Newspaper of The Washington Standard, December 22, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated December 22, 1860 Page 4
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FA RMES'S COLUMN. Receipt for Ct'.ring Boef oud Pork. This receipt. which originated with u.- has now had many years of trial, and we believe lo i>e unsurpassed as a pickle. Xeai U all tin* modern receipts, which have appeared i'i the dillerent agricul tural journal • and worth anything, par take in some instances almost identi cally, of the ingredients and proportions set forth in ours, which we first printed some fifteen or eighteen vears atr<>. Some of the receipts lately published, required a large amount of labor, and are not to be recommended. At t!ii> period in the season, when farmers and others will soon be putting down their winter's and we may add, their next year's supply of meat, it may be of ser vice to republish the reciipt, which is us follows: 1 gallon of water, J J lbs of salt, i lb. of brown sugar, j oz. of saltpeter, b OZ. of potash. In this ratio the pickle to be increased to any quantity desired. Let these be boiled together until till the dirt from the salt and sugar rises to the top and is skimmed off. Then throw the pickle into a large tub to cool, and when cold, pour it over your beet or pork, to remain tl.e usual time, say f.'oin four to six weeks, according to the size of the pieces, and the kind of meat. The niei t must be well covered with the pickle, and it should not be put down for at least two days after killing, during which time it should he slightly sprinkled with powdered salt petre. Several of our friends have omitted the boiling of llic pickle, and found it to answer equally as well. It will not, however, answer r/n!/r so well. JSy boiling the pickle, it is /mrijinf, for the amount of dirl which is thrown off by the operation, from the salt and sugar, is surprising.— {n i nnnilun'ii Id cyroph. Tub Comi'ust Ue.u\—l login with llio arrival <>l" tin* favorable weather to i father material for compost. l>on't eta particle of matter, capable of hcing converted into feed for plants, slip through your lingers. Manure is the favorableinst rumentality by whose mys tic and occult operations liediversiticth the surface of the earth with the smil ing beauties of vegetation, ami causes the waste places thereof to bloom, ami t'-ic desert to blossom as the rose. "Give me a sufficiency of manure," said an elderly farmer to us, recently," audi can work out a living in the country, ami from any soil>' The merchant must have capital, the mechanic must have instruction, mater ials and tools ; and the farmer, whose heritage is the broad iields and fertile valleys of his "mother earth," must have manure. It therefore behooves every one to be attentive to this grand point, and to gatlici' up this mean.-! of enriching ami rendering fruitful the soil, the products of which sustain his lite. Xo one who has not made the exper iment will he ahle easily to appreciate the importance of attending practically and habitually to thus laid down. Let every one, therefore, he sedulous in his efforts, and our word for it, he will never have occasion to deprecate the results. CHEAP APPARATUS FOR GIVIXO SAI.T To SIFKKP.—"]{. 15." writes to the Boston Cultivator —"Last year I carried a large sugar hogshead, for which 1 paid thirty eight cents, into the field ami laitl it upon the ground, making it fast, one head having been.previously taken out, I was careful to smooth off all protru ding nails or rough substances liable to pull the wool, then upon the inside of the other head L nailed a 7 by 1) box to contain the salt, ami the work was completed—the whole costing, in money and labor about fifty cents, and BO far as necessity is concerned, it an swers a very good purpose." APPI.ES FOR PORK MAKING. —A wri ter in tlio Gcncscc Farmer writes on this subject as follows: " For swine nothing equals an apple pic, either for relish or fattening power. The pig is not very dainty about his pie, however. If jyou merely cook the apples and stir in a little bran, he won't refuse the dish; substitute shorts, or corn and cob-meal or ground oats or buckwheat, and it will suit his palate and pile on the fat tima/iugly. And for finishing up a piece of pork, an apple pudding tluck enod with good corn meal, is as far aliead of hard corn ais the corn is of raw pumpkins. Pork made with apple is sweeter, and quite as five from nhrntll - as the corn fed." GRASS UNDER TREKS. —lly sowing ni trate of soda in small quantities in show ery weather, under trees, a most beau tiful verdure will be obtained. I have used it under beech trees in my ground, and the gross always looks green. • Having succedca so well on a small scale, I have now sown nitrate of soda among the long grass in the plantations, which cattle could never eat. I now find t)«tt the herbage is preferred to the other parts of the field. < ; ** CADBAUKS. —To secure solid heads on those stalks that manifest disposi tions to grow to what are known as "longshanks," takeapenknife and stab it through the stalk about the middle ; insert n small piece ot wood to keep the incision open, which will check the growth. Nothing- is more silly than the pleasure some people take in '• speak ing their minds."' A man of thismake will say a rude tiling for the mere pleasure of saying it, when opposite be havior, full as innocent, might have j're served his friend or made his fortune. is the soul of wit. Ordinances of the Town of Olympia. Ordinance Ho. 10. An Ordinance establishing it l'ee Hill of Commit ting Magistrate. Ik; it ordained by the Hoard of Trustees of the Town of Olyinpia. That the Kee.