Newspaper of True American, June 25, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated June 25, 1839 Page 1
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PRIcE 12: CENTS. NEW ORLEANS, TUESDAY MORNING JUNE 25, 1839 'oi..-VI No. ,936 Termss of the tear ueaper Press of Nerw Orlean uoaoieaouusulagreedto atn a djourned Itetinin t o the I'rtprae.tare,leIld n ttne 1tall of March, t.:1. 1 u0scnrIPeOn.t=rwelve IDollrars for the d:Lil py . or anamt,, payabtic semi-aInually in advance: ten tid dallars for the wi-.weekly countly paier, pnyable ooe tear in advanee, where iun itv reference in given.- Flrve dollars for the Weekly; tenaiyle i: evalLctne. NO slbs.ription will be dicotionueed until arronrages are settlod. In case of di coutinualtne, one week's notice tin riltln must on invarLably given, previous to tit je pirntioun of eubtscriptin. Io AuPrIarsalO.e-O) n dollnr trr .ahre for tie first iof neortiun, and halfa that price Irenfor l each sutsearnt Oer: an a materil tnratlia froe th,, original advcrtieeeLcnt Ini w ii he harged n it ra .e onte. YcAmLV AIoDieVEas.rSEI.-Mercntetie and 'irr ers, `'i tray dollars fot .IC;isnlh a ne, and r aixt for both Inn gtagoi llanks, Inomlranee Otllce, andl olther simcr se public enaritutiunsv fifty dolltre ill Kieolish only, and al eibhtle for buloth lguagas; lShit and teaeiehon,t inc.- thi ore, ar LuImnli,'n ioii mierchTntn rioty dlllarn io English i i e old eightv or bouth lngiagen . at IAa aAoers, Otruntir No'rico. , sanil arte, enII, ilg tile attnttininofthte plice to tllea of pnlelrt, ,l i yrrds of ptlsenleras, encfitiae, &. &c. willthe lrerled nie dollar pet ileare for tie a rst inert y in ill euach Iete o,Hr-McahCedtnno or Advertisemn ntdt ot any lersl n-o ; iat ntrne, when adriniidle. shlnll h chinrgel doelle. i, ld hil and vonce V A deductin of tw t fie p t will e imde te o *ucl oieer Sl ierif, R tislPrlg o ef W\illr nnl eatnrdt liA I ,on .ri. of real mnotle. utinlished in both If ...ugel ra and 5l per cent. ii English aloLne: ) por eitL. t n o lo.s of other prorperty. AurlseIaa..anTS out of ther dlrt line rII loneeee a 'of teI adveria, s ch a Ietn, Ilin, nion, anl plntl roi sales, runaway slaves, stray alil"lL, M. &c. will bi. crargod for sepa attly, and oa tile rrliirv mrrat. e1, A i reII aert. Ina nolt rteeifieeteo ntoairn.R will Ie Ipuhlihael one Ia nthl, and ellharged ntceeornl e l No adlverltiielens ,l r bankruptciese will I ielisnhed i n anyv raee, un+les paid lir previLus to insertion, or I guarne eed yred i iraper, perno n in town. lap m l o haiei e u e . . er e ion.... . . n . I" ". 'Thel re and other itlnaes rf nlmeerient, nodvertiinre I' .wIcily Jr tha eneon, to I e cihrgeil $l1ti fher l-.ngliel a- ie geloie, ael $15a ii aithiilnin-guene- I, All aunnll.nlnente of teeitieltee for politicallllcrn Ie will ie chaerged doublt lhe price ofeOther dvertice. a ment.t r Owingrho, ai immensreeiiniti +neiaird bnii neewipapetii II na lies orf erslns wo se aenolunte hve t inot been e idi wit ali onfe month after ree tsli , sheall bIe Inll o knuw., (so far as practienhte) , each othaer-l-they obli- I I. ta. PIIENI. r-CttCA'. M'eri-iy pIres-.--e IIc- un einll..ri ee e ,nyrcoa .i wn At. nlhc lcondeelilieosn an hirn+ hey yre appliiebhe t, signell) .& I1. lA WtENI ::,m • I eiere ,,u in eoft ni e . oeeer pce . IAY'S LINIMENT.-No Virtian.-This ex p Iraordionry cniniaiuoia cnmponitionn tier resuit of uoionae, and the invenotio oi creLrated iee mu s eal nasea, ,the introduwnarte of which to the pubien t, wag invoeted with the lOnelunaty eel a deathbed It, tanquOt, since gained a reptutiatou uilparallloid, i t fully sustaining ithe corroeteesn of ther catnntel ei Dr Gridley's loast conferesionn thot ' an o dared nut I i o ien wtloun girio a poastditftytia te eullltnft his, l i knowledge on thin smatject," and ha ttherioforo ieaqcuathed to his friend and attendait, Solomoa n Ia Haya, tlae secret of Iti idiscovery- t it is neow usr d in the principal hospitals, and at thc private practice in oar country, first ail mosoil 1i-. certainly 'in the curer of thae Pilest, and on eoe i nively snd rftc t 'rally a to bale credulity, osnlekr ii wherea its efeen.s are witnesud Estiternally io tie th qollowing couplninti s: For Droayy-Creating extrairdiuary abenrptrreii -e - at n e . Ii At Swellinges-Reducing the il ,n n frew eleraes Rheuelatisle-Acute or Chironic, giving quni att lSore 'T'hroat-ly Caneerns , Ulcers or noll. i, Crontanl d Wlaheing Cougl--xternaily and i lener the Cleit. l All Ur seatsne Sproeti n, till tlurnm- Curea Illg t o In -Lw tnurs. Waeroin aned Tlhieran-Whether frraa or lng: aainring, cnd iievor srers. Its aperllaaona n aeu)t llr oehildirie Ile retlune gilt rhou ali. Swte illngs. ll e Ien Iieaeoo illt ite IIIr ite I igihtneno the nealet by tel.exaniau ont ieel pynri. neas ten eurlrilng beayoini rOetptiot. itt, tennLan reina irk of tilte tiht hmcnc usoed it in ithe tP le,., re " [lcneta ltine atOtrnll,. 'F'Il PIt'l F':--TIIat or)cl eI ir retninttetd toI any pertso wih -ll llare a leottle of' Ilay'u Illolellenti flr the tiler, aid tee emply oiteile witout leeng cured. PlSO iere tile pueIlcYnie tilyrri r thee tie jlreytllet. to tthe Agntnl; a.d . ele of mlalc y tlue-. ot l sold, n nd t one o ln a bieel n Ula a te r 'esfil. I'V tl' r tt inLert cerlitleiate to aci y lenet'i, iutC preflr Lltat tlhis who leee tlie nentnt , ei h,.t ,ie l en" l leiihtt ti.e original to r (:CAUTION--Nten can lie geuuone eielthint a ,splundid algryvcd wrapper, on which ie liy aILne,1 n urn alio ttaot on "teu Agents.t SOOLOMin.N II.\YeK. Sold whlolernlo act] retail, lby Ci't)M'I'cIICI & (. C~o. Now York. and by eon I)ruggtlltoo every SOwne io Oto Uc,,oon. Fer tlo Iy t:oe Whloleeole Agents. corner of C(ortnon & djcicotletoolcty sttcc.t Sd Iby tIhe ApolthccraLrcs glnrallv __ NO C IJ fit) 1 Il Alll ll " '+n Dllr t ItII, rctcbo Ito the ceautwat etc n s )lcmei, to . tL ltoetrc't f.103. lie. JJ/elon~e, f ore a etieoitc'c of ceicey tyeoc0,cIlo celliclt with cOv clo bhe lielllu~voo dlueu. r i: ectele, eo l 1'rehonoe, Aielrctlo softie, Itllodder, Kteduc l;ro1eioeo ee the Skit, Sole Threat, lTOlCm othe Joints; Andl fle numcroueteot ryace on hlciclh geoeradly folllo his lthce... Rececnt eases curedl in twro or th~ree days withou)lt the, i uas oel teolrll, i te rrelioti no. bIUinesle, or eltert Ceton to Ion cccli oflojegy. A lolllteoellprpeset eneleal DIiseaso cn be ohl, teoted 1l tto .DuJeboo In in irone the rrcipe of the Ilarct Lnarry,att cletrttd Plreteh Aurgoe'u, aandto uesed by 1110 duriog th ooevera l pao~p* is rlen Ic lie p*eveod Ys--urooge~oBG~noOl la thel French Army. Sold Iby I,. Joleet, at It. ollici bacri Ieacrlnon tohio70000e 000000. or rtlemoinlg c eticccttunty wo'ldl do lLItb I iu~ Dr. Jo011h'1so1 11t cal, is0 prope.0. ied oa r therll o e ctlto lh e h loreIs tfltit tl c In e 1111 . o ith ritlel dircetiuns fn their u· Il~·. i Augttrf 'riP .4 l)Yof l lle; t.lX1i7. ,cpieini'n that o"tottto of Ith .ieatseooe that aiec oetthie$d ectigintat it the otmeottot. 1I'kb t clixt ooow ttd bhllim withte ttht mot l utneeleec deteceted nw·(s o wts private and ubi p ec! o os1eEl o or) voean, ftt the roetooal of hoe fll In cnict Luisofettelerttte, Iclo"tale te, t)1.t.ctjot ef he. kte. alth, Prai itltooietade, IevinOOloe thle lcCiaed d jllci jtsijon toeetp, Irregullarlty o tihe Itecro+ oil uni all easel whtotelcligletion ur c+.-tirtl atbit it focnd it, mbin enedicine moct not ee cteeolereed amtog the host ofqcr bk nostrums nowtooeforole oo pblic, ea it it the 0ete invention nethlltl t letltrd mcotteCielnifi: orCyeol Eclmtro ever predneiettt and fit, sret o l preepnriog itl lao rtotnoetthdby themagent fer a veety Inrtc2 l um. Jt in ogree~tle tot peasnttotI,, the taote, nets or a mild after ,eett.tttoyo keeps the bowelo free, tlcotart vofo ned trrehtctlet ther eytlotent and cheterl ltlnust to tlit moieln, .,tlf a toerbelttesr removes the wo nt teoirelelnt calne.. el D)ypeertttia or Inldigetlion, td ptcc'otLfoe return at nOly p ttw i. Voltt, 17th Auguet, lIiiit. I5 .Slhelia tt~oltret rB1at;-eeottetoencruflettliel a selteloary ;ifs, I ,l;tre heu etetoubled, sore or Ito,, witt ltcieetiol for holl yars; tItr te otttlattheayeonetcY olleteinogo icve teedeltttorl'D' 'nbl0. I htoe, tied Savarenl peete iect pld a ttcotbe.rof(tlnck .coedicltte, ewithtnt dreiting oaey tetenit. I dtapalred of tcer otleteniitkany peranecet it, lief, nulll naitlieal myself to them tat hopelres de spall):ir e was persuaetlb tttmtty frcends tn tre Aberoteetyt ,l)yatntttie Eilixit. 