Newspaper of The Washington Standard, December 15, 1860, Page 1

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated December 15, 1860 Page 1
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VOL. I. THE VASIISCm STAMIAIIII. -IS ISSl'l'.l) EVERY KATtIiPAY MOUSING BY— JOHN M. MURPHY, EDITOR AND PROPRIETOR. Subscription— S3 «« per Annum. IX ADVANCE. .«• tdtfi'jlslisK Kales: One Square. one insertion S3 WT Eni'li additional insertion 1 no Ilusiness Cyrils, per quarter, 5 00 f)rS' A liberal deduction will lie made in favor of those who advertise four squares, or upwards, liv the year. Urg"Notices of liirths. marriages and deaths in serted free. Blank*. Rill Meads,. Cards. Hills of Fare. Circulars. Catalogues, Pamphlets, &« .. executed at reasonable rates. OK KICK —In Ll.irncs'.-i Itnililiiip. corner of Main mi l I'irst Streets, near tlie steamboat landing. INT All communications, whether 011 Imsine** or for publication should he addressed to the cdi it >r of the WASIIIKOTON .STANDAUII. The Pacific Coast Survey. "We copy the following article from the Alia California. Much in it is of general interest to our People, to many of whom is un known, the weight of obligation they are under to the gentlemen named, tor a fund of information published to the world in regard to the development and geography of this Coast. AVe hardly suppose that the name of George David son, Esq., the talented author of the "Directory of the Pacific Coast" is new to many of our citizens, especially those engaged in commercial, and lumber ing pursuits. To very many, the article will be recognized asa truthtuland well merited tribute to a young man, who has martyred himself, in his untirifig zeal in discovering and removing the obsta cles to navigating the North West • Pa cific, and especially hi a dvertising to the world, the topography and hydrog raphy of our own Inland Sea, now so well named as "the Mediterranean of the North West." Truly do wc join m the hope express od in tiic article, that relief from the arduous duties and tlie exposure inci dent to tlie labors of surveying the va rious hays, capes etc. upon our extend ed coast, will restore Mr. Davidson to perfect health. Many devoted admirers he has, and none more than ourself will dcliirht to hear of his future success in life, and his enjoyment of all of Heav en's choicest blessings. l>ut we forget the article, here it is. THE COAST SURVEY —TEN YEAR'S WORK OF A PARTY—EXPOSURES AND DAN OERS —ASSISTANT GEOIUSE DAVIDSON. Thc early efforts of a portion of the parties engaged in the survey of the coast of California, and Oregon and Washington Territories, are now mat ters of history. The trials, exposures and escapes, arc no fancy sketches, but the plain every-day story of a life, which, in the pursuit of scientific inves tigations, were necessarily encountered. The principal of the party, of whose work a slight sketch is given below, is now entirely broken down in health, and on the steamer of the first of November, Mr George Davidson took his depart ure East, a mere wreck, physically, of his former self. We knew this gentle man when a boy, and when possessed of an iron constitution, and now, after the lapse of a few years, find him bro ken in health, and unfit for field work, consequent on the exposure he has been subject to. His mind thoroughly on the work of the survey, little attention was paid to bodily comfort; and after ten years of arduous service, in which a vast amount of work has been done, he is compelled by failing health to quit the active duties his position on this coast required. Mr. Davidson, under the direction of the able Superintendent of the Coast Survey, Prof. Alexander D. Bache, came out to this coast in 18."»0, bringing with him, as a corps of assistants, .las. S. Lawson, A.M. Harrison and John Rockwell. So little was known at the time re garding the coast, that only very gen eral instructions could be given, leaving great discretionary power with the chief of party. Mr. Davidson proved himself equal to the emergency, and failing to receive supplies of money from Wash ington, as expected, he applied to Col lector Collier, an 1 succeeded in bor rowing SI,OOO. This sum being