Newspaper of True American, November 28, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated November 28, 1839 Page 2
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'f r*i~l r~~n1 IPto * erl 1rwan I 100 .Dt"~ ý jýYa I fke,aRYullowa ^t 5 A-a3l.t Rghruro -at 8 A'. A. ~a "' 10. A. M. :12j. M" t _. .. 2Ai3: a P m 51 P.M. !f' ~ 9 P. 31. 1k i1£ or dl, rlay;SAYte : t Il £1 At. Rlinuat 1'21P.M. 21'.1. 4 P.M. Al.P 9i~~~l`1. R~i ~ tP.Mi. I16 CIIEW, Uasfi. idrWIN It ARRANG E.MENT. SRelurn. , 8 'A. M. 1 A. M. A. AI II A.M. `3 l"M. , 5 1f. M. 3'k. M. 51 I. M. +." New OrlefranwaNuweiuber 46, IB ,,, JAMFAl H.CAI.DWGII.T, w98 tf Pr~la J-,· NEW ORLEANS & CARROILTON RAIL ROAD. N" " I Wo eTERW ARRANGeMse T. " To ©eomrtlo ee the let of Newdetier, 1039. l IcAROLLe.s FroM Naw OWLRtt EAS Herree'UIikr at SO'clue : A.Y. Holse Car at ii o'clock A.M jete"e "--- t --- P ee M. ei e-- : - Locoxwtdk I t c Louloolive, 9 In' II I! Iý M, - P.M. ! ~ ~ ' -,.I loereCer, t.! -re ICar, il - • .axA.;anaw roa suane~s: SThtL epa. ill leens al the houmrae in the weeke deye " 8n1 I egje 1k I. cleb ea fooleles ive will Ilee Carrollene . every hsdp_ " tnoe"ftack. P.M., and New Orleaees ee.y Ilour mnil B'b'itc h :M.. 4te zLtnra Hl'rp Canele be obtnined Ibeforer I2 o' loe k P.M.. b# thyir 5 dnlleel fee the Trlip. After 12 o'eocks P.M. r,; lk 4ellee .ell Ie retreed. S PensOlls bIOy y thie rleomCar n)ult provide these lves wttkh TP i eks, hllse ts.e tle.t r bis Ieuseuice directiouu Iot to t, relve t y. a loU tecreoe. THE, J*II('SON AND LACOIIRSE STIREET CARS .tave tile head sItki l sre uo fie oJclok A.5., Ceeteal street aelT o'elc:k. At hilf-p+eLt e7 rcrk they cemiellee eee tI ervn heolh lli everylelll holrl Iccre o'clock s M ,eheet p ills thnt, inseteld of etelee C1n I slreet at ee .dcck, the Ic.r will Ieave ethere at 9\ci.,k P.M. SIi . it paret utaelve requee.tedt thtl ,ltlmnee will not puel thetr fret upolleen the e+ehiecec. relokn ice the era, whew lldes ire Ilreullt. Ottlet NeeOriee & Cerretlleet RCil Roed CeonlpleyT Octleober 22d, I:S9. Ati IINAtPON. Chief F.egieeror N.O. & C.R.C U A It It0L I.I. TO N s HOTELT. S LAVAUD hIs the leonor ot ilefrming hir friehls I' etad Ih,' pulelic in general, ternt hie Ihs taken le Hotlel at Carmllroe, where ho trusts he will receive the gells el his old friends and elI lovers of poed enLer. Private parties will be hbndreally preesled for by givin te little netlee beforeehand. He ie willing te entelr into rendeeCmnl with rfamilies eer individuals desiroue 'efeef etsting etr resemer at Carrolltei. nlli OrrFICe er THE P'IREMAN'e INSURaNCE Co. or NEw ORLEANPS. YH' toEeeehhleers of this Coempaly sre ierehy no l- tird tliet tha lth instnlment on their stock is due n eand alVnble o thie 5Sth of October next, st elle Olfice el rIIe wnnlany. Sept 12 E LTR'I+ACY" YOUNL MENWS IIOWARI) ASSOCIAI'ION. "A Generl Meeting of tll ie e leebers will tenk J`. pleewoe te morrow eveniag. Wed.c.dsl v tle. 27Th in.,t.l:. at 7 urcloek, P. Me Punet..eet atenleance ie re q retiei...' D1 J tlCAiRDO, -i Secret.ry. 5 II$ WAeSII'--Iale-eway on tire let Ne vem Cer llh negro ti-l)tE, speakig Eeg li- illld Frencll, aged t oeelt lB orl9 I ear.5 feet 4 or 5 inches vigll., rt nr a tllit:k net -e, promineet fOreleed.en open sed friee gut I iet lefrtl treeh in lee jaw heeeekhl. e went lawiny,. a pair el Eoeltllee pei t-i - ' ble stlapes, and ecnglame seir, e long while t ilb . WVe. Stone, S FEILNANI)) LEMI() , No 333 l)anephine at NEW ORIFANS. S"I'his day $S 75 per barrel te bhkers will give :.5 etlh im lthe week begin ring . . . .i rt, Tihe losues of conld , s. setll weigh 25 per cent i. en"4 ." "9, aiyor. Il ER.VANT 1 'nulatto, - g;rl .aged abo, sit: peeler wesbelr, ireel, ee .irnse.serval. seber, IC. Thlea alove. srvallt w, fameily, nedl it sold eesecae. payipg hlia debts. Aepply to A merlcltn. Ncr Yor. Je..A,,....l tosll~ll,,,. Not. ...10. I I~leodo,,l I,,. if41I110,lIt .111. ... ... HJUT~~ (IF NF IEV (III L F~NM. CLEA RANG ES fl~~havmpe 0191.ho, Sonw.St Y9. Itp..F f$rbit .1,,. Nlre,hN,, yl7,Itoo 8th P~rlt.tt4,2I17 . 1I111111, tlIIIt, 3 II IIldtc dcl. MSSII Olotish, Iod71oJ 0I AtoM, S & 3 Wit,,,y ARRIVALS - NO't,1lo127b. 1835 Smilee, Sttlrn, Duorol.Iioru 1Loi. IPl~oar WoIrtolla., lIolld,fo, Acltlllel. Ntt.,tt, 1101111 floorillI1, 2,. 1'oo Ad,,,,,.l EXPORTS'2 Ste Yoriot..i'o .hlp Vo,7co0 ..C.,,olro (IS 1.14r Oulg 10 Is 1110 Ill~lt hl~do,3I b,;t tIlo.. 0611 1;. 1,71,1 7071.1,0l ttII·n ltdc god oldnlra vI*T.IOa·,7rt ·1111t~ltt,~9~1t1..ltP08 holloM I * . ut on...I'twl~, 011, KII·l..~g 0I,0,,I ..ILn. 110101 brldljn. Ps~vrtd.l bll~ IMIPORT'S REGEIPVSJ OP P1101)lI.CE * lllttaSOI,is t latl0.0 llot.017lui till1: 3'? 0lelgeJ 3I. tII~o~thoo & II,,2,i,.,45I,.~ 11,111~ &l~I 1.11 ~ II II,,0te.,,, IceI * lrulid. , 1oI~lllrhd.JoeI It O.ltl,~ toL. L 1( iIII Uocet, 4 **7Viokrr~leoet.P..~l*'t *e 21kioegr~..Cro;,o 0'l4IIn otlI,,e, 10 otke.Wlcu4 ,tod·.I 55311107ill Ot,, 019 L,,,l,elo,1 SrI Tlettop..~.. 421l Keys el.4 t,·., St! II J'I~lltl I ot. 111.1 -no.... otodp~roo; 'dlet le~oI,, s liurtdi,,.e,,:1 Kt.oo~r 3.1, It. 1110 Co,(bo Wtilt,.llS llttoelo.u)sltK,,ltu Wteg,,;ll 72 ..Imytt4.lttI2lkcl~oSvllne~,ll Pn1;~dO)IAWnttlllA.ttth·it7I, Po..tlo OtcllOal. hS1ltllt'tI lle imd Al WoII,,,,la. Se al,,, Iio4II~ro,lotoo.ISJoyC Iloty, 1 lAS llt. &lutlle,.Icto.051 QI,,o toOl~ldq llyllyi 0 lyI 19 Ot,, Ir.51,211 701 127elr *WAI~tIloluln lS*PO'u1,.yrll II'S Ii~tero,, 00 N~llrek.. te 'Ioslyojdo*Wlo 1 andu I'Iuo~.&tthA~llt.yS 07eruca uJ ~lsr Inew,., L..o t Wuls,dkt S 1% n ltoe. 131t01e,,,,t .0lll~ ISSMDCto1ot~.41 3 1IleoLkt lI'o.,ot,,el. II.,I.4,.77Kelrk. Caol lel~olr. Chllt,0 Iltyeelueldl I.. bu~ld 31U Ate,,, 00135 1....a I~l'.yl; oB I~ett,l..t IA ci,,o,,,,oi SI Arlollth & toll~ 24 I..whtlrllk Tllttnp~ti7l7jl,tlkly, loseetF ftIll~e,7ele. 05 I'· l.doe.I..w~i,4110,,6;I~lloltr ,ll,, 7,IIeI llle,71,eel,0tbLoeeIII 0 *o tt;l.lelotot ocoW liettdttoll,.O Iesl.l I0,~yeeeiI, 115ee Srlll·d SJ\oW 031.1. 4o,,~IPy.I5lyo ordelloto oS t..,ltlrt, 0', tletd * dot I'ollttd So,,, 10 Adoros i 0,1,531.12 17,ko,, t~culr le53oel **co.;JU A,011.,srl~.tlurlt.,0l Iloylleldl. Ilyceototer; 0.1 I A IoldlyNUWolrOIo,dtlre,lt~l ~~, 10le.,o0i. .1·1 It,; lOS Ito * 1001 t0OlKn t..l'ttllt.Iettte I'er~he..~·e to, 17~c '.7,l· * A.1S.,lklrttet.o IS C7Idt.0I4 Iloekoy; 4 l~oo IIIe., S :·II I * ~k~llsokvtW),I Vtt.. & IIt et.,~r ,. 101 I .olrle 110 1,1.· So Joboos& ow~l~tr IS Ltor~tld& 2.1., 55 t~t Ii,,t. A7 141 II Itd)ICo 3.1.1 4215 II looLUC,,, Nletlelley Ioe ello,, )I'ooyh.& I ootoklr lOIII~rtl ouollo. Itel11 tell &; 1,1- oo I: y 1210l;~ba Lootot. tlot 1ra~.101* 5lrl JOlW~ut.htllltTt~eut;41 tWokt Itw Ott 00 Clerttjd, I.rc .ttmoaoo r w045 oxudPwfCltNM,. .rt,.,or Il,,!, Boo si, 11id Iy,09K1p4.~ ot.Il.wdot, Alth~llet StIIIIII WttgItol.ede, i toioo l..(l~eh.olI00ntloy.oo Oho .3 tsi('lfot. 10)1,1 101,. 