Newspaper of True American, November 13, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 13, 1839 Page 4
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CARDSU OY, .. MOF-I; : (O.r y, terr: :. rak ro. . COnnitssid;pn J.tercanl, --h" stes, oe ftuosp r,-Fntr IthOe pttsent. Y,' P FI~tlENxr & CO.. tu.3, -' r atto , 1 A ('tcotaont ittoaitano lorgesutplo of Cloth , .L , t tl-lo h .d fUr l .I oetutry ti. de. ' T m r as. rneore tlini O lar e;'lnrelrhts front the cout te ican oe•t Fbtt I; l ht F IsthANSFE COMPANy OF' tdEW ORLEANS. . T bst. OItmagnyRIVe ae. now pmronrced to taks S sRISKS AGAINST PIRS. N.24 ol asson's lUuilding, Canal nr.el. C AN P1AN & (2001 lROI A.IlN1D I)AI.EIS IN PR'OVISIONS t'- 'oit..t9, nd 5 Ji t, rert, New Orleans. " f soltu ai td Vtotoily stores pt p. n. tlar 5 FrINIT nRE waREROsOms No. 5:1, Biinvedle sir, C. EIlLl.l.t\I F. CAINES, woulld re*pectfullv o A h fern hit t:itt tdt all s tt a pithlie thtat he is "oel o.urf.o llt t s dro riluo ototu nh as o at logattv tohir., - desert bIdte4-tt nla lOtgeno-oodl ckerr talbles of alt toatlkr, ookoe froNet wy o u ullo I i herryt w s s'aaild,; lookih." glancst¢, i slhermr, bedding, &c. '&. Nilt'Fnolture packed lio transportation with great c:re. rtotvl FASHI iNADLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAI)I)EN, No. 14 (hartse. M.roeet hA Vt" cotltalolt osupply, f eero ortalctt e n Pirtltt,t l to gteotlen ols do s, t l fo lt e itat stIle, at tew Y.rk prices _ _ ,int i l 1 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPH-IC PRINTING ItSTAIt,l1811tENT'l, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite utas't At:adotl. W'ILLI4.J1 GJFb.l' IROPIIIETOR Ir I LANK NOTE ENGRAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON t oAVtE opeeI sa.fllloe in Ntw Orratm L. moses4. S o eqtill hFtttetoo s tt ill til cr honeo iln iNeo Yt k, for the Iplarlte oetgrnvint an pontitngB BIlloe Notr, ita fl., thllt t t Et llt o gei ('e tiftca'ed of t t )tlott - C iteta b in -otohr imorta-nt , a er i .l tt I I t:rttl t e i ulrity agaitmt Ior'gei cs; antd have. tnde smnl , ploy idion for i sihe cafe keeptin r lsl p:ltes an € i | sal f. elllult ed to their eale; beir ps'Pri- ens ell bracetlle nUle. (of over time hundlred hnnarine instirllutios alld nll order r will be executed wilb mIoItllnilllrtld, I|Ond on he uStltl oters. Ofice, sootnerof lot'oyat & Coanal treei. Jao tf BAZA,1R. 1BVES & ArLEIN, NO. 1, EIXCIANGE. IIOTEL, Corner of St. Ch rltes eTd! Comton sis,. NEW OPit.IANS. 1 %IlpOlRTEI1 nod I)Rahrs in FIreneh a d Eag lirJ 'rrfimtrv; Dresi Ca-es and Prid, ne 1.ks, 'ttletrtv, Ihosito y, Gloveo Stirt, Sitoeko Utbr-llas, Cne es, aidin Falr Articees. dv 5 I. mUCK l,-Iltotom, a io-l tdtatttnt Ntoio KIc for sale by at J Irlier m 3y 3 7 4 l r a vi e, ". eamn BE do J I6owtrr st m FWI- ,h t-; Lt ' dt 0 ulmtrl. E AIE. t I t . N o. 1 , a rtre s o , h e fis l I na r r aivlted af ull noprselldo of \Voth:n r Jews ryme e.s : . d :)west arktet price t alr i I)EAI.ERN IN ,.& ENtIlSt CROWN GLASS, ,)B PRINTING. OF OVere T DCnIrIvtPTrloN. V "Y, IIAD.Oat.;Ly AND CIIEtrPIf EXEIt1;:TIli .-.T THE OFFICE OP THE Trla se .Iriunep searor, 1 :ItILI:S STREET , NEEt. POYIR.AS. Pt I s--Ol) Caokot Inntot. 10 do. p ilsd , atd 15 ttt. tdom erso il Stormu a orac by . _o1 . TllA o ?yli .1 Co. 71 Poolrnos St. SOL.BARD & CO'S Bostotn aotd New Orleans ' Li of Packet Ships.--'lhis new lino of tshps I;..' aee eprcessly built to run betwenot thie abnrr, T, and will be found of suitabln draft of water: a,:en. toodtitoos for passcgerora, atnd every etfonrt 0.'I be onado to give general satis.tclior:, Theo i:.h ito composed of thte llowiog sllips: Cheroltes. 415 ltots Capt. J Ilarding, Carolina, 400) do S Leoist, (llarleston', 374 tio I) El!ridge, Colulbiana, 625 dtt (; Barker, Scaan,. o240 do J fIowlo, a otttbay, 6-5 tdt 1) Ilumphrey. toe above ships are all netw, of LIte first lass, rolppr fastened oand coppered, commandetd by inet olt,'catt exrperiece, have larogo acololmotdatiton, t'. :! a separate ladies cabin; every attention wvill be Iaid to pa..oengero, and the very tost of stores pto vidod tor thtent. 'llto packets will be towed up and dlown lthe Sli. •isstppl, and the etrijlret punetutli'y o-serveod in the time of soailing, attd shotld the regular vessels I be dletainedl in arriving, olther ships equaly as gotod w ;!l oi al cases be oubstitulted. A soare of patoro. ag-, is solicitcd, and tileo agents pledge tltemtehves to aoeollmOodato as muchl as practicable, to receive attd forward goods by e. d line at the most render. to chlarges, and to advaoeo all eoxpt lea on goods 1, shiopped, if reqouiredl. 