Newspaper of The Washington Standard, December 22, 1860, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated December 22, 1860 Page 3
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Later from the Atlsntic Side. An Amrusta dispatch says that the largest meeting ever held in Green fount v, < J corgi a, adopted conservative resolut ions, unanimously urging a State Convention, end advising all parties to join in the movement, and consider the \ \ ils of which they have to complain. Tliev also appealed to the people of the I'nion to discard the counsels of dcnuiu'ogucs ofall sections, and suppress evcrv~attempt to imperil the Govern ment. A similar meeting was held in Hancock. Resolutions were adopted, declaring the election of Lincoln no cause for disunion, but that the un frieiidlv legislation of the Northern States demand resistance. A majority ,t the counties in Georgia have held liicetinirs in favor of secession, but nianv of the conservative counties have uone no further than that 110 Northern fisherman or hunter should operate there. MOVEMENTS OF Mi:. LINCOLN. — lho President elect, with Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Trumbull, visited Chicago on the *2lst, and met Mr. Hamlin. \ ice Presi dent elect. On the :!:2nd, he met his friends in the wigwam. On the -.oil, he gave a |iul>ii<' reception to all parties. On the 24th, they were to proceed to Springlieltl, and 'Messrs. Hamlin and Trumbull proceed to Washington. The New York Trihane says that a •rood many politieians and newspaper i-ditors scattered ahout the country who heen trying I" 1 ' three months to oouvinec the South, that Lincoln in tended to violate the rights of the South —that his policy and principles were against their constitutional privileges are now very anxious that he should issue an address and assure the South that they have heen basely It doesn't appear, however, that he thinks it necessary to do any thin# so super lluous. The Atalnnta ( < sa. ) (\tufnh wo/, states that lion. Stephen A. Douglas, on his arrival in Montgomery, Alabama, was met with a shower of rath ii eggs. Montgomery is the home of Win. I<. Yancey. lie canvassed all the middle and most of the northern States, previ ous to the election, and thoiii»h he made speeches exceedingly distasteful to the people, he was treated as a gen tleman. —The ehivalrie South ! The New York Jftrahl considers that the policy of the Republican Presi dent is simple and easy. Iris marked out bv the constitution. Let him pro claim''his adhesion to the federal con stitution, make a clean discharge of the present batch of ollieo-holders, and the Union will be saved. * There-election of Senator Trumbull from Illinois i> fullv assured. (IK NIC It AL NEWS StMMAIiY. The officers of several of the banks in New York held a meeting on the afternoon of the lJ'th, and resolved to unite, and, through a committee, take up $2,">00,000 sterling bills, and pay for the same according to their cap ital, for the accomodation of the public. Thev also resolved on running for the week, and discount to the extent of five per cent, beyond their receipts. They recommend the same course to "other banks. It. is stated that in llli nios and Missouri, their currency is five per cent, discount. St. Louis bankers at Chicago, yesterday resolved to throw out notes of some banks in different parts of Illinois. The New York hank statement shows a decrease in cir culation of $280,000. The llcraH'n Charleston correspondent of the 17th, says that the citizens are raising a great clamor for the suspended banks. It is thought their object may be effected. The District of Columbia, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Wheeling banks had suspended. Philadelphia banks of considerable property suspended. The Baltimore banks have discounted a million, which afforded much relief to the merchants. There was no spe cial demand for specie. The lead ing hanks in the South are reported as about to issue scrip based on Fnitcd