Newspaper of True American, December 31, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated December 31, 1839 Page 2
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1 UX ýt i~tlle Yne . $S~oM to hae ita tot.M p i Prune ping to Nia lrqlla~id olr IONl h Ito. ta le sodl i No Ion ýi4id 4jN iiaetandae, ot ell ý,,.,,.ypnF+ ' ,, , ptlinge o 'Srina&n. Ta. d4 r3sae of 111k _hl1dtldt.tie:ohin. (fhoe laleoa of t".Kºt e aitout orb aeraaie sent out in liv t 1,1194.813 oreapltal by ce in tuin country Ilea a'h lec'Ior uloe ittp niaone nqorired for trmet lb oday orvtaio w sallt trn and make l1a;If tteyeare E tho ron the otesa be. 'ýs d C ~ ale al b uch oat of the .,;ý,, , ~ it ylflrh tlna eiacat1 paper and r ' d hih fli Tha insurance teE. -nb .1.k have odp aed new rulas of premium. Otto tttac fur 40 feet he ue0ntre" bck at Philadelphia t . to ahip are loading fur Ucrepool. r" ~ ltad Iolatgn of Conaoladst.ttl Association E;' ",tat d( *i1off a to dey, at Syndic's nale, an ful 10 " r1 c saraes ofthistln , originally olid in $bOn each. Oboelote. J t utin tue Dee . ow .F3 Inonuanld .d.......17 Phtlo1lolpt- a I:.,-, . CI.eeliie do. elth do ..., Odai d. an Sacooteob.a do 9 f2 dcceo Nn.t . .ýa. e i ......" 7:U Ioeatotne - oa)d i~ofrnpeof NO d.....l Oeuntoo do. . h..t 4 1 ao,. do.3......2 Roahelp o tl yst do. (I It N A I XLTi., ·,CRS DeLembAe30 18 Rkip 7hc~l.,'l.oringerTrt 4rl ~ r ipot. 0.ootooo1'ot. oobo 30, RGr.ainin Hrix Ad;I*/C I~rdr110oow brtarig2&+H00lr AIltooot fl o A i. Addtortt Hr li o t r.. stooo. N'hko.o ottttlro Bob &:bh h u let, O~ts me D AitIomu,, oottratooo.,oa, GO~yhtt I. AIlsln0ol~oo. I) tolltoooto, - ARRIVo0Ls + ". ccnototoer3o , 0039 Tow heat Ptoo.ot.JiooH bol. frto a jt.aB ?Sssstd tod sexgt... hetuow'r. oe Jl. thot city with otto 4 IOOOitlil{.M. brig Sam Il50o. a4 o'clort eSip IPhsotis. Winsor..'.34 day.4"o Piht'dolphto ri'iguBloa oo.r R tlcrnsoSloya. O utMood. Tow belaTiger Bd. oobo, fromtte soth Hit, hovine Io. coed d1t0 with her tow, oto lt toteiy with th .hoip Curtoanod blg Optolltt Loft the h to the 29th tnot. No seasonal in .tgtt Ship LCt,., Jool.o, aOdoy Aton Mbit.. to tootoe Btrig Thoop.Ii. Chtot. toonfordo 7 days fromo Kin.ston. Jamticl oJW Zsoakriso ol Purest, Kuhn, 31 JaysfromT Waltor', AI.., to IBdfoard Shtetmr Mltryland. 1.,t, fin I'loquomino Stn o Mo.0oluotse. flo "With of Arkaom. Mr Ptiaiel~aiorno. tBrrettot Ofn, tttoh. Otsgoot ltw , PucBkoont, Drotr t Lttls.vil'e BSaomsrlulphin,,aBIrt, fn, of Louie U I.sMpSotothernOOo Iloosol, Ctt Colliinotin. Atk "+ý ' Seamr Chlocrhumn. Warinlg. fm Bavou -are 81...,0ier Rotr Fultto. Irwin. tot Bato Rouge Steamoe Augusta, Gate., to Viohootlg 4.. EXPORTS Tazrc..orsi Thetis .... Carr ] 11 To sonrE. P~ .Prhtp Ttto ..~o Cooas.... 'ersthip t'oporotku.... Cargo 1015 balto of cotton ' Gt.ooow....P Pr brig Adelaide.... cargo 480 totes or OIAIMOOO. . . Pet hotl HaoorrieO Itoirsd.... Cnroo 242 hosatotor 3t puntoheottrum ot34 hatacott C t.,ooo.......o stnh Elluaatt t...Csrgo39 t ldtou.oo 951lto. tatetone. ttt ht..pork MATmwoaae.... Psr' soh Southerner.... Cargo asslorte m tsooo tooh IMPORTS P tIL ADELPUTA.. .lPor hitp Ptisatlij. ...Caogo assorotd SATooAGOoo....Par brigl·tori FAtoaton....Cargo 30 boales . o and 44 hide. to Forstotll, Itomtoh Ae Jttoooooo....teo hiit Ttegoolit....Cargo in btlla.t Wlaoko. .. e selth forest.... Cargo 5,4002 foot of m RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE Mlonth of Arktnsas.... Ptr sotnoor tojootlc....COogo 40 botot cototon Attooto c Whittll; Ot bltorko. lYott & ...; 8 )V Paosotiet 6 IlWat; 16 national, Ferridt.".Ftto&; 50 ow Curlti 2090 FPerogon, do e& canot 11o A o l J D,'totott,3; 57 FPtolhiot * Ionniotito4OJGtootodiot39Aux tootoo; 0. tLtotkthatt. Feeo f on; 30 M White tv co: '0ttUo order; 430trior. Jato.,o, roo 52 Ottlootottoto, Rirthrdot 50 tmith .A Vonrhooo.: 37 J Wtrightt; t3 Ward. MoR~tlt' J+ co; 7 Wlllard Inhesa o; 32' to Cup,.,al boao~rd ot 00r saleo~ t I.ouootillt....I'o .totamor Piotlootooo.. e.-.o 14:t hog. botttt tts tuOt do wbitlty I'ort.onooheed t. ro: Isla piooostts.inO28d ot17 oils reott: o.attcl ti Al.lunt; 5t1 tot. * otiaey J Laodts; 31 toofiotonn et1 lrtiot A Ohotmp; 5too, soaktOo tL110 , 4 Avery;t1tt8 t. Iotstogoto94 oilt.ot-po, Itt.o A.R How. lhorniO trunks mdtt Yeuto o koo ; E6 ruses .htoeo. WBlown lowm chicken., tppleo. h4c. St Loot....ooer otootor lolptotn.t.. 00Cao 1300 to pork 19 kets ltrd PlnnooA" bell; Cant Bull, t21t pjctolent hosst loet Roott Footer; 37 bolas5 ca003F IForsygtht Ia.tooIi'I Lookhato, Fooot a Dtontgatn, 00 D Co.opro: I0 Arhthr foultt, to; & 4Price. Johnsont4"oco311 lit.ootoo Peooeux. Areoto 4 onO2 R Lawrence; o6 totdeitot & Bnnett;t O0 lk IF ofggo; B lod. teotoro o('00tr 4' 0ridl0 S laotohi....o.tor stoer Souohnoroo....tCargo 0_9tootleoo tottotn P-yroot. rAtonl tr co; 141tA &J Dtotttti.,ottt,. Woard. Sfoltrholeon; 209 PtFtotont1 t0A t.ootooo; i04 Falltot2 Fto.. 07th 1 Litnootoko 164 W Ootoy; 04 'tlik.e. Watot & too ' Whito; 511 Reynolds, By., ytco; 30 J Stoor; 24 Froanklin & .Hllotto.,.~o Point Coupoo....Per teosotr Chtorohtooo...No Ca rgo Raton Roues....oliar ·steamerIto' Foltn t.... Cargo 2t ltotl 0001 cotton W Ftotor:o It I..tdumooy; J Leoototo on; 07 Wtitt A co; 7 Burker~s Watt r co; 41 Gore 4" I'other; 76 lids seesr~ - 11P . 0 ht. ,,aum owner on hoard; 20 lid. sneer W Flower 20 A H Vernal; 49 him molasses J H I.evcricl; 50 G Montigut; 15 bundles leather Aubry A Galbrarith; 4 J I:a.. Vl'tshurr..o er Pot sot Atoottoot..Canoo 327 baoleo nrofotioo Noottttottl. Pisroon dto00; I9 V hoogts,; 85 Hurts. Wall 4 co it Oa(ory. Paine s'lHookittot ItL J H Lrootriott t3t Tayltoor and GltOardner; 2P00000, ArcOOi k on; 29 Reneet, Foorrid.o 4" co 4 1(41-1tso 1 2 Wtllace. t 0,0000 flrsndor, Otloot & Worighttt 30¶.' · SOt A 'Thomotpoo OlPoqoomoto ...P. o o steaer Mlirytod....No Cargo PASSENGERS t rhorig Thtoo.OttCb.... Robert Jlottooohn.tonher two d doogtooo 0000000.. _ .i fbretwmer Pocahonw.j....l atrr Hll(b.n. Jewett, Stanford. S , plding, oitch, Corlioto. Y.atmooo, Avery. Somork, thRaierl Adams. ntRoon. Moir, Hoot,, Foroyth; IHtoding, roetly. Fao. quos otnd Family 51e .testotolsjstot.... M.ssts Vttuooa; %Ioodwollo Hilt Dumb aod Smith Porstosnlsrooos;hsro.r...OAu VoonlVod, Tooooy, W T LT boLop Otgttt. William. Per soteamr Dottolt. .. . lessrs Alroao, LanOcoor , omllin Ot0591t.Joa Perry, Aros.oubtott, EEwtllt, hlby, MCloud ME7IGRANDA tetr still remoins very t oot..tio slteoire rise NAU VACAL INTELLIGENCE. CoptThoopkttou1 Ch,5. oftho boit Ttrolohiln. Ctno..diot ea the ortlotgof Oth; 26th, shout 40 miot0 from stt North East tos.. NEIW ORLEANS CANAL AND IIAANKINCG COt. II IHE Irot Steamboot Rototoa wiltvletveo the Baso at the heaodoof ht Now Canat, every dtaty, (eoxpt ?tloondvoo ftor toe o.nke,a fo llowo Depart at 5 A. M. oetourn at 8 A. M. 1 ' A. 0. ' t J^L P.m3. it P.2 . I , . 4 P.5M. Aod on MONDAYS: LDeport aot 0.-.1 M. otootr at l2e P.11. 210.11 1 t .01,9 0710.0. 01 0 P.M0. may 2to 8 . -. CHEWI, ,ooi. U LEAtAN ANo CA RIOL ToN RAIL jIkOA D.. OTICE-Dotio Iii.W Ilootce, tat Cr ill Coo m N Purdrao ltt,cororCorrilloton.ovorytIof bhoutr ,. "r bgmencing at 10 o''Ieook, A. AI. ,o,1ll 6 n cloa·k. 1'. M. Roeooooia , wllbHnost ('-rolltttoooos troy t h oolr, 00in. SMsnci t9g at 9 U'#OjLkotoN.h. until Attic] ock P. H. ond o N. No . At haso f peat 12 o0'clno o*P. I. an extra tomin .fcar will leave Povdraot areexclusively foti bodies and 6entlrmeneccumpuinn pý.or g 11wiu, JOHN HALade. sChleodt'Ainecr. 