Newspaper of True American, July 27, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated July 27, 1839 Page 2
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IktaiWa.m CIbmbelr of imu.ere. OFFICERas TR THE YF.A 1839. Presidnt, .. J. Priers. First Vice Prsidetlll, . . Ildge, Esq. do. Jno. .4. Mete. esq. fommitlec of Appelon for 0 h39. alee DiC, II. I.eeerich, H. C. t'lnmnck, AI-jah Faisk, P. ). Sprie., l tael Comnitte f Arbitration for le monh of Msly. John tleddl eto, Jomhn 4 Harristn, t. IV. Hmtingtota, William Ilepkint,., Hyt1E. Jr. P. A. iHardy,. Jouahim Knhe. The Greqt ..iaers Mail is oaio every day at 10 o'clck A. tI. Is due v,.e)day at 4 P. M. rThe pseus Mil is elosatl ever dlty at half pnast 10"-. I-. Is due with tlhm Great luastto Mail, every duv. lhe Lake .nail (via CorinRton La.) i closed every llSond.y., 'Y.le-v and CFrlday, at 6 o'clock, A. h. Is du: e.aiy I'tteoay, Thlursday. ad atulrdma, at 5 The La'iasklle or River MoAl is cluord every Mo.. dou, oldune.dal, naid autnrday, at 3 1. 1I. rIos sen *adretur'ed by sm.ianmboats. Arrives irregularly three timesa ' week. The oBan p nor or Coant is closed everv Tuemday ..da Fridan, ut 8 P M. Is sent and returoed by mter.moholt.. The Aleonndria o Red River Mailris seAn irrcgu larly by steamoinats twice a week. S LOUISVtLLE Oa RIVER tlAIL. MundPa y, . 4Welnnedey and Clsa at 8 o'clock, P. M. COAST MAIL. P Torleyian a osesat 8o'cur.k. P M. Sulmmlahurday, M Ca LoWh.LPr91. CARIItO L L 'iON SHOTEL. . SLA VAUD has the'hlo r of minmrming hi ,emra nod .lthe public in genernl, tlat he hs h ta' he i Hor-l at Currollon,, whereo trusts he will receive bhe cails of his old friends and all lovers of gold cheer. I'rivatne parties will be proviled furhyy Ilvioe a little ,tic beforehandd. ie is willing so enter rlto nrvpgnments with families or individuals deairm. ofltassing lhe sumober at Carrollhon. mill0 NEW ORIEANS (CANAL ANI) BANKING Cl). IT HF Iron teaslnhoat :elrcen will IPnave thie HaInin . at tlhe d hewlaf the New Canal, every day, (except Nonduls) for lte Iake, as fllows: LDepart at5 A. M. -Itcurn at n A. M. " t1 A.M. t '. , 0P 4~ P. it. " s5P., I " 9 P.1. And on MONDAY:- Delmrt st 10 A. I. I Retur at 121 P.M. " 2P. 1. " 4H P.M. m.y y28 n. CHEW, tCsh.__ N:LAHIVllI.E RAIL Rt)AI,. Thr l.ocnmotive will resume her reouilrr trpis to ite OREA T PRA IRIE, commencing mS'['bursdav, 18th July, 1839. ,ar wior r, Rroty . Departur.e, Return. 6 A. A . IIl A. M. P, M. I t I'. H. 5 P. M. G; I, .1. July 18Rlh -"0t JAMES II. CAlDWEI.l., Prev.Int. AYAInjAIl.TY (1' NEW OtRI.EANS.- - 7[l price of floor toa dn hbeia- $i I Operbarrel 1 tr,,lig tot tme tari; ithu batkers will give +4 a:tn..r, ofrlreld.f ten tenthl. Ilrolng the week Itgin Itt, oil MotllldnV IeXt. Ithe :~lth inst. The Itavas ofsec and a nllity oi I tthree flr tan cenls. shtll weigh 25 per cent I,,mr:, that tlau say, 4vtj Otlnet. luly '6. C. ;ENOIS, Mayor. C:Sritoel ey.ýr Cl' rl.,u,,u. .........,t0 ( ·.,hiuutu, .110........I3 N.w Yor.k, . . . 17 ý Cial,.nat, , d . .1 Philuc1u1,h la , ............ 8 I Louisville, do..... .....3 II. lurn.. du,......1 A t.I.Louis, Au..U...1 nn du..... ..1I rplJun ... .I Ilusut lu.) July .1 Purls d A...... ..... li~i~tou. . .do .... 1. .n~n d.. .I Nsehvilb, JulY ,.""""""..... 7Hnr do ..........II P4W J' OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEA RANCS Jy Jul9 25, lOSS Brig Northerner, Slovens, for Baltim~ore. (:eorge Bedford B'le R (lrasingLardr.. F vv York It Gracing 4 eo MF. 0,5,I V ntura,Iu, ,l,,d,. Compuachy, JPratt. Scur l:oll . S uarke. ewT'uk*' L jH.l in Stuuau. Formula, Rulublsou, Luuisvile. Mu.ser July 54' 19)39 Slip Wm ladgr,,. Tripe. Outtenburg, *L II (Gule ARRIVALS. July 25, 1839 Tow boat Phenix Annohle, from the passes, baring towed towu chbips 'riser and Georar, hrigs Andoooou~ei and Voltarr us'd r Nelun.e return,, u ,dtheCity with sh.ip Puubuuuua u,.d C5arlston, brig Carlo..Edulondulton and .,I~ War E Je ter. Left p 2onthe4th.,a8 P M. Nutbing in thu offing BSuqu. LIonelu.tIIll nNE bUa. Shit, Charleson, Eldri~u, 39 auy.&from Bulton, to J A Mer nett "· co, °-hip PoEUwu. MuC,.u, 30 36 days from N uork, to r Laid. FriaCarlo. EdALut,,t, Sal.s, 4 day. fLrm HLunu, to Rluke., lldlov m Hauuu Fehr Wm E Jester, Whitmore, from Tampa· Bay, in ballast to muter. utaamer BeialuRuug.e,9lliek, fimUByou Saru. EXIORTS. GOTTENBUKC..Per ship Wm Rudaer..Cvoo, 481 hdA t. Iraceu, 50 odes corrtteo, 541 tolls lugwuod. LIMPORTS. DOSTONJ..Pr.hip Charlslton...Cargo 40 pea grind itonSs, I llbII salt lelrs.;lllrl nortell marehnldiser , NEWYORK..Per sChp Puallututu..Cur~g I4100slit., 10l10hll9 caadluu..luu.'ulotiul mchsaud.u. LAVANA-Par rtt1',,lua LdmuLdluul ..L'ulgu, 414 bugutu'.I Eu..lollfruit RECIIIS ' OF PROI)UCE Rayon. Suut..Por s.teamer Rurnn, Iu,9Le..Cnrup S hars cot tonl. I d llambeth A, 'rhtmplou 6 llbOlriclk R I lu,,A, mav. 4 Ids aulrr. 'srriorc. Onron s r0, 5 du Follsid, nelllor *'d .A gnlo.l .6 hisl.: bull uad .,a skt. pearlls. ownerlu huuard, Laillu ia.u. ud,i CONIGNESES Per ships Charleston and Poerhatran.. 8und ryoonslg nee.. PASSENGiKRS Per-hip Ptwh.ltu,..J lVifurd, LAdy uud ..,tent, A P West, J H l'umb. MEMORANDA Ohio laid to he stili ri.iug slowly. R USSIA tP.E'TI~GS--15 bales, lauding" frou ship Johna Dunlip, for sale Iry a22 1 1ItItIIE) &.Co,134 Mlngazinw st D OMES''IC --5 ba'es 4.4 Lwell a rtrran dur.5 bales 4-1 wilted I.we,:l enlttn, 3 aense huekrkin stripe, randing rli"n ship StI.eTi, fHr .ale byt - *,9 I RIl)(i.tE & CI, 131 Magazine at S LOCKE & .CO., N.. 8 Feit Ievee, have in n str.. Slarge and extensive aasorntrert oe CLtpper nd Tin WVn, of their Iw an nulacture, which trhey ei o low by ihlnlesaie. may :'n tSt-IHUT IR'ER--16 kegs landing front ctcum bust Prairie, lur sale by J4 A TRIER .4', (;TagirrJ AUON . SlD,-ia--lrs ca iar snDa cued, Io "U sale by G IORSEY, Sm17 41 .'re I.eree Aoit--il- l llhe nod 4P, Kuee.s stt,ri'l.lre iv p Sttentlurnale by J 'llA.u l eIt &y ui JuI 'I 1 74 I'ohtldra h V RI I,. itd I..l+ , ie e t oni t le i n ,vb •, .ly led (. ItlSE',-.INew I.svt. NEW OiRLE, ANS Steam 'and Patent Bisirta B akery--iaterre and Hhlmnan, No. 9, Morrnu iter tuie I' hatrlnll Rail Road.) rpilo and Navy read, 8el and Wi IusC Sugar, Butter, Midlord and VWater C rackern. All theSabove articlie tre ariraited to be of the first quality, and to keep in any climuate, beila completely kiln dried. Also,-Kilhn dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Prilrhalrd and Tagart, Jr corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will raoive prompt nttntion. Small kegs lput up exprerely fri amily use. 15nov VALUAILFt &. SCARCE LAW BOOKS. ARTIN'S Repertr, a few coliea onlyv left, in It LJ eatis; I.auianlea Ri.orltl, ilt vol " ; Rivil Code of lnenisialus . E Johns , Co's Catse af 'raetiie do new edition SPlrgelttl& Ltlelwr's Ieplorts uafeases in tlte Eng liamit .urtn;32 Ante. Willialta' nMassehu~leta Iteports 'retera' Rleportsl, 12 vuls Ido endvn.ed do Arthlbold's civil atnd crimtinal Pleadings Abblolt on al'dppie'; Bailey ot Hlldl lcck'as Medical Jurisprtdeiee Bell " Beattv' Clhalncery Reports Clhiuty n l;1ls; do .n Conltrues Chilie's I'Pleadings; d P'raelice; do equity Uigesi Chit'a slilkatlue, Creise's Dinge-t Cteui ' Admiralty Digest; tIlgeti Luas oe U S IEden'a Ct antery Ieoartsa; Fenblauq ue's Eqtily Fuar, Reak ; Gould's Plelhings (low an Pnnrtserhip; Hffmllia'a I.egal Stadies ' Kett'e Ceuratiutares; Leigl'l Nisi Prius P tiuer on ()blieatinna Petaei. Die, sl , l .t volume, n new waik Itaeu0reati'videnten ; ltu'sell on Criitee Saelders' Ileadiengs; Stnith, Chancery Practiie Iarkie on Evidence; Stnrv on the Itnstittliulon SStevens & BUeecke an Insureoaa Tolles laid of Eaecutioan "atllaUs Law Dicutonary; Vattell's Law of Nations pad. lgemral aes.rtient of all ntisalard Englil, and Froutb law le.ks, ;.ttonget th. lttor, Merdie. Toullier. 