Newspaper of True American, December 17, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated December 17, 1839 Page 3
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LEOGAL NOTICES. REPUBLIC OF TI:XAS. T'ntASURY DPArrrTMBT, City of loouston, 17th July 183.9 IN porsuance of a requireumnt ofa law pusaed by SCounogras of this Rtapublio, approved January .1st, 1839, smaking it t!o duty of the Treasury to advertin"e and cause to be sold the lois in the CI I'Y OF CALIlOUN, on a day by him fixed. Nutace is hereby given that the lots in the City ao Calhoaun will he l'eorr.d at Pal ie Sale, on Monday, tieo 18tt day of Noveoa or next, Iletweoot tile hours of T'n o'clock, A M. and Four o'clock, P M, at tile Capi. tet of this Repuhlic, upon the tonser set forth in thU folloawing extracts from theL law above meon tioned '" Soc. 4.--Be it nlrther ona tted. 'rhlt the Iots in said town shall be offlred and sold for no other car. rteay than gold. silver, auditoed paper, or the pro. naissory notes of this governalent. Sec. 6.-B- e it 'urtaher onacted, That thoe =aid :ns shall be sold on the following teras, viz: Onela fourthi part to be paidtawn, and tlhe other throoe forth to be in equal instahaouuntsof six, twelve t t I eightaean msonths. ." Soc. 7.--Be it tirther enacted, That if any porsnn who shall purclhasen any of those afobreosatd lots, shall fail to make paymrant of tLi sovoe;al in stalnients isn onfotrmity wltll this Act, heo or thley shall forleit all such sumnrn as they may lhav previ. eusly paid, and tile lote purchased by such deslaul tor shall revert to the governlmcut of tihe Rlepub. lie. See. 8.-Be it further enacted, That all persors, aliens not excepted, shall lhave tile privilego of pur ekasing anid holding tle seaone, and the President .s authorized to isnuepatents to thema so soon as the last in' stalaennt shall lhave been paid." Tihe sale will coontinue froun day to day, until all of the oInts shall have been disposed of. Calhoun is situated on the Elast end of Matagor. de Island, directly on the Main Past into Matagnr da Bay, and from its advantageous positaon, will probably lec.netLoe hprincipal conmercial city ill Western Texas. A.Plan ot tile city nay be sooeen in the General Land Offets. Tile several itpere in this Rephllic,lhu Conaner. loal Bulletin, Pcalyune and True American, of ,N. Orleans, will publlsh notice until the day of sale. JAMES II. STAtARt Secretary eIlf the 'treoaury. V INES-Burgundy. Illrd.aeu., Cll.ataip..gIe, Madeira, Itwhcllish, sparkhnlag Il.ttk, Ilquar., iecnived by the last ariivel Irlnam France and Gor many, and sold by the subscrilbrs brgsundy, Naits. Cla.s do Vuaagent, creni tnge, Romalln6, Chtalbertlin, Laroae, St. Jull'iln. SI. Ellli. lion, Ch'lateaux Margaux, de. L fitte, L6ltvllel, Sou. tertn, Bursaoc, Graves, Latl, I'rllllttig.llena. SChsampagne. 300-baskets, Eagle lrantl; Palace brand; Palace Verconey braand and Li rlty brand. Madeira in pipes, Ialf spipes, and thalf quarter lcasks, old London particular servia . Rhenish wine; Hook ; Groflenberger cabinet. 1827 do Markebruaner do 1827 Murkcbrunner, Nemrensteiner, Gra efesborger, Haockheimer. 1825 Msrkebruimer, Graefenlbrger, Doms. Pres. Ilockhainaer. 1822 Polannisihergor, Itielafrrucninileh Ileinberger, Leiatoweian. 1811 Steinwein. 000 boxes sparkhlng flock, red, blue, yellow, I abetl, suporior quality. Liquors--White Alnnieltle, red do; ratafia, bran. -.y fruits, kirsoewass r; . f. alltNaiet hq.Co.r dll E JOIINr4 & Co. S II AA t A K I)rn Corner of St. Chartesr J Common street, I,'y' I x cr n1A ' 1, 1 . 1141, nUSI! & ALLAN woul/ respectfiully Cail thie at rulp *r clllcrrlm I (enllrcllrlel.'c lincan rirls, dc cmlltr ri'c- (i\V witi linen brent. faenh in aide lirt Tlin ro us: hlnln c I rl ilr: silk/, rrcut unit mrin.llr mllctc er c fr sir/rc Inl dlrawer : I.nrl ce bri, anld ilk Ih oodircil.' hie lc. ni lI nu IIIr y lCc L f' Il vat . ingcrr c vc ri lcv : sucrrk:. t everr drescrlrphllrn; ellc, elastic nd II dat lon " urlpe : a lk/ cultt,an ull tIllhea'id gClver: gr l.. hskin glre...: .n. Iolln ..nd .a ne Ihlll n:xl ct/'cunied. r., Al o,-- lplend n...rt.en t ir... ld . .enm.r ald gent....i ,.. lilg desk,, drenla n I Ineso , parl t ll, ie l p'Uiilerl, cutl La tery. and ri:h fancy guods. RoI lo rr vl'I For cleasincg, /ebar tifyinr trnd presereig thec Teeth. I'.',, /I\ L/ er c.-rucLrrc ic. cq rd1 c reip ,ccr) ,y Fu, L s I" sses,+ IIK ItIe,, hi i s-alllll I s pa ilit +- lialr . cing he. ".'ee I ,t i pic -hc s ir. lrll the r1,nl. , l- d l 'n ircl/ i cdicllrtinc tie 'lruvrr . Ir is CIrlllcd "' I'R. ll.g ' ci en.. "c I...c.. to thIr m.rt. , arrI h/llcell e a l r le l . ... n itlcr Ir;, e Icr nd pre/ erwnti rn fr rlipc T ,. ,l h Ict lllye ; ticr ct /rms t .....c ......c o . . ' . .. c.... rrr, . 't , .] c/ ce 'cr-cn nrsc .he c omps im ) wrcl he l'.cer/c.,cl Ia/d rendercrl edl:ut'ul in c t/lc i/,ctlll e I lF.'r a. t 11 IB A A\ A RI , c o rn e r o f 1 t. I: h arle t n o d C15 ,+ on mll t. i t '. , l IU"1 i "& tIn, N ct'tor jil/c. I ,c cl r. t ./ cu t . c.,, , r ,,,,,,,l, "' .irn l" n ,lesisir n , I h' v lI i V th Je, m it* kr ,N hr E WtStI . liU icoll ii1l,, 9 i lC cm rr u T e ' il -inj^el-.c c.WIclcll'lic.'lccPk.a err c- r'. Ir nlllra" I c l l Icc ccrrr'cct/y r rc,+ d/rT. "Pruanfem.. -cc.ccc +crc..'