341q.. IldIos. Lr~ odty' hr~pt to.tL Yu*r I~to,'l ,, 1101.c 3.1100441) gg· ddeY leptofloteq.1-oU~~ q.,lI.w ul I'.I~hht.Itrs~ori~Il~olI.Iao.'8 'ttl..tI, Pqttdo. KII *Ltauotl t1 uiqGttlll 0.'fl Wllus Co oor·saln ully~ Neat... IlioL lleol, 011J.Tlol.kIIt.ul CttttI·lll. Wtlto S1· ~lot ItloIl. Ittel.S oetat Ibollri.., 11.1., Iuol. lleh.t,.1111· IQ~tll1, -roC Waddtoo. A,,ldottlt IIttt FIr,t,.h Ol Idly,~ j~udol !.louq · ,t~djohoo ~ n ~r~qllt ·loFI MABEMORAND FA1T. : U.I AND SBOLD.' . PUB1Lti flED Iaiy ;'Nrl-Weekly & Wrekly. THURSSDA Y, NOVEMBER 28, 1839. Our friend, the Dee, disapproves very much of a late 'ordiuancepasesed by the Council of the First Municipality, prohi iting the eneumbering of the strcdts with boxes, bales, Ac. of merchandise. The Bee, pretends, also, to be of opinion, that if the or. dinance is enforced, it will drive the shopkeepers into the Second Municipality, where by the bye, we .hould very much like to see them located, but where, also, unless an old existing ordinance should be repealed. they would by no means, be permitted to make warehouses of the sidewalks and streets, there having been Iot one exception to the open and continued violation of the laws passed in reola. tion to the keeping the streets free from incum brances, within our knowledge, or since the organ. ization of the Second Municipality, and thatthy an Alderman, who is ready to violate any ordinance that does not suit hIis convenience, and against whom the existing authorities are afraid to put the ordinance in force. Thus we see, whole streets occupied with cotton bales to the great inconvenience and injury of the mass, and to the advantage of three or four indi. viduals, who hold themselves superior to ttie laws. We see an ordinance passed on the Tuesday night of the week, prohibiting the taking dirt from the batture, except in a certain prescribed manner, it and under the superintendance of the a rveyor, and before the Tuesday night of the week following, we see ani Alderman employing all his own, and other carts and piling loads upon loads of batture sand in lots for his own especial uses. We see an ordinance passed(ordering the police i to take up stray animals found roving about the streets, and when a commissary in the execution of r his duties, seizes upon and impounds thie riotous ar goats of a candidate for Aldermanic honors, lihe is denounced and discharged. In truth, laws and ordinances appear to be made for the weak and careless, not to bind those who make them Lot C the people stir themselves, and elect men selected from amongstthemselves, and not from tile aristoe. racy. They will then have fewer laws, but will be is mune better governed. e We shall have occasion to revert to these matters re again-and hope to convince the mass that they lhave been governed by a few interested and design er ing mon, and too much governed.-Let the people in examine coolly who are their governors and how the laws they enact operate. The Council of tho'Socond Municipality at their ro meeting on Tuesday evening, passed another ordi tI nance in relation to Hlacks; authorising the police to take up and carry to the pound all Hacks found in the streets without a driver. The ordinan.-c in a goeo 6 ::l ; but a like provision already exists, and . like many others, have been allowed to sleep, and after a short time so will thise one. The Council would do woll to pass an ordinance, ri quiring the 'ti Recorder to attend more to his official duties, thar J he is inclined to do in examining pretty female wit' i t nesses and complainants, and writing reports of his own court pffatory of himself. We lavr often said, that the Americans were addicted to too much legislation ; it is a fact made taore apparent here eveory day. Better have few laws well executed, than many lying a dead letter. It would perhaps not be a bad tiring for the Council to give a salary to their present chairman of the police committoe, or lot Recorder Baldwin f hire him to do his dirty work. lie is jstfit for a Irosecuting impudent constable, or a negro driver, and he might be stationed at night in front of the Tithtre, and other places of publ c amusement to i: keep thie haekmen in order. uiJ _______ ...._ Ti he Courier has anothelr long statement il rla. on to the allffair of Captain Bradley shooting Mr. on. 'lThe account we published of tlat horn. as furnished uls by a friend, who had little, ' interest in the affair. The parlies are 'c city, and our meoans of information ue altogether confined to persons ristian. We have boon accused * tatetnent of the affair, but -Oet; we merely stated tie .e we could learn, as an its 'pinion, the repeated ortie. - 'of Capt. Bradley, savour . orestall public i opinion th. statement I that has, or co. we have seen, have been .' ,0 senca of an argument on t, 1: 'no of theta in yesterday'; ginum from some frien 'ly . : understand is dead-peace tl;. , ha not disturb lthemn-we don'llt reeo -, , him. Yesterday was the third day of the fa' - Northern mail. T'o-d y is the 28th of N , and our New York dates are only of tie 14t. . is, fourteen days, or five days eyond tile time , wHich tihey ate due in regular course. Thesea failures are vexatious, but our citizens should at leant be accustomedo to them, if they are not yet altogether reconciled to themn. On Tuesday, had the email duly arrived, we shtould have had intelli. gontrceby tile British Queen, which might, and most probably would have made a great change for t the better in our money and general market. Ilow , long, and to what exteLnt is the commerce of this 'ecountry to endure the grievances occasioned by tire present mail-admlinitrtiou of the govrerment, in various shapes. Mr. Davezne.-'lThis genftleman, wolo has bien absenlt fromn our city, not to our city's harm, hras lately returned to the Un ted States fromt a tell year's sojourn at the Hailgue, as Chargd do Affairs. We read, a few days ago, with wonder and surr. prise, even in a partisan print, n puf of him, that literally disgusted us. Will any one be so good as to inform us what Mr. Auguste Davezac has done fbr this Republic since his departure from it? Will they tell us, how Ihe was enteemed in Iollandr? Do not give us ascertionls, but facts, truths. We are one of those who, laying party aside, dr not be. lieve either in his talents, his patriotism, or his princip;er ; and we knew him, pretty intimately, ' befre lie went abroad. IThe erretable hitumn I plivement in Ihourbon 1 street s fat rottirg away. T' ,o portion between ni Biernvil e and Toulouse etrerte, has eruntrlled into n a tfle p"iwder. Wrool is the It g after all, as the mani wth a pine leg said, when the dog bit it. In the new Philadelphia Opera Ilouse, of which we gae g a deseription yesterday, it is intended that the primary entertainments shall be musical, con ristaling of operas by tile best masters, either writ. ten orignrally in English, or translated from tihe G(ermnanl, Fresnch, and Italian expressly for the entablithment. Thile best vncal ralent n ill be en. gaged, and about iflty churussingers ; the orches. Stra will will I u composed rfsiaty perfortmers. 