2ibier, Ts'p.loag, Darauton, tnu. E JOHNS Co, 30 may 3w . Car. St (:harles & Common sit B A .4',IlJK~% -i5e eika uperorr incana.i cur . Fadin su., for Pale by G DOB.SEY , SItl , -n. 41 New I.Pvee r ILh-ItLLO casks *h'fiaintsuaon lime lant;np.,.anu SJA fur snleby" " S J P .|I'l 'NFs'. m22 73 Camp et c,1 Il'UT Oil..-4For.l rstratiuae stlt growth of the b Infs, vinsg healtlh beaiev and preventing iti' aiing at, ulid at WMK BELL'S 1n3I No. 16 Chartrs at " M .--I cueka "rTii..t'o Lime, Ilandetg, fIeris, SI.y. .J P WHITNe.Y, eMo) -l15 73 Camp al jIOR s "T .ýi m h ,alek€ Ls quality Nrthlern Ifay, -.l nin5 b len Paekert ahl Alaltamc. Al,'dy to tle ('ptsain on bead. nr MIt bele rthe V'getable Mar Iee. may t 8 THE' T'RUE AM.ERIIA I3Y JOHq GEB30ON. FAItrVY p AND SIOLD. .jera f tie IPab untrlpal(tM. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-WIeekly & Weekly. IhE'Q IRi IIEANM: SATURDAY, JULY 27, 1839. TRUTH NO LIBEL. THE BRITISH QUEEN, oR THE ORIGIn, RISE & PROGRESS OF IliE BRITISfI" AND AMERICeAN STEAM NAVItiATIION COMPANY. WonTHINGTOu G. SNETHatt. (Concluded from oqr last.) In the spring of 1837 Dr Lardner's celebrated anoi. stearm arrcle appelred in the Edinburgrh Review. As the utter ignorance of the spirit of the agp, and of the power of steam itellf inifestad in thlat article has eeen put to flight bye ubseqruent exparimlent, we shall leave the Docertoo conltemplate his orwn folly. 'The article however, in question was written for rIte prrpope of attacking anti bringing into disrepute tie e Britishl and American Steam Navigation Company. ThIe bhjoct ofcertain interested lilqres was to shake the confidence of the public int the Comnpany. liut thanks he to the enterprize of the age, even the potent pen of Dr Lardner could not cheek the progrers of teramo. Both he anod ris theories have been biren sky high, to une o favor iteexpreslion among the hardy Captains of the West' tern Steamers. As relevant to olr subject we eannot omit here call. ing the atteniio of tthe reader to thie fact,tllat in Januory 1836, M1r Laird boldly mote tire objetions of IDr Lordtner to a steam passage across tile Atlantic. 'The Doertrr first brollac d the strange doctrine, that a vessel eould not under any circnumtaeces steam nt sea more than 2110 miler, at a lecture in tile trechanics Institution London. M. I.nird refuted his nrgurentse and prophe cied that the voyaoe to Ne.w York froln Portollruth would ble made in 15 days. The sulaorquetll verifieltion of tlris prediction must be very ano ing to to the Doc tor. All things were in snich a train of orgnulintion and so rapidly progressing, that the IBritish Queen wold have been ready for her first voynge to New York early in the spring of 1838. had it not been ftr the hnsi tsCs failure of the engineo builders, Mlecrs Clnude, Girdwonod & Co. TPhe engines were il a stte of great forwardness when the nnfortunale event occrrred. After trying in vain to get the contract fulfilled, tIle company as obliged to enter into a new contrart with Rllber Napier of Glns' gow frthe erectionl toftheir ninelillne. Thle vssel wts Iherefore not hurried, libut stTcrld it lie o tile stocks until such time as it woulh be necessary to launch her. In order to do away with the effct naturatlly produc ed upon the public minvd in coneqrruence Iof disappoint ment in a schleeso imlortant in tts irtlluelces as that proposed to he carried out by the Iritish alid American Steam Navigation Comany, several of tIlhe Directors and Proprietors determined upon chartering the steam Ship Sirius, a vesel ol 700I tons and propelled by en gines of 3S1 horse piower. She was a inew ship-hiad been only six mollth at work,-and had proved her tellfn excellent sea goer. On thie 2r8th of Febrniry 1838, tile SatIus, Steim Ship was accordingly adver - tried to leave London on the 28dth of March and Cork the 2nd of April for the port of New York. Sire was canligned to the care of WArswooTr t & SMITH, Mler clhntls, Jones Lane,New York, and I.IEUTENANT IICH AnR RorTs, R.. wr. was assigned to the command of her. [Wt'e here omit the details of the departure of the Sirius, her pasage, her arrival in New York and her re, turn, as they are already well knownl to the public.] It was observed, when the Sirius rettrned that all in terest in the arrival of the litters lid suddenly ceased. A month nearly was to elaps brefire they could bring any news. Steam and stesam alone filled tile public mind. A great demand was made for the British and American Steam Navigation Company's shares. TIhe direction sold a large part of those they had reser vrd. The triumph ofJunius Smithl's project wits now complete. Amid theBllnzzasof triumph, was heard the voiceofDr. Lardner, crying:-"l never said the thing was impracticable. I always knew it could be done some day or oter. "Tilhe result of tile voyages of the Siriryr was truly grafifying to Mr. Smith and his coadju. torein hIis t cretl terprise. Tloth, perseverunce, and good sense had triumphed over fi.thood, opposilrtn antd ignorance. On the ret'rn of the Sirius, the Directors of lhe Com pany held long siltings every day tor more than a week. It was proposed to laydoawn the keel of another shipas large as the British Queen at once. A contract na at.. cordingly made w ith MeSsrs. Curling, Young & co., to that elfeet. It wra determined to tmake preparations for two more vessels besides. Their nalne were even saggest!ed:-the Great Britain and tile n'ailed States. Thie name of the one that is to follow the British Queen, it was decidfd, should be-the President! All thesear ranoements were fodlowed by a contract for a set of en gines of 5110 horse po.wer in tote, for tihe Pres'dent. The difficntay in England is, to procure enginaes as fast as they can build ships for thtir reeeptio t. In view of ovPercoming thi obstacle, theI Direttors proposed to plt the engines for the G. Britain and the United States in hand at an early day. The tine now approached when the British Queen was to be launched. For several days previous, the office of the Company aid the coanllino house of Mr. Smlith, were crowded with persons usilng ilr tickbes to be present at the ceremony of consiening that noble ves sel to her d.ntined Ielement. Ample preparations were marle for ilae at'commnodaion of the public. Many of the nobility were presIent on the ocrsion. At two o'clock, P. 31., on ''iThursday, the I4th of Mlay, 1338, a piotnl shot having been given as the nig nal, the gates of the dock were opened, oald shle grace fthly rose from her seat into the water. The lion. Mrs. Darner, at this i oment broke the hIolte over her hows and atoned her--The British Queen! She sat upon tile water, as a seaman would soa, like a gull. Her colossann dimensions were not appreciated to their full extent untilslhe wson eenl foating in the river. Not an accident ccurred upllon the ocea:lli , ,and every bodl)y wentl awy satisfied hitn the vessel wao at least etqolI, if (ot nope. riotr, in point of .i4C, build and shape, to the best ship in English Navy. We said, when speakingof lf r dimensions as coetrae , t- d for, tihant e someP vartitonl was altertwnrds nmade. The followting irtlittl'arte are correct to a figture, bioth i reIlalionto Ihe vessel and her engines. 273 leet--length froml figure hleadi to inl'ril being 55 feet longer thla any vessel in tiea lit itsh Navtv. 245 feet-length on iupper dec.. S23 f'et-lenglh of keel. 411 feet fi in.-breadlh iunide of paddlr w IhePels. 