'I tot tee tilefin lsted thte foctit bcut. Sitc.tttc etctco ci Itok t owl etxprent enyr ittirttiot of ite ondertll virtlleltlmd the teecoelt 't" iroenrelnet in .t.ttritegt to tcllhe hetttltlteltlel I .eghtt lo-t f aver. B~end ma half it dozen b attles n it to end exceptl my lthtnksforlele. bleoriogc Ito have ae o erredty re 0trittg tIe to pctt1lt thnatl. I recl ia tt s file antit It, in Ihi peossessionttet hundred cite ictoetioto sittilet 1tc thr thbov.eo rhoe nctreodli tert vi' itttof thism ettdticine. Sotd ic njcpccieellteton, at Ier. iobtnnt. 1)0 Ilienvilt strelt. e0v. S VALUIABILE E:NGLIsli.Dt IW~ \MAR'l'th.l.e teVonero ef ielenoeo. Cttllingeeortb worele Giihbntr' mieelloowoun wltrka Romten a. ork-WaRerl, (rent l) peltraits Parry'sLegendry eabinat-oC'ol etr' works. ots Ho5ggootleo.,8 toroto-ir Clharltrn (i ltlctisoe Gotldstaith ehnitetad NalturteSttioil on Cottages K(oeox o liotory etflete rflerontiet Laven tart'o blocgraphtical drtietervo Arm &e. Joeyanecrio al toe)r sfee bey A TItWA t. .7 49 loctcpct EI.EGIANP t It tlIE-e-.Wllieo lt, Cha tdtcr two at.. ha tihin day reeive d iceltttaeassortmllnt ot I-trge en telled and motaic hrelpintellto et u in thile er tetle. IF Cin frocct chill ttloe tecer trol Brencn. fecr .alhbv A TIER, l e' 34 Singoricc ot GAS I1EPAt'ATA.' INT, ( n ts Ligihtt BItnking Ctcunp'y, Jonlorat 30, 1839. IT lE Stk of Cloke behig ,nlloitll oledtIlls iot pI it y will huel< ll Pitlsburg Cloal, in snlll qua.n )Order receivdJ it the Gias Oimcr,, fnek Alltv. ja:l F, V W\EI.'lI', l Me'y, BU NII\M3'S DRII()PS;.--Thles medicine wan lls\clvretd by the rnprler1 r and h,.a ieen sub jec ted to his careful observnaion far many years of ho diver,'lirld :Amerieano clitniC; nnd It is nor given to teuIIIIC II ll e t le tmeo t conflidner eand0 believe tlhtt it', n as moIst clenrly set firth in the pamphlet ncollllllllllying thle tan., tile best rlledI.. cine ever thrnrwn w aithin the reach of all clnases of Ien l ll.. It in with tIhel reatesl t r.In riely e e101 inl aI ll the ma dlie l whIch nilllet tlle humanll r. ce, frolll the eslaith sht d foact, lnlt, when takllen ifne ti al ets nlach it ntsolalircloodlr o I n stat1 e illof l11! lolll cells nd the nature of tle (I' ellle tilter as all I loleite,I (lur lI, sudiorlie, llxpectoronlll orcrplenet meldicllle. ha not it isrally what it lpurpo ritso t el ere . only ~, l 11 l ,. y,. l, the filst ill eredunlousL.. 'The lic is dally O lfllllmllng 1 t ll h konowlede.1 1 of tlhe i prolri' l ,rs o tl le ntlllilelll alld l lvlll g cli s sl cI in II'ases l th , I- ," nIa d Ile v31r, hlll,11 typhus,11 liert t vtI s and scatrI t l ,vri r, illh:tenzl , violenll clifIe L dly.s, llerry or Ilx, lys , .i,.i or measles, 1+ al tisfy 1hm I ithat They are lnot only wa:rrantelldl tli wlI rillliS recllllllmendnllle it, bll they nRe tralled upon from a Proitl ol.[duty whiclh IIhIy o 'we in thle hu1 n nill rtily tl say lII all, try Ii, nll )I w ill h ar amIt ple sat - ln Ito all we have . 111 l Ion hel II llllt. The cholera Inelf' , lI, worms l oslll oe wllolich eI t eert VIRleld ollur Cllluhiryollo JI hbll'eO l ltleld ill nrV l o I q'uered Ir|prliEthr ill tlhirle.l +eellre with thi e ie Il thls rled ille only, wi lloul I ell ,lslo ll single I prii,"nt. The nmedlr ll l n I.. .nred only by doctors IlIRNII.\lAM I DAVIS, ,r. L,1,e Missouri; and is (pu1t 1lIp t Ilh lld ' r ' u'icl l co1 t liaed wihll a plain and l 0stillt dinh,r1:a 1, n. d (ltlllaiing ilblollt ixty a ornalsk It muhe thec chll ptt e It dll l ic ver1 offered 0 to the puli,. h, t eatov ine edi,"ine e cllh wholes cand rsti il rt I by air Acenits, fll,..y 1I 3onabrel, lo)u etr i t and I 1i11 . 1\ . M 11 C--( l , N tive 1tll I'3.'o; The lonv ot , II ! d lam vin rc'lnar tlittrtI .1 lllilul t ltha int the lirtullt rtoml.itct iatle Wh Ill It l l ,e o, tl PeppI '11ers; Tho0 u "rlllle nl ll a0 it l reo a I trt 111 ,1ln1 , g nltl ll y o ir a 5o " llhallrlAll l a. Ju-t rl A (ln ttd oho ro l oll hIli irom 1 0 dil t t., l ll.,,ila) tl o not tai o t (t c iti 1I fl t A' Ig l y l il evll Iy o ,,r .Iv , itn oit l cI l ta o ela IhS I.t tle a tEn t,; Ito Itll kl. (ly ll, tloae .OItlo ela totlt ,rtmo ; t ,per I'en Ianli ta11, t lo n oUtd In ' llot hll I{,,.,rl \|.',+h 0.1+, ltv .1 I" l t't; No, u , uI'tz a Idl)ic l i er C, lY)1 Y, 1 nhels theea i 1 311ri 11nna chainoocher, (aibmely 011111. 0 gn to In llt'la INd l.lEo n I lA) i sviN A H .L L AA ' i , illlrom Mobile (Allblt) to (GItt ea I 'E Moile vely in tn daher ' bein t out or lin thl the" e mceival of ther uteillo iNewOretn , Orthle FILRthe SIltlal:llepr l'cIasl td nla tCoy, ano nkotatod onti Ctcmk. fahI ilv e It , t r A :u t in iy) I to .cie s hll r uhl, c llch e t h -er via ,aln 'iat ne, (sheas lnleschmec, (1nn u' n r'ly eMonit Ver. opn,) l'llh ilri oci'rlh. 'Tr rtht Nelh w Osvilleland -..i is alrild tll,' o t A sme+e. T runf ne Agi lM 1 e0la ilt Mo. hile is i n ao d -Wundg t' lli.a. thrown out ( ItO ing Ii; ti) N I. f11, (litll eor ,ln I aior l l nder o eutll eollts a thl goutrlll il Ol ull t i.l HeiP 11 T N'I' i a hl TheIII smot, hard untuall radP ibe 11 19191 i,(eh .arritllo 8 :l u 1 .1 l er 1,ll p ee ina e , lhrr0ln f 11r all 0a l- 11 i llit| II (etanC:tvL l % " lt' .1.1s n o t el ro.ol lltlll n l ll l elel.;er call s-l ll .: bing vihe shll Oc ulrI. "|'s I;r8It New th MI i isrtllton.'L S. 1I:. t1 d ihe liA.~u ts 0" in Onew Yo(II. trirm, "le'vi , cal. . .h r fr3'00 r eo 8,t 3rlas i1, rut0 tn it ;,rI,0try. I TFIr sie otis lhrud, l el. tIU dtlll w e ll'i till3 iller ll c I lll. ll lho e il)ll 111e 11 l .111d lll laI i tl(l . ll.I 0 1 Mll1 h.e 1 1e0 T tllt t lra oe tr i l0pil)nlon lit, a tn hpleas tloft.hl ' cn Ite it l Ne "lql' IwI'1 f (ho 01m .1tOle a (n 0 t l lCo, ,.It v i ' ll s . .it l ' Inll 1111 S'10 1 '111.. It '. tS ll.oogl 1Io 'lc, at \l30 limt I lltlm' Moblle I " llis, t .e, N\I w trch(' l ,, I1t 11l\ tlt., a I t,1i 1 oii' l i 1, 1 1',h (-l, lll, I ii (h1r1tInn to \cw stn Ik, 111 1 1 - tISO Trill., \,w tr l,,ot o I btul,- 2 h eoo i-£1 l . I ,hll1" h, .11 ll., , < , 'III S'l ..rleston to Ntw 1l k, ,.- . , 1inkin, I1, a u ts per day. ,t f in, .. pT I ,s rL ,,' i'..hl 11 11 , 0i,1 11 h ', olll110 rl ll1 th,1111,1 i.i t' lh, , 111 h N.l1,1 ,t.11 '1 t ( Il llallI' t 001 1 .1u I l.l.l dllarIl l( i:o 1'Ilrek hlte' put llen coltpl, ted,1 11 the 1 i inr:lll over"i Ii, (ll I1h*' m nll , sll es It a lillls l ti a ainsl t 11hi e sale tn sie,!, itte ur'"lthnshnppilh rel l ve.d; nod Ilha 't. , th plt.'ssure of tl m|nt frlm+t tll,,l-,r I the coach.i ,hor. 1; ii, IIdrivers and d, are , 1t". ' e ; t iii l i hl r., I l wa:ItDr *)I.e Pi'to lte I le tol t Ce l Ilhlly, it is asi0 l it tel hy all tl Ilave paI sed tlroull0 it to he iniiri a1 i:l, i e lll i, be1111 uy o111 ( il s t'l. 'l'he b ridges thnlltl ei.or uga li.te il.ob Ieunreli.p.l. t -1d 1 .1 ICIAK lllt -lufoly . llla lllf·a u i." l u lnvieaf " (hiane .l / i 7re S nUl , .ded tI, I i,' ,lhd le " t llhdhld arnd Charltes o, 44,firtd, 4, noda t 11 o1 .Ii'loth ie Noe. e, and lie ,ia lo:l IIl ilC0 . o . il : lllnl, l tie uoit ( li l I, . e ..iI " i seeie II and +l,' l .nIl, fen v ,e,,' if t,,idy ],. pirln,,+ Ion Ictt er , , rin , n w oun. lmplen on ti ,he laie, 3Il hl r , rll n, al n l; i t on, lp , .iv hent, flll ( licle( . it .,s of ih c ln Ihl a , llli is .f this soap null .non cdlit h. It Is r,3 it in en dei d as an moli, .hzla v . or co tlupo nd f,+r gentle. iiienl ouir h+,, I1yi inl; Il.- eningl ltexion, r'll vln[ ' t r,-ckl'e ,and imn, rting Ire; . 1tl ul 11 litdlacy to the r' sh I, vn 1. Th"1' !," ntel"~cr ats d rsincion of a 3 and viitile blnd, is wilb many qo object of Ill<.he ne'k lfacei and hanilds Dtw rmn t'alnned or hard e nriled, wlnd the invn'on s n t mnlof drn chl, m sllry have tr'leif rendereid sulservierl t not merely to the lnec's. sarr evc.,r ittarmual his, hut even toitsluxuries rill erl t annews. S.oId whol ,':sle tied retail at Nn. 95 Custom neeubsec,. 1' e ti. of NIW MIED.LCINE. i Dr.G . R.Phelp's 'opound TO.IIA TO PILLS, T I I EPR l ~ po l lllp p l a r a t1 I I ,,. l l l 'ol ll. t l l oI a le w l y J i.