Newspaper of True American, November 23, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 23, 1839 Page 4
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In lin rtlctisn, tIn Forlinon, gem 1¶nantoylfar matsosnil t *tter stalv of fane oihe e n ofthea golden ."lit s u de' ave re.ha idonea stick onhand,a full of articlsin their line; viz: ,-brushe, locking glaes, tas nrllown: wri glit nd plain tuck,twist, IN 'mg, side puff, erl and description amongst ivory combs ef every -acket, together with a Ainerteon. SLdvotfiler, Florido, honey, fer of every size and de ee l s, at `lextnracto f Bargennut, Sndoi ahaig do iofoake. and pots, tn et i s oeable hai ll haers 0and a. t ean l ll dt, pliian ndipeorfumlied .a t i;ire} Jpinlaserpiffra andbxean pPo ainl wit h e n nl asrtment ofen f )o.o g alahs ,latenl fed emot fahinan da ' ad eagofwhle and red cornelisn, topa. lt I~taiprime o g breast pbls ofa grey, ' . .vpl r vim ariCmi9 ¢ gilt and alive" .acles, stiver tiltesiyn l .apt tells and guard lchoins flit n i r, hIgUt:t du c rute [t,hearth,iloor, eombb,:Nail, shaving, sliee andu A E erman stet and toilet !w , sei gaaad .)rerbioh dreosiig glassas, hoboe .sq vw r la fthf kindt not ennmerated. cY*I . TY' ARTICLES--French - dl'ea a "atnid dressing eases, somelo h,.0 la tie leod ladies work boxs dree aiacases witla withot mnusic. eureical boxes. Ac tdape a t fois kinds, violilns tl guoitaro, silver and ptdsne I Pean leadlawod p~entila for loarprnters and onyyt kmasl scygun u. ldpistols with nnd without eSaes, Pereeef n talposii, lpreisio cap chargers, nipple sorew, Asenlpo, .tbelt-name hu0gs paste ni hlacki,, toy ten e hIndia, ids olevery kind, bells sad lotdines onesad ceintauon ynives, razors nod acissore, siuioles, [iltoPif.allver plai.ted, Steel and .oooun apiete 14eas3 ,ýl] wallet of various kilnds, vasiting ca.e sd':n d aeseo ilaying cards of Frenclh, German -.- a, Ilsnuas ctune", dolls il.mitation fruit, saaun boa r, pn . lf Vafiaon kinis Saund.ers' Pomaroy's, p I -mnl.reost n· i ,ail aa aaIdllawkioi, ranne nirsins and i aif lia luaen ' d rljn fancy benad aecklaces, do with tor etony watlhebs, pea.ibutto w, poder Caks, elt ind w inlain.uaiedlhoaa gilt ani silver do, gum elastie susen- i eeand 'gaalterntalnnand sword canes, baekganaunon !aeads, iieeapicea viennea, jewehnrpe, locofoco iatch I nso and drislnn cupn with a great varieoy n iither ane ean, allfih Li e sold for cah or cyee I 'ee.l, llh2nitlhoi dit. I' I n110 & o. S70lhurtressb it · ~ ~ ----- ·----- hi T11JILY It LE. U ci, No 3 liagzhtie street, or hi * .rnow reeeiviag omls ships Naslhille, I.ouisvile, e Kdhjsenu1, LagI.tanil other late ranivds IreneI :.l;e S:.theorn itiea, a larnge ant tow seletedl assortment S l.ida, Do~Its, shoes nod Brognlanls, rnalitinig ofgen*tlese's fine caln fnod l'roeeo botss 'to Ol qualiti; do buff'dl, t satout wax pegged boons o narimolal lalties; metn's fie call seanl aiid Moruten ehe. Innipaani ani brogas, buckskin shoeos, broggaas oun lI t'teaa nu'a'fiane calf ntil kippell pege I loesln l -n I agltm; dio boots; do sItut kip iland wax pegged slhoes D a broga.s; gsttlemen's best quality calfsewed solves, I tgana anld Jack DIownings; tdo calf nil Mlolrocco 5,4akle she anal irogins; do cTdf, seal il Manroeeni eI * lisan snhonsmandsipt-s, do enlf, bufh" anu seat wng; nil s.ew ai i le; do flia call, seel uid moroco eqlirti at als; h.a.', misses'ami chaildren's pegged aud sol.ed oogsns, ail steof every iliinlity tiniul kind. Also a general asortment o meo 's stinlt wax and - ritt irogans and skorae, to-ethoer wilth 10,l loir h t:grio nIt oqualhy, russeit brogans, i:lilell ii t I .ik, madeinexlredy for lliotationu uae; a good as.Ii I trmelll of tmellS Bnfine a stoit etiei rissrll Ilthrfsf Iutii o w article, iand alige quancity of an ilnrior qualist r suet IIeIntd a brog.ts. o t Ltiliea' fine calf, seal, mormeeo rill grait welta, and l pnmp sole slhoes; do title Fteach Mitoloocao sd kid 'lll hlt ',olt slppeis; dio orean shoes, witt and withhout lteel " h I. calf, eal aiid MouI leather bootees; do Pruiclla tehl , oail kianls aol qlulities; u; toigaiter- tn Sa id tbnedl bootees, Miese'lastingspllrilngl sllesail i -galin. Cbillein's nolored Molcoo and latting he-t - ° l. anult b5otl, e. .ientlen nit's finefuaihonaille black silk halts dl thick tn Il dral beaver do "ft a superior quality; tdo iitatioo Il ram do; Inocad ant narrow brim men's fine drab ,cd i oh tlssin dsort iel .l Ihtst ae n tew atcle. outitts" 1.1 ;e size Iisl of dilttcrentemicaitics; do ehihlcre'e. .\ "n,' ml nlda d' bldtck atl dumbh wool hiats of variolus slh pcs. with general issortueut of boys' hoad ciut's Id! sals. , 't Is assnOintent will be repllenishedl b tlo arrivtl of - n'h inauktnslrem teim soae lnamed cities, all of which , il be sold en aeommodalting lerls, aoll I--If ~-'- ~ - - . u m se aununr onaung termrs. alti I-It MlOLLOW WARE. WOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. I 'IIE HIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. SL 38 Water, near Boekman street, New York, have received the past season, and are corrslantly aeceiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which nosi consists of the ollowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. hollow were of suporior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons,viz, Pots o0122 different sines, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettllesi, 15 sies, from 3:8 to 18 gallons BIakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, G do Skillots, . 5 do Flat Spiders . do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . do W agn boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. IVood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from B:8 inch, No: 3 to 3:9 -inch, No, 24 of a rsperior quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported peries. Bad Irone, asserted, in casks of about 500 lbs for rttailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. eBa.u weights, 100 tonis, asaorted from 1 4-4 to Dells for Pl'matatious, steasmbeats, churches, &c. made to order, Also steasabeats and other machinery made to .rder, The abeovo assortsment of goods is particularly rcegqnmended to the attentl:o, of' Southern and VWlstern morchlants, and are ofibred for stle at low pri-es, and upon the most liberal terls ;it is be. lieved to be thle largest and best assortmeet ever offered for sale by aLy one establie-llenC t in the Unlted States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by lmail. can have a prin',:d circular. with deacriptron of goods, 2ricesand termas, f-omn which no deviation is ever sade, famrnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. Jr3 " RON,STEEL& HEAVY tiOOl)S--lis, square . .sal bundle iron, well assorted. JJmp, sreIl arid rod iron, rail rodrs ald plough Clst, Germa shear, a liaiervd, spring, sheet and Cruslsa steel S ldo4row cre .nut and wrought callrand s tikes S. siq.cllock. tiqs mill ndel grl sttieo, sail kettles l6swn, alies, ancammnr, hes OlS, h'gl d trace tldaLe,l ctrn mills Anlils,sircs, ilasnersliid brllows L -Wire, ls-etl,i anti bar leli slieot .. sal, rall eooknlng sloves .., Iowlwald' anid oler spades rndl shovels