Newspaper of True American, August 27, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated August 27, 1839 Page 1
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_______ N2, i::NTM N I~ I)LEAN, 'lI1JICýI)AY M1,t1NIN(i AUGUST'27, i~;49 VYo.-' 1 gscitataBg 0t atourttit. SECOND MUNICIPALITV TUESDAY. 2d .T11ly, 1339. Renlveld, That this CnIenil' An p- viLt. ntwith. standing the nojecti ,m of the M1'vor, in their series "d of rehslntins a'lontdl on 'ho .l5th JiIP last, in re. 2t altton to the BI'nd or thin Ma,,inelnslitty. JOSHUA BALD'VIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayoi, July 3. LnRelvedt. That this C, ,n oil .in persistl.nt w;fll Minlie. Ilta nhjectionn of ths Maynr In its re oliY tions of the 25' Jiane inl'snt, atnrptling Ik prn- to pal'J.lthn Grant, for the construction ofcertain i JOHUAR BAT.LDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor.'July 2. Wheras, narrnge.mert I have hoen mad* unde' he snonulte of the Excutive or thi. Rateo fIr t ' slebrratiln ofthe ,t..veirO¶ry of the delration ot to, the aln.lpti.on ," tCh.t, cPlostTlie of the Co Inel of the lot rllniilemtlity inrititn the cntnl.tiOn Coftthie Cntlnil and the Ccmel nrof the 31 Municiplity .is making such anotn .nt. Be it tlierfele Rsnlred, That narranhment hing.lmede mde it ini unn.c.enry fr thisoCnun eil tn ednotl n meacst' in rlatinn to enid oeels bratinn-and "tho t his Cnotttil will with pleanelte I jein the trgoes ion onfnrnahlt with anrrangmnents "frssd unnn r .TOI-yTT BAIrTVWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor. July 3. 4Rentved T*".t Yto. nr ahOaie fon one montnn be grantd to* lnc. I -R .*Le. ~I'h,-.iRrcr. JOqHTT % fl 1.nlWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor. .illy 3. Retanlvet. The tcn .eot. rno ftrv th.esnd 'n'. !ac ench. he in i',vr n( the fite Rlnk:; nn pycvhlcnn tht fir't .rJ.lntre nrx. and noc par Ohl. an the fire' or M ,rell ox'; aid not-. in h " die..netntd hv.yni 1 snkh. inl the n n .ets'on ho tp. plied tn she el, nt ntvm ont. of thrl TC*e,..eV. Rml·alold T'ht the note dt thI" ~errrlctnl Rank on Ithe 10th intan'. nf ne. In*llld"^ I'"Luand dollare, h. r*newed he t.n oen* ,,f Cn- t l10 'r,h. posahle on the first of Jlnnary and firet of M ire', nrev. 5RlC!"d. T1h. the pnne.ed ntllhe nts nofle rd. oftheir'ntl to he r.e i;ed 1nate'ie .re nlh- 18'h .Itt h nt . e nt, to *1- .*e *int ,.fT .t hin.t1.,tI ti,.ei dtllera. hb*sndthtre.o.rheerrhn ei*l'e the enven-nt of the .onse n .otl.,otid o he i.t-d'l under the two.,nr.^c-e rep-','innn. and .nof anv nete. isen1* ;- ".*n.., .nlr.t. . .Tr0"T1 '4 I31tnT,T'VTN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor. July 3. sRentlrd hoet s note ce thi. W.Sn e non i'v f. , till thne owa hand-.,1 ,na .;t.,,;nr .nn ,. and se-**'. FvI- r.