-. , n ve l,. ..kl alin subsl a.l ene, txtraet, fOlll tlhe 'a's oato Nlam s s; iell ollir v C,.,ale n el rl, a a r lhrticve been follnlle I -e llhl 'ath ilrtlr Iel lnoii ever cII,'overed. They hYave II..l ahind,ultl y' Red .ecr~l'. ut II l e al,, ndhove rect+d n MarhallnC fn Serofiua, n yspnT.prlal Janls, filI h .n J, leae. + tirav, , Itheu., ntl .n , (: ..ught. .hltS, Inttlltuet ., S:at.lrl, Nor eusr ( tta.. i, rlt atnd T rtlle , lnndular wel-. A N., R Lfall kil Q(ltellIU a Wah, llead)hN.,iA. - AI, AhtI lto g( uset d eti. tteLede is.en. to prep veI t tilt l(.,rltllazlO of hIlltOn i.ll Iter IillCtltlels FYh er eild Awtt, ni. ill those wiln res lllno I i,, hot ellh le, Ul lowI and Smarshi , aUndtre., nr dti n lrel e,.thie o that Lan he ursed ile theo.n oI m, phtltS .. inllWe, till fet Ih II b 11a a ll r.htih" remllltdy for the SmUl , ltt.l...l PTraVeLtrI s i heslt nledicn e lthey tall la u tou l nflll.ln a rt I the l tlenrg .n 1" mrl In u al t wilnl e +.attr. F prrlnary watelyr l..t', tnld l aru e war t lllt up I pruov as mlah Ir *l is'tr o ril t l- e t.e Tjtht .....,hls e elf tile . 'tt .I I lato I'hut, havt e f.r alongt _ tiie. a tlr.ttetd lse sll ttllloss l ,,,e ,dl 3l Ol.rd a.. ie .atn te .tlentC, asd great .t. retl aee tfred to te futiuredo v reaolem t Itelledllil n., taht lerll e plnretOe rt n n Ill, h IIy iii ell g now able to grlll1"Q-ellnd plr'l +g hills pIl LO itf I eIia: ,tlleth. N4 ep.ut. tltei tel.otter bee1ingtto e *es ttre..,tdtgl tt...yBLal Rt·)ILDY EVER.ItCU Ntj.eira rt-ll.icnt .l 5 oi cure, 1.t l Lthos Ihia . . have tiae the n ll, t Ih .tenslmo lly ofte. eral pillvl tJll, t I .leI ha.e ,tCtrlbd tthmet ,all lhslll+ thtesltttl~al ti o etitee iltfeel. .het1ir tt1t' sttleitllU 5thist ta.lel..f ontjteittt As.fel thlst.,tl and ts w ess 5. (et. U, tll tet rCtel tl OI lllh p i oll. Ir . r t l naltnL th .ll , ai l l-itt llll h.. flttIt, tr.)tlttOl Iat..tow d llO I prFttentiuglt I,- Oar-ICle e. N tdlianehtilt prop e-n.r nsn iheflUttt l by ttt. hAte , lt a l edysnh ., ASRnee i f tltat eh c5It, tallll Wi ty .:tlct rcagyr l to . ith Chenle i ld d'Ti., eu Oc itt-ctll rs of .t nelerrr l mgrrJ drain, .hlulll take lh. place of tie Irre. lnai lth meet'itiea n ,he day, whlcl the r OalNtry illSl. d t--ntlJ f. e. thI.. .. rlrady Iritowet d ,lpoll tIt a, p -fl.t enlll and utller., he rt-elt Jutliedd itei.p tteting tlan h nlnlto of ,pelutlll.. &c. at c patt l, let,, l hlel mte Ine kd rattt .tof ll t tho aell those I lulla. r'e wIn. grlInulne wlllut ithe sigttlrnofl. It. PIIELtPI -a. 1t, nole propidetor, alrtltrd, l tnu. t t FOIL SALE BI', rE A 'lllallrhe, Gendrll Ageut N. o. lFIxItehiaree Ploe, c-ar the l'o.l Uion. Ala-o, by' A A Peychalu, Ni. 1'.1 Iue Io Fall J. Maker & ('o, No 77 Now I.e, nr. i JA Mh.tll, Corner S1e Jaies and TLhacelInIla s. J. lR,. Lafa)'ette City. Gi N CRrrlton. No 11, C &nal ttrtet r Joalne., ieorller Tivoli Circle and Trllon W'¢alk. Tholes Ithit wills tt Ict a. Agsnt.,l edlreat E A IFOL +|ANSIIe, whl+nlrlln Aeoll mar A ly A.\(;NEI'Rt LIQU; IDI t)I)l:"N'1'l'A.--llas with |lltlrnl Jueeas, for cnrallqlnn and whl~enjnfn the tealh lld preventine the toot hache; preserving the gitn-, p .rllin, th, . breat'e , nnd relnvlnv most s tlleeese. I - whl tI t i ll. hle In either the adIuit err intact --)(lee tea sp(ean4111+ mnixed in n wine ulmestul .Il polre waler. and sl nppLled 1, tile trs.It In alla[ m anor- with4 n brlrsb, will et.eetnlliy pre. vent sellrvy, aitd waord off that vxcrutiatilg pain, It Prt' ared+ nully by T. F. W'anllgler, Surpenn Den. e ist tt, J. ,'1fteran Clr_-,,, nd enhl whalesala le tl retail hy CARI.EI'()N & Co. 31 Cunal at. In ,.hal ageznts lat \''onegt' Odrnlira ('-.,.t.-i+-- l!, Iln all bl.,,lU'fine· 15ln d ne, fin ..... hy i' (; Itl)I4t.Y, I1 New Ievstl 'I 'Al'l9U OF LOUISIANA-First Judcial Din.. E- trict Court. ThIe Stte of Louisiana, to all whom theso pro. sents shall ceone, greeting: Whereas, William Mackey, of the city of Mays. ville, Kentucky, having purchased rt a sale made by tie Sheriff of thie parish of Orleans, tlhe pro. perty Iterirnafter described, has applied to thile clerk of this court, in whose offier tho dead of ale was recorded on tho socond day of Mavy.A.D. 1839, for a monition or advertisement in conformity to al act of the Legislature ,of hti State of Louisiann, entitled "all act for tih farther assurance of litles to purchasers at judicial sales," approved the tenth day of March, 1834. Now, therefore, know ye, andr all persons inte. rested herein, are herohy cited and adlmonished in the eIrirlne of the fhtato of Louisiana, and of the First Juldicial )itrict Court, who can et uip aony tight, tille or claim in and to tllo properly herein. after described, ill consequence of anly infirmality I in ite order., dereee, or judgrmnt of tire court uen. i der which thie sale was ade, or any irregoiarity or I illegality in tihe arpraisoemers and advertisements, ri in tlile, or manner of sale, or for anly other def:ct whatsoever, to showr cause, within thirty days frmri the day this nmonition is fir.t insrrtred in the pubhlic papers, why tile sale so liadi sholid not he cor.! firmned ad Ithooloigatrgr. The said property was sold by the ShcrilT of the i parish! aforesid on the 11th day of Airil, A. DI 1839, by virtue of a decre of this court, renderrced onil the 2d day of March, A. I). 1839, in a suit rn titled William Mackey vs. ihor & Steever, No i 17,376 of the docket of this court, at which saol i the said William Mackey Ibecamr Iahe purchaser I for tile price of thousand and one I hundred dollasr, payable as follows, viz: i The purchasor assuming thle payment of one. t hail of two notes of six thlosand seven hundred t and sixty-five dollars and filty.six cents, each to be I due on thlre 261i1 ofl Marchl, 110, aid the lo ancet , cash; tile purchaslr asuminig also, the rl of cightl tholsand andt five hundred dollars, ldue to the 1 IUi Uion Ilank of Louisiana, with interest at ten pe:r cent. from Ist February, 1839, and the balnce io I Scashll, and reserves a pcial ImIort.gag oil the pro. prerty sold until thie sam is plid. IDescription of property as given in the junc:iali conveyance,n viz: The undividedt half of two certain lots or grrned, together wath all the buildings and imprrveenlts thereon, rights, ways, customs, servltudos, privi. leges asl advaniages thereunto belooging, Or in any wise applrtai,.uing: said lots adjoini each other and ilake part of tbh haltre ill front of the rsullrb St. Mary if this crty, frrrminrg te Inwercon ,"e Julia oaud New Love strrets, designated by Nos. Nilne cell and Twenty, o a plan of said battora deposited in tile office of Felix Grlra, Notary, dated tie tihirtieth Juue, 1.32. Lot No. ninotreon measurong feet six inches front on said New Leveo street, by one hundred fIct in depth more or less, by a certilicate of Josephi Pli., city sarveyor, dated March 25thl, 18is3, it appearst thI tsaid two lots rneaoure togeth. er, in Englishl ieasure, seventc y feet front on New' Levee street, by onel hudred feret i depth; togeth. I Ser, slso, wilh two hlndred shares of tle stock ofr " the Uniol Bank of Louisiana. Witteso the lion. A. M. Iuchanan, Judge of th ('0C rt afarsanld, thall th May, 1839. my It-4tw P. I,tBI,ANtC, DepityCl'k. S ET'AT D1: LA LOUItSIANE. - Cour di Premnier Dstralrct Judicinare--l'Etat do l Ia - Louulnana,-a tous ceri que ces prdsentes con. I corn ,:nt-- Salut : Sc T'I'ENI)T que \Villiam Mackey, d cl ville de Mavsvdlle Kontcky. uyant acheh i titne yventa lirito lpar le Shrdffd lla I'arorsse d'Orldans la pro. pritld ci.apres ( bcrite, a'est addres6 alu gr"olhl de Scotto coir, oi lit dlte venlo fit enrtgistrdr Ie .in,. jrour deo M,lr de flantoa Id3'), ponr uot ais, con. tlridrincnt a on actr ido hr l.dgisloture d,! I'Etat de Ia Lruieianre, trlrltnuld " Acto pour collniriner Ice tireod t es aotgiidrersl anx vcetes jiudi.tlres ;" aop. proulr lit 10 Mars 1831. Qu'il ooit cotrn, et I trlulos ipersrornes ii dtreroids beit per oet prd.enrtiol a ron nd t all mrmt d I'Etat die Ia Loutrane et ido Is t colr li Premier district .Iishroeiairo q i p rriect. dl S.voicr droit i l.t rrprprrtd cr.aIres cdi:erter, on conld. quetoor d'iu drl(luat dc fierme dao s P'ordre, Ie tideret ni teo jugrentant