use less for carrying on any work in the vi cinity of San Francisco, he determined to occupy an astronomical station at OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON TERRITORY, DECEMBER 15,1860. Point Conception. This was looked upon as a very important point, as all vessels passing through the Santa Bar barv Channel, the mail steamers inclu ded, had to make it, and its position was so variously laid down on different maps, as to render it somewhat an ob ject ol' dread. TIIE WORK OF 1 850. Tn IT days from their arrival, the par ty left San Frnrieisco in the barque Burn' I'lim, for Point Conception. All their instruments, equipage and stores, were landed at the mouth of El Coso. The party were Davidson, Lawson and Rockwell, as Mr. II arrison did not ar rive in California for several weeks af terwards. Having no cook, a man was hired to net in the latter capacity ; but at the end of three weeks he got tired of frying pork, and making detestable coffee, and getting permission to go down to Santa Barbara he forgot to re turn ; but had not forgotten to draw a month's pay. During the remainder of their stay, some two months, therefore, the officers were under the necessity of performing all kinds of labor. At the conclusion of the work at the place, the instruments, tents, and all the equipage that could be taken away, were packed on mules to Santa Barba ra: and after remaining there three weeks, the party took passage on a iisli ing smack for San Francisco. While they were engaged in making the office work, intelligence came of a new appro priation being made bv Congress, with orders to refit the party. This was im mediately done, ami they started for Monterey in llie l\ S. C. S. schooner J'Jiroit/, but a heavy southeast gale com pelled them to return for repairs. On the 2nd of January, 18.">1. they again started on the propeller Carolina , and arrived there in sal'etv. TLIK WOKK or 18.31. The party encamped on Point Pinos, near Monterey. All the operations were under the charge of Mr. Davidson, who personally performed all the astro nomical work, aided by Mr. Rockwell, while the topographical work was done by Mr. Harrison and Mr. Lawson. Af ter two months' work at this place, the parly went to San Hiego. About the end or.Tunc, they went to the mouth of the Columbia River, en camping 011 the North Head. Cape Dis appointment, and in October they went to Port Orl'ord. At each of these pla ces. except the last, surveys were made, and positions reported upon tor the lo eatiou of light-houses. While at Port Ori'ord, orders came for Mr Harrison to he detached and as sume charge of a separate party, lie went to San Diego to finish the survey of the hay, and extend it to the Mexi can boundary. Mr. Lawson went with him. THE WORK OF 18.">2. Mr. Davidson returned to San Francis co in .January, and located his camp in the little valley south-west of the Pre sidio, and commenced a regular series of .astronomical observations. In April he started on a trip with over twenty chronometers, in the steamer Active, for the purpose of making the necessary astronomical determinations for the re connoissanee from San Francisco to San Diego. The first of these trips was abruptly brought to a close by the breaking down of P. M. S. S. Califor nia, which put into San Pedro, where the Art ice then was. The mails were transferred to the latter, and taking al so a few of the passengers, the commiss ion for locating docks, navy yards, etc., she started for San Francisco. Some repairs were found necessary to the Ac tive, so that nearly a month elapsed be fore she was again readv to start for the completion of the work. On the re turn of the A ctive, Mr. 1 )avidson's whole party was placed on board, and trans portation furnished to Cape Flattery. They remained in camp at Xce-ah Bay about two and a half months, and for the purpose of executing such topographi cal work as might be found desirable in connection with the astronomical, Mr. Lawson was ordered to report to Mr. Davidson for duty, and continued with the latter until he became chief of the party in January, 1H<»8. While at this place, the party (consist ing of nine persons) were in continual danger