-*a :;. r . -.n*l' . t.,. ",* r*.. Ma·v 11t39 het...d*on .'t,e '-. .1.,,t .ni, Rt.,inh., 4nmpnty. in .,ll fr hill nro'lno fi.a'r*r., and e. light tn s :~ I .TO~.r T' T A B r.nA r1'¶'r, Recorder. Sent to the Mvyor. 3. RenTlvod. That the, 'r.o-nll- .. ey n N.ih ?Nlino!e. on th, wre ,,t ~ftl.he t . h * I,. nm of F~ln hend and l. vn d'.ri,li an. fi .., ..i tfr 1hvi in.t tt , a| thei*ion.sof.i",. . Pin*,o tl'tling, a.rash v to a resn'n'ion of the nI e.v.v, 1838. JO TV'A TIAT.Tl'vTe, Recorller. Sent to the Mayor. Tily 3. Pstn'vl.. -hit the. es . of two nlt in eighti.t,'r.. ,tl.esrh- airi to T.Inolh I tI -' .. on the warrnet arthe M ernr, for his hill of Notnrisl fees to t. iA-,.. .TOSqft'r R \T,TlnWTI, Recnrder. Sent to the Mayor. 'nly 3. R.-Ia' d. "'I* 1,tn 1.11s oP fn.,. d.1'.., - n D;i . In .,s',n YIh.. n t.,he v...rst of Il. Wir M rr etq.;ne th- in l thc:* l. nrh . I .. Te, ".*ll,,r no f) . 460, men.ose on tl' State R an,il, to Ie ic,,"d in this Mu.";r". .:'" .TO3S'fTtl4 B4rT.n·''T, Recornrder. Sent t, the Mayor. J.lly 3. the on'ioin, of eindrcl ins , I l .1. nto h.v- Rt. Jihn s..-* nn-o*. c.,i n,ennaiml-d f-oni to In t . e.;o. 1. , 4,.w;,| dnrine tIen in P.ernI and Ai r lI;h, int hn Trite Amceiran ancnl Molloin nw.en.n. i;n snn. fenemie with . Inn.. ind wheree oc n 'io i ' ;nn Ii ben made to the onpninlg nd ronlcinsin of enil Bt it the*reoCr R-sol-.4. ThI,* I. Jshn pr.ect he ne*-nd ns Ie r,sii.tld rrfer ri.ol .; ..t on ~ ho. N'w it*in, end.inenrdren ro..v "hiic Ro.elol;ns intn *fRect. the ; cc in tio,..hv nolltt. .4 in m *ka spntlirti;n to ihb oto.' P *;.h (nslrt in ant fCn the titv and P,.;ah nofN " e o cn.. ton an. pninethrt.e d;eirrrt nld d;in;-tf.**** n ,'.nn., rnm. pelten to eer io i'eoer o in ased C(",.i. ton et .n Cnnmi.ioea*rn of El.l;m,i nod 4·el.lnent.. in entfornmilv In n net entit'elI ,i An Aet on vrgn Itle the nneine. 'r.ine on* -r :nemnvine of stroalt," * ..u a..ot .:t '' l~e9 JOSHTTA R4..fT'VT. , Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, JT ly 3. Th.a.. Ty .t Fn-m lr.d fl.n. he. e.. of , thin Oedinln.e. it .hall not hIe .whll fn. ,nr . A w .ere*... se ri- e, . n .&..t lh.'e.e rh oa.. enen the atellt. an ma In itr.t'rte with the f(. rir. etllatin of livht nnd air. nlder a nlnnlv. of t.en dellan enra-h m iA e.d .v.rv Iv .rh e he.,el. anA bea.el mrle etnfin; ind l i ,l lht i nm;u..inn.a or seid Mtrk't is h.r*t.v nrd. to hI.,. the. r..e.n n t.ia'n*e hte.d.w;thin ien dayr from the p II1 of this O-"t,., .... JORHITTk4 fAT,T'VT%, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor. .Tuly 3. smnndr pet-ersn h. n*ti;t;n..4 th;. Cteneil. settine ferrt'" tit the l...i. nr oft. Im,.n mottIve en.ine thre. teh ll R*enn. N .rt. i ettir.tId with amrians d nror thel liive. -nd en-..r.te ntl..r rrsident*: an; wrllr · in 1h. nni*in or 1 Cotnril the .nhj.linnsc.e.t rl1 hv *l A p*titionrr 4r are wrell nmindled. 