'I:lle sscenery, costumes, and properties will all be oul. p. responding and complete. All persons priofessedly " licentious, will be excloled, and no ardent spirits will be permitted to be sold in t le building.- Tr Tne rates of adlmission are io be, eto thle Palrq lte 75 cent. ; first mard arcoud tiers of bxca 50 ll elts ; A third, fourth and fifti tiers 25 cents. It is calcu lated that the house will hold 5000 persons; yet, in our nptr.isn, if filled every night, it will prove a u- loing concern ; for Americans are not the most musical people in tile world. or A Late Erglslh paper announces, that a mil. lion of murnmlies Lhave been discovered in Mexico M Queryi are-not all Mexicans living mumsmies 1 I., England tortoring or killing a cat is an offence sauljrct to fine of lorty shillings. Ri +,, . aW .Europe aa acngountse, wore angatl'm laws of. Englandt ofwhieh we were igitnorant untili lal'. By a not1ce in thle Leicertel Mercaury, we t bltbeorve, thIat a pierson. acoth pr.nying a sporti!ng 1 friend, is liable to a penalty if he shoot game, with out himself havlog a licence. The IIon. Robert Carter Nicheo as, one of the I Senators of this a tate to Congress, has arrived, on lis way to the seat of government, whence he will depart on or about Shoiday trxit. We have been told that orders have been received in town from the north, ordering not to give over three cents for sugar. If this is the ease, it may be that somer of our Loco Foeo Representatives in Congress would like wall to see the old tariff res tored? If d anettic sugar is to be sold this seaion at three cents, our sugar Plantar may just as well hang up his fiddle, or turn to ctltivating Mores Mullicaulis. Mr. Balls, the Comedian, arrived yesterday. lie will make his bow to the New Orleans public, a few days after the pecning of the St. Charles. t'oenunuircated. TI e lares number of our intelligent and wellthly fOr. l iers wh harveeclharkftvldin lte caitle of tihe Mulb)erry I tree, rendeas it highly pirohale tlllltl,et.ri, Il , t .Lou isioian . ill not he i la ' ilnd any of iI northlernl steB i tihe prdlluctialn f , ilk. Manl y are inllredrltllios i tIo tie prl.fililec resurlts expected by Ih so who propose to enter int thll iesilk culture; butthlese inlllred:lois asoto ple stnud exactly in the sanre position as those who huoted it the first ietlonll or. ugar planters. T'i fact is, the soil and climate of I.uisiaenn, are genial tloRnhmo e.verv kinid culfetivati)n ; ai d Amerieani enterprise weill not illow this fecuality to lv e doromant. One importit fact, showieng t.e challnce of profit in the pro laetion of silk, is, that foreilgn ilks pay a diuty if thirty per cent e d-v.larem; no v, thli is ampllly sllicienllt to make up for any dilflrnice inl the price of labor, inll te c ll'va tion of the raw mlntnriel. The time is nolt fr distaniat when anllnmot every fenide in this city will employ a portion of her time or hllr, inl attelndinga inlilniture crnoonllery. Nothing is better enlelateld to give chillren dbiiits ei idlustry a than tihe care irif few silk worms; it d inaorl.d then a millia.llealea, while it procures them a little at gain with lit arlitiiriiiil artitction, that it is the rei d tilt of their own labor. But those who cualtivate the1 Irees, nmerely Io sell them munil expectl to see theri traflic nedwindle , inaleoarrtwo years,unless they takl ae live iineauru'sttbrirg tile silkworm, inroanetion. Usrefull results mniast Italhwn to give the mass of tile ommIU. nity confidence. Why is not acnlmpaoy started for the purpose ifrestaeblishing a cocoonery, on a moderate and and economniecal scale, to show, by atual experiment, t thate .Mulberry mania is not areeend THlipomania. pjln the absence of any news or any mails, we have given below a very interesting letter, extrac ted from the London Times: From the London Timtes. BORDEAUX, Oct. 13. INTERI'BTIeG LETTRn.-I have nlst reer;ved the following communication from Bayonne, upon the accuracy of every particle of which, yenou may ims. plicitly rely: "The French tGovernment, since the retreat of Don Carlos into France, has been put in posses. sion of various documents, which have admitted it to the secret views, intrigues, ill will, and evil designs of many ot its domestic and foreign ene mies. Several Sovereigns of Europe, it Is sald, compromised by some of the papers seized on tile frontiers, among which was the report or a conver. sation between a powerful monarch of the north and a Car!ist envoy, by whom it was transmitted to his Court (that of Don Carlos., " This interesting document, from whltich I am able only to give a short and imperfect abstract, must, if additionrl evidence were wanting, have tlhoroegly convinced Kieg Louis Philippe ofthe futility of his efforts to propitiate that mighty men. arch, whose hatred of himn soems in amount to a real monolmania. Tie conversation I allude doto may be thus summed up: , You tell me,' said the Prince, ' that you were well received in Vienna, and that Prince lMetter nich gave you every hope of assistance. The Aut. trian Goverrnment, believe me, is not to be trusted. I it will nevesne sume an honorable initiative. Vul. norablo on the side of Italy, Austria is afr iid of France, and of lir alone, abo declined joining fie against that country in 1830, and unless I succeded in arraying the whole of the rest of monarchial Eulerope aglaist the invasions of Jacobinism, Aus tria will stand aloo 'lThe throne of Prusea is now occupied by a good old man, who eannot be awa kened to a senre of tile dantger to which Itoyalty is and has been meltaced ever since 1830. lIts asprriits have been broken by adversity, and he withes to spend the remoainder of his life in repose. His 'Ministers have betrayed tme, and are now on tie best ternms witl France. l)on Carlos and tile principles which we defend have iothing to expect from Prussia until tile Prince Royal l.e seated on I the throne. In hlilm I have every confidence, c'est une bonnte pee. llolland is precisely in tihe same predicament ; the old King is a tmore shlopkeeperr and a miser; he, I am sure, made you fine promises, but is all he will give. I did every thing in ely I power to preserve Belgium. If he lost that coun.. try, it was partly his thult, and partly owing to tile pusillanimity of Austria and Prussia, w!.o ultimate. ly abandoned me. Ilis son, fortunately, is net lke him. Thle only ltrince in Europe staunch to the ,od cause, is Charles Albert, King of Sardinia. i so army will form tile advanced guard of the telition. The Iing of Naples is trembling '-ingdoml ; he thinks of nothing but hoard. and holding military rev ewe, and has a S "er the Court of the Tuilleries. 