-' :iti<t compensa tion of the Committing Magistrate of said town shall he IIP follow.'" : Km i-sui 11 >r warrant $1 nil ■■ taking affidavit Tin '• docketing cause, '.'."i '• tiling each paper required to he lileil 2."> " swearing witnesses, each 25 " entering judgment on trial 1 on " " " confession all • 1 ilefanll. .Ml *• il satisfaction, fin " Connnitinent, fill Ordinance 11. An Ordinance to vacate the west seven feet of the north ami south alley in lilocks number twelve (12) anil thirteen, (l.'l) on the Sylvester pint of the Town of Olyinpia. Whereas, the lot holders owning property on the east side of Main Street, in the Town of Olyinpia. have surrendered seven feet of depth fronting on said street, and dedicated the same to the town, for the purpose of widening (lie said Main Street : And Whereas, the lot holders in Idocks nuiiihcr twelve (12) ami thirteen, (l.'S) that is to say, the Mocks fronting on the east side of said Main Street, between Second and fourth Streets, have peti tioned to the trustees of said town to vacate the west seven feet of the lea feet wide alley running north and south through said Itlocks, and add the said seven f<.ct to said lot holders who own land on the east side of Main Street, of the hearing of which petition due notice has been given accord ing to law. Therefore, $ I. He it ordained by the Hoard of Tor-tees of the Town of Olyinpia, That the west seven t'c< t id' the ten feet wide alleys running north and south through blocks twelve and thirteen of said town, that is to say. the west seven feet of the ten fcil wide alley, between Main and Washim/lon streets, running north ami south from Second Street to third Street, and the west seven feet of the ten feet wide alley between said Main ami Washington Streets, running south from said Third Street to Fourth Street, be vacated hereafter as a public allev forever. $ 1. Tin- (rroiiin), or west seven (Vet of s:ii.l :111 1• vso vacated by tlic lir-t section of this Ordin ance slinll lie annexed to and belong to the vnri oii< |iersons owniuji pronnil unit border ing on tin- vest side of will nlley, unit the wwt boundary line of lots Iwo ('J) ami seven, (7) ill s:ii<l lilorks twelve nml thirteen, sli:i 11 lie reinoveil .-even feet to the e;i tward, thereby t-eeiirin;* to tin- own ers of lots one (1) and • , i*rl*t, (H) in said blocks, floutiiip on the cast , of lid Main Street, the original coinideim'Ut of <7l*oll ml gruuti d liv Kil iiiuii(t Sylvester to the various jiurclciscrs umli-r him. \ :t. The Clerk of the Hoard is hereby onlere 1 to so ehiMipe the plat of the said town as to show the saiil vacation of protiml, ami to so move tile tin i of the said resjieetive lot holders as to eoi - form the same to the vacation of said ground as an alley, ami the annexation thereof to make n|> the deficiency to lot holders who have surrendered their western seven feet of pro 11 nil to widen Main Street to its present width of seventy-seven feet. g I. All town |dats showing alleys in said blocks us lioiimlary lines of hits hereinbefore re cited, inconsistent herewith, are declared vacant, ind must be moditied to conform hereto. Passed March 3d, lsiio. HI,WOOD KVAN'S, President of tin- Hoard of Trustees. Aitest : ltiohard I.ane, t'lerk. Oi-dinnmc \o. 1:1. An Ordinance to )•■'<illil>it the use ami <•.irryiiig of" Deadly Weapons, mill the disvliurgiiig of Kin- Anns. \ I. licit ordained liy the Hoard of Trustees of llie Town of Olympiii, That any person who slinll draw, exhibit, or iitteni|it to use any deadly weapon within the corporate limits of this town, iipoll. to, or against another person, .- luill lie linlile to a line of not more than lilty, nor less tluill tw.cntv-live ilollars. H 2. Any person who shnll. in the usual walks of lilV', within the limits of this town, carry any ilcailly weapon, shall lie liable to a tine of not more than ten, nor less than live dollars. i Any person, who shall, within the follow ing limits, to wit: between lludd's Inlet on the west ami north, Ailams street, on the cast, ami I'n ion street, on the south, lire otf or discharge any gun, pistol, or lire-anils of any kiwi, shall lie lia ble to a line of not less than live, mul not more than ten dollars. \ 4. All lines nrisiug under this ordinance shall be assessed and collected as other lines arc as sessed and collected under the municipal regula tions of this town ; mid it shall lie the special duty of the Town Marshal to complain