Newspaper of True American, December 19, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 19, 1839 Page 1
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,FII ~11 g" , i, i PRICE 1212 CENTS. RC C NEW ORLEANS THURSDAY MORNING, DIECEMBER 19, U:39. V ~'. o. -O83 Term. o .e P , at NCo Oteh.e* rIAiORRroIDr. r et' Ne 0* r - - dnnnimouxly ff...i toatal ,di..i' i n .-..... . . - - 7 - s rr, "'-- ----+ Terns of the .erospaper Press of Nero Orlean taatinonoieslv greed to at an adjnualoitd In.eti. eo' the P'roprietore, hild on the 13th of March, 18:37. SuiscaPtrooNs.-T'welve Dollars for the dily pa ttala n, payable semi-annlnally in advance: toe dollars fair tis triw-eeoty acoisty paper, pavahle tone 'eat laitlvatee, wlere nn city roeference io givec. Five illars fIor the Weekly; poavale i: alv taee. N, a Ibstription will be discoltinuoed until arrererages ar settled. I ease of dicoathituane., one week'as aotite Srits a Inoe osts on ihatrlab:y given, previous to lt Apliatiot, of oubsaription. AavenrlasIO.--Ore dollar per stars for the firol nsartion, ntd half thlt price for entch susllequet t teo ant material ahltratiin rsi the original sadverOltiteMe will be elarged na a new one. YARLIr Alnvrolsio.o.-Moerhanatn anId Fra err arty dollarse f English alone, anrd sixtey ~or both l gaila; llthks, asotlurate Oliteesnnd otler et-isia publi mstitlttito, fifty dollars in Eaglish nly, aO: ttgbhty far both langataese; lShip and aler are, or tolnlttisoian merchants taxty dollrs ill Englist eo,lad eighty for both lsngtages. MonRIlOas, Oasrto*ttv Nortiae, and articles call bog the attention of tlte pllic tt sales or property eards of pasnengers, ibeefita, &e. &r. will he nla'lr I one dollar per puoare for thie fhrt insertion int each la. CsotermcATIa.rsir or Atlvertisemoste, of any perston al nrture, when adeisaibhle. shall be charged dublle. and itl advnnee. A deduction of twretvn.five per cent, will be male t Auctiotoeers, Slierie, ltsgietieri otf Wlir,adl Mtarhnalh ni sales of real estJte. putlished itlh Ilt l Ila ag.s and 50 per cent. in Eglish alonel : 1t per enl t oil srles of other property. AitriaoneuaKNTS oett of the direct liar of Illsinaoe of the advertinar, sttell as legal, iactiot, ld c lalptR lon sales runrway slaves, stray annital, &rc. &c. will he charged for sepe.atoly, anud tI tie orlilrvy ratel. AoDVrTas,.na TS not specifielt ao to titoe, will It pulished one mantib, anld Inrgeid accorlitiogly No advertisemets n of baekrattcios will be ptblisletrl o any ease, itless paid ftr previu tta illserionll ol pavtoent garanteed hy a reCptenilte perotl ill t wl. treatres and otlher places at amntaetictt, advertisitr daily oathe season, to Ie charged $Hli) ftr Lo glilt a lotte, and $150 in both loangages. All anmltaocoments of eanalitiazse for political oleer will be charged doable the price of utalr advertise meolts, l Owing to the immense loon et.tained by new papee prorpietoro, tely have coote to tlse conelutleD thilt the a,lte of persons whose aecnunts haybatot Ieupe i tid within one month after presrnatatn, hall , e mnael bnow. (so far as praetieahlei to ttelt oetli'r--1(ey lhli geting telsOtselvre net to nlvertire lor print iBr suc delinsquats unless in ease ol radeace pyrttrlls. (Signed) J. C. Drfi ST. aROM1'S J. IAYON, -'. P. ShEA, J. C. PIlENI)ER.II'T, JOHIN (;ItlSON, LUMISDIEN. IVeekly Press.--We, le Ill ndersigned, agree tlolbide by the above conditions, as Iar e l tlhy nar i apliatle to weeold papers. S.igoned) A. B. IAWItEr .CIt SNo sublseriptlons are takenI for les tfia 6 nd11rh. eters ill casest be post pltaid. , iARROWGATE SPRINin G ,rr leantotnerv ctttcltv, Alalc,. THRBEE DA' fOUIRNfE Y FROM NEV~ ORLEANS. TiHE propriettr of til eettltalihment has the ra Ssure ofs ananoacig to hi, triilat lln:l thle ptIlit in geoesal,that ie will l.e ill readlite-lby thel first dr off Mav to receive vi itsr. lieo will alott site for th.a: nefst orftiese at a ditanoen, litht titorehV l )tttcc I Itt ` imitroveenets tie, titi lhers ntw goaiet tt anItit rap id pttgreso fttr rtomletitu, ttith wili ettlhle is oobscrigertto an taotllllnl.e IIIneucI latter Iikelllr tei i lteretolone, stal at tle solt tillle Iuc beier. Faiwilio ' call biaee , omodated - Jill goa rolllc. r chore whoa prpler Iall hIaVe laro e eabils ;'Pinched roll the mait buitlinitg. sit iseceltttdtuitntae..sry irytray alttythlilg il Itnrctitl Iar of t.oe chroetetr I tlee 'elltee, is galltill b elierse that thls are ot, itferir tlt tit in til, Slrtl ets Sltaten. All ithe atnttrtttettto thtoter gtttettIll:i reond at Wteorion 'elten, tyill he focl at thin.I' tf best mtlin thtnt shit In ptrtttf sit rett try tItftt, it i bees shngae:td, and aili be an cototoat attentlnce at tit wSpia.s daring the whlle h ncaOav 1lidottan.toiit twillavailhitioelf tt ftisittts top, ,tt Sresturning tis anoaeigaetl thatka fttr thte very liberr suppurt givost hit Itlt Acuson. anto l tlthtv , i io e a ind etendi the e srtttnodatittat, ttt otrit a iiitttrttib eral ttttrtot it resent eaoS J ea. J tp i i1 i 1. A 'DI.,EiY VA ItE-fito et eter itct tonot goods, are to toe reetiving Iby plte rrivals o Ifrom fi atrrt. in addu:ttt t to hi ttttr eattit, an 00aotto. which are iltil tttttt gt, riot Ltdies a4 ticmisetoplacttacd tluliiel d dl. s (easlleatcall't do dianes'J d do do Itt-c.rnn .I ds do Crclo tt do dt A r. d do do Egllltsh do Yoth's do S1.;dn'al d ac tI , dt treole d .lner. nod Etig. Irdles tIh t bhtill tt nttttat ale do tt rtttttt Is, ,alid. birats, aitd jp;tlllted roocli Iltraers', alt do dll gig aiii sulltlt dt do do do il.ruuo e a ht rays esrt slid wagon do liddle baes, dolllte ands&egle; vallioeer i ls; id addle bags, tlllss, Is ctarpe t blls; t ler l iron Ir ll;e enther foio trtt ko brass i ailed; ltetittr hatl ti, do, assourled zeos alld varlOlla style; hIisars anllli pistsll belts; coach, gig, salkey, twig ad plaltttrs crop whips: wetl, aostttd, co sotet leather ,girhs soid eoroitles; atirrup leatlterr; tot itl straps and wrrstesl rtin welt; ltaitt ilnod ,tl.a 4amesI blihd kridles and linaes; S illch oulluie snd t.trse end mole rullar.dt alol qlltllllil; Iii. roec0 , buck,l har.sheep ald balfli skins; platled brass and steel bridle bits of ev ry desrtlllittt, plated. brass and steel spurs of every descrllptil t ; pisted, brahosead steel stirrups of every dusraiPa tion *ugetlier with a copletrn tete asrtnet tf article in their lite tlf ltastness-a-l olr ffe r sale alo ,e ltnot- . ' - They will also . yesar, by prcket f, keep-their stock at K: .; t, NO C, I-Jt.JIINSUN,. Sfines [lag practice D)isenaeO, in ail its dilere Dr. Johnson, from t rt pitals ill Luropl , devote tllut P rrticnlar uruncht oTt ..., guntr. s t te,. ar ate spdy lid tClu :, auch as rri Itoubled with nlly tF tile fitllowing diseases. viz: Goaorrhrea. ( te, .l rl trer, trul+ Chll creu, llltullr, Se~rtal iVeokaus, Altllll. ti athe Iltadder, l.idrr.ys, Llloin, Urtulhbra, Prrtruto Cilar, drwellrd I esliclr.., Eruptionts m tile Skin, Sore Throat, Pains in tle A ithre numeroussylmpltoma which generally follw hlias diase. Ieent crases curedl i two or three daiys without tile ule of Mireorr, interruption tran Iusinerss, or altera tirn in the noade ofliving. A miadicine it prevent Venereal D)isease can be ob taried of Ilr.Johuron. It is Irr*e thierecipe of tile Baron Larry, a cCiebrntl fl rewir uSurgetl, rnid was ursed by hin during tIre everal aurpui.lrn i wlich lie served'genl3oe.uril in the Preoch Army. Sold by .t; Johnson, It his ollice. Tehor prrsons aving ane ilferotion of Venereal Diseae, and pbolt akeng sea ioyrtgeo. or remunovig tim ie caunrtr, woul do welt b glilrtug Dr. Johnton a call, es proper medi inea ir the lruro in thie shortest trite catn bh with wrintea direction, afr their use. Ofliceopenfromu 7 in the morning until to' a' . , AblIINETIIf~'S DYSPEPTIC El IX : Dr. Aberettlt, the greatest of Eng!ish brge I opeieirn tlhtrlrrirtlentha of tie diruter s thite t t. - me ankit origi a the tornlehi. thin Idxi uerd by him wit htheitost unprecedented euccr Itri private and pilbic prlic rtie firr ,rpwardrs of e , yeara, for the reiovar o r the foilawing dlieatees: Lose otiippetite, Fiatalency, Distentior it tile Stint aihPain in thbatide, lleavittessof the Ileed cndn it. I, a ertu. t Thise medicine mustnot be numbered among te hlroast ofqaliek nostrums now before the public, as it ito the wole inveetion of tihe atlest anid most scielltifie surgeonrr "Enrope ever lroducmed, and rth secret iof ptrelarillg it was purchamed by the agent for a vrly la.e um. is agreeaole andt pleasanit to thie taste, nets ro a mild tller \ nt.alwcye keeps the bowels free, imparts vrigor end utrengll to tihe syrtelr, ad cteerfolness to tile ilrilld and few boattles rrlovrs the ainllst ,eltcirinri case. ul Dyspelmia or lrdigestion, and prevencts return at acty a Ure perd. New Yoat,17Tth August, 1838. 