Newspaper of True American, December 27, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated December 27, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12; CENTS. Ncw ORLEANS, FRIDAY MORNING DECEMBER 27, ViIL.V1 No. Termns of Me Jemaeaper Pesa sof Newo (kleaoo; -"--I f _ . ____. .__ _ 'i'rmsn of the Newmspaper Press of Nero Orleans nlloninousle , ngreedto at an a1 oiljn'rno o .elino r l the P ro ie .ro, Ield onih l :lil of 1 lar (h, Sunsctrrrious.- Pwelve Il)ollar for the daily )n nunl n, Iavalo eioni-anuually in advance: tee dollire fl r Ilia tri-wookly codlltrve pur, palable one ineur in Ivdioe where no CitY ielfrenIce ie e iver. , Fire dllars for he \Voeekly; Inralle ir. a Ivn ice. Na, o lbe.;ripliou will 4li dcei.contiuedl nil arnrrenres are settled. In case of di continnulee, ine week's notice, III writing inat or. iworalub y given, previous to th xpiroatin of nbscriptilon. AntvRrsiron.-- ' I dollar pera lo. re for the first nseOrtion and haf thii.t price foIr each lnlhsel.rt ri.e: an) inu erirl altnrutioln Iron: the origiinal iadvertii-CIeni will be hlalged as a new one. Yv.Altr.r Alnoetrlas~us.--erchalnts and Tro ers, orty dollars ft, Fbnrgiish alone, ndl sixty for hoth inn giags; Ilounkso, lllurlane Oliei, anld tlher ril]in phblij inlitution., Rifto dollern in En-lilhl ly. al.i tIghty for both lannguages; Ship anid Streanlboe,;i Ioe ors, or Comln issioi minrerhnts sixty Icollars in English Ie, and eighty for both languages. IAnRIHAGES, OnITAnyR NOTICES, and artirlcs enll ing tile ailefuion of tile pllien to wnll Oe pensiery, Acrd of psoenrgero, henefi, .e. oc. wiill Iu rliMrrhI on dsales of real tar for tie o lisrle inrtil in enacl In-e, and .50 per cent. in 1 ng.h alone: 10 pot cent on sales CuoMoIn::oIOeinn or Adverlieemeny, of ny pereoo of Inature, whad . rt lnioiihln, seall e hochlrogod dubl, A ileodution oftwaty rlve e pr Cenil. will &ce wll Auctionlemer Olerlrf Ifloeitewroof Wills, ondil Marolilo anid 50 peor ient, linhshlone: 10lthoent oillhles of ETIEMENT otr ry.mwl n any olce rale, lspaid lir previous to will be heirgo~l for cel,.f.ately, nldl nt the erfiinory rater. pobliheol nile moonth, tud charged lecor linlniy noadn ris of IeSoiirS u Ih rTolu s Ire will he apehlihed n nny .........oleon paiidlir previiiole r'ioitlrio.,n...." pineno gnuraulteedl by a repannlil-Ic per.on in town. frnlanres ond olter plnaces of nallnieliorlll In.rid scRillng daily r llhe seaon. to be clhrgedl $101 for l.nglish o lone, anl a$15I in bothu lane.aeie e. All lltOeuncel,Oenefts of clli,iolt., f,,r poliiical o!ihie will ber chlarged double the price of ttlher ndvertisi. Ion{4 [ .)lini to the inomense lo ui. oItllle( n0w0pae1lr pr'orpiflelrs, theylr lnve coeoe toelle, (rlelIIooiO1 tlII ht. , na nes of pernoos whose rccounts hay, uioa bern laid within oe nlmonth after presrntntion, shall he tlrlde eknuw,r (so ilr as npracticable) to eaeh olther-they ,lnli "ltini tlhnselves IlIti to aoverriie or print filr ucll delioqllUdlte ,unles ill case of adnaee payogu"rlfs. 1oignod) J.C. I.) ST. RtlME d J. IIAYO)N, ; P. P. REA, J. C. PItENI).rRIGAST, .JOIIN GIBlSON. I.CAIMI)GEN. Weekly Press.