of all violations of this ordinance to the police magistrate of this town. Passed March 3d. 1800. HI,WOOD EVANS, President of the Hoard of Triulci:s, Attest: Uichard l.ane, Clerk. Ordinance Xo. 15. An Ordinance regulating the compensation of the Town Marshal as Supervisor of streets. lie it ordained by tlie Trustees of the Town of Olympia, That the compensation of the Town Marshal for his services as Supervisor of llonds anil Highways lie, and the same is hereby de clared to be live per centum on the amount of road taxes assessed and collected within the limits of si-id corporation, and disbursed by him during the year 1H."»9. Pa&c.l March 22, 18tio. „ KMVOOI) KVAXS. President of the liourd. Attest: Richard Lane, Clerk. Ordinance No. 1(1. All Ordinance in relation to Nuisances. % 1. licit ordained liy (lie Hoard of Trusteos of tin' Town of Olympin, Tliul it shall he tile duly of the committee on health and police, 11 ml of ev ery member thereof to examine into the state anil condition of every |ih»eo and part of the town where lie shall suspect or lie informed that there exists any matter or tiling which is or may lie pre judicial to the health of the inhabitants thereof. jj 2. Whenever it shall appear to the satisfac tion of either of the members of the committee on health ami police, or of the town Marshal, that there exists upon any premises owned or occupied Ity any person, any dirt, ofl'al or aniniul or veget able matter, or the contents of any ling pen, privy, drain or vault, calculated to injure health, or by noxious air, to annoy the neighborhood, it sliail be the duty of such member of said committee, or of the town Marshal to cause the owner or occu pant of such premises to be notified either ver bally or in writing, of the cxUteucc of such nui sance or annoyance, mid directed forthwith to abate the same, and if such uui.-aiice shall not be abated within twenty-four hours after such notice, the owner or occupant of such premises shall for feit and pay a line of not less than five, nor more than fifteen dollars, and the Town Marshal shall be authorized to cause such nuisance or annoy ance to be abated, for the costs of which abate ment, together with the penally aforesaid, the said owner or occupant shall be liable, and the same l shall lie collected for the use of the town in the the same manner as other lines and penalties are collected under the municipal regulations of said town. Passed May 17th, 1800. EI.WOOD KVAXS, President of the liourd of Trustees. Attest : Rii ii: I'd I.a lie, Clerk. Td ALL 11 IT MAY H Jr. VOW YK that at the OKI l»ONt Office, Portland, all Descriptions of Stationery, Blank Books, &c., All Novels by the following Authors, viz: Mrs. Southworth, Sam Slick, Miss Itrciner, James, Mrs. Ilenlz, Mrs. (lore, Ann L. Stephens, Mrs. Holland, Charles Dickens, Win. Ilowitt, llulwcr, . I.agctchinikolf, Mi.-s I'ardoc, " Spindler, Itcyuolds, Ward, Kmersou llennett, C. A. Murray, Charles Lever. Fierce Kgan, Alexander Dumas, I'e Kcauford, ('apt. Marryatt, Anderson, Smilh, Charles Itowcroft, Arthur. Mrs. Maberly, Ainsworlh, Knowles, Maitlaud, Dc Vigny, Kugciic Sue, Mrs. S. C. Hall, Disraeli. Currer Ifell, K. .1. Peterson, D. Hennay, Leigh Hunt, Wharton, Carlile, Miss S. Ferric, Mil: si Pickering, Henry Fielding, Lippnrd, Mrs. liichliahl, Frank Farleigh, H. 11. Milnuui, Mrs. (Jrav, (S. 11. Lewis, |)r. Ilollicut, Mrs. (ia.-kell, (!co. Sand, Collins, Tobias Smollett, Mrs. Trollopc, Thackeray, and of all other authors, copies of which will lie sent by mail or express to any part of Oregon, or Washington Territory, on receipt of I illy cents per volume in postage stamps or cash. X. It.—Liberal allowance to the Trade. ALSO Tales of tlu» Hen, Jli<;liw:ivinp», Atlvoiituiva, Revolutionary Tales, Travels Cook I»(»oks, &e., &c, Also the following 1 new Novels:!! ami Fallen Star.', C.uid hi! in. nr I lit* Death <>t' Morgan. Dii kens' Short Stories, Against Wiml ami Tide, Tlir llamitril 11>>11■ <■ >t«':ii!. Tlir (tM Stone Mansion, The Mill mi lli>' Floss. Anecdotes of l,o\e, A tin in lim-11. Minis ter's Wimiiijr. (hit nf tin- Depths, I.ucv Crofloii. Self Help. Wild Sports id the Smith. Adventures of .loinillian 111iitit'I>if>1. I.izzv lileiin. I,me nie lit tle, luve me long, Love—by Miehi'let. from the French, Woman—liy Micliclet, frum llie French, The Virginians. All the nliove works are l>y the most noted au thors in the world. Also, New-papers. Periodicals, Ac. Agent for the San Kritneiseo lliilletin, Alia California, and Washington Standard, the liesl papers on the Pn eille coast. A subscription list, with scale of prices, will lie sent to any part, if desired. Also dealer in Apples, l'ears, Plums, Ac.. and all kinds of green ami dried Krnits, Candies, Ki.-h SanciM. Syrups, l'owder and Shot. Jfetf" All of the nhnvc will lie carefully pin ked and sent lo any portion of the country desired. CHAItf.KS RAIiIiKTT. Pro., At the Old Post Olliee, Portland, Oregon, November 17, IHiiO. I:tf .