'IThe shtips vil loeave the slot and IGth of every month. For freight or opassae, apply to the agent01. J A S1FI{IlTIIT, 62 Commtoon at. . N. B. Advancement made il on Cosignmt..tsI to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. S novTo ? .. . IRON110W Rit0-Tier e isriere ravea pjnlredl at a great expense, tlihe right of ptliing on iron roots i this caity. They ure adapted to ipithe buildngres, wareluses, and prlvte dwellitirs,anl d r,+mblne at onee cheanzess and durnbtlrr.llerIn are pe ri!lv iy lire atiit wter proof. T( rls mlllk .tLLAG I: t (ilNiW.. El . i. -, .Er A..lL.y U All\ ' d11 . V VtIIlTuI., i . . I;i ; rI l . isn lt L rE i L).. ; N, 3l. \ ;olde sdlrcet, hIet ern Dullna' l l tl StI I-1hlhp. kveep ollultllntiv o ll hand i1i , or n :ve n 's. tllltln llt hfl, .,l, ain l Iroganirin, ,lv :d r. , , 11t New York It..inl i rSe ie, orer ,e111 11 ,i €c: lurvl Mof nl , ~ clil I h te . iii dispiee r i at vere - I.o.Jeravept Itn, . F.,-Wlies otf is r, q'-I h lmen onit send nll nn orar e hiard at large supply ,if C(an-.eI l a id aiv.ri I cUI , ,o ,ulk , .', sp,.rtor q,,ahl, which they oitl'er Ior Ital, in lo's o snut punr as. rs. A Lel exptelr d by the lila n laivelt e r,,nr II, . I nn1 and ,ite North, Cl:nn. I, Llhlhgh 511n1d Pccli tllllUiln Go , bI. I rok ien anld screened, put tLil I hl,,ilrrrndst lxrer.sslv orfamnily use--n!a of we!lic' Ihey will d11pose o oil the imosIt le olerate teni+. lir Iors luii at their oilice, No. tA Diierivinle st. u,, stairs. will ire promptly attended to. _, _.._ _ _ _ __C. & A Siril'lE. i. h(Hllld, i. Itlt ui p ill |aOIIIes it l lt ow ]ri(eo "(' 51 - na i llch, collllillay tile stlrenlgth ll' lIe i rr s tll] hrrhs knlowni anrll ; Ihe Ilnditns att elicarouse ill elrilln pu nln altry coi11 l[ailsl. The iu ailclud citceiis which lias nttendel the ,lee . f i this i lm r bl e m irtiai.tar whtierever it Itls Ieun inre,, ltdted, hs rI ti.ined tilhe conIideniet nd reo:enci n-l riunn uf respectubli le lphysician m, for the lcare of routns, ieds,a pain ii tlhe side, want oft rest, Epitting or blod, rlier conulll.l ilt, .Ce. To nwhin it mny concern. This is to errtify thait we have in otir lratice lifrequenti y pr.erelete Alr. (Glrd i n. r'n Inldianl linlsnw ol'l.nverwu rt a,.d lolrllollnll, whit Sr ciadedd loll effect: e e can ttlel refre, fllll o he klllw - tihee alletiolln+ oi the litlE :ir whierl e t is Le ...::den . AlltIt' VfLI AJ, A. D. ".'; U JALI.VIN i:I |.iS .. it. latlblelna of nllh Bostoll Medical Association. i :,to, October 25.. sutlrey JA.RVIS & ANI)REWS, ` IN-fV PIlAN FIltM .-.. S -f i -t Nuhbdrilers ha ve jlst reIeived tiimr sh ll chIar.t' . .rt oi1' iiannoe ters consisting in -Pie ainol , I'.titri - o tlelt ,tl u rll ea llal nd rich ml a ognlly .oolol. Srzriu.ontl Pi. nos rof trieheriest rosewood and rmIrho. S a.ei uprie lyt i'ianolut lea do do. S1i= riers itUtriilll elat are . all nitlnl ifetitred iI tile -e:riettrd itli-e 'I I'I.iEYEI, &. Co. tof Pri.,tll tit , c ',- s titer can-Irat u n llltbin Ito eilre ill regard I It La ly of|hlhir tWra . .liaatu.tlnltari atti prmiePrrfi mitiieitee are reerr f'~lly invited ts c.i lte d filiat tlir lt & I ea l i lii h I Lii . ahiChI iii I |l(1-1 i, rlirle. SrI- ljIposilr lie Vely andah . iiii-; ii * tes t .. - -Mit l;, -er,,-q a-,,. --,ili , B. ;il If tiiL.e Illretv'\, ty i tairl.,,ze q j l 2.lti II.llt-- J., hii( hre dniere"!a . i s erii tl blr i F l il :- Intili,,r i t .II ieer.tleby t: ItlilitU & -- I ýh,+.i+.,s ,q,,l :+ i,.I:._ Jot,:-llll ter t-I n.wr , s IPPi+I. rF I.Le1nIi t o" FiIH tl rlil t II tl al,'.to) , for Rule bI " it 1 RIInGk; & C, NTEWGOO DS-iSamran k ortt & n are. now 'a 1 dhcaeg, ifrom dn boardtshipo Yazoo, and Sarantgn Cnd brig anrio dla,frm Net York, t great variety o. gonlds it their lie, whll cl . together r oit l aet ttok on shnled ales their aranri.. tvcc 'v. Ieate. I'hefollowvingct Nposos a part, via; rlitwost r.. r n,:rie tdck and irersiki nttoli, foat do orall drceripoiuit, it dia rbber, silk atai worsted elastic enrter-, ecomoao & liHn elastic suspenders, loet ito ood Ilncifr mtlelthe, S-eidl ito powders puwderepoflh nod IhoXot Ioilet pew tr, paeket books alid oollra, nlellle llboks,4 ll, ooral, ivory and t'tmroeeo card caes,lea Ihaornltaltt, Il.inco ral heads, tiahklates 'bhl negligre, bead chalas, beand neckloees, cuit gloss na pluin,seed,silver nold ilt laodsa, Indian heads, bello aail Iptllatti; pistol. ad lregot Iw erfackr,ehot bhelts, hasa, Iell. pncket anl ductloin .latols; dohle and siogle li.c relll at.os. lowoie knlivc, ond dirks. so stlorore, sltitar , parket kaivee, gord lntainr, attlld ribbllollns, waist b kles, elalt, hi r, Itolllth nail, utli, runb. plate, itlor aold dIliitoe' iruaie, Coligne Flrhida, ilaveloer, li0o itntlltd o ,-t'r,',anaeteled "tel-, sdel Tlnelt $:ale sa :lr, ealr, alliqae, sWit ld \'atd' ve getoablr Iuir oile, olillcg il toilet sinaps o all lat orihliano, loi.e,' ani gciitleiieti' lek- and oa a.: l tl - rirci leti liiazatti mol l I aila, plaitt, tic a 011 a n vedst ullot , l ttarl at d ivotr shilrti l shir sttle, goIt lld oilver !t.niel cme to tlot hoks atd tweezeas, latel atid gilt tha:keto, triuilture it, oilier, Ilracisi lan stieel '*iltllras, o lllk o1ile e e.o, l in lil s, i a it and rediilk, slioe, bl;kiii, lli d Io t guitirs, ribblI id pltin plelrul-lsil casear, liltere rtw ine , s Plleed mlla - h ablle e, t toct lhr with a rt valrritv otother arti le tre ollbred tat wholeitale or retailll ascotlllodatitlg ternls. N II SYhell e1a ll. repair. - i bOY tF, \i . \', N ioils l, ell Islltl OIl'llu Leta l 'inters, No 3 Ciaroelele street, to doors llion itntl strt'- . IAllloatilns of the Iolltrwng sWi l1ods and melrhollssix Ai .cured n a mastrEt1 o salllie l. s asogtang, h Egyptl- l hhin bla teale gold, Ilk, Gio!t tea! Anticit, Wholesal'd d110 n ri hental or verd aiql bushe, S:llt tt\laao, Elitllll:Ic, I har Wood, DIhle or Ihordello, ew l llT e liilant While, Ash IV\hilc Oak, &. Te H.N. AV 'ldo IIto, 1b ci ll its In te seln i :t thl shall. Itti.ts. tils1 hglass0, -o,. .l t ollr;i: l!, . 