ik d pi.itle hinges, door anil wnldos, hooks ".' Itullla Hont Sreepso and oether sars, I'r'al sa·irti ilrl erolrdatge, lines lad twlin Itll snt sabd slt.i.eolslrr; Navaol stores . " s 1 tirefisl riol sierm oil A fnoltuenortmtt oa Ir asdore and ship r handlery, sessllsn armrllelnt ihialnrse efr.ed f;r iale at whole . ulel.r Ieflts!i e rtose fiavorable tc, a.e, by S.e L- 'AY'fO N k Con 531 Ola Levee. NMK Wc-.inatcs !fart & eilrr now'r 'csalvng gent e beard slnips YaIzo, amni Saratoga &ornr New eork, a great variety of Swhich together with ltheir formr | their uamrtr entverva , plete. s tvla: i ellrifts, , v .5r:de., SIteu do trafl detwriptious, In. , woloteil elaotie girtrec, commea & ed dýe nn s cioilci ower, YiLeet 5er hllt p ý ts ,s; eh1 pearl, qard' l orwaaeuspti read, bead charge, bead wplan d'lverart gilst eds, uo ol, pke and dueoing St s i thin , s tier nlinaaBle g.od t" gloating ,ruehas, Cologne, r 'ras. a ed (ssre ,; ý d ptiua toneirtlpsr of isllcen ter. o , w1 Arid fan, tgurdr, coates 'in '1 ' wekta, t ltr er, ap rayr and s, el s ts hairp in. ialrtioii fatroll y~ V wdkiti cauesplaywg at ds, Al .efrdgiirjýnsotlry &c. reeetbrtlt s variety ofother sarti Ii sden reo retail on s]ssrenwnl aniag .. 1 eb ,mn'osln .4 a' & -" ld fS t , d0r4•m1 . ... . i,`,' ai thri.we rl mini swrrbles -e i't :eeIe Wed y ano e Ano tico, rdd `r verd antique, Ue - . itst I tn dr a a or, d, rve rtorudelo i, cn t ott u s thelan Whitel eat th bick aotnaple or Black Siilna ant Itraptitos let hose Wool., A neri+nl (Crey e Mwe w th ry ho craety la toa Ce r Sci on.nlr So he seen at the sv(p. .xherit. ils, an. cal :atiuish, kes. 1 ae it ldlor in salt ANDREW ,MITII & CO;, respetfuily intjor , their s 'rieds and the r v , blic in , e di r,, thrtt I:- they occupy thle new brick shop, o19 Tc houpitoulas nstreet, where they keep onstalytly on hand Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Warr, of every description, nuch as copper stills, kes, alle d p e...s titc , til b . o ing ttbs, and dil cans, of all arts and slzts, and all i octher ibrtas casting daone at sltArtet s!tican : Grate Iers of every doecriptiua, ostch as steam. , boat satirrlpl hag chains, sr1wl bshalt, l1d othel kind oiatealllbrat worti, uc a acs ehitniays, breach.l ra o, stenlo pipes. at 'hey sill alo do all kinds of out door wors;, such a zirne, copper and till r,.tiog tanl gutteriny, s&re. They .I, Onl anld all tr kndse oa work in their line ot buranas, the y will execute at the , slrtesl t nnltice. dtrl.27 hegs to cxpres his N r iC:lul thnks o the pw ihn far thle liberal suppor C he has 1Leeeived since tt' e ll elc,"d l is es, to 4 t l.o , i uc e e sle p.o itpretre f the reed rstor, 17 C.imend t r, t u I., not aneid e llre s atst i a:.y isiarll fh I ell sta VenlIdter; ill l teer is lie tll. t, a lt Icot 's'l l a h r·e ill tills ,eltt rL'-o l bt lie tostscstl he public Ihtl Il Oret, l-es i sryodepatot'at t,, o the eeedkbest.t a, ntea, it the dltl ltetrt c tltltrlts ,t ' :,lrtetp nor rtq ,,I 'u tlttin't'tally h.'r-je illts;tir laae. lW. i,,,. rl 1I"r -d-, ,r l unto, .r. frotllthe aoot exatenrsio and tir. wi e rlle , t rollrtly asett.e i Jut. IeFrat i l s Ltd It rte iv.. i ,d i ta I, O :rIn. estec, Iorgear ivAlseof tvery i aAripatt, realvly re C dr,lht lll ; ,I 1 ;133 Ii tlso, en raft'h frs t i re s, i oil urtlln ll nld pI 'ur , y .o y lar lcle intie reed lill.., o ge Uo aO iu.eaI ty, anl iporptedl direct by -- - --ct Ei lrIIIE We. lINN. Srt, enre, Ntw Orleans. " .M. sI:IIGEpANT1 & C'h. hr ,ers of Frenchct alr t tnd I'Jala Chilla ril lhe.rltr tatare, rer nowt, Ic t ntllg et a d ra ch t.,ttororr Itt" hre lf,, - dining tnad tea services, tuilul seta, litchrt tea -nd coffee cups, stapots, agors, cre h,,l/I bowle h plates, dishes, asserts, watob basics and ewet b toot bsohc, etc. e.. Riah cut aod plain French and Amnriran glass. ware-gaotlets; e-dkarpaigner, lemonades, jellies, clarets, w.nae, cordials, celertrtt teae, rldaeantera, run blers preserve d ishes, releries, pirtthers, laapsto, sitp siradae and glasses, carlldle shadoe solt cel- p era., eC", Silver plasted, krnnzed and brilania wsree-reao orsa, liqutr stands, caoe 'askelse, cnd,ltslits, - bronches, sl(lllllt slatdlestt.ulrsLIlltnd Itlot 1,, crealnes. Illtlpa japanned treae, aetral stand., and hn:lging iatttit, tine cutllery, fUertaat silver .o.pots and trk, Iolgetlher wit a grealt vnrie ttyr,tclr.r our firmly use. isrlehanlta, planter,'htrt, Is, and It slteal.b ols,l faresihed w;ll goollsl ati the h ot rea sonable prices, a onakel et as to a covebd La wllth atety t tany part trf I, ettn'ry. v Also, nlll(wtateoorrrselnSaoes n$,. P. a L SSEtOicdbt, No 4 Cande slrte, t, between t It Dal Jain and SI i'hilip, kee..t eonslalltly on halld attt an extensive itrrnratllrn l ofolets tiltl brll lPogs, and seher,Iu aNcw Yorkt Ilrnlllfdcllre, lr IIttw. Wlerr oh llIol children of all e, at wltclt !Itc will dispose of be at very llOderae prices.o Families of his nlcrirtlenre on seldingn. all nrper will thne tlhir wishea ..t.e.ndlto a . S SEi:OURi P0 COAL -- shsllte rttles". hte e ctac ,,th t ly IttI hand a largc supply ict Cael and Liveroloal co l, In I ulo, f sai rt-ior quaility, wti, • tle) fl'tr forr sal,"in llors tt su eh purrh..arra. so Also, expertett b thle lirsl rrivals froe Eaeg t lsn: and lthe North, C:nn I, Lehigh and P'eachtt' hlhllendas cxpersly lur Incltily usy--all of ehlich Ot they will dlispose I oa Ills te omtoI at tritse tftarms ot Ortdrs left at their oftce, Nt, 53 Itietvillr st. C sp stairs, will he prollllllv altlndted tt ,, t _°t3 Ii &AtnSOtfLtI, I u WVILLIAM 11. CARN.s, FUIRNIIURE WAREIIOUSE, No. BIENoVILLE STREET. To' Country Melchants and Pltnte~or . Negr rocths,blankets, flnonl, lins. s, Iwell shirliU, chiecksi, line.ns. coliicuc, handl erchiefO t &. &c received and lur srlc Iow by the rubscri. be:s. ROTTA & Co. Oat. rorner Canal and Coaltres it *I\flE eubecrihers, Agents for the extensive [loose of V. & S. Butchcr, S.cflieold, Oeomod, hnve julst -eceivad o very extensive set of I' n, Rts, onsistino of lTable and )erssert Knivesf o' ,.-', decripltion, PLeo, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear poinot lo.nlveC; Razors, Slis. tort, Ede 'lootl, & e. &c. e which they are prepored o exhibit to the trade tororders. 'lerms and cooditiont will be amdo known at tihe time. l16 J.)I. BEIN & A COIIEN .90 Common st. N Torik 44 h altimore Packets FOR NF'W YORK. .MES' LINE OF I'ACKE'l-To sail every - 1 nor t.,nouv. lis il ioits enO.ipOel of s xeh.i t i i: .hip t IC'aoBh, Cpcoo ii(looker, Nov. .bith r tr rtc lar, totio ,, Ai notae.,, ) A'- ,ttl. Ja.ia lt, 0, . tt.I.E, - Mocotl, ,, olth SAL CA,,a, -- lry, 'h. 3d T'lhe lnblle irhljs lire of the firl hiss, i uertsli nnld eip o'rfesleled, eid lvil o cl e I:tle Itn RNew york exprerl, lt Ir is Irl, l,--tlne. erre of ii.t.l 01.0u-ht of wat-fted alnost itvnritolt tcrons tie oer aithot.tn10 IdtntMioo. 