\olice to Donation Claimant* OK WAS 11 INC TON TKIIMTOItV. M OKI) than Konrtecn Hundred Donation Pa. pers, (Notilieatious and Final Proofs.) ale now lying in the pigeon-holes of the KcgUtcr'n Ol liee, upon which certificates can lie issued as soon as Kl' and CO.MPI.KTK OOPIKS AUK M ADK. To do the whole of that work would Mipiire the constant lahor of the llegister from two to three years, provided that he had no other duties toper form. Hut when it is known that two-thirds of his time is occupied with conflictiii|;donuti«itisand pre-empt ion canes, persons having donation papers in the olliee may well look to the future for their certificates and Patents, lieiicviug that many would prefer having their donations completed now. rater than wait for the indefinite ' course of human events "and being w ell ncipi.tinted with the business, I nm prepared to make out papers and procure Certificates for claimants iiiall parts of the Territory. I w ill also attend lo the preparation and filing ol declaratory statements ami final proofs lor pre-empt ions, ami draw i ng maps ofclaims mid Town ships, from the originnal surveys.furtlmsc de-iring lhi-ni. For preparing the papers and procuring a certificate for a donation claim, where there is no conflict, luy charge is live dollars. For preparing andli ling" declaratory statements and paying the government fee, three dollars. For Township maps, live dollars, and claim maps one dollar each. In nil cases the leu must come in advance. Persons having liought land, iici|iiiredunder the Donation cannot lie too careful to see Certifi cates are issued. A. M. POK, Nov. 21, IHilO. Olympiii, W. T. QUINCY HALL —TIIE— LARGEST Clothing Emporium IN CAI-IFOHNIA. l it, 149 nnd 151 WMNIIIKKIOII St., SAN FRANC ISCO. November 17, 1800. I:m3 EL WOOD ATTORNEY AT LAW, OLYMPIA, W. T. Office In Wright's New Huildlng, first door cast of Main Street. Nov. 14th, IRCO. I :ly Notice to Tai*Payeri. THE Delinquent Tax Koll of Thurston county will be kept at the store of Win. (S. Dnnlap, ill Olympiii, from nnd after this date. AH persons who have been called upon for their taxes, and have not paid the suine, are requested todosoHE FORK THE 25T11 DAY OF DECEMHER NEXT. WILLIAM HILLINGS, Sheriff of Thurston County, W. T. Olympia, Nov. 1", JHito. I £«!.»,OOOlo tU*(ribiitc<l ill<»ifY* JAXTAKY fltli, 1H(»1. ("IKOIUSK C. i!Itl(!(JS' (111AXI) VOCAL AXD ~J(' Dramatic (iit'i Knlcriniiiiueut will lit- given a; iliu Tiikatiik, January stlt, lHul, mi which occasion the following Magnificent Prizes will he distributed among the Ticket Holders. 412 Prizes. Tickets, $2! I,IST OF PRIZK3, I'iiirt l'ntzi: —llriggs' Old Orchard—This property consists <>!' I'<s acres of Yitbit Itiver llottoin Land, together with the House known as l, Hriggs' Ho tel." ami the limns and Sheds attached thereto The Orchard niinilicrs .'t.'i.ono Trees, all of the choicest varieties, and is the largest orchard in the world, and probably the most ]irodiictive property in the .State. The l'ruit from this or chard la-ought, in 185 M, S s 7l >,ui»o; in IH.VJ, SIOO,- 000; in lWio,about $ 125,000. This property is valued at §210,000 Siicosn I'lliZl-: —Sacniniento Itiver Orchard—Con taining Ico acres; 21,0110 Fruit Trees in variety; planted in 1857-'SH, most of which will lie in good condition for hearing Fruit the coming year. Valued at $120,000 Tniun I'iiizk —Oroville Orchard—Containing 200 acres; Fruit Trees in variety; valued lit ... SOO,OOO Foiiitii I'iii/.k—l'axton Orchard, near Marysvillc— -7o acres of Land, 12,000 Fruit Trees, I liaise and Itarn; valued at $72,000 Fifth I'iiizk —llauu Orchard, near Marysville— (is acres, Fruit Trees, 20,000 (Snipe Vines; valueil at $53,000 Sixth I'iiizk —Cole Orchard, near Marysvillc— 4l acres, 7.000 Fruit Trees; valued at $42,000 Skvkntii I'rizk —Vineyard on the old Itaiich, 2.J miles from Marysvillc, 10 acres, 8,000 Vines; valued at sH,ooo Kioiitii I'iiizk — t «rain Field—part of old lianch; 250 acres; valued at si>,ooo Ninth I'iiizk — drain Field—part of old Itaucli; IHU acres; valued al n. $4,000 Tkxtii I'iiizk —Sacramento Itiver itnneh—2so acres (Meadow); valued at $3,000 Ri.kvkxth I'iiizk — l'axton Kauch—(Meadow); 50 acres; valued at S.' Twki.ktii I'iiizk —Feather Itiver Itaucli—(Meadow); liiil acres; valued at $2,000 400 Cash (lilts of .f5 each, from Xos. 12 112..52,000 Total ?iil"i,000 Comprising, altogether. liinl acres of l.nml, lnl,- niii) I-'rnii Treev, I!i4,uu>) Crape Villi'. , ami ill Cilsh. The liimls upon which tli'Ve Orchards are plaut eil are all liottmn lain!.", nml as good as ean lie fomi'l in the Stale. Apples, Peaches, Apricot*, Nectarines, Pears, I'lmn . Figs. (Quince, lilack Wal nut, Almond. Arc.: will lie fonnil in these Orchards in greatest variety anil of the choicest kiml -. The character of the Fruit i< w ell know n throughout the Northern ami central portions of the State. All of the Vines ami nearly all of the Fruit Trees will lie of age to he ill' a g 1 crop the coming year. We append the following certificate for the lienefit of persons nut well acquainted with the \ ill lie of the property: We, the undersigned. hereby certify that we are acipiainleil with most of the above de-icrihcd prop erly, anil that we il l not helirvc it.