64 feet- breadth, inclthing padd.le n'atoels. 18213 tons ashurthe. ulild's ennll clnrnt. C 2000 Cuat. ll'e meatlsurement. r 5110 horse power both eogines. i7j i:nchs diaoie.r Ufylindt:,. 7 feet slroke of pitonl. S311 feet diameter of pntddle wheels. 500 toll estimated weight of eIgines, boiltrs anld water. 610l tona coal aulfient f.r 211 day'a cunsnt pt.n, 500 tons devoted to argou. 16 feot draught of water, whole weight in. Tile British Queen has at her how. a ftll I l.ngth con loal statue of Her Majesty. Sithe it finiihed lerlifeely plain in her exterior, and painted [,lack, with a gilt ando white streak., All fuacy work is discur!ned in tine ini.h t ul the interior, thoutgh no expense is spared It l laking her brlths and accomniodations elegant, solid andlreo fortable. The neltnmn of the last word has been co sulted in its broadest applieation, .o that the voyager by the British Queen,cannorby uay possibility ilnd ofalu with her accoammodation. She has three Illots, and is regularly ship.rigged. The British Queen left Gravesend for Glasgow on ihe 2nd of June. During this voyage, he fully piroved her sailing qualities, having made in tihe Einglish Clannel 11 miles an hour. So soon as sile n us een off' she tail of the Banks at Greenock, the Samu.n tow t t at went doawnand brought her up the Clyde to Port flnsgow. Here she took on board, her engines front the fatltry of the celebruted Robert Napier. 'hiey oare aecompanied with Hail's eondensaing apiparatus, by means of which fresh water is boiled during thIe whole voyage. i [Here weneio s this sketchL,--and wait the arrival of tihe Q teen, at New York, for a description of her cabin &tr.] Query.-I- not the article in the lie of Thorsday morning last, headed, "Releectious growing out of re centevents," a Libel? Truea, no person is naed, but the purraitunre is a very striking resemblance of one we might name. Itis a true pinture,-but agreeably t, tihe doctrine wished to Le forced upon republieane, the great er tse truth, the greater the linel. Ifthe Attorney (ierneral, were It present all the libelt Publishl d by the Presa of this city, the Criminal Court would be occupied in trying cases of this kind only. The Mlint discussion: We have been amused for the last few days with the dispute among the Ioco Focus ofthe Mint. The Superintendent, in assailing Mr. Bar ker, seems to have put his teeth against a file. BIy the way, it is hardly fair to hold counsel aaswersble fur the conduct of their clients-hut perhaps the LSuperinten dent only used he iname of Mr. Barker as a sort of light ning rod, to lead off the electric fluid fromn his owh tub enreale. We lesan that Mr. Barker has sent to tile Director of the Mint, at Philadelphia, a reviewof the whole caser q which from the spicy character of his article in the Bee,of Wednesdaay inst, we should ju 'go would afford, if pub. lished. no little iliterest, and amusement too, to the pub lie. We are curious ourself, to get a peep behind the curtaire of this same esteblishment, the Branch Mint. I It would, duubtleni, afford a fumld ofinrforntion and instructin ns to the peculiar manner witll which the Loco Focu's manage thll public concerns. We perceive, in the Louiionians of yesterday, that r Messrs. Maxwell and Tyler consent to the publication of tire testimony given upon the investigation of this affair -Let its hai e all the truth. Mr Caldwvll is posiring on r.pidly with Iais Gas Works in Mobile. A second Ocuomater has leeneret.r ed. It is upon the last lprciliplo in operation inl Eng land,haeig ruspended wilhout weights but regular in its perpendicular motions by guide rods. A friend writing from Mobile inforlmu is that tie Munricipal an. thorities were present on the occasion of '" launching ' this noble piece of machinery, and that the Chairman of the Gas I.ilht Committee of the Corporation christened it the" James II. Caldwell. So completely put together is it, tlht it has returned alrandy every fouot of Gas en. tIrsted to its keeping. Tihe Lighting up of new houses for theoensuigeampnign hns already comlmenced inl Mobile, and tile prospect is that the business will neanly equal tiIat of tih' Wrrkh here. our Tnable.--Johns & Co. have nla upon our table a copy of Francia'n Reign of Terror, by J. P.'& W. P. Robertson fionu the press of Cary & Hart. Those of the public whllo are flnd of having their feelings excuted by worderfill and hair-breadth escapes and strange and inlluuman douilg would do well, at once, to get a copy of this hnk. The tRobertrons are brothers who tradedl il Paraguny and after " coming tie Yanke," over Francia to heavy lamlontnlt were expelled from his king.. dam by tile Dictator. Thley write in all easy style, thougl they uppelr to love tie uarvellolls. Their let- terson uParagrru, i feiwt ears since,set all tihe European lReviews y 'tlhre ers, nu the present work hI breeri haIndled both Ihvourably and unlirvourably y the Re views tor April. For ourselves we rec.rd this hook is the mlost authentic ever putlilshed about this frmoulls Francir. Se havre received froml lobns & Co. a copy of tile "Skethller of 'Publi Claracters, by Lord IIroengham," in i twn volumln e from the press of Carey & Ilait. 'The coll tlents present ian interesting appearance. So soon as we hanll have read thle work, we will give our opinion of ofit. In the meia time all those who can appreciate the labors of Itroughalr's giant mind, would do well to t call oil Johns & Co., and get a copy. This is pleasant aweather fur reading. The late revolt at Paris disclosed the existence of the Society of the Seasons. Seven metlibeirs formed a weeek,-thoe lchie was called Sunday,-four oundi is formed a month--and three months a season. Four Ssensons formed a year and tile society was governed by tiue. chiefs who lwere called tle three years. Tile k noies of these persons cannot be found out. Tihe Mlarchioners of Normanby gets £500 salary as principal l.ady of the irldchniber of the Queen. 'There f are 7 otleu, Ildies of tie bed chamber ree.iving each £500 a yeur. There are.8 Mlaids of Ionor getting £3110 a year each, uld 7 bed chamber womleo receiving e oach £30 I per anulll The President was received by the yeomen of West chester County rather coolly. Ile did not tarry long in I this abode of stauncl Republicans. Ther ALoou hou tuoesinate professionll versus practice. Mr Trialst can hIavejutie dor e to itd, if Ire he a d wrolged m1i, by resigniug his post anid courniug Ibolly e before Congress. Copt Bubbit will carry him, noteds - oleufe, before that body next sessioo. ''lie paliomlures Ipublishedici by tiRs friends in tie N. 0. Couler oral tile i a )onaldsonville Pluenlr's Advoclea orgue a had cause, 7 Let him, say we, resign at once and appear before the e grand inquest of the nation, the house of Relpreseniot. e tive at Washelington. Innocence would spurn oilice itf herchuraector wure ltackej, t'erbuom sat. I Fromr the East Th mail from New York arrived yesterdtay,nt o'clock, bringing dates from that city to Sthe 17th iltaunt, evening. The lritish oi een ldrl not arrived when the mail left, at 3 o'clock 1. I. Inlelligenoce fraom Scunos Ayle, at Ihoton to tile ll of May, gives the particulars of a battle Ietwreen tile ltumos Ay reans and two revuoling states, aided by Moc tevideo, in which 2100 men were Slin. In relatiol to thile market on tile Ith and 17t111h the Journal Iof Colmmerce says,--lsmnll sales of tottu:o1 con tilUe tio be omade withmout ellcnge in prices A cargo of about 900l bushels N. Corolina new wheat, first quality, was sold on Saturdy at 1371 cents. Alsou a arrivalof 2701) bushels on Monday, at 135 cent=. A small tot of corntold