1111lll d i :d!or side a.ti .lund bund ll ro. 11 I .sl asted. Ileholp ecl'lllll drod iron, ai Chil r d tis d pllhighr C:Ils. t.Ortlta, shoot, t: llriSi.rdi, sllilng sheet alldl IYlhtalw w::wt', cut !oll rnlght ,nils alotl spikes Zinc, ilock ttll mil!! il 1 t1' I altecs, sat kehttls {O, lIt t l 11 tl-coo lh.illh S?. Colt-, [ills A ils, A ices, I +llllt111 iia IttIr lll altows W'ire, sh11cc,ltil.llndl btu. ledll idiot, anld| cooking stoves Attrs, Ittolol.l'atitlt otlher t)tsats llll shorls .lieah aoil tattisMlngSi eootlor i tl , window hooks I' to d l tils Slithpga , thlet aId twine Ililt andl sleatllhing coplpetl, Naval stolres Paints, linseed :rad stletrn oil A full'tssonlrtment oi llardwarie andt slhip chlndlelr.y alt!) s os lil t taidtl which Iartle oi.rled lr sale at hole sale or retlill, ot ilte miost fai'oiatlle t-erms, liy nilS LAYL'ON k Co. 53 ()Id Levree. ltalIIi:'l' Il,'\NI)N, - HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 1' ('IIall1 street. VWhotlesaio I)ealer il I i'iuts, Oll, Voatlioltes, Ilruttsles, 1tll: Sttnidoew andltiutroo lass &e.oNc. T OAF s U(i.\l--vlr-oillut qilaliiiecsa. lltiletilv ill A_ staol. aid tic oo1eby l IIALL!, . Ilti\oWNI,]+ mar ! Il~l .lit go zite st FASHIONA lLE C I,)THING. _I ROflIVO.V " GOOD IPI,'1L INo. UN, , ocarl s Street, hut. Dour below lienvillt. R'AV: contaltlly on haind every a rlitcle -it ltita ilqr t"' g a-nllhloen's ilit'zr, ni:41k, iii te l n the hlelt lli rter nnd imaust lia.hl talbll sly le,. ft illi lth they I01111'tr ii casl, ttel lll:v! ed loios. dee 1-l-10i1 A _ NMW alrth'le trnobhed whth dnfioahs (aollS th l':i' ututstruhitltiI hero ri, by the use of at l ielt' ilh" h , hl.Paet arltlh, llltioa flhP o l(lo Ian voie i Iite. tl ri i c::, ; t hil;ll t t too eailt 0 .a1 . ,l me, aawho hs ove Ieti tolbutt tI eI i to tIrverCt witl a very t dividuals .o tiullltiutl v lllietedI lv IB11 t le lu ofl \ o ELir Trlilirt. ithis ohje,.tioti i+ euthrel" nevi; h1,, " ' lie alo-1 s t itit av I lll avs tit ti dollf'irt heItollbts ali !ral having usedtl tint 'l'ruilllpei. For sale il I ..,.tr... oraert... i ('.:.ii... at.i.l. tt Chliirlcs tor-lta I'llid:r lh l,;txange ll(,l. L I:i B L. ' 1 J1 t Ul Tr, 7'TEE1 TIl. T l cl+'+ostaidisherl] rep'llptatih n dl ti l ylll inell T ;In, 3 ;]rnu i, flit l eIL ti-, ti i; retne ,l, , .. iliu, awl "r ervnilve of the, t ieth, has iobtac., the ohub-eriber otiicr it to the A e\ll ri(can t l li. Arrallt' o eno· l hil' beenll I td to 'upply I eel i ln ll the pI i\'iplil ilic iand towns inl tl te U ill d IStatus.o lis toh pne t it li the rech ofl lhos .e . [loi , aund lik ,ly to -t il r th( isl . arn-ll in~ tof l ach tl 'e-, Ti,'ache. lotlet it ha ,i'Cve' ailrt o c I t' ,Ii] l i - I nw rlllle t relief. It l arr s the decay I ll d fetlv teell Iald reiie .es. that e'n e ss w cii h '. h IIIch i nui 111l rtnders at.[tong tooth o",; lss 'h p plical , l remlnedv urn i pa e, intnoceut, ill I a tof oi llel nloll/ nlt the lalme nllu ber lof pl- lrsons in ditTeR t 0 se..r:iot of t i oIIntrtl, that have l 11iready experihtuved tt'hl ,tll 'i 11l n l, autarv cllits it (l he usae oli+ e llno, are ready to bear (lcotthe phlic good their t .ttihntolo o its 'ct,, o re ll lla n' I tile av t',,.o , [lice $1 ier luoUle. Sol hv IJ.tIl'IS & ANI)RIIR\WS, m.ire 5 ('or Coonnlion alid lTehnonihlo Sr 1.. erase, of blue nm] whote wove ruled latter Paper so11ic ver o r r r ] , s le 1 Iv:17. L) %\Ii) FiiELT oe. \'1- Stnlion rr.' Ilail, i ade 15 '1 t'hnrtrees At %\llIO.OLISAL.I" AND Ill'T1 li I,' 1)tAIIIS IN I)'F I SUtt S 'OI, .-i.Vl D e II'I.VIoo O ( lI.. ISS, Iornter of loniolin and Tihoullitoults streets, v '.V'1'I N JAIRVIS. ,J01IHN W. ANiAliHES. A large uppl. o Garden See,. larr'ated tlPo gr-tthli of i11 0t37. li, ,DR WI t MITil & CtO., reospctfitlly inirter Stheir friends wllll tIl publbic to ll enera l, tout they occupy tih new brick shop, 21i Tchoupitoulas street, where they keep constnrtly on hand C('pl r, Ii itl and Siheet Iron Ware, of evyt' dteslipl tl , 11.c11 ;is c1 ,pp.r 1 tills, k.1lhs, and pilP s, tit; h.tll. ing to A, and. oil coals, o1f all Frzer, and all other bralls c a,inlig done at soit 'et rlotlet. IGrate i -11 s o1f iiviry dil criptio , ascl h as t i eint. boat slt,'ps, Ig chatll, frtliv knot., at, I ethel ilnd otteatoa.t work, such at chimneys, l bree ch. ev,.1vaii ; pip.s. TI y ill also o do all kinds of ot dolr work, ir ;l e, ropper and tin rooltlg and I gi t erin,( &e. They above and all other Itiads of work t their lile of bushines, they will execite at the . W \ Hilllpi't1otl. It 'lI.., 'Lr'.i.s i ' Ioi .I tS, o11 t s. rA IIl< weil knt , o . tatol plIe- itO,t w oopen f t .t _t oI oI Ill, o 'iillr Ii "" tt'I llot'll l ti l i . veryI c i ii r lltl lll' im .roved by t. diiu : i h -l' l t It - 1i ro n, hll ri, i n, billrt' d rooi' t 'it't t r tilll' ' A o Ioi l l -. t oo, n n n I resor. 'i o i re rt t ti e ,r i Eto i.o fth 'ie 'te,'d og ' v joei ll o n t it.I I.r- l; Ie , .,,,, op.i, sail, and i -hint I t ar l, r ` ,i, ai n ,I,, ,h r," t 1 h g ,,1 i .uof ie forClc fo iotllo p. ts, Co t..., .CI r~in r -in ,.n (It ...rll. hatrn l purl oif it In h i lil HI Ie l ,v iol ]lootl III th S Tl fi Flewin i holrs . f ila )c lli, I lae 't lal , +Sghip, Island, it llli I- n: l I ,]itc "hu'nlr ll :'s. .