Newspaper of The Washington Standard, February 9, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated February 9, 1861 Page 3
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favors a repeal of all unconstitutional or offensive laws. (iov. Andrews of Massachusetts, ree iiinntends an increase of the military, believes the personal liberty bills are strietlv constitutional and submits the subject to the wisdom of the Lcgisla- ""(iov. Letcher, of Virginia, in his iin s-au'e recommends a convention ot all the* Southern States, condemns the liastv action of South Carolina, pro li.'.-es a~yraie Convention amf the-ap-- |nlintuicnt of discreet Commissioners t,i visit the Northern States and insist on the unconditional repeat ot obnox ious laws, and further guarantees for the protection of slavery in the District ~'f Columbia, and equality of rights in the States and Territories. An attempt of the Federal troops to pass across Virginia for the purpose of coercing the'southern States, he holds would be an act of invasion and must be repelled. He has hopes of adjustment by slough in" off Xew England and Western New Vork and letting them form an alliance with Canada. The Governor of Ohio urges a more effective organization of the military, dei.ies the right of secession, and advo cates the repeal of personal liberty law. (iov. I licks, of Maryland, fo out with an address sustaining his refusal to con vene the Legislature. Mavor Wood's message to tlio New York Aldermen, recommends a seces sion of the city from the State, and the formation of a free city. He is not prepared f>r violent measures however. The appointment of Cameron as Sec retary of the Treasury, is doubtful. (' is sp >ken ot as the most likely t-» bo Hitler's successor from Pennsyl vania, in the Senate. The bill to arm the State of Missouri has been introduced in the Senate, and :tlso a Convention bill. A bill was passed taking away the power from mayors of cities to order out the mili tary to tire on a mob. in the Senate, on the ">th inst., the I'iu-ilie Railroad bill was considered. Seward had some objections to it; he preferred a more northerly route, but would support the bill as the great compromise measure which would bind together North, South, East and West. Kiec, of Minn., ottered an amend ment providing for a more Northern route, which was not acted upon. l'olk offered :m amendment, making the North Kansas river the initial point. Wilson of •Massachusetts, supported the amendment, which was adopted— !>•"» to - ; .5. A dispatch to the Cincinnati '(inzrtte says that Polk's amendment has killed t!i'e bill, and that not pass this :- ;>ion, owing to the disposition of the Senate to load it down with ameud jii.-n ts of a sectional character. The Illinois Senate organized and e!e -ted U"ptibliean officers. The House w.n not organized on the 7th, the Dem ocrats refusing to come in. A motion i:i the Senate to go into an election for Senator the next day, was made and withdrawn. Lucius Woodruff, of Northampton, X. C., was barbarously murdered bv his slaves. They itave been iirresteil. It is rumored that Abolitionists were at the bottom of the crime. LATER. —The Tennessee Legislature met to-day. The Governor recom mends the question of calling a con vention to be left to the people. On refusal thereof, Tennessee should niain t.ii 11 her equality in, or independence out of, the Union, lie also recom mends the organization of the militia and the purchase of arms. The immediate secessionists carried New Orleans yesterday. The Virginia House yesterday unan imously appointed a Committee to re port a Convention bill. The excite ment has somewhat subsided. The Alabama Convention was very quiet. Phillips, Secessionist, was elect ed temporary Chairman. Brooks was elected permanent President over.!ami son. Fowler, Secessionist, was elected Secretary. A detachment of troops will leave Boston for Florida to-morrow. A number of marines have been or dered South from the Charleston Navy Yard. Commodore Kearny has withdrawn his