14d1 the n.rlvr of te'ir poli tion ehnei' f trher-fo.".. nrntt': Il-i Ordain*e Ta4,.*, Prmrn ., nen le lt lee a. a ofJanuary x"' 1R40. it .hill nn* h. 1..vrn env ar t a eomn' nv no ind.i;llrt ne to run. rr to ui i n ' nl the Carrollton R;l rm;.d Ie,. hnl'.N, . Ttll (";r cle.-tn wit. hM..Ln an;r"t niten' .no C..,IT .tre,,t. on any pnrt ofTritlnn Wall or rIteonno truet a .team' In nm4ti. . , 'ude, the pnl'Ity onf.. hundred dollr4 n rnr 1 ea, .lr, .nt...ln nor *Iii Or dinane: sid fine to h. r.mver.,hIl hfie. v. ('oUrS of .nmn.taRnt juri.diction, for the h.nefit of. this Mue.h:p.i:'. .TO;rIT4 BArTl)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 3. TUESDAY, 9th July, 1839. Reenlved. That of honnre for ten dave a gran'ed to "r Alrxand.r P:akard.Cornmi..ary of the Arst ward. JOSHUA BAT.DWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor. July 9. TUESDAY, 23dTJuly, 1389. Resolvid, That IlHeniry ('rne, fi. at Lij.utIuoiit of the Nig t W t.h, .. and h' in hereby d.,oisen , fr o nRe.., Iir h.rving used disrespectful language to the R-corder. JOSHITA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 24. Resolved, That the sumt of i' e Illundred do'lars. be and the maeImo is hereby apprlopriase to tit.. Cha;ri table Fund, to be distributed on the orders .f the Aliermnsn. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, July 24. stela.d. That the erol tin.e pis.ed by thi. Coun4il on the 91 inst it relattion to grcrers Iaxi.= ondshelvee in Poydras Marrt, he sold the ilun i% oerehy repeald JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Seat to the Mayor. July 24. Resolved. That the r..qateet of'D N HInncn, f,. pertmssion to ha ;atln.itt Irln t i. C.ty for nlnet, days iter tihe rendltion of the j.tgio nt in f :v,. of this Muolicipl.ity, in tihe Su.t po'e'Ilng again him in the fist Judoieal distrue court of the Unit., Statee, be grant.d, Frovided hie securiy asoeits i. said absentce and that this perminion shall not b Pt ,mm.I Ie,'. , mmy nt.,tm . e it, , l ,m- oeaflnis M ,tinml,.hi.y,m 11t ea. D 1. ~.II :. 'en, or on hle i1. il JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. C %ent to tile Mayor ,.luly 24. pe S.ealvnd that thi ' iierme.t m tlie londs tl'lA iu, .ee. w "d 'o Jtimm 1 tpurim, under the rnmemltion of ini m fmy, 28 M y. 1839, lit mlla u pmyal'le at the Iaio Imfk i .m i tlle i l" Nw' York. . JOSHl UA BALDWIN, Recorder. t "o Sent to the Mayor. July 24. t., Relnlvetdlh thie Trm.,mm or pay on the waitant et he NI.yoar to J BRWiol., Ch(Tlirmll