'o hoar from you, so good an ac t of Bordeaux; still I am atraidt g"'ied hirl too favorahly, for it S hat, reared as le has been, S he cart be qualified to hold these dificult tittes. I S.. e of Antgouleme, they are t ut totally disquatli. I fd tI. was wrong to assume ,' . tlid not defemnd it. in Fran Of Charles X, I had pae'," ;rleeived lme in thie rosses. .'of my reasons for abans . ear ing of his ientnim, , al cllharter, I sent him romonstrate against h a i :,,. . hlil that thm e French were :md ,i ,i m , i,.. llied twith, :lad endeavoured t -, , tl: ".i , was really his drterminatiur., h,,<rl ri - i to riolence. I thein pointed out t ,o :-t , o C' , alirrdtlrl by the chllarter itself thf r n l- t , s elnds. I recommended him not to stop e :. rifles in order to obtain a marjori y in rit. . tors, and imp ossed upon IIItU, th'e ntece11ti, eeeding throughout with ian appearance of leg .t::: I1, replied to use that tite subversion of tihe o, - ter had never entloered Ilis haud-that I had be,.;, deceived lby the rep rts of the L:berals- -and shortly afterwards he pub!ished the fatal ordinancers And ther remcember ttle cowardly conduct of hIis pa:tisans, lid bollold themnl ow advocating raev. ltilnary principles, by way ofmerving their cause! The writers of the Gazette do Frtnce, of whoml you spoeak so high'y, are hypoeriles, you may tell tlemn so for Ie : on n.l fait paint de I'erdre avec le I u srag e univerasel. 'The inconslntency and cowardice ol tihe parti sans of hlegitimacy, hloweve , lust not nllitate ,,gains' the principle. O:r me Ihas devolved t:he IIsIsion of a;ssertulg its Iriumplllh, we mlust only 'bide our time,' and wait ftr favorable circurtstan ces. We Itave nothing to expect from England, since her desertion of the riglitous caune, and her alliatlrc with usurpation. She will vet percei ve and r.pent irererror. Tho succeRss of 1) n Carlos would be tie mleans of bringitng aibout the ultiutate triumph of royalty, and the destruction of Ilte anti. social principles of L' Frenchl school. Were my ' empire i :unto lnerer to the Peninsula-were I, like Austria, ttlmtter of Italy, all the InOnaces of England and France would not prevent mtte froml senditng ian armry to the assistance of that Prince. [lut wlht can I do at w.uch a distance? 1 alm ready tol ass t hintli tth mmtonetmy anld iarmsl; lbut then I calnnot prclanim nmysell tlte exclusive champion of Ilia rights. But Don Carlos mtllut etduavor to strike a decisive blow, alnd do you reclommenled Iilt. Sin ttty name mo itepart fruot that abomntnable ayateam of reprisals, which has roused against both btlli gerents in ther Pninsulta thie indignation and hur. ror of Eutlrope." ='Such is tithe shstance of that conversation, but it appears fresn other papers allao seized, that not withlltaoding all tllrea assurances, the mission of the tIll.tegi.oitor was attended with no tfavorable re. suit. lrie ttaoimed ipromises evrywwhere, but whlen their realizationt was demanded, Prince ,Metternich said that lie was ready to itF rd to IDun Carlosi Ipeeuniary lstcear, provided the othler Powers jolned; tile Kmtg of PruIssia: objected that 'it did not terlaove t him to take the initiative:' antd agents of tCo:ot Moul atlnd . Zea loermudez having arrived at Veonna alid Btlrim at the tiltte, so ellcttuallvy suc ceeded in counteracting the cxertions of the Carlos eagaen, that the £'9,sl000,tm00 promlised to Doni Carlos were never transmitted to himn. .Many,y ilm.po tant and valnable documne:ta, eonl tititlg inrthier proofiS of the ill.will of the Nmrtiferii ',Powers towards tlll Monarchy of July, are hieo. wise. in the hainds of the French (ioverriimeu.t. 1Among than figuisaeletter wiftet hfrhi a sy l b a .coleaidratad itiini(arn'it dilplonidatil-w'ih. ab' u fro'e by.;ortdo of 4ii Innter,(b i t ii f:pon' ) ts of he asympothy awhioh all felt thel hato a lt b'rieah Co'urt and to.tell hin at ithep tia'tim hniot.iL mlpffeetlithgbf.ipEttrest wyit hb einspiredw . iuld 'e. p If ho wii. wera;ta -dispjl. greaer .i'St;vity; aenl: obhian .shpb .brilli aqtviectry' . rle theinent retsa hinti i. hi sown hke aIaand ltatil 'iC h irahity t rinti a stpp to anois of bnrage baiirbarity which oiuld snly tend to i 3giaer is .:prtenasione. ots g n.hd-case,' he sa s slioitld set the eax.tinpe dnd bh'edfirlat ato. perceive the tecossity for disco4lintu'ia aig warlrf re" so contrary to tlie laws of God and man.' - "Don Carlos, ever sinec his iiarriage,. which was disapproved by all his friends (at lea.t as tan. timely) led the most sedentary existence. During Ie nimoith hie only held two rev-owte, at one of which lie walked arm and arm with his wife, and never oncoe visited the lines. T,,e most antiquated i forms of etiquette were revived at his Court, and strictly eoalrced. Their Majesties were waited upon by Grandees of Spain; a Grandee should put on and take off the King's boots! Another laid the m dishes on the royal tnb'e, and attended the family b I at its meals. In fite, every absurd custom, which a I hnndred years ago wou'd have been co,,sidered . u of date even in Spain, was re-established and rigid ly adhered to. The Generals could not obtain ac coess, except by extraordinary favor, to the apart. I ments of the King. They were desired toconsider p themselves highly flattered at being admitted into Iris ante-chamber, and not being loft to wait on tile lobby or staircase, while comnmon servants went in and out, while the,, who for six vearshad been - spilling their blood for the King, could not procure admission. The Prince ofSchwarlzenberg, who was purposely sent by Prince Motternich to en- I quire into the state of affairs, never obtained an audience of Don Carlos, and on one occasion only, d and by special lavor, he was permitted to wait in . his antechamber. l"Thie state of torpor into wh;ch Don Carlos had fallen was no where more bitterly deplored than among his friends at head quarters. The Plince of the Asturias himself was kept in the back e ground and sent to resid in a remote village onn 0 o der the care of a valet dle chalbre and a clergyman. I o Th'e latter, who was a sensible man, could not help o expres a1g displeasure that his royal charge, then in Ilia 21st year, should be condemned to load an inglorious life, when his presence among the troops Smight be oo useful to the cause. A Frenchmlan I at last ethoughllt himself of I fiction to try and t shame Don Carlos out of his inaction. He drew up for the purpose a journey of the Pretender, which was published some month- since in L' i Mode and all the legitimatist journals of France. The Prince was represented in the article as devo ting his whole time to the alffairs of the army and ii state, and displaying tire most praiseworthy zeal & e a activity. When tilhe article came back to head re quarters, it was made the theme of much commelnct. 1 a contents were so widely at variance with the it reality, that ilie intention of the writer could not possibly be mistaken. It failed, however, in pro. ducing the desired etfect. The Prince of the As. 1. tunas, on being told who the author of it was, re complimented him on Iris good intentions. 