Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, April 13, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated April 13, 1855 Page 3
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, u>T OF RETAILERS of Merchandize of ' Bedford county for the year 1855. Bedford Borough. Class. License. | R Cramer &. Co. 12 sl2 50 I (Vnhart 13 ,0 00 vjnsorn K Oephart, l 0 0() o' Toster t; 10 00 ylwr Radebaugh _ V " I cjmt'el Shuck Co. 4 | '0 0 Puedale & Kelly, Liquor* 4 10 00 r? sr* ;; ?So .Mrs. P' llls ' u 7 00 Laac Lipple, J( 7 00 Wm Schaffer, 44 J 00 Sonnaborn & Co. " I James K. Hallarn, 44 <OO I E'i F,sh?r ' " 700 John Arnold, 1 00 I A mlris Sanpp, ' uu ' Df . Reamer. Liqurfm, 44 JJJ 50 l) r . Harry, Liquors, 44 1U OU Eating Houses. John G. Minnie!), 8 -5 00 John J. Luther, j> Detihangh, S 5 o Jacob Bo!inger, 5 00 West Providence. tVm. States t - 10 50 I W. McElheny t Co. 44 7 00 Jarob Barndollar & Co. 13 10 00 James Barndollar 13 10 00 Thomas Ritchey, If 7 00 MOD roe. J. Morton " 1 00 ]). Fletcher. " 7 00 Michael Mif!er, Liquors, " 10 50 Southampton. M. Cabner. Liquors, " 10 50 Win. I.)>hley, " 10 50 ! JI. Walters, " 7 00 Colerain. j. M. Van Horn, " 7 00 I James, " 700 Carle t Co. Liquors, " 10 50 Broad Top. Joseph Fislier, " 7 00 I Evans t Brother, " 7 OO Elnck \ Hetrick, " 7 00 Liberty. Daniel Berkstresser, " 7 00 Thomas Evans, 44 < 00 Thomas M< Gillan, Liquors, " 10 50 ! Palton & (Jessler, 13 10 f'O Joseph Crisman, 14- / 00; Jacob Snider, " 7 00 I Dunn, " 7 00 I J ihn Cyphers, 4i 700 U'ir.. Fisher, 44 7 00 Scheilsburg Borough. I J. S. Schell. 44 7 00 I A. B. Btinn, 44 7 00 Satler t Son, 44 7 00 Snivelv t Co. ~~ "7 00 Miller t Con-ley, 44 7 00 I Widow Sehell & Son, 44 700 Calvin t Robison, 4 - 7 00 Juniata. Tomer t Kegg, 44 7 00 i I Win. Keyser, 44 7 00 Wm. Piatt & Brother, 44 7 00 J-iseph London, Liquors, 44 10 50 F. Ilildebrant, 44 7 00 Londonderry. I Thoma J.ePnrter, 44 7 00 Jarnes Mattinglv, 44 7 00 East Providence. I John Nvcum, 44 7 00 Henrv Reiinund, 44 7 00 I D.A.T. Black, " 7 00 Harrison. V. B. Wertz, 44 7 00 I Jacob G. Devore, Jr. Liq. 44 1 0 50 | John Fichner, 44 7 00 Mr. Dickson, 44 7 00 Hopewell. I John Dasher, Liquors, 44 10 50 j John King t Brother. 44 7 00 Middle Woodberry. I Jacob Brennaman, 13 10 00 I fJ. R. Barndollar, 13 10 00 I J. W. Duncan, 13 10 00 Putt K Brother, Liq. 14. 10 50 I'. Kagv, Ealing House. 8 5 00 South Woodberry. I Jaws Piper, 14. 7 00 I \R. Oster, " 7 00 I i>. B. Buck. . 7 00 (irorge Kauffman, " 7 00 Bedford Township. JMward Hoffman, 44 7 00 St. Clair. I I .D. Beegle, Liq. 44 10 50 ID. B. Amick St Brother, 44 700 I Jacob 11. Wright, " 7 00 J. B. Smith, 44 7 00 Wm. Wench, Liquors, 41 10 50 I G. D. Trout, 44 7 00 Cumberland Valley. I Jacob Anderson, 44 7 00 I John May, ' 44 700 I An appeal will be held at the Court I House in Bedford on the Sth day of Mav. SAMUEL R A DEBAUCH. appraiser of .Mercantile Taxes for 1855. April C, 1855—4-t. Physician to Poor House. At a meeting of the Directors of the Poor i i'House of Employment of Bedford countv, •March f>. 1855, the following resolutions were I Unanimously passed by said Board: R-sn|ved, That we do herehv appoint Dr. F. I ' REAMER Physician to the Poor and House ' Employment of Bedford county for one year I bom this date. I R solved. That said Dr. F. C. Reamer he and ! is hereby required to attend all paupers 'bin six miles? of the Borough of Bedford, and t ?t for his services in attending the Poor House n ' Paupers within six miles of said Borough, "" hereby agree to pay him the sum of one I hundred dollars per annum. Resolved, That notice be published in the se ,"'31 papers of the Borough of Bedford that Dr. • f ILamer has been appointed Physian as a and that we will pay no hills for servi- I '' s rendered by Physicians to Paupers when ervices of Physician to the Poor House J f °u!d be obtained. ' April 6, 1855—Gt. Purveyors lake \olice! I u are required by act of Assembly in the I | ",uh of April in each year, to test your com l J' 1 " .') Ote Meridian Line in the Poor House • • a.J.jw i and rp c°rd in a book kept for that ptir- I i in the Commissioners office the amount of i ' -nation. Also to measure your chains by a [ ' to be found at the Commis- I , Gtfice. The penalty for surveying i l [, 't complying with these regulations is $lO I ■" each offence. By order of Commissioners. ... " A. S. RUSSELL, April G, 1855. Clerk. SHERIFFS SALE. BY virtue of sundry writs of Fi. Fa. to nie direct- i : ed. there will be sold, at the Couit House, in the : Borough of Bedford, ori Monday the 30th day of April, lf&o, at 2 o'clock,!'