- \alne,as above stated, is over i (imalcd. ■liillii l'. Kail, Marysville. Hon. S. M. Illiss. Marysvillo. Win. K. 11 ml mi, •' D. \\ . C. liice, " John A. Pax'on, " John I). I'ackard, '• S. P. Wells, " J. I!. Humphrey, " l!ev. 1",. It. Waisworth, Marysville. J. K. I.iiilliiciiiu. I'd. K.\press. 11. P. Kvery, Kd. Appeal. John I!. I'M. Democrat, Charles Covillniid, Marysville. (!en. John A. Sutter, lloek Kami. Hl'V. (I. Wheeler, Cor. See. Cul. State A jr. Society, Sacramento. A. P. Smith, Sacra.icnto. Sidney Smith, J. Itryant llili & Co.. San Francisco. J. 1,. Sanfoi'd. Sail Kr.uiclseo. Kuapp, Itnrrill A Co., Sun Francisco. The Distribution of the (iifts will lie under the direction of a Committee of gentlemen chosen I»v the I'lidienee on li e i iciiiiig of the Concert. UKOUCK (i. lII!l»i(iS, Proprietor. Marvsville, Oct. ISiM. I : td. B»«£. UIOI.IMI M Anli-lhii'iiin.'ilic and IIKAI.TII KKSTi >1! ATIVK—Irf Till-) MOST VAI,- u.J'lr ami unsurpassed remedy for lllicumntism anil (tout lo lir l*ihi!i<l in the world ami known at present. Tin- discoverer ul I In* above medicine does (Taini its infallibility in all rases of Itlicuma tism nml (■ cmt—when used according to direction —ami docs oiler a reward of live thousand dollars to any inedicine licit will supersede it, and is en tirely vegetable. The Doctor is enalded to offer tlie aliovc reward on account of his having used tlii* above for ten years in liis practice, and has never known it to fail in the cure of the most pro tracted cases of Ithenniatisin and (lout. Dr. Adol |ihns is known ami highly celebrated all over the State, for his cures in' KhcuimitUiii, (iout ami t'lironic Diseases. In secondary nnil tertiary Syphilid. Scrofula, enlargement of the (Stands, l>rop«v, ami all ner vous and Cutaneous Diseases mid the whole train or Chronic Diseases, whose very name is a terror 119 well to the Physician as to the patient, this medicine has proved to he superior to any in exist ence, and has cured thctn iu so short a time that they appeared like being abolished by magic intlu ene'e : iu fact a few more such discoveries, ami druggist* will not need lo keep a lot of useless medicines on hand, whenever they are prescribed once iu a ten score, they have lost by time their properties, in which their value did reside, if there was actually any in them. Take this medicine when your digestive organs are disordered ami your blood is impure, and it will surely act on your bowels. Take this inedicine when your have a cold, and it will make you perspire freely. Take this medicine when your urinary and ab sorbing organs are disordered and it will net on your kidneys, il penetrates every part of the body searches even the most remote and secret recesses of your system, and removes the diseases located there—it restores healthy actiou and give tone to every organ in the human body—therefore it has righteously deserved the name it bears HEALTH UKSTOIIATIVK. The Doctor, who is averse to nil patent medi cines, \\ is lies t« lie understood that the above medi eine is no such thing, lint that lie ling through the introdiietion of thU mcdieiiic with its treatise and direction for use, made every sufficr to be bin own physician ill the above named diseases. Thinking it under my dignity to t'ullow the mode of qunckd by appending the certificates of physi cians or private persons which it is too well known can be bad for certain remunerations, applications of friends, or liv the mode of boring a man half to death, for even the most worthless trash, 1 will therefore leave to those in want of medieine to en quire personally of men who have been cured by my medicines of the above diseases, and who can lie found ill almost every city and villiage through out the State. I consider such personal convic tion far more superior to certificates of persons tlmt are far from being known to them in wint of medi cal aid. Ilut should any one rare for written testimonials or certificate!) regarding the cures performed by this medicine they call at my oflice and I will show them certificates of true merit, which have been sent to me voluntarily, without applying for tlicui, or bv boring individuals to get them. For sale by ADOLPJIITS k Jt'NOERMAN, 40 Montgomery street, three doors from Hush, and by all the linguists in the city. AOKXTB —Crowe!! A Crane, corner of Clay and Front streetß—ltedington A Co., Clay street—Mor rill, corner of Washington and 1 lattery sts., Kan Francisco. 