35 bledien-mstreeat. AtlR:-Irr eteogratrnee leading a sedentary lifte, drve been troblerl, more or teas, with [,,I .e - , t I I year; fr tir lotthrel e t eyears' -,' iheenaiualrfrtable. I have raet , ,i... \andr tm. rafqlllroq re li, inn. ,t.I. . . DIslellp i h I h.," ,, . " i , ., ba, detnd know , ant,,+ o".L. ,ti .. I.+ ,Pm ever. J~ enld m, 1 ,'i " '.I ,ten , h,"'-I r- - . :,"t ythk r . , . ai o, t, =terirerlis teap rl h,. . t i_____ .l_ t. _ I N A&A 'PlRItPt of it, 'nminiail titles of record in thie ]enr'ellr ld office. Printred in aecordanee with .,ernelotroa etfthe Hormrr of itertreroenatieyr , pa. , diili flav,Ih1lW. A fee ew r.peea e. e raiecid and a ,. 40 Camp st II&:tORRIHOrID) . I AY'S LINIMI':NT'.-Nu F"egi-n.--T'his er L traordinary c:altloicl cotnll,+,i..oan, th rs.muls of science, and the l.iriin a' ,t .ct ,cci'nhr'td Ir'."1i cal man, the introdlt' . n of laich to the p'',lIe was invented witl. Ihr snl..nilty of a datlthld bequest, has since yitiiod reputa tiin lnpar M.r., , filly sustaining tho e orlrcll.vt ss o4 i, i ti , .to ] Dr Gridliy's not eoni'esrt,.i (tt " he d " .t die without givinz at postrrity hoe bxniA ., knowledge on thit so..lj:ct," f. h,, ti : ha or baqueathed to his hinlaid and :Ittrl . , ht, . ·.., n [lays, the secret of Ill disco'tlivy. It is new used i o t h,. prtA l '", ,it,. nmi the private praetion in ",- ctaotr), fir. st an os certainly Ifo the coief of lth Pil,, if andtc 'it ively and oh, srually 't a, h ;il ecten lito, i . where its effees are wittoncs d Exit', ify in, tlh following complnine": For Dropsy-Creating extriorditnar) th.orpli i at once. All Swellings-lRe.'it.i i thitai in a f," It, Rheumatisln-Ai:ut or Cihrouni, givc :,: catt ease. Sore Throat-By Cean-rs, Ul.ert r "' .. Croup and Wheo)t',ittg (t'Uit-ii'iii .l tiilt over thie Chest. All Bruises, Sprttins, anid lur:,---t" a 'ew hours. Sores and Ulee:rs--+V th tr s.tI. or .ii standing, and fever eorcs. Its operations upio l adults at il:lr' on ,t. , ing rheumatic swellijit , at'l to*,ci, p ca , . I. tighlltness of the chest :ti ltl.r;lL t ' e , i:t, has been surplrisiln beyonda t cti. Ijttol' ' comlmon remark of thwos rht hive us:' d it lI tti Ptlee, ie " It acts like a chtari " TIIs IPIL ES--Tho price, l, r, rindld t,. ne) peroes who will use a hottle of I [, i I m,..L: I for the Piles, and return the rilltier I; ltr' . : ., bhlng cored. Those are the polei'ii i:-,ic, l I eprttietor to the Agents; and m" sands sold, lot one I.t. boen lllunsuc-illi. WV might insert er atthreess ht ,V It.v . bih prefer that those who sitll the article, shuldi Itbit the Ioriginal to purehasars. CAUTION-None can be 'selnine \wia'.hil , nploodid engraved wratter, on itV)lh.b is l naitrli. and olso that of the Agents. SOL(taiN i Y' Sold wholesale and rettail, by tn'lt il'TO K & no, New York, and by poie LIrtigu t in every town is the U.ion. For sale by the Whoaleatl \onats, corner o ai Comnon r & Tehitouplitol.ts "trect, and by tlit Apothecaries genera;v'. ja3) TORRIS & Co. N . > Chr . . . oree, . Ii . receiving and oplt I t itleni stantinal nnd tashin:oadic ".'tckt :. Clt h a lll , nt v have ever exhibited i ttn i' "' . .trP i . i,3 n ,- , part of the folinw ing .+Prt' : .- ,", bl. e '.,!.e ., I. . bneth, Inllln brown, ait r , 'ht , l l , , anld .lde'n olive Irc'. fdre, nsa le aid lnrrin ton Ito ,,at ly tiac a i-ty ,d: mean and plainl b .1' ,:as.t ' o r," a ll " , p.ntaloorI s. en. lish . ..... ' , , c ,nd ' I i , silk anid stln vIsts; rnet 1 ti ,,w lt .rkri c , te ,; englisll nd l frsl'cht, I tl h an . ,. htd li ; ch ril tnn s, silk-+v, ... . :,d . s, ;': .. genders; hamoi, Incrste t'at ', a' I atl silk aw l e i - t . ,r, a d . Iraw '' rlml nnd c t t stt ltt . ii ' i : tnl rd lll. :; Ivory paeal' I :" it I .ha',iItl nI... Irella9 ; " (. rntlf' " , . , , , t. , .,, .. .la ,. h, slatitil ,rti tl, oif itwh , I . ;c.; Spretitleied silklle .. , r ' l . weasl+, malrion, te llI ' n ,u ) e [ tt half h se; ll : .. ,, cash, t r tl ie ntui a al .cts ,I . ,, ' . o ,tilttltel ided I l shel ld , . ' l . a : 'IIa d Iiiirl." lin, nlldeed royalty, oialnt Ic balance of all , r .i, : ' n ..s Iuloised :t a d plat' d U . I l) , I, . Li t r lo ittttt er or i p. i it r Iit riI an, iti, ertt"on, a n,!~ I , ,Is to esk in, the he . 1 III so ieu . .ti . "i ',i .at, cll i i nt shavll so..p urft' 'l .I'' I,' th te t n ,ý1'xton. , ,,h, . , - t. . 'ls:it,,r a htt itint'r c t' it' 'J.ý` ý, ' + -.. .. he nack lac: ad l I ,t , i , i - , ened, and the inn, n'i,, ' heil' rendere i sub11me V, 1.." ,II every i r s ,l , (i. t I , , t , .la s s Is whole le a . u t , , 't me s1. Priles ,y1,o Fromt 3mhile (Alabunlln) to .t Igtlnta 'li:c-J IAV \' .i b .llllhileCrt y/' otllrtL ,llt, illllllnU.i: ely al tt l t. the arrisal of the mllt from New % l) an, l per the a.imtlboat IFnILItu , tno Illaki ly, o,:I.II s to I'enls:ico1 t otllt.. s l(peir I' Ia I sto, L S O1 iod and :ihol e. ahauhie li ier and Ityo) to (t-rl M(iCt; c:a:clhes thence ct 3lotainoo,, (Iormerly loni t t e31 on,) ilnll bdllll e. , VInllerti l; I la|wk l osvoltle and Louis lie, to Allsllltlt. A lpase llo r rtakil ; Illts seat it M. . iJe is iln o danger of hilog thrown out or losi:g his prern'ute by other colnlticting interestls, o'he FlIOlll. I): LIN I s but ot ,oncern, atl underl l . U tecot I thlllltllt, all cmay rely I:TH lTrAINTY ullpon ll ullv'allat Augullsta inl lilllme specifiedl, all we.all er Id at :1IIy season, uttle9 somlle most all ttoreslen trople solhlfo occur. The G(eat New ':,!. . is leriol I:y this route. lhe r tio Te'mns, Coachll r : .. the outlern onict we ito'tt1e L "" ~c., new Orleans to Mto'.ilr, 15t) mile •.lhile to :A ig.slis, 5-I1 , A ,.ttla to Cth 'ltst.oU, 1 lii 13lul'+stom to New \York, 980- 180 1Titte, New (tleno to \lubile, Shours 9qile to .August, 32 A' tllsta (t:olCrlestoo, 12 (lltlcstoul to New lihk, lI- 258 Ma:king 163 mila per day. or 7 miles per hour, inelu sive of all stopil;es, nov 10 N. II. I be, leave to inftlom the public tht the bridiges oter the Clhatalhook(eswnm, p ndal il LHtbo, eek havJt just blot, cmpilled tiy the gtooctl1 govern ment (tlhle o ltly Jstllc solt terls llhl.n aaiusttllt IStac ant speedly rloute atelnllet hollu Iremovl e lUl sl I haye the Ileasure f ile rneig front trovelllerts lth the cosclhe,hor. srs, driverstand l il oare ol thefirst ordnler; and . t ! water route foml'oensacolato Cedar lolle " i, : ,l, But . tetl by all who lllhaklseld tl.rol ' !,r illn novelties, neally iand ""' i' ' Geortia havels hal ,,- . . ' t + i I. . . " . . .. , . . .; ,,, '¶ 11' 1 i , a i . ', "t , 1 , , ,,, ' ", el ,_ vol .s. ! of,, Ter"I'-" 1:tI;or rin P'urauayt I' · ~. :.t, uy oi: li oet. ile l11,ool, tainKyd newruppli. 