'I iCes, oioic ore or ocamooio d Il nterl lttit, tllhe * to v Ce lnecolon,ioti ft, t ill et s Ii Irv. wed il "and down the rivr, sm a lis "l ;lt)atlr . sl a s ad.i sorti rd. T ies have lhanntllelc fultlr.sed nceronllnldtins,n Tndoe.tits of the irotq ualit oill ainvao ,oe iur int.l, d nlld ev .lv nitletllthilO oodt t"ion cufli and ao. fail liot olioacssoge, Tl'e riert of cabtin Iros o is fixete t $ n, witahout wine or liquor. For famtler p nrtieulars batliv too 1or A CORIE Nn, 90 Conlllin st hollw nestr l on r h dllll o toe, of'ti0 , or a rust ill,hos or eret, olr restl C silie l r itlv tuckoae or parcel !fi tll...r .- lltrl i-hll ,oildoil a.n ,ri thi rer. a NEW ORLEANS iron IAL'I'IlORE LINE u1 PACKET'S. This line will consist of tit following vessela whic, bave been built or purcchased xpressly lt the trade, via: Ship SePaman, Capt. Miner, b Brk Mary, " Niekreaon, Irad ",lrry, now " itnoo,, ' P " Sullnon c ullus, taLthtall, Brig Arclitect, i CGray. Tbhae veaels are of the first alass, haro hand. some furniahed icconmmdations, and are ofo light draft of water, so as to adoit aof their reeivtg nd the dichltarging tlheir cargoes itt tlotioiioie, 0t the eity. Freight will be taken for ports on tie Cheaaperke or Jatmes' River, and firwarded by t,, agents, Mossara. CLARKE & KELLI)GG at Iantinuore; expenses on goodls shipped will be adcvat-ed when required. The price of Ipassago m fixt d at #60, aitple stores ofItho b at quitiy will be, provided. r Staam up atd down thu Miaiaalippi will be taken, on all ccasious. at Forfreight or passage, apply to n GEO. BEDFORD, i no1 22 I Bienville at. rin LAW-YERS--A naew sppl+y of the 'fotlowing S taundard Fenih Ianw Bouk, JIst received " Rogron,5 Coles unn,,nCs, I vol DIurnotu,Courn ,ti drui raaueais, I volte 'Iroplong, Ventl I sol 'l'uullier, iriolt Civil froocani, t0 vdet Pcilltel. DLrot Civil, 2 vlla 1 hangr, t, Soal tIe (omilaerae, I nol Ntve.Au Forlnulairo duc Neterait, I vol E JOIIN.3 & Co, N OUlationara' Hail, all corner StCharlei and Coniioiioo at1 hATEST PUiLICAIIONSI II' l HE D e ei o Dnr tt,2 tule, by the authobur of tIhe II Gay livrer, eta sit Sau Otrrellth ItIe (ilpsy~ Mther, by the authlor of tile |I'rioee cnd the Pedlalr al Adveottrea of ll Attorp,,y ia.eielh of pretatie, by the e ehllt.'fllr ofhe A of a Geennlcomot ill e.erchI de: iitofI d n h o ovulivteo tiehle,, Nictleby,. N ,. all other new nov ols, I oricle by EJOIINS i& I',, Statlioner'' hlil, i ' comer t'l Cha:lt,'and Crm,ni il, tear oas tiTAT$ (0FLOU1iM : Pasrish of Orlwca Feam B douit of Pricbae,. S o't all alwhon thlse presents may concern Know ye, that wheres Williiam Mackey, a tee s ide rot oi the city of Nlvavolle, iy., aap i' d t ' tlte Rgirtl'r "ofWil p, inl and for the parns. & eil\ o, New Orch r, aIol ett afici Clerk of the Cotor ' Probalera, in and fur the Pariah and ciiy lt New Orlennt, alnr, said. for a MONITION or c\DVERI 'I'ISE\MEN'I', in conformity to ihe Act iof Ih Legislature of the State a n:lled , All ae for cIte ouriher ctauranee oi sitlea t Ipurchasertr at Judicil Saloe0" a cpproved IOt of March, 1834, notice ic hereby given to all wihola t tmay coecern that by virtue o, N and inl bediicnce cc at ordrc of sale Inro. said coura of Irocbsaesl , in and for te parihl nl ad city oI Nrw Oilrans, codrs4 tifo tlcotird day o3 oils- April, one thousanod eight hundred an Il hdire eihl o an d re nderid in tlei nIta iel of li e tn aIr on aroju., S- ' orl"f te chre ordlsr t said meosIre ta illl 1ia nf Sll;ai ril Cx, de, lased, whic orrder Sla. O c .c anll c oigrltrl tel pur nlt ct lcli ledliltern acti pr f a meetng ofi th erriedl c es I the dee t del Sdoly held ad" c'nveed o tc " h"'"rd dy o3 atEhi rtlc. eccct, steihtctn ilunldlr ed and tittrcv igl c t |,Ic e I all B. . C-rlie, ILaq. Nolaryl IPilic,'ac d acls, aC", ie !al and Iseal pcc il ca tic had c e a I c artion am t r I \ I t all c, r stie , " puc li thec 0accI c i dre nilith day fI Als', ti ne t iccun Cn l c. r;' l hun tlll'r and Isltiitt. i elro tIlr ttellll ill thc e olureo.ea, s c l the lrt,, ciccci' .c;i Cn o , tdee, :he a nidet pr '1pe ti r ic i ni il deacit - rill yr , wns ndj'h inntrd r i .tlo o.r'llIte I .a neLr as tiec Icz Lnd cc iheat hhticir 5c lc'tos I,, c it t ocal arl e 'i e ianclld duII c af seav lle ia IIthU I t. All.c l. U rL<tr ;llll ul iL e l it r ie cio' c vg en inll Ic e J ludc, Il isccpccccc ocinAei c eda e Ail aldo Pin cc.lacr t 'lo re c'a;n los ,- Cfngte at s .lhrs with ila e bui Ills i ce allt l i ol)rcl, ir ocit,.ril, i td ni l filea iriyht e, pIc ir l U Ct rllcc A S 8 . ', a ur'il IVIIIIcnFIo f Ic F ltcnihtIcci nl I b - it'e dlo c'ilcrc ci n cc vel "I Vi tie n ctptc tctt', sl cituat inc tcce II I sumrh .. c\la .'., cccit cc 'A i cethe I qu re Olind, O ci c la t ih p tal nsr l aj:I lin u . tlt verr, a nd C . In oicatr c-.ohaewei d icccnnre ae lhe ltcca lean etc litc 111 I -1 ra1 on i 11d 111 I' lnyl: l s ltree Iy sFixtre lhck rcl" , cit c Ic ci e l ltni . chc l c ildIn c ic c l c de ii, lte twe oll otr cl ts ic it. ic.ic(s, i tis lcnl tccmcrccsor S'n'erma--,nie aod three vearw crladr, fr apicrl. l vd hc'dorsl cd Inotae icurrd bcyo eptaci'l o rcI.0ie ua. i fillti psal,, ' . dafand hu11 t enrlrin.+ hertl drneirlbt, 'Olee lle i lhr1 l ly ic c s a ai ' tis aliicricr ju i tn g ler on. r,, .,'" t d, ind I.,lr l her which r lh l wle rwle, fi e, ,° a n r t lr d ,il) in the fapasrd iccnts or is (( ia ead nrllsen l inl ime aillld manlen ller o oe rIt hP+ lr ny adler euseor deleetw orvcr are | re. 'a WVitnea ctly head and tihe asal of said Court of 'robater, his acnd dcay oI'l,, A. D). 1039., [L. Sj W.e'. C. 'PLESSIS, c Cmay 104 aina RrgcItIllrf WilE . s ' TUE FLu1IlUA LIA'E - ii1 gof a "ro... Mbcc ile ito Augusta,Oco m, Iu ircoes lobile every c iy et threep r cd forllill's Lodtolng, above iliokely.--lhcrae four post "elraall c tot Pe tcsacr.--t renc beealllthos 10 to d L.'d&runoe, wlrre cicealso rote iscrcumeod-thenie e via ,co. ic na and lirownevillc c l. ir i abtidgl ic Plllder'o]. n,. II nw!:ine villa. $a undersvie &. Luu.. . o 'ii llic ctgl slr.,;o, . cllllcercing reculnrl sil . ci packet- o!r, ow York, Nirictil, 'tliladric lti o, etc. F ;d 'i'lcste llct cbo at ore t csi aacl for tl e ervic, cod i c clle nlcvig;llio l preetls Rlare advani c to lthan cea rt c I" be Ioulnd upon l ally s lit a bual ruUte inl te sa, u th. r 'lhe great improvement ca il cit roehtc Iav e "en R procuc.edb) ithee ctruction ofl liftv co tits 'l cwo f l'd,y by tih prlrilor c, viz : alromiGrConce o I.:lla ttec Ilavou, ton arm of Sunoe Rosa £Lcy, to 55 S ltryaect'c Ferry, n:t Lthe C lhtacltrcho 0 ittr, 1el Ott / ilhs abovehete C,,vhl.rd. or 14 above Ceder [fl i r wherulby tiche ravialncon OI tlis river, and ite co. 0 i sc'tqulc l dolellli) s, lld I1)tcr rc'ellcl i lte incrll r tver ntlll crllos ir l nt tile Ccoc'|,rcc, alre l' tirt c ui' cocidled, oan a fl'a rtoad from a rtartcacM dlrectet I, Ilainlridci e, illslcad el Ilt e rclendu bo ut road via e C hau l iah o rutl e e . le s++rs ilr tlh d islar e e n lblu fl rl vy fla ilesa0 a.ld JI:rc.caLicg ihe faclit- e s i mllore hn1 t olle adev six Al.r t ocrinn ch it. of awo irsc tsceocsever ti otler d c.y ,II 11 it kici.o v le, via Parry .i ,u lit. ccccccc'i 'ig c icg l the i u iC Veallc aOnllc l c I irieH, (;di. A Iiiii BstP imc acol sli a regu'tarlv' ccc'' l .niubc idge cisdA lt c ir ula. '"ceriv.l c r": cishic' to ea ch' an iccicoti o i ChtcaIn cc ce or A',ala.. - c ca, 'an tackce atI c no . ci t ci l i tftt ' .w -lie i tics, ,.. l