.c-.. j (t' minus will bIe cu/,r/ d i ote tlt.r Itsl flcrc' lr h Co , Ilhcrc i , ii7 'y t C IIIIlli)1 land 5'J'-lit N l. t F N/' V 0/c/ccc. 'i lS/I & All./Cr;N rrr. /r,/" r.''lc. ' /onlpt'" ' l,et Ij to crllP l /t it ' lltl rc '.lrls; do 'mhrn.wc i lrl,'' Il. l rc l I',I frnu K; Mlllen , c ,d l rs; n illk ct ollll noll l ,r1 l Ila, tIoo e ; • DI i r . . ...11Nd . .n ...- ' ri . .I .nr d il k i ld' . .lu.rc i Is ; I ll ,srk /d rFrFn:Y ervnt.Ir i gr .lle ir III T rreI i -u I-; sLtdck rIfr'itry tric; r.rrc nsti ln r nie ..nd crut.r... - ,i . w h Under-; llckr coltun alnd Irnud GTc vep; gtllll elrni'r . II lrrceck/i glhesr.cln Alna--.a'pleld/id casnrtlncenl r ofr l i nidr . rlc ri-r..r'm All ell' 1' writing /detk, dresIL-.r cases, rrlln l /burx au. w.rk d Iluxesr, Port F o:ir, Perfuniery and e th'ry, it Ile IIA- Il ZAAIecorner acf dh. Ccarler acln. t'ocrn',i Irc . 4_ i SIED[CLN., &c.-L-.audiLng .IrrLu hillio .. I./ri, clr ,.1 therokee Lisville, bJus, llen e l a ri c PUlVc rhllbrirh in ci/es c Sicily hrimclre d C InBdigO icll IerOc I l sladder in caskc , barrle andal kegs c-n Shlt porlie in kegs Its Flour ulp hur in ibrrel FuI (crcnrd gi/ gerc in do lre p ginger in hags aie c20 b/c ca'rnr c il c/ i al s rdn illc I, ialccrsta in do Fc Sedlit cl anr cda powders Castor ciI b-/itles 'Patent medicine vinlsr, acstrted vials RI Painlt ad ranich bruashes With a general acracrcr tult C'medicins fiar pla:natinna and de/ase. F Lr sase Icy JAILVIS * ANI)I/l/'S. 1P cornacr Col. 5lr wic ';n toalr, cl atc AGNIES.1---Mcrxar' & li/aers' / lcrererar, lust cc rececived ec ship Kenlrutckv. Rand fr whlesale orI rc Ai ply IuAI N \AI . T i' cdi6 45 'l'r cait alh.a at -IR-\V I~tll'-P .A.ll'l--llI - li..,\r,. Aih RN Ienll:ci nct l l/r w hA S-trih tl lllllh nrI i I 16 ' ii ilr)NNA til. , 43 Tchal ii/ loa It Ii "\li\ lr Nluzi-Glazies I)iullound', joi.t rece.ived P'I ij and foer ac sale by dj16 Ii t/ :INNc \ 1ci ili.,c, ca c ' Jr'chl criloul r st i Just receavell, , land rr w'nllhi obI ll ir H inhil r ne d16 o IcNN'll4IIn l., S43T h'I/ilas t SP.I'I'S of Tl'rp'antcrc--15 Iharrel N York l/Spirits C of Taurpeltn'cr, andin/gfr,.n chip F irFll,hl ,fcr scale iy JAItVI:tI & .NDIt//"r , // dil6 corner Cnllrcnn n.tdlld It'lhaplit, nlae It/ ,AS'l./R OI1--1 Ihcrrcul/ Nr It.esur Jil,/a supe rir areicle fur rea iincr, ir c' le / v JAiRVIA a ANDRE//WS, I f -'c' - a rt'ec . '- I / ./. 1/,c . I'/ 'h,,p, mtles st... , .+q.ll q,'\. '5:, ( : I -NII:i . lhl l u i~h . tinawell " 1 p - .o tret~ , icnc' v, r ,,s! r, ri" c ail..! ci ' . '.ri c', l f cc'rccr Flccly .f tAi I a :' M/Ic i P a c. a' u/ ain'..: " ," , . '. ... .I , "' : ,". .' "-:lil4iaul G;all, in two volumes. 1 " E"NGLISH ANNUALS. 'llc BOOK OFP IEAIJ rY, edied hy tile /Olc . tealac' / les// ic gton, wic/ bealtifully firishdrl en gCrating-. - Tce Ke.psake Eir 1810, cdircd by lhe I.odv E. Stuartl Waortlev.witll Iwelve eltrnvinc." Ionlcc lmc Pia t ictr.lq , Ar nnalr/ cnat.rlinng istloryi nn /i deer iption llf W indsor C a-ti , n u i ,Its eIlvir lnni , Cdil cd by .e/illlc I/hic/ , REq.-- l ill/iltrcltillr ,I Al/s, a turtha r enic/c r l I'.tIl accsl /ciledu work cilc /hakr llccare /a.,/ry wtllh ot/ er / lce ll anuia bl,:nd Iag.' lish bonk/. Jlls received sod for sale bv a:/ AI.I:X. 1'irrAR.t 49 ('arp sy t ' U-- -- P-UL Jr/N/CS A DRAM \ fice lla.c , fron lche French ol Alex. lD).. ctnas/y WVsc. Icruer, cf New ' rl,.anr.c 'hill/- car, very r'acrccl y i'eecr ed iccii r/r Naori, as re, erronn.i reculmyrncc lrdc IIt lt'cutihc f cr. ' . " ''. lean s Rslthe firlt prorduatin n IfaIr wrPI. knnwn nntla enra' of I/is city. For sale at the prilr'ipn/l ollll/k tcrellllend at - E JiNNSS St Co. /7 eor St. lChanrles and i'nclmon ct / ELL' / t /"c'.VClt. A NATOCMICAI.r Ia'nlthclrircl a.:l "l'Perllc'anlc re eare tlle c/lhr Yae ll.'w r Ic// r / iCr hrir . frC i / rcIr 1;. Iy P. Ch. A. I.c/r, rlulllt r nf l.eL wis cil Fever, Itl/l,/d Ltlilcg.&Ac. A rc.. jnrct r 'eivc.,/ cl l fr /rale ly J. .. HASWELILL &: Cc,, .auc:esac'r- ta ALEX. TO)WEi.. 549 Calclcc cI. '61 /LFPRII) I1)E 1105 tSN..crlr the cdcc'crre rrf a A Frerrch gnclcetur.n--a nrw ncvrrl hy I; \\ Mi Iry ttolle, and for sale by J J iI.\IWEI.I. (" ('n. icr. 49 ( ' 'np tt tiuKrZ--T iticlSn/ri'erc have/ rceived ' lcdcirr e re' - reivinag iy every parcket.a l cr.r r, Iscrrrr I 1I' I/caver. Rtlceia, Fur acrid N\rilleckic rilk Ilat.clir h/e I/tcI,,t fcLc/c iba and il sl R cmnuu farRt,·e which / ii e,, Rr il'craI r ilFlorCI : li/r, t/ o i le citie cs rlid /Iulb ic / lenlur ac v. PFor -ala by Ynval', c ilinrc & Fia-/ci 'iabl/re It n uclr lnder oi1 i+:xt')l L-a- th,ll. I.t t'h lrle l UIi Hll /aw er's an 'u Ialnd , d lr ',t fot ihe ilct/,rv, . -lr ranted ta h,. r f a qcclicy e'qr ac rc cny i'c tle r it-., c lc w l/ licldl n udI fc sale/ by Pi''EII iAI/lI.Vo t ., 017 6 Cacmpst I A'TIEST NOVEI.'I-Ht4-Sltakpetare & his friendll, I i or Ihe guleln 1ag. lf iitay .lltelal, 3 vla ls. Fatther tlutlar anid tet L ltalb ait zargs c ,ialrtic, by \5'. 11. llrta etan, author iofI \e:t i a alMalo, rl. 2c vuo. 