Newspaper of True American, November 15, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 15, 1839 Page 4
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ti +a a1g, :- 4 v R I~n~~~~i~ iF~;~,~?d 'ý 1 .,jta' v t.Iq ii(be`I it it to~h igi, rWtco 10 hesg en .err`,""ý :ý ! :" ::· r~ Ba.procured UN' Iit, baundd _ e g . m J Err &. C :··.ý" of in a~lte ps ong bea almYtwesiisa,-laled Ivretybtsother arti tlod ae, comm:oda.- tin, rains s et actenudatiug; |as n-_`ing e l ain a. y ....-- . t5 m ,- M ,-'.`. . hGian White. k ol l :Wlm Al Dealer S in P he st Oil V alets, she, HA o (bob8-tint equere il e tte , h a, sprng, sheet , aI s lds n r. i tles. e. g i-rs lea-sehais, aeg, mills. ele Ua hta bellows a sda i t ers"padearssi alsc' pl as ij esgI ndoor sd whiedw hooks S i anichd, i twine nslinsedh mad serqs snd billo an 1hardware shot - k~is s l sathe most favbrahle terms, by s iead e ins Paisoril arnwihsw hookrs nGA TlsW l o i era Gle. a & 1 9' Mil, oro ne tlines tv at IONABLE CLOTHING. a o. U, ehctes SeosasS , R c t n h ran eeatr tice il ,W sgl te gtetler inPants , rie, Vnie inhe, Brusass, ' OAF SUGAR-various qualiies. con:j entle in DEAFNESI. A NEW artleleforp rens troubled with deafness, ..!i (acaled thle i trumpet,) has ju t been reeived, by the -usaof whbioh, the slightest armeulation of time hu. L-na voice~l' dideaiv atconveyed to the- var. Any one who' hes ever been obliigue to onverne with a very icea be tilly aeMnible of the dificulty and em. Sa aon tDodohneed both by themselves and the in. Id nsoe ounfortunantetlafictnd. By tim usa oft O, IEar Tcmnyst. thin objectionin entirsely obvatimo. Tina Iunat, p heaasalways am andn.detheir doubual'-,r :aV used the Trumpet. .. - . reer , pr b-ol - md • , . . lr 'e oa Imm a! T hadu to.uei snte hay ti r - :e? an tohplw.pi tdith , e mmh itmg agn d im koly to sta fel r othin and eu, i'ontb nh-.e.m meat rel. It alas arrents tie decan in defnctivr teeth, and relieven that aorneess which no frequently rspdern a narong tooth tinless. The application andi ronmady me ample, innocent, an not unpleasam; and the large nlmer of person in different s actions of t ne t ,.that hae already eperianced such deligihetf amNary tsLrm he se of the Balmt, are ready t ..hear rthe pbi good) teir testimony to its on l ultp It in an India remedy, T obtapineol Surly pl unepecteylnndl , he reganed g b - lhwoeerteld as thne most valaLle discovrri JARVIS & ANDREV.WS, oar 5 o trConma an oI Theupitmtlas ems. IULD LertER PAPoERn-Jut received a few ahl as ouppre and wlhite woves rd Letter Pbath stmeno and nil ri ", of rts a , and yll DAVID FELT & Co. N Y Siationers' Hail, ne done a hrtest Chrtren "-JARVIS & ANI)REWS, WHOLESALE AND RETAII. DEALERS IN uuazoram 1, r&MI'U OILS 1) FE STUFFS AND WINDOW OGLASS, CI-r.t moer tevery dos ript bnpi .lu ateet,m. n, s hlta. the NATHAN JARVIS. a JOHN W. ANDREWS. Sy n eeds, "inaie a the groath n'Iit of . 137. A NDRW tMITII d CO., renpeafully inorm . their frienwds nd the publie in general, that Sthey ocupmy time new brick shop, 219 Tcotmpiltnulas tiestw, w or the Tkep constably han Ihnad-C ppeen in and·.heet eIron e Ware, o n evry dacription, ammah - napper stills, kettls, sad-pumpap, tin antu and nil eams; of all aorta and sixes, and all I.r ble eatingdone ato ralartu niice. rato limn of averye dheruipUitn, noah sotlmeme. tpa og inarew belts, anl othea dtIsshan e r aiey ws an dor or R E I' -. - broach.WJaR ab a oiespaprand tin dobnlg Md d lnttering. bo ad llToherbindr oork in * S welItkawn watering pikee is now ospen for time id ,wll tebmn. . `a eb~af4 emsele i lymatm p teoimteaeace at hq Donl. 'The -miabliriolmnt has been "i a r bill, ", " pa" ," nin pin alloys, mande .e-nderlhe~ pi enimftmmletable and all elegant There erel iit erameo fm* bouemiihe, and cam. ve ahousaerenoged mireegbegemmttemiee. Fins lsiinbeats are pr..ldedoiald atm eile bguld e'osllm i&, y amcnriornon th7C lf. , hie?-tis- iN'memelisttl m filot of tore bn loo ny a- n eiel l;'auful islands, all life o1rn iand, tha m Cbam aleu lan o. iaoter keptmthebaraomhe Eucehnog l!n , . n will - n vnasl- dai C lmeni. nn. Exachang llutel. ,F . TE- .lo .. WATEJARS-6 ma. an* retriFr~ert 2 Isinmeld do, 6 14 gillmem OY W lion iu in stts. forenle by - F c l J P Wdi"TNBY,73 Camomme ,eremawe far tyalplyjiE ilsxauleE Rp, IWnt N 510). '".='ay 2o 9 lonContiat. w..i n l lke, l. u t.o 'F idli, ,5.4 b I-5.,4 , a 4 lQanr,t.Brutsban.ara.apa, tie dine.,tI- p r. n l~~~e olen enb om p drteeofrthi % .t od-litnilyw 1 be provided. I bn FO')R NEW YORK. - Sr.w.Olg an N or omd l'er tri M r aquiredian and Nes YofprkLgi fixed at $lO, :dey-om'mens ingon the 20th Novembor--and to amplee punctrerthb at qialty will be prll, tided. hip up ptdawn th''re sk pp to lle onb t ke n0th 0No IemEDr.RD, Ship Loulndle. Captain Patmerto leave on the Bhi uti27 aptai dridge, to l.envf on the Ship. tisimnaI a n ai DLavi, tofleave on the The abese are all new, of the first elcra, copper d. and colSper fatcomoned, and npwlrds of 500 tone inwOrles and New oror on every oThepri oe. of ppassage is fixed at 100 dollart: their oabins are ae upin the .scg in th e 0thd and ovember-anient Ample puncstores otuality in tirt qualit will be roidd, and every regard paid to the comfort and tntire ThNovem r.ol aemmanded captains well tentioo end csertthemsedvse to aeommnd te. They Ship Lonl yt ille, Capbe towed up and down thleave i thsie Shippi byHusvillei, nd