ie to 1',"naun ne, -1 and Ro n'e--l) uri ng he tillllt oceupcrl iy Itl a r, palrs 1 toat, tshe proir r. crs ca tie I"hicnrcl clce cciill run a line o hu cc r carte poet cc.nchcs cvery ulher day bctwee tlce Mu0 i Hlilt' and ['ctln aet"l n.n £' * accciil lave t icc .ile i at 3 cc.lrhitc Vc in che U ct' m o bl allc oand prtoccl r Itc ll'L od- . n, wrherer a iour hire, coaeclh will I s IIF i'i; S ' convey limit II llir ex';client luud . o f l I. Cha rles Ii ca sict acc aln c tln tcctct or thie nicgt- Ic" ovlng coat ttitarcicg, tihey cii otoise in to 'esasaccicocka jar c tics eccoioe,, tihus aveiliog tic dcscoiort ci No. I- l i ; , t rl t v rl l l n t , N o . O;lico act ihc 'ilansion liiuseC , fltcii., aned C0'. II lins' |lolel, I'cns31.olll, -here era's uIlsI lbe teue Sll I red. ici UhIC'ITON & l.. nov 1 ,,.1.,.......... .... .. ----- Ihr.? -1 V '" " - i: 1'RIJ..I:S'lS -T -''Shcri-i, i.ha.virg ll ly .ra,. V hli:bed a ,tll'lJ. i( annufnetorv in ,ew r arlcan,, is freadv to supply th. Initersad tle plrbli ii ger.err, byx hlesle e retail. I ire prices are rtdoretlle, ad f thle quality i.f hie lrloetal suparier fany ever Ibrlought i tlt iplro:e. 'l'ho geatelenrt ertpltlir toAsulerintLed if tle rnnianltfarr lhnas been at h. . Iad oid fi extelsive establisetenct t fthis kilt i :urtpe 'I hltrer dipus.erd Ito all at he orr il'Nitehez ited oTchnultit virs eta, J srall albepresrentd witl a fair s.auple ofay vairnis tlsr y la r wish to A try. AIraCr thle rarneail are thle oath N,I tiarrated lr t cta in uven in liaon eater. Thr hlaek arliesl fir irflres lld ,eam Iroe cltilnies. lThe transparrent varnish witholll seril, & Ie. ng IIIOItNNA BlEI., P·'OR N EW YORK. S[Louirianoa and New York of Packtao] ' IItei Ships emepni.ilt this line will sail frirolt naNev Otrlorey ln Now Y ork ote vera otlher 3r1i day..-ota lrilllnig inl.ithe '2011 Novmur -a ir- a ind IaI iusuria le ruacturalaity the ltimo aatiii g, tire lin. will hrerualtar consisti oaff, slhipls, viz: Ship TYazuo, C;iptain l'rask, to lleave o tihe 20th NSovelllectr. SShip. ,rtiuivdit, Captain l'anier, to icave enr the k4oth 1,linraeinlr. wShip Ilultsavitle, Captain lodridge, to leave on tihe eSth l)to ce tuber r. Shlip Vicksburg, Captain Waoor.ourec to leave on thir 1st Jrurary. Ship M rississippir, Captairt Ltaao, to. leave on the 15tl of Jaonrary. a Tie abnove are all inew, of ftle first class, copper di arnd coaiper fralocol, aod r ,pwardsr of 5!0 tons brirtllae, are of light drauglht of water, beinig built itr New York elressrly lirr thie tr.itl. Trhe price r a p:iessage is fixed at 100 dollars: thrrir eabin"s ar fittedo u in tile io ast intprevid and caeonniant plan, sand finished iu a neat anrd elegant style - Atple stores of the first quality will Ie provided, and every rgarrd paid to the cualfort andl entire satisfaction ol 0 sinaagerse who will peasre lake rno. I teu that no bertlh can be secured until paid for at tire Alfeao of tire carerigneen. latoe vesseam ear coTimtrr ndedr by captais well exierierced in thl e irade, who wilt give every at Stetirion tnd axert tlelllaclves to acalutorraalta. Theyt will at all tiRies bi towed up Jnd cowrn tlb e i Miasi. sirppi by etcaorlbats, and tIe etrictest punctuality observud it tire liOane of sailing. Trea owners of these ships will not be rosponi. I bl frar any letler, oarcel or packagn , sent by ort lint on boarl of theml, unla s a regular bill or lading1 be.siglond tharoilor, at the counting Iouna of tire agenrt or owuerir . For furtlrer particulars apply to J D BEIN d& A COHEN, I Iovl l 9 0 C U lu Iu U let I NEW ORl FANS & CIIARIl,F:S'rON PACKF'IF I l'his litne c lltats io f luur verleeal .a I t tihei first ct.r, rrtperr .ald dopperei ist.1 rnr.l, anrd of aetvut 20 ions hurtheon I wit It nattdtatii fcerytt tndai-ll.t ln fatr icnogers. 1 Tilt cc t. searto .rc cuntforarrted biy capfuui tenal.-t r.Ir lrllCrto i tile ttai l, Wir rilt give every at. P sthipper.. 'Iaraev till ho trowed rat and dawnither P NlrtasaiPilpi, and larva Nrw Orlran ti cair beforeire tire Oii nad I or or every mouaarrth. TAhe fulluwiugp k Ilrit Arabian5Charle CG rJon, master. l tlirt C ripmnu,J. B. Thotrpsoter rasntrr. g Brig Aitteals, J. Doane, anister. Bark Ragrr iHiltanis, J. Atliherr nimaser. l Fr treighl or parsase, aoplv Ito . A. IBARELLI & C,), 61 Caotoon et. Naew Ollease, or Ml. C vv MNrdreoiChI rl aton, oct I hl LOIt0ttIANA ei FURNITURN, WAEfROOMSl cr No.r53, Bienvilte street. 3 .l.IahM P.. CARINES, wonlI respectfully ian J • ferm hir friilaatl and Itt uliIe thai ie is con tarlitlv reeaivilrg firolnrt NeaW rtkn rrsori lie{i a eOod aseoriltrct ofFurfiturer suchl e martttgay chairs,_ OfaLe, I ed steensa nitlle anrd Itlo'nted ll irs, iraple. andot dielrv hdliterri', malhuit:ory alid chers' tablIes tofll d o " ..,l w. i!-ilr.:. e I: Iu ' lln ah llN a ly i.u d c h e rry, W.e a l l a'and6t Iot kirng ,.!i, t , critla- ss, a ddiate, ec. &e. In r: NB. Furnitrle packed ftr fran-:fortiaioo with realt' cs care. a eyl - am JuarPURI sIlzEDfidyMhrTRxEotT Pi:afLTS The fl t Ediion of n- ROWLE'TS TAmIIE OF lN'iTIR.STr 17h1li0 l ii is able surd an Average :l'ime Caleula te- or, or ensy'tnrthndsl fore flldling the ave'ltgntime iti smoage, lotes of handI or bills of gools, a hbctrntn. rehaon at Ilitrlrrt dates, ti I;fh reailt eledit!s, lwilt I r ,vnrrnuoanroenr . Io n.resm oua..l rfl Irl ponpleo iSatkitig "hrt'line 'fa' le, tile est r hat tit ior tontrivedi (r thiat fi. e .i goresan rrlr rllace writlri the trastr cor!leorr d compatlaI R ullrd iz e-ftnl' .lie. tfrr All ar:vertielnentl in therbook is iq nearly lihe follow. Ira ingwtsrs: cll Thie Ihigh distilrtion itis work Itra rereived tlrougll etime teln legilhltnve sCt, prefirxed a tohe title parie, s isae ty rronmeat;.tion ill itsel; !r o llt l nr o llnr r,, i a 1so er1trlll ar sive, itr I nuthig iI nresslry iaorle Iharn Iy ray of all rlld ienistnller, to r ivrr errrr lloa vir'r ofautra of its pr= erliritir:asrr for illst ltror e, tile r ntlurl I:as belool conllla . rt ell ton,ralld olio tared wir, whrt is orlrivaloala tort-. tar brarrarrietlrfiahrlarOrer eoarlrreritl ir tiepres ttinl, IrO n Inert tarra .nryjr ell tIaa l fivt e tileullm a an rIii. ed I ll i r t,'e rl tre I ts teilite d hirlv ,-onelifeI~ ess Criuml all whih~l it lMislt be rieblei "d " .lilt Ie arfeli O trihe skl,tic (eacirlr yel o llr the r sr l ofirte Irre 1a,,it,' 7,'o,., ,, Iv' rle e) . lthat the . ..k . ..lst IN m ,ilh I"= ectintally iei nble, anl iu co nftrmatn ol'this uliafa +, l preiillUlll lolf I lildred a llllla t, i l n tlet rli- ell f'l"l'lhe 'eletethiolulfan erlrorlOfteelnl in dr. ICeselr rr trfirh editin, as lexIrrissred ir the IrrCflCu, rrkrhig frve r lrr lir.eer.r nirlrs itheaed for the r lalu ri. r ror nirreao lirltst ,Ia,.pl~icatlioll in the % nr 1803. r lt r Ofe rtr" mnor t eannrpicarrrr frrrrrrerfl (tire tatrhir is ot i r nine alrllllri r llt l' I 'l'ie aro d Arm. m.,, which the ril ex ,ediih 9,us, i'oe e cl uiil crspleuilv whhihf itl it! oft he sile .ildl iimhrx, t'ili 1 be e icej ted; ad flit sath yI anul ease whh wlitiul ile in:vlsl conl ei follll l to Ilic txaer Of g.l"il br.illrr ir....nlhr drr i am I I it.eill a ml o vllee lllc errrira asrtirrt i (rr esllll a litriton i llr rfrrr rfrlia e rrpl n pat orir harire satar¢3 rrri riiirrrr ru li Ofcrr h rrrerrirrri rrrr of trre rsrrork, it raenrkl rrrrtrtrrgtrarrirrrd(horonrrrberori rrlrrrpelrlhr "f ' l " Iier , Irm Il tirrconrrrerrrg ithe infltlhl ilhvy of flle Iiethod origih ll y l in S rellllllrilrtthle UworkL Iad tihe urllbel ai I o' a l. "0,0 ithe x nu,.