. M., the following Real Estate, viz: One Tract of Land containing 150 acres more or less about 14)0 acres cleared and under fence with a story and a hall log house and double log bain ihereon erected adjoining Lands of Benj. Lvberger .lames I.ogue and others; situate in Londonderry township Bedford County and taken IU execution as the property o? Jacob VYolford. All ot Defendant's John Fagan his interest in and j to a lot of ground fronting one hundred and sixty on a fifteen foot alley and extending back about 130 fee: j j with a one story frame house arid small frame stable j thereon erected and adjoining lands ol Alexander Putt | on the north-west and lot of Shoutz and Boler on the south; situate in !>torierstow n Liberty township Bed- ; ford County and taken in execution as the property of j John Fagan. Also one lot of ground fronting 00 feet on .Main street and extending hack 173 leet with a new two story frame house and iog stable thereon erected ad joining an alley on the east anil lot of Lucy Gillim on the west; situate in the town of C'learville Monroe township Bedford county — Also one other lot of ground containing 4-J acres more or less ail cleared and under fence adjoining lands of Philip Grubb Joseph Barkman and otheis; situare in Monroe township Bedford County and taken in execution as the property of Elias Kitz Esq. One lot of Ground in the Town of Pleasantviile fronting 00 leet on the Johnston Road and extending back about 300 feet to lands of Benjamin Bnwen ami adjoining lot of Alexander McGregor ami others; sit uate in St Clair Township Hedtord County and taken in Execution as the property of Jeremiah 11 Black- ; burn. One Tract of Land containing 100 acres more or | less about 40 acres cleared and muter lence with a one and a half story lon house double log barn and j saw mill thereon erected adjoining laud- of Absalom j Garlick Joel Clark and others; situate in East Provi- 1 deuce township Bedford County and taken in Execu- ! tion a- the Property of Henry Hand. One Tract ol Land containing 303 acres more or ; le-s alioot (i. r ) acre> cleared and under fence with a ! two story IOSJ house tenant hou-e double log barn and good saw Mill thereon erected also an apple and peach orchard thereon adjoining lands of John Allison An drew Allison and othei s; situate ill Union Township Bedford County and taken HI execution as the pro- ! perty of John Mock. Al-o or e tract of land containing f>2 acres more or j : less about twenty acres cleared and under fence with a storv arid a half log house log Cooper -hop attached and small Don bio tog Barn thereon erected al-o an apple orchard thereon adjoining land- of Frederick Mench William Wetstoue and others; sit- ' 1 uate in Colerain township Bedford County and ta i ken in execution a> the property of Samuel S. Bar- \ j rick. Also one tract of land helu hy improvement con- ; ; taining 80 acres more or le-s about 30 acres cleared , and under fence with a story and half log house and double log Barn thereon erected adjoiriii'Z lands <np -1 posed to he vacant on the east John Luman Wm. | Frederick's heirs and Jacob Wertz on the North and i Sarah Luman on the South and others; situate in ■ Cumberland Valley township Bedford County and I taken in execution as thp property of Zacheus Lu { man. ! All of Defendant Johnathan Potts his interest in j and to a tract of land containing 217t) acres more or j |e-s about 50 acres cleared and under fence with a ; -torv and half log house and log barn thereon erect- ; ed adjoining lands of Levin Shi ply William Yo-t and : other- ; situate in Southampton Township Bedford ■ county and taken in execution as the property of j ! Johnathan Potts. Also one tract of land containing 250 acres more j or less about 30 acres cleared and under fence with a j story and half log hnu-e arid small log barn thereon j erected adjoining lands of Morgan Cessna George , I James and others; situate iri Colerain township Beil -1 ford county and taken in execution as the property of Jacob Mo-er. Al-o one lot of ground fronting 93 feet on the Pub lic Road and extending back 245 leet with a two sto ry log house kitchen and cooper shop attached ami ■ frame stable thereon erected adjoining lots of John \ F. McKinnev John Ebherly sml others ; situare in j j South Woodburiy township Bedford county and ta- ■ , ken in execution as