\ I.itt r II n i . li il aP th ill o tht" 'n, a lI< o t El, N. t ol v hi -h ill iee e. aly i o. S clDtNN '] 1. .. \\ .VI'ir:IiI.\N, jnnP l I:xhcnk 1 l Ieh;el. 1) El' .l8iti Al 'IAili..ý It' %1'11 .I . - n, \ is - Nl io Ita o r+b .-xi\, . tr-, it, r put. I ,, ; I I +-,diil l ,cu thr (roy1 "'roui niio,- ,h, ix) ,b x ,tf ist anl l i., o n \%'+ 11 a'- I',1 t- Ihl-(I',nmit :f rec iv, n ar / III L" / A --.5 1 ,Is, II r .. . .h; , "1 ke l, lill - I do--_':: 1- lv Mhs. sli -t - or II , 1a ill t Iarll + , vii\,ill.+ . T ,izes 1 on - Ve7 ilii to. .o , .f t t'lrp ,. II Tori & Baltimore Packets NEW ORLEANS AD IIALTIMIORE LINE OF PACKIETS. This line \rill consist of the following vessels, which lavo been built or purchased expressly for Lile trade, viz: Ship pSeaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickersoen, " Irad Ferry, new Stevens, "Solonon baltus, . Latiam, Brig Architect, t, Gray. Tlltos vn.oeels are of'teo first class, Ihave hand somn furnished t ccollodationll, and iare of a ligllt draft of water, so ais to admit of their receiving and discitelr tite their eargoesa in altitmtot, ot the cily. Freigrittwll boe taken for piorts on thie Chosapoalco or James' River, and forwarded by tine agits, Molsers. C IARKE & KELLi )G, at Ifoltimore: expensces on goods shipped will be advan-.ed when required. iThe price tf passogeg to fioud t d if, icample stres or thle b at quaity will be providtl. olea ll ip and tdown tihe Mississippi will be taken For freight or passage, apply to CGEO. IlEDFORD, nov2?7 22 Ihenville st. FOR NFW Y(It,. [Lotuisi:na and N.w York loe of I'ackets ] 'fl:v Ships eol po ini Ibis ine, wrll sail from Neov Orleans and Now York on every etller 11o t Sday-comimecing on til 20tth Norvtuber--and to inlsure tihr Iu'll tulity in th,< inle ofs ii ng, tbo lin' wi!l Icrnllr oiolert nsiftoii slhilps, viaz Ship Yzoo .in t t'VTrask, to leave on thei 20thl Nooeotbr. Ship Lotisit, ('taplain P.lmer, to leave on the Itlit Dehct lnir. Ship Ihl tsville, C.ptain Eldridge, to leave ou the 1tlt DI)ceentbrt Ship Vtrkcthtr. Captain iWoodlhour, to leave on tihe tt laintart . S.hip 1lio-i. tot.i, ( tiplain )Datvis, to leave on the Th-e above are all new, of Ito first class, copper ,d and coppler I.tned, nll u\pwards of 50I tlnsll Lurthieli, are of light dragll hto I f 't r, biong built in New York exprt"ssl.l thr tri trade. Thie price o' pe. "ael is fixed foat 10l dollar ttheir :cabtins ire fitted ti in Ite mlnot ill proved oid conveonirn Ample stores of the first gnalily w1ril Ie provided, ralld every reIgard paid to the comflrt Ia entir satishaction of passengers, who will please take no. tice that nl berth calu Im secured until paid for at tie olllce of" tie consignees. These v.lsolur Iar contmnldetd by Claptains well exi"'rienced in Ihe trade, iwho will give every at teontion and taxert themtselves to aeotulunltate. 'thle Will at at ll tms he tored up ani d -.own the Missis ositpi by sttaoiboats, and toe strictest punetuaaity The owners ofl those shisi will not be reiponsi. lio for Tany loer, parcel ori package, sct y or put on board of th N, unless at regular bill of lading bhe sigod ttereor, at the ecounting house of tho aogent or owi ers. For Forther ptrtieularo apply to i" J D BEIN &e A CO NIIN, unov7 90 /oaiioon st S it s ted i, con tsists , ,,r.e s all ti 't, rot ilah. ,,i rd n A i r t, r ast . ,tert oed, atod loneMi t 1t20 o i ns l rAheo , w i ll tlsm.llll ie.onIll d alt loes for tot l ers. T"he e , St it i , lllllllll I bi cal llllt S ~t, Axptrcd In Ih blrlt Wio wll p.:ve every o nl l XlllVll, an:l', Uxrt lJl Tlllb lvc ths In r:I tllll, ll '+. Ihr .h p er. : ''ler will i, Il o ed 111, 11n d\I ltg n the S.\h=,s.l-i;pi, and lel ve Nity I r Oll, llan t. I before the 11 nd 15 11t of every e th. low avessels co trll -e lh r the I Fl v r atintl 0I3ti tC Vrllllto n.. . i t.11o/1m roill, ii l . t lh l .i.halm rcaiJ. U sedo ll wII n ... t ratr t, l . 15Vll tr llimIh s,1 . Alii murtn t/e1ll sr. ( O',r Ire l t rit i np ..s t _e,: ' I'O J. t ,e . X AII't .- ,, . I, t ton tI 0tlllleOl .Ntw OLleas, o r 1. Co o im e ,rd,' ne,. hCha Idsl,, r. anr I CIto'OIoo;tA"i"S lod:.l. T, Uatldto,tr Iootnd . Sooll- oull t tBior t bulltc o elo, att o,,th it, oti .1.,111. tr i ith ol li i t-ittil toe , ell ott it ll', o iolo t ooI . t.orl l Vo aito meicine polt, + I tI 'haoll i t , whi Ic o I.i ; dIto I diroeohtttn to ll alI tllll te l f rlliotitg' a ctre, r v00 in tite titost obstinate i aoit rof t itotld; Ilore It i hlt. tttal lt tdio ret , Vii to/j ilt tiith . 1 1i y. I. t otoIr ; oth digtSltl i vo,, org rali t, cai ts anl appI Ihtt aitt 1 eldom r)uli r titomor th one, or itt obstinite casno, ttto btlutu1 to ilct a rure. T er is ntrihir llercury o or to tite I I t Onlstil)t'tioo. 'Io prupetoi t tre o well convied ol itsfi(;c , itllet .itei ahrot t O. fod tiN Tt ON Itrice t 1f I Try ho/ i -A o piedv tan i ett .in curde t itr tihe Fieto anid tns, tr ot ellcessd a Il 13erft cur of dll fther Lu.Rht A. iOLIV0E, ol nt f0 r /0 w Orleaooto t 'ios witlu notl ld iO hthly red tmg ndedoi, and oI e oondioetill 11ittisiod aiti1, that tiie ooroprietor ,• thcore nller of lilevi nlly of thrtrese who areres. for Uiseri ct Agor t ncir allrt!ti to l a re, even n t mot o nate stat . je.5 'I' W. 8.