1:1 ni WASHINGTON HOTEL, NU..48 G.4LMIIE:i,Pro. CORNER OF SECOND AND MAIN STREETS, Olympiu, W. T. Hoard per week «!!j oo Olyuipio, Nov. j:t, J Will. :Iv Dlt. J. C. YOUNG, LATE PIIOt'ESSOU OF TIIK UNIVERSITY OK PESN. Ci.u be found at his Private Medical Office and Hospital, No. 210 CLAY STRKKT, Opposite t!ic southeast comer of the l'laza. WIIKUK UK CAN BE CONSULTED L'Rl vately, and with the utmost confidence, by the afflicted, at all hours daily, from 8 A. M. to 8 1». M. 1)R. YOUNG addresses tliose who are suffering under the aHliction of private diseases, whether arising from impure connection or the terrible vice of self-abuse, Devoting his entire time to that particular branch of the profession, he feels war ranted in GUARANTEEING A CL'ISK IX ALL CASKS, whether of longstanding or recently con tracted. entirely removing the dregs of disease from the svstcm, and umkiugu Peiukct and I'ER MANENT CL'LLK. lie would cull the nttention of the afflicted to the fact of his long-standing and well-earned rep utation, furnishing sullicieut assurance of his skill and success. Upwards of live thousand have been dis charged cured in the year ending July Ist, 1HI!0, showing a record surpassing any hospital in the I'nited States. CONSULTATION, by letter or otherwise, Fuke CONSTITUTIONAL DEIIILITY AND SEMINAL WEAKNESS.-—Dr. Young addresses those who have injured themselves by private and improper indulgence iu that secret and solitary habit which ruins the body and mind, unfitting them either for business or society, with the view to impress upon their minds, before It is too late, the absolute ne cessity of skillful medical treatment, and by n direct course of reasoning to show that although we may not be ungrateful for the health given us, that it cannot be sported or trilled with without loss; nnd when once engendered cannot be regain ed by mere abstinence from folly, or urgent and strong display of courage. It may not be generally understood by the great majority of sufferers from mental depressions, that these dull and heavy sen. atinus experienced in the head and about the chest, accompanied bv feelings of anxiety and foreboding, arise from a disorgan ization of the important functions of the body.— Such, how ever, is the fact, nntfin latter years to such an extent lias this been carried that oyr In sane Asylums are becoming filled with patients who owe to this cause alone their suffering. The study and practice Of years has shown conclusively that to the weakness of the genital organs, super induced far too often by self-abuse, which has be come so apparent iu the face : and where once our fathers stood giants in muscular force, the men of to-day are dwarfs iu conidarison. The symptoms of the disease may be faint to-dag. but so surely as you experience that weakness in the back ami limbs, dimness of sight, nervousness, derangement of the digesti\e functions, anil gen eral debility, so surely w ill follow the harrow ing mental prostration tntruwful to contemplate, and which will end only as the last breath comes strug gling. gasping from the breast of the expiring vic tim. There i« something noble in dying when the good has been fought, but what man can view a grave tilled by one whose life dribbled out iu pollution, without a feeling of disgust. Do not hesitate, hoping that time w ill eradicate w hat it only strengthens, but call at once at my otlice, with the full assurance of a speedy and per manent cure. Let no sense of false shame deter you, but. save yourself from the awful effects of this dread disorder, and regain the full strength of your manhood. Nrrriir) In no form enlerft Into (he itenirdlrM adopted by l>r. Young. Mercury has been named, not inaptly, '• The curse of Man," an, under the treacherous pnrb of a restorer, it bequeaths the most terrible disease. We do not see it at once, but hidden beneath the fair surface, it poisons the blood, destroys the ner vous and muscular system, preventing the action of the joints, and rendering wretched, under the name of rheumatism, the life of the sutfercs.— ••The remedy is worse than the disease," as many a poor, crippled, miserable, toothless wretch will say, while pointing to his decayed jaws and ulcer ous giwns, lie tells of its ravages—or at his swollen joints and body marked with purple or leaden col ored sores which speak of his pains, and again m his impaired, ruined digestion, which tells of wretched days and fleepic. s nights. All atfections arising from the use of mercury perfectly eradicated anil health fully restored. All dlxeasfN of a prif n« nut arising from impure connection, such as I'leers. Swelling of the (irolus, I'lcers in the Throat, Sec ondary Syphilis, Cutaneous Kruptions, I'lcerations. Tertiary Syphilil, Syphilis in Children, Mercurial Syphilitic Atfections. (lonorrlura, (fleet. Strictures. False Passages, liillamatiou of the llladder, and I'rostrate Clauds. Kxcoriations, Tumors, Pustules etc., treated in the most scientific manner. Cure alwnjN Kiiimtnlerd or no fee Required. Dr. Young would state that he has been n pro fessor of Obstetrics and Female diseases for the past fourteen years, and is fully <|iiuliticd to ad minister in all eases both medically and surgically, not in a superficial, but in as thorough a manner as years of study and practice—both in hospitals and private families—can make. Therefore fami lies can rely upon liiu as upon u father. All in aflliction can find in him one who can feel rn 1 sympathise with, and befriend them in trouble— one in whose pccrcsy the utmost bonlidence can be placed, dome, all ye that are afflicted and in trouble, and you will lie relieved and cured. lMlvafe Medical OlHre nnd Hospital 21ii CLAY STREET, Opposite southwest corner of the I'hir.a, SAN FRANCISCO. 