0 New Orleansoc. 23.1839. 1 124 OFFICE01 OF ITHOE FIREMIEN'S INS, *ANCE COMIIPANY. Newtoo Orloo.e Itecombop.0, 1:139. V jHbE Stockholdersof this onasoltjooto are Ootore 00. tified, tha~t taxtradiidentd of , poe coo;, de, c lofed otttlhis lob ottuvetober, wdlothe'- P4id: o tt or 0l 00 lbal poprIoota etliveoo, to oor (. 'Fote. 53 ordero of thoA ,aoibo 1IL E. L. ElTRACY, Sc4rtano. **#&EAV1 J'YJSORANCE DfE LAiCOMP414NIE , fr 1X)GI POlPJJts~ La NopottleoOr16*to, bsI'0,D ootobbr, 1833. rBoussnptoora do 00 insoitutitotaout ttr600oot quanta o 0 ideod.pluode 5 ottidO0t; u lot d*lIotOx M aLr d'Ccrtobro tcbrerlr'ye it eon noo liar reprod e, ur ou nprita cetle ddple liar ordoa 0040Dir 0 beur oo E 1.Trai-sy, tIAcA0iro YYeetordaoooome poobeoootruzmo wtto wtoood to opto.0 upoorlwnoo m Itoboaod, bot dos too Sa o lgverttootent in the Rullt rat i ed Its'ocaruio i Inaa and dirty trick- Initiat alight play-ttO.rot geontltman wontti to (¶~i~wtgeioeofst aLtitbo of caseo and lotk' ot do .r ab wrnteilaIt will be pai fa lfnnrmstiotn. tha l lnd' ý gguvictmot he een ottpet , - : .rAtoveeIotlbotOA o. hl ooitoo hr itothe 0 0s~T I-0s lb~ttuttsAObth~thdttu~oiso Imtodlly of oot slerI 0$01.10wn w.uof Itarh.B- a "a' ° pnae ofcbrrying ai nationhaing drAef~tonthjt.1m u~ .0 f to io.7. : Daily. .ri-~WLekly & Weekly. NM1r EWOR.LEANS: STUESDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1839. FOR PRESIDENT, WILLIAM Hi. HARRISON, OF 011IO. FOR VICE PRESIDE t T, a JOHN TYLER, OF VIRGINIA. House of Repatrentaties. Dac. 19.-Mr. Johnsnon Iioved for thie appointment of acommittee to join with one on the part of the Senate to wait on the President and state that Congress was ready to receiveeally colnmunlea iln f in ltim of Exe cutive charrater. The motion war decide.l hI trhe chair .to be out of order. The questirn of swarring the New e Jersey members wa further debated by fMr. Blrnard d and Mr. Rayner. The letter adminoistered wholesome * rebuke to the traitor state rightr men of S. Corolinr. Mr. Vonderporl moved to Ily Mr. Wise's resuoltion on the table, but withdrew it after some d. hate, and great confusion. Mr. Wise next got the floor and yielded it if to Mr. Sheppard of North tcarolina, who infoirmd the l* house that lie had changed his opinions,and would role to exclude Messrs. Ayerigg & Co. Mr. Thompson, of South Carolina scored Ihe gentleman for hil incoinii - tency. Mlr. Wise then addressed tie Ionmse. lHe did not spare Mr. Rhett for his late change of position, and Mir. Wise said that this desertion ofrrato rights by these two members world exclude Aycrigg and annociate, and that the vote would stand 119 to 118, if Krempshall and Hawes could be present. For the principles thus . advanced by the party in powerin destroying the compo. silion of the Horet, and for the raplt hey had acted in this matter, this Congress ought to be called the POMP CONGRESS, (41 as its history resembled that of the Runlp Parliament. The previous question being called, Mr. W. C. Johnlson nrose to a point of orier. The chair d.ided agninst him, whereupon he appealed from the decision and maintained that the speaker wna bound to stand by the Constitution, and swear in the Jersey delegation. A long debate ensued on tl;ii poinl. and Mr. Adams got the floor. when tile IHoue adljdlrned. United Stlnte enwatre. Lonk at the cnmposition of ItheCommittees of tile n Senate. All thl trlent of that body nullifiod by a ma jority of palace slaves ready with cringing knee to hobey the orders of their masler! On Foreign Relntinllr-Buchnan, rnhairman ; Mesesr Cloy, Ror, A.llen nnd Bt o tn. Tihe last three hho an minds of their own. O (in Finance-Wright,; Messrs. Benton, Hubbard, Nicholas and Webster. Hubbard is a iere mouthpiece of Renton. On Public Lands-Walker, Chairmen; Fuller, Clay, p of Ala. PIenties and Norrell. Omit Prentiss-and tLhe 0 rest are-worse than nothing. On the 17th, Mr. Wright gave notice lie should at an n. early day bring in a bill providing for the safe keeping rd of the public monies. Political. The Rev. Francis Scott, loco foco, was run last year against fMr. Speaker tiHunnier. Whip, and Iunter leat him 2 to 1. This settles the question of Mr. H's poli tics. Gen. Harrison received hibs frst mnilitary comnrmission from ieon. Washington, and through a long lile haIo never ditgraced so high a proof of the esteem if the of Father of his Couonry. of Gen. ITarrieon and Gov. Tyler, are both natives of (2 old Charles City. Old Virginia is destined to regain Sthe scelptri of empire. Thie Salt River Journal, in Mlissouri, lha been puro hd chased by two Locosswin, wisely, have resolved ilpon administering doses if consnia'ion thus early to the d host of his friends deslined to be rowed up thither in 1840. The Yeoman, a weekly politircal jeournal, has been started by the Edtiors ofthe Richmond Whig. for mhe puIrpose of diftleing correct infoirmation. Mir. Hildreth, of pIorrtn, has published already an exicllent life of ( en. Harrison in290 pages. It should Sle in every body's hands. The Lonluinio;an has resrmoed, but unlder difeirent anspices, lir W\Vgner h s o iithdrawn frnm the Ecnglich Edlitorial D)epartmenr, and we are not infilrmed wihr is to have l hnrge of it. Ilsn ready unl able pen will be missed by the dimocratic party. fir. Haron initrem hr s sbtie ribore very candidly that the slrictePr economy posilte will alone enable him toi criinuel te the pper, and to this end, he will find himself under th, necessity of curtailing the usual quantity of rendic n:g matter. This acknowledgemnnt, oil the part of the proprietor of this denocratic organ, induces the inference, that tI e party are very poor, or that they ase not linked to, f glther i i that tenacity for which they were firrerly Ssorremnakable. The truth i., we have other reasons, beside it, tobelieve, that the party in this city is on the verge of dissolution. We should he sorry, however thata paper, hiihertoo so well conductled should stop ; for there would be but little pleasure or glory for us tI triumph, where we had no one to contend aaginst. Our Chronicle. Bailey, one of then mnrderers of the Wright family, in Arkansas, has been taken. The house of I.nmhdin & lBennett, of Natchez, was robbed on t:he 27th of$d,1100 in specie. The Potornno was so low on tile 18th that the whole bottomn of the river wee hare at the Alexandria bridge except 30 feet of the channel. The Boston and Portlann Rail Road in rapidly pro gressing. Tile viaduct over the Merrimack is done. Winier' Idioms nof the Greek Teataeaent, have beet, translated froem the German. A church has been destroyed in Wolcott county, Conn. by those opposed to the abohlionists. A national l 1lt convention has been held in Waslh. ington. Great seal was dspnlayed. A wild child, ftur feet high and covered with hair, has been found in 3iehigan. It -annot talk. Col. Worthl has gone to the Michigan frontier to be ready in case of Canada disturbances. l'he St. I.nwrence was open on the 13t11. On the anme dny,the last of tie 2:5 bants ge.t througih the Erie Canal. A general congress of natiins to pnevent ars and preserve peace, is advocated by penople at the North. On the 17th at A lanny, snow fell three feet deep. Tihe Ilielderbarak war is at an end. A goveernment store shlilp as to sail from N. Yolk on the 2Oti to nmeet tie Exploring Expedition at Otanheite. 