yesterday at 89c. Flour is without change, Mouncy stocks inl general are rather improving. Stenlmer Vieenn,Capt. Patterson, was discoverted to be on fire in her hld, last night, at about Ial past ninte. The steward frsu observed it by an extraordinary smell of roasting coffee, which issued front between the cl hiders. lHaving communiicated hi fears to tihe pilot, they opened he hbatches, when a flame proceeded from some cr-ats of etllhenware, soewed away U he hIld. By the prolpt exertions of the crow, togeother witl trhe assistaue of the fire departrlent, it was soot extinguish ed with little damage. She wae up for Pittsburg. OUR W\EEKLY will bI ready for Sunday morning. It will contain the ptlceedings of thle Conl, thie paper upon tie British and American Stear Nrcvigation Cono. polly entire, many other interesting arricles, and if the Queen's news eolmes to-day, a full copend of r.le in telligence by her. A Int' (urth oi July spneeih hegitrs with-"l.fies, Soldiers and Citizrn,!" The speaker would have done belttr by pretliing to each of these wotds tle apCIIella lion o Lf" lFo ,llow." Prentitie nsays:-"-Is it t n lath r eurious l lett that, in nine tre , a nlaunderer' f lthe Iltabksa it a nwin. dler oifthe Blak?" Ntevertlhelcn, thte fact ii well sub sntaniated. Oce example wtill n ulhce,-the \\'arhing Wr i,,a' received a letter inom tlhe fInoiy uofi.l. M1e I Iioa.una, ill l)utli.he countoy NRwt Y.rk, inquiring whether this person, who was scalded oail the Geo(rge Colli r, is atill hving,or wheater hoi die,. T'his in to oabk ior aty illlirlatriln that can be givenl rltive to lil. Wau he carried to the loluspital,r where was he placed clier llrhexplursiont A reply is earnestly reqeetred for i Ilhe sake of his ntother and sister . SenC Plper.-W-' have recived tlhe first rnlber of a ne ipuper, culled the "(;ilditlor;" rather a lighting ceg itllel r tt it rrtp l ftr r l" , aiin d rbiiitrilitiaeouquent l y , no t i nl p r o p r i u t , . I t i s p u b l i h1 e d i n Fr e nc h an d English,rhy i;hnitt & Ilelulr, nt Vermillinville, in th Iparish of l.a'tyette. It is a very neat anld hand-ale We copy the follwing froll the Vicksiburg Whlig " \e r .al'd thiich:reg of Judge Calouoge on tie nrl+,tt+argrrgo ever made, pturtcrlarly a. it reign d Ilhe presa AOd t cit cllldlccroerl Ithe, iren are to late It tt rl ll IroseCrtiftO I ild IIn errt reu ve, , wilh ' it I ihe plriv+ge ul ittre hing evidenee, why Iheu the hhtt ul hieI, pies.i+ gone etolnle forever, old it is train nellril as ilior lly .tt iruanny itmlfmioluldi fdere. We reJpliet to klow that tIhe ltrene f justre was not quite extillnl nl tile butlln a hla Jurors, anil inar tiy ould tnot e led down to Ife mlous aw l o' the r Star Challlhrer." We tungrUtulale our frien (iibsou oil O his estapea nllll loa lre ray lora live st wield ris pet, ably and liarlesalv n s lie lan Ihererofrre dote in xpo.a Itgt errlr and Itafirnti, atnd ltlithat inte adcalacy ti juo T:ce aod trut lie will still remain, "firiihfl atnd bold." ) I.AS'IR ()Fi PIAlIS--100 ble latnding from ship S 't Jolt, ,ill bae sold low if taken fron the levee. J B IULLIIY , 74 Crr.a st iW L V & VALUABLE LOOKS.--Hinanrv Skeolfts i Il nte ,.-,lal0efl wl t tlrollr-ed ill Iia" iielggn cif Geio. lhe 3d, ta whineh in added remarks oil Pittrly, and an appendix, iy Henrry Lord lrougiham in 2 vol. Skertches of Plbie :tiractera, IDiscourses, nnai Ea asa a t hine Irs added a dinneratllotll Oil tile elorlarce. of ie Ancients; Ibly Henry Lord Braugiam in 2 vtioe. Just areeired aol iur sale by ALEX 'TOWAR, july 95ih 49 Camnp atreet. pOPI.LAi W ir .--t Zit-bit,- or le-ers lra? m Paint ra. Pnrbus,nr Leter froam Rome. o.mlerioan ,"cenery, a splindid work, 21 Ni.. Reeoived Oir Wid FlPweran with bautiful Colourad Phaean. 'rite Childir Drawing Book. lion Qulxotte j i 3 vaml 8mo. aith II anstruiunv. Received nad ir cale biy Alex 'I'OWA R. july '-J h P.1 Callrl street. FOR IIAVKE, To Sail on the lst August. A lie first class nad fast sailing Ship RICH MOND, Calit.'r W Winship will po.. itirely tsail as above and can take 150 lbales at totloni if immediate uapplicatioa he mods. Fur terns or passage Iaving handsima acrnmmodma tilsm apply to LEVI H GO\LE, july 07 93 Common at. FOR LIVERPOOL. To Sail on Saturday next. The A 1 snd tast sailing Shin SCo'P LAND Capt Alerrvman, can take 550 Bales and aillit l as sarive, apply Io Valy07 LEVI H GALE, fjuly 7 93 Common St. Packet Ship MISSISSIPPI, from New York. This vessel is dilchaging opposite the Vegteable Msrket. Cossigneeswill please attend to receipt, of their goods. New Orleans July 27th 1839. rj1 H" E .'h.banriheeinga anat toadepart ir s.he North ofl'l . a rt sale until the first of Agus, the follnw ing:-2 tirst rates ervants witll their sildI 2 years old, 2 Casila patent S lea, Pnower engiins, acorn misli nlsr ArraeTrning Lthes and te s IselnAgiustg, car Ir iag, rig,4 oacl, arts, HollaseCar at 5d o'cluk, A oterrns,and n dgeneral vIrins ntIlnssaaold and Kitch ei fis.irtrn the sast list PIhiladnlphia made. r Aleun Toe I lite Houe Ies onpies aorner ofiTiroli cirle andTritaon at. apply to NO lItrE. Net Arningenr nt to caneuinsse lot Aguost 1832. NEW ORLEANS 3r CARILLLIOON RAIL ROAD SUMMER EAR ANGCMCNTS FOR THE WEEK HATS, tFrom CaIrrlltA. PromLNe ORlsEaNs. Lo"nmntie M. " omoatie . 7 n " is " . .t Rue de , . , "A PTL , 200.:: o I 4 P n l amlemeNT rola ae D cATS: The aelnaill larv ltah tlean i lalrs a i ll te week days Satll I ocloeak, a . l. whenl a Locl.,stive will leave jarroltltnl nvery hoar,is,ull h o..lock, P. l. and Naew Orleaun evsly hoar until 9 o'clocrk, P. q. After 0 ao', io.k a h,nrs areain be ostaisned tiy paying 5 dlt. lars for the Trip; if nralld for after '. o'clak, P.rM. 10 dot lsartwill hencharged. Persna sgolitg by tlpe team Car mast provide themselves with ticket,, ua tle colduatr has toutive directiulns not to , recnive iaoney is lien thereof. For tnie accnmalation l of pasons iiting Catsrrollton. in ied e5 ,,'clock I ba. lldal who ay int wish to rmaiis thsre ua.. d itil 8 o'.lock te ar that asl heretofore left Carrollton at o'clockar ill ramain antil 6a o'clockl, tiereb allowing itea y ot hour to eolny ths pleaRsalt walks in nes of lte most beautifal Oardans in the United Stales fr TItE JACKSON AND LACOURSE STREET CARS Leave thile hIead of Jackson street at 6 o'cloak, A. l., Canl striet at a o'clo.:k, nd rin holnrly. At 8 i,'lok nthey ill colnlsee to leae cashl and every hall oar., uatll PF o'clock,. P. IMA ,excetlilo, thp t instead of oillnait C;nal street titn o', itp a cY r will leave at 9 'ci.ehk PI. a. t "It i parla'urtIs reltensid that gentlemea will not put stheir feet upoa tile cuhioan, or samoke i the cra, whsu L.adies sire prastnt. Olaco New Orleans and Carrtllton snail Rood Companj-, k JOIIN IAMlS&tiN, july 26th 1839.. Cisf E.g. N. o0 C.R a S ofie ualf hn Firenlas Insurance Corpaly of N Orleanu in CAIhITAI., $3fI.aa00. By an atedly lnt, h rn toClartelr of thi is 'mpanv grenllnednv tits Ls.iislstsse, tita Ilnve he privilege ofl ttaking Jlarine and Riser riski, and are now prepared e to receive applications. t july 27 E I. TRACY, Sen'y. as BUREAU DES ASSURANtCES DES POM a PIERS DE LA NOUVELLE-OR(I LEANS. t aRue do Camp, No 21. CAPITAL, $300,000. Par ne oanendldntenl bla Charte de c Caiapat gne nacordfe par In Legislature, il oat pernsis d'as surer contre des iisqsoe Msartime et du Flacve, at a ail t soot prtas a roesvoir des alplieations. a E L TIRACY, Sccretalir. an I5I'ICl;-\Wns taken ts ty Ithe Palia- asf ti.ea sl .I -I Iosluniciuslity nin Ibe tiil inst : foind in the. a saP . Spion ofa a trunsna, Negr, prms chain goSg f sa id ,t - nicilplity, A Light lay NIsorne .alut fifteen hatsd high, aon hindl legs whilt, asd blind aofne een, and lsoi 'h ' n]'e owner i leqnstel ascome fairward,prove proper. Ist, tmy chealsrfirgetalltk Ithne Islway. ' JNlwsOrleaus,.lr 'Doh 1139. I I. S. IlAttli'i, Captain of the Ve'tsh. 4g VIS.