rjdla cowr, on Verru duuer l la vento , E'( .i te, ,as e t'uteo irregularitn o0 illigalit6 damer I'esltiatioI, I'Ia s o le ten s, at it Ic IIle de ola vent, Ol poulr til0e .ourre cause quelcon.qIe, do faire voir dlan treonte jours, i dater de ila puhilIe. liollr de cit a i le, porrrll la ve't n11 li lk llr ne' aerait paseor n rlrret hurmlogmue-. af ohioier pnlrorti fotrenririrre 'r 'rSherilT S . dlt ile llim jror d'Avrri doe Itanire 16 9, on vert d'ln decret de. cette cour, rcndu le 2 de Mars d I'anl'il 1039, drns I'aIfrire do WVham inlackey contr Ihr t SNteever, No. 17,376 du docket dec cotlto crur, helaquile veor ledirt WVilliaui Markeyih 'est rndut aequ(rcur pohr hu prix da $'27,1t00 payable c.mmn sail--savoi Iv tcqtlltirtor rratllllrlt i 10 pairorEit it CO Irea riri drI t deux blle'ts de 6,765 53ii cents chaquie, qu s. t rout dris Ic 26 ares 1840., et lia balance corptant; Il'.w. Iqudrcur assunorr t oassi le pairnent de I. aomurte do 98,t500 dos 0 la Ilanque do l'Union du la Looisiane avec intdrrrtt a o tax do J0 pour oat h compL.ter o lor. Fdvrecr 18..9, et la ilalance eolntair , et ro. servant une hypottheque spl"cialo sur la propridtni v indlur, jusqu'a ce quelli molt piayr. I)scprption de la propridrd d'aprcs le trasrfr judtialtre. Larmoio'd indhviso d dreux cet in lots do t-rre ovec tolutcr les batisso et aillirrlrillats qti c'y trouvent, anles qte les droits, cheiins cuturnlls, servatudes, prlvileges et aLvntages y a;ppartelrnt Sd'nllll Ilallliro qucll cOlnlqe ; ces lots s.Olt contigur cit i.t partic de la batture ctu fa e do liullaourg r Ste. Marle do cette ville, Iltralant I'encoignulre lit p Ilus basse des roCs JuIo et NouvSle Leo6.e, et ieont d6signds par les nor.. 19 ct ovit, stir un plan rdo la diti batture, dnicd erPonr 'Ictudrn idl Felix Gritma notaire, dato diu 3i Joan 1832. Le lot no. 19 mie. i ire II1 pieds polucens cde ace k la rue: dou I Nile. SLovI c , sur t10 ploleds pIlu1s on ll mains do profondeur, d'aprBs onr certiieat dd Joseph Pili', voyer do la r. vill ue dadu 05 mnar 1836, II parall quo ces deux S(lls terrains imsurent clensembhl, oi pleds anglais. 70 pdc d ot face h la rue de It Nouvelle Lavo, tor 10o de proilndur : ave ilUasl 2t0 alctiolln au food captital do la Banque do I'lUnrion du la Louisiene. 'Itlolin I'ionorablo A M. huchanan, juge d la oeeur suadite, eo 6 Mai 1838. 1'. LE BLANC, ,to Oln i It Dt.ipt (;r,'dlier. (\ KIit'\:,.\(;.I:TdS,ar ' \1PTA"l'INS of/ I'l':\ I1V IOU can hhoestieir i' tis struck ofJ in oe n or more Ctloired Inkls on I'in or o'l ored I'Pper, win despslch, nad onl fvornble 'lrmn, bq [errning I/teir OnIlIEns;nol'lIiUI: Af:lilt(" \N Uo:'I";i, corner of IPoydrnl and St. Charles t!orets. ;.I{ & :)l. \Si:5s-.l ll is ll i, lIl.l, 1 galla ls M.laasesl - el pl ,.toioll bnve lhe s r ..le hy AI)AM.. &. WIIT .l., eti-''lw 6i7 (;l·lnllc S:xli, I111l \\'r Ith.--- l e b ni-i.I~'l -,: .. , . n ,. incturers and whhleisalu denhrs in saddiercr. goods, ate nowi receivln biy Ila: nrrivals fronm the northib t addltlt.n to thelr Iorroer 'hoik, an exlen sve nasortlnl ent of artlicles It their Ilnt, a11ong .. olsl nr. Ilte fol]wlul ll., vizi: Lndi~e ani nileoes pinit and quilted sddl.'s, I t; entlrmucl's do Spanlllsh do do do 31,i'i'an do d, do ( Cre.,lo do do " do Amer. d.i d' l do 'loish il' douth's it !Ind do i o do cr.It, do do d iiinttilonoI, 'latlod, brass, nid jaipanned o,',ih Iharine j do i do ' g(Inil .iulkeo 'Id doi do dor U,,ri hi e doi I Droy, cart nld wagon doI HS ddle brUs, doulel a n.,s an1 '; valitces; ,medical -udd. hngs., Irus's is calrperl has0 ; hest iron flra en learlh r iloho rulll r Ibrassal . le,. ; Itlllr th lout top do, nasnoried silzs and varloni lyle-; hsi e.- ' and plian l fblls; cou:lcl gi, sulkey, Itwl anid lan ra.r crop whipst tunl, w ntsi.l , ioit,,,i und I r irelba n.1 ulnlinIles; stilrrup lechc er-: r nk straps ni l wtostel re web; chaln and hoid l h., ,s: blind bridles nnd lines: olech collve,s and hrs"r and mule eollars, .f all l li g aliti s; l . rocco, buock, buar.sheelp and butlal skins; pdlaed braos ansd -seel bridle bits of ev' rv description, plated, brass .nd steel spurs iof every deuscription; plated, bras anod steel stirrups nIi very descrtps linn: Togclger wiilth a enlcoplete cansirtlnull1 of every srticlo in ,hir line of busiiness--ill of wlhtch they oiler for sale on cconllollatlnmg termns. They will also contine o ir, eve ihiont rough the year, by p ckels from New yX.rkt, It sit suppls to keep their stock anlple Ind comnplee. KOUiIl, DA\'DI)DiiN & en, I( 4.5 Canal st. LI11IU0 Itat)IK , cheep blank Inault,, andi cop and Slelettr tpuer, qnills, . &c., a Ire and Ir l lir rut assortnlOi Our :a;l.d lhw by AIlX. 'I'l) WAIt, may :1 V0 Crnp strelr. FI.ti; STO(NES--609 lys Flagg Slons l.alning Ir,,lr ship te. I. wrence, fr k al I by H.y J 3 \\'IIITN\1 r my 3 ;'( ('IIfmp al lUCINA CORDIAL. In to 11 f:'f,*fILD Il Il:IditotlO Ao; it lt fir 111. 41 I1.1110 (COrdial ofr i:fir of L.1e, repro, Ii, hIoglllll ei OllIlck InnI' lo"lulto l 01 1110 frt ll: .1te3 e 11311 nn1 c 0 1 h dl " III: n alllOOlld loldv r ffyivl nll so fl olr fin-llo ulydi. III t 'oil fndod hu bO1lee ,0t oIrol Iouellhol' tCe file d. , warrllanlttIle ent illn wltlldrang his lonog advelloi- e' be lasFwllo of itsL nlloFIfeOl Iefwlold wfllllrlly I 0110 ll l IHtO 301.10 III' 10111111 oof.Iil~iliv Y state1 float it to lie. luoglillo celebrafed dioolorv,l bi I 0 oc11110 3 1eal0 "It'l l a I leitio 1110a in 0 r0, W .ll'00 That0 1 0 It l n; it'd I 0v tatl tla11 1tllo vi0d, 1 plnllO, whee I0d01 hav0111 heel et110ll,11110.l b the I0111 therwie, and fllooallllO I00 tjinllv renovates the pIrnr. rennt funnctions; that it is nnl Ilfol~nI (- Ilt .! lor Ile flollooI lalb; nulu!lll love allthat it a it the1 on0111y re1111dy ever dljs l11l0001lf fnr tIe 000 11011ll of tI lllhllflllll inOllllllCand barrellellll000 0 in jfelones. OwItong 00 111110tm v ily llillllll~onttil llO IiliO,1 it i0alsofhighIly 110.e- U for in lllfIOO llfltlllOIe l, difli nllo t 110 slinfut tml~nltnlta 'I' tiun, jlC~illeo~nllcc ofthe urI(ine, or invnIUntary diiiclul ge is brae Gtr of Hr. II nog ttis ditf of cuvery, the Anerican pr. d' °i IIIriY( h 100ene ln 0h10d11 alh. D n loloo' f II llI llll'1 10 1f e kih, at lile m IO lleltiCe of $4 o which i+lle sll than one holloooo price cha1g01010 r it to it S JlON WINTIR..0III 1 ,l1.1 Efw I.I, .1). w U1nited slitate.. Propror. a0 T h11101ov11 e rill nllll 0 fn. 011e at Ofll'ooll and re10il all, Ne. Il )1[aIP.ll0l003lil0l NlgtZlO~llt:llf 010,0110 tf''I'l l1110 . y 1111: 0!i'IIl1 01 I' ' I 'l I I 11 · b P1031 NF.(10 0 " EJI' 110111. b1no,,ff h10r0i0 thto 0000.1001 n001n Iame t hlni,f lo th lllna fae 011100110,ln lllpevllll llo the 0001110 of it1 000,e t11110e nl' 0aeIAn rm 1111hI~ieso 0111. tI,.rnc o0f0 011d ag ,whc .tooo: " 100Ioathfilyl~ 111111 in1 0010111110011 tIn hot, o I ve th0 00o laaOqll'l11f00fi0ll10l~lls 0 the 01n11o00thini 1g00011101h0t t1101 00000 sinking11 0111111 .,a dboo the Inao of 1,10 10i0. . 1,I e, Al111111 t0ia, nlllllllnlllll 0101111110000, lIloidfoo' ti a Raioi.,of( oo~pohehei 'rate, rapinefnfflll lhf l0 DI lol111!t. ml it nt turnng gra111,t110es it c111 r l h lifnllly, and d 03pthlrnir I.llrIlOll~ln 010110000 'Iv I 1.0 (00 In n I!" 0110011111in 0111pp10001 of t11e 01011100 of Oldfoido 1101111,1I1011. 11111111li 110 hl~il IlO lrfOYiOIOOO.n dR lllilr '"~ Ifni it, lit -howj by the proprilr nFthir o vr . c,1 Fl , RoRedflldlfloI llowin01g:- g Rtrhtlrt Wharton, Es. lat,0. 01rr f Phil hnirl l o 0 bfr ti ". a ! lientin,' ' .!n~ Iterel v certify that wrbavp used L) It -lilt Irolllrra Pnl,ia dlvr lied by J.OldridI ctr I.:::1 a . I " I..I II lli,:h e' .c aw-able a'. i n! lli nlprv v ný l l 1 s ". "o bo . I t;lol e fro h a rr rpr co, bcttn, .ý,nrms It five.~ bemloitf: tI W l1lff110 1 1,i.'1 "Il fl u'.1..1000111 Methdist f ri,,loooin I0t (..n.,' ", No I, 011N1th r del. 11 30130N P IN0i1.II-2ll Alof l 010t.0 003303I 11 'l10t1013A0, 111 1),1111 liner 0t la (3113 1 FiIR1t'7,1C,1 Slprue oo ,t 0 111 11 Of~llll: Ri9:Y Td, I ·Odo. C 1113: Aolk 01. 111111 1l~ l01011111,tlllllllOflol r ·l 1(iOl·;r o~hlullf JIIS P 110;I 311o1'0.]tl rnclrl t. 11 lllY1) llOl'011 ..f oo,oo':lI~nrs a JOAN (;ARl1(,Jrill··tln rthatrrtvlRI I..I It in neoiil flint threen of the above mimosa sae Winn rII( · h I) on , l?