States stock, to pass in liquidation of bills to each other. The scrip to bear seven per cent. It was hoped that this would relieve the pressure. A rupture in the Cabinet is impending. Cobb and Thompson threaten to resign on account of the President's position in regartl to secession. The Secretary of the State of California in presence of the Governor and other State offi cials, opened and counted the official returns on the 3d inst. The result is ns follows: • Average Republican vote, 38,721 1-2; average Douglas vote, 37,- 084 1-2; average B reck en ridge vote, 33,971; average Dell vote, 0,113 3-4; scattering votes, 17; total vote, 111), 807 3-4. Lincoln's majority over Douglas, 737; Lincoln's majority over Breckenridge, 4,750 ; Douglas' major ity over Breckenridge, 4,013. The majority required to carry the Constitu tional Convention question would be •V.1,905; total vote for Convention, 732; majority against Convention, 173. .Victor femanuel has formally ac cepted the sovereignty of Naples. Garibaldi haa resigned the dictatorship and departed for his "Island home." A copy of the "Bay Psalm Book," the first book printed in British Amer ica, at Cambridge, Mass, has been sold in England to a private individual for one hundred and forty guineas, a sum exceeding $750. There are thirty fpecies of tobacco grown in the South. There exist in Ireland, at present, about seventy towns-containing from 10,000 to 25,000 inhahitants-without a bookseller'? s'.vip: and six wh'do coun- tie* arc fouiul without either a publisher imokseller, or circulating library. Twenty-five thousand dollars worth of wild pigeons were shipped from Mich igan during the past summer. Mr. James Wilson, a resident of Zanesville, Ohio, is said, by the Portsmouth Tri bune, to be the oldest inhabitant of that State. J lis aire is out hundred uud fif tn a years, lie was thirty-one years old at the time of the Declaration of Ame rican Independence. A cave five feet wide, and from six to eight feet high, which is unmistakably artiticial, has heeii discovered in the side of Look out Mountain, (sa, and explored for the distance of 17"» feet. Stone pestles, small pieces of iron, hatchet handles, and nameless Indian relics, are found scattered all the way, and it is thought to have been a secret refuge for the In dians in times of trouble. Gatherings by the Wayside. The Portland 7'ihi is is about to issue a daily paper—making the fourth daily in that city. It is to published by H. 1). Austin & Co.—AlonzoLeland, edi tor. Here we go, competition is the life of trade. Latest advices from Walla Walla report seven inches of snow on the ground, and that the pco v.ere enjoying themselves sleighing. oi'tin? Salmon Falls massacre recently arrived in Portland, accompanied l»v her cousin, \V. F. Trimble of Salem. Ogn. Tin' Kiigcne City (Ogn.) llt raid lias resinned publication. The pub lisher. Mr. I ilakely, assures his patrons that no tears need he entertained of the 11 ral,f.< demise. An opposition line of steamers is now running be tween Portland and San Franeiseo. Passage is one-half former rates —$*20. The eost of lighting Portland with gas amounts to §IXO per month. California contributed about SIO,OOO to the Washington Monument Fundat the recent election. All letters not postpaid, deposited in post otlices, are now sent to the dead letter oilice. John l». Weller of California, has been appointed minister to Mexico, rice Mc- Lane resigned. The steamer Sawta Cruz, ('apt. Staples, is to run on the route between Portland and Victoria, instead of the former plaee and Olym pia, as stated in our last issue. A farewell salute was tired in Portland, on the Pith, in honor of.l. W. Nesinith and T. .1. !