'Rihelliu, by I -tlwe r july 30th-3 w. con f St Charles & Co( 0on ste SO1IONUMENTSol Washingtot's P triotl-m,witlla .1 fe 0i ile ofhlitolultic Acoonototslort gthe Ite. voluotio ryr. I li volume t $ tc4 74ut ollt, willt sol" at otol tptl.,t llT peI'rlo n 0 Pfthatnblenliaon ary t oItott aocl telt t'ne n oe \VOt hinton ..ul Ay of. ever Aturicano i n tonted rya th lers a Iw" I' oar , e.. yi E be . Qtt H Co. t jl . B C1A~e, 19 Cootpn en .t O,1Alw 1.Pool itioeaincer il ' ton Sper Itl I Vi V`l{. D D l i on'Orh ou erilte tal Uod.. Iooo 1.t0l-0 tlnig-lovry o .. e ftole , I V:ltu n.-Eto leo iltcIo 1 ihl by A Flephet.hso lh Vlicutoia r Court .le tuind J.ttl received a by Alec Tl A by a11 B CSEY Comp Street. SVlhi DuiVglu-on't]l' ll'hWorkuc oand Huma,. ,',.al lofevery au allfrII Frll ales, I Vo1 i ue"-Ellulc ', -m a y peitiolr ,, , vol',-e,+ Now nuppliee just recived by Alexl To V AR, t ,, 4 40 Camp, Street. V DDS: F VESSS. 3JTT'rdA vr".Fc'A'alt. l , AN INFA.[alttIL'E REM|'D FOD, DYEAI'.YYi?.--'The a _n t+r at.c., a Nich h' at utte od lhe Hlllll ll.iou 5I thi_ V rIt1.1,1e rc ollV ill 1.,,r," Ih.InJre cx-'en inthe \V+'lllln lrl . . rU). l" arv(I.,, l.,bw lue. if Ito IV aaaa r.ltr) Inr whtclh Ia ltt . . " t clll altatlt hao ll alla t:a I v a' Tlly lnr ', n D, rro,,U th h, . u] .h,,e r;bmi) nmlrh he ,, oc It hl.., r I :eIJI nll nll fo t II y l .u e of 1 1n, y I +lh lle I I I'urif .1 "+l .s111.Ol. the l'lhlw ig min bile; ... ,,i. , 11 5 .' 1 ir e tlhyd-irA'tl Ila'alla r. Dr. Io., d C aat'-aa aara ', St " a igallt', t .t'a t . a Ild 'attid r xt1t 1 ,si dtatdt .aa ,laa in rior a h III att al no .: haa ll st itIt e, tt olt I ,t ' .. II a :llla d : t ta lIt Itlta It g ao ualnt,. lt V._u, , tA a tI t Ia ,I, at, qllltry IIn l",loropa itatt'thlr . a,, n ; r ar a a a' Ia)ra Ta v Ire I.l all d l l ·t,. rll ru;lhlldlolir Io , t -iiiI I. clrthlit .y wa illt which hl I t uttata V.a ,t; dlll. I satt e Pa ilalltI Flyl ttli'tal c atn h ." i . tIII a It n . I , ' : . Sn r e rr, IFluth l l "n lf I r'.!), Ih i,"+. Ihm cir :aierl:"". l P K rlay t h and I.trt , ,tdt a af taa t 'at taa I a. c t' l I a tTlllhr tale tile ofl lO ll y o 'a t ra • 1 II Iat' r . . t+. I ; raIt ol{ hw ri ll'llrl 01 ' I ,ne llr. rI I t, ,r utn rw s,,, . by fIhs lppl tialhmof thi. ion:tl ird , t~nl 'rgre . l, I+. "l'llP apr I,lf lt.yaa 400 v or waa l I, htt t + be t lla r l.h" Itta c lt'a' tti t w tha are alh, Ct t with aa d aatt aal''ll aataa aalll iontt aataa 'to l. t apidy Ilna r. lipy.. olyaftaaa.. (Iarli. gi rr ·r~~r· 1 l'rl1 alla t ,lal.a ri ata lla l rIta aasaaa the a a ~ltlt ttl lraoa e l aaa hi iat , it tc, l al c, . . W l a, i the prit. at... . ...t..t. il .. . h.a In Duin};I 400 more or loo. ,rf+{l iralilis werer re~tnr,I tnl h ;i, Ill .. hll·B "ll ltl)l " hoo w h, Ilit herl lr llr l.,.1151 it e r+. In lllh lhy ofl .yFnl (Frll c) -i wcr .re-forrJ Lth, "ar -pll fvlino whl .u u!I;1 year.+lifn,.+ ," 1 on I+.Hl h thohI.+tv ,r, .vaa ftolahat.aia a Kara .rt a ,+a u,a buraa' t t he 'a thaaa 'tta i. ,y tt r tat a'a ltaaaaa aataa c I ,y, t'aaa 11aa -loaaaat t ttatat foll c ctat' avaaro alit~ted.ytataitaat. Taaatiaaat a -'T'e Itov e JallK11~_, curate nl:r 01· l'h,111* i lllP I r P. r III l~cll l a rhl ollll. 1( Itlthml' ;'tom co t tl .~ ll~ ii 1 l lil ·( I e • i |I I 'llata at lil h aa.all a'a'.aia, aiu t cul 'Il It I*:1 I I I, c ,l not h rn i. lly g' lnw lll. , ,, ' al a hill a ,ortr n aar I aot a allat limnl ho lxlpiJol o Illnillmn" ta 'ta trat rl Aar'aa t lt Ia tl hy lilla "ho I ll"er't ll hl A h' " +Pr v e lh pI ." Per 'll t iles ,",ell -kil e ttaaaa , wita llaa t It ' Ia'ta t.a t llldoyt a ,a rI a l:t' Dr l)l'ak rtecal' tattttotaaad aaaataaaaaataaaaaaaaaat tattit\ataaatnh~b, ot.,hal hlt l alloha ll t Itt tll :t h l. a toa t , lll. (Iat tI h'a coua h l wall, nl+e.v r hi e, . F,, r mlt I,,,r of I -I, cael-(s, ll",. . atay ott.a...tta,' tat atal t a tI; a t . . . .. . (tad' da r.atatlldrew+aa a iaaita Iarp.'laa tya taa(aat..aa . ta, llt 1II i ll my p* ct ae :vtwlt, t1. I w ll t lttia- t l ,I hoItL'a-- i ' it Ia 5t . "."a't.ltatV l..tlt i a ltataaa' ialtt.a tattatr' a a tat. aiim . (a trtI tat tatlty a tad ll,, it italhtatatn th oa i a i a ,t tat t y cnl L t w.a , raIUIll eal t", , llnoll.h grald lllditi ICI itI I Il· men In t I. lg r aan Ia,la tO r allllttala It I al t t li tltLar ata, a t11 ' ni, that of oI l ar, n lu no Ir a willt hr ,h'at pola . I'tt, W al . 'ay l o ctilla l at toa -Df J I1 ++ .1, sL%,ll. .111r, l . lf r ,lI"ill, l l ll, o vi Io i t Lo , iTaylh, C"Utt s ':ll getllhllc . a ll.ll; nIll; lllnl , rtt 't .llat vl Ur a, atai'lt Itrit+t ilt a llllhtit t ;ll t " c 'a.allattc . i h a, a hIr tt t al tara lit io lt lll two hot . l (U iaItt atrl.t al r _ atI, a r". I a mattlatat a g 11rolnm [I wvho ct l. IIIPI lily l,l Plblho" r i b, li ll ,.II1ri", fur lltln:, fly yelar, i noe lll I ll:," . 1.:g [ihll . rh efl. :ill ii aI l ali llar o 'n -'h r tllll]t hllaaTt i ltlat thllll h "l'llt :ll,11l+l i lt.a rillingt I aha( i yt I hll 1t. l..d . r. monied ' n illr; ,tt I la I'aA Naatrlaa ta" ttllh t i"V ltatt LtI- I ttaay. " 'l,'a i ttlia -. A jodio . t.. I i~r'.C;·ll nur of' I lr. p,,:d hll g o. )", 'I' 1iur'i uto VeI t taa , t.lll 4. y.s-1 I hale m riyd lII y si.ll af;d tall ll t ill nd olt n ii o pcrrcI'+I I fr l I; r rn.r ,f I , llre ta' l),,i'tl ' oi a ' i nll-tataata h la t irta hut I h' a v r fOlud .fly th~l IR nn go d, t :'" . 131 fi -1 ,.:sit+. nI, Dr Tayv Otr'a lta t Vt.'lrtt ' ,ia V na.. t y a, ''i. , ,i iaa ! y a .d tatatat Il a te llafte. lta. t.r, t a.l Aa it, thaaa t it t tt ry yira lla thnl aalllo hj lt. -'lthl l a atar toat l tllt a eltl lett l' r l at -tat' ll- a if.t t attlion. t lhra thlt tat nyt uatattatat a' atnvueic - cy and 'aat' aflla, i tvthh a. NI.,' A Norto~ fi 01l 1 ;III. R aldllll we,1 w a y I,,I.y ars tm with ,de l 'lP++# IIPIIrr tryil. .vir r thnllg h, ...ull h h.n r1 + f ", !rgrllr li,1 n:llhl.r lld rv e -il l w··llid! ie+llPhllb than f ),"1111 rT ,; l y f'( rt'.l+ei'lhlli V.I'l~hl lld 4! lll.i IllllrlI~I illl i i "II1 ntrll:IC II vp th it '' I t ta-rl a tl e W,a lle ftllily t.,d to th( , ,ti ul" ier Thosatllatrt t ,tatllh Ita a' rhla t+hlataatgraay at tt vat i't Ita iat. lt l ttaIllt.lli'aa'a Itoill, . ' ruch d sl" l the p l l ti 11 o r 1n14 t I ~~r~lol~~llit :o ever .Inlll ,. A~hrfl l+ t+, h ,; n ~ ll+ hon tc bus leu t.['r (,ii++l ll (.Itl,,,rw,y Il. who) h.d~lh, 1rr 4t ye.,. arp(lriv J ,of "bo so:l l i'h lll,. rCl ,r,. , It, lleY hur,"d l IIyIi I , I.h o p' Tc l' l :t+"d wiho l In ,. rlll ly'+llli:t,4 l , de rl p,,' An fi" : I r tl';r'llll wdll IIei P n+ l rnv ~ Idhha-l"I+., :,- it la. nlt ,i ret. 'll RUII Ith w-tll'Il..,II Iw ' Aol) W blL .I or I cs a , ,)llrp ,'H+ ., hrl '4ll othm i m",,I . +, a r lh l - , cbd t vt,11 , I d ttto lald.a a rt.Ilt titoll tll .l , t'tlla- re moot.l ut i pnl I -r v l ill o lh d will l W `.rI re l',or tley. [ hle, l i tia. I rrt I o ltat al'tata + a a 3|i((,ll Vreileb,inll i, fr, :irmd ;il .I r,>t mvnninu+ i~ l] l )l. Iitellhrl l ] de t , nI ! 'rt Iait , l iln l tatIam it wll Ialt, 1) rall nld tri.l to e. rrv Ill -,wu rl ,, l, t,,,l , ll + Ith in th. Up a rll''rcta i' I~ itatata I l rlllt lll tilleat t l Iln . whob . 1 + o ll Jll: r o r a .II t dlilll l ri "L) h1 LI) trlvt a l 1t .hat lltta , e oa , ony y,":,r 'tt la. ,' l t' ntal'at a 'etnial oa- -at aaiaca i at a!1 t tilanIIl Iont. tat. t.ttw trltltla taaa aa rat all' la d TRUI'rI Ii ](II(:l'I'Y AND WILt. t It a I 1 ta 1 ila Ia L. 