the h trimtet punetuality oShered in tickb tiie of aiing.Woohue, to leave on The owners of tlee hip will at be respon ti. Theblo for anb let ter, parll nelw, or first packlae, cent by or put on oaper fatened, nle rular bill of 00 toing e ithead thre of light the d eough tin of w ouse f the aent paor onners. For further p100 dollarsi their apply toe J D BEIN "p A COHEN . fitted up his line consist of Ivedr vesd el convenient teplan,.a first lhed in a nearrtd and elegant style - Ample ntdre and of qualuity will tons burthend, with hasndeme aseommodations "or inesengers. toionand exry rert themselves tcomfort dand entire satialthipper. of passengers, wo will ple and dw e. tississippi, a nd lert c e Necred until paidor beorat the th and 15h of t e very m s h. The followi rb e vessels ompe te ne by captains wellv: Utri And bin, Chmarles to ron, master. willrt Rall tnes Williams, J. Allnd dwn ther massr. Fr reirst ofr ptle sehipls will J. A. BARELLI n for any letmmon ar . Ncel O lean, ent M. or , LATEIT I.T'IElARIY CputonCH ord of them, uale a n Irglar bill of ding James celebrated W(lnen hb e siged tm , at the O' Fam of thily agent o r owners, or furthera I rriages apply to JS ASP .E INA &. A EN NEW ORLEAUND TONIC MIXURE.-N PACTS isand cerin cuorofon the Fe rver and allo.u remittsnt and intermittent fevers; prepared fiom the original recipe. Used wth eminent and uni. versal sucess in 1o83, by persons of the highest spectability ids this city, a stated in te annexed Thie medicin is highly remommand ed, and hel beat extensirvely ued in the above diseases with tueh diitinunishn d x sutces, that the proprietor of the recippers. been indcl d to offer itdo the pub. Mlie in it present formd i the hope that it boy be the an of reof everng many oths. Te who are Buffering nder tile scourge of our eoutry. Itis Brmedicine pusein great riertu, and when used Ifft Ring a nre, even in the mot or, tinate stage of the disorder. It is not at ll disagreeable, and persons of the nweaest stomach, and cnvildren may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive orans, creates an appetite, and sldom requires more then one, or ithe ines cases, two bottlO' to effart rva lre. Themn ip neither mereury or aleni in the medicine, nor any thing injrioag r to the hman constitution. The proprietors No well sonincled of itas cfieacy, that they agree to reftnd the prie of every bottle which has boen Stalkenin a cordance with the direitons and hae not efoeted as perfect nure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, ole agent for New Orleans, a his wholesale and retail drug and medicine atore, corner of Bencipe. Usend Chartr emintreets. For Dictrint igenioes apply to e5 T.W. MIistngu d ucc , tt t prprito of inS T. W. NM PtTI. &s r :..m-. PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. IIHE aubhriberbaving purchased the lease and iur hilureel athis well known asteahlishmet, Irmon Mr Taylor, tlhe late prnpritor, will be ready to receive vie tars bty the lit f April neat. Nuaneius alnd costly inprmveensta will Wbe foad in the arruagelnmett of I te Mansiou Htoue. -ew anrd nmoe cenlialiumt buthing houses will bne uilt, and warh b Ish will Ie provideds at all hour. A etable will he attalesl tn th Ihaase, with good aceommssa. tine for Ihrses and carriges. 'k'i: at rate horset and carrnages will also hek kept'oE hire, at a)alerate prices, anid sail tand rew hoant. with persaos tp meenage Ihem for the Use of viatele. Uilliari and e rlkI amuaseouta rsatlly fuuand at watering places, will also be furnished, and au enomslaed ia not to islerfere with the eoinilrt and qgJetolthae boaraers. Thle wines aud liqnors will be of tn tbest quality, and to ensure a all saoply ol ieno a cargo bhas nlrend bten ordered, which will arrine alsout the tat of May.h Mel Frederick uernarl, whlo formerly kept a0 populal .n hItel at Walhuisgton sty, will thisa 'h el itr the roplsrietor, who, with ascllth aid,confidently asnsure the vJsitere ofalst year, and his friends generally, thlat they will neoairo every poasible attention; anid theraby epetse to agive geareltsatietactin. -l'Tie local tdvantageas of thie Ihousae a too Us hLown to need a lengt. eaned deecriptiona 'li rfaca that Ptensaola is the lergvat naval arteite of thle Gnrrttlstutsl the general readeavQus oithe Uslfaquad-. roa.the ialuk'isy of its slinmete etrereld constantly du ilg the aeummer totibs by tihe coolest I reenes trasm rli GullI tim beauty of the bay and'dst neighbourin ieladn tat rlvera, tin abIundance and dtnliaey of t Blb withl wlhich the waters afound; anal is litaio' y to the best Saoutlhenm markets, give Peansacola the I fereme over all other places sin these latitudeas, lhelthy and dclilghtful summerretreat. ra ratrle boats willrua hetweeat Pese acola anl 31Mh bile, and will at all tiines ie able tn take the pee grs front the New Orleans boats. o . o. ,3 , A OLD, •TenuaooeFeb lkth,18 "" . It (teatlesmn wist n to etsngage rooenm for theis fsmillevan talddrse lltst'pmpriotor, at Pensaeolaa, *e Mr tSewll ' 'Cleylor.ies forersi proplrietor, at . ev Or, * Retere tee. : a.fiRt rd, Fsq, MrC Callus, It cMAlpinEsq.,Lt. .rdby iu M>s'le; S T Taylsr, .P Rea, Eaq, is Ne.. P -A i.tter bagl, to receive onmlmunnicatios for perins at the bnbo ttsnotel, is placed at Geo W hisna's *lae, 31 St Vhsast Fantsogec F7ORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW VORK. r Trnsvlleradxtrne of taking theI Florida route, via Pen..coleto the North, are inf,sned that trnt rat*e. bhans- will aottsnatly rua fret. Mobile tsI Penscolea, leavhisg Mobilue ad Pensaeola.evrv osthetr tday after the l"oft av. - Geod atagee will tlweya be pnvidea sir es"beerberrto ie in rvliuesm eo talkspaasernpr Froas kbilt, il e'ase of tle t(ilure of the bkmte ' N.Il AsNOI.D. Th$l5seastllhnt Champion leaves Mobile er Pease ese Iwon a week. " fb . v - EAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER n..2 eaeein-sre of this siperlr Cologni water, just rtei.ed wsl .Ir sale bty the ldoen or singla uttlve. eto. Atmerivna ad F- 'eseh tolet powdare, pOwder $ emaalneasheulg andt toilet soaeps,cosmeti wash e, ti ýajis,'e ltieat e ,,l careanp , ea rlve tnrUr.epllsas, Wanr 'e v.'gtetllot lilr oil, plaostntl,, ns s ps..r PFlorinda; lv.taedar rain r nroud bpy, waters, P.ateqrl. " areitten pertuanvajn truuke. vestve. Utdi l got Chlorinse l . t osth wo ait Jdl w tos.t Oft ar alp : . -h atm i d thea 'nbll by the aid'd f, ,l'softmiedulouaatee, ,1n r n1rfe stcll, ~ of sdesieejqlpdesntiaphel genttndecs so teatsUll Igiesaqt of entitil lience:thl at iiompoanble the moltatrmi dolusien ow any .9ngp.eo down with the intalligent tperOje. fthi etiuno ry. Thesropdles, .mild nli aqeabl ntfhei nstuqoas i m t keptn every family inaeees oflde lnnEl fornneb thlm e prneoteadmi nitriton, ehole. .eerampl lspasms, fe'rse and other a rrre.inen oarialslt, wIshel toe often prove fatal, may be opeedl ly m.ed oerppvrentedl In fact, all those whob vaue good Iscith should never he Without them. Theyare aoli' in ppuuek at cents, $1 and $2 ench, by eves' respee thle drnglstt boke.eller, and vendlorof mendicne in thi aiie lteSatest le .aitntads, witih etle ous diehteie, togetler with: ealletil nta y of professioal abilityiftolt tme foll hi rg emlnent geotlemen: Sir Astey Cooper, J Abentethy, James Blnemoull, M. I)., W. Back, M. DI., J. Astn Key, A. Ferampton, M. D., and numeuruos lhela. Th'i orginals may be seen n tohaanlon ofl'tl e Geatml AGenat, by wholntlMe medli cilnisi polrtetl itto this easnetry andto who m aIll applieatikos foragesuelos laust be mabde. JNO. FtOLtEt, 129 Wooerly'inPce; Nl. Vet '.. Dle CGeesl Agent ter the United States, U. For sale by p mpointoment of the eriginolnproprietor. I? W.iwane F iansorJsa, i)IggtftL No I1 .amal street, lJeelr Agentl. i Steet~iDneeoti oiisiaa. ' jauh8 mIILtY It LI*1 U eo, No 9 Mlaganzine otrel,are f , ,cw receivitg frelmntips Nashville, Lolisville, Kenhtehk, EPale. md onlter late arrivals t;en tiee S:-there cities, a lage and new selected auortment ltris, noots, Shoes aid llrogtInsl, aonialineg o'gensleto.'s fine calf need Morocco tools do tlqlality;do bulPdt, anld stout wax pegged hoots o oarlmtios litltest meen's fin es'lf slel and Aloroce. she', pnletintel nd brgans, buckskin shoes, brogans ant ilI~ipels metasline calf ond kiplpedl pegged sl esaeld I ropaet; do ouetes do stout kil-autl wtx peggnel shons al hd bLt'a; gentlemene's best quallity caif sewed sltoers I,'.agamn necd Jlak Ilowelelen; do eltf anti .oIeeoreo i actle sts nnlbrogu.n; teo celf, seal an.ile Mtrmtoe I eliaie slooes and slilpeles. do calf, ballf ann seat wnegs, lten, article; do tinte calf, ste.l antodl m-etoeco qeluter t; Iboysn', misses' ael children's pered and sowed b tegans, unet shoesof every qgality tnd .indl. Also t generul assortment of men's tonut wax and r.nmt lrogets mid shoes, together wit•led,Oin tihr egro e,.et-ne (ulletty, PUseteit beoet Ie, eteilled itt the Ik,ttks el made expresuly for ilintaltion use a gool at h lmentetof men's fite aetnt stote kip ruseetst blcrgts, a Sw artilel, ate aasge quantity of at i.rlerier quality rse ste etl wax bc.gtes.a Ldclient fine calf, seal, morocco and grain welts, atnd pomp soleI slhoes; do file Frencl Moroeco nedl kid run vend slippers; tdoroan, witt and without heels; e calf, seal and stout leather bootees; do Proiella sloes Sfall kinds nd qualities; ie o lastineg brogans; do guitee e'und foxed bootees. Misoes' lasting ring etaseanon msogans Children's nolored MoroeO anid lasting b.i g uas and bhoots; te. seltentleae'sfineeashioeable laeLk silk hats; dto black ,n Idrab heaver do of a superior quality; do imitation Ii tam do; brandl and narrow brim men's fine dram aull h ak Russia edRort na lhled hats, a new article. Yooths' lae size hats of different qualities; do obihlren's' M,'tn'and bc)'a black aml drab wool lets of vaelioues su pen, with general aesortment of boys' and men's sn eales. 'lhis asst taoent will he reltenished hythe arrival of ere elpeketslrom tile noose named cities, all of whiteh SilIlbe somitd on aecommodating terms. neg I--if " NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA ew Orleans, Nov. 14 1837. c BOI'T six months ago I hlad the etisfortune to get A a soeret disease, for which I have hleplird to seove ral doctors for a cere, end tiev did not core me, son now on the ubove date I put myseCll under tht care ofl Doctor Huet, and [ expect him to cure tee. Since that title the disease got worse, tM as to break otut ill large ulcers to the number of six or eiglht on ea h leg, atd anil over my face, and sore throt, anid not nable to work et lie present time oen eceent of the disease;ueg.elecr on the right side of til tthroat. I am nae Butting mysell' confidently underthe core of Ur. ffluet,etl Parts, to be perfetly cured ,/ JOIN DEAN. fc: 14 hy T ) CERTlI$YrtOaIthe above menoteeod disease is I quite ec red to ny own satislectiont, for whiech I thank t3. Illaet; and moreover I assure that thl medi _ei tllhave taken maokes me fier, anld dit not iejire emy noalth at all; therefore I advise my f IlHw u .l'rtrs to lose no tite otd apply to Dr A. Ileot, 128 Coanal atreet, between Dauphne aond llourbnc st ete n Ir. Huet is at hotees from t O'lehk, A ll,, uetil 4 P rl. Tlhey will find a trae ductor for hids comIploint. JOIN ])IAN,.l4 Grrvier street. If aney one wants to eone ile, cll at N,. ,lle Graviel IJOHN I)EAN. New Orleans. Feb 1, 3.. Iet, 141 . Joac't J'IlSrEJJtFxO, STL'R fie'O'f elf t'L42ijcs, .TYie I)lh ldi.,tr f " ROWLETT'a TiIESO INdiiA REo.f Ti O which is new udlledyt'Average Tlime Calcula tot', or easy methnels toer flilting the avcrage lime mi ostolrge, notes of head or bills of goots, wlee tece elesecl at dillerent dates, on dilierent cr.lits, etclt fler various amollctst beSlteilesaunscftl end el coplite fanking Time 'l'a'dle, the best Ihat canebo coarived or tlcc fi gores can eroduce within the sacmecondelsend comlpiss, and size ot it pe. An anvetiisemcat in the book is in nearly the follow ingwores . . ingwords: .... ' " : ''he high distinetion this work has reeeived througil the ten legislative els precfixed to the title iage, is e re commecdatiou in itself, so Incommon,, and so eooelue sive, th ,1 nothing is necessary more than by way of ed verisement, to girea eondenaed view of some of its pe culiarities:as frlstasnee, the interest has been eompts. el from,ans compared with, what is equivalent to four. teen oeisefealeulatione, examined in tie press thirly five time,, aod pellied from stereoltype plates tested thirytyone times, from all which it most be evident even to the skeptic (espeotially on the pescoal ofthe de tail on the that the work mustbe arith metieally ienallble, and in confirmation of this beliefs premium of two hundred and fifty dollaurs, is now oflc ad for the detection of an error of o ecnt in the present or fifth edition, as expressed in tim prelace, neking five lrge premilmts offered for the same error sieet he first plelioatlon in the year 1802. One of lto most conssieuons features of the tables is in the errsngemoent of the Timte acd Amonts, whicht for expedilit.ns, rofrence oatlperspieuity, witl thhl help oft de aide and index, eassot be excelled • and the salty tyand fealse with whioh the inoresl an o e oundl to the extent of general bosines, wilhont douablilg oF sums is besides a eonvenience so essential, that in the eotlmss on of lsome oi the most competent snd preaetrical bi nesc men ant publie officers who have made great use of thework, it has been distietgUished bytho Ihonoeble appeilation efofa "master pene'. Aetd eonsidering tke infalibility of the method originally doptedsti ii omlposilnsg the work, ani the extraorditsry tuler and variety of tle examillations, and tests of every edlition it hasias eiu iltheelweas5 eotwithstatditg the ;whole Is in stereoltye, oesniderlg. in asls t| -he 'loitir tioirecy ieesretl by she tltpreeedictesd titets atnldo odls, the v.o lutehas heen Ielrii anp si enothatieally tyled "tile motW'oncderfl I tonk mi the wosik;" tleit certainal tic mansah namear figure wmik of the mite extent, which since the beginning of trialio Ihas lhad the samene nnt bet' ast va.iety of tests it the same nubei r of edlitors; iso, noronel lfethe numlber, as, is clearly shodan its die Resides, asest sml tisiandaerl, it heas bee ried and prreeti in nearily all thle bank ss puhlie offices in tle Uniteso Sttea, nstd by the public gooerally, during the long period ofthllirty-five rea.s, yet it erre, of il ral-t eulotioas has ever been foIndll it plit, altatough coltitit ailly clolegedl by the flfer of very large Iprrmiumos. 'Th book.lis in fat expruesly adopted by Ie ll tohe eourts ofla'efl several luthe States as the " rate of' alulleLatio Iferetatute intloroet," as also Iy low Jfor back interest, sacordingesl the Ibnk is used, and as s.y ie seei it post, by .,,e names of the submriters, and s few of ile sohssnedet srfihastwers, in the list atthe tal of tlse book, iss in isseestnisfoeveryrles of cisiscsn itl everyiupas. * of (le Uslt hrd Slates. it istmoreover veil known tllat, by its irorly cheek, tis so Otlen deteted iarlge eters, lictg after theiy were made, evenr b the mosent cefull and most eomaitelnt arithmetieians, tiat its sfiidtlless, antl he abscisse ile eeIity for its u' havie beet t etleltsirely tit i safrtl ,ol so evtlent, illucetli, iroav bh.e its aildsitlges, anti its savrigs, that, severrl yearsag, whilst the first edition waesslcre, and out itof prilt.a great uminber of saeConti iland coldes were sought lfo, some to a gre t Idisitice. atll itenrorsed it various t'ices, As tihey eoield oaSiotll ally bhe picked np at from $1) to 25 pter copy. amn same perasti have seoet. y declarel, and inistoiIce oeuld.hequotedl tiat Idy wouhil pity$50, $100, anil $5110O for a ecopy, tfnotto be bad fe' fees, cos as i.dividiul its theletter itsanioe iari.ieolarly, Ihaviig at the sonlc lime ehisbited atisdeatory proaf, to sevreal persoos lre soent that to ilim it wits reallyv worth tihat money aci moretlusesgh the staring of l;is vest' rvailae timeO, lie biltg;a vory rich mannend in tlo lie office. L( islikewis worthiy of noetre; III illileed pl'eilr to impire', tlst