Newspaper of True American, December 10, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 10, 1839 Page 3
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LZ'AL NOTICES. 'lTA I OF LJUIrIANA-Firet JuulaEal Din- - frict Court. The State of l.olisiano,-To all wlhom three pre F seIto shall siome, greeting:-WVherecsc IlEtNttY 111 Thl 1,A.M 1AI.FItIY, hIavlg ulrl.hased cat a sale maide Al by tile lieritl' l the patliah cl Jelrer-on i, lth proplert lereinlafter described, hais app ed to Ih cloerk of thic Courl, ill whose offiIe tr dol d el'i sotle was ret orded non the s ellnteenth day oft i)etllh er, A. 1). 183., Ifor iI ltan.i Lion or Advertlelienlt in confhormity to an Act of lice Legislatire llf thie l n c l.onieianit, eotitled, " in Act fin, lth Iurlher .ssurol:n of tles to Inrchaes at dlo - dici nletau;" lppron,,d It! coil, dllday lof larch, 18.14: 'I'i Now, the ref.e, know ye, nai till person intereeste herills a. hlerey cited i;lil ai l.nnihne., in ihe noie oIf the t.lte rf I.nllieia se, nd of ile irt Jedicilcl Iic Fe tril Conrlt, who can set up anuy richt, title orclilll in anill tiln property hereimatier o e.cribed, in ione' Flri qoeen " nilo ilnfl Iclcllv inll fle rder, I seree or judg llenlloftlhe Conlrl i leerrw!clil eh s oUb. mI a llde, or aly irreg0teriiy tr illeclity iti the. e pipr se'irdslensan i advertisements, n ltiml, or mannlr of e ulec, or clr any other delect what.oever, toll show cause, within Ithlrly days froni, tile day this Mlnlllillti in first inserted in Ille pulie pairtr, wly ,the male no made sholuld not be cr n- i innled sld homo lllogated. Tle..iI prolliirly ,was iell Iby tilte llrrifiof lie Ih er ith fittratoidtm thi tictweitlielh IIety lf Seplelmb r, A. D. I 1839, ly viretn oft deniei ot .his urt rndeed i teithin oileluh nth dlly tt' alrchli, A. It. Ill39, in ac slit titledi Marie Citril, wifit of Charles Brewer siud al. nv. Ihe miner children and heirsn f Charles 'heil. . No 12,819 lof thedocket l'-hi tctmir, at whlichl saole tle snid Ilec ry WIlli lc I'ullrenv 1lclcte tlie chccPr, lor tihe rie fe o uur hnl;ed aid lhirty-five dUllarc, p cyable eanh. n I)eoription of property, as given in the Judicianl Con weynlice, viz: AerlAin , lot of groudl, the eme which tas adjudlli lated It William Nichieht IIcll ni, it a sile allcle Ib Ilate I ,I tc'oy nautliollcerr tlip c'lyOf''iiletbllata , oan the levnlltlil larclh i36, Iby virtle iof o juclemoett of llisieourlol tic, lIIirtieIh Jtarv lt131, uucd ti iciic nI - ordered bIy cnid court oi ti.i eigutllntehli Alinrcil 1I.9, ti be resold t thle risk and exl erae of said Hfl, fr nerg leetin anlrd reflesi r to clmply with lthe erles allld noil: thitttni oi said te, I i iac nut. .l dill l ct beinrgilllatned in lthe Iarih r l. Jieff.roam, il the tlwn ot'l nerrll, oc, higi c, lote an oenltmer Ftourir tquare A on a plan 'tawn hy Benjimin Iltoirsocn, nrvlyr eIf .old oIrich, tin tIc Iwcotcthe i l ic ll . lllrt y Il: Iii, nud de,t ll ite.I ill i1e oilhe D. of II. I ..C telc.ns,t n t ary pildtitif thicit ,oland icen- ti aricng, ic Acclii .r mecciurr filly lite f ct elevter icncilee It frlolt on I.ev e stlrelet, nd clrly feet ihree inthee lsoS frontlin 1llcriht etrta!c. ithree llllltcl Ihrulc Ii iv II' tie fe,.t in det hoad Jeffcro, a.d threei. hndied U and fcit leen tl inches mitlel n i h ll ill tll lielll d.ividiet ti frot lot No. T ehre. tlogeher with all ite riglhts,, ilvil' geil At. Ithere,,nI t t heIgIC icg. It WIel c.ell IIn:',eora'de A. A. Inchtnnnn, Judge o tihe it L. S Clltt ulcriarid, lIIce 16l dl) of i No elber, Ec n20 P I.E BI. NC, Dp. Clerk. i'I'TAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Courdu Proiti .- ier District Judiciiire-L'Etnt do la Loii, F ane 6 tons ceux qcue ct pr6selltes concernetl- I Salut : It Atteond qce liHE RY WILLIAM PALFREY lyaot achet6 uone ventr faitc oar Ie Sheriff do la paroisse Jefferson. lI propridc6 ci eprbs d6crite, s'est adreue6 ao grefeo do cette Cour oh I itso Veotl lft enrdeist do a dix."epteme jour d'Oetorre do I'anndo 1839. polar on alrs c rlanirnlmmellt un cnto, de la Legiolalatre dIn I'E it ioe I Lou sione, intitul6 " ActL pooeer confr le l titres des aeqla- It rours aux vento judiciaires ;" approuv6 to 10 Mar, I 1834. ' Qu'il soit counu, et outeo personnes inttresades Out par ca Ipresentes aomntdes, ias n ,nl de I'l'ett do Is Louisiane et do la Cour dc Premtier District Judleiaire, qui pourraient avoir droit i Icl pr- - plridtd i-ap.os d6crite, on consdquenceo d'un dd- V: fat do formle dans I'erdre, tI dderet on lI juge F mantt do la (Cour, en vertu duqtel la vents a t 16 d fait ona de towu irr6gulari 6 on illdgalitl dnts 11 I'elimnation, i'Pls ou le telmpl at I mcode do la ent ouno pour unie autro cause qullconqun, do P faire voir, duns trentjoeurs A. dater de la publi;l Lion do eat ave, pourquai la ontce aini fuits no so rait pas elonfirtln6l et hointlluogue. La dite propridt6 fIt vendute par Is Sh6riff sun. F dit, le vigtlime jou" dte Septenlbro do i'anccde 1839, oll vertu d'on d6rret dlI cettc Cour relcdu lu dix-luiatiiine jour Id Mors do I'annde 1839, dans I'lafire de Maria C6cil, dpousn det hliari.l- Br wer & al. vs. LeB Enfans mnincur at hIritiler de Charles Cdeil-No. 12809 dcu Docket dio ctte Couer, A lIa quells vetn olI di IlHenry Williamn Palfrey s'est reudu acqnirour pour le prix de quatr, colls cll quanta piastres, payable etnpltant. Description do la prop iet6 d aprer to transfer judieiai, re, slvuir : Uncertain let do Lerro, Io mlealo qlloe 'ut ndjug6 - Wil ian Nicholson Ilull, a. une vcnti taite c. r Islaac L. Me. Coy, engnateur do la ville de la Nouvelle Orld.en-, ie LL Mltrs. 18.19, oel veri d'un I jugoo de ette coC (:,or du 31) Jnvier 1736, et qle la 11 Mara 1939. It Cour ordniinit d'icre re vendui aux ,epens et risq*les du dit Iull, ti ctllle dl:, soa negligenllce t do atn rcl fiu & rtlenplhr le Ie terrme eat conditions do la diite adjudic;ltio,.. Cr tot do terre eet ilted dans li Ptrolse de Jcffirson, doan Il veillo de CitrrldtoI, ii ret d6sicnd pIalr tIe Inu iere qt.etre do lilet A, sur uin plane dres6 par J u.:jtiU icl B-lisll. trlle lltetI A c Ide la dltt proilsce, In t)t Janvier 1836, at d6poc- dcle Ic b)ltrl!an de it. U. Caina, n otal pulcll de clutt villc ; it a jiienuro Ai rlcclhifel) cinietipnto dcuii Lavec one poucus de tice & Io ru,. do la Le.v6e, qu raillnto p d trois pa.rILc dei lie.. & t n rue Ilurtie, troIs cellts trenteo ioeul pledll de ilrlli.nllldour ce ce a la rile Jlftruues at Irtain eelts nri i leer; six p ouce et dlcmi ear la lhgne iue In dlvini du lct No i3, etcsien. tile tool le druits, prlvl'pgeas ke. q]li y aIpportlon. giant. Tdnluin I'llnuu'ah'e A. M. Blchalcnan. Jlgl c de la Cour eusdlie, co 16 Novembre, 1839, P. LE BLAN', mr20 t in 3041 i)e'pu.i Gretler. REPUBLIC t. TI'.XAS. Tanascar DE.'ARTlErNT, City of IIustoin, 11tIh Jily 183.9 .N paranceat oa recquirurem.u t L a law pecild b I Congrose of tis Rupultldic, capproved Jac.uily itnt, 18339, making it the duty t' the T'reasury toi advertise anld cauls to be sold the lats in thu CI l Y OF CALHOUN, on u day by him fixed. Nolcee is herebhy given that the hats al the City oi Cattlhun will be lffertl at Pub in Sale, on Monday. the 18u1s day of Nofetonoor nent, between tie hours o. 'Ten o'clock, A M. and Four o'clock, P M, at the Cll)pi tol of this IRepublie, upon the toermis oet Lorth Inl the following extraets Eraem tie law above Inll tiosed See. 4.--eit arther ens:ted, t'hat the lots ic said town shall be foured and sold for io other cur. rancy titan gold, lorur, audited paper, or the pro. sissuary tnote of tisll governlent. Sec. 6.