=U l n;, s, too tests o l' ur-edton it larlsr rrs ei lrlt r 'r, rtss, colr ilIrstrl*lilrlrtr le wholeis ir estrrr rr Irrfr"t e lr olc ei Ir1e l i t.sI irriorl aorr rlea.y rd n Iluthe has utle, lla Ipa ei I 1 lsty le "he Sl Ost wmldenrftl honk alt th~e ','s k;" mst cer ' a v ir nwaImorrrL Ic:llln RmIIafrce or.Lofl'r sfloar l elt, teV+'ll sOlve thle bghnii, I d st int ll' Iohs hall tile ailm e 14nl- t brrraeltrnoUrLrgrrrirhl reor i clerlyatr w ill tahe no, r hscl , :e. "t]crides,r a test arrd slrlrrrr it irhasr bes, ertrie aI t ir o ..riill irlull) :tll ihe Ianrk and pbl li r firers in tre lr rr Sti'llstr ils, ll rri rr ll lbilie lnlrrrrorrrtt rthlrr e ti rraitIlnlUrrlillr ir t r lihry-five irr erl. f etl Ino elrr or ilr r err r - r1 e~llliltilllll Iris Ce'.l', I 1e '< t 1 ll d, I alilt g a h lp, , lira- 11 rally cEhitlleigel byi thie oflb t vrrl'v arglre r.rrrirlnrr. 'lhle i r iatc epllrllh .ellladted by all illecolr it oflai cl sevral or thtn Srales is trile rarrrte of crlarrlr I trrorrirlltlt: hiirerr. t i, a rbi: y -law fi rn llrak iterrlr., o aCOrdhlg rrs tire irrook is rrioe, atlrt I . re rset i Ir rrt I tr , by i r rllll rrC r Ill"I.h Li+ i btlllitr, alld foeW o rr f to Id arrstrlelrr l ali ms, puc arlri tre ir1at rtirctrrr rrf rtr ok baok, rishillrresasialrr el'rveryrtrrs ol'citizar in evrlr quala. te of lte UniteI Sttles. e. It is nolnreltr weril kwlrnrnr that bilis rcrla chek, It C h itt rrsrordrrutreed lrge errors, hrarr lgn rIiafrIthy r an "Irllade, e'r ri by tireiller alnl l laat rl llrllrrrt rotletellrtr. rtlarilmlmericiars, at its sar'eilnrlrs, arrr t ile abmso te are-a eomesaitv fIr its u., have been erllnively ilristlmlel pllr, I Ir eviet iee have ben its aotantages, mar its pi ra savingIl,rat, sevlyrrsaogol, hllilti thlefirst eritiohln 0 wowasancne,. lld oat of trait, a gro1t Umlrobor of secnld at h rralead eilies wee souglhl for, mame ao grle t dimlanee. al Sllt purcrnased at variosla prier, arsahy onulal osrasion. im .1 ally bo picked do pr at from $10 to $2I per copy, oori somre iersollr bave Irrelr..y deoolre, ad illstIllarres of eould be quatored that the)lr woullll ay $5ut, 100, ndl $t01t c for a eoly, Ifnlolto be haI far loss, am an inllividtol cc in the latter illitallee Iartievlarly, laving lIt lie same e itme rxhtibited satisfaetory pI'nt' to several permsos p e Ientllhat to himn it wam reaIly worllh tiat rioley ad iii crale tilr rllg tire srairrg I Irf ili aer"y ,'arrble limor, Irhe at lbeill a v;rer rici nali all illnablil ofiee. UI It is likewise worh1-tir of ionce, rut inileed eproper IotI ilalrlan Ihls llnlsch is the iiatuwae f figie work grenlrally ti rl aslretlll w r llrlti y ief tiae llet rarll iiportranrce ol Atl theIsear Iris,l thraoalarris raook nr'its like beecr prepair-.J. el ill the itsualr lmanerr vnire,r Ilal e irmrt coImpetea t oti ellellldor ill the wo. Il ald ofllei alrs pr ited liusllt ellalloll IlldUhT his O a corrrrctrirllr of 'roof arhees it e t woulr, italosr to a erlailly, have bLer i nrll llr f r m r r e-O Frelt., allldl lldtc' atI aV piCr , r s trhe pr refre f loniiea. • au' tip exprahrs, rtua sotrreft rirlit vaiuaile hove s le stereotypl e 1rttes' f rlilin rrk io raen lac, trt ti laeorr hleln, withlheir aldnarrelruisr- n tillSnaalnirrtl re, fil r thi grrrarrt belleflt, t;ev Iar e (by! . riverarisrelri) corsranrrly kept in a II ace mf rale - alfarr, exetlt whoile use I in iting. Almitletleio alie t t l llf l both batiks alnd stttlla e ilteIr eat lrh rsefitil 0otes, folluw ihe tirfaco, rhich, ill i ti sI fith as hi the tao racairireelg tdiriors, arra ni ilt frrrrairinl colcrrriag tilr two lawful mrdeas aruraapurt rr rugintera ' tar fras of girarce, be. i t rerilnrsdl yo reriart krdrr.ronl, itw astnin g tim ta Ulieutnm ly oslyih oraTk, II ri r whlch iasrtIslle Irefrlrereri hir rera st tari lcs iru ln iw"nrm o ri: a ri. i llr ar llltl o erltl bi - in litrlrrrrahrtrt hlon eir oextat ivelnaarrnra ilrtri el ah fclnlUallat rm , lt i sliiullct N $ ol imie is Ilhd wit i lt-,est.l tat tar irtrruy n.s of ri lhrrimf tillrlmnrs doIri , beshde, sir arrrrrSl rime Ironar1., i rto +1 5 trtiaUlhied rrrllra rtr 'sia eaiti'rrr 'r 760i antriua :irrisir g ohietly "'onr it rair rt . Err lion . i ch:0t inic:l',f "r :I e s ai i .. . ", i_.ti cmapel- ion rprofif O iduostnllelt~mot":ou Idra. ulprerelirr mlcr and rrrrrrrrrrgt, ir"arltr ,lr Ia r,.rrr 1) Inrrcrr a ttrrrutrv(r/rr.+ ii. t ic i':'arIr n (5rarirn . J t raeo rl,r,,'e aIm te . V.rilliir,llrr tela r I t is Iri L ar\r . it, Ihr rIi lrlr z os ,lI N,- (~),l ral*:9all a i. , tyathr t ,r Iah aml Ihe .iits . 11'1e ~ 111 il 1+, ,nii, e I lll-yt l 11 \- o ,all ton an i lr irrrr ,rIrrl rlti ,h 'ar Ic Ia a I rrrr 0 r '1r lin r. r11 1 05 e ,11 hat l I ii ii , !.,+lh] , it - i a h I., " ,l'll tl d t-t! iIi 'r.- [4 In t ( le DU , ( 'I t' e . ofth s - F oinl , iii rr Avr, r H rintlr. lrar iirim, a i r. Frioa ertrir &o 1ll1:i~r pply at to". L,,a lnre I wiel -Lcx aadneroT fa,, rrr9C aaairirei-rid r-i' , lJ for s:tle at thleir lpeinllRlelt \Vrithgi- clt em Ii f~t No. (liactle sCreot, New Oirleauan, iLr trllaiawiay IN Now Turkn tourhiine ar..aair.. tad It i prai,'rrtllal n esr trr gn ie prrps •va ler earners rt t d :;t,]tuol, anld is calc ied for p rus o f al' ages. e I.iLres andir g t ilelleii are ilviced taai l lrd ieamrrrtille ihe '.elen air theirielvesa. j iti Iesor o re given at saIr ballse as ratorut thi Let OolVreallter oftrl and to aeasses lfo'ned i any poart of of Ihe it. elr . ILadies w'lio prefer iteam receive lesrnns at thteirown ref [e li 'i'lh pralB ii rse e of essons are desired oIad o alttel.h .:'* "- ' II vel tslhev wrsh. 'lit l."t t I itilli.ft. Oan tlisslfsippsi altad Lo. an---l-- otel, cýýviCC'vN r.e '.RIS. MARY KIIIItLAND respectfully on. Iounces to her frields and the public gone. ally that sin is prepared to accommodate them at in above establishmcent, and hopes fr.n her exertlons to render visitiors comfortable, to receive I continuance of former fevoro. Shl fuels confi. .lent that pereons visiting Coviigtlul during the itmeor monthn, cannot filld better accollmodauionns than sho can afford theln, on mere liberal terllms. lHer house is pl;asantly situated, and well supplied i Will erery ,lvlleniOnel; the bar is furni.hed with the iIo,t choice l irloullrs, &c. inI shurtishe promnise a""tt e thing shall b: wantinig onil her part to give : tire hati.action to all whio inly patrolnize the lifissippi and L >uisiana lotel. jc3 l.,dian D) . lir culortiet liteu flair; iear'ts Oil, Russiain beunl', leespr, pnlllluiam, .lark'el's Fe,.i cle Wash, ui,,eriur p art powdler, ily white, crenm .I rs.os, ovegleahl r cage, ciu ii els, lip soltr, Ikr(- ,lsIe lo th b l .h, i·.llle lci d nlleiliuce. crllnee 11 wet water, Ipidecr ptlT nnld ibxc=, A a, rican chllllllll neicly ,ti I) ,:, i in elr mIinc e vinlu, 1'resu. t,.enl srl:, e e.r .hrini i kre)icl-ioh ac.hle. dripe, Imir birut!.re, E'.liJsh dreal., ,a edonhe, Indian hair ail, v ilth a volicyv ,if ole, pl.rlurlcie, &e. . IFonr sale by C. J. 