Newspaper of True American, November 9, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 9, 1839 Page 4
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ý ýCeqitplarn ecaye relAne* dt.-laatlt@yanrante 1103* ttd of-;lou i&CQ.,. I iia h .. .11'an cuuutrv ine wW ORLEANS.. N* O~rlmwpr6 M 5. Its iti. `er uu Thnl~a r atta i~awbredantab.., 'CHA·nrAAINT COOPER. 1litcic des A~uv. DErLERa IN PRO1VISIONSy Na. ·ObLg nd·8 8 Jolla street, Nej~ w O~rleans. m odri a Family sltoe 1P tup_ mt. S 0L1. Ort;'Elt~tbuthetal aik ' tr at b JI1eiAN -' k~r?~rrarlon ANDEIlgfs N'oiSoNs ?VU*ITU3UD WARDROOMS No. b6Zlt'rtaivllea lrrnt. R7IUAM t. ( C)LR;EN, wouldl reperafellte hin farm his.ariaeda and the pathaic thet ite in ou aailly'reoeiriaq froam New York and Ilnettan a ennal aincmsnanfpa Frnitaare, auch as xlngxny "Iroir, m)w, I edl'eeds emeple andl painted ctttairs, eteple end ebdeteI, eelanoogeey and ntken, tables ofall iejaalaaaa, Ol~jreec, aailetr, acrettacn wriiiu at- t tul nlanugeny unnd clmrry, wash tmidia, looking glasaea, rntlrre, bedlding, We. &e. NM. uarniture packed fer traneloraaaint witht greeat ore. aaaay'13 gI jZONA13LE CLOTHING TAYLOR& HADI)I)EN, 1V S. 14 VhYaa re. Maroera IIHAVEI gaaenattolnntj y I, 'iver, aettaInl pa'taatllaia Sganalcadaae drene, oi the he atet stylt, at ·l 1'' e us k priers __e__.__ @UL··hII3ZTUOGLPHoaJa PRUNTING ENTAIILISPIMENr, No. 58; Magazine Street, Oppnpoite Ilaatike'Anreeda W~LLL4.d U oEiLE PiIlk~, nrl BANK N O''E ENche-AV1NO' AWDON ZGHT HATCHI & tDDSON JAVE an 'enoffice it New (trleetac.eeneeertan NI equafl a cagegnwithn lthirlttattee it N6ew Ya ,a or the prltatee etagrarioeg atal an iat iag Ilunk Nyyc,, Bondl, Dl Is of F: change, Ceatinnec ot ltetnte, Chaeaks anal ather imaportttetaaaltelere, reyq, rin.getturity I Tinst aergeeiee;aadt hance nde ample lnavieiat ta,r 1 e. safie keeping ofll "Intae tatd iinpreaaaeann caatnt' I ad to tltgjree; heir ate ritwraa cite ntea Itt nates. of ever f lrehi red latattinay itattitntattna, tll tll a'ada'ee will lite reuacae withlalatttittla., naal nta ti ra, c uataa Office, etoner t Royal l & Caatatl leteri. BAZAAR. NO. 1, EXCHANGE IIOTEL, Le'oret'cf St. Ch a r'ectad C'oncaca etc. NE;W taIl1.t·,lNN. MPO I'FRS end Deainee itt ranEa ntal EtaNieta EtIely Hetica'rv Itresitag Ceensa natl Patetniale Itenky,. ennc.;en Hol Fat, a lun 6lairtt, lStoke, Umaabllnn, atnesand Fancy Articles. d~ ENTUCKY 11i tmle, eath hatliunn Itotk NattIC, K o tan tle byA l!hnIet mcy3ll~ A TRIER "'J3 74 Grsvierst JtOVELItV, A'l1' uhEsA.atJ M. BELL, No 16, Chlatrens et, thns lain de re V ceivedtla fillnasseatment of W atechs, Jeaelry, Ipeeta, Npceanaclen antd tiltac Wary, alaey awill bre uan/or a etlmnItlawenaarkek pcriier. ' l a l)EAI.ERS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISlh CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CsROnaeLer STREHET. _ JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY nESCRIMli,. GPEEDCLY, HANDSOIMEI.Y AND CIIEAPLY EXECL'TELD AT THE OFFICE OP THD Traue .ranericen, ST. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYl)IOAS. m23 BACON--10 (:oasks ,ne. Io du.Sides, and 15 do. 81ehlders, in Sotre Ibr eain bv Juy 2l J. TIA YEll & Co. 71 Povydras St. LOMBARD & CO'S Boston and New Orleans Line of Packet Ships.-Thls new line ofshlps hal been expressly built to run hetwreaa the above portt, and will be found of suitable draft of water: accommodalions for passengers, and every effort will be mado to give general satio'ction, The hlne is compuosed oftlhe fo lowing shllips: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Leluist, Charleston, 374 do 1) Eldridge, Columbiana, 625 do G Barker, Seaanan, 240 do J Ilowerr, Bombay, 625 do D liumplarey. The above ships are all new, of the first lass, sopper fastened and noppered, commanded by mnen .of great experience, have large ucortnodlations, with a sep.eate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to pasNngers, and the vary test of stores pro vided forthem. The paelsets will be towed up and down the Mis oisaippa, and the otrictest pctcluniby observed in the hin ofsoiling, oald should the regLlar vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all caels be sulbittled. A sliare of patron age is aolielited, aad tin agents pledge themselves to sao- mmodaato e ae nucs an practicable, to receive and forward goods by said ine at the most munlar. itn oltarges, and to advaneo all uxpeanen on goode shipped, if required. Te shipsre will leave tile wit end ]6th of every month. For freight or passage, apilly to tihe ogenti. J A MERirITT, 82 Coaittun st. N. B. Advanceeonts made on to Messrs. A. C. Lolubard & Co. nov27 aTR L uN RIlO O -te a nrairiti lvrre pOaltrel at a great expense, the right of puitlne oa irot roofs in this city. lThey tre tdep'td lto pullh buildings, warelitset, uanld private dwlellin2e, lail elnelne at onlre clornpnrer ald daurabililty, .nil are perfectly fire andl water traif. Terr.,s mray be known, and a Inmal seen at nur estnbllshmeit, opposite St. ylary'n Iltorket, relnpihl at si. oea2 E II CIIGSW\ EIlI . Co NC I l a at by AD..a.IS & \VHI Tl'AI.I., Jd' ti7 (;ravi,r.t L S SEtU'1t, Nt 54 Cd lude street, beaween Duonain nad St Philip, r.reis ensiaitly on hnld aon xlternive aSttaallltlmal of gual a'd brogans, r.nd herttol New York. e,0:1 r-O. tlRt, i , lI at very ornodurade prit. Fnam,lienof is., q' tllo u t <etrd n -e lc,"r w ill l ia t , " l e :r w ldll a ,.t i l.. d, , , I , r ;()t[rlt CUAL -l'la e o ,:, , +. .. . i 11 tulkl. oi ota lal.tral~t 17., tl whicb tlhey nil:-i ha ao"l in hlars to cluia pauraaare. AlIs expecrted I tilel lisat arivals front Ea.t lad fnd tlhe Narth, t Ue I, ail , fehih atd l'acl lfleatltillaa G ll, hruter and atretnllaeda up itll hgnlrheedl xpreresly lr Inllty us -a'l of I h'chI they will dlspse po It oa te alost motderate trait. Orltmre lelit at their olfice, Ni. 53 Laitlllie at. up eairs. till be proillptly attealded tii cati _ II. & lA SIOltl lE. I I19fE Genitlae iedalata Ilalair of l.ivtaeirw~ot awl re i. heoid, is lpta up inll lttloes at th lia. pricia if 51)a aents e5h -;oneatiailn Itle strength of thraee inne cOf Ieivolwart, bei le la n airtuaea tr n.ulv ether rot, nd herbs laiowtn aallag lI tl t Itill.tiLS ae rni.rCitilaI ill Car ig pulmonary cnatailninte. The uirivrlled sunacets whlc le utteraed tlte ,'te I thisl iteastnnlale lBallnt a lhereer it llI been ir.l" dueed. has ,htained lti ratl ideee a.d i ccu, nta l ."e liuns ofreasleutahle phaeieialls, for Ihe elere of eoutat, e elda, pal ain tile side, want of rest, spitiulg or bl.Ir i liver complaintt, c. To whoat it may oncnena. This is to eertia that wee .are in our prtctice frltuenatly liecritx d al el l r rica ;er's endial Balsam unl'teerwori aOlld lilelollrnll itla t decidedgoodeffect: nwe' ratala.reftor fritt lah kitnotw leteofthbe materials it i. Ieiu frmol, and ctl.rervti.n i a x aperieuce, recolanrled it as a sIuelrica prelroraial I -or "hese n ifettoneu. the lana f-ar wlich It i. Ie m .enlede. AI.tIILlI' .ViI I.I4qA., i. ,a CALVIN ElI.IS 91, I. Maletesi of the Bontoa Medical oi.sslaointion. goston, October 25 satioIpt J.t ItV. & ANI)RE.'S, Sltm Hamv all olr f ll Uu "Il a.r. etut ofutaafeao tet eonaisltin in --Piaa nb I.ic0 .f Iuleweod s raaa h and rich. g ,h HurotlntiL PItasoa ofthe nicheet roswoend adl" atl.ahntt 500y. - emli Uprilehl Pinnonfotte daaio. Fll' illtaltnutent ore all illtlltutletnred hV the ctll-evet4.rctrf .T PLEI'El. &. Ct. of Pnri.,nll eun. gioo.)ena t Itrsl Ues r, otrior filln lsl fa lu e which fer cat, lreave nothling to deire~ ia regard to Ilae beauty of their tonte, Th.ietaelleuranda prro ll-eors fnuic are retpect. fullyhiiteld to call awl exanel tile sla i illighn plant ls whidh are nllirely anew article. E JOIHNS & C.t, Sr. Charles Ma. J"l g.p1ebmiee the Verandaulh lt Elhallntae hotel -J 111?7 liIJAI.L & BROItWN, Oti illagnanitte 7I"M., lundih.OT llllEAT Iadnall:h. Foreielsby h a t . , '. .. a Y . _ll G-t ie n'l Iniu aoa-ating tFr airu b i4 rlsttua forsOale Ilt. 1,ý I lIIloUE & o& C., . mltei.el to,'whicl~ t tho wIh thoer mnes ten 0jhinrd,*C kes tlhir ti ittrentv'ry, plaete. totk fndi lltingeonlbs, tionr do oralI descriprtions, In iialte i g.k.fltworsted elastic .ntters, nomimtoi & ne lt nd , lc o and Luaiftr nomches, wderowderpfs d hx,toilet powder, poket books atnd allets, needle Ibok, a hell, pearl, 'Idory end eortcc cear canen, Ilead oratnment,p lainceo ril-adsn, necklaces nol negligees, bead chaie, bead ieklanee, cit rinne and plai.seed,rilver ral gilt bead, i adiin bends, hell and plnneos piotil