--Wc. II undeirsiiued, gfree to biie by the alove eonditions, as far its they are apllienblh to w;nealv patplers. (IieIledl A. I. LA S.Y Ni: suhscriptinn~ are taken flir le- i n Iha I G im, hs. IetCtca s nlt.ii il case. he Dasl tLidl. A-- .OWG.TE SPRINGS .lngo l lle.i rn ci. ln ltV .i. liel. ,a. TIIRRE DAYS JOURNEIY IFRO. NErV ORItEAN.S. I1 HE profprietor of tlis establihnlolllt has the iileoa l nnure toi his filind it1I Itlh ilir. in genenal,ilnt ihe will hle in rrneldie .fyv the fiil I:t' of May ti receive viiter:. lie will .afr statetll r rthe . nefit of thllose t a ,lictoaner, that there harve hi,,,1 Inrg improvements made, and othlers now glillng oni i ill rapid pirogrees for euotlletion, whllh will eualblr ilf,, auLscrOer tio a.comolllldete a ituih lareer nloler thlll bertoiare, ni dat tilh. imesm t lnelmuch better. I'anili con h.e acoeoiiiiied.fll ith gld llroms or thore who fprefor canl have larger cabiiis elanched nfrom the mti I Ibilding. It in leenlld unneeso.ry to say nythin ;lin lriclln lar of the. chllrneter of these w item, f it is geeelr: ly believel that tilhe e r nor, iferirnr tii nv i the iouth ern Mtntes. All thif,, ue u th tat r llle l " [, foound aIt \Vutering IPlnacer, will hi! f,,o,nf at l]i,. 'I best -music that tlhis ar 't of th em ,ntry ufl rls , e bee oasg lieI., and will hei illn ot IItPIIatlendnIcet ( rint .fc llorillng thlewlolo neoiuon. o' s Mi clibc will avnl I i Ielf f this uoPllrlllit v n returning his unfi* igned th ~ lks .,r th' very liberJI snu portl Givell h nill1 III,[ season. ni d I0h ps hv t1he il.r- I tion, that have been udlde in iprovin and exteIdlll tile a:tC lllno ,ldationsl, to lmelrit liberal paI l o) 'I, I I re.ent season. JNO K 01. n.3 CA d hlI.ItY W\ ItI.- I hi-eib-irrner-, tri'lo. cfcturi r nrid iwhi lecah del ,rr ill el1,"hr+ go.dl',n ale n + rece.'ivin L' Iry late arr Ih mll i!l, inrtlt, In d All i ·ll to .. u themr I. m rlelr s ,k. anill , xI i as v. I .-rl Ili ent it ariilte s. rot ,h , rr Ito ,, n. w liih al tirc I - ,ll winii, viz: -~ de" -etrim -w a..l a sdc1a.rL,_aLujlM , I bet lemIIIen's d Spanr do uectrbhi-cl id di dIl Al ,lN , I d, d, Cr,.-.l I. ca do Amer. do du d.. eglich ,l Yiuchis dc Sc-nl- - - do dd Cdrilie dot Liner.adl , i ng, lbirdlhl nnil lbu tlle I il , I d., ii. l l c rll '.L'Pii i bles, sated. p, rass ae..i j] ,pa ed e.aseh harc.cs., do, d, do gla ..,I s lke doi dos di do Irul hi do rayI, carw and w l ,go i d Sa.dl e aid i le ands nc I,; vt;i l i c es; tit- . dil etiir blide tiuiki, brass n.iilued; eather mtr iltI dn, asenrled sizes and vareiiu ic iei- I cls eias culel srrap and wrccled rbul t welt; 'riP iill hialllel; blind bridlhs ald linei; S oich co1l:t . and h rea and nl lel c llars,;Ili a I u.lhll s; tlo . rocc, bte'kbear.sheepu fnd butl'islan rue ed i brass and steel bridle bits of ev ry d,'e, rtlllhtu, ] plaItd, brass and sll el slula of evlt-r denstipll ii ; I plated, crass and steel surrups oel every deacripi Tegetqer with a ecomplete aesortmeni t if i'evr,I crcleinierliccoi busitno-a-ll oi f .hich tile) eller forale an .cconutlllar nllll eriles. They will also can, llue to r celv i ilrough Use year, by packeta from Ntw York, tIash suppltes to keep their stock ample and ii mpllele. KOUES. DAVIDSItN & c., 8 15 iC nal rt cities, rece.vel per recellt arrivalc s rtomrln Ai ,.li ern cllies., Liverpool and Hlr, mKlllig thlleir stclk o nledcinele lsi full as noll in tilhe autlu lllcllLIm . Th'Ir line lmedical ireplarallli, ari e I- n the celellraldd tic iU factory of lalelll r, WVeaves & i '. Iran 1 Iii.oI IIly wiii he constantly uplllllied. llllluters, dalers and i hI si cians will be suplpled nll the iiiiiIs fVilhe her t.l . AlIbli & . .Ni).,;cc., , d7 io, Clom n a"., i I c "il'clh'illiolllllhi.ucui DIR.JeIINSo.~, Odice Il1 1ieuriile stree!, clt fines lhs practice to tie treatl.ntl of Venlreul Disease, in all it dallrentC fiorm. Dr. Jaisiio, froul a resideilc l of mallllly yearls i Il - pitals in eiuriipe, devoteld Ito iiie treaialit at' Vienereal liseases,and frol his prealt xt.llsivuc lall cci.c. iIn that particullr uranch of thlle prulesinl, guarlltees safe, steeily anid .eclitual cure Ito .ih personi ias aret ilonbled withlollv ol liote illowiug lici-ca.ce vii : l oirrhneaii, Gi le uils, ec, Cliuttlcre, ilb;,,, etcllillal \Veakluess, .tllifltlions ofhlie iladdcr, .ltilll.e ., Liini, Urethera, 'iProstrate tilind, Swelled I esinics, Eruptions iii the Skill, Sore 'Thruut, ai'lllSe i lhe And thle whicieh generahly tflliwt hii dlisease. .lteeit cases cure'l in two ior threo li lye widhout tl, use olf .lerculry, iterrnlliion ire iI busilll s, us ultrai J cien in ithe made afiitiug. A iledicinl tl preielt Venereal uIi.seas can hj e oi taiued of ilr.Jonusani . It is ait thile ,eeipe of tie luaro Larry, it celelbrated irenlhl:l .rgunll, lnld was i-,ed by himl drlucg t'l e.iVeilc c ilapui :tlh i c i hluh hle -erved'as Surgen tiaaertr l in the I're,,eh Ara). Sold by Or. Jolhnson at hi. U:tice. I ho persllons ating ally il'eC.tiol of Venlreal IDisease, a, l i ,Ii t akllg sea vtIYage. or rernovi g tlo ieo countll ), wollii de well by giving Dr. Jollson a call, tas propler cm-eh einis uir their curei in the hlilrest tiiel cat be put up wilt, iwritten dircecioni fl Ihleir Ise. O;:c opetpftiont 7in the Int:ring until tLo'clock at a:ght. ABERNI'TIIY'ee I)YSPEI1I'IC El IXIC. P)r. Albernehy, the greitet 1f tllgnglih airgudlllls Is opilnlin that in-lalctia o llf the liisea.le taiit a llic eatlikind originatei in thle ltat ell. i 'I'c li i:llxlr lllta used hoy hilin with thae mio't "pree 'deeud ea, ti his private inlld public iln tlcle lilu jll. cdls of f1rry years, for the reinm Ial cf he tllllowmig de.sels: L Los iifippietite, Flatullency, Distetuion iu i t sit ac ,P:i tl iin li sileu, ileivin ecs t th e l trle., ti l icl i ,aaes where hmigt tit oilur a ,.astir.: ' thit i, filun I In exist." This medicine mule t notl e numln.,ed innone the hlel of qulck nostruIs now i lre tile pub le, aa it ii thl pole ilveltin of lth h ales t alld lm st scitmalllic sucrge .Ii Europe ever iipodcleed, land ai.i ,.lret of iprepl.tll I w.a plrurcha.d hby the getlt Ibr a very illlu'e Su;. 