resignation on account of the do ings at Charleston. Two persons named John Hawes and Kobert M. Evans had a tight last night with bowie knives and pistols at Evansvillc, In J., when both were killed and a by-stander wounded by a shot. ST. LOUIS, Jan. 10. —Miramon wa? routed on the2'2d December. The cap ital was occupied on Christmas by the Liberal arinv. Pueblo also capitulated. The City of Mexico was tranquil. By the Valentine, from Liverpool, on the 24th, we have the intelligence that Italian affairs were unchanged. A movement was commenced in Home in favor of annexation to Sar dinia. There was groat demoralization in the beseiged army at Ciaeta. Secretary Thompson lias resigned, on the ground that the Secretary of War lias sent reinforcements to the South, without consultation with the < 'abinet, after the distinct understand ing that it should uot be done. The finding of the Star of the Wci7 is a fact. Edward Cowan, of Westmoreland county. Pa., has been elected United States' Senator, in the place of Bigler, • •vcr Foster. Cowan was formerly a Clay Whig, and is not radical. , ! The Mississippi ordinance for imrne : diate secession, was unanimously agreed uj>on in Committee yesterday. The excitement was intense. ST. LOUIS, Jan. 10—10 A. M. —TLe Star of the lit'.*/, on attempting to en ter Charleston harbor at daylight yes terday morning, was fired upon by the garrison at Morris Island and by Fort Moultrie. The steamer put about and went to sea. Ten shots were fired. It is not known whether any one on board wfirJ inilirfwl * lint' it'. Iri IxMICVOU Hot. IT (IN I 111 111 VVI K '"II IV IW MVIIV »VM Fort Sumpter did not respond. At 11 o'clock Major Anderson sent 1 a flag of truce with u note to Governor ' Pickens of South Carolina, demanding ! explanations of the fire from fort Moul j trie upon the steamer Star of the 11 r cst. Governor Pickens gave reasons for the proceedings, when Major Anderson agreed to refer the matter to Washing ton ; and Lieutenant Talbot immedi ately set out with dispatches. Four shuts from Fort Moultrie took effect on the steamer. It is thought that she will be sent back with u naval force, if the President does not change his mind. Military expeditions have left Xew Orleans to seize Fort Jackson, [near Xew Orleans." Fort Pike [which pro tects the Higolette or entrance to Lake Ponehartrain,] and Baton Rouge Ar senal. A Xew York dispatch of the 9th states that the sloop-ol'-wn'r Brooklyn had just put to sea and passed the Capes at 2 i'. M. A Washington dispatch of the oth states that the object of the departure of the Brooklyn, was supposed to be to | bring back the troops of the Slur oj the ! UV.vV to Xorfolk, in ease their entrance was resisted by the South Carolina au thorities. The ordinance of the secession of Mississippi has been passed by a vote of 84 to 10. Efforts to postpone were voted down. In the Alabama Convention on the oth, a committee was draw |up an ordinance of secession. Itprob : ably passed by a small majority. ! Five volunteer companies organized :by the Governor of Florida, lclt for 1 Pensaeola on the oth. I The l'resideut on 1 lio 'Jilt, sent :i special mcss | j>j>e to Congress, stating (tint we it re ill lilt' midst I <•(' ii grent revolution, and there is no alternative ' hut to collect the revenue, and protect the public properly as at; practicable under existing laws ; that it devolves in C'rnprffs to wlum is re served the powir to declare war and remove griev ances whit h may lead to war. to act in the pres ent emergency. lie recommends the Missouri Compromise line adjustment. lie says the forts and arsenals have been seized ! by aggressive acts, and Congress should endeavor | to lind lor these dilliculties a peaceful solution, j Anderson has faithfully but imperfectly per | formed his duty. ST. I.oils, Jan. 11th—11 p. M. —Forty l'uited States soldiers arrived here (St. I.ouis) this morn ing Irom cllVrsou Barracks, for the purpose of guarding the Sub-Trea.