--Arrt6 par ht Police de la Seaondl lans. cipaliit.l9 courant, trinte eotra lea mins d'u ntlgre ilMarron, qi fit dtes foraests dusit Mu. ni'ipnlsht tn chnaw bays clairo quinlzo msanis dl haun, len deux jahllsa de derribrie hlaua, nt morns, I- ausi qpu'an hasratle No. 731. ] La proprietlairo venaroisserouvcr sa propricti Spayer les trais et ites retirsr. H S IIARPEII, Capitaine do WVatch. SUOSIA I.,1":,01" P'.-Rr-Iene.l -nlptanis e Slip , issitai'll tit lasre p tp olsy o Is pattaia'I.el( w ich will be, sold law flir cash by lItAVItI tl l;t' & Co. a tjuly '7 N.'Y. Slatinls es Hull, 24 .'lhartre sa t is ' (I'YING S Pl.l:l=Sl:S.-Receivcl per pacrlkt shlp E liJ .I-i-sili Fels lteut :opsiug P 'lsesse a very taperiir nrlicl . bt ir stle bye e july 7 N. '. Satine as t a1a11p , s 7 ('urtaes Is t s. C( 1 Ft t.-i6I tOlgs I .II1va hano, for yule by ( l jt .7 s; tOtI RS , - :aNewa I.evee j yi s 7 li IsIIII( I. ', 4,"s N eh,, , A1lI]--llll- kegs le-flre 1 suorussah- b J joly 7 R DI)OlmIt Y, 44 Sew "l.evr, English s'sne $10 SI'a J0 I NS ate Ca. july" 20-- Ihe. eor ei rr ors' Chiies e .C- C(mnuol sit. S tollllelner ill lIssw IEngland, or.\l serinu ills.e lt1s fCenturv. Snins'sh'apCraiipns View ola Atalient Ilis'ry. I.oudep's 'ucclopsa.dlnif sardening, sundsa ld. Sir is. Gel', I's n ltseiuaspldia splenlid o Ind cp. SShakespeare 7 vls royal 8o. elh anst edlition. E. JIIIINS Co. july :7th--3w. srl' S, Chumrle & Coaut mn sto. l t-Utd 2'Jusl Inmlinn a frs*h S lsply ol'w s hil & pa I ItnnvY Jells, (;llln Arai TaI'umlrinds, ('relll lanar,tS l Sodh' , Spt''sTnrpens i ie, Peisrl Ash, Tant-s ric .acid, Chloride oita . is mbs. Coi. llevi , c. s llr i ale by It IIB()NNAIIEI, jula 3 Cr l 'SnNalnlse nand Tclhapisisnla s a a i.C- 1 SIIII'Pr., <illoES & SUSPEf DE1 S. 1- Jst rcaiv,,l Iby liatle s rivnla, an ,saaPOlrtLitet hI Stllirts Clravlea, Sulltllnr satlack, ;lovae., assd Sspsu dars'tat she Ba.aar, corner of St. tnlarlea a. t Caulnaw N. B. Aa complete assortaent nf n riting I)Dks Dressing caases, poranble shaving csesn i rose wood A Iatlt,,.. nmyti ItUSll & AI.I.AN. IN) REN A-da dwell' Iing huse, iwi'hsta tr i 4c. .at th corner ofIda 'º'clitallna and Joseh. i I. ins treet, 1e lilur story stolre on Levica neeq, betweenl Ilielvillt. and Cualonlllr alse sect-.r An of iceir in Gtat iestreet. I'osseswilln can be g fivenl inametlilltely . Also. froml first November next, n two sto) etlry wnrr hour , Nu. 19 Cna.,,un nIrt.1 Apple IIt jolly 9lii II I' CA I tiCl .L 'n. tholdrn iaa well as pahlhr u Ianta. it iaadesiiged lr 4rp ail at d weet elee'na dihsi ha uiayte lhmooIi'fi,,tein t d u arie aecenTBR T Ito be prtleet ro the I I11· 1Ia T l 1 e \ tlilalllr durin g thle SIIIIII 1r He·I~I)n. liii iefrigeao ii tile eun aihirel u inidialieileatleI " aricle in the ia ha iIil if eIery goad Ihileiiti. Tole g" quttlity of fu ldl it prlojet:ls I limn thle w'enllller. ill mlore liear.'iy the costallar flll oile ev tery nr. I hle Sabach i is apipotIeIAhIR Oflllited t A ffr eii, r lgtr, 11r A PaIiiei. NIle lillen ib. the ReleigernIta 1Rmnvl he Pe: a at my Plata 3 3 IlieuvillP M. I' lii8 if W It CARINEN. CON9II IIID I.A )IU'NICIPAI.IJ'I No. 2. (ill,, I'i/a Noiie(/e. O(i/tiia !II S(:lllle du 11 Julll, 1133:1. )r l'EDL'queJailes Ma nlirtl EIniiar Welle, M. J. Julian, IIT. Hopkins, CvIna& LIaia, S. W. Sh'r. I leeJoahn Plley, . Ren, and A. ll.llln, lloypiiR a tatiida leoit dann In rue St Jein iI'plin Inohe ilirad juarlu 'fill haeenl to ll ('anal neuf, out demnml("n1~ A I:P C ageteil de flirt ia vrir ha rne Si. J.n n dlipltla In nel t' Ginahjanjqalu aall Bas.iaieuf. A Allnll Qti ot ioahtiqiil l'aevnuitl iita(" edat' i it lora, dr aplle aplicltion, ilillo h e V1 Amelara lin In Ilalletin, daio leb hagagi'as I'll"iItil Pet A ingns, et qa I rns lnacil que 1'oollnatIa A nailliretie amt plus faiitei coitr I'lalarilra de In duela rue, ila,. I, Caiil orda aeera I'oierte de In di' ro.raSr. J,.an dej ais rue (bidiilI jlnlI ' aiu BIlain Ilneil I" e diRa", iio dularmagen, et lee Ilhni'liceli dA tiintiriaanit.eas e le atill'acuiitIttIll ii l (,aa t selln I'il jiiOV lmata diiii; Iailir di Iti liaulla i httlulaal ,ai Aele a ribgiluriaer Ilan aur e, ahligaaint it Inilai'lioraIIin don raii ea planer publialela luns It Ville de ha Nouv'lle ijrlleaaI ae & ie." 1p troe Ie 3 Avril, 18132. iigab8 JOSIIhUA BIALDWIN, Recorder. i Appenvoaabh15-tin,101. 7 J'. 121 C. GENtI, 3laira. a 4 IVi publIle i daalŽ` (fije .i ('iipposition Aolis. tdeiieoiijgllies fait, i'ei l1'inieniii di" (IQa Miuinicipnliii' Na. , iii, fatite alvrir Ihiale Si. Jata depui~in la re (Ilrod Juagmt'"" liopiin neuf, cllfurmce miatiii A Lt li~aluliun aaheaa,,a. i. IENjlll Afaite. J2! IB l.a Noiteelle (rldaoa, J cli 2_2, 18:1. i'BO tN ISKOOMS-2/1 dir in taite lad far saoe biy S11,2' i 1D)O)IISEY, II New levait r UNYNY ifA(S-~25,000 for xale Lv a j6 S &J I' Will I'NEV.73 Caip at f flltlA''l'iN IPAPER.-11ik tam6n ad x 3ii jhes a I landingfohiiinap Yaionaa.lor valiby nay 29 Sf' GIII.ANCIIAIL D o 6, hatre s SOTICE-WILLIAI~I IlEI.L.,N0 16, ClrrRp auntinie. to mnaiifrire anyl article in hia (ito a. .hortionee. Ciaurgettitdienle. I N. II. Wathehi. Jiwalry, Mlluie noxea, Spectacles repaired in Ihe miii faithfulialinner. Old 11,14~ had hhla~rriallied. Inay 17. O d YDKAUI ICCEI :NT-95 IalInditig from ship Geo Cabol, s ld foraable rn p S 4. J P IVITITNEY," __ - __________ 7:1 Cap in a m CORK-.5f0l11 rrel Iriallle .11r ichx t$ O. IiParkla - SStir far Sale by J llA'Ef& Ca July gnu 74 Piydruaini? TRUE AMERIIICAN OFFItX. a aoic 30~i t¶Jl1rarrn 4 jl to connection with this Olice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR TIlE PRINTINGO OF PRamphlet. Blank Checks i CatSalog.o Blls of Lading L. abel, . Dray Receipt, - Legal Notices Auction Bills, Bill Pornm Show Bills Stoeam oat Bills airclalur And every descrlptiem ofJob Work that - mar h rrquir Cl CASTOR OIL.--Nloo Iloorple Superior ofhito Cnn o- t.t Oil now Iotinog from Steni lear, olin fanr I it, orrels eraolld Qiualty Cnnosi Oil in nlt.r nod folr oane Sby JARVIs & ANrIiR.WS, |Jly 2511h cor (o.omol & Tcholpilootoetrio. ('3HEVEL¥Y orthe MAt of linera, by Lady Lytino Bnhvuler in i' v<,ls. Richelieu, or tie Conpiracy a gipo in 5 nt, to wllie I non added Hiloorieal Ont a on tohe hto. daa ofElin allh Crotnell's, Dreao The I)loih ofNelooN , by hll author of the L.alv of Ly.. I on-, Pelhaam, tie )ivowoed, &e &e, oillb all ithe new works ofiho day, for rlo Ity S j1ne0 I ALEX T.WA R, 49 Connp t UTA TW. COLLUTS 41 V itot~Cri' Cctio,naio~itoo. Appoited t b ie Ftdrl Court ot Now Orloona. OPFIC, No. 1019 IiMMI9ON STREET', (Elxchange litel lhtitdings.) . CAID Colnotiiionr tinkes ofdorita ootlder o no by iKlvirie of thle Aotlnf C'nligres, poocsed 2t11h boTro noy, 18.(t; let Strc. 1817; IteJodhoinry Art of 1789 and llbr acts of Collglres, in slch cuses Iliad ad providied. Soid Cloooooionoor ha cnmidero hle exorieoce tittd blies Iortlo ofcrlititol ond Crtjiieoto t illh Itn we nstood lte severest nernliny of the ablest LaWyeIt at april12 11,--75 brl prinrle ·'I'atrt rt ' (il Si o1t casks ulllmer .[#rll Oil 01- oty it io3w 1. I I G4.LE, 91 Commona .!_ by Gi I)OItS.Y, :ll ". .41'i vl. N re . [J1I. IIOFFAT' VIS(IETI'AIILtE LIft2 I'I',I.. .oor S so well knowr nltthe lblic tihat i ii hardly e o e-ary to givea dltailed *.etrtlteltl th oor noittO notd t use. 