'rhe .tlcllt ot c I tut ltiacrite. air the Il dllll book o tlte Ma of Fa.iliot ; by the ui.hur of thie "Il.a, Uf I:ti quettJ. " t J IINS & Co, LO N i1 Ntutiaai ti' Ilhll, d2 car At Chirlea S. .Cnalrn C ia ts i IJtS I i ii- [Vr:l)- iu h lit.le of a iu , tn,. ae.., 1 IF b tlhn Ceotte clll' siilg mcla, illllgcc le.4l, J di ed;liti, TIlm tallltcap.are icialhrry, clntaninin tihe principal t' Ilnde kra.tTler1r in the plys oI the at .LI Iei Lonll doll edlitiln. Forc.el hie .a t, an ctri-tnlla' an I nePW enr'id present, by Frieldhips i t illrne In \i i inter' re .r the , i , hritnla snd and new yoI' Irt hfa I" 4l Litodon elni. huilal E JOHIINS a' 'a, N at -ýlllioner' lhtll, arc 1 I n SKicot (htlrles ma l t tear l atit. F11' I ·i)KKt-- :\ dllltlUf rnlllll r- fUr I i ,iiii , , f+i xi l trnttlltlt ilt ni.tti d endgravings; puibli.'d d I.y Aikeltelll Coa , Lu. ten The Cit hr setaianr I C',palt i cIitlllltniie g tthe law c f tithe l gamyusndvue and power of the nneres, relmUrk++ on the ,est mntho is of h itilingI the game, t ic. ta., ala by \ Ioewi., ndlonll l;19. c'hess for I, e illlcers, in it ar rie' ofr pro re ia;ve letmll., Ie ihlln ltlrt+e by no rll I lat ', i llll llrillled in cltrs; or 211 dill it, rtvi.ldant1 clarrletedll , b W .e is, .oll- or dtll;aln,c Ft lyt l.-. anelllllea I olllll nll lllll. Jusl reecri.d .ed far .-ale at E .)Il S& Coe tfil d12 4 taimer'- 1 Sall u Arti is NICtLf EllrB etinlrle in oies .,uu , cheP i eiic ll , ilt~t t 'ict eII l ell Iiir sllat bb *I . IIAnWnEI.It C c.,suceitra to Altx. I'Ota AIi, 4I Cmp tree. 43 N it II .AS'i '.K.L . , s. 1 iiIac . st re. llllln te tillbic gi..n rl ly, ie hll s rptll rled I o the cite tnd lit la Iuts will ati ei d altlht t f,:,ntii iiie illa elma . I'.. lhlA ' Cto ,. S m tllcrea reet ; ll t r. i St . .tis evte, (nmp lstalr t; ior fl rt. .it ii adtill P ge'I P TIa eri1. I Ca.llIl -tre ill ta l tieear sqllllr . 'l'ltlallc ait ppiltei r i nl i Ilcr of the above tlaelt ,nl, will ph 'Ise luve, lncir c l cord'. t:l aI li c IU\It A'.c 31 rt liti t.S. d l ir E i l-lS ofi lie 1 ,n line, initllne the Revol. cB lltio , tle niplir , an thl e lt-l -ti ut , by llllll ieut. (.ollnlt ltltew 1)IIIII: , JnPt rec,'eive d lirod lr -'ile bly J. J. t11Al.c Al & . aCV cc.:ece.r t ALlEX. TiW a. 49 ( nlp a. 5 i.t S'I' III' ll":I .l'S I,1a' J n" .·.v Cot - 4cc C mnp "ll ltl '1't' itv,'+ IIt 'tresi IV el , .rllll . 1 li nt .I !hia n ee ,orntl h ,ll , 'll.f .1l el'. Ilrtl, Is 1,6 Ite" acket, vi,: forlTcxi a r i ll , .lii, ,, , ailIa nn, Mlit si-a ip L i, i1.,n .tc a, centuai v, c ithltble i, \\ hicta.,-ia \c. t.ct:. ILt'ata tic a, itl i a f.rlaeiu. tic i' ll tlitr'hlll'g. reali ,t , ati d .I . lit l .2. E. JOHNS & C&). ST'PTIONERSI IIALt., NEW ORL.E.ANS; rl/llý\ ' 11'. - l ilt.rll .a o Illllt '< beh IIn i .I n. I u ll, P le+ie r inr atte intn o, the palt it.. Pries. ln aa .l, ltot. Englisc/ Drraweing Paper, ( T/atiman) l)t- ,,I, ;2 ilI e,ea ly I a4 a t.ile wove hW illeni , 2I . dol 174 di d R .Ia i, 21 t,, 14 do Nper hRoyal, 274 194 do teicatl hier, 135 dt, t34 dit Ieale 1 dotElephant, 41 d 27 d intqutrian, 5:1 do 31 do e IEtlperotr, 116 di 47? do Al, the l iove rstra c i ,<, ronch grta ined Sa . American and Englis/l large Bindling al papers for B/ankitork. Flat 'i lip, 12 li I , wh n bl. w ve, hi tlitll 2'j it. 17; al 1 o Im.p.en, 31 d 141 th I A (AVhaticlln ' lmlls n I l'rl, .rc', in .lohBi rei n 'la. tnd cnlris.) lanrget ize Phusker 'ost,4(, hlhe and white wove, a. f. do do do htlae i d Baik PVis, . . bl e wrve ad I'xelr ,nl, lar., thi.k pa t; do gillt tc hd ,a . ,a, ; i gilt ' a i rw d poet; do s.illn P tI.nrte Iv rte pie.t ile waat a. l ii Foi lio past la fl llll b tled "ii a.1 r ..,r, h.du .nll t1 i -ta t gilt '.lhrd e a , nz, v um po , on c coth it Atled I d I I a lt t 'a'Il A.attet si atin tii a aIi.i tal r. ed nod 1 cite. ta ite it. do ai d A m, wi h, fu e .. i i 11 1" / e acae . f ed an t rial adairto c d on dco Fim- "n'ds~h ed nr ,., ;, hi, w Etl' .a t.'a . i .. f , o I t iit l Il tl Ial e .. . , L I~I-~ ~ I '..... i ', V .! a I t i fl-ac wore (tin. - ntr I cl ier. it t r - d i l '. I I doll . , I. if. i l ea fianittll t wa i. dado do Pc. a 2 terl rml, ll+, ll. <. illtOl` ll 1111N1o w31v,. , t lld Ru c Papers. ASlut RopapeIldiyal a I'"" WIlar dal dols, whi l.. il e lll de o - atllelr 1 aier p e.- rnd Fl r ta· h ,r,,act . Ia ,.iicald I( ,,,,-I B·I -, r l'.,t'J I lllrr na iler , 1tan 11 :e , 3S ll4. ledo r lls ea i anre l oi .I vu e yi w-n rinl ol o , it.. i t int lie ld, ' ofl i lle ,vo. e tlud- o l l eu, dol, wi. b l. "1, r -d, d di o. o whileit wve itheco - orle.Law c, ei t .ine. . fl . a ,t l taaa aiie a,. pr ta a Sulndr Papers. ticr t o lt Ilol l lh t , , ine d I dn . d E -llt;el atid ,IP qV d l i dla SPolt edi , M bt llea l and ala S(o.lii.. il, id o o 'ra h-( rall cap Foolscap d . f.faiit l iam d "+ ,l N,,. o+ C i ulo i i pitu., acl czel . d tlai r do c 1yi1gl ,.es ,r Reorr Lta e I )cat ,ltc linPal r tc n sic Paaer aer tei a r le I i tr ellilar t i ll lu lle eaal, -,e cdc a i. + "" , . € 'f .,n t,' . ', t it, .t. ' J ./ i I Al .. .. ' Sof 11 .ril Oliver' riehle at i ,.... try on state ri htle end on the Con.i. uca....... plieve of te U. U . Ser aeant' Conslitultionlutl law L JJ)·1-·ý " , U dt'tiii. a-', Aal c.