-ury in this city. They arc stationed around the Custom-house. The l.ouUi.innt forts and arsenals we re seized to day w itliout rcisistaiicc. The N<w York Legislature to-day, by a vote of lli to'J. passed a resolution introduc'd by the Speaker. Littlcjohn, dcnouncii g the hostile pro ceedings of the Southern States, as a declaration of war; applauding the lirm course of the Presi dent ; ten lerlug men and money to uphol 1 th» laws; and th liking the Southern States who had n it joined in i!ic secession. I'orls John on and Caswell (which protect the entrance of Cape I'i .ir river) .North Carolina, were seized on the night of the tub, by the Siuithvillc Guards. (Accordingto the American Almanac of 18CO, the garrison of these forts, and of Kurt Jack son and I'ikc in Louisiana, had been for some time u ithdrawn.) The steamer Joseph Whiting left Boston on the 10th January, stopping at Fori Independence for munitions and troops, supposed to be for the rein forcement of the Florida forts. The Charlcstoiiiaus were engaged in converting vessels into gun-boats, in anticipation of the arri val of the I'. S. sloop.of-war Brooklyn, and were determined to have a desperate battle. Further Detail*. So far. two ofliccrs of the army and eleven of the navy, natives of South Carolina, have resigned. Also two ollicers of the nrtny, natives of Georgia, have resigned their commissions. A gentleman from Charleston has received a dis patch from Ex-Governor Adauis, one of the South Carolina commissioners now iu Washington, say ing—"Guard the entrance to the harbor. Hasten preparations for war 1" P. M. S. S. Co.'s steamer Panama, Capt. Watson, arrived at West Olympia whart, on Thursday, 12 o' clock, midnight, bringing passengers, freight and the express—sailed yester day morning at 10 o'clock. ftgrC. Crosby & Co., of Tumwatcr, have received a large accession to their stock of merchandise, by recent arri vals. See advertisement in another column. PAY UP! —Head the notice of Bett inan Bros., in to-day's paper. They desire all outstanding accounts to be settled by the first of April. LOST.—A note payable by W. M. Uutledgc to B. F. Yantis, or order; as the said note has been paid, persons are eantioned against purchasing the same. M ETEOROL( )GICAL. OLYMPIA, Washington Territory, » Lat. 47° 3' N., I.on. 122° 56' W. / The followiiifr arc the nicU-orologicnl changes for the week ending Thursday Feb. 7th. The ob servations arc taken at 7 AM., 1 p. u. and ti p. H. 7-1 <> in. iky. -weather. Friday 1 34 48 44 4i clr fro t Saturday... 2 35 ,50 46 47 do do Sunday 3. 40 50 ;47 45jj do Moadny.... -1 34 4!i |39 40j{ do frost Tuesday ... 5 33 49 42 41J do do Wednes'y -»> 32 48 ;42 4i)ij do do Thursday .. 7' 43 47 44 44jj cl-> rain 2d. afternoon, wind from the FPiith. and rain nt night. 4th. sth, nnd 6th, light fog of mornings. Amount of rain for week, .05 inch The thcrmometrical variation for the week end ing Thursday, Jan. 30: Friday, 25th, 35 47 40, in. 40j : r.iin—2'ith, 41 49 47, 35J ; rain—27th, 47 51 4rt, 48; fair—2Bth, 41 45 43, 43; rain—29th, 40 47 45. 44 : fair—3oth, 40 48 4i, 445; fair—3lst, 43 48 42, 44$ ; fair. Amount of rain durin? the week .85. JOHN' K HAM/. San Francisco Agency. TIIOS. ROYCR, Esq., N. R. corner of Montgom ery and Washington Sts., and CHAB. A. CRANE, Esq., «re our authorized Agents in Hon Francisco, to receive nnd receipt for Subscriptions and Ad vertising. Olympiu Relail Prices Current, CORRKCTED MONTHLY BY T. M. tIEKD, ESQ., Of 11. A. Judson k Co., Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Clothing, Hoots and Shoes, Hardware. Paints, Oils, &c &c 4c. PRODUCE. Flour bbl $5 00fi.!?5 50 Indian Meal lb 5c Buckwheat lb flutter "p lb 40 @ 50c Leaf Lard fl lb 18 <V«, 22e ltacon. hog round lb 15 ( if, 18c Sides and hams "pib 18 (tf 22c Eggs (« doz 40 (rtj 50c Chickens doz $3 00 (a-. 450 Beans '(•' lb 5 («. 