'I'INCIHARD, oel 3 corntr ofe Cail and ucriuoi bies TO TI'IE LADIES. )R IIUI.L'S UTERJi' O AiDOItMINAL SUTlll'pR'I'Ii: Il 4llS now iutruuent for tihe radical cure of Pro I lapse Uteri, or Falling of the Womb, by ex Vternal application, upeCccrseing the use of thle oh Jectcneable pressary, is confidently recoenmended to hlie afllicted as tile lmeans of a perfect restorntlon to health, it never having failed of perlbrmirng a core,c vell under the most aggravated circullestan ces. It has received the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir Benjamin C Brodle ; Sir James Clark, Physician to tile Queen; Dr Ashwell. Lectue-er on enidwifery to Guy's Ilos. pital ; Dr Rigoy, lecturer to St Barthloltlmews; Dr Grillith, lecturer to WelnminAtor Iospital; Dr Ramobothall, lecturer to L.ondon hospital; Robert Forguson,lecturer to IWesteminster lying.i hospit, alt; Dr Sweateman, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. aud secior occouclhour to Queen Charlutic's lyi g;; also by HIenry Davies, Conqeste t Blundell, Le:e, Merrieoan, surgeouu Kcata, &c. by Dr Morroau, ipresidloet of tihe Aandcinie Rieayal Je Medicine, I'arie, and Accoueaer to the Dueloses D'Orlcane ; Velpeuu, Marjolin, Paul Dubuis,Sa ron and others--and in New York by professorJ W Francis, G S Bedford, A D profes. nor of mldcVifery in tle university of te citye of Now York, prot. DIelfiteldl, and Franois, U Joln. ston, president County Mad Society, Laurens Hull president eened seecity State of N York, pofs Jau McNanuhton of Albany, Iris ihlareh, Cyrus Per. kinu, Doauoa-Dras Thf;on Byd. Gilhbor Smith, Hoeuck, Stearns, Ludlow, Kiesam, Vaehe, Power, Grayon, .Van Ronssalaer, and many other diutin guiahed physicins in the U States. A kG lull, Olice 4 Vescey st, Astor louse N Vork. ILT A conltant supply of the above instrumeonts, with Dr Ilull's improved Trussies for Hlernia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G Cnrpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh, Wood. ille; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; Wi P Wilk;a oiu, Somerville; Ilall and Washington, Nashlieil ; McNairay and Hamilton do; R L iliis, Florence I J C Spotswood, Athens. FASHiONABLE C-i-ryL O - ROnJI.VSO.lýw*e GsOON Iy..I - No. 6, Charaes Snedaet, One Duor below fici le, I r AVE crnstanuty on hand. erry airlist. aI ertcin. l i leg tc gentleeAo'u dress, eids in cc ieell m'i,' er neal eusnt ia.hlaaubla style, a bicth Ainy cff, r t, I easl, at id pri.s. dec t--l189 S RUSI1TON & ASsINALL'S COSPOUNDT '~1C MIXTURE.-A poeedy l . * anid ~ .r trhe Fevcr and Ague, me remittent and intermnttlnt fevors; proparcd from time 'origtnll recipe. Used with eminentliend lini 'r verseal sucens ain 1832, by persons of the higlhst r esiectability ii this city; as statod in the alaCxed I:af- crrtifioale.s. asI, This medicine is highly roronmoendod, and t .e been e.rxten.ively used in the above diseoies with ow- such distillguished success, that tie propriutor uo the recipe lhas been induced to offer it to tile pub sgi1 lie ill its present form, ill the hoI :it oIay be the Ineans of relievinp nl.alv,e those wIcl are ad- suffaring under tile sor'!tgo of our country. It ie ie- a Illedieille poessing gr. tviltue, and wen usedI orsaceiuding to tile directionl Ihns never silud of b11- ueiletitlg 0 cnre, oven in t10 most obstinatl! stage· il of tihe disorder. It is not at all disalgree.habe, lld ltei persons of tile weakest stomach, and children tmay del take it withl impunity. It strclgtlellons the digestive e- organs, creates all appetite, and eldots requires 'il- more thlan one, or ill olatinate cases, two bottles lfa to eftlfct a cure. T'lhero is utitlher Ilercury n0r11 tlo- aroeric in thle maedicino, nor any thing ijurioeus ntlt to tile human colnstitutioln. Th'lle proprietors are 5 nso well convilced of its efficacy, tlvt I iey Agrree to refund tile price of every bottle which ia: hbeei s tako in accordance with tile directions and laso ie lot etliEcld i a perfect cure of' Ihe fiUveir & agtu.. iiil I A. OLIVER, solo gellt fLr Nelw Orleasl ill aly lis wllollalu ll reail drug ilid mlmedcleln store the corner ol' Inviyll oild Chartres nirocts. 1ms For District Agencies apply to Ill;- TI. W. S.HI'I'Il, 48 Contl a. Jilte i * , vcst ihr. ri ed ill.icit 1, 1 is ci ' - Ci re purl.poe of Irrr0acnnel n .enrn:l 1\\o I~cit[ I)rurn ibuilil s. lie is now rectiine a l ule s0 1 • 1 of Irsh anid eni r it l e, llth Ii w llll se! 'e lieral ier ll' To il I druiaisise, lld IhoiiI ( il he inte rior, to ph)uieta l ls, mere . hennand 1l*4.1 r ite wil Alit r is llll iuel v Ic s i , h nti- i. e veI Ii t bs . 1,,r1 been , lere' in hils 'ily, li. " n i,,. i don s clyle, itimate busin ss. Ills stuck w i; hlb 8,1,1n i I 1 1111l t fw ' l-ka lill Ie r I.I o Iv c..r [}liucr. A!; orders Ir 11Ci t ct1' ellnl n rha o I i v, re l vlv llIg ut u lrdt. r ot "No3e iCaonp st s itanmil C oli-ge oi (i.' -i 5 .0i, LlulI. "i he Ii/, 'lns, nrig 'ew Vegtalte llhageiac U.ilSet c Iledti i.d Ae ne , y ln. lerl Clly Allt, liskil, Ws 1-' k e ,r ll. them o College yf 1rmlon, icllit, If llllA.le cuat)' olnley, Fetbllow ni'ibtlt Coenlrl Soeirae, SIegcttiI tIs to the Ioll Utllitu I'P'nsiol Altciltinlt Luitlest on I lOacC, 1'aeitilot Iheitt e, iti IetIt't.tal Pupil of Guy' sl, alld St. l'lllcaml' I its1l/itlls, L alictll . it This vauler lteicine, th Ie cUll of ltwelt Iist a' iexl .leeiulice and otsiotillllellll cerss iniihe I.t.r. ine ik, sdhlillhh- I'esleesahle I actice of tile Ilet'"i'el, tI atl u'- Iiisacd b' ihe. facultay' An a ltilit, ,lyan is now inlro: BIce In the p oatice of tie Anlerican pt elie, ts ithe earcnir r - t, ticiler i sa r e Illol eli nietl.iC oe i n II Ill asc alollilieg 'ia lireitsnio, l ihc icil, e0 I mi11 i l.l i Yer li e leek the evmils atd at atal cOuseuIt cs e- i riliog iom tie l le olf a b tile lllelerea tln elaeeiOi - t, laUesam n l istedll t tl the public by tin aid o it hricut e d ite tn'olol'milteuousloan iis nlld ather it-ellol, llya st o f nnl rlerella unpriclled prllI endll eris so totally igllol'Si.t Ill of ectielsol lsienlcet lat it impossihle the i ustlroae le. ltunlile ianell IolTger go down with llte illtelligeat - oipeOle l this entry. Tihese ii, mesibmil i aldigeahe Iton their laltlem Ihollol be kept in everly fassilr ia ecles en ofsllcdde iliesns for, by tIelr pi.omnpt adeniisttrnoin, a cholera, cramps, slasen, fers at n olt etlml' a.s. sl eoimplaints, which too ofte n praove aitalo, tRoy e siledl thv clured er lrevente .le Ilet, all tiose whllo due galod C- lieasil, shonul never bC without thein. 