'i. ar t ah:t 1aa tat t ."' at a. tt trill a tba, o I Pillt t e II~1I( 'atat aa''a i tI ryn taaaa attttatal<, aaa:::taa:11 a, r IWaaat.ha . h n h. ll s l r1 c re t l 1r m . th {rfI, <l paik I alnt d I', tl L sItll .. It , :lllcll .l . e ll y Irl 'll r11. anll .i'Llal l..rti l:, l. I': L·1,II." no , y i. ," , v .. ar ,u ·l ll ,Lllk' 4.ldr ll rwd. It I, 1 list- 'l'h:,t I I o k o rll ,.h ii , . ii,. . or', • ry c'h llAk, ""u~u lllllk " lll ll l (t cur ltl ," d ru.1 , i lr , lc~t-',," l,t or Ihn poi .' I t l,'.t-- t'h. o , tl,~ll. they ,, , tlu l'":l' Wa l n + .t r ,",r1 vii,, n I den rrno, pr ,r nt.I r o uh~,uII ; h"r~~g~le - tha tlm c o ul p.. , r h ".;r a yInll.t gi l. It i+ ,r lfut--T'ht lld qtle a, k-T a li ,: lt,".+. il pOW tnr, whe} n,,,s tll.ýleft n ,'vOhh:ry 1i, 1'w l hi nghll of'~l I n IHI ,t ,r of (:l |I ,1. , i k : i f ll{t--' +h , H4iIP hll ];I% -lh? ItMin.- l llm -y r. lh,' i t ~ :, t acl-lt'| r [I ,:iii ,llli ll. d l,t,; ll ] ,r,, ".-- ", Ih 1 1 ,i~tre"l altlc whc .l.- air lcnr"";i I,-,-.- . uy~ ' le-etlroa.t l'lll'l],i; t 'rc-l~l" . . e- t!: I),rlh ; +,1 ;.1m,.+ i , " t h , r +,l h n .cay roil"n b u cl so Iry +lll "Ill "Illtl~o, f r -l, ldt. m; l '.:,- nd gl.,.]- ; y nlfie l m i. ar i i, the[[I -i4h,-.,i)lun it1he !~~1iIli, u", .1 h[1 f.,tll anlld of ,, I ,h sini - , n11 , .lcr the thln h"d,1,I ",'r.m, .'l n + I [ rt L ,+rt anhd '|'rtt,"r anld ri,1R£WOrllI; .tuI nhIII; S++elllll'. a"'~I IIardru ;~.. oa the Iwvardi 1I", mv had ltnst fn gladl,h ~1' 1+:1o iclt. inl chi till- ouh I l', l ulh een.1 Ir h; gnr ,"ll, I~ren,t.l S& "1,1[11,n1.y, Iniitl aH ; fh,lll~lch ('e g,ll h ; ,'ilit i cll ll , elfP;" |.1 p ,rr ,11|[,1 1 3,,u r i ti o~ and ll t~it| ,,,ltl. of Ifii(1 tllllllh; Wa~terbtlsh, SC. lPt :CO.\l':NM larllY FACTS: It is n faal--That ullly pops rlc ,rr anI nulTlur Lrcurr of theL iar aparIla In l ,. .dl pilla, Is a regular; phyt rtull als Wal as nputh+ 11' cary, ,lttnsted Iy IIhe oost-luc.l r hyllht lcull ' e ULhl l .... I)a el·ora Phyalck,(]hnpk ao,Juck.--, ., . h , • i1nu|., llrlarar. I:ome, & It iý ,t iact--'rl'l. "" t '' ,,:t . rt: BLOOD. .tu bapal.· ..:; 53595i BLOOD,' BLOOD!!BLOOD!! lidak" l alicla: l h A NOVATOIt 1. TIF, SYSTEM Ever discovere!d AlI,a eonllattlolul .lll.alr, I.roDllucI hy ,nercury, ort Ih nllllerals, or tln h y ae (,o l aite Of ypliis, luus, i eller ta, &c At. 11 is u faet--That fever in a single inlsllllea have they Ibean knowll te hr u.ed, that they did not IprudarCo a , (od Albanc- ru.t li tnho.atdl, lntyg o n w hllla were halyare cltridnl ed inlt Itit I ,ttnel--lttil o a Loa ofaýtreaparila pillse hnt lana blttle pal the CSllltlnu tli JrllSap g;ll'Sa · Ilta, Ia l llag ict lellt to alnre env elt'th above thw i .a-,s. it . .a lile tIl--Yhl t e, ohtel red, thIttbe onaa place riley can bupril " . No. 9l. BLOOD ! BLOOD!! BLOOD!! ! liat. The vital irlaeipia (i:) Is coal; I'd In the bie'"T 9. Illood tianal llald. 911. Evor'y tIhug III the hbody is ildrivc·1 41h. All aduatituti'ls are ra' , a " or words, froma cr1, ,,-, +- h, ,,, '.' halt, . A l 11 ''" It~llul + ad r tt, n A d . + .. . I, : 1 ,.u on lyl. tat hhimself. . .. . . . . '+ :: g,+ .. ..I k lOWln rOllledZtl agenits i1,,41. ,A II . .-D ' a- ulllleaa ra rillta, and ai'r.llg • ++ . ', + ,r is l +Ut.+. WVith tile satrsapariila ts coin. ,. -,a :t .:,l .,tttl tiv, a chbytll b ita eacttra ail-. . ' ..*is Il.t l|[loe' tliy carries ol' thLe groan andlI ntorbid ,laltrseratcdlnttI Ioth blood by It t sartilpriln. tldhIc .+llh tdo niil purguo violentlly us lullst ,lits do, wllheh prsa sla1 nlle reduce the b vateyLI ryldl ig it more liaLh, I din - se|so, w..akelllllg the'system. lllI allhlkglll2 diahsro taku sitrlgllcr haI lJ,;:d kliling or deatroaillug thlollusltlde ill short it ntut| be lltllent thtt purgtlllgc i1 vlalllaty as tile Ipitlsdo tllllt uoallllmanufatured by clu:llasand foreign t illuo.tor+ are o IntefvlaYous is there cOllbe4+UlcrIs a-s tt errEUly Iad uther tnm erule. From tile circumstance oftht sarsaplarilla heiug intr|ueed in pilla being Quay to take :ull ijtvlltelaill for carrying it| tlia poekntor fnr tlntvllltlg; nut blelllg hahle to hr akage, na are lthe battleeoltntaiulltl' ,rrlparatlons ,If the pa'tiurllla Ib,. must eventiualy taku the plena "fall 1" ' u hr ' : -,+ .... aarea mrllh. lhtlt tle fnrreg illg have r : ,,+. .. n ' . . ... ' Iroln ilhysici all. ua'l l 'I • . .. anid are , ' . r , . .I i~ ,, . . , can bat liVel bI ,, ,. cues ever perk 8oH" wIuoIaal , ' " ` ", ', ...... New Or ·uu - rho skin It ht sectum, many advall ubuve. 1._. 'l'hecattnnding : " A .|, it.d'i . t'i to 3r. " . ... april 4 H E LL A AI)I)M.ES.. + , /tnn Native Altierlt'i IY +.++Ocltuiull , tit" lteelnt ill 1..(lllinl a anti Ihn, i.+hnhitabte o tl't.e United jtutces, USl lilt~alheal and har sale by DAVID FraL'l' &tCo, J IS 2 Chartre I LUCINA CORDIAL. M1 t..iIa Cordiai or El xir of Lo ie, r It-r i li a"-toiil .inowlljgennt r forNT 1 tlettOl inE ustrIW nF e ,Bich ut )'01 Ill' IlODIAvo I l., I11,U1: I Ii (Y(IIII t, e L I- ,II nI) mnsl nlranolos urfmilncy ,of tills inet l bln i mu ed cine Tr o ell fu dled mr ll iont o .llll(r lv I.i'cim t'I rjl warants c he ncet i w hdru L -S .g Ili- log dvellse nti yelit . l iwanl e o. it nllait,. tilt wm ,itl i lY iil It.l i 11 i O -Irt fir. I llit ll.r c h lllilll tll ,I' a r h I rh a mttmtt-inmm- m-ei-t'ittp-o in Fr t t.t' lit-I l tcttddv rett s I I t ,t rt of rito r.s w, ,en h r ithe hairg e r . le yc Berti . or i thesiin e, ndrstlt nt iltll rot - WITln tit EmR1 1I H ll tltf ii.Li . t i it' i It ll i.the n r item dc ievi. li.. ver li ir I i rno ia ,it ntll- t ilntmlet i aIII tii re I heIiitI rim tin . ot i ,it)in, tlohi i lal o,' itvi i gIA Ii Illr l i t le i ,o ,trit t t e fil in gl fi 7 -llcr i li liti i i i t r lilh l "lil. urll Iho,. ero i. lirli l iof s e r h ol . thie w .skil dilru cal m i lilc - itons of tieitt i Igdit or. hi order ihat all nre: tlh r of son ite Imay receive I1r , , ly of t)r. in nir ii [lltdi't.Iorv il t ...ot ueven rl Il. e lro r. 1 ll. i lmna Ihn lllthe (r dhink shall I i st hlld hau nonvofy ix onnIn , 1nn . ll, alt l the rrl,'t prie of $ha i whicli iri. i than ou e h oIthiprtll e rtgl Str e it lr i n I JlI)IINe r roIN IErils nl'W EI.I,. 1. II. r e1p1cailt in ppr ofth v rt f t 'tlriidge I.tll ] . t' Ri.[ -l i I4' Itt' -IIIImn, re ilown in the pll l oropri olr, . II, ' i Re"drt cl the tollowinr: pthel IIit i i t t r n rec il t hot b it e ttwtrttrrt , any i ri - ir I linr.tii l inpietri n t r , yove te tltu sohJl. tl o nvni, t1r ," 1 t2 s arc i sowol. of thntr 'rttiitt.htnntEir IIt ren lttiier iFir Ivel;s. ltti ,'qn~ntlll spo~l in r,othle, rnt. In shori'lr evn the it-r, etI' lll ttr fill tCl e IO ro . hinkit l ih tIt nelv ill r si nllk . I1 IInIi ,,,dbi ts het I/nI r ,f h:i. h ir. I'llo I1 t I ill . I 1 s el ldrn-11 111 iirr-lPlllII i noes, ) hljrijý,:' I llin o t lll lin slo,. the hair troll fllluin ¢ollouil ll. first npp Iri{nirlmn, n i a feeb te,tl rtlo , r i e l. It il pi rodues evebrowt an whint keresipn v l the't. n r rro itrnn w ll rat, koe it rlilnrl bn~ ltinlln, and nim ii f.u nt..llrl Nmlliero ll e anrililEt(k o Ih, fr msl..e 1hilih• in pinprIlr of the illf Ol(rlgtl" I 5titih, art .hown by siho lropriehn cir r gal Read the followving: Raa rr tllr ltlilbartanll . Ilatlt 31vii,- ilor Po ifililltl i ha Ins rfifl art boo kly n d wI bel rot, t. the high chars htr f lp, frlh 'iin rn llll riilei. have fllnd it highly .erv renble Iit oinly ,ia I receiutlvue , *Ig'ins tie r, iin c urfi hair, b t lso alcertini rr allr WlIIIAtod \1 Tll %1"(;Ill', Srninr, N. IIIrNor th iflh -t. lUG G et, e Ut· iY.t3 o i '! al. JOI.l I it tn I P lAr, 123 Arch tIrvet. [.rna tile .Mayor.] Oi:oly f l'hi'ladrlh . hia . pIl;l, do herehy rtifyv e ili , t lh i ll "nn ll ne nll liuel v ahh M sl .