>ryer, who left on the Cali fornia for Washington. Thos. Prich -Btrd, of Oregon has a petition seventeen and a half feet long praving Congress to pay the war debt. It has a thousand signers to it. The Military and the Miners. — W c are informed that the dragoon com pany, which was sent some time since into the Xez Perce country to prevent miners from encroaching upon the re servation, have been ordered to return in consequence of the unfavorable wea ther, and more particularly, we appre hend, because of the fact that the boun daries of the reservation have never been definitely established. The mi ners contend that they are mining be yond the reservation. I four inforin ation be correct the commanding ollicer at Walla Walla has s.cted with judg ment and propriety. It would be un pleasant business enough at the best, but how much more so if there should be any uncertainty sts to the extent of their authoritv.— A<licrii*<'r. #fijy*The Portland Ncir.i .says Col. Wright has addressed a letter to Gov. Whiteakcr on the intended chastise ment of the Snakes and the more effect ive protection of the immigrant routes. The Colonel writes that, "all that can be done now is to chastise them (the Snakes)aswcll as we may;" but next season's immigrations will be protected by moving columns, ami he expresses his confidence in the belief that no sim ilar disaster to that.of theMyer'strain will occur again. The Colonel declares that military posts will not answer, nothing short of military* escorts will give ample protection. This is the more apparent from the fact that immigrants cannot travel in large parties, tor tho reason of scarcitv of "trass lbr stock. Oni'oox —Over 7,000 boxes were recently sent at one steamer from Portland to San Francisco. Safe. —AVe learn from our exchanges that the Vicl:rr>/ and John Marshall re ported grounded are safe. DIED: At I'ort Madison, on Nov. 25th. JACOB (IOUF.IIV, ship carpenter, about 45 years of afre. At Tcknlet, W. T., on Thursday, 20th Dec., MARY E. wife of Daniel Longfellow, and daughter of Hiram and Mary Harmon, East Machias, Maine. O, Thou who driest the mourner's tear, How dark this world would lie, If. pierced by sins and sorrows here. We could not fly to Thee. MARKET REVIEW, OLYMPIA, December 22nd, ISI;O. Our quotations remain a 1) in our last, Wheat, Kfic ; Butter, 50c ; Egg* (none in market;) Oats, 37J a 50c ; Hay !?I5 per ton. M ET EG ROEO QIC AL. OTYMIMA, Washington Territory, I Lut. 47° .1' N., Lou. 122° 55' W. / . The following are the meteorological changes for the week ending Thursday Dec. 13. The ob servations arc taken at 7 AM., I r. M. and 0 r. «. j 7 j 1 ! 0 j in. sky.j weather. Friday Hj 40 j47j 4J 44 j do. rainy. Saturday... 15j 43 < if ! 44 45 |do "* Sunday 10 43 47 47 453 do " Monday 17' 47 5! 47 : 4*ol do \ " Tuesday ...It 1 4ti St 47 j4H> do 1 '» Wednes v..!!' 43 45 44 • II do i " Tlmr '!:> v ~"r ' 4: »r» H It •' SPECIAL NOTICES. I. O. O. F. Olympia Lodge No. 1, I. O. O, F. meets every Saturday cveningiu Ilurncs' liuilding, on Main St. next door to "Standard" Uflice. All members of the Order in good standing are invited toattend. SAM 1,. L'ERCIVAL, X. G. Pitt SHE ATMS POUT, Ciray'ti Harbor, W. T. ALSO AT MONTEZAXO, (THE COUNTY SEAT) ON CIIEII ALLS lIIVER. McKSB, DEALER ill General Merchandise is prepared to furnish supplies to settlers in this section of country on reasonable terms. Chelialis, December 22, 18U0. G:tf PKUII4TE NOTICE. In matter of Estate of Charles 11. Mason, deceased Petition for conveyance of certain real estate. TANK NOTICK that 11. A. Goldsborough has filed his petition in the Probate Court of the county of Thurston, praying for an order to issue to the ad ministrator upon the estate of CHARLES 11. MA SON, deceased, to make a conveyance of nn undi vided third interest to certain lots in the town of Seattle, \V. T.. in conformity to theterms of a cer tain written agreement, executed by said deceased during his life time : which petition will come on to be heard at the January term of said l'robate Court, to be held in Olympia, in said county, on TUESDAY. January 22d, lU'il. ot 11 o'clock in he forenoon of said day. All parties interested in said estate can then be heard why said politicn should not be granted. K. M. WALKER. Probate Judge. Olympin, \V. T., Dec '.!