from the attacks of Indians, who were very numerous in that vicinity. A plot was made to kill them all and plunder the camp, but was fortunately discovered, and by showing themselves prepared for the emergency, the Indi ans retired. After that a regular guard was maintained throughout the night. In the execution of the topographical work, the only way of getting along the greater part of the shore line was by a canoe, and the party was often times placed in the most imminent dan- ger from the heavy surf beating against the rocks and bold shores. Early in October, the Actirc took the party away and proceeded southward. It was George Davidson's intention to spend the winter at Cape JVendoci no, for the purpose of accurately deter mining its position, it being one of the most prominent and important points on the Pacific Coast, and to make a survey for the purpose of selecting a suitable site for a light-house. It was too rough to effect a landing at that time, without incurring too great a risk of life and property. It was also so rough on the Humboldt Bar as to pre vent the Arfirc from entering, else the party would have landed there and made an attempt to proceed overland. They therefore were compelled to pro ceed* to San Francisco. George Davidson spent the greater part of the winter in occupying an as tronomical station on Telegraph Hill: he spent a few weeks in the vicinity of San Pedro and Los Angeles in selecting the site for a base line, and making a reconnoissance for the triangulatiou of the Southern Coast, anil islands adja cent. Mr. Lawson was detailed for to pographical work at I'unta de los Reyes. THE WORK OF 18f>3. In the spring of thin year the party went to San l'cdro and encamped in the vicinity of the base lino on the plain, about nine miles from IJOS Angeles. This base was measured, and the trian gulation eon line need, when the party was ordered to proceed on the steamer Artirr, for the determination of points on the Northern Coast, in connection with the reeonnoissance then to be made, a portion of the base above men tioned ran through a pond. All hands were continually wet; the strong, cool, westerly winds continued each day, causing George Davidson a severe at tack of the rheumatism; and, from that time, his health continued to fail. His work on the reeonnoissance trip was se vere, a landing being effected every night with instruments. A portable observatory was set up, and, with his assistant, Lawson, remained there until daylight, when a boat was sent and everything removed on board. I ntil the vessel reached Port Orford, ttUmi-t --all the sketching was done by Mr. Da vidson, he having volunteered to do this in the absence of the draughtsman of the hydrographie party. On the way Northward, orders had been received to proceed to the Gulf of Georgia, and make a survey of the Ca nal de llaro. The triangulatioii of this was made by Mr. Davidson, and the hy drographie party made the necessary soundings. Mr. D.'s health would not permit of his attempting any active duty during the succeeding winter. Mr. Lawson proceeded to Tomales Bav, and made a survey of the entrance, in en tering the hay, the vessel on which he and his party had taken passage struck 011 the bar, and became a total wreck. All the instruments and most valuable part, of the equipage were saved, in ef i'eetingwhich Mr. L. and his men were very near being lost. TIIK WOLTK OK 18*4. Tu the spring, the party proceeded to Humholt Bay, having to lie ott'the en trance fourteen days in heavy weather, before the bar was smooth enough to attempt crossing it. Here the usual routine of astronomical and topograph ical work was executed, and in June they returned to this port. Mr. D. Hav ing received orders to purchase a small vessel suitable for the work, and pro ceed northward to make the survey of Bosario Straits and a small portion of the Canal de llaro, left undone last year. The brig now called the ft. 11. Fituntleroy was purchased, in which the party went up the coast. The work ordered was finished, and when the party returned here, the vessel was laid up tor the winter, und Davidson and Lawson proceeded to the Atlantic States, on their first visit since