such is he iatureI of fi.gte workgeneially nii- asperiilly wieat of tihe extent itd iiittporna tce cl thieae ta' is, Iths ad thilis hntiik or it litke in,, prtii or ed in the stltal Solmtei' vloct, iey tite most comlpetelnt calculator i the world, asml afel'rco is priltttl most asmiouluy inder liisdotwI eorrection of proof sheets, it would, albost to a ertaintty, have been unsafe forre feresco,and dear at tny price, as die prefaee dariinuf larlp explains. Butl ai pefcot aid vaiuable hsve the stereiuyqlefptea of this iukhlbeei ma"io. , tit to esecure Itetih, sitihtheir ltuielmrcs ssil extsslrdiltnrv eoaminei= tiois,sgaittt lire, for the gerrl:l 4ueafit, tlhey are (by odvertiaentent) EOItgantiy keit iI a piice of speeiil sefty, except witeile ie I n ting.. •Anmlepdir'...u to fipd Ibll batiks ad ilitatute ititolr fst,fith ihfit l sti e, follole;he prefav, risich, in this fithlss ihtl ltwo piteedolisigditons, Eontain much inl fsismatiflsM ernsiping the, two.lawful seiodea of eotput iugi nte r . , ly ss'day saf c stee, ke. It renmcits tal to Ytitit t olist, notwhitlhlass ing tis unnommon noily. i, i whas tic lihised bofioe. nterest ab Wesi a otaea, u is il dillors tsientis te. yend tilsiasnaet, has ben so exteilsivelt ctl mlibeally pitronsied, it has iOt yOt so1 tlidlst ii ithl ,i int.res. *tee hemp losofuqy unr tolnri, heasies can ittra fyIlo 1805, aIuotisiesi ii telUsirst -.. t ff .610 cq[.lehg,ýrifiag ebie. froe its psiblisa f55p mhlthfs iir, t ate I'shce,ý th nj, not i.le of as'l" a " t" o ilaimOt"" t o 0 f o. m .. of Iret, l iits sil y {w efutRm ia-if i, lean. i', Vrk, a Jongepa 4' "' tidi hio'c tlrlassttn or l"a J a ul ifires atiss t mu 'l'tila,tfsr e.I, sl odsor l8': UttOsi~lj'& U s, ýt UlCcate eloi, tpintrqd he Iiteentilrcian kf' fffw mil'e of new rnd; by the p~roprietors, via : from LaGracnlge.or .LFayete lafuo, an arm ofSaniot Rosa Bay, to Biyenta's Ferry, or, the Chatrnhoochee river, ten miles ab )ve the Cu wlerd, or I4 above Cedar Bluff, whereby the navigation lo the river, and the con- It asquent detentions, and entore recently the incon' venient crossing at the Cowford, are eniirely avoided, and a fine road from Marianna direct to Bainbridge, instead of the roundahouot road vie Chattahoochee, lessening Ihedlistance about forty miles, and i.ereasing the facilities more-than once a day Alkte, a urenne line of two horse stages every otlthr day notm lI .wkinevillee via Perr 'lo Macon, G,. -connoec'inlg with the line to Savannah and DUrien, Geit;"- t A mail steamboat ilies regularly, between -qtiluirid.e and Apnlalilenola. ' ravellers wishing -to reach any poitIntoh.C hittahooehee or Aipalaehi cola, can lake steoaoat at tBrownsville. - Mldbile to Penanclu-1- and Rotate--Daring the time necupied by the t opairse t boats, the proprie.. tora. of the Florida- lis will run a line of -four lv,,re post coebyes every other day between Mo. tile and Penecolsa, Panseneers will leave Muhile at 3 o'clock, p m, in the U S mail boat, and proceed ,to Hall's lad ing, where a four horee eoacll will Ie an waiting to convoy them to the eka:ellent house of Mr. Charles Hall, I 1-4 mile distlalr, where they will find pleaeao t aecommodslions for the night-leaving next morning, they will arrive in Peneascla early in the evening, thus avoiding the discomfort of nieht travellinr. Ofice at the Malnnsion Ilouse, Mobile, andCol. lins' Hotel, Pensaoenl, where seas must be esaoe red. STOCKTON & Co. nlt, I saneo Flore Instructtan. William Smith tenders his services to the citi. zens of New Orleans as a teacher of the pianosI torte. Mr S having been employed aevernl years as a teacher of mnlsale in private families in B rston, and lalso at several of the fetmale seminaries in its vicisit.l anot but hope to merit their cuottidnce. [Is is plnmitted it refer to Ilev Dr Cl.pp, Mlsnrsr Stolaon & Avery, Hndmudrson&. lai'tee. E' Fr terms. ku please apply at ilte bookstore of AlexvanderT'owe',49 Cnntpe t cet 2 Drugs and JMedicines. J b .',crost has located himself it this city ftor the purpuse of transaeting a general Wholesale Drug business. lie is now receiving a full supply of fresh and genuine articles, which he will sell on liberal terms To city druggists, and .those of the interior, to physicians, merchants and plunters, he will offer indonements such as have never be, fore been offered in this city. Ilis intention is to do a strictly legitimate business. Ilisa tock will sooua be cnlmplete, and in a few weeks will be rea. dy for business. All orders Irom the country, and frotm mercltants of it is city, reeriving such orders will be promptly attended to. oct 2 No 30Camp st W HOLESALE AND ItET'AILCOSMB AND VA ItlETY STORE-at the sign of the golden combM;lt Chartres steert. The subscribers hIave re ceived, in a ilition to their previous stock on hand, a ftll antd itmtlot: anssortment of articles in thesr line; vie: combs, iterfmmtiry, Jewellry, brushes, locking glasses, fauny artieles,\- e.esonsiasting part as follows: CaOMiBS--titis selll, w totylt intd tlinis tuck,twist, qtilled back, long round, dressltg,nside stff, ve.lartd neck, Brzilian repttivctl--tv'ii description amongst wlhielj..,wsfin Mttieaicnn patters, Ivory combs of every -bstciption, bhorn, dressing and packer, together with a genetitl assrtment ofFrenah Ind Americnin. PERFUMERY--Csolgie, LavrIder, Florido, honey, hiy, rose, and orange flower wafers of