'Ihe Ohio line ofbattle Ehip wns at Gibraaltr y.v, - all well. A heavy fire brone out at Terre Hallnt on the 8th iestrotying property to the anmunt of several Ihonsende. The e.ntire mail fnTm M!adison, In. to Cincinnati, wasn stolen fiom on hoard tie Ben Franklin nteamtneron the 14th. l r. David Wonlpper, of I'hilade!phin,ennt his throat on tie 17th, having lal t In li all inlspeeulatinn. The slate tax nof New Jersey amounts to only $50,000 per nnnum. Slle has no bnds in the market. Norris' Locomotive are all tile go in Germany. '. Dabney ltnrdie has iher n appointed naval architect of Texas. Nobel'erm an The Irench in the Cthesapeake and Ohio canal is re. paire I. In Baltimore, for the year ending 3d Octoher, they had built 9813 tons of shilnping or 70 vessels, being 12 monre thnn the year presinus. nh Iteat is selling at Zanesville, Olhio, for forty cents a bushel. On the 14th, at Wheeling, there was p!enty of water and rising. T. SdppingIon of Bltimnore, has run off ater com. mitling forgenias to heavy amounts. 'The earlet fever is very Ihtel in Philadelphia among children. Remainsof Indinn bodies have been imnnd in New Jersey, accompanied with guns, tolmahawke, &e bearing date 1666. The Sheriff of P. Houltnn went lately in pursuir of the BIritish warden on the Rleslook, but tiae warden d.. casped. Tile British had their cannon out at Grand Falls to, teceive the sheriff, who, prudentl, did not pIsh the tmatter. STlhe hill of pains and penalties upon the bankas,in TS0tlh Carolina, have been given the eo by. 'I he bill to order thte plate to advance its bands to tile great Cinoihuaji Railway Company tfr aix hundred teounnand -are, is a law. The Legislatures both of South Ca if ln l+r.Georgia, have adjaurned. lifr. Ilunter's re " h flde. 3Is'tj*.*. "a . . in>. . his returep fom Eumpr., to enler hifsjouie;sit*1 ldie o ined eitli oicnortmllp taster. Mrr. list'ler haelies twvis c en t4 Cdiingrese a Wnsi. e diffeir'iflnt the 'l~ paty ol l onm the a bject ofi Natliorl hiink sI it fleati l ugilt of the Govuqnment. 'Johl Mmlrer, of r Firlrheroll, was dir. Hunter'sgreat grdndlutler.- a James MHrcer and J. Fraticis ,lercerotw of h; uncles a were In the continental Congress. John F. Mercer, c Jamues . Garniett, and Robert 9. Garnett, his uncles, a hanv been innmlers of Conaress since 17819. Mr. Hun ter is a young man of fine edenation, practical good sense and great firmnes of charaeter. The editors o a New Yolk and a Philadelplhia paper arequarelling about herrings. Ones ea lthat they have inlgs anil the other denies it flBly. Chandler of the U. S. Gaztte cnmaes in between the comhbatnt asid decides that these fish have legs. He produces the fllowing authority from On old song: '" My .a unI. she feld ie with all that ws fatr, "'rlit Irk. if herring, the wing of nacat." This .eitled the question, and lhe disputants have not been heard Irom since. i etere Gale-Leu ofLifte. On th 15th5i, a N. E. snow stornm began at Bost n early in Ihe morning, and blew with great fury, nearly all day. Towards night it incieaied to a frightful hur ricane. lInalsnse damage was done to the shipping in polt. At Glioaest er there were sixty sail in he outer l harbor when the gale began, if ihewe twenty were it driven ashore. Seventeen dead bodies were washed up on the bncth. At Salem, Marblehead, and Portsmouth, N. H. the gale dil great damage. So far as heard from; there have bhen twenty nine persons lost. Chim nine, onuses, &c. were blown down in greatabun dance. The fire in NewYnrk,h in Ced.,r street, on the 14th, was destroetive. Here is an estimate of the loan. I V. i. Bend, $L50,001, in ured, $50.000 in is . & V. Kirby, 5,0.00 England. . Paton & tmewar, 10n,00. 1 1 All insured. Dnosawa. Vanpel & Cao. 25,00 ) Brailiv, rnmks & lCo. 25.011 ien"red in Iartford. Othlers, a least 9n,00---insured. 5500,0110 On the F21st, a violent stori visiled Charleston. It d was no dobt prt of hle Boston hurricane in its otlary n motion. Twenty six vessels wer na ire or less injured. A e .should be happy to publish, from thilme time, no tiies of, stormsn ill thil city, coltaIilline direction oifwidte, fircen, &n. A11 sncll thlings will tend to enlighten us on the Espynn theory. S Tilhe hill to ilnmpose a q(inuantine of onn hundred days nn all the vessels rioin Maine, coming into hli portsof I Georgia, with other severe penalties, lhas pnssed the Iegislature oflhnt Stane. This retaliatory act lhas een ri brought ahout by the folly of tie Northern Stante in de Sclaing that slanves are notprop.nty. The l ill to allow thie Central Bank of Georgia to n, f od the saide with five liillionm of paperlbnaed upon re no calital, has pos.ed both houses, and only wants the (Govennora sanctlin. I BEnrIIFUL PLICTURE.-Tlie Circasnian Slave, by Mr. Jamoes T'otnpson, is now exhibiting, No. 39 Cnlup nIreet. It eopreseatlt a beautiful womn rechnliniir on a bhalustrade, jual fioa the bath. She perceives a fly g caughte in the mnshea of a spiller, and in that of the insect priionerconiuempnlate liher own fate. Thecon ception of thil picture is a ihappy one, and the execution r is worthy of a mlater. The locu fluols nre evidently in a groue qunnlnary.- They cannot understand Mr. Clay. and they dm not see how it is, that a party can unite tur tile sake of hiigh nand holy principles. Gen. Harrison as a man, a uole Sral anld a .rttesml n,presents anl invulnerable frontm to aI their ni-sil-s, awl they are readly to give up in ilter despair. T'limhe Great Globe is silhnt no death, and the of late defeat of the party in the ollclion of Speaker, they in f el, is the knell of all teir hopes. Poor f.llowls! Frlrther from Plarnmorns. I The Samn. Houtoln, cloumner, arrived yestenrday from SIlMalagorda, brines flarther intelligence of the fill of lMat in amoura. Il was stated th lt Ross senPt wod to tile ei izens of latnanores itht llh city would he pillUred, and n vised thi i Ito take llhut valuables lhey could and bii e off. Whereupon, a grenater pm't ofh Ii inhabitants took the hint and when aboulla llill or so froll Ihe town, the n (faleade was snrrounded by the assailants and cap The antnigorda Ilulletin, however, gives Ihe follow.. tng version of the mnater. B y tlne arrival of the senlcr Marin, Tucker, innsterr fron, Ln lncs I. tilhlllln l thalwo genitltllmnnr arrived in 'rexann oil tile 14th, direct from tihe Riol Grilale, who state lthat Matanmoras has fallen into the hands of tini Federalists niter on actlon of three days, in whlii, a real I many were killed on nthl sides, among w Iomn were six. Iv Akmeii a ons. romn our knlowldei of tilhe state of af. fairs there, we have eonfidelnce in tile truth of the report. ITHE LASTr ICHANCE.