'iey aec iolt' id i packets at ai caents, 11 aid 2 aelr, by every ,elspec to tallledeuggisa, booksellce, ant uvelitilltrof inmetlii, l in tie Unitel Slates ii' i b Calliadus, witll Eopiolne ilacciolls, .o tageller wihh. estclaoilinls of to'easiol.ol bilit friell y the follotinegneli nelit ge leillel: Sir Astle i Cndtea, J ta Abellectly,,lanies Ulttellhdt, M. 1., V. Iiak,M.1i., J. Asteo Key, A. PI"nraopttoa, M. 1)., aiti n1toneUrtinS others. lThe origiiatls la be seetn c loselssionll l 'he t( canelal Ageat, by who'llti ilhaedlicieis mpinte innl ito it tiii culls tye, tid to whonlt al allltionicns lI'oagelniee s JNO. IIOL.U EIIN, 1'20 Wtaerl'y i'iae, N. York, Sole ciel.ll Agelt I'orl til Uliltedl Salres .e. FaFo.lte Iby aitiaiiiitte ia onf tile ot'igil~ll irteclpi-lie, - lly Swait/ I llorTIIE , Ill,)iggitls, Nao II Calal sCl'eatl, S(-'lla. A tli rali'l, Slaildiee Cf. Ltuistaei. jll Il IAEtt I:t ES'i t i A. N a]V rtcle for lelrslls trob1l i' I II- il?.ene Slcalied Ihe Irla' 'ruiiitei, lian beiut lie i eee I'ih h- theli otllt hic, lltlleihiii,,.dt altiilitiitl ot I hI i'm tI man l oice is n ismCieayacuin1p 10 til v-i. Aii'tite Ie"Ie n lmtalli e fiv reiible of It.ll, iilicll'v uani .il i bImrLennl n a iieiotens ttel ilh oiPili iieei't ill' tlie in, ey d ividuean s illit (lnrtlUu ll l l 'Ited. Ithiv u Lse i f h Ea• 'Timelt er thii s e rc . iut , . 1 n II I nseoticalerv lli'rre C'iiii iit d s llt;llt,'titnI r ilc lt t13 fill nIIl l i S Illiil"'Ig (llli . ii ic tfle s ore. cirner oi i'lyu miie ai d i t Caeg'ey lee ! e I, t1 l¢1r 11'ia ( l· lll 'l, ll lll t,. e. unl, 11,rl I ntllli an liar yll ec rs di tbai.l [ j i to olter his pruile.siinal 1,-c.inac I in u aJlt.k 11a ac.yocycilb.- laidten atid geltlii.iie thi th" e t pr'omiitL altulitio nt will I.e pid to tloe tisa t Ij i ult cly l:u mlliti; acl akli a ntmir. his servucrit, lie "I. hulalerai Il'clavs, leiil tell acillltwi 111i the . 'I tlil.e s cOlllnuito tuthe , l iavlill" lt. o dldd he lu ll t ' i:nu alugigr house in ChItIrh'SLon. 'Thtc ia'lio a'uiti.biliiua lilla a tee eel s oitcllya lu i ,I o; Prufeisso, r Sliullettlc . a lih lireetliollt , ciil be I11 v1 o ll ini ulldcreignllel. The eltcit whiei thlu li-.a: ,,ruolaced in this and olethr clties, has blurnl aIomll. ted ibuy' iilll the grcalat ycaeyira, to w'ileh tiehe al o. t ebieleirce, call bh giVll. Aillly lt N-1. fl i 1 sills street. JN34. \I'I.URLNn". p) I ofn' New tleli l i lla , ect \'. if 'i'eeallll ad llarri, lKelley &Co., iof' Itlllllmic, ias i I. i',l l l, . heltl ttof luay last, bh th dlet h :tiills a.l i e iCun th ut ."lime utpderoigaed, iurvivtiy lull muter t will bh cihsr- I' witiththt settlig and clllailng -dl Isilshl n s uiii 'c 1 LeviC tIarria will attel tlle settllig ol'thi ilaallul'as . m of filasulIhrIis& Cio., ct Nulatche; alid Ilurl-ic li.- trl: ev .C..o.t t Itdlevy alid Ilelarv, Keilley willl aittteld it tie be settling of lthe bllsless of (cilcy, ,tatill & , t ill e rl Net . eotie... T'll .......n of u. ..s ae.e'l .ie... 'tillle failI ased in lihuidatiouonl v. 'i'lh.tie iidebted to said firmo are cItie.tly ro.aeute.l it nocunei eorward lil illake early NelIt", lti- l lllndtoer baviig clllaaetn illl lela Ie.r.wt ailiiim wiimiaudellay. ro IIENiYI'ti(uLLiE. e,' C a w ( )i r l e n n a , oJ u n e : . t , . . . . . . il ---- ---rite. t OWVANU S 'IONIC MIXTURE, f rTR FEVER AND IAUE. r I TEN years have not yet elalsed since it weas SJL first regularly submiltte, to the public; but it SIhas attained tihe highest reoIt atien; anld has soI. is planted every other mediteine for the Ague, whtIrev. M. or it has beet known and apttr.eiatted. Already d |lar it been carried in every direction througheaut b the Ulited States, ayl still realizes thren thain could I- have been ael icipatld by Its oI it. asnginle friends. ''lTodusantds of persons have not only tbee relievmd, Sbut restored t healimh ad vigor through its ngen. ey* and they now clhertailly testify, at every op. lortunity, to its doeid.d and suprelme efficaty. I: is composed of such mtedicinal pritantiples us are calculated to renew tih healthy nctin of the etoel ach, liver, and other importanr.t digestive orga:ns, ithe los of whlich harlmony is tile imeadiate catlue of lite disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. eos an entlire chanige in the coUditiotl of the system, tand certainly destroys the native liability to relap sue of tite aflectioe. Wietn tie Ague is attended r with any other cemtplint, tile euilp.ytteit of the 'ronic Mixtu-e will not interlere with lite treat. meantRt of thle other disease, but wi 1 even afford as. elatance by furnishing Ctrength and vigor to Ctie body during the course of treatment. Those who make use of this medicine matay ba assured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Alert ury. or any other article in its emntpositiou uulrietnd'y to the huian constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; and they may Ihave additional coftidenc in the use thereof, when they perceive thi.t t has the ef I feoetofa gent laxative about ithe timte hiti'a bot. tie full has been taken-in consuaqerce of wh,,cl, there is no part of the medicine lellt t. hoger ,, the bowals to cause obstructieor, and other evila , -arising from the use of many of the remced.s nowr offered for the cure of this aid;citon. It Iat beet used also esa preventive, by Il. ry +who were r :au jeet to a periodical recumreeace of ithli (iCle, andi it bus tllvariably warded of' tihe ttppr::c lld,. a'l tie. Obaere!" The Proprietar, ially satilb;iod i ett: the unparalleled aln universal rull:.ess lichl cue. stantly attended a punctual atd realtar .e of tie Tonic Mixture, in r: cases of F eve, aid Ague, thels warranted in erg agi:ng to refatand Ihe price to all those who have t.,kel: the a!dllalt a,l t strict ac cordanceo with tile precrihiad diIr:c..uacs, without having been perfectly aled ictlIUg'it a ed. The subseriberr are tlie v. Ihola-.l: tgents for the South Western e5tates, and .e ii a ,,.a v on ltand six ty eas.s of than t.adlcitie, waiaaaa a, warranted Ifrlsi and genuine. For .a!, at .t l a',.:u.factured prices J ti;l 1,. ANeHtilt s, I it hilhaaree l)rpaeits nov27 c aa a ,iCo : 'I'ehol(itoua.ri sic t. W .U :"a:'. .I t )i ODENTI --It hal t , here. a herand in lbt , nor tb thetc , al p'e ,, , Se iiL ulat hatheltit ; preserves the Iu ah, t a ai a treat'., nod rehovina , al d t r s ., , , Ia o I: o tlt I it able il t ithc r til,. aI1~I' ,r inn ,tit -t I - tc a i vp eontul, tIix(d i., a ine, _lansll ,I I'll, w ,, r. sod c. appied 'it 1!*le er t u % D '=i t , 1,i1h brest,11 w;Mill'f tually pI . aaa ward off taac •xtet i aI pal afti l, o a, a. td tI, ti i -it L, t P rl\e, Pauerey, &c.-A s, leralid artcni t 1,, ne, puaat up et xpitehy for lthe retail I :ud; also, purst P PrtiC Prt llltrt, emnbra clre" very I:,ety fur thie IClaaC'. for a1te by , t . REES & D'IANCt. 1\' a \t . ti-Oa..ltvlaeattIr t of tIe l'aresararitn a., ( . h Case; the C:tItneutoneall., (tf I'. ata.e Ia da n;a, a iii. seugettlioa efm 'Italdd tatat ea thit; 1 . Alhtal aereta nd tiairerelay b aastr . hilter, a ellr bet of time I'tiledclphia flats ; Alagre en Atunoerlaa sud ta.caii., a net editiot, a eoplumits,t So iiomtierSUa ta oI.tun edition, with sumrout corretiouus and addi it laRe. Just receited and for sale bv ,t^. A TOWAVR, 49 Camp ort ADDMEIC CARD. wrr INDIIIPOR TANTP TO 'NIIE AB jLITED WI'BU DIBg A T.