--Bo it further eacted. Tat tinke -aid ctI shall be so:d on the i'elicawing taerns., viz: One tforth part to be paid ,IowlL, Iand tlhe, other three forth to be in equal ijltallsaeate of ax, twelve t l eigltaeeu imnthi. i Se. I .t-U-i it furth'er enacted, That it any perceu Iwhel dull liur.,la ;:any ol losee alirue iotal. si.tll f it to ic .ike ic of il.c sevea:ll n atc.jcunts in ciotiifor.aity with this Act, he or they shall icrteoat alli ncel aits a th[y cn ty hac prire. iausly p.ud, anid the Intl pur.ame:d by such delul ter shall ruert to .lU glverl:cllcut of tlhe eplub lie. See. S.-.U.j it furtler anletc'd. 'rht all t ersonts, tlienluot ercpted, Ilshll Icaco ce ei prlvilcgc oef pu icta1sing landl Iitdlill thUe s.e, a. t Lithe Prelidllnt ic autll rled to n uepn;ctrlntl tl thln sh o llo n n s uera last isa, straIlleilt slalIllce bele pcid." The sale will collinue irole day to dl.y, uctii all of ltho Inots sotI ! care bect disloted un. Csltisoll i situateld lon thc laet erd of iletncr. da Islauc, direclly ton uIi MlLiI Pcae ltLU .AtLcageO. do Bay, aod frluo its adovnttageouls posiluOn, will probLblly hucclo lie tiriuoclpul iolnlircir l city in Western incur. A Pl al e tlhe citny hey be soon in .lte Geo ral Lend Oiles. Tleo sonral allers in this Rellublie,tlce C.olllllte. ncii Bullsca., Plcyoun nad 'I'ruo Aciie ean, of N. Oeloncs, will puctlllisl iUOlcee clliil tcll day iof sal. JAMES II. S i'ARIt Secreiry ut' tl.e 'reosory. EIIIZINRES, ,j.-t.,uoiog trout stll),ts Z5 toots. Cliherokel., Louisville, Jslllhiae tirtdl tjitn Puov. rlhburo in tmua Sicily hlriatoiuo do |.di;;-. ill ceroOUll, l radthr it cske, barrels and kegs S:aIt ttre in keLg Flur Sulphur il barrelo 4lrotnd ginger inl do iiace gig.r i bag.s • "0 ibli ctutor nil Sol soda inl lasks $oalaratus in do Sedllit and smoda powders stor oll lollos tet medicine vials, noserled vials st and varnish 'bl'unhe. With a general usonr!ltellt o inedicines for plintations U ddlL- Fur jsARVIS ANDIRIEWS,. na9 eornar Conn. & 'Thlcapitoulas st A L LFREI) IE toil O ,SA N.or the Adventures o.d Fre.eth tutltlean-au new norel by U W M1 Koy aoldt,and forstle by J J II..aSWERi.L . Co. .5 49 Camp at c.-- - NGilhSi ANNUALS.. T llS IOK__i IAU I', edlied byh tllhe on le.s of l1lellsingtuon, wihh healutfulify fi.llInil enl 'tile Keepsake fir 1840, sdiled by Itheo Ldy E. Stuart .ortley. wll Itwelve altruvialto lealh'.t Picule qole Aoal oirt cntlning history and decrtptliln of WtVl otsr t.'atle o 11 ItI e.lliroos, ediaed by Le ot It,'hie I.bsqli t[llo rttiotiotta. Alsb , a lortler slalll i of tha l sprlendid work tlhe Shakllpeae Gs .l.ry wihll oter new and valuoble Eong lish books. JIlt received and fttr sale by il3 AI.IX. 'IOWAR. 49 tantp st A DRAMA in five atto, lirot the Freich ol Alex. I)utas, hy Wil. B.rger, of t\ew' Oreioos . ' this llutl very tav(tnhly reerited in sIte lNorth, i moire stron ly reotmmetldedl to Ihe ublici of .Netw Or laise, as the lirsfl bu life well kllWl eentlllllll0 nflhib city. For sole at the piriip.l lhtuk tuteo,iand at JUONS & Ct. ,17 eor St. Chltolo slid Commson st YELLOW FEVEIR, SNATOMIICAL, iPotlolhotcio aid Therlwnotic re sesarrltes on the Yell.w Pever olf iibralltr, of 18111. by P. Ch. A Letio, ttliarof Lewis n novser, lltltlo SLedtdig.&e. 's., jtt.l receir el sn.l fore sole hyLJ.. EOOKS & MUSI'C. ATEST' NIOVEI IESI-Shlakpeare & hi.t friend+, A or Ihe gulden age or Merly I'.geland, 3 vols. 'lther Butler and the Ltonelldeage Plurimt, by W\. II., atlhTor (I Neol lirP' el(:, n Ut 2 In."' 'he Ctnont ottt.rl e. i el itr . l Ilttibr t the ldok oftlhe n o..f Fa+hlion; by the au.hnr f rithe "l.a.s of 1ti queIue." E JOIINS \ ('. LO N i Statiollutt 's t Il,. d2 car St Chutrl.'i nIr 1IComIrn'lIt etri IUS I' ItUEIVrIl)- I he Belle of . Se-otn, a rpoe,., UI8 ith Countesstt to' Ihll t siingtnll, illlutrated, Londlbll 'le Shlkipenre (allery, ronhtliing the principal te Im'le. churrUtersl iln lte plrys e the. great Poal, Lon 'rete \ ie N (.t n ntri-tntanr.I olw yeW nr's present, by Frdetleii enitit'(h, i rl, .llndlln rtelii,lll. 1 eriendshiip's Ottrin ait Witrd r's W Vretth, a christms end anlld lnew ...elw'.. pireentir, t lr 1 t1, , I.rtttir r it ion.t E2 Jt.i "' 'o, N Ul tlotilner.n hll. e d2 cor St ChIrles Inld I 'ntflonetl I l[ l ST:\1 1 ,OKs--A S llitolArtllurll. lor 1 itti, tirt lit eI autiful illo nlntti :d t ei gruti'.ge; publl bhl ed Iy A kerIIIIII C .n., I.otll dlll . fite ClteeWrhord Co nptnint,r ntinirg tire lowry rftbe t gnorl, vallle nnld pOlwer of tle pieces, rem arks otl ""o tire tenst ll.0tti 1I n r1 t ni ng the g tti e, tc. Ai-t .,i al We W L.ewin, ondtm Inn :t. r 1.h' itr It gitners, in a s rips of pilore.ive ' le]son, r itllntraitel fby mllllrll- dolrtllns, plriilPle ii l) ,hr'; or Id Rdillli ll o, rt l Irtl no i . llt o 'te l II, otV e Io tior11lnll, Viah.' reunlt mlorr , t lrd,,n edlion.t -.l rnteoeitr.d ntd fIr ftttitert E JIBI .S Col.( t 1.12 I yirttertt II i', SICII OI.AS NICKIl.ElItY' ett .ir our c tt l n I ieryen 4irteitlrn, yont erecoived not frt ctbee y . AS e.I.I, ' .,succesorrr to Alex. I'WA Il, 491 mlnp street. d: N IlittiA 'NIt;KI.EIIY, ,..19 uid 2ljlst re. 'ceive td tirsaule by J IIASWWEI.I. & Co. d3 49 (nrmp It E. JOHNS & CO. I STATIONIRS' IIALL, NEW ORLEANS; I.III.; Itioenl i1+pnpers being ll.W try ýplhedt 7111te b-ciber. ,eotpr lbe fe lhler lie l to the eertr :ulnr alltlitlon oI the I1pub ifr. 1lirei..r at li . Ir n l. English Drawing Paper, (IVhatrman) rnam, "II ichs by Il -- whine wove Itlynl, 24 ido 19it te -siueroal, 2o t 'o 9 10 ieepirtl, 311 d 2.J do it ,tryI...ier, :15 tlr .31 I,. ,lin l, 31 d1e 2 Wry louile Eleplaint, 41) do 27 do llrqunarian, 53 do 31 do, fil d, 47 dro oi All Ille alrtte extra tlick, rtgirh grmined. tr American and English large Binding str papers for Blankwrork. 'lut o 'ap, I1j ich. I' it 4,Iwh.and Ii. wave, do Ilid l)emy, "j h,' 17) do uII oynl, 24 dlu 191 do do SIrer Royalw, 27) do 1t1 do do Ilupetiui, 31 do 22 do do English Letter Papers. L (Whnrlntn'st Ruse anld 'I'urera',and John Greet'e 1 Alalthclures.) I I.nrget sizePcke PlckettRost, 4t, bluae and whitle wove, n. . o do i, blue Isla do id Innlk PIot, c. f. hine wove sali h Irge thik poo t; do gilt 'Intd Inrt.g Ieis ; dio gilt 'T'inted trot; do Lih .rrge Ivnlrv Inn1; do gilt 'orlio llrrt, wlyie rlind blur wov " " Ilnk, wove Kiock biordered, (,,urnieigt postn :tinWriosedl Itlre, stni strIll Ito't do gilt d bo',t-d ill) r lt i lll-prr tel t'tltnredt ntillazed vellum post, on bolth sides Bath lnad Vih luria post English Note Papers, 8vo. and 16mo. Phi ullite papller, whilr wove ; do gilt ,'lilted dry do xtra atin do whie. litited ond gil tovrvy do and grit Itlik hordered dl n do doi American Letter Papers. F'olio l ',ftl fand Foltr'up. Allies' s. f. CaPI I,+rreil Il Post, while anlld blue wove II IIllton's be'ke Po, wave Cormmon siztine A ties' e. lete, whitn nd bluer wove ot rdo do dh Iltd'on',, Il uhhnrd' i Goodwin'c , lil'ii , t.ld of all oither good mills in the inited S titres. letti.n ipnn .r, Ntt.2; I 'tmintlnrn dorI Ihthk rllo l sl . l\lliey' n oini llniulon's e. f. a FIney coltired u,,te Ipnpr Ft lii put. n. f. wile andtr biure wove and laid Nil . ,.N ',%' l(t!+ IIi e Mae lVtl W\nter l N ItiptI , : fI ud blue Anllni'. a l Illl tIl s Re lie Il rd . ap, a . Il '. I'd rgh & t. I:En lls h ,nairial, ( tlno r:llil coit dll rouglh edge A nt e.' t uperir cpi bil et wtve; ent do f. do wirtetn anld bille wove a lr to : N . 2, whire wove fo,)., 1 , Nu. W 1. Ilult harrl', i, t ,fll other good mnlli. in Ithe U. S. A. I and file \o. 2 nod 3 Collmlllmn Fuolsat . Pt do Ruled Papers. Sttuser RI. I nl hoiotr Petel pnwor, itiot lined 1. 'ro 11, ' llt l ylllll llll rnd , rnll d I do Fo lio hl hirti & ceyI ltrl wtvt do . L.ettr upn, bu.r llll l nll led. :1 , lnl 4.1 s I c.Iolllluntl -dl 's Io wilh'P aind centse ol lii lm i do '11 d, I Vwilh ,Io.& cn lines fo~r te. ,i d do le1 Il ir hdwr onts IRecord or Law call, fenint liied Music Papers. 