every slee and des ription, camphoiated Cologne, extracnt of Berg amot, Iancy soaps of all kinds, shaving dN, in cakes ani tots, crean snoap do, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bears and an titlsedo. I Prestoti's smellitg nail., plain and perfituted toilet powder, pearl iprer, pow leptffs andi boxes po tastum in pots and roll p,rns and chlorinc tooth wasnh and owdevrs, with a general ssonrtlnnt of JIWEII.RY-.some of the nlatest md tiost fitsliona ble sctts, crnasistin tf white anid red cornliatt, toitp sn jet enrdropn, set in filagree, bretst pins of e geus. rte iv oefpattnern, watch triioitn, gilt aid silveC .auckles silver thitnblles, silver attd gbt st ieil-aund guards ctaitsa IBRUSITES-C Iotlh t, t ual, ute e,crumlb,learltlt,fluor, hlt, flesh, tootl, plat ettm, Nulail, lhaying, shoe atld wlhitewashbrushes. - - _ / I.OOKING (i.ASSES--ternesn stptin nd t ittilet glasns, mgnitlyling midl F'relnch dlreaoifg_.,si§s,boitte tieP, with a variety ofttlier kinds tnt (FANCY AilN VAIIIETY ART'CLES--Frenlt and American portablle desks antid lressinog cases, sae very rilch Itnd finely finished lasdies work nxetand dres singeases wit andt wilthont nmlic, nmusical bxesn, Ae cordiasa oivarious kiods, violins and guitara, silver ind plited petcils Itnd leads,woad openils tir crlentcrs Itnd crayonst,hantloelcksi,gtnsuod pistols with antd witlhnut eases, 1)ereasslic clips, ptreeCsoittn clip hsargcers, npple screw tcrivrs, alot lelt,gcame ltngo, paste t)lickiittg,toy te setts, Indiniobeatlds of every kind, bells antd ihltoOs fireand conoton knives, rtzors ntd scissors, tinithles, needles, pins, silver plated, stoeel and common stecta cies, pockebt bnooks nitid wallets of vtrious kinds, visiting cardsand card cases, ,layiig cards of Freclh, Gerttait attl Ameriecan mnannfaetnre,l doll, itmiation fruit,snnt boxes, prutsa of various kitdstl, Saunders' Patoorey's Emniersoan's, Hillnan's and Hcwkin's razor straps and metallic hones,adirks, fancy tend iecklaces, do with ..e drops,toy watches, tpearl ntlttos, powder flatsks, cut and plain seed beads, gilt and silver idoa, gptn elastic suSlpen ders, ad gartere, Iplain and sword canes, backgamiiion bonrds, dice, optiealvienoes,jeseharps, lonefocn mateclt es and drinking cups, with a great variety o other arti clea, all ofwhith will be sold ftr cash or city teceptan. cos on 12 sontss credit. B II SIMMCON., & eo. 41 - 70Chtrtresot. PERM Oll.-.43iO galitrns pure winter d S8perur Oil, in casks and bh:s, for sale by JAIRVIS & ANDREWS, Whlesoale Drugg ats, corner C unmesu and '!'clap Ion streers. or I:1 Cologne Water, Perlrumerry, &c.-A sa.ltenu srliclo of cologne, put up expressly nor theretail trade; also the purest French Perfumery, embra cilg every variety for the toiler, for sale by ert 2 REES & D'LANG. VTAi.Ni Ts..lre Naublnber, having lately enta. Shliehed-a vunrilsh norfactorr in New Orleains, i ready toojulplyslth paioiers and the publie in gpenera by ahnlecale or retail. lie priues are nurderote, and tlhe q nlity'of Iris preducrl superior toany ever Irnuglt to Shie place. 'phe genileurau eumpluvetl to superinterd the onar-lrfactrv has i een sat tha had of an elate dise eatblisenenrr uf this kird rin Enro.rn. 'l hose di t,sorl to cull at thie cufrer u ' Naec t rio l T Ecltrpilulr s aeir all he prs.eerrlrl willh a fair ample ls f ar" vrtlrti they nian wiln to try. Al.eget Iiat v nrislieas ai the craelldyNr.l, worruited itir ao I:ltllge ever in e uiin wuir.. ~f'e linek vu nlil fir otloare and n tea l mr ullirtnies. Tile tnrllralSnry urmeiars rithoutr sire ll Sc. ,8 ro- n I IONNAIEL. II .uUR-3' s .ie adlirg f,,teen ear Independr r" neneto ".Il ai HORS, wY, m-3 " 44 New Iave. Er.Tberslma' lrzlrr Sol rrr.ilhee caseas uo lb genuinu article, jer l rrerivrel by r"r 3. IEESE &o D'LANG, 18 Camp si .l.i- .ur lopr--ýus eerie iu. etsi hale .nrpe. mod" nil lo hrmp, in t i'ilrir, nitl...r sile bIy n3 IJOGERT & IAvO TtIORN, 63 Gt.te1rr et fiaT ti GARDEN SEEI)-'.hC strirucnurrer ItPbr.s to rxprea t os'tratefuI thlanki ts the pat. liet forrtite liboeral upplnr4l.h s has aerdi;ed'sine : e commecerd rseirhs o ndes i i cityi , Being~'tenlr pre priet-ruf tile seed srore, 17 CoiU rn sitr etrr lie t rIot and ilever oas anlrlrt tir aiy Inorllernr nerd vender; neither is he cOtlnerced wit i rv Iiolu'e in tils corlrtry--br utse rInnire the public hint bis ortltr: rtllrllr ie every dIrp.rmirrIrrst rf Ihe seed husie wess, in the different ,cerristln oif Europe te r equa to tiae of atny house itn tile Uited utates. lie iMar. .it sreeds, plants, &c. fro. the must xlelOrsive nd ressectable nurserius aid ceedsrmen in Franre, IIrllrnnr, England, St'lland tnd iles no tiers slates--nrd it will at all liller be Ii ire rere, as it is his suady, to receive, its oddiirrr to lie preeneit stock, large artivole of every dracriprien, really the cre0 Ih of 1838; also, etigmrftedr l frut Ire, i f all kiidr. The poblij irpy rely on iitding a lull 0e. arrteaent of every a.tllelo iI Ire reed'lIue, of grneu nu qualciy, and imported direct. by - 0 , lEWin. DINN. " (r0 THE PU B[LIC,.