|ATIS ... Ieel :,iee, Gonithe,Ge.t. a,-d W.oetlsnos, triitilfgt'itst etly ttUht st e tht tIt l t i on per o.s aunlttlin AIIa lalllo lilt A ocul~s ltiltll twilit l)Im lle ll atile lyd'. tl It it y, sdimttslsl,'Iil tile t listt, ).,d Ilils eitier , ins li Oe Itts'tl Dlsl ,,s[l , tiltd Is Lts l litkiiiitiotis t illits stt l tlatee rati dllatly tsld tiesay o1 tite , l ss otslii olt ss tt.. i'ttl Issslislytletltt puts t ttsiiid to |helr dreIdl~us ult'.iltg. I-eILtty's PURIYINo SPECIFIC PILLS, A .'erUjll, ~l idf thl. lllOIIU sp+)edy reme~dy. I ever dso. |'ib t11o )Ilrltlldt lttid eClctl)III cure l(l vellereal disease, s-se-elu lstllg t'sllstltyt llt|%Ctioll. el'i idlloysiltrat't lutt'ptis ioeld, tlils t tai)ledI of Itl i) (I IIIsels'itiUCll nltd olller diseaset st t'th u llmt'yl Jts Atts tltl'sitt I sttotrill tc ettet.eb t curuit tttotts rl' l hrei t , hsy tsist li-its,' t ilherII) wiisse is' site' i rl-Sty Illid tartlly. "' 1 h COl l~lillly· \1 I t III v tll r tty uroo F.IllIII ally alh~llili~tll 'tIl l, L·sU Il'I? tesi tgL L hy" lllllly t oss U l t . I 1s, speii ittttttts tt'tstlsigisst ysf lts teelth "i l +t ll ese, 55y it ttllltth'e sir s tttI 55'tetI y til.slt's e b t)lud' gti' y Pitt-i 'letrc tttge,s l ith I k,. hut reaOv',le b t rat I l IIt UII' s i ijlllt s tlllllcir I1I1I! a ll'tlt l~l tv 11II /I o .T~'l~ l e I.r I sw orl'lull r+,l L) theirl I1lt·lllll(+ +o~ i ll l oiid . I+. I llper~l )tible'as t II co +,l c. t l' qstts t' ittel a l 'sl Itis" t tlltsO 1 ss lslt ' UeIsisk 'U tbur~ii,,ssss. s' ItisIt I Ilitl Isists. tIa 6islt F6le i: 11 ~ sllethl+lllalll I~ i ( r IIIrtl~eb ,u i o" lllher llllUi uli ullb.llU*ly . iii t 'il tii.httt h i, s'lilhtt+P.e+ rdi e my Jhyl tlll s ,r,' esll lt tlslsl it ss, lL s ll lti'i ets l ,t u 'ts llteiltltt is ed lipl' tII~,le lllllL JIIIIIV iprillsl wiileItirs Ln Ie n s s I lN~iC' iwl$SAlitCS ltAIr iI Ireo'rse Ptt t I SIpecil l . Lu witl t slke. be+,r. tileilt,,,, t Ist IIl'tk llltt nle it lleltrs I Iss I i lsls se Its ;tl'l. O'I l~llbl·T)·l proveutl 1e 1~ 11'C IIO Jg o Cl'its.' "'littlstllt i salltl lir tetly isjstiss. ess I et'rs eillr es lsslri s les., clsf fltsh e it t s s Idi llsg lbs-s eltl tsll t t hlls tites y ; lillg |'is llll he51 timi rlssllh, l lih S I lts' tllr illUr. ill~ l oths 'set lies. i ssi ht ll ll.rtlll ll. 010 l~ll dIUlliIpl II r llll XI(UI? rlOIIPI'III C (I J pl hn'ci ll, ll~llr UiPI(htllIl11 s eiti stiP Ih'Is I IlIUp ssttlhlltt i tte ie 'g )t, yt lssi lill ll'+ll oy tlssss itt tilO lltlh , tdisif i Iyt Ies Ire.istl s '. III sIII tIti .ti st lshlist tlslijet' its tl tts II lis s IIsP ddi + r it l ti's lit l t 'i yl ll I l!. issetily ' ll1 1 l I. l. I titll~lll~ta rlllye+l II IlI tII( I lillC.~ llfl .+wl eT II' iay It ' iss ' s st's.'t I1 h'Il llellt 1 lssii l slst sE l li 't' l llieshtltt'illey tiyt . del 1 fi+ C t' I EiIs IttN'(Y slleis l' l .ltlrlll. tS it.' l+ r k . or y orlli~ +lll,'ll +Iiyxxllull? ·illl liv lt+ lo ers e 'oll.i 1 ~ I ltlo lloc:l.O Ilrllllo hllIdI Tbthe lfl~rl \It (rllllH -u 1rl 1 a i 1 III( ll ECl ratiol allll Ip ndrr~ Xtm lll)rlll ·1t+ elllll · I.r~· 1O lelil r~lelryls: r,.ll~lllnr~l Li ll~llre welll~ l 1i w l PUor~ tIle lr I mi·Ld !' iln~ lri I ll ll b,l {¢S llh'll·; .1Itl lllr e Ille ri|tli mtc l IH~a ileldl( . Il'l Ii ++U+ Co~i I •S IlIIU + +corhllll ¢ ..J +I ln lllrr llr,. r.I.P'l~ Ill al Ifll .t'l l'l ' 10 1C lleh.I01(ly+ l!l~e triII) III ) lllll ill t ie lletln .It lnrll p l, ll*' ll+lonl~it'. 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"n.a.e lAIItBLE ClHIMNEY PIECE Waenowo.a, SL ltotoouhons street, aFposite tile polt.omffie. liw7 -ubt:ribertre ur now rceivitg from their face 114 torice io New York, and will keep constantly ot. hand a general assortment ."fMnrble Mantle Pieces ofsuperr workultans, ltand of the lntest patterns, (ado ol' the bIet Egypliatn, Italian, ]rich and oAlmleriean alhrble. Ala, Monuments, Tombs and . L(.ove,t. culd.,d and plain sill, and lintel,. re marble fcings, hearlths and boundary atone, planter of Palri, RIouon &L Hydrauli Cemaent and Floater. i g Olair, together with a splondid assorlnent ao kn ass ucnetedl adt plain Gratea and Russia Iron tales of lte rlewet std I(Out approved pattern.. a etitriog donee in the neoatha manner neand at tie. S rt t notice. They have fi.tu rate workmen t" S rA I it AIN & STROUD I NO MeI jUa r NORa COs New ' le u s, ,o.iJ 4 882 ; AIIO'IT ui 10111txottl ago l tad he aislune o 8get u cuettdioerUS, g or ( t . l I l I ve a...plied to rlctlt otur Itrtcare, anllten did lttllture n e on ow et.I .Ihe ...... ,ale I put m sly.el altler Ihq eale of Doctor STlodI sh ps t will t ile. Sincea that of il t(heo ,., got woroe, O a(s to break out itn large ulcers. SIthe of six or igt oilt ea h l, awl d all over, '- leac, slId ore tlhruto , and I .o Able to work at he altiret tnel- o acchuut ef the dit....; large ,leer oi n , ette.lently httder the care ot Dr. lltettt.fPl'nrlt, Ir )O CnERTIPY th titole abve meutiuauad dinease i. ,lli, well eo dl to my ewn eotiofetitta flr whith I thank it. utt; aIdlmuoretverI 1. are (tlnt tlhe medi ilnre I IKe talke t Le e fill, and did not injure any ileultllt oall; tIereflore I advserltoy f fllow euflrers to losle notm aad I appld to Dr A. Illle, 128 Canal tInoer, beletert l)aulllhe and Ilourbkl stoeelt. I)r. tluet is nt blet t from t lo'iouk, A l, unlil 4 P -A. 'Ioey will fltd a true dntetr for thit complilut. JOIIN IEAN..5 Urovier .Lret. If any one wants to Fee I,(e, gll aetNo. 40 (invitre tOHN I)EAN. Noe' Orlt'uoa. elt I, 1038. feb 4 Jly LOMBARb &8 CO'S Boston and New ldean& Li c of Packet Ships.a-Thu new line ol ship has beon oxprecely built to run between the above. ports, and will be Lound of suitable draft of water.. accommtodatione Ibr pasntOgers, atd every caffork. sill bo totde to give geterol sa.lia..t., Thy line i cmpoaed of thlie tB lowing lahip.. " Cherokee, 415 s o eCt. J'lariing. Carulinoa, 40011 do S Lemist. Charleuton, 374 do I) Eldridge;, Ctluotbtana, 625 do G Barker,. Seotottt, 240 do J Howe, l;totthay, 625 do D Ilmplare Tihe aboe shhips are all nw, of the firt . la-." copper fofilented tandaOplcrrd, copmamanded by man. of great rxpericnece, boae large ancomwoodation. wlidh a spornte ladlres cobil; every attention will be Spaid~ to pa,~senoers, and tile very. heal o torls ro vidrd lor the, t"r. pro Thoe luckhet will he towed op atd iowa the M16l eteuippt, and tle etricatt pooctuati,y oblserved In'. tile timn of sailing, aoid slhould the regular veUs be dletaitned itn arvitg, other shipa eqally as good v will in all cnses beo aubtituad. A shatore of patron. ago is maLioitod, not lian agents pledge themselves t. orcommtohlot as atIUCi na practicable, to receive stl 'uorwardlgoods by a id line at thel moat moder. ate chlrgn,e and to advance all-.upu.non doo. shlipped, il roquired. goods The shlips will leave thle let and 16th of every. tonth. .Ir freight or paosogor, rpply to thevery" J A lllRI1TT, 82 Cotanloi at. N. B. Advaentceonte a'ddo on con gnmeits to A, C. Lombard 4 Co. trov27 oltuN W(-018- ctt 7 ttile~( ha Or t j. grntot expente, (Ito right .It p titte 't irwn cu,:s in thit ity. " 'ot• + , tre ;, .€I t it" butilt tgo, tuteotooe6 , .rt Itovttlwt ,Ihittet end o Iitt lll ot -.t1 , etpLlirall l. tl.tld tlllltllllyt. andl are lIfctl;) fire ouod oUtot il,...f T'rmll may oLpe kont, sud n tt, I ireu a.Li, UrLtlisL'tanat 0.13 P. 14 Lnt'(t. tLIL Co

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