-r.. j P I n,::'ll .. Joinl il a' P ,'n.1, ,1,,I fill CnrM v r ,, Strllo..e llf nllnl Is Iros iglel to tll ll,av. crtif ne, l , Ihllt tIh-y tire, grntltmy on ," it ellrarr repeethilt, ald u such fa ll credit shoulh l he iven In tlhlle tail ver fOtlt,. In w ln ilta lt w1. t.f I I d 11I h rel' toll llll sel mIy h, ., anti enlus.d the Goall i'Oflihe '.it. tti'e fixed . thllll, isclii Op K..l 'll V htnth t rh h c,, n't~ " r;,,' t ' t h e 1 .' n 1 t i, . . . .. '. , ' . ' ' . . . . i ' ever re aI. . l r r a ss.. \Ir .in, s rv s, I as tias tsar, thra e is , a , ai Ntws' Orlns biat hlie will ,,,, ,s olaInv, 14,.A tau ry, atNo. .: ine instrrccion of yonulh of S slnd Engslish, in which hie .'y Mrs. Jlllls and Mrs. III those itn lln ..aas wils a d whaa , wi!l t;ll.e chargt sa Ild ;lls Itio to the ., !mitl l tels himlsell l i'lli I, thlhs.e wl u bill+nce. nnv I , ,, No. 33 Chartmest ert, are re. . ,.ly sfrom theitr house in Pliladlel.lhii, oll e.s ant ands c, tlmpleale assortment o-a f subst trllllsa and faslhionable cI thllin. They Invite the r Iat - tini ol tile public, l hliey are warranted in ayinglll that strangers and ciizens canlnot lurnish theala selves mIl advantageously il oany city Ian Ihe N. B. A few d zrr el.t.nt ivry hlsnJle u.m brellas, Ifrom 32 to 36 inll es . Also, a Ilare lut wshile pine pacakiaa halte,, v tra.- -m-r, vrva lasw FPANKLLIN INPIIR ARY rgtHlE . ulhlic ate res' pecthriallv l'armed tar ta s tsint' tUliill is erected on tlre atotl ilu, rov'd I)tlla, it an uily ull'd a nalluas dlsirablesitull a I inl hea lll r tr.anklin, upon lsO a ilih a am she a' 'I.hl h. " liously' M as sit '., a ,, I 1r tWt,1 I.a hrly, as , . . r" d for the, - in a , auti , . ...s .h. ret o. given gener. - .a. isthc,', liiu at hr ,il lice mu'a see sprci aet.t N B-ltnk notes neatly eaecelt, , anld cicularil'ars, 1rintr s ...t one hour' , aa Ii U lt corr. r n t.l. _ & . T. h f I a pllo a lll lin Ul1 2 hl re Contmou & Thlh llpil+,es itl "TIE TRUE RICHES OF LIFE IS HIEALTII PETE'tS VEGET L rL E KNOWV that hlealth and tia ability to tlabor, constitutl thle wtealth of the great mhss of' the preop c inl this, as in m st olher coun trites. 'o preserve, therefore, that health by natu ra, mooen is a i r lnd, moral and p litical scheme toi fttllil whiich, requires o0 utmlost attention 'iThe unprecodente I popularity and u!nversal ap. tipprobati ,n w'hich this medicine has achieved throntgiout the United Staten, the Cutlani, Texas, llexicoa, and the West ladion, fully jisti!v I)r. Peters' in warmly anti coulse eotiously recototmen dmal thum to t ti sbpeoil notice of the afflicted. Petere' Vi-getable Pi lIaro t c safest, to st erffd tual and economical reimedy for diseases of the IlUlnan eontitut on, tlnt II S ver boon discovered. Dr. Pete, itho inventnlor of thi invaluable medi citne, f'ron! his knowledge of the I Mtan system, derivet from a tInen and extensive practice, lhas arrived to t is oonclusion, that the great and pri. nmary ctnses o" mnost diseases is a derangement in the fulctions of the liver, or in other words an in creasted or dinnnished secretion of ithe bi'6. So well is this uanderstood, ithat it is ctommon for persons to say when they feel unwell, that they are il1-, meanllilng tlt tlhey have too nlllall bile on tile stolltali. Ont the otiher hand, wllen the flow of bile is dlitinisteat., the process of dies ion is ilnperfoctly perlrllll oit, trio palient ieettnlll weak and emaciated, becaulse nllrishienl contained en tloe food takel into tle stmnlell is niot proper y t.. traetrd, and tU; food is ijtelied in a erode state. Dr. Peters is confident that ithe fttaitllis ylegeanli Theory, so called, lthat, e irmpurity of the blood is the cause of all diseases,"is it great absurdity. Every one a Io reflects on the subject a molenrt, will perceivethat impority oflthe blood is a sncou. day not a primary complalint-the t Ifl:ct and not tile cause of disease. Whlen the functions of thi liver are derianged, and the flow of bile increased, it is oftenl taken up by the absorlient vessels and carried into thie circulatio., and becomes miie cad wi It the blood, as in jaunttdice, wlhen the patient slows it. in Isiu cointen ice. No v thlis imlpurity of blood is caused by an increased flow of bile, and to rtemealy it, you lmust correct the secretions oftihe live, and restore it to a caltlly state. Dr. Peters has spent toech liile in exelrilment ing with differett vegt:etai n edie ines, fo" diseatses ofl the liver; and niow off.!rs lis Vegetable Pi I-, ua tile best, Iost cohvenient, andl clteatest Ildi. cte that can bti prepared for grlera:l usu. l)r. Putert flatters lilselftlt at lia longi . ex:ocri. entling wit vegettablo inedicitos has enabled hin to discover the true :,lid only substitnut asllwering all tihe iurposes oet tlrclri s wtilhout any of tlhllr atitle llaint evils. One great quaility otfhis vegetabl, ills is that thely hiave tie alterative principle cont. ttlled witll their catitartie, or opeCrstivo qual ties, so thllt they not only cleansO thi stotichI and botwels by plrging, but they regulatetiie te er, chanlge the morllbid uecrettions, strenitLens IhiC digestive ortans, nlllrily tie blood, invigorate tile circulation, al I give ltone and energy to the nor.. voues syotenni. They ale mild and pleasant in their operation, andll c nvey aoltnlt irornediate conviction of their utility froml the first dose. They canl e taken with atliey by persons elally aige; ald tilhe foeblhi, the infirm, the nervous, and the delicatIe, . - strongtlhenoe by their oper tiion, becausel they clear the system of 'tad Ihluo enrs, qliet netrv tus irrita Iility, and invariably produee sound Ihealtih. Tie Vgetiable Pid i are a sure retney for pJtn. dice, sick and nervous headacho, dys epoin, costive. ties', sieltnuss oftI i stcolaell, heartburn, all bilious etlloplaioits, fevers of all kidlis, antd if taklien at lih ear:n~cenment will inltriahly chotl: their pro gres, eand slve the paltiout froIt a protracted and dlangetols lcknesls.. They are invaluable ill tir vouts and l pic clllllo dric;ll allcti nilns, hlA of apllo Lit', land at I colllaints to nwhitie femiiales alan it ao sullrct. ''ty opn!rate as it mlild and speed n purge -.aI a.. a sa~ Iallld certnll it inedy lbr worms tn children. Slnce 1 have introduce I my Vegetablo Pills to tlie ptilule I havo receivedl IIIueriuto ecrtiliclato oft teir ouperior allicaey il curing disceses, a so, ; orutrs Iro el reopect.,tlo physiycian, who i. tihem in their plractice wilhl the bestL or.i lublish a slall volume of coltificates, S " it tlln occtsiryo i bs tle niedicine till tsll tII all who wi I itake trial of!t. above pills are itu boxes, containg Ill ,50 cents p, r box, id country mierchants can be sup. ac or retail, at Dr. Peters' princi . eydrasr street, between Magazino 'e\v (Jr!Ceallns . .. or sale by G. N. Morsison & Co, 11 Ctnilltreeot: P P Berlin, druggist 112 old Lovoe, betw'oee the two ilarkets : Mr. Brnchier, druggist, at the Washtingto mannrket : C J Trinclhari, drug. giet, corner of C nal & Itourbon streets: G A Reed & Co, druggists, corlner of T'choupitoulas & Olrod streets : J Rossi, druggist, Lafayeoto city. mll( ALLIGAI.u- l LINE. . L Mobile to Augilsta, via Florida. paflthI . Leaves Mobile Tuesdays, Thurse .n1i L.n-.i days, and Saturdays, per the F - spincudd i asteamer Clampion, (ox. u cpt in caSe olf st.rmi,) to Po sacola; thence per etceaner Le Roy to La Grange, and thence mour Ii horse pst coacihes via Mariana, Batnbridge, Pia. n dortoat, Berrien, Oilnaw's, ait, d Perry, to Macon, G.t ; thence via .llledgavtil', and Sparta, to War. I r renton, the, co per rail road cars to AAgunta. I" The ChaIrmpion is n splendid order, awith new oCpper boll rn, coppered and c pper fIatened. The Io Roy has been thloruughly repaired, her ccolnlnOdationills ire an !hanlldillti i anIyI b a1. l'|e' bluau iauil Santa R.ian Soundl, anid Chilota. watcbie Bay presoent the moat interesting steam na. 1I vigation iu the Southa-!eing at thi sulnotone 1I perulctly land looked. l t 'oals are not surpassed on any route in the euntry ; the drivers, to a iiman, cIarIlal ailnd atten tie. i The bridges heretofore dangerous have b an s newly built, so that high lwaters do not ielurero. y him erting housesa nave been aostly changed, y ail are now as good as on any road in the South. It is generally known that the excellence and hardness of thin roads enabli the teams t all sce- ci sonllto make great speed. 