--I) not flget thai Ite first lanines of Ulldwell, O)ake.y & l'rilhOard'n Grand RIenl t Etate l.oltery, dI(aws this evening at the SI. Charl's Exchnnge. Pnrcienao your tickets, h hilst it is yet time. Ten Diollars spient i in I ticket this day. may emke a poor man rich to night. Only think, if you gain Ihe Camp Street Theatre, or o one of those five large brick hourses. All the prizes are not et soald. Cull at the carier of St. Charles and Canal streets, the Sfountali head of inek. No further prticuloars of the Ilank frud has reached ous, except that 2500 shaeres of the Schuyl kill bank were irsued fiaudulently. It is said that Lewis has made over hi- p operly to thle Bank. O.hers say, Ihat the whole property of the B ank was transferred some time sin:ce to on institutlon in Philadelphia. Private letters receiced here place tile fraud at two millions. We sub. join the following from a New York paper. " The wlole reeret of thin matter we uoderetoand to be this. 'Tlhe Schuyllkill oank was ngmta-of the Hink of Kentucky ; tthe Ililks of trans.fe'r were there and io foot the Boank was mrost of it owned in Phliladelt'hin. The "ehuylkill Bank hld bieCro emhorra tted and wanted money. Thie realirt way which ro'l di hr.hit upon to r tliev tit Sclhuvlkill itt;tk, was to cell KetIeull ky I-anlk eitock, whiel ould of course lie manaflleectlUed tn oaly extent. The r 'ock retas accordingly mno,.ifactureel and sold uatil the motolllt wan eno nl. Dutrin tte prtrcPeo, tim I'rerei'ret of ltto Itotk retired, nnd tile Couhier, Olr. Leoir, w.o reoPntly I1niler P'riident; so recently, tlhat he is cilled Calshter, eld t retire d Pre. ident it tpkrne of tfs President. Silnes lte exlosioni. he. a leltl notir flls on te Coashlier, wito haes ma.s nothing bly the fraulld. e lehaonly Ibeen the clerk of tihe atafir, ltd plid nlllle it noneos inte tle Hank. Yet n'leode kllhotte eytlhinoe tleot ii. 'Tle Preoidiret save he iknew notlhing about it, and so the oad ll say.nv- The Bo1nk tlai-ed near a meilte, of diliars bly fnttdthut lha pirlu rr nC 'of tle Balk, dear innocents, rknew notling about it." RReapietlnoi;ot f roles gvren for otpenkce, of OAe Ilouse oj t.preseltatolies,2ufh Cotgrese.Jsfrst session 7th. 8th. 9l. loelt. 11lh. Whi tet nnier 2:'9 232 '31 2.31 332 Neressrv t,,aothoice 115 1 7 1i6 117 117 I)ixonll't.evis Ilt 113 110 73 1 R 11 ' (looter 22 16 59 i5 119 Joln Bell 6cH 8t t 33 12 Fratncist(;rn ler 12 2 Zudtik (.'Ceyv 3 5 5 8 10 Franoels 'i', 4 7 11 111 3 WVillilC Dal.....on 5 5 6 3 Jieh \V Joten, 2 14 53 renrece r Keim 24 Fracis I. Piekens 1 1 5s 9 Setteering 7 5 6 7 11 Mir. R. f. 'r. IUNTERI, hling rreeirted a majorite o1" thle t he nltinb' r of votes on tielee e enth votet, wat declared duly electedl. The Columbia Telescope is dead. This is an omi anlsr rien for stnte rights. A feew Ian, aretmprta o blot in leprndent states of the Tnion will itt an end to all slate rihters, epacially when such traitors are found in tlir eanks as Sihelltrd, RhIttt &Co. The U. S. Bank has half a million of notes endorsed, which dlow 12 per cent interest for three months, and if presenled for payment and refused after hlt period, tlel goverenor can issule hic s il.jun'tion naI close the doors. Rumorsays that more Levises are to be found in Phila. dellllh a. Tihe steam'i et Arrow m.nk above Btn nnloge, will be raised bh tle fixed air bnlloons. The inventors have eonn up, fr that purpose. The Arrow has specie in her hnll. The locto are ahueing (ieen. Ilrtlison hee'noe le it poor. because lie honestly accounted for every doll. tar of the pulelie money, beirautr hee is clerk of ith, Courtof Cellommon Pleas, ahd hlonestly earns him living bectae liecaon drink hard cider instead of ehamtpaene, and lives in a cabin. The ieuople wi!l settle these fellows who can abuse a patriot fr suhell things. Great Os.--One of the largest oxen ever oneton in this section c.f the country, was pala erl throughll te streets or. Suodey, by the butchler otfSt. Mlary's Market. lit is ta mt't beauoif.el and very gentle oa:mal, near six feet, anid It least three feet tlhough the shuu!dere. It is estimated that hlie will weigh 40 0 poundes. liw -ill be slaughtered ready for sale on the 8th of January Portions of th bheef enn be served at stall 39, 8t. laryv. Market. hTi papers far and noar hail therising star of Har. rian and Tyler. Old Virginia,-never tire! But.,.-. another star has riLen in tie old dominioe,-a speaker, I a speaker,-- he will shine wil a bright light upon the corrupt departments of ile government. Hail, bright stars all ! Last week a gang ofa dozen counterfiters was taken in Lafayette, in the very act tf aRtering one dollar bank of lIr slne bills tol100 notes. The felltws were -aged. CANDIDATES. b' We are authorised Io announce that, at the solii. talion of a large number of the citizens of the three Municipalities, lr.WILLatuM Paetr has consented to the presentation of iils name to his fellow cilizens at the next ensuingi election, as a candidate for the olfce of Mayor ofthe Cily of New Orleans. t3 None somnmes autorisds e annoncer qu'& Il demande din grand nombrn dos citoyens des trois Municipalit6a, Mr. WIVLLAN FeraET r consenti & so prdsentcr conmme candidat a lat place de Maire k la ptochaine dlection. I.7 L. U. GAINnIa,et the solicitation ofmany of his friends, has conealted to become a candidate for the office of Mayor of this city. [9 NOTICE.-Tbhe iacket sltip lShakspeare, Cor nell master, will leae foir New York Iis evening at 5 'clok. Pes .gesr intteadtling to embark in her will please be all board at that tim .. d31 POlL NEW YORK. New York and New Orleans Packet oftrlle 6It Janary. . The A I pacnket hip TROY. Capt. Wnd, tan part of liar cargOl ho Ibard and the greater S. perbt tlthe balance engage l. For freight of fromt 2 to 311 banes eotIon or pa.sage aplly o btoard, at Joseplh ertel whrarf, or to € -1 P At)LAW, 51 Camp at .01t POaKR' GLASGOW. Te new Clyde lt b barque ANN tAR TIN. Captain Roeb,,k, will leave with die patch. Ior freight Ier ptaslge, apply to t It HILMES & ltII.Lt., lankt Plnee TO IlENT. A Two hi-ndestlo Cttntinr Ronme and large ars Slorolnte, at N. 92 Co.Rnon street, neat the .e Verandah. App y to GOSSIP & CO. d31 Earhanec Hlotel, Si. Charles st LANGUAGES. D IEGO MlORPIHY Ihaving given nip Ihis Arealen~rv, 1 will devete n1l hi litle ntd tentliton to gi ving Il rrvate lessnls in FRENCII, SPANISH ani ENG LISHt, antil Io111 akig Iran atriono of all kinls of aroeu. lllen ill I"IeINCIt, SP.NISHI, ENGI .ISH, I'AI.IAN and P, IItR'I'UlU:S, Offince I St. Clharle. slrees, or apply it No. Citartre. St. l:ll-lw f CHINA GLASS AND EA TWNWARM7 IlE eubslrilmr line jtst raeived per alh p Don.. I mark, New llntp Ire, Lyott, and uther ren cent arrivals from Liverpool. 