% 1800. o:w4 \i;u villltv EVE BALL, Al (iallihor's I lull. MONDAY EVENING DEC. MO, lHliO. MI'SK'IANS—J. M. Jones, 11. Kcllett, and Mr. Wulraven. I!< IVi'slnuents included—Tickets -"r'SjOO. Olympia, Dec. '.'• J. IHGiI. o:w2 New-Year s Eve Ball 1861 —»— 1881 TUMWATER! \II.\M, will lie given at t'iirrollN Hall, in the tow n of Tumwater. on Monday even ing." Dee. .'list, 1 SCO. All are invited to attend— the rnII is universal—having adopted the plan of advertising in plaee of giving "tit tickets. I hope none will consider themselves slighted in the least. Tickets !?.t 00. JOHN <\ CAKKOLL. Tu in water, December 15th. istio. 5:t3 OLYMPIA WAGON MANUFACTORY. Sl hjii'l ct Hlsu'lvshesir, ***■ Of I.Dinform the'eiti/.ensofOlym f * pia and the snrroundiug country that they are now manufacturing WA(!ONS,CAIt- KIAtiKS and lll't!(!ll)S of all descriptions, from t IK best of imported material, hy experienced work nu n. for which WIIKAT will hp taken inexchange. delivered at the Toinwuter mills. Shop corner .'id and Chinook Strcits. Olympia. December H. IHiiO. -t:tf CItTIO.V A 1.1. persons are hereby wiirn°d not to pur chase two certain promissory notes executed by the undersigned and made payable toWn. HCT- I.KDHK or order, the one for S7O 34, ami the other for !?i;t!l Kit, each bearing two per cent, a month interest, from datu. .Said notes have been paid in full K. W. AUSTIN. Olympia, W. T., Nov. 27, IHilo. 3:w4 111*Y Till*: REST!! GROVER & BAKER, HAVK IU:ri:iVKD TilK FIRST PREMIUM ON Til Kilt l AHILY —AND— MACHINE WORK, —AT the — STATE FAIH.MECH4IIES ISSTiTDTE FAIR ANO IN FACT Every Fair of I*«<>!! Over Wheeler & Wilson ami all others! Tliu* UnqueNtlonubly KstubllNlilng Their Superiority. These Machines nre the most simple in use They sew from two common spools. Ilitve no troublesome bobbing or pod. Sew any nml ull fabric*. Make very little noise. Arc quickly learned and operated. Arc not liable to disarrangement. We guarantee perfect and reliable Mactilneti, and to Hie thousand* In utte can refer, an dally and hourly recording, In their Matlwiactory op eration Thin Unequivocal Success. Explicit directions for use accom pany each Machine from which a child can in a short time acquire a perfect converse and management of it. Send for a circular. R. Ci. BROWN, Agent, 01 Montgomery Street, San I'rancinco, Cal. November 17, 1H«0. |:m(J Hull's Narraparlllti, Yellow Dork, and Odlde Of* I'OIUNti — Is prepared from the linest lied Jamaica Sarsaparilla and Knglisb lodide of Potass. Admirable as a restorative and puriticr of the blood, it cleanses the system of all morbid and impure matter, remove's pirfi'pie's, bolls and eruptions from the skin, cures rheumatism and pains of nil kinds. All whocrin afford, should use it, as it tendg to give Hrength and prolong life. Sold by Druggists generally, at Si per bottle. B. HALL & CO., Proprietors, Wholesale Druggists, 1-13 and I+s Clsy :t., San Trrfn NEW GOODS! C, CROSBY & CO., HAVE RECEIVED BY RECENT ARRIVALS SO Rest 8. I. Sugars, 11 if-i ibis do. lO II'JIS 8. I. Syrup, (extra) •iO Tons Liverpool Suit, N. O. Sugars, East Boston Syrup, Rio Coffee, Ac., 4c. A large and well-assorted Stock of— Lime Hardware, Brick, Dry Goods, Dressed Herring, Boots k Shoes, Hollowwarc, Doors, Windows, k Window Blinds, Oils and I'aints, Tinware, Crockery ware, Clothing and Fancy Goods. ALSO ON HAND CONSTANTLY Elour, Hvan, Slioi'tH, Hu<*k ■wlioat and Chopped Feed, By Betail and Wholesale. And every needful article that is usually kept in a general store, wgich we are selling at reduced rates for CASH and COUNTRY PRODUCE. H)rif Give us n call, and try for yourselves. Tuinwater, December 15, 1860. ' B:tf A LIST OF PRICES —AT— QUINCY HALL, THE PBPDLAR CLOTHING EHIUIT OF Man Franci*co. COATS. Splendid lilack Frock Coats Si 2 00 Also, Fine Black Frock ("outs 10 00 Splendid Itlaek and Itlue Sack Coats N 00 Also, Good Business Sacks C 00 Fine Beaver Overcoats, late style 12 00 Good Iluxincss Overcoats 8 00 Good Light Summer Overcoats 