(·U. tdll ge, and the othersT not less than :h). Pr ut..~ thle Mnvtor.) '" ('nounlolrt~u th o f fent~mvlvaia. , Cityo 11 Pkilodeiolploo l1.l:oO lv lfO fdila~llflllllll 1 c t, 1'ini."r l\-'ha,'n,, , Moyne of said rite of i''iltidrd," y Iii 1Oa II0II10l cetifv tha1t 01n100f0l 0q111110100w11h , , IIIOOO J I' Ineli.lo1111 F are,, and lunch3III Curdyv, u y ' 1101o lllelllllb onlllFlllolf 10n1s 01d0t tllr 01ove 1rticnte0ll are1' "I elbf 11t1t11111 rhJllnt.lcl 101nd refpe0010il0001 Iand 01 mach·I fuill credit abound hI lr given to the ma Yid eFf rlifcnte. b 1Ir i 111.11111i I e lOoha llllIvo. 111111 hereunto e h anld ,',.usd tutsll fiealulllbo itytllllllll, thi 0 i1 ; ti'h dry *I' Ierlerl~er, 4.r. tI.. v.] )(( )I(Y. l t' IIAI~fif9 MMnnr. 01 it sidonilllnllgravenlllrta.poern whiOtt is reprf.ented 001 the llll ,,ftIno (0110r Sol,' IoneP,,lb' nod retail bvYIII sole IePnt(1 for Amtr lira 011 Flether Fb tre1t, o"ovo Malilde Lone, fine 110n11 t' P1u1ghL hou0llllrl f IIollla A0I)RI:0 ( 0 m3 Wholesalelll Aeants, New Orleans. tACrN :II)-1 S--10 ct.sks Citncinnn;li t T ,<,i in B itori,, fli le (a It(aE SI'i .. 44 New hIve, LIillil'l'EIX:lRY & l'APER lIIAN\:ING T h'ul~) I I.-'ery ýiebrecbt, Ornriih' i. C.1Vl:ksn 1 wI.uI most riespectil inurim his fliet (di the public in i, neral, shat he hin and in cll . ly revelvlnu a !general a.ortne t of upholstl ery nnl pnper ihant in. The followieig :lmlpricens a part ofI hi t ock, which le otiers f)r sale at whole na gale or retail oIn thlie most accommlllnodati8 terms, Frerch velvrt natd sahin paper, latent syl.e ; do haili(nlman l. cm..ann. i nlladellphin i 1ined1I nod ungl.t.wi d do , 'French landscapes, firie blilard ,l m nda, :,. hio velvet and waorsled do do, ti mnorenntze do culore, eilk fringe and gallions onfall qualllles, pattern an ld prices, worsted fringes s". lsorteld pa erit. plin anid enlmrred. wi-amlnulin, laInrnt stiyli p lin nd i rolouiedi, cotln drapery mullthn plmin and a.. l.lled, aI-'red cohbrn , new t styleet needle work for enf cuci.himns, fo mtlsoo cov~era, le new' style of tIil pn:lera, r:aised rliluer .it ans plarin, !!lt w.ndr v or rnents it all patterns bl atnd lzes, milt engrlu " Natal and spear,. f'athni t , ,n &'. gi-a knohle, n.+ler,, hair cIah, figllred and plain, a lare ammu rtinte t of ' ns e I r cilndutl . r ; t ar pik cord .ld mua si ,ni worflted cord anld ta. I" sels,a iuenernt inilrtmlnit Itof i oll latero and pnper "t hnh1nue, 'lnatantlv on hand anti fo anite at the e Iwest price's at Nos 41 k'y'al and mt4 Cuit. an/ N t-Persons in thi city or front the oenntruy, are rpepecllui'y invited i antil and exalntn e Iti r ii IPemselves. C(rpeas and curtaits Imade in tile atest mmtdel rn niyri', roInIs prepared at the sgortl si't notice,. anll all kinds nol uplholdestery' work d lne n I nh eataenss ant dinspateh. nt 3 II CII 4U(4 PYSIOLOGI.t: IC4LLY It-iSCUn SII1). 'Translated Iro the French of Jean I)u holi, 31. I). hby William Greenfield. Part Int. Oin Iih Ileti.isitv or lnrr.ia. ig uart Pd. Instletions, in courting, wkih at care or 'alt 3d. '1 '' Part 4tih r " " ` ~ Marr;agi' PI'hvsinlonuicllvy )iieracd in t.e most uselill, anid du:.ierdly the imsut interesting work that wet ever redl, It willibreal tiup more rIkeI s alnd pinsterl, andmnliea n hn ati tirt inln. .i.iid santionnted Iy ii lualrurt i iof u'v llen.-- aw ..lton 0u'iti' 4'ln is n g lent book, and will he produntive of much goon lin the II aninn yt', It is Irn it enainsl mlle h itranllwr I ulnlllgv, brit Ilt.It the alujlet i+ its, excllueo and i uf t n i'tella had rilleln O it, hP talInt hill Iav, trmellld it oellm lhatnly. We especially recommendell its "' intrenlsion in Courtin ,%" It tile attentlon of ull yollung lad;iP4 lU ;grntlellleu lu that marY be ill In,.lt o parttlners.--le ' lpit Couaier hes DLtnea, I"'rsnmulet nn, ti I'aylrai it between Magazine andtl ('amp street. Price $1. E Inm'tr, i.i sia,' hb A 'urt-" , n 34 Gravier al fin rnITrkev glltn arahm:, 5 do lhqorice peaat, and Inkh miaunna, anil or sale Ibn JAIRVIS & ANDREW"1, nl oearner tantullln & 'rehinpitouia et . II .I.i \Rl. ISA 1.I.d& t'.CllIECKi.i--Ju Ulreceivei a i pl dlu d i llelo a i f Binlliard Ii lld .nils ('ht ek,. IWJ811 .a AILFN. npril E'ehnngn Ilntel, nr St C(harles &(:onnmn " j)El\ilit'n ttn§iit rntrecevedt irod haqu 1 Chantil:er a large inlvoice dfJtInnI n anti Lu rant'na its1 ,tsuk, o ai djoh ihk, nil tler iale by a. A ''(WAV. R. 49" anlllt i ISP fII C..N[)I.S-d-Lti boxes, ytnaIt.u f'msj t ,1I ZVikasluirg."'or sale by A '1 IF:tR. June 15 31 Graev;r n t 33AVNA SWtEETI(EA'('M-25 oxinn Iandinig SIt frim brig Clarion. f ualte by A 'RIiEI, .Ione 11 31 Grevier "t OlAS-n--O oars superior iqualiy. andtl in End tl rn s ale by 1fd. J I' W I'TNEY, .195 i: Clmp .t .1 If INe,* .,.-, "THE TIIUIE RICIES (VF IItFtE IS EIIAL ." WVE KNOW that Iealth nd the abiihty to . labor, constitutes the wealth of h1o0 great mass of the people in this, as in nt st other coun tries. To preserve, therrefre, that health by natu ral meanns in a grand, moral ned p,,lite;al scheme toI filfil which, requires our ulltost attention The unprecedented popularity and universal ap. approhati''n which toin medicine has achiivedl o throughout the Unitnd States, the Canadas, 'lexap, Mexico, and the West lndien, fully justify Dir. Peters' in warmly nul condc:entiously reenmoncl dlng them tot tile special noltice of tin alllicted. Peters' Vegetable Pi 'I are the saflt, osnt rffre. tual andn economical remedy fIr diseases of the Iunlon eonestitut.on, that i.t ever been discovered. Dr. Peters, the inventor of tiis invaluable medi. einse, from iris knowledge of the human systemnl, deri've from a long and extensive piractice, has arrived to this cnlel:clion, tiat thile great and pri. ialry causes of most diseases is a dcrngeullntt in tihe functions oi tile liver, or in other words al iln. crerrend or diltnishled secretion of the bile. So well is tills understood, that it is co.mlnn for lpersaons to say whenoa they tiel unwell, thnt they are bilioun, meaning that they have too much hil on tihe stuomach. ()n the other lhand, when the flow of bile is dimninished, tihe prtocess of diiesion is imnertihetly perform di, the patient Ihne naso weak and emaciated, because noorislument contained in the tiold taken into the et ,achtn is not properly ex. tracted, and tile fond is ejcted in a crude state. Dr. Peters is eonildent that tile famous Ilygenan Theory, so called, that, " impurity of the blonod is tilhe caus of all diseases," is a great albsurdity. Every or whlo refcts on thile subject a moment, wil perceivethat iunpurity ofthe blood is a secon. day not a primary eolmplaint-the t flet and not the eause of diseae. Wihen thie tanctions of tlhe liverore deranged, and the flow of bile inelceaed, it in oftern taken up by thle absorient versels and carried into tile circulation, and ibecomes mig ed wi b the blood, as in jaunidco, when the patient shown i' in lhis eonttenance. Nov this urplrity t ol blood is caused by an increased flow nf nto, and to relaedy it, you mudt correct the secretiona of the live , and restore it to a healthy state. Dr. Petrs halls spoet 1ch imn e in expemrimnent ing with diiiftrent vnegnntan n nnedirnei , for disases of' tile Iuer; and noIw onetra bii. Vegetable PIIll, as tihe bit, mon.t esvn"linent, land chapet ul'.di. ene that e inn he prepared for ni en ral n .i lir. P'ters fli tters hlnolell'rli lt his loin ex ri. i Uent aing wiei vegttaile Inedicines has ucnablcd himn to discover the true and oaly substitute answering all the iurposes el morcuria a without ally of their attendanit evils. One great qrllnit" of his vegetable pills in that they hav te talteratlve principle conl. bined with tlleir cathartic, or operative qualcties, so that they not only e;anose the stomnc! and iweis by purging, but they regulate the iver, hllange tihe morbid secretions, streotheins hile dngestive organs, purify tile blood, invigorate tile circulation, an-l give tone and energy to tile nor.. I I sonu system. They ate mild and pleasant in their operation, and convey nhnott inmledtlte eonvitiuon of their utility front the first dose. They can Ie taken u witih lfety by persons of any Age; and tile feeb:e, the infirm, tile nervous, and thr delicate, t " strengthened by their operation, because they clear tihe system of bad lnumnurel, quiet nervous irrita bility, and invariably produce sound he:lnth. The Vegetable Pills are a sure remedy for j dice, sick and nervous hIeadache, dye epola, cno ness, sickness of the stomachl, heartlbrn, all bi complaints, fevers of all kinli., and if taken commencement wtll invariably check their gress, and save the patient from a protracted *dangerous sickness. They are invaluable in vous and hypocondrical aifections. loss ot tite, and a I complaints to whiel femiales alnut subajet. T'hey operate a n mild and dspeedy . and are a sael and cert ,, oenedy for worm si , a " , c 'n :, lnr dunn e m y V egetable Pllel to te puai:. 