'You to have not,' said lhe, desaribed what is, but what ought to be, and which, I fea,, will never be reali zed.' U aT'l'he whole army, accordingly, soon became dis gusted. Then Den Cerlon was beset by a hoet of sO monks and flatterers; his Mtonister of War was a nd lawyer, whom the fighting men reluctantly obeyed; it, the fanatical priest Larraga was eternally holding a. for ititation the sagmanary proceedings of Ca brera, and had raised by his incendiary preaching, e such an outcry at Curt against Maroto and other chiife, itlat thle Prince, who only saw through the eyes of the energumenes, by whlom he was sunr roudued, suhfferd imnself to be persuaded that his most fiithlifl Generals were traitors to his cauas and he actually entered into a canspiracy, which would hauvoended i:tally for Maroto, Simon o ,a t Torre, Utrbistonodo, Itnbe, and many other oli. to cors, had not not the plot been denounced in timne n. to Maroto. The latter immediately convokerd a council of of tie chiefs, to whol le disclosed tilhe plan of the s. Apostolicale, and it was un-iantmously decided that it Garcia Carmona, and such others as were known ril to concur in thle views of" the conspirators, sb)ould be arrested and executed. If nethe te massacres of d, Estella, which were impaosd upon Maroio by In sheer necessity, in Inli dletence, and to escape a gr. gaet dped, which had been laid for him and other ti Generals, and which was actually to be executed ad on a given day. The result of theseo occurrences was the exile into France of 35 imlividuals of the m Court of Don Carlos, who, with ddtliuolty could be t, saved frotm tui fury of tlhe soldiers. re "It is not here, my I:ention to jostify those ex, o ecutions, tor the subsequent comdoct of Marto; but nall thei well wtihers tfttme Carlist cause n the ipro a vinces saluted him, at tihe titme as their saviour. In to a niemiortal prepiaredl ihrtly afturwairds and for warded to aou Austrian nobletman, to be laid Ibeitre to Prince l,:ttern ch, which memortal was colnlno. r nicatuld to the knh;assadors in Paris, and wllich a. contrilbuted nlot l a i ttle to disposle the Pattier- ii. ,d. lavor of a compromise, most ofo ile above f.ets are ci- set fIrth, and lMaroto is representedal as tie only of man capable ofaeserting thle rights of i)on Carlos. to The nlmlorialist dtescrimbes that ti eteral aoR possessc. ed ing more military talent, and be ng h bettor ceteas. al man than Zamialuelaragui, who, lie possitivoly states, did not die of his woiund, which was a sliglht one, but ofthlre anlnolnce t hadlil o ei ndure f'ron, S tie Ctarnt'illat. 'the saUti fate,' he the il adds, ty 'wou id have awated Muslelt, but for its desperate is resolutiu ." CAN1DIDATES. i We are authorised tlo mnounce that, at thle sulici L tation of a Inrgo utmber of the citizeas of the three Mtunicipalities, .t31r.WILLIAv IEIIRE T Irs cnel IP, ed to tilhe prese altion of his nLe to his feltblow citizens a tile next elns.uing elt.tion, an at candidate for the Utlice of 3ayoer of tlhe City of New Orleans. (I"3' Nous solnlnes autorieds it annoncer qu'a Ia domando d'un grand nonabro des ciloyens des trois Mu nicipalitds, Mr. WiI.LLAI FRERET a Consenti t so prdsenter commo candidat it la place do Maire it lit plochaine 6luction. [P L. U.U GAnoNE,lt the solitatilon ofmnlay of his frierlnd, has consented to becomte a candidate fir the, oflice of Mayor of this city. i.AS Ntt'tIIT-t IIAMP lS'IItEET_.. lSATURIIDAY30th NOV. 1839. FIVE TICKETS which may draw FIVE PRIZE', I AND FIVE FOUITUNES!!! \Will h i iven away at ithe Camp Street Theatre on this ..a cEORL(I ltOILANli) lscapectinllv informs Itis 'thake ata i henit as well as IlllseElf, he lasnlr· I , lFive lTicklts in the Fijrst and Second Clans of tl,()jkesy, ntill Iritchlt ' Ittei .asla l I.Ltt telv, i II Ihe given to the pub lic i0n tlhe followilg t; ' . aicket for the Theatre, a number ' . it. 1Il the course of t he Evenintg, .I e It:' ti, tlhose given to lta public with S , - ' put into a wheel on the stage- '," ': " ' , '" tllllllnter will hIe drawn, land thle i -rc,aondliag num'lera 1 i tohose w' heel, will *chl receive a -,, The holde rs of these i, become possessed of Al, , ' " - properly, situatediin ri t a rttcaeio tt may Ie {aere at tt, . ' , atre Ar. steer' I lrfolr " -Ho I!r GRATIS ! Ill'. t,0A VAUIIAI.II . t ,) I, . t , rce k of IOWV1nd tre . o,11:, LE\the r partiulart stie t h.t ai+ ov 1 .t. a eI h ee llre l, and, o * 0 aNOTICI --NtTItE !!-NOTICE A I'ICI(ET FOR IIOILANI)'S BENEFIT, G I, A'r IS!t! ,I., rInw .:.E oll n ae)llr(c hz. ;I c k et nat this Ill,,,. i tste, wd e ttt l artcicttetl's Real Eatt tt , . it°r", t.ronllllt thI dirate nIllit $Cflltllrtll, l:veml11n next, Iill l tre ,aTe l writh a I'tI.A ''I( K'It I' & A 'Ill 31 . to IIS Itta Ifor lh ,lI l:'s I ,elts , ( 1titIArS ! h which |he Spe~r-oln lilly ;el 't, Real E.ste L.ottertte Itl'.Its n i n. 5a : , ifohl toihet e TirEN Ittti.,AiS-the CoI nm l inyriorll Nanbr , 7, 7m , it the Filnl o;1-s( ll at 20 1 7!, Pe ail Pry e, Ttthtsdal tt ltlh Nov. 8139. lt e eial) away n Itt a , t is I'lta I I.t . le llt e l, thiso te tt l'hT e m lleat rs ret I followrk's : nrt NJ.lia e e 3t9n, in the eand tl r l res tl CatC itbilnttit t Nttm er t , t 7, 711, il tie Ficst Clef s " I, 29, 75, 1ie .nlt 3t3, 73, ititc SN tvt n.i, tttt39." .e Il, e from ettttoeo Jouell taPh et freor tnlyiv r hereles Cetet tfllly notifiedt that Itttervice will te pr.. l~ttrtl' it eote ftt tir. E. E. Parker's notw ttiltlihs in Jttllalt reet, tttween MagJlheitII eid FucPat streelee " off . J 31111 11 .. I.(/ fe ter. mo raath aor orCa pa . • sh,,yips . .r . ll t i b io .t o ieJ, pritt aralt lee or Nw rapnt W l mt. d all t uttdaor l a ~ to A.tltt .or, tm l aran . i. 11 n;. lP iletI w i nd in etelrmt ht c F OIo ILAYOLT CAeps Warring,: dayouriagvlt1 s'ot w Yk, at 0 rttlla r.a auery cnalr A ,ld amortn.,n at the alas houat.r Irtr trgi or paas ht .aage applyon horLoardltr 't P I AIDlyAW I Comp at ItrNls PI'IPr- l t itP rllnar pawnper for news, o r .toit fron &l t reL & 4l , ol t r Innll holnl lhinsr (tteos froom .rta alnd the Ohio from I'iltadel plin, an ' fur sale by H o IHN. IIA SWI I. L & Co, it 1 H8 U suEcess r to Alex. 'I'oanr, 49 Coamp at Shr I.\ thll to Pdttf:n-Ytas tdito tarilo al tip t Iroisoirlle froom w Yr, k li)0o retHI faine clorel ,leditllt o adlrltble for mtln.llll t hiIll, r elP r. fc. .o r sn le bry JOII.t J I HA\VEI.I., &' Co, . nr.m eeIk~ .ras ir All t ''ow ar.t 49 ;ntp ttor ar)A taPE tr-5rrerms amtn sl irg a . I ti ltargoe rsi red, tllth roper Illtldr Irodwrroe rauper Sn ) r11( o shoe ltr,osort" l pa n maortd Is Foralo r hy Jollt Ni HAS\V.II & Cr, A. o by Jh N ressorars to A liowrar tI1 t'amp r ta NA I ,1-A n rg:ss tnet ir store at rrr arre by 0. and Lc I;. . L/rin 'Ii ns a rl lullll iy illllllll Ill f'led and FIor ttherrtt ro tie pu lli, tIrot beirg n ,hllr ed t1 IPlre fr0 n Ir t eillr . orn Ia:c. hnllt r ofill henrlthl Ire Itos sld Itt' rtr.1, to m11t sra tiswell, lltorinrlgt rr and l lswell oflftilttr nlrtir l. who will hernafellr com Irc e Ih.. lr aimr as in ris c rivy lu er Ilre rlrlrre ot'Jrlrn amJ. loswell &Co. Iteokeo a nolirtE i:l re.mmooelhing Iths to thlr Ia .trt.on ge fhiris f.rnrra a..r ls Op.. .. 