6 00 PANTS. Fine Rlnck Doeskin Punts $5 00 Also, Fine lUack Cassimcre Pnnts :i 50 Heavy Cassiuicrc Rusincss Pants 4 50 Also, Good Cassinicre Rusincss Pants 4 50 Also, Good Heavy Rusincss Pints 2 50 VESTS. Fine Quality Silk Velvet Vests $5 00 Fine Quality Silk Vests 3 50 Also, Fine Silk Vests 2 50 Good Rlack Doeskin Vests 2 50 Also. Good Cassinicre Vests 2 00 (loud Quality Working Vests - 1 50 FritNISIIINO GOODS. Fine Quality Davis k Jones' Shirts Si 50 Also, (lood White Shirts 75 Fine Quality Colored Shirts 75 (iood Check Shirts 50 (lood Hickory Shirts 50 Rest Quality Grey Over Shirts 1 00 Good lllue Over Shirts 1 oo Fine Quality Lambs' Wool I'uder Shirts..... 75 Good Merino Cnder Shirts 50 Good Lambs' Wool Drawers 75 (Sood Merino Drawers 50 Good Grey I'nder Shirts and Drawers 50 —also— FURNISHING GOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Ilattt, Capx, Trunk*, Valise*, and Carpet Bag«*, Will he sold at proportionately Low Hates. —AT— QUINOY TTAT.iI, 1 IT, 119 & 1M Wunhlnfrton Street. IVI VIS & BOWERS. Nov. 17, IHtio. I:3m KENDALL CO. OFFERS FOII SALK At the Old Stand, South-Went Corner of'Hain and Second St*. A NKW AND WKLL-BKLKCTC'> ASSORTMENT OF Family Groceries Or the best and most approved qualities. Dry Ooods, Clothing, Hoot* and Shot't*, 1 lats and Caps, &e., &('. All of which which will bo sold at reduced rates for CASH. Wheat, Onto, llutter. Kggs, and Country Pro duce generally, accepted ill exchange for Goods at the going market rates. A. 11. GOVS. 01ym|>in, W. T., Nov. 12th. 18(50. l:tf Great Excitement!! AT THE FALLS!! MR. M. W. WITHERELL, WOULD infurm the citizens of fc, Washington Territory that he is wMfi manufacturing vf Saddles, HHl'hchh, and Trunks, Superior to any over made on this Coast. He is also making the PATENT CASE COLLARS, Which cannot be excelled. He is making FINE BARNBIui, On the Nell-Adjusting Tree, Which ia considered the greatest Im provement of the Age. AND ALSO CARRIAGE TRIMMING! DONE ON REASONABLE TERMS, fride Saddles ofTar lOus Descriptions REPAIRING DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. mrPlento give friend Withcrell a (ail. Shop on Main Street, Tumwater. November 17, I "00. l:tf BAFSIB S SAFSS S f F. TILMAN, 00 BATTERY STREET, RAN FRANCISCO. SOLI? Agent for Tilton k McFarland's celebrated Kire Proof,and Burglar Proof SAFES. This Safe is well known in the market for its unsur passed fire-proof quality, having withstood in Cal iforniums well as in'the East, the hottest fires known. We can refer to endless certificates froin parties in our mining towns, where these Safes have been subjected to'the most severe tests of its fire-proof qualities. These Safes arc secured by our Combination' Lock. This Lock is in every respect the moat se cure one in use: it requires the key and comb"ira tion to open the Sal's. If the koy should be ab stracted from the owner, it would be perfectly use less without his knowing the combination,or men tal key which the owner curries in hisjiead. To those who want a reliable Safe'wc offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. %*A large assortment on hand and to arrive. F. TILMAN, , no Battery Street. San Fraucisco, Cnl. November 17, 18(!0. l:niO W. S. CLUB HOUSE GIN, THE UNDBRSIGNED, BEING SOLE AGENTS of the abouc Gin, oiler it to the public as the finest HOLLAND GIN, and the only GENUINE CLUB HOUSE GIN imported to this market. It is put up in GRKEN CASES, and branded \\. S. CLUB HOUSE. We shall continue to receive the übovc Gin regularly. —ALSO— Pure Ambrosial Whisky,'"" flasks; Pure Nectar Whisky, '» new style bottles Pure Bourbon Whisky. The nlmvc Liquors lire from the well known house of Win. S. Corwin A l'o., New York, nnd arc guaranteed line and pure. W. R. rt MMINOR* CO., 50 California St., San Frun. J. 11. KELLETT, SADDLE, HARNESS, TRUNK MANUFACTURER, AND I'KAI.KIt IN SADDLERY Hardware, Saddle Trees, liloek nnd Rent Stirrups, etc. Shop on Main Street, Olympia. W. T. Prices to suit the times. Hides nnd Produce taken iu