Newspaper of True American, November 26, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated November 26, 1839 Page 4
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'ti f YHA Iafta ro rr aalta ishia'ia wirltr9Uit91 ý;i~i t t rl ;spi'1' t e«7hrY ninrý Y #i nt Mi Itt~tt align .ttei M tiin dn" Rhiols; k '4 h fti) i w nt": t1 @t antil A ný anait; tnile mtiir"c rdew *-nlton fx~tlGn 1,ahink I Yip. s ttllý;.l, tr lý; u~i et in aks 11 nllet 7' oga~gk 9.r t k ar fan _ ~io~kqIi 0ýlrtiodsera n/nte+ " F " an hOT VAt Ir AP"` \TR L C IB) ANDVA tty ttl t he sig of the olden ltitio wtlot u a to ek on hand, a full d oangj aesortoeb orf articles in their line; vie: Jva#jl fl, JY lorhbus, lokig glrne oae. nel sti itand h" Hlnin tuck,twist, o ind desnga, iside puff, curland t °nili piloafever description r longst lii, vtbt n;tresanslh atnltcke, t(nt ott peewito at A T A R'Iof Frennl-and Ameerica. m -eri prttCol gnel, Lavender, Flarido, honey, aey t an d n hfowiie h,,nafers of every rsie and dtes Ch n' j `tei"ha, extract of Hevrgauiut, tii y ' as' m'elling anlt,, plain awl perfluned eilar desewitpehanowdwr, pwot lue, u saic bndoxesa pA lteorda io r vith ig aenral anOrtntent of JEWt MYL-n otel lo oftile laotest andi most faallions rlne fotts,onnieting ofr white and red cornelian, tos h jatec4an pspa nt in flagre, t breas pes of*it eof ol re t 'fel ditouflone, roihlple nitreon gi nolld silt. alile incrle a ivertiilt, alirotitghndg g pt trim nosd hedthintol BRiUSnenn o -Cloth, haordsa. scissors, hiuh ll , dln, es., oti, l latet o Ni, il, d iltiog, shito an "LOOKs NGe (,eASSES-Geronon statio nand toilet gralid n enidg ind Frelnch drerssio glonshs, hotem 'PANlYO AI't) VARIET\Y AIr IOTLES -Freerch andAmerieau portable iadesks t i dreosnittgiarui, snome very rich attl fiaely fitished tatliea tork hon,ttdddyres ina cnaes withaatd without tmusic. unsill bhoxes. Ac cordian a o varioou kinds, violio and guiters, siltterot'd plated pencils nd leods,wood pencils for carpenters lot crayons,mantleclocks,guns nd pistois writh ntl witihot eases, pyeruessioncaps, perulsioncap cho a ge, tnippple unmaedrirarI hot olte,gtme haigs, pate ilaelink lty gah setts,Iadianbcatis of romy hitni Inells ftnd poitr--, fineand common knives, razeor and si cissors, thiel e-, sadles,pians,ailver plauted, sonteei cl spanti la ekga dles, tenkot hooor nll tollets io iur kinttE, tiaitittf c rErdarod cord crses, playintg cords oi f French, i and Amerdican tmtoufainture, dollsa imitation trit,sonu boxes, print of various kindsr, Saunder' Potterov's, Emmerson's, Hillman'sand Hawkin's razor sitraps hct desonltoitnathee, pearlbiton, powier flnOasks, rot att a eed heads, rit and silver do, gn, eclastic susitre 1 ki1,angarters, plit s N fsol tLsau, bn astreeits at barnlnliee, reptlving from ships Nashi, lioe, Louisvitlt enand drinki.g cple, wi oth a gre late arrivaty ls other r )r, all ofwnhit wilt a lae anold fnewr ch or city ssccptnt cr. no 12 months credit. B It SLMAICdlld, & cn. 4 " 1 7ilCit;enraeet. Ti lfTIY It LEE & on, Nao 'I\lagnntz street, at tvow reteiinrg from sthips Ntashville, Itroisville, kentttttk1, Engle, nol other late ttivntls corm nhe ):otl.era citiet, a Iage fnl t en stelatel astmetnt TrIin, Boots, Shoes iandtl Irogans, nrnsitling ofgeantlemen'sfine calf and 1Morocco Moots do "Si quality; do bull'dl, and st aot wax pegged Ibo ts o anrines qnalties; me's fineo calf seal and Moi oece ilte, pttnips and brogans, buc:skin shioes, broegoes ans men's line calf andtI kipped pegged soucsa nit I reglian; do boots; do slolat kill arid wax pegged shoes Said brogans; gentlemen's best quality call'aed shoes, ogaons andl Jack Downings; io tilf andl Morocco i takle shoes and brogans; do anlf, seal and ti roce: I atiian shoes and slippors, tdo calf, buff nliu seat willms, Sl.ew article; do fille calf, setl id morocco qlpu: " rots; hnyns', misses'and children's pegged atlld i:wed lV agoan, andl shoes of every qutlitny and kind. Also a general assnrtmlnt of men's stout wax t anl restt hrogatns anld shoes, together wilth t10,t0il pair. agro loUst tquslity, russett lbroguns, otiled i the I.atnk, made expressly for plntatioln iuse; a gFlod : s et teltl of menn'is ine nial stout kill russetll trogaLs, t Iw article, nd a age quIatiy of all inlirior iualhl re sset attri wax brognts. [Litllies' fie calfl, seal, morocco and gtrait weltst t I p mIp siolte shoes; in fine F'renh ilMoroco i kid rol S.ail slipipeas; do roan shoes, with :niti iithol t hner ; l calf, ;set iad saout leatherl oontt s; o IPrln lla shoprr SIltil kindsland quailities; do lasting riogIrlls; tio g:litr-r as and lboaed bootees. alisses' latinlgslring fe hlt.%altlrl tn gains. Chillren's colored Motlcoal and lastiig br' I 1aaItun bols, inc. .;enileemen'silneflashlionahle ,l!ek .ilk hats; lno blhck 'itn Idlabr beaver do of n superior qudily; d io tio its ramdo; broael d lli narrow brim menl's file (Id : d tI ak tnasia lhort nartiied hiats, a new article. Yahthls' Inh e size hiats lof ditlerent qualities; do chhiiren's. ,l..n'ianl bc)'s black al drhbwon liads of or ils lau ies, with general assortnlt of Iboes' mailld mt spa ! Cups. 'I Ills assoitnient will be reillenislheld hi the arrival of r. lhplacketslrnnt tihle anoe Ilnmed cities, all of thich illile sohl on accolrmnolatig ell rms. uo I- -11 no_ oil Hc.o2-._ <_- a u!:-. ter'_"s. Ru:g 1--:t IHOLLOW WARE, WOOD SCREWS, SAD) IRONS, &e. l'IE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of tIa ollow'ing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of.22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, IBakepans or Ovens, 7 dlf:rent sizes, I', Tea Kettles, 6 do Skilloet, . 5 do Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddlos, - . 4 do I Fire Dogs, - 6i do Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 43.4 .inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. qWood Screws, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, Ne. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, :-4 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jauoe's iimported prices. Sad Irons, ausortcd, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irone, assorted. Sash wvigllts, (10 ltun, awotoed frot I 1-4.4 to 201b. "Bells for P'llltatiorlnrtealblelats, ellrl:cle., &c. ni:lre to order, Also steatilbouate and other machinery ItliltiO to ardor. The atl ave assortmentt .,of Loods is p,:ortilcularly r.nenuureuld to the aticot .... oI ooutlil ad Wv'stcr ertirhants, anrd are 1otlb ,d - ,r sale.t at hw periese; and uppolt the most liherl terms ; it t. e, liered to be the largest anid I.'est assortment evert offered for sale by any (lSot eytablishelllnt in the United States. Merchants, by forwardiug a request by mail, earn have a printed circular. with description of good,, priccsand terms, f:om whlcli no deiationa is otver nade, furnished by return of iail. All orders will receive ilnnediate attention. New York, 1838. (.3 S.:l~n1 Sl iARDi EIN Il:Ii:-ll- i,,. sa l.,a ll,.i" I n gs :o express blit arI:: ! te h k tti ol ihef t, I r, for the liberal sup,,,,er n I . h ,e d snc I e.tutrio dcetd otiness in this lyv. Il, :te e e l p -itrof tilt s ted sit r II, it (. :,,,: , , , I. Itit ali never wasll n i,, t ft lioy hl'.l l It o ib v, Iorel; nrilher is I:e .tor:itI iti,l v I: I1 1-1 I Ili eetp uirry- but he r t rtlS:IIte - the io::, l :. ' tlllolmr tion in every depaiitnl.l t ,of the slaed l ,ll Ir."ss. in tile different lcountllllli ill .:I ++ hiof t1l I1 1 o that ,.f any house it, th:UJ niteh l 6i1ji, . lHe i : Ipfrise eds, plln l.n,&c. frolli I!,e tli t <f 'OII.V I and respetlable nurseries lndl .t I. ler 1n i1 lnlllll I, Iltilaidn.Engnn l .d, i corl.nd enld theu ioi tI inter-- n d it will at all tiines r te ltir Iollrrrl. ti ii . tie setudy, to receive, in adoidi ,t It,, i sen Stsl k. Iarge arrivals of t very dit eriiplltln, rlally tle trowtlh of 11130: also, u n raltedl fruit tie, t, 1 all kinds. The public Uloy rely- On linting ia tin; as. V rtlent of every article in the seed Ic,i of gl cnil ipu quality, and impur'ed direct by \,m. DINN. ANDREW SMITH & CO., resplecitfully intlrmtt t. heir friends and tile public in aeneralI, that they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchoupitoulas strlmst, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, rTip and Sheet Iron Ware, of ecery dUt-ernl,,ioi aittoh as coppot stills, kettles, nttt p ::lle,, tin 1 trig tut-, and oil cans, of all ctrts andl t.:0, and all Sethr brass easting deto at shorltest otioe. lGrate liars of Overy detcripitionr, c.olh as stearl. - boat htirrups, tog chlltiS, seilli:w lt, it, other kind oflateamboat work, such as ultlilllttyl, bll:b. se, steatl pipes. 'They wil also do all kindlls; o'f nut deoor work, a ire, copper otl tin rtootinlg alld gutter:t:l, &ce Tiury above aed all other kintd lat wt k in etiter lile'r o busainies, they will execute att fhr Sehrtmert sti. oe. " d-c 27 1 ,ErOLUtUR, No 54 (u.t:,l I.";er, . . lia in Send ti Itt:iis tea, l . i,i-t,-,lt hl: ti i xr) ,i. ilat.eit ta-illlnos,,, tiih t.o 0:Itto t. ,r :s:, ii ao LJ:'.+.P4 i4·'t'Yuk .... mnilira, r, br tni.... ,on " ti wi I ast e. 1) tih h,. will d p .e fi S rt e Ir y tun tll teprftl ll. Caotretitru o ItI qtlt 0 irorn seeP( t:2 no or' It i' l" tI rais- e, tfete slhto ix oil,-i. id 1.. - O|t:;i)ll ti tb-frLteefaitract -n " t li. t t il toot b i a tut rua hira avrv, e-s to the eiti. td t o. N l-o loa Olr e s a. ta teachehr , I lite pau,, - f,tr M tis ravbeh b-est empl.,y, id at-v, rnel ear. S I acIr .t ,tllll0. ,trivalre iaorihes iot Bs', ou i<.- l t· v. ;ia t rite forlislr ermriiarles in Its ', s nroset butlr hopertia tot rir threir contfid noe. i e..ri"'''er rt rICjer I Rev Dr tClt,p, Messia atfep c. & AV' ry, leindereon & aioes. S-For .ernse, .e a please apply at the bookstore of AlyasluJer Twecr,40 (-mpst oct 2 - Etp FLORTI)A LI'dI h r Frman Moaile .to Aaugsioatae . anvesMoahlltvaeer'y nay attihre o'clor k. pm pert S annilboat r-ll all; t L' ndlnet, above 131krlvy.-t' roca four eihcees In Pentsale -hn-l-nl sr .thts to Sl,'nthe, wherethl land rome is resur meId-t hene rt e v M Marianna and l:ownsveile, na 'la' . B.inbaidge, 'rhi Pl,alerttown, , lIa navil r. . n d rvillh&, Ln,,' i. S+lletu Augul , (:n, c rnnecting reultarly wnth he r it road ,re I"' Churl ,ton, and the stearm a "n k ..... , N wv V alk, N.arlnlk, P .ii 1llllhia, rec. t r'.,,' tln noi ala.rt the f p t fol)r t t" - rvit , and She. 'IP ieli in piresents u, re i 'a.r esr Iltin call l ' f llntd uoa anay i .,0tal ea., ruteu iI Iate ., uth. l "rn rx,...' " 'hea mi' o i prollem Y e ntu. illn Irll r t+ haver hern Xllt - 'ad], y ll"',ll ,'r , i".I,4 v ; '1 I rann e on welI :i t' r tilaat' p 1 t l''a t arnal tlll' ta.a': r a II,., to then l llilry 'i e.r, a thr a l ah ,lll rivt l r, 'elln a iltr ath a illl l v." th .t '.ttll a rd, ar 14 ah .v Cellar ll l f, e v ri owr re'tl a t 'e iavi' tta+T lt h,: ilVCr , talt I ct ' t I s '' 'ul la t clo- i .lis, iali iT i fr a n - i ia Ihl a t I 1ar' iat .. ,,it,'i, ;l t 0 (l a lilt ral Ir n,, ,\t riaa na "1T allI t, 'Ii hri d ", I ete d of hl" ron d,| . I r. d vin wita I: . o a tll niitll llr ill- e n e ahrllil l fotl I.' 8, "iil. ad ir eat h hah . Eatl. ita Core alar I A- I ell *t a"llaeoiatc'i" , eei a ra rata ' t ttet .h'llhCaIo.ta at nlraOwnaville. IP n, rlbit Ita P usaca la--i anlid lo a -I)iarha he n- na ''- it o 'ahn''' ''tre t o ll a tav t' 31 oai* 3 A o' l aock r.' It , n he lr t,. 1 a d ba' ta '' "I d t ia'a t a Ill a 0( r 'and tc ue il p ' ,llll'S . I0( I,,alr ' ate proI tlal •le- i., 9 o ihe F l -ri l h ilS e i I 't i tll I as T ie l, In t, hs liorl II I 4 Ilochl every ona1,· erd tl y b t l' l tl I tar, . , ''a'" tnou t 1t ra at' an'h -l'av' tat.~. ala 'ar 'a'' vok. t ' u I'. - ,l I IIw t le t av r tll l 3 nllliI:. ll dIna oi n I ! . ii (' Sll al h x, ll'na,' at , 1'1r' 9 aaa''araI Ole b . or, i 6r ; ,, ns Ih is al u sl u til tach ins'' oII. e 'ri rla, w h ur I.i .l t e.,, c- O k MA , H ios, tig, !,1 Ih an Lt II, nul , i ,"lltlS l' e ...... om .1 .l n t; ,....... o . . "h ILlhwh i w l 0(pd ,. . h, re a nl . Ol ie l :ru C .id .u t It :z iI:,ypI. 0 k an d dtld1 'cn- iaattaaaatIte : l Illa l a aatsla amd ate 1.a't.lla N Ia t,la l o he (tl l a rll lild e l lla , , I oa. Sat o ller o r ()l S n'n:ll I 'tlretetllnatXoa iud l.u.ea in lt. ladan l 1 l aa, Alner Iwttnka, Ac,, aan i ya , Curlcd ahl., I(h SItone, 's, BiAdl o I I+' , oi ) hey (lna, tea- Saleinn to ae Peoat a lalth acsh a , e i, ]rhr sH opail W od, D.on ve or Inr'dsllo. C glass, copal n ,dan aish, &ac. ol d hud ld tr sale. . 36 ('harres sreet. New Orleans. , SEGEANT & Co,. imprerrs of Frenech v 'rT Ia rinlrsh C reinn and lnrihen ware. nre r "p rn . new lldi rich rntlerr s of breakfasr , Idllilln nid Itea services, toilet sels, pit s, teln and coffrle cups, :e;nrllts, sulis, earlle , h wles, plates , dilshes, t tiIIree s, l b. l lsllns and cwers, loot ea 'th , etcr. etc. - I h ctur e nit 'lli Fri neeh arid Am r ri c: n r ge a . wanr---, lerl , tchm;nTpaiglnr , , nm ant.l ', j.l'iers, c lart Itis, w iln c, r : ee-r,, no hts, flora Iine rs, i bler rs. ] lrte rdr 'sirr, 'rrc' hF, 'rr hec,1liamps, limp shade ind glasses, candle sha,!os, salt cel rrplrt , ' r z and briitalia wares- e - r tr, Irqrur stands, cake r ;ske s, e ndlesIcks, b ranches, s;,oo .s, lo'iles, iil oeund te~n pots, sugars, ri renis, llln ps i pllrnr d i tr s, arl"rr:, rnndi', and h" ,in- lamps, fitne ellryite , r (trrIr , Irvor lon Mnld !