rand large pow erflssks, shot belte, horse, belt. prcket antd deilingh detol.; doubble nndsiogle barrelred gars, oniea knalves, and drlrks. scisors, slenearpnoike kuivls, guard clhain, and ribbons, waist Iur:kles, clotk, hair, toual, tinil,colb, rumba el, Iloate, tor a.rld dlsting Irtlich-sr, CongoCe, lolrida, lavender, rose sd bllay at-tr,taoat, sseens, and exetracts, ni.ttearn, n est, ntrlnati: , n cd in.r'n vno neable hair Oile, a Ill toeicitSinp ofaallnde eriptonns, Indir:' anai g.ntlcrnics' disk; and dressaino eaens, hair rieglrlt,feicets naldr lraidl, dlain, flnev nsl musical .ork lrare., plain latt gilt,li.tired, corln and ern blttarn, pier! and i-rryl shirt it, shirt sttdds, gold andi .ulver lea'i uases, tnI rll ,ckn aIo twecizern.rlte 'sal gilt Incketll, aliiaoture do, cilier, lrs, anlo sIteel tiitblne, books anl eIye, hlir plnli itjiilrui fruit, bll: lod redion slltro black ing, vialina nl goitarsribbed andl tlain ierteunsion ecs s, liln IRie, eCenstd edt al lens, goll anti silaer lace and frtog, h.ra papter, gamtl ting, riding w',i t v"a lkins eanm, ipllnO gertds, t ii gAl, Ioai i slid gih jiewrllrcv& l geac. lle aubove, toC ether with , great variety of otier artl lea are oeretdi wlulasrle or retail on aoiemmtnodailntig terls. N i hbrell cm-ti repatirlI mOYLE k MAY, Ilou, Siga, oral OlmnLta-tra jJPainter, , No 3 Iar-otdtele siraet, two doors fi'om 'ntala streer. Itlolatiolls of the falliowing woods andtl larbles, o. ecutctl i a natsters) Inulrllcr. l I tW ! ,tn sa. Mlaotginy, Eey turinl balack allrl gold, Oak, (ii:lira tan i Artiell, Pollarl do. Olllelt or b eld ailltiqulle, tatled Mapbinle, IllnotI l Store, airds yeo an,, IDa: by I hvfmie, ,bictirt Voodn l ',lomle flair Wodntd ll r lro rdItllo, Yew Trt., Ihdi:m WVhiei (irlTorlllmillle hr oIr lick isi:lllll tl . l i tarlelhlL Itsr Wnood, \mci A -in (nGot, Ash \Whit e tinrk, i n. Cc. k c. Curledl Etlm, p-'c'ilml I to bh l lit i . lill , oils gl.ili, coiial lnislt, ,c. ail I,:d tihitr s.uer. me o I I)N,sI:'.-I, I VY (;If GOOS)--ilat, hgat'" I d Ullls ll iron, well T.sorted. Ilhao, sirrll aot rod irot, nail rods and rtlna, Calst, German, harlra, blisters, , springll, sliest ailll C 'OWhle't steel allowr ware, rlit sllm wronllgl aTei l :lsn sp.ikes. Zinc, block tin, mill arl gridl le. LncIa, slt kettles Chlain Cable; aehors, time (Ix, io n It tlrace t ilns, nor r mills AMilre, eies, tllnrti rsi d helhows Wilre, slteat,liga til ha.a lead i; .hurt Crll, aottd evlrkingr sltvrr A.lts, lto"l aIll' rllllidll r a el t alllllar nllll sa llnovell Ilook and altate hiinger, d aier anid wiadow hbnk itollins, I Itrits, Slirlllpt, aild itlher aaxn I'al Rl altl Mailla coralige, lillte aulla~ta ila IlBll and shaltchintg oplpert Naval stores Painls, linseed andl sperm il A ull assorlntment otl hmolvare ande shlip, candl ery, a"lwanyso had, and whlich are olfered t'r sale at whale male c retcail, oa tlne most favorable ltenlbrn, ly nra LAY'1'N k (Co. 53 lIrd tneve. lIhrl)ll-1'l RIJrANaNtiN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1" (:ranl street, Wholeaale DeaIler in Paintsr, Oil, Vruisalle, Irltsllres, 1ain:11 Window at d dl'itcnro Gbrs &n. &r . 3 UOAF bUG.\l--various quatliires, noistuniv it Sore and ifar aole by SIIALL S1g ltt)\VNE,, talr 2!- 9i -lnganiaine st I'ASHIONABLEL CLOTIH[[NG. ROBID SOJra Goo I00 IPL, ENo. SS, Chartrea sireet, lirno Door below llienvile. --AVE. constantlyv on hand vcrv article appertiin Sill: to gllnllrern's dresr,irlall in the best nmai, tier and rt flasrhionubla st) h', nhitala they olffer t cash, at redlced pries. deed--1383 A N V arnticle fnilratrpoa arou ltrl a lil dioealness, a called tillhe Ear'l'rli-llir, has lirte beell rareiver, by t ae tar l"of t uc , In oligtr,'a t ara•tir lcriia ol" lhe h . In i-l1 Iie is rill leie C.i;.:-.i: to tie re r is i who hals ever Ileell oililagll Io rolavers witlh a vrrv dIe e prCron, llratlll I fillv a r -aaalae i Ihe ililt euil t v ri ad iiii bearrlnrert bll tra tnir elarea tt.t a he ii - dinitalien sol l iii rrlei llral-l lailltiriil. lie the r is of t la, Ear ''ru pet Icohi, objl. ita- lil .r n lll. Ily ilr I tla . 'r e Iliist $s1( lit l l havel lc \'n n' . IIrIllltlllllll te aroubnialst i - lavingl iLsed lllalra lllnpn. 1or saisn at Franey stnte.craPr tirf ., iiiOl all .I Cl;a 'l "rls tmnader ite E,- harge lhoel. filh 13 B.A L.2 I." P011a 7!: 7IIPI TI I!l rFllE erstahlilhedrlcle)ilitill Iltll ir.llrti-rll. itnarrRa.illra demalr n.o d furi this etii-, tual rri,.-ll 'p ' .l:hiiil ,d per servative olf the trailh, trn i lllnmt tl:c na ll,.cri hr allbr it to lhe A lllrCall rablil. crr ellge en.,e ..ha tieen m lllde to s l e i S i ll lhe alai il tirc a Iiii townsl iI tle Unilced tati:nl Ino as to p' linr it itlsi Ilarar sitg fl'rll ach,.s, T .th-ahe.i" I he a pia lhid t clllc ie (illtn 1 itreln ii s giiren oi bottle, ilt ha linever Fliriri : "t o1t t is l lld lI rollte i iI1 1 IItllcett relif. It aillsa itrlns.o. Ihe Ilrav it el - etiv eeleh, anll relieves hltht sorenessP*: \1 hieh'. II t'eiP entl rollders a ariir1g toollla .iici.:s The l ia ii ri ira nlll rnemtly are sialataa, iattoaa-tct-n I.iit lie a thIe larne nitt1iri r of t el-irorsc in lli'rilrirt stci-ti-ie iof It r lcoltrre, that c-rre I: c nr illtyL- exuernei sllt h dei ,'hllll tIreaneiutarv etlr riali hu e tlseir IUr e i iant , Ire wit ad to Ilear (Ibr tile public g looi) tlhir eslim v tlOl its u1n eivnlled qiralitrrc . Itis nra Idia , tl, l t tiine airgllrlllrlV aRInl Iiixi tcritlrll l, a 1n- rn r lhe . a i r ne . tie ciritie rld re asc tlre lrmrst valablle disevrvr l'lice $1 ler bostle. Shl hV J.\It.IS & t ANIREVS, air 5 . . (nr( aCommco and T'[clopitsrUr ia,. IUI.EI) I.ETTl L PAIPIE--Jostr ricivel d a fearo rearsie ololili and whir,' wovrulee d Letter P'apner ansle very low rie.d, illrll Ibv tinVIt :I". a a'. \N a aiolr t'hlnrt , jauc 15 I .. .. . ...... 7; JARVIS & ANI)DREWS, WIIOI'b.AIE AND lFTAII. D)eALE RS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE ST7'II',h' ."IVD IN.VDOlI' GL/A.SS, Cocurner of Conloll and Tl'.:honpitoulas streets, c . NAT'IIAN JARVI5. JOHN W. ANItIIEWS. i A largo upply o Gardeln eel.v. aturan"ted tile gros th -.jNDRIEW 'MIrII & Ct)., reurtcetfilty itform j L tiheir 'ciends antd tile Ipubic to Lcnersl, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchoopitoulas e strcot, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, 'ITin and St1ect Iron Ware, of every description, such ns copper stills, kettles, and plumps, tint baith. n ing tll, , and oil san, of all sorts and lIzce, ald all ll other brass casting doec at slhortest notice. d Grato bars of every do.critptio., esch as steam. boat stirrups, hog chains, screw tall, no I other SLinl )1 ofstr , onbat wo irt;, rlec as chimneys, brnlo:Il. ee, O (¶t.l pipo . 'They "dll also do al ki.dt oF out door wori, R such a zinc, copper antd lin roolig and guttering, &c. They .iova acd all other Ititd, of work in ottheir line al" buhienes, thely will executee a the htrtet l o l iie. tT ,,c27 t t Jht t ci r oct-, h1-lee itt,,too to-,, k'o\i Iiii l IJ'I',)' ;ll lll - - t - uSOI. Ilr llice lh+ . lllihtll +i i Itir 1llulclu ut' 11r. a-hn . ll), et. 'iin rllli. , , I i [) llU. , nude Io tellader I "llr. . v,+! Cn:linlnb,' ,nd o e P 'liut 1 reClrt. Thire are siiyv thei Irlll I-l, " i Il. and Iun McD(JNNIC Lt& IoT, 1111 sail. and fi-lhilt I ;ll , m": ,l ,r l'h id , l,l nIod.- rr n I d uf it r n . x . r, .,, n +'-e IIt . ( uic frr if shi . t , ec leir.hit, , oiti,'l vi, ' h il in Ic nid llid b, f;r , "i l i ihna, , tI , S hip I onla l , I ltou r l- , uc , I .' he I'·llost i : L' .tlv , , StIl,N 0. w tlhi , dill olo,' ci· l , nlly llttallllln , n IIEIINNI': L 1WA V'T:IttLIAN, jrrll o I: Nlge Ilh,ll. t I ca 1 11,1. tr i'ire .i.-,I 9cod I o Swat prjars ;' <, L :=t; .,€. li,r..l ,, `n 3 -:S ." 1 . .11 I' Il i ,' i' . ,7'L 'a s _ IL'f1\+'-, it i'tl l' t b t' roast f1II.,d re,+eiv . a ta 911 he0-., 11hh nd h.hIlil t 'O -b Stt.\o., Ie SIIbl IT s,,i-HI \11-.6 i*hI , 41 kI Illl - , WINtIOII (It. OS~h.A,oc,,r. Ieglich ondI Preoait 111111) h a1; a o e tostoon crnon do.-50 Lxe , coun uill Le i AlI.o a gneral asoo rrnenit of lit" coloor Aoltr, Iorhe sl Ly A 1S' st1tIn, : , IINIt. Atlabo ttants Inlk", It p1r. slolI. Jlrtel.pli IliiI cole,, aa 111r pe. r si et diseo for c rcl, d t uioip.n c fu dro -- t J. dr l oA NOwV :. c o ' , A l OVEI, irnl 2 voul. aslo arrt t o iftr n.Itothr c e l gic " I , rc hes, • pria i mcx: , i .+ c llolern.' bo te nalto-co ohr l' e tcolt- foro - d Ie n. larpu , Sr I2 l t l L a 4 t 'debcs. ,i D As Pof e th -- - \ r iri, L,.