exchange, mid cash never refused. Olynipin. Nov. 17, 18»',0. Ho! For the Mines! PKOIVEER CHAIBI AfiO EMIT MUMMY!!! rpilK undersigned would respectfully in-fj\ _| form the public generally that they nrc located nt Tumwnter, and arc manufacturing ffl and have constantly on hand BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS, Table*, Toilet Tables, &e., Anil all Article* appertaining to their l.lne of Hnnlne**. ALSO PLAIN AND FANCY TURNING, ALSO SASH, DOORS, AND RLIXDS, . XIADK TO ORDKR. All kinds of marketable PRODI'CK taken in ex change. Cash never rcfustd. Shop on Main Street, near Ward 4 Ham's Mills. WILLIAMS 4 JORDAN. Tuniwater, N'ov. 17, IKOO. l:tf TBI IJTIST KlVniN lItCK CIUfK! BY PONY KXPItESS!! a. W. lIILKS J. w. WALRAVIX. HILEM & WALKAVEM, HAVING formed n co-partnership in thc ROOTand SIIOK RL'SINKSS are prc-#BI pared to Manufacture Roots and Shoes," cheaper than the cheapest. Hides and Produce taken in exchange for work. Repairing done with neatness nnd dispatch. Give them a call before purchasing elsewhere. Shop on Fourth Street, between Mainand Wash ington. Olvnipia, November 17, 18G0. 1 :ly S. D. Williams, 1 Territory of vs. >• Washington, George W. Cnim. ) County of Thurston. In the District Court of the 2d Judicial District. To GKORGK W. CRI'M: Yon nrc hereby notified that S. D. Williams has filed a complaint against you in said court, which will come on to be heard at the first term of the court, which shall com mence more than three months from nnd nfler the 24th day of November, lAtiO, and ftless you ap pear at said term and answer, the sntne ft ill be taken for confessed and the prayer thereof graft ed. The ohjeet and prayer of said complaint Is to re cover the sum of fire hundred dollars damages for taking a win and converting to your owu us* four beef cattle, the propertv of plaintiff in 1859. S. D. WILLIAMS, Plaintiff. Olympift. Nor. 23, IHHO. 2:III3 CHARLES A. CRANE, ADVERTISING AGENCY* NO 173 MONTGOMERY STKKKT, Between Washington and Jackson, up stairs, op posite Lyceum Theatre. Ban Francisco, California. AGENT FOR Washington Standard, Olympia, W. T.j Daily Bee, Sacramento, Cal.; Nevada National, Crass Valley; Butte Democrat, Oroville; Mountain Messenger, La l'orte; I'lncer Courier, Forest Hill; Northerrt Californian, Union;' Coloma Tiinis, Coloma; Mooney's Kxpress, Folsom; Plumas Standard, Qninry: Daily Herald, San Francisco; Daily Appeal, Marvsville; Daily Argus, Stockton: Columbia News, Columbia; Napa Co. Times, Napa; San Jose Telegraph, San Jose; Alameda Herald, Oakland; Contra Costa Gazette, Martinez; Santa Cruz News, Santa Cruz ; Petalnma Argus, Petaluma; Daily Le Phere, San Francisco, Cal.; Poliee Gazette, " LeMineur, " Hutchia's Magazine, " California Culturist, >' Territorial Enterprise, Cnnnn Valley; Daily Oregon Advertiser; Oregon tan, Portland: Oregon Farmer, Portland, Oregon; Dalles Journal, Dalle*, O'cgnn. November 1", To Statesmen and Politicians. TWELFTH EDITION NOW READY. A Political Text-Book ftr IM4 Comprising a Brief View of Presidential Nominations and ZZeethwft Including ALL THE NATIONAL PLATFORMS EVER YR ADOPTEDr Alsoy . A History of the Mrtiggle fcspeitlaf Slavery In the Territories, AMD or TUB . .. ACTION OF CONGRESS AS TO THE FREEDOM OF THE PUBLIC LANDS, With the mdst datable Speeches and ijihttt , 6* ... . Messrs. Lincoln, Douglas, Bell, CaM,- Scward, Everett, Breckinridge, 11. V. Johnson, efc.y etc.,- TOUCHING THE QUESTIONS Of DAij And Returns of all Presidential Elections sinssf im OPKIVIO2VB OF THE PRESS. _ "ThN work Will be looked upon as ft vaf\iAt)W c'ompen dium' of the history and position of parti*'/ platforms, and opinions Of the leading statesmen of the present times in the United' States; , While compiled doubtless with a view to /oYWatfitig the interests of the liepublican party ddring the pres ent campaign fof tffe appTi'achiWg Presidential election, its value is not confined to that party, alone but it will be deemed indispensable to men of nil parties, for its