\l.' B~ ' u. Ill'"I P e 't i of America , by Johu IReese; ele.did Chrlllcat ela, .n.t lr l840, bly .lIv. John A Clark; , dl)lnldlh inectcll ull itllltl Itel.. *., (lenrh, 18 1-, by Mise C II W ti.ernP n;, eltli ,'ll, ,ll erle. l ,l, .I Alec, Thle allol 18l40.eaChrieton ae New YearV ' Mirei se:;:: J;"h(niin; IIASWELUt. it I",, The I'r:;ri or \1ilchuu'a (lift for. 1A Th e ' i' ' a. (era rr riEp-Also,' I n 7 c , i i , .r te. r'( i l ,' n ril l r.l , rn n o n E s t 1125 4! ('nmp tr i'' ,u iIg, Vei I . .teal '' 'a er11, ,it (t"iil frlta eni.,l 1 0 vols mI' t ctih , er ei i civil, lv rds - RI·,.r,,ll , "-,!' r, t'nV I nu r, I v.I . lcveam. I lnrmld. ri ,i NUIerTIt, I vol r. L tL" N & Ce)1,. NC,) Ulli cecr' HtH, 1. TOI corner S1 aCic . lec eed C cecac-n ile LAW IlOIKS. Si. , l' ttiac Y rk Iceleltrys; Clleellc·itg clcltr th Il ili e gt'i.eiclaeaetal n iiiotet itc le llec jlust re.e ved and for claI IL, dJulN J IIASWELL & Cu. B lTec*eRln , c to d1 A TOWr-R, 40 Cntlnp treet SHIPPIN LIST. Coastwise. FOR NEW YORK. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINAE OF PACKE PS (To Sail every otlhtr ,Mo'ay ) Thi l.e ini r o l' e,l' f re C iolO' w n h 12.1 viz : S Oi."+ iSSlPPI', ' P ihllhd S 14I ISVILL.E,, A vile " I tA1:'VIi.I. . " ' hhidit I " AIA'I'Oi /A, " Ii eth way 7Th," above ship are nit of Itfr first c 1s,, I: peered "nd to ," r.r 'fl l- I, ' lp a li._0 ht dr, a it " o f 1h ot , I and buiht ill \rW o, k l'x lolc:sl} r, r h." tIIll, with rlr llll ICllllllnlluti onl- 1;< Ip' Fpn IIaIr I, anlld c (: nlllllI +deld y htt oo ol xlpoterieoo od I ho ;rice o.f o aoio a e io f xP rl al . al, inwthou twr lmlr Ot r l., ,. tr u,, 5 \ th orean. i ev ry1 protredaltr wi nI b," provid*l:", nnsI ...l. at ai ll I I l i o 1 1 li tPe . '|+ hio a ,oo w i ll ,t I i +"o l + hp tow el 1 xiii d Mown the rive-, ,ld the .lealenent punctu alily ob.erted as o hmr d f o +ih,-l . Nei:her l. r r " 1tlns ii|r r c m of . l h i' is w ill be • eoa it + ,b- e flo jewelry. }h'tnrn, p, lll, rrlou , I" lrt,'+ a ail,."r or )hrl+.d wnlr c lr b·Cll kC ,fl'ld"- , ha,,lhw wieP, mnarble or ',mill, col)erage of illn, rums of iron Iolr ttel, jr for anily h'ItPrs parcel or par.kage ,,ll I|i olr lpn oi1 b.a, suinllle, anl Itlhe dvtlll thIlereof expressed. ý itF1 ,I-1'1'1) I'K & Cn, .7l (:nnI e War PIcket of hindnc t 't , o t tant. Nh w * Tork aInd .\,w + latoi' I.' . i, . ,The ship Ti'. MAlY. p. I . sail onl her d y, ast l, ov. o r t -- i l' , 0J o 2o bale o lf cottl , 'I Iv c ., o t, Filt NEW Y"XV )I,": Fir t R eg nb,"r l'n ,t.-- tI t. " i' l". To sail, o ).y t ,!t,; "I'e- I,.c" c ' d T he. o ll lrlt d mtol o,,l, 'r t-' ,,,p .aln as ail,:., .. tlroo rt U theoi Itdal· l t. ur ,., I & 'Coo . .. dlt2 A C( I Nl I' o fr bt a lln nli ,r ,Au t. , t . .i~.,I. l oplto 2 l l of looo , 41 iI t 1 'or the , ria ' _.. .0 :- It I.. . t. , . , ,. S t l IIe :, , ,, -, '1 o ' i . . I ,O"O O I . tllo l''lr ila dr~ll rll lI I'-\.+. N, + t h ' . :, Ir ,l Tb GI ,L. Pa, 28' ". ' , . ' ,,, Satrdal at ill h , 1r . I k 1 n., oIonday lFortty 0'f ,I n /,l 'y i t I" L! o l Fo i .r t Iottoo.o o ,,t ' ,+, Af A ' ' n, 0hinblr . Io I' II I I L I I 1 i ,I ' a indl .., . , , 'h0lt op1 n it..... . , , ; , , I I i a o ,r, L A o tt pee 1 , , l I ,I 'tel " . . , , . . ..l-. _ - t - _ I I .a, Ii J! J dil r 'l ,i . " l ,'I'll, ,! ·.... ... ., ., I , . , ., , ;. cel\J hH , ' no I ( aI t i ,. i, a a , l ,; r .a ati l U· I I ,fia l-I, ii ('a.I Jalai I I ita" S h r h n . Ji A1 i" 18 a, l i tali. ,, ihr _1 iye, b , lay hal.a i a.raat ar j ri ~, ,,,++ fu 13 '1 Ir . eruc , , Al ' .hr " "i',aaar ,y310,a . .. a ararIa a "'aa ew lay I 'i, l ae -liA i a' •, a l , i.d a a . . " , .id ,r it . ,' ,', .. . l . l rl ii n S r.a i nai l r a lUa a ..n r CI stl . . e ak . fir l,, hy a v. J h ii .alpat k ,' ,: ,.if fr 1 0 " F, dTh t a i . al e . r aTa ia lia ',,i , aa lli"a aM . Wi llra .aaariillyli 1 aaia ai-aaaa aNe aala Praae at, edi. b* jail e 'a aa- Ol 018l1(i Lbi Il,0 . ' li al "I" t I 1 ' I II IX d A II Wil al - taa l al la.1 lt at? i lln4 ((lia s lle jri al ll lu hi by l, 'lllla F Iaa.a j j ali e NIet (aII I. lllSaa illaaiaa Yla i l Ia rsn, a alla a n et+. d i'.l it,..+ il It, i Italrderick JO E JOIIA , V LL.. t ting wIrai r. I Olr . i a m tl i llt ania 11a , l a, WYl ,,..g - . . , Ib i fai r aal hln ultal sta u alrll3 lla ' . I l. b lI Sl , 1 4 w + ' 1.\ iI.u Ail a Ill 1KA-all l rki I a-'a1 d Al loaa a I i aa J ai a aiaia tWl, ii a. C , :. rI TSt ·t 1.e+1m,,r. toll3 , ut e-l I , u sli .ll ar a la a : i b N lia 'ha a Rie I a fola 41.r ai r" oIraa il i l ( r--tl 411 aI, La-.,a a l V a a 11 Ola a i , fa b t, for, ale bys d brhl) u'll I1,in Iyll r , IJ)' T\\,YE , fi1 eo P d ari.a ie. fr ll!, ba n2 I I llt l'aa . p e, , I S " hIi , ,1 In s'a b for.,ulo N F C, t ll, t n " "aaa9ai II a yia li-t. I mlaly s TAlR& yaIt)I{ydIaa, 'm ul l, 44 ar11 t'ie1 Iet. Ir iv db unn J t11/· - -lll i hrl2 re.l, la ii ,, li n I i n i,- Inr iIIZUO S-7 pr ) es j t i ; " I - . IR ,Inw I lti. :u. ' t int; -l'so, t. la ollall . Icl Bt ldy, i n tI ll ,, tr ct l - " J THAYER & C. ,74 Poydrae tt L;OUIESILANA GRAND PEAL ESTATE AND STOCK k, J M14 ZtituOte o/ ttj atatt of t ou9ke ka. CALD WELL. OAKEY & TCHARD, M.[;'..:i a. NI P'aoPnPrIET,"' iT The Firer, or Half Ailliton L~ll/'ry, and the Secrn! aTo o Million Lt:i.,, r. rir esp rf.'ejully prese* . i ae IRfA F II, LION LO'I TERY will be drawn in Drrerr ,, , i st ,n, "ra. . . 'Thla 'WO MILLION LO r"ERY wi!l be dra~ n onthel ' ..· ns:a , " - . . .,b n one - i, a.' . i*'-. isa.,,hrse wheel. Both under the rspcrvsion oftfwo.ludges n'of C WILL IBE l),t N NS, The HALIF MILLI) \' LO'LTTERY offtrs chancs tr o 1,91 'l . . etate and 33'1 r ' Prozn es o1 I posed of Tick n in thile r.,nd 'lTwo Million Lottery, alf rl, ;a ,r ...1 r /u 'der of a ''ick,-t for 1'] ,ca In The GRA D I) 1.L1 I LRY of Two Millions of Iol'!ar-l UO I'0 . :f 2,000,0t .I !: c:, t";'/ "," Priz.s% Real tot. o,5y 9 iarks to a Prrc'E!!!