100 packages China ware, consisting of plain white and piainted dieter services, with desert sets to match; greon and goldl, pitk lad gold, nmarroon and gold, luodscapa and gold. tea and coffee pets, latest London patterns, B cehanalian.,Tam O'Shan. ter, [luntsmlan and Now Orleans patterned pitchers, fruit htsaket, fl mtr vases, eandle sticks, ink stands, Spen trays, &c. &c. GLASSWARE, a Consisting of rich cut English decanters, pitchers, centre bowls, fruit and preserve dishes, butter and sugar dishes, fioe cut salt stands, tumblers, wines, cordials, lumonades, charnpagnee, clarets, and old hotk glasses, with a superior stock of plain and imoulded glussware. EARTHENWARE 600 crates E ,rlltnwarr, eonstiting of blue, brown, pink, black, green and silver printed ware, now patterns; painted, moecho, edged and Cream col'd. wear, with a variety of other articlen in the line, se. lected enpressly ftr this and tlhe Western market, will be sold on the most accommoodating terms, by '1' G CI t\MBERLIN, d3t 45011 Ol Levne t ';"iTER- JARS AND WINE BOT'LES. S100 WVATER JARS. large tiz. : 200 gross supirior clart wii bItlloe fr stile by J G CHIAMBERLIN, d3l 45 O, Lvrtn ,rt ENGLISiH LAMI AS. F IIE subscriber has received per New Hamp. shiro, from Liverpool, a splendid assortment la Ilps, coiaisting, of astral, lnaontll, parlor, Ieomlt. plhre, suspending reading and signal lamps. with a k variety of other lamps, wthich will he sold at a small advance for caslt or city papter, Ib T G CHIAMBERLIN, 131 45 Od Levee st BRII'ANNIA & GErM.tN SII.VER WARE. GT CIIAMlBERLIN, No. 45 01-i Lornes t., noahr rrlc.It trrvals trot., Liverptol, superior lert. lttllnia tea sel. ile aold enff.o urns, piltchers coveretd sanl uncovered, cIlr, Boake s, soup alld all co tl ,rot, ladles, table and tea spoons, butter knlves, ilsh coters, &c GERMAN SILVER, Canal ting of Wt ile, deisert and tea spoons, knives and forks, mu tartd and salt rpoont, up and entice turertle, ladhis, butter knives, sugar forks, castor cordial frames, with rich cul bottles. The above t will be sold al New York prices. I ENGLISII CUI'LERY. The subscriber has reccinvd per ship Lyons, from Lierlpeol, a sp endid assortmtent of Si hefictd table cutlery, which will be sold ate small advance. T G CHIAMBER-IN, d31 450!d Levee at SULLY'Sd ORIG1 AL.PAI INAiG OF VIC'uitiA, (tleen of England. 1TH119S eaperb hwork of art, with other paintings by eainent ti artisat, is n.' pe far exlhiiiion at 109 CiIAIITI II:, STIIEET, From I0 ia 4, tnd 6 to 9 Ial hevening. Adliitluucn 5,01 cenis--Tickets h) bIe had at thel book sorett or ii tll il (I 49 Caaiip n at 9 MltKietli Camtp aml (aoComtamn sis. lntlnan Steele & Co. 14,1 (illap ci. II Lev, 'htlrlres & lIlienvilleesi. I. Jollh &' a. oppohita St Charles hote , and at the dalor Of iANOW EXHIBITING,) AT No. 29 CAnlp STREET. (Near the corner (fCtom It Street.) SrllIE 'elebrntel paintilg itt It e "CIILCASSIAN . .AVYE, cotitnlllaiti tig her iwa f ltc"''-r-ecniet Iby an American artist. 'l'hli plllnldid Iph ie line ht been trornoncced by eminecolnt riters, to rank D Itm Ilse. iltl, I Irod cttioi l- i lllt. ar ever ealliilileld in tllis coll rI, anld will. it in anlltciptlled l, lit Ithe plaise tilterln bcr"t-,weol I1| it, from its peculiar bealtlv ill tie ll ns Inenll wih itt exrlltior,, givn general satisflfction to teh enliahteord iuhlic of New i'orleant. The a etunt bairr, entn a itahsini: Save n nlicag ln a vel" et balltlandr, irying lterself.jusa fron, ile bail wherO he is prefpringior Itein R i atelr t le Siltan; ae alcieasaflin i0t i r sn I a ilt iti ier, i thninttitllt its vital lthretia aaroutd its victim t; i.e c.lllles hI,'r Iwn litre to it. and slllldiers iat 11 very thllugti- bll nln ul o ait simnilitr fate. Price f addti'Rsin, , 25centhl. _d25n OSrII N BU rTi'srt-2l ki lr ne i satr, faor ale by d31 J I'II RAyI & Ca 1 d31 _ J ''IIAYER l. ja CANtLES- 1 S leaes perli etllll el, in storie n ftlr stltl by J '' IIt'YEIL & C:o d31 AIL-t20 rcass aperm noil, im dire andllnr an a by P Rd:ll J 'Ill vltY [ & CN atr eale by J TIIAYEI & Ceo d31 it1t (Il)Y--ll ihblo di,,tniit hrnl, iiu stun'. and )for ae lht. J lI IYII\YEt . Co 1131 S1i,--i0 tIbls danestlic gin, in tue -r and -of ty d:3L J TI IA YEit &Co, l.UIIIC: S I ONE in laren i pieete,just reeived wrll I fr whIrwlearle r retlii, byh 131 ! I li)NNAItIl 4 Tl'achetituhla at PjIPPIES I l.-l.aelinte from ltipi i Gracdle, aad lfor whc, esale tr rleit, by d31 It II iN Ar BII., ,13'P chs litola· st SCALES-A a mawntlieriotlet, nit, hibl sea, alihog. anlly caaes. jt received aid fiar n e by II Bl'NNiABEL, d31 eorner Natche and Ti epititia s st E7Tl'lil packel ellhli Troy is dl.e( hargig ll illllOite Si JolPet, -tr. e wihalrf. (CI nilteeti ate icqin'ated I, an ttlllto the rcceia nl I ihii U-1, gat ie h . h le ) S.CIt NSI i .Ei if ,t'oll il*rr aiii Iran, mino ied (1]) I\V 4 (i1). are rnqlleasied It itke ltrioerlv.ea t.iwn it tile celk on lthe Levee, opposile St. Joseph asieal, if tihey mish ia avoid the expencec at storage. denitit, G. 91. Fillitin, J. ltvs IIaes IWtnoern, a. i;. le tan, cni -igtia ra 11l8 pieces e f Mlarble, all per shlp Hansville, frnm New Yo'ark, ie reqlei.ellai n ak k lt sn Ittir reridlecesa i hie di+h-rtetial clerk, n in I.evtie, iL.eeiicc their niil will e .itnred'i their I lletle. FO',SDICiK & RAVIlNE: , 11230 70 Camp ci itP'lhe pilcket hip Ilut lvih frm(il Tla New York, it iischitarillt Iwl iira liellw tile VXs'eoiite MIartet, Cotiitrlltn will ilease atlend to the recelilt tlf their gania ona tbe I.mene. 13 Ft .tlICK &. R1 mINEs.,70 Cameo at Ia3-Caignrlenn lelitoda liper snhie Fuirlhl. ...t kbd (IJ D tlttd,.) (lJotn Ciildal,) (1\V) F .1 I 1(i) and (P A SI are requaienI to atke tIlhe:nltelvn ,tnll to Illte clerk tit he r , po I . e 1ap pit .lseiph street, orie la the gooda t ill a e i lured nld IIIPeirelltmlla. 117 TO APPLICANTS FOR PATENT R Itoh S. DFERSONS wiahing io iarore aiacenei air N'ew In.. Svenlioas and alilmrovlerntts can hain their ap. ,liintions drawn up and forwanrded in da e frl of law, y cn experineedl ptrsol, at No,. 19 Commion z pieet, l2l if Ailt W l- tOT-Atm. ii.l !enrauia, jast reWeaved and for bholeahlr or retail ly 1123 catter Natcheb and Taibapitatsac rt LANCETSl' -A cnlmplete aneorgieno of Englisc,. d F real rh, cnlnat cadl Ainrerlcan ciniet, It whole- - l* ar rpeiil by I1 BONNABEL, d'43 48 Tahl piloliii gi WIIIC, lilmEuit n I1 ¶IlHIRSt of 1io* Orleann r ralegneatod to Hti It ro o the anhaohaSt. Lois Exchange on Ban I t'y ,aht, 4th Jnuary, at7 o'oloek P.M. .r the PiPoofr.responding to the notinatlion of ihe Whig National Gonentiuon at Harriblurg. and to adopt pro. limtnary measures to insure the success of the Whig cadse in Louisiana. 'homal Tlrquhart Bailte Payton Lt lantreau !elix GOaria SH LChino Z Cavelier Joshua Baldwin Charlen F Honey S J Peters Wm Ferret E J Fornal Peter aepp Jomors Illpkins Wm De Bulys A Him F Feekman Wm I. Ilodge J P Ferret P Landrensu Henry L .ckett D F Ituthe H A Bullard 0 I'Jaekson W CC Claiborne J F Conosge iE Yorke Jamers Dick e A Cavelier Jacob Willeox J F Dnu Hurry A Maunrenu Tolelano l, R Areueil Telldore Guyol A arrilre eMontilly A I I'1ubigg O4 Crunat J H Caldwell C Massieu Edmond Forotal F Furst John Mountfort s I.cien lermann F S Rapp Alex Itllitt Aug Viavaat L LL Ferrier Howntd Henderson I A W l'iohgt Joh G G.iailne Jh Pils Win Hender.on I Jhn IM Bach S V Sicklea SJohn B Byrne S Z Relf Slllllel oHerlln Janes S Day E Sheridan WVii Clark, Jr uaoel C(ernu George W IDenton IFredriek Buisson Moatnel Garcia SA J l.atnna John Freret SIJ Whiting Edward Brewster B Bonny J It Walton Senjemoin Whitney CC Gaines Win lMeCCauly Ct'hhert BuIliti J P Witnrv F Whall o J W Zackare E D lyde PeterConlre jr T R Hyde J H S Bntea;r Edward C Storm Wm Bel 1t L Clittelles u SRobert fm llNair W H l)nki l Carey Ro Iinyd I R J Palfrey RE Pirker EHide Gn aloreon .. B.,in N Wilkinso r J P Freeman H Lavergne Johq D Marsh C C Williams Bulton Layton J L Florence L J I.yon. Jeoephn, Beard Evarlste Blanc Itenjk. Levy ('hes Boudouquoi Francis Cook U Bouligny in I. Matthews A I)rcantel T G llunt II Peyelud Handal Ilunt Olre Fortiser JP Beinjomin JIrle Dejan J It A Front Jamnelnlrin WVi ,of.,fatt P A De Buys Jamin B Walton G I)Durl Josleh Cnochkya A A Peyellud Wo urner SADIlpit It CJntrelle HE Fintoll A KI Van I soCselear Benj Kendig D iel E Colton Aug Ielnausl 'Theodore Shutle V lllamn WGi Squier C Tre ,rlel J N ChD aiobern A E Farstall J A Woods A hlltenier SPnOel Stewart A Lbouhrdele Jonre ('illrn SJutnes Stnwart John l H IDl SG alilnrobelrgr T H Kerr a, JaHs Diled Da.vid Sidle I. ea S JVh WJitor MeKWn d e, J Wright, nll .oith Phillip Ltn'., Wen 1' Rrepp JonS J Ilaowell J-hn Gilson IUI Goinin AV ; SIrOliroe S l Turner L D C W, ,d triego lo rphy , (iGeorge K Itodrers Johln leDoonall Id Anthllly Parkeo R Brenan a : tiWalrerman CA I.ezrnhurg IA E Crane John F M tiller Id George W Boyd i C hnlrelle .I aNle Kinetle Jnr B I t.her n Jacoh Ot (berroo Bedford S II Bullen E LTPray oinhl, H Itlleraon Ralph Ilolbard SE WIh:tin"lre Robert Spedlden d.L II Giie W II Si,,nlmnaa SI) C Holhis Irn S Hotlden 'd G Freeland F Iano .Ine, B IB lgt g W Malcoln Smllrtirnlr Turner, Geo Blck!in, RF. I) raer, Jal"r i' Palker, G I)ore"'y, Ier-ire Rion, H :iI 'Teoey, G A1 Lae. e S Levy, T s ,-her, N D)peru, Ji.a . 11 Daki,ll J A inrelli, A Bngppelt Sm ott Brelli, W'is CGorlington, Gnroc R lBeor, AIlex Hill, I SllnrrIn, A P Slnmpon, J,lhns. () Grady, Newtnl Iichntdl, P J U Loillleheuvre, Abrnm Howell, l1 A It Itigeold. Id Willirmn, d JFNF NIon, D Wl I.od, WA il 'imkrell, Allon uiln, o Isa a Bridge, t.ulher Holmhes, A S WIV tenlnan. J Ilieknll, G \V SulN, m II lavins, I. FertiFd," L Wellr. Vi .,lr curthe, G Si (;nndman, Henry enlnerilly, Vin CGrult. C.' ri le Pollock E om A (Il W nllno. Jraut...,l n B l:gglelo , A Pllerd, SJ liaon,,, J tI l'lohn, 3l ('l Gllro enard H L BI',e, S muel Itobv, E A Tyler, J IV tlaseks Henry Iluiany, B Ilrn, Cn doreker, JNiol, IIP Plcl.en, 11n, Flonnce, Intt Lewis, rS Jncoi,o lt' o'elalo, 0 A Pier,., S D nl)eoill, or 1- I Grenn, wVili. 1 Curter co . I Alhick ll, Anaron Bird. II IIIhutclh W N Martin, J ,<inuil. .Iano, Bell, T ' Wliting, L Srhmidt, F'1illipb rion, E Jolnann, ll TVIl'aolbo, Maerice Hlirley, . (lCarv, I) Woodruff, N Mnl-oe, JTnrbe, SI alterman, FIlhrkin, E Li mln, S Owe,, SH HJune, F. i Williomson, A t1)Ceeoasan, WV H UVnli.n, oy CL Bell. John T Cram, o,1,ry r SteloOl Jo,, Hory, W'illiam Felt, P II Golway, lien rle o Sith, S Gilovl, SThoO Meua A H In-keep. SJI'Todd, ' G (V Kendall, Go Moore, T W Collins. °N ZTnylor I Sith, I en A Colien, SE Williams G Solleei G W Parcley Edward Davis L J Pormley N Dclap!aine II G Barclay M D Cooper N M Muneon WS Mounk ,IA Longer P O Sothe en H llech Jomes I : Dunham J C Hlarrison A lonrdali i-I Snem:n Feld G H G leartt to A M Nathan D J Ricardo Is 1 G Schmidt Jnames A Hopkins 10 Samuel Bell John McDonnell NHDudley SW DdItoa i(C H Taney F WV Colqnuhoun E FJenkins Victor B Watdren t'l'homia Curry Somuel Boyd MiJonn IKenny L Muh S H Blanchard A drew Oliver Wallace Slgerson Gco MeCollara Williati Porter Jy 3 Mtualhware Jo.eph Andrewa N C Folger J N Howthoorn SCliorleos Millard John Cnrahy S(: C Collin S Wlhiltny l PFu.nlning Edcward L.Ln la - lonartwell Road Gno R Riclherdson Dnvid Marotoin Victor Dovid Jollna H Field Baldwini Browor Jamees Rtai J Guillet A ; A Pynahon E Gutll et Nbthan Jorvis C A F Roudenu Jolhn Mo Androews Charles luuroier l Joscph Lovell J Houlone lMen y Florancae S lermonn, jr W F J30e0 Andrew I1 Clinyto Bo·lijuilili FlcrenOC WIe J Andrew. I P Levy Froilerick Frey ,.nry Jolt~s D Aikon Willinioi Ahb tt G W llunoniogdoa M Robtnaille lt Carucolero H Buehkuin Charles Ogden Ilonry Luthrop Frcderick Williams Jl,.artlin Alslon L IRubcrteoi Loulo N Nadaud II Dran H B Sykes R Proux " J Monroce A Fernunalz IVl, E Ilorance A Ri. ffl !I N Mirliln F C. rryollos S('hlurles Doane ' Conuin i Th,,olln Bank. E J IRoomna J3 IV Staeuto n FJ Foretell - M Crunat - A Forlier i~1 ~tOR111 ~tOIII et A orltier (1 ASTOR 011.-10 b~le fitns tjqnlily Vitgtnuiiia en, nil, 10 bblO . eleir,, c ltr oil, Nu. 1, enr sle by JARtVIS en ANDREIYWSl, n29 norner ('om Ic' eClnpljltlae,,n I UNCH LAISINS-nO buhea lendlig1 nd lfo L eleby N PUCII I.Y, d2 9 apP FLOUR-500 brla to find alebjppilg oriler, a Rulet adi6by 111 1JltdlWY, 44 New Levee IN AILS-10 hgn cut nails, w lll lftom 3 n. 6 incnh, liir sale ny LA Y'1OON & C __ _ __ _ _ 530ldLreveat 0ISKYE -25 Irts renilfird. landing fom team heat Panol, for mile by d13 l1 L)iltEY,41 NewW erae I.A31 'S en LU S 'IE CANcaNIL KAhl - A SPLRNIiID a·llrrmall( .f table, mantel slid Ilaneine lantpa~, and cnudlebronecl ln ri, bly mlount eI with Lgor*Irial lljnnl recrivted. fer Pale bly d7-12t II lIilEVERt & Co.17 C-imp se nn ADIlKA 1 INL DOT IO .ES-L udifg I nolb JY. Heavy Cl(y, beo, Irlenien, 3011 ,1o0y St Al lMeira wine, fir sole low from thr levee, in qrlirnanll so elsi )uv,,faaer.. IAIOVIS 8cANIII&Ewuus d7 cur Cuemonn and l'lsepliel .,i I)RANDY CIIERRIES-, booed ins aur and Ii for sale by 113 I. 1)ORSFY, 44 Netv Lever roEATHER-IS rlls leather. a od lneea for U talc by ADAS h r a\VH~ eoe.o dlº - 6Grin et a N Is Tll;n R dYa ed .4. r+ r nij cIurgled wit he llqlidlilon ilren.,fnil' uft.r nhih Iprnc pose the name of lbe petse, will'i h uoT d itereaftar. d+ t JH P.HYDK. lvJ oiied G.. W. MOtJ, wsil le in' nprtlaers ipj., tlhey will onnthioe the brlneoio liretehfieplhrnuedIbvy T'.. . HYDE & H iBR uTIEai under thelintaf TI. R. HY DE & Co.; - 'T H Y DE, S+ G W 1(11M9. d3 39 Common et, oan. Magazine I.A1V NtYI'E'ltEl - N & A N OGDEN will pr.ctice law in partner. Ri ship i tlte cihy of Now tIrleenoo, and in thore pa risbe i. thle rousotry,.in 'wilhi they have heneloform reacliaedl. , tce Na. 9 HoyoI orrot. 19 NEW Otl.EANA ANI) NASHVILLE LRAIL RO,\ D. A GIEEAB Y to ecltionn 8 & 9 of tie Charter of . tile New irleanl. an Nauhville Rnil r ad Comn gsle, a eenrei ei.ltg of the . n:rkholoere is caled on he 3d Mon ay in.nn:otry, 1840,lr the porpose of electing Ten' reclt. l t sere ie on ner, J II CALI)WELL,Preesihlent. Oflice, No Bar ne st. Dec. 191!. - dll. _. N t i ..HIEIFF"'d O I 'E. De-emlnber 12th, 18.19. HF. begs leave to informt tie puellie, ti m, in l I o elihn fen to ill lte ofice of de. puolice, e ha. ed hncelulnnd,,r lnooblilinrn to pnay larste aman .lni. 'lh tat i, h collection . hnar ot even enas ja._'pay tie solarie of the j.l.,ges, dependent e iih . 'l a th oe ollestion Ie hoe ment round, have be puitOwith illceesanl excuses. ThPI it ietie iou Il n i lilien, st al tlhat of lls ieinds, that Ilin fees ilficlee collectedl, and lh, therefore expeces tt io til Lriice, tn one will take it aentis, ie l at t S ntl and tIrns ien ae, handed lino for t Ileetion. C F IIOZ.Y., ad3r S iheiff DEMOVAL Dr. Peters' pritncial office, in Now Or lo, fA r the stle of tis Vegentabl Pills, is crmot from 65 Poydran street, to 72 Magazine street, nr llanks' Arcade, where a full and feshe erpply .3 thie hove pills wi l be con. etantly kept en ilud, for male st wllolesalo and retail, toIgeter wi)h a vrieny of other valuabl modilinre, such as Ile I.acilo Cordial, Bernard's Cholera Medicine, IlArrisao's Sliteifio Oinl ent, H warI's improved) Clleloicul Chlolride Soip, B'nekwood's Anti Acrid Tinctora, Rossi.' Co, pnound Syrup ofasrmepnrillo andt Shrsnprnlla Pills, Goolicks' Matohle-es Sanative, Hunter' lioed Dropa,t ond other monicines lot certin disaeores , E Snitllo's Vegetablo E iAir, Elixir olLile, Reatorative Btl tlts &. ALSOI Dr. Dalboi, interestNilg poil on Marriage. N. B. Tlte Agent here watioi it distinctly an. dcrctoal thata no inediaines alc manufactured ul r colnpounded at tbit offce aRed consequotltlv none so,I here except those titlr O received genuineO from tOn proprietors. For full piaric.inra encrni.g tlto above higltly celoebrated and invaluable tmedliinee, the public in reoerred to Pdvcrltiemonts it lnnl and otler city 1R E N i 'I.I ' c i'e .ornl lhowto l,.