'ionit piper, Rno t, t oand I. totes h d ,I o d h wIit h o r d e . . do do fior corer, (pirtitions) 21 stales do do iveo for gultar Colored, MIarble and Fancy Papers. French, r I l ett I de'l , gi'aed, all olors Gilerntlllrlo l "o anllr) dll dlo dn .llrlle ia er, r~ rl, dillll, demyn alld cap d" Illltlrtr'll trWi arll od l prirts Mollrtcrco Irliror, all chr.l ol,'ore| an ml ,,ho..,l Ina ne, ( ,II, silver, copper and IeI paper P'laio atd Iotu.y t-te apr r Suntdry Papers. Printing paper, all .izetond qoitnlltc \Wtpllioi, brown, ihltlwa re .oIl ',otI .ctmpling do (' rrliflee ppoes. hil-e; do frown Palt rctMli or yeliiw rtleveltpe, re'yal and cnp Ct1 tl1rg pa il'r It"1.lish do dr paeket protorze illlUe p lprer, Ilith.o whlte du Aolerican red |ItI. llle, ll land royal Iir.e a d Indria llper : ,e rg- n dble tele .pha tn e'rotirt .Inn Irlter' wririe, tinted ttl,emboired 1 perfil. I -- pl--ir. - I 4 I IO' -A to n.tppil t o ,o te l"tto'll"ng iL orks on It,te it rcetvd y thia >ultacliber. il, tot, ,'s taclar' of the .aws of zrt-oRf. ith an (okbe's hllllrlell ihokt of a IlriArl abyirridged hIy John A o ger. ,ll'. ' t.'.o'i of T rlo itiite ,Ln w.odr , of is 'i ofn treali.el on ,lliil,, Ireinlht. rrrd itRUrleo'; Iraollt i tel rl rm thfl Ottn of Itt'r:elo or il lll. lry yii -lrlhe li oIrU tt ilire Cally'ttUliri aood hiOilv tihe U. S. Ser rtllrt' 1trtotlilltli-rnttt I.ow Cr orynterli t oI,.'hrrRieol 'try', r'to Chre·lr r.l, e ,. r or 15II1, hy Raev. John A Clark; ' allloll in ,r ocl ihllon!l~ Itel_,, i rillag ' r 1(IM), by Siss C II Watermon; (U Thu.e (rll, r 18111. a C(hliltns and New Years' pre. The Ireiri or Aflyct~or'o l~ift klr 18101 The l'rild'. Gem or 1840--Alao. 11 nhl t lf,1111 0- VIl. Violer dio. and Literary 9tlloylyil IIC, fo slle Iy E J )l NS & `I., rtatioer's hllal .7 c.rer St Clrler sd C(omnon sot (( T " (K t"il tllF IIEAti' V. alnd hirly lnisahed ellrvingo, iost rreiivel and ir ( soaleby J IIASWV ELI. " Coa 025 49 ('rap t ' . LAW\Y I.I.-A new slylllo v oIf the lolowingaa SStlloard Frle'h Iloiks, recei'ed llRorm,5-: ('odes amlolr I rool Ihlrlllll(, C ra n tiarlla fraycuis. I I ols IrIFlong, Vente I vok 'I'lllier, Ilit 1Civil fraecnis, 10vols Paillyet, I)roil Civil, 2 vnls I,.groa, rod. te. (COlllllrlreneI |Ti11 hlouvealu Formahlre dd Noillriir., 1 vol E JLN. & Co, N () Slatlloara' Hall. aS corner St Cll,lea ,. ('and 11,nr.n s Xt0NGI.- -PAPEt St'I s ,nN ,. -iuc .. 1.l deillred have Illtt rceilved er shlip tialto, froam l.odon, and ol'.r f.r irle lrol rol, argit e ble wovo 1retter Paper 50 do oI do IbidI do 511 do do whitl rve wove 0 do tinlied gilt falcy do do11 o do do Note Paper 10 drr do ido II, beqiest Irt do paper, 12 and 14 st0es, olllt~mlt trl-all IVimrmoriora itrlrrrrolfoirre. IIIll ni cnr,,l gil and orl r amenal; color nrr , rose wool antd lrahuboly, bras. lollilnt rltd, eloat ilrlirle (oloa boxes, wlbh slidJ,.e;.cor's in cakesof ll kiodd, Aekermnal' ; eoran l c(li. - l ir.. es, er. ql li irkaatllrlOl lee rrewomo l, mnbogalolV alld rhelby; Iro prorlle, lIo bronefo fler ,loe,a ll elelolll article;_ 10lo ilhir robier, reit Iqa rliya qtlr . it e ieees; dlawing booksa oirllale fmor sa tr Is: IraniiRhll writersy, \todg gloilo "llllra ArCk ul 'o; Capp l rro rer , f ..lirr & ''ro; aopoinrtl ink rr, aerirOrq'miit l; tleeltnl' er.hnab alel rl perl alent lo lue writlig fu d, in jisE; Perrvatl penls r. all klnd., .ie.. Jc. " ICII 2N &('i. d nl2 Stlaioner's II,Ill, St C(:hn.lel at L.A IIOOKS. 'STORY'S Cnmanaerrney lilh I.w o a geayll aWn-a dulll', r New Y irkli (torll; Clowall's Ne York I (erera r Joenll'.. New York (ellrora; I(hol anil ileao Crowrv (.:eas; Chilry in I(ill', now edit. e ll boore wirth r gererlo asorrlnenl of lamw (ook, juat received and for sale bv 9 JOHN J IIASWELL & Co., ruecca 9 rra to d7 A 'roW a R, 1 Camp I a treel SEZPPIIN.l LIST. coastwise. FOR NEW YORK. LOUISIANA AND NEW YOIRK LINE OF PACK El'S. (To Sail every iothe'r Mon.'oy.) Tbiol,fne is co n,o..ed oatrue lidIwoooCC *hipa. viz rip I ALI , Cplt. 'l'ink 91SIssIsSr'I, I' liillord LOUJISVI I.E, A ker IU 'rI'VIILE, Ellitdthi SA Ili[A OIIA bTilrr irlrwc 1arr k vlxlro cr-etr cl tr.dir, pilt elegant Ireemoji llr Arsoofr profertrernod cnamIrIrIrg bit ab Ie *el icirrrieocrd Ii licr-. 'I II. ricer if rircsnlee ir 'rored ofr$III, iritlicirl inns ccir.iurr.;aml trn every other ton ,.t(1,,,dnr ,i I hr provided, t o) every at-ei i Ircrevrllrcc\lrrrr [1.errlrrrrr'lr' II,. ll(ll II)P !drI tenliei~m o Innmle er roirict of thse,0 sit to an I Ito in tit1. line. The s lops wi ill or allll lone- Le rrrrrl upnId down tire, rive . nod the greater t Irrrrctu olitrvrbl'rrredr itst hii day if roili. Nei-iher Ire r owers or cuInils oi. Iii It elr ip ill e reeoIhlrrfr- ewrlrr lhnnlcrn, preiiicr-r , il~r or l'lilltcd warTP· IIIPI InnIB e o(. "1.-: 11111)11( o one, marUble org~irooperage orf rillie, es filron nsel o or fiorle oy niter,, p. no reor Ipur·k:ge -n, ' by or ' aC o n onn I rI rit , it n- I - e re uI lai oinr Ik . line i re ta c en r or tr0 same, rrrroll the valure tlerrrnkfei'rr Fo iregh o irr WV apl to ri e n27 WV II FruhIll K &Corr.7k rcnpet lulR NEW YORKE. Ne- Y'o'k and \ere Orleanrr Line. S' vrl rrit .1ni ingi A I Alp il I S MA IIY', Captirri Foci.', .vIncgise In ption of her cacgo ntteaged, willhiove renrly l elntr-ln. Foe fleilrnr torpire og, rply to Pl.AII)I. A W, d8 51 Cnmp rtrerI Fr)Il NIEW YOIRK Firer Regular Pcr-lt.--IIrrIntrc' int. To ail orn ihel lllr instartl. The., copprrriI trid r-rrpere -atiorl - p ORI EA 'in. Sears, nintier, two thirdrs io 1ý lct ehergir rierrocrd ill r I saii is maner I-'crthle rsoldue cr prccurge havng ilrog nirrr-. commodatmns, np pIy to lihe Capitinl n Ino aOd, oen tier berow i 'legcrriiihlr kel. irct AG A CIl I) F Nil 9'1 ('ciinn it -- P11PR rn Lorir:a aad Neror York Linrr. FIf-I ret I i riminn r.-grirc i rickirt stipI 1.(IUISVII.I.E, Allen ma-ii o- hfier ciregorr egd n aeerds cdrii. or Icieln iricirpit r+o: l a, rr-irg l Ilurior reIr cs. odlollntions, Alppl) oboardtwittier l rotw thI Vegetlable Solnirie, or o Ii V.11 It F'O'l)IrK & Ci. 415 7a (7 sel'l, a For the Interior. FOR L.OU ISVII I.E. CINr'INNATI. FJi'N'L AIr U' III & P1 Ic IlIJIIRGI. nlrnrchn ttenrr r ItNIINliA I1IIA, I"' nt' er ie O S rr, m tetre, reill Ilvi-. ori Ir, ornve o.i Cnirctrrilitoiort. (.it Wed cidJyR tir 11tr instatitr, at Ill o'rmrlrc . A. 1I. Fo Irr-ir rlriour p rgra, lroing elegantl neccnricri tints for thre lantter, ripply au roed opr~iriire loydror street ori Ji IN ItAIWI I, d9 1'IrFclrerrircIilnv r ,Ii JItIUh& aArer Rigirl-.r aicikit. 'he fine, flte runnig toRlIchOB t tal rCCI9I.IA. Caplit. Wrri, will lealve Now IOrlenal, vrv Thors.ra dyv moerningrnrl I i 'clnk, ordl icrrrnr Sara entry SIr-. dnocanti g or aire .ine Icroi. FIre Ighiort pan. nSgee aply un bioalrror tI or 1 0 _8 __ L\IDI.AW, 51 ('Rop nt FOiR BAYOIi SARA lRegular Packet. ItRilt.I.lNT, Jsea Ilart raater, " " will L.dve New Orleurat every Wed resdas at l0 :'clock A. 31. Ior lavyo Ssrae &every -alurday at lt a 'cl ek A, M t.ine tinr . c. t dIown o;I S.nldy.," IF'r tr ighlt or passage upply to Capt. lart oil iloartd or to en. .a .r o tlAIS & W1ilTALI. IIC I JEWELRY. AT No. 16 CHARTREs SIa ara.T, A FULI. As.ortment, n-t rceivedconsi.tig of iar rings, lckets, ibrmlahe i, fiogl tas, gil Ihi blet-, do pellil, l.I ;lr h lr an ld i arid chlain, ieals anld kts. wa"tanoe tlnzor,scistors mtld, wailets Sid poctet boaks, nt,,,atr, ,l tooth at tablu bhushAs, Ilatl d .'ln. ls Iond I:lllldh',tllcks i ;a f. uIn asikets, coral necklacer anll btead.;i all IIth aoue articles will be oittred o111 the ,to; rea.totble tar'tnt. N. I " ! ia r r ,it gta t t wittow. Side sa'elves and allow case, t;r sale. lPlease cull ut It Chartres BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles .. Common street, IX I01 A NL; I. I r 11: r.. I L!SI1 & AI,i..