coming in 1850. THE WOUK fiiom 1855 to 1860. After their return in the spring of '55, the vessel was made ready, and they proceeded northward; and during this and the two following summers the triangulation of Admiralty Inlet was carried up to Vashon's Id., from a base measured at Port Townscnd, W. T. At such times as were most conve nient, Lawson was detached to make detailed topographical surveys of the more important harbors and bays to which the triangulation had extended. In the summer of 1857, D'H health failed so much as to prevent his attend ing to any work whatever, and at one time serious fears were entertained for his life. In November, 1857, another visit was made to the east; but in the spring, he was unable to return. Law son was then appointed to its charge. and has since remained in that position. Mr. I), remained in the Atlantic States a year, when he returned and assumed charge of the triangulatiou north of San Francisco, the execution of which has been attended with such severe work and exposure as most ef fectually to break him down; and find ing himself physically unable to con tinue his arduous work, he left, at the urgent advice of his physicians, for the east. *We hope, under relaxation from active duty, his health maybe restored; though it is hardly possible he can re cover to ever assume active field work again, lie has done much to the credit of the survey, and his labors have made his name a part of the history of that branch of the service on the Pacific American coast. REPORTED EXPRESSLY FOR TIIE STANDARD. THURSDAY, Dec. o.—Council bill No. '2 introduced, an act. to divorce W. I{. Stockand and his wife. Read second time and referred to committee on Judiciarv. C. I». No. 3, an act to provide means for cleaning and repairing the Territo rial arms. C. B. No. 8 read a second time. ,1/r. Caples moved that the bill be considered engrossed and read at bird time now. Carried. Dill read third time and passed. C. J. R. No 1 introduced: Hcjolral, By the Council, the House concurring, that the committee 011 rule* and orders of the two houses, he and are here constituted a joint committee 011 rules and orders for the two houses. Hiilcs suspended read a second and third time and adopted. C. B. No. 4 introduced, to divorce Carson D. Boren and wife. Dill passed second reading, and was referred to committee 011 Judi ciary. C. B. No. an act to divorce James and Joanna Cawlev. Read second time and referred to committee 011 Judiciary. C. B. No. 0. an act tu divorce Robert Anderson and wife. Bead second time and referred to committee on Jndieiarv. Adjourned. Fr.nuY, Dee. 7,. —Council met pur suant to adjournment. Mr. ilublw introduced a petition from the citizens of Jefferson county in reference to the road law, accompan ied l»v a bill. On motion of Mr. Burbank was re ferred to the committee on Roads and Highways with instructions to report a bill. Mr. lltilths introduced a like petition from the citizens of l'ort Ludlow, in Jefferson counlv. On motion of Mr. Denny the peti tion was referred to committee on Boads and Highways. Mr. Denny moved that the Gover nor's Message he taken from the table. Carried. Message from the House received, informing the Council ol'tlie introduc tion of liouso bills No. 1, 2 and '5. Mr. llubbs introduced the following resolution: Hctiohrif, That a committee of three be appointed to report in relation to the different portions of the message from the Governor. Resolution agreed to. [Saturday's proceedings have not been received. The deficiency will be supplied on the sceondpnge.]— EDlTOß. MONDAY, Dec. 10.— Mr. Caples intro duced C. B. No. 8 entitled an act to re view and relocate as much of the Ter ritorial road leading from jl/onticello to the Upper Cascades as lies between Vancouver and the cast line of Clark county. There being no objection flic bill was read a second time, and referred to the (jonnnittec on Roads and Highways. C. B. Xo. 7 read a second time hv title and referred to committee on eonn tic.". Mr. Clark introduced C. B. Xo. 0, an act to divorce Patrick Coylo and Ann Covle his wife. Read first and second time and re ferred to committee on Judiciary. Mr. Simms introduced C. B. Xo ; 10, entitled an act to incorporate "Walla Walla Clearwater Road Company. Bill read a first time, laid upon the table and ordered printed. Mr Clark introduced C. B. Xo. 11, entitled an act to pay Joseph Water house for certain services. Bill read second time and referred to committee, on Claims. Adjnumcd. LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. Council. House or Representative*. THURSDAY, Dec. 7.