'lote lhlilioto artites wrill ittlily l, otiooc at'€ nco a cela .l. IhPdoe orhts .pln the public Is idlace, eoofideooc in bis Inreparaliols. Ft I'romtt Ito llttpden Whig ofJuly 12,1837. ' t fotO' Piidsod llit or loot sl oorni cotn toins odiilhtol terotittotto ill favor oolftiio .iogli totprt Itantinventliln. "I'Tlowprs ofthlo Joutrttivas i it 0 a u titlst ofl)r. ,It h~jt O htnt IItt tot l e i ntrolillt . II. erl . tte otlour n'ighlbtor Bowle, ond I'lotrt on , noi t o StIle arti ngcl ms ."+111 enllti ll. Th is is vrry kw l d, Editr dwe trootio'titogInfollloot orhtehlomroooderoiihoefflmitoto with our loilghilo (.nf ho Journal, oiincllon og o. I tllt ir alr ln tij a, ore it ,y ltlttoritg if C Iltl S fieulltt t Itiogl e hE son NPo etI e honr v I . rI ml wle, plhev h oav ius trsli:on. et the et l P'ula r odlllltedlle~ s'Ioooo tic" reof d\ ih iellw e, The illtldt 13d oe is uootlootedly a oviureigremcdy.. od. .17t'TT1F1 FRO1M SAMUILEI. IIOWLIS. .'Fli hllnowit. leltlt is lro nrt . witoleo, E ti or of ihe Iilepltb i caio attd Joltrnol, tloin.liooil, ioaia. '1 l tlNttoiotlt)t J , le t , I ilt. lltr. 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K i )or ..lei1 this Pity, lo th' e corner ot F Cooa.lotill 00l 'doloooit ll,:s boo e. iii IP Iio II hIN11 Li to -'opootd E. qfoi-Tl~io oi1o titttt-, ,c1, , t nlo pdiylnoent io lturs atllons hat dtooto et payt it' it5an t1S 9 , 't tIttr n to littc rp g i+ 10V ?+N I+ I', i . t. Itr , 1 . ot.. .. ....oo II-.,-. I, / - Ill ing' Fn'r lmlh and I'illli·Ih, ml; Wr~lillf a Ihir till· A d dress boxut ,:I i'omrr t)flee, june 12 C I'E11 )It ;II itoo;E.0+,.t)IL".. \ ot o 1,)tCAIo(lIo N li l i ffrt ll llall lhl IIIITR(ll- JIer1OI11· 1I·sI~ v~ ~ illi ' i I |.,Orlll·* li d e IiiaII 1IIP llt qll, i u s Illl. iglllllllllll 11( us ,pl11· h~a.,',;dtd~p. d..'q,6.dito.. . I it.,. iI. ) 0 '0trtlltntettlltotttllI llo r It'61t ui oohotIl dt 17 tlJilto ll IhP ""'ppn ('.roIbm1. jlT II' I. •.,7/e %'hla... I~iit'lllll~ll! e I•i.,ll~ il, ii7 + 10 " ] ' t i $1 0 "il ilo Itt" I' 0 I lt '~o ottto I... 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BELl,, 16 Chartres stree, bunrcirsriry receivee, ed pro nhip Sml mg, 50 domI.r err (nnmIIrld terteavl Pin irrir u wirrrllr ' li~red ito the trade orr p ilarrtr ireap er tliorever Ibefore uErodr l insinorely. AIr, 51 dorze thased ilign, o ronll igtwl, together with a gnrat' vc. rirr' ofcfrhe'cip trill Work, reed rtrrdco Itarir io, Iag Ea~r Utnuinrntn, LoIckeektln, Chains, &.-. Tim.-1?11 in want vI will IOrelrntrcro Irrikirre this gcen nnrnn' t. a .. Gdndrrh raned- 1 T -c ie : itrr r idor r ie niselr n dn opof sntu t in it .1 o,, iiu palerrrcrr;irnen Mm, ffrr qliy m13 Exchange~lllb IlntrlSI Clot I Or( LE '' : rr'rlirreinrlle Iriner inane rrci r givrrenrme tly.t'i Alpply tc 11011.1 :i A" IAV i,: e n erect oI*rell (nrr-Glrrrre lihe,- II ll*E Sivii ilrrlrec.r ie1 111 StU L trri e llre No -4 rriii ntrct K J( I.I, 0NI) (IN- (ll pire.r Itrllter(in, in suR r Nod for sal)( Io J'IrlAc;Iijc 111'1'ER-ti-(il kegs Goshen out 11i .I e-1 u, 'i sUIC for no, b G )()ts 1' june 1': 44 New Lvee r1 Ierrrrrrrtirrtr)Ir'nrir rrrr cl-rl.,e \,,n b I' I i F ierre Corperralrc r ordolrt r. n l &r.Irr ci IBirr'hs jic)rn!s hrd A rrrireti lhre'l' Ilrrk En. en .2 e Jotkl i I nhle by iiirworrrnlr iPerrriolog inrrtre f nIIr Inl. Just recrived and Inr'rille byv it ___oe___ I A 11111 El 11 it rraoiueat NK' INK! INK!!! -Jost r'ceid rrrr hianndr. dozen If ounce1· ink, Rwtlnllled a very supII PriOT((ltiF v cry rlherII,, by doze or grrce by y in'IU FELTrrr Cr. N Y Strtirorrs' Irr ll, er junel 15 :1 eLl erniricrere 1 B ANKc NOrI'E .APEIR-J receirved an invoic I of bI'rk inrh te iperinrAmiirrreerrfirhclrr, iad for i. ncherrby ALl": l XYU\\ II IJ XCtA NGE on trirlu rrrtr righr, .ie srr' by IIi mI4Il A 'lItE'R 34 G(rowii or dr tr.U.-n o erfninrg line fir bnt i ur srlerit'i iY Ien 111:- r G I)URSEY, 44 iew Levee jEitS S EbEEF-in iriftils, li, crie by mray II --_-G tURSEL , Neww.e*y 0 ] rttE-20L borlo plo- rnd h IaI ,itenl, n, thile itrqrection,'or sle bIv (a I)()tIStiY, June l' i41 Nrw Levee [AINTS. OILS & VARNISHES-F500 kegsLe G tlocldriWlirje Lerri; rIta Carr~irt~rieee1oroGreec Paior, gerirtrl in til; , lockutit Linseed Gil; Spaerm dri i4 Putty; 5(1 brie. Wititin,; CLnpel and Jlopaorred Varirh 1 Frr nlyr y S t.OCKI Co Mlay 38 __ 8 tFiIrort Lent. iRKEAT IBARGI~LN. - l igrity sioteed In Ithe Parioh oi Uecrita, near Alonnwc. Thle tetid is tdtired exteremelioy l ewalnd in avantderoetcteces. Appleat june 29 Nl. 10t9Comemon oreet. 4 UC.ARS-56 k Clarifoed a rd loaf Btirnre.tfitsale Iby IIERMO(IENE, H U VNa"co c jtine 29 Nto w OAIOS8ur0dieeeoeI ni'J,---ry - Pri l/ my II S& lW I1.s:'7Co THE LIBEL CASE. PUBLISHED THIS D)AY, and for sale at the Counting Room of the True American, St Chlrle Holtel,and at the principal Book Store, a correct leport of thle late tlteresig asid imllportant unit of thIe State of Louisiana vs. John Gibson, Editor and Publisher of tile True American, before the Criminal Court for Li bel. july 21st EQUAL FELLOWS.-The American Sun Lodge of Equal Fellows will assemlble at their H0ll, Ill Lycieum, St Clnrles 'tI' on Friday Evenirg the e 6th July, at o'clock P 3 on spllu cial abuoiness of in porancs, A full attendance isexpected. B) order of thIe President. july l22d-21. T. SeC. Secretary. RI.v'NG 1 Ap I.t.-Au Incoices ol Ulmetiur princt. t lng ipuher of the fullowing sizes. 27x42--2ixia3- 2lx36-o'22x32-t19x2. Also a lot of Envelouir, Iord. ware, Medium nid .rlal Wrrppiiug PpIir, aloCtl th verr beoot qanlitv, I.nding froIUm Blrque Jrsephine frit Piril ia ud.lrhin rod lur sale by ALEX. TOWAlt, july 23d. 49T Colln Street. SECOND MUNICIPALIT'Y, Now Orleans, July 4, 1839. Notice is hereby given to sll keepers of Billiur Tables to Lake our their Licences at the Mayor's Office, wittlini on tdyo front dole, agrceuble to an Y Ordinace o l the Geneal Collncil, approeod 27th11 'May, 1839. 9S. 11. TURNER, Collector. i F¶OR SAILE--i Ibils loaf ougar ,s it 3d n io ar holuse t lolusoes 25 drl clrified eginar S51 flmdsrde citerer, 1l0 ils ropeil Ily HEItMOttENE, BROWN &Co. JiJuly 9, 1t39.' Coati tit. Nor. It. STAI' I)E L& LOUISIANE-Coot tic Pu. roiksu pour In Poarn oset Ville de Ia Nouveolu ans--L'Etat do la Louisiune :--a tos couon e cel preuroo res coneruent :-rI-Suti . t tendu oqrr o i Willioan Regan do cetlo ville, ayant n d t da une vonti frio tepar ilowlettn & (teln, ,e. Sours publics do celtr villa, itn proprid6t6 i.-prse its, s'est addrosaa an Grffot do ectte Cour, pour tin avis contiPrnrr ot la on muet de la L6gisla turo do I'etat do s at ,uisiane, intitdtlo " Atou pour - confirioor lea titres des acquereur, nax vontrs judi rt- eoio ;"approuvd to I0 Mors 1831. Qu'il suit con. so no, cit toules personnon intlrese, ent pae cot n pr'ellnts olnlsl nd norn do 'tetat do ni Loui3iane et de ill Conr do Paroise, qui puurralent avoir druit in ht propri'.d ci.opr.s dorrito, on counsequenc d'un II d6faet d finrme duns I'ordro, lo dceret ou In jugs. inrou de In catr, n ver duquel la In onto a 616 llote, if.