5 A 'rO\VAIL 49 C('amp at a JOlIN J hi\ WEI.I, & CO, i jlt CC I)IteS tIr rlexnoJer Towtar 49 Camp lte hlrnt ilse lllll nd te tr 111 gl i nertll, tihat haing Inthrtsrd from ilr.l'oor hir retiret st.nrk of boko, pplaur &.; 111h:v Ilhlvle Ino.vsue~hl ItllOllus as will Irake thetir tilsrrtttltrel .ry olllJrrPte. I'lea will ttltys Ire aide t t s Itly Prl nt,trs taitit inkb, ttller for newspa - pern, bo(hk aid jolb aloik if vatry dscliption on ihe is very bet trlllS. City andl clrrtrv ltalrhotlllls will fidllt a bhlnk took' ofl even r kird, r Iptlit,, Sttd trice, trorttier d witltceelk Irlrtl.o, li lllrbtakr , klCl.wIlRR oslankts, w hills llllai, witlh nll arltcles of slt:oirnery ittr lly kept a, i book stolres. orpvintp restesr, c1tthyolt illk, te velara liht ald dirktrlh e l It r ahok wrtatitr flailt; Bankersa' note I.llcare, Iomcket okrrs, &c &. A elleral, aassoartment of Itks in anil the ip.lrlelellSt of cientte. and litersr r,. wllh thle IIlmost PxII'IIS Ve illll( nud e'011 te Sa'or(lrlllol·l(,lf r:holI looks eaver tltrtd itn New I tlrllrt S all fllwllltlh tlleyv Ire irelpared Io sell tIr rlrlltlllry IIr r ad cllls ntlo dealers at ithe luwoest whollerslre tlitter. ituv 25 Wo ANT'I'h--Tlhree ,r ftIar latlio e Ito ptg I al ta l litio n r ilt a it e s I'rllllltil e cilt; thiere are Lnd acinl[ crlnlld l c n l l. liuu hmisl t is; t toltl I t rtllher Y rIlllivrlt d irivi tl cli ttva ging It large prtrcel lof Lrrrrlu fir it , ll oiotr of oroa. rlan oft atoog a oocrIth titlrer 00 tlhey Snay Wramat mwilhoil hori~lg an)ihong, toaae ie. Ilira time at greed illpr i. For Irlter altorliillrtlot llily t II IttNNAt., 5 coller Noatellz nl 'reIhnlhllllis t .a I1[ANTEI)-A woman a tot alk and wa-h Ibr m 1 f nImll f oily--One who can come well rmcolll a mllded, can gt aIt pamallent sltiltlltlon, by applainr at corner of St. lhollall and Edward slreets--A wlhte woman wouhldl te plrererre o. rg a tfishATr,-T wtolll tot ,teitai tnl -ollte elll . plovila l will btm given. Ni I1 &!t ltEVYRII\, or . . . . _ 111I Tclltoptoollola .a ta 'l lSt 1t1.;, ali oaand Liverpoo tla--10i tlneo Iot and 5atlltor.h fillr slt, itn boatrol ithe liill Frank fort, laioe tt to. Jsh asrreat whorltly lattl Capltain a Il sel ou tlllrlllro to iall I' IAI .Attl A t (I,,llio at . l l Sl; frmn 1$ hi( , f A h llh:,l a,' 2lT(1r? - 1'r 11 , I,' Ider . T! chlit,., 11k~1hnlt . It .)rnin & Co, tro ria: to Penn. nd arror tlrlrI Nnthville, Irtr'e barrel-, marked P & 1M.I An r·on Iper aving'e sanlte iin thir po'me.: laeti hot r taItonlol (''tol,.o ,,l4NN~iNOto,,,,okornlJý ý,nol o ("in n il lia ).and-l-- I bnxes flour eo(·(, IllnkrkI·d Ja '(' Slri, no4tll4lI sI siicelnt nooI lkk,,,,o & 1, e Iv a to coll, poy fri,,iuotd 1101101101, olld tike st,, uwnv. 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Jh1 l7 n o Ii b ;\ boxes Wh1te Havana, i3 stoll ano fw 1111.11111110 keg sup. iorleaf1,gir Sl forlll ejl' .11 11101,0 I 1111 ~ ~ IIIP 1011 I 010 1 Cocerfl Choorlc*Sg l*IIIIIII o ill! -- -- 44 New Leveeliel, o ~uiuu 1)10 & II IN~Ill ;rl.010 lll II S n:\ -litt Isle rectified atbl Ilie Irrr, Ir, per n13 11 ; 11111111111 , 41 N1101001000l loo till 0111 1 llIlloillmtlellldO- tlll'lKlt l uwnv: 1011l1001000101 so010 ,Ix coxtererom t1m00by 4. II. I ·LANCIATItI, 33 Gravier A t \r-A l geIO ,rid 0;ev t1110 '11i el o .ed and fi r sole b 33(rvier at 1. 14 S t h , viers f lo d :,)b oas. -lba t l . u l t1 1 1 &l0 -lrll lilltx 0'J 00rtlox 10llt 0 f11l .t 11. 10 "'l it Ii~lter.)lhszl nl, in rtltw I·, 11,21 ,,to 11010 ,001 O t' Ca001 0, f St1. Charles k . ...ll, lsxr f A N E la, - lV USI! & ALLAN would respe,:tt. II o nl wIll Im cn trusts, t'Ufll lllnn~l Illl linen Puntsi: " ~ ramirin and s*ilk hlan~l lclrrcrieei: : Matti nod l l.l vote in err,'r variety masksw~ of suety description: : . 1 .Illrtic ,,III cotton sa tpeallerdsi: silk, cation un it f ll,--, i · hilves: gents hoolin gloves: ulrubrrllnd lr enod puma e, AI+?+,-Splleniid nsaorlalnnl of Inclire and-Seatsn 'wri tiedskdesi gesepr- lo, at orc t " t "TK S' ,.|al. A C D CIT Y ; O T E L 5 * REAL. S}2ST'Afl L9-TTEBY..`:. .. OF PROPERTY il'Y17J ITt I R le f+iIEW QbANpo SC IMID& HI AOlTO24 MQV uarina. f, Ofteei sunder the Verandah, Corier of A. Charles.E Sind Co.tnias SIeets, andt no, 1 Ut- haorles l Si.edtl betweek Conti and St. Louis Streeats : W Tl.'H a view of meeting tle wi hes .fl.otir friends. we have the pltasture of n ilioann nioig totile puhi lie tlmt this Loltery, bou uthoritv f.tlhe State ofl ,ouis iann, wiil he drawn at tle City Excbartge, in St. louis. in New Orlennt. The drawing will, without fail, begin on the lst Dct cetnber next. OU r agents throughout the union, will cause the shove to be inserted once in one of the newspapers of their respectite residences,.and charge the expenses in 1 nIl--tdl SCHMIDIT & HAMILTON. CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEA S' GIFTS! Verandah, St. Charlns Theatre, Campt Street The'are, Caldwell's St. Charles Arcade, lu. - teis, Stores, Dwellings, &c. &c. CAPITAL PRIZES ! ! ! g Louisiana Grand Real Estate and Stock lotteries. By authority of a lw of tle State of Louisiana, Gth March, 1828. CALDWELL, OAK EY & PRITCHIARD, Managers and Proprietors. Th'le prizer nrr iutny IuhliCe ind )riveta luildings wihic adorn tle ,.ity l' Niw Orlpans, Hlln are the prillUd ollf - illihablilnlts-lthe Vernlld ihl, St. Chirlrca Street S'TheIatre, Almerican Calllllp .lreet Thentre, Cailwell's f St. Chrlens Arcade, wilth Ilotnls, Dwelling Hlouses, ii Stores, Iluilding lts, n111ny enlire sIlqtars iof (roaundl s, C&c.., are rendy for transfer to tie hulders of prize ne icke:s. IIAI.IF MIl.I.ION, OR AlMERICAN CA\IIMP SI'EIT 'I'IIEATRE r n I.tT" Tl'EI Y. CAPITA. $541,tiIIXH IN 1,2)I PRIZIEs! ! In ill be drawn ilIst Itecember, New Yenrs' Eve, in e- New Orlenrs; and in otrdr to gratify nIrc hasers of ' tickets, thei eml)lll intation pilnl is IadIpted lr this l erttrY a, ll rlhy it will I o oI letedl ill one drTwinie. ce l67,.i5 tick t l lars, $675,250 1,291 PRiZ " S:t! r SCIIEME. Camplll Strel 'I'Tealre and (; rround-prize to Ilia Istl,:2d anllll :r lralw i nu ln re, 1 t,0011 That sub'tinutl li ur sIltory brick building c la od led Ar'inl)llT'i HoItel, ftrlling the corner i ('af aniti Natch ez streels--pize to the l 1 4th,h Slt & liti, 40i.10110 PThut valuhblo live atory brick store on (Ohl I,'e cy vall astn I,ircupd Ii v Messrs. II W l op. II tiin.