*rk s, to irelll i rrth r ',, " vnrierr v of rtlrs .rc m rrnrly trr . ler, hrrntrs, p ,,ler,- ho.l, ra d I 'rnlrh s, ,r hed t i, r'rrrr r irr Ib e mo' t r e r - con ,hln prices, nn, pa, keI ,l as I0 be couvey, d wihll ntelty t, , a part of the can'v ry, AI opr l brrFc r ie s a ate. nv C(.FL 1i r-The r' e ~ir'r l i r, ~r r . Fr ,r'ned i I hand , tare suply of .nl, In bntkk, of u ,perr asin hltv, wv h ;hey of1"fi lor s'al in tr.s to sull prrchaslll ll. Also Npe tc'd hF r he lirst ,arrivlt frnl lF;rg I,in:l nold the Norlh, ('inn-,t. Lehiih ntil 'rltrh hl n atiflnn Goal, broken a i s lcrehpd, ll I[ it Ia-phelnd'. expa sely for t 'n ,ily Fie,-- 'l of lh'eh Ih 'v will htprse oI f on tr ,l ur m I tr rrrr n ridc rs hc ll t it hirp e o' i er, N,. r Ihreivlrle st ut, stlre ~ill be promptly rt e ,[tr o. "I F F ' ,. & A Sd I CI,.r T~ r untrv le hants and Pllanters. N,, Fro r I, h s, blankets, t 'l illti nsels,t Jwell hlrlit e , checks, lill.ns. n'Ic te e, hIlandk.vrchlels, ke re c e dive and for sie e low by the subscri. h < s, R 1T'I1A & Co. Si. erner Cannl end (hat tes ,r I'fO THE LrDIES . lilt II 'I S UT("I'1 AlIIl)I 1NA, \ 11i'IA 'ORT .Er !TIt 11S newI instrument for the radical cure of P'ro S l;tp..s Uteri, or Fialilig of thie WtV b, by ex rnnl application, superse.ding tlhe use of' the rob jectirollale pressulry, is confidentll y reccolr nlr dedri to the afflicted as thie rlmealn or f perfect rrstortrloll to health, it never having t.failed of perthrming a trm, evenl unlder tho ioe t aggravated cilrenslll ees. It hrs received the deicded approbation of Sir .\si.,r Cooper of lror ron Sir ii,'r jrnin ( Br,.ohe ; Sir Jrames CL('rk, Physiciian to ther Querr ; 1) Fr A IIhwell, lirc in-cr in nidwitery t(io Guy's ll ,s. it.ih ; Dr Riliby, hleturr to ,1t lartholohmewt; )l r Gr F' ir rilect rr In \,'e trr ni-ter II rpital: I )r it .r rilh, , F lr ll r I, I 'l, hsllll h i'll ; Ro ert 'l goll: rt, en r Ito 1 V l rllr ilr ster lying-lnr i Irerl !al : 1r Sweatm.n, hterier hi Alhldu.rx hnPn l'iFa. s ll+l l 'll hr to Q on Ch rtr ic' i ; SIln d, , L ,, L ,eu, n ,o - iw ou lirate,, &t. y ,-r 'r- rrrerrur, prer e:lt t thr i . i nr e r orurll * J, l-lIte;nr, .maui e, m ,'l A\ ,chr to the lieve!n ll'.)rlealts ; prot ser-sr, Velpean, Mlarjolin, l),ul r)uhlis,.t son and otlhre-ll in New Yirk by prouseriJ WV Francis, U . IMedfrd, .1 I) prIb[ . sor lof nmid'rifl:ry itl I us unvertty et tt e t )fy of New York, pro , lrc !. ilid, arnd lrancis, i Joih. Ston, presl dent ('ounty 1il.drSr rieirty, Laurens IIhll president IIn'd snieny Slt t il'o N V 1,'. M1NauL'htt of Albla k uts, I)<s 1" ' FI ,,sack . ,. 1. arn, L . Gray-mon, \,1r, LI Sgua ihted hysi:ns it) I ,, Ar liall, r irr e 4 1.3 A constant hnpl -with Di r llull's iimpr be kept by r A G (':lrpme er, Nr Il. N vitcle; 1ooth a;Id M atli l ' , , ' ' , so n , S om e rville; h u , , .ll McN'airay aml ll.nilt , J. C Spotswood, Athro rrrrFir rrrrFla rrri rrrr Fro e and bu er Nc rcrjir i rr-. rUarr rrrr, F lr , n I a l tId hr nitl u ('gcrd , sfla Tg aoods i their flur, whir, ..' , ,,et irrlrr i mosk ae hlf ld, Iii hleO a l ,.. ,-or rt,[ in c,1m'.i c , dtte. r] e r rrohllh rir..nrr br e.irrrr r rlir: ccll i.i . ri j.,,.r civd a ver, y extl siv, set oF r i ,la: 'i , t C er s trill' r if /. I l le r a. d Dsseri. t K is. lo oford - d lo.ri'ti o, r.rhre, p'ocket ..utk, nudi waLlet, p llt\lle bo o',= lhell, pcal-l [ ....f+'in'. '11one' cF...... ki ....' r, bta ornc pl.. ir r, " jerk!nl<.., ' rre elr,"' ar rr'- rl i i'ed,rihrr r ar d tih heads, S xist it to th e tlý ,, lor ornle errci . Ter 'ald cHneiolu ' cr i) rr,i r'je, wain! , ,kh, i, o.r rit , ,ri ir, r ,h il, llt rwill b, madho kll,p n t t l nt nl trh (('tll.e F lrid,6 J.l , EIr, ros COrEr ad r tr'.rr u 'lred rCtctr nri , ' getable h:'r oi1s steh ", ;i nrr' toilet =rrrrtrrcr arr r ,,r - ,lirr tions, hi lierr and r r' tlh.Frrr ' des,+ rnrl dFr. n rares, hairjihr'rrrc tt,,and hreidc phrir, " r iiecr lr veF t htllrir ic pe'rc r lr l ivory shirF do, .hirt nldds, col and silver prcr il r tie.i, rooth krr ](er tr d twrezrrrspl1 r.I 'td qi!t lho keer , crire'r t re rr , sipr g ert re ss and, stii c lerrttebt=,e hootps e r erir s, hair puhr , Imiarinorr rrrir Id k d ll niirenlecrrnhrl .ps, r licr h c twini e rrilll.i - rece,gerl and siher ltrie ; rll frng.e, latter palerr gr F The r bove, toreteer with a great varirety of other ar'iF ir ril "13u ,crilerr , Agents fir the extensive bouse c r- ' ..tors. i. ' rrIr-ools,&c. &c. &c. rtdej trty rr' e e rr pared o exhibit to the rie tin ororier.;. "l'crrr. idd crndrrirm. F will t.e made krrown at the rice. n16 J. 1). I BEIN & A COIIEN.90 Crrmror er. 'N Y ork & Baltimore Packet' 'rs FOR NFW YORK. il I I 01 'IFS ilN OF PACKI'oft-rs- T sail every "I OIlier i lanhy. 'rhil I.illn I is l ( olu eneP d ef six .hipP , viz : Tin Shii VIrnlseon, Coattailn Buhker, Nov.c5th e'r ,, Onl~t..s, -- Seata, "lc. i th ahd ,, IPA)IH, - Aalhvt l "2 ,, A .t~s.,,s - Dettais, Jau. l o ig , N.A.VlI.I.Y. - W\VlOd, 1th ,, Ait.\ti.t, -- ttetre, Fb.;l h, ti e e tly rhits ret <"-they ere of r icht o raut h a el, i.,e·r I'.lrn )e, . : havris. hrl built in New York | .. n wati,, ned ahnnst in'cnrialttv clss llle Ilr wllhollt n) l l iletentionll "l'he,, iln kta· r cl mmarlledlldl tl v (:Unpll iinl el S wel expleno'lv l eced! ill Ihe |litlIP .llra n i a11ul. s exert| I 'tllii l helnselvlesto ,necontol atlh elfl --therl +ill alllavbetwell . or.. . . h , th e r a . ill i. . . ly a il . . Tley havl, lloubo-.omleir f'lluit.tShe neeif ne .... tru t ..ft th ........itye rg ill al tnv$ . le furniJhtl dl win le or liqlluor. 1 r Ilr II tte l a rti Ular0 a ll t ·1 0 C 1 . t 1A CIilld , ill (''lttt;t'tt et lhe"l ip I SI e I n t t t' lasut 1 flo - I b reaknh e t f c l a lase. Iolht w .sor, enahle tir irnitlietloperariee ofiie , at S l i ill I ltlI il Ie ' l "tittd of ievent shitt. which he w 1 rl l et l lle 11 ii0 llg ord~l er, viz: a ' hp it'l ro , ii lt. okind rfIfl astlller. sip 't. ,rotiea , J t t u eil. l, lnts er. E' iI hl i i.l AulllirnL· I( I': E(II1S: ('o·ell n llllrlter.ld New .hip 11nry Iin,_-land. i I1.. cr~ere.n,aunler. NP w s.C i FirlilhIV W tl ttonr matler.I itt'l en ile-lI~ lttll ttt ih i' trnllill Ilh t~t. Th lie B''~tl.lup aill all ofv wll hri. cil~e , oeJ ine l ins le inz illL I IIh ii ,rdtil' d, aII. everI SCtI bll alllll a t.CLln l tn llm latlio exllqlIP l I,) .llppI r-.l uld pt cogrU,.ellg¢,ll. I Iorfr,,ighter h .