7c Apples green lb 10 («] 12c do dried "J4* lb 18 («, 20c fleef on foot lb 4 (n) 5c do dressed lb 5 (it) 8c Mutton Vlb - 10 ( r m 15c l'ork lb 10 Of 15c Potatoes "ft bushel 40 (n 00c Turnips "$» bushel 30 (<w 50e Onions f) bushel ?1 50 Qf, 2 00 Cabbape head •> (" 10c Hay "f' ton $lO On $lB Wheat *}jl bushel 75 (n) 80c Oats "ft bushel 40 (jj\ 50c live & barley none in market OROI'EKIKS. Sugar, Powdered 18 («, 20c do Crushed 18 (if. 20c do N.O 12 (n; 14c do S. F. (coffee) 14 («', 10c Svrup, R. 11. and S. F. Gold'n 5 gal. $1 (a) sl| 'do R. H8 gal !»s(S>lloc Coffee. Rio 18 (if, 20c do Java 25 («\ 20c Candles, Adamantine 30 (if, 37Jc Chili Peaches none. Soap 10 lie- Table Salt 4 (« 5c Liverpool Salt 2 (m 3c Saleratus lHto2sc Sal Soda 10 to 15c Cream Tartar 50 to 00c Hire 10 to 12} e Tobacco 40 to 75c do Killikinick (smoking) 40 to 50c DRY fIOODS. Sheeting, brown 4-1, 10 to 14c; do 8-4. 18 to 22c ; do 12-1, 30 to 371c —do bleached, !> to 20c. Drillings, brown and bleached. 9 to 15c. Prints, French, 10 to 25c: do Mcrriinne, 12J to lCcj do American, fancy, 11 to 15c. Flannels, Eastern.4o to7sc ; Oregon, 10to C2jc; do Oregon l'-l, I 40 to 1 50c. Cash inu re. Oregon, so to 1 25c: Eastern $1 00 to Si ."><». Denims, If> to 25c. Carpels and Druggets .lust Received! 1)!iR Clipper Ship " Xorwester." Iroin Boston, and Bark '• Architect,'' from San Francisco, 3 Eagle Improved) Reapers and Mowers. Hi 0. CHOSBY k CO. 'B I i W k Steel and Caul l'lows. at II Ml C. CROSBY A' CO.'B " i v Justice Coukiug Stoves, ,)U "I C. CKOSBY A CO.'S V large lot of Stove I'ipe, at C. CKOSBY k CO.'S Also constantly on hand— An Kxtcnsivcasst. Tin wore; Groceries; Boots and Shoes; Dry and Fancy Goods; Clothing; Crockery ware; Orchard Grass Seed, Ac., Ac. All of which we arc selling very cheap for cash or country produce. C. CKOSBY A CO. Tumwatcr, February 0, 1801. 13 ITTIXDOW BLINDS, Doors, Windows, Ac., W at C. CROSBY & CO.'S DRESSED FI.OORINU, Brick and l.imc, at C. CROSBY & CO.'S Oll.s and Painta, at C. CROSBY ii CO.'S 1.1 AST BOSTON' SYRUP, at \ C. CROSBY & CO.'S, Tumwatcr. NOTICE! li rH, the undersigned, give notice to all per \\ sons indebted to us, either by note or ac count. to come forward and settle. All claims not settled by the lirstof April nexP, will be placed in the hands of the proper officer lor collection. BETTMAN BROS. Olympin, February 9th, 1801. 13:m2 Valentine Ball!! At the "Tumwater House," Tumwater, W. T. A GRAND BALI, will be given at the px "Tumwater House," on evening, February 14th, 1801. This is the CJR\ only notice that will be given. All are cordially invited to attend. Tickets, $3 00. DAVID BRANT, flk-jjr Forage will be provided for teams nt mod erate terms. Tumwater, January 25,1861. Il:w3 NUERII l'i NALK. BY virtue of nn order of sale issued by the Clerk of the District Court of the Second Ju dicial District uf the Territory of Washington, and to me directed, I have levied upon, seized and taken in execution, and will proceed to sell, ac cording to law, at the Court-house door, in the Town of Olympia, in said District, on Wednesday, tlie 27th day of February, at one o'clock in the afternoon, all the following described premises, vis : ALL TIIAT certain lot or parcel of land, in the • county of Thurston, Territory of Washington, con stituting all and singular the land embraced and described in the notiticutiou, on file in the office of the Kcgister of Washington Territory, situated in township eighteen (18) north range, two (!) west of the Willamette meridian, lying west or the portion assigned to Mury Ann M. Hurd, and by as signment of the said Register having been allotted the east half of said donation claim, which tract or parcel of land contains one hundred and thirty acre*, be the same more or less; and all embraced within sections eight and nine of said township. Axu ALSO ALL and singular the tract and parcel of land purchased by Moses llnrd of John B. Dicker son, one hundred and twenty acres or thereabouts, being the eastern half of the donation claim of the said John 11. Dickerson, the notification of which is on file in the office of the Register of the Terri tory of Washington ; saving and reserving there out certain lots of land, numbered and described upon the plat recorded in the office of the County Auditor of Thurston