- t I--c][. C.i; -.-+e hto -----I, mi /inlt. ..... 1 1 ... . f I/:i5; i ll .lleru !' clan or .+"tah ibv .ltl... "|'; 'V ,tl, - jain- W' 44 ('elnpl e I I. ,Tolr d& Saltimore Paotets NEW ORLEANS ALTMORE LINE PACKETS. This line will consist of the following viesals, which ihave bens built or purchsed expIressly for the trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, Niekerson, Irad Ferry, new ,, Stevens, Solomon Saltus, Latlian,, Brig Architect, r, Gray. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. some lurnislted ecommnodations, and are on a light draft of water, so as to admit of thleir receiving and discharging tlheir cargoes in Ialtimoe, Iat the city. Freight will be taken for ports on the Chesanplmakn or James' River, and fiorwcrded by the ogenlts, 3Mesors. CLARKE & KELLICGG, at Baltimoreo: rxposnes on goods shipped will be advanved when required. The price of paseuge is fixed at $60, ample stores tf the Ii nt quality will ho provided. Steam on ll and down the Miiissippi will be taken oi all oeecasione. For freight or passage, apply to nov GE. BEDFORD, nov27 22 Bienville st. FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Lille of Packelts ] T llh: Ships eolnpo~ili this line will sail P oh New Orleans and New Yorki on every other Mon day-cereatt: ciut on the 2011h Novelmber-- ad to iilsre tie pucI:tilaliy in m lite lle of sailing, thm linti will hlca ter colnsist offive ships, viz: Ship Yazoo, Cap tain 'Trask, to leave on the 20tht Novcln .er. Ship!lo, Captain Pelmer, to leave on the 4th Decelmber. Ship Illitlnavile, C-ptain Eldridge, to leave on the i8:h December. Ship Vickethreg, Caplain Woodloue, toIn leave on the Ist Jotioary. Ship Miseisotippi, Captain D)avie, to leave on the The above are all new, of the first class, copper ds and copper faotened,e rvn t wards of 500 Ions rirthon, ore of light draught of water, being buil: I n New York expressly f:or the trade. Thu price l imnsanCge is fixedl at 100 dotlare: thecir cabins ere fitted o in the i ost i;prdred atd eonvenient plan, ed finiohedl Itv neat and etegant sylle - Ampoe etores of the first qoalily will be provided, land every regard paid to the c nefort and entire -atisiletion ol passengers, whto will please lake to. lie that Ito berth cal be svcured until paid for at sipi by stnamboats, acd tlh striclent punctuality observed itu the time of sailing. l'the owners of those shls will not be respoosi. 27 J D BEIN & A COIIEN, novt 7 90 Commnon st NW ORLEANS & CHArtlllESTO N P'ACKE.TS T is lie ConistIs of Tirvmee fo all oi te: first 'lass, tolpperr d lnd c epper last. B.r.i , sai an ti al t 200 (ons hurthell w i t h ht n ld s ,) ie an c e o a i o d ti l is f lr p a s s e ug e r s ., hIree vessels are coin toairdd by raptains well cxplrinlced in thle rademt wn will give every at Ile Htion atetd txert thetrnlseles to alculnOrldatl e Ihe shipper.. 'T'hey will Ib, towed up ard down the M1iesSni, pi, nnd leave Nl~w Orleans an or before the ate oIla i.ti I5h tf everty tin1th. t'lle folthwii.g vessels retlnp Itoe l l llesli, viz: Ihri. A rabial, Chnsle l: i rlhen, IOslper. Bri0 C ltptnlta, J.Ii. 'rce'lrItoI rg,a eeaster. e rig Ao l terl.l, J. lon, tIl oosotr. Bargt Rgr \\'niliais. J. Arliberp Imnlytr. F,,r Iretght ur pneter,e erlply to J. A. BARELLt. & C.t, 61 C l,t':ln rt st. N.e t O ollteant, tr t. G M t.rdig'eti.Ch Ctlontn e den, Iat , I I.A'I',T Ill'I'tARY . .. CIIOOI.CIRAT' Irt ll 'I Tia Iea.le Irieends. 2 vs : S ilirs 3lirlineal', I)DelbrIok, tle e vel novels 1l. ane cele l Iuted 11\ omen ''re Croppj v thie (lI lasr Fle'uily r li' llslaOr l rh 11o I SI rol l i r Ii ls, TIIr no ll l nrri ges y )r. Bird; llobm Ir u'r volr es rrew rrlr iV o J iorne ; Tir If lugenrst Ingrahar;C lerrair Knd"; flr.rr'r Biiirn liru Ei JrI rN &, Co. corner St Chil es & C oaClllloll I ..i In:l. E I ItlRl tlGE, 131 Mognrzinet RUSIIToN & ASPINAL L'S S031 OUNUND TON)IC MIXTURIE.-A speedy rand certin curo for the Freer and' Ague, remaittent nid ioterrlirttert lhvcrs; prepared froml the origroal recipe. Ursed with el act ad uni cereal success a 1832, by persons of theo highest reipectabi/itv i r this cilty, as sLrated iu the annoxed sThis mIedicine, is highly recromr endrd, and lras beer exhrnoively used in the above disecases wilth Isuch distinuisched success, that tie proprietor of thl recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. Sli in its prsent form, in the Iope that it may be the meanus of roelievingo many of those who are sufl'ufriog under the scourge of our country. It is a Inldicne possessing great virtue, and when used according to thi directions has never failed of Sefecting a cure, even in tile most obstinate stage of thog!isorder. It is not at oll disagreeablce, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with irnpunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldoml requires morn than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. Thellre is ncirlhecr Imercury nor , arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injuriou sr to tihe humanlc constitution. The proprietors are so well convincaed of its efficacy, that lthey agree to refund tihe price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with tile directons and has not fftr:ted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Oricans, at his whilesale ard retail drug ar d medicine storc, corner of flienvillo and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 . W. SMhlTil, 48 Conti st. - PENSACOLA MANSION IIOUSEI ut NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. arlilh"subsriberehavingapur.haree th eaii se and ifar .s 1 ittlureulf this well known astafbib shwat, Trma Ii, el, l'aylur, tle late proprietor, will be ready to reaeiv %i. in, t e the 1st ,l' A Iril next. 1I. lller rus an costly iinrop,'Orlllclets will be found in I tilhe rrageotf hf i a e raia csioan o rors. Nsewc ai IIOle Cl aUI0O1i40II hualllillg 1bokee will he uiht and omarlnb anh will Ie prowi e aty i hoes rs. A tabf l w'ill be ttli rd I h n In n n e a, hwirlrh iro antcolrt ii !' ti o:s ie hoses , d' r a eCh I rue 0,r.s. ardol 1.i ce. ages wrill .IE l,, LI e kp t I ill- hire. at iod er, to prices iled ,.I I and tow boo.t, 111) l pet Foos to ms nge t t em ar . ,sirefor' rIr' . i r t sh amulrl. of t t it o'a[t ri of v s t(. II Mi lin sard s ail(] cuter muusII I rs/ lln filo nd at vit.teru In lances,,. ll,.ls be furnisl.d bei fIr'Wl l'ilei r llt.sily, in a t r. nsuiyere a el pl a iOf rIii, I 'tlrrrru brl.r lrrl ia roserrl rredr wrr rsillr arrrvlri a-' ls Ilif 1, 1 i ree ' i rr r r rialr f rr rire fire i"red lrrI rr IlU ,r v,. 'rnerly kept so pop.ui arl rrni rr r,.r' rr tit Wa Ia rrgl rn lily, will c i iarl I is b'c e frril Ilrth erlll' tIrrirr n. rlrrr o lfir . litrra sdhs n geo e liri ly, If at h, y w-ill rescu:ie ever a p hi's-ibi s a rl f rti ro; nd tiireby s 'is ll e io l aill' r tllaes of 111r a elnd alre tiio well U Ikown l to nee au, lenr iled id cri a ic n blre. Tnier h is i It P rn. al i tlhe largsi iii a s itotion"is tino e (.Iieroririinrlle glt'Rl reindrezvous o"nr lahi s fsruagr fi t' te so u rn r r' liUlls s be the. co est ree:,r Croim l;ln.ld- and riters; ie ahtuidoito need (diocacy of* bIri I 'rir trwhrleh Irl e i orl i r n, 2 l-d nic ,a xr5 ili. i, ih best Soull+en unIrketsi, Pivt Pelarela the p, I Tifle ovtr aI ot plr sp io .i s ii . . .esi tlitudes, aS a h (li if st l ligt llllrli t.ll'I ir ret t F i t'. rlltl bso ts r ll ru i brtte i a lla enh i roa ad 11 m ." sile. n will nll ats llo ties Ie. at N r to take dhI eir r tL rrntrrhren wierilrl r to enruCe rI nfoer die, ia llf fle.e . iinlrss trilh pr' rieii r, aa t 'a canrni l , I Mr Sewell T' Tylorthe h r filuler prlariler at N,' Ori. 'I' Sa ifiwd PEer ,MrCC, ,, I. M•r_ lol i n, r- q I..+. I. racsalaen1 Sia i , iecT r ,r1r Cor gRe, Eswl, in Njae I rrS-risr fettea air tl receive Clol'orfa hatioirl s h r. via 'easiole'to te- Nnrthareo teimred that i irs, rat L ous will lUlstally ruu frulll Mo| bile t., Peasnerq n I rhl ob'anr rias,n rll iiairelrsiicofl t hl. rtl ,oahe rllr hae. I SIrI of May. (srns, st'eirers will ea's b , trvid ed 'teahs, erpllrnre, iWoenie rgetakble r.plllllse l ef I .,sobi.el p ic.Fosbe oi tihe faalure obtahan beta Jhobe acruIlet Chaspeii I lyrer Whilrr for r enra "ir 2 earses inlreill, otis uillper. ron ollognt waler just AsIo AlrsO l nod PreUil nrll tolet poile wdetr, power e r ble s id liquid ruu_.e, Chllorlne and Orris tooth waslh, cloth. hair, hmthu lil an I Mesh !