n of the imm Conulnite appIImntmld by tihe Wimsllhmmg tl B ittlth, I,,', to make arrtangmmeeat fm r the ctim r n i n om st t., I, y mmatimal Ianniversarv .of m i mpemndamlm e (beime as l mcfr rmee Ilundred lsed fly dmillmi. JOSHUA BIALI)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, .I mly 24. Resolved. That the lrm'.mammer pay to E. J3hn- mt,' & ...eo.. on the warrant of timle M yr, o7! e mtuindri.m I 1 and fiourteen tlld 12 10(0 .ollart , t;r taeioU.Imry, mmm1 m or timhe Acniet:mnt unmrvmem,.r'.(lI co. JOSHUA IBAI.)DWIN, Recorder. " Sent to the Mayor, mJuly 24. of.r Reoilved, That a note ul.'si months. f.em th; dale, for twm ve hliudrlemd llml ,irty twoi 14-10.1 !oI t wh, I.rn be ielle to MNemrs. Itaytonr & co. fIr ellir bill of hmmrdwar.'. mI 33 Ii J Ihe, 1831i. JOSHUA HAIDW\\IN, Hecordci m . Sent to the Maymr. July 24. ' Reemolved. That nine Ilmumdtrd dilllr, he pmid to Jemediah I.meds,om on aemmt of irlmm cl.irmn , 11u - i mnlseed om r ll il now Vaegletm,he MImlk*, at trilm jm lm reu .s . of. Tl., ..i . . m m . nna '. e a ...... . oucrm JOSHtUA IIA.LDWIN, Recorder. d Sent to the Mayor, July 21. Get cre Rmleolved. That thle I'r.urer pay to G W. 'p B 11itin. mlit tile w.trrmll l o 1 tie M elyr, the lJunI UI to mevenlymfive mitrIl m., it' one ili' It. I. b ne, 1a .:a ir Ilttheird t,bl", lllid into. theill I'r.el su gi l el - r : JOSIIJA BAIl)\WINm, Recolrder. u Senttl, the Mayto, J.uly ti . 1 ' RLsnolvedl, Tih t ith e A* -li.ant Strveyor sltt l m i e have a. l..ea .... . .. ... ...... i, 1,ia del .t. . . er, . a. ,, lary hm ll e 1 Iii.5 a r ai r .adm i m im lt m e s5 m- i tl ip c p2'iat mmmd Ammiagt.mcm , pls j 7t i . Il mppr..v il i m il- .t C,,,enl--flu s.l.ry .. dta luau the l.L of Jne, "" , .i39. b.. Riul'lved, That m ie m ' h .irlm.mgIr. Ci apn t Bllt or, e Ii I,ld t lt i ilartaby Ilu h tor az d it procllre 15 hlia s l S t iii t long wsnglii g 70.1 Ib-,. iacl, 1:r the I ,, ,tis of tie buoys, order-d for iiin .,laniepalnity. fo- n r"v ded, thet til, coat chi ll not viewd 9 c ila pus Gi Pound. t Il'emill ePi, Tm it the Wlrft6.liger, (.:apt. nller I amid m .. at h r.l.i. .um r t . m ttr..m ... 1m .'a i.t .or., et w cing 121il :1, n .-:, , ,or I .,d* e,l d r 101 fir ish ai r .tt .li |i I m't.p i . : ti r iavm l' , t.l I h' f In. enlt ... i t . x....s. . 7 r.- p r .. .. . . att It'mlvd. d, I'lma t nll,< V l ti ger , C .'t . Iittt' r, a 'ir e am 1l Itm t Itt et 'ly maIII " z nI mmtm ti l h) 8278 . . b ' ' .ia.m ng m IIl uIe . lo prtime ty m m t.m : i l t .t In l,, r~ aid io h 0td ihttme 'pr.e if. inre ft ., the l '',. i i rcr. provtded ita. timhe mtmultlum tm p 1. ith. It it Ih' c r... p, r .o.... .I)O IUU . I1.. ) \VIN, recctrder. m Sent toi te Maytlr, iluly 24 Is, R "iolvdil, i'r!lit '·)L p. r Is'' ,Ih, Cr'. re Fl, hp a l 1t weld ,.,c',, In 6 e , ,i .. min m N . 