County as lots one (1,) two (2.) three (3.) four (4,) five (5,) six (6,) seven (7,) thirty-six (Mi.) thirty-seven (H7,) thirty-eight (38,) thirty-nine (30,) forty (40,) forty-one (41,) forty two (42,) forty-three (43,) fifty-three (53,) fifty four (54 L ) and fifty-six (66.) That is to say all the land now owned by the said Moses Hurd, pur chased by him of said John B. Dickerson. WILLIAM BILLINGS, Sheriff of Thurston County, W. T. January 26th, 1861. ll:4t SO STANDS OF BEES! Per Mr. Oregon—on Consignment. A RE offered at very low rate*. Those wlsh r\ ing to purchase are requested to applr at an cniTv dav. I). PHILLIPS k &OV. Olvntpln. Feb. 2. l««t. l?:wt "THE CAPITAL." MARKET 18 NOT REMOVED!! M UL'T IS LOCATED ON MAIN' STREET BETW. 3D AND 4TH, OLYMPIA. THE legislature Ims yet left to the citizens of Olympia and vicinity the privilege of eating good victuaW, and the undersigned is prepared to REEF, PORK, MUTTON, POULTRY, And all sorts of Marketable Produce. Give us a cnll—you shall not go awav dissatisfied. J. DUNI.AP & SON. Olympia, January 12, 1800. t):tf A LIBT OF PRICES —AT— QBINCY HALL, THR POFPIAR CLIII 9 ESTUn OF San Franc i«co. COATS. Splendid Black Frock Coats 5>12 00 Also, Fine Illack Frock Coats 10 00 Splendid Black and Rluc Sack Conts 8 00 Also, Good Business Sacks g 00 Fine Heaver Overcoats, late style 12 00 Good Business Overcoats 8 00 Good Light Summer Overcoats 0 00 PANTS. Fine Black Doeskin Pants 00 Also. Fine Black Cassimere Pants 3 50 Heavy Cassimere Business Pants 4 50 Also, Good Cassimere Business Pants 4 50 Also, Good Heavy Business Pints 2 50 V F.STS. Fine Quality Silk Velvet Vests $5 00 Fine Quality .Silk Vests .1 JO Also, Fine .Silk Vests 2 50 Good Murk Doeskin Vests 2 50 Also, Good Ctissimere Vests 2 00 Good Quality Working Vests 1 50 FURNISHING GOODS. Fine Quality l>avls & Jones' Shirts $1 50 Also. Good White Shirts <5 Fine Quality Colored Shirts 75 Good Check Shirts 50 Good Hickory Shirts 50 Best Quality Grey Over .Shirts I 00 Good Blue Over Shirts I 00 Fine Quality l.amlis' Wool Under Shirts 75 Good Merino I'nder Shirts 50 Good Lambs' Wool Drawers 75 Good Merino Drawers 50 Good Grey I'nder Shirts und Drawers 50 ALSO— FURNISHING GOODS OF EVERT DESCRIPTION. Hats, Caps, Trunk**, Tali New, and Carpet Bag*, Will be gold ut proportionately Low Kates. —AT— QUIMTOY HALL, I IT, I IJ» & 151 Wawhlnffton Street. DAVIS &. BOWERS. Nov. 17, IHUO. I:3m KENDALL CO. OFFERS FOR PALE At Ihe Old Ktand, Mouth-Went Corner of Main and Second Sis. A NEW ASI> WELL-SELECTED ASSORTMENT OP Family Groceries Of the best and moat approved qualities. I>ry Goods, Clothing, Hoots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, &0., &<?., &v. All of which which will be sold at reduced rates for CASH. Wheat, Oats, Butter, Egga, and Country Pro duce generally, accepted in exchange for Goods at the going market rates. A. B. OOVE. Olympia, W\ T., Nov. 12th, 18C0. l:tf Hall's Sariiaparllla, Yellow Dock, and lodide or Potami— ls prepared from the finest Red Jamaica Snrsaparilla and English lodide of Potass. Admirable us a restorative and purifier of the blood, it clean sea the system of all morbid and impure matter, removes pimples, boils and eruptions from the skin, cures rheumatism and pains of all kinds. All who can afford, should use it, as it tends to give strength aud prolong life. Hold by Druggists generally, at $1 per bottle. B. HALL k CO., Proprietors, Wholesale Druggists, l:mO 143 and 145 Clay at., San Fran. CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 178 Clay St., and 107 Montgomery St., San Francisco, And ITN Broadway, New York. CONSTANTLY on hand the best selected and most extensive assortment of flents'and Boys' Clothing on the l'acific coast, which we cau and will sell lower than any other House. Boy*' aad Genii' Cloiblas made to Order. LOCKWOOD, EWELL k CO. January 19th, 1861. 