|rushes; together with au, adrilitional supplye of fasiionaoble Iro, and shell t rronbs aaid jwlry,itr ensae low lat wholesarle or rtail by SIIMMONS, IIA;RT2T2 &0, U uril l e" lflltl nrgh ue a' l 1.:.. I0 ip Chsaalln.,, fhr suoe Iy irL e'1'S, in eas.ipes-YS rniero flanoiN e SHels fur eal JOHN II RA11 IM. ap 16 Royal o Cl lisge i'n. PL'hyicans, Luoitdom. TNHL oeigaulsi Vergetable l.ias Utnirorwel edi .si ne, in remssis l by W Misld, Est. Meslner it iseelltal College of SOarc nls, aicetiatle of Asnth. aiy'sUonmlramy, Fellow o BUolt Court Soiety, Solygeoo to tihe oyal Union Psenstion Asoeitihlo, Lalseasocs lore, Waterloo. Brisdge, nrd I'erpetusl l'ulil of C)y' ail St. Thomas's illospitals, Losdon. Thlis vahluale nedieihe, tie reosul of twtt vemosro' eaplrineoe anl Ullalletl successlo iii the cxtecsive ndol sllglllv silemetitble I.ttiet of the trolpriety, Ia tro. nisetly the shfooslts trod mohilits,- ao is now soirttreset toithe notice of theo Aomerivan t''tlic, at the earnest so liillotiou *of a nl mber ol'gentltcnl of long aoi tiah tatliag in til s profession. It is hole:d, as a prelimti sry Astep, to check tie evils nod lat. d eouserounEes alising from the olin of ie Iltmerouns a d deleterious nolrutslls tioilsted tt ilhe pnbliC Ihs tile Did Os fabricatetd proolJfof miraeulouslut, 11id otler ftlauds, hya net of Iloercnasryl, lsoisisleisld iretenders, e o totally ignol-tst ol medical cieolce, thait it itapossible the Smotstros. dilusitto on atly longeo go nowns oith tle intelligent peoe ie ontliacsuitri. Tlese pills, milltd t, ogIlt sgoi in tlleir nuture, shoutld be kept in every funly· in eases ofssushlen illnesss,, Isby tllir Ilosnsa t alsinistration, choleral otaoitis, slltillStsts l uesassld otiet-e atlstlingg Eomltaints, whicb too ofte Itrovt fiatn, s tatn e speedi Iv cured Olr piteveoted. In lict, all t tse wooss vsthl r god health, hodl oiseerr Ie witihl thens. TIe v anle .sts ill packets at a5s cents, $l oid $a eaal, by Vos-;t y siec tabloe rugbgiat, mns,kselscr, and vendt of mtnetlicist il titi United Stittes tn I Ie 2asetlas, will, etillus hiretiolls, tsgetler with. estllnouials of asosessionllabl hility asola the folls n ing emninent ,gotemses o: Sir Astleo Ctoter, J Abernetly, J.alesn luldollrl 1. I)., \r. lIlok I. 1)., J. Aloln Rey, A. Fralsas, o M. 1)., .ns nosntuers others. Il't r oigilnls otay he seen lt iosstession oftshe General Agest, by whoms ti mssdtic t , is imported into tlills esOltdy, slld o whom tll all istlisistioas torlgeleis a111hi nlut sie. JNI). tO1lIlEIN, I4r (o. ,erls iltoeo, N. York, Sole tisetotl Aget ft.r the Utits' Sltat'so, .s. For sale ot aspointmens t o1 he "io .r.i:l prouietolr. hy SWAIN & t. lsttrs-no, sI-agltts, NIt (an streti .r5,lll Asellt Istlo Ststllce (.f Lolisnstoa. jul v8 iL IiY iitA l5 & os, No 3Ii OtaSytzisoe atreet,aro 1 cw reerooivi, g from shotips Nashvile, Louiseille, irelltlcks , Ethle, asl onllcr lIte arivalo:s trmal :he ':"lsels sitit- slalrge InIllt now seestCd :sSOrtImttlltt llt.ds, loots, Slihoes ansl ItI)IIIIgsu, ensitillg ofgslsntlemepl's fitle salf anst lotl.cso boots 'o Vsd itsslisy; sts buht's, wutl smout wax Itgcrtd boots o -ssitons ua s itties; i nltll's fillt elsi se assl Ilorscw tlls. s sOttsps til llckki llo, ski l oos, rogassllS: tllppels: lens olllie cslt anotl kilttise lpS el shoes lnt I regans; It boots; to stolt kip I.I o wa pesgged shoes . sl brls.lss; getlemOen's Itst ItUlllitI Ctt'st .d shoeis t'gsgans soit .tick I)owsisngs; do clt' ftsld Iotonee{ r oiklesshtrs sla brog-sns; sleo oalf; seal asld 3lsJncest I nliau shoe~s Itl slipl-s, its cslf, butsst itu seat w "gs, in trt si lst tine , I selt tsitroo q toso sota; soas', Itlitsss'ttlllll chillht-ll'S i'leel arnd sewei lt og.ass, mtill shoeoftts oeslllsalis ills .willnd. Aim a gensl-td assUsisOls Ist 5ae s llll't 5 t5lt w5' null rFalt Iltlsgiuts toltl sltot,* tog telll h t's nii.l titltt I rsi,' "gin5 lb00t qtullity, russellt ls'styits, tiohidti- ist I,ssks, sllestil etxpl.ssslv for ilslstiaiistll s st t t; a gmsl s. , w nrtlicl., aI It :'ge qiuastity of ot ithtitior stttsiity rs stat sInt waI lJitf.,ios. Lsldies' lise tl;f, sotl, stnlr..o :IIst ol:lill ritlssosnlI 'It soleo stohtocs IIn tisle Fosls t k tutiro stnl a illt o rss ul sliplperIs to l llw ues, wilthll lc w itllssis Ilthess t calf, soslt :ill su Istlollebr booas:ls Ito l' ts elll se. lull kindls ottl qiullitiss; do sl stsithr sl.itts; s yitr still1 sfoesl Illotees. \lisos'lstliltlgsplill sht4_siiiI0 mtganl . Chillren'sEo clored Mlorcoo sul lI:tsting bhro gras and boots, ke. tlentlemen'sisoels'sltiosntsle blhok silk itist; do black .o I drab betver do il s as ulerios slsualihy; dso iitntion to ramato; brotd ila sirrowslari sno.'s losis ahd bIs-k rtssisailsot itlns s d hsats, u stew olutlcle Yo55 eihs l aulre size Ibats of tillerl'ut qualiies; Ist childrc 's. .les'amosll ys lln bIck:,l a rb wool I s of 'i(ls sli sea, whh gel'Lral iisotthtlltul o buys' Itlls l ist; 's 'I llts ussottllmel will be rlleoislllild It) lthe att'tll ts" ratsllllcketslroll tise isasoe sttssst sities, all of whic a.illb sosl oil econlllo l.tti illS g telmss. ullts I- i -O MBERCURY NOR COPAIvA ,N w O Jr l ea: n , N - .. l ,T1, 1 8 7 . A BOL'" six utonshs agos t lbl llithe ttttttitles, to get it A sC'e diseasir ick I has llid sev rut dnclol'. fur nt .ulre, alUll dldI dlhl iaIt elnlle iuP. *,n sowv os tile shove date I lut sll udrit slll " rll,, ie of Ili :tl Hluet, all I exslutet lo int cur- IIt-s -io.s e lr t li lll Ithe diseos, gt worse, sit a05 to5 Itsiak s rt ilt re lct l .: to the lulhs5 or oll si ix or eighlt oul ei ii IeI, ssi al Its't 'ny fate, nsd slre throllt. s llll otl 11oll.I to Wsork t Itle lhe righl sidl of lthe lhrots I wit tis , pist ttins myself eoflll.d tlllylterotbh care of Ur. lllel, fr I'sris, toube tsrot ly cured JsItI IEAN. ,citI to Is T 1111 CER' I' I ·'Y Y that II(? x!17 ; 1II':·1;1):1 ".I 14icrutP( i.i 1 quite well t, on d to file w'y I ntiIt.,,.I ., fill• w, l,- 1 n l aVe totkt~llk Illllkl, ., e lilt , r ll 4 ii "e ll y alkahh it all ; llreltre I aaal, ita f -y l 11- - I+'r "rs loe o tita ll, a nd a pply Ia . It r ,A . I Iez, 28 C 0 1 e l ltart , l t ,, , , n D :+u l l n , . s It t h'ala I I a ara a,'.'. D r . fl lel ie . 'It h il"-' from .i o't. ;,: .\ 11," until 4 I' A1. ']hey wtill trot" n true oI t'I for I ftll~i. " Ill 'ihd t. aJe Nl.\ " l t ..+ \N. 11, Gl:tvhir fl+ret. Ib allt oa e st nta o lt ee Ile, call t N.I Ia |;l'ayin, .t aa ,I ,JilNlttNta . New + lhl'nl " . F,.h1 I.t11:38. fiiO 1. 4 IvI h' IY JUJI' :1'UH/.1III b:JP~ii.H J'!li: Hl'OT I P& l1/..1 tIh:l.lki; ]o .lt lV+ 'I,7 "T' '1'.t rai Fi . (I 1" t.\"1 I S'tII+J'l': N Iii aNi4 1 I r altt anllih is naw Roall'a iSt'at:)lA.r:, "0'i 1 il 'nlilk -, easv .netho,,d li..l mi.:n tfe o*,ra.+. lime. tall s tlo;Ia'', notes'ro+ hrl '' hll t " . F ." l" ,. t it bI i I'" at a iala ,rea 'illa n . " ,lil. :l 'I Vg ' llirolla ;atl ela ',llt aes naill rt ai. l i's, le'e ,I, kilff s a fim 'aletIs'e, he btt li:t call br , l,'ricd. or lhat li gores call n I;;ll' n e xit17""i,1"" lle : e I ll , n. ... ,:t i , l lf :a t at a size a l'tb I ita t I' Aln al.+'terl'[;elllcnt ill tihe hook is :l he:.r!t thie I'low" ingw~o is: "l h high listinlttioll this ,w+nk 1"" rre, ited I '(. ugl the ten taa'a alive as fix , t t c is a asie, Ih I ! tll l+h it lls 'Cess: al c e' than t" ;; o - ,' e!is .,e ,,,, togiv, e . . . ,,ensm d , ,.,, ' u ,,. i " t. o .... a ts 'll:llala Il ' aIs; , I I' all. st ha l c l . ad ell f+om,a, I ,amlplared wih, what is t;,ie t,, a fir-a In five times, told printed tram ,ni'rrotypllc plates "caulBl~i~l .ll[y-olle "e h l Baes fomal hich i. mnst Is ev denlt e tltae i s, t (he kep ai(e. atia .lh. t, e son" o' a tad "1l" I I).. j tl the trarlteea) tlhat ale' wcr'k inlet I e aitth is et aic:ll ' ialliablle,dl l 'a t Ia il'l t aOll t ol'tlli is I ll. a wlt * " ;i:nl t n I s , i s ; n o w o F r - i5 itt,,o 'he ,lataal :,,r,, 0 s rfiflth' d iti on ,1i1' I e 'l'a a kti'Slla' li tIataIs, a iaatailaaaaaatoef li,.anktng tive oi taid "alli, it' aI s ela ,vat itiia'," atll ,ai Ia CI attIl ,.e larg 1111 eniols Iioi| ;!. fill • he sm et. ..on .si e he flirst as phliealtio in the toe:. 18112. aa 111.a f ' ath, lite lta ';pia.,,.aata t(,Iltalaen of tiag tables is atstan lit ofa 'aa'al, o ll ltel wima atalaaa1ahala w ihaa slt I L iiaaearit h silil , a0,eiLlete aaa t 's n tiaal "tati alt . ai e all a si latllt a nllo , 't lh lohcls a ld al egitsay otI oranai ,itha slite i iua.s" claI I alao, o tcai le allllellnt o lf ol lll e of "roamels, ),illome:' . 