tile property of Jacob Stoler. Also one tract of land containing 200 acres more j or less about 40 acres cleared and under fence with a j i story log hou-e tenant hone and log stable thereon i erected adjoining land- of Teter- heirs John I.avion and other- ; situate in Monroe township Bedford conn- I ty and taken in execution as the property of Samuel 1 | Karns. Al-o one lot of ground in The town of Woodbury: fronting <SO feet on the Pattonsville and Woodbury j ; turnpike road and extending back about 19C leet and j adjoining lots of Geoige U. Eurodollar on the west | j and alb-y on the north and others with a two story i ; Brick house one two-tory frame house wash house j and frame stable thereon erected; situate in Middle ; ! Woodberry township Bedford County and taken in j ; execution a- the property of David Edwards. Also two lot- of ground in the town of Marietta j flouting on main street CO feet each and extending j 1 back 100 leet with a Two story log house and log sta- | tde Thereon erected adjoining lands of John Corle and ! j Caselfon Ake; situate in Union township Bedford | county and taken m execution as the property oi ! Joseph A. Corle. Also one Tract of land curtaining 431 acres morel or le-s about 10 acres cleared and under fence with a i j a one and-a-half story log houe log stable and saw I mill thereon erected adjoining lands ot Jatnes Logue ; : Jacob Wolloid John Smith and others; situate in I.on- • i donderry township Bedford county and taken in eve. 1 cution a- the property of Jo-eph Wollord and Berja- j ! min Lvberger. HUGH MORE, S/imJ. April G, 1855. j LIST OF CAUSES ; Put down for Trial at April Term (30th day) 1955. I Wm. Leary vs Matilda Miller et ai Jermaii Jacobs William Figart i Zachariab Shaffer George (Cegarise i John Logne llrzekiah Logue John G Hartley Joshua Price Andrew Geller John Conk Campbell Heudrickson Jacob Boore Same Same Dr. Win E Reichter Samuel Winters Geo B Wisegarver use George W Wi-egarver Alexander Price Jo-ehp Price et al Wm Delany Jacob Teeter et al Alexander Tate George Peck Jesse Sleek Christian Nawgle • | Henry B Mock Jacob Andrews i John Furry et al Daniel Bulger et al i ' | Pattonsville & Woodbury T R Co Jarnes I'atton j Same John and Thomas King ! j Rebecca Brant use David Patterson Same William Crisman adm'r Adam Smith's heirs Benjamin Lyheger John Bowser Samuel Whetstone Andrew- Galbraitb Wm Galbraitb's Exors Tobias Hirieslmg Uxor D W Lehman et al i ; Wm Lasbly Noah Hardsock | John Ruddlesdin Wm P Schell M Samuel Whetstone John Bowser et al I I David Whet-tone Jonathan Bowser et al • i Bultzer Shuly Allegheny Seminary j ; Michael Moses Jo-eph Ferguson George B Wisegarver John Wisegarver's Exors j John N'ycuon John A Plowman et al { Philip Crisman u-e Alex McGregor Esqr Josiah Smith et al Henry W Smith C N Hickok Levi Agnew D. WASHABACGH, J'rotky. Profhonotarv's Office, { | April 6, 1855. \ NEW CLOTHING STORE. Isaac Mnpcl Would respectfully announce to his old . j friends, and the public at large, that he has o . j peried an entirely new CLOTHING STORE in , j the Borough of Bedford, in the room recently . j in the occupancy of Solomon Filler, where he j f has just received a very superior assortment of t ; ready-made Clothing for Men and Boj s, to j .! which he invites attention, satisfied that lie can : r pßase all who give him a cull, both as to price j i and quality. Hew-ill also keep an assortment iof Dry Goods and Groceries. He invites pui> ! chasers to examine his stock. . i Bed lord, April G, 1855, TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed proposals will be received at the Com missioners office on Monday of Court week un til 5 o'clock, F. M. for the erection of Stone Steps arid Platform m front of the Court House, lhe steps are to run down at the North and South ends of the platform. The whole length ot stone work at the bot tom or lower step will be 34- feet long and 5 feet high in front above ground, except what will be taken off by each step. The length of ; the platform will be 19 feet 9 inches long and 10 feet G inches wide—there will be 8 steps at each end—each will he 10 feet 6 inches long —steps 1 foot wide and rises 7i inches high j (exposed)—to lap 6 inches and dress 18 by 7i | inches where the steps extend over the main wall in front—the other stone work to range with tile steps. The stones forming the! platform with coping included will be 7i inch, thick w here exposed ;>t the front. The coping and steps will