1 i agr·emale and plealsant t the tla-le, Rots ain u ihl ier jenlt.aways keeps thie i howl.l, impalns vil, anld ircelgtir toIcli ycltell, anti ccli.ol tiinic i cc Lti ll lllllil and Ic fiw blltclct relacoive tilhe iiii)c cuilllllnieda ecIaLo hI -Dysrpsin or indigestion, ald pileveltslla retlurl i al) luture pteriod, dee NE YORKd 17tha Au llut, 18:18. . I15 h liasll ireet Stn:--Inconaseqenceofleading a rlclltlllry life, I nave been troubled, inm re or less, wit!l Ilhtiectlill uti Itn years; lr the lasl three years myIl slit l'll--i Ii hav heenicsulppOtrlllbl . I have ried i evld ~ pay-icllm-. cncd Iumrlll aflk d edicini , wfll c llllrcvlnd g It; ben.itl. I desplahed of ev r ohle lhsiill ulv Il re ntLe.: relief, and resignetd imyself t~ the in lt hopelel " , lp,, 1))s ceptcc rdixir. 'i lhave mnyc y finiihed il lhtlnlh I. at.-. l,ld knotw Inott hliw in express ci t. - c, i llillll oi f ii. wuioldecfl virItues an the ltlrilcle it Iat pertIn, edl I rectcrinicg IIt, Inctit Iceclt l thli'li I maJ - ii-l l~i; aer. Selld ici half a dllc:n IBrtlesiui tclud exc- i my tallnks ilbcrl- " blessingi you have l erred ay re snoring ine toptlDct heaitih. Aiuucij l MONRO II.E l RRlIOIDS. AY'S LINIIIENT.-No Fictiorn.-This ex trorlnllllry chalnical conmp .ition, thle renu't of science, and the invento ii n celehhrahod Inrli eal o ilm, the intlrod.o n rf which to the publ I was invo tea.t wiL Ilil sololnllity of a dsiLlrrlrd h!uqluest, Iil sjinon gained l reputaitiolln unparalleled, filly sustainiong Ie of the lanotlllll Dr'Gridlley' lrt cil.osin, that " lie daroed noit lio wathout givilIg to pl.lerity lthe boerlofit of ir; liilovlelpdgo l Lo this suhlejt," anld Iho tllreforl !lrr, :tlahed to Iles fliind r :ld iattl ndant, il S io Ion thys, the ecreto of' his llscovery. It is now edll i tihe prinlcipal honpitals, and tie privetll pr;actice, i our c ountry, first air IIItll oertailly ftl the core of' tllh Plles. lid o exten aively and eof 'lalllly its to h1i.ll credulily, uniloa fhere its efllfe.s .aro witoLessed Externl ally ius II followlng co.uplarnto: For Dropsy-Croating oxlraordillry absorplio" it on0e. All Slwllings-Reducing threm in a few hours Rllhlelnatillm-Acute or Clronic, giving quick eat.o. Sore Throat-f- y C~ane-rs, Ulcers or Colls. Croup anda WlVooping Cougli-Eoxern.rlly, tand over Iho Clrent, All Brulses, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in a few Ilour. Sores and Ulcors-Whether freshl or long stancllng, and ldlvr sores. Its operations upon . adults and chlillren in redeo ing rhouinalti swellings, and lIoonling enonlghs andl liglhtlnes of thll ellesrl y i.lixantion of the plarts, has been slirplrisli -g byll o f concepIItionl . The, orllmon relolarlt of LhoRs wrlh have used it ill til Pilso, is " It 0its lil e iachari." T'i'1E PIIL lES-'l'le prioer, l is rfulndod to any person wro will rlo lla ttlo of IIny'o Linilnent iter Illt Pillrs, and return the rerlpty lh,atle without bieing cured. 'lThose are thin pisiriv ordlers of thae prrrietror to Ihe A nta; ianld iut of aillly thou. ran ds sold, lnot orrr ll bn n l n lllneces-i l. W1 might inaert crornloia to in any leooirr, t prielr lthat ilhlo who *.ll l the artillllo, silh ld l - !rihit the originnol to perrhiars. C \kU'I'IOJN-Non. blie gienrinoe witli ou I a oplhroi allrilvirll wr,!rprnr, i on wiIc nrlllly Iay olll , tirf alrtihllt of'LrO .AgillnlAs. bO)LI)1TON rl kyV. Sold wholesoleoanl retailor. hpCOfllSffTO & Co, Nen Yolr, and by oni D)ruist