1 of s erin appattiaaaa atats~eoe *aaaaaa,,, ia, taa a'Xat iaaa'at.'a'tlra the infaallta .lily Oi' [lhe .atlh l m iti aat pta it. it eomtlws ý.the wo'rk. and the eat ; ( or I ir : v m el " analI at'iety otalhe ti x:ai ma tio,, , a I ' tests aft ea ,y e on it "l asaslts el Prolt isl, + lailllg h nh Cl i( n s it ster~eo)t- Io, nllSidle-l'lg, in 5lf t , he positive accuracy is ,etred I+. tle unpr.eedc.t. I menu ea I o~ntl th 't t . t rill. alls el l he lldf a t el. ti ll) Sty'led 1 tile st S m ht n rltl IoolIK ini the r. l, iw':el ; m )st talit+,"I|, ale , nulllll ntlnll I gurle walok )|" the samll e ext ent, whEi{ IlI tt ae itIa Lathll ial, aol , l:et 'ai , hahalas ate nal' t si i dI ur an , aaaa;;; aft,'t, tat I, 1 ,e mlaaLeeaaaaaa'aars tio'i ,tr otea tladaati'tal t ,m sbt a ita cLa . hlaa h11 slawi 'l(li tl a t a- e. aa.istl lici s t t t ,ol sIarebl, l tit l asl tit.ll b tli aitn 'ta vll.' t t atll' Ill H .. ,,k : c fi.s i t I.~t ... Suitesamt. b fi l " . hi tI !aarlliy, aea the " lalt i'as a. a b aaer e aa t It, iaa l, ..taa at, .taa... a a a', e aacte. ae. 1L the atll tara,, , r l t:ao't p aa, , t , .lf '' le r ouk+IS in fa t cxllesll. I,1,, led h) tIl thevourt, or ilf l. el s tel.ol'l f t es :IS tIhe 41 rue of c Al "l m"tl|it tlati 1:llt IIIiI a aaa" aa s aaaa Ii a ,, "t I' aat k itlllla.rlet OI , accrdih ,s llte b.ak is Ital' andl ' atai aty ie se ii a, ia palt, iy alie as coiiti ie en!,:civ iland t fewof thle ubev p l l , alall lt ch:,srs, i the 1 l th. a t t: 'l f - ch e ook, II is in pu rrssio e etrv vlos o f "' l~e: ns1 ilrll titer]' guar. I a' I", t o tfahe il a'tdaS ,l ... . a a • t• hi T is Imorenverw ll kn w I ,(, , In' vit s "'a ,lyaihetkit it hal n", to tllt c lell'fL'eI fa r,., u 'lr' ll' r Ig :''le they l " e l I- m e, even: 'In fle M .. il :11( inIIIot eCOl ete... al 1r.lnn iiai tool it a as atI. as, ai l a h"l:a's.o te ne-i t'tta't'aaa' 'a"att'aaas c it osaa ciaaaa taa i a l ,. i tv lllSsatea i at Ia a cl.'vata.ta aiaiaai t ta tt IaI, ,,, 1 :'- a. Wat:,tI .s, att+ it, i t1i l5 't', :iiS 't'iai] Ill o ta't ia ' ,aa ttatl,. . l',l Ila-t oft sa .t'U ham" llcopies werel'¢+ ll; TIor, ':,c, t~ a(,lgrc t (slxuec rAll pt' cra,'At ,li ' l io iaagt t 'a1o Ia i aes , hi'.sbdoy tl , e aio. il)'" (In I.'l'p i pke ; 1p i '.t .... ::[ . . i. per/ en.. .. y, + aa()ilaa Iaa laa a,,,, allatiil aaatataat at ccllnsi l lrllellls Ihapve evl' l y de t!/r..l, sol l Ins tanes ouh h, quoted th tht, h. who ':' v ill, $17t anI . 4f1 1aia cop, , ttiottaa il ll a i,l t ai; 'aoiss, taaI a al in. ti duali in the nLtbler int::;:e, pil 'thl.vh , Iv, hvrv .n it the ,l ae lll' 1H~lmtl'Xe, lh ll~t'l o"+ |+'lcsiv al s " ,ll taitad sI'/ l I'+ t ta I tl ait a , a'a'aatot W ' ., I ,i " 1d p'eat 'a llt ' t. - sctol~ ,. him it was re *l wot 1;. m1oney ano m.etal. gl th saa lwia g :1'hi, tern tlnabletiste the lb .. :I trey I r a,,, II II l l I t, a a a tasta iaal'ae It i likewisei't 1...t ' ,iaa, it, attIte nd ae eid l rio e itaalla'tt atai ls h i s, he matv at i h,,,'lia w k, ahy sLie ha alao .'a aai'aly a hen ftla to a 1 x a,, a;, a iut et' al'e it ils lat t ite, that t a thi. a la lok or its like el-im prepr-a el ilt. aiic ite lasl 1 i taa:c a , .i , atae iaIt compsetint talauladori the wtlrly a ll, le ts aris priled most' eatdill Muft . 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It retm"is s only t'o I~lnaik Ih~a, notwh .stn< ing this Iuolll O nlyllln oslly wor~k, \. t~ie was pub lilhed lc '1 I' interest tables were. ilInhe'.ist.c,. sai,, s.tll cents be ptni'tised, it sa estlat aet .so tmch its (ald with interes,. see neat'ioss oe utsc sed ma hosar use nd dollars, six y'ears o a ti boe taom 1 e79 18i5n sustaited on J ie Bisct dition. of Mat'i opies,t.t'i',ia.g ia it tIons its pslica ta at that 'tliie, at a, under priceaa to say noething o1" 5Om51m50 tio5 o tt'it litforl ast a life-i-me o" er,, toilu , a 'd saerifie. Wherefore the a&t'hor till relies ofthe llisselntnenlt and genterosity of the Iuhlie ful' a eontiim: ahoe of preferenwce and lasronae. Fo.r s, de by thle =-S f.l '.i PA iu'lir;N.J" l+,h t~l s k; I---ailt moedltwr • -- par tshlp Sfslis*[cqi,[l-ipy l fro \ov Ycrk,. a. i ..... taur 18| G.OSSIP 4 U.'. ,-l I Vallries Ilollel 1 THE FLORIDD%,LINE Wmi,.. M imle to Agutarn.Ge . l aves .Mobhle'very doy at rire. I., . l'.o'lnck. p In Ier U 8 mnil hoar ifr Ilhll's Itrndilto, shove Dlakely,--r'ence four I--st itccnle:, s It) P c.n sr.--l(,Iuenl hrenamhtnrrs to ,·igr ille, wohere Ih land rusle is resumed-thence vn Mlariornn nnd r.,-twneville, Fin. Bninlbtidge, Ptulern-r, I, ri,w!:tinsville. $ntnderaville & L[,is. villetini Asgsetlr. , s, ,cnleeirilg reuilnrly witlr Ihe rail reno EIurs io ChirlEicetrni, nd Ihe setelnal . tol.el- 1o Now York, Nirlnolk, Phildelphia, etc. 1'Tn e ttaambsite are tile best fir thie service, tnd trile Ill.Vgtillnit prreenl tsl mre advant.ges tilan cni be fon.ed upolt anly nttltlboit route in Ihe outlh. ern rettel,. ''The egrCnr improvements in the rolte have !been prodluced by thie rlnltrulllielu cl ifit Ililes of new rond, by tile pruprielors, vis : froti LuGrnne oil InayelPtlo (vlt, Ion a rm oif Sa ntln Ross fyI to Bryanrll. Ferry, Osl Ihe C4hnitnltiooiehe river, ten ilhs aboe tile Cuowltrd, or 14 Iublve Cedur iliIi, whereby the loltvigultion oi itse river snId trie cuL: sB lellnl tdtenllill, lsnid mrre rrecntoly Ihe inert verlie t crossills t tIe Cowlirdl, itre entllrlly vojlidedi ild r Iinlne rood froim alanrinlnn direct In Ithinhridg., i'iuhad oi the rlondnbost r:unl viu Chntlaahllnhr., loenFe ing Ith lislnnc e UbouIt f'.rI V tiles, ntd icn:rising Ite fscilius t ore tihaII a dceadoy Alre, s,.crneh line of ntwo hnrse onges every theber dl,y rntsl (liU kitivill, vio Perry Iu, Milcen, Ga. CrrtitecinL ill the lillte nto Satvnlt and tDriet f(ei. A nlnil slrsnmlont ilies rnpegulil iv betwpen taillbridee atnd Aynnlehiiola. I rnvellcrs nwishi-g to reach any Inint on Chnhi1,oe'lree or A;,plachti' colai, eian take stlrolnOns tt at Irawnvllle. Mobile it l'i-snsrtltis-I ini Riule--u)rini shii line ocunp ,l IIv ihe rfpnlirs It tlts, thie proeprlu . tirs io" the Fllriia line trill run a liily i! htur cutroe I c' eonah.s every other dty btL\t't'n allow PFasenoers will cuave Miiles at 3 i,'tclcl, n, is tite US si uIl uoll, i tlld Iri:ceed Ill Hall'i t i ild -ine where a htur eIorte cone wtIse.rrsill t iiin kt curveyt lih.n to Ithe excellent htuttie ut lt. Chairil tlllll I I 4 II ile d slenl llt, where ti e will iId pnllaen n alltodollonei for the nIgLhi--lenInu tiet irornlshu they will utrive in Peueuiu'lcairly i t he en rl iii, Ihtls avoiding Ihe disiuotior t oI O ltin t e tn t cd li i ai i on Huii, +% b lh and C-1. ihn ,' litei luienstl', t tere elit llle II I l it u l'?'K?'l'iIN &(It. t eItVI "-tt-- l'e f,,ti'u-n.n 11illit iiil 'iI sh reIluders his services it lie riii, zellns iI Neuw (trleasl-t t as ienher uln he Illan, forice. f r . lev ,n bee i ulll oby= d slvcrnl titIe nua ile of mu 1si c i tl -ri iit nlt lits iti lt ui ti, iv 'h ;tt, ( 11n lt hl l i i fdt n e, lie ti ti, ilt t c rtenr i luR u 1v Ci ,. h Sletrs-ti V A ir. li -th r ni l ni .;&iillc. , AI tixtlllsl . 9 ' l' tnun ly Stits bu .i dutr DJ)l'e nailnd .fdcll'i·ines. t 6 isuisic, v tit- l ica ted har s Io thiL city a th tiuliilt , it I.I s ifiL tsa ii n- tt lltril \t t'hol-· hihl I S rLu b dL' Illl-;l:IE.. ll' i. n,.w rellleiviny aI ful l .lll) fu frslh nlld gelnul e atilit, which h,, .Ill sell Int lierr nl ieri. T"l ctiy rls nti t th e rf the inlerior, ,I AIssicalllll.. nll, rchalntin ait n l anil rii he wil 1 rll l h r i +tl Ce'IIi s nti I h IuII . have I lPVt r bIl, otire b .ii a tllrll oll IIhi tsn it'. Hlls In' n ll 'iln sitiurllit- li- ' iilt nlt e 0 Ulieiilt, . Ifi ltrs k i. iill rsonn lie tu'iteIlhte, unlld in t ut'w wsi ks will be riu id . it r b nII il Ic . A ll ordi rs t rn t h i ii tl ew io ' i- tni , recrivr-i- ult tii l ttrlust will be' pIohn~~ Utl lnt. e dtd <to. Ioll:l .7 ° N-' 3.h11 1ll PL uttittli, .Itt -l tJ(iltttle-u cit-i'i-.. '[h < h. ri ,r hl-Li'+ combAolist sitesree TIsIt Cf it·~I~ llS-iIt't)I(Is--l such, s its I slit lrpl~l ceivtied, ilht ; I hriti t ,ln o h ir vilot t.t k c :Ii I, " Iii ic h arelld nl mnllt il'lll patterii i t ,r Ilvr olu hcr eilucer etmihP FI T Hiti.Jlll --u l , t-tit It + s rit , cioritch o, gen rse an. l ts- eii it-stsu r Inf p rta i asmidw. J i-ll il.l i -Ior l o till, r l llliip rle i titI, i hi tin rlit If 'Iiii -t IInil-l cInItL lt S Ih',lzia lh I ,, ( lll ,,t' 1 l l'r 1 e ,.'stiltr --tu til ti usr ll, ti liii we cr dllft CIlllll ·lftr l t :IutI luCI P~lutist st us,] fIt-burnllt whhh .re tllllll , bl , i litt c i hliillt S f i n he an d.scri ll i, h. l Sr . Lhri d e nll r eln t .t t ir a d tiler II -I5 c(lri Ii 'lil I niT i :l l lltritii l. C tiltt s itd tu u li-t P I:ItIIi ,I - lit- cI I . IIti ltr I l r i ll '. |ll'rit+ I ' lt t i LtO f] ftlt'i" 'II' h'l' f lert +i.