extend 3 inches over the main work in front. All stones to be perfectly sound, particularly the steps' front face of w all and platform, to be built up solid from front wall to j the house. The stones on the platform to range j with the top step arid coping—to be of dressed I lime or sand stone—built on a good solid foun- ; dation, under ground, not less than ~ feet deep j and wide. The steps, stones and bricks now forming the • I steps are reserved, hut the contractor is to re- i j move them. Bidders will state how much per foot, or how i much f>r the whole, and, to furnish all the rr.a ertal, sufficient time will be given. Plan at ' the Commissioners office. FREDERICK TURNER, JOHN CONRAD, DAVID C. LONG, Com m iss i oners. Attest : A. S. Russell, Clerk. April 13, 1855. FIRST I&BJV1L C V New Spring and Summer Goods. The undersigned, thankful to their friends and patrons for the kind and very liberal patron age extended to them heretofore, would respect fully solicit a continuation of the same, and al so inform them that they ate now receiving from the eastern cities, and opening at (lIEIP S1BE! A large and handsome assortment of new style SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, Comprising a great variety of Ladies' DRESS GOODS, Of the latest and most fashionable styles, to gether with every other article adapted to the everv dav wants of the people, all ol which they are prepared to sell CHEAP FOR CASH and approved produce, or upon a short credit to good and punctual customers. OUR MOTTO, 44 Short profits, many sales and quick returns," will still continue the ruling feature. Come, then, and see the bargains, and buy on ly when satisfied that it's your interest to do so. We will take pleasure in showing our goods, whether von wish to purchase or trot. All kinds of produce taken in exchange for goods. RUPP K OSTER. April 6, 1855. REGISTER'S NOTICE. Ail persons interested either as heirs, credi tors, orothervvise, are hereby notified that the ; following named persons have tiled their ac counts iti the Register's office, and that they l will he presented to the Orphan's Court of Be<l i lord Countv, on Friday, the 4th day ot May | next, at the Court House, for confirmation, at l which time and place they may attend, ii they I think proper: The account of Adam P. Fetter, admr. of Da ! vid Fetter, late of Southampton township, tie ! ceased. j The account of Mahlon Smith, admr. of i George Dull, late of Bedford township decea.s --! ed. The account of George ("ail, admr. of Jacob I Mock, !a?e of St. Ciafr township, deceased. The account of John Cessna, Esq., admr. of Frederick Steckman, late of Monroe township, ' deceased. The account of Samuel Berkley, exor. ofj. W. Willis, late of St. Clair township, deceased. The account of Finlev McGrew, admr. of Margaret Hammon, late of St. Clair tow nship, : deceased. The account of Jacob Lingenfelter, admr. of j George Snider, iate ot West Providence town ship, deceased. The account of John P. Reed, Esq. admr. of j Samuel G. Weaver, late of Bedford township, ! deceased. j The account of David S. Longenaker, admr. iof Jacob Keagy, late of Middle Woodburiy : township, deceased. Tiie account of John Johnson, admr. of Abel Johnson, late of Southampton township, deceas ! ed. j The account of Joseph Dull, Esq. admr. of: i Mathias Hollar, late of Harrison township, de ceased. The account of Barnabas Steckman and Hi i mas O'Neal, admr's. of George Steckman, late | of Monroe township, deceased The final account ol Benjamin Lvbarger, j admr. of Adam Smith, late of Londonderry • township, deceased. D.' WASHABAUGH, Register, j April G, 1855* Bctli'ortl l oimf v, MM. At an Orphans' Court held at Bed- . ford, in and for the County of Bedford, on the lgth ' of February, A. D., 1855, Before the Judges of the ; said Court— On motion of O. E. SHANNON, ESQ., the Court i grant a rule upon the heirs and leal representatives j of John W. Hammer, late ot St. Clair Tosvnship, deceased, to wit: Mary, interinariied with John Middleton, residing in C.imbra County ; Hiram G. i Charlotte, Lousia, Rachel, Julian, Gordon and Arnan ! da, all residing in Bedford County, to be and appear i at an Orphans' Court to l>e held at Bedford, in and for -aid County, on the fifth Monday, 30th day of : April inM., to accept or refuse to take the real estate ot said John VV. Hammer, deceased, at the valuation ; which has been valued and appraised in pursuance of a writ of Partition or valuation, issued out of the Oiphans' Court of Bedford County, and to the Sher iff of said County, for that porpo-e directed or show 1 cause why the same should not be sold by order ol the said Court. IN TESTIMONY whereof] have hereunto set my hand and the seal of said Court, at Bedford, the 20th day of February, A. D., 1855. D. AVASHABAUGH, Clerk. April 9, 1855. CARPETINGS— Ingrain, Wool. Fig, Hacr j and Listing Carpets, and Mattings for sale by RUPP ic OSTER. 