---Thudcrsf- ud;; . h, vik studied Under Dr. Sel midi of Charlestn,' Soutti Carolina, and for some yuears Ir assistant in tihe pretice of moedicine and surgery, has tile Ihouor to oflir Iris proieseiunal serviees in this city. He nssure tihe ladies anrd gentlemen than tile Inrnat prompt attention will se Ijsid to the calls wlhielh many he made; and also offera his serviee to the holders of slaves, being well acquainted with thie diseases common to them, having attended them in re sugar IhoIas in Charleston. The i'anroua anli.bilious pills olter tine composition at Professor Smallstten with direetions, can-bo. had lf tie tpdoreiugnod. The effect which they lave produced in this and other cities, hans beesn attended with bthe greatest suncen, to which the beot of references can he given. Apply at No. 166 Maua. lisir street. I- JNO..MLORING. NOTICE-- I'ho purtnershipt of.Kealley, Mason &Co of New Orloan ; Alasmn, Harris &Cio., of Natchez,' old liaris, Kelley &Cb., of Rodney, was dissolved os Je'2lat olfMay last, by the death o1 Samuel A Masu, ane of the partners ot th5ir'us. ' l• n The tnadrrvgrred, oprseingg paitner; wrill be rharged witlh clonjg -edusiu n :rear e s efnlewer LeajriU i. tterrle ln dtaod th cnlesettlsug'cf tile beinene ntestnlln sot.f rie&Onaea-KNebeg 'rd .i crei n,IEd Sr'b ,' .,an, n odney1 ennw d It. etdfi te7 will attd Joam+ hkijag claims will plene o hey s totllqit ty, L"wOnane. Js's7, 1837,,c r ROWANI) ii 'IO I II 1 j*.lrtit k sorn FEVR AND Abila. SEN not yet elapsed lnen it en int reglary submtted to the publio' at i".i] has attained the hilhest reputation; and hb p ~ p plantedevery other medicine for the Ague, wheedv or it ha been known and appreciated. Alreiay I hq it beon carried in every direction throughout It the United States, aml till realizes more than could F have been anticipated by its most sanguine fiiesail. B Thaousands of persons have not onlybeon relieved, but reetored to health and vigor thribgh:its agen. N cy; and they new cheerfully testif., at every opp portunity, to its decided and suprenme effiocne. It is composed of sucb medicinal principles as asare N caleulated to renew the healthy action of the stol. Ih ael, liver, and other important digestive organs1 the loseof which harmony is-the immediate daneo of the diseasee. It is apparent also, that it produ, eas an entire change int the cendition of the mfy*! , and certainly destroys the native'liability to relap. ses of the affection. When the Ague is attended , wth. any other complaint,: the employmert of. tim b Tonie Mi iture will not interfero wiih the treat. e ment of the other disease, but wil even afftrd an. I sietence by furnishing strength and vigor to the . body diring the colrsee of treatment. These who 0 make use of this medicine may be assured that 8 there is no Arsenic, Barks, Merciry, or any othern article in its compoaitiuri unfribnd'y to the human "constitution; being entirely a negetable extroet; e and they may have additional confidence in the nse thereof, when they pereeive that it ins the ef- d feet of a gentle laxative about the time half a bot. i I tie full has beeoon taken-in consoquqnce of which, e there is no part' of the medicine ..dt to linger in the bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of manly of the remedies now offered for time ure of this affection. It has been used also as a preventive, by many who were sub jest to a periodical recurrence of thi Chills, and it ( has invariably warded off the apprehended attack. Observe! The Proprietor, fully satisfied with the unparrallelod and universal uceses which has con. t sntly attended a punctual and regular use of the Tonioe Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, a felk warranted in engaging to refund the pries to all those Who have taken the medicine in strict nc. f cordance with the'prescrihed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly cured. The subscribers are the wholesale Agents for the South Western States,'and have now on hand .six r.ty cases oTthis medicine, which is warranted fresh and genuine. .For salo at the manufactured prices JARVIS & ANIDREW, SWholeeale l)rggists, Snov27 ear Common in Thoaopitoulnl street. SMissassippi, and Lounliaiana Hotel, ,.OVINTONra. t o 11RS. MARY KIIKLAND respectfully an. l nounces to her friends .and the public gone. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at te above esitblishment, and hopes fr'm her i tertions to render visitors comfortable, to receive t continuance of fortmer favors. She fools confi. eont that persons visiting Covington during the ummer months, cannot find better accommodations than site can afford them, on more liberal terms. Hter house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied I with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most clotco liquors, &o. in short,she promises "Iat nothing. shall be wanting on her part to give Btiro eatisfaction to all who may patronize the at HOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCRIEWS, SAD y IRONS, &c. S IIE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Booeekman street, New York, t have received the past season, and are constantly t, receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and d western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of I about 1500 tone, vis, Pots of 22 different sizes, fgom 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fromn 3:8 to 30 gallons, SKclIles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons. BDakpans or Ovens, 7 difb'rent sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do r, Skillet, .. 