'T'heir smlloothntss so. cures the travui cr front the ordinary fatigue of i stage travelling. i Theo Line is now c rrning its passengers from o Augusta to Mllbila in faour days and twelve hours, or to New Orleans in tour days and twenty p hours. Going to Augusta, the linu is six days endsaver n louTr. '1 ! ino actually employed in travellinv - I the other direction, but route, is caused by a ,a, whicth, however, is . utiy it gives ofseoitg I < hitshi Fort(, etc. The ;.... , r ",I again at War. "uo tll the Line may o, n e,, .. . . ,, prom a, boy a. , , S cho, I . l on S,":o the inail to Apa. SI,. . . . L .aoen HtsIso, Moblls. S O OSTWICK, Agenta, Mobile. 'EW SPI' I.NUlND PIANaS tlFROMt PARId. J UST received per barque SALEM, train Havre, and fe sale biy ihes subcribers l Ma-ueniicett Grand Piance, rosewood, elegantly in bid with brasliti oetaves. 2 Jaglllfient ellli Ilpright Pianos, Crancas wlood, o.tttallllly urnalaeulrt d, 6 utuvan. 16 Sgqntllu toere _'ialu, io.t'oad,very ornamentat (,. oct,.ves. 4 PiLohmlit ocalvea, rosewood, Caraccas and mat - h ogsey A ol... 2 do act ,vean, I1 in i n I nmitilo . Sal ' at nl eve nr h all from the e iehraied minnfac itry l.f 'I. YEt.& Co. 'arins. I(i t: JOIINS & it.:o S. ChaLie.tIE t rI(1AS--.O lrerts Pewcnig, tI di Caum.noiog,a., Ssixty 13 Iba boxes Gunpolwder Tea, in store for sale by ca. . THAYER & Ca, 74 Psydra at SA 'YTON &. I), No. .53 Old avee rtrart,- n addiS lion tion thl..r fo'mer oluckhlavereeived Irom Eng luf, pl.r sliln I rat, t sin-n and \natllum, and by recetnlt Arrivala frml Ifr ncrth rn citiae. the fllo;nig nfilllImIeI t Ilardlware, Iron, Sll-al, Nails. Alnchor, 'hllalian, lrllalfl, L-eaIth, til, &l. wa blieth llj uofar thr sale on a-conLmutl ing tonns: HARDWARE. Prigl trre chainn; ,x aind log do; ana carriar ehains and hanina for saw aills; I'ght galtolin.a hones,'W Wnuu Itn lIydainm bnrielt anpt slell hoani, lalld s vels lanld "llnld- hlri h bt |llll oialun hnup n; gruhllhil SInae. hlacnk 1'aro,liml h ..'lop. , tl A ll Age' a.1iia ;l blacksmith'sa aal Ihl hlln; n and r lIn; tn a artt o rnt dnth ry all kinids I nblt'an,'s a ak antaLnrke.,pae, t.. .ntrld kilandls. I',,w ; l ' nd 1'A:'s millsas ;t s teel whi, Allel bl tr aerlns phaI Irw hlnn d llrll~ snIn akimllllri anhd idles; II I tIlltIlml Ih ll s; Illlun t rllr il-l; till ry cllllIs; wn lln d arrepIn; ip llrk+; tllla ia dol r h.l l "lI k 1aullltIlJ+++ , lin hlobk-;'-helvnrlyf r ehl4 i,,d x- ;aoX Loi" aU irel-i.+ls; er!rlp*-rer nnfin -,nills' tIn.. ge'nera nl; SariCln Rlnl~l. vi Ins; anl a gr-uel ustl'atalllnI. of labaI 'll ullhIlry tnd ihelt g..udls. AXI tn.S. sill lllm d xe s, .t illh n lwe a/ltlll o tt nr l 's rIf .so 3t !; ich I linn' axes; alnJ 15:1 dlazenla al slitel fien, mand by oiller glnlld mlakers. IRON, ST'EIEl.. c. 100 tons l It, qanran ild roullnl iirn;lill'timnart hailer nnd dlate irot ; llmol irn , aill size,; 1 00s0t i t irrn;h ,rilcnnl din; ahIIPt casl sIteeI Ild n ast steel in sqtlare nItd 1 ars aes.oI dll, Sandeill .'sl mlaaka; Crwleyi arIn;( P TlanII 1ta du: hlil (l.) lillh lliilerrtd nIPl; faInua lhl; ; zilnc; sheet ou1111 llie lenl; lh ,',All slzes. N.t 1 I.S. iitlnn -nta roll a titI, nlll n.nartnd, fIoenl 31 finc.all; 50 cask-spun W l2lrl.11' In er e ielaspl .aId .e; 5Yll keS su gar TId ld nlila; 15 kisn lilt e horsi e lnhuie Ilnlitl (allIl'n. A N'1ll11ttS:, ('At i>IlN\l,, &'e. Ac Ilhollrs I flll sizeh; calin ablllla., l;l 1010 Frenchi p 1s 1:, t 0 ; pilalt; spin and skiletlr a largoe n+sart nlnllt; 100 saltl kPtl tes; pla 1eIa of|di'l~irl.rl :t lllll t f rllew.1 ien; I illnn'nn e!. i All sin-" \Nlva Srnllin lilld ltulle and a large stark Cullen Itil nIe-sia nayt,rtn d n inze. ilIP fIIA.I)I.EIlt . Ta rre rope. w d hald bee a.r+'ed largo. and snell anll t rpie, od thelll kindlln, ,Ld t.ll n l ,nt rtlII.Lae .lll-illl beLI Brld. alnd 'loll h illes; ll a variety . (nii AN 1in) NASA a. ,tl'U tI tnS. nf ar. Inkeed t.n e tadandI certlaity ofm dditA o r i nca k, " h hnn , inherr otlrm .llll mil. a501, hl Ino100 hhls -lin mll1 I.n I I.l ll i 1111; In. illl II,;lldn d hIsia; ll a ti f -ial; y ,il tar i tl ilalf hblls; 'nly, s pit r m tlnlill nfl uright varh~ie l; 1r ,ld llol j:,;-Inl I11; l nt ll nl -ti 51)I keas lle hrlis tI lin n olnrnly I, 'nc. ram'l ItI I AIISN' it-- .;iii - 1t '. i": l'- nlr a great a elb rit a of this uriv.lled n , fin. position, espeelially in the Northern Stoles, leaves le prlpri(tor bui t I tl need to any any thlig in ilas :vor,; Cfr it l ns been naeaerally coneded to it, LIht it is bnyonnd all lllmpalison tile I at reeidy fo extllernal conpl.tal aintlat IIt2 ever been dismo. vcrod. Inded t.e p anld mad certainty olfits opo rati ns have tile nlpanarlcra oflliracles ; as ilnltrs, Wn inds, eorlls, fvcrasnrsi, allildlllts, whiote a ol. ling., b Ie. piles, spidc r a,,d snake bites &., immo. dliatly yinerll to it appniarlntly saplcorhlrn illfu ence 'Thuins if properly applied it will reruove an ilnveatrate corn, ar breaka and ll al a bin e ie five days, will allay alld perfetily eura an ulcer i twon waclcs; all the nlast dlperIat ll ases of whllit swelliing that an oh imrngind, nhave elna dstroyedi by it in less thnn two utpwths. I , the bites of' poi lylous reptlilis ia caley is truly urllprisingi, aln lime, its rower- of atraelio ar s. wmoderis al that tey ill. f ut pervading hte systoai . It is likewise very xterlall buodly vil lthati may all to the lot , fa lllu lr Ile astr, in nThe yrap tnor ans received at least a tlnousiand aertiticatn s at t otll r citna eaOls, in afav r ol'hia a, "` S,,ucific (.)ttntmeet," upwards of a handral ofI, which were written by ruspectahbl nmemher.s ofthe .inlinanl rFlaealty, all breathling the a1ine ulogy a Pro ared at 129 Liberty street, New York, and for sale at (5 Iuydras street, Pacwi Orleans. taar 6 If sCt C UIIK ii l II VAUIL I ail CINIC. IIIhI'O Comnpoimll I'ixti.let ofCopcsiha a e p rilli -A certAic, sae, and mnost c etlctual rcme-t ti il- cver cli.covered Ihi. th nc cute of lionrllhea, GlcltI Strictures, WhiIes, Itiil ill tie iback aciti oina, snuc , / weakness, nllictlius kitduie, gravel, scorbutic croptions, M, ll awl aell, in pil· l ofa'll el i ulh. . e-no -Los, es tik. u i tre pr bo veieto as bIl T o t to r iflt lot e l'll 1"ile ys pic ns mI Sinoeceie itie ms elmSiet of thie me- dui ic~Ii f iiciiclt hih Ic .o i clie.v i . n that int ie d il e du l pp-ine , he . n itis iii 1it l II,- ttafi ll) kcinw . 'T'lh e mi Lailsc oi oiacciha so Ccnteillcici t neIls c stmmchc I', Ii t its e dlli I ii' li .sl ike nhi pll.nticoll t Iterlc c expr"ess i rellega lIn its di i:ltre:,lle taste, w lstturh a ue h t iIr'lluced lin lhe . ovlls a. d soel,i n h ui.tll irts fort het' ilcrflietie v whel n lseli iin the illt ..i..ic it. t stage 'Tiie pi lOll r h:as tile aill aailsiiii i of t1he |S llll, i onlee' v I I tgi tlii tic itore nicitci clic licciccii tee bllic e much mii id i c oe illrcendn aicd n cim' iiiyiiinciciei'cciIi"c in the ipesclnt ste. 