leading feature is the impartiality with which the opinion!! of m'4'n and parties of every political shade are s*'t forth, especially oA the un happy question of Slavery generally,' and Slavery in the Territories in' particular: As publicity. H the breath of the nostrils to cviW liid'n who Aspir*/ to, and takes pnrt in public life And as fi'w surtf men would desire to see their optnio'ns without d record, even though their opinions At <W timri might <1 itTV*r from those of another—for change of opinion is one of the most legitimate of privileges, mid one the most frequently practiced in all coun tries—this work can hardly be unwelcome to .any of the eminent statesmen of our country,; record it sets forth."— r.Vew York Transcript; "The character and contents of tJYis timety vol ume are very well indicated in the title page. ,Ttif the manner, too. in which the work hnsbcun done: no other assurance of its excellence can be needed, after the announcement of Horace Grcelv as one of its compilers. It is not intended as a partisan text-book. The compilers state in their advertise ment : . ( " If a trace of partisan bias is betrayed in tna' thread of narrative which partially unites the suc cessive reports, bills, votes,' etc., presented in this work, the error is unintentional and regretted.—' Our purpose was to roinpilc a rtcoM and convenient to men of nil parties., aha whicV might be consulted and trusted by all." H. A. Judson & Co., (At the Late Store of W. If. Rutfodge/} OLYMPI.4, W. T., coniKsioir HERCHinrT^ AND DEALERS IN DUV G#ODS, . GROCERIES: CLOTHING, IJOOTS ami SHOES, HARDWARE, TAINTS, OILS, icC., AC., AC. TSRMB OASE^ COUNTRY PRODUC)^ IN HO CASE Will Credit be given rfbr joifci' than Thirty Day*? Olvmpitl. Nov. 23, 1800. 2:tf WM. 6. DUNLAP, IMPORTER AXD DEALER Iff GROCERIES, PROVISION'S, DRV GOODS. . CLOTHING, BOOTS and .SHOES, he: AT THE OLD STAND, Corner Of Main and Third Streetiy Country Pfodov* generally taken in exchange for Gooils. No pains spared to give satisfaction to cuttomcn.' Olynipia.' Nov. 23, 1800. 2:tf LOOK HERE! THE SH AVINC AND HAIR DREW ing KstatilUlimcnt on Main Strict, Mar thi htagc Office, in stilt irf f>£c'fatio'n, where the u&dff sigucd will b'c happy to nttetfd the VlraAts 6f bU patrons. SHAVING AND HAIR DRESSING done with neatness anil dispatch, and fft the Mtest fashion. gkjf Hot and cot J baths at nil hour*. J. F. BUSH. Olympla, Nov. .10. 1800. 3:ly Territory of Washington,) In the Dist. Court 6f County of Thurston. ) the 2d District. To ANDRKVV WILLIAMS: You are hereby Ao tified that William L. Smith has ft led a complaint aguiiist you, Geo. Drew and Cnroliue R. R. Drew, in said court, which will come' off to! he heard at the fir.'t term of said i onfrt, vr&icN shall commence more than throe mouths after the 30th day of No vember, ItMltt, and unless you appear at said term and answer, the same will be iikcn as confessed; and the prayer thereof grunted. The object asm prayer of said complaint U to foreclose a mortgage in favor of plaintiff, oh the lalkd claim of Gee.* Drew and Carolina ft. R. Drew. H. F. KENDALL, Atty. fot Pl*: November .10, 1800; 3:uiS NOTICE! TJTg hereby give notice to all persons iudebt- Jf cd to us BY ACCOUNT OR MOTS, to call and settle. We wlir tallte wiesit or 6ats la payment of accounts at Current rates.. All ac counts not settled by the 15th day of December nprt, will be left with the proper officer for collec tion. WARD * HATS. Tumwnter. Nov. 14, 1800. 1 :tf t. CROSBY, "J (L. C. GRAY, t. CROSBY, r < A. CROspy, Jr.,) ( SanFnuic'o. Tumwnter. C. CROSBY St CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IS GENERAL MERCHANDISE —AND— Proprietor! ofiac Tnmwaier ItMi 1 Mills. Tumwnter, December l&th, 1850. s:ly J. B. PAINTER, (UkTB O'XIAIA k PAIX TIB/) T\BALER Inr Type, Presses, PrtMi*g fcatfriaf, II Paper, Cards, and Printer's Stock gcaerafly* TaT Clay street, near Si Biota*, Srn Freneftrt, California. SVtmWV t?.' 1M». My

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