-S aimple N Ito 1l0,0:0l 100,1;0 'lI'T,; s at '20-'2,1{10,0//l0. chemo nt en i' prig /se, Alrlrnn thle . 'rizso i 'll hse twrho Ilttries are nIm ny pul' tAnd pI.'t Iltli t+ o'f" the city of New 'r. - r I t r I i f 1s inllhab itants--the Verandl!ah, St. ('har'es s'rcet Thelatre, AIern:. ',i p .. trror 'hI'!.atr. , , , - rr'ade aildii n ., witr ' il g , uI , l'ore.c, Buslding Lots, and inmany entire sq'ares fi Ground-h/ Stocki 1a lits lks aind' a' l u "e uitat/rus of t/he State of LotQSial, t , o '' I'." w i''a to TWtO MILLIONS 'FIVE IiHUNDIREDRIE) TtHOUSA.ND OýtILLARN All the Ron Estate and Stocks o .l.r... Is a P' are e .. .. Ir ,y .I ..n.rai.. l i,..r i ...r po ...'..i.e:- he .act. of sl, with r. .- n t. iri, a ndl rec idorld in ille onlfic , of A dollll e 3l.,zl reanri, r Noa ary Pa I ',I ,a.. ' :,l'i ,Illi u . : ,y... . r , fv ,.rt ",, . r nr. r s t se hs ', '.x ',.t .s incumbra ) ,'e: . r' ' n pri operty s R s t apart aillter.iily tl n ,it l .llli ,' , I. ' rt '1: 'd .e , i: i I i, a rll t t, ha.t v.- , , : y t " fi; i tI.: to the holders of the P'rzs Teket+s. A31E RICAN : ' STREET TIEITRE LOTTERY, :.t. $540,000, IN 1,291 PttIZEe! . .rawn in DIECCEMBER NEXT; and in , gratlfy, at en curly pertod, the purchasers Ii 'C1 , t P eotibnation is adopted for tht. Lot. , ly, of 1 o 75, wherleby thie drawing will .- plted in a few minutes by the drawitg of .,.lthecrs fro tihe wheel. it 6. 525 Tickets, at 10 each--.675,250. 1.291 PRIZES! !' CIlli(M.i. AMP ST. ITHEAT'RE .AND O .ttuse, 1 ill be prize to the holder ut" the lst: td and 1 dt..WII .lll.......i . . !50...0.1tO I1I11 a tu )++tin Ii ur story broV k bui digt: called Aritlrltrt ne'ct hloecl. t itlllng Ihtt curter or ;. .ulp d \atch z n ll eels . . . 40,(100l Prle. Il, 4111, ;,t i :tllll C O). Thut valutlle lise etlly bi i ik store on Old Le wve street, occupied It y .11teser ItI 11' 11.p ki11a . . . . . . 35,0011 Prize to t1h, 71T , Utll an ll 9h. "T'Ihnl eleanlll diwetll ,e ill-P Utaln lot, N. 74 L oyatlee rtrecates it'l it te W t't;' udttlcl 23,l0 lt' IzIt, thte IO' O I h'e ail 12h. 1 1 . h w, I,..,torv d boJle dI'erling and double let 18 11 r . d i 4thi. At r 0 , ,, I i lmItiOinh rg Annun- lt ,. . by I.ilber,, in,. on, ed )., " rLori! sts. 14,1)00 L' ; + , 1 tIt ernr Camp 1,d00 t I. ,i , . ,, Iy ,It. tt. t~cetlner for I^0011 d, . . . ih,000 " ',,.:" :o, ' ir th. " t't,1 ., ti -l,, id o urllerofl y l .t Mary o,,, J " .,, -t t . . . . . 10, I0 ' ' Skels in the two illi it. .+ h 1.. . . l0,01It 'rl ti'i ' hi prise llll re lize io htnlill )polseI -ll.l thrllouhll I' + td e the t llo n Ie, t t It del Ibl Si. lot ill tr r t lte l I ', " 9,0 (ll( 4I' t1' ickes inl the two nlillion 1 s. enl , 600 11 fi .5, II l.t Ili h,u I t. Ilo st It, d ubl e lot t +lrher of E.l-1 f' " o , t, -'tl .n l I 11b. 7 , 0 1 r 1, fora: '. li~el.,.i llt the two mlillion it $.It el ,h f1,301l S Iz, to Ist+,, 11 andt th. itt S ,r le r11' :il) l:tikett in the two million A . , : it i:',I *it4 I 6,0111) ,ol i grun c .,tl ,r Pt. ?d 'lt being the d , Irdlhll 110t1l p tj llth' ,t . 5 .011 , l 'ItI n t tt 1e1t, d . t :t d tll n 101. ta . hw .te fir 2;'7I liork,·l in th mll i ol Io frize to Ist,3dht lid 7th. n ;ert qcate ,r 1.'5 th'kets ir thl e two c.iuliOn I e o torn Il t . t. t Lt t it , . ,\.{ 1X'lEteli'l sie tt. ite etti lte c c et"1 i .. .t."i .r'. At 10. 11u 1 0 e'P;z.e t. tc ih bot 1+ d eteeh. A d "i* l ot I- n'l': p-i+.horr st. 5 1 . n j ti. l t' t'h tl' ,o tt. ttf Wa.dllehs tc. 1,lll0) NP ze to I-l,:i t ot Wr eilt. .1 i , "v t lllll+ ItIt bu lhelin t ol It , iuoion re to. 4 11. : t hot lmn ilil a l u o rle if St. IA rize ( i t. sll I it iertii n fitetir 11d 0 lic e - ettc ltnry Io t itlli ,t t t e ch 0.0 Pr l' It. Ilt11 : 1 c.lal 1' . SIlllllilllln n n tl IIIrinoon" 2d ,1.-t by co|llrrv, '|'llt iil, (Ch+slo t alld B'.rlealm sta. 2,3111 1: • P l t i t I ' Ii h t 5, 11-i . A ,esirable h'tc+li ee it, ttl t 1. eorner of ' 1 ree et leidt e .'11 l t ,.|e ( 1,90.1 , t st, :hi 31. e tti ltr Iii lorrltl st. 1,811 1 in ,llllrt e llllle f e .rftle d ,t t'd ti I ictii ted " Pe z Io I t , c "1111 ein ll 01 . A p olli. lll ,l|' ttu .· ,+re t t g ro u n tl inl l d M 1. b lo u d. etl y 4 rrln elnlld Eage tsta. • 8/, 20 II I'rizle I f ,111, h DlI 9th. A .quir , ofl'.ruud in td 11. bounldtd by Ma.. 1 I'riz-" to Ist, 4t1 1 nmI 0111 . t light life. 1ltlilol1 l ll t lT·C ( l.eI no ,ll Il, trile of l f .tit t.e, 31O hYet iiii ,V' gl on- trvet, 5 :hl lot 5 f, rlol Chillpaw~l jtls t 751 t 1'r zle tio1i ,1, Ith !nod I lib. A. ho l, of,,frri i ,0 li.lf l lc, Itkv ofI lal,*v'tt+, :1 I'tnc "z. is , hh aud t'-0l. PI iz 1 0 l It, i ~Irth n , il land7-l , -it111 I i . tlllr prize. , ell,, ,t eerlil h i the t o llict 6 i Il 1erv 31111 i .kr tnl, .1 $'l) 'll , 0))l)) Phiz" It .n, i thim 2h|.l0h--t t, 70 ind 8tPri to 7t and 9t h-Ihst,6 7th ano 11th- . Five prizes, e t:llh 8 shnl res If stock ill Ihe Pnt hp ll in railroat c imnny, 41 ares 4,000 t .I S. . l ' . " - , h a , 11.11 110. .:t' I.n li-t "im, ititti rIe t tt t o 9 u n. t ~..e r,). :hII .ol )l lltil '. I . i I dlll Ih- t 1, ICI : ),, otL-'._o I an~ l $0 . '1 _., . 211 5,6l, 0 nd- 7 7. ad 7 h, 4th ,t tf ,--d th , it ii lmli u l-- nkitll t I t ll, l ttll-- : il, .Il ni I ' .'w,,n i,,:.,:.", cn.r lýl; tb n fII l i l+.