10:ly NOTICE. TAKE notice that on Saturday, February 23d, .1861, ut I o'clock in the aftarnooa, 1 will aril to the higlieat bidder for cash, on the land claim of Wm. M. Rgtledge, generally known ns tlie " Judson Claim," in Claquato precinct, Lewis county, VV. T. ONE THOtiUAND ULiSHKLS Ot WHEAT, more or leas, and TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY BUSHELS OF OATS, more or less, or sufficient thereof to repay me my lien and charges (br harvesting the »ame. JOHN HOG UK. Lewis County. W. T.. Feb. 2. lHfll. I?:w3 BUY THE BEST!! GROVER & BAKER, HAVE RECEIVED THE FIRST prtoczuic ON THEIR FAMILY lEWafft JiACHIIK —AND— MACHINE WORK, —AT THE— STATE FA®, MUMS' ISMi FAIB. AND IN FACT Every Fair ofl860!! Over Wheeler & Wilson and all others! Thus Unquestionably Establishing Their Supei'iority. Theso Machines are the most simple in us*. They sew from two common (pools. Have no troublesome bobbing or pod. Sew any and all fabrics. Make very little noise. Are quickly learned and operated. Are not liublc to disarrangement. • We guarantee perfect and reliable Machined, and to tbe thousand* In use can refer, as dally and hourly recording, In their satlsfhct ory op eration This Unequivocal Success. *.„* Explicit directions for use accom pany each Machine from which a child can in a short time acquire a perfect converse and management of it. Send for a circular. R.«. BROWIV, Agent, 91 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, Cal. November 17, 18C0. I:m6 Ho! For the Mines! PIONEER CHUB AID MIT lillll! f|!l!E undersigned would respectfully in-f7\ 1 form the public generally that they located ut Tuniwater, and arc manufacturing I 1 and have constantly on hand BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS, Tables, Toilet Tables, &e.. And all Article* appertaining to tbelr Line of Buslneiis. ALSO PLAIN AND FANCY TURNING, ALSO SASH, DOORS, AND BLINDS, MADE TO ORDER. All kinds of marketable PRODUCE token in ex change. Cash never refused. Shop on Main Street, near Ward k Ilavs's Mills. WILLIAMS k JORDAN. Tumwatcr, Nov. 17, 18G0. l:tf Great Excitement!! AT THE FALLS!! MR. M. W. WITHERELL, WOULD inform the cltizcna of Washington Territory that he ia y'to manufacturing Vf Saddles, Ilarncss, und Trunks*, Superior to nn,r ever made on thii Coast. He is also milking the PATENT CASE COLLARS, Which cannot he excelled. lie is making' FZNB BARmnSS, On the BelfVA<Utiitlaff Tree, Which is considered the greatest Im provement of the Age. AND ALSO CARRIAGE TRIMMING! DUNK ON REASONABLE TERMS. Side Saddleso (Various Deicrl ptloaa REPAIRING DONE ON PHORT NOTICE. P9* Please give friend Witherell a call. Shop on Muin Street, Tumwater. November 17, 1860. I:tf COAL! COAL! COAL! M. X. DOTY, TTAVINO purchased the celebrated Morrison JfJ_ Coal Claim on Bellingham Bay, invites cap. itaiists, and the friends of the trade, to come up and help dig them out. These mines have been prospected, and the coal tested in San Francisco and found of superior quality. Seven thousand dollars is all that is required to make them pay a thousand dollars per month. Schomc, Dec. 20, 1860. 7:m3 LOOK HERE! TUB SHAVIW® ANDHAIR (mass ing Establishment on Main Street, near the Stage Office, U still In operation, where tbe under signed will be happy to attend the wants of hit patrons^ Ay]jjq ASD HAIR DRESSING done with neatness and dispatch, and in the latest fashion. ■MT Hot and cold baths at all hour*. J. H. BUSH. Olympia, Nov. 30, 1860. 3:ly WASHINGTON HOTEL, SILAS GALLIUER, Pro. CORNER OF SECOND AND MAIN STREETS, Olympia, W. T. Board per week...- f5 00 Olympia. Nov. 23, 1860 2ly H. A. Judson Co., (At the late Store of W. M. Bntledge,) OLYMPIA, W. T., COHIIBSION IERCHAMTS, AND DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOES, HARDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, AC., AC., AC. 'X'juRMS OABS, OR COUNTRY PRODUCE. IN NO CASE Will Credit be given fbr longer than Thirty Days! Olympia, NOT. 23, 1860. 2:tf WM. G. DUNLAP; IMPORTER AND DEALER IIV GROCERIES, PROVISIONS. DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTSand SHOES, Ac. AT THE OLD STAND, Corner of Mala and Third Streets, Country Produce generally taken in exchange for Goods. No paini spared to give satisfaction to customers. Olympia, Nov. 23, 1860. 