1 BOOTS AND SHOES—Mens', Womens', Boys', Misses'and Children*' Boots and Shoes, Gaiters and Ties—in great variety lor sal- at CHEAP SIDE. BONNETS.—Belgrade, French lace, Hun garian, Albini, Mannilla, White, Tripler and Rutland braid Bonnets—for sale cheap, at RUPP & OSTER'S. 1 LA TS it BLOOMERS—Misses' Ruthland Fiats and Bloomers, trimed and untrimed, tor j sale at CHEAP SIDE. GROCERIES.—Good Rio Coffee at 124 cts. prime do 15 cents. Golden Syrup and prime -V O. Molasses lor sale bv RUPP cV OSTER. ! SUGARS.—Granulated and Crushed Sugars. White clarified do 10 cts. Nice New Orleans! at 7 and 8 cts. tor saiebv RUPP &. OSTER. I April 13, 1855. liOTICE ! The subscriber is anxious to close his old Books up to April 1, 1855, and hopes .all in terested 'a ill give immediate attention to this | notice. In cases where it is not convenient to i make immediate payment, notes will be taken j on reasonable time. GEO. BLYMIRE. j April 13, 1855. BEDFORD HALL ASSOCIATION AN Election will be held at the Bedford Hall on Monday the 7th day of May next, to elect ; Five Trustees to conduct and manage the af fairs and business of the Bedford Hall associa tion of the Borough and County of Bedford for ■ the ensuing year. The election will be opened at 2o'ciock, and closed at 5 o'clock, P. M, By order of the Board of Trustees. F. JORDAN, Sec'v. April 13, 1855. t —— __ i fSedi'oß'd Hotel, And General Stage Office. The subscriber respectfully begs leave to an nounce to his old friends and the public gener ally, that he has leased the Bedford Hotel, at present in the occupancy of Col. Adam Barn hait, and will take possession on the Ist day of April next. Jt is not his design to make many | professions as to what he will do, but he pledges 1 his word that his most energetic efforts will he employed to render comfortable all who give him a call. The House will he handsomely lilted up, and none but careful and attentive servants will be engaged. Persons visiting the' Bedford Springs, as well as those attending Court, and the travelling community general ly, are respectfully invited to give him a call and judge tor themsehes. j it/'"Boarders taken by the week, month, or year, on favorable terms. and comfortable stabling is at tached to Ibis Hotel, which will always he at tended by a careful hostler. Also, a safe and convenient carriage house. the STAGES stop at this Unlet. JOHN MAKER. March lfi, 1855. / NOTICE. All persons indebted to the estate of Solomon Rice, late of Southampton Tow nship, Bedford j county, deceased, are requested to make imme- i diate payment, and those having claims against said -slat- will present them properly authenti- j cated for settlement. P. DONA HOE. Api iI 6, 1855. Adm'r. ■ .la*. ii, Would announce to his friends and the pub lic that he has purchased the entire Store ol the ; late James M. Gibson, and intends to continue ' business at the old stand. He has on hand an assort merit of Drv Goods, Groceries, Tas, Se j gars, Jewelry, &.C. &.C. together with Con fee- ; I ionaries of every description. In a short time he will replenish his stock, so as to make it an inducement to purchasers to give him a call.— : He has on hand a good supply n! FLOUR, and w ill make every effort lo accommodate the peo ple in this line of bis busines.-, either wholesale or retail. He will also keep Bacon, Fish, Silt, Molasses, Boots, Shoe?, flats. Brooms, Brushes, Patent medicines, Drugs, Dye-stuffs, and evei v article usually kept in a retail store, j SPARER HANGING and UPHOLSTER ING will be attended to as usual with prompt in >s and despatch— and he would take this oc casion to say that he Iras now on hand, and will . furnish to order, on the most favorable terms, j every* description of WALL PAPER and BGR- ; DERING. By unremitting attention to business, and a disposition to please, he hopes to merit and re ceive liberal encouragement. Bedford, April (i, 1855. COURT PROCLAMATION. To the Coroner, the Justices of 1/ir Pence, j and Constables in the <li.jfere.nt Townships