-i ldd+ lr i.th1n, I~l~ll--i~lh l' (llt~ ll lihl ., 1111 ··t·l'l,'l'llll' |.vr,2.Illl lt I tt-~ll ,t-ll-it-ol' IItt. ].ll *t iti il pitt Id i lt-i i--tItII(] rel 111: 1 ] l l·:-~ ' 1, 1 I lrll'. ve.'IIII. .lllil ,l LI<ltll liI fll l~ l-l r tiling'd··1, r. li.llll'n I1;., i l+ lll.. Sii~l, rll~ ~ilr *II, i''' p ninl·· lln l +li. hill|: rlllll 1.IFr(l'P tlll.- i' " • lh-i( v fI1I clell fl I t 1 io ,· i I I Ii I I Di llll >. 1 ,n ii&ll f drnu,,riiitlt Jc~r I\Vlgl~l ll . --;li U. til r ill: 111 Ilir nlPl~ii ~ )1 i I I fli~hion- bhitnii:t ,.tm;ii i-1, hltl , llll · r-uli'i i, Ill S" +. t' i i ll I,' t , ci Im illi ot l++ . ll c lit- I t %,- t int- , ,.t ecesslll"ut ssnltolelt- tuib , ih;t I ft I usli i l rll l' i'l.i, llllL1l· fx ll'' t l ll J 1+il' +Ire-+ (li,.. ll lllv tJ++iz. !IP } l~ i ·ii l + It il*,v lfl~tr~ !.iI· l+ llcll , *lllll II.I··'.r) l ltvld. Plr' I 1.A . Tt; A.~1I)·( V \ illll I'TY . . Ir~l';l. l ll.|L'.-l.'rri., nrl ell· +\llli~l~l,,(.31I, Hral,++,'Ial·(T ,In,++llf 1,11. lt.+. /l(lllil:l very rl ,hl 1 i, I h!,,tv(I lhlli~r h,,ldhl~lh. II1I orkhll* I.,+.,,+a.hh-t,. CIl'· lllH -li'l\Illh+.'lot'K-. NI U II·- ) ill. tle llihd l i hiil - \I , I II tl Fllnlr, l,11 (i~ll(ilZ*] ki+" llrIII 'r i ll~) ll I<,.II 1· l (;I. ,. .,. trilll A tII l. i.;:lll lil:tltlll il ll.l{.e, II,)Ill illlilltil~lll 11 +. .llil .1 1 h.~xr,e+ I"rlnt i +I +`illi()tl~l Iii~l~ll. .,LI II1·. 8 I+' llll'.l' ) i , l' [+.lIi,''i lll... II'., Illll~lhlall-c IOlId (I1\ll·t*h' r, / lr - .ii) el tI I)illlll lil( 11.' Iltlll1ilr11 'llll-'y ·i\';l IleC'k Plilil [ Il-i .Vi +11>.ll tler*,:tvwl,. he.,l .,ar11·l~l lll ( tIoI IIII lll+.i Iw~ lP" ~:.1. ,e eL I pl al. .et¢.l Ileill: , ·+il) ,tiill+,h'. .o S n~ll eI~i~t-( I •111' .; . • cer£%dilll Il'vli irt vi~ll ln alll~l vll rll~l ir ritil..<v 'k,( i lii ces oil 1:2 iilIUII :Tllhsceit. L I.,l·+{,.. , _. ,1 . . . . . . .. ? i(1, t. . It K l'l'ER. ( :I-I. tlct t.:ho it..t p re ,+.nter d e 7 'p 'lll () i , ill casks. nnd ,t:s, for w+alP lw .It .ilt It% v ANJtitl.:\l , s ll bit'e-l I)rlugg at.etl c mlr . '+ t t1 n and l .!. lpn i nst oo er \Co ; tr, 1',rl h r,`ry, Acr.-- A sIý 'le tol erllcvle lfl c,, gne, put i 11te l F) ollrt i s rlr ill f trade; alt)o I thlle ll i te l L , ml te litrl tllller y ,-, Lrl s clrg cvcry variety for the trule,, for s,le by a ct l2 li &. D LA2t. I- f\ IT'h. ýIl.riti ec rsin l hA I. i hdll a l rlli- ll Iit 1 rv. \i t I,)rt, : i.s lre ly to Sh [lit, IRinitrs A: ni fle p I c . . ; orl g ll e rev v t~ t a i. Irli pries t re Irto . h an tlpr qutity tl' his Iree .dlels Iuler or to ally evr Ibr.o.oe h l ll i ltt e l h. lltr t Ie e ar llt llllur.e I ll lle I h e | r in i lhlllelllo i li·lllv Ilt l t on li lin t 1 tl cd of tIn txlelv ive S staIII L'e -rlo llt w I"il Li. d it i a ll~tlIrr e hi s .al i, .e i to call tit tie c lllo', t r 1c iv lleh o Z i l n to ' ittls . , shall Ih e lhd t il a i it sa l le. r f t Iy r Y llrl t y ith nlll , ils ti try. tlln ge tlstl e vr i t 're , l n ull r tll mudti o N-. il, w l all ed it O l vI 0 no v ill I l I rert . '[ea r blof c vurlsli. for s ores hil tea l bto e:hietullies. The Ilerelll lt varllish wihil a ,,.cie l ,l . ac, ttdt, Ito e t--I div , in i. It-.a I . o" el: e s, Ilc o J )r h i itin' i I: ltie . t eI , Ir ciIe , s ..1 ,r l er hl.i.,'.s l essior 1r,;,a --l 'lrvi ca in u s cl i llt Seomlllllli arinch, j tsr r, cliv tli hby o,'t :1. Ill:l":I.' : ii I., II I, 1! a,1';I ,p s 1 0 1 ol I-. ,-I. r.,U .t. . ee.,l lole g,. made all p , tt-.. lld o 1lorlloer gr for toy e Settp o xtPt tiu liwil htr ti o ldto thellk in ne p-I tla be-tlc it; Itt lots, i lllhls i lt lll. I, L' $, irto polult.-rol I11e .send stolre, 17 Co.m on ll .rt, Ilu '- + vllder; i lave,r s being onll cuaited with a t'ho- ill di.teI. cuIry-non to tlhem, having at.itdIi hac in loollnll:ii: sl ll exert dapl lerl lIt In I1 I ,h , 1 h I I.ll l.i I l ,rd c il h l l and llother citio," lrolboln .Ian h r d, .1Ied witil tlhe greaes. t rucI e, to wltic tle hv- t of I moevreecoeo n be given. Apply at No. IG1 Maga. uIll ne -: ,o , l i; I lh U ill Lor i IIse !r r ol ll'. II s • i,. Bill7 8 ea ir t i. dO . fr,,l a TI l tlllltit.-- ill C I fticl cnttil t ,r i &Cu r,+ '.L~l l..o-I is hi, t 'lltr , III r&Cniv at I1 olide t. ao Ili to rt l r - i sltne hllrr arivulst of lvery l dsl - rl hlll' r, l lh oe: orl e i t lTvery erll i Ioel t e d al i ,,r , ma ilo, i'lu llIeyr ald impllprrted dlrecl liylrr W InV . I)I N N . it ii TIlE PUIiLIC.-c Thg uilJe trsign o. li.vli,0 La i Iltudia undl r r. Se t mrtlidt of UCarlesttolu t Col.i oor Il lllsr l ICo yorlNthe atol Ilaritelt ill It tle prae:i.,t u. :I dicinlo nd +r eiry ha tiile a nor to uetter Iis oIreoletsiolluI sof rvaedx ill trlis ciutyo eIlw e o.s 'lte nadmes ofl h selltltvel itral, ulhe I -ll [ prolmpt attlntion will be paid to tihe calls whichll m.ay bel Indh:; and also oilers Ilis ¥, rv a.o ti, th holders ol'nlaves, beillg roll aoquainrted iisy tl litoe;ss iOrItIbre to theilnm Iving attelenled ethIn[ inro i: t sugar house ill Charleston. Til' :tnraous alrti.biliou pills it ater the composition it. Professor S[lloliette, with dlrectionls, cdi be had iJl tile undersigned. The ellect whticht tie), have 0roda1ced io this old other cities, has boen atl.eded wilnh tb groaltest sucress, to whic thn bestr of I rofcreocels can be given. Apply at No. 166 blga. line strent. JNO.MI'LORISNG t N O' TICE---l']I p rtnershi1) of K ellhy , 1risen &Co h of Ne.W Orlettn-· .asollo nllarris &'Co., of Natclhez rid Harris, Kelley &'Co., of Rlod teywss wa e dissolveoil I he2lst of May last, by tih death ol ,aunrel A Jlasuu, dme of Ithe parltlnes of the fir lst. Th'le uidcr.signted, surviving partners, will be chaurted with the settling aild closing said buisiaess as fullouvs: LeviU llarris will attenld to the settling of thle bulsilness of Nasollolnrris & Co.. t Natchez;ld ll Ilnrric, Kel. ey & Co.,at Lodneyi and Ilenry Kelley will atenud to lisettling ofthe business ofKelley, lar.n &. Co., at Neow Orleans. The names of the everal firms willbn used in liqnidationonly. 'T'hose indebted to said firms are carnestly req ested ocotce forward and make early settlement,; and thew.. m having claims will please present them witunlt dela,. & LEVi C IIARI ,, be IIENRY KEIL:LY. Caw Orleass, J [nl o.7 1 8:7. D OI.tEAR'S Sclence ufPPenmenshils received,tldl S for sale at their permanent Writing Acaldemiesi No. 8 Chatres street, New Orleans, 189 Bseadway New York, Dauphine st.,Mobile. It is prticularly designed tisr private learners, and schaols, shd is calculatedl for persons ofall ages. hledies atol geontlene are invited to call and examine the evsalt fortltemselves. Lessons are given at such hotoes as may suit the eotvenience of all, and to classes formesI in any part of the city. Ladie s wlie prefer iteas receive lessons at theirown ref sidentes. lie'reon paoin n tree re oflrsens are desired o att.n,.tt' sela..Is sell ater wisoBh..Wl S.3SAX RIBtOT .ft. ROWAND'S T'ONIC MIXTURE, "FoR FEVE, ANOL AUEo gEN years have not yet elapsed since it woa first regularly submitted to the publie; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. or it Ihas been known and appreciated. Airoady has it been carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes nore than could have been anticipatedby its mst sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored ti health and vigor through its egecn. ey: and they noew cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its decided and supreme efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are calculated to renew the healthy action of the stoem ach, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of which harmony is the immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that i4 produ. eeo an eltire change in the condition of the system, and certainly dest roys the native liability to relap ses of thie affection. When thie Ague is attended with any other complaint, the employment of the Tonic leixtu-o will not interfere with the treat. ment of the other disease, but will even alffrd as. lsatance by furnishieg strength andl vigor to tilt body during tile course of treatment. Those who umake use of this medicine may be unaured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, ,llernury, or any other article in its composition unfriend'y to the human coNstitutioni; being entirely a segetable extract; anlld they may have additional confidence i tile use thereaof, when they pereeive that it has the er faectof a genta lixative about the time hnlf a hot. tie full has boeen Laken-in consequence of which, there is no part of the medicine left to linger in tihe bIowals to causo obstructions, and other evils, arising froml the use of miltny of the remedies nowi filblred for the core of this aflfection. It has been used also s ta preventive, by nmny who were stilt ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it has invariably warded offlthe apprehended attack. Observr Tlhe Proprietor, fully saltislied -:iih the Iaup:tralleled aid universal enceeaass which has cii. ,ltautly attended a punctual anlld regular use of the 'Toite MIxture, il nll cases of Fever and Ague, relos warranted in engaging to refund thIt pice to all those who have tokent thi medicine in strict ie. cordance with the prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly cured. The subscrdbors are tile wholesale agents for tile South \Vestern States, and hlalv now oil hand siX ty cases of this medieine, which is warranted Irials ahld genuinle. For sale at the itanufclieural prices J.