2:tf SAFHBJ BAFBSII F. TILMAN, 90 BATTERY STREET, SAN FRANCISCO. SOLE Agent for Tilton k McFarland's celebrated Fire Proof iiud Burglar Proof SAFES. This Safe is well known in the market for its unsur passed fire-proof quality, having withstood in Cal ifornia. as well as iu the East, the hottest fires known. AVe can refer to endless certificates from parties in our mining towns, where these Safes have been subjected to the most severe tests of its fire-proof qualities. These Safes are secured by our Combination Lock. This Lock Uin every respect the most se cure one in use: it requires the key aud combina tion to open the Safe. If the key should be ab stracted from the owner, it would be perfectly use less without his knowing the combination,or men tal key which the owner carries in his head. To those who want a reliable Safe'we offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. *» tt A large assortment on hand and to arrive. F. TU.MAX, 90 Battery Street, San Francisco, Col November 17, 18(50. I:m6 FRUIT TREES!! For (he Million, at Eastern Prices! J. L. SWFORD & CO., Agents for the Principal Nur series in California. HAVE now for sale, at Eastern Prices, an immense stock of Fruit Trees, of nil SET ages, suitable for planting, embracing every kind und variety grown in the State. Our long und iutimate connection with the nur scry business and fruit-selling here, and in the older States, has enabled us to anticipate everv de mand. and we have therefore caused to be grown and FORMED to suit the different localities, u portion of the Stock wc offer—comprising such varieties as are best adapted to our soil mid cli mate, and their fruits most valuable in the Market. We have also for sale, in great abundance and variety, Plants of nil the Small Fruits, Shade Trees, For Public Grounds, and Street Planting. Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, (Deciduous and Evergreen,) Adapted to Avenues, Lawns, Pleasure Ground*, and Cemeteries. Besides uu infinity of roses,'tar nations and picotce.*. Dahlias, Fuschias, Evergreen and other Climbing Vines, Geraniums, Violets, Pansies, Daisies, Bulbous Flower Roots, Green House Plants, Ac., Ac. Wc are the Sole Agents for this city of A. P. SMITH, SACRAMENTO, For the sale of his Foreign Grape Vines; Rare Evergreen and Ornamental Trees; Fresh Pre- mium Garden Seeds, and Pure Family Wines, &e., &e. lie has decidedly the largest, best and most re liable stock of Wine aud Table Grapes to be found in the State.—He will sell under his guarantee a* to correctness of applied names His Seeds have not lost their vitality in "doubling the Horn." They are warranted inferior to none, and will bo sold by ns in quantities, and at prices to suit. FARMERS, GARDENERS AND DEALERS, Give us a call, or send for a Circular with prl ces, if anything is wanted in oar line. J. L. SANFORD, THOMAS B. LUDLUM, EDWARD LUDLUII. San Francisco, January sth, 1861. 10:u>3 C. CROSBY, 1 rL. C. GRAY, Z. CROSBY, } < n. CROSBY, Jr., j ( SanFranc'o. Tumwater. €. CROSBY & CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IX GENERAL MERCHANDISE, —AND— Proprietors of the Tumwater Flour Mill*. Tumwater, December 15th, 1850. S:ly OLYXPIA WAGON MANUFACTORY. Stuart & Blnckshear, WOULD inform tlic'citizens of Olyin- . pia and the surrounding country that they are BOW manufacturing WAGONS, CAR RIAGEs and BUGGIES of all description!, from the best of imported material, by experienced work* men, for which WHEAT will be taken in exchange, delivered at the Tumwater mill*. Shop corner 3<l and Chinook Streets. Olympia, December 8, 18G0. 4:tf NOTICE. ' TiiHE copartnership heretofore existing between 1 the undersigned, under the Arm of Ayer* * Williams, expired by limitation January 8, 1861. W. N. AYERS, CHAS. E. WILLIAMS. The business of the late Arm of Ayera * Wil liams will be continued at the old stand by the undersigned. CHAS. E. WILLIAMS, Ohmpia, January 19th, 1881. I0w:4

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