\11"1"1. ,18 Conti .+t. iq.XS.~C4)l~l; .I.\ N,.IO.r li(PBUPq 1EW\ CITIY, |PE.,..\{Lt..\ ,.'~~ l ir. 1 1 1'1 l yl,. lIlllllr IIIL 1 )t it Il.ll~ i : I" t'tl.:{'"ll +llr Sl£hll~l~l ,.~ll tl te I II n a. 'II +tsttlbl ih l;,Ultii ili alm+, ,' e h, fill, a r, ntt~ w iltc, .zh tI'l ',''i. lq" :,; t o. w l h '".' ,nt '. lh'+ illltiTI2(+lll·Illl .1/ ofI lh lilll-illtl Ill"'.'".N,'V, ltl·0.11 hOlt l'OiH+~lHill'i. ll. [',IIthl '.' h It~ll· .t 11 wil I: l~llihl~l :+ll x'. ll'll Il irh. .llllll I,e II· r ll'.llh+, il C ll III "ll h ll lm. :x h ll+lil li.,li III b,' nrr!,l . Ih+: hll tl" w i , ,l ir'lll ll Ji:l ,,l l: - (':1 l,.IIIFI ;'+HI ils,, h," a l. n d+ t Jili" t In,,d, nt. ,Th ,.e iullll lil :III1I tllltl + I, l'' lt> (. lh '1el+ llvol Ir el n h n lI l I~dr :ll I,' t,.l; o I" ~ ', llh'l.~il'% III; ,it+ li/ld ;lrll[,lli·Illll~l-ll. lll+ ".+III ' Ib tll l tl Is t o th llhm mrinT ·idt,+ )s , .+ i llve P In, IIIIa 10 ] :11. 111` ,,t,,hlt.h.. II ,. +llr t tJI1 ,,h'r 11 'le. 1 11.', ith lIl th t hr b,I. tl" lll·rl h ,: I'-I .a i.,,, I Itll+ I, ; ,.n l ',. tl ull st,, ,, ;,i', , ., I4',', +I i' hu rsl wiim il.' ll r 'Ilr ' .ll, li t it l; a aI rI ii I( o ~·x;; I fie L'ti)l· le tlt+, t t ;l+. Fr,+h.111i,111~.N. Ill:|lA ltN O .. 11,t, l'tr l C-t , ,! s. +o IIttI. I a l,,,t,,t 1ItI1 X.II+i I~.(+l.l·8- l( Ill ,lli il; I /',+l i :l++t lh . (i l 111i+ tlt, II rili h,r.I +LI~la-t ?,a..11,.l111 hi.;. ll,,lJ ,2ol~inill..+,lh; t1·.1.,1· . ,ill lrcli,. ++rr+ l,,,s1' 1 +, t +'1 ll IIPi l i It.{ll· C t lt'l'b t,. colatl ,i eb.t ,tl+ 'hl,13 !-:lt. 'l1 I n'l'h,+ h. a l rt llle l ln + o1 r + hctlll i r - 1rlU owell T'+ TI'11 [t'llor, h -ll 1 (]t+-l' l i ll l . Tilt' hRcs t (;III- III |'.+ lllt'~ ll iLt' :I (nr. . l· IH lvll; C IOI 1" il" t tC t+l'l~ll ll'll 1· : 1.1.1·- 11l'h'll 1''l/l+. t,+1') r:) P.f lhr I1: 1IIII (+ll'. l rd tll'' lh , Flllll r nl ln.+ h , the lllll li. pin I r a+ l. l t *i11 )' A III. I; I:,+ l l,.l tt I i .ll" t.l+~~ )I:Iv llll t·ill Illi hll ll~ l'l~ll. ill, llr l (·l- 11!l'ilhl.i lllllllll ·I 1 .I·:lltt lli' ll· f lh' l )ll':tl.V 1 I . ,I h ++ iln l illTll alil s P P · i , , 1 1-4,lll in. i. r la III,' h,'ll lll+'IH(lIIO:l lli(lllet; 1.ivt.(· lltl,.lllll~l (lh, ,rICI perm1!lt I a11 I b r tlull e P l l ll r'ltr. it. at Ge \ r I~ii.'I ii I ll tlq+ill\ 1)! l rl+l' (. l 'i-ll l~ll· ·11 l~lq.~l) l'~ll ·~ (1.I +.i" l,+h+, ;,,, +. if! ll~ti all tlnPsillr i t]l P T II 1t+, lllI+ Ilt"I\; ]+ISCt'l.Ll'l - , Ile rlrlr ll. IIt.1.v (:Irh ~t~lU+ Uto~lts.~ i ]nl ·.-l un;cl llr, 1 + Ft hllSil 1 , .Ch . i e.i In nllll(llJt- l'll t+ bl{],lt,+ll , I l.Fl~ llrlll hl , ll~l l','ll> :,r~ llll. , STr,l r . u l.' el+ esi r F1; I't,' lurt IIne t!e.' I,; lori i! v+ila ,. inu hl,tb Ith; NorTh'l.. e ititr e' th. '- li . I' -.U hatlel l.~ +, I 'l'!u l lllllwl1 tti,, ,,. l',,r I a AIil.u" lu, li llltl t 'A 1 ' ('OlOGNE IV Ii.TI2IC ~.11, M111,ie~e-"idI con~l~ 1 un w1"+e 'l pr.. e, Flh r is hir.tnt en u,1 r ol'i, e Ihnd |:in ,vm )1t Profso al'(;l+., Ol~ur|he ~hillespdunr in~.l: trtu.,nil. ll+ (. Ir;1_ llt.,a it Fplll 'l.i.i eix i11rtrl t~ h \ Ir a, ] ,l C i heii - Ii e ." I , IN( .D Royal College of Physicans, London. llhlE original Vegetable Hgeian Universal Medi Scine, preparedt by \V llskin, Esl. 3lemuer of I lRoyal College of Suorgols, .icentiate of Apotlle oary's Uonlpany, Fllnow n'fi Holt Colti Society, Surgeon to the Rloyal Union Pellion Asocihtion, Lancaster Place, Waterloo ltridge, and tPerpetual Pupil of Guy' and St. l'homaas's llospitals, London. This vatluale medlicile, the result of twenty years' erx ulrince andl utpralleled success ill the extensive and i.ighh- resJen'tible ptralice of the prolrielty, p:lto ilised h ile lie.Iclltvc. ochilies, llnn isnow illttllllce. to the inotice ef lhIe Amerien ipublllic, at the earnest so licilntio .f lenluber oentlemen oll long ehllhihi smdli"g in the prl'ession. It is hoped, ns a preliui itory stel, to lcheck le evils lcnld t111 ltl coselgellnlcllS ialising fiom the use ofl tlhe numerouls alld dIeleteios Inostrums moisted I.pu tllhe lpolic by the aid of flabricted prl'sof l cnlil cclllo; suo:,s, :lltl otllelr fruds, iya setoI mtlel lar illE, llnprinc ple )lpetendlllers so totally ignllorlmlt ofl m.dlil sienclle, that t ilpossible tlle li1oinstl lhlsiOnll cn llo lltlnger go down lth lthe intllligenl pleople of this countlryv. lThese pills, nlihld and agmeable ill their nature, should lie k. pt in evlery hilmilv inll cases o sllll elln illess, 'or, y lheir pompt olldlli llistratio , cholera, cramps, sposars, 11 * o·s and other alarm:,ing complaints, which too often prove liatal, may be sdledi" lyv ellrred IIr preventeld. In tha1 , f il ll hose whOt v:lhle goodl hInlth, should lhe1r Ihe without then0. The1r iare soh' ill p:iekets It slo ecot.,, 1 cl udi achl, by evol'ry reslcc United Stated I I I'e (anoda, with copious directions, with usiltl onial, s o1f I nl fi.ssionni abiillty illfrom thllTolllln in, cmelulhlt lltenlll: Sir Asll" Cooper, J Abrelrnehv, Jianlts 11111mlrllll. I).., %V. IR;ek, M1. I)., J. Aston lKey A. I"'ratlll, I. ) lll)., nd