*Ip .Iln )]' LW' am l AAA ,IIl1 Iir:'rl.;l{ I c,\ llli..; .,: a p. I-tat NIW YOSll r [mLaiinintu and New York lice of Packets ] 'iHll Ships. cronpoi, ngi this line wallsailfrom .x NI,.s el'can ll anid Naew Ytork OllYery oilier Mlllll i k;.y--r:mllltltllla g II iltt .0th Novimbtar-atd to S ill-lt e Ihe tlttii.llily in tr. time l iOftiling', the lin., will hreaftea r consist offilve *hips, viz: , Ship Yi.ztnu , Ca.itla Ir·ak, to leave oa the 2t1th Novemnber. Ship latvdi lt', Ciaptail palmer, to leavo on the t ill I)cet bler. Shil Ilhtisville, Cap~taii Eldridge, to leave on the W8lt D1 ettmhber. Ship Vickiburgt , (Caplain i oodhouse, to leave on tile 1stl January. Ship Mitsihtilppi, Captain Davis, to leave on the i 5111 of Janiary. is The alove arire all new, of the first class, copper ldO anld COlpper l'llened, and upwardl s of 500 tons iurlhen, are of light dlratght of water, beit-g built in New York expressrly ftr the trade. Thie price ol pl assago is fixed at 100 dtllars: their eabille are litted up i thi e most iiiIproved and convenient trle plan, and ilnished i a ineat and elegant style 'r Amplie stores of the first quality will be provided, aiR every regard paid to tihe comlbrt and entire tl stisfaction of pasIicengerlaS , who will pleoase lake no. ·v tic that lio bertth o lll be recured uttil paid for at elit Ite ofe i the consfianecs. TI!ese vesseli are eomltianded by captains well a t. 'xperienlcd in the tradlc, \ho will give every at i en lion ane d d:xert tlelllhelves to acoslllllldatl. 'T'te" c'" ill at all t.eats.s bt tel. IlIt an.i. down tile Missir. sippi by steaIlmboats, tid the strictest putlcetuality ohberrved in thlu timu of sailing. The owcers of thesa hipsi will not be responsi. ' h- bla for any leter, parcel or piaekage, sent Iby or 101put [ board of tllolll, Iuieis a regular bill of ladin.g tae signrted therefor, at the counting hlouse of thi ndagtnt it or owiers. For firtlh:r parlieularo apply to iclJ D IIEIN & A COIIEN, n nov21l 90 ColnUnun st NEW ORLEANS nDo BALTIMORE LINE (F i PACKETS. This line will consist of the fdllowif volssoir which lhave been built or purchased exporessly ltir the trafde, viz: Slip Seamoan, Capt. Mner, Bark Mary, Nickersotl, Irad ferry, rnew 'i SMtevens, S Sotrtloro Salluso, r" l tham, Borig Architect, '' Grdy. These vessels are of the first class, have hand. some llrlifthedr ec: coiatodtions, anrd are of a light I draft of water, so as to admit of tlhir Ireceiving and I diec harlgig their cargoes in lialtimow, at thE city. Freight will be taken lbr ports o l the Chesapeak. or lites' Riv'er, and fitorwarded by lie agens, tMessrs. CL.ARKiE & KEILLOGG(;(, at aitlftrrore: exprnses on !oods shipped will he Itdvant-eo i w,. required. Tlire pric of passage is lied at rI0, at tple otores ot f tliar b st quality will e pro.vifehl. Slean' up atnd down the Mississippi wih be taken onl all oecasiols. For fr:ight or pasage, apply to GEU. IEI)FORfD, nov2lit t2 lIienvil t. i M`\' ()ii."11' \ S& 'll \Iit/l.S'+,T N t'.: ETS:: f Sll tirstill cl se r, Of p, . 'ar r e"rr f; st it ý 1 riled, n d, of AIIIt .lll l,-lln- tho ll The.e vessils ,r+' (,onlniandedI le ca a n ins ".,"i exper ienced Io tlhe t'rrrd,, wi ho wil give evi ry at reotton,a nd xr rt theer ,iveso 'thncc ritnrtr' th ol, hp',er . 'h v he .atll b^ row r, ,i til r n IrJ d w int ,' fseP .t, pi, o irtil tl v Net' (r!ti ns i on or o b fore the Itlh ndI l 150 of every imtiit. The following vessls compi.e the hine, viz : Brie Arabian,Chnltes G,,rfrn, marster. |+tlo C iapmlanl, J. . Thompson, master. iryig; ,\tmea, J Dtfane, rno ter. l r', Burl , nger \V ilams, .I. Alli( era, mnos.ter. For trigIht itrp r.osarniply to J . 1i ARELt fIi SC,, GI C ommonor st. New Ol.Iils, or 1.. C lMordr a,(.' haleston. o I A rT: f tLtlIAN \:\-Parish ot f Orfenns Courtt t I i'r,, r t.t i 'In aill f'l 'l these prresents ma ty IconI er i thile ,: :G. ll ti he. 1\ , Ilt " ill ,,ll l l th i p: t- s . Io , r "'' r I a...lI ,llll I It h" OINTr:. af N cl v fe ! N I l oll', t. NIr. or . r . tt tor n i r It 1 1 \": 1 ' : t .' tl r I l t I ll. h' i n.. 10 a ll"l, r twll i et illn II, 1 rahnnnri It t hr eo n _,co a nd all t ~ r r 1igl v !r ntlgtt ft \ , ll- vi , ll es ' ille' ll le' ne o l an o' , 'r lie rT , 't, IaI 1tr . N.t: l, too'lr 1 Irtot-'tte Iri 0 'rlt Iro lordt nd P'Ilt n, a:Irt i t N r iw Itlianr hear f tl nlt thr trtirrp \ltlt, ,Ir y l ,i l th'Id elt , Il br It telr anL rlla t uill r ' rl 'i.,'t, l ,lll d irilf Iltir , 'tt .... '' ' ft I dIe t t e ii ri Ittrri rfrort I od b u s k e.t oonett I e n r, : c etain plan' d n " ' + 'y+ E nderak In, 'nant So. eleor . eretno, otdrtd] e tther e tt, ttl al h l r t :,, r n Iif ,I , , e r .' t , r r n od that , and dolvanta2 lin th; n he it, ,i. . B o III , ap o r y u le i trFr, te r"oelltefrtatt fttrorilor, \ ooertla rer Ic n:ltriroati ttr' s n thr', trot 't lire, ,nt, on •i i p land rtg oet, by ,ioto.rftoe frt i tet roo , , ar ,all , f tr w enca, r t , or an r, ght rand l n i tllltl tri n t o tieri edt, l fo o Irllce ait wl , . wr at llt lt ort o nt t f r , tnhe alot i r 're ore i at it relil I 'ot"'Otl'n fi toet . f e tt C t nir c f.iro tl eottler ' 'il nt t whyor l tri ,ot regh,, tlera " ror frea i, l. td noert he lts ill roi nd c d halour e ' r in an co Ibnd iche the sale hasaunud, or n t re' s Io trty..l t, rd o i te l i of rtsi l neut o Xhtr et tat.ov ) nt, ' io e ua l d r r e o a e Io o (o t orlc i o w cteoRi ,, sr Io ai? 44 rew era JUSTPUBLISIIED FROM STEREOT IE PLJTE: The Fith Editihrif , ROitL.ETT'S TABitES OF INTIFER.ST: U TtO which is new added a. Average Time Galeloa tor, to easy melthods "e' finiling tile a.erage time run io stoate,', noter of htad or Ildls of nodsl3, hen umr-t thet ha-edl at tlillerlet dlates, n ,sel rent credils, aln t(o, ve varonus amotlnts; hesides a usefai ll onil ,mnh'te Bankise res T'ime Ta le, the hest Ihat can be eontrived. or thait f - (ae elres cnl pir lre withinl the same condeselt coiImpass and size olf I pe. Air ael'isement in thebook is in nesalel the t:tllow- th ing wor.'s: t the bigtl distinction this ir-k nis received thiorn lit the ten Iegisiative acts prefixed to the title plge, is a re- It come-dc:.tilt, in itself, so uncommon~,, :nl so olllll site, h i nitigl, is necessary more than t ti ttd td tt1 verItsitiso , In given i a conlened view of ol'm o its p elllsiaritie: s sfcl.instance, the illterest hals been comnl is ciled frim, lltl ompared with, what is euvdetto t riI i e etief : l llni taine, exattniiel in thle lresthirl - o five til ies, ell prinilted fro terelnt pe plates let,, t even 'o the skeptic (e..eciaily on t e pe sonlt ol'lhe d t",I otl A' proof in the prefttt) lt the s k mtst h iLe iI I etr.I llt e oril hit , ati nd it tici i gi t ll b " itie s b nl iit t premiutm of two hundred and