-100`l b aoxes direct l ilEnporlttion, lanlitg froont ýll oa'luin and for wholeunleeuo retcil by v iih INNAIlI., d28 4:t',l'rhniltonlaa t A Ct:ORlltIONh-A:,dis with Ill, 12 and 14 Sbkryn, bhnlifilly inlhid lhll Ioc'stlorinr toll, just rae iced at oaie saznr IILill & AllAN, 114 T corner if ne ('Ibnrl+ & Cllllmumn 1Pl i AsttNDr-Ao few Gilozic,'o, ,l0 rcriveit and Sforns'eloy 11 IIhONNlB I., 23 _ 43.,llcl ,i._looarcI P i.Lrn-Flrac no & Vollem ' iolloob llirg flromn iop SToui sill and fior wollllealoer retail lv d28 It IONNAIII'I.,4:I T'chaitooouln+ st rENRUr.i i lb. ItANDIA1IiS -Lninohzg Irof sthip l'oumoain alld f.or wb.lrseal e or rolnil bv d2r Ii ti tNABKI ,13 'I'r'lnpitoula, ( IATrHFTER--.a few silverccdto'lreojelt rneived and for sale bio II IIONNAIIEI., d28 "eor Natchez & TespitolIto eta W HISKI--7 201 bre rsetib -ntt te ladii , and for rale by laodiid ,128 r y DOIISFEV, 41 Neow levee I ·LllJI(-51OI blob an thtIoubn, r anf s'cloy I d268 t ltilI*.Y,.14 N.ow levee r Altl--468 koes clolrioor ne lonhfhsol , landi.g ifooi steactatnlotl Iruiri,o,,oor .alh, d 8 ti l)OIISIO.V, 14 New Loves EVTIFI dl.l IIIIY--it 15oarrelejuoa-l iod ing ..d f r Pale by d128 N F lOI1~l.Y, J7 Cnoop at SliItillY \tINIE--A ntlperinr lillo I.uolho brtand, in stoire nod for sale byl d?8 N Ic ('t) o Y,9+ Cop', at JATiiEIAS'i'RI{IIiNGi-Ji000 .roorl,, o fyvreo lsllpply ol hubklro, hlllldo nld o ino lo ., lr sleat 1128 Exchaner hol "I, 11$ :i',rll rc. li.+X arlnll-oor bol, ool.oc nlror I. G 1)t1., S M.1 , 44 .New L.evee. `ýIlI'.KEY-101f blo moriFo.1, for ns.h by S nd3,, (r IOcR -lo,:Y, 41 or fvee. by GI I 0111Y, 44 Noe-o I coo d rcnlod to l -I oo i ;-f a r un i, eoot,,, no..r. (oid o 1110 otT of a qu 'l (I to V , no w IRON-Tho oondolrsicooe n~, forsle ai nr{tiu o Ehllllono teroo, in lcooo IOtoo s bl prch r. le- o r .eoo of lronjoo-i rc.,ived lromo "oo lek .o n,,p r hri on Pu lrl cmloriing al fullo ulo ccnolebetoO,e,,~., all sizes, d ..-t 011 o laven st 1OFF'ATT'9 III.L.--PII+.\IX BII'l'TEIi Just receiver), and for w inl ,.a nr retail. ilv d16 I B iNNA ItlLI. ,4 i hTpioo,,lna nt Sof Turioeoottne,Inndline from shll`l,,irfiold, fr so-le by JtAIVI$ & A.ol'" d16 corner (:......nnand 00l'0elo.t;oolnoll to A StUPILY O)F NAir, ,well ebn"eor n h.-d andl far sals by ADAMIO- .V0 Wh.AI l 017 p I IASI'rJR 'I1L-A isa . fla. the-t '. jlllaiso lI Cartor Oil, receierd and for nr Irteil HII l(t\NARF1 n22 43 '1'cha,,c nn,~ at CIHINA POTS rapressly for erollrrreiter pals l'by H It' NNARai., tlll 43 Tchnpicl,,:, ( Z ADAIS & WI ITAI;, dl l 8i7 (ira·v,' l L UIH 'S PAPEROS-Koperr Roaal, Itvpeije L.Ldin e and Packea Pont. Just re tnirdand . Iallr by a)) A'rOIVAl,41 Campl JA II)-B 0i kbgisleaf Lard, in rtrare. fr sl by n16 GIltIlSEY, 41 Nt'wt l.or, NeICHOI.AS NICKLI:IY, Non. 19 .tad 29, in)T N aired andrfor aale by J IIASWEI.I 4 Co. d3349 ('amp at AILRT WIIEELS-OGvariat siazes. in Attrom and forfanlrt by N FI' Cll lY, d! 97 Camp rt J')UlLOO NS-- 137 Spanith Dorbloonsr , or rale by D id 11 AI9L1AHl FISK I3ICE-l aeaie prim.a ('nrnlina Rier, in store fo I stire Iby [n2iJ J TIIAYER & Ca,74 Pnydrat at 0 \'1'5-3001 sack at tlhe larr,1r per fit bonatar fo sale by ( lOIiSIyI', n13 44 \trn Irers. NAIIS-20I6 kegs ntlllr, aarrrtad aiaa;, now leading .1 from bnrtt' .Jattplrnitr,f r pale b s28 Al) 1118 & Wl11'1'.\.67 (iavirr rt %i \Y-20ithalta terime Newa \ttlrk Hay, lrrndig fen'llan sip Virlralmrrr, anrd foir ertla Iby a l A tN)'-IEN Nr.lll_ Carntian at 01)OA'P-2O frelesl Robbins' * I Snap, in esti sZ ala by r n2?aleh JTIIArYER dr (7,74 Paydrnset B ATTE II S-2 'irst rae I'hiilarelrthiut mntle 13 B teta,fnr sale bry N Fc IIILy, n,15 97 Camp At I AY'r4 Lintitraft and Helm tf afColia5, r,,nt.. tther. aleb.raned r-atIerr, aarrantrd genarina j'tet rtecived frtm the Itt-anf a Curr. and ftlor Arlatolt.. trade tit his price.. JA IIIVV L . ANDRI":n)Z? · 116 ll Trtltitral ta F)APEII~rl-)Oltae;re inIlt nOr-ej '~ APlOIrO ran real h n lt ma patatn atm awtln.aala x itt jj 11 reUII tillhrdere a lt.larin aolire and lot. "le by d7 J ''H \ L Co. 74 R", dray at rL.O~l-6V0 bin~nt lue I r Iing ,113 by~llEY · \1~i.~ )3 G l4 tttSEV, 44 \tta leers r24I).I1'S6 PANACEX iTaa receiverd &for wltle. `psil ead retail Iby ti l l 1 4 I1ONN..olL i dAF slr~r ll~cr11111un such as ·inbrl,, bellies, G viol, frn 1'IrnIba n 8 0, graluntinC l:.lsureer ae sUlifiFT l , ul 4 la k aor betnil by dll H R )Y4A13t.L.4:3.I'c~mpitou!·a II I UR-10!i bet Ilnkkera' brunds. at the landing, petr (lai antl fl r anla b n13 11 DtlIar9' ,44 Nta Iesre *) hoatn-+; 50 tIa dio d atrtw; 1110 tin blnolltr bIont., Jsut nnlandlal frta chtip I l)it, Inns 1'''tat (lei lhia, anti lair sale by JO-IHN J .1 ISwEI.t & Ca, tid attttrrt urnat fl A Tlt nr,A9naar4 r9 7A lLIt-itlO keas superior Teaa laIn', in ala. astd Entor aile hy U Dfl')lIIJ ' .11? d44 N.'waLeve TbtUi.OaNs......ati) M'rtsanara attd Pattiat Ottuua lolaaas, afofrl by d4 Al'OU FISK. SStIEEL P'ENS (U 1IE Daamrnnes Plonr Viattrrin pett; daniblre late-a 1 pen; Vitale pe~n; Pernvina pen;aomlmtincl pen;,IiH mmod~ pea~withl a ;a-irtv of ethers nIlanuflclhnrel , V Gillet ana Parry, expressly far tire atatitrerv esore of' d14 JDIIN J IIASWE,1., 49 'amtp st INOIA RUIIRiEIR (ltlof-larl blorderedi etabl I tarr; circulrr rrl, dtr; laed proltrtus etod crrib tin for illnalidr water pru~d rap.; Carriage. hnltac; horse rov, eru~ulo lay Lafts; t be limit at GOSSIP ,\ (""A.. diarirnhasa lltt,let. Chalraia at S.AL.T-"'2 sarbs Oar Livaerpanl Stlt, per hltrrquet ittaeaion, anr ae rby nliA tS & Will I'Al L. a22 6714,viet . 11ANIFOIrI) WIT'PERS-Wilaaa'a iapnntarl ma - tif lad writera, (rrr cnpvina leltr't, iarnir-n, alma. itrga, plans, Ar. jarat reanettl at the BAZA A II.titreaer tr St, Cltaelee atl Commonat. 134 R.isli 1 . ALIrAN.' t I) Il r'I'wa girlaa [rn, 1 washer card ironer T and the ether good caak and child's aonre. Apply M -HHB-NONAAEL, S 43 Tchapitoulsa ST, CHARLES THEA'TR 8'r;hTl ANcea, s G. BARnTr. 'Last eight bht Twt fotth enge eetan ofMr MARBLE, the celebrated $AM PA'PCH. and pedurmerof . Y kttioe .hamnaear .r ,r Firnt tmthi sea enn onl theI SLUO TEItY TIUKET. Wormwood, Mr MARBLE Cnt1ion, Ie Bar Ch _rles. _ _ hukrn I a ir e C o rset, " M rs !. tmith 8staon, A msVerity La,1t night but Foul of Mrs. LEWIS and LA PCI ITE BERTHA. This evening, )ecemnber 31. will hbe. |m med the favorite Military Drama tliitlled the f FRI N:iH .py, oR Til FALL OF ALGIERS. Marohal Bnurmout, Ar Bodd Col. de ourtt ' Ire d Major Didier, oe tlar Henri t Aline, lie LEWISrr lad. Dubonurg, Mrn `Salit Marie, Mise Verity After which, second time, the Drama called the VERMONTER. Deuteronomvy Dutiful, Mr" rlanL CaOltein Oakley, Gromly, Radeclil Mr Wsaddle, RdifeBoddy Amanda, Mlis Veritdy SDorm open at 6-Performanoea to commence at 7 o'clo ekk..,r e Sea.,,n Tickets lin be had at tile Box Offc.