\.N oI r rtlt'ctfiily crll the at t Ir telti ll ciilleil a llllttrnl gcr1 totI ire np : lll te nuPsLnr n: o l0 (.ntlmna ht Ilmol hitrs, dr t rmbllllric wtTn llhlvoll ltrakt. Ialhionllr e l r ts: iie ll. elr Itar: 'ilk, cntIo. anli d ierl; ' n llld r shir, n l ed rawers: enlibrn" m l -ilk hlua dke"r.'hiel: blacM n and f rV c., vat- il g.a. tvaririy: v tc 'k: ( every d."scriptintw " -um .h-ltic it'n cotrton 'rte'p ler, : o alk, lcout tr Il thread ainve-: gelt, ho~kin glove.: umbrells uand canes gthl 11s',-Splemnlid allortmelllnt o(' laud|ie and ell.nts wri li,,. de.k:, ,ie. m caeC'., port olio , plleti I ery, cut ter,, lnd ricih fa' c go od. ANNUALS FUR 18401. Ul T rereei, 't, Nrew 1k rhe tilltiitg iplen tiJ io .trndrr Lrhto.ins : The ,\llura~nt aL Iniv,'ll, or f original prose ane Gell of IrPullty ,li"ph I , in a Is l es of tlw l'e hiishly fi'irhrd r'ellratInt of aotiiO s snljeerlr by it;: tlrrrtrt.. of Iili.-smn tn F[isher'' lie) oir it, r l;rr Sr ap B otk, 11410. with poeti c1 Illuntit.s ht L. E. I.. and Mary Howt. ILhnth's I I..nk ,f IB utlv, 18111), t l heatlllifil engrav. i es, e.ilted , It'li (t'tllltr tea t IItie oosil rll. t ; . The'i I\lt.p. fr; 1810, eded by Ilale ry . Ilart leoath' r Pltlresqtul ananinl fI, 1810; Windtlr castle nmld ie ernii,,ns hv I.. Iitghii . lThe I'r,.r of ...t.r... byh J ,h,, ieret, splendid molrocco Chrittao Kerpll i e folor 1810, by Rev. John A. C lark rBeMia','* ()ff ring fir 1310, by h1iss Watermnan, co, The (;tm ;';,r 1810. a 'hlistans and New Years Pre erat ;mb,...l anr 0 r irrt o co.l The Serl -r .\fl,;r'li ,'na Gi;t lor 1840. The hI hla's Grn Itr 111i1. 'iThe Violet ftr i81). iThe ;ift for 18.10.1 Thle Itll of the Season, a lpertn by the Countess of S llk-rea r'. it.illry, ta tinin lll the prinb i:al 'female Forgetr .letr, al lbri-tlnrs a .d New YUret' presenlt, bv FredI. hihrirt. Fri:ndrhip't , 'llbrin; and Wiiwt '., Vr "trh, a ('hrist mland o .ne[ Yea'tr'e Pretet,ll erltltld ly FIl'lerri.k I. S in,. rt. T kI n 'l'd.~ ha,1 Arm lnti" S d veoir, n ('hL ios al and IThe Iis ,f lr e t, t.try andur Art, Ior ll t111, ilrs tartedt d ,r ravirra ty llW' 1. W.IV F. IF. dIIJ ll I te lintta b .Ia . Iirorre. tidrelht t li.elI niitlm . TI 1 hrl k l i th itirtrntir, or lth r rurt to Qteen Virr'ri'r, tirh s h',lti d e.tvtuehrl'iwtra ~srrottr '; d trrrder rhit rII'rr itllleel'l.c r'" "t'r. &L ll. E. IrlnRden, wrtlltprtetl.ul illus atrulians, fitr tale Ir A JtillN J IIASW\VELI, & Cn, d9 Sm:eA.,n. t, ( Tw r .19 , a [U1I REt iii BOKS-Just receiued p0.a .. rruer ,0 3 vi Alrxr.der Dumas 5+h do Ihtulza 5rlllrih and 71t1 Souvcenel r dn Enfant du Peopnle Pe.lsl who, halve Irhullnt fr nr usLthe fit st volumes ftlilese Wrerksl.ol, rr, tl to call rII lr tihte I ltot F JUIIN -', ., N ri $lneiuioers' I|ll, itoril,+l+r ..l l h.l l. . sll a .] ll llllnon at ANUA\I.S FO1 1840 II. SU. I received per shi I ECIIOt, Ile lolowrigs plen Sdid LtIdon Edih ,ins : 'Tlre II luraner, a ",riscetllany oforiinrl prrose ai verse, edited hv T. K I hiuve. im.s of ite yr lip'lllinyed in a series ,f twelve highly frnishelr erernrrtgs r 1 varios ehier-s by the Cot n sll ofl llri1"." + i1. ll Vh l Fisher' llrwi , Room Srrapll ISlrok, lir40 with iuoetictal ile-t"'8tlrr It, L. .. I.., rorrrt I v Ios' illrwe . Ileath'r Ifl k o, f lerir , l8t1i , lith tre rtilt engrae Tie Kepke ifer 1840, eliled by I.dy E. Ilunrt Kerath'- I urqesrque Aniral Inh 1810; VWindor Castle and it Invirous, by I,. Ilitchi . ':lbr Poretlo ' A merr co, iy Jobhl leser, splendid morocco Clri-liar lKeepeake for 1840, by Rev. John A. Clark, rnlllllco b unlld. tletrle's 41ierrrg for 1810, iy Miss We rrorman, em. The (Gel or 1810, a Chri-tmlns and New Year's Pte. ill. retris,-ed Idtl( morocc·:o. 'I'r PFeerl .r Adf4t-illls (:Efl for 1810. T'i1 ,ii'oh s r (eml for 1840. The Violet Inv 18 10. 'P a a-if for LP0U. 'iTe Iltl of ithe Season, a poem, by Ihe Countess of Rie IIgLIIn. Shakepeier'Re iGallery, econtaining the principal female clr .rt:r-, in tha rl lrs of tle greatr pal n l. iorge rt t lls ew .ear's Prestll, Ivs Frd. lk-hhrt. Frio7letii r Oririri and linir le 's reanh, et C rist als Iand Nise ueires 'e Irnsor, edi!el byd y rederick Shllrlrt. Thee 'Iokern and Atlantic rllellln r, ('rit.. end New Year's Preoet.t, edited hI S. .. llcoodri:r. F u:.bJOiNS L& Co. N. Oileolurui alillillloer'-t 1lll, d7 eorllr 0t. l .eitle, Al- Co.r1tinUll st v U.' reeeivedl it Ir,+w Po-lIe.s Iof ."elltwr ' Exposl itie of tie llo(.aeries or rnliehe'it doll+rd all d IoseIIIInIt S i Ihe aellrlr lll g.g tllrtirles- IItvrhs'.'orlnulrr Irlcrn Druids; 1.· 111 ii nliturv uttO thre urigrm, Ils.thr.r rd ptlrrlort Ir Freellrus, rry, lir eale by J lIN J IIA.0W1LL &Co. Sllersr olrs to d7 A '1'(W\V1 R, 49 i'lp smrrect r'll : Jrrisl ; Lee aeld Equity Repolrer. Ioetlltlligll fill . F rte it ne ll the, I s - Ie ! *toled ald delr llllllred i t e ilseeretl ClurIrr of I.nlw nltrl Fqnitn in E iorc.ilI d iri ig th le y i" 1839. Point hed rrooirkly et $7 pire elrlerer. Skubrshrltlitilrt rteriverlts JOrIN l I4AS\VIWLL ' Cu. n. Soereselnr tsi rk d8 A POWER. 49 C ere et Ii F'Ill I' f l Ii r lien ir Itiie, rndrlio ihre llrRenvII Fnil rII,. e. e,.icr . tr Itl i ie-ioruerIc., lr- rIrorr. aCoc. t Eltsrirew Illcrss.jleti rereieivdt ld ilte IlIII ly J. j. HASWELI. CO, sucesorb Is to ALENX. TO\ .EI. 4 stiamp (I. r15 LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCKI S-p s utglortft of ttje state of ?Lousiiana. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIE'TORS. IT The First, or tlalf Million Lottery, and tle Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respectfully presented to the Public. TIe IIAIF MI[ LION LO I TERY will be drawn in December, and finished at one drawing. The 'IWO MILLION LO FTERY will be drarwn n the old plan of Blanks and Prizes-Numbers in one wheel, and B:anks and Prit a in an,,tler wheel. Both Lutteries. under the supervision oftwo Judges of Courts, WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The II AIF MILLIO', LOT'TERY offers chances to 1,291 Prizes, orf which 33 ere Prlz ato Real Estate and 335 of Stock, besides many Prizes come posed of Tick-· s in the Gtr.adT'I'wo Million Lottery, affording a particip etio.n of chancr+ alo. to the holder of a Ticket for Prizes in The GRANI) LO . 'IIIY of Two Millions of Dollars-l10,000 Prizcs!!-to the full amlount of $2,000,000, of' which 107 are Prizs of Real E.tate. Only 9 Illanks In Prize!!!-Simple Non 1 to 100,0(10. 100,000 i'l'cket at .$d0-2,i(100,0100. Scheme and selling price the same. Among the Prizes in these two lotteries are many public anil private bui!dings which adorn the city of Now Orleans, and are th' pr de of its inhiab. iants-the VerandalI, St. Charles street Theatre, American Camp u street T'heatre, St. Charles Arcade Buildings, with Ili tuts, I)wellrg IIousrs,, Building Lots, and many entire squares of Ground--beides Stockis inm nks and other institutions of the State of Louisiana, amounting ire thu wnhole to TWO ]MILLIONS FIVE IIUNDItED THIIOUSAND DOLLARS. All the Real Estate and Stocks offtered n Prizes are ownerd by tl.em ld ind their poes.sion:-I he acts of sale, with clear titles, are vested in tlheir firm, and recorded in the office ol' Adolphe Mazureau, Notary Pubil r, and allice of conveyances, readly to transfer to the holders of Prize T'ickets, exempt ioro illomebranre: riThc property is set apart unalterably to that solo anll ):y plurpos, and can, i. no event whatever, be conveyed otherwise by the firm than to the holders of tile Prize Tickets. AM E RICAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPITAL. $540,000, IN 1,291 Paiuza! Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NEXT; and in order to grntify, at an carly period, the purchasers I) of tickets, t e combination is adopted for this Lot. tory ' nly, of 1 to 75, whereby the drawing will tbe completed in a few minutes by the drawing of 12 Numlbers froml tile wheel. in 67,525 Tickets, at 810 each--8675,250. 