- uo do toluo irreir nlritel ol il.daWnlirt dani l''stimra Ir tin !'avia oi lo tout et I Intldo do In vents, on i por Ulln antre calse quulconqlre, do faire voir dune trelo jnours a dater do In publication dro cetto avi, prurquoi In venct ainoi faire n seruil pas con ir. ln6 1et hotntologurb . he Ia dito proprid6 flt vooduo par nes lneatlrnrs. sos dto Io 2Sine jour del)ectmbre,do I' 18:18, n veort drtn d6lotn do cetno t r ,,r, roldou No 23.1i SJuillet, de 'anao r 1838, dones l'Pffiro do William o Vance oontr .ei ceruneers len erb cirneier de hnVance & Miller, No 10961, dlu ducket dN crlis o Cour, a laqoetllt ven l e r lit Wiltinr icguan s'eet lrondol acqreuor mour In piix dro 3, 90rn, opayable .I miille piuetres colmptntr oiel balance na nn cret ( do six, do)Uzo of dlx hIll ilmain. Si Description l do in pnri616 d'udprsn i l tranefor Judiciairs : I U erincrtni l.,t de erri, lIesinfl orlo No un, itnuI dire Is lenubotrg Lerers, le dar P'ilot fnlrm6 pao lee rtes iers Nnalt-r.r, E'roto, Pyrnta.c el 'trlie, et tlisriorln'encuignlre do rue ds Naylrs ct Era. il rto, Ineortraut trrIte et un orloIds, onrl pniods eL t llt ltg es, plurs o J iInilt , ." leoi.c hi ri l det Nayadie., stlr atn re vringt ant pied eo t ng olenli t Is o pruofondltsr, et ltaln a a rie rato, l tout Inresunre Angloise ; to dit lot ava t erlon n cohlUion nre I lots Nn deiles lros l'umage od'ure l16t dans to Iond, ide cinq plies do latrger, ecoPcinlo ntSl,.o loe b. k tises, tusio lee dr rit priilngr ct qui v pInprtiye. d- cent. Alnrero cl tont u appert dil pl.n dress6p r Jo ihn Scl reribr e , inriiriiir civil, ditrti In Ire .llh , - 1836, anlntx6fi tin ito sit ll reC r e d tu Y. Loew. is, aot let 5 FIv-rler, 1839, le dit lot 61unt ue oU b dit l oisor niu lII tlelt inr re halt. II lroair du (;rcflier, Nonvelle ()rloans, !e o .hlillot, n 183t9. J. lItItE, I)tui, tli.r, - itAt OF'i LOUISIANA.-PParish ('sort fl r 1 the Parish anll City of Now)ic llono.--'rI itanlo of l.oulaianao : to all to whoa irtsrccte shall rub it--ireitLng : Wbernaes, Wilhar Rteoa n of thi oily, ta voing plllrnoeitd mut, . sle Ianlr t It tnlewh!tt & (inso, Ilabh antclonters of r tllis re ly, the rolterty here. tiatller d,:serlbd, lihn anrlert in tir Clerel thiln Court fror tu ullioiition or indverietint, thI rernl+r Now, tlreflore, knrow yi, atlln ll ptrsonn inter. 'r,, led hereinro , are Hrrroly cilted lin adill i+roiebed ilt ohp Donor of the State of Loulsiatitro, und orf tho Parith Court, who ron set up any right, titlo or oi rrclaim in and to th prnoperly hereit oftor d-scribed, it cOtliSeq ici conforiy infrrility in the order, dro. cree or judgnmlnt of the court under whiclh thel, sal dwas Icro de or r alln y irrieglllr rlt y or illlegalty ill the o pirilaenets aound advirtiserriunits, in time or i rl.une a ner or sale, or fir any ither dlefect whatsoever; to eashow cause, withill thirty days fromit the ty tills nonition is first inserted in the public papers, why Sthe taleso anudeeould not be cofirmed and heo. ir mntogateud. ''lla i said property wa sold by the nuctiorrers aforesaid, on the 28lh day of Drernlbor, A. I) 138, bI y virtuo of a decree of this coirt, recdured onth lle231day of July, A. I. 1838, in itsuit ull. ct tledr Wlliianl tVante, his creditor nand Lthe crelhtors o dof Vanco &. Miller, No 109Gl of thle dlocket of thin e court, at which saeu tl e the said William Regan beo. a' came thle purcuhaser, for the priee of 31,910, payn bie $1i)00 easti, and tle balorce on a credit of Dix, I-otwlve and eighteent months. Doscription of property, as given in the judicial con. voyanco : A certain lot of ground, number one, itllate in the suburb Laecourse, in oquare hounded by Nayades Erato. Prytannee anld Thalia streets, an" forlrg the corner of Nayados and Erato streets, measurin. thirty one tfeet eleven incdhes and seven lines, more t or less, on Nayados street, by niinetv one lcet sevenc - linoadiep, freot on Erato strien al l Engli.l inus 'n uor, having the use in common with lots nutmbers "it and three, of an alloy il the reor, of five fiet o r wide, together with all bthe boildige, riglts, ways antld privileges therreunto belonging. le whoeir as per plan drawn by Jolu Schtreber, civil rlineer, - dated thl first day ofJine, 183(i, ant excd to an act in thi ofhice obi f n VI. . Y. Lewis, dated the filih day ,,f ..rur.ry, 1i83, bei, a suubdivision of lot ouot Clerk'i office, New Orl ansn. July 3, 1839. july 9 3t--9tb ,jy 3 do 3d oug i N I O'lnlla. a rea n,. ,,, r.~ tIe , 1 d rrcl rnic c .Iilv II, Ir rr inst. rie h i"o irn p. i- wet ll.occl EUoi-CIr N, Viz.o l I, 'i i i, inoiv Ali leiro P tnolnt ui Iruf; Jolin cJilo, hiyorderof dire Ino iror, ttt d d t int , tl, enir critrea, hI or I nn rorliR ( rte W lIi, S ulld Ibe crlil.lra If ' Kinttlr i ,ii Au . I to lIt is ordc redi ithat t e t"oritio r Oliririr O t root , tlirner b olitril'tl m tIam inudr rit e Ire rlirri or iutolierlr debtoro Anrtit inIerlrent,-r rd~r I.It A,. t. Ilrdfurd be np. pu nlled trir, Irnlor eor lhp rIIIiY iedlll r e. r Clerk's ofince, Ibis lt day dun Juu¢ 1o:oot1. 4 -- ' DE r Ivjl meNeo 9 a INouvIho rIIrol . O a. )T 'o Chalorles alonell illlia'''''' 't dete ( a11110 Cr10 Ci1 et leS Criadll cilcli de nlllcil-I T" no i~ll~lell. No. QLJ9--L'reaeuo ll. til Ijll l . jug'.j~~r 11eto d lll II ~ r I II Ietli i Sur15 'ode Jliwn Jro in IIII ) , (ofl faire voir I)ourITuol i e peril inn ,Si r it Irn lul il pas no. _ henelieende,,? Illi* rui out ite (liter pou~r le PLIuolaPIIPI t dess illeolvnb~es Settle llr lnp n r nt dcttuu--l itet plla or. donne qu(IUP A. E. lrBJdfrll aiil sumo(: pour T Teprl~helt )(r Ies Ilnooeioiers nluo iiti linleau du Groh', cc 22jnlrr dle Jui, 18338 J25 tow 3w J Eh C f I.LA ND, GArmtoiV A of I.inR0d 111 in piies and boirels-i 0 Ilutij el Splirits of Turpentine, for Saler I 7 JAItV'I & ANDRND JI July 6th Cotnler of Commnln l & I'chlopiolllna Sto A 6 H 0:1 US-50h10 fee I nII;h ,,,,, for sale by )li. _ $ & J WHITNYEY, 7/3 Camlp st N AISTRA4(T ofit, otrigitntl titlot of record in A iton general land to ie. l rinte in accordanc. with It resolution of the )11)118 of R e(rI)I1ntallnliF, pull. niddi(th ftay, 1838. A few ct.pier lout received and fnoroale Iy ALEX r9WAIt, J8 49 Camp nt P I_ p Letts-Fa n~wlscap fvariouequal~li ealluly kplsiin e Irtntepapoer do dlo do Pocket, colmercianlso B,th Post Rova1 and lRper royal cartridge paper loon loonge,', dol Ioot,ntn nonplin° do Printing Paper, of all sizes, notitnbe tor cityv otd , onuatro pjoopese. Als, double nedium itttpnini ,lad suptr repo Printintg lotoeso, foro uld by ALEX I'OD1 june I l 49 0 amp st SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. W EIIE brought to the Pound of the 3d Ward, 2d .1 unicipalitv, r1 A large browst i;reo, uabOlt I hands high-no inmarks to Th'e uwn.r of saidl roieriv wi ll deae cull rouund of at ha I'uiond ituiaed in illarounle, htweno'Hevia iuod Uirud ra, prove prucpoerylay chrgesaa ad take him uw0y, oaor berLe d aOturd.ny tlh 3d August 1839, wlen bie w ilbe od at uuellotu y ' 0C ioailhlite, pub - lic auctiteerr, . J. S. HAtliPkII, _N Orleons jilly 4 . 'aptinl of the Watch. e M EN E 0ll dapot doe Ian 8 unde ulanoirplute f ogrand Clhevnl bruo, 14 mains do hauleur, sansmarques. La prnprioetairo vodrals bion lorta. elaunr au depot ruI B arronne,entre Hevia & tirod d'ici i Sunedi In 2 Auut, autlrament it era voender la dit jour par P. a Guillonte ansierour publique. jv 25 If SHARPER. Cupitnita de Waleh. ito V i(lr ..,uiigtllfl Ilo Porolls 'rlr ol. ot Iht.d ilu a ieipuitv, Ili f' luwing slaveai, vi: A ulntrllo ltuln unmled ioore about tlirty four year of o aaytsle belongi to Mre Luibnrlte. A logle iilrl aelted Pall, abohlul follrity l of iago, says she belongs to irt. Pepite. ithe owners onanid slaves Jill ple n l t the prinour yis Un cligr, oayt lre Illcrlllrg dAir iron 4 nd. ARg IIO.croll ilnoeoul U Sli lliiu aboul t4 Aeyrs old, ran siyo ohi ut apattenio r Tr. irle. 7 A grioh Irllill iluacic'ct r SAll,' sbout ohenloy-oiu It ura old, ly slintero6 PAUL go do 40',r twrd. 