j in the County of Bedford, (jreefing. K NOW YE that in pursuance or a precept to I me directed, under the hand and seal of the | Hon. FRANCIS M. KIMMKLL. President! of the several Courts of Common Pleas jn the j Sixteenth District, consisting of the counties of | Franklin, Bedford and Somerset, and by virtue ; of his office of the Ccurt of Oyer and Terminer 1 and General Jail delivery for the trial of capi- i tal and other offenders therein and in the Gene- j ral Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace: and • John G. and Jos. 13. Nonuu, Esq*. Judges of the same Court, in the same County of Bedford, You and each of you are hereby re-| I quired to be and appear in your proper persons j with your Records, Recognizances, Examina-J j tions, and other remembrances before the Judges j j aforesaid, at Bedford, at a Court of Oyer and j ! Terminer and General Jail Delivery and Gone-j j ral Quarter Sessions of the Peace therein to be j ! holden for the county of Bedford, aforesaid, j on the sth Monday of April (being the 30th j dav.) at 10 o'clock "in the forenoon of that day, j ; there and then to do those things to which your j several offices appertain. GIVEN under my hand at Bedford, on the j fith day of April, in the year of our Lord j 1 1855. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. \ April G, 1855. JOB MANN. G. H. SPANC3. LAW PARTNERSHIP THE undersigned have associated themselves in the Practice of the Law, and will attend promptly to all 1 business entrusted to their care in Bedford and ad i joining counties. Office on .fulianna Street, three doors south of "Mengel House," opposite the residence ot Maj. late. JOB MANN. June 2, 18.11. G. H. SPANG. WASHINGTON HOTEL, The subscriber, thankful for the patronage heretofore conferred upon him in the line of his business, both in the counties of Bedford and Somerset, respectfully begs leave to announce to his old friends and the travelling public ge nerally that he has taken a lease of the Wash ington Hotel in the Borough of Bedford, for ma ny years in the occupuncy of Maj. Samuel Da vis. This Hotel is admirably arranged—is si tuate in the centre of the town—and the cham bers are large and well ventilated. It is the intention of the undersigned to furnish the ; house in a handsome manner, and to have it at tended by faithful and accommodating servants. He will spare no pains to make his table invit ing, by supplying it at ail times with the very : i best the market will afford. Visiters to our celebrated Springs will find j this Hotel a delightful Summer residence— whilst the citizens-of the county visiting Bed ford, as well as Travellers and movers, who j may favor him with a call, will always receive j i the most prompt and careful attention. The best of Stabling is attached to this Hotel, \ so 1 hat those who travel in carriages or on horse j back, can be accommodated in the best style. Having devoted a great many years to this j business, and being determined to make every effort in his power to keep a first-rate Hotel, he hopes to merit and receive a liberal support. (UP"Boarders will he taken by the week, ; month, or war, ou favorable terms. DOMINIC COOK. Bedford, March 23, 1855. Notice of liHpibitioii. Whereas ABRAHAM SPARKS, late of west Providence Township, Bedford county, deceas ed, died seized of the following Real Estate, i V!/: . i Ihe Mansion Place, containing three hun dred acres, more or less, situate in said town- j ship, adjoining lands of' Mathew M. Peebles and others, and lying on both sides of the Chambers- I : burg and Bedford turnpike road. Also another Tract of Land containing one hundred and seventy eight acres, more or less, adjoining lands of Matt*-w M. Peebles, Isaac j Meixeli, Daniel Spaiks, and others, situate in i . said township. Also, one other Tract, containing one hun dred and fifty three acres, adjoining lands of' Henry Richey, John Reily, Johu Smith and ; others, situate in said township. Also, one other 7'ract, purchased from Sarr.l. ! H. Tate's administrators, containing two hitn- j dred and eleven acres more or less, adjoining Nancy Black, John Nvcum, Jas. Reilev," and I others, and situate in East Providence Town ship. Also, one oilier Tract adjoining lanrisof John Nycurn, Isaac Diehl, ant! others, containing for- ; ty seven acres, more or less, situat" in East Providence township. Also one other Tract, adjoining Bernard 1 Means and others, containing seventy-five acres I more or less, and situate in Monroe township. Also, one other Tract, adjoining the ?