1,291 PRIZES!!' r SCIISEME. CAMP ST. THEATRE ANn GlhouNi, Will be prize toi tlhe holder iof the let, 2d und 3o di wll iia r r.. '. . . . . .. .5150,1100 TI'rat r ubrtrltllll ilor bri k ibulilidig called Arllrtron's hotel, forminrg tile corlner Uonai( p and lutchez streets . . . 40,000 Prize It 4th, lI1 and til h. T'lhat valuable lire story brick store on Ohi I.e vee steet. occuplied by .lesara tl & WIlopr kil . ....... 35,00o Prize In thi 7ith, lii and 9tO. lnitr elegrni dilwri lllg thouse irllitiri, N.ol 74 i ILtov strleet, oeruied by i 1W Glirdrichb 25,000 Pirizee to lihe 1th, II iianr 12th. T Tlrol I no tirry dtrile dwelling and double lot i, in ' cd I. ocrpied by J .1 I Hlail . 18,01N1 PliZV io Itie int, i. ulln 4th. An entire square ifFgrounIl in fanboenrg Annun ci ,rirn.d .r11. iraIended byi L.ibitty, lrBenton, Mel menere rnId'te li r)isIre s. . 14,000 r Prize lo ist, Sri and 5iiI. I'br 1f11r t.ory slrlrer tilloht iirnerII Canlp ld Julim arreet,occupied ry I1r. 0. I.arutliee far I,r dr goodsi . . . . P 1,000 IThalt tine story slore and lot corner of St Marye anriJ tilirei. . . . . .. 10,00 c'ize 1o St l aid 7t . A certifiitll lire 500 tiekeli in lthe two miillion lolerv, at "11 eirb . 10,1011 Tle lortuntla ibrldr if thie prize, nm realizee t IP h pp d, ll,.tinv ioubt t aio, p, e.ssionl , lthrough i llrr reditlirr, ii tlrie rilipilie tI,,,rr r ii ofr tihe varirtrle eplenlid prizes in the twn illionit iotlery, wuill beu a--... \\' and Clulplpuw.,v.a a. il by 2UU leerl 9,0110i Prize to lAt, d1 tnld 9th. A cerlitiu err of 455 tickets in tlhe two millio lottery, $l0 erc . 5,0011 S,,,ervtdtelhliO tl,. Nrateers iet.nrexl tr, dolnarl lot cirh IIer f Jlel PI ie tIn 1't, it d Iandi ilt. I. A cerificatrLe fIr3I' ltirkelti in the two million fllh.irrn lit $2]f tlr ci, 6,500 Prize i I tl. 2d w 1111i ti11. A dieltigr Il.nn call l iii iii Vieinry er. 3d t1. being Si1 Irner blt Finning i orner car D'Ee ghilen st. . 50,1 Prize Ito IsIt, d lnd 4h. A cerliicale ftri 31111 tickets in tIe two milliun Alt ierv, t $2ll tc 6,0110ilii Prize to I l, 31 rulln 5th. A lot rO grinlld iii Nltld reLt. d 1t. Leing tile th ill Ird l lo \rern btielpni e at. . 5.500i Prizte 1to at. :Idl lrnd ihtlh. A neatlillire filr 5711) Lickets in Ihe two imillirln lottery 111 fi rr!1 ea,.ht rizet, it I sl mt 7 rlli h 3,?lb A eftsothCll* oLr5 Slionkelt in tile twao millio o rie, it le$ rd a 14,irb. l ier ua to t . , 3 r1 sll .i,3t0. A rio rltrv ,dwlie llbue nndi lot, 3rl e 1. o* lt'trri.en st.r$ xt ti or l re n t . Vict 10ry A iien.ira ti i rlin 'l ' e inn S r.%i 1. adjoin t fii tlhe colrner hlt lo lnvndes, o. 3,5110 'Plize ill lt,:h1 nl u I lith. rt.l e tlri 5rr11t t I'r.mI thrlritt c eI alrr i f rt. J n e - S t. 3 ,0 0 0 I'r ize lit ast, 3 in anll li t3. At plix,- aiisitlg of Ia eerrificnete fir 150 tick. eti rhite err rIin Irtitrteyr, io $.11 each 3,000 Irize ii let,: ill an 1" .. AOtr eenire qfrlre iIt grlnlll ill fntllnurbrg Ar 1 iilnlritirn, irl I ItmI .led Ir)I v hI ryTiii tnrrfI r I 5 - iri.Clrerir rid Errato sta. Pi-ize t, e1. ib nalln 5ib. k A dleirdreI b bubIhg ilin, 3d, .I, eirller of tlu 1,00 re ls and %hrllltegl sit. I'rize Ir 0sl, 4lin and Ori. A ieipirll e Iil ildillre lrt 4:r rent on Slltntegut at. 3tl M. ti ftr t iii rloin llr cti. . Prize io lIt, n tII end 7th. An itlnr' eplllle ref Enlletd, il 0. "OUnde. r liiio, Pett, IariranlO l Wali sne. 16110 Pr ze er ,, t, l41 anrl 0th. A Irntin IIfanR squre et ground in td iad . bonad. nf edlibntyrrniierIt Eagle rsa. 00 Prize tet t 4th, 4ti 9the Ot. Ii A .tearan oif erInde in ad St. b.ounded by ,. tlp i ni nd t. . :l. t,010 * l-, W In.s d 41i-, sla. til .ti Prix. to Isnhi4t1 ald WIthr. AT dig hte a lti iilth It., fintlturn Livini hi2, eity if, fltn et.e, :)tie iii V Wnhi g tl n'et1 ,l l 4d1.,l fn,., Chip jitin it ,elt 7511 inr ze h 7, I ,4thI-h a hd 1 I 0th. A 0 .tllh tie lo t o,"trii n lltdi , nt y o f I,nf, fttin cii l- 2 n;" "t on \i/ahhlon trin ei, ngnd Ith $31fth r Pri.• ho Ih ,4th Anltd 1. thh. " h :I .Iio ll f t.rl . .il a f llllltl IFo Iu r , in l, 11nit t hitm o1 t 11 tortlr l t, Jer v .I $ ,211 lt .',) 0 lll )1 2 1)0 Pri. to I tf5nh tlli--) 5 h maId i1, - nt. l1t, O. l n ,d tlhd-l l it 1 ,.n gilh, .t lu Fit pihling ot ofe , lnnld, iln:lled l1t It, litli I frEm lot t.or.rr W asllington .Irtlt, $310 earne o 1,80!! Pize ,o l 0,lh enlt 101t-- In,l l nd l ll 1 ,0 -ll-t, 5th a d, It 1i-dt-I nt 6th od1d 7 lt-), tnth nd 8III--ll lilh an d 9th. t:o r prizt , ;li;Ieaci I 'rli . nc in tnle two Iti illit ll oltnerv, 3l0 icket, .I1 $-ll.h i,00 h0 Pnriu . ti llntt-, as1 1--l , 71i 0nd 811t--I 11. 7111 am] 911-gltl , 7lh A rd r l 2lh. Tw priz, s, p .na, l iI .lrlliicnfl c ll itr t.l5 tn:ket in th twnt mi llini , lutlle l .h , 51 li:k i at .0 50 enhll. 5,, .10 Prie t o stl 6 hlt I 1t,- st.l ill ,nndl I1I- F ivn pri rzs., each 13 .h l res of s lor Ik in hill Pllnlchaliltnin railroa I ceO:pullv, 40 shore+-s, 0 at $lll each, 4,$000ech i n,,d it let, 714 tln nit) 1thh-- t, 7th nnd 12t --let, 8lth nld tlllh-lnt, 8th and 9lh- ist. Fir Artd $ltth.. railron l t lne .;, :3i ).ttcc, i'l 10ii n 3,000 Prize Itil 10t h 12.h--lotlt), anl ith--lt, h ani d tn h.11,-e tltnn 11lai --1.n Eight prize.e, tnrh r 'rli emhte oin 0 litt kett in the Itn. llit ltl I) iti 1 t lwitk l 2 ,IRn p .Itue, nh. 00 - niztil lute01 tinhurnn i tl, t h ,, d tItih--d, 1h11 ind 4 -t $ n,l , .h--$ ,: 2, Ten pri.c, tnch i3 nhnres of i snck in the hlank 0 of liiilciant, t30 i har, t, tn $100t ,i .cth 1 i td, 3 .1 Ia ew 12-- I,4 tu tnd 5 ah-n ig, hht nd tth--iL, 4111 tld 7111-)lOl, 41th and $th-) 2, th 1ie ll 9th-ed, 4th )nd 1.1h--nd, 4h11 nld llt.l. 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I it $ •1 11,310 Prir.e l,.tlhe 1st anldl 2 olr 3 II and 4I,. i0 lhlndllllnrd ndll telnltlll-ix plriz..s, rulh two Sshalre' New Orlplt y,.. lighl nal b raking g corpan y. 2 me,, o $3', • 5,360 prizs 1to Ithe91th a , 0lth, or 10ho h nd 1lth. Tiree+ hulldred ad fIhren prize.-. a-I a 'pr Prizes t,, Illh and 1llh--3th and 61h--61h and 7th--7l1l ndltI 81h and 81llh d 9lth. llur hll .Itrel Ranld f.rt 1-lolle plrln . bh a tcer 10. h--6 l l- n,"ld 7ltl l hll nd KI k- ; lh - lldtllt I1|- :K. Fie hudre lcand fnrtq thonwmld dolpr.. $51010)0 LRANI LOTTERY, OF TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. 10,000 PRIZES! AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, DRAWN ON TI'H OLD PLAN OF BLANKS AND I'PIZI S,-NO C(OMIINATION NUMILCI.S. 100,000 Tickets, at $20, - - - 8$,000,000. SIMPLY NUMBERED, 1 To 100,000. The s.helte and selling prices are the same, as no additions or reservations are mule for expen.cs in this lottery : thuse coltningent expenses will olerate is a I.r c deduction lfroi the valuation set on the prnprnrty. MODp: (OF DRAWING.-The N mbers I to 100.000 will be plared in one wheel, and the same numbler of Blaks ai Prize in anotlher wheel. T1 every lnuber drawn fromi oe wtheel, a tinkut fromn tle Blank anld Prize wheel will be drawn, until tilh wholu are drawn. TIIE FIRST1' DA's DR 1AWING OF 'r11 TWO l1it. 43 LtION .1oOTTlY y. u'llar MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. perty I 4" J Edllh d'l. dr.,,wing under the t upervioion of two Judges Apoll of Courts is iew Orleaus, and thle heels opened nid I.2t i" teoaled by tfem . 10,000 PRI Z ES. eli'. 1. The VERA.IOANAl tnid gCrtltlltd, uined at $500,C 001 $ ,,Vi Th's ialuuble and plentd.i edifce is 6 stories f high, nod prePsens a Iront olf 14:,I ft etn Soint frol (:hartis strelt, al I 10 let onI Ct oinl on street. 