lllneus otlher1.1 The ol'iglllals ll int" bit s.11 i0 possession of the This mel r. nod n to I haonl i pplications i lageci_.s IlIluSt bie III.uri J* (. IIltdlEIN, 1. \V:,erly Place, N. York, Sole (. lroel Agenlt Ft' tihe lnoilted Stals, .c. Focr =le y alplpolll lltment olll tihe 1 r0igil il'o iilt. hy & llta rtl=ll, llr .l'ilts, "No It Cl la street, ol" AgentI tIflor Sttlhee I Louisia. jl Il Ill I IlM cZo, N. ngtzll, , ,at rwI , rechiting lrm ships Nashtille, l.onissilh., Iirttck, tangle, ani other late avridls noon .h t h.el n cities, iwlg., oad n:, selteld asorml'Iment l!.ir, Iloot' , lhores nilll Uirlnot.s, e* l s5llr llt I; lO l ,lll'.lllo'll' llIne o:lIlf ln t ol lt) I co oolts tinusquallitiCs; IImen's f hil calf seIil :i1 M0oroceC sbo l.ll)U! p p amt .na eg ulas, buckskin shoes, brogoans nll I 'tntes; Ito hoots; to stout kip and won\ pegged shoes Oa ot bro s; ~"ll m lt l le s lll st tl.lityI1 cltllset ed shlles P il tII1 l .ll tle1 lll0, 111ll ll· l11l"11 1111 001 1111f 1,e St l'cogans :.l ,hav.k 1)owniin4s; do .alf and .Mortvcco I 'ckle s~loll m.llhrll ogts dto enl, setal nud .n.totroe I ,diu sho s :ill n slippl _ -s, l call ', l tllll s1 t seal 4l, a, w:ullMich.; tdo fie ctll, se:.1 and moroccnou:iilet n: bugsl) ',e lmis, ,nl* l slt h l lill l )s teIII1 ,all IEelli A, Ills seeral asseo I,:,'et ,ill,'s soht wa' an: r .at Ibrtý:nllils olc shot'e loirther triad w ith,00 pair. Sl e :llstout kil russdto h !n:ts, a I w lllcid ', s. llol I ll'ge 1 tallt of :ll o in Ole o it rs . 1illul wax llo Ils . I1 II III . i Ladies' fhil call; seal, monroeo and grain welts, aml plulmp sole sIoesl ds lile Fre'h]i iMoroCvon asl ki rull i 0i 0 sl ell p ed; o lill shei , with :lll lllI wih' t w hll sh - h Calfl' set wd ,lltul Ih l lhelI hai1 0'. N do I la-lh: st l e" "I f"ll kinls T altI l lqual llsti l ig i II og s i o ll 11111g 1111't-f l'txlhloits. Misses' tls I s 0, III ll' o '.a.s. I Chihlllen's colored \oll'reo1 and ll lstli I1o I u.1nd bo1 ls, I e. uelltltl n'slel'lshion1le black silk hats; do Ilc. vn idtbabem er do .. a superior quality; do imitnlion ihh a'nm do; broad arni narrow brim men's tine drb :and I1: ak linesia shoit napped hats, a orew article. Y'oathsi siupts, s illi geu'ral atssortmelll of bo\a' amilet lit 's 'I his ssolin sent Hill ie replhnished h I the rial of ea, h tpackestl.iithe :ulote uiuted c:ties, all of which I Hill he sold un aci(corniila:tilh herlms. lng I-If NO IVIEn CUIRY NOR CO AIVr -- c \ase ri .b nt, h Nov. I , IP:1. I." 11' l y I 11(1 ('VII. '1VIl'1 ,t : t I 1I, r 'rTIIT.r\ ' [:.tilli e is , t t r n I I (r1r1 d to v ,r,, n 1 :tli-t.. ,.Rolll, jT\ 1111 n I 1 I 11I·I:11\ I)r. ant ........... e, I:,_+ "" r," I iJ. 1 Illit tle",oel(·li 1·1.1 1 1 ilil I '"in 1~" I and ,, i ( , in111( I n", 11, of ll ;1; In111·(.1111· I llilt".' n, 1' Ito~' l l1I1 r " t~ I iI'~ 1o iillll· Unll Iljllll? IIt A. I I m"', 1 t'H1a1 -1''·'''11 /1·\e1( 1 1 e lll~lll, ' ll' o o II:1II I0I' IIIln t is ;l II..I 'io J oi ell k :1 .,II I il N 1 . 1. II I -lll' I fi,'l Ito , o" 1 t I n .I 1. 1 101 I :n0 u · 11' nll~y oo,",t n·~ il: 1: to >a," I/III lil E "I N'. (1 111· I .1·11 F"II ' '1'li I11`.I /FIL(· Pi [tll T'/'F: I: h:U C(IIILI !'G (III~·· I1' Iii'"' Il~ I1(1I rllltllll) ~11.ti 11 [, I , l h i iiiell .ý " :.o 11iil h a. . oil1111 Ii,,ii~ -,oi- Ss foh[- I he:-rm, "in. nn ",,, teof I, o iior -.s oi tl sio .o L.I: ,sell ";u1 Hi lll)l" re, t ,'ales ,"n ,1:01.1-1 co. lleldi s , and il. 'fi e l ih it- !;, ri l h0 \ii.e IC i, c nill -II ol " Thu i~ iliiiiooe l iI IJO nn1 l,:t. .<· hiTtroioi:ik of I1 A , :,ie, ls:ll I i t, tI e ii0 i iii T , r· I i i l-i'll-- h i i, I·i, C l· rl e I I ti,' tll I, ' enme tile ,t'I I I relil,", k . it,,, llT ii-, -I, i., I i'o Io icl iditnini tsef' I , titon ,: il so TijIo si~ e, lt t nwh og it '1e ;: ,,, iii,1t I,\ u m o ld l", ·Ilarilvs: as fi r i Im I IU I1""II(I Inltitill:( has been coupI is 11,.11 -1111 uile 1·latrinll , inllc. il ll it,,- press Ihitlitilll - Ihirli t.-nne Ii(w I Iron 1 1 '1 II Ii ll, it ! St h II eridcnl even It, the 'k, ,lot is (e- ill111o19·Ullli o 111 Joe s lolal lilll !e 1 i Inf~et~fc)hll ite Tikms h ii I Iie ellyi i nfji li lt ,t iattO 11iO l lolT ofTthi I e i 11 re m Til iii o haiii [ and Illtr do lla s 11nu il r o l ii·, liii t ,e , a i t ex 1I.I11 iiil:[r Illct, 1ll i( il t' lar:.", In-e~i I .inert., I fir the s:,,,,:1· I Illll 1, i.jjjl' h,: l IIsI pnl~lica~iI it, tht ii ea, 1, it lhie~Ti -1% Ii InQSif iiiOOt cnos h nls u the~ i"''`i ld Iflit ~ t~i Ittitt .Ir. of thn dii ,,,,I ck oill f uicpco. 