>lansion Tract, Uiiah Hughes and others, and contain- i ing fort v-fottr acres, more or less, and situate in j West Providence Township. Also, one other Tract containing four acres more or less, adjoining James Moses'heirs, Bait- j Morgart's heirs, and others, and situate in West Providence Township, i Also, one other Tract tit West Providence i Township, containing twohundred and twenty ' four acres, more or less, arid adjoining lands of George Smotise, Frederick Mench, Weichfoos, Solomon Hollar, and othejs. Also a Lot of ground in Bloody Run No. 10. j Also,one other Lot in the said town of 8100- j dy Run No. ! 1. Leaving the following named heirs and legal representatives, to wit ; Sarah Spaiks, a sister, residing in Bedford county. Hannah, a sister, intermarried with So lomon Hollar, residing in Bedford county, Jo- j seph Sparks, a brother, residing in Burean Co. j 111.. Jonas Sparks a brother residing in Rock Js j land co. 111., Mary, a sister, the widow of B. j : Morgart, deceased, residing in Bedford county, Delilah, a sister, intermarried with Uriah j Hughes, residing in Bedford county, Rachel, a sisier, intermarried with Moses Bennard, resid i ing in Athens county, Ohio, Solomon, (peti tioner) a brother, residing in Bedford county; , and tlie issue of John, a deceased brother, viz: i Sarah Sparks, residing in Rock Island county, Illinois, and Rachel Sparks, Uriah H. Sparks, j Delilah Sparks, William Sparks, Jonas Sparks, j and John Sparks, all residing in Bedford conn- j tv, and all being minors, all of wliotn, except j Sarah, have for theii guardian William States. J i NOTICE is therefore hereby given tbat, in , pursuance of a Writ of Partition or \ aluation i to me directed. I will proceed to hold an in- j quisition or valuation on the premises, on Thursday, the ] Dth day of April next, when and where ail interested may attend if they see pro- j j F r - ! HUGH MOORE. Sheriff. Sheriff's Office, Bedford, ( March 23, 1855. \ V O S T I* 0\ i:nEi\T! Piibiic .Sale of Yaiiiabic Ro.'iS Estate. i By virtue of an Order of the Orphan's Court j of Bedford county, the undersigned will expose ; to public sale, on the premises, on Saturday, the j 1 17th dav of March next, the following describ- ' jed Tract of 118 acres of land, situate in Liberty ; ' Township, adjoining lands of David Stoler and others. This land is limestone of a good quality, lies 1 one and a half miles from Stonerstown, and j ' within about one mile of the Broadtop Railroad. Has erected on it a two story log-house and , ! kitchen; a good bank barn, blacksmith shop, ; spring-house, and other buildings. Also, a tine : | apple orchard thereon, with a variety of other ; j fruit trees. There is also a never-failing spring ; jof good water on the premises. Terms, which ' I are easy, will be made known on the day ot 1 : sale. DAVID STOLER, Adm'r of the estate of John Stoler, deceased. F.-h. IG, 1855. [£r=The above property not having been dis j posed of on the day specified, the sale is j postponed until TFESDAY the 1711 l tlaj' flf APRIL next, when it will be offered as above, j March 23, 1555. TOOTH A THE.—Persons are not general ly aware that Dr. Keyser's Tooth Ache reme dy, prepared by him at 14-0 Wood Street, Pitts burg, Pa. and for sale at Rupp &. Oster's in this place will stop immediately an aching tooth. Whoever tries it will be convinced. Dec. 8, 1554-. H. NICODEMUS, Scritmrv anij Ju stiff cf tljr sfacf, BEDFORD, PA. Has his office to Juliana street) n.arlv opposite the Drug and Book store of Dr. F. C. Reamer, w here he will faithfully attend to ail business connected with the duties of his | office. He will continue to repair clocks and watch es, as usual, and respectfully invites those in ' need of his services in this line to give him a j call. j April 13, 1855. FORWARDING AND COMMISSION WAREHOUSE Cbambersbnrg, Fcnnsylvukb THK subscribers are prepared at at) times to carry j Produce of every description and Merchandize loarrd | from Philadelphia and Baltimore, on the most rea | sonable terms. The highest price paid at all times j for all kinds of country Produce. try-Receiving Depots, BUZBV fc CO. 3R.1 Market street, Philadelphia.—JOHN' BIUHAN, Baltimore, No. 151 11 street. C. W. EVSTER & CO. Feb. 0, 1855—6 m.