flfty dollars, is now offer i ell fer the deteetion of an erlror ofa cenllt in th presilt rll e' fifth edition, as expressed in titse preince, mt kinit tit licatilm in the ear 180,2. s i, (tlie (nof thI mOSt conicslln featile 's f the Iblles is t Lt in the :,r.litienlilt of thle i aile l A osllltllls whichl "t ti exprl'liltilnl, roiIPrence oiald perspieltilt, fith the help ofethe side :cl d indcex e:llmel hi excelled; and Ihe slt I l tv and ease tith which the interesl can he I eiod to t!ihe exenlt of gener-l business, without dlr bIing of csmn S/in of some Ili tl it lost e ilplllletnt :Idl pratsll 'al I G- 1 ich nes men ald public ofaleri s who have malde efel:it e i riz: of the work, it has been distinguished bithe honolale appellation ef,,fa '"master Ipioce". And considerill ng the infllibility of the i eti d originally adoped in complosilng ill. ework, land the extraerdiunlr usllnlllwelr : al arliey ol'the exammltlions, and tests of eIel' edilioll it haspnsredi the ress, eotwithstanding the whole is in r stereotypet l, oiderigl, in shl:t he positive aceiurici o esecured rrh e t iIe eii(iedCiteed ella ellll}n, thlle II SIlunehas h' een d sing :I emlplllhticallV styled "the I iost wonnherfl hook in the w,'slk;" mlust certainly oi Irl nman can Iuame figllre work f lhw ame xao e.s, which since i ti e beglnillnni. o calioe, has htl Ithe s:le II1 hetr ea1t vearie.t of testm in tIh, stle nI I er of editors; d lo, orn neti h:i lithe number, :is is clealliY shownl.l il 1thei Resides, "wtest nd (trdithas been tried an p Itlied i it teirtly alil ithe atlnkla publi -filites i- iii -o ilret nlite trett llrt i Ielilo t t li-iiit i ll-ln ihticillt i ' ill cIhl i Ul iti States, ai d Ib ) tile puhlic gsnernlic , t inLt r. I i the Ion; permid lfthirht\-1f-v e's,', )tl s 'o,' of ihi val-i etlitilns s \ e- he er lb nitilltt ill print, l 1tho, h coll tii ll ally thalleeiged l ehleie lir of ver I 'ge llpesi. ] Th'le i ii t sel les lt ' adopted b all iht,.o nirts rol ofelaw el setltoaol oflthe States is ith " rate of cdclllllll Ml t- flr urllel iltelC.t," :as., t0 y law for balk itnll'tl< I i l le ' rt, h) mlte s ew s fi thel'i sIo ss ib Ters, T Ia n a lf w illlof i sub.seqlelt purchasers, in the lhss :nItlhocl- of lh., 20th isin I ls- si3,l clevei) dos lofslcituz ns is eve r, 'ilm - et of the .liil ll stlllhs. I I is nmorevr well knos lht, h its 'all check S it f,:s =o f tli en: it erle c ,l tlare: .,'rowrs, Ih ; :.ler 1tI " w) ere' IavIe, C 'el ,n lIb ite o llt ..lll :anod Ilmost c l ipell ent , the :lilhllelcilllsn I, II its Isetiflless, :s1d t h'e aboStllll e Ie cessity for its Ist , have heen extensit vly insisted it o, 0 on so evid ntlll inceed, i've belle its :llllantases,, nld its savings, that, sclterrl ye:s:lgo, whilst the first editionl ! thie wass.alrce, and out of print, a great iumber of second haud copies were soight for, sOlne to ta t distance. ,er anl purcrassed it variolls priers, as they could .cc:siun It Is ally io picked ilp of from ill10 to $25 per cop), ai., built some plerlsonls hlave recen..v decl,·cared, inlld instm rice could he lioted that the) woutih lpaiyf50, 11, 1!I, and (Sl30 sare fora copyll Ifolto bie had tinl less, suesa i inli\idlal ,sl il the Itdle. instance pl+rtie h l'y, Ins ing at the same iiiie xhlibited sltisl:tloryv prod, 1to several llpersonls Ipre se- snt that to hih it wasit r'esly worth that money i o d ded, lm'ore thIIOnICh the slvilil of hlis terv valnable tihe,i he Sire beillngl very richl nIlanilllId inp blic fll ice. no. It is likewise worltiv of noice, .od indeed proper to r at illpll e , Ih: t such is the nature of lilltue ork igeiet'il) land alpeciallv whenl of the extenit .tlnll i lpoaitcet os, well these t i ll os, I hats:d this l ool k ol its like bh: n presl' -i . at el in e usual I e donehhnl he ', calclltdorin l the w orld, ;Itod iie ,rwinar Is i.ll -d i1H is sia"l cticln undlir li'sown correction of proof sheets, it ltt wouhi, almostto a ctlrtainvy, lge hI n nts1i sal|, llle 3 fierene,and dear 't :unv ,price, as tl.. . pre",i,) I ,hii ... S ll"i explain s. lint so perlict ald vailiable haae IIhI, nsa. stereo)t pe plates of this w o-klteen mnalhi r, that to soele r or ihem., wiiththeirn iimercis lid extraorlinart exinia :ig liionsn gainst fire, for hi. general b ihf., vhey ari (by the advertisemettl) constantly kept in i plhice If sincial ly to otutlt , excct while use I in prinilin . Ampledirecti.o s to fIad loth butt ks a nd:i l stlletil iis . in Et est wilh useful notes, follow the peelis,, which, is this flith as in the tiw precedir,, elilions ao,l hnaii lii ii fi'rolalii e eon .~cel~'ihg the Itoo hlawul i .ei cs c i p~ F, IR F latiro a I cerl F' 'Fy F h' a FFFFF' i11 i nter Sts, tee ]'IN s: If ct acl", N'.~ lll~l' lJCI/ II·I;II It c rt·r( 1mmoj s 0 1., o 1e .,:. k liit, e II il . cla, of i· r ll;; II··c ulm Ill : ?,ll l "'ll y -11x1:, u1· hI l eiI1 t unli ipul : iLsheI l llef:l+" patroniselh~· l, itl: I Ios n \I yet s 10.1(1 :1, pail t~11Iill oil, 1'-". tee h,":1,y loss of 1-0 , llll 1;!1!1 jIlr I yllia 41Is "ll F 'II Six , e;rs 1'I oo! Co n l Fi l, FF,',1,i,,,l,, lF e F . 11l" edlitio t o i (111 ;,n ,iaclli..,, l lýi II: I On, i!liy 11',+n itS Ill'ldii.: tin.. at 11::0 tim, ''F'',,, n 1 9o. 1 price,) *to Fl n ,,"I 1 :u1 i S:Ictiilit. \. }V I~l-';)l·C re the nulhII1 still r lies nn the11 ante of preliae :ocrII F I(.lllbi( (I'III. I", ri.1;1R llltl t he S/',·r'nrrj c+ :! ·,rr~rll*,-s r. in M (;,rli·d Stairr F IC f 1 t for alv ar t thetir lilr.l)::ll \\t11 111tez 1e", I " ow.. +.\,,Iw }'oriel1 I)n.. it l or c t . , Al l'i l,. It i" lilri(·llill: I'I, dv'l nel o.111 1, :iIll ten, olll C +, 01.,!I (F 1 1( 11..1F, I IIn 1 1,1 F It 1 IF,, Irn l.F ,iF ' ,, , 'FlIr!! n1 , r' F-F' ,,, I a 1 11, titI i ýl I i·. 'I-)II - c~l lo lll~ll Inlr, 'l vlrr !a , I, ,.111i l-~ 1FF,' Fli'hed a il n IIn 1 l'If( Ill F',F,, F Fi,,F F,,' plenll to · Illpr y Ilse 11 silll In d the puhlir Ir ,n i Vll '1 .I, I by hote'a h" n llr irl 111 11 ·Jiln r 'llt il Iliaprce ac nd lal',ni, to Iho, p l'I1e l hl l e .tlllllatl 1'Ir. .1l~lP* 81 ..01,10011, ':,I1 ILL' ~,:ol11111 oly 1); bl rrill11 at th- 11'nd 01 a'1 lt *II)CII (' 1jAF LI, -' FI aF2 FF1 OFF!r N F,'znr eoli01n ,hall r pr s nll",I 1, ith n jai,' 1,111,,, It of Hoy 1,1111 111 ''- .,.IFFF'FF, ,FF"FFF'Fi wntrr. 'I'll, hlae vanish fir sinus a11,1 lot till ho ehintnie.. The tlauspar nt vnr ish i ithno 111111.11, it &e" a73 11131,lll \·II i lllb ~: jl· 11\,\ ,1:1. ýý ®® liven1 I uI d.n Il hee ndInth 11111 111 rl'l - IF With ·unl i.,1 · · suttees, for c llri. n ··n ··· · ·· ii the tr ·l:I, nod ,rllonfing the toot '"'"F· ''FiF the L' 'ls, 'lt lto. 11 111L a ..n . · rl lsres s to t, It to h .Ie Illu lh is 2' I.,,!lol of ,+11 1" teaY F ,, N I. rot I1, Iv v r"!oL' .I 111 1 ( 111, cal, l( 'Tl... .Y C ·I (1I ,v',,FFFFF, lF - it FIF-'F;F.FF''-) ,I tl? lI MARY 11llli111I1 SNI" i oo** nhlon t 0 her friends at _o ;` w',ll'ill? I.I.iI~. ally that ,I:,.:.. lF,, F1 t ace , ! ... rent, T '·~F11' l(ll)~. 