13 s , l i from t ,. m fi t isltalt. m aid llllw. Ice ttt. l m tt r. tcrly, oni the w.,rrant o '' , , I .1·',,r.1.,1 ', 0 ,,, . rill r etl1'malm i lmterwi e :.ti ,. rti e. A lI :lw ' e r. I Ip ctlully r1e nIiitm ,d J' )Si IA Ii \LI)iWI N', Lt.cordler. .I Sent to thle M ayor, July 24. i.. SR, solved., That thi Ft.m, t Cm. nivr b." Ia m 'educing the. tx e mtlnl ttrol til . M1 i, i. h ty l tv t ttil JOSHUA liAl )IWIN lie, lder. Sent tio the ieT ar..Itly 21. I'UESDA , i:a0th .lu l, 1t83l . im s Resolved, fiat tbe he',.r pat' i-ll 'rdlly ,aod B, .0 cite 'ith warr at of'ihe M .vor, , .,Tw h .httd I., rt il pinty . lgbt ,ellr.s ;1 a1d .ev,-| cents for a.utdry ;cllllle l..'r mlm' N"',,l wl(.olh. JOS.' UIJA IIA DI. I.N, lRecorder. i. an Sent tot tihe .lay,., JI uly 31. I ItRenlved, Thlat ttm 'l're..rer p ly to J mi. V l.h i i .& Co(l. itmi 111il w mrra:l t iofi' ite l t .imr, K';g it il,11I, dre nd nmit ievm'amii ~ll m arl o I n' i -,x'y tw cInllt. ['r lu.lber fm.r rmpmlirfl Iridgen. :. 0.. JOS),illT\ IIAI.lI)\WIN, ilecorder c Sent to the M.llynr,.uly 31. R so'veld, That Ilhe urvyar he and IeI is Ilhrre. by authlomz mi to iimhrtil the contramctor tfor clem. n I.Ing a'd repairing tliu sa rl'es w lls e lllle hundred ft:( uof hmoe. I Resolved, That the lSrv'yor lIe and mie lm Imrem m. instructed to cut off Illlr ,'.l I ilmo Iti lullwlu w' way oum J."lphinle, In'tae-m'u T'ctIhmp.mouaa anid St e" Thommm, and grIad thie gllter o W.ay, to Ito It ilhp . water pn i.n. a JOSHUA BAI0DWIN, Recorder i, r. Sent to the Mlayaor. July 31. Renmlv.d, 'I mhat the .iff,r *f Jau.nme Hood, ilnder damn 29 liJally 18d19, :l vgo up ilas cli.lliract wish mhil ucitep lii m aur r''p.ltllsg the street and lllst e W k It, be ciutplm'd. tl JOSHUA IALDWIN, Recorder. i Senlt to the hMay-r. July 31. or Reaml ed, lhat hlle M )yljr be and hl is I ere y .nt iuthorlled to draw his warrant u tli' Treau r of i u Ite ie Miln.eiclimly in lineor Ji I lmeie llIlod,mir 100 t. ' bhing in afull I ald.l duilllmand ad cl'lalm for lwork r. donlte lud r it cnalrato , malde uoll r v r*ute lt rm'a.- b lutioi of tChie C(.oiiItI, on tli( 26 m F :brelary. 1i'33 JOSHUA BAII)WIN, RIecorder. ; Sent to the Muyor. July 21. R].nlavd. That an Usidtnnce oif the city of N"v Orlcan. apprcved ni Ithe 12)h d.IJeti tmr, td33. obligingl Iiti propritrtrs ,,rcte ntslcla i of Inr ir louhsci, Irtatrig oi1 t tiiu clie way in ithe ty, or tntl ,pl'or.llad ltciurl., to ,:ue,- ci toe. uproottd) alid oonuov:d ,lt i ros I g :olngn the 11. ld. wlk anl gutltri in IIit'e (ilot ofit'tllli proLperty, hoalec ' I tiost tal wllrdl "ta gllttr..r"-b IwteII "aidet walka"aind iin fr.i t Ii f C ir pJ oprty," beI cticn t III ilare ierll lth repealPt. cI JOSHUA BArLI)WIN, Recorder. Seat to the Mlayllr, July 31. R aslved, T.Ia t a Commintten b- dis chl ged frlee li lllrlier caniideritiui of tah IIr. tilul of . Firlaed, rcepectclg Shilili's lancigng JONHUA SALI)WIN, Recorder. Sent to tihe Mayor, July 31. Raesolved, Thlit puirimt n isb i grIanted to F. Pitr cal, to un thle buildinglll recnUl ty il um e grlet mallprovidch In, te he e.lid Purcel, hi tbsol. tr eItignt htillli rioa'va the maid lt ell engllia wheaIt I reqi,,red to do a Iy hia ~hnal. . JOSHUA IIALDWIN, Recordec'r. Set to thie Mayor, July 31 £ tt1ES-'t, baa. 'hKIRt LL acid ichir Na tVl.L Ili Chatrles l'trrail, 'iir h ite. r lt icet. tIc J .'rrJ.. l' hvlev, r uK e l, n T oh 11 nlarh v .udl Pr er Lad. lice lay, or tIe W c.unii c IIi aii , reply P bivl v, tanr l raighitaa. 4kechrteta.f Puilia 'I'rt rtlti tola. ti"rirge h ibe a ic sl,2 Is. NichLIa Ni, Ilehst, Ne. to l. Jai . .Step ir,., No, i 13. a Adam i dlha nl.lther af nal echaracter. Iy J.rrullad. ta.O..rl cIf 1ci . n y .'iuckerinc,, ifietit Ke' Ti liah ,taricer eIa Perih. C(Ju ear meat, ai new loel ll ri . al. Frncaic's Iaigab ic Icirtar tm 'arcagay r vole. Phecitia, by Maui tite. T ,hlu a K..t t hllN , n a. j lly 30th-3 w. cr of irn h rle. a Ir nlliI., th,,NUli a .\TSd i c WaiiU tllltgicc ' I' 'ItictIlt:,. rlit;naryttiar. Ifallvic atce *:11ii t c1 erh.ail Ita ..d tlaietaileapriii, atciiiaiitiioaathaslciib i .it.aaacan ariaat -drutica altar cli ticecit Ilte \Vilcii'cgaa r .b tha icaud -rlr I arplaatttt Acaticc. 'kitiruly uItialicd Woik oae.,.t It he in lti- hb:,la f every A anorIa ni ; and ellt tar of the t('it. tn , lllt v p)p- wil ccnrrthll tll Illmb h.ulenlt olbject y) gir'ng lic iadvcrlitr'ntat fw tin--rlia.. ie JO INS C& tI. Crent, aug. 6tnulm. - Cole t Chtarles. t 'Iam,ine FOR UEAFtF. EEd .- 1',e ..I at l-ce I- x hut, Liu ilrlull. 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'In rat ineiti-ieary, iite meicatlig wll rc nllllllllne.l i't' ell c ll w'Ie wi 'I ii l rlt t1 Ii t alab'vear'l' nc re It tes. ciiiang iE P ii la rht.aaCuI.yihtaant taai ,h. iitauu~leH i[ltl itit " t pill e tac . IPriel,. 50 cltl·Il r b=lri I)ruAei-t-anic I rllllly i. rCllllle iiaI n -e l. ll'a.e iltitgl~l~l~ SW Il·i· tli d, . w hi'.g't t ur rht , ,1 3 Itr Pe r,.rln' dir ng. etna , cacti-ca Ne athi & liaaeiia AL O iirr .0.·. bIv (,. 19. .l11rSiven Co. 11 t",.,,+l .r, t~l: P P II,.lanl rn gist l | n ies I vere i ht-lwwee~n the tw~o ulsltkets4. 