7600 n tiio.erItitig o;io-tInily, hotits, the hell, C 1t! he ilC. an. 00 inellxiltI h t"I'.e ai tt Ii ;Iio l II ," sll, htlIdcacti or ill. 1VI.'loir 'he oi11iotci still cn Iel 1.toth e.xtsnt io s;I ... Ignws-olsiiy n idtlo- jilli blini n o f, i It'irs ofpeeisi. imct itiniee ooi;e. -iI thati-t Ow t-iclle l e ineimln Jis ooksi .1,1he ite United Sr, 1al lis ( 'hei n IA it b -1.0: b li I·t(·:1I8-Jit,5 Wot um odlol nl11I IiII.C:a Cto ·Iefollll "mailer puce". .1· ~11111 I)I(...blerl H!; rt·lll·: e1in, tilt. u 11!:( and tlII I ,:a! ·5.i:,$1.1;1I:III 1 i:I~ ,:., iit i li iit ijii liiilitI· 8o-(il eras 8, I, Ierrill to iiti .8lils:l, 4 itll jp &Ti itlt.l, sere,;t li, vo~i~le ncýý 1II l n l,, he posikv :, "in"ic y I n~ot « nh l,[hooi n Ill., ,c, ,,".Ik ' t lnsl pl·Olll, n , Rio, t"· ~ Ise I., erecll .Il:tion, (1a, had 1h,: s Elllo lll? :''' ": n<: r lII:i l I1 I o , lili II( in the .,(\ :i n e I1h.1Il f editors; 110, nor one haillll Ili: number, as is cleIll u (· silo~ n it, the.ll P'e'l i lHe rt' ll t II ,I " at.,l I ]Ili,- ,. tlii . e s in theD(·_LI CC( , i I'n" vlto.1 i1111 e1··11 i t, I! li public h ! I rIIli: , · L· Ilriog Ihul m1,q period ,,f l Ild,1, -Ii,,' t"," F "rs, rf t 11o tier, r of i hu" c~iilll :,Ile cl::ller~l1·el b, the * l ilill? · ter, Ial :I I'~ce L sl"LniY of ill~' tit of the (II flill )t)I, 11,o "t rlll 8:1t- of illtllal loi (illl nli il ns the l I rlý,k i, nill I, ::ill as na1' he see~lc! i tl I'M to llt I lolE tl. I nt3S of, snbce ih s , da f,~ o h Itisnretrcll kart~~ tha t, by) f~ui its ready chck, to it 1,:,s so nlCl ti :11 llll lru- I errors, 111 1.11 "ilcr they were ere'' !, on ol Ioill,- n·,l can ild and nos[ cponlfu (enl a: itlllom eosin-, 1-:,t it, sls ef' thle s, and ' . he abOl Hiel~ I cesee t, it, nel s"-, Ildmm I-,. , x· t ·II·Silr hn1is e1 .1 1, ,, ,s ,:i c",;mdlo lit Iti,,fa ;rin , h Oilt-, o so.:uont ilia[ ntu.l 'lrr llIlinr ,1 t o ions It ol, it, , ts h I,. oro~asn, ;li t ho likr t 1 ib[IIt i o n n ~ ý THI FLORIDA LINI Fr,,,, Manile to Aueostn,Goe". leaves AMoble t very day ot thrie . o'hlock. 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('Jl;ltnhoochlloO iver, C ,' ollrs above the t',o wlord, or 14 above C'rlnr tl 11l, w'heret'y th:e I;avi. ti, o hlo river, and the L ot. se ulp ent detenLliols, and inlre y Ih' ih ltll ]veolienl t crossinglt at tlolt (' owlts o l, r llllr avoided, and I linlt rtald frot Alariatlo d& ,v: to liainblrildg , istcnad 1 Ioha roundabout tloll' Vi t'It, ll hal(llr, l tsseoin;r thodistl nce ahbo t fortt lllleo an d i':rt, talllg thell f ilities mutl e I a 11 1 lhl onlee loay I Ai r. ilin" of two horse .Rna e evert otter d..y Isom If sw t kiL vIt+, vin Perry to MN kon, (oao, connr ,ing with loty line to Savanit uand Darien, oote'. A mail slenrlhonl tlies rrgularly hloPwrPn BU'l lat idge nnl Ap nhn hioin. T v'lh'av. I, rto t is in.g to reach llty point I oooo o'at l he! ,ttth'' .I AI , ar h, I A ol llo, In otlke lis ,t-o; i rt t r o " IllI I. 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Ji ar:ul ofe r etry t 0erilh l11Ill t;o, - r a.l- l ol u F I ci1 e also ril; t l,+ t lr t 1tr , 1 . .1 klie d . 'lh e< aI, c C1ly` u t e' l ii icg a t cll e ,p ' li i'nt otitt l,'n ;ill t tc co , c' ll, t w it'll oil b ualiitr a nd pl' t oiled hitic "ii ti ic !tle ractlai of llvlleis( ei ln s~lw e llelll w l, hS s he hl er - Up obr uhis jrnleushi al es rvo c,.n in ti civ I l' e hi' latiei . a d ,c olLti' l h l, w h iciti i sv prom'pt attiution twill be paid to Ihe, c:rls \a Lect oicay d ierd.; iuuIalt othe r cd es hts -e i ,,C; s to I h, di.ese..: c alttn tb O them. havly; at t I tlwG 11i I Ia 'ti iag c atiimi l wil Ilea tr l ls ter tirci llt tion zCuow anrt.J ENRY KJ 'I.t)IIN '1'liit cm h'tii:'ie', ,:twit. partners will b c ,red Co.w Orh. nra+, J ur' 2,", 11:(1,. _-.OIIfiIAR'S sail';nct of Pcnlnanahil, received auld - l for s ale nt th~eir Ip rm anent \V ritin A c dm hilies No. r Chotreo streot, New Orleans, iu3 BrIloadway New York, Dntphie sti., tolbilt. It iopartitutturty tetigted f "r printe leoarers, and schttols, ouod it chct'oll ttltfo ro.ron of otl ates. Ladies and genitlhtmet are invited to call an exoamine Ite systett for theomelveo. ~essolns agre tivo tit oleh tinmer on rtoyeo iit th ttoottvllerlooe of'all, oud to eoarse* Irof ett illllooy prtoi of tito oily. Ladies wlo prefer itean receive 'resouns ot thleir own ref sientces. '1 ' 'li t payl j, o s te ofleso ns' tre desired o attcll'l' " ' .','t.~ "J:11v ell aslh ev' wl~h. .31.. I. ltoTIl I. RIOWAND'S TONIC MlXTUIRE, FI1 FE\~'IE .AND ABIt'E. T lEN years lvre ot ytrl ehtpood sineo it wcs tirst regtiotrly tisulmiitted to thie public; but it has uttained thle highlest, repItllatiol; and has su ,. plaitlled every olter tltellicilt tor tho Ague, whelrv. or it lla been koln\on lid applllrcilted. Alreaocdy has it tttt'n ct rric d in evit ry titloetiot ttiroltgholt tile Ultitted Siatl s, nlllo st ll treilieot ot.ore tthan c lld have benl a tiilcipIatled hy its iiio- g u:i nllllie friends. Tliollsallds of persons hIave! InIot onlly beenl relievedtl,, but restored tot htettb tooott,' vigotr thttto h its aoo ne ey: i....n t they no... . Itcrltilly .ei t it , .i ..v.ry olp porlUnlty, to ils deot h' d sit d tt ltretllt i oti:l ,tey. 1t I is colinpowld of buch edictoinai prirncillhes an are calculated to rotitew thtr healthy action ofttht itotto scll, liver, lind otllher illlportant d, igestl ive organslli, the loss of whInch hlirllllllly is the in edalllllleill.t ceIlSC of Ithe l isco e. It is appllllarelt nl., tlhaL it irdu ees anl onlir hnllte iti tiloof tthe yl tiLlt, ndlll, ilorti tlto o sl rolys thtll . l tll v lict it ity I o i riLtt1 sea of tlllt loll.'etion. WVtit thic Aglllo is ateo ed Iiter, ay o h0 r Aioslcht, intl, lot orql ,h0y Ott oIttto Toilin it lixt-. o will nIot inttieroibre 0I' I ti e t., I t nIllt oIt te ilollt r dto ilott , h wig't t l l ' 'ot ttord asot llst l llt e y tt lrti' hlt t t llnt git h all, vtlll r o the b o