1 111thCI1.T ~llziI1:I F ,rrIF i tit FF1 FF'a ,F,,Fl Fi('- A. ,,. ' , , .,F r F ' '' F'', lr ' F .. Frr i',r them', 1F,1 IF~i 'F F', . s or·c P" F [FiI t I 111 N)ll 'Fil' i C lil lI1Iclil n illilat"1II I I iFl: r.. (ý HF F'1 rFil ,+.." F i (:ullil powder, till, ~'h1,", rdrCPIXnh i F I ',FFFu -,.,Fr u, FZ l'F of r ,"' , I 'I KulNs '-F' F F! ,',FF:FI FF; llFF'FI-2F r o, il rellin, of l; li-o* and rb e oprs , 11 F- -u l~tI lAN } ---- - - F(U JI IR , WF'1F~erAdRjF'FF'g, 1FiFFI',,, AF deylltet Aii'r I FI Fr' it. i~CA spai' l rsa11 11reF c'in l F "' Ff I edr Cr, Fi apsr - I' F IF , tr. ilinpnl AeucriptioFn F,,ni, ,I di ,bari01aro e,iiF rIi I a~r r reil 0Frrot(nrbi ra , 1 1F ) tV'ro &I:% (I. ;OOD11a,1 TUHSITTON & ASPINALL'S JO\11POUND TONIC MTIX''TUIR.-A sreelry AN and ci'trie cure foe the Fever and Ague, remittent rnd intermitteont fevers; prepared frome the eoiginal recipr. Used with eminent and uni ts versal rlecess in 1832 I Ipert'nns of the higheCst respectabiliry iar this city, as stated ie the unoexede i - erti'ie.eles, w Thines medicine is lighlyd reemmeended, and IInd lI.l h+.n extoeivlvr used in thO ahoir e disnnase willl st .och distin eunihed success, that the propriletr nf rcc the recipe har heen iducerd to ofrt'r it I. the ip ',c i '. lie in its plresent form, in tile iIC.. :il lllay 1he ctie mellan of relevinp mnlev ,. tiehos who anrr fo Iltfcring under the ecra:oce of our cou'ttry. I! is i - 1 m ;ci -,ie ~~s in gri'tvi itue, adl whclc n i oi''c l l . ii nI r td he direction,s ret i evy r f ihd O II . e ,hetin a aree , r v:n in the. mlort oltiitlle srta e o f the disnrd, r. It is r ot at Ill dl:"n' ,-er e '.1:! r d , n , e. r par s of th ilea kll e ilst ston'lch. ,, a hi"d C ,l nl iv • laki it with impunily. It strlcrItrllle i lhe dir e sitive trf cl orl cis, crate l i nr apr tlile, alud s.i oii r equr r ,lrl 1 ir noo than one, oir in obsteinate cres, two ill'itie Sto eiffeet a ecure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the mredicine, nor any thic.g r irlurculsr to thie human constittion. T i arl so well convinc id of its eficiacd , t Ihat te a" roi to refuinl thie ricb e el averry Ihntliu whieh hr iernll r.i takeann l ill e ltrdaneie wnth thie rdise 'irios 'ntd hiai cnoli r.t efIfetedu In perfet cure. of Ihe fever & agule eli, A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orl'ieaii, at 't r his w'ho i, l ai nd retail dr 'ut and mediciine ilorie, chi corner of Ili .vi le and Ch.trre ni treuti . n Feor Dtistrict Agencies tri!v te ' -- 'I T. IV. \ S11l' , ,18 Conti . t. l ice I f OC ir uil,/ I leduicrc. ' 3le Jh , iat Ic I Ih d ib s . e. "R thle pcci lu alrlll ir lle'ah c ' r e l u1b _iir, \ , i, h I risp cr saries is. lie is niwi ri ,ivinr r, full i. i i n li lrl.ll bi ent c ilniloir I Sri I I x nle , \ol a;,, i c Ir llerioa r t~ lnic i ns, mi re il e n1,s. andi 'l l it ,F itr icc' b Ic Ie iIi Icr Ilt lir e th i,. Ills lII+ i' i"illl l , II , a ,,Li ruTe i In r ,lintl: e housl,,as. II,< ah.'k + I' hich s",o I, . i, , eel I. it tow i\',",".e wdl he r, - , ' I,,r hi l-i ess,. A ll orders lr~in ihm e c.a \ nl:i tllc w ill bh, pr.o p it , ) ii, i, i li i. l.i I Rounl ('oll.tRe sof elmhysirete r rise. . r the 1111l'l +, o.riginal Y Ieelltahir .l ei I lle v U .st \ -Ir:l I .l- t cinm, prepareird I l I e Cliskin, Esrlr. c mi n i uno- the lv l Coll ' ' I of Swi ge. ns, Ilc i retl iatee of NA.i ,the1 'cW, , 'st l op;a.,r, Fi ow ',fl r h Bolt Court Socilei, Slllurgeonl liSto ithe ihi al cUit n c i'c sioe A5cc t.irlo, Lc ,1 icr illlonl !i , W aterloo ilrige, :uId [lprptual Pupil of (tll)'' rts.s iid St. ' T ,l ' u ls ospii lc ,h , lilol. ii , This rvil.iulle t,,I c hci , the riesle oiric fi n i':u. s" ,Iie iirr ric .t criti lid a i:.rnr'llrir sc'ress in Ihe e e l tsill k ik, ti a I h spc - - (ha llirbllr t of tri n ironp'l l l -lls ccc"1'- oi e . i t ' elll lil: lt ari nohilitue, and is nowil icllllllr ' I nrlk e iotiei , of I iihe Ail rie l pt ulllires Ihi illl - I sl't ,tlli ol te, hi ll l i hl n. It is h ll "d, ais u pI ril lll , tl, io cc ick Iht icils and ta t ,nI. . ." c 1ie- arising fromn tit use s t- the Iiln trus a ti dciletrios I Ostruims foisted ;prom the public by the aid of f-'iieted I Is |prortifsofslmlir luell" c etiO s,hdol l tm ne iil'lr hvi l'i csll of coml i melicall sciience., that i it impos eillelh Ii ui.cltoui Ice dlusiron ca anyi loger go down wi tli thi ine lllignt io people of t thisconiiLry. 'le' pills, mild dIii ir Ir"i.:ril I in theirl irar.. e, shtlih kclit e kpi' t c cil .. erv tmic ily i. casesr Ima r i o lfsidd llne IiI irici ii u sili r i i r . i i . mlici crI'i'I r ualc ci wtic h c tlicili Cccrcr r ll i lrs e Ii e ,iar .eir 'cc slme Is lwed or prevented. I hact, all atihosr wo Leducgnd live- hcitIh, should never Ire w ithii t thelm. 'hie ern soh' nid in pBlll kll s ait "l len s, 1 e d $" cc h, bh e :it. Il l l Shie taiite drItigise ksrelleri,a d i icr liiiro' medic ii it' I ti tniI Statesa I i I le Can:uil , wituclt nlrirlh c i iis dlrectiolls S It Ioge.tetl' wilh est- i.lials of ipril ssional abilil' Io'ran ' l'- .1. A istoli .e, A. F"ral pti , il lli 1 )., ill l iI tini.l ol.l ' 1cr il irs. T origini lsiri e treclcr l li cic Iir ''it sii 'al Agce n, i i whi a m te mi icie' 'is e i por i ri k .ls, it this c" n ri', and to ica cll,:, apil) , i ti c ,'s ,,gencis - JNI). I* IiA ,llEIeN, I u " V .lnr |. Il l 5 i, N. Y'.k, Ih Sole (:G r:al A e t'll) ti the i l, ' tnitl Sta.tes, &'c. rle 1or "sale hb appoih ent of , hl I ' origin:d proprit r. Sh rAl It.. uhllr 'it, r ruggi-IS, N i,' CuI stre , by Ag ient t c Stalthi ln of I, ciu, i e. ajul 8 , 'ei I. . ri .i .le ..i . l ie \ 1+'. \ I, l i. t1J "- ,fi t +III t ', lu 'eiirrmi it rc'i.'rll+ cri,' Ili , iris Slý.t ' I ,' : h . ,,,- tu. n ," c' ir. r srl ,, 'I.ii lcl.l i', , "e,. l ii or . , r ll'r, , ,, r 'I I. , Iisi ' ci i i ccli's Icr ccl.ii ic,! C ) i ,i pa rt h, l',I. e " i t : , l' ,t ic. cc+cii~' ', ill ccc, i i~ iib 'e n ' i 'h "h I t tiri tc lCit. ir lr ge\':,. A p ll al N,,. ]l;c c tcl.i. lr' g c'i'' Nu i i'(). \c ' sin )! N<icr;. :0 0 :t till IIli-l ll tr ; ti::,. we l: :: .. ':..Ht\an·..i ;no .l rh I , i, or - uI I r" f! 7 , 1II(. i \ ij I ·Iýi.ll h I n tqtriitt rr I 1 v t l t it unl Jl trill I." if e, t e-.:' l li ne ti'li l ll r l io , l rl .Itc nt , a, i lu tn 111111(' Ill ri= w ill ;1l lrl ter1 II , Iil n l il l rl hn((' ,"-, i .'