+l* to ,., ..u ..i !L' ! n ' " + ti''.'. ... at nl :ý? It lo, , . t.iti i -i ti1t , I md . .... ,humlhtk . t itn ImII t1 1t h ·!I OFin hnldrdt'd tnd t ho lll-, d a!Iac+ in t ilt New Illllm Ili ba,,ki,) n:onlfarm;,ll' 3 11: B eI'en .I :' or Plir.. In" file 1st autl 0d, nr3 1 ,rod +i.. ()ne h,lrllned andl twentr -.ix piiz'm, +lach tee" nlharTI - N 'e v O)ilel no en=i li~ht alld b..nking T l hre Ilunllrr'I ld fh e Prl a.' ch ia c er. II.zr . e 1. Ith and balh--Oth cad 6lh--6lh rIn.I hol I rdall d la ~rlV-,llr . 1 Iae . e .eh a , r or tin ralefo r ".I t kets, ill 1!h, two nlliliol hlt tert. 1 1.5 ti(eL s; nt $_1, $ 11rrr- tn Is! na.d .ihl--'- l "bl '- -d ee l ,, or 71h and 1l1th. Five hadrsae led Jan3 form/ th- d do.'rs. .,tO . t0 _ · 'TWO MILL IO NS OF DOLLAHIIS. 10.000 PRIZES! AMOUNTING TO T1WO MILLIONS 01 DOr)LLARS, I'UiA1HN UN 'THE t: ll i'L.t N Ut BLA.Nt( AND PI'tZES.-N() C' 'I I '~A 'jN NU'1LCr: . 100,000 TicLet.', at S 0, - - - S ,000,000. SINII'LY NU MBIEIRDU, 1 To 1i01.000. The nc:!'e'w and 1 tlinz priers nrr the saner, ns no additions or r'srrvloti n r nr nanr for rzprrn* r in, thisloi. y :th w ant ;:u - pr s wll o pIoI'! I 'LIIIIY ' .11DC. tý: In or e dledlctiull ti,, n the vll.i.,ttw *U nuto NIUDI; II' P)lRAO INC -T: \' N ho ro I to 1'0(.0:1)wl out ~ rr in onor wheel, a l !o nt r, nuoth'r of, HI.cnk 1i ' I u I',!o,., irotrowswr vjlr,"I. To veCy nowh."r drawn Ernes one W c"IC a Id~et frm lr Ban ndPrtewhe w0 llt d "c , ntl he ol ae ran '11 'iT 1)10'S l)1At I\i til'11, T, ML MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. r11):i .lll) aII ·uwllr .ldIis,].., ld iwerv hi.111ftod JI.,de .0I7' of ;,,ult, in \.w )1'2,11,,, al id site uhcel. lpllla d .,.i 127 10,000 P ILL 1S. 11S. 1" Thle VIIR17. 111 anid nTrllllllr IIIICd at $n!1f10C I IV,,I ''ls, lo ll nd -p'I' l,, ", + 115 '? fe I.iIs, RIII rel nbnof1f,,,11 ,bo1, 1 , ( , rt ,l, ? hli f ('hart, c sir";l..., andI Ill.'s I; t), C mo ll -tretsrII ~T- n. 4!I ll~l$1-,i 11111,, nvatstor, 1ompl111· itIIII, L' his r oI r lItoO 1 a11ust so i 111) eight stores. Poll Iwo i I en t11 1 ries Ili,: rrlll by i* I9 1 114 Dine 11i''Illl-l IllIt III.e lll 1,3 51 ~Il ItI. render, it tho 11Ti 11+?1 IiIII (a hi,,' We hold of [lie l. lnU 1 1 30011''111 ll I 111 tliitII1tr d11ell I'd t . . . . ..Le I ...811ii Th-r-o il111 - ('' (rest $ :1)1111) 1~"rna solid, :,Ind f.....tI· I.r1 es ,11 l iYC.I,". / t)I) rl~sp :I),lll) 1, ,1 1 11," 111U I- lllt $3I 1,,II 1, Il Tl h 1 st ore.. 1 1ti I 1)11~ rllt render-- it l1l'l lll'l" I r o I3 1 'IIlll o llll 111 -l ·ll- , 10'I l [" l ietl fi,,))ll-l·IU I i il',I prl~ier. ll iln S 1' I'lI I 'I' ) i-I 1 " 711711127.1), will(, the v C~ly, na heirs wnrdrob", ,nlie, :l". liI 111(1 51),0 1 37 '1'hia nnlIIlli!ileilell *1irurlllll ' Ilna n front111 1 139! Il·Pe on Sit , 111 le:1 I -t It, , ill is Il· & (tLou lbll il wilsth e rIP IIantllifld((l ofI( it..- X II·TIIl t I l grand saloon~l~l is 15 h, I ,!I l;·'· t rl The lliolr ii 1II the of boxes r," sus luousted withg111 tl 'tic eille- 57 51100 10o1~1· In the o"It~ it, h doll,,' i' 1i1-ilia. 4)1114 it'd u 'o;, LOW!,! teal r ehro~~c delo'r, I'-1 f el in h,'.,gh I·, 111 eel in e UilJI d, 9 3', i ( l··l ne '111"·1- 11..,l · L;I -Ii i 111 ~ iltl tt 176 na a d -i 11,731). ii,.' Ili,' -4o15n'n1, and 11 It 1111 d r1,,",l"IM itdnliCrn The w nl~ll'' lle e laiillllll'll l eoaIII 1. now ie lIUII- 111' filr :3 Irllr s at1 $311;, UII 1""r an111111111 lit twit at 1311,111111 6~l(11) (()d·11) (111( 111 \ lIeuIIlitll lilt), It of the [1o· ill h T ,order, 54 IIII ~n lIln sr 1I1I*Ilnri," .11 II,(· 1 1 111111 1,111 1. 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'1'he,, ltov ?1)1,1'. of ground OII:TIIil (en ie billy streetl, _',1 lllllicll,,dil· clllliallll% ; 10 Its, 7 ". The eullre aq uitrv of t.,,., r o,;, ,I, ,,;,.,t, " ,,or,: sto~rl t, 2d Illollci 111,1'71, consist ,.1 Iii lot-, 1III1I- 7 de d by li Ji1)ll')1l' stalll I'erp-n-l~hlli e *llvels. . 110,0110 hot 1.1. 1 lo'I entire. 1()11,1, il' un lllll on .\1'· 111' to,· ,lie ' ' 511111. d ·! 11 l il tlit /() ,·IIII1IIoII1 Ili 111(,1 7 1) 11(1d'd I,) Benton Ind 1111) 1rl·1-11·1( 11. ,]tech. 1:111,00 11151 141. '1'11' elllrr- l s l~l.11 11· of ~1r l ool on 1311,15) sits str,"e L, 2,t n llmluiinility, contain w-,I 173 lots 0 houndedI'I by I·YIII-ILIIIIII, Liberty and LIJ j·:ll.·lll 15. Th'le wo most, house and looII ht nn New 7 it L cC~ea snort 2,l Ilnuoi:IIpldInY I , come] of )(obi, holl~l slrcel, :i:l b)" I O let 1 ,11111 Ili. 'Fhs, rl,lplrl· of gltoun~l on ii UI'ti II'' trl'et1( but `d nIlllliil ll):,iit v, of :I Io1I., hounded b}I I le,, u(·L- ,n 17 le., 1':1'.11,11 and (II II -,t, -11 11'(. . 1_.01'0;1.1 17" "". .1111 111 111 a...,111 oI on i1t' ton 311.11 ?, bit1 poI nn nbr t_ 1" r t. a:: l1. 1111,of O . w 13. I'll,- ~Ilia a 1,I 751'1,,111'1 ''u W -1 ill ,)lll " ~le ( sheetl, 111 Illllfl-,ll li t~ 1, o :O Iola, bond',) 1y .11 ·il 11_1· 111.( 1( 11 ',111 1 ( 1,"al,111 0.1..11 lT (.I* 1:,111111 'U I'. The'l 1,1," t g, I1 111111 o,'' ., a - e,"r bl .21 to wnl·c pa 1, 111 of I I 't-, ,l~lll·l h) 11,-1)1u 1I Illu 1''111, :d . of 5 Iul~ s, b ul l ." i b) \\'h to loI uu, 1ll I":,or'Inl m e I, 1,'71111 II JIci1 snr'I. td u,. 1~"x Ill tile to, Per of ('a lip bl~l~ ii ?