%RltVIS & ANlitliU:.e, W1bhtlesale I)rt,,gie.o, notvu7 cor C(omimon ak I'topitoula i n.tret. Mintsasippi tind LOusealtU a Hll iote VINt ie . eN. -11 11RS. MARY IIIKLAND respeetlidly an. itnounces to her friends and thie public gone. ally that she is prepared to aceormodate them at .te above establishmlent, and hopes front her exertioens to render visitors comfortable, to receive t continutaee of former favors. She ri-eils ceonl. ent that itat persons visiting (:ovi gton during the iltulner months, cannot find better uccolllodationl than a*he can afford them, on more hboral ttlrtlls. Hler house is pl.asautly situated, arid well lsupplied witll every convenience; the bar is furnihed with lshe imost choice liquors, &e. inl short,she promises "nat neathlig shall bhe wanting on her part to give ,tire satishiction to all who may platrozo tile liasissippi and Li.isiana Ilotel. j,3 IIOLLO\V V WVAR. LWOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. /i ilE IIOWELL WORKS CO.11'ANY, No. 1 238 Water, near Boekmaon street, New York, have received the past season, aun are cocstantly receiving large and extensive additions to the o.otk of tthe above goods, which now collsists o"f Iithe ollowing Rassotment, suitabls for tile southern and western Ilmarkets. Ilhllow ware of superio-r quality, consisting of about 1511100 otens, viz, Pots of 9". dlifferent sizes, fro 2:8 tI 50 galloas, I Kittle:s, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 31) gallmes, lettles, 15 sizes, fromi 3:8 to 18 gallons. Iltlkip.mltes r OveCs, 7 dttlrent siteas, 'l'Tea Ktthe, , i do Skilll·,t . 5 do Flat Spidrs . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do :illorul s, 4- dI Fire Dogs, .- i de \Vagoi boxe from. 1 I-4 to l3.1.i incle. (Cart oit. 5 to 7 Iihes. Wooid Screws, 20,1ll0t groass, iron and bra-, froat :8 sellt, No. 3 to 1:lJ Inch, No, 214 el" a supertor .-ltlity and finish, aund less than Jant i s imported p;ictes. Soll Irios, atssortvd, in casks of about 5)lU lbs flr re.ading. 'T:lllos' and hl ttor's Iroel, ais ortd. ssh wetights, IUU00 tons, assorted firoi 4.4 ti 2011.. Ilells for PItinttisons, steamboats, ht:i:icleo, &e. madeo to order, Also stelambeats and othcr machiuery made to mrder. Tuhe ahovi nssortment of goods is particularly ireommenaltded to ttiu attentiotu of Southt-ern and \Vestern iterclthatl, and are offered iter slle at low prices, ald up)on tthe tmoit lihheral terms ; it is h lived ta be tile largest and best assorteent ever offlered for sale by any one ostablislnoeut in the Unsted States. Mrchantes, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular. with descriptilo of nouods, pricesand terms, f-oln whsch no deviatilo is over lmade, farnished by return of mail. All orders will receive iusmediate attention. New York, 1838. Je3 n1 hd n Dye. for c lorilll the halr ; lIear's (til, [ s alln n ell er'sai c'lel'ese, p , rnll , Michnl w's Fr cle W ash, superior pearl powder, il, whlte, cr ,nlm of rosts, vegetable rouge, ,iot of rot s Jl, ) lhe, kre'sle toot lh wash, cainho ei. deniirilic, p lne Inower water, powder patll and bxce', Amerllla chaurcoal, nearly pit up in Ilur ol, e ale, 're. ton sanls cenolog e. Itres.lte htoalh Ii,=e drops, hair Ibrushe-, Er lihh r dreksrn.r ,rcu, sr, Irida.u hair oil, Swil a variety of utter erlumr, ris. & .. For s.le Iby C. J. I'RI.CIIARD, "o 3 earner of Cal ,I and It ma.a , r - Sy. I ,*lil r .a by I It ItI 1 ;.. &. , In 7 131 .I I,.. . -tI 0 'Ill.,'l¢- :r! I',I. I. uduIg'- - ,l rma -W an l: 1il Bill ru r Il t adg,, I o kt l inih, nby l: I sl)it.I', .rur1r. tIudolr,,,l,..,&, ricr. rlath" ir, au lle11ar I 'cr o I It il.nE, A . ,i! le hl n , ,ii t o h ., oilot I/ d er .l ass, I wr h bllh r c, h d l I(.I, n tllr !'able sad Ji ,,r, t Ih;..s, 1 e, of w -" Kfies ... . Ilr G rlml;k l -,;hl rr sit ll ad1 int ) an cglOilll v t.lluo(-· . :.ll"' rls l i or sIl (IIt 'pende , Iartr s l'. lc. il lt B ilbr mao,;, s1il. 61cr p irrlr; r eat kr . d eds; . To exhr ia to i i tr a i or,,r . 'llcr'. Illlr, stc.ll h llen. r 3i J. I. rI' \ A:\ : (Ne rI enll '1111 \ l.,l nu al. r' I,: i\ ( RIII;.l I -- nv(rIrON., IIARTnrTe&n CO.--Are now d reIvkt per ship uIllnsrville, Ea le, Merry ASl iew, Iligh rantlr', Fretnl: l n ld P( rnallla li lllub I n r ri lnl rs:; alter, belt : hll a p a.ket pistols; lel.y iln •d ji lli sp clarrssirnlres ; crap ial lsc; ( tr iss ors 1,,,r teesi tns; Vilin s ings; ishel .ll, e ! la h1 rnlll gs;lll wllla r I, bt'ad and leatheIr I al ; hair ra ids, frl t : tiue ringlets; eagroull (an .r i illlta lad w re .h aIe t lolr, RIi, l ainds Ic:itas.ler oil, it lcani llso;l li, y I7 ;rlrtkil.ia r rlil r i cliralla Iaktcs; irrllaa, l , I, I I . Cla.hnc e. s ar vnc ews; Il1er llriLr f lads, hlrals lurd plar ,; lc1( Fol l; whi t I miI l toilet a.nldt hl(, sn' yts; " l raller, H t ie Waihh ; ,all t ., ilc errrili a, it ool. stads; ,'rew t:lshio e; f a ry nload Pl ain sad n klarhices; l hila llar il l belle;locket bou anliolls i llw ltslis r ing hoer la , l ies .e illzor Slp rle, an ilverd l c o ns. - an si silans t e wlihl'.nde ra, a I g re aullle . altllc il Ie sThe above la, dlllinlll so lra lernle lInrelk f alr 01ru, ,,krra ur ..r,, raetarrcrery c'rape rirla.ra sa r letsrta, larrecsarlias il.laigrrre lre s II U Idr T wholtnle lolni rctl aulls thicsiguftl thll G.dt111e Cao, 7a Int Cruarery a. rcNect u n i rla n Ls h 11ro . Ci? th, tl, n e rs, S l1 . n l l, ll ,l u •en c -11-,,, ar•I , no ll ,.- ing nw ri.,l r ric , e,(arn f reacai I ' llrr and rch ac, linns, a lirr , ha. i t r cia Ire, , a ai. ,rn Ired Il d Ilr ars' lr ao a I, he. as r s , lbei. Rrhri, A eca. e., I ll crnnd r Capi Fr n llh a nd Cl rilla glas. war,r-- 21hlers, rhnlrririg.rr.., lr,,onraude.+, jtl!icr, r l irrr ai',c Iur lrl.' rrrr i a lIa, rhll.iia lera, trr hibler. , rreerrred.aI a,ces, eleres, pillrrers, lea ps I sh eada anrd gliasee, candle shad,,, salt a,!,) leis, etc. rlverplatedi, h1rrnae and brira,nia wnres-.aae .r.rr, liq r..r. taend, cake bleet.rr.., cr..dtricke, I hraenihea, 51rrprrra, talles, cofret anld oi a,,oIyr s r,,r,, creeras, lamps japlaanrced tra'a, aural renal., i rl i a n d lo t s, , t o geir el r w ith e u e ,riI va r le y ,f e, nl l s .or irraril l" ea. u \lc arerehlts, phlrteri , hiihS I, ant s ierrars, fari itihed will grldis at . he lOst tea. rrohlric prlcrra, pan d er..iled k hi to b aolvrryr i wirr salarty l, ane part or lri enrrrt'r'. Also, talrllai icea' glnsr a are. - n, 2 '1'"" ieeratc .larerianr alori PI.....r.. Negrso rtrlria, blalakeit, IIltrele,n l Ilar, . , !! rl I thirriaer, chrc'kc, linens. caliere, irerln i.•r,'h.I el, .evnt crr Canal and Chirrrcai r MAIL ARRA0 Utl1UM .T N"r-ern Mslt" I)ue Every'Day at l2 M. a Cles Every day ato11 A. M Western Mail Due ever aunday, Wednaoday w f tra | Friday, by ,, iP. M. C. fay oTari Coses every Monday, Wedaead Canal, 81uatall lriny ry 9, P. l. The lake flail a uDe evere y T f u la, Thursday, a via Closes every Modnday, Wedilesday TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPAI'IT'UR DISTANCR &e. of the Eopress hoill, bwacn. Manilae and Now Yolk--leving Mobile dail" at 3 I'. . Northwer New York daily at 5 P, M houthward. Arrives Arri. Noarthwrd. Distance. Time lketurn'l ontgnmerey.Aa, 2 pm. 198 m's 23 h 12im. iOlollui,aieo. 11 81 '9 3 o:so Vlilledgeville. On. 2 133 14 21 p.m. h(oiniiri, SC . 