0 nn, ccealed I tnnlll'tr'ou certifiartes St + , r ,,o .... li' aCy is .i." n g . g oase,. o u, S , n . elpectable phyr :hnse. who ha : " ,: ,. . l. It. pract *' with iL , bLest uaccess. 1 might publish n smallh ..nte '"i nt fic'a"' but conllidnr it unneessary, as the ue Jlellln - ' Sreconluend itselfto ail wnho wn i l mnake trial of it. IThe above pills are in boxes, containg 20 & 41) pill. each. 'rice, 23 & 50 c nts p,'r nox, I Druggists and country mlerchants can be sup. plied, at wholesa'e or retail, at Dr. Peters' prinnn d tl oIlice, no. G5 Paydras street, between Magazine I nd Camp sts. New Orhcans ALSO for atle hy (;. N. Morison & Cn, 1 I Canal street: PP Berlin, druggist 112 oMn Levee, between the two markets: Mr. Brochier, druggist, at the Washinogton market : C J Trinehali, drug. gist, corner of CLnal & Bourbon stree's: G A lRed & Co, druggists, corner of 'rehoup to .l.s & hirod streets: J Rossi, druggist, l.athyctte city. f. "I, PENS '--th's n ,. ,. t . pers 1t'' )ts 'ee niehr no FIel' ~i birge barrel p, ICu gr..aes nv r .t l'errJ'.." Ile =l',reg id, I i ndllll d di t 'lit ' I Wthindel'8 ladie.gin h o dolld" prtent , hnimperial Ible pntn.. n nnilh(' Lie do do .Natinaui do .11;4 GaJlln ,t' o n "omnu;l ,n l, i an r l sa le it t ).1' )ID Jn I'.I.T nAn. Co, n!1 Chartres c l, lon N i Statinatur lhdc CtOMPASSIS, 'TIllE-J tnllitTnI it", IrIot Itn I (OPIC)'S, &c --Just rlciveed rl|,! for sale by Wm. MLoeinl, tcln.r of C plll Uni COluman streets, ennral assotninect ln. urn..vr n nitn opun+' , t tlllll l ln lti ll i·n trtslllts, Drllwi1r Viltl. SwinglDivude.d '.prang Bow P'ens, Ivory 1'o Ivory Scales, ;slnter' Scldea. Glass T'I'ri:tncles, P rallel illlhnkr., l iero-ctpes, Th rlllllllorrtor, tCnamera t)bS enrts, Snrey Chainnns, 4trsau ' n Tper. ho, JiAfIIJolt rti tooettil n fw -- o Sof .er. ytxxrior to rej.o Foinl rl.»ll· very llll IIadv line, fonr s ule ht',t1t by it 1"| ;l' C ,h - l N . . ' Sit,_ .ti ,nert htll, - t.Ih !tre, v; 1ORRII &Q Co. N,". 3!' Ca3llroi streett, ue now to l r oiivin tnlid opnttug othe most (plelidi u- it sanltilI ann Ilnshinc b.e stick of Clllthin' they have ever exhibited nl this ilmarkl , enosistln_ i , part of the ftlicw nt rtitr les: blt e, hLe ,lurk, I, ! blnek, IandmJ b h wrwe, , if'I b, lhv, nilon(I s ant,:: :iand _ lden o-;IV' Ir a'1 :,tlld dr:Ls4 conts; h,;ivter. s b,tlendi, I hlarrlnlh+Tnl I r lk n r i s Eit cl s..i, JJy lirln , rd; lancy and phii hblaclk raen ihnrea n ld r.l.... ironli ,olt . ent lish I nd frenth fancy and 'u ,i'' sl.k atnd ll lin vetI ts; renl new i markel t conl)rilltI,; e' con !ish nId lr lnclh fani y Illland plnll s;arfs mllll hdkle; cihaln ll,. . . lks-\ eh und ila guml tIc s~I . I penders; eh tw i"·, merino, lt:a t'i' s oil, welsh flan. II nett silk and cutot , i n t herts dra .ers; tin'e mln and cortton shirts, will linin "I, n l, 1. i nlld ril lAl ; evory peali dol plain lhandlel silk Itll. brellas; + (+ral'+''" premiumlll (lves-also, n e heaulthll rti le of a h Ate id, h ir weddings, ball'. &c.; Sritlli-,h h: silk and ratn n:tl hdkis; plin - figured and embrnt ,lnr' (;lt llnrie tilo.; si k, .lmoit wouaI, ntarilo, GtermTt.lhotwn, till bro nit atnd white I olton hall hIose: r;dl o which they uour low for ,r Ja.on s, rece'lty arrived in this ii;)y, 'ems tle.av. to intl rn. the cirlzens of New o)lle.n s l I a lit hoe w ll open as atndetmrny ,.on londai, 14, Januaro,, nl No,. 19 o',u, louse street, fl r tIe: itnsitrutl ton i .oulth ofI both exres, in F'rtoeh and Iogltrlg , in a IMi hI will be srtly ll',.(ited by Mrst. .,lanes andh Mrs. ,lmchter, oho ,lpeak both tbou lan,_tls wio]i tgreat .oney alndl ionit.y, anTd tho w tLc rge of the depalrt nit t of thu yount ladie. Mr. Junt. nll Ltove bit h 'lll nttlltion. to the vnri .lus hrnnches Il edel l lnll , nl g ;t rs itim si ll t that h" w ill glve entire atisl acitalm to those whl 1 nine honor hln with their cau ti.hnce. nov I NolRRll C lf CotNo.3.; Uitrno' t. , 1t e.Ir. e'ivint daily fromn their lhout in l I' a,lo elphin, alt e'e.,ant and compllete rash ortnent of .i h-i tl tll and fa111onab le c"lo1thing. Thrv Invile it, atten lon o o the .nl lie, on they nor, warranti d Itn onying tlhat stlrangers anld ellize 'n a.l .,lt l-llnll l htll iem e tlvte 0oi e aduov ttado'eou ly i l y city t itth N. IS. A fen'v 1, men eleonnt ivory ann Ire umn brelfs, rain, 32 to 3f inches. AlMo, n latrge r, whiotl, ptnr. ackig h,,oefi vorir' i.t .,nt s. vtrr oo wI XCIIA. ;l:-'.it l,indi'tt, hor , leto by t u0l7 I. II GALl:, 9:3 Comn st F1illEo"broritner ;fterotoro Zo Iie 151 bll lour ; 15i1 1 hillr Whirkoy hlsta on aoll f ilte;: ilcak t cto. ifftoultllro; In rttsks 'itokototi Ituni aprlt I tPilt II IIUIIE"N.71 Itamp t 1 :--0 tllteis rice, ." otlle fyl I 'f A o'I'PlI oP, .1 ornvier .t IVE rf ,tos It-.IOn-t recebved f p pvr Sarticle ol lift presort o, r at o en I ot r,.ItI. _": lt11 .ll AI, ON I IIRlft).faskorb'a n Ifot .t loote, lIandog froot LI sipPoervtrian, for Iolo hV x1p19 St&J PIWIHITNFI, 73 i'amp ut S lillr :.2 1t.EA-,"I) ¶. I I ' IIt ,, 7 to i alro S e, asrletdbrantdt to f ale by -I p l t, A. tlo 3l flaro t io r -t .1AlRlU N'ON I'EA SEC'I"I; Nl.''ll' :NT"- l1 T.u grut celebrity of tlhi| unsrivalled (,... positioin, erpecially in the Nortlllern Stlate.i lear the p',opriitor but I till need to say any thing in itts iavor; f Ir it ha i beetn ,eerlly tconceded to it, thatit is beyond iall etpnri.on the bt st remedy for exterllal COlllmplaints thLat hak ever lbeen I lgo). vered. Indeed toi sII peed d a celti'nlty of its opeI rati rim have iht. ppeauraoce otrllllrc ,; an ii e, rs, w II lnds, corns, fevcrsor+e, ehildbllainL , wh'ite swe]. diatelly yield to ilt apparll tl"y suplll. hu ',n inllu ,cu Thus if pro petty applied It will rmve an inveterat e orn, or break ad bl J 'l a nl e i live days, wldl ilay and tport tly cur.t i a ulter in t i wek lll anlld the m sIllt dep.e.tIsi cai es (. l wll'!.' awellllg that eal he illla.glnd, have bI destroyed by it in less ithaI two onths. I,, tie liteli 01 pi sonllnll s r- eptiles idl rffT.cacy is trulv i st rlpri it g, alt even l hlll Illte fa rablid dog, "lkr if applied in tiblie, its ,powur or atlraculti are to wonirllilt that her will at once airrest. Iie poison, il- thut tre.i ventl itt fnot piervading Ilie sy.stem. It I lihlew~ i e greatlty tperior lto aIlly e:dicine di i. vered tiir the chafed balcks iand hblls o hors, J fier Ittters, ri,,g Iworm, clllpptd lips, la d in hll lr ,r ,very exlternal Iodily evil that mray ali to the let of Sllll or beast. Th. proprl, tor lon received at Ialst IL thouaoill certificats and oth r delocumlel , in tfit r ollis rn S,eciic llOlstlilennt, IPEiwards if it iuntlr ollf which were written ,by ri- spectabht. I ber. ol'tle Medlcal Faell.y, all breathinlg tlhe aie eulogy and satistill:lion. P'r, ;red ;let 129 Liber!y strletl, New Yorlk, :and fur itall, at (i5 Povdras street, Neuw Orleans. e.\ - l ;im tl iiii i-e i:ti i " it.t'- . . . CI 1i:. rIIORN'S Copmp ntd Exltiet luCep:liba a ilu rilla --A iC, trinll, ll ie, atnd iii t lit ttlllal l r Ie Sitri icr I t.esi'ull tll l. blll , ll I d ins, nII tII, ll l.weakness, A.lia IIus k l ldeielr, grI· l , cIrIIIbolll h lll. l lI Clllt 11.1 mel llh n ilIe I ln sessill l e t uh ' lil andll atil. vi.rtue of the one now ouli:re to de pIulic, tie11 lr.pieltor lhas b tll toll.lll. o Il~ llll tll.t iItiii-il dall. ll aculty i rn Il llope, behrll g that it i ill Ibe llte Iof ls credlll it Irl.l t I 1'(li1tik n i. l.ln tlslill is " 1 I 1.