49. The principal portilin of the front of te base- 2i n. Itlenlt Atr clnllit es aiP rlI e nI r or cofliel iule tlelse sttlt eight tores, nt d ' l t e ron. etltiet I Ilt 511 Iholelt,v r which thi e relae ittder ofrlllh .icd, hd o r n tt hel Ib'y M te. I(itrll . in 'k& tike, ti IenIit which 5 reIniers it lhe lll sI ,ll hi,| e h e ll IllnwieE n of Ile in. attiii 3011 tprson. sett tit one lime it e colnver- I a tll llour: ntl l Cttbed to m l The rell cutlll rent llver- (oppC ges $;:0,11111 per. sllnm, nt d.lCecm Pes ivlenlled the, by pIrovisions t i the lenises to $3.1,5010). The " 32 ho :;.ores cti Ithe IhallSP II rallllider it suP( ellaibll of 5:3' t.ltltlll l ttllll o 43,01)11 l he it liinn tel hoder " . n I' 2l. 'h: sl'r. CIllIR.ES TIIEATtIE AND 51. GItOUNI), with tie scelery, machinery, I beting wardrobe, manic, Sc. mompilete 500,010 32 This m gonilitiett strutoture huit front of 1: it 55. feet on St Ctthlt s streel, wilth a dlepih. t brut b"eine olf 171 feet on Nt Chllrler s ArAide. 'I h' cll loci- by I Iv nlld acenn.lllldlions within corresplond 51i. wilh the n.,tgittde tof its exterior. The havin graud loitol is 2t by 1 9 feet. The Iliur ytier the c iof bolxes ir, sttrlnotl'lle withl exlllRt ivtO velle* t57. .... ; 47 of ,h-. bo..... ,av.. buuoira . .r r. ... ug 4 11,"ll r l t C. I I C iIte oenl of Cii.t e tltitt se -pen. T l t Ad . .e.g ti iullo o.h.. thidt , h 2r foti. height, l1it. ll0 teellti ernt olCerCllre, wignIohg 4,I0drlh-., & In I iiollo ed wilt 170 gi . liiitt, ll d ttllto $1,7 1 . ill 7: 'h'ite snClry llld oi hitnerl are tunequlled tin 5 Ihe tllntli , l llr nll, thi e W liidrbii e is aIIi ltificeti, i 17 Ii The' whlll r l ll hslhlr l clis ll d nliw b l n le..e h llp lor 3 1I1rC+ It $311,0011 per Ittlntultt. ti0 . i)Ii1S, 1.o 1 I'llS, cNIC) (iROtUNI), aol i lt( i . . . 1.0,01111 Ii A heoliottilirlhk oftitIhe Croithitit oreder, 54 t feet frott tt tCa slretl 1et't h , I 11 dlhPlrf n I Iitn Sih t tr 'h ls :lto rev,4 storie oihit. 'C'ho 6 hrwer pon it s lccllto id Itv' r to room-, -ips, , 111 l~ath% halad Slu(IesP ; I'in thed o,1 flout tire lhe hur- will,, gest tlilnrt r ltotom- ill lIn UIItIIed SltsI . IThe i .ier tories iute h tor detl i cktl 4'. ldweill rllolms ' 1n, iar litr. 'tl.e .iu1l reol ftit $15,11,, 0 peri 4. I'lhe ettirce .,sqtlttre of gronl, o tllunici- se pnlity, of eightee ll itihli lot s ill . Dr h.yades So strle l, Ilileum ll bIv Mllllliciiet , IlIrer lh.', andi6.: 5 'Cilt e eT ltilre ,t ll l t tf tti on GIlrv de+ j tilt street, 2.I nuttiipalp tv, cu nt anllt. ill 1itlhld t l lousounded by Euterpe, Ilercul-s an, "reri 0 olt eic!le sore Is ..t . 1,000 sit 6. The follr .ttore brhok olre, ~o. Ol Ii Le.vee t.trls , 1st I iedlu u % il.pllllilRiug also altu Clot tlttn tg t ,. 30,00111 To 7. iThe Itil tr otorV I1"w hbrick doellitg ho'use on Ca'.llrtlltde I str, e ',2d nlllunicipnllaht I ngrboin tlhl clrller oll" (ravipr slle l.. 31,011 i 8. 111e entirt li e 3qlire f gro nd i Irvaole 1 6t' street, 2 1. ol neict lalil Ceoillt.loe 13 I,oiuno. 51 ded by ^eoterl to an oel tules ItreetI, nIlld l h . r li0 e 1 Ir' t el! utll Or o g.. . . .to. l 8,0010 o 9. 'I'tr. enttlresqtilre ol oreodn On IlCCreCC torl 0 I ttte, i, 2dI ll eiCilp li , o1t Ili tits, hounded bI y itre 0lhotel n,'' Ci str tioe .c.. ,000{ 7 111. 'I'te I e r l or ,of eroundot tl Iler.olest estr .tl', . , I tttticipahttfll llIi . ttttott tillded byItire 0 I.tee II'Per t i tLi It'etl t-. t t eet 1,000 h 1. IThe Itinr os qlirc ground hll l o Graier ll streel, 2.I nil .ll m 5 liiy, roundllll t ig 1 t8 t, 7 otln e I ui oleetl l . ., 90,0110 'Il. t'he eontte oe lre of S rot lld , lentoun I sr•2 , 2 I le i otl't lilllly,l ontlli-e Ito ht, ILun- 7 1O I', b Ette 0111 I Ter1 .tt hole' stret. . 18,0110 Li o1.r The emtilre llo re f rl d,000lld li elpo . ieOl1e l rel'Ct d e onitei tt ttlllivltll t lei1nh t I ti hlts C0 l'and,'Teet by Ilton ant 'Itert.dC t. re s treet. 18.,000 1 . 'I Cr e . tlOie squ r oftttt titlllld t ot Bet o aIlend, srree, 2.lI mlhiti plllty, C(I ltoiIllg 1 lit hlts, 0n b.luun I by 'I'urpysitun· , Liberty anrtid itutlt-1'15 01t!,'tte t 14,000 ho 15.'.llthe tso torv Inute; rn, lot l n iew 0 In eoe ret r, mleloi n e:lpi trli t,d c hr r o hIto bit otree t, : 9) to I h hl so d .e 1r ,0110 Iii. The tql lre of reroluuonbi s1 rculetn ee, b 1'd n tutioiphl'. tt, of h bSothoutded b t Ilerctt l5 l e le, fhr115on hdw tit etrt: 1'.0110 17 The .Iqu re f grhotumt oni t ht n street, ihh !d Inllltlll ilitlltYV o+f 11 lot,, Bollllded byr Mel )pel ll -mll tll' I l lb t l t s e L i r and Ihse L tle i f thretl e0 310 otir IItrol'l .tt . . 1 91,000 18. The, a rllla o " roliundl ol l ell M ellllitl. 10 00 str'eet, "d nluunieilllflli l 1 b hiots, bollin edl by s i . ber i erl, .htt, ltte lio d o n. I d sletth 1i ,1t00 Itol 't Thee .q oari.. f go t~d t ite IThtlla teit, It otstg "t, dt fvne3 by eip 00 l 1.'nI't, ~ Ieltle Ia oltbert l rils . 11,ci ' 000 Is ooiI. The Irto . l.... sqi r . it ot..'grltl 0nn0l0e ii5i rl'etql,,' ollho11'o15 golet, bltunded by \\'e est, ld EmeI. fIl' l eII IsIttt60t1,l.. .7 Ce I ' I 0 l00 rlt, oIo l l yii 78 1"Ct 1,000 22. 'IThe tlnoo.e o rotund, lon o lin stretrt. I 2d i. 7 1. io1 , sblotllet d by h)lte " l loie Jleob 010 nd Iotwlll t relt l 9,0110 t 23. 'I' t olloe stolry bhuiildi on Js tli atret tl 00 t J lt ii teetdd et Ioir f t. 3r sllet el, cotlllillllt g u Illklerv t1 i l0anI'ing .5 by70 le,+l 9,000 28. T'tle qttare 'tf ti'treou l ott Melli tene I0 alre et, ll Iot-, lhulllllledb Ity l lwl'rd,T T 'lislollo rl a od Jo sleets, d tli t• 9,000 11 25. 'iThe a rtte o111i grIoUnttllib otlry streol, 00 d i. of 1 loti Iu iIto d by i Terpsihot reot Iow- I 000 ard and 'elR il stdr,,t- • • 9,110 met.e .lreet .8,•000 000 Jli ttaote ee e, 2 l. bling 3d lot laln , ,ll 00 I lreetl, t5 Ily 7tt fteett o , l 8,000 ''tl to ,rtoett fn. 01h i Iothtot, [)' i,-ed by Jal o b, .iSo lis h mlai Tetr-hlttte.ettreCs. 8,000 29. 'The one sttry t ildith. ant grlmloN'don .lulla streel , .'d ti. I. ing 41h, lot f u-o mp CItn streetl, hl.i'g 'e5 by 711 t iee t i 8,0000 3:1. CIt ', qtllltr. tf llglliltd t Tll'l'h li itreet dle n. ol Ili dos, bo delldh Ihe Jaho, otle lihl Sndii +%1.1P le e streels 7,500 11 1000 31, 'hy" sqlgtre rlfround on 'l'llhlia strerf, 2,1 in, o 1f Illts, lbltltu.dd Iby `% 1 ,lel Slllis alld It .,0 O lott)oe te t rl:ett e . 6,0011 34. 'I'he lltfetll. totdry oildhg aollt t Ol 0 N 2an dts, slreo t 2, Iol. citller Illtf ' tlsichie t3 reet b 6,I00 it eel. ld In. of 18 1,1s, hloilnded by S. lis,h, ,\l0l00 l MoIns m`ldll llllelee streetl 6,000 34. IThe lot of groundl tin Alnlllo streP l, 2 ,d1 in. corner of elelponlenIe tlrete, 31 by I%17 fet . . . . . . 5,5001 t5. The squaret of ground Ol McI oltlene street,,] Ii. cO 9 lot., loolded Iby Illeoa d, il- I losatlld F.Itity sreets . 5,500 t 36. 'iloth .hfg'ootl ttn New LevI# street, 2,i Il. next to tllte corllertf lbol sreeCt, 30 by 0ll fi'' . . 5,500 i 37i. TI'he squre of groetolo Trhdia notreet, ,150 td ot. of 18 I ,o, I lolnedh ,y Clura, l\lluntel. I :13. T'I't otttlto erLCttid ot New I ev.e sreet, I 2J III. bIitl the :Itd IIlt o lRobin street, hbv 5,20 31 hby0 It.o50 foe 5,500 39. Tlhe qulre ot h routnd oll Erro, shlrot, 2,1 ,it. fIbi ' Io, blulid, d by Clur.,'Thala alld ,11,, t t r.e elt,'t. . 5,001I 40. 'llte It of erlllld on N yleela slreet,. 21 1,310 Io. tb i g the 414 I ,I toolll J eirllchore stree . Ihaving 31 ilv 1'7 fet . 5,0011 41. 'hie solq r c fgr l tund ot Ilerctl 's ltrlCet 02d in. o0 5ult., ollltd iy while aldl ,lelpo1. teooele teetls ll . . . 