1)R. J. C. YOUNG. DR. J. C. Yotrrn, who has become so celebra ted for the thousands of cures which lie lias per formed ou old, chronic, mcrcuridl, syphilitic, and all private diseases, without mercury, is consulted daily at his office, 210 Clay St., from tl A. M. to 8 I*. M. A cure fiuarantecd or no pay. Dr. Young lias probably had more practice in vcucrcal diseases than any physician iu California, lie cures nil the most aggravated cases of this dis ease, anil inild ones he removes iu from two to five days. The Doctor has for many years been known as the most eminent nnd successful physi cian practising in the United States, nnd what is more important to the patient, he always effects a speedy and permanent cure. Travelers, seamen, miners oiul others, who wish to be cured without mercury, hindrance from busi ness, or exposure to friends, should apply to him as soon as possible, and a perfect cure guaranteed in all curable eases. The following arc n few of the many testimonials of l>r. Voting's ability as a practitioner, which have appeared in the public journals of the last few years: [FIIOM THK BOSTON MEDICAL JornxAt..] Although we arc opposed to the system of ad vertising for good and sufficient reasons, still we deem it but justice to say that l)r. Young is one of the most industrious and indefatigable votaries of the medical science iu the United States. [FROM I*BOF*BBOB JACKSON.] The subscriber is personally acquainted with Or. Young, and has seen much of bis practice, and van bear testimony to bis merits as a practitioner. [FROM THK NEW YORK HERALD.] The eminence of this distinguished gentleman in his profession, and the very extended opportuni ties possessed by him for the observance of vene real diseases, makes his services invaluable to those afflicted with the above complaints. [FROM THK WMA AFD ADVERTISER.] All afflicted with private complaints should, if possible, consult Dr. Young, whose medical edu cation is not surpassed by any physician in the country. In his skill, honor and integrity nil may rely with safety, while most of the medical prac titioners in this city lire without honesty or res ponsibility. their pretensions being grounded iu ignorance and assumption. Important to Straußcrit and Other* Requiring Medical Treatment. Dr. Young if •'■.e jdor.eer Vdvertislng Physiiiiui in California, nml the only one now ailvcrlis'ne who hns received a regular medical education wliich is requisite for the successful treatment of diseases. Uccause of hit) unparalleled success . there have sprung, from time to time, into exintl once, impostors, without character or education" who, liy boasting have manured to deceive the unl >v:irv sufferer into the belief tliat they were respcct able and scientific men. In so doing, they Imve scattered broadcast their nostrums among tiie ln, n est and unsuspecting, to the destruction of health and in some cases life itself, llewarc of them *j you would of the I'pas tree, for they are ns deg.- tructive. I>r. Young's office is at 210 CLAY ST. opposite the southwest corner of the l'laza. ' With regard to remuneration, (an indispensable preliminary between patient mid prescriber, and which no fastidiousness or false delicacy should set aside.) Or. Young begs respectfully to state tv those wishing to consult him, that in ordinarr in. stances the usual fee is expected as by other prac thinners ; but where patients reck to entrust their cases to his entire management, he takes this op portunity of expressin his readiness to name a specific consideration to conduct the case for a determinate period, or to nwucccssful issue, where* by the invalid is at once apprised of the extent of the expense to he incurred, and the physician se cured the punctual attendance of his patient, which the golden toll often deters beyond the second or third interview, and which arrangement Or. Young will be happy to apportion to the punc— length of the patient, as umy be agreed at the first inter view. TO CORRESPONDENTS. Patients residing in any part of the State, how* ever distant, who may desire the opinion and ad' vice of Dr. Young on their respective cases, anil w ho think proper to submit a written statement of such, iu preference to holding a personal interview are respectfully assured that their communications w ill be held most sacred. Dr. Young takes this opportunity of observing that nil letters are only opened and replied to by himself, and the hitter it's promptly as possible. If the case be fully and candidly described, per. sunn! communication will lie superseded, us in structions for diet, regimen, and the general trCkt ment of the case itself, (including the remedies,) will be forwarded without delay, nnd in such a manner as to convey no idea of the letter or parcel so transmitted. Consultation gratis. J. C. YOt'NG, M. D. Tlic Frcncli rnnar. or Female Sfonflily Pill*. Tlic lif«t remedy ever discovered for suppressed