- Ompan from II lnt,i 3 o'rlock. WASHINGTON BALL ROOU S81'. PHII.IP STIREET', eLTWglCN aOTAL AND eODItON IeTITI. j iHE MANAGEI of thie Washington IBal Roaen J respectfully informs his frioade ond the publiC, that Sthe above mentioned establishntmr t will open for that neeson,on Monday evening, November 4th, 1839, by a O GRAND ID)IESS AND MASQUERADE BALL, - and will continue throughout the season every Monday a, W'edulceday and ,'nturday evenig of each week. Admittance for Gellemen, $2 00 's New Orleans, Oct. 24t1, 1839. 1l- .IUE TO ItENT. A comfiort'ble two et'ry dwelling houer, a near Caninl atreet, c lntaiing every conveni etnce Cf,r a e.mnl famtily--lte, t only $15 pep mo -Posesion gvn i n a ew dae. nApply t - _ _5_ DDyla & May, 3Carondelete t. ' 'O RENT A Dwelliarg lusa 139 Julia streer a 't r. fly Dwelling Iluun. No. 139 Julia etretelit iaL. building Company tow. AppIly on tt o _ie _ i or to I C CAMMA K& Co. et ..'ITt t I.ETt. j r= Two rroms ohnthe scornd floor' suitable fo j l iic ein Ip, d th , premises, No. 21 Camp strect at Il Ia Frealm S' Inlurallce Ofiee. n22 r4 - ITO REN'T. The threeo try brick tore No. R7 New l+.,'e lltrecl; 1,orsiol giren imtlettiately. ad *l n Tt 8 I r Ii {O 'I'I,1'1 The houncae occupied by tle vnhreriberIrono ' tin oan'l'ivali nIrclP,clntlinting tan parlora. h I l i , l r be d r oo t t s , a k i t c ell £ a n lll ee r ¥lon t a tr o mn l s &en. w It or wilthout tIhe carriage housae and ltable ad ji,,ltg ilhe premiaes. al,n L ll .a,,atl I h nie on St. Joseph tre. A. pl to d 8 2t JACOB OIp' ly _d LOTTERIES. rlIlOE Fllowilg ,,itittionls, ('ilien'a Beank I- isinnla Uni,,on ilak of l.nniionac e; New Orleas Caal and Ita.k ta Company, w II receive etecial de ioita a -rlln-t cerlill.ante f lne hundred dtllors and llwlalrds, re a l loin Ilthecrendi ltl thle Itp,ct re nn wliLch c, rlficntrs, tile eal ,'critert will delivler l'tickets ill thm ;.nod I(eal i-dalblo Lottcry--tallkr' Arcade, gSCIIttIDT1 & HAMILATON, umndr the Vernada I, oIpl, oite E J la, & CO,, dli Stationers lall BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL7&-. G IRAN D REAL ESTAdE LOTTERY Ult, POI'lU'ERIt Y tI't'U.'I'I,:D tl NEW I t'Rt.tAN at ch:IItlit)' &I IIAt111.'I'ON, SanIsg-rs. Ofices under the Verandnh, Corner of St. Aarl es andl Comm,on Streets, and No. lot Chartres Street, betwreen Conti and St. Louis Ltreots. 117. ITI a view of nmetie the ,'ishes of oar friend,, Swe have tile il'a-nre of anntlloutncing to Ile lu c 11 t t 1 ... l .... -- . a ic that thi " . . . , o e Itate o u t Ihr dIrain at the City Exchange, in St. I.ouis in New rtlleans. Tlhe drawing will, witholt fail, begin on lhe latDel cembier next. Ou()r agellnts tlhroughnt the uinon. vill canu the above IatI- h in t H'l ,l ifill n o l te 'wLspajper aof l.uri rlapl-'lclce Irsid.llrl-c, allnd chuarge til explatle In 1111-Intl zSt(ttIt t't' & IIAIIst:rI' N. The Verandrah-sl. ' thnrl T tl;rhe e--NUmp s. Threltre-Coldhwell's St. Charles Arcade-Hoatel. -Stores-Squares of Gtoun r r .ee CAP1I'.AL lI'tlZr S!! LOU 9IANA (IRANI) 1(I.A. ESTATE AND STI'tICK LO*I"rF", KY, ofice corner of Canal ld St.6 Chlleh slreel, authlllzed by a law oI the Stnle, 61hilarch 1828 'lIlE IIAt1.1' MILI.I(N, or Pamp strrel T tre Lote.rr. 1'291 Priz,,s! dlraw on :let I)ece ber, New Year'" IEvr, and fipiihed in onr Idr. ing ''IllE Gl NDlI, 'l'It Alll.l.lN LOTTERY. o ,O000 Pazc.s ! ! Will cnmere drnwling as cuir as practicable alter ihr First Lottery. l.TXolten ofany hanks in the Uniec wclih arem gee nrally hzlkoobl ir the 'trpr they are islerd, wil be rrrcilved io pat lalrl for' Tirkt.s, whiel ae in the Half hlillmnr $ll--'wo lillio. $20 U.\lIIWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, C1L ' Proplrietors &k Manager. CLASS No. i. T HE Ilalf Milion or Camp Stroet '1 hbentre ClI.en Ihe I.osianill GRAND) RAL ESTATE AND 1STOCK LOTI"IILY. will positively be drawn an che 31st December, New Yearsi Ere. CAI.DWELI.', (AKEY & PRITCHARD. n6 Olfico eorner Canal and StCharlae sie. NIEW (GOO)DS. [USIt do AtI,.EN ore nw oprninrg a comnple as- i Iý dnlelotl o' liner shirts; do rcmhrio, wiee linen Sfrmlrs lilm coll rs; silk, coltun and merinl undler chiros and ldrawrc" cmbryc riand sil l handkerhli*feL lock slid fLnne craats, il great oarieyl; oIllcairsnearf 'tocksn ol eery decrriploL; g uln olasle od cotton ru I.lor-; silk, colltuon id Ihlrad Gloves; gentleleon' rkhr.skil Rgloveo. SIso--a sinledid assorlcnlr o fladinc ' and gentlomen's nl wtt.l -r Ikrersa coneB, bonepl work h0l.0r Prl IFI ioAm P', froery and cutlery, at the 8ll A tA Rr orner of S. Charlecal a arclnon anre o I, Ito :ESCOPALIANS. J.l'V J. IIA.WELI. & c a. 49 ('nl.p streel, hver Jnlr r corid ie o n'hladolplan. a hoanLtil m aieert. rntet lf,iokr, ruiclfh* far \cw I ear's Gifts, and Birth ° s Ptr e .ts; dn,og wl i h ar. 'le voak of Clorn mon Prayer, small end largo e in ariors mrhcle rlil blindlitlpg. 'ihe Prvclot I hible, the Pocker arid Pamily Bible, all ir pleA"Ib .riodings. The PiAorn l (C, m oa Prayrr. a most beautiful Len. Sdon okge type and h ,no orr rllg.lvingn. l',par L.s .ad flr Church service nud morning and everori,- lirnaor. Glirdmpr + If ta old World, or EaeurBo kn, on Ir . Conlia.nt, aal in tl Ie.laltd of Great Britain. arincle " Roev. Johr A. Clark, lctoc r of St. Andrer'n Chlusaio Phiedel lhia.2 o re. Tdh NewrTretnu , in varioc ntt'les of bindieg. N dtilEt)CA i '011c..-Jnr J. le cwell, &Ce, i No. 4 C.lnp slrr, hve jInlat .rcsivedfrdrom Phil adrlpllia rad llOoa, a general supply of merdkil bhkar, of Iho latet edilians; amolg rhich are Loie on ellcw feveor. 'hre ser'ect Medical L.ibrarvy 18 olea. llorancr's Cyclopedia bf pralrcical ergery, eolored plate, flio. Slck,.s cn dinearer of rti el at.e IMedical and snargieal nnolllralphc. hy Andral, Ilele, Stior, ,. .rc. pricilleea of t.le theory sad prlactice of .lnr.hall Hall. M. D. al14 PRESEN'PS. At tile Bazear, corner al Sl, Charles and Cowe-a4 rT3ORTOISE SHELL BASKETS-A bheuti. Slul Giift fr the season, ulogontly mounted in gld, silver and pearl. Cord Basketsc , fr tile lablo, ofTortoiae ahelt, lnd papier meohlE, %ll cloil paintling. Work Boxes, a splaendid assortmlent of Work Boxes, af rose w od, ebony, in aid with peal rlid 'Porloisr s ll.w Lodies' Desks and DOpmriag eases, with work mad jewelry Irboxes, nlso lta l nat sic, Card tCanse arl Pearl Nreedle Booke, some Inew pcttlrrns selected ill Paris, just the article for a Gift AMuaicul HBoxres, large cino, playing nour, six and eighlrt tuer, opera glasses, gold ponoil caaeee, hiuquaot Iholders, Iropearl pen holderrs, fine polckt knives, Rodgerl' suplerior resacre, pocket books, port folios, Ilmalilrd writwutq . drc,& 4 togethdr wihll alrgo assornrtmenant dCuerlai, S xiracOts lir cthe ldk, Conlogre, Lavrender, ond FPirrli watelr, BUSt! & ALLAN, dcl4 ]i t oar St Clcarlea & Commone ale CO lcIlcccOLT' OUPDE-l coil Cu'rdiii _Tt (ltopr, landng from snlri i. larleraeon., for atle by n31 .iliacoi cc . .iR..AIlo hc e he ln in a i . lr Inc..... h G DORSEY, 44 New Lera I sOrtel ,l'lr l la ,c 'llg a d uwer, eoanp, er ta-hroc oae, walcsaleol or rceral ly c lr owdtE 'lII corn,( eh INAcIp,,I rill o trr or Nc bIcr & fo choapitoulasa o IE--5 dnoero ifherv w'rr rd qeiej, 7 store, t y gor" qlaI, '+ ' 47d F iM t.YIy. 97 Campef

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