5.,000 tt. Ititg llCeott C Ite lot Itielttttliltg the l~lt cttel Te~rpsichIore slroel, tld hoVclot a1 hy 1C7 t5ee! el . ..5,00 43. Ttile sqllr ofgerttltlltl tis Tltoits lt'eel. 2 In. of 1I e,ltlolilulelol Ito Clscr, Ielplmlleoe sod Mtarlin oooco• t stl 5.000 4. Tiji e d Eoitio otOCl, t 3 cydrdIi oC tlO Vict 1n 44. Theot oI.: grImml orne mI vi e lure _ d'Enghien atmaet" At 1 o. 21 'y 1113 ent 10 Two amiwuans njofdo $d,000,I404 CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, MAonAGER AnI PPRIIETOZS .hm Orkleona, Aug 30Wth, 1830 fauna I sod jlotu stre-ts, nod otlo iloto ,arty (1,000 41.. The lot of groiund formingg theb c.rie. r f Lpollu oand Tlrpsitole streets, 2d tn. o132 by 17. Ihe soqre of ground un Thalia street, I to. offllot . Ibounded by Aloanool, Cl.u nod U sor elicity strle:a 5,000 be o 48. The two story Ibrick Ihouo nudt'lt on I Ooolsliglonsl Ster,ityof.i i U nittele, being 11.i - Pt flhof Chippetwa street, audil hitting 411 lot roout, y 20 fu1 elt int dIeptlth . . 5,000 49. 'e square ol ofgrmnwl in Thnlia 'treetr, SIII. of' I1 has, nlllllll d by Martinlll t n lelpo inell slreets ad IIEngle IivnU t 5,00 1 50. Toe one story Iudlding and lot of grunud ,u Naytuei-o treet, lbeing thel :id Ilt firo. Te I - i ichore street, having 312 by t.7 oetr 5,00 i51. Thie sqtare of grountd in Erruto street, 2d n.of 13lotts, Ihoundedl by laoltit and 'lThtlia ta srrlIs, ndl IEngle avene 5,000 N 5".. The Iht of round on ApolIo nlleCt,?d ni. t opposite the residente of J Field Eysq.) hetitg ie 2d lot front Terp.ichore streeit, and htvoug 12 iV 127 eret 4,000 5:i. l'lths qnargeof groundol 1rrtoln street,1 2I I0 n. of 18 tis Ioundled by Englo avenue, Thaliao t: ttl \tWahluti o tsi.t 4,00 i - 51. A lot of ground on A lIlo strela , 2dI m1. eilg tho 3d 1,t fro.m Terpsichure street, having 12 b, 1.7 feet - . 4,0001 n 55. A lot ol'ground on Apollo street, i2 II. t1ohig lh 12 it hnl lcrp-t, ihotrsit tlt l oht ng3 'i. o oA to f l i-2tld it Vii-til' sitru , 4,ll ti 000 avilgL 2f . b . h1 l, ,aoijon ol ng ithe lot io lnmilgt g ore I1or1eorii-t It/oiotntooi 4,000 rlt- r to r' ifl ht p t t ito . 4,000 I 57. A lot o l grot od 3-- Ith I27 f t, ot i the lhIlt fo romt h orthich fooes the chrotr oft .'erplioi ore stl- t 4,0101 1 5I. A lot of gruotl on Atpolloi sreet, 3r y .2 t7 Ieleting the t whot11 hllin thatiw h obi j1ero ito corllelr ofAlie onlll s Irt.ol, 2d i.h 4,1000 I 59. A qittof o ogr oul ndi Apololornnt.o 3 by 27 Iitte, adjining tih e lot hor eing lIt earner of l I.. . ...112i' Ito lot" , Itu v . . hot, a- . d -nee M . A fll ol " gooi n o. ..l....r - rt, rlp . . , ext t he l otrer hiAt Itt oi t,,-1.t,,2 y,, I27 hae, ,1 ..... 3.5o0h t \-th lit.. A t lot n rllllt u l on TerIiictt ii rl strtl, to hilAh looorlls the u:oorllr ofll\'lhoo strlut L 0o l I tllllO lllo I gtt hith Illotllll hie o cui oer u 0 u t h otreel, Iehig 3 o11 o - 127 o loeo t h ,50 0 h A squnro of gr.uo d on Terpiig t tore, ostnedl. tylttllil g 5 lots. Ihonlled ,by Jacdb lld ,olis sIII,,et 3,100 , 6o Ai lot ofIIgrI m I td lehio n -Itr et, root1, fot J ottun .tllP ot, sd ht inrg 32 by 12-7 fet-I 3,000 7i8. A square l f ground colontining l . Il1to, t I.oInidd by Choerry, irati, CIir.tout n. d Ci ho )1 -tot ret. 2,500 b 17. A qunare ...f g......l ro..;aiing 17 ,n;son 7W. A tquare of groulnd, otiniig 1 lote, blotuded by oelrry dhri tl l 'tly outd Eallo rl stnlr,', . . 0 ,500 a, l, . A soutlar, .rl , o ' ll h1- , cotlltlot 1od uluot I ) tuner ml 8t,0100 hoounded y alnaot, Eor tory unieL 'tl, ulia 71. A @ 1re f gond c aining 1 Isl,, streel 2, 000 71. A squnre taf ground, 0on0,tiling 4 Iotu, b7ollled -, hao itt, Stios a lld JaItob streets 1,500 71. A (Itotrit il grot I ud, oo ntiit1f lo-ro d hoi boundhd ,by CIar, cllullltotu alld tMartll i stree rs • " .s 1,800 u 7ll. A lqungul f'ulia, Sroliue o nlld t ni 1d Ito o b oloeno 1,5bt n C 00o 75. A square of gotod roontaining S lomt blonnded by Chesnll, Errnlu, Spluce. an d Culio ] to.A t fnartofg h routd, hcho inting r loot otnd.d by pructe, Erltuo, nPeach anld tlio i S0ltlOi gt, 1,500 77. A square tof round ontaulilng 16 lotls boundelod by flinlh, rt-d iote, lo st, Pi I, o d lt N relis . 1,500 79. A "tiang u'rn1" g round h utnilinlt I8 ] el I0o5,d by l r0 , m r1rt, e a nd ('htrOuttr t 0I ;Ol. Tho tritllo` lllar ~too r t " rgrotlod houlnds Id by IIo el'll'i a ooihd r tllllll e I 1,'00( l1'. Asqot oLof gruiood co-mingltoe 2t 1lois 0bon. oJl by loapl, Cliuo, o inotdli tio C 00I0lhpe srheesa •1,400 bollllded by Chtrry ild T h:lhln .~s"lla, 1,2u 0 8I1. A slturr ot grou d l- ol 1truttiti, I 0 Iloi Slollntled by 'l, , ,iraol I oi1d \ llltot. el l ,2000 84. A l -are of grond ll in lli s tillt t o 2 SII O bu1 nded by i blrt atllt Ieloi thello Ler l , ltd h 1 itoe New fr.o,d llloto-l 1,:00 1;d4. A tsure in ' gunr u nrl of rit n b 19 "rut hlllb gol h o\ tll, (,O al l 31olple g ltetl 1h^d00d 0 8l1. A s ln lr of go d bll llllldtlll llilg O I bound11 ed by lench uudll dlrlt tu sll BUlD80t 87. A to"Itlou o'gtlod d lo,ooltilllolot 10 1 0a 0 boytll d by t li,,, ear and i .el rotr -tl 00 Wl-. A tr m lllo'lll ll uo i rllllll o ou lllded S le uillt ielt, ilo antId 5 tItr I u s uelre o. tO Iiipitotn. oF ll, i-t 41 I berh sfh rts 8850 " ti.. A Itittilghltoor ..lhie o-l'_ uhtit o. t Cut-i 0ierr ol'Jacub tnod Thnlin stret+ 800 I91. A trianllltglllr still re ot grullllt hounded by 'I er sitIh L oood stre bets 800 0 92. A hia7suur ( slore ofgah und Liht udnd b ItoI i oe' o oUttl 0d 1ur otin L e 800 o 9:1. A Iriallu llnr sglutre of groudtl bUtltldet 0 oby clioe styllol ,ah sTlreto 00 1, A riae If gr.uq d och o lgiong 1o 1 Iotos 0 alll helll nll 800 9.i . A lot lolf grollll ii e \Vo rnsilinlll S Pe 'o4ioww r streto, hang 4) .t.y oro5 f 4et 0 96. A ilotl)llll o lll (Il uV, -litl:t,)ln -treat 1 l0 w theOO, Atlt whiog frimriogootrt of 0of l'ti-pet , " sre le, heillg 4o by uIii t 7i I97. oI Flll o ll r f ol t oroololll tun 11 fo ot itt S iou -t re .ts 50 901. A rin.olgo'or otoore y grotnboontdlid IS flte lt tond Thl, ht treetts io 1 II f99. A trittll-t, il. t . f.tle ' togr om d Iounlle by Mgun..i Itld trrso streels 400 )0 100. lot iof r r tllll lle tf g l h roner tidf J00 .i'v rn rallnshce omPn stckr.l, altt l5 5eet 0 on ei t .frlll,.ls n, 11 nn Ile l i tte h 350 0 101. A Il ofgrolllltl founllillng tihe corner of Jersey nillr Fourlh uIoets i In-he same 1 sqlulrO, hvi0 g b 5 felt oil tile ftul mr snlid 15 Iet oil Iho 00 lalter 350 102. A loIIoIl groaull onoJersey soPret,. 2I 115 feet, the 7th tres Ithe lot forming the earner 8of W'ashillgon streel 300 10.. A oti ofo m0ld on Jtrsrt doret 25. by 115 feet, leing tIheo 811, from the corner of \\'sah 09 illgllll treel .00 1001. A trirnotll- r sqnareo uf grotnld b.llded by Clio aool o rotke slleelts 110 0IS0 . A tronnoult r ik llars o0gro0d boul.ded by to Ir nd Erro trootalrtl o Io "I10i. A triagular o qare of1gr1,.nd ho-unded 00 by C.lliope, P'ins Aod Etiphrm. vile shleet 201 107. A tlins.glar square el gl'u.ulll bounded bv \laople and V, tolts slleets .00 "00 9,370 prizes I share each Gas Light and Raiktng tompany stock, at $ :0 281,00 00inpizes I .share each Merlchant's E 011 cholnce stock, al $75 . . 15,0 177 prizes, I hllre each Ocean Insulance :omlou, stouck at $50 . . 8,R50 10 010 prizes, I Ance each Merchan's Insurattce cOlltllally sUTok, st a?0 1.,800 ( 00 idpitizes, I shore each, ir- tP arordhnt I.iJ lood-ol .oip.ttstuuohk,o t00 . 3,00 00 FaFire Insouronce t-ontso sltock, .t 201 500 B I I1TTSS CARJES, &C JOB PRINTING *Il:E:nlIA'. flAShif IM.Y A1IND CHrAI'1.Y EtCRUTIfTI AT THU OFPICE OF T33 True .lmerieaN, d'1'. CIIA'(L!:S STIREET, NEAR iOYDRAI. OLCLE~rS LIT:1CciZ.:1:.+ PLL+Si.JG No. 53, Magazine Stiet. nrl .JARVls & ANI)REWS, '.1 1101 :.AALE AND) RIEVA.II.I), rAS.E114 IN MEDICINES, FAINTS OILS 1) IT S'J'LbUIN%'IVI) IfII)O YV (ILdi.9, l;,tner o1 (:IIII1 II() and I ·I:UIII)Uii(Uuln. Itree~d, A'I'IIAN JARVI'.4 A Iarge uapply uG..arden .