-priie it lithe 1it, 7i1h s ad 9t1, 3501)l1) I'lii ,ii eriint Iwellin hoImiieiand lot NoI l 7e, Ito, si nlrell II(street, 1 J Io V I: Wd (bC W ri.l., iris. to it i I tt,, rl an ' l h tt ' , 25,110(1 - Tlea two stnory dm''ih e dreltltg lu' doable od t S2d Mnluicilmlity, occuplied by J I Ilall- ri I o ii the I l,, 2, and 4th, I1,|)100 I IvIi 29 other prizes ii Retal Estatet, mazking 33 of ites Ie- tate, alltd llS SilekP, antll many prizes of SIckrts in tile aTwo lillitli I ottary. TIFH GRAND TWO lMII.I.IONS LOTTERY. Only 9 Blanks to a Prize. ,. 10,0010 PIIZt S--.)f Two Milhola of loilnrs. ik- I'l)rlw n itl le' old pln of IllankRs ad I'rizes.L ' NO COMBINATION NUMBERS. )100,0(H0) ''ick'i ls, nt 120 lllnra, $ I.(100lO,0llll The scheIme and sellitg Ilice the samer. 'the expen r se operate as a rerlnttilo from the valutIn oIls set on the propertly .elerd in prizes. ea: 110D1, 1 IAlWIN(;. son T',h Nos.l n 100"01, will be paed i. ... .e.. ..and the ame of Blanks mud Prize. i ..other -l wheneI md dr wn unta all are drown. tf The first day's dinawing in January next, tlder ,,l the supervision oft two J Iidger ofCourts im N.irleanas. .es. 111,00 PRIZES!!! oe 1st. The Verandmah and (round. vauied at $i5000001 2d. The St. Charles Thentre, grunid, s - re, ir thinr Ov, r.c rei le term 41111,00f) in .l 'tl'li'hc 1..ll es Alct oll i ngllltlni(lilll not I r l, t, i 1 , Itll O - (rl, ir.u , I)wc lling, retire pn r . I.-;1 i i . S 1 i ' eat s ,i iit t a $ '.IIIIU,I111(1 InkI it. It al t.e itihe cF.r..e-f (',nl aIIId S,. Chanlels street. . ... ... .. G1,1\NI) I12,>,\. lEST'I-ATIE LOTTERY OF' PROPERTY, Situatned in New Orlnnsnnn TO l+l I)IAWN N T11 HEt: In 1I)ECEO:lI 10R, 1li:.n oI, J.iA CICiON VIlI.1 ,. F/ln. himtd by the In ligisnltit, A--nioln f l"Inrida. SCIllMl II & lii lll.TI)N, 10111,000 lic keri , a it 1 :i $1 ,hei lm prln.e . $1,201 011 i. ll ellIln pricy $lil"1)0 lpe lilken l I. ' l.IVIeS'I'E ir &il 1 n i, I nil rinnndwlnt liii I YOK, ,,le .\ c n, t+, [U The receipts of the ole of fhll tirket) will , ,Ir 1i n Ne t l l the tlar' i nin n ill Inn itn I, Itl l ,lm 'n lo I( nol.nil ed i li ks, in Newl . I' e u . il i 1-ouis 1' l t piootrl withm J. 1I. P ierrmitI n'e lh'l tinIloP ol-inl-n il)eih m h llnnh)llnniiuiidnm nilook, itll, I lren , rs -pr art plasseld ielm e . i umlorei us. NI . n 'b. on he 2d Mallly :1839, ell the properllws lIerred Io the lshove ientioneIl goenio nn nIIIIII, l ntlered, as 'r stees, Ifr thl e i ec turilty o I ltrtunate prize il In Nlew York lihe monies will be d epsited in lhe h enlli ilk to nlietredtl ol the above nameid n City Bienks ill New orleaus. I' h ,tlhe are reierred to the i acts pln sed before A. Mazureau, 1Es. Not lo. ii l relatl- n to the iprop eronies ihoo- em arse, It'n respCintie pnzes i tihe tINi) I'1I2 ,1 P I as follow.: Prize-Thalt allL ni iide nt three istory brichi budding, known as the .0IICA1)I'l, illn 3llo azine snoutll i, nnauring 28i1 fi et 5 illhils 4 linlies on MaNazine at. 14ti fe li inchiiTes on rinvinne sieet, anid 11 foIott I illnches Oli Nl.ehs st. This hnihling produces )now a rentl of3in7,t tl0erannunnnlnl idbeng in the most flourishhing part oif Ithe ity, opponnint tihe, hinnks, and in ine nmldmiite nn'iihbnrhood of the Si. Cireinini an nolio tleh lhintels. Its rents will, in a very fenly yenrs be intreased to fifty nllllsand dollars pIr1 an n, lr oninlantned at $700,000 forinierly ilihos Iiaotel, sinted at the llrler ofl'ap and Cilnnn sis nioi 146 etn IncllhineS onil Cinnlmp st. This building rents niow for $25,01011, nd lbeing n the most central part Iofl the city, can shorniv e increasned toflhirty t.ousald d'dhlars lt r an 1nu, P ntillnte ill a $500,00 Prize-The three story hrink dwelling house, No. i31 on Nalnhe Sltreet, - adjiining nhe Arcade, relate d in 12 lntidiled dollars. Estimated at n '20,01200 I Prize--'le thlee story brick dwelling house, No. 18, adjuoining No. 20, on Natchllz street, rented at Iwelve linnideed nihnnileen. Eetilnele I o .00,0{}0 I Piize-Tiie threle story brick dwelling hlmen, No, li;, djnining No.nll, Oin Nntnnlezjl. renied at i.elve hlln. red dollans. IEstnmmt d iat 120,1000 Prize--The dlele Inhouse e, 21 nt)rlh. st cornelrr of iasin and CuIstini )onie c~r~tn, melsnringi 40 feet Ir nt on Basin sment, 4i' fee tlllll lon Franklin street, by 127 feet deptlh.on Custonhonuse asreen ; rented at fif teen hundred dollars. Estimantelat $20,000 Prizi-The ldwenlling Ilonse No 14 south west corner of Basin street, meas ureig 32 feet 7 inoles on Ilnein 0t, S2 feet 7 inches on Frinklin street, by 1i22 eel 10l incles depth on Cna lonhonuse street; rented nat fifteen huntdred dollrae, Estimated at $20,000 gPrize--ic two stolry brick dwelling house No.339 on ioyal street, between Ursuline and HIosnitill sreets,,tanes zering "I fsel 8 ilonecs oil Royal st, y 1i!7 etel 14 inn:heo ill depth; rent elat $1020 per nnllnlll. Estimnaed at $15,000 Prize-2-L50 shares Canal hank stcck, at $1110 s anh, $25,000 I nrize-- nll shres Comnercial Bank stock .l1 i0 each, $20,0110 i Pris--i15 shlarps leenlanica' ani Tra lers' Ilank tneok, alt l1(10 each, .15,000 S Prizes of Iloll bianell, .C:ty. Bank, . Sll,01111 2 'rizcs of f51I "- Einc an k o I,10,10) S'Prizen of 25 " a ijn, Liglin, 5,001 f Fliees ol 15 ' " Mecbaies' annd Tnrltlr.' 3,1100 r0 Prizes ofIO '" Louisiallna late, 21,1100 10 Irizes ,)f L , " ne Light, '2,110 `i00 Prizes nf I" " Uninn Ilaok oe iIhinerida, 15,000 It shall lle at tie o oinnn f thell winners lof priesn of buank tocks, eilther lt take the stockl itself or the par tahlue Ihereol in calsh. MOI)iI O10t RlAWING. . - 100,010 lickenl, from I lit I10,0oi, will lie put in one whol, and 0lriz&', "win1 lithe lblank', in niither i It every Imbier n prize or blank will- le dirawn, inl til ie nrites are dlterinilne .lIeavinl the'balauce of lnum !ers in le woelbel-blak. • rders Ifr the ablole Lnttery n ill be received at tile iunder tlhe Veranalh, corn.r nil Si. Charles and n streets, nad at No. 101 CIartres street, New S and pirompn1ly forwnardod. Orders lomi I!te ,t tpaid ellltaini n rumilranees for the Iumn :r-en- 'equinred, cddlressed Il D ' ' riT & HAMILTON, New Orleans. are,, will Ie providedl tolake to Florida " . may beI desiroun to witness tie - cc Iicmnnilnon idin,, binsi L , , . Irlr n,r .sale iI I fRlD.G,, tn" • I) es, • ..' -t Verity'"" '" " Afteri wlich, the +" . •" 'Fbw Peulan t Y e Thie iq o, r of Life" - SoiUlln , M. -l-ortt ' •t oThotr Trp Mrr Girrnceti L unliri, l i .s .rity To conclute withl the Bi. ACK PHANTIOM , Will Watch the Bold lmuggler. Will Watch, Mr D. Inar Levi Iv , tnly HgI h l(1nollilson, . Morton Ioi, Itndderly, Rndelill MIry, . . Mrs na t I)ilrs ioipen at 6-I'erformances to commence ut 7'o'lcl k " ST. CHARLES. THEATRE. A IL. I'ERSONS engaged in this establislbmenl,are I res qested to mie~ti in the. Grdn IRoom, at II o'clock, A. A. itI Friday he 29lth instant. u.Ul G II IIAIRiET'I', lSage Manager. WASHINGTON BALL ROOM R .T. PIIII.IP STIEEOT, awBET:WEEN ROYAL AND BOURBON STREeTS STIFI MANAGERI of the Washington Ball Room " respeclfully informs his friend Raid the public, that the nlabove Ientjimned will open for the seaon,ml