in eveary (lwIU ill Oulet [ll-inn. tFor sale by t"ihirrra. la Acent., "lcre l iorn n rn r& .Tbu;,itoulra stre1, and by ill' Alpitlicairies general . j.'ill I II; II' II'ý IT I' 1 Te l Ii. I l- I I· r, nI 11( PIIII I . irld ,.,I& it o Iv~ . rl c,- fill 11'1"-4 run' , ..IV r,·1· , l' 111 Id li i I ill i 4iltll, i 1c1,a *· r I; "i , .' I'he'fi Tel 'I',k, II ,.ii"' lirnl. In -ll, 1I1m aI illll S . l- all and I'!rl ll'if 11I -V and '"I'i f -I1 rll, and sn'In v,"-I real I iii ..l it'k' 11 1 1. ~ lk t.; ,i h n tr ii fen" too pe , en ISr' 'dlPIl.; : · w(:a; III; :.w",, Ind 1"I'l (; I 'Ir -1I , prndrrs111 lrlj lnloi 1ý. Ill.'. , n l LIIl I .'II .1 t..I tI ~ , t ll, n, "I -,tttl '.e, s , l ·t II ll 1 ,err 1Till ···I -"11 I v II ··~: .I a~ ,II 1: 'Il ', 111.".'111 non. o'r'' l ' I .i'' t Ion .I ll n.'nnn (.lli,) ,i '. 'I m ' .' I' ' lii no ~ 11 , (t'lea 9l 11 elI, 1 ( IiiII f(I r Iota 1"r I ie.'I liii·I1 tea1111!11 i I~ ill: · ·11 11 1 1111 1. C ' ,il l l i I \l tIII IIIIC 11111 ('III .,. .... c"' 1 r " .lull. 1, i lls. , , ." r".- "i Ind ri·I· \Ieas.1 o l it',1 ': IleiIi.'~ IIII I~llrile XX'e .illll( ghuII··. e I·lI. ·III 11· I. '111 fill III, I,, i hrl I 'Iln, 'l n 1 lI T I11 111 i '!i . ..Ito III "',l,. I I C . I C, 1.. 111 .111 1 1n I r ,_ ,1!' AI'II nve lrA 11 'i. 1 8ý in,5 'li ' ý . t Ir. I I\1 , ,:1'I ;,,"1"'.I. 1. '. ,'.'y - , .,l ·III. II '.Y I All. w' 11~ 1 r,"ii III lIn e I ll I II .,iii~ . II I~iil. · " ' Inv CI ..... n CIC"I :Ii, I,, ""r1 ;11 f . 1111 1 ,n1 II''.1 i' 1 I Ii' i, n 8, 1114, 1 5 'I" IU181" tilt, C1',""1 '1-.1 aI J· .I III Vek 1" , loll, 11.1,11'. 4 II ,I I lI : 17111'· l A! IT 11m11 11( II e itllil'l.- 'ill Ii ii, Ci, Ili":'I I. 11111 e'1111C 111o 1(10111 a () 1·11·, I J·Ih,.$,I'IpirTP.'I,'d.II.I .LI. .:,d, ihIX tp I Ii I III l llal'li " r Ir :n i '11 :, 1. 1 1 i!' L 4I 1 1 \· l· c "'I'I 11 JI 'Ia1'.1 UI, n 11"",(li 1i 1 I l'l II C o111 f \ h 111i Is l e. II'lIldl"ll-iiiltlg *lln ino . 'fIi I I{I ii! 11,111 II 1 1,1e Ill'l'.' , Ill' Ill' I..tI .e 1ii Ile F11.1111 'I e,\ 1 E. I i' a 1 ,:,. .. eI ruX':lold m1 o -11 1~t" o: he I I Lllllll/illiiil, ;toil ol~i? rely WITH . II U IITAlh\'1'l, upon L:! 1 3111t·lla:I; I .\ltullllil in Il C IIc 11.1 I I'tall'I "Ia . It Iolem i ' ll "c or, 'I 'h 111 L.000 New 1 eItll B - Ido TIs UvrovllT th 111.111 . F ' .lT t II "ISt' oIrmi I 1)1 the s (el l el' , Ill v. -file ['§1 otll, moil, tatu OR 1 ndte s 1e hid inte A CtIII. S :II(·Ir I:ltdilal inll. the time Andlll ao~~lllllltlnoialtoly ].Ellsol·( l TTBT CXATr*Wahn &tn 111y 1 i 'n Ih. From nlCrll?; t',lll clcee, F' \Il"e da, we ha ve si I(II1I i Lint tea 4:11-3 c C: ialll Tallahassee, to St \haks, d Lo- Yl·L I past1 coachesr also twor Ilraolelts fromlli Ila~hk mstdl oarllcoi. S'l'UC; li 1'11 U u"' c i I:,,;,,,,, ,;,,si, lmt I \lol, le *I)iallaller, oewu ()-leaps tol \Ilo~ile, lit, loly Syblil- o.,glsa t Aunnsrta to CII:IIILes.I1, ill. I (;Ilnrlvrstct l In Sow 1nl-k, '2101- 1811 Timle, !\"w 01,-4t t too 113 !lool. 1\1o1111 e to Atll stl , :i" An-;notl tol (lel.,ntcvtonl, 1.L L \takliig I G9 miles per da y. or 7 miles per teor, IIII·I/IICI live ol'all st o"1111,;es. not.l Ill N. It. 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