Newspaper of The Washington Standard, January 26, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The Washington Standard dated January 26, 1867 Page 2
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Vl, 3C7ii i & . 0- ASINB * *" '*» "*■ # ' »w - ■ 4MW tf]»w»i ■■•■ «MNI» % 1111.11 • Wki*** +•*•» • * A % frfclHWll I WW -'ill *'■' * ft •»«*■*»- > .iiliw <Hi *»■ •*n * «* MP fIU 4H' kTL •) *H»v\ . \ > f*p• a*. r —j» 1 Jtmt . L-. '!»»»•»• 1 -«* fcj» * iW HMIMCM fit p«aC V'» •» «» tr» tV> tbc «4r- <*-* »* l 1 a "._« ■ ,r«i ti rtrr* I . ■f u - TV 4**™ '• • -- ft »:■***. ibr etfcct. what tue t ■*» rv-»j.t .-f ti>!» dul.ii'fr -'f |iowrr» muter or KcJcfil <ii»veruiiii-i«t ? Are »c«> j the ere of another attempted rvv>!;i- tion, tint will have for its r< *ult a a change in all the fundamental prin »ij• le~ ufoiir Government? —a chung® which is intended to remove the bars and obstructions which the framers of the Constitution thought necessary to throw in the way of the different departments ol the Federal Government, to prevent usurpation and centralization of power? A change which will effectually eradi cate all the results of the great fun damental principles, whose motive actuated the patriots of 1776. A change that will turn the represen-. tative republican system of govern ment, of which we have so proudly boasted, into a despotic, centralized oligarchy. A change that will tear down the noble superstructure of our political fabric, which has taken the good and great, the nation's best, a century to raise. . A change which will give the Ho to our proud and oft-repeated boast that we are a great, free, contented people. Where is the man who reads the public jour nals, and notes the tendency of our national politics, as it is now being shaped by the dominant party iu Congress, but who is convinced that these tendencies are towards central ization and despotism. He is not to be found, except among those whose minda are blinded by fanaticism or prejudiced by private interests. That vre may the more fully under stand this tendency of Congress to centralization, we have but to glance at the outliues upon which our gov ernment is founded. The Government of the United States consists of three branches, one acting as a check upon another, and the third branch as a balance to the action of the other two. Congress, in both its branches, is the direst representative of the section or State from which the members thereof de rive their electiou—the House of Representatives more direct than the Senate, for being elected for the term of two years and from particu lar "district*, tbey are the exponent* of the local interest* of each particu lar section* f*u«h iuttmb enter larjreli into the* election*, ai. J rep rtMdlativMitjiMi pledrrd to f •nrmn] tfcem. Tli*. ton. kioU* Int la ft tW fke-Mt* Ortxl fur t V trrrm fax ymmr* and »■< 4um fwi tit* v r%on m* ft- ■» ■ML tmmmmm * ~ %■. ■*o*-" ** 4NPNtfMHM<4fr %>• 4MMlwo* t ' ■%r Utoc" • HM* -4MMMMK* <fc - flflUHWi '' xm;- «a *MfcgWo» 4MM» %' "wi «•*> »■ m • «»■ i »w* - niT » «* a un» |r 11——ii 1 #-• fc* •■-• *" 3MMMM* £» »* 4RHHf 4W nit' ittoMlk *• iN «iMVR 4tN» «*•»' -""•■W" fM—•»** •ijpfMfcfc;"" * 4tf£ *» ■» iii -■• «r ■ I*r» »* • iwipi ■ jmi --** -i# jpwrM*" a» * * , ««m » •» «£*<• *■»{■• •!«**• 1-5* ?ff I • m** trjmt» - *« * •** '*»*•* T JI«JHiI A lU •* fc. ' •■ •«r j» « a tW r* m' b * ■■" * «( » VT Wft M* mr.- i *r t> «k~ioi ngitt* a*4 | rr* I t.jl ii.