.I z1. Ill u\ I ,llT 1N111 IINI ll ll Il it:'. 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IlrC VLIIrtlVIIIIatIIIIY t(IllOI' U a il ~ rI · 11, the : II IL tVL I 'ttjtV ,LLL -LVLVn IL I\lrL:, roI ouVL ~tNVII[ INtI III lIlt .. . ILI LLL'tlL iL tVVlLs !i 1.1 ; 1 :t , .,I "a ".. I1. · If l I I ILI LI It ILIL[i ", I t. q ",iAs· 1 ,li r: 1 1(I1 . ,. u ? Icil that~i iNIi~ll ILIIIIIILNII ILJll tll~X)i·lL·U1 1 II I· 0Pl L~ i i~l rriii~e ~~lld u i ..- I ir - ",t t U s Ll;,·,,, f trio - Ill :, !till other evil , J.1JIIr & ANILIFW8~~ mrS EIvC UuLheLr !.' ILLL? lVIIIItILVV rsaL n MJ3UICAL CARD. INCD IPiF'IITANT To'Pit"l AFFLICTPED WIT1U rn· 7 II~11 I''1 llll~l~l "'i r 'I 'I' IN C "L 'Cro lII'IC I Pti· 9 *iC,,~u ,,r: l·· ICi l I ',' NCi IC~ii n 'Cl~ ICC illc m ae l -p ilt'li) ' I IIC,'C'''C'l I r CC I''' Cli iiC,'',CC,'C'CCC IC901 C'1CtC C.1 ] lcill /·il I1): ',ilj d ,'.'I,.''''' IIT· L i abi la .I:"; "' ll, l 'l.. IC, 'e, C CCi,":·i;1 I ,,liii,"~ II(· llP~· 5 Clrr II1II. i t Ilil C III ICCiII 'C'',ICI CCCCC'IIi CCC'''CCCCCCC CCC'l ''CCCCCscpl;l Ii.Il·r ~,lllllr 1I1 liIIII ~li~ h 1JCICC. 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I 'llll; I I 11,, N , p % ltl )" +, II· + I 1i,. . ,III l'\.. ;h,.u.I hr.1 ,,nf , 1 . lth.. tl 1 , r "ilp 1 +. .n -, 1n. .rrt lll . .,, irilill\.1 .1 .1lr (io lt llf ?I l k h~ llC lf of n I rrI nll S1" . . I .l ,-, i· l ll h ,.! .. n " , a : , nll lt r n,+ , :, l ll x ih o Inin h e l-, i ir u - I a,,1 . II,i- i r " I l;11 I'1'111111r•1 II1 x 1 ,. ul 0 1 r , 11''n 1. l i:,i· i Irr, r,1illlllrr tha Wll . t-r~ ~ l llrlnr o llr i n lrlla d· :,' 1..1 hnn In' . 1 i Irl. iln1 . I. ,II h I *V i the lrrIII 4IV r crm l l ndl r ii illl 1 l l"l ui ofnilll llli" ' J++ -lfj ' IP r r., l i l.Tr ht l, , I S, ., e1,, ,h -ar l. . ! 11- . ., t r, I " i , n t l 'l., L r". l ur+ ;I i nII f .. ] , i'L' l.l- C n I, r hIL·. l r, I th I-l'd ,v il, , i,,r t' llt l i.. + (1 11 ý1u 1 , , ,i . ,r1 .; 1 u - tl· I :,+th ~11- , p 1r, , { ) .i a c i + 'e;i } . : I o st r Alpl l o f ' ui,',! +.'t ,rt . I," e t'o,'+/.i.,..o ,+ ; i I fI :,I ,] 1'lI 1 . 1,i I 1 (' +i I % U A T i IO +, rl (11131A I.I- hIn.. - I hn rln te" l h d. .) " aril,, 'ill l jill j r.l-. . \ !]) |+; ·1 ;- i n,' r take,+lll III('- ld.. vi( 11 nder1 ..111 11 i be~lll ,··11?' 1·+1·1: l I llst \htr,.? 1+: 11··.17 : ih, .lt ld il.Jlr AI(,t ,,lltl I r .i. IIIur II 'm+] : .-1+ r~r ..u m'rhlhp,n n,,l o1.i' ho+.' t, t hhaex +L. . u it,1,+,l Ib ' s:v.rl Ftlllll;~o l - 1Ill lhP II(AIII .'- Ill. F t Rvv..r i " !1:~i; "'.." •1:II1$(11I·U·UIll)~~. d·I I :P iFP'l\( I-'.-|',t{ \'l) l'c,T ll.l.iil I'8' NK '* I. ,. . ..... Ih i . Inu., .t:.. u. r,vrl,, ,.ii ,,t " p -h, r r l |)urrfl,,' lh,n d hrnlly i ac,; fxr .all "I~ e uh,/ pul -I _ ,,I ' '1 ' L1...:. . i o II.I'X i'ed ] 4 I ullTlhey i a 1 brtm bri run n r tlw ,rr- .,ny Inl li.g fr cure hi of i . .t.lm n fr l l, rn , yI nwI: I IIn,:nC /l: 'fau. xh. , I,.7 I3] M I: 7 ,, 1.rid ~ a1silh lgatltniiels. The Greral fastern Mailis toiecd evee- day at 10 l''lek A. t1. Is due everday'ei at 4 P. N. 'JbThe lckC cit il(Vit Civoglrne, Lc.,) i closed evre y Miead.iielheeeldaiev ad Fcidhc, at lSo'ehlk, A. i. I- duei every I'uesdiy, Tl'urarly, neel Stlurdav, at 5 P. "I. The I-cisrtlle or River Mlail ia clored every Meon dlvr, e\Vdlledayv, acl :-ltnrdcy, it 3 P i. Il sent rll;I rt.rcid bv.ierlnledrls. Arrives irregularly three eimls i .reek. S7'he liayou Sara or Coast Maill ie ever, T'resda IIIlI Friday, Iat 8 P. l. Is sr!t ned rltlrned i le ii'l ivI 1The Al:xamedria ae Red River Mail is sent irregs.u leel by stilecbonlts twicee a wvelk. iLrUis'Il E OI |IVLR ftAIL. InyI W ,dal'Pay and , Cl.os at 8 o'c:lock,P, M, Feiiiider, i vutl, I Co sT .n11 .. S Closesat lo'clock. P. . Et .N MARIE PARINA'S COLOGNE WATER av2rres 'lccre lf tliice srte- licr Cohligile water, just * rir'r'irlllll flit -llle I h' dire iloenri ot singlte ettle. rlo Amerian anld iF'reclhl toilet piwsler, poswder ui- s al-ei boxrlsrshlcrg ned toilet soaus,eosmelse weah hi l n, uiilrliii e ern, rceri co ld ernas, eutrsnte a I iii* ha liiini ar's veAgi-iebl heir oe , pfnestillii, rrl'Illw Pn pid (% I:lb r. idn.c I'tOlul· r at t e aC rLner Tivolaerl Ile l n l· lh rl x rou'e, (ile fi s1iiir ed Orris tinsriri a hg hilirlliehvirtllliiii:il i1iiIrr.hII !cclieCsh iigslrgel wvitih riR anlliiii l Tiopiplr of n 'chiiie. lo slic iiliil a shell o Dre s m dlllb cla n j felrl'it lt le lr ait hles is or re stia 1 yby rHl.eTIIONi IIAItLTT &SCO, j n7! y G( iar tm e st f. i ll. u'rer siunrded ein rrd anrlem enved beiarse s li)rlvri-i neiiil Abeii n i oI-eIY, in he norta ,iirisrrlie y Mi' 3 c-il eOii at ee server cf Tivoib i .irl riiiii \\ e ik, rej ei- riiily aclicihi sbuhse" i ilir e--lhii i- iiflrl , ai'dllel a reel-a-a el Ihe alcets 'ivC Il f lrlllfr I·tIiivcalPre. 'I[le ensire stcllc hs D ris, medliciiireacc lollr arsicirs is I'ree eith run lilly si irirll.,. "I'he il:iw iig icily asie pst" it'. ,llui, S,-iuiiil] S-r ri, rsn Pesvdera. ciins ol t i.,hi a:v scihl~liirrriie nd elegant Silll'lllllll ii yrcci, ila relilikg broad, boloe lhlk l I-, . I' :it rvererii MAlncesian Apperint--a :,h ,a ,: nld, .saii Iiiciru li ie dy pei eial or indi. es' i i. seV , li I iiiiiiy, gid;ile-s, hreadaRche. IIan I ly ,I ith mornach, hahliltul coslivelntSI etre ilililei isisire ionra,&ct. iCa!e'Iiir rl Flill ii :xtr'l-e ir sarsaparilla I pi 'lih ia i ihiiuo1,i&il d ancil cberet,&ce. 1'11 swa n"( ' PIIll''r ald l ri-elilllge- ; Britislh an o.II'w.h-. iil-, ()i-.hld,,e, &r. li~ - Rluid L <prwiei,' jll ii iiid O mlillllve putllr " lTo ith hu i h .tllllu N S Prcrl e-r's catlleni ccenlri li,.-, Cl uI ll I ioierh iI, wic W r cn lle nlrd beres, I i-i--ic-'iiiiiiiselilil nirii- , iihlor sir 'oii wish Ilrli t"ill '11) howl der. p m'lll cr, emle dhi I erl p,,dl~ plfl.;,ld h... i',rrriilire'e. sceeted ani idail ll·ii t iu uri ie. r Illirinle teerIrri e dll i d uVI rl-c ,., r, r. r ivee, or and blcrida wltiersa ,, ct ., l iiiiq.-I ~ , IIir l irird's 1s liisierOiliOhr . rulee's bahll of C on ii ,il biears ,,il, a1 variety ofl I icr iilld l r Iiiiiriicil- ilndlible erarkieg illk. iilll~ iac , i &r.. a SL irr i and riileeln l whale oil. Ii ny's i ni meie S A ir, alh as.,rnmenl ol Thhura'rn s~ardenl See ,,ct 2 G;EoIIOR JoN ES i RWANti)'S IONIC tlI3S'IURE, For Ireirtment and cure of lthe l-cer and Apue. r T will IIIi r di-sIIvred i herein tie Toic Mix ny II i ire .l a 'ill tr t r ll ri lilary i neded ft tre ineg ie I 'r ll .