('"111 of it. :; et9,0110 '2. '1'11, :11111,' il : rln1 l .i Thali sbrt, Ih 1d ,n. I Ili to ,, 1,b1u1d'd by Moll ,unvuvre. Jauwo , I i n l w l t'',9,'11'01 h 21. I'll e ·ptlue of croun , 11 \I IIPIIllllf'tll Ir Iti . ofI'· li- hII 11d y er·ic·re luw Is 00 ali and b,".1 sn""I 9 Ib s. I ;. UI I., ,.,. ..... .. _ , .S lit-~~; · ."111 no ,t," 1s 6 000 1 ?I ·I·, !·I I.u lJ', '117·; ,~ il, i,··· ·· 1"l 1,1 . I , . of~. , 11. It: ·. ', 1,11, i" ,:11.11,. I Ii · ·; . : : L I11 ,360 .,'·`; \ a' · ·: ·· .~ CAI,.D X & PEI ITC UA.1TD I ' 'l,,'h- iurt f it " qo to . , u .J .1 n 1" ] 1iu .Ir. 0,, 2 . iv ,I t lo , htohd ', wellt and Cli-, t.toot', n ootd byr t .Z 1 '1 '110 ll etd of grl o d t hellll rl vts ) .to iit. of :i2 by 17. The -lot oi f grl. l nd r itg Thalht Eiren , 12 , I, rr.1 r 5,0011 r I I ?l gii o ,1n sIt, ' ht I l ll f I .lllin .etll, -bei ll ll i ;o -t b.n Clilppewn .blrel t, lntd h .IllIg ai feel I Lfront,l'v 20'I ftet In depth 5,000 41. 'h -qu ,q r ofg,. 1t in 'otuhI liat t -trIt, 2.n u, o if Ill ll lt h ot nltid b llvle i ,T h..11h 11.. Iri I .I' t, oltlll rd I': l " ilt n :ll f0 il 1.0hlr+, vlo[. h ir,,l 4.bI'7 l,10 0 i. 'lIhe -I tl, ul l llllln n Il l- iruto - trc', 2I 8l Ii. 0h 3 Ilt t IitIiIIh lTtriIhust t Itv , httiot `3. 1 tr,''i, 4.I lllo0ll An d on . e 1 Ion'1o-irl e I llt- rr(. idetul re ,l['J Fieldl I:, 1 . IIh : i ' 1 l lt eItPln 4,1v0010 l 5 ' . Th n ol ( n tr i nd ) n Io(1 r It et beet, 2I d I \\ I I,, tt .i td ' t n te t r I Irvo 3 I3re titI7 ,% 4,000 I i. Il pt - nnolll l n i.l4l0I i 0ll'll t, lh h I Ii'ln t I . ..... ' n , . 1 ' . ..-,,,t l o l. inl ]r .It. "... ltl.. i 11i+ _ ( 211 by ill...,,, l.toiot. t l i te ,11t. Ig Iwl th e orer: X l r' r2,iii~tii -e, e t 4,ll1 | h i 000 -tvh-.i. ' .4,0110 Ii . . I: 11ht of .nrl d nl II !t I v Iei ll ,nOi , r 3,000 I. . ,ot'.,,,uare o nl Apio.lo TI ,ic' . , 127 I " )'I 1,"00_" the .d ltllol.llhlu wii h l fnlls Ihi to u,",l ll f 9 l ',l.hl 'll-ii('l "dOI . 1, 1)1000 . A .l h t .rou nd o . . hI . o 110 i lef, in 7 ''t.oii tl i,,, vtvoo for s,000 I thllht flllung t ,I 111"' 1a do lii th er r 000 I to'o,, th)l.i oit.t 4,011000,, 61;. .\ Nit ( .r on(t 1 uIII .) l.lliil ()o.e' ,,tr, r' d e I, I-I , t llot 'i ,o tIhni, l w hllllv l tto IA l o, l lh,+ L II,' "d+31,.e 2I d o, 3.5lllt)l0d'll I .l { OU i llti.d l, Ii. I.2 lr l h. , h'I1. .l) .iinod !tnlld ON3.X \- ot 'o, go .ov "t .ri t,500tI ·- - - 1,t000 lX t t,, I rl a i llr , h n u, 3 l7 1 " i to lll , td I r,,lnn l er , 2,000U il i', \ lot ,frol ' ni on 4I , .rlllliol U 'i re , it1 I. 0tI oI' i, I, h.till ,to o li lv l nlllPr -heoier ofSI I ,tiot,1 0rii, II!7ell lOi t. I'oI 'tt.' t t 3,00)1 I a l.. by Clar ," R'lllelp n n aoli n dL . IIailh r 0 it1Il. IOl t rilvli gi unn , l fin g 1 lots l Ii t. ll , . .. d t0. I , .o 01 h ( r''vi.. , In , tIIIl tio.i, vt-hl vi h 'O to h o,oo.2h f,,,nl fil 't vo l hhh I ilt 1- 1 ,000 7i... A l ,,ir , tl 1reof l.,ro nd , :onti ioi 1.) 1 o10 I lou ei'd by I. y u, Ci h el r an, d 17hi- ,500 7t. to-It, I"I01 ut tut 1eo t ultiOunl d .., . 0 0. ovi,, oi., l'h l ttvfiF 1 ' a .r. l lituodll Il' lovh atled l ,ty Thlia,, ' o .t.ot .non st . 1 0( do I:i S h1,00 ' 71tIn. .\ . t- 1 vinl I tangt 1 8. I to 1,.00 5. i\ - tquar of . o d cont11 inioilli 1i h lsl 0 brod e.) by Coot, v, a ltt liolvlo utd Ci 35 t0 llnl l lllt 1 O Io . Ii.ui v . ltvnll t tI t loI . llyo f Istre r le 't v I l I .i t1,00 0 0 t l thilt, i 'l3tl ll, ,0i riing . 2 tuts 73nded by s prceit , o uol re ,iich and l0Ii t o f~ Sre l i1. • n.I \ • 300 SU. tI trui . inr ol ar o ronllls io hbound bylhI h .d Insu hl and bo)" 1h sn.l, iut - , 00 0ll. .1 - lot 0f gr ound1 0,i.n0,+ th ' lo ,, , i. .\ 10 . A atf of gamnd ori n ,t h corner ofg 3 0 r 1 : 00 0 iiA . el:\ -h. et . . 3I0t, 0 r o 001 I •U • Ie ,401 t1,,i. o ito, b 10 l 00t h hlllllhh' , t "l, ' I ',, l ". zl'h .`: ,1' 0 -ve r 8 0 Tl)(lll ·1 iu l , 9U 11h. ,1 Ill n lh lllll+ .gloI ,f_ tu noD . the llc Ii) led o If \\ol' . '1 ' hali (l ,ltl,, IIII II.. - it l..t 01)( byI" '1 "' :ca,,,,), u ,d ,-I' r . , i 't1( + h" ,. t.00 Ib 1rl) . po frlo andll t), m a , d ll +:.h of. I 800 | ;. \ sl n ,l, , llll d ' nl hh , 1 0 h.,, tn lh wI rlun lll.illlln n .n.ut l,' I 00 . r 3hl ,50+ . - fe i e, lth 71 oa th .lellt llo+n the orulln ' 0 1rt .h r 2011it] .r, lll , BtrszNzSs clairj ý . , - -4--'4 JOB PRINTING. +PE;..i.YIM tEJ)ýt)HF.vY ANO cIRAVIY ýWý'UY'h AT TZIE OFFIOU Or Tuft nT ire drnterieral, ST. H.%tW:S STREET', NEAR POYDRAI3, Sl). ;", 1):Da, pyfle .J'Iet, ;1APV13 & AN1)REWYý,T \\I11 I'ALt ANtS 1F~TAIl. I)S.ALESIS IN & L t t^YNES, PAINTS OILS LTL . I·' ~. VI) H'Ir'XDOIVY GLASSP ,":'Ibo iula rret$ NA'I'HAN JARVIS. JOHN V\. AND)SlEW. i In see.!*. w nrrltnte the grt"rulb LLN & COOPER; SI · IIE IItI ISN kl'tYi3IONS " d & Jlllii mlei, Newr Crlenm.. 1- A LONABLE CLOTHYNS. ' OR & HAI)T)EI'. S.4I IS .S~. lc & ISA W I Ii Stn(· a r r . !! b e e t t.a IIS ,.u' fit e< AN I elr >:t I t) 4(T Y lt L .IZKt INR BA1ZAAR. zuSH & A1LT :>e NO, 1, I . : -aIml; rrof St. nH1 ,e S C tth, ' S.i "ni) thaI..- '. I,, , Slu~ck., Ci.,trettsg* buntrT~IIII··r?; +. 'l l A,,,ct .1 l .'I: ,,,l ?,.'r r R',. rr g C.,ntrniaa efn Jech/l, J. P. FREEMAN & 00~ ff fiolnn/e C/nlh/ag slr4lislrrr fl ' II IF C rcnpn lnl l uln hand i go i 'it.l up ti of Clutg inq r n. toh,l,', !,r~ Ii h ou,,,rr bode. 