menses in females. Tliev are safe and suie, acting in the most easy manner possible, never creating sickness, but renovating tlie system, ami at the same time they remove any obstructions which may impede Cor the time the natural flow of the menses. No family should lie without a box in the house, as they greatly assist in the delivery, at maturity, of the child. They should rot be taken under some circumstances, in the early stapes of pregnancy, which will appear plain to ladies. l'rice $:• per box, with full directions, sent to any part of the Pacific coast upon receipt of the moucv. Address J. r. Yor.vG, 210 Clay street, Opposite routhwest corner of the lMazsi, 1 :m3 Hun Francisco. Sands' Sarsaparilla. The CSreat American Remedy For Purliyinß Ibe Blood. WILL UK POI ND A CKItTAIN CUKE POM Scrofula, Rheumatism, Suit lihciim, Fe ver Sores, Erysipelas, Pimples, liiles, Mercurial Diseases, Liver Com plaint, Cutaneous Eruptions, Stubhorn Ulcers, Loss of Appetite, General De bility, &c. - 7 AM AX ALTKRATIVK AXI> IIENOYATING AGENT, IT 18 VNEGL'ALLED! ! ! A I.lontiful supply of pure blood is as essential tn animal lilt 1 as light, licat, and gonial showers tire to tin- vegetable Kingdom. When the proper cir culation of the vital! is imputed, sickness is the inevitable consequence, the seeretions become unlienlty, the liver becomes clogged with impure liile, which, forced into the system, vitiates and iu llamcs the blood, engendering scrofula and cutane ous and biliary disorders. The experience of six teen years has fully established the high reputa tion of this invaluable medicine; its curative pow ers have been thoroughly tested in long-standing and obstinate eases, with such invariable success as to call forth the most fluttering romnicndations from eminent physicians throughout the country. MEDICAL TESTIMONY. The following recommendation is from one of the oldest pliysicions in New Loudon, Conn.: Messrs. A. il. & I).'SANDS:——Yatlf Sarsapnrilla lias been very extensively us«d in this city and the neighboring towns, and so fur as my knowledge extends, uniformly with success. In :i great variety of diseases of long standing, and of a very distressing and dangerous character, which have resisted a long list of remedial agents,- it ha* been used—in many of them with oomplete suc cess, and in ail with decided benefit. It is regard ed by the medical profession as a medicine of great efficacy in a numerous class of diseases, such as in veterate constitutional complaints, when the sys tem has been long diseased; in cases of long stand ing; in obstinate diseases of the skin; iu enfeebled conditions of the system; in chronic abscesses, at tended with profuse discharges; diseases of tho bones; obstinate ulcers; chronic pulmonary affec tions, enlarged glands, and various other maladies connected with a depraved state of the system. Its use is usually followed with improvement of ap petite and digestion, increase of strength and flesh, better rests at night, the production of a more healthy state of mind, nnd complete restoration to health. Truly yours, WM. STERNE, SI. D. Prepared nnd sold by A. B. k I). SANDS, whole sale druggists, lot) Fulton street, corner of William, New York. For snle by 11. JOIINSON k Co., and RKDINOTOI •t Co., San Francisco; KICK k Com, Mnrysvillc It. 11. MCDONALD k Co., Sacramento; and liy drug gists generally. I:3m The Oreat Jupanene Remedy. THIS WONDERFUL REMEDY, CALLED TUB Japanese Venereal SALVE, and used for the euro of Syphilitic Sores nnd procured at great trouble and expense, is now placed iu the hnuds of gists for -ale, where persons nfllictcd can purehuse it, nnd effect cures without the consequent mortifi cation nnd heavy charges incurred by going to physicians. The ingredients procured from these scientific nnd wonderful people are such as have not been known to the rest of the world in the cure of loathsome corruptions, and far excels any thing heretofore used. Testimonials of nth nishing cures could be obtained if necessary, but it is only requisite to test it to prove its great hettline quali ties. The cost is nothing computed to its value. For sale at all the Druggists. THE JAPANESE BALVE, For the euro of Cuts, 11 urns, Sprains, Gunshot Wounds, l'iles, Noils; Chilblains, lirubes and all Kinds of.Sores, hns been discovered to be the best and most wonderful prepri nt ion ever used. Its healing properties are at tonishiug, almost magical. It supersedes all salves now in use, and develops one great good that has resulted from the opening of Japanese ports to the commerce of the world, and will-cause all that use it to rejoice tlmt so de sirable result has been accomplished. This salve hits been sufficiently used to test its qualities.— Try it all—everybody. No family should be with- » out it—and although the ingredients arc rare and expensive, only FIFTY CKXTH is charged for a box. It can be obtained of all the Druggists. PR. KENT, Agent, Nevada. I:m3 *„*Thc bet I puriticr of the blood is Uall's £*»•• • sit pari 11a

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