« - i*L'4 l f Am t» *u «u»- 7*ll ' Titn »iJ.i * Xi*t. Hl* true, !«lt tb«r vile«t Jirti- m<»«t ij:n rant ar <l ■ 1 -,'rj ! -.1 n •£,<> cnj >y* tiietii a« well. Ijfiioraiioe tan now Mt in nient II|H>II liitollijfiMice. ami brutal |>at.«inn hol<l<#WHV over Kol)t'r rea son. What rights have we that (' »»• gross id hound to respect ? With not even a voice to ho raised in our behalf in the National halls of Lag" isiatiori, what better are we than mere niggers, half-breeds, and lousy Indians ? A LABOR SAVING MACHINE. —We have received the agency for "Doty' a Clothes Washer," one of the most essential labor-saving machines of the day,dispensing as it does with the most laborious duties of household life. With this machine, the week's washing can bo done iu two or three hours, equally as well, if not better, than by hand,-without an expendi tiue of both strength aud patience, nor a recurrence of that dreaded ' l bhie Monday"—washing day. We have Doty's Clothes Washer in use, and know whereof we speak. For further paticulars, read the advertia ment published elsewhere in this pa per. VOTE OF THE GREAT CITIES. —The following were the votes polled dur« ing the recent elections in the large cities: New York, 113,585; Phila delphia, 103,500; Brooklyn, 48,919; Cincinnatti or Hamilton county, 40, 448; Baltimore, 21,600; St. Louis, 21,135; Chicago, 20,945; Boston and Suffolk county, 14 570. ggf The celebrated Tammany Hull, of New York city, is to be sold. It was built in 1811, by the Tam many Club, and cost about (25,000. The property will now bring $150,* 000, with which the society propose to build a new hall. The Josie McNcar (otherwise known as the Corn Crib) has gone around to Portland, the Colfax carry ing the mails temporarily on the Vic toria route. It is said her place will be supplied by tho New WorU. • • •- - —— tg- Several boxes containing rare collections of auiraal, and other curiositie* Irom UuMian America, lately arrived at .Saa KraatHM, «le*- tined f>f the Sruitl.i >ti:4o Intuitu**, •t \V**Lio|rt.Kß. • • • I'IMCKUf II m Ax Ml x Mn N-tf*. <M«i MIKJ un. lWi-4. L«k CmmmJr. * *f+* F«*W». U4 IW**. U*ar\ J Emrdmy m «Mtoft •<■ WLm mm !■*>. m> C %-* mm mm m nr «* "TIT ""L* * •m» A * * » * < -m*. t I V 4C, W lap- <**'<*•# f^*w ■— m '-mmmß* m V € I \ -4 m * jt m * -mm tmx Ik I ** « T 9R« *■ w+ '%» «N*4p*a» > ' «• «* »» a»«» fw r * « mm ■ ** •**< r • 1-4 *» <r Tfc® * *«•««• «a*. •» • JM thr pr «#«.t - m+at-m «f <Amt . • * * Htn— If I M • «•«'«»— li fi« mm" %mmmai fc <*mm' **4 tWi m ntWf g< >' *HN m>« * iA»i' - «*i NitUff » «w4 fci «*ll'H%r». r»n ;ni k> *4 «.*: \o tb« «*i f««rw <-«•:<»«• *4 law« «f »*rfc ?*'%!*<- i» i«the laffffatur 441 i «*f «brff«i»Mirc am *• prr»» to a intil liiriß Im i»ir»r m<'n feiib'Ut |»L« TLGR «>r JK- ' LOI in*ni cof ( Ull>< «»•>• prrrnlttit. (i Vrthau ilic vata 0/office rc<juir<*«t l»y !;«w. Ami //r i/ Jmrtkrr rmtcJ. That *f rtgml the late net of I'o.ijfre** furcinj; .he free white citizen* of thi* mill other Tcrritorie* to exteutl without <li*t'*iiction of color, the elective fran chise, with inortificiition nnd nlaim. And hr ii frrthrr rrnolrrd, Tlial for I lie c .er cii-e of nil just men its to procure mi early repre sentation of all the Stales in Congress, anil tlie defeat or repeal of tiie lute act of Congress forcing negro sull'iage upon the Territories we stand, and all good citizens should stand pledged. Aves : Messrs. Clark, I.nngford and Mitch ell.