't'heir a+, it<ortent I arlpI ml1rchitl i from the country ca h Ie up,' lied at the alhurlu-l nlotice, S'I U I" l hi h:N.S ISFL I{A '' E COMPANY OE N h1\\ ORLEANS. T'"iI. ('lnlpenv ereo prenpre ito ake RISES AGAINST FIRE. Ni.. 24 M.usson's Illudding,Canal ct..', E L T"RI'ICY, Ne ()tns.. Metn 1.5.1^38. Secr, try. R111 :Il'T (1.,-' NINON. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No.12 t'amtp streetr. \'holesale l)e'nler in P'lits., Oil, Varnihee, Brushes, I:;I wind,. and 'i c ue (lests &c.\ a . FAsIHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROIlI.VdO.Vl GOO£D Ir7*.;* No. 61, Chursres Marres, t)I. lier beloew Bi(inville. %V?: .onu:tlv on hand every article asppnrIRint I ý e l Ia e If ,-lllcesil drl. dlan i ll tl lIn '.it+ I. at '.dnrll d pli Sa . dt.r l- l I;ANIK NOT'E ENG RAVING R WDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON l " JAI,. o'il d ait, alte, ill New Orleans. pus' etwl uladV~h.Ptgee wiil their iousne iin Ne's Yoek. fr the put plose of enlllril ell plittlig Blank NotsP.. lIot- I, 1, I l+ i' I'lxchallge, Certlfftat es of [ie.puni s (ihet.lks I'd other ills ~ tll t pI a ers tle li.rn, seci it' Iieh," . LPLl k pila u' I all I nIts oid iin t plesseihn eltrustl. el II ilheir ,ale; their slPeri, ensl eImblruce the note tot' I i r e' lie hulld e`tl blu ieltl illt lutionsi and all ,rdtlr w 11 be exerltlll with too-lut)tlitlu e, e 1i ion tihe camel Iiblte i ()flie lr f Itvl anId ~Clnal st,. Net ()rIlt uels. Nwvt tlhri, 1839-1f. Ic 1. G1I.Ain PRICiE. S''. LI UI I 'S ~lTIEl' Ill"h'I'AUIA''AT, OPPOSITE Tllb EXCHIANGl. r 'IIE uhb riier has the hInor to inform his riesd. 1 ld lh1 hIblt inll CIIerl. thatl Je will open, oi the ::11th o ln l t, ilestulnt, where person.t will be served 'i r o liio tt lele !gill (i" t' re , ttlllllr prices, vin : I i'f+, centl hi, B'i lifle:ft, eel d eevelll -five Eellte s lr S)lllller. 'I'c hr, ealtfite will C ni.iit of two diePlhe at ,,,tl ln,.ne ..up of" c .. illth li k, llnlfu i lottle of wile nhd br'and t dislr. I tlre dinner ~ill consllist of 1U il',1 bItl-h t .l tplitm, na ettp. haflla bll tle of wine ald r 'narell ints I oCrIl()le selIn nr1 iA grtlll wthl r p lerlsonst have lletieomplll;ningl .r x" 9 gwt o m~l ' I Ic l I 'ei ce fmal ta bles d'hoit eis, Vlsrlit, r I, i it li h e n s ofi havint i| viie ll.Ti ' hat ' innci f vthnience to esttlalishine hi, isest shat at renular pricess and ,iterm person, uill lihe ntatded to at every houruf Ih1 div, iat a hreiper rute than al the tahle d'hltes. I The su.l ahllFr haIl alo elezant stinals for private In ro-, anlld ~ill txacute cIy d l .lllll FI. t, --Nw lICIEI. IDOUAIS. TO HOU"ASEKEEPEIRS, HOTELS. STEAIM BOATS, and COUNTRY DEALERS. ll\i t"l: su.bhscibr- al'e nlw rlei4lllng dilctl frolm ith 3 l+ infiI II' Cu I., Inre ' tlts'eliies ItI t;I f o ( thilla ela d Srlhlrl ]I~llfilIP I n,,,kill+. ,,l~irrs, 'lnlttd nlld ytlver unro, I.amp, ('ha,,deli'rs, Jl IpanI' , Kihl.e' wn re, and iose . ilitllitlhitg g oi ts et'nellrli,.ll whicl they ofer at untlsilall Il e C'·, tt 1o. 17 .C'aiI alrst,end No. I:,. l,ett' leeil. IIi-tnW itIt)WEIER. & Co M S.NION HOUSE IIOTEl., rlpi: Itllhot'.'tnsld, plesei irtnprnieinresf thi well ;kn ellb ihtuelnl, tleitd tie, Reeoios, sitatedt (i hr l ini: .ltiet. No. 119, have the hnler to I IIIIIeit 'i" oIU the uLll ic, Ihal their greie-It care a d at. tItllion will he dedietjlli Ito ll ld Ier IIrIIt rl /p rlnut who I1tit hive r Ihtl eil n h their ilpatrlou, The ad.n Svatlllltgs Ipossese lli y lihe hotse lir travellers. for its culll,co lllnienlee, t. are so nwell knllwn thle it its ii:, a: r 11 `nune .. l them., S;t 1--l CUNY' & FUL'I'ON. MA , \IION IIOUSE HOTEL, d la Hlb.sna. O t infrascritols Ilioe, proprinrieisn dol bion I colid!ll estbllil inllo untlllthrdo MAN. SION litUSE, s i tndo I:I lit calle de In Obrnpin, Nit'n. 119 ; liciItII el honor dt a ncilllllC r al pub;iie qle st. slnyorte eeisilin. y alenieone' serain dell Calla;s a coI:lpllller ~I las p(rInnae qile les favorez 0 cn ebln u p ttrochillo. Las ventcstlj que poene di. chll O i. lnil I1 vtilgeIIRI ltltllo .1 o Iu l alidud, e alnodl.ld, etc. etc. Sui tuil conceailas, lltoe ae illu cil iIintI11 rnrls. 2! 21 set--ly CUNY & FULTON. ! MANSION IIOUSE HOTEL, i Ii Ia lifasenne. ji ES soussigltCs, tlnouvoaux propridtaires de I'd LA t1I; itennct .itud dons la rue e IIs Ohrapia, 1 s. 140, o.n... . .. ,~a noln de MANSION 0 lit ei6 E, not I'hoenntlr d'informer Ise ublio. qu'ila n |eronllt ts leure elii;rle.u .s.lAldtoe elgrehblhs I() ciix (irteuitt qiti vou'non" Iiieeo'lhW" rev°'.++, tIcr confitance. Los coItntoduGL qu'ulfre cntie n*,iS. )0 eoin allx voviale'e rs sortt asseo connues pour 'no ' (,iittjuger nidcesair d' iei le ole nil. ' .tl tp,--ly CUNY & FUL'ON. )p I p, Cc: It i LO L'' ONUN S i . . , , .i; = 'i r . .; n. . . ",.' i n e h is f e i rs ,d s 'f"U Ti...?. - r n'eat!v printed with n.iall type on an extra. dfou.;,., E..: .!. ".,...,, at 5~lA per annum, payable omst annually in advance. The TaIt-whmILr Paper, Cent tiU.i p 't r 50matter of two dailies, $10. : ", i. :, , where nocity reference isn gi ',t The WIaIeKLY TRUE AMneeie' , Isisde Uo i(im lthe daily papers, during the weeoo. -ln beCs sent i nib. eeribers who pay $5 per an . .. etldvanco, sen to none other, unless an ac ' I :.L .r inrenive i10 is given. Subscribers nept . '+, d. Mo JO" uli..;.N NEw ORLEANS, MAY I. ,I c ,II I-- i01e aelin SI', I9 Ip . tI'I il . .... Ft .I .t. S N. - I. -.

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