'ite tiWllero uof iahi uiliacs till plrsi estll at tile ptih i. l rf lt r 2r71 lnnet ci allt I, arove dropely p21 y c s dint cciid eo It-rnll oway. f- S llAIIPlll, juoiv iI Cillrniti ofll l'lrtcli. ()Nidi'u' rrI c nlllehi n gl!ole dc In scotlti i lnlluoici ititl(itin trlecino s auvatilosu.t oif Une Ullnlegres nuniti SPllt6 tl ag6 d'e4 lvroa 34 di an ilt dtIUiIt tntllaolilr o i 0lAlr. I. fbhrnP. m Uni rllccrc Illnltlor lictoiir. PIAUL ugh do 40 anlal ,e dilnut upparunir a Mr. Prlime. Lii ill'lanrci nrlruuiee JOIl,\, agf de 21 anr, Sn di-inni apuirleir rir ir. Iticihod bon ilegreocia nttnt. S(iPIIIfEr, ogi dea2 a00, So di Bkocmt ipprritetir u Air. Edwairde . Une cogrooto gtiii cetrtntr SIltY Ugo do a2G416 oee lI.e propi6tlrtaies, de dir. ecluar er, sent pt i6s de rrnil ell relnrnr nn Ipuyall le Ifuid. fH. S. IIAItPER, J15 Calpitinle t.i I (iardel i s ERE brlirgIllt Ii t ite piund of hea t WVard 2nd YYe lillltticlilih tile rlhitllttnga uIyI nirtla., in. eA liay Ilor-e wish 2 bind lJtcks White oi black ir lno ilr Iiit, l lindltriight eyelIiu., u 151 i l rdlti iligi. A nlur., clra Ihro oe waith a lack ntiue a runinl, 4 no Iogoe llch withallla n , ito rigliltide (laulbi I)ll do n iig , cir r A Iln hintore cilth a Irlek tnane oidsil 15 laind or Ilill, ilrbnelt e Itrled fuclhbok itile unid 4 eet brul i 'I'lrThewllr o fridopierai 3rrly wrill irie oo l rolnd at , i tle iIplao l loilt :llwr, l l titre Idi llily sites roluedl hc crer A o Rin a cd Anll iutjlln St. prot, pro In. I,'rtv lly hlrt r iand tike tIoln auot , a 1i lir tilcltor at Srntlrlll lly Ir 71l JtlyV 1719 wnail hey .ill bie old it tl ur-it, tIy It' lutlluite ipublic ut.cricu. r. oil If. CIAAINN I.iIt eal. tll New Orle sns, July l thl P 183'e. , nielp allOtn l ons u mi l u 6iavei uivnte : in. Un oltota h i 2 fianon Iiase, tleonto et ronin on nnir, ct horglni de l'ueuil druit i pel prb f I 1 InA mnaita dc hauteur. is, Un choval hrun queae e l crins noire, lt qIatre p. lte0 on ir avee uno blcssllrao our ln cuison droato do darridto, 16 arlls iadt e hontur. SUn hOval Ic i iirnin iuibro t qlei noir., 15 main. I, do hltleur une partic dii funon dlroil do dorribro Is b'unaIt ale qoua pre pas cou'tir lrune. l Les prulorietaire dies lle anilnitax sent riegll tie do 50 randre an Uroyecrdlu 31n ward lie In 2ler inn cti( nicipalitd situoe a i'ucoignuro i.s ret Rbilnt of t I Ailurciation pronvor ion proa rilcid, paoyr ler h oi c ergalof ts retiri o tr r oiln avat saainudi le 27 Jnll di lot 1839 o i] scroot viicdlue a a'oncnu par 1'. U. Cuil nre oneantlcur putlie. for 18j. 11. CIIAIN, ler lir-oltnant. WVEIIE brouight It llle Polce Ilirlaltli ul tile Attn it lunicipalily. filel wll wng lves. vni:- tO A nIaro IIlI noamed llncek Ihlwk, or I'hil, eL atltut l 1iSyeurs of age, syila ie beloirigs i MdandIn .fi A nr-grio ian, no ued iocnoo.c nboute 5( years of ,Cage, satyu I cti elongs to Madalnre o)rIgrace. S'I'iie i1' sill suonvc wtnl iplunso call it alte ti I'i,iihcPrison ofrtlhe noi hlnnicillnily, prove parn. prtY. t, pay i lrgers ULlrtn tlke thLin away. If. IIIAIPEfI, Nov-()rloan , July 3. C:iolt. oetite \WeatI. rat )/ N I''I" i rdoii t, I in (:I obl (I,- Ie t ll lll l ," l ý€ p liti, ha EI bi-c-l~vc Atotvii "...... i , 'it, loc illl b M cllldl l , iiii 'on tIh no r r,', mh oi " i |:+I Il*CI(· 11 · itni l llcllr a I tad.. ,. { ' 1r Die, , t" Io llt llll , II ,ntrioi fa'tiI ' Irlrll 0 n - altllr lllt r k Sltl iltllll+ I)l (rt(.e. .I'" laltonrl llelrnt dni ni Init 'Ii IIPst 4 1f I tiiiuii l )rimi It, -t tie r e tl o te I u h(; .o i ,.Ie r e eIIr I-P.I o ll.i-t il :ioalllo , , pc l rt l Ir BNil , dr t rlice it ii irpri i lC S"e hn rfIt . i t . il I l P i. stn 1':]+ E I ,rt"tlgh[ I,, it, , h, polar rin nu ,,I t,,"" .",',,o,, 0 . tie lig. nc iii, , i h.' bt i ttintr i . i . e. hh. :\ n,-_to boy ,,11111 r 11i11i iii . k I tIr- nsofO or L 1 ,. +h,' ,i ( ,legnt s h. t1.neo f,, h=". liolu , If 'r ! llo ner, ofiniiiibiii l ', -lt r . iiii .n, I l a ,,., -- prtlI't'ilt, pot r l l. l -nand nkik thll n .ll lV, r ". 11 S 1 : III'EI'I I lln10f Fit tic inn n , i irc .cc,-i hid4hitt i vll n- i r I'rlcligri iti( lt Olrit , 'lll ltll 1. .ei. dr t to. U ir IIIn Ie rlil'llllli J)II NfgI " f lt IIiIf( In , a, i eil i'"t '',,. I ift )Ir i t . IIIf, k. " eu. I w" I rnl l·'arl' . 11. llill'ii r... ma a(' 11 RV* I pt ~ ~' J" : 2J4iil le ILc- Iiix l)li i nlllill: ' i,.i I .*lllVt 4 S li I 4 II:hl| i,t J'111 II ,S 1IA It!'l,:R,Claplli,,h de h, hl~nrd l . -IMMCNS HAIARTT & CO, are now rereivogtroe' on board ship tOrtono. npgle,, t'oker rry Andrew-, Frenh and G'ern playtn'a l Back enllllllon I)Ltld; 'he-e, ('I .n d 2)-4 in-l 2 h Bil rd Ilull"; i, !1,, t llld 12 illn. h blnde I Ltowie Kn ive Lelhcr alld other travellhin ,reasing t(C,.. Belt, I'Pock,.,,I Ioriean'o, Id I )lit lln i'iotola;duollle h Rd oinei.e barrelled (tl.llqo (Gnae BIgs; '.oti Belts Pwder I aln Pistol I"olunk.; Itrl, IlotIne ard Drlnkong Cups; Plntoalion ('Cip anld Cp Ilohirne; (lolh, HIr, riToo I( Nai Intrus -; Orr-. Gld lrine IT Il o tah: iTooth Powder; Toihtan1d Shll1vingr Spsl, n. l g ii' rienvt; Ing Ilair B aids, R ingletlsa n1 F'ri.elo I Pearl ndt" tl;wder; Elmery Bgs; Iry Tub , Cl fijns: Pltenl Slides or Garllrs; (nam Elasti .eusp nders; ,owder I'ufft and Dnxen; Gill Choins, Sntla and Keys. a:r-derop; WastB IBluhkle' Brniceets Berad Nerklace. no.d'.ustitis; Gill nod ioered Beado; In din Blead, tells mnd Pflums; Shell Twint; Side nd Dreassing (Il ts;w nihil Itaddition 1to their foinmr atork on Ilhand. makes their aitortllen very celllplete, and will be old ow nd on liberal erllls, al the sign or tihe Golden C om b. i .'T3-tf 7 01 Chartres sareet. UT'I'ER-- 50 kegs (inshon and Wrestleron, in store for sale by G ( ItOi{,Y, T m "44 New Levee GE)ORE C- . I C,,LDSl , 'ATTOlNE• AT LAW, Ill o utt od tlu 00 kagene oout ood'tmn Iliotri,, iCourts of ilurr.ntnrg, 0 oal'l andjonoe lonieo-.ntl-)ne .t r he City of Horton. 'inln.n rat olegrvennhrt tt ,'r nnee Ba ty Lan,! oIr ilHey, will hre lnlh k, i t orl I pil relmtly o tltite el t eller Ilunn rsidents or reidnts, dn ,('leon.. Add-lren rolo the Uitlled taler---('i v of II, tela. o the cnre of n.b Iblcker, jr. ( I'exs Iloot Utile Aleno new ()rl.nn. G. a .llltr (ý1((RN IIWkO' 1S-21 loon l to 5000', toonlr t y If Jf I 1IS\114, I4I New lA dy, 4 lir cask Irnu n Slerry o Ine; 36 balxenpal do In snuperoUr quality T for alne by S&'J P WIIIO'NEy. t Iliy _73 a l r tll p I.nI mls .pble .,v--oms .0 u; tin a; mi. United So'err, h tr a nle by t7 IA "lIKIER 0l3Gravier at WALKING CANES. V M IA 'BL., No. 16 Charlr. altrret, han this doe Ireceived t variety of CA NES, otill labo r geon tnllmn'sa nol they oill bI offereu d voe low d .njnd u lLl en- (ot and Weur sp tntrilyl soeorsat.b _L i 16 J I)tIISIEY 41 New I..rae .lOt;at &" M.DICINES, PAINTS ' & 0.- OilfVitriol YO Crbloy. Rnootnl'nl,'on!slixtdre 20 caes Ctrlpnl nr'o ('nellliculsn 0 cases Sulihllne h'I Quinine. 3O11 oaneor. IEngnlh Mlltard .50 boxes rnt.nuiuds 15 kego Epsollll Soli0 211 harrrles-Alul 10 barreal Alolheeuriesa vinla 40 Imxes Wvllte 1lend pure 5011 kesr--do B 300 kegs Colored nintsn .0( keos Spirints of'l'urenltine (I barrela ldo tin 25 Valninonra Colgone' Sloarch 20 Ioxsne Wi.h a general assrneItt efrmedieinea, for sale oln It. moIlot relsolnlale termls bn o8 m ArNDoW, tolnsal, Druggiste, corter t ommuua & b'l lhopitnl ntel by G Di(IEIY, __ _ 15 __44 New Levee PROSPECTUS OP THE NEW ORLEANS The DAILY Paper is neatly printed with eaall typo on oan extra, doublo ted.unti sheet, at .12 per annum, payablesomh annually in edvana.a 'rThe TaI.waKLO PaPer eontaining lhe rending omatter of two dailie r, onaToiwn Ine mania WIta , dje' 10, payable in adance, wllire no city reference is given, Tle WanaLY TRuE Aeargcea, made up 'rom th daily Papers, duritng tIle we.ek, will hbe sent . sob. craibers Whoe pay 85 per annum in advance, and no ((ne other, unle an acnoeptable cit rtfoernce as givon. Subscriber raespectfllly solichoed. JOHN GIBSON, Nrw O.tLAN.S, MAY 1839.

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