—J. Noes: Messrs. Farnsworth, Ferguson, llincs, Nines ami Mr. President.—s. The following bills were passed : II BNo 18, un act to permanently lacato and build tho Penitentiarv of W. T. II BNo 2">, an act to repeal an act locating a Territorial road in Clark county. II B No 48, an act to repeal an act in relation to school lands. II B No 89, an act in relation to Skagit Milling District. it B No 90, an act relating to Re corder of Skagit Mining District. C BNo 2 it, an act in relation to road tux in Snohomish county. IIJ It No 21, relative to distri bution of muskets. 118 No 50, ail net to nppoint viewer® to view and relocate Terri torial road from Monticcllo to Up per Cascades. II B No 54, an -act in relation to the Territorial Library. II B No 83, an act to amend an aet incorporating tho ci»y of Port Town send. II BNo 57, an act authorize 11. L. Tibbals and A. Ilihhard to con struct a wharf at Port Town send. II BNo 39, Substitute for an aet taxing stock. II B No 12, an act to amend an act relating to fees and costs. C B No 34, an act to amend an act relating to Prosecuting Attorney. 11. B. No. 14, an act for the relief of Isaac L. Roberts. 11. J. R. No. 20, an net relating to binding copy of journals and laws. Substitute for 11. B. No. 20, 1111 act in relation to the care and safe-keep ing of insane persons. H. B. No. 19, an act in relation to to roads und highways and duties of Supervisors. 11. B. No. GB, an act authorizing the County Commissioner* of Ska mania caunty to purchase a wagon road built by E. C. Hardy. 11 B No 97. an ait lo.afrnd an act to in<uf|Nint( tbc city of Van ctm vet. C It No S'.». an ad in rvlatiua to diwifr >4 vmiK. I B No 91. as art to m«i (• fjrj Uei. «<Wr ffciiiwi a a*- C t \«> K m »i ri ttw g to d» U B H mm met m t« a I J I l»H MMtfb** to fw< tommato B B S 4 am m- m V' *" TbC i*T*«T ■ ZHL» » • m nrr w*rr,rr_«» V omhk Jtmrn WL 4HT » i—m a» §mr %■ ■, " * ® ®<# ft S"» SSL MWM •» • A I—' IfcoH'WIII »«• < BV. JT a» v* • Is MC MR «" •» ArMHk flfcr E» V I a* ar* •» to <W " s'saor Mt ■ ■ .jf «tf t «MI « 4Mwa^ ww» pm»- + 1! * \ M«tUthr «4rf «T It -»«• ew* • mm t-» %m mm War «rru* -*» - II J k N lr rr «* •« tto •-■«• r-» »t « .mil ait. I!: ,r r>£t>l» <4 lW Mdn. «m liira a}- aixi »4» * «*t«- < a»<nj In \lr»r« 11.-tirr. VI <«il»r». IMJ wtllHl * *n motion rv»-»i«iti«»r»<i wm* mado 1 lie order of tomorrow 11 ii t-lot'k. [We will |iiiMii<li thcae speech in full hereafter.—Ku.] The following were the resol'i (ions : WIIKUEAK, Grave difference hare n risen be twin tin* Kxecutive anJ Legislative Depart ments i>l the General Government concerning llie /wirrrs ol Congress, and Iho rights of the Mali's, mill involving issues oft; e most threat ening iin port lo the integrity ot • lie hitter as members of tlio K,-,l« Union; and WIIKRKAH, The tSeneral Government is one of linuied and .-trictly define.l powers, estali lislicd l>y all the States for specific purposes, therefore, ll< it irto.'rrd hi/ I lit I.r-jit'niivt Aurinbly of thr Territory oj HtM/i<Hg/<m, Ist, That we re g.ird the exercise by the General Government, or by any of its Departments, of powers not expressly delegated by the Constitution, under whatever pretense, or for whatever purpose, as revolutionary and extremely dangerous to the liberties of the people. 