-es t Ill l ll tl ll I'i bull s : nt tu . ,llI.,ll. l ll it . b T nlllbw t n uSlot he n ' :ttee, tu litie uldt reby bei lnttit in he prese i f state. nttife mii.utit cite oinbinbitt rdients whcll Ilare il tle Iighrr lreput ne ut; the mostl sciellific and l I trn el in llte plei,il .l Enlich Idrug ie I the co positiIoo thi .llilrion inllrenle I tI. elliaenc oatibe other, producing an operation nIu iy neta nis tilnlg uslnll i'pIslll ili t tle 1 sangullilne ex. ecntIlilt ; Ill't ussil' ll a t .l, l IIIIIe li te th ll a l l i t, bein t ' ' ai l*li n ''hlell htth p led seises it, •ike Ilitl"i1..-. m|'git pro..ation he Iracr of lemranp till,, wi hilst its us it s lie p illnr illl hospitals a1 I l lpubllic neldinltl istithll' tins Il;ls Ie .., IdII still cnti I' ve i h exltensie, . Itl l, Iwa I (i. latlle rei l ltie w I II ilt l IIrh t -l rte l I' I Abernethy in O il vell rceal f lli l IIonsm i bt, i tucullli. ne" f i Il'n o ertll· s It arising llr l im disordi'l ed tale lllllthil igeiit e 1S.- elilliti tlaingeen subittited to the test and experience of the ease under Uniteir chuge, by wloplitg it bteb in teir iopubilic tulixvrl pnet Ille. he ltirn "l e. rati onlls i ill e iftheed liereaill'er. Pepared by J Ill Thorn, Chil nisd FIromll .\ II Slmnnn, E:sl. r h , S.isrglon to tlhe -lt TIhllllsls lhllilllt, n tln1 I.el-,Si nn A h astma it ITh'le trial which I all e hmair:e ofi ih" plllllul'tnlln in a ariet.%i l g t.ges, bothI u t eadll feIllmlli:l.l l in ts I illll is pronouncing it oe oillfd the nest talible rilellC ia1 oh rmed is ele ot"red to t.ll ill publihc, ild ace inl hieh, I'mi experience, 1iu e piece ever, rellinuce, h bilsl it ldoes isolprohic the cme l: enplemat ell i lll ex rom G lnli Iikywn dll \t iC , Physician to the "t IArylu"hone tli'pensury. I lake }reat pleadere in adldieg Iv testamony nt the i IlV properties ohyoul r aepgrat.u, ' ivhing s poul Iite ille s ou Il fullll deservell , in ah ample re th l fl r the llla O lle , 1 lep , f Ivh e in Iu e nll i iig it to such e n-:l I l I t' ophr, FR i,, ergeon to Guy's ,hih terll l froluer mn llvll inpW1. . n o lld I will lce Gabove i yenses, Vatag't . S aels u Ina. 'vh tlu e Lnow to be truly :, qprIe. ' . -n ~, you so Well deltr.e i, milt}' and sll from Sir A C.oper, F It SP 'R I . S. &. li.. I"'1ing been induced to th. h our Est. c.l i. ci crilso violent lionowheni, winch hal hitilerto hautle every prescription a.d mini.s.ed b ha e, h.aving fi- d su'r and speel illre, elleced by iii, in a few d., s I fee Ianh Aeelin duty hound to sti"e thiet l now in mM prat tir- bakh public and private ruoairned anid ate n|l Fro.l G WV Blair, +1 I), Pllotician to G.t's Ito1 lad. la lThe strict test which 1 have Cive. your metdicitne m lan.g Ily platiet|g alda its illnvarli.lllc lsuccetss il h lill', will iool.lote itoo Ipersevere in its Itse, Iod I deen i blt Ian act ofjostice and otf tiot It to ;ll l) fteeble testi- tio 0onial inco rmendatinld ioirttotos. col I T llol'totto tt ttt l Etottt ooiootttll iloo hoIotll. ttot i Pt From, L; " Thompson, A.1 to If It t S th. In ltlttttlttlll iotuo it to lllo'ooor IhLt tt o r itO I ioo tlhollttgtttt l S ulrns, oic Esll'P . I( i l ~i l~ne curelI oItfllOlollll , ot . IOlt itel l tll id t l'l l ohsll . .-h a t Illl ll t brolloght a el i l clli.l 'e into use ~hich till prove a hlelihlalion lnli sought li l, in the meuhdca; in hl-a sure, s..,lole :til lelictul cure pa, in cscsý." the above el:.I.. h allilrds nm great Iprlsure ral SI polllublliittog to tio ortll i dle it i nto llo , t ld itil.s of ot uIt t F.X lt t. nnu Were ittit nerossary, tllhe prprn' tor could llre furnlish ailny tor l'et ithnl ials eqi .llt as conltlletllllolrv s theo t it abell ; bul t tlrulls t oli ot its r t tL oessllilllth to thlle enre trt . c' iipens at whllicl it Ilhas been itll epaL , oiill plro e its o 'gratest recorn n'llllttioo among ii slisernuLg mblie. (Otie .tont0latotliou thiio s .preparatiol etjoys t htort. :dl molhrs is its unte.t, pllto.t tor--put t up i1 pls-th ml. te il which it ittot be tt ken, ttttt ,lotti easyl n dil 1leaNa:nt--h i ttslasloI i:t ,e, hit on iv ricio in diet Jl o or coIti n tetnt o tn t buin's '. 'lraelttlrs e l.pcillt v.'Ollll fold this tloedlli t, ie )lithlh .~ o iL , and olghl li.l ra to be ulprovided with a pr pa'ration seoss.".ilg the ad de vallllnge whllich the ll',elll el t, qu ,+lclllnlnanyiu thelC .l i.t+riyi: ll is l pamnlpilet explhna exla cirln0e, nel tai ting full u tid n tit diret l tinot t i. For Sale his 4ICt'I+'S t\ CO. d. rlt ALLoltioII L t Ioo (o1ooIo i tINtE. I 1. t ,ile oto Augoo i.-.a . . iFloridtt i. Lwaa r. Mi obile '1''aTlvdays, Th u r.. 110 - "++-"+ day, , nod Saturdays, per tile x t 'too t spll did steamer Coo m ot piot n, (ex. rt rept in In.o of It rlot,) to Po slotla ; thence per talllllr o Rly to Lt ral.tlge, alnd thence follr horse post coaches via 'taraatia, lRainblridge, 1'11l. derton, eorrien, O)utlaw'. o.d Perry, tot Macon, IG ; thenco via Milledgevillo , an Sparlta, to \Vir. rlnlllln, thler . pler rail roald c.lls to Augusllta. The .'hlliltn ls i lspltltlltd order, with ltnew ilc r cpper hol, re, coppcred anld c pper f.+tened. + oThe to Roy hOas eoon thoroughly roepaired, hero a.coolu odtilnto aroo antt hanlldsllo ,t any boa. SThe blleau illt Santa IR..a goulnd, and nollcta. walchie algy presnt the ollt interestinpg stnlt no. vigatont in the South-ot eing atit Otol th silt o ( S'perfe'lty land lo otoed. 'I'Th Tllll alo e inolt o s. i1 on any1 routl il the . touty ; the drivers, to a itlman, cail and iattel Theo bridges hirontolorl, dtngerolus haiv b eno newly hulh, so that high waters do not irate ore. Tle ratoil houlioes have Inen lrostly chlonged, and tar now O glood l on aniy rood in thle Soulth. I1 is gtenorally kitotwno thhtt the eXCell:tentl, tnol halior nesi oif -the rtoId ,otabltt ot-lon It aottll sea ..ols tto olloke great peed. T'lheir smooth, .S seo eures the o tra+/i ur from tll ordinary llitigue of Ihstage travelling. T'reo LIoom i now c rring ;it poooenolo -.;r fWollo Augutt.a to o tooo ll ot foI e dyolir tlys i tielvel Ilour, or to N, w Oilean in hmt r lday and 1twenty boors. Going to Augusta, the lont it rit dayo lid o oseven lr., Th. lol no acinily eo ployed to travelling is t lte oli t t'e other direction, o ott the dilference of telll on thIe ie, is cOaused by . Iday blllng lost inl P.inI.Icol.l, whllch, hIowever, Is well repINll byi the op o rtu0ll y it gives l'eteio r thi Nilvy Yird, ti c:l ospll:lllmhll Ylrt, e'c. The travel or also sleeps at MaccnI, and aquint at War. toeturi. This arrangement will e. ntinue till the ! traivel Lurs niorthward, wt helln t ion will e the h oo frolll tolob to, as it is n t t" , n IIIe f olthor ctrection. This tAdertisoment contlins a plain sltateeilnt O. of f.:c.l, thle neellory whoh tllt propriertors a url:i eteo to rach lpassenlger ill ts penallllty el hi r sta e ftare. Maps ol'fthc may b.e erPI atl thle Ex hane Ihltel. Ntw to rMlies, ad at tho. ,lauion lhlorc, e Mobile. Fare -hrolng front $nlie to Augllsta, t 17 o 0 'The lIin extend, by a bralnclh toll Tallahlnsee. ,r t h Clih ttal hlol he, tl line c nlnects with tlhe teoamboalt carrying tlh mlleit .11a a.tlCola IdII St, hselh's. ni flice at Iho M.osion House, tlob l.. m17? OS'I' CK, Agent, Mobile. IIMOA+, t1,5 .Alia,. IP r'rv-tuhhds (-'meanuti I l h ued Sol". and hnllildero Al, : " 1'f l"'.,)\ 4, Al, k i Sn .\ o It otI· ,r o '''"a'I'T; tl i(UISllAN' A-Partil tof Orlean l- Curt oe Probate. t • I'I. ail whenl Ithse presentols may.'Eouer- li e N. ie wheres William tinckey, trele Ider alt rle clly of M1ayrsvtlle, KYt, hac ftpird te the R Ift.,et.ral , 1Ill-, In and the pnra's c ty o Nrte /ill 1 ria, 1n,1 e, fT iidcrfelerk of thefritNrt or P-1,aes. In and foer the diarch anid av oNew Arlann., I~t nbasf, I- n ,)NIT O ION tir ADVT"'b ll :'. 