—Mr. Ferguson, on leave, introduced 11. B. No. I—to ! divorce Samuel Baldwin and Rachel j Baldwin. Read first time. Also, 11. B. No. 2 —to authorise J. 11. Bush to establish a ferry across the Columbia river. Read first time. Bv Mr. Foster—Resolution instruct •*lc * * • ing the Sergeant-at-Arms to procure six | copies of any newspaper published in the Territory, or such number of each as the person entitled thereto may se lect, for each member of the House. Adopted. By Mr. Chapman—ll. B. No. B—to authorize James A. Barron to establish a ferry across the outlet of Lake Che lan. in Walla Walla county. Read a j first time. Mr. Ilenness—that all bills and re ! solves of a public nature be printed ' upon their first reading, to which WPK offered an amendment to include all bills on the table; when, on motion of Mr. Hale, the original motion and amendments were laid on the table. ! Mr. Ferguson—moved that 11. B? No. 1, betaken up. Lost. Mr. Hyatt—that the Scrgeant-at ! Arms procure two maps of the Terri tory with all the latest delineations, (in i eluding county lines distinctly marked) for the use of the House. Adopted. | Mr. Cannady—that the Secretary of the Territory bo requested to furnish the House with a statement of the number of votes polled in the respect : ive connties of this Territory at the last annual election, also the census of legal ters returned by the county assessors. Adopted. House adjourned. Fnin.w, Dee. 7.—Mr. Foster intro duced 11. B. No. A—to legalize the acts ; of Thos. J. Carter and J. A. Karr aud | itors for Chehalis county for the years 1850-00. liead first time, j Mr. ('hapman—ll. B. No. f>—to grant to Thos. Coupe the right to establish a ferry between Port Townsend and I Whidby's Island. Read first time. 11. B. No. 1 was read second time. Mr. Chapman moved to refer to a se lect committee of three. Mr. Hale moved to amend by refer ring to committee on Judiciary, which amendment prevailed. 11. B. No. - was read second time. On motion of Mr. Van Yleet, re ferred to committee 011 Counties. 11. B. No. B—Read 2d time, and re ferred to committee on Corporations. Council Bill No. 2—read first time, rules suspended and read a second time. On motion of Mr. Van Yleet. the bill was referred to committee of Ways and Means, with instructions to inquire into the expenditure of money for re pairing public arms. Mr. Ilyatt introduced IT. B. No. G— an act for the protection of game. Read a first time. The House was in committee of the whole (Fcrgusoa in the chair) upon the (!ovcrnor's message—reported progress Mr. Hastings moved that a commit tee on tlirorce he appointed. Mr. Clannady thought the committee should consist of married men. Mr. Ferguson moved that it consist of sin trie men. Mr. Ilays thought they should be equally divided. Mr. Van Vleet thought Mr. Speaker never having been married, knew noth ing about it. Adjourned. SATURDAY, Dec. B.—Mr. Taylor, of the committee on Counties, to whom was referred 11. B. No. 2, reported the same back, and recommended its pas sage. Mr. Cline, of the committee to whom was referred 11. B. No. 3, reported the same back without amendment, aud recommended its passage. Mr. Anderson, of the committee on Judiciary, reported back 11. B. No. 1, and recommend its passageed. Mr. Foster, on leave, introduced 11. Memorial No. 1. Bead tirst time. On motion of Mr. Ferguson, rules suspended and 11. Memorial No. 1 read id time. Moved by Mr. Hyatt that rules bo suspended and memorial read third time. Lost. On motion of Mr. Van Vleet, referred to committee on Memorials. On leave, Mr. Van Vleet introduced 11. B. entitled an act to incorporate Steam Navigation Co. Read firsi time. Mr. Stone, of Kitsap, introduced 11. B. Xo. 8, to divorce E. 11. Thompson. 