2d. That we regird the actio-: of Congress in excluding the Senators and Representatives of a portion of the States from the National Legislature, as a direct violation of Ihe Con stitution—as contravening the fundamental principle of 1776, that the right of represent ation cannot lie separated from the obligation to pay taxes —and calculated to promote dis content und rebellion. ' 3d. flint we regard the restoration policy of President Johnson—restoring Ihe excluded States to the full and complete enjoyment of their Constituioual rights upon their return to allegiance and obedience to ihe Constitution and law—as the one ol justice, wisdom, and magnanimity, calculated to restore harmoney among nil ihe sections, and perpetuate tbc Union. On motion, 1101130 adjourned. THURSDAY, Jan. 24.1867. House niet pursuant to adjourn ment, and business was opened in due form—Mr Speaker in the (-hair. Mr. Clark introduced II B No 112, an act relating to the labor of Penitentiary convicts. Also, II b No 118, an act to pro tect sheep and woolgrowers in coun ty of Pierce. Mr Harmon introduced II B No 114, an act to releive IT. E. Bozurth, was pasoed. [Appropriates compen sation forccrtuiu road work in Island county.] Also, II J R No 24, relating to a distribution of the laws and journals to members of the present Assembly, was adopted. Mr. Van Bokkclcn introccd II J R No 25, relation to the preservation of certain Territorial property. [Authorizes Quartermaster General to store arms and war records in the Capitol building.] C J R No 12, relative to Joint Convention to elect Territorial of ficers Resolution lost. II M No 20, (Substitute) relative to a division of the Territory, waa indefinitely |»o#t|«»ned. Aye* 15; x.**. is. U U No 100. an act t>» prrn id« for the prm<inl »»f nhrtmdioni to n*vi «• the Cnaliti rtwr. Bill mm I*"*—««•. 11. ftow 17. II B *• M. a* an £« the rahrf '■f R. U l'jrtf-r Hiytf tttui df Y.tta W Mwtt. mm fw-w-d IJM %m |> I 11 Hi I to mttM i ■ iOl ta y •* * rJ rrz 4p •» *|»t «M|pf i nut 111 <*4*«((j|p!v fewflP** - » L . «1T» Fumi' i» & H»" •» ••t» a*»« a*..*' i--r~x» • .•*»-*» m mmn U li» \a> d kkMn i 'r dmim4 H Jli N - r«l•** t* l | tlx i wfc« Fna r t AU. II K KrljtlTf t . llttilttf ti.r •»*<• I*l "4 tij* !frb «ca mm of W T. La(. Mr. XMxivra tnovr«l a rwic««ifr atiou «»l* ti.c rote l»y a Inch 11 B No 10.*>. wa* in«h finitely po*tjH»nctL I'jrricd .Mr. Henry iiitnn|ti.-. <1 Substitute for II l( Xo 108, an act to exempt firemen t'rum serving us jurors. Passed. Mr. Kiitli introduced II J K Xo 27, relative to payment of Edward Giddings tor Territorial map. Mr. Smith introduced II B No 115, an act to make Judges of Probate ex officio County Auditor, and School Superintendent. II B No 13, un act to amend an act relating to support of the poor. Passed. lIBNo 113, an net to protect sheep and wool-growers In Pierce, Lewis, Thurston, Snohomish and Jefferson counties, was passed. II B No 110, au act to incorpor ate the Stuck Milling and Loging company, was passed. t Council Substitute for C B No 29. to provide for change vif revenue, was passed! C B No 33, An act in relation to taking depositions in this Territory, was passed. CB No 34, an act to amend an act relating to Prosecuting Attor neys. Passed. On motion, House took a recess ot' one hour. AFTERNOON SESSION. House re assembled. Mr. Knnpp moved to tuke up H. B. No. 0, an act in relation to fences und fence viewers. Carried. Bill rem! third time and paused. 11. B. N<>. 