11 Hr nolwr, drnlgii-,I. u't I h.. I ',t hihlctl i niciirke.. : e "e J t c11.'1a i it &. I. ., si! ('11, 6 iL rl·O l, , rerPL oit 'fshourlhllllllltllt s ll & dL e al r tertet. : J lea,,., drt.:cgit, In+tIyette cIy. at .l16 ALLIGA.,hl L1~N. . . M".le I,,, via. Flirid.l. ap l eavsi.Mhil '.esddyr. r'iturre et Sday, and S.alrrdyri per tile w, - p -Ad:d rtetiner lciam'clo.i (te x. to crpt in m .o t ran-,) to Pa sacola ; thece per st..r Itay to L range, . ithe crerr ollr' p",t earath - . Via a 11rian11., II.lllbrilge. Pin.i i ir'r rin, B.rrrir', Ou Iaia'a. u dP Prry, In \',eon, G ; ..ico v Illaer'dgeville, and .rarta, to Ware ralon, Illr c" p.r ra il r.ral to ar aelI taR . - Timl (Co.lina ll 19 In pilllndlrl orlur, with ner I c pler balhl re;, a pIrrd ad i ppir .rlfastened. T'ine ' ia Hley he been, r Ihoroughly rp.ired, her ctmrcacrclrtianrrie r ar(e, handsame' I. any bt . TlIe herau im rtl ltl Rla.a lllSound. nlld C ' ertc. .atchir D y plrr tlh llost nleretllig te.rln nra. tgal,.n ill the Su;ll- unug at the earnet ret peririetly land lotkerd. I h Truams are not sr.paiee.d dn ae y ee rte in the rllletry thle drivere, to a Jman, careful anll ttitn ttve. The b idgel hereih fore danlertls haer b e en newly uivalt, i tihrt algl .r eator.n d, eit ratl.r rre '1'i nin; have ben astly elt.n.ged; ald .are nlow us gun las I any r dia the Soi th. L It is gaenerally kewr thiut tile .etceillce arlid hlardrneslt of the are er.aible I the t ure t a[l mela lrn to llake gre.t r imend. Tleir sa.uothnll is ae. curar tlae trravl er from thie o.dillury Iratgu of sege treve tirg. Thie l in trs now c rrying rt passenger. from Augaua to \l.blio ai fouilr days a d twelve ihur , or t I N w OrIEllens taur days and twenty hIourt. (;anng to Augusta, the ine is six days ndbevern hours. 'l' lItenu actulally employed In itrlvrlrint is ine atIe iti the oter dar ctlon, ut the diffar nee of tllne onit to rrte, is caused by a day beang lost inll Iiaetracuh, wriibh. howaever, ia eull rep. id by thle ep orluntry it givea orelbi g the Navy Yard, tie aid Spanish Forts, etc. 'I'l travel et rlreepo at Mr.con, and agranll l at l\ ar S teraLrlr. PThii a.ralngenllent will rI ruetua til die travel turrla llrthward, i rlen th in will ie tlla a mre froam Mraila to Auguslta, as it is n ,w in th rtirher dir. ctrula. S 'This A vrrtirement contains a plin ,stat 'rent If f ter, the accuracy of w dhIh th ' proprletor grrae toelto rach ptlassuclge r i Plpenalty 01' hiia 7 I .e SM.p. of the Line may eIo een at the ax hang'. IO,.tal, Nw rrleasm, and at rile Ma sLun House,u. Mldbiln. r re tlltlnteh frg m ti bile to Aulg.ta, $47 50 T;, line l lxttl' a ,, a. tbranlch tou alhaihnr.eo. I.t Clratlaliuulcl', to ine crllnanet.l with till carrylig the mail to rpa aechclll ani St. Jl.salp,'s. t it,:re a te Mactirn IH.use. Mtah in. c17 I . OS I WICK. AgeLnt, Maihil. " I m a.. 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