'i'tlie hve mted ciille conbihesil- cn igred lit w ic llielire in thie highst ec.ilte annolc tihe most sccitc til alndint il tie ill'olesici,.n. .i i i lt oiln le icin)I psitiiO ithis prclmrat Hn icine'nes tire |m etfacy" el tile G lother, Md Doltp a np el:.tol truly a.e- 1 . ii m st rci i siui c' ii r t:l s hie i st S oanglucllil C ei etllll i' I' possesstog thiuie ii ike ciieig theadatgite oi it biing admin istre wih pelect success in Il le cleret c' gei c ,e Sile nborce isiccne. -Th. e mtost elinle, ici sici llad| I surgn ofrgs j tihe prent dav express their decideld apli mirobaion iincoi .ulo" Sals;o rilla w ist its use it ti. prieiie l tospitals iild ulicih ieilict l inst iit " ii s icin e Le i, nall still icillt e rs c esi e ecitciel. It nwl a fvav olrlie iclle w'ith th c eletlilII_ r AbIielrethty• ill all| venereca afi ,ciis, ai ilc hi olsticiit iclanulio s ei lltlmu o is, e~isinci llg I i icsciiiidered stc ie ctiedligc'siii.elull tils. Having b"en submit ta to thlleest alll expecrience of rhe t, tis elCiclIi iticI tI II s th I:illl' , lich hive expi l i tIeir sai tsiictliic of its CLii oLit diluiM y i tlicecy ill eer ) r iiase iicr tlheir ultccie, Iv ulldpi g it i hoth ii thllir c 'lull' : 1 i c- ic III . tici ' ''l'iiic h II ervTc ion swilllIe ci Insertled Iereafier. I'"el:rccd ciiiy J ''ihorn, Chenmisl lt L.niion. 'rPice 1I 511 per pit. I'FES'i'I IONI.LS. l SFinlcm A It Sclinon, Esq. it S, Sll'geoi to the I St 'Illlcll losI tll, i I.l.i L s-, oil lllnatollmy. co T ' ti d eili ci ilavc ncmue o l )I o uir r , nariiici a i Salitcy ofnnsec, iictll caice nidci if le, ir its results iale no ic IgieI fclvccvlllllc, ctihnL II doccti |iilciiie iii/ cci ..ti.. . p ig ic ole of tile ciust valunllle an..i i efllciicicili c • . nc e eve" ottered to tlhe putblic, dllll olle it lhlich,/ v, ca u experieece, i can Ilaie every reliance, lhilst i ermieccdm l'rml co|:ilia. Fcom G II llaywici,.,I .t C S. Pltysiiiai to thnem Si "t"rt boo I tiakie grell pileasurnc in ahlciig tcsistic'cn to the villaluabl' Ir lop ,ltlies o l l I' o t'II:lrpl tlll i, u ,visiillng) ol the ciueenisc cin io fully dclsetive, ioi alle anple rewaldf Iccr nie "i ll*lal ll tlii esp iouse inc irtl iii ll.i.ingn it to tlclc uc illn 'romn iV 'd Cocperl, FIS, SurIgen to iny's tl.s The .illirn suc llcslucs hih L .il 'iended thiie' cil.. l h iC-h tluing cicicll iccilicice llctUiclg ci icliecci cllts ice illlcci cii tle abio'e dlilliese, hlas ultlly statiielleit see taIres oha Ipoly to lie klown tl)ie truly !,l tedlll'll.l iy tile selll d r f Feoier Sir A Copei,' ItS P It C S, &c. &e. llavlllln leen inducled t try iyolur l.c.' iin scivtlllic iisesol viloleiit Gourin Tlic, wiiii hiulc hichert hileldci eve "iirescriptionalldmienii isteird by ime, iviig ielundI ' tdlil iy cir1eiiieied byi, icin a few idays I ieicl e sflin iduly bllend Iscltcic ihilc now iIll iyi iae cics oic cuhll e enll icnd ctilate reomimen ld anid ce cUiic eFromI G W Blair, M D, Piisicien to Gic'I Ito ' Tle srleit tlet whic I iave given yo gi r meidlieicl i anegcii i ciiiinictcci adits invariblcice tiensec hlill ri, vill ihime aiiei ti llerevere in its uile, a ud iteelun i iicvt cn act ol'jslice aii of duiy to ciiid nitc ifiebie tecii mnuial in eomumeliation of its virlllel. ccreinlr y'c aimccy i cncere halkei for I e 'cmcahlll e sentl oi) omr Ixtliet [or tihe cure of" Gonoir',r aIke. I into le which will drve a deshi lhciat m u iySougllhc iir Iin iihe meicnln woicii-a imre, tlleety inci ei.Cutoi coree cn enses if ciiabove cialvnc. It e'i'd megir-ac ccJ..-'1' 'ilishlng to the wore l tihe vioalisle qualici t'ofyourn' , c-, the propriector eoul here ifrnchh v t. ", e cally es ¢ontlm eldc t oei . e mice ' ceineehtherlo ihe cute ,.* "lle, 'ill p'os eitn ,. , . - ove extra ccla (',.. i Fo For sale by ' , mr1t4iw • '"_'"_ n- ,oRTUNfl '.inLLEIL"CON: i d, Li Co ly's G ; rnmar-- Le t lie's eool. . . :'3 Iillcier'c tkey toTeleinnque e Pornv'c Frnmch spelling hook Fngilich Readers, hIllacd itilil bond Wnnlnmirocht'si French (rnmmnlur sc'eena's \Vscihglon msic Mriun Ewnll's ,ic dcieal eolliallic in D Daholl' nrih!netnii--Ilelt itI the nervMs GEtiiivuiei mccicckl pcicer honk lnson's e iiieir-Crmc kcll'rc olg be ook Mlle's United Ssatat. for A new and large pply of tlc c ho i wirki just + eiven and openeid for sile ono it.cstn, hChy i 009? 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It it sJingltrly effeacimt ii re:O'iettio thbOtli €,natt"tio tls which buyo been broken down by Injtllietf i , trentnnat orjuvronile oirr1oturtlgl e ter.s ll it i cotmlendd •t alol thlbe,. di1eup0 which 0' I ttttho ltot d, or vitiatjot oi the bunor,, teesttio bisoPOraeafma So;d urthe, aiove c.mpldillt. may requirs otme y pin .r « -lstot upplt calio whichJ the. oircumsteotmoor the e s s dteotto; iut ta, u g,nttla rteedy or Ouri.4 t movetl enure, the i \DtlN0' P&AS ie will goes bosl belottud sift.+ tttblvomilio OO, How trer it isllt moder• I• l1 iu ther, protfeossioo exlore tit* 0Lt sfel Mo eo'psonlopo t tle aid of .hemolry, and seek-ot. nw rsedsi olal eutdsi h ''"'· I' ~ ~ new r emedial aatn tslrlc ""gy loft, to srrive so poteoooiso i• th0 praotloe by g nos - g t 'rtj lott0,-sotrely ooerlook and neglect.obeostb sOkotO 1 the r shld b•too.unles.o stos. .,r" dedp. ltneblotlrt hs ctusrdl to tprito o ut ftlm th i Lth Itvcryl sT Asd hiw muh oreoo tlsue i.i that while tse Amdericn PhIbyslIoiooka' n f,roig.o coutrolt fur niot1y ofhti m(0o0bmO O m1d 55E000 0 tttry rt.les, pcorpMfiolly tl antiog 05: .y rote s gsdlstotei Pl orr fthion or rfplly, h i e , urrottnded 1a'."ew ooaoont ltlay ' soall enl os prounio of nd.i olt I ,ltuntli, oTtlent oTs see.•ny itrdiottlott it dinroo, or oi cure any erosohL llsorder; nd yst Ihr is tgOorut oftrlelr rtbues, asd tlbyosriurlfeod to 'wste therir -we-on- thsdeoertgsi.' - tlt effectos of gtsable •ttlltoelostt.hi l re toum poraury-ttoee otf lnerult Inois.g Trlo ftim ltEI tbeair •f Itts mnod paos ol--the latter, Metorcury I particultr, act che oiollly poOl tiOe ot td, deolttm] inlf t lgbo .loe losll tndstni iue tel c,)r,¢titlltion'do.'ml lu r doetlltnlO•. Thl'loeeouglnlolhty, eicieey, sod SAFE'Y of vegepotable re-. mtedlic over mineral, may ihe eethusted by eotirutsrg the on. ceut prartce Wrlt the mndmt, ur., to lrilg it moreimton. tltoely undt aroUr own ob.ervtson, tht Ittdisn prsEtce wiith that oitote owhioes. Wlho, in ,i tca, is notknowuor elard el'relented inlgtaIreS whetreileooms decrldpid,uspretesditg r. tale tndino, Ity ttlltot ot tertsim1do reoedies alone, its of t.otd the Imet mtenldd cures, oiler the Materia Mledieo of the Centoton protlo., directed in tfs moot sk iliful elmOr, hll.t failed I And wbo hoe not bee surpsrised at th remearllllr'tdive o 1td fttity with whob lbs ItdlaU froeo IJtm selft'rnm uy dioeseo and qt the sltaoo lotl obotitoto e sor hterunte dltstee tat1oUg them? Who as ever beardt ofr.n It, tin with a s ennttitttoo Irokon and ruited ]ty ll Iretrtsent I And cn a do. e, xis, tt thargjis hnl y exeIt lgtiOn.oo ilie tt v ego fltrom ctott o(I'tl, ills s/ott-tre 0a0, of .man is ,liar I, chiftly on ii1. to tite iltore tetll setts. I.f r 0 IoJi whichb hob eln llev I Th'ii. ottl,trti~tg dfit'el.lls i.oolle.e.9 n lilr ex. nllltlifictlti,: Ot'tht illosUIte supnriority of thle ooipto and 50l0 0l(000I o' curs hich GllW l ar 1 u created for thre Ilmlel ol his hlldrell over tlos. which the prlds aod the ot 'fpos hve. illte-ted. Fro.n a long reidence among portionfbthoeoboriinal il. lhlttantl of tlhis eonllttry, sd osn tntetototqooLttglee wsth Ih8 niitilho titl olto oflr tomlllo of thbir dmoot Uesurcetfl petl. tlllrre, lto proprlictuor or *The Itd ltas' Panoeoo,' cquired ktottollgr otofts. otn lthooost pywtr l a ttd foeorlteoreoediss. Frottonoi ea hao,tl su tll t wtrs s oer t e(o1. aoioous and lp. otprratet, and aifter various experto pto to test their prtes-t plea end tr1otlth, lte has boer dnetd tbh'eointh form here pise. sented, ns the "nost perfect and bhooftolit for t.he urpose foe which it if recnltlm ndrd. 'lie rolprletor olifer thIlli prepration tgos hbphlle, llith the tttcioutsnt. tltet ie it plctlltg wittin ttelir rolosh s re lletly enlobtle ot oreliioiue titlty ot ht oficted fellow betiot Wil t tre suterl.g ullder tile yttrlltul chtronic and obsltinl o0t11htitt01 tt, wthir( it is tl.htioble. To sch it will prose ov ilculcnlhl. velll u. am Ibe mielleansll II many lome the only motesIJ, ofl' rlicvillg Ithir[.t sld resloring hemtr oanc tllnor to healtmll and Iill)tlinet. 