30, nn net to nsseda cer tain property and eolleet taxes there on, was indefinitely postponed. U B No 17, relative to new busi ness, was passed. House went into Committee of the Whole to consider CB No 22, an act to provide for assesing and col let-tint; Territorial revenue. Mr. Eldridge in the Ch-iir. Committee rose, reported bill back with amendments. Report adopted. On motion, House adjourned. LATER FROM THE ATLANTIC SIDE. GENERAL SUMMARY. The impeachment question is be ing discussed in the city papers. The dailies have unitedly condemned the proposition of the first They now admit the formible power of the impeachment party which the late Supreme Court decision materially strengthens. The Tune* says the in augurat«»rs of the project are ualoui for impeachment. It is ab soleteiy eeaeatial to their political yurjMMefc, their Cailer* kriag tW -mmm a —■» mmmtUo" Mmu m m*9 ii m mm* ■ManniVW «H*W» 41 IMPMMMMI ' tt> «W M* WOlMto «M» • «rf rW g "i»' Plr * i nr. TW Im ■» UcMal li PJa OMk at Um I»' U* Macfc H b*. m 4 tbrocc Efwt* I'm* l» Part l.jrjmw a hrtker d>«ta«ct'/ mmr 3>M> mitfi Tbtck it m ti*'f plttel Imiililiii; ilunnj lb« prxtnt r«r, Thin main line aiii pw* ahout 1W miles north of iMiffr which place the company proj»oee«l to reach hy • brunch road. The House considered the Nebras ka bill. Upon motion of Boatwell, ot Muss., tlie vote upon the previous question was reconsidered. Boat well then moved to amend the 3d section, known us the Esmund's amendment, us follows: " Upon the further fundamental • consideration that the Legislature of said State by solemn oath shall deolure the assent of said Stato to said fundamental .conditions und shall transmit to the President of the United States au authenticated copy of said act, upon the receipt whereof the President by proclamation shall forthwith an nounce the udoption of the conditions which shall be held to be part of the orgunic law of the Stute, and there upon aitd without further proceed ing on the part of Congress, the ad» mission of said State, into tbe Union shall bo considered as completed. The said Stute. Legislature shall be convened by the Territorial Gover nor within 30 days after the passage of this act to act the conditions suo mittcd herein." Boutwell spoke in support of his amendment. Tho debate was continued by llale, of New York, Mavnard, of'Tenn., Delano, of Ohio, Farnswortb, of IU linois, lligby, of Cal., Kelly of Pa., Allison, of lowa, Hill, of N. Y., Stephens, of Ta, Raymond, ofN. Y., Wilson, of lowa, Bigham, of Ohio, Ashley, Ohio, and Dawes, of Massachusetts. The question turned upon the question whether Nebraska should be admitted as a State while her col ored population by the constitution were deprived of the elective fran chise, and also upon the practical ef fect of the construction embraced in that section. BoutwelPs amendment wan adopted by 80 to 70, and the bill pased by 100 to 55. NEW YORK, Jan, 17.—1n the House, on motion of Mcßuer of California, the Committee on Com merce was instructed to enquire in to the existence of a harbor ill the vicinity of Point of Santa Barbara, and whether it is available tor com merce. NIT YORK. Jan.—The Attorney Ueueral decides that the title to the lot for the mint at the eorner of Mis sion and Fifth street in Baa Francis co is aut good. Kaw YORK. i«a- B. —The IV*- mme 't sMctd dispatch an k is fe rn.-red that the Pmssiea*. aa graft t«4e to J u4ge FMU, «r«B «e*4srthe J mm. I*. Uammm mi-

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