(e'su. "arnmord thn egrevir 97CI[AI:PIIN & cooPEII, (i;LO)CEII.' AN ~Ii IPAI.LIC-5IN iitUVItIONS No. 79 anld 8 Jnliiw ttc~rr, Ne Crleanp. IQt hip It d .il aIue. 1".I dup. nr 5 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING 1TAYIA){ & HAI)DEN. No. 14 rlloull~11hn ,Iee. Mlree l~rl~lin IIAVi u,,,,.I t.ui,II.' f eve.' atten1.. ern~i In rent!,-men a dregs, ·it the 1.o01 tyle, at Now York UO\'1, IC 8e IA1. D)',tI.E 1E IN A.J1ERICAN & EN:LSII CROWN GLASS. Ntu. 3 r-a r.tuicr d'r..i. r. IL4ZA il R. RUSH & ALLZN, No. 1, XCIIANGE LIOTEL, of ,S[. IS ,·l s. an ( ,mno.a ea,. NEW OKIC.EANS. 1 MII()I)TEIIi ,.D 1..lcrae in Fr..nch, .nd Engli.b CI'.... ad'ea I) Cm-e, and Portable 1 All, ('utller-v Ilooniei). (jl ores Shiro.,i Stack, Umbre~llas, L-II1IB*;·nl l J··-lll Article+.P d5 .Verr'anlie,'e Fr,o'er .- C,,nmsoo a Merchantl, 113 office, 36, Cutup c:.-".,urh pesent. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., fl holesale Clolthing EtMl.F llohmv NIo :3 , Un izi4le stre-t, 1' AVE cnsini n I hani l I trgesupply of Cloth "! ifnu, valclbtesd Iir iae conolry trade. 1-h." ort lot Il fing, n rch Ints i fetm 1 l"e. n t li be sul lied lit the sIortelt notice. oct ' F'IR SI EN'S INSURAN'E COMPANY OF NEW\ ORLEANS. 'hli. COI1nnfIpnt ar nlw pi Plnred ti take ISSs AGAINST PInE. No. 24 Musson's iudlJding, Cannl tfl.r. E L TILACY, New%. ()iellns,' 'iy 15.1833. Secre"tary. SO11ERI'1' CIA NNON. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. Il Camp slntreet. Wholesale Ieeler is PIints, Oil, Varni.hea. Brushes, : iU k unilldow and Picnule Gliess d&. &e. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. R OIso.r l 001.. 1 PIA.N No. Oy, Chnrtrea sNlreel, i AVE co.nsantly on hand every article appertain i lleg t g-lt11,.illln'ol drrst, IItu e ie l IhI L. P Ilinn Soer s1t1i most-; lashlln.m ble style, which tlley "'" , I ( i.i llt e1hPlord lrices. BANK NOTE ENGRAVIN" IRAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & r :. : S-u AVIK tpri I o a llice in Ns Orienl., p. I " ei uli ilvantati with l heir house ii n . I;lr tie IpI- rose. Uo lelogrving ,.1l poinltng Iu,. , , IYo l, lhll. .1' I,':\ho ! llllao , t'ertlBa 'le. olf ,,io = I lhto k heir . e; thei, r hn rY . env l mlbr, o the" . ." .i .( eitr fileiumbed boulkt iinu]itiuiiniu, and 1 w ill be exe llhted with lrllllllitlll, uid'ls.l n e,".t! Nc1+ (Plill% +lll lhr It %l--II', S''. lOUIS 'tREll I' FAo T AIAl, OPI'" t" l TilE EXCHIANGE. riIE Subs rliter has the honor to inlorm I, t, 1 r u hl e puir in ge.eonis, that he wlll op, Ilh in i st l teitnuini,. where persons will e .UlJ t orlfi eiit o h i ic fill of fi ret, sin re.-nlar ics in I) n.lim . ''Ie hr. ukoIfa. will cinatint oltwI I,.- - , optiuoonn .lp of c.l 1','e 1 ith ni'k, halfua holdt nitd bralld fit tdoi ll iti lll In lih dinnerll i ''"I - ' bhie d ft ,liisrtrlel .. A gI tlit iiii,.m l II lnve beetn nomp-. • r., 1 h. liPi u iini' lf h irl lve'rtirntee inlt alll. . . whereI they are obliged to be it regolulr hloll. 'Th sibsiribei hal Ithe hope .of having obvialei l i ,nut 'v.liiiuce in vlbilishini hi: Resinurat at re u i ' "i nnd lhere persoln+ will beP tc.-ndPed to lat eve. , it the dlalt' at. aFiepera r hlllan hlln ihe tile n tl'- . :D Tiellt . il ler amlr ae ha l hllt s e n slnlnaot fur -,,alo lnrli, fnd will execute city de iClnld. Ils--?w MICIEI D-I'Ai i 1 7'O HOUSEKiEEPERS, HOTELS, 7:A - BOATS, and COUNTRY DEAL .'. I lE illlcaiihlrer are now, receiviing irec n S L IIt ufactmllf , large supplieir o o l ll , ''- - Ealrthelwnae, Io-khlll irussee, Plnied and S v Limp-, i'hieiliir, JO uiuiiiiy. Kitchen . I Sh1u-e furniigtli gnllotencuetrolly, whithlh ,i , OD uniinsdlll Iilw .icelat N.i. IICanp Catel a " '. C (iomml " tet. 171- IW.111-4a, R BIROWE. .·. i-. MANSION IIOUSE iUO'E. , MAVANNA. UllE tntiutrignid, presentr proprietora " - I known etelbliitoenl, called tie aMan: ileaed in Obrap i ~itret, No. 119, have Ith tomln nc, Io the pthlic, thba their ,revte.I c nltioll ill ba dcdicatdl to render Cotift rto. 410 , Inv ti~r them wit ,h Iheir llpalrsee. The ad tonot.po s.seod iby t he hleae tar ratvellter, for ilt tlnhty,V c ,nllenience,& v, are on well known thati is Ite,, ,nCrv iI OtUn eItotot lthtm. r;1 e'-Iy tC('UNY 4& FULTON. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, d la HIbanne. I OS infrstcritos nurvos propriotarios del bien . crno,llnio esthlciimionto nomibrand MAN. ION tIIUlE., a itrdo on In calle de tl Obrupia, \ult. 119 ; ti'nen el honor tie antnciar at pubbico nte Stillt tlyores oeitiaton y atencotiinc saernn dodi oidas a coCplllo ce & lIa pernolna que lea favoroo i.t c6n ru pItrocinio. Las venttjan que posoe di.. iha cata parl la viang'rot, ntnto pr au localidad, tlinodtlad, etc. etc. onll tail conaclllal, qtlo ea inu 1t set-ly CUNY & FULTON. MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, d la Haeonne. IES eousnignds, nouveaux propridlaires do I'6 A tub issteoent silu6 dons la run do nl Obrapia, No. 149, eonnu onus to noin de MANSION lit IUSE, out I'honneur d'informer le nublic, qu'ila eruot tou s lers etithris pour o dle teidie agreables anx persoitonn qui voudront hien ito favorisur do lulr conltianlce. Lo colmtnoditfs qu'ofre catte noai. ron aoux v!oygetrs ioltt asset colnues pour no Ipoit Juger idcesaairo d'en faire :cei I detail. PS rp--lyv CUNT & FULTON. . t i\ . t::t , itu. lbA utJd Levee sreet, in aidj+ tion to thir Iotcr ahr ki h nv terece'ived hon Enag. ltdl, Ier hit I ( hestl.l, I dwina. and \ntoniiut, and by irt itrrinula fritlht ntr ctilterl citues, the foilowiinig ttti.nlcuIt III llatrdt i re, ron, Silotl, Nail., A.llhnlro, (i.tiins, C:ldee, Lath.,, t il. i, &c. the, offer fo- r ot actuonnoodatinatlerman: IiA ItUWARE. Itrigtcrete chain; x alnid ho dIo; canre carrier ctains, alnd cllsill Ior saw Itmilla; llrlghl t'arnlinn hie+L, anods' n.utll "I.1do'; b tritcht taRt stt.el hoee, sitd ch nleli and ,tuitdtl;t tirt t 'ir iti. t e;..ina tt e grb tiattig htoi; black Sint-n Itue; bMti'Arllilnge' onevilnh; blhcksitint'; tbel howo, lthicnorre ltnd itroie; ttct nsnilted, tka atll kit'o IbottsouI.lii'o llldlkt; utckt' ptoegett aett rtt d killdti p lntto it ells; tlndlian corn imtill-; -urnr c tllllen; wleod ccrnc;Iw lehoch; Anlleliien doorn; IdItkb; hoI..ks; rCtee' nrdt;ni ecbh lold ptper bPOe; eIurr; ehioel; coritcltert nId ttilhi ' ithcho. geertli; breht istaple vi Ire; and a general easortmeut of tabil cutlery and shelf god. AXES. hlunt'senlat tell nxea,'I.syton' pai r;ttr; Hllt' broad and hu antxe'.; , ith an as.s entt t otif t I1nt's tools; Colt line' exis; utld 131 duten test neoel axes, omade by other good tlOakrr. S IRON, STEEI..&r. . 110t tuon flat, r.titre and IIIoun iroun; Baltimore boiler snd Ilate iron; hoopl iron, all sizoe; itussia hetet irin; Anurlicnt du; sheet cast ireel, nlo d eitl t eel in squanr oItI flt tars. aotltrted, Sinlictllnlo'l lltaLke; Crowler arsel; eral lld11; ti l (I.) Eingihll bli.tered tenli; Danca tli; plate ni.le;iheet and pig Iead; sholail saies. NAIl.S. 51l0rkers rlt Iailt, w llv aorIel, front 3 to 6 inches; 50 casks W,Oltr-bt nolds, fine clasp pnd rise; 501 oa u- gat hidsa oeilt; o5 kcgs file Iihorse oe iaile, ti In's. ANCHORS, CASTINGS, &e. Anchors tf all sizes; chain eobles, d,; 1000 French tpoc, t to o pitnlt; pterl aIttd ekittletl,a Iarge mtuori nerit; I.0 alt ketlesi ploughsl of tdiCfrt'rl, ltnuaIeato ric,; n indo glatss all ines' %iova Scttia grind oltmes and it large stack Cullen anill ltonel,assaaoted siaeo. S HIP CHANI)I.ERY. Tnrrrd rot.e and hat-er, a.irtrled; large aod noal1 Mlanillt rcopts f lie loA kind, and Bootop iesfitui'aotei Ml.ulloa un it lclu .tlid plough liitte; md a vaneti u every urnfnle io tin .hiph eltandler liar; leather ot oI hiaknd,jitt leteivned trnl 0ll. AND NASVAi. :I'ORFS. i easksd inlet elt.iae nil. :tlihhlr de;lO khbl ctd cl i dq' a ilp Inelll oil; Uit' t. icte ItlOiaeit'ti:hda olive oil; n itt bhlho ioc50 ,.o lh ioch icooat .iti dlot aftI oapi cooI taro ia hf It.lte o;iritls l ntnpreIrw .ilothg v lb; copl anaIl yMn :b lclI oil y ke. Wderbtetll eabhite lad{ . ol f

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