* JOSEPH W. TATE. ATTORNEY AT LAW And Real Estate Broker, Bedford, Pa. Wili attend to all business entrusted to his care. He will give especial attention toSol diers' Pensions, Claims, and Bounty Land. He has two or three Fauns and 4-,000 acies * of unimproved land tor sale. He has been appointed agent to prosecute the Robert Morris claims, to lands, in Bedford, Blair, Cumberland, Huntingdon, Adams, Perry, Juniata, Franklin, and Fulton counties. Persons holding the Kobert Morris lands by ; purchase, improvement, or w arrant, may com ; plete their titles by calling soon. Suifs will be instituted against all trespassers not regarding this notice. TF-Cliice on Julianna street. Jan. *26, 1855. A WORD TO SOLDIERS ! Republics are no longer ungrateful! Your country has done you full and ample justice 1 Ail persons entitled to the benefits of the "Bounty Land Bill, are hereby; notified that the j subscriber will attend to their claims. Soldiers : who served fourteen days, their widows and mi nor children, are entitled to 160 acres of iand | under the present law. QTy^Cfficeon Julianna j street. JOSEPH YV. TATE. ; March 16, 1855. NOTICE. All persons indebted to the estate of Jacob I Bittle, late of South YVoodberry Township, Bedford county, deceased, are requested to make ; immediate payment: and those having claims a -1 gainst said estate w ill present them properly i authenticated for settlement. JACOB S. BRUMBAUGH,' March 23,1855. Administrator. NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that Letters ol Admi nistration have been granted to the subscriber lon the estate of James M. Gibson, late of the Boiough of Bedford, deceased. All persons in debted to said estate are requested to make im i mediate payment,and those having claims will | present them properly authenticated for settle i merit. SAMUEL H. TATE, March 30, 1855. Adm'r. \e\v* For the Feoplel NEW GOODS AT CHEAP CORNER, NO. I. Fellow-Citizens: YVe take this opportunity ; of returning you our most sincere thanks for the i liberal patronage vou have so kindly bestowed on us. YVe would also inform you that we ; have just returned from the Eastern Cities, with a large and well selected assortment of Goods, such as Cloths, Cassirneres, and Satinets ; Peter I Shams, lor over coats, Jeans, Ladies' tine dress ' goods, such as Siiks, Alpacas, Cobnrg Cloths, Bombazines, Merinoes, and a large assortment of Bay State Shawls, Hosiery, lor Ladies, Com forts, Crapes, Collars, See., iec.—Mens,' YVb mens,' Buys' and Children*' Shoes and Boots, and a general assortment of Groceries. Crush ! Ed and pulverized Sugars, best Rio Coffee, Teas of all kinds, N. O. Molasses, Golden Syrup, Mackerel, Salt by the sack, Baker's Chocolate, Broma Cocoa, and a general assortment ol Goods 1 usually kept in a country Store. Qh/- All kinds of Produce taken in exchange for goods at market prices. SANSOM & GEPHART. Oct. 13, 1854. KEAGT 8 FOINDRY! i The subscribers respectfully beg leave to ihl - form the people of Middle YVoodberry Town ' ship, and the country at large, that they are now* j prepared, at their establishment,one mile south i of YVoodberry, Bedford County, to furnish fbur ' horse Threshing Machines, Pierponts' Patent Shaker, Cider Mills-, Ploughs of every descrip tion, Keagv's Cooking Stoves, twodifferent pat : terns, and twodifferent patterns ol Coal Stoves— I Plough Castings, YVagon Boxes of all sizes, and ■ cast Dinner Bells of three different sizes—also, | Mill Castings of every variety. YVe are also prepared to tit up Machinery in the best and i most durable style, and will give prompt alten ! tion to ail orders in this line. The public ai e respectfully invited togivp us 1 a call, as we feel satisfied that both our work and terms will please all who do so. J. M. SNOYVDF.N, YVM. Bv BLAKE, Proprietors. j Oct. 27, 1854. FOR RENT, And possession given on the Ist of June, a TAN Y ARD in the Borough of Bedford, with | all the fixtures complete, and a Dwelling adja l cent thereto. Apply to either of the under -1 signed. YVm. Hartley, Job Mann, John H. Rush, March 30, 1855. For the Heirs. I>. K. WI NDF.RLICH. B. T. SKAT). \\underlie!* & Kead, JortMvimig Commission fflcrrijants, I\'ortA Stroud Street, npjtonitr the Cumberland Valley Rail Road Depot, CHAMBERSBURG. (E7" They are at all time* prepared to carry all kinds ol" Produce to, aud Merchandise, &c., Irom Philadelphia and Baltimore, at the shortest notice. * * They will also purchase Flour, Grain, Ac., at market price. COAL, LUMBER, SALT. FISH, GUANO, and PLASTER on hand and for sale low, June 10, 1853.

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