74 am. 163 17 itoiign, N C. 54 215 22 12 WinarnoIa , Va. 12 mn. 55 it i I'tererburg, Vai. 10 prin 83 10 9a , imn "iclhnndl,V.. I annm a1 3 6p I"rederieikslmrrr 11 67 7 l1p m. lanhieglon city, 2 Apmi 61 O um. li lir I ,s Iatimorei " 64 38 4- n 'Phildelphia, r in6i4 owa. 191 I 5 New York. pro. 90 14 S130-5 13d. ,or 5d r2 Northwird. Coming Sotiiwardi, the time Ia alih bour ess; briv igll dioYe slerl 1i our T.. EN I-O-. AIs IIEWAR . flANAWAY frao 109 Corender et orner of llerie -- sileei,ono tlre igkht of 30iih rf Anglri, auid wee een :ble r Iext arning e Iocaydrn stree, a negro bay namedr ClIIA RII,:, bout b 7 earri of ne., en o 5 ren or therenlhouta in ei=w, vryl;lock, and haes noonlped laent in Iris tpeer,, olee of irs Ion- is norer oeasioad_ by e ernot eihart; e d wclars I. e wiendaway a wheir 'roan or l|sen hirt )wlle ellonn olltlrouna. Meslers or vessels and s eln bents are enegiihrtd a tinit reelaving orl harbmring seid negno, a, i well as ft o ler persos Iar l I| rie our of arb lmw will bra rl'oread Tl a c bhe ve reme 'd will ire paie Sirrelliver in i lint iTut any if rhueo jil a,'s o iier efl. i oaieipalitice,ar nil 6. .Crorderel, cornar of e ee ] Et e 'I'CE-'i clraat(raeii Ieremfire a aig ieanolverd. T"e o bnrrilaer will liqodleir tik aieirar i erceeern ib this city, nl requiresr all persons rtneb. icl to vankr Pco hytat to Iar la'lv, maIl a oI lheoaving elimt, ioperecsuti beril fortettleaooree. n.lg 0-71 _ tJARIITSON CAP.TAIN iItII'AT'I"n NEW NOVELS Ilallin thre Reefer, by the anlnm it Pioter Sinlpl, & Canmmin.s, or a W riner at Scli!ls Iltalireld .. ýtvrin, Iv y la Cinmai UO il 1l11, lRoyaol Nivy, F. S.; in 1 vol, Lord Roldna, a rrnnlrce, liy Allan Cunningahm,l w $1aeppard Lee, written lay hiianvelf, ii 2i vela,. 4 Copiradinon Iliracry f;eliy, Irralsatedi from lriuinll htalian, by Nnaniel G(;rreene in 1 vol. for stiillt Not. 7) of Ilulaerar'n Picnily Ilitrnry. Vol*.:l& 4 a11' ti n''ew c rlllllleter nald lnitie, edlliioa io lie'liedicto Irril.'e Ic'arks. Roigar' a Fr.rch eadrl Elrl..ich Dlireionnre, hi I aol, ; A'uea.t's 'i'ecrh and j r.rlist I)ietionary. ifew ilweare aleies Cf oiilme's'Pkmrrraloe "c(irnei."i I.nrel,.olenyr ioitt .i . e ,ee um slperior q.y e it i iih hins j aatill i aIncfgl-4n ann 2 I-2 inch (tillot'a ila lied amralile I'eajolaptlsd paer... weiL' Joai receivedl, tr Pale by l101 II ENJ. .LEVY. I'INNritl l' .IlOME, &r. pINNOCli.'.I I1I1'lOVED EIDITION OF - oh nith' Abrelacet i of thi e ilitori of to whirl is plixr d i il I tit l urtion to the llJ|dlr Ioltturli il irtlorrv nll a granl vnrany ci oasaunIle iifr lrm Iaataa"ni ir workon II00 . i Mance.. Ia llrlaeiaia nd Alria'lll ilriea oi taie Romlnes; with nu, ulel sh' i ogri. h l i*t 'i ( inll: Notes; andi' nea . B olloll.i ir rX li)eliuil ll it tIe" FIlll o|" raKch 0eeti.n. lo~tllrnlle with thirlveIty raVnlea on WlOl, iry Aotheile ac' I n ra-K'aita':arovllaiio of lI)r ohalonilh's Iliecory of I':anglnauaI, fln e , ilvntiooa Ic JIlios Clnsr to thne lalidy. rl) taravataacewi ccttlleinnin ll o i ihe yeoa Ilt1 . 1Vilh Illliolilllls flit exnlmin lion at tie end h'hI Re.lilll. I de~s~ t.* ja cllit, of r valualel infraral tn ahd lle truh Ire aneer. (osr.iniilng of Iaba °f rlalrIaapa'.oru sr S.e.rlargr naid risnot pereon (' artion a rpntacrav aIaIe". IRemabrks on teie pol tics, Illlllllr etsca rlite·rateih of ie r eae. Antoclli..r Ihe C.nelilujiou, &c. &e. illcrarvled by many nogr (;'ls' Eai·mt:"'r ore A iartnolyao a indo A.rilgmeo ci Kritla'n New ''I'recrisce o ilre I' ae of (lnbees. N. Amatercircan edatm ita rlh allirran aionl ianpmrenean taaal lAl ecle ne le of a LtretrllOiical pran Ofti Am Jaart rrceived aed iFr rsalev br i'M iI'KEAN lil 24 rcer ai'Cnelr, andl Comlllon I, I t!'.\l 'i:,iri .h atj,: i IP'lihillip I"rlncle, I) D, with S La' Ia pl aalldix a Iaalla, i il en {r+ I~lillll l ac Ivls i i aaaehd, 1 . b ay Mrni .J,)ir.a, a ,cv .wl_,aa ,i lta , I Priie- I'opr Addho.e, `WlfI 1'l rlllur ult, W 5tcllll, PIare. Str , .;l".'. oild P, re l'thi' ar l eriiallri nl poel of l'ill'1)itil''., tjnth the i lr aralix "ai "odire iearir. ·Itll 10 "f"I .l htr wr% 'h ll.+i II+. rr " l'u 'r'll., I,:x vnl.l ,9 + ulI'I.: Ia .f II:111i'C by aaaa ielallaavtaea'II b R I Ira ata )aa a l iai latl c :t loIr, b e'Plto I it., ' 1)1, lhs, illl uB r linwoll ,tl, bTO s', t '1 iik7lll1 1 ii --ri of h t o . tc , ' a i 'ao at " ri k Iaal'yaath e eoa,,r inlr,*ahes 'ae Iiaa i .a i., Il atIaI 0l ahail ataicee Its I l..i ý)! hii l , 1"ui u CI( .iraI I honl g.. . I. , n.... .. silel, iii a t iti I 't ir II t 5 re altll late i e '' llt ilalie.rernta-ine, t saro inesa as a I l + ~ au~ Al t hca jrt i n A estr are. ralt naitl erat , ir aretaej rlatyl)cprune aria. el rlhe F "l iel llrl , m llllr,, ll l+W il tIt the ( vo- , tI c I,+ formr aa l.alo 1 . riat ' a l rle. a aros ,I lIrdia . ra 'lt ' Ia , laurn c rlet s ia Iarnr'e crs. rt lrrahll a lo, l a.l,. T'lrl I t nll, erap eill s i pa I'lltaei laizaind l(l t ra l4a4 ricide ra tO, e ir 'to, i'a ,rac s , itit w itl, re .tl e lirijk as l il tl['t a t, i llte , alt n . r Aa pi t - - tel . 0iara'd la r;aront, icItreallill dypeonc aor indi. ,r rri o a r ic, Ia ntl, llcr ir , pe r eadbas, pel'der alta rard latr,, itabre riedua caepnid cod Tllt tlueri'h.dl crelllllator aad irie densllta ci ric taI, ii ar, l eat r lwl' linC.r ar tlils Old I& . iIwl. ' P fanlri ~ a noI , V Ir"llll,s ; Bri led a_ iactiacln t li.loarlr, jiilbea ravjd a dtte polls terite'r rai tric . d:rot iarhi h oirlrij r wrsiirigie nk lerrle olid relititd whale oil. lln)'i Li inic A lrih srcitnac ul o l'' uhhcI h l rrai'r'iaroen See ,e, ' iEalul(; J()NES Four I,.eLunn( tad rare (f /~ie Fever and A~w. Twill Iiii'iireeh1ei eis1 teil , f/ relui esi '1.k -1 a leei 'l..r,1 .ee file linrIthe lg at .. h I" iiiirn iiiiasst] iefro t c rieee esipell ee poim iir iricts iit may e Iei i iteeill teli. etnehi safe i, even h I lls /lell'llll' .;licatt a, age,) ir:,alid. II pr. Vl"I~ rIlsat lo dia- l'1ieei~oll`,Iy Elit. e anonregans ts weon u ey. I jes b. , lla sa nl, I 111d 1111111 apptite, ~by ieeritgrstia h.,sat mchIaudeee I's it tehis i i r eejiiyaree ftan e. !C""1 di'?liill tl .11iiigeieurg alte elie vit rerits the L t; I,, i ru.sii iries i)edirde ere It~rlacsit Iiiiri iOhly eli maet. th t r totowse leel an ihee bienefits the esi.m l~twne er itt ti ectiiiit le y be oppressd. iiio eithe T'omle Mitrur, hee. Le eax')eil'l InL i" 'lie eieeul ceause if the dueas., it] I Yy LjVan I'( "iw otel lre resas by the Ilw II'll l ollllltl re melldies, there is always eyes. IV(] an iiire d 'libiiiiyii rireurrene,. The danger lila I lqullt Ilalll o * B. Ague i s verBl~ cay evrylestI , f thle ". teru w\ill soar, bJecuomIII lass muchprb· 1 ,and speiecily fatleIt via. *li'n ed iit sihcl i eei INIIiiU riie, as In liCacs it .ilhi teee ren i %V woe-o otaljdettle tier flit itlcdttb -nlanr lwithue tslicilinec the l.' else vei'qieeiiely listed t 'le ~ii m," pi cy legel s the Opp, riuu witceieiw' olif l eci 'iee, tlhat ate daily ofere4 Ii rceiii 'leii by lDr. ohn it. Roew:laid.,a tlilerotary, "laleioseeer,, L'Iildlphia.Ijl TPhe yllvrilar ier 'the whlesaecle etreate to, the ternll i-tte.anid will ellby the creae, a. Ilplcu p'riee. 'I, le lied at retail alee,a1 Aptleeai'riie in tie, cltv. JA1l tIS & ANDREWS, Wholesale Irugigiet. ieee' Cieiiiieeea & 'I'ctlhieroulag AILHLF. CbIIIII MNY P EC W Cutetomoiel turee t et pposet e the posh The s I~snribcra are nowo receivinga fromt thteir feel lariat it, New York, and will kqookleesaloaIy 0,a htand a geneeral aecrteient.if Marble Mantle Piec. 'csupedeor wof lee beet, and of the latent palern. ondo of the best EbypLtiat, Italian, lIish stel American eterbie. Alec, Monuieele, T tetbe tn4 tlrove Stones, moulded cond plsien illt and linele, oeerblc , cimegn heorthe sod boundary aeode, plaster of Pane, Reiccon &t ltydreecis Ceeloate sad Piseler. i 8 Hair, LogeLleec with a splendid assolttensl of b eec mountloed aud plalet Uratoe and Russie Irot uates of die newest and eoat epproved patUerne. Lettering donle in tLee neetest masenner and at lb. cblnooL lice. 'lIecy lee firet rate workmen tf FA3iV ' AIN & STRC3U., £I1t)F["L'S NIEiW WOILK1i&c.Te-e Amecan^ /J Enoglad, by ihe aeeihoer leA Year is Splaliete is Noble Lloeii.ief Wo eeee, ieV rcole.! 'Phle Youit Wile'* (look, a teeualee merI ta eel and elientecinl dutes, Jist receiel endo alc ele bey WMt. Ml'KEAN. Oi15 tnIs riei.~ nl l'iob-i. eis onPhbieiiii; doe Illuodrlettiog~l. nee aull'., rrr'd hr

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