Mlondmy evening, Novemiber M4l, 1839, by a GdIAND) I)RESS AND MASQUERADE BALL, and will lconltill, lhr+oghot the season every Monday" K Wednesday nod Foiurthiy evening of each week. Almiltanoee for (;etttlemn, $2 00 New Orleans, Oct. 24thl, 1113:9. n i-IANli D FULL DRiESS BALL. ru rIlE Otonanger oflhe WOvlhilnglIon ail Room, re.. .epectll hlleitni his friends f nd the lnlateuli generally, lha liee been induced to give a few FUlI.. It1lES5 BALL, ,'nid lhat the first one will take place on T'rursda Eve. MnI k anIII fnllliy lreses not being allowed ;.n.gen Oil tlemin'c ille l permitted in the Bull ooma with his inat on, whether dni ofrlde, I u0. A d i i i it t . .n e , F o r l ad i e ., 1 1 c Fior iieitlenen, 2 00 TO HOlSR-KEEPERS, HOTELS, SEAM I0 BOATS, and COUNTRY DEAL4J. T II E .uiscribelrs are now rocihing dUirel I·n the itlUllaeuicrphtie Inreg. eNo.lies f," Glns. (hin anld ila rtnnelae, I.,lillg l.a.n IneI, I'aeda etd Jileaver an Lamp-, Clhanidelieer, Jepnneryt; Kitcllea ware,rsn hous hishail goo gaitm enerelly, which they r oaer at 110 aiianniully low priese, a No. 17 Camp otree allel No.84 no1 io,lon streeto. ti1--4w II wllkOWlt &'Co M:\NSION HIOUSE HOTEl,. i T]IE O nlrasiglrd, pireenet proprietoranO thi well Lknown establi shentlc, ealled ltle Mnareit thlMse iltratit ill )lirnpoi .lretl No. 119, IhavUe the homowr to nIOIINil i ,to lhileu, lle, Itiai theiri glretLe e ar. id at itlnliol will lo ne dioI c endr-coelonrtable pIersolo wlis mIiy inaor them witl their ilrtoneag. Ter. ol ntllllgs n piosselsed by tle houlae for troaellerns for it= Itality o ,co, c .l noe e well c n11 wn that it it ,nt I10lllt+'lls r In enulmerlte t(eUl. i sept- -ly CUNY & FUI.TON. MANSION hlOUSE IIOTEL0 I ci lii Illiboemn. ul, u OS infreeriets novor pr.priionrion dol bion S ooo nneido nlnhbhlecitnenliw nombrado MAN. , SION IIOUSE, atuado on Ia cello de Is Obropln, nr NUln. 119; iuclln el honor i oaiunciar al puhlino 'que uiis liayoree ufrcisu y i.tenionea aeran idii ien das co oipllciner he In n persola quo lee faTornz c, n chii is paltreinCo. Las voitljas quo posen di. eh cli. csn pltoi lots vigeroo, onto pnr an locallddl. I coilo(ididad, etci. etc. oi tan ooneldda, qtuo en ilnu t)0II titolllllaor arras. .. 1 sut-ly (CINY &. FULTON. M1ANsIO)N IItO)SE IIOTEL, r P04S snltesigld. , sl)04.4 propridloirona d' I'd 1o 144b ,'sino>iuE udons la ruvrdo in Obrapia,, No. 149, cn 4 ,, 04I'l44 Ids MANSIO N 4 leront tuna 400e04 4v4,44 p11r s r4enldo Lgrveeoard I rnr coati taco. Ill t ollYIoditcn rlo'of re ltte wad. Pon ;tax vnyageurra stint nasal onttlt:"r Iwur no 21 nap-ty CUNY & FULrON. I14 I Ii " wo 4ou, e41eo d fluoroN 24tl 4'oo i f3Ci, e.;nl~pil, r in if,-- pr Ill)·tsI.P , N., 21 ('it pl treets- the I] ... trance Mli Il ivlillCI· ()B '.C 1'1m thnl c 44,04 back o4r No,. 17 New "I J P II.r"' r , .. o n>; p n . .r sCiil tin e iY (.I irnoll~ltllelin te lr.l:I I· 4L 444444 4.4 44 I~r 111' IlL Ia II4,ltl'II~I1. ta t 4 lll IIorn ,llllh In~ lan elet 444 1I len· I,, let, i4. st rcel-. App~ly at I In; cIT1n·T of I)-lcnJ *Ime, p an The Verandah-81. Charles 77reatre-Camp at. TI0,&,re-u:aldirll', SI. Clrarla4Arcedc-Hotrls. -Storrs-Sqorore of Ground .j-o CA PI'-':l. PIIIZES 444 r 4)UISIANA 4414ANI) 40 EAl! ESTATE AN) SAl 4I'1)CK LOITrER', a1tir4e rnror of Carat and St P. Cbnlrltw streets, authorizedP~ by a low of the St4,44e, 441, II ,, I4 4i. T'Ill IIAI.F M1III.IION, or (amp sheet Theatre Iltor' ? , 4291 t riooo! Idrawc an :lIsa D)remkber, New 1441444 'e44, 44w1l lli-ed inanoe drswing. 'IlE (IttANIl 'W1'' MILLION LOTTERY. 440410,14M Tol0 n !44,5 rfOt~It f0 W\ill conamnre drawingia as, suap o praticable flt 4he Fir4st 4Lottrooy. (1C'N,,rres 4of myl4Onks, in the4 Un4ion, afilch arm len 444lly47 b4l4 4 in0f1140 PtlrC Ithey nre ioiUned, wih bo' 44 4144044n p40041tf ife 7ireka~n, whicih arin the Half M4illio, $111-Two a, 114im $20 CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCIARD, n12 PropIrieI44sO&_Managers. CLASo No. . TU E Ihalf M illion or CelopSwesatlesaleCIslesefs t1 1 o4 Ieosiaioa GR(AN)I REAL ESTATE AND StOCK LOtI'FGIY, will oefivrle bly drtaw on she 3101 )0ce444444441 N4w' Yers' t'ne. III I)W£ 14,11 I..KEY &r PRITtCHARD. oh Office oerner I el oal St Clharlro pta. TIhe Paper is nartly printed with ssmal type on an xctra, doollo toed oo shllret, at $13 per annulm0 , pay44blI 8,n0 annually is savance. rile T'at-o EEKLr Paper, tontaining the5 reading mlatler oI two dollies, 110, payable in advance. where no city refsrenec is given. Thse WYoLoLe 'VRUE AmenacA.,, made up from the laily papers, du1411n41 the werk, will be sent to sub. I scrihers who p41y $5 per onnum in adveanc, sad to none oltrhr, unleas an acceptable oily refeeesee is given. Subscribers roepsctfully solicited. JOHN GIBSON. NEw ORLoEANS, MAY 1839. STEAMY BOAT BILLS. ( VNERISI, A(IENTS, ee CI I'TAINS ofofEAM 0 IIOATS eran haoe their illseftrark ,7 is so, or oe Cloreld Ink0 oi1 t'4silP or Colredi Plper, with deopoehI, ond on0 f/aeoabe Terms, by /eeing theiar 004,4400 olt'tUK AMERI(CAN tOFFICE t'ion' Poyllra ond 5t. Chorles olrerts COTTON CIRCULARS 03' PRINTEIDI till Iho Grolaee h Epedilion, ano no ssltle unlsturpased in Ntw OlRLEANS, or eals whIere. 4 Oageno lell etConrr,,sa R·em in eS. Charles Eo hfiene, (Coainr of Goraver St. ) o et T' R 11E AMERICAN PRINTINeI OFFICE0 'corner of Poydre andodSt Charle. Sierl, trill Ie proatlly atendrld ia. CIAVASSL4I.IHAMS-12eohaiakan etore hosa a C n20 .J THAYE4I& Co. 74 Pn,,1r0. 4 Missaiaippi and Loseiajase Motel, 441v104,0010. Li D 118. MARY KIRKLAND rpeotf'allfy! ao. L i ,,aacee to her frienda aad the public gaan. ally that she it prepared tp accoammodatoe tlherea ir above estoalishmelt, an01 hopes trim her Ixerlionse I tender viaitoro-eomfortlaip. teeleaeive a continuance of forsoor favors. She feel. conS. dent h0at persons visitiag Cointgtonsduring the 04441414r 4,onthl, c04nnot find better accommodooations tlan- elle can afford ther, on moro liberal ertas. tier Iouse Is plosaatlty situated, and well supplied with4 evrry Iclvelnience; tle har is furnished with, the roust choice liqllror, &c. iam shorlt; he prootisee toat nothling hall be wasting on lher part to give ithe Oalialactiotl! to a1l1 who may patronlize the Aiasissippi 0,nd Loauisianoa Hotel. - je3: 0, IV. (dreao'. I*4fallrftno. W lyn . lye eolonrig t44 tlla4r4 Ilear's Oil, Rus1144 a bear's Breesre p4444404444, Tllbhaw'a Fret dce Was.h4, 4444ri44 perol powder,ll wh144 II W ,reaa nl 144444,, 044rra444lr 4444ng40, o,,4o of r4,4e, 40 alaIVe, keens~r 114144 004144. a 1444 tr 4'14dent r4lire, eloalge flower waoorr, pot der polio and ,oxer, A 444r141a1 olioeor'n4, )nal 1014 n 44 4444 4444u44 044440n, proe. 44414 s04IIP, 4'44444404 k4uheaalI"i,1Ie aclhe d14op.,h44ifl brah4,4e, ERIleir dllrtet4414 4444444 hi, Indls, halr oil ~II4140'444iviy o4044I lI4,rl44at4lri,",l0&... :floeI'st a y C. J. lINViIAIIp, o,4. 4444 ' 4.4,Izlu4 alaIOt

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