'II is not oionred sal corn. rtilnn rempdy, (ht IllmlV pIrhllellelie se ¢qun y gµ01i with many other.10 it, to, tttt le0 ono whirtI. cspny oe eosoing' tile is slally extreme cs-ea iea,,hillttollthe uostl r..Oedo.rtid. 'Ibim itttootlitoepolttstledly; sol thi isthi rot spotiou it hat ob to tgel'i tho ttter it hItm hett ilntroduOed. Itsto oly:,t t tIllroee yaa sinceltho preparatioptonw pr tlltnll to'the Iullic: but it thgt gbort spce of time iOe.m I tesdrdd of )et ,llo milllt toe rouud, Who WoUld olollttily ds. :lure tttat they bseovedl that their liveo were oved by it, and t wliOt cote. afoter ttet ht d tlried lneny, tld perpt op all the :Otrnn relllelns inll vtillt. Wherever It in knotllt It rapidly onlltlttt into uo. u talt tlillt atlotd/ tio ttOoioLsbsttltilo undon. vinchlg ipoofofmlt Inl.rltl. lThe value of tihe Pllnneea i mot eonespicuou in thoto long ntnotlinltsyp)ililit a1,d scorofult ls sreth iots wih hosvedetfied all other remedies, Utd )ortitularly n teLteosealo where met nry Ilt l heentto ltovl.hly uose.d a to ulse distressing pains in the bons, nodes, ttrcUttitl uleri, deeragemlent oftho di.og. ivnorllltts,&c. hTho it Eomptegolyrotnoel, and I all t ot it t'lltlrtlytrnediclethel diteoose asd oftes oftmrouroy, ten ovilles tile Conslitutrio, alld leaven the patient wound and well. It rlleumntism und 111 n certtted sore throats itl happy effet not lesstlatarentllt. gting almostt lmredit orelcier TIakt ttl proper doses, tile Indiaest Ptsoooe operntet ae an oltoratioo and dtltrgen;l o diotittoretio,diuretic, nlld saolivoo ttntlli-ttl.nlst odletatldtltodyn; and in proper aoes, 0e a to. ollictt alld entllltellgogue Generltlyogxpre.sed,ittllrease ll the oeeretlona ulid o exretlons, g[vel tbne to th 0stoU5Eh, 0 d excltes nctiOn in the glnlllds il a particular manner. From tliee prioclples its optrjtion muy be undersotood. This nlmediine hasteen touond highly useul iu many smbl. Fluoua dieoaes not here opelfled, audit has boon •sed with wonllderful uIcess 1t. Sprng tti d Puil purtier, hy thots w io are uobject to conptttlntst of tto ehest, otlld whore onsti tU~lll rrequire new vIgOe. Such porsosoill do well to u Iwoor threto bottleoin .lalt dtmes. Whenevesr a diet drink dhrtIOO~tfOe~ ieb"f ssl^w&.det ,.:tgYJlsososos.tdmqsoot.o omJ - nlc in • far tonre gretable maonier, thttn the common det drink. The fIllowint cerliftontes, nut of huodreds imilar, Lwhich migtlt he procl.rod,rc given to show theeffect olfthe ntdiasn' P'anueot, ill te vari.ous complsints thloresn nlotionlled; aod ieu to Exhll,t ill tile tt otsttntislsCttory nanter, itO uperiority r.o r the syrulp i t'olnnlon nee. tAS'S O RgIEUMATISM. ChIrlettoo, Nov. 15, 18.32 iutring tite lust ttittoer ulld sprnt, 1 wetatlictsed with t very ;evtre llad dirlre: iog rheamntisnl, occuiooed by exposoure in Iad weather. I now iono great pleasure in Itotillngtht gls Ittltlts teott Indion's Panacet restored me to perfect hesltlk otld I ottlltldtly reootnlnnd it to tll similarly afleieod. JOIN FEIIGUSUON, King st. Ct-iloston, March 07, 1532 I wse leizsed, shout three yoarn since,with b distreoieg rItla ailrtt11, etausd Iy t(kiltg t severo cold, bwhilt. ude the tloi ellte o ittnlltr. y, nld which hLs dilblotd me frotm b•tines silly ever sitlelt.. During this period L have beooen patieont in thle Mtrl.o lospital, in this city upwards or four otnsth, nttd inearly tile t0tlto letgtt of titno in tile Bgltimore Hsnpital. ,tll tried t hotst every remetdy, witlh little benefit. On the 1th .t l'ebrutary olst, at thnt tlllleoearoly oble to mote about upon crnttcot, tcnlnlltcn d the usoe eoft lt.dianso' Panea. Inouo tllllt I found tl tylelfenltirely free trom paio,and sm now hop py to state that I ooontdertybelrleerf.ectly well. WM. TUCKER. 13 Morktt sLt. S CASES OF SCAOFUUOI ULCERS. New York, Sept.I10 1830. Thie may certify, that ie the Faall o 1825, wans seizael ith Swelliilg inl iy neck ad lice, arhich almerwardt ulerlterd, k becan.l Iarge ghaintly ulcers iT ty neck. Alter trynl amcesr phyal:ians to nn andvulta,, I owent tPhiladelphia. and tplaed ntvtllltunder the care of Drs. Plvsie and Besch, when, afir .clated aliva:tionls to o shelet. I w, pronounced utterly is. enruble. Aterwnardsl took twenlly bottles of Sai'.ns P.l. liet, lsd Iptllhbottels ofPntllr'e Cat.olion, with nom e toriil Illlelittl. lnlllltilng oflife, whicll lid now bacomes buLtthes ou ied, returned to ilypaeaits in New York, in tI39, and gLve myt If np to a liiagertng death. arillCeg of the gtrent slleCoi of thee Iudine.' Pnndl l, however, jn clel similar to my own, Iwas persuaded to try it, l a last resort. To my lgret sur prlsn, so we ll atisfiction, I oan faound mytsel rapidly re covering, snd upon tnkitllg rvel Ittlle tih ulcers healed, and I bhrnme perfectly well i the cuneo r otswo month, asld hver reannied to ever llu l make thlis stntenlrt, and with It pulllhIlled, for the bLlltlt of those who are suffering utnder si. inliat ncrufulson or syphilitic nilteticns, that they mtp ktew a lla ilaceurde ll assufered pry thing but death, 4 whLo allllder hi lie avead by the o aoves HIyr Ah. WMN. IrIeIAN. .mhnrlerton.July ol. 1831. 1 ln as amictied Tour yrs with an ulcer in the leg. occasion ally lacemat lllid i ith elytiielous 8lfltmmntiot and etcesaics Iltnl s tel Irp andll allllejoint,. Brrevrl eminuet Fhysicians exerted I heir akll uUpa It, Ihutwith~oult tlrmllaut Instelr~. Il itdli- llto I tu , tlnl thoosnia thIldialnl' IPn' lPta madeplerfect ure. tIAtIAIIET A WEVIST. 121 MIjt it. ;iutt~.e 1EItY S. PAPhflt IIANilNiA STlU1ttj Ilecnry Siebrecht, (fornmerly J. C. Wicks o,. would mlemt respetel'tttlrlv ilrm hie friesi tile Itllli ill erntell itht hle li and is cnn ly rcetviln, a tIneral arssortment of upholstery and pnipr hnnlgin. 'ho fallowing cllmprice8 a prtl of hi sllot It, which he offers for sale at wholes tale tr relall on the most acconmmodatinfi rcnei, vie : French velvet and satin paper, lItest style t do hlt Cllllclltln nlldi coldmtnnt , Pniliadelphi glaned snd utglazed do dot French lansdscapes, fire bhratlsn, blnde, &a. dt velvet sldworsted do do, i orealnze do celire, silk frige and sgaltones of aIll qnlilties, pattlilrns and pries, wrnrsted fringes es sorted pattern. plain andl eoltred. Switinuslin, latlerst styl plain and coluuaed, cotton drapery mus!inaplaiti and tliilted, as-orted eolora, ew stylt)i ileedlle wnlrk frlt sofa cushions, footstocl Icovers, &e 1ne, slyIr oi bell pullers, raised figures and plin, ill wilnd,,llw ornaments nf all pattlerns and srize, gilt engleis ainl and spears, feathers, &e, glass knobs, easiter, hair cloth, figred td plain, n larne ansorttanrs of itoye fit children; lnr,,e eilk coid and ,etcl, w rssted card and tat. Sasriae, n generil syt ea end paper I hrahgingo, mttetst"tl end ft sate at the lit-ret peice.a Ce'tntin l t-Person in the lt 4l osl' .tt. .-+ are rcrpt*etlutly tttit~t~i o atn . nl d Ipt It..D l " themnelvea. Carpelrts-Sd s tnamoina ite he stetl modern eltyle rooems ' d t ttli'wlqort" . .t notice, andt nil 'ksid.e fl t3w'o. k -rk dont with noeiatseseneditjttllt. , tct3 11'INCLI~dkI L'dtAlI·'L&'Q. is t_ ,1'hst- 'ý dorsiglner, hav l`at ts . .qllto, tretm Londutn nd ml ' . IOUi raeints large hbesioa+5tteVP ipert tieo so dtt , do whit te a -es ' .lill fancy ' Ei. 'r nil Notte Pel.p .... "no .: rn"':" " ei * kind, . . ... . . .. . . .... - , , h, ,+.+ , a a ts ,id a t,, e., to n Iit kbndsf kc. ic T , Pnatt Brmnutd Pmntlid Stove., a [w ..yn'i-- ' ýr .onr, Cknm , Frarklin. M ae. For P .kb • -I1X kF .VI..

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