11 F:NT'l,In e .ll rmmly i- to Ih Ae it the I v ereni + l .. . ilf .' ....e .. d ' A n\ l aellor tl e IAr.hp r t . ill ti 'se of litles I t p nrr. a . se. l thesI nr.i ' < l " a npp ,d 10 I h .f i arc uh, I of1 4, t ione l te Shr reII elvell lull twholn II t ity tenternthat t by i ir I , and ilt, hetiente it) Il o lrder of a ale fro t I " ' ri d r rl it roba les, I n a1 nd lt r t* e p arish ilti Sily i Niew Oi, leans. he.ittn dnl t Ihesllrdd da y f ApI t , 't lt Nho ar ttd eiht hunllllred ani thirty N ia n . I 'C ,x , ,in th . l t tef ( c t txt lto p h eee r A d - a u11h t. II .1vibn t.ll credt'irs of.t t rid euccettl o ,ln ll , N uh n,,,' ( . Ix, el "eil·"n ; w4 h e order iof + le was l:sIe) rInreP t elll . l 111 liIt deliberamtons iof a mt'ng ir o te tile crdllitrs f the dPcerehloi ,luluiv held a d coi nviur. Pd ,t II th lllrd day of Fei t Ar-lr, eighteern hulllldred ;n d thirty eight, befror II. R. I int, l tIq. Notary public, se d alr o after Ithe lam ! :and uin l pill le tin thad 1 0en midet he It r i ,Por ,+ \ Vil lid .xp., , for sao le by public a u,: tin It t" h Jil' itI I . Iay t lhno ue m( i t ll r d l F. 1 I h irt ."e i+r ,t a,,r netro nl t of th e ,II rl .1 sl e r sl' .l . ti I' t he itie Nathani el Cale der rn.."r', 'ipr inoled property herelnlgltr descriv h,.'., h. I _hin, rl t tr+ solI*d Iu. ) lllon, wlirc pro t %, v rn a a Iu, Cir':,,d 1 , , aid \V\ilhiam , nckey n Itie Il..- dlli iýL_!, Ia hil ,.r tll ereotl n tr the total ip.rr :ld .i'im all e.vlnliC enI thulls.llld dlllars, 1 )esicrti in at the pro rty tas uiveln in tue Judiciel Ail nnod i int ul ,r Ivu ri tain c ef grnnrd, it ethlIr \,ith ,h, I dIrrtlr n l lllle prllv lllents I;h'tnnr rin rll n ! tlie ryilht-, nlivlhllear, cUstlluth et. c i rvitt s il tie an d vrn: nllll es tllheroemnlt be ,lHn, ,or iii to. . al,;Prlaiuin ea itunte in the li. .ln. i. n Ih ity. n I u the elqunre b aound, tdI by Il'iy 1 ri., tidetl(., Lethafyerle, and .ae.m rste n:c, ni eel cia, li eled b el Jh. . alllll he seven nlct lh'l1t u i i tltl llll ll ritI bIly F ed rlick t Yily IIiJn'"., ýit v..vr (enernt, under datle Ofi tillp lh + . i .l 'tii ,' e I "i h illo u .liAr d eight hold,. r et I III, teI ilhtrd! I'', d ., .t. il the rcff e of 1. I ('f lail, e :.,r , i , r o pnlit r fu ereur cen Qu',i i t I n lla ;i oitn 11 othlleri, nll lleasure , ..I H, lil e dai, h llrtt r lin, ies and e ix lil' es .n' -:li; I'",Ir s l l*I y mixd y.lhree leo t .tel .cII r tdlu llll L. Ii Psi InI dep Ith bIetween par, ti.l I hi Pes, I . niPlerlenn mnI eur, ] 'Ier'llls-- oner ntl llrere itars credit, for appro t.d el' ndrseld ntie, secured by special mlorltgag t\ herihure. all 'preont who catn set up any right, title, a r'nniit. i andil tocLthe lutsul ground and .ind Ihlllllnes Iherin, Jdcribed, in consequence of Inftrniaueriv inp hi. rhacer. decree, or judgment belodlrt re te-IId, nnd Iun!er l hilch d lie sale was mode, otritcer cllf ctll l , in ti ll and tllinnrllllt o lie aI e, Ir any oithr cause .or deelrc, w hatinever, are here, Slv eited and adn.l niherd to show within thirry days Irol)1 ithe put;h1caOLnit hren( w yll lhe sale, sol atide as aforesi.tlld sihuld not be 'onllrmed and hi ,nlhaunt d i c accordance wilt thie appllhetior, o I snid pOrchaser. I' it less li har li rind ithe ern of said ourt t of Prbtle. his lecoIId dnlt Mir. A.iD. 1839. I[~. r W, e'r, C i iUPLESSIiS, nlmav . 1( 14 it |I . .tr ,f Wl'l , * Aiilec r lOlitprANa.r&Idt ('10Ul )11 S I'REUVES-- Elat de la Louisahn -i-A tIous ceus que cela peut c.ncerner Saelh: QI1n'i ,tit i cori nu qIe,. aitrnldu quo William Mae. kev. de na ville do Mlaysvlle, t ellt.eky, o 'eat ad, ru stll n dea 'T'etar en.l, dnnl et pour 14 paroisse et la vibe do lit Noulle Orleans, et ex ltlicio gl sefer d ln C'our des lroudvesl, dane et peou t dlJte vlle ct Iparnisso, ipour publler, et annoncer ronto,rmi.l... A ul uie r de la 1.AgdIlanre, intiul t " Acte pour confirmerlea titlres ao q ne reura au; venter judiciiree," applrouvc le 10 Mars 1834. A Aci iet Par le prIset donne i tons ceun quo Cel. t p gOetnlone lrnre, lin'etn 4('tlr11 a et xelluton d'or. lordra de enLte do a dts .amur de proevea , dane el et ipour I paroissect ville de nla Nouvelle Orlboan, cn date du troin Avril. alil Iuit cent trlena huit, et arendu donn Pa.talrn de Is .uccession de feu N.atllan. ic]('nx. Lur lalpttitin Ile Chriatphe Arams, Jr, Ilnie dei es r.d.,lcler l dc le dctesrotcesaion de tfi Sathaniel Cox ; cequel ordre du enll. faul aecordd ionfcirni lnet ux1 de iberaltins du'ne ..slllnbl Scrlanciers u ilit', dInlleneldt roi oquteo eti t, t. Jo tria F6vricr, nuril yd t ert trente hlit, ' Iole siur II. it. Counal, w pub. et altll1 riCot ,blicatioern retqui~ae par . lit ; Io ridel, i t i'o' t as offrit ell vent publique e Pco.,,u , , tent |renlo blit, ponr nmp.l." dle Ih , _ n te feu Nathanliel Cox. 11,' divers 1t. 'n , 4 • t, appartenant la dilt, CCessinn· , ,.>., ,i " adjngd d W illi.:,e Pueakey. plu t. t c e . er lcl,.riaseur pour Ss)lltlrn e totals it , pt ill Ieres. it Auscripltion de ila eI. yn'r - d' e ieto traanfert judiec. , o. S I)ux lotsdo terre avoc lef a .r i aes ':';nor.t i tions qi a'y trouvenlt, l as Les 'riMte, , i r... eoutume6 , voies, servttudo., o t arant- agis ql. pendent, situ6 tu faubourg Sainte .hlre , e t ville, darns I'ilt born6 par Ia rna Poydra. . ,, Magalzins, Lalayette et Ca, t 1i 'n e o dns r in pla n '" les nuteros sete'et IHily lir in ceritain plan dr i. par ]"rdddrick \\' lilhamso, d(puf( arpenteur .,in. ratl ll dnte d seipt. Avril nil e ht l Ceb t j tureiu Ipllnt e iet oltpott6 pour rtecllr Pon I'telude de H. B. (;en;l nt. pub.pb h'a.lels dit. lots aten:lnt PI'un a .'.,ivr il.. tirnelt c)Inun nill t et un piedl, trail ponu,,-. v s ix I p. ril n d face t lii ilitl( rile Poydral . Iurl oil I iI StrIni pieds ourz paolees six hgnes e Io prOlutdur Is ehtru legnes paralhleles, me.ure hrancaise. Condaliona. [.Un, I:rux et trois inls de cradi on billets endr,. ,( es a satisaclion, assurcs par hypolhegue sp6dleitl Juwsqu' A padrfat piaielllenl. S A ces causesO, mllltleo peronnle qui oat ou n.-;. _ rai tlt Ivoir qulic!que rclauations xoutre le. I, le I ,o terre et lt:uissE s ci Ileaalu decrits, en el,,., qullenc, ll un .lllt de forlmo danns J'ordre, I I: , I. a- ill jil.lenIlit de Il cour, on vertu dtllguelle la I r. t, a FIG faitl, ioU de toute autre irr4gularilt on il ] . lilt dans I'estimtnion, Pavi on Io temps et le il. v dI la r.t- e | |n peor toutl utrll e catlnu qilnale ni , ._ luut par Ies lr6Ii .lte( s cilda. d'avuir a d', uire rmlr e trcntljours, al dater Ild la publication du lt,1 ..' a av n dlns hna papicrn plblieu, loe raisons poulr I 4..+ s y,,ies la Vento: ainu|i tite., us iernlst pas apprn n i tur .nto'gldge , cut" e IIO demande Jadalt ac i"" x. ,cur.· in a a de .j.... j'y cc appoaC ma signature at la acc~t du I lt d laa (or des Preuvia.F. dL c . cla j.ur 4a u aaai.ce Mai, A. B, WI'. '. C. OCUPLESSLS, _____i IRegistar dte Teatana'a.. All ,'.. 1 ... rlam a..; AIdbat', Iily at Ifjues A IbIat'a. nc a, ., (iw~ id Hu11.'. Itrodncttit Iliaka.. .'.I. Wa~lar \Ir, 7 .allmna I , l~cll ll,,,.a "d I' ...tLal/atiaaa, See sale at Ca 1, .t, 1, 1: J laosr l r nd.1Y 1ALEN. TOWARI. nit? I lIllla(tiE A' 1'., 174 Iacaai,,.' 't.aml'.t nui-I.e.-lie's aaaketay J1..d,,,.a I,,l·lel 3 .. I'Iea...q1I,a. Ilahllll''Letapulkaja Iaaetl. 1'I auII, wrclt rar, lalld all b-wad (ilnhlllt' llHII ct tl -hell tin the ner ves Ii tata'ii, i:,1- pkleu laak ('1ý.wll : trlri :,"r-1 ccc kcu2 r ol!g book Uulc' I aitld Saaj. A iew lanad luresll. Ipy a he aIaota wrks just ja elciVnd tand 01"'11"~ it r cult ' ml good terms Icy .77..I A Ta'w.e, 49 C~ampt at &'aaNILLN I LFLUMABY TIý I1E pulic at rtapa.ull± inilaiaae i ta.t tlauda 1 aitia, i. erreutal an tat wrat im.provedplan.a. in an In andmosia nald, ;lalie aa tion, m ithe raubau SItali,1. aatln la aall..olt, one taile arom the 0isaz 1'llý h.ilwip cu lameaai aat.t,`mmaaanliaaala divide, tltt.l 1,p( "IPIIIF. r, P .3.4 .ID: II pratia difaaar eaklae laa and ,1 (irrre ,; rl,"`HP F. alahe ia mal tr aa l 'iaala itt ard ma at skilful and nttcmi,.l m lc and lanaIa ladl9ey and spleaking ths vd riotl* ovro Il, ll ý.1ICIHP C. IH.. par daly.. mla,1.., aIIead,,aaa, &c. 'I' eta in alit a','iwaa tawardl.,an, doll'as per day Sh"U.3nlit tit"l, nllma. -'arall Pat in the iadic4V ward=, fim, lll .etr. All .ap~ial -iur.icn lalartalaaaeeeaa.a 'I:r 3-c dtltat Ielaiwata l, Ite Weddaaan towhmnw n(,pl""tion far aid.minsaaota.t hr jalrnj. wtn DeAC & I.ll~l~llb1r·TC No 11 (.Ia1I) rt~tTect. IplB)·· I.1 1I.Zl:: *a (tl' It3.-j1 ~ a eeayaadl ia Morea c rtls n s*nael tm., 7 al a lmheta. all fll inaao S LOCKE Ca. .n'a ,r O)FralnalaIrta m9~~~ if rR m P.. r " I ý'a 1')I l -It WHI R, fi r a;y l -- - l Ia ! tjlci.Ml1,I. >e

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