\ io II i s lie eIrrice, tl Isrii nVee aiiil. f ll' Il ' I ii r cii -,irolll tly erlPtro vi e iilaoiean 1 1. )i inCiPii 'llh , i - alllV Il II lhe-ri Ihe riIsInllli rs e erici il il' IriuiriiiuIiic]I erie-e . le tenllid It pies /c/cl. r iall .' Iia Il -i llelli corellll.le y trhe ernetitau ,, ul lev. p~l ie r shl ln n l o hIIl it IIIVi e I estb 'ilh Ii r rillll I ii ( I Lll aI r Ie e r •lu i ii i v i i runi"eg - l- llle-ii'uuii ll, hii ie ri-l .Iiiiii Iii rFli ejiine nn ahe Isu . ir t l 'l , riti h I li·ir II Iiulll -ipiOllr, tcc be aIvpp re drel , I' h. Irci cccreef dier, tiveateha, d eJ c Il i ll llll( .l h pi 1 1 l vera-S o lie· nl o rii -ll- er''ii r l iiiiir ' t iiil irls r n RirJh hetcte tee ii'-' ile ciiiilii ii,-h i1-iu-rliC i u] zi.r . e I]irii i (rvil aitl h,','u til lll, I i -l rl.-iid . 11 -.'111111 '(ic c ls ii ir i ure i ve rice cvic rel i 11l11 ,I1 ,,(·11 jli:-,l,, , iii. llll'-uirc lin e lII iiii: .l Ir ii 1.I·. Ili/~il IIlil eicii1ii : - rrIIII1 lriii ii ic , Fr- nrscc iri dr-iledi I it' III-V ·ll'i~l lvl~l .t,. .i(vll ~ ~,uilW i.. v ry vi n, the1 1111 111*1 nll t ii .1 - 1ci T ll¢I - tolo ieI • rol iire to. '1. ih11. 1. 'h, \rll', ii- lie.ih e "lll- c il. iie vii, t i iii1. Il ,' If'tl ill ' lt'l)- Ii1 -ii em-u i ll ul Iii . n hiiie l u e ,+ , II11. i"* ii ii i l- i, I Ii ih c-l i lie- I . r i cP eia ni s" ---i,,- I l' -ll. iIIlIi l'l. SlI I- i- II I'li - I d t S11,I hl .ii 'llt ll, lllwe Il '5 - lil iii, dc a'r iI ole reu l , ii. 'l'hc .", >,, iu-iiiiii i-. . ., frh i ici.-tsteoi ile S111 'I IlI ; N1' Y P-til'CE rrttrno-sr, -- ( . 'hotw .tr e t, . ip o sih th e p o t-o fftlic e. ' hr, atll.rlar- are areerv1n-(r:llVi ftrontr their fatl toil,. I N ; 1 'llr , niodl ~~I i k].Leep constantly on hab ; a reI.'11eui a.torttlInt ,1"f ltarh, n Mantle Pieces lp, a pdro f th la altternst a r: Ir' I ttlc b"t I_, ylptan , Italian, Irish and't tmh}lie ! int S, h alT h alid boundary tonr , plaster of lPar t., I.R nom & Hlhdraunie Cement a ,d I laster it lilair, together %,'1l11 a splendid asrortment ot 6 a ltulnI and pitlan Grates and Russia Iron rates of 1, 1, newe ..t and ]Wost approved patterns. i r terinar done in the narTIet rlmanner and at the rLnsl anotice ''hcy have first rate workmen te r'4Y AIN & STROUD NO MEIRCURY NOR COfPIVA i]vw ()tIt';IllS, N v ¥,I ,11 1837. A 01 T si rllil. III t htad the Iir rllifor to get / i altt'et ti ' tna IdI' ,hr ~ll t tah I hye arrlttdie t, trave rd Ikcrv.flor t ( t ant d the, datl oat ae lN. re,n. lro i sie "ho" dafte I pout Ill.-alt Isne te liare eof Dcipr Ilau t, mi ttl I 1'1.t'! Lilno to cure aaia'. .e llne tfl titer too lth nlot (it'' e =frix o gLh tit ela Ii leg, a lld oa Iri ,1 Inf o:t, l d c eto , a ' a tnatllso I t lld not ;I, to a)rtk at lhe "er-rot 1lllll- (iu I t'('a countl Of the disease; large uleer on the liht aide. (If ther Ihra. I ar na, putaring yself Sa oilatallal a rtthr tae oa ri . ll4 et, E.fl'aria, to lbe eli(tl canued JtHN IDEAN. r h by 1.1 1 I Ca:I tI''IFi y Iahat te abll ve nen t;nel di sease is aI ititar.a ~t-I'alardrn'o Iae own natisfiaction, faar wthaIn I tollka)1 I ht11aa; aid iell llav era I ans ire thes I the msedi it. I ac takIrt ai ll a t,' 1 ipt, aIndII di oa ijrure Mi in:ath at all • tl remihre l I ,r airs fin f lity Ra tlert.e irto has a n tlltit, aU d i li) at ' to l)r A. Ile ar 58 Carnal te t, IIet tll a. in, nta Hlle IoUlnslella steets. )r. 11141 is It hll + It ,, i' t t o'ctltatk, A I1, until 4 8 Al. III I'hv ,,ill n ti II a •Id "tol" for thi16 comlpll lt. .i Jt)IN I)EAN,.ui. (iravier street. 11 ll oll 'ar , ants to a e ele, call at No. 411o (glavid JOHlN IDEAN. i 3t)h l si ) & ((O'aS Itnoan and New Orleans L Li r o Packet Stcips.-t l hn. new line of slaips Ihas been txpruaaa.nly hilt I ta) aa bLetwaen the anbov orts, an wirll be {u11td ri' ruitable draft of water: Ieln.olllalloat htills for paIe l ntearr , and every etfort will be made t, give gAeneratl satin'ation, Th tua is composed of the nt lowting ships: Chatrkec 415l tarn Capt. J Hlrding, Carolinat, .01l aeo S Lteist, Chlhtn , 374 do 1) Eldridgea ClstIt nIn ara tN5 do r T Barker, Sm , 40 J llowes. ormd ,ay, 6.5n ah I) lumphrey. I .a'l'h a aaips liare all now, of the first ,lass, copper fLte. awri d ttle perle, conmmanded by mern Srfeat a lt, Xl.eice, have large accnommodation w ith slra nth tattti cattilea; avery attentaiont will ba aI id to pait-r.ltrn nod tre very Lest of stores pre v i'd for ttins:t3. S'l'ilt, p:acklui, ill nar tlowed up and iown the Mia is-itr, edl h ete irietatnt ruretualiy observed in athe tane ora ailin atn sauuld thl r.oglar vessels Ia deta-aiierad it arrrvi:g, othalr alhips equally as good w; ill 2 a 2 ;:ebs hue s tituled. A shllare of patron ag aa is roliiltd, anll til an taati pledge ithemshes ti Icco l; iildt tt as llarh •s Ipr"cticablo, to receive anti n.reard goods by s id line at the most nmodrt aae anaItas a an l to nadvane all expeaes on gooda : 'I'il atratts will leav thIe tt and 16tI of every ntontll. lLar ariight lar passange, apply to thre agents, J A M iRITT1', 82 C.ommnnun st. N. Ii. Adv.allteaetatn Inlada on coanignlneat to 1Metfar. A. AC. Lo,ibard &. Co. raht ' , -- a at r lllt Nava p.,uure at , Irena nrettilr . , tallt ie g t of l pt ti gill n rt iIIr n aut titta t-a.nti,. 'e, or-e adapttrt In tiblga htltI'" l.'"B w ·,: l'f ,l"-, ::ltd ;.rtv- te da-ll inos,.s.d atl', e at e a !(' l t rtll arnt a r and tl l hlrn tl y atnlll ae t, Ifrhetnai lire ail rlaIrae pro.f. Inrlata mrla ate a tawat andta atlar! seenl trl our estatlblishmlenlt opposite Sa. Nlara'. iaatiIrct'etn litahlaas at. roct2 E 13 Ct)GaWELL& Co Sl.\i"'tI'IN 'Ithit'.A'I"I"S NEW NOVELS Rnatanlin the re<Jr, by tihre athor of Peter Simlple, are ClunrnrinF, fir a \Walteer at Schmsna Hlainield it Ltoer S'l'itla by Cta tair- n- asil HIall, Rtyal Navy, ', a_ a., in i voai. I.ord aldrnn, a romlanae. ty Allsn Cnlaninglama l vol, ,eppdard, writtena lby thiahinefi 2 vol.. A (;rlcmrlious l/istorljy a/ta!y translated Ifrm 1 rinianal ltalhan, d y Nathaniet (itraen inl vol. for. r ,lag Nt . 79 au' Ha.per's Eanily Library. I'la:n -a.& I oth tre w tcualr leter aud unaifbrm edition rtf l'ashitltana lrrina's I'orks. lJao,-r's Fre'/tt anl Engia/tash Di'lionaaresin I vol, 3ro, An.,t L's aI:'enrch atrel An/ish Dictlianary. ALSt--.t tarta mloare aaailte (if Clla' iS ttlrenlological I rti nzr." ' nge naati r ey'.omnn ..aa..fsaperwerqal. areaats alchainsa Billirant Itilaat''1-4 nat 2 1-2 incher, Giot's hiiltolcd iaaaratrttlicn aj I'i ateedupers waigia,. .N c. l c. ,\e. .I Lst 'eceivPtl , it a fr ' ale by Ih:l B lEll. LEVY. 1I lllt: JUItC-. Ilill.Y A."I \\ it .-111T WAX f l 'rhe s~l.,c:rrdr i r erd ian ivoiLe of the tarte a a,,'d casetaI eatr Ila-valta, anr uifera theen for rate rll, iri.-, Iearnar:n lll e teetnr. et a It iNNlr.t L, 1lt'chapitlnas5

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