 20U . I ey. onolda, srspiciocs loafer, to be vuached for. E. Baiaeur sal wifi, J. Cullen, dliistr. lug pence, and lighoiCe iiclihargel. AI. Gregor, Sre. Greee, licfecs, lnd iofereo*, di4lihargid. S. llcoeRsk, , do. do. J. II. V'eli,, ,lriik, andl iasulting watehmcni, dishclurged. II. Itel. diet. Ipeace iid lightilng-diEchulr gaid. Sri. NICK \V.1.1IS IN EN(il.4ND. " Ilu veyt seen," ilcquird I.udy Sundlurv, "L iis new Amuican- autilior, Mr. Sitilgnese, (S1r. Willie) 1" "No," repiied the )cIhic s. "OUl, you s.eld aechim,'" saidladv Sudburvy, Ifior Ie is wriling u book abotltl ingltud, acd mieua tl s n.t. in all tile iealties ; hai t hi i to i llie here to-dy " ILd Steliliarlciwho ou know, c tci a -ii'-ct ieagerri cf lions icclm i ii. i4, to bring him to dinier. I tlol lher eI tell hhs; that hII imstcot Ioliihllappiiitedl if ai findsl medver 'r IIrIH hae beenufiiileric so muc chwilih c head totely." While lady Stlddal, was still speiking, a Ia e ald. r-santed and aninauncedt Ltudy S.te msry an Mr. Smzh giuessI . The latter hacicc i l e I dully ipresented, lade iis hest llandwal y Ihaw ad sai,!, i" I' e ioerry myilIly, tc hietr Ii cItY: have Iii t e'li ' uit"r nilht(rngic) il.t t, '' heiii ] ilie l.)cll'hs 'cllih,; SlIcrY Iirl"uked otes of Sclltelirc tii i ll S Id (11r. |{ a lltlii.oi. .s 'i e toii , II f stlop by. Seeihl ),opar litt[, lam,'. is Blenhi + , i~ in lilceli'itd ari; whli:hIi iee-Id loiow-Ired YaUkee " - niit arity, a-tcirally ricned his blood and l et him lIIi ,"i ili. i)ini'i. ioiint'leeclir I ade Stelsg tra€v fell mo tile hlt of Mr. Splrmbllb I, ' ýI.]e pereeived Ihr iron'lEP, ,lr. Soo~lgllcsq toweng Ilillelf' i lter hier. i"u l ocery p "'Pmi onri nr lde," a lie, eidling I t her, "thifs nirt ro tr e .+ u.'nacurdin. Ilinte, though, inet tlebrer; hic lilll h l' in iiiiig c.ei ctnliidy u everyil Teel , imln. " ". Andlt so there is u lad ton ever)y I 'eIIrltem, Sai Mr. S.po.hill, rart v~sIi hlleyt iirap. aull veli\ilr. wv .lel ite, wi ll te ''r', k ' llr, oir enlosei'ii a e i a aq r 'urt':ýllh ' is of , iarl i ' iTit iUitl id I iis i ii'rt i I"r. ,niogll !ilei.. gaisli cii ct] brated i i ier irn,,nu tlUhus," tiltte.r I a v s + ,astrn.y, sigtl 1.resi g" c lir. S ci ,,till's cri, as Ic admo t , be a liitte Iort.e Civil. " uii yesi,". uii.iM. ltiignei, " wi kitlg i 'ii i t eye aln l w tging ilig oad,l i wtl.iic t 'ains aii iiriier In tcIII l o ii ilrii ciiiu e yll'l I di eeiuir fasti 1( t ulunll, ir,tllt l thlos allly Intzl , that with" saliidic cir. Saiiig- ec- Icr lmilln.o tiic.''bl f t ifs in t librul tiro worhllh a "l'.rkilh HlmIar." •-I lls. 'o" sitll i illed .:dy S I lrn ii ray. "\\'ha, hi(ais' Ibmre-'i someli ao.'if evei'r thi' k Ibrc'ii hl eiiat pc etfhiiilr hlfiu, ihl'cci)luoii r t lblllRa there'+ tilt, -rtllt. crowliitli, ie it wl ere ,ut of lt ta ble; nu Ithe t iL(. . Illrllt t Bulrl .it rv t-. .. Stlll kee pll CUt itulll y ll v u'ulllillg r~lll i i V IiOc hill" li tiIIt` hlti.. n. h+.*ll | li.g r irll mEclls i ll as iTurkey,, ,.als it e.--.ecky a'1 urkidh Is Bx ur." " .ief, ii il what it viry original idea!" said Icair ate mmlr. ',' I'' , 1'' V O at I H'li that11:1 inl )0otr Sboohuk."" "lc i k I'm it note l f it s r yreic r lid Su l i g 'si . lIIt the wllrd " hlok" ePedn,.l t awa9ken .4onlt. renlenl* brain-ep, liar irlllne tiaeli aiter, icW e nilieoacc'ooo,doi from) hi. coat |oaker llllll , r his napkin ; andelat " rullllu ill, ruI llll i loiaise igartn, wi,'ichl exei u Ildir. S rmlill'c.urio iti. 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