11. It. Xo. 4 read second time, and on motion of Mr. Ilale referred to commit tee on Judiciary. 11. B. Xo. 5 read second time, on mo tion of Mr. Chapman referred to com mittee on Corporations. H. B. Xo. 0 read second time. Moved that hv Mr. Cline that the bill be re- ; ferred to committee on Ways and ; Means. Lost. i On motion of Mr. Ferguson bill re ! ferred to committee on Judiciary. Council Resolution No. 1 read first | time. On motion of Mr. Van Vleet rulc3 suspended and resolution read a second time and carried. Moved hv Mr. Hale that C. J. R. No. 1 read be ihirdfimc—passed. On motion of Mr. Hale the Sergeant at-Arms was instructed to put wrappers on all papers furnished to membess of ! tlie House. 11. B.No. 2 passed second reading. On motion of Mr. Ilale laid upon the table and ordered printed. 11. R. No 3, on motion of Mr. Chap man, laid upon the table and ordered printed. Mr. Bowles, on leave, introduced H. ; B. No. !), entitled an act relating toine- I chanic's lions. j On motion of Mr. Van Vlcet, rule? ; suspended and 11. B. No. 7 read second ! time and referred to a select committee of five. Chair appointed Messrs. Van Vleet, Chapman, Oannady, Ilalc, and Stone of Cowlitz. House resolved itself into committee of the whole to take into consideration the matter of contested seats. After some time spent in the commit tee of the whole, the committee arose and reported in the case of contested seat between Messrs. Hcnncss and Ber ry, that the committee do recommend the adoption of special committee on elections, and ask to lie discharged. On motion of Mr. Hale report of >pecial committee, that Mr. Berry be iciitith-d to the contested seat, was taken up and passed unanimously, with the exception of Mr. Hastings, who voted in the negative. Mr. Buvy came forward, and the oath of office was administered by J. W. Johnson, Notary l'nblic. On motion adjourned. MONDAY, Pee. 10.—Mr. Hyatt—H. M. Xo. 2, for an appropriation to complete the military road front Steilacoom to Beliingham Bay. On motion of Mr. Ferguson, rules suspended, and memorial read second and third time and carried. was referred the matter of contested seats between Messrs. "Winston and .Stearns, recommend that the whole matter he referred back to the people of Lewi-! county. On motion of Mr. Ferguson House resolved itself into committee ot the whole, Mr, Pengree in the chair, to take into consideration the report of select committee. On motion of Mr. Pengrce amended to lav over until regular order. Motion as amended carried. Mr. Cunningham introduced Hi B.' No. 10, to divorce Wm. Young and Jenny Young. Mr. Caimady introduced H. B. No. 11, for an act to incorporate Spokane Bridge Company. Mr. Cannady introduced 11. B. No. 12 for an ii't to authorize Sanford Owen and U. V*\ Anderson to establish a ferry across Snake river. On motion of Mr. Pengrce, 11. B. No. 11 laid on the table and ordered printed. Mr. Hyatt introduced* lt. J. R. No. 1, relative to joint committee on en roled bills. On motion of Mr. Pengrce rules sus pended and 11. J. R. read a second and third time. Resolution on final passage carried. 11. 15. No. 8 read a second time, and on re-feared to committse on Judiciary. 11. 13. No. 1 read third time and passed. On motion of Mr. Anderson the com mittee on rules and orders was allowed until to-morrow to report rules and or* ders for the government of the House. The committee of the whole recom mended the adoption of report of spe cial committee, and the House declared the seat vacant held by 11. N. Stearns, by the following vote: AY I s—Anderson, Berry, Bowles, Bozarth, Chapman, Coupe, Cunning ham, Ferguson, Foster, llale, Harris, Hastings, llays, Hyatt, McCary, Peu gree, Purdy, Settle, Stone of Kitsap, fetone of Cowlitz, Taylor, Speaker— 25?. NOES—Briscoe, Cannady, Phillips, Ruth, Van Vleet, Warbass—6. received and adopted. The following resolution was offered by Mr. Anderson, and on motion was. adopted: Jiesolvcd, That a committee of three be appointed to wait upon the Gover nor and inform him of the vaeaney ex isting in the representation from Lewi* county. Chair appointed Phillips, Taylor and Coupe a* said committee. Adjourned. NO. 5.

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