d y d ul l r i n l II g e l ll-e . er el ' 1 1 \rIi I (·l1. T hl lo S O W h o iitt i 1o o ltoo l I1o titedilI:l i lln , Itoto it' . ft r t 11111 ithere i t ot i Ito . tarLs, t lt rtttIry, or illy oli her arii t in it e tomi tositio, uO i' tllltlliv to tht hulnO n conlstitutiol,; hlehln enlllrely at 1,<, cfrlle extract; alild they I iiy h titave i , ttlioinal c tlllohnte in Ih ' rise thertot whtoo tey i ret.i' . o hto t It hlt s 'o t e' - I'llc tot I t lo.l laxaive t Ilbu lll to titFo e hal' a bo, t It tih Iiill has b,,' taiken --in eoii sequleLV nce of which, i tLher ttt o l lo t t 'ott toe i ttiittht tllllll . too ltltlttr ill hra toot tt. o catutst, , ottor tl i l,' ct other vil., I alrising fr m tilll he II of man' ofll it".he, rlemedlii.s i111%il otltred g or thtt cr o" this t llto ction. It has Iei i~d allso its i plrte l iVn ti ly ii lly o ht wttim o s'i, j ,c t t o a I 'r io d ic ,l r e lu r r e n coto t o h e tho tl , a l it o hais Inlvariablly w\';rdld oill| tliap rl hep letdll alte talclill. Obs.,erve!'. The Propri'htolr, f1slll ..atisHied ",1ith the, unpal~r llleled ;tlmInalllerb,.l su el: s w/ indhs' has canl. HItIntlV attenlded i1 pI i ua ' ; ,n1 regl'l lilt i1 f thI e Tunllic. M~ixttlre, ill ell cases of[ Felver oriii Agu.el. Itels~~ wirranted lin III ngllgilng tll ref/und the'/,llct toi aIll thosle, who halve takell 1010 inelell inill inl all'l('t al. coi alr ice willl the ]prescriblled IIlOinecion , withooll hlarIil. beeni i.erlboicly ald hl.stingly eur,-d. Thel slbscrlbers ilre tile whiolesaleh agenlts flor the. S-oulth W\Vtlerl Rataeti, andl have nolw ion hanld six ty eascs of tlhi.. inetheilne whichl is wiarranlild fresh Slid genlUino. For saile il the Iuianlulhetllredl irices. JAiR\ I,. . .\NtiIIEIVN, n\Vliar !,nan I i, Ih 1. ls. 3I~ovlolp t o,1.001131 od 0111110010' to hle0r 0111ieotott : S , 11 t o I g,, r :i n10010,1 00000li 000'tenI, od hIos o 110,0e Nei tion.Ilil l renderl~ visitor.; eoinlll;, rtalll e.. to rlceclvr 1 ennticr Ii~iin3 of fII IOrin ll Io',,tn. Sit(! I! Is IIIvonllll ti l .i,, con tolotl:,hunt thorn, o Iyo,,., l 00 111111 : ~IeIr house ir s pl':..:lsItIII 81n1.1 11·11 :11111 well IIIIpIII.I lle inoIt c lIqIllors, &b'. o,.looort .hr t o t t..r .o1l too..l hal wn lnoo,.eo..t o ;;v hire satt n l to who l,, a. .1 . t .tl 1q011se llll oo~ill 1011t. i~talll 1000 · e. "Ic 111)1 I iit~l~v ll 1II il.l· OI.lbhlli· s1I/iliT\ 0 I·I jYi) t j ill'31I. a N V \VAI)IVll, rllill(ll: .S III' rWlls, SA DIII 11,11 1: lit\l (111 '0N00, t N... rtielvn, o',e n,1e I n"ve ,.Jlioc ". ie t.i i o " he :o e oo , , vl el no Ill'!Ill .I't!, * ,t..iomake. 1,1)~ ItI· 1 oio l, . 10011 111,10, i1,1, lly I'r 1 ' , t\I'n oul l-."..t le1 I I ItI.. I i 1 III~r. ( o . I.. ! . - II. o( I , N n. ; to i :ll I .1 I .t,, 1, " I, I . ,t I-II"tp It. I ,t ol tI , .t.lo .!. h c to .'It ,..1 to , !,,l fI, I',,,,: .: an t 1,:,t 1,W , 1 '11'..:- o tell./ t o,.. : v, t;, Inn t ,1,_, ,,l- ii~I I1.,.n I I 1 . 11,ý'.Is for I': lolllil :..' c..tll lnla'. (: 'I ore o,, :'. 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I err=, 1.1-i It, ,., 1. u .,,I ~l cIe ,t """,e "nc l,,I, MlAIL AIRA EI :.llI,:NT iClteI lI:virv day at IP1 A. 21 Wetern All a, IF etro HaIid y Wi' dneIIIY . . a 1 !h r i rln y, b i , I'. I1 . by air ol? ( .h C 1 ,ses 'every londiv, W iieoV da ofnsl, th Iednesda .he ltail , rvv 'l'turd.v, 'd'lTnrhurlday, a "'he l,.o MEliI antualrda, I;y ii P. 2. via C'hen everry Morably, WaVdneday 'I'IMIES OF' ARRIVIVAI., IItEPARTt'III( I)ISTANCI &v. of tihe Express Hlil, lIv.-"rr Haiala ia l tit New Yoik--leavig- Mobilo dil, l i I P'. I. N'ortlwar ewa 'nk daily nt 5 P. AI wtllwnarnl. A rrves Arrive Nr rthwonnit . t1'imnrt'. T'im i r erra'g A ltilln , t Gflcr . A ll 12' :1 fi 12 .. lillr derviil e. o . s i l 1 Itnl oilN "". 4. 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Ia t nI. a 1 a aa ra a' e a' i rat r Ita - a rlh It i.'. t pr'ieat, Se i Ilala 'l it al a tih uffi~lllll.> Iltaaaa. I-ta:n l, h +e. +l It' 98. ah, al l l tla.allil allt L Ills I a lSt' atll t lias'rodI them, • +t ----- 1, rv l'i, t ' t ll lt' enlled. tly " o aT a it latil ' lRll, i, " ,l i ii si ~Il lla l l l t lv t a bri A '. b . t ati, e tol : ilt l ' Ilr n -u' l , n.,ai t o oar he g aXlIIIn NI ( IThII3SNEY iPI i'nC W'aataScaacano Slre I otoll ' II ' I I .e altr ..I'hea ' it a i, tsI l aotailrct Itlh . ri1r , a ll il I t C, tst ataarlnllpla, ies I 'taveta aato I a rtalaed a S'a 'a2,1 ,t ..taas letlsar i Aartr: rati-e.a a Iallr A ,y i a te ir s rte, eorktbal n s i .d.. h,: : e authl"ro r;- Ya r in a in ," in Sla a, 'a asat diado ,a Ia all;ul al lto .l edtil t - t ratia aaa l au ralaat whallaa by a Wa .yla'a eer ohlat" "l i " a t ,i ' s i I a i a a les. .1 i Ritar ,a ati aa; of.a Wiap .le ia l h aar'dise u cim, . tlaa iat ishs ied a lai .ir.otl, tiala ll ela )Ii , ) 1a-11-s olsains will ill t e ntr , utr r-w, a Uia.8h0 n1111 it . S.i |' * ~h.l saaisanaa t e Itaianrat i-hA i, ssdlrbl aC'ttaa., e. ibda I ton hi r i h as. l i er ilrs rt , h nw a r, aeitiataas usisa teirs is bratais a tta Yl orii , as.' wlly et . O st. ly C t orn. 55 Ia ha-eI. " . al htaeaiaaaatla aSl a alMaitla an ieca. ,nud aaaa heaat taa ta 'a aptar a 'alian, Ii T nd

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