5 do Flat Spidnrs . a do at Covered Spider., 2 do Orddlos, . - 4 do Fire Dis, . (i de l, Wagon boxes 'rom 1 1.1 to 4 3-4 inches. Cnrt do. 5 to 7 inches. s- Wood Screw., 20.010 gross, iron and brass, from f:8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a supelrior d quality and finish, and Icss than Jaime's imported ,t peicea. Is Sad Irons, asserted, in casks of about 500 lbs for ay retailing. , Tailor's and hattor's Iroba, assorted: s, Sash weights, 100 tons, asaorteld from 1 4.4 to a- 201b>. ag Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. Smade to order, S Also steamboats and other machinery made to as ardor. or The alove assortment of goods is particularly ad recommended to the attention of Southern and n- Western meoreants, and are offered for sale at low 0 prices, and upon the most liberal ternms; it is he. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any oneo establislhment in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can d have a prin*ed circular. with description of goods, prices and terms, from whieh no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. p All orders will receive immediate attention. Now York, 1838. Je3 L IV Glenn's Perfumeries. Iodian Dye, for coloring tie flair; Beor's Oil, ,Russians bear's creese, pomatum, Miehaw'a Feire ale Wash, superior pearl powder, hip white, cream of roses, vegetable rouge, otto of rose, lip salve, kreosote toothlwash, carbonic dentrifice, orange flower water, powder puffs and boxes, American charcpal, neatly put up in four ounce vials, Pres. tnolefsslts,'colgne, kreoeute tootlh achi drops, hair brushbe, E d4li.h dressin'g coenas, Indian hair oil, witll avarietyol othlerperfumeries, de.. For sale by C. J. TRi:INCHARD, o.. 3 rrner r of Ca ni and fluno on Sa " [AlT--I:I ,cSio dlab Russia litn, vaoriou.squnliilea bGroed briii atd low eriown. lsdie flo- nhtilp :it. I.mise, ffor mle ly i IIftllltil. &Coe, cily 131.tlngeiile at ).rLI)UlU 2il latt oilug butt altmin*.et Itute l Rotige,t for sale by G DOltdl', rn7 .44 New l.eye re I oSthubeoribmre; Ageats Ie the ertensive ouse of SW.& S. Butchler, heffield, Enilandl, ave just eeeived a very extensive eet of te' ts, consistingo of Table and Dessert Knives olf o" -e deaeriptietm, Pen, tocket, ,Dirk, and Spear point hilves Rinors, Setis sors, Edelr leoel, &ec. &e. sa. which they are prepared o exnibit to the trale lor unlers. Tartns and ealottiton Nill be madev known ati.te time. mI6 . J. n .13EIN &dACOtE0lFON Common st. . I.OMON, JAR .t w Hore.. - ivioj Shipl ile, Eagle, Ml e, High. anole Felnh erman doublhev lo vingelrk s: sentrbelt and pocket piseris; plaitn, d acrd split eusso tiorep c ape, telerst ais, 'i tazor.., pen. vest illott's eommereial and oilier penS; Vi a; Violin rlgi shell, ivory and hotnie . s wfers; k, besand learlther purss; hair f.eiI l frollt amlt ark rIclt a negro le e; Germen and u Fecnb eologne water, Rowlanls amaeasser oil, imiatloni;do; antilue ail hcars ol,; portable eaks acd dressing eases: plls hlaekiig; statni andl toilet glassea; convex mitros; o0e eat ghumes andt views; lnlitberilo, telanud plumese; eoam eont whit.twine; toilet aie lcan ving soaps; toilet owder, clnmete wash halls; seeioCted satin qualciot1a; necklrruesr; Illtiaritbcllt; pocket books asd walletta; (erman ticee; leilzor trape; fine ttil coamon gum olastia susopndets, garters dot ulles luoh, cr mutchets; el. eerr ~noils; Cryolem, .&. "r. The hvea o iiadd tiou to our fornmer stck of. faune: etieles, makes our :asrttneit very c itiplote. Par eal wholesale or retail; as the sigi of the Glde Coerst, 7a Clilrthei street. -n . i.' 311 Chnrres street, New Orleans.' , l. S;llGGCAN'I'.& Ci .ioeticrvers of French : e'nd En gh1s Chilns .lid l.rtlhe; wiare. are now openlillg now a id~rich put;erais of breakfosts tllning and tea service, toilet sets, pitcheise, te atid elfee cups, teapots, aners, ccrnams, wlees, pl-tis. dishes, tIrees., wassi hasins an. et . faot bllts, ci. etc. tles curt and pluin'French anl Anmrrieoan glss. wnrr-...ohlets, ulampaignes, Irlinadec, jellie,; clarets, ainer,ecurditilyentr. hawlirs doealietel lui biers, prdoervolrihooelrrios, pjlcprbsv loot latipi shade apd gluases, candle shaeJos, salti c.l utver plaiti, brioutd nd triretiat wtrrtes- ac i tors, litqtcr ostcfdv, roelc ltnsbsjs, citbttleirkcccs .hrancIbes, spaoti, lale, goflcaed nts.ti te actate reltoie, laimps japaunoed trvin eatrl stond., ol, hfin isil lanieef, cune rt , ei icbton ailve r tefouitif olid larkbeI, f etfael"l., a rege ,varietylcduv,rlcEh lor',lmtelyet.- Ilitr.hsa., plantere, isc ll is and ateuomtia. ;Thiaholrldcetlbvtpcudet'c tbhe gite vges uts4ca t ip q , / t rt, tnd h.+-oi, jai b;Is be i't1+:c c :- N rttaci rt '$. . ccsl aty. ; t.+ .sir.ctvre ne .by'd et yhu SýI ;IK; liedotton.e~,' or _,ynenj` giatgtg 8 ev t re enl~o~.aitmd 1tItichaoes r1p 6 T Waelii'gtoh't ?" -ý. : Philodeiphia,\ y ale fO~ New Yorkhi., Fa" s ete , or t. . ene• ... o. - t r Mten o thiess ar ofxt ls m Iu o named tCaeing borant a a olmth o.rpersont ahs hth ' utu.o Aido fiant dli se c Rtin erb lhinnm cutono- ls or tlinen hi akil&s Masterse e.els and s Th"TlOTI,-bya cpataiaBasit Iai ! 1 .,indtha Aiv~ or. lodu/t , r e ng rrhonrjt i dothelvadrtonaaserlttee u wm tourtT tv 1t nito make .a..ttenr ~-1' ,h aorulg n-bsh nn i ny Null cWuiipaikie eer, by ttaat ý tarbn~i p tang2 an. 9 CuuaniayaTh, or 5 Wnter athinqaaýjla1J .Vls I 4o 1. e unde- i firom ol l t dissolhed. 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